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The Golden Era Mar 10, 1894

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 ���^>���E us%
-*��� ril
VOL. III.   NO 32;
82 Per Year
"INSTANT    -    HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of juice
25  Cent)*   Per  Box.
Ooldori, on tlm mnlii line of tlio Canadian
Piicitic Railway, lit im connection, with the
Hto.'iiiibi'ut navigation of tlio Columbia river i
the iniiionil iiml commercial centre oi'Eastern
British Columbia: headquarters .of th j Uolcl-
iiu Smelling woi'lte, the Upper t'oliiraliia
Navigation Co., and liuiilier industry; the
outlet, for the widely known . anil far
fumed agricultural i.iid grazing laifif of tho
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys ; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on tiie
appen s
Grand Stock Taking Sale
Now Going On.
Call   Early   and   Avoid   the   Rush.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Prices quoted and samples sup*.lied on
Special attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has fbeen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
fable is first c.'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice "Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. jVlefieish, - P?op.
Carlin and
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Co'y, Calgary, cr
J!*.'   SSttf'lj'  .'I'  t>{
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue tax.
Fred M. Wells is in town this week.
Skaters have had; a little sport on
river this week.
Mr. T. G. Wanless, of Calgary, is a
visitor this week.
Look out for the carload of' Household Furniture whicli will-soon arrive
for Cttrlin & Lakej' "  .
Mrs. Newberry returned to Kamloops on Friday of lust week.
Dr. Lindsay, ol Calgary, paid a professional visit to Gulden on Wednesday
Sheriff Redgrave of Donald and W.
G, Neilson of Beaver visited Goloeu on
Miss Woodley returned on Tuesday
from Calgary, where she has liuon on
a visit.
Wo are glad to state that Mr. Gor
don Sutherland who wns down with
quinsy last week has recovered.
Carlin & Luke will receive in abov.t
ten days a carload of the well known
.Mnssey-Harris Co.'s Agricultural Implements.
Tho Midwinter Fair Pilgrims���H.
Connacher, J. Ryan and D. P. Kimpton���returned this week. It is reported they had to walk back part of the
way, we would not, however, like to
vouch for the truth of this statement.
Presbyterian Church.
Service will be held in the Alexander
Hall to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. 11. Ross.
em Goods and
Iiogu Prices.
We are receiving Daily Large Shipments of
Dry Goods, Gent's' Furnishings, Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, &c.,&c.,
for Spring and Summer trade and are expecting in about ten days
One car of Agricultural Implements and
One car of Furniture.
Gall and see our extensive stock of
White Linen, Cambric and Flannel Shirts,
and Slater's celebrated Boots and Shoes for
men, women and children.
accordance with llie Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tux and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
due for the year 1894, All of the above
named Tuxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of tlie District of
Kootenay, are payable nt my office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed Tuxes
ure collectible ut tho following rates,
If paid on or before June 80th, 18M: ���
Provincial Revenue, ��3,00 per capita.
One-lialf of ono per cent on Real
Two pel- eeut on assessed value ot
Wild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Persona!
Olio-half of one per cent on income.
If paid alter Juno 30th, ISM: ���
Two-thirds of ono per cent on Real
Two and one-linlf per cent on assessed vuluo of Wild Laud.
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of one per cent on
Assessor und Colleotor.
Donald, Feb 6th, 1894.
Armstrong.���At Golden on Wednesday March 7th. the wife of F. P.
Armstrong, of a daughter.
EviiiiR-illatlc Bervleo.
W. Patoii the ohuuty man, will
The boys have had ayood time at
tlie rink this Week, tiie ice being iu
first class condition. Tlie only game
of importance was between Fred Healey
���nd Capt. Armstrong, the loser to present tbe winner with an'hospitiil ticket
Fred had the pick of the town against
the Captain's usual rink. The mutch
created considerable excitement uud a
large number of spectators were present. The Captain's rink were the
favorites at the start but after one or
two ends had been played tlie onlookers hud reason to change their opinion.
Ten ends wero played. At tlie conclusion of the fourth end Fred hud a
lead of 5 which he gradually increased
and at tho eighth end tlie score stood
10 to 2. Ou tho lust two ends the
Captain added six points to his score
but it was too lute in tlio game to be
of any use to him. Tho following
wero the rinks and score:
the rink, and  instead of   hitting the
broom just lays ih front of the stone
that was shot.     It looks so easy tiiat
nobody   outside  the   sweepers would
think it was hard work, but they, of
course, aro only serving their apprenticeship.   To these unbelievers just one
word need be said : Join a curling club
and see how nice and tasy it is to got
your stone over the  " hog," especially
if tho ico is tough  or soft.     The old
hand apparently never disturbs a muscle, and that forty  pounds of granite
glides over the glacial surface us if it
knew   where   it   belonged;    hut   the
stranger picks up the same stone, and
it is as inconvenient as if it was tied
about his  neck  and he had cut a hole
for himsolf iu the ice.     The stranger
sees old men that physically he would
be more than a mutch for, pick up that
hunk of granite in a peculiar way that
makes it look as if it only weighed ten
pounds, and with a neat twist of the
wrist, see that stone change its ice and
and draw in within au inch of the tee;
and it is done so easily that strangers
will have a try at it.     The first thing
that strikes him is the fact that those
so-culled stones are a sight heavier than
thoy lookod, but not to be outdone, he
gets'himself into the wrong position,
chips out several   large pieces of  ice
with   a  corkscrew   motion   and then
wonders   when tlie mini at the other
end   mildly   murmurs     "not  strong
enough."     Not strong enough !  good
Jupiter!   ha had put every ounce of
strength in his  body in that send-oft';
but he had not put it away in the orthodox stylo and he never reached the
hog line.
Of the geniality ot curling clubs
there is no question, and there demo-
cracy i;*, undoubted. When a man
curls lie simply curls, no matter what
his other station in life may he. The
keen curler is no respector of persons
and the lord of the manor, bo to speak,
is liable to get some Severn instructions
from his skip. Curling is a grout leveller, not so much in bringing the
proud ones down as in bfinging tlie
humble ones up. Just learn to put a
stone where the skip tells you, have
the sutisfactioti of hearing him say "a
good stone sir," and you are better off
that tho man who can draw a bigger
cheque, but who can't draw through a
port and just raise the shot and lay. ���
Healey, skip ���10
Armstrong, skip-8
When tho gav and festive curler goes a curl
Thou llie curler's life is just a happy ono-
llappy one.
Thore is something about tho fine old
game that seems to discover a new
spring iu life, in every one who takes
the slightest interest in it. At first ns
a mere spectator, it looks easier than
marbles andtho unknown visitor laughs
hold evangelistic servico in the school j quietly as ho sees his friend, tho cur
house, Suiid iy nftoruoon at 3 o'clock. Icr, take accurate measurement at i
Everybody invited. Jmcrc flobian broom at the other end of
Church of England.
Service   will  be   held iu St. Paul's
church, Sunday morning at 10 o'clock
also celebration of the Holy Communion, Archdeacon McKay will oliiciate.
Metal Keport.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
Ni-.w York. Feb. 23, 1894.
Silver has been quiet here and the market in London has been weak, yet
purchases by shorts have contributed to steady a market thnt
otherwiBe would have been a declining one, since trade is dull and
no prospect of immediate revival.
Now   York, (53cts., Loudon, 29$d.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature.   G.M.B'a. ��40 15*. Od.
Lead is sharing the fate of all other
metals, tlie week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��9 3s 9d., unit
English, ��9 (is. 3d.
=JiX__ -. _.
ss^2XAJ^ Cite (DjISiw i&va
The GOLDEN ERA ia published every
Saturday morning in time to cutcli tho east
.'..nl vo'ii iiinil trains, also the uii.il for tho
upper country, Winilermore, Fort Steele etc
Ic is tiio only advertising medium iu llie Kent
Kootenay district:
Subscription Kates:
$12.00 per aiinimi IN
Advortlsoinonts aid changes must lie in
the office "in tutor than 1-a.m, uu Thursdiiy
to iustiro insertion.
Alvertiieiiioiit rates mado known on nppli-
���'iitior to
Vll oilill to Iin paid to tho Manager, from
.''ion tlio Company's receipt ivill bo obtained.
flit onlilcn [,a Piibfishtng Company.
SATURDAY,  MARCH 10. 1894.
��� (From the London Milling Journal.)
Ii this iirticla we make a further
attempt to bring to the notice of oi r
renders and of those interested in the
mining industry the claims of British
Columbia. Our readers will remember
that during lust year we published a
couple of interviews douliug with the
same subject, mid in those it was
proved beyond dispute that this colony
possesses enormous mineral wealth;
lhat it has resources which we cannot
n'ford to despise; that it is worthy the
attention of the capitalist and scientist
und thut, if properly opened up and
developed, it may become u prominent
and most productive centre uf mining.
Hitherto it hns been tip much neglected by tins British investor and engineer
either tbrdugh ignorance of its hidden
Wealth or through un unreasonable
spirit of scepticism. We' have endeavored, as fur as in us lay, to remove
tho former, and tlie only means in our
power to dissipate the latter is ti> endeavor to confirm from varied soui'ces
of undoubted ii lit hority the information
we have already imparted through
these columns. To this end we have
interviewed a gentleiuun who knows
British Columbia thoroughly, who enn
pronounce nn authoritative judgment
upon her mining wealth, uud who is
iilde to form a guiding opinion upon
the future capabilities of the colony.
Mr. W. Pellew llnrvey was born ��t
Truro, Cornwall, *n 18!"4. Hu received
his education ut' the Urn miliar School
of thut town, but nt the age of 111 commenced to learn assaying with his
fuiher, who represents Messrs. Viviun
& Sons, of Swansea. Two years later
he went to ihe latter town in the employ of this firm, where he remained
for several years. After leaving to
nccept a position at Redruth. In the
year 1890 he went to Golden in British
Columbia, where he started a business
of his own ns ussayor and chemist,
niter first serving in this capacity to
the Golden Mining & Smelting Company. Fortunately, he was very successful in business, nnd in 1892 was
selected by tlie Provincial Government
to muke tests on tho ores sent by them
to the World's Fair nt Chicago. He
was throe years editor ol tho GOLDBN
Era, a milling newspaper published at
He is now in England on a pleasure
trip, and, ��� the request of Mr. Beeton,
tli.i Agent-General of British Columbia
h-.s consented to exhibit tho numerous
mineral specimens he has brought over
with hiin, in order to show the varied
r.-sources of the colony. We have bad
the pleasure of inspecting these, and
found them extremely interesting.
\ljmjr of the silver ores contain hundreds of ounces to tho ton, whilst
th-) copper ores vary from 10 to 70 per
cent.   The ctold ores on viow are chief-
Ouu very Iin
', ind contain from 14
wues per ton c>r 2000 lbs.
specimen, whioh, by the
wny, belongs to the Government, nnd
came from the creek known as Williams, in Cariboo, is nearly pure,
; weighing 12 ounces 6 dwts. 12 grains.
The first query we put to Mr. Harvey
was as to the period over which his
acquaintance with British Columbia
"I have been in British Columbia
nearly four years," he replied, '"and
have made acquaintance with its mineral resources through my profession
us an assayer and chemist."
'��� I presume thut gold is the chief
metal of the country ?"
" What are the principal gold fields?'
" Well, Cariboo, Lilloet, Wild Horse
and   McMurdo.     These   are  on  the
mainland.     There is also Alberni, on
Vancouver Island."
"Which of these is the principal?"
"Catiboo.     For over 30 years vast
quantities of gold have lieen taken from
the several creeks in this section of the
cult itry,   the   most    notable    being
Williams and Lightning Creeks.     Iu
the first named, notwithstanding the
period   over   which   operations   have
been conducted, ut the present moment
the owners of   hydraulic   claims are
making fiOc. per cubic yard of gravel."
"Which of them pays the best?"
" Ah ! that is a difficult question to
answer.     Wild   Horse Creek   has in
former years paid remarkably well, but
at the present moment the accounts of
companies not being at my disposal, I
should suy that Cariboo Goldfields are
more profitable to  their owners than
those of other districts."
What is tho general cost of treatment ?"
About 12 cents per yard. In this
I include general working and oilice
'���Are you well off for water, timber,
labour, ifcc?"
"British   Column-it*,  is remarkably
well off in this respect.     I do not le- i
lieve  that uuy other country  iu the
world is superior."
"Are-yon well supplied with capi-
tul, or could you do with more?"
" Now you come to business. Out
t.totible, and only one too, is this very
question concerning capital; most of
the niitns are being worked by miners
of moderate means. As soon as any
difficulty arises and cxtru machinery is
wanted, their pockets cannot run to
the necessity of the case, and there the
mutter ends; whereas If capital were
available, no delay would occur, and
the impetus given through the working of one big mine ou a scale worthy
of its products would help along other
smaller ventures*"
"Who are the principal owners of
the mines, English or Aniericniis ?"
" Of gold, Englishmen ; of silver lead
"Have you plenty of modern machinery ?"
"Of late we have improved in this
respict, but my reply to the question
of ' capital' holds good here."
" Is the ore refractory or free milling?"
" In ores at surface we find free
milling material, but as development
proceeds they become refractory."
" What are Hie lutest discoveries in
res|iect to gold ?"
"The Alberni gold Holds on Vancouver Island."
���'What is your opinion of the future
of the gold mining industry?"
" I have tho highest opinion of the
future of gold mining in the colony,
nnd as soon as Englishmen venture
there and employ competent engineers
and take moderate precautions as regards investments they will think as
much of the province und its mining
prospects as they now do of South
Africa and Australia."
I suppose the mining is chiefly
quarts mining?"
"Gold mining iechiefly alluvial, but
in time this will change."
"Havo you any tailings, and have
you found a method of treating them
successfully ?"
"Yes, we have, and I lielieve that:
for  refractory   leavings  the cyanide:
process should he introduced."
(To be continued.)
Tlui bathers on the beacb had clasped
bunds to breast an lurolling wave; the bund
was playing ou the breezy porches of tlie
! hotel; grand equipages whirled over the
glittering sands- a ship in full sail was visible In tbe channel: the sun was nuking
Into the water Hue nf the horizon.
"Miriam," Brice Ventnor said, his voice
husky, his manner agitated, "I have the
right to ask your reason for this rejection."
lie was locking at her with st much ill
wetness that she did not car* I* have her
eyes meet hia
"No, you have lot," she replied, the
color coming and going in her face. "Still
I'll tell you.   I am prompted by revenge.'
"Uy revenge?"
"Yes," was her measured reply. "I want
you to suffer."
"And you enjoy Itf Then yon know how
pinch I lore you, It seems, I always knew
yuu did not question that."
They luul been seated on a hr-noh ont'trte
a small pavilion, but wero uow standing,
*-";�����. was siifTirlng more thuu she would
have cared In have bim kuow and was im*
patk'iit to gel nivuy.
"Pray, In what way have I wronged you F"
henslinl "Nol in thought, word or act.
I consider myself the soul of honor."
"Uli. yon do?" aud she laughed mockingly. " Instead, you are a man without principle."
He groaned aloud tn his powerful effort
to repress his angry Indignation.
"I am not ii venging myself, hut another,"
she suld. Kpeakiug with rapidity. "Did
yuu ever know Diamine Carroll? Oh, It is
not necessary fur me to remind yuu of
your 'histiiess."
When Miriam Gray reached her room at
the hotel, reliction set in, and ber great
grief showed limv devotedly she loved the
iiinil whiiiu she Insulted. She flung herself upon the bed uud uried a* if her heart
were luiikeu.
"Oh, Blanche!" she i-rc'slmed aloud between her hysterical sous, "you urcuveiigeil,
but yuu will never know what it has cunt
me. Oh. why was I io love ititii so passion
ately before I heard alxiut his peiildy?"
l'.iirly though it was, she retired to bed,
hut it was almost dawn before she fell
asleep, so iulvuse was her suiTcring.
Three years later again found Miriam
"ji-iiy ut the M'lishore. She bail uot met
llrlce Van! iter during that interval, nor luul
she heiiiil i'i-iini lilm.
She was ivi I'.atidsoine ns ever nnd more
royal iu lur milliners, but lur luce aud cun
��� i-i-suiion lucked in-illiaiicy. She whs mon
quirt ami reserved, more chary in lui
friendships, iviidy lo SU-p"Ct anil lieilltli,
lu ed oi llie hollowiiess uf fiisuiuii'ible life.
Il.r love affair witli Brice Vri.iin.rbsd
f.'iisid tlie chini-ie. lu punishing Idm fui
Lis perlldy in her cousin llliinclit* t-liu linri
���anitlcid herself. She could never low
aunt her man us she luul loved him.
As she was one day walking ou tho bench
nub her cousin lili'.litiile they suddciil..
eiiiiii'upon lliii'i* VeiiliiOr, He was n Ion
and siimiiI stiil for a minute, the meuliu-.
was so unexpected lo Idm, The botml wall.
was sohi'-h mid narrow just there, uud lb)'
ladies could lint nil uw.iy.
lie lifted Ins lint, looked mournfully und
reproachfully at Mirmin. ai If half Inclined
to spenk. I lien spi-iiii-j fmm the walk uud
Kinidf inward the nearest pavilion.
Miriam recognized him and was touched
at the baik he had liesloweil upon her.
"Who was that superb looking gentle
man?" asked her cimsiu Blanche. "Did he
bow to yon or lo me?"
Itd-civum ui> reply, she looked up Into
Iier ciiiiii'iiiimn's face.
"Why. .Miriam, how pale you are," she
exclaimed, "nnd how oglluted."
"Blanche, do you menu to say that yon
dn nut know this man?" asked Miriam, bin
Voice a mere whisper.
'1 never saw bim until today," was hei
cousin's reply.
���Oil!" cried Miriam, catching her breath,
one hand iixcuhscioiisly cliuched. "Is Le
un the limn who trilled with you?"
���Itrice Veiituurf" exclaimed Blanche
"Why, im, child."
The liluntl receded from Miriam's lips, and
a low uisn-.il escapi'd from tbem. Sho grev
mi wens pit ii little while that she wm
luniil to lean heavily upon liiiiuclie, who
cniidiluled her lo uue uf the rustic benches.
She luiiu.il ber, rubbed her bands ami
s|Hike In tier lu southing tones. When ber
cousin bud siiliicieiuly recovered, she said:
-Miriam, whin is lids mystery?"
"Ob. I am hu all aid I bat I have wronged
that���limn aud--myself. I wua cruel to
.him. lor I siippnsi'd that I was avenging
yuu.   Ills inline i.- llrlce Venipiir."
'ICh'" exclaimed lilanclie, who was be
-mining lo ciMiprebi'iid. "lie is not the
lirice Ventnor i lull 1 knew," mid her voice
siiiHik with I'tnniiiiu. "Can It lie that there
are two u-cul leinen of the same inline? I
remenilsr Hearing bim say that be bud
wmie cousin*. Ob, I am so sorry, and so-
.Minimi Gray looked at ber friend In a
���uirt of stupur.
���Sorry, dear, because of what you have
���iiflerrd and itliul l-rcuuse everything will
>et cuine uut ull right," i
.Milium inuunifully shook ber head
"He will never forgive ine," she salrl
"tie is proud and sensitive. My words cut
deep all the more so because undeserved.
I gave him no explanation���no chance to
defend himself."
"Vou can explain bow," suggest*!
"No." replied Miriam la a strained tone,
a proud Imik cumiug to her face.
She wrung her hands and moaned, and
nothing lhat Hluuche could say cm ried consolation with it. Her love luul been but
dormant���It reasserted itself. Brice Ventnor had lieen blameless, hho bad deeply
wronged hint. She was paying the penalty
lor her baste.
"I would tell him all," advised Blanche.
"He may spurn me," cried Miriam
through Iier sobs. "He may be as cruel and
iiiin-usoniilile as I wns und with more of an
excuse, ll happened three years ago. He
limy love some un�� else now; uuy, he may
le married to .-mother. There is nothing
tor me to do but to remain sileut and���endure."
H er grief was so great that Blanche ceased
her efforts to pacify ber.
.        .        ���        .        ���        >        >
Tbe orchestra wns playing a quadrille,
the dancers were glidiug gracefully to and
fiii, liulits flashed, diamonds sparkled, funs
glittered, eyes beamed. Milium Gray sat
on the veranda by nn open window, looking
lu ui thu dancers, ber luce nml form plainly
visible. A gentleman stepped from union,*
the shadows ou the porch, lie stopped beside .Miriam, if1
"Miriam," he simply said, though his
voice trembled.
Ahl She knew who bad spoken. Noone
else coiilu have pronounced her name wlcb
such sweet tenderness. The blood filled
ber face, then lutt ll. deathly |-nle.
She lifted her eyes swiftly tu his, a fond,
glad, appealing look iu them.���Amusing
It was durlntc tfaeempfre, when Napoleon
was knocking the kings right and left. The
r'uglislimi'ii had blockaded all our ports,
and privateering was almost Impossible,
fur a cm ine was pretty sure to come to nu
end iu the Plymouth prison. So nearly all
the French ships lay smiuin;: themselves
at their moorings, like so many rotten old
liulks. lint Blew gallantfelluwn were still
cruising ou the high seas and giving the
Englishmen an occasional shot by way of
revenge aud in order to keep iu practice.
One of these, Captain Kerkuf. n true Breton, hard featured and swarthy. In spite of
tlie Englishmen was roaming the North
sea in his pretty schooner, the SiuisQuar-
tier, with his eye on the windnnd his Isfnds
in his own pockets, in default of litters.
It was u day of dense log, and tbe horizon
was shadowy, but suddenly the nipt,in
saw the ghostly form uf f brig clea viii-i the
fog mid siuudlugou a course nearly parallel
to his own.
jVt the same moment the lookout cried:
"Sail ou the starboard quarter!"
"What fool of a skipperdares come within gunshot of the liuUM Qtiortier?" roared
Kerxof. "If he's au Englishman, we'll give
him a trip lo France (or the good of his
health. Come, my lads, clear the decks)
Crowd all iwi) and scud tbe stranger onr
'������I nl, lor we privateers must, bepoiite, aoovo
all else."
The next Instant a ball from one of tho
schooner's guns plunged through the fog
and pierced tho rigging of the mysterious
There wdb a moment of mii-prase.bnt tbo
struuger had evidently undeistood this polite iuviuiiinn tn show be? colors, for a
small Kug'.ish fi'.g mull ran npu halyard
and II ut to td ut the brig's peak.
"liixjii!" cried Herkof, calmly filling bis
"To yonr guns *r.y lads, but don't fire
until I give the word."
Thu Sans Ijimniir changed ber course
"lightly uud iiirv -iuwn upon her prey with
outspread ivlegs, like a cormorant.
'ihe siuiuthui of tbu briuseemed despcr-
rte, its the |n.Sil for which she was Ut.ijt-
:.il* would evidently be reiichcd by the Suns
(juaiiiir ut the sumo time, so that the
stranger was running Kli-ai-r'it Into the
riui'-e of her (ormiuubie adversary's guns.
She kept on her course, however, and ss
she grew more distinct au expression of
v. under overspread the faces of Kerkuf aud
his crew.
"What kind of a ablp it that"" said the
"Did you ever see such a rig, my lads?
Sho doesn't carry sail enough to cross a
inillptiud In a week, you'd say, but there
she goes, making a good 13 knots before
our eyesl I'll be banged if I can understand it."
Tbe crew answered only try nods and
oaths and the like symptoms of surpriw
aud terror.
Uut tlie preparations for attack went on.
and the gunners stood at their posts with
lighted ma. ihe*.
"Attention!" suddenly cried Kerkof,
springing Into tbe nettings, "Ship or
shadow, we'll send a volley into ber. Now
we're In Hue.   Heady, my men?  Firel"
A terrible defoliation shook every Umber
nf the Sans Quurtier.
When the smoke cleared away, the men
giucd In antiu-ement at the spot where the
brig hail been.   She hnd vanished.     --
"Sunk!" cried a dozen voices,
"Silence, fuolsl" mured Kerkof.   ' "���*.
With an air uf htupcfitctloii, hu -Tanned
tbe sen in nil dii-ectluiis. All eyes followed
bis, and soon there rose a chorus uf oaths,
for thu brig, dimly seen through tbe fog,
was scudding iiwuy far to larboard aud
wttb all nulls furled.
"Fire again!" cried Kerkof ia a hoarse,
unnatural voice.
The second broadside waa given with less
precision than the first, for the strange
sight hud lured some of tbe gunners from
their posts.
I be brig was too far away to be affected
by the ragged volley and was soon lost to
sight in tbe fug.
Kerkuf, leaning ngnlnst the nettings, waa
still staring in uiiiuueuientut the spot where
she and vanished when the boatswain's
voiie roused him from bis stupor.
"Captain, did you see that brlgr"
"Of course I did, yon idiot!"
"Well, captain, may the devil fly away
with me if she isn't the vory one we sunk
In tbe cha nnol a year ago this blessed day."
"Yea, captain, a year ago today. It was
Good Friday, you kuow. Perhaps the
crew were uot prepared for death, and they
have come back to ask our prayers tor the
repose of their souls."
"You are au Infernal foot!"
"Well, maybe I am, captain.'' The old
sailor retired slowly shaking hia head, and
Kerkof resumed his ruvery.
The sun went down, and the privateer
kept on her course with a favoring wind.
Suddenly tbe men, who had been discussing the strange oeeurrence,set up a
great shout.
Kerkof raised his bead and recoiled in astonishment.
Close on the port bow stood the strange
b]-jg.#ith all sails furled, but keeping even
pace with the schooner. Atorrentofsmoke
and flame poured from a great black cylinder amidships.
"Tbe brig!" gasped a voice near Kerkot
"Brig or devil, to your guns and firel"
The terrible brig seemed to have heard
this hoarse and broken command, for she
bounded forward, crossed tbe schooner's
bows and soon disappeared to starboard.
She passed so close to the Sans Quartler
that the roaring of the flames was henrd,
mid through the portholes wasseen a fiercely lilu/.iug f'uv, with fantastic human figures moving about in its ruddy light.
Not a word was spoken aboard the
Frenchman. The crew fell on their knees.
For full 10 minutes Kerkof knelt, with
head bared and bis rosary in his bands.
Several days later tbe Saus Quartler
mnilo llreton port. Kerkof and his crew
never knew what bad frightened them so
badly, but about this time the English
newspaper* amionuci'd the arrival at London of a steam bout bulling from Norway.
This was the first vessel propelled by
steam that had traversed those waters.���
Translated For Komanca.
Not a Subject For Prayer.
A worthy mau, who was very seustlve and
retiring, bavin,- lost his wife, privately requested that, he might bo remembered in
the minister'* morning prayer from the
pulpit, but asked that his name might not
be mentioned. On Sunday morning the
good minister prayed most eloquently for
"our nged brother upon whom the heavy
hand of sore alillctioii has so lately fill leu."
At this point an elderly man, whom the
minister hud married to a very young wife
during the weeu, rose with a bounce and
stamped down the nisle, muttering loud
Chum-h to be henrd half uver the elm pel:
"ll may be nn munition, but I'm blest If
I waul lo be prayed for in that fashloul"������
London Til-Bits.
Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant's memoirs will not
be published duriii'* the author's life.
Mary Smeatoh, residing in tlie suburbs
jpf CUicimiuti, Rlr-kongb post thsiige of Bl,
has within the last year cut lour uew teeth.
Chine Ilradway of Centcrville, Cal., is
only I? yearn uld, but sho has improved her
opportunities to tbe extent of marrying
twice nnd eloping seven times.
Brooklyn batiste of two women who are
eiiipliiyid as blacksmith mid decorator, re-*
siKi-tively.   Mrs.  llridurt  D<��-*sr. is enu-
j'ioyed in tbe former trade aud Miss Mary
: l.uHf in the latter.
I Mrs. i'. W. Farmer, who lives n��nr West
| Plains, Mo., wrote a carrier's address for
! Marl; Twain IMr. (llrineus) wlici i.'.'curried
| for the llniiiiibul Courier. Sue is a cousin
of Alice and I-luebe Cary.
I Mine. I'ntti is fond uf collecting onto-
j graphs aud bus n very unique and costly
{fan In her possessiou, upon each ivory joint
i uf which is iuscri lied tbe gemiineuutograpb
of some celebrated porsuni-ge.
Miss Anns A. Urn-dun, for IS years the
helper and traveling companion of Miss
Frances Willurd, lately established in San
Sebastian a young girls' loyal temperance
legion, which is the first white ribbon society in Spain.
Mrs. Charles Stewart Parnrll still lives
in tbe house where ber husband died. She
seems to be. heartbroken over the loss of
her busbuud. She has uo amusements, no
divei-sinus and enters intononeof thu social
pleasures of life,
Miss l.iicia .Tones of Jamestown, N. Y.,
Isa successful ticket broker. She baa a
comfortable office near the Erie station,
and here she conducts ber business as easily aud In a* womanly a way as if it were a
fancy work shop.
Miss Blake, the daughter of Llllie Dev-
rrcux Blake, is a most agreeable young
lady. She is captivating, having fluffy
bair, laughing eyes aud a witty tongue.
She is as good a politician as her mother.
She teaches In the public schools and finds
time fur music, company nnd politics.
Mrs. John Brisbru Walker, the wife of
the millkinaire editor of The Cusniopntitiin,
is a Virginian, the daughter of General
Strolliu, the well known writer aud artist,
"Porte Crayon." She is a quiet, retiring
woman, very kindly aud K-.ii-.le, absorbed
in family ties snil in ber family of nlue
children, of whom eight are buys.
Syracuse is to have a driving club.
Nearly 10 members ot the ������� list died
this year.
John Dlokerson will train Nancy Banks
and Arion uext year.
Bhyiock, an Australian stesplechsisr,
recently leaped S3 feet.
In tbe free for all race at Stockton the
horses were scoriug i% hours.
Domino has won about $180,000 ia stakes
tbls year for tbe Kecne stable.  '
Flying Jib. S-M, and Maseot, 8.04, an
each entitled to tbe pacing crown.
Frank Mlddlcton, trotting record, MOX,
has jollied the side wheel brigade.
Exercising patience is necessary ia eser-
cising a hone, say, The Horseman.
Tbehnprovementa at the New Orleans
track, costing over (20,000, are oompleted.
Trotting is -minimi in favor in New Zealand. A new club will hold four meeHn**e
a year.
��M v>
-���V    .1  Application for certificate  of Im*
Take notice that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann, free miner's certillcate No. Ufii)14, intend, sixty dnys
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Oold Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Be-
corder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
Lfsi.iq Hill.
gixaitxeaa <��&���*;>��.
Aj plication   for certificate of  Improvement*.
Take notice that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann, free miner's certillcate No. 3f>-114, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to tho Mining Recorder; and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
Leslie Hill.
In the County Court of Kootenay, liolden at
the East Crossing of the Columbia Iiivcr; in
the matter of James M. Rogers, deceased, mid
in the mutter of the Official Administrators
Act; dated the eighteenth day of December.
A.D., 1810:
Upon rootling the affidavits of .\rthur
Patrick Ciuiiiiiins and George Gnldie; it is
ordered thut Arthur Patrick Cummins, Official Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootonay, shall he Administrator
of all uud singular the goods, chattels and
credits of James M. lingers, deceased.
Aud that this order be published in the
Oiil.liBN Era newspaper, during the period
of sixty days.
(Signed)  WM. WARD SPlNKS, J.
The creditors of James M. Rogers, late of
Windermere, in tho district ot Kootenay,
thrmcr, deceased, are required to send to me,
within sixty days of this date, statements ami
full particulars of their claims, and after the
expiration of such timo I shall proceed with
the (listributinn|(if the said estate.
Dated at Donald, Uth January, 1804,
Official Administrator.
hon. j, a. lougheed, q,c.
0. 8. McCarter.
JLongheed  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Dank of Montreal.
Members Assocn.-'D.L.S. & T.L.S. for ll.C.
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc* Calgury and New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.JEP1IH0N, D.L.S..P.L.S. of ll.C. &Ont.
.   ~ ... ���  .OALGABV.Alba.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.8. of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   A   Harvey,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.  Solicitors tor ������
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
The Canada Permanent Lonn A Savings Co.
The Yorkshire Loan A Securit'esCorporiitioii
The MsBsey-Harns Co. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Offices-Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Horace Harvey. B.A., L.L.B.
CO, (Limited)
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Application for certificate of Improvements,
:vv.>'.':;j..t;ii,J't'..-'i:;J'"-t-'-L i;..iiM.,
Tit-f viotfod.tii-ifc I, t'.s agent for
���-,. ,'H I.l. ii.tiin, free miner's certi-
il.iufa i-To, .ft-l!-. Intend, sixty (".ays
"froin tbe. date hereof,'to apply to tlie
Gold '" iminissioncr for a certificate of
iinproiummitn, fo*.'the purpose of oh-
tainiug ii Cro-.vn ;.;runt of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Bo-
���cordor, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this first day of February,
Leslie Hill.
In the County Court of Kootenay, liolden
at the East Crossing of the Columbia River;
in the mutter uf James linker, deceased, and
iu the mutter of the Official Administrators
Act, dated the Dth day ut' ilanunry, A.D.,
Upon rending the affidavits of Arthur Patrick Ciuiiiiiins mid Henry Rodhwell Holt; it
is ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins,
Officio! Administrator for the Comity court.
District of Kootenay. be Administrator of all
and singular the goods, chattels, rights and
credits, of James linker, deceased.
Aud thnt this order he published iu the
Giil.iiEN Era newspaper for the period of
sixty dnys.
(Signed)  WM. WARD SPINKS, J.
Tiie crodrtors of .Tuinos linker, late of Golden, hi tile liistrict of Kootouny, foreman
'*uvorinni!'it roads, are requested lo send to
nieiviilthilKliiuysof this date particulars of
their claims. After tho completion of tlie
said tii. 'I'i'-s I shnll pr.n'.eod wilh the distribution of the suid ei'ti.to.
Dalai at Dou'ald, in the district of Kootonay
tins Uth dny ���il'Jmiiii.ry, Mil.
Official Administrator.
Application for certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, rs agent for
Donald D. Maun, free miner's certificate No. 351114, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Oold Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of ob-
tuininj*; a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that adversa
claims must be sent to the Mining Be-
��order, and action commenced before
the. issuance of such certificate of
Dated this Firs' day of February,
Leslie Hill.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
MIKIXft   J-.K'JtNKf-lt.
Head Office, Queiiec ; Branch Offices
Siieruuooke, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Montreal.
Analytical Chemist & Allayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1893      A-tSAYEIl TO THE        802
British Columbia Government
of all specimen! lent from the Provinc to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
VV. B. GBAVELEY. Manager.
In the county court of Kootonay.
bullion at the east crossing of the Columbia
river; in llie mutter nf Charles Ijnngstouo
Lewis, deceased and in tbe matter of the
Official Administrators Act, dated the Mil
dny of January, Will:
Upon reading the affidavit of Arthur Put-
rick Cummins, it is ordered that Arthur I'ntrick Cummins, Official Administrator for tlm
comity court, District of Kouteimy, be Administrator ot nil uud singular the grinds,
chattels and credits of Charles Lnugstonu
Lewis, deceased
Aud that this order lie published in the
Goi.iien Era newspaper tor the |>erioil of
sixty days.
(Signed)  WM. WARD SPINKS, J.
The ereiliiors of Charles Lnngstone Lewis,
Into of Giiieiia, In the district of Kootenay,
farmer, are requested to send in the partieu-
lnrs of their chums to tho undersigiiisl within sixty dnys of this dale, utter which timo
the said estate will ho distributed.
Dated this Uth .Inuiuiry, 18111, nt Donald, in
the district of Kootenay.
Official Administrator.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL,is now open for the
admissiou of patients.
TICKETS may he had from the undersigned or any member of the
PBICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTBAS except private wards.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Whole-tnle ami Jtciail
3 U TC H E RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embal..io's,
Calgary -     Alba.
TEl.EUItAl'll  orders  promptly
If you want yuur house Painted. Papered
or Ciilsomiiicd. or anv kind ot n sign I'liiuted
write to,I. II. MILLWAI'I". PALMARY, the
Lending Paint Shop in the ivest, for good
Work uud prices thut ure right.
P|icni PC In ill rnniK FREE) on receipt
l I I'll T LC.O. of a 2 stamp, a rccuipo for a
simple VEdETAIILE HALM thnt will remove Tan, Freckles, Pimples. Illotelie..
Blaekhends, ete��� leaving the skin soft,
clear and beantiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, DO Ann 8t��� New York.
"It is worth the pr-ce toeverrwnioe
who ev*a reads a newspaptr.-*���Datum-ton ,
Blbe Peroil Rules.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
..---���-f "---,��-s ������V.-^v;jv;.w.'irT" iT-rj-:--t^--"-*
v:iMi^SS^^:H. Connscher, Proprietor
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FLBST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Booms for
Commercial men. l''ire-|,roof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men nnd
miners. Convenient; to Station nnd Steamboat
Lauding. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in V.'ines, Liquors, and Cigars,
Special attention given to orders from u,. tlie
Columbia Bivcr.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
mmi imam �������
Job    Depart m c rj t
_:o:_ OF ���:o:��� 'i
Box 1, Donald, B. C.,
IS TUB AMlBEKS TO SKNI1 VOUB ftIll>I.R.-t  1(111
I  Watches,   Clcoks  and  JeWslsry. i
 ������>---- *-���
13     REPAIRS   GUARANTEED.     $
The building boom Iirs reached Fort
Steele.      ilr.  Mathers is putting up a
large hotel at, t bo eornoi* of Riverside I
uud  Main  Streets, und  Mr.   Kdson is Cot
about   tiuiilbiiigi   his   hotel   and  will
shortly pp.'ti.
'lho "cliinook " has commenced.to
blow and the snow is fust disappearing.
Messrs. Galbraith and Carlin return-
We do not hold ourselves responsible fur tlio
upiuiuus expressed by our correspondents.
Itcplles   to
March 5th, 18E4
Editor Goi.UEs; EltA :
I    Sin, ���In answer to llie criticisms on
I my   speech   on   Biniettilism   bv your
ed to-Port  Steele after u pleasant trip ullollymoug   con-espondent   who arro-
to Golden, limy report gooil roads and
good accommodation on the way.
They speak of the hotels as excellent,
and travellers coming thro' havo every
Mr. George Stark of Golden is here
for a short visit.
gates to himself the o mprehensive
title of "Kootenay East'! (lias he not,
left out an I.?), I cuhbptdo better than
to enclose tin extract from the Financial News ol London'.
TUB yitlllllll'KM 111' M.UKTAL18.U.
London,   Pub.   211. ���The  Financial
Mr. Junies Durlok of Canal i'lut isjNe���,s B(vys.   Cuatumala to day, other
visiting Fort Steele.
Mr. H. Barnes and family, of Spilla-
macheen, will make Fort Steele their
future bomii. Mr. Barnes bought recently four Jots and will build shortly.
Miss Merti* of the "Steele House"
intends building, and will oj'C-n a fruit
Our population is increasing, to the
wife of Henry Broulette a daughter.
Mrs. Levelt goes to Windermere on
K Visit.
Miss Kimpton is visiting friends nt
Windermere where she will remain (or
some weeks.
Mr. jM. Phillipps, .I.i',, tho Indian
Agont has resigned, to accept a Provincial appointment at Tobacco Plains,
His resignation is regretted.
H. 5. Beat son lias just returned from
London, Kng., where be hits been con-
miltiug with the Directors of the K.E.
.S, Co. nheiit work on the hydraulic
mines ut Wild Horse Creek. He has
lieen appointed Superintendent and
(veiiei-al Malinger with Mr. S. Skertch*
ley as assistant. Work will lie pushed
ahead vigorously when spring opeus.
The Weils and Taylor mine is still
shewing up well, and the ''Banks"
mine of Wild Horse Creek makes uu
admirable shewing.
Mr. Chirk, eiis!oi-i".< officer, recently
made a seizure of some entile from
Tobacco Plains, for  an  infraction  ot" I
tiie Customs Laws.   They will be so''.
by auction.
Mr. I). (.'-riitiih who went to Victoria
to close, up u ruining  deal with a 1 on-1
don syndicate is expected here shortly,
his mission has beou a suiiceos.
The attack on Col. Baker on the
"Craubrook Estate " matter is univer-1
Sally con.leini.eil by every one here.
V. Hyde Baker bus gone on a visit
lo Victoria.
Captain Miller will again take tbo
wheel of ihe steamer "Annerly " for
the coming season, uud Mr. McDermott,
tetter known in local circles as the
-'Poet of '.be Kuekies," will uot as
chief engineer.
A sciiool will be opened nt Fort
Stvule the coming snuimei' to iill it long
felt waul.
A cliiiie.ii will likely be huiU by the
Archdeacon McKay will visit us
during the Summer.
The appropriation for the wagon
road nnd "North Slur Bond" meets
wilh general approval. When tho
wagon roud is unislied it will given
through communication between Golden and Kallispeil.
The Bridge aortas Bull River is finished nnd is first class iu every respect.
'Phn ciittlo have all done well so Inland tbe ranchers will have plenty of
hay left.
Joseph Sti oust from the B.C.8.H.R.
reports gcod progress with right of
way in the Crow's Nest.
silver countries to-morrow. Default
with most of them is a question of
time. The world's commerce is reeling
to a crisis, yet the mischief from the
appreciation of gold bus only begun.
Bimetuliain in England is gaining converts. It is understood that Lidder-
dale. en-governor of the Bank of England, is a strong advocate of tin international agreement torn joint standard,
Bimeitilisin is no longer tho creed of a
handful of cranks. Nearly every
economist of eminence is on its side.
The international conference must be
re-opened. France, Germany and the
Uliiti.d States are anxious that this be
done. Surely our interests are as great
as theirs. If in our pride an the gold
mart of tho world we stand aside the
punishment will full on our own
heads. It depends upon the British
cabinet whether the conference will be
fruitless or uot.
Tho Financial News is one of the
lending journals of the world on matters relating to trude and finance. It
called attention to my resolution in the
Legislative Assembly nmi said that
Fjiiglaud now had a cull from her extreme western as well us her extreme
eastern colony, a coincidence which
she could not ignore. I would point
out that uot only is Lidderdale, n;i ex-
governor of the Bunk of England, u
strong uilvociiie i'or International Vii-
inotalisin, but so ure Messrs Gronfell
and r-ilibs, each of llietii un ex-gover-
nor of ihe Bank of England, besides a
host of other clever, shrewd business
i-r-iiu mid with hardly unv exception
every professor of political economy in
the world.
Finding myself iu such good com-
pwiy I feel that, ut tlio risk even of
incurring tho wrath of the gentleman
who imagines himself "Kootenay
East," I must ho'd to nty opinion that
International Bimetalism wo.ild not
only be nu immense boon to onr prospectors and miners but also to every
member of the ceinmunity.
The letter of ������Kootenay East'1
appears to have a political rather than
ii metallic ring iu it.
Yours Faithfully,
J Alius Baker.
Ernest A. Foster bos joined Marie Waiu-
Wright's support.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Brown (Miss Coggns-
well) have left Walker WlUteslUe's cont-
Georgia Bright has been engaged as lead*
Kuoteuuy ] Ing soubrette of "The Merry Cobbler" com*
' puny.
Pauline Markhnm. tbe bnrinsqner of old,
hns been engaged to appear iu "The Veteran
Nina r'ttrrington has been engaged by T.
Henry French for tbe cast ot "The Voyage
of Suzette."
"Mulberry Bond" is the title of a new
piny in which Lizzie May Vlmer is to appear this season.
Alexander Gnden nnd James E. Jsckson
have siifut'd to support Ada Gray in "East
Lynue" nnd "Article 47."
.Tosenh Whitin-rwiil take Louis Aldrich's
place nud Stuart Clarke will succeed David Davles In "The Senator."
Henri Mnrteau, the violinist, will be
lending soloist ot the Scidl orchestra In
Philadelphia, Wuskiu-'Uiii uud Baltimore.
William J. CummiiiKS, leading actor In
"Alabama," fell from n ladder nt the zoo in
Jacksonville, 1'la., recently, and broke his
Amelia Somerville, famous ns the merry
little mountain i maid of "Adonis," is a
happy mother, nnd her husband, J'red Run*
nclls, Is ulso happy.
Bebe Viuing in "The New South" is
singing a pretty song called "Tbe Sweet'
heart of All the Year," which won written
by Leila France Mclleruiotl of San Francisco.
Katie Emmott recently discovered a tarantula in a bunch of buuniius she had purchased in Salt I.ake City. The discovery
was mado in time to prevent serious consequences.
J. Wesley Rosenqiiest has signed a five
years' contract with Unmey Ferguson to
star Unit coiueuinu. Mr. Ferguson will
[liny iu both of Mr. Kisu-uqiii'st's New York
tucntt-rs next season in a uow piece culled
"McCarty's Masquerade."
Carlin iSfc Lake are shewing n flue
stock of G. T' Slater & Sons celebrated
boots und shoes.
In til* lUiilt.-rnr tin* �� lii.lliijf I p Acts
nnii AnienUlil-f Attn,
Aud hi the niiitlor of llie Thunder Hill Miu.
ing Company, Limited.
'.ore CURES
mv. Dton ej-
it-i ���������
Tb�� creditors of tlie fihove-nimiod Companv
are requii'id, on or before tho 10th day of
March, IHUl, to scud their names und udnross-
��s mid Ihe particulars of their debts or cluims
nud the jiiinie-niud addresses of their solicitors
if any, to Ihe undei-sigued, tho Provisional
Liquidator,or hy their solicitors, to eomo in
uiulipr-jve their said debts or claims nt tho
Court House, Button Suui,re,Victoria,at such
time ns shnll be specified in such notice, or in
J. Q. A. Ward, the sculptor, was ��� raw
Ohio farm lad.
Tbey say Kipling gets not less than BS00
tor ea��h ballad be writes.'
Miss Ada .1. Todd, Pb. D��� author of "The
,.. - -���;������ -:- - ;-,i .-....,........���..���,���. ... Vscutlou Club," hold* a fello-raMp in San-
^mtJ, l     ��. tI,e,TO'V!,7.wdl> excluded froin tlie !tkrlt and philology in the University of
���^T.-���,.....i^,..-, ta.Vb'flffi.'SS  ���.���enehtsofanydislriliittimiiiiiiilo before such   u-mnsvlY-uiin.
m^*mJSXSSV^SXS��^SS^S.. debts nre rwoved.    Katnnlm* tl�� inrt, A,��� ot. ��*��un��y'""aula
The young emperor of Germany seems to
have some valor, but it hits loo little discretion in it.���DuIlttM News,
We trust that Emperor William will
never lend his hussars into anything more
formidable than a sham battle.���Boston
Emperor Willinm nnd other royalties are
having quite n time charging uud counter-
chnrgiug in Hungary. But no matter who
docs the clmrglug tlio people have to pay
the bill.���Philadelphia Times.
Tbe kaiser has .found a plan for the assimilation of Alsace. If his digestion
should only equal his large powers of-assimilation', how rarely bis nightmares
Tnigbt idfllct the dreams of Europe.!���1'hilu*
dclpltia Itecnrd.
Many ci it Scs feci that if he is ever in command iu tlie ticld bis orders will bring ou a
cavalry charge whose result will be widely
different frum I lie onset he has just Ted at
Hungary or ordered so often iu. maneuvers
about Berlin.���Philadelphia, Press.
The young war lord of (ici-miuiy is reviewing u'rtity corps with an ijn-iduity worthy of a better cuiiie. lie, however, knows
iiolhiu-; bin, llie military und is probably
doing less harm in this way than ho would
if he should meddle witb statecraft.���Kansas City Star.
The emperor of Germany is Apparently-
trying In lilaho France mid ifussia show
their hands. If these two powers should
turn around upon tids extremely bumptious young man, he might wisli he bad not
allowed his thirst for knowledge to tarry
him so far.���Providence Journal.
in Navigation fL
111 &TramWav vl/i
Small diamonds are never used to more
"-dvanta-'u than in tbe dainty flower wreathed brooches thnt ure in vogue.
Odd pieces of table nnd toilet silver nre
appreciated, such as hot water jugs, silver
bread platters, inufUueers, toast rucks and
egg bolleis.
Most beautiful silver bowls for cracked
ice or Dowers are shown this season. They
have waving shell-like ridges with richly
wrought brokeu edges.
A curious piece was seen the other day.
It was a botauic cheese pot, mounted like
a brass coal scuttle ut nn angle on a standard with a real lor the cheese scoop.
Burnt in'.- suns, tlie diamond stars of the
lost set-soil, are seen iu u new variety. This
can only be described us a bursting nun
struck by lighiuiug. The rays are jogged
with sharp angles. The effect is novel and
even pretty.
West Point buckles are reproduced In
silver and illver gilt. These are solid anil
(jrnqueiiily plain, except for the engraved
monogram, which, however, is rondo highly ornate. Navy buckles, on the other band,
have some appropriate insignia.���Jewelers'
 ,  _   sis. At.
Msi or uttji-RliM been p-ofe-Aml tin
I ]����E��T*-r��.''Uly.��-UU>*��tf-<*n��l
. UlJilu��et.'W.Tor��-��l��,
| ^'wMi'mabiw-S'.'-rlwri.-iiii&rw natunlay the 10th day of,   _      .,,.,���,     i.    ..    .   ,
' funtiaa ou.i-.i- ��<rv��M-itjtr��iiii A ��t��- I March, ISM, at 11 o'clock hi the forenoon, at I   Captain Charles King writes bit stories
thut said Court House, isappoinled for hearing with comparative physical ease, as he talks
aud iidjiidieiituie- iii-onthe debts uud claims.; them into a phonograph, and his typewriter takes them out aud prepares tbem
tor the printer.
'**'��� .��.j.".--;.'....*,   >i'ru.i i.n'.iuuis UlUl Cllll
Dated tins a"tb day of February, IBM.
.   l'roviskiuid Liquidator.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Feby. 6 and 20; March 6 and 20;
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare $18;  Way Fare (dots, per mila.
Express, Goldon to Fort Staelo 10 eonts per lb., tne com
pany's liability is limited to ��2.00 pep lb., unless one percent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season cf navigation a steamer leaves Golden
every Tuesday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTR0K3, Kanag-er.
B.   LANG,:
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
[. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop,
Golden, B.C.,
AVE on hand for SALE a Io^of Pipe Fitting, consisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings. .


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