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The Golden Era Apr 25, 1896

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 VOL. V.   NO. 8.
Iiiii Per Yeah
Hats,  Caps,  Clothing,
Boots & Shoas,
Ooing Cheap !   .
.   Dorft Miss Them !
See Bargain Counter for One Week, commencing on Monday 13th inst.
Mattrasses, Spring & Iron Beds.
fi  .1 GOLDEN,   B.C.,
H. D..IIUME,  Prop.
^^mmAt^^t!~'im^ MERCIAL MEN.
flew Goods
Arriving constantly
And My Stock In[All Lines
Is Very Complete.
As Having* Adopted The
I Am Enabled To Offer
(1N.0R1-.RAT._D 11170.)
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people, Thai's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of thc Big .Store on (Stephen Avenue. Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't !>-et the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
ont row:*,.
Golden, nu tin' nuiiil lino uf tne Cnna-lian
Piniillir Railway, in its connection witli tin.
steamboat navigation nf tlm l oliuiibi'i rivor;
tlm milium! nntl commercial centre of Eastern
liritisli t'olntiibiii: liomlqutli'toiH ul'tli i Ooltl-
oti Smelting works, tlm Upper Columbia
Navigation l'n., anil It���tlllicr iniliistry; thi.
niitli'i I'nr tin' tvitloly known inni far
fainoil agricultural anil grazing Ir.iul of tliu
Columbia A Kootoiiay Valioynt inii'ivitlloil
for scenery of nil kinds; tin- distributing
|.iiini fnr tlm richest mineral country nn tbo
A   large   stock of  underwear going
cheap tit tbo Big .Store.
Mr. AV. Georges m of Winnipeg was
in town 011 business this week.
Archdeacon McKay will hold cven-
| iii'; service in St. Paul's Church to-
I morrow.
Rheumatic Wafers
Sciatica, - -
Inflamation  cf
Lungs.Lag-rippe and all Fevers
J. ��. Tj-MI'LETOX'*!.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, ono of their
Illustruled Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
the   Neilson    Furniture   Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Lake hns been trying his luck
wilb the geese this week. I believe be
got Ihe unlucky number alright, Hut
he caught some lish they say.
1 am again requested by the lion.
Secretin*)' of the Golden Gun Club to
inform the members and would-be
members that he is anxiously waiting
to obtain an interview with some of
them. Unless some mon fees foi the
gun are paid there will c< ii" ooinpc i-
Tlie Oddfellows annual church parade will take place lu-inerrow evening
ro St. Paul's Church. The brothers
will assemble in the lodge room iu the
Alexander Block at 7 o'clock, and proceed from there t<* the Church. Visiting brothers are cordially invited to
Alexander   Block.
The address of the man
that will do your
promptly and as it should be
City Jeweller,
CALGARY,        -        Alta,
Tl.ll.MS I'.ASII lilt C.O.I1.
Frank Sliepnrdsoti. nn tngineer on
the Southern Pacific Ity., who resides
at Los Augelos, Cal., was troubled
with rheumatism for a long time. He
was treated by several physicians, also
visited the Hot Springs, but received
no permanent relief until he used
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. He snys it
is iho best medicine in the world for
rheumatism. For, sale by Druggists
Langley tt Co., Wholesale, Victoria
and Vancouver,
Last Saturday while driving will
Mr. Plowright, Mr. Lang met with
a rather serious accident. The horse
which he was driving is given to
taking flights and is somewhat bard
to be arrested. Ou this occasion he
turned the buggy very precipitately
throwing Messrs. Lang and Plowriglrl
out. We, while extending oar sympathy to llr. Lang, congratulate both
and especially Mr. Plowright lhat they
escaped without fatal results, Mr.
Lang is progressing favourably.
The -Columbia Minstrels who are
: travelling in aid of a brakeiii'in who
I was injured at Liiggan about live
mouths ago, passed through here ami
gave us an entertainment 011 Tuesday
night. Considering that they were all
amateurs tho performance was creditable. With the exception that some
of their jokes were stale and decidedly
too personal.
Howerer a dance was given after
llie performance which covered a multitude of deliiu'tiincics. The music
was good and the time was spent very
en joy ably.
ing wild geese. Ou Thursday the
party visited Canyon Creek a placer
mine 8 miles from Golden, und left on
Friday for the coast.
Tho following is the personnel of the
party of English capitalists who are
accompanying Mr. It. M.Horne-Payne
to the coast for the purpose of examining their interests and investing further in llritish Columbia: Mr. It. M.
Home-Payne, a member of the firm of
Sperling & Co., brokers ; Mr. A. C,
Mitchell-Lures, a member of the firm
of .Montague, Hall & Co., Mr. W. G.
Mitchell-Lines, brother of the preceding, who is largely interested in British Columbia mines, and is a retired
captain of the First llova! Dragoon
Guards of England ; Mr. H, Malcom
Hubbard. Mr. Pavne's solicitor j Mr.
R. II. Sperling, third son of Mr. Home
Payne's senior partner; Mr. H. D.
Itobson, nephew of another partner,
and Mr, Dennett, Mr. Horne-Payne's
private secretary. Young Mr. Sperling
is an electrical engineer and will remain in Vancouver, taking a situation
with the Electric Street Railway Co.
iu that city, which is owned by bis
father's linn. Mr. Robson is a mining engineer and will proceed from
Vancouver next fall on a trip around
the world, before returning to British
Columbia, where he will reside.
iflfli-tirv.hr i-hews.
The new compressor plant just ordered for Le Roi will be the largest
ever built in Canada. It is to be
manufactured at Shorhrooke, Que., and
will be powerful enough to operate 40
drills. Tlie contract calls for completion in live months. The plant will
be located on the Black Bear ground,
which claim adjoins the Le Roi on the
west, and excavations for tbe foundations of the buildings have boon commenced. The mine will shortly re-
commence a big daily output, and a
much larger force of men be employed.
The output prom sed is to be moro
than double ils greatest record in the
past, being no less tin.11 .'100 tons a
.lay As the bottom levels are now ii.
vory rich ore, 1100 tons a day will represent what may be termed a good-
sized fortune l.e Roi must take precedence oror all other gold mines in
the great Northwest, not only for tho
quantity of ore shipped, but also fruits richness. Some assays of rock
from the bottom of the shaft '4li0
feet) made this week gave the astonishing result of $280 in gold to the ton.
A daily output of H'2^0 ore would
mean $84,COO every twenty-four hours.
Think of that, ye Cripple Creekers and
ye capitalists of the effete East! To
those looking for good mining Investments we would state that there aro
hundreds of mines iu this camp that,
may equal l.e Roi at the same stage of
development, ��� Itossland Prospector.
Mr.   R.   M. Horne-Payne stayed off
hore  on   Wednesday   morning   with
J party,and 011 the same day were hunt-
Aiusworth appears to bo caus'ug no
little attention now fur another gold
exoi'einent was started here this Week
'when l'. Fitch brought in. from abovo
town, a   specimen   of   ruck   showing
J native gold all through it.
Apart from the paragraph iu our
I own correspondent's note we hear from
another source that a piece of quartz
was picked up within a mile of tho
town. It contains a quantity of freo
gold and was estimated to be worth
about S4.C10 per ton. Mr. F. Fitch,
who picked it up, is now Irving to
j locate the ledge.   Exchange, ���ft t:
Tlie (i.l.. I .
Saturday iiior.ii.
aud wast mail fi'
uppor country,
is tin. imly ,i,l
S ib.ci'ipii'.lt
-.jli-unt Visa
i K, ,'A   is  iiiibhaheil every
i���'  ,o ,,itcii the ea.-t
,-.,ins, ���|mi  tliu   mail  fnr  the
. i t ioi iinii'o, i''nri -Steele etc
IVtll'f-ISIIIg   iin.ll.nl, I.l ilie l',l',,t.
Hams r   "l-i.'Vl  |mr ..i.iniiu IN
.Vdvertisn iteut.'
t.llO II lire It I' l,lt'>
to Insure lasurtiuii,
an I  I'liaiigtt.
lli.nl I*!,-, ni,,
must be hi
i 'riiursilay
laborer in a mine ho taxed so much .anchored by two massive stone towers
more than his brother in the lumber fixed with heavy steel girders, each
work. Is the entei prise, as seeu in j placed DO feet from the hank. These
British Columbia, so much moro re- towers will bo 'each 43 feet in thick*
munerative'i1 1 iliink not. Every Less, 1,6C0 feet wide, 420 feet high and
man who works in a mine has, before j will weigh nearly (iCG.OLO tons apiece,
he can work, to pay an annual tax of j 'j'|1(l materials of construction pro-
$8, $5 for free miner's certificate and yidetl in the specifications are stone
$3 for poll tax.    Tbe fact of the miner i^raniie,   Mexican    onyx,   black   and
unions Colin.
Persons   who are subject to attacks
of bilious colic will be pleased to know
I that prompt relief may he hud by tuk-
i ing Cbamberlaiu's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy. ii acts quickly
j and can always in- depended n|
many cr\ses the attack may be
ed   by taking tins   'Tin
thr'   indication of the il
.    In
lie ini'veni-
��� .is soon au
rse appears,
All cash r.i im ji.ii I tn
vll.l.ll tlio   3 i  l|.*ll/\ I'Bl
tliu Manager, from
uinl vill be obtained.
having to pity the   freo miner's certili- \ w*,*te umrblo, aluminum, copper, steel
cute for tbe privilegeof working in the\\von UMt' ylnss.
province is not only deeply felt by bim |    Th(j   stl.ncture   wiU be divided into I for sale  nv ,!,������,���  ..-is. I,..iglcv & (
as an   injustice  but   it, has a tendency , l|u.po   ,������.,���_ thc   ea.t and west wi-AH
to cast over mining  a distinctive feat
ure   which   is very hurtful to the in-
the   main
building.    Thi. wings
wholesale   agents, Victoria   and Vancouver.
vestor of mines.      Having to pav this
Advertise .u.tt rules smuUi known onappli- J tax the miner has the right to demand
i and on this score
will each he !)U2 feet in length uud lhe
neutral portion Nil i leei long.
fh, Ufa hi hMai Campattf,
The   exterior   will consist of   block
stone, fretted   and   oriuiineiited    The
building   will   he   supported by loity
lutuiiswhich are to be presenl-
SO.MI3 weeks ago I brought before tho
readers of Till: Golden Eua a subject
of no common interest to the free miners of East Kootenay. It was the
action of the Perry Creek Mining Co.,
and at the same time asking for further information. I havesince received
some, and now take the opportunity of
communicating it to those who feel
interested in the subject. "Uld niel
ibi apes" is very near the point. Where
there is attraction there will surely be
admirers. If the property under dispute is of any value, it should and
will be sought after, even for the good
of the community. It is to the interest of every one residing in East Kootenay to see the Perry Creek gold property in operation and not allowed to
remain as a monument of the many
losses of capital to deter others from
investing in 'he country. Tbe property can, I feel assured, be profitably
worked if properly managed. A portion of Perry Creek was leased to
Messrs. .1. W. Ridgway and Geo.
Schrouder of Perry Creek ou the 21st
dav of Octolr-er. 1887.
A part of the lease read as follows :
'Tin said li ��� ens, the executors, nd-
. aii'i assigns will expend
in tne mine while working of the
premises demised by this Indenture a
sum of money of not less than liftien
hundred dollars during thc first year
ol the term hereby granted and not
less than three thousand dollars during each and everv year of the remainder ol the said term and will furnish
to the Gold Commissioner ol th-i district in each year of the term hereby
granted n statement iu writing verified
under the Oaths Ordinance 180!) by the,
said lessees or their agents of the expenditure aforesaid during each year."
and again it reads: "i hat if the said
lessees their executors, administrators,
or assigns shall cease for the space of
one venr to carry on milling operations
much   higher wa;
his   demands   are  sometimes so great
that, it often prevents the operation of
... n    i     huge
many   properties,    which     would   in       7
,       . ,        T  red by the nations of the world. Prom-
other circumstances pay 10 woik.      It 1       " , ,    .
���   have  already been obtained Irom
some of them that the columns will be
furnished. They will he richly sculptured and the motto of the nation presenting each, will be inscribed at its
base. They will also have the name
of the tuition presenting each'set in
gold, silver or aluminium letters at
the top. Eight hundred smaller columns, composed of .Mexican onyx and
aluminum will also be used.
At the American end of the building,
above thu main entrance, will be inscribed : ''United States of America,'*
and at the Canadian entrance, "Ontario, Dominion of Canada." Above the
central entrance will bo tlie word "Utii-
tarious," Inside the building sieel
girders will he used for the purposo of
support; iron columns will also he
placed between the lloors. Forty-seven
million, live hundred and twenty
thousand feet of lire proof flooring will
be required, which it is estimated will
cost at least $475,21 0. The structure
will have 11,1)1)2 windows and a correspondingly large number of doors.
The first ten stories will be used tor
dynamos and other apparatus for generating electricity.
At   the  extreme  lower front of the
.. ... . ,      ises
is  certainly  an   injustice to Force tlio'
mines to pay an additional $5 10 work
in a mine. Before a man can locate,
hold, or deal in a mining property he
should, and most rightly too, he made
to pay this tax, for my part I would
rather see a double tax placed upon
such men than to sie ths miner taxed
a cent for the privilege of working for
his bread It is the option of any to
meddle in mining hut a man must
work for his living and it's unfair to
burden optional andoompulsary actions
aliko. Besides it casts a cloud over
the mining industry which it has no
right to do.
I should like to suggest to lho Executive Committee of the B.C. Miners
.Association that they would be conferring a great benefit 0:1 East Kooteiiny if they could accom) lish this end.
I should like also 10 propose that the
fee lie made $10 for ull persons locating,
holding or dealing iu mining properties ill tlie Province, but that miners
should be free to work iu mines
which they have no interest in.
"We take pleasure in recommending
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy because
it   is   praised by all who try it." says
J.   \V. Cox A. Son, druggists,
Marsh-  building proper  there will he nod twi
field, Oregon, No one afflicted with a
throat or lung trouble can use this
remedy without praising it. It always
gives pro.npt relief. It is especially
valuable for colds as it relievos the
luilvS, makes breathing easier and aids
expectoration. A cold will never result
in pneumonia when this remedy is
taken and reasonable care exercised.
For sale by druggists, Langley & Co.,
wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
A $40,000,000 PALACE.
Niagara liiirucssr~.il would, it is
claimed, have the energy to furnish
the motive power for ail the machinery I onyx.
turbine wheels, capable of developing
about 3,300,000 horse power a mil-tlte,
which wiil run over 7.00U dynamos.
Immediately below the first story an
immense arcade will furnish a passage
from the United States 10 Canada ior
the Grand Trunk, West Shore und
other railways. This will be lighted
with thousands of arch and incoudes-
ceiil lights.
Above the tenth ami up 10 tho forty-
fifth, the building will bo used for
commercial purposes, among the most
important that of grinding the western
wheat which comes Uowu From the
The interior of the building will be
chiefly   of  carved stono and Mexican
Useful measures I'ussetl.
While the recent session of the Legislature was not brilliant much useful
work was done and the result leaves
the Government immensely strengthened. Mining matters were looked
after and safeguards thruwu around
those engaged iu that industry thnt
cannot fail to assist, its development.
Agriculturalists received tjie attention
their importance demands and dairying interests were considered and
dealt with. \V�� must express our
sritisliaction with changes eff.ioted in
the lands la-vs, while the efforts put
forth to preserve our forest wealth
deserve commendation. The education
of the young, always a paramount
question, was given thought ami tbe
legislation in that regard will prove
salutary. Tho more detailed work,
tho maintenance of trails, roads and
bridges, and the steps taken to conserve
the efficiency of the public service, was
given the fullest attention and, after
all, this is what iclls iu the progress
of a young country like British Columbia. Some '''.' acis were . assed cul-
cuh'.ted 1 benefit ��� ho Province, Bt-st
ol .:: how-over, was the side-tracking
of i'i: British Puerile Railway ami we
shall hear no morn of that crazy pro
ject, for a twelvemonth ,,t least If
for no otlier reason ihe Government
deserves the thanks of the pooplo in
showing a bold front to the promoters
of the scheme and, against great odds
putting their feet down in defence of
the general welfare. We shall have
occasion again to refer to the litbors
accomplished.and for the present satisfy ourselves with congratulating the
Premier and his colleagues on the
Bureau ot* Minks,
Victoria, B.C., 8th April, 189G.
I*-' who de. ire to obtain the above
Certillcate do not feel sufficiently prepared for the examination it was proposed to hold here during the last week
of this month, the Hon. the Minister
of Mines has decided to postpone said
examination until the autumn, when
it may be held at two or three places
in the Province for the better convenience of tho candidates' due notice
to be given of the time, places, and examiners appointed by the Minister.
An excellent book on assaying, em-
bracing most of the best and latest
methods for all the metals required for
this examination, Furman's "Manual
of Practical Assaying,' $3.00, John
Wiley it Sons, New York, is strongly
Provincial Minenalogist.
A sitting of the County Court of
Kootenay wiil be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday the 4th
day of May, 18DG, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
By order,
J  F. Armstrong,
��� Registrar.
Donald. ll.C, (ith April, 181)6.
upon or iu  connection with the premises   or   shall   completely abandon tl el'�� -���"- world.    And Mr. Leonard Hen-1    The  forty-sixth   story   will   bo an
said premises for tlie space of one year  klo of Rochester, X. Y., bus  a project  enormous hall  extending tbe lengl ll of
then   this   demise shall become abso-1to i.t 1 ze tlo 10(00,000 horse powe
lately Forfeited and these presents and
the term hereby created and all rights,
privileges and authorities hereby
granted and conferred or intended so to
be shall cease and be void."
Nothing could be clearer than the
intention of the lease and it particularly oinphasiy.es that if a certain sum
of money is not spent each and every
year on the property and that if work
is not continued from year 10 year the
lease is forfeited.
Now. bus this sum lieen spent each
and every year, bus work been continued yourl) i-   I lielieve it has uot,
Ar   this   time, when   it appears so
hard to   obtain   suilioieiit   revenue to
meet the expenditure of the Province,
it   seems   ridiculous  to mention anything   bordering   on   the lowering of
taxation.    Still there is one tax winch
every   man   must hold to be an ilijus-
tioa, and is an  uiilaii invado upon the
n'.'i'iis   rights,
miner's certillcate.
lhat ihey sho.ild I
with   mind  you.
lhat the mighty falls generates every
second, says the New York World,
and too, without marring their natural beauty, bin even enhancing it by a
wonderful structure that is to be a
work of art iu 11 self.
the building, with a seating capacity
of 711,001). who may he addressed b>
one speaker by the use of electrical iu-
lonators. This hall will bu the most,
beautiful iu the world, and will lie-
voted exclusively to iutiruai ion til, religions, social   meetings   and   ouven-
His scheme also has the advantage ,liolls'     ���"- >s expected that each of tbe ,
of   diverting   no water from the river  nations of the world will iuriil-.li a de-1
Gend fer our frte ,-.:
P*'. If-'i'r.'l
bulls Qla.J.UlUs
ma? be cured. T7��
treat all sexual d-or-
drjrs of r*sn. Four out
of five who suffer ncrv.
'"-^LjJ--r5oa5ness, mental worry,
'"- 3iS. mta-rU of ��lie blues,''
are bet pa-ring the pen.
ally of taiy excesses.
T'.ie dread alarm oi
Impcteacy, lhe exhaos-
tioa cf Spe-matorrhc-ra,
t-*>7 *���*- CURED
In. strict tonfidettci at
moderate r.rfcmr.
td book, ":;I;Ar.;riCT
Guillen Hospital Society.
From '.1:1)0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
2   p.m. ''   4 p.m.
..        ;      ..    ..   8    "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:30 p.m.  to 8 p.m., daily
except Monday and Saturday.
Writo fur prices.   Give assays, etc.
Notice to the Public.
Having now become a permanent
resident of Golden. B.C., I ant prepared to do all kinds of
iafcii, Clack & Jewelry
R0  Biififtln ��! V
v..��a BU.iCik- ul Is
un. ted '
hall will j
of Assize, Xlsl I'l'llis. Oyer anil Tor.
miner, nntl Uenornl Ono! Delivery   fincst TtA
and   it   is   regarded as so thoroughly i sign tor a window, and it 1
feasible that  Now York and Toronto thatthe  furuishliigs of  t
capitalists   have guaranteed the inter.  ���"���*"" -j-o-IMi.'-'IU.
est on   $40,100,000 and the work will       With regard to the practicability of
begin in July next.      Mr. ltenkle pro- ' the scheme, llr. ttuiikle sins:
poses nothing less than the erection of     "After disposing  of sJtO.UCO horse
a   stupendous  structure,   to  be called  power   at   ti.e   falls   ut sill per horse \ SliowlnRtlioittitosiiml places od'onrls
������The   Great   Dynamic Palace and In- power per annum, 5 pur cent is assured
terniitiouul   Hull,"   which will bridge'on   ���40,CC0,Ci;0 wh ell leaves $1,000,-
the great cataract. j 0l0   horse   power, which, nt   -jl   per
This  palace, located about fifty feet' horse power, wuuid   ensure au income
above   the   brink of   Horseshoe Fulls  of such nut   1 r..,.>-n.-i.., as to pay an
'Will   lie at least half a mile long, and ! annual anil perpetual interest uu it sum
ill width 1,600 feet, the height will be of money   .-uiihr.cut   t��� build railways
(itO fe:'1 the centre, however, rising to  from   California   lo   iil.tiiie, and frtilu
about 11.10 leet above the river.      The  British Uoliinib.n tu the Si, Lawrence,
1 lefer to ihe free '.lower part of the building will averago er.cli  touching  at Niagara Falls, also
I do not advocate I forty-six   stories,   aud   ill   the centre  to build a line
totully done awuv  something  more  than   fifty  stories, j outlet  of   tin
But why should a The  structure   will lie supported and  port oft lie
in tlie best style of tlin trade with the
least, possible delay. Mail and Tlxpress
orders receivi prompt attention,
.wns McHIUjAX,
Watchmaker  --"-I  J-'weller.
for tliu Yenr I'.till.
Sl'ltlXII j\SsIi*!-S.
... Tuesday .
5th Mr
New Westminster. Tuesday ��. 12th May   growereasa sampleof
Vancouver Tuesday .. 19th May   *r_J!?��^S.
put it up themselves ant
fru���age*, thereby securing Ita purity and excellence,
'ut up in % lb., 1 Ib. and 5 lb. pad���(as. tod unvnr
sol.' ir; bulk.
. Monday
.. Tiie'tilay .
.. Monday ..
.. Monday.
nf steamships from (lie "Nelson  Monday..
e   St. L >ivriiic: 10 every . '"Donald Monday..
-fit." j    'Special Assize
Victoria .
. -oth May
Silith May
.. 1st .Tune
.8th .Tune!
loth June
22nd June!
"Monsoon" Tea is put ur by the Indian Tea.
"   "   "' the best qualitiss of Indian
. um. Ihe greatest earn in Iho
and its blend, that ia why they
put it up themselves and sell it only in tha original
If jour jrocer doaa not Veep it, tall aim to wriln la
II and 13 Front Street East, Toronto.      , v
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Don a un Division* hi' East Kootenay
VOTICE is hereby given, in accord-
" ance with the Statues, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes
levied under the Assessment j\ct are
now due for the year IS!) I. All of the
above name I taxes collectable within
the Donald Division of East Kootenay
district, are payable at iny oliiee, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes ure collectable at the
following rales, viz. :
If paid on or before dune .'iljth 181)1:
One half of one per cent on real property.
Two per cent on assessed value of
wild laud.
0 ie third of one per cent on personal properly.
One half  of one per cent on income
If paid after June :10th lSDIi���
Two-thirds of one per cent on real
Two and one half per cent on assessed value of will laud.
One half of one per cent on personal
Three-fourths of one 'ier cent on income
Pro'iucral 14 'vetiuo Tax $;l,00 per
Assessor and Collector.
Oolden. January 2nd, IS*!)!.
Application for Uurtrlflcatu .if  Improvements.
.Takenotico that I, Walter Duinnrd,
free miner's certificate No. 4 7,-;!!), intend,
liOdajs from the date hereof, to apply in
ihe Gol,1 Commissioner foi' a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be scut, tu the Jlining He- i
corder and action  commenced  before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements,
lined this seventh dav of December
Waltkii Dainaku,
By his agent, P. W. Aylmer,
��xx&xxxsa& dtm~i.fi.
.  MuCakter.
aj'.'-'j-ooi!   A   31eVavtev,
Biu'risters, Advocates, Sol Iters, Notaries
_tc, Etc.
Solicitors for Bank o Montreal.
OaIjOarv, - N.W.T.
It.  J.   JMTfHSOS,
D.Ij.S. & I'.L.S. fnr ll.C. DOMINION-
N.W.T,   ( iimrspniiiieiu'o -solicited,
R.J.JEI'IIRON, D.1j..S.,I'.Ij.S. of B.C. -Out,
(Jai.uauv, Alba.
In the Supreme-Court of British C'M*
uinbia, re Connaclier, ���Connacher
vs. Pither.
Pursuant to an order of tlie Supreme
Court of British Columbia made in the
nutter of the estate of Henry Cou-
ii,icher in the suit nf Coiinucher vs
Pither. The creditors of Henry Connaclier, late of Gulden, in the District
of Kootenay. hotel kec|cr, deceased.
who died i.n or about the month of
January. WXi. are on or before the
first day of April, I HO'I, to senility
reifistersl letter to A. G, M. Spragge.
of Donald, lit the District of Kootenay.
British Columbia, the solicitor for
James Ste'ens Connacher, the above
named plaintiff, tlie executor of the
deceased, their Christian and .-'iiriuunc
addresses and inscriptions, thu full
particulars of their claims.a statement
of their accounts, and the nature of
the securities (if any) held by theiu or
in default thereof tbey will be pereinp-
torilly excluded from the benefit of the
said order. Every creditor holding
any security is to produce the same
before James Ferguson Armstrong,
Registrar of the County Court at Donald, the Il'iferce appointed by t lit.
Court to take the accounts and enquiries tinder the said oriler, at his
chambers at, the Court House at Donald iu the Province of British Coluinliia on the Stli day of Ar.ril, lrfSO, at
tm o'clock In the forenoon being the
time appointed for adjudication ou the
s ml claims.
Dated at Donald, in tho D'strbrt of
Kootenay, British Columbia, ibis l.'ilh
duy of January, I89'l.
liefer >e appointed under the said order.
Application    fnr   Cert I flout, s of  Improvement!..
IIUiriEN Tlt-ARUM"   AND (I1ANT MINERAL   iu.aims.
Take notice that I. Thomas Jones.
free miner's Certificate No. 47^'ln. intend
ill) days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gobi Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crowu grants of above
.Uid further lake notice that adverse
claims must he scut to the Mining Recorder and notion commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Tims. Jones,
By his agent P. AV. Aylmer.
D.tted this 14th day of December,
Notice of Appllcatli.il for CcrtlHeutcH
of li.iiiroVL'iiiciits.
suiirtii: an;, lax lAsrER M1N1111AL
Mi as! ii {j l-Jiigiiieui*-,
A   ."ll-allnrslist.
Reports on properties a Specially.
Golden. B.C.
Livery oj Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholesal*. nnil CWuil
Cattle, Sheep mid
Horse Dealers.
J. S.V.A.RT     CO. |
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary     -     ���       Alba
fl. J.
Golden City Bakery.
Frosli Braeid Baity.
uo'dan Hospital Society.
The attention of Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits of a new
improved apparatus, for testing and smelting various kinds of ores andminer-
a s, also separating and refining base bullion, etc.
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist who thoroughly understands
tbe wants of the assayer, the prospector, the miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such as smelting, scorifying, coupelling, fusing in
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, roasting, etc.-
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete ia
itself, made of steel plate, with cast-iron slag and metal spouts, wind supply
pipe aud knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores ; capacity 1000
to nUOO pounds por heat; aiso smaller size, capacity from 100 to 200 pounds
per heat, according to the character of ires.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows:
'I'll is furnace is const ructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by a pack burro,
that is oompleie and ready to he set up at any dump of low grade ores, that
otherwise wili not pay to ship, and make his good pay out of one to two tons
of ore a day.
On l��n-��i'iiili'<>i't's picked at the dump, tills little furuuci- will pny for Itself every week, besides wages and expellees. Lot someone else do tlie risk iu
mining, and stick tu a certainity.
What We Furnish and What it Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, S) feet iu diameter by 5 feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made of No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened with
angle irons made in two half-circles for easy transportation, and then bolted
together. Two Steele-Hanged metal aud slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnaoj tapping tools, two darlings (or plugging sticks), one
graphite No. 40 crucible, one blackstnit h's forge blower, geared complete iu iron
frame, to supply blast bv hand-power (or the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, ready to be set, up, delivered on board cars nt
St. Louis, will cost, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS NET. Terms: $_i>.00
cash wilh order, balance draft attached with bill of lading;   the smaller size,
100 to 2.i!> Pou-iiN Capacity, Vont #48.00 Net.
Terms:   $20.00 cash with order, balance draft attached to bill  of lading; 6
per cent discount for cash with order.
Printed Directions and instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
material, fuei. smelting operation, separating and refining of base bullion, etc..
We Wants Representative. 415 Locust St., ST. LOUIS, Mo.
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and
Lead Ures, Aluminum and Nickel Alloys.
Engineers nntl Contractors for Equipment of Clteiult-iil  Iti'duutlon  IVerks,
Take notice that I. John McRae,
free miner's certificate No, .'il-li'-i.
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gobi Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining! *���
Crown grants of the above claims.        jTH.r* HOSPITAL is now open for the,
And further take iioticethat adverse- i(,|,���iSSlU11 ,,f patients.
claims must he sent to the Mining lie- i
corder. and  action commenced before TICKETS may he had from the under-
the issuance of such certificates of iiu- signed   or   any   member   of   the
John McRae,
By his agent P  W. Avlmeh.
Dated this 14th  dav of  December,
PRICE   Ten  Dollars  per year or Six
Hollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
C. L'. PA-SON,
Acting Secretary.
Job    Depeirtmeiit
__:o:_ OF ���:o:���
Tliiii.li Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to morrow iu St. Paul's Church
nt 7:1)0, o'clock.
Methodist service will be held iu the
Suhool house to morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted bv Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will lie held
to-morrow morning in Knox
Church at 10 o'clock, conducted bv
Rov. T. !- Glassford, D.A.
;    NOTICE   IS    HEREBY   (l I VEN
| rlt.it.   application   will be made to the I
J Legislative  Assembly of the Province
I of  llritish   Coliiniliia at the next ses-j
sion   fur an   net to incorporate a coin* |
lisny   for the purpose of coustrtictiiiu,
operating   and   working deep tunnels.
urifis or   shafts for the purpose of exploring   for,     discovering,   working.;
getting, ai'ipiirtu.:' and recovering iiiiu
orals   situate  iu blind veins, ledges or i
lodes in lhe l> strictsof East and Wesi
Kootenav,   Yale   and  Cariboo, iu tho
Province of llritish Coin in bin, and for
entering upon  and acquiring lands lor
such purposes,  and for collecting tolls
for   the   use of such tunnels or workings   by   any   oilier persons or  companies engaged  In mining and for no-
quiring   such   water powers nr privileges, rights   or   incidents, as may be
necessary   for,   or   incidental or con- [
dticive   |o lhe attainment of   the fore-1
going objects or any of them.
itiao American
A-jenoy for
-"A   f-!t. o *jfrp>'  CAVBAT3,.
CSPV'-rlOHT-,   etc.
Fortttfonnatlnnati't froa llantlboqk write to
MUNN tl CO., kill llln,AI,WAV, NUW YORK.
or.ri'Hi bureau I'm' securi:*:-: patents la Amorlen.
Every patent tak,"i ,-rrr liy iin I. Inrotialit beforo
tuo iiuulio ly a ii"i iro givoa troootobargo In trie
���irgost olnntlfltlett nf any sctsnUtlo imt>er In tlio
v.'Ol'M. I-I'lullilliii.' llll.trillL.il. Ivi i.ili'Illl.','llt
marl .timrl.l lw \.i.". int ll, V.'ivlrlv, g'l.il'l a
ri'lir; ���|.r,l:irri,'.iiiil K.   Aililr-hi, MUX",  ft CO.,
Villi���88l*_i| 801 ilrwulwa**, ��� ew Vork City.
Koro ctrnrn
hnvi) been el-
fectort by in*
  TrilSBOB, wl.ii
���norfpct et.se to wearer, than by all other
(lf>vM'fMr��nil��lni'4, *_h.y .ettilnlnrgCBt
Rupturo U'Ulur aovereai Btrtiin. A. system o f fitting hna beou pel tooted, tho
mtst ��8 years, fully euua! to personal
examination l����tniill. 07>ntenta
to overcome f"" ~* " ~ *~
III.book rfroe ���
U.-tiitf bt,\V..*'OI-��t_llOrf
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Manufacturers uf i-'iisli. 1 coif*, Mouldings
Turned und Suva Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Kails nnd
brackets,   A 1 sizes of glass in stoek.
The Miii-liiiK' in tl Khicksniirh !*hop are prepared to do
all kinds nf repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fitting and 1'rass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes &��<$]loos.
Hickory and Maple Plank.
HOUSTON   &  CO. Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,   M
O,. alii
.Mountain Lodge, X,.. Si, A.I- & A.
M. hniioiei both itself and all the
lii'irtln rn of the uiy.stiu tie 011 Friday
niglit the 17th, when it, kept open door
and open house lor its friends.
Diuald bus had iiiany social lime-
tious but tlnr pn| a undoubtedly goes
to Masons of our mountain town for
the gland way iu which they entertained their many friends uu this pitr-
1 ie.ul'ir occasion.
At nine o'clock over 101) eager pleasure Bankers were r-eaied iu ihe Odtl-
fellows Hall waiting fur the announcement oT the Gin uu March, Suddenly
three sharp kuueks are lieard on the
outer door and are immediately responded to fro.11 within. Past Mastet
Downie, accompanied by the Senior
and Junior Warden answered ihe summons and to the stirring strait's of
Staff S.rgeaiit V, A. B.igley's line
string baud, the Grand Master of ihe
Province, L. R. Julilisou iu the full
regalia of bit, office, enters antl is le-
ceived wil h grand public honors by the
Past Master Downie acting on he-
half of the Master of the Lodge Jas.
Mathie, who through family bereavement is uiiavoiilablv absent, welcomes
tlie most worshipful (1 rand Master in
a few well chosen words and the ball
is declared open.
Led by the Hoor manager 1). Alton,
the coin puny with the Grand Master
and Mrs. J. C. P.tts ul. the head gc
through a viry pretty and intricate
march which winds up in lines of
eight for the opening lancers. From
this time till dawn the constant endeavor of every one seemed to lie to
chase the fleeting hours witli Hying
feet ami as the com mi I tee is everywhere nud 011 the qui vivo nobod. is
Tne   floor   is perfect and tlie music
above   reproach   so   that it is almost
with  regret that the announcement is oj-aUA0M
maile bj master of ceremonies Spragge ������
iiiiu the feinin'ii''|oi.!eit.i s liitersptr.'cd
'with   the   sombre   black uf  tliu men,
1 here  ami   ih re relieved l.y the bright
insignia of thu .Vi,.sou��i''iliade tl 1 ir ure
that would  have g addencd  the e,.e of
an artin      Among ibe most elaborate
and   iiandso ne   were   those  worn by
Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Maokuv, Mrs. I'at-
I more. Mrs. N'lles, Mrs. I Ci 111,1 on. Mrs
j Bolton,   Mrs.   J,   C.   Pitts.   Mrs. H.
Pitts,   Miss   Newman, Miss   Walker.
Mrs.   Jinnies ui, Mrs,   Taylor and the
Misses Harris 11 of Gohren, Mrs. Teni-
! nie of Revelstoke, and Mrs. S\ 1110ns of
Rog rs Pass.
A nong the prominent guents from
;ouis lie were IK and Mrs. Taylor, Mr.
and Mrs. Wells the Mls-es Harrison,
Mitchell-Inn-, Mr. Watren and
i Mr, Leake all of Golden. Mr. and Mrs
Temple, Miss Ed.vards, Mr. Brewster,
and Mr. F'ree.nan-Lake from Revelstoke. Mrs. Syuious, Mis. folwny
; from Rogers Pass.
In conclusion it is the unanimous
verdict of everybody that the Masons
of Donald deserve three times three
nnd a tiger.
'so sell a "Com-
lhat  will in one 1
,1 oil as clear and .
he made.    We
ady or gentleman to use
"Whiten! ,g," for they
I efore liny finished the
thev   were us white as
���'Hilr Grower." We
plexlon WlilU'iiiiij,"
month's time tnnki
white as the sl.i.i cun
ii"! er knew a
two hollies of
all s y linn
second hurtle
t icy would wish to he. After the use
.if this "Whileiiing,"'.hi'siiiu will forever retain its color. I, tils'* removes
fi\ckles, etc., etc The "Hair Grower"
is .'it, cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' iiO cents per buttle. Either
uf these remedies wiil be sent to any
address on receipt of ,.r,ee. Address
all orders lu -
R. & J, I! VAX,
211 Division Sniisirit', Ottawa, Ont,
W    1
y\ Navigation  &
Donald lias tbo good fortune to
possess un hospital, and it is au hospital iu every sense of the word. I,
I you go iu tliere you are iu great luck
if you ever come out except you are
carr ed out Wonderful to relate that
giant luonopnh which has Canada by
the throat is tlie proud possessor of
ihis magnificent edifice. Sheet-, and
other necessaries are luxuries known
by name only.
A bright young man died there las:
week, his remains were a day or so
ago shipped to Winnipeg fur unci mem
Joseph Lucier is now before his God
and will be judged fur tbe deeds done
iu the tlesb.
Donalditis have to thank the enterprise of the Ladies Aid of Donald for
the musical treat enjoy e.i by a large
ami fashionable audience in the Oddfellows Hull on Monday evening lilth,
when Misses Rebecca McKcuzie, Elise
Fellows and Bertha O'Rrilly presented
under their auspices the following
programme in a fault'exs and I'lowless
Elections I,. .luu ,.
The next meet ing of the Dominion
parliament will be held 011 lhe SMrd of
July. The general elect nn will take
place about the middle of June, either
the 1 Ith or ISth. Prorogation was to
have taken place Tliurs lay and di��so-
llltlon on Friday.
TramWay Go. Ltd.
Intsmciticnal Transportation Co.
and Mr
the Ma
The   Revelstoke   Mail   has changed
bauds. The new proprietors ure Messrs
Atkins and J. A. Smith.    The
gentleman   was recently con-
ivitli   tho B.C. Mining Uei'ur.i
Smith   lias been iu charge of | 1 o'lVC Foi't Htl
I   for about a year as Man
SEASON    1896.
To tako effect 1st May.
Leave Golden 4 a m. Tuesdays    .
Arrive Fort Steele (i p.m. Wednesdays .
Leave Fort Steele 4 a m Thursdays and Sundays
Arrive Jennings ���"!. p.m. Thusdays and Sundays .
Fort St
da vs and Fridays
a.m. i in
j-.m. Wednesdays and
for the Revelstoke Priming (,'o
Arrive Oi iden 0 u
."���JOT-ICG is Ii6-.ii.'
that   supper   is   ready.      I'lie  merry
tliroug troop down to the Nelles House I
where   every   arrangement  was made'
lor   comfort and the inner mau.      A 1
were   loud   iu   their praises regarding
the decorations of the room ami le tout!
ensemble   of   thn   table lot which we
have to thank .he artistic taste of Mrs
Nelles   under   whose   supervision tlie
whole   thing   wa<   carried out.    Tlie
supper itself would tempi au Anchorite
from his den. ami the whole start from
the proprietor down lira to be congratulated ou the menu and service.
After supper dancing was continued
witli unabated vigor till about 4 a.m,,
when God Save the Queen wns sung
nnd the Masonic Ball was a thing of
the past.
Eii passant one iu met b ilp remarking ou tlie completeness of everything
in connection therewith. For those
who   wished   to he far from the mud
Ballade Polonaise.        .        Vicuxtenip
Elise Fellows.
Polonaise in E. Major .        .       Lisxt
Bertha ORjilly.
Aria���''Hugenots1'       .       Meyerbeer
Rebecca McKenzie
��11011111111-       .       .       Popper-Suurei
Elise Fellows.
'���Bridal Piocession"     .       .       Greig
Bertha O'Reilly.
Scottish Songs .       .       .       Selected
Rebecca McKenzie.
Finale Concerto E Minor   Mendelssohn
Elise Fellows.
ilia O'Reilly.
Last   Hose of   Summer,
Violin Obligato
Mis.-es McKenzie. Fillows ft O'Reilly.
These young ladies who nrr as beau-
ti.ul an ihey are gifted have certainly
a brilliant career before them, and certainly des.irve cow,led housas where-
ever thoy go.
Tc mis is now in full blast aud if a
prophet lias any honor iu his own
country jour humble scribe would predict that a nun of Erin's Isle and a
noviti tic of last year will carry off the
honors ihis year.
sh..' given that a belt
of laud described as follows: -
Commencing ut thu intersection of the
Columbia River by the northern
boundary of the Railway Belt, near
Clinics Creek; thence following the
said river up stream to the northwestern end of Kiiihasket Lake, and
extending back ten miles on each sine
thereof, is reserved for the exclusive
purpose of entry under the Land.
Mineral and Placer Mining Acis.
Chief Commissioner of Lauds & Works
Lands ami Works Depart ment,
Victoria, B.C., llth April,WJ.i
���jA<.1-11 BKKK
Ales, Porter and Buffalo Diand
Aerated Waters.
ISellll To-llli;. ���
Ladies   and   gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest,   There has recently j thc
been discovered, and is now for sale by
the   undersigned,   a   li lily wonderful
"Hair   Grower"     and    "Com|lexion
ding crowd   tliere were cosy tables u >��� | Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
stairs   for   cards or   chess, the lad lis  uctuuliy   grow  hair o.i a bald head iu I
liud their   boudoir, and even lhe lover  six weeks liy the use of this wunilerfil
of the soothing wee 1 was not forgotten i ���Hair Grower."      It- will ulso prevent
as he hud u ucok to himself. tlie hair from fulling.      By tlie use of
Our correspondent bil.ugs to tho this excellent reinedv hoys raise an e;-'
genius male iiitiu and is therefore tin- cellent moustache in s.x weeks. Ladies
able to describe In detail tlie drisres of if you want a surprising head of hair, I
the   ladies   but   it is sufficient to suy j have it immediately hy 'ho use of this'
FlNCST T��.<
''Monsoon" Teals put up by the Indian Tea
(-rowers as a sample of the beat qualities of Indian
Teas, Therefore they use the greatest care in the
selection of thc Tea and its blend, that is why they
put it up themselves and sell it only in the original
packages, thereby securing; its purity and excellence.
sold in bi
F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
1 Look for tlie Littlo Card in tho Pockets.    |
y Shorey's celebrated ready-made clothing has a card |
ji in the pocket of each garment guaranteeing the cloth  I
y used in its manufacture to be thoroughly Sponged  g
I and Shrunk and its workmanship to Cf��jrM��f>-7*"s |
y be sound in every particular.   Always wUW* *������? s ��
| ask for and bs sure that you pet Shorey's Ready Made |
I make.   Every reliable dealer keeps it. Clothing |
The Western Milling Co.
Retina,   N.W.T.
Manufacturers Of
up in �� lb., ��� lb. and | lb. packages, and never
If your grocer does not keep It, tall him lo write to
8TECL, HAYT.tR A 00.
II and 13 Front Street East, Toronto,
M     Mo T\C\X\ Q11\ *S*ni f(,P I,W- Territcriei
IVI, ��Yl*wJ_VU__cUU,  apfl Brit th Cc.ambia.
Calgary, Alb,


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