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The Golden Era Nov 25, 1893

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Array '<?
VOL, III.   NO 17.
%2 Per Year
-    HEADACHE     -
ure a positive cure for all casos of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of juice
S3  Outs   I'ev Box.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
I)0-��AI.II   llAI'I'ENl.NOa.
I    We hear that  Mr, A. C Sutton  is I
about to enter the law 'office of E. A. ! 	
Jeuns, New Westminster. ,.     ���, ,    ,      ,        ...
I    llrs. .Shaver, who has been visiting
Work on the Vermont Creek sleigli  hw, brother, Mr. J.  C,  Pitts, during
road is netiring completion.     A limn-' thu summer| returned oust by Monday's
ti from tliere  ���.���;���       g|)e laftveB   ,J(,,|in,,  ft host of
ifriends, who will.regret her departure,
Mr.   Jas.   Hannny   came   in   from  especially in church circles where she
Fort Steele this week and loft on Moil-; took an active interest.
her of   moil   have  come
this week.
(Incorporated I'iiO.)
Prices quolod end samples sup] lied on | published 1
Now ready for* business, has been newly built
and newly furnished. Tho table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. Mclfeisli -  Proprietor.
Carlin & Lake,
General Merchants, Alexander Block.
Special   attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
p 1 * I ��-���r jf*) ai i f)  f- r, y
ti.yijOU.il ��>  tiki
Co';, Cs'^ry, or
w  day's   No. 2 for   New   Vork, en routu
for England.
AnotInr harbor bus recently come to
i town, from Calgary.     He has rented
Mr.   John   Gibson's   shack,   and    is
now leudy for busHies*.
The Kootenay Star mentions, among
a number of others, C. F. Law, Golden, us a likely candidate for the West
Kootenay constituency at the coming
provincial elections.
The hopes of those who were looking
forward to having a goad time ou the
ice on Thanksgiving Day, were blighted by a full of several inches of snow
on Sunday night,
Iu  tho  hospital  subscription list,
usi, week, un omission was
made in the steamboat list; viz., F. 11.
Bacon ,>*), which Hid committed he^ to |
acknowledge, with thanks.
Dr. Taylor paid a professional visit
to Burr's utttnp, iieur Donald, on Tuesday. One of the men at work there
hud been struck on the head by a limb
of a falling tree but was not seriously
A couple of lumps have heen put up
this week at the station, they will he
of untold bent-lit on a dark night. Tiie
interior of ihe station has also been
improved, a new time piece having
been recently put up.
Is a -tt'lioles'ile und retail
druggist and can Supply
Gulden, mi Ihe in-iin line nf ihe Canadian
I'acilic l.aihvuy. al its connection  wiili the
steamboat u..-. ignliuii of tho (.uli.inliiii river:
thu iiifnor.il inn! commercial runtr.CDf'E-istci'n |
Mriti.-li f'oluiiibii.: lioiidm nrters nf th i CtoliI- j
en Smelling world*, (he  l'p|ier  Columbia
Navigation Co,, mil l..inher industry; tlio
outlet  for   the   widely    known   and    far
tinned iigricultiii-iil aim grii/.hig laiid nf the
Columbia ��V Kooleuiiy Valleys:   unriviilloil ���
fur scenery ul nil ki'mls :   the distriliuli.ig ! reniurks then
Gum Boots,
Gall and See the New Goods we are
Opening out Daily.
point for thu richest mineral country on the
'Tlio   IliiK-.it.il  Ki.tei'tuliiiiieiit.
The Alexander Hall was well filled
on Thanksgiving evening, when .Miss
Sara Lord Bailey appeared under the
auspices of the Golden Hospital Association. Tho entertainment was u
grand success, both financially and
otherwise. The first piece ou tho programme was a musical selection by
.Mr. Neil Morrison on tlm violin, accompanied by Mr. George Wells, of
Pnlhiser, on the piano. Mr. Cuyley.
who was chilli min of tho .meeting and
who performed the duties in a most
efficient liiuhuer, iu a few well chosen
introduced  Miss Bailey
Mike Curl ill came i
the east.
on Sunday from
to the audience. Her first piece wus
"Thu Boston Vendor's ("ull" which
was followed by uu amusing sketch mi
���'How the Ladies usually Fish"
which kept the audience in roars of
laughter. Her third selection, "Prompt
Obedience" was also w 11 received.
Mr. Chas. Cart wi'ightj of Carbonate, ; Messrs. MorrisOli add Wells here gave
camo in on Thursday. i another musical selection. Miss Bailey
iu her next number, "Life for Life"
showed to advantage. This was certainly the liiustorpiece of   the eveiiin
Our enterprising jeweller, is on another oi his business (?) trips east, and
as these visits are becoming more frequent and of longer duration, the
cllivari baud has been coin pel led to
resume practice, Coal oil tins are
selling at a large premium.
Work on Stoney Creek bridge bus
beou discontinued until spring after u
most successful test lust Tuesday
nuiriiing. .Mr. V'.intelet, the engineer
iu charge, left ou No. i?of that date for
Montreal after receiving congratulations on the success of the undertaking.
Mrs. Thos. Forrest returned from the
coast on Monday, greatly benefitted by
her well earned vacation, Work on
the Forrest House Restaurant is near-
I ly completed. Mr. Isaac Robinson, au
adept in the culinary art will be in
charge of that department.
Preparations are being made for the
B.R.T. hall, to be held next Tuesday
evening and promises' to ho a grand
success. The fair sex are busily engaged with silks and satins, the result
of which will bo repo.-ted iu our njxt
issue. Claw hummer coats are Iieing
brought to light, while ol hers are ex
oected C.O.D, May the pay car co.uo
in time.
The mail.,   friends of Rev. Mr. uud
Mrs. [toss gathered ut the muiiseTues-
dny evening, llie occasion being their
eldest daughter's   birthday.     A most
enjoyable   evening   ivas   spent by all
present and the  numerous  gifts testified to the   popularity of   the  fair recipient,  the  ������lightning" depart men t
being well represented.
Corduroys are all the go,
Vou see them worn  by high and low,
Donald fashion now is set,
You must have them ur must get.
We are pleased to report the favorable progress of Mr. and .Mrs. Beiisle'y
towards recovery, and hope lo so
them back again e're long.
After the lire was over another large
consignment of Xmus goods was received ut I'utiuoiv's. The fastidious
cannot lint he sutisliol If they will call
and examine the stock.
ri'i'sliylerlnii Church.
S.'rvice will be held in the school
house to-morrow morning nt 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. R. Ross.
Messrs.  Geo.  Stark, .1. Sample and j
A. Granger are in town this week.
Tho sawmill cduipany are erecting jnnd gave Mis>- Bailey an  opportunity
of displaying hor elocutionary powers.
Mr. Wells then gave a pianoforte solo,
n new hoarding lloUM" lor their tueti
Mrs. G. E.   Manuel, of Donald, was
her j ou a visit for a few days this
Messrs. .1. S. Fraser and L. MoF-ul-
yeit, of Beaver, wore in town on Wednesday last.
Tlie section men have been busily
engaged erecting a hand cur and tool
houso this week.
Several cur loads of ties have boon
shipped east this week, to bo distributed along the line,
Capt. Gordon came in from the
Upper Country this week. He Went
east ou Wednesday.
Mr. George  Gol ling, who has been
here all slimmer, returned to Calgary j formed a pleasant   wind
ou Thursday night. | evening's entertainment.
which was heartily applauded. ������"
I'O-uppeiii'iiig Miss Bailey ruudurud with
exquisite taste that Inevitable selection
11 Money Musk." This wns followed
by "How Holler Buffer told his Luce,"
and "The Creeds of the Bells." Her
lust piece, "Tho Royal Bumper Degree" was irresistible und fairli
brought uowu the house.
At the conclusion of the proguuinie
the lioor was rapidly cleared for a
dance, and soon many couples were
tripping tho light fantastic too, to the
bright and lively music of Messrs.
Morrison and Wells. Dancing was
kept up vigorously until midnight and
up   to  the
llmiNi, to Kent.
A very convenient four-roomed house
"��I to relit, at (HO per mouth.     S.muted
on the Golden Smelter Townsite and
U'ithlll  a  short  distance uf CuiliiiA,
Luke's store.   Apply to :
Till" Golden Eua Pr.i. Co.
I'I i'i! With (30,000.
New York, Nov. 20.-L. A. Hilliiird
arrived this morning ou the steamer
Wcii'ii and was urrrested. He was
cashier of the Chicago Tribune, and iu
September lust absconded with J'JU.OiO
belonging to that paper. While
abroad he tried to effect a compromise
on the basis of SS.CUO, and ottered to
Siil-i-eiider to the authorities. Chicago
detectives arc here with extradition
papers lor htm.
Tho Golden Eua i}2
per veur, ill Cit'ii" (-5cl*>**n <&va
Th'     lOlVOENERA li.ihed every
Saturday morning in time to catch the e;..-t
and west innll trains, also tin, mail : .��� the
upper country, Windermero, Kurt Steele etc
It. ii the only advertising medium iu the Eeat
Kootenay district. ��
Kubs(Ti|.tiot. Kates :
32.00 per annum in
cliauijP!*! must he in
1J-un, un Thursday
i insure msortion.
Ailvertlseuioiil rtitosmado known oiwipplt-
utior *o
\!I cjwIi to !*��� paid to
'- i:ii tliROo'nptiny*s i'oi
Ilis gulden Eia Pub
the Manager, from
eipt will bo obtained.
for the Httrliwnyiiien'a
Port Steele
A Ci.mplnto r.ccord of tho Boar World'!
Happenings Cnrafullj Compiled and Put
Into Handy and Attractive Shape for tlm
Itemlei-s of Our .'a-ier.
The Ministry of Greeco has resigned.
The Italian decree tliat custom duties
���hull lie paid in gold has beeu published.
It is repotted that Rns��lii proposes to
nl unite t.,u free port privileges uf Vlitdi-
Emperor Francis Joseph hna formally
iicc-pti'il the civil marriage law, whiiili applies tn Hungary,
Twenty-six more arrests have been made
at Warsaw iu I'liiinentiou with the Socialist
agitation. Moat of the prisoners are edu-
rated women.
The Marquis of Qneanabtrry was private-
Iv inai'i'l'(1 ul Eastbourne. Eng., to Miss
Ethel W. eiliui, a young woman uf fortuiie.
Ihe Munpiis is 40 years old.
William Miindy, nn old O. T. R. employee, died at Portland, Me., recently,
having a widow end daughter in that
olty, A sensation 1km been caused by n
claim made by William Mundy of Chioago
mid his mother of Hamilton, who claim tu
le sou and widow of deceased.
llr. McEacliran, Dominion Veterinary
Surgeon, has reported to the Department
or Agticulture that he lias inspected the
cuttle iu the Kingston district, which were
ilieided by the British veterinary surgeons
lo be affected with pleuru-pueumunia, and
nun l'ouud that there ia no disease.
A load of wood fell on Ricard Bassett
near Loudon, causing his death.
William Mnft'ntt, a prosperous farmer of
Moim. wus killed by a failing tree ou his
own inrui.
The English jockey, Rowell, wns thrown
in a hurdle race at Auteuil, near Paris,
and suun afterwards died of his injuries.
liy un explosion of a cargo of dynamite
at Suiitntider. Spain, loud jieopl'e were
killed and several million franco worth of
property destroyed.
At White Church,  near Teeswater, Mr.
and Mrs. Waddell were thrown out of their
buggy owing to their horses running away.
lira. Wadded win killed and her husband
The Spanish Government lima decided to  j ���y "�����'""'l.v' '"J1"^-
District noslUonti Offer to Snbaorlbe | expel all foreign Anarchists from Spain  !    The steamship Seneca, which arrived at
and lo pass drastic measures acainst Spau-  , New York brought Capt.   Hoffman and 5(1
i nils who belong to the organization. '. of the clew of the steamship City of Alex-
'llie trade of Calcutta with Gerniunv the  '-'"drill, winch was   burned   at   sea   near
past   live years has increased  threefold.    ll��r��iiiui on Novemberl.iiivolving a loss
Britain's share of the port's trade has decrease   from (15 per cent, of the whole to
"il iier cent.
Ciimpiete returns in the Prussian Pallia-
*n- nt.'try I'lectiiins give thee totals:���Con-
servn'n-es md Kree Conservatives, 210;
National-Liberals, S7: Clericals, 9*i;RaJi-
i.-als. SO; l'oics, ID: Dalies, 2.
Western Australia seems likely to follow
New Zealand's example iu graining woman's suffrage. The measure proposing to
give equal voting rights to men and women
was defeated in Western Australia recently by only one vote. The friends of the
movement art confident of success next
No". 1. Ouo thing ������
known now for a certainty���that the
man Kirkpatrick, who left so mysteriously nt night and who joined
Robert Slefert, of Libby Creek, Montana, on the Kootenay river, and then
suddenly disappeared atTobncco Plains
and who did not appear at Jennings
when Siefert reached there, was the
party who planned tho whole plot nnd
carried out with tho aid of certain
parties at Fort Steole. Who these
parties aro will, it is hoped, shortly be
known. When Siefert reached Jennings, on being asked about Kirkpat-
riok, he stated that he had left him
drunk ut Fort Stoele. This, of course,
was false, as Kirkpatrick was seen by
a man named Flowers, who passed
him in tho boat with Siefert.
It is said that Klrkpatrick's record
at Oolvillo and Columbia river is not
good.      He  hud a  partner   who  was
Ifijorflon.    Herbert     inspected
of eleven lives���live uf the  crew uud six
negro stereiloies.
Four persons were killed by a railway
wreck near FoBtorin. 0.
Until Beach, L.I., railway station wna
burned. Cue man was k.lled by a train
going out.
Hy a rear end collision on the Chicago
Rock Island & Pacific. Railroad at list
street, Chicigo, Ave people were killed and
eleven injured.
"Tos," w!
hi fi ---. not*
,io'. v of
friend of   !
n   hard   ease.     1
few days
a brother-
Daniels,   .���
fo,     .1
mi it',., nt Loudon.
A company tn build a Masonic, Temple
was ifrjuuiized in Montreal.
Brant ford St. Andrews society elected
iilit lis lor the ensuing year.
The t'x; Reliance rim aeronnd at Little
"'in*, cut, Out, ami is awaiting assistance.
About models for a Macdonnld memorial
oiyc been r ceived in Ottawa. A choice
vvi 1 be iniidi)shortly.
Then* win an increase of 114 In the Chi-
n-'.e uiiiiiiii-ation to Caiiada duringOetob-
er nf this year over the same time in
I ���..:.
.--, reral tii-fiiibcru of Ihe Prince of Wales
Own (tiiiii-.Is ii.'.i bean bruiij-nl before ths
1na-4iiiM.il    ��t  Moutre-vl   tor iaau 'r..'ic;a-
The International Field Trials took place
at Chatham.
Sun Antonia, Texas, wants the Mitchell-
Corbett tutu.
The Elizabeth N.J. race track was closed
for the seuson.
The fourth annnal international field
trials were contest,, i nt Chatham.
The races of the season were held at
Sarins.    There were Borne good racea.
Twenty thousand young trout were placed in the London Gun Club's pond at Dorchester.
ago via Tobacco Plains for Spokane,
aud stated that suspicion pointed
strongly to Kirkpatrick as the party
who hnd planned tho whole plot. The
Chinaman who bought the 100 pounds
opium lor Kirkpatrick has it on hand
waiting the return of Kirkpatrick to
pay him for it and take it away, but ii
is not likely ho will return. About 40
pounds were taken down on the steamer Annerly on her last trip, nnd had
the robbery not taken place the coming
season would, have been a harvest for
the men engaged in it. The Chinese
claim that every inducement was offered by these men to get thoin into the
United States via Montana;
Mr. Cummins, S.M., has just left
for Golden, and it is understood that
he will suggest that a reward be offered
promptly by the Government for information that  will  lend to the prosoou-
ers against tin '    ��� ���   I
to 01 IKIO.IKIII,   ..
Don;      ui do. 0.1: icul
The i      i.iiou
field nnd Astrel In    ��� ���
lakes in previ nt Am ,
tieplc..!.,, inherit'.-
11.it;:.' im-it eliuii;. ,
vere badly injured i
temporary bridge a''
limit .-��� rioi-s v uiirr is
:vi:ish C'obtmb 1 seal-
1   States,   a'lloliulillg
'1 forwarded to the
'in Dolphin, Bay-
��� ���- ,11 set apart un the
(ii fishermen from
- hy pouching.
in bridge building
by the collapse of a
it   Dorchester.      The
man named Prod-
The miners have almost won the recent
strike in England.
Oitawa   labor  men  are  looking for a
mayor dty candidate.
The Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western
officials have ordered ail their mine* to
;: tune.    Tide will give employ-
1 men aud boys.
aegis Steel Company has roduo-
e of steel mils $"i a ton and pro-
feat all competition. As are-
t the smaller rail producers are
ed 1
New York street car conductor, shot his
wife and child and then committed suloidi.
At Brookville, Charles Shipuinn. nuen-ied
of ninrder, pleaded guilty to manslaughter
and was sentenced to seven years in penitentiary.
Miller Davis, who murdered Sheriff Del-
lerhide because he li.-.d shot and wounded
Davis' brother, was hanged at Centre
Point, Ark
Albert Wilson, who murdered Miss Mnr
ahull in Warwiek, and was acquitted on
the ground of insanity, has been brought
to Turuntu Asylum.
"Doo" Andrews whose criminal malpractice is said to have caused the death of
Lucy L. Denning at Toronto was arrested
at Buffalo and brought back.
[ Anarchists caused a bomb explosion in
i the Lyceum Opera House, Barcelona, on
Tuesday night, which killed about twenty-
five persons aud seriously wounded three
or four times thut number.
Robert Gladstone, a nephew of Britain',,
Premier is dead.
[    Prof.   Herman August Hagen,  of Har
vurd College, is dead.
Hon. Justice Tischereau,  of the Supreme
Court, died atQuebec.
.Mrs. Margaret McLaren died near Loudon, Out., aged llK! years.
Gen. Samuel James Bridge died in Boston iu his eighty fifth year.
Francis Purkuian, the eminent historian,
died at his home near Boston,
Mies Annie Pixley, the well-known American netress, diad in Loudo.i, Eug., ti'uin
brain fever.
Julius Froebel, the well-known statesman, died at Zurich. He was a nephew nf
Dr. Froebel, tue founder of the kindergarten system
Mrs. Abbii) M.   Lelnnd, widow of Major
William W. Lelnnd, of Gen.  Grant's .naif,
and mother-in-law of Juaqniu llibcr, died
|atNynuk, N.Y.
I    The remains of the late Annie Pi: ley
(Mis. Fulfnrd), who died iu London, En,.,
1 will be cremated and the asiies will  be
brought toLondun, Out.,  where they will
be placed iu the grave of her uuild.
I    California    Expositiou    buildings    are
neariv ready.
Aid. Geo. F. Swift was inaugurated as
Mayor pro tern, of Chicago.
The New York Sim says the battle
against a rubber tariff is not yet won.
Citizens petition the Governor of Florida
to prevent tlie Mitciiell-Coruett light.
The New York Times intimates that the
big armored cruiser New York has been
badly eoustrucK ii ..nil is unstable.
It is said the new.U.S. tin iff bill will
put a diny on crude and refined sugar, as
well an increase the duty on whiskey.
Many serous lights took place through
out llie Uii'ted States on e ectiou day.
Several people were shot at Cau'iden, '.\.J.
In the Slate t-li'i'tlon.-i i:> the United
States, MiiasiuihuS' tts. i\tw York, ''i.i,' aud
New Jersey went Republican. No mater;
nl changes are reported iu the Southern
The steamer Lahn brought $750,000 iu
gold lo N'ew York.
The Fu.'ist Bismarck brought SjT3,0j0
iu gold to New York.
Bradsireet's reports 28 failures in Canada tins Wee.;,  us compared with Sill iust
John D, Ham, formerly of Nuwburg,
died very suddenly at Nnpauee,
T. A. Mai a, a prominent merchant of
London, took a dose of niorpuiue wirich
had been sold him iu inistu!*' for quinine
an 1 tiled troui the effects. Oilier mein'it-r.-i
of his fiimi.y who tuuk the iu.d.c...e uaVe
cm lien news.
Rev. E. D. Silcox. who ii^i, been pastor
of lviilu'u Congregational Cliuioh, nas resigned.
A life size statue of Mgr. Satolli will bo
n*ivei e.l iu the Churuu of Our Ludy ut
Lr.ice, Hubokeu,
Mgr, S,.liilll, Papal Ablegnte. nucompanl-
pil by Cardiua, Gibbons, visited I'fiauara
Fail-. (Int.. and was received uy a iiuuu.l*
ot Caudal ut clergy.
'file Lioei'al ; r-sbyteriiiiis ot the Unitnl
Stales, iu coiiveiitiuii titOlevelatiil, ilec ined
the r lutein,mi  to ivuuiin  viitiiu the fold
ut tne Pic  ll.,tel'l.ill ili'llllcll.
Rev, Herberts. McKitr.ck. wh*nseparents
live iii llr;:. ,.-,'. llie. Out., hns died of fever
111 Tni'-n-. Asiiitic Till key, whiiher ne wen;
hi J .Hilary lust tu lake a puaitiuo iu St.
l'..ui'i. Inulituie.
The Que!
the iistuit i.
Mr. 1   '
Tarn a.: :
Sir Jo   .
ment vv i'
Mr. I)'A It
an I'oi.rrics,
������ I, gislature was opened will
Mi "trthy held meetings ,.
uonipsiHi  alateil that Parlin
'1 1 urlv iu January.
1 McCarthy and Rev. Dr ,'
s;mke to a large audience iu Stratford,
Hon. Jos ->,i Marti.1 will be t ;e i..���
candidate for the Couiuioas in Winuipuu
Pre-ileni  Vnnhorne of the C.P.R. di-
chiivil that the by corporation wus out ui
t'ardwe.l Patrons met at Beeton and se-
lecteil E. Jell's as tueir canuidato lor t..u
A portion of the Dominion,cabinet is
holding tariff interviews vniu the farmeij
of etlstel 11 l lutarii i.
The P. P. A. have nominated P. D. "' ���
Cnllnm of Bos-tuqiiet as tiieir enn.ii i;.r>
to succeed the luie Hugh llcKeiu.e, il.
Mr. A. Cnrrle, of Nottawasat-.-;. hns been
chosen as the eundidi.te of tin. Patrons of
Industry for WcBt Simcoe in the Outar.u
;.ei-s. belonging 10 London,
The Uow Park estate near Bran'ford,
fo inerly owned by the late Hon. George
Brown, hns been pvrclia ed by Mr. John
Hope. The remainder if the famous herd
of Shorthorn cuttle will he Sold iu April
Quebec will have a winter carnival.
The break ill the Welland Canal near
Thorold has been repaired.
Hon. Edward Blake hns subscribed ��25
tc the Evicted Tenants' Fund.
The story that the U. S. oruiser New
York cannot enter any U. S. dry dock ia
The Newfoundland elections have resit ted in the return of 20 Government anj
lion of   the guilty parties.      The resi-, l(j Opposition candidates"
dents   of   t'>0   district  have signified I    The first sod of the Hamilton, Grimsby
their willingness to subscribe, and the $ BeamBville Bajlway was turned a short
' I distance east uf Hamilton.
Chinese  also.     It is also nnderstood |   n��� ,       t0, of Penltentiarie. has w-
that a searching im-uiry will bo made sinned his inquiry into alleged irregulari-
into the whole affair, and a thoroughly  tlee at K1**B��tun Penitentiary.
gon.1   ffl ,., will tea, onceiippointed J.AS^tSSST^SS SThSSS
1 ihuci  ' Plains. short of coal and with her crank shaft
Railway matters are getting on well.    '"'"'!'        .   ,,   ,
mi ��   1^ r>    .-    .!.._< >   1 mil       At the ],;'i:ncial ploughing match held
The   B.C.   .vviuhorn   has  reached Elk on the Asylum farm at Hamilton, a large
River, and tho engineers aro re-loeat- number of prizea were  won  by Indian
ploughmen from Tnscarora and Ouoiiduga.
ing the road at that point.
,ji,    r, .. T. 1 . *" '" ���*mer,('d in Washington that Queen ,
rlieCP.H.   are busy at  work near Lilionkalan'i will be restored to power in    horsemen to
Oranbrook, on  Col. Baker's  property, 1 H"-Vti' '*!e Uni'ed Stat*�� withdrawing its I hoatllities.
, .u     u  ^ ,   ,;    anpport from the provincial Government.  '
where they and  an easy pass to the
Moyea lake. The parties will soon
leave the field for the season; but
active operations will be resumed in
the spring.
A remarkable find of rich-bearing
gold quartz has been found near Port
Steele by Fred Wells; the rock will go
from. H00 to * 1,000 to the ton.
likely lu b: forced out of business.
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P., has sailed for England.
SirClinrles Tapper has sailed from Montreal by ihe Parisian fur London.
The Emperor of Germany has gone on a
hunting expedition to tue Black Forest.
A public dinner in honor nf the Duke of
Devuiish.ru wns given at Ulster Hull, Belfast,
Emperor William has decorated Prof.
-M.'iinuH-.il with the atarof the second clasa
order ol ihe cruwn.
Mr. Gladstone has appointed Prof. Ingram Bywater to succeed the late Prof.
Jnwttt a. master of Balliol College, Oxfurd
England haa asked ihe United States tn
nse its influence to settle the Brazilian
It is said Britain an France will remain
strictly neutral as regards the trouble in
Recent reports from Rio Janeiro indicate
that Admiral Mello, the insurrectionary
leader, is lusing ground.
The Brazilian Government will banish
any foreigner who attempts to Incite feeling iu favor of the revolutionists.
Word comes from South Afrloa that
King Lombengnla's soiiin law has been
killed and that the King le about to sue foi
There are minors in Key West, Fla.,that
the long-expected revolution in Cuba ban
begun in earnest, hut no confirmation of
the news has been received.
Morocco has acceded to the Spanish .]���
maiuls for reparation for the attacks on
Melilla by the HiiUna,  nnd haa sent 2 000
'    compel the tribes to cease
fatal accident;;.
Daisy Agnes Burg, Chi' ago, ::
broken by being sunt up iu a I
Her brothers shut her up tor ;. i
Many  new cases of yellow fovor
reported at Bronswiuk, ',,.'..
A suspicion.) disease, supposed tc
cholera, has broken 0111 at St. Villi
Cape Verd Islands.
r le ,; j
:-.gbe^. i
, .    . . ���, The victims of the Barcelona bomb ex-
A very convenient four-roomed house plo,jon wt,re bnrl���a
to rent, at $10 per month.     Situated |    a colored man named Riohardaon kiok-
on the Golden  Smelter Townsite and, edbta wife to death at Drealen.
the shooting was accidental.
|    At Halifax Richu.d Savage, aged 87, h
House to Rent.
a  short  distnnre of  Carlin A'    Tl'e Allen   inqnest hna been again ad
a shoit  distance ol UlrliU 45. .������������,,-_    J.he vretVailinK opinion is than
I, ike's store.    Apply to: ... ...
Thirteen men were drowned by the bnrn-
ing of the steuner Fruzer at North Pay.
The propellers Albany aud Philadelphia
collided off Point mix Barques, and word
comes from Sand Beach, Mich., that 2.1
men were lost by the npauttiitg uf u boat.
A crank in Cleveland tried to shoot a
banker because he was not given SuO.OOO
ou demand.
George H. Stokes, a New York crmk,
asked Sir Oliver Mowat to endorse a draft
on Queen Victoria. He said be was one
of the Royal Family.    He was arrested.
Wellington County temperance people
have orguuized for the plebescite.
The Royal commission on Prohibition
continued the takiug of evidence iu To
The prohibitionists of Glengarry met
at Alexandria and organized for the coming plebiscite. 1
Mrs. F. I.. Chesnnt of Maitland street,
Toronto, committed auieide by taking a
dose of laudanum,
.Sull'ering from mental depression and
the loss of fame and fortune, Henry Vin
cent, a Frenchman, aged 15 years, a friend
of the late Gen, Bonlanger, shot himself
iu a New York boarding house.
Sixty-three Anarchists were tried at
Milan for holding a meeting on Sunday.
No breach of law was revealed and they
were all liberated. '
The Italian Inspector-General of Cos-
tores is under arrest for crookedness.
Bnrglnra robbed the St. Catharines Clothing Cu npuuy 01 about v:jl.ltm worth of goods.
Bur.daia entered the postiiffiee at Mpo-
Lend, Al ertn, nnd carried off ��li5 in cuoh
and the registered mail bag. ���
Francis Weeks, the convicted New Yuri:
embezzler,  has   11  taken to Sing Sing
prison tu serve ;ii:i 10 years' sic, cnee.
R. B. Morrison's store at Morristnn was
bniglnristed, but. tiie robbers drooped their
swng       Hie sidewalk,  iiuviug ev.deully
icd tube amateurs
-    ,:;   vytop. Out.
ind   two hotels, nnil
,iu. a bottle  ot  Scoieii ���,
���f cigars, which they lo
and n
M..��  ���
ievelnnd lias pardoned Aim-n
the woman who t��� k a young
oruiito to BnlTsni .'.., inunortul
on enndltlon that she nt nnct-
Uniteil Stutes. The ilclliule/
woman was convicted in Buffalo.
John C. Em. who went from Onehen
and offered to surrender on ine ch. r-e of
mi��-i"|U-'|iria'ing iu May. 13,i4, funds nf
me���������> on 1 Naiional Bank, of w. 1 ��� in,
was Pre-i'ent. was iin-i'-ited m New York
v*..a turia....y cuAi-^ud wi.ii ti.e oiieuue.
The Goi.iiti.N Era Pub. Co.
Rector's wife -"Yon ought to avoid
even the appearance of evil. Do you,
yourself, think the girls who dance are
Belle of the parish ���''They must be.
I know the girls who don't dunce are
always left;"
A II Im for Single sinters.
Two sisters can help each other a ureat
ileal by 'Venting gowns that sun each other
anil by pimiuuabout liiirmiitniiiisly making
pictures ol llicniselvcs It i�� ortinuiciilul
to ihe rooms lis, I know a pan ol girls
who owe hull their Invitnlmualn in,, tact
that they make n point of posiiig iu cornem
and liiiikhig Hivei't and Inicrcsiing, Thev
devote themselves so much to tins unit
they.aiH mil nl all pai-tieular about gettinu
the usual iiiteiiiioii girls expect, awl linsl.
cjses ri'iili/.c now ilecorutive llieyare and
useful, too, in n way 01 course guts who
go iu loi Hits kind of thing should set each
other oil I lue might tic, lor instance, a
vivid red liloiul and the other a dull ashes
bluiiil Due ought to lie either dMiuutly
prettier than the other, ur one should lie
quite nuoiuer typu irtim LuoolUer.���UuslOO
A Safe Rule.
Guest���So you always want pay lu advance now, baggage or uo baggage?
Hotel Clerk���Yes, Yon see, a great deal
of money bus been lost lately by hotels
burning down.���New York Weekly.
"What is the idea in calling a consultation of physicians?"
"Oh, that's when the doctor who
originally took the case can't think of
any more excuses to give the family."
���Exchange. u
(From the Vancouver World.)
Il is said that an estimate of a
country's or u city's worth can sometimes he judged beslj and to the greatest advantage by reports circulated
regarding it by outsiders. If this is
true, then the following from the
Seattle Telegraph speaks well for the
mining regions of llritish Columbia
Alt hough there has heen comparatively little work accomplished for the
past six mouths in the way of silver
mining, yet a prospector from the
Slocan district in British Columbia re-
.noi'i uisideriibla  activity   In   that
... . rhis district lies upon the
east ��i li of lake Slocan and extends
from the lake shore to the summit of
the watershed between lake Slocan und
Ki   ������   ���'       "hose who have scon lake
one span would be sufficient, Some
cribbing \vould be necessary along the*
steep hillsides and this would also be
put in this winter. Besides the above,
Mr. Munn said that they would, as
soon us sufficient progress was made
with the clearing, proceed with the
rock work along the whole line. It
was impossible until the staff of engineers at work beyond Bear lake had
got through with their work of cross-
t-ectioning, which would probably take
three weeks, to tell how much rock
work would have to bo bundled, but
thero would be a good deal, This
work would be let by contract, and it
could bo carried on fully us well perhaps in winter us in summer.
gu&ltte&a Qtcivba.
Ho.v. J, A. Lougheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCAltTER.
JLougheed  A  KfcCarter.
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
G'ALllAUV, - N.W.T.
���   .������   li   uilu-j  Ion .       ii is Bel in the
tilt b.'lkirk  range of iiioun-
��� ,:,!  s about equally distant from
Anion liik'.': i widening of the Columbia   rivet',   uiiil    Jiooteiiuy   lake,   au
estuary of the JCootenay  river, which
is tlie principal branch of th�� Columbia river iu British Columbiu. Numerous people in Seattle and other parts of
Washington state have large holdings
iu   Ins district.     Some of them were
among the prospectors, who entered the
district in the fall of 1891, and first
discovered mineral and located claims.
Since  then  many   m'nes   have   been
found, considerable  development   bus
been   done  and    some  ore  shipped.
Numerous  assays have    been    made
ol the ore and all.chemists and assay-
ers have pronounced it a high grade,
ranging fro . 3150 to more than 91,000
and averaging .jti.-iO to the ton.    Some
of the best mines are held by Seattle-
ites among them   being Lucky Jim,
owned by Or. E.G. IfiJ.ourue; Queen
Bess, owned by M.  II. V. Stacey, Cyrus  Walker, John  Collins, Geo. F.
Chiud, William   61or.ii   and   Jus.   H.
Mor-in;  Idaho,   owned   by   the  Mc-
Col. linker at Allicrnl.
Hon. Col. Baker, Minister of Mine:
und Education, who has returned from
a trip of inspection to Alberni, says
tlinl when the Maude arrived tliere
with Mr. McGillivruy and his mou and
supplies the weather was very bad the
rain coming down in torrents. There
were no trained puck horses, and no
t  who understood packing, and tho
trail  lo tho .nines, about 21 miles o!T,
.-.'.-   in poor  condition,  so that the
i iv ol transportation was more difficult than might  have been expected.
It took two days to get tho  otitlit up,
and many of the horses became mired
so that the packs had  to be carried on
the men's Lucks.   Arrived ut the mines
all   expressed   themselves  as  highly
satisfied  with the outlook, and it appeared that  tliere would be no trcuble
iu tunneling.     Mr. McGillivruy, who
is uu experienced miner, formed a very
high opinion of the ore from what he
saw iu the vein iu  the tunnel.     The
work is now going on briskly and no
further  difficulty  is  expected.     Mr.
Saunders has entered  into a contract
for sending   iurther   stores  up to the
mines.    When Col. Baker was returning his horse played  out, aiid he had
to u.;lk 18 miles, leading the animal.
As there is two and a half feet of snow
on the trail iu the neighborhood of the
mine, the experience was not a pleasant
one. - Vancouver World.
Members Assben."D.L.S. A I'.L.S. for B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc Calgary mid New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.J13PHSO.V, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of ll.C, &Ollt.
CAI.GAltV, AHlll.
A. O. WilEEi.itit, D.L.S. A P.L.S. of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   A   Hnrvt-T,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, ke.   Solicitors tor :���
The Imperial Hunk of Ciiiinibi.
The (.'lunula Permanent l.oim A SllvhlgsCo.
The Yorkshire Loan A SeciiriliesCurporatiou
The Miissoy-Iltirns Co, (Ltd).etc., etc.
Offices���Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Assoc. Me.m. Inst. C.E.
jU1*W*VO   EX��I*��EEB,
Cochrane, Aliia. -Ft. Si-eki.b, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
itiuvixfr  ii.w.-i^Kna.
Head Office, Queuec ; Brunch  Offices
SiiEitimooKK, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Analytical Chemist & Aasayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
i sua    assayeh to thh      h��s
British Columbia Government
of all specimen, sent from the Province to
������lit  Brothi
I. i ...i.
s.     Othe
���  developi
on, Alph:
���:.M ���,.!���::.���.
���   .,'
vi iitt.d sli pmeui     ��� ore Itoiu,, ma'de
:    ie hir-ji    iiKiiu hey would
have been il the district ten sup
plied with better trmsportution facilities.     But this difficulty is soon to be
overcome, and a prospector informed a
Telegraph reporter at the Rainier that
the new means of railroad transportation would make it possible to work
the mines at a profit, even though the
price of silver should full far below its
present rating.     The  high grade and
great quantity of  the ore also insures
this effect.   The Kaslo-Slocan railway'
company  bus  succeeded    in  raising
funds in tho east to carry on the construction of a railroad between Knslo
and Slocan.     During the winter it is
expected to have 70  or more men at
Vork, the number to be largely increased with tho opening of spring.     D. J.
Munn,  who represented the railroad
��� company, states that contracts would
be Immediately let for i he clearing of
the whole ,'iuhi of  way of  railway,
irom tin excoption, perhaps, of a mile
or two at the South  fork of the Kaslo
river, through to the terminus of tho'
railway  at  Sandon  creek, or  Cody'
creek, with the expectation, perhaps,
of a niilo or two this si.lo of Bear lake,
where iv might be that some change of
the  present  location might be necessary.     Between Kaslo and Bear lake
the line would cross Kaslo river six or
eight times, and the necessary bridges
or ns many of them us could be done i
to advantage would be put in this full I
, and winter.     The bridges are of  the
Howe truss pattern and in most cases j
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
$l..r).-),$2.f),r),$'1.70i former prices 95, $7,
$ 10. Qunity remains the same���Hi different styles; dry battery and acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
tho priceof any other company and more
home testimonials than nil the rest to-
list free. Mention this
; AEB4 CO. Windsor, Ont.
7. T. '
Metal Report.
We are Indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New Vork for
tho following quotations: ���
New Yoiik. Nov. 10, 1803.
Silver. Eastern buyers have waited
till repeal was an accomplished
fact, and during the past few
days have bought liberally for
China nnd Japan. Large n-
mounts have been placed to the
satisfaction of tho parties in
interest. London price, 83 7- Kid
Now York, 70cts,
Copper. There bus been a slightly
better demand from consumers,
O.M.B.'s London, nt ��42 10s.
Lead. Lower prices havo been accept-
e.l. Prices !).40 to 8.45o. i>er Ih.
Spanish at ��9 IDs. IM. io til
His. .'Id. pel* ton j English lead
2a. lid. higher.
Bank Of Montreal.
CALK .lit Y.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Livery & Feed Stubies,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
IVhok-Kiilt- anil Kt-lnil
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from ii,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.  ���  .  Embalmers,
Calgnry ���     Alba.
riOXtllll! IMI.VT SIIOI".
Il'yoii mint your house Painted. Papered
or Cnlsoniiued, or any kind ot a sign Painted
write tu J. II. Ml I JAVA PI). 0AI.OARY, the
Lending Paint Shop in the west, for good
Work nnd prices that are right.
trad! marks,
dision pa-tints,
For Information and free Handbook write to
Olitcst bureau for necurini; patents in America.
Every patent taken out by us ia brmiclit before
tho public by a notice iilvon free of charge in the
jtieififir ^mtlm
Unroot circulation of any acleaUflo paper In the
world. Spleiiiliilly Illustrated. Ho Intelll-rent
man ihould lie witiioiit it. Veajlr. 93.0}* a
yeari *1.*H-I** months, Addre*. MpNN .1 CO,
KausuuiSj 3111 Broadway, Now York city.
Job    Depa,rtmcrjt
-:o:��� OF
I will infill It'RiDiDJ on rocoipl
ol'a S stamp, a recoipe for a
simple VEGETABLE HALM that will re-
move Tun, Krvehlua. I'linplex. Hintclira.
Illuekliemls, etc, leaving the skin soft,
clear ami beautiful. Address A. I). STEM-
PEL, UO Ann .St., Now York.
" It is worth the price to every uenion
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
the jouiuul nrrins to
Blue Pencil Rules.
JL. o-. vnBvxxrm.
A Pocket Primer for the tue of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy, Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rules tor
making and editing newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who wlah to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. 10 rent!
per copy.  ALLAN TTORMAN, PtMiihtt
117 Naaaau Street, New York.
W. flltEXAjNDEi^,
Box 7, Donald, B. C,
Watches, Clocks and JeWeliery.
r tj ������*��� 'i
��� 0,
JiVJjilv. '���
a:; �� :r*.*ivs]>i..ti-EK:3.
I'liursdny of Ibis week was Thanksgiving Day - a day set apart for us to
raise our hearts in thanksgiving to Ihe
creator for the good vouchsafe 1 to us,
Let us cast a glance over till conditions surrounding us uud compare
them with our own.
It is true that onr mining districts
have felt the effects of lo.v silver, and
the uncertainty which has made silver
properties a drug on the market has
made its effects felt here. But even
with it nil, have wo uo reason to be
thankful when wj 'ook across the line
mid see thitistiiids nf men thrown on
the public charity for tbo barest neces-
surys of life?
All our other interests have heen in
a prosperous condition and our town
uud whole district have felt none of
the hard times which prevail elsewhere.
Then to widen our horizon and take
in the Province, wo liud that taken us
u whole we uro farther aim id 'ban we
were last year. In the Dnuiiiioi at
large this year has beou one to make
our breasts swell with prido. In
financial mutters, while the crisis
which demoralized our neighbors
affected us, still it but showed the
stability of our commercial institutions. AVhiln in 4) States and Territories the total numberoE bank fuilor's
waso 10 (with 12 of th it number since
resumed), only one ol our banks had to
Then what a showlitii our Dominion
has made at the Columbian Exposition,
In the records,of the biggest fair the
worl I bus aver seen, visitel by the
largest inimh-r of p8>p'e, Canada has
Capture'! the lion's sb ire of tlm prizes.
Iu horses, cuttle, and live stock of ull
kinds she bus opene I tho oyes of the
world. Her dairy products were ol
sucli excellence that over seventy per
cent of the prizes came to her. 11
manufactures, while the exhibit was
not a representative one. still her
supremacy was established, Iu fact
where ever the name Canada was over
tho door there you might look for
Then let onr minds dwell with pride
on the successes of our country, and
with the inspiration of those successes
to urge us on, lot our l��st eff Ji-ts b)
spoilt ill adviiii ling tin cause of WIS
CvNAlU ot' onus.
intense. Hut li sides u ro' working hard
anl it is safe to say thut neiirlv tho
whole residual "jots will bo polled at
noon. Over h-ilf the voto is.now
polio 1. Both sides claim a majority
but i. s ditlinult to estimate tlie result at this tiuiJ. Conservatives do not
expect ii majority of inure than lull.
Liberal;- claim from f)0 to ICO.
iV.iJ. The polling closed nt 17:28,
the election having been conducted on
the solar timo I*. is iirnored that
Martin is'olojtol with a big niujjr-
GtUO. ���The returns are nearly all in
and  give Martin a Majority of   about I
d.'il).    O it of 24 polling places Martin
got a majority in 17.
fitoO. -All noils heard from. Martin
elected witli 4 17 majority.
Martin   2,201
Campbell    I,7d4
Uiilil, Notliln-r  Like Gold.
The African gold fields are attracting thither miners from all parts of
the globe. AVIion our own Cariboo is
opened up by railways the rush to the
gold lie! Is of that soction of HO years
ago will he repeated, for no ono doubts
tho existence there of the precious
metal in quantities which will again
make Cariboo the greatest gold yielding country of the world. The gold
fi shls of the -Transvaal Republic in
South Africa yielded over 1110,000 ozs.
in August, which is the largest product yet recorded in any one month,
tu round figures a year's product at
the stum rate would bj worth $*J2,-
500,000, which is about equal to the
annual production of gold iu cither the
United States or Australia. If the
Transvaal mines produce JlJO,0bO,O00
in IS!);,, there will be nearly $40,000,000
worth of gold mine I in 1S!)4 in all
probability. It is impossible to tell
where the top limit will be reached,
but it is probably not many years
The resumption of the iiiinos in tin'
Coeur d'Alonus, says iho Spokane He-
view, presents startling figures when
the quantity of other transactions it
involves ami tho amount of money it
aids to the wealth of the people Is
considered. 11 round figures it means
���jlOO.OJO per mouth more paid to
workingineti directly, and indirectly to
industries that support as many more
families as the payrolls of the mines
themselves. The 700 men who will go
to work in the mines already in operation by this timo will bo increased to
I.nil) before many days. At th" lowest wages, ��! por day, with a goodly
number receiving $.1.50 mid a few even
more, the round ligiuvs are reached
without necessity of exaggeration.-
Vancouver World.
contracts, tho tVork to be completed by
Dec. 1st, or in rather more than threo
weeks from the date of letting to the
.successful tenderers.
B.C. sealers ure asking high wage?
for their work uud large numbers of
men are being got ill their stead I'voin
Eastern Ctiradu. The Colonist mentions a report that 70 of these substitutes are now en route to Victoria.
An nn uithorizud druggist mimed
Hardy bus been lined So and costs at
Naiiaimo for selling poison without
tlie needful legal formalities. The 13.
C. Pharmaceutical Association prosecuted, the local druggists being unwilling.
The Granite Creek mail service now
runs but once a month. Tne people
of the district need a fortnightly sor
vine badly and are oi opinion thut as
there is now a good road, tho mails
might well be carried to their disirict
Mr. J. P. Plunta, Nunalino's Police
Magistrate, often ails discharged
prisoners One such, whom n little
timely aid helped back to a fair position in society, has just written to
thank Mr. Plunta and return the
amount of the loan, as promised.
Tlio Voto Tor McKlllley.
Columbus. O., Nov. 21 -McKinley's
official majority is 4,).lj,j'i, auo bis
official plurality is SO 991), The total
voie cast was 828,045, which is 20,510
less than tho vote cast for President
last year. Nearly ii.'i.OOO voters voted
only for Governor. This is prboablv
the result of 'unfamiliurity with the
Australian ballot system.
Burglars, supposed to he amateurs,
put in a night's work at Ayton, Out.
They visited two stoics and two hotels
and all they got was SI.50, a bottle of
Scotch whisky and ti box of cigars,
which they took from Riiigel's hotel.
Application for License to Cut Tlmtior
N( I'i'ICE is hereby given that iKl days alter
(Into I intend applying to tho Hon. llie I Inn''
Co niiiissiiiner of Lands Mill Work* torn license io cut und carry li'viiythnlier from tho
follo'.viug tract of hind ; Coiiinieni'liiR ut a
stake plautel on the North iiml Kust side of
tlm North fork of Michel Crook i.bui,t lo
chains hclo'V the canon, thence dun East '.11
chains, Iheuce due South 70 chains, llioncu
duo Wont 110 chains, thence duo North 711
iiahiH.thuuct duo East 1 IKl chums tn the place
of liogiiiiiiug containing hy uiliiiutisiireuieiil
080 acres..
Toronto, Out., isth Sept. 1W��I.
An   effort  is being   male t3 form U   AiiplUntloii forLlnonso to -Jut Timber
lire brigade for Kaslo.
.Hal-tin Elected Willi  4R7 Majority.
Wliiiiipe.r, Nov. 22. (Special) 11:20
a.m. The election in Winniung for the
vacant s.-ai iii the House ���' Commons, !
canned by the resignation of Hugh
John Macdonnld, is in progress tp-dny.
The candidates are Colin II. Cunul-ell.
.uirisicr, Conservative und Hon.
Joseph Martin, Liberal. Both sides!
are confident, hut it is admitted that!
Ihe Conservatives have I lie most �����'������-
foot organization which will likely
them to victory. Every t in arriving
yesterday and to-day brought in hini-
dre I.i of voters from outside points.
'. ' ill  probably   1�� 200 outside
vo led.     Of tliese Conservatives
have about 150 and Lils-rals about 100
The day ojiened cloudy and cool with
good sleighing. As early as eight
o'clock this morning hundreds of
vehicles of all descriptions lined up in
front of the ceutml committee rooms
ready for the why. A large vote is
being,   polled  am!   the  excitement  is
Archibald Cowle, an old-time resident   uud   prominent    Fruemitsou   of
i N'l'.uimo died tlio other day  a Iter a
brii f illness.
Mr. Henry Anderson, C..M.C. liuslo,
has died rather suddenly, almost iill-
uioiliutoly     after    his    accession   to
Mr. VV. II. I). Davis, a well-known
American temperance lecturer, is now
speaking to moderate houses iu the
Niirwi'.mo district.
Tlie Imperial Government has
bought the Belmont' Farm, Esquimau,
for the purpose of there erecting harbor defences.
Au Italian named Lombard, lately
cngngeil at 'be Wellington mines; died
last Friday from the effect of injuries
caused through a fall ol coal.
The temperance people of Kamloops
are proposing to set a good example to
their fellows in other und larger cities
by establishing a hall and reading
room of their own.
The Kaslo -Slocan railway Co. has
at  last  let   four short  right-of-way
NOTICE is lio-eby given that lid days after
ilii'o I intend applying to the lion, the thief
Coniiuissiouei- of Lauds mid Works tor a license to cut and curry uiviiy timliui' ti'uui the
lollovviiig tract o.' haul: I'o.it.iieachig at u
St.JtO pl.illtetl ou the North ami Enstsidoof
the North fork of .Michel i rook about 10
chains below the canon, theme due Kiwi SO
chains, llieucc duo .North ill chains, them,
duo West i4> ch.iius. thi'iici) duo South 70
chains, thence iluo l'���-t IHO clu.lus to the
place of beginning containing by iidiuoiisui'O-
incut usilacn-s.
Ilelleville, Out., 18th, Sept. Mill.
Upper Columbia ^^yCo.
Tramway 'torn C.P.R, Qoltlon to ColumblavBlver.
Strs. DUCHESS & IIYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud lake and Upper Columbia Lake.
u PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay Eiver.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
! Stage Line fro-n U*n-r Columbia Lake to Fort Steele,
Friday ���
Is hereby given, that in pursuance ef the
Act, a Map or I'lau has this day been tiled iu
the Department ot Lands mid Works setting
forth the lands to he taken by the said ldiil-
way for right of way pnrpo-K-s between Sta-
lion llllt) to .Station tail, on tho east side of
the Elk Hivor to tlie cimHuenco uf Michel
Creek, thence up thu left side of the valley of
Michel Creek to the crossing of same, and
thence along its right hank, all iu the llis-
rict of East Kootenay, ll.C, a distance of HO
nrr. Goltlen, s.llyak, I've,
liiileiin "  nrr.
VVhiderniero "     "
I've. Adela "     *'
nrr.   " Tramway leave
Thiuiilerllill.l'ert nrr.
I've. Ciuii.I Pint, -   "
in*. "    Stage I've.
I've, Wasa "
Fort Steelo   "
4 2 0
o 00
11 00
12 00,
Tuesday     7KX)
Wednesday  18.00
Thursday   tMW
" 13*00
Friday    7:00
Saturduy    7-00
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Classl&2   83.00
B      "    3, 4, 5, & 6   92.25
C       "    7, H. il, & 10   $1.50
Express Bates, Golden to Fort Steele--4centsperlb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" (lolden to Canal Plat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG,
lining & General Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
K���-.'.- ileal"ia.
M, 3. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
October i'iIIi, HAW.
Muuiigiug Director.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting1, con-
���** sistinp; of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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