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The Golden Era Oct 25, 1901

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Array A
10*. XI NO. 41     (,f
���OOLDEN, B-amsH-t'oistiMBU, FtHbAY, October 25.1901
��2 Per Yeab.
values in plenty.
Victoria CrossfSff^
Orecon B***nket?i Wac'c oio'*fv 3 an(*3*
_ . points.
"PlirA TtTnnl White bed Blankets, any
iUiP   VV-UUA Weiffht fn)m 6 tQ 9- lbB
Comforters !!,efvith. purL,wh.i^
wv*ava-.w* vw* ..T battingandcovered with
Art Muslin, Art Sateen, Chintz, or Comforter
Flannelette ^JTU*.
and large sizes* White Flannelette sheeting by
the yard*-72 inches wide.
PillOWS���four qualities.
to use.
Imparial Bank of Canada
OmiHtaVl (Paid Up) ��M|NjIM
���oat      ���  _*_    iyuej-oe
PlMfltor.-   '
n.i. Howl.
Wm. Ramaay,
Wm. llandn*.
Hbad Of noai "lVwoirro.
D;R. WlIIiI, Gentrtl H***|*rt
E. Hat-, iMpecter.
*���'   ltM*e>ekcK
*  'MANITOBA. H. W, T. ind B. Ot.
*. Yaigm, INt,
sJati-artaea,i St.Thoiniu, Turrolo, Wellaud,
a big smpi-toT.
Our Fall Goods hi\ve just arrived and we are
now showing the very iatest patterns in
J. C. TOM & Oo. Ch>lden-
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAk
Season of IWI Opens April Snd,
n* a. Han*-*
Only Quiek *wd Comfortable Route to Mining Towns 6| Wtodejrmere Mining
Agent* In tit-eat Britain:
Uoydi Bank Limited, 72 Lombard St., Lon
doa, wilh whom monies may be deposited
for trantmr by letttr or cablt to any of
th* (bov* branches.
Ageatala United Mtateai
NEWlfOEK-Bank of Montreal, Bank ti
CHIUAOO-Flnt National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National llank.     j*
SAN FRAHCISCO-Wells, Fargo A Co.'s
Agtata In Santh Africa.
Interest allowed on deposits.
I-rorioclal, Mnaiclpal and otl.tr debentures
available  at all points in Canada, Units, d
Kingdom and United States.
J. 8. Gibb. ��irr.. Golden Branch.
British Capitalists Will Build
Coast*Kootenay Road on
Viotoria, Oot. 20.-Th* Colon itt
itatia that a tyndioat* composed of
Britiih ctplttlliti of high Handing In
th* financial world ot London I* prepared to lubmlt an offer to th* Pro-
vinolal Ooverninent for the early ooa��
tlruction of the Coatt-Kootenty railway, bat it li understood that certain
condition! i- the loan aot passed at
the latt ration are uniatiifaotory,
and before aigniog a contract it woold
aak that thau be modified.
The objection!, it belated,..en to. M,'*in��^nn,b,1,lon' "J***��*l"X����
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Hotary Fublic.Cop veyancer, etc
Offlce In Upper Columbi* Karajaiion and
'    Tram ray Company's Ilnlidtag,
Oolden, ll. V.
ter &. pinkham,
Harrlst.ra, 8*.! letters. Ae.
the clause governing the perceaasfl* of
the grott earning* payable by the company to the Provinoe, wbich ia eon-
���idiretl too stringent. Then are other
provision* of the aot which ar* considered objectionable, and th* proposal
will logged that they be reoonildtred.
The aelierae haa tssumed definite thape
and trill be laid befon the Government at an early dute.
Hstiifax, N. 8 Oot. 19.-The pros
peroat and thriving town ol Sidney,
Cape Bnton, wai almost iw.pt out ol
exlatcnc* today by a fierce conflagration which started about 2 o'clock. The
fltmre, whioh were fanned by a forty-
flva mile gale, a wept through tbe principal business portion* of the town,
oitiiing ruin and devastation. Four
bidolii of th* finest businen building!
ar* lo ����hei.
-.     ___
Pntorla, Oot, 21.*-Twelv* more
Boer Leaden, Including Commandant
Scheeperi, whose captors wat announced Oot. 12, hav* betn permanently
banished from South Africa.
A forct ot Canadian moot* anrpriaed
a Boer laager near Balmoral. The
Boer* fled after a ihort fight. The
Canadian! had two men killed and in
officer and two mtn wonnded,
London, Oct. 21.���Mr. Kruger hti
reoelved a report from Mr. Schtlkbur
ger that the gnater part of Cape Col
J. A
lie-elatoko, B.'). Fort Steele, B.U
Rooms Ale-tan ler Block ('olden II. C.
JAS. Bbadt, D.L8., & t��.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
H. Am'.i. Inat.M.E.
8urv*y�� aade for Assessment Work and
Crown Grants.
Land for aal* on Lake Windermere and
Fludlay Creek, East KooUmav.
P. Jl* DE80RME.au,
. *.".  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
��oath SMe Kicking H*r*e River,
Hnll Bros. & Co.
Wholatale ft Retail
Cattle, 8hss��p tad Hon* Deal.rs.
���**-30LDEN, B.C.
One of lha Largast Ind Bait Man-
���god Hotel* In Britiih Columbia.
m Special attention given lo baggage of
Coamsrci*l mea.   Nrvtred te ana from
RATES, W per aay.    Special ntet for
reirular boarder..
fllga Writer
Berate Artie*
n**** Bee-water.
J^n strstert tt EMttaarXsraH, O.ll.t.1.0.
. Will Be Electrocuted.
Buffalo, Oot. 22. President McKin
ley'*, aataaa'n wilt expiate hia crime
on Monday next, October 28th.
Toronto, Oet. 22. -W. E. H. Maney
who'*** b**a ill for Mvanl day*, j*
now at th* I'oint of death. Ee ie a
lrading mcinl er of the Masssy -Harrit
London, Oct. 21.-The Church Mil
sionery Society has received mail re-
porn ihowing that Ih* bubonic plague
ia raging at Foo Chow and vicinity ;
fifteen hundred oatei ar* nporlrd
daily, and for a couple of wteki upward* of a thouiand coffins bav* been
carried oot of tbe eity gate* taoh d*y.
Departure of the Royal Party.
Halifax, Oot. 22��� The Royal parly
left hen on tbe Ophir at 10 o'olock
yesterday tporning after bidding a
warm and effeotionaie fanwall to Canada through Lord Minto. A gold waloh
an heirloom of th* Dnke of Teck, and a
quantity of money was stolen from th*
Royal yacht Ophir while tht Royal
party wen at lunoh.
 ..   as
The Fnnob Government'* deficit for
���he put year It 60,000,000 frano*.
The Pin American Expotltion at
Buffalo will olosM at midnight on No
rem btr Snd.
Ciolgou, th* condemned anarchist,
hn turned to th* church for coniol
ation in hi* Isst extremity. He **ked
(or a olergyman, and Bar. Father
Sitdlniikl, a polish print of tbe Rom
an Catholio church, wai sent to him,
remaining abont an hour. He hi*
formally embraced the faith of that
\j*Ave-ih*l-*wa Tuesday 4 ana., wriving at p^rborongh
���      rrfternoon. ' ���.  fii^'lo;?'..      ��� *v-;.
"JForfui^er-1-^ttmati^ apply to
G. Ii. PiRS0H,Wtam
��� T**-*-**meftm
robbed of *^-��iv*i��Hl|
hai b**n
of -poatag*
R. O. MaaaAtsaiM^dyaMlft, of Van.
���ea-jr. ��p��^.--��f*'K^,��>ap., !*,a
c*jjA^ll�� far,  tb* -eajreeaky of the
sB*U*a H.h..l Hous..
for Sehool Mouse," will be received by
_     Ived by
tbaimJarrfgBtdop^t* noon of .Monday, the
Mtk Octobtr, IMI, for the erection tnd e
"   J ��� ��1 House tt OoHm, N.
���tlons, forms *f lender ind
to the Daily Mail from Brussels, and
the Boen have armed 10,000 Afrikanders within tha last three month*.
Ottawa, Oct. 20.���The Militia De*
partment ha* received a cable from the
Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, atating lhat
Richard Douglaa Muir was wounded
at Riepont, on October 11, and that
Frank Nott il dangerously ill of enteric fever at Elandfontein. Muir is
from MacGregor, Man., and Nott from
Port Peri'y, Ont.
H. Tustldd, an Ottawa man, ii reported milling at Jageersfoutein Drift
aince Ootober 12.
Durban, Oct, 19.���Oeneral Dewet'i
recent inactivity haa produced the Impression among militiry mtn that he
it either dead or incapacitated through
illness or wounds. According to a.
letter from Pntoria, a prominent Boer
recently wrote a friend tbere relating
Ike terrible hardship* euffered by the
Boen in the field, especially from a
laek of eurgeon*.
"Dewet, fcr example," wrote the
Boer, "suffered th* moat terrible agony
baton ha died. He was wonnded in
tha shoulder by a iplinter from a shell,
and the wound gangrened in conse
qnence of iti being drewed with rag*."
Five Boer* captured at different
place* recently (aid Dewet was dead,
but gave a different version of his
death. Against these reports Is a
statement b.v Pitt Devilliers, the field
cornet recently taken prisoner in the
northeastern part of tho Orange River
Colony, who said that on Ihe morning
of hi* capture he took breakfast with
General Dewet.
London, O-t. 22.���Sir Bed vera Bnllef
haa been relieved of the command of
the firat army corps in consequence of
the speech he made October 10, after'
the luncheon given in his honor by
the King's Royal Rifle.. deaMnir with
his famous dsptttch to General White'
He has been placed on half par, and
General French hns'been siipoiuted lo
succeed lilm.
In th* official announcement, the*
War Office says that ihe commander
in-ohief, after full cos'sideraiioii ssf hU
the circumstances and theex|,Iatia' ions
furniahed, recommenled that Gesss-r.l
Buller be relieved, which hiss hee>-
f* School Hous* at Ooldtn, N
coawaci���y"i*aeen on" and iftsw ifc Slai
t K6ot��n��y. B.C.
i, ipeclfcii
ptsitionof* School House at Golden, Ntrlh
EMtKootan*    "
Oclober, IwT^tttaoltoof tlw Government
gent, (b-ldsvs H.C. '
Tender, will net ba ��ceepted tinltw and*
turn of tm, tot Ih*
at any Under not niriiitrily
* W. 8 GORE.-
Deputy Minlstar of Una* ft Workt.
Uosls and Works D��psrhn��nt,
Vlolorlt, B.C., llth Octobtr iSol.
London, Oct. 20,-The Naiionalisti
of Gal way have telected Arthur Lynch
to eontest the vaoaney in the House of
Common!, cauied by the elevation of
Martin H. F. Norrii to the peerage.
Mr. Lynch contested th* constituency
aa a Parnellite in 1892, nnd served ns
a oolonel with tha Second Irish Bri
gads on the Boer aide operating in
Natal, nnder Oeneral Botha, and after
ward* in the Orange Free State. When
Pretoria fell Mr Lynch returned to
France, whan he remains. He will
doubtless be arrested if ha returns to
Toronto, Oct. 21���The Evening Telegram'* London cable aaya: "The
money Market Revltw, contain! lgpar-
ticulara of the British-Ontario Oold
Mining Company, lay* it ia by no
mtana encouriging to would be invett-
on, and point* out that gold mining
run by Engliah oompanin has not
been a mcceis. The Review layi thai
���the record of directors ha* lem io
io unfortunate from th* joint stock
company standpoint thar wn ahould
hesitate before entruiting them with
theceiitrol of another raining company,
Commenting on Ontario mining, the
Review declares that Ontario Is not
justifying oonfidint *ntioipttions three
year*, ago on th* tcore of gold produo
ing. Tl.e laat three yun have tejii
muoh reoklttsntti In promotion* ahd
dubious ventures, tor whioh Ontario ia
now tulfering. In Ontario the output
ot lilver showed better results than
any otber matili."
-* ���*n*���. ���
N.lton, Oot. 21.-Brakeman Durkie,
and IT, ion ot Conductor Durkie of
the C. P. R, wai killed in an accident
ao Sunday.
Sinai or Allan, of Toronto, left an
eatate valued at 186,000.
'   Str Chart** tnd Ltdy Tupper will
���pend the winter In Winnipeg.
Aa aetif* inturrectton has Btarled in
Setnar, Phllipint bland*.
Ottawa, Oot 22 -'TheHouseworkers''
Union (domestic servants' union) have
decided to iasue a circular to distribute
in all the cities of Canada, protesting
against the action of Hon A G. Blair,
miniater of railways, introducing Chinese servants into his household The
union intends to iry to work np an'
agitation, which will nrouao publio'
opinion againit the innovation nnd
prevent others following the exsmjilo
VA by the minister.
The Dukis of Cornwall distrihiit.d
over 1.600 South Africin Medals in
Canada, leaving 000 for the departmental militia to send out.
Mr. Bourasisa will not be invited to
tlio Liberal cnucuses next ses.ion on
tht ground that lie divulgf.,! secrets of
the cauouses in the Hous. Inst session.
The population of Yale-Cariboo, at
far ai figures have heen received, is
51,400. It is yet incomplete. Ten-
years ago the population  was 19,180.
The Canadian Pacific has decided to
place the royal train on exhibition st
way atations. Twenty fivs cents admission will be charged, and the proceeds will be distributed smong tlse
orphanages at eachvpls.ee viaited. Thn
exhibition opens_in Halifax this week.
Programme For Noxt Year.
Sir Thomas Lipton makes the foi'
lowing definite statement a. to his intentions regarding the future ol Shamrock II: ���
"What I intend to do ia this: !
ihall leave the Shamrock II. on this
side. She will race wiih any and all
boat* that care to meet her.
"At to the crew that will be on
Shamrock II. next year, I think she
will hnve an American one perliapa
with * Britisli captain. I may possibly send over some British sailors,
but the great majority of the crew will
be American.
I cannot lay whether Capt Sycamore will bs> in charge of the yacht
next summer or. not. Of one thing *���
am certain, however, I will come over
White Sir Thomas denies thst he
intended building a new challenger for
next year, he would not deny that he
would ultimately build a new boat,
IT. Osee Strang Langaage Prtyleni 10*
nia Depart*.*, for tbl United St.t.t.
Cork, Oct. 12.-John Redmond, M.
P.. in the count of a general reply
which he made here yesterday to the
numerous addresses presented to lilm,
previous to hia departure for the United Statra. laid particular itress on
his contention that his mission to
America conld be tnken a* [root that
the n union which bad occurred in
Ireland had also occurred in the United
States. '-England,'' he aaid, "woulsl
hereafter havo to fight the world wide-
Irish race of twenty million*, who**'
action ia only limited loonc consideration, namely, lhat all means wen-
honorable and just in the site of Ood,
and who preferred lobe linked to the
meanest free co'mtry on earth, than to
the British empire."
O.tawa, Oot. 2S.-Lord Minto arrived at nilO yesterday afternoon. Hn
was receive I with a guard ot honor.
His excellency telegraphed for a guard
of t hundred men io be ready at 2. p.
in. Then wsr* only 87 who turned
up. They had to wait at ihe d��|sot
from 2 80 imill the train arrived al 5 SO.
The British niiliocal debl is ��705,-
There il muoh opposition in Au*.
trrtlla against .the tariff.
% ti-fh-i..'
.  ���'���**-+Jd**--kt_**emma*_.- 'U'e ifr.cnm.
��he WO-nt diva. '
tu. V. L'-umat,' - Kilitor and Publisher
Suhai'riMioita ��i 00 por year in advance.
Advartisiug rases usniie kisowsi on- retp,eat
FRIDAY. Ot!,-..HKR in. mm
Morel Dairy Notes
The Lslseral   Association   of Ross-
laud at a recent meeting pnssed a rest'
lution   favoring   the   lii-rodusiilon  ot
Pursy Hues in this  provlnste. and also
pointing ns.. tha  ids/1* ililiis* of I o d
iug any conventions of the Liberal* of
K. C. as sons,* iniHsioi' point.   Tut Eua
ha. slieudy called attention lo the un
fiiirne-s of  hulling  conventions sup
po-wi to i-e-irs'seut the a hole province
tt Coast points, where local club-, cui
wi'lsout eX|,,'isse fill si|i tli��*ir qnossi o.
delegaet while interior continue cie>
are lucky if the, succeed   iu  semlin.
oni.repri'*rnlaiive. thus destroying tin
panose of a convention   viz,, these
curing of the popular ouinicu ou tin-
questions placed hufore it.    We uiiglii
suggest that   ihe local Liberal Assu
cialioti meet, ...id puss a  resolution re
(solution  regartliug the meeting  place
of the couveuiiuii along the same lines
aa th. one passed by the Rossland Association.
We have >o thank the Manitoba
Free Pins for a fim' combine I Ther
uiouier and Baro.ueie,* whioh t he-
kindly aent lo ua. They sire giving
thia spleiiiiid iusirnment as a preniiu...
with the Wivkly Free Press for IDoi.
It is the intention of the 0. P   li.
to construct au addition to the preaent
hotel at Banff.   The house mnin-ained
there at iresenl is a large one, bul tb*
fame of Banff aa a health and pltustire
resort has Is-come so great that st iilV
seasons I he hotel ie crowded with guest*
nnd very often thn accommodation  is
taxed is. tbe utmost.
G'tteral    Su;ieiint-n le |     Ma poe,
when ..sliest for some information ou
the ......'cr Ihis afternoon,  slated thai
sis sci'om �� nf Banff hei g o.itaid* his
division he was not informed concerning the details, but he understood thai
it was the intension of the compuny to
enlarge ih. present |irein,aei.
Klerkadorp, Out. 19, Col. Byiia'v
column ap|��aresl at VViiko|.'t Drifi
from Orange River Colony, bringing
in fib* prisoners and 325 le.ugees. A
pi'ty ol Boers were discovered on soiu.
I.-l.mils on ihe Vaal River, near Pany.
A detachment of Yeomanry weru ton.
across tl.e river to prevent thoir retreat. Wearing nothing but theii
b.iudoliors, the Yeomanry stormed the
Inlands, and eventually uajiinnd 2b of
Use enemy. The prisoners uie fine
stalwart men, aud look like ideal guerillas.
Commandant llrejer and Field Cornel Van Vtiureu, with sell followers,
pari of a comiuan u JJO strong, hnve
been l.iought lo Masiru, having been
cajiiiired in a fight with lists Yecmamy
antl Mounted Infantry uenr Juiumera
berg Drift, on Ea-uto border. The
prisoner* wen mostly boi* and the
majority of the Boers wen d;eased ii,
k'...ki, tvery man being doubly or
trebly honed.
Mr. Editor. ���At the end or the twenty firat week, -sliding Sept. rnher  2��ili,
the relative st.tuling of lhe four lead
ing   dairy   ls.ee Is   is praciicily  uu
changtsd aa far as the to'al profit o.
busier   ia  cuncerus-d.     The    coute.i.
however, ia becoming more interest!,it'i* the end draw* ue.tr,  ui.d.h* pa.
,veek has develo|*ed  .ssine  tinexjsecie
feasor ���    The Guai-iia ���>�����,  as a  lier
an showing signs nf weakening au.
laud fourth for the wessk ou i.rofil fus
'���ilinated   butter.   Tlie    Jets >s   ai'
main In tha leal with a profit of 7 41;
\ vi mIi ii fn second with 7.8 Ij ll.ilsteiiti*
'bird.   7.28;   Ouritantt   fourth,   7.211;
Shenliorns Hfih, B..-.1 and French Cau
udians si*.tii, G 84
The Guruscr cow, "Meslora Fern"
is fulling off bally ill her milk, and
���ee ne lo Is* going out ol biiaina.s.
vhich fs the nriucipal cnuai* of the se
'.nek nf the Guruseys. It is doahiful
if tliey can be overtaken hy any other
sinrsl even if "Me.iora Fori."- drupjiesi
nit of tl..' race altogether, an I if .*hs'
Irojsvs down Iselow the pr-lit Hue lulor
lhe contest la over, ahe will Ise fed verv
cheaply. This pnriictilnr cow wss.
pssrohased in New Jersey at a higis
price e-tjseciH.il>' for ihis 'est ami she
replaced -another cow of less jsroiuis.
but which would |irol.ahly have proven
mni'li more |si'ofit.1,1. iu the end.
Nearly all llie cows .redoing well,
nnd the increase of fat iu tlie milk bar
been very marked .luring lhe r*><
week in several uf lhe breeds, and some
A>f them have made more estimated
butter than at any lime during tlu
oast six week* or two months. Tin
Hols'eins stand first for.quantity ol
butter with tm nil Ihs. to th.ir credit,
an increas - over laar week of 1 02 lb* ;
Jerseys second with 51.74 lbs., in increase over last week uf t 5 lbs.; Short-
horns.thiril with 50.84 lbs., su increase
of 2.88 lbs ; Ayrshire* fourth with 50.
(il lb.., an increase oi 8 71 lb*.; Guern
soya ttftli with 50.80 ihs.. an increase
of 1 3iV lbs ? Red Polls sixth. 41.K4 lb-.
no cl.untie ', Drown Swiss seventh,
44.01., (ini.ll increase; French Canadian eighth with 41.88 Hi*., increase
8.89 Ihs. The other two breeds an
practically unchanged.
It will lw noiiuusl that the French
Canadian have made tlieureutest gain,
snd ihey lut.e again (indices! theii
buster at thn leant cost. Below will
se found lhe u.eragejcoii per pound ol
busier of etch 1.1*3.1 for il.e week ending Si'pleinlK'r 24th, ul.o th* low**,
.ind highest coat in llie ther.
Name Average cost.
milk.   A   reiopenfnre. ��'   "O*   .ft- .
iliout rl-rhi toenabl. .bernw'tn main
.ain a co ssfors*lsle bodily leinnerat'ire.
tnd the,files are Is... .o.ivea.sst tronble
some than they  are at a higher 'wn
peratssr.   A cool al.no.pl. -tealao give,
tl.e cow* greater diwsiive vigor an.
sh��y seem  to anslmiliii* iheir lood Ic
-utis-r adt-auta-,.,
Tl.e quest im of vaiiation in a cow'*
.ilk f.otn milking to milking lean
i teres ing one.   Tha   fact ha* bten
er> prominently brought out by Ihtte
���at.,   that   th* higher   ihe irrvons
svetew of * cow i. develsi|se.|, the great-
sr will bt lha variation on lhe f��i enn-
eut of Ih* milk. Teaia havt been sj.iss.il.
to prsiv* or di.prov* lbs* rsssr.H-isliis.sa ' I
thn composite   sample   leal   wis-re a
. tnplM of ea.lt milking i. addsrd ls> tl ���
'uinpossli* ��Hiuisle hotsl..  aid a  111
made from lb* ��eeomiilai��d milk . t
th*end ssf a states! ��� eiiud.    The t.-tnl
snilk  tor' the |seriol is inuliiplis'il  bj
lbs lest, a> d the proslui-ersprea ms th.
nnoiini  o fit  contained  in   he milk
fur thai iie.iod, Tho it'sulia show thai
a cow's milk I* never coin-taut la the
amount ul fat it contains ui.,1  it Ala}
bl up-iss*   week aud  down tk*   next
without ii-.y ui'pai'cnt cause, bul wliicl,
many laclury patron* refuse to belitie
The Following lathe auim nt of total
solids produoed by each hold up tt
O'ttol er 1st, ��� Hulhieius, 4080 07; Ayr
.lilies, 8.'i!ll 23; Shorthorn*, 85DO.U7 ;
Browu Swiss. 84JU89; Kud Polled
I28J73; Guernsey, 8293 21; Jersey.
1*52.115; French Canadians. 2839.23,
Dutch B.led, 2(112 02; Polled June.-,
J. Stonchouse,
Teal lug Dtfp.ii't.nuut
Pan American  Exisosi'lon.
>v. *.i.it*.-*-*M**\��
Music Dealers,
Caterey, Alta.
N. F. Davin Suloldes.
Winnipeg. Oct. 18.���Nioholas Floos
Toronto, Oct. 18-A cable say* that
thn Cuuulesa of Aberdeau, wife of the
foi mer Governor-General of Canada.
��|sesking at a gathering in Dunpc*,
Scotland, said that Great Britain had
squandered h.r sous aud her nionay in
South Afrioa while ah* allowed Aiueri-
ems to buy up oomiuaroi.il interests in
��� SM*>M,	
Pari*. Out. 18,-Ln* rejiy of Premier
Wulslsaik-Roustswu to Ike secietorv of
th* Miner*' federation regarding Ih*
gosertssueul's ii.tui.iious toward* the.r
-de.naud*, I* not considered very sati.<
faciorv io Ih* men, whose cosumittee
will iiiswt and resolve whether to strike
er not ou November 1st, Tea thouiand
rlfl't, from which th* riding ha* beeu
removed iu order to avoid their teiaon
aa miliary noapon*, are new iu the
ha.nliof tbe ininera. ilia government
will eeii* ihe** asMuon* iniiiiedlaMdy
en the declaration ot a strike.
Ossjo. Anultag-a. "a New York hank
ro-staisgw, b.t diiappstared with to0,*>
John P��lk, who swsrfe***t .to Goya ���
nor Lawlor is)*' he robbed Wlnnlp-t*
poiroffice m��H*. w*e eeii*mi����sjd for
trial (i ih* Winatri*g poltei aeurt.
.'rctiuh Cuuudaiu
10 53
Polled Jerscj*
10 92
Red Polled
Jrown Swls*
Short horu*
Dutch Belied
Following ia the loweit and highest
Lowest cost
Highest cost.
9 12
10 15
12 84
10 34
U.ivin. of Regina, well known parlia-
inenlarian and jouriisliat, commii'.eu
suicide by shouting here lint after
uoon about 4 o'clock.
Mr. Davln. who hail lieeti it. Mie city
nearly a week, was a gsitai at Cluren
Iou hotel, ami hsd, been soiiiewhai
rregular in his habit*. He lull'lhe
hosel shcrtly "alter nooon io.l*y, and
going to a hardware alore p.sichnsed ��
revolver and cartridges, ss.iug it, wu.
.vai.tta] fur a friend In lhe Weal. Ln',ei
he setururd and said theravoltor woub
sos work Tlm weapon wna taken fry..
Ur. Dsiviii'a hansls, an,| iioilcing hi.
sits unacondition, the manager of lhe
ttoro refst-ed to replsi't it,, returning
ilia money pa-id ib.refoi-.
Mr. Dai iu Hint wens inaiioiher sun.
and i.Ht'slii.B.d a small hullhog revolver, aaying hs-wawal it to kill iioulh-
soinecat*. Ha nturned to ibe hotel
lu a cab, aud told the clerk he intended
leaving ihe city for Regina on the 4.30
train, ami went to hi* room to prepare
���sis luggage.
A few minute* later a loud re|ort
wa* heard from Mr Davin't room. In
vs-tetiguiioii waa made ami he was found
lying on  the bad with*  smoking re
vblver In hi* right hind.   The inuxzle
had lieen placed In hia mouth, and th*
hall passed through the back of tbe
head causing, ln��*nr death. A'oorontr
was summoned, and the body removed
io an andertsker's.   No cause (or the
o'rlme tan lie given, *. deceased haa
been in n vary cheerful mood ilnoa oom .
ing to t he city.   Tb* body wiil ba lak
en to Regina for burial.
H* *at f r West Assisiib-sia in * >V
Ooinuion* irjiu 1--1 uiml "*�� .-���>***���
,ral Bleciiou, wlieii.he wis> ieto.noI.
O,' aoboiary atiaioiWit. n-5 *".���* ""'
o ly a masierof BiiglUb. but anqsialnt-
el with Hehnw, 0.vek, Lmia, Oer*
man and French. A. a writer he noi
ouly made hi* mark a. a i***Mlj"i
nan, but aa a poet and am nor. H
.va. a i eoi uut uut vyi"y s.i-ake--,
!..d |,robalily a* a member of the Cun
mom no name wa* latter knuw.
throughout Canada than iliai ol Slob
,las Flood Davfn.    .
Mr D.vln giarrjed a .luiulner ol
J*m.��R��idif Otawa. Mr* D..vli.
lurvivt* her huabaud.
Ottawa, Out., Osii. 18.'-News of ihe
tragodeasholMr Davin came  a*  ��
real shock to bi*   U'��uy ' tt-*"*** ���"
0 tiv.H.   Mra,   Davln    il an Oita-A*
ed . lliedaiighlvrolilie   late   J.iiu-"
liwthitr  and *l��t"r  reaidi
ir re.
Columbia River Lumber Qo.
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
MAHUFACTUBEBS OF Cg-jaj1  SlllS.   etC.,
Miyy!i?1^^:-Fir Dimension a Specialty.
h* Hills at Golden*
Larg^it Capaoity in the Mountains.
uk ad oi-'ricis. - -
Beaver ar4 KvaH. - *
Terms Cat,!).
���UOIattKX, X. <--
^ Sash & Door
55 Factory...
Taking tho total product iou and the
coil of feed aince May 1st, it will be
found that the Oiirnaeys have lawn
the tiiosl economical producers, and bt
low will be found the cost of producing
a pound ol butter and the value ol lhe
bitter produced frum $1 00 invested iu
lead, lhe butter being valued at 2aot��
per pound.���
Cost of I Ik. butter  For 11.00 in-retted
May Ist to Sept 17.        in f el.
sJnornsey I). j-jjj
Jersey H.2 171
Ayrshire ��.�� 2.I13
French Cinasllan   9*7 it*
Red Polled 9.9 2 M
llolateiu 10.7 I'll
Brown Swiss        109 ..*)
Hhorthom 118 2.11
Dutch Halted       18 l.M
It will he seen from tht above table
that the Frenoh Canadian* b*7�� pro
duosd th*lr bti-ter *t pratt-oslly the
���am* cost ill through tlie term, and it
now loot* ��. Iflhejr aw p��r��l��'*ni; pro
daotn, tnri fonr ef tbem ��re doing
latter now than they hav* doa* Mar*
the hssjglnnlng Of Anitnst. The fit h
low, "t, Bo'schMle." Iii far gone In
oalf and give* lw* thau la lb* ol milk
per day.
It hU again been demonstrated that
a t*mpswju��a iri.friijm ���a.1' to 70" ia the
"1 wii a martyr to lis* aad Jfswreai **--���
atom casatd by Otmitttartloa, anil tar,
k-ulattt on *a avenc* I aiyi a *****
loat plfl* ktlmd rat. bt* t* *tA**'l
Uver ttOa at I* eta a vial ear** ���*
, x����Ia*wleM�����->etaer���alt���a���**-A������
This Is the wrltlen Uallsnohy of �� wellI ks*sown
Tosroato journall��-you can havrWs mm*
yosiwaatM. A-yan.'* t�� Iht hestP1"* J"
U3% chsaper tban any other. 40 ���*��* *��***. t
iw pills*) tta.
8old by 0. W. Field;
.        ** ���
8ir Thomas Liptou. at a Chlc��go
banvuet wated he would (gain Challenge fof Amerlo .'a <up.
Sidney  Hammond,   of'Portgg* la
Prelrie, died from Ran ��ho* syotitods.
his leg having been amputated. .
. **a ������
Kagfa* aad Ballei' Beaalrlei ai_m-***Mtyi
Nioholr.1 Flood Davln, K. C, wa*
born at Kllflnane, Limerick, Inland,
in 1848 and wa* eduuted by private
tnticion and al Quern'* -college, Cork.
Hs atnd'ed law, and wa* called to the
Middle Temple, London, In 1808. Hi
entered journalism, wa* reporter Ih
the Brltlah House of Common*, and
during th* Franco-Prusiian war **r-
ved ���* w.r correspondent of the Iri>b*
Times and London Standard. Dnring
th* fighting he wai wounded at the
si*** of Montmedy. Ho oam* to Canada in 1873 dn a vloli, and liking 'he
e suntry elayed. acttptlng lha oiler lo
join the atari ofthe Toronto Globe**
leader writer on European littery and
���octal questions. Like moat Iriabmen
h. became Interested In politic*, and
dtvoted a year to lecturing through
Canada. H. neit joined tb* Toronto
Mail, wae called to the Ontario bar In-
1874, and esibi*o,uentiy ;to the No***
West bar and w��. created a Q. O,.
A* * lupportrr ot air Jehu Maodou-
aid, wben the N. P. tte* l.siroduosrd a*
an ||UM*lv*| h��M*Mral*inlioo otlBTB,
bt waa a candidate in Haldiina'nd Ha
wa* ��fts��rwatOj* *|.poli.t*d eaojHtr-/ .1
er.aral Royal Coi.iuImIo 11, luclodlaf
C t. railway oo>u.alia|j*o* ol 18811
H�� **ttl*J iv tb* North Vtmt iu 189*,
Testimony Wbioh Shows tht
Oreat Value nf Dr. Clarke'r*
Little Red Pjills.
Dr. Clark*'* Little Red Pill* enrtd
meof ohronle rhramatlem alter I had
been given np by tke doctore���Anhl-
bald Wilion, Sanlt St. Maria.
Tli*n I* no nmtdy for rliiumatltm,
or for building ap the tytit.n. eqsial 10
Dr Clarke'* wonderful Llttl* R*d Pllli.
I would uot la.wliboiit'tbsMn for their
wtlght in gold.-**. J. Brandon, Fen*
lon Fall*. Onl.
lean triitbfhllyaay ihatDr. Cltrki'i
Llttl* Red Pill* hire dona ��a mon
gtted than any other medioine I have
ever taken.-Mn. Oriton B. E*t*y,
Then I* no remedl toaqnal.Dr.
Clark*'* Little Red Pill* for aarvon*
troublt*.-W. B. Bohtrtaoh, Editor
Daily Time* Plurborougb, Oet.
Dr. Clarke'i LittU Rid Pllli cored
mt of rheomathr* altar l'i **ean W
stnailant tutettng.���f, '��� B. Arthoar,
bookkeeper, Toronto Junction.
.,4��. Clark.** Upit IW'Pllli araa.
jrJtlve ind ot-falh eo*a ffor I* gritJUr,
all (ton
iin��il��in,*f*la��a.|iar��lyiii. eaurrh
laid (army
raanstetljr """
inostT'condnciitr* to a good fl--J>ssa�� of ,nj **,i.��bll��li(ij4<hl Ls ad*r ��l  Regiaa, *.*l"*r*>
price.   fWYfPViH
tbflf  Will *�� psw:
AtSqurbe't tore Con for f ialtma
aad ***7**.*-ira e*m Care ravBearma.
aame pirla*. Tin iattat* -, wlH b* paid
B�� aar mm ***V "'I' not permanently
Eleventh Year ot Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
>Subwrlbors all over the Continent.
Elxamine oilr list and m It thoro is anything you require/
in Job Printing. WE PBQi^
ENVELcfafctJ l" ���;'    '         ''
-'"~" ,*****e*'4 '���
; CDSTOiis B*L|����S    .-
Cl-lC--,k*\i >  ***        ";
���DODOEHS-,      v.
SHiPPlNO TiOS  '   '
,t r 11 liiiiinssa     11 a
11 .r i ai/sasaavaawssM THE ERA, .GOLDEN, B. 43L G^ob-***
itijsaumto ftiAits.
str *a ***** **t*sjl*s*Mf
fauitd to.ptparw ��� *cl.act *ab-
a a prlv.ti sjyiHar terasiM ��� p*n*.a
tod to tclstoc* to MHt e dl��*nit-a
loa. H. UW not think atatulresl trail*
lam'in mm- he**! man enoivgh I*
awnuyto tapport tevml cork Is*
llrhnirnta, ysat never haa the child oi
'. bsajand man tatm torn with leas thaa
Certain ebariwuatotio* et the penal
btld nity hav*. It imy b* a comical-
net r"pns1iictlori. Aiwly*, however,
tk* ii.itnral *ndnottk* inquired pr-
rule-a ut ib* paraut or otber aa***,*
II thisw*   llenot Proftlair AVsjIainaji
* that Mqulred qiulltle* or aharao-
tat are aeteg innunltttd.
ho o|-��r��t*o��iol tb* law* at heredity
iron** enough.. A child mny not roll <*lthir parent, bat ll m*y bo in ei-
kwiuasol * rmwto aatsatat. Thai
aan a sunroe nt toandtl nt tlmea A
more msn, ��� man of wtnlth, mtrr|cd
totliul sawing girl   Whan a hlsok
wu lava to hor,. thar* wattrobbl*.
i It wu remlod that ber motktr wu
ilatto. Thn* I* an older caso eiactly
it*. A Ur-ajk married ��� fair alav.glrl,
ahantbagav* blribto* black obtld
*kvd wis traced Back to in Afrtom. ���
Ivsrsarsspersoiawho think that If a
make* blnn.lt, uy, * greet linguist
ktldnnwlll bs more llk.ly to hav*
lift ot tongne. Thty think thechll-
Uirn lo ��� iam.nt-.lts* ha ku Ueoiu*
poind are Moist Ikihl* than the chit-
bora earlier tu Inherit * toil* for
i. Thet. thing. Walasnian denle*. In
Ire* cast lb* children may hav. tb.
*'. .ptltude.torlanguages, but not
rronger bsic.ua. be nsed It In th.
r ease to* children may hove the par-
i disposition that ltd hiin to drink,
���at tk* stronger btcens* Itwu In-
Ir. Herbert Hpenctr reitrdt tbt quel,
whether any acquired traiu *n over
riled it * great mattar, hot be bit not
��� up bit opinion yu*. Hi ll not pre-
] to combat lhe new tbs-ory.
rht ksa* tecepted theory bat never
quite satisfactory, tt I *ve* so mock
scouiited lor. If Mqulred qualities ar*
rltml. Iba world ought lo be crowded -
i greatness. Vet It I* notorious tbat
great men have tons at grent. AI-.
gh etlticsititsn ta within tb* reach of
���nd the methods nf education an the
oor of centuries of experience, Shakes*
at ahd lillmnsand Napoleon**.--* not
Mon yet. i
In tbo other hand, we might supoct ���
ly Increase ot .drunkard* It ���cqulsvd
cnsltlva am tninaiultinl. A* �� matter
act. then la much leas drunkennsis*
i thew wus halt ��� petitory ago, slab lis. pressure of motion. Ill* and *n
able coiulis loll of tbe nerve, are called to iironint. illsalj'ntlhn.
lb. later dowrln* due* not stony tb*
jrlauix ul hcKbiiy. It sisjts net nisk.
���a linisnrttsnr. (nr lb* parent tu lead an
ghi una curi'ful lifo, since his children
���alius-need by his .juuipiss, though they
nt Inherit IiisJiiciil.il nml pkyslUI ao*
Itlmis ns t.iisy nuiji'lils prssprrty.   If
Asthma Curs prea'.;
**\*\l^a\TT!Xff^ '*���***���.**.���* ���   *rm*m,*t*m*H.--
unci orraPmii trim. For nrst-ciass
i Wsll Partutlas On. si thtCMrf.
w Oar PnsH.i., sa* Pregraai.
alenfe Brings Instant Itclicf'nni PeiV
maneht Cure in all Cases.
"sTommoniithtcxnumonnlace." The
BMMt valuable of civil benefits is such a
commonplace matter, that we seu-ceiy
give it a thought.   II-would take aw; a-
i ter on a whaler nipped in an iee (let* to
1  make us truly appreciable of the worth
Year ifame nnd Avlds-essa Plnlnly.
litig? ABSOLUTELY FilEEOX R^PJpV OF POSTAL ftffir^,*^SJ^'\^S
itation, with ita vast machinery for the
collection and distribution of letters, its
'I here is nothing like AsHi- ^"t^ ^SLmt*\ "��
........     tt. I,..:..-. 1....*..���*. ���   -methods.   Wonderful it is too in iti re.
���alt*.  It knit* together familie* widely
mnifeiie. It brings instant re
li % e\en in tbo worst fiases.
It ciiitHt wben all elwe fails.
Tlse R.v. U F. Whu, of V.lla Ridtte.
I.i., **���>.:. --Your srial la.nl.uf A.sh.na
lane nsw.lvss.1 In iond condition, I canuot
lull.yuu lt*-w ih��,-Inl I fell fi* i|s*.good
d ritvd frqni it. I ws* a ��|avechained
��.ib pusrisl son thr si a(sd A'h.isa los/10
tears.' I iiBsisairvd of tve. being cured
I mw yu..* aAvsir(lai.riHi it for 'be oiire of
ibis -ill' Ht1f.lt* assd lurine'stjllg..diiseuav
Aa'lrina. a'ud thought i'..n had oveN��sks.is
'vnnrt.'le- J.',V|s*ants{i-d ��o l\$ il a i|-nil
T*s >..y sislpisis-lisns- t tlie trial *c>i*il like is
clta.m    S.'isJ ino h full iitfsil.j.lle.-'
REV lift. MfBRIS WEfflf-tER.
Rabbi of Oiiiig;;pss��I Is'taei,"',''.
/ Nbw Yi(RK^jt...:, :l,'.10.1.,
Dna. Taf(t*1Ui.w'. MkuMMk v o ,
GrMH.ii'j'u!,: lionr A��'tima>jiei- an ex
s's-lsent iH'ii.-ii.viorA-ihm'aHnd'Ha.v Fe.ei
stud it'st ��� >,iii, osiiinn nle.inlet all lion 11*-,
i. u.i uuu.bine wiils  Asll.ma.    it" .1110*..  is aatoii'a ung ami womlprfiil
.After having it carefully anhl at', we nasi state thai, A. tinualu.e oo.iti.iii* nn(
upl.i.n, iiioi'phliie, chlorolorin ur eth r    Tours <<*>v tr.si.,
AVON Si'niKiia, NY, Feb. I, 1801.
Dk TArir Bros. Mbi.ksixb To:
Us 11,h-ii.au. -1 writ* Ihia testimonial from a sense of duly, having tested
the woi del fill effect* of Aihmulei.e. for the euro of Aashii.a. My wife has
iseen affl^oioil with s|.aa�� odic Aathuia for the past 13 .tears. Having exhaust
al my own skill aa well..�� manv others. I chanced 10 see vour hiu.. upon yom
window. 01. liHJlh at reel, New Y.i.k. lat ouce olslaiuwl a lsnt.lnolAstl.in.ilen*.
Sly wife cssiis.ieucs-,1 ..king it ahos.t ib�� Ist sif Novomlser. I very soon notices
a ta'ltsial improveiiieiil. After 11 sing one lutile her Asthma bus diaa|,|i..*iwl
and she is en.inly fn-e from all a> il.pi��li.a, I feel ihai I call I'ssiisiaieiitl.t
recoinmwid the meillstlne <o all who are atH uted wilh this .li*'r".tin<! dim'***..
Ysstsrarespeosivsl,. 0. D PHELP3. M.U
Dn TArr Bhoi'. Mkihsjims) Co:
Henlleinen, ��� I waa troubled with Asthma for S3 vp*n. I have tried
lii.u.eroils remediea. but they ll .%���* all faila I I ran aornsa tour advcrii-eiuriii
nud *i.rte.l with a trial bs.tsle.    1 fonts,! mliel ill.��.'��.    I ha> < sills'* |,..r.'l.as*i
yvjiiV full-ailH Isoiilss and I am ever tiystefnl.    I liase a fniuily ol f ��� chil.tr,;
and for six v.* a I waa unable 10 work.   I am now iu the l-est uf heal.I -
am dofug biiasneas everv slay.    Thia*��-st<iiiniir you can   make snub  use of a*
you MD hi.   Hjius mUres*, 83s�� Rivlugloii Siraet. 8 RAPHAEL.
'   OT Eaat I-.U1I1 si, Net. York Cits.
mud mils ni? InbswJtMl. lt ahould la
l���|ic.f   It t.usfhot been 1
hlngtun l'oat
. A V��.k-I i!aa'_
10 bail mu* ei, ply;, but tbe do*r wu
Int'k.d .mil the iltiat'ii fr6.ii thu ooun'
��� islkvd Iii It wis. Iiilo In tlse alt-.-r-
1 nh.ii Is. ars.nssl, ts.ijl al.ii.sit durk
n a brbk jrisung mnn tmiuo In, nntl
r a few ilt-snllury ri*niari.a concerning
iu.tliiaja 01 Jniiliora 111 the gas and
is. to u.tiv.s tin.' plaun around. The
iiryuian urns, ansl shuflksl bla fs*jt,io
intlrsHit aUiiiii.n
Did yuu with 10 .ee met" uked tbt
isg n.,,,1.
Vit, sir," wu llo n'tawer., "That'll
iy, I lunik It w-a yuu a. I wished to
Dulu,.t iiov.i sails.sounyou before,
to Ise snra, I s-nul.ln't exackly my,"
llo yon wish to Join eur orginiaatlnnt"
No,"nuih. answer In tone*of In-'
i>lng.d,.i.ht; "1 dssn't want to gll Into
itsvk rnmpanv All I want 1*10 gll*
d men w.loniwre-a."
Uut, air,. tb it 1* M an lntelHgonc* of���
Ht rlaran't h*'* to be Intelligent The
bl* -viiik tlw* las* out wa* tbtt be
svcdlTO lilltoh"
I don't bellev. w* can ���ceammodqto
," th* otber reuwrskrd ��* b* tnrntd
Ind uud resumed suovlng Ihu plioo. ':���
Kow. bsok h*r*i ysvung nuin.  I dida'i'
��� htr* to rile you, an I don't want yoa'
lie mu. I'm v. lilin to go Into any ar-
(eniaiit yssu wi.ut to mak* fur glUIn
1. there ehortVofr rojr hansls.. Wh*n 1
1 lour sign I tnyt to mjisrlf, "Thtre's
ntiitutluu that know! a long felt want
n It Msa it nn ortor bo Int-otiragod.'
D.. um sWav.    Write at o.,ne*ad.lressl..g Hit   TAFT BRfsS.' MEDICINE
provsZ"-   CO. 10 East IdOthSi. New Yoik Cilv.   **'��� HOLD BY ALL l'RUIl'ilSTS
IVbat's tbafsaaiMil Ther* II I* u plain
���y���o*k*b**s��,| Kivltty~-an tt 0 choral
t4y alBSt*-jjs**lii*f fnr Inokln after
m wilt yotimm m, poiiMnmitotoii
what It it lurl"���VfNilngion 6**x.
boi tb. Iron
outot th.
Ilw sWfil-st
' a lnrge
' slriUa**y
In  the tropic*
likauik lilsBiinssika or upon toil*or,
ti  -mraslliiatononrollthlslbyhl,
ablackstrpoyor rtta^sts*. which la the
���am ma* W-ubtatae at* Mtbta-
la, otten elsbomtiily sjsirred aad sup.
ilagooly samlsov covfclUr.' Ttseaa- '
1 Qrtoki *��d Hoamiui bad Uwlr 'bt*
���'-���*���     ------  *     nmjlat llkt
laa eotttbuwd.
1'lksiip.a liilinnitaki
k  -mraslliia^nonrolrt bis light,
* rpayorm***-*, which In the
* ��� -*S^*"j'w,*,^r*)f*. ���?���*���
M:ss1e bv manv ii mat. for tnlittj; n dr'nk
nt-the Iser ia tfutt hi needs 0 bi-.wer. He
f***ls w-sfak, liia ��;o' sastli is "out of jottl"
uud lit|.io, rssvkca him " feel good." Tbe
tired man who aits
on a pin leaps up
witb new.ciis.rgy-
but no one would
say that thll
energy wai evi-
silence 0/ the
^ ttrength giving
.power of a pin.
Bn with the energy induced by
liquors. Tliey
only spur the body
on, but do not
strengthen it.
Strength I* made
front food properly digested and
assim i late il.
When the atom-
sell it diteated
there it e failure
to aktroct the nutrition front foodwd
lire body grovi-s weak. Tlie weak body
need* strengthening, not stimulating.
Dr. Pierce'* Oolden Medical Diacovery
cure* dlseate. of th* atomnch *nd other
organa of digv*tlon and nutrition, to that
the nutrition of fowl it perfecUy ea-
tncted and araimlliited tnd the body
-Tltera I* noalcotlol In " Golden Medical
ptaravary,".aad it 11 entirely free from
opium, cocaine and all other narcotic*..
Accopt noaubititut* for"Golden Me*,
itol iMfasavatsy.*- Thtnli ��p other medl.
cin* ��tnat u jjood" for diteu-e of the
-toMsai�� "
I "Have l.y lums' s'trcooii S's.t l.,ok 0 ,
th" i'-harg* to st.sn Itis, wound, le* Is
dp l-Mrtt'lo d-aili.*. P.-0;,le can bleel
to death..   Tho I0����0| bloo.1   ��*>��kviss. j*ietVvjVwKVts^t"chnrfjc."
and rattled or-jona,
���tloMm Msallnl Wacsjvery* .ad Dr
?**������!!!?. PJH!!}
iCr,. iww IM Ilk. . *ew man."
Dr. Pierce** Plcuiat 1-cllct* reguleta
; wias. . *���
ithioa,E;,:Y,:,Oai; 17.-*-jjfr^tor
Goidwln Sniitb, bf Torontd, I. ill wlttf
bronohi.is at thi Ithaca hotel han. Iii
view of bli advanced age. 18 y**n.
lome appnhtniion in regard to hii
miniS factor
^-|^�� MUN** OURfc   ,
thu holy. I' 111.1.1 follow that gain ol
blood gives lhe b.dy sd'rjsjl-ith
itrengthaiilng vlfeut of Or. Pi-nw'a
O.ddsiii Mellic.1 Dis, overy is in llie i��
creused aujiplv nf |sssin, rich hlsso.l it
iroduce* I is onlv when the blood
is lnipovlshs-,1 snd impure that n disease finds a soil in which 10 rout. Tl.e
Diicovery' purifies 1 lu blood and makes
li antagonistic to dineaaa. When ilie
body ia einaciale.1. 1 bellmen aie weak,
aud'therss ia obaliuai* lings-ring cough.
O0I1I011 Medioal Discovery" puts ilia
body on a lghiing fooling airalnst
disease, and ao increase* the vitality,
lhat disease ia thrown off, and physic
al health perfectly and permanently
redored. Ii baa cured thousand* who
were hopeless and Jielplea-., and who
hoi) tried all other maii.t of oure wilh-
put avail.
Twenty'OO* on. cent itaropi to cover
expesise ot mailing only will obtain a
copy of Dr, Pierce'a. Common Sense
Mswllcal'Adviser. 10C8 page*, in |>a|ser
cover., Send thirty-one kt*iii|is if cloth
'binding I* preferred. Addles* Dr. R.
V. Pltrce. Buffalo. N Y.
Manila,-Ool. lS.���Flv* hundred bolo*
aparetcd. It carries scroti tlle to
���sane tender, lover's tnesauge orperbap
it little Sower picked from the duisie,
grave of an Englial. cburclivard. liter
hour of every rtuy the mi.il iiag is p.- jte>
with wordl.W-l.cti waken love and laugb
*cr, and words whicli deepen the Turret
yi tlie cheek and dim the failing aigh
��ith bitter tears.
But with all this there is going 01
through the mail service a diasemini,
tion of human kuowlt ' je, a reachins
out of human help which is one of th'
crowning blessings of our century. ��� Th
correspondence schools led by Chuuta..
qiia, are sending to every villa-** am
jamlet the brooder knowledge which 1
jo eagerly craved l.y muuy who are mv.
in to the homely duties of a hum'. *
life.   Without the mail system Uiiti pit,
of education would lie impracticaWe.
Every mail, ton, carries 1 run. llie g s
centers, the advice of grent pltyficini
whicli it would be iiup.is.-til.le* for ti
distant public.to obtain were it not f<
Uie mails.    Few people realize   iv
nnny thousand people depend on V
nntil* service for incHcul trealmctit.
long ago when some postal sjiTair.; v
being discnssetl in connection �����'*'.
erection of the new postoffice l- .
in BnlTulo, N. Y., some light v....- v
on this sitb_' ei b.v tbe titilt^iiioiit ���
tlienis.il bv'Dr. R* V. l'ier,.'e niiiov
daily to loinetliing over   1,51x1 ;,.
Of course this is nut s common r.i:..
casisel'r. Pierce's rs'lstt'nn as clsjef ���
tnlting physician  lo  l'nITnlo's fa:-
ins'it.iliou, The Invalid's' lfot 1 :n'i '
jrical Institute, makes Iii?   , ,-
that of liis i-t.iff of iie.-irl;.' ;i
skilled and experienced spvci.ili.*i
suttglit after, especially by \vu���r-.;
tlle trentiueiit and c-.tre of wile*.-'.: .-.i
���tiseases  Dr. jVierre  lias dyvt.teu  nt-
ilirty years of almost constant Inki:
But though.this e-ra��i|.lii is out i,t Us
nrstinary, it may serve as an evisleiice t
tlie auiAifing benefits KBpcd b.v llie jutb
lie from the mull service.   It jilts enr*
outlying hamlet in touth with'the inns
sdvancetl medical sjsecisslisui of tliesli-i
It -ri'ves at a cost 01* n two-cent t.'issnp
Ihe skill ansl expert itcetlitlt it has Ial.ei
yea.a lo acspiire.    Lilerallv at the cos'.
of a two-sent atmnp, since Dr. Piem
invites sick women to consult bim by
letter without charge.    Aiul tliis wouli
, tet.-iii to be one of the most rentarkublt
T se I Ivrvlces rendered by tlie jaistil system,
'.  1 ps'r'i".i�� the supreme service of all!   Por
wliih' it is a splendid thing to he able tc
thop in New York while living in Kan-
las, and a grand thing to be able tt
command the learning of great pro*
fessora while working in the Michigan
woods, it is a still grander thing that by
nutans of tbia cheaply supplied service,
men like Dr. Pierce, who nave the disposition to be helpful, are enabled to
place their skill aud knowledge at tht
disposal of those who are being dragged
dsiwn bv disease, without the pnuibility
ot help'from those nbout them.   When
one contemplates the vast anil far reaching benefits of the mail service, so briefly
touched upon in this article, it makt*
the familiar gray uniform ofthe postman
the most glorious of all uniforms, for it is
worn by the soldiers of the army of peace.
It makes one feel like taking his hat of)
to tlie on-rushing mail train, and cheer*
lag the work ansl wisdom of Uml. ***
*��� 'iSiltf***-**^!*"^ -*- n*3  etiaoked a  detachment ol  lony-ala
in*n ol the Ninth iufamry at Bangsjon,
00 the Oandara river, I .land of Sinar,
today, killing 10 aod wounding six.
Tho remainder of lha company arrived
011. Il.e acene in time to prevent further
���laughter and rouied the eneui������*, killing
over 100 of Iheia. It i* believed that
the enemy ouly mind lot reinforce-
menu. At soon it ihe newt wat* re
celvel at Cathalogan two gunboati
wt-re de*|i*iehv4, Ovueral Smith going
in ptrtoi. to the teen*.
mratiyt** i* Ury ******* I
' I-mWi-��iM��iMTi-J4*'*)risvsm'-*air,*irt
*4aat*towaylM%ns(*a*i*(��tI.ne. IM
���TShiarkfanailtcsnt.I waradvanittd.bm
I wuisrrtodtHissl 10' ny towh Anwricaa Rheu-
***** Csma��dlaa*isifco��|s����lrelKair��afierts��kllif
Pd^'Stf-W. Fiehj..    -.:>;
In let.
Id ean
Ity. Or.
far tm.**
.. aad sasistchea Ana
-Oivat tvlt-J In thirty
-     A saw dsws
���std a few
In tU* day* of the Revolution
he wm en the aide ef victory,
In later yeare eurrenderedte
dleeaee, but fJoiith Amerioan
Kidney Oure save hint hie
Mr. A. Williamson, of Kit-cnnHisc, Ont., a
tst-ttrnsi I*, thn Aisierivaii war, anil now csutolsis
n.llc-r, lots, is els rk and a prominent citiaen, ssnyi
uf Sstill Aanskua-KMiair Cure'���"I huVt
I ninil Ii a wssndetfut specific In my casts-.. I
*,i|.r ted n great dssd from Bladder snd Kidney
iMulsk-a, sansl one bonis eniitely ctinal me, I
ihiisk it 11 boon to msnkin.l." Cures In all uaget
aod (isaj. relitf ia .ix houn, aa
Sold by 0. W. Field. _
The heatli|uartera of the brigands
ahoottptured Miss Stone have been
A Boar nnmmando, 500 strong, has
penetrates) Berg river v��l|ey on the
ooait, norihweat ot C*p*Town.
Tha Crops in Manitoba and tha Noih
west area Revelation to a Delegation
of American   Farmer*.
Th* British had a brink fight with
th* Boon at Twenty-Four Siieami.
be ne tsantptotlon to Mr.
1 Olutntant    ttohlnB
tvJi.v. dn ttt-tt'tftbbor* a* eutt, ind ��� few
botiletwill lunt*lb. tsxdeil-lstaltk. llnswa
WU lo curt,.' it
^byo/w.rieii'' ;���'-
Dairy Butter
Fresh Tggs
. snd all kindauf
Favm TiotSucs
Apply to
Bcwden.  ���  ���  ��� Alta
-Every Home
A Reliable
Worth 11.00, svpeclally made to
meet -tree climatic conditions ot
Western Canada, Mil be sent
free to every yearly subscriber
of th*
Season 1901-190:1
Cut out thll advertisement
tnd forward to Free Press witb
ont dollar and receive Weekly
Free Pre** for one year together with a handsome thermometer and barometer, \
Canadiaq Pacific
Railway A*p won mn.
iitfeciivo Coluber  13tn, 1001.
Trains pas.-. sjuMen
t;sst BoiTsp,  - ���  lf.tin.
WEST (ICiUND,   -   .   JO'SO
Pe.seng.'rs Isookid to nil Eutt rn Csn-
ai.li.an ami Uuiied Sutts |,oii,ts.
'Itti'.lis r'/aervesi  on  Atlantis: ��t.',tnerr
for |isaaen*p.rs tu tbt* Ohl I 'unniry.
Dirs.ct oteainei' ��s>r\ ice from
VANl'Ot;VEIt 'o
J it pan
Full information ami  IlliiH'niied Pans-
jtlslt'sa iiiriiialiisd on a|ijilici..im..
E. .1 T,YI IT;,
A �� *> A..
0. E. Wr-titn,
Oiddeii. B C.
In making chole* of a premium for
their weekly for season. 1901-02 the
Free lYe**, Winnipeg, have - secured
something sjulte out of the ordinary*
Con-dsteratlon of the value to tht
farmers of Western Canada of an accurate thermometer and a reliable
barometer led to negotiation, with the
largest makers of observatory In-
ttrumtntt tnd appliances In Amerlc*,
and a* a reault of those negotlaUona
there haa been obtained a large number of accurate and reliable combined
thermonsmeters and barometers, which
have been tested carefully, after being
made especially to suit the extreme*
of climate met .with In sthls country.
The baaonisvter Is guaranteed to Indicate- atmospheric changes correctly
���nd the tihs-rmoinetcr to rerlster temperatures down to GO degrees below
sero. -.
These handsome Instrument.. Indispensable In every home In Western
Canada, will be sent free to sny perron forwarding $1.00 for tlie Weekly
Free Press.
Church Services.
aT.PAIM.'S    CllllKilUlir KMILA-sili.
Services every Sunday at 11 a tn. ai d
7:il0p.m. Celebrationo! Hnly f'n.niisui.-
inn 1st and Ui-d Siiiids.*. a of the mos.'h
after MornitiL'Prater, ansl on Great, r
Festivals and Holy hay* al 1 a m��� ' r
as may Ise anssosssssseil from tliecnaucs-i.
Ssinday Scllsjid iii 2:oll u.ui..,
All  are cordially iuvitei' to  attend
e sServices.
C F. Yaiks. Vic'ir.
S��rvice every Siiuilav sit 7:'i0 p m.
Sunday School and Hilda Cluas ..I ,1
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice .verv Thursday wit-
at 7.
Rev. V. M. Piibisv. II A��� Passor.
StvIs-m every Ssinday at 11 a.m. snd
7:��   piss.
Snndsy Schssnl nt 2:��n nm.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday aif p. m.
Rev'. R.B. Laiulkv.  Pastor.
A, V. A A.  M.
Moiiiitnin l.oslj.-e, No. II, A. I". &
A. M. hViriibir Cot.mi.inl.**��t.ei',
HM-oijil Mnitili,-' in etety nsuliils.
Sol.surnlng hrethreu cnrdinllv in*
r. w. p.fvorr,, w v
O It  I'AKKO.N    Hoi-retarv.
I.   II.   O.   K.
"Rswky Mosinlnin l.n.tge ��*o. .tl ir-ret. in
OUItellsswa Hall, l.olde.s, every VVeslueaslay
a. * I'.in.   Si.I'iurniiijr lir.lhr.1, svels'^siie.
~ m. r~ **        ��� "���
T. k'IMi
tradc tamxa,
Anreat Hndlos a aketch and ts-as-rl istloti sissy
qnleklr saoertsln, tree* whether an Inv.sitlon..
ps-Dbablr pstsutuble. Comnsnlestlon. .trlctlr
eonad��itl.L Olsts-ataMQerforssecurlssirpatenu
In America.  W. have . Wa.tilnirt.on oSssa,.
Patmla taksm tbroush Msuin A Co rsawlr.
IN THE MATTEK of mt H|>i-)ii-....u lur
* iluhltrati's of two ('i<rlilk>i.(''!i uf Title ;o
r.o'*- 1.*�� Lad Ui. Hlra k 4. T��wt> of CoMpii.
AtVTlCE 18 IIKKEBY iMVl.N t��.��. ii i-
iny it-tout imi to isMifj nt tlif oifii'ii'tnn uf > ��� o
j month from tho fir*t puMii'titioii ln*rt��tit ti-o
' IhifiJif-iiti'Mif tlio I'ertifiisitteft ui 'iitle to ii.a
a'-ovp iiiPiiti'inn] lotN Jit th luniio of Willi; 111
MrNeinh, which 4'ertttii'HTen nro iln-d the
fi'h dev of Ot'Ibliui*. .K.-i, itinl i.iiii,U.*.tl
IMJWA'nnd lHfiWIA respectively.
H. K. MArlj-ii".
IH->tnct K'midtrwr.
lend KitgintryOffiro, N6lw.ii.  li C, :'-'>rd
ay at'Suptcm-iier, 11*01. ,, , ub
-Btlfoll. insutrasjsd. lumat Crenlntlon ...
tseasrtlfDltf i]laats-.t.S, Innmt rirenlntlon nf
 -steatite josuvj.l,w-asU7,tonn.lljais��e.
'- a.ossthk   spesHnssn s��pls-s snd 1UK
OK O* Patists Hot tree. Addroaa
MUNN  k CO.,
Iff I Uraadw.v, Hew Verk.
Mr. Thomas Tompkins, contractor
for the addition to the CPU hotsl
al Field ia now in the city finishing up
hishusines. in connection with the construction work, while the new hotel
ha* not. actually 1-een completed jet it
will be ao in a vary short time, pro
haldy next week. It is a double itnri
structure and contains fonv Isttlrssoii s
besides numerouscoay corners, stnoki g
room* and one of the finest Is.ll.a.-,
rooss.a to la) found ou the lin. oi lis,' (.
P. R.
Construction haa been pros-m-diu*. th.
beat |.art of tbe present summer nml
during sh* wi iter th. interior will Is-
fui-..ish.iil .nost suinpittoitsly aoihal list*
biiildinginsyhetlirowuap.li io 'ho
truveling pnblio Iran-dent, tourist-
next spring. It is not likely that it will
h* occupied till that time. Field is ea-
aanliallv a |ilace ot summer reaids->ic��
fur toorisls ami it i" due to the fact
ihat th* older hotel was at ttin a iwa.ii-
med be- ond H. mmeit) that the ,.,>
dition was deoided npon.
Imperial life
Assurance Co
of Canach:: ���:
Cajiilal Snbscrihed ��l OOl'.l 0(1 10
(jH|siisl Paid Up      l-aiion su
Oo.eminent Ds'jioait. . Sfill.lKHl > 0
\*aaeis |ll<0 to every llllliuf I,l*hi||i.le*
First and Paramount - ' A'aoliis. 8,-.--
ciirliy to Pdicv Its >n lei a "
K. V.i.MATIIll.KH.
nl.trlri Agent   -   -   Golden.
Sold by Ail Newsdealers
i ef eevan m*t* etatndtac
-toeit te thomaateee .artrisj-*
StWr * few ���p��*i^t��eiier^
Jssl**., siyt Is
t* had ltrliinr
I Mv* tried niott ever)'
_Jng that *st ivw tecosanMnded tt a cure but
amrioltlH le.it bit of nUtf nattl lined Ut.
Agmv7i Ointasmt, tad. I h��*-t't words t��
t*iv^i*ihvlanil>��s-*aairiiil cur.1h.a50.
Save Year Snowshoe laprs.
The uoai popular brand ol ('hewing
Tobacco in Canada to-day la " Hay
Hell." Every plug of"Pay Koll"
bear* a "8now��ho*" Tag. C'uisuitiers
should **v* the** tags, a* valiishl*
prtnnt* are given tor thein. When
you buy "Pay Hell" Chtwlu* To*
hncoo, ask your dealer lor our n.w
illustrated premium cialogu*.
Furnlahee Monthly to til loTM -af
Sonj and Murfc a vist volume ol 1<W.
Choice Copyright CompsMltlo-at bf
the mott -popular tttthon.
*i m 11 nm m*
nalfVssc.1, tttt lssts-.ne.tal
21 -Somrieti necsss fsr Ptaito
s*ee 1 Month lot 25 Centt.
Yearly SobsKrlplloo, $2jD0.
II seatM In .nr snutU s��s��e at
t twin* -t 11.00 m-atfsly.
a oa* yetr youftt nearly tsOOPtfttcf
vluslc s��s*iptWn( 2S3 Compltto Fttca
oc th* Piano.
11 you will s*nd ua A. Naisc tai AAA-ai -f
TV3 Plan.- s.iOifa.i.PUyiia, w.-wll t-irf
ou s CO],/ ol th. tUtuinc Pr...
I. W, PiPPf*. r--~ ���*:��-,-
-.ithtis * uas.it at.., i��is��e>spiutrT.,
t. 60C&$$,KOUTH-l&ST KOOTKtf-AY, fi.C,HlDAY,   October iS.tiQl
VLJ*- hare a large stock of sec-
������ ond hand Engine* Boilers,
snd Siwmill Oul fits slid will be
glad to send description of same.
We make a specials y of building our* of any ai��- or t) i*e to
s.sis raqsiireineuts
Wa carry a lariie stock of Bell*
ing, V lives, Fitting* r,pe. Polished Shafting. Injectors, etc.,
for immediate abutment.
We m.nnfiictnr. Thawing
Point*. Wheels nnd Axlea and
everyihiag for the northern
Wo nisi carry a large alock of
S'eel Plates of all silos, ami from
No. 20 gunge to 7 8 inch thick.
Boiler Tub's, all sites Steam
Pine up to 10 inches
Ymir communication b.v mail
will be promptly altenied lo.
Works, Ltd.
ftncroaao-s to
Armstrong- * Morrison,
Mwilaiats, Irea loand.ra,
HUckumtthJ, Btilermakere,
akccvvr.v, ��� ���   .*���
f gih'��.'tl'-"'i,*.'*/*&''-/* '***iW*>*i* '��v^
I Town and Districl.|
*���% Mm vi.'. %wt/->.n. ���w/i/i/in i
Miss Flo Pughe left on Wednesday's
No. 1 for V .ncouvcr.
J' Henlerson eiine in' from Canyon
sreik for medic.il attendance on Tuesday.
Timber Inspector Leamy came ju on
Wediie*lay's No, Si, reluming on
Thursday 'a No. 1.
Golden was visited this week by a
travelling deniiat, who wat kept busy
ior the short lime lie sjienl here.
]'.. Engbloin, of ths Queen'* bote',
bjtler known as "Bo.jbie" left on Wed-
iiesJay for Wetaskiwiu where hit par
ems reside.
Mr. J, Wright or Palliser', spent a
few day! in town thii week bidding
poodbye lo hii trieuds before leaving
tor the welt.
Rev. Mr. Murray, Presbyterian mil
���Fionaiy at Field, cstnie lo town on
Thuraday, returning to Palliser ou No,
3 to hold service tin re.
Much cariosity ia arousod by llie
rumor thut a wedding ia to lake place
iu Golden before the end cf tl.e mouth
No | articulara as lo who the piinc'pala
are can be obtained.
II. C. Wilson, who haa been in the
oiuploy of th* lumber company of Palliser ail summer, waa in towu on
Thursday. Ml'. Wilson leaves for the
west today.
Major Walker, of Calgary, was in
town this week. The major ia, interested ill a prujiosiliuu ou tlie Ottertail
aud took au outfit iu to work this
Iuvitalioii* are out for th* wedding
nf Mist Bertha Woodley to G. C.
Knowlioii, which will lake place ut
tl.e home of llie bridu'a mother ou the
1-,'tli of November,
0. I), Hour and J. Noble visited the
Certainty mine on li mile creek; alio
the Good Luck last week. Mr Hoar
���..cured a (iuo tilver tip and t,vO good
liz.J cuha usnir Csu-iiuty Co's properly
bherifl Redgrave wai taken sudden
ly 111 while iu Revelttoke last week,
and was confined to I he house all the
I,use he was in Visruvii, We alt
pleased lu Hole thut be it much buller
tii is vs ick.
Tilt lijak left ou Wednesday alter'
uyuu wilh several members ot lhe Gol
dm. Guu Club ou board for llie annual
ah.wtiug trip up die Columbia. Ainujig
olliar* were Mosara. Ullock, Warn..
II. Halliard aud 0. D. Hoar.
-"��� Mr C A McMillan nturned laat week
fio.u1 Wtniiarmere, bringing wilb   him
, a iiu. team of draught horse, whioh he
e, Ho alao
Horae for hi* own um.
" Ou Friday evtning Ur. and Mt*. T.
King were ��*r*n��<ls*l by au iinpromtt.
baud, th* iii-rti-atoeiit* being tor ilie
most pari made of coal oil tlu*. Mr.
King at once took the hint end
jyresMalal up town where a-u enjoyable
rim* wdk ���isnit
The local Or**** a**o*i��tisj*i will
attend a ipeeial servioe in the N*iho-
dill church a urek flow mut Sunday,
iu the afieruuun. Re*. R. R. Laidley
Will d��liv*r a masisorial addra**, touch-
fug th* death of Mmm.t. W***m,
wUo Ik a, Uwll*.' ill* Order In Cauada.
had no di^culty iadilpoeiug of to-ad<
vantage,, Ho alao brought a line saddle
J C. Oreene sncce.sfullf Installed the
large holler of lha tteam heating plant
which he ia putting in for the comfort
of patron, ef tht Q-ifn's.
Charb'S M. Field of Reclsioke, AC.
central agent ol the Great-West Life
Assurance Co., and also of ihe Ooe..n
Accidental ft Guarantee Corporation of
London. E 'gland, is iu town for a few
A meeting of the Golden V .lunt.er
Fire Brigade wns held on T'.mrsday
evening nt which it was tl cided tn
Innate the sum of $7.1X0 towards the
fu ids of the A'hletic Association
This donation will enable the Associa
tim to complete tht work of accding
the ground! in tie park at once, and
ilie Brigide '�� deserving o( praise fcr
their generosity.
Mr. H. E I.lie mnnagr-r for the Go'-
d n riaser ft Quarti Mi.iing Co., ha* a
gang of men engaged in commencing
a new (haft at the upper end of their
round on Canyon creek, the machinery u ed for sinking the shaft at lie
in am I. of the Canyon lias I* n move I
to lhe up|ier camp. New machin.r.
s now ou the wsy from the east, which
vill la. issi'alls'd at the old shaft and
work resinned there
At. legram wai received from Ot
sawa by llie Sheriff on Wednesday
���rderiiig lhe immediate release of L.
Fuller who waa seut to gaol iu August by inagis'rat* Scovil on a charge
uf potty liirency. This actiou on Ibe
art of the authorities is the oi.l.s
reparation that could be ...a 'e to Mr.
Fuller aud cowiileiely cieura him. This
caau is only auuther of those mistake!
made by magistrate Scovil whose con
luci of his court ha-caused so much
dissatisfaction lu 'he Windoiiutre dia
Mi-sir*. Miller and A very; of Golden,
paid a visit to Salmon Arm during tlie
jiaat week. Thty report having a tjood
time, aud are immensely (.leased with
wh.il ihey saw iiitlmt thriving com-
iiiuuiiy.    P.osjserity    is   in  evidence
ery where, tbeprople ate all confident
uf tl.* future ineati.es* of their burg
and it ie evident thai "heir cunlldei.ee
i* well founded. One thing jiaiticnlar
ly not icon He was the absence of croaker*' nud' blue ruin screamers. Kveiy
man mul', and s���oken to had only good
i.oiJsiosay ot^ilia valley and all are
agttsjd that for geueral fanning Sal
ii.osi Arm is second lo none in tlse whole
pro.iuo* of British Columbia.
New Placar Dig-g-lngs.
R(*.'|.ons have oome down from Cariboo that new placer digginga hero
beau discovered ou lhe up|ser reache.
of Huraeily creek. Man named Camp
bell, Barlow ai.d Staiiky are said to
he the lucky |>ruapfector*. They oame
out quietly iiiAugui! and gave ihe
tip to their friend*, and the ntw* was
ouly made public after all the most
pruiuialiig claim* had been located.
Tba ground yields one to two dollar*
u pan,
Iu explanation of the discovery, at
this lut* date, itis pointed out that
hitherto prospectort were unable to
gll iu supplies. An English gentle
mau named Drucki r Itarted in to pro-
Hjeot this river over* year ago and
look iu a Is.rga quantity of supplier
Drunker failed in hit object and aold
out hie supplies aheap. The proipeoi-
ur. who pu.al.ased these aupplie* wer*
Hi* locator* ofthe new digging*, they
beiug enabled'to carry on Ihe March
under more favorahl* circumstances
than other* who'hnd tried it.
A good deal of interest is manifeited
in tim uew Canadian find and further
r.p'.ri. are sagerly awaited.
Victoria, Oct. 23���Afeoi.lliii: to cur
rent reports, when Sir Wilfrid Laurier
was iu Viotoria on his recent visit with
t he Duke and Duchesa, he told *ome
prominent Liberal*, who converted
will, him on the mailer, that ill* cabinet positiou now vacant wonld ba offered lo Senator T*.n|.l*m*n or Rilph
Smith. Ha favored tha formar, but
she party doe* not with to give th*
portfolio ol marine and flalierlea to the
senator.. Senator Templeraan ia took
1. g for a stent and his friends look to
ih* successful outcome of th* protect
agalnat lhe return of Messrs Prior ind
K .He iii Victoria lo give him iho de
sirel seat ill tho Coinmona; III
event oi the i.scceiaof the proiesK S*B��-'
tor Teuipleinan will resign hit scat iu
tha Senate and couteat Victoria ai
luinislvr of marine and fisheries while
l.eurg* Iteiliy v.ill get hi* seat ui tha
Senaiu. Ii is 8,'Ua.oi' 'IVmulotuau if
s.ui..ni.g��uuis-a .uiu out well, ui* Ralph
S.s.iib if th.y du in...
F.'M. Barrett
Manufactures nnd carries in stock Lumber Harness-
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles," Halters, Riding Bridtes, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brashes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles.. Boots and Show of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds ivpaired.
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt.
i        n "      x ������������
$200 in CASH,
      "��� ' -^FRII*^^-   '     !
We will rive the above reWiyd la aay prion who will corr*s*4Jyiiraaeitba '
i l��bove letten to (pell the unieiof thiwCsuadianeitiei. TJiecaeh letter btr), I
.once. Try it. We will -potitlvely five the money away, and yoa may bathe ,
fortunate nerton.   Should th*r* be more than latt ol swirsKt arurrMre, thei
I money win be divided equally. For initance ihould- 6 penoa* Madin oorreet,
tnswers, each will receive $40; ihould 10 pereoni lend ia ooneet aaatran,
'euh wiil receive 120; twenty poreon*, f 10 such.. We do thit te Inii '
lour firm tnd goods we handle atquiokly u pottlblt.   SEND NO Ml
, WITH YOUR AN8WBR.  Thl*lt a J-ftEE oontert.  A poetoirdw
1 Thcst who htvt not ittatvtd ar^lhlag Iroa ouac esjolwU, Vy ttlt cnt.
I l**t/e>**v**>.T,MMM SUPPLY 00-, ORIU.IA, CANADA.*]
Lumbermen's and Miners' Clothing.
J@**n*mm .
i i W4 1
/   I   Ma
I         *mnmr~'..          ij_l
h m I
M   rl 1
������ 11
i      \s Aw *XX
. r���I
Look for the stamp "Cares Mackinaw " on
every garment.   Not genuine without stamp.
T.nd.rs for Ll.en.e to Out Timber ou
Dominion Land. In th. 1'rovlaM -
et British Oolambla.
CEAI.ED TENDERS *>ldres*ad lo ib*
" undersigned and marked ou the envelni*
"Tender for rimlwr Berth No. ��7," to be
openesl on the llth November, 11*01, will be
receired at this Department until noon on
Monday, the llth of Noveml-er nest, for a
license to cut timber on lhfirlh No iI77, tsqin-
prising thos* portions lying South of lhe
iVdumbia rivar, of tb* following landi^vii*.
Th* South F-ait quarttr and North Witt
quarter of section 8, th* South West quarter
of section 17, and th* North Wsatooarlermd
oiuwter of flection If, Towr-iMp
US, Ring* SO; also Ibt North half of lb*
South East quarter
lion 10, Ts
,  ....lorth half	
Quarter srf Section 181 Ih* South
tr ind North half of tlw South
ar of Section SHi and the Norm
North Esst
East quarter
West qsiarln sjf   _
Eaat quarter of section ��. Townsh p t��,
Rangt tl, all Watt of the,sVh M*ridian,la
the above nrssvlnce. containing an area of
limit 1.15.qiiar.inner.    ,, , -vj:
Tlie regul'tlona under which * HoeniewlU
In iHiied; auo printed form of twider and
envoi spa, may be obtained at Ihia Dypart-
menl or at tb* offlc* of th* Crown Timber
Agent at New W*stmlntls��r. '   '
Ea.h tender mutt be aecomoanled by III
accepted cheque on �� chwtsJrM hank jn
favor of the Mputy of the Mlntoter of the
Interior, forth* amount of tha bonus which
Hie applicant b preratred *o pay for a licenp*.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained,
1-ERLEt* 0. KEYE8,
.   Secretary.
Ottaw*, September 87,1001.
Iiwlllh*a*tn:bv r*t*r*nc* to our
detpatch Uolqnin* th*t the w*ge*��rn-
er* in tbe ���aat'a'r* being *tlrr*d np owr
�� report that Hon. 1, O. Blair li em-
ploying Chineae atwante In hll home.
^IViub a B. C. itandjiolnt thia ii not
���ai-****-..*Eh*HsN(rle*-tinealt hav*
Ma'i#|iMf>��> ����th*(j**ttihe
of ndniaalaiaaimilr"   hut now that-
"**  ,m*m4^^*,VW**qjm*mmmi*,. at., i     ��.-      ,
the Chla*. *** mm*---* Placee m
**rta-*al-*m*m*j��*t it will w��e
aa an ti-e-*-p*tl*aioei,oe, and 3*.
more to diapsyl *t&*y' twiHayrauoa of
tha aril accomt>aay lag tlf* |i��*ainc* of
C.iIum. ihautuluuwii ol itadiug mift-
RsUl*��iAs.ld   dvkiisu   busiililic*   lo.
ceaao lu South Africa beiuic iUa-coro-1***** *V"a ���vcutually Mi> alongrllirlo-
ualiou." i.Uiril^gl.:*t*a��ii;   '��� <������ ���'),
Assignment 'Notice.
PURSUANT to the " Creditor's Trost D��*|
���*��� Art, 1(01, nolle* ii hereby given that
Richard W. Pattnqre, of Ooldsn, British Col
umbia, Merchant, bu by dted dated Ibt lojfa
  ��� ��� all hit per,
inano meets, '
d nnder egtcnti
Thoraat ffBrlei
��r ��t Uw, in I
srf hb creditor,
d by Ihe said a
mi the 10th diy
ni, firm, and i
���tWtbi Hll 1
required toforwtrdl	
trtfcnlari of their claimi, duly
day of October. IMI, inlgned
---'���-���***, credit* and *Wett,
d and told und.r
estate to Thomas
.1. birristtr ��t h
. benefit ef hb ��
it eieeuted by tin
trustee, on the It
   All pertont, firm.
having claims against th*   ...
Patmore are required to forward to tht undir-
tO'llrlon.of ~"
law, in trait
creditor*. T
ie said asslg
10th day of t
. Jut, firm* and cornoi	
claims agalut tba uid. Richsrd W,
basieixeil and sold under execnlion,
" ' --eteloThomaa O'Brien,
isrrlaler at Uw, f   '
ineflt af hb credl
xeciilad by the sals
All pertoi
hn rail estate lo Thomas O'Brien, of Oolden
- et
.     Jd by tbe sau asslgnoi __
IheaaW trustee, ou the 10th day of October,
���roreuid. barrister *t Uw, in trust for lb*
general benefit ef hb creditor.. The uid
stlsM-d wit tieculed by Ihe said assli
signed full pit
Navember, KOI
W, and the nature of Mcurltl*. (lfany)
thero, on or before the
���S��� ....
Airf'i^c'.'la'hereby given thai alter Ih*
IMhdaTofNaveater. IMI, th* Irate* will
procetd to dblribut* tha tiMtt ef Ihe saatata
���monjr the parties tatltled tf
regard only to th* claii
UMti thereof, or any pari; Ibtreof^tod
I only
I shall
Iboted to��ny wun ir ptrsorsi, fin
irnorallnas, of whoudtbt or claim h*
it Mv* had notice.
truttot shall than h*v* kid notlte, au	
tb* uid trustee will net he rt.pjasil.1* fcr tin
Irm or
Zr"'    '
, A meeting of the creditor, will bt ktld It
111* offlc* of Ih* undartionad it Uoldsra, B.C.,
on th* Hth day of OclooVr. IWI. tt Ik. how
oflOoVfacklnthe forenoon, to daslde as lo
the.IssMt manner of dUpiabg *l tb*��""
A further -netting of ila
held it tht time place
at 104'clock a.m., lo
*t*t*m*nl and report.
���*��� ' - (WsHn, B.0.
r tin eyaUM
WIS have $15,000.00 too .much
* * Stoek wlO-Cl* we are going
to turn into Cash in the . .  .  .
We nre markimr Hght down to
COST, ��ett many lines nnder
cost In. order to make a quick
We will have the goods marksed down
fend ready for yonr inspection
i    OCTOBER and.
IU) m dty of
: Premier Bou ilataa a ****lon ol th*
On'arlo Hiaaa will babartin Jaanary.
assasBtst *BBB<iffBBssrBsssr ssaBssi
���i'-*yt*\ i*4i\i*4,;itA
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
Send Your Money ��$ Toyf\%
**.       ���      ' ���  -
Bnt for     i���
Ladles' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
Atreosonable prices, call on
e*t*~*Aept**~ lnsfia
wai-Ur. V.- 	
Van 8i*a'* I
fcldbyC. W.iWfci."
Pryant A^hnafc,
W. FeuBw Haaver,
OediL II. BaTAin,
K. Paiur Oiutair*
rreHraeUI Aeeareve.
���fjalincmiw ����$ay Offica I On testing Wnfil
''vr:V'" ;'^'y''V^'l^^w^-^-^'V
.  ''���;' Report* on Miiiee and: J|*iaUn#Hd aad Milllnf TrooNiet.
_'**e**tcmytyt.*oip^^',:ii^''CrOXai0-tv i<uM^'^.-a%^;->.
ViMoHaCHRce: 4Vi.aatrial{t^lteDrtardHotel.)   '���    JHkMOUVf^
sShip^f tag$ may be had heeat the ***** Q0k*%
; tisajsjii., ���:
-. -..UMii^i-^e,! i


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