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The Golden Era Nov 12, 1897

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Array 'She Golden Era
Is the most widely circulated und
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This it the paper that
il read by the miners, the ranchers,
tbe railroaders aad lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in AdYinee	
Want a Typewriu-f t
Vtoti iv* a -jo;.i .itrd unil v.-c-'ll .eiid you;.
little booklet d-wribhw the finest litilo inn
ebiaa ou the market toilriy, vie:
The Umpire
Visible   WritTteir*- Abtohilely   Permanent
Alif-m-tnt- Durability.
Vatb Price. S*Ol Tins. Prlsw, ��J5.
THOJtHON BROS, BrookaC*.'*. Clear. ,
VOL VII. NO. 15.
$2 Per Yeah
General + flte*ekant,
Onr Stock for the
| Coming Winter is Now
The Spillimachene
���   ���  Country
Complete in ail Lines!
e~oe oooooopipo BEE
f   ��   *
Fur Goats, Fur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh
Robes, Bugs and Blank-
ets, Felt Shoes, Overshoes and Lumbermen's
Rubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
Wool Underclothes.
Please see what We can
do for You before trying Elsewhere.
A Uepatatlra   t.   th.   Government
Aleut on the Matter.
On Monday a deputation consisting
of Messrs. M. Dainard, *W. McNeish.
0. B. MoDormot snd E. A. Haggen
waited on the Government Agent, Mr.
Griffith, tn ask him to represent to the
Government the necessity of a road up
the middle fork of the Spillimachene.
Mr. Dainard was spokesman and
pointed out that the road referred to
would open up an extensive mineral
country on which more money had
been expended than in any other part
of the distriot. This road would be a
trunk road, branching up tbe
north fork and to the Vermont,
Copper, Carbonate and Sprucetree
creeks and the Cariboo, Burns and
International basins. The distance he
estimated at 27 miles to the head of
the middle fork, as, while it would he
longer up the first summit to get a
good grade, a deal ot distance could he
saved by a rook cutting from (he second summit down to tbe middle fork.
In reply to Mr. Griffith, Mr. Dainard
estimated the cost at 120,000. If the
road asked for were constructed it
would enable some of theee olaima to
be operated, as at present capitalists
would not take them up owing to the
difficulty of access by tne pretest
Mr. Griffith asked whether it wonld
not to better to take the road out at
Weill' Landing, as there seemed to be
a good waggon road up the hill at
that place.
Mr. Dainard replied that while that
road might suit the steamer it was
only 400 (eet lower than the present
trail, and was about 10 miles further
south. It waa also at a point where
the river could not be forded owing to
the wide and deep sloughs, and It was
Important in a road of this kind to
have it so located that horses and
vehicles could be got across, as at the
present landing at Carbonate.
Mr. McDermot said he knew the
toad by Wells' Landing and tbe part
facing the river was the best part of
ft. The sloughs were so bad that
access oould not be got across the
river at that point.
Mr. Grifflith said thit made the
third trunk road that had been asked
for, aa roads were also wanted up the
Beaver and Bugaboo oreeke. It would
be a good thing if tbey had a miner's
association in tbe distriot who would
advise the Government at to the roost
important work to be put in hand, ae
the Govornment could not very well
do all these roads at once involving aa
they did an expenditure of 120,000
eaoh. It wat a question whether it
was not better to make one good road
in a season and ensure a shipping
mine, than to spread the expenditure
over several roads-
Mr. McNeish said it was most important to secure one good shipping
nine in thc distriot.
Mr. Griffith suggested that the matter should be considered by a public
meeting, and a statement of tbe facts
and views of the publio submitted to
him in writing.
Mr. Haggen said he wonld call a
pnblio meeting to consider that aud
the foimation ot a miner's association.
the white quarts, but the blue quarts
ran from f6 to f 10. The mi I return,
have not yet been received. Tae cross
drive is now in 118 feet and is not yet
through the lead. Another vein of
white quarts has been struck and ia
between 4 and 5 feet thick. It. is also
gold bearing. Mestrt. Kinnisten and
Lee intend bringing down with them
60 pounds of the ore from the new
strike and ssndlng it to Braden Bros,
of Montana, tor tett. The quartz ia
of the honeycombed variety and carries white iron which assays in gold.
W. G. Mitchell-Innes returned from
his visit to the Pretty Girl claim at
Horsethief, Thursday week. The development work done consists ot a
cut 18 leet long, four feet wide, and 15
feet deep, and the walls and floor of
which are mineralized throughout.
The company have built a substantial
aback, and bave made a new trail from
near the Delos, up to the top of the
mountain; it is well bridged and is one
ot the best trails in the district. There
was no snow at the time of the trip.
The lead, which has shown two feet
ot ore, has assumed a wedge shape,
and is widning out while the ore is
Improving as they get down on it, till
there is now an ore body seven teet
wide of practically solid oro. Mr,
Innes brought in some magnificent
samples of grey copper ore with him,
a specimen of which may be seen at
the Goliiks Eka office. Mr. Innes is
also arranging to take a quantity to
London, for which city he will leave
about the 20th. The work at the mine
was shut down this week, and Mr.
Mitchell-Innes expects to return to
Oolden about Mat 1st. next.
A Fatal Accident
At the Landing
. . Agent For . .
f honix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
Ths Reliance Loan I Savings Co.. of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
Silver has receded to 56|; lead is at
Messrs, Abbot and Tompkins intend
pushing on work next season on their
claims in Carbonate Basin.
We have received from Messrs.
Baker A Co., of the Newark Platinum
Works, a very interesting brochure on
platinum, showing its occurrence and
Ben Able hat been doing work on
the Bullion and Paymatier olaims,
whioh are located near the Mineral
King, and which he informs us are
looking well. The lead is 20 feet wide.
A regulation is gasxetted authorising the validation of the title to a
mineral claim In tha event of suoh
title having lapsed through the owner
having failed form oversight to take
out a fresh mineral license.
Messn. Jat. Lewia A Sons, of
Liverpool report on copper: Good
Merchantable copper hat declined 16a.
Sd, ptr ton during the paat fortnight,
tha arrival of a oargo of Boleo Copper.
From ��49 2s, Od. fur ca-h on the let.
Intt. there wu a decline to ��48 8s. 9d.
Consumption' In Englsnd continues
Urge and would be muoh larger were
It not tor the strike and lookout in the
Engineering Trade, the end ot which
appears to bt approaching.
Messrs Kinnisten and Lee, directors
of the Bald Mountain Co., went to
Donald on Thursday week. They
started after dinner for the company's
mint. Thtir hone .got away on ihem
and tbey bad to return, Inte.'ding to
start out again next morning. The
sample ot on that thev aent to Viotoria for a mill tett essayed 163 from
In his address to the shareholders
ef the Waverly Mine Company, in
London Mr. Grant-Goven said: 'There
were nineteon of these properties, and
the Waverly was selected first for
separate management. The mine is
going to astonish Europe when it
Starts shipping. Experts had verified
these opinions and had also apoken
highly of the Tangier property, which
waa registered as a joint-stock company and tbe capital for which being
privately suscribed by the directors
and their friends and the shareholders
ot the Goldfields and Waverly companies. Mr. Pellew-Harvey, of Vancouver, the agent for Vivian A Sona,
of Swansea, has assayed aome ot the
Tangier ore, and says that the specimens were o�� ���.���excellent smelting quel
ity"���a very important poiut, because
there is no zinc in it���"and worth
��22 12s. per ton of 2000 pounds." Mr.
Grant-Govan also referred to Mr Otto
Abeling's experiments in the matter of
concentration of carbonates from the
74 foot vein of the Waverly. It is
understood that these carbonates will
concentrate seven into one; and at Mr.
Grant-Goven in hia letter aaid: "If
thit thould prove to be ao, then tbe
value of the Waverly miue ie almost
beyond computation, as the company
has such an abundance of carbonates
now in sight." Mr. Abeling's report
will, of course, be checked by other
experts. The company is now
anxiously awaiting further tidings,
which will decide whether the ore is
self smelting or concentrating. It ia
hoped that at leaat 1000 tone ot this
Waverly oro will be ahipped and consigned io Messrs. Vivian A Sons, of
Swansea, thia winter, and the company has the decided assurance of the
engineer that "the value of the consignment will not be less than ��20,
000 sterling." The directors of the
Waverly are already hoping that they
will be In a position to pay a substantial cash dividend to their shareholders in the coming spring.
In conclusion, Mr. Grant-Govan
said he would undertake to say tbat
the Waverly alone can ship 1000 tons
per week for the next few years that
will net the company ��10 per ton profit. They had the Waverly, Tangier,
Oldham, Montague, Detroit and other
properties, and he felt justified in saying that the day waa not tar distant
whsn the Goldfields ot British Columbia would be recognised as "one ot the
moat successful and dividend paying
corporations," They might say hs
was over optimistic about mining
operations. He should rejoin that
���the Waverly tor one was not a mine
at all in the problematical sense ot the
word, but a sound and already proved
investment." At which there was
naturally mueh cheering, tor it waa a
very encouraging speech and lull ot
Willie Helping to Rait, o Scow-An
lnqa.it to b. Hold.
The oltisens of Golden were startled
on Thursday morning on hearing of
a fatal and deplorable accident which
had happened about 9 o'clock at tlio
Upper Columbia Navigation Company's landing, situated near tho
saw mill,
It appears that a number of men
were at work raising two scows onto
skids, when one of tbem, a young
Englitman named E. R. Orpwood,
about 27 years of age, had his head
crushed ao badly that he died two
hours afterwards at the Golden Hospital, to which place he had immediately been removed.
When the miahap occurred Orpwood
was engaged in working a jack under
one corner of a scow and had just
raised it high enough to place the
skids, when by some unforeseen chunco,
the jack canted to one side and allowed the scow to drop and swing with a
great force against another scow
which was laying close by. Tho unfortunate man, who was in a sitting
posture at the time, was unable to get
clear and his head was caught between the corners of the scows and
Donald News
I Prom Our Own Correspondent.]
Mr. C. R. Ord, the C. t. R. nir
brako instructor, is still in town holding classes wiih trainmen and engineers alternately. A visit, to his instruction car is very interesting, The
car is equipped with a boiler, an air-
pump sirnilur to those on the locomotives, and all nir reservoirs and brakes
necesnury to represent a truin of cars.
Mr, J. Wilson, Superintendent of
Telegraphs, Vancouver, was in town
on Tuesday arranging for the winter
line service. Electrician Camp, who
accompanied him as far as Donald,
went on to Montreal.
There ia an ample supply of the
"beautiful" here. The wing plough
took its first run to Rogers' Puss on
Tlie wife of Mr. Batrntn, manuiier nf
hydraulic works tit Mountnin Creek,
presented him with a eon on Friday
night. Hiatory records no other
births at that place, so the new arrival has the honor of being the first
child born there.
Mrs. F. E. Hobbs is confined to the
house by un attack of tonsilitis.
Mrs. Foster returned from the east
Wednesday. Sho will, however, remove to Vancouver.
The new school is at last completed,
and teacher and pupils are now comfortably located for the winter.
Dr, Sutherland, of Laurie, stayed
over a iew dars with friends before
leaving tor his home in Toronto.
Bishop   Dart, ot New Westminster,
frightfully crushed.    Upon being removed to tho hospital everything pos-. _, . . .   . D.  _... ,. -u....i. ������ a������
sible was done to lave his life but  the I 'i-Bol����d.��t S!L'?rt^-'h~,r"h ,����J?^
poor fellow never regained cr*
Coroner Manuel, of Dona!-.,
was immediately telegraphed for, arrived on No. 3 last evening and decided to hold an inquest. This morning at 10.80 he impannelled a jury at
the dredge and, after tbe jury had
visited the body and the sccno of the
accident, the proceedings were adjour-
ed until Saturday morning at 10
o'clock at the Court House,
The deceased, who at one time was
in the Royal Artillery in India, had
onlv been iu this district about two
months, having been engaged as u
deck hand on the Columbia River
y. After the sermon Holy Com-
inion was dispensed. Mr. Humpries
esided at tb* organ.
President Mason, of the Portland
chamber of commerce, telegraphed to
Secretary of War Alger, at Washington: "Starvation and death confront the unfortunate miners in the
Tukon through the failure ot the
trading companies to get tuppliet into
the interior before the dote of navigation on the Yukon."
A terrible explosion occurred at Vanoouver at the Royal City mills. Three
men were injured: G. Sully, Charles
Phillips and Forbes. Fortunately the
acoident happened during the luenh
hour, when over 100 men were away.
The boiler wat blown sixty yards and
tht engine houae wrecked. Five men
standing oloee to the boiler miraculously ttcaptd unhurt.
Messrs. Strevel and Buchanan, the
well known railway contractors, have
decided not to undertake any further
contracts on the road aa the price
is too low.
The Mscleod Gazsette savs tbst recent arrivals from the summit report
the trail between there and Elk River
aa impassable owing to mud. Those
contractors' outfits that are now go.
ing through the pass will be forced to
camp thia sldt ot tbe summit until
the trsil has been put into proper
shape for travelling over.
A couple of dagos working on the
Crow'a Nest Railway got into tome
trouble the other day, and the following night one of them crept into the
other's tent and made a murderous assault on him with a knife while he
was asleep. He slashed him aorosi
the neck, almost severing the jugular
His arrest followed.���Prospector.
Inspector Jarvis, N.W.M. Police, a
sergeant and three constablas arrived
at Steele last Sunday, and were sworn
in by Government agent Armstrong aa
constables in this province. The inspector has brought 10 men with him
in all, and thess will be stationed at
varioua points along the Crow's Nest
Railway daring the period of construction.
Engineer Duchesnay, of the C.P.R.,
reports on the proposed Yukon route
that the distance to Tealin Lake is 180
miles, and thia he walked,a pack train
conveying the supplies, Tbe weather
was good and no difficulties were encountered to that it would seem
that railroad building wall be easy.
On his way iu Mr. Duchesnay overtook Mr. Jennings, the surveyor sent
out by the Dominion Government to
aasertain the most feasible route to
Yukon. He returned In company
with Duohesnay aftsr ssnding two
parlies, one in oharge of a aon of
William Ogilvie, the well known
eurveyor, to explore the Hootalinqua
Tli. Kootenay Vallev Company.
TheKootenian aays: T. G. Proctor
is back from East Kootenay where, aa
manager tor the Kootenay Valley
Company, he apent a month planning
with Mr. R. H. Venables Kyrke, tho
secretary, wbo ia out from Wales, to
place that company's magnificent body
of farm lands on the market. Tho
company haa some 1)0,000 acres of first
choice lands extending over a stretch
of lfiO miles up and down the East
Kootenay and Elk Rivers. It is nearly all fine meadow, and will be be put
on the market at once at figures ranging from $2.50 to $30 per acre. They
also have some fine townsitee, two of
which, at Elk River Crossing and
Crow'a Nest Landing, are to be platted
and put on tbe market soon. At Elk
River there is an exceptionally tine
prospect for a town. It is on the railroad, about 13 miles from ths coul
fields and is beautifully situated
among farming lands at the edge of
the mountaini. Within a very few
miles there ia also aome very fine mineral showings. One of tho features ot
the new town is a magnificent water
power. Already a number of buildings
have been etarted.
. ��
Ruormuus  Locate*-Money   L.tt.rt.
The Postmaster at Montreal has
been obliged to pur. on extra clerks to
handle the Family Herald and Weekly
Star mails. The money letters being
received by lhe Family Herald and
Weekly Star is the largeat in the history of Canada, and visitors to the
offlce. where the rush is in full iwing,
report that heavy additions have had
to be made to the ataS of clerks employed in putting on new subscribers'
names and extending the term ol old
subscribers on the Family Herald
subscription list. The Family Herald
is being vastly improved. It was
great before, but its motto seems to Im
Progressive ever."
Information Department
Those desirous ot obtaining information regarding the mineral sections cf
East Kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished suoh information by
addressing their inquiriea lotho Editor
of tho Eua, free of charge
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly IU5.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self.addressed stamped envelope The Dominion Com-
piny, Dept. Y Chicago. _Uap_l
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chanee of
cheap goods.
- golden -
In Every
Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
Mining Supplies
A speciulfeature of
our business.
To Advertisers and -subscribers.
Tlio GOLDEU KHA is nublished every
Friday oveniug. It is the best advertising
medium ill the Knst Kootenay district
���Subscription Hates i  feuu per nuuu��� IN
Alteration. juiiI changes of standing edver-
tisenieuts must be iu ti,e office uot later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insortioii, but
ungual advertisenioutswill be received up till
noon on Friday.
Wlillo all i-ensoni-blo care wilt be taken, the
proprietors will not bo responsible lor uuy
ouii-sion or error in any advertisement,
All accounts to be paid tu tlio Managing
Director, or his authorirsed agent, from whom
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rate*.- Display ads., 81.50 per
cullililil iliuli: Leg inds., 10 -rents per line
for first insertion, (1 .rents for eiurh additional
insertion; Heading notices, 1*1 cents per lino
..���-.-���li issue.
All bn-siness communications should be nil*
drowod tu tlio Mana-ring Director, and all
litirrriry eomiiuiiiiciaiuiis- {otters lor publication ur ue.vi. items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is Invited ou in.-itt.rrs_ of
public interest, but to secure publication      ,��� ,       ,   ,        #      , ,,    ,
such lettoi'N must be brief.  In tlie case ot will bo glad \o givo them all the   in
no fear of that. It is well known
there are certain men who are ''claim
jumpers"���men who keep a lookout
tor some little negl.ct on the part of
the prospector and take advantage of
it by jumpiog his olaim. While we
admit that suoh men are among the
most miserable specimens ot humanity,
still they exist, and they too often
succeed in their diabolical work.
When there are men mean enough to
jump claims, there are men mean
enough to jump humesteads. Tbere
is no difficulty in complying with the
law, and for their own protection we
urge those settlers who have not done
so to made entry at once. If they
don't know what has to be done, or
how to do it, if they write to us we
anonymous letters the nnnio and nddretw of
tlie writer must lie enclosed, not for publication, but for tlio private informiilioiiot'the
editor and no it --uarantooof good faith.
It- Gol.-- Eta Campani Limited Liakilil),
Office, Golden, D. C.
tit lie 'Ool&ctt t_ra
(Edited by E. A. Haoobn.)
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect even-
package put up for pack
trains before
.the premises.
We havo something for you
for tho next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
the next 30 days.
��� ��� Don't ��� ���
Miss This Opportunity!
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and   ,
Rigs ot nil kinds tor
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + X +
Hamilton & Skelton,
OOLDEN. B. C. ltllto
The McMurdo House,
iakhonate LAN-dim-,
east kootenav,
Cartwiiioiit, Piioprietor.
Oood accommodation for Miners. .
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses tor Sale or Hire
Advertise Your District
To do so, send yonr orders tor us
- to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
and the various locations on (he
back of each form I
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers and Publishers,
.Oolden,, B.C.
Thomas Lee
Hs* Opened a
fa Gibson's building, opposite the Postoffice.
Cabbage and Celery for sale.
Meals served at all hours.   Tobacco,
Cigars and Refreshments.   21.1st
Caton's Tansy Pills.
��re}s. Atdruggis*s,orsSntiieaJ-id,��|.,Onr
booklet 4 cents. ' '��Dte
dates Ipee. t'o.. WoetM. Mass.
Next to the road to enable tbe
Kootonay Consolidated Company to
work their property next season, one
of the most urgent works that should
be curried out by the Government in
this district is the construction of a
wagon road into the Snillimachcne
country. As was pointed out by tho
deputation which waited on the Gov-
eriiicnt Agent, the Spillimachene country is ono of the first whose mineral
wealth attracted attention in East
Kootenuy. A great deal of development work bus beon done there and it
has been proved beyond doubt that it
will hare a large number ot shipping
mine--, as noon as the proper means of
access is nltoi'ded. The Government
must already have drawn a large
revenue from that district and it is
gross neglect on tlio part of tho authorities that mines that can tre placed on
shipping bn3is, nnd add to tho wealth
of tho country, and the emplo. ment of
labor, should hnve to lie idle for tlio
want of that access which it is the
duty of tho Government to give. Here
its a road thut gives access to the extensive nud rich mineral valleys of
three forks of n main watershed, the
north, south und middle forks of tbe
Spillimnchenc, together with their im
pcrtant tributaries of McMurdo creek,
Copper and Vermont creeks, Burns and
International basins, all of which are
proved to be rich in mineral deposits.
The Beaver and Bitgnboo roads are
also most necoasiuv works to give out
lets to properties which are ready to
become shipping mines, These roads
will havo to be made sooner or later.
Surely it is worth while on the part
of the Government to make an effort
to build these roads during the com
ing session of Parliament. If the
Government cannot meet an important
subject like this, theu their system of
finance must be altogether weak and
inefficient, and. the sooner they deviae
some effective system of local novcrii
mont, by which the piople of such a
district as Goldon can help itself, and
have tho means for constructing the
roads it wants, the better will it be
for tho mineral industry and the
Province as a whole.
We find that tliere are a number of
settlere who have merely squatted on
their land and have neither made
entry (or it nor pai I the en'ry fees,
although they have dona considerable
improvements on the holdings tbsy
have taken np. These settlers aro in
a serious position and they don't seem
to know it. Their position is such
that if anybody came along who waa
sufficiently mean spirited to do it, they
could ''jump'' these holdings and the
improvements effected ' on them by
making tbe necessary entry and pay
ing the fee. ' It may be said  there is
Untold Agony.
Distracted by Excruciating Hhetfinatic
Pains-Seven Years' Untold Misery���No
Remedy to Help���No Physician to
Thwart the Unstaiight-Hiit South American Rheums!'.- Cure Charms Away
the Pains in 12 Hours ami lhe Suffering
Slavo is Emancipated.
3. V. McLeod, of Leitb, Ont., says: "I
have been a victim nf rheumatism for seven
years, being confined to my bed fnr months
at a time, and unable to turn myself. Havo
been treated by many of the best physic!
without benefit. I had no faith in cun
saw advertised, but ray wife induced mo to
get a bottle ot South American Rheumatic
Cure. At that time I wu suffering agonising
pains, bat Inside ot It hours after 1 bid taken
ihe first dsse lbs pains left me. Three bottles
onmpletely cured me, and I rejoice In having
the opportunity Of telling what a great onto
it bat wrought in me."
Sold by fj. A. Warren. 81
formation and assistance in our power.
We congratulate Constable Cox on
the action that he has taken to stop
sly grog selling by unlicensed persons, Where a lisenoe is held it is
much easier to trace breachs of the
law and mischief resulting therefrom,
but where liquor is sold by unlicensed
persons, as it has been in Golden, then
the hotel keeper is wrongly blamed
for the mischief that results and the
real offender escapes unpunished. The
Chinaman who was brought, up on
Monday seems to have had very little
regard for the law, and came very
nearly causing serious trouble on a
recent occasion by his use of firearms.
The Chinese want to be taught that
they must obey the law, and when the
Chinaman who got the liquor treated
the court with contempt in refusing to
answer the questions put by the magistrate, the officer did thu right thing
in sending him to gaol. Wong Pon
evidently took that course to screen
Mack Joe, and the Chinese want to be
severely taught that this sort of thing
will not be tolerated. Wheu white
people interfere with Chinese they are
generally severly punished, aud when
Chinese break the law they ought to
feel its effects just as they are so ready
to avail themselves of its protection
when injury is done them.
The excellent suggestion made by
the Government Agent, Mr. Griffith,
to the deputation whioh waited on
him on Monday, should not be lost
sight of. "United we oonquor, divided we fall," applies to Golden just as
much as any other place. At the
present time there is no representative
body to take up questions affecting the
raining interests of Golden and there
is ample scope for the operation of
such a body. Trails and wagon
roads are required, a smelter is wanted, different ores are found, tbe profitable methods of treatment and shipping of which could be better ascer
tained by a miner's association than
by any other way. The ores ot this
district cannot be beaten, yet when an
exhibition is held anywhere we find
other distriots represented and Oolden
not, for the simple reason that there
is no representative body to take up a
matter of the kind, and individuals
cannnt be expected to give time and
attention, and pay expenses out ot
pocket for the public good, without
some aid and backing by their fellow
townsmen. Advantage has been
taken of the suggestion made by
Mr. Griffith to call a meeting
ot the people of Golden at the
office of the Gulden Era for Tuesday
night to endeavor to organise a mining association, and also to draw up a
statement to the Government urging
the construction of a wagon road into
the Spillimachene country.
Complaints are lundo to us about
the School Trustees of Golden levying
a school tax ot 25 cents per month
ou tho children attending school.
Somo children were sent home the
other day for not bringing this levy.
In this country education is free,
secular, and compulsory, and School
Trustees have no right or authority
to levy such fees, or deprive children
ot tho privilnge of attending school for
non-payment. If the trustees do not
receive the funds from the Government
to which they are entitled for the ums
of tho mnintainanco of, the school then
the better way is to raise the money
by giving an entertainment, but no
such arbitrary action as that which
has been taken should be tolerated.
A Widow's Struggle.
Work   Bronght
Severe Illness
on  a
The Hon. Mr. Sifton is to bo congratulated on the improved conditions
which he is bringing into operation
in the Tukon. He has got the right
hang of the duty of the Government
in thin .mutter and of securing the
wealth of these great goldfields for
Canada. He has decided nn un improved mail service and the establish'
ment of a bank to issue currency,
purchase the gold from the miners,
and undertake the safe transportation
of gold where required. The regula<
tions reserving alternate claim's will
be abrogated, but the policy ot the
Government will be to collect a royalty
on the output.
A good deal of discussion has been
aroused in financial and other journals by the repeated appearance of the
name of Premier Turner and other
British Columbia ministers on the
directorate of mining concerns. One
Klondike company, especially, has been
criticised because tt is claimed that
Mr Turner's directorship gives the
company early access ot information.
"Money' urgos thut suoh s practice is
becoming a financial scandal. The
Westminister Qaaette's headline runs:
"Premiers and promoters sinking from
bad to worse.*' This is how the Turner Government is damning British
Thrco Months Without Sleep-Wasted In
Flesh and Given up to Die, but the Ureal
South American Nervine Soothes to Rest
Wl'h Une Dose and Effects a Rapid and
Permanent Cure;
Mrs. While, of Mono Township, Beaverton,
P. O.. was dangerously III from nervous
trouble. She wss so nervous that she bad
not slept a night for three months. She waa
se low lhat bet friends despaired cf her recovery, in fact, bad given her np to die. She
wai persuaded to try South American Nervine. Her relief was ao instantaneous that
after taking one dose she slept soundly sll
night She persisted in he use of this great
euro and gained in health rapidly, so that
now there Is not a sign of the nervousness,
and she fseb she is entirely cured.' If you
���dwrbl it, write and ask her.;
BoldbyCA. Warren.   ,. _M
Lore has a Ion-; way to go to reach
the heart of the modern up-to-date
young man. When he looks for a
wife, lie expect? n good deal. Probably
hc expects more than he deserves,
He wants
good looks,
I good sense,
'good nature,
'good health.
'   They usu-
ally go together.   An
observing man
learns that a
>���-�����-���**��       -.���'woman who is phys*
IWP*"****���> ���"-"������j***���*-**an<-*ierv-
*���"*��� _/" j"** ous and incapable, is
���* likely to be ill-natured loo. The swoeteat'teraper is ruined
by continual sickness.
A woman whose nerves aro constantly
racket! and dragged by debilitating drains
ind inflammation, cannot be a genial ccru-
annioti or happy wife; and she is totally
unfitted to be o mother.
These tmithl���i prevail almost unlvers*
iliv amon;- women largely because of
���raicksmicss raid n-ilect. There is no
need of them. Dr. l'lcrce'n Favorite Free-
oription is a positive specific for tlie weak*
nesses and diseases of the feminine or*
ganism. It cures them radically and
Bomoletsly, It heals; strengthens and
purities, 'It Is thc onlv acientlfic remedy
devised for this sprclal purpose by an
educated, skilled physician. It is the only
medicine lhat makes motherhood easy
aurl absolutely ttife. .
Its tale, through dealer!) in medicines
���xceeds the combined sale of all other
medicines for women. It acts directly
r*nd only on the ciiiM-bearin-- organism.
It allays iiifiritnnialion, soothes pain,
heals ulceration and gives the tortured
nerves a rest. It does away with the
discomforts of the expectant period and
makes baby's coming easy anil comparatively painless. Thousands of women
have testified to its wonderful virtues.
All good drof-gints cell it and honest
dealers will not oiler inferior substitutes
for the sake of a little extra profit. Dr.
Pierce hns been for thirty years chief
consulting physician of the famous Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at
Buffalo, N, Y. His reputation as av
skilltrd specialist in woman's ailments Is
Miss Lauretta KcNccs, of Reno (F, 0.
Box 7S-I, Washoe Co., Nev., writes: "I
have discontinued taking the 'Prescription ' and will not take any more (at present). La** month I had no pain at all and
worked every day without any inconvenience whatever, It was the first time I
never had pain during that period, I cannot say tno much for your medicines espe.
dally the 'Favorite Prescription' and
���Pleasant Pellets.' I know of a lady who
took one bottle of your 'Favorite Prescription ' and she says she was not sick like sue
was with her first baby. This was her
second baby. She thinks it a grand medicine.   So do I."
" I had suffered untold misery for a num.-
ber of rears, with ovarian trouble, an exhausting drain, constipation, painful periods nnd other annoying troubles," writes
Mrs. Annie James, of No. tr) Seventh St
Nervous Prostration, Dullness anil
Extreme Weakness���Or. Williams
Pink Pills cwnie to her Rescue after
Hospital Treatment Failed.
From the Fort William Journal.
In the town of Fort William lives a
brave woman, who for years has by
dint ot constant labor kept the Wolf
from the door and her little family
together. From morning till night
she tolled to provide contorts for ber
loved ones until nature at last protested against such a constant drain
on her strength and so she began to
lose health. Soon the slender frame
became unable to bear its dally load of
toil, and tho poor mother was at last
forced to give up the unequal contest,
and become a burden where she had
once been the chief support, Nervous
prostration, heart disease, constlpa
tion, and other names were given to
her malady by local physicians, bnt
months passod during which* she
suffered untold agony, without finding any relief from her sufferings.
Palpitation ot the heart, dins-mess,
extreme pain in the cheat, loss of appetite and nervousness were some of
symptoms of the disease, gatherings
that caused excruciating pain formed
at the kuee joints and other parts of
the body, and at last she became perfectly helplesss and unable to walk or
even sit up. At this stage she was
advised to enter the hospital, that she
might have tho benefit ot skilled
nurses as well as the best medical
treatment; but after spending some
time there without obtaining any relief the uoor woman gave up all hope
of recovery and asked to be taken
home. So enunciated and weak Had
she become that her frienda were
shocked at her' appearance, and was
so utterly hopeless her condition that
it was like mockery to speak hopefully
of her ultimate recovery. What then
was the astonishment of all who had
known her dreadful condition to hear
that she had at last found a remedy
whose magic at once demonstrated
the fact that where there is life theie
is hope. The name of this remedy
that worked such a wonderful change
in audi a short time waa Dr. Williams' Pink Pill., and after taking
five boxes she wns able to walk about
and visit her friends. Her strength
gradually but surely returned and in s
few months from the time she began
nslng the medicine she was able to
resume her work. The subject of
this article, Mrs Jane Marceille, is
well known, and her youthful and
healthy appearance today oansos peo*
to exclaim-wonders will never cease.
She attributes her restoration to her
family, solely to tho virtues to be
found in Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
her experience she hopes, may put
somo other sufferer on - the road to
This treat remedy enriches and
purifies the blood, strengthens the
nerves, and in this way goes to the
root of disease, driving it from the
system, and ouring when other remedies tail.,
Every box of the geuine Dr. Williams' Pink Pills has the trade
mark on the wrapper around the box.
and the purchaser can protect himself
from imposition by refusing all others
Sold by all dealers at 50 eenta a box or
six boxes for $2.50. 225
Removed to    '
New Stoie   '
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge,
My Matte to
Good Quality,
Good Fitting: and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Sign Writer, Painter, and
Paper Hanger.
Ordsrs promptly attended lo.      Sato
Notary Public, Golden, B, C.
A post card addressed to rae
at the post offlce, Golden, will
receive prompt attention. '     29te
... Practical
Price List on Application. 144to
Builder and Contractor,
-  -  -  -  Golden, RO.
A supply of Building Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.'   Prompt attention given, to orders. 28tc
riodn nnd other annoying troubles,
Mrs. Annie tames, of No. a? _cve
Memphia, Shelby Co., Teen. "Thank God,
mv health has been fully restored and I	
gladly say I am a well woman to-day. I
used six or seven bottles of your' Favorite
Prescription,' and also used tbe lotion
which you advised in the ' Common Sense
Medical Adviser.'"
" For years I had been falling In health
and kept getting worse and more nervous
all the time." writes Mrs. Annie Dnlaa, of
Bast Stroudsbur-r, Monroe Co,,. Pa. "I
doctored with two different doctors and
they told me that my system wu ran down
and my nerves were weak. I had ulcers of
tlie uterus whieh were so painful at times
that I was afraid that they must be cancers.
Indeed I felt discouraged with the treatment, and did not get any better until my
nurse advised me to write to you aad I
did so.
"In May I commenced taking your
'Golden Medical Discovery' and 'Favorite
Prescription' and follajved your advice as
closely as I could. I took twelve bottles ta
all, six of      -    ���    -        -  *
Judicious advertising is tbe keystone of success. Advertise in the
Golden Era.
a ���
Mast be Dissolved.
Kidney Diseaso can only be Cured bye
Remedy Which is iu Liquid Form-Common Sense of t-cioneo.
For a disordered stomach or sick keadacbe
pills and powders are not without effect, hot
when these same remodios are said to cure
kidney disease the common sense of science
rebukes tho claim. This inskllou* snd growing disease will not be driven from the system unless a medicino is givon that will dissolve tho hard substances-uric acid and oxalate of lime���that give rise lo the distros
and pain that is common to all who suffer
from kidney complaint. South American
Kidney Cure is a kidney specific. It dissolves theso hard substances, and while it dissolves it also heals. The cures effected leave
no question of its power.
Sold by C. A. Warren. tSI
live geutlemon or ladles to travel for
responsible, established house in British lor-
umui-i. Monthly H.j.00 and espenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self addree
sed stamped envelope, Tbe Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. -Map_)
: eaoh.  Thanks to God and the
right kind of medicine I feel myself cured
and a well woman. I have no bad feeling
whatever and can do the work for a family
of elghtj and feel better than I have for
Dr. Pierce has had a life-time of experience in this particular field. His iod��
gttge illustrated book, "The People's
Common-Sense Medical Adviser " contains several chanters devoted to woman's special physiology. A paper-bound
copy will be aent free on receipt ot ji
one-cent stamp to nay the cost of customs and mailing only. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.Y.
For a cloth-bound copy send go "*	
Independent Order of Foresters
Sick snd funeral benefits.
Most popular system of life Insurance.
Membership Increased by 6,000 for last
Persona desirous ot joining in forming a
Court at Oolden are requested to leave their
names with ,E. A. Haggen, office of tbe
Golden Era.
IHO J. E. A-NADLl, Organiser. '
Strength, Vitality, BtMheed.
DR. WARD'S '*:&...
Are sold nnder a positive guarantee to cure
or refund tbe money, and wo stand by our
guarantee Cures all NirKVuUH Dishahbh,
���ouog, NiiiHTLY Emissions and
~e, and all effects of self abuse
    Stops dsngerom drains.   A
genuine Nbbvk Tonic. Shows immediate
Improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times. Price II, or six boios la full treatment) for K, by mall, In plain package, oa
receipt of price,
Ward MEbiciNE Co.,
.   866 Dearborn St., Chleag...
.    Ittairtl
Undertaken and
.  .  Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���   ���   Alta.
Barrister, Solicitor &
- - - Notary Public.
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Oolden. B. C.
Will be In Golden on Mondey of each
week. 36tc
William Bennison,
Mining Broker,
Seattle. WssMsgtw.
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence solicited.
London reforence-W. L. Cooper, Solicitor,
No. 6 (Jueen Ann Street, E. C.
American references���Seattle National Rank
and Everett National Bank. IH
Watoh, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing
In all lis lines done oa
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings anil
Jewelery carried  in  stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mail Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of business,
Opposite the Poet Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Oolden, B. C.
Na-PVA ��� NERVE BEANS are a new
t-ttJA ttt    discovery that cure the worst
Beans. ��-jraa_fffiStt
restores the wMkness of body or mind caused
by overwork or Ibe errors or excesses of
youth. This remedy -Mutely cures tbe most
obstinate esses when all other treatments have
failed even to relieve. Mold by druggists atll
per package or six for IB, or sent by "sail so
���elpt of price by addressing THE-J.	
CO., Toronto Ont.
The Eagle Foundry
No. SI King St, Montreal.
Mill and Mining Machinery,
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Porgings.
���   ��   0
Manufacturer of
Elevators, Shingle Mills, Etc.,
Blake's Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam Bollere.     170dSl
���agieal Complexion Tablets
heeuUfr-heakhaad.rom-ikxion. A positive
A Satisfactory   Season's Work mnder
the Charge of Robert Rusk,
Capt. Armstrong recently informed
as that the dredge had done good
work this season. B. Busk, who has
been in obarge of the season's operations, informs us that they started
work in April at tbe warehouse, whore
they built a dam. Then tbey mov
edto the upper end ot Windermere
Lake, where they improved the channel into the river (or a distance of 800
feet, and marked it out, They next
went to Mud Lake and connected the
dredging whioh had been formerly
done there with the.deeper water between the warehouse and the mouth
of the river, Tbey then returned to
the south end of Lake Winderemere,
where they repaired and build up the
dam, putting in 400 feet of new work.
The beneficial effect ot this was observed in the way fn whioh the lake
held the water longer thia season, the
lake having been two or three feet
higher than formerly thus materially
assisting navigation. The dredge was
then brought down to the S and a
dam put in there of Sib feet in length.
quarterly sitting at Donald, Thursday Mov. ��th.
(Before His Honor, Judge Forin.)
Letters uf naturalisation were granted to the following: Abve Gallican
B. Luadln, A V. Cederholin. The
application of J. N. Shoce was refused
as he had been only three months in
the oountry. >
Armstrong vs. McKay. -Thia was
an action by J. P. Armstrong, official
administrator of the estate of A. McMurdo, against Chan McKay. Mr.
-i-runge, for plaintiff, stated that a
judgement had been given against
debt in favor of A. MoMurdo, who
had since die-l and it was now proposed to garnishee under that judgement certain moneys coming to defendant. His Honor made an order as
prayed by Mr. Spragge for revival of
the ju igement by .uhstituting J. F.
Armstrong for the deceased as : he person entitled to the judgement, with
A Boasted Advantage Proves to
lie a Source of Weakness
and Worthl jssness.
-���.kern of crude and imitation dyes
ihusi ot necessity claim some advant-
'a-res for their common productions in
oid r to attract consumers. Amongst
iif decumivH und sweeping claims put
liefore the public by a certain maker of
dye, one particular must attract the
attention of even those who are novices
in the art of home dyeing; we refer to
the statement, ''Will not soil tbe
Thia olaim is a direct acknowledge
ment of weakness aad worthlesness as
far as coloring power is concerned.
Any wise woman will readily see tbat
a dye that will not stain the hande ia
ot Utile uae in the work of dyeing,
Suoh dyes may give to light and
flimsy fabrics a show of tint or color,
b it it soon vanishes from the mater
ial�� wheu they see the light of heaven.
The Diinond Dyos, no mater bow
much water le added, have coloring
power to stain the hands A bath pre
pared frum one ten cent paokage for
dyeing aix pounds of goods a light color will giv* as durable a shade aa if
the-bath had been prepared fordyiog
two pounds of goods a dirk color.
It ia- coloring power that home
dyers look for and must hare,, colors
that will stand sunlight and washing
with soap. As two stioks can be used
fur moving the goods about in the
bath, tbere ia no necessity to have the
bands or anus in the dye. Diamond
Dyes are true aud powerful airents, always doing the best work, and never
make (alee and misleadiug claims. 2nd
Who are Made Well and Strong
by Paine's Celery Compound
No Return of Disease
Cures,  are   Permanent  and
A Letter From ��� Montreal Uentleman
Cored Four Tears Ago.
Medical colleges conferred upon Pro.
fessor Edward Phelps, M. D., their
highest honors for his invaluable investigations in medicine, but all this
seems small In comparison with the,
grand chorus of gratitude that has
gone up all over the world from men,
women and children who have outgrown weakness, lack of health and
disease by the use of Paine's Celery
Compound,tho noble professor's grandest medical discovery.
Paine's Celery Compound justly
boasts ot one grand advantage over all
tbe advertised remedies of tbe dny,
whether they be Dills, nervines, bit
ters or sarsaparillas. The cures effected by Paine's Celery Compound <n
oases ot rheumatism, neuralgia, kidney and liver troubles, nervousness
and dyspepsia are permanent and
Thousands of glad letters like the
following from Mr. Charles Bowles, of
Montreal, are received every year:
"Over four yeara ago I gavo you a
testimonial for Paine's Celery Compound after ft had completely freed me
of rheumatism of many years' standing. I am happy to state I have had
no trouble from the disease since your
Paine's Celery Compound cured me,
pioving conclusively that your medicine works permanent cures. I am always recommending Paine's Celery
Compound to the sick.and particularly
to those troubled with rheumatism."
$500<?'? IN GOLD!
General Weyler will be court-mar-
tialled on bis return lo Madrid.
a i.
Bow to Gure Billons Colic.
I suffered for weeks with colic and
paint in my atumach causd by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the
while until I used Chamberlain's
Cloio. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
which cured me, I have since i-eccom*
mended it to a good many people.
Mrs. F. Butler, Fairhaven, Conn,
Persons who are subject to bilious
colic can ward off tho attack by taking
this remedy as soon aa tbe first symptoms appear. Sold by all druggists.
Langley & Co., wholeaalo agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 220
1. Send your answer on an "International Post Card," which can be
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance fee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will'thereby win one of our '-Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watohes which we
sell in England for S10 each, and
which could bo sold retail in America
for $15 to 828 each.
3. Every winner of the Watch Is required to purchase one of our splendid
vai.uk inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
ChainB to wear with ihe Watoh, as
per our unprecedented offer which we
will send, These Chains are Hallmarked on every link by the English
Government. If the samo Watch is
required with Gold tilled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
if desired, be chosen.
i. With our Watch and Chain you
will receive our mammoth Catalogue
quoting Wholosale Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Plate, etc. The First Prize
will be given to the one who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
aud orders altogether the largest amount ot goods from the catalogue; the
Second Prize to the winner who
orders the second largest amount, nnd
nun oieueie niuevao ev am At*
pijoati-is or
It I. a raarvo Ions sura for all suoh disgusting aud disfiguring diseases as F.c*
s.raa. Mtt Kh.um, Teller, Isarbars' Hoh,
scald Used Uloera, Dotahos. It cans all
���rupilons of the skin aud maksa it soft
aud white.-:**.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, eheap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore. suoh as nickel,
copper, gold, and silver ores. In localities where lead ores aud fuel are
scarce and almost  unattainable our
Syrltic water-jacketed Malta Smelter
at been recognised with highly satisfactory results, snd has been thoroughly tested on various pyritic,
sulphide, and arssnldeores, incapacity
ol two to SO tons per day It ie the
simplest method ot gold and silver ore
matting and concentrating that ia
known today.
It requires no extraordinary skill,
; no le��d ores, no fluxing material. Md
00 fuel for the smelter alter tt is
started. The sulphur lu the ore is
Its natural luel only, and ils cost has
no comparison with any other process
01 concentrating.
We tie prepared to (urnish any site or
eaprielty plant complete to substantial
mining people, ttt it up tnd furnish
our men to ran it for them on easy
payments. Pries* -and apeoifloations,
with reCers-ees and testimonials, on
application. '
Maanltatuien ef Feraeeos for Nickel, Copper, Hold, dllver, aad Lead Ores..
���T. LOUIS,  MO. 12010
" the -rsnlle-ee or ladles to travel for
reeeoi-tWe. as-aMUed hou-c In British Col
ntnbla. Monthly tU.00 and expenses. Posl
tioa steady. KelbreMe. Enclose self add ro��
eei ataaiptd envelope. The IHanlnion Com-
-inVlVTit. Vrhleego. SMapin
Map of Golden
Mining Division
... By V. C. Lang
On receipt of II copies of tills valuable
map will he mailed by
The Uolden Era Company L'ld. Lby���
Golden, ll. C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL la now open lor the
admission ot patients.
TICKET, may be had from the undersigned or any member ol the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per ball year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Aettng Secretary.
VOTICE Is hereby given thst GO days after
5 1 date I intend to apply lo the Chief Coin-
mhsioner of Lands and works for permission
lo purchase RJ0 acres of land situated in East
Kootenay District and described as follows:
Commencing. at a nesl placed at the southwest corner of lot Wl, G. 1, thence west 40
chains, Ihence north 80 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south M chains to place of
L. T. MacLeod.
Dated August _*rd, 1807. lfilnlO
Timber Notice.
THIRTY Dan after date I Intend to apply
to the Chlet Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a Special License to cut and carry
away timber from lhe following described
Isms In lest Kootenay, vis. i-CommencIng
at the N.-. curlier of Lot IB. 0.1, thence
north JO chains, thence east OOchalns, ilience
south 40 chains, thence east tt chains, thence
south Ifl chains,. Ihence oast 40 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence weslgOchains, Ihence
north 100 chains, thence west 40 chains to
ptaeo ol commencement, containing 1,000
acres more or leas.
War. McKks-.ie.
Cranbrook, Oct ttnd, 1807. StleJaS
1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
2 Prizes of
5 Prizes of
10 Prizes of
25.00 each
10.00 each
5.00 each
To the Twenty peopls who solve this Puzzle, if thero are so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH.
���*.S"Wc ui-e Manufacturers und Direct Importers, uud ciii-i-y a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goods, .Scientific und
Practical Hooks, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Millers' requirements.
Sole Agents for .Morgan
Crucible Company. Batter-
r-cra; Becker's Son's Balances; Iiruniou & Ponrse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc,
Vancouver, II. C.
P. O. Hos 115.-.. Telegraphic Address:  "jVSSAY," Ylilli'ouver, 11.1'.
With Your
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watoh," of wbioh the net factory price is $10. If preferred, the winner can
chooso a genuine Gold-cased Watch of the samo value.
B. O. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Corner Alexander Street iind AVestiuinster Avenue,
Telephone Dili,      P, O, Ilrnwer lot.
F - - TH -UL
F - R - M ��� ST
A word here
"True to tlio
Our Proud
in the Watch
A word which
here means
they will lust
a lifc-time.
The qualities
of our
which are
to be the
in the English
nnd American
As this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the fpllowing conditions and comply
with them.
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive tho Watch and Chain, and
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will be equally divided among
them, giving $25 each. All amounts
in this advertisement are taken at the
exchange of $5 to ��1.
li. A form will be sent Iree to you
which must be tilled up and forwarded
to reach us by December 25th of all
goods ordered on account ol these
0. Thc names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will ho printed in
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, ot London, on Dec. 31st next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same dny.
T. Write your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes.
8. Orders for these Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to time
nnd you will bo credited With the total
of all whon you send in the report
form ns above.
9. When sending Orders please remember that the letter postage to England is 5 cents per half ounce, and if
insuiliiricnt postage is used the letter is
liable logo astray.
Manufacturers oi':--
Stamp Mills Holler Mills Ore Concentrators Ore Feeders
liock Breakers        Smelters Hoistim; and Pumping Machinery
Air Compressors        Water Wheels        Engines Boilers        Tramways
Hydraulic Mining Machinery Mining Supplies
ijieiioral Manager, Phono 440.     Supt. Mining Ucpt., Phone 440,     Sec-Tress., l'houe 310.
Estimates Fuunisiibu.     154
Lodging House
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing.
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
- - KLONDYKE - -
''The Province*' Map of tlie Canadian Yukon
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Iucorporale.1 according to Act of Parliruiicut-Capital ��91,000 (1150,000).     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Ca,.le Adiiressi  "CLOCKLIKE, JjONDON." Business Established m\ lOJinrlS
In Five Colon.      SECOND EDITION        Nix.. K8x4��
Shews Mining Regulations, Mining Information, Rontes. etc., etc   One of the
Leading Features of the Map being the Prominence with which tbe
Compi'o.l rrnd prepared from the following authorities!- Ogilvie'* reports nnd maps,
DnwrW* reimrla and surveys, Department of lhe Interior |of the IM*.! map of Alaska,
Postmaster (ieueral'* [of tne I'.S.) official postal map of route.., l'liitei Stritoi Geodetic
coast surveys.
Wholeralc and Metnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers. .
GOLDEN, B. C.      26tc
Nnpplte* for   .
Assayers ���nd
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, 8corlhYrs, Furnaces,
Chemicals. Chemical Apparatus, llalnncos,
linker - Adamson's C. V. Acids.
We are Importers, Manufacturers
and .lobl-ara.
43l> -tovi.tM-nth St.        _    Works at
Denver, Colo. Pneble Coin.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D. L, Bettsohcri.
Prescriptions Carefully 1'repr.red,
A Full Stock of Patent Me Urines and
Druggists Sundries Kopt.
Price in neat folder. Paper, f.lV; Mounted on Cloth, Toe; Mounted
on Cloth a"d in Waterproof Cover, 11.00.
llnter quickly, tire First Edition is rntirely sold uut.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,     Victoria and Vancouver.
Is a credit lo tho publisher,��� Toronto Monetary Times.
Contains the latest information.���Winnipeg Tribune.
Pronounced by persons who have been there, very accurate, reliable and valuable.   We congratulate "The Province."���Victoria Times,
ill is no excellent production. ��� Miner. Nelson.
Those  familiar with the country say it is the most reliable nnd correct map
yet issued.���KoolOlialan Kaslo.
"The Province" maps are of cood si-re, clear and accornie.-Toronlo World.
"The Province" maps are very stylish, husines -like and handy, ��� Columbian.
Without daub! the finest yet issued.���Brandon Times.
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Nervous Exhaustion or any Pbivatb
Disease, who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE In plain sealed envelope upon application to
180dm Box 00, Detroit, Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Oood Streets at Once.
Cures general or special dobllitv, wakeful*
n*s, srjermatorrho-a, emissions, impoteney,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors or excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood in old or young, giving
Vigor and Strength where former weakness
prevailed. Cuivenlent package, simple,
effectual snd legitimate.
- are Is Qulek and Thorough.
Don't lie deceived by imitations; insist nn
Caton's Vitalisers.   Sent sealed If your dmg-
Ist does not havo It. Price II per pkgo., A
.jr lo, wiih wrllton guarantee of complete
cure. Information, references, etc., free unil
coiirklentlal. Sand lis statement of roso and
* els foi a week's trial treatment. One only
sent to each person. uVtc
t'atoa Neil. C.��� Dottoa. Hasa.
Dr. Ward's
Celebrated Kidney Remedy
Relieves pain in llie back, kidneys, liver,'
Madder and every |tart of the urinary pas- j
moos. It corrects inability lo hold urine and
scalding pain in passing it, or had effect, foi-
lowing lhe iiae of liquor, whio or beer, and >
overcomes lhat unpleasant necessity of being;
compelled lo get up often during the night
to urinate. The mild and lho extraordinary [
effect of Dr. Want's Remedy is soon renlinii.
If you need a incdicine you should have the
best.   Price, II.
17lmr!il USO Dearborn 81., Chicago,
"-JOTICF, Is hereby given that application
will In made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province nt' llritish Columbia at its
next session hy Tbe Trusts and Guarantee
Company (LimitedI, a corporation incorporated in Ontario under "The Ontario Joint
Stock Companies' Letters Patent Act" and
under "Tbe Trust Company Act 1805,''on the
24th dny of February, 1807, for an act continuing and conferring upon it tha powers of
the said company as the same appear in the
tatters Patent deposited in Ontario with the
Provincial Registrar and upon the approval
of llie LleiiteuantHovornor In-Councif, and
with its consent thut tlie said company may
be appointed by any Judge of the Supreme
or County courts of Iho Province of llritish
Columbia to oxecnte lho office of executor,
administrator, trusloe, receiver, assignee,
guardian of minor er committee of a lunatic
without giving security! And fnr all further
and necessary pernors as may be incident-it
or conducive to the attainment of the above
objects or any of thorn.
Dated Octouor Hth, 1807.
Hirnui.iiT E. A. ROBKBTSOX.
8 Bastion Square,
Victoria, B.C..
Solicitor for Tho Trusls anil Guarantee
MUnll Company, Limited
Pacific Hy
������The Klondyke"
Whether the route tn Klondyke lie via Si.
Mil-Intel* cud Ibe Yukrai or via Dyea or
Skagway and the I'liilcnt. Chllcenl or \\ hito
Pauses, or via the Stickeen River mute,
which is the mos! likely, or via Edmonton,
Ashcroft and the different routes, the Canadian I'acilic. Railway will bo the Iswt if uot
the only route to travel by.
Full iiifiirmati.il will shortly lie in the
hands of all agents of Iho Canadian Pacific I
Railway Company, the company now making!
enquiries tn ascerlain bolero advising the
Cnolle whicli will he lhe host routs lo go hi
y. From information in its possession a loo
carl*- start does not necessarily mean first
arrival at Klondyke, Ample time will bo allowed fnr all necessary arrangements.
If you are going east or to Ihe ol 1 country
this full, write tor a list of the rates to be in
If you are looking tor a place to spend the
Jipu ni lb: Imlii- liliw
are reached as cu? as other p.int.. and the
expense is less than at i.ther res irts.
For information and full particulars apply
11 yonr homo agent or address
Otto Tt-illi-r Manager, Winnipeg, Msn
j If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
The  MUNBON  r .������
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars.
The Munson Typewriter
Mr-T-tifri-rtuws. rMWIM W. Lake Street.
Chicago, lit. 517
te rein
be back
* Devilled oysters at the Golden
���Restaurant tonight. Starforth 4
Bligh, proprietors.
The new Catholic church has been
opened at Forr, Steele.
* Largest and sweetest loaf at the
Golden Restaurant.    13 for ll.
A company has been formed to run
the Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium.
* Just arrived. A choice stock ot
confectionery at Starforth A Bligh's.
The Hospital Committee deserves
s-reat credit for the wuy in which they
���ore improving the hospital grounds.
* Dress good trimmings, snantles
���ml jackets. Snaps in every department.   H. G. Parson.
J. W. Conner, of Golden, has obtained a horse power sawmill and intends supplying irewood during the
It is reported indie Key West that
the Cuban filibuster rendezvous in the
Bahamas has been seized by the
llritish Government.
* A large stock of rubbers, over-
���shoes, socks, mitts, gloves and undei-
wear at H. ft. Parson'-
William Jones, a tailor, appeared
before the S. M. on Wednesday on a
charge ot ������rolling" a drunk. He got a
month ia the Donald gaol,
Chas. Pearce. sawyer at the Golden
dumber CompHny's mUl.left on Thursday for Port Hope on �� visit
tive*.     Charlie  expects
���about the 1st oi January.
tt is proposed to make a now road
up the North Fork ot the Spilliini-
���r-hene, such road being carried direct
from where the present trail crosses
the Summit to Loon Lake.
On election day at Frankfort, Ky., a
bloody encounter took place between
the Republicans and Democrats, resulting in tbe death of three men and tlie
tvoundiog of two or more.
The Canadian home Journal is one
of our most welcome exchanges. It is
well got up, tbo illustrations being
high class, while the reading matter is
of an entertaining character.
Wong Bou, who got a bottle of
whisky from Mack Joe on Saturday
night wae arrested for being drunk
And disorderly and waa brought before
Mr. Griffith, S. M., on Monday and
discharged with a caution.
At a meeting of tbe members ot St.
Paul-*! church on Monduy evening
last, W. G. Armstrong and H. J. A.
Bu-oett were appointed delegates to
the syuod, which meets at New Westminster on the 17th inst.
Mr. -lade, who acted as purser on
the Upper Columbia Navigation Company's boat Gwendoline this afason,
left on Tuesday tor Pentioton, on tho
O'Kanagan Lako, where he has nc-
-epted a position oa a steamer.
A public meeting is called at the
Oolden Era offlce for Tuesday night
next to prepare the memorial to the
Government regarding a road up the
Middle Fork of the SpUlimachine and
also to form a Miner's Association ior
J. F. Armstrong, 8. M., in expected
in Golden to meet Mrs. Armstrong,
who is returning from the east, where
ahe had been with Mrs. Dr.Tuylor.who
had to undergo an operation. Mrs.
Taylor baa now recovered from the
effects and will also rctnrn horns
Some of our Donald friends suggest
that surprise parties between Donald
and Golden should be arranged during
the winter months. This would result
in friendly relatieae between the two
towns, and the idea would he to entertain the visitors from the respective
pieces in a hall ia each tows, where a
dance eeuld aled be held.
Owing ts the illness of Mrs. World
at Banff ahe has had to be removed to
her borne in the cast and thia has
necessitated the postponement ot the
entertainments to be given at Golden
���nd Donald by Miss World and Miss
La Dell, Ihe Concert Stare. The date
nt the entertainment at Golden has
been -tiered till Friday, Nov. 26th.
"The worst cold I ever had in my life
waa cured by Chamberlain'a Congh
Remedy,'1 writes W.   H.  Norton,  of
* Fur oaps, coats, mitts, glovea and
sleigh robes at H. G. Parson's.
Senator Mclnnes is to be appointed
Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, aud J. McLagan ot the Vancouver
World is to be promoted to the Senate.
A charter is applied for by a company which proposes to build a railway from Cranbrook to the North
Star mine, thence to headwaters of St,
Marv's River, aad thence to Kootenay
and Arrow labes.
On Saturday Constables Lang and
Cox arrested on No, 1 a mau named
Thomas Flynn who is wanted at
Calgary for theft. The man was sent
to Donald gaol, and Sergeant Brooks,
from Calgary, came through and took
him back.
* All kinds of pastry and cakes
made to order at the Golden Restaurant.
J.H. Falconer, D.S.C.R. andlnspec
tor for the Independent Order of For,
resters will institute a lodge of the
order in Golden tomorrow evening
in the Alexander Hall, after which
the election and instalation of officers
and appointment of committees will
take place.
G. Erlckson hae received Instructions to sink test holes at Field. This
is evidently for the purpose of supply
ing some of the information required
%)��� the directors aa to the nature of the
ground about Field before deciding on
the site of the new workshop and divisional point.
Postmaster Warren has received
advice of a new issue of postage
stampsbytheDominion,but instructions
are that the former Jubilee issues are
to be told out before tho new stamps
are put in circulation. The new one
cent stamps will be green and the five
cent stamps a deep blue.
Instead of reserving alternate claims
at Yukon as originally intended, the
Government will reserve claims in
blocks of 10, leaving the next 10 for
the miners, thus alternating the Government's and miners' claima in blocks
of 10. The claims will be enlarged to
ISO feet in length instead of 100 feet.
We have received from Mesars Mc*
Far]ane<_ Co., ot Vancouver, their
catalogue and price list of assayers
materials and engineering requisites.
Messrs. McFarlsne and Co, have one
of the best stocks in Canada, and
i heir prices are most reasonable.
Messrs. McFarlane also deal lo mine
and mill supplies, and from their experience and high reputation mine
owners cannot do better than entrust
them with their orders. The firm
will send their catalogue on application.
The three-year-old boy of J. A.
Johnson, of Lyman Centre, III., is
subject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says he is satisfied that the timely
use of Chambtrlain's Cough Remedy,
during a severe attack, saved his little
bov's life. He is in the drug business,
a member of tbe firm of Johnson Bros,
of that place and they handle a great
many patent medicines for throat and
lung diseases. He had all these to
choose from, and skilled physicians
ready to respond to his call, but selected this remedy tor use in hie own family at a.time when hia child's life wain danger, because be knew it to be
euperior to any other, and famous the
oountry over for He cures of croup.
Mr. Johnson says this is the best selling congh medicine they handle, and
that it gives splendid satisfaction in
ail cases. Sold by all druggists. Langley A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria
and Vancouver. 220
At the police court on Monday before
Mr. Griffith, 8. M., Mack Joe, a
Chinaman, was charged with sly
grog-selling. Constable Cox gave evidence that, having heard complaints
of Mack Joe selling liquor without a
license, he determined to keep a look
out and, on Saturday night, he noticed
a Chinaman named Wong Pou go in
there and come out with something.
Witness asked him what he had got
and the Chinaman ran off. Witness
went after him and he ihen threw
away the parcel he was carrying.
Witness recovered tbis and found it to
be a bottle of whisky. Wong Pou was
called and, refusing to give evidence,
he waa ordered to priaon for contempt
of eourt. His Worship adjourned the
case till 8 p.m., acoused being released
Mr. G. Woodley is much improved
in health.
A telephone exchange is to be put tn
at Fort Steele.
J. C. Tcm, of Calgary, is on a. visit
to friends in town.
The Golden Restaurant the only
one open night and day. Starforth A
Tbe Prospector says it Is reported
that Col. Baker has disposed of the
whole of his interests in the Cranbrook townsite.
Frank York, of Victoria, who is
building a boar, to ply on Teslin Lake,
saya the journey oan be made from
there to Dawson City by steamer in
three days, so if a railway is built between Stickeen River and Teslin Lake
by the C. P. R., the journey can be
accomplished with case,
A. J. Scott, who is contemplating a
trio to the coast, entertained a few of
his friends to an oyster supper at
Starforth A Bligh's restaurant last
night. After supper refreshments
and songs and speeches were in order
until a seasonable hour, when the
little gathering dispersed,
The Librarian of the Provincial
Library, Viotoria, requires to complete
the files, the Goldeu Era of the following dates: Jan. 2, 80; Feb. 8, 20,
27; Mar. 6, 18, 20; April 17; Aug. 27.,
all of the current year. We shall be
glad if any of our subscribers having
these dates will be good enough to
favor us by returning them to thia
office when they will be forwarded to
the Librarian.
A reply has been received from 8. D.
Pope, Superintendent of Education, to
the complaint of a resident of Golden
against the present system of levying
monthly tax on all families having
children attending school. The superintendent states that "neither teacher
or trustees have authority to assess
parents sending their children to a
public school. Our public schools are
free aud no charge can be legally made
on a pupil attending."
Health and strength carry us
through dangers aud make us safe in
the presence of peril. A perfectly
strong man with rich, pure blood, has
nothing to fear from germs. He may
breathe in the bacilli ot consumption
with impunity. If there is a weak spot
where the germs may find an entrauce
to the tissues, then the trouble begins,
Disease germs propagate with lightning-like rapidity. Once in the blood,
the only way to get rid of them ia to
kill them. This is whar. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery is for. It
parities the blood. That meana that it
kills the germs, but that is only part
of what It does, tt assists digestion
by stimulating the secretion ot digestive fluids, so promoting assimilation and nutrition; purities and enriches the blood and so supplies the
tissues with the blood they need. It
builds up strong, healthy flesh and
puts the whole body into a disease-resisting state.
Send 31 one-cent stamps to cover
cost of mailing only, and get hia
great book. The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser, absolutely free.
Address. World's Dispensary Medical
Association, No. 683 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y.
A dreadful tragedy has been enacted
in tbe parish of Rswdon, Quebec
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nulty came to
St. Julienne to transact some business,
leaving their four children, the eldest
17 ysars of age, at home. The parents on their return home in the evening were horrified by finding their
four little ones cold in death. They
bad been brutally butchered. A well
known tramp is suspected of being the
perpetrator of the dreadful deed and
detectives are in hot chase.
News in Brief
Sir Wilfrid Laurier ts at Washington.
Indian  uprising is contra-
WANTED-TBUBTWOHTHY AMD Active gentlemen or ladles to travel for
responsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly 166.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. V Chicago. -OttpH
Prince of Wales was 66 years of age
on Tuesday.
Seal experts met at Washington on
Thirty-six    Slkbs    massaored  by
Indian rebels.
Internal affairs of Spain are regard
ed as critical.
Theodore Durant was hung today at
San Francisco.
Hutton, of Toronto, found guilty of
killing his son.
Edmonton bridge cannot be completed this year.
Conservatives    will   not   contest
Central Toronto.
Another rumor that Lord Salisbury
will resign office.
Anton Grega has been oonvicted of
manslaughter at Whitewood, Man.
Sutter Creek, Cal. "This cold left me on 1100 bail. On the ease being re-
with a eough and-1 waa expectorating sumed Wong Pou gave evidence as to
all the time. Tbe Remedy oured me, ��� having bought the liquor from Mack
and I want all of my friends when ] Joe, who wss then fined ISO and costs
troubled With a congh or cold  to use end warned that for a repetition of tha
it, for ii will do them good." Sold by
all druggists. Langlev A Co., wholesale ageats, Victoria aad  Vancouver.
At the Police Court, Oolden, on Saturday morning, before Mr. Griffith,
P. M., C. J. Fox wae charged with
being drunk and disorderly and was
fined 110 er seven days imprisonment.
John Mclatyre (or being drnnk and
resisting the police, was sentenced to
14 days Imprisonment in the Donald
.gaol, Patrick Doole, for being drunk
And incapable, was cautioned and released en condition he would leave
Can any reader of the Goldcn Era
describe tbe 'Family Herald and
Weekly Star" premium picture for this
eeaeon. It Is entitled "It Fell From
tbe Nest." The publishers of ths
���"Family Herald and Weakly Star"
��_or IAO.00 in prises te those who can
best describe the picture from the
title. The Goi.Dm Era and the
"Family Herald" one year, and the
beautiful picture "It nil From the
Neef all for 12.75.
offence he would be ssnt to prison
without the option of a fine.
Rheumatism Banished Like Magic
A Marvelleue Statement-Rex
lief from One Doe*.
Mr. _. W. Stwr-ta, proprlttor ef the
Human Hosts, lletrlsburg, Oat Is knows
by thousand* of Canadians, .sacs tht foi-
lowlag stat.D-.tnt from Mr. Sbsrmsa will
bs read with xrsat lattrtst aad pltasare.
"I save been sated, of rhanaatlsa ot tea
jeers' steading la three dsys. Oaa bottle
CUM aeTfonaad this most ra.tsr_.Me ears.
The offsets ef the first torn ef loath Atseri*
can Bhtusutlc Cue were truly woajjertol. I
have only taken oaa bottle of th; mined*, and sow haven't say situ of rati ~
tlsm la sir system. It did ne non i
than, all As doctoring f ever did la
Ir-old hy ('. A. Warren.
Oolden Markets.
Wheat tl.00 to $1.05
Oats  0.68to  0.68
Barley  0.25to
Beef (live)  8.00 to
Beef (dressed)  4.50to
Pork (live)  4.00 to
Pork (dressed)  5.00 to
Mutton  6,00to
Butter  0.25 to
Eggs  0.20 to
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 17.00
Hay (loose) 14.00 to 14.00
Potatoes  0.75 to  0.75
0 80
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Ask ior proprietor.
Rubber Stamps
. Orders for Rubber Stamps snd Seals will
be received at the Ooldea Era Office and
executed vtith promptitude.
The Oolden Era Company,
Limited liability.
Public Meeting*.
T HEREBY Convene a meeting at the office
of the Goldeu Era Company on Tuesday
night next to consider the opening of a wagon
road up the Middle Fork of the Spillimachene, and also to take the preliminary steps
to form a Miner's Association for Golden.
E. A. Haggen,
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It relieves tbe pains *nd aches the
minute applied. . It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be used internally as well as externally.   Hundreda testify to its
Magical relief.   No home should
be without it.
Sold by all dealers.
Alexander Hall.
Friday, Nov. 26th, 97.
it ft
Miss Frances World
Of Toroato.
The Canadian Nightingale.
Meet Wonderful Voice In Canada.���Critic.
For Volume, no voice in America
ean touch Mlsi World's.
Miss Marietta La Dell.
Clarence Hersey,   ���
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 18791 Lbadvillb, Colorado
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention-
Specimen Assay Prices*���Gold, silver and
lead, II; any two of the above, 76c; anyone
of tho above, COcs copper analysis, It: platl-
num. nickel or tin, go.  Write for full price
list and mailing envelopes.
Many of the North American Indiana
were magaitcent specimens of physical
manhood. This wu due, largely, to their
active out-door life. Nevertheless, thay
had the wisdom to know that an active life
ia the open air alone, would not keep a
nun healthy. They had their medicinemen, who gathered herbs from Sold aad
forest sad brewed decoctions to assist the
of the various vital
Modem civilised men do net aa a usual
thing leeogaise the tame necessity until it
Is too Isle. They Ignore medicine until
they ere within the grasp of tome serious
 1 disease. The time fer a man to begin taking medicine is when he begins to
feci out of sorts. If a man Is thoroughly
well end healthy he decs not feel thst way.
If he does feel that way he may be pretty
sure that hs ia half sick. When he ii half
sick It doee not take long before he le
"whole-sick." Dr. Mefte. Oolden Medical Discovery Is the best medicine lev a
man when he Is sick or gettluf tick. It
puts him sll right sll round. It puts his
stomach right to begin with, sad that Is the
most important point- ������ puts bis liver
right, end thst Is the ascend most Import-
sat point ItpurlleshUMeedendlUsit
with the life-giving elements of the food
he earn, and thst Is ttt third Important
Slat  It drives out all disease gtrms aad
purittis of every dlscriptlon,
It makes
It Is the
, blcod-taakeraudles-.b-illder.   It
ernes OX per ceut ef sll esses ef coueem]
Ite keen end hearty.
~    aad tesh-b
rr cent of sll cease of cousump*
luais, spildsg of blood. ob*-_*
nate coughs and kindred ailments. Thousands who were given up to die hsve testl-
led le their recovery under this msrvetous
medicine. An koaett dealer will not urge
e substllutc fer ihe sake of a little extra
profit.    Re ilvt" v��u what yen ask fori
Mining! Heal Estate and
Financial Agent  ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects sad Developed Claims.
Address: ���
.... tioldea. B. C.
Oraup of two claims. Accessible position.
High assays in gold, silver, and copper.   10
Group of four claims. Ore carries copper
and gold.  Good position. 14
Group of two claims of gold-bearing quarts
In best mineral district of Esst Kootenay.
Assays up to |t700 in gold. 16,17
Placer lease. 11
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about HOO
per ton. II
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work, S
Group of 10 claims, developed. No better
property in British Columbia. IS
Well developed claim. Most promising
discovery in the Selkirks. Assays up to IJ8. i
Group of seven claims in qusrts country.
Good sverage assays. 18
Group of four full sited clsims. Copper
ore carrying gold. S
Three claims of 90 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith's shop and tools. Wash averages ISO
per square foot.    , S
One of best copper properties in Eatt Kootenay. Smeller test 24 per cent copper, besides gold. 8
Claim In one of best locations in Selkirks.
Cheaply worked. Assays 1116 la gold, silver
and copper. 9
- Choice gold property, partly freemifling.
Assays up to K40.  Development work     18
Two claims in good location. Qusrts carrying gold and copper. ID
Claim adjoining known gold property,   il
���Two claims,
Four claims in Yukon, near Dawson City,
ronid running up to 176 per pan.
Three claims near Columbia Blver.
   _     _ _i|
ledge, gold, and copper. 7
Three clsims, developed, assays H8 lu
gold, best location in Selkirks. H
Gold quarts claims, assays B8. if!
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead.
assays to 138. an
One of best high grade ore properties in
Windermere diatrict, assays up to 1186.
Cheap. ... ,...-*-
Two quarts claims in convenient position
pan gold. . 80
Five claims, copper and gold, value HO a
Three quarts claims, no essh, working proposition. .... _!
^.ree claimt tnro-oired country. ���*��
Fort Steele
... Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Leave* fleMea
Every TUESDAY morning at 7,80
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
tatmge Leave* Fort Steele
Every  SATURDAY morning  and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
Fi-rat Claw Eqalpraeat
and every attention given to the
comfort   of   passengers.    Oood
stopping houses every 26 miles
on the route.
Express Hatter
of all kinds handled with promptness and care.
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Golden.  "J
Of Toronto,
Interpreter of Literature.
Far superior to I .
ten in this city.���New Yorl
of the kind ever
For Imitating ohildren Miss La Dell
hat no equal In the world.
ADMISSION: - Beserved seats, 75c;
body ol hall, 60o; Children, 25c.
Hall plan at Warren's store, where
seats may be ressrved.   210n26
Be loyel to your town and district!
Get your printing done at the office of
the OOldem Era.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,  $1,000,000.
1260,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for Security
of  Policy Holders.
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat
Vice-President-Joseph W. Flavelle, Esq.
Managing Director���F. O. Cox.
E. A. Haoo.k,
Agent, Golden. B.
this f olumbia House,
A Strlotly First Class Hotel in Every Bespeot.
Equipped with all Modem Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors end Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. O.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Pel- Day. ��� ;:::o::::���
Tressury stock iu tto'Yletorla-Texada
Gold Mining Company. This stock Is offered at tl-Mr value el 86 cents. Five pf
the mines on Texada Islsnd have been working for Ihe past 10 months and this company
cor_Hersito-Mt_elieetpro|xi_itou#on the
island. Prospectus may be teen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
30,000*1 shsres of treasury stock In one of
lbs best properties at Fairview at M cents
V"*���-        RAKCHE8.       .:        ,
Farm of 180 acres war Gdhnt, M acres In
cultivation:weHwatered^ Ou-buildingscon
 of hay shed, noultry yards, mot
i_��-i fenced snd under cultivation. House
and stable    Rare bargain. i
ram et U0 aorta, one of lbs best snd most
~^ta|,W,-0_fe_fi_. ""*'
P^foTa'SS.way Coupler aad a Rope
0UBP      To Let
Sublet in GoMon.
For parti-.-Jars of shove apply to
B.A.HAOOB-,   __
Oolden Era Office.
If so the only Ready-Made Clothing
you csa get lo fit you perfectly It. .
Shorey's Make
If yonr dealer does not cany StMNjr's
OM Mm* get hlm to order for yoa.
Golden Sash ft Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
Msnu<acturenot8aab, Doors, Mouldings, Turned �����* Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Bells sad Brackets, Ahstsesef gists In stock.
Ths Machine aad Blacksmith Shopare prepared to do all kind ef repair
M soon as possible.  J Daises of Pip Frtti-. nad Bmss goods c_hsnd.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes' aad Felloes. Hick-try and
MaptePhnk. HOUSTON    tk    CO.


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