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The Golden Era May 18, 1895

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Array V^vt\T
VOL. IV.   NO. 41
92 Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds'
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and Bhoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
Quite I  havo  ovei'  FIFTY   Suits   that   I   will  sell  at   cost and
Dj-tj->v(-,   J_r   Ghnc,_     I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DUU19   <Xi   OHUCiJ. .    prices satisfactory to all.
HjlTQ   Rl   Pa HO     * 'lave 'lftts and caps to fit the head and suit tho
It will be to yonr interest to call und examine tltene
havo  over
I havo over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
,:, ���"      at exact cost.
'I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
have  over  TWENTY
low prices.
vests   that   I  will  sell   at   very
Golden, B.C
W..J. Kooke COWEI-I,, M.A., B.Sc.F.G.S.
N. s; Arxoijd'Wjii.i.inoeh.
Cowell and Wallinger,
Assayers & Metallurgists.
Assays nml Analysis nimloof nil kinds of ores.
Experiments niiiilo mul Advice given on
easiest methods of reduction or extraction.
Up Country results returned
next mail.
Guaranteed   To   Cure
"That Pain in the Back."
Chemist; I'nlgnr.v.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is. first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVTcfleish, - Prop.
Navigation Pa
& TramWay v"��
IO O 17   R��cl-y Mountain Lodge,
e\Je\Je��e      N0,   ���J4)   meets   eve,y
Monday-evening at 8 o'clock.    Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Pahson, Secy.
Golden, on the main line of Ihe Canadian
I'acilic J.'iil'viiy. ;it its connection witli the
ste.'uiiliiint navigation of the Cohiiiiliin river ;
the uiiueriil find coiiiinerciiil centre of Eiislern
liritisli Columbia; headquarters of tin lloltl-
en .Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., nml lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known mid fnr
famed agricultural nnd grazing hind of the
Coluinliia A Kooteiiny valleys; unrivalled
for scenerv of nil kinds; tuo distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
The cricketers' meeting on Saturday
evening lust, while not very large was
very enthusiustic. The election of
officers wus postponed until u future
meeting. It was decided to have u
piece of ground cleared inside of the
race track, and a crease prepared. A
start was made clearing the ground on
Wednesday evening, ivben a few of
tho boys turned out and exercised
themselves for an hour cutting away
brush. Any person desirous of assisting in the work will be heartily welcomed. A little financial assistance
from some of 'lie moneyed men of the
town would also be very acceptable.
What'j the matter with the Gun
Club? Only two of its members
turned out to practice on Wednesday
afternoon. Wo nre sorry to stato that
tho president of the club has been
unable to attend tbe last few practices
owing to an accident which happened
through his being too energetic in
clearing the club grounds. The scores
made at the practice last Saturday
were very poor compared with former
records, tbe highest being Copt. Ann-
strong li!, H. G. Low li, J. Lnko 11,
out of a possible 22, none of the others
reached doublo figures. Tlio boys
will have to do better than that if tbey
wish to distinguish themselves at
Revelstoke on the 24th.
After 30th April, Steamers will leave Golden
. leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
. Thursday.
Steamer-���Golden to Adela.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat
Stage-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Saturday noon.
Stage���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Tuesday noon.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken      .      ...   Thursday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      .      .      . -    ���  u
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .   . arrives Friday 18 o'clock.
Through $12,00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin .Wets., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company'** liability is limited to Two Dollar* per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele A 3.00;  B2.50;   C2.00; D 1.50.
���  Canal Flat A 1.75; lil.GO;   C 1.40; D 1.20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
..  --j       .. ..   3 Hna 4        .. �� ��
ii   (j      .. ii   ft-,n(r (j �� " "
it   j,      .. ..   7 8n(i h        n .. ������
Rate C and D will only npply to shipments oF 10,000 lbs or more at one time.
Freight will bu delivered ns far-south as navigation will permit, and
will bo charged for according to distance transported.
T. 3. II. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Mr. W. R. Hull, of Calgary, was a
visitor this week.
A. G. M. Spragge, of Donald, was
a visitor on Wednesday.
Mr. W. Georgeson, of Thompson,
Codville & Co, wholesale grocers,
Winnipeg, was a visitor this week.
Bush fires have been raging in the
neighborhood of Moberly all week,
consequently our town is enveloped in
Friday next the 24th inst. being the
Queen's Birthday and a public holiday,
the stores and other places of business
will be closed.
The dyking work on the north bunk
of the Kicking Horse, above the
bridge has been commenced this week,
with Mr. J. Campbell ns foreman.
If tbe Siinitiiry Inspector will take
a walk between the Post Office nnd the
Kootenay House ho will strike something which requires his immediate
C. A. Warren has received this
week a large consignment of the
choicest candy. Mr. G. 11. McDermot
has also received u fresh supply of
si miinr goods. ..
A horse rate is scheduled to take
place this evening ou the race track at
7:110 o'clock. Four horses are entered
for a purse cf $40, tlie winner tu take
"the pot," distance, half a milo.
Mr. Wallace, a Presbyterian student
from Kingston, was a passenger on
Tuesday's boat for Fort Steele, he will
take charge of llie Windermere-Foil
Steelo circuit during the summer
We draw the attention of our renders to an advertisement of tho Rouge
Villa Library. Tlio library has been
opened by Mrs. Cowell, and contains
over 250 volumes, and this number
will be largely increased during the
summer. Tho terms on which books
may be obtained are very reasonable
and within the reach of all. Mrs.
Cowell is to be commended on her
enterprise in starting this circulating
library, it will, to use a rather hackneyed expression, "(ill a long felt
l'l'csbvteiliin Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in the school house ut 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. T. S.
Passenger  List.
Going .South. ���Messrs. Aylmer,
Whyte, McMillan, Col. Baker, J. H.
Bru.viik'i, Crown Timber Inspector;
W. McNoish Houghton, Luidliiiv.
doing North. ���Messrs. Elliot, Haywood, Broivnlee, McTavish, Aylmer,
Johnson, uud several Chintiuieii.
A Musical Trent.
Professors Boulon and Gonno musical artists and entertainers gave two
performances here, Thursday and Friday evening. The attendance on both
nights was very large and the entertainment was in every sespeot lirst
class. At the close of the emertiiin-
int'iit ou Friday evening u social dunce
was held and thoroughly enjoyed by
those who remained,
Whom  thou  must cherish all thy1
2���Thou  shalt  not stay out late at
When lodges, friends, or clubs invite.
8���Thou slmlt not smoke indoor or out,
Or chew tobacco round about.
4���Thou shalt with praise receive my
Nor pastry made by mo dcspi9e,
5���My   mother thou shalt strive to
j\nd let her live with us in ease.
ti���Remember 'tis thy duty clear
To dress me well througout the year.
7���Thou shalt in manner mild ana
Give me thy wages every week.
8���Thou shult not be a drinking man,
But live on prohibition plan.
9���Thou must not flirt, but must allow'
Thy wife such freedom anyhow.
10���Thou shult get up when bahy cries,
And try the child to tranquilize.
These my commands from day to day,
Implicitly thou shult obey.
��� Buffalo Commercial.
Those are the new commandments tenr
Which   husbands   make  for married-
1 ���Remember that I am thy husband.
Who ought always to take the bun,
2���Thou  shalt   not  kick   when hub*-
stuys out at night,
Because  lodges  and  friends give-
good delight.
-Thou should  uot talk so much indoor or out,
Or talk scandal with any round
-Thou should  with praise receive
my lies,
And "dough'* from me should not
-My  "uncle" thou shalt strive to-
As it may help relations with him.
tc ease.
-Remember 'tis thy duty, "dear,"
Not always as king to lend "my'
mild and
Fire in tlio ���umber Tar.!.
A serious fire occurred iu the Golden
Lumbar Co.'s yard on Tuesday afternoon. The lire is supposed to have
originated from ��� Betsy." It was
first noticed about il o'clock and the
alarm was immediately given, iu u
short time a large gang of men were
bard at work lighting tbe fire, but
the odds were against tliein. A high
wind was blowing ut the time und
soou three or four lumber piles were in
a blaze, The lire having got the start
of them there was nothing loft to do
but prevent it from spreading, this
was accomplished after several hours
hard work. -Several young ladies of
the town rendered valuable aid by
assisting in carrying water, Tho loss
is estimated at between six and sewn
bundled thousand feet, valued at about
J10,(JUU, tlio loss is covered by iusur-
The Netv t'oiiBiiiniiiluicnt-t.
Those nre the new cominanduieuis ten,
Which wives now make for married
1- Remember that 1 am thy wife,
shalt   iu munner
Let your  husband know he has a.
8-Thou shalt not In* a new woman���
Quietly live on the regulation plan.
l)-Thou must flirt, we must allow,
But let hubby do it ulso, without ��
10���Thou  shult   get   up when  baby
And give tho  husband a chance to'
These commands from day to day
Muy hardly excuse this parody,
��� Correspondent*;.
Rouge Villa Library*
Books   si.iv nn   Oiitaixki.  osi Con*
Five Cents per volume. Ono Dollar
per inoutb.
In order lo insure the return ot
volumes a nominal deposit of f 1 must
be advanced.
Books mny be exchanged between
the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. every
day. :��� iliiislitxl i��� *��� ������ - ������
: ii.
...I ,voit iirtii ;.-..iris, ..:>,, rlitr iti..ii tor the
ippor country, A't.i loruiore, Fort .Steele etc
It is tlio out.,- advertising Medium iu tlie Ee.it
Kootenay district
Subscription Hates i
4*1.00 pur ���uiuinii ix
Advertisements and changes must bo in
the office not later thuu \2 a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisemeut rate, made known on appli-
catior -o
All cash to lie pill tu the Manager, from
rho.ll the Co ii-Miiy's receipt will he obtained.
The Ufa tia Ptiblisliirij Coapan-f.
SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1895.
The Alaskan Gold lie (lions.
Lust season's yield of gold from the
Yukon river district, in Alaska was
about $249,000, according to an esti ���
mate gathered from miners nnd business men in the district by tbe Alaska
News. The returns are undoubtedly
l)ig, but tbe labor of getting the gold,
as described by one of the oldest min-
nt-'s in tho region, is very urent. The
_ i; ii district is veiniifkubly difficult
of rurcess, and n great many adventurers who have started hO|iefully from
Juneau have failed even to get near
tne gold region, It is au expensive
journey, too. Then lho character of
the gold mining und the limitations
under which it must be done have sent
many fairly experienced miners back
in despair.
In many districts tho gold-bearing
rock is twenty or more feet below the
���surface, and shafts must be sunk to
that dep'b through ground frozen
solid und by a most laborious process.
Tlie prospect holes are usually ubout
three and a half feet wide by six feet
long. Enough wood must be cut to
cover this space, and a rousing fire be
kept up for almost a whole day before
the ground is sufficiently thawed for
the miner to get out about a foot or a
foot uud a half of gravel and soil. One
man can burn a hole down about a
foot a day.     Tho   work can be done
ily when all the surface water is
I, otherwise it would drain into
i r , irespect hole, Iu this region wells
have been sunk seventy-live loot or
mote, all through frozen ground, and
tlie miners say they never got below
the frost line.
In other districts the work can be
done only in the very brief summer,
from the middle of May until about
the middle of September, and usually
for only about ninety days. In these
regions the ground ia not frozen so
;.:.r;.>. ati'i tin* gravel and soil cau be
tvashed from the bed rock. Flumes
must lie built from the creeks und the
water conducted to the claims. The
bud rock is from 10 to 2.1 feet below
tho surface, and all the overlying soil
must bo washed away before the gold
is accessible. A working supply ol
water is rarely obtainable for more
than ninety days ol the year. Usually
almost two entire seasons arc consumed in this preliminary work before
a sight of the gold is obtained, and
the miner must have money as well us
pluck to keep him going until he
strikes pay gruvel. The gravel needs
to be remarkably rich to compensate
lor the arduous nnd tedious labor of
reaching it.
When tbe claims are worked by
burning prospect boles in the winter,
hot water is needed for washing the
gravel when it is obtained. Usually
wheu the gold-bearing gravel has been
reached the returns have been handsome. Along Miller Creek in the past
season or two the yield has averaged
as much as $1 or $1.50 a pan, and
claims staked out two or three years
-go are now held at prices varying
Irom ��2,000 to S20.000 each. j
I The extent of tlio gold belt of north*
.vest Alaska mul tins Canadian North*
ivts Territory is si ill a matter of
(.peculation. From the iiif.,rniatioii
brought by prospectors it is believed
Unit the belt covers a district from
seventy-five to a hundred miles wide
commencing on the head waters of
tbe Hootulinqua River, in British
Columbia, and following closely the
course of the Yukon River to and be-
yond the Artie Circle, a distance of
about 900 miles. It is probable that
dozens of tributary streams, as yet
unmapped, many doubtless unknown,
are rich in gold and silver. The vast
region is practically unexplored. The
mining at present going on is but
nibbling on the edge of the rich region.
But wheu the gold and silver mines
are systematically opened up, it will
be a region for the capitalist and not
for the individual miner. Tbe ground
must be exceptionally rich in gold to
pay one or two miners working for
themselves. With capital large districts could be worked in a systematic
way uud big profits bo realized. From
all accounts, that is how the Yukon
gold and silver region will be made to
give up its riches.-S-ientitic American.
Odd* and End..
As many as 1,500 packages of cut
'���lowers are being shipped ut Calai.t
daily from the south of France for
markets in Loudon and the north ot
England, They consist chiefly of violets.
Recent advices from Calcutta by
telegraph state that the estimates for
the new season's tea crop are out, and
that tlie aggregate is fixed ��t 14.CC0,-
000 pounds, of which about 12(1,000,-
C00 pounds are reckoned as disposable
for shipment to the United Kingdom,
as against about 118,000,000 pounds
reported at this time last year.
The Engineering and Mining Jour
nal notes un increase of prices of staple
articles estimated at from 20 to 25 per
cent., as compared with the prices at
the beginning of the year. The articles
noticeably affected are silver, corn,
meat, cotton, wool, and wheat, while
in the iron and other metal market!,
there is a rising tendency.
John Newbert, of Rockland, Me.,
has n German Bible published in 16U6,
229 years ago. It is bound in leather,
with brass corners und clasps, and is
in an excellent state of preservation,
and the print is black and plain as
ever. It is full of maps and illustrations of u quaint and curious style, and
contains a supplement with psalms set.
to music.
A French optician has recently
brought out en entirely new kind of
field or opera glass, which may be
folded up flat and carried in the pocket. It has no tube or barrel whatever,
the object glass and eyepiece are
hinged ut either end and to the underside of a horizontal bar, which is
capable of being lengthened or shortened by a simple ratch uud pinion ad
In her cradt. rniby lies,
81-    Sm rinst'tl Iter sunnr eras t
Foi'.eil ll.les mi Iter breast.
1*1 llio Imiitt.t art' gently pressed���
Folded hand..
At the altar, as a l.ri.le.
Viith Iier lover side bv Bide,
Hoptnii happiness they .land.
Heart to heart and hand In hand���
f'uldi'il hands.
On her bed of peaceful rest.
Tired hands folded tin her b-sasi
No more ItnowlaK false or true,
Ko more work for them to do-
Folded hands.
Advice to Prospector, nnd Miners.
The new book " Hidden Mines and
How to Find Them," by W. Thos.
Newman, describes every ore, gem,
and precious stone of value to commerce, and tells how to find tbem, and
test them by simple means, in plain
language. This book is needed by
every man here, and to accommodate,
may be ordered at this office. Price is
only $1.50 in cloth, nnd $2.00 in
leather covers (nice to carry around)
and means money made and saved to
the prospector.
The undertaker gets many a man
dead to rights.
The miser saves in this world only
to lose in the other.
A school boy's pocket ia like soup���
a great many strange things get into
Mrs. Snively had always kept a boarding house. At least, I have never been
able to find out when Mrs. Snively began to keep a boarding house. Though
she had a house full of lodgers who paid
well, she was always poor and did all of
the work, cooking, sweeping and the
rest of it. I have heurd guesses concerning n departed Mr. Snively, who did
not carry his debts with bim, but that's
neither here nor there.
The night before Mrs. Grant had told
her that she proposed to spend th�� ...it
day with her daughter in u neigh '.wring
village, and would Mrs. Snively hare an
early breakfast, so that she might c*tc���
the train* (The train left at nine, nnt
Mrs. Grunt was nervous). Strms-jely
enough, old Mr. Grumpy luul infaimed
her that he also would lie absent on the
morrow, Iieing invited to dine with a
friend, and would she feed his parrot in
'bis absence, precisely at noon?
Then nt breakfast, early breakfast,
young Mr. Lovelace hnd snid in n -*��ry
hesitating way with rising color, that he
hnd nu engagement, oh!���er���tout he
would not be there at dinner, would be
elsewhere, that is, in fact. Furthenmre,
Mr. and .Mrs. Qowell and their three
children were observed making preparation for departure about ten o'clock,
and when Mrs. Snively ventured to ask
them their plans she learned that they
proposed to drop in on the minister's
family at dinner. And wouldn't they be
surprised 1
That left no one in tbe house bnt old
Miss Le Croix, and she was confined to
her room with rheumatism, so that Mrs.
Snively washed up the breakfast dishes
with a strange feeling of leisure. Thus
she soliloquized;
"Let's see. What's to-dayt Day before yesterday I made bread. Or was it
yesterday? Yesterday. So to-day's Saturday and to-morrow's Sunday. Let's
see. Last March �� year ago. it s fourteen lasting mouths since I've lieen inside a church. (The hard-working little
woman's memory waa not good, but
this was undoubtedly true.) How good
it would be to hear tho benediction
again, 'Now unto him who is aide to
keep,' and to see them take up the collection, so pleasant like. Ank let's see.
How does Coronation start?" and tha
cracked voice quavered through the
grand old tune, as the dish*wiper polished the chinuwure.
"I'll go to chnrch tomorrow, Providence permitting and nothing hindering. Now, for the first time in fourteen
months, I have a chance to get a day's
work ahead. We can bare a codfish
dinner to-morrow. How can I manage
now? Chicken I can warm np in a minute. And pie. too." Here Mrs. Snively's meditutio s entered a sacred realm
iuto which I do not dare follow her.
What busy lionrs succeeded, preparing for the expected church-going on
the morrow I She swept anil dusted and
tidie*! up the house for Snnday, because
"the folks wouldn't be back till too late
to muss things up again, thanks be to
goodness!" People in passing looked at
her very qneerly aa she beat ber rugs
out of doors nnd washed tbo parlor windows. "I suppose I am a sight to behold," she confessed, looking down on
an indescribable housekeeping uniform.
Thrre were not quite enough potatoes
for Sunday's dinner, so she went out to
a large garden back of the bouse���a
garden in which tbe thrifty old woman
did most of the work���and dug a peck
of the very best. "Didn't folks ever see
a woman handle a hoe before?" she indignantly soliloquised, observing how
people iu the street stared at her and
turned around to look back nt her,
laughing rudely. Mrs. Snively felt
lonely and ill used as she tugged the
basket back to the house and began to
prepare the Sunday potatoes.
She took np her dinner on a neat tray
to rheumatic old Miss Lo Croix, who
must have felt particularly cross just
then, for she snapped out: "Who'sbeen
making all that racket about the house,
this morning?"
"The folks were all away, ud I've
taken the opportunity to get a little
ahead in my work," faltered forth meek
Mrs. Snively. "I'm sorry I disturbed
"Huh! You'd better make your apologies to tbe  Lord,"  grunted Miss Le
Croix, taking up the prayer book which
I lay beside her reclining chair, and in
which she always read before eating.
Mrs. Snively thought that a queer re
mark from Miss Le Croix, but bowed
herself confusedly out of the room, carrying Miss Le Croi'xs vase to fill it with
fresh flowers. When this was done,
and Mrs. Grumpy's parrot fed, "Now,"
said Mrs. Snively. "I'll do my marketing for Sunday, and then cook what I
can all ready for to-morrow.
So she put on her marketing garb, a
uniform only less wonderful than her
housekeeping attire, and with an immense basket on her arm, sallied forth.
It was a beautiful summer day, and
strangely quiet.   "How pleasant it is,"
chirped Mrs Snively to herself, "and
j how every one smiles at me.   This is a
I cheery world after all, if I am a forlorn
woman in it.   How finely people are
getting to dress.   I'm sure I don't see
how thev afford it." muttered she as a
group of young ladles passed her in
beautiful gowns of shimmering summer
; goods.   And then she thought uf her
Sunday silk, lying undisturbed for four*
j teen months in the trunk at home, and
; woedered wbetuer it had become spotted.   She would examine it as soon as
she got home. '
Her cheery mood was dampened by
an encounter with the pastor of her
church, Rev. Dr. Bookster. who seemed
to answer her hearty how rather sternly. "He needn't look so mad," she
grumbled to herself. "Goodnt ss knows
I go to church as often as I can. If 1 e
had to keep house for nine cross-grair.ed
mortals as I do, he wouldn't go to
church but once in fourteen months,
Mrs. Snively soon grew jolly again, rs
a laughing, lutppy crowd of ciiiluren
came jostling toward her. hooks nud
papers iii Uieir hands. "School's out
eaily this afternoon," tho ��ht Mr.
Snively. "And dear me, tint; sweet
little ilarliii':*. Br.t I dou I Ibink it's
right todrei , children np so, jusl to send
them to school. Now do look at thnt
silk waist! and that little chap's velveteen. When I was a girl, calico was
plenty good enough for school. But
money's getting abundant nowadays,
'cepting in a certain tin box I know of.',
A square or two further she began to
come to tlie stores. "What's tho post
offce closed for? Some government holi
dey. I suppose. Government seems to
have twit* as many holidays us ordinary
folks, i-yvay. And Holliugwny's closed
tool lJ��w I do hope his wife isn't dead.
Sin *-ri real bail, last I heard. Why,
of ai the world!"
Hero Mrs. Snively's surprise became
inar-.ioc.itte, fur she turned u comer ou
a h oe tint it .tores, nil closed and tbe
t'U**a_*,-" 6r~n. Hero was the market
wl.';?�� -ft* must go first, nil sunt np and
thu &-���**/ tucked, for sho tried it. "What's
wu.Wti, Mrs. Snively-!'' said the owner,
a jc��7 young uiun, who lived above his
���be*; tail who chanced to come out at
thU tset-ent very neatly attired. "Getting a��tr'.billions for tho heathen, Mrs.
Snively, in that big bosket?"
"I went to know, John Boardman,"
began Mrs. Snively, smartly, "why all
these business houses are closed. What
sort of a new fnngled holiday is this?
You'll have it next so that one van shop
only one day in the week." t
"Why, Mrs. Snivel}-, don't you believe
in keeping Sunday?"
"Sunday! John Boardman, are you
telling ine that this is Sunday?"
"Of course, it'a Sunday 1 Why, what
But Mrs. Snively, big basket, marketing and all. a scared, fluttering, comical
little figure, was already half a square
away, scudding along with a sore heart,
half shrinking, half defiant.
"Well, no wonder," groaned she.
"The same life, week in, week out. One
day like the rest No one to talk to except the lodgers, and then only about
eating. I 1, .ve no Sum. y i my life,
and that's a tact. What ar. you .,-ig*
gling at, you impudent little brut?"
This to an urchin trotting from Suuday
school who stopped to gaze in undisguised wonder at the big basket.
Mrs Snively went home through bystreets, feeling woefully conspicuous,
and quite like a feminine Rip Van Winkle. When she reached her great,
lonely house, she set the big basket
down on the kiteiien table and herself
on a kitchen chair, and, stout-hearted
till then, indulged in a good ury. It
was not uierelv the loss of the lienedle-
tion and Coronation, great as that disappointment was; but tbe incident so
clearly disclosed her aad, isolated, monotonous life.
By snpper time, however, she had regained her natural, brave content, and
as all the lodgers returned In good humor
from their various Suuday relaxations,
she wns led to relate with spirit her ex
perience of the day.
Now it chanced that Mr. and Mrs.
Qowell were, like the most of ns. selfish
only from laziness and carelessness.
When opportunity for a kindness was
pressed upon them they were warm of
heart. Ami Mrs. Snively's comically
sad experience set them to thinking to
such good purpose that they got all the
lodgers to agree to a cold lunch, tnstoa-l
of the usual elaborate Snnday dinner,
and quite electrified Mrs. Suivoiy by
saying to her at supper the next Satur*
| day:
"We want you to go to church with
us to-morrow, Mrs. Snively, and well
all be well pleased with a cold, late
lunch. Our carriage will call for us at
So the black silk came ont from thn
trunk, the placid old face found itself
inside a Snnday bouuet once more, the
worn hands proudly dropped a ten cent
piece into the coutnlmtioii box, and,
strangely enough, tbe cracked voice got
a chance to quaver through "Coronation." And the benediction. "Now
utito hiin who is able to keep." rested.
with the exception of the Guwells, upou
no more blessed spirit than hen.
Thereafter Mrs. Snively's life had
Sunday iu it���Prof. Amos P.. Wells, iu
N. Y. Observer.
A Oreat E-.oiioniie.il liui.ror.oMat Aha.it
to ll< Maul*.
One nf th* most important improve*
UM*ni�� in unsltrii denial prncliiv i. ,,tt ma
point of heiu,* itiiouiiipiisiie 1. It will roii.
sun hi thu Milistuu.il,hi i.i jiort-wl .in fur
gold in tiie Ailing of Ier tli. e.pevinllj iu
places win-re repair, are likely In show.
For lids puiiuMe a piece i.f thin piatliunii
full i- liur, dried into the "caviir." and
*.. inariipuliitj-d u�� to take the Mart Ituui
i.f Ine iii'te, us tf it were, hilen eil ~> -
l.i.in-*. 'Iheii it is careful)- withdrawn,
so tut nut in disinrli im .hap-. Ti lis ia.
obtained n mould, trimi which a ponoiahi
cii.1 may Ih- iiiniin to till the invi v ��� rr.ir -
ly. 1 i.ik i. secured in pl.ee l.y tv.rif nr.
! 'liir trtiuiile is lhat tut rn-.-ni as ytil ja-
I vented is pi'uof agi.iii-t iL* til m.iviiig
puwrr i,t lit.* liui,ls in um m-'iiih.
Ily .ti. line ot ar. eUeirt.* light .hi eoir*
llMJiitui villi llie IP iie inner imr dun 1
. into I.i* i.i.ititli, the tei-th ami t,iv*,i.jur p-u-
ce-Mr. ar,' lii'iiiiiintl} illiiiiiiii.it .1 au.1 tru-
dered tra: elm-flit. Tints any'llmitc art..: g
nla.nl the teeth may he quickly >li*r��trr*
ed. I', rhi.-it ti.e dead ltn;lli my lie hidden in the j,tw, never having u*~n erupted, ititti in y have been lhe ntwnre u-.it-..
til liiuii. r fnr years. Tbe light rove* a ll
at mice.���I'ruvideiitf Journal.
They Cotil.1 IS... l.-tnil,
A real estntii man had lieen -ryln-r to
Fell a suburban lot by nil mitts of reprti*
n'litiitieiis as to location, climate, view.
Foil, etc.. nnd a friend listened witli
astonishment nt the eloquent descrlpilt ti
of beauties which his untrained eye L.._
failed to observe.
"Sny. what, did you want to He tn il.i't
fellow like that for?" ho asked after i-.t
prospective purchaser had denuriul.
"Why, I didn't lie to him. "
"Yes, yon did. You told him that
then' wasn't a mosquito on lhe place, nnd
I saw great swarms of thorn b*j..jiit|*
iiri'liiul whin I was there."
���'Yes, but that's all Ihey worn -loins'���
buzzing nn.und. I forgot to toll him tha
it was so windy there thnt the nuisqiilm.
couldn't niiiko a landing.' ���-an ir'ia-r
cirxo Post.
A Weak Qnalltr -IRum.
"I don't see," snid the .Inrrtlco, "vrh7
this mini should bu pr.wt-t-ut.il."
"For false pretenses, Your Honor,"'
replied the lawyer. "Ho sold the Major
a whole barrel of whisky, and though hu
has been drinking steadily from It for
three weeks ho ntu't drunk yet I"���A:-
lantn Constitution.
They rarity Ih*   lllo.nl.  Are l'.��r*ill  fo?
Cr��.n|. hiiiI ���vest rtir* nn Knr A rite.
Hn-j of Ihe healthiest Te-rrtabl.'s If nns
tho healthiest, grown ts lho uulon; yet,
si range to say. hut few pcu-Io. use It an
liberally ut the- shouhL ll.lti'.l milium
used frequently In n family of ililluruli
will ward ett ihr.ny U the- ill .���-."��� tin
which'.he little tmos are sul .'���"-. Tht��
principal object luiI lot���i.promi.'i ,,���'.' u ���<
of tbls vi'gt'iiiUlr la that tho odor exhale 1
lifter ml lug U so offensive. A cup of
strong coffee tukon limni-dlnn ly after
iiilln,. Is claii't'-d lit bo .-.et-llt.ni in couu-
liri-tit i ing this r.lTt-ct. Ailhi.ugh Inr a day
nr so after rating unions the breath mny
lutvua dlwigrwiihli. tstnr. yet alter this
limn It will lw mm h sweeter than beforo.
For croup onion poultlu-s am used wilh
-ui't-t-ss, ir,tiding tho chilli Is kip. out of
draughts and a su-itU-n chill avoided. Tho
poultices areniiitltiby warming lim t.nltms
In goor-c ull lluiil suit, limn pulling liicirt
on the child's feet and uht-st as hui as they
run be burin*. K-copl in very nbsilnaw
cases, when taken In time, iliv croup
lundily yields to onions. This, although
an okl-fnshlniH-d mni-dy. Is n -punt one,
ns any mother who lias brought up a
-unity it ciiiuln-n can nuesi.
Onii.nsiirei.xcelli.nl hltsKl purifiers, and
for I'mdii-nting boils ur any of tlm blood
hu mom aro \ cry ulllciiclous. Thoy are good
for tin. ct.iiipli.xiou, aud a frtuud who has
n wonderfully clour, fine eompli'xinn, attributes It lu the lilieal uao uf un.��.is as a
People siifTerlng from ni*rvon�� troublen
cro much bem-llu-d by using these vugu-
tubles frequently, nltlior conked or raw.
When ti-iiiil'lt-d with a luuil cough if a raw
onion Is i-uti<n tho phlegm will loosen almost ininu.illni-.ly ami van lie removed
with very little offtirt. Those troubled
with wakefulness may insure a good
night's rest often if, just before retiring,
the" ent a ��m- onion. .  _ .
more are few r.chcs to which children
are subject as hard to hear nnd as painful
as earache. One of the best remedies we
know Is to take out tho heart of an onion
(ri red Anion is the best If It can bo had,
although, lacking this kind, any other
-run lie used) nnd roast It. When soft put
It Into the aiTectod ear as hot as it can bo
borne. Unless the cause Is deeper than
ordinarily the pain will cease In a vory
-.hurt time and will not return.
A cough syrup In which onions form
an Important part is made by taking one
cup of vinegar, one cup of treacle and
���one-half cup of cut-up onions. Put on
the stove and simmer about half an hour,
or until the onions are soft. Thou remove
and strain. Take a teaspnonful of this
frequently when troubled with n cough,
and unless very deep seated tho cough
will not last long.
��u��itxeea t&txvb*.
Willi* Moe-ln--. anil mark.
Fifty yearn ago tlio female domestic
T-rvnut could rarely afft.nl to wear, save
on hlith dnys or holidays, a pair of whito
stocking*; she eltlior knitted coarse ribbed
hluo worsted stockings for herself, or the
bought black stockings. Those sable hose,
freqently with an orlflco In ono heel,
wen. tho distinguishing badge of tho
lodging-house "slnvny;" hut about
t M'tiiy years ago a remarkable sumptuary
change cn'im over tho nppor and lower
w-otlnna of Kngllsh female society. White
stockings, nave fur bulla, wore suddenly
repudiated, nnd black silk hose for ladles
and children became Ihe almost universal
-wear. The French an extremely fond of
luserling that thoy sot the fashions to tht
world at large, 1 contend that, In a vast
-nuintsT of Instances, we have prescribed
patterns to the French. And I was
moused lately at rending. In the Paris
Figaro, an article vehemently protesting
against thn pnrtonage by French Indies,
of tho hideous mode Britonniquti of les
Ims nolrs.���U. A. Sala, in London Tele-
Victoria, May 1st, 1895.
WOTICE is hereby given that the
*���* annual examination of candidates
far certificates of qualification tu teach
in the Public Schools of the Provirce
will be held hs follows, commencing on
Wednesday, July ilrd, at 9 a.m. : ���
Victoria.In South Park School Building
Vancouver.. .In H gh School Building
Kamloops..In Public School Buildilig
Each applicant wiiitst forward a notice, thirty days before the examination, stating the class und grade uf
certificate for which he will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected,
and at which of the ubove named
places he will attend.
Every notice of intention to he an
applicant must he accompanied with
satisfactory testimonial of moral character.
Candidates aro notified that all uf
the above requirements iniist be fulfilled before their applications can be
All candidates for First Class. Grade
A, Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July lilth and
15th instants, and to undergo required
oi-ul examinations.
Superintendent of Education.
4it -naleii. I'I*. *
Let us not for-ret, that to-day Is tho an*
-olrersary of the death of Mir Tlu-odor*
Muyerne, physician of .Tnines I. and
('hnrles L He Amassed a prodigious deal
of wealth nnd wrote the aroat nook book
of thu sevi.nu--.nth century. Hero.Is his
nicipo for "A City of. London Plo:"
"'Take, eight marrow tniies, eighteen
���sparrows, nun pound of potatoes, a quarter
of a pound of orlngoos, two ounces of let*
1 tux. stalks, forty chestnuts, half a pound
���of dates, a peek of oysters, a quarter of a
pound of preserved citron, three nrtl-
i hnki's. twelve eggs, Iwo sliced lemons, a
handful of picked barberries, a quarter
of an ounce of whole popper, half an
ounce of siloed mitnieg, half au ounce of
v. holt, cinnamon, a quartvr of an ounce
of whole cloves, half an ounce of iiineo,
and a quarter of a pound of currants.
Liquor when it Is baked, with white wino,
butter and sugar. "���Huston Journal.
Hon. J, A. Louoh-eij, Q,c.
���     G. S. McCahter,
JLoughee-I  A  JffcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, .Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for llimk of Montreal.
t'ALOAHV, * . N.W.T.
D.L.S. ft P.1..S. for B.f. DOMINION _
nraughismim, Vi.luator.etc., CA I.GABY,
N.VV. I'.   ( orrespontlenie Solicited.
R.J.J-PHSO.V, D.L.S.,P.L.8. of B.C. ftOnt.
CAi.ii.mv, Alha.
jH-Cnrthy   A   Hurvt-.v,
Burristers, Advocates, Notaries, &r.   Solicitors tori���
The liuperial Bank of Canada.
,{,no I'HUiiila I'erniiineiit Loan ft .Savings Co.
Inn Yorkshire I.oiiii A Seeiiritieslorporatioii
1 he .Mi.ssey-llai-ris I o. I Lid -. ole, etc.
Otheos- .Stephen Avem.e, Calgary.
P. MtiOAitriir, Q.C.
HoitAUB Haiivev, B.A. L.L.I!.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
I'll-lumatlc Hlamarek.
One day thn Austrian Anihassndor ta
tho Fooc-al Diet. Count Kcchher;*, re-
..���Ivnl a dlspati'h lnsiructliig him tu vote
V it'll Prussia for a certain important
-i.'iutun., amimpanli'd with a mnfidenlial
lftier din-cling hint to induce the rt-
prosnntailviw of thn other tic-man Slates
lo volo I'gilnst tho in.-Hsure and thus do-
fent it. In Ids haste he handed the wrong
paper tn Bismarck, who rend and returned it wlh tlie remark: "Then, must
lw somo i.ilstnki. horn." Rechherg saw
1 Is blunder, and grew pale and excited.
"Don't hu disturbed," said Blsmanik;
-"ynu did not In ond to give mo this document, nnd tlit.rt'fore yon hnve nut given
It to mo, nnd I ont wholly ignorant of Ita
cm-tents." In fact, hc made no mention
< f It In his official it-port.-, and thus won
Kechl-erir's gratitude beside having him
lionrefnrth "on tho hip."���San Fnj-iclsco
A Kins I'm Hut of ��� r*Un*-l* Itlatnetm..
A ring fo rut waa exhibited nt the
Antwerp Exhibition, when- it was the
admiration of the diamond cutters and
-lorchnnts, being tho first successful attempt to cut a ling ont uf a single stone.
Then, am a gn'nt many dllDculti-w In this
met hod of cut ling diamonds, as lho stones
have a certain cleavage and particular
veins, all of whicli hat- tu lie carefully
studied in tinier to prevent thn splitting
of tho stone just aa suet-eas seems within
reach. Afior several unsuccessful attempts and three years' labor, Iho font
waa accomplished by tho pntlonoe nnd
skill uf M. Antlono, one of Ihe la-st
known lapidaries of Antwerp. The ring
is about six-eighths of an Inch in diameter. In tho Marlborough cabinet there
is a ring cut out of one entire and perfect
(r.ully rer'nine-.
Mignonette, that at tho moment Isa
perfume greatly in favor for its delicate
and refreshing frngmncu, Is compounded
as well from somu nf this regular stuck
in tho perfumer's laboratory, and ovon
violet extract is two-thirds of it duo to
the swonlui'ss uf oossli*, orris nnd attar of
almonds, though violet is tho most popular perfume. Tho true extract of tho
purple Dower Is made In France, Is costly
and unly to lw bought at a few places In
New York. Its rum swwitueas la expressed from lho violets that grow nt Cannes
and Orasse, when, the migiiunetto attains
what to American eyes Is unbelievable
perfection of also, color and odor, and
wheru the routs owe their sweetness chiefly
to the hens, who sprinkle Into their hearts
the pollen from the blooming orange
Si    -.,
Assoc, Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cociiit.txE, Aliia.- Fr. Si-I'-ki.e, B.C.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
*ni.\i\iw ir->4.i.\t:ri{.
Properties re|K.rted uisin.    Estimates and
plans for nil met. Iliirgic.l plants.
Sliowliia* the Dates and Place, of
Courts or Assists Nisi Prlus. Oyer
and Terminer, and ueneral Uuol
Delivery for tbe Year 1895.
Si'iiiNit Assizes.
Nanaimo Tuesday ... 7i li May
New Westminster.Tuesday.. Uth May
Vancouver Tuesday .. silst May
Clinton Monday.. 27th -"day
Victoria Tuesday. .-Will .Mat
Kamloops Monday.. .".id Juiif
Vernon Monday., ll'ili June
���Donald Friday.. . 14' li Jin e
���Nelson Wednesday lilth June
���Special Assize.
P. 0. Box 1,
Golden, B.C.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
<.01j|��r*X, ��...
Wholes-alt* anil Keiail
3 U TC H E R S.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
*   .   Embalmers.
Calgary Alba
I.TE EG It .11'II    OltllBHN    I'HOilP'ri.r     ,'
Gold, Silver ft Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
A SITTING of the County Court
will be held ou Monday the -Oth day
of May, lHUf), at 10 o'clock a in., at
the Court House, Donald,' mid ut the
Court House. Fort Steele. S ifnrday
-loth May, 11.95, at IU o'clock a.m.
By order,
Donald. H.C.,
April -Ilrd, 1895.
olden Hospital Society.
"It is worth the pHoe to every person
who even reads a new.psp. r."���Darlington
Blue Peigil Rules.
__. a*. Kr-DViaSTS.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporter.,
Correspondents and Copr Choppers.
Short, simple sad practical rules for
making and editing newspaper copy,
��nd of equal value to all who wish to
write correct Ensll-h.
Sent on receipt of price. P.Ice. 10 rents
PT oopy. ALDAN TORMAN, Publisher,
117 Hassan Street, New York.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respi'ct. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. lieiiili'iitii'ti rs for mining men and
Illinois. Convenient tu Station and Steamboat
Lauding. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,, the
Columbia River,
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Golrlt-n Hospital Society.
From tf:.IO a.m. to 11 a.m.
2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
7     "   '.'  8   "
THE HOSPITAL is uow open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned  or   any   member  of  the
PRICE   Ten Dollars per year or Six Sunday from   10 a.in. to 12 in., and
Dollars |-er half year. from 7 p.m. to 8 p 111.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
visiriMi mums,
J. F. ARMSTRONG, ��� , .,
I    From  2:.'I0 p.m.  to M  p.m.. daily,
��� Secretary.     except jnondny and Satuiday. I
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
Br Okher.
iWcng Ping
��l_"ri.nw In thi psl.at biiiin-Sir/om-unlS.
llonistncilrcon-d-intl.l.   A Handbook olln.
formation concernlns I'alrnt. and bow to ob.
In s catsloms of ���eob�����
Uoa. .tnetly con-denti
formation oonssrnlns
tola them ..at tree. A
uriwc fiSA-US Fresh Brer.d Always
Cn UiMid.
3 Loaves fjr 25cts.|
"fox, Nr��*J7o<ri,'i!'5Sr B'iinir.WjtT.
��� M THS W..M ���    ��������������� ���
iw i-a WATivr, gUgjTV)
'���Monsooa" Teal, put up by the. Indlaa TV.
cri'wers a. a sample of Ih. bat qustitiM uf Indin l
IV is. Tbcrcfiire ihey use the art-kit are la Ih.l
M'ldCliea of the Tea and it. blend, thai I. why thr*>
p ll il up Ihemselve. and sell il only la Ihe ort-rin.-il
p tc���mrs. thereby seeurinf il. purity .ad est���leni r
I'll up In M lb., ��� lb. and | lb. packafn, aad nml
���uld In buu.
1 f your grocer doe! not keep it, 1.11 him to -rile le
i II and 13 Front Street EMI, Torenla, Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fre<
'loin Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
News Kotos.
A noted Parisian financier is dead.
The missing  B.C. missionaries are
A schooner capsized at Racine, Wis-
The Hungarian diet adjourned in an
A farmer was crushed to death nt
British steamers collided oil the
French const.
Two girls have been arrested for
murder lit Montreal.
Gen. Booth proposes to establish
10,000 men in Canada.
Newfoundland advocates of conleder
mion are more sanguine,
Frost has ruined fruit and vegetables
in Niagara district.
Compromise on the school question
is being discussed at Ottawa,
, Premier   Greeniviiy and Mr. Sifton
have gone to Ottawa.
The Japanese are irritated nt giving
Up the Lino Tung peninsula.
Two persons wero burned to death
Dy an incendiiirv fire in Michigan.
Itis rtimorcl again that Hon. Edward Blako will retire from British
The French budget shows a deficit
of of',000.000 francs. This means increased taxation.
A motion was introduced in the city
council. Winnipeg, to empower electric
cars to run on Sunday.
The question of tho eligibility of a
peer to represent a constituency is
greatly agitating the British Commons.
Gr-i-.vtli cl lllv.it-co in rrnncc���Qnocr
Durmoso anil Cliiticso Customs���Illstlll-
(-ulslitttl Unmans Who Cast o"T T'tti!.'
���.Vivos--I!nr-ltintl ruiil Switzerland.
The question of divorce seems tn lie agitating prutty nearly every civilized eoun-
irj- in lim world just now;, suyi ihii New
York Worlil. '.i he u'roncli stltlisiicitins have
tackled iiuHiiiiji'irt, and show the uxiont t'i
whichdlioruilitisgrnwu i.i ITi'tuieo. From
1831 in Itnil iippllciilionn fnr divorces In
lt'mtit.u lu.vi u..ci'iiimd -15,000, ot whicli 4u,-
000 liri.tr bi'i'ii gran.o !.
M. Nnqwit, in Hiving lire pnsgaga of lho
illvurcu law in h'l'.incc, optimistictilly pre-
dtcietl tli.ri ii would j.'.���.���,t,,i, 1111111-,' rup-
turu , uinl iliat iinu'.'.i'il couples would
rciiiiiin morn firmly irnitcd I'l'uin tin- fact
that iut.il' tin would mu lur cmupulHuvy,
I'lit'iii'i r:...iiil,v, t'xriit.,,' ll ir (Hiiii.ury wan
lire rvmrl'. The first year afui.' Iho law
Ivan in.-r-t'tl rhowuil I.70J dirurcus) last
year il.iu'ii wni'ii over K,iSKI. Wnen scpitrn-
llons iiliino wero permitted tire;,- mil;,*
readied :i,i��n. While in IBB!) tlio proportion wim only i,nrr in 1,1X111, lu-ilay IV-irJ
twonly-ilvo in 1,1X0.
Frnm tin hist 0-7 'if i'i-" ��� it��� a;������"rrr i
Hint the proportion nf unhappy niiirriagtm
iircri'iircs Ii'i.tti , l;o tiny til\iu-cti is it n'.iiij,od
in it count iv. 1. appi'ii s un... g j i'OI.iu nl'
I'm Ugliest I'ivtlis-iulnn al lliu pit'iid ui'
thi'lr t.i'irult'iit'c; troni th/lto 1 line can lie
Ultcd ti loiii ;'.ruilii  r..iive...enl iir l... ...Is.
Tiro llilrle .ays tl.nl if a iniiii nt'ioi' lliur-
rylng a wiiniitii mil Hi ing with hi-rcon-
tt'ivi'K a disgust i.l iiui', lor sou.u s!.r. rueful
fault, hu si nil draw tun u decree of
divorce, nnd. putting it into the woman's
lraiuis, si.iiii lend 1., t- nut. uf iris house.
Tills Mas nut itlwny* easily iici'iiiuj islrcd,
lioctiuso till! majority '.i  pnuijli' uut iittt.
ItlHIW ilOW 10 \,,.,.-. rlllll lim I.e.ile in-
' priest ivlinin t! ey ei'ii ulietl ciuild rerii...'
In giiu t ilioir iipplictuiiiu if he saw lit.
tn 1 fi* j,i '.!.;��� ...v.. i.iuiitu'ir'.i'tl n,itli,tiree
oxcepl i.i '���'.'.:.ill err es. ltll'.'lolliy wr'.rl
punished reu'i'i'l.,'; tire inaii received 1,000,
strlpiii and iho wuiniiu's iiusu was cut. In
Babylon .. i ii'iilu iill' lion uf nl the girls
of it iiiiiri'irigtj ,,re ngu was held oiiiro a
yen,'. Tliu untying uf mono knots wr-..i
even iiieiv   :n.- e.
Confucius; writing on Chlno-ai l"-.v.i,
esluli,...l> tl seven enstrs uf I'epillliiillol),
n.!..,.rr; ���,..'���',, itiq [reu.'Sllnii the wi.j could
l.e ��� ;.t us,ilc fin- oxcosslvi. gossip or for
nut gotilng along witli her livelier or
moilii.-ii.-..iW. Lilt ilium was u.is proviso: J*r>' Jlie iiuslin ul is ail ir,e 1 iu rotaln
liev if she will wear nuiui'i li g for .hor
niiiiliu.--iii-ii.lv'for three -,u,.i.." As iv
miitloi'iif fict,'.ho Chlnosu nmirS in ,lu,
divorce courts very little, mnl iliuy hold a
witltj,.' li.ii.'i'ying it tecoiitl I uue in ilie
uimii'i iiiuiniii t. This cmiciii is suino-
what similar-lo that of llie Hindoos in
funnel' yenr.., wnen ihe widows Hung
tllul!.,,el,us on llie burning Wliu!.),iles up- I
mi v.-liich their hut-bunds' humeri wero
lit'irg till,; l,nntl.
liidln ruirgnl*-"! certain cnuros to-
tlin. co Up tn the ci.iiinrer.eeiiieirti tn'
llrls ei'iunr- it I'lillilli'--!'. Hindoo wus per-
nu,leu in .en,i ins wile lu a linni,er ur.
inn,.' .ii.iie ri'iiiiive iri order in !..;.e elrild-.
run. In liurmiih tlio womnn whorl marrying dun,., ini..! Iholt" husluitiiis' iiinntrs,
luu iv.iilii il nir own, with ihu uitiieniluin
uf "wife of .ni nnd So." This makes It
convenient fur Ilium lo assume tholr pro*
viutis tan us in public knoiviodgo when
bund before sending the letter of repudiation, which in this case is called tetoik
boin���ft toinpoi'ttry repudation ia called
tc'tolk rid Joe, which is used as a forewarning.
The nation which grants fovvest divorces
is England. A special court���tho Court
fur IlivniTc and Matrimonial Cases���copes
���with all matrimonial difficulties, Divorce
can be obtained fur "criminal conversation," nnd is denied for personal injuries
and neglect. A rupture nf the marriage
tie is grunted only for Infidelity, and thin
is known to tho court un the "opeciflo
Switzerland grantn more divorce,, than
any othor country. Since the Federal law
of 1CT1 was passed the proportion luu
risen from fori-y-govon to a thousand, in
Snellen since 1881, in Holland since 1851
and in Saxony since the Federal law of
1875 the proportion Ims doubled und even
tripled. In Hel.'-iuni it has multiplied six-
iiiiitt' it liiflf runt. Matter;
Miss llliiiie. (contoinntiimisly)���That's tt
nice limiting watch; did ynu IiaVo to buy
a suit nf en thus to gut limit",'!
John Ware (rofli'ctlvoly)--No; on tho
cortmry, 1 hud to sell ono.���Harvard
'1*1.1*.  Wiih It  I'ttser. *
Little Margaret wns going to n children's party tlie tither tlay and hor mother
was telling her sumu littlo politeness to
"And when ynu etnno away," sho said.
"On up to yuur little hostess and tliani;
her fur giving yuu it pleasant time."
"But, iniiniiiia," objected tho small
girl, "supposo I don't havo a pleasant
time; what must 1 say then!"���N. Y.
Slurring* Utnler liininilile..
A romantic story nf tlio vlclssltndos of
a wedding party conies from Cumberland.
Tho marriage, of Miss-Mabel Sulus, youngest daughter of Major Suolus of Ennordalo
Hull, Frlzln itim, vviili Mr. John Howos,
mining un-jinoor nf Iluvercroft, should
hnve been si leniiilzwl at two o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon, and tho bridal party
of fourteen persons proceeded to Arlecdon
Church it. assist at tho ceremony, Tho
Rov. Alfred Churwin of Harrington, gut
sn fiir as the house nt tho curate, tl e Rev.
H. Rllfzileil, when ho bucilll'.���! simw-
blockod. Tho 'htliligrooni ntnr|etl l't-mn
liii-, resilience in a m-voni snowstorm, hut, I
falling to mnko progress on horsohouk, ho
tried driving, but was completely
wcathcr-bountl. S. mu in '.ho snowdrifts
wore sixteen foot iltup; mul tho hotlges
and mails were lost It) view. The party
of fourteen luul hit .inwlille gained tho
church unknown to the bridegroom, who
gave up tho quest after thrco gallant attempts. The bridal * urjty and bride worn
now snowed up in church, where they had
to pass tho night, provisions and wraps
having with difficulty boon convoyed to
them by Messrs, Percy and George Sncl-
us. Tlie happy couple wero married at
one o'clock yesterday nfturnoon by Ihe
Rov. S'lgdoli, but tho road from tho
church hnd lo be cleared by 200 laborers.
���Yorkshire Kvunlng Post.
Carlin & Lake,
All of which will be sold at  Lowest
Possible Prices.
DY VIRTUE of a writ, of Fttric
���*����� Facias issued out of the Supremo
Court of B.C., to me. directed against
the goods and chattels o{ lho Golden
Mining and Smelting Coilipanv. Limited, between George Alexander ami
Henry Briien Alexander, plaintiffs,
and the Golden .Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited, defendants, for tho
sum of -SH. 10H.20, I havo seized the
property o( the said defendants, situated at Golden, Bust Kpotenay, ol the
Goldon ��� Smeltot', being all thn moveable property at the said Smelter, consisting ol Tunis, Engines, Machinery.
Assay Olriire, Materials, Choinicul
Tools, Ftiel and Ore, ami shall sell tho
same by auction at the Golden Smelter,
Golden, on Tuesday the 4th day ot
June, 1H95, at 10 o'clock a.m., or so
much thereof to oorer'the suid sum of
$H,10H,20, with costs, charges, oik!
1 expenses, poundage and Sheriff's fi'es,
interest, etc., if tho said amount is
not sooner paid.
A full and detailed inventory can be
seen at toy oIKce, Donnid, nnd at the
office of F. C. Lang, Provincial Con-
stablo at Golden.
Sheriff al Kootenay.
Donald, B.C..
May Kith, 18l)u.
tl,i',, I'l.ino io bciilviireed, as uiuy aru vory
likely to bo, for.divorce la easy in that
1 .i i .leoraliio main idea in marrying wn".
to iiriirg chil Ireii Into the world, liuilusi
cspei i.iliv, for llie good of iho country;
houco li.u great facility tilleretl for break*
i.ig 1. e in...rlngi!-.le ill oust) of ster.liiy.
'llie legislators recognized tlie right of
divtii'te. At Alliens divorce Culliil ue oh-
tullii'i, by duiiuiiiil uf ono i.f i..��� ;..,riic:i
ur ly urlituril luirent. Tho cii'o was
argued hoforo n li'lbiiiinl. The farilrs on
Ivi, g itied were e.\j restly luil.it.t.ia to
inarr-y v.i.'ri n porsoti younger iluin i. om-
rulvep. tirocinn wives ciinvlo<od of breaking thurJmi'-th Couimunduioni, v.ire | ut
to diii.li, afior having their hair nit ol
and then* heads covered with hoi us.;.es.
This barbarous ctisuime wns also adopt*
ed in Konio lifter Ihu conquest of ilniih-
age nnd Corinth. The Koiuiinsi lining
musters of the world, only thought of re-
Velllllg ill tllelr llel es, llllll OUI llri-m-
reivts i.drift In in lho iiuileie rules uf
vliiin, v.l.ith Iras leeii ihelri lur con-
tui'i,-. I i.il iiiiirriugesand ri'llgloiiauinr-
riiiei:'. wuro liii It- by little, cut ii to by
tli,one, which Fproi.il to such an e.itent
ns... i.lnitrn tiij i.i'iss uiiii'i i ;.i. j-early
evoryI'ltiiFownsmlmltiiHi���lutuio Ily, sick-
lless, tail llgo, lit'Ulil.eniiirs.s, r,oist.u (whlull
was miv i i'i'v.,....ii, guiiig into lho
ciiuru'i, lho unny, mul, Ins.ly, mutual
iroiit'iri. 'lire I.usbrii'd luul llie right tu
ilomu.nl it uivuico if tho ,'ii'u obtained
Inl.-e '.,t... ���,.. ihe t.thir, ur if shii wont
"gailding" to lliu ir unire or '-irciis tu tho
neglect tu ber houpi'i.oid dullest
j\II lliire hum,is wui'u I.ut protostc,
iifiernll. Thu virtuous Cain cbiiilned a
illvorco in order to marry Mniciii, Seillit
iviiiiiiTiud witii a woman Wtiuin ho met
nt il.u tiruiis', Cicero repudiated his tvlfo
tn take I'nlililiii. whoso l'lohoa would en-
illile him tu pay oil all bis creiiitirrs;
Caur-nr and Anlmiy contracted four iuo-
missive iiiiii'i'iiiges; i-'ompoy vv-unt, as far as
five. .Iiiiunai fult jusiilled in saying tl-at
faithful spuusus wore as rare as "whltu
crows," or, us wo aiy to-day, ur, "whito
The law of Miihoinoti admits of divorce
���iliniigli It is very littlo resorted to by
thu Mnhomotiins���but exntrts four
in.if.llts' ivlleutitin ou tho piij-t of th
| A tl. Il-llft'tijl Tramp,
I Prohnbly Hiure wasn't another person
in Maine so woll prepared for emergencies as a trump who has just visited Saco
and Uitldnftird. Hu had no overcoat, but,
as ho wore two cants, two vest.", two pairs
nf trou-urs and plenty of undurclothing
liu didn't miss out. much. Whim ho
wandered Into tlio police station ho boro
a hi,- iiiini'le consisting nf u heavy com-
fur'.ur rollid in n ploco of tiilelotli. In his
pockets were found several dozens of
ltKisu nintulies, n big roll iif newspapers,
j two dozen railroad time tables, n box of
I salve, a bottle of insect powder, two
| htimunicos, it lot of curds, a handful of
ttsiiIqriiks, n shoestring, a wire nail, u
collar button, n lead pencil and n cm-pun-
ter'-11'ni'il, a box of indulihle lend, an lliu -trntodkctitnloguo of rublx.*. shoes,a purse
with six coins and nn old copper, three
broken clay pipes, a new pocket-book, it
piece <tt silk lint, lining, two pieces of
enstlie soap, three sea shells, it broken
(lam shell, n plug of tolmcco, somo llsh-
ing tackle, n spool of thread, a piece of
���wood, n paper of needle-', a roll of birch
bark, il suspender buckle, n package of
cigarette pictures, a notebook containing
several sketuhes of Bar llnrlsir and vicinity, o chestnut, a whetstone, a dozen
pieces of ruck, a now whisk broom, a pocket comb and u big pewter cpoon.��� Bos-
tun Herald.
-! .'....
Iirtt.ilit'.i.irss In Knelantl.
In England, during one year for whioh
returns havo been furnished, thero wero
113,725 convictions for drunkenness, of
whicli lll,17N were fur olfousos committed
between noon and midnight on -Mindiiy-.
This dues not show thut tlit.ru was excts-
Blvo Indulgence on Sabbath days moro
than on others. In Wales the pmpnrti' n
of Sunday convictions wns still loss,
numbering only 778 out of a total of 10,-
!H7. Comparod with this return for tho
whole of Wales, thero Is signillciim-o In
Ihu fact that, In tho hurdur county of
Monmouth, to which thu Sunday cluslng
nut diss not apply, thero wore no convictions r.r tlriinUnness on Sunday, against
Ci) ou othor days.���London Uaily Novvs.
Manufactures of Sash, ^oors, Mouldingft
Turned arid Sivwn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine fcshop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
The partnership heretofore existing
hetweeu Wall 1'on and Quan Kin, has
lieen dissolved, by mutual consent.
Quan Kin having pnrchhsed Wah
Pon's interest in tho Laundry will
continue to do business at tlio old
Golden, ll.C, May 18th, 1895.
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children. These
goods are made in Vests, Drawers,
Tights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
store. ��� ���,-


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