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The Golden Era Mar 15, 1901

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Array y'l^-'H^t^J^A-
���*j*4*u   ijw
Thomas O'Brien.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.COhteyancer, ete
Office In Upper Columbia Navigation ud !
TrSsnA.y Company's Building.
Golden, B.C.
OOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, MARCH 15,1901
$2 Peh. Yeah.
THERE is a time for everything and
just now is unquestionably_ the
time to buy-~��n a money-savin* basis
_!everythfng in the line of WHITE
Pillow-slips and.sheets ready for use
or by the yard.   .'���������
Crash and Glass Towelling from Ave
cents to any price point which suits you.
���    Table Linen, Napkins, Doylies, Side*
���:���.:S-,-teat- Scarfc,  Tray Cloths,   Towels,
a * ������ ��   Table Cloths, Lawns, Muslins and Cot*
*' 'tons at most attractive prices.
lu.Here are a few sample rotations r���
'������  ,s"*_owock8es, Miller ACo'sBngHsh
'   eotton���the most famous bleached      _
-foods on earth  -  -  -  -  -  -  l��*
���  Honey-comb white quilts   *  - ,-:?��.gj-
-'���'.''T'FSSifccolor wash prints;'-  -  ���>��*?*
Linen Doylies, white or colored *f tjts.
,,",        8*wi�� Curtain Muslin  -  ���  ���   jM ef*.
HemnantoofLacea,Embrotderto^; Prints,
Muslins, Dress Goods and ����s.
H.G. Parson,
General Merchaf*&.
Ale?car^der Block.
Imperial Bank of Canada
CaplUl Authorlied, 98,600,000
Capital PaU V* M,8<WKsMIO
II. 8. Ilowlud, Pres.idj.nt.
T. R. Mwrltt,        ���       Vice-Pros.
Wa. Ramaay,    T. Sutherland Blaynor
RobertJ.ir,.y, ��� His. Vegen,
Wm. ILndrie.
HtMDOrnox Tonsreno.
I. B. WiLKia, General Menage.
I. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA. N. W. T. ud B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Oolden,      Nshku,   ,  Pertaavib.Prsitta,
Prince Albert,    Revebtpke,    Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Emu, Fergus, Gelt, Hamilton, Instenol),
IJatoweJ, Ikgora Fssdls, Port Colooerne
Est Ports.*., Suit Stsj. Marie. St.
CMhortnes. St. Thom**, Torento.Wells.nd,
Wooslatock, and Moutreal, Viae.   '
Agent* la ��reat Brltala:
Lloyd'a Bank. Ltd , W UnsTbsrd SL, London
wilh whom money may b�� deposited for
tronahr by letter or cable to anyol tbe
above branches..
Agent* la Valts*4iMast��K
NEWTOBK-Bank of Montresl, Bank ol
Amertcs.       ��� .   ���-��"'
CHICAOO-Flrat National Bank.
ST, PAUL-Socond National fink.
SAH FKANCISCO-Wolla, forge A Co..
Ageata la **���**% AfHisa.
Provincial, Municipal and ether debenture.
Available at ail point, in Canada, United
Kingdom, United State..
J. S. Oibb, Itr., Oolden Branoh,
Boll Bros. & Co.
Wholeulelt Retail
Utth, Sbeep and HorMDealera.
I AVISO finished stock-takini I
find that it is larger than
necessary.    I wijl theroton sen
the following at jfreatly nAwed
prices: :V
* Mackinaw,
. Fancy Goods,  .
* Rubber Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
* Toys, Dolls, etc.
Jas. ftp^W, j).L8., & P.L.8.
Oram., doing
,   Addrese.
tf. A. D-wormoau,    :
a ���'���*������ . Tailor.
leatk SU. KUKIn* Hersw Blver,
��Town and District.)
Come, gentle aprlng. "j
County Court May 30th.
Wanted���A resident dtntltt.
Mow tor th* ��umm.r sports.
Leon  tad   *mbroldorle* In  larg.
verltty at th* Big et*r*.
0. B. McDsrmot has ju.l reoelved a
carload ot teed, grain aud Sour.
Select tho material lot yonr summer
blouse new at tbe Big slot*.
It is probable that road week will
be don* by contract thi* year bu'. the
weges will be regulated' by th* Oor,
Muoh to th* regret of skater* th*
lo* In the rink is so but gone that
further uss will not be permitted units, a cold .nap Interven**.
The need of a resident dentl.t in
Oolden hss reaohed this- tent* stage.
Patiouts have now to go either to Cal.
gary *t Ksvslstoks for treatment.
The Colombia Eiver Lumber Co.
received some new machinery whieb
thty will add to thtlr plant In th*
manutacture of finished lumber,
A meeting of the boy* will be held
in the School, on Monday, at 7 o'olook
tor the purpoee of organising > Junior
Football Club.   Boy* atMnd.
Ling are quit, plentiful In the Columbia now, not a few ot Golden's
lonely hut estimable huhalor. Inter-
���nereing their larder, with thi. piscatorial delicacy.
There were 87 bluefrckets ou the
westbound on Sunday last en route to
Esquimalt from Halifax to join th*
Wattpit* stationed there. They enjoyed the trip very much and were well
pleased with their treatment hy the
railway company.
Fred Collins, charged with the murder ot Arthur Dando,"now in Nelson
jail, is in tbe best of health and exhibit, no aign of -Insanity. It is not
at known whether th* trial will take
plac* at Oolden or Nelton. Witnesses
Burton and Simpson are at Tacoma
aad Tobacco Plain* r**$ectirely
A very fine mm head captured in
���e. Little Boy (alia frem a Movie*
Train. Loslag Bets. Leg..
At If tho oup ot sorrow wore not yet
full hy Ihe loss of her husband in tbe
terrible mine explosion at Cumberland,
Vanoouver Island, some week* ago,
au added woe wa. givon to a woman
puswnger on Tuesday'. Atlantic Ex*
press. Hsr little child, toddling about
in th* ear, wardered unnoticed to the
platform and there fell ol, Its little
body wa* whirled under ths .wilt
revolving wheels, bothlega being severed above tho knee. Tho mother, weary
aud worn, did not miss her darling until many mile* away from the cruel
spectacle. Soon, however, by the kindness ot C.P.B, officials, a freight engine
was despatched to recover the little
s.Sorer, .till living, and restored to its
broken-hearted mother.
The mother, whose name could not
he learned, was journeying to friends
in Pennsylvania, necessitated by tho
loss of hsr husband end sole support
in tbe disuse referred to. Tlieacci
stent ocourOtt between Twin B ute and
Albert Canyon. The boy had both
leg. amputated above the. knee by Dr.
Cross at Revelstoke and by last report bade fair to survive.
E. Harrington, of Illecllliwoe., is
paying a visit to Golden.
Jas. McKay, of the Elk Park Ranch
Is at the Columbia.
0. B. McDermot left yesterday on a
three weeks' purchasing tour to tbe
,.rge eastern markets.
Mrs. Beuley, wits ot Superintendent
Beasley of the C.P.R., and children,
arrived in Oolden on Wednesday and
are the guests ot Mr, and Mrs. Griffiths.
Rev. W. D. Turner returned on Tuesday from Vancouver. He is very
favorably impressed with his first visit
to the coast, the weather being all that
could be desired.
W. R. Hull of Calgary came in on
Saturday and left on Monday. Mr.
Hull is one ot the largest meat purveyor* of the Northwest, having busineu
establi.bment. and cattle ranche. in
The very least that Vanoouver oan
do now is to call a mooting and present
Mr. Carnegie with the freedom of .be
It Mr, Ross, the now Commissioner
Of the Yukon, proves a. great .success
in the work ot administration as his
namesake, the Premier of Ontario, the
clan will scarcely know' what to do
with Its load ot glory.���Globe.
If all the world's millionaires were
ae generous with theif riel.e** as Andrew Carnegio is, this world would be
a much better world to live in, end the
millcniuiu would nos seem to be quite
so far away.���Province.
All the signs portend that before this
slentury gott into the sere and yellow
lut the comfortable oitisen who re*
elines in an easy chair, clipping off
railway dividend coupons and sending
them down to be cashed, will bo amongst the vanquished figures ot Ihe
past. We will all be partakers of the
profits as shareholder, in the public
treasury.���Toronto Globe.
They sny that Sir M. Hicks-Beach
has two budgets in charge this session
-one adapted to tho close of the war
and the other to Its continuance. In
this the right hon. gentlemen is as
prudent as was our own Sir Charles
when he came down to the House with
a free-trade speech in one coat-tail pocket and a protection ditto in the other.���
Look. I.lko En.ln...,
London,   March  19 friction hai*
arisen at Tien Tsin between tbe Britiab
���ad the Russian, over a piece of land
alleged to belong to tho railway co.li-
pany, and to have been in j.ossession
bt the oompany for somo years. Aocording to despatches from Tien Tain,
the Russians assert that this landis
part of their new concession, and therefore Russian property Mr. Kinder,
manager of the railway, had begun to
mak. a siding, bnt wa. stopped by tho
Russian authorities. Uo appoaled to
Col. Mcfjonald, who referred tab flutter to Oen. Barrow, Britisli chief of
State in Pekin, who replied: "Carry-
on the siding with armed force if necessary."
Guards were put on tbe line by Ibe
British, and the work was continued.'
Gen. Wagasaka, Russian commander,
protested and said the work would not
have bsen done if Ihe Russians had
had as many troops as tho British,
adding that such matters should btf
left to diplomacy.
Col. McDonald again communicated
with Gen. Harrow, who telegraphed;-
"Cantinae the siding."
Gen. Wagaskn very indignantly appealed to the Russian minister at Pekiu,'
M. De Giers.
Murrey, McCarter * Pinkham.
Barrister* MMtswo. *..
0E0.8.MCCARTEB,        J.A.HARVET,
Revelatoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
A. M. PINKHAM.       ~   ������-.
Room. Alexander Block Oolden B. C.
Oratral Merekant,
���   ���  GOLDM. *��.
Hay* lb* Qttloks*�� �����*
t    am*-r*ntype--*-**
'        Crossing th* CsMtlre**...
*n_i? a **n"��� st*-*
-DXiri/lJL/ 0, of,."
������>*, Cm**m, Ftvitrr,
_Wesl-llsj>( sCkea ���
mni ri**.*a��tlr BvMatsesl
Joseph Phaneuf,��,r
Bicycles 1
ro*   .
��fc Paul,
���"tm '���:        Dtlly.
Toronto and Montreal
^,.*k**tmAy tut SiwiVs
IV Ml *��rtM*M tpflr to
0. P-'B. AWBt.
.OrW -. :
Jj. J. COYU!,
�����UllMMh*M swwaftna*--.
CMeeWtast^Uq.*** Cigars.
Free Paator��.
Having owapletstd arjrange-
mente for the purchase of
���**Mlal AMesBtisM
fig: Sewing Machines
Kicking Hone Bridge.
the BpillimacheneHonge, the
"     O.P.A.,
WONG PlN6-LaandiY
anderstgnri loUeita a share
of the public patronage..
Men Wanted
uvmdiy oivMi teyfinm.
Th* Ilk Pa* laaeh aid Btoek
tapwrt��#*o^ Ltartted.
7mm AC, -Ot it* ity*.
Men who *r* brave enough
to .tend by th* colour, et
regard).** oi publio opinion,
gotilvor tlandtv ......
SobsVct :-"Th�� Ouubi Wu or
TB�� Asw." M*thodl.t ChUloh,
Sanday nlgkt. o*i��wet*g it
toNel**nBtr tawnllng-eoshtly. ~Xti
larg. 0-Ilwd--i*J**i-4 horu were very
pretty aad wffl no d*��bt Bnd a niohe
In tome millionaire's mansion, there
to be admired and an object lesson of
the truisua that "nil things are (ubject
toman, ���^
Alex. MoGre**, C. P. R. bridge
foreman, while employed in repairing
a tunnel eut of Ooldtn had tht mis-
ftrlunt to break hi. arm. He went
down to Revelstoke for treatment and
hope, to be again on duty In a short
, A meeting of all interested in tht
formation ol a baseball olub it called
for 7:30, Saturday evening, at .th*
Kootenay House. It Is hoped that a
good response to this tail will beg'von.
Some ot our public-spirited citiiens
have promised material aid in support
ol this populsr game.
Th* amount granted in aid to the
Oolden Hospital by th* Provincial gov
eroment for the period* lit. July, 1899,
to 80th June, 1900, wa* 1500; ansl for
th* tamo tlmt an tllowanot ot BO ett.
ptr diem tor 180 patient* tor 1,940 dayt
wot 8970, making a tsNal'fuhlk expenditure ot 81,*70 on account ot Ooldtn
Complaint i. mad* lhat a certain
wood pile In the suburb, ol Ooldtn It
dlmlnlthlng rather too rapidly for th.
owatr. Liberty may ran to lioeuat
and oovttou.ne.. It intcparablt from
thttl, both .ubject to tht law ol causs.
andettect. The man who deliberately
steal, his neighbor** fell ia on tbo
highway to that plat* when lo* is an
unknown quantity,
A number ot Itllowt about town
ire planning a trip to th* Bot Spring*
at Slnoltlr. Ont of th* number, indisposed with cacsvjth**, hu faith in
hot sulphuric water tor th* eurlng of
thi. propenaity and another believe* In
it* remedical qualltlet for tht Irritating
detmatlo complaint to which he la
suhjeot. In auy cas* cleanliness is
nut to godliness snd the moral (Beet
of a good "boil out" at Sinclair will
alone repay these seekers of renewed
physical Md ethio.1 lib.
Utter* r��Mtved V Mr. W. Rogers,
manager (pr McDstmot, from Oon-
.teblstaDa-l and MoCret .1 hudsju.rt-
trt,Dtiawa, .tat. that %ll tht Ooldtn
hoy* tr* la Ihsi lmiol letUe, and when
of duty tnjoy thsMMMisra* In promen-
ash* on th* >Vtja*l-*��*Hc\ssa, Parliament
Hill end luovert'  Walk.   Tht oom-
mp-*-* ���<***��� �����** tu* -**mn *--
ton Steele detaehu^lf w*r* Mftrtor
to toy In th�� loict,
W��&-ML A*C. *nd.Alo>'r|i;.
J.T. Wilkinson, -of the Vane��uv��
Province, accompanied by his wife, relumed on Tuesday's Pacific Express
from a tour of the whole of Europe,
-filen Labor Act Asisonuiisont.
Sir Wilfrisl Laurier introduced a bill
to amend the act to restrict the importation and employment of aliens.   1st
explination of the measure Sir Wilfrid
said:���The leading feature of the amendment  which  is  proposed  by  thi*s
We tlo uot hold ourselves responsible for I bill concerns the third section  ol lh��
tho opinion of Correspssndonts. present act, which provides  for a peu-
To the workingnien of British Columbia: ���
A bill is now before the Provincial
Legislature asking for tbe increase ot
Ihe present 83 revenue tax to $5. This
fails ss a direct tax upon labor, and
should not be tolerated for an instant
by the workinemen of this Province.
We have already suffered long and
submitted patiently to the many indignities thrust upon us by- bungling legislators in tbe past, and. now patience
hM teheed to he a virtue.
We have been deprived of just representation, in the legislature, thi.
same reveuue ta* b.�� versr often beta
taken from u. by stealth, by drawing
our wages to tbe amount without our
consent or knowledge, and worst ot all
looking rejuvsnatsd and wearing the whu, oit ntu*0, hov�� been bent in toll,
old familiar "Wilk-onio" smile. Not
withstanding the many attractions ot
Ihe old land he much prefers the free*,
untainted air of B. C, lo the stifled,
ef ete atmosphere of tha old world. In
his peregrinations he kissed the Blarney
stone aud rummaged the catacombs,
made an ascent of Mt. Blano took off
his hat to the Sphinx and nearly broke
the bank at Monte Carlo. Mr. Wilkinson is the owner of many valuable
thoroughbred prlxe winners in all classes of farm stock, besides he possesses
a farm at Chilliwack which he culti
votes on scientific principles and with
a large margin of profit,
The council ot Public Instruction
has been pleased to repeal A. tide 20 ot
the Rules end Regulations and substitute therefor the following: "Every
Saturday, Sunday, Oood Frldr-y,
Easter Mondsy, Empire Dav(May 24),
Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and
King's Birthday shall he a holiday.
Any day proclaimed a holiday by tbe
Lieut.-Governor shall also be a school
holiday. Holidays proclaimed as such
by the mayors ot cities shall uot bo regarded as school holidays."
The merits ot ths Columbia valley
atmosphere have bun so often attest
etl in the relief and cure ot lung
troubles and wasting diseases lhat It
has wsll earned the reputation ot beiug
a consumptives1 haven. The establishment of a sanitarium here would,
no doubt, be of greater benefit than in
any othor portion of the province,
.iuo* thtrt art mineral wa'ere ot
great medicinal vlrtne and a clisnato
unexcelled anywhere.
One of the suspects in connection
with the Chinese dynamite affair at
Athalmer last fall wss arrested on
Saturday last end is now awaiting the
arrival of Constable Barnes trom Fer*
nie who has the case in hand. It is
understood that one of the dynamiters
hat turned "King's evidence"
A larg. number of applications [or
land in the Columbia valley have heen
Motivtdhgr Oold Commissioner sSMf-
Por beauty ot location, ease ef
communication, fertility, game ot all
kinds, and totnio attraction* this val'
ley U without a peer and it bonncl to
b* all Mttlad up within a fow years.
Binbraoe   ths   goldsn opportunity
| offered at Parson's white goods sale.
the public domain has been stolen*
from us in large quantities by charter
mongers and company promoters,
In collusion with the men to whom
we foolishly trusted to guard our interests. Let us rise in our might and
put a. stop to thi. sort of thing at
one* and forever. We can do it in
this way . It this bill is defeated In
tho house on March llth, well snd
good. Don't forgot the members who
opposed II. They will be deserving of
the support of the people at, the noxt
election. It the bill iocarried, as it is
likely to do, then this Appeal is to call
to action, A copy is being sent to
overy constituency in the Province
that it io possible to speedily reach,
and you 'Sre urged to call public meetings in eaoh riding, pass resolutions
condemning the Aot, and ask for its
Many of   Ihe  members will have
voted again.!, and they would have
their hands strengthened by such resolutions.   To those who voted for It,
wo can only .ay : It is timo you (ound
out that, you are our servant, and that
if we say so, you must repessl this Act
or be dismissed, just tbe same ao any
serv.nt who refuses to do his employer's request.    We claim lt Is better for
the few to ewullow their pride, than
for the whole Provlnco to be in the
bondo of  iniquity.   There ere a low
good men   in  erery  constituency to
whom this Appeal will call lo arms;
Do not wall, hut go ahead, and call a
publio meeting  in   tbo most popular
centre, got  a  few live .peahen Irom.
among yourselves,   and  present  the
question fairly, and have resolutions
pass condemning th* Aot,  aud call
upon the member or members for that
distriot to urge and vote for the repeal
ot the Act.   If it is  possible and in
accordance with public' sentiment, pass
an additional resolution asking hihi'or
them to kslvacai. a tax- of three or five
per cent, per annum upon the preaent
���oiling value of tho land, including
mineral,  with    periodlo    valuation..
Thi. i. a just met bed* of raising uut-
llo revenue, and ha��- made New 3eal
and the molt pro.perOus country In
all   tht   earth.    Fellow   workman,
areas*.    Do  not let   thi. thing pais
unnoticed, or vet will-be still-further
opprsweed by our  Mil Impossjed teals*
ma.i.r��.   It I. In our power to repeal
this unjust measure.   Strike, whit* the
iron it hot;
A'L��tEi�� IWupsokv
Kamloops, B.C., Maroh 9tb, 1901.
ally for a violation of this act of $1,*
000, no more nntl no less.   The object
of the amendment is to make the penalty not more thau 31,000 and not less*
than 850, giving to the Jud-te discretion'
t*i apply tiie penalty according to the
offence.   Tneu it is stated iu tbe aef.
that the penally is to be recovered only
by the consent of tlte Attorney-General.
Wo propose to modify that sectiorl and
to provide that tho penalty  should be
recovered witb the consent either of
tbe  Attorney Geueral of the Province
or the Judgo from any Court it. which
tho penalty is sued for.   Tbe second
flection of the amendment concerns section 5 of the act.   I have not the acs"
beiore mu, to. voi***.*. tu-cu-ides__
a settler,  that is to say,  an intensjitvjf'
settler,- may biis.�� wilh him a relative
or a personal friend. Il has been tettatV
In practico that this svord "peroonal
friend" is too clastic for practical pur-'
poses, aod that it may be made an oc-'
casion for evading the law; therefore*
we propose to strike cut the word*
"personal friend."   Section 6 of the
said act provides that if thero hasbteu'
a violation of the act tlie parly who.
has been introtinced into the country'
illegally should be sent back nt Lho expense of the person previously contract
ting tor his services,   lt is proposes!
to strike out these words and to substitute in lieu tlsos-eof, "ut theexpeusss
ofthe person,  partnership,  company
or corporation violation any of tho
provieimus ol section I of thi* act.'1
Then it is proposes! lo .-open! section i*j
ot the act altogether, and to Rubst.tute 1
the follosving section therefor:���"That I
ll shall de deemed  a violation  of thia'l
aot for any person,  partnership, oosn*
pany or corporation to asss-tot or eiiCi*u>-l
age the importation os- iimmgi-iilion'o*
any alien or foreigner who ?esitle.*t ii,
or is a ottison of any foreign country I
to which this act shall  apply, liy pro-l
iniseotemployment, ilssouithadvertise f
ments printed of published in such for-l
oign oountry, aud  any suoh alien os*|
foreigner coining tu this country
consequence of buch an n-lvertidcis'tu*]
should ho treated us coming  i.n.Iur si
contract ns cosstu.sipli.ted by tiiisnctj
and the penalties. liy this act iuipo-s*-,!
shall be applicable is. suoh case.    ,7
thing in this not contained shall Isl
held to ssffect oi- control the l.uvut-u|
ment ol Ostnada or of any provis.
territory iu rosp-jOt of promoting iuiuiil
grntion."   Tills last  amendment   h.T
been inserted a', tl.e suggest ion ef lulssi
organic tiiuiis,   who    have     ssroil-tll
pressed for ItsaJoptiou.   The was reuf
the first time.
llisl'l'l. AllJUVALS,
Kon-n.NAV llousu���C MeOready, A 1
Ahtiatrnng, Montreal. Frank IWull, \'A
cuuver; J 'I Jones, FitiM. E' Tt-fct-etM J I
Nagle, J Kenuetl, Koselstolse; Ti,u���' .l|
Vancouver, *i Sillos', Kos-tslstuko.
RUPSEI.I. lloir.sli--.Tulm McKsse,Aris|.iril
W Reynolds,.! KoyuoMa, Blaeberry, .rslw
Allan,'city! W Watson, D.-.n Uunlfrk, If
iieor, I) Uo-rornnus, Mul-us-ly: Win, Ui.l
Vancouver: Richard I-oGallienuo, Mrugsuf
QOBBN'S HofKI,--!-' I'llOlpa, ciSV; tj
(lissney, ,T Boischsor, .1 liitlou, (h*6Ti*Hj
I'isllisssr; T Harrington, Illevilliwaot, .1,1
dine, I'nnsbroke; SJ Hamilton, Pulliner,* 11
Walker, Lsnldon. C J Suiitll, Ur.uvcliriiSff
0 ItTeskey, Torontoj  Kolst MeMurmv]
Morris  I'sdlisor, .1 Fsuley, (1 if Will
lil.-eliLuu-y; CH Moliiie, Toronto; A Luff
oity. .
UOI.UMl.lt Hlllisili-II G Kill sin,
Steele: W R Hull, Oilgary: 0 U iinL
Rossslansl, H A 6ssss.lt, Vssneoiiver, A IIJ
D Youill, Firlands; Chua Thoiii|i**.,u, I
cuuver: J Stevenson, Turoisto: S It 6isl
C Uglstfoot, Vtlueouvei i II t'ialu.r. iff
real: W II Holer ISO*., Kes clStolso: (1 f II
Sissllimsoheue. |
UOEKH luiiiv  iii;ii:.iri:o   ami
General  t'rrnch'e ruptures ot Cattle
and Munitions or War��� tl 111
Uotha Surrtnderl
London. March 10.���Lord Kitchener reports us follows :
"The Boers fulled in their determined attack ujson Llchtcnburg. Our
Uem u4 OM Wsrld'i N��wt Cond-taMd.
Moscow, March 9.���During tho" recent heavy anow storm 50 men were
sent to clear the snow out of u railway cut at Wolovolo, on the Riuzun-
ural line. They were just leaving
the cut whan the train a.me dov.'n
at full spt-vd and crushed about ,"ti
men into, shapeless musses, iluir
clothing clogged the axles and slop
ped the train. Enquiry shows that
the engine driver and ull the guards
were drunk.
Paris, March l>.���The French fov-
ern limit has just appropriated funds
for  Uie    erection of u bronze statue
losses,  besides the two oilkvrs    pre-   oi Nicot, who lirst introduced lobar-
o in Kurojh' in 1G50. It was from
his name that the word nicotine was
derived, Tlio statue will be situated in front of the main government
tobacco manufactory in 1'arts,
viously reportedi wero fourteen killed and twenty wounded. The Boer
general, Cellie-rs,  was killed.
"l>e Wet's poult ion is variously reported,  as his men are scattered  in I ""'
_.    ���           ...       ., , _.   ~                     Ottawa, March 0.���Surveyors    ure
the Orango Kiver Oolony. Our troops I     wgrf Q'_ _  _ew Bhort .J ^^
marching north reaehed    Putrusburg | Ottawa and Montreal for Uio Cannon Friday. .da Atlantic railwny.     Jt is claimed
"French reports further raptures of thnt It-will be the shortest lino   bu-
a fourteen pounder CfeUSOt with ���
riago and  limber complete, and
tweon the capital nnd the metropolis, und that when the line is built it
will bn an easy thing for trains
HotehklSBi  making a  total  of seven  cover the distance in one and a half
guns.   Tiie    totnl   number of    lloers   hours,
known to have  been  placed  hois dn
combat  since the
begun Is 079."
Today's additions make General
French's total captures iu the present operations as follows : liuiis 7,
rilles 584, rounds of ammunition,
_0-i,i)70, horses 4,071, trek oxen 5,-
520, cattle 28,220, )heep 178,780,
and wagons und carts 1,157. Lord
Kitchener states that 160 rifles,
24,070 rounds of ammunition, 184
horses, 1,240 trek oxen, 2.020 cattle, JB.580 sheep, 100 wagons nnd
carts ami large quantities of forage
have been captured without casualties in Capo Colony.
London, March 0.���Whatever negotiations are proceeding at Pretoria,
and Mr. Kruger declares lhat they
can only lw for nn nrmistice, the government evidently has no idea of
Slackening reinforcements, The wait
oflice issued a statement Inst evening
of transports thnt are tu sail for
South Africa within the coming
week  with   12,000  troops.
According to the Daily Mail's dispatches Oen. De Wet and Mr. Steyn
have separated, the former being at
Petersburg, west of Bloemfontein,
and latter at Smlthfiold.
A dispatch from Pretoria, dated
March 7, evidently held up by the
censor, has just arrived here. It.
says tion. Kitchener met Gen. Botha
and other Boer leaders at Middleburg
on Feb. 27, and the question of the
possibility of the termination of hostilities was discussed. Another dispatch from Pretoria, dated Wednesday, March (J, which met with similar treatment, says the meeting between Gen. Kitchener and Gen. Botha
has awakened deep interest and that
there are favorable expectations as
to the probaole outcome.
According to the xun, the Barren-
der of Gen. Botha would have beon
accomplished before now had Gen.
Kitchener been in apositfon lo conclude tho terms of surrender. When
the surrender occurs, the Sun adds,
It will include the surrender or entire suppression of Gon. De Wet and
will involve the teriuinntiim ..������ tit.,
Tlie progress of the bubonic plngue
causes deep anxiety and apprehension in Cape Town. Tho Cape government hnB decided to remove the
people from one-third of the city
area and to cleanse it. Every precaution will be taken should the disease spread to the troops.
Lorenzo Marque/, March 0.��� (Jen.
Kitchener has granted Gen. Botha a
seven days' armistice to enublo him
to confer with tho other generals.
London, March 0.���A special dispatch from Pretoria says Gen. Kitchener nnd (ten. Botha had a lengthy
conference on Gun Hill this morning.
Gen. Botha was alone, and Geu. Kitchener was accompanied by his secretary.
Bloemfontein, March 6.--Burghers
here express the belief that De Wet
wilt never bo taken alive, and that
if hc is not killed In battlo he will
commit suicide In the event of Jlnd-
himself surrounded, as ho knows that
ho is held responsible for the murder
of peace en*v ays and other acts of
barbarism. Tho burghers'say he has
not tho least regard for anybody,
even himself.
���astern operation*-;] Paris, March 0.���Mine. Sau vague,
aged 18 yours, Is suing for divorce,
and names her mother as co-respondent, M. Suuvugno and his mother-
in-law stoutly deny guilt, though
both admit they love each other
New York, March 0.���An invention
threatens to do away almost entirely with the telephone girl and to
make every subscriber his own "central." There is now being cons true t-
ed in a shop at Forestvtllo, Conn.,
nn apparatus with this object In
view. It Is the design of an electrician In the employ of thu Provl-
dence, R. I. Wealt'iy Nov/ fork and
Boston men, it is snid, ure promoter's of the scheme.
Under the new system there will be-
no more "hollos" with central offlce
operators, but subscribers will be
connected by means of miniature*
switch-boards and plugs. The lines
. will be numbered and each -.lubaelb-
er may call anyone he pleases without connection with "central."
Bilbao, Spain, March 10.���The British steamer Avlona, 1,140 tons, Captain Lennox, haa been wrecked at.
tho    Bilbao   breakwater.       All    on
board were lost.
London, March 10.���According to a
dispatch to the Dally Express from
Odessa, a pilgrim steamer was
caught in a storm In tho Black Bea
and 72 pilgrims were washed overboard and drowned.
Halifax, March 9.���The belated Allan lino steamer Numidian, with the
Strathcona Horso on board, wns
sighted off the harbor at an early
hour yesterday morning. The steamer left Liverpool on Feb. 23, and,
therefore, has been 14 days out.
Buffalo, March 10.���The foundation
work for the Canadian building nt
the exposition grojnds was sturted
tho exposition ground s yesterday.
The Dominion government will expend $13,000 on the structure,
which, judging from the plans, promises to bo oue of striking beauty.
Ottawa, March 10.���Mr. G. ll.
Maxwell, M. P., received a telegram
Mr. Andrew Carnegie, the steel king,
saying thut ho would give 850,000
for a free public library to the city
of Vancouver, providing thnt the city
gave a site for a building and 85,-
000 a year for maintenance.
Minneapolis, March 10.���Despondent
over his recent discharge from the
Duluth diocese, Rov. Francis Budzyc-
skl, Roman Catholic priest, yesterday
shot himself and died before aid
could reach him. Ho fired two shots.
He had on his person a letter from
Bishop McGolrick dispensing with
his services.
J,..ti,tn,i*>t*li.-*, tnd., Sftiren IO.���Ex-
I'resident Benjamin Harrison Ib very
sick. His condition is more serious
than is generully believed. Dr.Henry
Jameson, the family physician, who
lies sole charge of the case, said tonight there was no immediate danger.
London, March 0.���The racing calendar today announces that King
Kdwurd hus leased Diamond Jubilee,
the winner of last year's Derby, Two
Thousand Guineas, tho Newmarket
stakes. Eclipse and St. Loger stakes,
and twelve other horses, to the Duke
nf Devonshire.
Banff, N. W. T��� March 10.���Dr.
Brett has definitely announced himself as a candidate for the local ns-
sembly against Mr. A. L. Sifton, and
has urrangeh a series of meetings
throughout tho district.
General Delarej's Force Attack Llth-
tenbu-g and 'iwo ItrliUh
Officers aro Killed.
London, March 8.���The war offlct
has received tho following dispatch
from Lord Kitchener:
Pretoria, March 6.���Llchtcnburg is
being attacked by Belarey's forces.
Fighting continued all day.
The garrison consists of 200 _eo-
munry and 300 Northumberland Fusiliers, with two guns.
Major Fletcher and Lieut. Hull are
reported killed. I am sending reinforcements.
Capo Town, March 8.���Tho Boers
who captured Pearston on the Great
Riet river ou Sunday morning numbered 700 and have two guns. They
aro still in possession of the town.
The garrison consisted of 25 colonials and 50 town guards.
Pretoria, March 6.���It is Bald hero
in Boer circles that the leaders of
the burghers in the Held will surrender wilh a majority of their followers if assured of amnesty ami assistance in starting life fresh, and If a
freo pardon is granted to the rebels.
Bloemfontein, March 8.���It is reported that General De Wet Is now
without guns and hard pressed.
Alii wai North, Cnpe Colony, March
fl.���The Boors are "occupying positions at Rouxville, twenty-flve miles
north of here in tho Orango Freo
State. Bushmanskop and elsewhere,
in parties of from 200 to 400. President Steyn Is reported to bo at
Smithfield. 25 miles- northwest of
here in the Orange Free State. Gen
Bruce Hamilton's column Is here
preparing to advance.
Detroit, Mich., March 8.���Owing to
tho unusual thickness and quantity of
the ico In tho Detroit river the Canadian Pacific, Wabash and Michigan
Central car ferries are unable to
make tho customary trips lietween
Detroit and Windsor, Ont., docks.
The result Is that more than 1,000
cars of east-bound freight aro tied
up ulong these lines between Detroit
und Chicago. Only perishable freight
is being handled nnd that with the
greatest difficulty. The cold weath-
contlnues, and last night is said
be thecoldest of the winter in
this vicinity, the thermometer registering zero. Should this continue for
any length of time the prospects are
that the ferryage across the river
will como to a complete standstill.
t     Winnipeg,    March 0.*���Hitherto  iho
. entry fee for a cancelled    homes tend
j has been fixed by tho Dominion governmont at    815 but In future    the
charge for the samo wilt be 810, as
', In any other caw of homestead    entry. 	
Winnipeg. March 10.���John Ruhmor
the amateur champion oarsman of
(unadn, whose henduarte*N hnve
boen permanently established in this
city, says that hc will shortly challenge Jake Gaudaur to defend his
title of champion of the world.
Winnipeg, March 0.���Another party
of twenty Doukhobors dissatisfied
with California as an agricultural
country, have returned to Canada..
They arrived In tho city from the
iouth yesterday and will go bnjj. to
Sun Francisco, March 0.��� According to V. II. PutroH, a railroad man
who has arrived hero from South
America, the war now in progress in
Columbia is characterized by brutality on both sides. In the far interior, PtitroB says, the federals, before
being driven out, slaughtered every
(HTson that fell into their hands, excepting only a fow women.
At Chinipa, ubody of adherents of
Mnrosquin, whilo retreating, came
upon nn inn near the town and took
possession of lt. The person in command of this party was Mcllton
Stubla, who at present has charge
of the artillery at Bugota, Theo-
plilie Ortiz, tho son of the owner of
tho Inn, was found within and mado
prisoner. Having ascertained that
Stubla ordered him to bo tortured.
He was finally, according to Putros,
impaled by his chin on a hook driven Into the door, and his hands
nailed to tho side of the entrance.
In this way after a series of struggles he soon died.	
San Francisco, March 8.���Carl Cur-
rington, a well known newspujier
man and writer of short stories, Is
dead, In this city, of pneumonia.
New York, March 8.���William Carl
walked Into a quarantined apartment
houso at 675 East 137th street the
other night and filled his pocket with
rings and gems belonging to Mrs.
Emma Ives. There had been smallpox in tho building, and two board
of health doctors were in churge of
tho house. They found the burglar
at work and while one held him the
..I her vaccinated him. They thin
sent for tho police.
When three detectives arrived at
the house the board of health doctor would not let them out of the
building until they submitted to vaccination. The prisoner and detectives appeared together in the police
court today with swollen arms.
Annapolis, Mil,, March 8.���A bill
which the Democratic majority In
the legislature propose to puss for
the purpose of amending the ballot
laws abolishes party emblems, requires cross murks to be made opposite the names of each candidate,ami
denies voters the assistance of ballot
It is believed that these provisions
will make it pructtcally impossible
for un illiterate voter properly to
cast his ballot, and if it shall become law it will disfranchise prob-
aby 50,000 voters in the state, most
of whom ure negroes. The Republican senators made the first move in
the gnmo of blocking the Democrats
by refusing to enter the senate chamber thus preventing the organization
of that body.
Amsterdam, March 6,���Queen Wil-
helmina and the Princo consort entered this city in state this morning. The royal party arrived by
train nt half past eleven; they wero
received b.v the principal authorities
and conducted to tho royal pavilion,
where hnd gathered a brilliant array of officers and officials.
Chicago, March 6.���Carter II. Harrison was placed in nomination for
mayor of Chicago for the third consecutive term by the Democratic city
convention yesterday.
Perth, Ont., March 0.���A man
named Wannamaker, aged 60, supposed to be from Eldorado, was killed by a C. P. R. train yesterday. Ho
was rup down by the train while
crossing tho track. He was travelling In charge of cattle.
Ottawa, March 8.���It was stated
yesterday, that an the result of representations made by the government, It has been arranged that the
visit of the Duke and Duchess ef
Cornwall and York will cover every
province of the Dominion, although,
as tho entire stay of their royal
highnesses in the Dominion is limited
to ono month, thoir visit to prominent points must be very brief.
Vancouver, B. C, March H.-Auley
Morrison, one of the Rrltlm Columbia members of parliament, wired
iho legislature from Ottawa that It
hnd been arranged with tho Cuiiadlan
government that the Duko and Duchess of Cornwall and York would return home by way of Vancouver from
Australia, so that the cities of the
west would be the flrst to entertain
the heir apparent on his visit to Canada.
Manila, March 6.���Major Hughes
reports that Mondlgar, on important
Winnipeg, March 10,���A telegram insurgent commander in thn vicinity
rom Peachlnnd, D. C, announces the I of Hollo. Island of Panay, has stir-
ad news of the death of Mr. J. B. [rendered with 50 men. Hundreds nro
omerset, formerly of this city, and (reported to have sworn allegiance to
mines* manager of the Free pnte, I tha United States government at vnr-
i to thf sprieg af 1900, (low palate.
Halifax, March 7.���-Premier Murray
presented his budget yesterday showing a total revenue of 81.014,128,
and an expedfture of 8037.261,showing a surplus of 876,681. Mr. Murray said the province was the only
ono in the Dominion that did not
In some way obtain a revenue directly from the people of Nova Scotia,
remaining practically at tho same
point, as at confederation, wive in
the matter of succession duties, lhe
royalty on coal and minerals for tho
year was 8418,874, and the Dominion subsidy 8632,806.
Wellington, N. Z., March 8.���The
colonial government has decided to
submit to a referendum the question
whether New Zealand shall join the
Commonwealth of Australia.
St. John, N.B., March R.���The Mue-
koka Lumber company, composed of
Ontario capitalists, five years ago
leased lumber lands In Restigouche
and Bonavonturo counties. They did
not work the property, but have now
sold to Now Brunswick lumbermen
the New Brunswick portion of the
property for $160,000, their entire
outlay having bttn 90,000,
Important  Newi  Cuudanscd  Into  Brief
RatPortagc, Ont., March 8.*���Dr.
A. Macdonnell, one of the best
known and most popular medical
practitioners n this district, died-
on Wednesday lost from heart failure following a severe attack of
Philadelphia, Pa., March 8��� An
east bound passenger train on the
Pennsylvania railroad run into
freight train at Hope Tower, tiiree
miles west of Ciatsvillo, at neon
yesterday. Over u dozen passengers
were injured by the collision, but
how serious is yet unknown.
Utterson, March 8.���Francis Baker,
a lumberman In the Muskokn. district, was accidentally drown* d in an
uncovered well in the yard of a hotel.     Ho leaves six chlldn ji.
Paris, March 8,���John MucWllsoa
Durant, of New York, who has b"tii
living for the past two years iu Ihis
city with his mother at the Hotel
Lafonde Tremollle, was killed at Ostein! fn a duel, probably fought yesterday, with a Russian count.
North Portal, N. W. T��� March 8.
Edward Knecht, editor and proprietor of the International ut Portal
N. D., was found dead in his oflice
Saturday morning with a bullet
hole in his head. The coroner's jury
brought In a verdict of accidental
Liverpool, March 8.���On thi) arrival here today of the Whito Star
lino steamer Oceanic from New York,
the Duke of Manchester, whose bride
was a passenger on board, wus served witb a writ for alleged breach of
promise, at tho Instance of Portia
Knight, of London.
Bombay, March 8.���The census returns show that the city of Bombay
bay has 770,000 inhabitants, a do-
crease of over 50,000 in ten years,
mainly due to the exodus of the
post two months in fear of plague.
Bremen, March 8.���While Emperor
William was driving from the Rathskeller to the railway station here
yesterday a workman named Deitrich
Woiland throw a piece of iron Into
his majesty's carriage. Woiland was
immediately arrested. Tho emperor
is said to havo been slightly injured
In the cheek, but ho continued his
journey without interruption. Woiland is nn epileptic.
Amsterdam, March 8.���Queen Wil-
helmlna and Prince Hanry have received deputations bearing wedding
gifts. The nation's gift consisted of
a diadem, a necklace, two bracelets
of diamonds and sapphires. 'Other
presents consisted of silver and china
services. Tho ruilway furnished a
complete royal train..
London, March 8.���According to
tho Lisbon correspondent of the
Dally Mall, the Portuguese government has sent the cruiser St. Gabriel
to Oporto, and ordered other warships to be In readiness to go there
oo account of the anti-clerical manifestations.
Montreal, March 8.���The Mining Institute. yt��tnrdny passed a reanlut.in"
requesting Mr. Clifford Sifton to appoint Prof. Frank D. Adams, uf .Ml-
Gill university, director of tho geological survey to succeed Dr. G. M.
Dawson. It also decided to hold a
summer session at Belleville.
Mudrid, March 8.���Captain-General
Weyler has issued a decree raising
the state of siege. Tho new ministry
has taken tho oath of offlce.
Washington, March 8.���The total
population of Alaska In 1000 Is 63,-
602, against 32,052 for 1890. This
Is an increase in ten years of 31,811,
or 08.4 per cent. /
Kemptville, Ont., March 8.���Lancelot J. Banks died early yesterday as
the result of being struck on the head
by a club In the hands of John Garrett.
WaUrtown, N. Y., March 8.���The
severe March blizzard * which began
on Tuesday night along the Rome,
Watertown and Ogdensburg railroad
came to an end this morning. Four
feet of snow fell. The weather Is extremely cold. Tho flrst mail and
passenger train from New York and
the west since Tuesday night arrived at one o'clock this morning,
17 hours behind time.
London, March 8.���A dispatch
from Glasgow announces thut a
large woolen firm there has called a
meeting of Its creditors. An intimation has also reached Glasgow of the
failure of a big German company,
The loss through the latter occurrence is estimated at ��800,000.
Men and Women Besten and Trampled Under Hones' Feet In St.
St. Petersburg, March 7.���Today
was the fortieth anniversary of the
emancipation of the serfs. The students hud been planing for some
timo to keep the day as a holiday,
and perhaps make some demonstration. At noon, a thousand or fifteen
hundred men- students and women
students gathered in and around thu
Kasan cathedral, where mass Wus
being celebrated for the repose
of tho soul of Czar Alexander II.
After the mass the students began
singing and the police gathered in
great numbers, Including a force of
mounted police Tho students were
surrounded and driven in a crowd towards tho city hall not far away
and   also on the Nevsky Prospect.
For no special reason the police
began beating the students and
trampling them under the feet of
their horses. Tho Nevsky Prospect,
the principal street of St. Petersburg
was filled with spectators. Banks
and business houses wero nearly all
closed wltii shuttors fastened and
doors locked. The spectators and
women students screamed with horror, but tho police kept up their attack on the students until four hundred of the latter were driven Into
the court yard of the city hall, the
others escaping into the crowd. Iho
entire city was horrified by the conduct of the police, Tho polico had
been warned beforehand and twenty-
flve delegates from the various Hi.
Petersburg higher educational institutions wero arrested Friday night
for meeting to consider student affairs. It Is not known whether the
400 students captured by iho police
will be Imprisoned or whether the
authorities will merely take iheir
Constantinople, March 8.���It is
stated here that an Important German syndicate has offered the Porte
loan of 8,000,000 -Turkish pounds1
to be guarant-eed by the proceeds of
six per cent surtax on the taxes
of tho empire and two per cent surtax on inland customs duties. The
loan is conditional upon future orders for arms and ammunition to be
given to German firms.
Ottawa, March ..-There will be
four elections In the Northwest Territories on the 22nd Instant. One of
these will be In Banff, where Mr. A.
L. Slfton, who has been appointed
commissioner of public works In the
Northwest government, In place of
Mr. J, II. Ross, who Is to be commissioner of the Yukon, will return
to his constituency for re-election.
There will be an election In Moose
Jaw, which district Mr. Ross represented, and in Grenfell and Calgary
West Messrs. Lake and Bennett, who
resigned to run at the Dominion election, making the two latter vacancies. Messrs. Lake and Bennett are
offering themselves for re-election.
Brussels, Belgium, March 7.���Fetcn
Benolt,  the distinguished    composer,
is dead.
Hamilton, March 7.���Aid. Morden
hns reconsidered his determination
to resign from the council, and will
now stay.
Boston, Mass., Muu.h 7.���W. M.
Stubbs, tlio Canadian pool champion,
lost to H. P. Stofft, of Cleveland,
last night, 160 to 115.
Philadelphia, March 7.���Dr. Richard James Dungllson, an eminent
editor and author of many valuable
medical works, died at his home hero
of dropsy.
Toronto, March 7.���Sixteen broom
makers employed by Taylor, Scott
k Co., havo gone on striko because
they object to tho employment of
non-union men.
Madrid, March ?.���-Gent-rat Wgylur
announces lhat he will raise the
state of siege us soon as a government shall be constituted to restore
the constitutional guarantees.
Paris, March 6.���A dispatch received here from Irun, a Spanish town
near tho French frontier, says that
a quantity of dyuamlte, stored in the
custom house, has exploded, killing
seven persons and injuring many.
Freeport, March 7,���Charles D,
Ludwick, assistant cashier and bookkeeper of the Freeport bonk, has
been missing since Monday, and an
examination of the books show an
alleged shortage of about $2,600.
London, March 7. ��� A dispatch
from Florence says a Serious mutiny
of convicts has occurcd at Santa Cat-
crlna prison because of the bad food.
The military was called out and ten
of the convicts Were killed and fifty-
seven wounded.
London, March 7.���The memorial
to Queen Victoria suggested by the
committee of ministers and former
ministers, and approved by King Edward, is to be a monument, the
most prominent feature of which will
be a statue of the Queen, to. be erected near Westminster Abbey or
Buckingham Palace. .
Rat Portage, March 7.���Peter Lo-
vett died suddenly yesterday morning, about 20 miles from town. The
remains were brought to town in
the evening. Deceased, who was 66
years of age, was a millwright by
trade, and worked in Winnipeg' for
some time a few years ago. He
leaves a wife and daughter, who live
at Norman.
Ottawa, March 7.--The new inter-
provinclat bridge between Ottawa
and Hull was thrown open for publio traffic yesterday. It Is just three
years since the flrst stones In the
piers of this bridge were laid. The
bridge opened yesterday -cost in the
vicinity of $1,000,000, and is one of
the finest of Its kind In tho Dominion.
The man who frankly admits that
he doesn't know prevents many useless arguments.
In B-t.gium there -are moro than
60,000 dogs used for draft purposes.
They are mostly employ-xl by milkmen, peddlers, aad small farmen.
London, March 6.���In the house of
commons yesterday tho chancellor of
the exchequer, Sir Michael Hicks*-
Reach, read a message from the King
asking parliament to malts suitable
provision for the honorable support
and maintenance of the Duke end
Duchess of Cornwall and Yopk, thp
Duchess of Fife, the Princesses Victoria and Charles of Denmark and
the Queen In the event of her surviving him, and the Duchess of York
In the event of hor surviving her husband.
T. 0. DEAN:
Elizabeth'* letfer, like many other
well-in tended efforts for the recM-mst*'.*.
of depraved human nature, never lie."
fruit. When next she heard about ler
cousin, it wns through roudiiii,' in n
ni-wspaper that he, himself, hid he:-n
maruen-d���ehoi by his frieuil, J.uk Suite., in a- gumhl uv rew. Suiter wai exonerated by the courts on the fern'mul
of self-defence, but lie did not long survive Ids murdered friend. [ie!iu taken
off by delirium tremens, �� month ne two
Ami this U tbe Irony of fnte ami pott
of God's nnal tern hie laws. .;'(What**-*v**
a mun soweth that kIiiiII h^'hlwi re*ip."
When Ellznlieth arrived vncu mere In
the north she found a keW'd'i-fcppoInt*
merit nnd n pV.i--.iiit sui-priso. invnlti)U
her. The dlsnppelittutettl was in lier
father's condition, lie had aired tuta
sldernbly, uiu! looked Utile better thuu
n physical wreck Her |itehsnnt surprise was in the fact tliat her tilth?!)
did uot wince very keen d'sa'-p. In m.-nt
or chagrin over lhe annulment or her
enBfltreiuent with the younger Olnymor.\
Fhe hifd'written hlui a week before she
left the south, that the weddinif hit 1
been Indefinitely poitpiuiodi nud she w.t*
prepnred for a piiinful scene wh?n she
end her remaining parent attain met.
but the scene nevt'r took p!aw.
"My denr daughter, T am i o gl* d y*)ii
are home again, I inlsse;! yen so.muc-i,"
was his sj-Tcet'm*,. "and how wns It y��'-
end Mr. Claymore did not mirry eieji
other? You did inV tell me nhy Iu your
letters, Bllsnheth ?"
"I suppose it was liecaiwe we d'd n. t
like twoli otlier. prion.''
"Df^ou uieiiii ttn tell- the he dlrt'ii*)'
like yon, Elizabeth?"
"I menu In tell yon, pnpn, thnt I .l.d
not like him."
"Well, well," sold I-opsJiiff, r.a If mu*
Ing to hlm.".'lf,"who wo Id han- tlrrnnicd
it. I think you must lie very XuvA tr
milt. I dun't think yon wi'l e.er mar *
"I don't think I ever st-n1!.' pnpn. 1
want to be always nenr you now,!! o ,p.'i
If you Mere a ycuug n*nt\ op ni oM
man, nud not my pap... 1 should n-n.-ry
you If you'd have im*, to-night T mu:'
I'd much rallier have it a* tt Is, an'
hnve you as a papa." Aid In ther.'
louehiiur words which (aire from -��.:i
oyerflowiiiK heart, much of the ��r tnmnr
taught iu Ladies' Seminaries va.-i no.
thought of.
Losslng fat dowu by hpr r.'t'e. n"t!
there wns no ipistftk'ng the new,, gin 1.
proud light in lis eyes nt bavin.? hU
daughter with him ence' more. "Hl&nj
beth." he said, softly, "yon are gettln-*
more like your mother every diiv,**
"Papa. I'm not gelling. ������ M' like my.
"Why. Eliz.il.etli?"
"I'm not: mi there. Betaine y-.n
wonld do anything for ma im a, an I y.n
will do nothing for me."
"My dear daughter."
���fit's quite trite, pupa.. I).������.l'i trv lo
deny It. Here Pre been wunting you
to teach me the higher brnue|ips of
nuiKle, ami you know I enn pny yjit ireli
for it. ami yon Will not Indulge me."
"Why, Elizabeth, I've invited y>u o
slurt several time*, but you will lot.'1
"Notin'thls country, papa. You ka.w
I want to go to the lands or Li.*.'!,
Mozart, and Wagner, where I would
have inspiration at each sitting. I
would give you a thousand dollars a
year and your expenses, paps, and that
L more than you are ma king he*,"
"My denr child, are you so very much
Ht on going to these distant countries?"
"I am, truly, papa."
"Then I will go wilh you, and we will
pack up In tbe inomlntc and be oft. And,
Elizabeth. Switzerland is n lovely place
at this time of the year, 1 would like
to ko there first."
"To? SivitterlHiid we will go, papa,"
nml Elizabeth laid dowu that night
with a gladness in her heart that It ha-1
not ksow It for many years.
Both were early astir in the mora'ag,
happy In their new relationship. The
fight Elizabeth bad waged incessently
for years past was won.at last. Never
again should her father suffer want.
Au4-when the dsy was In Its rtgorot's
prima, they left the city behind them
with Its riches, poverty and cares, and
���teamed out towards the great, beyon 1
where the aim of joy would smile upon
tbem In their gentler and more lovable
CHAPTER IT. ���,.    ' ' t
An Interruption cane to tht pleasure
Elizabeth found in her father's companionship. '
It reached her at the end of their
fint year's tour 'neatb the sunny skies
of Switzerland and other lauds.
It came to aer iu the shape of a Utter
ftom the lawyer to whom she had tn-
trotted her business, wheu sbe and her
father left the domain of the Stars nud
Stripes; this lawyer was net MrJaffrey,
Mr. Jaffrej having gone to Krauc on a
mission for the U. 8. Government.
The letter informed her that the
revenues froni her ttut.il [.o.-jessieti���th.*
"Esgle Bill" gold mine, in (Jfth.oru tl.
had undergone n. change of late, au 1
Here, in fact, failing fast oiy.pf;prin-.������
ftnlly to the incapacity o.' the man-iger
ot the Nald mine. The lawyer wl.ht-1
her to sign and.return to hm a docn-
limit fot- the said manager's dismissal.
which in a blank form he, rh.' kiwye-',
had em-lotted.
This said letter settled a mutter which
iu au indefinite chape had (remained In
KlizalK'th's mind for about a year.
Her father's sister's husband (wlm
wm* theu a widower) owned a mine in
Ci.liierua, adjacent tu the Eagle B'll,
nml this gentleman, whose nnme WSS
(Jodfrey, had a lovely daughter, named
Klsle, who had hi-en a chus-raate of
KliBiil-eth'sS some years before. Elian-
1 oth had often promised to visit Elsie,
but ber love for her father's co i p*mi ei-
i-h.'p had hitherto prevented it. Now
that she had to tnrn her attention for a
time to h.-r own mine, she reolved to
pny the oft-promised visit to Elsie, ami
at the fame time, personally Inspect her
owu possession. Accordingly she gr*
iiuiged with her father that he waa tu
gi. on to Florence, la Italy, where sli-j
would join him the following autumn,
wrote to her lawyer that she woull
defer signing her manager's dismlssil
}or a mouth or two, and in a fi w week-i
mmd herself back to her own native
After she had beeu taken as near to
the Eagle Bill as the train conld ta'ie
her she had still before her a drive of a
couple of dosen miles, over the rough
trull which led to "Darcle's."
"DnreleV" was the name of the place
which boasted of a half-dozen hamlets
iu the centre ef this mining regio.i.
These hamlets comprised the saloon
kept by Dareie (the most impa.t.nr of
the bunch), the postoffice. the store, the
trading "post" aod tbe Ooveinm'-1 it
Godfrey's mine, ''The Sure Footed
Colt," was distant from "DarJeV*
some two miles, and Elisabeth h d arranged by letter with Elsie for tl.e latter
to be thero on Friday evening to drive
hei over.
But Elisabeth had made much better
time than she had expected b>th by
stnge nnd train, and It was on Friday
noon instead ef Friday evening thit site
arrived at '"Darcle's."
The country had taken on Ita beautiful
vesture of June, and the landscape was
lovely in Its bloom and Intense, m Elisabeth, who waa passionately fond of the
glories, of nature, decided to wnlk over
to Godfrey's rather than wait for the
drive In the evening.
The young mau who held the nuraer-
otit offices of barkeeper, porter, stage
clerk, etc., etc., at tbe saloon, was only
too eager to de her the klnfineifS of
pointing out to her the way over to
Godfrey's. But I am afraid his attention waa so fixed on the fresh bloom of
KlisubethN face, that his description >t
the way she was to take suffered
Uow beautiful the world looked to
her that afternoon. The *ky was of the
purest azure, and filled the void abore
the earth with Its dreamy beauty, In
tbe still woods the vines formed tbem*
selves into monster mosques,'Id which
one could fancy that, dryads held midday banquet* free from the cares of
this life. The flowers bloomed everywhere iu profusion, and here snd tbere
brooks flowed through the level putcho*
of the land, their voices dispelling the
solitnde of the trees, und Inviting the
K s the red chorus to join them Ih their
serenades. Through valleys here and
there, to the right of the woids, Klltn-
l-eth snw rivers flowing, with the lakes
beyond, over the slumberous bosoms of
which large bints met In play.
'.'Ob! how lovely everything Is!" the
girl mused to herself, "and what a pity
sin sud pain and hatred aro In the
Suddenly she emerged from the woods
nnd came, at the same moment, to an
Immense ravine, while beyond, stra'ght
nway lu the distance, stretched a lovely
low valley. She knew at once at the
sight of this that she had lost her way.
lor this scene was not In the direction*
t.lie had received.
Listening Intently, she fancied thnt to
the right of her she coiiM hear the fat t
MUiml uf an axe. To this she turned
ind soon esme tu where a young rain
Mlth a pale, sad, yet refined face, with
inrge, frank blue eyes, was hcwln; flick-
axe handles from some small timber
which he had cut down.
"Good afternoon," she said, In her
Hank manner. "I'm afraid I bare kvt
my way. Could yon tell me the direction 1 am ie take ta find Mr. Goiftey's
"With pleasnrr." ke replied, dropping
his axe. and coming towards ber with
the easy grace of a gentleman. 'If yon
will permit me, I will show yo:i tn the
clearing about Ave hundred yards ahead.
You will then bave to ford s creelt* aal
after thai-well, I think I csn ahow
yoo MK Godfrey's quarters."
- *   <*��� *�� con.tinu.s4.*
���e stMke-J Bap Off*.
Bt bad been devoted lo a pretty gM
for some time wben be read this advice
to a /dung nan, "Before marrying a girl
look ber mother orer." Be did so, with
tbe resalt thii he married the mother.-
Is Measure by the Cures He A^k-es���Each
Remedy Specific for Certain iDlseases-
A Remarkable Cure of Bright's Disease.
New York, March 7.���Isaac N.
Gregory, editor ol Judge, slnco Its
e-rtabllflhment, died ye.terday ol
Urlght's Disease, aged about 66
years. Ur. Qrogory wm ono ol the
old school ol humorists, ol which*
Durdette, ol the Burlington Hawkeys, and tho Danbtiry Hejjrenian, ws*r��-
promiMOt type*.
Chicago, March 7.-C*rter H. Haiv"
rlson wu placed In nomination tor
mayor 61 Chicago lor tb. thlrsj, consecutive term by the Democratic city
convention today. There was no op-
I position to his nomination.
Ia this praetlMl ag. a physician'*
ability I. measured by tha aatual
sure h. make*. Judged by thi. Jul*h
���Undard, Dr. Chaw atanda pre-sunln-
ent as ��. (laat aauog phyalclan..
. Take; kidney and liver derangement.,
Iht ttample.s Dr. Chaa., by means
ol hi. Kidney-Uvcr pilla. ha* brought!
about .om* ei Uss i moat surprising
cure, ever effected, Thi. |. duo to
th. direct aad .pacific action ot thi.
���Nat,horn* matnwnt on the liver
and kldneya. Mere lis ths experience
ot a highly napMUd ruidont ol Con-
sMcon, Ont. :���
Mr. Jamea Dellihunt. Oonascon,
Prlno. Edward County, Ont., write*:
"For Mverat yaara I auHarad great
torture, ol   mind  and   body from
ww. aonMlFm*. almoat b��yond
���m*^e*mate* Irom my
betweea1 tha sbxMts**** down
-tbs whole splaal column and mud
to concentrate 'as-rose my kidney..
My back wu nater. entirely free' from
pain. Wben I got up In the morning
I *ouId not etralghten myeelf at'all,
IU would go bent nearly sloubl.
���o*t all da*.  My water waa scanty
and at other- time* . profuse, and It
gave me gnat pain to urinate.
"I could do ao work, aad, though
I tried many kind, ol kidney pill*,
could get no-r.Het. A* a last resort
I waa Induced by a friend to give Dr.
Chaae'a Kidney-Uver Fill* a trial. I
felt a chang. arte- tb* flrirt stow. I
u.cd In all about live bona, and
ihey have entlraly cured me. I ha**
no pain* aow aad caa do a* good a
day'..work aa I ever eosild. It le a
pleaaure lor me to recommend Dr.
Cbasn'a Klsuey-Liver Ftlla, as thsy
hav. done ao much lor aw."
Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, certifies that he ha* known Mr. 0*111-
hunt lor yoar. as a truthful maa and
reepected elttteh, and -nmebm let tb*
truth ot tb* abov* (tatement.
..*���*"<���. IS*.    ���*    I    .
Voii cannot posMlMy obtain a men
bonmliilal.lr^mnMt.for tlw kldnays
and liver than Dr. Chaae'a Kldney*
Llver Pilla. It bu (toad tn. teato*
time and hu provaa beyond dismal*
It* right to the title ��t "the world'*
gmfaet kldndy mSl3uJ>*0*i jm
a im, U cent* a box, at all deal-
en. or BdmaatoB, Bats* * Oo., It.
roato, 1*
a-ox,r>Eisr JS***-**,
Novel l.e For 111. Fodder.
"I lilm* lisuirti df dsssise strange antl
cisslutts expedients Mint liuvi* beeu usesl
lo dear Hie tracks lu case, uf mill-oat)
wi-cclcs." ml* a well known i-sillronst
otllslsil iwtiiily. "11111 tliu itii'tliods used
on a -.mull inllinml uot Cm' I'l-oni But-
lltusire n few yonr. ago to clear tbe
tssifks ami liiciik'iiltilly -save n fine en*
Bliss* from -u-i'lt>��i> dniiingc were tbe
must oiljc.ii.ll I ever Isssiu-sl uf.
"Tin., wit'ck linsl been caused by ice
forming on the rail from nu overflow*
Ins iiink iirar tlio Irestle. Tbe train
lui:l Iwo I'ilgllli'S. The Urst engine'nntl
ills1 s-iu-H Iiinl run out on Hie trestle
nnsl s!i-ss|i|i|,<l over. Tlie reOr engine
Vs-.ik li'ft sstisiitlliiss; Imir Klslewlse ou Use
ireKlle. whicli wnt. 111. reel high. It
ssHsitiiMl ns If the touch of a man's
lis..i.i would enlists. It lo lopiile over,
lyisl ll lilnskesl lhe routl. which wns
isiily aliisl.s inukeil, anil the wreckjng
<-s:i- with Its slerrtck could not he used.
'If sve only l.nrl something .oft to drop
It hi uml tlta.fi Insist It hack.' ssnld oue
ii'llti'liil. 'sve cisul.l msiiiiigs* all right.'
"This reuinrk gave n fnrtns'r of the
sjQssiglihnt'Juiotl an lilin. He olTeri'sl to
f-ll his Ms slock of .com fodder. Tho
I un win. Is. litis* the fodiler from tho
(rrs'iiinl iiiiili'i'iientli the trestle lo within a few tool oi tii" track and than
topple tin- engine o\.i. The plan work-
oil well, nntl owing lo llie elasticity of
llsss foshlei- the engine was uot tlaiuaged
lu lhe leiistr	
Wclr Ullrnell nni Whllm.si.
I.i Hr. Weir Sllteheir. hook a iilens-
nnt story or two Is told of Walt Whitman, the writer, to whom some would
den;.- the name of poet, while others re-
gniil him as one of tbe greatest of all
poets. Oue of tho characters In tbe
story of "Dr. North nnd Ills Friends"
says tbat Whitman was enten up by
Ills mvu vanity, regarding everything
ho did os of snch supreme value that
he hnd lost.nil power of self criticism
and could not tell good from bnd or Indifferent. Unco he was asked If be
thought Shakespeare ns great a poet as
himself. Uo replied that he had often
thought of that, hut hnd never been
able to come to it decision.
He went to n physician upon an occasion, thinking himself seriously out
of health. When he learned that his
niluieiit, whnlever it was, could be
treated best l.y living as much ns possible out of doors without dosing with
medicine, he wns leaving In all good
humor when he bethought himself of
the physician's fee. "How much will
It be!" he Inquired. "The debt was
paid long ngo," said the doctor, who
knew anil liked his writings. "It Is
you who ure still the creditor." Whit*
man thanked hiin and went out. Another pnil.'iit, a lady, had taken his
place when be returned, put his two
great linii.ls on tho tnble opposite bit
raedlsuil ndvlser-ho had not stopped to
knock or announce hlmself-nnd snld,
"That, sir, I call poetry."
The lady was scandalized by his
abrupt appearance and demeanor and
asks'sl as soon as tbo writer bad'gone
for the second time. "I. tho gentleman
Insane?" but. learning his Identity, she
wished lie had asked fur his autograph.
MlNARlva LINIMENT ia the only
Liniment asked tor at my storo and
the' only one we keep tor sale.
All the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, 0. B.
Trlcasaos-aetrr la I lt��r Work.
"Few people know." falsi Dr. .1. C
Bgelslon while performing nn opera
Hon nt Ibe City hospital, "that It tuki's
trigonometry to locale * bullet In Ih.
Isody. But In every X my aperntlor
In which the bullet or foreign sun-
dance la deeply linheslsls'd n innthemnl
icnl computation is necessary to shots
just how deep the bullet 1st. The X
rays make Ibe flesh transparent, leav
Ing only Ibe bones and foreign sub
���lance visible, an tbnt you see Jnsf
where tbe bullet Is, nnd yet yon don't
know where ll Is. Yon know Us latitude and longitude, so to .peak, bul
those measurements are surface mens
nremeuts, nud you don't known how
deep the object Is benenih the surface.
The point on the surface af lhe body
beneath which the bullet Is can be
readily located, but bow far beneath
Ibat point la the bullet?
"This Is lhe question Hint Irlgnnome
try lin. lo nnuwor. nnd by knowing thr
nn.wer a great deal of uuneceaaary
sjnlllug may be snvs-sl, and what inlgl.l
olbt'twlao be a dllsieuli nnd dangerous
o|H*mtlon may In' rendered compsra
lively safe ausl easy. If Hie bullet en
ler. one side ot Hie body, for Instance,
anil liHlges within on luch dr Iwo of
the skin on the other side, lhe oilier
.Ids' of lhe body would be tbe one from
which to opi'inte."
\  j   jl!QNI>Ay, MABCB 11. :   *'   i
Mohammedan* are' rioting in Jloin-
A wind storm did ��175,000 damage In Chicago.
Tho royal party for Australia will
leave Suturday.
'ho Slsissuroc-ks won their first
match in Winnipeg, ds'Ieating the
Winnipeg*..,   ���
At Stirling, Alberta, len Hires ol
wheat;were sown on Feb. 28 b.v u
. storm swept over the English
cliniinel. and many lives are reported
lust. .
.1. W. Van Tasaell, a Brandon district farmer, was seriously, if not
filially gored b.v a bull.
(!us Anderson was killed on A. II.
Mann's contract on tho Ontario  &
Rainy River railwny construction.
Shamrock II will be launched April
Ex-Fresldent Ben. Harrison Is seriously ill.
Capt. "Oat" Howard left an estate
sallied at (200,000.
The chief of police at Stanley,
Wis., was murdered while making
an arrest,.
Sir. Andrew   Cartiegie ' has offered
ancouver (50,000 for it tree public
The British steamer Avions was
wrecked at Bilbao, Spain, and all
on board Were lost.
Tho Rat Portage hockey, team Won
the intermediate hockey, championship
ol tho Northwest.
Three children were (hot, one mortally. In a Minnesota town, while
mowballipg a pa.ser-by, who rosent-
d the action.
Postmaster-Ocnernl Mulock has left
Ior Australia.
King Edward has disposed ot his
valuable string ol horses.
Tho . steamer Dominion Is aground
at the mouth ol the Mersey.
Orange River Colony will adopt
the Canadian educational system.
Seventy-two pilgrims wero drowned
in the Black Sea during a storm.
Hev. Francis Budzycskl, a It. 0.
priest, shot himself In Minneapolis,
British forces will assist tho AbyB-
sinlans In the suppression of the
'Mad Mullah."
The United Slates has addressed a
threatening letter to DeSmark regarding tho sale of the Danish West
Oarmany bas offered Turkey a big
Toronto' broom makers have gone
on strike.
Tho Corljsts In Spain are preparing
tor a fresh outbreak.
A big sale ot registered livo stock
was held at Ottawa.
-fudge Mem, ol the Nicaragua supreme court was murdered.
Tke Ked Star liner Southwurk is
aground off Sandy Hook*
The Canada Atlantic will build a
short line between Montreal und
New Zealand will vote an to tho
desirability ol Joining tlie Commonwealth.
Thirty men clearing a snow blockade on a Ittsssiun railway were killed b.v a train.
Composer Benolt died in Belgium.
Three     British     warships     were
Isaac N. Gregory, editor of Judge,
Is dead.
John E. Searles, a well known
New. York financier, has assigned.
Seven persons were killed by a dynamite explosion at Irun, Spain.
Ths forthcoming British budget
may contain a duty on sugar.
The Hay-Pauncefote treaty is dead,
lhe time limit having expired.
The watt bound C. P. R. express
was derailed nasi' Austin, Man.
Congress haa refused to vote the
Pan-American directors (500,000,
Chicago Democrat* have again nominated Carter Harrison lor mayor.
The Boors have occupied Pearaton,
on the Riet, but war newt atlll continues tavorable to the British.
Oen. De Wet is said to be marching on Fauresmith.
The Queen's hotel, Brandon, was
destroyed by Are.
Five miner* were killed In a mine
disaster at Joplla, Mo,
During February 903 settler,
reached Winnipeg en route west.
Laval university students damaged
a Montreal Journal's property.
Tbo Duko anil Duchess ssf York will
leave for Australia March Id.
Connor* will forfeit his (50,000
bond lo the Montreal harbor commissioner,.
Wolves are destroying big game In
Ihe Rainy Lake country near the
Prrslnenl McKinley was Inaugurated preeident ot the United State,
lor the second time.
��� it
& Urlo Add In tb. blood.
casu* or th* acid being
thar*. If Ol* aUn*yattm . _
atthay should thar would ft
. , .train lb*
tlw. wouldn't occur. Rheu-
matlen laa Kidney Dtsv
tw Dodd'.KIdnayPIIla
bave mad* a great part of
their mutation mi-tag
Rh.sisn.ls.nl. So nt al
lb* tent* et Ihoao Tearful
���booting pain* *���"��� ,as>
aclang Joints. Thar* I*
bat oaa sura wajr���
Why ttoou Work In Darkness.
. -Bees go opt nil day gathering liouey
nud .work nl uljrbt tn the hire, build Injf
their combs as peifecily ss if an electric light shone there all the lime.
Why do ihey prefer to work In the
dark? Is often nsked. Every one knows
ilist (Miner is a liquid with do solid
sugar In It, After sinudlag It gradually assumes a crystalline appearance
or gitniulntcif aud ultimately becomes
;t solid mass.
���' Honey hue been experimentally In-
doted In well corked flasks, some of
which were kept lu perfect darkness,
while the others were exposed to tbe
light: Tho result was tbat tbt -portion
exposed ta the llpht soon crystallised,
while that kept Iii the dark remained
Hwioe ae see why the befla are so
i-nn-sfiir to QUMtiw the glass1 windows
which arc plnnd hi iheli Xdttn. Tho
'XlMcUrc of ihe voniiK di-neodi oh lhe
lf|Hliili^..rtl* Nwlirfinl9* food I11'-'*
��� niiil to them, nud tf light were allow-
tl uijWi'ss to 1)** it .uiiiiiiat in all pro'**
dilliiy^proTe ratul U�� ihe Inmates -uf
.he hive.
Wfceat-No. 1 hard, Fort William,
84c.. -��->
Flour-Lake of the Woods Five
Raaea.-t2.10; Patent, 91.96; Medora,
91.60; XXXX, $1.85; Ogilvie Hilling
company's Hungarian, 93.10; Glenora
Patent, S1.96; Maniloba, 91.60, aod
Imperial XXXX 91.20 per sack of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed-Bran, 914 per ton. bogged; Bhorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, $27 per
ton; barley chop, 919; mixed barley
and oata, $95; corn chop, 920.
Oats���86 to 88c per bushel.
Barley-40 to 45c.
Corn-46 to 48c.
"Hay-Fresh baled Is quoted at 97
to 98 per ton on track here, and
loose hay is worth about the sauic
Butter-Dairy-Strictly fresh made
15 to 16c in packages; second grades
10 to 14c.
Butter���-Creamery���23c per pound,
Cheese- 10c per pound.
Eggs���Fresh case eggs, 20c per
Vegetables-Potatoes, 40 to 45c per
bushel; parsley, 30c; lettuce, 40c
per dozen; carrots and beets, 45c per
bushel;turnips, 20c per bushel; parsnips, 91.25 per bushel; onions, 91.50
per bushel; cabbage, 1V_ to 2c per
lb.; celery, 25 to .90c per dozen.
Dressed Meats - Beef, butchers
dressed, R% to 6^c per pound, delivered here; country dressed 5 to 6c ;
bare; country dressed, -iy3 to 5V_;;
veal, 7 to 8c; mutton, 8</a to 9c;
hogs, 6Va to 7c.
Poultry-Dressed chickens, 8c to 10
per pound ;-ducks, 9c; geese, tn/jc ;
turkeys, lie.
Hides-Frozen, 6c per pound, less
Ave pound tare; bulls, 4c. Kips same
price aa hides. Sheep and lambskins
bring from 40 to 70c each ths higher price being for sheepskins. Slunks,
25c to 35c each.
Wool-8 to S'/jfC per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12^c for washed.
Tallaw-Nb. 1, 4c; No. 2, 8c per
.Seneca Boo st���80c per pound.
The Russian government has decided to adopt the metric standard
of weights and measures, and tho
Minister of Finance 1h now engaged
In considering the time and manner
of introducing this reform.
The word* of the pope lu bis telegram
expro-w the simple truth: The reign of
Vietorhi will leuve nn indelible liiipiena
upun the history of tliu world.���Syracuse
It Ir the grente��t Of Victoria's dintluc*
lions |hnt phi. will leave her country better for hnviiij* ruled over It uud the
world belt it for Imvliig lived In it.���
Hnltimore Sun.
Few Kovcri'l^iif* litive eouiinnuded no
iinii.b respuet uud adiulmtiuu froui tbe
world nt Inrgi*. No other n.ivereiun hits
been s�� uiiivei-Kiilly loved nml respected
by the lCnylisli people,���Chicago Tiib-
Victoria's Wumunliticsi wss tbe tomh
of mil ure which iiiiule her kin to llie
whole J'niriisli hpenkins world. If to be
well Moved bo u token or greatuenn.
Queen   Victoria   wuh   the   Deer   ot   our
li would be iniposistiiile to sum up the
results of Queen' victorln'i long reign In
n few words, Whutover defects ufter
geiierntlmw mny dif.-over, whntever de*
diictloiiss tliey muy tnake from the praises
we uiu wont to fdiower upuu ourselves,
It ti plnln tbat tbe Victorian age has
been oue of the grent epochs of the
world's history.
There never w-ss a Puritan reformer
who more Inexorably swept out of court
nil the sesndsl and license .and Intrigue
that hnd made tbe Hanoverian regime
odious or who set and rigidly enforced
a higher standard of personal purity
and integrity of life. Tbe sovereign wos
aot lust in the wmunn, ns was unworthily the case hi the ii-lgti of Anne. Neither was the wonmu lott in the sovereign, an wris too often tbe case nmid
the splendor* of the I1.1 inn bet linn era.
Where He Got the Herr*.
"It will be necessary," said the commander of tbe forlorn nope, "for one of
our number to step forward and expose
bltusctf In order to draw the enemy's
"Let me have the job," cried a private
n tbe rear rank.
A moment later he stood out clear
against the sullen sky, and 50 bullets spat
about bim.
"Torwurd!" shrieked the commander.
A bnlf hour later, wheu tbe attacked
position hud fallen and It waa all orer, the
������.fllccr beckoned lo the private.
"Where," be asked, "did you get the
wonderful nerve to stand out tbere and
make yourself a target fur the bullets of
those murkniiii'uV"
The private smiled.
"For five years," be answered, "I was
guldo In tbe Mslae woods."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer	
WoUld I'oriM.
*My memory annoys me greatly," snld
tbe in ivly elected mayor.
"Tallinn. Is ill" Itmuiifd hia wife,
"No, dial's jiud the tumble.   I remember all my utile election promise*, ntiil I
wish I could forget VoiT-Philadelphia
Tresa '
Titer All Ash It.
"No* thai the election Is over," snid
the man who hnd been dhutpHntt-d hy
the result, "let us ask ourselves calmly,
'What Is tke qnvsilnn of the hour with
the woihlnguinitV"
"Usually." replied tbe observant citl*
sen "It's, 'Hii). is ii I- n'clm-k yctf"���
Calholie Slamlaid and Times.
He was a Bcotch minister In a small
country parish, and be wu sometimes
put to It for fresh pasture wherewith
to feed his flock. One dny, however,
he bethought himself that he bad
never thoroughly exhausted tbe sub*
Jed of Jonah, aud his heart rejoiced.
.louab and the whole was a sort of
ihlug whereby you could easily ding
out a sermon its allotted two hours.
Ue wits In full career and had reached
triumphant!) the nuntoniIcnl peculiarities of the iMse.
"An whnt t'ei'sb do ye think It wid
bet" he cried in steutorinn tones.
"AlbllbH ye ��� li in k it wild bu a linddle)
Nn. un. It could use lie a huddle for
to tiik n big tmiii like you In bis belly.
AU'itI, tillilUis ye think lt wad be a
million, bul 1 tell ye un, ua. It wad
un Ih> a Minion, ror deed I doubt If
they ever see wil mou yonder. Aweei,
nlldius ye're thinking It wad be A big
Here nn aged snd weary voice pltwd
up from (be body of the church:
"Albllus It wrt-> ii wlisleV"
"An the del) hue'ye, Maggie Mac*
; fhrlnuc, for luktu Mm word oot ��' Hie
I mouth ���' Uoda inwutslerr'
Mr, William army, ut Newmarket, Tells
How Bs Il<eouin�� Hals and Hearty at
the AdTaneed Age of Seventy After
Havlna Suffered Great Torture Frotn
Mclatlea and ftheuuiatl'in.
From the Express, Newmarket, Ont.
Mr. William Gray, who is well und
favorably known in the town of Newmarket and vicinity, is rejoicing over
his relcu.se from the pains of sciatica
and rhoumatism through thu use of
Mr. Williams' Pink Pills. A reporter
of the "Express called upon him for
the purpose of obtaining particulars
of tiio euro when Mr, Gray guve ihe
following story f-yr publication :���
"iVbout two and n half years ago 1
was seized with a very severe al lack
of rheumatism. Tho puin was eliiiply
torturing. At. times tho trouble was
stated in my knees, then fn my hips.
Kor nearly a yeur I sufTerod along,
working as twst I could, In the hepe
of being ablo to overcome '.he disease. During the day the pain wos
loss sovero, but at night it was juHt
us bad us ever, To Increase my torture I caught u cold, which resulted
in an attack of sciatica fn my right
leg. If I walked a short distance I
would be seized by sharp pains in the
hip and In time I became a used up
man; my appetite failed me, and I
could not rest at night on account of
thu pain. I tried ono medicine after
another without avail. 1 also consulted doctors with no better result.
was beginning to think thut I wns
doomed to suffer tho rest of my lift)
when one day a friend strongly advised me to try Ur, Williams' Pink
1'ills. I took his advice and procured
a supply of the pills and began taking them according to directions.
Hefore tho third box was finished I
noted a change for the better, so I
continued thu use of the pills till I
had taken teu or twelve boxes when
my trouble had olitirely disappeared.
To-day I am free from pain und feel
that life is worth living, oven nt lhe
ripe old age of seventy. 1 oun now
do a day's work with many men who
are twenty years younger than T. T
thank liud for my restoration to
health through the agency of Dr.
William's Pink Tills, and I trust
other similar sufferers will give them
a trial, for knowing what- those pills
have done for me I am .sure that
they cannot fail being us beneficial In
others similarly nillicted.
If the blood is pure and wlmlcsmi.c
disease cannot oxisl. The reason
Dr.Williams'Pink Pills cure so many
forms of disease is that they net directly upon the blood and nerves,
thus reaching the root of the trouble.
Other medicines act only on ihe symptoms of the trouble, and that is the
reason thu trouble always returns
when you cease these medicines. Dr.
Williams' I'ink Pills make permanent
cures in kidney troubles, rheumatism,
ryslpelus, anaemia and kindred diseases. But bo sure you get the genuine which bear the full muite Dr.Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People on
the wrapper around the box.
The Smotlierliiux Scene.
As to stage appointments, there
were no plush or velvet curtnlns or
couches draped with satin in ea rly
dnys. The lui-iiitiii'o was as unpretentious ns tin1 cost ui lies, Indeed on one
occasion when a I-nly was playing Des*
dementi to her husband's Othello n dis-
astroiifl nud at the same time ludicrous
effect, though of course uuiiliearsed,
bad been Imminent through ihe lack of
even a null or two to mnke an old stool
It wns the smothering seem?, mid tbe
couch was made up of t'-vo chairs and u
rickety stool covered, of course, with
Jibe simplest dr.ii..;*lri- -n nil inci'luo
eurtniii trim mod with yellow worsted
fringe. Ininc-hie n Destiemonti endeavoring to recline gracefully, all the while
feeling portions uf her couch sliding
from under her. This Is how the scene I
was played out:
Dtsdimom Kill me lomnrrow; irt me lire to-
uli:!.!.   (I'm lulllnu. dear!)
Othcllo-Nfly, It yoil slrhe-   (K��jl <|u!te siill.)
OsjHklciDalis���Uut half a-i hour.   (On, liolil met)
(Hlii-ll.i--i:.iiiii duns. Hicre li no [hum.. (I'll
puih thi1 ilnul mull i j
lif-nJ* iimnu -Hut nlifle I na*. a prayer. (Do bt
gulck. Kutfitt, il [���> i.!l|i|iirif-.)
Olliello-It i. tuo Intel
Which, Indeed, It was, for the bed col*
litpsed, uud Desdeinnmrs body lay upon the floor, her bend upon the sole
chiilr, which stuck to its post faithful-
ly.���Qeutietuuu's .Maguzlne,
It is Perfect Because  it is  Pure, Wholesome,
Clean, Delicious.
It reaches you in its natural stale.   Prussian Dtue, Sonpstone, etc. are
not used, as in other tens, to hide defects.   Ii bus nope.
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt of
postal mentioning which you drink���Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.    Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal.
In hU Vsoktaiile l'u.iji Dr. 1'uniiclce hss
given to tlu world the fruits of louu i-eieii-
tifle resenreh in the whole realm of medical
ecknie, combined with itw and valuable
dlBcover.eii never beforo known lo mun. For
Paime.ce'ij I'illa aet like n chitiin. Taken in
small dodes, the effect is both a Ionic und a
stlniulunt, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving lone uud vigor,
The p.e Enters,
I'le in New Ijhighiml is served In
mauy queer wuys, efijieclally the king
oi nil pies, the ruyni mlpeo. Not loug
llgo there uppearid a sign lu tho station
of stiiid, crooked and correct Boatou-a
sign bearing the sininge device, "Hot
.Mince I'le nnd Iee (.'reaiu."
This Is n mild combination conipnred
with oue that wus served In this city
ut n midnight supper A Welsh rabbit was lieing mtule, nml lliere were
some who did uut cure io ent it ou
crackers: no (oast hi the hoii.c. for it
was the tire's eveii'iic opt, A mince
pie wns l'unm, hii-king in ihe iee chest
ajnd pressed lulu service, The rnhhlt
wns spread over lhe pie, nml hoili villi-
hilled lu u short llnmi Those who ute
are still ni'rnid in the ihtrk, for Ihey
mn imagine thai ihe -nine things are
coining for them ir.-aln as came during
ilieir dreiuu-s of lluil wild, weird uight.
A local inlnislt't' lellji a pie sioty ou
llllnself Hint is n "curl.11 ' He is a
deliciite tuiiti. and Ins wife was down
en pie for him aud vetoed ii for family use. Once he went to n con vein iou
ill 1'ltlsileld, und a -dinner wn.* served
at whicli there were seven kliuls of
pie, The minister took u "little of
welt; please," ami never enjoyed lilm*
self eo much  iu his life.
Wilhelmina m* Holland ii now the
only ruling queen. Of tlio 74 rulers
on earth, 22 aro presid-mes. Id nre
kings nnd 6 are emperors.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they cannot reach th.
slfaessMd portion of tbe car. There la only ou.
way to core ds-stneaa, and- that I. by i-onstltu-
tlonal remedies Dcssfnesss la caoMd by *a In-
llumed comlltion of the snsscoua UnltiRnf th.
eustachian tube. Whon this Sub. .els Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or inusoriect
hearing, .nd when It I. entirely closseu deafness.
I. th. re.ult, .nd unless tlle Inflammation can
be taken out and thia tutso restored to lt. normal condition, liearlnn will be deatroyetl forever! nine cue. out ol ten ��ra oaUMd by -tr
tirrh,which 1. nothing but an lnfl.imed oondition of the mucou. surfaces.
IV. will fire On. Hundred Dollar, for any
csussof DealBes. Icauaed by catarrh) Hut cu
not be enrssd by Hall's Catarrh Cora. Send for
olrcBlsuss, fssstt.
Fr A. CHENKY * 00., ToMo, a
Sold by Drngglsts, 7(c.
Hall'. Family Pill, are Ihe Imt.
Ther Worked oss Oenohr-sk
Tin- illjtiilll.il slsisiis* ivim net really
Eiiitllsli, lint islii' linsl nmsti-lTil Ibe dis*
Ift't tt. KOI...- cxtotil.
"My ui'VU'W 'I'.ilis'i-t." slif snld.
".rnnts tss timrry si sss'lioolts'sclicr!
I'.'isviit'.s-! A iii'i-son win. works for a
llvlnii! To Ik* ship, now Hint I think of
It, Hull Is not nlwn.vs ll dlKRrns-i' You,
my ili-iii'. writs, for tin' press n... nnd
Hsr... I am told, but you don't 'use to,
yon know.  Thnt Is .Illforeiit."
"Yes." wiiIIsm! His- young person lo
wlioui she was apt-oklng. "but I mny be
uid to hove lislii'i'lti'sl n tcnileiicy to
work. My fntlier .mil grandfather both
worked for a living, nml tbey were not
allowed even Ibe luxury of a ehnlr to
alt on. They worked on henchea."
"Dear islel" cxelulmed the dlgnllled
dame, greatly shoeked. "Whnt slid they
-ah-work nt?"
"Well, my ffltlW wns a Judge of Die
auperlor court, nml my graudfuther
waa one of the Justices of tho United
Btnten supreme court."
Mart'i Unlment Cores Distemper.
A Drcadfal Moment.
A conductor on the Park line had nn
experience the other day thnt la unite
certain to cause hint many uncomfortable minutes lu the future. Hia enr
stopped nt Spruce street to let a middle
Hired lady on, nml na she took her sent
the conductor gnvc tbe motormnn two
bells, aud the car shut ahead. When
the conductor entered the enr, the wo
man In question was looking out of the
window aud did not see hia outstretch
ed band.
"Fare, please." remarked the conductor.
The woman evidently did not hoar
bim, for sbe did not turn ber bend.
Neither did she hold out tbe m-censury
"Pare, please," snld the conductor In
��� louder tone.
But tbe womnn paid no beed. Tben
the conductor touched her on the ahoul-
der nnd In a tone of voice that rang
through the car exclaimed: <
"Vonr fare, please, lady!"
Tben tbe woman turned hastily
around and looked at the conductor.
The knight of the Iwllrord gave one
gnsp nnd fled to the back platform.
Tbe woman w���� Ids mother-in-law.*
S vi r eo'ds nrp easily cured by tho use
of Hiukk-'S Ant.-Consimnitive Syrup, n mtd*
le.no el extraordinary ri-m t rat my uud hoal.
irg p. i-|.t'i li- y. It ti aeknuH K'dKi'd by those
win' huve used 't m> being the best medicine
Mild fer cmialiH, e. Idn, intininmulion of the
hull*!., nnd nil nlTietions of tho throat und
ch St. It- itpi-i ubli'iiciw to tho tust ��� makos it
a fiiToriti with ludlcs and children,
A L'nriiMis lteeel|tt,
Hanover's regis)rar discovered a rery.
curious document some time ngo ns he
was luokiN!,' Ilirotigh n bundle of pu
pers thnt dnte hnck to the eighteenth
century. The ductiniciit Is n rccelpt-
prolmbly the only one of Its hind In ex
Istcnce���which wns {riven lo n Hnuo
verlnn caplnln by n cunon of Iiui.sliiii-;
during the St'vcil Years* wnr.
"I, the undersigned." It rends, "here
hy acknowledge tlmt I hnve received BO
blows of a stick, which were inflicted
tipoti me b.v a lieutenant of Captain
Il.'s regiment as a pirn (aliment for Ihe
stupid and frivolous calumnies whicli
I have uttered in regard to the regl
ment of chasseurs! Kor my Impni
itent words I now admit Dial I nm pro
foumlly sorry. I received my punish
ment lying on ti heap of straw nnd
hehl by two men. and I bear testimony
to the fact that the ntticcr struck me as
cigiirniisly as be could Willi a stlc),
(hat was ns (hick as my linger.
"lu proper form and with due grntl
Hide I algu this receipt uud avow thai
ill therein is litis*."
���These aignitlcuut worda were used In re*
8ard to Dr. Thomns' Eclectric Oil by a gen-
leman wbo bud thoroughly tested IU uieifto
In hia own case���huving been cured by it of
lamencsd of the knee of three or four years
���binding. It never falls to remove Borenew
u well as lamencaa, and Is an incomparable
pulmonic nnd corrective.
A (slrniiil Me ni orr,
A highland girl, who hnd been hi
service lu Dundee and hnd gone to n
place further south, cnlled upon her
old mistress ou Iter wny north to vis"
her frleuds.
She was Invited to take dinner with
the family, nud her master nsked a
blessing on the menl as usual, when
the girl said:
".My, mn later, ye maun ha'e a gra:.
memory. 'Hint's thu grace ye said
When I was here sax years syiie,'-
Londeii Telegnibli.
The riilnese Cnlstne.
Though Clillie.se cuisine hns been
credited with some utterly fahulou.
dishes, such as white mice served
alive, which add piquancy hy their
squeak as they dive down tho gullet,
curiosities lu the edible line dn form
a considerable list.
lllrd's nest soup, for lustance; a
clear soup made from the refined
gluten with which n certain species
of swallow fasten their nests beneath
the rocks; stewed "sen slugs," nnothei
misty sounding dish, but trnnsceuding
In flavor the nfderumuic green tunic
fat. There mny be, too, on tirst Intro
ductioti, some prejudice ngntnst fried
gnisshopliers. Hut courage in this In
stance is re warded by u dellclously
crisp, brown mouthful, of a delicate
nutty flavor.
It Is n fnllncy to suppose that port;
forms a constant article of diet hi
China. As a matter of fnet. It is ton
expensive and is only enten on hlgi
days nnd holidays or at rcsimtrniits
Neither do milk, beef or game cute.
much Into Chinese cookery, the first
two being tabooed on religious grounds
Dog flesh Is eaten In the south hut
rarely nnd only by the poorest of thi
' poor.���H tack wood.
There are now in the United Stairs j much us tomorrow,
about.   20,000     miles   of   street   ruil-
wuys,   of whleh fiOO miles  nre   still
operated by horses.
liiaril'i Liniment Cures Colls, Etc.
Failure   is   one of the things thut
are spoiled by success.
Wise is the iiiiin who cuu pick mil
a good melon or a good wife.
Occasionally   a   newspaper   story
gets     ii    bend ul   tlio expense of the
There never wns, .und never will be. n
unlver-ml piinuceu, in one i< mi dy. for all Uti
to wli cli fl uli is heir���Un1 very nature of
muuy cuint vt-.-, being Buck thai wore the
germs of other und differently tented iii��-
i.'ii'i't- rooted In the -system of tbe patient���
whnt would relievo one ill in tuin w. nld tig*
gmvnte tie oth r. We huve, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in u found,
umidulteiuttd Blute. u reinedy fur mnny unci
grievous ills. Ily Its uruduul und judicious
ubc the frailest systems ure led tntoconvo*
letcence and btrongtb by the influence which
Quinine exert-; i n nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those witli
whom n chronic tstnto of morbid decjiond-
ency nnd lack of ii.tero.-t in life ti a disease,
und, by trunqulllzing tho nctves. dispose-* to
pound aad refreshing sleep���imparts vigor
to the notion of the blood, which, bung
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening ihe hen thy animal lunciiunt.
of the system, thereby milking activity u
necessary result, strengthening Iho framo,
ami giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demund increased substance���result. Improved appetite, Korlhroptt Lyman,
of Toionlo huve -riven to the public iheir
superior Quinine Wine nt the usual rule, and,
gauged by the opinion of BQleqtlBts, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell ii,
Some    pcoplo  nre known  by  their
tii ent ions and others by their wnoks
Prcnm-liiiid is lhe
nil men und won
uiy lund  when
ii    enjoy equal
It takes an ftmntour musician to
delect the errors in ihe Instruction
Some people ure ehurituble only
when thoy have a large Rudiurici
LA "lU^AWA,     KACITOIty, Montreal
Tlie Stare nml Slrlpe* at Aer*.
A good American Imd been making
soiiH. soul stltTlng ivnuirkB about tht
rflorlous star spangled banner when tr
Kuglishman who is pretty well Amerl-
rimixeii told u little story apropos: "1
rctiietnlicr once to have scon tbe star-
and stripes applauded uproariously oi.
a pecuHitr occasion. It happened man;
years ago when the Rt'ltisli ling wasn't
as popular In tho Cultcd States ns It Is
now nud a party of us Kuglishmi i.
were nt a thcaler In New York oonstd
ernbly farther dowu town than then
ters ure now to bo found on Broadway.
The play wns 'Hlchard 1,' nnd if you re
member there is a scene in tbe pin;
where Itlcliard, after putting his foe-
to flight In terrific style, mounts tin
walls of Acre and plants the Brltlsl
colors there. Evidently the manage
ment knew the temper of the audience
and felt thnt even under such circum
stances the* British Hug would not he n
good thing, so whnt did they do bul
give RlcbOt'd tiie star spangled banner
and, by nil the gods, he took it with
li lin In the charge and planted it on
Acre's walls, lt was ridiculous, oi
course, and wc Englishmen tndgbed.
but the ntullciice took It quite ns tin
correct thing, nud the way the people
stormed nnd shouted nnd clapped wns
enough to have mnde Rlchot'd turn
over In his grave. Historically it was
away off. dl'rimallciilly It wns open to
criticism, but puirit-Ueully It was u
howling success,"-Washington Star.
lb" pace that kills is noi the pace
of the messenger boy.
The wise man gives words,  but hc
keeps his thoughts tu himself.
\ sober man when drunk is as stupid as a drunken man when sober.
Minard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
The man   who sleeps uu his rights
may    expoct   to    be disturbed by a
Salt may be a great cure, but
there uro some spoiled people whom
it will not save
Where one man lives by the sweat
of his brow, two men live by their
Miiiard's Liniment Cum Garget ii Con.
The puth of duly muy bo rough,
bin the conscientious mortal finds
the stones soft to his feot.
Accidents arc the natural, logical
and inevitable results of causes
which man does not understand,
In tho course of lime men may ad-
verii.-.e for pensions and offices In the
"wnii!'   columns.
Cholera tind all simim r eonip'aints nre so
quick in thoir aotion th it the cold lund of
deathiiupon tlie downs before thoy are
aware that dang r i.i near. If alta. ked do
not ihhiy In getting the proper medicine,
liy a doso of Dr. A,G, Kellogg'n Dysentery
Cordial, and you will get Immediate relef.
It uots with wonderful rapidity und never
fn Is to effect a cure.
i bids
not necessarily bad bent practical. Even the
theory is something to
people iiiuke lip their
irship o man or woman,
ni liberty to say and do
or she pleases.
\ tow weeks spent in the average
hoarding houso will convince almost
uny man thai he ought to have a
home ol his own.
Brass Band
Instrument.*!, Druma, Uniforms, JEtc.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Fin* catalogue
�� UuBt nit loot uiniled freo. Write as for aay
thing In Muileor Hailiftl Instrument**.
Wb*l*y Eoyc. * Oo., ^fi^Bi.
price lit'l of new und second-hand wheels.
Special discount to dtnlers. We also want
your repair work. Send lepaitt In now be-
fore theru h. We give special and prompt
intention to country orders. Andre Arms
4 Cycle Co., Winnipeg. -Succe-sora to Hy��*
lop Bros.
Rapidity.  S.ivo about one day In thrca.
'Jiilein PHiindduniliiliiv i.iihimt ti<.|Beorwt��r.
'.uiieml utility.   Hem r.>r nil kinds of work.
2�� Portage Ave, Winni,���..(-,
United States Cream
1'erfeci skiiiuiicrs. Light running
and oaatost to wash. Will outlast
two of almost nil competitors. All
round the most serviceable nnd best
value. Every tiling needed in tho
dairy kept. Write for catalogues.
I Shipments of fresh butter wnnted.
Wm.   SCOtt, " "WINNIPEG,' '
Do Not Trifle
with dagger���and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure vour cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
Rnv'.Mit.  Pattos of Toronto writes:   "I
used two botlleiul Shiloh and take pleajuie
in recommending it.   There tn n "'thing like il
for couKh. throat md lung trouble.
Shiloh a Columnptiiiu Onr* Is nold by nil
drugglitii In Oanada and United State* at
Sfto, SOo Vl.oe a bnttlo.    Iu Great Jlrlmtn
at ll. *il., Si. Sil, and 4i. 6d.   A prtnted
guarantee mm with ��r<ar]r bottle.    If you
aro uot Mat.Un��d go to your druggist and
get your money back.
Writs* for illustrated book on G-nsumption.   Scot
withont <COit to you.   S. C. Well* A Co., Toronto,
Aciivc. Energcllo A cuts to represent the
Old London Mutual Fire, Innunmco Oo. of
Oanada.  Established 1850, Lnrgost budnen
| of nny Oimuiliiin company in Oanada.  Oen.
i end i tuinees d' ue on premlutnt note and
cu*h |ilutiii.   Good agents enn control tho
! Insurnnco of thcli district with tliiu com-
pany.   Apply to
iFRBID. J-   liCOLLA-lNT),
General Agent, Winnipeg.
aUATDIfciflUIAI ��� t-cnili men wlihlng
mAlnlmUniAL i,,,.���rrc-i| ond with
or ninrry o intern liidisc encloite stump for
imiiictiliir-.   Tlie Pilot, Winnipeg. Boi 819,
to lend your onlem Iirge or araill to
PAUL SALA %V.7ic Winn, Llqiert
Winnipeg, Man., 510 Mala Stieet.
tux* Suit* Poit tc Invalid*, (its pai g*i., li*
Jol. Instlll-l.
���W ���n.hkey.Ujt- tl- t.-��l'<t*...t*.t7-*3, h
dui, I-, sit i ei.
l80Pla*olaposti*alslforll.  PeudfssrUat. >m
��. ���. HulLLOliv,        BLEKHK1M, ONIi
W. N. U. 818
MA, *4**h if tM***' Ar>(AS iifcuu GULDEN, NORTH-EAST KOUTKSAy, RC, FRIDAY. MARCH 15. KQ1
At Burling, Alberta, ���*�� mm ol
run .iBHiu Kvur rmuAT.
Eslitur asid Publisher,  whut w.r. .own on Fab' 28.
A .mall body ol Boar, an trekking
into Unman Suulh Alrica.
Id. V. Chsubkiw,	
i SuUcri .tioM *l 00 p*r year in advance.
Idrartlaiug ram snasla known on request
FliIDAY. MaltCA 15. 1901.
THR gseatest obstacle Io tha work
Ing ol th. Referendum, a mo
lution in lavor ol whioh wa. voted !
down in lb. Legi.lsslure Ihi. week, I.
In the people themselves.    Tba bulk ol
' the eltwlors take too liitla interest ii
1 ksgi.lation lo mak. it practicable. Tbas
thi. I. tru.  I. shown in in.ink-i|> I
; affair., where all by-law. lur raisin-:
. larg. .ut... ol money .re referred to thr
' poop's) for their ti[i|iroral.    In nansty
.vary in.tanea tha result .how. that
\ only about fifty per cent, ol th. -jsihII-
fled voter, go to the trouble of record
ing thair vote..   Tlie teleral pl.bi.cil.
i oa prohibition I. another in.ta.ice In
point wbioh .how. the lack of intereat
inanilestsd by the people in their own
affairs.   To mnke tha Referendum �����
power (or good it Is neca,sary that ih<
people ahould tak. an intelligent inter
. est in tbe government ol the country,
- I.,cl.iii�� ihi. it would be a usoless wauls
ol time and money.
Th. nut queatlon that might  ba
naked I. how to bring abcut thi. inter*
eat on Ih. part of th. people.   There I.
on. way at least and that I. by direct
taxation.   The people ara now paying
late, oo .verytliinjf they .at and wear
and drink, but il come. In .uch an In
direct way that they do not realise ita
magnitude.   Let the Oovernment levy
a .ingle direct tax and we I,*el certain
that the people would take such an
Interest in s3overn.neutexpenditurs,s .,
would astonish not onlv tha Covin
ment but tha people themselves.   A
relerence to our correspondence column
will iUuetrata .hi..   Tha Oovernmens
propose'to raise money Ior school pur
poses by a direct tax.   Iinnu-diats-ly a.;
appeal is masle to the people to resist
I! the Government   is  forced  to wish-
draw a direct ta* they will impose as,
indirect ono and the people will hav,
to pay it anyway.   So much money
ha. to be raised for govcrnim-sit jsur
po.es aud it all ha. lo come from ths
public.   The collection ol taxea by in*
direct methods necs asitttea  the .in
ploymeul of thousand, of civil servant,
in customs houses, etc.   A direct ta*
wculd uot only do away with thes
b-st it  would awaken the  people to
a greater interest In their public affairs
and la the end they woul I really pay
50 per cent. Ism. than they aro doinf-
nightly enough  tho  'all court ol
British Columbia   haa ���u��f��lnwl the
decision of Chief Justice McC.U tha
Jupuneae,  being British subjects, ar.
entitled to voia In tha Province.   A��
the law nosv I. no otlier Interpretation
in accordauoo with  laet could havs
been  rendered.   But   we  are brouish'
fuce so face wilh a very grn.e ��itua
i loss Isy th-rt judgment,   to put on an
���.���ul   looting   with men ol civilised
and intellectual   attainment, a  racs
who* prelouilnaut chnrncteri-.iic.ars
ignorance and pegnnl.m I. to heavily
handicap all thoee who make a rea
aoual.l. and intelligent use ol the vot-
tug Irnnol.lse.   Farewell to inielllgeiii
polili-a whs... theOriontal basbarisin is
'invested with   .0 inighsy a weapon
that make,    and   usiinaksss   I krone.,
crrase. authorities, ��nd makes i-ovorn
mums tremble and fs>U.    Farewell to
purity cl elec.oral-sj'siitesst-s when thos.
little brown men are led dsunb to the
poRa, ass ea��y  pr��y lo the per.u.slvi-
power of a dollar, or a viciiin ol tin
euwki.-g "paehln." operator.
Th. report ol Dr. Clarke on th.
Provincial A.yluin for the In.an. at
N.w tUmtntinttrt.. seems lo have
arouse I th. taxpayer* rttd stirred up a
'���hovnai'. nati" among Ih. .mployee.
of tha l.etltutlon. It 1. wall that the
paaple ara .wakened at time, from
their lethargy regarsling tho conduct of
public Institution., for in that lies the
remedy lor .xtras/ngsincee and the
vario... abu��o�� lo which Br. Clark. In
hi. v.ry al.h. .nd ���xhaii.tlve report
���lluda.. Exception mow, however,
be taken to hia rsjsjon mendatlon that
wage, of .mployoM he reduced. No
reduction 1* w.ge. a.n b. tolerated.
On tha contrary �� rlaa In wage, with
Imi heart wonld ha hr more in con-
amsnee with tht-apjrlt of th. aga.
An attaedani'. lib In the We.sralu.ter
a.yluin I. only ono remov. from that
of a prloouer lu hi. cell. With moat
perplMing dutiM to perform, and
a vaollUtlng ��uj-eriiitenile..cy of reoont
year., t-.geil.-sr" with lax method, ol
control, ha. mad. tb. In.tltution a by
word and rapr^^-M"*'ho" who
move for * J***--"* *"hl" i"1
bleak and M*wM"* ����"���; *��'
��h.aU.nd.W.*��U��"-l tfve4.imgood
metmnt, tbeu $*"�� ^ ��' mu.Jh
friction -HI ,�����****-**������*'*��� **���
CfarSHiM pa**- tU *tm *��**--*���
Z^e^-mA-m* *��***���
A sllver-stpped black fox akin wa.
recently .old at Edmonton for ti--.
Th. big Montreal firm ol Lepage A Co
hav. assigned. Liabilities, $��15,000.
Canadian lumbermen are aaklng the
Government at Ottawa lo put a I J.00
| duty on lumber from tha Statea.
The Dominion Iron and Steel. Works
at Sydney, C. B. ara turning out ICO
tons ol ure per day.
Tl.e wert. have decided tba* J. p-
sineas who ara British .ubject. bare a
right io vo'e In the province.
Vancouver, by lha rn.gnllse.ns-e ol
millionaire Carnegie, I. to have a $50
000 publio library.
'Oat" Howard, of the Canadian contingent, reoently killed In Sou.h Africa
wa. worth 1200,000 which he leans
entirely to hi. children.
Andrew Carnegie, Millionaire ha.
'.onatel 1100,000 to tht city of Ottawa
providing that the city give, a ait.and
15,000 a yoar for ma'ntenance.
An order in-council ba. been patted
a. Ottawa providing that tha royally
to be charged on quar'ta mining in
Manitoba, Yukon and the Northwest
���hall not Mtceed fin per cent.
Provision I. being mad. by tha Poet
matter-General, whereby valuable correspondence op to 125 may be tn.ured.
In cities postmen will be authorised to
accept and give receipt, for reglatend
It I. staled authoritatively that a.
.oon as th. census return, arecorai leted
luthe Territorit., the proposal la mad.
to Incorporate all eaat ol the third meridian with Manitoba and make all west
o' it a new provinoe under tha name of
Allan" a with Calgary aa the capital.
Col. Sim Steele haa received a cheque
for 120,000 from Lord Strathcona and
wilt be second in command of the S.A.
Constabulary force at a .alary ol flOOC
iser annum and 12,000 allowed for expense.    Bravo S.m!
Whil. the German Emperor wa.
driving to the railway nation, March
Ii h a workman named Weiland threw
t piece ol iron into Hi. Majesty1, car
riage The Kaiser was al ruck on the
cheek just below tbe right eye. The
wound I. about aa inch long bat I.
nol serious.
L rd Roberts, presiding on Friday.
March 0, at a meeting of th. Army
Temperance Society, contra.ted the
,noderntion of the British .oldiert In
South Alrica, with provioue campaign..
He nid that il wa. true that Ihey had
ot hud mnny opportunities, but, at
Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and Pretoria, wlisrothay did have and. opportunity,' they were remarkably well
behaved, and he had never heard .
single complaint of a soldier being rude
or Improperly behavud toward Boe.
women. The latter and their children
went fearlessly upon the .treat.; the
children played and talked with the
Britiab Soldiers.
(From the Daily Coltaiai.)
Tb.ra wa. much lavorabla comment
upon th. apeech of the Chief Co.nmla*
aloner  ol Land,  and  WsTko on th.
Address.   Ha certainly anawered very
fully lbs. eriild.m. made agalnat hi*
administration ol h's department.   A.
a matter of faot, thoae were nol vary
aerious In their nature, and np attempt
was made to aupport them with proof,
hnt it   was   right   that the Minister
should give  them hi. attention, and
although ha began his remark, with
an apology (or occupying tha time of
the honn,  ha might have mado hi.
mind easy on that point, for tho number, were Tory glad to hear what he
had to uy.
Mr. Well, pointed out th.t th* ay..
tern of road* in charge of hie department aggregate, about 0,000 mile.. To
do ju.tice to .uch an extent of high'
way.   with   Ihe  necessarily   limited
amount ol money  at tha di.po.al ol
Ih. department la a matter of Impoeei-
blllty,   The MInlater can only do bl.
bait, and he la certain lo disappoint
[tome localltie.,   which ha would bt
glad to help, il It were poaiibl..   Mr.
Brown .poke ol tha desirability  of
dealing with .mailer ana. thoroughly
rather than  attempting lo oover too
much ground.   In theory thia i. very
good.   It it aomelblng lhat wt havt
all talked  abont.   Undoubtedly If It
were possible  tor the Department ol
Lands and  Work, to concentrate sll
its effort, on limited localities during a
reason, tbt roads thert wonld bt In
better shape  than nnder tbe present
sy.tem, and perhap. in th. long ran,
it woald bt Iht cheaper plan.   Wt do
not tee,   however,   how  this oan be
[ dont in a province of auch va.t dimension, a. Britiih Colnmbia, where tbt
Spulation it io .mall and Mattered,
ore thickly fettled and .mailer com-
munitlea  may  bt ablt to do thll, although wt do not know ol any which
[follow tht  practice; but If It  were
attempted In thii provlnco, thtrt wonld
be such an outcry ebat no government
could Hand' agalnat It; and what I.
vory muoh more to tho purpose, wc du
not tea how tht neglect of localltie.
wbich such a plan would entail could
be justified.
Under these circumstances the only
recourse left for the Minister I. to snr-
round himselt,with th. beat available
subordinates, and tndaavor to do ae
muoh parmanent work a. he caa from
| year to year. We think ll tho MInlater
would ahapt hi. polity to su lo work
in tht direction' of- completing tha
I highway! in tbe different localitlee as
rapidly as possible, he would be wis;,
aud we gather from thi observation.
of Mr. Well, that hi I. of thi. view".
But he would not be justified,.not po-
stically merely, but equitably, iu tun..
Ing (he deaf ear lo localities, lo whom,
| a. hi aay., half a loaf ii belter than
no bread. There I. no politic, lu good
road., and all partle. ought to unite in
aaai.iing In perfecting the sy.tem
unitr which the road money Is laid
{out.. We think there ie a general dl��-
politico among member, lo ual.t th.
Minister In making the most ef th.
grant for road., trail, and bridges, lor
.there I. bnt one opinion at to the ahto
lute necessity of keeping onr menu, of
travel in the best possible condition.
and  a��  Itt ����Dr.
Hit .UgH���"*"���'   ��� .��.- iaBSSS
���tontbttttrt*^^ ^*ITnd'"!ih��".���.h��VH��bl��. ot Ih. I7.h. ol
* '"���"'"""^r.'nr.oHc.l.....
M.lnn.a Ha. Mod lite,. Hia Labor RIP
Itererendasn lt..olatlon Voted
The special feature, of the .tiling ol
the Hounduring tha wcek were a resolution offered by Mr. Brown, of Ntw
We.tinin.ter, introducing tht referen- J
���turn prinoiplt in legislation, tha .Keel
of which would bt to refer back to lb.
people all Important legislation coming
tip between election., auch aa railway
subsidies, land gram, or anything en-
ailing a large expenditure of publio
noucy not discn.ssed dnring the election.. This resolution wai Iou on
division by 23 to 11.
Thi question of royalty on railway
lands wa. brought up but wai laid
I over for a few day. on reque.t ol Oppoeition.
Mr. Hawthornthwatle (Nanaimo)
introduced a bill for th. better protection of mlneri working underground.
I Tl.e malu (.atari of tbl. bill it that a
board of examiners consisting ol two
miner, and a nomine. o( Iht Government will invenlgai. the fltn.at o( all
applicant, (or underground work. Tht
mea.ur. ll principally almtd it tht
But tbt bill that hu Mated tht meat
oppc.ition li that introduced by tho
UiniK.r ol Education, providing for
an increase of rev.nu. lor tducatlonal
purpow. by railing thi revenue tax
(poll tax) from three to five dollar..
The bill aleo deflnM more dearly tbt
power of school trustees. Bo h tl,
fetuses have met with considerable
opposition and the (act that tht bill
wa. no', proceeded with j-aaterday
lual. lo the Inference that th. Gov
eminent I. reconsidering il,
The following is the principal section
iu Mr. Melunes' new labor hill: No
person shall be employes! in, on, or
about assy mine wbo it unable lo read
in an European langnag*. Ihe aald Acta,
together with this Aot and at) the publio and private rulM tnd regulations
relating to tht working of mine! under
tht said Act..
Tbt budgit apeech wilt ht delivered
by llr. Turner on Monday.
A .prig of ihamrock and a dhrnp of
it traihur-t.
'Quid Ireland
Orand Ceaeert and leelal at tke free
kylerlaaCharek. ���     |VW��, solo ,��,,*,
A grand concert and social ws. heldlfis,.|ttnoll	
in th. Presbyterian  church, on the' iii"i
evening of Saturday, Snd. of March.
The church wa. prettily decorated, and
the stage erected by "the boys" of the
j district for the performance waa a plea*
���ant ��ur,.ri,e to all who wttneeaad the
entertainment. It wu like a drawing-
room Iu one of tht fashionable .sibu.bs
of London. Tbl entertainment began
with tht patriotic tong and chorut
"Tha Maple Leaf Forever" hr tht Bev.
, Duncan and John Built, and thi audi
ence joined heartily In tht chors.e.
Immediately after,'a selection of airs
wu given on thi month organ by Mr,
[Alfred Mitchell who proved himself to
be an expert on tbli instrument and
wu encored  by tht au.fence.   Mr.
Tho.. Bu.h .ang "Girl Wanted" In
���pl.ndld atyle, hll deep, Hrong voloe
being greatly appreciated.   A recitation
entitled Li tea a tragedy In Texaa do wn
on tht Bio Grande, wu mott Impressively givsn by Mr. Boothhy.   Thn.
followed afr. Duitl Campbell, who
gav. a tong el hi. own composition.
Recalled it "The Creatures Complaint"
ihowing bow run who had the faculties
of reason aod common ssnss tomitlmei
atktd u If thiy did nol poswst thut
laeultiM and that tht   creators, of
mn'i iport bad just cause of oomplalnl.
Tlm original song was ���ntbo.lastloally
received, and Mr. Campbell In retponta
to on encore,  gut "Tbt Land of
Dreamt"���dreamt o( gold ind silver and
other precloa. ort, whllit llvlt' on
hard tack, beacon and beam. Hit will*,.
atloilon.  created  great   .inns.ra.ut.
Mr.   Atchison,   (rom  Mr. Milllgaii's
lumber camp, gav* a aolo on the viuljn
and wu well reoelved, and Mr. McHat-
ti. o( tbe tame oamp, recited the humor*
out piece, sBetty and the Bear,' an old
favorite, pointing out how It .ometiinei
happened that people who did the wo. k
fighting heart or otherwise did not gat
the oredlt, tht oredlt being quickly and
cooly. appropiated by other, who cove
ted tht honor but not tht work.   Mr.
Thomas Pirie, Grand View Farm, gave
In fine ��tyle "G-snile Annie,'; and Mr.,
, Archie Fountain variad tat proceedingi
by Mliettoni on tht mouth organ, on
whioh he 1.atkllfulplayer.. T.ha ijev.
Duncan gavt "A Sulfide and a Shave"
the dwcrlptioo of a Iragiiay which ta-
dsd In a comedy. Ituwaedconsriderabl*
merriment wbta tbl Wnt "a man
���having" wu ditcloted,   Mr. Alfred
Mitchell aung In a very htarty msaaar
'Drink Puppy Drink", alio "Tnt Boy.
ot th. Old Brigade".   Th. evening getting (ar on, and th. people ol ths. di��-
trict being good Babbath.rian., it wa.
resolved to continue tht progtamme
without any Interval:   Mr. John Rush
[ appeared in hit character tong "Poor
Old Joe"dretted up as a very old negro,
with a long itick to lean upon, tbe
chorut heing takeu up by alx o( "the
boy.'.' three in eaoh corner behind the
curtajne.   It wa. warmly-applauded
by th. audience, who demanded an encore to which Mr. Rush kindly rtapon-
dad.   Mr.  Kntghlllngtr,   Irom* Mr.
Milllgan'a camp, gave a violin eolo,
which wa.aWwell received.   Mr.Qto
Mitchell .ung "The Bay ot Biscay1 in'(i
his rl.h barltom vole, and wa. highly
| appreciated, at, were alio-tht Bit.
Duncan, In hi. Motoh long "Scotland
yel" and Mr. Boothby, In hia English
song 'The Englishman' Messrs Knight-
linger, Atchison andMcWIIIiams, sung
"Marching through Georgia" whllit
Mr, A, Fountain accompanied on tht
plane.   The old favorite tong "Tht
Ship that Never Returned" wat aung
by Mr. Arthur Aultan and called forth
ths enthusiastic applause t( Iht audience.   It ii here necesssry to refer to
the pianist, Mr.. PUU, Windermtre,
who acquitted herself with great ability
.tht piano accompaniments being all
tbat oould   bt desired.   Mr.   Archie
Fountain alio assisted on the pi
Tke chairman, the Rev. Duncan hire
Intimated that thi programme proper
wu finished, and tbat refreshments
consisting of tea, coffee, cake and land-
wiohtt would It served out.   After
they .had all pirtaken heartily, vote*!
iot thank, wren propoeed and heartily
given, tint to th. performer, by Mr.
Both field, aecond to the ladle, who had
provided the refreshments, by Mr. Mat.
[Mitchell, third to the-"boy." who had
got up the artlatlc etage, by Mr. Boothhy, and alto to the chairman, who had
been the flnt originator and promoter
of the fint grand concert and (octal
over held In the Galena and Briaco
dl.trlct.   The chairman replied to th.
vote of thank., and .aid that though
'it appeared a difficult ta.lt lo promote
thll .octal, th. task wa. mad. lighter
by tht manner In wbich the people one
and all lad helped  the movements.
The proceeding, were brought to ���
dote by lhe asrdleno* "ipgls g "God aave
the King.   All were Iiiglily delighted
with the everiin*.'. entertainment and
wi.hi'ng for and! her 61 a .imllar klud.
tt should alto be mentioned that the
churoh vu very s-oinfortible, a fin.
now .love an I pipe. Having been re-
deiatly presented as-.gib to the con
gragatlon hy Mr. Georgo  iicSllIlan.'
P.tvM.BJSsiisi   '
Introductory  ....'.'...Pianoaelactions.
[Opening song anl choftai...:'.....Tlw Maple
1 leofloresrer-^lfer.'tMliclnand-lehaHaah
}Moathorganasb..:..^... wAlhsd Mitchell
Hong .:..,,..,...., Oirl wanted
....   uWrnimh;'   ������'   '-   ���-.
Bocltatloa*...,..; .....','.. ..Late*
Tbo. ttssothby
Original Sung....Tko Creuturu'a Consplair.t
Violin Solo ,,..;.,........Mr.'Afcklrea
 Baity kad lha lieu
dong    ...?........GentleAsule
Mouth i.rgan solo  Arekk. Iwaalah
RsKlUtlon ...ASafctdeoraSkav.
Bev, Duncan
Hong  Boys ol the Old Brigade
Character Seng.... ...Poor old Joo
Violin tolo Ur. Knlghtllnger
Song .'.Tb* Bay ol Biscay
(Scotch) Seng. Scotland Tat
Bev. Dunean,
Song ..-. .lie JSngliMnua
Trio Merching Ibreugk oeogria
Kaigbtlinger, Atekaton and Mc William.
Song .Tbeoh-P that never returaei
Arthur Ansten
.*����������� *���______
Mountain Lodge, No. A. AJ^Ji
A. M.  Regular ComnufeaUaa,
Soknminf bnihnu cordially la-
0. H. rAIISON, Seersaary.
i, o. *. r.
Rocky Hosearaln Ledge xo. M asesrt. in
Oldtebs-sr. HaU, GeUsm, nary Wedanday
at 8 p.m.   Sojourning brethren arelcome,
0. PEARCE, M.O. J fTWOOD, Sec.
NOI'ICEia hereby given that application
will ke nude to the Parliament of Canada at
lu.r-.it session for aa .Act to Incorporate a
company to eooatruct a rallnay frcmlh.
osailmlsMe .1 Michel ia lbs Eaat Kootenay
IHstric^ BrltUh Colombia, thence byway oil
Is ftillof Biuineiss���infoc^weUrea littbmortj
than we can handle jnst now. Customen, however, wait patiently their turn to. purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
jthe Following   .   .   .   .  .
upper rusosenar  Mvn, *****-..** .. .**
o International boundary, alao (ion. Mrch.1
k ilManthartyahagtsM valley d tbe Elk
River aad thence to. point on lb main line
!-  of tke l-auadlan Pavlnc Kailway, also (rom a
petal oo the piep-** Hn* el1 reuway, tk
norlhearterly liy the RorthKootMay	
ito Alberta fo connect wltn tMCrowiNset
[Paa, Railway, wilh aotaorlty also to con
struct branch*, (rem uy points en th. pro
pored line not exceeding bf any one ease
thirty miles In length, with power to -
struct, ownsnd oissrato tsriegrapb and
phone lines for the nae ol the public,,
 and tramways, .team and otber
ferries, roads, deck., watsr rlgnu,
aims, Humes, water power, lo generate snd
transmit aad deal In electricity and electric
power, together wile, aneb power, la to
maintaining and dispsanag ol the railway
and works ud such other poster, sad privileges ** tn usually gives lo railway com*
' ***^" GEMMILL k MAT,
Solicitor, for applicants.
Ottawa, Jaa. II, 1901.
We are now doing Business on tlie
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
Ia th* matter of th* estate of Join,
McBa-s,   Ial* at Goldtn, B.C.,
NOTICE Is hereby given pursuant to tba
"Trustees and Executors Act* that all credi-
lora and others havhur claims agalnat the
estate ol the aald John MeBae, who died on
the 19th dsy ot May. 1891. are required on
or before the 31at shy of March. A.D. 1901,
,to tent fcy pom etepewt et oemweten w
Heaars. CreMeTcreassor IT. Fort Street.
Victoria, B.C.. solicitor, for John McP.e.of
Winnipeg, Man., uecnt-n of tha last will o(
Mid John Mciite, their Chrlstlsn and snr
names, addressw and deMriplion. the fall
particnlara of their claims, tbe itatement ol
their sccounts and the nature of lb. securities, If .uy. hssld by them.
And further take notice thai (Ite. mrh lut
mentioned dste the nld executor wilt pro*
coed to dlstribat. the aasts ef the srecaued
���eiong lha parlies entitled thereto, having
regard only io tbe claims of which he shall
then have notice, and that ths said ejMcutor
will not be liable for Ihe aaal asset., o. uy
part thereof, to any person ar persons ol
whoa, claims notice shall not have been received by him at the time ol men dbtrlbn*
i Solicitor for said executor.
Dsted the l>th d.y o( January, A.D. 1901.
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
[premises and we intend to sell half of the Gootts in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at tliese SNAPS >  .   ;   . }
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peiw and
Beans, 3 tins for 2&C.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs,'..
���   for 2&e.
During the Holidays we rive to every purchaserbt "j.
I or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tep.8 a beautiful
present free.   We import Our Own Teas and Coffees snd
can guarantee B^ Quality and Prices. V.'t,,,
ofGoods in British Columbia, and onr prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods.  CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
The Brltlah Cohtmbu <outh.ni Railway
Company will apply to the Parliament ot
Csnsada at ila nest Seaison lb* aa Actsxtead-
i lag tkt lime wllhin'which 'ft uaty cunstrnct
Its Railways and sutborising II to construct
such. Benches from arty ol lis lines nsjt
;��<teeedjngin any One case thirty miles ia
length, aa are Iron, time to time issi.hotl.asd
by tbe Governor hi'CsKsncrl, aud for olker
pnrresse.. _ ������'���*.;���
lit '       Secretary.
Golden, B.C.
The Prospector^ Exchange
Ho. 4, K..W.-��. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Oold, Silver Lead and Copper Mine, wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FBEE HILLING GOLD propertie. wanted at oeoalor Eastern laveaten.
Partita having mining property (or aale an nQuttttd to ���a* samples ol thtlr
on to tht Exchange (or exhibition.
W. desire to hear (rom proapaetor. who have promttlng mineral olaiaMlra
Britiih Columbia.      ...
Prospector, and mining men are requested to make tha Exchanlt. thtlr htad-
quartstrf when In N.l.on.
All .ample* .honld bt aent by txprew, PREPAID.
Correapond.no. tollcltsrd.   Address all communication, to
Telephone��o. Id       ; P.O. Box TOO. ���'���' NELSON, 9.Q.
Sppsclal rate, tor
Common-!.! men.   D.
slaslon Ire. .(charge..
Kates, w i*r W
regular bcarden.   SpWEsaaasssssn
  Oodaav. Ike Klag
Th. aalawsw.
J^OTICE U hereby giaaM tbat the Arrow
will apply to the LsgJ.iI.. tZZLhlyiTSt
Provbe.*t BritlshColnmbla, at its aTuI sm-
���loe. lor an Actio amead Section �� of the
"Arrowhead and Kootsmay Bailway Compsay
ic. IM.* being Cap* tl e( tke StatoC ol
RriU.kCohm.bla ol IM. by .sundlagtb.
time mentioned in th. aald wetlon mr the
aaplotlon ot tb. railway authorised to b,
nil! by the Hid Act,
Dated al Victoria, B.0*Iebrs_r It. 1(01.
B0BEBT801I A Y��BEtiT80lV,
itt SoUeltw. nr Applicant..
a; Townsite -Ot GoMep,
Business and Residential Lots For &1&
ftocks for Investors. ���   , g s;:s
British   Oelasaaito   Mlaee  DeaUe��
Th.irOatsMI la IMO.
Mr. McBtidt, mtnltltr ol mint*, hat
madt tht (ollowlng announswrntnl:
."That thttutnat ttort (ortht put
year almost doubled that ot tht previous year. Leal raining (specially hat
madt great strls**.."
Tht agurts are at (ollowt: Total
mln.ral produttiN ia 189����U,8��8,131|
1900, II6.40T.64S, tacnate, 14,014,614,
lor Ji per cnt. ToUlm.tal production,
18,090,104 and 111,0*0,116, easel to ai
Increase o( 43,M1,��J, or 40 ptr teat.
Total Lead ralnsar produotlon,, |��,Wl,-
604 and |10,0ia,00f, an Inores. o( 13,-
310,4*8 or 49' per eaat. Total lode
gold produsntaa, $9,8&7,57;iand IS,-
491,037, Inoraaat, *��903,al4, or SI ptr
.mat. Silrer; sjt.688,708 and W.295, ���
099, Inoreaae,' ��901.8��1, or 88 ptr oral.
Copper, ��i,85l-,45Sand ll,61��.IM��, la-
increaae, liu^lll, or 19.5 per oer,tj
Lsad, 8878,!W0 and 12,690,607, tnonait
111,811,607, sw Vtptt oent. Coal aod
coke, M 063,901 and ��fiK,*9��, in*
craaw, |i,01S,��88, or 86 per cent.
Placergold, ���A.Stl.tsOt.and ���1,978,794,
iswrsWM, |6S,178or6 pswcenl. Tsmt
ol ore mines! (a UW, t8T,S49; ia 1900,
6M.793,' Increaea, '��7,453, or 98 far
_ot.' There It how 99 .hipping mlatt
in tht provllrea, SOot whioh are ship-
irlbga*wa*M*sjatOMajtar, Two
thou**.-*,'tour (suadred and Iwtnty tU
m.n are employed un*lergioai(d and
1,805 above, g loial ol 3,781, ^
"otskst^rdws m'm*TA'6r
H* book, In ooorre of pre*
.eyeK, asrer^jllesil-
ltor��d.Uy* SLlra
Cbarels Mrrloes.
tr. rauL'a- oguaoa or moLAgo.
Servleti every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.tn, Celebration ol Holy Communion let and 8rd Sunday, ot tht month
altar Horning Praytr, and bn Greater
Festivals and Holy Daya at S a.m., -sr
a. mar ht annoanoed Irom thecb.no.1.
Sunday School at SitO B.ra.
AH art cordially rnsriltd to attend
tht ttrvieM, WT
0 F. Yatbs, Vloar.
' pgnarrmiAg ohdiob.
Harriot tvtry Sunday at 7:80 p.m.
Sunday School aad Bible Class at t
p.m. .harp.
Choir prattles, t��jry Thortday svrea
.   Hav. If. D. ToMM, trntat,
ela��vlwt��very Boafcr alllaje.and
Sa^yS^ooUt tllO P.m, ,     ���
rttyt, \tmiH*tt3t-*-*&***\ m*
���'-������-   Oaa/KuiMT. ta^ei. ���
Now is the Tune to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Colombia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
oentre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending ftom tlie headwaters of the Colnmbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries reoently made in
the Oolden md Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
Si a railway running the length of the Columbia and
ootenay Valleys, from Ooldsn toflwnbiwfc ensure gnat
activity in the mining camps of North EastKootaMpr.
Negotiations are aleo proeeeding, which will ensure Am
operation of the Oolden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forme
the only land available for the extension of the building
[area. '-.
Present, prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purobMe before a farther rise
takes place.
Nonte of lots is valid nntil purchaser receives agree-
meat fat: sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
^Planiniaybfjsieenand prioee imd terms obtained on
appMeatien to
H�� B. Alexander, Triutee, Sradon,
H.'.*% Fereon, Jkjerolumt,


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