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The Golden Era Mar 30, 1895

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VOL IV.   NO. 84
GrOLDRN B.C.,"SATtfRDAY, MARCH _0, 1895.
$2 Per Year
I have jut finished my annual stocktaking and find that my atock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
5-*' .���������-���
In order to remedy this I of er the following inducements:
Suits    *** iiU*over FIFTY Sult* tn*t * w,u w11 -* coit *nd
hare over
I haw orsr THBXE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
���its*** oast.
. hav*o**r TWENTY coat* that 1 will sell at all prises.
have over TWENTY
low priest.
vests   that   I will sell at very
S__r   Qh aac    *bar* ���* -himenw stock of boots and shoes at
m   OllUOa* prie*��satWaetoryto��U.
have _ata and eaps to fit the head and shit the
ats & Caps.
Guaranteed   To  Cure
"That Pain in the Bank."
J.  G.   TEMPLliTON,
Chemist, C��l����ry.
of fencing until there was some money right hand is valued at froth 14 to 18
on hand. ' The public are also asked to j per cent, that of the left hand at from
IH O 17 Rooky Mountain Lodge,
e\Je\J*re No. 84, meet* every
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brtthern cordially welcomed. '
H. 0. PAKddir.Secy.
It #111 to tojm-iw��*n*ftt to call mu* -xaadae these
Golden, B.C
Golden, on the main line of the. Canadian
Pacilic Railway, at it* connection with Ihe
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river :
tbe mineral and commercial centre ef Eastern
British Columbia.' headquarter, of thi Golden Smelting works, tbe Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; tbe
oatlet for  the widely, known   aim   far
 ��ed agricultural an-T-rrasing la*- of the
Columbia ft Kootenay Valleys; anrivalled
for scenery of all kinds i toe dMjribnting
point for the richest mineral country on the
Golden,     *��� ���     B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c.-ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
������' ' .��*.
Wm. IWefleisH, f Prop.
& Tram Way
During the winter a stage will be mn between
Golden, Galena. Windermere. Thunder Hill, Canal
Rat Wasa and Fort Steele.
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leering Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
, Qolden fa-Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
W-ea th* Compaq** liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more-valuable parcels.
Through fie.00.      Local 10 cents jper mile.
B. E COCHIUII, FmMebt;      F. P. AUSTIORO, ���ana.jar,
Monday is All Fool's Dar.
The Kicking Horse river is breaking
np slowly.
The Fraser bridge crew are located
here this week. |
We call attention to C. A. Warren's
advertisement in another column. He
is offering some extraordinary bargains
in the dry .goods line.
A fine carriage horse and harness,
the property of Mr. John Pratt, will
be raffled at th* Kootensy House on
Monday evening next al 8 o'clock.
Tickets fJUpO.,..   .
Some- ie-il disposed person cut the
ull off Mr. F. Glover's cow this week.
Mr. Glover is offering a reward for
any information that will lead to.'the
discovery of the guilty party. Such
brutality should not go unpunished.
School Inspector Burns of Victoria
paid his annual visit to the school this
week. He is in every way pleased
I with the progress the children have
mad* and was much surprised at the
large increase in the number of
Preparations are being made for the
commencing of the dyking works on
the southern hank of the Kicking
Horse. Several teams are busily engaged hauling brush to the sceue of
aetion. R. J. Pollock is foreman of
the work. A pertinent question might
well be asked here: What's the matter wilh. clearing the brush off the
public park ? The park is much nan
diet than Love's ranch and wiil have
to be cleared off anyway, and we do
not see why those in charge of the
work oannot aid the citizens a little
by hauling tbe brush from there.
Rev. W. R. Ross, pastor of the
Presbyterian Cburcb, is to be removed
to a charge in Manitoba, in tho vicini.
ty of Brandon. He will preaob hia
farewell sermon to the Golden congregation to-morrow morning in the
school bouse. The church her* has
grown wonderfully nnder Mr. Rosa,
and it wm with feelings of regret that
th* congregation learned of his Intended removal. Daring his ministry here
he has earned the respect, not only of
bis own congregation, but of the com-
munity at large. He will probably
leave for his new field of labor some
tim* next week.
At ��� meeting of the cemetery trustee* held on Tuesday, March 86th, it
was determined to ask tbo** who
wished to help th* enterprise to take
lot* at 16.00 each in order to pay expenses incorrad in obtaining a deed to
th* ground, and to defer th* question
assemble, at the cemetery on Good
Friday afternoon, to help clear away
rubbish and to open a road through
the grounds. Persons wishing to
select lots can obtain information from
the Secretary, and also from J. 0.
Greene for the Roman Catholic portion
and from Joseph Lake for the Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist portion
of the grounds.
The regular weekly meeting of tbe
publio committee was held on Thurs
day afternoon, all the members being
present. The question of laying out a
half mile track was discussed, F. W.
Aylmer has kindly offered to do tbe
surveying gratuitously. The report
from the school trustees showed the
number of children attending school
to be 43, and the number under age to
be 47. When these facts are laid
before the Minister of Education, thero
should be no difficulty in obtaining a
grant for a new school house. Supt.
Whyte of the C.P.R- is expected here
shortly, when he will be interviewed
about the filling of the holes south of
the depot.
.'��� The n.O. Uudf.t.
The first volume of the B.C. Budget
has just come to hand. In making
their bow to the public The Budget
says: This the initial number falls
sadly short in point of general
appearance and make-up of the standard of excellence to which we intend
to bring it up. It then goes on to
enumerate the many, difficulties atten
dant on a first issue. Its columns are
bright and "I-terescing and should
prove, attractive to the general public
The Budget is published at Vancouver,
subscription price $2.00 per annum.
8 to 13.5 per cent. The middle finger
is worth from 10 to 1G per cent. The
third finger is valued at no more than
7 to 9 per cent. Tbe little finger is
worth 9 to 12 per cent. The difference
in the percentages is occasioned by the
difference with the trade, the first
finger being, for instance, more valuable to a writer than to a digger.
To Contest Alberni.
At a public meeting held at Alberni
on March 20th, George A. Huff, merchant, was nominated as a Government
supporter to contest tbe riding of Cow-
ichan-Alberni for tbe vacant seat in
the Provincial Legislature caused by
Hon. Mr. Davie's retirement. At another meeting in Alberni ou the same-
day, T. A. Woods, already in the field
as the choice of Cowichan, addressed
the electors, asking their enth>rsatioor
and was followed by Messrs. F. McQuillan, Mr. Huff, aud H. Bainbridge,
wbo ur��ed tbe desirability of choosing
a resident of Alberni aud offered themselves for nomination. A ballot wan-
then taken, without anyone receiving.
a majority, and Woods and Bainbridge
being lowest, their names were drop-
lied. Another ballot resulted in a tie-
between Huff and McQuillan, and aa
Chairman Kirkpatrick refused to cast
the deciding vote a third ballot was
taken, when Huff got 22 votes and Mc-
21��� one man not voting. The choice
was then made unanimous. It looks,,
therefore, as if Messrs. Wood aud Huff
will havo a coneest.
Attempt** Aae-Ml-atlaa *f 14 Haa*
The year 1900 will not be a leap yeai
Every year is a leap year that is divis-
ble by fcur, excepting those ending in
two cyphers, wbicb must be divisible
by 400; thus 1(100 and 2000 are leap
years, but 1800 and 1900 are not.
Julius Ctesar reformed tbe calendar by
making three years of 865 days each
follow one year of 886 days, or, in
short, every fourth year was made a
leap year. This calculation gives an
error el about eleven minute*' too
much each year, which has aggregated
now nearly twelve days. Iu order to
obviate this error Pope Gregory, iu
1582, declared October 6th to be Octo
ber 15th, and made the rule that there'
after century years not multiples of
400 shonld not be leap years. The
Gregorian calendar has been adopted
in all civilized countries save Russia.
This system of intercalculation reconciles with much accuracy the civil and
solar years. The latter contains 365
days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 49.62
seconds. By omitting three leap years
every 400 years it gives the civil year
an average duration of 365 days, 5
hours, 49 minutes, 12 seconds, whicli
exceeds the true solar year by -*-.;��<-*
seconds, amountiug to a day io Oo'j'j
Money Tala. of Hand* and Flager*.
According to a scale drawn up for
the Miners' Union and Miners'Acci'
dent Insurance Companies of Germany,
the loss of both hands is valued at
100 per cent, or the whole ability to
earn a living. Losing the right hand
depreciates the value of an individual
as a worker 70 to 80 por cent, while
the loss of the left hand represent*
from 60 to 70 per cent of the earnings
of both hands.   The thumb is reckoned
London, March 24.-The Central
News correspondent inTokio says that
ah attempt was made to assissinate Li
Hung Chang in a street of Simoooaski
this afternoon. Li was returning from,
the peace conference, in whioh he conducts negotiations on behalf of the*
Chinese mission, and was accompanied
by several of his suits. When he wa*
a short distance from his apartments,
a young Japanese ran up to bim snd
fired a pistol ir his face. Tbe young
man was seized and disarmed at one*
by the police. At the station house
be gave bis name as Koyama, and hi*
age as 21. According to the report re��
ceived in Tokio, Li's wound is not dangerous.
London, March 2G.-The Tokio correspondent of the Central News telegraphs that Li Hung Chang's condition is progressing favorably. Th*
assassin's bullet penetrated the bona
one-third of an inch, but the wound,
the surgeons say is not serious.
The parleying in regard to an armistice continues. Japan demauds Shan-
hai Kwan and other unoccupied point*
and these demands have been yielded.
Tbe Japanese forces succeeded in taking the Pescadoi-e Islands on March
24th. The troops were landed and
attaoked the fort in the rear, where
they were undefended, and carried
them by assault.
To Let.
The house near the Hospital, lately
occupied by George Hastie, anply to
G. F. Parson, Alexander Buildings.
Pr.ebjt.rlM Harvle*.
Service will    be held to-morrow
morning in the school  bouse at 10
by  Rev. W. B.
to b* worth from SO to 80 per cent of ��'0,'Jok-  ��<">-��-��*���**���
the earnings     Tbe first finger of the | Ross. Kite i��>A>en i&sa
The UOLiUkl BKA ia p-blialied every
Saturday inoriiiii���r in time to catch the cant
and we-t mail t'rui.is, .dab tlio iniiii fur the
nppoi'-jiinitry, Win lermeiii. Fort tll.iele etc
It is tbifcMuly od.'ui'tisiiiu .uuliaiu ill ilip K-at
Kuoteuay district .
S-ms-iription Rates: S-IKI per annum IN
ADVANCE.        I'--
A,ilverti��erii-mt- anil i-hanKe* must be in
tho office net Inter tlu.ii 1*1 a in, un Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
catior *.u
All car.li to bo paid tt. Ihe Manager, from
srlion the Company's receipt willbeobtaiiied.
The Ufa En Publishing Ctipiiii,
The best way to build up a town is
to -stand by evory man in the place
who does right. > Whenever n man is
doing well do.not tear him down. AU
residents should be partners, not opponent?. .In all livelihoods the more
business your rival does the more you
will do. Evory mmi who treats his
customers honestly,' courteously and
fairly will get bis share, and the mote
business that can bo secured by nniled
efforts the better it will be for all.
When a town ceases to grow it begins
to die. and the more readily utter ruin
comes to all. .Stand together for the
advancement.of every citizen. If a
man shows ability to prosper, do net
pull him back through jealousy or
weigh him down through cold indiffer
eO-D   511 XING   AT  TALE.
OU  Negli eterl   Bar*   on   th*  Fraser
"'" '     Prove rro_t.it.le.
Writing, to a friend in Vancouver,
Wn. Tdagiiij, .J. P.' of Yule, conveys
the following news: Doubtless a few
lines' touching the 'subject of gold oh
the bars' in mid-river cf the Fraser,
just above the town of Yale, will interest yoii.'- I can ' assure vou lhe
. scene is a busy one. There nre white
men, Chinamen and Indians thickly
siuddeil over the bar, numbering 47
. men, busily engaged rocking for gold,
'reminding one of earlier days, when
the developments along the course of
the Fraser were almost a contiiihou*
feature'of mining, und "buckskin
''purses'' and "yeast powder caii" wore
the repository of the miners' gold won
frbit the'rich placji-s of the Fraser.
Everything seems to point to the fact
that the prospects on the neglected
bars contain -a- valuable channel of
auriferous pay gravel. Several companies are -making tt per day to tbe
.-hand, while others are. doing $5 and
1*4'per day to the man. The general
result in gold by all hands is good and
indeed, very satisfactory. In my
.opinion there are many more bars of
; this character along the course of the
Fraser' worthy the attention of the
prospector's pick.to prove its commercial value. The reason, perhaps, this
bur has been left ao long without
working was owing to ita surface
appearance in not having the favorable
" uigger-head boulder wash " scattered
over ita surface, which the old time
prospector considered an inevitable
characteristic for success in finding
pay underneath them. There is no
doubt this find will ultimately'lead to
ithe development of the numerous other
bar* whioh can be worked most advantageously at low water mark. This,
is convincing proof thst there is gold
yet to be won from the bars of the
Fraser if energy and attention ar*
rightly applied.
"Have yon named the baby yet?"
" No, but my husband has sent for
three sets of enoyolopedias. and we
may arrive at oneafaofore long."
Gentlemen : -
In response to the widely expressed
desire of representative men iii various
parts of vonr District I have decided
to come torwarti as a candidate at the
forthcoming elections, iu opposition to
the present government.
As this is such an enormous district
I am, of course, personally unknown
to a large number of you ; but I may
state that I have large interests at and
around Dicks and Kamloops, and am
very desirous, fur your wellare and
mine, to see this Province progress
more than it has done the last few
I am opposed to the policy of protection which has been pursued for the
last sixteen years, as being unfitted to
the requirements of the country and
benefitting the few at the expense of
the many.
.. -  -   . ...
. I join in the condemnation of the
corrupt manner in whicli the administration of the affairs of this country
has been carried on during the time
thnt the present party has been in
I consider: ���
1. That a oustoms tariff, if imposed
at all, should only be for the purpose
of raising a revenue, not for the purpose of i rotection:
2. That freer trade relations with
Great Britain and the United States
would immediately bunt-fit this country :.
3. That under existing circumstances and the peculiar nature of tbe
country . mining machinery should be
allowed to come in free of duty:
4. That the natural resources of
the country should be tbe first to be
. 5. That in order to accomplish this
end the country should be opened up,
the rivers made navigable, and increased facilities- for column uicuiiuu and
trauaportation afforded:
6. That the mail and otht-r contracts let by the government should be
put up to public tender:' ���    .
7. That the strictest' economy
should be observed iu the administration of the public service, anil all unnecessary expenditure should be stopped:
8. That all complaints in regard to
the disposal of government lands and
Issuing -of titles should be inquired
into aud any grievances redressed, and
tbe surveys in the railway bell completed as quickly as possible.
As this district .comprises se large
an extent of country it will be impossible for me to visit every polling division and become acquainted with the
electors, but I shall make a point of
visiting as many as possible and holding meetings for the purpose of placing
my views on public mutters before
you, snd learning from you tho local
requirements of each district.
I have no objects of my own to serve
by asking you to support me, but I
have time that I can itive to promote
the interests of this District, the Province, and tbe Dominion, and I shall
devote it to that purpose.
For these reasons I ask yonr support at the approaching Dominion
Elections, and trust you will see fit to
give it to me.
Yours faithfully,
Kamloops) 28th Feb., 1896.
Golden Hospital Society;
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of. patient*.
TICKETS may be bad from th* undersigned or any member of the
PRICE----Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards,
"������'<.. Ttil HERITAGE.   .        f"
The richman'sson Inherit*lands,       .'"
And pile, nf brick ami atone and gold,
And lie Inherits soft, white hand..
And louder Utah that fear* .he cole, ,,
Nor ilar��� to wear a garment old;
A heritage. It aeenu to me.
On* acarce would wish to hold la tea.     , ���
Th* rich man's son Inherit* care*:    ...
A bank may break, th* factory tram,
A brealli may bui-st Ills, bubble share*.
And soft, whit* hands could liardly ear-)
A living that would .erre hi. turn;
A herltAKo, it mieiiu lo tne,
One scaroo would wish lo hold In fee.
The rich man's *on Inherits wants;
Hia stomach crave* for dainty fare;
W.tu -.tim heart he bean the pant*     :_
Of lulu nu one. with brown anna bar*,
And wearies In his oaay chair;
A heritage, it seems u. me.
One acariro would wish to bold In f**.'
What dolh the poor man's son inherit!
Stout musclesand a sinewy heart,
A hardy frame, a haulier eplrlt. -
King of two hand., hs den ht* part
In every useful toll and art;
A hurllav. It seems I.i me,
A king might wish lo hold In fa*.    '
What dotli a poor man's aon InherltT
Wish��� i.'irjoyed with humble thing*,
A rank ajlju.liii"! hy toll-worn merit.
Content Hint frum employment aprlnss,
A hear! that In Ils labor a"	
A heritage, It seems to me,
A king might wish*, hold In re*.
What dolh th* poor man-* son Inherit f '
A patience learned of being poor;
Courage, if sorrow come., to bear It,
A fellbw-feellng that la sot-
To make tlie outcast bless hia doott.
A heritage. It seems to me,
A king ought wish to hold in fee.
Ob, rich man's son 1 there Is a toll   .
That with all others level stands;  .
Largo clarity ilotli nevor soil.
But only whitens soft, whit* hand*���
This is the best crop from thy lamia*
' A heritage, it tuen��� lo me.
Worth being poor to hold In f**.
Oh, poor man-* son I acorn not thr *tat*t
Tliere I. worse weariness than thin.
In merely being rich and great;
Toll only give* the so 1 to shine,    ���
And makes rest fragrant and benlmri
A heritage, It seen- to me,
Worth being poor to hold In tee.
Both, heirs to some sit foet of sod,"
_ Are equal tu the earth at last-
Both, ol-ililron of Ihe same dear Ood,
Prove title to your luiirahiii. iml
Byrecorilofawill-illledpusl;   ���
A heritaue, it aeema.io mo,
W*ll worth a lit* lo hold in fee.
,-., , - .
A party of English tourists tnn on. day
viewing a snow-oiiv��red rldg*. a ipnr of
the great Rocky Mountain ehajp, whioh
stretched a eloping mil* from baa* to summit, when a bright-eyed, merry girl ei-
elnimed:. t
"What a charming hill for coasting I
How I should like a slide down from itt
summit I"
"Too dangerous Nana*," returned a
companion. "I wonld not risk my Ui. In
such a v-mlnr-v" -     - ���  -
"That's tli* fan of It," ��he retorted.
"A little danger makas on.'* blood tlngl*
and give*'* seat to th. *| ort. If I had a
sleigh ai'ilacuriip.iiil .n courageous enough
to go with me, I wonld try It."
"I take you at roar word, Ulas Helford.
said another of th* party, a yonng mau
who w*. In lor* With the dashing girl
"I win | room* a sleigh at yonder dwelling
and shall b* happy to be yonr escort."
"Cme Ion, then, llr. Milton." raid
Nanoe, with a gay l.iugb, "kit n* *tart at
- Th* other member* of tb. party did not
approve of. this wild, foolish venture, is
tbey regarded il, but sought in vain, to
get Nnuce Helford to r*llnqoi*h the project.
A* they ban arranged to remain over
night iu th* valley, then* wold b* no plea
a* to want of time, no Nauc* persUUd in
crrying ont h*r whim.
It wn* Into in tb. afternoon whan ab.
and Clareii*. -iltou set ont to aaoand lb.
bill, h�� well armad with revolver* and
knife, aud drawing tb* sleigh after him.
Th.aiiowwaa (oil and yielding when
they began their aaeeut, su lhat their teat
eonld easily ks*p b Id; bnt tb*y w#r��
obliged tu take an ob! qn* eonrs*, whioh
doubled tli* distance, aud curried them a
mil* awa. from th* point wber. tl..y in-
tend*.) t�� liegin their a, idriiir uneent.
Thi. im r.'..*u of cnieiilat.il distance not
only seriously delaied Ibeui ill reaching
their ili.iiiiitioii, tut th* weather grew
suddenly colder, fro*, tli* annw to a orlsp,
mado tli* footing slipper/ nnd even dan-
gerons, aud sn t ulgneil tbem as to Ulntcrl-
ally diminish their ardor, -Mpevially lhat
of the yonng man, who, aa the two finally
stood paining; un tli* sin-mit, wher* th*
wind ent liko a knife, aaid tb hi* fair companion:
"ilia* Helton], I very much fear w. have
set ont to do a foolish thing.''
"Do yon repeal, llr. Itiltoar
"Well, I hoiiMlly wUb w. 1
safe at th* bottom of the hUL"
"Ar* yon afraid I"
"On yonr acoonut, Miss ��� Nance,- I -fast
quit* nneusy."
"I uotloe,' sh* laogb*d, mtWwhat iron-
fcally. "that soim peopl* are always afraid
00 eomebudy else'* aeouant,"
B* colored to th* tempi**
"That sounds Ilk. a rt-Mtloa om* Dry
sotiraa-." he gravely said.
"BlMB* do not eoMfoe it la that way.
Bnt tail me what yoa fear on my as
"Ii Is near motel, and will soon bs
dark. W* hare a mile yet to go to resell
��� the plaet where w* Intend*.! - io descend.
r The mow I* now f men so a* to ht ilk* le*,
and down th* long and strop declivity the
momentum of th* sleigh will b* something
terriffio. If w. should ehanee npon any
obstruction, I fear the eoucrqueao. to as
would b* serious."
"Why did yoa not think ofthbbefon
w* s*t out!''
"Beoaua* tk* same danger was not th*o
apparent, Th. snow was then sott, ths
sleigh would bay* b*<n onutrollabU, and I.
expected to make the re-tan before darij,"
"Very well, than. Mr. Milton. I duu't I . "*"���'' ""*' W*,M .*"." .* ���'m7 ""��
wish to be ci.u*ii.*red foolhardy, aud will ha.1 no ro-nn* of ealoiilallng,   t .elr  er.*
begoveuied hvyi.ur advl.*." ���r*,-, "" ���"H-d'-l "til   tl*-. Une,   fMsr-,
"Tlmuk yon, -la* Nance; aud to be I wh rling.uow hat th-y eimld not as* their.
sure that I may not have te, re withuut a c'"" V��� iiunft'"'' Olnreiwe ba.1 no way
ean-w. I pro. oae that w* h._u-n al.,nutu. ���LgUi!!?'!'^J^t' JlJ---'? b""lll*f
rldg.to..nrlHte.id-.d coaatlug.p..lnt.'r      i ih^u li. wlety ��r dea i-elloo. ��� -y..
Tblarblgr, whioh waa op n on on.aide, . Oi����th**l i'h*-em��l I., taka.a leap
badadenaa wuo.l growiug ou the <-tlier, mm the an, anil .Irew a -frlgnWueJ ucla-
and the erown.n,- Br tr*M-. roa. shy ward
within a few lent of the *dv*uinrers like a
dark wall. -v-
: While ou their way to th* point mentioned tho tali set, tha sky bwatns overcast, and au oiunioiia n-aring sound was
heard from anion.- the wooded hills.
"Heaven save u. i'miu a billiard I" cried,
ClarriiosMlln.il, with a shudder.
"Do yon think there ia danger of oner
anxiously qnwiii-nrd Nance.
"I do Indeed fe.,r them I* on* almost
npon na. That r aring sound draws nearer,
and yonder than Is a whit* misi of snow."
' "Hark I' what la thatf eried Nan** and-
.denljr graaplng hi* arm and showing u*w
���nation Irom Nance; bnt it main .truck the
anrfaoo ainln witn a almok, and 'WHitlulml'
ll* *. e��l '.v'lih.tut uyertuniiu,-.
..At length I.* two advenmrera foqml
tbsmielres pbiwing through a bank of
snotr which oiimpletely ��nv*lbp*d them,
and tli*re th* sleigh came to a stuix.
"Qh, are w* at th* bottom of in* hUll"
cried Natiei. .truggllDg lo get h.r head np
through th* ehoklng snow.
"Let ns hop* an," anewMt-d bar" Mm-
pan ion **liing hold of b*r.
Then tl.*y alrnggled to get their besds
abor* th* dnfl. aud wb*o ih.r did so, fa.
ll*ved ibemmlv*. to be down ia Ih. valltgr,
bnt ku*'w not whioh way to lam,or fo' to
mieh Itifir frlenda
That b th. howl of a wolf. 1 JsdfSH"*.X'"*, ���"''JKied and  -onodwd   Md
not far off." returned Cl.r.ne./a.X    *���*!**��� ^K^,, tT^tSft: I1."
no cheering remit, till, bmnmbad by eoW,
and not iar on," returned Ularense,
baatily drew a revolver and looked .harply
In th* direction from whioh lb. sonud pn>- ���
*e(d*d.   "Hal thai* is another aud an-
other���yea, adnsm at letstI" h. qnlokly
add-'d. aa th* dia ureeal-l* voices of the
beasts rang ont n. ou lb* blast |
"Will 111*..* ailiu'k n.t" queried Nairee,
seeming to shrink at the thought. '* |
-'They tminliniM .In, 1 am tnlil. the**
monm In wolvea,  att.ek  hnmiiti   heing*
wneu pre* ed ny hnnger and th*r*  ar.
mnn.r ti-ge'her; hut thejr are mure oiWanl-
ly than.wi.il beast* In -.'Mien.), and if hoy I
tome lo�� near, and in aiglit. I annll sh.s-t
the foreinnat ani), hota* lo frlgh.rii tha rest'
away.   A. 1 intend lo at mil a. iniioli aa
lKHwIhl*  between  y��ii and daiiK*-. Mis.
Nuns-', I in ,y It. al.l* to prove to you, I
before yon reach yonr friend, again, that
bet-ana* I bar* happened to anggeal pro- j
deiioe and caution, I am not altogether a
thev were ready to faint wiih t.ligaa .
Clarence found Nane. alaio*t a dead;
weight at bb side, and himself ainklng
into a drowsy atopor. .
������Don't sleep. Miss Nsns* don't Sltrep���
for sleep is death I" be faacit-hb-wlf
And with tb* words on his llpabe jstkh.
tu forward,' hit hit hand touch aom* hard'
sulwt.miis. whish almost intlanlly gav.
way j and than light *hoo* in hi* eye*, sad
Strang* v.Icm Slled bis ��aw.     '
They were aavsd; forth* band of Clar-
enoe_iin.il nai atruck against lb* door uf
a 'log .dwelling at tb. very mora.nl th.
owner waa opening It to what b* b*li*v*d
was a bnman uall or groan..       i
"Yr^"*aid vlvaoioo* Irtanr*, Helfonl,
some day* later to her eompenion*, "yon
���xpeme-l at mi. tim. to b. call-d to my
funeral; but I am most happy to lurii*
yon to my wedding insttad.   io iii* brav.
aud death, I give my baud, my lortune,
and, m.'K ihsii thai, my baatt and life de.
rotlou!   Newi I My morel"
. "Ah, Mr. Milton, Iao*yoaf*el hnrt at   *oul wu.jiiliny folly drew ln-j> peril, bat
my ciireles* remark; but please don't con-    who, uiicuuiplaiiilng,   stood Iw.hii hi*
sulrn it pvrsonai I   I ���    . |
She broke  off witiV a cry of terror,
sprai g lo lue otlier si'lu iif him nod point* .
���il to ih* wixl. where,  within a dozen '
fince*, tlm r<l.>ring eyes uf a wolf were seea
Ik.twolmll.of liri'.
Oknulire ilrd"* Hiuldm spring townrds -
the beast, m teriug a kind yell, and th* animal quickly disappeared; bnt it waa heard
shortly afier giving sharp yelp*, in whioh
it was joined by a douu otliers. '-
"You *.����� Ills lanarafear ne," observed
Claieiive. "uut we bar* no .time to lo*.
here. - Let us liaaun I" reach th. point d*-
l*rmi::*d on, only % few rod* further now.
To *acap* Iba.blisurd and th* w��lv*a, it
way b. ii.css.sr/ lor us to liy th* aoaat-
ing danger aa tb* least fearful of tb.
._*���*���.���*: ���
Th*y gained th* point thay bad so long
straggled for, and as tbey glanced down
the'bill, milltoua of Sua p-riiule* of mow
began to awlrl round tbem, atiuging Ilk.
ir. dl. puuutore* and almost blinding
theiii..     .     * .
"Ym, Mi** Helford," hurriedly' poraiied
Clareiioe,  "w.  must  make thi* cuasiing
veuture now a* uuronly p>t**lbl* salvation.
W* ar*  caught. in   a tcrribl. biiisanl, .
and heavm arnd na speed to reach th* valley aud onr friends before being' buried -
and*r a mountain of mow.   Quiet-, now���I
quick!" ;��� I
He-Misted ber apon the *lelgb. feeling
her treiublo with excitnneut and fear, and
waa about to seat hims.ll In front of her,
when ihe ntlrred a eeraam of terror.
He turned quickly and behel I lb* fiery
*y*balla of a wolf, wh *e teeth were clonad
in her wrap, at which tb* beast wa* tugging wilh ��-v-.*e growls.
A glance around allowed Clarence a elr-
el* of fiery eyes, and hi* ram ware at lhe
���am* tim* aalnteil. abor. Ih. row of th*
Itmpest. with yeiping Maria and' enrage
growls, thai w*r* well *altmlat*if to' "an*
nerve tbe (tmiteat h.ait
Llf. ��r death now d*p*od*d apon th*
acllou of th* next f.w motnoiits.
Tliro'tltig th* mnul* ot hi* revolver into the very fa-** of th* b***t that wa* as*
Banking hia loir r<-mpniii>in, he pullad tb*
trigger and balgwl a bullet In hia brain.
Aa th* wolf relaxed ita hold aud fell
over dead. Clarence turned again, juat in
tlm* to enoonoti r anoth. r benat in Ui* aet
Of making a apring at hia throat.
(Juick aa timniihl ne tired main, and shot
away the animal a nuderia/r. It fell back
witb a yelp, blending and sowed, and then
with bis heavy, aliarp bowirknif**, th*
young man on.ckh a!ash-*d a third wolf*
acruw ill* tln'oai. Revering an artery, so
thai il.n Idis. I p. ure.1 forth in a atreain.
All thi* waa th* work of a moment, ao
toapmk, but mis gallant defense, aud tb*
falling baok of tbtir leader*, ahwked th*
advance of th* rest of tb. paok, and the
more tiinld alonk off to a safer dlslanee.   .
"Ah yon hnrt, Miss HtUordr anxious* ���
|y querl*d Clarsos*.
-Vo, thank heaveo, I am still aoharm-
"Are yoa ready to go nowt
"Y**, now���qukk-bofece soother at*
Tk. "**I.>4M Tumptr- CmM *f F��r
Thai Cm! H,*0*-AHwred hm T*��*
1.1.11 tk. fMMi* *t��� Waetaok. *f
far WwUi ST*,***. '
Speaking of the M,dOO for coat stolen
from Lady Warwick, In eonneotion with
her description of herself as a "splendid
pauper" under the new English tax laws,
a furrier say* to the Westminster Budget:
, "Aa a matter of (sot, ��,000 for a lady's
fur coat Is absolutely nothing .oat of tho
why In oar wtparlenee. On- the cbntraiy,
it Is rather a low price for a fur ooot of
a lady of means and social position.
There am large numbers of snch ladle*
who wear fur coats of about 11,710 to jnst
over 16,000 and now and agahi, .-at- *o
very rarely, -ire-_akeacoatjipto|T,O0a''
: "What kind of fax are -Ms* eoatt Unsd
With!!-*        .     .-.        ���'������   . . ������$����..
"Them am thru kinds of extiensl-*
fm*���Russian aable, natural black fox and
sea otter. Bat It Is not the lining only
that makes the coat expensive. The trimming is another very valuable���often tho
most ���n-iioble���part. Tako a set of Russian
sabl. tails; that alone easts t��,a��, nor
Is this surprising, since we t*f WW for
one tiny skin aa it con-a toii**rtn-ght
from Russia, tn an undressod stats."
"T-w what consUtotes such a setf.! <
������Simmy ��� fbln fcont, collar *M eats
and a deep garniture round the eoat. Bnt
remember bow many tails go to such a set
and remember also, that this la tho mast
beantlful fur that could possibly bo had."
"I suppose a eoat like this lasts forever.''
"It doe* hist for many years, unless
ladles am careless with It. Rat if you
give them very hard w*ar and neglect
them, It b only natural that they should
soonb*spoilt." ...   .
"But What about your eliangw la tab-
Ion! Is th.' 15,000 fur coat worn whether It
b made fn-J-loaaM. or not?"
"Oh, no; a great number of these coats
comeback to us every year to be altered
aooordlngt the latest fashion."
"Aro your our-tomera of thb class very
fastidious and troublesome about tbss*
costly garment* l"
"No, not In tbe very least. Of conns*,
them ���mar be exceptions occasionally, but,
oa th. who)., th**. ladles ar* far easier to
please than many. *T_ey-ave-mflden..
In us; they know that the firm would
supply nothing bat what wns thoroughly
food and genuine. It b the people who
want an ancient sealskia jacket attend,
.Of eon-thing of tha* -tad, wbo often
movet-e aiost troublesome. They seem
to think that we can put th. fur back on
th. animal, aad tan It, bom being worn
and rotttn, into new -uU-rfal. We do anything which It b possible to do; but to
turn old fur into new btieyond the Hrnl-
which, having got Dm smoil and lust* of , "���Mon of even the cleverest farrier.'��� .
lh*bloiid_iiwlngs-|mn their woamlMeom* ��� -"*f�� torn to the ���spl��rfld.panpon'fur.
������Down it b then, sad heaven savs asP
At that critical moment Ibsm asms a
frightful outburst of savag* growb, sakrl*
bgyrtiss. Bene eonbnthw and wild ecu*
fnsiou among th. elwnsi tamithwI'wiltvM,
MnhHia, wees uow tearing mem to plw**,
ivvoailng ilieni. awl flgbnng among themselves ea"ii for tin lion'* share.   .
Willi mi. more gbntw and allenl prayer
kt aafetv. and lb* warning word*, "Hold
on for your life. Miss lUiforu!" Clarence
Mlltou forced the sklgh *ver the verge of
that steep decllrlly. when It, wiih its
human freight, shot downward like ���
falling Weight   ���
It waa a momtnUry relief to lb. adrtn*
tarns to bs alesr from tb* hungry wolves,
though nublng thwugh * blinding storm,
What constitutes a oompbtt  wai-rob. ,
of fars!"
"Along coat,.��� short one, perhaps*
third, trlmmid with far, and a muff and
cape. Such a wardrobe b worth ravoral
thousand, and you would hs surprised
to know.how many ladle, have such a
waidrobe. They look upon their fun as
upon their jewels, It seems. I know one
customer of ours whoa* wart-it** of fur
b worth m,0HO, and only iheuberday
we made a coat far *10,000, and the trim-
mlngfor th* eoat of another lady oust
9t,m."     .. 1
���*-^MThKnn>bout''fur'coab for men. It
looks as If they wen lTecnrnlng mom popular.. Is.tbat sol" . ... ���- rr.;-
"It is, indeed. Even six or sevon yean
ago Englishmen seetoed ashamed to wear
for coat*, apd if you saw a man in such
oooat you set 'lam down at once to be
either an actor, Ah artist or a foreigner.
That b. ao. longer so, although there are
still a good many men who an a littlo
shy about.tbSii-tttor. They want a fur
coat, bj*t t-i*�� *��>,,W_nt ltjto bo woog-
nlzed as' such. So thoy have a coat lined
With fur, but they don't haw a fnr collar
or cuffe. And since we have made it for
yean a' rrcclal feature to mnkc fur cunts
fll, it is quite possible for a man to wear
a fur.llti.-l overcoat that looks exactly like
an or.Un.irj- overcoat
"-Tlie niajorlljr of men, however, do not
i-n}mUl Ixrlug poljcod that tbey wear fur
taM*. Aud why should" I buy f Surely a
man who goes out to hb club or to dinner
nt. night, ih evening,dnms, which b
much ihlniior than tno oliithi-s ho v*-ars
during thu day,' roqulros a fur coat. But
men's coots arc far leas expensive than
ladles'. Wo make them up to gl,,VM or
���0,000, bit'-We also sell good coats, lined
-idlfcUfiskrat (whioh!. is the best fur for
wear), at.tnu. That b our chmf-ost cont.
The nvmragC: price a man pays is from KM
tu WHO, but thAreagoln the collar and culls
forman.iniporuint) part of tho value."
Wbnl Ih. A-Mi-.e-.isoa of Karop. aad Am-
���tint I*s*--T_* Oaatowt* of Ik. BaglUk,
rreneh   mnt
Hon. J, A. Loughbbd, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Longheed A  Mr-Carter.
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Caloarv, . N.W.T.
8b familiar are we at the present day
with the use of knives ajrid forks, and other
��� linplenhruts of the household, to assist ns
in the cutting iip nud eating of our foo I,
snys lloiuefurfiishing Review, that It mny
instruct, uu: a few of onr 'renders to learn
that IsRrh tin-so useful table and kitchen
necesshii'sare of comparailvely modem
iu vein Ion���so recent, itn'.eetl, thnt It b
curing*, to think what must bar* lawn the
cond 11 ion of society la-fore they cam* to he
lu coiiiiiii.ii use. Discoveries hare proved
that the earlier Iriiinliitniit.-. -if Sump" and
thu iilsirlulnes of Amerion used *;>lltiMr*
of atone or hardwood for cutting: purposes,
and it is a nutter of wonder to discover
what work they were enabled to perform
with sucU primitive tmplmneins. The
Greeks iist-d cupper hardened by tin, and
V.rlous kinds of hrias and Ill-oils'', aa
blades for the weapons and knives for
..--mii^t(Bpnrpj>s��, i|i** Ityniiiii* am .su��
poHed tu hnve been the flrat. to make edge
tools nf Iron ior carving meat and for warlike pnr|-<M��s.  '.'   ,<
' Knglim.l lias.alwaya lieen pre-eminent In
.the liiaunfacttirHnf knives, even from th*
time of Queen Klisnlietli. Case or sheath
knives nre the most ancient kind iif cut-
luryt they originally luul the blade stuck
lu the hatidh'. and when not lu use ware
covcMd by n I'lu-r or sheath. Coast knives,
culled "Whittles," wero uiiiuii.iiirtur.-d at
SlielHi'1.1 lu 15,3, and were sold at the prl"*
of oue penny, iigood round aiitn In those
dn.vs. In IIIMI cluap knives were first recorded; they v ere ninile In fold over nn.l
abut into handles nf Inni or tort.iim* shell,
but they were very clumsy Implements
compnre.1 with the eleKniit {ivnrl anil
lvory-lHiu.lhi.lsixandelght-lila.lud affair*
of the present dny. Sln-nili knives were
used nioatly for kitchen u<e nnd to cut up
meat, aifd cyan now one can see a butcher
.Ou^nuk wield a. knife, which, when not
innse, is encloseil by a leather sheath.
But nowaday* tbe knives Used for euliu-
. arypu-tpmie*areInnumerable,'awl to describe tbt-lu* alt would b* to far overrun
these p-kgea. .,
Forks are of much later Invention,than
knives.' .Psohahly th* first pronged Instrument wnslilMHl hy the Italians late In the
15th. century.   Tliey spiasar to. have. been
unknown to the ancients no traceof them
ever having lie-n dI<eovered among tho
ruins of Uercuhiuvum and Pompeii.  The
�� Chiiios* hud the nearest idea to the fork in
'' "chopsticks," which rcqulrc-l a great deal
of expertuosa to uae wl.a (-rue* -or effect.
Chops! Ick. are used hy the Chinese foreat-
^Mg purposes up to dute. lufonr forks were
���iM-rent-rd flu-iers were mmle to perform the
���������rvice of picking up the ini-iii. la.th for
ga|dil��lK Hiitl.ciiilim. Even after forks were
.' lulriiiluced they were looked upon as unnecessary luxiiri.-.aud wereeveu furi'lilli-n
to be used ill certain monastic establishments nnd convents   forks wen- at first
made with only two prongs of Iron. In fact
tbey. w*ru mora like double skewers; then
^ .-tMf-sxfau*ti**- jvore e.ni..i.'��it.l iieoasary,
'   slid lift** prong* were Considered more
*r* -useful when hen*.   Tii* IfT'inrh iiiiiiiuf..'-
''Wtitia a-spoon* fork, with four or flv.
prongs, but thee* wen oooaldered more
ornamental than aa.fnl.andw "re nlwny*
made la silver for prut-cui*.   four prangs
are now conshlered the proper nnml-er for
a well-mild* fork, AUo.iugli most uf th.
steel forks bav* ouly three.   Tb. lirst
alsmliite nMsmity   for a -*fe*k  waa in
all proliai'll(ttj f��lt  liy  a carver,' who
at aeMjthliMkto bold, the meat
Vm   f**Wina- �����������>�� -oWaat
r.^knoph>lriglnPl' b*liM.g*l
| th* year
he cast)* of
wit* bom. It Is mail* of atml and with
two prongs of great lougth,. being long'
enough and wrong ���rm-ni-h to secure
"imrou" of beef. The'earliest mention of
forks In Italy was In 1011. In Knglnnd,
SJK1 jpt-ars aKO,rit was finite n oomnion sight
-ata-faiuquet for each guest to put hb fingers lulu the dish and help hlmaalf. At
|bc pruscui lime such cutout, an only to
"Vfep-GlI-s* ll^Wli*i*V:'*4 -aVfhi
. Vtf+ttaxlmVt^^oimtfa
be found at "free lunches." In-ordinary
life, however, the man who would put his
fingers into the dish would be turned out,
as a savage, and be who puts his knife lu
hb month is considered anything but a
gentleman. The fork b now as necessary,
a part of the culinary appointments as th.
knife Is.       ���      ;'��� '   ,-
���alas for Damage, from Spook*.
One of tbe moat peculiar lawsuit* aver
filed in tbe United States Is on the court
docket at Crawfordsville, Jnd. Threat
years ago a passenger train on tbe Mon'on
route was wrecked near the home of John
Elliott, north of thia city. The train rolled
down ah embankment, and one ;..iacli was
burned, five people killed and seventy injured. The Injured were taken to.the
house of Elliott. Now he wants 11,000
damages from the railroad because, be
alleges, tbe health of bb family has been
bod ever since the wreck, atid this b
caused by the sounds of th* groans from
tb* Injured that vibrate through his house
every night, and when tbey go outdoors at
night the "spirits" of those killed In this
wreck can be seen walking up nnd down
the track In front of hb house. He wnnta
all these things stopped, and damagea for
the annoyance which haa caused sickness
In bis family. He says be haa dreamed
about the wreck every night since it happened.���St Louis Republic.
Stall.Mo. a. to Laatnaar*.
Almost onivhlrd of all humanity, or
about 400,000,ts�� people, speak the Chines*
language. The Hindoo language and lu
various dialects are spoken l.y, perhaps,
HBS.OOO.OfO, tbe third place Iieing accorded
the English language, which b now used
by not less tbau 113,000,000 people. Th.
Russian languagecome-ifourth, 811,000,000
persoua daily using it tb the exclusiou of
all others. The German language b the
audible expression of o7,0UU,U00 human
beings, aud the Spanish ot about 48,000,-
000. Among European languages French
now take* fifth place, and when the languages Of the world are considered it b the
seventh In the category.
A Carious Wager.
A curious wager was that mad* by a
member of parliament, who bet n gentleman well known on tbe British turf that
a man could go from London to Edinburgh
in any mode he chose while another mad.
a million dots with pen aud ink upon
writing paper.   ,     	
He Wonld mien.
Hasel���I can't realise, old man, that yoa
are a father.
Nutte���Cnn't youf Come around and
spend the night with m*.
Wliat I* known Oa lb. V.nllU  ll.an I*
lleally tk er'rull .fan l.rohl.l.
Tho ao-calied vanilla bean b not a bean
at all, says -anion and Forest, but the
limit of a climbing orchid, \ anllln planl-
folin thn capsule or pod-of which Is about
throe-.'! jlits of an inch in dinmetor and
from 1 < to tea inches long aud has certain i-H-mbbnce to the so-called Cnlalpa
beiin. Thu plant in IU. native home in
Mexico and tropical America climbs
over trees and shrulis by menus of slender
rootlets sent out from the joints of tho
litem. It b not a true', epiphyte, howover,
but always maintains itt connection with
the soil. In ita wild state it climbs to a
height of twenty foet but in cultivation
it b kept within bounds so that the un-
rlpo potls are not Injured when the others
arc gathered. A late number of popular
Solonco Nows contains an Interesting
account of tbo mothod of growing the
vanilla in whioh It b stated that in Mexico the plant b propogated by cut In-** and
then trained over somo rourrh-harkod
trellis work In partial shade Whon the
plants wore first introduced Into tho West
and East Indies they grew vigorously and
produced an nbundnnco of flowers but no
pods. It waa discovered thnt the particular moth which fertilised tho flowen In
-baton was absent from Its now homo
and artificial polenallon was resorted to
after which tho Honors produced abundantly. With a long splint of bamboo tho
Up of the flowor b lifted away aud tho
pollen b transferred from the pockets and
applied to tho stigma. Tbo work b so
easily done thnt ono person can forttlbo
1,000 flower* In a morning.- The pods require a month to reaoh full sbe and six
mouths mora to ripen.
The process of curing b long and complicated and tho aroma of vanilla b
mid to bo produced only by fermentation.
In the Island of Reunion In tho Indbn
Ocean where tho plant b grown extensively the pods are pbood in a basket and
plunged fnr half a minute in hot water
then placed on a mat to drain and exposed
between woolen blankets to, the sua for
six a* eight days and kept in dosed
boxes daring tho night to promote a slight
fermentation. When the pods aro perfectly cured thoy am a dark chocolate
color pnlahtb and free- from moisture.
When finally prepared the rob are tied
up In bundles packed In air-tight boxes
and whon in priino condition they am
covered with a frosting of needle-llko
crystals cf vanillic add which whon
pressed hetwaen the flngere gives off the
ehat*oterbtio odor. Tho supply sent to
NeW'Toe* b produced In Mextooa-db
regarded as tho highest qittllky. The
am��*-t Imparted - b something Ilk. IM, *
OOOpmindsa yuorwhllo inotir Paelfld
coast ������ portion of tho supply b derived
from the Island ot Tahiti although the
quality of thta b much Inferior. The
supply of London comes largely from
Mauritius and goychollos and the greater
part of the vanilla Imported Into Franco
comes from Reunion. Three yean ago
1 -ton than 800,000 pounds wen Imported
j Into France bom thb Island which was
, twice the amount produced in all the net
of the world.   _ . .',.....
tpuftim** -Eat***.
D.LjB. ft P.L.R. for B.C.  DOMINION ft
Draughtsman, Vsluator.etc, CALGARY,
��� N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.J_I'H80��, D.L.8..P.L.8. of B.C. ftOnt.
���..-, , ... Caloarv, Alba.
-IcOarthy   A   Hitrvey,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &e.   Solicitors lor:���i.
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
%b�� tenada Permanent Loan'ft Savings Co.
1 he Yorkshire Latin A Becuritiesl orporstion
The M-issey-Hiirru. Co. (Ltdl.etc, etc.
Oftices- Klephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.      .
Horaub Harvkv, B.A. L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Uraduate of Laval and McUill.)
Head Office, Quebec ; Branch Offices
Sherbuookb, 4 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler. E.M.,
MEM. am. ins. m.b.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans for ail uieti.llurg-c.il pk.uts.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
HULL BROS & 10..
Wholeanleand Uetall  :
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.  Embalmers,
Calgury Alba
"It b worth tb* vrle* to enar mnoa
Bloe Peioil Riles.
jl. Or.vT*mxm.
Ool.len Hoapllnl Society.
From 9:80 a.m. to 11 a.m.
-- 9 p.m. " .4 p.m.
>i      7    ii   ..  *j   ii
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p. m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:80 p.m. to 8 p,m., daily,
exeept Monday and Saturday.
Bt O-dbb.
CO. (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to ,'������-.,
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every- respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. ' Fire-proof 'safe for convenience
of ..guests. Headquarters for mining men arid
miners. Convenient to Station and Steam bout
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale.' and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, aud Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from "up the
Columbia Biver.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Job   iDepartmei]t
���*>:��� OF ���:o:���
i *s_i_i!iff *?��
, anidfr -"Jjjs-
riNtarr Ts. I   CH
im ths Wont*      .      ���   ������������.
"MonKwo" Teab pot ��j> bj. tk. la-aa Tsa
���n������-naaa -auapl* of Ih* kat quaUia��� of In���an
Twa. Therefor* they um las (natost car. ia th*
���.lection of ih* Tea and iu Maul, that b whv th.y
rut tl up thmiMlva. and adl it only In Ih. on*ir_l
���Mekaasa.. thnehr ae-rui-ins; il* puriijr and wo*ll.��-��,
Put up in X Ik., i Ik. aad t Ih. fcktgte, aad aevar
If-m-s-i-rxardaaaot keep It, Mil bias lo mils to
H and �� Froat KtmI laat, Taronl*.      j ;t   BUYING FOR CASH ONLY. X;
Aa Aatldebl Ora-anlsatlm In Kansas aa*
Its llenevol-iii! Purposes.
Th. Utest scheme to ameliorate the con j
dltlon of the laboring claaa comes front
Kansas. It Is a combination against delrtV
and is known and Incorporated in th.|
State of Kansas as the "Cash Purchase
Association." Tbo olijoct of the association is to form ".irclos," as thoy are,
termed, of pot loss than flveand not mo/**,
than twenty families, every member A
which pledink. lilniself not to oak for cm_S
lnpn*-rli.*wli"��lbo neccssltlo-i of life, buf
to pay o-.-li ior ovory thing bo buys. Tho
ineiiilsii-, of tin-so circles, mys the Boston
Tn��nsirrl;t, nm nssurcd a liberal discount
nn all -t-vhIs piin-ha��nd, which, In a year's
time, will ainnnnt to a neat sum. The
iTlm-nnnt Is aeounxl by the suprome lodge,
and tho claims of tho association are thai
thoy ran rave t_e average family from |C3
to *H0 a year.
The or-ntnlzntton haa' for lb motto,
"Own no mull anything." Tho financial
department couples itself with securlr**
for the liii'inl'iT*. of tho association n dis.
count on all purchases at. stores not doing
a rush I-.wdnt.M-. Tbo discount is guaran-
i**��hI to every member of the nssocbitton.
The I'llucniloiial department b to H-ochi
j-cg*;.-* ho-.- ti. gut the grcalest amount <">
home comforts with the smallest expcndl-'
lure of money, time nnd lafenr; to lnsplni
t!.em wilh a contempt for tho credit ays!
torn, which, the association holds, is tli*
(.���ri'ntost evil of modern times; to Inipai-t
a i-nrreot Idea of homo life, economy, industry and sobrloty.
The benevolent purpose* ara: The enl-i
that Ion of mutual help and good neigh*
Is.rsMp; to teach kindness and assistant^
iu tllues of sickness nnd death and to render all aid for the alleviation of the dis-
trvss of a fellow member. Thn advantage*
nt the bt-ni-voliint idea am apparent. In
I hues of il imn-sa the family of nny mem-
1st in (rood standing mny borrow from
tho benevolent fund a sulllclpnt amount
of money to maintain tho expenses of the
ronwholrt for iiio month; this money to
. I-1, nn d without Interest and to tic replaced .il the member over becomes able to
���lu sn. In cases of oxtremo necessity a
sponnd month's supply of provisions will
Im furnished. "It islheitim of tho assocb-
tlon to have its men-ben carry Insurance
when it gets under way.
None bnt people who have not become
sn deeply Involved In debt that they cannot sec nny wny nut, am. who will pledge
themselves to abstain from buying or asking to buy goods on credit-, arc cllgiblo to
i-'prnl-orfihip. A membership fee of 11 Is
ehnr-p-'d, nnd a card entitling tho holder
to lho discounts on cash purchases Is
given to each member. Tho penalty of
-mins/ Into debt after once becoming a
member Is dismissal from tbe circle, to be
placed in tho rank of an applicant for
pmnihor-Mp. - Any person twice committing the prime of getting Into dubt will bo
expelled for all timo.
TIm. Sea's Inroad ft* BBS-land.
An Inspect Ion of the cliff between Dover
and Ht. Mnr-mmt's jesterdny shows that
an rnormnus slip has token place���the
hirgost pub'Idenoo of coast cliff, in met,
whioh has occurred fnr many yean. Whon
it happened, on Sunday, a dull roar was
heard in tho distance, followed by a cloud
of dust from the debris, which blew across
Dover Bay almost like a sea fog. Thorn
is overy appearance that wbon tbo frost
breaks further slips will occur, as then
am several place* along the cliff whon
thero am great crocks on tho top, as well
as in the face of the cliff. One is right
in faint, qf.. the < convict prison, which, In
course of time, as well as tbe South Foreland Lighthouses and the Cornhill Coast-
guard Station, must stand in great danger nf slipping Into tho sea, unless some
nieosums aro taken fnr the protection of
tho foreshore, - So serious has beon the
'���fleet in recent yean of the encroachment
nf tbo sea that the whole line of cliff between Dover and St. Margaret's is upcoming extensively honeycombod at the base.
���London Tolegiaph.
Kteetrlelfy (loaml-xl la HI* Month.
A curious case has just beon recorded tn
which' an electric current was found to
Iw generated by a plate of arti_c.nl tooth.
A pi.llent consulted his doctor on account
of a sevcro pain in his tongue. But the
sufferer was assured that there was nothing the matter. Be then paid a visit to
his dentist, v h i lnfonn.il bim that his
teeth wero pe fotly sound. Being, how-
ex.-. dla_-.ilsli.il ho called upon an olco-
ti-i-i_> he knew and aaked him if it were
l-nssililo he could havo any electricity in
Ms mouth. Un examining tho teeth his
friend found that two motalswem used ui
fix them In a composition plate. To these
metal wire* worn then attached and oon-
ij-uted to a galvanometer. Then Ibe teeth
mere replaced In Ibv patient's mouth and
thn metals moistened with saliva. Ko
r-t-onor was this done than tho galvannmo-
���y shots-rod quite a U0fo current from *o
���oieli a souri-o���saough, It is slated, to
.���Hue uleenttlun and severe pain when
long continued upon so sensitive an organ
t�� tho tongue. Tho plate was covered with
an Insulating vanish, and thenoo forward
all the troubles ceased.-Industries and
Hoptea Ih* Mnl W III tie a flirt.
They am so alarmed In Germany for
Jjtor tho next child soon to be bora to the
auiperuT nnd empress will be a boy thnt.
amyera have been offered In some of the
rHurohes by the #p��rstltlop_, not to saj*.
nnsoienti-a, subject* of tbo empire to
���vort tbe calamity. Arcordlng to an old
jirop-eey, th* Hobensollern dynasty will
Jurely fall when an emperor has seven
sons. As William la already the father of
���Ir, and bnt one daughter, It will be un-
Ucrstovd that a mate for the little girl la
Highest Honor*-World'* Pair.
%>,   &l**i%.
\ owe Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
rom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
mom desirable than the unlucky number
seven. But it docs not need another boy
in the family to open the eyes of tho German Empire to the rude pace Its "God
annolntod" ruler Is going at tho present
time, for surely the sex of an infant can
have little to do with tho discomfort and
the alarm that are now animating all
classes.���Boston Hemld.
A Megras* Turning Whlt4     "
Aunt' Marian Gooch, colored, living'
hen, I* seventy-eight yean old; and was
born and raised near Monroe. She belonged to Joshua Brents', fathor of J. M.
Brents, ex-county clerk. Aunt Mnrlah is
gradually turning from block to white.
Her face and neck and part of her cars are
block, presenting a very' marked contrast
to her snow-white scalp and hair. A
small spot under each arm and ono hand
and part of the other, with the face and
neck, constitutes th* ontlro portion of her
skin that remains, black. The probabilities Ate that she Will In time be entirely
white. During all tits marvellous change
which has takao plaee she has hail as good
health as any one of borage would ordinarily have. Sho Is able .to do hor own
housaau*-,. and asm to be good for years
to come.���Ma_rar_-vlU��t��*.y.). Dospatoh.
Uls Footing San.   ���...-'
He was not An adept In dancing, and he
knew it, and whenever be made a misstep
he would ask his partner anxiously!    -i��T
"Did I step on your foot!"      ���;..-������
Th* yonng women grew tired of his repeated apologies at last, and said: -'.'".-.
"You must think 1 havo a* many feet aa
a oentipede. Can't you- tell when you step
"Not in your case," be said gallantly,
and there was such a world, of meaning th
his voice that ahe forgave his awkwardness on the spot.
ItetlerrorUnneilLII.    .
"Ml," said the ex-Queen of Hnwali'a
dearest girl friend, "you aren't happy unless you am mixed up ih' a revolution
somehow, are your"   ..���*."��������� ;���-..
"No,'' waa the reply. "My taste runs
that way."
"I'll tell you what you ought todo. You
ought to buy a bicycle. It's a good deal
cheaper, mid you can have almostasmuch
trouble with It." '
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
'""-.' Revenue Tax.
NOTICE is hereby give i, in accordance with Ihe-Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Ant are
now due for .the year lb!)5. All of the
abuve named Taxes collectible within
the Kustern Division of the District, of
Kootenay,'are payable at nty office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed taxes
are collectible at the' following rates,
vis. :��� v��i
If paid on or before June 30th, 1895,
Provincial Revenue Ill.t'O per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cent on assessed value of
Wild Land. ���
One-third of one per cent on Personal Property.
One-half of one per cent on income
If paid after June 80lb, 1*��95:
Two-thirds of one per cent on Reel
, Two and one-half per cent on assess
oH value of Wild Land.
��� One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of  one per cent  on
income. *
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. Hth, 1895.
���    i��' ��� _���   ������-��������� .*���.**��� 1.1. ,
Carlin &  Lake,
Dealers In Everything.
Have on hand a large stock
of Watches, Clocks, Silverware, -Etc.
Orders By   Hall   Promp Ij
Attended T*.   '
Send yoiir repairs here, will be
J     returned- by return stage or
team.    -
.Oo-u-Ji, B.C. .'
Jtngll.h In Kngland.
Th* board ot studies of Cambridge University, on account of the ungrammatlcal
English written by their undergraduates,
recommend that English composition be
made a part of the previous examination,
and that an English essay be required of
all candidates for honors.- The blam. la
put on the preparatory schools.
��� Ills Insanltar-r Condition.
"You bet I know enough to com. in
when It ralne," remarked Mr. Weary
Wat-ins, in the course ot a heated discussion.
"It is a mighty good thing you do," retorted Mr. Hungry Biggins. "Ef you
didn't your rnme would be mud. Leastways mostly mud."
Democratic _������� In Death.
Them wasa funeral In St. Albans, Vt.,
recently of a democrat, aged 86, who. waa
burled In a coffin mode by a democrat ot
pine grown on a democrat's land and
sawed at a democrat's mill, and the undertaker aud bearers were democrat-1.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldirgs
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine fc'hop work.
Have on hand- a Jot of Wash Basin and Bath
We have Just received a full car load
of groceries, and our stock is now complete.
We will sell everything at prices that were
never heard of in Golden before.
Look over the following prices and
see if you cannot save money, by buying at
; *-i<3*
Butter, best dairy, 23c per lb
"        "  by the tub 21c.
Eggs.g'-iaran teed good 22c dz
Hams, linest, 16c lb
Bruaktast Bacon, fines,!* ----���'-
Dry salt bacon _   - i2|t. lb
Cheese 15c lb
Finnan Haddie21bs for 256
Codfish 2ilbs    -
{  Sugar.gi-anulated'.741b8foi-$l
"  yellow      IRllbs   *
Tomatoes    7 cans for 91.00
Corn *'        �� v
Peas    :   ;    f,t*      ''��������������'
Beans "  .      u
Condensed milk " >���  ��� **������
Soap, monster cake 20 bars-01
gagft' 31bsfor2fie
Tapioca      *.;     *4     ���*
Beans .lbs    f
j and everything else in
���- the Grocery line at the
same low prices.
We have lots of it and will sell suits at a clear discount of 20 p-c for cash only.   This is a big reduction.
We will sell you a 20 suit for 16.00.
"     r" 15    ' ��������  12.00.
All underwear and gents'^ furnishings at a clear reduction of 20 per cent. *-* ; ���   ���
For the Ladies we will give a straight reduction of
20 per cent on everything in the Dry Goods Iina*  -
Rubbers, Boots, Shoes, Etc., all at Big Reductions.
Now is the time to supply yourself with everything
ns these prices will not last long.
* i *
Dealers    It,    Everythi^jr.


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