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The Golden Era May 5, 1894

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 /  ri*nA^' $hJ&\*���^"X*~-/
VOL. III.   NO 40.
Dry  Goods, Groceries,  Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
Cdifornia Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golder|, B.C.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
(Incorporated 1(!70.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
1'UUIjIU  MEETING. Itinies been taxed to its utmost capacity,
be felt safe in Buying that, an addition
A large and  representative meeting i would 8|u,.,t|y h(lve t0 y, at\deA.   This
of the citizens of Golden, was held in concluded .vlmt Mr. Connacher had to
the Alexander Hall on Monday even* sfty am, a, he took 1)ig 9eat alnon(J the
iti', lust, for the purpose of toying audience he was loudly applauded. Mr.
before our honorable member the re* j ()w0|1 t)|en came foi,ward and strongly
qtiirenients of the town and district. , lu*VOciiteil the establishment of a laud
Mr. .1. F. Armstrong was voted to the iljU.y olIic(3 |iere, he was fo|low0,* by
chair. Mr. J. W. Connors was tho j-,., Pf)te|, Sebastian, who sustained
lirst speaker and strongly advocated | Ma reputation as an orator and delivered un eloquent address ou the Kicking
Horse embankment.
the Improving and extending of the
road to the ranches. He was followed
by Mr. Alex. Campbell, who ably supported him in this connection.
Mr. Harry   Coiiiiacher then  took the!
Tbe  chairman   then   called on tho
Hon. Col.  Baker, and as that gentle-
__^____ man   mounted the   platform he   was
floor and made a  few   -'modest" re-! loudly cheered.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first a* ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
quests on behalf of the public generally, us follows: -1. The holding of a
Court ut Golden. He argued that as
tin per cent ol the business done in the
courts of East Kootenay comes from
(jolilcu or tbe district south, it would
only bo simple justice if this were
obtained, bennies proving a groat convenience to the people instead of the
expense and delay of travelling to
llomild 2. A constable and jailer.
Mr.   CotiiinJier iu speaking of
Special  attention g'ivon  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Wm. ]We|leish, - Pi��op.
Carlin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Just Received
Co'y, Calgary, or
In his reply the Col.
dealt first with the road question. Ho
stated that the road to the ranches
would be extended to the Swedish settlement and the present road would be
widened us far as Mr. Love's farm.
He had also written to Supt. Whyte to
see if a crossing could not be put in at
Mr. Connor's farm for the benefit of
the ranchers on the north side of the
C.P.R. track. In regard to the Canyon Creek road be snid an nppropria-
'���"8| lion of  84,000 had been made for the
matter said  there   must bens  much i improving of* tne ���,,���,*. road to Fort
paid   out ,for   special   constables   as I Steele and that Mj.   Culnmil,s woulj
ileal with the matter.    Coming next to
would pay a constable's salary and
after we bad endured nil the annoy,
iinces of disorderly parties their work
goes to benefit a different part of the
district. Ii. That the Gold Commissioner should spend at least two lixetl
days iu tlie week here. Here again
Mr. Connacher pointed out the convenience it ivould lie to the residents of
Golden and the Upper Country in the
saving of   time and money.    4. En-
NOTICE is hereby given that David
Oppenlieimer nnd R. H. Alexander
have filed with tne an application for n
Crown Grunt to their mineral location
situated on Copper Creek, in the District of East Kootenay, known as the
Juauitu claim. Adverse applicants, if
any, are required 'to sent] in their objections to me within (ill days from
this date.
Donald, fith December, 1H9H,
Govt. Agent, East Kootenay, B.C.
the '-Court ut Golden," Col. Raker
sui'l he had anticipated the question
and had spoken to tbe Attorney General on the subject. Thought it would
be well if it could be held alternately
at Golden and Donald Certain forms
had to be gone through, the judge had
to be considered, etc., but that the
mi.tter would bo remedied as soon as
possible.     Next on the list  was the
lurging the school. In dealing with IPire.Proteotion question. It was too
this matter Mr. C. sail that as the *aW ^ du anything this year as tho
average daily attendance was now appropriations had all been made, but
l"'osl"-',,'of I next session, the Colonel snid, if he
was there he might pos-iibly obtain au
over 25 and there is every
it increasing, judging from the number of families which are daily settling
iu our town, it was quite clear that
tbe present school building would not
be sutlicieiitly huge to accommodate
them. He was also of the opinion
that as the average attendance would
probably be iucre, sed in about two
months   to 40, one   teacher  was  not
appropriation. Constable and jailer,
appropriations had also been made lasl
session. Passing ou to the school
question Col. linker said it wus plainly
his tin iv as Minister of Education lo
enlarge the school and he could promise to do that. If be had known last
session would hnve made nn appropri-
One carload of Furniture and one
carload of the Masscy-Harris Co.'s
well known agricultural implements, comprising: Mowers,
Hay Rakes, Ploughs and Harrows
also Waggons, Spring Carts and
We still have some Dry Goods
and Groceries on hand, though we
are getting low in several lines of
the former. B^
I    v
Ho.pltul Contribution..
Col. Baker  $20
A. A. Sanderman, Montreal       5
M. C. Mullarky, Wpg      5
W. 0. N.Parker, Montreal	
G. S. Roonly "       	
J. Scott "      	
C. B. Simpson, Winnipeg	
Jas. Dowler "       	
A  McQueen, Vancouver	
A Cliiillciia-i-.
I will box or spar anyone here, in
eluding Ed. Cuffe, 20 or 15 rounds for
points or decision, from $25 to S1C0,
Contest to take place iu Golden not
later than two weeks.
Jack Hays,
A sitting of the County Court for
East Kootenay will lie held at the
Court House. Donald, at 10 o'clock
a.m. on Tiiesl.iy the l'ith May, 1KII4.
REALKD TRNIIEPS, inlilre.-,. I tn tho I
I'tijituiiister ticuer.'il, tvill hit lecolvoil at Otta-
iva until iittuii, nu 'Jill .ut'.v, Ir.ii, fur tint ctiti'
veyiiuce of Her Majesty's Mi.il., nu a pro*
iMwcil contract fur four yours, fnurtocu times
iier week each way, bettvoeil the 11iiNaI.Ii
July next. Tlie convoynneo to lie uuulo at '
lhe upti.i'i ut lhe cuiili'.ciiir.
I'ruitod uot'l'Os cunt,.iuing further iiifurmu-
liitn im In cnnilit'tint of prnpn.-i'il centred
may be seen j.un i.luiik lul'.ns oi I eiuler iiiuy
Im obtained at the l'u-t CIHco uf Dim..Id im'l
i.t this tii.ice.
Post Office Inspector,
Post Office liis|K'cttir's lillicp,
Victoria. 11.1'., i.ili A|ril. IflOl.'
rrcliytcl'luii I'll it tell.
Service will he held in the school
house to-morrow iiioinin ��� ut 10 o'clock
conducted by the lie. V.'. R. Ross.
sttliicieut for such a number of children I atioll] as it wag ll0.1)ing ,.oll|u'be done
of different ages ami degrees of learn- ti*| liext ycitr. r,, reb,a|.j t0 ,he Goltl
ing. Mr. C. also culled the attention Commissioner spending two fixed days
of Ihe hon. member to the fact that a wee*. here, tbe Colonel suid be did
(he scuts iu the present school are all nut think It was possible to have any
of a uniform height, which, to suy the iixutt (lnys_ Coining next to the most
least must be very trying on the little j111|l01..Hnt question of the hospital,
ones. 5. Improving the road to Can- CoL jjaker Mjd ,|0 thought the dnty
yon Creek. Mr. Coiiui.chei- said that of evel.y lllull iu ���1C country wns to
bethought everyone who hud driven 0are for the sink. He thought there
over the road from here to Ci.n-on s|loukl be a hospital tax. If every
Creek would iiilmit that the feat was a ,��������� wng tBXe(* jt ,vou|(| giv(J ��� yel.y
very trying one. Only the other night large sura to devote to this cause. He
while out driving on this road he met s.(il| |,e s'|01lld ]|Ke ,0 try (U)(- i,lstitutB
one of Carlin's teams and he was forced sllc|, ��� tax ���ext session, we would then
to unhitch anil turn around. This he ||]lvu ��� |,os),ita| t0 lneet u|| ti,e ,.e_
explained was no hardship to hiin but quhvnients of the district. Passing
had he been going through to Fort 0)l ,|,t, j,.,,,,* i-.e(,jstn. Office, Col.
Steele with ll load be would havo| ������������.,.,. ������������ ,|,e uxlH.m|itm.e jn t|lis
found it very annoying, He thought direction was already so great that ho
if the road could not lie widened all 00uld not promise to do anything. Tho
the way to the Creek, a few more government |llu" lecuutly established
crossings could at least lie put iu. (I. Hll office at. Kamloops and if one were
Bond to Donald. This is uiiulh.il' road j established here tbeie were dozens of
which if made even passable would ot|,or plucos who have equally as good
prove very beneficial to the couiinuiii- '��� Huiui us we hud. Th.s closed lhe
ty as there was considerable travel | disout-siuii, Col. Baker tlion suggested
between the towns. 7. Fue Protection ,|iai (l ouuuiiittee be appointed to put
Connaclier pleaded very eloquently i iho views of thu meeting in writing in
in this connection, soliciting the assist-' c.,se be might forget anything. .Messrs
aiieeof tlieGivcrninent. 8. The Hos- H. Coiiiiucber, .1. F. Armstrong and
pitul. This was the last but not the!A, Campbell were appointed a commit.
least matter to be dealt with. Xir.; tu.e. Afar a vote of thanks had been
Connacher pointed out the vast bum-lit I tendered Col. Buker, uud also the
which luul been derived from ihe huti.Lhailiuuii, the meeting adjourned.
pitul during the past winter.    He also. 	
stilted that the present management I Mr. A. I). McKiiiiion, B.A., Pii'sby.
had found It impossible to keep it up1 .���,.*������ student who was iu Fort Steele
by voluntary cintributions, and asked | last sunitner arrived Ibis week from
for more assistance from the Govern* jthe east, he will pioceed uj> river a*
meilU      As the  hospital   hud  several, once uud leonine his labors. i/tlie (Ocil&cit (Bra
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
8at.tr.lay morning iu time tu catch tho east
anl west mail trains,also thu mail fur the
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
li is tlm ttiily advertising medium in tho Kent
Kttuteiiiiy tlistrict.
S ilHcripti.iii Rates i $2,00 per annum is
Advertisements ami dumbos must bo iu
tin ii licit not later than 1211.111, un Thursday
to insure msortlaii.
Advertisement rates ni.-ule known on appli*
catiur *tt
All cash to he nail to lho Mniur-or, from
ivliu n thu U i np.uiy'.s receipt will be obtained.
Tlie Ufa Eia Publishing Campany.
Ntii'tll   Tiloiiipatm Minos.
Messrs. W. T. Wood, I.idlan ngont,
E. H. Jones, postmaster and Dr. Edgar returned on Thursday night from
a trip up the North Thompson river
ami Ijottis creek. They brought down
soma specimo is of very rich die from
the Hoiuesiake mine, now being work
el by Olson uud partners, one piece of
Which is quartz, in which liative flake,
anil wire s.lver is visible, They have
another s unplt in which the mineral
is not so plainly ilisceruable, but is
in ic!i i'oiier. Oilier valuable mineral
his bean found lu the locality, ami
tliey predict that still richer discoveries will lie made here this summer.
The party speak highly of the enterprise of the owners of the Hoinestake
mine who have gone ahead developing
their property without waiting for
others to come along ami help tbem.
They have cut a lfi-foot trail from the
mine.to a small lako between that
point anl Snitli's landing on the
N >rth Thoinps 11. It follows the lake
shore and then leads towards the river.
T.iey at-j n it mi ling j ist now, having
spent the past two weeks on the tra'l
and they will require another week to
finish it. They are urging the government to build a wagon road for
four miles from the lake, ns settlers
have gone in far ami require it, but if
the government does not do that, they
will continue the trail to the North
Thompson. They have (10 tons of ore
ou the dump, and Mr. Lyons will begin
packing it out as soon as the trail is
tluishel, when the miners will continue getting out ore, as they have
now no doubt that tho property will
pay handsomely for all work spent on
it.���Kamloops Sentinel.
Canadians seem to drink less' and
smoke more than formerly. In lSili-il
they used 2,8:11,833 gallons of home
made spirits, less by 1!)'J,.I14 gallons
than the four years' average. But the
cigar consumption increased from
00;811,80S to 114,(138,8011 and tobneco
from 9,8411.0111 aud 10,128,(147 lbs.
The Chinese version of the retirement of Mr. Glndstone from the Pre-
mlershlp is that "the English Emperor c.oniprnilore, too muchy olo man,
havo finish do pidgin." Another story
is that the rise iu ''shilling bills" is
due to tho English Emperor changing
his compradorc.
The Sags to be buistul .it ouo timo in
signalling at Ben never exceed four. It
is an interesting arithmetical fact lhat
with IS variously colored tligs, and
never more than four al n time, no
fewer than 78,642signulscan be given.
Abdnr Rahman, Effendi. nn Egyptian of wealth and position, is now at
New York in the character of a missionary, to convert Americans to the
Moliaiiiiiiolaii faith. Hc is organizing
Koran class-s which promise to lie
largely attended.
A ge-iilein in of Djnver and a young
lid.- of Wj'st V.rglnla met on n rail-
rod I train one day lately, ami by the]
time thoy reached Chicago they hud
been made man and wifo. But even
that speed record litis been broken. A
i lady was granted a divorco in Tacoma,
Wash., last month within three minutes after she filed her petition.
Tho London Times publishes an agricultural review of Great Britain. According to the figuresthe area in Great
Britain dcroted to wheat was 1,798,-
8 IU acres, to barley 2,251,2911 acres,
and to outs 4.485,944 ncres. The
wheat crop is estimated at 49,429,409
bushels. The paper says that at the
end of the year there wero 2,079,587
horses in Great Britain, 11,207,951
head of entile, 81,774,824 sheep, and
8,278,080 pigs.
The height of vulgar display has
been reached by the wife of uu American millionaire, who wears oyc-glus-es
suspended from u Hiring of diamonds
bung round her neck, and allowed to
fall to the hem of her gown.
Henry Irving and Ellen Terry closed
their eight weeks' engagement in New
York, after taking in nearly 8185,000,
a greater sum than any dramatic performance ever earned before iu a similar period, and nearly halt us much
again as Mr. Irving ever before received
in New York. The times ate hard lor
only third and fourth rate shows.
The British Government has gained
some coveted pieces of territory from
Mexico iu the negotiations for lhe
establishment of the boundary between
Yucatan and British Honduras. The
line drawn by the Queen's Commissioner, and now affirmed by Mexico, is
that for whicli Britain has contended
during the lust IU0 years. It gives
li r the control of a mahogany producing region that is rich and desirable.
Wheu Britain bus a controversy with
another country about the boundary of
her outlying possessions she is very
sure to secure its settlement in her
own interest, bv some menus. It is n
rich golil-producing region of South
America which she has regained in her
controversy with the Venzuelan Government respecting tlie weslei'u boundary of British Guiana.
An account is just made public how
an Englishman escaped from the .Vlata-
belc warriors by means of strategic
dodging leal nod from football play.
The young soldier ran the gauntlet ol
forty Miitabele, shooting one horseman
during his scrimmage ninong them.
After this it is urge-1 that football
should be part of the regular training
cf soldiers.
Apropos of Coxcy.
The army dubbed the commonwcnlcrs
(A motley lot of tramps and ���'heelers,''
By Coxey marshalled, and a pair
Of  witlesss cranks -both long on hair
And short on brains; a wretched horde).
They say is onward marching toward
Tlie domicile of Uncle Sam.
Well, 'spose it is-who cares !
��� [.I. L. Thomason.
It is s..id that a watch ticks 157,-
880,000 times a year.
Grandmothers at 80 are not at all
unusual in Peru.
Ducats were duke's money.
Highest Honors���World'* Fair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
hum Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Panne for the Padding.���One-holt pint
ef water heated to the bulling point.
Thicken with flmir tn the cMi��istenoy of a
pond irravy. Seat-on with ll good teaspoon
ui butter nntl flavoring preferred, auoh ns
lemon, vanilla, nutmeg, etc.
Snot Pudding.���Onecnp ol anet. chopped line, niie-hnlf cup sugar, one-half cup
nf molasses, oni* cup ut rusins, thro** on <s
n* rl'i'.ir, hub teaspoon of soda, one-half
leuKpiHitt in' stilt; in Ik enti'igll fur a stiff
li liter.    Steam une hnnr and u half.
Buckwheat Cikes.���The till-fashioned
cukes it ir grind mother nuitle were the
l-est. Following 1* the recipe; To one
quart of warm water atld a yeast cuke and
a u-tiotl heiipfiu teaspoon of wilt,. Stir i i
ImckwIiHiil il mr u til yuu have a stilt hatter. Set at ��� i,'nt a ul k"t*p in n warm
pine". In rliH tuoriijii' ul'l a teaspoon of
mi la; hake qn oic und nerve hot.
Eilttfnnllii C ik**.���Ttvt't cn a of -tut-ar,
twti ��� if iMoppnil I'uUiti-i. twoof buttermilk,
ntte-half etip of uiiol'te i ng, fair cutis of
ilttiir. o.it* leii-poiittt'iii Mich of cl'tvfs. c n-
ll.iii-nu, allspice itii.l limine*; two ten
HuniiafiiiH of nulla; ahu'it two la h-spoon-
iu s or molasses, with a tittle h ss of sugar,
idves the iiuke u bitter color ami flavor.
If !'iii-t��il witli cream and cut>fiictiiiii"i''s
sugar (veil lifnteii, with ttniiuuuiit added,
vou have a cuke "good enough fur a
Nero lii'l bulging eyes and wns very
near sighted.
Julius (.'re-nr hail weak digestion Mid
watt su1 j"Ci to epileptic tits.
Miry was rendered unhappy by her
mar itiu'o with P ilip of Spain.
P tcr tlie iri'.it. wns lui.f crazy most of
his life t.iroii-h drink tuui rage.
Geotve IV, wa-ter' ty VfXed for years
'tc ciii-.'ii.icics ou hi. flue, cnus-tl liy secret
Alan t^np'-n of St'tits bceu'iii' lull 1 in
middle   lit",   an I   wild forced lu hide tue
il     ilittjl W tit I! wig.
Edward I. of .jiiglilli'l   was II l liny ed by
his   pit-lit   lifi.'.t.        hid   Sll'ijrcld   llllbhel
hiin l.ttii/ S iiiius.
Uhariesji.il. of Sweden was nnrovp-i-
ably rush. Hf often reitret .���.! Jilt* unpen
osily, but never retii'mie I it.
Henry ViII. was for yn��i-*t**-*n" led with
f n-tiiiily ri""i��� ��� ii*? i'r'tuni'lt'-t. Their
number and virulence finally killfd him.
I/mi* XVIll. wa-. very fi.t nnd nui"li
nsliiimel of hia infirmity, us lis knew i'
i- jt'ct'd bim to constant ridicule iu
1' .r'is.
Alexander tli-1 Gr��iit lull ft hereditary
leiuli'iii'V uf (IriiiiKftiii'"" unit Im itt'Ted
hit whiiIh life, liid father was very iu
It i< *t"tjiini d that imp of the luri-pst
.titiipt in thu pyritiu.ila weighs fully eighty-
eight tuna.
The iffus. Imps, hitherto thrnvn  away
In  br< ri a,   an rntv   eii'iv-ried  into n
"i ii ul article of paper by a Herman cnein
Wafer Vone haa bepn known to sustain
if" ti: It live da; s. If (liny dry fund were
ink. n, il. tuli would remit i* a quarter of
unit lime.
It ia fdiin-ited tba' Hip sn-iflnwpr plant
lrnw- f-oni the soil ami exhales, in twelve
lours. twelve ounces of wilt'.-r
The iii't'in of an ant a larger In propur-
tlnn to iis size, thiri thai of any othei
Known creature.
Tie ��ke (fun of the leathery-winged bnt
i\ 'in f lor iii.iif and joint fur joiui, shut
lur to that uf iiiuti,
Tne P-ofs of Egrptinn temp'es iirp rum
|hi.hii of huge i locks of atone laid from
column tu cn iiniti.
The Hunt of the firefly is paused by the
sin v ctiiiiuu..iiuii of phuspiiiiriid in thu
ihf jj.ts.oiiil iimnstry of Argentim
nhiiws very slow iiurersf. In 1ST4 5 lut*
iihinher nt I'liltlu killfd in tit' sal derus
was 1,543.001). The number hist year was
���2.(11111.llll.l. ami .he preceding year  1,1)02.-
Rerviu is a promising country fur yunn,-
itieii with political iinililtlnn. Mr. Vc-
nitch. a niemitur uf lhe new uiiuiairy, is
InirtiiV HU yeurs uld,
(.'apt. ami Mr... Thomas Crapo, now of
iin-m'.iiki i, r u ini ���. from New Heifonl.
i'I'ii��� tl luu Aibintic tu.'i'ilii'i'in lbo iu u
iii lie ti' ry .iiiy 111 i.-et io ig.
ll I. mi d lhat at buiue dav in the near
flllliru KliHi.n prtipntiH.tii visii Nnrth far-
n inn un I Ifii active o ftaMons In de-
velopilie in tun is fur cuni'u..lulling ii'd
rt'dii ing tlie anlphiiret gold ores uf that
Trof. I. C. BitMi'Il. -vhoniadp, In 1S��?.
I'ii> nearly cniiipleie ascent of Mount St.
hlli'.t nnd the .Mid spina tflni'ler, ppi'hatts
tile highest North American pes'", Ifftii -oil
before tht* Appalachian lUoiiiituin Ulilhln
llllS (III Teen ttlV.
There ate wninon who will read with
hrp'.tlilit- Intcr-s' thut SI. Prtderewskl, the
night be'iir" a tpcp't recital I'i I.oiidun,
praetit't'il a 1 iili/ln, or ut least until il.HI) a.
in. The iniiriiiiiu: after tlie recital lie went
In (llipttetiiuiin. wuere be playpi lhe aa'lte
afteriioitii Iteforp a densely p eked audi
dice,    lie t xnilttieii un lutUlie,
WAGES PAID.   "���
Saxon firemen are p iid ��233 par annum *.
the cnief gets SSaii and a h, use to lira iu.
Cashiers in the stores nf Smyrna, Tnr*
lev. rnvive an average salary of $14 p r
Fe iihIp servants in Ihe Aitorps "who
have their own clothes" receive $1.05 per
The average weekly wages paid to
female laborers of all classes in Germany
id 83.17.
The lognlarsalary of the snperint*nd-
pnt of a Cuban sugar plantation ia $100 a
Native laborers In Palestine work for 15
cents a day and pay all their own ex-
Woman coal carriers at thp Lisbon dock,
receive 80 cents a day; male coal carriers,
80 cents.
The highest wages paid to conductors on
government ruilroads in Germany amount
tu $'2tKI per year, the average beini* 1)200,
ami the hoars of labor are from 18 to 20
a day.
WOMAN'S GOSSIP.       '    .
Of the 100 medical missionaries in China,
50 are women.
Conneotlcnl, the "land of steady habits,"
Intuits of six cities witli polios matrons
and has a mdionl suffrage law.
Tbe first woman's eviinm-itim In central Europe ill tlie Soluml nf Minerva, in
Prague, founded iu 1890 by Elista Krasno-
horitkn, the editor of the Woman's Journal
ill thnt city.    It has 85 students.
Chicago has 80 police mairiiiia with a
head matron over ad. The W.C.T.U. bus
a committee of women who strive to keep
out political influence in the appointment
of woman as matrons, and to gut women
who are total uhstiuuers.
The as-tneiatiun nf wom^n for raiding
the uutral tune ot society ill the Netherlands bus over 4,000 niemlters in the 1117
placed where It is represented. Refuses
lor young women are maintained very
Monager���"Ah. madam I yon sing from
your heart." Prima llonns ��� " Yes;
I've always been complimented on my
cheat tones."���Puck.
Jack���"What did that horse cost yon?"
Tom���"It cost me nil the respeot I ever en.
tertaiued for the innii I bought it from."���
"Dabbles is passionately fond of art,"
remarked the young man. "Yea," she
replied,' "and not fund enough to stop
trying to make pictures."���Washington
Tninmie��� "Papa, when people sell
things hy the punnd, do they ever weigh
the scales')" Pupa���"Certainly not, my
hoy." Tomiuip���"Then how do they
weigh fisht"'���Harper's Young People.
i I ...via jwJJT HW i'AL I !"���
Cor-p'a have not been worn by Queen
Vietiiria in over tweuty years.
The Kim; of Piirtnj-al has the mo>t co��t-
Iv crown in the world. The gold and
jewels uf which it ia composed are valued
at 811,5011.000.
The iron cnge aa a pr'snn was Invented
in France liy the btdbop of Verdun in the
time of Ijo'iiIs XI., and the bishop himself was the first prisoner to be placed
in it.
The Sultan nf Turkey nearly always
dines nloiip. Tables, plates, knives ai d
forks are eschewed. lie uses only a spoon
and his lingers, thus fishiii/ nut the fool
from little -iiucppuus placed on the floor.
The Sultan of Tnrkev is a mirtomanlao
on tne siiuji't of ciirrhnip-i. He bus heen
steadily eugug d in milking a cullertinn of
such vehicle- for the pist twenty years
and now has nearly 500 of all makes and
kinds.    ,
The Czarina of P.ussia has joined the
ttnlile army of typewriters. She has
in latere I tlie technique of the machine,
ami inunv of the Czar's memoranda on
Stale affairs are her work, merely signed
wilh his initial. "A."
During the thirteenth century the Chinese euiperii s made money from the inner
bsrk ot the miillirry tree, cutting it in'o
rtiiind pieces und stamping it. To counterfeit or ret use to accept it as a legal tender was pun s-.iaitle by death.
Tlie navigation nf lhe Dead Sea la the
latest step ill oriental progress. The sultan has sent two siiiliiig bunts there, one
for freig t und one for passengers. Abdul Humid is lining to try to make money
out of tne salt bltiuueu and sulphur of the
Princess Maud, of Wales, who Is more
like her lather than any other of the Prince
nf Wales' children, hihrrita tiie paternal
love of humor. She is an inveterate punster ns well, and she mid her lu: her make
a merry pair when they are iu a joking
De Foe had more than one dose of Newgate and the pillory.
Spencer, the poet, suffered the extreme*
of poverty und neglect.
Cnwpet wait all his days overshadowed
by the gloom of insanity.
Le Sage was poor all hia life. In old
sje hu waa dependent on hia son.
Milton waa blind in his old age and often
lacked tne (���(unfurls of life.
Bacon was avarkiluiis, and his greed for
money finally led to his disgrace.
Byron waa club-fooled slid the faet was
a source- of constant misery to him all his
Dante pa*sed most of his life as an
exile irom the only city in which he cared
to live.
Vundel, the great Dntoh dramatist, was
poor all his life, and was finally buried by
Newton's great regret was a lack of
time lo complete tbe work he had laid ont
for his life task.
Bnnyan passed twelve years in jail, and
during that time supported himself while
writing "Pilgrim's Progress."
Disraeli, the author of th* "Curiosities
of Literatnrti," ruined his eyes by his ind
defatigable studies and became almost
Sicilian sulphur deposits employ 18,000
Cncumbers were originally tropical vegetables.
There are 180,000 suicides yearly and
Palm leaves on the Amazon grow thirty
feet long.
The giraffe has a tongue almost eighteen
inches long.
Ninety-one per cent, of the farmers in
Utah own their farms.
Thirty-two thousand varieties of goods
are made from wool.
The thread of silkworm Is one one-
thousandth of an inch in diameter.
Worth recently made for a Parisian
belle a gown which cost the wearer JiiO-
An entomologist estimates that there
are 240,000 varieties of insects in the
Shigsken, Osaka, claims to hare a dwarf
80 years old who is only 17 inches iu
Mr. Bolmtin Hunt is occupied upon his
new bunk, which will treat nf the pre*
Rupbielite movement ill England.
A copv of the sxp.'iiny pamphlet edition
of Gray's "Elegy," print" tl by the author
iu 1751, sold lately in London lor three
bund retl ami seventy dollars.
The interesting uniiou icenient Is made
that an authorized memoir of the late Dr.
Francis Piirknuiii will be prepared under
the direction of his film ly.
With tlie seventy thousand dollars left
tn Yule by the lute Judge BHIimis a chair
of Eiitliisu literature ia to he establish d.
It. will be known as the Emily Sunford
A rumor has gained some credence in
German that P.inoe Bismarck has snid the
copyright of ids memoirs ki a firm of publishers for one hundred aud twenty-five
thousand dollars.
The amount of money received nnd ex-
periled fir the relie: nf the miners during
the recent general strike ill England was
French Imports dieen.ed 2.11.810,001
frillies in 18118. aa colnn iretl witli tnose nf
the preeednu* yeur, and the exports de*
created 251,11(1,000 irauca.
Kistbiiiind trunk line shipments of bread,
stull'i. und provisions f.oin Uluuago for tlie
vear 18118 we.e 2,10'2,2at) tuns, against
1.785,(iV'J tons in 1892.
The Etli-uili Electric Illuminating Company, of New York, reports fur yeur 1SU8
���.-ros's earn ngs $ 1,111*1.-1.18, Increase 82.'nl,-
7118: ml $581,0.8. inert-use -,1110,541, uud
a surplus over bit rent a.id uiviueuda of
In the Hung Kong prison 115 eases nf
prisoners lighting with each otber occurred
uunng 1890.
St, Petersburg's population is 1,000.0011.
Ther lire 2,1 oii police, who iu 189J luudu
.0.1111'! iirrei-tH.
In Glasgow last year 577 persons were
arrested ami fined fur failing to sweep
tlietr stt'itd ur pavements.
1 aria has 2.-j44,OiMI population nnd 7.154
police. Tut d arrests in 1MHI. M.tH'i, ' oi
wuich 20,822 were tor tlruiueiiiie-s.
'1 he City of Mexico has 451.IKI0 people
and -.',802 police. 'Ine arret, last yei.r
were 52,2i.8, over   uiw-hnlf   lur   iutoxica-
*4,!-''"*-'    SCIENTIFIC NOTES.
Naturalists assert that a healthy swsllow
Will demur six thousand flies every day.
Dr. Fairfax Irwin. United States
marine lm-pital service, has gone In St.
Petersburg to investigate Russian cholera.
A conoes-iiin baa been secured by an
American fur the eoiislrnoiion of an eleu-
triersilway l��*twe��ti Tokbtami Yokohama,
a distance of about tnirty miles. Two
American enj neers nre said to he now nil
their way to Japan in couuectiuu wilh tint
Excti' ntbins in Olssean Is Petit, department of the Sarthe, France I are revealed
��� Qnlbi Romuii city, which apnea's In have
been destroyed by an eurlhipiiiKe. I lie
city probably cini'liiined some IIO.UOO 111-
hub,mills, hilt its name Is not known in
French history. The mins include ngrea.
t'liiple. part of which is still standi*!'.-.
also a theatre and monuments.���Engineering and Minimi Journal.
Glasgow shlphnl'ders receive 18 shillings
a week and work fifty-four hours.
A skillful olgannaker In Germany enn
make an pverage uf $2.80 per week.
Mantua makers, with skill nnd experience, etui make t'i per week ill Iluvui i.
A laborer tn Svrta pays $15 per year
is rent and $9tnx"n to the government.
1    An Afghan shnwhii-.ker earns 48 cents
| a day,  and works from sunrise to sunset.
A plumber in St. Petersburg Is paid
$13 per month with board; ��� baker.
89 09.
Bookbinders In Edinburgh receive 24
shillings a week aud work fifty-four
Orchard, bees, poultry, sheep���all these
go well together.
For a canning plum, give at the Ogon, ���
yellow Japanese sort. :
.11ti\ic it;
a ' YV hat better remedy for plum rot is there
than thorough thinning?
Prayer for fine fruit will be most effective if backed with the sprayer.
The annual crop of wild hazel nuts In the
United States is said to amount to two
million bushels. If we cannut succeed in
uooliraating the English filberts, why not
make efforts toward the improvement of
the wild hazel!
In Connecticut 00,000 people have Blgn-
ed the pledge.
The pope hns been requested to take
steps to stop gambling at Monte Cnrlo.
The anti-nice track organization of New
Jersey routed the gamblers of that state in
the late election.
Lord Huberts says he hns nnder hiscom-
mand in India 14,000 British soldiers
pledged to total abstinence.
The Indiana uf tbe Omaha reservation,
it is stated, havo put aside -"t'j.OOO from
their "pasture money" to be used in temperance work.
Men are misers to their wives.
No mnu cau define love. Woman lives
Man is naturally selfish, domineering and
A man's heart is cheaper than a woman's.
Man's love is like the moon's phases-
changing daily.
The best way to manage a man Is to let
htm alone.
No man ever tells his wife her maid Is
good looking.
Men think women are fools���women
know men are.
Man is devotion before marriage and indifference afterward.
Yon cannot recognize tbe lover six
months after be is married.
The men make marriage a lottery���there
are so many blanks among them.
When a man vows he loves yon only. It
maybe that he has another woman's picture
iu bis pucket.
Man talks about bis honor���(here is
little of it in evidence ill his treatment of
Men always expect mora from women
than they are willing women should expect
Inni them.
Marriage ia to man a partnership in
which he nssigns his wife the harder work
aud the less pay.
A hasty retreat ia sometimes hard tn
beat.���Gnlvestou News.
The spinster can nt least lay claim to
self-possession. ��� Yonkers Gazette.
The pnxlnot of the playwright does not
always work right.���Glens Falls Republican.    ' ���
Few men are conceited enough to be satisfied with the hang of their trousers,���
Milwaukee Journal
Ttigleigh���That girl In the play did the
dude lo perfection. Wuglelgb���Who was
the iliidef���lluilo.
Thee are two letters in the alphabet
more luely to go nattily than the others���
Xs.���Lowed Courier.
The Salvation Army Is nfler Ingersoll.
This won't do. The tiling is to get uheud
uf 111 in.���I'ltilailelpiiiii 'limes.
Hicks���Snider says he hates a humbug.
Wicks���Well, there is nothing egotistical
about Snider, is there?���H.mloa Transcript.
The man who gsta his jag on before the
paratle is In a fix when his people ask him
what the show looked like.���Picayune.
Buddis is trying to figure out the amount
nf energy u.teriy wasted by the average
rut ill causing her tail.���Martha's Vine
yard Herald.
East SI. Louis hss 25,000 population and
84 'olicemen, wbo, iu 18U3, made 4,024
The greslest number nf prisoners In any
one day in St.. Louis during 1893 was on
September 25, 170.
The California penitentiary has one
prisoner OH years old. two aged 75, oue
74, one 78, one 72 and two 71.
Brooklyn hns D.S.'IIM residents. 1.435
police, nnd last year had 39,850 srrvsiB,
nearly one-halt for intoxication.
Florida hns no stale prison. The enn-
vluls are leased and subleased to individuals ill vat ions purls uf Ihe state.
Maine has 1115 convicts who are employed in lhe manufacture of carriages, harness, bruums, furniture and cl"thin.'.
In tbe government prison at Yuma. Arizona, there have been only four female
prisoners committed during sixteen years.
The New York stale prison at Albany
haa 1.203 inmates. The expenditures of
tiie bistitiitiuii exceed tbe income over
9100.000 s year.
Illinois hss 1,430 convicts, 88 per cent,
of whom sre under 40 years of age. Of
the Illinois convicts only 10 per cent, are
John McDowell, of Bstesvllle, Ark., ha.
taken ��� St, Louis paper for fifty-seven
Miss Mary Cook, who died a  few il-tys
:tjo nt Alliance, ()., aged seventy five, luul
lieen a teacher Dearly all her life, ami luul
accumulated a  fortune  of one   hundred
' thousand dollars.
Otto Elders met a Chinese prince In the
Laos state who received callers seated on a
throne In the kitchen. He is foment to
let his wife run the affairs of the kingdom,
bnt Insists upon being around when the
palace cooks ar? preparing his meals.
Metal Report.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
New York. Apl. 20, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors of
the imposition of a 6 p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, hut excepting of gold ami
cotton, the silver market is again
demoralized. New York, (11 cents
London 28Jd.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature.   G.M.B's. ��40 15-. Od.
Lead is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��'!) (Is 3d., and
English, ��9 10s. 0d.
���thteime* ffiavfc**.
Hon. J, A. Lougheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Longhced  A  McCarter,
iWristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
Members Associi..D.Ij.S. A P.T..S. for B.C.
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc ��� Calgary nnd New Westminster. Correspondence solicited.,
R.J.JEI'IISOS, D.L.S.,I'.L.S, of B.C. JtOnt.
Calgary, Alba.
A. O. Wheeler, D.L.S. A I'.L.S, of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
Application   for   Certlflent ���  of Improvements.
Take notice that I, H. G. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. 85593, intend,
GO days from (Into hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtnining a crown grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Re-
corder and nction commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
H. G. Low.
-flcOnrthj-   A   Harvey,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors till'!���
The Imperial Hank of Cannil.'i.
The Canada Permanent Loan A Savings Co.
The Yorkshire l.nim A SecuritiesCurpumtiuii
Tlio Miissoy-Ihirns Cu. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Onicos���Stephen Avenue, Calgury.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A., L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
MIj\IX��   EXdilXEER,
Cochrane, Ai.iia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval nml McGIII.)
Head Office, Qubhec ; Branch  Offices
StiEitimooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
accordance with the Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act nre
due for the year 1894. All of the above
named Taxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootonny, are payable ut, my office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed Tuxes
are collectible at the following rates,
vin :
If pnid on or before June 30th, 1894: -
Provincial Revenue, (3,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cent on assessed value of
AVild Land.
One-third of one per cont on Personal
One-half of one por cent on income.
If paid after June 30th, 1894:-
Two-thirda of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assess
ed value of Wild Land.
One-half of one por cent on Personal
Three-fourths of one per cent on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, Feb 6th, 1894.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from tho undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ton Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Analytical Chemist & Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, fc fi Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
isoa     ASSAYER TO THE        802
British Columbia Government
of all specimens sent from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manaoer.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Whole-wli- and Itetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertak rs and
.   *   .   Embalmers,
Cnlgary Alba.
TEl.Etlli.tl'll   ORDERS   PROMPTLY
If you-emit your house Painted. I'a|iereil
or r'altttiiiiiiii'ti, or any kiml ot a m-rii i'uhiteil
write*...I. II. MIIJ.UAIt'll. CAI.UAIIV, tlio
l.i'.'iiliii'- Paint Simp iu the West, for giiml
Work anil prices tliut nre right.
DIMDI CC I will iwiIUkiibb) on receipt
I I III I Ltd. nf a ������> stamp, a reeelpo for a
simple VEGETAWjE IIAI.M that will remove Tun. Freckles. I'liiiplf., Illntrlic*.
Illiieklieiiil.. ���'!('.. leaving lho skill soft,
clear ami beautiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, 00 Ann St., Now York.
" It la worth Ihe pr'r-' to everv per-tm-
whn evitn reads a new.papcr."-Darlington
TBI jourkal aisrcRS TO
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. G-. I-TE1VI"N"S.
A Pocket Primer for tbe on nf Reporters,
Oorrestionilrnls and Copr Chopper..
Hhort, simple and pisctieal rules for
maslng- aud edition new-tap* r rnpj,
and of rqusl vain, tn all -sho wish to
wrae correct Ensilih.
Sent nn rsctol. ef p-lre P Ire, 10 rents
pr CJipy. ALLAN 'HRHaN, Publishes
117 Nassau Street. New Vork.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Eire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for minin*- men anil
miners. Convenient, to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from Uj* the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
AVo tie not hub] ourselves responsible for the
opinions expressed by onr i-oiTcspoiiileuts.
hundred he had leftover after paying Frank Wood has been appointed
working expenses. The bill wns open accountant for the E.K.E. Mining Co.
above board, the miners  considered it I and bus entered upon bis labors.
Wheat, Vim   Home  und   lllnivtiilllst.
Etlitor Golden Eua :
Sin,--"Binietiillist," in your last,
seems the natural successor in this correspondence to the member for East
Kootenay, if he be not that gentleman
himself. The arguments anil language
nre the same, so much so that I am
reminded of the ostrich hiding his
head ill the sand.
He assumes that silver in silver
currency countries is not depreciated ���
that   "it retains its full  purchasing j |,eop|e, yet what do we find, Mr. Pooley
power   while   a   drug   outside  their j thinks the chances for his company for
bouudiir'es."   That this is a fallacy is
amply proved by the everyday quotations of the "premium on gold" which
a tip for railroad support and gave
both it and its father the cold shoulder.
The officials of the railroad companies
worked like galley slaves to win that
five per cent. This year it looks us if
a heavier bid is to he made, but not in
the same open manner, the thing looks
us harmless as a stick of giant powder.
I refer to the little sham battle between
the Hon. Prime Minister and the Hon.
President of the Council, over the
minerals in the lands granted to the
Island road. Both gentlemen .stand
high in their profession ns "knights
of the wis-," both gentlemen are sup
posed to look after the interests of the
may bo seen iu the reports from these
places. It shews extreme simplicity
on his part to suppose tliut "Engl'sh
merchants cun tuke cheap silver to
these countries ui.d there buy wheat
the price of which has not been affected by the fall in silver." What does
he think the merchants of Russia,
India and the Argentine Republic are
made of that they should sell their
wheat to Englishmen in exchange for
depreciated silver (of which they have
already a superabundance) when by
shipping it to England themselves they
could realize tlie London pi ice just us
easily as the Englishmen could.
As already mentioned wheat and
silver are entirely independent of each
other, nud the silver market which
may be located in Lombard street is
i ot eons dcred, except indirectly, in
Mark Lane-the centre of business in
wheat. A bad season might send
wheat to a dollar, while silver, by
overproduction, might buck down to
4'> cents. The same may be said of
cor i or copper or any other commodity.
With reference to wheat "Bimetal-
list" says "the silver countries have
giaiped the situation mil the cultivated urea of wheat is lilt raising with
enormous strides, the exports are
alarming, etc."
If this activity lie really the outcome
of cheap silver the latter must lie a
blessing in disguise, for any further
full will further stimulate production
and give an abundant and therefore
cheap supply of one of the main necessaries of life. I incline to think however that the cause will be found in
the development of India and the Argentine Republic brought about by the
introduction of British capital commenced before the fall ill silver was
thought of.
" Binietalllst" winds up by a timely
caution to Mr. Van Home. He tells
hiin that ns gold is appreciated every
month any money invested in the
building of railways and other enterprises for developing natural resources
will constant ly decrease in value in
proportion as gold appreciates, and
ihen hccoolly says " never mind that,'1
hut place out your money as of rid
nnd employ lhe millions of starving
labourers who will then buy out
Supposing all the world's supply of
gold were destroyed would it materially affect the dividend earning capacity
of the GlUt. or lhe fertility of the
soil, or thu growth of lumber, or the
multiplication of lish ? We should
get un with '���promises to pay " and
lhe homely "I.O.C." which liduciary
paper bus been in all times a good
stand-by. The multiplication of money
melius lessened value, and tu double its
quantity is equivalent to cutting its
purchasing power in two.
Kudi-ENAV East.
the minerals in their lands so good
that he bus advised ..ction to recover
them from the Province, If tlie matter would end there we in Kootenay
might feel easy, but 'will it end there?
It looks to me us if it were the thin
end of the wedge started, and you
must, be aware Mr. Editor intiny a
race is decided before the horses start
for while the Minister of Mines is putting the miner ou the back his colleague
is starting the wedge to cut the very
ground from under his feet,
with all respect to the present
administration tho bid is too high, the
minerals of this province belong to the
people, not railway companies, A
Government official once remarked that
the settlers in this valley were a grade
abovo the Indian, yet I venture to say,
after ton years experience among tbem,
that not one of the lot but could swap
off his farm and have a clause iu the
agreement to retain the crop that all
the law from Atlantic to Pacific could
not breuk, yet our figure heads cannot
swap u few thousand acres of laud and
retain the crop. There is a screw
loose some place, the people had better
look after it and tighten it up.
Editor (JdUiEX Era :
Sir,-Five , years ago a plain,
straightforward hill was passed called
"The Five Per Cent Royally Mineral
Act" compelling �� miner to dig np nnd
hand over five dollars out of  every
Until Sunday last the loth April
we enjoyed pleasant went ber and the
farmers were kept busy ploughing and
seeding. On Sunday we had a genuine
snow storm, snow falling to the depth
of two inches, which quickly passed
off and the weather is again pleasant
and warm.
Chas. Levett gave a social dance to
the married people of Fort Steele Ins*
Friday evening. There wns quito a
select gathering, Mr. uud Mrs. Jennings from AVild Horse Creek, Mr. and
Mrs. Mathers from Mnnnville, Mr. and
Mrs. Wade from Westport, nnd several
others. The dresses of the ladies were
neat and in keeping with the occasion.
The music was supplied by Mr. Far-
qiihiirson lately from Dundee. Scotland.
The " inerrio dance" was kept up to
the ������ wee tuna' hours."
Mr. Hogg, C.E., has gone to Moyea
Luke (or a trip.
Recorder Edwards just raturncd
from Moyea reports Ridgwny and Co.
making good wages. He was accompanied on his trip by William Forsythe,
They fonnd the trip a rather rough
one, on account of siioiv.from Palmer's
Bur io tlie diggings.
John Sucksuiitii's dwelling is well
under way and will soon he  finished.
The Mather's saw mill has been
moved nearer Port Steele ami will
shortly le cutting lumber again.
N. Hanson's lumber raft in charge
of James Brown reached the Fort a
few days ago. Brown reports the
Kootenay river very low.
F. P. Norbury, J.P., has been appointed (ohcor of Votes for East
Kootenay, un I has commenced his
work.   His district is a large one.
Frank Freeman got in from the B C.
S.R R. and reports work progressing
very satisfactorily.
William Dawson has taken the
"Steele Stables" and intends running
tbem in first class shape if attention
to patrons and good accommodation
for horses will count.
Harry Lockwood, who had his leg
broken, is now able to be up on
crutches. The Chinaman who met
with the accident at Wild Horse
Creek is getting along nicely and hopes
uro had of his recovery.
James Highwiirden is our tonsoria
artist and his patrons can depend upon
bis doing first class work. He says
he is here to stay.
Mr. Mather's hotel is well under
way and will likely he finished in
about a mouth. Ho proposes to keep
the bar supplied with only the Lest
brands of liquors.
Much nnxiety is felt as to whether
the C.P.R. will take over the B.C.S.R.
R. and whether they will commence
construction this year or not.
The cattle seized for a violation of
the custom's laws were sold at public
auction by H. Burnes, constable, and
brought *70. Sam McGhee was the
0. B. Frizzelle, B. F. Jones' agent
here, states that the steamer "Annerly" was to leave Jennings, Montana,
to-day, Monday, April 23rd, for Fort
Upper Columbia Iag:yCo:
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I-^eites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.G0; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B.              "            3 and 4        ���     "
"    C.               "             5and(i               " " "
"    D. " 7 and 8 " ���- '*
Public School Honor Roll.
The   honor  roll  tor  April   is  as
follows: ���
5th Class Bertha Woodley
4th     ���'     Jennie Wells
Sen. Ilrd Mary Connor
Jun.  "   Charles Bubar
1st Primer George Love
Average attendance for the month
was 2(1.-18.
M. Lucas, Teacher.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be^charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb.
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
We aro obliged to hold over our
Field >.'otes for another issue.
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Fowler and
family returned un Tuesday. Their
many friends are pleased to welcome
tbem back again.
The government are putting a breakwater in the Kicking Horse u short
distance above the post office.
The Sim Fax Concert Company will
appear here in aid of the hospital on
Jure 25th.
The White-Cttlfe glove contest, 15
rounds, takes place to-night in the
Alexnuder Hall, admission $2.
The dance on Thursday night was a
good one nuu everybody had a jolly
time. As the dances will in future
break up at 12 o'clock sharp, the public ars earnestly requested to be at the
hall not later than 9 o'clock.
Mr. F. J. Claxton, of Calgary, was
in town this week. He wns so well
pleased with the appearance of the
town and the bright future in store fur
it thnt he has decided to open np a
fruit store.
Engineer Smith of "Betsy" is receiving the congratulations of his
friends this week- it's a boy.
Mr. Parlow of the Douglas A Par-
low cartage company was n visitor
Ibis week.
rrtxwt uiwer eat snfci-jinl opinion, writ, to
N linn * CO., who hm bsd Mat***Inr rwv
.ipertOToelntlieptaont biusnow. Con-monlo*.
tlon.tttlotlTconSttontlj-1. A Handbook of In.
tomanon ���not-enuuir I'-tlrM. eat bow to ob.
tan-eot gi-eniiaioo ol ear MoniiSo woX In tbo
eoptoa. *l�� ante. Breir niunber ODMst
"no-SHif on*
hotuM, witb pUm. onoHInt noi'doi
:m. b. lang;
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
1  will  manufacture   Sash, Doors,  Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and'
BracketB, besides continuing- the Machine Shop work.


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