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The Golden Era Dec 9, 1898

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 The Oolden Era $
- Is ths most widely circulated and ��
best advertising medium in East ?
-' Kootenay. This is the paper that fy
is read by the miners, the ranchers, ^
the railroaders and lumbermen.      #
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum %
In Advance ����
VOL. VIII.   Np. 1��
Tiie Goldeu Era;
Has I wu appointed the Gsesttf
for North East Kootenay far
Dominion end Provincial Gov
eminent notices and advertitt-
niciits,   Published bjr       . .
Thu tiOLWCN EltA Co.; Ltd., Lt.,
$2 fo-R YEAtt
Holiday Bargains
The  Big
In Full   Swing.
An unusual opportunity has enabled me to
make an extraordinary purchase of
Choice, Fancy and Staple Dry Goods
Fop the Winter Trade.
bress Goods:
An endless variety With
Trimmings to tfJatch
Black and Colored Silks,
Cashmeres. Herges in
Navy and Black. Beautiful lines in SlMtoii
-Gloves & Mitts:
Black and colortxl kid,
Fur Lined.
Ladies' Department 4
Mantles, Jaokets, Wool
Scarves, Underw*ar,Rtb-
bons, Laces, Feathers
and Flowers.
House Furnishings:
Blankets and Sheetings,
Towels and Towellings,
in fact every tiling that's
Gents' Department:
Crowded with bargains,
Fur coats, caps, and
mitts to match. Cloth
ing, Boots and Rubbers a
Shelves   and
In ends of carpets, floor
rugs and inatts.
Counters   are   Groaning
With the Weight of Bargains.
H. G.   Parson, Golden,
pot a pine Suit
. and a Perfect pit
. . . Patrohize . . .
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite the Columbia House.
TAKE NOTICE Hint (10 days after publi
cation of this noiia-o 1 intend tu make application to tho Cnmiuissiiuior of Lauds &
Works at Victoria, 11,0., to purchase the
following picio ot" land situated iu the Mining
Division of Wiiidermero, North East Kootenay, Il.l...:
Connneiicing at a post marked 11. It.
llrure's North Kast Corner, siiuatoal about .'I
miles up from tliu mouth ot thai Little North
Fork ot Tohy Creok ou Iho North side aif the
said croek. tli.ui-o Smith III chains, thence
West 40 chains, theiii-u Nurili 40 chains
thence Eust 40 chains to point uf commence-
uiiinf, containing IM) acres.
Dated ut the Little North Fork of Toby
Creok this lsth day of October. WW-*.
1!. It I1BUOE,
OHHJall Locator.
NOTICE is hereby given tliat ap]>liention
will lie nuiile to tlio Legislative Assembly of
the Province ol* British Columbia, at the next
Session thorouf.by tho North Star and Arrow
Lako Kailw.-ty Company fur au Act mnciul-
ing Section 1(1 of tho "North Star aud Arrow
Lako Itallw.-iy Act, WM" by extending for
one year tbe time willtiu wim-h tliu security
iiioniiuni-il tu the saial Section 40 shall la)
given by ihesaiil Company, and also extend
iiiff for ono year the time within which the
sum of ten thousand dollars iu the Section
aientiouud, shall be expended; and further to
amend tiie said Act by adding as a Third
riei-tiun to tho sclietiulo thereof, the words, "a
" railway from a point ut or near Fort Steele
"ou the line of railway mentioned iu the lirst
" sectiuu of this schedule by thn most feasible
" route so a point at or-near Uolden."
Dated at Victoria, liX.. this "loth day of
November, A.D. WW.
Solicitors for the North Star aud Arrow Luke
Kailway cuin-'atiy, the Apidicuuts.
C. A. WARREN, * *   |
�� $ General Merchant. |
Cigars. U. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant PoWder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
First Class Tailoring.
I have just opened a first-class Tailoring
Establishment dnd Repair Shop at the south
end of the Kicking Horse bridge
Sign of the Scissors.
I am here' to stay, and if first-class workmanship, perftlct fit, and reasonable price is of
interest to you- tve! solicit your patronage,
Satisfaction  Guaranteed.
>'OTK'"S ft hor'eby Riven that application'
will bo made to lhe Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
session, for an act to incorporate a company
with power tb construct; equip, tiperuto and
maintain a railway (standard ur narrow
gunge) for tlio convey Iliac oi passengers und
t'reiftlit from sumo jioiiit at or near Cranbrook,
tbouco lo Golden, both lai the Kootenay District of Uritlsh Columbia, by the shortest snu
most, pruclit-nblu route; with power lo construct, ea,uiij, operutb anil maintain brunch
lines anil all nbcessnry roails, bridges, ways,
ferries, wharves, docks and coal blinkers,
i.ltao steam mid other vessels and boats, aial
generally to carry on tiie business of frans
portaiion, witli palaver taxerect, operate an-l
maintain' telegraph and telephone lines in
eonneetioi) with tliosuial railway ami branches
fur transmission of messages lair the public,
and to acquire water rights to supply avater
or water power, uhil to generate eW-triciry
tor the stt|i))ly 111 light, Tieal and powor, as
well tor their own use us to sell anil supply to
the public, atid with putver to curry on a
businoss of a uihiHig, smelling and roliliing
colii|tuliy, anil to eulistriii-l, ii<;ui|i, operate,
or to (tii'ii to ttt-toiuit, to taollor otherwise dispose of 11,111*0*.; smellers or refineries, lo acquire, hold and dispose aif mining hums, niiii-
iiij-; rights, coal Isniln tiinlier lands, limber
claims, surface rights, w,ttur rights und
privileges; or other real ur personal property. ]
and wi Ji. po-Ver tu expropriate bauds tor the j
purposes of ills pruposcai railway, and tu acquire lands, bonuses, privileges or oilier aids
li'om any tlovernmeiit or |iersoiis air baadies-
corporals; and to make traflic or other arrangements with railways, steamboats or
other companies, with power to build wagon
roads to be used iu the construction of suuh
railways ut any advance ot tlio sunio, and tb
lovyarut collect tolls train all {.arsons using,
aim of fri.-fn-.lt passing over, any uf suell
road*, witli i,ll ether rights, powers or privileges as may be necessary or iui-ideutul air
conducive to the attaiuiueut ofthonbo.e
objects or Itiiy of tliom.
���Solicitors for tiie Applicaiiis.
Victuria, B:C, November Hill, 181*8.    j'JOcWl
To Advertisers and subscribers.
The UOLDF.N ERA ,s nnblisheil everv
Friday evening. It is tlm best odvorlisii g
medium in the Ki.st Kooienay district.
Subscription Kates : J-..UU per nullum IN
Alterations anil cliHiigosof standing silver*
tisemeuts must be in cue oHire not later than
nooiiou \\oiluesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advert.seinents will bo rMsivbd up till
noou on Friday,
While ail reasonable i-aro wiil bo taken, the
proprietors will not be responsible for any
amission ur orrur in auy advertisement.
All accounts to be paid Ui the Managing
Direetor.or his authorized agent,from whom
the company's receipt will bo obtained.
Advertising rates; Display ails., 11,00 |*er
column Inch: Log'1 ads., 10 coi'ls per line
for Hrst insertion, ti coins fur each additional
insertion; 1,'eailiug noiiees, 12 bents por line
each issue.
Al) business laommuuieatioii.i .should be addressed to tiio Managing Director, ami all
litorury communications, letters I'or publication or news items should bo uildresseil to tho
Correspondence Is invited on matters of
public interest, but tn secure publication
suell letters must be brief, in the ease ol
snunymoiis letters the name and address of
tlio writer must he eiielnsoil, not for publication, but for tlio private infuruialieu of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
have tc-stanil ovor till lhe following issue.
Tbe Golden En Company Limiled Liability,
OFFICE, Uol.IlKN, B. c.
Wlte *jl��>lln"tt t&va
FfclDAY, DECEMBER 9,   1898,
The (Conservative leaders are mad
wilh jealousy of the success of the
Liberal policy. Dnvin and Foster
have been mlvocutiiig in their madntss
that Conservatives should dismiss   all
Tho Semiin Govei-niiient are rapidly
coming into favor -A-ith  tho people ts
the result of   tlioil-   hinest arid deter-,..,      ,   , ...    ���
mined   endeavor to pIucS the ndiiiinis | l-'herala from their employ, and   SucB
iration of tiie affairs of the Province in i" vl.to ��e'��-"���t is meeting   with   the.
a   satisfactory     condition.      Premier
Semlin had nn enthusiastic reception at
the Flookuinsters1 banquet at Duncan's
on Vuncouvei- Island, last week.     Tiie
late supporters of the Turner Govern- nh? Hoing to soral
Hied with\���"?i.. {5eEI*1
ment now find their ranks tilled <
turn-coats and sneaks who, having
opposed ilio piesent administration in
the late Provincial elections, aro trying
tu avow their allogianceio the Semlin-
.Martin Government. The reason of
this is obvious. These wolves in
sheep's clothing think the present
Government are like their late masters,
the Turner Government; ready .i> ficut-
ler tne wealth o! tiie cttuiitry iu bri.b
cry and in the purchase of Hilttery. In
this they will Und their rai*Hako. The
Seinliii-Murtiii Government whnt to he
suppoted by men of priribiple and
loyalty to tlio best interests of the Pro*
vines, and the despicable Sneaks who
are now professing to suppol-t theinnf-
ter lately posing as their opponents and
as the serfs of Turneris'ni -Sill iind that
they will only meet with a refusal of
recognition from the irlon who now so
ably fill ihe Government benches at
Victoria. At last British Columbia
has u government of ineff and not of
weakling tools. The s ijjpbner* of the
Turner party; who think toguin their
ends by now proffering their allegiance
to the new Gut-eminent, have evidently
yet to learn the distishtion between
men and things.
condemnation in the press which it
deserves. Dealing with the matter the
Winnipeg Free Prise says "the oppdtl
tioiinreinadreiiilf-.il date of mind'
ntcI, mid bite without
nil party   will   con
tinue to observe tiie amenities of publi'e
life arid will do all ihoy iiah by bottf
precept and example to itiljiience their
opponents to a hotter co'tirse."
Hon. Mr. Puterson, rcfoi-rtfilj to tbi
Yukon, says. "The receipts frbiu tbrf
Yuktan territory have already met the
expenditure incurred. During thif
two yours of Liberal rule the net addition to tiie public debt is S(i,L'80,000;
whilii during the 18 yfctits of Conservat
tive rule lh6 net increase wa3 oyer ii*
millions per year. The cdiicesUionif
obtained fiom the grant forthe Crow'i"
Nest railway were such that in live'
years the whole amount would be sated to tbe people."
Dissolution of
partnership Heretofore subsisting botwefeu
us, the uulei'llgneii, as uiail-cuutractors; Mas
this day boolltiissailvcil lay mutual consent.
All debts oivhig to the said iiurtiiHrslllp'tr'e
to be paid tal IV. I). Kerfout ut Golden Hi tin
Province of BHtish Columbia, ami all claim,
against the ssial partuorsiiip aro t.. be iiM-
senteil to tliti said H', 0, Korfoot, by wfloft
the same will bb settled.
Dated at Calgary, in the District of AlhW'-
tt, tins iKtll8��yot November, A.D., 1898.
(Hignttl)     W, D. KEKFOOT;
(SignAl)     I.. C. FULJ1EK.
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
- -   -   -   Golden, B.* C.
A Shppiy of Building Iam��
For Sale.
Platis prepared.   Prompt attention given lo orders. iStt
JAMES BftADY, D.L.S. &P.L..��r.
...Mining Engineer..;
M. Am'n Inst, M. E.
Agent fftr obtaining  Crown  Grants',
dolrt�� annual assesment work, etc.-
W-Wrfen, It. C.
South Ain6fitsn Bheumatic Cure ThwartsB
Disease and Cured Him Outright.
Robert E. Gibson, merchant, Pembroke,
says that ten years ago lie contracted
rheumatism ��s �� very severe type, tuffertd
untold misery-resorted to fly-blisters tnd
othei-severei treatments with nt Itttlng good
or relief. When hope of recovery mis vfill
nigh gone he wss induced to try South' Am-
ericau liheumatic Cure. Tbe lirst dote save
him instant relief, half a bottle cured. Mm
outright. HI. own word, were: "ItBithe
best rheumatic remedy on oerth."
Md By 0. A. Wsrrea.
Id conversation with Capt, Armstrong the other day ha made a remark
that strikes us as being well worth
notice in the interests of Golden. Talk
ing nf tbe Kicking Horse, he said that
if tHe channel of the rivbr were deepened, straightened and banked us suggested by the Board it Trade, the
boats of 'he Up|*er Coltilhbia Naviga-
tidn Company could cone iiu tho Kicking Horse River to the bridge iusteud
of starling from and stepping at the
Lumber Company's mill ut present.
We raised the objection -Jhat the current ��'��s too strong, but rhe ('upturn
repliuil that it waa not-tfiiit the current of the Stickine wi-as inuch worse
and that thero would bo no difficulty
���whatever in dealing with the matter.
It needs lit tie argumWit to show the
advantage of boats- arriving at uud
starting from the heart 61 the town
and such an ui-raiigSinetu could tioi
fail lo prove a great fnteotivu to tourists to take advantage of the river trip
up the Columbia Valley, Besidss, bv
the arrangement proposed, a wharf
could be i-onstriicte'd on the bank of
ths river ou lha -Vest fide of the
bridge, and if tin) f'.P.R. would ran
one of their side ti-'stks alongside this
wharf it would e'tonomise and facilitate the handling of 6fe from t he mines
up the river, and e'f cargo tbr, tbo different points in the valley. The suggestion is one- -Jrhicii o-ufcht to be
brought to lhe notice of the Marine
Department by the BoaiM of Trade.
This would effect two things���effectually remedy the trouble-A-itir the Kicking Horse, and give impof-ranc additional facilities for the up-river trade
by carrying it right iato' the heart of
the town. *
The' Province endc-rSes in the following words the views' expressed by us
in last issue,and We again urge them on
citi-OTiiS aud busm'*-*).-* men alike:-
"Complaint is being made in Victoria
that so many business men are tending
to outside points for thoir printing
that thb local offices lire closing down
and throwing men out of work. The
merchants in turn are complaining be
cause so many people send to England
not onlv for thoir clothes but fur the
miscelluneouu* dry golds they require,
and the habit if patronising tbe big
departmental i tores is also being
sharply criticized, tt it top bad that
people camiot he brought to see the
absolute necessity of spending their
money at, home so fur uSpossibto.
Every dollar withdrawn unuece5*?ari?y
from local circulation is a hardship tc"
the men iu business, who would.dimply have to close their shutters if all.
ihe people-in town fell into the habit
of buying supplies outside. Something
more than' tMire lip loyally is required
if big and prospbi-o'tii? communities are
to bo built tip,"
The Kootenay Mail has Hen advocating that the Railway Belt of British Columbia, which has been under
Dominion   administration, should   be ...������,.,  ,m s;u,
placed under tht administration of the | to coac^;ms. tllBJ.
Province.   This bell covers an area 20 voi(,   oI   c'olllt���ionti
milnc   in   in nit I-       /,t\    nill.cia     m i Aa nl       tt.n '.     . . ...
The fine building erected i'ti doldes
ftfr the purpcSc'i of winier rfpbrt i#
about completed. The building vWli hf
available for curling, tkatiug and
hoiikoy, and is 6'bs of the best of its"
kind iu the Province. The building
lias been' erected fty a joitlt stcck' boiB-
pSny incorporatod under lhe Companies Act, the directors being: Messre"'
C. A. Wurron," \\' McNeish, JJ. O,
Parson, Hou. F, w. Aylmer,C. H.
Larson, Capt. P. H. Bacon, s"/ia, W.'
G, Neilson, M.P.P. Hi H. 0. Par-'
���?oti is- Secreiury-Treusurer, and has*
taken an especially active iuie'reSt ic'
the inattef-
Tiie   building   is  170 feet ftf IenfttK'
and 73 feet tti rtfltth, with high' 6e�� re'
and lean-to sides'.    Th�� hefghi of   the'
building to the   ridge io *!5 feet,   'tbff
centre portion of l&.i feut in  length by
28   fi-et wide   is set apart for skillidi*
and h'oCkey, but will be iiied for   iurl
ing   also   in the event of   a  bo'i'?piel.
Spaces of   IS feet   in   Willi), anil ran*
ning Uie full length of tiie building,' utli'
reserved ou each side for ourll-Yai,' iSue"
giving two tirt't-cls'aa riiilfta'.      A.'   one
end ol the building aa f-b'o'fl. is pibvjdijd
38 feet ill length   bv   IL  fee: iai avidlli
for   the accouimodaai lain   ut    aiditbii'"'
Th'b front of this room facing the hit��
is piin'elfed   with   glass   si.' it's til git if
onlbc-'kefs"   eerfect   couimaiid-   of    thf'
oporatiohs |.ro''jeodiitg fn th*! big BHiiM."
ing in front St   {hens*      Tiffs   room is"
also well liiafeirl by a Targe ho').'��iove
Above this is a gallery for the uSeoiii'
uiodaiiou of  those  wBo pi-efei-a cb'ui
inauding view of tbe tiehl of upor't, unr"
this is likewise   heated   from   lift big
stove in the room beneath.    .-*�� ifi-ll am!
force pumji are proviued iif one co'riiei
of -ilib iiiildfug .'or suppJa iugl lie ,* ,*;,,,
tMHldillg tt Hit :4.
il\   Ot      V\*-.''c;     I)...*
been provided iu this waa, l'!ii in'.aiai
ing is well lighted, si-nii- 78 wi'udowa*
standing in its wails The contiac?
ior tho eri-ct'ic'i) of tin.-i, t!Ve lasts'**
liiiilding iu GoIdSn", was let to J. Henderson who,- has rtarriid out the wdi-I-T
in a m'ost Crualituble maniiei'. He hart*
very little time to do it in as" the contract was ciil.v uwaided on '>ctohe/ Sib*
and within two mom ha Air. Mender-
son   colupleteiV  hi.i'   bi)��   iiude-'iakriisc
The Victoria Times o'ppb-fes   voting
away   pu 1 ic cash and doniSin for the
construction of railways  through   ,-t
rich   coiTii'try.    It says:    "f"*iitriotic
Columbians cannot fail  to' bo ples.se.1
at lenrning that at last soin'etli'lng like,,    ������   ,      ^b
an   attempt   ,s to be made to put rail*; m a���     ^   } f*
ways through the northern half of the
province;   Ilio   Cariboo   anil Omenica
regions, being   tbe portion-.?-ft which
the projectors aim.      It is only a pity
lhat there are not more Coftiius in the'
field, Yt'i'lo would  be content with the
privilege   of   right-of-way   to  run ul?
road through these teeming mountains.
To il.l; for moro is like demanding a
man's  coat   and   laying claim to his
skin   as   well;   but   it was over thus ; .������     ���,    ,���, ,,
,.j,    ., j ., .   .,,        i son   colnpletear
with   the  average   rat way bin Mors; , ..���.,*,.,.,',, ,.._. ._ ... **,*., .
.a aaa_'   u      ...     .a'.-j. if a      WHO SRI 3facll*)a   10 tllO CclllballV tiudT
they t-notf ndt satiety when it comes    ** ��� -��k-.���� ������
| their own hand."
are absolutely de-
* ;hting   firf
miles in width (iii either s'j& ol the
track. Lands taken up'in this area
have to ke taken up under the Dominion Lands Act, and' whilo the Provincial udministi'iitibri covers the mining
resources, still, when a' holder ol claim
in the Itailwuy Bel? wishes to tVlilain a
Crown Grant he ha's to pay a purchase j in the Ynko
amount ef tb an .v-are lo the IKiir-inion i of this bind, tfcey n'-.'e a , nek of lies,
for properties Crawl rt grained in tills I and when the f-o'vei-nmeut has askci
ties, whereas in tht Otiior port%ua of thu   person*)   who   have   made   these
all concerned.
Newsfrotn Winitermsre ttttw thi��> tint
shaft iu the lower tunnel of tho Swan*
sou   iff   dcivn  fO  foel ia sscellent ttrfr
the Province the Cro'lVll grant uccruea
fo the holder of Ibe mineral el-Vim on
his complying with' tile usSbrtsment
tonditiens. We agroo h ith iho Iuhiini
Sentinel whan it snysr ��� - Tin* lii-esent
system is the mos: rtxpensive that
could be devised, with tH-e leas? possible accommodation to the public. Tht
Provincial government hat all the
neceftsry depnrtin, ntul maihinery ai
frand to handle the sale of tbe lauds,
and tbey nre infinitely bet set''able to
iMiow the -ralue of thorn nud how to
dispose of them to the advantage of
ihe Province nnd its inhabitants. The
present system is a hindrance to the
settlement ol tbe country,"
WO cii.vsoBsiiiT-
In Giving tlio News* 01 the Great Cures Ef-
fected by South American Nervine���It has
Saved an Army of Sufferers From the
Pangs of Indigestion ami Nerve Troubles".
L. M. Holmes, of l'arrsbaro, N.S. was
taken severely 111 about a yiiur ago witb nervousness and indigestion, and for some tilne
was completely prostrated.    He consulted
best doctors, but tlfey tailed to help hitu,    A
newspaper advertisement   brought    South
American Nervine to his notice.    He tri-M it
wiih the result that he wan greatrv benefitted
from the first bottle, aud six bottles complete*
The Laurier Government, and es'*
peoially the Minister of the Interior,
Hon.   Mi*.  Sifton, havo been roundly
abused by the Conservative press over 	
the reports of corrupt administration ; T|)9  RosSslaud   Coinpatiy   wlvo bare
A-r usual with chargesItaken over this property appear to h-��v**
been   very successful  -int it and ere-"
well liitislied with tbe tesults of   (hell''
development work.
charge:? of corruptirtn to come forward
and stfbstantiate fhurts, the accusers'
are mum., and have not a word to say.
On the o'thor hand tlio C.overnment as'e
A Miners' AsscCa'ion lias been forni'-'
ed St Slocan City, and will be known"
as the Slocan (lily Miners'   Exchange,'
inakiirg matters lively (or the accusers'! with C. M. Goihing as president and,G.
by taking stops to' prosecute parties
wli'o are known to haVe offered bribes
to the officials.
Tiie Sentinel shys* i '"'A. W. MWH,
M.P.P. for Alberui, has resigned his'
seat, and a new ChK-.tiou lias been call*
ed.    Mr.  Neili   ignorant ly,- but never*
Nicholl as scretury. A cabinet 01 she"
I'epretentnt're cf tlfe district is to bo'
gathered anal placed oa public vit<w ai
A. OVaingbr' has enterfsl trltflt itiS
Gold Comuiisrioner a protest ugainsr?
C. Cartwright holdin*-; the ?wan' and
HheleSS illegalf::, acdtpteil {toy from Hit <"*r��n.e cl��in>-' oi> thdMiddle For* ol the-;
Government for road work. No mem-
ber is slit l^sed to' personally receive
mom?y for jaerloimlng any work, i.onco
Mr. Neill'a resiainuiion. Ho will probably lie returned by acclamation."
Mr. Neill is a government supporter,
Mr. Robertson*, a 'Purneritc, i* in the
same box and has also had to resign.
There will thu-!. be two bye-elections
(or tbe Province tit an er.riy dato.
LIFE'S A l-RET wilh rick anil wx�� alih-v
���thSrlth manina rush'to'keep ahead���the
(>bor mou iu t rush to keep -in -and dyspepsia a common companion��� Dr.  Yen StaaV
 - - --   ,  . I'ineapplo Tablets keop the ttatKntetf sweet
Ivasauioal him.-anal he would bo pleased to givo tlio nerves steady uiul insure bealtb���tliey-re
all details Of hiS Case to any porsbiv asking | vegetable pepsin snd Nature's most noieu'
* to keODhsic well:     Si ceiltb.'
A. Warren'.
Spillimacfcsae, as. he assi-rts tbat those"
iiaiins belong to him.
The following cl-Rin>9 h-fve lien' -fV
cordea nt GMiieff ��� Nov. 21st, Pophtr
IBil hy W. ft. Lindsay-River Terraee*
by ."*. M. McTmosli; Sylvan Oiade by
T. A. Knowlton, all on Fry ine chanrter
on the Columbia River*-* Nov. 99th/
Greyhound by M. 1 Hainiaerslsy. aad!'
Pon^roo do Tern by J*, rf. Mcatdtih,-
on .Tubilct- MoucUin.
Su&ibriSe'to the' Ot>ieUttiti'it.t*
h'o!p te' advance t'ho iaierettc' of (iff
district. Sked S�� 1W tXyW'iti^
-MONDAY, 1>EC. a"i.
The Karl ol Uucluin��� Lord Erskinc���is
dead, a' a '
Heavy  Bnaiw  falls  iui-aaaaleal  truffle   In
,    Rossland mines shipped -.,800 tons ol
ore' lifst week.
Georg'.' Foiltds, an old resident of Winnipeg, is   dead,
Tlio Children's Aid Society lias secured
ia temporary home.
There was nn nutl-Ciernian demonstration ut l'ilseu, Bohemia.
Two ciisw ol sinaall pox have been
discovered  In   Taanaiito.
l'lerre Lniiron shot .Mrs. KltChot nnd
blinsell dlod nt Montreal.
The nlla-ira-al shortage el grutu ctu-a is
suit] taa have been exaggerated.
The Mud Mullah 'was cliecked by tbe
t6rC08   Of    tha;   Klian   aal    IiobUt.
Six men were scalded to death on the
Steamship Alamo, ut .New York.
A fierce gale is blowing on Luke Brio
and tears are felt bar tiie skipping.
Eniaacror William was accorded a cool
reception by tlio iieaaplc of   BotIIii*
Tho new Imperial penny postage
���tamp Is  now really Ior -distribution.
Itov. D. II. Jacobs, ol Mhple Street
Congregational  church,  bus resigned.
Two murder oases will be tried at the
Port Arthur �����i*m". which noeil to-day..
""Lord Btrnthonlio subscribed 111,000 to
Lord Kitchener's (Jordan memorial luuu.
Tbe Commercial Travellers' ASSOCla-
Mon ol Canada elected olllcers at laar*
Further particulars ot the Jtyde'
���Unollug cash are received lrora Vvluui-
Jaegosle. ,    ���
A scheme has bom started lu li-nnco
entulillsb colleges at Khartoum asid
The C P. It* will shorten the running
time between Winnipeg and tbe eust ou
December 12th.
London newspapers express satis action with the outcome ol the tans
peace negotiations.
Storms nreruil throughout tlio Weet-
<*ni States and telegraph communication   Is    iuterru-ited.
The names of several district Dnmln-
,lon laud offices have been changed by
order of   Mr. Slltou,
Rogers, l'ect & CO., tho New York
Lite und other New York business blocks
wero burned.     Loss $1,500,000.
A guld headed cane engraved, "Toronto, Nov. tl, 1887," wus wnslacd ashore
from  tlio wreck iaf   tlio Portland.
The Jury In the Fontaan case disagreed
and he Is 'out on ball. Muiiklo was
(unnd guilty and nouteuced to ten years
in  the "penitentiary.
Cubans aro buying arms and ammunition.
Mr. Slfton will leave Ottawa lor tbo
west am Monday.
Louis Albert, of Montreal, Is dead,
aged 105 years.
Turkish troaape were defeated by rebels in   Ontario.
Ten men wore drowned near Now York
in  Sunday's Btoroi. > -
A 10-stiimp- mill will be built ou S. V.
105. Luke aMlnnetaklo.
"Militia general orders regarding the
It. 0. A. are published.
Tho grain standards board flxod tbe
grades fair dried wheat.
The international commission held a
short session on Friday.
Tests iaf Winnipeg's supply woll are
progressing satisfactorily.
Fourteen Minnesota Indians resisted
arrest by   a game guardicui.
Oencrul Kitchener was put to flight by
a  crowd of  London admirers.
Major Leaeurll, of Toronto, Inspected
II Squadron, It. 0. I)., on Friday.
Large shipments of raw tobacco are
being made to Japan from Vancouver.
A meeting of Winnipeg property owners discussed civic affairs last night.
It IB proposed to make tbe French
senate elective by uulversal suflrage.
McOlll university will conler the lion-
orary degree of LL. D. on Lord MInto.
Unicrn. Miles bus prepared a bill to
Increase the U. S. army to 100,000 men.
British Columbia miners commend tlio
now Yukon hydraulic mining regulations.
It Ib proposed to establish a national-provincial reference library at Toronto.
Two persons wero killed ond several
Injured In a railway accident in Newfoundland.
The V. S. naval authorities found
175,000 in coin on the Spanish cruiser
Marin Te-reta,
The Paris peace commissioners are
waiting Instructions from their respec
tive governments.
Quebec oilers exemption from hnrbor
dues to a tra-ic-iUluntlc Hue sailing to
and from tbe city.
Provincial bye-eloctlon�� will lie hold
In Niplsslng and North Hastings on
December, to and 27.
Great Britain claims redress for outrages pcrpetrat-d by the Hawaiian republican government.
The Jury in the Ponton cnBe ' were
locked up for the night. Intense excitement prevails  In   Napanee.
Tho Imperial government will give
Dnrlmdaaa's JtSI.OOO; St. Vincent. $115,-
000, and lentl them each $L'50,000.
The Emperor Francis Joseph celotarat-
Ml the fiftieth year nf bis accession to
tbe throne ol  Austria on Friday.
T.weiity-tlirec petrsians were drowned by
tho foundering of the Bteamslilp Clan
llrummiiui], la   the It*ny of   Biscay.
Sir Sanfnrd Fleming proposes a system of imperial gaavormnent eableB taa
enst between ?-*��,UOO,000 und .?::0,000,-
Judge Wurtele, of Montreal, wlin sentenced Maun tn death lor murder, recommends the prlsonor to executive
Messrs. Brlerly and Mac.Kay, of the
Montreal Herald, were ciinnnltteil for
trial for libelling Colonel Hughes, chief
of   police.
Thn Filipinos demnnal nlisolnto independence.
The evidence In tho Ponton enso Is
Two Uritlsh regiments have been or.
dared ta, Swat.
An infantry company is being organised at Manltnu.
John Fnrtrlal-rc, of .Victoria, "B. 0..
committed BltloluS.
Judgment In the Enst Elgin election
case was reserved.
The Mud Mullah Is gaining strength
In   this- Swnt Valley.
Turkey will he nllowed to occupy tbe
Island nf Sadtt, Crete.
Two thousand Spanish soldiers sailed
from HiiVaiiu for Spain.
Dealba la Winnipeg during November
numbered IX births, 80.
lllllinnl'- plague has broken out In
Madagascar anal ut Suez,
Dsrundnn Liberals will tender Mr. Slfton a   public reception,
The Dnltod Stilton nt central America
hnve dissolved the union.
The linnerlnl government will grnot
��10,000 to the West Indies.
Austria nnd Japan have concluded a
trade and navigation treaty.
The Academy nl Music, Itncheirter, N.
Y��� was bnnied���ln"s S1UO.0O0.
Tho Spanish government nre preparing to resist a Carllst rising.
MM Limit era LaSrip.
Tin* Qiietioe legislature 555 boeu Sails
oil to uii-ot mi January 12th.
Ono liundreil und fifty Uvea were lost
by tlio wreck of  tlio 1'ortlaiid,
Eight vessels nro mink and eighteen
stranded near Vineyard Haven.
Tho question nf tho University site
win im referred u> legal counsel.
Germany is negotiating with .Stpain
tot tiie inu-chus�� of  tiie Carolines.
Cargoes ol United States corn arriving at Copenhagen are coudemnod.
Frank McCail ia accused of murdering his father at Ste, Wrigide, Que.
The Dominion revenue increased $2,-
08^,12-1 during the past five months.
Tho Rat Portage Lumber Company
will build a saw mill at Point Douglas.
Regulations governing hydraulic mining l'ukou k-s^'O been published ut Ottawa.
Spain will resist th�� settlement of
matters not Included in   tbo peace pro-
Donald Terrier is under arrest ut
New AVestmliwteir for the murdor of
Jenuic R-udgers.
A committee of Winnipeg citizens is
appointed to manage tho affairs ol
tho DoukhoborSt
Ponton was examined In his own de-
fence and contradicted the eviddncfl of
crown witnesses.
An orde-T-in-council, passed at Ottawa,
grants #10,01)0 toward* the Edmonton-
Yukon wagon road.
'Hie Ontario Board of Health makes
It obligatory on doctors to report
eases of   tuberculosis.
Nominations for tho provincial bye-
electloiis in Halton and .West Huron
were held on Thursday.
Governor Brady, of Alaska, says It In
impossible to prevent the smuggling of
whiskey into the territory.
Brown. Uie negro murderer, is sold to
bo Insane, and a commutation or his
sentence will  be applied for.
Knnak. the New Yorker arrested iu
Berlin for lese majeste, called Emperor
Emperor William, '^calf's head."
St. Andrew's dinner was a great sue-
Gold has been discovered near Quyon,
Quebec. '    '
James MePhail was murdered near Ste.
Brlglde, Que.
The Conservatives will not contest
Eust Slincoe.'
Tho Ice on Lake of the Woods is strong
enough for travel.
Teace negotiations at Paris are proceeding satisfactorily.
The N. P. and M. rallwny will extend
their system next year.
Pana, III,, is in a state of siege and
guarded by state troops.
Tho Mad Mullah has defeated the forces of   tho Nadir of  Dir.:
Don Jaime, son of Don Carlos, is to
marry a  Baravlani princess,
Tho evidence for the defence In tho
Ponton case Is   lu   progress.
The Birtle Farmers' Institute held a
successful reunion and banquet.
An attempted train robbery was successfully resisted at Sedalla, Mo.
The steamship Scottish King Is a
total wreck near Cape Race, Nfld.
A plot to murder Prince Ferdinand of
Bulgaria was discovered at Sofia.
Montreal grain exoorts increased nearly 20.000.0U0 bushels this season.
Agulnaldo demands fl,500,000 ransom
for the roleass of Imprisoned friars,
Shipbuilding business on the Clyde
this year was the best for ten years.
Chnrles Walker, a Canadian, was
nrrosted iu Paris for attempted rob-
The season's catch of tho Atlantic
fisheries Is reported i exceptionally
light. '   ,' ��� i
Thero Is trouble between Germany
and Congo Free State over a boundary
During the ten months ending October
81*t, 26,000 Immigrants arrived in
Of thirteen articles submitted to the
Paris peace commission three have been
agreed to*
The last steamships of the season
passed Father Point, outward bound, on
Wednesday. l    i
Portage avenue property owners op-
pose the purchase by tbe city of an
asphalt plant.
Reports of wrecks and marine casualties n,re received from many widely separated points,      f i *.-���������''
General Jose Gomes appealed to the
Red Cross society at New York for aid
for starving Cubans.
A contract for widening 'the outlet of
Lake Manitoba has been awarded to L.
Leinolne, of   Montreal.
Dead bodies and wreckage from the
steamer Portland continue to be washed ashore along Cape Cod.
Tho relations between Sweden nnd
nnd Norway are strained, and posslbill-
Ifefl ol   war are discussed.
Lord Strathcona Is in Washington
conferring with Sir Wilfrid Laurler on
the fast Atlantic and Pacific cable
The 0. P. R. land department sold 27,'
000 acres of land during November.
Northwest land company'** sales were
0,1)20 acres.
The steamer A Ins worth foundered In
Kootenay Lake. Nino men were drowned, Including John Gum, a former reel-
dent of   Winnipeg.
A Canadian club Is proposed In London, Eng.
The d.'fence in the Ponton case Is
The Kast Elgin election trial Is proceeding slowly.
The ratepayers of   Ward 0   held
mooting last night.
The C*ar nssurod an interviewer of bis
sincere desire for peace.
Forty people were drowned during a
storm In   Boston harbor.
The Republic of Ecuador has pro
claimed a   state uf  siege.
Tho Salvation Army will build new
headquarters in   Winnipeg,
Austria protests against tho expulsion
of  Austrlaus from i'mssia.
Judge Dugns, of Yukon, mny have to
retire on acoount of  111 health.,
A mountain near Atlln Lake la reported to be In   active eruption-*
Lord and Lady Aberdeen were guests
of Her Majesty at Windsor recently.
The provincial bye-election In Reau-
hurnols, Que., wilt be held, on December
Tbo stenmor Detroit wns wrecked near
fikugway���tke crew aud passengers were
T.lie first lot of Doukhobora for Manitoba will sail from Batoum on December 10th.
It Is said thnt a good delal of smuggling Is being carried on In Southern
Lord Kitchener asks for subscriptions
to found n Dor don Memorial College at
A* Jt DemulM, known us "Turquoise
King Jiirlllas," was murdered near El
Paso, N. Mt i
The Czar assuros the Sultan that
Turkish sovereignty will be safeguarded In   Crete.
Great loss of lifo and damago to
shipping nre reported on tho coast of
New England*
Some Arabs attacked a caravan
and killed several travellers nofcw Chat,
lu  the Sahara.
The hlgi Joint commission discussed
questions regarding tlio Great Lukes at
Tuesday's session.
s Liniment liar
Man-timer linker, farm lnatractor oa
tiie llloaial reserve, wns killavl by till)
caving la  ol  a  collar.
The FilliilnoB nro cslnbllshlag republics nnal fightilltr is gailug ou In many
parts of   the Philippines. .
It is expected that the United State*
emigrest. will be uskeal taa Biluctiou u
standing army <>t 100,000.
V. K. Hi-own. 0. 1*. It. agont In China
anil .Ini'.-in, repiM-ts at wamdorful expansion a,f   ti-uale lu   those countries,
Tlio East Elgin election trial It pro.
coeding. ���
Tlio recount lu East Calgary gives
Cross the tai'ut.
Winnipeg's lionsplcl ol '99 will open
on Februar��� nth.
France Is taking precautious against
the San Jose scale.
The Mail Mullah defeated the Wr
tribesmen ia   Swat.
Uritlsh capitalists will nadertako tho
revival of the West ladles sugar. Industry.
The steamer Portland was lost off
Highland Light with her crew and pus-
A protest has been filed against the
election of Mr. Ulbeon. lu Eust Wellington.
Sympathy with Colonel Plcqaart Is
increasing in   Paris,
Indications nt petruloum have been
found at Bird's Bill.
Thirty-eight persons wore killed by an
explosion  nt  Havana,
Mr. Slfton will lie ttnablo to attend
tho St. Andrew's dinner.
Spain accepts tho Unltod States peace
ultimatum undor protost.
An order for ox baraess has reached
Winnipeg from South Africa.
Australia and New Zealand are shipping butter to British Columbia.
The United States will prepote a
fisheries treaty with Newfoundland.
Aldermanlc candidates discussed municipal questions at a meeting Inst night.
The 0. P. B. will resume the North
Bay service on Thursday, December 1st.
Tbo Scaling schooner Otto was lined
$1,1100 for trcs-niissing in  Bohrlng Sea.
The International doeo waterways
scheme haa been revived at Washington.
Kansas city suffered a loss ol J240,.
000 by lire, and Baucock, Mich., tlBO,.
Some of the Duchess of Sutherland's
Btolen Jewels have been recovered ia
Monday's session of the high Joint
commission was devoted to the Belii-lug
Sea question.
Several vessels fouuderod In a storm
off tho New England coast uad many
lives were lost.
0. P. It. earnings fell off in October
but Increased during tho first ten
months nf  189S.
The Winnipeg eity electrician estimates the cost of an electric lighting
plaut at $80,000.
An English syndicate proposes to invest $2,000,000 in a paper pulp plant
in Suguenay, Que,
Destructive floods and a tidal wave
caused loss of lifo aud damage to pro.
!>orty in   Austria.
The Winnipeg Property Owners' As-
sncintlnn will take aa actlvo nt/rt in
the civic elections.
Mayor Shaw and Aid. McMurrlch arc
candidates for tho Toronto mayoralty
aud B- 1\ .Clarko may also rut.
Doing Good Work.
Loii-lon, Dee. 4.���Lord Kltcheiior has
been astonithliig London tills week by
an exhibition of tile mart extraordinary energy on behalf of his pet project, the founding af a Cordon Memorial college at Khartoum. On Tuesday he Bald he wanted $500,000 for
carrying out the scheme. Being a
man of action, he Immediately started
out to get It In. H�� spent days and
nights addressing all sorts of gatherings, from bankers, brokers and
merchants in the city, to actors and
society men In tte west ond. Everywhere he has stated frankly aud plainly that he wanted money, and he got
it. Up to to-day considerably more
than half the sum required has been
subscribed, and the fund Is still growing. So great is the enthusiasm that
lt Is not hard to believe that the sum
asked for will be made up many times
over. As oue Londoner put it, tbe appeal so far has only been made to the
wealthy classes for their pounds.
Wait till tbe people are asked for
their shillings. Among the subscribers are William Waldorf Astor, ��5,-
000; London Kotebery, ��1,000; col.
Courad, 1:1,000; J. S. Morgan & Co.,
��1,000; Sir Thomas Llpton, 500 guineas, and Cecil Rhodes, ��500. An
amusing feature of the contribution
is tint ��"0 of tho money came
from Ernest Terah Hooley, tke bankrupt company promoter, who had such
a startling i-xperlenoe with "guinea
pigs.' Lord KiU'liencr on being prussod
to write an account of liis campai/rn,
replied: "Xo, let us have at least one
general who has not written a book.'
tabs spot where Gordon was murdered,
lor his portrait in a painting of thu
memorla. service held In Khartoum on
He sits next week to t'nton Woodvllle
whicli the Queen has commissioned. Ho
then returns to Khartsum to hunt for
the Madhl's treasure, which Is understood to be burled somewhere In tho
vicinity of the city, When the Memorial college Is established and in working ordrr, the children of Sheikhs will
be taught English and such elementary subjects ns geography. Later on
other classes will be admitted and
technical education will be Included In
the curriculum. Of course there Is the
Inevitable outcry from a section of
Englishmen tliat tho college must he
made dogmatically Christian, but In
the Soudan, ns In India, England's first
business will be to make good Mohammedans nnd not bad Christians. Some
even boldly urge that the new college
be purely a Mohammedan university
or nt any rato a college of the great
Mohammedan university, which one
day mny huev Its seat in Cairo or
Tho Trouble In Swat.
London, Dec. 4. ��� Tlio unpleasant
news from the Indian frontier, when
tlm "Mad Mullah" is auraln on the
warpath, has caused considerable uri*
prclionslon among tlio Indian uutliorl*
ties, though the latest iiiIvIcoh show
tluit his victorious march lias bora
partly checked by the friendly Khan
Of Itobnt, who, by a timely move, lias
gavod tiie British lines of communication ,with the garrison at Chitrnl,
which the "Mad Mullah" endeavored
to cut. The fnnntlcnl movement, how*
over, has taken a strong hold nmong
the Swati, and there Is a prospect of
another "littlo frontier wnr." A British force of nearly seven thousand
men is now held In readiness for move*
niont to the front. The followers of
tho Mullah am vnriously estlmnted to
number from 3,000 to 0,000 and thoir
numbers lire growing dally. Tho outcome of tho rlnlng will probably lie
nn effective British occupation of
tho whole of the Swat valley nnd another big hole in tho Indian budget.
Minaril's Liniment t-bu best liair restorer.
Forty People Drowned in lloslon liar.
bor���Steamer Portland Wrecked
Off Highland  Light.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 29.���A special
to tho Herald from North Truro says
the steamer Portland, of the Boston anil
Portland Steamship company, plying
botweeu Boston and Portland, was
totally wrecked nt 10 o'clock on Sunday morning off Highland Light, aud
tho entire crew nnd passengers perished
within a short distance of the hind. A
largo quantity of wreckage, including
trunks and other material, have come
ashore aud at dark last night thirty-
four bodies had been recovered from the
surf by the lifo saving crew at High
Head station. One of tho bodies wns
that of a woman. Tho news of tho disaster was brought to the Herald through
the agency of a special train as communication with Boston hy wire from
points ou Cape Cod is impossible on account of the havoc wrought by tht'
storm. ,
Now York, Not. 39.���The French
Cable company has received a dispute!**,
from its office at Cape Cod, Mass., saying that it dozen bodies from the
steamer Portland hnvo been washed
ushoro at the station.
From reports thnt have come by wire,
mail and messenger to the Associated
Press from Now England points np te
10 o'clock this forenoon, it was difficult
even to estimate the total loss of lifi
and shipping along this coast, as the result of tho recent storm. The list of
disasters seems to grow every hour and
from tho dispatches thus far received il
appears that at least thirty schoouen?
have been wrecked at different pointf
from Eastport, Maine, to New Haven,
Conn, Eighty-six sohooners havo been
driven ashore, fourteen barges loaded or
empty aro aground, beside a large nnm-
bcr of smaller craft. This list does not
inclndo the thirty vessels either wholly
or partially wrecked iu Boston harbor.'
nor half a dozen or more craft which
are reported missing, including tin
Boston & Portland steamer, Portland,
nor the big Wilson line freighter, Ohio,
which is ashore on Spectacle island in
this harbor; the steamer John J. Hill
which is ashore at Atlantic, the Merchants' and Miners' transportation
steamer Fairfax, on Sow and Pigf
Ledge.bff Cntty-Hnnk at tlio north, the
small steamer George A. Chaffee foundered at Rockport, Mass.,when these an
added the aggregate list exceeds 170
It is known that abont forty persons
perished in and abont Boston harbor.
Reports from another places, in sour
oases state that the crew of this or that
vessel escaped. In many eases where
tho fate of the crow is reported unknown the survivors have turned np at
the life saving stations, and incoming
vessels have brought a few sailers from
the wrecks. Perhaps a score would
cover those of whom nothing is known,
not including the sixty-five or more
who were on board the steamer Portland.
Everything possible is being done in
and abont Boston to save tho shipping
that has met with disaster and render
as comfortable as possible all the survivors.
Transportation which wot generally
blockaded throughout New England is
being opened np slowly. All the roads
running from Boston were fairly clear
this afternoon. In tho remote districts,
however, highways and other means of
transportation will be blocked for some
Affairs In Havana.
Havana, Dec. 2,���The executive committee of the Cuban assembly agreed
at its last session to make it compulsory
upon the part of any Cnban officer insulted by Spanish, United States, or
other officers, to challenge the provoker
to fight a duel. The measure has two
aims, according to the Cubans, first "to
maintain the dignity of the Cuban
army," and secondly "to cheok the
impudence and insolence of many so-
called Cuban officers, who,without ever
having put their courage to tho test,
having enlisted after the armistice, and
swaggering obout with Cuban uniforms, endeavoring to offend Spanish
officers." It is leam-sd on good author";
ity that tbe Cubans have recently and
secretly acquired quite a formidable
armament, tho ulterior objeot of which
is not known. It is added that thoy
have pnrohased over 8,000 rifles within
tho last ten days, and the faot that
they are continuing to pnrchnse. arms
and ammunition is causing considerable
speculation here.	
Miners Pleated.
Victorio, Deo. a.���Tho new regulations for hydraulic mining in Yukon
commend themselves favorably to min
ing mep here, with the excoption that
many think tbe amount of land to be
granted nndnly excessive. It is thnnght
that if tho length of claims were reduced, and the width or depth, ns the
miners call it, increased, it would bo
better. The royalty is accepted as
reasonable, although the opinion is ex.
pressed that hydrnulicing operations
should be let off lighter than ordinary
placer miners owing to the enormous
amount of capital involved.
M. Diifny Opposes.
Paris, Deo. 2.���In tho chamber of
deputies today, M. Guuthier, republican, introduced a resolution providing
for the election of senators by universal
suffrage and demanded urgenoy. The
premier, M. Dupuy, opposed the granting of nrgenoy, aud said the chamber
shonld think twice before deciding
upon a proposition changing the whole
electoral system. Urgency, however,
was adopted by a vote of 248 to 228.
"Now, Florence, listen to mo for one
moment. I promise to love you truly,
and you alone; 1 will devote my whole
life to you happiness. Tell me, In return, will you be my wife?"
The speaker was a tall, well-built
young man. of twenty years, with a dark
und somewhat haughty expression of
face, regular features, and large lustrous
eyes; his head was covered with black
wavy hair. Walter Bohun was Indeed a
line specimen of an Englishman.
His companion was fair. .'With culm
dove-like eyes and a wonderfully sweet
expressive face. No one ever called Florence Hamilton beautiful; yet all who
knew her loved her for her oharm of
manner, her sweet disposition, her noble
character. Hers was the highest order of
loveliness���tbe beauty that comes from
a noble mlnu and heart.
As sho stood amongst tho trees, the
sheen of the golden sunlight falling upon
her, she looked a fair and lovable woman���one whom a man might be proud
to woo and win, and make his own.
She listened to her lover's ardent words
with quiet happiness that shone in her
love-lit' eyet. When he had finished
speaking, she placed her hand In his and
said gently:���
"Yes, I will bt your wife, Walter; and
I will be true and faithful until death."
The words were few, but they meant
more coming from Florence Hamilton
than would a whole volume from more
cureless lips; they meant that through
weal and woe, throiign good and ill, In
sunshine nnd In shade, she would be true
and loyal to him.
They said no more; there were no wild
raptures over this solemn betrothal; both
felt too deeply for words. Walter kissed
the white little hand that lay so eonfid-
insly in his own, and then they walked
home slowly through the verdant sunny
The Bohuns of Carlshill were an ancient family. Carlshill Manor, situated
In the most beautiful and picturesque
part of Devonshire, had been the home
of the Bohuns for many generations,
The present Baronet, Sir Thornton
Bohun, was a man of morose and un-
amlable character. Quite early in life he
had quarrelled with his only brother,
Clarence, tbe father of Walter; and,
though the younger brother hnd tried to
bring about a reconciliation, the Baronet
declined It; and, then poor Clarence, on
bis death-bed, sent to Implore his haughty brother to forget the past and take
charge of his young wife and their little
son. Sir Thornton paid not the slightest
heed to his message.
The cause of their quarrel was nover
known. It was said that both had loved
the same girl, and that the younger
brother, having been the moro fortunate
wooer, had thus Incurred the deadly
hatred of the elder. -���
When Clarence died, his widow, with
her only child, retired to the little village
of Oulston. She could no longer afford
to dwell In a large town, for Mr. Bohun
bad been unnblo to make any provisions
lor bis wife; and sbe hod nothing but a
small allowance which she received from
tbe Baronet. The Carlshill estates were
however entailed aud the harsh and
moody Sir Thornton had never' married;
Walter was consequently the heir. Hit
prospects were indeed bright���for the income of the reigning Bohun was above
ten thousand per annum���but hit present position wat one of comparative
Sir Thornton Bohun never took the
least notice of his young heir and nephew, though bo did onoe express a hope
that tbe boy would be educated as a
gentleman, and not as a charity-school
child. This amiable speech having
reached the ears of Mrs. Bohun, that
lady made every effort to secure for her
ton the best edncatlon It was possible to
get. With her limited means the oould
not of course tend him to college; but
she did all that lay In her power to
remedy that deficiency. In the little secluded village to which she had retired
resided a very learned clergyman. The
boy was placed under his tuition, and,
being a sharp intelligent lad, he made
rapid progress In his studies. Thanks to
his mother'! oare, Walter excelled In
lighter accomplishments at well at In
those what were more solid; he painted
with no little skill, he could play well
and sing obarmlngly; and to these advantages were added a sound' constitution, a mind cultivated and refined, a
quick vivid fanoy, and a passionate love
of the beautiful.
Sir Thornton would have given much
for tho powor to disinherit the son .of the
brother he had never forgiven i but, as
this oould not be, ho revenged himself
hy utterly Ignoring tho existence of his
young heir,
Oulston wns a quaint little village
standing on tho outskirts of the forest of
Charnley, In Leicestershire. Among the
Inhabitants were some families of good
position; so tbat Mrs. Bohun did not
find Uulston absolutely destltnte of
Tho rector, llnctor Marsh, was a man
of great learning, and since tbo death of
his wife had employed his leisure time
in the education of several youths who
had been committed to his cure, Then
there was tho honorable Mrs. Thorpe, a
littlo old woman with a sharp oracked
voice; tnd there wus Mrs, Hamilton,
tho mother of Florence,
Mrs, Hamilton belonged to n good old
family, but a very Impoverished one.
Sho was a lady of graceful presenee,
dignified yot gontlo, accomplished and
amiable. In the earlier years of her widowed life sho had retired to Uulston,
and devoted herself entirely to tlio care
nnd education of her daughter; and
Floreneo had amply rcpulal her mother's
anxious devotion. The disposition of the
girl was as amiable ns her Intellect was
cultivated. But beneath tho gentle
graceful manner there was a depth of
passionate love, a capability of suffering,
that one would hardly have expected. In
so delicate a girl. There were steadfast
faith, constancy, and hernlo endurance;
there was too a world of tenderness that
Walter Bohun's love had called Into life.
Mrs; Hamilton saw with pleasure the
affection thnt was gradually springing
up between her daughter and the heir of
tho Bohuns, She llkod and esteemed the
young man for his Intellectual powers
and his many sterling qualities. For
these alone she would gladly have given
him her daughter; but tlio prospective
advantages of wealth and position hnd
weight with her also. There wos a sonse
of satisfaction In tbe thought that her
child would move In a sphere of life that
wus her own. Florence wus In every way
fitted for the position that awaited her,
and the mother rojolced that her child's
fair fuoe, her accomplishments, and her
tweet obaraoter would not always be
hidden In that obscure little village.
Mrs, Hamilton was not worldly; hut
she was proud of her daughter, and perhaps somewhat ambitious for her future
She did not value Walter's lovo for the
worldly advantages his affection would
bring; but those advantages were a pleasing addition to what she felt to bo his
natural worth. When therefore Walter
brought Florence home on that summer
evening, aud, with many blushes and
muoh confusion, asked her consent to
his ono day making the young girl his
wife, Mrs. Hamilton gave it gladly, rejoicing in the fair prospect that opened
before her beloved ehlld.
At that time Walter was motherless.
Mrs. Bohun had lived to sen her son all
that she oould wish. Sho died however
before the wealth that was one day to be
his fell to him; At her dooth Sir Thornton, for once obliged to take some little
notice of his heir, wrote to "Doctor Marsh
nnd asked him to uct as guardian to
Walter refusing even then, when the
young fellow seemed alone In the world,
to assist him beyond continuing the
allowance which Mrs. Bohun had received. So,at the time when Walter asked
Florence to be his wife, he was an Inmate of the Rectory.
It was perhaps not strange that young
Bohun had fallen in love with Florence
Hamilton, He was so lonely and sbe to
kind and gentle. She sympathized with
his sorrows and helped him to ondure a
monotonous life of which ho wat well-
nigh tired.
Glowing with pride at his success,
Walter told the Rector what ho had done,
and was pleased to hear that worthy
man's approval. He had ac-fid wisely,
the Rector said, for Florence Hamilton
would adorn any station; bnt he strongly advised him to keep the engagement
a profound secret for the present, feeling
sure, from his knowledge of the Baronet's peculiar character, that any mention
of the matter would entail most disagreeable consequences on Mrs. Hamilton and
her daughter.
And so lt was arranged that the solemn betrothal should not,, be made public
The lovers were Inexpressibly happy with
a quiet deep happiness, and as the calm
summer days passed their love gained in
Walter continued hit Studies under
Doctor Marsh, being anxious to fit himself for the position that would one day
lie his and, when the day's work was
ended, the evening was devoted to Florence, In the summer-time they wandered
among the fields and lanes; In the winter they snug and rend together in Mrs.
Hamilton's cosy drawing-room. Walter
Intended remaining ono year longer at
Oulston; nnd then, If his nncle still refused to acknowledge him, he had detet-
mined to try to mako a position for himself. He felt that he oould not endure bis
present quiet oalm existence muoh longer. He decided tbat he would wale no
longer for what another man had to leave
him, but would strike out boldly for
himself: and many a pleasant hour be
spent with Florence arranging the futnre
that smiled so brightly before them.
Between the village of Oulston and
the wood at some little distance from It
there stood on the brow of a steep hill
the residence for many miles around���
Burgh Hall, the seat of the De Burghs.
There had been a pitiful tragedy there.
Hubert de Durgb, the present Baronet,
hnd spent the greater part of hit youth
in travelling. In wandering through
Spain he met with a beautiful Andalu-
slan gipsy-girl, So bewltchlngly lovely
was she that Sir" Hubert put aside all
consideration of his position and married
her. It was a strange union, yet they
appeared to be exceedingly happy. Within
one year after their marriage they returned to Burgh Hall, the gipsy-girl
transformed into a stately lady not unworthy In face and figure to form one of
the long line of Ladles De Burgh. A little
child, a girl Inheriting her mother's
Spanish loveliness of face had Increased
their happiness. Sir Hubert had named
her Inez, alter his wife.
Lady De Burgh, before the met with
her husband, had been for three yean
betrothed to the son of the head of her
tribe, an Andaluslan, who loved passionately the beautiful gipsy-girl. Her
treachery half maddened him, and he
swore to be revenged if it cost him hit
One bright summer day Lady De
Burgh was found lying dead in the little
fir wood behind the Hall; and, although
every effort was made to discover the
murderer, the search proved fruitless.
From that time his English home wat
unendurable to Sir Hubert. He left the
place, taking with him a few old servants and his little daughter; and from
that hour the home of the De Burghs
began gradually to go to rntn. Grass
grew in the court-yard; the gardens,
once the admiration uf all the county,
were overrun with weeds and brambles;
deer ran wild in the undulating park
that was bounded by Charnley Forest.
The Hall Itself looked even more desolate than the grounds. Tho windows that
once gleamed with lights were now
closed and boarded up; a weird desolation seemed to brood over the whole
It was twenty years slnoe Sir Hubert
had fled from the scene of his sorrow,
and tbe ponderous doors of the Hall had
nover been opened since. AU recollection
of tbo Baronet had nearly died away, for
those whom he left young were now on
the shady side of lifo, while the children
ho had known had become men and
The fir wood behind the Hall was a
favorite walk with Florence and Walter.
A little hrook ran murmuring through it
and the fairest wild-bowers  grew there;
n white stone  marked   ths   spot wh *
years before the unfortunate Lady Dt
Burgh had met with her death.
* * * ��� *        ,   a
"Wonders will never cease!" snld tho
Rector to Walter one morning, "What
do you think this letter tells mer"
"I oould never guess," answered thn
young man "Perhaps my uncle is married, and writes good-naturedly to say
that ho has a son and heir."
"It Is oven more wonderfnl than that.
The Do Burghs aro coming home���nt
last Sir Hubert Is tired of wandering.
An upholsterer is coining down from
London,and tbo Hall Is to bo thoroughly
renovated. We shall have some stir In
the county now, rely upon It, Walter. A
friend of mine who met Sir Hubert and
his daughter in Italy two years sinoe told
rae that Miss De Burgh was tho most
beautiful girl he had ever Been. She will
not bo very rich though, I should Imagine, for the estate Is entailed and goes to
a distant cousin."
"I am heartily glad to hoar tire newt,"
told Walter; "It was really palnfnl to tee
such a fine old place going to ruin.
When an they expected!1"
(To Be Contiiua-d.) THE GOLDEN ERA.
gome of General Grecly's Awful Bx>
perlences In the Arctic.
"The now year of 1884 was only 19 dayt
old when death came for tho first tlnio,"
, writes General A. W. Greely iu The Ladles'
Home Journal, telling tho awful experiences of bis orotic exploring party at Cape
' Sabine. "For OO days wo hud all lived
and kept together, but death wns Inevitable. Its coining waa sure to somo, if not
to all. Our only wonder was lt hod not
come sooner. Only the day before was
our comrade at work. We said littlo. Only
one man so far forgot that he was a soldier as to make tbe faintest sign.
"But tho nearness of tho ond touched
as all. Speech bcoamo lower, notions gentler, determined faces grow softer, and conciliation was tho spirit of the hour. Who
would go next, was the quostion written
on eaoh face. Not a man ventured to say
to his fellow, 'This is the end.' How that
eternal quostion, always so unanswerable,
soeiuod to bo even more of a mystery to
us I The Easter son had hardly set before
tho second fell boforo death. A day after,
and the third suooumbed. Then the
fourth. Ono by ono they were dropping
at our side. Tho fifth followed qnlckly
to solvo tho problem of futurity. Thon
the sixth comrade passed.
And now wo felt that we were all awaiting tho summons, ono by one. We scarcely looked at eaqh other. Doubt and
wretchedness were allied against us. But
the fortunes of war somettmos change at
the most critical moment. Strive and do,
do and strrlvo until death, were the mottoes of our hunters, and one day nearly
COO pounds of bear and teal meat came
just as uli food hud almost failed. Oh,
the jay which that meat brought to usl
Who can tell but thoso In that hut? Something to eat���something to keep life I"
Carious N-aunes Beutowe-S by Apothe-.
earles on Their Shops.
' The German drugstore is always a mystery to the American when he first becomes one of its ouBtomors. It is not
nearly to comprehensive as the American
Institution of tho same kind. The apothecary's departmont, which is only ono foa-
- tore of tho American drug store, is an independent establishment in Germany and
is devoted to the filling of prescriptions
and tho dutlos ef the apothecary. The
"droguorlo," quite a separate place, provides half the articles customarily found
here In the drug store, It Is to the droguorlo that one must go for soap, toothbrushes, drugs In the pure nnd nil of the
artloles not dealt in by tbe apothecary.
Tho division may bo a convenient one after tho mysteries have been mastered, but
lt is confusing at first,
Anothor peculiarity of the apothecaries
lt that most of them have names displayed. That custom dates from tho earliest
days of their history. The old names of
tho shops havo survived to some extent,
although the purely fantastic names havo
given place to others bettor suited to the
commercial exigencies of modern times.
Tho otty today possesses 164 shops of
apothecaries, and many have adopted
names taken from tho street, square or region In which they oro situated. Thero
aro 06 of these, and 19 are known only by
the names of their proprietors. Nineteen
are named after birds, the eagle having
ten named In Its honor. There aro all
torts of eaglet among these ten���blaok,
red and white. Other names lncludo wild
animals, mythological names, such at
Minerva and Flora, and royal titles like
Fried-rich and Augusta Victoria Most
curious are those called after famous historical personages, such aa Armlnlus, Roland and SiegMed.���Exchange*
Tke Kaiser tut a Humorist.
We went up to the Kiel Yacht olnb to
tee the presentation of prizea by his majesty. He wat in particularly jolly humor, and hie speeches ot presentation were
most happily spoken. One prize winner,
a littlo German officer, tally realized tht
importance of the occasion and was the
more easily orabarmsBed when with cap In
ono hand and sword In the other ho stood
ready to receive bit prize���a pair of large
At the dote of the kaiser's speech he
handed the vases to tho littlo officer, who
hurriedly pnt cap under one arm, award
under theothorond received them, whereupon tho kaiser insisted upon shaking
hands In congratulation, much to the embarrassment, chagrin and bliss of the winner and tho shouts of laughter from overy
one also, led by his majesty.
Tho next wlnnor waa given a liqueur
set and reoelvod orders not to drink trow
all 13 ghuses alone.���Outing.	
The Ilardworklns- Aiiinl.-nr Sent fo
the llarn and Finds Appreciation.
"I'll tell you of tl-.a; only encouragement
I ever received since I began to play tho
violin, and that's many years," said a
hardworking amateur tho other night ns
he stretched his neck toward his musio
stand to make out a difficult movement
.which ho was trying to play.
"Let's hear lt," sold his frlond, forlt
was a blessing to have him stop playing,
"Well, lt was this way: I was spending
my vacation at my muslo teacher's house
in the Adlrondaoks. One day after practicing some hours on tho same piece that
you heard me playing now my teacher
came te my room and suggested that
thero was a nice place to practice iu the
barn, and by doing so I would oblige her
and her mother, who was sick In tbe adjacent room. Well, of course, I folt somewhat hurt, but was not going to loso my
dally practice and went to the barn. I
got into the hayloft and began to play.
In about half an hour I was surrounded
by rats that squealed and out up nil sorts
of capers. I often heard of animals being
charmed by music, but nothing could
make mo believe It until now.
"Well, do you know, I nevor was to
happy in my life, to think that all my
tlrao was not wasted In trying to bo a
niuaioian? I always liko rats since then,
and I was tempted to trap my barn audience for future uso. I was pleased to see
that I had at last charmed some one with
my music. I folt like catching them all
and bringing them home for future encouragement."���Now York Tribune.
The Worst Mistake.
"Every man is likely to make mistakes in pnblio as in private life," said
the obaritablo man.
"Yes," answered, Senator Sorghum.
"Bnt there are some mistakes forwhioh
there is no excuse. '���
"For example?"
"Well, about the worst is owning np
after yon have matte ono. "���Washington Star.
On ��� War Footing.
"What's making: that jarring noise
in the room ovorliet.fl?"
"It's a meeting of strikers. They're
kicking for higher wages."
The questioner w&s silent a moment.
Then he sighed dismally.
"Another revenue stamp," he said,
���s the applause seemed to break: loose
again.���Chicago Tribune.
Tbe Heart and Hems are Often Affected
and Canse Prostration of tbe
Entire System.
A Kingston Lady Testifies to Her Experience In the Use of Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
People who suffer from any disease or
disorder of the heart nervous system,
such as Palpitation, Skip Beats, Smothering or SinkingSensations, Sleeplessness,
Weakness, Pain in the Head, etc., cannot afford to waste time trying varioua
remedies, which have nothing more to
back up their claims than the bold assertions of their proprietors.
These diseases are too serious to permit of your experimenting with untried
remedies. When you buy Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills, you know yon
have behind them the testimony of thousands of Canadians who have been cured
by their use. One of these is Mrs. A.
w. Irish, 91 Queen Street, Kingston,
Out., who writes as follows 1
" I have suffered for some years with
a smothering sensation caused by heart
disease. The severity oi Ihe pains in
my heart caused me much suffering. I
wat also very nervous, and my whole
system was run down and debilitated.
"Hearing of Milburn's Heart and'
Nerve Pills being a specific for these
troubles, I thought I would try them, and
therefore got a box at McLcod's Drug
"They afforded me great relief, having
toned up my system and removed the
distressing symptoms from which 1' suffered. I can heartily recommend these
wonderful pills to all sufferers from
heart trouble."
Laxa-Llver Pills cure Biliousness.   Dys-
pepslaaad Constipation.   Every pill perfect.
f *, *../wvv wv vvvvv*/*/*/
,000 Gun
Last year with my Famous
To men suffering from any "Weakness, Eheumatism,
Varicocele, Nervousness, etc., send for my book which
is Sent Sealed Free. It tells.how I can euro the ;
most stubborn eases without tho uso of Drugs.
Call and consult mo Free���or if you do not live ;
near enough write for tho book to-day.   Address
132 St. James Street,   -     RSontiroa!.
Earn thi- vralainble Watch, Chain and Charm by m-HIng twenty Top��a
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Pins anal our Premium Lint, pofllpitial. No naoaa-v ra-qaiarcd. Theafl Pius
will atano t rati tlia-ms-Ive-, for the Tppaa baa all the brilliance of III- ba.t
dlamaodi, and hai never before been off red at anything Illte I his price. The
Watch I. neat in appearance, thoroughly well made, and fully guaranteed. Si I
Unsold Pins may Im returned.    Mention Ibis paper when wriaaaag.
*��       ��� THE GEM PIN CO., Freehold Building, T-ronto, Ont.   i
Wlnfred Sclaofaeld, of Gaspereau. N. S., Tells
How He Obtained a Speedy and
Permanent Cure.
From Ha' Acadian, Wolfvlllo, K. S.
Tho ninny cases brought to his notice
of residents in this vicinity being cured
from physical disorders through the
agency of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
have created iu tho mind of tho Acudien
representative a aincero belief in the
healing powers of this' remedy. Yet
withal ho wns a littlo incredulous' tho
other day when told of a young mnn
who had been cored of a very serious
and deplorable disease by tho use of
only somo two boxes of those little
miracle workers. It seemed impossible
that such a remarkable healing could
be wrought even by Dr, Williams'
Pink Pills iu such short order. Accordingly ho wus possessed of a strong
desire to investigate. Mr. Winfrcd
Sohoficld, of Gaspereau,was the address
given ns by om- informant, and were
not long in hunting him up. Wo
fonnd Mr. Schofleld to be 11 bright
yonug man of about twenty yours of
ago and of moro than ordinary intelligence His air of candor and straightforwardness dispelled any doubts we
may havo hud. In a very few words he
stated to ns his case. "Two years ago,"
he said, "I was taken with un attack of
St. Vitus Dance. Sometimes when nt
work I fonnd that my fingers would all
at onco straighten out and I wonld be
compelled to drop anything I was holding. Ono day I was using an axo when
seized with one of these attacks. Tho
axe slipped from my minds and in-full
ing struck my foot und gave it a nasty
out. After that yon can depend upon
it I left axes alone-, and it was not long
before I hnd to givo up using any kind
of tool. My complaint rapidly grew
worse and I was soon unfitted for any
sort of work. Everything possible was
tried by my in order to get relief, bnt I
got no better. At last one day a neigh
bor of mine, Mr. Fred Fielding, wbo
had been cured by the use of Dr. Wil
Hums' Pink Pills, udvised me to give
them 11 trial, offering to pay for them
himself if they did not help me. ' As it
turned ont ho was safe enough in making the offer. I followed his advice,
but had scarcely begun to uho them
when I begun to feel very *mu3.i better.
After using two boxes I was perfectly
cured and have never been troubled
with tho complaint since. I am confident that to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
alone I owe my ouie.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills create new
blood, build up the nerves, and thuH
drive disease from tho system. In hnn
drr di of oases they havo om-ed after all
other medicines havo failed, thus establishing tho claim that they aro u marvel
among the triumphs of modern medical
science. The geuuino Pink Pills are
sold only in boxes, bearing the full
trademark "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Polo Pciple." Protect yourself from
imposition by refusing any pill thnt
does not bear the registered trade-murk
around the box. If in donbt send direct
to Dr. Williams' Medicino Co., Brock-
ville, Ont., and they will be mailed to
yon post paid at SOo a box, or six boxes
for $3.60.
Spanish poets note that "the melnnoholy
days" arr.ved a few months earlier then
usual In their part of the world.���Washington Star.
Spain ought not to waste any moro
money on a new navy until she Is assured
that the peace commission can agree on
terms.���Mew York Press.
The ordor whicli Spain has given for
3,5')0 American trumpets has created a
desire to know what that country has to
blow about.���Kansas City Star.
Hawthorne ns a Student.
A correspondent of the Brunswick (Me.)
Telegraph says: "Hawthorne, when a student in college boarded with tbe mother
of the writer, and wc often went fishing
for trout in what is now known as Mall
brook. At tbat time the students called
it Hawthcrno's brook. He was rathor reserved lu manner, and had but few associates. When In college, he was not over
6 feet 8 Inches In height. It was tbe cub*
torn at that time for the students when
thoy met President Allen to raise theii
huts. Hawthorno and John Hodgdon, 11
wns said, were brought np among tbt
Friends, and thoy did not raise their hats
when passing the president. Hawthorne
Was summoned boforo the president fox
this neglect, and I have forgotten whether
he wns suspended or escaped with only a
A Financier.
"Brlgglns makes monoy by establishing
oreamorlcs In country towns, does Iiu:' I
thought It was a notorious foot that little
creameries don't pay."
"That's lt. His agont works up a
creamery enterprise In some small town,
and Brlgglns goes there the noxt year,
boys up the machinery for a song and
sells lt to somo village where thoy have
never had a oreamery.' '���Chicago Trlbuna
Provcrh Revised.
Watts���Why don't you save your
Yabsley���Somohow, I can't.   With
me, a penny made is a penny burned.	
Indianapolis .Journal.
Good Reason.
Author���Bnt why do you charge mo
moro for printing this time than usual;
Publisher���Because the compositors
wero constantly falling aslcopover your
novel.���Metropol i tan.
Blinks���Is there anything worse than
to attempt to bo witty and foil?
Winks���Yes���to attempt to be dishonest and not succeed.���Uo to Dat".
Took tho Hint.
"Just by way of a hint, you know, I
told her sbo looked sweet enough to kiss."'
"Well, she said that was tbe way she intended to look,"
"And so"���
"Proolsoly. "���Chicago Post.
"What a Well-Known Medical .loui-na]
flays About the King of lll-pia-i*.
"This is essentially an age r.f sclentilla! pro-
"ja-rcss, Science and invention go band In
"li.'iiid. Thanks to 1. distinguished claaaaaiis
"'���onsnmptioH Is robbed of ItH torroi's,ela>iiriva*d
"of its destructiveness.nnd this inslali lUSdis*
"ohsii enn first lw r'Uoved and 1 lion cured.
"Bnt lo accomplish a cure Hint is iii'ial and
"effective there must bo constant persistency
"in treatment nnd right living. Tlio sulTeiiar
"must take tbo right medical relief, rightly ad*
"ministered, By lhe lubor. skill and research
"of nn eminent chemist, T. A. r-loeunia a-on*
"sumption enn bo both relieved and cured."���
Medical Tribune.
Tin ec freo sample bottles of iho Blooiun Cure
will be sont to any Blifferur from ennsumntton.
lung or Ihroat troubles or gcnornl debility, it
name, address and express olHcn oro sent lo
lhe T. A. Hlocum e'o., ldMilted, lTllKlnpfslrce
west, Toronto. Out. This i-a 11 genuine aaft'er,
and if the r*. nda-r is���o- knows a friend wbo Is
-a sufferer, send at once for tho tree samples
and mention this paiiel.-,     ,,    [t*?3:...���,..���
is the best.
Matthias Foley, Oil City, Out.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Mo.
Chas. Whooteu, Mnlgrave, N. S.
Rev. R.  O.   Armstrong,  Mnlgrave,
N. S.
Pierre Landry,  seur.,  Pokcnionche,
N. B.
i Thomas Wiusoii, Sheffield, N. B
All women are pleased with the
judgment of Paris���whon ho comes to
A Shower of Hats nnd Shoes.
Charles F. W. Mioglat-s contributes
"A Boy's Reaollectiuns of the Great
Chicago Firo" to St. Nloholas. Mr.
Mieglatz says:
Once, for a few minutes, I thought it
was all over with me. Tbo flames
sprang from the middle cf the block,
on the east sido of Wells street between
Washington and Rundolpb, to the middle of the block between Randolph and
Lake.streets. Here a remarkable thing
happened. At the northwest comer of
Wells and Lake streets I stopped for a
moment to catch my breath and to look
back. At the southeast corner there
was a boot and shoe shop, which had a
glass front on the rear alley, similar to
that on tbe street front, but not so elaborate. The fire struck this ulley front
with a force that swept tho boots uud
shoes through the shop and iuto tho
street in a flash. A tungue of flume shot
out, rolled across the street and kindled
a tar kettle and a barrel, such ns pavers
use, bringing with it n shower of boots
and shoes. Almost at the -mine instant
tho fire threw itself against n hat factory, a few doors east of the boot and
shoe shop. It hit tbe rear of the build
ing with tho same impelling force, uud
the bats flew up into tho air liko spray.
.Onr Immense Railway System.
The railway system in tbe United
States employs 3(1,000 locomotives, iii,
000 passenger cars and 8,000 mail aud
baggage cars. These figures seem large
till the number of freight cars is stated,
which is 1,350,000. A passenger train
consisting of locomotive, tender, bag
gage and six passenger cars, with their
contents, is estimatd to weigh abont
184 tons. Freight trains sometimes
reaoh a weight of 650 tons. An ordinary
passenger car oosts from $4,000 to $0,
,000 and a sleeping car anywhere from
$10,000 to 130,000, The system, with
its gigantio equipment, is practically
the growth of a single geuerution. With
tho additions of anothor quarter or half
a. century posterity onght to stand and
gaze at its stupendous proportions. But
it will probably be gradually educated
out of all its capacities of weasier, as we
have been out of many of onr own.���
Now YorkTribune.
lUaaiiTs Limment is the lust.
England curries about 58 per cent, of
the sea-borne merchandise of the world.
TakeLaxatire Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist! refund the money if lt falls to eure
Next door to P. o.
HotlM-Ph-nlri Sufes, hiiihII size, > - $l'i.O0
Bouse hold Sitfi's Iiitr-i' hiz-f,    -   -     ,10.00
Jnst thfl thinjf for a Christmas prenunt. Both
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write for quotations, Special inieua during
NovemlKT and Do-comber.
Nothing like B.B.B. for healing
sores and ulcers, no matter how
large or how chronic they may be.
B. B. B. applied externally and
taken internally according to directions will soon effect a cure. It
sends rich, pure blood to tho part,
so that healthy flesh soon takes the
place of the decaying tissue.
" I had been troubled with sore
lingers and sore toes around tiie nails.
The salve I was using did not help me
and I was getting worse, I was advised
to try Burdock Uiood Bitters, and after
using nearly two bottles my sora-s were
all healed up.    I jJupajQQk
Twiisrs- v
consider B.B.B. a
wonderful blood
purifier." ENOCH
ingdale, Ont.
1*1;Rin AM) QUALITY.
And thef-o are ihe things that. aie
ALWAYS present, in OUR GOODS and
in nothing nro they moro evident than
in our
The Ppn Gibson Oo.
General Insurance Agent,
FIIIK CotnpanieK Represented.
Quebec Fire Assurance Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
All elit suck of Insurances tranwactod and losses
promptly and satisfactorily settled.
CUT   FLOWERS in ��*����,.���
Gltl'l'Mlol si:s i
336 Porlaa-s A villain, WINNIPEG.
All kinds iif GnUn"bought ami sold. Lttmra}nil*
vanccs nn consignments. Prompt returns*
firm) BlllllJllfS.
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course in tlio
this wintor. It pn,ysto EDUCATE for BUST-
NESS. A in ��ator demand for office help -tftan
wo oould fill diirint; tiie post six months sB-titf*
why you should tuko ��uch aAoursc.
(1. W. DONALD, Sec.
W. N  U.       1-97
���V**' UIW'S?
# fiip nr anil INI
Is pure beef cooked  ready for ute, and
in the most
fr-1' "'���^������"^rn
mil fi.mD.BEEF-
l*T' j ���'���-.     '.     BRAND ,   '���   ���
Not a .mere extract or essence.    ��
strengthens both body and brain.
Prepared by
BOVRH.. Limited
Canadian Branoh:���
SFunsra-  -t" T TTT 1���      a^
Our Travelers show are the Lurgoat Ram.''* ami Bfftt Value in
aHg.-g!.t.i.L��JL.Jl ���
%%%%%%-%%Q'*-*%%^->%% '%%--*%'��*'-%***-'-*-%%%'
The Odorless
Crematory Closet
�� Awarded Diplomas at Toron- y-
if/y        to.  I,n:ul.in an.l Other        vV
<f R-dlttdtlOM, 18U8,
Is adapted lo Private Residences, Public Btiiklin<<s, Ho.cls, Sclniol Homes aad Summer Resorts, Can be placed in aide or cellar, bath room or outside kitchen, or in
any place where there is a Hue or chimney. The price lu-i..;: low places it within
reach ot all.   A post card will secure Illustrated Pamphlet.   Address
J- ohmC Cm*, J- ��uj~f
'" in to  1 1    ��� 1 im ui -AA 1   * .
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fa CstfJti Je/- fljudbfc THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 18$ 8.
"We give our cash customers
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just arrived:
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Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
Moie New Stoves���Selling Fast,
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Skates and Skating Boots on hand.
��� -��� 0
Geo. B. McDermot,
l-lcnersl Merchant.
She Tells How Dodd's Kidney
Pills Gave Her Health.
Thousands   of tialrls Need   the Same
lleinedy.  for They are   Suffering
From HlmiUr  Dlseaso���Dottd'a
Kidney. Ilia.WlllCiire I laaani
Toronto, Dec 5���There are thousands of girls in thiscity who are passing the best years of their lives in sickness and misery, when they should be
enjoying the blessings of health,
strength, and vig*.r.
The observer who will watch the
crowds of girls and young women
streaming homeward every evening,
after their hard day's work, cannot
but be struek hy the many faces-
young faces -that h mid bs rosy with
the glow of health, with sparkling
eyes, and well-rounded cheeks, but
whioh are pale and careworn, with
dark circles round eyes that have lost
their brightness.
A glance is enough to show that
these tired and worn-out gills are suffering. And such a spectacle is doubly
���ad, because there is no need for it.
Dodd'a Kidney Pills would bring the
brightness back to the eyes, the bloom
to the cheek, the firmness to the step
ths vigor to the entire body.
No other medicine on earth can produce such astonishingly beneficial re-
sul s in these esses, ns Dodd's Kidney
Pills can and wiil.
Miss Mary Hinsdale, 73 Esther
siraet, has proveal the truth of this
statement. She says: ''I have been
u suffer) r from female weakness, N.-rv-
ous, and Livi'i-.Tronhle, and doctored
without derivinii and henfit. I began
using Dodd's Kidney Pill*, and my recovery dated from that time. They
have cured mo thoroughly."
A trial will apeeidly convince any sufferer that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
positively restore her to health.
H. E. Foster and F. M* Wells are
Incorporating the Willis Mack mine on
Cariboo Creek. This is a most promising property.
Of Thoiuands have been Turned into the Joy
Songs of the Cured by the Almost Magie
Medicine, Dr. AgnewV Cure for the Heart
���It Relieves in Thirty Minutes.
Mrs. John Fitspatrick, of Oanaiioqu*, was
for five years a great sufferer from heart dis*
���sat���spent seine lirno undor experts in
Kingston hospital without getting any bene
II' ami was pronounced incurable. She commenced taking Dr. Agnew's Curd f*ir the
Heart, and when sho had taken three bottles
all dropsical tendenciss, palpitation and pain
left her, and she has had uo return of it, and
it.i-ribes her cure to this greatest of heart
Hold byC. A. Warres,
Sir Wilfried Laurier was 57 year old
on the 20th November.
O. B. MoDernim has receive! a con.
sigument of the New Kuvnioiial sewing
macbino which Iiu. proved a great
favorite with the firm's customers.
C. W. Field, chemist, has open-ad
out a nice lot of Christmas slock, boll
sisting of Christmas curl, ami hook
lets,   perfumes, purs-is, toilet sets. etc.
A. St. G.Haiuersoly gives notice of
application of a cliartei for the oon-
struction of a railway from Revelstoke
to the Yukon by way of the Columbia
and Canoe Rivers.
Mrs Rutherford, of Golden, who
was badly burned about the anna by a
lamp exploding nhoui a fortnight a o,
is getting round very well under the
skilful care nf Dr. Tavlor.
Chamberlains Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy i-nn always be depended upon and is pleasant anil safe
to tako. For sale by all druggists,
Langly and Co. Wholesale Agents
Victoria and    Vancouver.
The World states that President
James J. Hill, nf the Great Northern
is on a protracted visit to Seattle as ho
intends devoting considerable time to a
thorough inspection of tbe railway
situation on the const. He will devote
speciul attention to British Columbia
from a railway point of view-
Deputy Sheriff Robinson of Nelson
has booeu appointed sheriff for the
electoral divisions of Nelson. Slocan,
Rossland anilthcsouth division of East
Kooteuuy. Sheriff Robinson has been
deputy sheriff under Sln-rifl Redgrave
of Donald whoso district is now ear
tailed by that extent.
We congratulate Revelstoke on the
fortunate position in which this town
has boen placed hy the C. P. R..hnv-
ing beeu a warded the same ruilway
tariff as Spokane. This will make
Revelstoke a most important distributing centre, as Spokaneis the most favored railway and distributing point in
the west.
We congratulate Dr. Preotor, of
Kamloops, on having been appointed
C, P. R. medical officer, and also medical OIHcei- of lhe Kamloops Hospital,
Dr, Proctor is one of f jreinost men in
his profession in :he Province and tho
institutions which havo beeu so for-
utunate as to secure his services have
good reasju to congratulate themselves.
Mr. J. D. Graham; formerly Gold
Commissioner of Revelstoke. and later
manager of the Waverly mine,has been
appointed Government Agent for Atlin
district, nnd J. H. Brownlee has been
appointed Government surveyor for
thai district. The Semlin Government
are to be congratulated on having made
such excellent appointments.
As showing the splendid character
of the Columbia Valley as a grazing
country Mr. Mitchell brought lo Golden this week the carcases of tbi-ee two
year old cattle whicn netted him $120.
Thoee animals have never been fed
anywhere bu> on the open range. This
valley hns before it a great future as a
The Fort Steele Board of Trade recommend improvement e-f the Kootenay
river, an improved mail sorvice for
Fort Steele, connection of Fort Steele
with tho C.P R. telegraph system,
office of Dominion Express Co. for
Fort Steele, request the Liberal members of the Dominion Pailiom-nt for
B,C. to visit Fort Steelo on their way
to Ottawa, connection with tho Aineri
can railways uud the extension north
to Golden, bridging Elk river, appointment of a Provincial Government engineer for I he district, and that sittings of the Supreme Court be held at
Fort Steel* twice a year.
C. A. Warren has opened out a
splendid stock for the Christmas trade.
The stock consists of toys of all sons,
toilet sets for ladies and gentlemen,
paper racks, lea sets, electro-plated
ware, silk goods, diaries for 1809. perfumes, dolls, Kraphophone, toy cook
stoves, horses, bells, Japanese ware,
tea sets, fans, manicure sets, photo
frames, jewel cases, souvenirs of Golden in the shape of plates, pen and
paper knives of pretty and chaste design, jewellery, Christmas cards, writing desks, musical instalments, and
other attractive gifts suitable to this
festive season of lhe year.
Two Pointed (jiuistloiia Answered.
What is the use of making a bettor
article t hau your competitor if you can
not get a lamer price I'or j>?
Ana.���As there is no difference in
the price the public will buy only the
better, so that wbileour profits may
be smaller on a single sale ihey will lie
much greater in lhe aggregate.
How can yon get the public to know
your make is ibe liest?
If both articles ure brought prominently before the public both are certain
to be tried nnd the public will very
quickly pass judgement on them and
use only the better one.
This explains the large sale on
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. The
people have been using it for years and
have found that it can always be depended upon. They may occasionally
take up with some fashionable novelty
put forth with exaggerated claims,
but are certain to return to the oue
remedy that they know to be reliable,
and for coughs, colds and croup there
is nothing equal to Chamberlains
Cough Remedy, For sale by all druggist, Langly at Co Wholesale Agents
Victoria ami- Vancouver.
The first curling game in the now
rink was   played yesterday afternoon.
The Hockey Club are busy practising
for the coating match with the Revelstoke Club.
The Golden Sshool will close for the
Christinas holiday's on Friday, Dec.
IKth Visitors will be welcome on the
occasion of the examination ou Friday
Tho sen-ices at St. Peter's Church,
Donald, on Sunday next, Dec. 1 lth
will hs: 11 a.m. Mattins and celebration of Holy Communion, 7:30 p.m.
Evensong and seruiou.
The work of laying the ice in the
Skating and Curling Rink was gone
on with in earnest on Saturday and
the succeeding cold days. On Saturday
something like 2,500 gallons of water
were put over the floor of the Rink.
The dates of the Roman Catholic
Church bazaar have linen fixed for
Friday. Saturday and Monday, the
2.1rd,*24th. and 25th of this month.
The liaznar will be held in the Oddfellows' hall.
There will a meeting of tlio shareholders of the Golden Kink Co. at the
rink this erenisg. A meeting of the
curling club will also be held ar. thu
rink this evening nt the conclusion of
the foregoing meeting.
The Columbia River Lumber Co. has
acquired another enterprise, having
purchased the sawmill hitherto run by
P. Genelle, between Revelstoke aud
Kamloops. The Manager, Mr. Carlin.
went west on Wednesday to take over
the new property.
The week has been the coldest of the
season. 'On Wednesday morning, for
the first time this winter, the thermometer dronped to below zero to the
extent of three degrees. Thursday
morning was even colder, the thermometer registering six degrees below
G. B. McDermot has been appointed
agent for Golden for the new Odorless j
Crematory Closet, which has a large
sale in the East, and seems lo do all
tbat is claimed for it as a sanitary
appliance. Mr. McDermot has already
placed several orders in Oolden.
The Donald school children are busy
practising after school hours for a
Christmas Tree-wid entertainment to
be held in the Oddfellows Hall on
Christmas Eve. There are to be fancy
dialogues, instrumental music and u
cantata entitled "Welcoming the New
Year." A very enjoyable time is
T. Pirie. of Galena, who was in
iown on Thursday, reports a fine winter ns lieing experienced in the Columbia Valley. It has not yet been necessary to fed any of the stock, there
being ample feed on the range. There
is very little snow on the road between
Spillimachene and Hog Ranch, which
makes it bad Mr sleighing there.
A petition is lieing got np to Parliament praying for an investigation of
Ihe administration of the Carlin and
Lake estate. It is claimed bv parties
interested in this estate lhat there are
matters connected with it- demanding
enquiry, and that in the interes- of
the parties concerned and in the public
interest as a whole these matters
should be fully enquired into.
An arbitration cirse between G. Manuel, of Donald, nnd R. Love, of Golden
in settlement of partnership acoounts,
is proceeding st the Queen's Hotel,
Messrs W. C. Wells, and E. A. Haggen being the arbitrators. Sittings
were resumed this week, the arbitrators sitting and taking evidence on
Tuesday and Wednesday.
The children ot Golden will be disappointed to learn that the Christinas
Tree which has hitherto been held an-
nualy has been abandoned for theoom
ing Christmas, the various churches
having failed to arrange thematter.
The children of the Methodist Church
are, however, in for a treat, and Rev,
Mr. Cropp is preparing ihe children
for the dialogues etc. which will form
an interesting feature of the evening's
Pains in the chest when A person
has a cold indicate a tendency toward
pneumonia. A piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Halm
and bound on to the chest over the sent
of pain will promptly relive the pain
and prevent the threaten-tr) attack of
pneumonia. This same treatment will
cure a lame back in a few hours.
For sale by all druggists. Langly A Co
wnolesnle Agents Viotoria and Vancouver.
���. B. McDermot is displaying a
large and well-assorted stock of goods
suitalJe to ihe'Christinae-seaaoila This
sonsisls of tatty crockery, dinner.
break"ast. tea, and toilet sete, cups aud
saucers, four o'clock tea sets, fancy
jugs, onyx rabies, piano, pnilor, library nnd hall lamps, electroplated ware,
cruets, nuke and fruit dishes, fancy-
water sets, real blue Dresden china of
beautiful appearance and design, China
sets, salad howls, a special line of Bo
hemian glass water-sets with silver
trays, which are amongst the choicest
things to be seen in town, large stock
of table delicacies, including Crosse k
Black well's pickles, sweet spiced and
sour, jams and jellies, raisins, special
line of soups of all kinds including
Burnham's clam chowder, canned
meats, nice lot of breakfast cereals in
deseicnted wheat and rolled oats, McLaren's cream,Edam and Dutch cheese,
as well as prime Canadian, large consignment of briar pipes and smokers'
requisites, dlreot from-Parli, Havana
and Manilla cigars, jewellery of all
sorts, including wedding and gold
rings, gold and silrer watohos, ladies'
furs and capes, and (500 worth of
dolls which are to be offered at 60 per
cent, discount, as Mr. McDermot is
going out of this line, :
'���There was sound of revelry by
night." This time it was on the evening of the ilOth day of No* ember when
fourteen sat down lo dinner at the
Lakeside Hotel, Windermere, to do
honor to the memory of Scotland's
patron saint, Si. Andrew.
It was the tit st St. Androw's dinnor
ever held at Windermere ami whilst
all present were not true ".Scotties"
still everyone did his utmost to make
the occasion a success, which it undoubtedly was.
In the unavoidable absence of Mr.
Goldie, [lie chair was filled hy Mr. R.
L T. Gulbraith of Fort Sieele, and the
vice-chair hy Mr. K R. Bruce, with
whom the idea of holding the dinner
It ia ueedliss to say that Mr. Gal-
hraith made an excellent chairman,
never allowing the spirit of the meeting to flag for a single i istuut, nud in
that respect he was ably assisted by
Mr. Bruce,
There were present Messrs. R. L. T.
Galbruith. ii. R, Bruce, S. Hat-die, H.
Montizninbert, H. Mitchell-Innes. Goo.
H. Rehder, J. R. McLeod, C. Lyon
Mackenzie, Hugh Gordon, Win, Taynton. Sinclair Craig. Joseph Tait, G.W.
F. Carter and E.-J. Scovil.
nil.i, in- t'Alt'K.
First;  A weo pree o' Gloitlivet.
llraitli made o' tAoop's head, vc kon.
Oyster Soup.
A ilram to wash it (loon.
A No-vt's teg roasted.
\ Sheep's heed and trotters.
Tuties, ingius, pous snd kail,
A pasty made o' liiobuiiuiu black doer.
Anitlier drain,
.(oust Venisuu. .{oast Hoof.
ami a uutckle dram.
,   Sumo toothsome tiirlies, jellies, etc.,
and then
Drams an d Baugs a' the gither.
Tho "haggis" was duly honored and
done full  justice to.   The  following
toasts were then proposed:
The Queen.
Governor General,"Vir.Hurdic responded
Lieut.-Governor, Mr. McLeod
Sister Provinces, Mr.Moutizaiubert "
St.Andrew. Mr.C.Lvou Mackenzie "
Out- Visitors.  Mr. Scovil "
Windermere, Mr. Qalbrslith        "
Iu responding to the latter, Mr. Gal-
hraiih touched upon thn early days of
place, spoke most encouragingly of its
prospects und gave those present an
insight into what was being done in
tha interests of Windermere, fur which
he predictcal a great future.
The time was then passed most
pleasantly in music, song, dance and
good natursd pleasantry.
During the course of the evening
Messrs. Ben Abel, Joseph Young. Jas.
Stoddart, Geo Hankins, Fred Hankius,
David Jackson and others joined the
gathering and the fun began in eai-u-
wc. Mr. Craig gave several selections
ou the violin and songs were sung by-
Messrs. Hardie. H. Mitchell-Innes.
Carter, Rehder, Goraloii. Taynton, McLeod, Muuiizaiubert, Bruce, ami Guo.
Hankins. Nearly all the Scotch dances were indulged in, Mr. C, Lyon
Mackenzie's dittoing being particularly
admired for neatness and finish.
During a lull in tht festivities, Mr.
Brucs rose aad proposed the health of
Mr. Goldie, which was received uith
the greatest enthusiasm and warmth.
Mr. Galbraith rising said, that he
could not allow that loast to pass
without testifying to his thorough appreciation of Mr. Goldie's ability, integrity, hune-t and strict sense of justice, which remarks were most heartily
cheered and endorsed by those present.
The "wee sma' hours" were now
creeping in when the health of Messrs.
Taynton k Gordon, proprietors of the
Lakeside Hotel, was proposed and
duly honored, and rightly too. Thoy
had spared no pains to make tbe occasion a success. That they should fesl
proud of having provided such an
excellent repast goes without saying.
It was perfect in every particular and
would have reflected credit apou' many
a very much larger hotel in any of our
cities. But then they always give
good meals.
"Auld LangSyue," and "God Save
the Queen," were then "enng nud the
party broke up after having spent a
most enjoyable evening. The success
of this dinner will no doubt make it
an annual affair.
A Pie  Soelitl.-Women's Club Or.
On Thanksgiving evening a pie
social was held iu lhe school room for
the purpose of raising funds to purchase an organ fur "the town ball of
the future." Most of tho citizens and
a number of ranchers fr in the stir
rounding; country were present. All
seemed to spand a very pleasant even
ing. The chief ainuusemeiiis heing
vocal and instrumental music, games,
and recitations. The probabilities are
that the Windermere public will lie
treated to many more of a similar kind
during the winter.     Net proceeds $15.
On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 29, the
ladies of Windermere met at Mrs.
Stoddait's and organized a women's
club to be known as the "Merry Makers." The meeting opened with Mrs,
Kimpton in the chair, and the following officers were elected: Mrs Kimp.
ton, President; Miss Gibbon, Vice-
President; Mist Tegart, Bee.-Tress,
The first work of the Marry Makers
will bt to raise money to finish paying
for tbe organ which has been ordered
from tht Karn Organ and Piano Co.,
Woodstock, Ont.
Look out for and be present at the
entertainment  that  will' be given by
tht president  in her own homo some
time during tht month of January,
i Admission 25cis,
The Present Month of the
Closing Year must end the Lives of Many
If They Fail to Banish Disease.
Paine's Celery Compound, Earth's Great
Medical Prescription, "Makes
Sick People Well."
Another short montli and the year
1898 will come to a cloae. As the year
ends, many loved and dear ones will
pass away, severing ties and associations that will bring untold sorrow,
agony and mourning. The victims
will come from all clases and conditions
of our population.
While it is true we must all leave
this transitory life, it ought to be well
understood that our years of life on
earth should be threescore and ten or
fourscore years.
When young snd middle aged men
and women fail to reach a good old age
thejfault is theirs in ninety cases out of
every hundred. It is safe to assert
they bate violated the laws of nature
and hare allowed disease to enchain
Years ago tht attention of that celebrated medical expert, Dr. Phelps,
was specially directed to the class referred to who die in middle age. He
realized the fact that something far
beyoud the ordinary remedies and prescriptions of the day was required lo
meet the varied conditions of suffering
humanity. His wonderful life giving
prescription. Paine's Celery Compound
was the boon bestowed on the hosts
who suffer from r he common disesse
-penalties of nature for transgressions
of its wise laws.
Dr. Phelps found that nervous dis��
eases, blood troubles, liver and kid.
ney coinplaints.rheumatisin, neuralgia
und dyspepsia were dragging thousands to the gravo tvtry year, not''
withstanding all the wtll directed tf.
forts of conscientious medicul men.
This marvellous prescription of Dr.
Phelps' was a revelation to the world
in (hat ic cured desperate and long
standing cases of disease that had
baffled the best medical skill.
Since its advent, Paine't Ctltry
Compound has saved tent of thousands, and is still conquering disease-
every day. No other medicine known
to man has ever received such Haltering notices and testimonials from prominent men and women and from tht
entire press of the land. Ic is tbt on*
and Ouly life saverin tvtry ease of disease and suffering; it defeata death
when tbe physician ia unablt to savt.
It ta to this marvellous banisher ot
disease-Paine's Colery Compound-
that we would direct the attention of
all who are ruu down, tired, sleepless,
nervous, debilitated and weak-avnip-
toms of the diaeasa we havt referred te
above. It will quickly giva to tvtry
ailing man and woman that vigor;
strength and perfect health tbat in*
sure and guarantee a happy old agt.
���<* 'i is
Navigation & Tramway 5i
& frjterijationaJ Transportation Co'y.
Connecting- with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C, and Great
Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
C. fit. Parson,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kind*
of Lumber, Etc.
Golden and Beaver, B. O.
... the Columbia House,
Golden, B. C.
A Strictly first Class Hotel iu Every Bespecti
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brahds of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to None.    '
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Men.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Frew.
j-Ioi and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
SiOtt Proprietors.
The Chinaman, Tommy Lee, who
bas been charged with tbt theft of an
overcoat the property of Capt. Armstrong, was brought before Mr. Griffith
for the third time on Monday. Accused bad made several contradictory
statements regarding tht manner in
whioh ht came into possession of the
overcoat and on Monday Mrs. J. f.
Pugb wat called at to certain statements made by tht accused that bt
had purchased tht overooat from a
partner of the latt J. F. Pugh. Mrs.
Pugh stated lhat Mr. Pugh had no
partner and bad no ont working fo'.-
him at tht time stated by tbt accused.
His Worship found accused guilty of
theft and sent him to Donald gaol for
30 days,
*< 0. Lang is to bt congratulated on
his work as valuator. Hi* valuation
lor the year has been accepted by the'
taxpayers without a complaint, Tb*
figures show tbat tht total valuation
of North East Kootenay for the vtar
is 1312,050 for Mai proptrty, 186,696
on wild land, and 1106,896 on personal
property; a total of 1604,640, Thit
amount is slightly lest than last yaw
owing to tht iarj-e amount that had to-
be taktn off tbt Donald valuation
through tht prospective removal of the'
building* and businesses there.
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