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The Golden Era Aug 4, 1894

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lYfc (..
VJL. IV.   NO 1.
MJU 0   1804    i.-
C. A.
��1 Per Yeah
llEAI.EK    13
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
A11 ENT  l'Olt THE
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden,, B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Vim. JVfefteish, - Prop.
During the next six weeks we arc determined to
reduce our
Large and Varied Stock
as much as possible, in order to facilitate Stock
taking and to make room for
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots   and Shoes, Crockery and
Gl'.-sswarc will Le offered at
20 p.e. Discount
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
July 4th, 1894.
A passenger on Monday's No. I
while about to pass from the observation to another car, accidentally put
his hand through the glass door, inflicting a painful wound. He was
compelled to stop over here for a day
and havo his hand dressed by Dr.
To tlio I.iiillu*,
Tho presence of all tho ladies in
Golden is respectfully requested on
Thursday afternoons at the Golden
Hoipital, for the purpose of iloiiiK
necessary sewing for the Hospital.
Everyone welcome
Miss Simpson, Matron.
���rr'HIA, \-|
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supi lied on
Golden, on tlio tin,in lino nl' llie Cntta-linti
Pacific Kfiil.vny, t.t its connection witli tlio ,
steamboat navigation of tint Columbia river; |
tin* mineral ami coniiiioi-citil centre of Eastern
I British Columbia: ho'ltlquilrtors ot'tli* llnM-1
I ell Smelting works, tbe Upper  Columbia i
Navigation  Cn., anil  lumber Industry; llie
outlet   for   the   widely    known    and    tar
fumed Itgrlciiltiu-'ll mill grii/lug land  of this
Columbia ill  Kootenay  valleys i   unrivalled |
for scenery ol all kinds:   Hie distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write ns
Address HUDSGh'SliM
Co'y, Calgary, or
NOTICE is hereby given thnt David
Oppenheiinei- und 11. II. Alexander
have lilt'il with tue an application for a
Crown Grant to their mineral location
���fitiiiited un  Copper Creek, in tho Dis-
riot of  East Kotitenny. known as tbe
Jttanitu claim.    Adverse applicants, ir
my. are required ,tu send in their objections to  tuu within  (10 days from
ibis date.
Donald, (Itb December, 1H9I1,
Govt. Agent, East Kooteiiny, ll.C.
ThaCacssi Gold Exifacting Co. ltd. Glasgow.
'The Mi.cArlliui'-Foi'i'est Cyanide Process.)
Experimental test- mi p; reels up to2210lbs
iiiiiile to ascertain cost of extraction anil per-
cnnbigo of gild i.nil silver rocoveroil by
uu'i.ns of tho Cy.-.tiiiie 1'roeess at the
Testing Woiks oi abovo Co.
rur fiirtbcr piu'llciilar* apply to:
W.  I'oili'H  ilai-vvy, Uf. V. H..
Itoprcscn'atlvo A Siipoi'lutondout for ll.C.
[not ixi'tiiii'im.ii-ion.]
<-ioij��g;.\. u.v.
Mr. .loo Luke lias none to Fort
Jim Stoddnrt ol Windermero was a
visitor tins week.
Messrs. Conuiicher, Warren and
Slituv left Tor Calgury on Thursday,
Mr. Pete White is buck on bis old
section again, the work train having
been laid off.
For fresh bread and cukes call at
Reeder's Bon Ton Bukery,
The evidence taken at tbe coroner's
inquest, hold at Field on Wednesday,
iii connection with the deaths of Engineer Wbeatley and Piieman Hunt
will be published next week.
Tbe organ raffle which wns to have
been bold last Saturday night was unavoidably postponed. It will, however,
take place this evening in tbe (Queen's
Hotel at II o'clock.
Tbe gentlemen wbo were at tbe coast
in connection with the mining suit involving the question of who uivns the
Bobbie Burns claim, returned lust Sunday. Decision lias been reserved in
the mutter.
We would remind onr readers of the
hospital meeting on Monday night in
Alexander Hull nt 8 o'clock. Election
of officers for the ensuing year and
other important business will bo dealt
Healer's Don Ton Bukery, hotw.'cn
i be Kooteiiny House und Queen's
Dog poisoning is being practised iu
our midst Uh'uin, two dogs having died
front the effects of poison this week.
There is no doubt there arc u lot of
titleless curs iu town, but tliere is u
right and il wrong wu.v of getting rid
ol tbem.
jV notice appears in another column
from Miss Simpson, inatruli of the
Hospital, calling the ladles of Gulden
together io do some sewing for the
Hospital, Knowing tbe ladies of
liolden ns we do. ive have uo doubt
but tliut they will respond ho-u-tily to
the call.
j\t the cemetery meeting, last Friday
evening it was found that iho roud lo
tho cemetery, surveyed by Mr. 11. L.
Cummins, would prove advantageous
uinl it was accordingly decided to pro-
need wiih tlie construction of the same
ut once. It was also decided to have
tbo ground Burveyul and divided
among the different religious lienomin-
A general bunking business transacted,
D.tposits received and Interest allowed.
Collections on  ail points  promptly lit-
tended to.
Gold dust piii'irliusod and accounted for
ul highest market rules.
May 1, 1894. Manager.
I'-'enli-terlnii Service.
Service will lie held to-morrow
morning in the school bouse at 10
o'clock, conducted by ReVi W. R.
The GuijUi'i.N Eit.t $-' per your.
IliiHi'ltttl ilekiiowletlgni*iiit*. i
Received with tbanks.'   Fresh eggs]
from  Mrs.   Brownrigg;   Raspberry
vinegar front Mrs. ,1. P, Armstrong.
A most sud accident happened two
utiles east of Field on Monday evening
by   which   Engineer    Wheatlev   and
Fireman Hunt were killed, and Brake-
| men   Kemp  and Thompson   seriously
injured,      Tlie cause of the disaster is
US yet tbe subject of careful enquiry, ]
tbo facts being that while engine 814'
was insisting a freight cast, tliu boiler j
exploded, i
The injured men wero brought in on
band cars to Field, where everything
possible was done until the arrival of
No. 2, which, fortunately, had on
board Drs. Ronnie of China, and
Jackson of London, England, who
administered professionally to the injured men. Dr. Brett arrived about
���Jor.-'O anil took charge and on Tuesday
evening lhey were able to be removed
tu Medicine Hut Hospital, where we
iopc they, will meet with rapid recovery.
The sun has tlie best of it these
Wiil'tn days. If. you run you melt and
if you walk ,\uu get left. See the
point '!
Messrs. Geo. Vaux and sons of
Philadelphia arrived from the west on
Saturday lust ami proceeded east to
Winnipeg ou Sunday's train.
Col. O'Huru arrived from the oast on
Sunday's No 1, and after sojourning
at Mount Stephen House a couple of
days retutiied cast ou Tuesday's
Dr. B.ett of Banff was a passenger
on tiie west bound train Sunday
Mr. W. J. McCunnick, of New
Whatcom, Cul., cuuie iu on Sundiiv
evening ami is visiting bis wife uud
daughter at the C P.R. hotel.
Mrs. Greene and Miss McDonald of
Golden were here over Sunday, collecting funds to aid iu tlie erection of an
ll.C. Church.
Conductor AVhite uud wife, Mrs.
Wbeatley and daughter, Mr. Niblock,
Mr. Ciinlell, Mr. Briuleii of the Calgary Tribune, cuine in from tiie east
Miss Carlin. Mr. M. Carlin .ind
l-'loui- j\gent McDonald ol Calgary,
were passengers on Tuesday evening's
The remains of Fireman Hunt were
shipped east to Calgary ou Wednesday's No. 2. Tbe same train slso conveyed the remains of Engineer
Wbeatley, which were sent to Fort
William, accompanied by Mrs. Wheat-
lev and daughter under the care of our
trusted parson, Mr. Fasken, wbo held
a funeral service prior to the body
being placed on the train.
Mrs. Ivillen returned from the east
Thursday morning.
Roiiilmustcr Erickson has gone west.
Coroner Manuel returned home ou
No. 1 Thursday.
Mr. W. H. Boorne, Calgary and Mr.
M. Carlin. Golden, were passengers on
Thursday's west bound train.
Our local bard's usual weekly is
fittingly kept over till next week.
Curler*   Meet.
A meet'ng of ihose interested in tho
grand old game of curling was held iu
tlie Kootenay House last Monday
evening. Tlie object of the meeting
was to organize fur the coming season
and to take steps for the procuring of
a suitable building before the season
of   ��no\v nml ice was upon   us.      Tlio
I ll tores t taken in curling iu Golden
was shown by tlie way iu whioh the
boys turned oui to the meeting, Capt.
Armstrong was moved to the chair.
Ii was decided that lho Gulden Curling Club sboiil l be organized but ibe
election of officers was postponed until
II future meeting. Il was also decided
to buve uo skating in connection with
tin-club. After some discussion regarding building uinl running a link
.Messrs. G. B, MoDennot, W. McNeish
anl J. line wcrcitppoiireda coiiiuiitteo
to liud out what could be done in tho
mutter. Tliu meeting then adjourned
with tlie understanding thai tbe committee appointed would cull a meeting
as soon us possible when their report
would he handed ill and lhe ollioei's ul
the club appointed.
U CC ti.��jl">crt Oiva
The GOLDEM Eit.Y is published every
Saturday morning in time to eutcb the east
anl west mail trains, iil.su the mail for tbe
up:*or country, .Vliiileruitiru, "Aire -Heelo etc
It is the uuly advertising medium ia i he .Let
Kooteiiny liistrict,
Subscription liatos: ia.'M per aniiiiiii ix
Advertisement* and changes must ho in
the nilicu nut Inter than I'i 11.111, uu Tliiirsilay
to insure insertion.
Alvortiseiiiont rates i.tiitile known on appli-
catioi- '.u
rjAII cash tn lie paid to tbo Manager, from
���vltiiui tlie Co tipiluy's receipt will bo obtained.
His Guillen Eia Publishing Compaq,
SATURDAY, AUG. 4, 1H!>4.
Th3 Missing Signet.
(Continued from lust week.)
Mr. Hydenseke had often had occasion to consult hiin, and knew him
intimately. He walked into his shop
on this particular afternoon and found
Pinkerton. shabbily dressed, as usual,
iu carpet slippers, loose shiny trousers,
and a sleeved wais'.cuat, dividing bis
energies between taking snuff uud
dusting Chippendale.
"How are you, Pinkerton?" said
our friend shaking hands with the
dealer, "give me five minutes private
" Come in, come in," said the other,
leading the way into his back parlour,
and culling for an assistant to mind
Ihe shop. "Now then, what is it,
Mr. Hydenseke?"
"You know the Vespasian signet at
the British Museum I suppose?"
"Rather," answered Pinkerton, taking a huge pinch of snuff and chuckling palpably at, being asked such a
"How many are there like it in
"Only one other; that is in the
Duke of X 's collection ut. B ."
"Sol thought. But I have been
informed to-day, Mr. Pinkerton, thai
there was a third specimen, which was
stolen from the Vatican iu that great
jewel robbery fifteen years ago."
" I don't believe it." suid the dealer,
decidedly. "The principal gems missing were all mentioned - in fact, a
list of them was printed and circulated
by Ihe police among all the chief dealers iu Europe. I had one sent here, I
recollect; uud I am quite certain that
a Vespasian signet ���which would
have l-eeii lhe most precious of the
whole lot ���was not included."
" You have not that list still, ^suppose?"   Mr. Pinkerton shook his head.
" I am afraid not," he replied. "But
I know the names it contained nearly
lis well as if I had ; and I can swear,
quite positively that uo Vespasian
signet was mentioned."
"Thank you-that is all I want,"
said Mr. Hydenseke.
On leaving Piukerton's emporium,
our friend hailed a cub, droie to his
private house, where he kept the
vehicle waiting while he packed a
Gladstone bug, and then ordered the
driver to take him, witli all speed, ,o
Paddiiigtou. He was iu time for the
afternoon   down   mail, by   which   he
proceeded   to   B ,   reaching   that.
quaint country town ut ubout five
o'clock.      Having   ascertained   nl his
hotel, the X Anns, that the Duke
was in resideiico at the castle, he betook himself thither, with as little
delay as possible.
His Grace, for whom Mr. Hydenseke
hud more than once acted in confidential niatttrs, readily saw the detective
and gave him permission to inspect
his collection of rings, being himself
present during the process. The result
of this inspection, and of a long conversation with the Duke, was that an
urgent telegram was despatched to
Pinkerton. asking him to come down
to B  as early   as   possible   next
It was two days later, and Mr.
Hydenseke was stnnding before thu
fire in bis office, with bis bunds, in
true British fashion, behind ins coat
tails. A rather odd smilo, suggesting
triumph and self-satisfaction, tiickered
about the corners of bis mouth. He
had sent a messenger about an hour
previously to request Sir Jacob True-
love's attendance at the office as soon
as convenient, and he was now awaiting that gentleman's arrival.
By and by tho street bell rung and a
minute or two biter the Baronet was
ushered in.
"Good morning, Mr. Hydenseke,"
hu begun, with au eager, anxious look
un bis cunning face���"you have gut
the ring ! You told me in your note
you had got tbe ring!"
"Yes," rejoined Mr. Hydenseke,
pursing up his lips and speaking incisively, "I have got the ring."
"Then give it to me at once," cried
St Jacob, with strange excitement.
"Here - here" (pulling out. bis chequebook from his bieust-pookei), "I'll pay
you your thousand pounds ut once.
The ling, Mr. Hydenseke -give me llie
" Wait a minute, Sir Jacob," said
the detective, coldly, waring buck the
other's otiist retcheu hand. " I have a
word or two to say first. I always
deal square with those who are square
with me. I take up almost any case
fur those who pay me well, and I ci.rry
out my clients' wishes to the best of
my power. But I make one stipulation. My clients must be square with
me; and they must tell me the truth !"
" What do yon mean, Mr. Hydcnseke?" muttered Sir Jacob, beginning
to turn pale.
" It is nothing to me,'' the detective
went on, without heeding tbe iuterup-
tion,   "that you tried to steal that
ring f.-oin the Duke of X , or that
liiiding yourself forestalled, you laid u
plot to steal it from the man who
anticipated you. But it is a great
deal to me that, instead of telling me
the truth, you tried to delude me into
you service with a pack of silly falsehoods and a trumped-up story about a
third Vespasian signet, stolen from the
Vatican, which had never uud any
ex'stence, either there or elsewhere."
"I- I-don't understand you. Do
-do von realise whom you're talking
to?" stammered the Baronet, trembling
however, in every limb. "You must
be niiid Mr. Hydenseke."
"I huvo trucked out.the whole affair
from liist to last," continued tbe other.
" You hud better listen, and deny any
of my statements if you can. You in-
intended   taking   advantage   of   your
intimacy at B , ami of the Duke's
comparative antiquarian ignorance to
steal the Vespasian signet from his
collection, and to substitute a lorged
one in its place. You employed Jan-
shikeff to make you the necessary
imitation. Ho gained an inkling of
your plan, and, thinking the idea u
good one, made u second imitation for
his own use, and paying a visit to
B just one day Itefore you forestalled you in filching tbo real signet.
You went down i.ud duly effected your
theft, but when you came to examine
your spoil, you found it only a sham
tba*. you had got. Knowing that
Janshikoff had been there the day before (for Ihe Duke showed you somo
gems which Janshikuff luul brought
down for his inspection), you easily
g���cssed what hud hup-ieiied, uud being
determined to get the real ring from
that astute dealer-n thing which
your own skill could never havo
accomplished-you enlisted uiy services. Now, if you had told me tbe
truth, I would have done my best for i
you, even as matters stood. But us
you have seen fit to try to impose on
me, and to gain my help by false pretences, you must accept the consequences. The ring has been restored
to the Duke of  X , and is now ,
"It's a lie-the whole thing's a lie,"
persistsd Sir Jacob. But his looks
declared tlio guilt which his words
denied in vain.
"I have forced a full confession
from Janshikoff," Mr. Hydenseke suid,
in the face of which, and of other convincing evidence, your denial or admission is perfeotly immaterial. Now.
Sir Jacob, you bail better pay me my
thousand pounds, and let the nfftiii- be
closed I"
" What?" tht Baronet almost shrieked, "pay you a thousand pounds. I'll
see you iu limbo first."
"Those are my terms," said Mr.
Hydenseke, quietly ; you may accept
litem, or you mny decline them and
accept the consequences I"
"It is scandalous." protested Sir
Jacob furiously. "I'll not submit to
be blackmailed in this infernal manner."
'��� Look here," Sir Jacob, said tbe
detective, with his sternest and most
determined air, "yon have tried to
fool me unu you must pay for it.
Whether in money or in exposure, decide yourself."
The Baronet raved, swore, protested,
pleaded, was abject, insolent, pathetic,
hectoring, but to no purpose. Mr.
Hydenseke remained unmoved by nil
these demonstrations, and they ended
(us our wiley friend foresaw they
would) in Sir Jacob drawing the required cheque.
When tbe latter bad taken bis departure- in a perfect storm of impotent
oaths and curses - Mr.   Hydenseke sut
down at his wr.tiug table, and, with a
very  comfortable smile, worked out u
short addition  sum upon  bis blotting
Tin sum was this- ���
From the Duke of X- ��1000
"   Janshikoff 1000
"   Sir J. Truelovo       1C00
"And all earned iu three days,''
chuckled Mr. Hydenseke. "If S.r
Jacob bud been square with me, I
should have bud to bu square with him
But 1 am (.lad be wasn't I"
"The committee is not able at pres
ent to make any estimate of ibe ulti
mate sum that will be required to meet
"lam not wrong, Mr. Smith, and
my memory is aa good us yours, and,
although   we've been married twenty-
cases of distress  between  Ae present five years, I'd like to know who that
date and the coming spring ; but while minx was.     You never told me about
it is not disposed to exaggerato the situation, tliere can be no doubt that tbo
condition of many of the sufferers, ns
reported by those in authority, is such
that assistance will be urgently needed
ber   before!"
back in its place at B ."
The KriiNi-r Valley Belief Committee.
The Fraser Valley Relief Committee,
consisting of lho Lieut.-Go-emor, tin
Mayors of Victoria, Niu.uimo, Vancouver and New Westminster, the presidents of the Boards of Trade iu each
of those cities, the secretary of tin
West minster Board of Trade, and
Messrs. W. F. Salsbury and W. Tcin-
pletun of Victoria, has issued an up-,
peal to the whole province for funds io
nice', the casts of sufferers yet unrelieved, by il.ii late floods iu the Fraser Valley. The committee has already relieved I'i" rases ami further application*
continue to come in. Tho petition
"Tlie relief so fnr hns been merely
temporary, taking the form of provis-
i ins to supply immediate want and
some seed lor sowing Ibis season. The
question of fencing has ,iet to lie taken
up, for in hourly all coses the loss uf
fencing has been verv great. Already
applications have been received for
fencing material to the amount of '58.*
000, bused oil il ll wire or ibbuiird fence
ut the uptiou ol tl.e applicant. Practically uo fencing bus yet been distributed, but the coiuiuiiuo bus already
incurred responsibility iu this direction
by the purchase of wire now iu transit
tu Now Westminster.
"The relief given out by the committee up to the present dale amounts
lu about i'2. lit, and funds to meet this
expenditure are immediately required.
The luss to tbe sufftrrrs generally has
lieen extremely heavy, and the committee fully recognizes the fact that it
cannot attempt to approximate that
loss with any moans ol relief that limy
be available. Its operations, therefore,
havo so far lieen limited to cases of actual and pressing need, und it bus not
afforded and does not propose to afford
help to any person whose financial circumstances ure fairly goud
She Never Sloe*-*.
Li church a man a nap will take
Regardless of the sage expounder ;
for many months  to come, and a con-  p,,( !���������,., _ , ,
���But lovely woman keeps awake
siiierablostiin,iii addition to that above I    m������-,..--,.      ���        .  i , .
' lo note the various styles arouud her.
mentioned, will  be required for relief
"The committee, therefore, deems it
necessary to urge upon all those
iua position to give or procure funds
for this purpose to use every effort to
do so without delay."
Mr. Thomas Lewis, of New West-
minster, is secretary of lho coiiiu.ltto..
It I*.
We can see him as be usks it, "Is this
hot enough for you ?"
The man who says  lhat ought 11 be-
well, say what wuuld you du?
We have met him   in the offitp, ou tbo
street uud snkes knows where,
But he'll  ask the sume, sume question
wiih the same inane old air.
Wo  haven't  seen their neighbors, but
by jingo when we do
We'll print tlie names of tbe men who
ask, "Is this hot enuugli for you?"
"Is this hot enough for yon?"    My
friend, just wait iiwbilo,
Old Sulphur  Foot will get you by the
neck, aud then bell smile.
As ho rousts you and hctoi s's you anil
he broils and stews nnd bakes,
And   the binges   of   hades   bend and
crack   with  the heat your bakin.
Then   he'll  look  you  in the eye us he
turns you in the stew,
And he'll ask yon ns you've asked yonr
friends-"Is this hoi uuuugli iui'
you V"
To toll tlio Speed of ii Train.
When you are riding on tho cars you
may be cm ions to know bow fast you
are going. Stop out on the platform
and watch tbe track underneath intently till you can distinguish when
one rail joins another. 'J hoi cji ni
the joints us you go by, nnd its many
as you puss in 21 seconds is the niiiu-
| ber of miles an hour the train is going.
It there is u double truck you need
only watch one of the opposite rails
out of tho window uud count the
Tlio llil-liiiiiils Story of HI* l-roposu*.
They were celebrating their silver
wedding, uud uf course, ihu couple
were very hapyy ami affectionate.
������Yes," said tho husband, "this is
ihe only girl I ever loved, ami I snail
never forget the fit ut time I proposed
to her."
"How did you do it?" burst out u
young man who bud been sqiiroislng a
pretty girl's hauil in tbe corner.
They all laughed aud bu blushed,
but the girl curried it off bravely.
'��� Well, I remember it us well as if it
were yesterday. It was at Richmond.
Wc had been out for a picnic, and she
uud I got wandering alone. Don't yon
lemember. my dear, uud what u lovely
day it wus ?"
The wife smiled.
������ We sat on the trunk of a tree.
Yon haven't forgotten, love, have you?"
Tiie wile smiled again.
'��� She begun writing in the dust with
point of her parasol. You recall it,
sweet if"
The wife nodded.
'She wrote her nemp, 'Mnry.'and
I usked her to let ine put the other
name to it. And I took the parasol
and wrote my name, ' Smith,'below it,
and site took back lliu parasol uud
wrote below it, 'No. I won't.' Then
wu went home. You remember it.
darling?   Ah, I see you do."
Then be kissed her, and the company
murmured, ���' Wasn't ic pretty ?"
The guests bad all departed, and the
happy pair wero left alone.
"Wasu'i it nice, Mary, to see ail our
friends around lie no liupp.i ?"
"Yen*, it was. But, John, that reminiscence of yours!"
"Ah, it seems us if it had been only
yesterday, Mury."
"Yos dear; there nro only three
things you're wrung about iu that
"Wrong?   Oh, no."
"John, I'm sorry you told th t
story, because I never went to i. picnic
with yon before we were married. I
wns never in Richmond in my life
and I uever refused you."
"My darling, you must bo wrong, I
have a good memory."
Tho animal me ting of the Golden
Hospital Society will lie held iu the
Alexander Hall, Golden, on Monday,
��� Ith August at 8 p.m., for the purpose
of electing local uirectors for the ensuing year. Any person holding a
yearly ticket or paying monthly dues
is entitled to vo'e.
Seen ta ry.
Gol Ion lltisiilt.il Society.
IIOUIll  I'fllt CONSlil.l'ArlOX.
From !):'I0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. ������ 4 p.m.
ii       7     "   .1  ��   -
Sunday from  10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
visirixo nuuitH.
From 2:30 p.m.  lo 8 p.m.. daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Bv OiuiKii.
Galdsn Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL ia now open for the
admission cf patients.
TICKETS may be luul from the nndrr-
sigued or any mum Iier of tho
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
"It Is worth the prir* to even- person
who I'Ven mads a Qevtspupi r."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporter.,
Correspondent* and Copy Chopper*.
Short, simple end practical ruin for
making and editing newspaper copy,
and of equal value tn all who wish to
write correot English.
Bout on receipt of prlr* P-lce. 10 rents
p>-r oopy. ALLAN THRU AN, PublUhot
117 Nassau Street. New York.
prompt answer and so boneit opinion, will, to
M I! If, N cV OO.I who hat. had nearly, arty jean*
exi-enenoo lo ibe patent Dunnes*. Commonls*.
tions ttrlctly confldentlnl. A Ilindbookof In**
formation concerning I'ntent. and bow to obtain them sent free. Also . catalogue of m.
leal and ftolenttfto book* sent free.
Patent, taken tbronah Mann I -. -
*pecl*l notice In the l-Vf- online Amerlrnn, and
thu an bronitht widely before the pobllc^
inn A Co. ret-elre
: cironl.tion ol any s
.Niiwr, Sample
Bfill plates, In colors, iitd phMpgrnhi of new
oases, witb plana, enabling builder* to show the
latest deal-mil and aeoiire oontracta. Address
"-SOLM .yew. Sample cnnles sent freo.
Bonding Rijllloo.inoMlilr.(MO*ye*r. single
copies, 113 out*. Kwi-y number contain* beautiful plates, In colon, and photograph* of new \y.
Fama was the goddess of gossip,
Hera Partbeuia waa worshiped by
Fabulinas taught Itoman children to
Tn Artemi* wives prayed In critical
periods of life.
The Leinntiil* watched over tbe lake*
and ptiiids of Greece. 1
Iliirute* were demons of death who carried off the stall.
Greek nud Roman virgin, prayed to
Fortuna for a good husband.
There are snid to be over 3,000,000 dallies in tbe Hindoo mythology.
Horn*!! wives whose husbands had gone
to war wuirlfiue-l to Victoria.
At one time there went temple* or altars
to cuver SO 000 tlei'.ie* ill Allien*.
Actor* ami public reader* uttered sacrifices lo Mi'iuiis, tbe gud uf l-u^liter.
The l'ieruie* gave Greek girl* inch
grace* of uilnd and body a. they pug*
A (.-reek calf could not be raised without the aid of twenty-seven diffennt
A sittin? of the County Court for
East Kootenai- will be held at tlie
Court House. Donald, on Monday the
lilth day of August, 1891, at 11 o'clock
By order,
S. RaiKiiuvE,
Donald. B.C., Recorder.
July 2nd, 1804.
A Mlver ft-r inln'tl with lurqnolae has
rnrviug ray*. Thi* .* new mnl uiiikes a
I t'l't'y briiiKih. A Hilvur crtat-etit, at,out a
i.ii.v oiil. in . iifite.ed in tb. *nme maimer
anil is v ry ,ii\*tty.
A net ol tiilli'o spoon* Iin* nn the head of
i nen sli ill u p,.n-y iu r. dillereiit color.
ly iier *| fitiii* hnve eiiaiiieleil *teiii* inclufl*
lug a i.il'irieiit liower aud l tunned with
ti.ver ami giit.
'J'be nen brii'ithe* fnr women'* collar*
iiu i i.-e in iimiiiier and variety. They are
I'em.ut'U I" be popular. Ti.e jeweler* nitty
��� llliltill every mimui uirl uiakiiu luistlf
t  i- pioud poBoe-Hiut' ot une.���Jtji-eler'-. Oil*
A ItocWy r-ioiiso.
It ir*. ft fat-etl O-J-'-TlSt
i        Went will.:** dy the sea.
I      Ho sat lilia dow n on wliai appeared
t        A li't-.i! Icrr-ircat to bo,
I      Cut hardly wus l.e seuteil thus
When np tho "rock" arm*
i     And sent Inni ttimbltn-t on the (and*
I        In most unhappy poso.
I      And v/'.ten lit* nomratlns chnffi-tl hlm,
.        VT'thn wealth ill'leer nnd .-iii,
I      llccnuso lie could not tell a roe*
' From Hue fresh terrapin
I      lie nii-wi-reil that geology
He'd stii'lied with miu-h cars,
Ull lliiiiutli lllillg u* ten .pin
Wiu ever mentioned the-re.
-Harder'* 3��z*.r.
A;i|illeutliiti    for    Cci-tlllcut j  of  In
Take notice tbnt I, A. L. Hogg, Free
Miner's certifloiite No, 2Ui| 17, intend,
I (10 days from flute hereof, to apply to
I the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
| of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notic.p tbnt adverse
claims must be sent to tbe Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such ce.tificate of iin
Dated this first day of June, 18M.
A. L. Homi.
ramHl.ir'ty Dreed* Contempt,
When Sir. Pete Amsterdam returned to
bis borne In Harlem a few eveniiiirs *gn, hi*
���--year-old son Tommy rn*b��'. Into his arms
mil expi-*-**ed great joy nt seeing hlm,
while Willie, an older brother, kept oil
playing uinl paid no attention lo his lather.
"Hum* I* it, Willie." said Mr. Pete Am-
Fterdam, "that your lit lie brother iHsoghul
lo see me, while you duu't say u wiii-iir"
"1 gues-t il'* because he hain't had you n-
long ns I Lave," replied Vi lliu'.���.'e.,...,
billings.   4       _____
"tro yci going tasee Miss Giggles tonight, Cholly!"'
"New. I'm afraid of her father, dent-
"I���aw���heard that he called me a puppy
"Then vou-ro nil rlrfht; be won't hurt
yon. He's a member of the Society I-'uriue
Prevention of Cruelty to Auiuiul*."���Nuw
Vork Press.      	
Let th. Work Go On.
Tbe physician on dnl y at the hospital approached a lied anil felt the pnl*e nf une of
the patient*. "AhI" be exclaimed, "he Is
better than he wa* yesterday."
"That. I* true," answered llie nur��p, "1"'*
It. i*n't tho same patient. The other nimi
is dead, and thi* one has taken hi* place."
"Ahl tbnt alter* the cane. Well, uever
mind, go ou with tbe sume treatment."--
Mods. ,
Th. Saimterer.
**Oh, tell me, brave aeronaut���
And tell me true, I pray���
Why do you risk yutir precious lite
Iu such a reckless wuyr"
The hero sndlv smllnl and unlit.
"A man by hnr-.li talc whirled
Will risk hi i all If ot il j-ho
Can get up iu tlio world."
-Uoaton Hndget.
P.llencc Pay*.
Little Miss Freckle*���If Sn.le Stnekni.
wa* a* cm** to inn a* she waa to yuu, i u
get mad and not ***>ak to her.
Lltt'e Mis* Mn--i*ln�����No, you wouldn't,
If you knew wuut I kuow.
"She's gotn to have a blrtbdnv pnrtv,
with two kind* of ice cream nn n whole lot
of lady lingers an fruit coke."���Good New*.
Win'l Snro of Charlie.
Fannie���I am drendfnl iierviii*. Mr.
Charlie HondcHppcr 1* going to call un papa
lhl* afternoon to ask lur my hand.
Jennie���Are yuu afraid your father will
"No, father'* all right."
"Then what are you nervon* abontr"
"I'm afraid Charlie will not .hour up."
���Texas Sifting*. ^��
Iu the Supreme Hunt o' llritish Columbia:
in tie* matter of Areliiltalil McMurdo ileeenseil
.'.ml ia thi' in.iiter of the Oflielal Administrator* Act, il.-teil tin" Fifteenth diiy of Mny, A.
ll. iRlll: upon rending the iitriihivit* of Arthur
Patrick ('iinniiiiis and Herbert llrorge I.ow
It is ordered thnt Arthur Pi.triek Cummin*,
tiilteial AdiiiiiiiMtrntur tur tlio I'itinity (.'ourt
liistrict nf Kootonay, shall Im Administrator
nf nil ami singular the 'roods, chattel* ami
erodi'suf Archibald McMiirdo ilocoiisoil mnl
that this order iin pitlili.-lietl In tlio GuUiNN
uil.i liewspapor for tho j*���*��� .-i.m 1 of sixty days.
(Signoil)  Wm. WAKD SPINKS,
lineal Judge of Supremo Court.
The creditors o' Archibald Mt'Miirtln. late
of Golden, iu llie District of Knuteiuiy, minor,
decease:, nra required within sixty day*
frti'll this date, to send tne tiarlic>il..rs itf their
claims. After the expiration of tlio said sixty
'lavs I sit,dl pt'iveed with tho distribution of
llie suid estate.
Di.toil at linn Id, iu the District of Kootc
nay, ibis Slrd May, 18114.
A. 1'. CUMMIN'S,
<)l!ici..l Atbiiiiiistriitor.
In the Cniitity Court nf Knntoilliy hellion Ilt
���In- Kast Crossing ot lho < nhinihi.. I.'lvoi-; in
tlie i,atter of the good* of l.obort Tltiirubiiry
I'fci'iiseil, uinl iu the matteriif the IIHicii.1
A liiiliilstr.itoi* Act, dati) I tlie Fifteaiith liny
ul' May. IHi-l ��� ii[hiii I'Oiidlug tho alliiiuvit ul
George (1 iiiiio
It i- nrdeteil diet Arthur Patrick Cuiiiiiiius
nttici. I Adiiiiiiitr.itur for the Comity t.nun
District of Kmilomiv, -h ,11 be Aibniiiistriitoi
n1' all an I ��iir-itl,,r lho good*, chattels nut:
credits uf liiiln* r Th.u-iil'iiry tleceasoil, l.llii
that this tinier ho published In the Gol,Ur!*'
EltA iieiv*|Ni|��ei' for ihu p-oilotl of sixty d���ys,
(irlltfiioilj  Wm. WAUD Si'lXKS,
The creditors of Robert Tlioriilinry. lute 0-
I Wiiitleruiot'o, Iii the Dlstrlui of Kooteiji.y,
I farmer, dot eawsl, are ritqi.boil, iriililu sixty
itavs frit >i this ili.tu, tu solid nut |g.rlii'Uliii'H o'
I lit 'if i l"i us. 1'nnii tlu'i'vpii'iliuii of tint sai>
liixtytin'-s I sh. ll proceed wiih thu dislribti
lioll of the sail estalit.
I llatod at Ih iiiild. ill the liistrict uf Kuote
inuy.thls-Sli-d .May, Ml.
Ui1ici.il Adaiinislrator.
..m^^mmmmmmmm^mmmm   Trusse*. **'ltl<
n. rlRct, ef s.i to vJimrer than liy till otliei-
Ui-vii I'.riinllllni'U 'ihey ctnlnlniRcsl
lluoture u.'tter Reverost *traitt. ABya-
tom or fitting has lieon perfected tho
lostgs yenrs fullyeaualtoi)er��oii��I
.xnmlnatlon l>��ini;ll..8T t Meill*
I...V -....ne T\t:S.C. ...In J TV i
It.lino*, fro* a**-r W*ll���il I  �� *
,jj J..U. aU--/.,jl*K->ul��d
���t?it6Un,rSns 01ttf"oe.
Hon. J, a. Louoiif.ed, Q,C.
I.ingliced   &   UlcCnrter.
0-ti'risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Btc, Etc.
Solicitors fur Hank of Montreal.
CAI.flAKV, - N.W.T.
.M.I'tlSO**.   nnd WnillCI.I U
Members Assoeit. D.I..S. & I'.L.S. fur ll.C,
iSlillVEYOIfs, Civil Englnoers, Draaghts-
nien, Valiiatoi's,etc Ciilgnryaiiii NewWest-
iiiiuster. Ciirresponileiice siilicited..
K.J.Jlil'llsiiN, D.Ij.S���1Mj.S. of ll.C. &Ont.
Cai.kaiiy, Alba.
,\. O. WiiKKl.mi, D.Ij.S. & l',L.s. of ll.C.
Ni;w Wi;si'.\iiNsi'i;ii ll.C.
UleCni-tliy   A   llarvi-y.
llnrristers, Advocates, Notaries, ke,   .Sulici-
tors tor i���
The Imporii.l Hank of Camilla.
Tho Can.,tla I'ci'iiiimcut Loan & Saving.--Co.
The Yorkshire Loan & riecui'ltiosl orporiition
Tlie MiisHoy Harris I o. (Ltd).etc.,etc.
OHicos���Stephen Avenue, Caigary.
P. MuC.UU-ilV, Q,C,
lloiiAuia Harvey, H.A, L.L.B,
Asstir:. Mem. Inst. C.E.
COOIIKANE,  Al.llA. ��� Ft. Si'KEI.E, B.C.
(Grailtiato of Laval and McGlll.)
Head Office, Quriiec ; Branch Offices
SilEiiiimiiiKli, & 17 Place d'Arines
Hill. MoNTltBAb.
Samusl S. Fowler, Eil.,
MEM. am. ins. m.e,
Itll.^l.tKir r.X<*'I\KJ.K.
Proportio* reported itnon.    Estiiuiites and
plans for all niet.'.llurgici.l plaiits,
P. 0. Box 1,     -    Golden, B.C.
A**iiy Ollices A- riieiitlenl  I.iibol'iitory,
(Established iu ll.C. in 1880.)
Vancouver,       ���       1..C
Dank Of tatrsal.
CAM. Alt Y.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELLY. Manager.
dvory & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
HULL BROS k 10.,
Wliolosali-iiiid Retail
Cattle, Sliecp and
Horso Dealers.
Gu'-JJ^ii,   b. C.
UiriertiiAai's and
.   ���   .   lLmiiiluiers,
H'ul'j-iu'.v     ���     -     j.llitt.
Tl.l.l.lillAI'll    IIIIIIEIIS   1'llU.lll'l'l.V
AT rii.Mll'IO    TII.
If vou want your house l'lilnlcil, I'apored
if i'alsoiiiiiieii. ur any liiiul ut a sign I aimed
iritetoj. II. MILLWAI'D. I'Al.tiAUV, the
IjOailllllf I'ainl Shop iu the Host, for gms'
.link and prices lhat are right.
31M01 CC ''*'"""'"'l''1*"'*'-'""r,"'p':>'
liifirLr.-^. nl'a ���istiiinp.il receipefor ll
fiinpln VEGETAHLE HALM that will relieve Tim. freckle*. Pimple*. Illoteliot,
Ulnrklie nl*. i-*c, leaving the skin soft,
lour mid beautiful. Address A. D. STEM*
PEL, ��0 Aim St., Nmv York.
Down With HlRh Prices For
Electric Belts.
94.05, lifi'i, *:i.7() | former|irices $5, $7,
(10. (jualty remains the same���Iti different styles- dry buttery ami acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price oi' any other company and mora
home testimonials than all tlio rest together. Full list tree. Mention this
papui'. W. T. BAER k CO. Wii dt-or, Out.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Liraited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
- H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLj\SS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in AVines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
My stock is the largest and most complete in the
An immense stnek of W. W. Greener's. J. C. flabroiigh
& Bros, W. H. Tisdall's, nnd W. Richard's shot n-ims.
All calibers of Winchester ini Marlin rifles.
Every description of carti'ido-e,botli rifle and shot grin.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all I'O'.ig-ht
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality tho   best.
Vt/HOLKyMf-*  &   iitiTA'L. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to Lim there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, rnd R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
pressing as to draw from
oi   its foremost,   blinking
I Hospital, instituted duriii
vein-   bus lteen an   nil'
Calgary une 11.l'.Co. when lltev ruled Orogon. Ho
men. Tbo lives in Idaho, near Ihe B.C. boundary.
g the past] B. W. Jones has'just completed his
id bus  It neatly arranged.      It
, l
,,,-m   bus lieen an  unqualified  stiocess store an
! ami is only one more tribute lo that! improves the appearance of  our town.
Hit   Bll-IT^U.IY.
With this iitiinlier the GOMIBN   Elt.l
enters upon' its fourth ydur, u dogree
of antiquity which may perhaps justify a short  retrospect of tlio past even
if it should  baldly bo belt! to qualify
us for a prophetic   insight   into   tbo
fntiiri.: though  indeed  in I be pit-sent
stage of aff.iii'S in  tbis town and district, it tloes  not, vivptire a very  daring
prophet to read iu the unopened page a
hopeful   augury.     Those   oT   us who
have opportunities  to observe tlie condition of  other towns, anu cities in
British   Columbia   and   the  Western
Sta'cs, ami  to stun  up generally the
position of  affairs  in   this country at
large, never  return to Golden without
being struck  at tbo solidity   and progress of onr town  at a time when uui
versa) depression  and   stringency are
bewailed   in cities great and small, in
districts     iigi-ic'iluiral.  pastoral    and
mineral, on every side.      Iu  tbe Inst
twelvemonths the growth of   Golden
has been greater   than  in any   other
throe years  uf   her   history, and the
volume of business has kept pace with
increase ol the town.    The fact is that
the   geographical   position of   Golden
makes   it,  the natural   key to Eastern
British   Columbia, being not only the
immediate centre ol a district rich in
both agricultural uud mineral productions but, from its scit at tin: junction
of  thu  C.P ll. with   the  navigation
system   of   the Kootenay   valley, the
gateway to one ut tho most splendidly
endowed  districts ou  this continent.
When this universal epidemic of depression whicli is paralysing enterprise
ut present shall iu its turn yield to thu
laws of   change and  give   place  to a
renewal of   couli deuce and release I be
world from its present financial torpor,
then it is  reasonable to conclude that
those places which  have been able to
grow and thrive throughout the worst
of  the bad times, will  lead the van ol
progress and prosperity inaugurating
the new era.
With silver at about fiO cents and
lead und copper round about the.lowest
points on record, wc might expect to
liud u district which is remarkable (or
its richness in those minerals', literally
at its last gasp to support existence.
Instead of this wo Iiml in Golden
handsome houses and nourishing
stores going up without intermission :
because, fortunately, uur resources aro
not limited, as is tho rase with so
ninny mineral districts, tn the product
of our mines. Hundreds of miles away
ranches and camps and villages aro
drawing their supplies from Golden
and shipping hero their produce ol ull
sorls. During tint present year wo
have seen the town of Foil Steele connected with Golden by a practically
undivided lino of navigation, nu
achievement which ifpresents an In-
calculabe increase to tbo convenience
end advantages of all Knst Kootenay
and for which we are indebted to the
enterprise nnd energy of those trusted
pioneers of our district, the Upper
Columbia Navigation and Tramway,
Co. The vast lumbering -business
which has made Golden a headquarters
in this line, hns  during tho past year
i whicli is so generally noticed by visit
ors to Golden- the public   spirit   and'
enterprise nf her citizens.
St) Golden bus held lu r own through
Ibe bail times, and thoso who know
nut'tliing of lho immense mineral
riches of iho country tributary to
Goldon which are lying uudevelo|iod
through ibis period of stagnation in
mining mailers, can only faintly guess
at the change whicli will pass over tbo
state of Gol.lei) whin 'ho mining revival entiles. The Smeller 's standing
oipiippod ill every detail ready to lako
adv. ntage of the lirst change of ore,
ami signs are point ing to a dato nut
ttti-y dlsianl for tho reulisa-.iuu of that
Meanwhile, woof tbo Eua have to
return thanks to our friends and readers fur such layout's us we have received. We, loo, look forward to ti liniii
when our columns map keep pace in
growth with tbe growth ol Golden:
and before that timo and after it wo
shall always liud room for news from
such of our friends throughout East
Kootenay as may liud time lo scud CD
accounts ot ibeir districts.
Carlin & Kike aro uis.' having their
store vo-iitttiil nnd so arranged as io
meet their growing trade.
Rumor lias il that work on the B.C.
S.R.R. will bu commenced this full.
Wu hope so.
Mrs. Robinson from Bonner's Ferry
| is hero visiting her daughter Airs.
I Wells. '*
I     Miss Galbraith, Oneida Cnstlo, Now
'York, is   visiting  her   uncle R. K. T.
Mrs. Galbraith and daughter ure ut
I I'tiii'iiiont Hot Springs
HON.11.11   Ml 115*1.
Wc have had n visit from lhe Provincial Secretary, be has been meeting
bis constituents, thanking them for the
warm support they gave him during
the last election.
Prospectors still come in from tho
American side and recently u good
prospect has been found up Wild Horse
creek. A lodge of freo milling gold
rock cropping out tor nearly four
thousand fiet. a rough assay gives a
return of about $2,0UU o lite ion.
Mr. Laird is putting down a shaft
near the Victoria Gulch. This will
lest the deep ground, tho work is iu
charge of Mr. Robert Jennings and
could not bo in better bands.
Mr. Bcatson of the EKE. Co. has
bis iliiin that wus carried away put in
again, and is litis, ut work hydraulic*
ing. Hc expects u good return fur his
season's work
Tlio high water carried away the
tailings along lho creek and quite a
number of men have taken up the uld
ground uud arc working it again ���
making good wages.
The Sir. '-Annerly" is expected
about thu 1st uf August.
Our population is increasing, to the
wife uf Mr. Hubert Mailicr a daughter.
The bridge at Fort Steele will soon
be replaced by a new one with u Howe
truss. The design bus been got out by
A. P. Cummins, C.E. and G.C. aud is
a handsome piece ol work,
David Balo is busy putting iu a new
bridge at Canal Flat.
The "Gwendoline" now makes
regular trips to Fort Steele.
The Dominion Government have appropriated the sum of $5,000 for improving the river between Fort Steele
and Canal Flat.
During lho election contest we had
a visit from Messrs. Spragge and Manuel, Douiild, and Mr. James McGcer ol
Vancouver. Thu latter was much
pleased with his visit, but suys a
-���Soo.v" won't take horn, the Fort
Steele iieople prefer a steumor (Baker),
Thu Hoard cd School Trustees huvo
been elcctet)* with R. L. T, Galbraith,
chairman and Messrs. Barnes and
Mathers co-trustees. The school will
open after the holidays.
There are quite a number of miners
in the Moyea country, between East
and West Kootenay-* and very promising prospects have been found.
We have had a visit from Mr.
in,cren8ed''w^rh"enpg'uiid bounds: 'and [ David McLaughlin. Ho is tho son pf
the necessity   for a Bank   became so, the celebrated Governor McLaughlin o��
The building of Mr. Jordan's house
is progressing and will Ik' quite an
Imposing building eight-roomed house
Willi annex,
An Italian section hand .vho had
lieen accidentally run over the legs,
west ol Rcvelstoko, died iu the C.P.R.
hospital hero.
Mrs, Chns. Nelles has gone on a
short visit lo her parents at Iilecillewaet.
Mrs. Thus. Forrest left on Tuesday's
No. 2 (or a visit lu her funnel' home in
the east.
Master John Colqtiohoun, son of the
C.P.R. storekeeper iu tlm hardware
department, had the tip of his second
linger uu the leit hand taken off while
working lho planer iu the machine
shops hero.
The appearance of the South Sea
Islanders who were at the Wurlu's
Fair iu Chicago, is advertised for next
Saturday night.
Quite a gloom spread over this town
in consequence of ibe frightful accident on locomotive No. 'Hi, us all the
parties killed and injured wero well
known hero.
Chas. Btiin and a party of laborers
are out on the Government trail along
the Columbia towards the Big Bend.
Tlio Government are expending $l,60l
on Ibis trail.
Dr. Brett ot the Sanitarium, Banff,
was hero last S uidiiy on a short visit,
as was also Mr. S. Barber of youi
Mr. Baker, Superintendent of the
Manitoba and North western Branch ol
the C.P.R. was here with his family
on a visit to his brother, Mr. Frcil
Baker, uf ibis town.'' Mr. Baker
travels iu bis uwn private car.
Mr. H. Connacher paid this burgh a
Hying visit.
Tho forest fires have pretty nearly
died out, but have done considerable
damage to tbe lumber interest.
Berrying is all the go now, parties
coming iu with any ainuunl of the
luscious raspberry. - Nemo.
The annual meeting of the Golden
Hospital Society will lie held iu tbe
Alexander Hall, Gulden, ou Monday,
dth August nl is p.m., fur iho purpose
of electing local uirectors for the ensuing year. Any person holding a
yearly ticket or paying monthly dues
is entitled to vote. (
ll.lllllY CONNACIII-Il,
Upper Columbia N&aSrayCo.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
Freight r^eites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 160; 0.1.40; D. 1.20.
To Port iSteeie A. *3.t'0; li. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B. ������             a and 4               "             ������                  ������
������    C. "             f> and ���!               '���             "                  ������
������    D. '���            1 uud 8              "            ���-                 '���
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of" mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will he delivered as far
south as navigation -will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability ou express parcels"Ving limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will bu charged on excess value mentioned on Bill ot Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Guillen Hospital Society.
1'i-om 11:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2   p.m. "  4 'Mu.
ii      7     ii   ii  ti   ������
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
viU1ti.no nouns.
Froiu 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Ily OllDBU.
M.   B.   LANG,:
Mining & Goneral Supplies.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. 6. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand RailB and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.     *
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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