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The Golden Era Oct 26, 1895

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Array t,       f        ���   I 1-
VOL. V.   NO. 12
92 Per Year
I have just finisher] 'ny annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
lists and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
I  havo  over  FIFTY  Suits  that  I  will  sell  at  cost,and
I have over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
ut exact cost.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
o ���-;���������-
have   over  TWENTY
low prices.
vests    that   I  will  sell  at  very
Prtrt-fc    St   QI*j,*ic     I havc.an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DO Jl*_    Cu   -J-UvS-e prices satisfactory to al).
Hats & Caps.
have hats and caps to fit the head and suit the
It will "-c to yenr-Interest ton-all antl examine theme
Golden, B.C
H. D. HUME, Prop.
Ims Goods
Of All Kinds and
At All Prices,
J. G. Templeton's Pharmacy,
own TOWN.
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Kail-ray. ut ils connection with tlio
steamboat jTuvigntiun of the Columbia river.
the uiiueriil awl commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia; headquarters of tin -������Id-
en Smelting works, thc Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., uud lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural nnd grazing land of the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for tue richest mineral country on tlie
The  lumber   for  the Presbyterian
Church is on the ground.
Wines eir|d   Liquors.
Agent for Drowry's well-known Lager Beer
rti-.- Golden Key Brand Aerated Waters,
Slater's Celebrated Boots and Shoes.
The Rink syndicate are having the
curling rink put into shape for the
coming season.
Place your order for a barrel! of
winter apples with H. G. Parson, a
carload expected daily.
steps being taken to prevent further
damage being done and at the same
time recommending that the wing dam
be extended a distance of 450 feet
which would turn tlie river from its
present course into its original channel. The Commissioner hud replied
stating that the Govt. Agent would
look into the matter. The Govt,
Agent did not agree with the Town
Committee as to the best means of
preventing further damage being done
and work had already been commenced
to carry out the Govt. Agent's plan.
Mr. Dainard said that he did not
think that the Govt. Agent's plan was
a good one and a number of others
were of the same opinion. After a
few remarks by several of the other
gentlemen present, it was moved by
F. W. Aylmer, seconded by Capt.
Armstrong, that the Commissioner of
Lands & Works be requested to employ a thoroughly competent, engineer
to look into the matter and report as
to the best means of remedying the
matter. Moved by W. -McNeish seconded by M. Dainard that a telegram
be sent to the Com. of Lands & Works
asking tbat the present work be stop,
ped until tlie mutter had been looked
into and reported on by an engineer,
Carried. The meeting then adjourned,
A copy of the minutes of the mset-
ing, together with a numerously signed petition, pointing out that the matter was one which vitally affected the
interests of the inhabitants of Golden,
has been forwarded to the Commissioner of Lands & Works.
It is reported that Billy Belleville
was killed at the Vermont Creek mine
by a rock slide falling on him.
A. W. R. Markley, of Calgary,
agent for Confederation Life Association of Toronto, is here writing up
a few pelicies.
Mr. M. Carlin returned on Sunday
from a business trip to Winnipeg, and
Mr. H. G. Paron returned from the
coast on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Harrison were
"At Home" to a number of their
friends on Thursday evening, dancing
was the chief amusement of the evening, und a most enjoyable time was
spent by all.
Church Services.
Methodist service will be held in the
Sul.ool house to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock, conducted by Mi. Robins.
Presbyterian service will be held
to-morrow evening iu tiie school
house at 7:30 o'clock, conducted by
Kev. T. S. Glassford, H. A.
The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor meets every Friday
evening in the school honse at 8
Choice Ontario Winter Apples.
Alexander Block,
Oolden, B.C.
The gentlemen who so kindly assisted Mrs. J. R. Anderson in raising
a subscription for tbo Golden Hot-pit-
al, will be pleased to hear that the
sum of $30 has been expended in furniture for a private ward; in the name
of the King's Daughters, whose motto
is���"In His name."
The Hospital has also to thank Mr.
E. H. Fishburn, of Chicago, father of
the late Mrs. Fowler of this town, for
a parcel of books kindly sent by him
A public meeting of the citizens of
Golden was held on Monday afternoon
at the Columbia House. Mr. H. R.
Moodie waa elected chairman and Mr.
J. Gibson secretary of the meeting.
Tbe chairman in a few opening remarks stated that the object of the
meeting was to devise means to prevent the river from making further
inroads into the townsite. He then
called on Mr. M. Dainard, as one who
had taken a great interest in the matter, to express his views. Mr. Dainard stated, on behalf of the Town
Committee, that they (the committee)
had pointed 'out to the Commissioner
of Lands A Works the condition of the
north bank of tho Kicking Horse
river and the necessity of immediate
Golden Cariboo.
One Hundred and Fifty-Mile House,
B.C., Oct. 21.-The Cariboo clean-np,
the result of 20 days' run with 2,500
inches of water, is a cone of gold
weighing 2,435 ozs. valued at $41,857.
The sluices only were cleaned up. The
Horse Fly clean-np, the result of 40
days' run with 2,700 inches of water,
is a gold bar weighing l,l51*-ozs.,
valued at $25,150. Cleaning of the
cuts -was not completed. Bed rock
was not cleaned. A strike of rich
gravel in tbe west of No. 1 pit prospects $1 to $8 per pan, Both mines
will be run till frost closes the season.
A big cave-in in pit No. 2 at 3 p.m.
yesterday at the Curiboo mine, Ques-
nello Forks, covered up and killed A.
Budden. No one else was hurt. The
men commenced digging for Budden at
once but have not yet reached him.
They are now laying a string of pipe
to try and sluice him out. The men
were expecting the cave for 20 minutes
and had got their tools all out of the
pit. Budden and McLeod were in the
sluice and all hands out of danger.
Just beforo the fall Budden, for some
unexplained reason, started back up
the sluice and when it fell he ran
ahead of it in the sluico and was
caught and covered up. All the other
men escaped without a scratch. The
monitor was carried into the dump
and the sluices that stood out over the
dump were smashed and broken down
into the dump. Repairs will be made
iu a few days.
Edison und l.olil.
The mining fraternity for the world
over have for years endeavored ta
solicit the services of Edison in solving the problem of economically extracting gold from refractory ores.
Finally this eminent electrician has
consented to devote his energies to this
subject and lias secured a sulphuret
gold mine and is hard at work solving
the problem of working the ores by
electricity. Mr. Ediion says that
tliere are ten principal details to be
mastered and that he has already discovered the methods to be adopted bv
eight of them. Two-tenths of this
problem now remains to be solved.
He has already spent weeks on it and
will continue until he has solved it, as
he is certain it can be done. It may
be asserted ns a fact tbat all sulphur*.
ets, particularly sulphurets of iron
carry gold, Sulphurets cannot possibly penetrate any rock but from
below, therefore, we may naturally
conclude that the heaviest body of
such kind of ore has been invariably
louud to improve in quality with
depth. As abo.it 29-30 of all gold .
contained in the earth is in sulphurets
of rebellious ores, the immense im- ���
portance of Edison's work can be seen
at a glance, and tho mining world will
watch the progress with anxious eyes,
Champion Jim n Prisoner.
Hot Springs, Ark., Oct. 18.-Pugilist James Corbett is a prisoner of tho
United States. As foreshadowed yesterday, a warrant was issued for his
arrest, and it was executed. It charges
that he had threatened, is conspiring,
and is ubout to commit an unlawful
assault upon the person of one Bob
Fitzsimmons. The sheriff in tukihg
Corbett before Judge Kirks, asked that
he be put under bonds to keep the
peace. The order was granted in the
sum of $10,000, but Corbett refused tu
give the bond. Habeas corpus pro.
ceedings will be now taken, and the
point established whether a glove contest is illegal in the State or not.
Later-Sheriff RobbHoupt has gone
to Spring Lake to place Corbett under
formal arrest. He was to have returned with the prisoner at !) o'clock
but the train was late. They will, on
arrival, go to Justice Kirk's office
where the preliminary legal proceedings will be carried out as per programme. Th'-re is no assurance that
Corbett will be released. It will de*
pend upon tbe chancellor's interpretation of tho law. A telegram wus sent
to Dallas last night ordering the lumber on the cars there to be iu readiness
for shipment by noon to-day. The
ground has already been broken for
side-trackage facilities by the Hot.
Springs Railway Co.
The Sheriff arrived with his prisoner at 11:10 a.m., and the preliminary
formalities gone through with. Cor*,
bett is furious ut Fitzsimmons allowing hiin to bear the annoyance am)
delay alone. " Fitzsimmons," be said
"is loafing around Co.pus Cliristi,
putting in time when not playing
cards, congratulating himself thut I
an. getting tbe worst of it. It begins
to look as if he did not intend to como
ut all." Corbett is iu excellent spirits.
He chafes only that he cannot put iu
time traiui.ig.
Hot Springs, Oot. i.2.-Tho Corbett.
Fitzsimmons light has been declared
off by the Florida athletic club. Corbett and Brady were willing to postpone the light till December 11, but
Fitzsiminuns was not and the club
| declared the contest uff. Ul/.
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it   Hill
IlillS, ,il
upper e
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It. is tlttt
ly ilistrii
S ibscription '���
Itlltes :
1.1 ti.
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s   ami
u not
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1!  I11S1!
rates i
trrttiill' *
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eil every
tin- oust
fur  the
-,, i ie ete
. i nir _oat
All wont well for the first few days ; i
we luul favourable winds and splendid
went Iier, iiii.l   the   brightness   of  the
might   give  him   a warm  leoeption. | down upon me, plying  me with eager | to the snakes, and with the idea that
However, be   wus   not,   conscious   of  and   excited   questions.     I  besought ' the box contained something of vnlnc,
|ilrl'  ,-llilltun  IN
IlllSt 111) ill
All i'.'1-rli to lie pail tn tlie Mimni*cr, fron
wlu.ii tlio Co upany's recoipt will be obtained
Thi Golden Era Puhlishi-f Company,
SATURDAY, OCT. 21,  1895.
Jinny years have passed away since
the strange events occurred whicli I
am about to relate. I ivns captain of
the s.s. MsiMiiry, of tin oil Planet
Line, carrying passengers nml cargo
botwoen London nnd Bombay. Oil the |
occasion to which I refer, we were
lying at Bombay, expecting to snil for
England in a couple of day s. when it
message was brought to my cnbin tliut
a gentleman wished to see nie. (loin;;
on deck I found iny gentleman to bo a
German gentleman, who introduced
himself as Herr Karl Rcichmunu. He
in formed i-.o tliut lie was it Professor
of Natural History, nnd had been
travelling in India picking up a few
very line specimens of sutikcs,amongst
which he had captured a magnificent;.
lint doadly, "cobra-di-citpello" He
was desirous of securing a passage to
London in tlie Mercury, but before
doing so be wished to know if 1 had
nny objections ti having his snakes
onboard, He assured me they were
carefully secure-] iu two boxes, which
would be kept in his own cnbin, and
woulil always he under bis own personal supervision. I did not like the
idea of having such dangerous live |
stock on board ; but ns lie agreed to
take all responsibility, I ultimately
consented. He at once engaged a lirst
class sabin, nnd arranged to bare Ms
luggage brought on board next day.
Accordingly he appeared on tlie fol-
Iowlug day witb his own personal
luggage, nml two substantial, -.tiongly
bound, but ordinary-looking boxes.
which, he said to nie in it whisper,
contniiipil llie snakes. Having teen
them carefully deposited in bis cabin,
1 cn lied him aside nnd snid I thought
it woul.l !>,' best not to let it lie known
weather bad i'.; influence upon the
spirits of the passengers-; for when
the inevitable attack of mul-demer
was over, they speedily became acquainted with.each otlier, and seemed
to be very happy and comfortable.
Herr Reichinunii, especially, seemed to
become a general favorite with all
classes of passengers, and with tlie
crew also; for by bis droll sayings iu
broken English lie kept everv one in
good humor. Mr. Wilks, on the other
liiiiul wus not well liked, in consequence of the larue way in which he
spoke of himself, together with u habit
of peering into ull corners and asking
endless questions,
J-.S I snid, all went well for tlio lirst
few dnys ; but one morning, about ten
dnys after we bud left Bombay, something occurred which disturbed the
pleasure of the voyage. A few minutes before the breakfast bell rang, I
was on the bridge, when I received a
message that Mrs. Mureton wished to
speak to me in her cnbin without tlo-
lay. I found the worthy lady in such
a state of excitement and distress that
she could scarcely speak, but she miin-
uged tn explain that, having just gone
to her jeivel-eaiie for a brooch which
sho wished to wear, she found the
lock broken nnd several of her most
value articles of jewellery none, among
them a magnificent diamond necklet,
which I instantly remembered having
seen Iier wear once or twice at tlie dinner table,
Naturally, I was very much surprised at her story, and not a little
annoyed at such n, thing happening;
it was the lirst time anything of the
kind hud occurred on board the Mer
cury, However, I tried to calm her
ns well as I cunld, and endeavored to
elicit ns much information from iier as
possible regarding the events of the
previous night. She said that she
distinctly remembered that before retiring to rost she put her jewellery in
the case, locked it, and placed it iu
Iier trunk, but left the trunk unlocked.
She had slept soundly, and bad no
knowledge of anyone having entered
ber cabin ; nor could she believe so bad
she not just discovered the lock of the
case broken and the jewellery gone.
Miss Moreton, who occupied ihe next
cabin, now entered. She also had
slept well, and hud not been disturbed
in any way.
The breakfast bell having now rung,
j I suggested thut we should adjourn to
the saloon and, during the meal, discuss tho matter with the other first
cabin passengers. On hearing what
had occurred, tbey were full of sym-
path for Mrs. Moreton, ami I thought
were all a little uneasy at the idea of a
thief being ou board. Some suggested
thut, as the stolen   articles must be on
Ho   ngreeil   v.
r it   ������ i : mil.
that he hnd snakes  on board, bs there I hoard, a   thorough   search   should be
I made of nil the trunks of the passen-
] gers nnd crew; but eventually ull
im reed with   ine   that   as such ������ pro-
. c ling would be sure to create a great
leu! ol disturbance and talk, it would
hi   belter to keep lhe mutter us quiet as
possible.     Meanwhile, we would keep j
mi-eves nml   ears open n ml a wait the
were Indies among the lirst cabin passengers, nnd it might render them uu
ith me. nud tie
is I neither sun
- ho ltitit
having been disturbed iu any wny,
and yet, when he awoke in the morning, whilst bis revolver was under the
pillow, his watch wns gone!
Things were now looking serious.
Thut a thief���a eool and daring one-
was on board was very evident; and
as captain of the ship I felt that I
must, take some definite steps towards
his discovery. I formed the gentlemen, with the doctor and the first
mate into a Committee, and we met
tu consider what plans it would be
best lo adopt. It was again urged
that wo should make an immediate
and thorough search of theeutire ship
After long discussion, however, we
came to the conclusion that since we
had not the slightest clue to the culprit, und-us was pointed out by Mr.
Wilks-that neither the thief nor his
plunder could leave the ship till we
reached land, it would be well to still
further delay such a procedure,
When we met the next morning we
looked at, one another it little eagerly,
wondering which would have to tell of
a visit from the mysterious thief, Mr
Wilks had not yet appeared when we
seated ourselves for breakfast; but
scarcely had we done so when in he
rushed, iu a state of great excitement,
and with his toilet barely completed.
'���The scoundrel! the villain!" he
gasped, "he has stolen my diamond
slur, tny priceless diamond star ! Oh,
the rascally thief!" After a little he
calmed down, and consented to explain
thut when lie was travelling in India
lie had paid a visit to the Rajah of
Hamutpore, who had feted aud honored him, und ou bidding him good-bye
hud presented him with a magnificent
stur-shnped golden ornament studded
witli diamonds. This he had carefully concealed iu its leather case at
tlie bottom of his trunk ; but an awaking this morning he found the trunk
open, and the diamond stur and case
As I paced the bridee that day I
made up my mind that if there was u
theft that night, the very next day
would see the commencement of au
investigation that would not cease until I hud successfully traced the mysterious and daring scoundrel who was
making sud havoc .of our peace of
mind, and enriching himself with our
them to be quiet, and in a word or two
told all that I knew. And there we
stood for u minute or two in jut feci.
silence���for the horror of the thing
had flashed upon every brain and
stilled every tongue- that inside the
cabin, shut in with a fierce and deadly
cobra, were two defenceless men ; and
that probably within a yard of where
we stood helplessly waiting, one of
them lay dying���breathing out in
agony the lust few moments of his
We could hear Herr Reichman moving about inside, and then we heard
him cry���"I hafe him! I hafe hiin
safe in de box again. You can open
de door new." I wrenched open the
door and rushed in, followed by several of the terror-stricken crowd. The
cabin was unlit save by the bright
moonlight that streamed in by the
little round window, but which revealed Herr Reichmann in his shirt
and trousers, with a blanket over his
arm. But who was this lying on the
floor of the cabin with his limbs twisted in agony, and his face swollen and
discoloured as the poison of the serpent
did its rapid and deadly work? It
was Mr. Wilks! As soon us possible
a strong dose of ammonia was administered by the doctor, but it was of no
avail, his fate was sealed ; and in ten
minutes from the time we found bim,
the last spark of life had fled from the
now repulsive-looking body.
ton, ihu
ivi ilthy
���;  ss p'issi'ii
i nn    Miss Helen Mo
���   uinl    duiif-liter   o
li    il   y merchant :
ore-  further development of events ; fur pr
I   a   bably lho thief  would not bo sutislii
I olonel I vvltii what be had already gained, and
Ogilvie   returning   io   England    on | would soon   commit   further depredn-
furlough'  nnd   Mrs.     Ogilvie;     Mr.
Philip   Hiirgrenves, un American gen-
ileiniiii, who   wus travelling for pleasure;   and a Mr.   I'.plirinlii P.    Wilks.
Tbe bitter gentleman was rather an
eccentric character in bis way. He
was a little man with u squeaky voice,
a otenn-shiiven face, nnd Wure blue
spectacles He talked in u somewhat
"bumptious" way, informing us Unit
tions. Wo each determined to keep a
strict watch on our valuables, and to
make mire they were safely under iock
and key before retiring at night.
In spito of all our watchfulness,
however, when we at the breakfast
inble next morning, we were confront-
ho bud been travelling in India for the ed with tbo startling information that
purposo of collecting notes for u great Colonel Ogilvie's ^old natch hud been
work which bo was about to publish stolen frum under his pillow during
on "The Manners and Customs of Ibe thc night. He hud placed it there for
People of India." "Yes, sir," he safety, und luul laid his revolver beside
would suy, "that book will make the it, so that in the event of being visited
liuiue of Kpliriain   P. Wilks famous V" by   the   thief   during   the   night, he
In tbe evening wc again discussed
ihe matter in all its bearings, and just
ns we were ubout to retire to our
cabins, I heard Heir Reichmann say to
Mr. Hurgreaves ���
"Idt was eider you or me dut he vas
veesit to-night, sure."
'��� Very well," was the reply, "I'll be
ready for hiin, even if I sit up all
night "
������Acli! I vus doo sleeby for dat,"
responded tho Professor, with a laugh.
������ Goof-night "
I must have slept very soundly for
nu boar or more, when I was suddenly
awakened by u cry as of some one in
terrible agony. I lay for a second or
two, listening breathlessly, but wheu
this was followed by a slight thud
and a groan, I jumped up, and hurrying on some clothes, I rushed ulong
the narrow passage upon which thc
doors of tbe cabins opened. I wus a
little uncertain as to whence the
sound proceeded, but as I passed Herr
Ueichiiiann's door I heard him exclaiming excitedly in German. I turned
the handle to enter, when he stopped
me with a cry���
"Ach, for Heffen's sake, keep the
door shut! Someone hafe let de cobra
loose, nnd idt hafe bitten him!"
I instantly closed the door, and
stood for a moment alone, with a
thousand bewildering thoughts and
oonjectures rushing in upon my brain.
But the shriek of agony and the Professor's cries had roused many of the
passengers, and the next minute a
throng of   half-dressed   persons burst
After having had the corpse conveyed to its proper berth, we all went
buck to our cabins; but for some hours
the startling events chased away all
possibility of sleep from me. I lay
awake asking myself the question
again and again ���What could Mr.
Wilks have been doing in the Professor's cabin ? nnd why should he have
been meddling with the snake-boxes?
At last the thought struck me, could
it be possible that Mr. Wilks and the
mysterious thief were one? and could
he have been there with the intention
uf robbing the Professor, and have
opened the wrong box? The idea
grew upon me. And yet Mr. Wilks
himself had been robbed. But might
it not have been a sham���a story got
up by himself? And so, with perplexing questions arising on every
side, I fell at last into a troubled and
broken sleep.
Early next morning I determined to
put my theory to the test, and I strode
away to the darkened cabin where the
body was lying so stiff and still. As
I looked at it I noticed a curious fact.
The neatly arranged iron-grey hair,
which had always covered the head of
Mr. Wilks, had slipped and fallen off,
showing that the deceased had worn a
wig. and revealing the fact that it had
covered a mass of closely-cropped,
black, curly hair. This discovery
made me more determined than ever to
investigate the matter thoroughly;
and so, having secured Mr. Wilks'
keys, I opened and searched his trunks
and found at the bottom of one of
them Mrs. Moreton's missing jewellery
and Colonel Ogilvie's gold watch, but
not the diamond star which Wilks
professed to have hud given him. und
which probably never existed at all.
The mystery wss now explained. We
bad evidently hnd amongst us, in the
person of Mr. Wilks, a cool, daring
and skillful thief, who meant to take
full advantage of his opportunities
during the passage to relieve us of as
many of our valuables as he could
safely lay his hands on. His declaring himself to be robbed had been a
trick to divert suspicion. His name
"Ephriam P. Wilks," was probably
an assumed one, and his talk about a
book on India a blind; but, search as
I might among his books and pape.ts I
could find no clue to his real identity.
His career on board the Mercury
had, however, come to a tragic end.
Probably he was entirely ignorant as
lie broke it open, and thus distuibed
nnd let loose the cobra, which sprang
nt him and bit him in the face Thus*,
the hand of Fate brought his plans
and his villainies to a sudden and
terrible termination.
When I reached the breakfast table,
I found the Professor explaining that
he had been awakened by "Wilks"'
agonized cry as be fell back, bitten,
from the snake box; and the first
thing he noticed in the dim moonlight
was the cobra in tbe middle of the
floor, hissing angrily. He immediately jumped tip and threw the bed
clothes on the top of the snake, and by
thus rendering it harmless, he with
great difficulty and no little danger,
got it back into the box. He apologized for having kept the snakes in
his cabin without his fellow-passengers' knowledge, but added ��� " I beleef
mine snake hafe acted the part of de
detective, und hafe found out de tief."
"It has," I broke in, as I showed the
watch aud the jewellery, and told
where I had found them.
At noon that day we committed the
bodyol "Ephriam P, Wilks" to the
keeping of the deep.
As we wove being piloted up the
Thames, we were boarded by a cleanshaven, professional-looking gentleman, who introduced himself as a
detective from Scotland Yard, saying
���"I am informed by special wire from
Bombay, that the notorious Jim
I f letcher, who is 'wanted" on half a
dozen charges of forgery-, housebreaking, etc., sailed from thut port for
England bv the Mercury, and that he
is now among your saloon passengers."
"Too late," I replied; "he has already met his doom."���J. B. Trenwitb
A sitting of the County Court of
Kootenay will be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday tbe 11th
day of November, 1895, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
By order,
J. F. Armsthono,
Donald, B.C., 11th October, 1895.
"HEALTH ACT, 1893.",
-JJOTICE is hereby given thnt "An
�����" Act respecting thePublic Health"
is now in force, and that under the
provisions of the said Act Alfred T.
Watt, ot the City of Victoria, Esquire,
M.D.. bus been appointed Secretary of
The Provincial Board o: Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t 27th September, 1895.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity. ,-���
Showing the DuU-a and Places at
Courts or Assize, Nisi Prlus, Oyer
und Term tner, and ucnernl liuol
Delivery for tho Yeur 1 NO.V
Clinton... .Thur.day.. 2(itli September
Richfield.. .Monday., ,30th September
Kamloops Monday 7th October
Vernon Mnndrtv... 14tb Oetober
Lytton Friday 11th October
New Westminster. Wednesday.(ith Nov
Vancouver.. Monday ..11th November
Victoria .... Tuesday.. 19th November
Nanaimo Tuesduy.. I'u'th Novuiulier
Application for Certificate of Im*
pro. .'mots.
ROSEBr   B.    HiritNS   MI.VIlItAI.   claim,
Take notice that I.Riht.Fot'ieriiiglium
frne miner's certificate No.41--58. intend,
BO days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gol I Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take nnrii***. flint adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Re-
carder and action commenced before
the is-u.at.ee uf such certificate of improvements.
Dated this ninth day of August,
Bought Fotiikhixkha.m,
By his agent, P. W. A.i liner
In the County Court of Kooteiiny,
holden at the East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In the matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
Iu the matter of the Official Adininis-
$xx#im6$ &dVb��*
Bos. J, A, l.uiiiiiiinri), Q,C.
I.iiuglii'ctl   A   llcCiii'tri'.
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, NotnrloH
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk uf Montreal.
OAL-Aliv, - N.W.T.
it. j. .m:i��ii��o*v.
D.L.S. A  P.I..H. for U.C'.   DOMINION &
,    .   .      i  .   i   i     oi. i    i        fi       llriiii'.lil.siiir.ii,Viilii.'iliii'.eti'..('.\l,(IAl,'V,
trutur s Act;  dated the I ifth day of        NiW.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
August, A.D., WX>: ' r
TT ,.     .,      ��.,..,  T u   i lUJtl'HSOS, D.L.S., I'.L.S. of U.C. .tOut.
Upon   reading the affidavit of John ClLtl.UtV   Allm.
William Clever, it. is ordered that,
James Ferguson Armstrong, Official
Administrator for the County Court,
D:.strict of Kootensr. shall be Admin���
isirutor of all and singular the goods,
chattels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, late of Fori Steele, in the District
of Kootenay, Free Miner, deceased, ICotlllllAXE,
and that this order be published iu the! _
Goi.DEN Eua newspaper, in each issue
thereof, for the period of sixty days. fMNUE1     DAINARD
Signed. CLEMENT J. CORNWALL, *" ' '
C.C.J.    L*v'-'ry <*<��� Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Ahhui1. Mem. Ixst. C.E,
���Vi.iiA.   Ft. Si-eele, B.C.
ining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
The creditors uud persons intrusted
in the estate of the above named Patrick Sullivan, are requested with in
do days of this date to forward to me,
|ier registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such UO days, I shall proceed with
the distribution of the estate having
regard only to such claims as I shall
have notice of.
Dated at Donald. Sth   August, 1895.
Ofliciul Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
Wholesale nntl Iteiail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full [Kirticulai-s apply to
Mice of Assignment.
J. SMART & CO. j
Undertakers and
AN EXAMINATION for efficiency iu
** lhe practice of assaying, under
section 12. of the '���Bureau of Mines
Act, 18115." will be held during the
ni .nth of September.
For the ordinary certificates cntidi-
dutes will lie required tn puss in prnc
tical assaying for gold, siher. lend
(dry sssuyj, copper and iron, and also
to answer such ordinary questions
relating to the practice of assaying us
the examiners inuy think lit.
A fee of   $10  is   payable fur thc ordinary certificate.
For full   particulars   apply   to the
Minister of Mines, Victoria.
Minister of Mines.
28th August, 1895. 7-21
Pursuant   to  the    Credi'ors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts ;
NOTICE is hereii.v given that
Michael Curlin and Joseph Lake, both
ef Golden, in the District of Kooteiiny,
in the Province uf British Coluinliia,
trading as Carlin & Luke, General
Merchants, have bv deed, bearing date
the 2nd day of August, If!).'), iissigned
all their real property and till their
personal property liable to seizure uud
sale under executors to William
George-ion, of i lie city of Winnipeg, iu
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, for the purpose of puyiuu
and satisfviug rule ihly and iu proportion to their claims, without preference or priority, the creditors uf Unsaid Michael Carlin and  Joseph Luke.
The snid deed wus executed by the
���raid Michael Curlin, Jrseph Luke, um.
William Georgeson ou the 2nd day uf
August, 189,"), and the suid William
Georgeson has accepted the I rust
created by the said deed.
All creditors are requested to semi
addri'ssjil to William Geur^esuii. cure
uf Tiiuillpson, Codville & Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, full particulars of their
claim, duly verified. s..cii claims io l-e
sent within IIO days of this ilule, alter
which date the said trustee will pro
ceed to distribute tbe trust estate
union-* the creditors of whose claims
he shall have received notice.
Dated this oth day of August, WX>.
Of Donald iu the District ol Kuutenuy,
Solicitor for Trustee,
' ���   .   Embalmers.      j
,      OllS'-ti'.V lilm
J    T-Ij-IIIIAI'II    IIUM.IIS    I'lill.MI'TI.V
ATrH.VIllll)   Hi.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall   Paper,   Musical     Instruments,
Fruits, Cuiilectiouery, &e.. Ac.      j
Pianos,  Organs, & Sewing  Machines j
sold for citilt or long time
pny men ts.
Oittii.it.'' nv Jl.ui.iiiiOriii'iiiwisi1 wli.l.
R_iii.iv_ PitoJit'i' ArrBxriox,
0pposit3 tlie Kootenay Hotel,
Golden. B.C.
M!tS��   NTA'-.E-'CKTH.
lute  with   Mi..si..s  H.uti.oiv it Wi.i'r.
Purtuge In I'r.iii.e.
All iinli'i's lurt will. Mu. (I, II. Mi
D Kit .ii i ir will have prompt intention.
JoL    1 )cpeirtmci"|t
���:..: -OF    :o: -
i v
Uike  will lie held iii tii-*   ,    . .. .,   ,   -       .
.. d ir.er,,',,u,..(.,ii,r,,.M..oic.e.i iiosaaal Socistv.
jr ol Seiri.iiil Aviiiiue and ��� '
A meeting of   the   ereditors of   the
said Carlin .t Luke  will lie held at Uinl ,
office uf   S.   A.
Assign e, corner
2nd Street Nor li. in the city of   Wilt* I
ti |,eg, in the Province of Manitoba, on, ������.���.-������ HOSPITAL i- now oiioii for llie
Siitnrlay   the   10th   day of  August, lulinissioii of puti s.
iHy.i, at 4 |>,in.
 I TICKETS may he hud fn.'" Ihu under*
i        -.lulled   or   any   member   of   the
j        committor.
, PRICK   Ten Dulluis  per  your or Six
Dollnrs pel-half yenr,
NO EXTRAS exeept private wards.
Uulilen Hospital Society.
From tir,It) a.m. to II a.m.
2 p.m. '���  4 p.m.
..        7      ..    .<   H    ��
Siinduy  from   It) s.m. to  12 in., lintlj
fruit. 7 p.iu. tu 8 p ....
Vtnifl.NO HOUUS.
From  2:il0 p.in.  lo 8 p.m.. daily, I
except .Monday and Saturday. I
Bv Obd-H.    j
11 trite't. lieu
,'..!     Tli " ..
GfHRDE, V&S ���""' "" "it opinion, write In
III I ����* ��r����� who l)S*i hint n*-**ly lift v .rare1
-���.Tperii'iHr* In tlio mlent hiiiilnr*i��. loumuinii'ii*
lion* strictly donlti -mtlsl. A llniiilliiniU ol Iti-
liiniiii.iiin I'liiii'iTiiitii: rntiPiilH nml how to oh-
t.iiii thorn -imf fivo. Also n MUlOtllo ol mei'lnui-
ii'ni sail solentlflo booit. m'iii nee.
l-sinnis tiken tli-mutti matt * To. rcffilvo
���MOAl notice in tho Srirniiiie Anu'rlrnii. snil
thus sio ItmiiKlit. wlrteli- belorctho pnbitowltli-
oiii eii*t io nie inventor. This sDlmnlnt imprr,
wur-l ivi'i'klv, 'iir-cantly iltommf til, be-, hv far the
Isremi Hri'iiiriuim of nn" feiontillir -or* in tbe
"-"fl'l;, S.l n yesr.   Snmtili- copies ��.iit net:
Building I itillon, inomblv. *J*0S yenr.  Sine!.-!
conies, its cents. Hrorr ndaiMr cnitiim hoou.
tilnl nlatpp, in colore, sml nlioiocrsnhi, of now
nouses, wiih iiiiuis, oiisblinir builders to show the
.'!5U-J'S-'lPJ!-.niOleo-uS ���"���'���sea. Adiirew
MUSM i CO., il-w Sons, 3(11 Euo.li.-v.iy.
riscnf Tc.
,M TNC W.,Rl*l
raoM THt: rrA plant to thc tea cut
'-Vton-itr.*r'' Tr, ;<. pill  up *iv  It,,- tfirjt.ln   Tr'.*
-rii'ivtr, ir; n Kiitipie i,l iin- bciil nualilics "I Irldinil
Tl IS,    TflCteforn ll,"V '-���*��� liir GTi'iil.'sf ..,r^ Iif ili-
. 'lection oi is,- !,'.�� snd its Mend. Ih��l biwhylney
!'"��� it nf |-ifn,:,'l.".i iiml .,-tl i! only in Uur oiipina)
p-rckii'-e-.. tSf-reby .^iii.inir its pu.il,- .id excellence
fot iipm If Ik, r lb, ,iiid is lb. packiigc anil neve,
. l.-ftlW firicw-cr dot'" not kr-p it. tell turn to writ.' !**
|        ti nnd i.l Fiui-t stip't Bait, Toronto,     ��� Awarded
,-iest Honors���World
A pure Cirape Cream of Tmt.-ir Powder.   Fr��
rom Ammonia, Alum or nny "ither adulterant
J,-, v.'.in; *!Hr -STaNIIAKH.
Durrani's Nerve.
Durrant bus been talking about thnt
sealed envelope he is alleged to have
spoken to Miss Carrie Cunningham
about. He is not only wrathful, but
professes to bo greatly surprised at the
conduct of the reporter upon whoso
testimony ho thinks the prosecution
will relv to establish its points. '-I
do not liko to suy anything ugainst a
woman," said Durrant, '"but my disappointment is so keen that I can not
keep silent. The reporter lias been
kind to ine in many ways, has given
me repeated assurance in my innocence
and has often snid that I had her
prayers for a speedy termination of
this terrible nightmare. She has repeatedly souelii expressions of opinion
from me. Adhering to an inflexible
rttlo of not denying or endorsing un*, -
thing, whether for or against me, I
always gave her the same ensue .
My time had not come to talk. At a
rectnt call she detailed this dramatic
yarn about my writing a '.i ysteriot s
something which I put in an t live! op-
with a stmt injunction distincth
written on tho outside that it was io
be returned to ine in case of acquittal
or opened in the event of conviction,
These stupid stories i.nnoyed ine, ami
real zing how much talk this would
make. 1 usked her us it favor thai she
make no mention of them in any way,
either to tlie pi'iss or to lhe prosecution. She readily loisentetl to my
request, und even went further, 'If
you doubt me,' she said, 'get your
Bible.' I touk that near book uud
passed it to her. She placed it ou the
wicket door and solemnly swore that
she would make no mention ol it.
Imagine my surprise when the district
attorney asked me about the envelope.
It was no: tbat 1 cared about the
story. It was not true ami 1 had
nothing to fear, und so little it iiupres-
ed me after I suppossed it wus relegated to oblivion, where it belongel, tbnt
I hud absolutely forgolieii it. 1 wrote
a statement, it is true. Everybody
knows that. It was public but somewhat garbled. There wus nothing
mysterious about it and nu envelope
inclosed it. The papers and the people talk of my coolness-tny nerve.
It is nut my fortitude in this hour uf
darkness, it is my ull-tibiding faith in
God that sustains me. I have faith
in His goodness; that He will protein
ine, because 1 am innocent of the.-,
frightful crimes "
Winnipeg. Oct. 21.���Lust night A.
jBenuld of the hotel Dn Canada, coming from St. Charles, was held up l.y
four footpads and rubbed of all hu bad
in possession.
London, Oct. 23.-Tho Chronicle
recalls the old rumor that Salisbury
will withdraw from tbe premiership
in favour of his nephew I'm I four.
Ottawa, October 21.-A syndicate
of financiers have agreed to put tip the
necessary fu.uls to build a railway to
traverse the North West Territories
through the Yellow Head pass to tho
Pacific coast, crossing the Seymour
narrows to Vancouver Island by trans
fer boat, then running the full length
of the Island, provided tiro province
of British Columbia will guarantee a
portion of interest on a contemplated
; bond issue.
Caledonia, Out., Oct. 21.��� "I am
I too hot to work," said Park Pattison,
Ithe village barber, Saturday night, as
he stopped shaving n man and went
into his house, putting u razor in bis
pocket. Soon cries of "murder" were
heard and it was found that Pattison
hud almost severed his wife's windpipe and was trying lo cut his own
throat. Both will recover. Pattison
wns locked up in consequence of his
actions, which were inspired by
Ottawa, Oct, 23,���A sensation wns
created beto yesterday when it became
known that li. S. White, M.P., for
Cardwcll hud resigned his seat. The
cause of bis action is nut vet known.
Moro than two yeurs ngo Mr. White
wns offered the collectorship of customs ut Montreal, and the appointment up to the present has not been
Ottawa, October 22, ���At to-day's
cabinet meeting Mr, W. B, Hearth was
appointed deputy minister of agriculture, His appointment takes places on
November 1.
b'lvo Ijccii effected uy mv
Trusses, with
porfoct enso to wenrer. than by nil other
llc'VI,'.*sr.,llll.il.(>.l 'ihey,otalnlargest
Kupttirt} U'lilyr Bovere-u. strniu. Atiys-
toin ofilttinKlme hGcu porfocted tho
Irmt a o yeurs. fully oquul to personal
examination lit until.  27 patents
assess DEFor-"���-
(ll.tRLFN 1X1 THE,
131 King lit.W.,'rot��uto_
Official Map uf British Cui.umiiia.
r-OPIES of the now official map of
*���' British Columbia, 1895, issued
under authority of ibe Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works, can
he obtained at the office of the undersigned by booksellers, stationers and
others who may desire to pluce them
for sale in their establishments, upon
ptiymeut at the rate of 90 pel dozen.
Deputy Commissioner of   Lands   and
Lauds & Works Department,
Victoria, B C, HU. October, 1895.
" It is worth the pr'ce lo every person
who even reads a nowspaptr."���Darllagu-n
__. a-. _-r_Dvi_<ra.
A Pocket Primer for tho use of Reporters,
CorFespoDilen.s hi a I opy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rules for
niakinic uuil edition now-paper copy,
anil of equ*,! value to all nho wish to
writo correct En-filth.
Sent on receipt of price. P'lce. 10 rents
P��r cony. ALLAN VliRMAN, Publisher
117 Nassau Street. New York.
Scientific American
Anenoy for
~,     ..-__*- TRA3E MARKS,
g'l-.-'^ySSP^     OESION PATENT-,,
�����������      ~"^ COPYRIGHTS,   etoJ
For information nml free Handbook write to
MUNN .. CO.. ail llliii.-mvAV. NSW YotlK.
Olilest li.ir.rnu for securing patents in America.
Every patent taken out. by lis is brnuuh*. befo.'O
tbe public by a notice rriven free of ciiurire In the
.frit utifw Itaettam
I-tiroest circulation of nny Hcientlflc paper tn the
worm. Splendidly Illustrated. No Intelligent
nun should bo wltiiom it. Weekly. 93.ml a
yenr. tiJ-Jilx months. Address MUNN & Co.,
I'i _,M_i--.ut.* liul -J.oauwuy, New York City.
A sitting of the County Court of
Kootenay will be held at the Court
House at Donald, on Monday the 11th
day of November, IS!).*), at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon.
By oriler,
J.   F.   AllMSTKONO,
Donald, B.C., 11th October, 1895.
Commencing: May 28, Steamers leave Golden
leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
"HEALTH ACT. 1893."
*>*OTICE is hereby given that "An
���*" Act respecting thePuhliir Health"
is now in force, and that under the
provisions of the suid Act Alfred T.
Watt, ol the City of Victoria, Esquire.
M.D.. bus been appointed i-'e-rotary of
The Provincial Board cf Health.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4t *.7th September, 189a.
The modern stand
ard   Family Medicine :   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
A Hippy. Frollfii!
\nilW\   fill? KNOW the GRAND
I/I jtWI HU truths; the Flaiq
Facts; the Old Secret.
and the New Discover.
les of Medlcai Science
as applied to Married
Life, should write for
i onr wonderful lift! 3
1 book, called "-PER-
jr*i;...-*rim-i _    	
To any earnest man wo trill mail one cop**
Cntire'y Free, in plain sealed cover.
>>A refuse from the quacks." Adores!
ETC MEDICAL GO.. Buffalo, H.Y.
Stcaniei'���Golden to Adela .
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken      .      .      Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      .      .      .        ;���'
Steamer���-Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $>12,00.    Local about 5 cents -per milo.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin fillets., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden  to Fort Steele  A 3.00;  B 2.50;   C 2.0ft; 1)1.50.
'���   Canal Flat A 1.75;  B 1.G0 ;   C 1.40;  D 1.20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
"   B       ���' ������   Dutid-i
* "   C      '��� "   ". uud it        " " "
"   D        " "    7 nnd 8 '��� '��� '���
Rate C nud D will only apply to shipments of 10,010 lbs or more at one timo
Freight will be delivered as far south ns navigation will permit, and
will bo charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manag-ei-.
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity will make many rich, but nowliereeiin thoy iniike su much within
a short time us by successful .Speciibilion in lir.il., l'ruvisiuus mul Stuck.
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.   All successful speculators operato uu a regular system.
It is a well-known fact that there are iIiui.sj.ik1h of men in .-.11 parts ef the United Slut, s
who, by systematic trailing tliruugh L hirngu brukcrs, ini.ko largo amounts everv yei.r,
rouging truin a low tlioiiBimil dollars for the mnn wliu invests a hundred or two hi.iii.riil
dulliirs up tu SoO.UOO tu 811*1,1)00 or inure by those who invest u few tliaiisunil.
It is iilsu u faet that these whu iiii.ke the largest profits from eoiiipiiriitivelv suiiill investments on this plan aro persons who live uwuy iruin chicgo uud imest Utrou-,11 brokers
who thoroughly understand systematic trailing.
Our plan does not risk tho whole amount invested on unv trado, but covers liolli sides,
so that whether the market rises or lulls it brings.. stoutly profit tbat piles up eiiurmouly
in a short time.
WRITE FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Mi.i.ual on successful speculation
and our Daily Market Report, full of iiioiiey-iiiiiking |ioiiners. ALL Pli--. Our MiiuuU
explains inurgiii trading fully.  Highest references in regi.rd .uw.r sti.iidiug i.nu success.
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rialto Building, CHICAGO, ILL.
Manufactures of Sash, Ecors, Moulding
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel, Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on Hand a lot of Wash Basin and I.'ath
houstoim & co:


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