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The Golden Era Apr 17, 1897

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Array Wt moke a Specialty of
Bill Heads,'     Posters,
Letter Pads,   Dodgers,
Business Curds,     Etc.,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
��� Advertising Medium
i East Kootenay.
.Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed.
VOL. VI. NO.**g#
$2 Per Year
General 0 Merchant.
oooeooo oo e aoo ,e _
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
.   ���   -au--* and -^	
Dry Goods.
My Spring* Stock in these lines will soon
be complete. Do not fail to inspect my
range of
Summer Blouses.
-,_ 1
L_L��o_o c_.c.P ft'P oooo&o
B. Laurance's Spectacles.
e eeee o e e e e e - c o o
A complete stock of
Faints,  Oils, White Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
Jnst arrived a carload of good Prairie
Hay. More coming.
JD-QGOOEO c ��� o o ��
Agent For   ...
[\ Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+ + +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
e    j     a     tt     a     .
Latest Styles in Gent, and Ladies Ties
Lftl'ge Assortment Of Ladies' Shoes,    (Manufactured by J. O. King * Co., of Toronto.)
Large Range of Gent's Soft Hats
And at prices that everyone can buy.   1 have still seme old stock that will go at
See these Goods before you purchase.
Oolden, on the main line of llie Canadian
I'lirific Hallway, at it. coiinecti. n with the
steamboat navigation of the ( uhiml.ia river;
the mineral nun coniinervialreutrFuf Eastern
Hritish Columbiii: headquarter:- of tlul'uld-
en Smelting works, the Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely . known and far
famed agrlndtiinil and -.'raxing land of the
Calumliia A Kooteiu.y Valleys; unrivalled
fur scenery of all kinds; the distributing
poiut for the richest mineral country on the
A. 3. Bangs, sol r.itor, Calgary, wus
a visitor on Monday.
Signor Foil, tbe great English Basso
will sing in Calgary in May.
Messrs. Hull Bros, A Co. imported a
car load of cattle and hogs from Calgary this week.
Twelve car loads of Chinamen passed through on Monday from the coast
en route for New York.
In the libel suit D'lvey -*. World.
the Toronto newspaper lost, the verdict
being VhOO and costs for the plaintiff.
Mur. Merry Del Val has heen invited
by Sir Donald Smith and Mr. Sliougli*
nessy to extend his trip to lhe  Coast.
Mr. Biillninn of Winfield Park,
Thunder Hill, ind Mrs. Btillman are in
town. They are stopping nt the Columbia.
Mr. M, Curlin returned on Wednesday from a business trip to Edmonton,
anil left again on Thursday for Winnipeg.
It is said that Mr. Oreenway aud
Chief Justice Taylor will be among the
Canadians knighted at Her Majesty's
Mr. .Tames Henderson has received
the contract for making some alternations and impiotemeiits at the
Mr. Thomas McNaught leaves shortly for Fort Steele where he will, oien
up business as a Mini ig Broker, Conveyancer. Etc.
The Columbia River it expected tt
bt open for navigation in a few days
when the boats will begiu tbeir regular
trips to Fort Steele.
A Court of Assise and Nisi Prius
and of Oyer tnd Terminer and general
gaol delivery will be held at Donald on
Monday the 28th June, 1H97.
It is aaid that the arrangement with
the C.P.R in connection with the
Crow's Nest tre almost complete, and
it is likely that the subsidy will be
$6,400 a mile ard the company ��ill
likely make concessions regarding
Messrs. F, Janes, R. Bookhonght
aud W. Avery and their families arrived from Cobourg, Ont,. last week
and will make Golden their future
It is said that Sieur Joly de Lothin-
iere will accept the governorship of lb*
Northwest Territories in order to be a
thousand miles nearer to his dear
friend Li Hume Chang.
E. L. Taylor, a young lawyer of
Winnipeg, has been nominated hv tbe
Trades and Temperance organizations
to oppose Jamieson the Liberal candidate for the Winnipeg seat.
Carlin A Durick of Fort Steele, received at Golden this week two car
loads of goods from the east. Mr.
Cailiu ia in town making arrangements
for its shipment to Fort Steele.
The C. P. R. Co. are making preparations to erect a large addition to
the freight sited at liolden, also a new
section house and a round house for
engines. Additional switches will be
put in at once,
A movement it on foot for the organisation of a baseball club, a number of the boys have signified their
i 11 teniion of becoming members au.1
the indications are that a good strong
club will be formed.
The following gentlemen were elected a Town Committee at the public
meeting held for that purpose ou
Thursday evening last: J. C. Greene,
C. E. Hamilton, Jas. Henderson, H.
G. Parson, and G. B. McU.-nii.jt.
Mujcr Clochey, of the Kootenay Consolidated Mining Co., of Everett, arrived it town a lew days ago with his
foreman. Development work will be
resumed at once on the Crown Poiut
claim at the head of  McMurdo Creek,
Sir Oliver Mowat is preparing a bill
for thu purpose of putting the plebiscite on prohibition bm'ore the people of
the Dominion. Ii is understood that
uo one will vote except tlio-e entitled
to vote at Dominion sleotioiis.
The local lodge of the Independent
Order of Oddfellows will celebrate the
7Hth anniversary of the Order by attending divine service in tbe new
Methodist Church, on S uidav evening
April -oth at 7:.'10 o'clock. '
Speaking liefore the ladies of the society of the Children of Mary at Montreal ou the ISth inst, Rev Father
Picton tlecliivd that by reas.iu of the
mission ol Merry Del Va' tho Manitoba
school settlement would be uiven a
trial and if it proved satisfactory
would be accepted by l he Roman Cat h
olio Church He also said the visit of
the delegate would result in the ban
being raised against L. 0, David'a
book on the work of tbe clergy in
Rev. James Haraourt of Toronto.
Presbyterian missionary, wbo has bet-n
appointed to look after the spiritual
wanta of the Presbyterian people in the
Golden and Field districts, will conduct tbe Easter services in the Presbyterian Church to-morrow evening at
7 JO o'clock.
The Golden Lumber Co. expect thori-
ly a shipment of 50 cart of .steel rails
for tbe spur leading from tht statii n
to their lumber yards on the Columbia.
The mill will start in a few dayt and
will be worked night and day to fi.'
the large orders for lumber aud timbi r
tbat the company bave already booked.
There is great excitement at Kam-
looi a over the discovery of what is
supposed to be a diamond. It has
every appearance of being one, and hut
been sent to Viotoria for further examination. It was found, we understand, near Richie Macdonald's ranch
ou Niuola road.
Madame Renard and Miss Rebecca
Mackenzie gave a concert in the Alexander Hall on the evening of Tueaday
last. The hall waa crowded and the
audience shewed tbeir appreciation of
the siugere by much applause and frequent encores. Those instrumental in
bringing these vocalists to Goldeu
deserve the thanks of tbe citisene.
The Alberta A Kootenry Development
Co., have purchased several promising
j claims on Perry Creek.     Their  niau-
i uger, Mr. M. Dainard, it now engaged
j iu prospecting in   the  same  district.
The annual meeting of tbe Company
will be held at Golden on Mav 6th, for
the purpose of electing directors for tbe
ensuing year.
The Toronto Telegram in a recent
issue said: Rossland is abundantly
able to pay dividends on alt the money
which haa been put into tbe development work on ita laminated rocks.
But Rossland is not goiug to pay dividends this eummer on all the money
whicli hat been put into advertising
bills, liquor bills and board biilt.
Tht funeral of the late Thomtt E.
Kitchen, M. P. P., took place at Chil-
liwaok on Wednesday a'ternoon, Rev.
Baugh Allan officiating. Tbt attend*
��nce was extremelv large and tbe
csaket wae literally covered with floral
tributes of esteem, including a beautiful wreath in tbe form of a barp from
members of tbe Local Legislature.
The two-story frame hotel, the Lancaster, at Rossland, wat burned down
on laat Friday evening. The flames
had a good hold when discovered, aud
undoubtedly resulted from a lamp in
one of the bedrooms. Several person!
had narrow escapes from being burned
to death. Few ol the contents of tht
hotel were saved. Tbe lost it eatima,*
ted at 15,000.
...,.-�� Kit* "3t.lt.ett <Bva
The GOLDEN -..A- .sloublished every
Saturday morning in time to catch the eas
and west, mall trains, also the mail for tbe
upper country, Windermere.Port Steele etc
t is the only advertising medium in the Eea
Kootenay district,
Subscription Bates: t'l.OOpe* annum in
AIV-.1 C8.
AAva-tiseraents end changes must be in
the office not later than 1*! am, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
All cash to be paid to the Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on application '_
Tfc (.Irjti En Publishing Coapaaf.
In going over the printed public ae -
counts  of  Britieh  Columbia lor tlio
past year our attention hat been directed  to   tht value of horses at Fort
Steele.     At evidenced on pago l.i'i of
these accounts where wt find entered a
payment  to V. H. Baker of -'1250 for
compensation  for lost of two horses
drowned- whilst   .-instructing    Fort
Steele Bridge, and another payment to
the same person of $20 for hay, and on
turning to page 58 of the accounts we
see  from a payment there of $4 that
this Mr. V. H. Baker ia an Indian interpreter at Fort Steele.     We do not
know   how  the  drowning occurred,
whether the water came to the horses
or the horses went to the water, or
whether  the  hay wat also drowned.
We assume the Government was liable
Mall events it has admitted liability
iby  making  the payments.     But the
payment  for  these  two horses is in
strong contrast with another payment
recorded  on page 79 of  the accounts,
where there it entered paid Indian for
lost of horse, saddle, etc., Cassiar district, 148.    We do not know what tbe
-to,   covers.'   Whether devoured hay
wot  a  portion of  the ttc. is not disclosed.     The  saddle, etc., must have
been of tome value., so that if  18 are
placed on.tbese for value, it leaves $40
for the Cassiar horse,while Fort Steele
horses  stand at  $125 each���a most
Startling disorepenoy.   It may be tbat
tht  Indian  Interpreter's horses were
more valuable than the Indian's horse.
We.know  there are horses and horses
���bnt tht accounts do not distinguish
Any   distinction.     Tbe term horse is
.simply made use of.     It may be that
the Indian's horse was a cayuee and
that it was over valued, and it may be
that  the Interpreter's  horses were a
pair of  thorough bred shires, or some
equally  valuable stock and were too
low valued.     At all events horses in
Cassiar are not aa high priced as horses at Fort Steele, or at least as some
horses there,     Alberta ranohers pride
.themselves on good stock and valuable
animals  and perhaps  tbe two horses
were imported from there.    If thit be
to thero is a great market for horses at
Fort Steele, particularly for drowned
horses, if the same price cau be obtained.     Not. only wil!   there be a good
market for horses on similar conditions
but also a good market for hay.   Hay
we  know ie * very generic term, and
-overt   a long array of quality, from
nloagh   hay up to tht Bneat timothy
and tht account does not disclose either
.quality or quantity.   Whether it was
a load or merely a feed, we can only
aurmise.     Such  high priced animals
would require high priced hay of the
finest  quality.     Wt  should  likt to
know  something  more  about  these
horses���and hay���if  it it not too late
in-tbt day.     How  tbty and the hay
came to be drowned and how the Land
Commissioner  arrived at the value���
��fter determining tbajt the Government,
wat retponeible for the drowning. We
are of course perfectly well aware that
tht Government or its officials do not
.drown  horses or tny  othtr animals
lor tht mere purpose of giving the people tht pleasure of paying for tbe same.
���JWt wtnld be too expensive for even
the government of old to-morrow
Turner to indulge in. At the same
time we think this is a matter that
requires further enquiry. If the member for East Kootenay has not already
had his attention drawn to these fads
we now do so and invite bim to make
enquiries at tbe Hon. Mr. r^Iartin,Commissioner ot Lands A Works as to
bow an Indian in Cassiar distriot receives only $48 for loss of borse, saddle) etc.; while an Indian Interpreter
at Fort Steele receives $270 for two
drowned horses and hay whilst constructing; Fort Steele Bridge.
We bave got it now. The horses
were valuable because tbey were constructing Fort Steele Bridge. Wc
know borsea are capable ot doing many
things, but we never thought thoy
were capable of constructing a bridge.
But if horsee at Fort Steele are valuable because they can construct bridges
and destruot themselves by drowning
we venture this suggestion,if FtSteale
Bridge or any other bridge cannot be
'-.instructed without drowning horses
hen it is to be hoped that in tbe interests of the people, less valuable ani
male, whether they belong to Indians
or their Interpreters, be selected.
government as we now have, the
members of which are now being denounced in nearly every leotion by the
Canadian press, We must have active
and steady work carried on unflagging*
ly,perseveringly before those memberrs
can be relegated to an- obscurity from
which tbey should never have emerged.
What Oar
Legislators are
Doing at
iet of British Columbia so at to include
the territory northward as far towards
the Artio Ocean so as to obtain the
control of the mining industry and
hat introduced a resolution into the
house for that purpose.
The second member for Viotoria city
is of opinion that the Province should
have representation in the Dominion
Cabinet and baa submitted a resolution
that an address should be presented to
the Lieutenant-Governor to enable him
to make representations to the Dominion Government.
*        ��
The Liberal Platform.
Coalition governments have never
been a success! They are neither the
one tiling, nor the other thing.
Neither flesh, nor fish, nor even good
red-herring Personal interests at a
rule bring them into existence and keep
them in existence. Our Province has
had a sort of coalition government now
for thirteen years -hut itt end is near,
ite doom hss been pronounced and next
year will tee its extinction. Tbe Province has paid heavily for its government in more senses than one and in
mere ways than one, and it is not
likely to make a similar blunder in tbe
future. Governments���all good governments mutt be conducted on strictly
party linet; let each party bave its
turn���whether Conservative or Liberal, But tbe Government we prefer
seeing in power it a Liberal Government. But it will never get there unless the people bestir themselves and
work heartily towards that object.
There ie not much use in indulging in
high sounding phraseology of the divine right of the people to rule the
people by the people through the people for the benefit ol tbe people. This
it a principle that is conceded by tbe
most ardent Conservative. We mutt
have something more, Tbe first thing
in addition to organization, is to have
a platform, a good platform with solid
planks in it. We now offer some material to form these planks and we would
suggest. (1) Electoral Reform witb
re-distribution of seats. There are
thirty-three constitutences. Fourteen
of these are on the Island wh ch hat
not a population ot more than 40,000,
while the mainland witb a population
of not leea than 80,000 has only nineteen. Thia ia most grossly unfair.
(2) There must be a clear and definite
railway policy. Our Province must
follow the examples of other British
Colonies and build and control its railways, It will then have something to
show for its expenditure besides retaining its revenues. (3) Non-alienation of tlie resources of the Province.
No more charters, and no more subsides, There must be an end to the
charter-monger and subsidy-seeker.
The reign of future monopoly is now
about closed. Tbe Province has had
enough of ii. (4) More efficient
and more aconomlo administration in
tbe affairs internal and external of the
Province,. The idea of prosperity in
having tbe expenditure heavier than
the revenue mutt cease. - There mutt
not be any more extravagance and in-
incy. We will return to these
topics tome other time. Tht people
however must be up and doing and we
are glad to observe that they are getting into motion, holding meetings and
passing resolutions, Tbis it all right
but we must have tomething more
.ban mere words to get rid of such a
Old To-mon-ow hat announced the
Government's railway policy by transmitting to the House fox itt consideration a bill intituled "An Aot to authorise a loan of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, for the purpose ol aiding tbe construction of railways and other publio works," and
recommends tbe same to the Legislative Assembly, The bill snd message
were referred to a Committee of the
whole bouse, who recommended tbe
introduction of the Bill and according*
ly tbe Bill was introduced and read a
first time. The Opposition do not seem
to have offered anv comment on the
declaration of the polioy. Perhaps the
members were too much overcome by
surprise. Policy there it none. The
money when raised, in tbe vague manner described in section two, by debentures, issue and ealeot stock; or partly
in one way and partly in another or
otherwise, is to be applied in subsidising three railways, (1) a railway from
Penticton to Boundary Creek distriot
about 100 miles; (2) a railway from
Butte Inlet to Quesnelle about 230
miles; (3) a railway from tbe coast to
Cbilliwack about 60 miles. In all 390
miles of railway at the rate of $4,000
are provided for whioh would exhaust
$1,560,000 leaving a balance of $940,-
000 to be applied towarda tba construction of roads and public means of communication and tranaport and of other
public works. This in plain language
means to provide for any deficit.
Tbe estimates have been before the
House for some time and some plain
language has been used by members in
reference to incidents which do hot enhance the reputation of our Lieutenant
Governor who appears us oue of the
Directors of tbt Columbia A Western
Railway Company and serious allegations are made as to'his utilising the
position of Lieutenant-Governor by
orders passed in Council for tbe benefit
of the Compaay of which be is Director. Whether these allegations are
true or not���tbe present holder of the
oliiee ot Lieutenant-Governor cannot
retain both positions. He must resign
either the oue or tbe other or both, ir
get his marching orders. The second
member for Vancouver city is evidently
determined to probe the matter to the
bottom and gave notice of the following motion: That a respectful address
be presented to Hie Honoui the Lieutenant-Governor in Council praying
bim to cause to be laid before tbis
House all papers, letters und writings
relating to the security required to be
deposited by the Columbia and Western
Railway Company under section 3 of
tbe "Columbia and Western Railway
Subsidy Act, 1896," and all Orders in
Council relating thereto.
The debate on the estimates lasted
some daya and leader of the Opposition
moved an amendment on the premier's
formal motion that the Speaker leave
the chair, which ia tbe motion of forming tbe House into a committee ot
supply to dispose of tbe estimates���
Tbat whereaa the Legislature sanctioned an increase in taxation to enable
the Government to establish a balance
between revenue and expenditure, and
also to expend a larger amount upon
public works;
And whereat there it no satisfactory
diminution of the annual deficit, and
no satisfactory increase in the appropriations for publio works;
This House emphatically condemns
the manner in which tbe Government
have administered the business of the
country, aud also the manner In which
the Chief Commissioner of Lends and
Works has ignored the instructions of
the Legislature iu the sale of lands.
This amendment was seconded by
tbe member for South Kootenav, and
on a diviaion the amendment, was lost
hy 7 votes, seventeen members vpting
for the Government and ten membei-B
for the amendment, Tbe eatimates
will now be considered in detail by tbe
members of the House.
The second member for Victoria city
still continues to champion the cause
of the ladies and has asked leave to
introduce a bill intituled "An Aot to
amend the 'Provincial Voters Act' and.
the 'Election Regulation Act' (and any
Acts amending said Acts), by extend*
ing to women tbe franchisii of voting."
The member for Ntrtb Kootenay
wants tj>e enlargement of tbe bpundar-
MR JOHN BULMAN. Winfield Pork,
Thunderhill, will handle freight between
Adela, Mud Lake ana Fort Steele, and
return. Goods warehoused at both ends.
For rates apply to
East West, Norths Squth.
You need not go either direction togetPerfeet-FlttIn��,
Well-Hade, and Durable
Ye people of Golden, mid Donald too.
Your Tailor has come, bis name is Frank
���I [ Pugh;
He can cut and fit with the best in tbe land,
And makes up a garment with bis own hand.
In England he cat for bouses of fame,
Such as Hohsoh's of London, who bears a
(great name;
And in Canada too, inst let me say
He was cutter for tbt great Hudson's Bay.
Prospectors and Miners having claims or
interests in claims for sale, could not do better than communicate with
Mining Broker & Financial Agent,
Golden and Fort St-elk.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to
apply sixty days after date to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District
of East Kootensy, for permission to purchase 320 acres of misurveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described as
follows! Commencing nt a post planted
on the east bank of the Coliiniliia river
about IS chains south of Spillamscheen
steamer landing; thence east '20 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west to tlie
Columbia river say U0 chains and thence
following the Columbia river south to the
point ol commencement,
Dated, Galena, B. C, 20th March, 1887.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in the Golden Milling Division ot Eitst Kootenay District
located Spillimnchean Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Oold
Commissioner for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant or the above claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner
an action commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of Juue, 1898,
John McRar,
Ily his agent, F. VY. Aylmer.
Repairing, cleaning, and altering too,
;hly done by this samel
will be thoroughly dune by this tame Frank
Both Ladies' and Gentlemen's clothes let me
Will be workmanlike done, and quite np to
Now let me solicit year work, old and new,
And pnl to tbe test, your Ullor.Frank Pugh;
His charges you'll find will be oil right
And the work when completed, "Just out
(of sight."
���-Patronise Home Industry I"
Store opposite pott office,
Golden, B. C.
(L't'd Ly.)
Notice to Taxpayers*
Assessment Aot and Provineial
Revenue Tax.
Northern Division op East Kootenav District.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with the Statutes lhat Provincial Revenue Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due for the year 1897.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Kootenay District are payable ut my office, the
Court House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the following rates, vis t��� ���
If paid on or before June 80th lt-97:
Three-filths of one per cent on Real Property.
Two and one-half per ceut on assessed value
of wild laud. .
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of the incomes oi any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely:-Upon such excess of income
when tbe sum u not more than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent: whon such excess is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars one and one-quarter
of oue per cent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand- dollars, one and one-half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of one per cent on Real property
Three per cent on'the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-fourths of one per cent on Personal
On bo much of the incomes of any person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely*���Upon such excess when the
same is not more thsn ten ahoussnd dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per cent; when
such excess is over ten thousand dollars.and
not mere than twenty thousand dollars, one
and one-half of one per cent; when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars one and
three-quarters of one per ceut.
Provincial Revenue Tax 18.00 per
Assessor and Collector.
(Bplden, Jnpi*nry 2��d, 1897.
OSes Alexander Block, Upstairs,
fiOIiPEK, B.C.
Mines Leased, Bonded, Bought, Developed
and Operated.
Correspondence from Owners of Mining Propertios and Psrlies Seeking
Mining Investment* solicited.,
Pee Drags
Bend to     i     i     t     t
Or to     i     i     i
chas:  nelson,
New Denver.
Clock and Jewelry repairing done in
tbe best style of the trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and express orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker ini Jnellei ��� tiMn, I, C.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelting k
Assaying Works.
Assays, Tests and Smelting of Ores
with the greatest expedition and scientific accuracy. ���
Call or write far further information.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL ia now open for tht
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under*
eigned or any member of tbt
PRICE-Ten Dollars per ytar or Sis
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRA8 except private wardt.
Aot ing Secretary.
Char.t. Services.
Tht usual evening service will bt
held to-morrow in St. Paul't Churoh
at 7:80 o'clock.
Methodist service will bt held In tht
school house to-morrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Servloe will be conducted in tht
Presbyterian Church by Rev. Jas.
Harcourt, B.A., to-morrow evening
at 7.80 o'clock, ��� "
i i.i] st
Truth any. there   la s-rlous danger
that Britain will drift Into war.
London, April 10.���There are indications tbat the British preparations
against the Transvaal multiply in
many directions. It was sniui-officially
reported during the weok that two
more regiments have been ' notified to
prepare for service in South Africa.
.Negotiations are pending with Scotch
chip owners for four transports to be
ready by the end of June. It is
thought President Kruger has court*
martialled hit grandson, Lieut. Elof,
for using insulting language toward
Queen Viotoria. The most bitter comments can be beard iu clubs and among
tht better classes of people here againat
President Kruger, who, it it claimed,
ha* done aa much at Lieut. Elof to intuit tht Queen. The Liberals are evidently beginning to scent coming
troubles and are raising np a warning
linger. Truth, on thit subject says:
" Then it serious danger that we shall
drift Into a war with tbe Tranavaal.
Lord Salisbury's government ie apparently bent upon forcing a quarrel
upon President Kruger. Every occasion is taken to intuit him and everything be doer is misrepresented- If
tbe outcome is not war, this ii only
because there are men in* the -ministry
who have at length realized that war
with Transvaal does not inean a contest with a puny African tribe but a
race war in whioh the majority of
whites at the Cape and all the Boers
will be against us.'*
���   <-r-TT-a
A-tl-Tqxtne Kills?
St. Louis, Mo., April 8.-James M.
Williamson, 16-year-old, at the Christian Orphans' Home, wus given an immunizing injection of anti-toxine for
tbe purpose of preventing diphtheria.
Forty minutes later the boy was a
The newe struck like a thunderbolt
iu the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Half a dozen learned medicos hold n
long consultation and autospy, and
came out with the verdict, "Death
from .heart failure."
Too Much for Jack.
Many years ago, at a time when
sailors were in the habit of cheviiig
much more than in" rhe'|'.re��*enr day,
two tare were sitting up in the gulleiy
of an old country ohtiroh, paying r'efy
great attention ta the service.
During the sermon one of them
heard a distinct sound of snoring coining up from the body of the cli.u-uh.
and looking down he saw a fat old
farmer fast asleep, bis head thrown
well back and his mouth wide open
Tbe temptation was too strong for
Jack, who, cutting a small piece of
tobacco from his "plt-j^," glint one eye,
and, glancing along an jniligiuery
plumb-line, dropped it clean into the
old man's mouth, causing the Old fellow to close it with a snap aud jump
to hit feat sputtering and spitting with
a face almost purple.
Confusion reigned supreme, ' and
Jack's chum innocently asked:���
"What's up, Jack-man overboard?"
"No," said Jack, exploding with
suppressed laughter; "I dropped a bit
of 'baccy plumb down the main hatch
and into hia old grog-tub."
leave he atated positively that he. could
do nothing for her child. The mother
waa greatly alarmed and earnestly
asked if nothing could be done. Iu a
firm, distinct' voice tlm doctor- answered: "A-b-s-o-l-u-t e-l-y n-o-t-h-l-n-g."
"And tht baby said. "A*b-e*o 1-u-t-e-
l.y n-o-t-h-i-n-g?" Then it turned
over and died."���Tacojna Union.
Should a Man ftlve Ills Wlfo an
Most decidedly he should, no matter
how small. The majority of women
would rather far have twenty pounds
a year they could call their own than
twice the tarn which they might or
might not, a, the case may be, succeed
in saving out of the housekeeping.
Does a man ever consider how hard
it is for a woman to have no money at
all of her own to spend ? He probably
retorts., " Ah, it's all very well, but
what oan she want? I give her clothes
and food, and pay all her expenses."
*Ph**t mny be, yet you have always
tome loose cash about you, and would
think it a bard case indeed it you had
not a pound to spend whenever you
wanted it, and yon never seem to think
your wife may need a shilling.
Arbitrary English Language,
We'll begin  with  box, and the plural
is boxes,
But the plural of ox  should be oxen,
not oxes.
The one fowl is a goose,  hut two art
called geese.
Yet the plural of mouse should never
tie meese.
Yon may find a lone mouse or a whole
nest of inics,
But the plural of house ia houses,  not
If the plural of man is  alwa.s ciill.d
Why shouldn't the plural ot pan be
called pan ?
The cow in the plural may be cows or
But a bow if repeated is never called
And the plural of vow is vows,  never
It I speak of a foot and you show  me
your feet.
And I give you a boot would a pair be
culled beet?
If one is a tooth and the whole set arc
Why shouldn't the plural of both lie
called heeth ?
Siich was the remark made by a man
standing at a gate in a lonely road,
and it was addressed to, a, stalwart
sailor who had just noma. up. The
only ot hi i-object visible ion the long,
straight road was the large run, ,vlmr-'
massive crooked horns were being held
by the man as the two stood unite
still in front of tho gate.
" Why, sartinglv, shipmate." said
the obliging tnr, as he seized the big
" I'hank you," the first holder said eolouirs re^
when he got'to the other side. ������Ynu Now South
will uo doubt be surprised to learn
that I never saw tliut ram until to-.la.i
The vicious brute attacked me about
halt an hour ago. ami we have lieen
tussling together ever, since. As long
ns you stand liefore him holding hia
horns firmly, he can't hurt you. Goodbye. I hopo yon will he a*, lucky in
getting away frum hlm as I have been.
, The sailor's answer bus not yet boon
Victoria, B, 0., April' Hth. ��� Australian advices state that Mr. Duncan, a
white trader umi his death iu a very
painful way while triiiling with tin*
tiu-sof New Hebrides.    He  was  tied
Golden AH. Steele
Almost an Aecompllsuad   Fuct--Itcso*
lutlons Unanimously Adopted,
Tbe repi-i sentatives from the various
i ..lonies, i It rr many meetings extend-
11>_ over many years, indifferent colonies have finally met at Adelaide the
capital ul South Australia and approved of a Federal constitution for federation   uf  the  various colonies.   The
esented   were    Victoria.
Wales, Tasmania, South
A usi i nl ui and Western Australia. Tho
Premier ol South Australia was elected
Pii'sideiii ol the Coiilereiic*. The
piiiicipal delegate from New South
Wales, at the request of the Conference submitted the resolutions embodying the principles ot the new constitution. All tho resolutions were unanimously adopted so that the work of
the convention is now practically completed. The resolutions provided that
the powers, privilegeo and territory of
the various colonies are to remain intact; that the exclusive power of im*
posing and collecting customs uud excise duties, and military and nava
control lie vested in the federal purlin-
mem; that trade intercourse between
the federal colonies be absolutely free;
and tbat the parliament which will be
established is to consist ot a senate
and a bouse of representatives; that
the executive is to consist of a governor-general appointed by the Queen,
and that a supreme federal court,
which will also be the high court of
appeal of the colonies, be established.
(Limited Liability)
Development Co.,
'..Me. Capital Stock 7.o,ooa Shares of pn value of {loo each. Treasury Sloe. .00,000 Shies..
This is a purely local Mining Company, formed for the purpose ot acquiring and developing properties in
East Kootenay, tlie richest part ol British Columbia,
The management bf the Company is in the hands ot capable men whe are right on the spot and are therefore
able to secure on behalf uf the Company tlie best properties available.
Provisional Board, of Directors:
i iciidcnfi TlltmAS McNaUHHT, Esq., Fiiiiuidiil Agent, Furt Steele.     Vice-President: Al �����,INDEX ALLAN, Esq., Merchant, Calgary
and 8. llllllll.K, Esq., .Secretary Uoldou Lumber I...,-.. lieu.
Treasurer: Al.lrrxANU.lt MuijU__N. Esq., Miumger Hell Telephone Co., Calgary.     (Secretary: Ui.o. 8. McCAHTKR, Hamster, -olden.
There are no salaried officials iu this Company. The promoters chares are pooled until the Company earns
dividends, Experienced prospectors have been engaged to aecure claims for tho Company in the Golden and
Fort Steele Districts.
The Company will develop and sell ttieae properties and handle properties on behalf of pi-ospe.rtors and investors. Several thousand-shares have already been sold. The bal-uit-eof the first block of nli.UOU Treasury Slimes
has been placed on the Canadian market aud a second block of 50,01.0 ia being placed upon the market iu Great
Treasury Shares are selling at
10  Cents Fer-Share,
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full information -apply to any of the
Directors or to,
-    7    -Jjngjh of .11 lies,
Tht Irish mile it 3,240 yards.
The Swiss mile is 9,153 yards.
The Italian mile is 1.7'i'i yards
The Scotch mile is 1,984 jar a.
The Tuscan mile is 1.808 yards.
The German mile is 8,10(1 yards
The Arabian mile ia 2.1411 yards.
Tht Turkish mile is 1.8*1 yards.
The Fleiniati mile is '1.819 yards.
The Vienna poet mile ia8,29(1 yards.
Tbe Canadian mile is 1700 yards.
The Roman mile ie 1,(128 or 2,025.
The Werst-Mptfe ie 1,107 or 1,*~Q7
Tbt Dutch and Prussian mf le is 6.480
yarde. ���
�� ���
John If. "Hopkins and Steve Delaoy
got to sparring about facts and figures
yesterday afternoon, but both escaped
without any body blows. The trouble
arose over *ome statements made by
John L. tp the effect that babies sometimes talk when only six month old.
Sttvt doubted it. So did Phil Kershaw and others who heard Hopkins
talking about it.
"Thit case," snid Hopkins, "is reported bv a Seattle friend and you nan
judge for yourself." Delaney prepared
to be convinced. 'The child wat onlv
tix months old and it had been very
tiok.     The doctor wat talking to tho
or to
Messrs. Ellis & Grogan,
Itiokei-tf, C'algnrj.
J-k-orelnr j, t.ol-ltn.
..ankersi   Hunk or Montreal. Calgary.
mother, (Ud  Wiien  be  was about to ��� business man.
Very often u girl marries who lias
hud au allowance of Iier own at home.
She may even have owned a little
i-iouey, or have earned it. She marries
aud finds al' !*er fittle iiiu-.ii'-. suddenly
cut off; she must go tu her husband
lor everv cent she wants, to spend, or
else stint tlie liuui-ftlii-'.d. Every housekeeper knows what a farce " saving
out of the housekeeping" really ie. If
a little can lie scraped together one
week when tlio expenses are less, it is
all swallowed up by extra expenses at
another time, and the result is most
So, If a man wants to do his wile
justice it hi* wants Iter to be contented and happy- let him make Iier an
allowance according to his menus fur
her private expenses. She will not
grumble at its being small if he ex
plains that it is as much as he can afford ; and she will be far more economical and careful in outlay if she
knows exactly what she has to spend
4 ���
A  good   advertiser must be a good
���,.,''-.     ,   , .,.      ...     ,     ,'",    up to a tree for three daya, being kept
If the singular's this and the plural is , ���,,_��� H||d -orcib|y ���,�����.;,,   ^ fou*J
��� -.    \ io'    i     i   f i ���    _     ��� i .   He was then cut down, killed and eat-
Should thei plural of kiss bs nicknamed   ��i. wom-tii. even, joining  joyfully   in
.keene?   the feast,   Thei-.was a great ussem
Then one may be that and three would , ,,.������, f|.oni ���le ,.���* ,���,,��� KroU|l_ of jh|.
Ir those. | ���,���������_ ii,,,,,.,,,,, j, ,,|,|W���,Sl was a single
The t'amln at Snnday School.
This is a story of a young American
street arab who bad been induced to
attend the mission Sunday school. He
was taken up to the front seat, and beyond kicking his neighbors on either
side and pulling the hair of the little
girl as she stood up to recite, and expectorating at a cockroach which waa
hastening across the floor, be had behaved very well. Finally, in order to
get some sort of an idea what the boy
knew, the sweet-faced gii-l teacher
asked him if he had ever heard of God.
"Dear me, haa no one ever talked of
God with you?''
'���G'wan, uow. I told yer no."
"How many G��ds are there?"
It was a chance, and he took it,
hoping to make a lucky guess. "Two,"
he snarled, and the other children tittered.
���Oh. no. little boy, you are wrong,"
said tha teacher.
"Well, dim, dere's four."
The children laughed aloud, and tho
teacher looked stern. She started to
correct his impression, when he let
forth such a torrent of profanity that
every me was horrified. He engaged
iu combat witb the nearest boy for
laughing at him, and the result was
iluit he was finally put out of the
building somewhat the worse for tho
encounter. Progressing up tho street
lie met a good little boy who waa on
his wny to the mission.
������Suy. kid. w'er you goin'?"he nsked.
"To the mission Sunday school,"
faltered the good boy, as he tried to
"Jess anser me dis one question.
Uow many gode is dey?"
' One," responded the good boy.
"Oh, say, you are too easy. Take
me advice an' go home. I went up
against dat game an' I told dem dere
was four, nnd dey beat me nearly to
deith and trim nie out. If you go up
dere wit' yer little ono old God, dey
won't do a ting to you but ki1! you.
Take me advice, pnrd, an' go borne
I've honn up agin dat game au' dere's
nothin' in it.   Sec!"
Common language is tho best advertising language.
Ye* hat iii the plural would never be
And the plural of cat is cats and not
cose, ���
We speak of a brother, and  also of
But though we sny mother, we never
any luethren.
Then the masculine pronouns are he,
hia and hlm.
But imagine the feminine she, thit and
So the English, I think, you all will
agree,   ,
Is the greatest language you ever did
- Commonwealth.
a a
" Will you oblige me by holding this
ram while I open this gate ? It it fastened on tlie inside, and I find lhat I
must climb over,"
mau, about .'1,'i years old.
The Contract Signed.
Loudon. April 9. In the house of
Commons to-day, the secretary of
state for the colonies. Mr. Joseph
Chamberlain, answering n iin*-siioii un
the subject, nniii-uiiced tlint a contract
had been signed between Canada I
the Pattersons, of Newcastle, for n
fust Meniiisliip service heiwiru Cnn-ula
and Great Britain. But. Mr. Chamber niu added, the noutiacl still requires the sanction of tin* Imperial
government, which   is considering the
Inflammatory Rlii'iuuiitism sn Acute Iio
('������uld nut Attend to His Daily Duties���
Lived Thrco Weeks iu Agonising paiu
when that" (nml Maniariilin " of all Cures,
South American Rheumatic Cure, Passed
His way It helped iu a fen- hours, mul
speedily cured���Cust 75 cents.
Mr. E. A. Norton, a well known citiw>ii of
Grimsby, (Int.. was severely attacked with
iullaiiuiial<iry rlieiiiii.ilisiu sunn, -Jd years ago,
utter a time he rccoioiod. but five or .ix
vppksagn thn dread disonse returned so
violently thai he had to give up work. For
nearly three weeks lie lay in Isil siitTeriug
terrible agony. Another resident of lhe town
who luul been cured by South Ann-rii-iiii Rheumatic Cure pors-inilcd him tn try it, and, to
his groat surprise after using ths modi' im.
but one week he was so far rocm-crod as to go
mat tor In ������mod...;,,,, v* ci. ...I-. al"iut town. From the li.st dose taken ho
nailer. in coii.lu-.iun Mr. Un.nils.-r- felt marked Improvement, and Mav ho is
lain said it would be premature to most enthusiastic in singing its praises. No
make  any   further  statement on the cawtiioseven'for South a -lean Rheuma-
tic Cure to check in six hours, and cure per*
| liianently.   Sold by C. A. Warren. Was Slowly Dying.
The Itroait Cost ��f Mr. Junes Owsa at John*
ville���Dootori told him His Langs Were
Affeotsd and he Could not Beoover���How
in Goto. Hoalth.
From the Sherbrooka Gazette.
When a man f ices what medical
authorities tell him is certain death,
and regains health and stre igth, he is
naturally grateful to the medicine that
has restm-ed hiin. Such a mnn is Mr.
James Owen, one of the host known
farmers in the vicinity of Johuville,
Que. Mr. Owen tells his story of shattered health and renewed sireugth as
follows:���"On the 17th ol Decern ber,
1894,1 was attacked wiih In grippe
A week later the troublo developed in
to pneumonia iu its worst form, and I
did not leave my bed until ilie first cf
March, 1895, and then I was so weak
that I was unable to walk alone, All
winter my life bung in the balance.
Summer earn'.', and I was still weak
and feeble, though witb the warm
weather I gained a little more
strength. I had however, but very
little  power  in my legs, and I could
Oh spring I terrible spring I..
You nasty, muddy, sloppy thing;
What anguish you to mortals bring I
How we flounder, how we flop,
Through the slush and through the slop -
How our leet get wet and cold.
Anxious mothers fret and scold,
Doctors rake in all onr gold.
What n tale their bills unfold
Of midnight visits for the grip
Our feet in mustard water dip
Then back again in bed wo slip,
The maiden sighs and says, " O spring I
My complexion's not the thing,
For in vour winds there is a siing.
And old Soi's rays the freckles bring.
Till cucumber cream and buttercup
Can'* quite manage tn cover tliein up,"
Spring, spring, jnst now you're king,
And most likely are going to have your fling,
1'nt bye and byo you'll cease to sing
Or in our ears yonr music ding.
For summer's coining on the wing,
And shortly it yonr neck will wring-
Dismal, wot, unhealthy spring.
-W. N. G. In Montreal Herald,
$u0tn��0* <��ar&*.
not ride a mile in a buggy owing to
tho pain they oaused me. My lungs
also troubled me and I raised a great
deal of matter. I then consulted tbe
best doctor we had in this section of
the province. He told me candidly
that I waa past medical help. He said
that my left lunij was in a state of
collapse, and .that my right lung was
also affected. This was in July 1895.
For the next three months, every day
aeemed to draw ine hearer and nearer
the end. I was so pressed for breath
at times that I could not walk any distance without stopping to regain it. In
the month of November I began to
take Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills. It
waa certainly a forlorn hope and I admit I did not expect much benefit from
them, but took thorn rather to please a
friend who urged me to do so. I believe I was surprised when I found
tbey were helping me, for I thought I
was beyond tbe aid of medicine, but
help me they did, and I gladly continued their use. The result is ihey
bave made a well man of me. I have
not a pain abont me, my breath comes
at freely as it ever did,and I am strong
and vigorous. My cage cau be briefly
summed up in a few worda. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have given me a new
lease of life and I am glad to let everybody know it."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, build up the nerves, and thnt
drive disease from the system. In
hundreds of cases they have cured
after all other medicines bad failed,
thus establishing the chira tbat they
are a marvel among the triumphs of
modern medical science. The genuine
Pink Pills are sold only in boxes, bearing the full trade mark, "Dr. Williams
Pink Pills for Pale People." Protect
yourself from imposition by refuging
any pill that does not bear tbe regit*
tered trade mark around the box.
4 ���
A Clever-Rose.
A good story is told which may be
of use to the wandering photographer,
especially il he lie a bicyclist, and ie
overtaken by night in some country
village. Two photographers found
themselves in this pliRht, and sought
refuge until morning at tbe village ale-
bouse. Tbey were dead tired and went
to bed early, but not a wink of sleep
could they get on account of the noise
made by the rowdy laborers in the tap
room. At last an inspiration seized
one. He leaned over the balustrade
and shoutid to the landlord. " Call
ut vtry early in tbe morning; we find
we bave lost a ten-pound note somewhere in the village, and we want to
be out before anyono is up in order to
look for it." A solemn huth fell oi.
tht taproom and one by one the men
who had not thought of going home
for hours stole out. Almost all that
night half the village wat searching
for the imaginary " tenter," whilst the
two bicyclists slept the sleep of the
just amidst tht moat peaceful sur-
j-onudini~rs.-Jnwi.eM Courier.
Shattered Nerves Developed Nervous Prostration���Nervous Prostration Developed
Total Paralysis of One Side���Great South
American Nervine in the Teeth of Most Ad-
verso and Complicated Circumstances Over
comes all, and Restores Wife and Mother
iu Good Health to Her Family���These are
the Written Words of Edward Purr, Surry
Centre, B. C.
" My wife was taken bad last August with
nervous prostration, which later on developed into paralysis of one side. We tried many
remedies, but all in vain. 1 thought I would
try South American Nervine, huviug seen it
advertised in the New Westminster, 11. C,
papers, and I um glad to be able to say that
the result after taking three bottles was an
astonishment to myself and family. It worked wonders for her and we can not speak too
highly of Ihis great remedy." No case too
acute ar of too long standing to defy its, wonderful merits.   Hold by C. A. W arreu.
Tailor, to mother who is having a
suit mads for her boy���"Do yon waut
tbe shoulders padded ?" Little Boy ���
"No, mamma; tell him to pad the
a ���
John Snell, of Winghatn, Ont, was in a Maelstrom of Pain and Agony from Diseased
Kidneys-South American Kidney Cure
was the welcome " Life Preserver"���It Relieves Instantly and Cuies Surely.
'��� Five years ago I had a severe attack of
lagrippe which affected my kidneys and
caused intense pains in my back and urinary
organs. I suffered untotil misery, and at
times I could not walk, and any standing
position gave me intense pain. I became
worse so rapidly that my family became alarmed. Jnst at this time I noticed South American Kidney Curt advertised. Although I
li.u! little faith left in any remedy���having
tried so many worthless ones���but a drowning
man will grasp at a straw, aud I procured a
bottle. In a few days it had worked wonders
and before half a bottle was taken 1 was-
totally relieved of pain and two bottles eu
lirely cured me."  Sold by C. A. Warren.
���' Did yen complete the story you
were at work on ? " " Yes ? " replied
the litterateur. " You were in doubt
aa to ita oonclueion. Did it have a
happy or unhappy ending ? " " Unhappy, Tbe editor refused to print it "
O KO. 8. -feVAKTBB.
Notary Public, Conveyance-, Etc.
Office ���
Alexander Block, Golden, B. C.
Representing t
The Alberta A Kootenay Development Co.
Thc East Kootenay Mining and Develop-"
ment Co., Etc., Etc.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
��. jr. JEPHt-sOsr,
D.L.S. & P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALGARY,
N.W.T.  Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JBP1I80N, D.1j.8���P.L.B. of B.C. -Out.
CuIjOury, Alba,
Mining Broker,
Financial Agent,
. Conveyancer,
Notary Public.
Conducted in all its branches by
(M.N. Eng. Inst. M. A M. E.)
Samples tested up to 300lbs.   Certificate*
direct to clients. ,
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
All intelligent effort in advertising
hag a theory behind it tbat directs and
moldt it.
Thett wonderful Dyes save thotuandi el
dollars annually to happy homes in Canada.
At thi j teatoa, old, laded and soiled drew--,
rapes, jackets, and mens' and boys' suits can
be re-dyed, and made to look as well as new,
at a cost often cents.   '
Diamond Dyes are the easiest to ate I Ihey
are the brightest, strongest and most durable.
Ask for the "Diamond"- refuse oil cihera
Direction Book and samples ef nbrtd cloth
free, address
Wsu_ & RiciiaspsosCo., Montreal P. Q.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
���       a/"    ���j*
or is it
going, but
be relied
on for correct time.
Watch rt-
a prime
with us.
Ill work
________________ M)' I
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
eBcseflescsustees.*-) *.n*m.<
���� �� .��<������*)�������.-m>��j>��'
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one ol their
Illustrated  Catalogue-  and   Price
Lists to  any person sending them
their address.
The  Nellson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Wholenalt-and He tall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best Beer in Canada is made by tbe
Calgary  Brewing tt Malting
Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of lieer. Ale and Soda Water.
Insist on netting Calgary Beer every time.
They all have it.
The Company's agent for East Kootenay is
H. G. Parson,
Galden, B.C.
���0 VIMS'
���OPVaiOHT* *���.
MUNN *0O.,
Ml -rtadwat*, Hew let*.
i|; Upper Colunjlria NaVigatioq&TratTjWiiyU.,
-*] t    ���    and    ��.."���'���
s|   Iijtsnjational-Tra-lsportatioi] Gonjparjy.
TIME    TABLE.    1897.
GoLDkiN-FORT Steele route���Until opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Oolden every Tuesday, 2, p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, Steamers will leave Golden 4, a. m��� Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
nnd Sunday afternoons. I
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
For* Steelo and Jennings Roate.
Navigation expected to open 10th April.  After 1st May boats will leave
daily (except Sunday).
J1 Golden Ist March.
F. P. Armstrong,
  ... > 'ii
Job    Departmer|t
���:o:��� OF ��� .a���
Golden Sash~& Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.  All sites of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all Und of repair
aa toon as possible.  A tl abate of Pipe Fitting and Brass goods en hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felloes, Hickory aad
IN*"**        HO'.*-ION * '$��
) zs
The Cry of Crete to the HU Powers.
I heard a clear voice crying,
"The aouls of men are dying
When In tbe fear to do the right they
know,ihey palter with the wrong,"
Thou England of the free,
Queen-Empress of tbe sea,
How long wilt thou'endure it ?    How
long, 0 Lord, how long 7
Ah, France, degeuerate dau->ht��r,
Of the dais of that great slaughter,
When the Siene rolled redly seaward
for the common rights tk men.
Fraternity forgot
Ye are leaving us to rot
Like  c.rrion   in the shambles of  the
Sultan's island deul
Can selfilsh lust for self,     .
Can hope ol spoil and pelf,
So dim tby dark eyes, Auttria, to the
weal of fellowkind?
Hat Boania and Itt thame
Quenched all thy generout flame,
And bade thee to the yearnings of bu
manity be blind?
Is German power and pride
To Caesar so allied
That tbey  alone ata worthy who by
force of arms can win ?
Are the swords -ef-Fatherland
Not sacred in the hand
Of tbe torn who seek their fathers? Is
the patriot's hope a sin?
Fair Italy, so soon
Art thou mindless of the boon
That thr red-shirt Garibaldi brought,
who bade thy nation be?
Can thy heart no longer feel
For our inlanders' appeal,
I.i the name of Christ from Satan and
hit bondage to be free?
Great Russia, with tht prayer
Of tby crowning in tbe air,
That tbe Czar thould smite the pagan
and uphold tbe Christ in peace.
Shall the bayonet and the knout
Drive all Southern passion out,
Shall  the  North   witb   icy coldness
numb tbe fiery heart of Greece?
Be strong, not once or twice
Have the mightv Ones' device
Been brought to nought; the great ones
by the weak, been dispossessed.
Minos���Judgment, Lord of Crete-
Claims again his ancient teat,
All,the sous of Heaven are witb ua, to
deliver tbe oppressed:
���H. D Rttrittley, Vlc��if of Ketwick,
William Bwart Gladstone.
William E. Gladstone waa born a
millionaire, that it, with the right to
get $50,000 a year or more from hia
fellows without giving them anything
in return. At a.matter of fact Glad-
tttne's income hot been more than
1200,000 every year all his life, and he
it 87 yeart old now. But though
Oladttout it ^millionaire, hia resemblance to. American millionaires begins
and ends im that one fact, Gladstone
early in life . became a student that he
might later be a statesman. Gladstone started wrong as a Tory. He
taw that iu conservatism is the ruin of
the people, tnd loving humanity even
more than hit millions he swung over
to liberalism,even to < dicalism. Gladstone ie far from peifect. No man,
born into a great fori une,ca'n be wholly
disinterested; but even in England few
men of fortune have equal led Gladstone
at a democrat and a philanthropist.
Tbit grand old man doet not ������patronise," does not "condescend," does not
"eneer." Tbe United States hat never
found hie like among its rich men,
and never will. Gladstone champions
Crete, and Britain, Europe, all the
world heara bim. Wlieie is our' millionaire "grand old man" to champion
Cuba? Nowhere. We do not produce
tuch men. We cannot - From llie
Twentieth Century Magazine.
��� ���
the R. O. leathern Charter.
Mr. Mclnnen, the Liberal member fur
Vancouver City, B.. C, had a uotice of
motion in tbe Dominion House to the
effect that an humble address be pre*
tented to Hit Excellenoy the Governor-
General, eetting forth:
1. That an aot passed by the Legislature ot British Columbia in the 69th
year of lhe reign of Her Majesty,
Queen Victoria, entitled, "British Columbia Southern Railway Aid Amendment Act, 1891)," extends the gran)
foamerly made to the British Columbia
Southern Railway Com,.any of an en
ormout amount of pul 1 c weulth una
extraordinary privilegea
8. That in the opinion of this House
(a) The grants and privileges so ex-
.tended are unwarranted nnd grossly
extravagant, they are made without
the interests of ihe publio Iieing pro-
per+y safeguarded, and include rights
tbeslietitJitwof which from tbe con*
trol of the people will retard the development of its advantages; (b) Ths
said act, if continued in force, would
create auch a monopoly in land, coal
and transportation aa would prove
dangerous to the development and
prosperity of the said province and to
the interest of Canada generally.
The speech of Mr. Mclnnes in moving his motion was one of the most
fearless and radical deliverances from
a member of a party heard in the house
for years. He denounced tbe British
Columbia government as a band of
lioodlers and adventurers, and said
that the sent inn:nr. of the entire province was favorable to the disallowance of the charter which carried a
laud grant including the most magnificent coal deposits in the world. There
were nearly forty millions of dollars
worth of coke, and all thia magnificent
heritage had passed into tho hands ot
the C, P. it,, which had bought the
charter. .Mclunos proceeded to denounce the C, P, R, lor its greed and
for excessive freight rates and thought
if the company, was allowed to grab
the coal lauds and the Crow's Nest
Pass tbe result would be most disastrous to the couutry, ns a monopoly
would be fastened too tightly ever to
secure relief. He'also denounced the
Toronto Globe for the position it hnd
takeu with regard to the Crow's N��st
railway and called on the government
to stand hy its principles and protect
tha interests ol the country against
land grabbers, adventurers and monopolists. All tha British Columbia members took part in this debate, which ix
o .e of the most interesting thut has
ici'iiri-eil in the House th!s session.
Coiitimiin.' after recess, Mr. Bostock
argued tlint it would lie a serious mat-
tar for thc C P. R. to he placiid iu a
position to dictate terms io the whole
country in the matter of freight rates.
Neither was it a purely provincial
matter. The manufacturers ot Ontario and Quebec were hegiuiiig to send
in machinery und other mining supplies in larger quantities, and the only
question to be solved in that connection was that of transportation.���
Winnipeg Tribune.
Anglo-Saxon Empire In 1707.
All rivals went down in succession
before the rising powir of Britain,
says Professor Adams in his article in
tht April Atlantic, and she might well
believe herself to have reached the
height of imperial position, Then followed the American revolution. A
great civil war split the empire in two.
The only really successful colonies of
Britain, actively assisted by all three
of her colonial rivals, separated from
the mother country, and established
themselves rs an independent nation
THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ��� ���  *���*
I  ���  WOJKD_-^EJIR^W'nO]eL.
wan- copicj na.
220 Markst St.,  San Franci-sco, Cal.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
�� | ills of humanity.
after a conflict which left bitter mem-;
ories on both sides. It seemed at first,
right the end of things, No one eould
then expect that there would be any
further British colonizing within the
limits of the revolted colonies, and
there was little prospect of it elsewhere, The Anglo-Saxon empire appeared about to follow the Portuguese,
the Spanish, the Dutoh, and the French
into decline and decay. This wss
practically the situation a hundred
years ago.
A Mighty Hard ooi
" You newspaper men must have a
great deal to put up with," casually
remarked a guest at one of the hotela
the other evening. "To give vou au
illustration, a friend of mine was conducting a newspaper in n new western
town some years ago, when a big bully
ot a cowboy walked into the -i.ee, and
bringing down a whip on the counter,
demanded of the boy where the editor
waa. The youth was not abashed and
nsked what the stranger wanted, when
he replied that hn was about to lick
the editor. 'Then,' snid the lad, 'you
will huve a mighty hard job, for he
has just been tarred and feathered."
hy th-UMliil-*.    Sllf-, Stiff Hit-   Aiwhv�� reliable
RKrUSK ������������������yn IU* H-s    (-ior* all <lnig**t.
or Mullet,1, free l.uin omhtviiImi. wi receipt o.
11.00.   S-ait-d p-Hiculi��&c**ni��
LANK M��0IC.riU CO , MONTRC-H, 0��n
Sui'-flo'i* hair can h* rtnit
ve ��� tr Ci* i..o-( i-t-f an.
neck  in   1 w-    -limilts, Ml*
ft- -vth fo -v-t iif irfi-ttd bt
��� PII.ATON '|��-.r/ectlyharr.il"M. *-n tn niaii,*Mlfcit
���m i'.���'I-'   il pr.ee li.uu.      /��t5"i wa- I--:
I.ANl MtttlClnU CO., MOmThKAL, Can
arc. B,isr��-.i��..i cirul by LAN.'A SPP
OH'IO RRWI-'DV. Hy rnnli, tl.00
���j ,.ux-i, rJ5 Oil I's-lLuUi-rm Th.
! sn- IH-llclti- Cn . Mnoirrsl. Caa.
Paeif ie Ity.
. Direct Route to all -astern points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamers at
Halifax, St. John and
New York.
llaggage checked to European destination
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
And all points in the Far Famed Kootenay
and Silvery Slocan,  To
China    and    Japan,
via the famous Empress Steamers from
Vancouver t
Empress of India 20th March
Empress of Japan lilth April
Empress of China 10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line from Vancouver
Warrimoo 8th April
Mio wean 8th May
Apply for particulars to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
C. E. WEI.I.S.
Agent. Uuluen.
If I wore a mother
I would insist
on having Shorey's Clothing fat my
boys. Their Clothing is all sewn
with linen thread, tbe material is all
thoroughly sponged and shrunk, snd
tbe workmanship is guaranteed not to
rip. Might just st well have it, when
it doesn't cost any more than inferior
You can always be sure Of getting it
by insisting on seeing the guarantee
ticket which ia in the pocket of each ,
inneM; ������
into nearly every home, hotel and mining1 camp
iti East Kootenay is tlie Golden Era.- It is recognized by all as the best advertising medium
in the District.
This Popularity
right at home, and the confidence won by an
honorable career of nearly seven years makes it
of especial interest to advertisers
Every advertiser receives good position.
Rates are never broken
All are treated alike.
And the advertising pays.
After pondering these facts, write us, it costs
nothing and may benefit both of us.
Oh, No!
There is no reason why you should send your Job
Printing away from home. We make a specialty
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
In fact we can handle anything in the Job Printing line.
The work is right.
The price is right.
Call or write and get our prices.     We are at all
times pleased to furnish an estimate on work or
our advertising rates.
PuWsfcea every Saturday at Golden, B. C. f:
Highest Honor8���Worl4'�� Pair,
A pure Grape Cre* -n of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Aium or any other adulterant,
The Gov i-ninent of the Territories
must be an eaty matter. Tbe Lieutenant-Governor, Mr. Haultain and Mr.
Rosb, constituting the entire residential executive, are now in Ottawa, and
the administiutr.ii ot affairs seems to
be going along quite as smoothly as
ever. Is it not lean .: overnmental machinery, rather than more, that the
Territories rhyuid be agitating for ?���
The Calvary Herald says that the
latest find of mineral near Calgary ia
an asbestos vein 4J inches thick found
on Fish Creek. The same paper also
says that no other deposit has been
found in the west, except a small vein
in the hills hack of   Kamloops.
We beg to inform the Herald that
rasbeatos in larger quantities than au
2 inch vein  has been found in tbe
uMurdodistrict tributary to Goiden.
The Vancouver city council has ae-
cepted a smelter and refinery otter
from J. A. Evans A Co., of London,
England. Thay are, within a year, to
spend $600,000 on a building and plant
capable of treating both lead and copper ores, and agree to employ no Chinese or Japanese. In return the city
.gives tax exemption for ten years, and
.a sufficient freo public water supply,
���The smelter is to be of BOO tone capacity, and the refinery to be gradually,
as required, brought up to 250 tons
capacity. The proposal is popular and
.certain to receive the taxpayers' confirmation.
We have received at this office a
copy of the Mining map issued by the
"Province," sheet No. 4, consists of a
*nap of the Aitis*. oi-th, Goat River,
'.Nelson, Trail Creek, and Kettle River
divisions and accompanying it am
maps of the Toad Mountain and Trail
Creek campa shewing names of olaima
located and whether surveyed or un-
surveyed. These maps will prove of
immense benefit to mining men and we
venture to hope that the "Province"
will extend its enterprise to East
Kootenay aud place before public similar mapa of the Donnld, Golden, Windermere and Fort Steele mining divi-
Tbe Revelstoke Herald of the 10th
jnstant take ��� up over bait a column of
jis space in ti effort to ���'slate" the
Highland Group Mining and Develop-
jpeiijt Co. A Company owning proper*
ties ia the Lardeau division. The
Herald admits that it knows nothing
of tbe company's properties but says
the properties "lie above the other
groups on a part of the ridge not
niuch visited." "Yet it proceeds to
���>' jump on " the company and its properties prospectus and everything else
connected with it. The Herald will
have its hands full If it explains to the
public tbe ������' Orphan Boy Swindle" a
jittle loco) matter affecting a number
of perhaps too confiding peopls some
of whom are not "farmers living in
southern Manitoba " The shares Mr.
Lundy is telling are at least not forgeries, anyway
��� ���
Cppylng thn  *ew World.
London, April 8,-In the House of
Commons to-day Sir Richard Webster,
the attorney-general, moved the second
reading of the law of evidence bill, enabling prisoners in criminal cases to
testify in tbeir own behalf. He said
that tbe United States, Canada and
Auttrtlia had laws tin-ijnr to the bill
in operation, and thtt it bad been
lound to work in tho��e countries, He
-regretted tbat for the present the government wat ob'iged to exclude Ireland
from tbe benefits of the aot owing to
the desire that tba measure sbouid be
A* little contentious as possible. But
he hoped, and the government hoped,
that the law would bo eventually extended to Ireland. The bill then passed its second reading by a vote of 210
"A .round Floorer."
Who it it that helps the country out,
And with a ruth and whoop and shout
Brings Capital and things about?
The Broker.
Who pats hit client on tbe back ?
Who always bat a happy knack
Of getting at that client's stack ?
The Broker.
Who makes a town on desert lands,
Attracting folks from foreign landt
And tabulous amounts demands ?
The Broker.
Who makes the mines that pay so big?
Who often doth the market rig?
Wbo fixes up a deal in pig ?
The Broker.
Who gets hard up when times are bad?
Wbo shakes his head and looks so sad,
And on free lunches lives?   Begad 1
The Broker.
���Calgary Herald.
Rossland Municipal Election.
Robert Scott, the people's enndidaie
for the mayorality of Rossland, was
elected last Wednesday by a majority
of 114. He polled 586 votes. His opponent, C. O. Lalonde, received 471.
The aldermen elected were G. A.
Fi'sser, Hector McPherson, J.B. John-
ton, H. J. Raymer, W. A. Campbell
and H. S. Wallace.
There were 1.01*7 votes cast in Ross-
land's fiisc municipal election.
Great enthii-rlasm prevailed during
the day but otherwise the election passed off in a very orderly manner.
The Golden and Fort Stelle Development Company,
Among the more recently incorporated mining companies having their
head office at Golden there is one
which bids (air to come iuto prominence and public favor at a very early
date. We refer to tbe Golden and
Fort Steele Development Company,
There are no ornamental names ou its
directorate but the directors are all
sound business men who are right on
the ground aud bave therefor the opportunity of securing good properties
that other companies cannot possibly
havo. Tbe Company bat secured two
valuable properties ou Tinbasket Lake
on development arrangement and on
the first of May will put a force of
men at work developing the properties.
Recent assays bave shewn the ore to
be of a value of over $72 to ihe ton
near the surface. The leads ar j exceedingly large, one being 80 feet in width
aud the other U0 feet.
Fifteen thousand Treasury shares
have already been sold. The remainder of a block of 60,000 will be sold at
10 cents per share but no more will be
cold at that price. Thu Company will
acquire properties In the Fort Steele
district as toon at tbe President Mr.
Thomas MoNaught goes up there. Tbe
directors are: Thomas McNaught,
President; Alex. Alia*, merchant, Calgary; S. Barber of tbe Golden Lumber
Co., Golden, Vice-Presidents; A. McQueen, Manager of the Bell Telephoue
Co. Calgary, Treasurer; and Geo. S.
McCarter, Barrister, Golden,Secretary.
The Company's bankers are the Bank
of Montreal, Calgary, aud Messrs Ellis
A Grogan of Calgary, Brokers, are
handling tbe stock.
Tht Nuptial Knot.
Tha popular and genial mining recorder and collector at Fort Steele���
Mr. Cbarlee M. Edwards���was united
in marriage on Wednesday the 7th
day of April to Miss Florence Bannister the fourth daughter of Mr. 'A. E,
Bannitter of Davitburg, Alberta. The
marriage ceremony wal performed in
Davisburg Church by the Venerable
Arohdeacon Cooper, D.D. Mr. Edwards
left Fort Steele some months ago on a
visit to England where his father the
Rev. Robert Stafford Edwards, B.A.,
minister of Watford, Herts, resides.
He has terminated hit trip in a most
pleasant manner. Both bride and
bridegroom received many congratulations from friends. Mr. and Mrs.
Edwards are presently down at tbe
coast on their honeymoon trip.
Plan of Wardner.
We have had the privilege of inspecting a plan of tbe town of Wardner,
situated on the Kootenay river at the
proposed orossing of the Crow's Nest
Pass Railway. There it an excellent
key map to the plan. Measrs. Buck A
Bouillon, mining map publishers,
Rossland, art the printers and they
appear to have done their work well.
The plan shows the town surveyed into 55 blocks. Daly avenue it tbe main
thoroughfare running from east to
west, On either tidt of it are three
lines ot blocks, containing to tho north
Walla-jt street and Fotttr street, and
to the south Lnngevin street and Tupper street. These streets and avenues
extend from Laurier avenue whioh
rune along the river front and is to be
a boulevarded esplanade. Extending
north and south and running at right
auglet to Daly avenue and these atreete
and nearly parelell with Laurier avenue
are Cartwrigbt street, Mowat street,
Davies etreet, Fitber street, Tarte
street, Blair street, Pope street and
Scott street and to named after the
present political leader!.
The proposed railway crotsing is a
little to the touth of the town, and
then tbe railway turns northward
along the banks of the river, pasting
through   Laurier  avenue,  and  after
?uitti"g the town on the north shapes
n a north-easterly direction towards
Cranbrook.   . ,. I
Tho Now Tariff.
The Canadian Manufacturer publish-
\ at Toronto in tha interests of mnnu
fuaturers in the Dominion will shortly
issue a special edition containing, ae
soon ss they become law, the new Ca*
nadian Tariff, 'he new United States
Tariff, the British Tariff and the Bri
tish Merchandise Aot.
The accurate reproduction of these
important acts in one edition of the
Canadian Manufacturer will be found
to be of great value to the business
people, of all these countries named as
reference is of necessity made to these
acts almost daily by people in business
and no doubt the Canadian Manufacturer :. will be amply rewarded for its
"   .     ��� ���
Queer  Transaction Exposed by  Mr.
Williams, Member B.-J. Legislature
Mr. Williams, M.P.P., has exposed
a remarkable transaction in connection
with the Columbia and Western railway. Governor Dewdney seems to be
directly implicated, and members of
the provincial government seem lo be
guilty of allowing him to give his assent to orders that were to his own
advantage. Th'e acts of the legislature were overridden hy acts of the
governor in council. The line is to
connect Heinze's smelter at Trail with
the minea at Boundary Creek and
Kettle River districts. The charter
carries extensive land grants. Heinze
in lobbying for tbe bill, wined snd
dined Dewdney and members of tbe
government. Dewdney it ono of tbe
directors and one of the conditions by
which the charter waa secured was
poating $75,000 security by Nov. 1.
Dewdney and the government extended thit time six mouths and the aot
did not give thia power to the governor in conncil.
This is taken from the Winnipeg
Daily Tribune, and, if true, it simply
discreditable. "A corrupt Government," " A set ol boodlers," are terms
tbat are being too freqvently applied to
our provincial government by the
Eastern press; but alack we only wish
they were undeserved or even untrue,
but no matter a day of reckoning is at
hand, and if the present government
hat any remenant of' respectability
about it, it would at once demand tbe
resignation of theLieut-Govemor.
4 "���
Jubilee Troops.
Toronto, April 13.���With reference
to the Ontario contingent of the Jubilen
regiment it is expected the Queen's Own
the Grenadiers and Highlanders will
each furnish a company, also the Thirteenth of Hamilton, and it ia further
hoped a company will be furnished by
the three fine Indian companies of tht
27th Haldimand Rifle. Lieut.-Col,
Munro ot the 22nd Oxford Rifles, bat
already volunteered a company from
hia corps. Ir. is very probable a fine
bugle baud of the Queen's Own Rifles
will also go. The scheme in Toronto
is taking very well and the commanding officers are being called on continually by men-bf their regiment, who
wish to go, Other battalions will
have hnadquartert in Montreal garriton
but will in addition contain men drawn
from all parts of the Dominion, men
having already applied from British
Columbia, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island.
���ATmie NEitve-roNic _
f itsr-mb smut-it J
UVtSASO towts.
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
Has Oured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
When you come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
#''" '""-
tt.09 PER DAT.
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms. -
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars. ?
Rates $..00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,  -    Prop.
US Columbia House
Home Comforts.       .
Modern Conveniences.        . .,'���.,..
Best Cuisine in the West   . ..  ;
Commodious Sample Rooms. .   \   A
Headquarters for Mining Men.      . ��
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars,
COm. ^cl-eish, - Prop.


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