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The Golden Era Jun 2, 1899

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Array A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist,
|       White Se Scott;
i B arristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
| Revelstoke, B.C.
^ Will attend all County Ct-irta at GoHen.B.-fc
2 W.   WilliI, Q.C,   }. M.��f(nT,B.A���LL.iS
VOL. VIU NO. 44.
GOLDEN   B.C.. FRIDAY, JUNE 2,    1899.
12 Pes Year
Honest Values
One Hundred and Ten Gents
Worth of Goods
For Every Dollar you spend with us,
%k��t I* tk* rea*on our business has increased so rapidly, one customer sends
Mother and w* try to auit them all, and we always succeed with bright intelligent people who know when they are getting big value for their money.
In   Every   Department.
Dry Goods.
35 inch heavy grey cotton 6 cents.
88 inch fancy art muslin  10   "
Light and dk. indigo prints (fast) 12^ cents.
Toilet Soap���6 bars for 10 cents;
Dried California peaches and prunes 10 cents.
Fine white onions���61ns. for 25 <tents.
Christie's Biscuits���large consignment arrived td-day.
Ladies colored Oxfords 82.00 goods for $1.25
Ladies black1'        "        2.00      " 1*50
Men's cycle shoes, best quality 2.25.
Slatot Shoes���full assortment in black and colors;
Men's serge suits reduced to $4.90.
Men's fine tweed suits reduced to 6.85i
Men's Scotch suits reduced to 9.1*0.
Ladies mixed straw sailors 75c.
Men's English rough straw l.i.n).
Men's fine felt Cyclometer 2.7f>.
General Merchant.     *     Alexander Block.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors Will lie charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
-All freight and charges on'goods to Windermere and
points beyond will havo to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles,' Baby Waggons, Whijis,
Cfgars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C     A.     WARREN'S.
Dangers of the Rapids.
Malcolm. McDonald and W. Tolton,
of Beaver, the latter partner of Scott.
who left for Tete Jiiuue Cache last
week, returned to Donald j-rstcrday,
and reported the first fatality nttuch*
intc to the Tete Jaune Cache gold excitement. It will be remembered that
McDonald and hit mute, A. Mnchette,
left Golden �� fortnight ngo in a boat
which iliey built here, taking with
them 120011m. of provisions. At Kin-
biieket Lake thoy were joined by Tolton, and deaidod to run tho rapids on
the Columbia River between Kinbasket
Lake aud the confluence with Canoe
River. All went well till tho boat
reached 21-mile rapid, niue miles from
Cauoo rivefr. where bout struck a rock
and upset. Tolton and Machette in
the boat at the time. Tolton saved
himself by stronuoue efforts'and Machette was drowned. McDonald was
within a mile of the scene ot tho accident when it happened. The supplies
were all lost and Tolton and McDonald
decided to return by tho trail to Donald and come on to Oolden. This is
the second attempt that McDonald has
made to reach the Cache and he hus
met with such misfortune on both
attempt:! that he has had to return.
The rapids where the accident happened are well-known to be amongst the
most dangerous on tlio river, and
claimed many a victim in tho days of
tho old placer mining excitement.
Some anxiety is felt for Scott, who
is on His way by boat expecting 10
pick up his partners at the mouth of
Canoe River. There was no means of
warning hiin and as be is very short
of supplies he is in danger df undergoing great hardship il not losing his
Prioe ond Owens are still at Kin-
basket Lake waitiuir for higher water
before attenlptilig the rapids between
the Lake and Canoe River.
Price and Evan* lost one of tliei!-
boats end the whole of the supplies
which it contained, while lowering it
down oue Of the rapids north of lake.
lOionu soHiii* hdIEts.
Le Grippe tins  made Them Si���Hut 1)1.
Ignevr s Cure for the Heart will bring Juy
nml Healtti.
l.a (lrip;*e has left many a heart weak and
iliso.-mccl. Drl AgneivV t'ure for the Hi'iut,
liecuuso of itii grr.it merit a. u lieari remedy,
the m.iginil tiiiii-km .*is in -ririiijf relief, mid
the almost ini-redilile euros it. p'erfurins, in
snatching from death's door many who llwl
hetjn over(an h*of*ole.ss cases. It's a wonder
worker : it's uspei-iflc for all heart deraiigu-
niouts, and no matter how nemo of seemingly
hopeless, will give relief inside of .*J0 minute".
Bold by 0. A. Warruu.
Letters from H. Bostook, H.P.,
and Hon. J. I. Tarte.
Ottawa, 22nd May, 18D9.
Mr. E. A. Haggen,
Goldeni B.C.
Dear Sir.���I enclose you a ltttter received from the Minister of Public
Works in reference to the protection of
the hank at Carbonate. He evidently
couside.'S that this is a Provincial
matter und X think that his contention is the right ono. Believe me,
Yours faithfully,
Hkwitt Bostock.
Office of tho Minister of Public Works
ot Canada, Ottawa 20th May, '1)9.
Hewitt Bostock, Esq., 11.P.,
Dear Bostock,���I am in receipt of
your letter of Ma.v the 19th re encroachments of tho Columbia river on the
roadway and in reply beg to say that
the Government ennnot undertako to
protect the shores of the rivers. Giving additional depth of water for navi-
gation purposea and protecting the
shores of rivers are altogether different
things. It is out of the question then
for the department of Public Works to
entertain the idea ot spending any
money in the way you suggest.
J. IiiiiAKi, Tautd
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets, at
All Di-UKRi.t., 35c a Hoi.-OO liihlef��.
1. Lot not fhy stomach offend ihoo with
rumbling, growling or gargling noises.
2. Nor with* those belching, of gone.
that arise from onor-eating or from iii*
digeafod food,
8. Take heed of these warnings as siffiw
that presage tho approach of dyspepsia.
4. Take Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets, which correct all derangements of
the stomach at once. They relievo distress, (rive comfort, and cure���ami they
costonljrl-Scentsabbx-llO tablos in a
box at alt druggists.
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets
instantly relieve heartburn, sour stomach,
nausea, headaches arising from deranged di*
��estion, and they qulckei the appetite while
SeM by (Ji A, Warren!'
Great Mining Activity.
Prospectors   Coming
From Other Points.
Wining Companies get to Work.
Wonderfully Succesful Flotation of the Certainty
Our predictions that 1809 will prove
a bu.inei- year tor North East Kootenay
ure being realised. Prospectors are
coming in from Revelstoke and other
points, attracted by the well-known
gold-copper prospects of North East
Kootenay. We havo to thank the
boom in copper for this lucky turn of
the tide aud now tboro is every prospect that the great utoros ot wealth
undoubtedly lyiug in the mountains of
North Ea��t Kootenay will he developed
in a business-like way. The flotation
of tbe Certainty Company in Quebec,
with head*qiinrters at Waterloo, hns
boeu a wonderful success, and 275,000
of the 1,500,000 shares of the nominal
value of $1 representing* tho capital of
tiie Company were disposed of iu u
fortnight, so thnt tho Company lias
ample funds in hand to take up prospects und develop them in a businesslike way. The directors uud officers
aeoui to be the right mon. They are
putting their enterprise on a sound
tooting and we hope thut the result of
development work will he to prove that
they have a copper mine that will be a
steady producer and dividund payer.
In the Certainty group on Fifteen Mile
Creek, Mr. T. A. Knowlton has laid
before this company a promising prospect, but it ie only by underground de*
velopment thai its value can be proved.
We are glad to say that the Government are assisting tiie enterprise in
every legitimate way, and this week
mini were put on under the Company's
foreman, J. Noble, to get the Fifteen
Mile Creek trail opened out so that
supplies can be got iti. As soon as
the snow is off the mount-tin, probably
by noit week, work will bo started on
the mine, and pushed forward With
two shifts. The Company's operations
arc in charge of E. A. Haggen.
An English and an American cyndi-
cttio are al*o negotiating about
properties on Fifteen Mile Creek, whicli
gives evei-y promise of developing into
a good copper cainp. This camp hus
the great advantage of convenience to
The Kootenay Consolidated Mining
and Development Company have put
funds in the treasury for the effective
development of both the Bennison and
Crown Point properties this season nnd
work will be bugun on these at an
eni'ly date. The many friends of
Major Clohecy, who haa proved one of
the best and most business-like of
mine managers in the Kootenay*!, will
be glad to see him back iu Golden to
push on the development work.
The Golden British Columbia, nnder its active Manager, W. G. Mitchell.Innes, also intends making things
hum. Mr. Innes appears to have
secured some good things for his Company aad wc all hope they will turn
out as they promise   .
A move is heing mado to get a diamond drill into Spillimaclicno mountain to test tbe copper deposits there.
H. Croft, M.E., will bd in Golden
shortly to put in work on the iino cop*
per prospect which his company lias
secured ut Spilliniachene.
Tho Swansea will go ahead, and the
improvement in the prospects of this
mine under development hus astonished
R, A. Kimpton and his partners in
tho Dolphins have pushed on work on
this property most creditably and
their work has boon a splendid example to the men who take up prospects
and lie down beside them A-nltlng for
something to turn up,* instead of opening up their ground and showing what
it contains.
Windermero line also two good men
at work iu Messrs. Starbird and Collet
aud these gentlemen have done much
to bring Windermere to tho trout as a
mining camp by their active development work.
The owners of the Lucky Jaok group
of claims at tbe Burns Basin have also
started active development work and
John Henderson went out on Friday
with men and supplies to drive a tunnel of 100 feet.
Mr. P. Ketcbam of Pike City, Cal.,
says: "During my brother's late sickness from sciatic rheumatism, Chamberlain's Pain Balm was the only
remedy that gave bim any relief."
Many others have testified to the
prompt relief from paiA which the liniment affords. For salo'hy all druggists.
Henderson Bros., wholesale agents,
Victoria and Vancotirer.
Departure of Prospectors.
Thn first pack train of ten horses,
carrying about a ton of supplies, weut
out this morning for Tete Jaune Cache,
This comprised Sprott's anil Deacon's
outfit. Another party will start tomorrow and further parties will follow
almost daily. The large party being
sent by W, G. Mitchell-Innes will
leavo Golden on Sunday morning. The
boat has been completed and launched
on the Kicking Horse. Siie is named
the Good Luck and will be in command of Capt. Hatch, who will take
her down the Columbia to Beaver. A
carload of supplies has been shipped to
Beaver, and this and other boats sent
by rail will be loaded up there and
taken down tho Columbia river. The
pack trains will meet tho boats at Surprise Rapids and portage the supplies
there. After being lowered through
the rapids, the boat will again loud up
and take the supplies to the rapids
below the lake where they will again
unload to tho puck train. This plan
of operation will have the advantage
that it will lighten tho travel for the
horses, especially over the snow clad
summit between Donald and Bush river
F. Holiday, Morin and party will
stari ou Monday. Freds services as
an experienced prospector have been in
demand in packing up in a suitable
way for the trip tbo supplies derived
from the different merchants. He has
also beeu Commissioned by the Government to build a bridge over Wood river.
As this has been a dangerous crossing
the work will be a great convenience
to the gold-seekers travelling the trail.
The secret of Price's rapid return to
the Cache is out. He has evidently
written A. Stewart, of Edmonton,
stating he was going back to locate
gold quartz. At least this is tho
statement of theEdmontoo Bulletin.
Frauk Berthiaume is taking the two
Government boats that will be placed
on Bush river down with him. The
boats are being shipped to Beaver and
will betaken down the river from there.
A relief party has beeu sent out with
supplies from Donald to meet Archdeacon McKay on his return from the
The following transactions have
been recorded at Golden: ���Mar. 20ih,
option on Anaconda, Aetna & Hocla, on
No.2 creek, by A.P.Shaw to A. St. G.
Hamersley consideration -BfjnO; Mar,6th
sale of Iron Mask,on Spruce Tree Creek,
J. W. Conner to Julius and John C.
Peterson of Trail; Mar. 28th, sale hy
J. W*. Conner of Iron Cap on Spruce
Tree Creek to Geo. Heffnerj Mar. 23th,
sale of Monday, on Spruce Troa Crfeelt
by Geo.,Heffner ro J. W. Conner; Mar.
28th sale of Golden Hope. Quick Rest,
Beaver, Otter, Mink, and Fisher, on
Kickinghorse, to W. Crosbie, of Hevelstoke.
A. P. Shaw of Vancouver now
largely controls the I.X.L. on McMurdo Creek having secured nn erjiml interest in it with the remaining holders.
Mr. ShaW speut considerable time and
money iu exploring this property last
year and as lie is a shrewd man in
mining matters ho has dvi ieutly a
high opinion of lhe property.
An Associated Press dispatch from
Taconm announces that the largest
stamp mill iu tho world was started up
on May IH by D.O. Mills at the Tread-
well mine, un Douglas Island, Alaska.
The new milt contains IJ0 batteries of
five stamps each, with a crushing
capacity of four tons to each B't&mp
every ��4 hours.
The Tread well and its associated
mines now have 850 stamps in operation. They cfush 3620 tons of oro
every 2t hours, averaging about $4 per
ton in gold, or Sl4,000daily Oue third
of thiS output is settled in concentrates
and shipped to the Tacoroa smelter.
The clher two-thirds, or 89,380 per
day is the amount of gold actually te-
leaded on Douglas island.
A meeting of the Council was holA
at the office of tbo Secretary yesterday
afternoon, whon there were present:
Messrs. H. G. Parsou, President, in
the chair, J. G Ullock, M. Dainard,
\V. McNeish and E. A. Haggen.
Letters were read from Messrs. W.:
C. "Wells, M P.P., ro road to landing ;
li. Bostock, M P-, re encroachments
of river at Carbonate, cooperation of
Dominion with Provincial Government
in dyking Kicking Horse at Golden;
and construction of telegraph line from
Golden to Windermere.
A telegram was received from the
Rosslnud Board of Trado asking the
Board to co-operate in representing to
th*1 Dominion Parliament the necessity
of giving a member to Kootenay. The
Secretary was instructed to telegraph
Sir Wilfred Laurier and Mr. Bostock.
M.P., urging that thedeniarids of the
llosslaml Board be acceeded to,
Walter Dainard wrote asking that
he be given the reason and on what;
grounds he had be^n dismissed from
the position of foreman of Government
trail work. .Resolved that the Board,
did not see what they could do ih the
The flecrotary stated Mr. Wells, U.
P.P., had spoken to him about the
grants which the Board had reborn*;
mended for trails, and had expressed
the opinion that sUcli works should
only he asked for in the cases of properties on which bona fide develop-,
ment work of un extensive character
was being done, or where it was intended to ship ore. He would assist,
such cases all ho could, but it was
clearly not the duty of the Government to spend public money td benefit
mere prospects and enhance their-Selling value.
The Board agreed with Mr, Welted
views and decided to ask that tbe trail.
asked for to the south fork of Canyoh'
Crrek should be built as it would giva.
access to a property which they we-re
assured would be operated, and what,
was more���this trail would be a link:,
in (p rning a direct trail to the
McMurdo district and so bring it within rapid means of access. The Board
also reiterated their views ou curtailing the expenditure on the wagon,
road this season and dhferting more
money for the opening up of the Win-.
ing camps by trails, as this policy*,,
would be much more beneficial td the
district for the present by promoting'
the development of the mineral resources.
It wai- also decided to point out tC.
Mr. Wells that the success of the Tete,
Jaune camp district as a gold camp
seemed assured from latest reports and
there was certainly it very largO influx
of people Setting in for that district.
The Board therfoI*e urged upon Mr.
Wells the necessity of taking stepfi to.
have tho trail between Golden and!
Tele Jaune Cache properly opened up
and a mining recorder appointed there,
and the administration nf the district
added to that of North East Kootenay
as the most convenient and accessible,.
and as already promised by the
Government. ���
It was decided to convene a gehetal
meeting of members for Mchday next
at 4 p. in.
Navigation Company Boats.
The following is tho pasficngef list:
Hyak from Golden, May 25th.��� J,
Wyland, C. Frauzen* to Windermere;
T. E. Campbell to McKay's j A. Macaulay to Spillimachene) J. A. Bangs
to If if lands and retnt,n;J.Y. McNaught
to Spillimachene and return.
Duchess from Goldeu May 80th.���
Thomas to Windermere and return; H.
E. Foster to Firlands and return; A..
Hall and II. G. Neave from Athalmer
to Windermere and return; A. Gale,
Athalmer to Goldon; J. L. McKay,
Windermere to McKay's Landing.
Catarrh Remedies Coit hint Hundreds and
No Cure���Two Bottles of Dr. Agnow> Catarrhal Powder Cured Hiin.
Fred. H. Helb. jr-, distiller, Kailroatl.York
Co., Pa., on Jauuary illst last wrote.of Dr.
Affuew'x Catarrhal* Powder liko this i *'I had
(Satarrh of the head nnd stomach for two
yearn, and had it in the worst form. . I spoilt
several hundred dollars iu remedies ./ind
might SS well have thrown my money in the
street.    I was reuomrrtOndod to try Dr. Aff-
Qew's Catarrhal Powder, and two bottle* of it
nave already cured mo.    I am a well man.
and wish its makers the greatest Of t>uc6e��,"
SoWbyC A. Warren.
Wh'o*a rt Nervous Wreck���But Glory in n
Kemfedy thfll will cure lier, nc South Aut-
erican Norvirtedld This One.
Mr.'. Jamoa A. Publicover, I-nnenhurjr, Jf.
S., was a wreck from stomach troubles and;
norvous prostration After she had trie**
many remedies, and was treated by best phy-
sifiat'9. only to be difeappomtM in a cure,
she Was recommended tu uso South American Neavflie. Sim did so, with tho result
that to-day, after years of sutl'urmg, she i�� a
cured and b:ippy woman aud proclaims thi*
groat remedy saved hot* lite.
Hn\i by C. A, Warren.
Ac the policy of the present Govern-,
ment Is to assist the settlers in tho
outlying portions of tho country as
much as possible the Government hard-
given instructions, at the instance ot
Mr. Wells, M.P.P., that the maintenance of the main road between Golderf
and Canal Flat is to let out to Hie let*
tiers along the road, and wo understand the Government Agent, Mr.
Griffith.' bas made arrangements accordingly.
Mr. Bostock, MP., writes td the.
Golden Board of Tiado stating that he
is urging the construction of the proposed telegraph line between Golden
and Windermere, bnt,6wing' to the
illness of the Hop. ,T. I. Tarte, Minister of Public Works, he il' unable to'
say as yet' whether his request ftr ttttr
��rerk will'be ft'coedefrrF.' To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The QOLDEN ERA in inlli-tahed ovorjf In*
day cvuoing* 11is Hi" l"*sl .idvi-rtiM-m iiinlimu
lu "tin: Eimi Kootenay district.
Sulisorlption Rata I ��-���'�� 1"-*** annum is ah-
Wbils all ii-aajiiatit-i care will be taken, tho
proprietor* will net lie rfH-xnsiuli- mi ai.y
u-nutt'on or err*.r lu an>* miv.TliSiiiient.
All accounts to l**e Ii-id io in*- -ilnno-fii-ir
Dirt-cror. or hia itmhoriT.ed r.g.mi, from wiulii
uib company's reoetpt will he uhtnlned.
Advinlsihg rules: Diiiplri.r ml-,.. iUfJ per
column inch; Legal ids., l'i cents l-er line Ior
ant Insertion. 0 cents tor eueh additional Insertion! Reading notices, 1-' cents lier line each
luiw. Lund und mineral I L'rowu Brant)
notices same ns tlovonniu'iit l.iuettt ?..& .
All liuslnciis comiimiiu-ntU'iis snoultl i o ud-
dressed to the Managing Director, and nl liter-
urv .���.jiiiruuiilcall.iiis.le.ii ra Ior pulil cation or
ui.'ws Iiciik should in- addressed to the Editor.
Corn-inoiideuet. is invited on mutters "I nul-llc
Interest, out lo secure iiulillcatlon such letters
iiui.t be brief. In the eoM ol anonymous letters
tbe name and address of Ibe writer must be enclosed, not lor publleall  but Ior Hie private
inlorinutlon ol Uie editor nml ns u giiuninl.c ol
good faith. Any letter received hitcrlliuii W cil-
in-Klay will ban- lo sliinil over till lhe following
Tie Golden Era Co, Limited Liability.
-Friday. Mny ml.
.Seeding lu finished 111 Ulo Indlnll
II 1 dlistrld.
l'lllebury, the cln-ss clmmplon, Is piny.
Ing ill   KllglfiniT.
Hush Holieui-. Hit- llimillis Pr***-*?!! ttrt-
i��i. Is   seriously III.
A building l�� being creeled ill Chicago
to neat  100,000 iiersmis,
The Itnllnn cnblnct will continue li
demand a   concession lu   Oblna.
A **>0O,OOH tire visited St. John, N. 11..
nad 200  houses were destroyed.
,1. T. Roach, ono of the Nunnlii-e hunk
robber*, u-us itrrestotl in   Uostoii,
 ,_,. gggjh,
Seagram** Dalliance won tiie Ontario
Platf at the Woo-tlbi-nts Toronto, racctt.
P. W. Scott won Un) city champlonalilp
at the  Winnipeg KUH elub'* open tthuol.
Liuui. Col, l'mil'lionum*, father ol
.Tudge I'rtnlMtoiiiiiu1, of si. BonUatie, \��
Twelve New York customs officers were
suspended for neglecting tbeir duty and
receiving tip*.
Hut Portage council sold ttie town'*
debenture* at 1U0 J-i tor ^95,000, to a
Toronto broker.
It id sflid a Vancouver lawyer hns
dtoco vered a way whereby Americans
inn> avoid the a 1 It'ii labor law In Atllo.
In the Vancouver Imvhor the tinge ol
the State*) nnd Great Britain were entwined In honor of the Queen's Birth,
The ���flnlicinn murderers were informed
or their fnte, Oiuby broke down, but
Queiesak received the iuforumtion
The Winnipeg coutrautora have select*
ed their arbitrator, but would uot uc-
co;rt nn.v of tho names proposed Uy tlte
striking carpenters.
The Queen's Birthday was loyally
colcbrnted thronghuut the British empire, (.Tin* Queen planted na oak sapling nt   WlndBor cur tie.
The steamer  Pallia   is   Mill   in     tliu
niud  of   the St.   Luwruuee   river.
11   Is    proposed  to  erect   a    statin*  in
thu United states to Queen Victoria.
The Canadian Pacific Hallway coinjiny
will tail Id a large hotel iu Winni-
The Grand Trunk rnilway ie said to
lw rilling the plucefl of tin' striking
t rack men.
J, Steward, who met with a rtlinntlng
accident near Virden. Man., two weeks
ago, is   dead,
.iiiiimleu will -stud delogateR to Washington to -settle theii- tariif troubles
with the States. '
Br. Mclntyi-c, tx-11. P., has been up.
pointed lieu tenant-governor of Prlneq
1'dward Island.
Ozuhy nnd Guezozak, tho miirdorors,
havft been reprieved one day Uj, order of
Chief '.Justice  Klllam.
The governor of Culm said the British people hud taught the V. s. haw
to colonize  a   new country.
Richard McPhurllu, uf St. Thomas,
Ont., wns fatally injured by a premature explosion on Queen's Birthday.
Tin* American Baptist Rducutfonnl
society, which has $110,000,0110 Invested
lu education, met in San Francisco.
Owing to the ravages td yellow fever
tlio PreilCll town of liraud Bassam. iu
Trench Guiana,   has  been  evacuated.
The Germans have received the imperial edict of 01)Inn nssontlng tn the
construction of the Tieu-Tsln-Ctilnn-
Kiang railway.
The Canadian Pacific Hallway1 company
on u fast transcontinental train, to lw
called the '���Imperial limited," about the
inUklle of  June.   .
Thursday�� Mny ti.".
The tuberculosis congress assembled nt
The Victorias defeated the Winnipeg*
at lacrosse.
Several fires were started in Winnipeg by incendiaries.  .
The .Manitoba Dairy association held
a mooting nt Stelnbncli,
A plowing match will lw held lu the
Oak Lake district la   June.
The Brondon turf club held their annual Queen's   Birthday  races.
Pacific coast Jobbers arc in St. Pan
conferring on railway rates.
The I*. S. Presbyterian assembly sent
a  cablegram  to  Queen  Victoria.
Wednesday. May   '-M.
The King or  Denmark is   seriously ill.
Seven negroes were lynched In '.Mexico
without ft trial.
Umpire dny wns generally observed
throughout Canada.
The Prince or Wales sold sixty hack-
ncy-s at au tifmual sale.
The  members   nf     the peace   igres's
committee selected officers.)
A pipe foundry to employ 500 men may
lie cslabllshed at  Fort William.
Fourteen persons were drowned tu the
Danube by a   ferry boat UptiOtttUg-
Tlie Intcr-Puchic exnlbltiou will bo
held in   Calgary early in   September.
Mark Twain will be Introduced lo the
Emperor of   Austria on the "j-tttli lust.
Mrs. Mary Livermore, the literary
Woman, has burned all her manuscripts,
Admiral Dewey was too Ut to attend
the Queen's Birthday dinner nt Horn;
The White Pass railway will be completed from Sknguny to Bennett by the
���Uli July.
Sir William Van Home paid a hiu.li
tribute to the Oallclan settlers iu tho
The Filipino commissioners   are   w
satisfied with the terms of   the U. .s.
peace commission.
The linn It or B. N. A. bus subscribed
��l.oiHi fur the relief of the Dawson
City fire sufferers.
The natives of Palawan, one of tho
Philippine group, asked for the protection of   the  British  flag.
A London paper 1ms stuted that Queen
Victoria will undergo nn operation for
her cye-slglit  Improvement.
The programme for the Kith session of
the Manitoba and Northwest Methodist
conference Is announced. It will us.
sendde lu Winnipeg the second week In
Very valuable Remedy in nil
affections oi the
Large Bottlo, 25c
Prop'., of Perry Davis' Pain-Killer       ���**
1'h.vsii-inns Refused.
Buffalo, May 2(1.���Geo. H. Kiuter
nud Elinabeth L. Kinter, hia wife, well
known iu Christian Science circles in
this city, were arrested yesterday on
warrants i-ln-.rgiiii** them with man-
slaughter, iu causing; the death of
Ralph L. Saunders, nine years old,
who witli his parents, had linen visitino*
at Fort Porter. Warrants ou the same
charge were also issued for Mr. aud
Mrs. Jas. 0. Saunders, tlio parents of
tbe child. It is alleged in the com
plaint which was sworn ont against
Mr. aud Mrs. Kiuter and Mr. and Mrs.
Saunders, that the death of little Ralph
wns caused from double pneumouio,
and that criminal negligence was committed by'those in charge of the boy.
It is said that Ralph was taken sick
three weeks ago and grew rapidly
worse, aud Mr. aud Mrs. Kiuter were
called iu, The parents of the sick
child absolutely refused to have the
services of physicians.
A Illslii.p mill Five Hong Kong Clergy-
, men In the Mom-talon,
Banff, Alta.. May 28.���Bishop Moret
and tive French clergymen bound from
Hong Kong to Rome, who sought to
break their journey across the continent, after landing at Vancouver a few
days ago, by spending a couple of days
in the Canadian National park at this
"She Carries HerxHeart
on Her Sleeve"
What a boon (o many a man or woman If this were literally *o���How many spirits aro brokoi
because thia particular organ ii shackled by disease���and yet how many times has Dr.
Agnew's Curo for the Heart brushed against tho grim reaper and robbed him of his victim.
Diseases of tbe heart are by far the most treacherous of ailments which afflict humanity���ruthless
to old and young alike���not insidious but violent, for when the heart foils the whole system
suffers violence. Discussing causes here will not
console the suffering one. The one great yearn of
the heart-.sickened patient is how to get relief and x
cure. Dr. Agnew'a Core for the Heart stands preeminently to-day as the star of hope to sufferers front
heart trouble, and so far past the experimental period
that thousands to-day proclaim, in no uncertain sound*,
the belief that were it not for this great remedy they
world have long ago passed into the great beyond.
Most eminent doctors, whom heart cases have baffled, have
tested Dr. Agnew's claims, and to-day they prescribe it in
their practice as the quickest and safest heart remedy known
to medical science. What are the symptoms ? Palpitation, fluttering, shortness of breath, weak and irregular pulse, swelling of
feet and ankles, pain in the left side, chilly sensations, fainting
spells, uneasiness in sleeping, dropsical tendency and as many
more indications that the heart Is deranged. Dr. Agnew'a
Cure for tbe Beart is n heart specific; and no case too acute
to find relief from it inside of thirty minutes���a powerful cure.
Mrs, Jno. Fitzmtrick, of C.ananoque, Ont,, after having been treated
by eminent physicians for heart disease of five years' standing, waidla-
cliaryi.il from the hospital as a hopeless incurable. She suffered from
acute pain and palpitation, her feet and ankles swollen, and there was
every tendency to the dropsical form of heart disease, but the lady procured Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart as she declared, as a last hope.
One dose relieved her of a very acute spasm In leu than thirty minutes,
and three bottles cured her���no t a symptom of the trouble remaining
Cosductor Willuh G. Lucas, of the N. A W.R.R., and living at
Hagarstown,MdM suffered for years with acute valvular form of heart
disease���cost blm many a " lay off" from bis dally duties on tha rood,
. ..    .  and he spent a small fortune In remedies and treating with heart
peclolists In promise of a cure, and all ended In disappointment, until a good friend, who had been
xineflted, recommended Dr, Aatiew'a Cure for the Heart. He tried lt, and found It gave him relief and
comfort almost immediately. lie contlnui'd its use until a few bottles were taken,and to-day bo's well and
strong, and says, " Tell all heart sufferers that 1 can highly recommend this great remedy."
DR. AONBW'S OINTMENT cures eczema, salt rheum, tetter, scald head and all Itching skin diseases t
cures piles in three to five nights.  35 cents.
DR. AONBW'S CATARRHAL POWDER relieves cold in tha bead or hay fever In ten mlnutes-wlll
cure most stubborn and long standing catarrh cAses quickly and permanently.
DR. AONBW'S LIVER PILLS cure constipation, biliousness, sick headache, torpid liver-clear the
sUd. 4odows* ��o cents. ""8
so x,r> By a. a. wabrsk *
Every woman wear*
a crown who is the
mother of a healthy
baby. The mother of
a puny, sickly, peevish baby bears a
cross, It rests with
every woman to decide for herself which
kind of a mother sbe
will be.
Tbe woman who
takes the right
care of herself
during the months
preceding maternity may rest
content in the assurance that her
baby will be a
strong, healthy,
happy one. The
woman who suffers from disor-
]<lcrs uf the distinctly feminine
organism during this critical period, and
fails to resort to the right remedy, is pretty
sure to have a puny, pefevisb, sickly baby,
bum intu the world with the seeds of weakness and disease already implanted in its
little bodv. L)r. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription is the best of all medicines for
prospective mothers. It imparts health,
strength, vigor, aud elasticity lo the delicate and important organs that bear the
brunt of motherhood. It prepares a woman for the time of trial and danger. It
strengthens and invigorates, and insures the
perfect well-being and absolute health of
both mother and child. It does away with
the squeuinisbucss of the interesting period. It makes sure uu ample supply of
nourishment for the little new-comer. It
transforms weak, sickly, nervous and despondent invalids into healthy, happy
wives and mothers. Thousands of homes
lo which babies once came to stay bul for a
brief day and then die, now bless this wonderful medicine for the gift of happy,
healthful babies.
The dealer wbo tries to persuade you to
take some other medicine, than that you
nsk for insults vour intelligence.
"The best doctors in Kansas City told me that
unless I went to the hospital and nntl au operation performed I could uot live," writes Miss
Broohlc Rallowav, ol Wilder, Johnson Co..
Kaiis. "! hud ulceration and weakness, aud
each month I would get down in lied and suffer
severely for tweuty-four hours, l-'our bottles of
your' Favorite Prescription ' cured me."
For constipation���Dr. Pierce's Pellets.
poiut, were rescued tins morning from
11 perilous position in a mountain crevice, l'esterday morning at seven
o'clock they -started without guides to
wake the ascent of Sulphur mountain
and lost their way. Today they owe
their lives to the sagaciy and experience of Swiss guides recently introduced by the authorities^ look after
the welfare of travellers aud hunting
parties visiting the Canadian Rockies.
The bishop and his parly-Jwero not
missed from their hotel until fen
o'clock last night, nnd the matter having been reported to the-superintendent,
thn hitter directod tlm Alpine guides to
at once make a search armed with Ian*
terns upon their mission After a night
of tedious tramping among :he pines of
the mountain-side, tliey were rewarded
by hearing their echoing calls answered
from a slight crevice iu the rook into
which a false step had precipitated the
S7\xll/ COIWIIJIPTIOM ������.��
IitmHw        an Lt'-t'G DMBAin,
\LLV��VJ ,  ���i-iT-riM* or blood.
TI r   ��� cough, una
a+-rL'     ***������ '     or APPE-mi.
DUIIITV. Mc kneel, ot tkU nrlltl.
���ra ml muireak
Br tha lid of Th. D. * L. EmnUlon, I hi*,
gotten rldof .backing cough which had troubled
ne for over . year, ud nave gained consider-
thly In weight.
T. H. WINGHAM, C.E., Uontreal.
80c. ind (I per Bottle
DAVIS & LAWRENC1! CO., Limited,
party. Though tl.p ciuvice trait but
twenty feet tleop, Uie clergymen foantl
themselves Limbic, to gain the ledge
from which they had slipped. Hopes
were lowered bythe guides and the
resnne from the perilons position was
quickly made. The prerions afternoon
aud night had been speut in the crevice, 1,1100 feet from the foot of the
mountain, the height of whLh wus
7.000 feet nud clothed with a pine forest. Bishop Moret, who has travelled
much, declared thut lie and his party
had ultuost abandoned all hope of i-es-
Illmki-il With Ice.
St. John's, Nfld., May 20.���Tiie
whole northeast coast of the island has
been blocked with ice for the last six
weeks, the result being that navigation
along the coast has been praoiically
impossible. The people iu many sections aro now destitute of provisions,
owing to the inability to replace their
supplies, and the commercial operations
of almost the entire people have been
suspended. The fishery outfitting for
Labrador and the offshore Ashing
grounds will be quite ont nf the question nntil the ice blockade is raised.
The mail steamer Virginia Lake, which
attempted to proceed north, failed to
force ber way through the floes, and
was co.-jpelled to return to this port.
Fishing vessels froir St. John's, bound
for Labrador, have to skirt around the
south coast of the islauj, and to work
through the Straits of Belle Isle.
THE    liUll.Ul.Ml   TltADES    UEAD-
Contractors and Carpenters Have Sot
Selected the Arbitrators to
Settle the Strike.
Winnipeg, May 20.-��� The holiday
had the effect of delaying progress in
the settlement of the carpenter's strike.
The greater part of the day being spent
iu getting the men together to decide
on an arbitrator to represent them iu
the arbitration proceedings. Several
names were proposed, bnt the contractors would not accept them uud the situation remains unchanged.
Some misunderstanding seems to
have been caused as to what should
qualify a man to net as au arbitrator.
Mr. Geo. Gnlt was nominated by the
contractors us their representative, and
accepted by the carpenters. The Bricklayers' union held a full meeting last
night r.t 10 o'clock, when the following
resolution was unanimously passed:
"Until the two arbitrators are appointed to i ome to au arrangement iu tbe
carpenters' strike, tbe carpenters, bricklayers, stone cutters, and masons refuse
to continue work, and u full meetiug
will be held at I). Ill) o'clock Thursday
to further consider the whole question."
A deadlock was caused in the carpenters' strike situation this morning by
the refusal of the contractors to accept
the member of the arbitration board,
ncmiruted by the strike committee.
The strikers hare up to date nominated
Messrs. J. Appleton, of tho Franklin
Press, and Gee. Saults, of the Free
Press job department, both of whom
wero rejected by the contractors on tbe
ground that they were not business
men. The strikers this morning nominated Mr. William Scott, manager of
the H. A. Lister Creamery company,
and submitted his name to a joint
meeting of the contractors and strikers
beld this morning in the rooms over the
Criterion. The contractors reserved
their decision nntil evening at tl
o'clock. Both sides are determined to
proceed with the arbitration and a settlement may be looked for in the near
Winnipeg, May SO.���The two committees which are handling tbo strike
arbitration for the carpenters and contractors decided on a man to represent
the carpenters in the person of J. A.
McKercbar last night. It is probable
that work will bo resumed today.        ,
Tlte 0, J*, it. Have Ueoiileil  ta Krect A
Kino Hot,*! Hull,111,B la the City.
Winnipeg, May at;.���During the past
few years rumors of the iutentiou of
the O. P. R. company to build a large
hotel iu Wiuripeg bare beeu started
and periodically rerired, only to bo
dieptored by tbe non-niaterialiratiou of
the alleged project. These rumors were
usually inveuted by people whose
wisnes were father to the thought.
Now, howerer, tbey are to have their
wishes realized, for the company have
at last taken np the question, and have
decided to erect a fine hotel here.
Mauager Whyte announced this fuct
yesterday. He stated to a press repre-
sentatire that the hotel will bo a modern one in erery particular, and of an
nrchitectual design tliat will be an ornament to the city. As to the size of
the building, Mr. Whyte wonld uot
giro detuils, but said it wonld be in
keeping with requirements, leaving the
inference that it will be a very large
one. Regarding the site, Mr. Whyte
was nou-comn-uuicutive, as it has uot
yet been finally decided upon. It is
likely that the foundation will be put
in this year, and the building completed in 1900.
>\MtSisi      ROL15 pwce��ioo
WWromt      n
Condensed News by Wire.
Lindsay, May 26.���Abont 9 o'clock
yesterday morning, while two little
boys were playing iu the vicinity cf
the Flavelle Milling company's mill,
one of them, a lad ten yean of age, sou
of George Woods, a fireman on the
Grand Trunk railway, fell into tbe
river and was drowned. It was au
hour before bis companion, a much
yousger lad, oould explain fully w'-iat
had occurred, and it was tben too late
to resuscitate the little fellow.
Montreal, May 20.���Frank Kennedy,
local manager of the Bank of Nova
Scotia, died this forenoon, after a few
days' illness from pleurisy. Mr. Kennedy contracted the cold, which led to
his death, by the staff of the bank
moving too quickly from their old
quarter.-, on the comer of St. Francois
Xavier and St. James streets, to their
beautiful new offices on tbe corner of
St. John street.
Pekin, May 25.���Tbe Russian minister here has notified tbe tsuug li yum-
eu that Russia is unable to accept the
Chinese refusal of a railroad concession
and that she will send engineers forthwith to survey a line to connect the
Russian Manohnrian railroad with Pekin.
New York, May 20.���Nightingale's
silk mill at Pnterson, N.J., wits completely destroyed by fire yesterday.
Tbe loss is estimated at (60,000, partially insured. The origin of the firfe
is unknown.
Vancouver, May 26.���Attorney Saw-
era has a practical scheme to annul the
alien act, which excludes Americans in
Atlin, It is endorsed by Sir Hibbert
Tnpper and other legal lights.
London, Mny 20.���The Daily News
announces this morning 11 new Saturday illustrated weekly competing with
the Saturday illustrated edition of the
Daily Mail.
Montreal, May 20.���The O. P. R.
traffic receipts for the week ending
May 21st were 1629,000; for tbe same
week last year, these were (611,000.
Fontainebleau, France, May 20 ���
Rosa Bonbenr, tbe famous animal
painter is seriously ill witb congestion
of ths lungs.
Cairo, Egypt, May 20.���Two more
cases of the plague have been reported
at Alexandria, making four in all.
I London, May   20.���Viscount Esher,
the late master ot the rolls, is dead..
Paris, May 20.���There was a lively
scene in the chamber of deputies here
ysterday. During tbe debate ou Algeria, M. Ruounet, Radical-Socialist,
representing oue of the divisions of tbe
Seine, made a rabid attack upon the
anti-Semite organ iu the press gallery,
shouted, "You are a cur." The uproar
was terrific and finally the newspaper
men were evicted.
Victoria, B. C, May 26, ���A big
quartz, strike has been made near Al-
berni averaging {2,000 to the ton.
Little (llrl Drowned.
Windsor, May 27.���Marguerite,  the
n-yeor old daughter of John Calvert, of
this plaoe. fell into tbe river last night
and was drowned.
Havana, May 26.���At tho bunqoel
given lost night at the Hotel Inglaterre,
toasts ot Queen Victoria aud the President of the United States were received
with enthusiasm. Governor General
Brooke, responding to the toast of
"The United States," said that wherever Great Britains' flag was planted
there was law, order and derelopiuent.
He believed the same trne in the case
of tbe United States, who had been
taught how to do so by Great Britain.
Opening of
First steamer from Fort William
TUESDAY, 0th May; thereof ter every
Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
Connecting trains from Winnipeg
erery Monday, Thursday and Saturday at i p, m.
Cheap One Way
For information and full particulars
apply to nearest agent, or address
Traffic Manager, .'
St. Petersburg, May 26.���Farther
advices from Riga, the capital of tbe
Baltic provinoe of Livonia, say that tbe
military in suppressing the rioting between Lettish and Lithnniau workmen
at that plaoe ou Saturday and Sunday
last killed twelve persons and wounded
fifty.         ;,
Montreal, May 20.���Hon. P. E. Tie-
llano, M.L.A. for Laral, had his pocket pioked of 185 at the Conservative
convention in Sherbrooke yesterday.
A supply of Building Lime for sale.
Plan, prepared.  Prompt attention
iriveu to order*.
"-.'".   HOTEL.
Good    fit-rominodatloit    foi    prospectors   ��ud
Freighter..   FIi-bi-c-Iush mewls.
���Wholesale ami Retail���
Cattfe, Shetp And Hone Dealers.
JAMBS BEADY, D.li S. & P. L. S.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Am'n Imt. M. E.
A rent for obtaining Crown Grant*, doing
annual auestment work, etc.
Address:   OOLDEN,  B. C.
in.TK>ns In this state to mnnaifd our
taulncssIn their own and m-ar-hr counties. It
1m maliilv fillicc work conducted at home. Sat*
ury stratKlit twxj a year and expenses���definite,
Lountlde, no more, no leas salary. Monthly |?L
Reference. Encloed self-add > eased stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
persons In this state to aianujro om
business iu their own and near-by counties. It
Is mainly office work conducted at home. Salary straight *900 a year and expeiises-deUnite
bonaflde. no more, no leas salary. Monthly?;.'*..
Reference. Enclose self-addressed, stumped
envelope, Herbert K. Hess, I'rest., Dept. M
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deeds attested. Parties represented in
folice court, Small D.bts eourt and
County court. Accounts collected and
disputed claims adjusted.
Working anil Dividend Paying Mines
in various parts of British Columbia.
Gold Quarti, Copper, Oold, and Silver-
Lend Prospect, and Developed Properties
on Bond.
Reports and information furnished
regarding mining properties.
Stocks in British Columbia mines
bought and sold.
Haggen's Assay Office is now fitted up.
Assays made promptly and carefully.
Uates on application.
0*ble Address:   KANAGAN, Oolden.
Codes in use t Moieuig It Ktal, and
Bedford McNeill.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Kigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
A.   0.   HAMILTON,
Rubber Stamps.
Orders tor Rulilier Stamps and Seals will,be
ratelveil nt t> e (liildiro Era Offlec mill executed
witli pl-tiiuptltude.
The Gulden Kra Company,
Limited ..ialilltty
$^WE   PRINT*3������
Ull.l.   HEADS,
S.nd as your orders.
That is what wc are here for.
The (Men Era Company,
Limited Luhimtt.
Address 1   UOLDEN, B. C. .
T "H E
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Haths.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Navigation & Tramway Company, Ltd.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.  P.  R. at  Golden,  B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
C. H. Parson,
And Very Pr.otly Have Bis Keteon.
Pot Not Uolnu So.
lt was one of the oldest streets in one
of the country's oldest cities. The friend
from the west had been looking at the
hotel which waa affording shelter to an
endless army of people. The owner of
the bnilding watched them come and go
without caring whence or whither, so
long as they paid their bills, thereby
enabling the landlord to keep np his
"That's a fine place." remarked the
friend from the west.
"Yes. I'm lucky to have it."
"Of course it isn't so very modern in
"Oh, no; bnt it payB a first class in-
terest on the investment "
"Never afraid of fire, are yon ?'
"Not in the leant."
"You've taken precaution against
these horrors which have been so common?"
"I attended to all that the first
"So yon never have any occasion to
"Not the slightest. My mind is perfectly easy. Of course yon needn't say
anything about it, bnt I've got the old
place insured right np to tbe full limit
of its valuation."   ���
And the man from the west realised
for tbe ten thousandth time that while
this is a very beautiful world, it has
some mighty rongh streaks in it.���
Washington Star.
A Sound Institution.
Bank Director���I am surprised, sir,
to learn that yon drop Into onr bank
every dny and whisper tips to onr cashier. Don't yon know the information
must be a great temptation to him to
use the bank funds to speculate with ?
Wealthy Broker���Yes.
"And yet yon are a heavy stockholder
in our bank."
"Jnst so.'
"Then, in the name of common sense,
what's yonr motive?"
"Well, the fact is, I don't know
whether yonr cashier is honest or not.
But if he isn't honest and if he does
use the bank funds to speculate with I
want 1)iin to keep on the right side of
the market. See?"
Then wu tome one or other who bad a quaint
Of merrily toying "Furglt iti"
Don't keep ou bewailing your lotdsy by day.
It isn't your duty, so quit it
There's no ww complaining ot how things ar.
Thi. earth has its sorrow and likewise it. fun.
If you find you oan't right any mischief tbat'.
"Furglt Iti   Furglt Iti   Furglt Iti'
Grim winter haa lingered, but gnarly old tree.
-Strive for blooming und murmur "Furglt
And the echo la oaught by the whispering
Regret 1 They would never permit it.
Our troubles we've had, and we'll hav. tliem
But when snlaoe invite, only tolly seeks pain.
Let us grieve when we must and till th��
sound Iho strain,
'Furglt Iti   Furglt in   Furglt Iti'*
���Washington Star.
Mlnards Liniment Lumberman's Friend
A Question uf Tnate.
Mrs. Kindly���My good man, did yon
enjoy the flowers and homemade biscuit I sent yon ?
Bill de Bruiser���Yes'm; I've jist ate
de flowers, an de biscuits is np dere in
de winder beautifyin ms cell I���New
York Journal.
The healthy glow disappearing from the
oheekand moaning una restlessness at
night are sure symptoms of worms in
children. Do not fail to get a bottle of
Mother droves' Worm Kitermlnator* it Is
un effectual medicine.
Ill-* 1'io.hlrlit's JI.M.Mge.
The iiiii**'tg3 -which Vro-tldoiit ('lark
Rent In 1S84 to his Christian Kndeavor
hosts Is ri'i>nit,i*it by lilm thi., year, and
he oould not have chosen bettor words of
couns*d than those he uttered lb years
ago, when Im *ulU In jwrt:
"Ilni last tlozon years havo been years
of peculiar temptation to young people.
The standitrds of injiny c'hiirolMi in �����
garu to worldly amusements have been
lowered. Many iiriwt.li.tn which n dozen
years ago would have been utterly condemned, nro to-ilny admitted in some
IHirlstlau cliiilos The strain put upon
many young ('hristtnns by this conformity to tin, world all uruuml them has
been ulmom, iiiil��-:ir.tl,lH. and some, alas,
have yielded to It. Look this matter ot
worldllne-H ��|Uarely in tho face. Decide
whut you ought to do us a yoiiiiit Chris*
linn. Do not bn laughed or browbeaten
out uf your convictions. Lift up your
banner and stand to your colors."
Wo gladly give those wonts wider currency, both l-mitis** of their worth and
because they nro applicable to a lurgur
coiistltuency than that even whioh ts
comprised in tl-.e mighty nnny cf Christian Ktidmvur.
JUST THE THING THAT'S "WANTED.���A pill that acts upon th. stomach
and yet Is no compounded that certain Ingredients of lt preserve their power to aot
upon the Intestinal canals, so as to dear
them of excreta, the retention of whioh
cannot but be hurtful, was long looked
for by the medical profession. It was
found In Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
wbloh are tbereaultof mnch.xpratitady,
and are scientifically prepared as a laxative aad nn alterative in one.
Bvfd.no.-a of Springtime.
"BUI, here comes th. book agent, an
the llghtnln rod man, an the clock pod-
dlor, an the wire fence feller, an the gtinn-
ner distributer chap, an the heathen subscription woman, an the caterpillar exterminator, an the man that euros chills
while you shake, an cf spring alu't hero
now nil I'vo got to say Is���signs ts mighty
ticcclvln. Turn the key on mc an thon go
lock yersolf in the barn. "���Atlanta Con.
Keep Minard's Liniment In the home.   | MlUN'l UlilOt tl M H PlrfCilB.
A Well-known Canadian Notary Publio
Suffered for 35 Yearn���Permanently
Cured by Clarke'. Kola Compound.
R. D. Pitt, Esq., Kamloops, writes: "I bad
suffered foi-at least SQ year, from the great
oiipreaatvenen ot asthma and shortness of
breath, i tied during these years nonsuited
many physicians and tried all the -remedies, until the doctor told me I might get temporary relief, but 1 would be always troubled. I tried Dr.
Clarke's Kola Compound, and after taking the
tlrst battle 1 became greatly relieved, and three
bottle, Imve i-ompletely cured me. 1 ean now
breathe as naturally as ever, anil asthma doe.
not trouble me in the least. I teel It mv duty
to bear testimony to the marvellous eft'--*-t this
rrini'il v baa bad In mv case, and would time all
.uttering Irom tills disease to try Clarke'. Ivjla
Compound, a, only those who have Buttered all
these years aa 1 have can appreciate what a
blessing this reinedy must prove to sutTerem
from asthma." Tbree bottles ol Clarke's Kola
Compound are guaranteed to cure. A free
sample will be sent to any person troubled with
asthma. Address, The Griffiths & Mai-pherson
Co., 121 Church Street, Toronto, and Vancouver, B.C., Bole Canadian Agents. Hold by
all druggists. When writing Ior sample mention this paper.
Clarke's Kola Compound Is the only permanent cure for asthma; lt Is now sucet-sslully
used throughout the leading hospitals in Eng*
lund and Canada.
Trick Jewelry.
All sorts of trick jewelry is to be
fonnd both for men and women. A
sporting man has a representation of "n
favorite racer in a pin, and by pressing
a tiny bntton it is set in motion and
gallops along as natural as life. A humorous lawyer has a watch with a concealed reservoir of perfumery which can
be sprayed into the face of a friend
when it is being wonnd, if the owner so
desires, and a woman with a heavy
bracelet can give too inquisitive friends
an electric shock. The up to date bracelet is quite heavy enough to allow the
insertion of a battery.
But all these things are as nothing to
tbe "Klondike tooth." It is a gold shell
lo fit on over a tooth, and the great delight of it is, as the vendor says, that
it can be "slipped on and off 1U0 times
a day."
Parmelee'a Vegetable Pills are compounded for use In any climate, and they will
be fonnd to preserve their powers In any
latitude. In fever and ague they act upon
the secretions and neutralize the poison
whioh has found Its way into tbe blood.
They correct the impurities which find
entrance Into the system through drinking water or food, and If nsed as a preventive fevers are avoided.
Built Like n Sliurfc.
A ship repairer who has a shop front
ing the river and near the Lake Street
bridge has conceived something new in
his methods for propelling boats. In his
shop he hus a beat nearly completed
whicli resembles a man eating shark.
It is 18 feet in length, as narrow as a
racing boat and designed to hold one
person. The tail and fins, which are
elastic plates, act precisely like those of
a fish and are manipulated by internal
The principal advantage claimed for
the boat is the small amount of force
required to propel it, for when the
plates are moved and bend tbe action
of the water on tbe convex part will
produce a push forward, when they
springbuck by virtue of their elasticity.
and another push will result, thus to it
large extent utilizing the movement of
tbe waves. If this invention proves
successful, next summer will probably
see tbe park lakes dotted with vessels
looking more like marine creatures than
pleasure craft
Tho winners of th. sewing machines In
tbe Royal Crown Soap Go. 's competition
for the week ending slay 30th are as follows: Winnipeg, Mrs. J. H. Frost, 1188
Logan avenue; Manitoba, Oscar Plrton,
St, Norbsrt; Northwest Territories, W. A.
Logan, Wapella, Asaa. All persons wish-
log to enter this competition must have
their coupons In before six o'clook on
Saturday, th. 27th Inst., as it will be discontinued after that date. The last drawing will take plaoe on Monday, May 29th.
Some Tennessee Riflemen.
A yum is told iu Manila, and it concerns tbe prison and two Tennessee volunteers. A Filipino convict had climbed
the prison wall and was running for
dear life through the open. Two long
legged Tennesseeans were on guard
duty.   They knelt to fire.
"I don't gness it's more than 300
yards," said one qnietly.
"I reckon it's most 500," said the
other, as if he were discussing the
The prisoner was running like a deer
and rapidly approaching the undergrowth around innumerable little huts,
where he would be Bate.
"Call it 400," suggested the first
Tennesseean in a conciliatory tone.
They adjusted their sights, aimed
nnd fired. The escaping convict fell,
and the, two Tennesseeans went ont til
bring in what was left of htm.
"If he's hit in the head, it's my
shot," said one.
"I aimed low, acco'din to a'my regn
lations," drawled the other.
The convict wns found with one bnllet
through tbe back of his head and another through the lower end of his
spine. They know how to shoot in the
mountains of Tennessee.���Harper's
There are oases of consumption so far
advanced that Blokle'sAntl-Oonsnmptlve
Syrup will not our., but none so bad that
it will not give relief. For ooughs, oolds
and all affections ot the throat, Tnngsand
ohest, lt Is a apeolfio whioh has never been
known to fall. It promotes a free and
easy expectoration, thereby removing the
phlegm, and gives the diseased parts a
chance to htal.
Tke Moth and tk. name.
Moths fly against the candle flame be*
cause thoir eyes oan bear only a small
amount of light. When, therefore, they
come within the light of a candle, their
sight Is overpowered and their vision oon*
fused, and as they cannot distinguish objects they pursue the light Itself and fly
against the Heme.
Hie Own Da...
Small Boy���Say, Mr. Druggist, ma sent
me to buy 10 krautien' worth of ood liver
oil, but don't give too good measure, for
I'r. got to take It���Der Floh*
Seelnir Snakes.
Drunkards, and especially peopl. suffering from delirium tremens, "see snakes'
(says an eminent oculist) because of the
presence In certain veins of the eye of
dark, pulsating blood, as a result of alcoholism, which produces snakes In appearance and motion. Hitherto lt has
been supposed that the "snakes" which
men reported having seut in their alcoholic
delirium were simply creatures ot th.
imagination. Now we are told that then
hallucinations have an actual basis. Statistics on this subject collected by tbe oculist show that 95 per cent of the visual
hallucinations experienced In delirium
tremens consist of serpents In one form or
HE HAS TRIED IT.-Mr. John Anderson, Klnlosi, writes: "I venture to say
few, if any, have received greater benefit
from the use of Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio Oil
than 1 have. I have used it regularly for
over ten years, and have recommended lt
to all sufferers I knew of, and they also
found lt of great virtue In cases of severe
bronchitis and Incipient consumption."
A Pushing; Young Woman.
In a number of local business houses
the novel plan of a yonng woman who
has started out to earn her own living
is being much discussed. With a satchel
hung over her shoulder the new toiler
enters a store or office und announces
that she hns patent leather shoe blacking for sale and proceeds to dilate on
its virtues.
Finally she insists upon trying the
polish on the shoes of one of the men
present, and, dropping to her knees,
she starts to work before the astonished
victim has had time to summon up
courage to say "Nol" After putting a
high polish on one of the shoes the
young woman stops to extol again the
good qualities of that which she has to
sell, and then she urges the man to bny
a bottle.
The price being rather high, the business man generally declines to purchase
at first, but after the woman has risen
antl he realizes that he is to be left with
one shoe brightly shined nnd the other
untouched he consents to make the purchase. The woman then polishes the
other shoe, hands over a bottle of the
fluid, receives her money, smiles and
Chronic llronohltls Cured.
Mr. Charles E. Keid, the leading
druggist ot Revelstoke, 1). C, says: "I
have every reason to believe Griffiths
Menthol Liniment will oure chronic
bronchitis. A lady customer says she has
bean troubled with ohninio bronchitis for
years, and that this liniment has cured
her completely. It always gives the best
satisfaction to my customers. *!.", cents.
All druggists.
More Fact Than Fletlon.
Miss Worth���It's considered impolite
to give jewelry to a girl to whom you're
not engaged.
Mr. Strong���By whom ?
Miss Worth���By all the other girl*
���Jewelers' Weekly.
lit Ior mart's Liniment ami take m oibsr.
But the Lawyer Lost HI. client In
the Hove.
A good story Is told of a Kansas City
lawyer. He Is more of a corporation lawyer than anything else, but once in awhile
he has been called upon to show his knowledge of criminal law. It was not so very
long ago that he was In Oklahoma, and he
undortook the defense of a nogro who had
killed a white man. Tho feeling against
the negro was Intense, nnd it had been
only through the most strenuous efforts of
the officers that he had been permitted to
live for his trial. It was very evident that
an unprejudiced jury could not bo obtained In the little placo whore tho crime was
committed, and it was the intention of the
Kansas City man to ask for a change of
venue. After he had worked on the case
for some time he ascertained that the
judge was going to deny anything liko a
change and that his man was to be tried
and hanged as soon as possible. The lawyer thought long and hard ovor the matter
and finally hit upon a scheme which he
thought would bo successful in influencing
the court.
By the liberal use of money he succeeded in securing a dozen men who, when the
nogro was brought into the courtroom,
wero to cry: "Hang him! Hang him!"
The lawyer thought that this would bo
evidence of the prejudtco against his client
that could not bo overlooked by tbo court.
Tho day for the trial arrived, nntl the
defendant was brought into court. As
soon as ho mado his appearance a dozen
shouts went up:
"Hang Is 1 in 1 Hang lilml Hang the
black scoundrel!"
Tho cry was taken up all over tho courtroom, whilo the attorney smiled to himself
as he saw his littlo scht-iuu succeed; but.
to his horror, tho cries redoubled in force,
the crowd surged in nil irresistible wavu
toward tho prisoner, and before lt could
bo prevented tho negro was taken out
and hanged to a convenient tree.
The youug Kansas Olty attorney now
confines himself entirely to corporation
law and politics.
Cure of
Perhaps you've suffered with constipation for years, tried all the pills and purgatives you ever heard or read of, without
getting any more relief than the one dose
of the medicine afforded.
Then you were left worse than before,
bowels bound harder than ever, the constipation aggravated instead of cured.
All the miseries of constipation���Headache, Sick Stomach, Biliousness, Pimples,
Eruptions, Blood Humors, Blotches, Piles,
and a thousand and one other ills crowded
back on you again with redoubled severity.
Wouldn't you consider it a blessing to
be cured of your constipation so that it
would stay cured ? So that a repetition of
all the suffering you have endured would
never come again? Burdock Blood
Bitters can cure you���cure so that the
cure will be permanent.
That's where it differs from all other
remedies. It makes a thorough renovation of the whole intestinal tract, tones
the bowel wall, acts on the liver and
stomach, and causes all the digestive and
secretory organs to so work harmoniously
and perform their functions properly and
perfectly that constipation, with all its
attendant sickness, sufieringand ill health,
become a thing of the past.
M iss Arabella Jotie, living at 99 Carr>6re
Street, Montreal, Que., bears out all we
say in regard to the efficacy of Burdock
Blood Bitters in curing constipation permanently.   This is her statement t
" For over a year I suffered a great
deal from persistent constipation and
could only get temporary relief from the
various remedies I triettjintil I started
using Burdock Blood Bitters. I am thankful to .say that this remedy
has completely and permanently cured me and
J have hail no return of
Jhe canst ifiat ion.
HU Idea of the Process.
"As I understand it," said the heathen, "yon propose to civilize me."
"Exactly bo."
"Von mean togetnieout of habitiof
idleness and teach ine to work."
"Thnt is the idea."
"And then lend me to simplify my
methods nnd invest things to make my
work lighter."
"Aud next I will become ambitions
to get rich, so that I won't have to
work at all."
"Well, what's tbe use of taking snch
a roundabout way of getting jnst
where I started v I don't have to work
now. "���Washington Star.
Liniment asked for at my store and tbe
ouly one we keep for sale.
AU the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, O.B.
A Fulsome Compliment.
During Mr. Cleveland's tour of the
south shortly after his marriage Mrs.
Cleveland and he were driving ono day
through the streets of one of tho larger
towns escorted by two of its citizens.
Some one threw a bunch of violets to Mrs.
Cleveland, and Mr. Cleveland bent forward to catch It, remarking as he presented lt, "I wonder why no one gives me
One ot the gentlemen present gallantly
replied, "We think you have won the fair*
est flower In all the land I"
"Ah, yes," returned the president,
���'but, you see, I can't keep her In water!"
"It Is not necessary, since you keep her
tn such excellent spirits," was the reply.
Here Mrs. Cleveland interposed, saying,
"lam afraid you are guilty of flattery,'
whereupon came the reply:
"So, madam. Flattery is fulsome compliment, and In this Instance no compliment could be either too frank or too ful-
somel" Tho charm of this response lies
In the last and fourth from the lost words,
Mrs, Cleveland's maiden name being
Frances Folsoui.���Luilics' Home Journal
Are your corns hardo; to remove than
those that others huve hadf Have they
not had the same kind1? Have they not
been cured by using Holloway's Corn
Cure? Try a bottle.
The finest looking people of Europe are
the Tziganes, or gypsies, of Hungary
Kvery hair has two oil glands ar, Its base
In London Lite Containing
Condensed Wisdom for
A baker
Living at
237 Dundas Street,
London, Out,,
Geo. Roberts by name,
Thev cured him.
Pain in the Back;
His Urine
Was red-colored
And painful
In passage.
The cure through
Was quick and complete.
That's how they always ut,
Because they're
For kidneys only.
If you have
Sick kidneys
Don't experiment
With an unknown remedy.
Take no substitute for
"Sine. Reggy got thst n.ir check
golflng suit lie eats in checks ud Htm
in checks and sleep, in checks."
"Doe. he talk in checks*"
"No, ha make, his papa do thai "���
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
If Ha Paul Then.
Tailor���What a nonsensical laying
that is, that nine tailors make a man.
Customer���I should uy aa They
would be mora likely to break a man if
they all presented their bills at once.���
New York Journal.
Instead of playing a long engagement In
Manila Aguinaldo ha. decided on a number of on. night stands In the provinces.���
St. Louis Olobe-Demoorat.
A camera Sond at Manila fell lntoth.
hands of the Filipinos and was tortured.
Those Filipinos may not be utterly bad
after all.���New York Tribune.
A Manila restaurant now serve. "LIvr.
and Bacon. American Style." The neat
progressive jump may land that restaurateur in the "Corn. Beefe Hasche."���Denver Port.
"It doesn't require a palmist to read that
hand," remarked Aguinaldo pensively as
General Otis dropped four ace. on th.
board and reached for th. pll..���Mlnneap-
.lis Journal.
The disappointment caused by the mismanagement of the
Winnipeg branch of our business is such as to have advised a
To this end we commence with this announcement:
��� biggest WALL PAPER SALE
The mismanagement has been such as to accumulate a
ponderous stock, all of which will be sacrificed during this sale
to continue throughout June and July.
The head of the firm will remain in Winnipeg during the
closing of the business.
NOTE.���If you cannot visit the city send a postcard. Write: "Please
send samples of Wall Paper, for Ileilrtiiuii, Parlor or Hall, prices not higher
than 35c per single roll."   Sign name und address.
E. Gartly Parker
12 ADELAIDE ST. E., TORONTO.       ���	
I aaa offering wine attractive money making stock. Just now.   It will pay yon to
kM> la touch with me.    CODES!   Bedford McNeill's, (.lough's, Morelng �� Heals.
no Trick
To  mako Biscuits, Ruffles, etc., nice  and
light aad wholesome when you uie
Importer, of Or.c.rl.s     ����* �����<���������,
Witt DI, Hamilton, Out.    L. 8. * B. Splc
It destroys iIn- jmtehea uf living bacteria,
relieves tlm i>uln und Irritation, heals the
sores, nml umke-i the fkin whole and -sound.
I'KItslATIC Slii:i:i' nil* ts invaluable
for relieving (he animal of all vermin, fleas,
lioe, ticks! Insects, etc., and for the Cure
ol' itll Skin DImchh-kh. Uo not he jmt
oil' with ��n inferior article---get the best.
PKUN1AT1C SIlKKf DIP is the most
hltthly medicated and reliable Dip in thu
market.  At your dealers or direct from us.
Hoi  A, Miiutr-Ulr, Ont.
It 1, ansnrpused
(All made this season from Pure Manilii H-iiiih
Ask for Prices mid Sample..   Miiccfiii  Inducements to carload fluyci'H,
(Limited), Toronto.
Manufacturer*   nf   ManflH   mid   Msal
I Hinder   Twin*   ami   Hope   uf  every  description.
j    Instruction (riven by null to those who can*
not .ttend college.   Pull particulars on application to O. W. DONALD, Sec.
Winnipeg Business College.
I BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO ars the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnipeg
q WM I csn cure permanently ill
w> -W diseases peculiar to women,
such as displacements, Inflammations snd ulceration
  of womb, painful, suppressed and irregular menstruation, leucor
rha-a.etc. WRITE fo* FREE BOOK.
tn Julia B. htAiri. hi W* Mwtml, Qui.
Seal Brand Coffee,
reason enoughwhy.it is
In touch, tone and ill
Ish they have no equal.
Correspondents wanted In every town to .01
as agents.
KHIIl 11IIOS., 1ST King St., West,
Carrlac... wagons. Barrows. Windmills.
���0.  COOK8HUTT PLOW CO., Winnipeg.
w. if. v. its
Bay aitn-w them aad
y.e will He .tllrhte.
with results. �� aet
ttttttle. mooey retail.
tl. Maaaltutured tar
Barrow, Stewart A
mm, Hamilton, Can.
DINT, IM Frlaceii St^WiaalHl
ment at 10c in i-npllratlnn. or Urn bottla
MdraaWa (ion HnttU���xprMMd, 11.00.
Btmplt wt th looklat on UN hair, Uf pott-
National Binder Twine.
Maple Lake Station, Ont.
March loth, 1809.
National Fahmkhs' Co.,Toronto.
Dear Kin,���t received ibe National Bindtt
Twine, which we nre welt pleased with.   It fa
Sood. also the 14-karat gold-plated watch.   Vf\
link it Is lovulv, and gives good satisfaction.
With thanlu.   Yours truly,
i m
Well Paid
Who Is
3  C* .,-%i*'t��s^ffl��rr-r:*��
ft     ��*>��*,--^ ^. ���~ Almost
every  day
B, ni*>��i�� made to order devotees yield ta the hard sense
k proposition in our stock of
1    Shorey's...
Ready Tailored Clothing.
$  Fabric, style, fit, and tailoring guaranteed.    Why ��
I should a sensible man not profit by it ? |
jj These goods are always on hand at ��
G. B. MeDermot's,
LAKE  &  CO.,
have opened as
At        ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
m �� *
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Gamp Requisites.
por a pine Sait
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining1 Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
J{ot and Gold flaths.
Ullock & Barry,
318��t Proprietor..
Head of navigation on Columbia River.
The most, central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Mines for 1898 .* " A waggon road
could be built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-at a reasonable cost,
and will be ao built aa soon as it is justified by tbe mining development." ���
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, and
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon; cold, olear water the
y.ar round for household purposes, and splendid water power cloae to town.
Larg. and complete saw-mill (20 M. daily capacity) on the ground assures
.hup lumbar.
Tumi way, particularly so to investors wishing to build.
C. D. Iiang, Agent.
Th. workman often eat. his lunch
on th. same bmcb where h. does his
work. Ibe office man turns his desk
iato a dining-table. Neither get. the
cut of doors .xereise he needs, neither
takes the proper time for eating. It is
.mall wonder that tha digestion of both
gets out of order, In such case. Dr.
Pierce'. Pleasant Pellets come to their
assistance by aiding nature in taking
can of the food,
Th. came of nine-tenths of th. nick-
net. of th. world is constipation. From
this .ne cause come indigestion, dis-
orders of the stomach, liver and kidney
biliousness, headaches, flatulence,
heartburn, impurity of ths blood and
the serious complications that follow.
To begin with, constipation is a little
thing, and a little thing will cure it.
The ' Pleasant Pellets" are tiny, sugar-
coated granules, They will perfectly
cure the worst oase of constipation and
indigestion. If th. druggist trie, to
sell you some other pill that pays him
greater profit, just think ol what will
best pay you.
As showing the activity in mining
in Golden this season Mining Recorder
Lang issued about eighty miner's licenses during the past month,
P. Lund has'builtn substantial dyke
200 feet in length and 30 feat base, to
protect the farm lands west of Golden
against flooding by the Columbia
Messrs Cartwright and the Navigation Company have combined to build
a wharf at Carbonate. Thia will be a
great public convenience.
One of the employes of theColurabia
Lumber River Company named Cope-
land had his toe cut off by his foot
catching in oneof the saws. He wns removed to the Hospital  for  treatment.
Somebody played a dirty trick on
Vuchon Bros, last week, having pulled
up their fruit trees, and destroyed
their rhubarb crop. Efforts ought*, to
be iniido to find antl punish the offender.
Hurry Cooper has caught a white
bear at Donald, the first seen iu the
The body of the man who was killed
in March last at No. 19 snowshed by
thcslitle which occurred simultaneously
with the Rogers Pass fatality has
been found iu the base of the valley,
and -.be remains were buried at llle-
W. H. Caldwell, Secretarv of the
Donald Gun Club, has determined that
Donald has not seen the last of itncelebrations. Tbe terms of the Gun Club
provide that the cupshnll be fired for at
Donald, and Mr. Caldwell refuses to
hand it over for competition on any
other conditions, Consequently tbe
next cup match will again have te be
fired at Donald,
It seems tbat the place where Mr.
Hull is building his slaughter bouse
is au old burial ground and the Government Agent has required Mr, Hull
to cease work there till it is ascertained what is to be done with the remains
Mr. Hull knew nothing of this when
he put the work in band.
I was seriously afflicted with a
cough for several years, and last fall
bail a more severe sough than ever
before. I have used many remedies
without receiving much relief, and
being recommended to try a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, by a
friend, wbo, knowing me to be a poor
widow, gave it to me, I tried it, and
with the most gratifying results. The
first bottle relieved ine very much und
tho second bottle has absolutely cured
me. I have not bad as good health
for 20 years. Respectfully, Mrs. Mary
A. Beard, Claremore.Ark. Sold by all
druggists, Henderson Bros., wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
On Tuesday Rev.Mr. Cropp was pre
sentcd with a handsome purse, cou
taining $30, by members cf his con
gregation in Golden, witb their hest
wishes for his future success. The
presentation was made just before the
train left for the East. Mr. Cropp
was taken by surprise at tbe thought,
ful recognition of his services to the
Methodist congregation in Golden.
Rov. Mr. Westmnn, nn ordained
minister from Victoria, has been ap
pointed to the charge of the Methodist
congregation at Golden.
The Duchess left Golden on Tuesday
morning for Windermere and made the
trip successfully. Sh. is now on regular time-table.
H. E. Foster launched his yacht tbe
Selkirk on Fridny. and now awaits the
boiler in order to get i er at work,
W. C. Wells, M.P.P., spent Satur
day and yesterday with Mr, Griffith
allocating th. expenditure for the district for the season.
Bad management keeps more people
in poor circumstances than any other
one cause. To be successful one must
look ahead and plan ahead so that
when a favorable opportunity presents
itself he is ready to take advantage of
it. A little forethought will also save
much expense and valuable time. A
prudent and careful man will keep a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy in the house,
tho shiMess fellow will wait until necessity compels it and then ruin his
best horse going for a doc or and have
a big doctor bill to pay, besides; one
pays out 25 cents, the other is out a
hundred dollars and then wonders why
his neighbor is getting richer while he
is petting poorer. For sale by all
druggists. Headerson Bros., wholesale agents, Victoria and Vancouver,
Some of our Donald friends suggest
that some steps should be taken to
move the fine Oddfellows Hall building there to Golden. It is stated that
the Donald lodge wo.ild take down the
building for a low price aud as they
would have free transportation it
could be landed in Golden at small
cost ready to re erect here. The Oddfellow, lodge in Golden had tome tim.
ago under consideration the question
of erecting auch a building in this
St. Paul's Church, Golden, services
on Sunday next, June 4th will belli a.m. Muttins and celebration of
Holy Communion. 7:30 p.m. Evensong and .ermon.
J. Genelle ha. offered th. Revelstoke
peopl. to put a boat on tb. Upper Col*
umbia River to Big Bend on certain
Tb. C.P.R. will inaugurate their
new fast express service to be called
th. Empire Limited, about the middle
of the present month
The Reform Association, of Revel
���toke, ha. askad Mr. Bostock, M.P., to
support the bill now before tbe Dominion legislature to make eight hours a
legal day's work in Canada.
On Monday Golden presented the
most animated scene that lias been
wltnouad  here  for  years, wh.n tha
merchants w.re up to the eyes outfitting prospectors bound for tho new
gold field at Tete Jaime Cache nnd also
for the Windermere district.
W. R. Hull of Calirary was a visitor
to Golden this week looking after his
interests here.
Says the Chilliwack Progress:���
���Messrs. S. A. Parsons, (formerly of
Golden,) and A. H. Gillauders purpose
going into business shortly and will
doal in gents furnishings and boots
and shoes. They will occupy the
store in tbe Masonic block formerly
used by J. C. Henderson and expect to
opeu about July 1st. Mr. Parsons
went bolow last week to purchase
The Court house is to be removed
from Donald to Golden immediately
and will be erected on the site of the
present Government buildiugs. The
building now in use will be moved
hack nnd will be utilised to provide
prison and other accommodation. Mr.
James Henderson will be entrusted
with the contract.
The following is the publio school
report for May :���
Fifth Class-1 Walter Houston, 2
Laura Kenny.
Fourth Class-1 Ida Bookhout, 2
Willie Houston.
Third Senior-1 Bert Hanna, 2 Violet Pughe.
Third Junior���1 Tom Stephens, 2
Roy Hanna.
Seoond Class-1 Lena Mcintosh, 2
John Soles.
Fiist Class���1 Arnold Hanna, 2
Frank Stephens.
II. Primer���1 Robert Miller, 2 Maggie .Mcintosh.
I. Primer���t Louisa Antoya, 2 Vivian Nattrass.
Tablet Class���1 Florenoo Morgan, 2
Ethel Stephens.
Attendance- 57.
How to  Be  Well.
Paine's Celery Compound
Will Overcome all Your
Troubles and Dangers
Weil people have pure, clean blood,
strong nerves, active liver and healthy
If you are a sufferer from headache,
or show signs of any skin disease,
your blood is surely charged with im-
purites, and needs cleansing by that
grandest of all blood purifiers���Paine's
Celery Compound.
If you are nervous, suffer from prostration, sleeplessness,mc-ntnl depression
or despondtnoy, bo assured your nervous organism needs repair and toning.
Your best and truest medicine for this
work is Paine's Celery Compound.
If the liver is inactive, if tou suffer
from constipation and defective digestion.your only effective helper is Paine's
Celery Compound.
If you have backache, if tho urine is
thick or liricky in color, your kidneys
need immediate attention, or Bright's
disease may end your life. Paine's
Celery Compound euros ail forms of
kidney disease and will give health and
vigor to ail other important organs.
The ablest physicians in America are
continually proscibiiig and recommending Paine's Celery Compound for the
troubles and dangers that have been
referred to, and thousands of thankful
letters from Canada's best people prove
fully all that is claimed for tbe marvellous medicine.
Columbia Valley
First-class Farm lands
237 acres nt Windermere, frontage to
lake, good agricultural lund; well
watered.   Extensive range.
642 acres, prairie and meadow, well
watered. Good hay land. Bunch
grass range.   Apply to
E. A. Haggen, Golden.
Mining Broker, Real Estate,
Notary Public, conveyanaer,
and General Agent,
CommsroNDBNca Solicit-to.
opened np by tk. DIAMOND CORE DRILL,
on .aay t.rms by contract,
.rpart payment r��c��iv��d
In shares if desired. Apply t.
���.  A. HAGUE*,
���ialii Ai.it, MaM-aa. B.C.
Advertise in.
Success Must Follow
The Fair Use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People.
Thai 1. the Rxperlonee of Mi-.. Sydney
Drnee, of Desoronto. who hail 8ufTer-
ed for Many Tear, with Rheumatism
And Catarrh of tho llowels.
From the Tribitno, Dcsoronto.
Our attention was lately directed to
the wonderful cure effected upon a resident of Deseronto, which illustrates in
a very marked way the merits of that
widely known health restorer -'Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills." We refer to
tlio cure of Mrs. Druce, wife of Sidney
[Juice, caretaker of the High School
building. Being desirous of giving
our readers the facts, a reporter of the
Tribune called at Mrs, Druce's residence
and is therefore enabled to present our
readers with tbe following facts, which
can be vouched for by many ueighbors
and friends of tbe family. Mrs. Druce
had from the early age of ten years
been a sufferer from rheumatism and
had endured an untold amount of suffering from this dire disease. She hud
tried scores of different medicines to
dispel the malady but in vain. Doctors told her it wns impossible to eradicate the discus.* from her system and
she had at last become resigned to the
belief that rheumatism was incurable.
In addition to rheumatism, about seven
years ago she began to suffer from
catarrh of the bowels with its attendant headaches and depression of spirits.
The pain of the rheumatism and constant headaches -wore her out. The
doctors described opiates which only
dulled thu pain, but did not repel the
disease. The two diseases continued
to make steady headway and at times
she felt such pain that she oould not
even allow her husband to raise or
move her. The neighbors thought
she would never get up again. All
kinds of remedies were suggested
aud many of them tried, but all in
vain. Providentially, as Mrs. Druce
expressed it. the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills was mentioned. It Was
not until the end of tbe second box
that sh. realised any benefit. She then
began to realize that she wns regaining strength. Before she mentioned
thi. to others her husband also observed the change, for he remarked one
day "those pills are doing you some
good, you look livelier than you have
for some time." She continued tbe
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills until
she had taken fourteen boxes, with the
gratifying and almost remarbte results
that she was completely cured of the
rheumatism and catarrh, not a solitary
symptom of either trouble remaining.
Mr, Druce was present during the interview and confirmed all that his
wile had said and was as delighted as
she in praising the virtues of Dr.
Williams' Piuk Pills. Mrs Druce
said that out of gratitude for this wonderful restoration to health she had
told scores of other sufferers from different diseases of the virtues of tbe
medicine wbicb hnd been tbe undoubted means of prolonging her life. She
hoped thnt others would follow her
plan of giving the pills a fair and prolonged trial hs she was confident that
in the end success would surely fellow
as in her owu case.
The Protest Withdrawn.
The election protest, against the return of Mr. W. C. Wells for North
East Kootenay was set down for hearing on Wednesday last at the Supreme
Court, Victoria, but the petition was
withdrawn by tbe representatives of
the Turner party. Tbe whole thing
was a piece of bluff from the first, with
a view to inducing Mr. Wells to modify his party position. They found
however they had got hold of the
wrong man and it did not work.
At a regular meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the forth East Kootenay District to be held in Government office,
Ooklen.at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of Thursday, June 16th, 1809, the following applications sliiill be considered i���
Wm. McNeish, Retail Licence, Columbia
House, Uolden.
W. H. Caldwell, Retail Licens., Nelles
House, Donald.
Chief Licence Inspector,
Donald, May SOtb, 1809.
A general meeting of the memhers of the
above Board will be held at my office on
Monday, Jon. 6th at 4 p. m.
We want th. services of a number of families to do knitting for us at home, whole or
spare time. Ws furnish $20 machine and
supply the yarn free, and pay for the work
as sent In.
Distance no hindrance, SI io 110 oer Week
mad. according to time devoted to the work,
Writ, at one.  Nam. references.
Co-Operative Knitting1 Co.,
Toronto, Ont.
T. D. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead .......... $1.50
t'opjier      19)
Oold and Silver    S.OO
Gold or Silver and Copper    1.80
Gold, Silver and Lead    8.0*
Gold, Silver, Lead and Coppor 4.00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mail.
Cash mutt accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three month..
Front Street, Bevelitoke, B.C.
j     A FORTUNE.
a   In the event of��
^stroke of good lb***-
tmio you can win
"XIO.000 Marks,
The payment of th.
prizes is guaranteed
by Government.
1st drawing, June22
Vou art, Invited to pnrtlelpate lnthu
chanco. of winning
'tn the crund drawing, of prlmi
. aa run tend by t he .tnte of Hamburg
In which
11 Millions  849,825 marks
surely havo t*bo won.
, In the course of those AnvANTAQEOUS
Duawiwh*, which contain according to
'the prospectus only 1114,000 tickets, th
following prises will be forthcoming, via
iThe Hiouest Prize will be event,
' 500,000 Marka
Premium of ,100,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 900,000 Marks.
1 Prise of 100,000 Marks.
2 Prises of 75,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 70,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 65,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 00,000 Marks.
1 Prizo of 5&.00O Marks.
2 Prizes of 80,000 Marks.
1 Prize of 40,000 Marks.
1 Prizo of 30,000 Marks.
2 Prizes of 80,000 Marks.-
SO Prizes of 10,000 Marks.
00 Prizos of 6.000 Msrks.
106 Prizes of   3,000 Marks.
206 Prizes of   2,000 Marks.
812 Prizes of   1,000 Marks.
1618 Prizes of     400 Morks.
40 Prizes of     800 Marka.
140 Prizes of     3Q0 Marks.
36952 Prizes of      165 Marks.
9959 Prizes of IM, 104,100 Marks.
. 9361 Prizes of 73,40,21 Marks,
in all 69,180 prizes which must be SURBT.T
won in 7 drawings withm tbe space ef a
few months.
The highest prize of.  1st   drawing
amounts to Mk. 10,000, increase hi 2nd.
drawing to Mk. 65,000, in 3rd Mk. 60,000,
m 4th Mk. 06.000, in 5th\Mk. 70,000,.ia
8th Mk. 75,000, in 7th Mk. 200,000, and
jetogethei'' with tho Premium of Mk. H00.C
���j in the nips' fortunate case to Mk. 500,01
& The official cost for participation in t
{first two-drawings amounts to
$4.50 for a full ticket.
$2.25 for half a tioket.
.13 for one quarter of
Half resp. quarter tickets will entitle
cine half resp. one quarter of the amount,
iwnn by the respective number, named on
fithe ticket,
a Tho stakes for participation m Ihe following drawings, as well as the exact
Eprize-tahle, are indicated In the official
^prospectus, which I sond on demand gra
Itis in advance. The prospectus Is also
fttent. gratis with overy order. After tha
(drawing f shall forward to every ticket- '
{holder the official list of the winning
^numbers. '���
The  payment  and  forwarding of   ���
the ..mounts #**�����
!to those concerned will have my 3PECIAI
land prompt attention, aad  with th.   *
gtnost absolute .ooreey.
RoinlttHn... of Money ean ba mad*
.ay Amovlonn Bank-notes byBouie.
Blend lettcror byPost-Oflica-ortlers.Sro.il
{amounts can also be sent by postage-
stain ps.
Un aocountof Ihe.ipproachiiig drawing
gof the prizes, please address tlio orders
' umodiately in all confidence dirvet lo
at nninbnrjc, (jerminy.
741 a29,io6,13,20,2i J3
Niagara is a Pigmy Compared
With Dodd's Kidney PiUa.
Net Kidnoy Disease 1. Dangerous If"
Dodd'a Kidney Pills In Died--.Mr. J,
H. J one. I. a Living Proof of Thit.
Niagara Falls, Ont., May   15.���The*
Falls of Niagara are a stupendoui*
power for tha welfare of mankind. But,
right in the midst of our quilt populace, another power a million tim..*
greater ha. beeu at work recently. Niagara Falls have destroyed .core, of
lives. With all tbeir power and grandeur, they have never saved on. lit..
The other power we refer to ha. saved
thousands of lives���it ha* never destroyed one. Thi. power i. Dodd't
Kidney Pills,
Let one of our moat respected citiien.
tell what Dodd'a Kidney Pill, did (sr
him. He aays: "I hav. .uffered for
seven years with Bladder and Kidney
Disease, and tried in vain to find a re
medy that would cur. mc, until I providentially beard of Dodd's Kidnap
Pills, So highlv war.they reoomm.n-
ded to me by a friend who bad uNd
them, that I bought three boxw at
once, I am happy to .ay I didn't nMd
to buy any mors. Thos. thfeo bozM
cured me.
"Dodd'a Kidney Pill, eatti tat ot
Diabetes also. Therefore, I contend, I
have good reason to sing tn.ir praises.
I .hall never cease doing so,���John B.
Niagara Fall., with the strength of
a billion of giant., couuld not rail...
Mr, Jones of ono twing.of pain-. Dodd't
Kidn.y Pill, banishad all hi. pain, for
.ver. And, even a. th.y onnd Mr.
Jone., io wiil they cur. any person
wbo suffers* from Bright'* DiMase,
Diabetes, Dropsy, Lumbago, Bladder,
and Urinary Diseases, Diwue. of
Women and all other Kidn.y Complaint.,
Dodd'. Kidn.y Pills an .old by all
druggi.ts at fifty cent, a box,.!* boxe*
$2.60, or will be lent, on nodpt ot
price, by Th. Dodd. Mtdicin* G*tf
pany, Limited, Toronto,


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