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The Golden Era Jul 28, 1899

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Array S'  w%&
.*:. /m
h tc
\ ) \ Ca ' ' '
Thomas O'Brien;
Votary F��blle,ConTey aneer, eto
��e>M��a, BV.
James HekdeusoKj
Builder & ContractoFj
A supply of Bnilding Lime for Sale.
Plan, prepared.  Prompt attention given to
* orders.
VOL Wit NO. 52.
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 28,    1899.
&& YeaS
Dry Goods, Clothing for Men and Boys,
Boots and Shoes, Hats, Parasols, Hosiery,
Underwear, and Men's Furnishing Goods.
For days we have been busy getting ready
for this sale which starts
Saturday Morning Next
when every fabric���every shade-every pattern���-every attribute of Summer 1899 will
be placed on sale at price points so low that
buying'elsewhere will be a real extravagance.
Impossible to quote prices as .we cannot get
type small enough to print them.
fi. G. PABSQIl,
Map   of   The   I^oute.
/fot/f-e /y*OAy tjoLeer/
eiSTANCA AacuT no Mites- near bonaia.
at a.      tea      ..     oo     GOLO&m.
I, a.        e*0       �����        ���>��      KAMLOO'S.
���     fee     tt     tt   ccmohtom.
���m rtuttr tout ami.
Oerier-etl   Merchant.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with'C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District,
Steamers Sheave Goldon Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight aad charges ou goods to Windermere and
points beyond will havo to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Vti ^-#*V**!*C*   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
sotes, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mats
trasses, Pillows. Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
ll^gaiw,'Floi}r, Bran-Oata.
Special Values in teas and Coffees at
C.     A.    #ARREN'S.
feotenay House,
Wifit Class Accommodation tut Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Freo.
(Tho Globe deals In ntvonir levins
with the Senate's rejection cf tho
redistribution bill and says: '-The
Question now to be dutemiitied ia tvheth
er or not the Liberals of Canada belong
to at, inferior order ol mankind, whether or not tbey are political ITitlanders
thoir own country, whether or not
Conservative politicians are divinely
commissioned to i;overn through a
partisan group in the senate, when
ejected from the treasury benches by a
vote of the people.-' It refers foaevere
term's to Sir Uackenaie Bowel!, and
says that no body of Canadian citizens
oan afford to aocepc a position of political inferiority-. It. soys this is the
great question. "It la a time for the
Liberals ef thewestand tho Liberals of
Ontario to stand together and determine that not one inch of ground will
be snrrotitlcrod in tbe federal or provincial sphere until political equality for
tbe Liberals ie re established in Canada.
The plain policy of the senate is to
bedevil and dierupt the Liberal party,
to wear out disrupt the Liberal party,
to wear out tee patience of the puople,
to create the Impression that the Liberals cannot govern."
Canada oannot afford to have two
governments The House of Commons
bas been returned to represent the
people, und has passed * bill to amend
tbe representation of Ontario. The
Senate bss kicked out the bill by A
majority el S3. Who ia to govern
this country���the Laurler government
or the senile Senate f If the business
ol the Senate ll to throw out the
measures and polioy of the Govern ment
Eiog tbe confidence ol the meet the Honse, then it bas no
I to eilst. II It is simply to
confirm the actions ol the Commons It
ll a luperflolt/ ud Is not wanted.
Take it any way yon like, end A Senate like that of Canada ie Ul unneces-
tarj block te legislative reform and
onght nol to exlet.
Tht Bed Line on Law Creek, a tributary of Horsethief, and Which promises to be the mining sensation of tbe
year, was located last fall by Wellington Kinnee, P. Lareen, and W. B.
-ibel.U. A. Watt, and Taynton * Gordon
hold a fifth interest. Messrs. Star-
bird, Collett and "Robertson, hearing
el the valuable assays obtained on
this property, took a bond on it for
���40,000 before sny development work
Md been done,    "Within six months
they re-bonded it fcr 5100,000 nnd still
no work had been done, hut those gentlemen pnt in a ennip as early as tliey
oould with a view to starting work on
the around, when Mr. Mnlfm-d, New
York mtinapor for the large mining
machinery firm of Fraser and Chalmers, came along to seo ths White
Elephant, and so much was he impressed with the "Red Lino tbat he
offered an advance on tbe last bond,
and eays that if anybody had told him
what he has hitnsulf seen of the property he would not havo credited such
statements. He sampled the ore care*
fully and obtained an average assay of
������$50.    '
_���-���~m ���
On Monday E. A. Haggen visited
this property aud arrauged for development work lining started on it on
behalf of tbe Certainty Gold and Win-
lug Company. Tlm locatiou ia within
ton miles of Goldon and a first-class
wagon road can be built to the property should development woik prove ic
to be tbo "grass root shipper" tliat tbo
surface indicates. A trail bai boen
opened to within 400 hoi k<Iow the
mine at a point whei-o tbe camp site
wilt be located, and development work
has been at aft ml hi tho shape of open
outs on the vein outcropa with a view
to determining certain characteristics
of the property ns a guide to future
operations. T. Murder has been appointed foreman of thu mine, The
property Includes three claims, tbe
Porphyry and Iron Hill, owned by
Hoo.F. W. Aylmer and H. Estell, tbe
Eagle Cliff, owned by H. EsMl, and
tha Iron Duke held by J. Laniontange.
and which claims are all under bond
to tba Certainty Oompaoy.
���ill vs. Town.
A return match between the Mill
and Town football teams was played
on Wednesday evening before a large
crowd of spectator*. The teams lined
up as follows; Mux-Goal, Sinclair;
Backs, Saundureon, Smith; Half backi
Grady, Bookhout, Moore; Forwards,
Ptarce, Laiiour, Brook, Flynn, Main-
tyre. Town���Goal, Rae; Backs, Wilson, Taylor; Half Backs, Stalker,
Alexander, Field; Forwards, Weeks,
Smith, Fallis, Wcatman, King.
Considerable time was lost in start-
Ing the game owing to the dllatorinesb
oE lorn* of tbe Town players. For the
. fiwt lew minutes of tbe game tke Town
appeared to bo too anxious to win,
consequently the play on their part
waa rather loose, they soon settled
down, however, and the play was confined throughout to the Mill territory,
ao much so in fact that the Towu goalkeeper only hnd one kick at tho ball
during theoutire game. Iu tbetirat
half the Town should hnve scared re-
peato'lly but owing to lack of practice
wero unable to take advantage of the
opportunities which offore 1 themselves.
One goal wns scored, however, by
Westmau, wbo put in a grounder
which Sinclair failed tocntch. Iu the
second half anothor point was added
for the Town by a beautiful shot by
Fallta from a scrimmage iu front of
goal. No further scoring was done
anil the game ended in a win for Iho
Town by 2 goals to 0.
Tjikeu throughout tbe game wns a
very rugged exhibition of football,
and a good deal of unnecessary talk
was indulged in. Notwithstanding
the fact that seven 1 changoa bad been
mado in the Mill team with tbe idea of
strengthening it, and thnt they had
been oat practising nearly every night
since tho 1st of July, the g.uue put up
hy them was very inferior to ihe one
played by them on Dominion Day.
W. CVgnn, of ibe Mil, acted as
refeveo and bin decisions wero impartial and taken all through were
very fair although in innuy cases the
playera did not agree with bim. It is
hopod if the warns come together again
io mush timo will not be taken up in
questioning the decisions of the referee
as it proves tedious to thu spectators
snd very of (fn creates ill feeling among
the players, who should remember that
whatever the referee says has to go.
An amusing incident occurred In the
first half when Stalker of the Town
took a oold bath in a ditch of water
whioh ran alongside the field.
Palliser was also to the fore in helping
out tho arrangement by giving his
undertaking to join in transferring hia
hanking business to Golden. The
people of the town and district are
under a heavy debt of gratitude to
Mr. Jones for the business-like way in
which be bas taken up this matter
and the evident success whicli has
resulted. The bank will open next
week in the Alexander Block.
The Imperial Will Open.
Thanks to the splendid services for
the town of F, \V, Jones, flscrctary-
Treasurer of the Lumber Company, an
arrangement; has beeu made whioh
will result iu the Imperial Bank opening a bianch In Golden. Business has
been muoh hampered hers from want
of suoh an institution, which cannot
fail to be a great factor in the renewed
prosperity which is dawning over
Golden end the district of North Kast
Kootenay. The Lumber Company
have guaranteed the Imperial the
whole of their business on their open*
is�� tor* Mi W. 0, Wells, M.P.P., of
Report of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist.
Tiirsm.n hill group.
As regards the property generally,
the existence of the inimeuso quartz
ledge is proven beyond doubt, yet such
galena as lias boon found does not continue in quantities to warrant working.
The expectation of tho owners is that
tbe property will turn out to be sufficiently high in gold to be profitably
worked, I ara satisfied that the gold
does not exist as freo gold and that
such gold as thero is occurs in the
iron pyrites, which in working would
have to be concentrated. Fine grinding would have to he resorted to and
the concent ration effected with suitable
appliances, Tbo future of the properties, it may be said, therefore, depends
on the percentage of iron pyrites in the
rock, as the grade of the concentrates
wiil remain fairly constant, and from
my observations values will not exceed
$100 to tbe ton of concentrates. As
far as was pointed out to mo, or as I
could see at any point on the property,
the percentage of iron pyrites in the
ledge, as It would have to be mined,
did not exceed one or, at tho outside,
two per cent.
Tbere are several log buildings at
the mine, office, bunk-houses, blacksmith shop, stable, etc., now somewhat out of repair, yot serviceable if
ever required.
On a steep saud Muff, On the shore
of the Upper Columbia Lake, tbere baa
been erected u "60-ton Lend Concentrator," constructed by the Chicago
Iron Works. The plant consists of
the usual buildings and bins, and the
machinery may bn thus Itemised;���!,
7 x 10 Blake crusher; 2 sets, 26 x 12
rolls; 1 MV 16 z 10 rolls| 8 sets,
double, 4-oompartroent jigs ; 2 sets, 2<
easpftrtntnt  jigs)  1,   Win, double-
decked Evans table; an automatio ord
feeder; and 3 revolving screens, with
all necessary elevators, eto, The power
plant consists of 2 Waterous boilers, a
Waterons engine and all necessary
triiihpl, The entire plant IS It*l!.i2
good condition and practically new."
A surface tramway connects tbo
mine ore-bins with the overhead concentrator ore-bins, and is equipped
with Iron ote cars which run down by
gravity and are hauled up empty by
borse-pOwet. An inclined tramway
was likewise provided for taking tho
concentrates to the dock to be loaded
on to tho steamer, , ,
Good and suitable office and !a��ertt*
tor? buildings are on the ground, to*
gether with ample accommodation for
As .already noted, this plant was
erected to treat a certain body of galena ooonrring in the mine and was
constructed before tbe limited extent
of such ore body was knswn. It now
stands Idle, never haviug had Ore oil
which to run.
Situated on Windermere Mountain,
at an elevation of 5,100 feet, and bonded to. the Mines Development aad
Guarantee Trust Company, of Rossland, who are doing some development
under the snperintendency of Mr.
The country rock Is a quartzose'
limestone which appears to be much
faulted and broken, there being evidence of a Series of faults running N.
45* W., or almost with tbe range of
hills. Along ths lino of one of these
faults there is evidence of a crushing;
effect, whioh extends a short distaneo
Into the country rock on either side
leaving the rook still in place, bnt
muoh crushed. It would seem as it
this crushed material had been mor*
or less cemented with lime which htm
filtered through it; tbe waters in the
lame way bringing copper in solution,
Which, deposited in the crushed tene\
now exists as bine and green carbonates, occurring in masses, mixed with
the broken rook. These masses are
sometimes of considerable size, hilt af
yet have not shown any continuity.
Some 20 to 30 tons of selected ore
were on the dump at tbe time of my
visit, of which I took a sample and
found it to assay 17.6 per cent, copper,
but with no gold or silver values.
Lake YieW'inirioral claim is a \eti:
tion 800 feet higher np the hill, owned
by F. W. H-Jlholland, of Bossland,
but it is merely a prospect with little
work done on it. A 2-incb scat* o��
red iron oxide is exposed in a small
cut, but I could see no mineralization
of value.
A location on the wouctairi tc tha
north of tbe main creek, about six
es above the North Fork, or 23
miles from the "Salmon Beds," Elevation, 6,800 to G,900 feet. Ownod by
and bonded to tho same parties ae the
Hot Punch, presently  to be described.
The point where tbe mineral was
discovered is a steep bluff of rock
standing ont of the hillside wh-'ch had
elsewhere a somewhat regular elope'oi
about 20s. In the fuce of this bluff,
aud necessitating very little work tk
expose it, there is a great blow-out of
quarts, over 160 feet wide, through
whicli, running in all directions, p.i-6
stringers of galena up ts 8 inches
wide, with occasional wldenings to 24
or (10 Inches of solid oro, Occasional
streaks of gray copper also out tho
quartz and likewise the galena.
1 was unable to find any definite
lodge of quartz leading to this large
surfaco oxposuro/and ara somewhat at
a loss to definitely classify the exposure from the development dono.
About 60 feot below thoosposm,
and abont the samo distance to ihe
north-east, a tunnel has been run iif
60 feet, N. 02' W. This tuaud wa?
expected to cut the ore body at a depth
but had failed to do so. Galena shows
in tbo roof at onl; one spotj and there,
not very strongly.
Tbe country rock, as exposed in ihti
tunnel, is quartz-schists and quarts'
ites. Abovo, und to tiie west of the
''blow-out," thero is an exposure of a
rock composed of qnnrtz and lime, but
only slightly exposed. A little further
down the hill and underlying aro K-
poBures ot black shales.
The surface exposures of ore are vst-y
considerable, and the ore is of good
quality. The gal-ma occurs both Iti
large crystalline masses and also In
the finer crystalline form. A sampttf
of the coarse-grained galena taken by
me gave on aesuy, 76.2 p.c. lead, DI
oss. silver. The gray copper is also*
present In very appreciable quantities.
There is certainly a remarkably good
surface showing, and the fact tbat thtf
tunnel failed to roach it at a depth
does not, to my mind, prove that thw
oro does not go down, lu my judgment the tnnnel should have betftf
driven further to the touth to dotsts
mine the point definitely.
(To be Continxed.)
The Governmont Caucus.
Victoria, July SG.-ThftGovtJrhmedP
caucus terminated about midnight.
Tho members all refused to divulge tbtf
result, and It is undetstood that nothing will he announced until thi return*
of the Lieutenant Governor.
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. Mr. Evans who 1ms been appointed to the Presbyterian Church
here arrived in town fromNukusp tbl-f
morning. Ho will hold divine wrvietf
on Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock:
Mr. Evans will visit Donald on Tlmfn
dt�� and Beaver off Friday of rHui * tt frr FROM THE HAGUE.
The Proposal Has Passed Its Second
Reading and Will Undoubtedly
Be Passed Entirely Today.
The Hague, Jnly 21.���The third
committee of the international conference met today, M. Bourgeoise, of
Frauce, presiding. At the opening of
the sitting the Roumanian. Grecian
nnd Servian delegates jointly moved
the total suppression of the five articles
xelatiug to international courts of inquiry. M. Beldiman thu Roumanian
deputy, wus their spokesman, and addressed the committee for au hour. He
claimed that tho proposition fora court
ot iuquiry was not contained in Count
Muravietfs circular, uud waa contrary
to tbe principle of national sovereignity. Ruomuuiu, he said, would gladly
pledge herself to the rest of the arbitration scheme, but it was impossible
to fulfill thfcae and other obligations.
Chevalier Desohamp, the Helgiau delegate, and Prof. MaarteuH, Russia, de-
feuded the articles, which were finally
put-wed on the lirst reading, the three
protesting ftates recording their objection.
Iu tbe afternoon Prof. Maartens said
that when.every thing had been done to
protect the weaker states against the
stronger, the former thas obtaining a
shield, thu commission of inquiry proving this���ho was willing to make some
farther concessions in the way of making the matter more optional. These
concessions wero accepted by the
smaller powers und ^proposal passed ita
second reading. The arbitration
scheme will urobably be passed entirely to-morrow.
Pretoria, July 31.��� The new franchise law comes into operation immediately. The volksraad is Bitting In
secret session discussing the proposals
for the cancellation of the dynamite
monopoly. It has adopted further articles of the franchise law, enabling
sous of the Oullanders to become
naturalized at the age of Hi and to obtain their franchise five years thereafter.
Whitney Will Enileavm- to Persuade the
Admiral to Allow III-* Name to I'umv
Before the Democratic Nation*)
Chicago, July 21.���Oliver P. Belmont, of New Vork, was asked last
night if William C. Whitney's sudden
departure for Europe was iu the nature
of u mission. He said he understood
that Mr. Whitney meant to see Admiral Dewey and persuade the seaman
to let his name be presented to tbe national convention as a candidate for
the nomination. "Not that I believe
Mr. Whitney will succeed in his object," continued Mr. Belmont.. "1 do
not think the admiral would consent to
become a candidate.''
"Do you think if the admiral were
brought to consent he oould beat Mr.
Bryan in the convention."
"Candidly," replied Mr. Belmont,
"I do not think he conld. Mr. Bryan.
so far aa I oan fathom, seems well nigh
the unanimous choice of the whole
party. Assuredly he is the natural
logical candidate, and toduy he is invincible."
Trieste, Anstrla, July 21. ���The
United States cruiser Olympla, with
Admiral Dewey on board, arrived here
this morning. The principal paper, II
Picolo, has a flattering article welcoming the admiral to Austria.
The Olmpiu will remain here for
about two weeks. The admiral's health
is perfect, and he has not decided
whether he will go to Carsbad, as had
been announced, bnt it is not probable
tbat he will do so. The admiral intends to visit Vienna. The foreign
consuls were received by Admiral Dewey on board tbe Olympia daring the
Money (Joes to Churches.
Toronto, July 21���Justice Rose today guvo judgment in an ecclesiastical
cose, Mrs.Jane Beburn left money to
aid in the erection and completion of
churches iu the poorer Anglican
parishes of Ontario. It is claimed tho
will is invalid by her friends, bnt the
judge found that it is to the general
fund of the diocese of Ontario, to
which the bequest might full, nud held
it to he valid.
J. O. Darine, Ontario commissioner
at the Paris exhibition, states that over
two hundred applications for space
from Ontario have been received.
At the city council's first meeting
today in the new ball, Aid. Lynd's motion to ask the government while making a survey of tbe French and Ottawa
rivers canal, to also survey tbe Georgian Bay uud Outatio ship canal route,
was carried.
It is rumored in police circles that
London has asked for twenty police and
tbat tbe force will bo sent there t0'
Halifax, Jnly 31.��� The unconfirmed
rumor was received  here  last night
that the Allan liner  Norwegian was
ashore at Trepassy, Ntld.
Friday, July 91.
Can art Ian h won at crfcltot tu chtcaca.
Admiral Dewey lias arrived at Trieste,
Yellow tever lias been stamped ��'��t at
A lumlier combine lun Ih-th toruipd '���>"
DrltWh c-nltimUn mill**.
- C-uiiudlaiifi are well ui la the **hmiUii;
at itiMej tut the (iueen's Prise,
Cars were ruitnlltg In Urnnklyu, l>ut
ivere not carryiair many mUuuugers,
J. E, Ueronard, nt tin* Yukon comic)],
plan*- tiie ��eaemi'fc royalties at #800,000,
Oeaeral Horai-e l'orti'i unit Cleit. .1. S,
Wilmm are mentioned an Alger'a niuvi-n.
MlfcHlonarieb lu China are in ildftger
Irom tiie threatening ust-mull* nt natives,
Mr. Fife, tlte architect nt   tne Sliaitf.
rocfe,   Ih    well   millHfietl   Willi   tlte     two
Alilile  1'lillliiiH,   nl   SwailipSOntt,   Main
wlin   Ik    wortli  tflMkm.iMlo,   marrteil
ciuiiui-eiiuin believes that tlii> (ranchI1
Mil In the Trail* vn.il li;m ton ninny ,(n
illtloiis attached.
An explosion on the 0, I1. It. dteitiner
Athnhatica, at Owen Stimuli did Hciiaus
damage tn  IreiKht,
Over tft.Hiio i entile visited llramlnn fair
Thiichda.v. The provincial record was
cstalillHhed hy I*me.
- The ()]<|t[iH|t|i)ii In llniiiiloii nre divided over the nomination ot ex-Mayor
Rvartfl an a  candldaio,
A Canadian, Hi-mile, tied nl lllsle.v for
the (Irui'Iii* CUV! I'nrlwrljrht, ol can-
adn, won the .Ireuory prllO,
Itrlialn and Amor lea,) nt The Hague
voted lor ex?auslve hullets and no re.
Htrletioii on war materials,
ff, C Whitney Iiuk left to meet Artmlr.
al Dewey fo aecure lilit nnme as Democratic nominee (or iircHldeut,
The Sum Kxtluinled at $H0O,0O0 by Mr,
Olrotiutd. Member of Coitnell.
Vancouver, July 21.���Mr. J. E. Gi*
rouard, who passed through tho olty
last fall en route to Dawson, where he
was appointed a member of the council
of administration for tbat district, is
ou his way east He is authority for
the statement that the royalties so far
tnis year will exceed tbe suir of $800,*
000, He estimated the total output
from tho mines to be at least $20,000,-
000. Ho explained the discrepancy
upon tho royalty as compared with the
total output on tbe ground/ that the
former hod been diminished, because it
wus now only levied on all sums over
|5,000 instead of over $2,000 as formerly. No claim, be said, was worked
at all, unless it wus proving rich, because labor and otber expenses have
been so high thnt practically tbe paying claims were confined to the five
principal creeks worked last year.
Lizzie Irwin Mtoslng.
Winnipeg, July 21.��� Little two-year-
old Lizzie Irwin, daughter of Mr.
Geo. Irwin, a farmer of Stony Moan-
tain, wandered away Irom her home ou
Wednesday at noon aud her parents
have beeu unable to find her since.
The little girl was playing with her
brother when she became annoyed at
him for not giving np one of bis playthings and declared she wonld run
away. Her brother who is not more
than four or five years old, seeing his
little sister put her threat into effect
and commence to run away from him
went at once to tell his mother. When
Mia. Irwin came out.to look for Lisale,
tbe little girl was nowhere lo be seeu.
Thinking the child could not be far
away tbe mother was at first only
slightly anxious, bnt nuable to find the
child she became alarmed. Au honr's
search of all on the furm could not find
the little one. Night came on and still
little Lizzie conld uot be found, though
searchers from Stonewall and Argyle
lent every assistance to the distructed
parents. Their efforts were of no avail
and morning came without the girl being fonud. '
Yesterday morning Mr. J. F. Gamp-
bell, proprietor of the Mansion house,
who is a brother-in-law to Mr. Irwin
was notified, and with the asisstance
of Alderman Spoil's, tried to secure a
bloodhound to trace tbe child, bnt was
unable to find a suitable animal. Mr.
Campbell took the Stonewall train to
nelp in the search, bat np to a late
hour last night the little girl hod not
been found. It is believed the child
fell asleep on tbe prairie and wakening
np after darkness had fallen aud could
not find her way home and wandered
away. Searching parties were ont in
every direction all day.
Fleming Scores the Highest Possible
at Fifty Yards for the St. tteorge
Challenge Vase.
Bisley, Jnly 30.���Gilohrist, the Can
adiau rifleman, won in the He in tbe
Premier competition, defeating Fleming, Wayne and Patterson, and taking
the first prize, a bicycle.
The Duke of Cambridge competition
at 900 yards commenced today. There
were several scoree of 46 out of a possible SO. The Canadian scores were as
follows: Bertram uud Rennie 48; Wilson, 41; Lieut Robertson, 89; Bayles,
28; Ross, 25.
The shooting at 600 yards for the St.
George Challenge vase was completed
today. Abont seventy marksmen
made the highest possible scores, including Fleming, of Brandon, ofthe
Canadian team. Tne scores of other
Canadians were: Buckley and Graham,
84; Bertram aud Simpson, 89.
In shooting off the tie in the Premier
competition, Fleming, of the Canadian
team, secured second prize, ��10.
Iu shooting for the Duke of Cambridge competition, Buckley, tbe Canadian, scored 44 out of a  possible  50.
Bisley, July 19.���in the rifle shooting match for Her Majesty the Queen's
prize today at 500 yards, the marksmanship being quite commonplace, the
Cauadfuus scores were: Bertram 84,
Huggius, B. A. Robertson and Back-
ley, 88; Cartwright, Gilchrist, Wet-
more and Simpson, 83; Sbarpe, Ogg,
Fleming, Heller, Crowe and A. Robertson, 81, Blair and Rennie, 80; Wilson,
39, Graham and Ross, 37; Weatherbee,
30. In the premier competition Gilchrist and Fleming, Canadians tied
with Muyne and Pattisou. The tie
will be sbot off.
Oddfellows' Relief.
Kingston, July 21.��� Tbe annual
meeting of the Oddfellows' Relief association decided to give enlarged powers
to the local boarfl of directors iu Manitoba, uud institute a similar board in
tbe maritime provinces. No action
on Dominion incorporation will be
taken until the special act concerning
fraternal societies is disposed of by the
government. Notice of motion was
presented giving power to issuo insurance for $2,500 and $8,000 at proportionate rates. Tho hazardous rating
affirmed during the year was declared
not to be retroactive, aud applying to
members then in occupations alleged
tu bo hazardous. The retiring resident
directors, Dr. F. Fowler, J, B. Mclvor
and S. Oberudorer, were re-elected.
The non-resident directors elected were:
Ontario, Wm. Donaghne, J. F. Horn*
brooke, H. While; Quebec, D. J. Dick*
son, J. A. Robb, Andrew Philips;
maritime provinces, J. H. Sutherland,
C. Bullen, R. Bremuor; Manitoba. B,
H. Shanks, W. J. Roche, M. P., J. W.
Was Convicted nf *IIiinlei-liiff Her Slater
for Life Inaurauee Money.
Loutlou, Jnly 20.���Despite strenuous
efforts to secure a reprieve, including
au appeal to the Queen, Mary Ami Au*
sell, convicted of murdering her sister,
an lumato of nu iusime asylam by sending her poisoned cake, was banged today at St. Alton's.
The erlme for which Mrs. Ausell was
executed was committed for the purpose of securing the payment of life in*
sar-iuce money, the murderess having
obtained a policy upon the life of her
sister, giviug a false des riptlon.
Terrific llains In Manila.
Manila, July 20.���Thero have beeu
terrific rains here during tie last two
days. In cousequeuce it lias been necessary to secure boats as a means of
moving about tbe streets of Manila and
tbe whole country is flooded. The
total precipitation of ruin thns far In
July has been 86 inches, and in the
last thirty-oue hours J 3 inches ot rain
has fallen. The insurgents concealed
on tbe bank of the Rio Grande today
fired on the gunboat Lagunu ne Bay,
killing one soldier nnd wounding two.
The gunboat trained a Oatling gun
upon the shore and qnickly dispersed
the insurgents.
A Family of Ten Drowned.
Teknmnh, Neb., Jnly 20.���Word was
received here toduy ot tbe drowning,
owing to a cloud burst In northwestern
Iowa, near the Minnesota line, Monday
night, ol A. W. Blades, hU wife and
eight children, while en route to Minnesota In an emigrant wagon.
Condensed News by Wire.
Toronto, July SO.��� William Glow,
ot Turtle Hall restaurant, assigned
with liabilities of $18,000, and assets
of 19,000.
Duudus, Out., July 20.���-Lawrence
Hayden, aged 65, an employee of John
Bertram & Hoot, died suddenly this
morning of heart failure.
Washington, Jnly 20.���United Oon*
snl Jenkins at Ban Salvador has reported ta tho state department by calle
that San Salvador is in a state of siege
as the result of revolutionary plotting.
Toronto.July 20.���Last evening Geo.
Ironside, of La Grange avenue, while
wheeling up Spadiua avenue, collided
with a car and received a bad scalp
wonnd, six or seven stitches being in
sorted, aud some slight injuries.
Saratoga, N.Y., July 90.���A fire
wbiob originated in the bicycle store ol
Ohas. Leggett, caused by the explosion
of naphtha, seriously burned several
employees and wrought damage to the
surrounding property to the extent of
London, July 20.���The Dnke of Westminster has presented the winnings of
his colt lFying Foi, In the Eclipse
���take rnu o Sundown Park on Friday
laat,amonnting to ��10,000 to tbe Royal
Alexandria bospilal at Rhyl, Wales, of
which he Is president.
Napanee, July 20.���John Roaoh, arrested in conuoolion with the Dominion
Bank robbery, was brought before Pol
ice Magistrate Daly this forenoon and
on the information laid before the magistrate he was committed to stand bit
trial at the fall assies.
" A living mind in a dead body " is the way paralysis is described. Next to death
itself paralysis is most to be dreaded. And yet many people who have nervous disorders,
which are leading directly to paralysis, lose sight of the terrible ending awaiting them.
Overwork, worry, irregular habits, or excessive alcoholic or sexual indulgence, are
among the causes of this disease. The first symptoms are nervousness, sleeplessness,
irritability, loss of appetite, memory, and business capacity, lack of confidence, gloomy
forebodings and despondency, headache and general weakness of the body. When these
symptoms appear you can be sure that the nerves are exhausted, and unless quickly
restored will ultimately become paralyzed.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
Tlnirwliiy. July SO.
Many Atlin miners ure leaving Im*
UIkh Amell wae liangcd at -St. Allian'e,
iiSi.ii] City d�� tent i'il Xewdule at
lacrutie, /
Earthquake* have done much damage
hear Rome,
San Salvador fa In a state ot Beige liy
Twelve prions died on a trad across
Alaskan mountains.
Terrific ratnB have flooded Manila and
the country adjacent.
The Shamrock I adly defeated the Url>
tannin lu   the 4ecoiul trial  race,
A Canadian cricket oltlll has ��tuned
a   series of   matches lu   CMungo.-
W, ltutledge's resilience ou t.ie I'lirt
age Plains was <lefitro.ved  liy fire.
Tin- Puritan and lEIohard l'ec'( Menm.
ern collided on the Atlantic coast,
Welcome Island lake, near Vort Wil
Ham. Is heing stocked with salmon fry,
A verdict ol sulcldt* wuh rendered on
Mies  Smltli'M  death ut  Stony Mountain,
Miss Sills, Belleville, and her nurse,
were drowned In   Moon river, Mtmkoka,
An attempt was nintle to blow up an
elevated railway structure In New York,
Ily uu explosion of naphtha In a Sara
tnft-ti bicycle vtore, juiio-iu);! tfaiuag-j wai
Col. Holmes, I). O. C, hns uslteil Lon.
don, Out,, for f2,Ouo lor rioting ex.
The motor men of the surface Una
electric- railways iu New York havo ipma
on Mtrlke,
Flunk Tliorj.e, of Itat Portage, nnd
Jos, llouiilcun, uf Hie h tea liter Keenora.
were drowned,
W. Clrahant, ex.��ecretary of the Chicago school hoard, 1b a ��olf���contented defaulter for S'U.oOO.
Governor Mdnnes bus made a state,
ment In Atlin which may compel Pre.
inter Semlin to resign.
(iiblirist, a Canadian, carried oft the
Premier prize at Illsley, Fleming, ot
llrandon,  won  second place  aud -C10,
Tlio llruoklyt, Rioter. Attempt to  lllow
lip th. Klev.ted Railway.
New fori, July 20.���-An attempt
was made to blow up the elevated railroad struotnre at Fifth avenne and
Tirty-fifth street in Brooklyn early this
morning. The police say that it was
the work of strikers or their sympatb
Tbe situation of the Brooklyn strike
today bas not changed from yesterday
sufficient to warrant either side in
claiming gains over the other although
both are boasting of victories.
A strike began this morning ou the
Second avenne Railway oompany. Up
to 8 a.m. about half the men on this
line were out.
Cleveland, Ohio, July 10.���There is
little change in the street car strike situation here. Oars are rnnning at irre-
guliir Intervals ou  nearly all the lines.
Restores and revitalizes the nerve cells and positively prevents paralysis and nervous prostration. Through the nervous system it tones and invigorates the whole body and fills it
with new life and vitality.
For female weakness and the pains and irregularities peculiar to women Dr, Chase's
Nerve Food is of untold value.    It is the world's greatest restorative.
Fifty cents a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronttl.
Two Boys Drowned.
Rat Portage, July SO. ��� Frank
Thorpe, aged 14 years, the only son of
Robert Thorpe, a millwright in the
Rat Portage Lumber company's mill,
was drowned iu tbe creek, a short distance above the mill, about 8.80 this
afternoon. He and a boy named Reggie Wescott. were playing iu a canoe
wbioh was accidentally upset; Wescott
got ont all right. The body was recovered this evening where the boy went
Joseph Bourdean, porter on the
steamer Keenora, was drowoooV at s.ao
last evening nt -came -Forks, on the
Rainy River, while the steamer was on
her trip up to Fort Frances. The boat
had just left the wharf and in some
unaooonntable manner Bourdean lost
bis balance and fell into the river. He
was seen to strike out for the shore aud
tbe steamer pnt abont to pick him np.
He had nearly reached the wharf when
he sank to his death The boat waited
tbree hours at Little Forks while the
officers and crew were searching for
the body, bnt it oould uot be found.
Bourdean was sixteen years old and bis
parents live in Fort Frances. Oapt.
Thompson, of the Keenora, displayed
great heroism, diving three -times for
the lad, bnt conld not nntl him He
left a number of his crew on the spot to
search for the body.
Report Denied.
Vancouver, B.O , July 20.���There is
absolutely no truth in the report that
eleven prospectors were drowned recent
ly at Windy Arm.
Mn. Olunnie, Hiss Stayton, of San*
diego, Oal, and Iir. and Mrs. Mills of
Chicago, were yesterday reported as
having been lost with the party. They
are allv�� and well. Inspector Woods,
of tbe Northwest Mounted Police, re*
ports that they passed Tagish hpuse
safely at tbe end ot last month, en
route to Dawson from Atlin-. Harry
Howard Is still In the land of the living. 	
Semlin May Resign.
Viotoria, Jnly SO.���In bis speech at
Atlin, Governor Mclnnes said bis visit
to Atlin was for the purpose of suggest,
ing changes In tbo mining laws and
thus to provide against the reooour*
rence of tangles snch as those in other
distriots. The Colonist says Premier
Semlin has, lu view o( the speech, no
alternative but resignation.
Two Ladles Drowned.
Belleville, Ont, Jnly SO.���The two
ladies who were drowned in Moon river,
Mnskoka, yesterdsy, -were Miss Elisabeth Sills, aged IB, an invalid daughter
of B. O. Sills, exM.P., of Belleville,
and ber nnrse, Miss Phillips, of New
"I have called, Mr. Bllllwlnk, to tell
yon I love your daughter, Miss Fanny,
and I want to marry ber."
"Well, It will not take me long to answer yon, Mr. Harkalong. loo can't
bare her."
"Your refusal pains me deeply. By
tht way, Mr. Bllllwlnk, are you carrying all the life insurance you want !"-
Chicago Tribune.
f au-eease at tanevr.
Blngs���Jnst between friends, old
man, do you like for your wife to belong to to many clout?
Jlngs���Yes. Bht It In to many rows
with tbt otber members that tbt hat
no time to pay any attention to me,���
Indianapollt Journal.
Amounts Voted on for tk* St. Audrewi
Btpldt and Improvements in
the City of Winnipeg.
lt��  PrlaoM. It, WlaalfX.
-Private wire mumUu win all ������*�����
SraU ktaoM aa* earrUd �� aaanta,
Otmaf-wdn-** ��oU.IU*.
WarlMt Wateaatt.
"I don't think," growled General
Weyler, "that my ability at a prophet
It recognised at It thonld be."
'What's tbe inattar, generall"
'Well, didn't I predict that Cuba
would eventually bt padded I"- Pittsburg Chronicle,   .
Ottawa, Jnly 10.���The supplementary estimates for Ibe year 1809-1000
were brought down this afternoon.
The; total $5,492,34-1. Of this |3,898,<
560 is charged to capital aud 11,808,*
550 to income. For tbe government of
Yukon, provisional dialriot, the follow*
ing are made: Salaries and expenses,
170,000; contingencies, $86,000; for
relief model of laud, Portland channel
to Mount St. "Elian, 11,200; additioual
judge in Ynkou, 14.000; stationery
aud freight, $000; to make tho salary
of the elerk of the terrilorial court of
Yukon territory $2,000 per year, $1,-
600; living expenses of two judges in
Yukon territory, $4,000; miscellaneous
expenses, $4,000; required tor main*
tennnoe of prisoners, $16,000; pay of
militia officers aud men, $60,000; food,
olotblug nud uecessaries aud transportation, $75,000; trails, roads and
bridges, $176,080; telegraph lines in
British Columbia and Yukon district
from Bennett to Dawson, and a branoh
to Atlin Oily, $147,600, Qnesnelle to
Atlin, British Columbia, via Stikine
river and Teslin lake, about 900 miles
of telegraph lines, $225,000; pnblio
buildings, Ynkou distriot, $152,500;
total, $700,000.
Paris exposition, $175,000.
Tbe following are under transportation facilities: Port Col borne, harbor
improvements, $150,000; Montreal
harbor $500,000; Montreal harbor,
grain elevator and storage, $260,000;
River Ht. Lawrence, ship canal, $78,-
000; enlarging Levis dredging dock,
$117,000; total $1,095,000.
Pnblio bnildings, Manitoba: Winnipeg publio building, brick vault In
land revenue oflice, $000; Winnipeg
Dominions land and crown timber
offices, $800; Winnipeg, postoflice, renewals and improvements, $8,000;
Winnipeg public bnilding, asphalt pav-
ment $2,000. Winnipeg custom honse
repairs and improvements, vote, $4,800.
Winnipeg, immigrant bnildings, hospital, $7,000; total $15,200.
Northwest Territories���Region government house, sidewalkB, $500. Re-
ginn, lieutenant governor's residence,
improvements and drainage, $S,500,
Edmonton North, immigrant building,
$3,000. St. Mary's, customs office,
$300; Southern Alberta district, Immigrant building, $1,500. Moose Jaw,
court house, enlargement, $600. Medicine Hat, court house, $4,000. Immigrant bnilding nt a point on the Canadian Northern railway in the Swan
river distriot, $2,500, Prince Albert,
oonrt boose, artesian well, $1,100.
Total, $10,000.
Lake M-mitoba, opening of additional outlets to prevent overflow ot
the lake, and maintenance of some at a
proper level for navigation purposes,
to-ooo. Dominion Lands surreys,
$50,000, charged to oapital. There ts
$7,500 charged to Income.
The nityment to trustees ol the colony of St. Paul des Metis, to enable
them to anpply seed grain and farm
implements to settlers In distress within colony, $2,000.
Charles Breinner for his old claim
for fan gets (5,861.
Expenses of the relief party furnish'
ing provisions to distressed people on
tbe Liard aniTDease riven, $35,000.
There it for Indian boarding schools,
$4,860. $1,000 for industrial schools;
treaty making commissionen in Peace
river district, $10,500; $10,480 to purchase provisions for Indians during negotiations, aud $1,500 for Elkhorn industrial school.
M. P. B. at Portage.
Portage la Prairie, July 19.��� A
party of railway oivil englneen, consisting of Messn. G. A. Simpson, ot
the N. P. R.; G. H. Webster, of the
M. and N.W. ; Mr. Woodman, ot tbe
C.P.R., and Mr. Rldeout, of tbe publio
works department, Ottawa, was. in
town yesterdsy looking over tbe proposed right of way for the N.P. extension. The visit was in connection with
the crossing of tbe O. P. R. and M. k
N.W. tracks by the new road.
At tbe town conncil meeting lott
night Mr. Wilson, on behalf of the
Northern Paciflo Rnilway xnnpany,
desired to have the-oouucil grant rnnning powers over Paciflo avenue, Instead ot right of way, at tbit would
enable thn company to commence construction work, in spite of Ihe opposition of the C.P.R. Tbe connoil compiled witb tbe request. As soon at tbe
necessary legislation is passed by the
bonse In Winnipeg the work Of traok
laying will cominenco and already preparations are being made by contractors to begin operntious. One grading
outfit is camped iu the eastern part of
tbe town, and a large number of horses
have arrived to lie ulillzed In the work.
Team, frotn oiik-inin, st, Paul and
Omnlia will ti. present at th. -|Vliinl)ios
erleket tournament next weak,
(Ireat Britain Intend, to promote
r.lflH.r trade li.twc.i Canada anil Wo.t
Imlle. liy .if. slilliliiK .leam.lilp Has,
, Cecil Rhodes a' Cap* Town.
OapeTown, Jnly 10. ���Mr. Cecil
Rhodes, former premier of Cape Colony, arrived hero today. He was welcomed by a reception committee, com*
posed of influential citizens and enthusiastically obeered as he traversed the
streets. Many buildings in Cape Town
were decorated wilh banting and la
front of tbe town ball a trig arch had
been erected bearing the words "Welcome, great pioneer, Oapt Town,
Fort William, July 10.���Ton cau of
steel bead salmon fry were placed in
the lake near Welcome Islands. These
fish, ten thousand in number, were
brought on 8. S. Dixon thit morning,
having boen hatched in Dulnth. Th*
tpawn originally came from British
Colombia waters. Thia experiment
waa triad tome two or threo-ftan ago,
and proved to successful that tkt tt-
tempt but boon made a wcond tim*.
Wheat-No. 1 hard, Fart William,
Floor���Ogilviet���Hungarian patent,
$1.95; Glenora, 1.75; Manitoba Strang
baker., $1.45. Lake of tba Woods-
Patent, $1.96; strong baken, $1.76;
seoond baken, $1.46; XXXZ, $1.10
per took of 98 lbs. Discount of 5c per
sack to oaah buyers.
Millfeed���Bran, $10, and anorta WS
per ton in bulk: large lots, $1 per too
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, $28
per ton; mixed barley and oata, $88,50
to $84.50; best grades ot oorn feed $19,
inferior qnalities $17.60 per ton. Oll-
oake, $84 per tou.
Oata���Best grades no longer obtainable.    Mixed, 40e to 41c.
Oatmeal���Oar lotscf rolled abont
$1.85 for 80 lb. tacks. Granulated
and standard, $8.85.
Com���Oar lott on traok here, 41 J^o.
Barley���Abont 40o per bushel of 48
Wheat���Oountry pricet���67 to 08o
for best grades.
Hoy���Baled, $6.75 to $7.50 on traok
here   Loose hay on the street, $8.
Butter���dreamery, 14 to 16o; dairy,
10 to lie.
Cheese���Large, 8o; small, Ta
Eggs���Ouudled, 17o.
Vegetables���Potatoes, choice, 40 to
SOo per bushel; new potatoes, $1.25;
turnips, SOo per bushel; parsnips, 8c
per lb; beet,, oOo per bushel; anions,
8o per lb.; green onions, 15o per dot.
bunch, s; rhubarb, la per lb ; radish,
10c, parsley aud lettuce 12}��o per down
bunches; asparagns, 86o per doxen;
spinach, 2c per pound; cauliflower, 40
to 45o per dozen, acoording to Bine; new
peat, $1.85 per bushel; tomatoes, 8 to
lOo per ponnd.
Seneca Root���SOo per ponnd.
Hides���No. 1, 6jo; Na 8, b%o; Na
8, 4 1 8. Kip, 0 to 6��o; calf, 8e; den-
kin skins, 85 to 88o each; sheepskins
and lambskins, 40 to 05o; bone bidet,
OOo to 76o each.
Poultry���Chickens, live, OOo to 05o
per pair; turkeys, Uo per lb., live, or
16o per lb, dressed.
Dressed Meats���Beef, o% to 7)i*o;
mutton, 10 to 10^o; veal, 7 to 8>^o;
pork, 6 to ejffo: spring lamb, $8.60 to
$4 60, as to site and quality.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Tallow���Na 1, 8}-,o;No. 9, *#.
OatUe���Choioe fat tattle, 4 % per lb.;
common, 4c; stocken, yearlings, $18
to $16;  two year olds, $18 to $28.
Hogs���For selected weights, $1 B0
per 100 pounds.
Oowt���From $80 to $45 it tba prlca
for good dairy cows. ���
Hoi-set-Good work, $100 to $176:
iheevy draft, $185 up.
��� t *���
B. C. Lumber Trust.
Vancouver. B.O,*. July SI.���Sawmill
men of East and Wst Kootenay. Yale,
and Boundary Creek, ore forming a
trust. Arrangements are now being
made to pool all tbe interests of lumber
and mill men in the interior ot British
Colombia. A big joint stook company
will be formed to control the price of
lumber in the rich mining districts of
the province. The various Mills are
now being valued. It may bo six
months before everything is settled.
Hon. C. A. tieoffrlon Dead.
Vaudreil, Que., July 19.���Hon. O.
A. Geoffrion, minister without portfolio in the Dominion government, died
at bis residence at Dorion at 9.15 this
morning.   Death came very peacefully.
Tbe funeral ot the late Han. Geffrion
will take place in the city on Friday
morning next. The service will be
held in Notre Dame cburcb. The remains will be brought into the city
Thursday morning and will lie in state
in Mr. Geoffrion'�� late oily honse all
tbat day. Archbishop Bmchesl will
officiate at tbe funeral service, assisted
by ou imposng array of olergy. The
funeral cortege promises to he a large
NewYork, July 18,���It it estimated
that the theft of George M. Valentine,
tbe defaulting cashier of the Middlesex
conuty bank at Perth Ainboy, N. J.,
will amount to abont $140,000 or more.
Valentine hat made a confession in
which he lays every oent of the money
waa lost by him In stook speculation.
Boaton, Jnly 18.���Chief Justice Wai
bridge A, Field, of tbe Massachusetts
supreme oonrt, died at 10 o'olook yes
Alloway & ^Champion,
Male* ttMka bought, wid, aa* oarrrlt*
on margin*
Writ. u. If yo* wish to .xrlianv'a .nr kind of
nunn*. to bur aov.ram.iit or V. ��, W, Co.
mums, or to ,.nd n-ouoy anywlier..
Reported by Alloway * Champion,
Stock Broken, Winnipeg
Wmnli.j, July 111, law.
Btnkt, sour*   a*mt
Montreal , ��� SMI
OnMtrio __.,_     ,,,, lis
Holaon'a ,  KOI
HerehuiU'       ill Ida
Uummvrce        ]->**        lt**J4
War Eagle	
Coiiimcirlnl ctile	
Montreal Tel ��.;...
Kl.li.& Ont.K.v	
WM. �� "I"* ft.V.  II,-,
Olty I'aaj. B'y XD l.e
mihxH'jl'  Uu
Montreal Go,  *l,2U
nx.llt.ou.   U_
Toronto R'y,	
Dululh Prebi-r-d	
Ctai. Est. Vy, Montreal.
Qui. Poo. H'y. London...
Mossy,on ow	
869 ""
by Alloway * Ohamploo,
street, Winnipeg.
Relel-ftn.rka... ......'..MJS 1*4
(iojlrl.il Gulden ?���?. " ��� ��t*i
loll..-* Guild.!,    ,tt
fWMB.,.. 18 7-S
1-aadaiiRQutilo. ton*,
nnolsh Msrkluut..,..    'IS
feure:f..::::::::::.....::::.::.::. f
Th* Cleveland Strike Unexpected by
tk* Management and All timet
ire Consequeatlj Tied Vf.
New York, Jnly 18.���The strike situation in Brooklyn remains unchanged.
The striking employees are even mam
determined than tbey were yesterday
and tbe management of the Rapid
Transit lines is obdurate and unflinching. Oan were ran on most of tha
lines governed by tho Traction oompany, from early morning nntil '7
o'olook this evening, but after sundown there waa a considerable falling
off in tbe service and by 9 o'olook not
a oar wat moving on any of tbe lines
affected by the striking motarmen and
conductors. The roads comprising tha
Nassau system were more affeuted and
crippled. None of the striking employee) returned to work and most of
them were busy during the day In In*
flnenoing non*union men on the other
lines to quit work. In this respect the
striken were partially successful, bnt
they made no inroads on the running
of the Putnam avenne oan. Tbit Una
It praotioallv intact, not more than a
half dosen ot itt employees being affiliated witb the striken. Tbe Goner
Island Railway company, reaped a nob
harvest on all its lines during the day.
Tbe Franklin avenue, Smith, and Jay
street. Hamilton Ave., Do Kalb avenne
lines were running on full time and
carried a great number of passengen
thronghout the day and night. The
Coney Island Oo. lived np to its agreement with the employees and consequently ita business was not interferred
with in tbe slightest.
General Master Workman John M.
Parsons was in conference for several
honn tonight with the executive committee Ot the employees of tbe Metropolitan Strent Railway company of the
borongb of Manhattan. After tbe conference Mr, Parsons practically announced that a strike of the Metropolitan employees is now inevitable unless
President Vreelttnd recedes from tbe
position be bas taken.
Cleveland, July 18.���Tbe inauguration of a second strike by tbe employees
of the Consolidated railroads wis a
oomplete surprise to the public this
morning, and nearly so to tbe company.
Ever since the men returned to work
tbree weeks ago, nnder an agreement
prepared by a committee of tbe city
oonucil, and signed by representatives
of the striken, and of the oompany,
there had been frequent complaints ou
the part of the men that the oompany
wot not llvluB'up to tne agreement.
The presence on the oan of the nonunion men who were retained after the
settlement of the strike, was a bone ot
contention, and a crisis wot reached
yesterday, when, as Is claimed a nnmber of onion men were discharged for
refusing to go out on cart with nonunion men. A meeting followed last
night, and at 8 o'olook thit morning
the decision to strike wu retched.
All tbe lines were lied np from live
Until after eight o'clock, wben the operation ot the Euclid avenue line with
non-union men under police protection,
wot undertaken. Can wen run at Ave
minute Interval! on that lino until
evening, but no attempt-was made to
move con on other lines. Henry A.
Everett, president of the oompany, issued a statement thit evening, in
which he says the terms ot the agreement witb the striken hod been strictly adberred to, bnt that it wu impossible to inaugurate all th* reforms
promptly because of the continued interference with tbe non-union orews
and be holds the union men directly
responsible for this.
Condensed Newt by Win.
Toronto, Jnly 18.���An inquest will
be held tonight on Frtday't tmcide.
The general Impression Is that the body
Is tbat ot Welter, but tome claim tbat
the man it named Reider, who four
yean ago worked in Montreal. Oue
man who identified Ihe body positively
as tbat of Reider said be spoke to bim
ou Friday and found him dissatisfied.
Toronto. July 18.���Harvey Taylor,
aged nine, of Darling Place, wu struck
oa the head by an engine at Papa avenne, a crossing ot the Grand "rtquk tn
tha out end, on Saturday while sitting
on the rails. He wu badly hurt on tbe
head and sboulden but may recover,
St Oatbarlues, July 18.���G. Van.
tickle, a brakeman, wu jammed between two con yesterday at Wetland
Junction and had his head badly hurt.
"Yokohama, Jnly 18.���A triple murder of ah American named Ward aud
two Japanese women, the supposed
pause being jealousy, brings on Amerioan tailor named Miller nnder tbe Japanese law as tbe suipeolcd murderer.
Thit It the lint cote wider the treaty
which came into foroe today,
Halifax, July 18.���Tho Portia wreck
inquiry opened today. Captain Parrel)
gave evidence, saying tbe current must
bare caused it.
Furls, Jnly IB.���M. MalcttePrevott
entertained the members ot tbe Vent-
tuelau ubilralion tribunal at dinnor
thit evening.	
Seattle, July 18.,,���Tba sohoontr
General Slglln, from Oook't Inlet,
Alaska brings newt of the drowning
ol teven Ameriotnt at Tnrntgtin Ara
���urly in Jnne. They were orottlng tb*
arm in a small boat; wbioh wu overturned by a big tidal wave.
Sterling,'Ont., July 18. ���Henry
Gaueu, a supposed tnrviving membtr
ot the McOlure Arotlo expedition,
whioh ditoovered tbe northwest passage
and th* lint definite trace ot Franklin,
died at hit home in West Huntingdon,
ot thit coonly, aged 70
Russell, July 18,���John Stevenson,
a prominent farmtr, wot accidentally
drowned in a well tbit morning. Whil*
taking ap a cau of milk he slipped and.
fell In head flnt,	
Montreal, Jnly 18.���George Frederio
WU, tot the arrest of whom on bit
own coufMsi-ui ot having stolen tb*
fausMOsnuMlatttr, a*w*nwl WM
ItsMdan Saturday, trettnttd kuntelf
toCbW Detective Ourpentor thit
morning. He was taken before Judge
Desneywt and balled ant, bearing being flnd for next Monday. ^
QoiiX>E3ST EiH,A.
i   Frlcbtene the Bacfcelor.
Be?uuse of tbe extmvaguiiM.*- Id the
kttctcu the expense of housekeeping ti
colctinted to stagger the yonng mnn who
contemplates matrimony. Huviny lived
iu lotfeiugs or boarding bouses during his
bachelorhood, he naturally looks forward
to a home when be marries. In reckoning up tbe expense! of housekeeping, he
findi bis salary insufficient to cover
them; therefore marriage is out of the
question for awhile. As he grows older
the habits ot bachelorhood become fixed,
aad the inclination to marry grows weaker. If be could be convinced that economy In the kitchen in becoming a part of
every girl's education, tbere would be a
radical chauge in his ideas and more
homes Instead of mere abiding places.
When the wife brings *a dowry, even a
small one, the husband's burden Is light*
ened, but to supply all the needs of a
house and' family taxes a small salary
to Its utmost Still there is this to be
snid: Tbe woman whom such a man
would choose would be one who knew
the value of money, because she was
used to earning It, and mnuy unnecessary expenses would be avoided. Careful planning and supervision will accomplish wonders with a small income, will
utilize the odds and ends In the larder,
Intend of allowing them to go to waste.
It ti not.a smnll thing to make home attractive and the table wholesome and
1 inviting, although I have seen women
who (bought such things beneath their
dignity.���Betty Bradeen lu Boston Trov-
Minard's Unlment Cure* Burns, etc.
Geo* Stories of e* Dl.fcop.
Many anecdote* were told of Bishop
Williams of Connecticut, after bit
death, for the good bishop was as veil
known for his love of fan aa for his
earnest piety.
At a meeting of tbe bishops a meas-
nre waa proposed and explained by iti
orginator, bat with snch Incoherence
that nobody understood lt. A second
speaker essayed to make the matter
clear, bnt only darkened It. When hc
bad finished-Bishop Benjamin Smith of
Kentucky tried to explain the question
and also the explanations. Feeling tbat
be bad failed, he said:
"Bishop Williams smiles. What hat
be to say abont tt?" ,
"Only this," aald the old bishop,
"that '(he mess of Benjamin was fonnd
to be greater than the mesa of any of
bis brethren' "
"Tbe humor of Dr. Williams," says
a friend, "was always present and
ready like the flash of sunlight It had
one peculiarity, it never scorched nor
left a sCar behind."
At an assemblage of noted men, a
lawyer wbo conducts the legal business
of a great railway system tried to "guy
the parson" by malicious quizzing. At
laet be said- "Why don't yon get these
railway managers to give yon a pass
over tbeir roads, bishop? Yon can pay
for it by giving them entrance tickets
Into beaven."
"Oh, nol" gently replied the bishop.
"1 wonld not part them ao far from
their counsel in the otber world."
The langb was general, nnd the law*
yer concluded to' 'let tbe parson alone."
���Youth's Companion.
f.      H-J.-..I     l'i.     .      III..������������
A -n-Mi-r-KHejiiuaBiJhLEnda--
Aa Bha Bsplalat. to H.r Dear Frl.a-a**,
Mr.. Fairfax. Ther* I. Really No
Trouble la D*F��..aaklmn If Yon Oo
Abont II Mark..
"Oh. Mrs. Fairfax!" exclaimed Mrs.
Tenspot, during a call of the former
upon, the latter. "Before you go I wish
you to come np stairs and look at my
new gown, that I made myself."
"I shall be delighted, I'm sore," replied the caller* "And so yon hav*
made a gown yourself, have yon!"
"Yes, and you've no idea the satis*
fsction'it is to plan a gown all yonrself
and work it ont It's a real joy."
"I should dearly love to see it, and as
I have finished my call 1'U look at it
now, tf you don't mind."
Mrs. Tenspot led tho way np stairs
and produced the new gown, holding it
before her In order to set off its bean-
It was admired by Mrs. Fairfax to
the maker's heart's content, and the
caller said-.
"The very idea of yonr making a
garment like that yonrself I But you are
so very smart. I'm sure I could never
do it in the world. Surely yon didn't
cut it out withont assistance t"
"Ob, nol Mrs. Twill, who always
has made my gowns heretofore, cut it
ont for me. I thought I would let her
do that, yon know, bnt It's a great satisfaction to have a gowu one has made
oneself, don't you think?"
"Indeed I da It looks as though it
wonld bang beautifully. How did yon
manage the fitting."
"It was so fortunatel Ton see, I had
Miss Snipps in the* honse making some
plain clothes for the baby, and she fitted
It for tne."
"1 suppose sbe sewed on the waist
too, then!" asked Mrs. Fairfax.
"Ob. yes, bnt that's a very small
part abont the making of a dress, don't
you think I".
"A mere incident. How graceful the
sleeves sre I I suppose you made those
"Well, no. Miss Snipps happened to
have a little lnll In her work about tbat
time and I let her make tbe sleeves
But don't yon really think it's a pretty
"Indeed Ida"
"I'm so glad to hear you say so, for
yonr taste is perfect, and then it Is sneb
a satisfaction to have a dress one has
made oneself. Don't you think so,
Mrs. Fairfax?'
"Indeed it roust be, Mrs. Tenspot I
wish I conld make my own gowns."
"Oh, it really isn't any tronble after
one sets one's mind on It I Why, must
you go? Come again soon, dear."
"Thank you, but 1 believe yon owe
me two calls now."
"Do It Well. I'll pay them soon.
Qoodby, dear."
"Goodby, dear*"
Cured of AitlnitR After Eight Yean uf
Almott Constant Suffering���8h�� Bays
the Absoluts Freedom From the
UlHwe Stem! Like a Dream���Clarke's
Kola Compound Cures.
lira. J, Wise, Ht Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C,
writes: "I have been a great sufferer from
bronchial asthraa for ths past tight years,
many times hiving to sit up nearly all night.
Through the advice of a friend who had been
cured by Clarke's Kola Compound, I resolved
as a last resort to try It. The first bottle did
not relieve me muoh, but before I had finished
the third bottle, the attacks ceased altogether,
nnd during Uie |iast nit months of damp and
cold weather have not had u tingle attack. It
scans something like a dream to be free from
this worst of all diseases after so many yearn of
suffering. I have, since uy recovery recommended this remedy to others suffering as I
was, and know many others in this city whom
It has cured, I oonsider It a marvelous remedy,
and would urge any person suffering from thi?
disease to try It."
Three Bottles are guaranteed to cure, A free
sample bottle of Clarke's Kola Compound will
bo sent to any person who has asthma, mentioning this paper. Address The Griffiths A Macpherson Co., m Church Street, Toronto, Ont.
sole Canadian Agents.
Clarke's Kola Compound should not lie confounded with the other Kola preparations on
altogether a different
,._.. , jspeolally for the cure
of asthma.  All druggists, Price W.00 per bottle,
the market, as this Is altogt	
prepiirution, designated^et-mecially for the cure
A genninp white t!cplittiit-or ?hnt
pnssps us mich���hns been pwenlfd t;
the Parisians by M. Donuur, tliu French
representative in Shim. Cberie. as the
pachyderm has already been nicknamed.
made her state entry into I'm ia a few
I . days ngo, being met at the Uare de
�����' Lyon hy a distinguished company.
Some tittle disappointment was felt
when It was observed, as the traveler
atepped onto the platform, that she was
scarcely so white ns she had been paint
ed. The prevailing tone of her complexion is iudeedttsort of patchy red, veiled
by u mass uf.grayish hair, the eyes and
the eyelids being pink. It will be remembered that Barnnin'a specimen,
"secured at immense cost." fell equally
abort of its reputation.
As u mutter of fact, the Albino elephant is never really white, bnt the deficiency of nature is sometimes made up
for by the aid of art. It la gratifying tc
learn tbat tbe guest of the Jardln del
Plantea baa charging manners, including a clever babit of kneeling and doing
obeisance to thp French public.��� London Chronicle.
ktlnirrt's Liniment Kelleres Neuralgia
What Ha Did Object To.
Tbe author of "Kings of the Hunting Field" says tbat at a certain English church many years ago, while the
clergyman waa reading prayers, a man
walked iri, shouted "I've got 'un!" and
Immediately withdrew. He had sounded
\ well known cell. Every farmer end
laborer who possessed a gon soon followed him and in an hour or twq
brought to the village Inn the fox tbej
Spirituality wai tn tboae days at t.
Very low ebb, and aome clergymen
cared mute (or sport than for the exam*
tile they let to their flocks. Biabopa
tried to discountenance bunting aen
Clerical tastime. but the law did not
enable tliem to remove tbe offender!
from tbtir livings. Pr. PbUIpotta,
I bishop of fBxeter, who called to account
several aporting clergymen In hia diocese, met1 one of them at a (rlend'i
bonse.    |
"I $m (old. vaj lord, tbat yon object
to uy bunting," wid the clergyman.
"Dear ne, wbo oould bare told yon
ao!" anivered tbe blibon. MWfaat I
object to is that yon ahould ever de
I* ��� Dilemma,
"If I to ter school terday, de teach*
er'M lick me fer not preparln my Iee*
ions, an f I itay home me mndder'll
lick me flr not gotn ter school. Now,
either I rat ter go or itay home. But if
I go an * teacher licks me an tnndder
Anda It oilt me mndder'll lick me fer
notdoln my. school work, an if I stay
home an no tondder licks me de teach*
er'U lick me termorrow fer beln a
truant! fleet Qaess I'll go ter ileepl"
���Nashvtie American.
UNtQUALLBD. - Mr. Thos. Brunt,
-X-yendtnsa, Ont, writes; "I have te
thank yu4for recommending Dr. Thomas'
KeleotflOjUll r���� *>l��edtng Pilar I was
tronbled with them for nearly fifteen
yean, am tried almost everything 1
oould be r or think of. Some of them
would gl e me temporary relief, but none
would elftot a cure. I have now beau free
from the ilMiessint oorneWnt tor nearly
eighteen mom-he. I hope you wilt eon-
tlnne lo fecomtaend lt.'T
Mlaard^ UnteMtt ht eale everywhere
Maklns It Pleasant For Him.
"I'm tbinkin what to do with James
wben be cornea home from college,'
said the old man. "He'll be purty high
toned then, won't he?"
"Beckon he will."
"Won't like to fool with common
"Like tbe ole Win' mule, fer instance?'
"Now you're talkln I"
"Welt, then, I'll tell you what I'll do
���I'll buy aome new plow lines an give
bim the white hose to plow 1"���Atlanta
Advlee Prom tha Clonds.
Economic Charity.
I had just seated myself at the table
in the tearoom of a down town dry
goods store tbe otber day when n well
dressed man came In with tbree little
children, two girls and a boy. Noticing cnrelessly that the children were
not dressed quite so well as the man
who had charge ot them, I wondered r,
little. I observed they took places neaf
the table where I was seated.
"Now be sure you all behave properly and eatenough," the man said, "and
don't talk."
Then be ordered all sorts of things
for them, and very hungry they seemed, too, eating a most elaborate luncheon, while the man tasted nothing.
Along about Ice cream time I beard
him say, "Sit qnlet a minute, and I will
comeback." Then he slipped ont in the
crowd near the railing and went down
tbe elevator. In a short time the head
waiter came np to tbe table and asked
anxiously of the happy trio:
"When.is yonr papa coming back?"
"Ob, he isn't onr papa," chorused
tbe joyoos three. "We don't know who
he is. Be just asked ns when we were
looking In the windows if we wanted a
good dinner, and we said yes, and he
���aid, 'Come along, then,' and brought
us up bere." Then the children went
down the elevator and the house charged
something to tbe off side of the au-
counts.���Chicago Times-Herald.
Lady (to servant whom she 1b abont
to engage)���And do you understand
bow to take care of a bicycle and keep
it clean?
Servant���No, ma'am, bnt I can give
yon the address of the place where I get
mine cleaned!���Un sere Gesellschaft
uloerkure Heals ths fori! Bart-Wire cuts
Cleaning Ihe Chliunejr.
An easy way to clean a chimney of
annt hns been discovered by a Maine
man Instead of going to the top of
the chimney and probing witb rods, be
begins at the bottom. There an opening is made, and he fires upward a revolver charged with a blank cartridge.
The cnncnanion, it is said, will clean
out the soot He alao claims that the
burning nf a piece of sine in a stove
will clear the stove and its fnnnel of
TESTED BY TIME -In his justly
celebrated Pills Dr. Parmeleo hu given
to the world oneof the most unique inedl-
olnes offered tu the ptibllo in In e years
Prepared tu meet the want for a pill
wbioh oould bu taken without nause-i.
nnd that would purge without pain, it
tins met all r.qulremunti in that direction, and It Is iu general n e not only bo
cauii* ot these two qua Ittit, but beuau-e
lt is known to pos o'aa alterative and curative powers whloh plaoe lt in the front
rank of medicines.
Cheering Him Up.
"It very seldom happens," said Mr
Storming ton Barnes, "that we are per
niltted to adopt the career for which we
are ambitions in youth. I always want
ed to be a comedian and make people
langb "
"Dear me," Bald the sympathetic
young girl. "Yon onght not to be eo
disappointed. I'm sure. You make peo
pie laugh very often as It is. "���Wash
ington Star.
Should take with them a supply
of Dr. Fowler's Ext. of
Wild Strawberry.
Those who Intend
going camping this
summer should take
with them Pr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
Getting wet, catching cold, drinking water that is not always
pure, or eat ing lood that
disagrees, may bring
on an attack of Colic,
Cramps and Diarrhoea.
Prompt treatment
with Dr. Fowler's
Strawberry in such
'cases relieves tbe pain,
[checks the diarrhoea
and prevents serious
[consequences. Don't
take chances of spoiling a whole summer's
outing through neglect of putting a bottle
of this great diarrhcea doctor in with your
supplies. But see that it's the genuine
Dr, Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry,
as most of tbe imitations are highly dangerous.
Whra Paw Was a Boy.
I wlslit 'at I'd of been here when
My paw he was a boy.
They must of been excitement then���
When my paw was a boy.
In school he always took the prise;
He unetl to lick boyi twice his also;
1 bet folks all had bulgln eyes���
When my paw was a boy.
They was a lot of wonders dona
When my paw was a boy.
How grandpa must of loved his son
When my paw was a boyi
He'd sit the coal and chop the wood
And think up every way he could
To always Jlst be sweet and good���
When my paw was a boy.
Then everything was In Its place,
When my pew was a boy.
How he could rassle, jump and race.
When my paw was a boy!
He never, never disobeyed;
lie bunt iii every game he plnyed���
Gee!   What a record they wus made���
When my paw was a bov!
F Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hurt my delicate SKIN.
���nn AuwTosxrflosa Coy. C
FIRST in 1851
FOREMOST in 1899 S
m****��tm *|J
for the Least Money.
W. S. U,   ?B0
i-'evere colds are easily wired by the
of Jtfloklo'e Antt-Cunsumpilie Syrup,
medioine of extraordinary penetrating
and healing properties. It is acknowledged by those who have used Itas being
tbe bvet medicine Bold for coughs, colds,
snd all affections of the throat and chest.
Its agrueabtene's to the taste makes It a
favorne with ladles and children.
Monk-Hello, Gil
going to rain'
Do van think H'a
fleeted Hln,
'I must send them all circulars." exclaimed tbe man who waa addressed by
bis acquaintances aa professor- "Those
men wbo have testified In ths invest!*
gutton onght to know about me."
'What business are yon in V
'1 have a'new system of memory
training- "���Washington Star
Infevnalloaal  Vltnperallen,
"My   French  teacher gave me a
frightful scolding last night, and 1 gut
wrulby too."
"Have yon stopped yonr lessens V
"No;   neither of  ns understood  a
word tbe otber said. "���Chicago Record
Tbnfa Old Now,
"1 -wish 1 conld do something lo
make 'myself talked abont "
"Why hot send a messenger boy
somewhere V"���Chicago Post.
Slav* Up,-
"Yonr Chicago climate Is unique/
"Isn't It, thonght Nine months January aod throe months Jnly."���Chicago
Her Oreat Need.
"Tell him to wait."
Mrs. Golddecker waved aside the
mold, and, rising anxiously, looked out
on npper Fifth avenue from the win*
dow of ber jnst completed nineteenth
century palace. Sbe was wondering
whether his man, for whom she hud
sent, possessed at last the one secret
tbat conld make her happy. She punned
for a moment, nerving herself inwardly
to encounter disappointment In case it
should come, and then, in fnll control
of herself, she prepared to descend.
Leaving her boudoir, with its ft 00, OUO
bedstead, she passed the diamond and
sapphire inlaid bathroom, with Its gold
faucets glittering in tbe electric light,
tor, was whirled rapidly downward to
the first floor. Stepping lightly over tbe
$1,000,000 rug in the reception hall
and brushing abstractedly against tbe
$3,000,000 tapestries in the drawing
room, she passed through a long passage
into the waiting room In the rear of the
honse, where a tall, dignified foreigner
stood up and bowed respectfully as she
"Can yon make good bread t" she
A Problem.
"1-hardly know," said tho oorn fed
philosopher, "whether It be better for a
man to remain single and disappoint
several women for a tlm* or marry and
disappoint ono woman for life. "���Indian*
spoils Journal.
Macaroni Is taken from a Greek derivation which means "the blessed dead," tn
allusion to the ancient custom of eating It
at feasts for tbo dead.
To bo honest, as this world goes, Is to
��� <u* Man plotted out of ten tbouaand.-
Dl* Up the Dnst.
A Mississippi editor makes this np-
peal to delinquent subscribers: "Fish
down into your pocket and dig np dnst.
The editcr 1b hungry and tbe paper 'bout
to bust. We've trusted yon for several
months and done it with a smile, so jnst
return the compliment and trust us for
���while. Our wife she needs some stock-
IngH, and baby needs a dress, Jimmy
needs some breeches, and so do Kate
and Bess. Pod 1b on the hog train and
Peggy sick with grief, and, good gesb
almighty, can't you give a man relief f
���Shell ont those nickels and turn loose
the dimes, turn 'em loose and whistle,
and we'll have better times. Tbere will
be fewer patches on the bosom of our
pants, and we'll make the paper better
if we have half a chance. Don't give us
that old story, long gone to seed, 'boot
taking more family papers than the
family want to read, but help to feed
the printer, and he'll help our town to
grow, ond thus escape the sulphur in
the regions down below."
���Pho Irish heegemma.
It sounds profane to ask whether
onr ancient tongne la worth preserving.
Yea, tt is, even aa u spoken langnage,
and so well worth preserving thut if
the effort be not made, and, with God's
blessing, made successfully, we should
be held accountable for casting frcin ns
what ts, lu the natural order, apnrt
from the national spirit, the noblest in*
beritnnce of onr race.
It la the misfortune of many good
Irishmen to know nothing of the Irish
language, however anxious abont It,
and, through an untoward history, it
Is tbe way witb many others to care
bnt little for Its fate, because the in*
vader has branded It as an Inferior
tongne. But it never happened that
any one competent to form an opinion
wbo knew Irish did not .esteem it as a
noble vehicle of human thought and
The Sermon Nol Lonir.
"Was my senium long this morn
ing V" linked a preacher who had been
taken to task for running over time.
nnd who bad carefully kept within a
half hour
"No. dear doctor," wns tbe reply ol
tbe parishioner. "It wasn't long; il
only seemed so"     *.    .
Not of Hie Ancient Order.
The art of tompoutidlng liniments and
lotions Is recorded among the and- uts of
many ages baok, bur. (iriflttlis' Menthol
Liniment Is a decided improvement on
ail previous lluimeuts brought before the ,
imiiijc It combines the will known pain
relieving properfl-wrrtf Mt-ntii*i ���-"�� *>~i
bust counter Irritants known to medical
so oiica   Hold by all druggists, S5 cent".
Men Who Lire la Neils.
In tbe bushmen of Australia we find,
perhaps, tbe lowest order of men that
are known. They are so primitive that
they do not know enough to bnild even
the simplest forms of huts for shelter.
The nearest they could approach to It
is to gather a lot of twigs and grass,
and, taking them into a thicket or jnn-
"*le, tbey bnild a nest for a home, much
as does a bird. The nest is usually built
large enough for the family, and if the
loiter be very numerous then the nests
are of a very large size.
Into this place they all tnrn and
ennggle and curl np together like so
uini*y kittens. Sometimes the foliage
will grow together and for a sort of
natural covering, bnt there 1bnever any
attempt at constructing a protection
from the rain and storms, and it is a
niiitvel how they endure them.
' Hut, (hough tho bushmen of Australia
are the very lowest In the scale of ig-
nurnnce, they possess a rare instinct,
that equals that of many animals and
is in its way as wonderful as man's reason It is almost Impossible for them
tn be lost. Even if tbey be led away
from their home, blindfolded, for miles,
wben released tbey will unerringly turn
in tho right direction and make tbeir
way to their neat borne, and, though
these are all very sluiilur, tbey never
make a mistake.���St- Louis Globe*
The Deposed Leader.
Ob, Prince of Waleal   Oh, Prince or Widest
How mournful is your lot)
Bow awift the star of faidiion palest
Bow (.(ion aro we forgot I
No more tlio tailor bonds tho knee;
No more with hearts u-lhrob
The throng crowda round his clothes to set
fiince Albert lost his Job
Who ts the Warwick thut bas dared '
To cast our idol down?
More willingly would we have spared
The splendors of a crown.
When shall one wear his speckled vestf
In doubt wo vninly Bob
And drift to yearning and unrest
Binuo Albert lost bis Job.
���Washington Star.
I was cured of a severe oold by MIN*
Oxford, N.S. R. F. Hewsou,
I was cured of a terrible  sprain by
MINARD'S WVIMBMT.            -
Fred Cousou,
Yarmouth, N.S. T.A.A.O.
I was oured of Baok  Erysipeli
Ingesvilo. J. W. Rnggles.
Steamers Keenora,
Edna Brydges, City el
Tba steamer Keenora will leave Rat PorUfft
every* Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at I
p. tn. for Fort Frances, Mine Oentre, aod all
Bints on Rainy River and Rainy Lake,    for
[es, etc., apply to any Canadian Pacific By
��EO. A. GRAHAM, Manager,
Rat Portage, Oat.
One trial of Mother Graves' Wurm Exterminator will convince you thut it has
no euual as a worm medicine. Buy a
bottle und see If it does not please you.
A Ufe Worse Than Death.
It ia said tbat Dr. Tuftier of tbe Hospital de la Petie, Paris, succeeded in
bringing a man to lifo temporarily. The
man operated upon was Jean tiouliu,
who had been pronounced dead. Dr.
Tu filer, it is alleged, in the presence of
a large number of students, took tho
body, and. after the application of several recognized methods of proving the
total extinction of life, exposed thu
man's heart, and, holding the organ in
his hand, pressed first one side witb thu
finger nnd then on tbe other sido witb
the thumb, and, keeping it up continuously, caused an artificial action, and
after a time tbere were unmistakable
*Byidenc*sa-otJifc��.. tai-���J-i*^-*-*u�� ,���,lo
answered one or two questions put to
him. It was impossible to maintain thin
artificial action very long, and the man
sank back to hia second death-
It's no Trick
To   make Biscuits, Ruffles  *t*\, nit* and
light uud wholesome when you use
It I. ao.urpa.a.d
Hani und .oft com*! cannot withstand
Holloway's Corn Com; it i, effectual
every time (jot �� linitle at oiiob nml bu
A  Mllle Ml.tr.
"The bo; la taking quite nn Interest
lo music." remurked the "fining mnn*.
mother "Be lum joined a uniniciil society In his college."
"What does he dot'
"I cunt quite uiukeont exactly Py
wine re-iorts I should jndge that he ia
singing second tenor nud by otbera thut
be Is playing third base. "���Washington Star    *_
Another Sort,
"Were there uo extenuating circumstances connected with the easel"
"No: nothing but attennuted circumstance-,."
"Whnt do yon meiin by thulT'
"Tbe defendant's circumstances were
so reduced thut .be conld not afford to
engage a competent attorney."���Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph.
Cure of Canoer.
Some twelve years
ago Mrs, Elizabeth
Gilhula, wife of tbo
postmaster of Buxton, Ont., was taken
Ul with an obscure
stomach troublo
which her physicians pronounced
cancer of tbe stomach and informed
tier that her tease of
liie would ba short
MM.OILHUU. On the advice ol
friends she commenced taking Burdock
Blood Bitters. Tho results that followed
���were littlo short of marvellous. Hor
strength ond vigor returned and In a abort
time she was completely cured, lira.
Gilhula la to-day lo tho full enjoyment of
good health, and In all thesa year* thero baa
not been tho slightest return of the trouble.
Here It the letter Mrs. Gilhula ernte ol
M# time tf her cure t
" About four years ago I was taken sick
with stomach trouble and consulted
She Didn't Like lha Job.
"I used to work for a collection
agency in one of tbe northern cities,"
said a lady perfumery drummer, "and
my experience was tolerably exciting
My duty was to sit at o roll top desk in
the office and impersonate the proprietor Light work, did yon say? Jnst
you wait. All day long men wonld
come iu red eyed to lick the boss.
���Where's the fellow that sends out these
blackmailing letters?1 wus tbe usual
salutation. Then I would smile sweetly
and say: 'I'm the proprietress. What
cau I do for yon?' At tbat tbe visitor
would look dazed, mutter things under
bis breath and walk off.
"Well, things went along all right
for nearly a month. Then one day a little, wiry chap walked in carrying a
black cane. 'Where's the boas V he said
1 gave the usual fairy story. 'Don't believe a word of it,' he replied, 'still 1
can't heat a woman.' He thonght
awhile, aud something in his eye made
me feel creepy. 'I'll bave to take it out
on the fixtures,' ho said finally, ami,
upon my word, he broke every blessed
thing in the shop. He did it quickly
and systematically, and yon never saw
such an awful ruin I Aa a wind np he
broke the chandelier and bade me a polite good day. Wben the proprietor
came in, he bad a fit. It was after that
1 went into tbe perfumery business.
The work 1b harder, but It is much less
trying on one's nerves."���New Orlentis
of tho leading physicians here, all of whom
pronounced tne disease to be cancer of tho
stomach of an incurable nature, and told
me that It was hardly to be expected tbat
I could livo long. Afterward the two doctors
who were attending me gave me up to die.
11 By the advice of some of my friends,
who knew of the virtues of Burdock Blood
Bitters, I waa Induced to try it, and I om
now happy to say that after using part of
the first bottle I felt so much better I was
ablo to get up. I am thankful to state tbat
I am completely cured of the disease bribe
ute of B.B.B., although it had baffled the
doctors for a long time. 1 am firmly convinced that Burdock Blood Bitter* saved
my life."
Here is the letter received from her m short
time age t
"I am still tn good health. I thank
Burdock Blood Bitters for saving my life
twelve years ago, and highly recommend
it to other sufferers from stomach troubles
of any kind,"        Elizabeth Gilhula,
IT IS A LIVfiR PILL.-Many of the
ailments that man hss to contend with
have their origin in a disordered liver,
whioh is a delicate organ, peculiarly susceptible to the dlfatorbanoes tbat oome
from lnvgular habits or lack of care in
eating ana drinking. This aooonnts for
the great many liver regulators now
pressed on the attention of sufferers. Of
there there Is none superior to Parmelee's
Vegetable P.IN. Their operation though
gentle Is effective, and tt.e most delicate
oan usr them,
Perhaps His Leek Has Come lo lllm.
There is nothing In tho story thnt tho
four leafed clover Is Uicky. The grave nl
the  unliicklesC man who evor lived lo
Atchison is covered with four leafed clovers.
Tbe Fashionable Weddlna.
They'd roboti-md the ceremanj over time and
time again,
Bnt when ths tlm* appointed came a-specd*
And thuj stood before the altar, It canned
thflin lots of pain
To And thore waa a "hitch" In the proceed*
���N��w (Meanit Tiinei(-n*Bif*n"��it��*
ULOERKURE Hull ill Oil or Frul toilfls
Ills Hope.
"It's a great' scheme," exclalmi*'
Parmer Corutossell; "a great scheme."
"What's hapiwninV" asked his wife.
"They're hnildiu go-ml ruiuU uli around
Huvntia. They're gniu at It eutbiisiiiHtii
an ludustiioitu, An I'm In great liop-w
tbat utter they git through with kimh!
ronds In Culm they'll work nnmuil hj
degrees to lhe similar needs of HUllle o:
us folks in the United Stale**.."--Wusl,
burton St-iv.
���IiArt'i LtabMit Corat Ooodraf.
Ilia Handy Valine.
An old friend of tbe lute ex-Governor
Ojilef-hy tells a reminiscence of a valise.
Hu wus traveling through the state aud
met the governor ou the train.
When they were eeated, the governor
drew ont a valise that had n peculiar
and bandy way of being opened from
the top. It was made of strong leather
and had tags pasted all over it.
"1 carried this valise through the
Holy Land,'' snid tbe governor "1
think a great deal of it."
"I suppose it brings up some pleasant memories," suggested the other
"More than thnt."was the reply,
and the keen eyes of the governor
twinkled as he reached down and
touched a button and tbo valise opened
immediately, bnt cuntionsly, nt the top.
It opened wide enough to admit u hand
and to permit it to withdraw with a
black bottlo iu ita clutch
"This is a great valise. 1 can get a
bottle out of it, and uubody ever sees
Wben tbe residence of ex-Governor
Oglesby burned, all of his private papers of every sort aud all of his war
trophies were destroyed. A short time
after he met this same peripatetic
"It was n great loss you sustained.
governor," he said.
"Yes, all my papers are gone. Sorry
to lose them, too, and then my swords
are gone too. I wub sorry to lose them,
aud 1 know you'll be grieved to hear it
���that valise waa burned up. Yes, it's
gone. Bob Ingersoll gave me thnt valise,
and I did hute to lose it, it was so
A Mother'* Perplexity.
"I was very much mortified today to
have Gerald say to me before company,
'Shut up, ma.' "
"How discounting!"
"I have done my best to teach tbe
boy to say, 'Mamma, pray be quietI'
when be desires me to cease speaking,
but it seems I bave labored iu vain
What am I to do?"
An  Opinion.
"A trust," remarked the very prosperous looking mun, "is a pnblic blessing. "
"Maybe it is," answered the unassuming friend, "but I can't help thinking It is ono of the kind that would
brighten aa it took its flight. "���Washington Star.
Prom One Point of View.
"There, now, just listen totblsl" tbe
telephone exclaimed. "A very wealthy
man says tbe way to get rich is not to
talk during business hours."
"Huh I" growled tbe phonograph.
"Tbat shows bow littlo be knowaabout
Wai Quite Up to Date.
"You say yon want a bicycle,
"Yes, papa."
"Well, why don't yon start one of
those letter chains and earn one?"
"Because, papa, I'd rather have a
cbainless one."
It costs you nothing to get samples ora Cat*
ilosue from the store that ii supplying thoui-
and* of homes from one end of tne Dominion
to the other. It ii somewhat reckless to nuke
purchases without at least comparing what
this store offers. Almott every request for
samples results In sn order. That shows when
people Investigate this store's way oi selling
they're convinced we supply better goodi and
there's less to pay. We rt counting on merit
alone to win, and It's winning���piling up the
volume of our malt order business every week.
"-.rrlM...   Wi-f* 'Il.rrow..  WladnTA.!
BRITANNIA, BEAVEB ud BUFFALO ara the flnsst IndU ud
Ceylon TEAS packed. Pnt w by
UE8T YOU FOKGCTi-Wrlt. for Pl-iM.
on Or��un Stiparatots, tiuollne EugUies, Tr��M
Powew, .nd nvorytliins u**wl in tb. CheM.
���motor?, Ci-ennio. r or Dairy. If you li... In
O0W..OU6 ot our Hand Sfltwrntora WILL SAVE
it. cost th. Aral yer.
The Citiiiiilii Aeelilent Amur. Cn'y, h (dear
nnd rdliviili' tiollcy Kivli<p Indemnity for total
ur partial disablement without extra ahnr-gv,
Tht* Aiiierleim Surety Co'y, Die larftut
tfunnuitee company In thn world,
W.  T���  EIBBY,
3 4ft Main St.,      -       ��       Winnipeg,
LOWS, STEELE ft |UNL   Clnle Teaa
imports, of Qroc.rU.     fcft*g,'��SS.
WnHlf.HatnHton,Ont��   l��S.*B.Bpleea
WANTED���Men nml woihpii every where todls-
tribute umiiloa nml nil vcrtlws California Orange
Syrup; $2por dav nml u.xpt>nMs paid; cashevon
wcukj iHirih'iilni'itfoi- i'H'ciit Htiinm CALirOR-
XtA UKANUKHVKUPCi)..Han Francisco,Cel
... �����������.���'������������ .,...-���...-...--. ��� -^ ���..-���%& ���r.-i^ia.-*.-*'....' .....^,..^^.'^l^..-.: THE GOLDEN EKA, FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1899.
Like Kelly Did.
Xelly thrashed his wife���and the highest court in the
land justified his action.
Kelly's wife foolishly sent his hard earned money to
he Big Departmental Stores East and paid just the same
iirice for poor goods when she could get first class quality
irom McDERMOT'S and save the extra cash spent on express charges.
McDERMOT has twice as large a stock as
any ofthe Big Departmental Stores in proportion to the population.
So keep money circulating in your own town and
don't give your husbands a chance to do
G. B. MeDermot,
LAKE -A-a&tr
have opened as
ATHALMER (Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
The Bank of Commerce will open a
branoh at Fort Steele.
Mra, J. C. Tom left on Tuesday for
an extended visit to friends in Ontario.
Pr. Bichardaou of Banff wilt take
charge of Br. Taylor's praotloe
during his absenoe at Tete Jaune
St. Paul's Church, Golden Bwvicea
on Sunday next July 30tli, 11* a. "in.
Matt in?, Litany uud sermon. 7.30
p. m. Evensong and sermon,
Messrs Taynton nnd Gordon, of the
Lakeside Hotel, will hnve n booth on
the grounds ou the occasion of tlio
races and sports at Wiud^uuore ou
Saturday wt-ek.
D. Griffith, of Dawson City, brother
of J. E. Grifli h. Gold Coinmiflsionnr*,
has been appointed to tho important
office of Assistant Gold Commissi unci
for the Yukon.
A. H. Mitchell, J. P. of Briaco. came
into Goldon Tuesday toe-je Dr. Taylor.
He hud sustained a fracture of a rib by
being thrown from hi* hur*o ou the
previous Friday.
A meet in�� of tho Liut-nso Commissioners for Nortb Eust Kootonay was
held at theConrthouse, Golden, yestnr-
day, when J. SioiMurt applied for ro*
nnwal of his license for ilia Wimlor-
mere Hotel. The application was duly
Owing to the Iniye number of orders
taken hen* by W. J. Gould tbo photographer, it will be nocossury for him
to remain over till next week. Parties
who have not yet left their orjere hud
better do so At onco. Mr. Gould leaves
for Field on Wednesday Aug. 2nfi.
Mr, Griffith Gold Commissioner, returned from Windermere by the Duchess on Wednesday, While there he
arranged for the commencement of the
construction of the bridge over the
Columbia River at Atlialmer, D. Bale
having been appointed foreman of the
J, Henderson hot the contract for
bnilding a nice cottage of ten rooms,
for F. W. Jones, Secretary of the
Lumber Co. The cottage is located
between Capt, Armstrong's house and
the Catholic Church, and Mr.
Henderson is pushing on rapidly
with the work,
M. Dainard has opened out nn excellent trail along the south fork of Can-
von Creek nnd reports that a carriage
can lie driven over the divide between
the. south fork of Canyon Creek nnd
the North fork of Spillimachene lo give
direct access between Goldon and the
north fork of Spillimachene.
Mr. Thomas O'Brien, alderman of
Calgary, arrived in town from Victoria,
at which placo be successfully passed
his barrister's and solicitor's examination. Ho will locate here and open
au office in tho Upper Columbia Navigation A Trnmwav Co's building for
the practice of Ins profession.
The Windermere correspondent of
tbe Nelsoa Miner says: "W. C. Wolls,
M, P. P., arrivaLfljLJJuLdiith.-iiiitent
t&*^0��KJ'ICTl6r"'tllB illtersHtS of Mo oon
stituents. North East Kootenay
would have to go a long way before
tliey would find the equal of their pro-
sent representative Mr. W, C. Welle.
In fact it is doubtful if any other representative throughout tbe Pro
vinee is ns popular among his constituents as Mr, Wells, M. P. P."
C. E. Nioklason bat made a copper
strike on the sooth fork of Canyon
Samuel Hardie, representing English
capital, has bonded several very promising propositions on Boulder Creek.
Ben Abel has brought in fine specimens of oopper ore from a group of
claims situated   on   Dutch   Creek   la
which he is interested.
Mr. Hands representing the Payne
Syndicate has bunded the Dividend
Group slttaiod un BouMor Creek. It
is understood that work on a large-
scale will be  commenced immediately.
R. A. Powi r and James Fraser local ed agrouj' of very ptontisingclaims
situated on a branch of Toby Creok.
It is uudei i'ool that there is an im-
lue.iis showing of argentiferous galena
M. Smith, for  the  B,   A. C. is the
saccL'S.ifuI lm.id-.ie of the Jiod Line on
Hunk-thief Creek, and intends pushing
on development work. Messrs. Collett
Sturbird und Robertson clean up
150,000 net out of the deal.
T. Jones and W. MoNeish have disposed of ilin Delos to Dr. Coulthord
and A, F. Mullivlland of Rossland for
f'iOOO cash, and tho money has been
paid. Mr. Mulhollaml will push ou
development work. Tbe D.-los is a
very promising location on Boulder
Creek, tributary of Horsethief,
Mr. Mulford, the well-known mining
engineer, and manager for Fraser &
Oliitlmers, is so much impressed with
tbe Windermere distriot that he has
taken a bond on the Silver Thread
group on Law Creek aud will start
development work at onco, This group
is owned by Messrs. Haupt, Taylor,
and Mather.
Bi-Moiallist Group situated on Toby
Creek, owned by Mary E. Browu, 80
mile!) from Atfutlmer, B.C., aud a copper and argentiferous galena propesi-
tiod, has o:,e ledge of th**ee feet and
another 18 inches iu width, and are
both clean cut ledges. Assays ot silver all tho way from 611 ounces to
2000 ounces. Copper assays went
28 per cent. Mr. Brown is now work
ing a force of men on the property and
it is looking letter with every shot
This property is situated within two
miles of tbe Toby Creek railway branch
from the Crow's Nest Pass Railway to
connect with the Lardo-Duucan and
Trout Lako country. Sarapon Group
is situated on Toby Creek in the immediate vicinity of thd Bl-Metallist
Group, has a well defined ledge of 30ft
in width in a copper proposition carrying gold, Assays on an average 27
per cent oopper aud $4 io gold, owned
by E. C, Oldberg, O. A. Brown, et al,
A general meeting of the Golden Hospital
Society for tbe election of Trustees for the
ensuing year will be held at tbe Columbia
Hall, Golden, B.C., on Monday Aagwt 7th,
1809, at 8 o'clock p.m.
Similar meetings will alio be hejd at Donald, Boaver, Palliser. Field. Thunder Hill,
Wau, Fort Steele and Windermere, at tbe
same date and honr.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary l'uWl*��, Mining. Financial nnd
Cum ut tuition Agent, Commissioner
of tho Supreme Court.
Deods attested. Tarlios represented lu
Police, Stliall Debts aud County Courts.
Accounts collected and disputed claims
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Glass accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kinqptorj    &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
To De Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
18 Itrauglit male*,'
11 Pack mules,
1.1 Oayn��ei.
Tho nliovo Ktoi-k is In lirst claa. condi'ion,
mid is well brokon. 1'iii'k rl-rtfinir unit liar-
noun enn alao ho urnm-red for. '1 lie .took i.
situated Id Kainloops neighborhood. Offer,
to be niado to
The Wavrrley nine Limited.
End of navigation on Colombia Elver.
Tho moat central point In Wind-winere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister ol MIAN for ISM: "A wa
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMEB���at anaaoi
and-will be ao built aa soon aa it Ia justified by ibe mining developm
Dry climate, oharming scenery, perfect boating on lake and
eood fishing and shooting in imtneiliiite vicinity. -
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build apon; cold, dear
year round for household purposes, and splendid water power olose t<
Large and complete sawmill (20 11. dally oapaolty) on the grsui
cheap lumber.
Term! easy, particularly eo to investors wishing to build.
river, sad
water th*
tA assures
C. O. Liang, Agen i
NOTICE 1. hereby given thnt tivo months
aflor date 1 intend to apply to the I'luofConi-
mlssiona. of Land, aud Works, ior permission to pitrchano tho following described
laud i���Lots Numbers ilMHiuid 8579, being on
tho 1'oliimbin River in the District ot East
Kootenay, nud containing S55.8 and 212.1
acres rupeelively, be ths asme moro or less.
Dated at Uolden, i)rd July, 1809.
sll H. E. FOESTBB.
por a pine Suit
and a Perfect pil
dfeCuk-i Cotton Boot Ooapoui
BB**f( I. saooessh""
r -CJ-iw arassi.1
pMut. -nk. no other,
Is neoMStnllr oh* monthly by over
...... jo offier, m all If ixturei, pllli aud
Imitations are dangerous. PrlM,*No, Ml per
box: No, B, io degrees strongenlBper box. Rov
1 or 3. mailed en receipt of prlot and two Ment
-iHmps.   The Cook Com ������-������*����� ������
nrikl and 1 soTdwd i
stamps.  The jt
responsible ��
Ho. 1.111.1 No. 8 sold in Golden by C. W
Field, C. A. Warren, snd B. W. Fatmere.
J. C. TOM.
The Fashionable Tai Ior.1
Opposite The Columbia House.        saote
Duchoss Passenger List.
July 21, Goldon to Helta's. Mr.
an.I Mrs. J. Montgomery; to Win<k>r-
mere, C. Hut-chins. J. A. Wklttier, J.
Stuart, G. Spooner; to Athalmer, Mrs*
Carruthcrs, II. Mitcliolt, J. Lowder;
Atlialmer to  Windermere, S. Jackson.
Windermere to AThahuer, J. Stuart;
to Gulden, J, IVuti'N, G. Hurchins;
from Athalmer, T. Cohvijl, P. Tracy,
H. Mitchcll-Inti.';}-; from IVlanrtfl, J.
A. and Mrs. Ban-us; fromSpillimacliede
Mrs. Holmstead, G. Heffner,
July 25. Gold��u to Carbonate, G,
Upton, J. Dolmage, W. Lojran, Miss
W,, Estes; to Galena, G, Heffner; to
Windermere. J. B, McKay, T. Jones,
J. E. Griffith, A. i\ Malhclliuidi to
Athalmer, T. Bremner, W. Smith;
Athalmer to Windermere, T. J. Ryan.
Windermere to Athalmer, Amine; to
Golden, T. J. Ryan, J. A, gtoddari;
Aihalmei* to Carbonate, A. Forty;
from Windermere J. It. Martin, J. E.
Griffith; frem Brisco. A. -Mitchell,
Good Government and Bad.
The Toronto Telegram saye : "Brit'
isb Columbia ie to be congratulated on
the puaaession of a.provincial govern*
ment which seems to be competent
and faithful in every department of
publio busiuaas. ���-���-*�����������������
rae cmin era which gave a lot of
promoter! a chance to play ducks aud
drakes wiih ilio��Moui-������-ai .ih** ���&��<*-
vince have been wiped out. The rights
of labor to unbare hi the profits attending the development of the great stores
of mineral wealth have boen asserted
in the eirfht-hour law.
Just uo.w British Columbia seems to
bo tbo one province iu this Dumitiioa
with a government which hue aome
regard tor the rights of the people, and
there is so little to Uud fault with in
the publlo conduct of tbe British Columbia government that the Victoria
Globe, the orguu of t-ubsidy-hnutiu
Liberalism, worries about the private
faults of Hon. Joseph Martin, and
pretends that the province is brought
to the brink of ruin by differences
between tho alteruey-general and Hon.
F. C Cotton.
Ontario envies t'rittah Columbia
when tiitf latter is so well off thut it
can afford to get excited about the injudicious performances of lion. Joseph
Martin under extreme provocation from
a festive mob at Rossland.
British Columbia with a government of strong men, who quarrel
among themselves, is more to be envied tban Ontario, with a government
of weak men, who agree iu everything,
especially iu Uieir desire to cling to
offico."   .
NOTICE is hereby iriroii that application
hon been made to the Honourable Ibe Minister of Public Works, with whom plans have
boen deposited, for permission ._    _
bridge, with a suitable draw s^an^ over the
Upper Columbia River, at��
the Salmon Ueds.
erect, a
point known
Chief CQinuiis'ionnr of Lands & Works.
LnntU ft Works Depurtrmmt,
Victoria, !!.<.',. llMi Juno, 180ft.      j23 im
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Ce i��ttdr
(Lats MA CPAKLANE i Co.) \
Vancouver,      .
.     B.C.
We ara Manufdctarara nnd direct Im porters, and carry a large stock r
Furnaces, Fire Clay tioala, ScinntiSii and Practical Books, Glassware, I'lati
Acid., Ghemicsb. and all otlier Assayers' ami Miners' requirements.
HOLE AGENTS for Morgan Crucible Company, Baltarseai Bet
Balancec, Eto.
Catalogue and full particulars on application.
tutiit GiMds^^
HI Sms.".
Look Ont For
B. W. PATMORE'S Opening Advertise tfnenfJ
Next Issue.
KOT1CF. Is linrckjf kIv.ii tlmt nil prsemp-
tors or purclinsersuF Crown lands from tvlioMi
tlm l iiii-h.-ie money roiiuiining unpaid on
such l.-iiiils b overdue, are required to make
full payment ol* such lialance, toiretlior with
interest thereon. If any is due, within twelve
months from the date of this notice, failing
which thoir rci-urds or agreements concern-
iu-r suell lliiuls aro Hullo to i-aucetlation. a.
provided by section i-8 of the "hand Act."
Chief Couunbr-loner of L amis A Works.
Lands & Works Department,.
Victoria, li.C,. 22u& Juuo, 1899.
Miners going1 northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplier at Donald.
Solo Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
... niiii...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms,    U-aggago Transferred Free.
Hot and ('old Baths.     , ���
Kates $2 per day. ' Choice fanes, Liquors & Cigars
J. C. Greene, Proprietor.
Premier Semlin'i Action
The following resolutions were adopted at iv lately uttendeil meeting in
Now Westminster of .Mr. J. C. Bro,vn'a
Election Committee, held on July 8th,
Moved, seconded snd carried unanimously, "Thut we heartily approve of
the action of the Hun. C. A. Semlin,
Premier, in demimdinK th-** reaigtiutiOQ
of Attornky-Gencrnl Martin, whose
conduct Ami deportment since ho has
beon in office we regard na calculated
to weaken the puny wilh which he
was connected,"
Moved, seconded and carried unanimously, 'That we n-ji-ct as false aud
contemptible ths contention attempted
to be set tip in order to create sympathy for Mr. Martin. th��5 air, Sem-
lin's action was dictated by a desire on
his own part snd thst of Ur. Cotton,
to form s Government in political
sympathy with tbe Conservative party
in Dominion politics. We hold tbat
the well-knows record of tbe gentle.
men named is an amply sulfioiont
���newer to all suoh slanders."
Tbe Tete Jaune Cache Tragedy,
Dr. Taylor has been requested hy the
Provincial Gc.ernmont to go to Tete
Jaune Caohe and hold a post mortem
examination on the body of Alexander
Macaulay, who wa. . murdered there
last month hy Hughes. Messrs Price
snd Evans will accompany the Dootor,
The'party will start on Monday.
Price brought out Mis, Macaulay,
���nil her two children and thsy are
���ow st Donald to await the trial.
T. D. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead .,
. a.oo
His Power Will Last.
The Toronto Telegram says: "All
the Maokonsle-Mann-C.P.R. papers
hasten to write an epitaph over the
alleged political tomb of Hon. Joseph
Martin, A govci-niniint satisfactory*to
the monopolies which inspire their
newspapers in Ontario and the west to
curse the name of Martin will not be
serviceable to the people or British
Columbia. It Is possible tnat tbe surviving members of the British Columbia government mny be strong men,
devoted to tho publio interest, and iu
that case thsy will come in for the
criticism which lias been aimed at
Joseph Martin. It is hard ut this
distance to measure the rights and
wrongs of the dispute over Headman's
Island, which is said to be separating
Mr. Martin Irom the other members of
tho government. Thore seems to bit ���
good deal of fores In Mr. Cotton's contention thst tbo land, if it belongs to
tbe province, should bs sold to ths
highest bidder. Mr. Msrtln seems to
he conforming to ths local sentiment
whioh wonld utilise ths Islsnd lor ths
establishment of a great Industry. If
ho retains his strength in Vanosuver
he will still be in a position to appeal
to the Industrial' element io British
Columbia, and Invlde or outside the
government will remain a figure in
provincial politics."
Gold or Uilvtir mid Copper    S.tiO
. Gold, Silver and Lend       8.03
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copt-or -1.00 .
Prompt Attention to Samples by mail.
Cash must accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept fur threo mouths.
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
Wljite & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all Coiinty'Courta at Golden.B.O
W. Witira, <J.C.  J. M.8(iorr, B.A..LL. B
Livery & Feed Stables
nigs oi all kind, for hire at reasonable rates.
Teaming of all kind, a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
/Issayer & Metallurgist,
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HAGGEN,
Assajrer ft Hetallarglit.
OrrtOB AT I.AtliSlDE Hotbu
Windermere,  - B.C.
Wm. Bseoe, proprietor of a dance
hall in Nelson was shot dead on Friday
by Policeman Denrun. It appears that
Beece was beating an inmate of his
honse and lhe officer interfered to prevent the woman- being injured, Beece
turned on the policeman and the officer ran and stumbling oyer s log fell
to the ground. 'Beece runhed on him
and Denrun drew his revolver and shot
Beece through tbo heart. Beece came
from Eastern Canada. Tbe killing bl
looked upon hero ai justifiable.
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gobdon, Pbops
Good accommodation fof Pro.p�� tors snd
Freighter.,  Flr.tKilaa.meal..
Woon's Phosphodixb U sold is Ooldsn
by R. W. Fatnicre, O. A- Wairss, sad O.
. Field, Druggists.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Dru fcsrlst,*;
FIELD,   B. ���.
Hull Bros. & C ex
"Kholusalo * Retail
*ButoJb| ,-ers.l
Cattle. Sheep anil Horse 1
Jas Beady,.D.LS.,   ��P.U
Mining Engii icer,
Bl, Am'n. Inat. M.E. **-*. ^
Agent for obtaining Crown G  MMti, dotal
*nmir.l -nnsessiuent were, etc.      JMdreie
Oold ...-.,.. (I 60
Silver '.'. 1 80
Lead...  180
Copper  2 00
Gold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver  2 00
Oold and Copper  2 50
Silver and Copper  2 50
Gold, Silver and Lead  8 00
Oold, Silver and Copper  8 80
Gold, Silver, Load nud Copper. 4 OO
Iron  4 00
Tin  8 00
Zlno ;,.' v 800
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Work
���ltd Concentrated Ores	
All parcels ol ore are carefully sample!,
one portion tested, one labelled- aud
kept, and Ihe third, If renulred,. returned to owner as a obeok on the
assay made,
Tenut Cash Wilh Sam-flea.
Wmpimubb���E. J, SCOVIL,
Orders left with above agents will receive prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines hi
various porta el British Colombia.
Gold Quarts. Copper, Oold, and Sllver-losd
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Canadian Pacific flallwa
The Dally Servloo betwe  atOn
Atlantic and 11-fecifle*!
. by the
"Imperial  Limited'
Galena and Copptr
Advertise in
Report* and tafonoetlon foniUbtd ttgesd
lag oiuunji proptntMt
Stocks to British OetaabU alsee **am[
andaold. :,-*���>< -,:,<,,.'
Coble Address:   KANAOAN, Golden.
Codes In use t Honing t Neil, and Bed
will ba inaugurated on 1
The quict-sof tim. betm,
nml Ocean acmes tbe .
*��� Ocean
Eipresa servlco via  Cro  tri Neet
Routs to the
Kootenay Cot ntry
Golden, B. 0. to Toronto in ft boura.
OoMon, B.C. to Montreal li i�� "
Golden. U.U.toliewYorkl. ����� "
Uoldeu, 11. C. to Coast lu �� "
Golden, it. C. to Nelson In M '���
Uoldou, 1). C. to Calgary iu . 7  -
Golden to the Kast  [tt* Lake]]
Roots In 00 hot
to all points. Il
Improved Service on aU heal Iii lies.
East via Lake
Steamer, leave Fort William ���
Manitoba sveryT
Athabasca emy ISnu*rt     '{
gtrriiufnmiWhnip tt IJ
,,.   6wi5:5i^te.,|as,,i,,d^]
Very Cheap Bats to j- '
Dawson   and    Atlin,"
vis Rail and Oases,
Roll snd Diver.


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