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The Golden Era Dec 8, 1894

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VOL. IV.   NO. 18
$2 Feb Year
Charles R.  CUai^en's.
GoWen,     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. Tlie bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWcfleish, - Prop.
Carlin & Lake,
A eurload ai rived, choicest winter varieties
Northern Spys, Baldwins, Kusseits, Green-
We will sell these nt close prices before cold weather sets in.     Order n barrel'
for the winter.'  They will lie denier later on.
Onions! Onions! Onions!
We have lots of them now.
Manicure Sets
$1.50 to $12
Perfume Sets
From 1 to JJ5
Collar & Cuff Sets
hi Plustt, Wood, and
Leather, combined &
seperate, $1.53 to $7
Shaving Sets
i'lusli and Wood, from
$2.C0 to 7.00.
Cards Sets
75 cents to 2.00
Smoker Sets
$3.00 to 6.50
Toilet Cases
In Wood and Plush,
$1.25 to 1S.00.
Ladies & Gents Dress
hig- Cases in Leather
iklG.COt-J 12.00,
One Handsome Plush
Manicure and Toilet
Case combined $16
Also one In Wood com.
bined 12.00.
Silver Trays
With Brush, Comb &
Mirror 4.25 to 7.50
Military Hair Brushes
Mirrors, Perfumes of
all kinds from franco
aud Germany.
White   Metal   Photo
Frames 1.00 to 2.50
Celluloid Novelties
iiUiiii aa Photo Frames &c
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
is now well stocked for the winter.    Rubbers, Overshoes
Moccasins, etc., at pricus lower than over.
For the Next 30 Day
We will boJI Men's suits of clothes nnd ovrrennts nt your
own prices. Our srock of those goods is large and wt> will
make some hi*; cuts in the prices. Cnne around and gel a
good suit of clothes at aliout half price.
Co'y, Calgary, or
The curling rink wns opened on
Monday aften.oon ami since then the
boys^'have been having lots of fun,
several well contested games having
been played. Some of the greenhorns
have been doing some remarkable playing nnd bid fair to become crack
players. The secretary says he would
liko to see some, more "greenbacks"
coming in. Arrangements are being
ui'ido to open the season with a Presi-
den' vs. Vice President match. Other
competitions aid also being arranged
for, fuller particulars of whicli- will he
given later.
Tlie following is the draw in the
President vs. Vice President match : ���
Armstrong       vs.       McNeish
D. Rao "        H. Woodley
Warren '' McDermot
H. Parson "        White
It tho Captain will call at C. A.
Warren's store ne will receive on application a "rainbow tain o' shanter."
A friend of the Captain's happening to
notice it in tho store one day and
knowing the Captain to be an enthusiastic curler, thought it would just suit
him and therefore made this generous
offer. We would adviso the Captain
to take it by all means, if ho wants to
be " in it." It is a cap-ital cau and
the Cap-tain had better cap-ture it
before it is offered to some other cap-
tivuting individual.
Any SInil Orders will receive
Careful and I'l-oiii-it At-
Golden, on the main line of lite Caniiiliiui
Pacific Railway, nt its connection with the
steamboat navigation nf tiie L'ohimhla river :
the mineral nml commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia: headquarters pt'lhj Golden Smelting works, tlio I'ppnr .'.liliinibia
Navigation Co., ami lumber indiistry: the
outlet for the wiilely known anil fnr
tiiitii'il agricultural run! grazing lands of tiie
Columbia it Kootenay Valleys i unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on llie
in Everything.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Calgary      -      -      Alberta
P.O. BOX 53.
Calgary,      -      Alberta.
liciiiilifiil Pictures.
Each successive year has produced a
more beautiful conception of art in the
various Christinas publications. In
this year's mnnv attractions none surpass and very f iv compare with the
Winnipeg Saturday Night's Christmas
Number. Three beautiful pictures
-which, to describe in detail, would
take much space���accompany the
magazine, while the reading matter
and the work of illustration are the
best that brains can produce or money
cr.n buy Another point to bu borne in
mind is that the work bus been doue
by our own people and for that reason
is entitled to more credit. Further
narliniliirs will lie given later. Saturday Night's Chiiistmns number will be
mailed by the Saturday Night Co.,
182 and 1H4 McDermott Avenue. Winnipeg, to any address on receipt of 50
See  onr
special  offer   in   another
Tbe Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pies, etc.
Mr. C. McKay and Mr. P. Lambrich
were visitors this week from the Upper
Mr. Chas. Philp left on Monday on
a visit to bis home in Ontario. He
will probably return in the spring.
Mrs. Harrison, wife of Mr. Harrison
of the Golden Saw Mill Co., and family
arrived on Tuesday's express from
Toronto.    Still tbey come.
Mr. Frank Pitt returned this week
from Medicine Hat. He still carries
his iii*m in a sling and is pretty well
stiffened up yet. b it hopes to be all
right again shortly,
Mr. Harry Connacher is again a
familiar ligure on llie streets of Golden.
To say that bis fellow citizens are
glad to see liim bin It is to express it
mildly. He has felt better since bis
return than Iio did till the time be was
situation  Wiiiitnl.
Wanted, by   a   respectable  girl,   a
situation as geiieraal servant, address
XI.   E.   Jacques,   euro of   Mrs. Jack,
Banff, Alta.
UOLli-ljX   GVS  CLUB.
First   Annual   Dinner.--A    Brilliant
Tbe first annual dinner of the Golden
Gun Club wus held on Friday night,
.'iOth November, at the Columbia
House. The committee iu charge deserve credit for the painstaking way
in which every particular in connection with the dinner wus attended to.
The dining room of the Columbia
House wns appropriately decorated
wilh emblems suggestive of sport.
Tho tables also looked as if they had
been attended to by a connoisseur of
art. The dinner itself wus a very
sociable affair, everyone present having
a good time, the only thing to be regretted is that social gatherings of this
kind are so few and lar between.
jVbout BriiO the worthy president led
the way to the dining hall and took
his place at tbo bend of the table with
tbe invited guests on his right and left
blind, viz. : Mr. J. F. Armstrong, A.
P. Cummins, G.C., and Sheriff Red-
gave. Owing to bis absence in the
Oleanagnn country the Rev. Archdeacon
McKay was unavoidably absent, and
lite Rev. W. R. Ross sent a note expressing regret at being unable to be
present. After thanks had been given
to the Giver of all good things the
assembled party (about 30 in all) prepared to do justice to iho good things
set before them. While in the midst
of their dinner the door opened and
j Mr. Harry Connacher entered. Harry
We aro -.Lid to see that the crossing I |IHll jiwt returned from his southern
of the tramway bridge.has been Uxed lr|p H,|(- hiH entnuloe was the signal
ntlast. The public can now walk , (ol. ,hlee hearty cheers. Harry replied
down the tramway without endanger- ; ������ ,ljg omla* <. modest." way, thanking
ing their lives. The blessings of the j the compaliy for ,licir |ie.lrti. welcome,
community are now being showered on
the authorities  for their attention to
this matter. "Better late than never,"
but better still, "Better never lute."
It probably cost about twice as much
to havo it fixed last week as it would
have, bad
I called attention to it.
After the wants of the inner man had
lieen  satisfied the  usual   toasts, commencing   with    'Tlie   Queen," * wore
. given.     The   programme   was varied
! with songs and s-ieeche-i  from t*everal
I of the members.     The party broke up
in tbe wee sina'hours.     We tire sorry
it been fixed when wc first ] ,|]llt eiieuiiistauces  have Obliged us'to
curtail this ivport. (Site (fitotfejm (Ova
Tho GOLDEN E'lU is published every
-Saturday morning iu time to, catch tliu east
and wost mail trains, aUn tlie mail fur tlio
up par couutry, Wiiuleriuot'O, Port Steele etc
It is the only advertising medium i;i tho Boat
Kootonay district,
Sutneriptlou Itatos i 32.00 pur annum IN
A Ivertisoniouts and (-Jitmges must he in
tho oiHce uot later than 1- a in, uu Thursday
to Insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on appli-
���catior *o
All i*ash to ho paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Co upuuy's receipt will bo ob tail toil.
Tlie Goldon Era Publishing Compaq,
SATURDAY, DEC H,   1894.
W�� do not hold oursoives ronpon-ttblo for tho
opinions t'xpi't's.iirtl by our corrosiiouileuts.
. "The Wonmn's Council or Donald."
Donald, B.C., Dec. 2, '1)4.
Editor Golden Era i
Dear Sin,���My attention has been
called tn a letter in the (loi.M'x Era
of December 1st, headed-" Tho
Women's Council of Donald." It is
up doubt meant ns a good joke, und I
hope will be taken as such ; of its utility und goorl tusto the readers of the
Eua   will   form   their  own opinion,
. "The Woman's Council " is not a joke
but a national organization instituted
. by Her Excellency tlie Countess of
Aberdeen, who is herself its president.
This fact is, I thought, well known
throughout the Dominion and especially in British Columbia wlicro two
councils (in Victoria and Vancouver)
have already been formed : I must conclude however your correspondent is
ignorant of the fact, as he surely
would not venturo to make fun of the
.representative of Her Majesty. Lest
your citisens should bo misled by bis
epistle I would be much obliged if you
will publish  this letter together with
,, tbo copy of Lntly Aberdeen's letter to
me enclosed and also, if possible, Her
Excellency's Vancouver address as a
separate sheet of your paper. It ably
... sets forth the objects and interests of
the Woman's Council and should be of
interest to your leaders, as I hope to
be in Golden next mouth as she wishes
In connection with the matter.
Yours faithfully,
E. Moi.SO.N Sl'llACKIE.
It is with pleasure we publish the
���ibovo letter of explanation iu regard
to tbe Woman's Council of Donald and
-would say that bad we known of the
Importance of the organisation ive
would not havo published " A Much
Married Mini's" letter. While unable
, to publish Her Excellency's address,
us requested, we publish a copy of her
Fetter tq.Mrs. Spragge, also the constitution of the society. The following is the letter:
Car Victoria, Nov. 17, '!)���!.
Duau XIiis. Si'iiAotiH:
I have been thinking over our con-
..vorsalioii iu reference to the ''Woman's
Council" anil I cannot help thinking
it would bo quite possible lo organize
a Local Council iu the district of Eust
Could you not have a meeting of the
ladies of Donald, of Golden and of  the
- "Other centres ami ask tbem to consider
tlm matter, after you have explained it
to tliein. If it Council is formed please
be very  careful  to  have all churches
- ami sections represented on it, as ic is
tliis feature of being a power to bring
all together on a common basis that
makes tlio muyemont so valuable.
Ii I can lu of any assifan-'e in giving
further information please lot me
Believe ine,
Yours very truly,
This Federation shall bo culled the
Local Council of iu tiflili-
niion with   the   National   Council  of
Women of Canada.
AltTit'i.r: II. ��� roi.iCY.
The aim of the Local Council is to
bring ibe various Associations of
Women iu into  closor re
lations through nn organized union;
but no society entering a Local Coui.cfl
shall thereby lose ils independence in
aim or lectin d, or be committed tu uuy
principle or any met It od of any other
society in lho Council, tho object of
which is lo serve as n medium of communication and a menus of prosecuting any work of common interest.
AliTliri.l* III. - MEMHBRS.
Sec. 1. Any Society o? Women, tho
nature of whose work is satisfactory
to the Executive Committee of a Local
Council, mav becomo members of said
Local Council by its own vote.
Son. 2. The women of any organization composed of both men and
women may associate themselves by
their own voto and join said Local
The Officers of a Local Council shall
consist of it President, Vice-Presidents
at large, ex-oifiuio Vice-Presidents
(Presidents of all Societies federating
in a local Council), a Corresponding
Secretary, a Recording Secretary and
a Treasurer.
These officers shall comprise tho Executive Committee, whose business it
shall be to control and provide for the
general interests of tho Council. Five
members shall constitute a quorum of
this Committee.
Sec. 1.���A Local Council shall hold
Annual Meetings for the election of
officers and other business.
Sec 2. The Committee of Arrangements shall consist of the Executive
Committee together with one Delegate
from each Society belonging to the
Sec. il. At the Annual Xleeting each
Society belonging to the Council shall
have three votes (exclusive of that cast
by the President.)
Sec. 4. All ol ber members of any
Society belonging to the Council may
have tho privilege of participating iu
all discussions that may arise at the
Annual Meeting, but ma}' not voto.
Sec. 5. Other meetings of a Local
Council may be held from time to time
as may best promote tlie interests of
said Council.
Sec. (i. All new business to be
brought before the Annual Meeting of
a Local Council must first be submitted to the Executive Committeo .is
notice of motion.
Articles six and seven deal with tho
annual fees uud the election of Patrons
of Local Councils. The eighth uinl lust
article provides for the amending of tin
constitution by n two-third vote of n
Local Council, conditionally lhat the
alteration be in harmony with tbe constitution of the National Council.
Highest Honors���World'.* Fair.
-    SOME. CAY.   . *    \ ,
": 'ome dny, snmoltmv !'*  The litttir Is dead
\.l,l]U 1 InuKiril ttlttilitv.r... .'.en,
Ami tiisKt'il i.tir u'ltlspurlii.- II] n mat said
Tin hi- itiii'itri lo ttte.   A liii il , lie tie-
'i'i,I'llll.illili, itl'e ei'tlktrn: it tin) lil'l'rlsl
Tito i ii'IU',11 ivitl, lil'i*. ii |lll xtiiiiie, now,
1  ll.il  Mill  lijilli' llllll ,i,l,| li.iil.to fliitlt,
.. .tl lilt :    " Mil meet stitnetluj, somehoirl
I'll..! I,no Li.ttli I Nt!,! will tirto.l'
Tliut iv,..;i','.,.,'ut'i.i Heai'tini,,' ouro
T    r pni'it ,i nl t'.'iliii'ii ..tuii mav an,
My iiiiu,.ht, in-./ iiilliiiv.   Evui'.whoro .
1.. .ttfitr ni.iL i'iucuso Itiw and swuui,
.Jttsi as i nun i t<> lit'tif it tiiitvi
I'u hear ihe I.i.I nl lull'.' ti-er,
'li i,'nr tno wnr Is:   ''Smut- tlay, somehow!"
L'lt'iii it>tr ;u,no loiiit'oo 1 seir
I im nll'lni'.) u   i fair, stvi'trl f'U'i,
Aim i iiiuif.i rlie ti'iHtll'ii sealed, in tno
���. ir... ��� ,, i linnv ilni.i lutiiloi'graco.
11, ������ i, n i.it lint iii,,'Kilcs|iuil;
��� ..   ..f... liu..- cli'ttr ihuiii'ut'tits now I
''li.   " It'.' lt'.,JJ.tlil.iC 111 llil'UWt'il,
', ,.i if i-ioiA love's -sot.iuilny.somehow!"
An , su i :' ly ,iiipi' 'i will lie,
�����   . ��� i Minn' ti'ituiii.ier lifo
id   tt  he   ti   I    . cn..y
 ennui.   I'lis toll and strlfa
i 1 ....   ii   , ,- I'lnli'ii, limn Co..its rent
r-tit'i. a.- .vi- n . nut (li'i'ti.u nt iiowj
A        ii'ii   'in uiiiiiu lu mu tlie tiltst
iiti,i, in;, invi'i biini'j tiny, tiuilieiinivI
\ pute Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frm
'torn Ammonia, Alum or any ether-tdulteiinii
One time when I wns 11,1 in Pennsyl-
vniiiii liuiiilock belt I Was gniiig l'riiin
ilvi'itiaii's lluok to the Barley Kuu
Cross Forks wlien I benni some one
w ieil.' nil to nun side of the road.
Limn  ,g iri tiuit, liiriieuuii I saw ii man
'.' I, .g I'tiiuiuiisiy li'iini beiiind a Ing
r.l.ici; ire.r. lie uiotiotiud ior uio lo
uu. ., mill ! did.
",..,.y.' said thdinnn in n suppressed
'���'lice, ' ii'in yo see lur behind ye, uon'll
i.i,��� mini?''
'lite mnl wns straight bohind me for
ti iiiiu-. mid 1 could sue tiuit far, I toid
1,10 llltlll,
"As nig'l ns yo kin innke out, thu'
liiiin'i, l.o,, in' that luolis l!. ;e n lull wo-
,.iii in red Ciilliiiei'dress uti'il green sun-
t'liiiiie; iiiwiieret  betivixi vol uu'nn (ur
,..-, ye rii, set', is tha?" asiieil tue iuuii.
"..I.   -s.il,] .1, Inert' isn t.'1 I
"ir liniii'l color blind, bo ye?" I
i ,.-...,n'-..
"iuhii n woman inn red cnllikerdress
tl'l' a greet) still bonnet Wtitlliln't be little to loo i in ymi like one in a yaller
it'ess inni a clue   sun   Louuet,   Would
Mi'   .'"
S-riie wouldn't.
���ilia iiiii.'i'o no rnisin' o' dust no-
wlie.e., 11. i looks ns if it inowt bo'rb i
liy i. wo .iiii .0 a red cnlliker dress an'
u green s".ii   bonnet cumin' this wa/
j.ooiy fuse, is ilii'"
The rti.ei uu�� entirely free from any*
thing oi tout sort. |
' ion...n't nuwuys nigh-sighted,  ho
; ef
i^ni'e tlio contrary. I
"liiou if tti.i wi.s n raisin' o'dnst
=ech as that,   nut  inore'ii  a hnndred '
y..iiis iiowu trio road, yu wouldn't be lilt-io i.nij ii  far u bay-juici* a mile
���..ny, Wi.illl I ve?'' " j
E' tin; y orif nt the qnestion. I
Tno iniiii came out from behind the
trt'it a.ni wuli n big Bigu of rulief sut
UOll'll till 11 Mlliilp,
" '(.',i .se. ye.diel'm a leotlo anxious,"
bestii I. "fer, if ye'dseen n woman with
a ro,i ir..i r dress uud u green siiiibnn-
lll'tl'tl I.I'I,   tir' ill'll si.l'll' llllat that loot*
ed its if .1 mowt oe riz by n iviiiiuili with
a re.i c .iii ;er   r-ss and a gnteii sniihou-
i.et. t nit if u lieu 'ifn.iily Jn.ie Pensiock, I
an I'd a i.ail to lamr in 1,'ie wo uis. ''
"\\  ni'-   tno luuitui' v.H.1  'Mimdy ,
Jane.'" I usked.
luu inn.i mopped his fuce with bis
sleeve .-i.i.l l;...i,ed himself with his hat
"jjid ye ever hnvo a hnnkerin'
let* a girl that didn't seem to keer to
...liii.trran \e;''
Idiilu'i l( 11w that I ever hail i
' Jts'i���ep _ur euriin the rood, Cap," I
sniii tne man, "an'if yo see any of them
.��� an' "..aiiiiy June jis whistle, will
I said I would.
"Then I'll tell yo si-mpin'. If over
ye i.'iVti it Rhino lo n gal au' sho won't
luniiii'i*, 11 ma in nit owl's gizzard, dry it,
..'..ii nl ii i.iii'i':i |tuv,iii. Then, un*
ie. ii v. ����! . iiiog.il. gir 'nine of it in
Iier ii'iitiitiiiiieiii' simi'iiif 'l'oivsiieiiriiiks
i', i: i" je'vn ji.-t us guild lis ir'rt.i.'lour
nliiiliu f rlbewjnire, I'm-sueuuu'tnever
any -.."' iiuin when ye list her- i.'slie'il
iiuyoilt-il. 'I'll i' Utiili'l ri" re I ���,: ^i'��.-.l
Ion nn'tlnyr    avi.vtyill. ..U' lilt l.oi'ij-t'.l,
nor no nu i,'in'n'dust lhat trt.i.vt have
ic.! nu' green .iui..uoi ll, i.ilr....''
������:...i, tir; "
"ii ;.ti'.. ��� vi-rl'iinw'il  Rnllie Miignm*-
ei's, in'''.' io im; ilitoi*, yi;'.i a ItHilkeiuil,
I'll  bet. ye:   I   tntik   tu  btiui.tiriii' f��� r
.���nliie r ii'.'ii'nn year iigu, line iiiii didn't
w-eiu :.i oe no itse.   Sdlie'ti jet I timing
twonfy, iiuiv, mil meube she hain'tu
i'..nli ill T,T  poiiiiiiesn!    Pictllr's hain't
iiuwli' res '.iia..hi,le ti' her.   lint Btiuiil-
iiuiv site tils, lyii'iiie.    Too'ie i lay J Suva
to iny-ii'iii    All ri.itt. my iuiy!   If it's
..iittiil,' left tn tne nnut-owU.' 1 kiivh,
i n"t un Is .! II lie,' iiu' I went a gniinin1 I
fir li oi o.'.v s.    l.ul llooi-owls huiiitso1
dlll'tl ll.ick ill t'.le.iO ill'I'H   \nHI.Is,   nil' I j
gniiiii'i1, i..i I g.luiied fin' pouiy nigh a
\ ..j hum I ir .w'ti iti'ii. 1 ono,id. mi vou
is t i was iiiiiie ti tickled when 1 tiiiiihled
nini ti.'en ins .on-t! |
"(ins iline   kin   hunker  an'  won't
Imu'iOi' innst lie lruule tn hanker!'I suys, '
nu' I Lung tho boot owl's gizzard up to
"One o' these days, when I hear that
'Miiiidy Jane Penstock has passed over
.itiitiuii. I'm guiu' hack to the liook an' ���
jest us like as not thump the life outen
Sr. ��ii Br.'izco, Sam an' me worked on .
the same loggin' job. an' after I bugged
tlie owl I suys to him one day:
" -Sam,'I suys, 'ine an' you won't
bunk iu together much longer,' I lays. I
" 'How's that?' says Sam, i
" 'I'm goln'ter marry Sallio Mngom* |
pers next week,' 1 ?iiyS.
���' 'No!' says Siuu, 'Sallle's give in, has
" "Not yit,' I says, 'but slut's goin' ter.
I'*-ft powdered n liotit "ivl's gizzard,' I
s.\s. '.lis .-iinotyer eye iiuwli tlio i'oad
agin, Cnji. If ina's anything luiid-tin'
o. it up niiii itni.tt p.ii* ye i t mind o'the
inklin' I've ri\ y ������ n luri.t.y ,!ttiv', gim-
me the wink an' I'll s.-o it."
The r mil was still cli-nr.
"Situ looked s'prised a little when I
told him 'bout bavin' tlie owl's gizzard
love powder, an' polity soon he says:
"-Well,'lie says, I'm goin' ter take
Snllie to the picnic to morrow, an' I
s'pose that'll be tho last time I kin gal*
lnviint her anywheres, 'cordin' to that,'
be says.
"'That's what it will, Sammy!' I
" 'Mantly Jane Penstock mowt a hen
a stunner when she was a gal, fer all I
Know, but I don't jis' recomeiulier when
that was. She'll lief tn tii ink back a
('.niiii w:.y t if site rectum tubers it herself.
Lilt. leu.ui'out bnno mi' sinner, nu' a
pnoty sharp nose, 'Man ly June don'tciit
lumtn of ii rigger nowadays, lilies con-
si 1 able sot in her wnys, though, an'
when she lias snninin' oil b"r iniiid that
she's goin'ter do she goin'ter do it or
things'll rumble.
"Sam Brnzt-e ho took Sullio to the
picnic an' I was there with my hoot-
owl s gizzard all ready. Snllie kittened
coiisid'able to Sum, an' it inane mo
squirm io see her, 1 tell ye. but ioays to
myself: 'All right, my ladyU' I snys.
'But wuit tiil the hoot owl sings to ye!'
I says. Liiueby I says to Sam an' Sal-
"Come over an' I'll treat ye,'I says.
'Come git some lemonade,' I says.
"An' they come along, an' 1 bought
the lemonade, an' when Sallio was't
looldu' I tumbled the owl's gizzard love
powder inter her glass.
'������Oh!' she says 'Yonder's 'Mandy
Jane Peustock!' she says. ''Mandy
must buvo a treat, too!' she snys.
' 'So she culis 'Mainly Jane over, an' I
orders a glass fer her. Now see what
Snllie done. She bauds tbo glass that
luul the owl's gizzard in it over to
'Mandy Jane herself, an' 'fore I conld
stop her, 'Mandy June had gulped it
down, love powder an' all! You're sure
ye hain.t color blind, Cap?"
"Nor nigh-Bight***.."
"Not u bit."
"Ye don't see no more colors on the
lnn'scnpe, yet, than ye'd natur'ly 'spect
orfo tie tliere, do y&?"
"An' tlio dust hain't actin' in a way
thnt mowt foul ye into tliinkiu' it waa
enly n hurricaneacoiuiii'i"
"No."    ���
"It'll go hard with Sam Br^rseo if it
ever gits safe fer me lo go b. c : to the
Hook agin! Soon ns 1 see 'M..iuly Jane
gulp that lemonade an' owl's gizzard I
give one c.dd shako an* started fer
home to puck my trunk. This was only
yisterday. When I come out ag'in there
was 'Miiui'.y June.
"Asa,' says she 'nrter all these years.'
says she, 'an' to think thnt yuu'm to bo
the one,' says she. -I'll lie ready tomorrow.' says she, 'an' uio an' yon 11 go
to the squire's. To-morrow at half post
nine!' suys she.
"Sny, Can! I tumbled back in the
house nu' slammed the door an' went
upstairs nn' hid under the bed. Early
this moruiu' I crawled ont un' snuck
outen the house an* jist laid myself ont
uu' dug fer liberty. As I raised tlie hill
I tn "lied nu' looked back. There wns
'Mainly Juno comin' on my trail like the
wools afir-! She's comin' yit I She's
only stop-Hid fer wind. Has she hove in
sight yit?"
"Not yet."
"Then I'll take to the woods an'
inibbo won't see no t'bucker for a
month.  Cup,   unless yon gimme that
Jilng iV your'n; and wlien 'iSlandy Jane
[etches up with ye if yell oiiiy jist tell
her "
But I hadn't time to wait to hear
what I wus to tell, 'Mandy Jane and
drove on toward Barley Run Cross
Forks.���N. Y. Sun.
"j,in;j never heard of inch n thing
before.   What kind of bond is it?"
"Ob, any real estate will do."
"lint I haven't any real estate."
Tiie lawyer looked at him a moment.
Then he solemnly snid:
"Huveu't you uuy friends whoo,wn
"None thet I enre to ask to bind it np
that way. I can't usjc my bride'B relatives, yuu know."
His friend looked at him pityingly.
"You can't postpone the wedding, can
"What?" fairly shrieked the unfortunate.
"Of conrse not, of course not," said
the leg.il light, soothingly. But the
pour bridegroom looked stricken.
"I'll tell you what I'll do, old man,
111 tend to the matter for yon. Don't
give yourself any more cuueern about
Tho young man nbout-to be- married
then grasped his band. Ho could not
speak fur a moment, and then he poured
forth his thanks. He picked np his hat
in a relieved sort of way and walked to
the door.    Then he tiir'ied.
"By the way, I forgot to ask you how
large is thu amount of the bond required?''
"Fifty cents," said the lawyer.���New
York Recorder.
Where Flneit|i|ili's Oroir.
Even the dispensers of drinks behind
drug store bars are inclined to take advantage of the strike scare lo raise prices
on their soft and other drinks.   A young
woman   called   for a pineapple squash
the other day. and w!en she iiml tasted,
sipped und devoured it, was charged ten
cents by tlio young man with bungs who
manipulated the faucet.     Sue ruined a
miliily reproving eye to him, when he
glinly remarked; "Vou know since the
I strike ull the pineapples grot, a ueur
' Chicago ure being held back.    We are
actually making the squashes at a loss."
1 She inquired line had ever taken an
! elementary course in geography.���Buffalo Expiesn.
, Ytiunu Balers lot Old Euro--*-.
Europe is ruled by comparatively
young people now, Casimir Perier is still
in his prime; Lord Rosebery is har.il/
ut the height of life; Emperor Wiin-.iii
is 8.1;King Humbert is about (id: the
Czar is about 40; tlie Sultan is 52; tht
Queen of Holland is 14; tho King ol
Spain It) Queen Victoria and tue Em*
pieos of Austria are old people.
8IFTINUS OK &u7ui.u~.
According ton French journal, a Geneva
firm is lllilliufnctitring p'lonngr'i phle clocks
whicli talk the hour instead uf striding it.
Dr. Giilers, of Copenhagen, has made i
specinl inspection tonr of southern Iceland
to ivseertain tlie nuuilx-r of lepers, u.'l
found tlfty-Jiroe, or twice tv> many as wan
ex'-ectc.l A hospital is tn hi Iniiiir. to pr>
-real further spread of the iliset.se.
An analysis of water taken t-nro tb'i
Great "suit, |nk��, Utah, iu A ngUai, It-no,
s.iowcii ilirii a ton of such wateor, woul.t
coiitnii *)'il potintli of solid matter, ni
which tr'wiut 214 pound.-, wuuld be common
salt. Pentl Pea water rrutiiins only IH
pounds of salt to the tun, lint, tlm proportion of solids is much greater, Uu.��� beinj
cui.ut Lib poem's to the toll.
| It is repurted that a Iiimpivick of clay,
! that will give twenty-live i*er cent, mora
J light than n cotton ��� ick, bin hcon invented. It;is rhiidc capillary liy ilicorporntlnif
with the clay, while still plti-ic. filamen'-i
of til-spun vegetable lihre, whicli. burned
uut in the baking, leave minute tulv.
running through tue wit!;, through ivhlili
the Hume draws the oil by capillary attraction. The flame thns fed, it. Is df'ci-
rd, is while, odorless anil smokeless, whllo
the novel wick itself is almost indestructible.
To Ost married There Is Nat Bo Easy H
II Limits.
To got married seems an easy thing tn
the ytiuiiu-in mi whose fain y ligiit'.y turns
to thoughts of lo.-H. Bnt ivl|on itoomes
to tbe actual ceremony there aro t thou-
sunt! and one terrui-ti which iiurrimnd
and threaten to ovei'c uue him, Wnr-
ringi in mi 'instates is easy; in others it
is US tlillnrti.l lib oul.liuiug ll (livol'ir.t.
A wellKuowii Philndelphiaii wnsnlxint
to be inniTieil to a hc'inti'n! yming woman who lived in the stale of Oelawiiru.
He had no idea thut the marriage laws
of thut state were of an itp.u.i.uig nature. Hu hud si-cnred his license and
thought that was all that wus necessary.
"Have you filed your bond yet?" said
someone to him the day before the wedding.
"What?" gasped he.
"Your bond," repeated the questioner.
"You know every man who is married
in this state bus to file a bond for the
protection of the state."
The bridegroom wus rather dubious,
but was finally persuaded that this was
a fact.
"I'll see a lawyer about it in the morning, "said he. - So he went to a friend
who was a legal light and said:
"See here. They tell me I have to
give a bond to the state when I get mar-
"Cortainly. Haven't you done so?" in
a surprised way. _.
The grny-whlte and yellow tans aru the
shades for gloves hi demand at tiiepreseut
The use of lace, as n trimming, continues,
and it will lie used on tho winter gowns n.i
successfully as it has been on those for
The newest winter cheviot* and diagonal
serges appear witli large checked patterns,
and large plaids, Imtli in silk ami v >ol, aru
' iu favor.   VilveUieiis will   bo welcomed
1 ar'.i'.ln by many.
l'urir."pes, tl elcnplh of tb" i���'cefnl In-
' V, r i ess mies, will be lliu pup'i ar fur gar*
i iin'iittn'r. winter, iilt'ti, iii'h it is yet ton
willy to say rvliich in the many kinds ot
fur will 11" nn,.,I, iriiutinoiily worn.
I The new fa.l hata uro pronoiliici & very
ifly iir.'io]K'!iriiiiirc. The crowns are high
wiih narrow rims, and altogether unsat-
Isfik'tory. Thu Knglish walking lint is re-
uitn-ing itspopiilriiiiy, aud will hu much
Black and white has lost none of its po;*-
ii'.ni'iry. It is used for both old and
} inni'*. and will bu enlivened by the strik
her millinery on the lints and bonnets.
Gayly colored, over-trimmed hendt-ear is
sn.. .anci'd fur the'full and winter styles.
Tbo phvlloxnra, or the vine pest, Is making such ravages in the sherry wine districts of Sit-in that the government has
ap.ii.ipiint uil ilUU.'-OO fur the extermination
ol the dlsciuto.
The llniiisli government has nndertaken,
during the years IMH5 and 18UH, a deep sea
exploration in the Greenland and Iceland
waters. Thu expedition will be accompanied by a botanist.
It, is said that in the past ten years the
city ot Nashville lost S10,000,000 in various-
lxiom schemes and wild sneculntliin ventures, and of this vast sum not tun per
cent was spent at home. 	 Au Effort of Memory.���Charlie���I think
���nh���I must have seen you before.
Prtitielle���Yes. Yon were Ritrodnoetl lo
me ill the drawing-room about fire minutes ago.��� N. Y. Herald.
Denier���This Is the best parrot we hnve.
Bnt I won't sell bim without letting you
know bis one fault; he'll swear if his food
doesn't suit him. Miss Flu���I'll tnka him;
It will seem qnlio like having �� m��u in
the house.���N. Y. Herald.
Emanuel Swedenlmri-'s "Arcana Cnles-
lis" wus primed when the author was Ul.
The people of the United States rend
and support us many newspapers ss Ktig--
luud, France nud Germany coiuUiiieiL
A copy of the first edition of Goldsmith's "Vionr of Wnkelield" wns dis-
jHi-e-l of ill Londou n few dnys ago for
$413, The author sold the original copy*
rl-fiit of the book for (HOU.
The largest hook ever known Is owned
by Queen Victoria. It is eighteen inches
thick und weighs sixty-three pounds, nnd
eon mins lhe addresses of congratulation
ou the occasion of Iier jubilee.
According to foreign papers there nrn
now 8,-1*18 journals nud-niugnziiies print, tl
in Giti'iuiiiiy, In 18111 thero wire 11,4411'
in HUH), S.204. in 18811, 3,08-1, and in lbSirl.
2,ViO. Tliere hns been au incrw.se since
last year, therefore, ot 1)5, aud since lb. J
of SOU.
The best Chinese razors sre made of old
Artesian borings hare recently proved
successful ill Saltan-.
The British ship Borean, whicli recently
round'd Cape Hern, experience! Ihe
phenomenon ot a heavy cloud ot dust ai
The highest viaduct In the world has
jnst been erected ill Boiiviu over the river
1*0, 9,8811 feet above the sea level aud
4,0118 feet above the river.
India famishes n market for large numbers of white diamonds, ss well as for yellow or coloretl diamonds, or stones Willi
flaws or specks iu them, The natives invest their savings in them nnd other precious gems, ns we do iu stocks mul shutes.
Oblong solvers narrow rather than lone
curve gracefully on lhe sides sud have *.
light lestt'tiued edge.
Some fruit bowls nre bnfir.-shnned Willi
wised Huns half wny up, and a plain lustrous border above.
-A large flaring fruit dish has a sme-i'ii
surface nml tlie ornamentation is formed
by the perforations.
A (rait dish intended for an apple nr
two, 'S few p uiches nnd a bunch of grapes
and suitable for only n very sninil dinner
is plnti like nntl mounted on a central
standard. The eil -e of lhe recepincle is a
rich blind of raised work with perforations, nml the dish hns n disu. ol tuning
ol elt'giini-e.���Jeweler's Circular.
Reference hns frequently been made of
Intt- to the rapid wsy in whioh tbe prince
of Wsles was aging. Sinco the death uf
his sou it hns -dieted his appearance still
more, and robbed hiin of what had been
left of ibe oitee peculiarly healthful has
of his oouiplexion.
There Is no spiritual life where there is
no love.
We love flowers most when we do not
need bread. |
God hns never yot made anybody who
could please everybody.
The happiest Christians are the ones
who work the most at the trade.
Until we are willing to be guided we are
UOt willing Ul be In lped.
The hungriest men nn earth to-day are
those who have tin- most wealth.
With all his practice the devil has never
improved mi the first hypocrite.
Real faith never becomes weak, no matter bow long It may have to wnlt.
It is a serious thing to die, but a much
more serious one to live, sud not lire right.
���Ram's Horn.
The first horse railroad was built la
American street railroads employ 71,000
An express engine consumes ten gallons
of water per mile.
In the yenr ending Jnne 80, 18K4. the
railways of America carried 411-1,430, WW
A street car line Is now being bnilt In
Tasbkeiid, tbe capital uf Russian Tumes-
tau, by a French company.
A Trenton company has subscribed
fl,000,1100 to perfect machinery to run
slreei ears by means uf compressed air.
Railroad enterprise supplied n watermelon Willi each ticki.-t uu the occasion of
��� recent irtilc.i'uiiuu ,u suu^-ru Texas,
Application   far    Certificate  of Improvements.
Take notice tint I, Manuel D.iiiinril,
free miner's certificate No. 474U7, intend
00 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a cm ulicaie
of improvements for tlie purpose of
obtaining a crowu grant of ubove
And further take notice that adverse
claims must bo sent to tho Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day ol October,
Manuel Dainaiid,
Application for Ccrtlllcutu of Im-
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner'scortittcntoNo.474|i7,iutcud,
(iOdays from tho dale hereof, to apply lo
the Gold Commissioner for 11 certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further tako notice, that adverse
claims must bo sent to the Gold Commissioner and action roiniueiirril before
the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainard.
Golden HospitarSociety.
 -i�� .
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tin
admission of patients,   ,
TICKETS may be had from lhe undersigned or any member of tin
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Si:
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
$xx#itxe8G ��fa-It*.
prompt saswer snd an hottctit opinion, wrlto to
1)1 [INN oV CO., who havo btitl nearly tlfty years'
experience In the patent lnulness. Coiumuiilci-
tloiis strictly conrli'eiitlal. A HnudbooU of Information citni'tirriiiiR l'nlcniN and linw to obtain tbem sent free. Also a catalogue ot mochao.
leal nnd aclentUic bunks scut free.
Patents taken tlironuti Munn & Co. receive
special notice In tlm Mi'ii'iilill,' Imcricnu, nnj
thus sre brottiiht widely lieftir.i tbe public trl'lt
put cost to the Inventor. Tl.in euleiiiiid luiurr.
Issued weekly, elesantly lllnstratou, has by far ttid
lamest circulation ol any tutientitlc work In liu
world. S3 n year. 6aiiip1��. conies sent freo,
lluliaiiiB irMitluu, monthly, UM a year. Hilltfltl
conies, *iii cents. Krery number contains ocmi-
tllui plates, In colors, and 'itiotofutiphs of new
nouses, witb plana, enabling builtlcr' to ehow tbe
latest desletls and secure contracts. Addretts
MUNN A CO, Sim* Yoiu*. aiit UuoaiiwaT.
I'.i.sliylci'l ill Sei'Vi-n*.
Service   will     be   beld   to-morrow
iiiorniiig in the -tcltoitl   house nt  Iq.
o'eliick,   ooliductod     by    Rov.  W. R.
Hon, J, A. Lougiieed, Q,C.
(1. S. McCarter.
Long-heed   A   SEoCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors lor Hunk of Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T.
It.  J.  JF,PHS��jV,
D.Ij.S. A V.,,.C. fur B.f. DOMINION' &
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSON, D.1j.S.,P.L.S. of B.C. &0nt.
Caloarv, Alba-
McCarthy   A    IJr.rvo.v.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor 1���
The Imperial Hunk of faiL-ula.
TlioCimiiilii I'erniiinent l.nitn k Savings Co.
Tlin Yorkshire I mm A Socnriliesl orporntioii
The Mussoy-H.-irri-i Co. (Ijtd).otc., etc.
Ollices   Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
lluilAlJE HARVEY, B.A.  L.L.II,
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Ji.SlSG   EXi.IKFjFjR.
Cochrane, Aliia.- Ft. Steele, B.C.
(GraduatedLaval nnd McOill.)
minis***- kj^oimjsi-jb.
Head Ollitre, QUEUBC;   Branch   Ollices
SiiEiuiRoiiKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fcv/isr, E.M.,
m i x i.; ��x kx <��' is e 1.tt.
Properties repnrloil linen.    Estimates and
plans lur nil uiotiiltiirgicitl pjuuts,
P.O. Bo.x 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Bank 01 Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manaoer.
Livery & Foati Stables,
Saddle Horses lor Hire.
Wliok'Miili- mu! I'l-fnil
Cattle, Siieep and
Horse Dealers.
iiismKrfr'&* co.
Undertakers p.nd
���   .   Embalmers.
Calgary     ���     ���      Aliia
,\rlisi.i.i)   io.
" It ts worth 'he tn-tce to every pcaoo
who even rescis u newepapt r."���iJnillin.-ioji
Blue Penoil Rules.
JL. Oh. X-r-BV-XXTS.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporters,
Corresiiondems and topy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rules for
maklnx aud etiliinx newspaper copy,
and of equal value tn sll who wish lo
wrtle correcf, Ensllsh.
Seat en rec lot of price   T'lce. 10 rents
Kr coov.   ALLAN TUBMAN, Publishes
I Nuns in Sirect. Mew York.
Goldon Ilospltnl Society.
From 9:U0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
��� i       7     ii, ii   (j   "
I Sunday from  10 a.m. fo 12 m., nnd
fi-oti! 7 p.m. to S p m.
Prom  2:'I0  p.m.  lo 8  p.m., daily,
except Montlii.V inn' Suini-diiy.
By Oriier.
lining iSmeltin,
CO. (Limited)
SeUft*       J
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
��� '!i'iiiai",'��i tl Si.'-it.'--"'..
tAmp'Um&<m^Ti      ^
(-!-.���-  |     | t*l_-'Hli[   _--_sssi[iiLiLlss)trllrolr^HWKW. ���*�� *"ii    -HI
:<ZAi,^^ Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST .
CLASS in every respect.. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters fur mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Sieamhout '
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from up the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Job    Department
-:o:��� OF -:o:���
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children.  These
7 goods are made in Vests, Drawers,
Plights and Combinations,  and are
f kept by every first-class dry goods
Wo do not hold ourselves responsible for tlie
opinions expressed by our correspondents, I
The " Hobble Hums" Mining Suit.
Editur Golden Era i*
Silt,���Begging your renders'reference to my letter of last week and in
continuation thereof:
Mr. Justice Crease's judgment states
that "lie was of opinion that tho
'Robert E. Burns' had been properly
staked und recorded," and tliut "Manuel Dainard and Dnvid Dickie proved
the correct staking."
It is very curious that directly Manuel Uniiiinil luul so sworn he ruliirued
to Golden and forth with hurried up tu
the claim und staked it. afresh in his
own riiiuieas lhe ������ Vancouver." Is he
another agent or a juniper pure and
simple'' David Dickie slated in evidence that he knew of certain reports
current as to the stakes having been
tampered with, but denied any knowledge of tlie parties concerned. As a
matter of fact they were tampered
with previous to tlie trial, McCab'u's
having been made right to a certain
extent, uud mine wrong in one particular No. 2 having bsen rubbed out.
This can he verified by independent
It is also curious to note that McCabe. who if not an agent could only
he a jumper, sold the property for g.iUO
in all, when he knew of nud took part
in a previous sale of three-fourths ol
same property for $15,000. The "consideration," apart from this $500 mentioned hy the Judge was under an
agreement made previous to the existence of the "Robert E. Burns," and
was described as for "services rendered in management and development of
the (now defunct) 'Bobbie Burns'
claim," which claim iu their defence
the defendants saw fit to abandon
altogether. If the "Robert E. Burns''
was not rostaked by nn agent, but was
a genuine purchase, why did not the
���defendants apply for a Crown Grant
for that claim instead of the forfeited
���'Bobbie Burns " unless for the purpose
of evading the S5U0 of assessment
work required by law ?
I repent that I did not get nor take
any information surreptitiously from
the records either in Donald or Golden.
As negotiator of the ." Bobbie Burns "
it was my business to soe that the
titles were in order, and having found
them in disorder I wrote the defendants
on the 22nd Aug. 1898, in these words:
"I beg to advise you that on looking
over the records connected with the
"Bobbie Burns" I have not found that
the law has been complied within
some respects other than what is already known to you. I advi. e you of
this that you may havo an opportunity
of staying, if yon think fit, your proceedings till the matter is investigated."
On the 28th August I further wrote:
"Let me assure vou that mutters ure
not in order respecting the title."
These letters were ignored, nnd it is
to lie observed that the dates arc fully
a month earlier than the date (29th
Sept.) on which I folt compelled iu self
defence to stake oil the open ground as
the "Safety." They also conclusively
shew that the term jumped, cannot
with justice be applied to me, tjie Hon.
Judge's animadversions notwithstanding.
He defines n mining agent's calling
ns"the looking out blots in mining
titles," with the object of jumping
inferred. I am sure the many mining
agents in this country will be much
obliged to the learned gentleman for
this legal definition cf their business.
I was employed by the Government
Agent, Mr. Cummins, not to copy
records, but to make abstract statements for the transfer of the entries to
the various newly-formed divisions of
East Kootenay, and to give a system
of account keeping which would do
away with the muddled condition of
the books, and of which the Govern-
mont seemed very much in need. It is
needless almost again to say that Mr.
Moody, the recorder who lost, his situation, it is assumed., through his supposed connection with this squabble
had no hand ill it, except to the extent
thai he wns consulted by McCabe and
Askwith in their dilemma as to what
they ought to do. Hud they taken his
advice the defendants would not have
been iu tlie hole tbey occupy now.
Flatly denying all. that fo.loivs:
"He who comes for equity inust. do
equity," so far as it is intended lo
apply to me.
I rem a in,
Your obelt. servant,
Allan Giianubr.
Mr. anil Mrs Chas DeCheyne returned from their wedding trip and
have settled in their new home ���
a neat little cottage opposite the Forrest House.
There is another wedding spoken of,
llie bachelors are losing in membership and the benedicts gaining.     Keep' K"",'V n?"i?.'7V,sfcotohV-iT PmmK~vWa\"^Mim,"
1 I-. j- r   Hotis9*iDlil. frlii'ilren'M nail Htimnrotw nttrarlments.
FOR   $2.25
The  "Golden  Era"
rilll OVK VK.tR,
for orvK ve An, asd
20 Complete Novelettes
Wo Tmro nrmnired with tlm publisher of tho rinmiiar
llluaLmtod literary and flimlly monthly. Thi- I It i is.
triSm n:"n>'\ ��,T*I�� t(* A"0'8" m* oxcotlnnt
pii'ill'vitiflu la dull wli i uur paper upon the r-rrv-ini-y
uh-iral term-* quoted BUOgQ, and wo aro alRoennMe.1 to
otisr to ouch subscriber- Fre*-. ft larso uud Imrti-inma
nroiilum boob, entitle 1, ''Twenty <'��� mu!**te>
\-��vi'lettt��* bv P.ipnllli' Atitftmo," Thus
our Mibsirlbor.-i, by tu'iini; n I*-riti.:j of tbo abovo
lib ir il ofir, mny OQfluro, In ail Htl ��� i ti their (hrortto
h'uno newipni'D--, -i year's mrnci'btion to rue of the
past aid n wt, popul ir literary and family papers rub-
Untied, and aten arj attractive anl entertain I nir book
contalnlna twenty complete novelettes b   '
.  ,         3  novelettes by twenty nf
the mo-it famous mitaers of America, Enirinml and
France-In fact, a large amount of tbo most fosclnatlna
reading matter at tba most trli'iiik cost.
Is ft Jar-to and Imtttlnoino Itl-patjo, ftt-crriiimn llltis.
trratjil lit.tnry nntl fiinltv ptrmr, pitbllaniMI ntnnililv,
ami contilnln'i Serial anil -t'tort Ftnrla. hv ftp must
up the good work boys, B.C. is bound
to beat the older provinces of tlie Dominion,
Mr. K. M, Goodwin, one cf tho Directors and orgnnizer for the A. UR.,
came to town Inst Sunday and had a
meeting on Monday night in Firemen's
Hall. Mr Goodwin claims uu increase
of membership of liiliO during the
month of October. He left on Tuesday's No. 2 tor the east and intends
stopping at every divisional point of
the C.P.B.
Mrs. Ponquet who has been sick for
the hist 4 months died on .Monday and
was buried Wednesday morning.
The Oddfellows are having an addition built to their new hall for stage
It is rumored that the firemen intend
to widen their hall by an addition of
5 feet on each side,
Mr. J. Neelan intends to build a
hou.se fur himself iu thu near future.
Mr. Herbert Pitts of Tline Forks
who hud been east on a business trip,
slopped off here to visit his brother,
Mr. J. C. Pitts. Mr H. Pitts left on
Wednesday's No. 1, for his home.
Public School Report.
The public school report for November is as follows:
No. of pupils enrolled during month 35.
Average daily attendance 29A3.
V Class- 1st Winnifred Armstrong.
2nd Bertha Woodley.
IV Class���1 Jennie Wells.
2 Gladys Houston.
II Class ���1 Walter Houston.
2 John Currie.
II Primer���1 Ella May Love.
2 Emily Kenny.
I Primer ���1 George Love.
2 Willie Houston.
Tablet Class ���1 Fanny Conner.
2 Lottie Woodley.
Punctuality and Regularity : -
Beatrice Bubar.
Winnifred Armstrong.
Gladys Houston.
Ralph Kenny
Emily Kenny.
Mary Lewis.
E. A. Lewis.
S'lii ^-errttilnirtoa-n".!), enlortaln anil Instruct esetl
manner of tho family gIi-cIi Amnnt- thu writers
wlinsa stitrle. cfinsfinrly annul- la Tut! lut-STRATED
HOME nc��8T aro lln. linnm rt. V. tt. Snittlra-nrth,
Mrs. Maty J. Ilolnni, ChirMta SI. Itrnatne. Mr.. Ann
S. Itotitiant, Mrs. May jtenon Fte'illfif Etta IV. PImts,
?,,' i11?0 ��* Austin, Enina riirrlson Jones. Mary
hylo nallas, Sylvati'ts Oobli. Jr., T-r-iirsnn Fennel*. A.
[ton in Doyle, an,! many otliers. Itr Is a Milt-class pith,
llcatloo for ths family cir-lo. ba-"l-onioly prttrteil,
boa'itlfnlly Illustrated, and ti-hlln Itlia'trays filtrrest-
inff and never dull, it is pure In morat lone, not an
oltloetl-aatilewi-il or line l."in7 allowed to enter its
columns. Vou ',111 he dolltxlit'i'l with tins charming
paper, and eaajrly welcomo Its monthly visits.
By Popular Anl'iorj Is a lam and handsome)
book of 198 lance'li'ih'e-olnmn notavn pages, nicety
printed In p'ear, hatd, roalablo tvno on (rend paper,
and handsome'v hit,n1 In coloml patter cover*, it
contains ai It** title indicate!, tmnti/ complete novelette*
by twenty weM-hn-i-m and popular authors, each one
of which f s Intensely Interest in?. It comnrirwn a whole
season's dc1l��rhtf'.1 roadlni?, and l�� bv far tbo lament
and finest eolleetlon of complete nonntar nore'eite*^
ever published in a slnirlo volume. The titles of the
twenty complete novelettes contained In this book or*
as follows:
Under the Holly Berrien, By Charlotte K
The Fhnntom "UV.I.M nc By Mm. Emma D. R N.
Smith worth.
The <. vim **i fVirnlnir.   B* ��n". Henry Wood,
Meonslilne mid A-siirittinritos. By "Tha Da.
The Hendflnmn of Antwerp. By Un. Ann SL
TH�� fitory nf n Wft��,    By Mm. Mu? Apum Plfmlnir.
OM IIlK',;< rfoiil tljH,     Br Minn M, K nrmltlnn.
Ill'ini'lif nf ili>tiullf-ll,    Ily Ali-inii-ti-r Biirtistn,
A Tali' of T'lffi- IJoil*.     bvll. IMiI.-t Ita-tctrit.
A llritnin In the Air.   Hv jiiinx wmc
The Story of Helen.   Rv Amnn-tii H. Dnnihs,
The Captain of tho Pole-Star.  By a. f-mno
T<ie flnllnr*rl Neerrt.   BvMm, Inn-O. Anxttn.
The Duel m lien-.- -iVeotl.   Bv WlUdaOolllns.
^The Helrees of Whltnon QranRe.   By fit. T.
Nnw Farm,   lit- Msrr Kvln IhUnt,
The VIIiH'hainlthfN lln lighter.   Br Elti W. Vlfi-m.
Th" NiMilntnr or Mortenn.   By BylMiinn OnMi, Jr.
Tlm Fiiltie Dlnmonde.   ����'��� ��rn. uvy A, DenUoo.
Avlieroft Hnll,   By Kinmi OarrlMn J men.
that wo senl THE OOTjDEN E17A for one
t'.tr tine yonr, nnd the hook, "Twenty Cnni-
plete Novelottcs liy Popular Authors," nil
post-paid by iiinil upon receipt of only 32.2|-|.
1'liis utter npplioH Inttlt tu now suliscribers
nntl ronoivnls. Every lover of bright anil
liisehiiiiiiig liter.'itni'e sliuultl hike mlViiutiigo
uf it. Sainplcs conies of " Tlie lllustr-.tcd
I Initio linest ".-.nil of the preiniiiin linok mav
bo seen ilt this oflico.   Address all letters i
Tha Golden Era Pub. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
Upper Columbia KXCo.
During the winter a stage will be run between
Gclden.EGalena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When tho Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through *$1G.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
JhlM.   B.   LANG,  ���*-
Mining M wal Supplies.
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
VISIT TO yi>'^rCLIliV,31ft
ITIAK. rl.lTHE. 0*13*Kins
-���-������- ������ ���>5
St. Vast, Toionto,-willmal..
his Ctn Minus] visit to British
Columbia DeltesinySliiiiliirK
he onnnothold with ��*.... Pafc-
en en of 117 Patent, on applt*
at'ce. fol'oure of flub Feet autt
sl'Def rniltlea. Becomntended
by Phyitlirlttns ovorywhero.
will VRlt porsonally.
�� RIO OH. B.��!..ni*iii*T<amaot��I.
on. fij'rucs., Oct. 89 and 30.
ESTABLtlHio IB7I    But... Woduesdai', Out. 91st.
In the Supraim Court of llritish Cuhiinliia,
1891, lliNu.il
ISet'vecn Albxnniler I.. Hogir and Frank
llniiirlirnii, I'lniiitilVs;
Charles C.  Fnrroll and G. H. Johnson, Do-
To Cliiirl(.'.s C. F.irroll anil O. H. Johnson of
F��rt -Steelo, in tlie District of Kootenay,
Take notice tluiton tlio sixth day of iVniriist
18'.ll, a writ of stiininons tvas isstici'l tint of tliis
Court iifrninst you at the si.it of tlio above
naiiii'tl, Aloxander L. Boirg and Frank
llouirhton, of I'tirl Kloolo, Freo Min��rs;
Thnt the suitl writ wns oiu-IonciI witli tlio
following stiiurinuiit ut*.- In ii ji t
"The platntirl'si-liiim is lor tliei'iinrcllatioii
of tho records of tlio llomlwoisl nml Lounl
Tender iiiiiiornl Cluhiis, in llie olliio of tlio
Minhis li'oi'ortltrr i.t Fort -steelo in the Province of llritish l (iltiinliia, for nri Injunction
restrnlning tlio dotbudiints, their servants,
nsents, or workinon from ejitoring iipon the
Queen ot the Hills nnd l.ako Shore nnd Moyea
mlneriil clninis, inul for dnniugos inul tlio
costs ot this action,"
And take notice, further, that hy an onlcr
nf His Lordship Mr. .Ii.stuo Walkout, ilnteil
fithdi'lolior, 181)1, it was onloroil tiuit service
of tliosiiitl writ lie olVectetl Itv postin-f tlie
siuiie on the orliio of tho Mining l.ocorilor at
Fort Stoulc, nml on tho siiitl Queoii of the
Hills, Moyen uinl Luke Shore cliiiius, mul liy
advertising n notice thereof for iii) dnys iu tlio
UOIjDISN Kha newspaper, mul tiuit tlio do-
feiitlonts do outer un upponrlince within iK)
dnys of lhe lirst insertion of such notice.
You nre therefore required pursunnt to
such order lo outor au iippenrunce to tho snid
writ in the oflico of the Uogistrur of this
Court nt Kaniloops, llritish Coluinbin. within
UO days of the first msorliou of this notice.
Dated this -Milli Novomler, 1HU1.
Of Donald, in tlio  District of Kootenay,
PhtiutiriV Solicitor.
First insertion Dec, 1st, 18114.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Ralls and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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