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The Golden Era Oct 14, 1893

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VOL. III.   NO  11.
��2 Per Year
. are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
,   nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
0*5   Out*   Per   llox.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
Now roiiily for business, hns been newly built
and newly furnished. Tlie table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Litjii u-s, and Cig-nrs.
W. McNeish  -  Proprietor.
Having- Received a Carload of
Mr.   Smith   of  Winnipeg,  who is a water power.     Tliere is a good level
greatly   interested  in the Canal Flat! road to the Mission  and a road from
copper mines, visited the property last, Wild Horse joins the main wngOn road
I week and was much  pleased with the j at Six Mile Creek.     So that Mnnnville
outlook.     He left for the east on Mon-j occupies a central unlivery favorable
day. | position, and being the outlet, for Ihe
Air. Frank Owen has gone out into North   Star and Sullivan   mines un-
i McMurdo district to  superintend the doubtedly lias-a great  future and is
| starting up of some milling work there | destined tu become a prominent town
(Incorporated H170.)
BOOTS and .SI10KS,
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sttpi lied on
on u gold claim recently owned by Mr.
John Henderson and now, we bear,
sold to local parties.
Mr. Plowrigbt hns dropped into a
soft snap. He has been invited to
winter with Mr. Lucelles and ot course
bus accepted the invit:.lion. Wintering
in such quarters means an abundance
of sport, and pleasure of all kinds. Oh
Teddy 1
Cast Kootenay.
The Metals.
remains at about 74 cents per
Copper has advanced a little iu the
English market, vis*., from 141 10s.
to ��'4:2 li! (id. per ton.
Lead hangs on to the 11.64 point.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
AT Itl'HIIII.AIt I'llll'l:.'
We are in a position to offer
Some Good Bargains.  We have
A*C00K STOVES for Coal.
Box Stoves, Coal Heaters,
Tin & Iron Camp Stoves,
And Coal Oil Stoves.
Golden, on the iiiuiii line uf llie Canaili'ui
I'ut'itii* I'iiihv.-iy. at ils connection .villi the
steamboat lilt) igatiiiu of the Lohiiiibhi river :
the iniiier-.l .-mil i'oiiimercii.1 centraofKiistoru
llritish Columbia: lioiuUpuirterH ot'llu lioltl-
eu Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., ..ml lumber Industry; tlio, ,    ,    .
oatlol  for  the  widely   known   ami   for a good deal of iron with lead, antimony
.Si.b^ ""*   ��W��S'*  Oil deyel-
for scenery nt ,.11 kinds:  tlie distributing | opment.
THE  Mill I'll   hl'AIt   MISE.
A Short Account o" IVoi'K Done.
It may interest our readers to know
something of tin; position of the North
Star mine and the result of the summer's work. Omitting the work done
ill Bourgeois cut nnd the shaft which
bus prove 1 useless and shows, not
where the mineral is, but where it is
not. The wotk we have done consists
of cuts run across the lead at various
What is called No. 4 cut crosses the
lead about 140 feet south of the shaft.
There are sixty-three feet, of ore from
wall to wall, every pound of which
would pay iu a smelter were one handy.
It consists entirely of carbonates mixed
with galena and there is a hue body of
solid galona on the foot.wall.
No. li cut is the next one about 60ft.
north of the shaft. It shows about
50 feet of ore and two bodies of solid
galena each about 10 feet wide. We
have sunk a winze in this cut ,'17 feet
deep and the bottom was in splendid
galena, work here bad unfortunately
to b�� stopped on account, of water
good i oute was found | which is always very troublesome in
this mine.
Tliere is nnoiher cut, across the lead
*>00 feet further north. This cut does
not show either wall, but we were just
fixed ready to sink when work was
stopped. There is a fine body of solid
galena exposed here also, au average
sample of which assayo.1, we uiider-
siiui'l, 71oz.
No. 4 cut has i|uite a height of
backs, over infect of solid ore, witli
splendid mineral at the bottom and a
width of (10 bet. We had commenced
to run another cut further south from
this at a depth of oOft. when word
came lo close the mine. Thus wo have
prospected the lend to a fair depth and
in the neighbourhood of (!00 feet in
length, with the most satisfying
Wanderings ul' the Gold Commissioner
anil 31 r. Hill.
Mr. Leslie Hill has just, come down
from Fort Steele. Before leaving, Mr.
Hill accompanied the Gold Couimis-
I sioner iu a trip to the North Star
group of mines and to the -Movie.
Mr. Cummins went carefully over the
ground examining ihe country to find
the best location for a wagon road to
Mark Creek and the St. Mary's district.     A very
Cherry Creek uud across Luke
k to Mark Creek, a distance ol 14
miles and it is hoped that arrangements may at once be made to build a
wagon road and have it completed this
The North Situ- property was visited
and also the Sullivan group of mines
on the other side of Mark Creek.     Mr.
Hill reports that the large body of
galena exposed last spring at the S.il-
livnn mine makes n great showing but
the work done this summer does not
seem to have increased ihe value of the
; mine. Another discovery has been
i made lielow the Sullivan mine and
| parallel to it. A large irregular look-
��� ing body ot mineral has been exposed.
It is a mixed ore containing apparently
point t'ur tlie rii'iiest iiiiuorid country ou the
Our warehouse is a trifle crowded
just now and we desire to
make room, so if you need
anything* in the way of a GOOD
STOVE do not hesitati* to
call on
CARLIN   and   LAKE,
General Merchants,
Alexander Block, Golden, B. C.
Dr. Brett passed through on Wednesday.
Mrs. C. E. Wells has gone to spend
a few days at Calgary.
Mr. Frank Field has returned from
(I long visit to Fori Steele.
Messrs. Nellson and Hill came iu
from Beaver on Thursday.
Mr. F. W. Aylmer has returned from
atrip into the .Middle Fork where he
has been Vlolngsome professional work.
Messrs. Wells it Pollock anticipate
shipping one hundred tons of high
grade lead uud silver ore very shortly
Our hopes are centred on fine weather, but we fear it
son.    W
wonder ?
Mr. H
At the Moyea Lukes the woik done
on the claims held by Father Cocolu
and \V. Croniii bus shown up a fine
vein. The vein is exposed for a considerable distance and ius llie mountain is very steep) for u height of some
hundreds of feet, with large bodies of
mineral. There seem to be several
branches aud probably parallel veins.
It wasa great, satisfaction to liud a
trail made to the workings.
Itntlier Sudden Duatli.
At Beaver, on Wednesday 11. C'lelainl
employed by the CIVIL was taken ill
with crump iu the stoni��cb. The doctor was sent for, but owing to soino
reason unexplained did not turn up.
On Thursday word was received at
Donald that the poor fellow hud succumbed. This is a sad case iu which
the Ki:a joins iu sympathy with the
relatives  of  the  deceased.
Elot'iitlolllHt   CoiiiIiir.
Sara Lord Biiiloy.of Ronton, lilo celebrated
elocutionist will bo nt Uoltleu un Nov. -".'.nl.
\Ve liciir llint un ,iiie evening .-lie will give -,u
ontert'duinont luiilil of the lloliion Hospital,
.-.ml mi iiiuitlier fur hor own benefit, KlioU
j unusually well spoken of by K-u.turu p:i| crs.
Hoot-* X Shoe-l
Munnvlllet As it sfomnto lie pretty well  understood
.   I that wo Iwivo stoves fur sale (there are a low
A new townsite bus been laid out in j ul'tlioili left vet) wo wish tn draw yni.r ntleu-
tho Kootenay river at the month of | don to the -.iltiltlotis tuourilry gueils.stock
Cherry   Creek on  tbo ranch of
Mai her.
lie called "Mnnnville" after the genial
owner of the North Star Mine.     'Ihe
road from the North Star mines to the
Kootonay River will go down Cherry
bus left for the sea-1 Creek and through the middle of thin
toro is the Indian summer wo, townsite, and as those mines with the
'immense  body of  good   smelt ing ore
Abbott of the C.P. R.,accom-1 cannot be idle long even if silver is low
paiiied by Mr. R. Murpole, also of the there will undoubtedly bo a large busi-
j which will vory s..��n Im coiiiplclo,    \\ e aro
Mr. busily engaged marking up a large iissori
,,.       ,     .     ii.-.-.   ! iiii>iirof thus boot* iiml shoos ill nil siitos Irom
\\ e understand that it is to | Z'.% ,|��������� t��� lufiml's,    Our tonus are tho
very best, that is-
i.'ij-Ii.   Prices itccordhigly
Gari.in a I.akh,
Atoxiuulct llltti-k.
C.P.R., went east in their private cur
on Tuesday.
Lieut. T. B. H. Cochrane, L. C.
Hill, W. V. Brown and W. lleuiinniit,
have been iu town this week.
Messrs. Brown und Hoininnnt re-
i turned to England on Tuesday last.
iicjs centre there. The tpwnsito hits
every natural advantage being close to
the Kootenay river; the around is high
and out of all danger of Hooding while
Cherry Creek furnishes nn ample supply of clear spring water sufficient for
all purposes and also rail be utilised as loi ihe mine, sign on l.ehiilt 'i.i'i lie company
Thunder Hilt 31 In In f Co.
There is a ruinor I'uiuwled.we liellovo, on
diets, tlu.l the i.l.i.ve milling l o. In,s negotiated 11 I. Ml nf   8-.0,l"00,     'I Ills Mill "ill I'lill.*-
in vory liniuiy, securing tlm payment of ill
otttstundnig -.-.-counts und currying forward
sum, i.'iu tu thoroughly explore tliut part of
tlm mine which has been hitherto nogiei'ted.
Iti.isi.iil ilmt llioro 1" a claim recently Mt-
quired hy ilu) company which far exceeds iu
v,.hiB ibo cxiiectiitiims of lUemoSt sanguine,
t-lnce w-rltiiig tlm foregoing, we lime been
iiiibrii.ed that there is ull record l.t the Uov-
eriiiiient oltli-o, Uontild. particulars i-oiiierii-
ing this loan of &<tl,UM. Air. Renoilt', of
.Nichnlls it I'oiiouf, stands us "Treasury
AgOIII " in lllis instance. Mr. N'ichulls lis
cluilriiiini iiml Mr H.i.uhri.lgii us NwrQlar**: ���flits Q5c.li.ctt <!5vit
Tho GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday iiinraiag in ti.uc to catch the east
and west mail trains, also thu mall for the
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
It, is tho only advertising medium hi the Esat
Kootenay district.
S ihscription Itutos
S-'.OO per aiiiiiim in
| try. nor, as we have  shown, could it' Almost, the whole of  Europe  and  the I     FIUST  TBVIX  l,OAI> OP OIIE.
occur.     The    slightest   lentlency   in   United States have actually made this I -���-
either tnetiil  to  become less  valuable c iniige   from   bimetallism  to a gold
than the other would lie shown siin- standard,and have found less trouble
ply  by   increased   abundance of   one in  tho act  of changing than in the
metal, and this abundance would  be scarcity of money under the system to
I Immediately checked by tbo  coinage . which they have changed.
demand falling
havo explained
Silver for China.
The San Francisco " Evening Bttlle-
!vi> Onr l.n.uls Amounting to One  tin" of latest mail date.says:   The
Hundred ami Fifty Tons. [silver shipments to China and Japan
Two yours ego the Nelson depot was | by the Hong Kong steamer yesterday
Ihe scone of a striking event.     Ii was i amounted to over $500,000.     This b*.
when ihe lirst crowd of pioneers struck the third steamer this month for Hon;
more heavily, as wel li). Oimhotiox.-The rise of pricos ! out for the Sioeiiu. Two flat-ears were Kong, and all haietukeu large consign
on the niore'iibundaiil. under bimetallism might be great and   loaded with canoes, boats and supplies; ��� ments of specie lis follows :   Septemlii:
A Ivertiseuioiits'anl rlmu'-ns must he in
the office'nut later than 11' ii.ui, on Thursday
t" insure insertion,
After demand we must now consider
supply, which is  the only  oilier im-
tho increase of
troublesome throu-.
silver money.
Axswkii. ��� Bimetallism   could   not
and among the prospectors were men
whose names have since been identified
with some of the biggest mines in the
The whole population turned
liud that though Government can iu-!of '"---ui u'''l*��* present circumstances, join to wish them godspeed.
Adverlisaiiiout rates tna.le known an nppli-' fl e|-M ,|1(, demand for cold and silver i 'Phe level oi thnt year was hO per cent, The scene at the depot on Tuesday
tiiic -ii .  '     "        , ,    i,
| by coinage laws, it cannot  priiotically
alier the supply.    The supply of these
mediate   cause of value, und we shall raise prices to anything near the level  Slocan.
All c.'isli tu he pill I tu the Manager, from
"Ii i.n Miotic iipaiiy'H receipt will lieuhtiiiued.
The Giliie:) Era Publishing Company.
SYTURD.YY, OCT, 14. 18113.
metals, including existing stocks, remains by lint ure so steady that Government is able, by altering the demand alone, to alter the values as explained. The steadiness of supply
comes  about   in  the  following   way
higher  than   present  rates; that is to  afternoon was not, perhaps, so stirring
say, Hill will now buy on tbo average! or ��o romantic, but  it was none the
T.i3 Currency 0u3Siion.|y
Raisonj fjr Rastorinj tll3 old
English Law of Bimetallism.
Ordinary goods are consumed within a ���'���*���" 60 I*1' ���u}'< *mLtllfl���q"Rntity re'
ear or iwo  of  their   production,  but
old and silver being very   inilestruot-
Il.v John II. Twlirir. 31. A.. Dublin, lute
of the llcns-at Civil Sarvlei). .ow
ot Vancouver, ll.C.
(Continued from last week.)
111. I shall now proceed to discuss
separately, in the form of question and
answer, the chief objections urged
against bimetallism.
11. 0 i.i i'i'mix.-Gold and silver
are merchandise, not differing essentially from iiu.y other two articles, and
the valiiu of each depends on the cost
of production, not ou any possible law;
so it is impossible for Government to
make the value of the gold iu a sovereign equal (o that of the silver ill
twenty shillings.
Axswi'-it.-- Wo huve parliully discussed this point already. Neither
cost uf production nor anything
else can ultect the value of gold
or silver without altering the supply
of these metals or the demand for
them. AVe have therefore to enquire
whether supply and demand are more
under the control of Government iu
the case of gold and silver than of
other articles. Demand is certainly
controllable by Government, us we
have partially explained, and snp-
supp'.y  is,   by the nature of  things,
ible. have accumulated to an exlent,
probably fifty times greater than the
liuiiiuul production; consequently iiiinu-
ul supplies have very little elfect ou
existing stocks, which we may cull
existing supplies, Animal supplies,
moreover, cannot usually be increased
rapidly and at the same time profitably. Some mines fail while new ones
are discovered, and it is generally
ditlicult io work a mine rapidly. It is
thus evident that the peculiar circumstances of gold uud silver render it
possible for Government to regulate
their values, by acting ou demand in
presence of enormous existing supplies, which  cannot lie rapidly diniin-
goods which cost ill'IO in 1878. The
impossibility of raising prices again to
that point may be seen if we consider
that to raise prices by hO percent,'
gold using countries would have to iu-
cii-uso metallic  money   by  something
quired would be ��480,000,001), a sum
not obtainable in silver from silver
using countries, for it exceeds tlie
total of their silver money, estimated
to be no more than about ��400,000.1100,
even on the old high valuation of silver. Seme of this silver would no
doubt come, iiecatise through bimetal'
lisiu it would have a higher value
than befoie, and thus an unusual
profit could be made by exporting
goods to silver-money countries for
payment in silver. This extraordinary
movement would, of course, cease as
soon us prices in those countries were
sullicieiitly reduced by the departure of
their silver.
111. OBJECTION.���America is pressing for bimetallism merely  to  get rid
ishedby consumption, or increased by |o�� her stuplns stock of cheap silver,
with which we would be flooded.
Axsivku. ��� America has uo surplus
stock of silver. She bus a great quantity of silver, but it is all used, either
annual production.
This explanation of tlie principles of
bimetull sm shows its possibility, but
ihe best and highest proof is the nctu-
ii 1 successful practice of the system
Which continued iu England with some
intermission for centuries, till lSKi,
and on ihe Continents of Europe and
America till 1S78. Some persons have
said that even tinder bimetallism, during the Liitaii Union, the values oi
gold and silvir were not steady to one
another. This mistaken idea refers
io the sliubt variations of value between coined and uncoined metal, such
as continually occur even nowadays in
London, because bars of gold are generally more convenient than coined
gold for export. Under bimetallism,
us iu France from 180;) till 1H73. there
never was any difference of value be-
very slowly changeable if wo reckon twoen a sum of money in gold coin
existing stocks together with yearly nnii the same iu silver coin. The
production. ttoval   Commission   of   188:i   titiani-
First let us consider demand. Gov- moiisly supported this the main con-
ernment can influence the demand cn- toution of tho bimotallists, in the fol-
orinoiislv. by declaring that gold or j lowing terms:-'-Not withstanding the
silver, or both of them,  shall   be ma-1 changes iu the production and   use of
torial for money. So great is this
coinage demand, that il fur exceeds
nil industrial deiii..iids, and if it were
stopped gold and silver might not have
a quarter of their prcsout value. Now
if wo had bimetallism, that is free
coinage of both metals.   ��� ith I herty to
the precious metals, ii (bimetallism)
!��� t the market price of silver approximately steady al the ratio fixed bylaw
betweoo them, namely 15J to 1. We
think that in any conditions fairly
to be oontemplared in the future, so
far as we can forecast from tho oxpei'l-
in circulation or to-secure notes which
are iu circulation. She cannot, however, go on at the present rale increasing her silver coinage, otherwise there
may be no use for goid, which is leaving her. A bimetallic union of nations
would enable her to keep both gold and
silver, as we have seen; but, if a union
cnniiot be arranged, she must soon
either cease to coin silver and join in
the disastrous scramble for gold, or
else abandon gold and rely on a silver
currency, as India does. In no case
would America's stocks ot silver leave
her, for she needs all she has. Undei
bimetallism neither gold nor silvei
could fioud any country, in tlie sense
of going there without being wanted,
for the one metal would be just, as
serviceable as the other, and practically a nation could have whichever of
the two it might choose for
ordinary use. As regards the
motives of America in this matter,
her chiiit wish is for steady piic(-? under a bimetallic union of nations; and
the fact that this would raise the
value of silver is of comparatively
small moment to so rich a country
where even the hay crop is many
times more valuable than tho output of
.liver.   The streng'.h of the bimetallic
the debtor  of paying in either met i, euce of  the past, e stable ratio might I ... ,.
" ,    , , ! , tuoveinoiit  in America comes am from
ho would  use  whichevei     I   the two be muinliiiued if the nations we have    .    ... ..    , ,
I the influence ol silver miners ol 3pecu-
nietals   bail   u   tendency   ,o   he   the i alluded to were to accept, and strictly  , ,       . ,.    .
I ' *   Inters, but Irom a general public be-
cheapest means of pay!ui the debt; for adhere to,   bimetallism at the  sun- ,. .,,  . ,.   ,   . ,   .       ,
' '   ��� ' | lief luiit the legislation ot recent vein-
instance, if tiunolnod silver, enough tojgested  ratio.     Apprehensions   huvei
less significant for the fill are of the
country. Ou Tuesday, for the first
time, nil the available carrying space
ou the road wns loaded fo its full capacity with ore.
The shipment comprised (10.000 lbs.
of ore from the Bluebird mine, i)i),(.00
lbs. Irom the Dardanelles, and 213,010
lbs. from tho Noble Five, or lull tons
in nil. The approximate value of this
one ore shipment is $25,000. It will
be followed by a shipment of from 40
to (10 tons from the Washington, as
well ns the befoie mentioned mines,
an I later by continuous shipments
from the Mountain Chief, and liefore
the snow flies many other prospects
will be in a position to add their share.
Fifteen hundred tons have up till now
been actually booked in addition to
500 tons which has been shipped during the lust three weeks. But there is
little doubt that lii.GOO tons is a small
estimate of the amount that will be
actually produced during tho coming
winter. . The Canadian Pacific will
have its resources in the West Kootenay taxed to the utmost to handle
this freight. But the attention of the
company bus i.t last been aroused to
the possibilities of the ore truffle, and
in consequence will make a rupreme
effort, to keep communication open, nt
least, during a part of tho winter. The
road from Revelstoke will be built to
the mouth of the Iilecillewaet within
the next thirty days, and it is maintained that this will keep communication open till well ou iu tho season.
The rate of :J11 a ton from Kaslo to
S.m Francisco allows a fair profit to
the road. The Columbia &. Kootenay
Steam Navigation Co. gets $1.1)0 a ton
for tlie haul from Kaslo to Nelson and
$1.50 from Robson to Revelstoke. The
freight can be carried very cheaply
from Revelstoke to the coast, and
when the Canadian Pacific gets its
projected system in West Kootenay iu
working order it will probably lie able
to handle the ore even more cheaply
than at present.
Contracts are being let now to haul
ore from the mines to Kaslo for 815 a
ton just us soon as sleighing begins.
This rale, together with the $11 rate
to Sau Francisco, will effect such a
reduction in cost of transportation that
it will lie much more profitable to mine
silver in West Kootenay this year than
lust, in spile of the fall in the price of
silver, Everything points to the fact
that tho country is on the eve of n
tremendous advance, an advance not
cau   :d by an inrush ot  investors, and
2nd, $559.081; September 12th, $448,-
441 ; September 21st, $5(;3,4'il ; total,
$1,503,988. Another steamer will
leave on llie 30th. Nearly all the
above was in the form of silver, most,
ly Mexican dollars. The low price of
these coins is a great inducement to
shippers, who buy them for 60c, and
pass them in China and Japan for
their full face value.
A Uru.it Gold Field.
Tiie estimated yield of the Randt
mines in South Africa thisjotir is a
total of 1,500,100 ounces, which would
he.worth about $2.',00C.tCO. Each
month has shown an advance of output except Fibriinry. I.i August I bo
yield wns 18'i,0GD ounces. South Africa is now the most prolific auriferous
region ot the world, but it has been
only skimmed so fur, there still being
vast reef deposits to develop. Ono
thing is greatly iu favor of enterprise.
The 'milling is said to lie conducted
fairly in llie intervals of shareholders,
and the processes are the most economical known, with the result that
almost every particle of gold is extracted, and the tailings, altet treatment, tue valueless.
Ijoi'd "tltiyor at* London.
London, Sep'. 29,t-To-day is Michaelmas day and in accordance witli
usual customs the liverymen of tbo
various guilds of the city of London
assembled iu Guild Hull to elect a new
mayor in success!, n to Stewart Knill,
whose term of office expires on Nov.
'\h. Robert Tyler, councillor for
Queen Hill, was elected.
In tbo AiKcnlliic.
Buenos A.vres, Oct. 3. ��� Some of
the rcbul sailors yesterday 3uisted an
old ironclad, and getting tip stcuin unobserved, steamed away to Rosavio
before the government vessels could
in,31-cept (he old ship. The government sent two torpedo bouts in puiMi.t
and it is believed the rebels will Ur
captured and broitgh back to the port.
Gens. Revalle and1 Attibondo nio
marching with strong forces agaii.st
the rebels in tho Provinces of Cordoba,
San Luis and Tucuiniiu. The national
Riiards have been ordered to concentrate in Rosavio. Gen. Espins has
been condemned to be shot. The insurgent forces in Santa Fe have been
routed and the leaders made prisoners.
The Argentine vessels iu the harbor
remain loyal.
coin a litile more than twenty shillings, could be bought for a sovereign,
so much would be bought for coinage
that this demand would instantly
raise the value of silver to the level
fixed   by   law,   answering to twenty
been oxprcssieil that if a bimetallic sys-
lom were adopted gold  would  gradu- j
ally disappear from  circulation.     If. !
however, tbo arrangement included all
the principal commercial nations, we
do not think there would be any sori-
shillings fur a sovereign. While silver Ions danger of such a result."
would lie thus raised in value, geld Few who have studiel the subject
would bo, as it were, coining down to share that doubt. The ratio has beeu
meet it half-way, because the in-1 maintained by the Lilian Union in
creased coinage of silver would to some, times of extreme trial, when silver was I
extent diminish tho demand  for gold,, produced   to   threefold   'be   value of I
and the value of gold.   In this way i gold, and afterwards gold to threefold unfairly, allow payment  in silver of a
tho demand for gold and silver can be! the value of silver.   At pie-sent the j debt promised in gold,
regulated by   Government, through a | values produced are about equal, being j    Axstt'EH.--Under bimetallism any-
bimetallic   law.    For Iho purpose of'considerably   under   ��30,000,OCO   perM'odv could make bargains in gold just
clear explanation,   I   have used Ian-1 annum for each metal at market rates. >8 at. ��"'e ���?'"��� bul n0 ,0,,e *��"'d ,jf.n
' I thereby,   because  under   bimetallism
gunge implying that one metal might. Lven if it were impossible to maintain ! twenty silver shillings would always
lie a cheaper means of paying   a debt' the ratio, there would be no insttper-j bo the equivalent of a sovereign, as;
than the other metal.   In reality this able difficulty in abandoning bimetal-1 they aro now.
did  not  occur iu any bimetallic conn- J Usui and returning to n single metal. | (To be Continued.)
lias unjustly given to the owners of
money in all gold using countries au
j iirtihcully increased command over
other people's labour and goods, without increasing those people's ability to
labour or to produce goods. This, in
fact, is seen to bo the meaning of low
prices, when they ure caused, not by a
prosperous increase of goods, but by
the tyrannous power given to money
through laws which have made it
17. OlIJEUTlON.    Bimetallism would
attendant train of  boomers, but
upon the .-.olid  foundation of nl
large output ot wealth. Old timers
might well think when they saw Tuesday's ore-laden curs, and realized what
effect the large returns from so many
and various mines must have oil tho
outside world, that West Kootenay,
having lought a long, up-hill fight
against the forces of ignorance and
prejudice and the natural difficulties of
her position, had nt last, just when
everything looked darkest, conquered
the situatiod and stood confessed as
the great silver-producing country of
the North American continent. - Nelson Tribune.
In general the woman is sweeter to
the world than to her husband.
In carrying a gun the great point is
to point tho muzzle the other way.
The It coord liiokcii.
London, Oct. 2 ���The steamship
Fuerst Bismarck arrived at Soiuhamp-
ton this mor..ing after a voyage of (i
days, 10 hours and 14 minutes. This
breaks the Eastern record by half tin
ileal In Mot Sluei-ln.
Warsaw, Sep:.. 80.���dipt, Tainasse-
viez, of the Rusaiiin artillory, was
arraigned before a court martial hero
to-day to answer charges preferred
against him of ill-troatlng a sentinel
and forging documents. The evidence
was overwhelming against the accused
and the court speedily found him
guilty and sentenced him to exile in
Siberia. As soon its the finding of the
court martial was announced, Capt.
Tomasseviez drew a revolver and shot
himself dead.
"What is the difference between
' wages' and ' salary V " " Well, generally, one means n groat deal of work
and some pay. und the other is a good
deal of pay and some work."
It takes nine tailors to make a man,
but one can often make him hump. -
Illli   I1KX1).
Down With High Prices Por
! Electric Belts.
-Onaiittss ("t-tvfco.
3letnl Report.
,11 ri!S'��Y mill WH11ELFR
Members Assoen, D.L.S. A I'.L.S. tor ll.C,
We aw indebted to the Engineering JtV��.Ks.('h-ll Engineers, Dniaght,
iiion,Vithiators,etc'   I nlgnryaiid New VV est-
minster,   Correi-ponrioiicG sullcitod..
K.J.Ji-.i'lls,i.\, D.L.S.,I',I..S. nf li.C. &Ont.
C.U.Il.lltV. Allm.
A. 0. Wiihhi.uii, D.L.S. & |'.|,.s. of H.O.
iNi'iw V. us-niixsri.it B.C.
nnd Mining Journal of New York  for
the following quotations;
Nt",w YnitK. Sept. 20, 1893,
The London market has been
strong  and   inlvnnee!. hu-od on j        ""���'���ClU'tliy    &     Illtl'VI'V,
active demand from  India, and i I"��rrfstor��, Advoc.tos, Xoliuies, Kc.   Solici-
i tars tur: -
short supplies.    China bus also 'Jim ImporLI llauk ofCnnnihi.
beou uu active buyer for fiituroLj'jio^iiiaila I'liriiiiiiiont I, i& Sin-togs To.
1 '���" *""'1---1  - - liiiosl orporaiion
Several new quartz claims have been 91.55, $2.65, $3.70 ��� former prices $5, $7, ���.... , . T ������,.���,���,.��� n r
recorded in the Ri., Pr.,,,1 er,,,,,!,-,- ,1���" W- Qualty remains tho earne-lb dil" -4<->"J.A'-LOUOllBM),Q,C.
lecoided in the Big Lend coui.tr,- dm-  ^^ *������ (,ry ^    ^^ ^ ��� ,, s. McCauteu.
uu* the past month.      ,1. W. Hasltius _mUd or strong current. Less than half        *L��n<*-.r,<>i'i!   A   MvCavtcv,
and W. Miller wont up last week, and  the price of any other company and more   ,->nl.,.is-ers   Advocittos   Solicitors   Notaries
will probably staken olniii* each before home testimonials than all the rest to-; ' .' Etc.,'Etc,        '
i ,i        .,���'.,      ,,       pother.    Full list free.    Mention this j Solicitors for 1'iink nf Mnnimrl
they   return.     Mr.  B.C. Marsh  bus ��apur# w. T.BAER & CO. Wit dsor.Onfc ! oauiar" N WT
been up and down several limes and
has staked two promising locutions,
ono on Downie anil the other on Mo-
Ctillock Creek. He snjs tho Consolation in'ue on French Creek, is looking
splendid, and tho four partners ���Messrs
Laforrae, Sweeny, MoOreary and Williams are wearing happy smiles, they
had been taking out $8 a day per man,
mil had struck a rich pocket. Justus
he left. The means of transport to
mid from the Big Bend is still au unsolved problem. A light draught
steamer should be in readiness for the
opening of navigation next spring.
Stamps tor crushing tiie quartz ou the
spot should also be erected. Several
men have decided to winter there. The
Hardpiin, recently located by doliu
Boyd at Ciirncs Creek, is a claim of
great promise. The quarts! assayed
23 oz. gold to the ton, and active work
will bo commenced as soon as the
spring opens. A large cabin is lo be
built forthwith. Mr. Kellie, M.P.P.,
has an interest in this mine.
Geo. Laforutc and Pete Levecqtie arrived down with the pack train on
Thursday, and will leave again for the
Big  Bead  to-day.     The men at the
Consolation mine bud been taking oul
$12.50 per man per day for the pasl
week or two and the Inst six days
working Inn. panned out $480. George
brought a splendid oo'loctlon of nuggets -one very largo one. - Kootenay
shipments. Prices ruling in
New York 74c. per oz., Loudon
���'l-lid. per oz.
Copper. The market has been very
flat, indeed a few parcels have
been sold at !)"|c, Exports have
been unprecedented. (1. M. B.
142 to .1 42 is. (id. nor ton,
Lead. This market has improved on
diminished prod net ion. Prices
ruling being from 3.72'. to 3.77|c
per lb. English 19 Ills. lid.
Spanish ��9 ils. 3d. per ton.
Apjil lent ten for Llocnse to Cut Tlm" ei
'I he Yorkshire l.oi,n iv.
The Miissey-liiii'i'iK i... (I.ttlj.eto,
unices  Stephen Avoiu.o, Calgary,
I'. MuUAttr-HY, Q.O.
HriHAUfl llAUVEV, U.A., L.I..II.
CO, (Lnraited)
is. l. eujiMim
Golden     -     -     -    ll.C.
Ilu'l.liii'l In London.
A cable from London to the Montreal Star ou the 29th tilt., said : The
holiday which file ministers are taking
nt present is making it almost impossible for Mr. Jus. Huddiirt to do anything in connection with ihe Canadian
Australian steamship matter. He
finds, however, general sympathy with
the new line hs nil nil British route,
and be bus hopes of inducing the Im
per ..I (ioveinmeiii io plana the steamers of the line ou the Admiralty list,
with subsidies us war cruisers. The
Governor of the Fiji Islands is also
urging this point upon the home government as being necessary io induce
the steamers tocall ut Fiji. Mr. Huddiirt also expects that the interest
which has beeu awakened in tho new
Australian line will quicken the movement for a fast Atlantic service between Liverpool and Canada, so as to
enable the journey from Sydney to
Loudon to be.maiV) in 29 days. The
hope is expressed that Mr. Huddari
will induce the new Colonial party in
the House of Commons to ventilate the
whole subject during the autumn session of Parliament which begins ou
Nov. 2.
NOTICE is hereby -rivp.it that 1)0 days lifter
date 1 intend applying to the lh.ii. the ( hie
Coitiinissioitoi' oi Lands ifind Works for a li-
conso to cut and carry nwuvthu'-er from the
following tract of land: ('uiiiiiieiii-iuir ,-it,-.
st,:ke planted mi Ihe North inul Must ��� i lo ut
the North fork of Michel (reck about 10
chi,ins below the canon, thonco duo Eiist #'
cii-.his, thence due. Snath 70 chains, thence
due West Mil chains, thence due North V'
ell., ins, llioncc due East, I-.il chains tn the place
of he-ruining containing by itdmeasiiremont
IHJO acres..
foronto, Out., INIh Sept. :8ll'l,
Implication for Llflunse to'Jiit Tl.nboi
NOTK E in hoV-yfrivft.i -IiiitilOiluys nftoi
hi to i intend npp.yiiijjf tu thu Hun. ihe Chic
'iiiii*uifi.-i'*Hi'r ot LnivU j.iuI Works fur ,'i li
ceiiso to cut .*ni(t carry Awiiy tinilmi- from the
following tract of l.oi-i: t'oinimmciiitf nt��.
4t..ke plLiite-l onlliQ \'o"tli;in<l Enst side o*
the N.ir.it fork of AHclml Creek about Hi
i'Ii. his below tlia eiiiion. thouce due J^-st 2C
���h. ins, rhom-e tlm) jNorth ?* i h;.h*s, (lioncc
itno West 1-lJ chaiiiK. thotieo duo doutu V
���li.iin.s, Ihence duo E,.nt '/-il (.hiiins to tin
plaro of bo^imiinj^ containing; by JulmciiSurc
moot l^Oacrc1"*.
PultevUte, Out., 18:h, Sept. JSfti.
si. i-:..   ��. v. s.,
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
20 I Ai.iiuiti- Sr., OTTAWA;
Assou, Mum. Ixst. C.E.
Comiit.i.ni:, Ai.ha.- Ft. Si-bulb, B.'C.
lold, Silver t\ Lead Ores,
lliirni'il to tlio Ground.
St. Petersburg, Oct. ii   The Newslij
infantry barracks at Rustavi, proi iitce
oi Smolensk, was burned to the ground
last night.     Bef II the men could
lie roused the fl-imes had spread
through mosl ol the building, and
abuul4. i're.:i out in their night clothes
Of (10 who were driven to the re and
obliged to jump, 11 were killed and s
injured so severely that they will die.
Twenty-three men and five non-commissioned officers were overcome iu tho
halls or rooms by smoke and burned
to death. Many other soldiers are
I will mail (i'itHE)on receipt
of II **stuti:p,u rneeipel'or t.
simple VEHETAIILK HALM that will re-
inove Tan. Pi-oi'kleH, I'lm-ilci. Illotellos,
.Unci, Leads, ote., leaving the skin soft,
clear and bciuitifnl. Address A, 11. STEM-
PEL, GO Ann St., New York.
" It Is worth the nr'cB to everv pr:
who even rtails a newspaiur."���Dtnllui
All persons indebted to J. C. Oreene,
Queens Hotel, Golden, are requested to
settle their accounts within THIRTY
DAYS from this date, after which all
unsettled accounts will be placed in the
collector's hands.    Please avoid costs.
Golden, Sept. !>Hth, 18911.
Blue Pencil Rules.
jA.. a-. JsrsrrixTB.
A Pocket Primer tor the me ot Keporters,
(Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rules tor
making and editing newsrap-r copy,
and of equal value to all who wish to
write correct English.
Sentonrecpin'of prlrn.  Pilre. 10 rent)
p-r copy.   ALLAN FOR MAN, Publisher
117 Nassau Stunt. New York.
(lir.iduiitoof I.r.vnl ..ml McCill.)
MIXJXW    r:Si.'l\r:KB.
Head Office, Quniitm; Branch Offices
SllEllllliOOKBi & IT Place d'Amies
Hill. MoNi'iiH.u..
Ane.*ytii)al Clieinist & Assayer,
GoIJen, British Columbia.
lNlli      A3SAYI3II TO TIISl!       H!)2
Bi'itisli Columbia Government
of all s-wcinmi suit from the Provincn to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVF.LEY. Manaoisii.
Livery a Feed Stables,
Sa-Jdle Horsa3 for Hirs.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher. Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every resp . Sample Rooms for
Coinmerclnl men. Fh-e-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mi������ i-ttjj*; men and
miners. Convenient to .Station ami Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in AViues. Liquors, uud Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from ti,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
HULL BROS & 10.,
WiioU'i-wli* and Itetni]
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
G'JLD��N.   B. C.
Job    Dcpeirtmcr|t
For Informattnn and free Handbook write to
HUNS A Co.. a;i BitiMuwAT. New Your.
OWest l.ureau for securinjr patonta in America,
Vverv (intent taken out by us is brnuptit before
tbe public by a notice given free of cbanje in tlio
$ mntiilt ^mmm
Laracit nlroulatlnn of nn*/ lelentlllo paper in tho
world, SplelHilcllv- Ulustnil-Hl. No 1-itelllft.lit
nun should be wiilmui It, Weeklr, 83.00 a
Tear; H.iVlsix mnntlis. Aildreiw JIUS.N & CO.,
Fu suhukiu, 3V1 Broiulwa-r, Kew York citj-.
Undertakers and
.   *   .   Ernbaliners,
C'alani'.v     -     -     AHin.
TEl.liGIIAI'll    IllillllllS   I'lIO.MI'Tl.y
Ai-|-i:xni:ii   to.
Magazine At Thunder Hill
No. 1, (50 |ier rent: No. 2, ���)�� i��*r cent.
For Deep Work and Uloiring 1'p Stiiiiipn
Ternix Wlrictlj  CitMh.
THUNDER HILL M'g. Co., ll.t'd.)
A-roiil. Rl'.l'or Ifithet Co.
Il'yoii mint your lintifo Painted, Papered
nr ChlHOminoil, ur any kind ut a sign I'ainled
write to.I. II. JIILLWAKI). CAMIAIIV, the
Leading Paint Simp in the West, for guod
Work and prices that arc right.
 : KiioM :	
Fort   Steele
will lie found a great convenience, as by it watches nnd
other repairs setit to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forget  The  Address;
W. Alexander,
Box %
Donald, B. C.
Watchmaker, JaWeller & Optician. LINTON BRG3.,
Stationary, Booksellers,
CALGARY       -        ALBA.
nadian exhibits in this important Some of the silver advocates point
department,' and the value of the put the i-epenl of die purchasing,clause
award  was   greatly enhunsed by the of the Shermnn net will still leave tl
[ SI'J'.llALI.V   CON nil 111'I'KU.]
Although it has been generally j
known for some time,, that Canada
would in all probability capture the
highest award, which the World's
Columbian Exposition authorities
couli offer, for her magnificent display
iu the Fisheries Building, the official
text ami announcement of the award
has just been made public.
discussion which took place, and the
subsequent adoption of this highly
favorable award.
At a World's Comxreis of Fishermen
held in the .Music Hall nt Jackson
Park recently. Mr. L. 7, Joncns. M.P.
of Quebec and Mr. William Smith.
Deputy Minister of Marine, delivered
valuable addresses on the subject of
the Canadian Fisheries. Both uentle-
inen treated the suhject in a masterly
manner, pointing out the value and
extent of Canada's fishery industry,
and the menus adopted by the Canadian
government to protect it.
William Shini.
hum alii NOTES.
greater part of the Bland-Allison law
iu force. The leaders of the silver
men say that while this is true tlie enforcement of the law would depend tip-
cm the administration ; nnd with the
administration unfriendly, as it now
is. they could not hope for a favorable
interpretation of the law.
lit b
On Monday what might
serious accident tccurred :
live neon
en miles
The report which the committee on | west of here.    A largo mass "of rock its
awards iu the department of fisheries
made to the General Awards Commit ���
tee, and which is now published us
official vends us follows : ���
Canada has made one of the largest
displays iu the Fisheries Building.
Its collection, which illustrates ihe
lish and aquatic bird fiiiiua of the
country, the way the fishing industry
is carried on in the different parts of
the Dominion, the mode of handling,
preserving, curing and packing, and
the products of its fishery, is one of
the most important and interesting
features of the exposition.
Its collection of stuffed lish is declared to be the most complete and
con tain st he best specimens and greatest
variety shown by any exhibitors in
the fisheries building. The collection
is particularly rich in regard to the
siilmonidae, which is of great value
from a scientific point of view. The
fish are perfectly mounted and this
collection is entitled to the highest
The fish in alcohol are in a very good
state of preservation, and the collection
of fish-eating birds is au excellent one
ns to richness and skillful mounting,
and cannot lie too highly commended.
The exhibit, composed mainly of
models ot boats nnd of trap nets, recommends itself by the neatness of the
models, illustrating the mode of fishing, and the progress made during
recent years. Their tasteful arrangement contributes greatly to the interest of tlie exposition. The collection
of fish oils is varied, and the article
shown of excellent quality iu every
The committee desires to mention
specially a large map of Canada, showing the yield and value of the fisheries
and the location of the fishing grounds
of   that country.      It  also shows as
high as a box cur fell ou the track
luckily being oil the outside rail.
Cilldwoll's special with N. Sootl lis
engineer ran Into it, but beyond slightly damaging the locomotive ami derailing two cars there was no damage
done. Where the accident occurred
the road skirts the river at a consider
able height and it was fortunate the
rock was ou theoutside rail, otherwise
the train would havo gone over the
bank into tho river.
Mr. R. Clelaud, of Beaver, died at 7
o'clock on Thursday morning. The
remains wero buried here ou Friday.
Mr. Forrest has jbeen unfortunate in
having wet weather when he had his
roof off, putting on a mansard roof.
When the roof is finished with the
new wing just added Mr. Forrest will
hare one of the most roomy hotels iu
I In* mountains.
The late trains have been a source of
great annoyance to the trainmen. The
record for the past month being woi se
than a winter record. Even No. 2
has caught the fever and comes iu 4 to
7 hours late.
The mansi is realy for occupation
this week and Mr. I'oss will take
Mr. Geo. Goltling was iu town for a
day or two this week.
Dr. and Miss Herbert left on Monday
for England, where the Dr. will spend
a well-earned holiday. Dr. Gordon is
attending to his work here pending the
arrival of a Dr. from the navy who
will fill Dr. Herbert's position during
his absence.
(Iruatoat Outliurlng.
Chicago, Oct. 0.���Seven hundred
thousand people- doubtless the greatest crowd that ever congregated���
visito 1 the World's Fair to-day,
breaking the greatest one-day record ut
1'iiris by an overwhelming majority ;
completely smothering the "big day "
llglires "f any oilier exposition ever
held and establishing a mark which il
is safe to predict the present generation
will never see attend.
Tlie Pie-lileiit Stuliliorn.
Washington City, Oct. 4.-The senators who have been most active in
trying to effect a compromise on the
accurately us possible the migrations repeal bill do not express themselves as
discouraged by the outlook. They say
nothing is likely to occur in that direction   during the present  week, but
of the lish having a commercial value,
and the progress recently made in the
Canadian  fisheries.     This map Is of
groat importance and of special value Iexpress tho opinion that the beginning
and interest, and we recommend it to ��f next week will see a change iu the
tho attention of all those interested in situation,  by which  time the senate
fishery matters.
There was considerable difference
of opinion among the members of the
general committee on awards which
is the court of tipped 1 from the decision
of the departmental committees, its to
the wording of this award. All
agreed that Camilla's exhibit deserved
the highest award the Fair authorities
could give, but it was maintained by
some thai as awards are made solely
on merit, and without any element of
competition, that tho words largest and
best should be omitted, as they involve
the competitive idea and intimated
that the exhibit was hotter and larger
than other exhibits. After some discussion, which resulted in the refusal
of the committee of awards on fisheries
refusing to alter the wording of their
judgment, the general committee agreed
to accept it with comparative allusions.
It would have been impossible for
Canada io hnve secured a more fav ��� :������
able verdict of   the superiority of   Cu,-
Londou, Out., Oct. !).��� At the assizes to-day the jury returned a verdict
fur ~i*o0 against Chas. Ross, confectioner, of this city, for the seduction
of Florence Godwin tinder promise of
Quebec, Oct. 9.-Lord Aberdeen addressed the audience at the meeting of
the Provincial Christian Endeavor society here y. sterday. bis subject being
"Individual influence-its bower for
good or evil."
Vancouver, B.C.,Oct. 9.���H.Abbott,
general superintendent of the Canadian
Pacific, left this morning for Montreal
to visit bis brother, tho ex-premier,
whose failing health is causing his
relatives here some anxiety.
The funeral of Harry Quiglpy took
place this morning from the Catholic
church and was attended by a large
number of citizens 'and members of
Vancouver lacrosse club. Wreaths
were sent by the UOth lacrosse club,
Winnipeg; the Vancouver seniors,
Vancouver juniors and the New Westminster club, besides many private
London, Out., Oct. 9.���John Henderson, a well-to-do farmer of Nissouri
was killed dear Tliorndolo to-dav by a
light engine. He had crossed the
track safely, hut turned back to rescue
n favorite dog when be was himself
struck and hurled sixty feet to death.
Vancouver, Oct. 9.���Tho Canadian
Pacific Telegraph company's new line
from Revelstoke to Nakusp and New
Deliver, Kootenay country was opened
today for business.
Kingston. Oct. 9. The big steamer
Colonial, of Cleveland, grain laden,
of Chicago, is still ashore at Pigeon
Island and it is feared she will prove a
total loss. Continuous gales .have
driven her further on the rocks.
Toronto, Oct. 9.���Last evening
while Beuj. Proctor, aged il'i, was
chatting with a young lady, his intended wife, lie was suddenly attacked
with heart failure and died a few minutes later with bis bead iu his sweetheart's lap.
William Robertson, lute of Robertson Bros., wholesale and manufacturing confectioners, is (lend.
Belleville, Oct. 9.���Tbo Domiuion
fishery commissioners commenced an
UppWolumbia laSnayCo.
Tramway from C.P.R, Golden to Columbia'Kiver,
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Hud Lake and Upper ColnrcMa Luke,
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons betwoen Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay Eiver.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Use from Upper Columbia Lake to Fort Steole.
Saturday ..
iirr. Golden, s. H vak, I've,
Friilav  ..
     IS; n
"   tialenii         "   nrr.
%'l 0
" Windermere  "     "
5 00 'Wednesday
I've. Allele          "     "
ii W    : Ui.i-sihiv. ���
Thursday. ���
nrr.   " Tramway leave
I lis
" Tlniiiderllill.l'ei'tiirr.
I've, fiiiii.l Flat, "    "
iirr.         "    Stage I've.
I've. Wasa           "
Saturday ��� ��� ���
"   Furt Steele    "
Freight Rates to Fort Steele. Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1&2  S.-1.C0
B       "    15, 4, 5, &G '8-2.25
C       "    7, 8, 9, & 10   Sl.aO
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steelo���4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, manager.
:M.   B.   LANG,
Mining & General Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY,      .   PIPES,   Ere,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
C Granges,
will be more thoroughly im pressed with
the futility of iffort to pass the pend-
111--; hill in the present shape, and that
this further delay will have tho goner-
iil effect of convincing the senators of
the impossibility of any niaii getting
just what he may want.    The extreme
men on both sides are holding out j investigation in this city today. They
stiffly, however, and if tliere is any ! will also take evldcuco at other places
improvement of the situation it does |cast and west, the object being to
not appear ou the surface. | obtain information  from lishcrmeii re-
Carlisle   has  consulted again with | Raiding the  kinds oi lish they catch,
President   Cleveland   on   compromise
terms, but with no satisfactory results.
It is understood the reply he has authorized Carlisle to give the advocates of]    Ottawa, Oct. 9.-E.  Roy, secretary
compromise is that he will listen to no of the department of puhlie works, who
compromise involving further piirohhae �����* to he inurried shortly, was presented   UoltS 1111(1 11*011
of  silver until a supreme  effort  has: with a handsome net ot silver to-day
been mndo by the frlonds of nncondi- j *>}' employees of tho department.
tional  repeal  to avail   themselves of I 	
their conee led strength as a majority      Tramp -Madam,I have gone through
if the senate lo force a vol.       If the: many things.   Woman���Yes,and you
''lit fails then be may listen to com-1 van   go through that gate again as
pv uiiise terms ns the less of two evils. I quick ns you can.   Here, Tiger!
M. B. LANG, Golden, B.C.
nets used and true periods in which
various kinds of commercial fish
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting1, con-
**��� sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Coupling's, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts anii Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Sasli, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Intimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kiu<.U><<(' I >i Hidings.


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