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The Golden Era Mar 8, 1901

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Array T
Jambs Hkndkbson,
uilder & Contractor,
J    A .apply of Building Llm. for Sale
Plana prepared. Prompt attention ftiruto
Thomas O'Brien.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PublicXonveyanoer, etft
Offioeln tTppor Columbia Navigation and
Tramway Company", Iluildsng,
| Golden, B.C.
TOL. XI NO. %/
GOLDEN, Bbitish Columbia, ^RtDAY, MARCH 8, 1901
Pee Year*.
li h
Whether yon make a Dollar
or save a Dollar so long as
yon are one dollar to the
1STOCK-TAKING h�� revealed many
odd lots���broken ends���short
ends���many lines of goods
wo would rather be without,
in fact in many cases we prefer half their-value in money,
! It is a very small purchase
. on which you cannot save
one dollar. The more you
buy the more you save.
DONT pass this by saying, "There
is nothing I need Just now,"
but come anyway and perhaps you will see something
yon would rather have than
tbe small, amount of money
we ask for it.
WE prefer the money���COME.
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Alexander Block.
sa, Gait, Hamilton,  Ingereol
agara Falls,  Port Colbour.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,600,000
Capital Paid Up ��*,5*>O,0O<>
Beit *    _*_      1,7*5,000
H. 8. Howlsnd,      ���      President.
T. B. Merritt,        -       Vice-Prea.
Wm. Ransasy,     T. Sutherland Staynor
Robert Jaffray, Ellas Rogers,
Wm. Hendrle.
HnADOrnon. Toronto.
D. R. Wii.xie, General Manager,
*.. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA. N. W. T. and B. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Golden,      Nelson,       Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert,    ReveUtoke,    Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Essex, Fergus, r "	
Llstowel, Niagara Falls,  Fort Colbourne
Hat Portage,        Sault Ste. Mario.        St
Catharines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Welland,
Woodatock, and Montreal, tjsie.
Agent. In Kreat Britain:
Lloyd'a Bank, Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of tbe
above branches.
Agent* in United States:
NEWYORK-Bank of Montreal, Banket
CHlCAGO-Flrat National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bas*,
SAN FBANCISCO-Wells, Fargo sfc Co..
. Bank.
Agents In South Africa,
Intereat allowed on deposits,
Provincial, Municipal and other debenture.
Available at all point, in Oanada, United
Kingdom, United Slates.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
ffilte OfoU-cn t&va.
Ed. V. Chambers, - Editor and Publisher.
Subscriptions 13-00 per year in advance.
Advertlalng rates made knowA on request.
FRIDAY, Mabca 8. 1901.
I the put week there wa.
meeting of the Crow'. Neat
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A Detail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealer..
Jas. Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M. Amir. Inst. H.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual suaHment work, etc.   Addrea.
HAVING finished stock-taking I
find that it is larger than
nsacessary. I will therefore sell
the following at greatly reduced
J Clothing,
, Fancy Goods,
* Rubber Goods,
'  Boots and Shoes,
"Toys, Dolls, etc.
General lerehant,
A. W
i*t*\ .vc-fi i\*ri\i*<i\l?*ti\ ,*<i\ifrt.\ ivr-iuvf*
Canadian Pacific Railway
- xfcsv. th. Qnlckeat and
But Equipped Train
Croialng th. Continent.
���im-.    ��� ��?*--.	
St Paul,
Taronto and Montreal
Wsadneeday and Sunday.
,. ���    tatty.
[ ToTtfull partlonlan apply to neareet
.       tO. P. E. Agsmt.
'.'. Or**    L
''���'** V. COYLB,   0. E. UoPHEESON,
t'BJRA.,     '."������'      OVP..V,    '-.
eneenver. Wlnnlpsrc.
iitutHiua.    -
���******��***. .,
Tt). Only Uwss-sl Hotel at
Ssllllaasaheae er UsU.na....
Cholee Wlnei, Liquors* Cigars.
free Pasture.
Good Stabling.
Having completed arrange
ments for the purchase of
the Bpillimachene House, the
undersigned solicits a share
of the pnblio patronage. ���
The Elk Park Ranch and Stoek
Improving Co., Limited.
the shareholdw. ef
 *.*...* end Slock Imnrov
!m Company, Limited, wlU be held at the
oflee of Tlw..O'BrlsM, Barrlstw, In Golden,
B.C., ea
SATURDAY, MARCH 80th, 1001,
��t�� o'clock In the afternoon, for 111. Section
of eAeen sud th. dl racttec. of um Company-,
VoteF-Tootim, B.C., thi. Hah dsy of
Mrs-trynum.       .    -_
l\ L. SHOOK, tertiary.
P. A. Desormeau,
,    ,  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B��.
Sontn Blae Sinking Iran. Rlv.r,
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
BarrLttre, ���.ll.ll.ra. ae.
Revelstoke, B.O. Fort Steele, B.C.
Rooms Alexander Block Golden B. C.
Bald Mountain Mining <k Development Co., Ltd.
THE Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
of the Bald Mountain Mining A De
velopraent Co., Limited Liability, will be
held in the offlce of the Company at Golden,
B.C., on
MARCH 14th, 1001.
at 3 p.m.,' for the purpoae of bearing th.
director.' report, election of officers, and
such other bualnea. tt may come before the
W. H. LEE, Preeident.
Calgary, Feb. HI 1001.
Bicycles !
Bicycles I
���   ,   ���#���    ���
���-Metal Attention
���fe Sewing Machines.
Kicking Hone Bridge.
Kootbkav Houss. ��� A J Smith, Cal*
gary, WI Cox. P.IHmt; C Rom Mirtyn,
Ravelatekei W And.r��n, Field, 0 8 Philip;
Vancouver, Mrs Ross, city.
Rumsli. Houu.-s-.Wm Sprang, oltyj
Adrian DeCaluw., Liverpool: Msn. Glail*
Chrlatlaaetadt, Robert Duan, Belfsat, Ire.,
Herb McKnlght, city, Ben Sprung, city;
A Microbe Fuller, Tn.ro, 3 Bum.. Toronto;
P J Macaamara, Peterboroi J M Wright,
Qussss HOTSL.-JT 8 Racber tat W W
MclnMa. Revflatok.) L A Kanoh, Carbon-
" Uhet Nsubltt, city. OUvf ~   *	
', ellji E_r "'
Pass Coal Co. held In Toronto at which
Senator Cox, president of the company, explained that there wa. no intention on their part to evade contract, with Kootenay smelters; that
they were willing to nndertake to
supply the local demand and to furnish
all the coal or coke needed. He said
th. object of the oompany was to extend and develop the trade in general,
and inatead ol restricting their output
to 1,800 ton. per lay, as they are
forced to do al preaent, they would pnt
on a staff thai would turn out 10,000
to 19,000 tonsper day. In other words
S��nntor Cox aad. It clear that they
are not going to give up one market In
favor of another, bat to add to their
present bualsni by taking on the
American trade. This programme i.
decidedly interesting aod it remain, to
be aeen whether _the people of thi.
country an going, to give up their
prospects of a hug. export trade in
coal, which will moan thousands of
dollar, per y��ar In royalty, merely for
the .ake of keeping the Kootenay as a
private preserve for the C.P.R. Here
il an Opportunity to develop southern
Britieh Columbia Into a teeming centre
of indu.try, ansl mu.t it be sacrificed
on the altar of protection���for the
Canadian Paoiflo Bailway. Behind
all the opposition to this scheme is the
influence of the great Canadian corporation, whioh doe. not want a line of
railway connected with the Oreat
Northern for fear of competition, not
only In the coal carrying trade but in
the general carrying business. We
do not want to be understood as wishing any harm to Canada's transconti
nental line, but we do believe in com
petition. We would prefer to see tbis
line built by no Oovesmmeat, bat In.
lieu of that we would like to see the
Northern Paoiflo extended as a competing line, lu the event of their
dealing unfairly with B C. .inciter,
the Government can easily regulate
matters by as export duty.
Victorious Ctrler. Return Laden with
Valuable- Spolle.
Oolden mar well be proud of tho
men deputed to vanquish at Calgary
tho chosen of the whole Northwest
Territories In the curling contest of
laat week. Not. only did they rout tbe
enemy but the,' carried away loot of
rare intrinsic vain, and of praise
and bouquet. . surfeit. The .weep of
victory never faltered from .tart to
.finale. Indeed, even at the banquet
onr fellows win laurel, in song and
apeech and vere recipients ol the
higher encomlim. that fell from the
lips of the cbiirman. But the Cal-
gariam are a gsnerou. people and they
know how to appreciate true .port.-
men, hence t is that the Oolden
curling contitgent have nothing but
kindly recollectione of all that transpired during lbs rarlou. phases of the
roarin' game.
Tbe t.t.l value of prl.es won by
the Golden rink amounted to about
|>4!S. The Burns cup, of course, was
the oynosure cl all ourlera' eyes and Is
a valuable and beautiful work of art,
very creditabl, to It. maker and well
in keeping with tha object of It. munificent donor. Tho Brewery trophy
il both unique and valuable and, a. In
the one. of the cup, will be competed
for next year, after which both will
remain tha property ot the Ooldtn
Curling Club 1. perpetuity.
In tho individual Burnt competition
thro, out glais decanters with oak
cabineta war* gathered In at one full
awoop by tha Ooldenltes. Alio, in the
individual Brewery conteat four pair.
of fin. opera nlas.es, through wblob,
no doubt, the victor, will look back
in complacent retro.pect and with
prtdo and pleasure at the feast of fun
���nd treasure tbey had and won io
Calgary. Four pair, of Slater'a celebrated ehoee were begged a. the share
of Golden', superior curlers In the
McNeill competition.
Tbo name, ol th. four m.n  whose
prowee. will undoubtedly go down to
the third and fourth generations in
th. annal* ot curlian ara:
Ullock, .kip.
In tho points competition J. G,
Ullock won two vases and a bridle.
The Ice wss sloppy.
Nothing too good for Ooldsn ourlen
anywhere In tk* terrltoiiei.
Caaadau, steal Trado.
A serious state of affairs is threatened in Canada If tbe Morgan-Bock-
feller syndicate succeed in obtaining
control of the Dominion Steel Co. and
the Dominion Coal Co. of Sydney, Cape
Breton. The huge trust is making
every effort possible to buy up the
stock of this Canadian Industry. Some
peopra claim that the deal Is already
completed, while H. M. Whitney, pre-
sidentof the Dominion Steel Co,, claims
that the deal Is not yet through. The
following interview on this subject Is
taken from the Toronto World:
"Itis a good thing," said the gentleman interviewed, "for the promoters of the Sydney enterprises, (the
Dominion Steele Co.) and a good thing
also for the steel trust. The former
are playing for safety, while the latter
by combining the Sydney and Pittsburg propertiea, stand to get enoagh
mbney out of the Canadian taxpayer,
In the way of bounties, to help towards
paying a dividend on the bonds oi the
trnst. The plant at Sydney is calculated to produce 5,000,000 tons of if otl
annually. Thi. means that the Canadian people will have to pay the trust
$15,000,000 annually In bounties at $3
per ton.
"It the Trust Should increase the
plant at Sydney to give an output of
10,000,000 tons, it would mean that
in 1908, when by the sliding scale the
bounty will disappear, tho taxpayers
of Canada will have paid Mr. Morgan
and his associates 1100.000,000.
'���This mean, that Canada will contribute one-third ot the bonded indebtedness of thegigantio Amerioan syndicate
through the bounty system.
"The worst feature ot the business,
however, is this, tbat Canada will be
paying millions annually to the Morgan trust to aid in killing all British
trade in neutral markets, because the
Sydney plant is to be used exclusively
tn manufacturing for export. Tbe
Pittsburg and other plants In the United States will manufacture for the
American market, and Sydney will
compete against England. Through
the $3 bounty Canada will be turned
into a olub for the use of monopolists
in pnr.uing the'., competition uRninat
There is another feature of the matter not lea. serious. If the Canadian
Parliament ehould repeal the bounty,
Morgan and Bockfeller will promptly
shut down the Sydney works, a policy
which will suit them almost as well as
to draw the bounty. The deal gives
them absolute control over the Sydney
concern, and they are made complete
masters ot the situation.
"The Government at Ottawa will bo
in the clutch of the trust. If they
annuled the bounty they would lose
Nova Scotia, they would stir up the
concerns and ail who are Interested in
them at Hamilton, Midland and the
'Soo.' The political party in newer
that would defy the trust would be
deader than any herring that ever was
"Now this is the situation with the
Morgan syndicate controlling the iron
and ooal Industries on tbe Atlantic
seaboard ot Canada, Interested also In
the ooal of the Crow'a Nest Pass, and
reaching out for otber enterprises, and,
incidentally, taking possession of tlio
Government of Canada, thiough control of the party. The outlook is
f .-aught witb deep concern for Canada.
Mr. Whitney in the following letter
to the Toronto Star denies any intention of forming a combine or of selling
to the Morgan syndicate:
To the Editor of tbe Star: I have
heretofore elated that there is no truth
in report that the Dominion Iron nnd
Steel Company haa sold out to Morijan
syndicate. I do not know bow I can
be more explicit,
Nor have there been any negotiations
looking tn such purchase. Neither is
there likely to be any temptation offered
in the way of exchange of securities
which would Induce stockholders ot
Steel company to part with their pro
Considering our nsttlinl advantages
and our low fixed oharges, we occupy
a unique aud impregnable position.
We shall join no syndicate, but shall
go on and develop our enterprise on
lines originally projected which results
In the actual making of iron have do
mon.trated to be aound. (Signed) H*
It. Whitney.
beaded orr.
London, March 4.��� A despatch from
General Kitchener, dated Pretoria,
March 4th) snys: He Wet was moving
on Phllippopolis, Orange river colony,
but was headed off hy our troops, and
is now marching on Fauresmith,
about 40 miles north of Phllippopolis.
The general opinion, founded on
despatches to the newspapers, is tbat
Gen,' Botha hus surrendered to the
British thus commemorating Majuba
Day in the same way that Cronje did.
If the War oflice confirms the report
thore will be grent rejoicing through*
out the empire.
Colesberg, March 4.��� The blame tor
General De Wet's escape is placed on
the system rather than on the commanders pursuing him. It has been
impossible to direct operations by telegraph, and the feeling is that great
discretion should be allowed commanders in the field. Gen. De Wet
marched five miles a day faster than
the swiftest Britisli column.
'*A ftp-relnl Offer.
We bare arranged with the Montre 1
WltnajW to make the following clubbing offer to aubacribor.: Th. Era
and Dally Witness HOO per year)
the Era and Weekly Witness 12.60
per year, or, if the subscriber prefess
It, w* will give tbe Era aod World
Wide (another publication by the Wit*
neo office) for 12.50 per yonr.
An Able Mun.
In its report of the proceedings of
the House, on Friday last, The Province had the following which will be
read With interest and pleasure by the
electors of this Constituency:���The debate this afternoon wa. concluded by
Hon. W. C. Wells, tho chief commissioner of lands and works. He was
greeted with hearty saivas of applaus
from both sides of the chamber, for
whatever charges are leveled agrinst
other minister, he rarely comes in for
criticism. All members of I he legisi
ture knows that he labors from eight
in the morning often until midnigh
in the department, and that be give,
his best servico to tbe province. His
speech this atternoon showed what a
thorough mastery of the details ot the
branch of the service over which he
presides, he has obtained, siuce taking
office, Every charge, every suggestion
and a reply soinetimesbrief, but always
oomplote, was forthcoming. It is so
rarely that the chit f commissioner
heard, and his speech was such a frank
and straightforward one, that future
deliverances from him will be looked
[or with interest,
The New star,
The new star which hus suddenly
appeared in the constellation of Perseus
is one of the most Isnportant astronomical events which have occured for
many generations. Not since 1670 has
& similar phenomenon been presented
to the eye of man. It will, therefore,
be watched with untiring interest,
while it lasts, which may be for some
weeks or months. It is noteworthy
that the star was apparently not visible a week ago, and yet today it ie ne
bright as some ot the first magnitude
stars. ���  ,
Tho Nova, for such is the name
given to such stars, will be found in
the very beart of tl.e constellation
mentioned, midway, ns it were, between the three brightest stars in it,
of which one, its nearest neighbor to
the southwest, is tlio celebrated variable Algol. It is shining with the
brilliancy ot Capella, the splendid sun
in Auriga, which it resembles to a marvellous degreo in size nnd color. Capella
is to theeast of the new star, wbicb will
probably be known as Nova Persol,
and which should be observed by every
student of science. On Saturday night
when seeing was very pood, it was
examined both telescopicnlly and spec*
troscoplcally In Toronto by a number
ot the members ot tho Astronomical
Society. The star is a beautiful object,
being of a whitish-yellow, with a tint
of purple. It is said to present a peculiar spectrum, having many dark and
hydrogen lines.   No doubt the Nova
ill prove to be one of the most interesting astronomical pl.ono.nen.. of the
year, and possibly, of the century, for
there appear to hnve been not more
than four of such stars, including the
new one, since 138 B, C.
An Ideal Storage Butterv.
New York, Feb. 24.���The Now Tork
Journal today makes the announce-
ment that Edison has Invented the
storage battery for which electricians
and inventors havo been searching for
yeare. The Journal gives Mr. Lewis
E. Bomeblcr, n member of a big law
firm In New York, as ita authority for
the statement that Edison's invention
is something entirely new. Without
going into details, he says that Edison's new battery will be able to produce power so cheaply that coal will
be worth little more than sand. Steam
smoke, soot and ashes will nearly disappear and coal will be used for very
lew pnrpoees. Mr, Bomeisler sajs
tbat Edison haa been working on tbis
etorage battery for years and expects
to have it in commercial shape by nest
In the Legislature the chief event of
the week ha, beon the debate In reply
to the Speeoh from the Throne, which
was moved by Murphy (West Yale),
and seconded by Dickio, (Cowicban):
Mr, Murphy was elocutiont and vr*t
heartily cangratulatesl. Mr. Dickie
wae solid and practical. Brown open'
ed tlte ball for the Opposiiioh, rnd
was followed by Turner, who defended
the Government's railway policy, Gil-
mour was next, and his. speech closed
monday's debate Jfariln and Curtl.
weie absent.
On Tuesday Tatlow resumed tlte debate, and spoke on his anti-Chius-as.
policy. Oliver followed roasting the'
C. P. B. Then came the boy orator
from North Nanaimo, who made the
most vigorous of Opposition ehoecties.
He made some vory sarcastic remarka
about Turnerism. Mounce, (Comos)
was next and after a short address waa
followed by McBride, who deplored
Melunes' personalitiea. Ho Explained
that amendments to mining laws referred to placer laws only. Greene
closed the debate for Tuesday.
Clifford opened the debate on Wednesday and was followed,byMcPhillips,
Neil, Hall, Ssnitb and Hunter. Hon.
Wells closod the debate lu a defence of
hia administration. He made the hit
of the debateun partisan appointments.
Said he had appointed an inspector of
roads who said be had voted for Gladstone r-ii'i Wells. Showed good judgment in both cases. On Wednesday
Brown, Martin, Curtis and Houston
were absent.
Thursdsy's debate Wos started hy
Attorney-General In a defence of Turnerism, Defended Governments rail-
way policy, Coast-Kootenuy railway
was brought well t) the front. Ho!-
mckeu followed aud reminded ths
Attorney-General that Dunsmuir wae
Premier. Hawthornthwaite, Boger.,
Munro, Price Ellison and Kidd all had
a little to say before tbe debate was
closed. Fulton of North Yalo kept
his seat.
The following bills were presented   j
tor their flrst readiug:
An Act to amend the Investment antl
Loau Societies Aot.     '
An Act respecting ts town ol Wellington.
An Act to accelerate the incorporation of the city of Slc����an,
An Act to amend the Extra.l*rovi.f-
cial Investment and Loan Society's-
Act 1000.    ���
An Act respecting certain Bailway
Laud Grants.
An Act to amend the Law of Iiibeil
tance and distribution.
An Act relating to Labor,
An Act to amend the Uigbwuy traffic regulation set.
An Act to amend the Land Registry
Act Amendment Act  1900.
An Act respecting Commissions'ahs?
appointments ou tlie Itemise ol tho
An Act to amend iho Placer Mining |
Act and Amending Acts.
 **.**-���*. ���-
J. D. Wolls, of Palliser, is in tls<
city today.
H. C. Killeen, Government rdiid in- |
epootor   for    Kootenay,    arrived
Uolden to lay.
Sergt. Northway of tho C'oluuiUd |
Valley, was killed In action on Feb. 17.
Monday was inauguration day, in
Washington,Presi'ler.i McKinley being
sworn in for a second term. Forty
thousand people watched the procession!
to the white house*
Dr. Bodingteti has resigned hfspest*!
tion as Medical Suprriutendent of theJ
Insane asylum at New Westininsies/I
and will be succeeded by Dr. Mauchm-|
Since Mr*. Carrie  Nation's return!
from Peoria on Thuraday night shehssl
occupied her cell In the county, jall|
bete.   Astlsed last night as to her tuturs
plans, afrs. Nation said:    "You jusol
tell Ihe people that Carrie Nation wilh]
attend to ber knitting,  the same
usual.   I will go to smashing ss soonl
as I aro released, of course.   This ia|
my snission in tbe world nt preaenJ
and I asn going to lull!) It to the bes|
ot my ability."
The efficacy of advertising was III
lustrated last week wherein a missing
son wa. traced and his anxious par]
cuts pnt in communication with his
Lost, wanted, or fouud tlse Era ca|
sio the trick and don't forget it.
Under the head of ''missing friendal
in the Albertan one The. O'Brien i
enquired Ior by Mr.. Waylay ot T|
The country sustained a great loss, en Sa]
urday, at Ottawa, hy <h�� tUu.tl.oi Dr. O.
Dawssou, sliroclnr of the goologit'iit aurvc
H. was at tsss efiioe tu receotly tsa TburadaJ
when he caught cold, and death ressnlted in
bronchitis. It ia reported ilust l��. -Mil vs
be hia BUceSst-ur.
,:>~r""v-��'-KV}*..:��!4,* ROCHESTER FIRE.]
Six lllrls .Missing and Are Hdlt-.il
to Have Been ll..rn,d
to Heath.
ltortieatcr. N. Y.. March 8.���The
1-eary dye works, a Ave sstory bullsl-
ing, wish gssitesl by Un, yesterday
morning. The npper tloor was occupied b.v tin, Seneca Camera eusu-
nany, who employ ss. large fores- of
men antl wtsmen. Three hotlit'H havs*
alrcndy bet'si rs*mssvs*sl frss... the building, and ninny lnjssretl have Iss-on
taken iss the bospltala. The Un* is
ssipposs-d lis havo sinned among ih��,
chemicals stored is. tho >.|>i��'r lloors
ot the building.
Thtiss* tlensl have not uss -sit Is
identlllid. Frederick ..'as*,*, Jumped
from the Issurtb ssiory intss it blanket
was badly bruised, an.l will prssls
ably die.
It Is reported tlmt six girls who
works*sl in ihs* camera works, stud
who ure issississg, Imve sporishtid
the flames. Othen. known to ho mi
ing nr** Frank Meyer ansl John Henry
who wero employed In ths* camera
Alice Kirk, Kstte Koarncy and Sadie Ilrodle, who escaped fr.sn. the
llltlt lloor, salt! lhat when they loft
the room wns lill.-d with llames, and
that six nther employees weru still in
the room and In a dazed condition.
W. A. Basils!., ol Ills- Seneca I'stssi-
era company .slates that he was
working on lhe fourth lloor tsl the
building when the lire broke out and
that the llames spread with incredible rapidity. He hsul a narrow escape, having barely time In reach
the lire escape, and when hss left the
room, he saw six girls running about
tho room in a completely slazetl condition. He thinks they were notable
to muke their escape, and have been
burned to death. Twenty-llv,' persons on the third lloor managed to
leave the building by moans ol the
tire escape. The Seneca Camera com-
pany hnd 840,000 worth of stoek,
whit-h will be a total loss.
Halifax, March a.-Tlie blttereat
kind of It't'ling exisls bs-twe-'l. tils
fishermen ot St. Piorro Mlnuelon ansl
those of New fountlland mill Canada
Some considerable time ago il wrsssss
an order waH Issued by she French
Cable company, otic ol whoso cables
run Irons Best, lo Cape Cod, via Hi
Pierre, directing that all English o|��-
eratssrs engaged on thst enisle at St
Pierre should take the oath of allegiance to France If lltssy wished lo
retain their positions. This most of
them did. The majority ���l tb,' n|s-
,'rators are English.
The news that this order had been
issued has only now become generally known. St. Pierre i.s il.-s heud
quarters Ior 1,0(10 of lit" French fishermen, whssse catch Is benolUod by a
bounty Irons the French gavormnent
Tho treaty tinsl-T which Francs' retained sontrol of St. ritsric provides
that no lortiflcatipnsl shull Is' su-os-
cd. The sss-ws of this ssrslssr r.'spiir-
ing ullt'giuns-e lo Francs' slsit-*, mil
tend lo Improvo the leeling hos.\vs'en
British ansl French flsherini'ii.
Victoria, B. 0., March il.���A sensn
lion was cauwid at the nn.ii.nl messl
to the Protesinnt orphanngo here.
when It wan announced shut Senator
Macdonald had withdrawn his subscription because the distinctive Protestant character ol ths, Instit.uloi
wns departed from when tin' children
were allowed lo atiend St Barnabas church, whirl, comes under lbs
jurisdiction of the Anglicun bishop,
but which is higher than Use sssh.r
Anglican churches here. No action
was taken, but the rector ol Ht. Barnabas wns dropped Irom the hoard
ol manngssment.
Fort Pitt, Husk., March :i.���l.nst
Thursday night, while resisting arrest, a hall-breed nanis-tl lhunelln,
was shot in the hip. He ssss.l escap
ed Irom the guard room til "Vssrs Saskatchewan last lull anil Issr souse
time had been living near hero with
a isqsiaw and nn Indian. On Thursday he quarrelled with ihs'Sis assd
they lied here Ior protection, he following, with lull intent to Uill. The
police were soon nolitled, untl met
him leaving nn Indian house. The
bullet has not yet bcs'i. extracted,
but the wound Is not considered slnn-
gerous. Haim-lin originally dime
Irom Winnipeg.
Calgary, March J .���Mrs. llraliaiii.nl
tke Atlantic hotel, attempted msiolsle
Thursday night, by a drink ni carbolic acid. Sho told her husband sh,
won thirsty, and took a drink nml
laid down. Hor husband notii-nl is
Strang'1 look come over her and telephoned lor a doctor.' Alter six hours
exertion the doctor master".! Ills'
lecta of tho poison.
Chicago, March 8.���A special dispatch to tho Record Irom Assslln.
Tsxsas, snys: The etatc ssennU' yesterday jsoses-d dually the bill making
kidnapping a capital offence. The
bill will go Immediately to ths* houss
where It will probably bss [sussed
without oppoeition.
Toronto, March 8.���W. M. Ramsay
luu. announced his retirement ,r��m
the Standard Lllss allejr a connection
with this compassy in Scotland and
Canada o! 150 yssnrs, during 40 of
which ho has been manager.
Ottawa, March 2.���The time ol the
house wo*, occupied In debating Mr.
Cwtigan'B renolulion that the anti-
Catholic relerence in tl.e coronation
oath should be eliminated. The premier detailed the history conneclod
with tho subject, nnd a vole wss��
rrachfd at 1:80 on Saturslay morning, tlle motion being carried 1911 to
Iss h*a* la CoaU.iw.il Parssasraalu.
Toronto, March 3.���The will of the
late rhilllp Jacobs,, artist, who died
latelv. disposes ol an estutc of *>li.��J.-
HtUnlltOA, March 3-Herbert F.
tlardlner, editor ol the Times, Is to
become postmaster of Hamilton.
Adam Brown is to bo superannuated
Oswugss, N. Y-, March 3.���Four
jhtldren were burned to deuih and
their aged grandmother seriously
burned nt Litchfield Center, Pa., yesterday.
Brownsville, March 8.���Nicholas
Hopkins, ngcsl 78, ono ol tho olsli'st
anil most respected residents sit this
villtsg.', was lound dead In bed yos-
ii'rsluy morning.
Kingston, N. Y., March 8.���Gwrgo
Peter Newklrk, colored, tlli'il at Old
Hurley yesterday, aged 117 yours,
II,* was the lirst nogro tss vole iu
New York state.
Capo Town, March 8.���sir Allrod
Milner started northward yesterday
so take up hia new slsstles as governor of the Transvaal ansl lhe Orange River Colon}.
Holdenvlllo, IT., March ll.���lohn-
son Miller, a Issll bloosl Creek Indian,
was shot lo death yosterday by a
musket! body ol men. Miller was
under arri'sl, lor murder.
Montreal, March 8,-Sovonteen members of the Ojlbway tribo surrlved
hero yesterday en rossto to New York
where they arts to present Hlnwntha
at Ihe Sportsman's show.
Vancouver, March !!.���The Seattle
ami International railway is to be
absorbed b.v the Northern Pnclflc,
President Mollen, ol the latter road.
is now in Seattlo conducting tho negotiations.
Burrows, Co., March U.-Last night
John Moody, colored, was shot und
hanged until dead by Whltcraps In
ths, country near here. At the same
time another negro was beaten so
severely thnt ho may die
London, March 3.���The only Horn
of genernl interest in the naval Items
is ihe allotment ol ��43,000 to char-
tor Hits steamship Ophir for the
Iiuke and Duchess ot Cornwall ssnsl
York in their colonial tour.
Ottuwn, March ,8,-Tho report ol
lho judges in Esiss't Quoon's, Prince
Edward Island, has been relerrod to
th,' privileges and elections committee, and tlm speaker has issued his
warrant for a siew election.
Niagara Falls. Out., March 8.���T.
II. Young, for the past 18 years
chief of tho Ontario police lorce of
the Nlugnra frontier, tiled on Friday
at his residence, Niagara Falls Centre of cahcer ol lhe stomach.
Montreal, March 3.���The 0. 1'. R.
iinsnagemenl confirm the appointment
ol Mr. Creelman, a partner of tho
bun il. B. Osier, as general sssllcitor.
In successlofa to Jutlgs, Clark, who
wlsl. however, be retained as consuls issg counsel for the company.
Ilr.inlford, March 3.���Mr. I. Cock-
shnll. a pioneer and lending resident
ol llrniilford. died sit his residence
hers- yesterday, aged S7 ys*nrs. Iie-
ccafsed wns vice-president ssf iheCock-
shssii I'lssw company, Heath was
the rs'sult sil an nilas-k ssf lu grippe,
which developed inio pneumonia.
Pittsburg, March 3���Two tlt'iid,
thr,',' badly hurt and a passenger
train bisrsss'd is the result o( n I.ihi.1-
on collision between passenger train
No. 10 southbound, asssl a local
freight on the Pittsburg. Virginia
and Charleston railway this evening
nt. Coal Valley, live miles from Mc-
Cumberland, Mil., March 3.���The
United Mine Workers of lli'isrge'a
Creek, Meyersdalo district, haw fall-
til out ull the miners of the Meyers'
dsile Held, over 2,000 In number, !*-
cassso ssl tilts discharge ol some ...en
by Ehh'U Bros., of Baltimore, ab
tisssir Tub Mill mines. No cause is
given for the discharge.
New Vork, March 8.���The White
star line steamer Teutonic, which
arrived yesterday morning Irom Liv-
orpool was struck by a tidal wave
nl li:20 o'clock Sunday morning, and
as a consequence cause into port
with her forward Ironwssrk smashed
ansl some sit the psusscngs-rs nnd crew
under she sloclor's care.
London, March 3.���The discontent
regarding tho treatment of commons
at tho opening ol parliament ugiiisi
cropped up In tho hossse on Friday
evening. It began on iho discussion
ol the civil wrvlco supplementary i's-
tlmates. Alter being subjected to
virulent criticism, lho government
only succeeded in carrying ths' vols-
by a meagre majority of s"s2.
Topeka, Knn., March 3���Mrs. (iir
rlo Nation returned tn Topeka eurlj
yesterday Iron. Peoria, where slu
went lo edit a paper for it day- Upon her arrival here, she went at
once to the county Jail and gave hor*
wit over to the custody ol the sheriff.
The S2.000 bond whicli Mrs. Nation
was required to give bs'lore shs' lott
the city was cancelled.
Ouelph, March 1.���Tho first provincial Ilvo stock show was opened
yesterday by MlnlstsT ol Agriculture
Dryden, There wits, ovst a thousand
In attendance. They were mainly
buyers, some Irom points as distant
as Altsertn and Nova Scotia. Hotsie
of the hest buyers, however, wens
Irosst Michigan. A very sticcosslul
hanqsiet wus held In tho evening.
Goshen, Ind., Feb. 27���Three |ss>r-
sons were killed hore Saturday evening nud several injured by a Wahash
westbound passenger train running
into a sleigh tilled with people.
Vienna, March 1.���A dispatch from
Holla, Bulgaria, announces that!
Prince Boris, Ihe oldest son ol Ihe
reigning Prince Ferdinand, who was
born In 1HI.4, has suffered a serious
relapse and that symptoms ol abdominal typhus have set in.
Triuoli, Msuch 1���A rebellion has
broken out against thn Sultan ol
Wntlnl (south ol the (treat Desert!
owing to tho many oxs-cutlons. Ap-
med, son of the lato Sultan All, hns
bo,'., proclaimed king ol the rebels.
A French lorco is reported to bo hnll
wsv between Tuat and Wadal.
The question  Debated In lhe Com-
inoiis-Members Vent Their
OttiYWu, March I.���In the Dominion
house of commons yesterday Mr.
Kobinson, ot Elgin, moved a resolution that railways that have received a franchise or uid from the country should furnish members of the
house with free transportation upon
tho certilieate of lhe clerk of the
house, and that no mileage indemnity be paid to members while in attendance upon their purlin ment nry
Mr. Vuttee, of Winnipeg, supported
the resolution. He laid speeiul stress
on the impression abroad that railway legislation was facilitated tn
the house through the influence of
passes given by railways lo members.
Mr. Ulchnrdsou, of Lisgar, did uot
believe legislation was influenced by
passes. He considered that government mileage allowance wns intended to Include, besides actuul transportation expenses, also the cost of
meals, 1'ullman, and perhaps time
lost. However, he was prepared to
support the resolution.
Mr. Maclean, East York, came out'
.Igorously against the practice of
members travelling on passes and
still drawing their travelling allowance from the government. He snid
some members justified such a prns-
tice because of the sessional indemnity. M?. Maclean pronounced himself in favor of an increased sessional Indemnity.
Mr. Schell, of Glengarry, Beeined to
think tlie proper remedy would be
for the government to furnish pnsses.
Mr. It. L. Borden said he did not
believe members were influenced in
their action on railway legislation
by pusses. He thought it might bo
better If members were to pny their
fare In the ordinary wny and have
this expense mado good at Ottawa.
The premier pronounced the proposed measure a drastic one. He
held it was a tradition of British
legislation not to compel the giving
of a service without compensation.
Ownership wns sacred nnd should
not be invaded without compensation. Tho fact that subsidies hnd
been granted to railways was no argument in favor of the proposition.
In order    that the    whole question
ight be fully considered he moved
the adjournment of the debate.
Live Qak, Florida, Feb. 28.��� On
Monday, Henry .1, Piatt, a naval
stores operator on the Suawanee
river, wns shot dead In his commissary by a negro whoso name is unknown. The murderer eseuped to
the woodn. Sheriff Mat his, of Lafayette county, organized n posse and
followed him. Last night Sheriff
Mathis came up with his 1nnn. A demand to surrender was replied to
with shots. The sheriff fell mortally wounded. After falling down the
sheriff drew a bead on the negro and
(bred. The sheriff died four hours
fired. ThP sheriff died (our hours
later. The negro is alive but cannot recover.
Ueginu. Feb. 28.���Mr. .1. H. Boss,
a member of the Northwest cabinet,
hns had the Yukon commissi oner ship
offered to him, and he is now on
his way to Ottawa in connection
with the matter. Although nothing
can be definitely settled until he arrives at the capital, Ihere is really
no doubt tlmt he will receive the appointment, in which case he must resign his position tn the lerrltotial
government and his seat in the assembly.
Ottawa. March I.���The militia department has sent out a notico that
there arc more applications for positions in the South African police
force than there uro men required,
Miniola, Mun., March 1.���Warren
Suey. tho Minlota Chinese lnundry-
man, whs found dead in his ithunty
here yesterday morning. He wat*
last seen alive on Wednesday and ev
idontly died in tho night without attendance of any kind. A post mortem examination will probably be
held, ���
London) March 1.���In the March issue of tho official navy list there is
an interesting innovation. King Edward apjs-nrs as head of the navy,
Until now thennvy list has not rec-
ognized the existence of the monarch,
and thu omission wns a relic of the
old stntgrO'Ht between the crown and
Now York, March I .���A burglary in
which the thieves tmnired $30,000
worth of jewellery from the residence
of Francis B. Hoffman, a produce ox-
change broker, living on East 70th
street, was made public last night.
Tho burglary look place early Tuesday morning.
London, Feb. 38.���Cardinal Vaugh-
an has issued a declaration ..gainst
the anti-Catholic oath taken by King
Edward on the occasion of hii* accession to thn throne, and with tho
hopo of repairing and cancelling the
Injuries thus committed against the
Divine Majesty. Ho directs that a
general communion of ivpuruuon
shall tw celebrated in evory Otholic
church within his jurisdiction the
second Sunday of Lent, and that in
future the words "in reparation"'
shall be prefixed and read hrfo'V the
Divine praises at Benediction.
Mombasa, West Coast of Africa,
Feb. 28.���A Britisli expedition of 500
men, after making nn eight-day
march, of IM miles .into tho Romans' country to punish them for killing Hub-Commissioner Jenner, wan
attacked Feb. ID at Sannnsa, 20
miles from Affmadu, und lost seventeen men killed, Including Lieut.-Col,
Maltland. The Somalia were beaten
off with the loss of ISO men killed.
The cattle captured on the march
were stampeded and lout. The expedition returned to Affmadu.
A Saax.1 *t liHiluS Mew. Casa.naa.
(loderich, March 1.���Judge Lount
was presented with a pair ot white
gloves at the assize court yesterday.
liravenhurst. Feb. 28.���Mu��koktt'
Liberals renominated Dr. Brldgeland
lor theMuskoka district.
New York, March 1.���According to
a Paris dispatch Countess E. Boni
DeC'astellane will sail lor New York
Stockholm, Feb. 28.���The influenza
epidemic Is becomiug more severe.
Princo Bernadottc, second bo.i of
King Oscar, Is among the sufferers.
Ashley, 111., March 1.���The Centennial bank, a private institution ot
which Edmund Palmer, ol Chicago, is
president, failed to open for business
yesterday. The deposits "arc said to
aggregate S80,000.
Philaslelphla, March 1.���Hev, Itob-
urt Alexander. D.D., tt widely known
Presbyterluu clergyman and editor
ol tho Presbyterian di��t hero yesterday ol a complication ol diseases.
He was 64 years old.
Berlin, March 1���The third supplementary estimate ol 8,000,000
marks for expenses incurred by tho
war in China has been Issued. ThlB
brings the total voted lor tho financial year to 9.1,809,188 marks.
Milan, March 1,���The remains of
Cuiseppe Verdi, the composer, who
died Jan. 27, wore removed yesterday with much ceremony Irom tho
cemetery to the Verdi homo for Aged
musicians. Troops line! the route.
A choir of several hundred voices
sang one ol Verdi's impressive compositions.
Cleveland, 0��� Feb. 28.���As a result ol the refusal ol the Lake Ce��
ris'rs' association to grant tho demands ol tho marine engineers Ior
additional help, engineers on eleeui-
ers, the national president, Cleo. Dialer, yesterday attcrnooa, declared u
etrike In force, affecting nbout 1,800
engineers on the Great LakeB.
Chicago, March l.-Tho private
bauk ot Palmer & Mayer at Des-
plalnes, a" village twelve miles Irom
Chicago, hns closed ltfl doors. The
Institution is said to itave had deposits aggregating 826000, ol which
(6,000 were village .hinds. Experiments with liquid air are snld to
have caused the trouble.
St. John's, Nfld., Feb. 28.���The
house ol assembly, the lower branch
of the Newfoundland legislature, unanimously passed the French shore
modus vlvendl bill last night, both
political parties uniting In supporting the measure. The bill will come
before tho upper houso tomorrow,
when similar action is expected.
London, March 1.���Tho British
steamer Chamois, which wttn In collision yesterday near Neworp lightship, arrived at Oravi'send in low.
She Is considerably damaged and hssr
torepstrt Is full ol water. The vessel
with which tho Chamois collided was
the British steamer Samuel Lalng.
The latter foundered and her captain
wae drowned.     *
London, Feb. 28.-The house ol
commons, after a lenjthy debate yesterday, passed tho second reading ol
the hill restricting th. work of miners to eight hours dally by 212 to
list, votes. The bill is a private
measure, 'litis opponents ol the restriction ol tho hour* ol labor Insisted that such actich would cnor-
mosssly enhance tho p|ice ol coal.
Montreal, March l.-Captain Inman
tho Icebreaker owner, Duluth, Minn.,
has been instructed M a local news-
papor's maritime exjidition to test
lhe navigability ol Sll Lawrence river ansl gulf from tho port ol Quebec
to the Atlantic during tho winter
months. The departure Irom Quebec Ib noxl Tsssisday. The voyago is
to last 80 slays, dipt. Bssrnler will
try to reach Pssrtla
Ueneral Frenoh Is ths lllltarjr Hero
In London-Boer Laager
London, Feb. 28.���A special cuble
received In the city flays Commandant Botha has surrendered to Lord
London, F. U. 28.���The Dally Chronicle has received a report it belloves
trustworthy, though it has no means
ol verification, thai Oen. Botha has
surrendered to Lord Kitchener, and
says: "According to earlier Information Gen. Botha waB to havo been
received at Lord Kitchener's camp
about tho end of thi. week, but if
the foregoing report is correct events
havo riisenetl with unexpected rapidity."
London, Feb. 27.���Mr. Bennett Burleigh wires to tho Dally Telegraph
Irom De Aar, as follows: "The Orange river remains high. Our columns are tightening their grip upon
Steyn, Iks Wet and Hortzog, -near Pe-
trusvllle, and our patrols havo been
ongaged. I anticipate that a general action Is about to oo lought
and that tho collision 1b likely to
prove serious."
London, Feb. 28.���Oen. French's
most recent success, combined -with
the advantages gained by the British
forces in Smith Africa, has created a
most hopclul feeling in the war office
hero. Lord Baglan, under secretary
Ior war, described It today as being
"tho thin edge ol the wedge," end
this Ib also the opinion ot military
critics, who reiterate that while the
war could not be expected to end
wilh a sudden stroke, this constant
capturing ot men, guns, supplies and
horses, meal, that the operations
would soon be reduced to a dacoit
(robbing In bands) stage. General
French Is quite tho hero ol the hour
on Pall Mall, though, of-eourse, General Kitchener's controlling hand is
recognized under overy circumstance.
Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony, Feb.
27.���A private message received here
snys Scheeper's laager, near Williow-
more, hits beon captured by the British. The main body ol Boers was
absent, but 40 burghers and the
whole of tlie supplies were taken.
De Aar, Cape Colony, Fob. 2rt.~
A British officer who waB taken prisoner by General Do Wet, asserts that
he and his lellow prisoners were
shamefully treated by the Boers. He
says he saw General De Wsst pssrson-
ally sjamboking a British officer for
expostulating in reference tn the'
28.���John Knox
|t night Ior the
The mob was
men.    They
hssy caught and
deputies,   and
'Jail door,    soon
Alter   Knox
isilade was llred
ox was a white
Scranton, Pa., Feb
wus lynched hero 1;
murder ol Don Davl
made up tsf about 1
were lully armed,
bound thu sheriff
battered down tho
seeing their    prlso:
was strung up a   I
into his bnily.     K
Omaha, Nob., M^rch 1.���Edward
A. Cudahy has received a letter Irom
the men who kidnapped his son, ol-
foring to rctsirn f!W,000 of the ransom money on condition that all detectives be withdrawn and that no
attempt be made to prosecute the
abductors, should their identity be
discovered. It 1. understood the letter waB mailed at Council Bluffs.
Toronto, Feb. s!8��� Another com-
martial travoller llom the Sudbury
district waB taken to the smallpox
hospital yesterday Snd still another
has been placed tn quarantine by Dr.
Sheard, who experts the man will
develop the disease.' That makes lour
commercial travellei.�� taken by Dr.
Sheard this week old throe ot tbem
are Irom Sudbury. I Three travel Ior
Toronto houses.
Woodstock, Ont. | Fob. 27.���Jsmos
Pearson, ol Delhi, Was sentenced to
threo years In the j penitentiary Ior
Washington, Map* l.-The United
States Senate hai. been thanked by
King Edward tor;Its condolences at
Queen's death.,
Montreal, Feb. 27��� Alblna. tho 22
year old wife of Edmond Legage, hotel runner, swallowed a quantity ol
parls green Inst night, because she
had seen her husband walking with
another woman, and I. now In the
Notrs- Ilaii'.ts hostpltal In it serious
San Francisco, Feb. 27.���Cohort
Tlbbltts, the contractor who lor the
last seven months has been building
the United Slates government son!-
Ing station snd pier in tho harbor ol
Pago Fago In the- Bemoan Islands,
has arrived bere. He says the'pier
and othor structure, costing (400,-
000 will bo turned aver to the gov
ernment In about three months. Tlie
pier Is 266 leets long, 80 leet, wide,
and made entirely ol steel. Mr. Tlbbltts declared Psgo Pago I. tho iln-
est coaling station In the world.
Ottawa, Fs>b. 2R.���It Is learned
Irom an official source thai tho visit
to Ottawa ol His Itoyal Highness,
this Duke ol Cornwall and Ysirk, will
take placo in the middle ot Scptettv*
ber. An intimation to this effect
has, It is understood, been received
nt the vice regul residence hers'. The
Duke and Duchess will visit Canada
on their rc?ttrn from the ceremonies
of the Australia., confederation, and
after touching the Dominion will go
to Newfoundland, sailing Irom there
for England about tho middle ol Ootober. About one month, therolorc,
will bo spent in Canada and New-
Pekin, Feb. 28.���Chlh Slu, lormer
grand secretary, and Hsu Cheng Yu,
son ol the notorious Hsu Tung, wero
publicly besteaded yesterday. The
street in which the execution took
place was guarded by French, German an.l American troops.- The condemned officials were taken to the
ground in carls, and escorted by a
company ol Japanese intantry. Chlh
Sui met his lato in a dlgsn.l-sl manner, walking Irom the cart calmly
and learlessly. Hsu Cneng Yu was
stupefied with opium. They were
both dressed in their Chinese official
costumes, without the insignia ol
their rank.
Goshen, Ind., Feb. 28.���Passenger
train No. 9 on tho Wabash railroad,
which loft Buffalo last night, and
which was scheduled -to roach Chicago this morning, was wrecked two
miles wet ot Millersburg at 9:25 a.
m. today. Tho accident was caused
by a broken rail. The engine passed
over the break In salety, but lhe six
car. following lott the rails, and one
ol them, the rear Pullman, rolled
over on its side and slid down an
embankment SIS feet. Of the forty
or more passengers In the train not
one escaped Injury, twelve being severely hurt and somo will probably
Ottawa, Fob. 27.���The writ Ior an
election in North Bruce was issued
yesterday. Nomination takes place
on March 20. Mr. Campbell will
again bo the Liberal candidate and
James Holliday the Conservative candidate.
Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 28.���When
reconstructed, the Hotol Vancouver
wtll havo lew rivals In Canada. Tito
Windsor, at Montreal, will be somewhat larger; the Frontenac at Quebec, will bo about the same size���
and theso nre the only-ones that arc
really in tho somo class. From (400,-
800 to 8.100,000 will be expended.
Winnipeg, Feb. 26.���Attached to
Sunday's express Irom tho west wus
a special tourist car, will. 68 men
recruited at Brandon and Virden Ior
Bstden-Pows'll's police In South Africa. Tho men were In chitrge ol
Scrgt. Bellamy, ol Virden. who was
the only one in the quota wbo hod
served In South Africa in the BoM
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 28.-AIUT
68 hour, underground lor the greater part ol the time In water, ton ol
the thirteen negroes caught In the
Asylum mlnee by a sudden In-rush ol
wafer wore rescued allvo Saturday.
When they reached light they wore
nearly blind and totally exhausted.
Two bodies ol the three miner, not
rescued were lound last night. It I.
believed the third one Is also dead.
Slu- suit-down to write a letter to him.
inviting him to call npon her tbat evening, but before she had concluded it she
received a letter from Claymore asking
her to "lu-eonipiuiy him in a bond ride
on the buy that evening nt ��, as lie
wns very lonesome without her.'' She
reasoned that on the bay, away from
other ears, would be n Rood place lo
��ay what she wishes to him, so Instend
of sending him au invitation, to visit
her, she tore up her letter and sent nn
acceptance of his invitation; changing
the honr, however, from tt to 7, ns Hie
time she would meet him nt the bout*
The reason for Claymore sending thi*
Invitation to Rlixiihetl. to meet him
on the bay is uot difficult or explanation. Ho beciune iwnre thnt a Inwver
wna making searchej* Into the titles -jf
the Claymore and I-owsiug propertiea,
and -tightly conjeitured thnt EHznln-tli
Lousing wns at the bottom of It. He
felt sure she had become possoswil of
some knowledge, whleh he had kept
so well from others, nud tlmt a* aoon
aa she discovered the true state of mutter's a prosecution or himself nnd father
vonld follow, with serious (inisemienee-i
to both.
Consequently he sought out Ills friend
Jack Salter one evening earlier than
iimuiI. and aurprised the latter with tbe
fi-xchimatiou: "The jigs up, old man. ami
I guess the wedding racket's in the
bou p.*'
"In the aoitpV   How's that?"
"Blamed it 1 know. Bnt that g'rl's
(tot on to something. Hnd a lawyer
from New York here looking up our
titled." .
"Looking up titles!" what do you
mean, .Um?"
"Why, you Mohegian; seeing what
mortgages are against our property,
real estate.   Do you ketch?"
Jack Salter blew a long whlule. "By
gum," he said ns the whittle fniled,
"I told you, Jim. she had tbe eye of a
"Confound her, I'll teach hor," aald
Clnymove. "Now Jack, we've got to
shape our plans In n hurry."
"What ore yon going to do. Clear
the track by Bcorlng?"
"Yes; and it must be done tonight.
I'm going to drown her in (he boy!"
"But you'll not get the gold mine If
you do!"
"To lieaveti or somewhere else with
the gold mine, It'll keen us out of [,eni-
tenthtry; for if she* gets on to them
signntures before I ean quiet her, the
Governor and I'll both take n large eon
tru<-t of stone bre��klug."
"Well, name ymir poison, aiul hcre'rtt
to you.   What em I to do'!"
"Do? Why we'll just follow the De-
mill racket rl{,'ht through. She'll go uu
the bay all right, nnd you'll go with us
m, a witness.   Do you ketch?"
"All right, old mu a, call fm* me when
you are on the way. I'll lie ready nuy
time after six. Till then, l'tu goins to
entertain a couple itt chump* at ur.
limited draw."
Claymore uttered an oulh when RUa-
beth'B letter reached him dm lining the
lime from 0 to T p.m. Things had imt
been going overly well with him lately,
ntid that change of time bot hei ed li!m;
there wns a faint premonition in if tli.it
nil the other plans might uot run any
more smoothly, lint he tried to (Taminie
au a.r of g.iy gnllitutry ns be uml Salter
met Klitabeth at the bunt-huuse at 7.
"Mr. Salter will go with us," ta-d
Cnymore, I wish to make a few ev
t-lniialloiiB to you which it is ticrcsftuy
for another to substantiate."
"And I wish to make some explanations to yon that must have quite the
opposite condition... So Mr. Salter, wo
will excuse you for the evening," wra
Klixabeth's rejoinder.
Cloy more bit his lip, ns Salter sauntered off like a whipped cur, and the
former rowed KHzalK-th out to oue 6."
tho most unfrequented parts of the bay.
Hid spirits revived somewhat as be lie
came impressed with the knowledge thnt
���she was now entirely tt his mercy.
"You seem to have been very eoM to
me lately," he began, scarcely able to
iMrnin his fury. "Ia that in order that
our joy may be the more imt: keA when
we are married?"
"Mr. Claymore, I may as well tell yot*
that yourself and I will never be married, and I take my own release lu my
own hands,"
"Indeed! that's a very cool way uf
putting it. May I ask for a reason for
"You may, and -shall receive one. I
hove discovered tbat you are little short
of a deep-dyed villian!"
"Indeed! and ere yon not afraid lo
say this to mt here wben you are io
completely lo my power?"
"You are quite mistaken. I'm not
the least In your power,"
Her calm, dispassionate words took
him back a little. And he gaxcd.Over
the hay around htm. But the ubsene*>
ot any enft near by and tbe apparent
helplessness of the girl made lilm --mile.
"Why!" hc said exultingly. "I ioul.1
upset you and drown yon in this hay
aud no one would be the lea** wi*.*- .
I could say It wee an accident."
"Pardon me; you could do no ane'i
thing. I had made up my mimi not to
prosecute you aud your father Ur th -
uulawfut things you have done to win*.
mamma left me, bnt If yon do not tak*-
me instantly to the shore, and release
me from "your odious presence. I sh-ud
repent of my iletermlnutlon."
That word "odious presenct,,M seemed
tt- set his blood ou Are. Ho had never .
heard it from the lips of u womau ti'-
lure. In an Instant he lost all his con
(vol. and made not tht faintest effort
in command his temper. He mow like
a flash, nnd -struck savagely at the girl's
head with an oar, hissing through his
teeth:   "You hussy! I'll Hx you now!"
Kllzubeth dodged, and the oar only
struck her e gluncing blow. She was
mi her feet and had drawn a revolver
fiom her bosom In a second. "Come,
another step towards me and I will
shoot you!" she cried.
But he had gone too far to atop now.
nnd he sprang forward to close with the j
girl. ��� As he touched her the revolver
went off, and he felt a sharp pain in his
"ihoulder. The revolver then fell Into the
They struggled tee    a moment, the |
girl'* athletic build,-perfected by n c u-ve
of college gymnastics, serving her well.
'lhe man seemed to be overpowering
her, but not with sufficient decisiveness
to argue that hope for her was gone.
Suddenly, us he paused for breath,
weakened possibly by the ' p. burning pain which assailed hii whore hit
hnd lieen shot, the girl slmok herself
free from him, and delllwrately jtimpei
Into the water. The man jumped after
her, hnt being, to the man's wirpr.se,
nn excellent swimmer, she soon outdistanced him, nnd gradually drew out
of the range of his curses.
When she was sure she was quite ont
nf the possibility of the man's overtaking her, she felt a desire to rest, but
knowing if she did this she wonld- faint,
she kept swimming on, biting her lip-.
until the blood ran down her chin as
ihe slowly propelled herself through the
ripples. After a time a yacht passed near
her. Sbe colled, and they heanl her.
Very tender hands lifted her outfof tbo
hay to the deck of the yacht, and very
many were the inquiries as to htw she
came to ht In that perilous co-idltion.
To tbe latter she turned a deaf ��iir, but
requested tbat they would take off the
lift- preserver which was und-ar bar
dress, as it hurt her side. )
In the weeks and months thkt foi-
1< wed, Elisabeth was never fully f>uched
with the horror of her struggle tor lift
on the bay. It Impressed ht* with
beiug a terrible experience. But the hor*,
ior that it would have brought to some
lives dtd not settle upon btr, Tht
struggle came to her suddenly, though
it was not altogether unexpected, and
she hnd lu a measure prepared heraelf
lor It, hnt she had escaped so easily
according to her own gunge of matters,
that the event did not have that blighting effect upon her physical or mental
womnnhood thut might have resulted tt
other women. She absolutely refuted
to say how ahe came to he In the tar*
rlble plight In whleh lhe yacht owners
found her, and resolutely withstood all
temptation to make a charge against
her cousin. When all preparations had
been made for her return to the morth
again -ihe wento her cousin a letter from
which the following paragraph is tak.-n:
"(tod has my thanks for preserving
my life In your hands, nnd to Him you
must answer, not to me. 'I will repay/
Hc hus snid, and *o I freely forgive
you. I think He wishes me to do this,
for he haa so much to forgive ut doubt
In me, for I am not perfect. I leave
yon, therefore, to your conscience, and
to the Oreat Judge above. I exhort
you, however, to' repent. Sin and folly
may seem sweet at the time, but there
U a sting that bltoth even worse than an
adder. Oh, my cousin, when I think of
what you might have beeu nnd whet
yon are���my henrt bleeds for you. Bnt,
CJod be merciful to you, and to me. He
ti merclfnl, remember that���then turn
io Him and yon mny yet know theWes*
tugs of the innn*l.ord that maketh the
heart glad, and none ashamed. Oood*
From ymir cousin,
Elizabeth Losslng.
And when Claymore read this over, *
with a laugh, to Salter, who seemed te
be more impressed with It than his
companion, Halter said:
"I know old I-ossinr, the old Gothi>n
musician, now I think of It, though I
pever told you of it before. He tinvX
tu pluy to us fellows In Brooklyn years
ago. He .seemed to be pleased that his
daughter had her mother'* mouth, but
jump my hurdles, she has her old
father's heart. Let's go out and havt
a turu at keno." JLhrr..i    .
...    i���^       **��&    ..if
.   (fo bt continued.) ��� ��'*
QUIas <h�� Tl-rtd Deg His U����.
"1 notice tbat one of the Boaton papers laments that *p>��ta' att stilt advertised In tbat city."
"1 tuppoae tbat tbe old Mying holda
good tlmt "pants' are a chamcterlstle
of 'gents.'"    ��
"Yea, and of tired doge."-Clefeland
Plain Dealer.
Dr. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
By Curing Their Peculiar Ills-Dr. Oh.ue's Iters Food
a Surprising Restorative for Pale, Weak,
A* a result ol much conllnonienl
within door., and the conseq-ut-nt
lad. ol tnah air and hoilthtul oxer-
cl.e, most women not only lose much
In figure and complexion, hue also
suffer more or lea. Irom serious bodily derangement, aa the result ol thin,
watery blood and exhausted nervous,
Moro than nine-tenths ol the eases
ol disease, peculiar to women aro directly duo tu a weakened condition ol
the nerve., and can be cured thoroughly and permanently by taking
mild outdoor exercise, breathing
plenty ol pure, troth air and suing
Dr. Chaae'a Nerve Food to lorm new
blood and revitalise the depleted nw*
vou. system.
It takes time to build up th* system anew, to fill the ahrlvelM aner-
tc. with now, rich Mood, re-store -the
wasted nerv. call., and ranaw the activities ot Uw bodily organ., but tho
perahter-t use ol Dr. ChaM't Nerve
food will accoinpllah thesas result*
ud bring health sud happiness to
weak, nervosa and .ultering women.
Mra. Chaa. H. Jones, Plercclon,
Que., write.: "Foi year. I have lieen
a great sufferer with my heart   aod
nervM, I would take ahaklng ap.ll.,
and a slloy, swimming feeling would
com. over me, Night alter night I
would never clow my eye., and my
head would ache as though tt would
burst. At last I had to keep to my
bed, and though my doctor attended
me Irom tall until aprlng, hi. medicine did not help m.. I hav. hum.
taken live boxe. ol Dr. Chaws'. Narva
Food, aod It haa dono ma. mora good
than I ever believed a medicine could
do. Word, latt to express, my gratitude lor th. wonderful air. brought
about by thi. treatment."
Un. Margaret Iron, Tower Hill, M.
D��� write.: "Dr. Cha��e'�� Nerve Food
ha* don. me a world ot good. I waa
ao weak' that I could not walk twin
th. length ol the house. Since ...Ing
Dr. Cham's Nerve Food I havo been
completely restored. I can walk a
mile without any inconvenience.
Though 76 year, old and quite lleshy,
I do my own housework, and conald-
erabl. .owing, knitting and reading
bealde.. Dr. Chan'. Nerve Food ha*
proved ol inestimable valu. it ma."
Dr. Chaae'a Nerve Food, 50 cent* a
box, at all deal��ra, or Edmanaoa,
Bat*. A Co., Toronto. !?���
������ Was One of th* Bras-] Thtt Gives
tfbe Court _ Pain.
Of all the bores In police court proceedings the talkative witness is the
most tiresome. Tbere are Individuals
so constituted thot they Insist upon going into the minutest details when asked
a simple question. They seem to think
tbat they must relate their whole per*
soual history, tell family secret a and lay
hare the story of their wbole past life,
uo matter how colorless or uninteresting
it limy lw to the judge, lawyers and spectators. Sometimes It requires tho entire
luucliinery of the court to shut them off,
und even theu they will begin to bust
again at the drat opportunity. A char-
ncier of this sort cn lined more amusement tban pain tho other doy wheu he
ascended the witness stand with tbe air
of a martyr nud told ur endeavored to
tell bow tbe two healthful looking men
at the hur bud cruelly robbed bim. He
wns a loone jointed, gouty old chap, with
a vol'.-e miggeeilve of tbe harvest field at
��� haying time. First of all, Ihe usual
formal questions",vere nsked. The wit*
uess said he wns "47 come next birthday If I live an don't meet with an ae-
���    evident uv sum kind.   Ye know"���
"Whai Is your huslnimsV" interrupted
ihe lawyer for the defense.
The witness stroked his chin reflectively. "Wnal," he drawllngly replied, "I'm
part termer nn purl politician. Hev
trilled in polities considerable, but foun*
It didn't pay, on so I went hack tew
fiinnlii. Hun fer Jcutla uv tb' peace aout
in tiotir tuownsbip nu got snowed under.
GefH you kin put nm doown as a farmer,
all right, an"��� .
"Hold nu, ihere!" shouted Judge Sellers. "You Just answer tbe questions as
they ore put tn yuu, and we'll get along
Several timet during the cross examination of ibe loquacious witness the court
was obliged lo coll a halt. Tbe farmer*
politician was cocksure of the Identity
of tbo alleged robbers, though be admitted "fcelln sorter chipper" wben they
"dove doown Inter me pockets."
"How much money did they take?"
"Knin't tell, but It must 'a' been 94 or
$5, 'cause*'���
"Never mind." protested the attorney,
"yon bave no right to draw conclusions.
How many times bave you been arrested?"
"What's tbat?" Indignantly exclaimed
tbe fiirmrr-polltlcliin, rising In the witness box and shooting a withering glance
at bis questioner.
"That's What I said," calmly responded thu attorney. "How many times havo
you been arrested?"
"Want." was the reply, "ea 1 ooderstand
lt, the wold 'uricst' means tew 'stop an
object ur person.' Wall, I've bin arrested
> muuy's tb' lime," and the loquacious witness smiled ns though he had perpetrated
an excrtK-iufltigly funny witticism.
"Come now," Bald tbe court-sternly,
"tell how mnny times you nave been arrested. Answer the question properly."
"Waal, I wus 'stopped' once aout on th*
city line Vnuse th' policeman thought 1
wux too drunk tew keer fcr myself. I
s'pusc yew'd call It an 'arrest,' 'cause I
wux stopped, bul I wuxn't taken tevr tht
Finally, ufter much trouble, tolerably
cleor uud connected testimony wat obtained from the tulkatlve witness, ond
when be stepped frum tbe stood tbe court
promptly ordered u recess, so that those
concerned In the trial could secure a
much needed rest.-Detroit Free Press.
Meeara. C. C. Richards & Co.,
Yarmouth, N. S.
Gentlemen,���In January last, Frauds Lcclairc, one of tho men employed by mc working in tho lumber
woods, had a tree fall on him, crushing him fearfully. Ho was, when
found, placed on a sled and
taken home, where grave fears were
entertained for his recovery, hia hips
t��lng badly bruised, and hia body
turned block from his ribs to hit
on him freely to deaden the pain,
and with tho uso of three, bottles he
was completely cured and ablo tore-
turn to his work.    SAU VER DUVAL
Elgin Road, I/Islet Co., Que.,
May 26th, 1898.
Tbe Dtinrrr.
**Ai for. the clergy, they're n preliy
poor lot." said u grumbling layman.
"Yea," returned ihe bishop. "s-mta.'Hf
them are poor Indeed. Hut consider Ihe
stock from which they cornel You see
we luire to mnke them out of liiymeo."���
Youth's CompiiuIon.
Sclent Me Pea** ratio*.
"Professor, how did yon come to propose to me In tbe face of my continued
"I (irueeeded on the general proposition
tbat whatever a woman .seems to tie ehe
Isn't."��� Chicago Record.
B��joa,| His Mm It.
"P�� you erer bare moments, Mr. Spoo*
dlekhiK. when It seems at If you couldn't
tbluk or anything?"
"Wby, I nevnli thought of that I-I
womliih If I do?'*-Chicago Times Her-
Ont af Tkost Crttlalons Chaps.
"Wbat kind of a man la Jobn Smithr
. "Ob, he'a tbt kind that thinks ha can
hold on to bla umbrella by having bla
saint engraved an lha hendla.*-CMcafa
It's love that makes the world go
Every time a woman saves a nick**
el carfare aho wastes it, In shoe
ara th* only
���wdielsw lhat
will csv. Dia-
betsra. UU
Bright'. Dis*
mm ttoVdl*.
���a.e wa. In-
, eurabl* until
DosJd'a Kldaj-- Pill.
cured It.     Doctor.
themselr*.   conlw.
lhat without Dodd'a
Kidney    Pill,   they an
KwerisM. agalnat Di.*
l.a. Dodd'. Kidney
Pill, an Ih* Brat medicine
lhat ever cured Diabatssa.
Imitation.���box, name and
pill, ara advertised to do so,
kit the medicine that tbtt
There ure 80 cases ol smallpox
throughout Ontario.
Turkey la arranging to negotiate
an urgent loan.
Mr. Godbout, M. p. for Borneo,
Quo., has resigned.
King Edward has returned to London from Germany.
Fretl Hale diet! at a Montreal rink
while jsluylng hofkay.
A mob nt Camslen, Mo., lyiisiiesl
Dewey Smith, a negro miner. '
Four men wore kllls-d in a boiler
explosion at Uulllp,;-i, Ohio.
Seventeen fishermen were carried
out on Lake Erie.   Four perished.
Geo. Gain, -n, laborer, was murdered In a Xow Ytsrk restaurant for
six cents.
HMirgti W. Dawson, the I'anadlan
goolssglst. slli'il in Ottawa, after a
brief lllsti'sss.
s'aS lii'risse t.oo.iibs's impersonates! a
man for forty years without detection; Oho married a lady's, siialil,
wilh wlii.sn sshe llvotl fourteen ys'nrss.
A disastrous lire occurred at Park
Illvier,  N.  D.
Methodist century lund amounts to
��l ,200,000.
Kidnapping In Illinois is now n
capital offence.
1 Mrs. Carrlo Nation Is again in Jail
at Topeka.
America's cup defender will be named "Independence."
Eighty members of Kitchener's
scouts were captured by the Boers.
John Knox, who was lynched at
Scranton, Pa., is a Canadian.
John Schofield, a prominent Brandon vocalist, has been arrested on a
of bigamy.
Two persons w?ro burned to death
and several employees seriously Injured by a lire in a Rochester dye
Smallpox hns broken out. in Grand
"Gat" Howard's death has been
confirmed at Ottawa.
Geo. P. NowklMt died at Old Hurley, N.  Y., aged 117 years.
Turkey Is massing S0,00O tro0ps
on the Bulgarian frontier.
Four children were burned to death
at Litchfield Center, Pa.
Mrs. Graham, of the Atlantic hotel
Calgary, attempted suicide.
Thos. II. Young, of the Niagara
frontier police, (s dead.
The New Brunswick Legislature
waa   opened by Lleut.-(lov. McLean.
Emperor William hnd a narrow <-s-
cape from injury in nn electric car
A hall-breed named Humolln was
shot by the police at Fort Pitt,
while resisting arrest.
The engineers ot tho Great Lakes,
1,800 in number, aro on strike.
A mob at Scranton, Pa., lynched a
whito man, John Knox, lor murder.
Seven Irosh cuaos ol bubonic plague
were discovered In Cape Tows.
A peculiar epidemic has broken out
In Maple Creek, Alta*. resembling
Mr. J. II, Ross, a member ol tho
Northwest cabinet, has been offered
the Yukon commisslonershtp.
The British steamer Chamois collided with an unknown -vessel near
Yarmouth, Eng., and 80 lives may
t�� loat.     -���
Twenty members ol' parliament
waited on Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
asked that the duty on American oil
be abolished.
The Irish party In parliament is
badly In need of lunds.
There were 800 deaths in Bombay
during the paat two stays.
There are 64 case* ol smallpox between Renlrew and the Soo.
Two Chinese official, were publicly
beheaded in the streets af Pekin.
The Duka ol York will distribute
South African medals while on hiss
tour through Canada.,
Fifty miners were entombed In the
Dlamondvllle eoal mine, Wyoming,
and ull but one perished.
Forty persons were injured, two
fatally, in a Wabash train wreck at
MUIersburg, Ind. Three were Canadians.
A negro killed Mis. Ida Flnkleateln.
a school teacher, near Torre Haute.
Ind.  A mob lynched him.
There will not be nny Increase in
the Dominion sessional Indemnity.
Jacob RIechort, ol Virden. expir.il
while driving his sleigh through ths,
An Insane woman drowned six of
her children In a well ut Uniontown,
Six men and women were burned*
to death In the poor quarter ol Birmingham.
Hamilton, who killed Millionaires
Day lu Minneapolis, received a soveu
years' sentence.
Colfax, Wash., Feb. 25.���Mrs. Ro��o
Wurzitr. a widow, In a lit of insanity yesterday, drowned her six child-
aged from tour to twelve years, at
Uniontown, Wash. Two were boy��
antl lour girls. She threw them into
Into a woll thirty'loot deep, containing two leot ol water, then Jumped
In hereell and held tho heads, ot the
children beneath the surface until alt
wero drowned. . Mrs. Wurser waa
lound alive in the well with her alx
murdered children by tho neighbors,
who pulled her out with a rope.
Banff, Feb. 28.- 26.���The herd of
Buffalo In the Banff park which two
years ago numbered fourteen, haa Increased to 24. Thore are also five
antelope and seven or eight elk, oe-
sslUs-s numerous other wild animals,
lass rare or valuable. These are all
living happily In an enclosure com-
prlaing about 200 acres, and II passengers on the 0. P, R. are on the
lookout while pawing Banff, they
may as�� aome ol tbtee national pets
Irom the, cor window..
Tha ��ky I. moat cheerful whon blur
eat; but It I* dlflarsmt with mm.
Mew and OM World's Newt Condensed.
Montreal, Feb. 28.���Mr. Burr ill, of
Weymouth. N.S., it is said, will likely succeed the late Senator Almon in
tho senate.
Halifax. F��b. 38.���Rev. Jas. Bayle,
a retired Anglican clergyman, aged
65, died at his residence at Mount
tlniucke last evening.
Ottawa, Feb. 28.���-About twenty
members of parliament waited un llie
premier yesterday, along with .several parties interested in importing
American coal oil and asked that
Uie duLy be abolished.
Pittsburg. Feb. 28.���John Titihy,
one of the most prominent glass
manufacturers of Pennsylvania, ond
well known throughout the 'Wintry
na senior member of Tibby Bros t.c ,
died last night, afrer two weeks illness.
Hamilton, Feb. 27.���Hamilton retail merchants will urge upon thu
government thut the police court bu
mado a court for tho collection of
small debts, the division court being
too expensive for the collection of
such sums as #25 und under.
HtubenvlllP, O., Feb. 28.���Corporal
J. W. Stelnbach, of tho Tenth United
States infantry, who came here from
tho Wheeling recruiting agency on
Monday looking for recruits, wus fatally wounded by Matt Yates during
a brawl Monday night, nnd died in
tho hospital yesterday.
Gravenhurftt, Feb. 28.���While walking the railwny track yesterday Afternoon half a mile south of here,
Robert Hill, (Iravenhurst, was struck
and instantly killed by a mall train.
Hill, who was deaf, was returning
to town from work, and was overtaken by the train on a sharp curve.
Constantinople, Feb. 28.���It is
stated that the Porte not having
paid the Instalments duo on the cruiser for which a contract was signed
recently with the Cramp Shipbuilding company of Philadelphia, the latter consider tho contract void and repudiate all responsibility In the mntter.
London, Feb. 28.���Tho Nicaragua!*
negotiations have been, or aro, on
tho point of being entirely transferred to Washington. Ambassador
Choate is not empowered to deal
with tho suggestions of tho British
government. The usual weekly cabinet meeting wns held yesterdny afternoon.
Montreal, Feb. 28.���Montreal is io
have a new theatre, to be called
"Theatre National Francais." i.ml
the necessary land on Ht. Catherine
street east has been piirchnisod. A
French stock company will occupy
the theatre, nnd Paul Cazeneiive, ihe
well known actor will be stnge manager and leading mnn.
Winnipeg, Feb. 28.���It is semi-of-
ficially stated thnt the local govern-
ernment will proceed this year with
the erection of a new land titles office on the site ol the present building in the court house square. The
estimated cost is said to be Str-j,000,
It Is also said that work on lhe
proposed new library building will
bo slaried this year.
Ottawa, Feb. 28.���A pastoral letter dealing with the question of the
approaching census has been Issued
to the clergy of the diocese of Ottawa by Archbishop Buhamel. The
archbishop instructs his clergy to enjoin tho faithful to assist in every
way possible tho census enumerators
and str that accurate returns and details of the population are secured.
Montreal, Feb. 23 -Trooper Shea,
whose bravery wns so marked in
South Africa, In going to Ot'.nvn
with Arthur Ryan, another resident
of Prescott, to make an offer to lhe
minister of militia to organize four
troops of horse of 163 mou each, till
of whom will furnish their own
mounts, provide for their keep, nnd
to bo called the Royal Irish Canadian
Ottawa, Feb. 28.���Tho Ottawa
hockey club has definitely deoided not
to go west to play the Winnipeg Victorias for tho Stanley cup. The team
however will make a New York trip
In the course of a couple of weeks.
It is likely that the team will get
In an early challenge to play the
Prairie City champions early in the
next season.
New York, Feb. 38.���Four million,
dollars will be expended during the
next two years in this country in
the purchase of ekulpment and rolling stock by the Guayaquil and Quito railway, of Ecuador, which is now
being built by a syndicate of wea.-
thy New Yorkers unit Englishmen.
Tho road will connect Guayaquil
with Quito.
Winnipeg, Feb. 28.���Beforo mnny
months mall matter to and from the
C. P. R. depot uid tlie postoillce
will bo conveyed by electricity, the
Dominion government having let the
contract for the construction of six
automobile mail carriers to thn National Cycle company, one of which
will be tent to Winnipeg. Tt Is nlso
tho Intention to collect, mall matter
from the street boxes by the Miran
Winnipeg, Feb. 26.���Plans are being prepared for a new C. P. R.
mountain hotel at Field, B. C, to
cost in tho neighborhood of 820,000.
Montreal, Feb. 36.���Railway men
of thin city are again discussing a report said to havo como from reliable
sources at Ottawa to the effect that
Mr. Flair, minister of railways, is
anxious to extend the Intercolonial
railway to tho great lakes by way
of the Canada Atlantic and Parry
Sound railway, at the same time
working in close sympathy with the
Great Northern, a new lino recently
opened to Quebec.
Victoria, B. C, Fob. 26.���It was
found on Saturday that the Are in
tho Union mines had extended fifty
feet up No. 6 shaft, tho timbers being charred that distance up. Men
were busy all day repairing the shaft
and tomorrow more water will be
pub in to quench the last vestige of
Are. It, therefore, will be two weeks
before the other bodies can be taken
out. The funerals of the laat of the
victims whose bodies have been recovered took place yesterday.
Whiat-No. 1 hard. Fort William,
Flour-Lake of the Woods Five
Rotes,$2.10; Patent, $1.95; Medora,
$1.60; XXXX, $1.35; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, $3.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.95; Manitoba, $1.70, and
Imperial XXXX $1.30 per saok of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed-Bran, $14 per ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, $27 per
ton; barley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $25; corn chop, $20.
Oats-34 to 38c per bushel.
Barley-40 to 45c.
Corn-46 to 48c.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track here, and
loose hay Ie worth about the same
Butter-Dairy���Strictly fresh made
14 to 10c In packages; second grades
llH to 12Hc.
Cheese- 10c per pound.
Eggs-Fresh, 35c per dozen.
Vegetables-Potatoes, 40 to 45c per
bushel; parsley, 30c; lettuce, 40c
per dozen; carrots and beets, 45c per
bushel;turnips, 20c per bushel; parsnips, $1.25 per bushel- onions, $1.50
per bushel; cabbage, l'j to 2c per
lb.; celery, 25 to Ioc per dozen.
Dressed Meats ��� Beef, butchers
dressed, 5 to 6c per pound, delivered
here; country dressed, *%\% to 6%c;
veal, 7 to 8c; mutton, 8<_ to 9c;
hogs, 6 to 6%c.
Poultry-Dressed chickens, 8c to 10
per pound;duckB, 8%c; geese, 9<^c;
turkeys, lie.
Hides���Frozen, 5c per pound, less
five pound tare; bulls, 4c. Kips same
price as hides. Sheep and lamb-skins
bring from 40 to 70c each the higher price being for sheepskins. Slunks,
25c to 35c each.
Wool���8 to 8'/��c per pound for unwashed fleece, and lS._c for washed.
Tallaw-No. 1, 4c; No. 2, 3c per
Seneca Root���30c per pound.
'���winmipeo ctnr."
Beal Estate Agents and Managers
Deal In city property exclusively.   Manage
over 800 tenants.   Money to loan on fim-r-
ubie terms.   Fifteen years' eiperieni.u.
The trottinc stallion Jay Bird. Jr.. lint
gone from Ohio to Iowa.
Over TOO horses for South Africa were
recently Inspected at Fort Worth, Tex.
A half pair of pyjamas ti now used
i'or lin> education of high steppers. It ts
n new hlefi.
The veteran driver Sam Robbins Inn
beeu removed from a Detroit hospital t.i
ilie poorhousc,
It is reported from Denver thnt John
Blue, formerly witli Tom Keating-, will
t ni in for 1-M .Jnyinnl nest season,
Tlie total dead weight of horse moat
sold in Paris during 1900 was 5,1100 ton-*,
or riDO tons more than the preceding year.
One ef the coming 2:10 piicci's at tho
Jewctt covered track is tlie Heir Apparent, by Chimes, which Cltarles Olcott
drove n half in i:0"i-i recently, tie was
purchased by A. E. IVi-rln for $-'50 lust
The pair of horse.* recently purchased
by President McKinley are dark bay.*
Ill1,*/ Itamlx high and weigh l.l'.'iG pounds
eaeb. They were sired hy the Morgan
stallion Bay Highland. The price is reported at $2,000.
A peculiar disease Im*-niipearcd among
the horses nt HnisiiiJil, Madison county.
Ky��� and several have died from it. The
horses go suddenly blind aad die after a
few hours. No ojo seems lo understand
the disease or Its cause.
Ben W. Whitehead, tho young trainer
of Rome, On., has formed a partnership
with Smith Thomas. (Jlcodale, Teiin.,
and will train a string of horses for the
coming season. Although only 23 years
old, Mr. Whitehead bas given records to
several horses.
Statistics of the export trade show thnt
108,011) horses and mules were sent
shroud from the United States during the
12 months ending June 30, 1000. The
value of the animals wss $11,031,533.
Most of them were bought for shipment
to Africa,���Horseman.
A Modern Beer,
"Why, Mrs. Parkinson, whatever Iu
tbe world Induced you to buy tbat dead
black dress pattern? Surely you don't
think of giving up bright colors nt
your oge?"
"No, but It was a bargain, and I got
to thinking It might come In bandy too
My husband's goiug deer hunting lu
the Adlrondacks." - Chicago Times
He Felt That He Wasn't incln4ed.
"See that fellow over there with the
pretty side whiskers'."
"Yes." ���
"Well, he got up and left the audi
ence the othor night when the orator
snld ho wnnted to talk to the plain people."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
I In the llartnln*.
"Tou didn't seem to be In the running
at all.'" exclaimed the friend.
"Oil. yes," answered the defeated eandl
date cheerfully, "I was In llie running,
although yuu uiuy not havt seeu me. t
was   getting   run  over." ��� Washington
Had Paid Por It.
"There goes a man with s very interesting history," said the clerk in the book
"You don't say?" inquired tbe custom
er.   "How do you kuowV"
"I Just sold It to him."-Phl!adelpbla
Tiie pearl rope rides on Ihe tery top-
mosi wave In le moude elegant. Where
iiik ii measured Indies it now threatens
o lii'ptuue yards.
,\ watch of now style appears to lie
routing In. Not only is the case perfect*
ly Hat on both sides, but the edge li also
tin I, Hie whole having tho form ot a thin
section of a cylinder.
A new and taking style of collar eon*
Mists of from thn* to five plain gold
chains held In a bar st either end, while
clow to the lower edge ot each chain are
attached at short intervals pendants of
garnets, turquoises or pearls.
Scarabs are bigger, more ubiquitous
nnd mora popular than ever. They are
now introduced Into belt buckles, brooches, pendants, rimes nnd fobs and are cui
iu turquoises, opal uud their -respective
tunirlees, chiysoprase, coral, agate, jade,
amethyst, etc.. si>d, --������wt ot all, dial
"I heard a variety actor say there was
to be an onion trust," Mid the solemn
boarder, "and I want to know why there
should be an onion trust)"
"To smother the beef trust," said the
cheerful Idiot.���Indianapolis Journal.
Tlte Chinese lean hard on the proposition that there is no immediate cost involved in making a promise.���Washington Star.
After looking down the mttszle of the
gnu for a few days the emperor of China
has decided thai the terms of the powers
are satisfactory
China has beheaded the murderer nf
tbe German ministw. Whether by bo
doing it has cut slum its other troubles
remains to be seei. ���New York Times.
The fact that/most of the powers still
have some conscience ti shown by the attempts of each tn miilic it appear that it
ban done less looting tli-ui its neighbors.
Pnllor, Headache*, IHtcfntwN Hint k Feel-
Ing or Count it nt Languur O.crcoiue���
Hops Fnr NlmlUr Niiflfert'rx..
There are thousands of youug girls
throughout Canada who owe their
good health, if not life itself, to the
timely use of Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills
for Pale People, Among these is Miss
Maud Patterson, whose home is iu
iho vicinity of Slrathroy, Ont. To a
reporter who interviewed her, Miss
Patterson said : "Several years ago
I began to suffer from headaches,wns
easily tired oul, and could see thai
my health was not, whut. it hud been.
At first I did not think there was
anything serious the matter, and
thought tho troublo would puss away.
In this, however, I was mistaken,
for as lime went on 1 became weaker. The headaches attacked me more
frequently, my appetite failed. If 1
stooped I would grow so dizzy that
1 would almost fall over. I became
very pale, nnd always felt tired nnd
worn out. I was advised to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and I have reason to rejoice that I followed the advice, and as I continued their use, it
seemed us though day by day they
were imparting new life to me. My
appetite improved, the headaches disappeared, the pallor left my face, the
dizziness that bothered me so much
also disappeared, nnd I felt altogether like a different person. 1 feel thut
I owe my renewed health entirely to
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, nnd ns I
know that there nre many girls who
suffer us I did I would urge Ihem to
lose no time in giving this medielho
n fair trial."
The case of Miss Patterson certainly curries With it a lesson to others
who mny be prilo, languid, easily
tired, or subject to headaches, or
tho othor distressing symptoms thnt
mark the onward progress of anaemia. In cases of this kind Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills will give more certain und speedy results than uny
other medicine. Tliey act promptly!
nnd directly, making new, rich red,
hlood. und strengthen the nerves,
and correct nil tho irregularities in-
cideni- in this critical period.
Suld by ull dealers or sent post
paid at SO cents a box, or six boxes
for $2.<50, by addressing tho Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co.,  Brockville Ont.
Lovt- gives Itself nml Is not bought.���
Kindness In women, oot their beauteous looks, shall win my love.���Shakes*
Women are a uew race created since
tbe world received Christ innlty.���
A fair test nml men sure of civilization Is the Influence of good women.���
Tbe bra In woman never interests us
tike the It part womnu; while roses
please less than red.-Holmes,
He who cannot feel friendship Is
alike Incapable of love. Let a woman
beware of a man who owns he loves
no oue but himself.���Talleyrand.
The modest virgin, the prudent wife
or the careful mm rou is much more
serviceable In life than pettlcoated
philosophers, blustering heroines or
virago queens.���Goldsmith
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local Applications, as ther cannot -reach the
(ibesfied port iou of the ear, There la only ons
way to cure diSfness, and that ti hy constitutional remedies Diafneae in caused by an Inflamed condition of the inutoufl lining of tne
Eustachian tube. When this tube gctH Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imjierfecL
lu-uring, and when it ia entirely close.i deafness
is ths result, and aniens the inflaintnntion can
be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for-
evert nine i-BNi-s out of ten are camed by ca-
turrh, which is nothing but an iuflimed oon*
ditiou of the mucous mirfuces.
We will give Oue Hundred Dollars for any
caw of Deafness (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
c ire alar it, free.
r. J. CHKNKV It CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggist*. TEC.
Hall's FunilJ Pills arc the l��st.
a "inm,r Wheel.
Mr I.rm-lmw I had n nasty mishap
last week; IiitUi* (lie rear wheel of my
ii.ui'lihie when I was '*!<> miles from
Mr. Cully Bell-How did you get
luii-k V
Mr. l-oiiglinw - rortunntcly, I was
close lo u railway station, sn I went to
the buffet nml pH a in luce pie. I got a
blacksmith to drill it hole in the middle, and we lifted it on the imichiiu1 in
the place of the broken wheel.���Pick-
Me-Up.        ,	
He Wns Posted.
"Yon know what a coincidence Is. 1
suppose?" queried the man with the
newspaper $o bis fellow piissenger.
"You bet I do," was the hearty reply.
"Thirty years ngo I wos In BufTnlo nud
dead broke, nnd n man lent me 50
cents. The other dny 1 went back there
to puy It, and 35 different men claimed
to be the right one and run the Interest
on the loan up to $3,001"
Minard's Liniment Ceres Distemper.
Cook books were written to make
youhtf woman think thoir mothers
didn't know how to cook.
Lots of men spend a lot nf time
wondering why it is women want to
know the why of everything.
When a fool Is silent It is often ai
the wrong time.
Some young men dress so loudly
they can't hear themselves think.
IS   *b**ZJ*.OZ��=ZXl<r**il  R/OLLEID.
"Thanks for  the  tip  "DRINK CEYLON'S ORBEN,"
i lound it wholesome, sweet  nnd clean.
Now that I'm sound in limb and brain
I'll never drink Japun again."
J*.**!*   GOOD   OBOCEBS  KEEP   IT.
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt
of postal mentioning which yuu drink���Mack, Mixed or Green
Tea,   Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal,
The Berliner
a 16 inch horn,
3 recorda
sconce rt aound box,
The Talking machine that talka���ainga���playa every instrument���reproduces Sounii'h
Baud���Negro Minatrels���atrhtg orcheatrsN or church choirs.
The Berliner Gram-o-plioiieia louder, clearer, aiveeter mid i-lmpler than any other
Talking Machine at any price���It ['lavs cake walks, wallze*. marches and operatic nclect-
ioni, it Mings (words und music' of ull the popular sours of the dav aa well as Coon songs,
patriotic and sacred selection.-.���it tells fuiinv Manes or repents :i prayer.
The Berliner Gram-o-phoue is made in Canada, every instrument is sold with a five
year's written guarantee.
The records are not wax���they are hnrd, flat and indestructible. Will last io years.
Write to ua for Catalogue and lecord lists free.
FACTORV: 147-171 Aquaduct St., Hon trill.   EMANUEL BLOUT, General Hmif if for Cliu-Js.
For Mile also at Hudson's Buy BtoKB, price $16.50 to cover express from Montreal
Jfr /Unt/ AHtAs ��� -toifru,
4riL m
A lecturer on agriculture predicts J
tlmt 60 years from now milk will
bu noli! in n dried state tu na\e the
transportation of wnter : that cows
will he milked hy machinery, nnd
butter produced without churning.
He   lit
biti 11  hiin whut tie culls a
liBrt Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
The  wise   mun   always goes slow
when he is in n hurry.
Charity covers a multitude of   Kins
���ami so does success.
u "toscana," fsmvsa
Oood    talkers    ore    pleni If ul.   bli'
good listeners ore hnrd to find.
A    bnd horse  is  like a  pour play
t can't  run ami ii   won't draw.
Minard's Liniment Cures DipMiem,
[A young tally writes to tlio Onlooker complaining that she is "cut out" by her mother, who "is
quite young, very handsome, -.mart looking anil
well turned out. She talks so well, too; know*
everything Offd is free In line her knowledge more
unusitigly than I."]
When presented at court, 1 am fain to confi'.is
I thought 1 fhould make a sensation;
1 am pretty, well read, very smart In my dress,
And my eyes have iheir own fascination.
S"it a girl that 1 know can do battle with me,
Anil my rivals I easily rout;
How, then, could Ihe terrible tact 1 foresee
Tliat mamma would her daughter cut outf
She waa married, I think, at the age of sixteen
And no doubt mode a social sensation;
She says when her curtsey she made io Ihe queen
Her majesty amilcd approbation.
And still she's a youthlul and beautiful star
Tliat shines as a jewel ol night,
tlut why should she my little flickering mar
And snuff out my spark wilh ber light?
In thi? style ot her mien ahe's a peerlrss princess,
And her gowns always 111 to perfection.
Ilien i luuswee, Men gantee, she's sure of succcsa.
And of gems has a priceless collection,
In London or Purls, ut Urlgliton or Home,
At llumhurg or Ueppe of Spa,
I vow thut 1 might just as well stop at heme,
[���'or I always am dune by maminu.
So in i i.m|ilislii"l. moreover, with ripples or wit
On llie uri'iim of her brisk conversation,
And It or I tl that���there make a pilpil'le hit;
If I told tliom, I'd gel u jobation.
It'i most hard tor a girl tu bo snubbed In tbli
Al rjih turn lu meet Iritblcfome ttuut,
Uut, oh, how I long and pray (or tlie day
Wlirn her daughier my mother cuts outl
���London Funch.
Tho    fewer Btopt n man tftkos   the
lonK'-r liis ahops last.
people are killed every year in thii
country by CONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No one need have
consumption. It is not hereditary.
It is brought on by neglect. You
do nothing to get rid of it.
will cure a cough or cold in one
Miss Bovi-a, a young lady of Simcoe, a
achool teacher and prominent socially, went
rapidly into a decline from a cough. Was not
expected to live. Shiloh cuinpletely cured
her. People in that vicinity arenrllacquninted
with the facta In her case.
8hllnh'a Consumption Cure ta said by all
���IruRKlata In l>n��ilH mitt thill-Mi H-mtra at
aso, fiiif, ki on ii hotn... iu oreat Brltnln
at It. Kit., Sa. Id., nnd 4a. Ud. A printed
���j im runt er goes with evory bottl-*. lipid
nro not a-itl��..��d (*����� to your drnggli-t nnd
get yiiur money buck.
Write for illustrated bf-ok on Coniumotion.   Sent
without cost to you.   S, C, Walls * Co., Tomato.
Queen Anne villa, but ii strikes me
as being it tawdry imltation.meroly.
"K\iiviiii'ly,    tawdry!      Why,   tho
roof doesn't  leak, oven!"
MluflTi Liniment Cures Garget ii Con
Church   Iwlls are lulled to make a
Brass Band
I ii ���trnments, Drums, Uniforms, Ete.
Lowest prlcea erer quoted. Pine catalog im
��j tlluatrationa mailed tree. Writ* na for any
thinff In Muaio or Maafml Instrument*.
Whftley Boyce * Co., ^fififeSt.
DIPVPI C CUAPC- A podtcatd will
DIvIULE ORArO brins you our
price list of new nnd swond-hnnd wheels.
Special discount to dealers. We aleo want
your rppnir work. Send repairs in now before tlie ru.-h. We giro ^fecial and prompt
attention to country orders, Andre Arma
k Cycle Co,, Winnipeg. Succebsore to Hys*
lop Bros,
Rapidity. Bave-- abuut one day In three.
OnlotniRH.inddurnli'lilv without noise or waar.
(Jeneral utility.   Best f..r nil kinds of work.
248 Portage Ayc, Winnipeg.
Not an out-of-date article, but absolutely
the moBt serviceable, durnbk-, light running
and perfect skimmer. 116 page Catalogue
malted free on application. Agents wanted
in every district.   Apply at once.
Shipments of Fr*. ah butter wanted.
Wm. Scott, """^SSNii-^Sr���'
Active. Energetic A ent;* to represent Hie
Old London flutual Fire Insurance Co. of
Canada.   E*Hiil.li*-hicl 185SI.  Lnruest busine.-a
of any Canadian comimny in Oanada, Oen-
eral business ds ne on premium, note and
oaeh plans, Good agents enn control the
insurance of their district with this com-
pany.    Apply to
General Agent, Winnipeg.
or marry ejslorn Indl 1 enclose stamp ior
particulars.   The Pilot, Winnipeg. Bon 618.
ii   I'lHiita   a (lardM
will llm Si'cdn. why im!
^ Tl...  ..EST.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
U.PluUpoatj-sJsllor|l.  s*essd for Hat.
tt. tt. MALI OilV, 1SLKNHK1M, ONIV
Pi. H. V. 314
I Recommend
! | lo all mollsera who want their bablea
to bars pink, clean, clear, and
healthy akin.
Mad. of the slsic-1 matssrlala.
No ao��Pt wherever made, la better.
Manufactures, ef the frlebralssd
I ss,T^VssVsV*^^'*v*v*-**-*���u..-*-*-s*^*sV��'*'t
It Town and District. |]
St.Patriok's Day on Sunday the 17th.
Now 1. the tim. to get your bike
[ ready.
Th. Pacific Exprex wa. cancellesi on
Th. Paradise mine, Windermere, I.
now employing 22 men.
Now I. th. time to have your' bikr.
repaired and cleaned lor .he season at
Kicking Hone Bridge Cvcle depot
A. an instance ol the depravity ol
aome of oar race a "tin horn" recently
; .tnked hi. sock. and.tie. in a game ol
the ever seductive poker.
WcrV on Ihe Oolden ��� Windermere
telegraph line I. going on briskly.
The wire I. heing di.tributed and tin-
pole, will shortly be .rroctskl.
Skating, thos.i.h suspended lor a tew
night, at the rink, owing to tho thaw
has heen ressimed and bid. lair to hold
on. 11 the final breaking up.
Mining in Brlti.h Columbia ha.
coma Into much greater prominence
thi. year than at any tim. .inc. thi
first dl.co.ery of gold In the province
A woodsman claim, that he was
s'lield-op" on a recent evening on Main
.treat. Wa�� he not rather ''held-down'1
by that famed wrestler, King Alcohol's'
There is a bill before th. Dominion
Honse to restriot usury. The measure
provides that 20 per cant will be the
limit of Interest on amount, of less
than I5C0.00.
Bev W. D. Turner ha. *ont u. a
communication to the effect that he
may not Ise home Ior Sunday. It he
fails to reaoh Oolden h. hae provided
for a substitute to take the evening
service. Service will commence at
7:110 as usual. Tuere will be no
momma service. We would like som.
of the elder, of the Presbyterian
church to kindly call at the Era office.
Kev. Hr. Kinney, of tho Methodist
church, 1. th. latest convert to the
efficacy of adverti.ing. He comes ous
thi. week with a full fledged ad. in
the Era. May oshera aee tl.e bonelii
and um snore printer's ink.
It ii reported the .teamer North Star
will ply on the Columbia this summer
in the place of the Duahe... Sh. i.
of much greater capacity and hencr
in handling ore will prove far more
Button-catting by sweetheart, was
not a feature of laat Sunday's farewell
to th. recruits. Th. good old fa.hioi.ed
practice ot sweet osculation on ooca.i-
on. of the above nature I. far more
.....ible, durable and touching.
Oold dredging i. now in ita infancy
in B. C. and it i. .Ale to prediot thai
within the .next ten years it will de
velop into one of the ino��t lucrative ol
our many industries. Not a river if
known in the province that docs not
bear gold in some quantity.
The party ol five hunters, includisg
Messr. Honr and Dainard, who went
in search ot l.lg game, returned yesterday morning. Evidence, of moose
were plentiful hut none were found
wiilsin rang*. However the hunters,
turned fi-shermen and captured a hundred ot the apeckled beauties.
A number of the guests of tho Columbia Hotel enjoyed a moonlit sleigh
rid. Saturday night. Tl.e whole party
of ladles and gentlemen were fairly
entranced wish tise beautiful scenic
effect a. fair luna shono ..pun the heavenward peaks of glittering white
that adorn the Columbia valley. Beau*1
tiful Oolden!
Al lhe meeting ot the Presbytery of
Kamloop., Feb. 27. tbe Bev. W. D.
Turner, Presbyterian minister at Oolden, B. C. resigned hi. charge and the
Eet. Mr. Purdy wa. appointed for the
field. Mr. Turner leave, tor hi. horae
In the ea.t about the end of March and
Mr. Purdy will take charge the flrst
Sabbath In April.
Peter Sebastian, the colored pioneer
of Oolden, In an Interview recently,
jrophe.ied there would bono flood thi.
year but there will be high water as
���oon aa the 'svarlalsls-a" begin to blow,
���ay about thst 22ud Ind.   H. strongly
denounce, the A.troiiomer Royal for
Ir.ln.id, Prof. Ball, tor having atated
In hi. great work on Heavenly Bodle.
that th. moon doe. not Influence either
Weather or tide..    Peter, on the other
hand,  maintain* that she moon rulr.
man, weather, beae.l   ��nd tide, and
quoted .erlpture In aupport ol his con*
tssntlon thug: The sun In saokoloth
'   elothed ahull ��ee the moon It. feeblo
ray.   srheddesl    be,     Peter   layi   he
haa not taken anything atronger than
���beer .tralght* .inc. China N.w Tear.
The qneetion I. often asked by stranger,  arriving In   town:. Is there a
r-uvllngroom her? In thljenlightened
nge*. reading room for'he oonvenlei.ee
pf sojourner, and resident. I. con.ider-
.��d a neces.nry. adjssiict In every well
*��� regulated community.   The provincial
mternment .noonrags*.reading In rural
^'district, by �� .ort of travelling library
nnd it la felr to assume-hat It would
not he avers* le aaels'lng In the e.tab
Ji.l.ment of a .isrtion.rvon. by eon
" trlhu.lon.ol boo*., document., report.
-_.���.,, ,i0��� ,ooneern!ng.the province.
��� Probably nothing eonldm.W amor,
f.vor.l* lrt.pn*��l��n.w yWtor. than
���������* 'g*w ****-***. i*��'��wH ���?>**! n��
tt**l   1m.-*��tiotT^��^Sitb!
��� olnee in forwarding' tott-W^anl
"tVilttf   ��� ;.>-'���
Dr. White, ol Banff, returned home
on Tueaday.
0. B. McDermot returned Trom Viotoria on Sunday laat.
A. Hubble, a constabulary candidate, returned to Peterboro today.
Albert Yatee, of Slocau, son ol the
Rev. C. F. Ya.es, ia paying a visit to
his parents here.
Edward McLellan ot Mr. McDermot'.*
.tall, ha. gone to Calgary to accept is
posision there.
Beit Ballagh, recently employed by
H. 0. Parson in the Bi-,- Store left on
Monday for the Okanagan.
V. F. Dunne, C.P.R. night operator,
ill with the all-prevailing grippe,
ha. reached th. oonvalosciug stage.
A. W. Sharp, recently returned Irons
a holiday trip to the east, leave, lot
Revelstoke on Sunday to relieve the
operator th.ro, who ha. beeu otd.red
to the ooast to undergo an operation.
Dr. Taylor has returned from Banff
whither he he. been tor rheumatic
treatment. The Dr. ha. quite recovered
from hi. recent illiie.-s.
Rov. W. D. Turner la vl.iting Mr
and Mr.. A. M. Stewart, Vancouver,
and will attend a meeting ol tho Presbyterian Home Mission committee,
J. C. Oreene, proprieser of the Queen.
Hotel, returned from hia tour to California on Wednesday and is looUng
the picture ot health and good humor.
The .ea voyage to and from Victoria
he describe, a. one of great beauty and
pleasure. From San Francisco he visited Santa Cruz and there saw isnmons,
areas of orange plantations in blossom
and other stages of maturity. Vicloriss
he thinks is destined to be a very pretty
and healthful resort and at present is
lively by reason of the sitting logisla
ture. Vancouver is prosperous and
owing to its situation is and will remain
the c.msnercial metropolis of B.C. Like
the poet, Mr. Greene believes there Is
"no place liko home" and Golden will
ever retain an unflinching hold ou III.
affections and interests.
On a recent morning a small flock o.
wild geese passed up the Columbia on
their way, no doubt, to the Kootenay
lake., whes-e itia reported they are now
Address ull communications intended
for the Era office to E. V. Chambers,
All money order., etc , should also be
made out in his name,, or paid directly
so him in person. We would ask osir
readers and patron, to roniensbor thi*
and address letter, in th. name ot the
manager aa above.
South Africa Uoss.tnbalurr.
Recruiting tor the S. A. Constabulary began on Saturday last by Cnpt.
Bnrstall of the Royal Canadian Ar
'illery accompanied by Surgeon Vaus
>t the Army Medical Corps, 0:tnwa
and Sergt. W. H. Fonner. There were
twenty-one applicant, of wnosn ibir
teen wero successful in passing ths
somewhat rigorous exnsninatiou, subject, however, to a linal exam, as
Ottawa b.v Capt. Fall. The detach
ment from here went direct to Ottawa
and i. the last to be accepted as thr
Government has given instructions
tbat no further application, will le
received for the constabulary, the full
strength,. l.OCO men, having been
quickly attained.
All the recruits are accomplished
and fearless rider, aosl no doubt wil!
give ample proof of their ability it.
roping the wily Boer or the lon���--leggei.
ostrich. Not a few ot the fair sex wers
on the C. P. R. platform to wavo s.
kindly adieu to tho departing const.,
bles, the waiting males manifesting
their good wishes for tbe thirteen goos:
tnd true men in a loud and long huzia
a. tbe train left the station. The Era
wi.he, them bou voyage and safe re
turn.   Following are tbe names:
Brooke., Thos. J., Perth, Out,
Barnes, Jno., Toronto, Oot,
Cutting, E., Oolden.
Collin., A. P. Golden.
Dart, Helley, Brooltflold, N. S.
McOee, W., Oolden.
Macnamara, P. J,, Minneapolis,
Melunes, ���, Oolden,
Rogers, 0., Oolden.
Sprung, Bun, Brighton, Onl,
Sproule, H. J., Peterboro.
Racher, F. S��� Oohlen.
Wilson, R. M., Ouelph, Ont.
Corporal Wilson had charge of the
���-nad as far as Ottawa,
Weather Pacta.
By cour.esy of Mr*. Lang, some meteorological end seasonable faot. are
given regarding, the climate and it.
influence upon navigation and vegetation at Golden. For the following
months the highest and lowest degrees
otcold were:
Jan. 17, 17 deg. above zero.
Jan. 9, 24  "   below   "
Feb. 14, 37   " above   "
Feb. 5, 18   " below   "
For tbo same months last year the
thermometer registered:
Jan. 18, 42 deg. above zero.
Jan. 27, 0   "   below   "
Feb. 24, 3d "   above   "
Feb. IS, 28  'i   below   "
Followiug I. the lecorslof the breaking up of the iee In the Kickiug Horn
and Columbia river, for th. put five
ltHM-Kicklng Horse on April 6, Columbia, April 8; tree, in leaf Muy 18.
1807-Kloklng Horso, April 9, Columbia, April IB; tree, in leaf May 10.
18!)��-Klcklng Horm, April 13, Columbia, April 13; tree, in leaf May 17
1899-Kicking Horse, April 30, Columbia, April 22; tree. In leal May 23.
1900-Kicking Hone, March 22, Co.
lumbia, March 24; tree, in leaf April
Uolden l'nblle school.
The .landing of the following pupil.
i their respective classes for February 1. aa follows :
DlVlSIOlt I,
Ssnior V.���1, Waller Hou.ton; 2,
Liura Kenncy.
Inter. VV���1, Willie Houston; 2,
Ernest Sutherland, 3, Ua Bookhout.
Junior V.-l, Muriel Miller; 2, Vio
let Pughe; 3, Salma Johnson,
Class IV.-1, Roy Hanna, 2, Lillian
Woodland; 8, Melville Mcintosh.
Senior III���1, Stanley Moodie; 2,
Wynn Griffith; 3, John Blakely.
Attendance 22.
J. A. Bates, Principal.
Inter. III.-1, Bertie Bobbin., 2,
Edith Whiting; 3, Addie Autoya.
Junior IH.-l, Percy Lake; 2, Her
bcrt Blakely; 3, Allan Hanna,
Senior II.���1, Budd Griffith; 2,
Harry Moore; 3; Owena Starforth.
Junior II;���1, Lawrence Fahey; 2,
Albert Fahey; 3, Julius Johnson.
Attendance 29.
C. B. Montgomery,
division III.
1st Reader.-l, Charles Dahlqulal;
2, Robert Miller; 8, George Woodland;
2nd Primer. ���1, Mo.som Morgan; 2,
Gladstone Woodland; 3, Florence
1st P.!mor.-l, Pearl Milllgan; 2,
Antonia Desanneau: 3, Sarah Fahey.
Tablet.-1, George Soles, 2, Olivia
Milligan; 3, Minnie Connor.
Attendance 28.
A Mlsilatur. Museum.
Rev. Geo. Kinney., pastor of. lhe
Methodist chnrch.ho. a wry interesting and valuable collestion of fossil",
crystal., stalactites, .hell., minerals,
and curios, indeed his collection I. a
real mu.eum in miniature. The crystal, and minerals are t lie product of
nature In thi. vicinity, while the shells,
etc., were obtained In mauy parts of
th. world of which Cap. Breton, NS.,
and Kentucky TJ. S. A., contribute the
major pari. A .hark', head captured
In the Bay of Fundy, a rattlesnake,
eOw make, set hors) and a sh urk's egg
attest the owner'* skill and courage
by. seizing them In their natural condition*, Ht. Kinney, ts to he eon.-ra-
tulated lot hi. many rate speolm-na
and It is hoped furthet research by
him around Golden may bring bim
both fortune and fame.   "
Aaaovtatosl Hoard. *t Trado.
The third annual convention of the
Assocsascd Board, ot Trado ot eastern
British Columbia, opened nt Green
wood March 2nd, Mr. C. Scoit Galloway, pres'ding.
Tbe meeting opened wilh the reading
of the annual address ot the president,
John Roderick Robertson, outlining at
length the many Important matters to
be dealt with by the convention,
Alter an animated discussion the
association endorsed the granting of a
charter for the construction of a railway trom the Crow's Nost Pas. coal
Holds io a po'nt, within the boundaries
ol tho United States.
It was also recommonded that a
charter be grunted for the extension of
the Sl.nswap and Okanagan railway
Irom Vcrison to Rock oreek or Midway
via lhe West Fork oountry.
A resolution was reoelved from
Kamloops asking that the association
en'loi se a petition for Government aid
in the establishment of a sanitarium
for the care and cure of consumptive.,
Endorsement followed.
Mr. C. Scott Galloway, of the Green,
wood board ot trade, and Mr. H. W,
C, Jnokton, ot Rossland, were elected
prosident and secretary respectively
for the ensuing year.
Superintendent Duwnie of the Can*
adlan Paciflo Railway Kootenay Division, has now assumed charge of bl.
now seotlon. Mr. Dowln. took hi. lor*
mal leave of Vancouver on Saturday
when a large numb-sr of cltlten. and
Masons attended hlra to the dopot, to
bid him a hourly farewell, Hit new
hestdquatlers will be at Nelson.
The bubonic plague is spreading at
Capetown. **
A projeot lion foot at Calgary to
establish a meat oanni ng Industry.
On Maroh 2nd Pope Leo XIII. celebrated quietly his 91st birthday.
Sever.1 otorm. raged in Brandon thi*
week which delayed all train..
Three; thousand Boxer, have made
their appearance In Corea and are looting and killing wherever possible.
The Police commis.ion.ra of Nanaimo have instructed thoir officer, to
suppress all gambling joints.
The C. P. R. traflic receipt, for the
weekending February 28. wer. 1143
000. For th. same week last year they
wero 1400,000.
The proposed railway commiesion to
regulate rate. In Canada- baa been
���helved tor another year hy tha Do-
Inlon Oovenment.
Hon. Mr. Mulock will go to Au.trall.
to represent Canada at th* ootnlng
federation ceremooie.. Ho will atari
on th. 10th In.t. and go via New York.
The custom, returns fur the Dom'n-
iou I. .till growing. It was 12,325,000
for th. present month, or (160,000 ol
an increase over February, 1900.
J. J. Palmer, of Toronto, owner ot
the Marble Bay mines, Toxada Island,
and President of the Toronto Type
Foundry Co., Is at the bread of a oom
pany to fonnd a large pulp industry in
B. C. somewhere near the coast.
Hon. J. H.Ross, land Commissioner
ofthe Northwest Territories will be
appointed Commissioner of the Yukon
when Mr, Ogilvie. resignation takes
Rev. J. 0. Shearer, who recently
came from the east In th* Interest, of
the Lord's Day Alliance, has completed
his work ia B. C. and will return eastward this week.' Mr. Sheerer hM been
successful in organizing a number of
branches of tne alliance in this provineo In .11 tho principal centre, of
Sir Wilfrid Laurier has announced
In the House that au effort will be
made to have the Duke and Duchess
of Cornwall tnd York, como to Canada
direct from Australia and land at Viotoria and Vanoouver, thence oros.lng
tho continent, to Halifax. According
to tbe preaent programme their Royal
Highnesses will come by way of Hall-
tax and will not visit th* wait at all.
A' meeting of tbe director* and .hare
bolder, of the War Eagle Mine, of
Rossland, was held at Toronto but
The financial statement (hows
that tl.e company Is In debt over $600,
000. Over against this there are 85,000
tons ot'ore "woi-th about 1100,000 at
present rates! At present the oompany
i. not Working in 'pay ore, but the
manager i> itnfi lent that rlobor bodies
will be encountered between the sixth
nnd tenth levels. It is pointed out that
similar faults were found In the Centre
Star andLe Roi, who ore now working,
in paying ore.
A. P. * A. M.
Monnttln Lodie, No. 11. A. F. A
A. II. Regular Communication,
second Monday In .very month,
ttofourolng brethren cordially ia-
0. B, PARSON, Secretary.
i, o. o. r.
, Reeky Mountain Lodge No. 84 meeU in
Oddfellow. Hall, Oolden, every Wedssessday
at 8 p.m. Sojourning brethren welcome.
O.PSAH-- ""       '   " " ""*"" '
J T. WOOD, Dec.
Is full of Businisas���in fact, we havt) a little mora
than we can handle jnst now. Ctatomers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
NOVICE U hereby given that application Hark, 1^1*11 APd DOIl't FOrgOt
HI be mssde tb tho Parliament of Canada at **
the Following
nlon Ibr an Act to Incorporate
A few more men.
A Tow more Methodists.
A fow more Christian*.
A few more Sinners to be"
03mo Christians.
Meeting; Sunday night at 7:80
o'olook, Methodist ohurch. G.
Kinney, paator.
Subject: "Jlsjjoneratlon."
Cb-iraeser Oonnt.
" Ut a nsnn tell you hks .lory every mora
lug and ewsslng," said a fasnsu. Engtlahnuu.
in characterising the nsmsps-��r, Vfai'atth.
end of a twelve month he wil Mre become
your master.1' What II th. man labraan-
fared, a chronic liar, one who rejoice, in iniquity, and it utterly reckleaa ll. principle,
who ia thus welcomed dally to the' hem.
circle? Ought not a nowep��ier that is Indifferent to truth, la aolf-sseekinj and has no
regard br Individual right or for public
morals, to be treatid a. yen wtsuld deal with
a scoundrel whe nek. adsalaeton ti your
room and company? Lot ��n unprincipled
Jossrnal tall you ib. s'.asly .lory, ud oy u
company to conatruct a rssils-ay Irom the
coalmine, at Michel In th. Eaat Kootenay.
District. Brltlah Columbia, thence by way of
Michel Creek and Ih. met feuibl. and practicable route east or weal of th. Elk and
Upper Kootenay River, .southward, to the
international boundary, alao ftom Michel
Crstek northerly (long the valley ol Ik* Elk
Hirer .ud thonce to .point on the main line
of the Canadian Paclfle Hallway, also from a
point on the proposed Ihu, ot railway, th.nce
nortt.-eut.rly bythe North Kootenay I'aae
to Alberta te connect with the Crow4 Neat
Kailway, with authority alao to con*
branch., from any point, en the pro-
, line not exceeding in any one com
thirty mile, in length, with power to eon*
���tract, own and operate telegraph end telephone How for tlw uw of lhe public, rope*
waya and tramway., atoan. and other vea-
MJa, ferries, roada, dock., water right.,
dan., tame., water powor, to generate ud
tran.mil and deal In electricity and electric
power, together with men power, aa to
maintaining and di.po.ing of the railway
nd work, ud auch other powersand privilege, aa .re usually given to railway com-
���Vdicl'     "
Ottawa, Jan. 11,1
Solicitors for applicant,.
the matter of tbe estate ot John
MuRai,   late of Oolden, B.C.,
NOTICE ia hereby given pursuant to tlw
"Treats** and Executor. Act" that all creditor, ana otbera having claima .gainst the
eatate ol the- uid John MeRae, who died on
the 1Kb day ol Hay. 1895, are required on
or before the Slat day of March, A.D. 1801,
to send by post prepaid or delivered to
Messrs. Crearet Crease of 17. Fort Street.
Victoria, B.C., aollcitori fur John McRae. of
Winnipeg, Man., executur of the last will of
uid John Mcrlae, their Christian and aur-
namea, addresae. and description, the full
particular, of their claim., th. atatement of
their account, and tho nature nf the eecuri-
tfea, If uy. held by them.
And further lake notico that after such last
mentioned dale, the said executor will pro-
coed to distribute the suet, of the deceased
the parries entitled thereto '
regard only io Ihe claima of which
then have notice, and that the aald l	
trill not tie liable Ibr tho aald uaeta. or any
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
���tu-p^UjU-JU.   LARS worth OF GOODS
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS ..   .   .   .
2,000  TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000  TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
5 the partle. entitled thereto, having
only io Ihe claims of which he shell
then have notice, and that the aald executor
will not be liable Ibr tho (aid uaeta. or any
part thereof, to any senon or per*��� oi
whew claim, notice aboil not have been received by him at the tune ei ouch distribution.
.     Solicltor.for aald executor.
Dated the 18th day of January, A.D. 1901.
The Brltlah Columbus southern Railway
Compuy will apply te the Parliament ot
Called, at Its n��tt Beaaionfor u Act extending the tlsxse within whleh it may exmitruct
tta Hallway, and authorising it to conatruct
auch Branch., from uy of its' line, hot
exceeding In Sny ono care thirty milea In
length, aa are from time to time antheriaed
by the Governor In Council, aud for other
119 Secretory.
Inexorable moral law you will la due tim.
' sv. on "���val aplrlt" for your (Mater.        t
Iu thia sains, connection we are reminded
      ral policy that had.bom
followed, ansl th. huh Hsels alwan ImU up
by tn. WllooM. It hae lnvarUd.ly.beon
found advocating aound principles;, and tt
ef an into, eat ing.lecture by u old JournalM
and membwof Parliament, Mr. R, L. Rich*
ardson, ol Winnipeg. "Character," .aid ho,
"iiJisatuesMatiafior a nmnapar as iti.
for a man who is slependeal upon the public
for aupport. It ia therefore of su prims, importance that au editor ahould guard the
reputation ud character of Ms newapaper a.
it li that in individual ahould guard hi. snm
r.in.talion and character. Ifhoneaty la tbo
best policy for an Individual, It la, In u
acc.ntua|ed dagre*, th. beet policy for a
nesvapapor. Iu a peculiar aenreanowapacer
belonged lo the public, being, In reality jh.
creation ol the public, luttataelurer'amlad
the heat example of the value ef preMrvfu
character in a n.w.p.p.r la thehUturyofth.
M.ntreal Wltnsw, which th. .prekfr s-t-rird-
ttl a. perh.p. ih. aaeet InHuenttal Journal In
Canasta. Thia, hecenaldored, wa.dsatoth.
aosinsl, ronililent, moral
followed, and th."" "
by tn. Witness.
found advocatlnj,  --.    . --.-,
adhered with auch pertinacity to lu policy
that il baa forced Ihe rcpect ofth.iHil.llc,
and although an nliraProtealMt paws) pub-
lialisxl In the Catholic province ol Quebec,
Mr. Richardaun ventured the aeMrlfon that
it wis, reepKted by Ite religious opponent..
Inaamueh a. th* newipsportlhehlalorluol
tbo day, it is de.lr.ble that it ahould be voracious and a faithful recorder of .rent.."
If the errangetnent aud. by the Bobtln
Oov.rnmont of Multoba work, out aa intended, the province will bave the bonoilta of
government ownerships**] private operation
combined,. The Oorernmoit. purchared lhe
liuea of the Norther* Facile, aud having
poaaenlon of th. eyatun, aold It again le
Mas.-keisr.St Mun; upon th. condition thai
the Government ahonU have power to llx the
freight rem, they .gwelng, however, to
make up any doScit that might occur ao the
mult of the low rate, te bt hied.
It ia not denied by the .trengut advocate,
ol government ownerahlp that a railway can
be more economically oneratod by a privets
company! nor do the moat earnct advocate,
of private ownership contend that freight
rate, wil not Wlawer under Cs>vwnme��l
ownonhia. Therefore, thoMsurltob. admin-
iatration being In a pswllon to Ix Ik. freight
r.tea, while the operation of tk. reed Iom
tht hud. of caplsallata wkajM Irat ear. hs te
oudea dividend, there I. every prsAablllty
that the people ot the provlnee will gel th.
loweat cmaiblo rate. cohaMul with the
rn.inl.nano. ef the reed. ThesnperimeMl.
on an entirely new llu., ud will b* watched
ii-'-.'    Hb. AUD cold baths,
re.Specl.1 attention alien te baggage of
Commercial men. . Delivered to.and from
aUtlon tree ef charge.
HATE8, KI par slay. Sppselsl rate, lor
regular boarder..
TWoTICE ia hereby given that the Arrow*
" head end Kootenay Railway Company
will apply to tb. Uglalatlve Auombly of the
Province of Britiih Columbia, at lu next oee-
>ion, for an Act to amend Section IS of tbe
"Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway Company
Aot: 1898," being Cap. 47 of the StatutSol
BrltUh ColumbU of 18��, by extending the
time mentioned In the uid Motion for the
completion of the railway authorised te be
built by the aaid Act.
DateS at Victoria, B.C .February ll. 1001.
mil Solicitor, fer Appllouts.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
lor more pounds of: Our Best Coffees or Teas a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coft'ees and
can guarantee B��Sst Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected'stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Gkioda. GASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. B. mcDE^OT,
Golderl. B.C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Oold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mine* wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at onoe for Extern investor*.
Partis* having mining property (or .ale are requested to send .ample* of their
ore to the Exchange for exhibition. ���
We desire to hear from prospectors whe have promising mineral claim* in
British Columbia.
Proopeotor. and mining men ore requested to make the Exchange their hud-
i ,*,,., quartar* when In Nol.on.
All .ample, .honld b* sent by express, PREPAID. ��� V .
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
T��l.phon. No. 104. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.   :    -
WANTED���Active men and women every
" where to take 'jordera for "LIKE OF
QUEEN VICTORIA." Seth al eight. Only
oathoriMd edition for tbo United State, ana
Cuada. Complete .book, In course of pre*
Katka for over a year, now reedy, nearly
page, i IOOIUu.tr.tlon., retell bnt tl.lt,
big comniUalona. credit glvu.freight paid.
Outlt, tsootpald FREE, wilh lull In.truotton.
ou.ppttctU. Bend for outlt at once and
you will make from W lo W dally. scExtra
NO Hanstead Strret, PhlladelphU, pa.
Churoh Sorrloti.
R. PAUL'��-0HU��0H 01* 1KOLAHD.
Service* every Sundajrat 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sunday* et th* month
altar Morning Prayer, and. on Greater
Fswtlvals and Holy tStyt at 8 a.m., or
a* may be announced from th.ohano.1.
���  Sunday School at 8:30 p.m.
All an oorduily invited to attend
th. servloe*.
0. P. Yatm, Vlear.
Service erery Sunday at 7:S0 p.m.
Sunday School and BIM* Clau at S
p.m. sharp. -
Choir praotlc *v*ry Thuraday aren-
at T.
Bit. W. D. Tumis, Putor.
Ssrrvlsv*. mty Sunday at 11 ajn. and
7:80 p.m.      .
Sund.y School at 8:80 p.m.
Player MtMing on Tueeday al S p.m
0��o. Khmt, PMtor.
Now is the Time to Buy. v
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together, with the
faot that transportation is now. assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Oolden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which-will ensure tne
operation of the Oolden Smelter within the next few
months. '
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
area..--. <
Present prices are favorable to investors* who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place. /
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
'' -   ' '' ���'s.
, Flans may be seen and prices And terms obtained on
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,,


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