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The Golden Era Sep 28, 1895

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��� : \
VOL V.   NO. 8
92 Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
Out rc_       I  have  over  FIFTY   Suits  that  I   will  sell  at  cost and
OUllSA under.
Pan te       ** naTe over ���REE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
r all la. _t B_act cost.
float.C       I lmve over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
V-tctc       *  nive over TWENTY  vests   that   I  will  sell  at  very
f 02)lO. low prices.
Q.nic    0.   CKaac     -* *iavG an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DUUlS   Ob   OHOOD. prices satisfactory to all.
Hdtc   Rr   fPonC     -- 'iave 'lilts utu-caps to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr Interest to call and examine these
Golden, B.C
r���   ?^x KOOTENAY HOUSE,
fj- GOLDEN,   B.C.,
H. D. HUME, Prop.
Best Quality Goods.
Lowest Cash Prices.
The Largest and Best'
assortment of all kinds of
Mr. Templeton hns had n large experience in truss fitting iu the eust and
can fit the worst esses."
Golden, on the main line of the Canadian
PociHc l.iiil-vuy. ut its connection with tlio
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;
the mineral anil commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia; headquarters of liu Hold-
on Smelting works, the Up|ier Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; tlie
outlet for the widely known uud fur
famed agricultural and griming land ef the
Coliiniliia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Manufactures of SbbIi, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bw-in and Bath
The Gun Club held a shoot on
Mr. W. Miller has been appointed
caretaker of the public school.
Mr. Chas. McCready, C.P.R. tie
inspector has returned to town.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Curlin left on
Wednesday on a trip to Fort Steele.
Mr. P. J. Russell and family'left on
Sunday for West Kootenay, he will
go into the wholesale commission
business st Nelson.
A railroad rate of one and one-fifth
fare for the round trip will be allowed
on all railroads entering Spokane to
all delegates attending the Northwest
Miners' Association Convention, to be
held in Spokane, October 2nd and ilrd.
On the S. F. & N, from Nelson tickets to be purchased October 1st and
from Northport or south of that point
to be purchased October 2nd. At all
Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Washington,
urfd British Columbia points reached
by the G. N��� N. P. or 0. R. & N���
tickets to be purchnsed September 29th
ilOth, October 1st or 2nd, and good to
return not later than the 4th. Delegates will purchase tiokets to Spokane
from local agent at full fare, taking
receipt therefor, nnd the one-fifth rate
will be charged on the return from
Spokane, the secretory to furnish delegates certificates of membership, to be
presented at railroad ticket office,
A shooting party, consisting of
Messrs. Spragge, Nellis and Lappen of
Donald, and Mr. Joe Lake, of Golden,
went up the river on Tuesday's boat,
they intend to clean out till the game
in the country.
The curling club will meet next
week when the necessary arrangements
will be completed for the coining season. A strong club is anticipated this
year. Due notico will be given of the
time and place of meeting.
Mr. Mitchell Lines gave a social
dance nt the Columbia House lust
Saturday evening, in honor of Mrs.
McNeill and Miss McKay from the
Upper Country. An enjoyable evening was spent. Miss McKay left the
next evening for Moosejaw.
We have received this week a copy
of "The Kooteny Mines" a pamphlet
printed by The Miner Printing & Pub.
Co. of Nelson, 11,C, descriptive of thc
milling properties of West Kootenay.
It is a veritable mine of information
and will no doubt meet with a ready
Mr. Maclean, Presbyterian missionary, who has been stationed at Field
during the summer, returned east this
week to resume his studies nt college.
He paid a farewell visit to Golden on
Tuesday last. During his stay in our
vicinity Mr. Maclean made himself
"one of the boys" and wus well
and favourably known along
the line from Canmore to Donald.
Mr. Wallace, another missionary of
the Presbyterian Church, who has
been stationed iu the Upper Country
for the summer months, also returned
east this week.
The town committee held a meeting
on Tuesday afternoon at which several
mutters of public importance were discussed. The secretary Was instructed
to write the Commissioner of Lands &
Works pointing out the condition of
the crib work on the north bunk of the
Kicking Horse, nt the rear of the
Columbia Hotel, and the immediate
necessity of prompt action bein-: taken
in the matter, nnd recommending that
the dyke, which ends at the mar of
Mr. Warren's store, be continued to a
point ou tbe bar in the middle of the
river, which at one time formed the
north bank, thus diverting the stream
into its natural channel. The estimated
length of thc dyke suggested is 450ft.
In regard to the opening up of Railway street, the secretary reported that
thc Government Agent hud informed
him that as soon ns sufficient legal
notice bud been given lo property
owners in the line of the street that it
would be opened up.
The secretury was also instructed to
communicate with the Commissioner
of Lands and Works in the matter of
the wagon road to Donald, reminding
him tbat the road hnd been promised
early in the spring, and thnt it had
been completed as fur us Moberly from
Donald, but that nothing had been
done from the Golden end, at the same
time pointing out that there is already
a good road for about two miles west
of Golden and that five miles more
would give us connection with
A gentle reminder was also given
the Government about tbe new Kicking Horse Bridge which wus piomised
us this winter.
Church Services.
Celebration ot thc Holy Communion
iu St. Paul's Church to-morrow morning ut 11 o'clock. This being Harvest
Festival Sunday special services have
been arranged. Evening service as
usual at 7:110 o'clock, Rev. jVrchdeucou
McKay will officiate.
Methodist service will be held in the
s, Iniul house to morrow evening nt
Tr.'IO o'clock, cuiuliictcil bv Mr. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow morn I ng in the school
house ut 10 o'clock, conducted by
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B.A.
The Young People's Society of Christian Eudeuvor meet*, every Friday
evening iu the school house at tl
New. Note..
Winnipeg, Sept, 24th.
Jay Gould's son is chicken shooting
in Manitoba.
Fire at Fond du Lac, Wis., yesterday.   Loss $140,000.
Schooner C. H. Johnson wrecked in
Lnke Michigan yesterday.
Hon. E. Blake has declined the proffered reception in Toronto.
A plot to destroy the Saltan of
Turkey has been discovered.
Dr. Wick, of Milwaukee, has been
arrested on charges of duplicity.
An important meeting of the federal
cabinet takes place on Friday.
Mr. Rose's challenge for the America's cup is well received everywhere.
A post card has been received in.
Winnipeg nine days from London,.
A coalition of Ontario Conservatives and Patrons of Industry is proposed.
In the half*raters'yacht race yesterday, the American yacht won.
United States cruisers are accused
of persecuting British sealers in Beh-
ring sea.
Fenians propose holding a convention in Chicago, and declaring war
against England.
The New York papers compliment:
the English athletes who were defeated by the Americans.
The Englishman won the international cricket match at Philadelphia
by four runs snd two wickets.
Salary andsuperanuation difficulties-
stand in the way of certain civil service appointments at Ottawa.
Norman Chittick was killed at tho
new elevator in Winnipeg. Six fatal,
accidents are recorded front other
places in Canada.
In a recent engagement the Spaniards lost over 300 men, 40 horses and.
a large store of provisions and munitions of war. The Cubans lost only
40 men.
The Duke of York is said to have
sold his collection of postage stamps
to Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild.
It is instiled for.$280,0X0.
A FUh Story.
Ottawa Free Press: A lawyer ot
this city wbo was fishing up tha
Gatinenu last spring dropped his gold,
watch from the boat in which he was,
sitting. A few days ago be visited,
the same place and straugely enough
inside tbe first fish he caught was tha
watch. The watch wus still going
when recovered, and, more than that,
had nil lost or gained a second in the
months that had elup-ed since the fish
swallowed it. This curious circumstance naturally caused some investigation, and it was found that like
many other apparent mysteries was
easily accounted for. The watch waa
of the modern kind for which no key
was necessary. It's stem had su
lodged in the fish's internal machinery
that every tune the creature moved his
jaw the protruding wheel was turned
part way round, lu this wsy the
watch was regularly wound day after
day. The tish hud to eat, aud iu the
act of doing so unconsciously wound
the wutch, tlie cuse of which was
touiuwbut affected by the chemical
action of the fish's stomach.
Millinery, Fumy Goods, Drum-king
Mrs. Cosrsier will visit Donald and
Golden ut an early dale, with complete
line of Millinery and Fancy Goods,
and to take orders for Dieisuiukilig iv
latest fashions. r-^fc.
Tho OOljllEN KIt.V is published .every
Saturday itfohiiux, in. tii no tit- catch tho east
aud west mail trains, also tho m.iil lur the
up por��� country, Win loriiioru, Kuri sMeolo etc
It is tho only advertising modiiou in the Eoat
KooUmay district
Subscription Itates :
Advertisements au'l
tlin office not later than
t" insure insertion,
Advertisement ratos n
oatior *n
SiMi'i |H!i* aunuiii in
ehantfOH must li�� in
li! a m, mi Thursday
Mide known on appli-
All cash to lw pai I to tlio Manager* from
whom the Company's rouoipt will be obtained,
111. Golden Era PuWisliim Company,
SATURDAY, SKIT. 28,  1895.
*: }���
By the accident of my presence in
the New Holland Hotel ut the moment
when Holinan Brand, tha broker, met
his,strange fate, nnd by my acquaintance with the detective in the case, 1
obtained a* knowledge of it which
should enable ine to add something of
interest to tlie nccounts already published.
Mr. Brand, it will bo remembered,
was of the firm of Brand & Avery,
with offices ou Pine street, near Broadway. When the New Holland was
opened, a little more than a year ago,
the linn established a branch office
there, with un entrance Irom the
avenue and another from thc main
hull of the hotel.
I was passing through the hall
when the outcry consequent upon the
sudden death of Mr. Brand roso discordant above thc blending voices ot
tbegi-eiit house and the busy street.
There wns some hundreds of people
within sound of that crv, and all of
them, I venture to say, stood still, as
I did, arrested in their various pursuits by tbe transcending interest of
tlenth. For there was that in the
alarm which meant dentil, und no one
could mistake it.
Immediately, u boy with a scared
face rushed out of tho broker's office
into the hull. Catching sight cf uu
elderly gentleman, who chanced to be
directly before the door, the boy cried
out: "You're Dr. Bell, ain't youV
They sent mo to find n doctor."
"I... "1,111 Dr, Bell," wus tho reply,
, "Mr. Brand's dropped dead," replied
tlio boy.    '-I saw bim do it."
Horror nt tlie occurrence nnd pride
in his share of it seemed to be contending in the youth's mind. I have observed the siimir phenomenon in persons
of mature years, including myself..
We think better of ourselves when
ciilitinity..taki's us into ber confidence,
Indeed, I.have seen n man saved from
suicide by .the new interest in himself
thut came fn.ui bis chimin: witnessing
of a distressing catastrophe.
Dr. Bell run into the broker's oliiee,
and I, being conveniently near him,
followed close upon bis heels. Otherwise. 1 should not have got in, for a
polrcemiiti who bail entered from the
aveiiue,,.immeiliately closed tlie door
coiiimiiiiicuting with the hotel, und
denied admittance to till save those
who could givo a better reason for desiring it than idle curiosity us I could
A tall young mnn had just locked
the street door, and was then engaged
in pulling up the similes. Almost tbo
whole of tbe front of the office wns
glass; and already there were a hundred people looking in.
Theie were not more than half a
dozen persons in the office besides those
who. have... been mentioned. Two of
them were evidently employes. Another I recognized as Harold Brand, | case was sure to be.
nephew of the broker, and his assistant iu the management of the office.
The others seemed to be players of the
stock game.
The nephew stpoil beside a chair in
which snt Holinan Brand in an attitude so natural that I could not believe
him to be dead. His handsome face,
framod in abundant gray hair, showod
not a truce of pain. On tho contrary
its expression was eloquent ot happiness. He wus us one transfigured, If
the bliss of heaven bad been revealed
to him iu the moment when his soul
put off its earthly vesture, thus ami
not otherwise should the mortal part
have echoed the rapture of the spirit.
Dr. Hell had hurried to the ileml
man's side, but litter n few .seconds
spent in the ordinary tests Im hail
stepped buck. When I turned to bim
I found him gazing upon the corpse
with uu interest equal to my own, but
of a different nature, It was a scientific experiment to him.
The impressive silence was broken
ut last by Harold Brand, who asked if
there was any hope.
������None whatever," replied the physician.    "He is quite beyond recall."
'���It was terribly sudden," said the
young man, with u shudder. "Have
you unv idea what was tho cause"1"
"I have u very distinct idea," said
Dr. Bell, "but it will be hard to got
legal proof of it "
"Great heaven!     Do you suspect���"
"Poison," said  the  Doctor gravely.
"There is every indication of it."
"Impossible!" exclaimed Harold
Brand.    "You must be mistaken."
"Did you soe your uncle eat or
drink anything just before lie was
"I remember that he drank a glass
of water."
Tliere was tho ordinary water cooler
in u corner of tlie office. Dr. Bell
walked up to it, and smelted the glass
which stood beside it.
"I can detect nothing here," he said.
"However, the glass should be si.vcd
for examination."
"Leave it there," snid the policeman.
"I'll set '111111 it isn't disturbed. I
think Coroner Robertson will be here
iu a few minutes. He bus been notified, and he lives near."
There wus u pituse, uud then at Dr.
Bell's request Harold Brand related the
circumstances of his uncle's death.
They were very simple.
Hu had been iu tlie office about an
hour, and hud dictated some letters.
Then he had written one. It lay
sealed before hiin on his desk. I
glanced ut it, und rend tlie uddress:
Corn wull, N.Y.
Dr. Bell ulso glanced ut it.
"A relative, of course,'' he said.
"I   never   heard   of   her,"   replied
j\t this moment the coroner arrived.
The tall young man whom I have
mentioned us having locked the street
door ami pulled up the curtain admitted Dr. Robertson. Then he tinned,
and to my great surprise I saw that he
was Horace Preble. I had not seen
his face before, ami baa not recognized
bis figure in thn single glance which I
hnd est upon il. Hu hud u wonderful gift of making himself inconspicuous, as I bud previously remarked.
He detained tbo coroner u moment
by lhe door, and thero was n whispered conference, at the close of which the
coroner camo forward, und suio:
"I must request all of you except
Dr. Bell and .Mr. Brund to step into
the inner office for a moment."
Two of the gentlemen present protested against detention, but on being
assured that the time would be very
brief they yielded, and walked toward
the room designuted by tho coroner.
Meanwhile I bad uiiido my way to
Preble's side, and hud hurriedly begged
him tu save mo from the loss of so interesting a spectaclo as the preliminary investigation of   this   remarkable
"Certainly," ho said, in a voice
audible to tho coroner; "thero is no
objection to your remaining."
Turning to Harold Brand, he nsked
tor further details of Uio broker's
'���He   bud   just   culled   to Walter,'"
suid Brand, referring   to lhe boy wbo
hud run out into the hull ot tho,hotel,
us 1 have described.    "Ho told him to
mail a letter.     Suddenly he half rose
from his chair, anil then fell buck, Hc
did not   cry   otU-, but   uttered a faint
sound liko a  sigh, but  rather of  contentment tliiin pain."
"Who wns it that screamed?"
"Did you hear anyone?"
"Yes; I was just passing the door."
"I   think you   must have hoard the
hov.    Ho was frightened, of cou.'se."
"No; it was some one else. Was it
"Perhaps I did. You see, I run to
his side uud lifted his hand. It toll
back lifeless. Then I think I cried out
in terror. But I luul forgotten. Tl
terrible uffair has nearly driven mo oir.
of my senses. For instance, I have
not even nsked who you are, and by
what, right you question me?"
"I   urn   a   detective, tit   present in
charge   of   the   case." replied Preble.
Now   ubout   that   letter.     It   isn't
stamped, I perceive."
"That's strange; I saw the stamp in
his hand. I remember that he took it
out of a letter on his desk."
"You were watching him?"
"I was waiting until he hnd finished witb his letter. I had something
to say to hiin."
"And this was the letter which he
took the stump from?" said Preble,
taking one from the desk.
It was addressed iu u feminine band
to Holinan Bland.
"Yes." responded Harold,
"Do yon know its contents?"
"Perhaps wo  would better read it."
"Why?     What bearing can it have
on the case?"
"1 will show you. If my theory is
conect it plays a considerable part in
this tragedy."
He put his   arm   about  the neck of
the  dead, and, with   his   hands very
gently forced the jaws to open.
������Look!" he cried.
We nil pressed forward; and we sa\
upon ihe tip of the dead man's co'nglic
one of the largo pottage sn mpr, 'f tl
Columbian  pattern.
"Poisoned!" exclaimed tlio coromr.
"That should make the case clear.'
The writer of that letter is themur-
Ue took the letter from the envelope
uud read aloud, us follows :
"Holinan Brand : Why do you not
answer my letters? I have written
three nnd you have not noticed tliein.
Wo tue destitute I care nothing for
myself, but my mother���whom, your
brother married in affluence and bus
left iu beggary���is dying for want of
proper nourishment, uinl the medicines
whicli ber illness demands. Whatever
yon may hnve believed ut the time of
thnt marriage, surely you will uot let
her die in this way, when so small a
part of your vast wealth would save
At this point the coroner paused.
"The remainder of tbo letter was
evidently added at a later period." said
be, showing it to tlio detectivo. "Tlie
writing at this point changes. It is
hurried uud nervous,"
" 'I will force you at least to answer
this,' " he continued reading. " 'I inclose stump for a reply. Can you be-
lievo me that this stamp costs me more
than I can uffoi-d? Do you know whut
such poverty as that means? You
daio not for sbnme's snke, refuse to
answer nie, though it be to tell ine
that we cun expect nothing from you.'
It is signed, 'Margaret Brand.'"
"Can it be possible," the coroner
continued, "thut so good a mnn as I
know your uncle to have beon ullowed
bis brother's widow aud her child lo
suffer liko this?"
"I know nothing about it," snid
Harold.. "Ho. never mentioned tbem
to me."
"That letter," said Preble, pointing
to the one which the broker had written, "will probably enlighten us on
that point. I would suggest that you
open it."
"I hesitate to do that," responded
the young mnn. "It is addressed to
ber. Yet in such a case it, is necessary, I suppose."
He tore open tho envelope and read
as follows:
"My hoor child : Beforeyou receive
this you will have had such help as
money cun givo. Youi letter, four
days delayed, came to me this morning. 1 instantly telegraphed to Mr.
Edward Morton, of Cornwall, one of
the best of my friends. Yon will have
seen bim beforo you get this, and will
Dure found out for yourself that I
conld !. s*o rout no bet ure man to you.
��� ��� - it less explained o far as
n on in explain it���the mystery of
this wretched uffair. 1 have never received yonr litters.. I did not know
where yon were. My last information was that you and your mother j
were in England, nnd comfortably
provided for. I hnve tried to find you
but vainly. If I could have done so,
you both would have hud a home with
mo. I am childless and alone, and
you would have been a thousand times
welcome. So fur from cherishing tlie
old resentment. I have .long repented
of my behaviour in regard to iny
brother's marriage. If tliere is to be
forgiveness, it must come from your
mother, not from me.
"The money which you think I grip
so tightly will be yours and hers somo
day.      For years, while I have prosecuted my  fruitless search for you, my
will has named yoi. for the bulk of my
fortune.    But all these matters may be
left until we meet.     You will wonder
why I have not como to you myself.
There are excellent reasons, which you
shnll   soon   know.     My   friend will
bring you to mo-you nnd your mother
��� its   soon   as   she can be moved.    I
wait with   impatience   to   hear when
not   that I will
but that you
bouse u home
Till then,
oth of vou."
tordiuai ���-,*' said
i"  t'iat   uis u.
ueu     '.ut 1     wil'.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the mr.    wh
would   havo  done so   much for her?
What do, you find there, Doctor?"
This lust question was addressed to
Dr, Bell, who during the reading of
the letter had not been idle. Assisted
by Preble, he had removed the stamp
from the mouth of the murdered man,
nnd hud placed it upon a sheet of
paper. Then he hud made a second
and much more careful examination of
tbe body.
"There is but, one point so far," he
replied to tbe coroner's question. "The
stamp exhales a faint perfume���n most
unusual odor, extremely agreeable,
can be noticed ulso about the lips of
the dead man."
"Gelothania," exclaimed the detective. ' It is a poison discovered���and
named ���by a German chemist, who
seems to hare known more chemistry
than Greek. He meant tho name to
signify ' the joy of death.' "
^To be Continued.)
Good advice is Inn-dor to take than
Talk moves fust v.-hen the burden of
thought is light.
Love is simple in sentiment and
complex in notion.
It is bocitttso a woman doesn't know
what, to do with a secret, that she
can't ki     it,
Ijov yam rimy to death anu he
will make a uood friend
The wealth of u man is the number
of things whi .h Iio loves and blesses,
which he is loved and blessed by.
that wil
Il     ir
make a
will mul
te iny
for me, 1
iy yr-ii
;   ,.
good by i
* This
nt   '���>
the 'lore
���'Ci i
ha'i ny .
lliu hr 1
1 lisor
Multum In I'urvo. ���
Some men wish they did, but no
man disbelieves.
To proclaim our faults to tbe world
is pride.
Children have moreneed.of models) ���,,
than of critics.
Humility is to have a right estimate
of one's self.   . ��� ������  .    '
To be angry is to revenge the faults'
of others on ourselves.
To carry a care to bed is to Sleep '
with a pack on your back.
It is another's fault if he be ungrateful ; but it is mine if I do not give.
A propensity to hope and.joy is real /
riches; one to fear and sorrow is real '���
Action may not always bring happiness ;   but t here is no happiness with- ,
out action. .'   ���'���''
He who loves goodness harbors,
angels, reveres reverence, and lives
with God.
Our grand business is' not to see
what lies dimly at a distance * but, to
do what, lies clearly ut hand. To make i:
knowledge valuable, you must have
the cheerfulness of wisdom. Goodness
smiles to the last.
Every other sin  bath some pleasure .-
annexed   to it, or will admit of   some
excuse, but envy wants both.
Man must be disappointed with the
lesser things of life before he can. comprehend the full value of the greater.
What  reason, like   the careful ant, .
druws laboriously together|,the wind
of  accident   sometimes   collects   in a
Alexander received more bravery of
mind by'the pattern of Achilles than
by hearing the definition of fortitude.
Epochs of faith are epochs of fruit-
fulness ; but epochs of unbelief, however glittering, are barren of all permanent good.
Fortune is,ever seen accompanying;
industry, and is as often trundled in a
wheelbarrow as lolling in a coach and
Our caies are the mothers not only
of our charities and virtues, but of our
best joys and most cheering and enduring pleasures.
The voice of conscience is so delicate
tha* it is ess*, to stifle itr but it is
alec , cle.tr that it is impossible to
mis.  so it,
In this great society wide lying
around us, a critical analysis would
find very few spontaneous actions, It
is almost all custom and gross sense.
When certain persons abuse us let
us usk what kind of characters it is
thnt they admire, We shall often
find this a most consolatory question.
As the sword of. the best tempered
metal is most flexible,'so the truly
generous are more pliant and courteous
in their behaviour'to their inferiors.
Remember you have not a sinue
whose law of strength is not action ;
not a faculty of body, mind or soul,
whose law of improvement is not
There is a virtue in country houses,
in' gardens and orchards, in fields,
streams and groves, in rustic recreation
and plain manners. that neither cities
nor universities enjoy. >
Affliction comes to us all not to
make us sad, but sober; not to make
us sorry, but wise; not to make us
despondent, but by its darkness to refresh us, as the night refreshes the
day ; not to .impoverish, but to enrich
us, as the plow enriches the field; to
multiply our joy, as the seed, by
planting, is multiplied a thousandfold. '"���'>. .',    '
Diplomacy is not a science, but an
olitudo is the salt of thought.
The worry of  the  day is a bud bed
fi How. iv
Poverty is pulverized prosperity. -7
a va.!"
��1.owing   the Dute.    nntl   Places of
Courts, or, Assise, Nisi Prlns, Oyer
mMj-TeMii-OT,'<vi>- 'u-enernl   Uaol
Dollrerv for the Yonr 1805,
Fall' Assizes.
Clinton.... Thursday,
Richfield.. .Monday..
Kamloops.... Monday
Vernon Monday
Lytton Friday.
New Westminster. Wed
Vancouver..Monday .
VicltJrfft-.."if Tuesdays
Nailr-itft'O!.*;- .���,;,;Tit-Jsdtiy.
2(ith September
30th September
...7th October
.. 14th Ootober
.,11th October
nesday.lith Nov
. 11th November
."19th November
. -Uth Novum ber
���y{iV)t!.;'Y.   ���
Application for C��rtl_cnto of  Im*
.���'ri'l'Vl-   prnveuients.
HOnBUT    E.    llUltX-f".1llNBitAI.   OliAIM,
Take notice.t bat I.Robt.Fotbei'ingham
freemiivs'r's certificate No.47858, intend,
(10 ttlvyswoii.'t'hVdkt- hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for ti certificate
of improvements, for tlie purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take) notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder ftiifd''''lctib-ii'''coiiimeticed before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated   this   ninth day of August,
\ *,*���;.        .14-    i
,    BoilEItT-FOTirEItINf-.il AM,
��        ��� ������*���.
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
'. '),<,
ji ���8S' ->-��/
AN EXAMINATION for efficiency in
the practice of assaying, umidsection 12, of thc .,'���' Bureiiu of Mines
Act, 1895," wiH bd'held during the
month of September.
For tlureijljn'a'ry certificates ciindi
dates will be required to pass in prac
ticul assaying for gold, silver, lend
(dry assoj"^, copper and iron, uud ulso
to answer such ordinary questions
relating to the practice of nssi.yiug us
the examiners may. think fit.
Aj-fee'of  (10 is- payable for the or<
dinary certificate.
Fof. full   particulars   apply   to the
Minister of Mines, Victoria.
Minister of Mines,
_8th.August, 1895. 7-21
Iii the   County Court   of Kooteiiny,
liolden at tbe East  Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In the matter of Patrick Sullivan, da-
ceased, uud,
In tlie matter of the Official Administrator's Act;  dated the Fifth day of
August, A.D., 1895:
Upon reading the affidavit ot John
William   Clever,  it   is   ordered   that
James Ferguson Armstrong,  Official
Administrator for tho County Court,
District of Kooteiiny, shall be Administrator of till nud singular the gupds,
cliuttels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, Into of Fort, Steele, in the District
of Kootenay,  Free   Miner,   deceased,
and that this order be published in the
GOLDEN Era newspaper, iu each issue
thereof, for tho period of sixty days,
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estate of the above named Patrick Sullivan, are requested within
60 days of this date to forward to nie,
per registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such (10 dnys, I shall proceed with
the distribution of tbo estate having
regard only to such claims as I shall
have notice of.
Dated at Donnld, 8th  August, 1895.
Ofliciul Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
Notice of Assignment.
-gutfin*?-**-} ffiavb*.
Hon. J, A. Louoiie-d, Q,C.
.  McGai-ter.
-.oaglicctl  A  McCarter,
I'Wristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
CAl.riAUV, - N.W.T.
r. J. JKrnsox.
D.L.S. A I'.li.S. for ll.f.   DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Viilii';tiir.otc.,rAI,('Al.Y,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
K.J.JEi'iisoN, D.1j.S.,1'.Ij.S. of B.C. &Ont.
Calciakv; Alba.
Pursuant   to  the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts ;
NOTICE is hereby given that
Michael Curlin und Joseph Luke, both
of Golden, in the District of Kootenay,
iu tbe Province of British Columbia,
trading as Curlin & Luke, General
Merchants, have bv deed, bearing date
the 2nd day of August, 1895, assigned
nil their real property uud ull their
personal property liable to seizure and
sule under executors to William
Georgeson, ot tbo city of Winnipeg, in
tlio Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, tor the purpose of pitying
uud .satisfying ratcttbly aud in proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, tlio creditors of tlie
said Michuel Carlin and Joseph Lake.
The suid deed wits executed by tbe
suid Michael Carlin, Jcseph Luke, and
William Georgeson ou the 2nd day of
August, 1895, and the suid William
Georgeson bus accepted the trust
created by the suid deed.
All creditors are requested to send
addressed to William Georgeson, cure
of Thompson, Codvillo & Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, full particulars of their
claims duly verified. s..ch claims to be
sent within GO days of this date, after
which dute the said trustee will proceed to distribute tbe trust estate
among the creditors of whose claims
ho shall have received notice.
Dated this 5th day of August, 1895.
Of Donald in the District of Kooteiiny,
Solicitor for Trustee.
A meeting of the creditors of tho
snid Curlin & Luke will be held ut the
office of S. A. D. Bertram), Officiul
Assignee, corner of Second Avenue uud
2nd Street North, in tho city of Winnipeg, iu the Province of Manitoba, on
Saturday the 10th day of August,
1895, nt 4 p.m.
Golilen Hospital Society.
From 9:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
,.      7     ii   ii  -*   ..
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:!)0 p.m.  to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday nnd Saturday.
BV OllDEll.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Aliia..���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire,
IVholcMale anil It el nil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers,
Calgary     - A Ilia
telegraph  orders promptly
attended  to.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Conlectionery, &c. &c.
Pianos,  Orgnus, & Sewing Machines
sold tor cash or long time
Orders nv Maii.orOtherwise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
lute with  Misses Barlow & Wei'.i,
Portage In Prairie.
All orders left, with Mr. G. B. McDermot will have prompt attention.
G-ldan Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tlie
admission uf patients.
TICKETS may be hud from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Hollars per year or Six
Dollars per halt year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Mining I Smelting
COi (Limited)
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
tjji-.l r**" OP
lii'l A'.ci ��� ������
io v i   tho >
Job    DepeirtiTier|t
_:o:_ OF -:o:���
mrcAvt a i a, i haul MARKsar
PATENT*   Por a
' opinion, write lo
IK-HJ-IV lift. J.,-'
���    .onimiiti'o**,
IR ���"&�����*!!_' SB* en bone-t
MINNA- (III., who h.n hnd newlj-
cilMirleiico lu the pntimt business. C<
���tons strict!** conS-la-itl.l. A II nn.Uinok ol in-
Jonnatlon conwrniwr I'alenl. wm bow to ob.
.tin ilium *.>nt treo. Aim.. rAt.losu.uf mcc���ur-.
Iciil Mid KlirnllBo books ��n���*M_* *��-�����>*
.J^tentt IMim tbrpuK Munn k Co. im.It.
JES."1 noJ1_lto_',e gelestille Amcrlmn. .nil
iS?*JS! i**!/**. ���""���������j' -��l9fetlie imbtlc without cost to th. inventor. This sulondld j��per,
luntest circulation ot nny scientific work In Uu
"e.r'-lr.S'l ��ye��r.   Sample copies not treo.
rant Tt-.
copte* tent free.
- -f WW
 , .^ , __....��� ��.���,..������... show the
^ff��?eBlW��i��udjMounonMmcta.  ArtdreM
"Momoon" Tcaii put up by the Indian T��*
eroweni ai a mtnple of Ibe bnt qualities of Indian
.'-..��. Therefore ihvy ine the fre_u-_t care in ihe
-.flection of the Tea and ita Mend, that in why they
put it up thcmKcKcH and noil it only in the original
r ickage*. thereby -.curing iti purity and excellence.
Put up in % lb., i Ib. and $ lb. packages, and never
���old iu bulk.
If your grocer doea not keep it* tell him to write to
II and 13 Front Strnt Cut, Toranta. Awarded
,._.iest Honors���World's * -*.-,
A pure Ct ape Cf earn of Tartar Powder.   Fret
Horn Ammonia, Alum or any other adultetant,
F.uel'tilil vs. Amerllru.
Now York, Sept. 23. ���Fifteen thousand spectators saw the greatest international athletic contest in the history
of the world here on Saturday. The
English visitors were shut out from
first place in the entire 11 events. The
following are the results :
Eight hundred und eighty yard run,
Kilpatrick, of New York, 1:58 2-5secs.
World's record.
One hundred yard run, Waters, of
New York, !) 4-5secs.
Running high jnmp, Sweeney, New
Yoik, six feet, live uud a half inches.
World's record.
One milo running, Conneff, of New
York, 4:18 1-dsecs.
Two hundred and twenty yard run,
Wefors. New York, 21 3-5secs.
Putting 11! pound shot, Gray, New
York, 43 feet, 5 inches.
One hundred and twenty yard hurdle race, Chase, of New York, 15 2*5
seconds.    World's record.
Throwing 10 pound hammer,
Mitchell, of New York, 137 feet, 51
Four hundred and forty yard run,
Burke, of New York, 40 seconds.
Running broad jump, Bloss, of New
York, 22 feet, li inches.
Three mile run, Conneff, New York,
won liy 150 vanls in 15 minutes. 30 1-5
Meanwhile many millions of Americans, if such a number there be who
lonuir regard this us an international
affair, will continue to ponder over the
idea, " Was it such u heating after all?
Couldn't wo have beaten the Englishman without bringing u taint upon
the victory ? Havo we beaten him in
the good old-fashioned Yankee way,
where Magnanimity was Commander
and the only Hag ever raised was that
of victory or surrender ?
Does anybody suggest a new decoration, another device for the ornamentation of cup defenders'-
If so, what's the matter with having oinbluzoiied upon their escutcheon,
their flag, their genealogical adornment, their whatever you may term it
��� a yellow dog?
It is proposed in  England to build
warships in docks  instead of on slips.
and   thereby   reduce  the expense uinl
danger of launching.
An Athenian society has been form-
owing being supplemented by an in- ed in London for tho purpose of print-
i-uctive   articlo  giving patterns and  ing   privately   literal   and absolutely
,\ New York Opinio...
Tlie New York Times has thc following comment on the recent international yacht race: ���
Tlie cup is ours. We won it in one
straight race, a fluke, and a 'walk-over
That's three out of live. Fortunately
the other two will novel- be sailed.
Otherwise the complexities of protests
and correspondence might involve us
in actual litigation, the result of
whicli, however, would eventually he
favourable to ns.for inv nut technicalities the life of litigation, the very soul
of law ?
The committee's decision wus just.
Duiiriiviru accepted it us it sportsman
would, not us a jockey might. Opinions will always iu divided us to
whether a winner under such circumstances should bo regarded ua u jockey
or a truo sportsman ���whether he hits
played for "keeps" in the trite commercial spirit or whirl her he should
have losst-d the decision aside and,
with sportsmanlike emphasis, have
declared: "It's no nicest all, We'll
try it over. Don't foul me iigiiiu.
Beat me, if yon can."
However, tho cup is ours. We've
got it on exliiliitiuii somewhere up
town, and we'i-o going to keep it, Mr.
Bull.if we're obliged to throw a squad-
roil of evolution around oui deed of
trust, and hire a score of Tombs law-
yen- to provide us wi��h the proper
techiicciilities for our defence. Make
no mistake about that. Wo can beat
yon by sea, we cun navigate all round
you by land. Build another two-
hundred-tliousiinil dollar boat. Take
our swell. Dodge our excursion fleet.
Be a sportstnau always. Beat us - if
-(Oil can.
Tlio Delineator.
The October number of The Delineator is called The Autumn Number and
contains a choice and varied selection
of timely articles. It gives an authoritative exposition of Autumn styles,
illustrating a variety of novel, artistic
und beautiful garments. Especially
complete and valuable is its discussion
of Mourning, Mrs. Roger A. Pryor's
paper on Etiquette of Grief's outward
structive articlo giving pattern;
designs for Mourning Attire. Every
mother with the responsibilities of a
household should study whut is said
about Fitting Out a Family, the season's costume needs of herself and her
little ones being fully treated. The
progress of co-education in Great Britain is further explained by Amy Ray
sou. Bookbinding as un occupation for
women is entertainingly described by
Evelyn Hunter Nordhoff. Lucia M.
Robbius describes new and amusing
form of Entertainment, The re-opening of the Schools is remembered in a
account nf things suitable fur the
Children's Luncheon Basket, while A.
B. Longstrect contributes a practical
exposition of How to Carve. The return of cooler weather makes timely
the admirably illustrated article on
Draperies. Tlie papers on lhe Kindergarten by Sura Miller Kirby, an Floral
Work for Octolier by iV. Al. Stuart and
the designs for Burnt Work by Harriet Keith Follies fully sustain the interest felt iu these topes. Around the
Tea Table bus its usual admirable
variety, und the Newest Books are
sympathetically reviewed. Further
contributions are given in Knitting,
Netting, Tutting, eic.
Address coiiimiiuicutions to the Delineator Publishing Co., 33 Richmond
St. West, Toronto, Out. Subscription
price $1.00 per yeur, or 15cts. per
single copy.
A tall, stout woman marry a thin,
short man.
"Good things" always come to
some one else.
The fluffy-haired girl always attract
Cuts like fish, yet hate to get their
feet wet.
The girl of to-day thinks its smart
to be mannish.
Girls with large hands insist on
wearing many rings.
Women and men always want what
they can't have.
The small brother always appears at
the wrong timo.
The innocent by-stander always gets
in the way of the bullet.
The moon tempts even the new
woman to be sentimental.
The bravest new woman turns faint
at the sight of a mouse.
Bald-headed men invariably sit in
the front rows of a theater.
The college girl thinks that she
knows more than her mother.
Upper Mumbia tffi.y C6,
Commencing* May 28, Steamers leave Golden
EVERY TUESDAY at 7 A. M.       .
, leaves Tuesday 7 a.*
KptH-cli 1'nt Short.
Chicago, Sept. 23.-Charles Wilfred
Mowbray, the Enurlish anarchist, who
came to ibis city for the purpose of
touching his doctrine���the rod flag
and no government, was stopped in tbe
midst of a spii'i-li yesterday at Belmont
park by llie police. Hc wus so badly
frightened alter n few words ol explanation that he hurriedly lett the platform and made his csiru'io. Mowbray
has been disappointed on all sides
since bo bus been in the city. The
trade and labor assembly, tbe rcrog-
nized central labor union, denounced
him at ils last meeting. The attendance at the park was very small.
flail but True.
Americans  a**&  foreign  ways and
Cats keep quiet nil day and howl all
People  luik  iluriiii- a musical performance.
All types of women adopt the Mine
Men always take Ihe part of a pretty
complete   and   uncxpuigated  English
translations of Greek authors.
Under and in pursuance of the
powers of sale contained in u certain
mortgage which will lie produced ut
the time of sale, tliere will lie offered
for sale on Monday, October 13th.
1895, at 2 o'clock p.m., at the office of
Neil F, Mackay. Alexander Block,
Golden, the following property, situate
in the Town of Golden, viz.:
Lots Ten, Eleven and Twelve, in
Block Four, us shown on a map or
plan of survey of Golden, approved
aud confirmed at Ottawa, the Kith
March, lHHti. by Edoiiuid Devi lie.
Surveyor general of Dominion Lauds
and of record iu the Department of the
Tne above property is situate at the
corner of Second Avenue and Second
Street, near the Columbia Hotel, nnd
is one of the most desirable properties
in Golden.
Terms 10 |ier rent cash, balance iu
twenty days. Further terms and
conditions made known on application
Calgary. Alberta,
Advocates for lhe Mortgagee.
Or to NEIL F. MACKAY, Golden.
Steamer���Golden to Adela .
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.__.-
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.!*!:'
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ... '
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12,01).    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin SOots., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate i'i cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound,   	
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common cvery-day
ills of humanity.
Golden  to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B 2.50 ;   C2.00; D 1.50.
-   Canal Flat A 1.75; B 1.60 ;   0 1.40; D 1.20.
Itnte A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
-���   B       ���' '���   3 and 4        ������ -' ���*
ii   c       " "5 and 15        " " ������
"   D       " "   7 and 8        " " ��������
Rate C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time
Freight will be delivered as far south as navigation will permit, and
will be charged for according to distance transported. -1' v.'   s? 'rV/ . ft,0
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
' "t ��� I ������       ���    lii-rl  .   (/��"..���:!   i
Small Investments.
rr prosperity wid make many rich, but no.vhereon they make so -nth wit-in
s by successful Speculation in Urain, l'rovi.Ua_ aud Block.
a sliurt time as
$1 f\ FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED ean be made by oor
I U      Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated l.y us.   All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact tliut there are thousand, ef men in all part, of the VaUai States
..Im, liy sysieuiutie trading tliruugh Chicago bickers,make large amomtf etery ye*r.
ri.ugiiiK 'rom �� few tli-msiiuil dollars for tbe mau who invest* ai-twirei er two bun-Inn
iliillui's tip tu -Siii.uiii t,. rrr-iui.mx) or more by those who invest a lew thotuand.
It is nisi, a fuel that those whu make the largest profit, from eomparatnrrly small in*
vcstuii uts ou this pluu ure persons who live away item Chicago ani invest through* blinker*
win. tliuroiiglily iiiulerstiiiul systematic trading.
Uut- plan .lues not risk tlu-'vliule umoiuii vested on any trade. hnt terns i��th sides,
m. tliut whether tlio miirkct rises or falls it <���. .-..us a steady proftt that nftn up enormously
iiiasliurt tine.
WKITF. FOB C-ONVINCXG PROOFS, also our Manna] on BnetMsM .ii.rulatien
nml.nir Dud: Market .Report, lull of iiiooey-niiiking pointers. ALL VHVJL Utn Manual
expluuw iniiii.' in trudiug lully.  Highest references in regard toons' slsnalng aad.utcas*.
Fur further iiiirtii-tiltirs tulili'ess
THOMAS & Co.. Bankers and Broken,
_41-_42 Rlalto Building, CHICAGO, ILL.
Ki-otn !>:.!0 a.m. to If a.m.
"       2  p.m. "   4 p. in.
Sunday  from  10 a.m. to 1. m.r and
firoin T p.m. to H p to.
visit I wj m��ri-r-*.
From 2:30 pim. to ft pim., daily,
except Monday nnd Saturday.
By Utui-tt.
appreciates esqaUte fntt. bays tb*
both for henettor cbfldML Tmwo
8 are made io Voto, Denwen.
ta and Combm-rioae, aad am
kept by eray fntdaM dry good*
stare; i      ...


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