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The Golden Era Aug 10, 1895

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VOL V.   NO. 1
92 Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements :>
Suit*-.   ** 1,av0 over FIFTY Suit* tn*t * wil1 8el1 at oo8t and
Donfe      -* h*"*"" over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
ICUlia. at exact cost.
Cnat.S       * have over TWENTY coats """' ���- wiU -"-1- at ���*-- Prices.
Voctc       ���*  nave over TWENTY vests   that   I will sell st very
�� Oolite *ow prioes.
Dnnf-,    Om   ClinAe     I have an Immense stockof boots and shoes at
DUU19   OR   OllUOde prices satisfactory to all,
ffflt-S   Rz   ffln-!     * have hats and caps to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr Interest to call and examine theme
Golden, B.C
Best Quality Goods.
Lowest Cash Prices.
. i ...
GOLDEN,       -        -        B.C.
Simpson's Kidney Pills
have never failed to cure
"Lame   Back."
IA A n Rocky Mountain Lodge,
���V/.U.l e No, 84, meets every
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Paiison, Secy.
ocn town.
Golden, on tbe main line of the Canadian
I'acilic Railway, at its Connection with tbe
steunihnut navigation of the Columbia river ;
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia: headquarters of thj liolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known una far
famed agricultural uud grazing land of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of nil kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Cheap Excursion.
The Upper Columbia Co. are giving
special rates to parties desirous of
taking in the Windermere races. The
S.S. "Duchess" leaving here on Aug.
20th, will lay over at Windermere on
the 21st and at Adela on the 22nd,
giving passengers an opportunity of
visiting the Fairmont Hot Springs.
On the evening of the 22nd a dance
will be given at Mr. Brewer's, returning to Golden on Friday evening the
23rd inst. The fare for the round trip
including berth and meals is only $12.
No more enjoyable way could lie found
of spending a holiday at so small a
cost than by taking adyantage of this
cheap excursion.
Manufactures of Bash, Doors, Moulding-*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
The public school re-opens on Monday.
E. J. Cann has returned from a trip
to Fort Steele.
Mr. P. Leake, M.E., went west ou
Thursday to Victoria.
A number of Golden boys left for
Rossland on Thursday.'
Mrs. Pratt left last week on s visit
to her sister in Winnipeg.
An election for school trustee, to fill
the vacancy caused by the resignation
of Mr. J. F. Armstrong is being held
Mr. Frank Pitt left for Medicine
Hat to lake charge of an extra gang
of workmen who have been placed on
the C.P.R. roud at that point.
Messrs. Hull Bros, have hud a very
attractive sign erected over their store
this week. The lettering is the artistic work of   Mi-. T. S.  Clouston of
���Jttiji.ii j.
We call the attention of the ladies of
the town to the advertisement of Mrs.
Star forth, iu another column. , Mrs.
Starfortli is prepared to do ull kinds of
dress and mantle making at reasonable
prices, orders left at G. B. McDeruiot's
���iiuru will receive prompt attention.
A very serious bush fire haa been
raging this week in tho neighborhood
of Canyon Creek and within the timber limits of the Golden Lumber Co.
The fire has really been burning for
several weeks past, but as it did not
amount to anything no attention was
paid to it. On Tuesday afternoon
however, it assumed vast proportions
and a large quantity of valuable timber
waa destroyed. A strong wind started to blow about nine o'clock Tuesday
night, driving the fire back, which
with the heavy raiu that followed
brought the fire, to a certain extent,
into subjection, If the Lumber Co.
have sustsined any serious loss from
ths effects of the fire they can put it
down to their own carelessness as they
had every chance in the world of pre*
venting the Ure from spreading���-"a
stitch in time saves nine."
A Farewell Supper.
A farewell supper was given by the
Donald Gun Club and citizens on
Saturday evening last, in honor of Mr.
A. P. Cummins, on the occasion of his
leaving the town to resume the practice of his profession of surveying.
Twenty-seven sat down to supper
such as has, probably, never been ex-
colled in this part of the Province,
provided by Mr. and Mrs. Nellis; the
table was beautifully decorated for the
occasion by Mrs. Nellis.
The health of the guest of the evening (Mr. Cummins), was proposed by
the vice-president of the Gun Club
(Dr. Symonds) who alluded to the
inauguration of the-club by Mr. Cummins, to its success, present prosperity
and to the fact that as Mr. Cummins
remains its president, the club hopes
to retain his help in the management
and in the field. The toast was accompanied by musical honors.
The health of Sheriff Redgrave was
also received with ent' miasm.
Presbyterian Service.
Service  will    be  held  to-morrow
morning  in   the school house at IU
o'clock,   conducted    by   Rev. T.   S,
Shooting; Trip.
In addition to the Windermere Race
Excursion the steamboat company will
run a Shooting Excursion to Adela.
The, party (limited to 20 in number)
will leave per S.S, "Duchess" ou
Tuesday morning, Sept. 3rd. Thc
Company will refund the fare of person
making the best bag, conditions to be
arranged by participants. Fare for
round.trip, including berth and meals,
115. Dogs and boats will be taken up
free. , .This will prove interesting to
sportsmen as the excellent shooting to
be obtained on the Upper Country
lakes is worth considerable mere than
the price of the trip.
News Notes,
Kingston, August (i���Thomas Balls,
son of Deputy Reeve Balls, Harring.
ton, was thrown Irom his horse yesterday and hud his neck broken. He
lived a few hours.
Rochester, Aug. 6.���Susan B Anthony is vory ill.
Njw York, Aug. 5.���The striking
tailors hero have won a complete victory over the contractors. The strike
has been declared off,
Dansville, N.Y., Aug. 6.��� The wife
of the Rev. Dr. T. DeWitt Talmage
died this morning after a long illness.
Jackson, Mich., Aug. 5.���Two
aeronauts, Charles Elliott and Ella
Park ������.���ere killed here yesterday by the
ballast taking lire,
Toronto, Aug. 6.���George K. Parker has been appointed principal of the
Upper Canada College in succession to
George Dickson.
Halifax, N.S.. Aug. 7.-Seventy-
five buildings were destroyed bp fire ut
Springhill yesterday. Total loss $100,-
000.   Insurance $25,000.
Quebec, Aug. 7,���The fifteenth victim of the Craig's Road railway disaster is Miss Sophie Cayer, of Danville,
Que., who died at the Hotel Dieu Hospital, Levis, this morning.
Chicago, Aug. 7.���The Chicago
Presbytery has decided that churches
belonging to it must not use fermented
wine in the coiiiminunion services and
that unfermented grape juice must be-
sustituted at all times.
Ottawa, Aug. 7���It is now announced that the new mail i.ubsidy arrangement with the C.P.R. dates from
July first and is an increase of
���ooksley Lucus on Oeek.
New Westminster, July 26.���The
sensation of the hour is the arrest of
Locksley Hall Lucas, at onetime noted
as an anti-Chinese agitator iu Vancouver and later as a government campaign orator in Delta riding during the
provincial elections last year. Lucas
was arrested this morning on two
warrants charging him with the seduction of his wife's sister at Ladner'3
Landing on the 1st. of February lust,
and with administering a noxious
drug to the girl two months later
when it was found she was enciento.
The unfortunate gfrl is under 16 years
of age. Her inline is Katie Bushby
and she resides with her parents in
Blaine, but was on a visit to her
sister at Ladner's when the alleged
offence occurred, Mrs. Lucus at the
time being close upon her accouch-
inent. The case will be heard on Monday, bail being refused. Lucas is the
author of the fairly clever drama
"Cleared," and claims aristocratic
connections in England.
At the preliminary hearing on Monday Lucas pleaded not guilty, but was
eoiuniitiid (or trial on both charges.
Notice of Assignment
Pursuant   to  the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts ;
NOTICE is hereby given that
Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake, both
ef Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
in the Province ol British Columbia,
trading as Curlin & Luke, General
Merchants, have by deed, bearing date
the 2nd day ol August, W.)5, assigned
ull their real property and all their
personal pr.ipeny liable to seizure and
sale under executors to William
Georgeson, of the city of Winnipeg, in
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, for the purpose of paying
uud satisfying rateubly and in proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, tho creditors of the
said Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake.
The said deed was executed by tho
said Michael Curlin, Jcscph Lake, und
William Georgeson on the 2nd day of
August, 1896, and the said William
Georgeson has accepted the trust
created by the said tlecd.
All creditors are requested to send
addressed to William Georgeson, euro
of Thompson, Codvills & Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, full particulars of their
claims duly verilied. S.,oh claims lo bo
sent within Uo days of this date, after
which dale the said trustee will proceed to distribute the trust estate
among the creditors of whose claims
he shall have received notice.
Dated this 6th day of August, 1805.
Of Donald in the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor for Trustee.
A meeting of the creditors of the
snid Curlin & Lake will be held at tho
offlee of S. A. D. Bertraii.l. Official
Assignee, corner of Second Avenue and
2nd Street North, iu the city of Winnipeg, iu llie 1'rovllice of Manitoba, on
Saturday the Kith day of August,
W.)5, ut 1 p.m. OT.tc (DjI^j-'h llBfit
The UOLUEX EUA is published every
Saturday morning iu ti.ne to euteb the east
anil wast mail trains, ii'su the mail fur the
upper country, Wiiiilurinore, Kurt .Steele etc
It is tbo only advertising medium in the Eeut
Kootenay district.
Subscription liatos
82.00 per uuiiiun IN
Advnrtisomonts and ehatiges must lie in
the olSee not later tbau 12 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion,
Advertisement rates made known ou uppli-
catint' *o
All nasli tn be paid tu the Manager, from
whom tho Com pany's receipt will be obtained.
The .olden En Pu.llshln[ Campanf.
SATURDAY, AUG. 10, 1895.
Mr. Luther Beasley walked among,
but not of, the festive crowd. He
-was, in fact, taking his conscience to
the circus���and it wus a grevious task
He deeply regretted that his day's
work lay in such a waste part of the
vineyard ; and he feared, too, that his
motives for going there might bo misunderstood. Already he had beon recognized and gleefully pointed out by
certain of the unregenerato But he
was sure that he was in the line of
his duty ���that straight nnd tenuous
line of which, if ono may say so, ho
walked as on a tight-rope toward thn
better world. He was satisfied with
himself; and perhaps he hnd some
reason to be, for he obeyed every command of his rigid sense of right. Also
his conscience, not having enough to
do at home, had taken out a roving
commission to interfere with other
people's affairs. One morning on the
way down town he had been shocked
by the sight of tho colored posters of a
circus, which, ranged along a fence
offered a panorama of wonders. Among
these was a picture of The Rescue of
Little Rosalie the Prairie Flower. It
represented u very small girl iu very
short pink skirts held high in the
arms of a woman who stood upon the
back of a galloping horse, pursued by
mounted Sioux, The scene excited tho
perfect disapproval of Mr. Beasley; it
struck him us indecorous, u tempting
of Providence, and a cruelty toward a
child, who, though undoubtedly reprobate, had yet a poor perishable body
that ought to be protected from broken
bones. Then and there he decided to
visit the circus and try to save this
brand from the burning. Being aware
that brands ure apt to rub off blackly,
he did not propose to bring the child
into contact with his own offspring,
spotless as clean pocket handkerchiefs,
but to place her in some institution
where she would be strictly looked
He went grimly on, past the fakirs,
the peanut sellers, the tubs of lemonade, where his face wus reflected acidulous aud yellowish. Those who
knew him did wrong to jeer; they
ought to have seeu by the droop ol his
alpaca coat how his shoulders wero
burdened by his strange duty. Others
had turned out in groups, half a dozen
grown persons us escort to u child ;
but Mr. Beasley walked alone with
his conscience. Ho paltered with his
mission so far as to enter the sideshow,
hoping that this might in some way-
dispense him from going into tbe main
tent. In the sideshow were to be seen
Wonders of Nature; Mr. Beasley had
always distrusted nature as the antithesis of grace, but uow she seemed to
him at least half way removed from
absolute evil. The big ring was, to
his mind, s truly infernal circle. And
he hated sin with a rigor and vigor
tbat let off a lot of the angry passions
which will rise in the best of humans.
The ticket-taker eyed Mr. Beasley
curiously : "Looks like a Sunday-
school superintendent���but if so,
where's the kids? Ho come all by
himself for a blow out."
The first freak that dawned upon
Mr. Beasley was tho Tattooed Woman.
She sat upon a platform, with a sullen
and discouraged air.offering her photo*
graphs to the crowd, who did not buy
them. Her dtess wus modest enough,
though iu Mr. Beaslev's opinion it
begun too lute and ended too early,
displaying the tattoood figures aud
lines upon her shoulders, arms and
ankles. Then he reflected that she
was probably a native of some heathen
land, and that her costume was no
doubt an advance upon that of her
fomalo ancestors. He approached the
new woman with the intent to speak
to her.
"Want a photograph?" she asked
Mr. Beasley waved it away. "No,
no," he said, "certainly not. I should
like to talk with you for a few moments."
"Taik is cheap," said she.
"And yet it may have precious results. Are you from one of the isles
of the sea���a converted idolater in
"I was born on Long Island, if that's
what you mean."
"Ah, Long Island, near the city of
New York! Yes. Then I assume
that you have at some time been a
missionary, and received your���geometrical designs in the course of your
. "Missionary nothing! I earn my
salary as a freak! and uo thanks to
them who don't buy my photographs
"But, iny Christian friend, you are
a woman, and it is sad to see you
was'e your life in these ungodly surroundings."
"Circus folks are as good as other
folks. And they mind their own
"You might be the virtuous wife of
un exemplary husband, educating your
children" ���
Her eyes flashed; she sprang to her
feet. Mr. Beasley retreated a few steps
"I am a respectable woman. And I
am not the wife of a fool���which is
more than your wife can say. My
man is the best of husbands, and it is
not his fault if he is laid up. And I'm
bringing up Rosalie to live honest and
earn her bread. Aud you clear out!"
Mr. Beasley was not an unkind man
he was only narrow aud bigoted. He
answered her pacifically "I did not intend to say that yuu were not respectable. Only I am sorry that you have
not chosen a better profession. It is
uot seemly for a woman to exhibit
herself as you do. But I have spoken
only for yeur own good. I abhor sin,
but" -
"Well, I'm no freak in that line. I
do about us well as I kuow how, if
folks don't make ine too mad," she
told him. She recognized that he was
sincere, and began to find him rather
Do you   say   that Rosalie is your
"Sho is."
"Then I offer you a blessed opportunity.   Let me take the girl."
-���You ���take my chiid!" Her look
of anger and fright was indescribable.
"What do you mean? What right
have you to take away our Rosalie?"
"The right of ono wbo earnestly desires to make a serious snd useful
woman of this unfortunate little
mountebank. I know," be went on,
not understanding that she wss silent
fiom pure rsge, that it is hard to part
from your offspring. ' But the carnal
affections must be crushed. I should
place her in a reformatory Institution,
where her eternal welfare will be the
object of prayerful attention. Of course
I shall refer you to iny pastor snd
other persons of high standing in the
community, who will tell you that I
am s proper custodian for tbe child."
The woman's eyes darted fire, she
spoke between her clenched teeth. "If
ever you dare to touch Rosalie, I'll
knife you! 'I will follow you until I
can kill you!   Now, go!"
Even Mr. Beasley could realize that
this infuriated mother was terrible
and superb. A tigress defending her
young was of this woman's kind. The
over righteous man was cowed. "I���
I���you must excuse me���but I meant
it all for your good and hers."
The woman had seated herself again
she was trying to regain calm. Her
face had become first red, then white,
with anger; the tat.ooings seemed to
blacken with the ebb and flow of hot
blood behind them. "Certainly, I
will excuse you this time," said the
astonishing creature. "I have not
travelled inside a trunk. I have seen
the world���and there's all sorts in it.
And you are not half a bad sort. ' But
you have got to learn that there are
people outside of your Sunday-school.
I am willing to be friendly, I will present you with my photograph, gratis,
for keeps. And now and then you
must look at it and remember what I
tell you about there being more than
several kinds of peoplo in the world.
And the Lord made them all. He
knows why, and can judge them. You
can't. Now, you go! I'm not taking
back tbat if ever you touch Rosalie
I'll kill you.   Now go in peace."
The woman leaned back in her chair
her eyelids dropped; her fingers unclenched softly upon her knees, she
appeared half drowsy, like a wild animal .whose fury is spent. Mr. Beasley
departed. As he passed the ticket-
taker the latter said: "Polly Murray
has been talking to you, hasn't she?"
'���The tattooed woman?"
'���That is Mrs. Murray, and a good
one she is. She needs all her grit. I
tell Polly she ought to have a soft seat
in tbe next world, for she has got it
hard in this, You interested to hear
about her?"   i ij  ���' ���
"Very much so," answered Mr.
Beasley, who began to have a dim
sense-one doubts whether he will
ever formulate it enough to do hiin
any good���that there aie virtues
which flourish in strange habitats-
irregular virtues, of course, yet perhaps they count for something above.
"Well, it was like this. A year
ago; Polly and her husband, Joe Murray���they were billed aa Signor Moret-
tini aud Mile. Zephirine���earned the
biggest pay in the show. They drew
like a team of four horses and a mustard plaster. Trapexe act. Handsomest act you ever did see. They
kept the little girl choice, she wasn't
in the show, and nothing rough was
ever heard or seen by Rosy. Well,
sir, one evening they were going ou
fine, away up to tbe top of the tent,
and Joe was ready to catch Polly on
the fly, when somehow he lost his
grip and fell. The net was all right,
of course, but he didn't get his turn in
the air, snd he came down wrong.
Polly, she saw how it was, and dropped down quick after him. She gave
one scream as if the soul was being
torn out of her body."
"Was the man killed?" asked Mr.
Beasley, who felt a sudden unwarrantable solicitude for these outcasts.
"No sir. But I don't know but he
might ss well have been. He queered
his spine. The doctors ssy with care
which spell* money���he may get well
In s yesr or two. Of course he will
never climb atrsr-exe sgain. But
there will be s place for him in this
show ss long ss he wsnts it, for he is
s good man, and wss hurt in ths line
of his duty."
Duty! Mr. Beasley disliked to hear
the word in such s connection.
"You don't see it that way? I tell
you, sir, Joe was in his duty, working
to support his family. A square man,
always cheerful and lively, never
drunk. Yes, sir, we've got s use for
Joe Murrsy in this show every time,
if it's only to twiddle hi* thumbs for
Mr. Beasley felt his criterions slipping away from him. Would he bs
so warmly regarded among his neighbors?   The ticket taker continued:
"Polly, she lost her nervs for good
that time. Joe said it was no matter,
he would not have let her play such
dangerous acts with any man but him.
So she went and got herself tattooed.
She doesn't make large pay by that,
she is no great of a freak. So she sew*
every minute she can get, day and
night, too, I guess, on the costumes
and mending, and earns that way.
But to afford Joe the treatment in the
hospital nnd extra comforts that he
needs, Polly has had to put Rosalie
into the ring. Polly ain't a rider, she
had to hand tho kid to Mrs. Grover -
Mme. Celestine on the bills���snd Polly
says, 'Louisa Grover, I trust mv baby
to you. If she gets hurt I'll shoot you
dead as you ride out of the ring.' And
the tears came right iuto Louisa's eyes
and she puts her arms lovingly around
Polly aud kisses her, and says she, 'I
am a mother myself, I promise you I
promise you I will take better care of
your baby than I would of my own.'
Polly was all broke up, and she says,
very meek, ' You must forgive me
Louisa, for talking like that to you.'
And Louisa says, 'I wouldn't have
thought much of you it you hadn't felt
that way.' But it is awful to see how
anxious Polly is until Louisa comes
riding out after the act, with Rosy
safe and laughing in her arms. Rosy
likes it. I asked Polly one day, 'Why
do you try to earn bo much? Take
Rosy out of the ring and you wouldn't
be scared to death twice a day, st 3:46
and 9:15 sharp.' Polly's face went
dead white snd her eyes burned like
electric lights, but sho answered me
quiet. 'No,' says she, 'that can't be.
You know how I lore my baby, but
you don't know how I love my man.
If Rosy was to break her neck, Joe
shall have the best of cure.' And then
she fell to sobbing and cursed herself
for a bad mother to say such things.
But you could see thut she wss really
thinking of Joe. Yes sir, Polly Murray is a good woman, aud I'm glad
you take r.n interest, in her. The boss
is giving them a benefit to-night;
everything after the bare expenses sre
paid, and we are all chipping in our
night's pay. Won't you urge your
fritnds to come?"
Mr. Beasley's conscience would not
permit that. But ho con tri bu ted five
dollars���which he put down in his
cash account as For the Heathen. He
sometimes feels ss if he knew either
more or less thsn before he went to the
*      ,     ' '��� '���   f   K
, Don't make one man pull s boatload
of twelve girls.
Don't monopolise the only man at a
summer resort.
Don't tslk about dresses more than
ten hours per day.
Don't lounge on, a crowded beach in
bathing costume.
Don't wesr your bicycle costume to
the dinner table.       '      .
Don't dress yourself in sll the colors
of the rainbow.
Don't get engaged more than once at -
the same resort.
Don't make acquaintances you will
be ashamed of in town.
Don't  forget  that  even a summer
girl may  be   dignified.���New  York'
Dont's For Hammer Ulrla.
Don't use the summer slsng.
Don't flirt with married men.
Don't be playful in a rowboat.
Don't stare at every newcomer.
Don't wear scarf pins in bow ties.
Don't wear jewelery in a shirt waist.
Don't run' after  the man  in the
Don't talk continually while dancing.
Don't use up all your brother's
Don't wsar a veil it looks unwholesome.
Don't smoke cigarettes on the hotel
Don't go through overy dance at the
Don't go to the post office ten time a
Don't wear chiffon-trimmed hats oat
Don't pretend to be anything that
you are not.
Don't be one of more than two in a
Don't keep writing to the city for
samples of cloth,
Don't wear a tea gown into the hotel
dining room.
Sbeeklng  Masanere of Christians In
Shanghai, Aug..3.���Advices just received from Foo Chow are that a telegram was received there on the 3rd.
which says that a fearful massacre of
Christians occurred at Ku Cheng,
Five foreign lsdies sre amongst the
murdered. No other particulars have
yet been learned.
Washington, Ang. a���The state department has received a cablegram
from United States Consul Jernigau,
at Shanghai, stating that one American female missionary was wounded
and four British female missionaries
killed at the mission of Kiuchang.
No further details are given iu the
The place described is believed to be
in the province of Hupe, far up the
banks of the Yang Tse River, beyond
the reach of the men-of-war, and about
400 miles north of Cheng Tu, where
the last missionary riots occurred.
The state department will take steps
in the matter at once. ������- ''
Fierce Forest Fires.
Marinette, Wis,., Aug. 3.���The probability is thst one hundred residents
of Beaver Island, located, in Green
Bay, at the entrance of' the Straits of
Mackinaw, have bean burned to death
in the forest fires, which have desolated the entire island during the last few
days. Csptsin Young of the steamer
Ci}hs, which arrived here yesterday,
reported tbat Bearer Island on Wednesday night wss enveloped in flames,
which could be seen many miles out on
Lake Michigan. The inhabitants employed in fishing snd lumbering, nuin-
ber-bout 100. The island is fifty
miles from the mainland and it is not
believed sid could have been secured in
time to save life and property,
Charlevoix, Mich., Aug. 3.���The reports of the devastation of Beaver
Island are not credited. There are
forest fires on the island but tbe reports
are believed to bs greatly exaggerated.
Miners Entombed.
Glasgow, Ang. 2.��� The Aachen
Hsrvie Colliery at Saltcoats, a town
on the Bay of Ayr, twenty-four miles
southwest of here, hss been flooded.
Sixty men have been rescued snd fourteen sre entombed in the mine snd it is
believed thst they have perished.
Searching parti *�� have been formed,
but sre unable te penetrate to the
point where tbe unfortunate victims
are. There were many narrow escapes ,
on the part of those who succeeded in
getting out of the doomed mine in
time. One boy was drowned while
venturing into the pit to wsrn bis
comrades of their dsnger. There is a
scene of intense excitement st the pit's
mouth where the wives, mothers and
families of the entombed miuers sre
gathered, wringing their hands snd
giving sll sorts of manifestations of
grief and despair. Many refute to
give up hope of the imprisoned miners
being saved, and their agonising sus-'
pens* is no less distressing to see thsn the loud clamour of those who thus
show their despair. Those wbo were
rescued arrived at the surface in a
most 'exhausted condition sud many
were resuscitated only with the greatest labor. One ot them says that the
water rushed like s mill race through
the workings snd it wss with the utmost difficulty thst those who were
caught could withstsnd it. One man.
who was carrying a brother who had
become too much exhausted to make
any exertion to save himself, was
hurled back by the flood so that he
found himself utterly unable to make
any headway with his burden. He
was finally forced to put his brother
down and proceed alone.
Idleness is repose run riot.
Art is man's conception of nature.
Defeat is the poultice that draws endeavor to the surface.
There is a great deal of true religion
in silent endurance.
Great minds rest themselves on
small ones.
Honesty is the best policy, but it
does not necessarily pay the largest
cash dividends.
-key rarity the Mo.-), Are Ceefal taw
Cms aad Keen Care aa Bar Ache.
���ne of tbe healthiest vegetables, If not
the healthiest, grown It tbe onion; yet,
strange to say, but taw people use it as
liberally si tbey should. Boiled onions
used frequently in a family of children
will ward off many of the diseases to
which tbe little ones are subject. Th*
principal objection to the promiscuous uaa
of this) vegetable la that the odor oxbaled
after eating Is so offensive. A cup ot
strong coffee taken Immediately after
eating Is claimed to bs excellent In counteracting this effect Although for a day
or so after eating onions tbe breath may
bavea dltagieaablo odor, yet after tbls
time It will be much sweeter than before.
For croup onloa poultice* are used with
sun-ess, providing the child Is kept out at
draught* and a Midden ch|ll avoided, Tb*
poultleo* ate made by warming tbe onion*
in gooto oil until toft, than putting tbem
on the child'* feet and cheat a* hot a* they
can be born*. Bxoapt In very obstinate
oases, when taken In tlm*, tba croup
readily yield* to onion*. This, although
an old-fashioned remedy, l> a good one,
a* any mother wbo bat brought up a
family of children can attest.
Onlont are exoellent blood purifier*, snd
for eradicating bolls or any of tb* blood
burners are very efficacious. Tbey ar* good
(or tb* complexion, and a friend wbo has
a wonderfully clear, flu* complexion, attribute* It to tb* liberal um of onion* as a
People suffering (Mm nervou* trouble*
are much bese-ted by tutng thee* vegetables frequently, either cooked or raw.
Whan troubled with a bard cough If a raw
onion la eaten the phlegm will loosen al*
moat Immediately and can be removed
With very little effort. Tho** troubled
With, waktl-lne** may insure a good
night'* rait often If, Jut befor* retiring,
thev eat a mw oalon.
���rnere ar* f*w aebw to which chlldmn
an subject a* bard to bear aad a* painful
u earache. On* of th* best nmedlea we
know I* to take ont the heart of an onloa
(a red onion I* tb* beet If It can be bad,
although, lacking this kind, any other
can be und) and roast It. When toft put
It Into the affeoted ear a* hot at it can ho
bom*. Unlet* th* eauae It deeper than
ordinarily th* pain will eeato tu a vory
short time and will not return.
A rough syrup In wblcb onions form
an Important part 1* made by taking one
cup of vinegar, ono cup ot treacle and
one-half oup of cut-up onions. Put on
tbe Move and simmer about half an hour,
or until lb* onion* are soft. Then remove
and strain. Tab* a teaapoooful of thi*
frequently when troubled with a cough,
and unlaw very deep -Mated tbo cough
will not hut long.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall  Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Confectionery, &c, &c.
Pianos,  Organs, & Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
OitiiBits by Mail on Other wise will
Receive PitoaiPT Atte_tion.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of tbo
PRICE-Ten Dollars per ye*r or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
��xx0itxe*# <&<xvi>*.
Hon. J, A. -ouohe-d, Q,C.
.  McCarter.
fjongheed  A  JVcCart-r,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Caloarv, ��� N.W.T.
B.  J.  JFjPHSO-V,
D.L.S. A P.Ij.S. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALGAKY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.J-i'HSOM, D._,S.,P._,8. of B.C. -Out.
Caloarv, Alba.
McCarthy   A   Harvey,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, _c.   Solid
tors tor s���
Tbo Imperial Bank of Canada.
Tbo Camilla Permanent Loan & Savings Co.
lhe Yorkshire l.oiin _ HecoritiesCorporatiou
lhe Miwsey-II-irris Co. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Ofliees���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCaktiiv, y.c.
Horace Harvey, b.a. L.L.B
Rouge Villa Library.
ttaaaa Vtetw***'* Travels.
Wb*n th* Queen ttavela' abroad has
whole eatalblthment, fium her bed to ber
brougham, travel* witb her. Alto ber
butcher and baker and candh-stlck maker.
Ouo should almost have thought tho baker
might have staid at borne, when the
Journey la to Franc*, for the French and
Austrian bread, of which her Majesty I*
to fond, I* at home at Clmlei, and any
baker there wonld make ber exactly such
little luavw- a* her Polish baker, Mr. &
Petrosywalikt, wbo rule* over the bakeries at Buckingham Palace; that I* to say,
who supplies her own table with hi*
wonderful little loaves, while the rest of
the royal household are supplied by tbo
ordinary "palace baker*." Borne of tbo
little loaves eo*t twenty-live cent*, and
until quite lately they were aent dawn to
Windsor from London every morning
except Sunday*, when ber Majesty dots
not Insist on new tassd. In hoi/ lbs
yiefen It a little stale,       _ ��� __
Books  hay he  Oiitainku  on* Cut-
ttuLATiNii Lines by Suusuru'tion.
Five Cents per volume. One Dollar
per month.
In order to insure the return of
volumes a nominal deposit of $1 must
be advanced.
Books may be exchanged between
the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. every
B.C. Southern Itullwuy Compaoy.
Notice ia hereby given that in pursuance of the Act. a proper plan has
this day been filed iu the Department
of Lauds and Works setting forth the
lands to be taken ou amended location
between Stations KiUO and 2252.70
old chainage us provided for in the B.
C. Railway Act, Chapter il!), Section
10, Clause 8, uud Clause No. 2, us
amended by Chapter .'15.
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
jn 29im
live been of-
]-���_���mmmmmmmmmmmm   Trusses, with
saifaet aasa to wearer.than br all other
���evlreawasklaral. Thay retain lartr.it
1 Bunt-ire uodar aavareat strain. _A sya-
tem of Stuns haa bean perfeetw- "-
. laetSBreare.fully.qualtoper.
.aamlnatloa fcl' ajjll.  ��__'*!_"_! .
Assoc. Mem.'Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alua.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans for all metallurgical plants.
P.O. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholesale and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Kootenay #
# House,
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
j. smart &, co.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
"It it worth th* prloe to eyery person
who area read* a newspap*r.'*-D*r_ii��loa
ns joubs-l airaa* to
Blue Pencil Rules.
-w. ch. Mnivima.
A Pocket Primer for th* ua* ot
OonetpondenU  asi
���"���-   -'���1* and 1
.      Talne ti
write correct Ingllsh.
Short, simple and practical rule* tor
making ana edition newspaper oopt,
and of equal rain* ta all wbo wit- to
Best on receipt of price. Prjoe, 10 ceat*
Uolilen Hoapltul Society.
From 9:i)0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
'���       2  p.m. '���  4 p.m.
u        7      ....   8    "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:1)0 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
eicept Monday and Saturday.
Br Ord-b.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55,92.65, $3.70} former price* 95, 97,
110. Qualty remain* tbe same���10 different stylet; dry battery snd sod belts
���mild or strong current. Less thsn hall
the price of any other company and more
home testimonials than sll the rest to*
aether. Full list free. Mention tin*
paper. W. T.BAER &CO.W-dsor.On*.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Booms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men und
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, aud Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from ao th*
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Dcpa,rtmer|t
_:o:_ OF ���:o:���
atpartaaealDtbe pauot kesuaaa.  ,
Uoa.wMtlreo-M<_tM.   A Uaa*
__��� mrmtamtt tad
raon- tkc T��a puwtto tmi tc* cu*>
in its wsTivc susmr.
������Mtmmxm" Teak -art mm It tk- Indian Te-
po���nui aa-aple of tbe Wat ajoalilica of Indian
Tana. Thcrct���- tbey <������i Mm ���������.*-���1 cafe io Iha
���olect-a. tt Die Tear __ to btaad. that is why Ihey
put it op tt���awhet and sal it oar/ la1 Ik* oriarir���l
m-iafat, thane- aaatraaf in parity aad excellence.
Put up in % IX, 1 tt,. aad , Ik padae--. and never
sold la baft.
ai_. oooo OROC-m keep rr.
If jroar-pnesrdose ant batpk,tell ki_ lowrile I*
II and 13 Front Street East, Torenta,     j
_��� Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A. pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
'ioni Atntnonia, Alum or any other adulterant
The Belleville Sun gives gpofl advic^
as follows : More towns die for lack
of confidence on the part of business
men nnd lack of spirit than from any
other cause. When a man in search
of a home or business location goes
into a town and finds everything brimful of hope and enthusiasm over the
prospects of tho place, and all earnestly at work to build il up, he soon becomes imbued wjth the sume spitit,
and as a result drives down his stakes
and goes to work with the snnie interest. When,��� however, he goes to a
town where everyone expresses doutjt
and apprehension of the future prosperity of the place, moping about and
indulging in mournful complaints, he
naturally feels that this is no place for
him, and at once shakes the dust off
his feet, while he pulls out with all
possible speed for some orher place.
Consequently try to make a live, energetic town out of the one in which
you live. When ydtfjare working for
or saying a good thing for your town
you are accomplishing ull themore for
Stub Enda of Thought.
The loveliest things are those somebody else gets.
A man loses everything when he
wins a woman's contempt.
Some hearts grow softer by hard
Kisses nre the punctuation marks in
the chapter of love.
Some men expect their wives to buy
a dollar's worth of stuff with a hundred cents and keep the change (or pin
money. f
There is about as much rejoicing
over a good man lost, as tliere is over
a bnd one saved.
A man must ask for a woman's
hand, but her heart goes without the
Cupid is a crank.
The procrastinator will get to the
graveyard just as soon as the man who
The real hero is born that way.
A pretty woman is never quite without hope.  "-" ������*������
When a woman is firm in her con-
victious it isn't wise to cull her stubborn.
When a man hns more money thiiu
ho knows what, to do with, he very
soon learns what.
Some people's lino clothes aro no
more than the pretty libel on the
empty can.
Many n com ' may lurk behind u
polished shoe.
A woman's tact will buy more tlinn
a mini's dollar. ,_,
The eye can lie more in a mWinje
than the tongue can correct in a week.
It takes less c'otirngo to marry u
woman thtin it tukes to be a luisbjind
to her afterwards.
Not every wfenian is glad she'-is n
wife, albeit the world doesn't know it.
Gas engines propel Dresden cars.
Sugar employs 20,000 Hawaiinns.
Electricity lights Berlin carriages.
Brazil's diamond output is decreasing;- i    ,
'.French soldiers shoes have rubber
An anti-corset league has been formed in England.
The feeding expenses of the animals
in the London Zoo are $500 weekly.
Nanking is the largest walled city
io'tho world. It is at least 2,500 years
Driving has for many years past
been.the favorite pastime of the Duchess of Fife.
The life sentence of Capt. Dreyfus,
the French military ofliciul, has been
Tliere are nearly fifteen thousand
miles of rabbit-proof fencing in New
South Wales.
The Queen's Scottish journeys cost
her about ��5,000 a year for travelling
expenses. .'
The most ancient architectural ruins
known are the temples of Ipsambul, on
the Nile, in Nubia.
M. Snares, a Jewish banker, bus
given $200,000 to the French archaeological school at Cairo.
Socialists in Paris are urged to use
no soap save that made by a socialist
co operative association.
Mile*. Lucie Faure, daughter of. the
French president, writes the Paris art
criticisms for the Journal du Havre.
An English inventor has devised au
automatic air brake, in which the
weight of the train supplies the power
to set the brakes.
Sc-pieono has stolen the cross erected
byjorder of Queen Victoria ou the spot
where the Prince Imperial was killed
by the Zulus.
Russia, on a peace footing, alone
has 868,000 inoti ready to begiii slaughter within an hour's notice, or even
less time than that.
It is snid to have cost Henry Irving
8500 to pay for answers to the congratulatory telegrams sent hiin over
his new knighthood.
Five-cent telegrams are to lie. tried in
Italy. The government is also trying
to have the tariff with otlier European
countries reduced.
An English judge has decided that
teachers have no right to keep children
in after school hours as a punishment,
nor to impose studying at home.
, Iu the new mosque ttt Tripoli, Syria,
thero aro three hairs from the prophet
Mohammed's beard. They were given
by the Siiltuu'und aro kept in a golden
���f^k j ��� i
A curious burial custom exists in
Assam. All corpses are lowered from
the roofs with ropes, it being contrary
to the laws of the country to carry a
dead body through a door.
Prihoe ToumanoS, a student in tho
University of Odessa, has just .been
expelled and ordered to louve town
within forty-eight hours, Ix-caiise ho
would not have his hair cut short.
Coakrotiches arc never willingly
slain by Cliiniunen. They consider
them sacred insects, und think it portends ill luck to step on tliein. As
they never make any cifort to exterminate them, the Chinese quarters aro
usually overrun with these pests.
A new outer sole is being tried on
the boots of the German soldiers by
direct order of the Emperor. It consists in a paste of "linseed oil varnish
and iron fil, which is paid to render
the sole flexible nnd make it more durable than i the new aluminum boot
In the cities of Japan thero is a
large class of women who make their
living by furnishing amusement to
en mi led patrons. They are well educated, can converse, recite poetry, tell
stories, play the guitar and dance for
the entertainment of those who send
for tbem.
Last year tbe cost of the Queen's
continental trip to Florence and Co-
burg was about $70,000. This spring
the expenditure is estimated at $55,-
000, of which $22,500 was paid for the
three) jtturneys, Cherbourg to Nice,
Nice to Darmstadt and Darmstadt to
What nnd What Not to Say.
Don't say a garment sots good, but
it lits well.
Don't describe an unusual occurrence
its funny.
Don't say not so good as, for not ns
/.rood as.
Don't say 1 feel good, for I feel well.
Don't say' she looked beautifully,
but she looked beautiful.
Don't ��ay theso kind, but this kind.
Don't say I have blacked my shoes,
but I have blackened my shoes.
Don't;, say fix my gown, fix this
room, but arrange iny gown, the room
The best English authorities rarely
use fix, except to indicate stability or
Don't speak of articles of diet as
healthy, but as healthful or wholesome.
Don't say between tlneo but, among
Don't say cunning for shuill, smart
for bright or quick-witted, cute for
Don't say had rather, had better, for
would rather, would better,
"Don't say above seven, but more
than seven.
22nd July, 1805.
(TIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Gov-
*"���   ernor has been pleased to appoint:
Jambs Feriiusson Armstrong, of
the Town of Golden, Esquire, to be a
Stipeuditii-y Magistrate, Gold Commissioner, Government Agent. Assistant
Coinmii-sioncr of Lands and Works,
and Judge of the Court of Revision
and Appeal under the "Assessment
Act." within and for tho East Kootenai* Electoral District, also lo act us
Official Administrator within and for
the County of Kootenay, vice A. P.
Cummins. Esquire.
Application for Certificate of Im-
Take notice that I.Roht.Fotheringliam
free miner's certificate No.4TH5H, intend,
HO days from the date hereof, to apply to
tbe Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must se sent to the Mining Recorder nnd action comnicncod before
tho issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this ninth day of August,
Boiiiour Fotiikrixoiiak,
By his agent, F. AV. Aylmer.
Upper Columbia ^t^X Co.
Commencing: May 28, Steamers leave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela . . leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken . . Wednesday.
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat        .      . tt
Steamer- Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.,,
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken      .      .      Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ...       ' '
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock./
Through $12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cts., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate ;"> cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per'p'o'urid.' '" .     '���
Golden to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B 2.50 ;   C2.00; D 1.50.
'���   Canal Flat A 1.75;  B 1.U0;   C 1.40;  D 1.20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification. -
..   j-       .. i.   --a���a 4 .. .. it
ii   c       " "   5 and 6        " " "
ii   J)       ii ,.7 ma 8 .< .. ii :
Rate C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time
Freight, will be delivered as fiir south ns navigation will permit, and
will be charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity wid make many rich, but nowhere ran they make wi much, within
a short time as by successful .Spoculatii.il iu brain, Provisions unit Mock.
$1 r\  FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTtD can be made by our
I U       Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.   All siu'cossful speculator ���
it U a wi'll-kiniu'ii I'm I tliut there .'.re ih ,
11. regular system.
I'llieu in i.ll parti-, ol' the United States
who, by systematic trailing through tliici.no brokers, make large nn,minis ..very year.
ranging triini:, ...����� tlwu mil iloilnrs for tlm nine m)io invest- 1. hum itu or Iwo liuHjif-jd
dollars up to8.-iH..X)l> to SHU.OOO or more hy thoso who invest 11 row* thou, md. 'ior: 1
It Is also a fact that those who make the largest tirol'it* from comparatively siKWMi* *'
vestments .111 this plan are iiersi u- who live away in,; Chicago uud luvcdt through bruUsia
who thoroughly understandsysti unite: trailing.
Our plan does not ri-k thu i. holo amount Investeil on nny trade, but envoi's both sides,
so that whether tho market rises or falls it brings u stoutly prolit that piles up enormously
iu a short time.
WHITE FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Manual on successful  speculation, '���
and mu- Daily Market |{e|mrt, full of noy-niiikiiig pointers.   AI.Ij.KI.1--j.   Our Manual- ������
explains margin trailing fully.  Highest references in regard to our standing and success.
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rlalto Building, CHICAGO, ILL.
late' with Misses Barlow & Wkih,
Portage la Prairie.
All orders left with Mil. O. B. Mc-
DiiitMoT will have prompt attention.
atid understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys tho
both for herself or children. Theso'!;
od_ are made ki Vests, Drawers,,;;
ights and Combinations, and are'
kept by every first-class dry goods


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