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The Golden Era Mar 22, 1901

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Array 7
y^)i>^-i^.^^^       yp
���rCJ '..>^-<
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.Conveyancei1, e
Office In Uppor Colsusslsio Navigation
'; Tram-ay Conspassy's Jluiluissg,
Golden. II. V.
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1901
$2 Pee Year.
THERE is a'tftne i'or everything and
just now is unquestionably the
time to buy���on a money-saving basis
���everything in the line of WHITE
Pillow-slips and sheets ready for use
or by the yard.
Crash and Glass Towelling from five
cents to any price point which suits you.
Table Linen, Napkins, D'oylies, Sideboard Scarfs, Tray Cloths, Towels,
Table Cloths, Lawns, Muslins and Cottons at most attractive prices.
.Here are a few sample ^'flotations :���
Horrockses, Miller & Co's English
. ' cotton���the most famous bleached
goods on earth ."'��� *.**'- * - lOets
Honey-iromb w.Wtejquilts - - 75 eta.
Fast col6r wash prints - - - 8 cts.
Linen Doylies, white or colored 5 cts.
Swiss Curtain Muslin   -   -   -   1:14 cts.
Remnants of Laces, Embroideries, Prints,
Muslins, Dress Goods and Silks.
H. | Papson,
General Merchant,
Alexa-nd'e^ Block. H
_T. IJ. Merrltt,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorlria, S2.500.0QO'
Capital Paid C>> ��*,SeO,00O
|H<Mt ���       l,7tll>,000
_-. ���   Vlce-Pree.
Wm. Rameay,    T. Sutherlsnd Staynor
Robert Jeffrey,   * Ellas Rogers,
Wm. Hendrle,
, Hb_ Ornoai Toronto.
D. R. Wilkib, Oeneral Manager.
JS. Hay, Inspector.
_   MAMITOB.1. N. W. T. .nd B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary, ,  ,      Edmonton.
Goldes,, ., Nelson, ,. Portage la Prairie,
Prlnc albert, , Hevelstoke, , Strathcona.
Vancouver,      Winnipeg,
.._...*���   ingersoll,
d Jnst arriT<ed--->----a<-__h.
���X carload of
GEO. GALE & Cos.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses and
.1 Warren's.
Oeneral Merohtnt,
Esssa, Fergus,
Lisloml, flUgi
Eft Portage, "
:ara_ Falls, Port
__.... ._���.,       8ai.lt Ste. *lerle_ ""." SI.
AgtmtaIn ttroat Britain:
Lloyd1. Bank, Ltd., 79 Lombard St., London
with whom money may he deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branehea.
. AgenteJn, United Stater-i
NKWTORE-Bank of Montreal, Bank ol
XJHlCiQO-Flrat National Bank.
['1ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAM FRANCISCO-Wells, Fargo A Co..
Ageata In Booth Africa.
Interest allowed 6*,i.iotiii.
ProvlneUI, Municipal and other debentures
J. S. Bibb, Mgr:, Ooldsn Branoh.
Hull Bros. ScGo.
Wholesale Is Retail
Cattle, Sbeep and Horss Dealers'.
Jas. Bbadt, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M.Am'n. Ins*. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual asMeement work, etc.    Address:
Reserved for the
Canadian Pacific Railway
Han tht Quiokatt. aad
Baal Equipped Train
Crottlng taa Contlntet.
tpuris r
St. Pan!.
Toronto mu! Montreal
For lull parUaolan apply Id Martat
. ei%^Juutt.   .,
Or lo .��jisi'. _^^^^^^
E. J. COYLE,    CB.Uo:
A.O.P.A.,    . '���'���'._
���aatoanr. Wlaalpat.
tilt United St.tte Oevtrament haa
form.lly ncogsjlNd tha two South
African renabllce u Brltlth aolonlti.
tke Oalg I*i<-mm4 Ketel at
t��Uaiaaaeaaae er sualaaa.'-..
Cboloa Wlnss, Liquors a. Olgun.
Free Pastiire.
Good Htabllng.
fe.Ving completed arranjj-e-
ments for the purchase of|
the gpdUmachene House, the
nnsdewigned solicits a share
itf the public patronage.....
Walk (J.
Tha luneral ol the iai* Btejaaln
plant ta Header la
P. A. Desormeau,
���ou.U glda Kicking Herse Blver.
Harvey, leCtrter ft Pinkham,
Barrister*, fc.IIal.ar>. Ae.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
Rooms Alexander Block Ooldsn B. C.
BEEAD ;f���staff
' Ufe."
Bunas, Cakes, Punitr'y,
^.Weddlnc Gnkea...-.
Ordera  Prarajptly Eveeatod.
Joseph Pllaneuf,Tc!n���
Bicycles !
Bicycles 1
StMelal Attoatlen
flfe Sewing Machines.
Kicking Horst Bridge.
oooo noun mutr.
ttlOtt klMOIAlt*.
won eoABa-nnn.
tiie Elk Park Ranoh and Stook
Improving Co., Limited
THI annual meeting of tbe sbsreholdera of
* III. Elk Park Ranoh jfd Stoek Improving s^jpaay.Llmlltd, -will belaid at the
offlce of Tbo...O'Brlen, Barri��t.r, Id Golden,
B.C, oa   '
SAT0HD4Y, MARCH SOtb, 1901,
�� o'clock in the afternoon, for tb. election
aadjb. direction ofthe Company!
ff, this 1Mb day of
r.L. SNOOK Secretary.
sxoBeere nd the direct
affair, grandly.
Detad at Qoldtui, B.
February 1*91.
f.rm ofM
Tta bsit>oolcplaga..tlllg��w marrtly
oa Itt. way ia CapeTowti, Haven new
fata* weie reported tut Satnrdav.
*- W-tyti*- '*/Wt/*^o*lA%'%*^\/*fn* ^yp
I Town and; District.!
W&Wt.'&*'��.t/Al*/W- At/*/AI*t 1
Millinery opening   on Wednesday,
March 27, at Miss Robinson's.'
Rev. W. D. Turner iwjll preach his
farewell sermon in the Presbyterian
cbmci next Sunday night.
La.t oWmce* for poultry this .pring:
Turkeys, 16c per lb., ***��) ��nd oblok-
ene, lSJc, all hard frozen ye!... Only
a few left at Hnll Bros.
WANTED-Smart men and women;
good wages, .toady employment. Writ.
H. Cannon, Boom 16 Fairfield Block,
Vancouver, B.C, tait)
At the meeting held Iri theacbool
hon.. on Monday evening Is*j.t, the
boy. organized a j'nnlor football club,
with L. Gould a. captain, and W.
Pughe, Mcretary-treaaurer, who will
be obliged if all subscriptions promised
are paid to him by Saturday night.
The club will be known at the "Victorias" sit Golden.
What waa probably the largest ling
ever taken In local water, was caught
by. V. Andereon on Saturday .evening.
Tbe fish meaaured i feot'3| inches
in length and 10 inches in girth and
weighed 29 lbs. 7 ounosw. Mr. Ander-
ton say. ling are not plentiful but
the average in >fze it 'greater than he
has ever knowd.
Since the Golden Bakery begun busi-
ttes. there ha. teen a ateady increase
(6 patronage, which it i safe Indication
of the quality of tbe bakery product.
Orders from C.P.R. points are received
daily, "Jet" mattes the very test of
bread from the very; best of flour.
While tbere I. so 'ran' on wedding
cakes at tbi. season ol the year the
chefi. always prepared tor any emergency along tbl. line,
A letter ha. been reoelved from Bob
Wilton, of the S. A, Constabulary,
announcing that lie has been promoted
to the rank of a corporal* Mr, Wilson
declares hi. intention of "staying with
ir,".and seeking further promotion.
The boyi are having a good time and
all are in good health, The party j
reached Halifax os Wednreday and
expected to call on Thureisjay. _
M.J.Henry, tho welttnown nurseryman ol Vancouver, has an advertisement in this itaue in which be announces a large and select stock suitable for garden, orchard or farm. Mr.
Henry's stock la homegrown, there-
tore best adapted for B.C. Give him
a trial order.
Tbe annual meeting of tbe Kootenay Teachers' Institute will be held at
the public school buildings, Nelson
B.C., oh April ith and 9th, 1901. The
programme Is varied yet Interesting,
and contains the name, of men and
women prominent in religious and
educational work in Kootenay. The
meeting promises to bt one bt great
inured and the opportunity should be
embraced by all teacher, who aim at
excellence in their calling, Special
hotel and railway rate, for those in
Whole Distance Lies Through a
Valley-No Mountains to Cross
-Plenty of Feed for Stock--
������3,000 Would Build* a Good
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Roses, Shrubs, Vines, Bulbs',
Hedge Plants and Seeds ...
Extra choice etock of Peuh. Apricot, Plum,
Cherry and Prone Treea. N.sv importation
'of first-class Rhododendrons, Row, Olimat-
ous. Bay Tree., Hollies, etc.
Eight thousand (8,000) to choore tram. No
agents ol commission .ni pliy. Wp fumigation or InapecUon charges. Oretaheuae
plants, agricultural ln.plsm.nt., fsrtilissra,
Us supplies, etc.
Largest and most oomplete
stook In the Provinoe.
Send for Catalogue before
placing your orders.
*"���*��- M. Ji HENRY,
Vancouver, B.C.
T - �� Loi|dot| Ufe
Iqsuraqce Company
im      "�����" ������**
Jobs HoClary, I*}., President.
A. 0. Jarinr, K.c, ll.d., d.o.L., vice-
John 0. Ritoiiib, A.8.A., Manager,
J. D. 0-NaiL, General Agent, Calgary.
"totblng ��i6n desirable as a Prsjsjtctlbn and
in larsjetmJtit Us yet been deviatd. The
Local Agint M give you fall pahlcnlaf ai
E. V. Chambers,
QoldSn.    --.---     Anranl
Evsry person who bit given any ^
att.ntion to the location ol Golden as
to it. dl.tribntive position to the
country far north readily allows that
there I. no point ou the map bavins so
central a tffnation, with rail, naviga
tion and trail communication to almost
any point of the compass. To have
met and conversed with a man who
has travelled, explored and prospected
tbe far north oountry is both pleasure and profit. Probably no man can
apeak with Utter assurance and from
actual knowledge to the extept that
Mr. F. Halliday can on Ihe northern
route to Tete Jeanne Cache Isom
Mr. Halliday ba. been six times
over the trail and knows all the fords
and camping places along the way.
He hat kindly furnished the Era with
a table of distances that will be of
mnch 'service to the traveller, besides
affording valuable information to those
who contemplato prospecting, exploration or investment in that rich mineral
raoM. MILES.
Golden .'.-.........
Summit Lake	
Bush River	
Sulliv.n River	
klnbapket Late ...',.. .
Wood Hirer	
Dawson Creek	
Barker Creek	
Big Meadow	
Goat River	
PteV&gatl Creek. ........
Big Jam on Canoe River ...
Squaw Creek'..."'..,        ���
Paok Saddle M.ado'w.......
Tete Jeanne Cache	
___________        23
Total   from Golden to Tete
Jeaune Cache.    202
Thus it will U seen that this route
is, for all practical purposes, the only
Tailors Tell Tllolr Story--Cossss.sla.iott
tlecelve. Vsslnuble ln/orii,n.loll
��� J1'rom Prnctlcnl Moss,
We reg^ oqr inability to publish
In full the evid-.no taken before the
Chinese Commission n*nv in session on
tbe coast, bnt she following will give
our readers a fair insight into tliecl'&r-
acter of the evidence now being taken.
The first witness, Mr. James Grant,
of Tlioinns&Gi-niit, merchant tailors,
gave a statement of conditions ten years
ago, when the union of tailors had 1.10
members, 00 of whom were mon and
40 were womon. Ho gave an ostimato
o, vearly earnings then ns $75,200 per
men at'sJIS per week, nnd $!l..,00G for
the women af $10 per week. Apprenticeship for whito taliai? averaged from
four to seven years.
At ;thnt time thero w��ro ,18 tailor
shops. There was then in the city n
Chinaman, Wah Hopo, mnnuiVcturer.
for wholesale houses. About 1801 lie
commenced making clothing to men*
sure, partially for wholesale trade and
partially for retail customers, employing fonr hands. He was then the only
Chinese in the business. On March
18tb, Wednesday of last week, there
had been mnde a count of white journeymen tailors employed in the city.
The total was 21. They also counted
tbe tailores.ses, wbo numbered 30.
This did not include manufacturers. I.
The mon now e'njj^ged in the,trad.
average about 12 dollars per week and
the women about six dollars per week.
Twenty-one men at 12 dol. wonld earn
$13,104 per year, 30 tniloresses at $6
per week would oarn 9,3G0doI. per year
or 22,464 dol. total gross earnings.
Leaving out increaso of pcpulaion this
shows a decrease of 54 men and 45
women, which would mean a loss of
population averaging 3 per head of 297
people. The decrease in wages paid
wai 86,730 dol. per year. At the present time the,statement of Chinese employed was limited for the evidence
yesterday showed the difficulty cf getting a correct number employed on account of the objection to paying taxes.
He gave a list showing a total of 54
Chinese employed in tailoring.
ceiving and those whom Ihey wero
paying 51.00 pel! dozen, could make
40c. On every other article manufactured tho experience was the same,
commencing nt the price tijer. paid the
Chinese, tiie jn-ico went down until
they mot with loss and they ceased
Witness got lis [por week in 18IH.
yiiic-c then wages had slcclincd until
nc''.* JOy tho piece journeymen could
now m.MtsVahout 15 dol. per week, W
he cannot gei eteiuly work, became of
lack ol patronage to white tailors.
Work sent out by the ;-'ece was paid
for in 1S91 mnch higher i^gn now.
There wns a falling oil in ])ri*?saf25
per cent, and over. Chinese hnd cctrm
to his shop offering to make coals for
$4. The price to whtte labor started
at 10. Whilo. prices had come down
in Victoria, Nanaimo, and Seattle
maintain the old prices. He did nqt
know of any Chinese tailors employed
in Nanaimo. Thero wero some in
i*3e-iltie but not to the same extent a.
Tii* C.P.R. Annonncoi a Material Re-
'oaoAon After April lit..
On the first of April the local passenger rates on tho Pacific division of
tbe C.P.R. will be reduced 20 per cent.
This was tbe anouncement made of.
Tuesday by E. J. Coyle, assistant .gen-
e:al passenger aren't. _
Witb this reduction in local rates
there will bo placed on sale local round
trip tickets at a still further reduction.
Commercial travellers' rates will be
reduced to three cents a mile, including
tbe Kootenay lines and the Kootenay
As is generally known passenger
rates on the Pacific division of the
C. P. H. have been greater tban upon
the lines in Manitoba -ind the east. Ot
course this is attributed in great mo!-
mre to the increased cost necessary tb
maintain lines running through tfie
mountains. Repairs to mountain divisions on all transcontinental roads aro
greater, winter and summer, than upon
those portions of tbe line passing
through prairie country or nearly level.
Witness went on to say that the n.nk-Tl,i8tri<*t'*'   ��"d moreover there   it  no
ing of clothes co.t about the .^ ��,, Jcts.at.on to th.s repa.r.ng-it it ens'-
round among the white tailors,  the!      '
For yenm past
average being 9 dol. to 15 dol. per suit.
The Chinese rate was much lower, lie
would produce witness later to give
details as to cost ol Chinese work. As
to hours of work the white tailors
worked 9 hours per slay and 6 days
way by which Tet. Jeaune Cache may | P81' W8ek' He h'"1 bcen in Chinatown
be reached In aafely and In less time-��' ��'* n������ "' ��"*��� day ��ud night and
than by any ���'oth.r. It I. 80 miles '"���W wm> ��'w��ye working. Witness
.horter intn vta Kamloop. and nhl���""""1 ttle Intinuatlon that white
milts let. than the Edmonton route,, merchanUailora sont work to be done
and as for Revelstoke there is no tra.il-, *" Chinese tailors. For his firm he
stall leading (i the Caohe.   There is couia aay ihty employed no Chinese,
.he passeugor rates
.from Medicine Hnt west to LnggaA
have beon based upon * tariff of four
cents per por mile. The decision to
reduce 20 per cent, means that fares
from Medicino Hnt to the coast will
now rest upon a basis of four cents peV
mile. ���Provineo. ^|^|
a yalley all the way without any di*
vidos, The trail could be made much
straighte'r by tbe -judicious expenditure
of a small sum of money, and the government would be well advised in
making an appropriation for this purpose'.
This route abound, with good pasturage, mora particularly at Goat River,
where peavine ia available .11 the year
round. At Pack Saddle there is considerable agricultural land, all kinds of
garden vegetables growing with a luxuriance that could hardly be equalled
In mora southern climes. Mr. Halliday with two others made the trip
from a point IS miles above Tete Jeaune
Cacht In 9 days withont mishap or
jncldtnt worthy of note. No more
favorable route for a railway to the
Tukon tr enn to Behrlng Straits could
bt found In a mountainous country, as
thert i. a natural highway and abroad
���alley extending all the way.
To Illustrate the feasibility ol this
route, mention ia made that Jack-Evan.
I. at prewnt building a boat at Beaver
Ith which he intends to navigate a.
far a. Tete Jeaune Cache, having only
one portage of three mile, to make in
tbe whole j'ourney. Mr. Evans is an
old prospector and trapper and know,.
every inch of tfin country. Archibald
j-jtewar,! Irttblid. pitting a steadier on
Canoe River with which he can navigate np to the bead of the river, a dla
tanceof 85 mile..
Mr. Joa Chamberlain hu Informed the Imperial House that Gen. Botha bad conveyed
veyed th. information In a tetter to General
Kitchener, in which he announced thnt he
waa notdlspossed to recommend tlio tonns of
eeace (Sea. Kitchener was instrtiujod to offer
> the earneat consideration .of his Uovern-
     "        ..added tbat his Govern*
officers entirely agreed
ment and Ita
with bla ides:
Tien Tain, March ltl-The escltenjent Is
great here aa tothe'ps-saible developmessta of
ihe Anglo-Russian dispute. A company of
'" " '   in. and. a company of Rsnalan
alo .cnc.impesl* dn either sido oi
Britiih"trooi     ,-���
S.tjK*Sf!��kl&"Cs>tmsiach other; "'.The Roi:
.una have di-Mra to nre on anyone commencing nork,- Gen. Wogack saya tbe trouble
as caused by tbe unwarrantable laterrar*
Irene, of the Brltlah in tbe affairs ol the
��u caused by tbi) ."nwarrantabie Intorlar"
1^ ^^^^^^^^^^
siding wifl not be'^oisiinued sinless he ra-
lussfan concession, andt he adds \
and so far as he had heard no ono else
in the trad. did. They had once off, red
600 dollars to anyone who cculd prove
that white merchants tailors sent work
to Cninese, but no one had over come
come forward to try for the reward.
He would bring evidenca later to prove
that Chinoso spread thn rumor with
the ovidont intent to throw tho insinuation that people might as woll buy
direct from the Chinese if Chinese were
going to do tho work.
Witness snid thnt tho mei-clia.it tai
lors of tho city could do three tines
tho business at little increased expense.
if thoy bad no Chinese competition.
As to tho wholesale trade he snid
thero wero two wholesale firms in the
city who allowed c.rto.ners to select
oloth for a suit and then the work was
given to Chineso to mak's up. He
woulsl brlnjf a, witnsiss who when cnt
of work once had applied to a wholesale houso In tho city and was told he
oculdn't work for tho rato they wore
getting it done. The man said he
would bo glad to try, bot when tho
rats was told him he would not attempt
Witness thou dulailod the experience
of his linn in wholesale manufacturing.
They pnt In expensive machinery and
made contracts with the wholesale
houses, end at rates at which tbey
could make money . and thai was tbe
rate the Chineso bad been getting,
They wero also told that they would
have preference over the Chineso. They
got paid In ba.K also while the Chinese
had taken trade. They at first got
fli.fsO per dozen fpr ready-made pant.,
and ths Chinese then offered to do work
at io 60. Witness' firm was offered
the preference at that rate and in tbe
end it came down to (4.60 per doxen,
at which rale they could not compete,
and in the end .went out of business.
The employers were not skilled tailor,
and tniloresses. They wore all white
womon and girls, tlie wages were from
116 for learners to tlO or tit, for ex*
pbi-ioliced iiknds. They had employed
aome. 40 bands, Before closing ap
that branch of the business they al-j
flowed th. hand, to try piece work
Saw I.nici. .stacked rp in Tttifre Loadc
by Expert WouiUnun.
At tbe EttA there is an excellent
photograph by W. C. Barclay, of i*v'o
monster loads of suw lofts at Schunt*
er's camp, which js deserving of record
with the many big tilings that tit if
world of ours so frequently produces',
How logs conld be piled up **o high hy
sjieer manual pOM-cr ti n conundrum to
the uninitiated but with tlie nimble
and strong woodsmen the font is 6a%r
and of every day occurrence. In one
load thero wore HO logs and the other
contained 21 pieces of bill timber, The
80 logs were loaded by John A, Mcln-
tyre and hAuled by driver John Gatef)
the 21 -pii-cV load, waa built by Anftus
Ferguson and driven by Dtfgald McCallum. Tbere hare been largo load?
hauled in Minnesota ami Wisconsin
but it is safe to say that tbere neVev
was in those states such huge ioads o\
logs fulled by twe hoists ns thoso we
have'attempted to describe, It proves
that there arc as.Fkilful and tunvcrful
woodsmen in B.C. as in other pi.'rt3 of
creation and it will be a source of some
satisfaction lo our friend, tbo "lumber"-
jack'," to know tbat "Uncle Sam" Ims
not got a monopoly on rccord-brcakiuft
loads of saw log.*.       .,
Rev. \\r. D. Turner leaves for Montreal on the 25th inst.
Thos. O'Brien, barrister, arnveu
home from tbo ccast on TuWflaSv,
Mrs- Yates, wife of Rev. C. F, Yates,
left on a visit to ihe east ou Wednesday.
Dr. Brett, ct Han't, wbo has been
seriously ill with blood-poinou, is no-ty
rapidly recovering.
E. A. Haggen, of tho Kootenay Mai1,
Revelstoke, is on a busiuoss visit to
E. W. Burloy, of Cdigliiy, who1
spent a day or two In Golden during
th'6 week, left for thucoaston Tuesday.
, Mrs. Boss returned to kamloops today after a visit of some weeks witli
her parents, Mr. aud Mrs. Moody.
Constable Barnes, of Ft. Steele, nr-
rived today with witnesses in tlie
Chinese dynamite case.
The ATelibishop  rtf  Ontario, fear* m--*--w*\
Two Wholesale Hunsts lU-stroj-.d���
Upwarilt ol $800,'.C<> tioes
Up In Flames.
Montreal, March 18.���Ono life lost
unci another tin-man iniui-.il. and a
property loss o( 8R00.0U0, are tho
net results of u firo that started in
Looming, Miles & (.'ompuny's wholi*-
salo drug Imilding, loeuted on th��
corner of St. Hulphicu und Me Bres-
oles streets, at 4:-15 Sniurduy morning. This structure mull Ihu largo
grocery store of Hudon, Herbert ."v
I'o., un the opposite; corner, with
their contents*} wero entirely dostroy-
Whon the Central firo brigado responded io tho alarm flvo Minutes **l~
tor the flatties had boon di-tccied. lho
lire bud mado grout, headway, A see-
oml alarm was nont In, Mil iho combined efforts of the firemen hud no
upproClBJblo effOct in stay Ing the pru-
gri'ss uf the Humes. Hevorul explosions occurred in the drug building,
uud hricks und othor missiles were
hurled through tbe uir. inn did littlo
damage, ai h o'clock u wall, which.
woighted with snow, gave wny und
crushed through the lower doors,
bulging them out so thuL the whuh*
building collapsed.
A sqitad of ttrumen wen* playing a
si ream on tho side of Lhe building,
and when they heard lho crush all
run. Flying bricks struck Kiremun
(lugnon on the ankle, knocking h'"1
down. Aniendell Pumas, fuiother flre-
nuin from No. a motion, who was
clone behind Uugnoil, wns also struck
nnd in lulling brought his comrftdu
down with him. Before either could
rise the wall foil upon thein.
It required ten minutes to release
the imprisoned men. nnd when Dumas
wus token out he wus placed in thi
nuibuluiKT- but died before reaching
iiu> hospital.
The origin of lha lire is not known.
Indivihutil losses cannot be leurned
yet. Five yours ago tho building on
the sume siie ns that occupied by
Looming, Miles & Co., wus burned to
ihe ground.
Noire Hume church, the renr of
which is across tlio street from the
buildings burned, was saved from ili*~
ntruction only by hurd work ou th.'
part  of the (irtnien-
Mr. Miles, of Leemillg, Miles i. Co.,
is president of lhe hoard of trade,
liis firm's loss is about 9100.000.
iludon. I toberl &. Co. carried a
1800,000 sioek, 50 per cent, of which
Will be u loss. The explosion in the
teeming, Miles & Co.'s building was
caused by chemicals.
The amount of insurance on Looming, Miles it Co.'s premises hus nol
yet been ucertained, but Hudon, Hubert ��t'Co., whotesntasgrocerss ond
liquors, curried S27"��,0(Ki on ihn
rfttOCk and li.vhin*, tend the owtocrs
of the building, the ttuns of lhe Motel Dion, had K.VI.OUO.
London.  .Mnrch  IS.���'lho war news
I'omulns iMi'itgro, iho most liii"]niriiini
being the nipt lire of Erasmus, one of
the iiinsi irroconcillalllo of lhe liner
lenders, near Ly-denburg.
London. Mnrch $8.���-Nearly Il.itOO
troops sailed from Soulhaniplon yesterday for MouOi Africa.
New York, March 18.���Adellwrl 8.
Hay, U. ti. consul at Pretoria, arrived here tonight on tho steamer New
York. He refused to talk concerning
the South African situation.
Tho Hague,  Mnrrh 18.���M.     Henri
. Uofheforl     is   -.organizing a  big lottery throughout Europe    in    nid   of
tlu* Boers.
Pretoria, March 18.���Tlie prospects
of pence are still considered hopeful.
The Doer losses Inst month wero Mlu*
killed and -100 wounded und l.WW
captured and surrendered.
CsSpc Town, March %&.���General De
Wet's commando has been broken up
at Sencka), Orango River colony.
London. March IS.���King Edward,
who after the injury to hl&'knee, was
obliged to stop bicycle riding, has
resumed that pastime, und hns taken
up fencing, as being tho best antidote
for tho effect*of the increase of sedentary work necessitated by his now
state duties. His Majesty is often
seen bicycling between Marlborough
House nnd the Mull. Recently the
King attended a west ond school
und Indulged In fencing with grent
���seal. He is said 10 ti* a capable
Montreal, March 18.���Hugh Ora-
haiu. editor of the Htar, tins bi-en
committed for trial ut the next eoiu-i
of King's bench on n charge of llhol,
preferred by Lieut.-Col. Cooke, in
connection with tho fetter's refusal
to call out his regiment, the Prince
of Wales' Fusiliers, at tlie tiino of
tho Valloyllold Hot* last fall.
Halifax, March 18.���The royal mail
steamer Lako Champlain arrived yesterday from Liverpool and brought
28 returning Canadian soldiers nnd
a thousand ateerage posBengers, Im-
nu'grants composed of different nationalities and tho majority of thein
bound for the Canadian Northwest.
Thoy left on a special train. The
steamer was dotalned at quarantine
tor several hour* owing to some
���cases of measles being discovered on
Hazsolton, Pa., March 18.���No one
of the president* of tho nine coal
carrying railroads cnuie to JJaad ton
on Saturday In response to a
tele-gram sent out thn night previous,
demanding their presence at a Joint
conference here. The conference I*
now* In ex-scut ivn aennion.
Vaneouwr, B. 0.. March 18.��� Andrew Caniegle ***** written definitely
to G. R. Maxwell that hu will givo
#60,000 to Vancouver for a freo library if Vancouver gives free ground
and 'spends gfi.OOO a yw*-' I" suaten-
l_.porUat   New.   ConrieoatHl   Into   Uriel
Chicago, March 18.���There is a
pressmen's strike on the big papers
in Chicago. The Times-Herald, Tribune, News-Record. Post uud Jouruitl
are affected.
San Francisco, March IS.- The llin-
linghnm polo team, of England, vine
defeated yesterday at Burllngarhtfi lo
u select team of players, by a score
of 9 to 0,
New York, March 18.���Thd steam-
thip New York reached her dock ni.
10 o'clock lust nlglu afier a pitssnge
in which an explosion of an itiuaonhi
tank und a broken shaft caused Iosh
of life and damage to tho vessel.
Missoula. Mont., March lM * At
OHvo, a sttit Ion 46 miles ***�� nf
Missoula, yesterday, o *W*a} car
containing the Ed- "'uviH, UfD
Tom's t'abin Co. Wttfl burned, fou
members of '"���' *-''������l��u��.v losing Iheir
Milwaukee, March 1M..-The Men-
icke Toy cotnpany's live story brick
structure wus destroyed by lire lust
night. The loss Is between fl00.000
nnd 9195,000.
Chicago, Mnrch 18.���Goo. Hunt, al
(oruev-geiieral of the stute nf llltnol
from 1884 to 1H1>2, and u veteran of
tho civil war, died yesterday., at his
home in Riverside.
Nashville, Ti-nn., Maretf 18.���At
Tiptonville, In Luke county, last
night a mob bunged Uo Fllzgeruld, ;
negro, lo a tren near the court house
The negro wus charged with assault
on a while girl. Miss Davenport, ll��
venrs old, and a trial jury bad just
reported that thoy could not agree
und had boon discharged. A different
verdict hud been expected and the
mob seized the prisoner before the
sheriff could hurry him from the
court room.
Mtirpswell, Maine, March J 8.���Hev.
Elijah Kellogg, author nnd preueher,
whose fume rested on his books for
boys and his composition "Sparocus
to the Gladiators," which nearly
every school boy has learned at some
time, died nt his home of bronchial
pneumonia, in his 88th year.
Indianapolis, March118;���Surrounded by fully 15,000 of his fellow-citizens, the remains of Benjamin Harrison wore yesterday afternoon interred
In the family lot in Crownhlll cemetery. Close liy the grave were the
members of his family. President McKinley and other visitors of distinction and tho more Intimate friends
of General Hurrison.
Minnedosa. Man., March 15.���* A
largely attended meeting wus hold In
the Town hull On Fridny evening and
steps taken towards the formation of
a tire brigade. Over forty signilied
thoir Intention of becoming members,
and a committee was appointed ti
arrange for the purchase of stilt ubl<
London, March IH.���In tho house of
commons on Friday the chancellor of
ih> oxehoqttor presented the report of
UlO si leet committee on the civil list
With reference to llie publication in
th" London Times of confidential
statements on Ihu subject and rec m-
muuding the sponger to take steps,
either by thu exclusion ofthe 'limes
representative from tho house, or
otherwise, as lie saw lit to prevent
a recurrence of such iui offense.
Clay Switch, Ky., March 17.���In n
luud-cnd collision between freight
trains on the Illinois Central mil-
wuy. three men were Instantly I.i.led
und throe were fatally injured. A
misunderstanding of orders is said
to havo caused the wreck. The trains
run together ut full speed. Uuth engines were wrecked, and all the men
riding  thereon   were  either  killed    or
London, March 17,���Sir Kdwin
Saunders, F. R. C, H., K v., s.. pres-
ideni of the Odnntologieul society
and dentist to King Edward and
Queen Alexandra. Is dead. He was
born March 12, 1814.
London, March IS.���The civil ser-
\ ice supplementary estimates issued
Suturdny show that tho expclftos In
connection with Queen Victoria's fu-
n.-ral amounted to ��85.000, of which
sum ��11,400 w��s expended for the
housing and entertaining of foreign
.oiuion, March 18 During the
night of Thursday, tlie British berk
Wanderer, from Tacouia, was sighted
recently disabled six miles off St.
Anne's Head. The steam fishing
bout Merlin endeavored inefleeiiiiiily
io take her In low, then wenl to Mll-
fard Haven for assist unco. Tho
steam trawler Rqglnnld wont out and
arched for tho Wanderer for 18
hours without sighting her und then
returned to port.
The Hague, March is���The minis?
���r of war, Kelund, has resigned in
.nscquenco of a recent  antagonistic
vole  in  the  rhnmber.   He  was    up.
pointed ou July 81, 1807,
Calgary, March 18.���Dr. MaaKfc
si ales that Ur. Brett has taken n
decided turn for tho better.
Halifax, March 17,���The Conservatives of the Nova .Scotia legislature
are advocating manhood suffrago
through a bill introduced by Mr.Wilcox. Tho bill provides that any person may register who will bo 21
years old in April following the February In which registration takes
Montreal, March 17.���Tho express
which left Toronto at 0 last night
wos wrecked at St. Holycarpe by an
open switch. Several cars left tho
track. Eng'mer Lumsden was so
badly Injuicd that ho will die.
OHiivh, March 17.���It in stated
that Menler, the French "Chocolato
Kli.g." has recently refused on offer
of y3.000.ooo for tho Island of Antieosti.   The  price for which  ho se
cured the island wan only 8135,000,
but Menler claims to have expended
at least 81,000.000 on Improvement*
since taking possession.
Montreal,. March 17.���M. Aronson,
a well known pawnbroker, at ons
o'clock on Friday morning put a
bullet Into his head from a large calibre revolver. ; Ho died In tho ambulance on hll way to the hospital-  ;.
Natural -Has Pipe Hursts In  a Private H-we���Spread of
(loverport, Ky., March 17.-By the
bursting ol a natural gas pipe In
the kitchen of a private house shortly ufter midnight thu building was
set ulirc. A high wind was blowing
and tne burning embers wero carried
io tho Immense tobacco warehouse
owned by the American Tobacco Co.
These buildings wore soon wrapped
Huiaes, nnd efforts lo save them
wero abandoned In order to light the
11 res which were springing up ou all
Tho Tobacco company's plant, consisting of two stemiuerloH and 1,000,-
000 pounds of tobacco, wns soon
destroyed and the firo continued lo
spreah. The fire department wns
totally Inadequate, and .Louisville,
und Henderson wore asked to send
assistance. As Louisville is seveuty-
live miles distant, however, no help
arrived until 4:80 o'clock, and by
lhat time the fire had about exhaust.
ud its material. Every business house
was gone, together with all provisions and clothing. Over half of the
residences, too, had boen destroyed,
und 1,000 people were wandering
aimlessly through tho streets, staring at tho ruins. Here and thoro on
the outskirts of tho town, fires were
seen in small frame cottages, but
theso gradually died' out and by noon
the flames hnd born almost entirely
Relief trains were made up nt
Louisville and Honderson und they
brought 5,000 loaves of bread and a
largo supply of clothing. The couches
will bo placed at tho disposal ol tho
homeless until thi-y can find other
temporary homes. Adjutnnt General
this afternoon shipped 500 tents from'
Frankfort. I-eading the list of losses
of course was the American Tobacco
company, but no estimates havo yot
boen made.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., March 17.���Justice of tho Peace R, C. Motiska, of
Duryca, descended from his boneh
yesterday stripped off Ids eont and
thoroughly thrashed a wife heater.
The mun b,ed profusely and was badly bruised and eut before ho gave in
und bogged forgiveness.
Tho man whipped wus John Peson-
tini, charged with boating hir; vf'.te,
and threatening to kill her. In lhe
course of the hearing the prisoner replied to a comment from the In-iu-h
with an epithot and the thrashing
followed. Tho justice afterwords sentenced Pesontini to jail on the charge
of wife boating and throats to kitl.
London, March 17.���Tho Puke and
Duchess of York and Cornwall started on Friday morning on the first
stage of thoir toxir of the four quarters of the globe.
King Edward, Queen Alcxundru. and
other members of the royal family
accompanied the travellers to Portsmouth, whence the steamer Ophir
with tho Duko and Duchess on board
will sail.
Tho departure of the King and
Queen from Marlborough house was
accompanied by a semi-state cari--
monlfll. His Majesty was in full na-
vgl uniform, and his carriage was escorted by a detachment of the Life
The Duke and Duchess drovo to
the railroad station quietly from St.
James' palace.
Small gatherings along tho route
cheered tho royal personages.
London, March 17.���A dispatch re-
wived hero from Tien Tsl n by Router's Telegram company from that
city today at 2:80 p. m., says:
"The Russians are now entrenched
in the disputed territory. A company of the Hong Kong regiment,
with fixed bayonets, is in front,
while two companies of the Madras
Pioneers, under the command of
Major Johnson, are held in reserve.
Both tho Russians and the British
are awaiting instructions from their
Washington, March 17.���Protocols
wore signed at the state department
on Friday by Lord Pauncofote and
Secretary Hay extending the time of
the ratification of four of the British
West Indian reciprocity treaties. The
extension Is for a period of ono year.
Shanghai, March 17.���It Is understood here that the negotiations are
likely to be suspended owing to the
Mnnchurian difficulty.
Palis, March 17.���Tho seconds of
Count Dune de Castellano and M. de
���todays mot on Frlhay afternoon nnd
decided that a duel should tako place
tomorrow morning. Two shots will
be exchanged at 25 paces.
London, March 15.���The departure
of the Duke of Cornwall for Australia to-morrow will bo convorted into
an impressive imperial function. Tho
King and Queen will drive In a Viotoria in semi-state, and tho royal
yacht will accompany the Ophir part
of the way down the Solent. No othor important function Is planned for
tho spring or summer. The reception
of delegations will continue, and
thero will be one or two levees for
diplomatists and officials. The King
will not, open tbo Glasgow exhibition
in May.
Belleville, March 15.���H. R, Dou-
gall, K.C., died this morning In his
77th year. Mr. McDougall was
stricken with paralysis in the police
court nearly four years ngo, and
never recovered.
Queenstown, March 15.���"Kid" McCoy, the pugilist, sailed yesterdayffor
New York on the While Star line
steamer Oceanic, after a few days in
Great Britain completing the purchase and arranging for the -shipping
of a number of English hackneys for
breeding establishment at Saratoga. He dews not propose to do any
(fighting hi tht Mar future.
K��w awl Old World'.* Htnr* <IwIsmiI>
Toronto, March to���J. Jlansley.
late county crown attorney of Norfolk, died at Slmcoe.
Montreal, March 17,���A seat ou the
Montreal stock exchange sold yesterday morning for $12,000. The
purchaser was F. L. Hutchinsonl and
the seller Thomas Wilson.
London, March 17.���-The Uritlsh
government has issued u public invitation to secretaries and others having claims against Chili to present
them at tho foreign office.
London, March Id.���The houm* Bat
until half past one this morning and
adopted the chief items of the army
estimates, these amounts being urgently needed by the government boforo tho close of tlio financial year.
San Francisco, March 17.-The state
supreme court ou Saturday granted a
new trial to Mrs. Cordelia Botkin,
who was convicted of tho murder of
Mrs. J. P. Dunning, In the summer
of 189S, and sentenced to Hie Imprisonment .
New York. March 16.���Ono man
was drowned and four others were
rescued In nu unconscious condition
yesterday after a test of a self-righting lifeboat, by United States officers
in Brooklyn. The man who waa
drowned wns Andrew Peterson, a
St. Josoph, Mich., March 17.���Tho
Ire went out of the St. Joseph river
on Saturday night, und the result Is
a Hood that has inundated the lowlands between the city and Benton
Harbor, where are many manufacturing concerns, to u depth ot several
bet. Tno water is still rising rapidly.
So. John's, Nfld.. March 17.���Tho
Newfoundland Ruilway Steamship
company's Bruce, which arrived on
Friday from North Sydney, C. B., reports having passed 100 miles of ice
coming out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, which will bo In the track of
shipping within a few days.
Woodstock. Ont., March 17.���Tho
Baptist college hero has been closed
owing to an epidemic of scarlet fever
prevailing in the Imilding. There aro
six eases of the disease, but fortunately all aro of n mild typo. Tho
college remains closed until April 10,
during which time tho building will
be thoroughly disinfected.
Ihirrivburg, Pa., March 17.���Chas.
\Y. Ryan, cashier oi the Halifax National bank was shot to death by
Henry Rowe and Weston Keiper, of
Lykens, at noon yesterday In au attempt at a daring bank robbery. The
robbers wero captured by a party of
citizens soon after the crime und
wero brought to llarrisburg jail, together with F. B. Straley, of Lykens,
who is sus-jiected of being uu accomplice.
Kingston, Ont., March 17.���A
young lady went to a local doctor
yesterday to bo vaccinated. The doctor prepared to" perform tho operalron
on her left arm, but the young lady
objected, saying ft must be douo on
the right' arm. Asked why this must
t)o. she replied that a- young gcntlc-
anan friend had been vaccinated on
tho left arm, and it was netvs.-inry
that hor left arm be unt one'e-*!.
Boston, Mars., March 18,��� Thrca
lives wero lost, nearly a dozen men
more or less injured and many thousands of dollars damage was Lho result of a fierce fire started In the
press room of tho Dally Advertiser
and Record in the seventh granite
front building iu "Newspaper Row-
Washington street, last night.
Pekin, March 17.���Eight Australians have volunteered for railway
service for a term of six months. It
Is reported that a largo bond of military deserters of different nationalities are committing depredations between Pekin and Tion Tsin. A small
squad of Germans encountered the
band nud were compelled to retire.
British cavalry have boen dispatched
to disperse, the marauders.
Calcutta, March 17..-Complete census returns give the populgtlon of In*
dla as 204.000,000, an increase in
tho lost dorado of 7,000,000. Deducting tho population of the Balu-
chistun. Shunstuks, Chin Hills and
Sikkin territory, enumerated for the
first timo, a net increase is shown of
only 1.4 per rent., which Is due tq
improved, census: methods.
Calgary. March 17.���Dr. Brett, proprietor of tho Sanitarium, Banff, ex-
premier and a former leader of the
opposition In the Territorial legislature, Is lying seriously Ul with blood
poisoning. lh\,Mackid, df Calgary,
Is In consultation with Hr. White
on the case.
St. Petersburg, March 17.���News
comes from Moscow that tho city Is
terribly ex if led over the riot whleh
began thero on March 4. The dla*
tiirbancen continued several days,and
It is trustworthily reported that ono
student wts killed and many were
severely hurt in the conflict with thn
police, who arrested 700 persons be-
sldes noting tho identity of several
Madrid. March 14,���Official dispatches from Ripoll, provlnco of Ger-
ona, report a continuation of the
agitation there, The new perfect of
Barcelona left suddenly for his post.
Peterboro, March 18.���At a meeting of the directors of tho Peterboro
Examiner Printing company, It was
decided to close out tha business of
tho company. The plant and promises having been completely wiped
out by fire on Saturday morning led
to this decision. The president of
tho company. J, R. Stratum, has assumed alt obligations and will con-
tlnuo the publication of the Dally
Examiner and Weekly Examiner, and
will placo an entirely new plant as
rapidly as orders can bt filled.
Winnipeg, March 18.���Tho -P.R.
per Ial Limited fast txpress service
will commence on Juno 10 this your,
a date slightly earlier than lut season, The servloe will continue until
October 10. The timo of last year.
100 hours from Vancouver to the
eastern terminus, will probably bo
cut a few hours, the roadbad through
the watt having been put into a fine
���olid condition to adult of.Jut nin-
r'aor Hundred   Men and Roys Sit-
round, Wound and Capture
Three Robbers.
Farmiogton, Mich., March 15.���
Four hundred -men and' boys had
pi tclwd bat tlu yesterday afternoon in
which over a thousand shots were
exchanged v ith three burglars, who
wero hiding in a patch of woods
threo miles west of the village. After a desperate resistance tho men
showed a whito flag from behing
thoir cover, and when tho posse
swarmed in upon them it was found
that all three wore badly wounded.
They gave their names as George
Smith, John Taylor and Jim Williamson, and thtlr residence as Port Huron.
Williamson had been shot through
the back, head and one elbow; Smith
was wounded in the back and legs,
and Taylor In tho face and legs. Tho
throe were handcuffed and brought to
the village, where their wounds were
dressed. The crowd made such
threatening demonstrations after the
men's capture that the officers removed their prisoners to the jail at Pontine.
Adelaide, Capo Colony, March 14.���
Kritzinger's commando Is working
northward and has eluded throe British columns. It pnssed here on both
sides of the town without attacking.
Yesterday evening a Boer patrol
capturedfour native scouts and shot
three of them. Kritzinger's men
havo carried off all the horses in thu
Albany district, for which, as they
wore- registered, Great Britain will
have to pay ��10,000. The raiders
were civil to the inhabitants of the
district though they command-orcd
horses and food. They did not indulge In wanton destruction of property and In many eueee offered canh
for tho food thoy obtained.
Ottawa, March 15.���Mr. Fielding
delivered the budget speech yesterday, whleh was the shortest in tha
history uf the Canadian Commons.
Tho financial statement' showed a
surplus for tho post year, and indications for a large one this present
year. There were practically no tariff changes announced, although in
futuro all boot roof sugar machinery
i ncounigement to the industry. The
minister believed a million dollars
will bo required to pay iron nnd
steel bounties, which will bo paid
directly out of tho treasury instead
of being deducted from customs duties, as in the past.
Messrs. Osier and Clancy replied,
and Sir Richard Cartwright moved
the adjournment.
Now York, March 16.���As' tho result of a demonstration given before
the Now York academy of medicine,'
exclusively for the members of the
profession, tho hearing of a young
woman, 10 years of ago, totally deaf
from child hood, has been completely restored. A new electrical Invention was used. By its aid the girl
heard distinctly and a full test with
ft resulted in the discovery that, after it had been used, she stilt heard
words spoken by some of the physicians preaent.
A detachment of deaf mutes from
the New York Institution for the instruction of the deaf and dumb was
present under tho guidance of William H. Vantassel, one of the most
ski,led of their instructors.
With almost uniform success the inventor, by means of his device, constructed for the purpose of Instructing the deaf and dumb, clearly demonstrated the practicability of
teaching such patients in a few minutes not only to hear but to repeat
words. '
London, March 15.���In reply to deputations which called on him yesterday King Edward asserted his
loyalty to the established church,
while, at the same time, he cordially
promised to the nonconformists his
co-operation in tho maintenance of
civil and religious liberty.
Brockville, March 15.���W. A. Sutton, a Prescott man, shot himself
whilo playing with an old revolver
which he thought was not loaded.
He was flourishing lt and pointing
it towards his breast, when he pulled the trigger. The bullet entered
tho breast bono. A doctor was summoned and tried to extract the bullet, but was unsuccessful. It is
doubtful If Sutton will recover.
Ottawa, March 15.���Frederick Ten-
nyson Congdon, barrister, of Halifax,
has been appointed to the position of
legal adviser to the council of the
Yukon territory In tho place of William IX. P. Clement, formerly of Toronto. Mr, Congdon will havo a salary of 15,000. a year. He has alw
boen appointed a member of the Yukon council..
Wilkesbarre, Fa., March 14.���The
boiler of eoglne No. 689' od the Lehigh Valley railroad exploded yesterday morning while the engine waa
pulling a ooal train near Mudrun,
and thrcp man were killed, ������   ���
London, March 14.���Tho British
navy estimates for 1901-3 amount to
��80,875,500, an increase of over ��3,-
000,000, chiefly for shipbuilding.
There is Sh increase of 8,745 in the
number of officers and men.    ' .
Lisbon, March 14.���A bulk in the
harbor hero is being fitted out for
the reception of tht Boer families expected to arrive shortly Itt these
waters on board Portuguese worships from Lorento Marques, Delagoa Say-
Montreal, March 18. ���Improvements to tht extent of f 130.000 will
be made thit tprlng and sumintr by
tho Canadian Pacific Hallway tOtt-
pany bfltwttfl this city and Owe��
Sound.       .
ita THAT let
in spite of his sad faee he eanrerie.l
with her with easy grace, as lie walked
beside her. Coming to the week, wfiic'j
was wide, though shallow, he seemed
st a loss what to do.
"Would you think ��� me rude." he n*
Quired, looking into her face with the
frankness that wns nntiirpl to hhu. "if
t carried you through ihe ., ticiim. It wilt
not take me over the tops of my high
boots T"
He noiihed Irresolute;
Elizabeth gsve him a more ponetrw
Ing glance thnn before. Then she stood
I+rrectly still, without replying, but
turned t littlo aside from h.m.
Very gently and carefully be look her
In his amis and waded 'through the
stream. Then he put her down on the
opposite shore wit lund coming ont of
the wster hiim-eir, lint wild:
"Yon see tbnt sinuke ycmler, near thst
bluff, thst Is Ooilffey's."
Then ho taniiii to retrace his stpp*
"Oh!" she said Impulsively, "lot mc
thank you for yonr kluduess to mo."
"Don't mention It," he replied, but he
did not turn rouud again.
Elizabeth soon arrived at Godfrey'*
"ramshackle" of a habitation, m-nrly
tt the door of "The Sure Footed Colt."
Elsie wu immensely glad to see hsr
Thnt night Elisabeth snld to Elsie.
after liotos of the past years had bpen
exchanged sud dlsetiMsed, nnd they dis*
robed to lay down to their virgin sleep:
"Elide, thero is a pulefneel man. with
tbe manners or a gentleman, living in
this locality.   Do yon knew him?"   .
"Know him! Well yon ean bet your
whole pile I do. He Is the manager of
the Eagle Bill, which Is owned by som*
person out in Switzerland, snd pupa
eays he is no good, And Is as mean n*.
scrub timber, Bin! he would give hair
rthe ort in the "Sure Fooled Celt** If ho
was six of seven feet under the hill
When Albert Yultcyliehl was 21 yesia
of age, life showered upon him its kind
est blessings. He was the only child of
rich old Major VidicyfleM, who boasting
of a long Hue of noble British nn v. tn:-*,
settled la New York City, U. 8., \vb."i
Albert was a mere la*!, In order to th.-
more readily speculate In Amor.'cii-j
securities.which Imd hern n na.i I :: vr'h
him during the senior ye:>r.-< �����" his life.
Though New York was a good omul.,'))
place for the major to make inoaey iu,
It was not a good euoin;h p'n e tn p..**
tate his buy In, so at the age of l.'I Albert was packed off to one of the Knf'
Xtih universities to be selio->.!ed nfie- lb*?
traditions of his fathers.
Albert had made a mark for ld-nt-el *.
at Cambridge, and returned tn tb *
United States' couiiuei-elul nielr.ipnli.
when 10 yenrs old, with all llie triinn.i'i
of sucecsssitil examinations eii-m hb).
In New York City, under tlie*) toud)
tions, his life was oue round a" ha;m'
ness and pleasure. Sought fer <n ae
count of his own worth, and the "iirest-
age" his father's fortune gave him h
was a social Hon and uVtHinl sflttfriw
and his life for a time nfter bo hai w.i.i
his graduatlou papers was one long ray
or sunlight Into which the pcmimhrn i'
care had not yet come. At tiilt time
as a crowning Itenediction io his othor
joyous realities, ho was eugagejl to he
married to one of New York's fairest
daughters, a Miss Clara Humphrey
Hawthorne, who toasted of Mayll >we-
distinction iu her lino uf birth.
Albert was deeply attached to l.i ,
f-sm-e, and believing thnt. she wna.deep
ly attached to him, looked uiim the
Mieeess of his suit for her hand as the
only remaining drop necessary to till to
the brim his cup of hupplnees.
How is it thnt sometimes jast befu*->
Fate deals us her crudest on-l.tni.-hv8
tbat Is the exact lime wheu i-he emhn
rors to make us think grief is the fu theft from us?
It was so iu Albert's ease. Indeed,
the Invitations had been Issued for b's
irarriage lu September, when on the
fourth day of August'his futlioiy the
major, died from a sudden stro-tc of np-
poplexy and an examination of his affairs by his executors revea'rd tho fact
that he wss a bankrupt, aud thnt nil
Albert, his son, posesssed in ihe wide
world now, was a property wo.tli s.itre
W0,000, left to him by his mother at
her death. When the Investigation *
Into the affairs of the elder VaUoyfleM
were concluded, it was found tlmt h��
was not only bankrupt, bnt thnt he had
left behind htm debts to the rtftonnt o"
orer $00,000, and to pay there VMiert
promptly sold his own property mid to*>k
up his father's paper thut bt< pareu
might go down to the. grave wl'.h'hnnd.',
owing so mini a conl. People told A Ik-it
he ww a fool to do It, but to fiis he
only qnletly replied: "Thore bus never
been a stain on a Valloyllold yet, tnd
to one hss suffered yet from th-we of
my blood, and as far as I can p-vont
R no one ever she.!."
He did this thing easily, ft* pe ng 'i
vital princlide of h's lieing- A mii'h
more difficult thiug for him to d ��� wi i
the adaptation of hiewAt to the r��sto��t
fact that his betrothed had wfared h.e.���
ardor for hlm��*to cool,' -evert -before hti
first aharp panes of grief for his -atr-
tnt'a death had subsided-
' As .toon at the nruper t'ms arrir-sl
he Went to and -relea����"| her .am tlw
He that .toiind her to hhu. an ! when alio
accepted the rc.ease;v.!.h swat eff'-'t
t.* di.-giuw her pleasure, -over ihe dead
embers of the tire of.his pre.Uiu* sue-
cesses rose a sweet ine- use of satis-
ftictbm that' he had dl-v-.vevrd tb's
beautiful creiil.ireN i-eliisli lust'ncts ere
ho had ltcen"Insei.arably'>I��ed trt her.
As Albert's ffttltj-Va downfall had
i-nine thin-gli k!s.sp.viilatlai'.* lu mlnlaj
fdiv.k.., Aibtyri ai-iNH-d. wi'h roato wi*
���n:-, that it was in the mines be hud a
,|.-!.' *���. i i ....,-��� fn- a fut-*r.' Hvdihoo:!,
yet It seemed a more Before ilbistration
than usual of the irony of f.ite that thi
train that hid lieen ouce selected to
Irt'iir him away on kti honeymoon tu/iie I
ui* to-be the very trnln-ithat n.w ton!.
Idin on his mission for eiup'o/nu-nt
aii.onti lhe mountains of the fa." w st
I'lider ntw aad changed enndir'ons h?
fiiiight the battle of Hfe with nd fferent
success among tlio hills of California,
and It wai not until nfter three o? four
years of slavi-h "fl-AJ-k that he *..*��� ro
'lie position or ni.uin.jer of B ami 1 mill'
enHo.l the-Eagle Rill, In a new and not
very promising mining locality.
lie had been in charge, or th's mins
only a short time, when piitt'ug Ids en-
port knowledge of such mutters to cool
account, he discovered qm�� day a now
and extremely vnhuiblo lode at the
hi.ttndary edges of tbe Eagle Rii'.wherj
Ihe ore' was so ririv that it win vt.y
imtont to ValleyfiVIil that many immense fortunes- lay ���flcn'piu:,- her.* in j*I'��
wee. Shango that tip* dlsioveiy, whicli
should natur.illy nave brought 1dm pleasure and profit, fhnnld bring him t ouhto
nnd cure, hut it so turned out to b.>.
h wns fihortly -beforo this p:i ttenia?
time that Elijrnhelli Stun wood lit-enmi
poM^essed of this mine, md of h r deter*
ininatioii'to luspceb Jt, and her arrival
In this mining district the reader has already been Informed.
KK-f.nl.etli bad plenty of food for
Ihuimht ou tho. second day of her arrival In the Little dutch ' District, ami
Elsie soon became aware that her cousin
waa far more reflective and quiet tban
when they had been clarsmates *-*.
get her. Elsie' noticed the change, but
us Is sometimes the cast she attributed
it to the wrong cause.
That tbere was some mystery about
her mine, Elizabeth felt sure; yet whra
she thought of her manager (tad tho
did Hi ink of him very much that day),
it was uf the graceful aud courtly
way be had lifted her over that stream,
rather thau in any other character. Thj
delicate, yet tender, manner In which
he hud performed what he had regarded
as n duty, lingoied with her long, aal
she wondered where his yo-.th h.d beeu
spent for bim to reeeire that hind of an
(dneution, .
It did uot require much percept ion on
Elizabeth's part to soon discover from
what was suld iu her hearing that the
Eagle nill and Sure Footed Colt were
rival mine*,jmd that a pcifr-cdy hostile
understanding existed between the two
ebtiuiK, hut she rightly conjectured thnt
remaining a wuy from lier own post-en*
���don for a time would he the b^t possible way to allay suaplc(ou,,nud at tbt
same time enable her to hear all the
gossip concerning the property that the
here owned.
On the third day of Elizabeth's arrival at Godfrey's, Elsie kept ber ro-.in
nnd nursed a Severe headache, while
her cousin passed the major part of the
nay in galloping Godfrey's mustang
over the beautiful but silent country.
Near evcalng ehe directed him towarls
rt certain stream, let him tvplash thr-,u-th
It and then gallop far up into th* woodi
oc the opposite side. * Without consider-
tig the impulse thnt swayed her, sho
passed on to the spot where the pickax*?
handles bad beeu made a few days before. All was silent here now, and the
loach of loneliness which the view garo
her awoke her for the first time to tbo.
real reason that had Impelled her tn
take this direction. Feeling . a littlo
ohased at her own foolishness, iht
; brought her mustang . ground with a
jerk, and by giving him ��� ��harp cut on
tho flank, evidently desired bim to go
baek much faster than be had com*. ,
But this mustang was not accuitomcd
to such sudden capricw, and be restnt-d
tbe treatment at 'met  by makias two
rapid jumps forward,    then wheeling
suddenly... ...
isaw    '        "���'���"���"'      /
-,   (Va bt continued.*
Always Ballt tha Wattr.
"Does your' wife boll your drinking
41 Yea, and we never htd any real
enjoyment until the did."
"And io yop really enjoy drinking
,itf"*v \ yi
"We don't drink It   She throws It
on our neighbor'^ thieving dog."-Den-
ver Newt/ *���
He Curei Every Form of Piles Thoroughly _iii Well
Without the Danger, Expense and Pain
of an Operation.   ' '.���'.'
It la .urprlilng what a larg. num-
'aet ol man aad woman atufer from
tk.wr.tdMs. unMilAaa. and torlur-
lag Itchlsf ol pllea. Ton uiy be
among thoa. who, through nudeaty
or law ot th. aurgson'. Vatl.,' havt
bem prsveuUd from appealing to
your phvaiciaa lor a otto., tog hav.
UM th. hundred and belt thing, that
Mud. have; rtcomnuoded aiul havt
htttnw dlwouragn). Vou tay, a*
many hav. aald baton you, that
than -a ao.eurt lor pllaa.
Mow I. tht tlmt for you to turn to
Dr. Olu.se, whoa, famous ointment I.
ncognlnsd tba world ow aa th. only
actual cur. tor every form ol pllea.
The real nbatantlal value ol Br.
Chaa.'.    Ointment hat   given tt a
sn: that Mmtment and hM, become
kauwa ty wtrd of aoath frbrfl ffltncr
U frnad nad ranghbor to Mlghbor.
Alt your Irkaade afeout ,lt, sals, your
���Hgsjri*.' Mk your doctor, "other.
haft bwn dtKouragad, and alter
year, af misery have been cured by
Dr. ChtM'. Ointment. Here la one.
*trto3mm Drown. Ulntonborg, near.
Ottawa, ..wrltat. :���"I hav, been a
.mm~at   tuUnr Iron nearly every
form of -41at for ��he lot 30 yean,
and during that time, both hare aad
In tb. old oountry, ban tried almoat
nvery remedy!. ������-�����> ! ��� "t
.'.'I am only doing 'Justice to Dr.
CHswe's Ointment when. I aay that I
believe it to be the beet fem-sty obtainable tor bleeding and protruding
pile.. I atrongly rasmrmwnd Dr.
Cham's Ointment to msthara, or la-
deed, to aay   psmea auBeflng from
ton, a leading
that dread torment*
Mr. George
nwwrsajit if jOtitm-fi #��.;
"I waa tra.uNed . with Itching ptlea
tor IB yoar��, and at time, tbey Cn
ao bad I eould aoettasj^elk. I triad
��� great many remedial,, but uever
lound anything llk.-pr. Chaae'a Ointment. Alter tht third application I
ofctalsMd relief, and wu. completely
Sired by suing oue box." Aak your
lighten about Dr. Chssjse'. Ointment, the only absolut. curo lor
pilot,*, ,tr.   ���   .     ������ I -.-
You ean obtain Dr. Chaae'a Ointment for 80 cent, a box from "am
dealer. If you prefer, encloot thia
sunount to then offloe. and the rs-uv
cdy will be ant, postpaid, to your
tddresra.: Edmanajea, fata. * 0|>,���_
T<,|,��1,'..'. ',    [,'���'���  r,    ,        . Vi
Q-oi.x��*Easr Ira.
soldi*, mnn Columbia.
the Knew Exae.lr Bow to Gala Pa-spa'. Con.cal.
Being au Independent, straightforward American girl, she boldly entered
the library where her father waa try-
Ing to keep awake, took his lap In preference to an easy chair, got bim by a
linlr Nelson hold about the neck and
promptly told him thot sbe bad en-
gaged herself to that young Johnson on
Second avenue.
"\Vbot!" whooped the old gentleman,
a ail he attempted to get to hi. feet tbnt
hc might express himself with mon
action nnd Imprvsslveness. But It I. a
qui. k shift from tbo Imlf Nelson to th.
strangle hold, and she musie the shift
while she talked rapidly In a cooing
tons', putted bim on the cheek with her
free hand an.l vigorously worked the
"Lucy." he yelled, "brenk awayl"
.bowing that he was not .0 unsoplilstl-
coie.1 as he looked. "You're throttling
"lie lias t nice |x��ltton and good
pio.ipeets and no bnd habit., and h.
uever made love to any girl before, and
his family Is all right, and mamma uid
she trns willing If you were, and Uncle
Dick say. tbere are lot. 'of worse fellows than Mr. Johuson, and Aunt Kate
says she always did like him, and oar
"I 'or beaven'e sake, girl," gurgled tbt
old gentleman, who was purple and
gasping, "do you know wbat you're doing?" And he made n desperate effort
to break tbe Isold, with the result thtt
be tightened It.
"Don't get excited, papa, dear, bless
bis old lii'iirt! I knew yon wouldn't be
cruel enough to break my heart" And
ahe put 01. the pressure. "A. I wa.
saying, tbe minister aald"���-
"Minister Ise (slowed," and papa's
eyes were bulging; "all of 'em bt blow*
cd! Marry lilm, marry tbe whole Johnson family, but let me get a breath.'
Then she kissed lilm enthusiastically,
rallesl lilm an angel nnd wa. proclaim*
lug lier engagement In the parlor, while
tile old- gentleman was coughing,
wbeeslng. swearing and assuring himself how he'd hate to be In Johnson',
%�� Apnlenr ant a Settlement.
TVlieu the theater crowd wa, at Itt
thickest on Broadway on Saturday
nl.lit, a well .et up man of medium
aha?, wearing s glossy .Ilk hat, harried
along. In dodging through the throng
the handle of the cane ho carried
csugltt ihe .-m of ont of two burly
persuns who were going In tht nn,
direction. He half turned a. If to apologise, hut before he could do-to ont
tf the pair smashed hi. silk bat with ���
heavy stick..
"1 beg your pardon*, sir," said tht
man. blandly Inking off hie battered
tlle. "My rudeness was unintentional."
Putting back the damaged bat on bis
head, be dropped bis cane and said,
"Now I propose to settle with you for
t blackguard."
Those on the spot uw a flash of
Osts. Tl.e big man went flat on hit
back from a clean smash on tht jaw.!
"If you want any more, I am ready
to oblige you," aald tbe other.
The other apparently didn't Tbt
tmaller man picked up bit tttck, took
off hit damaged silk list, brushed It
tnd continued on his way down Broadway. And Ibe crowd of spectators,
wbo had gathered as If by magic, broke
np with tht feeling that they bad Men
at neat a bit of work at It would ever
bt their good fortune to encounter.
Uear Sin,���I have been a great sufferer from rheumatism, and lately
bave been confined to my bed. Seeing your MINABD'S LINIMENT advertised, I tried It and got immediate
rellof. I ascribe my restoration to
health to the wonderful power of
your medicine.
Burin. NM.
Hotel, aad Trained Nonet.
Trained nurses are nol welcome
guests In New York hotels, and In fad
In many tbey are espreaaly forbidden
lo appear In tbe dining room. In their
uniforms. The hotel keeper, object to
their presence In their working dresses
l-ii-iiiise any Indication of the existence
ol disease In a hotel I. disadvantageous Under these circumstances Ihey
ire compelled to go through ns much
preliminary labor before they go lo
meals as If Ihey bad been Invited under
formal circumstances. Yel tlte wisdom
of Ihe rule on the part of tbo hotel proprietor. I. admitted, as In tome of tbt
large hotel. Up town occupied chiefly
by famine, there are frequently 10 or
12 trained nureoa employed. The eight
of to many would nol bt reaxurlnt tt
Good talkers are, plentiful; but. good
listeners, tire hard to And.
la a eyraptoaa of KMnay
Disease. A waU-known
doctor baa aald, " I never
yetmadtapnat awsitwtx-'
out lading Ibt kidney.
mreaUaun." Th.Kldn.7-
medlclo.whlchwa.llm 00
tha 'market, mod eucMee.
2tor H��art Dlatan and
UsImt Troetsle* and
a. ss.
Do Wet's commando hsu been broken up.
A mob hanged u negro In Luke
county, Tenu. '    ...
The expenses ot Queen Victoria',
funeral Weri) 1133,000.
The "'Manitoba' government will   es
tabllsh a new municipality south   ol
Rock Lake.
So\oral girls lost their lives In a
lire at St. Joseph. Mo., leuplng Iron,
upper, stories.
Judge Richards will try Mrs. Progg
at Norway House this spring on
murder charge.
Icelandic residents ol Winnipeg, at
a meeting, declared against the Rob-
lln railway contracts.
Fully 18,000 people attended Fresv
Ident Harrison's luneral at Indianapolis., Including President McKinley
The Boer leader,   will confer
Monday on peace term..
Eleven fresh case, ol plague are reported at Cape Town.
At Cloverpart, Ky., a Are destroyed 71 buildings.
: Dr. Brett Is lying seriously 111 from
blood poisoning at Banff.
Three men were killed In a railway
collision at Clay Switch, Ky.
Three proofreaders were burned to
death *\n 0. Boston newspaper fire,
The Duke and Duchess ot York and
Cornwall leave Portsmouth today on
their journey to Australia..
Mr. Andrew Carnegie will erect at
Pittsburg the finest technical school
In the world, at a cost ot S25.0OO,-
Menler has been offered ��3,000,000
for the Island of Antieosti,
Mis. Portia Knight Is suing the
Duke of Manchester for breach ol
Three persona were killed and several injured in a Brooklyn tenement
Finklestoin's store and contents at
Dauphin, Man., were destroyed by
by Ore, with a loss ol 815.000.
At Fartnington, Mlchf, 400 men
and boys surrounded, wounded and
captured threo burglars In the woods.
Thn Healy created a scene in the
British house ot.commons, attacking
Lord Cecil, the premier's son.
Cowboys attempted .to steal Over-
1,000 head ol cattle from Montana
Indians, but were frustrated by officers. ,
Lord Kitchener is anxious to grant
the Boen more liberal terms than
the home government care tn sanction.
Ex-President Harrison is dead.
The Commercial hotel, Morris, was
damaged by Are.
Edward Connor, ol Quysborough.
N. S*. waa found dead with a fractured skull.
Lord Salisbury haa given an important deliverance on the outlook
Ior British trado.
A Texas mob burned John Henderson at the stake for the murder of
Mrs. Younger, ol Corslcano. The victim confessed hia crime.
Herbert McLanigan was arrested
at Golden, B.C., charged with com-
p icity In the dynamiting of Chinese
at Athelwer, British Columbia.
Mr. Andrew Carnegie has donated
15,000,000 tor the endowment of a
fund for superannuated and disabled
employees ol the Carnefie company.
Tho British navy estimates total
There are sixteen dsaths reported
Irom Arkansas storms.
The Allans have seo.red the coo-
tract Ior carrying the British mails.
The British will slortly announce
Important concessions to tbeBoera.
The courts havo declared West
Huron ant in the Ontario House
again vacant.
King Edward baa announced that
he la In lavor ol religious to.eratlon
and liberty,
A Mteen-year-oJ.1 boy waa .hot
and killed hy * playmate 1 coming
from a. Chicago church service.
Rsissln ottemited lo atop tne British laying tract at Tien Tsin, but
Instruction, cane hack to tho latter
"Uso armed fosse If necessary."
A .evert storm has .blocked traffic
In Montreal.
: Several case, ol - freezing to death
are nported rom Nome.
Andrew Carnegie will give 8100,-
000 to Ottawa for a public library.
A Strang,' phenomenon���rain resembling c.rrugnled blood���fell in
Col..Stool, will raise another 1,000
men in Camda for Baden-Psiwell'.
A boiler In a Chicago laundry exploded, killing eight pensons, Injuring many and damaging several
Philip Hagner, a government Inter-'
pretpr, at Edmonton, ha. been arrested, accused of. stealing money, from a
Wheat-No. 1 hard. Fort William
84c. '
Flour-Lake of the Wood. Five
Roasa,|2.10; Patrnt. (1.95; Medora,
$1.60; XXXX, (1.85; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, (3.10; Glenora
Patent, (1.96; Manitoba, (l.��0, and
Imperial XXXX (1.20 ptr lack al
98 pound..
Mill Feed-Bran, (14 per ton, bagged; aborts, (Id per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, (37 per
ton; barley chop. (19; mixed barley
sud oata, (25; corn chop, (2Q.
Oatss���36 to 88c per bushel.
Berley-tO to 45c.
Com-M to 48c.
Hay-Freeh baled la quoted at (7
to (8 per ton on track here, and
loose hay Is worth about the aame
Butter-Dniry-Strlctly Iraah madt
16 to 16c in packages; second grades
10 to 14c.
Butter���Creamery���22c per pound.
Cheese- 10c per pound.
Eggs���Freih case egg., (Oc per
Vegetablee-Potatoea, 40 to 45c per
bushel; pareloy. 80c; lettuce, 40c
per dozen; carrots and bsata, 45c per
bushel;turnlpe, 20c per bushel; para-
nip., (1,26 per bushel; onions, (1.50
per bushel; cabbage, Hi to 8c per
lb.; celery, 35 to 90c par dozen.
Dressed Meats - Beet, butcher,
dressed, OV, to *\_c per pound, delivered hero; country dressed 5 to 6c;
bere; country dressed, 4V, to 5Vic;
veal, 7 to 8c; mutton, 8Vi to 9c;
hogs, 6V1 to 7c.
Poultry-Dressed chicken., 8c to 10
per pound; ducks, 9c; gaen, ��V4c ;
turkeys, lie,
Hides-Frozen, 6c per pound, let.
Ave pound tan; bulla, 4c. Kipa aame
price aa bidet. Sheep and lambakin.
bring from 40 to 70c each the higher price being for aheepokins. Slunk.,
36c to 8fic each.
Wool-8 to 8V4c per pound Ior unwashed fleece, and lOMfy- for waahed.
TnJlaw-No. 1, 4c; No. 2, 8c per
Seneca Root���80c per pound.
' ���aaf-raaetMO'. Llbrai-ln.
A mov.'iipal Is on foot In'Sun Francisco r.sr (It, gathering, under oue roof
of all Hll special, leehnlcnl and Bed
I'iiij subsirlpilon libraries In i'ImI eMy
There aw In the California hielropollt
,.���(,.lor��n peleutlflc societies wjlilob ire
;siruggllnt against the odds of rent.
'tktel led other Inevitable expenditures .nltvhlel. would welcomcan*
rrasonabk" proposition for a consolidation of Ikelr collections of books.
���*-  ���>���'��,  ,���--!.'     [.���.������*���   . ���
,   R..II...
Dr. Scaweiilhiper, Bismarck's, famous
physlclai, bids a. "beware or routine,'
which b* evidently hold, to bt btrmfu.
to health. ."';.���������  < ���������;������������ ������'*���
Thia tqunrely ���cbn'IfngsM tbt old no'
tion tbtt regular habit, conserve tht
vital rami and prolong llfa.-Nta
;?��!*#**-��������   ;,...,,[', .
t\.i'-'I >     "-'- WasMH!.
I; ."11*. sBMsrcU-I .appeal you know thii
eark bn are net sv.ll, mad. of cork?
9hake.prar.au Critic.m.
"Fell.r nause o' 8hakeapeare fooled oar
folks purty well bla' week." aald Mr.
Ms>sl,|er,r.NH. "He gave a ahow called
'Jisllila t'o'uar' slsswn to lhe opry house.
1111,1 IsluniiHl ef the whole tbia, wasn't
mnile up out o' pieees that's been spoke
at lite tclsiiol exhibitions bere for 20
year.!"- Baltimore American.
Ernest Seton Thompson bear, n re-
ai'ii.bluuce 10 Pfldeii'ttskl. for whom he
Isass been several times mistaken.
l-iTOlileiii Diaz of Mexico Is said lo
be about to apply for a leave ol Absence, la order to spend the spring In
'Professor lliislsilf Fnll, continues 1,1a
weather pr.il.s-t.ous. In hia nliunnnc
tor HUM lie lU'itiiilses 11 mild winter for
Em-ope. Mars-It Is to Im excepslonnlly
William Knd.mit. who hus for sssi.se
yearn been presisbnt of tl.e Huston
.Museum of Flue Arts, has resigned,
an.) 8.11. Warren has beeu elected to
the vacancy.
The s|iteen of Holland Is a great
navi-l render, ami lier preference Is for
1-lsi'illsl. hooks. Being a great admirer
if Scott nnd Dlcki'ii-i. .lie untnrnlly
lih'fehi Hie rsiiuanile school ef Action.
Iir. tl. 1-3. Morrison, tlie famous cor*
iOiSosiilent ef the 1-omlori Times, wbo
Is now In China, Is only 88 yean old.
Ue Is. described it tall, muscular, of
military bearing aad full of nervous
Governor Dietrich of Nebraska, who
la a widower, declines to occupy tbt
governor's mansion In Lincoln and
advise, that the building Im iold or
that It Ise maintained nt tbe .tate'. expense, like nii,v other public property.
William C. Whltns'y's recently purchased Vandyke Is tl.e second work
of thnt artist lo come Into his posses
.Ion. The lirst I. a "Charles 1," wblcb
that mouureli gave lo Lord Byron of
Xewsteasl abbey, an ancestor of the
Sir Hiram Maxim, according 10 the
English papers, had for yean before be
because a British subject been "a lending member of a society whose aim ll
waa to Induce Brltlah subjects residing
In America to rhinge their nationality
nud become cltlzeui of the republic."
M. Oslrl. of Parle baa Instituted a
prlxe of 100.000 francs to be awarded
by t committee of the Paris Press syn.
sllcate to the author or auihors or a
work adjudged by Ihe committee to
be tbe most merliorlnui. whether from
the artistic or Industrial polut uf view
or ou lhe ground nf general service to
The Into l.orsl Ar.iisirong'a principal
sport wi. angling, and he wai in adept
ai Hint art. Even In tbli pastime bis
Inventive geultu innulfceled Itself, and
he Ashed will. Improved tackle and car*
rled n bolt basket of lit. own Invention
In which ibe minnow was kepi at a
lower teinpernturi' 1 lieu that of Hie .ur*
s-oiindlag atmosphere.
The pope giiri' au ninllinie of tl.ree*
iiuarirr. of an holts- tbe other itny it. M.
Eugene Wolff, who bt* Just returned
from an tsx.otii.lrc lour ll.mugh t'lslua.
Tlte bitter ws.s-a that lie was much Impressed noi only with the holy father-,
physical strength, but will. Ibe dear
uess of inluil wlilsl. I..' displayed In Ila
teiiliig to llie story rs'lnled .10 taf.it.
Abor. Sordid Coa.ldera.lua..
"Wbat Is your Idea or tbe artistic
"Buying old candleitlck. when you
1,-ill ���s|.nesL"-Cl.lcago Record.
A, (he Table.
i.asiy-Whil 1. yonr fnrorlt. dish,
Hi I'lggel
Mr rigge-'IV Islggsnt oae, ma'am.-
'vtivl. I'rce Vie***
Wh, ..Ml Irena. Faaalllar ta Blaa.
"It sua}' sound odd tt yon." aald a
lisxikksH-iHsr. "but the slate 1801 aeem.
already mow Intiilllar lo me tban 1000
.'vet did. Vou see. we don't get 1 cipher
al the end ol a year dale but bim tn
ten j-i'ira, ind we get two cipher, there
only mice In a hundred yeare. I'ractl*
Ally no man ever mm more thin once
In bit lifetime ��� year with two cipher.
In It, aud ������ a m.lte* at net II never
get, to bo familiar MMm. tnd m IWO
ssnemed Jnst aboat a. srlmugc tt lhe
end or Hs* ys-ir aa It did nt tlie beginning, whereas n yenr running out with
figures, to which-ire ire accustomed,
does leem rnmlll.r. Actually 1001
Menu like ni ett frleiMl tud I'm glad
to Mt It."
Meutt Palpitation, DIxiIhtm and Week*
mau Ib tko Leg* Followed Until tb*
���offerer F��lt thst His Cut Wm Al-
sMtt HosoIsm.
From the Mirror, Meaford, ont.
No man in Meaford is better known
or more highly respected thnn Mr.
Patrick Delaney, who hiw been a resident of the town for nearly forty
years. Mr. Delaney ie e stone mason
by trade, and has helped to construct
many of the buildings which go to
make up Meaford s chief business
ulructures. Hearing thgt ho had received great benefit from the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink PIUs, a reporter
of tho Mirror called to obtain particulars of the euro, and Mr. Delaney
Cheerfully gave him the following
statement : "Last March," said he,
"my health became so poor (hat I
was compelled to quit work. Tho
chief symptoms of my illness were
extreme weakness in the lips, loss of
appetite, and palpitation of the
beart. The least exertion would
cause mu heart to palpitate violently, and if I stooped to pick up anything I would be overcome with dizziness. My legs were so weak that
I was compelled to sit down to put
my clothes on. The doctor I consulted said I had a bad case of anaemia. He prescribed for me and I
took three botles of medicine, but all
the while I actually prow worse un-
tlll I became so weak and emaciated
that it -seemed impossible that I
could recover. Having read of the
cures effected by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills I determined to give them a
trial. From the first box I noted an
improvement in my conditiim. My
legs became stronger, my appetite
improved, and by the time I had
used four boxes I felt better than I
had done for months. That the
pills are a wonderful remedy there Is
not the least doubt. I, can do light
work about home without experiencing any of the unpleasant sensations
that I onco underwent. I feel nn altogether different man despite the
fact that I am now sixty-seven years
of age. All 1 can say i�� that T attribute my present good health to Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and I would advise any other similar sufferer to try
To those who aro weak, easily
tired, nervous, or whose blood is out
of condition. Dr. Williams* Pink Pills
como as a blessing, curiiitf when nil
other medicines fail, jlmI restoring
those who give lhem n fair trial to a
full measure of health and strength.
Tho pills are sold only in boxes bearing on the wrapper the full name Dr.
Williams' Tink Pills for Pale People.
Jf your dealer does not keep thom
they will be sent post paid at 50
rents n box or six boxes for 82.50 by
addressing tho Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Mvor-i of H TliniiKHiid Fleets,
���.Vital do you think of ii sword Mndo
.lit contftiiis a tiioiietmd sheets of met-
I? Vet Ihey are not uncommon nud,
is you will readily I nut pine, nre of' oil*
iitnl workmanship. Our pnlnstiiklug,
���atlent Japanese friends are the mak*
-1-s of them, and a few day.*, ngo I had
he pleasure of seeing one In a Fourth
ivehtto curiosity shop nnd had Iti
m'tliod of n.nimfnetlire explained.
The blades of these sabem are mnde
from magnetic Iron ores. The steel Is
produced In small, rery thin sheets,
and the workman begins by fixing one
ot them to tbe end of an Iron rod which
serves as a handle. To this arc solder*
ed other smnll sheets until the mass
bus a length of about eight Inches, a
width of about two Inches nud n (blc-k-
ucss of a little more tban a quarter of
an Inch,
Tbis bar In brought to a white bent,
doubled on Itself and hammered until
it Is down to Its original dimensions.
This process Is repented 15 times. Tour
similar burs are then soldered together,
doubled upou themselves, resoldercd
end luated, tbe operation being repented live times. Tbis process makes tlio
���wperposed layers so thin that a saber
contains at least n thousand sheets of
If yon Ond one of these swords that
has a veined appearance, yon may
know It Is caused by alternate layers of
'ron and steel being soldered together.
Onaorf unlly.
In one of tlie old Ureelt cities thore
stood Jtiu;: upo n statue. Kvery uau- ��f
it lias vanished now. Hnt there is still
In existeiiioan epigram xvliich gives 'is
au excellent description of it. ami as
we read the words we can surely (lis-
Caret the lesson which those wise old
0reeks meant that the statue should
teach to every passerby Tlie epigram
Is In tbe form of a conversation between a traveler nnd the statue:
"What Is thy name, O statueV"
"I um called Opportunity."
"Who made theeV"
"Why nrt thnu on thy toes?"
"To show that I stay but a monieiiL"
"Why bast thou wings on thy feefV"
"To show how quickly I pass hy."
"But why Is thy hair so loug on '.by
forehead ?"
"That men may seize me when they
meet me."
"Why, then, Is thy head so bald behind?"
"To show that whfiu I have ouce
passed I cannot be caught."
So rupldly do s lung Irrittillon spread nnd
deepen, lhat often In a few weeks a simple
rough cu minutes In tub -rculnr consump.
Hon. Givo hcid to a o-.tt&h, there Is alwayv
danger in de'ny. p-t it >jo tlo of B.ckle's
Anli-Ounsuniiilive Syrup nnd cure your* elf.
It is a m-dicinc unsuriMiesed for all tliruat
und lung troubles, it ib oompounded from
i***t?r��l herbs, c nch one of which stands at
thehebdof lhe I'at as exerting a wonderful
influence In curing consumption and all
Inng disea .ea,
In 18SO only four per cent of tho
people of tho United States lived In
cities. Today 30 per cent live in
For the last ton years there has
been an increase of 2.000 annually
In the number of Great Britain's insane.
Some persons have periodical attack- cf
IfaDudian cholera, dytenfcry or diarrhoaa,
end hare to use! great precautions to avoid*
the disease. Charge of water, cooking and
green fruit in mre to bring on (he nttacka.
JoBUcn persons wo would recommend Dr.
te D. Keilogg's Dysentery Cordial ns beins
the beat med cine in the market for ah summer complaints. If a few drops arc taken
in water when the symptoms aro noticed no
further trouble will bo experienced.
If all ihe world's a stupe ami
those in It merely players, under
certain circumstaoces Lhe imwh-
broker must boa kind .if advance,
MM Uitont Cures Garget ii Con.
Twenty-eight or the counties of
Southern Michigan have lost -10,000
rural population iu the Inst ten
Pabheuib'b Pills possess tho power of
���acting specifically upon the diseased i.rguna,
stimulating to action ihe dormant energies
of tho Byatem, thereby removing disease. In
fact, so great is tho power of this medicine
to cleanse and purify, that diseased of almost
every name and nature ate driven from tho
body. Mr. D. Carswell, CarstvelJ, P. 0.. Ont..
writes: "I havo tried Parmelee's Pills and
nnd them au excellent medioine and one
that wil sell well."
It's a Short Road
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough���take
when your cold appears. The
" ounce of prevention" itf
better than years of illness.
" Wrwdf canto*aipftM my rntiiide for lha
gntA Sniloh'b Coiwuiuption Cure hai tt>.<iie
���e, I btstl ��� chraek couth-vu.it. a danc'r*
���oi coadltion. Shiloh cured tb* scouj-h and
meet me from coniumptioB."
J. E. STURGIS, Niagara Falls.
. iMlah's CoaaumpU-Mi Car* la sold br all
Iran-la's In Caaada ud Vnlisd *tat< s *i
fnr memay tack.
Writo ter lllastraltd book oa Consurapiion.   Seal
wkbMI COM to job.   9. C Wells �� Co., Toronto.
......    . %l.ee m bottle.   In Ureal BrlLiIn
Bli*. td., t*. td.. aad 4. e-l, A prlnt.nl
iraatM gnu* with ���*��7 bottle. If joa
-"* ���"----* ��� to yonr drugytst ud get
Brass Band
l-Bstrameata. DramCUnirorMS, Bto.
mn raws ens haw a uro.
Wktlty Bayca > Ot., *1^*i_%;'aiL
ip3.ldl��iw^Uo,il..Us.. tie tin -srmnl
TOtt r��p.ll wotk. Imd H(s*Jr> In now bs-
{Mtthanh. W.glva apsx-la) and ptompl
altntloa to oomlt, sasien. And�� Amu
A OhWOsx, Wlnnlpsvj. Ban-ssoon to By.
W. K. V. lit
Thersj Is .so law to prssvcsst u \
man from plant inf, lii-ruelf In iront ssf
a milliner's show winslow tusd wish-
infj she hnd n bank account ol hei
Hioard's Liniment Cares Colli, Etc.
It is only after the schoolgirl add.
tho letter "o" to tho -word "lov'
that the spell begins to work.
IMPs Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
flabln says: "M/ eleven-year-old boy hsd
his foot badly injured by being run over by
a car on the street railway. We at once
commenced bathing the foot with Dr,
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, when tho discoloration Aid swelling wus removed, and in nine
days he could use his foot. Wo always keep
��� bottle in tlle house ready for emergency.
The mon who fries to live hoyond
his means usunlly winds up by having to live without his friends.
Deafness Cannot Be Oured
by local application*, as the _cannot reach tbe
diseased portion of the car. There Is only one
way to enre deaf nen, and that Is tyooiistltu*
tlonal remedies Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining <*f tbe
Eustachian tube. Whon this tube Rein tnfluro*
cd you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect
pwriagt and when it is entirely cloeo.i deafness
Is tho result, ni<d unless tin.' Inflammation caa
be taken out and this tube restored to Its normal condition, hearing will be deatToyed for*
ever, nine oases out of ten are eanseu byes*
tnrrh, which la nothing but an Infiamed con*
dltlon of the mucoua surfaces.
We will give Ono Hundred Dollars for any
east of Pcnfaete (caused by catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Bend for
olrcalars, f roe.
r. J CHENEY k CO., Toledo, a
Sold by Druggist.., 7fe.
HallsFamllyVllleare the bnt
A dog's burk is often worst- limn
his bill���but  his bark Is    profornblo
JUSt  tho Wlllli'. m
A womnn who Iiiim mi mind nl lier
own to speak of is the lirst lo givo
others a |ii.;iv of it.
l'lil-', nldily children should iirn> Mother
OrnvcH* Worm Kxtcrmlnator. Worms mu
om-of llie piiiiciiml caueeb of Milfi'ihig in
chtldi-cn und should lie exiiellnl I ruin the
When n girl U'lls a young ,nmn to
take heart it sounds suspiciously liko
a hint.
After the bawl is over tht- -vbnry
father may have a cnunce in gH ii
little sleep.
Hollow'a Oorn Cure Is a speciflc for the
removal of corns and warts. Wo huve never
heard of Its failing to remove even tbe worst
Some vocallnts on the 'stage, an*
guilty of murder on 1h<> high (."��.
A smnll boy Is never so full of emotion thai ho has no room for dinner.
Honesty in undoubtedly the bf-st.
policy, but tt keeps many a tt.an
���Hart's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A bad  horse ts liko a poor ploy
It can't run and it won't draw.
An    extravagant    man Is   always-)
preaching economy to Y.ti wife.
You can't always Judge ia man  by
Ceylon and India Tea
*E1001<rO-h/LXGA.Zj   TEA.
Its greater strength combined wish
best tea uss the market.
bsolule purity mats, h    ������*,
II your grocer does nol  k,vp il   he will get  it rather ,\mu toM }.���ur
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt
of postal mentioning which you drink��� Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.    Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal,
Twentieth Annual Statement
Assurance Company.
For the Year Ended December, 31st, 1900.
Dec. 80) 1899,   To net Lodger Assete    $a,"jati,71021
Dec. 81,1800.   To Cash for Premiums      $829,929 CO
"     To Cash Income on Investments, etc     188 Oil BS
 1,005,1170 55
��_     _ U a4j.��80 ;a
Deo. 8J, 1800    By l'nyiucnl for Death Oluiros, Prollln, etc    $3W 117.1 OO
By all other Pssyment..      264,483 85
 I��,17i 88
000,81,1000.   By Mortgages, etc    11,282,889 92
"  Uebiinturea franrkot valui> $7;{!H.i!i.'t7i .','.'.,..'. .  ' .'  \\       't_!��'81H 10
"  Slot.kri nnd Bonds (mnrket valuf $HK11 tMj.OOi   ,,      1,013.799 98
" Real Estate, including Company's building       3R9,7ftl 79
a, "  Loans on Policies, eto        289719 88
JJ  Lonneon SliKks (nearly nil on cull) ,  91*580 UO
Cash tn Banks and on Band   .,         28,47898
,,  .,      . ., $8,778,608 08
Frenuums outstanding, etc. (lois coal of collection) ....       168,071 Id
" Interest nod rents due ond noerued         4oAi$i ba
$3,{*77,2��a 83
Dbo. 81,1800. To Guarantee Van.    %       ixi.sjGoiw
" Assurance unsl Annsiity Rcserre r'usul ..        ���-,-,;���- Vt.il uo
"  Death Louses awaiting prools, ete  54,:��i2 44
Kel Surplus 8500,192 89
Audited und found eorreot.
.1. X. LAKii. Audiior.
The liuancial isosi.iou of the Company is unexaellrd���its noroeigtswe of uol
susplus to liabilities oxeeeds thai of any "tlier H���in��� Ooropany,
Nes> insurui.ee issised dill-ill's 11100    $4.15:1160 00
Escs-s-dlng tbo beat rrevloas year (exeept one) in Ihu history ol the
Insurance in force ut end of 1800 (net)  ���'! S8a Osll 00
K. GL'KXEr, Esq.
.1. K. OSIIOHNE, Esq.
L. W. SMITH, Esq., K.C., D.C.L.
D. McOBAE. Esq.; Gtrlph.
WM. McCABE, LL.B., F.I.A., F.S.S.
The Report containing theproceedinjs of the Annual Meeting, held on January 80th
last, showing nia.kcd proofs of tho continued progress an 1 tolid poaitioa of tho Company,
will be sent lo isollcy-holders. Pamphlets o pittnatoryol the attractive itneslment of
plans of the Company, nnd a copy of the annum siqios-t, sliosrlng iss unexcelled tinunclal
pos.lls.ni will bo fu.-r.i-.liLi] on application to lho Head Otlice, or any of the Company's
The Hands of the Worker
'"""���������"   ��� ���    "       ���   ���'   ""-'" i -
And his ince also, will of necessity get stained
with Oil, Faint, Rust, etc
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
Will mnke all stains disappear, leave the skin
white nml soft, and the tar of which it is made
heals assy cuts or bruises.
Sold by all dealers in good soaps.
JvCwtnsdeq/ *vdA^r^u*t^i*^
4, rUfUS
WIMNU'Eil, 479 Main St., opp. City Hall,
'   '    nnd fresh Seeds.   Oataloguo
to aend your orders targe or atn.lt to
PAUL SALA ^ri" Wlmt, Llqun
Winnipeg, Man., MB Main Street.
Pitta N.'ll��� Pnrt fcr Invtlfsli, %\.t*\ <g*l f*l., tt-*
tint. bntllM.
em Wbuker, pn. i v n i�� i-�� **-������ **��� *���**��� ��
tl.ll. Willi.!.
(h��u��n,  iTiKNaH an* Oaawax Ipwm.
Rnptdlty. Siivc, abuut mo day In I hive,
Qaletni-H nnddumWllt-t *\ t'hont noise or wear.
<TniicnI utility.   Meet for all kinds of work.
243 Portal* Ave., Wln��ti��t.
United States Cream
Parfactak'nmara. Light running endaaatait
towaah. Will outtaat two of almoat all com*
patitora. Alt round tht moat eerviceable and
twit vain*, everything needed In the dairy
kept. Write fer catatoguia. Shipments of
fn ah butter waatid,
���Sit* ��<*lt>��tt  (grit.
F.ls. V. ll.UMItl-.HS,  . Editor and 1'ulilis.hur.
Snlisf-rii'tions $3.00 par year in advance.
A'li-oriisiinfi' rates made known as. request*
FRIDAY. Makca ii. 1901.
WITHOUT dos.ht the most import
an. bill brought down so (ar
this seasion, in the Provincial Legis*
lasstre is the new Education Bill. The
Scl.tol Act has stood since 1801 with
v,'i-y few changfsa-tlsos. in 18117 being
she principal. Last rear the Sumliu-
Cntson governmeut brought in ��n
Fi-tnoiliou Bill but lho Bill wna never
properly discussed In th. Logi.latur..
Tls.se in little doubt but that the preaent Bill is a remodel and both are on
ila-sliding scale of grants p.r capita.
Publio attention is drawn particularly towards the Bill introduced by
tliu minUerot Education this year,
train the simple laot tln'tln connection
with the proposed amendments to the
S.hool Act, there is another Bill to Ise
lnouubt down increasing tin poll-tax
duin til '<>�����>���
Aocordis.g to tl.e Bill, City 8chool
districts are to be divisled iuto three
Those of Ilio first class include all
incorporated cities and towns wherein
tlie average actual daily attendance
equals or exceeds 1,000 lor the sohool
- ,-ar. The cities of Vancouver and
Victoria ui-o the only cities included
under thin class.
Those of the second class include all
incorporated cities and towns wherein
tlio average actual daily attendance
equals or exceed. 250 for th. school
sear. Tho cities ol Nanaimo, Nelson,
New Westminister and Rossland are
included In this class.
Those ol the third class Include .11
incorporated cities and towns where
she average actual daily attendance
lull, below 250 for the school year.
The cities ol Columbia, Cumberland,
Gi.url Forks, Greenwood, Kamloops
K.sslo, Piiawix, Revelstoke, Sandon,
Vernon, and the town of Wellington
belong to this class,
It is intended if thn Bill passes, to
give the cities a larger per capita tax.
A per capita grant of 113 is :o be givon
lo cities of the lirst class, 115 to those
ol the second class, nud 120 to those
ol the third class.
And iu cities in which aHigh School
exists provision is made in tho Bill
that t'MO shall bo paid at the end ol
June eacls your to the municipal corporations, lor each teacher omplojcd.
T .,ov ara new sections in Ihe Bill
dealing wilh the number of t.ustees in
each class of city schools. In the
schools of she Hist class there are to be
novels trustees, all eleoted annually; in
'Iso second class, live trustees, three
and tsvo cl.c'el, alternately, snd in
tlie third class, three trustees, oue and
two elected alternately.
In rural schswl districts one trustee
is elected annually as heretofore, without oven a property qualification of
$500 as is required in some of th.
Accenting to I he new Bill teacher's
certifis-aies are divisled is to (our classes;
Third Clnas, valid (or three years,
hut no |.erson shall be allowed to renew
i third class certificate. Second class,
valid for lite. First 'doss, valid (or
life. Academic, valid (or life. Tl.ess
certificates are granted only lo applicants who l.anp... to be gradssatesol
tbs Provincial Normal Sohool, or o(
other Normal School, approved by th.
Council of Public Instruction, .xcept
that a period of tan yen" ol active
service iu the public school, of the
provirce ��h��ll bo deemed equivalent to
graduation from lho Normal School.
Tbo appointment of Clly Ssipcrlnlen-
come incorporated the taxation for
school purposes would be heavy. For
example, were Oolden now an incorporated town, instead ot receiving a
grant (rom the Government (or a new
aohool, the people would be taxed (or
tho extra amount required (or sohool
purposes. Proper school buildings Ior
the town would cost in the neighbor
hood of $4,500. Similar difficulties
are to be the experience of small in-
cot poratud cities, when this act comes
in force. Unbar the provisions of the
Bill a school, the average daily attendance at which does not equal 1,000 is
to receive $15 per capita. According
to this a school with an average atten
diti.ee ol 0911 children would receive a
grant of $14,985. Should tlie attendance Increase to 1,000 children-only
ono pupil more - the grant would then
bo $111 per capita, and tho grant would
be $1,800���a loss of $1,985, or about
13 per cent; or we take the third ol...
of schools, 249 pupils at $10 per capita
would give 4,980 dol,, while 250
pupil, at 15 dol., per oaplta would
give $3,750, s loa. ot 1,230 dol.
or nearly 26 per cent. This is certainly
a very serious matter In a small in
oorporated oily. Iu the latter case not
until thu school attendance increased
82 pupil, more would ths grant be the
same as with 249 pupils. It would
also require two more salaried teachers
to attend to these extra pupils.
By another schemo of the new Bill
"every child within the age limits
shall attend school dnring the regular
school hours every schuol day." Heretofore pupil, were only compelled to
attend school (or six mouths in Ihe
year. As will be seen here arises other
possible difficulties effecting the per
capita tax.
All young uachers of th. province
have to attend the Provincial Normal
School unless they have taught 'for
ten years In the province, or bave re-
ceived Normal training at some other;
Normal School, approved by the Council of Publio Instruction, in one of the
older provinces. No teacher \- ho re
eelves Normal training nnd teaches for
three year, on a Third Class certificate
will be allowed to again teach unless
a higher certificate Is obtained. This
will undoubtedly raise the standing
of the teaching profession, but will the
teachers take a particular liking to
this proposed amendment in the new
Bill. A teacher without Normal School
training elsewhere who haa taught for
nine years in this province, and hia
certificate expires, has to attend the
Normal School at Vancouver botore be
in obtain another certificate.
The Province has appealed Irom the
Full C sun to the Privy Council on the
Japanese voting test case.
The manageisi.su of New Vancouver
Coal Co. Nanaimo, have relused to
grant a 10 per cout increase in wage,
to the miners.
There is much rioting in Mosoow,
Russia, among the students. Then
has beet, much bloodshed and the city
Is virtually in a state of siege.
The Rovelstoke Herald claim, to
have information that Hr. Galliher
has secured n grant of $15,000 (ur
improvement, on th. Columbia river
above Revelstoke.
The headless body of a man waa
discovered in a -soflin on Lulu Island,
ntst far from Steveaten. It la almoat
certain that foul murder ba, been committed.
The follower, of John Alex. Dowle,
wore pelted with mud whilo hoi Hug an
open air meeting in Vancouver on Mon
doy. No doubt thi. I. an evidence of
Vancouver's advanced civilization.
Tl.e citizens of   Kamloops bald a
public meeting on Saturday evening
last and passed a resolution condemning
the  Government's Educational  BUI
dents is under control of the Council The raising of the poll tax  to $5 waa
ot Public Issatruotlon inaamuih a.
hi, salary and dismi aal is .ubject to
tl.e approval of that body. Touchers
should b. treated similarly. In oon-
���islerlng the Education Bill one mu.t
not lose light ot th. increase In tbe
poll lax. T'Me tax W il'weyi been
oon.ldered a. a .chool tax, and now
there I. uo mistaking It. Heretofore
the poll-tax was collected by the cities
asid applied for school po>|soses, how*
ter, sjmltr 'he - new - arrange ment,
.hould tltt bill become law. the Government eollswta thi. tax, ini the money
goes Into th. .chool fund, ot the pro-
' Iii thi. way Inoolporeisxl cltlea
particularly consleinned.
City Clerk McGuigan of Vancouver,
who ia an Irishman, ordered an Irish
flag railed over lhe city hall on St.
Patrick'a day. Aid. McDonald, an
Or.ug.man, ordered It down. Beeult:
A lot of 111 feeling.
Col. Steele ha. written a lettei lo
the Ottawa Citisen denying the report
that he is In Canada for lb. purpoae
of recruiting another contingent for
the South African Constabulary,
Two new lead furnace are being
adsled to the aroelter al Trail. Tha
roaster, are being .retted .1 an Mil*
(mated coat of $30,000.   They will be
and town., ...hough ibey ree.lv. a j -��' E������� . ^7b.
ini-tra* ner cent Mr capita tax from the
Go��Lm.���Treceive  1 �� mm  toil   Silv-r I. .. plentiful In Nel.cn that
ach.vufcpu.po.ee.   Ntirly all th. cltle. <���>�� "������ ����� ***}m*e .wallowing II.
s^aoJS** ���*"���" M* *"���75ot"* *" "*"*" ���"��� Tk' *? 'L'
That JSSSStmtltm 'hi* ���� "������"I" Iowner wl" hRV'.an ��'"nti'"' ^'""^
beaten by ihe.rewl.itlo..*, .which the *o ��llev. hi.n of It.
Counoil. and Truitee Board, of tl.e | Another etHkt I. threatened among
dlffvrstnt stftlsls* atvpMslnis/AiisJ sending the coal miner, at Hasellon, Pa. The
lo V IctorlW. O" *-*, otna ^*ni ""* m'"or, demand ��Joint convention with
rural diiirlotn are not ipy lhe galnor. operator, to dlwtiM dlfhrenoM aid If
Hn.neUHy.   I.�� "Ml""* ���* "*"!thr" ,"''" '' ">h,��i " ''r"" '' "k'*lj'I*
,<_ f)ov..ntnent intsw4 to *��diM�� lhe' low.
,ZSZ. '������*���" ���        ' ���Kn,mfB,ll<,ck' *""���'l,"own**���""���
C��Ui^7tlii. n.*yii Wi-'*** **���- ��������! �����"��� '������ ��' Nanaimo, waa lound d.ad
**&**mmaekMl- h����d ihelr.in bid l��.i 8wunUr at tn. Qtan'i
^k*h,th   4i' ettt t*tn *l o--��* Hotel In the* city.   Hareilresl toAlt.
owu ***��l*
In w|s��|iirJ��ll'��**l*! * ���ltlM '''"."���������V
room on Tssa.disy and left on
7,1,,. to��ornW��l��"   Wise Bias the ��00..e waatogoli.under.ny
piai.ua       _ --*- .-^--n-odlone pul.liu'.atlon,  bnt on Saturday en
' "'  ""*�����
Mr. Fielding's Annual Flanclnl Slot.-
ment���Big Sssrplu. I*rosnl.ed for
tbe Tear.
We give below a condensed report ot
the Budget speech of Mr. Fielding in
the House ot Commous on March 14th.
Little oomment is necessary as it speaks
Ior itself.
Mr. Fielding, wbo was received with
cheers, .aid in opening: "For ssveral
years in succession, ou occasions similar to this I have had the good fortune
to be able to congratulate the house and
tbe country upon periods of great and
steadily Increasing prosperity. I re
joice to know that I am at liberty to
make a similar statement today with
respect to the affairs of Canada for the
past year. In almoat every department
of induatry In which the Canadian
people are engaged, tbere wa. a gratl
lying activity, Trade, commerce and
manufacture, flourished. Here and
there a. may always be expected In a
country ot auch vast extent and varied
intereat. as prevailed in Canada, aome
local condition wa. unfavorable, aome
drawback may have (secured, but In
summing up the affairs of the country
we are able to describe it as one of nn
exempted prosperity. Prosperity ic
trade and manufactures brought prosperity to our national finances and
enabled me at the clow cf the year to
announce results which I. not too much
to say form t he moat satisfactory financial abatement that ever fell to the lot
ot a minister of finance |o make In
the Dominion ot Canada. At a time
ot very considerable fiinancial stringency, at a time too, when our expenditure, were being oonduoled on a very
liberal scale, we found our revenue so
generoua that we were able to provide
for all onr needa without having resort
to fresh leans or even to an issu. of
treasury bill.,
"A glance at'the receipt! and expenditure! tn comparison with the previous
years will show that there is a general
increase all along 'the line. Tbe revenue
for the year (898*99 waa 46,741,249 dol
compared with 51,029,994 dol. for
1899*00, ahowlng an Increase for the
latter year ot $4,288,745. (Cheers). In
speaking of the prospect, of th. year,
in the budget apeech of la.t March I
expressed the opinion that the receipt,
for the year would paa. the $50,000,000
mark. The figures that I bava just
given will shew that thi. anticipation
wai realized. (Cheers). The receipts
ot the year have been over $51,000,000."
The minister ot finance went on to
ahow that the chief increase waa in
customs, due to tho increased imports
and to aome extent to the higher val
uea which prevailed. Tl.e increases in
th. post offices were gratifying, not.
withstanding the two cent postal rate
brought about a year or two ago. This
reform hat been fully appreciated In
the country. It, therefore, for a time
our revenue from that source fell off it
would not be altogether a cause tor re
gret,but whatCanada had under the two
cent rate was not quite so large ai it wai
under the three cent rate, but In January, 1900, ihe poatal revenue reached
898,289,dol. while in the corresponding
month ot 1898 nnder th. three cent
rate the revenue waa 338,941, Under
the head ot miscellaneous revenue.
I here waa a considerable increase, the
largest Item being In rwpect ot rail
way. showing an increa.of 828,344dol.
nnder that head. The revenue of the
Intercolonial railway In 1896 was $2,
957,644. The revenue for the la.t year
svss 4,552,071,dol.,showing an increase
ot $1,594,481. Canada'a total revenue
for laat year wa. 61,029,994 dol. Tbe
total expenditure chargeable to con.oll-
dated fund, that I. for the ordinary
purpose, of government, wa. 42,975,
180, dol, .Lowing n aurplu. ol 8,064,
714 dol.
Thi. .urplu. wai the largest that
hae ever been In the bl.tory of the
Dominion. Since 1896 Ine aurplu. aggregated 14,616,075. dol. Deducting
one deficit of 619,981 dol. for the year
1896, which waa partly under the Oon*
servatlve regime, Ihere waa a net aur<
plua for th. four year, ai batwatn Ih*
revenue and ordinary expenditure oi
the government of 114,096,144. Th*
expenditure on account uf capital account. Including publio worka, railways, railway .ub.idie. and varloui
special Item, otan unuaual nature, wu
7,468,848 dol. To thia muat be added
for railway subsid ss, Including 810,.
000 paid during that year to the Crow'e
Nest railway, 721,720; al.o a further
its-m of 1,847,028 on account of the expense, ot the South African contingent
and of lhe. Halifax garrison corps.
Then capital and apeclal expense, for
the year amounted to 9,742,183 dol,
Despite all theie large expenditure, the
public debt wu not increased but reduced to the extent of 779,689 dol.
The net debt on June 80, 1899, wai
265,273,445 dol. In only two yeare
prior to thll In lhe history of Canada
Ku a finance minister able lo announce
a decrease In the public debt.
Proceeding, Mr. Fielding .aid:
Turning now to the affair, of thi
currant fiscal year, which cloaca on
June 30 next, I find that.our revenue
up to the 10th March wu 34,942,177
customs revenue which li always an
item ot chief importance, is iubitan*
tially the same as it ws. a year ago,
and I da uot expect from thii tlm*
forward any material increase in that
Item. In railways, post offloe. and
excise we anticipate there will be iom*
lurther increase before the year cloiei.
I estimate that the total revenue tor
tl.e current year ending bn the 30th
Jnne next will be 62,750,000 dol, or in
Increas ot $1,720,000 over the revenue
of the previous year. Coming to thi
expenditure for tho current year there
was expended up to the 10th March on
consolidated fund 27,781,602 dol.
While we have an increased revenue
we havo also somo increase! In expenditure. I estimate when thi year'*
expense, nr. closed, including supplementary appropriation!, wi shall And
the expenditute chargeable to conioli
dated fund amounting to 46,400,000
dol. With animated revenue ot $52,
750,000 and a probable expenditure ol
46,400,000,1 reach the conclusion thit
at the dote ofthe pre.entyear w. ahull
be able to .bow another inrplui amounting to 6,350,C00dol. (Hear, hear),
Thi. Ij a aurplu. which may be regarded a. very eati.factory. The
capital expenditure up to the 10th of
March la.t wa. 6,399,906 dol. W*
have (till to pay conilderable lumi on
account of railway subsidies, cables,
etc, and I estimate that the total ex.
penditure chargeable to capital for the
current year will reach 10,766)000 dol.
It we deduct this front onr inrplui and
our linking fund I am of opinion Wi
will have to make acme addition! to
the capital debt. Bnt it will not exceed
1,800,000. That ia email when com*
pared with the addition! to the debt In
day! gone by. Our ndminiitration li
tour yeare old and the inorexe. to the
debt were as follow.: 1893*7, 8,041,*
168; dol. 1897-8, $2,418,803; 1898-99,
2,317,047, and in 1899-00, the delt
wa. decreased by 779,000dol. The total
increase in tour years wu 6,986,878
dol., making an average Increase for
four yeare of 1,749,000 dol. The average increase for the eighteen year.'of
Conservative rule wa. 6,663,000 dol,
Therefore deducting a decrease we find
that In the fonr yeare we have decree'
sed the public debt to the extent ot 6,-.
996,373 dol. In regard to the next
fiscal year beginning on the fint of
July next, It is too soon to make any
thing like a close estimate, fheeetl
malea we hare submitted to parliament
for that year oh consolidated fund
amount to 44,102.823 dol. and 6,296,
sMO dol. on can.til account, making ���
total of 60,398,600 dol. In addition
to considerable expenditure In the ua ial
way we would have te provide (or *
very conilderable sum tn the ihape of
Mr. Fielding next quoted figure, with
rwpect to the receipts and expenditures
in the Yukon. The royalt.ee from tk*
Yukon were ns follow!: 1898, 287,
458 dol,; 1899,676,812 dol, 1900, 730*,
771 dol, and alx monthl of-the current'
year 416,184 dol. This made the total
royalty 2,040,293 dol. Tha revenue In
Ihe .Yukon from other sources from
1896 97 totalled 4,376,673 dol. The
ordinary expenditure In the ume period
was 8,679,390 dol: The excess ol receipts on consolidated fund wu therefore 697,382 dol. Capital account �����
penditure was 688,87* dol. Thesnceei
of receipt, over ill expenditure wu
128,508 dol.
At the cloae of th* fleoal year tht
account will probably itand $2,000,000
expended for the contingent in South
Africa and $387,000 on account et th*
garrlaon at Halifax. H* waa able to
make a very satisfactory etatffntat ia
rtgtrd to tbi standing ot Canada
The Steamer Orphln, with thi Dnka
and Duchess of York and Cornwall oa
hoard, itarted it about 4o,clookSatui
d.y.afternoon, M.roh ita, os^th.v*;
���ge which I. not totermln.t. till thtlr
Royal HlgbntUM thill kin
tour of ih. world.
Pit'. humMou.lnnoceno.Wii igtll
proven on Saturday whena.cn of Erin
ran acrou tht depot platform excitedly,
being jmt too lit* to stitch bli train,
"Yon didn't run tut tnongh, Pit,'
remarked on*   Ol  th*   eloquent bystander, to Pit, who wi* .teaming from
bli reotnt   txtrtlom. '   "Btgorre,
did, bnt I didn't itart .oon.nougb,
wu tbi vtrdant reply.
' Il li evident from thi London Boird
af Trade return! tot Fibruary thit
Brltlah trade la drooping. A. compared
with the eanx month lut year, tb*
value ot export! decline! ��2,000,000
end tbt only flgnret whiob do not contribute to this result are thou which
hav. been factlilqutly Inflated by thi.
despatch of .toraa'to StajlH.- ���trt*.!.
Thi dstellnoJIn tht i*)n an4iM11iiilni-ff
trl.a li serious, andoonflrms the.x
ptotatioa. that had bees) formed .1 th*
coming depfeulon In thoat 'n
m*-�� '
Mia. Bertha Roy. aged 11, daughter of
Phlleaa Roy, feftjsity crgtanet <sf8t. Bochs,
church,'- ~ "   " '
I   l-ai��.a��i'il
Ottawa, March 19-Word was received at
A" ' '
tlw D��|��rtn>Ht Of Agrleultar. le-d.y thai
" ivlnclal auction aal* nf pnt. bred Bv*
I unster the luapicae of thej
N ACCORDANCE will. Motion 12 of the
"Bureau ef Mine. Act," esaaiinatiens for
eflidciency to the practise* of aunyiag will
lw held at Kelston. fi. C. on the 16th April.
1901, and following daya.
Entrance for examination* must be made in
writing to tlie Secretary of tbe Board of Si
amiDef-a at leut ten daw before tbe date set*
for beginning of exammMttm, nnd must be
accompanied Uy tbe prescribed fee (110).
Any additional information desired may bo
obtajiiod trom II Carmlcbsel, secretary,
Board of Examiners, Victoria.
Miuister of Mines
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B.C.,.13tli March, 1901.
A.*, a a.\i.
Mountain Lodne, No. II. A. V. A
A. M. Regular Comn.imlc.tlon,
siKousl Nonslsrj_i every month.
Soloiirnlng bretnr.u cordUlly lull. W. PATMORE, W.tM. ���
.   p. H. i-ABBONi -Secretary.
I,  O.  l��. *.
Rocky Mountain Lodge ko. 114 meets In
Oddfellow. Hall, Uoklen, every Wednswday
at 8 p.m.   Hojonrnlng brethren welcome.
C. PEAKCE, N.Q.      .  .J. T. WOOD, See.
In the matter of tirj'tsstate ot Jong'
McRAi,   lath of  Golden, B.C.,
deceased. .
NOTICE la hereby given purausint to the
Trsutae. and Executor. Act" tlmt .11 creditor, and other, having claims against the
estate of the aald John MeRae, who died
We are now doing Burfnato'on the      *"���'"'''
sash principle;
and Intend to stififc "to it or teave town.
ON HAND. This is too }arffe*a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell Jwrif of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now Tn we firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Ibe 19th day ol May, 1998. are required on
or before lhe Ulat day of March. A.D. 1001,
to send by post prepaid or delif 0t*i to
Meaara. Creue A Creuo of II. Fort Street,
Victoria, B.C., solicitor, for John McRae, of
Winnipeg, Men., executur of,llso laat will of
aald John Mciae, iheir Christian and surnames, addresses ansl descriptions the full
particulars ol their claima, the statement of
iheir accounts and tbe nature of the securities, if any, held by tbem..
And furl her take notice lhat after sarb last
mentioned date Use said executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the decMsed
among the parties entitled thereto, having
regard only to tho claims of wh:ch he shall
then hare notice, and that the said executor
will not be liable for the ssld asset., or any
part thereof, to any person or persona ol
whose claima notice shall not have been received by him at the time ol suck distribution.
Crease & crease,
... Solicitor for aald axecutor.
Dated the 18th day of Januarv, A.D. 1901.
***-*GOLDEN, ft.��.
te-gpes-ial attention given to bagftage of
Commercial men. Delivered 'to and from
station free of cherg..
KATES, �� par day. Sppeclal rate, for,
regular boarder.* -
During the Holidays we giVe to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Owp T&a and Coffees and
tan .guaranty Best Quality and firices.
WelhaveWisitively the finest and best setected'stoeR
of Goods in Briwsh Columbia, and our prices are the cfosest,
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. B. flleDBHWOT,
'��� Golden, B,e.
NOTICE is horeky tfiVon that the Arrow*
*������ head and Koctenay Railway Company
wHl apply to lhe legislative Aawmbly of'the
Province of Brltlah Columbia, al its next ssss-
sion, for an Act to amend Section 25 of the
"���rrowhead.ndKs -      	
I, MOB," being C
Britiah Columbia of UMI, by extending tlie
"Arrowhead end Kootenay Hallway Company
Act, tt��," being Can* ft at the Slatnfoi ol
time mentioned In the said Motion .for the
action 61 tbe railway authorised tb be
by tlw uid Act.
* ...Victoria, B.C.Fubruary 18.1901.
Solicitors for Applicants.
WANTED-Active men and vMme.
*    where to take borders for " LI
���"���-TOHIA." 8eII.at.lgW   .
Ilienfot Ibe Uniwd State.
        spiel, bock, In ttm
ration for over a year, sew \-~
IJUEEN VICTORIA." Sell, alalfhi Only
- -edition for Ike UniWd State, and
JompMH beck, lit tHnlai of pre*
KraHcn for over a year, sew Vasady. Nearly
..>pegs*j WJtotajtM., ret.ll.bnUI.7l!,
Canada.  sDosni
big; comnilanoniii'Clssjirlt given
0*flt, postpsid r-REE, withf.
.application.  Send for s
you will make from 13 loT
Induc.nientafoC.nadBjurx _
WO han.lead Blraet, PMIyfolpbU^.,
Chttreh Serrlcei.
iBervIcei every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
:S0p,m. Calibration of Holy Oomuinn-
lot Ut and 8rd 8nnd��y�� of tbi month
���fttr Homing Prayel', end on Greater
FtillvsJi ind Holy Day. at S a.m., or
ia mty bt innonnotd from tbechincl
Snnday School tt 8:80 p.m.
All an oordlilly Invited lo attend
tkt IsMVlCit.
.    a**. Tatm, Vlott.
phiiittikux oaOiOit.
Hervioe tvtry 8unday it I'M p.ra.
Sunday Sohool tnd Bible Olm it t
p.m. .h.rp. '"   ""'-'
' Choir praotIM tlviry TbdiMty artn*
it 7.
B����. "#.' V. Tu��Hf-i, Psutor.
namiODi.r cnu��cn,
��� DtrvloM .vey Suni.y allla.m.and
Sunday School at 8:80 p.m.
'nyir Muting on Tnetity til p.m
Oio. Knriar. Putor.
'hi cin��nat��graph talarttlnmsrat In
Columbia Hill lut (right wu it-
tsfndcd by an appreciative cndlonot,
Thi mtahinloil uringtrntnt of tht
Qitta't funeral prosMMton. though M-
fswior In Mminiiecti M ilmlltr om.
trlvanctl, hat that trss-aoloB. tnotln
' lch mafa. ptolonged obMrvatlon
II not b.fmfdl to tb.eye.
It U hoped thit iomt MlMtlflc vrlurd
till ststifwd* thou minor dtfecu for
Ibe *hwi were poiltlvely ruliitloind
llfdllti. Tb. King, Lord Hobirttwd
oikir MttUlltlti u well .1 wat of
tht - IMpnlir corpt, talng reoognlitd,
'���'*        ���<.���
Is full of Business���in fact, we havo a littl�� more
than we ca* handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Hark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .    ..... .   *.   .
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only.Sc. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tottiatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peachek extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c.
The Prospectors' Exchange
Wo. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, KELSO!*, &.C.
Oold, Silver Lead and Copper Mine, wanted it the EXCHANGE.
FREE HILLING GOLD propertiei wanted at once for Eaitarn investors.
Pirtlea having suiting property for sale trt resjueated to Mud uropln of th.ir
ore to tht Ekchange for exhibition.
We desire to heir! from prospector, who have promirinft mineral claimi in
Brltl.b Colombia.
Prospectors end mining men are rsx.ue.ted to make the Exchange their htad-
tnartert when in Nation.
All .ample, .hould he sent by expreis, PBEPAID.
Correipondince loliclted.   Address all commnnloatlont to
Telephone No. 104.   * P.O. Box TOO. NELSON, B.O.
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
i     - . ���
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prides I Easy Terms of Payment,
GOLDEN it the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, ahd the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.,
The important mineral disooveries recently made in
the Oolden and Winderinere districts, together with the
faot that transportation Ji now assured at an early date
S* a railway running the length of the Columbia and
ootenay Valleys, from uolden to Crtobroofc ensure great
activity in the; mining camps of North Bast Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which #111 ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offend forms
the only land available Ibr the saxtension of the building1
area.    ��� i ������'%.. >*:���
Preaent prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purthaw before a further rise
No sale of lots is valtd until pdrchaser receives agreement for sale s gned by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may
application to
Ha Bl
beseenajid prices and terms obtained on
Alexander, Trqstese, Sandon,


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