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The Golden Era Apr 25, 1902

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iairmi***-*-*** ��� -*.**.***** n
$2 Pee Year.
Introduced in British Columbia Politics.--
The Provincial Progressive Party���Chris
Foley, of Rossland, President.
A successful convention ol labor
men, from all parts ol the province,
was held in Kamloops last week, Delegate to the number of 63 were in attendance, the following cities and
���owns being represented: Nelson,
Bosslaml, Sandon. Phoenix, Vanconver, Kamloops, Tmir, Greenwood, Na-
nalino, New Westminster, Slocan City
Viotoria, New Denver, Hevelstoke,
Ferguson, Whitewater, Kaslo, Ashcroft, Siivertoo and Pernie. representing the Western Federation ol Miners,
the Socialist League, the Trades and
Labor Councils, of the principal cities
of the province, tbe Independent Labor
party, Council of Railway Employees,
LoosfMnotlve Firemen und Engineers,
Kailway Trainmen, the Federal Union,
Oigarmnkers, Boilermakers, Machinists, Fishermen, Single Taxers, Cooks
and Waiteis and Railway Telegraph-
era, -
That the gathering waa regarded as
important is evidenced by the fact thai
nearly all the coast papers sent special
representatives to watch the proceedings.
Thejpermsnent officers eleoted were:
Chris Foley, Rossland, president; Jas.
Wilkes, Nelson, vice-president; D. J.
MoNiven, Victorid*, secretary.
Although the delegates represented
every shade ol opinion among working
men tl.e proceedings throughout were
quite harmonious.
Resolutions were passed affecting the
following subjects : ���
Condemning present and past Governments for indifference lo legislation
affecting the working classes.
Asking for a mon rigid enforcement
of the Sunday law. with additional
legislation to make it more effective.
Endorsing Hawthornthwalte's bill
before the legislature, entitled ������Workman's Compensation Act." Alao
Smith "Curtis' bill respecting actions
taken against trades unions and kindred associations.
Asking for legislation compelling all
employers of labor to pay all wages
due their employees in currency, such
payment to he made every two weeks
at lease.
Condemning the Attorney-General
ol this province and the Minister of
Justice for refusing to enforce the alien
labor law.
Urging Government ownership ol
cable and telegraph lines.
Tbat all sohool books used by the
schools of this province be printed In
Britisli Columbia.    -
That this Provincial Progressive
Party layi It down as a first prli.oiple
that they will nominate, endorse or
support only snoh men as will plaoe
their slngned, undated resignation In
the hands of the eonvention whleh
nominates or indorses them; tbat this
resignation bs sworn to; lhat tbis
resignation may be handed in to ths
Llsot -Governor ln-Counoil whenever a
majority of th* oonventlon shall eon-
alder snoh aotion advisable.
issajfMisan   -t r�����ss���ssa
1. That we gradually abolish all
taxes on tho producer ana the products
of the producer, shifting them on land
2. Government ownership of railways and means of communication.
3. Tbat the Government establish
and operate smelters and refineries to
treat all kinds ol minerals.
4. Thnt the franchise be extended to
5. Tbe abolition of property qualifications for all publio offices.
G, Farm Improvements, irajileinents
and stock, not to be taxed, and wild
lands to be assessed at the prices asked
for them by speculative holders.
7. No land or cash subsidies. Lands
to be held by the actual settlers.
8 Ten per cent of ull public lauds to
be immediately set aside for educational purposes, and the education of
all children, to the age of 16 years, to
be free, secular and compulsory. Text
books, meals and olothing to be su pplied
out of tho publio funds when necessary.
9. Compulsory arbitration of labor
10., Restriction ol Oriental immigration by a law on the lino* of the Natal
Act; and if said law be disallowed it
be repeatedly re enacted until lhe end
sought is obtained.
11. That to protect us from Asiatics
already in the province the Government insert a clause in all private acts
to this effect: "This act shall be null
and void if the company fails to enter
into an agreement with the Governmeut aa to conditions of construction
and operation," and that the House
pass a resolution instructing the Government to prohibit the-employment oi
Asiatics on oil franchises granted by
the Provincial House.
13. Conservation of onr fores' riches.
Pulp land leases to-contain a provision
for reforesting, so as lo produce a por-
enuin! revenue, and make pulp manufacture a growing and permanent industry.
18. That the Act. compelling the
scaling of logs by Government scalera
be enforced.
14. .Absolute reservation from sale or
lease of a certain part of every known
coul area, ao that state owned mines,
if necessary, may be easily possible in
tbe future. All coal leases or grants
hereafior made to contain a provision
enabling tha Government to fix the
price ol ooal loaded on ears or vessels
for shipment to B.C. consumers.
15. Municipalization aud public control ol ihe liquor traffic
11. The right to referendum where a
valuable subsidy or franchise is to bs
17. Tbat all transportation companies be compelled to give free transportation lo members of tbe legislative assembly and supreme aud comity curt
18. Election dar to be a public holl
day. Provision made that every employee shall bs Ires from service at least
fonr consecutive hours during polling
Churo- Servicer..
sr., PAm-'e-OHoaeu or bkolamd.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8(1 p.��*, Qstabre-tloB of Holy Commo*-
ion jy* as-rtrd Sundays ot the month
attatXorBini Prayers sod on Greater
F��attvtlW|.n4 toly Days at 8 a.**',', or
*��� m��Mft��m^ ���.tfaaubbame.
Ai) ��nt mt*mi- ** ��* �����������
.%b*0*^mii'''-'Oit, t-'i����, v'w. .
,:*g nmnnisao(h._o8.'
��-.?*llftm,* '
fea4.,ft-*<U.d MM* Class *t
"Amb/tt" Plus* Smoking Tobacco is winning on Its merits.
Haveyou triad it ?
* *1n%S ia s township ta Mnskoka
sails)I-Bystt A gentleman started on
boreebsok for the plans. Having lost
his way, and raestlng an English boy,
be eased tlm the way lo Ryde. The
hos* rfsfcstt ths gentleman over and
answestf t **i say, turn yonr toes in.
That's-A-; way to rids,"
At a meeting of tbe Canadian Press
Association, Sir Sanford Fleming, whos
is one of the highest authorities on
telegraph and cable services said:
I submit for your conspiration three
remarkable facts:
(1) Canada remalna ths only country in the British Empire where the
telegraph service is not Stateowaed.
(S) With two single exceptions,
Canada and the United States, the telegraph service of every civ ilized nation
on the face of tbe globe is controlled by
the State.
(3) In Canada and the United Stales
the charges for transmission of telegraph messages are prac'ically double
the rates charged in all other civilised
" I leave it with yon, gentlemen of
tho 'Fourth Estate,' to determine how
long this condition of affairs should
last in this British Dominion."
Thus advances publio opinion on
State ownership ot puplie utilities.
Pretoria, April 21���Gen. DeWet has
gone to Heibron, Orange River Colony,
Gen. Botha, the Transvaal commander,
has gone to Vryheid, and Gen. Delarey
and Mr. Steyn hare gone to Klerks-
dorp. Tl.ey have arranged to meet
the burghers at different renslervous
und submit the British terms. It Is
believed the Transvaalera will everywhere accept the terms, as ihey are ia
no way anxious for a winter campaign.
The only difficulty likely to occur will
be, it is thought, with the Orange Free
Staters, many of whom are expeotstd
to prove recalcitrant. In the meantime thero will bo no cessation of hostilities The delegates are expected
back to Pretoria the middle ol May,
and in anticipation of tbeir return they
have given orders here for new clothes,
provisions, etc.
The following is an extract from a
statement made by Mr. Curtis to tbs
Viotoria Times :
" The statement of the Colonist that
I withdrew frjrn the commission because thecominissioner refused to malts
the Government disclose its telegraphic
cipher is utterly untrue. I already
knew the cipher and had known it for
days. 1 withdrew because lho commissioner, after pretending to state ths
effect of Ihe telegrams of 28th February, 1902, from W. McNeill, private
secretary of Mr. Wells, to Gresnshields,
said it was more of a private (i.e. immaterial) nature than other telegrams,
and so ruled it out, while ss a matter
of laot It was a most important telegram, referring distinctly to th* contract aud to Greeusbielda and the Government."
In ono of Great Britain'a Eastern
possessions, an English soldier saw a
big, raw-boned Turk on his hands and
kuees, drinking from aa brook The
soldier, tn pure wantoneoa, gave him a
kick. Tho Turk jumped to his feet,
and without a word struck the English soldier square on the face, felling
him to the ground.
Three other Englishmen made for
the silent Turk nnd prepared to take a
hand; but two Irishmen oame up, and
seeing that the fight was uneven, insisted on fair | lay. The Turk whipped two of the English.uen, and as hs
gave tlie third one a finishing touch,
"Now, ye villains, whin he taekle ���
Turk agin, be sure hs doesn't oome
from Tipperary !'���Youths' Companion.
TOXMsM.   ���'*���	
s,*,   i����t| m&*mm
'*'liiWi"��,'-��Hw -Smoking To*
Is wliMhifcon-Its. writs.
At a meeting held at Halcyon Hot
Springs thia mouth, the Press Associa*
tion ol British Columbia was organised with the following officers: F. 3.
Deane, Kamloops, President,* Fre*
Simpson, Cranbrook, Vice-President;
Thos. McNaught. Halcyon, see.-treas.
Thia haa been a good move and wiB
serve to bring the press of the province
into closer touch with one another,
wbieh will work towards tha olimlaa-.
tion of sectional jealousies and tend ts*
wards a broader view being taken at
provincial questions.
Mr. Jos. Martin has again launches!
his bill of last sessiou, to Iss-aUs**
champerty. m
TttE ERA, GOLDEN, R C, April 25, I! 11
���She tBol^it i&x-a.
Ell. V. ClIAMRLES, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptions J3.00 jser yenr in advance.
AiivCrtiaing rate* made known on request
FRIDAY. AMU 25, 11)02.
The news brought from the coast by
Messrs O'Brien and Parson relative to
tl.e intentions of the C. P. 11. with re
g.rd to Iheir buildings here is, after
the many disappointments Golden hns
had on this subject, almost too good to
be true. Mr. Marpole, when lit comes
to look over the ground, will bo met by
members of the Board of Trade, and it
is to be hoped that no sectional jeal
ousies will be allowed to interfere with
our gettitig a new station this summer.
The Board of Trade aro to be congratulated on their action, and also ou
their selection of delegates, ns Messrs.
Parson and O'Brien have shown them
selves to be very much alive to the
necessities of Golden, and, what is
more to tho point, they seem to have
secured the ear ot those in whose hands
the remedy for our needs lies.
It will he noticed by reference to the
estimates, published in this issue, that
out of the millions of acres of wild
laud held by corporations ai.il indi
viduals for speculative purpi sea. in this
province, the Uorernment only collects
(1.'10,OUO in taxes. About a year ago
the Hon. Minister of Finance wns
worrying about getting money for
school purposes, and suggested that
the revenue tax be raised to $5. If
additional money is needed for school
purposes why not put an extra tax ou
wild land? Everybody knows that
settlement in this province is retarded
by land (peculators, and an extra tux
ou ihem would produce gon.l results,
first, by raising the inouey Available
for school purposes; secondly, by mak
it loss profitable to hold lund out of
use. The policy at present pursued by
tlie Government puts a premium on
land speculation and greatly retard
progress and development.
Bio. Lowery, ol the New Denver
Ledge, is one of the few who may with
Safely ndnpt a humorous style. The
following is written in his own pecti
liar manner, and though every paper
iu the west receives tliexe depart mental
circulars it needed a Lower)' to rise lo
the occasion: "Judging from tho
many articles sent us upon how lo
raise cows, peas, corn and otln<r things,
tha peuple at a distance inii.t think the
Slocan is a taririlng community: Ii is
not tho.i-jli we rails something occasionally, Some tidies it is tho other
fellow, so ni'times lead or ii little silver,
occasionally a baby, and In older days
much hell Was ri\isod, but lately Scarcely si truce of the hitter Is brought io
llie Hui'fiice. Wu raise our hojiesovery
spring, ami just nuw wo aro clearing
the way fur the raising of tourists, although the raining ol rules is nol ex*
rlecluill There is no riiypon why we
should not rains inure in the Slocan
than we do, but wo seo Utile chance
lor it until the Government is razed."
Chronicle all tho escapes from
death and put them In let-
tare that a I tlio world oan
see, and you'll And If history
wc-.-r.-i wrl:ton faithfully, Or.
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.'i: il.Mti A-.gcl'a grip. Give- relief in llsirly
in imV��. It ii a heart specific. A few doses
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I. ail, s wi I turn tbe scale ol health, lt never
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For the Year Ending 30th June, 1903--Pub-
lic Works call for $662,200.
Dominion of Canada, annual payment of interest �� 5 per cent...
do do subsidy   to Government
and Legislature	
io do grant    per   capita   on
177 271	
do do for lands conveyed  for
Land sales (including estimated collections on overdue payments
Land revenue (including rentals of lands and water dues).	
Timber royalty and licenses	
Hunts (exclusive of land)	
Timber leases   	
Free Miners' Certificates	
Mining receipts general	
Licences *	
Marriage licences 	
Real   Property   Tax  (including estimated collections on
arrears 580,000)
Personal'Property Tax ( do do do    ....... (10,000)
Wild Land Tax (do do do      7.1.000)
Income Tax (do do do      15,000)
Tax Sale Cee Is   	
Commission on Tax sales	
Revenue Tax	
Mineral Tax "i	
Revenue service refunds	
Fines and forfeitures nnd Small Dolus Court Fees 	
Law stamps *.*
Probate feci	
Registry fees    	
Bureau of Mines ..	
Hospital for I he Insane	
Provincial Home 	
Printing Office receipts    	
Sale of Ooverumeut property	
Reimbursements in aid	
Interest on Investment of Sinking Funds	
"Chinese Restriction Act, 1881"  (Dominion Government Refund)
Fisheries, etc	
Succession duty 	
Royalty und tux ou coul	
Miscellaneous receipts. ,	
$ 29,151 05
35,000 00
141,717 CO
100,000 00
80,000 00
87,000 00
80,000 00
200 00
500 00
110 000 00
100,000 00
176,000 00
80,000 00
6,000 00
210,000 00
140,000 00
1110,000 00
65,000 00
100 00
300 00
150,000 00
130,000 00
600 00
Ki.000 00
14,000 00
10,000 00
80,000 00
1,500 00
10,000 00
500 00
15,000 00
500 00
4,000 00
36,000 00
40,000 00
36,000 00
20,000 00
130.000 00
20,000 CO
$2,222,668 65
Pnblio Debt 9 4C8.140 31
Civil Government (salaries)     263,280 00
Administration of Justice (salaries)     121,112 00
Legislation ,....".       44.195
Public Institutions (maintenance)     128,590
Hospitals ami Oluii-iiion       74,800
Administration of Justice (other than salaries)     110,900
F. lucalion *.     412.140
Transport ', ���       21.200
Revenue service     17,000
Public. Works :-
Works anil buildings  $200,150.
Government House      4.700
Roads, street.- bridges and wharves  39,i,i)i*0
Surveys  ;    l-'OOO
Contingencies    50,000
liiiieous   137,670
Total ..
$2,486,127 31
London April 17���All the official
ilusjiatches referring io the defeat sustained by the British troops under Geu.
Buller ul Spion Kop, Natal, January
24, 1900, wen* given out by the Govern
ment ihis morning. These, hiilierto
unpublished, merely omjihasi-ses bow
hopelessly muddled were the preparations for that engagement,
Tbe controversy bet Keen Gen, Bulh-r
and Gen. Sir Charles Wnrren, is proved
to bs even more bitter than previously
hinted at, while a new extract from
one ol Lord Roberta' despatches brings
additional ceusuro ou Gen, Buller.
Lord Roberts declares that Gen. Butler's endeavor lo put the responsibility
for the defeat on Gen. Warren was not
justifiable. The Field Marshal holds
that it was Biller'a duly lo intervene
when he saw that things were going
This remark wus caused hy a ,dis
patch from Buller in  which he cays:
I saw no attempt on the part ol. Warren either to grapple with the situation
or command hia forco himself. We
lust our iiliani-e by Witrreii's slowness,
He sec,ns to mu lo hu u mail who cun
do well what he can iio himself, but
ho cannot command. I can uever
enplcy hiin a*nis< in au independent
command. I o.ght to have ass .mod
onuuiind myself 'when 1 saw things
were not going well. I blame niself
now for not doing so."
Gen. Buller'explain-, ibat he failed
lo supercede Gen. Warren becauso It
tiiighi have disi'.reiliieil i.he latter with
thet roofs, whicli was an especially
ser.ous inniser, a*., if Buller had be?n
shoi, Warren would have succeeded lo
tl.n supremo command.
Thequesiion for the responsibility
for the neural retreat from Spion Kop
is shrouded in a maze ol despatches,
proving that a mistake was made in
wnding out a lieliogram, and that
there was a general desire to shirk the
Ara not always tha sign of
mental worry, for many a
person goos silently alone
day In and day out, oufferlnsj
almost beyond telling from
bodily pain,and tha only sign
that betrays It le tho cure-
lined face.
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Mr. J. II. Ross, Commissioner of the
Yukon Territory, was interviewed
regarding the results of consideration
given to ihe terms, of the Treadgold
concessions, Mr. Ross arranged an
Interview with Sir;Wilfrid Laurier and
Minister Slfton for the Dawson delegates Immediately upon their arrival.
Tbe subject was pretty thoroughly
discussed at the timo, and sii.ee then
the objections have been nnder con-
eideration. Ths Threadgold people
bave been here, and it is understood
that from the first they were anxious to
meet the views 61 Mr. Ross and-to re
move any ground for criticism from
their franchise The lnitiir has now
been isttled to the satisfaction of all
partiea. and Ihe monopolistic righit
respecting the furnishing of wnter and
tho closing up ef abandoned claims,
aro done awav with. The charter Is
lo bo resoinded and a new charter is to
be granted from which the objections
raised have been eliminated. Mr. Ross
Informed the reporter that the Dawsin
delegates bod expressed themselves "ss
quite satisfied,���Vancouver Province.
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Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Catarrab,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eoaema,
asms price. . Ten dollars wtll be paid
for any case they .will not permanently
Do you keep dog blsoults
These srs vsry
here 1
New Clerk-Yes'm
fins.   Jnst try ons.
Imperial Life
Assurance Ca
of Canada.::;
Capital Subscribed...... $1,000,006 66
Capital Paid Up     460,000 OO
Government Deposit....     250,000 OO
Asssets 1180 to every 1100 of Liabilities
First and Paramount: ''Absoluts Security to Polioy Holders."
District Agent   -   -   0*ld��n>
Bed Pills.
tion and catarrh of ths stomach after
nine years' suffering.���H. S. Haodon
aid, O.T.B, shops, Montreal. *
amlaem phystoUn,  whees sobeo-sf
s UrrsMMsaslssf ���MUsSsT" strafe
os and bitter * "
t-aTm Stan-s HseapjlsTalilsta
And he la only one of thousands ofth. nedlcal
profession wbo are "gelling saut, ofthe rut-ens!
taking the common-sense view of things, and
iDiMadorstrongiloMsarepmorlbllig for atom-
sHh troubles and theills that ara skin, tbia pleas.
ant and never faJUof* Ueatmsnt. -
the walla dt prajualcs s
  crambllng, and nature
getting the rscomitlsHi she, merits���f�� nature's
oerasara surest.  Sixty tablets, 35 esota.    at
Sold by-C.W. FWd,
A very plain nurse was telling's
convalescent enterio patient at the
front how Ud he had btsri' and bow
delirious, 'Do yon know you proposed to me? sbs asked. * The patient
jumped, 'Waal *t delirious as that ?'
__K. V__- _lfcl__-_l fltatt__ril_.'---tl_-M _���_____-___���
^**w fPi ^s*,^^b m ti^^^yptw ^���sx*-��� i^h^^w ^^ns.
Tnillissllos seats ksr MasnH **-*���
s-a-sO,   -lV4srsM��ssfsaj-IMs��sfee
^^a.*, **at**im:*A    '������������*���   -���r
ragshl. rkiwl. TisUSKL
1110 not ueneve usere is a meaicms gfM��MAtais-l finisi ilsftftk ilfiisiif igMf
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little" nforbaSws. Sh. bad,*^-*>��_^<*Mlls^
u... -in.    fhtf mnA _0 of iDt^.  tstypwmsatntteM, betjibet sheoeounsiMst
-,.jf'Dn*.Von Stan's Plns_Pp> TablstS As
ImibedJsMiy'sn-md. MettMngtAmbiem
she was abb loeat anything whbontlsitllsjltssi
distress,  8Uljs taWsts, 35 osels.'������' as
Sold bvC, W* Field.
Tbs Tranwansda Ball way Compasy,-
wbieh Is for a road front Qusbss W
Port Simpson on ths Paalffo Coast, applied at the Ballway OorntHtss fo*'
ten years to complsts tbl rosd, whleh
was granted. Mr. Talbot, M.P., ssld
thst TO milts wsr* Seated, sftTitOf
miles survryedl fhs company akked
for running powers over tbs LaketM.
John Ballway, snd also tb stttsr late/
an agreement for tbs lesslrtg of It*
road to -that company or tatbt Cattada
Northern. ���
rmt*be*.u**oiit m atmm*i:
***��***g*m*m*'yi-m-ti*l am, -
CsWSS CopytHbi ComijaslUsSss by
���e***-tmgti*��tA-nmt--''iM'i.   -
**f'.\Vj!t*-' -'���������'
V*-  . aa��~��oll
h sne year-rou (et
^^*p y*^*"B a
i_i_.fi. K_^'^y*,^P' wy t,....  .. ���*-,.--. .���
-a Md Otpta riaymXtr. *_ aaM
lelssia, r*.,
.     ��� :    i **m
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, Apbil 25 IIR,
A Card of Thanks.
In this, the last issue of The GOLDEN ERA we
wish to thank our readers and patrons for the support which has been given us during the past year. ^
Although the 12 months just ending cannot be
termed successful from a business point of view,
yet our stay in Golden has not been marred by any
unpleasantness, and we leave Golden With hearty ||
goodwill towards all.
�����    Wishing the town and district prosperity and
success, we make our bow and retire.
i-ii* ifW.-jj
i: ���:���..-' GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOItTENAV, U.C., FRIDAY!. Apbil _5, HO
<�� to-Srt_n%/$l*f.,.l&M'Q/!S.V/&'i.-i/1-'.   ��-/i\
I Town and District.!
ti/& tlg/t/g/Z/S.t/tt/O/bW-. i/trt/i/%1%-ai
If you waut a nobby spring suit see
P. J. McAlpine about it.
FOB SALE-Cheap for cash, a second-hand No. 8 cooking stove. Apply
Eka office.
FOB SALE-House assd Lot. Wil
ling to give a good bargain for cash.
Apply to Mbh. Antoya.
At Vaohon'a ranch and itarden, Gol
den, B.C.-Hay. potatoes and turnips
for sale; cheap for cash,
Thii week ia devoted io the obser
vanoe of the Feast of the Passover b>
members of lhe Jewish faith.
Mr. James, who has been in oharge
ot the construction work at O.tertail.
this winter, and whose family speni
the winter here, loft for Petcrbo ougli
Ont., on Wednesday, where he will In
future reside.
Engineers Firemen, Machinists and
Electricians send for dl) page pamplet
containing questions asked by Esamln
ing Board of Engineers to obtain Engineer's license. Addiess, Geo. A. Zeller,
Publisher, 18 Sooth Fourth street, St.
Louis, Mo., U.S.A. -    *
The Outcrop made its apiearance in
our mail box last week and contained a
notice regarding its prospects, which
wos written in a style modelled after���
a long way aftor-the New Denver
Ledge, and which we take to mean
that Mr. Evans has hopes of being
able to keep tl.e paper going.
Mr. J. F. Porter, travelling agent
for the Robb Engineering Co., Ltd.,
Amhersi, N 8., has been in town for n
few days combining business with
pleasure. He visited Mr. and Mrs. S.
Mills, old frlen la and neighbors of his
in the east. He sold to the Columbia
Biver Lumber Co. some boilers and
other machinery.
Sheriff Bedgrare has seised nnder
execution the contents of W. Alexander's shop, at Golden, consisting of
gold nnd silver watches, watch chains,
bvoocl.es, rings and articles in general
of jeweler, its per notices posted up.
Sale on Tneslay, 29th Ap.il. at 3 p.m.
at VV. Alexander's shop. Ciish pay
The Imperial Limited, this summer,
will have Montreal on Sundays, Wed-
neailays and Fridays, arriving at the
roast on Thursdays. Sundays nnd
Tuesdays. Easibouud trains will leave
Vancouver on Saturdays, Tuesdays and
Thursdays. These trains will consist
of baggage, tourist and sleeping cars,
with observation cars through the
mountains, and will make the run
lietween Montreal and Vancouver in 95
hours. The regular express trains will
he run as at present for Ihe accommodation ot local traffic. The Imperial
Limited will commence June 13th.
Mr. Jas. Wells, is up from Victoiia
on a visit.
Mr. D. Mann, of Mackenzie* Mann,
was asked in Ottawa a couple of dnys
auo, in an interview, na to when ths
Canadian Northern would be completed
through to British Columbia. "We'll
do well il we get the line completed to
British Columbia in the next seven
years," was hit reply. -Winnipeg Free
The Board of Trade met on Monday
morning and received the report of the
delegates to Victoria, which was to iho
effect that their mission was successful, ths amount asked for having been
placed in the estimates. While at the
coast Mr. Mar,ole was seen in refer
to the much needed new depot here,
nnd said that he would be In Golden
soon to look over the ground with a
vitwioanew building being erected.
The manager of the telegraph department also assured the delegation that
the repealing office at Donald would be
moved to Golden at once unless ihe
new station Imilding was to he built
soon, in which event thoy would wait
till the new buildings were completed
before movisg tho repeating office The
Board passed a hearty vote of thanks
to the delegation for their good work,
in which citizens generally will heartily concur,
On Monday word wn*, received by
Mr. Griffith to commence work on the
Kicking Horse protection works aud
on Tuesday morning a gang of men,
under lhe direction of Mr. Jas. Noble,
wero hard at work on ths rivor bank
opposite lhe post office. The old crib
is being taken out and a new one built
a few feet fur her back, the face ol the
bank being coverel with malirassing,
which will make a permanent job.
This work has been started none too
soon, as there nre other points on the
river where work is urgently needed,
and there will need to lie some rapid
work done if things are to be put in
good shape for the floods this year.
This work has been delayed by the
indifference of she Dominion Govern
ment, who were expected to share with
the provincial authorities the cost of
this work, but who. iss pursuance of
their policy of neglect of B.C., refused
to make any grant fur the purpose.
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works, however, being well aware
of the necessity uf lho work, has attended to the matter ut once, an I tha
���eaidenis of Golden certainly appreciate
his attention to iheir needs.
The Only  Kind   Bought and
Used By Wise and Prudent
The only pure, harmless and un
adnlterated paokuge dyes for home use
are the Diamond Dyes.
Eaoh paokaga colors from one to
eight pounds of goods according to
depth of color and character of fabric
The full and explicit directions on
each paokage ol Dyes are so simple
that even a ohild oan understand them
and easily match any desired shade.
Diamond Ds>es make old things look
like new. You oan color old and
faded dresses, skirls, suits blouses,
jaokets, oapes, silks, ribbons, hosiery,
feathers and other goods, any desired
shade, making thein loook at good it
Diamond Dyes give ths best and
strongest colors, unfading in washing
or sunlight. Yon are always safe
when you. use them; no disappoint-
mints or failures.
When yon go to your druggist or
dealer to buy il] es, do not accept any
but 'Diamond,' they are the only guar*
mimed package d> ea for lioini use.
CALGARY, ALTA..  uox m.
3. of every kind nnd make. Shuttles, Needles, Belts, Oil, etc., etc.
I,  O. 0.   F.
Ros-.kv Mountain Lodge No. DsV���leets in
Oslsilcllsiws Hall; Uolden, every Wednesday
al 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren welcome.
X. M. I'EA1W,_. N.Q. T. KINO Dec,
PRATT NO. notl, meets in their hall
every second Thursday in the month.  Visiting Ill-others welcome.
W.M. Ren.
A. V. A A. n.
Mountain Lodok, No. ll, A. F.
te A. M. Regular Communication, 2nd Monday lu every mouth. Sojourning broethren cordially invited.
0. H. l'ARSsDN, Secretary*
*��� AMBEB " Plug Smoking Tobacco is Winning on trt merits.
Have yon tried it ?
Powssta takan tin
-     ^alutEe
lag . aketos*. sad dMcrlption nutf
In. ne*, whether an invention la
-lUtas. CommuntsMtiosu atrlotlr
Oiaswamocj tpr*m*nai *****
ken throws*. Msura * Co. noalire
Patau. ti_
specie nsltloe
buMKallr  ��� " 	
mvnn   ta   vv-j
391, Bmdway, Now Turks
FOR  $12.00.1
This being the final issue of the
Golden Eua it may not be out of
plaoe to recall tome of the principal
events in its chequered career. The
paper was lirat published in 1901, the
Townsite Co. putting in a plant in the
log building that stands on the south
bank of lhe Kicking Horse and which
Is still known as lhe EltA office. Mr.
Dal Ramsay was the lirst mon In
charge of the plant, and wns followed
hy Mr. 1). M. Rae and Mr. W. Pellew-
Harvev, the lat er being edilor. Alter
Mr. Harvey's departure, Mr. Rao assumed ths editorial chair and wis
assisted in the mechanic 1 department
! Paine's Celery Compound
Guarantees a Freedom From
Sickness and Disease
The weak, ailing, sick and diseased
have now more man ever under their
coutrol their physical condition. They
are free agents, and almost wholly responsible for iheir future. When the
brain Is not affected. and the mind can
discern between right and wrong, a
duty lo themselves, their friends and
country loudly demands a marked de
Nickle movement
In 3 oz. case.
the JeWeller,
V-V��� ������"���������'���"���_5S
Golden, B.C.
by Mr. Mnrjshy.   A photograph taken |c|slon "-prompt and determined notion
ot tbe Eha office about this time shows > wheu health is impaired and life is In
grouped around lhe wood-pile, D. M.
Bas, J. Bae, G. Brock, E Murphy, P.
White and a few others of the '-push','1
of whioh none aro in town at present.
Mr. H. Bostock acquired an interest
in the Eka when he entered political
l.fe, and in 'AT Mr. E. A. Haggen took
charge, shut mored the plant to the
building at present occupied. Mr.
Haggen bad opposition for n year or
two as tbe jH.oute.iay Miner was estnb
lt is the part ot wisdom that true
decision he mado today; tomorrow
may lie too late. In thousands of
cases the checking aud banishment of
disease depends upon instant action;
an honr loat frequently means the
snuffing out of some j.rtoious life.
Few people iu our country are without some knowledge ot the wondrous
life giving virtues of Paine's Celery
Compound, a medicine that guarantees
relief from the disease* common to life,
,  . What will vour decision be today,
lishel, bot waa forced lo olose npae poor sufferer V   Will you give Paine's
there was so Held for two papera.  Mr.
Haggen's mining business increased so
much tbat he was obliged lo lease ihe
paper to Messrs Smith A Bates, whose
partnership was bronght to nn abrupt
termination by a disagreement which
occurred during the election ol 1900.
Ir* the fall sf that year the paper was
oold by ths sdinlnlslrator of the *��i**e
of Mr. Bott'oek, and beoamtlhe poperty
pi llr. Thos. O'Brlsn, who dlspottd of
It to the present owner, E. f. Chamber!, who has mads arrangements whh
the bnslnsss men of Armstrong lo puh
lish a paper derotrd lo ihe interests of
tbsir district, which will glvt bstttr
returni for the money Invstttd thst.
. /basbttn ths case in -GoldM.
'���'..   #.. 'f*���       ���..'-"���
Celery Compound the (air aud honest
testing ihat others are giving It. with
its certain reward ot health, atrength,
vigor and happiness, or will you
main indifferent and oarelesa. content
to pass your tew days or weeks in
misery, ag. ny and wretchedness until
ihe dark grave claimi you as its victim?
I*, is almost nsedless to enumerate
the blessed results that flow from
Paine's Celery Compound, when used
rbmpily In springtime, as yon and
your frlen's have a knowledge of thsm.
01 this you may lie assured; the seeds
ol disease ars banished, the system il
fortifies), the Wool Is made red and
oure, the nerves braoed, digestion regu*
Wed headaches, sideaches and baok
aehsts forsver dispelled, and tweet,
restful sleep-tekei the place of lusoin-
i.i��. I
Tenders for License to Out Timber on
Dominion Lands In the 1 rovli.oe
of British Columlili..
SEALEr) TENDERS asldrsssed tn tbo
" undersigned and marked on the envelo|*e
"Tender for rimlior Berth No. JM," to be
opened on the 16th of April, lima, will be
received nt this Department until noon on
Wednesday, tbe llith of April nost, for a
license to eut limber ot. Ilerih No a**, .Hunts in the province of Uritlsh Columbia, coin
prlsiing two blocks of three square mile,
IlLOCK No. I���Being on lhe South side of
said creek, commencing half a mile up
stream from the ,C. K Ity. track and thence
up stream three mile, hy one miles in denth,
IlkOCK No. 2-lieing on the north side of
said creek, commencing 11 miles np stream
from thn 0. P. Ry. track and thence up
stream three miles oy one mile in depth.
The regulations under which a license will
he issued, also printed form of tender and
envelope, may be obtained at this Department or at the offlce of the Crown Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender must be accommnied by an
accepted cheque on a chartered bant in
favor of the Depnty of the Minister of the
Interior, fcr the amount of the bonus which
the applicant ia prepared to pay Ibr a license.
Ne tender by telegraph will be entertained.
m    I'ERLEU 0. KEYE8,
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa March Uth, IMI.
������ Bills of Sale Act."
NOTICE is hereby alien thst that portion
ol* lhe Order in Council of the Hllh of
September, WOO, which provide*, that lhe
8lace for registration of Bills of Bale In the
orih Riding of the East Kootenay Else*
"Iwat a martyr��eHe-aad mrsi-iss
tcass caused by CessttpsMtB, tatt fer
swslstti os an average I Says a week,
���one pOls helped su, Imt Dr. AgBiWi
Uver tun at it its. a vial ears*} rae.
Ms la my own test-way aad it's a faot.
Heir I ana less sa honr sr miss a taeal"
This is the svrillen Iwlimooy srf a waB known
Toronto Journalist���you can have his name ll
you want it, Agnew's ars tbe best pills and
115% cheaper than any other. sopUIsiocts. j
ico pills aj cu. -   st
Sold by C. W. Field;   . s--"
toral district shall be the office of the Registrar of the County Court at Golden has been
reseluded, such reclslon to tue effect on tbe
1st day of April. UM.        -    ���,'
Ami under the provisions of the Bills of
Sale Act, ss amended by ike "Bills of Sale
Act Amendment Act, 1899." Hit Honor the
Lieutenant Governor in Conn all is pleased to
order thtt on and after the first slay of April,
WO!, the place for registration ef Bills of
Sale In thenortlon of the Norlh Rldlngof the
said Eut Kootenay Electoral District lying
NOBTHofa line commencing at a point on
the west boundary of the said North Riding
of East Kootenay Electoral District, which &
the source of Bugaboo creek i thenee easterly, following Bugsboo creek to its mouth s
thence dne east to the boundary of the Province, shall be the office of the Registrar of
the County Court at Golden; and that on and
after the first day or April. IMS, the nlace
for the registration of Bills oi Sale in tbe
portlonofthe said North Wing of tbe said
East m^iav floral District Jying
south of the midline shall be theotjoeo?
life Registrar ef lhe County Court at Peterborough.
Acting Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
1st March. 1KB.
Sign Writer
Hemic Artist
HraM e*bmm*i*w.
Lot-re Orders at (JiM-Ma-tut, etM��. I.C
Ths late Dr, T. DeWltt Talmsge Itf*
an tltatt tslotd st*. thru hajtirtd
thousand dollars,
ca. j, flow*,
(s-tasMsBMsM. t�� F. H. Barrett.)
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber HarneM*.
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Bugf**-.
Harness, Stock Saddless, Ladies'Side fc^dles, Alters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Oattle Whine,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pado,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
A Sprinkling of. Neckwear
from this elegant line will put your assortment
in the most satisfactory condition. $ *$ $
There's a sparkling variety of all styles of neck
fixings for this season���spots, figures, vertical.
stripes and cross bars, as well as plain effects in
beautiful colors.     ������*$,.       9 9 9
Collars of all shapes that are correct,   Soft
Shirts ib many new weaves and combinations.
J. G. TOM & Co.
-u Delphine.*^
-Tint-Class Aeoom���odatloa for
i j*r*i i ii 1111;' -fc*1"
Replete in Everything.
Being on the only direct route to the mines on Toby, Horse Thief aud Me. 9
Creeks, it is tke headquarters of all mining men.
Good Stable Aceommodatlon.
Finest Brands
of Liquors
and Cigar*.
/ >���
Columbia River Lumber Qo*
  Fir "and Spruce Lumbfef,
ALL KINDS OF    ��� '        ,".'_       ' *       '. .
 ���- Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. *
Largest Capaolty In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
''���-' .i   . ...I���.
Sash & Door Machine
Factory...    ,. Shop..*
E��tt-e aa* Batter Bafalrla* a s-faHaltjr,


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