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The Golden Era Oct 6, 1894

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Array mmm
VOL. IV.   NO. 9
S*i Per Yeab
Charles A.  UX&wen's.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup* lied on
Golden, on tho main line of (lie G'uiuiiliiin
Pucitic Kiiibvuy, ut its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river:
the niiiioriil anil commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia i heailqiinrtei-H of Uu (Joltl-
eu Smelting works, the Upper Colunibbi
Navigation Co., uinl liiinber industry; tbe
outlet for the widely known anil far
fiiinctl agricultural nud griming 1,'intl of the
Coluinliia A Kootouny Valleys i inirivitlleti
fur scenery of nil kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country ou the
Wholesale mid
ttetitil DrnsKlMt
Okiieks Promptly   Attended   To.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. ]Vte]Meish, - Prop.
In Boots and Shoes at the Big* Store.
For next week Will give you
Boots fi Shoes
���: AT:���
Your Own Prices.
See our Bargain Tables:
Boots at Cost, Boots at Half Price and
Boots at Less than Half Price.
Men's Heavy Shoes,old price $2.00 now $1.00
Men's Fine Shoes
a        a a
Ladies' "
Ladies' house slippers from 35cents per pair.
Boys' Shoes at Half Price.
Girls' Shoes at Half Price.
Come Early and get Your Boots & Shoes for
Future Wear before tiie Sizes are Broken.
Wantbd.���Active, Honest, Gentleman or Lady to travel, representing established, reliable house Salary
vb'o monthly and traveling expenses,
with increase, if suited. Encloeo references  and self  addressed   stamped
JUT Omaha Building, Chicago.
J. C. Piummer, Plasterer,
is prepared to do nil kinds of
Plain & Ornamental Plastering,
nt shortest notice. Terms rciisniiiible.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Roforouces furuishod if desired,   jiddrcss
J. C. PLUMMER, Golden, ll.C.
Special attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be bad from the under,
signed or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
SEALED TENDERS nildrwsed to the undersigned, and en nrstil "Tender for i'ost
Oliiee, Victoria, ll.C, will lie received nt this
office until Fritlny, I'.ltlt October, MM, tor tbo
several -v rks required in the erection ot a
I'ost Office nt Victoria, H.U.
I'bins nud specification.-! ciui bo seou at tbo
Ilepartiiit'tit nf Public Works, Ottawa, and lit
the office of F. 0 Humble, Esq., Resilient
Engineer, Victoria. II.O.,itil(l lenders will
not lie I'tiiisitli'i'tril unless iniiile on tlio form
supplied nml si-rin.il Ity the i.etuiil signature
of leiitlei t'l's.
Ail ncce|iteil bank choque, payable to the
order of the Minister uf i'ublic (lurks, equal
to o i*er com of amount of tender, must accompany o n-li tender. I his cheque will bo for*
fcital il the party decline tlio contract, or
tail to cimipletc tlie work contracted for, and
will bo returned in case of non-acceptance of
tender. ,,
The Department ibsis not bind itscll lo accept tbo lowest or any tender.
Ily order,
E. P
Depiirtniont of I'ublic Work,)
Ottawa, Uth, Sept.. 1801.     i
Oolilon Hospltut Society.
From 9:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
ti       7     "    "   8   "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 in.,
from 7 p. m. to 8 p in.
visiting nouns.
From 2:1(0 p.m. to 8 p.m
except Monday and Saturday.
Ill- OllllEll.
The Bon Ton Bukery for fresh bread
cakes, pies, etc.
Several drunks were arrested and
lined this week.
Mr. P. Owen left on Monday on a
visit to England.
Dave Dickie of Cnrbonnte was a
visitor this week.
Fresh oysteis just arrived at the
Maple Leaf Restaurant.
The dance on Thursday evening was
a pronounced success.
Mr. Jas. Henderson paid a flying
visit to Calvary this week.
A meeting of the Legislature has
been called for 12th November.
Shirts and underwear made to order
at Mrs. Reeder's | Bon Ton Bukery.
AVe ure forced to hold our " Donald
Notes" over till next week.
A. P. Cummins, G.C., came- in on
the last boat from the Upper Country.
The annual harvest festival will be
held in St. Paul's church to-morrow
Mr. W. Alexander of Calgary was
here last Saturday on a business
Carlin & Lake are having the cellar
of the store enlarged and a furnace
put in.
Work on Mr. Mercier's house is
about finished, he will probably move
iu next week.
Oysters in every style, at all hours
of the day or night at the Maple Leaf
Restauraiit, F. Fields, proprietor.
Mr. Joo Lake is having a residence
erected for himself on Fourth Avenue.
Mr. Jus.  Henderson has the contract.
Constable Moody has received notice
that his services are no longer required.
A petition is being circulated asking
that an investigation be held before
h-MATURED *���
4 IT*-, �� II THE. of 1S4X1IMT
St.. Watt, Ton i-to. w. 11 make
his 5th (lnimnl visit to bniiBh
Colum! In r.i-flunMijIluplww
hecHiinothohl witncnra-e. -rat-
en ��������' ot 07 Pf-tet ti on appll-
unci.-* for cure oi i lub Feet wild
uliDef rmitJott Bee omni ended
hy Phynlcinni u very whew.
Willv nit porionally,
filun. a ruei-. 0-... ft0 aud 30.
g't-'Vr.ifl'TOKitt n.*., \ H��'ii��
__ i)tu., Wodntiiday. Out {tit,.-
<>niiH- and Fish In HenMon.
Vegctabl-.il of all Hindu.
On the Upper Columbia and
The Presbyterian Church in Canada
bus been trying to meet the spiritual
wants of tbe districts embraced in the
above beading. The misaion field may
be said to extend from Golden to the
boundary, It Is an arduous field and
beyond the power of one man to overtake all its demands. The distances
between points is very great and when
we consider that the only places where
there is anything like a community
are at Galena, Windermere and Fort
Steele and that generally speaking the
ranches are so far apart, it will be seen
that the missionary has no easy task
11 he is to comer any benefit by his
ministrations. Results however are
beginning to show themselves. The
field lias been successfully worked by
Mr, McKinuon who had made preparations for holding meetings ut the
different points iu his mission.
On the 28th of August I boarded
the steamer Hyak at Golden, with the
intention of proceeding us fur as Fort
Steele, taking in intermediate points as
occasion required, and carrying out
the object of my journey. The sail up
river is always it delightful one. I say
nothing of the scenery which cannot
be surpassed or ul the courtesy of the
officers of the steamship which every
one knows. But taking everything
into account, lie is in u very bad state
indeed who cannot enjoy himself to the
full under tho circumstances I was
placed in ou board the Hyak. Always
numbers of passengers were on board
among whom were Father jli chain beau
and the Lady Superior of a Montreal
convent, on their way up to the Mission ut Fort Steele. Tlie genial manners of the Father and the saintly
presence ot the latter added much to
the pleasure of the trip. Next morning I stepped ashore nt Windermere
and met Mr. McKinuon our missionary.
Iu the evening a baptismal service was
held in a room of the building lately
occupied by Mr. Kimpton, and used as
a school room. '1 hereafter a public
meeting was held to cjiisider the advisability of erecting a church. There
was a good attendance, Mr. 0. A.
Brown was called to the chair and Mr.
McKinnon was appointed secretary of
the inciting. All were agreed that a
church should be erected, assurances
had been given that a lot would be got
for the site. Messrs, Ctark, Watt and
McKay were appointed trustees of
church property aud managers of the
congregation. The Mitses Smith und
McKay wire authorized to receive subscriptions in aid ol the building.
Authority was also (riven to the trustees to apply to tbe Church and Manso
Building Board of the Presbyterian
Church in Canada for a grant of 8200
iu aid of the building. A subscription
list was now circulated and tbe secretary reported that S1H0 were subscribed, liufore closing the meeting ll
Snbbiilb school was organized with
Mrs. Togaitiis guperiiiteiiuent and Mrs
Brown uud Miss Smith us touchers.
A', Galena also it is the intention of
the residents to build a chinch.
After enjoying Mrs Stoddiirt's hospitality, next day Mr. McKinuon with
luysoif proceeded ou our long journey
to Fort Steele ami camped at Mr.
Durick's. Resuming our journey wo
reached Mr. Hanson'*; hustlery and
put up fur the night, nud started next
day for Fort Steele, which we reached
on the afternoon of Saturday, somewhat tired. Oil Sabbath evening di-
(Continue! on page 4 ) OClte 033l">C!t (&va
Tho G)ij.).:\' E'.l.V is published every
Saturday morulas in ti.tut to catch tlie east
tin 1 ivi'.I mail triiius. also tint nnlil I'm' the!
up;i.ir co.utti'/, Via lur.ii'it'ii, i''ot't alttelo etc
It i-t til-J 'inly llilvoi'tlsitlg nioillillll in lliu IjOat
Kootonay uistrict.
S.ibsurlptioii ltaiwi i
cl-i.Jtl |Mir aiiiitim IN
Advertisements and changes must be in
tha iitlicii ti il Uier tli..n l��! i, mi Thursday
to insure insuitiitti.
Advertise iioni rains tiunle kunwn on appli-
catioi- -o
All cash to Im pal I to the .Manager, from
whom theOo ii|-,uiy'.*> receipt will uo obtained.
Ihs Colds- Eii Publishing Company.
Scientific American : Kimberly, in
Oriqiiubind, is the center of the diamond traffic of South Africa. Mr. A.
G. Phillips, of Johannisberg, South
Afrien. recently called upon us and
showed us some gravel nnd irbty taken
directly from the mines of Zelsers, at
Delpots Hope, not far from Kimberly,
The clay contains specimens of quartz,
chalcedony, onyx, and other varieties
of stones and conglomerates, and the
small diamond crvst.ds are (mind embedded in the deposits, which are apparently alluvial deposits can-led down
iu past ages by tho feeders of tlie
Orange River, Iu the separating of
the clays from the pebbles the latter
wash out very smooth and round and
show evidences of having been carried
long distances before being deposited in
their localities. The diamonds themselves further verify this hypothesis,
as in some cases they are found us perfect crystals, but more often as fragments. They nre not alone found,
however, iu alluvial deposits, as in
ninny cases the matrix in which ihey
are embedded is volcanic mailer that
bus been forced up in channels or pipes
from inferior deposits.
The method of separation is very
simple and primitive, and it would
seem that great i-coiiomv could be
effected by the introduction u[ mechanical washers, but the negro lubur is so
cheap that up to the present time tliere
has been little advance over the original methods first introduced. It wuuld
seem that the dishonesty of the negroes
would, however, force the mine owners
to introduce any methods that would
lessen their opportunities lor stealing.
The clay as it is taken from the mines
is simply washed iu a series of gauze
traps, which permit tbe water and
mud to Uow away, but retain all substances of any considerable size. These
screens are made of different capacity
or grades, and the pebbles are therefore
separated according to their sizes and
collected in trays where they are carefully examined. The negroes ure very
acute and wonderfully alert in discovering the presence of the much-nought?
for gems. One negro under the present
system only washes ou au average
about sixteen cubic feet of earth a day.
All the cunning of their nature is culled out in their endeavors to elude their
masters aud to smuggle gems out of
tho mines without being detected.
Every workman us lie leaves tbe mines
is subjected to the most rigid examination. Alibis clothes are removed and
the inspectors make a most thorough
examination of his person. Their ears,
mouth, nose, toes, toe and finger nails
are all carefully investigated, und
severe punishment is meted out to any
one found attempting to steal.
They are never permitted to pass out
of the sight of the mine police, and iu
case they have procured permission to
leave the precinct of the mines nud to
visit the neighboring towns, they are
kept iu confinement, and their whole
system is subjected to a thorough
cleansing with purgatives for a period
of ten days before they are released.
Iu spile of every precaution that can
betaken, the stealing cannot be stopped,
inni it is claimed that nearly 25 per
cent uf tlie Smith African diamonds
sold iu tlie market are illicit or stolen
property. This is so in spite of a
police system more perfeet'than is to
be found anywhere outside of Russia.
A complete record is kept of every
stone mined, uud the red tape that has
to be gone through in tbe purchase of
a diamond is very striking. An intending purchaser in any of tbe well I
known markets bus to make application of the authorities to purchase certain stones. Written permission is
then granted him and the transfer is
made, then the purchaser has to procure a license io carry about with him
ami take out of the country tho diamonds iu question. The license states
the number and weight ol the stones,
their color and uuuoriil nppetirtiuce,
where they were mined, whom thoy
were bought from, tho purchase price,
and every detail ol the transaction
that would tend to identify them. It
is oxpedient for anyone carrying a gem
on his person to have his license with
him, us be is liable to be stopped nt
nny time by a detective or policeman,
uud ii he is suspected of being an illicit
dealer, his person is searched and he is
required to establish the identity ol
nny stones found on his person. His
license, of course, will accomplish
this, but iu case be cannot produce it,
or cannot refer to the public registra-J
tion, which is always made when the
license is issued, ho is thrown into
prison and tried as au I.D.B., as the
illegal diamond buyers . nre called.
Tliere are a large number of I.D.B.'s
bo-.h whites and blanks, now working
out long s.ntences at the government
penitential y. The sentences are very
severe, ns the colonial government is
doing nil in its power to wipe out the
illegal traffic. Many of the diamond
thieves escape into the ne ghboring
provinces, where they cannot bo reached hy the laws iu the colonies, The
Orange Free State, which is very
near the diamond district cf Griqua-
lautl, is a favorite refuge for smugglers
and fugitives from justice find this the
same haven of rest Unit Canada is to
fugitives from this country.
It is no wonder that the blacks tiy
to steal, although, as ti rule, their
compensation is very meager. It is
suid that the king of one of the leading tribes has a half bushel basketful
of diamonds that he has exacted from
the natives of his tribe upon their return to their native land.
He rents out the services of his subjects, and one condition of his permission to leave the country is that upon
their return they must present their
chief with a diamond or its equivaleut
in gold.
The I.D.B.'s, however, are not all so
desirous of fleeing the colony, and
many of them carry on their trade in
a niuuner so cunning und so secret
that they feel secure from justice, and
iu some cases, although their nefarious
traffic may be au open secret, they
huvii amassed foitunes which they are
permitted to enjoy, owing to the fact
that there is no legal proof which can
be brought against them. One notable
instance of this is the case of u Jew,
who came to Griqiiiiluiid some twelve
or fifteen years ago. and who, iu some
mysterious wny, hnsuniassedu fortune
ol nearly n million pounds, upon
which he is now living in grant magnificence. Ho is known to lie an I.D.
B., but he has covered up his transactions wiih such cleverness that the
accusations against hiin are only
whispered. He has been elected a
member of Purliamei.t, and no doubt
now intends to become a respectable
member of society.
teeth If"
���'Goodness, no!
teoth." ���Inter Ocean.
of    your   wisdom
One of the baby's
LIj.k ]        E. DEWDNEY.
VICTORIA, by the Grace ot God, of
the Uuiteil Kingdom of Great Britain und Ireland, Queen, Dt-fi.-iii.ur
of the Faith, &��., 4c, etc
To Our faithful the Members elected to
serve in the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Columbia at Our City of Victoria. -
TllEiiDOllB Davie,   \    WHEREAS
Attorney-General. J ** We are
desirous ami resolved, us soon as may
be, to meet Our .people of Our Province
of British Columbia, and lo have their
advice iu Our Legislature:
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers
causes uud considerations, and taking
into consideration the ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We
have thought fit, hy and with the
advice of Our Executive Council of the
Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents unjoin you, uud eitoii of you, tliut on
Monday, the Twelfth day of the mouth
of November, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-four, you meet Us iu
Our sub! Legislature or Parliament of
O.tr suid Province, at Our City of
BUSINESS, to treat, do, net, and conclude upon those things which in Our
Legislutuie of lhe Province of British
Columbia, liy the Common Council of
Our said Province may, by the favour
of God, be ordained.
In TflsrniosY Whereof, We have
caused these Our Letters to be
made Patent and the Greni Seal
of the said Province lo be hereunto affixed: Witness, the
Honourable EnOAli DuviiNEY,
Lieutenant-Governor of Onr said
Province of Britisli Columbia,
in Our City of Victoria, iu Our
said Province, this Twenty-
seventh diiy of September, in the
year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-four,
nud in the fifty-eighth year of
Our reign.
By Command. ,
Provincial Secretary.
"I want something that will make
me sleep, doctor."
Doctor -t" What the trouble?"
"It's a tooth coming."
Application for Certificate ot  Improvements.
international mineral claim.
Take notico thnt I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
the late Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 47413, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant ol the above
Anil further lake notice, that adverse
claims must ho sent to the Gobi Commissioner and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, 1K1I4.
A. P. Cu.MStlNS,
Administrator of iho Estate of the
Into Archibald McMurdo.
For a
etromp-. soswsr snd sn honest opinion, write lo
M I' NN * CO.. who OS's bsd nestii fill j rears'
eipertenoeln the patent tmilns-s. .gout -���
 nthe pstent MuI-mss. Commnnlca-
tions strictly confidential. A HaaAeeE of In.
formation concerning Patents ami how to. obtain tbem sent free..
-   '    ika (umt r..vv.
[tun A Co. recclv-i
lso a -ataloiiis ot mat-han.
���s sent free. . ���
 onRh Munn A Co. ncciv-t
iioU-ielnthegc'iintlfte tn-erlmn, snd
tea! and scientlflobookii sent
PMentj^ukon tbrotiBh
met to the invent.
,_. led weekly, elegantly	
largest Qjroolatlon of any solsntll
��� i4r~
sent free.   .
s rear. Bin-tie
copies, its oents. Every number i-enta'ps -bean*
tlfnl plates, In eoIors,.siid photographs.of new
ilstea. In eotbrsVsnd photoersphs of new
j, with plans, enabling nuilderato show the
Twns at the meeting of lite ways
The maiden pensive stood, .
I'lizzlcil to know whicli road would lead
Most safely through the wood.
A straight and narrow pathway led
liirectly to her goal:
Must trying for her gown nnd hat
And wearing for her sole.
A broader road lei dovlouslv.
Hut smoothly thitherward ;
And which tn lake tills maiden fair
Had found exceeding hard.
At last she start eil, with a fixed
Decision in her eye ;
"I'll take the crooked road," she said.
And 1 will tell you why:
" I do not like to stnwt-h- with
The underhruehand leaves;
Besides the other Is hy far
Too narrow for my sleeves."
"Soul of a dozen nhe-pigs!" cried Bab-
bo Malatesta, rising from his chair.
���Can such u crime be committed?". "It
is so," answered big Biccc. "Tney declare that the tree stifles onr court-
that it is not healthy. Tomorrow they
will bu here to cut it down."
-i-feb-l T**e voi(-'e of a child���wailing bitterly
,TW ���broke in upon the hoarse talk of the
men.   It was that of little Benvenuto.
" My tr e!" he cried, "my bcautifnl,
tall green tree! They must not slay my
beautiful tree."
Carlo, "who worked of the railroad,"
took the cripp ed boy in bis arms, aid
comforted bitn roughly. ���'��� Never mind,
"3, | 'Nino." hc raid. "I will carry yon down
into the tourt to morrow ami you can
implore the wretches to spare tiie tree."
This gave Buuveuuto nope. He lay
awake all night, i binning what to say
to the executioners on the morrow.
When Benvenuto Malatesta opened ' S^WfeW ?���ud*
his eyes for the first time his mother saw X " , 1 ,K " !��' ^ h-*id?n' th"y
reflected in their depths, the foliage of *��ko"iir useless cnppl*-. and leave us
the locust tree I       <"*�����*
This was the great locust tree, from ' h J^LSS","!!!^ill""-"- Mea for
which the court took its name, in that I WJ,"f&JZ ^ ."���n,$"��� ���,,n��� ���
irrlmv settlement hanii- nf i-im iNv.i -oivut untl early next morning Ben-
grimy settlement back of tho "ve enui0 wm at his post by tho window.
As Benvennto, grew up (hi, ^^ ! He aie his breakfast there, and talked
perinititid him to grow up, although he , many things over with tho tree. Bnt
was a poor little cripple and oil Grand- I about the threatened execution ho spok i
mother 'Ninu advised theui to smother i not n word. Like the little nobleman
tbo misshapen child between two pil- ' ���"* "���*�����-*��� ���������> avoided this topic, tearing to
lows), hu gradually came to look upou I live the doomed tree nnnecusstiry pain!
the locuBt tree as part of his family.       | " It will know soon enough, my lovely
His first lusting memory of tui tree tree," ho sniil, sadly, to himself,
wns connected with rare branches, I About noon, when the men hnd come
which seemed to Bhiver iu raw winds, home to dinner, the executioners lnareh-
Tben came a fall of snow, and Benven- I <"��� into the court Benvenute saw that
uto felt glad when he saw how sungly 'three of them carried axes and ripe,
the white snowflnkes wrapped up tbe I Tiie third wasa tail personage, mag-
uaketl boughs and sheltered tbem, I lliflceutly dressed, it seemed to  pour
By and by the weather grew wanner. | Benvenuto, uud adornou with  a long
��� " ���       ....     - -     - mustache.
True to his promise. Carlo, "who
worked of tb�� railroad." came upstairs
for the little cripple and fetched him
down into tne court.
Now. for the first time, Benvenuto
could really see what n splendid tree bis
locust was. It towered auovo the housetops, almost touching the clouds witli
its leafy sprays! He tried to count its
made believe" he was a mimkevT'-saidil branches, but failed���there were tuo
liraudmo.iier Nim. grimly. *jbt> bud j tniiuy of theru^
never forgiven them for not smothering ! Meanwhile i jeexecntionershad taken
the child. When his buuiiu wuut uu. oil their coats, mid one of them wu.i
lirighiu;. Badveanto crept into tbe I sharpening uis axe upon u griiiiistoiie.
window corm-r.to son out bis sorrows Bouveuutos heart bled irteYoiyttiru of
lo the locust treo. But be quite forgot I the stone. C rlo hud set him down up*
all trouble when he lieheld the won- ou the pavement aud was m-ilTussi. j
drnns chunge whioh had come over his I witb frantic gestures a crowd othearer ,
true. ' The entire coar. population mnl ussuui-
Ail alonir the brown   branches were I Weil in noisy groups to watch the full of .
tiny tufts of green, like the snots on bin ' their locust.    Wild denunciations of lim
uinthers festa kerchief.    Benvennto s I tyrant Board ot Coniiiiissioiers rent tuo
brie! -memory could snpplv hiin with no ' air.   Amid the the babel of sound im-
informatioii regarding the piieuouieuou; , Mv PI"- *���".*��� attention to Bunveuii o.
anil ben vet ut o's father left off selling
roasted chestnuts mid went out with
his barrel-organ again. Benvenuto
begr-ed to go too���he could hobblf along
quite well with his crutches. But the
biavk-brn Ived babho was inexorable.
������Sniil of a siie pig!"- he exclaimed;
'-what could I do in the streets witn a
little lame baby l"1
"lixouj-t   )ou chained   him up and
ue was lost ill amazement. He was
afraid to question his grandmother. His
mother Was uow'u iu the emu i, gossiping
with Nicolo Tesoriere's wife.   So he ate
Moi'miy bitt tiio tree. Even wit i
confronted by death, his giant lrumd ..ul
not forget the littlu cripple. . \tY hi a Benvennto peered   upwards,   shading    i.i*
his supper sil.-ui.iy uud ciawka to bcii , eyes w'uii his little thin 'land, tliere flnt-
fuilof suppressed excitement. < tered to his very feet a handsome lei.. -
Next d..y ho did not ask his bnbbo to   not green li.ie ihe otuer lcves, uut oi  v
tni-e hiin out.   It was far more inter- I delicate,   golden    brown.   Benveuuiu
eating to stav at home and solve  tho   picked it up uud pressed it to Ins i.ps.
mystery of the locusttree. I    Slowly, so very  slowly,   hedriiggi-d
His mother wasa Tuscan and roman* himself through the crowd, until bo
tic, und he easily persuaded her to tell stood beside the tall gentleman, who wus
him all about leaves and spriugtlmo directing the worn of the three exocu-
overher wash tub.   She sa.-igto him, 'tinners. * "���;������'*
into the bargain, ii  quaint sougin  the      Then he paused, afraid to carry out
Etrurian patois, beginning     ^^^^^^
"Green leaves sniiind the bough.
And gay dowers beneath tt."
Benvennto had bv this time learned
the nature of leaves, but "flowers" were
beyond him.   So his mother had tn describe the new idea; and Grandmother
'Nina chided both of them fur delaying
the washing with such trifles.   Benvenuto went back to the winnow lull of
learning, and sang softly to the budding
tree. ���"������.:-,
"Green leaves around the bough
And gay lluwi-m benenlli It."
The locust seemed to nnderstani- perfectly, lor it waved it branches  in time
what bail, at first, been his intention.
Bnt another glance at the tree gave him
courage, fi ticking iho tall gentieuiuu
by the t-imtsleeve, he knelt down ou hia
crippled Knees aud laiUiied out iu t.io
luscau pulois:
"Listen to me. I implore you, great
eignoi. Cut uot with me cruel iu tins
bt-uuiiful ilev. It is my friend, my only
friend, and I love it more dearly tLi.ii
llie. It is my tree, signor,. and my lather's und mother's; the tn e uf uiy brothers and sisters; the tree of big Bice.
and of Cairo 'who works of tho railroad'; the ire of all the people  win)
. _.        dwell within the court.   Great signer, I
with the measure, and all these spots of   implore yon to spare tuis tree."
green twinkled iino merry little eyes.      j    Here Btiiivenntopuused to take breath.
It was shortly   after this experience   The fires of his poet soul w ri shining in
with the tii�� that Benvenuto came near | his eyes.   The eloquence uf old Ko.jjo
dying of pneumonia; recovering without
doctor's nil, to the loudly-expressed disgust of (iraudinother 'Nina. When he
went to tho window again and cleared
away the dust and uoowebs whioii had
gathered during his illness the locust, tree
was iu idl thu bravery of summer foliage.
Benvenuto hardly recognized his friend,
looking so grand and gorgeous. But
when the trim saw Benvenuto'it rustled
was ii-'on his tongue.
A* he spoke a tail gentleman stared nt
him iu mute n��toriishment. white the
Italians t-rowdid around, uppiuu'dtig.
He could even leu* OrnntlmoL uer 'Nin v
clapping her wiluerod hands und proudly telling the neighbor* that this waa
Ber sou's sou.   These things lent  him
heart, ami be began once more:
 ,    "Great biguor, lui me die. iu place of
its leaves with pleasure, uu.i seemed to the tree. I um bnt a cripple-not fit !���>
siy, "Hullo, little 'unto! Glad I am to be a monkey to biibbos organ. This
i-ee you well again, aud how do yon like | tree is most _ glorious and a mighty
uiy liuu foliagel"
The treo and Benvennto exchanged
confidences until Mother Malatesta
pin in d her crippled son off to bed.
After that the boy had plenty of talk
with his tree; and even i o nposed queer
little Boiiu-s to it, after the fashion of his
to the court. Let the bcautifnl tree' live and take my life iu-
His appeal ended, Benvennto made his
way towiirds the now motionless grindstone, and pressed his thin lips upou the
gleaming axu blade
The tall gentleman looked upon the
crowd in a bewildered manner.   "What
. ou earth is the kid talking about:" ho
One evening there was spaghetti for   asked.   "Can't some of you fellowi iu-
mpper. with a wicker bottle of Chlanti   terpret?"
to wash it down; lor Baboo Malatesta i "lonio Tnnganelli stepped forward
had enjoyed a good day with his urgan. with u smirk. He waa assistant ilepuiy
Suddenly tue festivities were rudely in- I court interpreter, and spoke English
ti rrupted by a number of men who ;qniie fluently. Word for word ho trim-i-
came jostling encb other iuto tho room, ,'latcd  Benveunto'i   appeal,
"Green leaves around the bough
And gay dowel-* beneath It,"
Benvennto counted big Bicce and Lorenzo, un i Nii-olo Tesoriere, and Carlo,
"who worked on the railroad," besides
others unknown to him.
'fated Denveuntoe appeal, while iln>
crippled child, crouching on the ground,
an.uuiisiy watched tue fuce of the tail
{���eutleinnn, and made ready his little
lero soul for the death he fancied near
���     ~
��� Big Bicce stood for the spokesman, j at hand. ���.issssssssssssssssi
"Friend Malatesta." he said, addressing |    The tall gentleman looked serious,
the babbo with much excitement, "there smiled, and then looked serious again, .���
is to be a great wrong done iu our court, las Beuvennto's flowery phrase* wero
Know that the black-hearted city ty-   made plain to him.
rants uro about to dot  They have de-      "is that trust" he asked at length,
creed that the great locust tree, which      " It is true," replied Tonio Tangn-
shadcs us in summer, must be cut down nelli, who prided himself upon his stoc**.
witjjanax."  uf English idioms.'     ... . /)
"Look here, Joe," said he to the oldest of the executioners, "did y' ever
hear such ��� funny business! Let's lie
- * off. < I ain't goin' to cat down no treis
iu this here court."
There wns a hurried consultation between the tall gentleman and the executioners. Then the latter resumed their
coats, while the former announced to
the Italians that he had decided to postpone cutting down their tree,
until he conld lay the facts before thi
Board of Commissioners. "As for thu
kid," he said, "he's a regular Jim
dandy. Come here Johnny, and annuo
Benvenuto. who had not understood
any of the remarks, came forward with
leaden feet, bnt undaunted mien, now
fully convinced that he was to sacrifice
his life for that of the tree. He wns
making up his mind to ask the tall
gentleman for one more night on earth,
when that worthy slipped a groat round
silver dollar iuto his hand and mode
him understand the tree was spared.
The people of St. Locust Court, headed by Carlo ���' who worked of the railroad" surrounded Benvenuto with shouts
of laughter, and bore him back upstair*
to his window.
There waa plenty of spaghetti for
Benvennto that evening. Even Grandmother 'Nina did not scold him, and
next day his babbo took him for a triumphal jaunt on the organ.
As for the locust tree, it waa so grateful that its leaves turned red, yellow
and all aorta of colors in honor of Benvenuto.	
Cradles In Zululstid.
When it is remombered that tho chief
work of a Zulu womau in South
Africa is tilling the ground to grow
mealies for food an 1 tobacco, aud that
Luring this occupation the baby is ever
present, it will be readily nuderstool
that the cradle is an important item.
As a matter of fact these women i.u
this arduous work with a heavy, growing child slung across the back. With
Iho poorer class of women th* cradle is
simply a white atrip of tome soft (kin.
'which is pained around th* wnist in
such a manner as to leave a kind of
pocket behind, and in this the child will
peacefully slumber, unmindful of tlio
sudden and abrupt movements necessitated by the work. Th* wife of a chief,
however, will have a much more eia-
burr t�� adMr. bnt will carry th* child in
the S'ime fashion.
Little KsuntUroy���Mamma, why do ymi
call my gray kitiy a Maltese! Is il because
I maul and tease it sot
The Crop.���Teacher���'For Ihey have
sown the wind, and they shall reap'���
whstt   Bright Pupil���Air plants.
In a diatriet school tbe pupils were
asked to dealt* a bee line. A small Imy
answered: "1 kuow I It's the line a feller
makes fer home when a bee's smug In in."
Pliny says thnt bricks and tiles nu l.^ltt
aa to swim in witter were union in linl.,
tripsin a d Greet-e. The pritniinr r.r; ������-
mis m.amitaoture waa recently Uiscuvercu
by au Italian gentlmunii.
The average whale la from fifty to sixty*
Ave feet in length and thirty-five feet in
circumference. The jawbones are twenty
to twenty-five feet long, and a tongue hns
been known to yield aluiosl a ton uf oil.
Almost everv kind of an animal seems
to have what may be called a weather in-
atinat. Tb* approaoh of rain ia indicated
b> the flight of cranes and swallows, by
the cries of waterfowl, by tbe actions uf
cows and pig*.
The flying dragon of the Indian arobl-
pelago cnn suspend iteelf ill the air lor
fullv thirty seconds. Some naturalists assert* that il cau leap, with tbe aid of ils
ballike int-iiihrnns between it* forelegs and
head, a distance of sixry fee .
The servant girl's gone: she has left as In grief.
And life's full of sorrow that knows no relief;
The piano It Is that haa brought us despair���
Sho wanted an upright and ours Is a squarel
���Washington Siar,
(J. 8. McCarter.
JiOngheett  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
Calgary, - n.w.t.
Members Assocn.'rMj.S. A P.L.S. for B.C,
SUKVEYORn, Civil Engineers, Draughts-
men, Valuators, etc Calgary and New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.Jephnon, D.L.S.,1'.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
Calgary, Alba.
A. O. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.8. of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
A Good Season.
"And why do you want me to give yon a
dime!" asked the benevolent old gentleman.
"Well," replied th* bright beggar, "lo
tell the truth, I'm In the soup, and I want
to reverse th* situation."���Philadelphia
Cause Por Thanks.
"Some of the people who call themselves
bluelilot-ded seem to look down on us," laid
Mr. Not-rich to his wife.
"Well," replied she, "let us be glad thnt
blue blood doesn't make green backs."���
Elmira Oaten*.	
Cupid's Caper.
. tasked her for a kiss that olf at)
She gently told tne. "No."
Then, reaching for the chandelier.
She tamed tbe gas dawn low.
< -Detroit free Press.
A Nles Utile Rues.
An expert mathematician one* set him
self the nice little sum of calculating the
number of different ways tu which US! earns
of a pack can be distributed among four
players, IS to each, taking every poaaibl*
combination and permutation.
It would he no use to present the amwer
her* in a long row of figures, for no one
cap realise to himself what such a nnmer
leal array really conveys, uur would  lie
much better to play with the words titlllnns
and trillions, seeing thnt these are men
words and nothing more to most of us, but
th* following illustration is more likely to
be appreciated hy the ordinary reader-
I    If th* entire population of the earth,
' taken at l,l����i,i-fal.��ln persons, were to deal
i the cants Incessantly day and night for
1 lui.nilli.i'W yeans al the rale nf a deal liy
each person a minute, they would nol have
exhausted the one hundredth lluitisaiiilih
pari of the iiuinlier of essentially different
i ways iu which the cants can be so iliitril*
I uted.���Harrison's Maguxutn.
I A rare binl in this country is the "Afrl-
1 ean snake" whicli is owned by a resident of
I Monroe, Ija. Tbe bird Is web footed and
i was swimming among the finder's ducks
when captured.
-gnatm-BO ��at'*-*.
Tulip* an indlu'i'iioiii to ninth Europe.
The box elder i* probably the best of liu*
quick growing trees.
The wallflower in floral language aiguilles fidelity and iniifortnue.
A brier rose, tbonu'h mu desirable fnr its
flowers, which nre single, spreads Iragrauue
all around through its foliage.
Sweetbrier is one of the most deliehtfnl
of common plant! with which hi diciinit**
silting rooms, for its fragrance, louu^-u
very sweet, Is pleasant,
A Texas plant, with a grayish green leaf,
resembling tb* left foot of an ox, is known
In ihe Lone Star aud adjoiug biules a* tue
"Devils Cattle."
The largest tree in the world lies broken
and -ietrified at tb* *nd of a defile In northwestern Nevada. The tree m-nstires II ll
feet iu length and GO in diameter al t..o
Zinnlaa mike a great ihnw for veiy little
money, though they are rather roars* coin-
eaied to mora tender plants.   They nre in
liniia all summer if  the faded blossom.
are picked off.
Professor Llppmann  has succeeded In
photographing simultaneously all the col
I ors of tbe rainbow on a layer of albumen.
|    An International exposition of   photo-
. graphic art has befti organized by the Paris
! Photo cluli and will be held from Dec. 10 to
the end of this year.
I    An interesting Kngltsh Invention consists
I of a camera combined with a parachute,
| especially designed  for obtaining photographs of forli Heat ions.
I    Photographing tbe depth of the sea hss
been accomplished by a French scientist,
M   Human.   Being a practiced diver, M.
, Boiitan managed to take photographs ol
hi* surroundings when standing ou the very
bud of the Mediterranean.
Th* men wear ikiru and th* women
Tbe men wear their hair long and tb*
women wear It ahort,
Th* men carry ou dressmaking and tlie
women enrry burdens
They begin dinner with dessert and end
with soiip and fish.
Not* Aral that the Chinese cumpss*
points to th* south instead of to the north.
They lauueh their vessels sideways and
mount their hone* from th* off aide.
Book* an nad backward, sud what we
tail foot not** an inserted at top of Ihe
They shake their own hand* Instead of
the hand* ot thos* they wonld greet,
Th* surname comes Snt Instead uf last
The spoken language of China i* not
written and tha written language is nut
Th* Chinese dm* I* whit* nt funerals
and In mourning at wedding', while old
women alwaya serve aa bride sinaid*.
iritiU. Ileele OlrL
Jack���What an you going to marry Mia*
Hyfly fort
Charley���Because I think she possesses
���very requisite to make a man happy.
J��ck���But sh* eau'l eouk, lhe can't sew,
���be doesn't���
Charley (nterrnpting)���Never mind.
She know* how io toll a rig .retle, can mix
the fiue-t cocktail in the iatid, and 1.11 yuu
all about all Ibe spicy novels of the day.
Tbe rice paper tree, a native of China,
now flourishes iu Florida, where It waa Introduced aa  an experiment  sume  years
Then an Insect* whioh pan several
year* in preparatory Mate* of existence,
and. dually, wheu perfect, liv* but a lew
Workman boring an artesian well In
Louiaiaua (truck a maple log In a toaud
Mat* of preservation fir* hundred aud
forty feet below III* stirfsea.
Th* blowing viper, when brought to bay,
1    makes a pretence of eommbling anlrtde.
At the end of each hair of a cat's whisk-
en i* * bulb of nervous inl-stanc- which
convert* Ihe hiin into exceedingly delicate
An Indian woman aged M Is suing for
��� dlvoro* from hu Myearold husband
Mrs. Mary C Davis and John Davis,
an elderly couple of Emporia, Kin., with
lately divorced from eaeh other for the
fifth time.
Mr. Agn* of Allegheny, hi* eloped with
tb* wife uf William Stager. The bereaved
husband Indi consolation in th* thought
that Ague 1* likely to *hak* her befoie
Hen I* an advertisement from th* Ann-
trslasiin: "li Hubert Lynott, my hue.
band, do** not return and enpp.itt n��
within three m��mh* fimu thi* dale, I
Intend to nuiir.-y. Florenn Einiliu
"TleCarthy   at   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, Ae.   Solicitors ton���
The Imperial Bank of Canada.
The Camilla Permanent Loan & Savings Co.
The Yorkshire I.01111 A Securities!'orpuratiou
The Mnssity Harris I 0. (Ltd). etc., etc.
Ollices-Stephen Avenue, Calgury.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Horace Harvey, B.A. L.L.B.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
MlXIXf.    EXniXFjf.lt,
Cochrane, Ai.iia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
MlXIXf.   I'KiUKKijR.
Head Office, Queued ;  Brunch Offices
SilERimooKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
-tiixixtw t.x(*ixi-.rR.
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans fur all meti.llurgicid plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
F.C.8. (LONDON.)
Assay Offices * Chemical Laboratory.
(Established ill B.C. ill 18811.)
Vnncaaver,      ���      1,.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Livery ft Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Whole-tali* and Ketail
Cattle, Sheep r.nd
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   k. C.
���J. SMART & CO.
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary Alia
a rrioN 111:11  Tit.
9IMDI CQ I ��ill mail 1 I'll KE) on receipt
I IIJI1 LLw. of a a stamp, a receipe tor a
simple VEGETABLE BALM that will re.
move Tan, Freckles, I'loiplvs, Blotches.
Illucklieiuls. etc.. leavin-r lhe akin soft,
clear and beautiful. Address A. D. STEM
PEL, UO Aim St., New York.
"It li worth th* price to *wr person
who even nad* a s>*wspaptr.'-*-jUarllal��**i
ui jodbsal unu 10
Blue Peicil Rules.
jx. a-, nxftixtb.
A Pocket Primer for tha use of 1
Correspondents  sod  Oopy	
Short, simple and practical rain ;
making 1
aditlni newspaper copy,
and of equal value to all who wish lo
writ* correct losllsh.
Bent on redo' ef prtf *.  P- lee, HI rent*
pr onpr.   ALLAN TUBMAN, Publlsoei
117 Nassau Street. Hew York.
Mining 1 Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Site t\ Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
. '���at'*!. Ill $!$Tir<ii6*n*m,
;<f;r;^aje*. , ,
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample .Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men ami
miners. Convenient to Station nud Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale nnd
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, nnd Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from it,, tlie
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        *���       B.C.
My stock is the largest and most complete in tlio
An immense stock of W. W. Greener's, J. C. Clabrough
& Bros., W. H. Tisdall's. and AV. Richard's shot guns.
All calibers of Winchester nnd Marlin rifles.
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.,,
Prices tlie lowest.
Quality the  best.
WHOLESALE  ft KETAIL. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Cr.l-
gary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
iom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
FORT SlfifiLE   ERjiirLE'ir;.
Ten'irs were rereu'y cn led for tint
let- fot-the new 1 ridge at Canal Flat
Neil Hanson got the contract at *-;?:'
per thot sand.
A P- C minins. GO . h's cnlli-tl fot
tenders for 11111111111- tbe iron for tb
bridge at Fort Steele.
James Durit-k of Canal Flat <ne\
with a painful accident, lie f. 11 off 1
wagon mu' liud bis arm broken. H
wns nttoi ded by Dr. Maclean and ivi!
lie nil right ngain sbor ly,
Married  by  the   Rov, AV. It  Ross.
Donald, Win.   Fcrsylbo   formerly   0
Ooldcn, to   Bertha, only   di lighter of
William   Ryan; Esq., of   S .   Paul's.
Minn.      After tha   wedding the many
friends of the young  ccuple mot ut tin
Hotel   '��� Delgarduo,"   where a st nip
tuoiis dinner was spread for the invited   guests, tlie   health   of   bride uut
bridegroom   was   proposed   iu  11 ninu
speech, aud   was   enthusiastically re
spouded to.     Dancing was kept up ti
the   "wee   sma'   hours,"   when    tin
guests dispersod  wishing long lifo am
happiness to the parties.
Wo had a visit irom tlie Rov. W.
R. Ross of Donald, who pleached un
able and eloquent sermon on the Dth.
Afterwards 11 Baptismal Service wu>
held and six children weie baptized.
At au informal meet ing of 1 lit; resident.-
it was decided to build a church, tin
gum of 8800 was promptly subscribed
and the building will shortly bu commenced.
Mr. McKinuon has closed bis mission work iu tbe valley and will short
ly resume his studies at Queen's College, Kingston.
A Sunday school has been organized
with Mrs. Frizzle as superintendent
and Miss' Bailey teacher.
The stores' have decided for tin
future to close on Sunday ���this is as
it should be.
It is reported that Mr. William Pernio has found a good pass via the
"Yak" for the B.C.S.R.R. and it has
been decided to build a direct line to Spokane, this will give tlie Co. a lirst
class market for their coal.
Mr. Porter, a Spokane capitalist is
expected in, to look at -tome gold properties, shortly.
Steve Young has intnln a discovery
of free milling ore at Weaver Creek.
The ledge is about three leet wide and
will average $12'i per ton in gold, he
intends working it all winter.
The Ridgway Co. on the Moyea
have struck good pay and aro taking
out about $15 per dny to lho biiml.
R. L. T. Galbraith, who bus just
returned from u visit to tbe Indians in
Kooteeay West, reports mining matter* looking up in that seetion. Ho
atates that the "reclamation" scheme
ia progressing satisfactorily.
���-J"-*. Iff'S! ���==_ after seeing them
Her children to be strong and healthy.
Al1 doctors agree that the
Combinations do more than anything else
to iftsiir'p .this.
ijarfy Aberdeen writes to us strongly in
favor of the Health Brand.
Ask your dealer to show you these
goods.    You will never buy any other
intents who ifsitle at Chotean Cn.,
Moiitnnn, took bis lifo in a most de-
ilit'i'itte manner on Unit day. .It np-
���enrs n few days before he had been
riitkiiiga little and got-very despon-
ient and told several parties around
be town that bo wns determined to
tike It's life and 11 -guard- was put on
tim by (''unstable linrues nml, bit  tlie
Next day wo started on our return
journey, my object being to catch the
Hvttk at Galena on Friday. On the
way tliere syvernl, children wore nap*
Used ; during the trip thirteen children
iveiu baptisetl.
Progress has lieen made in the direction of 'establishing educational aud
religious   privileges   common to more
veiling previous to the. ���sni'tide,-he! prosperous regions, Day schools have
ppem-cd sane and understood what he been opetied at Winililrmera and Fort
vns   doing.     He   met   some  friends ! St-ele through the good offices of Col.
.ilked pleasantly to
hem good night, so
hiitk'iig   be   was   ill
tltiiin  and   bid
they   lift   him
light.     Next
norning Ills I inly wns found with n
iui'ot hole thro'the breast, under the
���ridge by Mr. Frizzle who had gone
lown to fetch 11 bucket of water.'"'
An Inquest was held on the body, by
kroner Maclean, ami the jury f6iiin-
hat the deceased committed "suicide
vhile suffering from temporary insan-
ty." The affair lias east a gloom over
lie town as Taylor was a general
avorite amongst the miners and resi-
lents und much sympathy is felt for
lis friends who are very respectable
We regret to hnve to record one of
the moat deliberate cases of suicide
occurred in our usually quiet village
on Wednesday morning last the 12th I
Sept. Leach Taylor or Lcithficld Taylor, a yonng; man of most respectable
Presbyterian Missions.
(Continued from page 1.)
vine service was held in Mr. Mather's
-ommodious hotel, where about forty
teople wero gathered together. At
his service six children were baptized.
The occasion was very interesting.
After divine service a meeting was
held baying in view the erection of a
church. Mr. Galbniitb was voted to
the chair. Hc said the time luul now
roino for tbo election of 11 church and
hisoivn gratification at the prospect'of
une Iieing erected. He bore willing testimony to the fidelity of Mr. McKinuon,
the missionary. Tho meeting agreed
with the chairman, who announced a
subscription of $100 nud two lots for a
site to aid tbe enterprise. Mr. Ross
was appointed secretary of the meeting.
Arrangements were then made for currying out tbe project. Mrs. Frizzle
and Mr. Levett and tho Misses Bailey
and Bell were appointed collectors and
iiutlioi-i-/.etl lo receive subscriptions in
aid of the building, Mrs. Frizzle, secretary-treasurer. It wns at the same
time ngreed to nsk the Church and
Manse Building Board for a grant of
���5100 iu aid. Tbo meeting Was tbon
tlisinissod. Another meeting wns held
next day to consider the character of
the building. It was also decidetl to
commence building ibis autumn nud
have the church ready for ��� occupation
by tbe first of June next year. Messrs.
Galbraith, Griffiths and Barnes were
appointed managers and building
committee of the church.
A sabbath school was also organized
and Or. McLean was appointed super-
ititeiiden', witli Mrs. Frizzle and the
Misses Bell and Bailey as teuchei-s.
At tbe clese of the day Mr. VV. For-
sythe and Miss Gertrude A.' Dooles
were united in marriage. A sumptuous
supper followed at Mather's Hotel to
which at least 40 guests sat down.
After which dancing commenced nnd
was kept np to a respectable hour in
honor of tho first marriage celebrated
in Fort Steele.
Baker! Minister of Education, It may
be mentioned in this connection that
Mr Gnlbriiltb wns building a school-
bouse for the e.hiltlien of Fort Steele,
nud the community at Windermere had
tlie use of the building lately occupied
by Mr. Kimpton. Fort Steele is growing. Several buildiuga have been
erected this, summer, 'Closing this
sketch I may say I enjoyed myself ini
mensely uud return my grateful auk
knowledguietits for many kindnesses
���  Waltkii R. Ross,.
Picshyturian Mi 11 ister,.Donald.
jo Navigation Pa
III &Tramv/avvvi
$ TramWay
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about Sc. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1 CO; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight. Classification
ii and 4
5 and H
7 and 8
Sllt'eol Itc| oW,''        "'
The public school report for September is jis follows:
Xiiiijber of pupils enrolled....,.29.
Average daily, attendance 28.16
Number left town ,   1.
IIOMlll ItOI.I..
Fifth Class���
1. Winnifred Armstrong.
2, Beatrice Bubar.
Fourth Clues -
1. Jennie Wells.
2. Gladys Houston.
Second Class ���
1. John Currie.
2. Walter Houston.
8.    Laura Kenny.
Second Primer Class ���
1, Ella May Love.
2. Emily Kenny.
Tablet Class-
1.   Willie Houston.   2.   Geo. Love
Punctuality and Regularity���'
Win. Houston.       Laura Kenny.
Walter Houston.   Emily Kenny.
John Currie. Mary Conner.
S. Prestos,       t
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mUced goods to be enT
titled to car load rates. Freight will *be delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on -exoress parcels Iieing limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned ou Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m. b.  LANG,:
Carters Meeting.
A meeting of all curlers and other*
Interested in the Curling Club will Le
held on Monday evening next at 8
o'clock iu the Kooteiiny House. Tho
election of officers and other important
business will bo transacted and a
large attendance is requested.
In regard to the rink we might Bay
that four or five gentlemen have undertaken to have a rink built and operation*! on the same will be commenced
Presbyterian Hervlee.
Service  will    be  held   to-morrow
morning in the school   house at 10
o'clock,   conducted    by   Rev. W. R.
Jajfpanese Goods &  ' -
.   '.*"'"* *.Tollet Articles
TEMPLETON'S Pharmacy, Calgary
BOOTS* SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Cranberries,       *
Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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