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The Golden Era Sep 13, 1901

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Builder & Contractor,
:*    OOLDEN, B.C.
A supply of Building Lime for Hal*.
PI..ISS prepasjed.  Pr*m|st alteatiou given to
Sign IViltir
Mcenle Arttlnt
Honne Decorator.
Leav. Orders at Kootesay Hone, s?o.:T-.n,*I.C.
VOL. XI NO. 41
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, September 13, jgfol
'ii'-ms  , j        ���- ���- ' ��� IBslTVi'-
$2 Per Year.
OUR last -eft* lot of Assorted Groceries included:
Zephyr Cfeairi Sodas���3 lb. tins
Cream Sodas���2 lb. cartons.
Arrowroot Sultana
Ginger-nuts Shortbread
Smyrna .        Macaroons
Social Teas GaribakJi
Tartlets JanWame
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Water Ice Wafers in bulk and lib. tins.
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Macaroons in 1 lb. tins.
Shilling's Best Baking Powder
imported direct from -fViscoin large lots,
therefore priced lower than usual���I oz.,
4 and 5 lb. tins.
Tree  condensed' milk "artd all other |;|
brands but Oak Tree is the very top notch
of excellence,   Try a can and if not suited,
take your pick of^IttlW brands free of cost.���
{imperial Bank of Canada
-Coital (Paid V*j M.500,<MM��
.nnd, President.
,���..     ^.tm,       -       Vlc*-Pies.
Wm. Bumr,     T. SuthMland Staynor
Mimiti-triy, Ella* Bog*rs,
D. B. Wn.xix, Oeneral Manager.
IB. Hay, Inspector.
Bra-nchfBi       .
.,   MANITOBA, N. W. T. and B. C. '���,
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton.
GoJdea, Kelson, Portage la Prairie,
Prino* Albert, Revelslok*, StnthconSs
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Trals Where Cash
Essex, Fergus, Gall, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
Lbtowel, Niagara Falls,- Port Colborn*
Rat Portage, Sanlt Ste. Marie, St
CalhaTIillM. St. Thomas, Toronto, Welland,
Woodstock, and Montreal, Vim.
ss. AM*.Ut* i�� Hrsettt Brttnln:
Lloyd*mSk Lid., 72 Lombard St., London
with jyho.a inoniel may be deposited br
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
abor^ I*r**mdis*s1r.
Agents In Cnlted States:
NiWJORK-Bsnk ot Montr**), Bank of
CHkJ AflO-BUst National Bank.
8T. frA-UiJc-Second National llank. .
SAK FiyJICISUO-Wells, Fargo I* Co.'.
Af seats in South Africa.
Ii.JlWW8twio.vesl on deposits.
;   HjiifeNTUREH.
al and otlier slV-lientures
_ ��� ,���bs in l.'aiiaila', IMtii,
Kingston.- Unite.) Stats'*.'. !
S. Gibb. Il(rr.'. Golden Bl**tt.h.
available* wt
ThoMfai 0$Brfeii,
Barrister, Sblicltor.
notary FublfoConveyanoer, etc
.-.^-J**, ! -.:
JOdefcW tipj-er Celaiiibia Navigation ahd
Tram vay Conijsisiiy's Hnllding,
| Uolden. K.���.
I aurrey. McCarter A Finkhani.
Barrister., Solicitors, Ae.
I GEO. 8. MCCARTER,   .     J. A. HARVEY
1    Revelstoke, B.C. Fort SiecJ*. U.C
A.M. PINKHAM.       i
Roomp Aloxander Block Golden ll. C.
Our.Fall'ijiootisiaave just arrived and we:ar^
now showing the very latest patterns in
fed PANTtN-SS.
. See our
! -���[
0, Tt)Wt St Go. 'fltjaittr.;
Upptjr |?dui|ibia
________________________________________________ '''M-MTBD;    _
SteafTiers DUCHESS and HYIK
,[���<:""     ****** Itt mieptU April 2nd
-M-F-ft-tog   -
)nly Quick aa*-Comfortable Route to Mta-
' #&
One of lhe LargMtand Hest Managed Hotel* In Brltlah Columbia.
TIMETTA^r    *"'". SS' -S. ,'SS
\Atave.(ioMea Tuesday 4 am., atxpriag.At -P6t��rb��rpogh
^tiM 'tfflRtl *t $010 ttednesttoy atertiwm, *.,i
hv�� Golden Friday -4*to*,' for P^tertoWttjrh ttn*iiii*r*skooD sample rooms,
mediate pni^rte*ttWW*;'��Wv�� at 'Golden Btaridtiy- ���*-���*������    *-*��� ������-tfi��.
-***..* ~.*     '  '"' ' '   "'i5,Tr**'  '���:������,..���  ,f     '...,.. .-..:'�� u" if,,
afternoon.      ..���.-". *.,. ..........v._.���   .... ....-������
Kwratssoh.-pre, l>m,**r,'Heft$nfojwiiVo&l.,
" For further information applyto
C. H. PARSON, secretary,
JAS.!BBiDY, 13.L8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inat. M.E.
8urv*ys made for Assessment Work and
Crown Grams. ,
Land for sale on Lake Windermere and
Findlay Oreek, Eaet Kootenav.
Woman Leader of Aiiarchlnt. ChAi-ft'esI
vith Oonsplraey.
Chtoago, Sept. 10,-Emmn Oold-
man, theanarchist leader, undeV -H'bose
red banner Leon Csolgose clairf*5. ne
stands, whose words he claiiiit, 'fired
| his heart and his brain to attempt the
assassination of the president, was
arrntasl :h*re shortly before noon to-
She. disclaims all but the slightest
���oqQ*t||Unct with the pWiiJenl's as*
���aliansll shsj denied absolutely that she
or ��nr anarohisht she knew was im
plicated in any plot to kill the president.
Sbe asid she believed Cfiolgons acted
entirely on his own responsibility, and
that he never claimed to have been inspired by her, as he is scooted as affirm
The president, she averred with a
yawn, was an insignificant being
to hKr, a mere human atom whose
life or death were matters ot supreme
indifference to her, or to any anarchist.
Czolgoei' act was foolish. Yet, she
deolafed, it probably had its inspiration
in tEp -nits-iry which the Pole had seen
about him. Violence, ahe said, was
not I tenet in the faith of the anarchist
and lhe had not advocated it in Gleve
land,'where Czolgosz laid he heard
her, nor elsewhere.
Xis* Golsiman arrived here Sunday
tttrrijinff from St. Louis. Her immunity Irom arrest while jh the Missouri
metrbpolis and up to today, in Chicago,
is-orjJ-iil Iter much amusement, She
told of it lo sentences punctuated with
Uugjiter at lier capture today. In her
fcdnitkrsation with reporters, and she
liilted with them at length twice during ihe day, the excitement she was
laboring nnder was suppressed���and
onl* once did she break down coin-
jbianeiy. That was when Capt. Subnet*
ler 1)W her from lhe office of Chief of
,*go!^;s|<sViN��ili t��: the nab whAjH wasi
waiting to convey her to tii* vi-oiftan-S
annex to the Harrison street police
station. For a moment she became a
woman pure and simple, and cried. In
a moment, however, this exhibition of
distress was over, and when she put
'her foot on the step to mount into ihe
Carriage she was again Emma Gold
man, the "high priestess of anaichy,"
as ahe ha* been styled by ber followers.
mat tbe Prcalslent  Is New   Ont of
Buffalo, N. Y , Sept. 10, "The corps
of eminent surgeons and physicians in
attendance upon the wouuded pmaidout
today ccsnmitted them .elves wi'huit
reservation to the opinion that their
patient was out of danger, and only
the possibilities of complications
threatened 'h-Ts Wo. Tliey did not give
assurance 'o?1.il recovery collectively,
over their signatures, in an official
bulletin, but they went a long way to
ward it individually during the day.
Each of 'thein with the exception of
Dr, Bixey, wh'b did not leave the Mil-
burn residence, placodhimself sqtiarelv
on record, not tSVivately, to the friends
of the president, Uut {tuolicly, through
the agency Of -the prose, tliat the danger point hid passed, and that the
{president would survive, "Of course,
wu will feel easier when a week has
passed," said Mr McBurney, the dean
of the corps. "We would like to see
every door locked and double locked,
but the danger from possible complications is now very remote."
The little pieceof lead in the muscles
of the baok are giving the physicians
no concern whatever. Unless it should
prove troublesome to t he piesi-ient later
on, he will probably carry this (trim
souvenir of the anarchist with him to
the end of his days
The doctors say that, once encysted,
it can do no more harm;. Tile X-ray
maohine is ready for iisttUi'*, use,_lio>.
eys*, a-hd i* tlrere ii th'e yiightesi; in-
tlamir.atlon c!* paiii tii Ilie vicinity of
'th? -tt.si.et,'--nn dperftiDn will '
i per
Th6 Gi*eat
p. /l desorme.au,
...   Taildr.
&)lden. B.C.
Rontii MSk kltkln* librae River.
Hull Bft>s. ���& Co.
Whoieaaie & Retail
I.     But ciders.
Cattle, Sheep and Horn Dealers.
l?or ilrst-ciass
i ���
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
MM ill kind* of
Farm Produce
Apply to
��� Alta.
sW.8pe*l*l Mtenlion given to Isaggsge of
bajsMrclal jn*o. , Delivered lo *nd from
rat** tor
rsvgoUr borders.	
European Menagerie!
Triple Circus Hippodrome!
OceaHic A^tiaWitiji and
COngreSS of Living Pherionicna!
Wiliflirfcly r\r\\  nCM Tuesday;
exhibit ?tt���'. \J|ULlJ C.IN September 17th.
Largest Eleidiant thnt walks the earth, now with  the Oreat Pan-American
', Longer, Weigh* More, Cost More than
any Elephant ever captured
The Mtat Marvellous Monster
bf the Mighty Seal   .   .'   .
Crina PfirfllfO TheOIrl Wonder!   TLe only Lady Somersault Hislcr in
LUlId bUUI.6 ihe World on a Barebaok Horse.   A Challenge of $10,000
Tho Rnvahntic bigoest bobn
to produce her equal.
The only Ladv four-nl
produced.    For grace and skill she lias no equal.
Antl.)  Prinlf P ���'���''���" on'-' lJ*-v '��ur-*nd six hora* rider the Wnrld lias ever
tapt. Santiago, Hip Civet, flin'-<*hiii..ufb.icH^
point aver dived from.
Herd Trained Elepheirjts
Trained Jaguars, Tigers Liona. Leopard*. Bears.  Lvnxes, Wild Oats. Grin-
'   sties, Catamounts, Hor***, Stallions, Moukiea and Ponies,
Sranrl. SiMrn, s*,||tte*lng. TsUleLnnc Stret-t I'tirmle Rvcry
n*y at 10*m. High Dive 10:40tuns andtt-.io pm.
All Tent* are Waterpro, f.
lTbors-opeu at 1 snd 7 p.m.
Excursion* on all railroads;
Performances at 2 and 8 p.m.
Dlrcetors and Olll.-t.ra Kl,,<*leil..*|-���irl-
tory to 1.., Opane.1 l'.,.
Port Steele, B, C. Sopt. 10. ���The
shareholders nftUe Kootensy Central
Railway coiupsny have elett'e.l tie
following directors:
R. L. T. Galbrssith, J. A. Harvey,
���Tes T. Ltiisllsw, A. C. Ns'lson, Dr. J.
H. King nni Dr Hni>h Watt'.
At a subsequent meeting the following officers were '���lucteil: Prei.lfl.-ht'
Dr. Hugh Watt; vice president, R. ].;
T. Oa'.ljraith; secretary, Jas. T. L.iitl -
law; treasurer. A. C. NeltOiij solicitor!
J. A. Harvey.
The territory i' i�� proposed to snrv,i
by the Kootenay Central Railway is
the valley of the Kootenay river, whicli
has beet, proved hey ,tid a doubt pjfl -
uiirabiy adapted for agriculture an I
friiitratsing. and which is bounde I
both ou the east and west by ranges of
mountains rich in their promise of
mineral wealth.
The route 1.6 Im followid hv the
Koosentiy Central R'tilway, North of
the Crow's Ne^t, line, lies in a nor'h-
wesieiiy direction following the foot-,
hills of tlie Kottkies and jtassing close
to thn wonderful deposits of iron s re
at Bull river, whisth seem destined its
make South East. K"*tenfty ns famo is
for its production of iron and -Steele at!
it now is for i's output of caul end
coke. .
In ilB course northward, the line
w'll cut through theextnnslve deitoslin
of limestone, and will serve all ihe
mines now developing east of the riser
south and north of Fort Steele, and is,
will have this great antl uiima,lclietl
advantage: Following the IraluVnl
topography ot thi qi-tin'ot, it will Is
ableTsj.-Uarry the entire output or ores
by fiacy down grades to the smelter tti
heerected snmowliere on or near the
Kootenay river.
ZTaking Fow Sts-ele as n radliilfng '
point, the flrst section of the road will
be carried through that town to thn
Crow's N,'St Rnilwflv line to the south
the second will make tho famous ihlnes
of the Windermere dlSsfr'nt iss primary
objective point, thence onward to Golden. Branches will run enst and 'west
coniiecting the capital of ilie district
with the upper Wild Horse and Bull
river region-s, with the St, Mary's valley, Kimberley, Skookum Chttck and
Tracy creek.
This iii an extensive fit-lit. tVit its in*
tcntjnl wealth is believed 'o warrant
the 'nniigurntion and completion of an
enterprise destined to redouble ihe
beneflt-i derived by the province frim
the building of the Crow's Nest rotid.
New Westminster, Sept. 9. ���A Inreo
public meeting of those opposed to the
Dunsmuir-Martin Government wnR
held in this city last evening, when
lhe political situation was thoroughly
discussed. Mr. J. D. Munn of Nesv
VVestniii.ster, a strong Liberal, wtss
the unanimous nominee to oppose Hon.
J. C. Brown in thnt constituency,
Mr. Munn is lhe well known ennnerv
man. nnd was also a colleague jottfl
Mr J S. Clute and Mr, Chris "sToley
on the Roynl Chineso commission. Tht
tnee'ing wns quite non-political; thnt'
is so fnr ns party lines are concerned,
a strong contingent of Liberals Strang-
ihening the anti-Martin phalanxes of
the last campnirn.
Mr. Munn, Sr., president of he
Liberal association at New Westminster, made a sM-ont: spieclt in support
Of his son. asid denouncing Mr Brown
for his desertion of the ou|.osi'ion. Mr
D.J. Mur.n was not present, uut i*. is
anticipated that he wiil accep Iu the
event of his not dcing so. the name
of a prominent Conservative is insm*
tion.".. Mr. A. E. McPhillls -f Vis- -,
toria, and Captain R. G. Tallow, of
Vancouver, also addressed the meeting.
Victoria. Se|st. 7.���Mr Justice Mstr-
tin pave judgment today in ihe Dead*
man's island ease. The judgment
covers twent.v-folt> psg, s of ij pe w i it ���
ten matter, heing stiinuiiirised ns follows: .    ���   , j
'sThe defend��n''s/ case fail* Ind il*
title tn,.De*sdmAn's is'aissl is dsntlnVes1 'o.
be fn His Mi,jetty the King, on. 1 elsulfi
of the province nf Bii'i-sh Colttrnlila.ansl
a perpetual i.tj mstloti is wanted, re
straining the defendant (LuilgHji?) fl-om
thefellWg bf tree, of o'theiwine ,ti-si|i-
pAns.it.tr on sis* said Issitfls to svhich tha
plaii'lilf is called to iuiuii'diate posses?*
��he ��olben (Dvct.
Iu. V. CiiAMUEns, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptions HOO per year in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request.
The en'rauoe of J. C. Brown into
the Cabinet of Preuiiji Duasinuir haa
mused any amount ot talk. Premier
Dunsmuir is charged with betraying
bis colleagues. .1. 0. Brownjisoharxed
with desoning his principles. The
statement is freely made in tbe Op
position press that Mr. Jos. Martin il
behind the whole trouble and in mak*
I .g a to.l of Mr. Dunsmuir. It seems
ti io*. a necessary adjunct to the con-
trover*y that unworthy motives must
bs ascribed to the leaders of tha Oor-
eriiui.uit, and so many different ex-
|d*.natio..s are given a* to th* motive*
ami causes whioh led up to tbe present
di*turb*nce lhat ii i* safttouy that
very few ure really "iu the know."
If we woaM treat our publio men
with aome degree of respect and con
lidenue and take their honest declaration: uf priuciplea as coining from
meu of statesmanlike qualities tbere
need not be such great cause for alarm
or anxiety. Mr. Jas. Dunsmuir has
tleulared on more il.au oae occasiou
lhat he ba* ouly the best interests ot
il.u province at heart; that hei* trying
to nervo the uouuiry faithfully and be
iruo lo lha trust reposed in lum. If
we accept Mr. Djnainnir'* declaration
as houest and sincere, where is lhe inconsistency of lakiug Mr. Brown for a
c,[league? Not oue of Mr. Browu's
...spoueut* charge him wilh incompet-
e.icy. They acknowledge that he has
a siliiy aud laleut fur the oflice to
which ho is called. They alao ac
kao-vledgeihat he bas served tbe pnblio
f-iiihlully iu ih* past, and he has alway* been foremost iu the fight for
every reform that be thought would
Uueht: he i-eojilo of ibe province a* a
whole. Tiiuitt wa* nothing inconsistent wilh a j.reiaiar, who declares that
l.e had ouly the best iuiaresi* of tha
l-roviuoe al heart, vailing auch a mau
to lhe cabinet, neither i* there anything inuou*i*t*ui with a mau ol Mr.
Browu's record aueptiag a positiou
under a colleague of Mr. Duusmuir'a
declared principle*. The habit we have
of alwaya a-scrioiug mean motive* to
public men is reprcheukibl*. Looking
at thia .natter without parly prejudice
we can heartily congratulate tha
premier oa having such a colleague a*
Mr. J. C. Brown.
Th* opinioua (sx*sr****l by Jno.
Houston in ki* paper, tb* N*l*on
Tribune, ou the preaent situation iu
1 wai politica remind ou* of tb* old
(scotch woman who wa* finding hull
with the view* uf many of th* congregation, aud was told at the close
of her hars augue, "Janet j o* teem to
think that your uiiuistei aud yourself
a.* the ouly orthodox one* in lb*
church." Her reply could be put iu
llousiois's uioulh: "Wind, I'm uo so
���ul-* of tha miuister." I,, thi* cane
Lub G.ouu kiausl* for ibe "luiuisler,
11. Lost Afraid .1 kUrlla's laOusassa,
wltk tla* Frssulsr.
Tiie gi��i of ihoaiaiesueut obtained
frusu Mr. Weil* ou th* pr*-s*ut political cri*i*. i* thai he La* uo fear
at all of Mr. Minis, matirially affeel*
i ii< lha *iabii.lv of lb* Dunsmuir
'���I think tbat to. much attention in
paid to Mr. Martin iu c.uuactioj with
thi* l**��iis*-s," uid Mr. Well*.
"I ihiuk that iheGovernmsnt will
now be siruu��s.r. wilh the uu.nt.er uf
man who will joiu tb* party vith Mr.
Manin, unless thus* ara mor* dafess-
l.uii* truio the party. MyswU aud
vum* miuisiar* consider tbat there i��
no reason ior baiug put uuuul iu thi*
"All lhat has h*|sp*u*d c*uld hue*
occurred without Mr. Maniu having
'auy *iui*t*r u.oiiv* iu vi*w. What I
lueau ia that taju.ua* Mr. Maniu bap
peu* to have gouo iuto theOuvsrnineut
r*��ik* ilom uot uhmii that he iaruuniag
lis (Juvirun-Mt. Mr. Duuamuir>
atiou (seuiiraly endorsed uiid b*i*
working iu harmony wish hi* eabiuw
a* (ar a* I know."
Ottawa. Out., tss-ui ti. Ut J. W.
IWI. ��*��i��*a*.t gold coiuuilsaiouar iu
t���� Yukon, ha* Isssni ���'.������sjudad and ���
ouutuaiaMM is*au��J to iu.**li.ai* tiw
4-jjfaii** ot lis*
uu a*--*-, *-*rxrE deal
The Turonto News of last Saturday
has a special article on New Z 'aland
by W. E. Guun. Ii it well north
reading: If tha Government* of lhe
world follow New Zealaud'a example
and subsidize solouix-iiiou by loaniug
money to tho numerous classes of the
poor but deserving settlers iu their respective countries, ibey sso.sld do more
to promote solid national progie**
than all their much valued bonusf* to
wealthy corporation* cau never hope
to accomplish. The farmers need capi
ial, and when supplied with it und.tr
favorable conditions, uever fail to con
tribute largely lo tbe material ad-
yaaaeiucut of tlie laud they inhabit
Canada dependa almost solely upon
the strength of it*agricultural community, and is proaperou* according
to the wealth of the farming intereat*;
yut '.he Dominion has made uo effort
to *up|dy th* tillers of the soil witb
tlie unrestricted jsriacipsl ihey -require.
Money-lenders, many of whom are
modern shylooka, and loan companies
haras* rather than help th* poor
Iu "the land uf the long while cloud"
the settler in need of ready cash bas
ouly to go to th* nearest postoffice lo
secure from the national treasury a
large or small loan unincumbered wilh
tees, except those (or actual expenses,
(roe from enclosure and devoid ot usurious provisions. Slate lending has
profit toil New Zealand to the extent of
a general reduction is interest charges,
an increased settlement, and th* pro*
perily whioh emanates from iudustrial
High rate*- of intereat and heavy
legal cxpeuoei in connection with mor*
gages were established in the Commonwealth during years of good prices and
big profits, but of course were uever
felt till the produce market slumped In
the early nineties. The* a howl weut
up from the colonists, and the Ooverninent, seeing that somtshing wonld
bar* to be dona to lift the burden* of
tha people aad remove all obstacle* to
the development ot the laud, passed
the Advance* tu Senior*' Act in tbe
closing parliamentary session of '91.
The preambl* of the measure read:
"Whereas, by reason of the high
rates ot interest charged on the mor-
gage of laud, and the heavy incidental
expeuses connectesl therewith, settlers
are heavily burdened and the progress
of the colouy is much retarded, aud
"Whereas, it i*. expedient thai Ihs
Ooverumeut ahould afford such relief
iu the premiaes aa i* consistent with
the public (afaty, "Be ii enacted," eio
The measure, wbich wa* accompanied
by a djcline of 3 pet cent ou ��32.000,-
000 of laud iud*btedn*s*, aud ��Ut*.0CO.-
000 ol other debt*, authoritud tb*
borrowing of ��3,000,000 within two
year* iu auin* ol ��1,600,000 per annum
at a maximum rats of 4 p*r cent. Amending acts extended ihe tlms lor
raising ths second in*ullm*nt lords
) stars. The firat million and a half
pounds wsr* lealiwd by tbs aal* ol S
percent inscribed Ooverumeut tlobk
at ��918*. 9J. per ��100, aud ��500,000
of the uecond sum ha* brought au *v*u
better figure. Th* money I* beiug *d<
���niuiiierad by tb* "Ooverninent Advance* to Sdtller*' office,* who** chief
official i* called a superiutsuslsnt. Hs
carries cut tk* resolution* of a geu*r*l
board, wbioh invst* wswkly, or
occasiou require*, to paaa npon sack
aud srery application (or money. Th*
offios laud* money ou security o( first
mortgage of lauds, ocoupicd (or farming
dairy ing or market gardening purposes,
and in swine caa** got* ao (ar as lo aid
maunfaeturiug eouocra* aud urbau
Loan* ara mail* oa mortgage*, ra
payable, principal and iutenwt, by
Mtauty-ihre* halt yearly iaaiallnwut*.
aud fixed loan* on (rwhold laud* (or
term* nut *ju-e*diug t*n yuan. Both
th* for.sser aud tha Wtltr may b* (or
any amount (rom ��Sa to ��3000, and
an aabjeoi at all time* to a reduction
of ��a or any multiple ot ��5. Only 6
per taut iutarest is charged on advan
ea*, but tb* aiuouut*oollwiad monthly
ou iu*uliu,*ni loans ara figured out at
tlw rat* of 8 per own, th* extra per
cent bring; en* sudd* for rssswynxat ol
principal. Thu* (or a ioaa o( ��100 th*
borrower pay* ��3 srery six momh*
for $i yeara and make a ���avanty-tkird
payuMMU of ��1 |s�� shilling*. Ou fie*
bold properly sixty pw cout will ba
loaned by the suie aud ou i*a*shu,d
fifty par sw.it.   .
-AMI.*..   7*   -*   -^'.T-v,,-;.-, '
For a l-.au nut ucewliug ��11.0, 10s.
Exoswdiu-c ��100, Wt not ��iluo. ��11*.
Gxcwd.u*. tii*., but i,ui AM), HI
lis Ud.
Ejuasdiug AUJOO, but not ttCOO, ����
Th* Kaiu Im uioilgiagat uuslsr th*
���Land Trauster Aot, 1895.'' law oo*t*
ef p.-*(.ari.,g, or perusing, and of r*.
ginning mortgage to b* deductad from
the advance, is a* follow*:
If advano* b* uot axesstding ��300,
10*. 6d.
If exceeding ��1000, but uut ��30C0.
��1, 11*. Od.
Tii* subsequent fee* are *s follow*:
Mortgage form, ii ���hilling*; starch
fsw, 2 (hilling*; registration, 10 (hilling* and (Very certificate uf till* after
ihe firat, 2 shilliug*.
Th* cost of preparing or perudng,
and of registering mortgagee under lis*
DjoJ* Rjgistraiiuu Aut, 1IW8 iuolud
log subsDcjiwut fee*, to ba deducted
from iba advance, arc as follow*:
If advano* b*s njt exceadiug ��500,'
��3 10*.
For every additional ��500 15*.
Cost or di-charge, including regia
tration fees, ��11*.
The busin.ss done und.r the act during the fint fivs years of its euforosv
ment ia clearly showu by lha following table:
Number of application* received.:       8,7Ttl
Aggregate amount applied
for .��2,881,816
Nnmber of applies ions
ou which advance* w��r*
authorised....         6,831
Aggregate amount loaned ...��1,994,116
Number of advances authorised but declined by applicants     .80S
Amounting to  ��3*19,295
Balance being amount of advano**
authorised to aud acupttsd by applicants (to number of 6023), ��1,624,830.
The amount accepted by applicant*
includes mortgage, repaid aud rein
Of ihe ��2,000,000 advanced by thr
Government not oue shilling c( principal or interest bs* bn\\ Ism'. The
(tats loan offloe. whil* directly benefitting tbe farmer, giva* indirect aid to
th* citixan and doss not Shoulder eii her
of them with expense. Ths bloated
capitalist naturally objasl to it, bow-
ever, (or uow they receive low rates of
interest, where iu bygone daya exorbitant charge* were the ml*
In a word, data loan ha* emancipate]! tbe great man* o{ New Zualand'a
people (iom slavery to not* sharer*
aud money landers, aud given a strong
impetus io colonisation.
WmaSMrfal Basalt* -fellow th* Dn ���
Or. Clark*'* Llttl* Best rills.
To th* Editor of th* Ex*:
Sir:���Wa mak* th* following pro
pout* to tha i-sadstr* of tbe Goldeu Era:
To any oua wko is a subject of rheumatism (no matter kow long standing)
or any blood disease, as enumerated
below, and will give Dr. Clarke'* Wonderful Little Ked Pills a (air and im-
partial trial and do not find a perfect
eur*, we will refund th* money paid
(or ths pill*. If no substantial im'
provainent is observed w* will In addi
tion, pay 110 in cask on sutiafsetory
evideno* being supplied ns to tbis
Ws bars rot to know of a single
caa* whar* thew wonderful pill* b*v*
not beau almoal entirab (ucceuful in
effecting a nun. CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Petsrrborough, Oot.
Thv cured m* of rhaamaiiam attar
I had heen gi van np. ���Andrew Closksy,
Victoria, BU.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, ft. Johns, writs*
I oaunot spask too highly of Dr.Clark's
Wonderful Lluls Bad Pills. Thsy
worked a mirael* in ay case and cored
ms after many years of imTsrlng. I do
not tkink their sraual Is to lw obtained,
Nothing ilk. Dr. Clarke's Littl* IUd
Pills for tho srnra ssf Mart trouble,
wakes**** and blood disssats. Hats
ond them srery whsn* wlik aueas**.���
Dr.EFNann, Ial* uf H. M. furos*,
South Africa.
Dr. Clark*'* Littl* Bad Pill* parrnan
emly cured ms of baok.cb*. Iautfarad
(or year* and only took two box**,
That i* a year ago. I ka*�� not had a
symptom ainea. Jama* B. Jackson,
Sault Ste Maria, Oat.
I do not baliev* than 1* ��� msdleis*
lo compare with tk. Clark*'* Litil*
Bad Pill*. Thaycura* ni* of iusligta-
tiou and catarrh of ihs sivaaok. after
aim years' suturing. -H. 8. Maedoa
aid. O.T.B. chops, Montraal.
Dr. Clark.-. Liltl* Bad PUIs art a
pcaitiv* aad cartain sum for if. grippe,
rhuemai Um, e��i nta*. paralysis*, catarrh
vexsMus, oough*. bstakaohst. iatdigssttmi,
allaioniack and livar titwhbs, f*ts*als
comidajut* strsu whan Iks sll ****** hae*
bs**n��tanding forj*wy.*****,tb*usual
���tubboru oaass wUl ytsht Prion W
oeuls par box. tor stale by local drug*
gist*. Dr. ClarkV* 'Urn*: Onr* for
Cai.rrb, aad Dr. Clark*'* Suie Cure
for Eor-Mua, stama prios. 110 will be
palsl for aay uaaa.they will, not |*ir-
maiwoily euro:'''':"' 'if -
Ut. Clark*** Snr* Cars l�� (ktiarrah,
and Dr. U*r��sV��8��t*Csjm,for|^xsriusa,
t-aao uric* tlm sfcilt*r* will b* paid
for any caas ttray wlUnotlswaiaueuUy
srnr SpK-aily.
*--A*. *���*>%���*.-nf *���*.*/**
���ad all kinds of
Music Dealers,
Cala^ry, Alto*
It ba* bean olslmsd tbat tb* mineral
tax works a bardihip on poor man
wbo ar* straggling to dfralop their
properties. To* "Aisstsmsut Aot,
1900," section 6, readfi: All or* pro-
dncing mines not yielding and real
ixing on or* a market vain* of 15000
in one year shall be entitled to a re
(nnd of one-half of tba lax. Or in
oih*r word*, if a min* yields less thnn
five thousand dollars wonh of ore in a
year, the raiool taxation Is one p*r
or st. A case in point: According to
Ihe Lardeau Eagl*. tour men han a
leas* oo ths Triune min*, in Lardeao
diitriat. The* made a 20 ton ��blp-
mant of on of ths gnus tains of $6,-
167.16. After deducting a freight am)
ire.tra*nt charge of ��a86.67, thsy had
WIO, (rom wbioh thsy had to ranks
fnrtbsr dedactlonof 126 a ton for
hauling the or* (rom ths min* to lb*
steamboat landing on the eaat and o(
Arrow lab*. Thia would lsavs ihem
��42i0on whioh lbs tax o( 1 per ont
would be paisi Surely a tax of Mi 70
is uot inch a -*r^*f a* to beolaawd
aa u.ibearabl*.-llel��'on Tribnna. -
��� -i **	
London, S*pt. 6.���Tba Candid
Friend, a weakly paper, savs tkt
though King Edwar I ts oon*ci*sitious-
ly submitting to lb* light, wnter sud
manage aura at Homborg, hisbsart
trouble, from which ha has suffered
���iso* and before hi* nseansion, shows
ss improvement.
Ths sham battle at E*quim*lt, last
Saturday ia eomiuachid on by naval
and military officer* a* an object lasses
to impror* ih* iotea-m ofth* (ort.
Saturday while tba main force* wn*
engaged in Colwood, a flanking parly
of bin* jacket* want through tbs woods
took a train aad proe**d*d to tha Tie-
laity of th* (ort* when thsy (ousd a
stwnwhesl bo*t wbioh tbsry captured
aod landing in tbe rear of tba fori*
tbey captured thn* without firing a
Townsite Of
Business and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Tims to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment*
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Colnmbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Colnmbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Colnmbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
������'     '* ���'���'.:'��� ' I'
The important mineral discoveriM recently made in
theGoMen and. Windermere diatricta, together with tbe
fact that traui*,ortation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay yafieys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tbe
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE OOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for tha extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until pnrchaeer receives agree*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustosi.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
H. B* Alexander, Trustee. Sandon,
H. G. Paraon. Merchant,
' '-*t*-i*-a-*p**m-*-ma-m^mmm*am
Ttrnt 1* the aecretof ttrength for et.*-*/
h. tha carsde** ssd Isiiissslsn
.' of bsnsinsss *if*, smuats dfisiss
of the -**-*-s***s. and bs t-Omotwamol
sUgstls-n *ad nlraWon. Itmama**
mmt-tt tamltb tuttit t*m*4*mm*w*
-*-tm* ������-���-a*, ava -**.. **.
_ _.�� HtfOI ^ INMMI
OM 4-\gmnntg-t$ tfe gtUmntA 0A**\ nt
tut   eU-at-taml--   mttttt    m^JttmmUL
*��� mmmnn**\*t*t*\*\*\*\ ni
i-itm ftjiL
*.* _____-______*-_-    aWUs-BBS   **u*a*o-t*t***U
Dr. I'ierce'* PeHcU car* sjiliriiaHii
"I "    .'M'.-'-
Tawat*. taw Aaatrallaa, **aa** la tire
��� immtta AIMsal.
Bnt Portaga, Ont-, tJtpt 7.-IWns
woathstboat sTaasbyflv* Isagtbsaad
I ham won bf mon If
Wmten, About \-tn*Umrna**,
t. Gall sailed tbo nn to tbs starting
point. A* Oandaur and Towaa appttr-
ad they wtnglno n gnat oration. At
thn sum t���*m **ur*d *}m<< tta
I*-**,-**.*��*4��'f fw*�� s��.'-*����:
him nt tW-hilf mitt tad .Utr*****
'**** tot a short tlms whsn Towns
sp-n-rtod ��ad ngala wsnl ahsad. At
th* tn�� lbs Aastnllaa was lesdisg
by two and it half boat hMpbs, wbtt
b* Isjcrtastd ss tbajr' ro����d tape,
Oaudaar rownd IS slrolu* to lbs iain-
���t* nnd Tewa* ���TCirumi 'H fism
thsUm* tkatT*WM WtOaadanr at
thn mil. ��nl a hnlf ft ����. pl.f.ly trti-
imt thnt tbs former hM tb* inn* well
htbaaA and barring aosilw* wanld
0m. Whlls G.ud*nr rarrad a pta��ky
***** st*Hh his opoawai.
: At lb* Salib (laadaw wat Udly
wiadad aad -was' irtdltnly loaiwA*^
.whlls Io<ii*m losrlurf ��.*Jt* fnsh. tlW
���earnwM liMd with <temmm*.,,A
tot* "leal of t**aay..sjk*ag*d .has'
inslT osfwing S tel )nttlM|��^r* fl*
���n-m.ttm amooth ts\ong*k �� atlt trirsl
wns blowing during th* rets**,  Tb*
tannlt^^Is Vstrpcasjtjbr wfth Xsglishman
htm aad in Wlnsipeg. Ths tim* SftM
wh fslow, bnt tbsi ssanrse wss a littl*
shopnr. OaadMrioik >I**rf*u I.
good ntyle tme-Kpt* -W to ��bn>s
hand* with tha nsw champion. Sal-
e****n* trying to gat all lbs mt* bs
oonld nt sew nrossey u *e*a ** tb* '
Town* rowed a bsnatlfal rsa*, and
eZetti-mt"* wulMtM ,Mmu
lit the sWMftit
isnMUlskod. tnd tb. reanlt
**&&&*& ttmiLt	
nrr for ilitniis of tba stomaah aal
'isslffi .*.���***..... .....
:, '-'  ���
S^iTJC THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, September 13, till.
President McKinley Shot.
While Holding a Reception at the Pan-Am.
Special to the Golden Era:
Buffalo, N.Y., Sept 7���President McKinley of the United
States was shot Friday afternoon by a man named Nie*
man. The President was holding* a reception in the
Temple of Music at Pan-Am. Exhibition, Buffalo. The
assassin approached and fired twice. One bullet entered
the breast and lodged against the bona The other entered the stomach. Ft is feared the .wounds will prove fatal
Nieman was arrested. The police -aaved him from at-
[. tempted lynching. The president is in a eomotose state.
Nieman said he had been in Cleveland and had been ne-
leetedtokill President Mckinley. It is learned the real
name of the would-be assassin is Leon Czolgosz. He was
born in Detroit Six men have been arrested in Chicago
charged with being implicated in the plot to assassinate
Buffalo, N.Y., Sept. 7���The President's physician issued
i ssued the following bulletin at (J this morning:
" The President has passed a good night. Temperature,
IOJ; pulse, 110; respiration,24.
Th* operation npon Fr*sld*ut UeKiuhjy, Saturday night, lasted almost an
i hour.
Eth*r wm sdmiuUtsnd, tben a Sr* Inob incision was mad* when th* ball
entered, tht nbdomin, nnd Its sours* wsr* followed nntil ths phyiloian* beoame
satiinai that tb* kidnsys hsd not bttn tooohsd. or th* intestine* perforated,
and that.it bad lodged probably in th* inuscl** of th* hack, where it oonld do
no harm for th* present. Tb* inttttina* mete lifted out through tha inoision,
nnd carefully axamintd, and th* utmost confidence eiitis thst there wu no
Th* phyiloian* w*ra exeeadingly gratified at the result, and pronounced the
operation a complete Sueeeu.
Th* fear ot tht president'* physiolans I* that septic poisoning may tit in,
nnd it ii for tb* first symptom* of blood poisoning that they at* now watching-
Tha bullet lodgs-d in tht muscles of ihe bach and ih* physician* h��ve do-
cidtd that tor th* present iti removal I* of secondary Importance. The bullet
took a downward oonnt, bul neither th* intestine* nor tb* kidney* wer* in
jured. Of this the phyiiclcn* are oonfldent. If InBamaiion .hould appear In
the neighborhood of th* plae* where tb* bullet it believed to havt lodged, the
Roentgen rays will bt und lo locate tht bullet, nud the doctor* do uot think
there would be nny difficulty in extracting it.
The rapidity of Ih* president'* puis* dot* not unduly alarm the phyiicisn*.
Dr. Rlxav say* lhat the president ha* always had a somewhat erratic puis?,
and ii* sudden tis* thi* morning wa* not unexpected. The president is oon
���clou* *nd is onlm.and collected, although somewhat drowsy from tb* effect,
of the ether administered to bim.
The New York Journal'* London
Cjrresponslen' stales lhat IJnited Stat**
grain ha* almoat di**s$ps-s*red (rom th*
British., market, apd thnt Russlap.
Argnnin* ansl Caiwdiau grain ha*
taken*it��,..|.l��sa��. Th* sjasiste assigned
for ihi* I* the itctvaeti United Stat**
r.rop. A* iba Montreal Shareholder
remarks: 'Ii will be highly gratify,
iiigio Canadians to know tUst Bag-
land i* prwtioally taking all Oanadlau
export, and that puroha*** (Kin tht
United Stntj* hav* been lessened to
that titent. Th* larg* *i. port* whiob
Canada will mak* thi* year will b��
ont o( tbt bolt adsrartinmtnt* thtl
country can havt, m they will bring
prominently b*for* tht British publio
thiexoditnt wheal producing qualities
of onr Northwest. Tha quantity of
wheat whleh will go from thiiconntry
to Gnat Britain tbi* ynar* will be mora
than donblt thst of lut year, and
when it it nil whnt tha Dominion
ean do in tbt* ntpcot, It will terra ai
an attraction to those lookiog ont 'of
new homos."
I of Aaajn^Sllat.
in* fcreaooa ��tth* JSmana
"^VmSS'tit Om/km. WW. CWII
u. ****m, rm.
-. ..abOsttibl-, >��1. CIvB
���^JlSf^m,8lhOct-l��^ ClvU
Jr*4H��nv*r, 81b &��***, ��0��.
i^ Bawiaad, Mb Oetthsr, IM. ClvO
k*. Wh OttehsK, int.
* s0-*t-l**r, WH. Ohrtt
��,1IW. WvO
Pan-Am srltsiu *b*ws Attract Or*wt��.
ta Korwool Suburb.     -���' -
The circus (till renins a potest in
finen t* in th* ntnt'tr of drawing crowds
and tht great Pan-American allows
which txbibilad aero** th* Norwoosl
bridge yesterday aftsrnoon and *van
lig war* no tsetgtiou to tb* rul*. The
P*n-Ara*rloan o.utalns all theaisen
tial features of cclrou* and there 1*
no donbt thnt th* ���uttrtatmnint wa*
appirtolatsd, esptelally by th* childreu
who wsrs oat In (oro* dnring th* ��f ter
noon. Born* of tht trap*** work an I
aerobatio wan vary good and th* horse-
baok riding wsr* commend.bit, In
oonnsjotioo with tbit latter baturo
prai*si ianit b* givtn tht two txpirt
young, wom*n who drivt tnd rid* aaoh
tour stssjtd* nronnd ths ring* liinul-
tnnroudy. Th* racing wnttnjoyabli
and Waa produotlv* of muoh ixolt*-
mtnt. Thtn wire Roman htppodromt
racti, ladioa' flat raott, both monnttsl
tnd driving! man r*. hor**, and a race
(or tht boy*. Atttr th* main perform-
anct a -raudsrllla oonoert wa* given
which wat ttiendtd by a larg* number.
YsHttrday *ft*rnoou th* animals wan
fed and tht reaiferoni roar*Ml marl.
of tht liom and tiger* attrtettd much
notio*. Tht m*nag*rlt It alway* a
mty Inttnttlinj (tatsrt of n. infilling
circa* nnd tht Pan-Amtriun ba* a
Ttrjr good nolttttlon of tbi wild aud
fsrroclon* dtnlitni of tbt janglt nni
plain, Intlndlng iagiwr*. panibiri,
lions, tlgtra, *l*phanu, a bytn*, th*
bovalnpnt and n stpisndid aggmgatlou
of hon** and pool**. ��� Winuipsg Fr.w
.Hit OehsUr,
toksw, 1��01.
*M OtltWr. IfOt
ttrd Ottos**, lttg.
���Oaptain Colli.ter, bollin**Mtor, bat
'U*st*4,to Vbnoourtr, hnviog vltlttd
tb* (MM of tbt- Islsnder wrtok.
Htwaa nnablt to loonit ibt wreok,
wbioh, bt btlltrt*, ha* no tbtott
oi bting pulled lo tha inrfao*. Fifty
(nt ol thon, ntsr by, tht water wa*
Cap* Town, a*pt. 8.-A wtllmMnttd
tatm. ot Btttt km looitd Barrydai*,
140 mil** frem Cnp* Town. Sbapnr's
tUgreetapaoio panMd dot* to Uua-
ingut,'U0 mil** from Cap* Towa y*s-
tsrrday, and bad a slight broth with
-tbt t^atanhfji'ti. /.Tb^.had tpart hor-
am *i>d-��s--*.p**itaUjY��f��ll��,ulpprf.
A column oMroopt hnt gout in parsult.
bat bttn nppolntnd AdjntanuGtnml
to the (orow IntucmMion to SJ>Ev*lyn
���ss. Miss.
Otistw.,  S*pt. T.-ChstilM
Rtynol'di, lata dlreoior of taOgtepbt in
India,   bat Am appoiattd anamral
���anagsir of ih* Paoiflo cabl*.   *
Tb* term Is almost a aaianoos.tr, sjovr-a.
daya Far tk* 'century-living crow* bra
btea schooled by exptriract. Tk* snr*.
crow dotn't Kare hisa. Invcttltatinf oral-
taolofiatsa*ythath***a 1.111gun bat
stick *ud can count *�� lo **v*n. Bvldaatly
th* crow ha*
progresswd bam.
ib* ift-s-srsne* et
Th* crew It la
ana* Ulan bt
*dv*ae* ca? th*
hnmaa snail}-,
Thtrt su* soar*.
cr*ws which
sear.* aar
tnd whleh Mt
to ut. In *pil*
et tin but that
son-* tctnlln*
uy, "Tb.rt't
nothing to bt
afraid of. A
scarecrow can't
hurt ioc," tkt
bulk or nwn sud
women (till bt-
licvt ta* tear*.
ciow it t power,
ml sud dtttroy.
uigfethh. ���
Thh tltltnat
i* most marked In rtlstlots to eertaia foru*
of dttett*. In disrates ol Ih* lungs Md
respiratory organ., lor instance, it tt In*
custom to tatame that there It no cara tor
the ctatgh, aa kelp lor th* hemorrlitft.no
hsuUnctbrtlMlunft. Th**catccrew, ton-
lumptUH, la Mt up, often taking tht form
of tome intsptrlenced and utukillful prao
tilioner who dealt* hop* or help to th*
victim it dlteam,
Yet th* records go to show that stubborn
coughs hav* been Cured, that peralatc.it
hemorreage* hav* been Mopped, and tbat
Weak lungt have betn made strong by
the at* of Dr. fierce'* Golden Medical
All tht claims tn the world for the cor*.
tire virtues of * medicine will not equal
one testimony to the actual fact of cur*
Thousands of testimonials like the following hire been received from persons cared
of lung "trouble*, *bronclrIlli, hemorrhtge,
obttlntte cough., etc, by "Goldeu Medical
Diacovery: ���
���I wst very Hck InsteC* write. Mrs. W-1II*
ba, of sj/eltori, Kent Co., Delaware. ��l��st
family sloctor mM I had conanmpUo*. .t
oor family  _   ._ ���  ._
thought f must die sssxra, for 1, felt M twAslly
bad. Hsd a bad cositrt., .pit .Woud. wa. very
short of breath I Ih fact, could hardly *s*t my
brctth tt all aoisatttsnci. I Had Mlna la my
chut md right lung, alao htd draps-pai*
Beiort I look your 'Cokteu Medical Uiwv:
cry' and 'F-lesuaut
Felicia' 1 was ao
weak I conld
not asm**, a room,
aad bow 1 can do
a tmall wsalitug, I
worked In the cms.
ainf faclonr thit
(all. sad I led llkt
t new penon. I
thank the food
horO, snd tlso Ur.
pierce for rasklof
thia food medicine.
I tscsW that the
Lold tnd yoisr mrd-
Idsie have aaved my
lire. IWM sick over
Iwo yean. I took
Ihltteea bottle, of
tlw ! Oolden Medical Dlaeovory' snd
fossr vial, of Doctor
HiRe'i Pclleu."
Tbere It no al*
cot.pl ia. "Golden
Medfe.1 Discovery" and It ia en.
tlrety free from
opium, cocaine,
and all other narcotic*.
Sometlraet a
Scaler will offer
��� substitute for
the "-Wscovenr,"
claiming- it tb be
"jutt at food."
The tubititiite
payt him more
proSt, that'l why.
Protect yoaraelf
from unscrupnl-
out dealer* by
laal.ting on Dr. Pltrct't Goldm Medical
910010* WORTH
Of knowledfe wouldn't (mount to mnch.
you'd think. But for just 31 cents inveatcd
la one-cent straps (to pay expense tsf mail-
In* only), you can obtain knowledge which
It hat taken hundredt of yean and million 1
of money to acquire. Dr. Pierce'a Common
Sense Medical Adviaer covert tht field of
medicine and bygitfl* from the dty of
Galen to the present hour. The 1008 ptgee
et this fitat work art foil of tacts vital to
human health and happiness. The book
It given away, being teat entirely fret ou
receipt of ttampt to pay expense of cos.
Iom* ud mailing only. Send 31 one-cent
itanrp* for Ihe book In paper coven or jc
ttampt for tht cloth bound book. Addrca.
Dr. AV. nent, Buffalo. N. V.
Imperial Life
Assurance Go.
of Canada W:.
Capital Sabswrihstd...... 11,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up.     ���IH.,000 00
Gov*rnm*nt Dtpoiit....    860,000 OO
A*M*tt 1180 tot very |100 of Llabilltltt
Fint tnd Paramoant:  '' Abtoluii Security to Policy Holden."
District Jtjjwat   *  -   <G<*ldeM.
Wt do sat held oartalv** retpouibla for th*
optnkso of cermpondMt*.
Sir.���I wonld llkt to tail your at-
ttntiootothi hot tbat th* Dominion
Aot in cutting of thlsil** It not carried
ont* Doobtlssft tbt Oovswnmtnt ageut
will mi to thi*. If bl* duty In thi*
matttr is pointed out. foruohMS thvy
tn tat titty will prov* a aourc* -of
nulMUM to tbi* prsxptrout town in
thn onr future. Immtdlau Miion
���ay ta��t Mvarai dollar*,
Tour* Rnptatfnlljr
SnbMrlM now for tb* En*.
Ioiar* In tbe Imperial Lin Astur-
anci Co.
Canadian Pacific Railway Columbia River Lumber C^
Starling Jun* 10th, will
mak* th* run (rom Coatt
to coul In	
100 Hours.
Cheap ralM now in tfftct
to Ih* -
For full particnlan apply
to tb* ntanst local agent,
or to	
Agent, AjQ.P.A.,
Golden, B.C.
Fir and Spruce luttiUf,
Church Servloes.
Service* every Sund��y al 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sunday* of th* month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Feitivals and Holy Day* at 8 a.m., or
a* may ba announced from thaohincel.
Ssinday School at 2:80 p.m.
All ara cordially invited to attend
tb* services,
, C. F. Tatm, Vicar.
1-HBiBl.TEnlAit IjtlUEOBt*
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sohool aud Bible Class at 3
p.m. lharp.
Choir practic* ivery Thnrsdiy ��ven-
���t 7.
BbV, V. M. Purdy^BA., P��*tor.
iibthodist onuncii,
Servli-** every Sunday at 11 a.m. aud
Sunday School At 2:80 p.m.
Prarer Mealing on Ti.e*d��y at8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidlbt, Pattor.
I, O. O. F.
Rocky Mountain Lode* Ko. M meet*'In
Oddlellowt Hall, Holdtn, every Wednesday
at.8ii.m.   Roiniirnlnjt brethren welcome.
E. M. PEAKCE, N.U. T. KING, Sec.
Golden is th* dittribtitinpr point for the rich
Mining Division, of Golden and Windermere. Trains, mails,'statre and bunts arrive
and depart as follows i
C.P.R. from East, lOtW, Daily.
"  West,10-OH,    "
Stajrefrotn Wlnderinere, 10iOO,SFrldty.     .
SS. Duchess from Windermere, 10-00 .Wed
uetday and Sunday.
C.P.H. irelnir West, IBiSB, Dally.
"       "     East, lOaB,    "
Stnare to Windersnere, 8W*, Sundays.
SS. Dssi'lieaa lo Wiuslermefe, 4-00. Tuttdays
and Fridays.
Mads arrive and depart from Golden Post
Office as belo* I
Arrlve-From East 15155 daily.
".    West IOjOH "
"    South 17.no Wed. and Friday.
Depart-For West 15 55 daily.
^      "   East   lOaW "
"   Soulb itlrOO Saturdays! 18:30
Registered mail matt be In 10    inulet list-
fore niall. close.
Pacittc. ttandard tim*.
manufactobers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS Ot    _.'...-J,
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. -f*8
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golden, B.C.
ASENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
j Sash & Door Machine
j Factory... Shop...
Engine nnd Boiler Repair In*; a Specialty.
a. v. * a. m.
Mountain Lodg*, No. II. A. ��. k
A. M. Remilar Communlrition,
second Monday In every month.
Solournlng brethren cordially lult. W. PATMORE. W. M.
O H PARSON   Swretary.
��� ���  (Fonn F.j
Certilieate  of Improvements,
of tb* Spillimachene river, and bounded
north by vacant Crown lands i south by the
Whittier Mid Favorite, Cr. jOr.,, mineral
Gr.. *__
national...���.-.- ...... .    , -
TAKE NOTICE that I. -lame. Brady,
mat east by Maud 8. and Standby. Cr.
. mineral claims ii west by the Inter*
ionsl an-t Favoril* Cr.Ur. mineral claims.
I'AKBltOTIOB.that I, Jam** Brady,
acSng a*(grat fcr J. L. Sidnk, J. J. Benny.
and ft NTlWni, Pre* Mhitrt fstrttleatt
No*. B im), B 44000 and-�� 10764, lnt*nd.
from tht del* hereof, toapply to
KsKorder for a Certillcal* of Im
sixty n��y* from tht i
tbe Mining KsKordei    ....	
Broveiwntt, for th* purposs of obulnlnga
ro��m Gr*nt of Ihtibovt eUlin. ���_
And turthtr tak* nolle*, thit teflon, malar
��sctloa tU, mutt be commenred b*fore tb*
Dated thUTUrteenlh day tf July, A.6.
1001. Olf
XjI d i s
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District..
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and seo if there is anything you requii's*
in Job Printing.   WE PKINT:
WE ARE ANXIOUS to push our Subscription List
and by way of special inducements we make tticf
following offer:
THS Era and Family Herald and Weekly Star* for
balance of year (including separatepictuisss of
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York) for 5CctSt
The Era and Montreal Weekly Witness from ilow
till end of the present year      -      -      -      50 cts.
The Era and Weekly' Post-Intelligence (Seattle)    60 cts
In connection with rhe last named paper we will
givo it and the Era for' dne year for     *      - JJ 2 itt
This latter offer iii only for those who pfiy tip all
arrears and one year in advance.
The Golden Era Prlvhno (j*.
'-.*.;��� v
���i-,-. i.i li*r*-U*.3-;^B-*M OOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTEXAY, B.C, FIUDAY, September 13,1901
.Heaters and Pumps |
If you want anv of she following HEATERS or PUMPS we
csn fill yosir orders immediately
from stock
2���III) I),p. Laurie Healer*.
2   40 h.p. Lsiiric Healers.
2���50 h.p Liuric Heaters.
2 -80 h.p. Lniirio Healers.
1 ���80 h p. Laurie Heater.
I -100 h.p. Laurie Hcnter.
1    125 h.p. Inline Hester.
14   .U2s��    Norihey    Duplex,
Brass fined.
10   4}x2jj��4   Norihey Dunlex,
Brass ill ted.
12   njx.'IlxG  Norihey  Duplex,
Brass titled.
12���6x4x7    Norihey     Duplex,
Brass titled.
1 ���f>Bx3^x7   Outside    Packed
1-4Jx2-J��fi       " "
1���1x3jXl2 Sinking Pump.
1 - Centrifugal No. 8.
2 - No. - S in. Suction Centri
2    li h.p. Gtipolineengines.
Works, Ltd.
SaeeeMo**** to
ArtiiNtrouc ft Morrlunn,
Hae hiaioti/ Iron Founderi,
Blacksmiths, Boilermakers,
VANCOUVER,  -  -   B*C.
| Town and District.
ssi/a sl/8/a %!*.t nity&_/&* "i/P/i/iVO/i. -at
Mrs. Grady is visiting her parents
nt Illicillewaet, B.C.
Geo. P. Wells, of Pi'l'ier, spent a
rounle of dnys in town this week.
Jas. Noble nnd A. Langlands have
completed their job of repairing the
floor of tha Kicking Horse bridge. We
understand thnt this bridge will receive
a romjilete overhauling in the spring.
Tlio citizens of Revel&ioke have decided to erect an arstli in Vancouver in
honor of the royal visitors.
Mis. Griffith slipped while coming
out of Columbia hall on Friday e, cuing and sprained tier ankle,
Mr. J. Grady has received the ap
pointment of time-keeper and timber
checker for the C.P.R.
Mr J. M. Wright, who is well
kno.vn in Golden, came in from Palli-
w>r Monday morning to get supplies
for a prospecting trip.
A gang of men numbering 21 ca'iie in
on Monday's No. 2, bound for Peter-
Isoro', whore ihey won. ro work on the
Horse Thief wagon road.
Tho funeral of the lata E. J. Dur.hes-
nay took place in Vancouver last Friday afiernoon. A very large crowd
was in attendance at tlie church and
follow-d the remains to the grave.
FOR SALE��� Eight yearling heifers, a very nice lot. Also live first-
class cows. Come in iu October and
November. All young and correct.
Can be seen any day.���Jambs Hen-
1s.hi.hin. Contractor. Golden. B. C.
FOR 8ALE.-W. W. Greener, far-
killing duck gun $B'..00, first class
weapon, will sell for about hnlf price,
lor cash. Alao oiie.Mariiui Kook rifle,
'li calibre. '1'. Hollis k Sons, London,
-W.J. Gould.
J O Tom st Co. wore very busy Ihis
week ojienitig up and marking off a
large shipment nf new patterns.
Among oi her things we noted a fall
assortment nf I weeds and serges suitable for ladies' costumes, which will
repay inspection,
ltev. V, U. Purdy went to Calgary
on Tuiwlay to write on nn examination. There will he no service in the
Presbyterian church on Sunday morning, and the holding of an evening
service will depend on the arrival of
No 1 on time. If the train does nol
get in there will be no service in tl.e
Ou Tuesday morning an alarm of
tire wa* given, the cause being in ths
b.steineut cf Mr. Carlin'* residence
where lb. aupporiing bracktt of the
f.iruacn chimssey was discovered to lie
in a blase, The fire brigade waa on
baud iu very abort order, aud though
t heir services were not required, Mr.
I '..rlin feels nuder great obligation to
t hem fur their prompt notion.
There are sjiiis) people in Oolden who
ahould ba taught.. letaoii iu the matter
of spilling ou lhe floors of publichajls.
Whan tbi' chair* were removed oil
���Saturday evening in Columbia'* h��jjj.niuch tu
tli-sre were **ver*i l0J'�� of' flit h
which, lo aay ihe le*(t, w*re very
uuatirnotiva, not to npeak of the
eoutamiiiatioii of the ladies' (kins,
If the** dirty pswpi* have no sen** oi
shame or JtuMsiicy *lep�� should be t*k*n
to fore* tiivui to remain ou th* outiida,
W. B. Robertson left on Wednesday
for the west. He will he away for a
couple of weeks on his vaca'ton
Owing so the losv water in Ihe Col
nmhiu the S3. H.ak has been put on
ill   r in,, the Duchess being tied up.
George Knowlton got another good
catch of char in Cau.sou ureal, on
Thursday, lhe largest going about lu
Judge Forin was in town on Thursday prepared to hold court, bul as uo
business was ready ha leii ou No. 1
Thursday evening.
Contractor Kernagan is rushing
work on the new building which he is
pulling up for lhe Imperial Bank. It
will, when finished, make a creditable
addition, to our business buildings.
A quiet wedding took place nt the
Meihodi.it |,arsonage on' Wednesday
evening last when Mr Geo. h Sinclair
was niatried lo Lulu May Bradley
both cf Golden. We join with the
friends of Mr. and Mrs Sinclair in
wishing Ihem a happy married (if*.
One of the most interesting figures
to come ont of ihn north with the
Hudson's Bay fleot, last week, ssvs tho
Edmon'on Bulletin, was Rev. Father
SeKiiin, dt he Roman Cal holic mission.
Fort Goo I Hope. Fcr the past forty
years Father S'gnin has reside 1 at
Goo.) Hope, on thee-Ue of lhe Arctic
circle; and during all that time has
never visited the enter world. On
rennh'ng Edmonton the wossders of the
elec'ric light and telephone were a
series of surjiri-se to him. With Futher
Seguin came also Father L-sccore, of
Providence, who has 8|.eut 30 years in
the north. Both are en route to
Fra nee.
In connection with the fire which
occurred in the resitlenti.il portion of
Golden this week, we might point out
tho grent risks run hy those owning
|.roperty in that section of the town
owing to their being no water supi.ly
available. Tlie fire engine was not
taken out on '.hat account, and if tlie
fire hnd gained any headway before
being discovered we would have had lo
.chronicle a serious loss. Now that
water in .lie river is low some steps
should he taken to have q few tanks
pnt in of sufficienty capacity to supply
the engine for ut least an hour's pumping.
Tlle suhool meeting called for Tuesday, the 10ih inst., Was held on (he
sidewalk in front of I Im school, the
following gentlemen being present:
Messrs VV. McNeish. C. H. Parson.
H. 6. Parss-ii, S G Robbins, M. Dainard, i. G. tTllock, J. C Tom and W.
Alexander. Mr. McNeish noted as
chairman and 8. G. Robbins' name was
|iropo*sii (or secretary. He declined
ihe hoiiot and C. H. Parson then
acreeii to act. The notice calling the
meeting was then read and a motion.j
to the effect "That the action ofthe
trustesss in rescinding the selection of
lot* in Block US, aid selecting lots
near the Preibi lei-inn church, Ise approved," wss moved by J. G. Uilook,
seconded b.v M. Duinaird and carried,
after which Ihe meeting adjourned.
An old friend of tho Eua called at
the office this week in the person of
Mr. Roht. Featherstone, head sawyer
of the Palliser milts, on his journey to
the old home in Ontario. In the short
interview hsd with him it was learned
that the mill hnd an exceptionally
successful season's cut, under the management ot Mr. Geo. P. Wells, son of
the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works, the proprietor. Mr. Feather
stone hns created .. record cut for the
mill this season, and as a loken of appreciation/ for his energelio and faithful
Work was given a very laudatory re*
commendation as well aa a substantial
cheque. The mill has shut down for
the season, a large number of employe,
remaining far the logginc to be carried
on till lhe advent of sjiring.
Supt. Niblonk, who was reported
some time ago to be cooking for a
Galncieii scab gang, must have got
baok to hia old job as superintendent
for the following order is isaued over
hi* signature: " All hridgeineii and
bridgt firemen who were out on strike
ennnot he reinstated, as Ihey had nothing to do with the arrangement
whatever. Please see that they are
not reemployesi." This only afleois
th* Calgary divison, bnt it remains to
lie setn whether ihe trackmen will
stand by and allow rutsh au injustice
to be done to membera of their organ!-
z*tioif*,wlios*, svuipntliv and holp slid
further tha cause of the
Mriktrs. Iu tins connection >vs�� might
mention thai only one of onr loe.il
bridgemen wns infused work on the
settlement nt the s'rik*. He waa
scoured of tome aot of violence, but
when or where it was committed nobody knows.
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
,���,���.,.      Boss Miner's Boot,       -        -        -       $5.50
ortlilflL :   16-lneh River Boot, mads in rail French'
Calf, double soles,        -        .    <  *.       7.60
Mr. Sewborry, of Kamloops, is
spending a ten da*,-* with his father-
in-law, H. R. Moodie. He is enthusiastic over the prospects of the Kamloops' Fair which ���eminences next
The Vancouver Province publishes
an Interview with Mr. Richard Mc-
Bride, in which that gentleman states
that 23 members tff tlie House ate es*-
posed to the Government and will support a want of ���Osjafisience motion.
Mrs. Jos. Banna and Mrs. (Rev,}
Westman, sisters, the latter of Vernon,
left on Wednesday on a visit to their
old home at Oravenhurst, Ont. They
will visit Toronto and other cities before returning.
Mr. H. McLiughlin and ti. Wells
have sirnck a good vein of oopper or*
at Frenchman's creek, a tributary of
the Ot'ertail, the ledge is from'12 to 14
feet wide and it covered with an iron
rapping whicli may be'traced for a
long distance np the mountain. The
location is very favorable for easy
working and economlaal shipment as
the creek empties into the (.tttertaH
about three miles above the railroad
Isridge and the claims sr* only a mile
from the mouth of the creelt.
This country has not been prospected
of iaie years, but some year* ago float
was found on thit creelt though the
ledge ceuld not be found. We venture
to predict that, this discovery will develop into a very rich property, and
one that will attract attention from
mining men all over ihii continent,
Mr. ,T G. Sliittj and his company
gave ih* residents, of Golden, a genuine
treat on'Friday and S,tin-day evening.
This company is essentially a "clean"
one and nothing approaching vulgarity
would be tolerated for a moment. We
regret that such cannot be said of some
companies that have visiles! It,
On Friday uight, "Was She to
Blaine" was put on, while "Jack's Lost
Paradise' was the bill tor Saturday
night. While the company are very
well balanced, tbe work ol Miss Anderson is deserving of speoial mention,
her personation of an elderly unmarried
girl on Saturday evening being perhot
and with Jas. Howard's "Denver Dan*
furnishing tlie necessary dash of fun
to relieve the situation at timet when
the sorrows of "Mrs. Jack Diamond"
threatened to prove ton much for the
audience. ���
Mr, G. Olmi's singing was alone
worth the price of admission, ).* having to respond to encores eaoh evening.
Mr. Stuttz made a speech at the conclusion of the third act on Saturday,
in which he expressed his pleasure at
Ihe reception gi7en him in Goldeu and
promised that he would be baok again
with the |days La Bastille and Regina
iii lhe near future.
The presence with the. company of
Proff. Goodler, who** masterly coin*)
maud of lhe piano wa* a feature,of
the Fire Brigade's.Ball, wat taken td
vantage of and a abort dance wa* held
afier tl.e curtain fell on Saturday.
About.11ft couples enjoyed themtelve*
for a short hour.
n looking over tha situation, nnd
inclined to ihe belief tbat he oan win
the scat against all comers. He would
Vote the stss 11 strengi h ofthe Li bsrals,
besides * 'considerable number of Con-
-servai'ives. In the event of Mr, Bod-
well srnhning, it ia thonght the Labor
element wonld re consider its deter
initiation to plaoe n eandidate in the
Westminster, Sept. 10-The deputation from the convention thnt last
night nominated D. J. Munn a* n eandidate to conttst the Westminitar by*-
election agalnat Hon. J. C.Brown,
waited upon Mr. Muni) ihi* afternoon,
and after a discussion lasting two
hours adjourned till the eyenlng. At
10 o'olook it wns announced that Mr.
Munn had declined and" that Tbinaat
Gifford, jeweler, the next choice, had
atked for torn* lima lo conllder th*
{-matter before giving an answer,
bodwellTm AY ,ByK.
Victoria,. Sept. 10-In anrtnin olrcle*
to-night it it believed ift-*.-R V. Bad
well will will contset lin. vacant *��at
li Victoria. It It knowlj th*tth*
friends of Mr. Bodwsil, who sir* how
iu oppposltion to tii* (jovernmsjinl, hare
London, Sept. 10.���The following
despatch bas been received from Lord
Kitchener: " Since Ss.pt. Snd the Columns hsve again got good result*, the
total.bag being 681, composted of 67
killed, 67 wounded, 884' made prisoners and 163 surrendered. Also 179
rifles, 65,211 round* of ammunition,
8,400 hones and 19,000 head of cattle."
Lord Kitchener further says that the
situation :n Cape Colony is unchanged
excepting the capture of Letter'* commando, reported last week,
A new C. P. R. time table will be
istued about Oot. 1.
Mr. Robert Ferguson, M. P P., for
East Kent, Ont. is dead.
A destructive gale drove six vessels
| on shore near pert Huron.
J. Ogden Armou*. vice-president of
the Armour Co., Cl. soago, ta dead.
Pekin, Sept 9.-The Protocol was
signed on Sept. Tiii. Mr, Rockhill left
on-the 8th.
Ed. Durman, of Toronto, has challenged Town* for'he rowing champiOn-
ship of the world.    .
Miss tVillard attempiel to go thru
il.e Niagara whirlpool in a barrel,
but lost lier life.
. Commissioner Laird has received re
.porta of big wheat yield*, on Indian
reserves in the west.
The'protest against, the return of
Mr Walter Scott for wsnrt Assiuiboia
has been dismissed.
Taii of the passengers Injured in th*
Rush Lak* accident on Ihe O, P. R ,.
have bMn taken tothn MedicintHat
Sir Mackentio Bowell -ttsohstd Van*
couver on Tuesday after an extensive
trip through the Yukon territory. He
came out via St. ttfc-feaei
The labor party of Victoria have decided td put up a candidate lo contest
the seat made vacant by the resignation
of Hon. -I. H. Turner.
Sir Tbns. Upton hss decided not 1*0
race against tho Independenot. If
President McKinley become* worse the
America cup races may b* declared off.
Ther* it a general outcry In Toronto
over the proportion tochsrg* an ad
mission tes to the Exhibition ground*
ocoasion of the roynl vinit.   It it re
garded as clstt distinciion.
A tmnliet will he built at Maryiville
B, C, tn bsndle tbt silver-lead ore
from th* Solllvan group of mine*.
Work will begin atone*, it is Ox-
oected tbat ihe plant will be ready Io
treat ore by April 1 next.
Mr. t, 0. Fauquier, of Rtvelttoke,
s-x-Governmeut igent, wa* ohnrged in
ihs folia* Csjurt with mltapproprintlng
fund* aggregating $2,916..?7. Ut wm
cbminlrttd for trial, Ball w��* 8��*d
al ��l2,00a Capt. Taylor, F-B,"**!)*,
W. Cowan md C. Holten became bonds-
inon.';''   -    -     ���
Colonial) We may ttatt for thn information Of the Time* and *v*ry on*
else, thnt Mr. Martin wn* not oontul-
ted bv Mr. Duntsnulr ���� io hia polioy
during last session, I* not oon*nlt*d
ny him now a* to what opur** b*
ihtmld lake, and will not hit oounlted
by Mib iii lis*future. Mr. Dunwulr
jwlll dMite upon such n lie* of jMliey
a* Amends Itself ts-. I.I* jwd(m*nt.
|Vo thls*,i>uHsn** he will be glad to have
theiuppori of Mr. Martin aud of e*ery
othtr mesnher of the house.
Is full of Businssss���in feet, we havua (ittl?more
[   than we can handle just now.   Customer*, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase tbi
Bargains now offering.
Hark, team and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .   .   .
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to tt -oi- leave town
4>*tU,*UUU.  UlM WORTH OP a300bS
ON HAND. This is too large a stofck for oui* present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in tht
next 60 DaT8. We are now in the firing Ithe and d8
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
womenloirartlasid *dv*rlit*for old.
liahejOtoMOf siolsd llMlKtlaal .Ulsdlui*. .8*1-
try I7��lt rear .od��ipen��a, til parahl* I*
brencea *ni��,asi-te *U**ttem��.sstjunpsad
envelop*. Addret* M*n*g*r, 8�� Oaxton
Wg,,Thl**go. ool 11
Look at these SNAPS   .   .   .   t
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Toinato^ Corn, Peas amy*
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated PeachesS, extra choice, 3 IbR.
for 25c. WM
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tops a beautiful!
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees andean guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest*
No Jaw-Bone  ....
���'        .?.
���' v.    Taken in exchange for Goods.   CASH is the only
article tq work miracles with at Our Store. .
Qolden. B. <3.
Send Your Money ��0fTowiaf
Butfor.    ��m-i     *',
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
amd <%are.
Send your Job Work to tiie
ERA Office.


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