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The Golden Era Jan 20, 1899

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 The Golden Era
ll tb* '-tost widely *treu!at*d tnd
beat idvtrti*i*g stadium in East
KooUoay. Thi* It the ptpar thit
it rstd by tbs miner*, th* ranchers,
tha railroaders and lumbermen.
i, . SnbtNiptifa, $2.00 per Annum
[\'.'       la AUtanee	
VOL VHL   NO. 25
the Golden Erft,
Ha* boss ��ppoint*d tb* GahMM
for North Katt Kootenay foi-
Dominion tnd Provincial Got-
ernment notic** and advertise
ment*.    Published by
Tub Goldm Bat Co., Ltd., Lt.,
Goldm, B.<51
tTPQ Year
Wishing You All
| H.  G.   Parson, Golden.
por a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     BtfDtc
C. A. WARREN, ��� *
�� ft General Merchant.
Cigars.     .     B, Xawrence Spectacles.
Agant for Giant Powder Co'y,
Ag*nt for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
Periodicals. j?
A aohool It urgently wanted tt Field,
a* th* C.P.R. require th* room hitherto used for that purpose. Wo have no
doubt lhat Mr. W. C. Weill will take
steps to represent tb ihe Government
the ntcnttty. of having t *um placed
on th* Mtimate* f*r thi* accommodation tt Field.
Owlug to th* way in which Field is
building up, tha Government should
take stept to clear and form in the
spring a street along the frontage of
the Dominion Government block, aud
put in t drain to improve the sanitary
condition ot the towntit*.
Reports hare been circulated that
Premier Semlin and Dr. HcKcohuie
htd resigned tor similar reasons to
those of other member*, but then
���ttttmeuti are m*r*ly canard*.
Tha Semlin Government continued
to gain ground and Price "Ellison,
who represent* Vernon,and ha* hitherto been understood to be a follower of
the Turner party, ha* declared himself
in favor of th* policy of th* Semlin
Government. At thi* rat* t Turntrit*
will toon b* * rart avis.
The bye-elections for Vancouver,
rendered necessary by the resignation
of Ur. Tisdall, and for Victoria, by tbe
resignation* of Messrs. Hall and Mc-
Phillipt, will take place on th* 23rd
in the eveat of a poll, the notninttiona
baing called for th* preceding day.
Mr. Titdall will probably bt re-elected
by acclamation, aud Meters. Hall and
McPhillips, wh* are both Opposition,
will be opposed by Co|. Gregory tnd
Mr. Belyea for the Government. Ex-
premier Turner and the Hon. J. F.
Hume bad alto to resign owing to tbe
aaiuactua* as th* others-receiving
money* from the Government for good*
supplied, but will doubtl-ita seek reelection.
THE C. P. R.
Denial*, to  Lauren   added to  Paelfle
. The arrangement* are now completed
tor the addition to the Pacific Division
of the section of railway between Donald and Laggan. The trainmen's
tchedule hat bean tattled and last weak
a conference wat held at Kamloopt between the coinmitte* representing the
���ngine driver* and blaster Mechanic
Cross with a view to fixing th* drivers'
schedule of pay. After considerable
difficulty a settlement wat arrived at
by which, instead of mileage run, the
driv��n should be paid according to
tlm* employed and th* rate wa* fixed
at 60c. an hour, subject to confirmation by the head official* at Montreal.
Master Mechanic Cross also informed
Foreman Fraser, of the Donald shops,
that, after tho work on the engines
now in the shop* i* completed, no more
work ia to be taken in and a move I*
to be made to the Revelstoke (hep*
The last of the new machinery for the
Ret*lstoke shops passed through Field
on Monday and will be immediately
put in position. The machinery now
in th* Donald shop, will be moved at
. The final arrangement* have bttn
mad* for Superintendent Marpole to
take over th* section from Donald to
Laggan by February 1st.
Rear Admiral Bereaford it in Japan,
trying to promote an allianco which
he advocates between Britain, United
Statet, Germany and Japan.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Uaggage Transferred Free.
Jlot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
lllat Proprietor..
. Th* Act to allow Mettrt. Dean and
Prentice to take tbeir Matt thi* set*
tion, pending the hearing of tht petitions, make* similar provision to tha
Dominion Act dealiug with th* lama
The application of th* C.P.R. to b*
allocated th* block of Dominion land
at Field i* hardly fair and reasonable,
So long a* th* Company ha* sufficient
land for railway purpose, that it all
that ahould ba required orailowed.
Field ought to remain t Government
t*wn*jte tnd tb* peopl* there ought lo
bs allowed to acquire their own lot*
aud build their own homes if thty
chooto. Wa an sure that t more
liberal apirit shown by th* Company
in supporting tha application of th*
employee* would ba appreciated by
them. Th* Company should not persist in its former polioy of mopping up
everything and if it doe* th* Government should put it* foot down oa auch
a policy on the part of any railroad
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages, due to camp men.
A..   f|& Order.
''���*"* '*'"-. M. CARLIN, General Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1899.
>:-._ . ' ��� * -  '��� _ .        a*
-v.*. -T
NOTICE ia hereby given tbat application
Wlllk* mad* to the Legislative Assembly of
th.Provina-eof British Columbia at its next
Mttiea for an Act to amend the Kootenay and
North Wast BailwayCom-Mny's Act INS, by
(Wlrming and consolidating intheKoete-
tay and North West Railway Company all
tb* fr-uchieaa, right* and powers granted by
tb* last Kootenay Railway Act, 1897, to the
Bast Kuottoay Railway Company tad grant*
���** bytb* South East Kootonay Railway
OHt* th* South East Kootenay Railway
���iy aad purchasul or otherwise ae-
i* th* MM Kootenay and North West
(Mauaiiy and to extend tbe tlm* or
. J-aMMa'ln th* and Acts, or any of
, tor tbt commencement ud completion
or aay part thereof authorised
_ Acta or any of them and extend-
lf�� of giving s�� security or the
..(say acta lor �� period of thro* years
tor tittuded powers aad lor all such
as may b�� ntmanry to fully
rry m aad *p*r*t* tb*
works aforesaid or any of them.
Dated thia 8th day of December, 1898.
Solicitors fot the applicants.
Hewitt Bostock M. P. for
Yale-Cariboo will address
the electors at the Columbia Hall, Oolden, B. C,
on Saturday-, January
21st, at 8 p. m.
All are invited to attend
Referring "to the bye-election for
North East Kootenay tha Sentinel
���ay*: "It is possible that Mr. Well*,
who was defeated at the general election, will ba again t candidate and if
���o hi* return is assured."
Say* the Sentinel: " Seldom Indeed
in th* parliamenlaty history of Canada has it been the lot of a new government to meet with auch brilliant success in to tbort a apace of tima a* that
of ths Semlin administration which
now holds the rein* in thi* Province.
Tbe Government and it* aupporters
ar* jubilant while the Opposition acknowledged-yes, acknowledged on th*
floor of tb* House-that it is power
tots further to pity with th* will of
th* people,
Wh** Tou Hav* a Baal Oold.
You want the best medicine that
can be obtained, and that ia Chamber
lain'* Cough Remedy.
You want a remedy that will not
only givo quiok relief bnt effect a permanent cure.
You want a remedy tbat will relieve
ths lung* and keep expectoration
You want a remedy that will counteract aay tendency toward pneumonia.
You want t remedy thtt i* pleaaant
and iaf* to take.
Chamberlain'* Cough Rtmedy it tb*
only medicine in use that meets all ot
these requirement*. This remedy I*
famous for its cures of bad colds
throughout th* United State* tnd in
many foreign countries. It has many
rivals, but, for ths speedy and permanent cure ot bad colds, stands without
t peer, it* splendid qualities are everywhere admired and praised. For tale by
all druggists, Langly k Co Wholesale
Agtnts Victoria and Vat-sourer.
Mr, He.loek. M. P., Will laave.tlge-t..
, There it t difficulty tt Field between
the C.P.R. tnd certain of thog* who
hav* built on what U known ��t tbt
Dominion Government land behind the
railway station. Thou wbo hav*
built on thi* land claim it by squat*
ter's right and in torn* cases proper
entry hat beet mnde to ensure title,
0* th* other hand the C.P.R. applied
for the land and claim it by prior right.
The Department of the Interior tent D.
J. McDonald of. Kamloopt to. investigate th* matter and report, aud be
visited Field laat week to make the
newssary inqulrie*. Mr. Bostock will
also bo at Field to-morrow on his
way to Ottawa and while th* train
stops a deputation will interview him
on the subject. Mr. W. C. Well* will
alio a' tend. It. waa du* to Mr. Well*
tbat th* Unt action was taken to secure to the residents of Field the use
of thit government land and the peopl* ther* appreciate hi* effort* in their
iutereits very much.
Dltcovered by a Woman.
Another great discovery ha* been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and for seven years she withstood ill severest tests, but her vital
organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three months
she coughed incessantly, and could not
sleep. She finally discovered a way to
recovery, by purchasing of us a bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, and was bo much relieved ou taking first dose that the
slept all night; and with two bottles
has been absolutely cured. Her name
it Mrs. Luther Lutz." Thus writes
W. C. Hatunick di Co., of Shelby, N.
C. Sold by all druggists at 60 cents
and 11,00.* Every  bottle guaranteed.
A Oreat  Event Te-Hlght.
Tbe arrangements for the Hospital
Ball to-night are vary complett and
th* event promises to be a great success. First class music has been secured from Revelstoke and the C.P.R.
have generously given free pastes for
the occaaion. Tha Committee havt
bctn mott successful in their canvass
for refreshments, and rarely has there
been a finer tupper arranged than that
which will be sat down for the guest*
at to-night's ball. The Secretary, ur.
Robbins, and tbe Committee, have
been most energetic in th* carrying out
of th* arrangement*.
He Fouled The 8arg��en��.
All doctort told Renick Hamilton,
of Wett Jefferson, 0., after suffering
18 month* from Rectal Fittnlt, he
would di* unlet* t costly operttion
wa* performed; but he cured hiratelf
with five box** Bucklen't Arnica Salve
tbe aureat Pile cure on earth, and the
b**t Salve in ths World. 36 cents a
box.   Sold by all druggists.   4
Bye-Election For North
East Kootenay.
Palliser, B.C.
Dear Sir,
We the undersigned hereby reouest you to become a
candidate at the coming bye-
election for North East
Kootenay ; and we pledge
ourselves to give you our
personal support, and to use
our best endeavor to secure
your return:
J C Greene,
M Dainard
Tho* H Robton
Jam** Nobis
Alsx Campbsll
E R Pugh*
H McLaughlin
C E Hamilton
Wm Clemei -
R Manuel
R Love
James Henderson
J G Ullock
T Mercier
J Lake
J W Conner
Reuben Patten
J A Maclntyr*
Peter Sebastian
Alex Frater
E A Haggen
H R Moodie
F Jaynes
Jat J Brewster
W L Houston
Alex Murray
Simon D Ord
L H Eatelle
G N Donaldson
F McKay
F W Aylmw
W Miller
W J Barry
Robt Bookhout
G P*arc*
A C Hamlltou
H C Killeen
J A Orraitton
CG Ame*
J E Foran
T J Barter
Joseph Sand*
L Stewart
D McGregor
C Franson
J K Reilly
F Johnson
A Johnaon
F W Johnaon
A W Grierson
R J Parktr'
A J Macaulay
W W King
R A Pilkey
G M Ewsn
Louis Patrick
John G Lawioa
Frank Fitldt
W Hobton
David Dean
Thoa 8 Gill
G Fynboh
Peter Campbell
Donald McCrimmond
A J Vattar
T Mills
T W Higginsta
C J Martin
J B Lord
Wm Campbell
Thos McWhirter
N Vincint
F Vincent
H Jumari
H M Wbitcomb
Al Higginton
J T Jtekton
W M Billet'.
Lorn* McDonald
W Cator
John Brown
John Shaatt
John McDonald
L Petrittta
F V��got
G D Brown
J S Burnet
J Rutkinka
J Baika
A Colarch
W Cadden
A Part*
Joe Morgan
F Drager
A Gaflicano
W J Armstrong
Wm J Elliott
T Kelly
Chas H Cruse
Jat McGinnis
W Ainsworth
G E Manuel
AS Colpitis
C McMillan
F Colaeurcio
J D Atkinson
J A Lnli*
T SSollowy
Thot Bruudtwt
Rog*r�� Pan
A H Urquhart
J Palmar
W E Woodhou**
T H Dunn*
John March
J Puglacy
V Galicaao
F Gibson
J Taylor
Ed Trimble
W A W��lker
R Hyland
P Murphy
J T Caldwell
Joseph Lent*
T Johnttoh
S Warty
H A Keswick
Matthew Otto
David Lamey
J Hastings
S H Currie
J H Pinkerton
H Cooper
A 0 Dauiela
8 Umphrey
D MeDougall
T F Pirls
A Mitcbtll
A W Logau
George Mitchell
H Atchison
M Cameron
T Jouet
E Watkins
D Mormon
P Connor
A Austin
J White
J Mackay
W J McOougart
Columbia Villtf
Windermere, S.K.,
Jany. tilth, 1899,
We the undersigned pledge ourselves
to support the present administration,
and to do all in our powor to return
th* candidate of th* party tt th* <
ing election I
Samuel Urewtt*
John Bullman
R A Kimpton
H G Gordon
Wm jRoutledge
David Smith
W C Bennett
Jo* Hendrickaon
Otorg* Han kin*
Fred Banking
David Jack-Ma
Edward How*
Jot Legatat
John Wataait
Alfred Fort*y
Wm Taynton
0 A Brown
J L Mackay
M Kimpton
Wm Dintdals
Jos Lessard
J R McLeod
E F Rauclt
L St CUre
John Sitions
Geo Stark*
J Sbeols
8 Wilson
A Harrison
X R Stevenson
E T Johuston
fatal appearance. You can be cored. Not
merely relieved, bnt absolutely and perfectly
cured. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal 1'owHer will
restore you to cemplete   perfect health,   lt
gives relief at once,    lt cures in aaineredi.
lyahorttime. (M
��top it irotr.
Doa't ht it Ron on Until Your Cotditlilil
Causes yen to hs Ostracised u If Vou w*rt
a Leper.
Before it Is too late atop that Ittfeeuion of
cold, that means nothing more nor less that
catarrh. Stop, the suffering. Stop tht di.
agreeable discharges that art as hamiliati**'
to you ud offensive to your friends. DoaH
let it run on uatil your condition causo you
to be ostracised as if you were t leper. Donl
Mglect yourself until consuraptlota makes it*
""' fan be cured. Not
utolyand perfectly;
irrhtl 1'owH.rwiII
perfect health, lt
, ........ jnern.     it ��
Tb* district medal was playtd (or tt
Point* an Tunday night and w*a won
by D. M. Rae. The following w*re th*
���cores: Ra* 83, McNeith 10, Warren
SO, H. G. Paraog 19, Houston 19,
Good 19, Ullock 17, Alexander 1��, C,
H. Puaon 15, Hughe* 15, Sempl. 15,
Henderson 18, Eatelle 10.
Previous winner* of th* medal w*r*!
In 1895 P. J. Russell, *96 J.'R**,"!#T
W. McNeisb, '98 H. G. Pararo-..
Th* rink* which will attend lb*
Calgary bonspiel next week will bt:'������
Good, Alexander, Warren, Ullock (kip,
tnd C. H. Parson, H, G. Parse*, Henderson, McNeish skip.
Two games baf* been pl*y*d in th*
18 point competition thit Week, Rt*
defeating Good 18 to fi, and C. H.
Parton defeating McNeish 18 to 9.
The Afff-rtt-fe it m tt���iT"
I* envied by ill poof dyspsptio*-
who** Stomach tnd Liv��r tf* oat of
order, AH suoh ahould .know thtl
Dr. King'* N*w Life Pill*, the wotder-
ful Stomach tad Livtr K*m*dy, (it**
a splendid appetite, ao-uad dlgwtioD
tnd t regular bodity habit thtl' it'
rare* perfect health aid gnat ��a*tgy,
Only fteartt* at toy tfu-a fcm   <T
i-f-H.iif.**1 i*>
I To Advertisers and Subscribers.
,** &
Tho GOLDEN ERA is published overy Friday eveuli g,   li is tlm best ttdvertMcg medium
In'ih--' Knsi Ktintfinv district.
Subscription Rate*; 9&Q0per omtoni is ai>
Alteration:-! nnd elioug'-*-* of =tfii.tliti�� adver-
tisirnicnts mu?t le In tlio office not later ilir.i
nocn on Wednesday to Inuwo Insertion, bui
oa��i.ial ndverttseiuenia will be received up i:!l
nyonon Friday.
While nil reasonable enre trill bo taken, tm
proprtciors ivill net ho responsible ior auy
omission or ci-i\r In any advertisement.
All accounts to lie paid to the -Mnnrgli'!?
Director, or liU authorised rgnt, from wtioui
tlio euinnnnv'd receipt will beutitaincd.
Advertising rotes: PIsphy ads., (1.50 per
column Inchi Legal iuU.,10 oenta per lino for
first insertion,6 cents fur each additional Inst.i-
tlon; Rending notices, 12 ci'iits per Irafe'Cacn
All business communications should Iks addressed to the Managing Director, aiid allllter-
ary. communications, lu tors fur publieatlon or
news Items slum id bu addresjou to tho Editor.
Corrcs loiidenco i-- invited on matters of publio
Interest,imt t�� secure publication such lsttors
nnift he brief. In the case ol anonym ius letters
the name aud address ������( lhe writer must be enclosed, not forinflilloatlon, hut for tho private
information of Iho edit) r und ns 11 guarantee ol
good faith. Any letter i�� rtved later than Wednesday will have tu Btnutl over HU the follow lug
Tbe Golden Era Co. Limited Liability.
OFFICE,   (iOLDKN.   H. 0,
I'ruiif   I'liHlllve.
"By Jove, you know, da I wan driving down town the other day in my'dog^
cart a street car ran ttltip into mu aud
carried rue nearly half a bloak."
"Pbew! Was thu conductor much excited?"
"Must havo been. Didn't even osb
oie for a faro."���Brooklyn Life.
A Tcrrllilt- Loss.
Radley���So yon had been married 25
years when your wife died, eh?
Bradley���To a day���yes, hit,
itiidluy���lt mnst have beeu a terrible
loss to you.
Bradley���Indeed it was! Twenty-five
years out of a in mi's lil'n leaves un awful
vacuum.���Ricbmuud Dispatch.
Mr. Aabury Pppiicia,
"There.tsurely wus music in the air,"
���aid Mr. Asbury Peppers, "when those
two policemen got lo quarreling."
"I don't see where tho musloioame
In," Haiti tho dyspeptlo hoarder.
"You don't? It was a clashing of
tbe symbols of authority."���Cincinnati
Enquirer.   . ���_
Wise liml.
Papa���Now, Johnny, I havo whipped
you ouly for yonr own good. 1 believe I
havo only done my duty. Toll mo truly
what you think yourself. -
Johnny���If 1 should tell you what 1
think, you'd give me another whipping.
���Boston Transcript.
Tbe Canadian Remedy for all      |
Large Bottles, 25 cents. }
DAVIS A LAWRENCE CO., Limited,    ��
Prop's. Perry Davis' Pain Killer. O
New York Montreal   O
A Drnifcerfiu. Experiment.
City PliyHk-lun���I ennfeas, Mr. Inland,
thnt I cannot tell iiu yet what Ih tho nnit-
t*.r with you. Ytm sny yon woro In gooil
health when you left Inlandvllle.
Cnller (weakly)���Ferftiuthealth, perfect.
"How long havo you been In the city--'
" 'Uont threo days."
"How have you panned tho lime?"
".lust walking about quietly looking
ftt tlio streets anal the people."
"Humph I Very strimgo. Then you
hadn't oven a commission to esccuto���no
purohases to make?"
"No. I spent my whole time trying to
do what my wifo said. She told rae to
watch nil tho well dressed ladies and give
lier a description of the latest faahlons,"
"All, I see���brain strain!"���Now York
Subscribo to the Golden Eitt and help
to advance the inta-revsts i f tho district.
Bend 92 for a year's -tub.-.erip*4on !
-Miaa-a-ala PI*.
Boil and rub through the colander ���
good morrow squash. For ono pie take
u cup of tbo squash, oue-half cup of
sugar, two eggs, half a teaspoonful of
salt, a little nutmeg and cinnamon, half
a cup of croam and a onp of milk. If
no cream can bo had, stir into the
Equash n small bit of butter whilo it is
worm. Liuo platea with paste rolled
very thin dad bake in a slow oven.
Sat anally In ta-re-ated.
"Yon feel a deep interest in tho stability of your country, don't yon?" soid
Uio .'patriotic young man.
' "Of course 1 do," answered Senator
Borghnm. "If there wasn't any country, thoro couldn't bo auy government
jobs, could there."���Washington Star.
l'lyna* Elljsli.b.
Customer���I want two pound* of
Proprietor (of fruit stand)���Gripes?
This ain't uo drug stoic.
Customer���I said gripes���Concord
gripes. Can't you understand plyne
English?���Chicago Tribune. 	
"Ve guarantee thai thew
Plasters will relieve
pain q-iickt-r than any
other. Put up only in
25c tin boxes and $1.00
yard rolls. The Utter
allows you lo cut the
Plaster any size.
Every family
should have one
ready for an emergency.
Be-vura of Imitations
Tho Sword Swallower���Sho lookod
daggers nt nir.
Tho Circassian���And what did yon
Tho S. S.���Ob, I swallowed tbo insult!���"a-iow York Journal.
Can't Lime lt.
Duzby--Jabbins, do you romember
thut joko 1 sprung at tbo club dinner
last week:
Dooby���Yes, nud I'll never forget it.
I've remembered it for over teu years.
���-lloxbury Gazette,
All I nata-ea-Nfaairy Qnc.fion.
Mrs. Beiiham (to daughter)���If I
givo yon n piece til tbe cako I havo just
baked, will yon bo a good little girl?
Beuhnni���Of course sho will; she's
always good when sbo's sick.���New
York WorliK	
A Sew Departure.
Dr. Morsohmid, tho celebrated
French physician, has ut Inst opened
bis lnaguiik-onlly equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Out. There is a large
stuff of chemists anal physicians nt his
cniiininnil, nnd tho men anil women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Mnrschand has ti world-wide reputation for successfully treating nil
nervous diseases of iiie"u nud women,
nud you havo but to writo the doctor
lo bo convinced that yonr answer, when
received, is from a man who is on-
titled tn tho high position b�� holds in
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when yon can
secure tho nilvico of this eminent physician free of charge
All correspondence is strictly confidential and names nre held as sacred.
Answers ro correspondents are
mailed in plain envelopes.
Yon nro not asked to pay any exorbitant price for medicines, iu fact it
rarely happens that n patient has expended over SO cents to ono dollar before bo or sho becomes a firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in his treatmenl
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent stamp when yon writo and address
Tlio Dr. Marschaud Chemical Co., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you write the doctor.
��� ��� -Every suffercf from catarrh Who reads these lines will find in -them a message
of hope. No matte; how severely he may he afflicted, no matter how many so-
called remedies he mny have trk'd, no matter how many physicians have cxperi-
mented-upoti him in.vain, no matter how completely he may have despaired of
. ever ridding himself pf his disgusting and distressing malady���he can be cured 1
. Hundreds upon hundreds of cases as had as his have been fully and permanently
This wonderful remedy never fails if taken before catarrh has developed into
bthcrjiecessjirily fatal diseases.    Don't put it off���go ot once to your druggist
. and^get-a liottle.    It'will relieve you in 10 minutes���it will place you on the roa'd
I   tojiitf recovery immediately.    It cures cold in the head, sore throat, tonsilitis,
l^tTSfe,' tray' fever,*-toss of smell and deafness.   Here is an interesting letter from
|*ftcfcev;'*Jahi<Js MiirdOck, of Hnrrisbnrg, Pa. :    .     ,      ���*.,* ���*.>���' ��� ' .
"When I know anything is worthy of reeoinmcnflalfpn, I- consider, it my duty to let* j
my friends know It. I nave UttdDr, Agnew'a Catarrhal Powder for thelast two months
and am now completely cured of catarrh of five years standing. It is certainly maRical
inltsefiect. Thu first application benefited me within five minutes. I would not bo
without lt in the house If it coft 85.1 bottle, as It will cure any slight cold 1 may nave,
almost Instantly."      At all druggists. -:.,   .,/ .,
Ur. Agnew'a Cure for tbe Heart relieves heart disease in 30 minutes.  Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pills���aoc. for 40 doses���are tho best.   Or. Agncv'a Ointment relieves in aday co*
BU, tetter and all skin diseases.   Cures pile:. In 3 tu 3 nights.   35c. 10
Wherein    la    Shown    That    Ab��*nt-
mlmlt.'-tlnt*KB In Sometimes Fatal.
Thi? tale comes from Roumania,
where tbe events related really occur-
red. I -will givo-100 golden guineas (as
soon as I have them) to any person
proving that this incident did not oconr
in Ron-mania. Further, I will givo my
I 0 V for 200 golden guineas to any
person proving that this history occurred anywhere ont of Roumania at any
A professor, famous for his absent-
mindedness, invented a parachute. His
confidence in his contrivance was so
great that be even sought for an opportunity to try it. In this be erred. It is
all very well for a man to invent parachutes and flying machines to present
to persona he doesn't like, but if ho bas
family ties bo ought never to indulgo
iu experiments. However, tho professor
searched zealously for an opportunity
to test his aerial umbrella. Suooess unhappily crowned his efforts, and it bul-
loon 1st consented to givo him a lift.
On tho appointed day tbo professor
joined the aeronaut, and tbo two men
entered tbo car of tbo balloon, accompanied by tho paracbutic umbrella by
moans of whioh the professor proposed
to Kink softly and safely to tbe earth
from au enormous height.
Tho balloon (.hot upward swiftly.
When tbey wero at au altitude a little
less than ilO.OOO feet, tbe professor suddenly remembered what be was there
for, uud at once climbed out of tbo car
and dropped off before tbe aeronaut
could stop him.
He had dropped 1&,000 feot and was
still dropping, when he remarked to
himself with great disgust:
"Good gracioue, I've come away and
forgotten my umbrellar���Judy.
Advice to an Admiral.
Ho'b  not afraid  of flashing blade  nor
shot that weighs a ton;
He'll face Lhe foe with calm, unflinching eye.
He   never   shims   the   ticry   spot   where
fightfl are lost and won;
He'll ntop for breakfast where the bul
lets fly,
Uut  this Is on the foaming sea, where
men thn ilajj may rales,
While adulation cannot mar the tnsk.
But when  ho finds  the shores of pence
and overzealons priilae.
Sir. Dewey'il better got himself a mask.
For they're standing on tho corners nil
along tho thorough fa reH,
Thesit girls, who are nut na a rulo so
And If a bevy of them catch a hero un-
They will kiss him till he's fjlad to holler " 'nought11
"Whon  toward  far lesser men of deeds
such rulhlfissness they Khow,
For quarter letting tbopi all vainly ask,
Pray   heed   this   warnl.��r,   most  ulncero,
though whispered soft und low,
Mr. Dewey, don't neglect to get u mask.
���Washington Hlar.
Protection From IluiiHelu'enkem.
Mrs. Brown-Jones ��� My dear Mrs,
Smith-Thompson, I am surprised to a>o n
card with "Lodgings to Let" in your
drawing room window. What docs it
Mrs. Smith-Thompson���Ob, that card's
my autiburglar protective! It's over eo
much mora effcutlvo than iron bars or
electric bolls. No roHpeutablo burglar over
invades a lodging ha uso,���'Punch.
Blorc A-cumln.
In pensive mood nlie sat and gazed
Ah it at something far in space,
And two big tears that trembled on
Hor lashes trickled down her face
"Ah, dearest, what has mado you sad?"
The man who loved her cried.   "Sweet
I charge you tell me truly If
You weep o*er aught that I have done!"
"Nay, yott are not. to blame," nhe sobbed���
Despite her teara she still was fair���
"I weep today because, ntas!
I've just pulled out my first gray hair."
"Sweet one, if that is all," he said,
"De comforted and weep no more.
Tour loss Is small, for others soon
Will shine where that one shone before."
���Chicago News.
Vanity In women is
forgivable. It
was Nature's intention that woman should be
vain of her personal appearance,
aud the woman
who fails of this
fails of her full
womanhood. No
woman should be
s a t i s fi e d to go
through the world
with a complexion made hideous
by unsightly
blotches, pimples
and eruptions.
No woman should
be satisfied to
have a sallow,
sickly complexion,
The remedy for these conditions does not
He iu cosmetics. Skin disease is caused by
impurities iu the blood, and by nervous
disorders due lo weakness aud disease of
tho distinctly feminine organism. Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is tbe
greatest of all known blood-purifiers. It
not only drives all impurities from the life*
stream, but fills it with the rich, life-giving
elements of the food. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription acts directly on the delicate
and Important organs that hear the burdens
of wifehood and motherhood. It makes
them pure, strong, well and vigorous. A
course of these two great medicines will
transform a weak, sickly, nervous, despondent woman, who suffers from unsightly
eruption's of the skin, into a healthy, happy,
amiable companion, with a skin lhat is
clear hnd wholesome. These medicines
are made from herbs aud roots, and contain
no minerals of any description. They simply assist the natural processes of assimilation, secretion aud excretion. Medicine
dealers sell them.
It is a druggist's business to give you, not
to tell you, \yliatvQU want.
"About four years'ago,* writes Thomas liar*
ris, of-Wakeficld^Stijtiou, Suhhcx Co., Va,, "my
daughter 'Helen -m afflicted with eczema lu a
distressing faun..' Uf. "Risrct's medicines aired
her after nit other remedies had fatted."
In sending for a free copy of Dr. Pierce's
-Common Sense "Medical Adviser, enclose
31 one-ceijti stamps, to cover custom's, and
mailing ouljvif a,, paper-covered copy is
���desired, pr--flO. stamps for cloth - binding.
Address pr. R..V, Pfcrcc, Buffalo, H. Y.
persons In this state to mniirge our
huflnessin their own and near-by eouniies. It
la mainly office work conducted at home. Salary straight >000 a year and expenses���definite,
honaflde, nomore.no less salary. Monthly (75.
Reference, Enclose self-addressed stamped
envelope, Herbert fi. Hess, Prest.. Dept. M.
k Madid*. Chut la lt��lf.
Slmplo, Safe ant! Quick Cur* tar
23 and BO cent Bottles.
California Farms Ior��Sale.
��1200���200 nereis* JliOO���20 acres;
S2D00���84 acres; $800���40 acres; $600
���1200 acres; $2500���80 acres; $2000
���20 acres; $1500���100 acres; $1000���
20 acres; $1200���10 acres; $1200���80
acres; $000���50 acres; $13,800���400
acres; $250���700 a-res; $800���80
acres; $12,000���1)00 acres; $2170���217
acres; $720���24 acres. Tbey aro ill
California. 150 miles smith of the
Oref-ou line, in a valley flvo niilcs A-ide
at east end and tapering to a point 15
miles west iIh-oiirIi -which it large creek
flows; on the trunk lino railroad connecting San Francisco and Portland.
Tlio market, is good. Farm prodncte
always bring tho highest price. Bcsl
natural roads in Ibe world���never
muddy. Near many gold mines. Elevation, 600 feet; yearly rainfall 80
inches; plenty of wood; water is pure,
soft and cold; no alkali; no chills, no
long trouble no rbcumntism; seldom
auy snow ever falls. Crops never fail.
Coldest weather 24 degrees above zero
���no cold winters; no sunstrokes; no
mnddy streets; no cyclones, uo hnrri
canes or floods. No bettor climate can
be found. The products are flowers oi
overy kind, figs, peaches, pears, prunes,
plums, cherries, almonds, walnuts,
raisins, grapes of all varietios; wheat,
barley, rye, oals, hogs, sheep, chick
ens, etc. The best of society; schooli
are first class. Congregational, U. B
and Baptist Churches. The pcoplo art
white, wide awake, generous���highesl
type of American citizenship. Then
is no government or railroad laud
there; no farms for rent.
We havo nn agent in the town tr
show these places free of charge whi
will also fnriush abstract with eacl:
salo showing clear litle. For circulars
containing maps and full information
address B. A. HAGGEN,
Notary Public aSs Real Estate Agent,
Golden, B. O.
. . i.oraohft In thin Btato to manage om
buflluesam thoir own and near by counties* I-
ia mainly office worlc conducted nt home, Salary Btralght I0M a year and expanses���definite
inuatide, uo more, no lon Balary. Monthly :7-v
Reference Ehclocd celt-add" eased niamnet
envelope, HerLcrt E. Hess, Prest., Dept. AI
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
l-tigi of all kinds for
Hire at>-Reasonable Kates.
Teaming of all kinds n, specialty.
GOLDEN,   '. O.
1. Yonr best local newspaper
2. The thricc-a-week
II. Finely Illustrated monthly magazine
Ilrlghtcn vour homes for winter. Thcsa-
lliroe, formliii,' a completo lilirary, for oni-
yaaar for
Aalalra-aaa:   THE MANAOEH,
Oolden Era Co. I.al. I.y.,
Oolden, 11. C.
Will Erin Comfort To All.
THERE l�� no rase of RHEDMA- Kft/��
T1S.M Inii can be ODRED for 9\)Ij
effect a permanent euro where all
other remedies lull to nfford tlle Mlght-
eet relief.
���They mnkfl the old fnlks young iig.iln
And make the erlppleH leap:
And K<ve yon comfort while await ���
Ami comfort while you sleep.
KiiHlic Rheutuutle luiolci aro made to
tit all sizes or Mines nnd will be acnt hy
mtill to any address on rerelpt ot priee,
fioc. A positive cure gurannjed In every
ease ol llltfimitttlftiii or ni'inev reliindcil.
Advlee iiirulAhed free on hpidlcntion.
General pgiiuts wanted everywhere. Uo
not suffer uny more but wnd at once for
a pair of Rustle Kheumatle Iiisuleu that
MilII g.vu you everlasting relief and
hupplue*-).   Apdress,
Detroit, Mich. WindsorJOnt.
Mention the Golden Bra,
��mmmmmmH I
Il tha best and moit palatable preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, agreeing,with the most delicate
I. pra-jcrlbeal by th. leading phyilclua of
I., marvtlloaas flesh producer .nd will rlT.
you aa appetite.  EOc. dt $ I per Bottl..
Benin you get I   DAVIS ft LAWRENCE
th.genuln.   |      CO., Limited, Montreal
I h**-*aa*a>-a.-aai,aa*i*, *, a.i**--*,-*--|.--l-*,a-*l-*--a*iaa*-ifc -. *- ( |
$$$WE   PRINT$$$
Sjnai us yo*dr orders.
Th��t is -what we are here for.
Limited Liability.
Uud aging Dime tor.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholeulo nml Retail���
Oatt'c, Sheep and Horae Dealers.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamp* and Seal* will be
received ���aft' e Golden Era Office and executed
with prompt ltude.
The Oolden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
JAMES BRADY, D.L.S. & P. L. 8.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'u Inst. M. E.
Agmt   for obtaining Crown (.irants, doing
annual assessment work. etc.
Address:   QOLDEN,   B. C.
(Established 1W0) Lkadvim.e, Comhudo.
Samples hy mall or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay   Prices.���Gold, allver and
lead, *1 i any two of tho above, ll.c; any oue of
the above, HOc; copper nnalvsls, gi; platinum,
nickel or tin, 15.   A rite for full price list and
mailing envelopes.
A supply ol Building L'mo for sole. ���
I'l.ns prepared. Prompt attention
. Ifia-i-n to order..
Ihe Imperial Life Assurance Co.
a-*.', i/tn Deposited with Dominion Government for security of Policy Holders.
E. A. Hagoem,
Air-ut. Gulden, B.C.
Canadian .
Pacific By.
If yo.1 intend (pending the
wint��r in a
Milder * Climate
Write or call for particulars
of j-atee, routes, eto , to
Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
Apply to tbe nearest Canadian  Pacific "Railway Agont, or address
Traflic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
C. E. WELL8,
Ticket Agent, Oolden.
Notary Public, Mining, Real
Estate & Commission Agt.
Deeds prepared and attested. Portias
represented in I olico court, Small Debts
court and County court. Account, collected and disputed claims adjusted.
Town Lots and Farm Ia-tnds f-r sale.
Working ai.d Dividend Paying Mines in
various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Qold, and Silver-
Lend Prospect, and Developed Propertiea
on Bond.
Reports and  information   furnl-hed.
Stock, in British Columbia mine.
beught and sold.
C-.ble Address:   KANAG AN, Golden.
Codes in use: Moieing & Neal, and
Bedford MoN.ill.
Oaaoal   accommodation   fot    prospectors. end
Freighters.   Firflt-clu. nleals.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold Baths. -
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigation & Tramway Company, Li
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P. R. at   Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices.
Through ��n Rrraiwrnontwllh Miner and Mikf.ham.wa nro enabled to offer al), who will
pay CASH IS ADVAXUO for o vcar's Aiilmcrlptloii to THE QOLDEN ERA, dabbed with Minkh
an'h Minekals- Five Coupons i*ntitling ilie subserlber to
Five Assays for Oold and Silver, Copper, Iron, or Lead.
Thenn nwnyH will lie made at thi; Minkh and Miai:iiai,h Assay Offioo. Somnton, l'n., and aro
guaranteed an rcllnble nnd accurate ft�� lt Is powlblfl to have umdu anywhere. Prompt returnn
will lie mndu In nil enm's.
Uigiiliir Hulwcrlpllon to Minkh and Minkhai.s f2.no
Regular Subscription to Tin; GOLDRN Kha       i'.'W���Totnl $4 Of)
Clubbing Rnto. luclndli k Al.ove-Xamod Asmya 2.6).
If you wish to ace Minim and Minkkalb lofotv taking ap tbls offer, send for a free MBit le
copy to Scranton, Pa. Mention this paper. , ���*���< .
4^    .
Manufacturers   ot    and   Dealers   in  all  Kinds
of   Lumber Etc.
CONTRACTORS    fo' THE    C.   P.   R.. ..'
Golden and Beaver, B. 0. THE GOLDEN ERA.
,.    ��� -**-*  a
Va folks down-.tiera* .In Mudvllle ar. excited gome, of late,
AU owln to a bran' now game that's foreign to our state.
Society hail taken to the game I mention, and
They're playln ot It now to beat a hull
dern circus band!
The most-Important part about the game,
Z guess. Is clothe*.
The trousers must be. cut In two, so's all
your stockln shows,
An then*yo*u got to wear a.coat that's
painted burnln red
An pull a milk pan made'of wool down
crossw&yB'bn your head.
Then, next to clothes, you .-ot to to ah
learn some language such
As never yet was equaled by the lowest
kind ot Dutch!
The Btrangcst kind of talk, by Jinks, that
mortals over heoral!
It sounds jest like a Scotchman when he's
b'urrln thfoai-1- his beard!
Your clothes tan conversation fixed, then
you must go an git
Bomo shinny sticks, which same are made
on purpose for to hit
A pesky Utile rubber ball, crab apple like
In size
An dark complected, so's you can locate
It as It flics.
That's all*-b'gosh, excuse me, fer It ain't
all, Jest the same!
Z clean forgot tho most excltln thing
that's In the game.
Which Is a kill with dirty face au,freckles you employ
To carry rounal your shinny sticks .an bs
your caddie boy.
Now, havin all your flxln's, you approach
what's called the tee,
Dip down your hand Into a oan, draw out
some mud an see
Tou mold It so's the rubbor ball sits nicely on its crest,
Thori' swing your shinny stick an let your
muscles do the rest.
This, done, you pose a bit an say: "That
.drive? foozled me,
Ofe.se I would havo nlbllcked out to two
���  In less than three!
I'll.take that water hazard, with somo
,   brassle shots between,
IThless that hunker gobbles an I lay dead
-; \m tho green!"
Keep up this language an proceed to walk
an walk an walk
Until your "voice is tired an you run clean
out ot talk,
A��when at last your gutty gets In whlnt
an throws you off
Ton miles from home you smile an say,
"Thero ain't no game like goff!"
���Baltimore American.
The Damage Wu Slight.
' ''Did de doctors Diamine Grlmiyl!"���
"Yes, de; punched and dey t'nm'ped
him nil over."
"Wliat!- Punched Grjrney? Say, J
guess not. Grimsy wouldn't let no ea**-
btfriea t'nmp him."
'  "Why, derowns free nurses a-holdin
him down, and all big fellers."
"Dat's 1 shame. I'll bet Gjlmsy
conld 0' lickod any tiro of 'em to once.
Did dey find anyt'ing broke?"
"Nuthin bnt a pack 0' oigarooti in
hit vest pocket." ��� Cleveland Plain
Sealer.     __.	
Evolution of Man.
Mrs. Grout--Husbands are io different from other men I
Mrs. Snapper���I know It. I laid to
John last evening, "How tbe wind
blows I" and.no grnnted and said, "Did
yon ever kii'ow the wind to do anything
Mrs. Grout���That's jmt It. Before
you were married to him ho probably
wonld nave "bail no end ot nice thingl
to ray in reply.
 r"*-*-"     J    *:
Better Mot.
Mr. Trimbles (leadinghishorsedown)
���Ain't you very mnoh afraid of your
pony falling with' yon, Lambertson,
among all Iheso rabbit holes and things)
Lambertson���Fall, sir 1 Lor' bless ye
what, he daren't I I should amothef
him 1���Punch.
' Force of Character.
"He is tbe most notablo rich man In
this section of the west,"
"Yes, we havo plenty of rich men
Who como hero without a cent, but he
is the only rich man wbo came here
rloh. I tell yon, he is to bo credited
with a great force of charaotor."���Do-
troit Journal.
Easily Understood.
I am "reminded Indirectly of an anecdote
In Senor Carolina's "New Ouide of the
Conversation In Portuguese and English:"
"A physician 80 years of age hnd enjoyed of a health unalterable. Theirs
friends did him of it compliments every
'' 'Ulster Doctor,' they said to him,
- 'you are admirable man. What you make
these for to bear you aa well?'
'"I shall toll you It, gentlemen,'he
was answered them, 'and I exhort you In
1 same time at to follow my example. I
live of the product of my ordering, without take any remedy who I command to
ny ticks.'"���Boston Budget.
*   ' To Ks.p Haby From liars..
In Ireland a strand ef woman's hair Is
put In a baby's cradle.
Roumanian mothers bind red ribbons
about the baby's angles.
Btthonlan mothers tie bags of herbs to
their Infants' necks.
In Wales a pair of tongs in Ihe cradle
secures tke mite of humanity from harm.
��� . -Among the Vosges, peasants- children
born at the now mo��a.nro supposed to
have their tongues woll hung, nnd' those
bote at.tbe last annftar to bass, -ks.net
reasoning.   " '.-   'W-ii ;,"   .. '
Minard's Liniment Curei Cold���� -fito,
Ila'r Ialea of Vt.
Marian, 4 vcuti old, is a little Mnuu
Vernon ;' ���' - '��� ����� sttends Sunday sobool.
Not lai*,\-J��*ce tho golden text of the
week cbauctd to be the versa- from Matthew commencing, "Let your light to
shine." The verse was rather long for
Marian, though her mamma tried
throughout the week to instill into tho
child's mind not only the words, but
their meaning.
When Sunday camo, the little maid
trotted off to Sunday school with her
older brothers and sisters, and when
the tenoher asked her ior the golden
text she promptly slid from her seat
and oonvnlsed the clufis by repeating
"Keepyonr gas bnrnin,"���New York
Greater Agt ety.
The Fug���You and yonr tramp master share and share alike, don't yon?
The Cur���Not always. You see, I
kiu dodge kicks better'n he kin.���New
York Journal.
Sleeplessness.���When the nerves are
unstrung oud tho wholo hotly given up
to wretchedness, when the mini is
filled with gloom und dlemr-l forebodings, the result of derangement of the
iigestive organs, sleeplessness comes to
idd to the distress. If only the subject
���onld sleep, there would bo oblivion for
1 while and temporary relief. Pnrmo*
lee's Vegetable Pills will uot oily iu*
Ince sleep, but will not so beneficially
thnt the subject will wtJio refreshed
md restored to happiness.
Oh, Willie, Kaiser Willie,
Is It honest what they say?
They tell me thaat you're going
Far across the briny way,
,   They tell me that to Cadiz
bh, my -Willie, you will go,
And stranger yet they wh.sper
That it is Inconnyto!
Oh, Willie, Kaiser Willie.
I am tilled with, wild surprise,
To think of you -a's hiding
'Neath a comntbnplace disguise.
Tou surely cannot do lt,
For your vanity, I know,
"Would burst the stoutest buttons
Of the blamed Inconnyto.
���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Palo sickly children should nse
Mother'Graves' J^orm Exterminator.
Worms nre one of tho principal causes
of suffering iu children nii'd should be
expelled from (lie system.
The Ste-nr play.
The play was dull from end to end.
The aaV-amatlst addressed his friend:
"If not a hit, 'twas not a miss;
I did not hear a single hiss."
"True,"''said his friend,  "but tell mo
A man can hiss and gape togother?"
���Brooklyn Life.
Street Car Aceialent���Mr. Tboiiin.
Sabiu.saij-B-. "My eleven-year-old bo\
had his foot badly, injured by bcin*< rm
over by a c.ir on the street railwuv
We at oneectimmpii'ced bathing the fool
with Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil, whei,
the discoloration and swelling was re
moved, aud iu nine days he conld usa
his foot. We always keep a bottle in
tho honse rendv for auv emeruencv."
"Do you find tho cares of state fatiguing?" inquired the lntervlwer,
"Fatiguing!" echoed 1.1 Hung Chang.
"I should say so. It keeps ine busy sco-
lng how many Russian rubles there aro
In un English pound and then getting
the result III Chinese taels, bo as to make
sure who Is offering the most money,"���
Washington Star.
What n Weil-Known Medical Journal
Say. About the King of Disease.
"This is essentially an sge of sclentiflc pro-
"areas, Sclonco anal invaantlaan go hand in
-hiind. Thanks to H diHtlUKulHliod ehomlsi
"a-onsumption Is rnlalaeal of its torrors,iloprl-.ed
"of its daastruetlvaanaass. snd this install.us ills-
"ease can first Isa r-lievaxl una! Iha-n cured.
"But to accomplish a enro that Is flaaal and
"effective there must bo constant naarslsaa-ncy
"iu treatment nnd right llvlm.-. The suffaara-
"must takaa thaa riarht incdla-al i-a'llef, rightly a d-
"ministered. Br tho lailaor. skill aataal reseat-on
"of an ominent chemist, T. A. .-toeum, consumption can bo both relieved and cured-"���
Medical Trlbuno.
Tha-a-y free satin [ale bottles of tho Siocum Cure
will be sent to anv sufferer from cainsumntiun,
lung or throat troubles a>r general debility, 11
nHine, address nnd express olhee ana sent to
lhe T, A. Blocum Co., l.tsillod, 178 King stree
west, Toronto, Out. This is a genuine offer,
and if the ra-aala-r is���n- knows a friend who Is
-a .ufferer, send nl aaneo for tho free sample*
and mention this panel
rilesTook theRhlpi Ulrd.TookThesa.
A moat remarkable tale of Ibe sea li
that related by Captain Langnill of tbt
British steamer Kensington, whioh arrived in port recently ftom Sourabaya,
Java, with a heavy cargo of sugar.
Tbt Kensington sailed for this port
over two months ago. Tbe weather wat
extremely hot even for a tropical region.
When five days out, tho steamer passed
through a vast area of seaweed, tha
home of million! of dragon flies. Hardly had the vessel's prow touched tht
seaweed when tha flies, attiacted by tbt
aavory fames of tbe oargo, began to
���warm about tbe deok. They gathered
In great numbers. They penetrated tht
wiokor ingar bags. Tbey attaoked thi
crew, stinging tb* men abont the fact
and handi in a frightful manner. Fot
Ave daya tbe dragon flies oontinned
their onslaught, driving the men to desperation. '
Then ther* oume an unexpected rescue.
A flock of "boatswain birds, lha foe ol
the dragon fly, circled and wheeled
above tbt nnfoitunata steamer, then
���swooped down upon it. In a short tims
the birdi bad dears!) the Kensington ol
Iho p��sti.-Phlladel'pbla Times.
Cliurle. Alexandra Dunuy Oue. 3Ic.ro at
the Head of Gamartameilt Affairs
iu Faant-e.
Charles Alexandre Dapuy, the head of
the new Ministry of France, Is not new
to the office of Premier and Minister of
the Interior���the two being associated
together iu tha French Cabinet. M,
Rlbot, who has just dselinnl to build a
new sfruoture on the 'JQrisson wreckage,
was succeeded as Premier In 1803 by
Dupuy, who held the office until the
early part ot 1805, when ho retired with
high honors. He stan.ls so high Ih the
estimation of political Frenchman that
his candidacy for the Presidency of the
Republic was lookod upon with great
favo.\ ;m. Dupuy Is 47 rears old. His
pooplo were poor and held humble  post*
tlons. His father wai a minor official In
the local prefecture. The early oareer of
the now statesman was glrtn to teaching
of philosophy In collegss at Nantua and
Aurlllao, and also at various lyoses. He
gave great attention to the cause of popular sdnoatlon, and In 1880 became school
lnfiptctor at Mends, and later at Caen
and Ajacolo. At the latter place he was
In dne time chosen as vice-rector of the
Corstcan collage. In 1889 bo entered the
national political field of Fraaoe, being
returned to the Chamber of Deputies as
Opportunist, Republican member for the
Haute-Lolre. After entering Parliament
he championed primary education for the
people, and in 1886 brought forward tht
nomination of schoolmasters fro,j tbe
hands of prefects of departments to the
rectors of academies. But ths storm of
opposition raised was so great he with*
dreaV his proposal. The elections of 1880
found bin. more in favor with the poople
than he bad over been before. His majority over bis monarchist opponent was a
phenomenally large oao. Threo years
later hi took office under the then Ministry of M. Rlbot nnd succeeded him six
months later. Ho Is a man of broad mind
and great physical courage. This latter
quality was murked at tht time of tht
bomb explosion In tho Chuinberi, when
he displayed no fear. Ha ceased to be
Premier In 1895, and wos succeeded by
M. Rlbot, who now declined to act again,
A Hoalnt Little Affair.
Tbil is the season when people are
puzzling themselves about economical
Christmas presents, and the following
suggestion from tbo Now York Tribune
will furnish at least one article of tbe
kind wanted. A dainty and inexpensive
penwiper ia made nith the aid of a lit-
tie Chinese doll. Find a small kneeling
one, about tyt Inohes high, and make a
pretty little ooat for it ont of somo
bright bit of velvet. Gather a pretty
contrasting color of silk beneath this
for a blouse, and then let the little figure rest on a few oircles of felt, nicely
pinkod around. Fasten these in the center of the oirole and then glue tht man
���son them.
Tells how Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Fills Conquer Disease.
Like the conquering armlet of Britain,
which aro marching to victory in every
quarter of the globe, Milburn's Heart
and Nerve Pills are everywhere triumph*
Ingoversickness.weaknessand suffering.
Mr. David Walsh, of Carleton Place,
Ont., a man who has served with distinction and credit in the British army,
and it now an employee of the C, P.
Railway, sayt, " While in the army I got
broken down, and mv nervout system
was completely shattered.
"I was much troubled with liver ecMi-
plaint, loss of appetite, etc. My rest became broken and was disturbed by vivid
dreamt. Thit had been going on for 14
years, although I took a great many
remedies to escape from the troubles
which afflicted me.
"However, I got no relief until I
started to take Milburn's .Heart and
Nerve Pills, which I used together with
Laxa-Llver Pills, and now after having
used a few boxes, I am better than I
have been for years. My nerves art
restored to full force and vigor, I eat and
aleep well, and my entire system hat
been toned and strengthened."
" Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, joe.
a box, or 3 for $1.45, at all druggists.
_���'���"-������JS-J-tv-er Pills." ny. John Doherty,
JS North Street, St. John, N.B., " cured sit
el Constipation and distress alter taMog.
Th.lr actio* la natural and enutlvt."
Mlnards Llalinont Cures Garget In Cows
Tortured With Pain, io the Stomach for
Pour Years���Doctors and Hospital 1 rest-
meat Failed to H.lp H.r��� Io Her Extremity Dr. Williams' Fink Pills Ke.tored
Her to Kesltla.
From ilia* Pembroke Observer.
Wherever mnn is to bo found there
also, sido lay sido with him, is disease
and suffering. Those who have derated their lives to the alleviation of
���hi- suffering and bodily weakness of
htunati organization are sm-ady benefactors of their kind, nud deserve tho
���muse of all mankind. For special
honor.: iu this lino may bo pointed out
tlio discoverer of that wonderful rom-
���jdy, Dr. Wiliains' Pink Pills for Pale
Poople, Recently the case of Mrs,
Maggie Brunette, of Chichester, Que.,
tame prominently under the uotiee of
iho Observer repa.rter. He felt it to be
nis duly, ou hearing of Mrs. Brunette's
restoration from prostrate illness to
health,to interview the lady mid record
her experience for the benefit of others
who may need the healing influences of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, Mrs. Brn*
alette's f, rm house was found to be very
.'omfortablo aud even elegant, located
near the base of nn immense hill, an
anttgnurd of the Lanrontiau Mountains.
The reporter was warmly welcomed
and Mrs. Bruueliia said sho was very
glad 10 liuvo mi opportunity to testify
to tho great benefit Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills had conferred upon her. She is
���I*! years of age now. Her husband, thai
late Ohas, Brunette, died 14 yours ago,
amil after his death she worked very
hui-d for some years, with the result
that she betjunie completely run down,
so muoh so tlmt, although quite tall,
she weighed ouly about 90 pounds.
After taking the slightest food she felt
sneli distress that she was compelled to
lie down for hours, beiug so weak that
slin was nimble lo sit up. At last she
thought she must have beeu attacked by
oancer of the stoiunch, so violent were
���ho pains tliat constantly harassed her.
Che consulted (he best physicians and
-pent more thnn a hundred dollars iu
treatment aud medicine, iu addition to
a.iiich she spent nine weeks iu tho bos-
I'ital at Pembroke. But withal sho
.vas ill four years and despaired of ever
being well. Finally she decided to
���tive Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a trial,
and accordingly sho procured six boxes.
Although they benefited lier almost
from the time she began tnJdug them,
ahe kept on taking the pills until she
had taken sixteen boxes, and then felt
hat she was completely cured, the pills
accomplishing in three months what
i'our years of medical treatment had
failed to do. From that time, nearly
threo years ago, Mrs. Brunette has beeu
iu ��ood health, needing no medicine.
''You oan seo," snid Mrs. Brunette, ns
the, reporter was departing, "that I am
in perfect health, I attend to all my
household work aud tho dairy and
poultry, and huve a large number of
���tows to milk, I never fail to say a
-���ood word for Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
ivhen I have au opportunity, for tbey
11(1 wonderful things for me." Mrs.
irnuette is a well educated lady.spenk*
ing French and Euflish fluently.
A sharp stinging pain
in the back���you think it
doesn't amount to anything���bn all right in a
few days���but it doesn't
got al! light���kidneys are
not doing their duty, and
the poisonous matter that
they ought to remove ii
going all through the system���causing rheumatism,
gout, dyspepeia, headaches, backaches���all sort!
of ills.
Cure the disease by removing tho cause.
W. D. Pophani, Talbot St.,St.TliomoB, Ont.,
���ays: " I nave for a lonjj time hart sorii.ua
basic and kidney trmihlc* Mv book wus ku
Miff and painful that when I sat down 1 Itnti
to hav�� soinettiini; to Assist mc to get up.   I
hnve tulciMi fvur bo.t'-'rt uf DOBH H Kill 11OY
PUIb, Bad they have taken th�� niiifntss nnd
paia from my back and tumbled tn�� to
straighten up without pain or difliculiy."
Prlw p& a box, * far |i��, all dranlito.
Tba Doao Kidney Pill Co., Toronto, Ont.
\X7*1IY don't you
��� vv    twe the DMt
fyllnjj system   in  tin*
world, when you l-uii
get   -    ���    -
For 50c.
Don't mlM thi? oiler.
Write for prices on
Stationery, school Sup*
plies, Law Forms, etc.
���I Ileal Blow.
"Winter Is full of snd memories tome."
"Why sot"
"I aanro fed n g|r| 0n oipenslvo lee
cream all summer nnd flan hroko our engagement jn-t ns tho dialing dish season
set in,"���."Gxohnngo,
U'n.li.,1 lilncpsr-r.
o:a. something io deplore Is
Tliaat n-asted lioau- when
We toll hair raising stories
To stark baldhoadoa. men!
-I* A. W.  Haill.tJ-aa.
So rapidly does lung irritation spread
and deepen, that often in n few weeks
simple cough cnlminutt-s in tubercular
consumption. Givo heed to a oongh,
lliero is always danger ill delay, get a
l-ollli! of I.ie'Oe's Anti-Consumptive
Syrnp, and euro yonveelf. ft is a medicine unsurpassed fur nil throat and lung
li-oablcs. it is compounded from sev-
orul herbs, each mil- of whicli stands at
ihe head of the list as exerting a won-
lei-l'ul influence iji curing consumption
and all inn-,' diseases.
England carries about, 58 per cent, of
the sea-borne merchandise of the world.
The Ford Stationery Co.,
.07 Mailia St.      Winnipeg, Man.
Is now n Household word, and
stands as a guarantee of Pl'ltK
GOODS, Hlfill (|l AI.ITV and
1,0 W  PRICE.�� *:** HON
Ming Powder
In Absolutely Pure, keeps
Fresh and Pull Strength
till used.   .   .   .   Try it.
SNAP For lll�� Brai" Worker.
STRENGTH For lhe Poyalcal Worker.
STAMINA ForMen.Women andChildren.
AND SUPPLIES.  Large catalognc fie*
,7 Khaa. West. ToramU
"-1R KF.in nims..
Why buy imitations of doubtful
nent when iho Genuine cau be pur*
'based as easilv.
The propriety's of MIXABD'S UNI*
11EXT inform us that their sales the
ns! year still entitle their preparation
o Uo considered the BUST and FIRST
ii the hearts of their c-ouutrvmen.
'lit-. Silly I'oal.
A lao.'.'l Is n stupid alaafi'ea-,
VldellClt, thaat olal buffer
Who, In tripping meter, said,
"Tell me where is fancy breal?"
Why was be not, by some bumpkin,
With ia noilalle like a pumpkin,
Some alelasa-, modern Tony l.umpkln.
To the baker's window laal
Anal tola], "Thero ia fancy brefnld!"
���Ally Sloper.
The Flagging Knergies Kevived,���
"Jonstnut application to business is a
ii.*- upon (ho energies, au a if llieru be
lot relaxation, lassitude nud d prtssion
avo snro to intervene. Th so come
rnm stounchio troubles. T 0 want ol
>xcroiso brings on nei-vons irregular!*
des, nud the stomach eeasaas tj assimil*
th! food properly, lu this eoudition
fni'meleo's Vegetable Pills will be
'oimd a recuperative uf rare power,
-a'stnring the organs to h.allhfnl neliou,
li-.pi-lliug depression, and reviving the
lugging energies.
Gentlemen,���I have for a long* time
needed something- to make blood and
build up my system. My blood waa watery
and thin, lacking* strength and vitality.
Lasi January a mend said!���" Why not
try Dr, Wards Blood nnd Nerve Pills?
They will supply the oxygen your blood
needs and give you health and' strength."
I lold him 1 was very skeptical as lo any
benefit that could be derived from any
proprietary medicine and had no faith in
them. There lhe matter rested until four
months ago, when reading so much about
what Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills
have done for so many people with impoverished blood, 1 concluded to give
them a trial. I have taken four boxes and
my unbelief so far as Dr. Ward's Blood
and Nerve Pills are concerned has been
entirely removed. They aro a splendid
blood builder and strength restorer, and
an' invaluable medicine for weak, enervated people, This has been my experience, they having given me strength of
body and strong healthy blood.
988 Queen St. West, Toronto, Out.
All good druggists can supply you. If
they won't, we will by mail. Price ^oc.
nor box ; 5 boxes for Sj.oo. The Doctor
WARD Company, Limited, Toronto, Out.
(jencrnl Insurance Agent 1
FIKK Com pan lei Itepruiteiited j
Quebec Firo Assurance Co.
Royal Iiiaunince Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
Alt classes of Insurance* transacted and losaas
promptly und sutisfiietorilv uettied.
��xt aloor to 1'. O.
Hmirtclmttl  Sill,'-*,  MiuiII  nlie,   -
llmiM-lniM SiitcH, Uirge nice,     -
��� lS.00
Uiiftiu-i-sN Scheme.
"Yea," Bold thn buBlnesn man, "in my
youthful days I lived a yt-ar on a $600 bill
and had thu bill left at the end of the
"How did you do thotp" asked tho
young ami).
"I would show tlm bill nnd then borrow
$10 or $iiU booause I did not want to break
li"���Cincinnati EiHjuirer,
.Tust thotliinpforaOhrlstroaapresent. Both
useful and ornamental.
Merchants* Safes, all sizes and prices ; 01
"stsv terms or cash. Come and see them ca
write for quotations. Sjipeial prices durina
November nntl December-;
nul-il, Silver, Nlultle. Ilrasn, Copper, ci<:.
OxyrilxtiiK nntl I.tirijuriiiii;.   .
���.iji Nut ro Dame Street-,
W. N D.
Wo beg to call tho attention of our rciulors tn
the ndvertlaement of Dr, Ward's Uloort and
Nerve Pills lu this paper, Tho linn havo also
plaoertonthfl market Dr. Word's Liver Pills
which have already proved to bo a tuosl excellent family mtrdlrliic us a cure fur c-iiit>ll[Miliui-
dyspepaia, billouaness, etc. Thoy arc loin m ^'-i'
per vial, or u for*l,or mailed on r�� olpt of price
by ilio Dr. Word Co., Limited, Toronto. Out.
Minard's Liniment Cured Dlptherla.
$50  tO $10*000 -^ ��PuWed Vitbin
��� a       7 011.* ytaar.   11 e alo
ufat iiiTf-rat ll In Haia-kaat sliojs air liaiialofr stocks,
laaal ill railroad slum's sclllaaa? at low jina-ia. thlat
aac kaioir nre (laaliag to ndvaaiicas; wc buy tliaa
scrip out nnal register it in the purchaser's nam.!
mill send It to him. Tavelvo ya-.-.-.3 estahllsbcd.
Hunk roferonocs nnd the nii-st reputable |aeople
f,i Venna-aiil. Referena-eH throughout Cniiaim.
�� ii havo the laraPst litislncsr of trio elnss I" the
uiiltod States, KNOTT* n.ONSON, Bank*
��rs end Brokers, Burlluitton, V,., [-. s. A.
Holloway'sOom Cure isn upeciflc lot
lie rouiornl nt corns nud warts. Wu
litre never lieiii'tl of its fuiliug to re*
novo OVOfl tlit- worst kiml.
'.liiianl'K lainiinent Cnrea Dlstempor.
C/AdJo6  diM^   asV-c-kr 4rur-ir -/fciW  UiJ-
��W��WP*>��W^^>^^>>^^^^F^^-*^^M    mm    ma\m
sTKjJ-    <Or\s    %C/tHJLs&���,,     H^ASI^OU    *fytxA^
6*Hfv,   a.u^Xt/v   -rnjcr '^ruUuJ <\.  JtikV
% l. Jjk ���'*?���"
 i m
If* (Ire our sash customers
Absolutely Free
tbeir choice ol the following handsome
10    MEDALLIONS    with tf j nn
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frames 6 inches in width
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Carload ot Choice Groceries and Confectionery.
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Carload of Crockery and Glassware.
Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
Mora New Stoves���Soiling Feat.
Fresh Hams, Bacon and Xmas Fowl.
Skates and Skating Boots on hand.
.... .-*��� ��� ������
Geo. B. McDermot,
"Keneral Merchant.
Mrs. W. Howe, of Woodstock,
tells a Thrilling Story.
���   .'v    {,.-.-     a .
rro.trat.d fcjr Fa>iiialo Weakness," Kid-
uya'si Llva.rTroubU.-HerDoa.tor.
Usve Hor Up to Die-lava* \rf
Veda's Kidney Pill..
Woodstock, Ont., Jan 16-Mrs. W,
Rows, who keeps a grocery atore at
No. 811 Dnndaa street, bare, and who
ia known to and respected by, a very
large number of people in the town
had a very narrow escape from an untimely death, recently.
To our reporter, who called on the
lady, and asked for particulars ot the
incident, Mrs. Rowe laid:
"I have had an experience inch as
tail to the lot ol very lew women
Twelve years ol my lite were made almost uue .durables by 'Female Weakness,' together with Kidney and Liver
"My  physicians did all tbey could
-for  me,' bat  they could not give me
either relief or cure.   They finally announced to me that I could never   get
.better.    ���
'���Then I began to try wbat the various proprietory medicines that were ad*
" vertised ia the papers, would do for ine.
I took a good many bottles of one remedy and another, but my case continually grew worse.
"One day I was advised by a Iriend
to try Dodd's Kidney Pills, They
will cur-nyou. I know, for they saved
my daughter's life and she was worse
than you are.'
"Well, I took her advice. In two
days a wonderful change for tie better
had oceured, I felt myself growing
. strongsr dally. My appetite returned,
the dull, heavy, weary aohe went out
ol my back; the terrible leaden weight
from my legs, my headaches vanished
ny sleep became sound and refreshing,
To-day I am healthier, stronger and
better every way than I have been for
twenty years.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are the best
medicine on earth for weak, sickly,
suffering women.'
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Tho C. P. R. hare built a new section house at Beaver.
Mrs. Neilson, widow ol the late W.
G. Neilson was a passenger to Beaver
on Monday morning.
Residents ol Golden have started to
get in their supply ol ice tor the coming summer, J. Noble is providing the
The Cranbrook Herald denies the report that C. M. Edwards has resigned
the position ol Mining Recorder at Fort.
Among other Improvements at Beaver the Columbia River Lumber Co.
are putting iu a new and extensive boom
up the river,
Charles Van Ness, who was in Gol-
lasl your, and waa Interested in some
properties on Vermont Creek, has died
at Grand Forks.
The Fort Steele prospector says that
Col. Baker is emlavorin-t to have the
Government offices remored at Fort
Steele to Cranbrook*
Tha Fort Steele Prospector says that
theC. P ,R. will begin immediately the
construction of a railway from. Fort
Steele Junction to Windermere.
An immense porker was to be seen
at Beaver station during the past lew
days. It weighed 500 lbs and was being shipped to Golden for one of the
A correspondent writes from Wind
erntere: "I hope Mr. Wells can be
prevailed upon to come out as I am
sure he would go ia easily."
The s pplies in C. P. S. store at
Donald are being loaded for removal to
Revelstoke. A store for road supplies
will be put ih al Field similar to the
one at Donald.
T. Dunn, wbo bas returned te Donald from the Coast, where lie was
under engagement with the Harry
Lindlev Co. has resumed work at the
Donald shops.
On Monday morning a -start wi ���
made with the reinovnl.of the machinery in the Donald .hops. Part will
go to Field part to Revelstoke aud part
to. Calgary.
It is reportel tbat F. Hobbs, lornier-
lv foreman of the Donald shops, and
lately transferred to Vancouver,
bas been appointed assistant Master
Mechanic on the Pacific Division.
Services at St Peter's church Donald
on Sunday.next Jan. Stih will be as
follows: At 11 a. in. Mattius aud Celebration of Holy Communion at 1.30 p.m
Eveasong and Sermon.
The C. P. R. ha.ve decided to cut tbe
ice at Moberly this, season to supply
the ice-houses on the mountain section.
The ice there is about two feet In
thickness - and is   thoroughly elsan.
The son ol Mr, Ames, of Field, who
went to attend Magill College at Montreal, and ia'<es the mediae' couiei there,
is doing splendidly, and at the last sx
animations be passed with credit in all
Ths Herald states that a . movement
ia on foot to establish a hospital at
Cranbrook. Tbeatme paper is the
authority for tbe statement that Jim
Wardner has taken an important railway contract at Alaska.
Mrs. Neilson, widow of the late W.
G. Neilson, arrived from the East on
Monday, nnd spent several days at
Beaver. Mrs. Neilson will probably
tnuke Calgary her future home, aud re
turned there yesterday.
The News Advertiser republishes
the article from last issue ol Era on
Windermere district and adda*~"People
are paying much more attention to the
East Kootenay district than they did
before the Crow's Nest Pass Railway
ran through the region."
As a result ot tbe new railway
rangements, coal sheds will be placed
at Benvt r, but the present sheds at
Donald will do duty for coaling till the
spring. An engine will also be stationed at Gulden for working the hill,between Golden and Leanchoil.
Mr. Elisba Berry, ot this place,
says ho never had anything do him so
much good und give such quick relied
from rheumatism as Chamberlain's
Pain Balm, He was bothered greatly
with shooting pains from hip to knee
until he used this liniment, which affords prompt relief-B. F.BiKEK, druggist, St. Paris, Ohio. For sale by all
druggists, Langly and Co, Wholesale
Agents Viotoria and Vancouver.
The second polls ordered by tbe
Court at Canmore and Lagiiau as between Dr. Brett and Mr' Silton, still
lett the result doubtful, Al Canmore
the poll was 36 lor Silton aud ti lor
Brett, with 20 other votes, ol whioh
16 were objected to be Siftou, aud 6 by
Dr. Brett. At Laggan the poll was
Sifton 7, Brett 1, and there were also
11 ballots objected to-6 by Brett and 6
by Sifton Tbe court has declared Silton elected by 4 votes.
'���Let parents not live for tbeir children, but with them." The mother
should allow no false modesty to stand
in the way ol her daughter's knowledge
of herself, ol her possibilities, ol ber
perils. For over thirty years Dr. Pierce
bos used his "Favorite Prescription"
as a strengthener, a purifier, a regulator. It works directly upon thedelicate
distinctly feminine organs,in a natural,
soothing way. It searchei out the
weak spots and builds them tip. A
woman who would understand herself
should send 81 cents to World 's Die-
Smeary, Buffalo, NX, for Dr. Pieroe's
sdical Adviser, a book af 1008 pages
Tbe Committee ol the Beard ot Trade
met yesterday to atrang* the business
to be brought under the notice oi Mr.
Bostook, n.P.
Tke Committee ol the Miners' Asso
elation met yesterday to transact
routine bueiness. There were present
���essrs. H. G. Parson, ttcNeieb and
Last week two engines, 816 and 817.
ire in the Donald shops for repair,
under the supervision of Foreman
Fraser. The tender of No. 316 had a
thorough overhaul and the new coat of
paint in which it was turned out was
most creditable to J. McLeod's artistic
The new fire engine for Golden arrived yesterday, having been shipped
from the Ronald Engiue works on Sth
Jan. There is a full supply of hose
and reels with it. The direcorsof
the Company will have lo arrange to
store it and they propose to take steps
to form �� fire brigade to operate it.
When you can not sleep for coughing take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
It always gives prompt relief. It Is
most excelleut for colds, too. as, it aids
expectoration, relieves the lungs and
prevents any tendency toward pneumonia. For sale by all druggists. Langly k Co WiioluSale Agents Victo riu au
Mr. Aiusworth, car inspector at
at Donald, has orders to remove to
Laggan, hut has declined to go unless
further concessions are made' to him.
Mr. Ainsworth is one ol the moat efficient officers iu the employ ol the company and hie ability and care in the
special work allotted to himhavesaved
the company many scores ot thousands
of dollars.
A. W. Palmer, late el Canmore, has
arrived at Field to open bis .drug and
fancy goods store, lie is having a nice
building erected by Mr. Reilly west of
Carlin and Wyckaff's store. An acetylene plant has beeu procure i for lighting the shop. Mr. Palmer ha. been in
business at Canmore lor the past six
years and is thsrefore well. known,
amongat the railroad employee.
The Donald workshops were heated
up last week as the result of a protest,
by men who struck work "owing to the
cold and comfortless state ot th�� shops,
which were darkened with steam from
the engines owing to the doors having
to be closed in the vain * attempt to
keep the shops warns. On the matter
being represented to Master Mechanic
Cross he 'ordered healers to be put in
the shops at once aud the men resumed
work.    *���>���' -
A copy, of that splendid story entitled '''Overooiui|ig the World" by Charles M. Sheldon, author ot .''In His
Steps." "The Redemption, of Freetown," etc., has been sent to us by The
Poole Printing Co., Limited, Toronto,
Out. This story is interesting alike to
old and voting, and has a powerful influence in the nreuldiiig of character.
For sale by all dealera, er seal by the
publishers postpaid on receipt of price.
Why Suffer
When Your Agony and
Torture can be Permanently Banished by
Paine's  Celery
Neuralgia Surely Cured by the
Oreat Medicine.
Able Physiolana Recommend It.
Able physicians, after a satisfactory
experience with Paine's Celery Compound, have come to Ihe conclueion
that it ts a sure specific for that merciless tormentor - neuralgia.
Neuralgia indicates a low or depressed state of vitality, and nothing so
rapidly weakens and exhausts the system as paia that prevents eleep and
keejps the body and mind in agony nnd
Neuralgia being a serve disease, is
most common in the face, and frequently the entire bead suffers excruciating
pain. Attacks of neuralgia are very
uncertain, sometimes they come and
pass quickly away; oftsn the pain and
agony will continue for weeks and
When there is a lowering ol vitality,
when sleepueitsness, anxiety, malaria
and debility are at work, and when
there is exposure to wet and cold with
rheumatic '.tendencies, neuralgia is
sure to prevail.
Paine's Cel-ry Compound being a
nerve medicine and nerve lood, it
reaches the root ol the trouble in away
that no. other medicine can do. Tbe
most terrible nnd long standing cases
have often been completely cured by the
use of a lew bottles. Paine's Celery
Compound bee in thousanda ol cases
saved lives after the best medical exertions failed. If .your life is a continued misery from neuralgic tortures, be
wise and use at once nature's' trus
nerve medicine, Paine's Celery Compound, Bev-tjtare ef substitutes: "Paine's
is the kind that cures.
For Heart Dimaie Without Help���Dr. Agnew's Care of ths Heart Relieves ia Fifteen
Mrs. O. Ward, of Magog, Quo.,was a great
Hiilforer for year, from uea.rt i)i.-en*ae. Physicians blistered her aud gave hor other
iri-atinentH without reliiaf. She read in the
papers ot* the wonderful cure, made by Dr.
Agnew's ('motor the Heart. She procured
a bottle nf it. Fifteen minutes alter the first
do��e she had reliot*. llut'oro taking this remedy sbs had constant spoil, of suft'oration
snd fluttering and severe pains about the
heart, and was so weak that the act of sweeping the floor t-aw-ed her to taint. Mte con
tinued using the remedy until she had Hikes
six bottles, and to-day she is as well as ever
she was. fill
Sold by C. A. Warren
���am:.'. ��� ___ '"��
Will Meet  the   Eleeter. To-Merrow
The arrangements for Mr. Bostock's
meeting have been. somewhat upsst.
ktt^Bostock originally tixel bis meeting ai Golden for Wednesday, but on
receiving a special invitation frem the
Boil Committee to attend he put off
his meeting to enable him to do se. It
appears hs wished tne meeting delayed
till, Saturday but ewiug to his lstter
being mislaid it was called early for
Friday evening to get it Over in time
for, the ball, This was found unworkable so the meeting wait put back till
laat night, but owidj- lo tbs Solicitations ol the Donald people that Mr.
Bostock and Mr. Wells should make
lull enquiry into their grievances
against ths .C.P.R. Mr. Bostock was
obliged to (top off there last night,and
wiied te have his meeting at Golden
fixed for Saturday. The Oddfellows
were Applied to lor the Alexander Hall
but required it en the nights fixsd, and
tbs Columbia Hell was then engaged
and Mr. Bostock will address the electors there at 8 p.m. to-morrow, Sat.ir-
day, lor certain. He will arrive at
Golden by No, 2 to-day (Friday) and
will attend the ball this svening. Tomorrow he will receive deputations
from the Board of Trade regarding
���natters affecting the town, nnd will be
glad to see any of his constituents on
other matters. He returns to Revelstoke on Sunday.
On Friday the bill ts exclude aliens
from the placer mines of British Columbia passed the Legislature OH the
second rending. '��� '**.
A bill by Mr. Booth to appoint road
overseers by eleotion   was withdrawn.
It is understood that the writ lor
the bye-election tor North East Kootenay was issued on Wednesday. Sheriff
Redgrave will be returning officer and
the date of the election will probably
be fixed for next week.
On Tuesday the Grand Jurors Bill
passed the third reading, and the
Master and Servants Bill passed tbe
second reading.
On Monday tbe Attorney-General introduced the bill to give effect to the
Torrens system of land registration
and it passed the first reading.
Mr. Eberts haa given notice tc move
for a retnrn of all correspondence relating to the dismissal of Mr. Sibbald,
Gold Commissioner at Revelstoke.
Indigestion and: Dyspepsia are the Arch
Destroyers, but South American Nervine
Proves ths Never-failing Health Builder,
Mrs. Ellen Buller, 87 Collshie St., Toronto,
safterad from indigestion in a severe form for
several yoars, was unable tn eat meat er
vegetables, was threatened with nervous
prostration as a result of chronio dyspepsia.
After many remediee had been tried and
failed, she began using.tbe Sonth American
Nervine. When she bad taken three bottles,
to use her own wolds, "I csn eat anything set
before me. and enjoy it without any bad after
effects. I think it a wondei-fol remedy for
dyspepsia snd nervous prostration."       681
. geld by C A. Warm.
CUrioae Hewn
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, ol
Washita, I.' T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Elotric Bitters has cured Mrs.
Brewer ot scrofula, -which had caused
her great suffering for years. Terrible
sores would break out on her head and
lace, and the best doctors could give
no help; but her cure is complete and
her health is excellent." This shows
what thousands havo provsd, that
Electric Bitters is ths best
blood purlfiier ��� It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver kidney and
bowels, sxpsls poisons,helps digestion,
builds np ths strength. Only 60 cents.
Sold by all druggists, every bottle
guaranteed. . 4
TAKE NOTICE that 60 days sfter publication of this notice I intend to make application to the Commissioner of Lands tc
Works at Victoria, B.C., to purchase tbe
following piece of land situated in the Mining
Division of Windermere, North East Kootenay, B.C.:
Commencing at a poet marked R. R.
Brace's North East Corner, situsted about 3
miles up from the month oi the Little North
Fork of Toby Creek on the North side of the
said creek, thence South 40 chains, thence
West 40 chains, thence North 40 chains
thence East 40 chain, to point of commence*
moot, containing 160 scree-
Dated at the Little "lorth Fork of Toby
Creek thb 18th day of October, 1808.
WjalJ Locator.
At ��� meeting at tba convention Ol
ihe Oppositioa party, held at the Columbia Hell on Saturday night,
Mr. William McNeish presided. Donald was represented by Messrs. Pitts,
Caldwell and Shaw ; Beaver hy Ur.
Stalker, and Golden by Messrs. Ms-
Neisb, Bemplo aad McDermot. Tha
other portions of the electorate were
unrepresented. It was decided tu ask
Mr. Pitts ol Donald te become a candidate for the bye-election in the interests
of the Opposition party, but we are informed that the matter ol a contest
was not definitely arranged, pending
Mr. Pitts's reply ts tha invitation.
A mooting of tha supporters of tho
Government at Donald was bald at tbe
Oddfe)lows Hall there on Friday
night, when there was a fair attendance,, Mr. T. Dunn, was voted ta the
chair and E. A. Haggen was requested
to ant as Secretary. Messrs. G. E.
Manuel, Palmer, and 8. Hambly ware
chosen delegates from Donald to a
convention ol the. Government party
to be held at Golden to-morrow
It was decided te postpone the formation ol a committee till alter the
nomination ol a eandidate by the convention had been decided.
Mr. Wells briefly addressed the
meeting and said it was a matter tor
congratulation that this meeting had
been convened in each a basin.ss like
manner to elect delegates for the Government convention to be bold tor the
selection pf a eandidate to represeat
tba party. In view of bis own esndi
dature, which bad been very freely
spoken of, he was largely responsible
for the meeting that night. It had
arisen in this way. He took exception to the convention held at Golden
on the occasion ef tha last election because he did not think it was quite
representative enough, and he insistsd
that it should bs a condition on which
he ehould accept nomination that tbe
convention on this occasion should be
thoroughly representative of the whole
constituency He did not wish this
meeting to eloss without expressing
regret at tbe very sad circumstances
which had given occasion for another
election.. Their late representative,
Mr. Neilson, and himself cams ont ol
the laet-election as good friends ss svsr
and tha longer the' contest, lasted the
more appreciation he had of Mr. Neilson. (Cheers.) It was a very painful
thing lor him (Mr. Weils) to lace another election nnder such painful circumstances.       '    ' '���������'���< '-"'
novxmcHKKT uebtino atooldbr.
At Golden, on Saturday night, a
meeting ef the Government party was
held to appoint delegates' to a convention te be held for tbe selection of a
candidate in tba Government interest,
and to form a Committee to promote
the interests of tha candidate nominated by the convention. Hon. F. W.
Aylmer, and Messrs. Campbell and
Haggen were appoiated tha delegates
to tha coavsntion to represent tba
electors of Golden.
The following ware appoiated a
Committee to promote the iatereets of
the GovernmenI candidate:���Hon. F.
W. Aylmer, Mes.rs.Hainllton, Msreier,
Gre-one, Haggea, Jas. Henderson! Conner, Cartwright. Lake, Campbell, Sob-,
son. Ullock, Love snd Dainard.
It was decided to get up a requisition to W. C. Wells, asking tbat he
should come forward aa tha nominee
of the party,in the coming bye-election,
and pledging him support. Ths petition- was l&rgaly signed in the room.
The electors ol Field, who supported
the present Opposition party lathe
late election, wrote to J. C. Pitts, alter
lull consideration ol the position, advising him to withdraw train ble candidature in tbe preeent bye-election
lor the reasons that tbe electors ol
Field wished, to sea tba aew Government have a lair trial; that Mr. Welle
had tbe general support cl the electors,
and lt was desirable that Mr. Wslls
would be la a belter position to con
sidsr Ihs interest of all parties as tbsir
representative if he were returned by
acclamation. The leaders ot tbs former government party at Field have
eigned the -requisition tb Mr. Wslls to
become a candidate and pledged their
support te him.
The supporters of Mr. Pitts at Donald held a meeting on Monday night,
at whioh the reports from Field and
Rogsrs Pass were received, suggesting
that opposition to the candidature ol
Mr. Wells was not desirable,. It was
tbsn decided to let tha matter remain
in abeyance lor the present. Oa receiving tbe reporta as to tba .prospects
ol support for an opposition eandidate
(rein various portions of tha district.
Mr. Pitts declined to be a eandidate In
tha apposition interest aad ss advised
hit supporters on Wednesday.
A public meeting was held here on
Friday night to obtain the feeling of
the voters of the distriol in regard to
the oandidate to be nominated for the
seat rendered vacant by tha death of
Mr. Neilson. S Brewer waa voted to tht
ohair, and J. Bulraan waa appointed
Secretary. **',
It was resolved that a letter ot condolence be forwarded to tha widow and
family of tbe deceased member for tha
Tba Chairman, is his opening address, strongly urged tba .eandidatura
of Mr. Walla, bat in tbe event ef Mr.
Welle declining to come f-*g-n-ard,   he
strongly urged tba aessflhg
tha nominee ol tba pei-��v��-anw
O. A Brown aeeyed, AForty eeeoad-
ed, that Mr. Aylmer be nominated aa a
R. A. Kimpton moved an amsade-
meat, secoaded by W. & Abel that
Mr. Welle be the nominee for tho coming election.
On a ballot being taken it wae found
tbata large majority had voted iafn-reT
Of the araendemnt and tha suppertsta
of Mr. Aylmer agreed to throw la their
let with the majority aad support Mt.
It was decided to get up a list ta ba
eigned by those pledging ttnmoelv-ee, lathe support of the present administration and to do all in thsir newer to
secure the return of tba nominee of tba
Spoiled Materials.
A Well Known Druggist Ofr-M
HU Kxperlenee.
A sneoessful and well known Ceae.
dian druggist eaid recently: "1 kaew
Irom experleaoe what .it means to aell
dyee that have na standing or established rcpntation. ' Over a year, age, I
put in a email stock of,. Dyee-
I had been asked by three or four per-
sons tor tbsss dyes which they eaw
advertised, and I waa under the im-
presaion tbe demand would' ittSrsaas."
tnayear'a time I sold probably from,.
twenty to twenty-five packets, and bad-.,
ao many complaints from disappointed
women who had spoiled good materiale
and garments witb these new dyea
that I banished- every oec bf them to
my back storehouse, where they new
are. I find the Diamond Dyea gift
perfect satisfaction to all my customers, and will sell no other make While
I am la business. Wbat a last eeuld
be told by women about, spoiled geeda
from using cheap and traehy dyeet"
Thie statement from an eld established druggist has its aotss ai warning. Hie long tfW'eiieoded experience
ia In lever ol tbe Diamond Dree. There
are, too, hundreds ol othsr druggists
and dealers and teas ol thousands ef
women who could give dear endxen-v
viaeing testimony that Diamond Dyea
are tar ahead of all other dyea ia purity, strength, fastness of ooler.bfilltaa-
ey and beautv.. Ac long ai then era
imitation and adulterated dyee sold, it
is well that all ahould laeiel upon
getting the "Diamond" wbaa buying
dyes for home dyeing, lee that ibe)
name le on each packet.
Notice ts hereby given, iaaeemdaaeat wtth
the Statutes, that Pnviarbl Rcrreme Tea
and all takes levied under the Assessment
Act are now due for the year IHD9. All of the
above named taxes collectable wHhH'the
Northern Division ef East Kgotsoay District
ere payable at my office, the Court House,
Goldon. A����-��od me. are collectable at the
following rates, vis.:���
If paid on or before Jaae 301b, IM�� t
Three-fifths of one  per coat ca reel
Two and eae-balf per cent en assessed
valuf ef wild bail. '
One.half of one per coat oa' peraeaal
On somuch ol tbe income ef any perse*
aa exceeds one thousand dollars the following rates, namely.uponsaeh excess,
of Income, when the suss -is act aeea
than ten thousand doDars,one per,ceati
when such excess ia over ten thousand
dollars and not mere than twenty then-
sand dollars, ono and-oaeejoartaw af
one per eentj when such excess is over
twenty thomund .dollar., one aad -ma-
half of one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st ef July, .*����� a
rWflfths of "one'per- cent.-en seal
property. *.t
. Three per cent on the fMtUA yslaaef
wild land. ' ' ��� ���. ���*������"*;
���' -property. ������*:���: i:*.,... .;. .. ���
Oa so much of the income of any pea
as exceeds one thousand dollars, __
.following rates,, namely, upon each
excess, when tbe seise is not sseia than
ten thousand dollars, one cad one-quarter of one per cent) when sash amass
Is over ten thousand dollar, aad net
one end three-quarters et aae net sent.'
Provincial Revenue Tax,W.OO per capfce.
F. 6. tyNf"}. ..
Assessor sad Collector.
Golden, January l*th,l8M9.   .    "
Notice.    *
The British Columbia Southern Railway
wiil apply to ths Parliament oi Canada, at its
next session, tor an Act authorising the Cues-
pany to proceed to edmrtruet he eastern aae>
tion a. described in the Act, 8M1 Victorfs.
Chapter IK until the 1st of January IWItsad
to authorise the Company toconstnet.ee
acquire, and to operate,' siallway between *
i��fnt on iultaeofi railway lo the neighbor*
hood of Fort-Steele, and a poiat at or near
Golden on the Canadian Paeifie Railway, b*
e route having the same general direction ah
the valley, of tbe Columbia and Kooteeajr
Rivera, and also branch line, therefrom, net
exceeding in any one case thirty mOee H
Montreal, atlth November, Uto      "'f-fi
in      s  ' ll *     -asaasssammsamaaamamm
*mmam>tmam *a^Fa^**Mjmm


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