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The Golden Era Apr 11, 1902

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������-*������ *^V
GOLDEN, Bbitish Columbia, FRIDAY, Apbil li, 1902
$2 Per Year.
CAPTTAt,       -       -       12,600,000
BEST,      ���     ..       -  *ii   1,060,000
T.B. M��R8iTT, President.
O.H, WIlsxii, VlcePrsls. k Gon. Manager.
E. HIT, Assistant Oeneral Manager.
- W. Mopyat, Chief Inspector.
BranelM* In Provinces of Ontario and Que
hto. assd tho folio-villa; in Manitoba, Northwest Territories and lirillali Colombia :���
Bandon, Man.
Edmonton, Alia.
Fstrgnaon, H.C.
Ooldtn, B.C.
Prince Albert
Rovelstoke, B.O.
Rosthern, Si.sk.
Ntrathconn, Alta.
Vancouver, H,C.
Winnipeg, Mnn.
tiolden Araneh.
*|ss*JClsrV��ttenIion Riven lo COLLECTIONS.
-laMriean Cunenoy bought and sold,
WSvlaa-s Oepartment-DcDojita received
and interest allowed.
t. H. ��iIBB,
Ja8. BbADT, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Golden and windermere.
. "Sarveys made for Assessment Work and
���Crown Grants.
Land for sale on Lake Windermere and
Flmilav Creok East Koo'-ennv.
Hnll Bros. & Co.
Wholesale & Retail.
tattle, 8l.oep ahi Horso Dealers,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrl-ter; Solleltor-.
lliiwy Public.Conveyanof r, ete
Office In Up|.cr 6oIim.bia Nnvlgalion and
_   ,-. Trhnnay Cs)isipnny�� lli.lldl.ig;
Gulden,    . II. V.
Hiirvejr, HoCartor & Pinkham,
Darrlstor., Solicitor., Oc.
Xttll,      _J.A.(lAftVl*V
nev*J��(oke, ll.C
fort Steelo, li'C
Fergiuon II. C  .
' bn* of IliO Largest and Best Mai]-
*��*d Hotel* in British Columbia.
,. *��� .    ���   ��� *
OLnpselal attention given to baggage of
(laauurelal m*n.   Delivered to end from
'talon free ofchtrg*.
,' RATES, t~ par day.    Special rates lot
rbgultr boarders.
Canadian Pacific
Railway axn .too uifR
Train* pass Ooldtn
iiSSSe-im'w]iii--,. ���'-*. niio
'v^%^,BOt|��p,,>.;''.: 10:20
*ow(^Oan Dally io
w   K'PAtjI*
'^wiiS^BOnO^yt'to      .
t *. i^Ig^to;
���JH^iSii*�� BOSTON
���^....,.*-,,,.^^.--..IIH}     i -o   :'..-*   -I _ '
*T -iifisif ^' !.i*;^i��*w, -yrwF*****
After-Stocktaking Sale
and such a stock-tak'ng 1 Not a corner skipped, not a shelf or drawer or
package missed. Every article ha* been looked at with eyes of coldest
criticitin, Pedigreo hnt counted for nothing. Whin bus been or what
may be hns net beeu regarded. We are working for now���and finding too
mnoh ol certain goods fo' present need* have put irrcsisiable price* upon
them, of which these are samples:.
Chipped Iloef, 1 Ib. enn 8015 Oronnd Coffee, por pound  SOS
Shore Mackerel, 2 lb. enn  *ir> Strawberries '
Finnan Haddock. 1 lis. con  lr.Hnsplier.ios I 2 pound cans, six for 100
Fresh Herring, lib. can..-.  15 RedCurrnnts fpercose  * M
Sardines, Mu.m's, 4 lb. cans.-..four for So Black Curranta J
Baking Powder, 4 Ib. enn  75 UooHobome*. 1
linking Powder, N lb. enn  00 Apricots I 8 pound cans, four for 1 00
Baking Howsler, IH os. can  HO Pears fitorcaao  5 25
Jam or Marmalade, 5 lb. carton  50 Pineapple j
Upper Columbia
Nayigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers Duchess &.Hyak, K^f-i.
. MINING DIVISION. 9-      . 9 9
For rates oh Ore and other 'information apply to
C. fl.PcliPSOn,    SECRETARY.
Gents' Fedoras
**      Christies
Ladies' Sailors.
Special; Cut in TEAS.
LordRoberts Tea, in lib. cans, handsomely colored and
;        ... decorated, 50c., going at 40c.
"iVo are clearing out what we have left of this Tea, whioh
is as good as the best, in order to make room for
a large consignment of the famous
Blue. Ribbon Tea.
*,   MHffiaH-_B_RHHM
',,,.'..j" ";,"|iiat^ styles, to be cleared at just half price.
i-;..�� ����->* &i Mtt- . *'.
.ft   Vi'-Sii'xi ��������*.;
'    .-.s-n.-ni-Sflill
:. ,���.-i tr*%t .*.a >^*r��v.,..* a .
it*r_tod 9*\m t*\ t-f-..:*''
Ooldan, B.C,
A.G.P.A.,   !
4**as*J5s 4-jU-. ft-,-.' *.-; .
S-S.U 'it iii**E ft.),.*!., :,*���
IfalcJeii &
iliisit ;|I|potenay
London, April i -Lord Kitchener's
official report, dated yesterday evening,
sayei "Gen, Kitchener (Lord Kitchener's brother) sent Cols. Keir nnd
Cookson from Vrlokuil, We.tern Transvaal, March ill, to reconnoitre toward*
Hart's river. They soon struck the
track of guns, and carried on a running flght for eight miles following
the Hack through the bush. Emorg
ing on a plain, largo Boer roinlorce*
inents advanced against their flanks,
forcing the British troops to take up a
defeucive position, which they hastily
entrenched. Fighting ensued at closo
quarters until the Boers were ropiito'ed
on all sides.
Delarey, Kemp and other leader*
vainly attempted nt persuade their
men to renew the action. Fifteen
hundred Boers participated in tbe
engagement; but tliey suffered too
heavily, and cleared away to the
northwest and 60uth. The British
loss.-* were also severe.
The Canadian Rifles especially distinguished themselves, one party, commanded by Lieut. Bruce Carruthers,
holding its post till every man was
killed or wounded. Others of the
force showed great steadiness, allowing
the Boers to advance within 200 yards
of them, and repelling them with a
steady rifle lire. Nine Canadians wore
killed and '0 wounded,
Ottawa, April 4.���The Governor-
General received the following cable
from Joseph Chamberlain, the Colonial secretary, this rcorning: "Congratulations to tho Dominion on the
heroic conduct ot Canadian Rifles in
lhe action wilh Delarey, I dreply regret the heavy losses and deniio to ex-
|si-c*s iny heartfelt sympathy with the
K-litiivos of thoso'who gave their lives
to maintain tho traditions olCuiudiun
Ottawa, April 1 -Lord Roherts
ctlilcs the Governor*Gonornl as follow :
'I have telegraphed Lord Kitchener
my heaity congratulations to the
troops who did so well at Kleii.hart'a
river on March 91, butl would like
you lo acquaint the Canadian Government how much I appreciate the splen
did stand of the Canadian Mountel
Rifles, and how much I regret their
heavy losses,
(Signed)    ROBERTS."
Lord Dundonald, the new commander-in-chief of the forces in Canada, sent the following cable to the
Minister of Militia: " Many congratulations nud heartfelt-sympathy for
glorious losses."
Ottawa, April 7���The list of casual
lies among the Canadians at the Harts
river engagement ha* been received at
laat and is ��* follows:
Sergt. John Campbell Perry, Guelph,
Corporal Alfred Sherritt, Guelph,
Private W. T. Peters, Cranbrook,
Private W. Vollrath, Revelstoke,
B. C.
Private M. G. Hilton, London,'Ont.
AU Accounts due the Golden
Era Printing* ft Pub. Co. must
be settled by the 15th of April.
After that date outstand Accounts will be put into a Solicitor's hands for collection.
********* in I     i       i *******m*****'
sUALsH ARY, ALTA-  box m.
Cjr ol every kind and make, Shuttles, Ntedlea, Belt*, Oil, etc., etc.
Private G. N. Evans,  Loudon, Ont.
Private W. P. K,  Mulligan, Peterborough, Ont.
Private A. West, Montreal.
Private U.  D,  Campbell,  Brandon,
DuugoroUKlr Wquntloil.
Corp. S. McL, Howard, Montreal,
Private S.  M. Lczcrt,   Cranbrook,
Private J, C. Grafliiis, Cranbrook,
Sergt. i\, Milne, Calgary, Alia.
Shoeing smith W. H. Hunter, Win*
iii|.og, Man.
Private J. C. Fisher, Vancouver.
Privates L. Stattau and R. Hodges,
Virden, Man.
Privates F. W. Donueliey and Chalmers, Calgary.
Private Amonos Dorrnli, St. John,
Private John Grant Gunn, London,
Among those mentioned as slightly
wounded appears the names of A,
Fortey, Windermere; J. Simmons, Nel
son; P. Hendy, Rossland; Alex. McDonald, Ft, Steele, B.C.
The Houso did not meet at the usual'
timo on Monday, owing to several of
the ministers being at the commission.
It is said the Government is anxious
for another adjournment, tho reason
being that they do not wish tho Redistribution bill assented to till the estimates and otlier business are put
The Opposition insists on the bill
being assented to at ouce and will, it is
expected, have the co operation of the
The commission adjourned shortly
after 2 till tomorrow, Premier Dunsmuir being required in the House.
Victoria, April 8.���The Redistribution Bill was finally passed today
without further amendment.
In Committee ofthe Whole Mr. Mar-
tin moved lo strike out the section of
lho Hospital Aid Bill providing for
tho distribution of a grant to one institution in oauii city, substituting a pro
vision that nid shall be awarded to all
approved hospitals, regardless bf de
iiomiiiation.il color. The motion to
striko the section out carried, although
strongly opposed by Mr. Prentice, upon
whoso request consideration of Mr.
Martin's section was deferred to give
him time to look into it. *v
Mr. Maniu's bill to prohibit aliens
voting in the municipal elections, passed Ita second reading to night, the vole
boing 23 to 10. Against it wore Messrs
Neill, Garden, Fulton, Munro, Tallow,
McBride, Murphy, Kidd, Houston nud
Victoria, Aj-ril 8 - Premier Dt.iismuir
was on tho stand all this morning's
session of tho Royal Commission,
which was probably tho noisie-ii of tho
entire examination. Mr. Curtis pressed for Mr. Duusmuii's reasons Tor
altering hi* opinions contained In his
letters to the public, in which ho deprecated land grants, and said that the
line to the north ami south was of
mora Importance ilinn the British
I'ncific. Mr. Curtis pressed for rsa'
sons why lie had ohangud his view,
holding such to he material iu bearing
out hi* obarges,
Mr, Dunsmuir said it was none of
Mr. Curtis' business, and repeatedly
appealed to the judge, saj ing that he
would not remain and be subjected to
snch silly questioning.
The commissioner smilingly replied
that tbe premier was on the racli and
would have to remain,
Mr. Cassidf advised the nj-emier not
to answer the question, and the premier replied to Mr. Cassidy that he
was not his counsel, and he would
nnswir what he liked.
Jndge Walkem: "That'* right; repudiate him."
An adjournment was taken till tomorrow.
Peshawar, Poniaub, April7-Hadd��
Mullah,.the fanalio, who was re|iori��d
to be marohlng on Cahul with 5,000
armed followers, reached Cahul, March
28, aaw I'he Ameer, congratulated him
on his accession and expreased the in*
tention ol returning homo immediately,
having accomplished the purpose of
his viiit, which was solely one ol congratulation on his accession and con-
dolenco on the ileutli ot hia lather.
Ottawa, April 8-Th* Railway Com-
mitlee of the Commons to-day took np
the Canadian Northern Railway Bil}.
There was considerable discussion on
clause 1, providing for the construction of -a line {rom Port Arthur tc
Quebec with numerous branches, including lines to Montreal and Ottawa.
The bill seeks power to increase the
capital-from $24,750,000 to $35,000,-
000, but this elaus* wa* held oyer.    .
Mr, Blair, in answer to inquiries,
said he approved of the idqa ol a seoond great transcontinental Canadian
line, and the policy of the Qovernmeni
was to lo all in ita. po.ver to help tlie
project to secure such * highway*
Some subsidiary considerations re-
mainod, such aa giving any. corporation ti monopoly. The clause givinc
power to traverse the Yellowhead'Pats
was dropped and Pine River "Pass was
accepted. ������ ,
Mr. Oliver (Edmonton) objected tc
company being given a roving charter.
The bill will be reported at next
meeting. ,
June 2Gtli, Coronation Cay, will be
proclaimed a public holiday in the Dominion.
London, April 7-A deopatch frott
Lord Kitchener, da.cd. from Pretoria*
says Commandant Krilzinger, whe
was captured by General, French at
Hanover Road, Oiipo Colony, Dec. 17
last and who hus been tried by court-
martial ou a charge of bavingcommitted four murders in addition to trail;
wrecking and cruelty to prisoners, "lab
been acquitted, und ia boing well treated aa an ordinary prisoner of war.
Toronto, April 8-Tho World ia bting prosecuted  by  the  police fCr publishing an extra regarding the Hir'j
river fight on Sunday.
We have had to note the '.oss of sev
era! dogs recently through poison mi
this weelt a very valuable animal Ims
beon killed through picking up poison,
Tlie dog in question was the property,
of Mr. Wonman, and of great value to
hiin. indeed he would not have taken
less than $500 for her. What makei
the loss greater, he is left without fc
dog for the summer months when h*
particularly needs one, the pups he ha*
being all too young to bo of service
this summer. Mr. V.'enmun, we might
explain, goes out each .year to collec*,
speeimens of all kindu of birds and
aniinnU for ecienlic iuntiturions, museums, eic , hence the necessity and
value of a well tviineil dog. Some
effort should bo made by the, nuthori,
ties io truce this matter homo to tho
guilty parties. In a small place like
this there shoull be very little trouble
in finding out who hiss been-purchaeing
poison nnd arranging a short roceptiqc
for him before the magistrate thnt
would serve to impress tlie fict that in
does not pay lo indulgo in this hrf.'.t.'.
Churoh Services.
Services every Sunday at li a.m. an6
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Commune
ion 1st and Srd Sundays of "tho month,
after Morniug Prayer, ahd on Greats*
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from t-hechancel.
Sunilny Scbqol it. 2:80 p.m. |
All are ,coritiul|y invit.ei' to- intent
the sorvices.     C. F. Yai es, V'csht.
ritiSsBvrElViAS ciium-n.
.Service every Sunday .nt 7:30 p.m.  .
Sunday School nnd Bible Clas3   n.1
p.m..sharp. '..,.. .>,.
Choir practice every -Friday ever.-*
at 7. }.:���),   '
Rkv- J. E. Hogg, Pasto*.
HFiTiioDisr ctiuittn, ,
Servis.es every Sunday at 11 h.'te. anC
7;3 p-m . *���  *   ..       : ..i       .   .
Sunday School al 2:30 p.m. -...
Praysjr Meeting 6n Tuosda-.rat'S.jj.rb.
Rkv. R.B. LaiDleV. <t-**tdi.
.-i���t* ��� **t' C1 ~T -'; ��� '
Insure in the Imperial Lit)
>iiiifrV->ft<Tfr'-r- ii i frTh"ii" -Ti-'Y'rii "Ti^ "tiifi
*'*ll**lll o��i-
'%!$**' ������".-.    IH Ii-.it!
V THE ERA, GOLDEN, R (.... April 11, Uf I
=-_=��     '���
(Sh* Viat-ttn tSva.
Ed. V. Cuamiikks, - Editor and rs.blialior
Subaeriptions *���! 00 per year iu advance.
Advertising ralea made kuown on request
FRIDAY. Amu, 11, 1902.
Wk are sorry lo nuts* that Vi. P.
Ev��ns, ol Th* Outcrop, is having
��� trouble In making both end* ineot, *���
announced In hia list issue. II Tb*
Outcrop i* forced to giv* up ther* will
b* no nowapapar in th* whole ol the
electoral diltriot, which loot will lend
io stamp th* diatrlot in tha eyes ol the
outside woild ns a very unpromising
field for iiive.sin.eiit.
The Eka it not forced to leave Gold
en through Inability tu meet it* Ha
bill!lea, but to judge from support re
ceived for th* past six month* it would
not be long before we would ba in like
predicament with Th* Outcrop.
Th* residents ol th* distriot are not
properly alive to th* direct advantage
a newanaptr 1* to them, and we trust
that a prssper awakening may take
place era it ia too late and concerted
action taken to keep The Outcrop In
tha district
Soma hav* expressed to n* regrets st
our leaving Oolden, Ior which we
thank them, and tak* thi* opportunity
to ���*; th.it it ahould be an e**y matttr
for th* business man ol Oolden, by
concerted action, to offer *uffioient In
duceineuts to a primer to ensure a
paper for the town. To do ao it only
needs a reasonable amount ol advertia
iug patronage, whioh, togoiher with
ALL the job work ol the town wonld
guarantee a living for the proprietor.
But no man can successtully conduct *
paper on wind.
We iruat that Bro. Evan* will b*
able to preaent hia ens* to th* people ol
ihe Windermere district in inch a
light as to make thein alive to the loss
they will sustuin if they allow Tl.e
Outcrop to put up ita shutters.
Thn Good Book points out that than
is ���> certain kind ol "carefulness" or
withholding ihat tends to poverty,
The above is an illu.tratien in p.int.
Mr. Cecil R.odes' will ia nt ons*
deeply interesting and eminently char
nct'erisn'c. No part U .nor* striking
thon that iu which the deceased states
man provides for the establishment of
American scholarships ut Oxford Uni
v.r.ity to encourage and foster advan
tngea which he believed woulsl result
Irom the union ol the English speak
ing people throughout th* world.
Rhode* wa* also of tha opinion that a
good understanding between England,
Germany any America would secure
th* peace ol the word, and a* he con
*id*rtd educational relatio-is would
(orm tha urongeat tie between them,
hi* will provide* for th* eatablishment
of fifteen scholarships at Oxford nni
versity for German students, to be
nominated by th* German Emperor.
The phrase, logy of the will is in placea
very peculiar, In one place Rhodes
expresses his di'like lor a loafer, and
in another in bequeathing ��100,000 lo
Ariel ooll.ge, Oxford, l.e aaya tha col
lege auihroiiies iive secluded from lhe
world and ar* like obildran is to com
m.rcial matins.
The amount ol Rhode*' fortune ha*
jet to b* proved, flu Dally Tele
graph says thu will disposes vt ��15,
000,000, while other paper* o��tim*te
that lb* sum of ��2,000,000 ha* been
devoted to th* foundation of Hholar
���hip* at Oxford Th* Standard say.
I h.r* I* som.ilsing fantastic In th*
rule* laid down by Rhod** lor th*
election of ���oholar*, and fear* tlmt bi*
good intuition* mny lead* to a certain
development ol priggish ness.
Lord Dundonald, who i* to assume
command ol th* Canadian Militia al
at tb* termln��tion ot General O'Grady-
Hals'* >*rm ol office, any* ol th*Can-
Canadiana: "Canadian* who nrved
under ra* in South Airier wer* man
Irom th* top* of th��ir heads io the
solo* of thoir tot, or, to bo mor* *x<
plicit, th*r* or* persons withrifl*. and
n en witb rill**. Wb��n a general hi*
men under him with rifle*, ht know*
wh*th*o��n do, old what risks ha
ean ink*.*
Sato Your Snowmoe Tags.
v Th* molt popular brand of Chawing
Tobacco in C*n��ds* to-day I* "P��jr
K#H." Ev.ry plug ol - P^f^'
hwir* o "8now*ho��" Tig. Con��um*r��
ahould i*v* th*** tag*, ��* ����l��*bl*
Is.erentt ��r* HivsMi for th��m. Tog* or*
good op to 3**-* ItlUOS. Wrltl for
imw Mmtrated. t-romlom oitolo-oo.
Tb* ����piMT*-*weo OO .Ltd., Wiini*
ttn U��ocli, WUoipeff, Mao.
Nelton, B.C., April 9���Information
I* to hand tbat the C. P. R. ha* let to
Stewart *nd Foley Bro*. the contract
lor th* construotiou ol 100 mile* ol
railway from Moosomin in a north*
w*sl*rly direotion toward* Princ* Albert and Edmonton. Ther* ia th*
probability that SOO mil** moro of the
road will be let ** *oon a* the *ur-
veyors hav* completed their note*.
It is understood that unprecedented
speed I* to b* msde In the construction
ol this piece ol lin* and thoM acquainted wilh th* aitnation and with tho
charter* granted attach mor* than
ordinary importance to tb* letting ol
thi* contrnot. The surmit* I* that the
C.P.R. i* looking toward* th* Yellow-
bond Pa.) and that between thi* com
pany and th* Canadian Northern there
will b* a race for that coveted break in
th* Rocky mountain*. The Canadian
Northern ia now well up to Prince
Albert and 1* expected to b* pressing
farther to th* westward. Tbecountry
through which these line* of railway
would pa** i* yet untested a* to it*
capability for graiu production, but it
i* thonght that it will turn out as
good a grain producing Motion ** sny
in th* Nortbwett. Tbe extant of it 1*
enormous and tht completion ol one or
both ol these line* will open lor nettle*
ment a oountry which promises to be
very sntieing for immigrati-ia
Canadian Pacific official* have recently intlmaud that the C. P. R. will
commence the construction of a railway from Midway, in th* Boundary
district, B.C., the pretent terminu* *f
their line, to Spence'e Bridge on ths
main Una. Thi* means th* abandon*
ment (by the C.P.R.) of the proposed
route orer the Hope mountaina and of
a direct Una to the ooaat.
Th* daya erf 38 conte for at box
oontalnlng 43 pill* au-o
Dr. Agnmr-* liver Hll* at 10 ot*. and Ml et**i murder and waa sentenced to death,
Uomn.ii.ioner Lett tta* B.u.h In Pro-
Met Agalnat Premier's _as>ajo*aj..
Tb* Vanoouver World print* th*
following ** a apsolal despatch from
Viotoria under dat* of April 5:
Thi* (Saturday) morning'* session of
th* commission earn* to a sudden termination. Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir wa*
on tb* stand to ba cross-examined by
Smith Curtia, who ����kad (or otrtoin
Th*��* Mr Dunsmuir refuiel to giv*
and asked tb* commisslonsr what r*
dr*** h* wonld have after tht commission wa* over.
The commissioner advited him to
comult hi* (olioltor.
S.nith Cnrti* still press*,! for th*
telegrams, ind Mr. Dunsmuir, losing
hi* temper, called him a "oraxy loon."
The comini��*ioner thereupon left lb*
bench, saying that he would not stand
���uch remark* and thtt Mr. Dunimuir
had no right to mak* tbem,
Th* secretary ol the commiaslon formally adjourned it until Monday.
London, April 4���Th* War Office
thi* aft.rnoon laaued an offiolal *l*to-
mtnt ot the fact* in regard to th* Australian* sentenced for murdering Boer
ptiaonera, as follow*:
"Bjsh veldt carbineer*, who ware
recruited in South Africa, but included
other Colonial*, wer* employed in Jnly
and August last in th* wildeit part ol
the Tronivaal, 80 mile* northeast of
Pieteriburg. snd took a certain num
ber ot priiontr*.
Qrav* irregularities on th* part ot
c*rt��in officer* of th* corp* cam* to th*
knowltdgt of lb* military authorities
in Ootober, and an txhaugtiv* investigation wa* ordered by Lord Kitchener.
A* a remit, of the inquiries live
officer* were tried by court-martial ot
Pieteriburg io January lust si.d were
found gnilty a* prlneipal* or aeoMuor*
let of twelv* mnrder*.
Lieutenant* Hancock und Morant
wer* aentenced to death, wbioh wa*
carried out. Thne officer* wer* alto
charged with th* murder ol R*r C.
Hesse. Although there wa* strong
suspicion that they committed th* mur
der, th* evidence wa* not considered
lufficlat to justify their conviction.
Lieut. Wilton was found guilty ol
a vial ara *ur*r, safer and pl*M*nt*r to
take, and or* mppUnUng aU other*���
-U druggist* ull th*-.
Car* Constipation, Sick and Nervou*
Headaches, Dizziness, Lassitude, Heartburn,
Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite and all troublea
arising from liver disorder,
loo pill* 25 cl*.
Sold by C. W. Field.
ao pill* io eta.;
Tha Marconi Wlreleaa Telegraph Co.
haa gold it* American right* ond
patent* to an American company, with
a capital of *��, 150,000.
South Amerioan Kidney Oure
le compounded to euro Kidney dleeo.ee*, and nothing
eloe-lt relieves In eix hours.
South American Kidney Cur. touches the
we.sk spot firmly, but gently; gives lhe liesl
mi ill. in tho shortest lime; cleanses the ki.'ncj i
which in return clsfnnni nnd purify Ibe blood, for
bl .ol can become Impure only by pauin|
thninth weak ansl ailing kidneys. I~t lu live
u,s io lha light of ths. soin Century. . Employ ths
nscanj, und enjoy robim und vigoroui health.   I
Sold by C. W. Field.
Chm-oh Services.
it. paiil's-church or emolanb.
Service* every Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration ot Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sunday* of the month
after Moruiug Prayer, tnd on Gmter
Festivals and Holy Day* at t> a.m., or
a* may be announced from the channel,
Sunday School st 2:110 p.m.
All ar* cordially invite*' to attend
th* servloes.     C. F. Yai br, V'.oat.
Service overy Sundoy at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Clot* at
p.m. ihirp.
Choir praotic* *v*ry Friday even-
at 7..
Rov. J. E. Hoao, Pastor.
Strvisv* every Sunday ot 11 a.m. and
7:3   p-m.
Sunday School at 2:80 p.m.
Prays** Mmi ing on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Rnv. R.B. Laidlbv. Ptitor.
bnt there were mitigating eircijin
stances, nud the s.uieuc. wa* commuted to life imprisonment at peual
Lieut, Picton was found guilty of
mnntlanghltr and waa caihlend.
Major Lenahan, commanding tii*
Carbineer*, who Lecame aware ol th*
crime* *ubiequent to the committal,
wa* oouvlcted of culpable negligence to
report thein and waa ordarad home to
Auatralia, bia diainissal being unnecea-
���try owing to th* diaban ing ot tb*
No doubt exiit* ** to Ih* guilt of
th* accused who** pie* In extenuation
1* that a number of th* corp* were ill-
treated by the Boor*, was not .u.Lined by tht evidenc* at th* trial.
The *entence* wer* tuch *��� would
hav* b**n inflicted on any officer*
���imiUrly guilty."
������ , ss. s M 	
She���When we are m*rrl*d, will w*
bav* a carriage ?
She���How lovely
Ht-Ye*; and we will lake turn*
pushing It
homed eletere of 91 Joeeph-o
InfSnt'e Home eoy of Dr. A_>
new-e Olntrnent-t*We KlveTt
our hlpheot reeemmend*.
tion. Wo uee It freely Md
-Hnd K *. gree-ti euro/
St Joseph's Infant Home. South Troy, RY. I
"If you tell Dr. Agnew's Ointment In pond
boxes we wish yo* would send us your tews*
Drierfor It by buying in Urge quantities. Man
���kildru are brought to our hem. covered will
Ecien.ii, and of aU the treatments and ointments
we nave mod we Snd Dr. Apirw'a Oinnnsnt tc
b. Ihe moat satiafactory -it haa mad*asm* great
cures for ut. W�� give il our hiehcat rocomns.
datian.   35 emu. ,s
Sold by 0. W. Field
Msn Writer
Scenic Artist
Home DecoroUr.
Is*** Ordsri at CelaaMaSni*, BlUsr, l.C
Th* Chicago Po*t till* ot* Ohio
oook who wai e*pecially distinguish**
tor making fine cake*, and who determined that hll m��tterpl*o* at a fcttl-
��lty should b* a gr��1id ��*kc. Ho ��sk-
*d h|* miltrt.s it she did not think it
wonld b* olo* to havo o motto io ornament tho top. flh* ���mlllugly conwnt
id to 1*1 him finish hi* work In any
way h* might think *n(i*bl*. Whin
tb* big siako appeared sh. wa* amaatd
ot th* mull. Th* oook wit *ti*ndlng
o million Sunday *ehool, and thoro ho
htd found hi* mono: ''Proper* to
mtet tby God."
Iniui* la tb* Imperial Lit*-
Pace With the Times.
To make yoa acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS without low. of
tiQie we make this proposition.���the largest ever made to the Canadian public
This is it:
This Automobile,
Worth $2*000,
Will be Given
JpoI,1902, to
the the person who
cemes nearest to the
I exact number of Cu-
pons we will Receive.
-Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor 06.
Judges of the strongest reliability will be.wjsxtesici; and'the-results published,
to that everyone will have a fair chance, and-will know this to be A BONA.
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is the reason we make this offer.
ff\ J__,____l__ T%:i1__area guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles,
LlilrclClG Jrll IS Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indi-
-, gestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease.
The world is fuH of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or tho pleasures of Ufa aburden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep^ mental depression, and all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One Miracle Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health will take care of itself.   Money refunded if you abb not
it costs nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile,
which is listed at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The St-arch*
Motor Co., of Philadelphia. All you have to do is to fill out the coupon below
and to send same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WBAPPEB.
MIRACLE frLLS are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box, or $2.50 for six boxes. If you ean-
not obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to us. We
will mall them to you, postag? prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order.
Every Wrapper itml Coupon yon ootid give* yon a better ekameeef WlMlaf tfc��
Messrs. R. Cots & Cie,
Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This entitles me to the property of
the Automobile that I will get free if
you have received  Coupons, and I am the nearest guesser. I
send enclosed a wrapper of your
But Saved Through a Letter
From an Old Acquaintance.
To the Editor ot the Eba *.
Sir, -1 fed It * doty to let tbe pnblio
know through your paper what o olo**
oall I had and how I escaped. I wa*
engaged as * brakeman on 'he C.P.R.,
aad contracted rheumatism, wbieh
aoon beoame chronle. I btcami on-
fitted tor work, and finally was unable
to Walk, in whioh condition I wu
whtn a letur trom a friend in Winnipeg told �������� of Dr. Clark*'* Wonderful
Llttl* Rtd Pill*, ond how thiy had
cured several ol hi* acquaintance*. I
resolved to try them ind it wai only
after taking ill bottle* that I began to
improve. I am now, I am pleated to
���ay, ������ writ *��� Ivor, and om baok at
my* old occupation.
I believe I woold hav* dl*J had It
not bwn for tbl* marvelloui medlcin*.
-A. P. Wood, C.P.R., Montreal.
Tho*. F. Oillwio, Marlbank, Ont.,
write*: Yoor pill* in giving good re*
���nit*. My eus'li one of oci*m��, of 1?
yowl' standing.
F. H, Yam, Marlbank, Oot., lay*
I have had itomaoh troublo tor ov*��
two y*ar��, and tried diluent nmadlao.
Three box** of Dr. Clark*'* Littl* Hod;
Fill* did me more good thin anything
I bar* tried.
Peter D. McFadyen, Riverdah, P.E.
I., writ**: I have o��*d yoor pill* for
itomaoh trooble /.nd fonod thsm o
woudir. Yoar Citirrh Can li alio o
psrteot ear*.
Dr. Clark*'* Llttl* Red Pill* oro*
positive and otrtiln eur* for la grippe,
rbusinsilsm,**ihm*.p*ralyii*, oatarrh
renma, cough*, baakaeho, lndlg*��tIon,
oil itomaoh ind llvir trouble*, (mill
complaint* win wbtn ihcdlimo* hav*
been Handing for mtny "yun, tho moat
���tnbborn case* will yield. Pric* 60
oent* per box.   For uli by Oi W.FIrid.
Th* Caoodlan Chtmlail Company,
Pturborongh, Oot., will forfeit |I0 for
uiy mm that the*,-, pllli do not hrip,
Dr. Clark*'* Sure Cure for Catarrab,
and Dr. Clark*'* Sure Cor* (or Ecxroi*,
aaino price. Ttn dollar* will be paid
(or toy caa* tbey will not permanently
_���������*�� ���
A gentleman who vial ted New York
reoently wrote to o friend tbe other
day explaining tbe condition* in th*
inwropoli*. Aooording to bim t be city
street* were becoming mor* ond mor*
orowdad each day, and business *uS*r<
���d trom th* eongntlon.
11 Wby," he wrote, "thsstrs��t��are*o
eongotted thot whtn * Niw York dog
want* to w��g hi* tail ho hu to wag it
op and down."
Capt. Young, ot N*w W**tmin��t*r,
mastsr and part ownsr of thi Friur
rivtr steamer Ramona, died ot noon on
April 8rd, liter to illueu of abont oa*
w**k'i duration.	
Woman's Priceless Pearl
Th* gr**y**i menaee te hap.
plneeo to her M-Jth. TM
sravee* menaee te her
RettMh le Kidney Dleoaee.
���- Young eaye louth Am-
n KlSiier Our* to a
& Younf, Bsraston, Qo*., **jrsi "ll
Is t*n* nmnhs SMC* I took my Im do** ol
Sooth Amtrlcan Kidney Csjr*aadl hav* not hod
Sold by 0. W.FIrid
worn** wAt-iafmiUt.'
A N*br��skt editor *ttt*d that a o*r-
tiio girl'* bmit wu filled with ngo,
ood that wllejpy, tho printer, got it
"r��gi," ood now thi editor I* eamping
oot on �� riot north **sut of tho town
Wboro b* ud gH o. good tIiw ol tho
landsMtp* from fonr dibriit direotion*.
v#linv .twe mn*mWgt*XtrW.e AIM VWOTPM
_l__H_a_B_lls__t  "' se_tf*e_t   '   aud_u_
**Uew nu*  U-utm, *mi*t-
Utg* n*u u* urn* ***** ****���
^^ue^^^m^-^^^^o ^m **^m mmm^**^w*t^^m
gn  *Mm**m*-***   *nj   wmmt***i*
Do rou koasr that that* ho't * tut, ao maiiw
tow aent* or ho* loag naosllaf, tin Souk
o* * tf*et*i *o sUsordsrsd la muvsOoiu. It
tmMt sjoWdy, qnktly,^^sAeMdyud bam
lsasly,*adla*n*iwlMla*orriMi. It duo
oet cw* all dlnua, hot It ft* mm Am.
tMii b| C. 'VT. P>ld. /
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
C��pitalSob*crib*d 11,000,0110 00
Capital Paid Dp     460,000 0��
6oT*rom*nt Dtporit     J60.000 00
AtNiti 1180 toirery WOO of Llabiliti**
���flrit ood Paramount: ''Abwlaio So**
corlty to Polioy Holdiu."
BIttrletAceat   ���   .   OeUero.
Hoddok MulUh, too fonotlo, wbo^ i
bu io tin out *ns~��vor*d to imbroll > 1
OrMt Brluln ood Algbinlitoo, hoo
itartod for Cabal, tbo o��plt��l ol Algbinlitoo- with 1,000 *rm*d bllowiti.
It It (wite thot hll arrival ot Cobol
will mom diitorbiooio, u tho widow
ol tko lato Ameer li opoooid to bin.
Sold by Ail Newsdealers
Furnlohoe Moetbry to HI loom of
Ml ud Uml* A*m-xlumot ��m,
Choi** ConrrlfM ComoooWooo by
mt oaost poybki lis-w*.
'jJfV*irlitliig IttsSillnAo^Im, ��x.���,���,���
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, April 11 ISH,
.   i
i *i i ���?,'
The GOLDEN ERA announces that it will turn
over all accounts of delinquent subscribers to The
Publisher's Collecting Agency, May the Lord have
mercy on the delinquents, for the Agency carries
none in 6tock.
JJ��    Bro. Evans has put the case in a nutshell* and
1 further comment is uneccessary.
r **;:y>ye
Manager. "-*-��",
Golden, north-east -sa&ifssAt,11.0., Friday,, April n, 1202
7./ii*ji/a>/g,., ,~v,'rii/?,*j,/iiJ ?.\-*i-R*..g/-5/
-Town and District.
u'-3 J.-%g--4V��'3 f.'*?./-?/a'8Va ���*/S^.'?:/*/*.-3)
The mill resmnej operations on Monday.
Tho dredge filled and Sank nt lis
moorings on Monday night.
C. A. Warren and Mr. Griffith lott
ou Tuesday lor lho Windermere distriot.
"ft is. T-iylor nnd Gslbrrt leTt on Tuesday for Ft. Steels, where she will speuil
some weeks, tho guise of Mrs. Ann
Tho steamboat men nre busy over
hauling the fleet prepa'ratt'ry to coin
mencing ojjeraiions, the river boiiiu
open nearly nil the way up.
Wd reneWed a letter from Mr. Barron, formerly schoolmaster here,
which he wishes to be remembered to
all friends in Goldtn Hn likes his
n*w situRti-.il as principal oi the Ladysmith publiu schools.
Thero has been a neir approach to a
meat famine in Golden thi** week, a
shipment of moat haviuir been delayed
on tho way up frosi. Cal^nry, Mr.
Robinson was forced to do some scheming in order to keep his customers
At a recent meeting of the official
board of the Methodist church, a petition, signed by every member, was
presented to Rev. Mr. Laidley cxj.res
sing confidence, appreciation mid loyalty to him as their pastor, nni invit-
. ing him to remain another year.
The C. P. R. extra g:\ng hive been
cleaning up the yard and burning the
accumulation* of rubbish. Tht-y also
set a fire in the old stump which stood
opposite Mr. J. Dolinage's property.
Sheriff Redgrave, seeing it burning,
informed our reporter thnt 18yeara ago
this spring he nailed his first notice in
Golden on that tree.
A meeting of the Board of Trade
waa held on Saturday afternoon, al
Which it was found that Messrs Jones.
aud DaitiatJ would not be able to net
nway on the deletion to Victoria.
'Mr. H. G. Parson wns therefore uji*
pointed and, with Mr. T O'Bris-n, leti
on Tuesday for the coaat. They bk-
-pect te return on Monday,
Rev. S. H. Gray, who is well known
liero, having occupied the pulpit of the
������Presbyterian church on more than one
'occasion, has been colled hy ibe congregation of Knox church, Dundas. to
-succeed Dr. Laing, who-e assistant
Mr. Gray has beeu for the pn.i two
Th* following item, clipped from tie
Toronto Globe, will b* ol Interest to
our local Orangemen: 'Tho Karl of
Erne, Imperial Grand Mi.stcr of the
Orange Order throughout iho world,
may come to Ottawa thi* year. The
Earl, it is announced, will make a
tour of the British colonios,  visiting [
If you want a nobby spring suit see
P. J. McAlpine about It.
FOR SALE -Cheap Tor CJ..I1, ii second-hand No. 8 cooking etbve- Apply
Era olHs-e,
FOR SALE-ilous-ss-sandLot. "Willing to Hive n sood bargain for cash.
Apply to Mils. An-toy*.
At Vachon's ranch-hnd garden, Golden, B.C.���Hay, potatoes and turnip*
for sale; cheap for cash.
Engineers Firemen, Machinists and
Electricians send for 40-pago jnmplet
containing quostions asked by Eminiiti
iii���' Board of Engineers to obtain Engi
neer's license. Asldiess, Geo. A. Zi'ller
Publisher, 18 Souih Fourth street, St
Louis, Mo��� U.S.A. *
At a meeting of the Transfer com
mil iee of the Methodist church, held
in Toronto on April 3rd, the follawing
interra transfers were made: Rev.
Walter L. Sheridan, from Hamilton,
to British Columbia; Rjv. R Mcln-
tyre, from Manitoba to B.C.; Rev. F.
A. McGee, Irom Toronto to B.C.; Rev,
W. L. Sheridan from B. C. to Unmil
ton; Rev. G. W. Bowering, from
Manitoba to British Columbia, Rev.
A. E. Heatheiiiigion, Irom Manitoba to
British Columbia.
Joseph Geuelle, of the Tale Columbia Lumber Co , was arrested in Ross
land on Saturday last, on instructions
received from the superintendent of
provincial police at Victoria on the
oharge of boing concerned in the burning of the steamers Monti and Glenora
at Dawson recently. Mr. Geuelle was
brought to Nelson ou Saturday by Provincial Constable Young, who took
bim to Viotoria on Monday.���Nelson
Arrangements for tho last transcontinental service are being perfected
by the C.P.R. and it is expected tliat
by June lat the fastest overland train
on tha American continent will be
running between Moutreal nnd Van
couver. The intention is to make tho
run iu 72 hour*. A trl-weekly service
is proposod to leave either end of the
liue on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday*. These trains will be run in
addition to tlie daily service row given
under llie old schedule,���Inland S.-u
Diamond Dye Mat and Rug- Patterns are ths Host Popular.
Th* continued and iiicrc**lng demand lor tha Diamond Dy* Mat and
Rug Patterue, is tba best proof of their
great popularity.
The fascinating art of Mat and Rug
milking in the home is now cultivated
by women ot every social rank. There
i* with many lodie* a pride and plea
sure in being able to show iiine speci-
irici.H of their handiwork.
The Diamond Dye Mat nnd Rug
Patterns combine beauty and simplicity. After .enuring one of Ihesa pal-
terns any lady cau easily book it nnd
produce a valuable and attractive room
The manufacturers of the celebrate!
Diamond Dyes are prepated to send to
nuy address free of cost shesta of
pretty and suitable designs to enable Indies (o select from. Address,
The Well* k Richardson Co., Limited,
2C0 Mountain street. Montreal,  P. Q.
Chicago bna reoently declared in
rnvor of public ownership of railways,
etc Commenting on this the Winnipeg Tribune say*: "When in a city
like Chicago the people, by a majority
of six to one, .announce in favor ot
public ownership, the exploiters and
grafters who live by getting tlio country to present them w*th utilities and
allowing them to bleed Hi* people, had
better take, counsel together and set
their house in order for their race is
nearly run.
I.   O.   0.   F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. IU meets in
Oilsltellnws Hall, liolsleu, every Wednesday
at 8 p.sis.   Sojntirning brethren welcome.
E. II. I'EARflE. N.G. T. KINti HflC
I- O. Ij.
PRATT NO. 17611, meets in their lis!
every second Thursday In the month.  Visit
ing Brothers welcome.
W.M. Sec,,
A. V. A A. M.
Mountain Lot-on, No. 11, A. F.
& A. M. Regular Communication, 2nd Monday in evory month. Sojourn*
lug broethreu cordially invited.
O.H. PARSON, Secretary.
A prote.t lias been entered against
the eieotion ot Hon. Col. Prior. The
usual charges of bribery and corruption
are made.
Anyone Bending a akStsjh .nd description may
quickly Mcort-Ui., tree, whether sn lavtrauon ta
l*ro*Mblr jMUntabto.  OtwssijunlsMtlOD. atrlctly
���T -���.je��4wjlpraes.su"liisl patent.
In America.   We nave a Wuhington offlts.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. rsnelv.
special notice la the
t-eantlfolly Illustrated, largest atraulatlon of
any sotaatlfio Journal, weekly, terms S8.00 . year,
S1.60 six months. Specimen ooplss. and Hand
Book oh Patents aent free. Address
SOt Broadway, New York.
Defeats the Work of Death by
Removing Your Ter.ible
Burden of Disease.
Are you still in suffering, misery and
th* brethren in eaoh colony.    Hu will: ilo.uondrncy ?   Does tbo grim   spectre
prooeed firat to New Z.aland and Australia, and return through Canada.
Mr D. Allison was in town ou Mon
day. llr. Allison was one nf the two
trappers about whom anxiety was felt,
and to whoso relief the party wus sent
from here. He says he is very gateful
lor the relief sent, though, fortunately,
it was not required, as l.e and his partner had .gone in prepared to slay I he
winter. Iu February Mr. Allison sue
oumbed to a severe attuck tf scurvy
and had to he brought to Beaver on a i
toboggan by Messrs. Switzer and Kirk
Patrick. He has not completely re
covered yet, though much better.
We are requsstsd lo   state  by the
principal of Pitman's College, Strathcona   Bnildi.ig,   Vancouver,   that   a
--special case has been erected iu the
Hall of the College for specimens of
British Columbia minerals.    Projectors and others are requested  I o send
*p*oimen*jwUh particular*.   Thsy will
be placed on vi*w for visitors, and for
the os* of atodant*.   Aa lha College is
oppooit* the Hotsl Vanconver  it will
form an intenating feature in tlio city
for tourlal* aod other* when  visiting
too coast.
Mr. G��o.  Manuel,  one of Guillen's
oldest residents, .died  at Il.e general
hospital on Tue��day evening ..boot (I
o'clock. Mr. Manuel hai! been in poor
.health for about a year pest, and was
rOmoved to tho hoapital about iwo
' months ago, ��oth*t hll frith was no'
ooexpecied. Mr. Manusil was 71 years
of ago and wa* a black*nllih Isy trade,
ihrM being few workmen who
Oould >qu��l- him *t the fori/e
Hi* funeral was held on Thursday Hud
wM  w.l|  attended  by .towospoonlo,  �����*">*
Mr. Manuel was Ihi faThor"9' Oeorgf jj^-., *.��, um --.-i-*-, .*,,*���,.. guffe*.,*.. ��� *->
Manuel, ol V*n�� surer.-.for-awty ooro   |HrI gle dangetou*.
nor ior thll dillrict, and Mrs. R. love.
'(lWi. _________________
DsAsih follow you closely as tb* joyous springtime brings happiness and
blessing* lo ot hei s around you ? -Are
you still clinging tenaciously to false
theories of physician* or friend* who
leisist in assuring you that timo, care
and lhe use of your present medicine
will givo you new health?
lie assured jour present condition is
u perilous one. The continual ee ol
the medicine you are now using is a
folly ; you uro simply trilling with life
and wasting precious time.
You should remember that while
Nature clothes the fielsls with fresh
grass uml How,rs, and while the trees
witli strong life aro allowing bursting
buds uml new foliage, tliat human
being*-old and young-drop off in
thoiifsi.ndH in springtime.
Kow is ih,. time for prompt, decided
and practical action if life is to be
saved. Prejudice and the erroneous
theories of even inudtcisl ineu should be
cas> aside when tlie baud of death ia
upon you. It matiera nut what your
social position Ihi; the medicine that
issues lhe .humble man or woman is
aut-oly tilt) one adapted for tbo need* of
lho rich al.il lliUsle ill high social positions. .
Paine's Ctilferv tijihjidUiisi hai �����
rtcor.l of life living that hd bihW
niedioi.se can ever equal, It lias retched
rids and poor from llie grasp df death
when physicians And thsir idol- care
full,' prepared preicriptions failed in
ihe work. If the Suffering Men ahd
women of to day could hut bb* ihi
happy faces ami hear th* kind Woi-dt
spoken b.v tens of thousand* wllo hay*
boen made well and strong by Paints'*
Celery Compound, it woUld Sot.il expfjl
their enisling doubt* and fear*
Pain*** Celery Compound is tbo 6nly
medicine that reach** tlio root ofdil-
os-se; il is tb* onlv Hgsncy that oan
remove yoisr terrible lo id ol disei**.
U solicited twtiinni.ials ot oure* poor
in ei ery day, Yonng and eld constantly bear wittiest that rheumatism,
O'uralgla, kidney disease, liver complaint, diBi.Vpiia ansl Wool diseases
are banished permanently when Paine'a
limpouud is used for a time,
FOR  $12.00,!
Nicklo movement
in 3 oz. case. .
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
Tender* for LUtilise to Cut Timber ou
Dominion Lund* In tin* L rovluco
of flrltUli Columbia*.
SEALED TENDERS addressed In tlio
" uiuliTnitfiieil i.ih.niiirketlontliGMiVQloiie
'"i'-tulur tor I'iiulim* Iterth No. SAU," to bo
openoil on Ilio Will of April, YJtti, will be
rei'iiivfiil nt I bin Dcpnrlmotit until noon on
Wo'dnesilfty, the 10th of April noxt, for u
license- to cut timber uu Itorlb No 'Jit*, bitu-
Jito in tbe provineo of ifritittli Columbia, com
prinintf two blocks uf tbree square miles
. llLOVK No. 1���Heing on Ilio South side of
said creok, commencing balf ti inilo up
.stream from tbe .0* V. Ky. track and thenco
up nt renin tbruo miles by one miles in depth.
Humik Nti. 2���lleiiifc on tbe north side of
snid creek, commencing U miles up stream
from the 0. 1*. Ky. track and thence up
stream three miles by one mile in depth.
Tho regulations under which a license will
be issued, also printed form of tender and
envelope, may be obtained at this Depart*
mentor at* the oflice of tlie Grown Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender most be accompanied by au.
accepted cheque on a chart-red bank In
favor ef the Deputy, of tbo Minister of the
Interior; fur tho amount of the bonus which
theiniJplif&ut in preparedtdpAyfora license.
Ne tetidbr by telegraph will be entertained.
(*     ,   ...    . .   , *        Secrfttary.
Department Bf iho Interior, _:.
OtlaWa, March mifol.
m. j. HQHftf^
(Saseeeooor f t.A, Buret*.)
Manufactures and carries in stock Ldmt
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harntass, Sine
Harness, Stock Saddles, LadiesrSide Baddies, Haiti
ing Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whijiis, Cattle;
Spurs, Currycombs, Brash<��, Snaps (all bizot), Sw<
Horse Blankets, Surcingles.   Boots and Shoes of all kind-
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
"���'  5_~eu^
Has also an individuality
An Air of
about made-to-measure garments that is never found in
ready-made clothing. The
clothier makes clothing for a
"model." We make apparel
for the man who favors us
with his measure. Stands to
reason that ours must fit.
which the ready-made cannot
Suits to Order
Yotl motfrl n?
"itsM-to'tho hoi
Dr. Agnew's Curs far lhe Heart j* ii heart
specific. Under It's sway, anjr or all of these
sensations of dlstrem will vanish like dew befoul
the morning son. lt is whining golden encomiums
every dsiy as a never-failing treatment. One
dose gives relief In thirty minutes. A few bottle,
will cure the most stubborn cau. II
Sold by C,  W, FI*U,
" Bills of Sale Aot."
NOTICE ia lioroliy iri.en tlmt that portion
of tlio Orslor iu Council of tlie tilth of
rjopteinber, 1000, which provide* that llie
Klacn for rojjiatration of Bills of Sale in the
orlh llldliip; of tho Eut Kootonay Electoral district shall bo the office of the Iis*<ris.
trar of tl.e County Court at. Golden has been
rescinded, such recisiou to take effect on tho
1st day of April, 10O_.
Aiul under the provisions of the Bills of
Sale Act, ss amended hy the "Hills of Sale
Art Amendment Act, 1809." Ills Honor the
Lieutenant Governor In Couniil ia I'leased to
order thnt on and after the first dny of April,
1902, the place for rrsistrntion of Bills of
8*1* in ths-snssrtion of the North Riding of the
said East Kootenay Electoral District lying
NORTH MA line commencing at a jsolnfon
thawtstbounslnrvofth* snld North Riding
of East Kootenny Electoral District, wlleh is
tho aourc* of Bugislsoo creek i tlseac* eaiter-
ly, following Bugaboo creek to iMnoOthi
tkene* dne east to tha boundary of Ih* Province, ahull be the office of the Registrar of
th* County Court nt Ooldsm; and that on ud
afctr tl* first day of April, IIXB, the olice
Mr lb* registration of Bills oi Me In the
ispftionof the said North Riding of th* (aid
E*U KUotenav Electoral District lying
soUth ef tlio said line shsll be tl-srtBieof
the R*sb.tr*r of tho County Court It Pltir-
Acting Provincial NcrsMiry.
Prdviiliusl Hccretary's Office,
.lit Mnrch, WW,
OF Kii4_*_"_l_3T DEAD.
, April ii -TtaJlafi Of Kim-
Urlejf, tiib-ril iMiir IH th* Hootibt
to-ii, nnd IWinlf torhigli Ihowtlry;
who hi* been ill Wt oorno lirtii. Jiast,
���orilertsl A Msrioul rllapae *es!*rda*
ind died tht* afternoon.
are tho perfection of satorial art. The
cloth is new iii design and color, and ii
handsome andt long wearing	
���J. CTOM&Go.
Firat-Cl.sa Accommod.tloa for
Hotel    J	
THE METRQPflUS JF THE WlKflEBM��fiE-Mllil>l6 fliyiStflH;
Replete in Everything.
Being on lhe only direct route to the mines on Toby, Horse Thief and Ko. 3
Creeks, it is the headquarters of all mining men,
Good Stable Accommodation.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber G*>* I
. - Fir and Spruce Lumber,
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF. ...   _,. '        . ' .  **.   *
 ������ Fir Dimension a Specialty;
-4 Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. **���
Largost Capaoity in the Mountains.    Terma Cub.
HEAD OFFICE, - - OOLDBM, ����.��.
Job printing it the Era office.


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