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The Golden Era May 3, 1901

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Full Text

James HhkBkSson,
Builder Se Contractor,
OOUitg, B.C.
i~f    '   y
ft*** pr.p*r*d.' PrS.|4��tt
Em* tot Sale.
teatiot givsn U
Thomas O'Brien*     ��
Barrister, Solicitors        Sj
Notary PabllcConveyancef ,Vftj S
Office tn Upp^r/Columbia NsvifStlan *ss*-i --*
Tioms.y Csllbpiiiy*. BuiHUg,
���/OI*. XI NO.
GWliDB^BBnftsp'CoLTriitBiA, FRIDAY, MA,Y 3, 1901
82 Peb Y*ea'h.
Bv the little tire tell of it week -by week. Not One in;
fifty of the happenings here gets iv word'in our adver-i
tissaments; they change too quickly even for printing!
presses, and'maybe we don't talk about the things you
wish most to hear of.
We've told you below ot special values in curtains
and hinted at the unusual prices ef othei' lines, but at
best they are suggestions only, taken at random. We
can do rAuCh better face to face.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, new stylfc pattern,   ij,
bound all routw, per pair....- .>       .50,
New design English ILace Curtains, ai yards
long and full 60 sinetes wide. 9-M worth
of curtain* value, p��r,pair,.,-...     .......... l.'OO,
Heavy effect Lace Curtains, 34 yds. by GO in. 1.25
Swiss net effect, -kace Cs-irtaiiis. with H&ht scroll
borders and'small floral patterns, per pair. 1.50
Real Swiss Curtains, with ruffle"? on two sides,
�����$6 grade���per pair  5.00
Tapestry Curtains in any desired color, 3i yds. I
by60inches , .............*..... 3.00
ChenileCurtains in six colors  2i50
Dout-he width washable Cre'onhe '.'... ft
Fast color Art iateesj*. 15
Floral Pattern kmorioan Cretonne    .v..'.     .08
Boy*'Cloth C*;p��-t>.aln navy or t^tt NS
Um'tTeitBtttt-bltok, itttsy'br^pkn.,'....,.:. U*. 10*6
'Boy*' Blouse suit. ...'. .'....*..         V   100
Girl** T* At-.it.iiiy ��f\* ,-,/... ,*.'.;    ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���    ���--
Loom Damask Tablftlsinen.. *'.'.'.��� '..'..'...  .40 j
,  Serge Drew Good* 12 inoh*s wide .:.: 15
Fa*t dye pore bash mere hose for women  '. 25
*.        Faat black oottpn bom, 6 pair.   1 00
-Don't forget to look over the Bargain Tables.
General Metehafot - - Alexander Block.
���A-caHoad of
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrassdte and
General Merchant,   *
':. OetDEN, B.C.
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK
Season of IMI Opens April ind.
ft. M. Ms-Ola.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Min*
Injf Towns of Wijider^ei-e Mining.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized. $2,600,000
Capital Paid Vt ���S.MO.WM)
Best        ;,''���' '* *       1,19*3,000
H. S. Howland, .President.
T. It. Merrltt, VlcVPre..
,Wm. Ramiay,     T. Sutherland Staynor
���Rsbert Jeffrey,    . Ella. Roger.,
Wm. Hendrie..
Hkad OFPicit: Toronto.
D. K. WlI.KIE, GeneraU Manager. '
X. HAY, lru.pex.tor.
,.     MANITOBA, N. W. f. and B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Golden, NeUon, Hfrlajra la Prairie,
Prlnile Albert, ReveUtoke, Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipifc,
tu*h, Fer.ru., Gait, Hamilton, 1n.rer.oll,
Llatowal, Niagara Fall., Port Colboume
Bat Portage, SXult Ste. Marie, St.
CHIiarineis. St. Thomsa, Toronto, Welland,
. Wbdd.tock, and Montreal, ''ds.
Agents In <Kreat Britain:
Uoysl's Baiik. Ltd., 72 liO.nbard St.'London
with -nam money may be deposited for
transfer by latter or cable to any of the
above branche*.
Agents In ���nl led State*:
NEWYQRK-Bank of Montreal, Bank ol
CfflCAGO-Flrat National Bank.
ST. PAVL-Becond National Bank.
SAN FRANCISCO-Wells, Fargo k Co,.
Agent* 1* Sosmth Africa.
Intereat allowed on deposit.,
Fro.inelal, Municipal 'and otlier debenture.
. purchased.
Available at all poinds in Canada, .United
Kingdom, Utfited StatsM.
J. S. Gibb, Ver,, Golden Branoh.
Harvey, MiCarter & Pinkham,
Bsrrlater'., ���ell.ltsrs.4ks.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
R06i.ii Alexander Illoik Golden II. C.
Tbe Only Licensed Hotol Bt
".pttllim-oheno or Unions.....
Choice WittM, Liquors & Cigars.
��� ��� ���
Ft(s6 Pasture.
Good Stabling.
Having- 'cdttipleted arrange-
meijlts for the purchase of
thq sSpilliteiacheneHoussa, 'the
iinilersigned solicits a share
of tRe public patronage.
Wm. J. BARRt,
v Proprietor.
Hull Eton. Se Co.
Wholesale k Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealer..
JAS, tiiADT, D.L8., & P.L.8.
Milling Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Aar-tjldt for obtaining Crown Grant., ^bing
snfiuala.MM.ment work, etc.    Addrsui
ft fpt DESORME.AU,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Goiden, fc
loath gist* HleikUar Basra* Rlr.r.
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., attiyiag at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening-
Returning arrive at Gtolden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave G61d6nM&Y'i��*$-��� for Peterborough and inter*
mediate points; -mrtrning arrive at Oolden Sunday
,    ���afternoon. '    'v*;;'-���;���
*bow rates on Ore, Lurnter, Hay, Grain and Coal!
For fdrthefltofb-rmation apply to
C. H. PARSON, secretary,
Bka��. Cake* r*A%ijt
^Weidlag <Cak<wiM.
llttan bn Sale at 0. B. MoDermot'..
Joseph Phaneut 0oB.c!n,
THb large��t batt root ragar concern
iu the world will be etubllahed at
A lady i�� "WVork wrltlag of her curst
byl>.Agn.sm'Cui*fertb*i-*rl,a��T��i "I
feslllksonhniaght back from tin dead,so
gnat Was my .uthrlng fntui heart trouble
and �� almoat nssrmiulosw my rteoverv
tinosjgh tlw agency of thia powerful treat-
         life tu it,  Befelby R. W,
Fr.m a SpeciH Correaswndent.
Viotoria, Atiril 29.-Fifaat.ce Mibis-
ter Turner Made hi* 13th and last bltd-
get (peeoh In tbe house today, and
announced that the sessidn now drawing; to a "flow would in all human p'ro-
babllty be the laat one lie wonld ever
attend. When'this announcement wa*
made an impressive silence pervaded
the cham'ber antl galleries and the old
veteran (Jt sixteen se.siona waB hardly
able to artic'jlate sVhen he spoke of his
long aasoe'latloa with the public affairs
of the province, with the legislature
and "With it* members, antl -of the uniform courtesy he had reoelved from
those with whom 'he had been asaoijia-
ted on both aide* of the house. All
tb* older member, of tbe house were
visably hffeoUMl, while the younger
ones were strongly moved.
Altogether it made* very im'preisive
adene with whioh to olose a masterly
exposition of the financss of the province which the minister made in a two
Hours' speech, whioh praotically ended
ft long and *u"��eful career,in the house
and in the finance department.
This was the first, intimation which
haa been given of Mr. Turner's appointment to'the agent-generalship iu Lon*
don. though it haa been known for
pom* time tlrat he wonld receive it.
During th* sixteen years Mr. Turner
has spent ih publio lite in* British Columbia, he ha. eft mfc-fiy occasions as
mem Iser, minister and premier been most
severely oi'iiicised, and his official
"courtle condemhed by press and people,
yet today he ia without a personal enemy and hi* political foes hold him in
tl.e highest esteem. His honesty of
purpose ha. never been questioned, and
the announcement that he ii aoon tu
leave public life will be received witb
very general regret.
The finance minister announced in
his speech th&t he intended introducing
������������1.111 whiel. Would make the Government inieyeitinitot the money, lendm.
by providing for au ovWdrsft, whioh
would allow the business ot the province being carried on without compelling the executive to float a loan at unfavorable ti'nVes, when ths GoVert.lr.ent
would ba at the mercy of the banker.
According to the budget speeoh the
province hold* asset* amounting to
twenty million* of dollars, in roads,
trail, building*, etc, while it* total
liabilities are less tban nine millions
of dollars, not deducting the (inking
fund, amounting to three millions, and
if the same increase of revenue and decrease of ex|*nditure continue* a* i.
���hown by the financial itatemeut of
tha last decade, in 1910 th* revenue
wilt be six millions andthe expenditure
but four millions of dollars. A few
yeara agoexpendltaHe exceeded revenue
by nearly GO per cent, whil* at present
it excsWds it only by about 10 psr e*nt.
Thi* latter ex'ce** alio include, thii
year*' addition* to capital account,
naw roads, build.rig*, etc., for the
running expenies of the Government
alone would leave a large surplus.
Mr. turner anticipates no trouble in
floating a loan ol any deiired magnitude *o long aa th* money i. td b* expended for Government works indeed
of in meeting ordinary Governmental
expenditure. He exploited th* Inten
tion of th* Government to aid in th*
battlement of muoh of th* unocoupis-d
farming landa of til* province. No
change in tb* mineral taxes need be ex*
ptoitd thi* year, but the Goverhment
ha* under consideration a plan for
completely nvieing th* **teo.ment
act, which would be eribodikd in s
bill and bronght down next aeuioi.
in which iom* tihangH In th* mineral
taxe* might be expectbd. The lumber
industries railway builliliR, .hip
building, pulp* mill* and agriculture
will bt aidstd and enedtiraged by the
th* budgtt Wai still Wing di.cut.es.
whin th* bttua* rose, anil the debate
wllltaconildutssl *t tonight'* se.aioii.
It U not belleveJ the debate will last
ov*r tomorrow, V* Brown snd Curtis
ar* the only member* who Will discus*
It from theatandpoint of oppo.Uio.iian.
it i* nut likely that th* *a**lou will
la��l Iouger thai, tha middUof uaxt
week, lor beginning tonight, by resol
ution.of the Isouw, two ssm.iou. will
b* held daily, so that bills may be ad-
vauced two stage* in ou* day. Thia
will aouii cl***.* the order paper and
th* Guvorumeut have verv few bills
still to offer. Martin's champerty bill
was squashed .all to pieces in committee
of the whole-Friday. It's author now,
refusal to recognl'xa 'it and it will
probabily be abandoned.   If pasiad it
ill not materially alter the preseut
law regarding champerty.
Smith Curtis informs us tbat be
will introdsicea bill providing (or compulsory arbitration of labor disputes,
and though'vary 1st* in the session he
hopes to secure ita paasage. Failing
thia hr will place every member of tl.e
house on record on this question. Mr.
Curtis evidently has an eye /for a
future campaign when aome of the
members  Will  bb  appealing to  the
Dear WorkingBien."
Curtia tried t6'explain bis position
on the railway question again today,
but was ruled out of order. This was
hi* third attempt since bolting the opposition party, but ha lias always been
ohoked off. Wilh the estimates out of
the way by Wednesday, the fight on
the loan bill will be oo the boards, but
it will likely prove a very small light
after all. With Martin's flop to the
Government and & peace patchod tip
witb the bolters frem the Government
rank* it is not likely that there si-ill
ba a dozen votes against the bill.
Thi* bill i* being received with favor
by all parties, Jt ia claimed that it
will abut out-the American roads
which seek to exploit the province for
their own benefit, tbat it ia directed
againat th* C. P. K., and tbat it wil!
eventually compel the Government to
construct th* roads as needed, thus
satisfying everybody but bonus hunters
and their frienda in the bouse. Wfth
this law the interes'ts of the province
will certainly be fully protected though
conitruction may be delayed in some
caee*. Now thit the bonus huntew
and promoters' agent* have learned
that they can get no Government money except hy actually constructing
railways, tliey hav. abandoned the
field, and the people are taking a clearer view of the situation and have dis-
s-svered thnt, the charges brought
again*,',tlie Canadian roads in Bfritish
Columbia were in moat cases founded
on falaehood and mteroprenentation.
Thev have diacovered that they have
boen shouting with ths crowd of paid
ageut* When tls,s-y could not tell oh
what their hostility wit* bassjd, ant)
they are now remeAlherlVig a few oi
the many tiling's this company have
done far the province and an doing,
especially for the farmer and miner,
and that .orporation ia fast regaining
that measure of public favor which it*
enemies claimed it had loat forever.
Th. Retirement of Wm. .Mi'N.l.ls.
The news of the retirement of Win.
McNeilh from the proprietorship of the
Columbia House will be received with
genuine regret not onlv by the people
of Golden but, by a hoat of travelling
men who mad* the Columbia House
their Home while in thii part sjt tl.e
Mr. M*K*ish'* success in building
up the splendid trade he enjoyed is
without a parallel in the province.
The present hotel being equal to any
hotel outside of the large cities, and
only conceding to them iu size. Coming to Golden id 1889 he took over the
Golden Saloon Ih 1892 aild on the site
of it erected the Columbia House. Be*
lore long the demands df his fast increasing trade called for thore accommodation abd ill 1894 th'o building wa.
increased to twice it* original six*. In
fotir years more the demand for room
was again praising and the weat wing
wai added which provided for the accommodation of over 10b gutlti. In
thlsi wing, a publio Hall wa* provided
whioh wa* something le'i.g needed b.v
th* town. Br. McNeish always Ira-
lieved that '-all work and no pluy
makea Jack si dull boy" and baa been
one of the foremost in the auppirtof
cl*an sport. He bus alwayn been
Chosen to represent the Curling Club
at the Calgary Bon��|seil ami his record
a* skip in the Golden Club is a good
Sne. He la alao an enthsoiastio member of tha Gun Club! '
Mr. McNeish haa been fores*) td gfi
out of business owing to cuntiuuiisl ill
health and haa not definitely dlsiiided
what hi* next step will Ise. but uf una
thing hu oan le assured tl.stt Vviierettr
hs may gu he wilt cany vVitli bim Ihi
aii>i��N regard and beat wijlie* .uf tHe
whole oominunity.
 ������������..���� .   ���
A anow.lide in till k-lkif-liS deiiiinM
No. 2 of Friday for some hour*. Kb. 1
was h*lil at Oolslen until tlie iiiit' wis
ExeltsMusot In Bermuda Over the Ex*
pssoud arrival of 1700 s��sT thsssn.
���Hamilton, Bermuda, April 29.���
There is considerable txeit*m*ut at
present in Bermuda oyer tb* expected
arrival of 1,700 Boer prisoner*.
Th* Britiih Government na* laaaed
Darreir. "Island, on* uf th* largest ia-
lands in the Sound, and within a quarter of a mile of Warwick .bore, for
one yeair, with the option of relinquishing it'ou a month's uotice. Tucker*
Island has also.been inspected, but up
to April 24, no definite settlement had
been made in regard to it.
Army officials aro very reticjjht tMi
nothing can be learned from them oil
the subject. But blacksmith* ofthe
town have been sounded ai to 'thiJ-fr
ability to construct several hundrofl
yards of iron fence, very strong, clssM,
high and with spike points, and as
tiie plans which one or two have seen*,
are said to be an outline of one of thi
island., Very lft'tle doubt is entertained
as to the object iu view by the Goverument.
10,630 00
The following are the Finance Minuter'.
Estimate, of Provincial Receipt, and .Expenditure for the coming financial year:
Financial year ending June 30,1902.
Heads of Keceipt. Am'l.
Dominion of Canada, annual pay* ,
meut pf interest at 5 per cent.. ���$ 29,151 05
Dominion of Canada, annual pay-
of Subsidy to Government and
Dominion ot Casmda, anuual oify.
Intuit of 'grunt {ief capita ou
'(Ulimnta isf Io0,o6o...........
Domiuion b\ Canada, anAi'ia'l pay*
ment for lauds conveyed for
Land Sales (including eatitnated
collodions on  overdue   pay- ���
menW)   190,00000
Laud Revenue (including rental
ot lauds and water due.)  37,000 00
Timber Royalty and Licenses... 85,000 00
Rents, (exclusive of lauds)  200 00
Surveyfeos     500 00
Timber,leases   .  W.OOOOJ
Froo Millers' Certificates ....... 130,000 0**
Mining Receipt, general  900,000 Oil
Licenses  70,000
Morrince Licaisw,-.  ,.... 0,000
RiaProtjs-rtyTafc  W6.000
I'siJson.l Property Ttx  76,001)
Wild Laid Tax  115,000
I'ncomoT.x.  85,000
Tax Sale Deod...    100
Commission on Tax Bale.  , 300
Revenue Tai  tWi-t*
MiroraJ.Tax  80,000
Revenue Service Refunds...... 50J
Fines and Forfeiture, and Small ..
Debt Court Fees  I6,0flf
Law Stamps .'. 14,000
Mrohate fees  10,009
Registry fees        *. 110,(00
Burrati ot Jliu.i  1,500
llos-titallof'shelnsaiib."..*... . . 7,000
Prcvincittl Home  500
Printing Office Receipt, (including salo of Statute-)  15,00(1
Salo of Uovernmos.t Proiwrty.... 10U
Riiiiiiliiir.HOiii.MilsiiiH.il  4,000
Interest on Investments pf Sink* ^ *���
Ing F.lllda  !S,"i6o
"Chinoso Restriction Act, 1884"
' I Iniiiiiiioiil loveriimentRt'lii'i'c ) 135,000
Sncceasion Duty.   100,00.1
Royalty and Tax on Coal'.  115,00.1
Miscellaneous receipt...'.   90.000
Total W,14J,7ai Uii
For lhe Finiiminl Tsiar eiidiug JuueM,IWhi.
Bt. l*o. Serviie. Alil'l.
AI.      Public Debl UII.440.U
11 II.    Civil Government is��rie��j ***',0tO
13 111.   Admiisistrsstiou uf Juatii-e
(salariesi  l'A0,��0S
Legiasaiiui.      ..........   41,-siiu
l'ssislin Issstiiuiiuus Mklli*
ss'siasn'C        194,3611
llo.pii.,la and Charities...   Hi,dial
U Ml. Aslininiatrationvt '.luatisio .
ioilier in.ui JMlaritoj,.;. 110,901)
H VIII. Educstioii  IM9.(J��7
.1 IX.    Tr*n.|sert. ..,    lSiiOsI
L XI.    Revenue Services.     l.,,iAJU
MXll., Public Works s���
Work, ail I buil-i*
i��KS 1142,87.". 00
Goverumeat , ,
llou.o ...    4,01)8 00
Rsuiils,    atreeis,
llsjugea.   and       '   .  .
WUan-us -lOimt il
Horny., .......   lo,(Xn*U
Cu.slssigessnios...   W.IOO-O  ,,.''-',    -.st
- 804.MI
S Mil. Misscollassuoua............ 119,900 OS
Tktal ....'...ibmjM 50
'*��� ��l��,^, ���
, Th* BiS-H who' Uli:, illrrsJndering at
Stauderton are in a;sJ>fktcl)ed tbiidiiion,
They .tali ihat, "Ml,pur oent. of ths
burghtr* in the held desire to .urreu-
der, but cannot escape from their comma lids)*.. ���-.(t<
Sheriff Redgravk went to R.v.l.toM
lllii HftUlll'Otlll.
mm > ���w
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C. HAY ��, 1111,
��he tgolbtu (Bra.
Eu. V. Chambers, - Editor and Publubtr.
Subscriptions td OO par year in advance.
Advertising rate, made kuown on requeat.
FRIDAY. May 3, 1901.
We reproduce an article from the
Spokane Chronicle regarding the mica
mines cf Tele Jeaune Cache and would
napeetfully call the attention ol th*
Board of Trad* to th* per.i.t.nco witb
which tha Hevelstoke buiineu mtn ar*
pushing the claima of lhat town as a
supply point for ihe northern oountry.
The local Board of Trade ahould ba
jnst aa persisscnt in keeping to the
front tlie advantages ol the Golden-
Beaver route. Of course the Bon.
Chief Commissioner of Land* and
Work* know* wbich i* tha beat rout*,
but it would strengthen hi* hand* considerably to hav* an expression from
eur local board occasionally. Somc-
tim.a the per.istent msn win* ovtr a
mora favored rival became of hi* *g-
grass! veness, and our Board of Trad*
should not be satisfied merely with the
assurance that w* have tha b*��t route,
but keep ths question wall to th* fore
with th* Governmant and aak lor an
appropriation to improve aad extend
th* trail, for the Government must
���oon decide in favor of one of tha different rout**, for larg* parties ar*
going iuto that couutry thi* spring
���nd there i* no uvlng what a few
wwk* msy bring forth in the way ot
new di.cov.ries.
Tb* Government prop*** to hold
another scion in July or AuguK for
th* purpo.e of discussing th* Coaat*
Kootenay road. This will give the
peopl* an opportunity to (peak through
their representatives and let their
wilh** be kuown.
Tb* Government's railway policy
embodies th* principle* advocated by
th* Opposition in 1897, therefore
UsM.ra. Martin, Brown, Mcliine* aad
Stable* are not inconsistent in *upport<
ing lb* Government under present cir
Control of rates.
Four ner cent of gro.m*sirning��.
Th* right to purchaso at any time.
These are three important step,
leading towards the nationalization ol
B. or th* V. V. * E., or any othsr
company, . . . tbe Government propose a .ounder plan. If we aeei.t th.
road thoy tay, w* mu.t hav* tall
security for every dollar of pnblie
money that goes into it. We mu.t have
four per cent, of lb* groi* earning* **
a flrst charge on th* road wherewith
to tatiafy tbe interest on the people'*
loan, We mu.t have the right to take
over tha road for th* peopl* it any
tim* and without th* recognition of
any money vain* in th* charter. W*
mult, a* backwi ol th* road, control
it* rat**. . . . "Let u* hav*
���ecurity for onr investment* and control of the toads w* help to build," I*
the Government's policy.
Th* difference, ol th* C. P. B. and
tha V.V. k E. do not particnlarly concern the peopl* ol Britiih Columbia.
Let the big corporations fight their own
battle.. It ia for the Government, a*
representative* of the peopl*, to ae*
that the people's right* ar* protected
and aecured. Thi* is what th* Government provide* for in th* terms add
condition* upon whioh any grant tb
railway* under jthe bill ol th* leiilo*
willl be made,
If any Government ahould meet defeat through loyal adherence to each'*
principle, it would go down '��ith
honor, eortaln that the people would
���peedily nullify the action of the'r unworthy representatives. But th* Government will not go down. It will
liv* to carry forward th* good work it
hae ao well b*gun���governmant tor
th* people.
London, April 26.���The war offlc*
has received th* following from Lord
"Pntoria, April-8*6.���Since yesterday tha columns nport the Boer loa***
to be 12 killed, 20 wounded, 47 cap-
tured and 42 surrendered.
"In addition to the foregoing, Lieut.
Reid, with 20 bu.hraan, captured,
southeast of Commiisi* Drift,Oli pliant,
river, Commandant Sohoedor and 41
Boar*, together witb a Maxim.
Raid's men crept up and surrounded
the Boer*< before dawn and *p*n*d fin;
tho Boar, immediately surrendered.
In a later measage, forwarding ad'
vies* from Gen. Kitchener, Ihi* broths*
Lord Kitchener, (ays:
"Gen. Kitchener report* Irom I'aaors-
d*platx four Boers killed, 180 takan
prisoners and 3000 cattls, 2000 sheep
and mauy wagons captured.''
I Frem Ike Canterbury Outcrop.)
Tbe fore* on th* McDonald mine*,
aitnatad on McDonald creek, i* to bt
increaaed shortly. A good force of
m*n itarted np Hon* Thief oreek yesterday and will at once) atart to work
to dear th* trail up McDonald creek of
���now, etc.. to a* to enable th* pack
train to tak* np mor* luppliu. We
tn informed that when mon supplie*
ara taken np that tha fore* at th* mine
will ba increased to 60 man. Tbi*
(peak* well a* a itarttr for thi* Ma-
ton's work, and go** to (how th* merit*
of tbe McDonald rain**, upon wblcb
final payments ol th* bond w*n made
��� fow w**k* ago. Thi* 1* alio anoth.r
proof of th* neceuity for the Legiila-
tura to provide fund* and have th*
work of con.tructing a w*g*n road up
Hone Thief creek Muted at aa eorly a
date a* poaiible.
J. McKinley, of Athalmar, I* raftering from a broken Isg as th* mult
of falling over tb* dashboard of Iii* rig
and cauiing hi* team to run away, th*
vehicle passing over him.
J, A. Kirk haa gon* to Rowland,
and it i* Mated that whtn he ntarn*
thaTownaite Company will Mart th*
(notion of a $10,000 hotel at .Peterborough.
The palmy day* of tha charter-
monger have gone by in B.C. Then
waa a tim* when he got everything be
asked for and no restriction wa* placed
upon hiin aa to what he would charg*
if the railroad was bnilt. But now he
ba* to give something in return for aid
nceived and it will be the peoples own
fault if they do not make him Miek tc
hi* bargain.
(Tlw Daily Province.)
Rtccnt development, at Victoria cannot but have i.umeosely surprised th*
public. It is indeed a curious readjust*
tnent lhat has been accomplished or is
tailing place; and yet analytically regarded, ir. is not one that 'ustifle* lhe
'arraignment of the four membera of tbe
Oppotition who will support Ih* railway bill ae guilty of violation of any
���f thtlr enunciated prinuiplts. Uessrs
Martin, McIiiiim, Siablss ais.l Bruwn
hud put Ihemselvss on record ss favor
ing nationalization iu railway owner-
���l.ip. Th* Government hss brought
down a railway bill In whleh th* ���inte
uwi.er.luii principle is a* far developed
as it practicably can be at the present
time���with provision also for Government a*tiiir*m��iit of th* rosds proposed lo Is* nssiaieil wh.i.cv.r Male
o* is.r.lsip may be brought wilhiu the
pns.ibilities uf practical politic*-and
I li* four of ibe Opposition would Hud
it difficult tu reconcile their action with
their declarationa of principle did they
rhey oppna* the miui.itii.il proposal*
iu ihia regard.
Ai for Mr. Smith Curtis,' position,
In ton Isa* figured prominently *��� *
champion of state ownsrahip, aud j.t
���now that th* opportunity haa oow.
fur bim tu dduuu.lr.t.ihe brnadth aud
.incriiy ol bi* .uie.suau.lsip- Is. ia
found warning, aud ratb*r thau explain bt* isonteioplated btlrayal of hi.
���Ilsgi.noo to th* principle, sjudsMvur*
ra 4rtrt���� ih* voice *( arguuMut and
Wit with Ih* parrot cry ul codspetl*
Uuu.        - i
. ��        *-,,.*, :���:-.*, *
-fu.it-.-td ol. bending over tU* psopl*
*>' tl.rtiluii*y.oi th. paoplt't* iho 0. 1'.
"Jim" Hill and the Orund Trunk,
Montreal, April 2(1.���A report i* eur
rent here in well-informed financial
circle., that Sr. J. J. Hill ii waking
coutrol uf the Grand Trtihk Railway
and Grant Trunk Western for the pur
pose of securing an outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Thii he would *ecurt
iu purchasing the Grand Trunk Hn*
from Chicago io Portland, Main, at
BuSalj. Tho L*l.igh Valley would
give him New York connection, and at.
Montreal the Central Vermont would
furui.k Bo*ton connection. H* would
also hav* an Atlantic terminus during
thu Summer aeaaou at Montr**!. At
th* Grand Trunk offices, prominent
uflicials Mid that they would probably
be iho last persons lo hoar (bout th*
matter a* it would ba all arranged by
the Buard in London, but admitted
that the arrangement was poaiible,
Changs sf Control lt�� he Bot.
Rowland, B. C, April 26.���A cablegram from London, wa* received here
today, Mating lhat th* controlling
.hares of the La Roi min* hav* be��n
pick��d up by a .yndlcat* of London in'
veilor*, who ar*prominently identified
with the Exploration Company. Tbli
will account in a larg* mwtor* (or th*
ria* in th* pric* of th* (hire*, whioh
hav* now reached ��9, 17* fid. Tb*
rumor ii alao currant hii* now that
tbeiam* people aro endeavoring to ae-
cur* oontrol of th* Central Star tnd
War Eagle min...
Ottawa, April SO-Whan the Houee
met to-day Lam ler announced ih*
Gov.rnsn.Dt'. intention to Make th*
24th of May a permanent bsvtiday, in
view of tha unanisnou* public wilh io
this effect. H* movad tbat th* hill
with thll object in vl*w. promoted ly
Br, Horsey, b* iranifornd t��Ouvcr��
ment urdtr*.
Th* gate* of tbo P��n-Amerisna Ki-
|so*ilion opta��d W-sluesslay lut.
J. .1. Aiktnhasd, jsw.l.r, fonaerly ol
R*>*l.ioke, B.C., *ee*lv*d a **t*l fall
i. Toronto.
Th* Borr* dswallstd >.wo train* near
JCismwMwI, andc��plur*d26men. Muni
ujck, lb* tio;o.km�� fraii.vi.al Malt
.u*jlu**r, ba* ttew ilia'* pifoosncr ly
tit* Uiill.h.
Th* Goldm Era h��> In th* paat been
���object to many diversified .ra., but if
Bro. Chamber* continues to improve it
it* nam* will b* no misnomer. Lut
weok th* Era cam* to th* front with
it* patent boiler-ylata bow*]* entirely
rsiaovsd and nil nice n*w In.ld.s put
n it. Bro. Chambn* is thui ahead of
the medical profsssioa in npairing in-
aide*. For a long time l��.t year the
Era existed without iniide* altogether.
Tha British Governmant will (land
���r fall on the coal duty rot*.
Th* ic* blockado at th* foot of Lake
Huron hi* bean broken.
A. Picard, a confidential olerk in
Quebec, i* 120,000 to 130,000 ihort in
Uil account..
Another proposition to ereot a smelter in Vancouver ba* bwn mad* by J,
P. Graves.
Thursday night'* Morm particular,
at Roaser and S.ony Mountain ahow
there was no exaggeration aa to th*
damage. Many forma, (tablet, houses
and store* wen wrecked.
Th* Gazette on April 23rd announces
that the Victoria Cross ha* been con
ferred on Lieutenant* H.Z.C. Cocburn
and R. E. Turn��r, and sSergt. E. Holland of th* Royal Canadian Dragoon*,
DEATH OR LUNACY teemed the only
alternative for a well-known and highly re*
���peeled lady of Wingham, Ont., who had
travelled over two continent. In a vain search
for a cure for nervous debility and dyapep-
sia. A friend ncomiMndsd South American
Nervine. Ono bottle helpsisl, aix bottles oured,
snd her own written tothnony clem witb
these word.: "It has saved my life." Sold
by R. VV. Pstmore.   SO
CaosuMan. Dlo at Ska.
Montreal. April 29.-Stall Sergt. H
Purdon, and Trooper! Mann and Patton, diad within thn* day* of stack
othtr befon th* 8. P. Montfort reached
Cap* Verde Island*.
Thi* intelligence i. conveyed ia
���hort letter from Trooper J, W. Low
to hi* father, in thi* city, which 1*
dated April llth, and on* hour befon
Cap* Vtrde waa niched.
Ottawa, April 29.���A private Utter
r*c*lv��d Is.r* today from Cap* Yard*
from on* ol th* comtabulary on board
th* Montfort *n rout* (or South Afrioa,
(��y* thtt than were thr** dssthi on
board. Th* dead ara glv.n aa Ollvar
Minn, of Ottawa; Trooper E. L. Patton'
of Toronto; and Sergt-Major Pardon,
of G. (quadron. Two ware reported la
a. seriously ill and ih* latter add* (ba
nam* of Wilcox to thedaad, making
four d*ath* ia all. Ih* depattBTtat
hi* got no information.
mora to lrav.1 and *dv*rtb* fer old MtaV-
 -      -iFlnuxI-
 ofMiq*na"*tal.tai-illsg,  til*
aryl7S0a year and ���xpsnaea, .11 payable ia
fsrsnee. snd enelosrsslfaadraued atamprt
ts$^^^rK'm ST
Some time ago then was** notable
automobile procession in the dty of Buffalo, N.Y. tt was notable for its sire, end
alao Ibr the tact that it was entinly com-
red of automobile wagons (like that
the cnt above), built to distribute
the advertising literature of the World'*
Dispensary Medical Association, proprietors and manufacturers of Dr. Pierce'a
medicines. In many a town and village
Dr. Pierce's automobile has been tha
pioneer horseless vehicle. These wagons,
aent to every important section of the
country, are doing more than merely
advertise Dr. Pierce'a Remedies���they
are pioneers of progress1, heralds of th*
automobile age.
And thia fo in keeping with the record
made by Dr. Pierce end hia iainotu piss-
Ctlons, witch hav* always kept in
front on their merits. Dr. Pierce'*
Oolden Medftal Diacovtry fo still tbe
leading medicine for. disorders snd disease, of the stomach and digestive and
nutritive systems, for tbe purifying of
tb* blood and healing of weak lungs.
Women place Dr. Phrce's Favorite
Preacrlptlon ia the front of ill put-up
medicines specially designed for women's
a*t. The wid* benelit. this medicine
ha* brought ta women hav* been well
���trained up it�� the words-"It makes wtak
women strong and .ick women mil."
the reputation of Dr. Pierce'. Plea*,
ant Pellets aa a aafe and effective laxa-
tire for family use is international, i ���
It may b*- asserted without fear of contradiction (hat no other-firm or company
engaged In .die vending; qf put-up medicine, can rank with thr World'a Dispensary Medical Astociatien, either in th*
opinion of the medical profession or of
the Intelligent public. The Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, whicb 1*
connected with the "World'* Dfopeu-
���ary," fo sloiie sufficient to prove thi*
supremacy. 'Here is. a great modem
hospital, alvilya filled with patients,
where every 'day successful operations
are performed'on men and women whole:
diseases demand Hie aid of surgery. No.
hospital in Buffalo is better equipped,,
with respect to its modern appliances, ot
the surgical ability of its staff. Dr.R.V.
Pierce, the chief consulting physician of
this great institution, hu susocfeted wills
himself nearly a score nf plysidsns-,
eoch man being a picked man, cbo.es
for his ability in the treatment hnd cut*
of some special f&nn of discos*.
The offer that Dr. Pierce makes ta
men and women suffering with chronis
diseases of a free coit.iiltatioa iy letterr
is really without a parallel. It place*
without cost or charge the entire re*
sources of a great medical Institute at
the service of the sick. Snch an offer it
not for one moment to he confounded*
with these offers of" free medical advice"
which are made by people who an not
physicians, cannot and do not "practice
medicine, snd are only saved from pre*
secution by artfully wording thoir advertisements so that they give th* impress
������ion that they an physician* withot*
making the claim to be licenaed.
Thoae who write t* Dr. Pierce, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids'
Motel -aad Surgical In-titute, Buftalov
; N. V., msy do io with tbe assurance that
they will receive not onlv the advice of
a competent physician, but the svdvlc*
of a physician who** wide srxperienr*.
la the treatment and cure of disarasw, and
whose- sympathy with human .uffering
bad* him to tak* a deep, p.reenal Interest in sll thoee who seek hi* help and
that of ^ie associate staff af aateialfot*.
St. Tierce'i Medical Adviaer (in paper
covens), looS psges, is sunt fret on re-
s��pt Uy one-cent sumps, or jo stamp*
Business and Residential ps For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is ths Tims to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment
GOLDEN is the k*y to the Upper ColumWa Valley
tl�� head of navigation on the Columbia River, and thV
centre of an extensive sterek-raiwng and ranching country, extending from the btadwateilof the Columbia Kiver
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the mirth.
The important mineral discoveries recently made im
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact tbat transportation iii now assured at an early date-
tar a railway running the length of the Columbia andi
Kootenay Valleys, from Gtolden to Cranbrook, ensure irreat
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenav-
Negotiates are also proceeding, which will ensure tne
operation of the Goldeih Sroelter within the next few
, THE GOLDEN 'lOWIf SITE now effered form*
the only land available for the extension of the buildine
area. ,m.
Present prices are ftvorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further ris��
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid1 until purchaser seceiv��Js a-rree*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Hans may be seen and prices ami terms obtained on-,
application to
H. 6. Alexander, Trust-ie, Sandon,      ,
H. G. Parson, Merchant
for th* cloth-bound volume, to pay ex-
pen** ��f customs and milling mty. Ad-
Offaa Bt. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, M. V.
"Th* blood I* th* lifo.** Solano* hat
n*v*r gon* beyond thii ilmpl* *tata-
mint of nrlptur*. But It hag ilium
rnated the inoreulng breadth of know'
Ms**. When th* blood I* "bad" or
impure it i* not ilon* tb* body which
lunar* through din***. Tha brain I*
alio clouded, th* mind and iodgmtnt
ajao affaoted, and many an avll d*ed
or impure thought may da- dlrswtly
traced to tha Impurity of th* blood.
Ko on* oan b* wall balanoid. In mind
and body whoa* blood I* Impure. N*
on* ean hav* a wkolosom* aod par*
lifo unit** th* blood 1* pure. Foul
blood sun be mad* par* by tb* on ol
Dr. Pierce'. Goldm M*dio*l Dfooo-ery,
Wh*a th* blood, i* park, body and
brain *r* alike haaltby aad lifo bsoom**
adally happiness.:     -
Fret���Dr. Pforc*'* Common, Sen*.
Modiesl Adviser, 1006 pages, 7�� Uiu*-
tratloni, I* aiat fro* an receipt of
���lamp* to dafray .ipenMl of mailing
only. sStnd Si one-cent item*.* (or
paper covin, or 81 Itaropa for, olotb,
to Dr. g. V. PI*ro��, 883 Jiaift Strnt,
Buffalo, N.Y.
No broader distinction caa b* mask
bsiwttn m��n than tbat whioh dlvlsfo*
them into two clauei. To, ih*, first
class twlong ihoss wbo alway* hav*a
goosl.xcuM why th* thing required
cannot b* dour. .Tb* ncond ola.a I*
oompoMd of those who manage to DO.
Fortmoit in thi* latter ofoia, Jt/tada
out tha figure ol Osuer.l De Wat. Allen Sangret who ba* fait- ntjaraad
(rom th* Trot avail, draw* a vlfM
piotur* of tb* oharswter of thi* raeat
tarkakl* g.turni *l inodirn tlw**
tb* uaramtimtiM-r, :M>;p
ittlofo fo- lllustr*'��d with Ute iioit
Uia,vlim��-jet pubHih*d.
Townsite Of
The Prosp-ectors' Exchange
No. #, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NE-fJ80N,,B.C.
Oold, SllvwLead and Copper Mine* wanted at tha ENHANCE.
FBEE MILLrtld GOED propeniei wanted at ono* (br Eaatarn invefeor*.    \ "'
Parti** having mining property for aal* are requested" to send sample, of their
ore to th* Exchange for nhibilion.
We dnire to hear from prospectors who hiva promi.ing mln.r.I claima in*:
Britiab Columbia.
Prospector* and milling man are rtqiisnted ta mak* tin Ezelmag* their h*ad-
quarwr* when ia Nel.on.
All (ample* ihould be aent by upreia, PREPAID.
Corre��pond*nc��*olicit*d.   Addrra. all communication* to>
Ti,.phon.Nb,10, AM^oX^BWI*B1'-**B^XB.c.
No Cure, N6 Pay
Ms*, by tb* Proprlstara et Or, Clark'.
Llttl. n<4 rin��.
To th* Editor of th* Gold-m Era
Sir,���Wi make Ihe follbwlng pro-
poiil lo th* reader, of the Goldeu Eba:
To any one who 1* a (ubject of rbenm-
atfom (no matter how long* (tending)
or any blood disease, a* enumerated
belew and will give Dr. ClarAo'i Won-
dertol Little Bed Pilla a fair and impartial trial) and do hoi find a perfeot
ear*, we will refund the manor paid
for tbe pill*. If no iubatM)tl.l im-
prov.ra.nr l�� obenvad, wa will la addition, pay their value in caahon ar.Ua-
factory svid.noe b*ia�� (applied to tbi*
. We have yet to know of a eiugle
cue where that* wandorful pills bar*
not beta almott ntlrely auo^iwlnt In
effecting a oure. CANADA CHEMI-
OAL CO! P.terbor**gb, Oot.*
**F. H. Tata*, Uarlbank, Out. write*:
I have bad itom.ob troable* (or ovnr
two year*, Had hav* triad1 different
remedle*, and I think thii thre* bog**
of Dr. Clarke'* Wonderful: Llttl* Bad
iPfll* I hav* takan, bar* done me more
(than anything I have tried.    .
Dr. Clarke'* Little Bed Jill* aif a
po.ltlv.and certain aura lordagripp*.
rh.umariim.aathsta.paralyaU, catarrh
Karma, oough., backache, intlgeitlon,
ill itoraach aad liver troublee, female
oompliiut*, even ��-h��o tha dt*s**M
hav* b**n (tending (or many yeara, the
molt atabbora aaee* wlllgfojid. PrtM
60 out* par box! tot aal* by, tbe leaal
Dr. Clark*'* Sore Core (or Oatarrh,
and Dr. Clarka'e Sure Cnrr(or-Ee*iraA,
earn* pri**, 110 will b* paid (or any
cue thay will not permanently oar*. *
A WcsadarreH lareatlon.
Thty our* dandruff, hair fallingr
head-aoha, mc, yet ooal* th* ..rae ad
an ordinary eomfc-Dr. WhltM EUfetric
CCfiib. Th* only patented Comb In
th* world, People, eviry where it has
been introduced ara wild with delight.
You limply oat-op your hair eschday
and the. comb dbei the rest. T^ia
wonderful comb hi limply unbreakable
���ndii mad* *o that it i* absolateiy
impo*sible to break or cnt the hair.
8bld. on a written guarantee to givo-
���itilfiotion In every respect. Send'
���tempi for on*. Ladies' sir.* 50c.
Oent*' .ire 85c. Live msn md wotnen.
wanted everywhere lo lntro-ro.ee thlu
irtlole. Selli on tight. Atjnti lire-
Wild with iucok*. (See wiat ooltjmn
of thi* piper.) Addre*( DI'N.Boi.,
flan. Mgr. Decitnr, III. ~r
'-��� ���*->�����*��.**. s���' %   ::
Theciti-eensofQuebec ha.Ve
appo|hted a deputation Jo*
wait upon the Government
and urge the purchase ofthe
Plaimof Abrahajn. (
sMMs/rivW**     -. ���
At th* sj-aauciM *>( ih* Unit*4 St��te*
Onvstrniasjni tb* Ciaidiati Cuifom* d��-
���aaimaggllag 'mot^m a toiulii it 1*
underet*** tk*r )��H��m"*ir' of e'abtomi
On th* money yet** tb* majority o(
th* Governmiat In the Britieh Commons dropped to thirty-three. ,
/The Dominion Gov*rnm*it ha%decided te make aa eoqniry into tb*
ehirg* that terra ii a oombiaeia paper
Count; Tohtoli hu writtetna letter to
theBaadon Ciar, being imippeal (er
tolsMaticn.  It hu made a ���traaglm-'
JaraeaPoweri wu drowned lo *Ut*.i    -TB08E WOBRYINO F*aLB��t-One
ipplloaUOn of Dr. Agnaw'a Olptmeat
will give you comfort. Applied emv
nlghi for, three ti* (IS nlghte aad a
oure ii efeoied In tbe mo.t itobborn
caara of Blind, Bleeding or Itching
Pilei, Dr. A*��**'��^Olnt*��i,.^fiy��.
Eci*m*.Mid all itching ind biraiog
���klu diss****.' It acts llk*,��*Mle, *��'
sautlh- Sbld by B. W. Wtatort.   W
%''4'' V
THE ERArGOLI)ENt B,C, l*t*i 3,1 ill,
For DISMvery tt Visa.
A syndicate of well known business
men of B*v*l(tok* hu reoently been
formid v*ith th* objait of proapoetlng
for rolea la th* Big Bend di��trict,
about 180 mile* north of B*vel*toke,
���aye tk* frail Creek N��w*. Thia
tontaany hu b*en fortunate enough lo
locate what will probably tarn oal to
be one of the largnt mica depoeite on
th* North American continent. The
property con.i.t. o( two fall olailna-
the Edinbnrg and Dublln-aituated on
tbe north .Id. of Sand ereek, whioh
���ater* th* Fruir rivar abont two and
one-half -nil** below Tele Jeaune Cube.
The vein on theat claimi fo (oand in
mice ochfot about 18 (eet wide and le
traceable without difficulty .long tbe
entire length of the claim*. It itandi
out oonipieuouily above th. country
rook, and though full of smaller ibooti
oi exoellent mica hae one notable aboot
of from four to 12 InobM in width
whioh outcropi about 600 feet above
the creek. From thi* point surface aam
plel were picked running (rom eeven
incbe*.square to 7x12 and of very fine
. The** claim* ��r* located on the aim*
vein u the celebrated Bonanxa mtoa
claim and lie acrou tha gulch from it,
asperated only by the lied of the oreek.
In 1898 the Bopaiaa shipped two tons
of merchantable mica valued at about
825,000. This iliipoent w,*s mide by
pick borsei overland to Kauiloopi, a
diatanec of 300 miles, and no better
evidence can bs asked of ill value than
ita ability to stand tha cost of market'
ing the product. Thie roust have cost
for transportation alone about $500
' perton.   *
The Provincial Government hum*
nounced ite willingness to subsidize a
(teenier to run from Bevefotoke to
Death Rapid*, and alio to inolude in
tbii year's eltlmatei an appropriation
to continue the Bevelstoke-Colditream
trail, with a ferry at Smith creek. Thi*
will give complete laud communication
between Bevefotoke aod Tete Jeaune
Cube, and ho doubt wheu thii ii done
and cheap transportation for supplies
is assured the quality find quantity of
these depoiita and the constantly increasing demand lor High grade mioa
will make then properties of immense
v��luer ' en rich ' I lie o* nor * and .-giro
. Bevefotoke.the advantage ol being tbe
supply point for tl.eesitire dll'r.ot.���
Spokaue Chronicle.
TK4T CUTTING ACID that arise. Iron,
the .tomach aud atsnoat aarau-rles, I. caused
by fermentation of thetuod lis the stomas:!.,
lt is a foretaste of Indigestion and dyspepsia.
TakeoueofOr. Vs... Sum's. Pine��|s|.fe Tablet,
immediately after eating, aud it will previa-,
thi. diilrea. and aid digmtion. DO iu a box.
*-,     His tenia.   (Sold by K. W. l'atmore.-lll
. asac
Tk* Bailer. Explode.
Frankfort, Germany, April 26.-She
three boilers o( the Urieihei.n Electro
Chemical work*, near Griesbelin, exploded yesterday afternoon and tbe
faotory caught fire. One hundred and
fifty persons ire reported to hive heen
killed ind one hundred ind forty
injured. The exptoelon wu audible
bere, and the Frankfort fire engine*,
fire sMcaps* and ambulincei went to
the ao*n* at one*, Tb* number of sfoed
fosstlmaMd alone hundred and fifty,
bat cannot be detetmined until the
Hit o( *myloyeu of the chemical work*
can be compared with tbe roll oleur-
Tb* flame, apparently originated.by
the blowing ap of vat* of ohemical* in
the exploeive depirtmeat of the woik*
at 8 o'clock in th* afternoon. Tbey
���pread witb frightful tepidity to th*
i adjaoeat' building* and then' over tbe
rlrer Main to Sobwinheim.
tfhen 'there wu a teoeod exploilon,
tbe (umee and miueaof burning chemi ���
oal* making It Imposslbls to itay lu
the vlolniiy.
Tb* inhabitant* of GrlMbcim w*r*
I ord.lsjd to l*av* thair vltlag*, whleh
th*y did, flocklug to Frankfort.
Th* laat explosion occurred at 7:80
p.m. aad when it wa* ascertained that
-.no further damage was anticipated Ibe
'inhabitant* returned to their home..
"The work  of axtrloating the bodies
from' the debrl*  wu carried on by
torchlight, gai not being* obtainable,
Whe. ones the su ha. Mt, *,
And ia th. wsnt a riail. Uo.
Of nd I. suDold.rln. yet.*
Atev. hi. black, oourajeoua ey*
H. wears his Midler'. erMt;
Ke titter, reds, nor acreamlnj viae)
Ou dust hia martial btmit.
I ns.1 him In . lesfy stall���
A brook rsa awMl snd olear.
At lt h. ealUd from parasUae,
JSsshoaled, "Here, berel"
la buy thought the momsmt. flsiwi
1 pondand, "Then ro near!"
Isr o'.r a hill his vole, roplissjd,
'"Tl. Ism, bete, bml".
ta winter', frott w. m.t Mala,
Whn ...ry leaf wu eear.
"Whw. I. your heavsraly obnntry now*"
Be unmed, "Here, hsjr.1" .;..������'
-W. O. MoCldlud In M. NldasUa*
��lp Hal task Betwan tk* Mam sad
tk* Moaalala Uso.
ArroWbtr of .portnnen were recently
talking over the good times they hsd had
duck ahootlng last fall whoa th. conversation turned an hunting big game In tbe
welt. Some thrilling adventure wu related by every ons In tbe group but an elderly man, ud be' In turn wu aiked for a
"I don't .upposH," began the tilent
mu, "tbat uy of you young fellowaever
rsnscrosis a mountain llon.es they srs
becoming rather acarce now In tbo west,
But early In Ihe fifties, when I first went
to Colorado to hunt for gold, these animal,
were quite numerous. I recall on ono oo-
cation, having a little adventure with' a
lion that almost scared me out of my wits.
With a partner I was working a claim tn
tbo mountains near Ouray, end one day
beforathe very cold weather of tbe winter
set In. we both went to town to get tonio
soppttee,leaving our little cabin oaths
mountain side alone.
"It came on to snow eo hssVd soon after
ws arrived In Ottray that we did not get n
chance tb return to our claim for three
daya On our return journey we noticed
s. wewere climbing tho hill, tho traok. of
a mountain lion leading toward onr cuban.
Presently, however, a. we got nearer and
nearer to our littlo home we lost tho track
of tbe animal, ud the sight of an open
window, which had been carefully closed
on our departure for town, caused u.W
forget all about the lion and lt. presence.
"Well, I had "reached tho window and
was ju.tabo.it to put my head Into the
apartment wben thero iiuno a terslfclo
growl and the next Instant a great yellow
body sprang through the opening rlgli.on
Biy back, Its claw, catching uy buckskin
cout ud ripping It open, to my wt.isst,
turning ine completely uvea und Into tho
snow. Uy partner took the dangerous
situation In at a glance and whipped out
his gun. Then the infs.rual.llou turned on
him, making a loarlul luiir In his direction. Beforo he eould Ilio the lnlurluiid
Mali wa. upon hiin, nnd, .sizing him bj
ths .look of his coat, shook bins ss though
be wero but a rut. 1 was en my feet by
this time, and, drawing my revolver, I
sneaked up und put a bulllet right thMugh
'hll bead, lho animal groaned, slid fell
back dead and tuy luirtner drew his breath
: lastly once more. It wn. a close call, but
niitber ot us -rut hurt, and the lion's skin
In toother week v. a. serving n. a rug at
tbefssjot of uiy bUnlt."���\Vosl.lngua> titer.
Ths. sOasrgorl*.
, It to only recently I bnt tbo word itf.rgo.vl.
hss found Its way lnlu our dictionaries.
Eton technical glossaries uf repute paswed
Ltorcrafowyeuaago, But now It I. not
only Included, but ohoaen for Illustration,
la lexicographical work, that are onllvonod
with woodcuts.
., We find our prsfsdecocer* not oibJt contrived a mean, tos.prevent tho damp that
would have ensued It rainwater lad not
been diverted from falling off their roof.
Into the foundations of their buildings, but
so treated theso discharging spout, head,
from their gutter* as to make thsni give
con.lder.bl. ornamentation. Tbe application of the term gargoyle to these oontrl v-
onoo la said ta bo dne to tho dragonlike
Character that was at flnt given te them,
coupled, with tbe fact that there wa. a particular drsgon known try that name that
kept tbesllstrlct aronnd Rouen In trepidation. Directly three futeetlo .pout, came
Into uso they were treated u worked art,
lu *s> for as two wero never mode alike.
Those who bave-atudled the .unjectaver
that muy of them are tin* works ol sculpture, aad tbey are often so adroitly placed
ai to. bring ont the salient points of a fabric ud oaaauos to Its pleating ettoot,
They woe employed from about the middle of the thirteenth century ud were
gradually improved In form ud dtllcioy
of design odd exeeutlon. At flnt they
were etmiewbit abort and thick, but after
a time were made longer, to project farther
ud with mareelegantdetalls,���ChsnAW.'
JouraaL   ,     ���
(hnoi. aad BlMtrle Light*.
Tbedlffenhce la the condition of tb*
throat, of publio ipeaksna .nd linger,
line* th* Introduction of tbe elootrlo light
Is most marked. They bave less Irritation
and 1*m weatinoM during and after their
tottomanm Tbl*. I* aooonntsd far oa
tbe theory that gsi ud other Hamas dried
onl Ibe atmosphere and con-mined *tnio><
necessary to the best
Mill*,   la addition to
condltloaof the organs,
tbli, th* tempwitiu* I* more *ven, ud
then I. less duger from .ir aurrente.
Wharsany greet numbw el gl* Jets sire
used, th*llr at tbe oslltng of ��� room bu
tbe vitality totally burned out et It and to
heeled .to a very high tsmpsmture. An
opu dear or window Jetting la fresh alt
create* vlolant agitation In the.lr, soms-
times sorts gust* of air whirling through
the room, sspeciilly at  tbe  remswhit
Adelbert Hay hu reiigqid il U. A,
ooninl-geaeril at Pretoria.
Britain pr.feri a commercial agree*
mut with China rather than a pecuniary Indemnify.
Xavier Batoehe, founder ol a famous
hiKbrted uttlem.nt Id Saikilohewaa,
iii dead:.,.'':
'��� W. J. MoLeod, formerly ol Bol***-
voln, Mao., haa my.terloutly dlisp-
peered (rom Sosaland.
M.VM WOBRT.-Tak* th��m aod
abort yeat ,bu.iuisi--th*y do lJr*i> i
wUbt j-no .w doing yours. Dr. ,�����.-*,
Uver nil are system reaovatore, Mood parts
ite) iTnteuaWte-m.  ��d*����.li|iitl
lOetnt*. Sold by ft W. Pahejre-Sl
d portion where tbe performer, are
situated. A *pwlall.t lu throat troubles
tklaks that what to known m .lager.' sore
throat may besom* much less frequ.nl
when (Icctrlo light, are universally adoit-
ed.-Sew York Ledger.
Cbolllsv-M.ud hu to wear glusM. Tha
oculist .aid lb* hid been using .her eye*
too jnuch.'
Obarlle���I ���hoaM **y sol Too ought Mi
hav* (era beret tbs dsac* the othtr nlgbt.
She wh j-ual itrrrouadid by m.s.ll Um
lima���Harper's Botar.
A Drasssits gflssd..
Tbe outgoing tour," Mr. Bin** Tts��>
rawer tbe anil clroumttuaw, "wu
beaded by mcud th* returo trlp.vfss,
*��trt l7*v***body."'-ln.llu.polli Ao*,-
It te Watetpnt aad Ki aaU. ud I. BaaUy
It 1. often dealrable' to Join articles with
a atrlotly waterproof cement, ud on*
which to not affected by any ordinary clement or condition. An slaatlc gut ta percha
cement I. cully made and will bt found
extremely useful to bate la tbe houn, being readily applied and of great tenaolty.
In households where there are children tbe
sjrobl.ro ot .hoe. I. sometime, a wrloui
ue, ud the possibility of putting on a
few nice without the trouble ud expeni*
ef lending to the shoemaker to well worth
considering. An excellent cement for this
purpose to made by dissolving 10 ports of
guttapercha In 100 parts of bentlna When
Ibe* two ore perfeotly uid smoothly inoor-
ponted, edd 100 part, of Unwed oil varnish. Tb* whole must be shaken Ud
beaten until perfectly mixes!.. Tbe plecea
*f leather to be Joined ahould ba rasped
with a file or ether rough rat-stones In order to give the ratface a grain lo hold by.
Tbe preparation la applied to tbe able of
the .hoe and the piece of leather to be
affixed thereto. Tbe notion, mu.t be
pressed together and allowed to dry for
some hours���a. day or two Is bitter.
. This cement to extremely elastic ud
warranted, If properly mad* ud applied,
to re.l.t dampness, to bold the sole firmly
In placo and to prove extremely durable.
It costo but llttl* ud to one of those articles thst no well regulated family ean
afford to be without A cement for repairing rubber boot, and .boss to made In two
parte. Too first consists of SOO parts of
chloroform to 10 parts of cuutohouo, thoroughly mixed. This Is kept In a glai.
stoppered bottle ud Is better If not ex-
posed to tho light The second part consist, of 40 parts tf oil of turpentine. 10
parte of caoutchouc and i ptti* ot rosin.
Thew are thoroughly dissolved and kept
by tbemulv est,
Wben mending dsy come., mix equal
quantities of tho two solution* Clean the
rubber thoroughly, roughen lt .lightly
with a file or raep, havo lt perfectly dry,
coat tbe rubber shoe and tho patch with
the preparation ud allow lt to remain'a
moment until It becomes tacky. Thin
unite the twos, pre., them closely together
and If possible continue tbo pressure fcr
several minutes. It Is well to allow the
mended articles to remain In a dry add
warm atmosphere for a number of hours
before exposing to wet and cold. If they
can be put away for novernl day. without
using, It I. better. So general I. the ute
of rubber boot, and .best, and >uch.ex
pensive articles are tbey, especially where
there are large families, that uy moans of
prolonging tbeir usefulness Is likely to.be
met with appioval.��� New York Lcdgstr,
**���GOLDEN, B.0.
���"..Special attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
station free of charge.
RaTKS, Wper day. Sppeclal rates for
regular boarder..
Worked Both Wsj*. ;
"Speaking of proverbs," remarked Mr.
Blrtins, thus bringing io mind the fact
that nobody had mentioned proverbs, "reminds ine of the looso manner In which
they can bd construed. When jrou get
right down to fact., a groat many of these
proverb, don't amount to much."
"They're supposed to bo the products of
thsrwlseat minds In lusny coses," Kjilled
tbe young woman wbo la popular tsecauss.
"They are unquestionably. It took est-
ceesilngly olevcr people to mako then. Ill
all sawes. I wss reminded of this during
a JoUrney wbioh I recently mode. I mot
at a hotol a friend of mine, wbo Is very
economical and verymucb given to fault
finding. I overheard him addtsuselng
the landlord with great vehemence As 1
came up be turned to me and said: -It's
u oatragel I pay for a place to stay, ud
I expeot to have It habitable That landlord bu given me n room to s.uoll that I
have.to ollmb Into bed over the footboard*
It's a cats of pur. avarice. He wishes to
bully me Into taking n moro expensive
apartment,' Then he heaved a sigh and
exclaimed, 'Ah, tke love of money Is the
rout ef all evil I' tsater I met tho landlord.
'I sin sorry that triond of yours was die*
���atlslled,' be remarked. 'But he told me
et the outwt how much he desired to pay,
and we did tbo very best we could for bim.
And new our effort to helgblm economise
hu made him a lifelong enemy to the
house.! And tboi�� the landlord heaved**
ilgb and exclaimed,'Ah, tbe love of money
to tho root of all evltl'"���Washington
Star. -,.
Th* lf.MU.-wr Bon* Shine.
Tb* messenger boy wu shining hii
aboea In a new way. He wu leaning up
against the tide of a building, with ono of
bb legs drawn up so at to bring a .hoe
within range of htoarnn. Hll outfit consisted wholly ot a box ot the blacking sols*
exclusively by ttreet vendors. From thi*
box with the aid of a finger be scooped a
heaping teaspoonful of gummy content.
with which he carefully buttered tha toe
of on* .hoe. ��� TheB he began io polish this
lsysref blaoklng with th* palm of hto
band, '
" Wsll," I nld, "wbat are you doing!"
"Blacktn ms shoes."
"Sow thsy won't, make ms goterth'
bootblack at headquarter* an gat me shoes
ablnedan dock ine wage. 80 cnt. fur It."
"How muoh do tbey tins you for dirty
"Nswthln, and I eU with 'em aorocra."
He didn't, however, but, giving them a
hasty dry waahon a piece of paper which
floated by, he put ther* In bl. pocket, snd
���trolled away.���Sew .York Commercial
Win Mat. ky tk��*ut er X***,
Among th* curious thing* to be mn la
th.hsrdw.ro store* nowsdsys are woven
wire doormats for ralr by tb* foot or
yard. It to only a few yea*, sins* th* manufacture of Ibe woven waa mat wm begun, bat lb*M mate have.prov*d to effective e| dirt oatchsn ud .alight and easily
etoonsd tbat .their uw baa spread very
rapidly. During the earlier ywrt of Iheir
mussfwture each mat if*, woven aad
flntobed wparately. Mow aome of the
manufaotunn are wearing them, la
length! of to feet, ud In .uch a way that
th*y will not ravel whelk* tbey are Ut,
The mate are woven In -different width*
end dono up In roll, luw carpet���"Sew
York Soo. i ���*,..-      ,
"Cu't you write your owa aarstl"
���Iked tbe lawyer In .orprlsw.
whw* s-ducotlon had bet* euaewaat ner
tested. "Iiliamyn-uaeaieord^Bgtoibe
Au��triltoa ry**��m,"-N��wYwtlrtlban*.
BlU-I'ta tbe gnatwt taKl for dtssas,
-��� 'Tbat'i preUbly what Makes you
.lea-fake -��jBUch.-rop*ir. Btstenuu.
Canadian Pacific Railway
| Colurribia
I l<iver
i Hanulfoturerr
ff Rough and Dressed Lcmber. s
jb .;ia
TRAINS   ........
Direct Route
to all points
East and West.
Patsengeri booked to
For descriptive Pamphleta and all information apply to neare.t local
E. J. COY1E, C. E. -WELLS,
A.G.P.A., Agent,
Tamouver. Golden, B.C.
Bicycles !
Bicycles !
Speelal Attention
���%�� Sewing Machines.
Kicking Horse Bridge,
A COURT OF ASSIZE, Nisi Print, Oyer
and Terminer and Uenaral Gaol IMli'r-
��ry willb. holden in the Court House-at
Oolden oa Tueaday. the lfth day of Hay,
By Command.
mlO Provancial Secretary
A, t. A A. at.
Uountaln Lodge*. Ko. 11. A. >*. A
A. M. Regular Communication,
weond Monday ia every month.
Sojourning brethren cordially fell. W. PATMORE, W. M.
CH.PARSON. Secretory:.
i, o. o. r.
Rsteky Msnintals Lodge No. 84 meet, in
OddleBow. H*U, Oolden, every W'eiaeetay
at II p.m.  Rojburning breththn welcome.
Church Service*.
Ssrrvisxa *v*ry Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lit and Srd Sundayi oft the raonih
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Feativall and Holy Daya at 8 a.m., or'
a* amy be announced from rhe chancel
Smday Sohool at 2:1)0 p.m.
All ara oordially invited to attend
the services.
i ��� C. F. YAxai, Vicar.
rauirTiEiA.i cuukch.
Hervic* every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Clau at t
p.m. (harp.
Choir practice every Thuraday even-
at T,
R��r. V. M. Pdkdy, fhetor.
���itbodiit cnuaon.
Sersiru every Sundiy it 11a.m. aad
7:30 p.m.
Suirdiy School at 2:80 p.m.
Pra--ser MMtlag on Tueadiy it 8 p.m.
, .. -mo. tviNNiT. Filter,,
AOENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Sinall Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
Every lte| a Stab
South American .Rheumatic
Cure doesn't Stop at relieving the pain���It goes
right to the seat of the
trouble and removes the
And what a boon this great remedy has been
to thousands who have been for yearo
wracked day and night by Rheumatism's*
relentless grip���every step a pain���every
breath a stab���every move an agony.
Beware of pnl.l dendenera and pin yonr faith to a tested inuf
tried remedy���a remedy thnt eradicate* front the ayalenr
the laat vestige of the diaeaae and whose enre ia a permanent one. It reHswca in 6 hours.. Mold by lt W Patmor**,
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers-all over the Continent.
Examine oiwiist and sea if there is any thing* yon requira-
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT :
Rider Agents Wanted
One in each' town ta ride and exhibit a sample 1901 model bicycle of smit*
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO t-0 A WEEK besides having ��
wheel ta ride lor yuuMelf.
1901 Hodels, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 & '90 Models, Best Make. - - ST to *12-
SOO Seetnd-Hand Wheels, taken In trade
by ont Cbloago .Mr.., amy u good a. law   -   -  ���     $3 tO f 9-'
���:,'   ��� J'** "
Wis ship anv Wc-vele ON APPROVAL to ��nyone WITHOOT1 A CE^���*i,*
DEP08IT IN ADVANCE IO flaiie CrOQ Tfifil Ycu i.t**b.olntely
and allow ..... lUUSyS rlCC 11131. NO RISK j��. order.
ing from ua, aa you da not need to pay a cent II the bicycle doe* not suit you -
lin not hlltl �� ***** ��-���* y���� l"'v,, written f*r onr FACTORYiRIC-CS
UU IIUI UUy and FREE TRIAL OFFER. Thia liberal o����r hu* nev��r
been aquallad and it i* a guarantee of th* quality of our wheel*.
��� .    y H-. ��� ...   i', I   sis.
V^E WANT a raliabl* psrion in each town lodlatribute catafagtita for us.
in exchange for a b.cjelei   Write today for Ine oataiegu* and oor sDtoia!offers.
i. l mead cygle co, Chicago.
VOHtJtA,A% r/tWWIt, 4t��M4W^
I Town and District.!
P-o/8, A*i*,-/9'*- iy*J^t/l,1 */%A-iAi*/*
The Uolslen snd East Kootenay
Tradinj! Co. (G. B. McDermot), haa
been incorporates).
Geo. "Wellsi, V.S.. went tsp tbe river
Thuraday, to inspect the horses belonging to the Lumber Company.
Si.ters Leonora and Dolores were in
town this week splioiting subscriptions
for the orphanage at Westminster.
The Palliser mill, have commenced
cutting and have a large order from
Ontario for dressed lumber.
Sheriff Redgrave was busy this week
.summoning the panel for the juries re-
qulredat the As.ir.es on May 14th.
Rev. G. Kinnoy left on Tuesday for
Kamloops. Services will be held as
usual iu the Methoditt ehurch on S1111-
Messrs. Morrison and Pesllcy, who
spent the winter on the Beaverfoot,
trapping, report a good catch of fur for
the session's work.
Mr. McMahon, C.P.R. tie inspector,
has arrived in town and will look after
the output of ties from the mills at
Golslen, Beaver and Ottertail,
The nasne of Jamea Pinkham was
unintentionally omitted from the list
of .church officers of St. Paul's parish,
.in laat week's issue.
The new steamer "City of Winder-
nmrsj'* prosni.es to show her heels to
'the other boats on the river. She is
snapped with a propeller ansl on her
.trial trips male splendid lime.
11,'velsiokc ha* a smallpox case to deal'
���with. A mail who arrived from UiiulT
'had the disease and was ii.nraediut-s.ly
.quarantined. The doctors ure new enforcing vaccination, and one trains are
closely watched.
We would call Mtentiou'to the advertisement in another columof J. C. Tom
-ft Co., fnshionnble tailere. Mr. Ton.
is prepares! to .satisfy the most fastidious, having a large assortment ofthe
latest Roods in stock.
Mr. Geo. Wells, of Palliser, brought
hi. grs,mo|,houe with him on his visit
-to Goldeu this week and entertained
hi* friends ou Wednesday evening.
George hits the latest thing iu talking
���m .chines and tl.e clearness with wbich
it reproduces the selections is a revelation to those who h.ive beard it.
The water in the streams is still
comparatively low and it seems probable that we will have high water this
year as there is a lot of snow to come
���down, in the form of water, off the
i.ioiiniaiua. It is to be hoped that the
present dyking on tho Kicking Horse
will prove sufficiently strong and high
to protect the town from u repetition oi
tbe loss of '94.
Rev. Mr, Purely announced to his
congregation ou Sunday evening that
be would lie absent from town next
Sabbath, stud possiblv the following.
at a meeting of the Synod. Services
will be held at the uss.nl times, Mr.
Purdy having secured a supply for the
Mr. Rogers received a letter ihis
week from W. Magee, who enlisted
with the S A. Constabulary here. It
was written as thoy were making port
at Canary Islands and is full of interest. He reports all the Golden men iu
good health, though Hedley Dart had
been troubled with sen sickness for a
short time after leaving. The weather
bad been good and the asuiil experiences
of an ocean voyage were duly noted.
He mentions thu death of four iiieni
burs, ail of whom were eastern men.
He found that there were a largo number of members of the *,. 0. L. among
those on board ami tbey, of course,
fr-iterni'sed as much ��s possible. His
closes by wishing to be remembered to
all his Goldeu friends.
A Kamloops firm has been sending
their representative through East
Kootenay for some time peat without
going to the trouble of taking out a
liuei.ae for him. On Monday afternoon be appeared before H. R. Moodie,
J. 1'., and wns let off with the costs of
the court.. On Tuesday he was again
arraigned on a charge of hawking aud
peddling, bsit the prosecution waa unable to prove the charge and the cate
wu. dismissed. It Is time some definite notion waa decided on by the
merchant* of Golden to abate tbi*
nuisance. In every line wa have ill-
iterant dealers coming ill ami iu most
caw* their stook* consist ul goods
found to be unsaleable in the head
store, whioh an palmed all on unwary
buyers us new' goods. If tne home
stores sold snob things they wonld be
promptly returned, but the transient
mun Iiu. gone to j-astureii new with lb*
money iu his pocket before the deluded
piiiclnsssers realize iliunh-sy have been
0. D. Hoar and M. Dainard returned on Tuesday to tbeir sino properly
on Ice oreek, a tributary of the Beaverfoot.
The Hon. T. Mayne Daly, K.C., of
Rossland, hss been retained by the
Government to prosecute on behalf of
the Crown in the Collins murder case.
Thos. 0' Brien, of Golden, is defending
the accused.
WANTED-Ladiea and gentlemen to
introduce the "hottest" seller ou earth.
Dr. White's Electric Comb, patented
1899. Agents ara coining money.'
Cures all farms of scalp ailment.,
headaches, etc., yet costs the same as
an ordinary comb Send ."<0c it. stamp*
for (ample. D. N. Rose, Gen. Mgr.,
Decatur, III.
A constable arrived on Thursday's
No. 2, from Nel.on, having in charge,
F. Collins who waa taken to Nel.on
some time ago. It will be remembered
that Collin* was committed for trial
on the chaige of killing "*.. Dando in
Peterboro. Hia case will pome up at
tlie Assises May 1*.
Word wa* reoeived last week by Rev.
Mr. Yates that hi* eldest daughter had
heen successfully operated upon at the
Royal Hospital, -Montreal, and that
sne wa* improving as rapidly as could
be expected. This news will be received with much satisfaction by all and
particularly thoae who had tha pleasure of this young lady's acquaintance.
The annual meeting of tne board of
management of the Methodist Sunday
aohool was held-on the 22nd tilt, in tbe
church. Reports ot officers showed
the school to be in a flourishing condition. Number of scholars, 38; Bible
class, 5; average attendance, 31. Receipts for the year, $84.43 j expenditure, $(!*) 23, with all liabilities paid.
There were purchased during tbe year
a library of 64 volume*, and judging
by the number of books exchanged
weekly the opportunity to read is highly prized by the school. A resolution
of thank* to superintendent, officer*
and teachers was tendered for their
during the year.
women to travel anil advertise for obi-established house of solid Runncial standing. Sal-
nrv $7ttO a year nud expenses, .ill payable in
rash. No canvaaaiug require.!. Give references and ex-doae nelf ndil reused si tamped
envelope. Address Muuuger, 1155 Uaxtou
llldg., Chicago. s>ot II
H. G. Parson went to Revelstoke on
Tuesdav, returning Thursdnv.
,T. C. Pitts, of Wimlennere, came
down'ou the stage, Friday, returning
on Sunday.
Tho*. Jones and T. Ryan were pa*-
sengers on the Hyaok which arrived
here Saturday evening.
A. R. Markley, of Calgary, rapre-
���enting tho Confederation Life, ia in
town looking after tbe interests of his
We sirs not hold ourselves responsible for the
opinion ol Correspondent..
The Chlaoee Cosstssilaslon.
EniTOR Golden Eua i
Sir,-With an absorbing interest I
have read the evidence given before tho
Chinese Commission. That interest, I
may lay, ia largely the result ef a
fesr that much important evidence
which ought ta be forthcoming will
never be heard before the Commission,
thus thwarting its purpose and rendering abortive all effort to rid the ooun
try ot uu unnecessary evil. For Instance, what is known to nearly every
one is a system of rake oils extracted
from the Jape. Chinese and the lower
grade of foreign labor employed on the
railroads, in the ooast sawmill* and in
the canneries.
Tl.e rake-off consists in handing to
the foreman by eacli employee lu hi*
charge an amount stipulated by tbe
interpreter and prearranged between
him and the foreman. Iu one coast
sawmill where some 80 Jap* were employed the monthly rake-off amounted
to $160, which was allocated, (not
stolen) by tha foreman, the interpreter
and one or two ot tbe office clerks,
The same thiTig obtains on the railroad with parhapa the difference that
there are more wilh whom tbaepoil*
are to be "divided" and possibly the
takeoff is larger. Any employee re-
I using to rake off it "fired" inatanier.
Mr. Foley, a* the representative of
labor interests In particular ou th*
Commission ought ta lilt these iniquitous practices and, Sir. I believe he
will discover thereat reason why Japs,
ke., are preferred ta white men in tbe
employ of cnucerus mentioned. Thank
heave, there is neither Jap, Chiuaiuau,
Greek, Scythian nor barbarian ber..
J. M. W.
C-tents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Jewellry ���'
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
Victoria, April 25.-Mr. Martin'*
Champerty Bill was practically made
void to-day by a simple amendment
offend hy Mr. Kidd, who moved tbat
lawyers' fees ahould not be more tban
what is laid down now in Ihe schedule
of prices. Thia was carried by a vote
of 18 to 16. Unless Mr. Martin can
secure, on the next reading of the bill
an abolition of thi* amendment hi*
bill is of no praotlcal use, as far as the
practice of Champerty goes.
Mr. Gilmour's Ull to provide' that
those who have served as a clerk for
eight years ia a land registrar's office
should be allowed to try the legal examinations, wae opposed by Mr, Martin as being unfair to regular legal
studente. A motion that tbe oommittee
rise, whioh praotically meant defeat
for the bill, waa lost. The committee
reported progress.
Tbe Inheritance Bill, the object of
which is to give a woman one-half interest in the estate of her husband, in
the event of his death, children or
no children, wa* read a second time.
Aa the law now stands the widow is
entitled to one-half when there are no
children, and oneithird when there are
children.   The second reading earried.
Tbe Tramway Companiea Incorporation Act Amendment Bill is to allow
companies to run their tramway lines
to the boundary line* of the Piovince.'
It wa* mad a second time and passed.
The Absconding Debtor* Aot was
reported complete without amendment".
Medical ,Act Amendment Bill wa*
moved for tlie aecond reading and a
sharp debate followed, The bill read,
thus: 2. "Bub-section (c) of Motion 24
of t'.ie Medical Aet, 1898, is hereby
amended by adding after the word
"surgery," iu Iba aecond line thereof,
the words "situate without the British
3. The following sub-section i* ad
ded to the said aection 24: (e) The
Counoil shall admit upon the regieter
any person wbo haa actually practised
medicine within the three year* previous to the date of bis application to
to be placed thereon, and who ia of
good conduct and repute, who (ball
produce Irom any College or School of
Medicine witb Great Britain, Ireland,
and of Hi* Majesty's colonies or dependencies, or any provinoe of Canada
a diploma ol qualification and aleo a
certificate from the proper authority
that the possession of tuoh diploma
entitles the holder thereof to praotlse
medicine and anrgery in the colony,
province, dependency or kingdom in
which auch achool or college ia aituate,
and who shall satiafy lha council, by
affidavit in the form set out in the
schedule, that he or ahe. hae practised
the profession of medicine and surgery
for at least two year* after obtaining
such diploma,
Mr. Tatlow moved tbe adjournment
of the debate until it waa learned abont
tbe bill at Ottawa. The bill before
the Dominion House i* to provid* for
a uniform qualification for tb* wbole
of Cauada, -    -
The Beswat Art Lie. ea Tete sf.aaue
Cash* Bave Attracted Atteattra.
Party ot prospectors frem Kalispel,
Mont., arrived In town Thuraday altar-
noon, en route to Tele Jeanne Cache,
havlnp" beard ol tha proiptot* et that
rich oountry through descriptive artioles published tn tbi* paper recently
Thty report that muoh intereat ie
being manifested in the northern district and they are going through ae
an advance party. K their report i*
favorabla other, will follow. Th* party
will outfit 'la Golden, leaviug tbsir
wagon* here and proceeding from tbi*
paint by pack animals. While here
they made Inquiries coucerning particulars of the rout* to Tate Jeaune
Cache, and Fred Halliday, who know*
the trail so wtll, wa* consulted.
Tbey will remain in Holden for a
few day*, anting pn th* advice ol Mr
Halliday, who ie.of the opinion that
at present tb* trail, will aot be clear
of snow.
It I. quit* prebabl* tliat Tet*, Jaaun*
Caoh* will experience ail influx of
proapeetor* tbie year suoh ae It ba*
..ever kno'vu before aud it is lo bt
hoped tbey will lw successful in discovering tome of tb* bidden wealth ot
that marvellously rich country.
I.O.D.F. Pan-Am wican
To All the Lodge* of the Independent
Order of Oddfellow* Thronghout
the Worl'd:
THE Pan-American Exposition villi-be Mid
in the City of Buffalo, N.Y.. U.S. A.,froiu
MaylattoNov. l.t, 1901.
The Oddfellow desire to exemplify the
teaching of our grand order���that of extending an honorable reception, fraternal greeting and generous hospitality to our brethren
from "strange cities and distant State."���
have opened an oddfellow.' Headquarter, at
213 Ellicot Square, Buffalo, where book* of
registry will toe-kept, and competent partis,
ootiatautly in dharge to give (free of cost)
reliable information to tbe visiting Oddfellow,
hia family and friend., soiourntng in oar
City, and where one mav be directed to clean
and respectable hotels, boarding or private
Visiters are -at liberty to have telegrams
and mails sddrested to -Ihem in cat. of uid
A reliable guide, with maps of Hie city and
Exposition ground., will be sui .ale for tbe
convenience of visiting brethren.
Yonr members visiting Buffalo during the
Exposition are cordially Invited to call at the
I.O.O.P. Headquarters that we msy have
the pleasura of meeting and greeting you,
and siding you as mu<n as we are able, along
the lmm indicated.
The Secretary of yonr Lodge i. reque.tod
the read thi. communication at several meetings, that all your members may beccnte
familiar wstti the good intention, of vour
brethren in Buffalo.
It will In On advantage for each brother
and sister tospreaent an "sVucial receipt1! or
other mean, ���at* identification. >
Hoping we may have the pleasure of meSJ-
ng many ofthe members of .ur Lodge du*-
ing tba earning summer, we remain,
Your, in F. L. and'l'..
Tub 1.0 O.K. l'AM-AataaiuAN CouaiTTBe
BniTitl*. 5.1-.. U.e.A., May te goven*
b.r. taut.
Oddfellow.- Day, -tune 96 and af.
To All the Lodges bt the I- 0. 0. P.
Throughout the World:���'
You are hereby fraternally i-eqteitod lu
unite wilh ike vut army of Oddfellows In
making "Oddfellow.' Days" at tb. Pan*
American Exisnaition memorable in the an-
nob. of our beloved order, and to that end w��
extend ta tie member, of your Lodge a cordial invitation to be present on this occasion.
On June S6-H7 we anticipate tbe pleasure
of meeting and greeting Grand Sire Cable,
the Grand Master and Grand Officer, of each
Grand Lodge Jurisdiction throughout the
world,as well as many of th. members of
your Lodge.
Fraternally yours,
I.O.O.F. Pam-Ahbricax CoMMiTrSa.
Shamrock II. was grounded nn a
mud bank near Dumbarton, Scotland,
while proceeding aeaward on Saturday
laat. Her crew were transferred to a
tug and thu* tk* lightened yacht floated alter having been ashore three-quarters of an bout. Mo damage wa* done
the craft.
Archer, ot Brewer, Main, .ays: " I have
had Catarrh for rtveral yean, Water would
run from my eyes and nose Ibr day. at a
time, About (bur month, ago I was Induced
lo try Dr. Agnew's Catarrh Powder, and
since usiug the wonderful remedy I have hot
had an attack. It relieve, in ten minute.."
SoMbyR. W. Patraoie.-17
Bicycle raffle at th* Columbia House
to-night at 8 o'clock.
MAN UP physician snd sufferer alike Ism
heart and often deapeir of a core, but here-,
the exception. Wm. Pegg, of Norwood Ont..
says. "I Was nearly doubled np with rheumatism. I get three bottels of Bouth America
Rheumatic Cure and thev cured me. It Is
the quickest acting medicine I ever saw."
MeDermot . . .
Is full of Business���in fact, we Lave a iittl* moil
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchaw tb*
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the following  .   .   ...
We are now doing Business on the
and intend te slick to it or leavo towi
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our preseirt
premises and we Intend to sell half of the Goods in t*i*
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and ft
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   .   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Sfalk, only fee. p*er tin.
20,000  TINS Best Canned Totaatoes, Corn, Peas aid
Beans, 3 tins for 256*
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra 'choMie, 3 m>
for 2Sc.
.During the Holidays we give to every purchaser tk
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tecs a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees antl
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest And best selected'tftoclt
of Goods in British Columbia, and ourr' prices a.re the cloMifc.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for GtoOdsi CA&H is tht onljf
article to work miracles with at Our Storfc :,.
a b. mcDfi^OT,
Oolden, B.C.
Worms in Children
Som. children are slmost constantly tronble. with -form*. Tblslavtrf
annoying to the mothers, who do not know always wbat to do for tbsir
, little one.. We with to call your attention to Guy*. Worm Po-oasr..
They are very effective In raiding the children of worm.. Ila. fast via
know of nd cots where Ihey have failed to bring satisfactory ratultt.
Stop a Cough
th* fint day. Pneumonia I. liable to est in if you let it ran. RMMei
coughing dt.turbs you and everybody els*. The sooner ill* breksra *��
th* Miter for your health and comfort.
35-50 Cough Cure
will break up almost any cold or cough in one night, It'a ttei M salt-
dren as well as mown folks. It has hsd better effect among on* eg*-
tomera than any other rough remedy. Price Ste. I-*rge .Is* Mc. W*
sUoMlltbereliibU-'PalenteouBhlfemriie.-'wh.ncallcaiV'r. An/tklag
we do net happen tobav*ia Mock at the time we will gladly get ftr yo*
Let us fill your Doctor's Prescriptions.
Koot-ulsy Houst���JtMcIvor, G Johnston,
VAndMion, Field; Jno. VcKen.ie, Frank
Ilutwell, Beaver; P ��haughiie..y, 3 Gosrlbrd.
Golden; Geo Daln. Wrlgpti farm, TRyan.
Athalmer; J B llaHantyae, Kamleop.1 A
Wellander, BeaverM? A McKirdy, Goat
River; C R Dixon, Calgary; P J McCaun, J
Step-sard, Palliser; A K Bunnell, Brantford.
Queen'.-tiaterMI.eona, Slater M Dolore.,
Mew We.tmin.ier; Dave Jenkina, Winter-
��� wife, Fleldj Peter
juav.Father Thayer,
ser. Wind*rm*r*|_W
Scollie, Golden
John Fraser
mere, .0 Meckl
Cbiitebley, Hew"
RevsUlokei Jas D.
Botfield.Gi* -
Hayes, Haye.,
Ilie, Golden; B
SirytJohn Frawr,
r, Felix DwlauriW,
�����l 14
nr, Pal
llatrt Ales* ue r<sisx uv-uti*.,,*
Siwie, Nell Wilson, Arch. McDonald. Ales
(.Donald. Wilsons Camps Frank lHtk.1*
nn, J Lakundewl wife, Montreal; M. Bush,
Banff: A W R Markley. Calgary, John
Peter-on, Goldeu, B. W. Helling, Sau Fran-
ColnaMaHonse-Xd Mol-llan, Rossland,
taicajro, A c ncuonau, noisinsi,-) v row.
Windsrinere, o u Douglass, tersvaloi Chat
Volroth, Uolslcu; Tbo. Joi**i, Galena; Ji B
McM��.i*r.V.,Koo���r, H E R Stock, E*W
Turner, Toronto; H H Dormar, Vaneouvsr,
G !���' Rlttcen, Hevelstoasi 0 R McLocblin,
Forrester, Rpbaoa.
Russsell Hous*--H J Gala, Cinnamon BIU,
Soupy Smith. Jno Aaguttou, Alt! Franr,
Ji.s Montgomery, Galene.
the stock of
Hats and Cutis.
Gents* Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to*Date Pantings, ae
J. Q TOM &.0o*
If n<rt an Inspection will pay *yott ���
Right.    +   +    +  Price! Right]


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