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The Golden Era Jul 13, 1900

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 '    ' ���:.  '   ^t^n^**-^
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
1.011K nEiiKeach \\i.i:k von NEWS
Arapplyof BinUIngLlmofor Sale.
.aua prepared.   Prompt attention given to
nn   nsny   Iiu  seen   i,t and  l-plfos of
ft-st. auil  Torssia olitnisiosl iron,
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Golden.
VOL. IX NO. 50
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JULY 13, 190t>
$2 Pee Year
We have just passed
into stock a complete range of Tinware of
the best make, including everything yon need
and nothing you do not need. These are a
few of the many useful articles now awaiting
Camp, Tea, Glue and Preserving KETTTLE&
Broad, Milk, Kneading and Dish PANS.
Oil and Sprinkling Cans.   Milk, Water, Strainer
and Slop PAILS.
Clothes Boilers, Egg Poachers, Coffee Pots,
Pudding Dishes, Boston Strainers,
Lanterns, Flour Sifters, Scoops, Graters, Juice Extractors.
Lemon SqueezBrs, Ice Cream Moulds, Broilers, Toasters.
Pure Food
Cookable, Wholesom Beans���Lima White and Pink.
LIPTON'S Best Ham and Bacon.
Choicest California Evaporated Fruits. High
Grade Domestic and Imported Canned Fruits and
Creamery Butter in 1-pound prints and 2-ponnd
tins.      Dairy Butter in 1-pound rolls.*
H. G. Parson,
General Merchant,
Aexeir\der Block.*
Now is tlie Tioie
-r-j.-S'.s'isiji; Xleillsiii... to. n it yosi in i>lis*--* for the heat of.tt'ts.opstsis.isr
S-i-uiui'. A-l'v of tftfijta .i*u ,-.-*.ll lssso.vsiHS.il i-i-tiH,.!**- S-'-tl.
A is-rk.i.i S.oiniso'r h-.*1 Liv*-,* ''ove, 1.1. li. B.-, P;ihio**s IVsssry
sJ��.i|.otit.d f (Jlai-kii'-t, H!-juirss,Ayt'L*'*.isii.lUliaiinlsigVS.,rH-si.is.-il!iss.
AT.VtN'. IX T(MRS- .vs-ssi .-an st..' (';..inii.o Wins*; Ber.f, Iron issul
Win-; ftslloa-*.' S'.-s-'s|.f UniijiMICA Elixir- Mult Ertiruit; mill
CMptOsiI-sUil WIiRmh" Col Liver O.I.
IX P-ILL9 -DoiM's, Do.in'a (.Insist)'.. Willinns'a, Cooli.i--a. A.��X
J-TiruisW., lJrtechaiu'B, Hollo-v-sy's*, Sei-tel'a, Cartor'a. Biusios-k's
A-jisevv's, Ho-j.l'a ami Wills'".
JUST AS L.VBOK AN ASSORTMENT in KldsisSy, Ijves-j Honrt
Hiisl-Nai-ve Meslieissea; Plsiatcrs, Oisii.neiua, Liniineuts and Ding
I'uton.s gedossally.
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's*
The Finest .Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Boute to Peterborough, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining Diltriot.
Con.lgoer. -still lw oharned with all -fay Ir-right bottveen Oolden
and Wln-lei-mere, at wbich point a Company's agent will be
All (night and obargn on gsjod. to Wlndwman and points beyond will bave to be paid to the Company's agent at WiudsK*
taut baton dellvwy ot goods.
0    H*   PARSSON   Manager.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital 1'nl.l V\y sst.-3H.nm
Best ��� -       -        1.70U,O0��
It. S. Howlssml,.    ��� -      PrtvsMt-irt,
T. II. Morritt, ��� Vi��� I'rea.
Wm, Kantaiiy,     T. Kulln..'l..si.l staysior
Ki.ltorr .latlV.iy, Kliaa Kiita-tv,
Win. Ils-mlrm.
Hums O.-its.r*: Tssniivro.
D. I*. Wn.***. tr., ('utsors.1 Maisajjer.
13. llAV, Inspector.
MA.N1TOHA, N. W, T. mitl It. 0.
It-simian, t'alKl.ry, Ksln.o.itou.
IJiiltl....,     . Neln.ni, Pnsttiiffts la I'l-au-lo,
I'linut* Ailiei-S.      Hov.-lalt.Un, _  Stratlivuno.
Vtstst-oiivtir,        \Vin.,l|Kiff, ��� ���
ONTAlllo" (TiitTEllEC.
Eattstx, Forir.m, Unit, Ha.iiilSi.l., I.iirsirsi' 11,
I.intmvol, Kin-ram l-'ttllft, I'os-t Culltoiti-nu
If.it 1's.rtsi-ro, tfisnlt Ste. Mario, St.
Catharine*. St. Tlit.inaa, Toronto, WoUausl,
Wootlatock,t.tisl .Musttru..,'.tie.
Asoiits ill l.sr-i-nt flrltnln:
LIuj-jI'm lltitik, I.tsl., 12 l,oniliar,l St,, l.nnil.in
with whom sti.tt.ey insiy lis* sloixwiteil for
traiusfor l.y lotto.- or cattle to any ot* tlio
above brattcbea.
Agents* lu Butted Mtntsta:
NEWYOIJK*-lSiiiilt of Montreal, llank ot
rillllACIil���Flnt Ntilinsiiil llank.
8T. PAUL-Km-ntnl Kniiiatal llnuk.
SAN FltANl.lSCD-Wolls, l-'argo St Co.��
Aaontfi in Senth Africa.
litta.-t.Ht stllo'wctl on ilot-usit-s.
Fro.inclitl, Miiiitvi|*iil nitsl otherslel-enturca
Available at till point*, in Canada, L'ttiti-d
liing-lossi, I'nit.-fl Staloa.
J.*S. Gibb, Hsr., Golden Branch.
HOUSE mill LOT fnr Mb nc.-.r tlm Court
Hoiisn, i;..litrii. Apply to .Mrs. i?lopheii��, nt
tlio smelter. jlti-lm
All I'.crsor.s win) hnvo any Mils, i-li;irj;*r!s nr
eliiiir.M ujioii Mr. W, 0. Wi-lfa for or lit
pm-t ot iiu l.ttK tloctimi in tlio dUtrli'tof
Norlli Rimt --��� oujimy will lunilly upuiI in
itHi'li IsiIIh, ch;.rK��H tit rljiini;* to lliu uinlcr-
sjjih-hI uitltiiionu iiioiuli front t!m lltli<lr<yot
.Juno. liKWi
Otitcfl i.i CloMbti iIifHllihdttyofJmic, A.
i). i\ux
Tiler*. t;��ji::i;;:',
ElttClltHl \xm>t t'.r W. V. Welti.
Erkish Columbia.
(irtlrt ?t GO
Silver ,  1 go
Und    "  1 50
Coiner  2(11
U-.l.l i-iiil HiWer  3 00
Loud nml Bilver  2 00
Uold mid Oni or m 2 GO
Kilvor iiii.l Copiwr    2 i>l
lit'M -Silver nnd ImiuI U 00
({..MWlvariiiirlCopvtT fl GO
(iold ISilvcr l-ottd nud Cppyer  4 00
Iron  4 00
Zinc :  H 00
Klrkol     GOO
ItiHiiuilh    000
Antimony  0 00
Com|'Into 'iintlyniw uf Iron ores,.  0 to
All oro�� for Mirny aro cnrnfully nnni|i|cd
and a portion kopt iu tlio oftii-p, no tliat llie
owuor may uetu HfliupluHluiuld lie ut any
tuno dftfUo tuluivo a vheuk jmwiy iiiiule.
K*mlii��cd prici-H for Kv�� *:uiipW ond over
wlioo lirouh'lit hi tu,vrotli<ur nml tor tlie sm��o
I'roi��iKn-t�� examined anil rcportsed upon.
The jcrwt mJneraT fH��covcries that havo leen mmle (ft tlio Upper
Country have attracted attention from all parts of the world and
to day thPia ti no more familiarly known Kectiou than that which
claims PETERBOROUGH, B. C , as its tVntro. Direct com-
lmiiiiciitiuu per steamers with Golden and the omsido world and
thickly settled in all directions. PETERB0KOUGH is the key
to the wonderful Toby and Horse Thief properties now being
extensively developed, as H situated directly between these two
Creeks,   Por further particulars, apply to
G. A. STARK, Agent,
 Peterborough, B.C,
We have been greatly impressed,says
tho Editor of the Maoleod Gazette, two
thirties since our recent arrival 'n Mac*
leod, vis , the quantity of whiskey one
ti expected to consume and the number
of insurance agents running at large.
With regard to the flrst feature we
have actually got tlie length of declining to drink, nnd in raped to the
secud, wo have been urged to insure
our life no le&s thau 07 times during
the last month.
Hon Mr Wells has hud a singular,
though very sad illustration of the
truth of the old sayiug; There's many
a slip ltwTptt onp nnd lip" in the post-
ponment of the cemplimcnfary banquet
wich waa lo lw tendered to him at Gol-
den. Vancouver World.
Tub $ha con*idor* tho action of
Mon. Mr. Wells in rctiuestlng his many
frioudu to adjourn the buuquet which
was to have.bi'cu tendered him, owing
to the nuddt-m death of one of his most
loyal sintportf-rs, commeudable, and no
doubt t!ii.i is the geuural impression
throughout the district.
As an inducement to,prospective ex
hibitor.-* the Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition Assentation hus arranged with
the Cwtiiuili.in Pacific, Northern Pacific
aud Canadian Northern railways to refund fi eight charges both ways on all
unsold exhibits from Manitoba and the
Northwest Territories to the Pair,
which occurs July 2D to 28. Thus nny
one In this City or country desirous of
having nn exhibit at tho exhibition cau
do so at a very atnall expeuso, ns the
freight charges will be nothing. Ths
Canadian Pacific, Northern Paciiic
nnd Canadian Northern roads deserve
the thanks of every member of this
community for their generous action
iu agreeing to muke auch a lar-ue amount of shipment entirely free of cost.
The adjourned meeting of th�� council
of the Board of Trade called for tho
Kith instant has been postponed until
Thursday, the 19th, at 7 p.m, hi
order to J. E. Griffith an opportunity
of meeting the council.
��v THO'SE* WHO *��� USE   *
Ex Governor Melunes blames Orta-
w�� interference for the nniatisfaotory
state of things which Iim existed in
British Columbia for the past teu
months. It is not quite clear how ho
makes that out, as a mat ter of fact.
Over nine months ago, ho says, he
urged liis Ministry in favor of either
mt immediate session or au immediate
election*;: tho Ottawa Government, as
he couceives, unwarrantably Interfering, forbade hiin to interfere as to the
time of the meeting nf the Legislature;
this meant that the only safe thing
was to leave the time fer the holding
of the session to those wbo were
responsible for the net. Tht Governor
was responsible to the Ottawa Government, by whom he was appointed,
and it was not unkind or unconstitutional in them to-give him advice as to
the discharge of Me duties, if a difference had arisen between them and hit*v
No doubt suoh advice shonld be given-
with caution ; the Governor desired to
do things himself, for which he would
not be responsible, except In the
forfeiture of hie office for unconstitutional procedure, which In the end did
happen. Tho ex-Governor probably
decided wisely aot to become a candidate for a seat ia the House, as he has
been requested- to do.-Monetary Times,
Matters that Arrest the Public
Attention In Windermere
{From our Own Correspondent)
The dredge Muskrat has received in
structions from the Government eu
gineer to dredge a channel from the
present Peterborough landing to the
first bench. This channel will be used
when the Columbia is high, The river
ia falling now. but for a few days last
week the wngouroad to the landing
wus tt few inches nnder water,
Hon. W. C, Wells has already
shown that he is aware of the needs of
the district. It is understood he has
giveu orders for the construction of a
wagotu'oad up Toby Creek to Spring
Creek*-a distance of about thirteen
miles; also a wagonrond up Hurmj
Thief as far as Boulder, where thu dis
tance is about the same. These roads
will he a grout convenience to claim
owners and will encourage many who
hold good properties with ore in sight
to got out shipments fur the smelter.
A few such shipments will prove the
high-grade diameter of the oie ofthe
Windermere district.
It. lt. Bruce, who has an option ou
the Paradise group, has a force of men
at woik on a rawhide trail from Spring
Cieek to Parndiae camp. A pack train
left here on the (Ith inst. for Piiradi.se
to pack out ore for shipment. Under
present conditions supplies ami oro
have to he packed over the divide he
t'A(vu P.iradisn and Boulder Creek,
which is a much longer ami more
diliicult route than tho now tr.ul will
open up, Tl.e Paradise upper working
is now in twenty feot of solid car bona to
of lend, with oho tee of galena. The ore
is taken out with llie pick and shovel,
and Ttifs. Jonos, who is uow in town,
repot ts that sixty tons were pnt on the
ore pile iu one day this week. A shaft
is being sunk to rest the depth of this
large deposit. As fast as the work
will permit the force of men will bo
increased. A tunnel is being driven
some 600 feet below tho upper works
to tap tho paystreak nt that depth.
This is now In close upon 200 feet and
is encountering deposits of very high
grade, lead curbonate and galena.
Material is now being delivered on the
ground for the construction of commodious bnnkhortses and offices. Thero
is overy indication ar. the present time
that the Pnradice will become an enormous producer and an immense quantity of oro will bo brought during tho
coining winter.
R. It. Bruce went to Nelson Inst
week. It is understood that part
of hts mission is to secure miners for
the development of the Paradise property.
Last season an nssayor would have
been a great convenience to the prospectors of thu district. This season
there are four assay outfits, so that the
work should be well.looked after.
F, M. Chadbourne, of Nelson, who
has an option ou the Black Prince
group, near tbo hoadwattrs of Boulder
Creek, is in camp and has let a cou-
tract io tho original owner, 0. Troys*,
to sink a shaft ou tho ledge. The
ttlack Prince is a copper proposition
carrying chalcopyrite and bornite in a
qnartx gangue. Yoir correspondent
visited the property last week and saw
some very fine looking ore taken out of
the paystreak. The ledge is strong and
If tho shaft now lieing sunk proves
depth of ore, the proporty will be
valuable as the values are good.
Moisrs. McCIotcher and Pnrkes. who
have been near the headwaters of Horse
Thief Creek for the past three wool's,
returned to eamp last Thursday. They
were surveying two groups of claims
for F. M. Chadbouroe. One group
consists of the Iron Horse, Mattahorn
and Elkhorn ; the other Silver Islet,
Headlight and King Solomon. Thsse
properties form a saddle over the divide between Horse Thief and Toby
creeks. Considerable work has been
done on these claims aud good showings are the- result.
W. Gallop came down from Copper
Banoh and Great Eastern claims on
Monday last. These properties nro in
st tbe headwaters of the south fork of
Horse Thief Creek. The Great Eastern
hen a two-foot ledge with copper ore
and galena in a quartz gangue The
open cut shows a good body of ore,
which- i�� ehangiflg in eUasMtev as
depth is gained. The araenopyrlte
which was first encountered gave place
to a sulphide of lend and antimony,
which in turn wns replaced by grey
copper. The Copper Ranch hns a throe
foot ledge in which a tunnel lias been
driven for twenty feot with n good paystreak in sigltt.
Ben Abel and party are up Dutoh
Creek doing assessment work. Tiny
will bo down in a week or ten days,
after a month's absence from camp.
A good showing of stiver-bearing
oro has been uncovered on tho Silver
Crown claim, near the head of Spring
Creek and adjoining the Paradise, The
ledge has boon uncovered hy open outs
ut intervals for a considerable distance,
A force of men are ar. work developing
lhe property and results are likely to
be interesting.
Messrs T. H. Taylor and W. Haupt
came in from the Tecumseh claim on
Thursday and report a strike of IS in.
of galena. They have suspended woik
for a time in order to do assessment
work on ottar property. On Saturday
Mr. Haupt went up to the Silver
Thread with supplies for several weeks.
D, R, McLean came into camp hist
week from a threo weeks' prospecting
trip up No. 2 Creek. He located five
claims aud the samples he brought in
are high grade in load nnd silver.
The overshadowing event of tho
Windermere district so far this season
was the opening of tho district hospital at Peterborough on the 27th ult.
It is at present au emergency hospital
for the treatment of miners aud others
who are entitled medical attendance
under the conditions similar to these
which prevail iu mining cum [is iti
other parts of the Province. Dr.
Elliott has charge, but the climate here
is so abominably healthy tliat up to
date there have been no patients.
Tbe Peterborough baseball nine administered another defeat to Windermere on the tatter's own grounds on
July 2nd. Hard slugging at d
brilliant play was the order of the
Peterborough nine and three Winder
mere pitchers in succession were
knocked out of tlie box, while Taylor,
rhe young wonder and twirlor of
Peterborough, had the Windermere
nine at his mercy, striking no Ins.*
than 14 men out.
Bartkr GAitr.ANii-0n Jnly 10th, 11100,
at tho residence of Mrs. Tumbull,
Field. B.O., by Rov, W. D. Turner
of Golden. Thomas John Barter of
,Field, to Jessio Louise Garland of
St John's, Newfoundland.
Gable-Hood-On July 10th, 1!)00, nr.
tlio residence of the bride's mother,
Golden, hv Kev, W. D. Turner,
Reuben Gable to Jean MaxwellHood,
r.ll of Golden.
Tho  Friend of the Canadian
Soldier 8,
Lord Roberts has on more than one*
occasion expressed his admiration for
iho Canadian boys who are taking,
such nn active part in the South
African war. In all iho correspondence from iho front it is also pleasing
to nolo the esteem in which iIm hoys
hold their friend -*' Bobs." Lord
Roberts has the Canadian hoys witli
him nil the timo. This is u grent
compliment to Canada. There aro
thousands of Canadians who hnvo-
friends'or relatives in the Canadian
contingent nud who would be glad to
have a portrait of the great general
under whom they aro lighting and
fighting successfully. Tho Family
Herald and Weekly Star has published;
a reallv handsome colored portrait or
Lord Roberts and wo havo completed
arrangements with thom by which all
our readers and residents of this vicinity can secure a copy. It is a true1
picture of tho famous general. It ti
17x22 inches, au exact reproduction of
a painting by on of tho best European
Wo will send Tin; GoLDBN ERA nnd
tho Family Herald nnd Weekly Star'
from now until the end of the year,
including the portrait ol Lord Roberts,
for the small sum of ffl,26, and if any
person feels thai it is not worth the
money the same will be n-funded.
To any of our subscribers whoso
arrears havo been paid we offer ihe
Family Herald and Weekly Star and
tlio picture for UO cents. The above
offers are open for r. limited time only.
Bodega   Restaurant,
Meas at any hours.
Fish and Game in season.
Bread, CaKos, Fruit
and Confectionery
Aways in St. e:.
Fresh Oysters.
c c
1.1 *k
th, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in tho Windermere Mining' District and
making' their
Mammoth Establishment
Headquarters for all -fl
branches of Mining
and Prospecting  .   .
Lowest Estimates given to Mining Men
coming into the country to ���
... Develop Properties. ~
Having Our   Own Freight
Boats We Defy
���    .*******. ���088 ,n -g *m
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av3a si yousdiAia Q-OL-DEjNT Eea.
A Buil(itt of Jests 'I'Imt Ought lo
< Please a Misanthrope.
Fnotf I.i-cliif���Tliat new lending man
���null-.a off the singe ns If bo were treading
on eggs.
Sue lt ret tc���Well, it will come in pretty
litiiuly for hiin wlieu be gets out in those
western one night towns.
Mr. Criinsonbeak���I suppose you think
a mnn who would deliberately blow out
the gun know* very little?
Mis. (.'ii in son beak���I should say 1 did!
"Well, you know, after be has blown
out tbe gnu be knows less."
Yeast���Married couples in Norway nre
privileged to travel ou railways at a fare
and u half.
Crliii son beak���Then when a man and
woman marry over (here they don't be*
come oue, but one nnd a half.
"Thnt new young man boarder just Bit
and devoured you ut dinner today," Bald
the boarding house lady to ber daughter.
"Well, mn, perhaps he couldn't see anything else to ent!" wus tbe daughter's reply. 	
Mr. Crimson beak���The aeronaut Is
about iih uttibitious n person as you want
tu meet.
.Mis. Crliiisoahenk���ludeedl Any more
so thnn men in other professions?
"Ob, yes; lie is noxious to get as high
up in his work as possible,"
"How much far this child to New
York?" nsked the old ludy at tbe railroad
ticket olllco.
"Fifteen cents," replied the ticket mnn.
"That's fnir," answered tbe old lady,
feeling ju tier put'SO for tlie amount.
"No; It's only half furo," cuuie from behind tbe window.���Yonkers Statesman.
I was cured of Bronchitis and Asthma
Lot S, P.E.I.
I was cored of   a   severe   attaok of
Rheumatism   by   MINARD'S    LINIMENT.
Mafcone Bay. JOHN MA DER.
I was oared of a severely sprained leg
He Bunt;lil a Sect loa.
A IMttsliurger who has money to
'i*lmre bad to go east ou short notice.
He Is a mnn given to excluslvcness,
and he detests traveling ia n public
conveyance becauso he Is thrown In
with so ninny persons of whom he
knows nothing. When be does take a
trip, lie takes n stateroom wherever be
enn get It, or, fulling In that, If his
business is urgent, lie takes a section
In the sleeping cur. He had little time
to mnke nrruiigemeutB Inst week, but
bis lirst thought wns of a stateroom.
Hc called one of tho employees and
hurried bim to the ticket oiliee.
"Oet a stateroom, If you can," hc
said, "and, If you cannot, get a section.
You kuow whnt a section Is���two
"Yes, sir," replied the man as be
Blurted off.
He returned soon with the information thnt there wasn't a stateroom to
be bad on tlio train.
^ut I got two berths for you, sir,"
be snld, handing out two tickets.
ll*"nearly lost his job when Ills employer examined the tickets and found
0iie for "upper 3" nud the otber for
"upper 8."���Pittsburg News.
Gold Dust, For Inntancc,
Philosopher���Everything eon be put to
t-otiio good use.
Skeptic���How about dust?���Somcrville
a reallYsick man
M.-ril.hit-* Apparently Uml No Kit-eat
Until, nt Um NollcltHtlnn of a Friend,
He Used Dr, Wilii-aiim' Fink Fills
and  Wuh  Cured.
Fruin the Mall, (.irtinby. Que,
Mr. Albert Fisher, accountant at
Payne's cigar factory, Qranby, Que., ts
known to ulinost every resident of the
town, and is held in the highest esteem
by all who kuow him. In conversation
with the editor of the Mail, recently)
something nas said conceroing Dr.
Williams' Pink Pilli, wheu Mr. Fisher
remarked that he hai fonnd these pills
a vory valuable medicine. It was suggested that he should make his experience known, und to this he readily consented, handing to the Mail the follow*
ing letter for publication :���
Grauby, March lflth, 1000.
In justice to Dr, Williams' Pink
Pills, I think it my dnty, in view of
what they have done for me, to add my
testimonial to the many which I have
seen in print. For some months I
suffered most severely from pains np
and down my back. It was thonght
these were doe to Imr and kidney
tronble, bnt whatever the cause, tbey
kept me In terrible agony. The pains
were not confined to the back, but
would shift to other parts of tbe body.
As a result, I could get little rest; my
appetite was muoh impaired, and I waa
really a siok man. I tried many different remedies, withont effect, nnd which
disgnsted me with medioine. A friend
suggested tbat 1 try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I was not easily persuaded,
for I had given up the use or medicine,
aa nothlug had helped me, bnt as he in-
slated, I finally concluded lo give them
a trial. I purchased one box, and was
astonished to find tbat before it was
fetirely used, I was quite a bit relieved, and after nslng six more, was fully
restovpd to my former good health. I
take great pleasure in recommending
this valuable remedy, that others may
print by my experience, and not suffer
the tortures that I did.
Yours sincerely,
Albert Fisher.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills oun by going to the rx>t of the disease. Tbey
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving disease from the system. If your dealer
does not keep them, they will be aent
postpaid at 60 oents a box, or six boxes
for $9. t.0, by addressing the Dr. WU*
liams'Medicine Co.,  Brookvllle, Ont.
Tlie Manitoba legislature wus pro
rogued yesterday,
Official announcement hae uuen made
ol the evacuation oi Kuinassie by Gov,
The news from tbe grain fields ot
Manitoba Indicate recent rains have
done much good.
The urrlvnls of immigrants in Winni
peg durli.fi .hint- numbered 4,1'OB, larger
than a ytar ago.
The total Fcnrtb ol July casualties
due to the celebrations wero J10 killed
and 1,323  injured.
The u-iuiiW-** are probable winners of
tlie linmd chnllenge trophy ut- Henley,
Howell will take the Diamond sculls.
Col. liiggnr Iioa Li-en appoiated sue
ti'-M-or of caiHiithia Ked Cross affairs In
South Alrlca, Hjcct-tiding Hr.   U.iorson,
liev. Herbert Gregory, a Congrega
liouul minister, formerly of Vi'oodstock,
Unt., was killed In the Tacoma trolley
cur uccident. , v ,
Ex Ui'iit.-iioveruor Melunes has pub*
Hi-tied certuiu confidential correspond
Nice relating to the recent crisis In
.British Columbia affairs*.     ,   .
Golden Star block slumped to 0 12,
Sit TnouMB Fan 1.11, the Irish sculp
tor   Ih dead, ,
The main Irrigation canal at I.iuli
bridge has been completed,
Grafton defeated Winnipeg at haw
ball by the cIoku hcaru ol 8 to 7.
Fort William and Fort Arthur Had
In the third league lacrosse  match.
There were ���oil) ml leu ot electric rail
*\ay In Canada at tlie close of last year.
Governor HoiigMin ha�� evacuated Ku
unsble. Many vere Mild io breaking
An explosion of fireworks In Fhlladel
phin killed Hewn children and seriously
Injured others,
Mr, Ilertiier, the new Dominion in hi
later of Inland revenue, won re eluded
for St, Hyacluthe.
Miss EHxnbeth Mackay, of Cleveland,
was appointed superintendent of the
Winnipeg  general  bo*i>ltal.
Lord and Lady Strutlieunu held their
annual Dominion Day reception in Lou
don, which was a brilliant affair.
If. It. (illniour, the Martin caudidute
lu Vancouver, received the decision lit
the recount, having; defeated Wilson by
Sight votes, |  ,
Winnipeg's baseball team defeated
Grafton, N*. D.
Rainfalls In India have been fairly
general recently,
Chicago wheat advanced 111! cents
over Monday's close.
A number of union plumbers lu Wluui
peg nent out ou stilke.
About 1,200 immigrants for western
Cauada hare reached Halifax.
Two men were killed nud ;t;t Injured \a
train wreck oa the Moutaua Central
Hue .
An Imperial law bas betn signed
tho ciur, abolishing baniomuent lo
So fur 107 bodies cf the victims of the
New York dock horror have been recov
ered from North river.
Detectives will be placed on guard it
thu Sj.. canal to pievcut a repetition
ol the Welland outrage.
Hou, A R. Dickey, ex minister ot Justice, was drowned while iu bathing near
bis home, at Amherst, N.  S.
The C. P. R, polkc have recovered a
no* of gold dust stolen by Indians from
Spencer Rrldge In the RocLlcs.
Ai the BoUsevaln turf meet. Dominion
Daj the winners were: Don Quixote.
Motile May, I'm to, Cyclops, Aima, Italy
Judge Burton, of Toronto, velirs from
the bench Swpl. U
niie.it ettiM-d in Chicago 3 a 4c cents
under the- opening.
The Portage Wiuuipeg ctliket match
resulted In a draw.
W. itobertson, or Rnt Portage, mot
with i. tragic death.
Tlm Victorias nud Winnipeg.*, played a
draw game of lacrosse.
liriuidoii defeated Rapid City In au ;x
i-Utiif!" game oi lacrosse.
A rlcb strike of gold iiuarti bas been
discovered on  Indian rlvjer.
Fein members of a fishing party were
drowned  In  bVisloa  harbor.
S. Weir, of the banking itrm of W.
Weir A Rous, Moutreal, dted suddenly.
At Nelson, Winnipeg's crew, stroked
by 0. Riley, wou the four oared event
During the past rlx months 70,080 tons
of ore were shipped trom Rossland camp.
At the 21*1 auuual Canadian regatta
rowed In Toronto, the Detroit's senior
foa- defeated the Argonaut Juniors,
SIous Fiills, S. D��� was visited by a
serloui fire
Harry Moor, of Rat Foi tags, was
dronneit   whil*.  canoeing.
The worst windstorm In years raged
or  Lake Ontario -Saturday.
France will construct six now battle
aklps and live armored cruisers.
Lady Churchill's approach!ii�� carriage
Is noi a   popular event  In  London.
Mr. Jos, Wolf, ii pioneer auctioneer
uf Winnipeg, died lu Victoria, 11*. 0.
T. Miller, a O. CI*. R. btako*man, died
at I'ottngc la Prairie from Injuries re
eolved bi a  train.
Archbishop Ireland, who will deliver
tho oration at tbe unveiling *>f the La
layette statue iu 1'urie, July 4, was
fiercely attacked by a French Journal
foi  being pro Urltl*h.
A terrible fire visited the docks at
Hoboketi, >*. Y., Saturday nlttiuoou. One
third of a mile at piers, three ocean
Ifnor* and several warehouses were ds
stroyed and It Is believed over 200 lives
weie lost.
E. Tremiiia.v, tt tiu'l, vas killed by
live wi ���*.
Pugilist Shnrkey wl.i uany a Chicago .widow,
Sir Henri Joly wns given a routing
reception at   Vi��:iorlu.
The sentence ol Cuics. convicted at
murder al  Quebec, bas been commuted,
Arthur Tnumus i as j,:lttd iu bis iatb-
ti"*. sawmill, North Slur, near Stone-
The Earl of carrlngton -made an ut
tack on Mr, Cbauiuorlaiii lu tbe House
of Lords.
A large tract of land on Lake du lUm
net will be set apart for public park
A serious outbreak of diphtheria iias
occurred at the Ucnnonlte cot Dement of
llr. W, T. R. Freston has protoiisd
to Ite London Times against tbe mlvo
cticy nf state aided emlgiation to South
A ft lea,
Tho Wiuuipeg crews did not win any
ol tbe rowing races ou Hie Lake of tht
Woods, Rat I'Dilage tarrying off tht
Loners. ,
A fire visited Vnwauima Suuday, de
���troyintc building  occupied   by  H.   Top
{lemnn. Mrs. l.iiuUiiy awl the Massey
larrls, Tlio stocks were saved.
Judge Rugae passed ���ever.; strictures
ou Complainant McTuvlsh, whA (led the
country to escape appearing before tlie
Senkler Investigation commission, Daw
bou City.
Boert Shelled by Coke.
London, Jnly 8.���The war offloe hu
reoelved the following dispatoh from
Qen, Bailer
'Btanderton, Snndsy, Joly 1.���Gen-
oral Talbot Coke (Major Oen. John Talbot Ooke.) with tbe Tenth brigade, re-
oonnoltred Jane 89 towards Amesifort
(Transvaal) and fonnd 9,000 of tbe
enemy thore, with gum, In a strong
position. Having shelled tbem be retired, and waa not followed np. His
casualties  were two killed  and sli
Haw It Chances m Corked Battle of
Wise Into Water.
"Speaking of deep sen pressure," said
one of tbe officers of tbe training ship
Prairie, "did you ever hear of the experiment of lowering a bottle of champuguc
and forcing in the cork? No? Well, it's
rery curious. I saw it done wheu I was
on the Hero during its Pacific cruise,
taking deep soundings. An officer ou
board offered to wager that if a bottle of
champagne was let down, to a certain
depth it would come up tightly corked,
but full of salt water. Somebody took
him up, aud the experiment was at once
"A quart bottle of champagne was secured from tbe wardroom and attached
to the cuuuon ball weight used on the
deep sounding apparatus. They let it
down, how far I don't remember, but it
was several thousand feet, and when
they began to hoist there was naturally
a great deal of curiosity.
"All hands clustered about the rail,
and when the bottle appeared It was eagerly examined. The cork was firmly In
place, although It looked as rf it had
been badly crushed or jammed, and, miraculous as it may seem, the stuff Inside
waa undeniably sea water. Everybody
could testify that the bottle went down
full of champagne, and how the transformation was effected was a first class
mystery to most of those present,
"Yet the explanation was very simple.
When the bottle reached a certala depth,
the pressure drove the cork right down
into the body of it, Tha champagne then
escaped, water under compression took
lis place, and in returning to the surface
the cork, which was floating In the neck,
was pushed up into its former position.
Nevertheless It was a very surplsing
thing to witness.
"Tbey tried tbe same experiment with
a bottle of beer, and when hauled back
to the surface its cork was found sticking
tightly la the neck, but turned bottom
Bide up. It had evidently whirled around
while the beer was going out and the sea
water was going in aud happened to be
reversed when the upward pressure drew
it back Into position.
"The performance was of no special
scientific value, but it gave us all a vivid
realization of the tremendous weight of
water ta those submarine depths. After
such an object lesson it Is easy to understand why a diver can go only a limited
distance below tbe surface. If he had
followed the bottle, he would have been
smashed like an eggshell under a trip
hammer,"���New Orleans Times-Democrat. 	
What Happened When tha Man Who
Took It Cans* Back.
"I'll carry It," said a young man at an
np town barber shop as the boy vainly
tried to belp him on with the light overcoat he had plucked from the row.
Throwing the coat over his arm he departed hastily.
"Always arouses my suspicions," ssld
the wise guy, "when a man carries away
his overcoat from a public place Instead
of putting it on."
The man sitting alongside the wise guy
looked up uneasily, walked over to the
ruck, examined an overcoat, emitted a
howl and dashed out of the door. In a
few minutes he returned with the young
man who had carried the coat, both somewhat flustered.
The barber shop was very much Inter
ested, and the barbers did not go on
shaving. Malevolent glances were shot at
the young mau,
"I'm very ooiry I took your COttt," said
he. "It looks very muA like mine," as he
Indicated another coat banging on the
"Ob, yes," returned tbe otber sarcastically. "Don't do It again, that's all."
Tbe young man flushed deeply, but
maintained his composure. "I shall ask
you," hc said, addressing the proprietor
of the barber shop, "to put your band In
the inside breast pocket of my coat hang-
lug tbere and show these gentlemen what
you find."
The proprietor did so, while everybody
rubbered. He produced a pocket book.
"You will find cards bearing my name,"
ssld tbe young man, mentioning ths
name. Tho cards were produced.
"What else is there?" continued ths
young man.
Tbe proprietor fished Into tbe pocket-
book and displayed five |100 bills and
somo others, making something over
"I may be very foolish to leave tbat
money lying around in an overcoat," said
the young man, "but I'd rather be
thought a fool than a thief. I'm much
obliged to you, sir" (bowing to tbe msn
who had brought him back), "for calling
my attention so promptly, if ndelv. **>
tho mistake I made."
Asparagus an A Cabbaga.
Cabbage, strange to tell, once grew
without a bead. It is a native of Europe.
Wild cabbage, or tbe cabbage without a
head, Is called "collards." Cultivation
puts a head on collards. Cabbage comes
down by transmission from "caput."
One of the oldest culinary vegetables Is
asparagus. Pliny and Cato ate it for
rheumatic gout and praised It highly.
We are growing It today In perfection,
better than they ever bad It. Certuiu
folk In lower Europe use asparagus
beans as a substitute for coffee, and In
this country we have a patent medicine
made of the juice of tbe root which Is
said to be an excellent Hthlc, Aspnrugus
is bleached nowadays as we bleach celery, tbe stalks being of a pale cream color
wben harvested.
Filled tha Bill.
Young Obcd Perkins���It wasn't right
fer you to go to see Cyntby while I wus
goln with her, Beth. She woa't keep
company with me at all now.
Young Beth Whcatly���Well, It weren't
Jlst adsactly right, Obed. I'll admit. But,
you aec, It were this way: While yer jlst
as good a-lookln feller as I am, you know
Cynthy's a gal what's got a all fired
good eildleutlon, an she's gosh darned
pa'tlckler tbat she gits a feller what uses
good grammar. That's my strong p'tnt,
Obcd, an nntchurly sho tuck to me.���Indianapolis Bun.
Crafty Borrow*.
McJiggcr���Borrowe Is crafty, Ho paid
back to Hoodew gl of the f 14 he owes
Thingumbob���It's unusual for Borrows
to pay anything back.
McJlgger���True; but Hoodew Is so superstitious Borrowe knows he'll never ask
for tbe balance.-Phlladelpbla Press.
Wise Is tbe man who acts as If he expected to lire a hundred years, but Is
prepared to shuffle off tomorrow.���Chicago News.
Popalar British floa*.
The British general was humming to
himself as he walked along.
"Wot's tbat Vs slngtn?" asked Tommy
Tbe correspondent shook his hesd.
"I don't recognise It," he said, "bnt
very likely It's 'There's one more river to
cross.' "���Chicago Times-Herald.
Va* Common,
Mrs. Bangs���Yes, we have strawberry
shortcske every day at dinner.
Mrs. Buddenrlch���Do you?   Ws dropped them wben the berries fell to their
Eresent plebeian price.-Cleveland Plata
How to Obtain a Reproduction of A,
H. Hider's Masterpiece, "The
Surrender of Commandant Botha
to the Canadian Mounted Infantry."
The splendid services performed
In South Africa by the Canadians have won the world's admiration and demonstrated that In tha
sona of the Dominion the Empire has
soldiers us fine as ever marched under
Marlborough or Wellington,
None of the regiments In South
Africa has won more fame
than have the contingents from
Canada, The first contingent,
originally a body of more
than one thousand men, but sadly reduced in numbers since tt has been In
the field, has become a veteran battalion, and Its achievements have
merited the highest praise from Lord
Roberts and from all. The
Mounted Infantry and the Artillery
from Canada have proved themselves
no less efficient In every action in
which they have been engaged, for
Canada Is a country which produces
men of the finest type for service In
the field.
At Paardeberg, where the gallant Major Arnold met death unflinchingly, Canadians were placed
by Lord Roberts In the post of honor
aide by side with the famous Gordon
Highlanders, and covered themselves
with glory, being nearest the Boers
when General Cronje surrendered. In
the relief of Mafeking the Canadian
artillery by a forced march won Its
wuy gloriously to the front, under the
eyes of all the world. At Kroonsladt,
tn the advance from Bloemfontein, at
Heilbron, at Pretoria, at Sand River,
everywhere that they have had fighting to do, the Canadian Infantry, the
Canadian Mounted Infantry, Strath-
cona's Horse, and the Canadian Artillery���all our brave boya have acquitted themselves like heroes. Many of
those gallant hearts that beat so high
when the cheering thousands bade
them God-speed as they sailed from
Canada's shores now lie still forever
In lonely graves on the other side of
the world under African skies. Their
memories will ever be cherished
among the most precious national
heritages of the people of Canada.
When the survivors return and are
welcomed home with joyous acclaim,
the unreturntng ones will be silently
present, too, and their silent presence
will be an Influence that will never
cease to be felt In the national life, aa
a prompting to the highest patriotism
and the most self-sacrificing devotion
to the preservation of those British
liberties which make our country a
land worth living In and dying for.
To every Canadian heart, to every
Canadian home,. the deeds of our
brave soldier boys speak with an Irresistible eloquence, appeal with an
Irresistible thrill of patriotism and
pride. Where  could   the  painter's
brush And more stirring subjects?
Knowing how strong the general demand Is for a worthy picture of some
characteristic feat of the Canadians
In South Africa, the Manitoba Free
Press has secured the painting by A,
H. Hlder, of the surrender of Commandant Botha, and his forces to the
Canadian Mounted Infantry. Reproductions of this magnificent work
of art, a picture 18x24 Inches in sise,
carefully made In fifteen (15) colors,
by a process whioh gives all the values of the original with wonderful
fidelity, are offered as a premium by
Die Free Press, Winnipeg. This
reproduction Is a work of art of fine,
high quality, which is only to be seen
to command Instant admiration and
hold attention. The can-hss is Ailed with action, and a si--rat swe.>p of
rolling veldt Is brought within its
limits, so admirably has the painter
rendered th.1 distance. It I.-* on tbo
���figjies of Commandant Mothi nnd
the officer of the Canadian Mounted
Infantry and his orderlies, In the
foreground, that the attention of the
beholder is centered. Military men
have studied the painting minutely
and pronounced It faultless In every
detail. Worthy of special note are
the horses, which are magnificently
painted, and will do much to enhance
the already wide-spread fame of Mr.
Hlder as a painter of horses. Aside
altogether from Its historic value and
Its patriotic Interest, It is a masterpiece which no lover of art
will he willing to be without, and
which every one who secures will
doubtless frame.
Any person sending SO cents to the
Free Press, Winnipeg, will receive the
Weekly Free Press from date
to the end of 11)00 and
a copy of this splendid picture.
The picture will be mailed, carefully
tubed, postage prepaid. To the first
thousand who take advantage of this
offer will be sent In addition
a map of South Africa 30x22% Inches
In size. This map Is sold at the book
stores in Winnipeg for 40 cents. It
Is one of the most comprehensive and
best maps published, and should be
found In every Canadian home. On
It may he traced the movements of
our troops. Their weary though
glorious marches may be followed, the
points at which they battled and
won renown marked. The Free Press
unhesitatingly makes the claim that
a more liberal offer has never been
made by a Canadian publication. Figure the value of the offeo for yourself :
Weekly Free Press from date to
end of 1000 60
War map of South Africa 40
Hep rod ue tlo n of A. H. Hider's
painting, Surrender of Commandant Botha to Canadian Mounted Rifles 1.00
Total mk)
The three will be sent postage prepaid   to any  address In Canada  for
The Free Press controls the sale
nf this picture; It will be ready
for delivery almost Immediately; the
supply Is limited. Send .your order at
once If you wish to be amongst the
first  thousand,        	
Table Roek.
At tbe present time bot little of the
famous promontory known as Table
Hock projects over the Niagara falls. It
Is nt this point thnt tbe finest front view
of the falls Is obtained. Originally a
great mass of rock overhang tbe cataract,
but In 1850 a huge section of tbe ledge
200 feet In length and 100 feet thick
broke off nnd crashed Into the chasm,
carrying wilh it an omnibus that was
standing there,
Dickens wrote ss follows of tbs view
from Tnble Kock: "It wu not nntil I
came on Tnble Rock and looked���great
lieuvens!���on what a fall of bright green
water lhat It cmne upon me In Its might
and majeaty. Then when I felt bow
near to my Creator I was standing tbe
first effect and tbe enduring one, Instant
and lusting, of the tremendous spectacle
wns peace. Niagara wns at once stamped upon my heart, nn Image of beauty,
lo remain there changeless and indelible
until Its pulses cease tu bent forever."
An BMbarraBBMeat.
. Freddle-Whnt do yon mean by tbe
embarrassment of rlchea, dart?
Cobwlgger-Well, my boy, 1 once
heard of a woman who had a $25,000
set of dishes, and she was so afraid
of the servants breaking them that she
washed tbem herself.-What to Bat
Supply   In   Baritrla   Will   last   For
Two Centuries at Least.
Stones on which drawings in process of
lithography are dono are found fn different sections of this country, but tbey are
nf a poor quality. Their clayey substance
is mixed with gritty particles which interfere with the smoothing of the slabs
to a perfect surface. Hence lithographers
iu this country have to depend upon a
foreign supply of these stones. Heretofore the supply bus been sufficient, but
every little while the rumor is circulated
tbat it soou will be insufficient. The best,
iudeed nearly all, of these stones come
from Bararin, and our consul at Nuremberg has reported on the subject to the
state department.
According to him must of the ground
beneath which the litbo stones lie belongs
to the communities of Solnhofeu nnd
Mocrusheim. and therefore each of these
communities has a share In the ground.
From time to time each of the communities measures out a new stretch of land
and divides it into li*s, and each homestead owner gets his part. He cither can
explore tbe ground himself or sell his
claim to one of the larger owners. Tbe
ground Itself, after It has been deprived
of its costly treasure, becomes again the
property of the community. One would
suppose that these communities are rich,
but these Bolnhofcners never have understood bow to utilize the monopoly which
tliey practically possess. They undersold
each other, and Ihe result was that up to
about u year ago their profit was modest.
In January, 1800, they formed a combination and now get more satisfactory
The blue or gray stones are tbe most
costly, ns they are harder and better for
engraving, and more copies cau be obtained from them. Rein;: harder, tbey stand
the polishing on both sides better thnn
the yellow ones nnd therefore are used
chiefly for exportation to the United
States. In fact, the United States tnkes
only these double faced stones, which can
be worked by the printer from both sides,
Tlie Germans, on the other hand, nre
wont to use single faced stones. Every
stone does not take polish on both Bides.
A stone may be good on one side while
on the other it Is unfit for use, bas flaws,
splits, etc. Such blemishes are not always apparent on the surface, but may
come out when the stone Is worked upon
by the printer. It requires, therefore,
skilled workmen who have been In the
trade from their childhood to Bee- that
none but good stones leave their hands.���
Chlcugo Chronicle.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
A very large saving ean be made.  Wesaa
furnish the swot amount for any payment
Write tot partionlan and prloe,
���aecessfal as a Moaey Maker.
"There," said tho Pblladelphlan,
pointing to the stranger who was passing, "is a money maker If ever tbere
was one."
"Speculation, 1 presume?" said the
"Ob, dear, no," replied the Pblladelphlan.
"Manufacturer possibly?"
"Not ot all."
"Great merchant, then?"
"No. He's employed In the mint, you
know."���Chicago Post.
bring tbe Ulgtstivoorg.ini* Into symmetrical working Is thu aim of physicians
whou they 11 ml a patient suffering from
stomaohla Irregularities, nnd for this purpose they van pre*crlbo nothing better
than Purmelcu's Vegetable Pills, whioh
will bu fouud a pleasant medioine of surprising virtue in bringing the rofaotory
organs into BUbjeotlon and restoring
tbem to normal aotion, In whioh oondl
tion only oan they perform their dutlei
Got   Hren   With   the   Reg  Tape
Head of His Legation,
Once 1 served undor u minister who
was the Incarnation of officialdom. Hr
looked with humble and reverential awe
on alt the tomfooleries of red tupeism, as
though they were of equal value with (lie
Ten Commandments. At thnt time all dis
patches from a minister to the foreign
secretary had to finish as follows, if he
were a peer:
I have the honor to be, with the highest re-
liy lord,
Your lordship's
Most humble,
Obedient semnt
One day 1 took him a batch of dispatches among which be discovered one
in which I had written "Most humble,
obedient servant" In oue line Instead of
two. He started back with horror depicted on his countenance. "Good heavens!"
he said, "do you wish to ruin me? Look,
look!" and he pointed to the words.
"What's the matter with them?" I said.
"Do you not know," he replied, "that It
ought to be In two lines?" "Why Bhould
it be?" I asked. "There are no doubt
good rensons," he answered. "If you
treat with disrespect rules that have been
laid down for our guldnnce, I am afraid
that you will never advance In your profession."
It was not long before I bad my revenge on the worthy red tapist. Dispatches were not allowed to be sent home
unless scaled with sealing wax. The
e-iniucery ran out of this article, and I
ked him for more. "What I gave you,"
fre said, "a littfe time ago ought not to
have been used so carelessly that none
remains. I shall not give you any more
before a month hence." He was in the
habit ot writing home long, twaddling
dispatches by the bushel, and at the end
of the month there were some 20 or 80
of them which, instead of sending home,
I had carefully deposited in a drawer,
Theu I mentioned this to him, adding
tbnt there was a rule which forbade them
being scut except in sealed envelopes���a
rule that I had not felt justified in violating after bis valuable observations on
obedience to orders. The cruel thing to
him wns that no one at the foreign offlce
had complained of his silence or had
seemed desirous tbnt It should be broken.
If he realized that he had In mo a model
attache, be did not express this opinion
of me aloud,���Laboucbere In London
Proved Too Much.
The troubles of housekeepers with their
"help" arc endless, nnd mnny that actually happen arc quite as funny ob those
tbnt find their wuy Into print through the
active Imaginations of the gifted young
men who write for the comic journals.
The mistress of an establishment went
into the kitchen one morning to see how
her new cook was getting along.
There wns a wash basin in the sink,
half full of water, and a cake of soap was
floating In It.
"This Is wasteful, Keturiih," sbe said.
"When you wash your hands, always
take out (hc soap and empty the water."
"I haven't used thnt washpun at alt today, ma'am!" replied Keturah Indlg-
Tbe next day Keturah was bunting fer
a new situation.
Tha Caaajr loot,
In the differences that would sometimes
arise between members ot his tenantry
the Duke of Argyll was often Invited to
arbitrate upon the mutter In dUpute, and
be used to tell a characteristically Scottish story of one of tbe occasions. Two
tenants having waited upon him and asked him to decide the question at Issue, the
duke put what be always regarded as a
very necessary ' preliminary question,
"Will you abide by my award?"
"Well, your grace," was tbo reply of
one of tbe bard headed old disputants,
"I'd like to ken Ant what It Is,"���London
Hot la Ba Pat Vp With.
**I wish that meddlesome old professor
would stay away from my studio."
"Docs he annoy you?"
"Yes. He's been coming In here and
trying to Identify these birds I've painted,"
Believed Ha Hag.
"Have yon any good cookbooks?"
asked tho customer.
"Yea, ma'am," said tbe new salesman, handing her a copy of "Red Pottage." "There seems to bo more call
for tbli tban any otber just now."���
Chicago Tribune.	
Apparently latlsfaetory.
"How do you get along with your
now hired girl, Mrs. Upton?"
"Well, of course one can't always bo
certain In aucb matters, but we seem
to pleaao hor."���Chicago Tribune,
A Rostral Old Ave.
"Isn't your grandfather's clock go-
Inf. Miss Penelope?"
"No, Indeed. I'd be ashamed to mnke
nn old clock like tbnt work."���Ohlcngi
Thos. S.ibin, of Eglingt n, saya: "I have
removed ten corns from my feet with Holo-
way's Oorn Cure." Reader, go thou and do
The weight of nil the air on the globe
would be eleven and two-thirds trillion
pounds If no deduction hnd tu be made1
for space filled by mountains and land
above sea level.
An English physician writes In The
Lancet thai he believes the time is approaching wben the study of diet will do
away with the need for most medical and
surgical treatment
The government of New Zealand bas
requested proposals for lighting Wellington by electricity from Kaitnrl falls.
A scheme Is already uuder way for using
the water power from these falls for a
cordite factory now building In the vicinity. The Idea la to combine the two
TOTALLY DEAF.-Mr.8.E.Crandell,
Port Perry, writes: "I contracted a seven
oold last winter, whioh resulted In my
beoomlng totally deaf in one ear and partially so In the other. After trying
various remedies, and oonsnltlng several
doctors, without obtaining any relief, I
was advised to toy DR THOMAS' ECLECTRIC OIL. I warmed the oil and
poured a little of lt Into my ear, and before one-half the bottle was used my
bearing was completely restored. I have
heard of other eases of deafnuss being
oured by the use of this medioine."
A Critical Howent.
"I want to be very careful," said Mr.
Blyklns; "very careful, Indeed. I am
now at a critical moment In my career."
"What are you talking about?" asked
his wife.
"My hopes for the future. I havo
Just been mentioned as a possible candidate for a prominent office."
"Isn't tbat nice!"
"No, It's not at all nice. It means
long, gloomy suspense. When a man hi
mentioned for oflice, he's got to be careful. He mny start ii��ht there and soar
to fame. And flieii nguln he may got
so busy with politics that don't pay that
he forgets ull about business, and the
first thing you know they even neglect to
put his nnme In the directory."���Washington Star.	
I   Montreal. Free Bus. Am.
, P. U.B0 up. E. P. 11.00 ��U
Back Roof Zoo!oar,
"Would you call a cat herbivorous, car
uivorous or omnivorous?" asked the man
who Is learned, but tedious.
"Neither," answered the mnn win
yawns; "merely vociferous."���Washing
ion Star.      -'���    -
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has
no equal for destroying worms In children
and adults, See that yon get the genuine
when purchasing.
Accommodating Diseases.
Perhaps tbe record for school attend
ance belongs to a Walworth Ind unmet!
Thomas Ward, wbo was uever absent
or late during bis 11 years of school
life, beginning with his fourth year
Tbe local member of the school hoard
for London tells the story that when
tbe proud boy received the attendance
medal for the eleventh year, which
bad to be specially struck to meet bis
case, tbe mother was questioned as to
bow ber boy had been able to make
so remarkable a record.
"Has he had tbe usual children's
complaints?" sbe was asked.
"Yes, slf,"
"The measles?"
"Yes, sir."
"Whooping cough?"
"Yes, sir."
"How Is It, then, that be bai never
been nway from school?"
"Well, sir, be had tbem In bis boll
days," wns the Interesting reply.-
Westminster Gazette.	
Free and easy expectoration Immediately
relieves and frees the throat and Inngs from
viscid phlegm, and a medicine that promotes this is the beet medicine to nse for
coughs, colds, inflammation of the lungs
and all affections of the throat and cheat.
sumptlve Syrup ts a specific for, and whenever used it has givon unbounded satisfaction.  Children Hie lt because It is pleasant
adults like it because it relieves and enres
the disease.
Ih ��iiitiurh.ir CoiilHf l��n-T
Stuttering la considered contagious
in Cerinnny. There are over 80,-
000 stuttering children In the schools
of that country, and the number hi
steadily Increasing.
SUFFER KO MORE. There are thousands who l.ve niUeiablo lives beoanss
dyspepsia dolls the faculties and shadows
existence with tbe, cloud of depression.
One way to dispel the vapors that beset
tbe vlotims of tbt-i disorder Is to order
tbem a course of Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills, whiob are among tbe best vegetable pills known, I elug e isy to take and
are mo*.t efficacious In their notion. A
trial of them will prove tbia
Kethiaa ta aar.
Uncle Bam-Well, what have you got
to say about paying that money?
Speak out, man I
Tbe Sulinn-You forget that I am tbe
unspenkable Tiirk.-Cblcago Tribune.
liiut'i mimt eng jgjj tt cm
Diverted l.lliernlltr.
If a mnn wns n generous uncle lo his
sister's children before lie married, she
.ilwnys looks upon his children us inter
(opera,���Atchison Globe.
Minard's Liniment Cora Distemper.
���evidently Lacked Nerre.
"Why do you speak of him as a mat
who I in ks nei'Ve?"
"Well, he hns been calling mi one g\:'
tor live years, nnd tin ir engagement I
not yet animnniiHl."���Chicago Post.
���inari'i Llalaeit Cro Colli, Etc
Ms-aDtd Is, llu.
"We basl a alrtitrliui-ry .bortoake si
our uotmlliiif lioiiss- today."
"How wn. It'i"
"Willi, tbsi ni-cttnt wa. on tltp
'.liot-t,'"���Cleveland I'lnlti Dealer.
inrl'i miseit Cub Diihtteiii
Altoarrtk.r Tot, l.ta.ltl...
First I'olltlclnn-Cliiltli. ain't Jtl.t tbs,
right sluir fttr n ittilk-t* cnptalo.
Hes-oni. I'ollilclnli���Not nincbl He',
worryln becnisttt* Hie grantl Jury ecu*
���ares) lilm.���Brooklyn Lite.
$100  BEWABD,   $100.
Tb. r-Nuler, of Shi, Mper will b. plesund to
thst tbm to,.t Uut mm dr-MlM thw
laua-Kit ft-M tail laut on. i
that aclsnofl Iim ton abtato
alif ea, ud Hut ta Clwrh. Hdl'i
t.��ra 1. tlw Mir psj.lt.lTa star, knowi
ns��U<��Up.twis��y. ,Cturis being . .
Ucastl dtactssaajrsMsrtrass . s-ooatlttstloi
not. H.ll'ab-tlssn-hUural.t.kmlsiMrauiy.
Mtlng dlt-aotly siposs th. blood and snaMssa aur*
ttatt ot tha >M��m, thereby deatroylnf Ih.
-'- "-*" " iifslntlon ssnd
��sy eta	
up the ooBatstntlosi
-���slssf lie work. ***-
tush faith In lit
sr On. Hnndrad 1	
to ourss. Bud for Ita. of
K" tare In doing Ita work. The pro-
v. M mooh faith In Ita enntlre
^er One Hundred Dollar, for
r. j. aunt ��� oo., "Ms*, o.
Totnmr'. Aver.lon,
"Tommy, let me belp you to some of
thi. new dish.   It's called"���
"Never mind svhttt It', called, auntie.
I. It a health food*/"
"Then I'U take sotitc."-Cbk-nsjo Tribune. 	
LA "T0SCANA,"Kfe^!iS,?i2
Highest Cash Price paid for Butter and
Eggs. AU mall orders for fruit promptly
attended.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Money to Loan
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Brass Band
Instrument*. Drami, Uniforms, Ete.
Lowest prices ever quoted. Kino catalogue
800 illustrations mailed free. Write us for my
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Whai* Eoyc. * Oo.,T��^l��ig��|;'C
���Unafuetured by THOS. LEI, Wln.lp^.
No midsummer holidays.  Now Is the time to
prepare fur a situation fn tbe Irasy season.
Full particulars on application.
O. W. DONALD, See.
N. B^-We assisted over 100 ot onr students to
positions during the past Hve months.
Catholic Prayer gSf.V��.^ *��,.
ri��..lUltfloii,Ficto��a,t)Utiurr, and Charon
0mam��sU,Sdat��tloulWork,. Hallos-denr*
��1�� prompt .tuntlon. lUI.IIillatCMOllml
���** *��� -fi-ft* *��� .ft-a *e *������#������*���*���***��� ������*���*��� aasas *.
jaV saw wg^waw -^^ n iwwm
We keep a large Stock always on
hand of
W. ou at out Dally or Weakly
Paper, or Job Outfit, on a
few hour, notice.
We alao .apply BEADY-PRINTS,
Summer Rains Hay Delay the Ilollel
ot lVkin Until Antnnui-CIiliieae
Army Flocking to Tien Tain.
Shanghai, Joly 6.���Emperor Kwang
Sa.oinnnitled -suicide Jut*e 19 by taking opium under the - compulsion of
Prlnoe Tuaii. Tbe empress dowager
alio look poison, bat is still alive,
though repoittd io be insane from the
tffeotsof Ihe drag. The above haa
been oflk-ialty repotted to the German
consular staff.
Tbe -cases of tbe international, were
heavy. The native olty wben captured
was a horrible spectacle. Osiiuese
bodi.B lay ssronud tho gun.,.
Tbe situation iu Kwang Tnng (or
eastern province) grows worse. Li
Uuug Oobang is -aid to be trying to
rains a force ot 200,000 militia Anarchy is widespread in the provinoe of
Shan Tnng in (pita ot the efforts of
Yoan Shlkui,. Ihe governor, to control
the revolt. Happily a band of thirty-
live Anr-rioou au 1 other missionaries
roaoltosl Tsin Tau safe uljy II. Viceroy
Lin ia reported to be freely executing
disturbers of the peace at Nankin t
The sjcrmasi olittuiLcrot commerce of
Shanghai has warned Kmperor William
not to under estimate the gravity of tbe
���Ituatluu, bnt to send troopi proportionate witb Ihe foroes of tbe other powers.
The statement i. published in Berlin
tbat tbe Ohinese have already taken
Tien Tain, bnt a cable dispatch from
Shanghai, dated July S, 4 p.m., .hows
tbat aocording to latest advice, the city
wa. still in the bunds of the international troops though the Ohinese foroes
continued their attempt to isolate them
tu they did at Pekin.   They were re-
Bbotvlog Brltlah Legation lu tb. Central
Several at tlm First CHSiixllcttt Contingent
Sullt'tl Toduy ull Ihu I'ttrl-iliui.
Loudon, July (I.���A number of membera ot the first Oauadiuu contingent
seut lo South Afrioa, sailed for homes
on the Allan line steamer Parisian today. They complained greatly of Ihe
treatment they were subjected to in the
field hospitals. Of 1,500 Canadian
troops, 800 were stricken down with enterio fever, mostly dne to the putrid
water of Paardeberg.
Lord Roberts reports from Pretoria
under date ol Joly 6, that Lient.
Rnndle, of tho Carbineers, and a patrol
wire capture by the Boer, near Pretoria July 4. He also soys trains are
rosining to Oreylingstad from Natal.
that several respectable Boers have surrendered rco'-ntly; tbat a soldiers'home
has been opened at Heidelbarg the inhabitants subscribing the initial expenses; and that a total of 9,681 stands
of arms have been delivered to Gen.
Barton at Klerksdorp, Krogersdorp and
Potobefstroom, all in tbe Transvaal.
London, Jnly 6.���The Daily Telegraphs' Lorenzo Marques correspondent
attempted on July 4 to Interview President Kruger at Watervalonnder. Herr
Kruger wa. there, bnt be deputed
State Secretary Beitatotalk. The secretary said: "We do not need to discuss peaoe. President Kruger wishes
through me to repeat what he bas said
over aud over again. The South African Bepublio will fight for independence as long as 000 burgher, remain
���live, and even then will continuo to
fight.   Such ia our deolsion."
The government leader, Hr. A. J.
Balfour, announced In the boots of
commons today the name, of the members of tho committee appointed to in*
vestigate the South African hospital
scandal, as follows: Prof. D. J. Cunningham. Lord Justice Homer, and Dr.
Ohurob, president of the Royal College
of Physicians.
Allied Forces Fighting Incessantly to
Keep Open foramuolcatlon Against
Overwhelming Numbers.
oelviug constant accetsslonB, many
troops arriving from Uancburia. The
dispatoh adds tbat Ool. Wegaok, commanding the Bn>sinns at Tien Tsin,
was almost exhausted. He had been
three days and nights in tbe saddle directing the operations.
A dispatoh received yesterday by a
news agency of this oity from Shanghai,
under date of Jnly 4, announces that
1,600 refugees, were still safe when the
mesrage was Bent.
Aooording to report, from Shanghai
the Ohinese army on a maroh southward from Pekin, baa readied Lofo.
Tbia is presumably General Nieh Si
Gang's force en route to attack Tien
Tsin. Another force of 80,000 Ohinese
from Lata! baa appeared northeast of
Tien Tsin and is reported to bave been
driven baok by tbe combined foroe. of
Russia and Japan.
Dispatches from Obeo Foo, dated
yesterday, voice a fear that in view of
tbo imminence of the summer rains it
will bs impossible for theu joint force,
to advance to Pekin until autumn.
The Ohinese tenacity was evidenced
in their attempt to recapture tho arsenal, but they were repulsed after desperate lighting. It was then lhat Commander Bnobbolta ot tho Kaiaerin
Augusta was killed.
Washington, Jnly 6.���The navy department ha, -received the following
cablegram from Admiral Kempff: Obeo
Foo���Myers, of the Oregon, commands
tbe foroe at Pekin. Oaptain Hall aud
Dr. Lippltt are also there.
London, July 6 The story tbat all
foreigners in Pekin were murdered on
Jnne 80, or July 1, appeals to be circulating simultaneously at Shanghai
and Tien Tsin. Vet, as it Is not confirmed by official ditpatohes and is not
traceable to tbo southern viosroys who
an still In certain communication with
Pekin tbere lt a basis for hope that It
it untrue
Five Hundred Acrea of OU Burning���On.
Mat, Killed and Several Injured.
Bayonne, N.J., July 0.���-The immense plant of the Standard Oil oompany at Constable Hook is horning and
600 acres of it is a lake of biasing oil
thia afternoon. Before noon twenty
six giant tanks ot erode oil exploded.
The loss it estimated at (4,000,000.
At tbe foot of Twenty-second street
oil tank So. 85 exploded with a fearful
report, scattering tbo burning oil in all
directions. Every effort was made to
keep the flames from tho big naptha
tanks near tbe water's edge whiob contained a million gallons of explosives.
The fire department <f Bayonne and
the employees of the oompany were
powerless to cope with tbe fieroe fire.
Every effort is being directed toward
saving the lower yards, whioh contain
all the refined oil tanks, valued at 110,
000 eaob without thoir contents. One
man was reported killed when the fire
started, and six are reported injured.
Received Unanimous v���to of the Democratic Cussvunlluu ut Kauaaa Olty.
Kama. Oity, Jnly 6.���William Jennings Bryan, of Nebraska, was last
night unanimously placed in nomination as tbe Democratic oandidate for
president of lhe United States on a
platform opposing imperialism, militarism aud trosts aud speoifioally declaring for tbe free coinage of sllvor at the
ratio of 18 to 1. When the nomination
was made the convention let itself
loose and tbe delegates jumped upon
choirs and waved their hats and coats
in the air. D. Oldham, deputy attorney general for Nebraska, made tbe
nomination speeoh.
Enemy Suppressed.
London, July 8.���The under secretary
of state for tho ooloniot, tbe Earl of
Selbourne, announoed In the bouse of
lords yesterday lhat tbe governor of the
Uold Ooast colony, Sir Frederick Mitchell Hodgson, wiih 600 native soldiers
cothmanded bv Major Morris, left
Kmnotsie Jnne 3,8. He added that
Oapt. Bithsp aud 109 native soldiers
remained there with rati jus sufficient
to lost nntil Jnly 18. Ool. Willoockt
promises to personally relieve Kumas-
sle by that date, under all oiroum
London, July 8.���"Not a single
foreigner is now alive at Pekin," is
the latest Ohinese report whioh has
reaobeu Shanghai. Earlier reports from
the same Eonroea describe the oondition
of the British legation as something
awful. It is said tbat the rooms of the
legation were filled with sick aod
wounded, the killed lying nnbnried in
heaps. It is expected that many of the
members and officials cf the tsung li
yanien i dished wben the Gorman
guard, maddened by the murder of
Baron Von Ketteler, Ibe German minister, set fire to the bnilding.
That the foreigners at the Ohinese
capital have been abandoned lo theii
horrible fate seems no longer open to
donbt iu the light of the messtsgo received by the Associated Press from
Taku this morning announcing the do-
oision of the admirals regarding the
hopelessness of further attempts to relieve Pekin u.tder tbo circumsstuuees.
The same messago seontB to foreshadow
tbeevaonationofTicuTslnby the international forces pending Ihe ariival of a
fully equipped army. While the arrival ot a comparatively small garrison
at Tein Tsin at a point nnder the pro-
lection of tbe nmal gnus wonld relieve
muoh of the anxiety. It is felt here
that a retreat of the troops is liable to
let aflsnie the province, at -.resent
Advices from Shanghai today say
that ihere is continued flgoting at Tien
Tain, while the German consul at Ohe
Foo telegraphs to Berlin confirming the
report of the renewal of hostilities.
He stys the foreign settlement at
Tien T.in is again surrounded and 1b
being bombarded and tbat tbe women
and children are to be removed. He
adds that the Chinese troops have again
advanced bridges and been destroyed,
but that communication by water with
Takn Is maintained. The consul confirmed the report tbat the mission
buildings to Mukden hove been burned
and that many native ChiistianB bave
been killed.
It is reported that Gen. Niep Si
Chang is advanoing for an attack ou
Tien Tsin wilh 90,800 troops.
High Ohinese officials hero stated today that they had received n message
from Pekin Baying that 94 hours would
decide the fate of the r- muiniug foreign
legations. Severe fighting coutiuuea
aronnd Tien Tsiu. Admiral Seymour
is reported to bave beiu wouuded in
a pitched battle. Reports from the snr*
rouuding country show that proclamations urging the massacres of foreign-
era and na ive Christians have been
posted npon walls of missions.
London, July 5.���Tho commanders
of the allies at Tieo Tsin inform tbe
correspondent, that lt wonld be snioidal
to reach Pekin with the troops now
available in tbe fact of tbe ooloreal
force of Imperial troops aud Boxers oo*
copying the country between Tien Tsin
and Pekin. So far from tuking the
offensive, the 12,000 international
troops at Tien Tsin and tbe 8.000
others at Taku and intermediate point,,
oan barely keep np communication,
fighting incessantly with overwhelming
numbers, using far more dangerous artillery pieces than the allies. Thia
telegram has been reoelved:
"Snanghai, July 8, via Ohe Foo.���
Tien Tain oity fell between 7 and 8
o'olook on the morning of June U0."
It is understood that Shonghai undoubtedly referred to the native oity of
Tien Tsin, from whioh tbe Chinese
have been bombarding the foreign
quarter; and tbe dispatch is taken to
tuneu that tbe allies are more than
holding their own. Other advices received by way of Shanghai, aver that
tho Ohinese losses aronnd Tien Tsin are
between 7,000 nnd 8,000 according to
official estimates.
And Many Injured hy tliu Kxplutiluii of
Several I (ink Cunt
Parkers bar g, W. Va., July 5.���Six
prominent railway ineu were instantly
jellied uud between twenty-five aud
thirty-five persons terribly injured by
the explosion uf several gasoline tank
cars in the yarda of tha Ohio River
railroad here today.
At 7.SO o'olook a yard engine was
passing down with a train running at
a good rate of * peed toward tbe lower
etd ot the yard. On nearing the shops
a switch was discovered opeu. Before
tbe train could be stopped the engine
struck a train of gasoline tanks. Several otliciiilH of tbe road happened to be
here and, as usual in au accident of tbe
kind, Ihey fhed a cannon shot at the
remaining tanks of oil in order to let
the fluid oat. Instantly after the sbot
had hit tho tank it exploded. Smoke
rose iu a dense mass. After it cleared
away a horrible sight greeted the hou-
dreda of peoplo wbo rushed to the
scene. Everywhere were to be seen
chunks of human flesh. Dead bodies
were scattered here and there, injured
were lying all over tbe surrounding
Tbe dead are: J. H. Halidoii, geueral superintendent; lilakcley Boov s,
engineer; Edward Shannon, teleg nph-
er; Yarduiasier Oarr, Master Mcchaiiio
Lalimo and Conductor Bradford.
20th Century Fair
Sard to UStls July, 1000.
T��n Kill.(I and Twenty oilier-. Fatally
Injnr.,1 sit rlillails'liililis.
Philadelphia, July 6,���Seven ohildren
were killed by an explosion of fireworks
in tbe heart of the Italian quarter in
this olty yesterday. Three nro so badly bnrned that they will probably die
and about twenty others are seriously
Tbe explosion was caused by a oolor-
ed boy firing a shot from a revolver
into a mass offlroworks owned by a side
walk merchant. Tbe boy was among
those killed.
After tbe explosion the polios searched the neighborhood and confiscated
over a ton of dynamite cracktrs aud
other dangerous explosives.
Trolley cars and ice wagons were
pressed into service to oarry the injured
to the hospital.
The   Members of the   Legislature   Give
EiwouK-glnir Reports.
Winnipeg, July 5.���Most of the mem*
bers of tbe loo il legislature have re*
turned from their homes and upon be*
ing questioned as to the appearance of
the wheat, gave a uniformly favorable
report. The reoent rains bave been general all over the provinoe and tbe wheat
crop ia experiencing a thotough reviving, whioh promises to nfeke the yield
fully double of what waa expected by
the mos hopeful a week ago. The other
cereal* hnve beeu benefited even more
than wh ut aud tbe oat, ba.'e.' and roct
orops will be fairly good, The grass
has sprang np and the wells ard
stream*!, wbioh were  drying up, bave
Largely Increased Prize List.
Four full days Racing,
Finest Platform Attractions
ever teen In the West.
Grand Pyro Military Drama
Battle of Paardeberg
Surrender of General Cronje.
Prime Lists and Programmes free ou ap.
r.W.REUIlACH, General Blaimfer.
 Wjaaj-Pt-fi Minltobe.
How llo Obtains Ills Supper iiinl at the
Sumo Time Aid* tlie Farmer.
As may lie neon trom the picture here
given the toad in neither beautiful nor graceful. His stomach Ik too large to get through
thu door or polite society, mid yet Mi'. Toad
Is the respected friend of everybody Interested in agriculture. The farmers make
friends with lilm mid give him a hnmu In
their gardens, all because Innumerable bugs
nnd beetles that would otherwise destroy
the crops disappear down that great throat
ami are never hemil of again.
Did you ever see a toad catch and eat his
supper? If not, tliu next time you find ouu
of these littlo fellows puffing himself out
to tlio point of bursting and rolling up the
whites of his eyes in asleepyfashion, watcli
him.   Sooner or later be will make a sud-
den bop and appear out of sight. Search
awhile, and you will find bim witb bis fat,
chunky body flattened out so as to seem
literally pasted to the ground. While you
are still gazing in wonder there will occur
a lightning change. He will launch himself like nn arrow into a tuft of grass, gobble up his prey In shape of some destructive
Insect and then quickly nnd meekly hop
hack on the walk the same rotund, stupid
looking object as before.   In  this  man-
agaiu ailed up, muoh to" the reTiefof [ nwh�� not only feeds himself, but, as I have
Ft* J.nkln. Killed, Opt. Howard and
ft.. Hobaon Al*. Mli.ln-r.
Ottawa, July 6.���Lord Minto ha.
reoelved the following from Sir Alfred
Winer: "I regret to report that Pte.
R. Irvine, Royal Canadians, died of
enteric fever at Bloemfontein 1st Julv
(Signed)   Milner." '
The following oable signal "Gen-
��� eral" ha. also been receive I: Headquarters, S.A., Standerton, Joly 6.���
The following casualties reported near
War-raul on Jnly lit: Strathcona
Horse, killed, Pte. Anus Jenkins. Hissing, Oaptain Donald MoLojn Howard
Pta. Jno Hobaon.
London, Jnly 6.���The war offlce hai
reoelved the following dispatch from
Gon. Bntler: "Stan arion, Joly 5 ���
Olery, from Qreylingstad joined hands
Ita**).  They me, wlfh 'bul &�� "K2HMJKE" ��*
Dominion Parliament.
Ottawa, Jnly 6.���All afternoon and
evening wen taken np diaonsaing tho
report of tbe emergeney food committee.
Mr. Monk moved lu amendment the
minority report, whioh waa read. Af-
ter it bad been debated for several
boon by Messrs. Resell, Oasgnin,
Brltton, Oliver and other., it was defeated. Mr. Bouraasa row to move an
amendment but it wa. ruled ont of
order. The main motion wa. finally
oarrled. Tho Ohinese bill wai read a
third timo in tbe senate.
Manitoba Legislature.
Winnipeg, Jnly 0.���The provincial
legislature was prorogued yesterday afternoon until the tth of August next.
Boyond tbe reading ot tbe prorogation
speeoh by the lieutenant-governor, and
the list of bills assented to, no business
opposition during tbe match.'
Opculssa Saaalon at th. Provladal sa.th.
���rlss-r at Portag. la Prairie.
Portage la Prairie, July 4.���The provincial ff. O. T* U* opened tbeir annual convention in Knox ohurob ben
tbia morning, all part, of tbe provinoe
being represented. The delegates, about
;g In number, wen oordlally welcomed
by the local union.   The convention
was called to order at 10 o'olook, Mrs.
Gordon, of  Wlunlpeg,  opening with
Bible reading,   The president, Mra.
Stewart, ot Winnipeg, then delivered a
short addran, giviug a synopsis of tbo
work dono by the union during the put
year.     The  reports of tbe different
branobes of Ihe work wen then received, Ihe superintendent of eaob presenting the report.   Then consisted of report, on scientific tempennoe instruction, fruit and dellloaov,   anil temperance teaching in   Sunday tohool.   In
her nport on unfermeuted wine, Mr..
Gallagher,    superintendent    of    tbli
branoh, staled that many ohunhea an
now  beginning to  use  unfermenled
wine for Menaunlul purposes.
an explanation tsonoerning the maiuten-
[ ance of government bouse.
Gnnby, Conn , July 6.���What is
thonght to have been a murder an!
suiolde took plane at Weal Giaoby yea-
redey afternoon. The victims an
Joseph Bolio, 18 yean of age, and
Anise Holcomb, aged 15, It is supposed
tbe woman first shot Hollo and then
attmptd to take her own life. At 2
o'olook 11 wa. nid by a physloian wbo
bad seen both tbe injured persons, that
neither irobably would live tborugh
tbe day. Tbe oanse of tbe .hooting i.
tboaght to have been jealousy.
Tilbury, Out., Jnly 6.���Robert McGregor, aged 16 and son ot W. O. McGregor, a wealthy farmer of Tilbury
East, was drowned last night while
bathing In a cnek near his home.
Oarberry, Man. Jnly fl.��� One of tbe
oldest and best known residents of Oarberry passed away on Wednesday morning in the person of Mr. T. Huokell,
Canadians Invalided.
Ottawa, July 5.���A cable bas been
receive at Ihe militia department stating that Oapt. Pelletier, of Montreal,
and Oapt. Wilkie, have been nported
by tbe medioal board, Pelletier being
declared unfit lor duly for six months
and Wilkie for three months.
An order dated Jnne 16 gives a
gratuity to colonial troops serving in
South Africa of ��5, when discharged
medically unfit, or on their no longer
being required, or on termination of
their engagement.
Dr. Borden has a cable stating tbat
Dr. Byeraou leaves Sooth Africa for
Oanada today.
Fire at St. Pierre.
Halifax, Jnly 8.���News tree cited hen
of a serious conflagration at St Pierre
Miquelon a few daya ago, when pro-
petty voiced at 1*10,(100 was destroyed.
The pnnoipal warebonses for storing
fish and other staple artioles of tbe
oolony were wiped out. Tbe warehouses belonged to an old French oompany leprrsented in St. Pierre by M.
Lo Bonne.
tbe live sook. Altogehor the rain, cf
tbe past week have saved millions of
dollars to tbe provinoe
Str.vt  Cm-  Crowilt'il  Willi   Exc lira Innliti
FrIIm Sixty Feet Into u Oulcli,
Tfteotua, Wash., Jnly 6,���A trolley
oar jumped over a bridge In Dolin
street today. It fell sixty feet into the
gnlcb below.
The car was jammed witb passengers
en ronte to the oity to witness the parade. It is believed tbat every person
aboard was killed. Many women and
children were in the party,
Dominion Commons.
Ottawa, June 5.���Mr. Blair brought
down the railway subsidies, wbiah
showed a total of #8.408,300. Grants
were given to extend the Canadian
Northern 100 miles towards Prince Al*
bert j to extend the Waskada branoh of
the O.P.R. 80 miles, and the Albarta
railway to Oardston. Tbo whole of
tbe afternoon and part of the evening
was devoted to a bill respecting addl*
tioual judges. Among the provisions
is one for a chief justice for tbe Territories. It received a.second reading. A
motion of censure moved by Mr. Bennett, Bast Simeoe, waa defeated,
already told you, rids the garden of mauy
Insect pests.
Instead of being tlio stupid, slow moving
animal many thoughtless persons suppose
him to be, tho toad is In reality as cumiinu
as a cat and twice as active, Therefore we
say good luck to thu toad. Hu is all right.
Do not destroy him, but let him dwell lu
peace In your garden.
A Big Attraction far ilio Winnipeg
Industrial Fair.
Manager Walker 1b ranking every endeavor to please Ji is out of town patrons during the run of the Boston Lyric
Opera Oo. nt tbe Wiuuipeg Theatre during tho Exhibition week. Ue has installed a complete and new system of
eleotrio fans and n cold storage plant
that will insure Ibe comfoit of all who
attend the tbtatro during their visit to
the eity.
Ottawa, Jnly 4.��� The prohibitionists
bad tbeir Innings in tbe house yesterday, Mr. Flint opening tbe debate on
tbe question, wbioh lasted for several
boor*. Tbere was do apparent unanimity on the part of  tbe  speaker* in
Alone In tbe World.
Toronto, Jnly 6.���Mrs. Elizabeth Mo*
Nair. wbo had given birth to a child a
few days before, wa* fouud in a dying
oondition in ber residence in tbe rear
of King street east yesterday morulcg.
Her buibunl, Robert MoNnlr, who
was roused by her screams, and accompanied ber to the general hospital in
tbe ambulanoi. Tbe woman died at 7
o'clock aud MoNair t died of heart fat-
lorj nt 10 o'olook. * Tbe three days'
old baby is left alone In tbe world.
Injured at a Celebration.
Montreal, Jnly 6.���Word was reoelved in Montreal tonight that Russell
A Alger, junior son of General Alger,
of Michigan, and general marager of
the Laurentido Palp mills, hai been
seriously injured by a flroworks explosion at Grand Merc Que., this evening.
London, July 5,��� William Vildorf
Astor has set all Loudon talking by
publishing in his owu paper, the Pall
Mall Gasettu, the following paragraph:
"We are desired to makfl known that
tbe presence of Captain   Sir Berkeley
Ibe interests of temperance,"and refer" Milne, of tbo Naval aud Military clob,
ring to this In his remarks Sir Wilfrid  WoadUly, at Mr. As (or's oonoert lost
Cornwall, Out,, Jnly fi.���Dr. George
L. Liddoll died suddenly yesterday
rooming of beart trouble. He was aged
i�� and a graduate of McGill.
Laurier said tbat If tbe prohibitionists
so desired, tbe government wonld
amend tbe Soott not aud make it more
efficient. The premier considered provincial prohibition "dangerous legislation." Tbe Manitoba Grain bill was
np in tbe common* and tbe senate
amendments agreed to.
At a late bonr two votes were taken.
The Parmalee amendment thai the ple-
besoite vote did not warrant a prohibitory law was carried. Mr. Douglas
moved to extend the -scope of tbe Canadian Temperance aot and Improve tbe
machinery for lu administration. This
met with government approval and was
A trolley car loaded with excursionist?
wtul Oyer a bridge into a chaiin al Ta
ooina aud over 00 persoQi wero kllltd
or fatally injured,
Thursday evening was uninvited.'
Loudon, Ont, July P.��� R. Ferguson,
M.P., laid the corner stone of the new
Presbyterian church at Thamesville
Montreal, Joly 6.��� H. M. S Tribune
arrived in port last night. Tbe Tribune will be the ouly one of Her Majesty's ships in tbe north Atlantio
squadron to visit Montreal this year.
Admiral Eel ford at one lime hoped to
bring the Oreaoett and Indefatigable to
Monlreal this season. Tba latter is at
Halifax however, having been longer
tban expect d In making the voyage
from Bermuda to tbat city, nni the
former's heavy draught of eighteen feet
renders any attempt; to bring ber np
the river an extremely dangerous undertaking.
The Pint Printed Newspaper--The Old-out
Newspaper In tlio United Stud*-..
The first printed newspaper, according to
Thome, authority for the following statistics, was The Gazette, published In Nuremberg, in 1457, nnd tho oldest paper extant Is The Neue Zeitung nus Hlspunien
und Italien, printed In the same city In
1534.   Otber countries  followed Germany
in issuing printed newspapers In tho following order.- England, in 1H22; Prance, in
1031; Sweden, in HH4; Holland, In 1050; Rus
siu, In 1703; Turkey, iu 1837.   Tho flrst
American paper consisted of three paxes of
two columns each and a blank page awl
wns published in Boston Sept, 25,1690, under the name of Publick Occurrences, Both
Foreign uud Domestic, but It was immediately suppressed.   In 1704 the Huston News
Letter appeared, printed on oue sheet of
foolscap paper.   It flourished for 73 years.
The oldest newspaper In the United States
Is tbo Weekly Massachusetts Spy, published nt Worcester, Moss.   This paper was established at Boston March 3,1771, by Isaiah
Thomas, the historian of American printing.   It was removed to Worcester In 1775,
where It has been Issued continuously over
The total number of newspapers published In the world at present is estimated
at about 43,000, distributed as follows:
United States, 17,000; Germany, 5,500; Great
Britain, 6,000; France, 4,OU3; Japan, 2,000;
Italy, 1,400; Austria-Hungary, 1,200; Asia,
exclusive of Japan, 1,000; Spain, 650; Russia, 600; Australia, 700; Greece, 000; Swit-
aerland, 450; Holland, 800; Ilelglum,
900; all others, 1,000. Of these about
half nre printed tn English. Tho whole
Dumber of periodicals published lu tbe
United States In 1B87 was 10,310, The
whole number of copies printed during tho
year was 11,407,354,000, The first printing
oflice in tbe United States was established
In 163U, the first political newspaper was
published in 17*39, tho flrst daily paper In
1*784, the flrst penny paper In 1833 and the
flrst Illustrated paper lu 185a
-t-tf>ttitA 4 j aA*A*xA��j-*i*L******J.
The eyes of Lena Seiirff were of the
color of purple violet, but thev looked
out upon the world iu nmeh bewilderment for the reason thnt their observations were supplemented by an audible
message. In otlier words, the little child
had no voiee with which to speak her
thoughts nnd on bearing by which the
thoughts of others could reach her. She
was one of n big family, nntl all of tiie
rest were without physical or mental de-
feet. They were Indeed a robustious family, Intelligent, frugal and Industrious,
The neighbors thought well of them.
Mrs. Searff had tbe reputation of being
tlie best housekeeper in the block. Joseph Searff, a contractor for ornamental
stonework, was accounted a successful
and line workman. The boys and phis
were bright nt school. They were sent
to the turners for physical development
nt the earliest possible ace, und they
wore conspicuous among the pupils of a
dnueing school popular among the well
to  do  Gcrmnns   iu   thoir   community.
Moreover, every nne of them could make
music of some sort nr another, and lhe
front room looked more like the inusi-
cliins' practice room nt a theater thnn
Ihe parlor of a family.
But while the Scarffs Appeared to have
a number of homely virtues nud to be
citizens of whleh any city might he
proud the fact remained tlitit there was
a   eertaiti   luirduess  ubout   thom.    Tliey
found it Impossible to forgive Incapability, whioh they seemed lo confound with
laziness. The boys iu variably spoke
with contempt of a schoolmate of theirs
who wns lame. The girls openly commiserated nuy of their friends who were
plllln, Joseph Scnrff never hud much
use for any man who was out of work,
nml his wife wus more apt to be irritated than sympathetic if ono of the girls
wns found to be ill in the morning ami
not able to perform her shine of the
household duties.
So Lena, with the purple eyes nnd the
cars which would not bear and the sensitive mouth which uttered no articulate
word, came ns an unspeakable mortification to tlie Scarffs.    She had been such a
pretty baby that at lirst she hnd been
mnde much of. but when the discovery
of* her misfortunes  was  made nothing
more was said about her.   She wns kept
In the background.   When callers came,
she wns hustled into au upper room, und,
as she  wus n  singularly  patlenl  child,
more and more she was loft by herself
in a room nt the end ot tlie up stairs hall,
which hnd been set apart for her.    The
place wns warm In winter and cool In
summer; bars were put across the win
dow that the child might bn in no iliinio'i
of falling out: the room was tliofuuglily
cleaned once u week, uml Lena was limit
cd upon  by  the  family  as  being well
enough treated,  A few toys were got fir
her, but she seemed not much Interested
In them, and after n time her relatives
censed  to make additions to  ihis stock
She wns dressed  in snckllke frocks of
dark blue calico, and her hair was kepi
shnved  close to  her iiead  in  order  licit
there might not bo trouble iu combing il
Iu short, no caresses were given lhe III lie
oue; no one held or euinforlrd her or
played with her.    She became, as time
went nn, almost us solitnsy us a hermit
Much earlier than uny of the rest, she
learned to care for herself, and she lu
Btlncttvcly  hastened  to  her bare,  sunny
little room the minute u in en I was over
In time work began io be requlri'il of her.
She was set to wiping dishes, to dusliug
rooms and to sewing.   She did wtnt (ever
she was taught, patiently, without lenrs.
Itul   the  droop  of   (he   se:
grew greater, and there v
hopelessness in  the  piirpli
untiling ever haaished-
Wlini thoughts were struggling ia (lint
inarticulate being no one cared to (Ittntt
There was no curiosity felt upon the subject. The family wont ils prosperous nud
well satisfied wny ami let the soul, silent
amid sociability, starve for lack of the
fond of human love.
There wns, not fur from the house of
the Scnrffs, a certain college settlement
cniliusiastionlly sustained by a number
of disinterested young men and women,
and one nf these women heard by the
merest chance of the existence of Lena
Scnrff, Kut to reach hor was n tusk ns
difficult us that of ihe Prince Charming
to find the Sleeping Beauty. Tbe Scnrffs
might easily have thought themselves
lit persons to augment the working force
of n settlement, but they would never
hnve nduiitted thnt they could be its beneficiaries.
Miss Allport, the young lady from the
settlement, hnd need of muoh diplomacy
before she could as much as catch a
glimpse of (he morbidly shy, pale creature, only half human in her comprehension, who clung to the safe solitude of
her room. And when, nfter much adroit
persuasion, sho gained the consent of
Lena's mother to visit her, she found n
yet more serious obstacle in the sullen
suspicion nf this timid wild creature, who
bagged her prison and feared nil humanity. Miss Allport brought (lowers and
put tlioin in Lena's room and went away
with a smile. She left sweets in tlie
same way and toys of n constructive
nature���blocks and pieces of bright cloth
or pictures or the paper Japanese flowers
(hnt open in winter, Finally she came
to (he room and sat ihere sowing ou some
pieces of gay embroidery or painting or
stringing beads. And nt last, confidence
won, she persuaded the child to go witli
her and placed Iter where she could huve
instruction such as is giveu to the deaf.
The Scarffs were glnd to bo rid of this
mortifying incumbrance. They said now
it would be possible to invite guests to
the bouse without constant tear that tl ey
WOUld encounter that dreadful little creature.
The family was giveu permission to
���' visit her once in three months, but tbey
did not avail themselves of the opportunity, aud Lena, when the brief vacation
came, seemed unwilling to go home.
Nent clothes were sent ber by ber mother mid plenty of pocket money, jjnd with
that it appeared that sbe felt her full
duty done. At tiie end of two years,
however, .Mrs. Searff, moved hy some belated maternal tcnderuesB or by curiosity, made a journey of 200 miles to see
her daughter, uud she returned with a
somewhat puzzled look upon her fuce.
Lonu was growing rapidly, she said,
could read and write nnd si-. < i-
ntivo month
is a look uf
eyes   whicli
nd aud write und do carving in
wood, besides sewing und dancing and
housework. The Scai'ffs opened their
but were more or less incredulous,
it didn't matter; tbo child wus
disagreeable to ihem. Tbey disliked even
to think of her.
Five years went by, and one day, In
company with an attendant from the
school, Lena made her appearance ut
her home. It was In the oarkt evening,
when lhe family had just finished dinner
iiinl were sitting in the parlor among
i heir musical instruments.
'"She was so anxious to give you n surprise," said the attendant, "that I could
not deny her."
The Scnrffs were feeling distinctly bewildered. There stand before them n
tall, graceful girl with a fuce of Indescribable refinement and appealing pathos. Mor purple eyes shone with n tender light; her abundant golden brown hair
wns coiled upon lier bend in smooth
braids; her complexion bad nn exquisite
delicacy, She was perfectly ut case, Indeed, though it seemed impossible. It was
actually a fact that she seemed to lw
surveying her family with a critical eye,
uud lier ninnner as she greeted them was
anything but cringing. And, while tliey
would not have used that word, yet in
reality a cringing altitude was what the
Scarffs would have expected of this unfortunate.
Joseph Searff wus moved to something
like shame fur his long neglect.
"I hope ynu Iiilvc come to stay, Lena,"
bo wrote on a sheet of paper. Sho
thanked bim with a kiss on his cheek, so
charmingly given that the Scarffs started
in amazement. None of thom could bave
done anything so spontaneous,
"I would like to have my old room, If
you please," she wrote.
"That little old room! You shnll have
n larger one," her father replied, But
she Insisted upon tbe old one uud mnde
herself al home there. The family wont
to bed that lllgllt with mingled feelings,
chief among whicli wus that of the difficulty  of the situation.    This  beautiful
girl  Hi] not bo hidden as tbe seemingly
half willed child hud been. So far from
Intruding upon the family, she kept lather exclusively to hor own loom, wbich
she bud fitted up witli a divan, which she
mndo into u bed at night, und witli tbe
bench and tools of ber woodcutting craft.
Ou the wall, with its fresh tint of cool
green, wore bung the patterns sho used
nnd mnny u specimen of her clever handicraft. There bad been cabinet makers in
the Searff family, one of whom wns fatuous, ami artists weie not unknown either. Moreover, in this way, Joseph
Scnrff was an artist too. So there was
ability to give a true appreciation tn tbis
work, nnd the Scarffs begun to wonder
if they had not a genius in tbeir midst.
Later, when the news had gone abroad
thut this original young wood carver bad
come to town, those who bad taken note
of her work at certain exhibitions began
to call. She asked to join a society of
the arts nml crufjs. Stories of ber beauty and spirit utility nnd talent went ont.
Artists of mnny sorts came to make- her
acquaintance and to compliment ber
upon the beauty of ber work. A Kobe-
nii.ui circle was open to her, and she begun to delight in ihe friendship of distinguished mon nnd women. The litilo
ball room was often crowded to overflowing.
The Scarffs begnu to talk much of their
sister aud to mnke capital even <>* the
iliHinlllies     under    which     she   worked.
Tbey entered into a plan suggested by
her father to bnild u studio on tho hack"
of the bouse which could be entered from
the street and where she could entertain
iu the evening wben she pleased. And
Ihey offered to add to the pi en sure of
these evenings by furnishing music on
the piano or violin or llute.
In brief the Scarffs found the greatest
cause for pride which tbey bad ever
known iu tlie girl whom they bnd once
despised and treated with cruel neglect,
lint it sometimes puzzled them and caused thom holiest chagrin to discover that,
however courteous and kind this silent
sister of theirs tn Iff lit be, it was not to
tbem, but to others, that sbe gave
glances of undisguised affection, She
remained, so far ns the Scnrffs were concerned, remote, niion��� no satellite, hut a
beautiful star, moving proudly In its own
orbit,���St. Paul Pioneer Press.
The Kill tor nnd the Applicant.
"Ves, sir, I am a journalist���Cincinnati!, naught-nought."
"Familiar with journals, eh7"
"I think I may say thut 1 am, sir. Professor Hnlstend (old mc that I graduated
wilh the highest"���
"George, take this young man down
Into the pressroom and set bim to oiling
Journals."���Cleveland Plniu Ileuler.
In Advance, Too, Perhnpe.
"They'll soon have n steamer on tbe
Atlnntic that will cross from New Vork
to Qiiceustown In four days."
"If tliat sort of improvement keeps on,
the stewards and the waiters will have
to demand their tips in a lump."���Clove-
lund Plain Dealer.
By the use of the famous prescription of the venerable
The Free Press, Winn ipeg, are
making a unique subscription offer
to those taking: the Weekly Free
Press from date to the end of 11)00,
The offer as explained In nnother column Jt Is claimed by the Free Press
Is the most liberal ever made by a
Canadian publisher.
Quotations Found.
"Earth Is crammed with heaven, and
every common bush afire with God," Is
trom "Aurora Leigh," by Mrs. Browning.
The line, "Gone! nnd tbe light of all my
Ufa gone with her," is to be fouud In Longfellow's "Goldeu Legend." The words are
supposed to be spoken by Prince Henry
when the heroine Elsie li about to sacrifice
her life for bis sake.
"The only way to got rid of your past is
to get a future out of It/'Is a quotation
from a sermon hy the late Phillips Brooks.
Tennyson wus tbe author of these lines:
Let thore be thfsties-there are grapest
If old things, there are newt
Ten thousand broken lights and shapes,
Yet glimpses of the true.
Here are reported three cases In which
Dr. Ohase's family remedies proved a
blessing of incalculable worth. Tbere
are thousands of others just as remarkable, for Dr, Chase, through his recipe hook and home medicines, Is the
consulting physician in tho majority of
homes In Canada and the United States.
Nervous Dyspepsia.
Mr, Joseph Gercux, 23 Metcnlf street,
Ottawa, Out., writes:���"I was in mum,
had headache and brain fag. 1 was
restless at night, nud conld not jleep.
My appetite was poor, and I suffered
from nervous dyspepsia. Little business cans worried aud irritated me.
After having used Dr. Chase's Neive
Food for about two months, I can
frankly say that I leel like a new man.
"My appetite Is good, I rent aud
sleep well, and this treatment hns
strengthened me wonderfully. Dr
Ohase's Nerve Food Pills are certainly
the best I ever used, nud 1 Fny so be*
cause I want to give full credit where
it is dne,"
Kidney Disease.
Mr. Jt-nies Simp ou, Newoomb Mills,
Northumberland County, Ont, writes:
"Tins is to certify tbat I was rick In
bad tho most of lhe time for three years
witb kidney disease. I took several
boxes of pills���different kinds���and a
great mauy other kinds ot patent medicines; beside.-* that I wns nuder treatment by four different doctors during
the time, aud not able to work. I began to take Dr. Chases' Kidney-Liver
Pills, aud siuoe that lime have been
worklug every dny, although a man
nearly 70 years of age. Dr. Chase'g
Kidney-Liver Pills have cured mo."
Eczema on Baby, -
Mrs. A. MoKniglit, Kirkwall, Wellington County. Out., writes:���"I fet-1
it my duty to let you kuow what Dr.
Chase's Ointment has done iu a very %
bad case of eczema on our baby. We
had tried any number of cures withont
auy permaueut relief, but from the
b< nr we c liimeuced using Dr. Chases'
Ointment there wus great relief,aud the
imp ovement continued nutil there wu
complete oure. We think it the greatest of family ointments."
Dr. A. W. Chase's portrait and ilgna*
tore are ou every box of bis gtnnlne
remedies. Sold everywnere. Edman*
son, Bates au l Oo,, Toronto.
1 Gar Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Betl-rooni Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Oar Common Furniture
Mattresses.   Pillows,   &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including every tii ing necessary for the
building and mining Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
Canned Goods,   &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and        d owa
to keep ottt mosquitoes.
Genuine  Maple   Syrup
from Qnebt-o.
Q. B. mcDERlWOT,
Golden,   B.C.
Kirr|pto"q     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mr. C. H. Parson ia horoby authorised to receive payment of accounts
owing in connection with the business
ot Tin'. Gor.DEN Era Printing Office,
and his receipt shall be a sufficient
The Golden Eru Co. Ltd. Ly.,
per E. A. HAGGEN,
Managing Director.
Who's your friend ?
Owinc to ihecarcIPKsrpes of tbo P
D. wa are unnble give Parson'fl elinn��:e
of ad. this week, which after having
been put in type, was "pi-ad" by that
necessary evil.
The secretary ofthe General Hoe-iitul
begs to acknowledge with thanks the
receipt of a basket of fresh strawberries from U. R. Moodie.
Lightning struck the residence of
John McIInitie on Sunday uight Inst,
causing considerable damn me. Sirik'ug
tbe chimney, it followed tbe cave-
trough, tearing Bcvernl boards off tbe
side of the house and entered tbe par��
lor, overthrowing a tnble and oilur
articles. Luckily no one whs hurt, as
the family were all in the kitchen ar
the time.
A lnrge number of the employees of
the inillfl at Denver came up to attend
tho funtrsl of the lato C.  W. Bubar
Tbe Lumber Co. shipped hIkuu e
thousand feet of himbor to Canyon
Creek tbis we��k for the Golden Placer
and Quartz Mining Co.
Mrs. J. C. Greeno'a conservatory
presents a very pretty appearand) to
all lovers of flowers and plants. Thfre
are nil kinds to ho found here and thoy
are beautifully setoff by the acetylene
light, filr-ss. Ur eue is tin untiring
worker amony -her plants and the re
suit of her labors may be seeu either in
tlie conservatory or garden, both of
which are greatly apprecinied by the
A trr-mendous crowd turned ont last
Saturday to attend the funenil ofthe
late C. W. Bubar. fciorvica was held
nt llie resilience of deceased by Rev.
Mr. Kinney, assisted by Rev. W, D.
Turner, At the cemetery the beautl:
tul rites of the Masonic order were conducted -by Kro. H. C. Killeen, suu-
ported by tbo brethren of Mountain
Lodge. A.F. & A.M., in full regalia.
Tbe mills bere ttnd at Beaver closed
down work for tbe nfteriioon, while
all the -steres in town suspended all
business until after the ceremony.
It is understood the charge preferred
against \l. Cable is to be withdrawn,
Messrs. Stewart, Price and Evans
came in yesterday frome Tete Jen tie
Cache. Mr. "Stewart brought in a very
interesting little jet with him in the
shnpe ofn young fisher, who la quite
at home with anyone,
A large porcupine visited town laat
night and made himself very conspicuous in front of Putin-ire's store.
Thomas Forrest, late of Donnld, but
now of C'rsubrook. ban mnde an assignment-for tha benefit of bis creditors,
His liabilities are to be verv grca*.
(From our own Correspondent)
Mr. Davies returned from Vancouver
on Tuesday.   ;
R, A. Kimptoo, of the firm of Kimpton & Pitts, Windermere, is in town
with a force of men taking down his
house, preparatory to shipping it to
A, Oakley has returned from Mission
Junction. Aif. took part iu an old
but interesting ceremony while awsy.
His time will now be taken up with
the merry task of house furnishing.
The season has been a very .iivoralib*
one for garden-^tuffa and we all take
off onr hut to o-tr oeuial friemd, Shaw
It's all right, Joe'! -you como jroui the
right spot to raise potatoes.
Agent Roblnaonibaa secured nanider-
shaped attachment for his bikt. sotbat
ho van run on the-rail. He tak oh little
interest in tbe toads. His lady friends
in Golden will see htm often uow,
Miners going- northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving* and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
1 Car.ton Steel Company,
Windermere. Golden    &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermsrs for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Mon.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Freo. ���
Hot and Cold Baths,
J Me* ��- per clay. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.   Greene, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class, accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining1 Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -      B.C.
Wo are MiintifflfltuiWa ami direct Importers, nml rnrry fl lar^e storlt of Balances.
Furnace*, Fire Clay Goods, Heientiili-. nud I'ractiiuil Uftolu, OtatsWAre, Platinum UooiIh,
Aclde. Chonilwilu, mid /ill nslior AsMiiwrs nml Minora' retiiirenioiila.
SOIjE AGENTS for  Morgan Crucible Ooui|inny,  aailernea: Kccker'fl Sons
' Catalogue aiiitfull particulars ou application,
H. 0*. Gordon, or WiiuWmoro, spent
a couple of daya in tawu tins week
'8. A. Jaokson. tho frnnfal traveller
Ior Moore k, Mowat, tailors. Brook-
ville, was iu town tbia week on his
semiannual tour.
Hon. W. C. Well* lofi fcr tho Corst
on Monday laat,
Mrs. H. R*. Mojflie geve a cat-den
party to a large number of friends o:i
Wednesday aflernotii,
R, R. rlvijoe, of Petrrhorouirh. r.utte
in fr*m Nelson on Monday tin ant]
left for the south on Tuesday's boat.
E. A. HaecRn left this morning for
���the Certainty miner,   *
Jos. Laniontairno renir-nerl ibis afternoon from London and Paris, having
Hilly, the Golden mascot, to bis new
owners at the Zoological Guldens in
London safe mid sound.
Dr. O'Hfigan went to Calgary on
No. 2 today.
C. A, McMillan, of tbe Big Store,
left thia iiiorninir. on a visit (Vgary.
J. KirkpatrteUi engineer on the Selkirk, returned this morning from a
trip to Kamloops.
Major T. Clohecy arrived this morning from the Coast.
A social dance was held at Colnmbia
Halt last night, when about fif 1 ern
conples took pnrt. An enjoyable time
was spint,
A very pleasant timo wns spent at
tbe residence of Mr. and Mra. H. W.
Harrison nn Wednesday evening last,
hen Mr* Aubrey Harrison entertained
at A whist party. About midnight a
delicious repiist wits Indulged In.
Thos. O'Brien left for Calgary this
morning to lie absent tiii Monday.
A very pleasant soulal function such
e*. seldom ocunre in a quiet and baautf-
ful summer rPRort, In ��bn Ffaart of the
Rockies took place nt Fair View Cottage, the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Turnbull at Field, on Tuesday evening,
July 10> li. when Tboms J. Bur ter and
Miss Jessie Leuiso Garland of St.
John's, Newfoundland, were joined
in th�� holv bonds of wedlock. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. \V.
T). Turner. B.A., of Golden, assisted
by Mr. S. McL Fee,resident missionary.
The groom was supported by Mr. ,T.
Carlin, while the bride was ably
assisted by Miss Mny Turnbull.
After the ceremony the guests hnd
set before them a snread which did
credit not only to the hostess but also
to the town. Tha whole town unites
in giving Mrs, Barter a hearty welcome and wishing both long Ufa and
Editor EltA,-1 would like to call
attention, through your payer, to the
large amount of thistles that adorn (?)
our public streets and vacant lots. In
former years a man lias been set to
work after these pests have gone to
seed to cut the plants down. I would
suggest to the authorities that the cutting he done before the seeds have been
What is tbe matter with giving tha
sheriff's boarders a chance to earn their
On Dominion.Day a veey et joy ablo
time   was   spei.t,   which,   but   for
alight aquutkusness of tba wea'her,
would have been perfect.    Tho following are tlw chief events.
100 Yards Toot raoo-lst, IF. At-
klnsoii; 2nd, Mr. Gwrdell.
220 Yards race .kt, 3\ MeS-n eeney
2nd, F. Atkinson  ���
U0 Yurps potato maoa���1st, Harold
Tom; 2nd, N. I-iches.
50 Yards foot rn��e for girls���lit,
Ella Gederhome;  2nd, JS lleilly,
100 Yards and rtturn inniers' viica���
1st, H. Gale.
Putting the weight��� 1st, Hug-jari;
2nd, MacDonald.
Running broad-jura���let, HaiT.iscii;
2nd, W. Qee.
Hop, step nnd jump���1st, M. Mc-
Sweeney; 2od, Harrison.
Pole vaauhiug���1st, W. Gee; 2i.O,
S. Timmins.
Half-mile bicycle race���1st, S. Gate;
2nd, J. Anderson.
One Mile bicycle���list, -J. Anderson;
2nd, J. M-ucdonuld.
Half mile pony nice���itt, Buckski ti;
2nd, Red Shirt.
Baseball match- Biuiff vs. Field. A
very good game wae played, alt hou; ih
somewhat oue-aided and won by Fit id
by 23 to 6.
Football match���Field vs. Guide d.
This was also a good game and i it
times grew very interesting. Won by
Field by 2 goals to 1.
Secretary Liberal Association,
Yale Cari hoo Kootonay.
Sir,���At a meeting-of the Salmon-.
Arm Liberal Arm Liberal Associs tiom
the following resolution was passed!
Moved by ft'St, McGuive, seconded!
by A. Reid,
'���That In view of tihenppvoscJiini.
federal election, ihitt in tlte interior, c f
tbe Liberal party qf CiCnada, be It    .
"Resoivefji we, *i*lHi "Siflinon Arri
association, -arc'hi favor of �� Coovaii ���
tion. of''Delegates. fro'm,-*lbe diffeieot;
parts of this consUtuency in the im��r ���
esis.of ;ilie''Liberal paify, and lie In
further rcsolveil that ti.-is associatiou
is in favor of holding snid Convention.
iu the city of Jitivclstoke on or ahoat
September lSth, 1900:; and furthermore, that onr secretary be notified re
forward a copy of this resolution to
the secretary and press of this con-
You aie requested to cnll a meeting
of your association anUtUv iliUumiler j vital.
before them.
Yours reajwetfully.
A. B. CtrftRIE.-S-c.
Salmon Ann Libeaal .Vssn
Salmon Arm. B.C.,.July-tith, lt)0<
As Good to You as a Dally and
You get it at the Price
of a Weekly.
It furnishes more at the price than
any other newspaper published in
America. Its news service covers all
the globe and is equalled by that of
few dailies. Its reports from tho Boer
war have not beeu excelled in thoroughness and proptness, nnd with the
Presidential campaign now in progress
it will be invaluable. Its political
news is absolutely imgaitiul. Tbia
fact mukes it of espeuiul vulue lo you
at this timo.
If you want to wntch every move of
the grent political campaign take the
Tbrico-u-Wwk "World. If you want
t�� keep your eye on the Trusts-and
they need watching���take tbo Thrice*
a-Week World. IE you want to know
nil foreign developments, lake the
Thrice a Week World.
Thk GOMiBS Eu.a and thoThrice-a
Week World will be supplied to n.w
subicribers for one year $2,Gii. Now
is tho timbe to subscribe!
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
Limited "
Daily Tourist Oars ta
Wednesday & Sunday
"Fridays to
AND Boston.
Ftv-tairtg Oolden aa tollow: ���
Imperial Limited15
PB01T and     rfl'DTTlTJlCl
MAGNOLIAS. BULBS, new orop of
For  SpritiK pltsnting.      LarRfsst   ftntl
moftt   coni|'lcte   Mock     in    Wests-���
Cassadn.    Otsll atid siuiIsh  your spies!-
tion. or setisl Tor cittttloutio.     Address
stt Nutsery Uvounds ot- Oroctiltouso.
Ml   UC&DV   ii���'(���!, WrattnlttHer
. d. iluHrtl, |{.jnj. Vancouvw
A. P. *   A.   .11.
A Msiunhtiti 1.11-lpis,"No. 11. A.F.  &
���%�� _T A.   M.   I.t'-tiiliis-  Ctltltilitlik-atlotl,
i\f\ Kuustttd MtmitJiy in tius'-y mentis.
' ^- s. j'litrniin; iit'elltrott uurtllttlly its*
.1. o. riT's, w.
li. tl. I'ARHQK,
I.  <).  O.
lltrtty Mnimt.-iiti lrf-tltfe
! uieotrt in
OddMliiwri Hull, tioldoii, every Woduesduy
at 8 p.m.   giii'iiinibm brotluuQ u-idvume.
Wit,. HDUHl'UN. N.ii.
J T. WOOD Hueralarv,
Cherries; Bed,
Currants; Pears
Apples; etc, etc.
Whit* and  Claa);
Plums;   Prunes, j
We are prepared to -pick, pack and
deliver on board tmiii at Harrison
Station Send in your order at once
for your supply for the season, And
your orders will be afended to promptly at inarket"tfricc.    Address
Fop Sale
Wagons, Sleigns,
Apersjoes, Pack
Saddles, Harness,
and Camp Outfits.
Apply to
J. C. TOM & CO.
Merchant Tailors.
We havo recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of j
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden,
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors..
How is tiie Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment..
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley-
the head of navigation on tho Colnmbia River, antl the
centre of an extensive stock-raising* and ranching conn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in tho north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with tho
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date;
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and;
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which wtll ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms,
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices aro favorable to investors, who will1
lind it to their interest to purchase before a further rtso*
takes place.
Plans may be seen and: prices and terms obtained on
application to .
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree-
t for sale .signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
IL O* .Parson, Merchant,
Coffins and
1'iililfcNsitsts* it, lksrstky (jlvon tlint ut Ilio
cx|>it*.sti.i!i ��f an ituv-H from tliia ditto tho
l'rliii^'Miiiin,rtsiiil E'tovs-l'tpiiiettt Cumptitty,
l.itnitoil LitiWMly, svitl, l,.iii*.-n ita ofliro from
tlr iiriiii-iputji.liuo of'lui.iiioin ftim Uoliloti,
II. **., I* lf-,.i*l*-.iU, II. 0.
litslosl Al-rilattli.l'JKI.
tlf.i). fi. ih-CAlfTER,
ii-jl'iiti-j.", StiJloUut- lur tlm Conii'tiisy.
ltolrt Elliot, M.D.,
License;! rhys!eian& Surgeon
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wltolosnlo & llotutl
Bute t[ ers
Uuttlo, Slump mul llot-ss Dealers.
FrtniTstl l!ol.e�� of nil kitttln.
Onleris ]it-otii|st)y nttemlesl- to.
W. L. Houston,.
<-*olden, B.C;.
Ooinnicrolal < olio-;,.,
Box: 847.   Vnnronvcr,   II.  C..
Kxpopters and Imporiara.
800 to 200 First Ave. No.
Shipments Solicited.
' Write for Circulars.
iRacommessiledbyLeaillnl !���
ETtseyAlwayal-lMM.-^,   ���        S-
Copyright* Ac.
"   orlpUqn nsy
Whother tn
tlTC.',nBd��n'il'��i. IliadiVirthf.nP'Umu
tfldwt M-ncy for**jurlti{rpsUn(��.
 1 Uktn tbrouBh Muuo A Co. i��oolTfl
tptctal notlM, without obwgt, In tta*
eolkikin o? ear -mImuoo loam*]'.   Terwo, U a
tows fonr nontKir^BoUbysll nft-vidulnt.
t*TThwe Bttttmi trt Hid In ntitly
ruary city and town In the tluitrd Stmn.
fynurdn-il-Brdo-ei not k��rp ilitm imiil ��
���oljeci to ui.    One cent ���lamp* recti md.     I
Add ttu four near**! point, >K
IMt. 1.6 W. UlhStnal. Nl.Vork
s��t) PKth Ave., Chic.,, atll
tost Mukat St., S.a Frajicl.co.
IrigfetMt  Maguln.   PssHl.tixl
Contain, Beautiful Colored Plate,.
Illustrate. Latent Patterns, Faita-
lonn, Fancy Work.
Affe-ii, warned for thi. mu.iin. In wny
localliy.    B,.uilfut premium, tor . Ilttl.
t. Writ, tor term, and other particular,. flub-criiit|0nonlyMo,Hrr..r,
Including a FHICK P.llern.
**-*, THE McCALL CO.,
" -1. >*�� W. s.sh St., Nm York
Jas BttADY, D.L*8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Aui'u. Iiinl. MK.
AjrPttt (or olttttintn^ Crowss O'rttnta, sltslttg
stiinitul itaaoaaiiiotit work, etc.    Asltlrcaa:
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
ftari-l.tora. flotlt-ltoi-a. te,
(iEO. S. H-COAHTEH,        J. A. lIAnVKV,
Hevelstoke, B.C. Fort 8t��t-lo, B.O,
Itootn., Alexnttilur llloolc, (lotiltnt II. C.
Twenty PajesWeeklyilllastrateil.
I      Indhpe-ishble to Mihinu Mew.
> a-m-uMMaff,,.
wmmmit scientific press,
, 220 Market St., Ban Francisco, Cal
Our fee returned if we (tU. Any one Minding
���ketch aud description of aar Invention will
promptly receive our opinion fret concerning
the patentability of tame, "How to Obtain a
Patent" sent upon requeit, patenti mured
through ui advertised for sale at our expense.
Patents taken out through us receive ipeoiat
notice, without charge, in Tat Pat*(it Record,
an illustrated and widely circulated Journal,
consulted by Manufacturers and Investors.
Send for sample copy FREE.  Address,
VICTOR J. IVAN! A 00. ��� *-, V
(fttcotAttomrrs.) ' ���'
Evans lulling, washinqton, o. C
Thorough  loatraction  in  business
methods, Book-keeping,   (we one
text-books,  but  do actual  Imsiness)
Shorthand nnd Typewriting.   We pro-
pare for examinations.-
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
PUT HP EY        "
The Druggist,
P. A. Desormeau,
....  Tailor J
Golden, B.C.    J
���ositli 114. Kit-kin* Hon. Rival*,
Thomas O'Brien
Barrister, Solloltor.
Notary Publlo.Con vey anoer, ete
(HHm In Upixr CsJusttbi* N.vlHtloa ��nt��,':
Vnmny Comiswy'a Bul*"*
'. ota1


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