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The Golden Era Mar 24, 1899

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Array '
Th�� Golden Era
I* the moat widely oirealated and
beat advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
il read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders und lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 pep Annum
in Advance	
The Golden Er&,
Has been appointed tbe Gittitf
for North East Kootenay for
Dominion end Provincial Government notices and sslrattiss-
nients.   Publiehed by
TiiE Oolden Era Co., Ltd., Lt.,
0 ouiiN, B.tf
.'.'*��� t
Tl I. MIL   KO.
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,   MARCH 24,   1899.
$2 Per Yeab
Special Reductions in Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous to Stock Taking*.
H.  G.   PARSON,
Pop a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
.Fop 10. Days More
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
/fat and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
SlOet Proprietor..
Now    Ready
THE . [ ,
W. A. Murray & Co. L't'd.,
.       Largest Dry Goods House in the Dominion of Cana-
��ftinoSrPB?djr with 8Prin? S{tmPles of New Dress Goods,
Silks, waih Fabrics and other Dry Goods needs. A complete range will be sent to any address. Write for Catalogue.   Address Mail Order Department.
The W. A. Murray* Co., Toronto, Ontario.
Referring to the atiempts of the Mo*
Keinsie-Mann people to bulldoze the B.
.ft' Legislature tlio Toronto Sentinel
says: "It Hon. Joseph Martin is
able to clear the lobbyists from the
legislative halls of British Columbia,
lie will accomplish a good thing for
that province particularly anil for the
Dominion generally. The lobbyist is
a greedy parasite upon the political
hotly, which is constantly sucking the
life-blood of sincere purpose from tbe
legislators of tho country. In every
house of parliament and legislature
upon tbe continent the lobbyist flourishes only by destroying iho integrity
of tho members and leading thein to
the adoption of laws that are contrary
to the publio interests. The successful
lobbyist must be a man of infinite re*
sources devoid of conscience and
thoughtful only to attain his end. A
selfish individual of considerable talent
which be prostitutes to tho most sor
did uses, it i*9 only necessary to know
him and his methods to appreciate tbe
importance of driving him from the
legislative halls. The Hon. JosepTi
Martin will (ind him more difficult to
dislodge than he found tho late government ot" the province of British Columbia, but it is of more importance for
tho general good that this particular
form of parasite should be dtstroyed
than even that there should be a
change of government. If Hon. Mr.
.Martin can deviso a way of getting rid
of this class of people in British Columbia, there will be some hope of
their elimination from the consideration of piivate bills in tho legislature
of Ontario and in the parliament of
' anada. -Fighting Joe' is not the
most agreeable man in Canadian politics, but lie is certainly one of the most
elective "
To this the Winnipeg Tribune adds
"Apart from the character of the
' lobbyist' and his work, is the character of the people wbo employ
and the purposes for which they use
him. It is not the plain citizen seek-
ing clean, economical government who
uses these men, The lobbyist is the
fit instrument of tlio subsidy-huuier,
the monopolist, the l.oodltn- and the
Ssttlcrs within the railway belt will
1-8 pi-iased to learn that tha regulations
gdv'erniug tbe granting of yearly
licenses ami permits to cut timber on
Dominion lauds in Manitoba, the
���Territories and within twenty miles on
either side of the C. P. B. in British
Columbia, established in July last, are
amended by specifying that the homesteader may have a free permit to cut
2,000 feet of rails to be used on his
own land. If he .provision for payment
by actual settlers uf the dues at the
rate at the rat" of I2j cents per cord
for contwood and rails made from dry
standing timber is rescinded. Section
ii, which gives homesteaders and all
bona fide settlers whose farms may not
have thereon a supply of timder, a treo
permit to cut dry falien timber for
their own use on tbeir farms as fuel
aud fencing, is amended by leaving
out the word "fallen."���Sentinel.
Garden aqd Farnj
The toldeq Era.
$2.75 for One Year*
B.C. Mining Record,
Published mowthly, nre received by E. A. HAGGEN,
Golden, B.C.    Prioe
Advertise in
TfiE  BRA.
is Hiss Linsey's Endorsatlon oi
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Tbey Oared hor of Peinnla* Weakness
Aad Hgadnfihe When Other Medt-
clnos Were Without lSir.atit���Her
(InroUoffanwhen She *>��rated
Using "Jin'ii's Kidney - Ills.
Quebec P. Q. Mar. 20,���A very short,
very pithy nud weighty statement   is
given for publication by  Miss.   Lizzie
Linsey, ol ihis city.   This   statement
made und signed in   the   presence  of
witnesses, carries a message of   hope,
and encouragement to the vast majority of women, for nine of  every   ten
women are sufferers from one or other
of the long train of ills known popularly as Female Troubles.
To these, to them all, without exception, Miss Linsey's statement proves
that there is in Dodd's Kidney Pills,
positive and permanent cure for the
diseases tbat rob life of all its pleasures
and joys,
Miss Linsey writes: "I have been a
great sufferer from Female Weakness
and Headache. I suffon.il all the tortures attendant upon these diseases,
and could get no relief, though I iried
many different kinds of remedies. Some
tune ago I b gan using Dodd's Kidney
Pills, aud my complete cure began at
the same time. I am now strong and
well In every way, thanks to Dodd's
Kidney Pills."
Weak, pule, nervous women, whose
lives are a continual round of suffering
need look no further for a enre. If
they will use Dodd's Kidney Pills,
tbey are sure of complete restoration
ta vigorous health.
Dodd's Kidney Pills strengthen the
Kidneys, and the Urinary Organs, and
bring health, strength and vitality to
weak, defective organs. No Kidney
Diseases can exist when Dodd's Kidney Pills are use!.   -
Dodd's Kidney Pills are seld by all
druggUts, at fifty cents a box, six
boxes, )2.60, or sent, on receipt of price
by The Dsdds Medicine Co., Limited,
Five Hundred People to Leave
Company Formed at Donald.
Party Leaves on Monday.
The placer strike recently made on
the tributaries of the Fraser River in
tho vicinity of Tete Jaune Cache appears to be creating a lot of attention
at Edmonton, end it is reported that
500 people will shortly leave Edmonton for the new Held going in by the
Yellovvhfiad Puss. Another party is
supposed to be outfitting at Calgary
for the supposed El Dorado. People
are also arranging to go in from Golden und Donnld. Among others the
Veil, Archdeacon McKay and Chun
Ruttan laik of going to Tete Jaune
Cache instead of Atlin as at first they
intended. One of the best means of
access will be by water going from
Beaver by lhe Columbia River, running or portaging Surprise Rapids 20
miles north of Beaver, and thence by-
boat to the Big Bend, where Canoe
River comes in, which is said to afford
good facilities for boating for over 40
miles beyond the Big Jam. This jam
affords in itself no difficulty as Mr.
Evans informs us tbat he has taken
boats over it by cutting away some of
the over-lying timber. Ssveral people
at Golden are urging that the Govern*
.nent should have tbat district at ones
tacked on to the North East Kootenay
Gold Commissioner's district and that
a mining recorder be sent there. At
present Mr. Evans is mining recorder
for tbe camp.
Let ut say plainly that in our opinion, from all that we have been able to
learn, there is nothing to wairant any
insane rush to that country as yet.
Gold, is there, but it bas yet to be
proved that it exists in quantities.
The country ie large, and we believe
affords a first-class field for tbe prospector as there is a large atea of it
unexplored, and away .north on the
Parsnip, Pence, Omenica. Nation,
Osilinca, Findlay and other rivers,
which can be reached conveniently
from Tete Jaune Cache, there is known
to la much excellent gold-bearing
For those who wish to take in
horses the Moberly trail from Donald
north is available and appears to be
far an 1 away- tbe best route of travel
connecting Tete Jaune Cache with the
railway and moan-) of communication,
'Some pans of tha trail are, however,
desperately bad, being boggy and
marshy, whilo softie of the rivers Such
as Bush River, are bad to cross. The
route is, however, oue over which
first-class trail or wagon road cau be
built and the matter of bridging tho
worst of the rivers should present no
difficulty, providing the district offers
sufficient attractions and tho traffic is
sufficiently large to justify the Govern
ment in arranging to carry out the
A route 180 miles from the railway
line at Donald or Beaver presents undoubted attractions over the route of
240 miles from Kamloops, cr .that of
4S0 miles from Edmonton. The traffic to that country undoubtedly has
its natural Outlet si this end, and
while unwarrantable booming is to he
deprecated, we believe the great western valley of the Rocky .Mountains
north of Golden is sufficiently large
and wealthy fo justify efforts to develop its reeources.
Reports reach Golden that 60 men
started last week from Edmonton for
Tete Jaune Cache.
The Edmonton Bulls in publishes a
letter received from one of thi prospectors at Tete Jaune Cache, by name
Jackson. It appears that Jackson
went in there last year and was the
first to find gold dn Swift Current,
having picked up a piece of quartz
showing the precious metal. This lie
communicated to Holliday and party
from Golden, and who went in there
last season. Thoy prospected Swift
Current and found good prospects at
riin rock, came to Goldi-n and outfitted, returning in the fall when the
present strike wits rtfude.
In his letter* to his wife Jackson says
that there wad a dispute as to who
should stake the discovery claim, and
meeting of the1 prospectors from
Golden was held, when it was decided
that as Jackson was* the first to draw
attention to the ground he should
stake the claim, and the others staked
after him. Jackson states that he
has eunk a shaft to bedrock and has
pay-dirt running 60 ctnts to tbe pan
and that a man can make 140 a day.
He describes the trip which he had in
from Edmonton as n very bard one.
There Is considerable excitement at
Donald over the new And, and on
Monday and Tuesday thfiYgs were
quite lively in the old town when ten
of the residents formed a mining partnership, at $10  a head, to send out a
party of prospectors to locate ground
for them. The party will consist of
the Veil. Archdeacon McKay and
Messrs. Patmore, jnr., W. Martin, of
Beaver, and T. Forest. Winnipeg hus
been telegraphed to for toboggans and
it is intended to get some dogs together
if possible. The party intend to start
from Beaver on Monday, folio,ring
the Columbia River, and should reach
the new goldfield in the course of a
The following art. the claims so far
recorded on Swift Current iu order of
lo/ation :
A. M. Lang.
J. A. Scott.
L. Keyser.
C. D. Lang.
O. B. McDermot.
Ji C. Jolirfe.
Discovery 6 claims looat-
ed in names of Frank A.
Jackson snd J. W. Evafls.
W, S. Mitchell-Innes.
J. 0. Ullock.
W. 3. Barry.
J. Noble.
A. Mora**.
t. Holliday.
J. Longtin.
P. R. Neal.
A. Stewart.
A. G. Eaton.
J. C. Pitts.
The Edmonton correspondent of the
Free Press writes: "Fifty loaded
pack ponies left here 10 days ago, 15
more on Saturday, and to-morrow
some 20 more leave St. Albert bound
for tbe Yellow Head Pass gold find.''
Chamberlain's C-Vaffh Remedy.
This remedy is intended especially
for coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough and influenza. It has become
famous for its cures of these diseases,
over a large part of the civilized world.
Tbo most flattering testimonuls have
been received, giving accounts of its
good works; of tho aggravating and
persistent coughs it hss cured ; of severe colds lhat have yielded promptly to
its soothing effects, and of tbe dangerous attacks of croup it has cured, ofton
saving the life of the child. The extensive use of it for whooping cough
has shown that it robs that disease of
all dangerous consequencos. For sale
by all druggists Henderson Bros,
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Kfaiu'a Greatest Weed.
Mr.- R. P. Olivia, of Barcelona,
Spain, spends his winters at Aiken, S.
C. Weak nerves had caused severe
pui*s in Ihe back of his head. On
usfftg Electric Bitters, America's greatest Stood and Nerve Remedy, all pain
soon left him. He siiyS this grand
medicine is what his country needs.
All America knows that: it cures liver
and kidney trouble, puri-lies the blood,
tones up the stomach, strengthens the
nerves, puts vim, vigor and new life
into every muscle, nerve and organ of
tbe body. If weak, tired or ailing ydlr
need it. Every bottle guaranteed, only
60 cents.*   Sold by all Druggists,   r*
Messrs Starboard and Collett intent}
shortly resuming work on the Red
Lion Group, which tbey have bonded
from Ben Abel.
M. Bournnis is making a fine showing (iii the Silrer Hill and Maraiwitb
claims, which he lias located three
miles souili of Windermere. The ore
is galena. R. A. Kimpton has taken A
bond on the property.
It in stated that the English syndicate which has bonded ihe Porcupine
Creek cluims will start soon to open a
good road to the property so as to get
in mining machinery and supplies,
Tbe Hon. F. W. Aylmer informs nt
that when at Windermere he saw Mr.
Starke, who had just come in frem th*
Delphine and tbe property continued ta
maintain its promising cha.scter as
development work prbeceded.
W. B. Robertson and F. Stalker
started out from Beaver on snow-shoes
to visit the Porcupine Creek claims
where Sam Yuill is putting in the
winter. They were out two days on
the trip Hhd tho travailing <hitS scf
iieavy that they decided to abandoif
the trip and returned when within
about four miles of the property.
H. B, Foster has taken an interest
with Messrs Kimpton and Starke on
theB. C. and Chilberry claims on Toby
Creek. Development tvorii will be
started on the property in tho course
of two or three weeks. We are jflacr
to see Mr. Foster taking such an active interest in the development of the
mining nnd ranching resources of
Windermere district and hope to serf
his enterprise rewarded With satisfactory rbsults.
Work on ibe Delphine is being-
pushed on night and day. When Mr.
Stark came in to WibdWaiere lateljf
he stated that tbe ground was changing and becoming easier to sink through
He expected that by the end of MarcU
the shaft would be Sown 2(W feet, A
fine winter has been Experienced at thd
mine, and operations have processed:
without obstruction. The ground is-
now practically bare of snow and indeed there has been very little snew u|i
Toby Creek this winter. So favirable'
has been the winter that though there
has been very little traffic to keep tlief
trail open Mr. Kimpton himself recently rode up to the mine and back ltd
three diiys.
A Narrow Escape.
Thankful words written by Mrs Adi
E. Hatt, of Groton, 3. P. "Was
taken with a bad cold Which setil'ji*
on my lungs; cough set in and finally
terminated in Consumption. Four'
Doctors gave mo up, saying I could
live but a short time. I gave fa^sl*")!
up to my Savior, determined if I fctWaf
not stay with my friends on earth, I
would rireet my absent ones above. My
husband was advised to get Dr. King'?
New Discovery for Oonsumptiori
Coughs and Colds. I gave ir, a trial,
took in all eight bottles. It has cured
rae, and thank God, I nm saved and
now a well and healthy wo'man." Sold
by all druggists. 50 cts. and $1.00.
Guaranteed or price refunded. 1
Mr. Robbins, the efi'ergetic Secretary-*
of the Golden Hospital, is making ir
record in securing support for the]
Hospital, having already disposed of
ten annual tickets during the past
month alone against an. annual aggregate of ten hitherto. He is also urging tbe improvement of the ground?
during the coming spring and the addition of aj tennis court there. The'
Columbia River Lumber Cc'mpeny are'
giving the Hospital their liberal Support by way of assistance in various
ways. The Hospital ]">ir?c-ors havo
succeeded in obtaining for Dr, Taylor
a free pass on the C.P.R. between'
Laggan nnd Beavermouih, so thst biff
usefulness may bo extended between*
the points named.
TTiat Throbbing;   IleiMacfce.'
Would qMickly leave you, if yOrf
used Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands of suferers have proved their'
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous'
Headaches. They mako pure blood
and strong nerves and build up' your'
health. Easy to ttilie. Try ibt'm.
Only 25 cents. Money feck if not cured"
Sold by all Druggists.
When Mr. Whyte, General Manager'
of the C. P. R. fiiisei through Dbniild>
Oh Wednesday last, T. Forrest visited
On him and oakfd what wr.il likely to'
be done will refer ,ice to compensating
the'residents of Donald fat- the loss'
they had sustained by the removal of
thpC. P. R shops from thttt'town. Mr."
Whyte snid thst Ut, fl'Acrcy, Claim*'
Agent, had reported'on the matter and^
the report hud gone to Montreal for'
approval. Mr. Whyte expected to. bo'
able to send the residents of Don-aid* tf*
definite reply in W days tin.**
111'   "'l. To Advertisers and Subscribers.
The GOLDEN ERA. is published overy Vri-
day evening, li la tho Lest advertising medium
in tii... Eas- i-knuHtu-.iv district.
Subscriptlun Hates :  $*.<�� per annum is au-
WhUe aU reasonable earc will be taken, the
propnettrs will not le responsible ior any
omission or orr. r In anv advertisement.
All accounts to l.e paid lo tho Manrging
Director, or his autb-jrlzed ag.-nt, from wnirtu
The cuinpanv's recoipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates: Display ads., fLB per
column ineb: Legal ads., 10 cents per line ior
tirst insertion, 0 touts tor each additional Inser-
tion; Reading notices, W oents per lino uncb
issuu. Land nud mmoral I Crown Oram )
n itieessame as Uoverunumt Gazette $7.8 .
All business communications should le addressed totne Managing Director, aim all literary communications, lottors for publication or
news Items should bo addrcered to the Eiluor,
Correspondence Is invited on matters oi puldli
Interest.tint to secure publication Blicll V.-tier
iiiu-t ba brief. In the ease ol anonym >ub letten
the name and address of tlio writer must be enclosed, not for publication, hut far thu prlvati
iniorination of the editor and as a guarantee o
gOOd taith. Any letter received Inter Until \\ eil
uesday will have to stand over nil the lollowutg
ni Golden Era Co. Limited Liability.
OFFICE,   (lOLIIEN.   11. C.
log tlip dutloa. The statement wns
inaile that lln-re H no ino'uopoly ur eom-
bino lu   oil  In   Ciiiuidii.
The guvurnmont lender, Mr. A. J. Bul-
four, said no stops bud been taken to
appoint u   HUecessjr to Huron llet-sehell.
The Italian minister of foroigu affairs informed tbe chamber cf deputies
as to- tbt policy of the nation towards
North Waterloo in tho Ontario house
Is vacant; Dr. Lackner, Conservative,
being unseated by tho court of ap.
The Ottawa supreme court gare decisions In E..tPliii;.iii va. Kieliurd, of the
N\ \Y, T.. and Archibald vs. Mcintosh
and Archibald vs. McEurlune, li. 0.,
The editor ot the Klondike Ntiggol
made specific charges against Ex.Qulil
Commissioner Faweett, which tho latter states are untrue, aud malevolent.
Commissioner Ogilvie will  investigate.
Col. Went, ot   Minneapolis, la   dend.
Dr. McDonald, of Brandon, in serious
ly 11!*
The new trades hall was opened in
The British government issued n'ldue
font k ou China,
The Portage la Prairie and Whmlpoji
assizes  were  opened.
The x. W, T. legislative nssoipbly I
called for April -Uli*.
Provont, the Port Arthur murderer
will hang on Friday.
Four U. S. revenue cutters have bcoi
ordered to  Belie [ng Sea.
J. 0. Itolterlson, a former treasurer ol
Quebec provlnco, is   dead.
United States ban decided not lo hi
torture lu   tJio partition ol  China.
The result of tho South Perth re
count is   8   majority for Montelth.
The Winnipeg presbytery met urn] sel
ccted commissioners for the assembly*.
Further particulars nro received ottlu
Allierni strike, which Is  fabulous.? rich
The Dominion government Is not llalil
for cattle destroyed with tuberculosis
The annual meeting of tho Muuitobi
ttlllc association wuh Held in   Winnipeg
The grand lodge of the Sons oi Eng
land opened in annual session in Ol
A bin to Incorporate tho Salvatloi
Army was Introduced Into the New Yorl
J, F. Wood, M. P., ex-controller In the
Inte Dominion government, died in Toronto.
Emperor William and Cecil Rhodes
have come to an amicable understautli
Albert Price will bo tried for attempted murder of RlcJiard Bolton, ol Prairie
William Mackenzie said the Rainy
Rivor railway will bo Independent of our
Russia will add four Imtt'eshlps, ��!x
cruisers and two gun-boats to lier Chinese fleet-
Eighty miles of the Duluth, South
Shore uud Atlantic railway are covered
with  solid  Ice-.
Six hundred settlers left Toronto lor
Manitoba by Tuesday's regular set-
tiers' excursion.
Jas. Howie-, who Pried to blow up the
Japanese fleet during tho war with
China,   Is    dead.
The annual meeting of tho Winnipeg
rresbyterlal W. V. M. S. was lie Id In
St.  Andrew's church.
The .Shamrocks, of Montreal,, defeated
tiie Queen's college team, lor tlio Stanley cup, (i   goals' to -'.
The Winnipeg school board decided to
erect another school, on the Much ray
Kite, In   the north end.
Tin* Winnipeg police corralled a bad
gang of thieves in tho ait of enjoying
the proceeds  of a robbery.
Rev.r Mr. Geogeban, rector of St.
Peter's church, Hamilton, was found
guilty of Immoral practice-**.
Treasurer Harcourt estimates that
$814,908 will lie added to the provincial revenue by the new bill.
A Chinese shop In Winnipeg was raided by Chief License Inspector Penrose,
nnd a  quantity of  whiskey secured.
An illicit still was seized nil the farm
of a well known Peel township resident,
near Toronto, by the tiatno ol  Pui reily.
Archbishop Chapel le, tbe pupa' repro*
������-tentative Investigating church affairs in
Cuba, ordered   nuns   tu  leave   thu island.
A passenger train In Wyoming bafi
been blockaded In snow tbree weeks,
and the rescuing party Is *lill tun
in Men off.
A deputation of Canadian crude oil
producers waited upOn the Dominion
government, protesting against abolish-
Loss of Life ia (front.
New York, March 15.���Tlio Tribune
publishes tne following: it Kcenia now
almost certain tint ten freight stera-
)ii|js hnvo been lost on the Atlantic
in tliu recent storms. Tills involves
tho loss oi mow than throa Hundred
lives, and $2,300,000 of capital. Of
ootiTio. ili.-.e y l ren'alns a slim
Jmnco that some of the craws may
have b cn plokju up by -slow going van-
boIh bound for distant ports, or that
oue or two oi Ui- mtaing Hhip* may
tilt bo drifting, disabled, far away
'rout tlio usual lanes of oeeau travel
b.it thi! pqsslbllltleH are heavily
against tho hope. It is said the rat.1
ir re-liisuianco m missing boats is
linety guineas.
All |,erhapa went down in the fearful nur.lcane of Feb. 2. Elera are the
lamos: The AIlegiiany-Anrrlean.
rnpt MeGiliivr'.v. louileti *\\ li ��**>iI in
b.ilk, from Halifax, Jan. 26, Tor Dovor.
ij Luekenbault owiibr. The "Aron,
"riti li Capt. J. P. Baxtor, li.nl>;r lad-
an, Eailed from Portland, Me., fan. 27,
"or London Thompson Hue. The
'Uy of Wakefield, -fijrltlsh, Capt
I'ownsemI, grain anJ g-.no .a 1 mrrclutn-
lise, from Norfolk, -Jan. 24, lor Iiot-
t-raam The Croft, British. Capt
'nng. gr.iln ami fptm-al u;er.hui is*1
ruin New York, Jan. 2(>, for Lei til
he Ari'OW Line Dora Foster, Bt it i ill
'apt. J. II- Wooley, cotton, from Sn*
i ami fill Jan 2;i. for Liverpool. Tie:
f aughton. British, Capt. Hodgson,
rain and cotton, from Norfolk, Jan
28 for Copenhagen. The Ministur
laybuh German, Capt. Prodi��, oil In
b'llk, from New York,, Jan. fcr
Hamburg. The Oborou, British
'apt Lesley, grain, from Baltimore,
Tan. 25. for Antwerp. The Pic ton,
British Capt. C. C, Payne, g/ain. from
Norfolk Jan 20, for Bllgo, The Mil
burn. British. Capt, Smith, grain and
general merchandise, from New York
for Loudon. The Atlantic, transport
nil i.r.vt; diseases,
��*or<:ii. loss
DEIiUlTY. I Ilia lacni-ni. nf tills opllalo
are mo-t niaalfcBt*
By the aid of The D. & L. Emulsion, I have
gotten rial of a hacking cough which had troubled
me for over a year, and havo gained considerably In weight.
T. H. WINGHAM, C.E., Montreal.
50c. and $1 per Bottl.
Accident <m the "Terrible."
Davenport, frig., March 15. ��� The
British lirst class cruiser Terrible has
urrlved from Ualta uud roports a
boiler explosion on liar on Momluy.
which killtvl 11 stoker, and fatally In
jured another man and badly scaldci
several others. The Terrible is a sister
whip of tho Powerful, Tlio latter,
which Is now in Manila bay, has been
most unfortunate, having experienced
a continuous scrips of aoutdeiits and
breakdowns Kinrii sli? wits launched.
Tin? British first class cruisers Terrible and Powerful urn steel-sheathe-^
vessels, li,*2i)il tons displacement and
"i00 feet lon-r.
Provost Will llnng.
Ottawa, March 15,-OllVor Provost.
tin- Port Arlhiir murderer, who killed two men two years o-aro, will lie
iian-rml on Friday. The government
bus- denied the application for a commutation of his sentence. This action
Is largely attributable to the report
of lira. Burgess and Phelan, who niter
examining Provost, declared him to lie
morally accountable.
Every sufferer from catarrh *A*ho reads theselines will find in them a message
of hope. No matter how severely he may be afflicted, no matter how many so-
called remedies he may have tried, no matter how many physicians have experimented upon him in vain, no matter how completely he may have despaired of
ever ridding himself of his disgusting antl distressing malady���he can be cured i
Hundreds upon hundreds of cases as bad as his have been fully and pennancntiv
This wonderful remedy never fails if taken before catarrh has developed into
other necessarily fatal diseases. Don't put it off���go at once to your druggist
and get a bottle. It will relieve you in to minutes���it will place you on the road
to full recovery immediately. It cures cold in the head, sore throat, tonsilitis,
asthma, hay fever, loss of smell and deafness. Here is an interesting letter from
the Rev. James aMurdock, of Harrisburg, Pa. :
" When 1 know anvtblng is worthy of recommendation, I consider It my duty to let
my friends know 11. I nave used Dr. Agneav's Catarrhal Powder for the last two months
and am now completely cured of catarrh of five years standing. It Is certainly magical
in ill effect. The first application benefited mc within live minutes. I would not be
without it in the house If it cost ts a bottle, as It wilt cure any slight cold I may have,
almost instantly."     At all druggists.
Dr. Agnew's Curo for the Heart relieves heart disease in 30 minutes. Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pills���20c. for 40 doses���arc Ihe best.   Dr. Agnow's Ointment relieves in a day cc-
1, tetter and all skin diseases.  Cures piles lu 210 3 nights.  35c 10
SOLD    BY   C.   A.   WABBEN
In Love's Flower Garden, there is the
full-blown rose of married happiness and
the holv perfume of joyous motherhood
faar every woman who takes proper care of
her health in 11 womanly way. For the
weak, sicklv. nervous, despondent woman,
wliaa siiiTeis'uiilold miseries in silence from
weakness and disease of the delicate organs
concerned in wifehood and motherhood,
there are onlv thorns, and to her the perfume of motherhood is lhe aroma of death.
No woman is litteal for the responsibilities of wifehood and Ihe duties of mother-
l-.naid v.-liii is a miffi-rer in this way. Every
wii'iian may be sutaiig anal healthy in a
womanly wav, if she will. It lies with herself. She needs, in the first place, a little
knowledge a.'f Ihe reproductive physiology
,,f women. This she can obtain by securing and reading a copy of Dr. Pierce's Cntn-
mon Sense Medical Adviser. It contains
1008 pagas and over 100 illustrations. It
tclla nil about all the ordinary ills of life,
uud how to treat tht 111. Several chapters
anal illustrations are devoted to the physical make-up of women. It tells how to
treat all the diseases peculiar to women.
It elves the names, addresses, photographs
and experiences of hundreds of women who
have been snatched from the verge ofthe
grave taa live happy, healthy lives by Dr.
Pierce's medicines. This book Bhe can
obtain free. It used to cost $1.50, and over
seven hundred thousand copies were purchased bv women al that price. Over a
million wonicn now own copies. Por a paper-covered copy send -|I one-cent stamps.
to cover cost of customs and mailing only,
to World's Dispensary Medical Association. Buffalo, N. Y, Por cloth-binding,
send .to one-cent staiuuft.
Australian  Harvest.
Ottawa, March 15.���I. H* Large, com
nicrclai agent oi the Canadian govern
ment in Australia, reports to the
trade imd commerce department thai
a u estimate of the harvest of the Australian colonies places the yield at 51!,
iiDO.ODOO bushels, whicli if correct, wil
lie the largest on record there, tin
best previous record having Leeri es
Inblislu-a in the tacuson of ltSS-A when
the yield wa* <t5,5il,."J!IJ bushels.
Atistrulinii requirements .'or lood an
see-tl amount to 34,000,000 bushels
leavinir a surplus for export of close
upon 19,00(1,000 bushels. With tin
exceptions of New South Wales and
Queensland all the colonies have bin
good harvests. The result has been
a fali iii price to an export basis.
It is a remarkable testimony to the
excellence of Manitoba flour that it
continues to come in spite of thesi
facts though It Is true in smaller
quantities than formerly. The War*
rlnion on her last voyage carried 400.-
000 tons of Manitoba flour and It ba
commanded the highest margin above
the price ol the local product. Wltl
���rood brands of local flour selling nt
CO 10s per ton, Canadian flour has colt'
ut 1110 10s. per ton. Tour years ng-
when Canadian flour was first Intro
.'.iiccil in Australia, it was difficult tc
get nn agent to linnd'e it, wh'lc to
day the best firms in the country are
runnln gfnter it. Much that now
comes, be says, goes to Queenlaud am
Western Australia.
0 LIEVE. <
t      PERRY DAVIS * 80H.      ((
A New Departure.
Dr. Mnrschand, the celebratet"
French physician, lias at last opener
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Ont, There is a lorg-
duff of chemists and physicians at lib
���ouinmud, nnd the men and women
if Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Marsclmml has a world-wide reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
ind you have but to write the doctor
to be convinced that yonr answer, when
received, is from a man who is entitled to the high position he holds in
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in silence when yon can
wenre the advice of this eminent physician free of charge.
All correspondence is strictly confidential nntl names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents are
mailed iu plain envelopes.
You are not asked to pay any exorbitant price for medicines, in fact it
rarely happens that a patient has ex-
iiended over 150 cents to ono dollar before he or she becomes a firm friend
and admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lady physicians
issist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
if females cases. Alwnys inclose three-
ent stamp when yon writo and address
The Dr, Marschand Chemical Co., De
roit. Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Gloldeu Era when yon write thedootor.
Keeker Confesses.
Chicago, March 15.���Augusta Becker,
the i-aiisnge maker, who has 1-oen
under arrest for four weeks on n
-linr.ee of murdering his wife his mad
a full confession. He said that he cut
bis wife to pieces and burned the remains In a stove. Bicker, wlion first
arc-ted admitted killing his wife, but
declavan he pushed hir off Itandolph
-trei-t, viaduct, into the lake and that
ibe was drowned.
Factories Destroyed.
Birmingham. Ala., March 15,���A tornado early this morning wrecked a
do-sen or more dwelling houses, three
diuretics unroofed and several factories at Avondale and Woodlawn,
suburbs of Birmingham, were unroofed, hut no one was Injured as far ns
LORD     M1NT0     DELIVERS      THE
The Washington Conference���Plebiscite Vote-Change in Electoral
Ottawa, March lO.-The fourth
session ot the eighth parliament of Canada was opened ny His Excellency the Earl ol
Miuto this afteruoou. l*recl*-e.y at
three o clock His Excellency proceeded
In stmt' io the parliament buildings
escorted by the l"rliu*e.-*s Louise Dragoon Guartis. He was received tit the
entrance- by a guard of honor from
the Governor General's Foot Guards
with bund and co.ors, and was met
Inside the main entrance by the general officer commanding the militia of
Canada and the o.flcers of the
litiKiquurters stuff. His Bxcellcncy
was attended liy Major Druinniond,
military secrctury; Lieut. Laseelles
of the mioi Guards, anil Lieut. Graham
of the Coldstream Guards, aides-tie-
ciuiip, nml by Mr. Arthur Guise, comptroller of the household, and liy tlle
liononiry aides.
The prime minister. Sir Wilfred Laur-
ler; the secretary of state, Hon. H.
W. Scott, mid the minister or justice,
Hon. David Mills, received his excellency Inside the senate chamber. Being seatoi on the throne, Black Itoii
w.is dispatched to summon the house
of commons and parliament being assembled his excellency was pleased to
deliver tlle following
Hon. Gentlemen of the Senate, Gentlemen of the House ot Commons:
In meeting you for the first tine.'
���ilnce entering upon my duties as tho
representative of Her Majesty in tills
Dominion, it uffords mo great pleasure
to be able to congratulate you on
.he large degree of prosperity which
the people of Canada ut present enjoy, us evidenced by tin expansion of
trade and commerce,  th? nourishing
���onditlon of tlle public revenues, nu.I
the Increased number of Immigrants
who havo become permanent settlers
amongst us. To these evidences may
be added another which is even more
gratifying, the almost total cessation
of the considerable exodus of our
population which at ouo tiino was i
regrettable feature of our affairs.
nn: Washington  co.\I''i:i!i;ncf;
The negotiations which were set
on foot during the recess bitwoen Her
Majesty's    government and    that of
he I'nlted Stntes in reference Lo the
lottlenient of certain questions In dispute between Canada and tlle latter
lountry were, I grieve to sny, greatly delayed by the illness and subsequent death ofs two of the
���nost, eminent ineinbers or th:
commission appointed fcr that pur
pose. Considerable progress had been
made on several of tit: subjects sub
mlttcd. but n serious til.agreement
arose b?twc?n Her Majesty's coin
���uisBloners and the eonimisslonc'-B of
the United States on the question of
the boundary between Canada and
\lnskn. The question was referred
by tin- commissioners to their res-we-
tive governments, tin commission be
lug adjourned to tin second day of
\ugust next in the hope that In th
-nenntime tlic difficulty might Im overcome.
In compliance with the act pnesed
'nst session u plebiscite was lipid on
ho question of prohibition, tho offl-
-*lul figures of the vote will b"i placed
bi-for*. you.
I observed with pleasure that the
.neither country, Canada and the other
Erltlth 8)08868810118 have recently
adopted a penny postage letter rate,
lhe ratlsfnotion with which this action haa. been received liy the Canadian people Is a further proof of th��
general desire existing amongst oi-r
people for elottr relations with the
mother country, and the rest of tlr
oniplr.*. I am almost glad to foe
able to state thnt the satisfactory
condition of the fiunuces ol the country -permitted a reduction on th*
1st, of January last, of tho Canadian
domestic letter rate, from th ne f
two cents, and although such n reduc
tion Involves a temporary loss of
revenue it is nevertheless confidently
expected tliat the cheapened rate wil
rove of ouch service hi the promo'bn
of trade and in the general Interchange
of correspondence that, within a rai-
���aonable time, the revenue uf thopoBt
office department will b? restored to
its former figure.
Much information has been obtain-
-���d since you inst met relative to the
"Xtent and value of tlio deposits of
Told and valuable minerals In the
Yukon and other parts ol Canada, the
returns from the Yukon have so "ar
-iroved sufficient to meet the heavy
-ixpendlture It wos found necessary to
Incur for the purpose of preserving
Inw nnd order, nntl It 1ms been tl'ongh
'.xpetlient III the public iuterest to
authorise the construction of the line
*>f telegraph for tho purpose of in-iln-
tnlnlng speedy communication with
the peoplo ol those distant terrltor
A measure will be submitted to you
for the better arrangement of the
electoral districts throughout ths Do
minion, an also several enactments of
lisss importance.
Gentlemen of tho House of Commons
The public accounts will lie laid before you and also tlio estimates for
the coming year. They have been prepared with a due regard to efficiency
and economy, nud the responslbllltlm
arising' from the rapid progress of
the country.
Honorable gentlemen of the Senate,
gentlemen of the House of Commons
I am confident that the important
subjects I have mentioned to yon will
receive your serious consideration, ami
tliat lt will be your earnest endeavor
to promote the public interests and
prosperity of Canada.
[coughs and colds!
Very valuable Remedy ia til
titectioai ol ihe
Large Bottles, 25c.
Prep'a-, of Perry DavU' Palu-KIUer
IaMEE2-!>        R0Ll5 PRICE'1.00
^���  WSWNCECOlti
Train to Be Rescntd.
Cheyenne, Wyo., March 15.��� The
snowbound train on t(io Cheyenne &
Northern nt Wheatland hns been abandoned by the company offlcbtls, I
Who will take steps to rescue the ;*as*
sengers by means of sleds. I
The company have been hopeful of,
reselling tho train this week by means
of rotary plows. One of theso machines was borrowed from the Union
Pacific main line, and more were ex-
Iieeted. The one secured moved out a
mile of ice and snow yesterday but
lius been recalled owing to another
storm on the Union Paoillc, This
Inn hi Ity to get plows accounts for the
failure of the company to bring tlio
train through. The only ones available are those of the Union Pacific,
nnd these have been working constantly for the last month to keep the
main line of the transcontinental road
Canadian .
Pacific Ry.
If yon intend spending the
wint-r in a
Milder  Climate
Write or call for pat ticulan
of rates, routes, etc , to
Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
|WE   PRINT-$$$
RECEirT nnd
Send us your orda-r..
That is what we are here for.
Tie Golden Era Company,
Limited Liaihmtt.
Address :   UOLDEN,  B. C.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Hordes ond
liig** of all kinds for
II rt* at Reasonable Rates
Teaming of all kinds a specially.
.   .   HOTEL.
TAYNTON   &  GORDON,  Prep..
Gaiod   Ht-eoliniloiliitlon    Ian    t'ro.|ii>ctiirii   null
Freighters.  Fii-nt-elas- maiails.
HULL   BROS &   CO.,
���Wholesale nnd Retail���
Cattle, Shejp and Horse Di alert.
(Established 18t(t) Leauville, Colorado.
Snnii-lea by inntl or express receive. ���
prompt ��t i cn hi >ii-
Siieclmen Assay   Prices:��� Oold. silver nml
luad, *1; nny two of tlio above. 7fifl ? any one or
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ntcki'l or tin, *:*��.   i-iritc for full prk'e lint mid
mailing enveloiic?.
j-ei-s'uis lu this Htate to lnanrgo our
liusliu'HS in ibi'ir own mid nearby counties. It
is niiiiulv nttU'i! wink conducted ot home.' Sal-
ary etra-gbt *flj)0 a year and expenses���df-ftnite,
t'otintble, no more, uu less salary. Monthly UK
Reference. Euelocd flcU-aiUl cased stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
jjersonn in thit unite Id mannge our
lutslncHsln their own a��>d near-by conniies. It
Is mainly office work conducted nt home. Salary straight fflOO a year and expenses���-detihiie,
.loimtldi-*. no nunc uo legH Habirv. Monthly 876.
Reference. Enclose sclf-nddrcssed stum|n'd
envelope, Herbert E. Hesa, prest*, Dejit. M.
Apply to the nearest Canadian  Pacific
Railway Agent, or address
Traffio Manager,
Winnipeg, Van.
Ticket Agent, Oolden.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, Financial
and Commission Agent.
Deeds attested. Parties represented in
I'olice court, Small Debt, court and
County court. Account* collected and
di-puti'd claims adjusted.
Working ar.d Dividend Paying Mine*
in various parts ol British Columbia.
Gold Quatlz, Copper, Geld, and Silver-
Lend PrtsptcU and DeveKpeti Properti*.
on Bond.
Bepnrts and iniorination furnished
regarding mining properties.
Siocks in British Colombia mine*
bought and sold.
Haggeu's A-say Office is now fitted up.
Assays made promptly and carefully.
Hates bn application.
Cable Addre-is :   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use: Moreing & K��al, and
Bedford McN. ill.
1.   Vonr best local newspaper
8.   Tbe thrk-e-a-neek
8. Finely Illustrated monthly magazine
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Oolden'11. C.
A supply of Building Urn. for sols.
Plans prepared.  Prompt attention
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Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will bs
received nt t e Golden Era Office and executed
with promptitude. .,.,
The Golden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
JAMES BRADY, D.L S. & P. L. 8.
..Mining Engineer*.
M. Am'n Inst. M. E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment worn, etc.        . ,
Address:  OOLDEN. B.C.
Headquarters for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold  Baths. '
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Choice Wines, Liquors and Clgara.
Navigation & Tramway Coijaiy, II,
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C- P.  R. at   Golden,  B.' C, and Great
Northern   Railway hat   Jennings,   Montana,'%'
C.   H.    PARSON,   Manager. THE GOLDEN ERA.
Molly'. Church Benefit.
Parson���"Wall, Molly did, you like my
sermon thi* morning*"
Molly���"Oh, yls, yonr rivl-senc*. 'twa*
mighty lmprovln'."
Parscn������ "And what part nt it did yon
like best, Molly? '
Molly���"In troth,plnse yonr rlrlrenoe, I
don't remember any part exactly, but altogether it was mighty lmprovln'.V
Parson���"Now, Molly, If you don't remember it, how oould It be improving?"
Molly���"Now, does your rlvlrenco see
that Untn I have beon washing and dhry-
tng on that hedge there?"
Parson���"Certainly, Molly."
. Molly���"And isn't the linln all the better for the cla'nln?"
Parson���"No doubt, Molly."
Molly���" But not a dhrop of the soap
and wnthor stays In lt. Well, sir, it's the
same thing wid me. Not a word of the
sarmint stays in mo. Bnt I am all the
better and cl'nner for it, for all that."
THE DKMON, DYSPEPSlA.-ln olden time it was a popular belief that demon, moved invisibly through the ambient air, seeking to enter into men and
trouble them At the present day the
tlt'iimn, dyspepsia, is nt lar*ie in tbe same
way, w-eking ImOltutlnn tn those who by
careless or untslse living invite him.
And tinoe ho enters a man It Is diflioiilt
to dislodge htm. He that finds himself so
possessed should kou-a- that a valiant
lrieud to do battle fur him with the unseen foe it Parmelee's Vega table Pills,
whioh are ever ready fur the trial.
Unreasonable Goose.
The man In tho street car affirmed that
lt was a true story, but tho Cleveland
Leader does not vouch for it, although
giving it In tbo narrator's own words:
I was up at tho market house night before last, buying stuff for over Sunday,
and I saw an Irishman up there with a
live goose under his arm. Pretty soon the
goose looked up at tho Irishman kind of
pitiful and says:
"Quuwk, quawk, quawk," in that
coaxing way a goose has sometimes.
Tho irishman didn't say anything at
first, but after a bit the goose looks upand
Bays, "Quawk, quawk, quawk," again.
Then the Irishman cocked his head over
on ono sido, looked the gooso in tho eye
imd says:
"Phat'B the matter wld ycz, onyway?
Phwy do yez want to walk whin Oi'm
���avillin to entry yez?"
The winner* of the sewing machines In
the Koyal Crown Soap Co. 's competition
for the week ending Maron 11th, are as
fellows: Winnipeg, Mrs. Cull.ngford, 37
Argyle street; Manitoba, Melina Payment, tit. .lean Baptists; Northwest Ter*
rltor es, Mrs. Thomas Hnokerby, Jr.,
Suanymeade. The hoyal Crown Soap
Co. will ountlnne this competition, giving
away three machine, eaoh Monday, until
I ut ther notice	
The Reason.
Why do the night lurais lend their song
To tmntrnrui mimlaers the whole night long?
I.iaal to their songs anil the words they trill���
Thongh "Katie dltl-tt" llnay "wliip-poor-Will"
-���� York Sunday Journal
Makers of the Celebrated "French"
Ones an Interesting- Community*
In tho forests of Saxony, Germany, are
thousands of thatched huts in which dwell
tho makers of tho celebrated "French"
dolls. Not many years ago a trovolcr riding through theso noble forests might
have seen drying in tho sun betoro tho
queer houses thousands upon thousands���
whole acrcB���of doll heads. That wus in
the day of "composition" heads, but now
tho doil heads aro manufactured of bisque
In tlio factories of "Dresden and other
cities, whither tho peasant dollmakers
trudge eiicli Saturday with big baskets
piled full of beautiful now dolls, taking
book to their pitifully poor homes tho
blank heads, wigs, kids for tho bodies,
hands and feet and other parts to lie used
in tho next week's work.
Tho father works dally In the forests,
nnd all the rest of the family engage
heartily in the work of dollmiiking. Tho
good wife tints tho cheeks, paints the eyebrows, adjusts the wig and makes the tiny
���hoes. The boys fasten tho jointed limbs
together, stuff and cover the body and get
lt ready for dressing, whilo little Grotchen
makes the Wee stockings and tho prim
muslin skirt In whioh the lady dolls cross
the great ocean to the shops In tho big
cities of America, where Santa Claus goes
each year to buy his dolls.
All through the rainy season the father
also sits about the fireside working with
his family. On Friday night the faithful
frau packs the dolls In large shallow
baskets and prepares a lunch of bread and
cheese, for the Saturday's journey is long,
and Ban* may havo to carry his basket SO
miles or more beforo he reaches tho village
or town where the commission merchant
lives who Is to buy his wares. Huns Is
very proud if ho is paid at tho rato of 1
mark a day (about 25 cents) for his dolls,
but if ho bo paid at the rate of VA marks
a day (87 cents) on account of having
brought in some especially line dolls his
lien it is so light nnd his hopes so high that
he sings all tho way homo as ho carries
his basket of "blank*," kids and curled
ilk for tUBard's Liniment and take no otter
Canal System far Germany.
The German canal bill which is to be
Introduced Into tho Relchstag during the
coming session provides for tho expenditure of 400,000,000 marks on canals and
river improvements, as follows: Midland
canal, 1911,000,000 marks; Dortmuntl-
Bhlno canal, (18,000,000 marks; 60.000,-
000 marks for watersheds, on-., in tho
Oder district,; 40,000,000 pinrks for tho
Berlin-Stettin ship canal nnd 20,000,000
marks for the Improvement of tho Wesor
River. When the scheme is executed it is
announced that the main waterways of
Prussia will bo connected from the eastern extremity of tho Knipire to the harbor* ot the German ocean.
She Wa. Superstitious.
There was about hor a poise that comes
only from litlgntlon.
She was not born yesterday, obviously.
"George," sho faltered, nnd herrioh,
mellow voice awakened a responsive thrill
In the heart whioh wa* pumping blood
Into the arm about her wrist, "I'm afraid
to many you."
He was only human.
"Why, my darling?" he demanded in<
She shaded her magnificent eyes with
her cuned lashes, she had been taught to
do years previous at the boarding-school,
"Because,George,"shemurmured, "you
are the thirteenth, and I am so superstitious.
But in time ho convinoed her there was
really nothing to fear.
Why will you allow a cough to lacerate
your throat or lungs and run the risk of
tilling n consumptive's grave, when, by
tne timely use of Dickie's Anti-Consumptive Syrup the twin can be allayed and
the danger avoided, 'ibis syrup is pleasant to the taste, and nnsurpa.sed for relieving, healing and curing all affections
uf the throne and lungs, coughs, oiiltls,
bronchitis, etc. etc
Not So to His.
Jock���Sho Is generous to a fault.
Tom���Must be a mistake. I told her
that l had a great many faults, and she
said sho knew it and hoped that 1 would
refrain from calling on her In the future.
���Somervlllo .lottrmil.
Thirty-six vehicles pass the London Mansion House in n minuto at noon, tho busiest time of tho day. A reporter counted
1,043 passing cast and west in a single
hour. Of these (148 wero buses, capable
of carrying 10,848 j-ersons, and 604 were
drays, capable of hauling 1,000 ton*.
THE nORStt-nohlest of the brute
creation���when suffering from a out,
.braslon, or sore derive, as muoh benefit
is its ina-ter in a like predicament, from
ne healiug, soothing action of UK.
aicss, swelling ot the neck, stiffness of the
j,nuts, throat aud lungs, ate relieved b-
So, in tho opinion of Emperor Wiillam,
Great Britain should whip Franco in six
days, but nbo'tit whipping Germany the
emperor Is -ylso enough to maintain n
very discreet silence.���Baltimore Amcri-
cau. ���	
We bug to call the attention of our readers ta
the advertisement of Dr. Ward's Blood and
Serve Pills In this paper. The Arm have al.-
.ilaced on the market Dr. Ward's Liver Pills
which have already proved to be a most excel
lent family medicine as a cure for constipation
dyspepsia, biliousness, etc. They nre sa-ld at 25r
iter vial, or fi for ial, or mailed on receipt of prtci
lay the Dr. Ward Co., Limited. Torunto, Ont.
Tit Far Tut.
Brothers and sisters ought to be glad
to give and receive mutual assistance.
"Yon show such had taste in the selection of your neckties, Horace, "said
the elder sister of a youth in his teens.
"Thej always look so wrinkled ��Ed
shapeless too. Yon ought to let me buy
them and tie them tor yon."
"I'm willing, sis," he answered,
looking at her pinched waist, "it you'll
let uie bay your belts and fasten them
nround you."���Youth's Companion.
A MAGIC PILL���Dyspepsia is a foe
with which men *re constantly grappling
but cannot exterminate. Subdued, ami
to ail appearances vanquished In one, it
makes Its* appearance In another direction. In many the digestive apparatus is
us delicate a. the mechanism ut a watch
ur a soientillc Instrument in which even
a breath of air will make a variation.
Witb such persons disorders of the stomach ensue from the most trivial causes
and cause much suffering. To those Parmelee's Vegetaltlo Pills aro recommended
as mild and sure
Poor Chunee For Poet*.
A poet is cross with me because I decline firmly to read his manuscripts nnd
advise him as to the desirableness of
taking to verse with all his young energy. Other poets may take a statistical
view ot their caso. Let them consider
the estimated population of the globe.
How many of them have justified their
conduct in lieing poets! At this honr
is there one such being anywhere ? Suppose, for the sake of argument, that
there are six. How many millions to
one is it against tho success of the neophyte ? But, if versify he must, let him
send his work to all tbe editors. If they
think his poems worth printing (and
paying for), then let him mako friends
with certain young critics, who will
blow his trumpet before him. But do
not let him bother bnsy old men, who,
by reason of their age, are no longer
good judges.���Andrew Lang in Longman's Magazine.
To Curlier Platinum.
The formation of a Franco-Belgian syn
tllente, with a capital of 110,000,000, has
been announced, its purpose being to purchase the platinum mines of Russia and
thereby control tho world's output of this
metal. Nlnoty per cent, of the world's
supply comes from the Ural Mountains,
and tho consumption is practically a fixed
quantity, regardless of price, slnco
wherever platinum is used lt Is nn Imperative necessity, so that any change of
the supply will have a great effect on tho
market price. It is claimed, however,
thnt tho syndicato has not been able to
obtain control of nil thu mines, so that
It* plans may not be curried out.
First Weather Prophecy tin Record.
The first attempt at sclontlfle forecasting of the weather was the result of a
storm which during the Crimean war,
November 14, 1854, almost destroyed thu
fleets of France and England. As a storm
had raged several days earlier in Fronce,
"Valllant, the French Minister of War,
directed that investigations bo made to
see If the two storms were the same, and
If the progress of tho disturbances could
havo been foretold. It was demonstrated
that tho two wero In reality ono storm
and that its path could have boon ascertained and the fleet forewarned iu ample
time to reach safety.
Vwryln;- Stature,
The different countries of Europe mry
greatly in the average stature of thoir
people. Tho Scotch are the lullost, five
feet t��-n Inches, on a lovel with the Polynesians and Armenians. At the othor ex*
treine arc tho sunt hern Italians, Frcnoh
and .Spaniards, nil the shortest, people
except the dwarf tribes of Africa. The
average height in Ireland is five foot nine
inches; In England and Scandinavia five
feet even inches; In Wales, Germany and
Denmark, five feet six inches; Spain,
Switzerland, northern and central Italy,
fire feet four inches; Portugal and southern Italy, five feet throe Inches.
Bend He. in stumps for Treatise.  Home Treatment.  No knife or plaster Is used.
an Sherbourne St,  -    TOllONTO.
Keep Minard's Liniment in tne Home.
In London Lite Containing:
Condensed Wisdom for
A baker
Living at
257 -Dundas Street,
London, Ont,,
Geo. Roberts by name,
They cured him.
Pnin in the Back;
His Urine
Was red-colored
And painful
In passage.
The cure through
Was quick and complete.
That'3 how they always act,
Because they're
Por kidneys only.
If you hnvo
Sick kidneys
Don't experiment
With an unknown remedy,
Take no sulmtittit-n for
Why It Wiih Named Rubber.
A recent tenon from n British consul
In one of thu Central American states
gives the following us tho origin of the
mime rubber, as applied to caoutchouc:
An English artist discovered in 1770 that
the new gum was admirably adapted for
rubbing out pencil marks. Ho wrote a
paper on tho subject and Informed his
contemporaries that u cubic inch of this
substance, costing only 3 shillings, would
last for years. It was used for no other
purpose in England than effacing lead
pencil marks for about half a century
After this discover}*; hence tho n&mo "rubber,"
After the Introduction of tho raw material and the scientific description of the
plant by Frenchmen it was first manufactured into waterproof clothing in
Franco toward tho end of the eighteenth
century. L&tor on the firm of Mcintosh
of Manchester greatly improved on tho
French idea and manufactured waterproofs on a largo scale, and ''mackintosh"
Is the name by which waterproofs havo
been known since that time.���Philadelphia
Early Accidents
Cause Lifelong Suffering.
A Case that Is Causing Talk.
When a lad about eight years of age I
fell into a cellar a distance of ten feet,
striking on my head, and causing concussion of the brain. 1 was taken to a
London, Eng., Hospital, the first (even
days not recovering consciousness. I am
now 35 years old and from the time of my
accident .until I began taking Dr. Ward's
Pill*, five months ago I had been subject to
fainting spells, never being more than two
weeks without an attack of fainting, As
I grew older these spells became more
frequent, lasted longer, and left me with
less vitaiity. I was weak, had no strength
or stamina, always very low-spirited and
down-hearted; imagined that everything
and every person was going against nae,
and life only had a dark side for me. My
appetite was poor most of the time, but 1
am now happy to say that, since taking
Dr. Ward's Blood and Neive Pills, I have
only had one fainting spell, shortly after
1 began taking them, so 1 have no
hesitation in saying that Dr. Ward's
Pills cured me. Before taking these
pills I always looked for a fainting spell
not more than two weeks apart; now,
I would be greatly surprised at a recurrence of these spells. Life is now bright
���the constant, morbid, down-hearted feeling is gone, being replaced by a contented, hopeful feeling. I feel like working.
My appetite is good, and in every respect
Ihave experienced the health and strength
restoring properties of Dr. Ward'* Blood
and Nerve Pill*. They certainly have
proved a great blessing to me. Your*
truly, (Signed), Thomas Stanton, Brighton, Ont.
Dr. Ward'* Blood and Nerve Pill*
are sold at 50c. per box, 5 boxes for $2.00
at druggists, or mailed on receipt of price
by The Doctor Ward Co., Limited,
London has a resident population of
nearly 1,000 professional orchestral instrumentalists
The eggs of the silkworm are aboil
the size of mustard sei-'l.
Solid Growth.
Tho annual statement of the British
American Assurance Co.. published in
another column of this issue, shows
that the past year has been "a growing
time" with this company. The British American Assurance Co. continues
to show solid growth from whatever
standpoint the business is measured.
Tbeir report is interesting reading.
Many woll dressed London dandies have
contracts with west end florists for tho
supply of buttonhole bouquets. As a rule
tiie chnrge Is about |5 a week, and this
includes two buttonholes dally, one for
wear during tho day and tho other for the
If nil tho cabs In London were placed In
��� lino, there would bo a total length of 14
Than never was, and never will bt, a
universal panacea, in on* remedjr.-for all
111* to which flub Is heir���the very nature
of many curative* being auch that wen
the germ* of other and differently seated
diseases rooted in the system of th* patient���what would relieve on* 111 In turn
would aggravate the' other. We have,
however, tn Quinine Wine, when obtainable In a sound unanulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By It*
gradual and Judicious use th* frailest systems are led into convalescence and
strength by the influence which Quinine
exerts on Nature'* own restoratives. It
relieve* the drooping spirits of tho** with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and laokof interest In life Is a disease, and, by tranqullizlng th* nerve*, disposes to sound and refreshing sleep���Imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, course* throuh-
out the veins, strengthening the healthy
animal fnnotlona of the system, thereby
making aotivity a neofsary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand Increased substance���result, improved appetite. Northrop ft Lyman, of
Toronto, nave given to tbe publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of selentlats,
thi* win* approaches nearest perfection
of any In tke market. All druggUt* Mil lt
In the Moonshine District.
"I want to get yon," said the book
agent, "fo take 'The Life of Burns.' "
"Stranger," said theold moonshiner,
"I never took the life of any man, 'cept
a revenue detective, an that don't
count. I'm law abidin. I ami"���Atlanta Constitution
A Qai.bec Parmer Tells  How He Wat  Restored Prom Almost Hopeless Suffering
to Complete Health.
Mr. Wm. Goodard, a well-known
farmer, living near Knowlton, Que.,
says:���"A few years ago my health
gave way aud I was completely prostrated. The least exertion would use
me up nud make it difficult for me to
breathe. I suffered from headaches,
aud had no appetite, and fell off iu
weight until I was reduced to 1*10
pounds. Finally I grew so bad that I
was forced to keep my bed, and remained there for several moiiilu. I
was under the care of a doctor, but lie
did not seem to help me. One duy a
frieud urged me to try Dr. "Williams'
Pink Pills, nnd I procured two hoses.
When I had finished them I conld
not nee much improvement aud wonld
havo stopped taking them bnt for the
nrging nf my friend, who said that in
my condition I could not expect to sec
immediate results. I continued taking
the pills, and by the time I had taken
a couple more boxes there was no doubt
that they were helping rae, and it needed no further persuasion to induce mc
to continue them. In tbo course of a
few months I not only regained my
henlth, but increased in weight fifty
pounds. These results certainly justify
the faith I have in Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, uud I strongly urge those who are
weak and broken down to give them n
fair trial.
More weak and ailing people have
been made strong, active nnd energetic
by using Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills than
by nny other means. They fill the
veins with new, vigorous blood, and
strengthen every nerve in the body.
Sold by all dealers at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for (2 50, or sent by mail
by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
Never Hasty.
"I am glad to say." remarked Mr.
Mct'kton, "thnt 1 never spoke a hasty
word to yon."
"No, Leunitlus," answered his wife
rather gently. "1 am willing to give
yon credit for not hurrying about anything."���Washington Star
Vou naturally want tu buy the beat bul h >w nre vou to know? Watch the smoke of the
suceess'ul man Hnd keep In ��� h�� same channel. Dj not bo misled bv testimonials written a few
days nfter delivery of a machine, while the new-fangled tit in on the purchaser- If he has bought
one of the Waterbuvy wntch "warranted to run a > ear" kind of Cream Separator* hia trouble la
coming. Be guided by iboseivho have had mjat experience. D. W.WUlson.Leotnreron Dairy
Subjects for in*.* Dominion Government season 189-9, tn N". \\". T., siys In the "Elgin Dairy Report" under da to Aug, 1st is 3: "At Innlst'all Creamery an Alexandra wa* tn use. The butt-er-
niaker said that he had tried nearly a 11 of ih; other mako*?, but he found the Alexandra the dwi
o' them all."  Correspondence solicited.
IR. a.. XjIsteE; & oo., Ltd.
Dairy Outfitters. Steam  Engines, (iasoline Engines, Horse Powers, Etc.,
"When buying, why not get the-best?"
���al.tlll:    WITH    MAMTIIIIA    UNSEED   GIL.
GXIDE No. 10, EGYPTIAN lll-.l> mill GRAPHITE. S|ia'elall.v i-i-cominnndeil
for painting farm hullillnas. Put up in IJKil. tiai-relsatid6gtl. ImekfitB. Oneimlton will cover
on shingles abjut 100 siiunre foot nntl on planptl sldlna about 861 square feot,]! coats. I'ricp in
Winnipeg $1.00 to ?t 10 per gal. In ban-eliaiiullii pargil. more In 5 gal. buakots. -.ample ortrds,
Htioiviiiir color, a'aaii laa- hail iri'in your pa-ni-eMi Haruwaire Dealer air avill I,,* iii jllaial on roquiut lay
tin; manufacturers.
Q-.   F.   STEPHENS   *5s   CO.,  WINNIPEG.
I cured a horse of the mange with
I cured a horse badly torn by it pitch
fork, witli MINARD'S LINIMENT.
St. Peters, O. B.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling
Bathnrst, N. B.
swift  llt-nctloii.
"Now, thank goodness, I'm done
with yon forever. When you meet me
again, George Billmore, I don't want
yon to speak to inc."
"I won't, Miss Bingo.'
"If yon don't, yon're the meanest
man that ever lived. "���Chicago Tribune.
Cure of
Perhaps you've suffered with constipation for years, tried all the pills and purgatives you ever heard or read of. without
getting any more relief than the one dose
ofthe medicine afforded.
Then you were left worse than before,
bowels bound harder than ever, the constipation aggravated instead of cured.
All the miseries of constipation���Headache, Sick Stomach, Biliousness, Pimples,
Eruptions, Blood Humors, Blotches, Piles,
and a thousand and one other ills crowded
back on you again with redoubled severity.
Wouldn't you consider it a blessing to
be cured of your constipation so that it
would stay cured? So that a repetition of
all the suffering you have endured would
never come again ? Burdock Blood
Bitters can cure you���cure so that the
cure will be permanent.
That's where it differs from all other
remedies. It makes a thorough renovation of the whole intestinal tract, tones
the bowel wall, acts on the liver and
stomach, and causes all the digestive and
secretory organs to so work harmoniously
and perform their functions properly and
perfectly that constipation, with all its
.-ittcndant sickness, sufferingandill health,
become a thing of the past.
Miss Arabella Jolie, living at 99 CarruVe
Street, Montreal, Que., bears out all we
say in regard to the efficacy of Burdock
Blood Bitters in curing constipation permanently.   This is her statement:
" I'or over a year I suffered a great
deal from persistent constipation and
could only get temporary relief from the
various remedies I tried until I started
using Burdock Blood Bitters. I am thankful to say that this remedy
lins^completely and permanently cured me and
/ have had no return of
the constipation.
in touch, tone and He
tsh they have no equal.
Oorreepondinte wanted In every town to ae>
RKID BROS., Iff 7 King St, Wait,
MM Liiimint tie Mini'! Friend,
The sixty-fifth immial meeting or the shareholder* of this company wns hod nt its offices,
Toronto, at noon, Thursday, February 10.
Tho President,Hon Geo. a. Unx, occupied tlio
cbuir; and Mr. P, H- Shns, who was appointed
to act as secretary, road tho following
Thi! directors beg to submit- tho 05th annual
report of tin1 compuity, embracing 1 lie transactions for tiie year ending December ���list lust,
a'.dn statement of assets and llab ll.ies at tho
dose of the year.
In the Fire Branch, while there has boon a
Blight reduction in thcnremlum Income, the re*
Milts ns n whole have been fairly satisfactory,
showing n moderate margin of profit, notwithstanding the fuet that there were s ,w serious
conU'tRriitiuns during the year, in which the
company was involved ' fur considerable
amounts-notably the almost total destruction
of the city of New* Westminster in Septomlicr
The closing months of the vein- wow marked
by a sucn-salon of .csfi-plfiiiinllv (iisns'rou.--*
storms both on the ocean and on tho great lakes.
which resulted in an unprecedented loss of life
antl property. As a consequence all companies
engaged In the husnie-=s of Murine insurance
shown heavy loss on lhe transactions of the
year, anil In Its comparatively limited operations i;. this hmndi ihis Company lias shared 111
the generally unfavorable experience. It is encouraging, however, in considering the future
prospects of Ihis business, to observe that ihe
heavy losses incurred during the past year,
coupled with tbu unprofitable results of some
preceding years, have led to a general movement amungmnrlhetmderwrlters for materially
advancing rotcsand bringing about 0 her reforms which the directors feel assured will
place the business mi a much more sat 1 sluetory
footing than lor several years past,
The directors feel that there i�� cause for congratulation In the (act that tho company has
passed through n year which, In nmnv iv*i eri��.
tiaB liecn a trying one to those engaged in Fire
and Marine insurance business, am! paid i fl
usual dividend to shareholders without making
any material reduction In i(s Reserve Fund:
Summary of financial Blatemeut:
Total cash income .���l.-|7-.'.:.fiT '.;>)
Tottd expenditure, including appropriation for losses under adjustment  1,.*U2,��2 Pi
Balance     .- 20,89163
Dividends declared       S2,MKl 10
Total ass>'t�� SI, 10,101 is
Total liabilities    m,u& Ho
Surplus to policyholders ��1*821-01. fc��
The fi Mowing gentlemen were dieted to
jcrvn as Directors for the ensuing year:   lion.
lieorpe A. fox. J..). Kennv. Hon. &. C. Wood,
S. F.  McKhiuon, John  ]li��klu. Q. C, U-.lt.,
II. M. Pollatt, R. JafTray, K. a. Myers.
Ata meeting of the board lield .sui'sequcuilv,
Bon. George A. Cox was "looted Presldout ami
Mr. -). if. Kenny Vicfl-Presldeiit
Ensilage Corn,
R, lt. ri.ltltll   &  SONS,  Sliriuijlli'lil,  III.
Ask your dunlur fnr unmpli-.s mid IBgllmonlBlfl.
18   LOW   IN   PRICE
una! keeps ita FRESHNESS and FULL
STRENGTH till used.
*W*. *R.   ALLAN,
General Insurance Agent,
Fills* Companle. Kupreiienledt
Quebec. Fire Aimurance Oo.
Koyul luminance Co.
Sun Insurance Office
Union Assurance Society
AU classes of Insurances transacted and loua
promptly nud satisfactorily settled.
[jwi.-i-^-'r'- ��� '::.-������'-'?*��. -'-.'*'-     *���������.. .*..':
��*��&>'* . .*' .������.������-.������'.-���?;���-."-.* '��*��ss���;..'"
Tbenrst highly concentrated and of-
fcetiv ��� Dip In the nuirket.   Put im under
lhe ("iip-rvifiiin of skilled  chemists  mi'
guaranteed to eomitln nothing injuria
ur Inn-ill nl in the lens' dcgl'OC.    ProVCS ii
valuable for nil Ski   Dlseaies -u Sheep and
Cuttle ami for destroying Vermin.  Cures;
Tick*, Red Lice,
Maggots, Wounds,
Gangrene,      Bruises,
Shear tuts,    Ringworm,
and Scab.
Pull dlrectloni on cverv can���cures tho
worst cases and produces a line ooat or
growth of wo il. Take uo substitute-���It
pays to buy the best.
We inv te oonespoudencft.
The Pickhardt- /pi
Renfrew Co., Limited, .     .
Box A    STOUFFVILLE, ONT.  '"  ""'
the treat SEEDSMAN- of Iho NORTHWEST,
for your SEEDS for IHO!), as lie keep, the
LARGEST Stuck of Garden, Field and
Flower Seeds In this country to select from j
also Seed Drills and Cultlvatiars. You can hire
onr large Illustrated oatal gtie FREE liv send*
Ins your nameniidtaiMra'.-.iu**'. M. rKllltlNS,
til Market St, Winnipeg.
Ulan. Liniment is used br Physicians.
send to... KEITH & GO.
P. O. Address 1 SOI Mnln St..Opp.
Manitoba Hotel,   llox 883,
Catnlogtio on appllcutlon."-^^^^^^*a>
W. N U.
"We give our cash customers
Absolutely Free
their choice of the following handsome
SO MEDALLIONS with tfl nn
brass chains worth ...   .   -J>I.UU
60 MEDALLIONS with | Cn
brass mounts worth        I ������*"
with picture worth        ' Oil
of the QUEEN'S REION      C nn
bound in green nnd gold..      O.UU
Elm anal Oilt  funnies Gin. C nn
in widih worth  0.00
all Gilt frames 0 inches in      / nn
-jvidth   worth       **-UU
PICTURES,   White  and
Gold frames 4 inches in      0 nn
width worth       0-00
TYPES,   Elm    and   Gilt
frames li inches  in width      C nn
worth        w.UU
Save the checks given with yonr cash
purchases and when you have enough
to secure one of our gifts present
them at tho counter.
Checks amounting to tb will secure a
Medallion and so on uncording to the
value of t he present.
The reported light between Canadians anal Americans at Atlin mines
tunas out to tie a fiiku uf '.lie worst
Oil tho Crow's Nest Puss Railway
the change from mountain to Pacific
standard -iuie will hat iin.de at Cranbrook. B.C.
The DoininionGot ernnieiit liasKratit-
od the Kooif>iitty Valley Railway Co.
running rights over tiie Crow'** Nest
road, in spito of the opposition of the
C. P. R.
II. A. Kimpton purchase*! tor $270
tho horses and staging plant suM at
Golden on Monday on itecoiint of tho
morfgaue trotn L. C. Ftiliuor iu favor
of W. C. "Wells.
A terrible fire has taken place in
New York, the "Windsor Hotei having
been burned to the ground, Forty
guests are missing und are supposed to
have perished iu the ruins,
J. Clirdell, trainmaster and locomotive foreman at Cituinote, lias been
appointed assistant muster mechanic
from Swift Current to Laggan und to
Kootenay Landing, B.C.
The dry goorla window of lhe Big
Siore presents a unique appearance,
representing what should lmppen to a
person who Joes no: take advantage of
tlio bargains there offered.
W. Kay is a good poultry fancier
and has a fine lot of pure bred black
Minorca fowls - n breed which does
well in Golden. Mr. Kuy offers ior
sale settings of the eggs of those [owls.
Mrs. Lake has received a new and
well-assorted stock wliicli merits the
attention of iho ladies of Golden and
district. The new stock of huts, trim
minus, flowers, fancy work, etc., of all
just arrived:
Carload ot Choice Giocorics and Con-
feet ionery.
Carload of Furniture.
Carload of Hardware.
Carload of Cruckery and Glassware.
Carload of Ogilvie's Patent Hungarian
More New Stoves���Selling Fast.
Fresh Hams, Bacon nnd Xinns Fowl.
Skates and Skating Boots ou hand,
Geo. B. McDermot,
Gwenernl Merchant
NOTICE is herehv given that application
will lie itiiiilo to the Parliament of Canada, at
the next, session thereof, fur nn Act to incorporate -'The Latirentinn Assurance Company," for the purpose of carrying on the
business of Are and marine insurance, anal
havlnglts chief office iu the City of Montreal,
in Iho I'rovincO of Quebec.
Montreal Docenilier 20th 1898.
Solicitors fur Applicants.
"CANAL" Mineral Claim, silnalo in the
Windermere   Mining  Division cf East
Kootenay District.
Where located :-Ono to one ami a half miles
north of the Kootonay liridgo at Canal
Take notico tliat I, William Roderick Ross,
of Fort Steele, B.C., Froo Miner's Certificate
No. la'i073A,diilvnutliorised ngeut for Daniel
Smith, Free Miner's Certificate No. 00170,
James H. Wools, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 7072, and Edward Cass, Freo Miner's
Certificate Ne. 17'H4A, intent], sixty days
from the date hereof; to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certilii-.-ito of Iiiiprovonieiits,
for tiie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notico that, action, minor
section  .17, must  he  commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Datod this twentieth day of February, 1899.
F.M.C. luOTilA.
Sheriff   Rcdgravo   offered   for
miller writ of execution at Golden
Wednesday' the East Kootenay Miner
and the iissot.s of tbo company   which
has hitherto published the paper. They
were bought iu by E. A  Haggen.
At the Supremo Court at Vancouver
last week C. P. R. Conductor Woods
got $6,500 damages tor losing his leg
by an accident whilo in the service of
tho company. Next, duy the judge
reversed the verdict on technical
At the request of the Hospital
Trustees Mr. Hull has arranged to
remove his slaughter house to Mr.
Connor's ranch, having leased a piece
of ground for the purpose at the base
of the foothills east ot Hospital Creek.
The slaughterhouse cannot be a nuisance to anyone at the new site.
W. C. Wells, M.P P.,. has actively
interested himself on behulf of the
people of Field io regard to the town
lots thero. Ho has written to Mr.
Bostock, M.P., urging on him the
desirability of un arrangement with
the Department of the Interior whereby
these lois shall not bo olterel at auction
but shall bo first offered nt a reasonable
valuation to the residents of Fiold who
have already located on the land.
In the Presbyterian Church, Golden,
on Sunday evening next Kev. W. S.
Wright will preach his farewell sermon und on Monday wiil leave for
Ontario. Mr. Wright will take with
him the hest wishes of the congregation and the public generally, who will
be exceedingly sorry to see him leave
their midst, but what is their lo-s will
he another's gain. All will w'sh him
success in his new field, wherever il
may Lo.
Miss E Pauline Johnson, the famous Indian poet ond entertainer hold
forth ut the Columbia Hal! on Tuesday
and Wednesday uiuhts. Notwithstanding the smalliicss of the house
each night. Miss Johnson demonstrated her ability as a performer by her
unique and refined recital of a number
of pathetic, patriotic, and heart thrilling poems, of lier own composition,
among which maybe mentioned: ���
"Ojisdah,"1 "Wolverine," --The Riders of the Plains." " Qu'Appelie " and
"Canadian Born." In her "Fivo
O'clock Tea." and "Life at a Summer
Resort in Vermont" sketches, Miss
Johnson captivated her hearers by her
lifelike portrayal of several characters
both in action ond voice, and if she
ever returns lo Gclden wo bespeak for
her a match better reception.
Altliouh a very busy man, Dr. R, V.
Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., bus found
time in which to write a great book of
      over a (thousand pages untitled,   The
?"Sffi K S&IP&WS W C��� Sense   Medical   Ad*
Kotitouoy District. | viser, in Plain  English,   or   Medicine
Whore located i-Nenr head of tho Middle ; Simplified;    Fow books printoii in  the
Fork of Spilliinnclieno River. English language have reached so great
Take notice that I, .lnhii Wallace Conner, j K sale as has this popular work,   over
Freo Miner's CortiHi ate No. TOM A, intniHl. | mjo.000 copies   having   been   sold   at
;,\niaVe'?o,:!,ee|.tr0a'SL!^Molf,!i,!,U 111.60 each"  Tho profits on this   enoi-
proveinonts, for tlio purpose of obtaining a  motts salo having repaid lis author for
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that, action, under
section  .17, must  lw  commenced betoro Iho
issuance of such certificate of improvements
Datod this 27th day of February, 189U.
of the unusual and liberal offer to
which we havo called their   attention.
Tbe attendance at the Douald school
has fallen to about 2b'.
Jt has been iirmnged tli-*t iniaiet* the
new contract the until' from .Winder
more will arrive -at. Golden ou Saturdays add leave on .Monday,."
. The Lumbor Company have started
the pulling * down of tiie old mill to
uiiike room tor the new and enlnrtred
machinery which is shortly expected
from tho east.
Mr. Popo, Superintendent of Education has resigned iu consequence of the
Government cutting down his salary
to {0400 |)Pr annum His successor
has not yet boon appointed.
O. Manuel has resigned the office of
Coroner and the position hns been
offered to Dr. Taylor, but ho has not
yet aecppteil though he would be the
best mnn in tbe district for the position.
Mr. W. G. Mitchell.Innes, Manager
of the New Guillen British Columbia
Limited, will leave London for British
Columbia about Apt il the 20th and
should reach here the beginning uf
Mr. Duschenay, Traffic Manager of
Ihe Mountain section of the C.P.R..
spent to day at Golden. The Company
intend to put in a Y about opposite tho
Government buildings and also a new
siding on the north side of the track
at Golden station, nnd Mr. Killeen,
Roadmuater, will tako the work in
hand shortly.
Rev. E. EJwnrds, pastor of tho
English Baptist Church at Minersville
Pu., when S'lffering with rheumatism,
was advised to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. He says: "A few applications
of this liniment proved of great service
tome. It subdued the inflammation
and relieved the pain. Should any
sufferer profit by giving Pain Balm a
trial it will please mo." For salo by
all druggists Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents Victoria und Vancouver.
It seems now probable that the
Kootenay and Northwest Railway
Company will start their line at the
Cranbrook end so as to get access to
tho Preity Girl anil other mines about
Windermere first in order that these
mines may be enable to ship to the
smelters as soon as possible. lit lhat
case Mr. Watson, the Engineer repre
seining lhe Company, will go to Cranbrook to start the survey.
The services in St. Paul's Church,
Golden, next week will be: Sunday.
March 20th, there will be one service
only ���evening prayer and sermon at
7:30, the sortnon being an address preparatory to tho Easter communion
Wednesday, March 29th. there will be
evening prayer and address at 8 o'clock;
on Good Friday there will be evening
prayer and address at 8 o'clock. T
offertory at this service will he for
missions to the Jews in Bible lands.
I have been afflicted with rhenma
tisin for fourteen years and nothing
seemed to give any relief. I wus aide
to be around all the time, but constant-
ly suffering. I had tried everything I
could bear of and nt last was told to
try Chamberlain's Puiu Balm, which I
did, and was immediately relieved and
in a short time cured. I am happy to
say that it has not since returned.���
Josh. Ealcar, Gormantown, Cal. For
sole by all druggists, Henderson Bros.
Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Several Changes Matle that Should bo
Noted liy Thaa.a*  Who Want
. Crown' r..itnt.
By ustng Dr. Agnew's Ointment���Any Form
of Eczema Helped at Onso, and Cured
Eventually by its Uso.
Not a skin blemish caused by eczema, tetter, ritigivorm, salt rheum, scald bead and
other skin diseases that wi,l not vanish as by
magic on the application ot Dr. Agueiv s
Ointment. One application will give quick
comfort and relief, antl in a few ilays tho
skin heals np and is 11s soft as a baby's. It
will cure piles in from throe to five nights-
no mutter what nature or how lung standing.
iiu cents-
Sold by C A. Wiiricn.
opened   up  hy the DIA-
,   . MOND   CORE   DRILL,
on easy terms by contract,
"' or part payment received
in shares if desired.   Apply to
��.   A.   HAGI-sKX.
Jlinlnc Agent, ����Wen. B.C.
the great amount of labor and money
expended on its production he has now
decided to giro away, absolutely free.
500,000 copies of this valuable book,
the recipient, only being required to
mail to the World's Dispensm-A* Medical Association, ol Buffalo N. Y., of
whicli company hois president, 31 one-
eent stamps, to cover cost of mailing
only, and tbe book will be sent postpaid. It is a veritable medical library,
complete in one volume. It contains
1008 large pages, and over 300 illustrations, some of thein in colors. The
Free Edition is precisely the same as
that sold at $1.50 except only that the
books are bound in strong man ilia paper
covers, instead of cloth. It is not
often tliat our readers- have an opportunity to obtain a valuable book on
such generous terms, aad we predict
that few will miss availing themselves
Settings of Eggs from purebred Slack Mlnoroas. Price
$1 a Betting. Apply to W.
KAY, Golden, B.C.
New Goods
. Just received, consisting of Ladies' Hats, Trimmings,
Flowers,Fancy Work, Braids,
Ladies anil Children's Corsets.
Inspection invited ou
Thursday  Next.
Mrs.   Lake's,
Opposite Post Office, Golden.
iiil\ ilTi.
24 Pages 1 "Weekly I "t-iairatsi.
MING** Sdkific PRESS
The   following   are   a   few of   the
httiages made in the Land Act at this
session of the legislature :
Every porson desiring to purchase
tinsurveyed, unoccupied and utiresrrv-
ed crown lands shaill plaoe&t one angle
ur corner of the laud to bo applied for
a stake or post to lie known as t lie
initial post, at leus' four inches square
and standing not ; -s than font-.feu1
atbaaae the surface ut tin- groiuial, aaad
upon a-ucii luittaLpost he shall inscribe
his name and the angle represented
thereby, thus: ��� "A B's N.E corner'
(meaning north east corner), or as the
case may be. The applicant shall gi ���
oue month's notico of his intended
application to purchase by a notice inserted, at the expense of the applicant
in the British Columbia Gazette, aud
itt any newspaper circulating in the
district wherein such land lies. Suoh
notice shall not include a greater area
than 640 acres, and shall be dated, aud
state the name of the applicant, the
locality, boundaries nml extent of the
land applied for, aud shall be posted
in a conspicuous place on the land
sought to be acquired, and in the government office, if any, in the district.
The applicant shall also forthwith
make an application (iu duplicate) to
the chief commissioner of lands und
works to purchase the said land, and
in such application shall describe, as
accurately as possible, the location of
said land, especially with reference to
any rivers, streams, lakes or otlier
waters, aud such applicant shall also
state the purpose for which he requires
said land. Upon the expiry of the
said month, the chief commissioner of
lands and works shall take into consideration any protests or adverse
claims that may be lodged with him,
and shall decide whether such applicant is entitled to thi first right to
purchase said lands. Tbe chief commissioner shall also consider whether
it is in the public interest to sell the
said land. If bis decision is against
selling the same, said application
shall be considered abandoned. If his
decision is in favor of selling the same
he shall forthwith notify theupplioaut,
who shall have the land required surveyed, at his own cost, by a duly authorised provincial land surveyor, in
accordance with tbe pvouisions of this
It shall be the duty of the surveyor
to classify the lands ao surveyed,.as
timber lands, first class, second class,
or third class la ids, as hereinafter
provided, and lie shall make full and
accurate field notes of his survey,! and
upon completion of the survey shall
tile the said notos and a report of his
survey in the office of tbe chief commissioner of lands and works, accompanied by a statutory ..oclaration
verifying the said notes, and showing
the urea of first olass, second class, or
third class lands, which are embraced
in such survey ; and such declaration
shall also state whether iu his opinion any of said land, and if so what,
is likely to ho required for the purpose
of a townsite or fishing station, and
whether the granting of such land, or
any of it, would prevent or Hamper
the development of any adjoining natural resources!
"(S)Lands which are suitable tor
agriculture purposes, or which are
capable of being brought under - cultivation profitably, or which are wild
hay meadow lands, shall rank as aud
be considered to be first class lauds.
Lands whioh are suitable for agricultural purposes only when artificully
irriga.ed, and which do not contain
timber valuable for lumbering purposes
as defined below, shall rank as and be
cousideuod to be second-class lands.
Mountainous and rocky tracts of land
which.are wholly unfit for agricultural
purposes, and which cantiot, under
any reasonable conditions, bs brought
under cultivation, and whioh do not
contain timber suitable for lumbering
purposes, as defined below, or hay
meadows, shall rank as and be considered to be third-class or pastoral lauds.
Timbering lands (that is lands which
contain milling limber to the average
extent of eight thousand feel per acre
west of the Cascades, 6000 leei per acre
east of the Cascades, to each 100 acres)
shall not be open for sals,
"(4)The minimum price of first-class
lands shall be five dollars per acre;
that of second-class lands two dollars
and fifty cents per acre, and that of
third-class lands one dollar per acre.
Provided, however, thai tbe chief
commissioner may for any reason in-
ciease the price of any lands above tbe
said prices.
"(b). If on account of the said report
of the surveyor, or oil account of any
information received subsequent to tbe
said application to purchace, it appears
to the chief commissioner that it is not
in the public interest that such land
shall be sold, he may refuse the said
application. If for any reason the survey of the said land is not satisfactory
to the chief commissioner, he may require any further survey or leport to
be made as may seem necessary.
16. It shall be lawful for the chief
commissioner of lands and works to
provide for the sale of town or city lots
belonging to the crown at public auction, and in every oase an upset, price
shall be placed upon all such lots so
put up lor sale, and in ease* any ol
such lots are not sold at snch auction
���ale, they may be afterwards, sold at
private Bale at a price not less than
such upset price.
16. It shall be lawful for the chief
oommissionsr of lands and works to
allow persons who may hitherto have
purchased town or city lots, and defaulted in making payments therefor,
to complete the purchase of such lots
at the original price with interest
thereon, at the rate of not less than
three-per cent per annum, if in the
opinion of *h*i!,*a.f commissioner- of
lauds ami works s.i-.ti a traiisaciiun is
in the public interest.   - ...
I       f��]   %  J**"..
t!  l*a
ifesi. sprli
The records ami lu**toi> oi itiediolitoj
point to Puiim's Color;) Gonipourid as:
'hemost successful remedy ever given
to sick and suffering humanity. It is
indorsed by the medical faculty because
they know its formula and have confidence it its life-giving virtues.
Paine's Celery Compound works
glorions and marvellous cures, This
is the secret ot its success and accounts
for its world-wide and enormous
It is in the spring time-this verv
month���when men and women are
weak, nervous, rheumatic, neuralgic,
dyspeptic, have headache, kidney nnd
liver troubles' and blood that is slng-
gish and impure, that the great medicine should be used to restore nervous
energy, rieh blood, healthy digestion,
natural appetite and sweet refreshing
The winter has been a time wherein
men and women have stored ill health
instead of keeping the body sound,
clean and full of true life. The nerves
blood and digestive organs must be
ted, nourished and cleansed by Poise's
Celery Compound if true and lasting
health is looked for.
At this time we honestly urge the
use of the medicine that has restored
thousands to full and robust health
after medical skill and ordinary medicine failed. One bottle of Paine's
Celery Compound will convince you
that you have found a true friend and
The Dominion Government propose
to make extensive improvements for
navigation on the Kootenuv River nnd
have requested Hon. F. W. Aylmer to
have a complete survey of that river
made the coining season. The Marine
Department olso require particulars of
tbe alleged flooding of the meadows
belonging to the farmers on the Columbia River, and Mr. Aylmer is to make
a full Survey of the lands affected with
view to the department endeavoring
to effect a remedy and relieve the
farmers of the loss incurred in consequence. Mr, H. Bostock. MP,, has
brought both these matters forcibly
under the notice of the Dominion
Cabinet,'and we are glad to see that
they are to receive due attention.
Exporters and I
200 to SO* first Ave. N*
ShlpminU Soil-sited.
Write forClroflafc
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Ewill J. Scovil,
Mining Broker, Real Estate,
Notary Public, Conveyancer,
and General Agent,
Miss Lily Coi, 5 Gladstone Ave., To'outo,
contracted acute catarrh through taking a
severe cold some two years ago. Hor autier-
ing was very distressing at times. Sho trioil
several remedies, hut none gave ber any real
relief. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder was
recommended to her���tine application gave
instant relief, aud when she had used four
bottle, she says she was entirely cured.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Tenders for ts Linen.o to Tat Timber
on Dominion "Lands In tbsl'rovlnMS
���   ��f Uritlsh Cslunibls.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned and niaikeu on tneenvelo|
"Tender for Timber rJerth No. SOU,"to
opened on the 8th day of May, lfi��, will ..
received at this Department until noon on
Monday, ihe 8th. day of May, 1899. for a license to cut timber'on Berth No, 200, com-
Erising the Northwest quarter ol Section Ht,
action 30. fractional Section 111 and Section
112, Township SN, and tlae South halt'of Section 5. Township 29. Range 18, and' Section
25, theNortn half of Section 26, lhe Northeast qmirter.of Section 27, the East half of
Section M, section '15 and Fractional Sec
tion 36, Township ��8, Range ID Wast of that
6th Meridian, in tbe above Province, containing an area of 0% square miles, mere or
The regulations tinder winch a Kesnse will
bo issued may bo obtained at this Department or at the office of the Crown Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Enuh tender must be accompanied by an
accented chofluo on a i-hanersd Bans in
favour of the Deputy of tho Minister of the
Interior, for Ihe amount ot* the bogus which
tlieapi'licaul is prepared to payfor a license.
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department bt the Inters*.
Ottawa/lath March, 189*
The C.P.R. are placing abundance of
power at Field so as to he able to
handie effectively the traflic on the
Big Hill and through the Kicking
Horse canyon. A fortnight ago a new
consolidated engine arrived to inorease
the power at Field aud last week still
another, numbered 733, arrived. Two
more engines of this powerful elass
are expected, thus increasing, the
power at Field bv four big consolidat
ed engines, whioh will enable, the
Company to handle any amount of
traffic likely to pass over the line.
Tho Relentless, Unreepecting Pain Giant ia
Shorn of His Strength by the Aid of South-
American Rheumatic Cure���It Never Pails.
Mr. Duncan Mclntyre, of Mount Korro-t,
says: " 1 watt sorely afflicted with rhomua-
tism lor over a year. I waa almost totally
disabled and at times suffered agonies ot
pain, i tried many remedies und dot-tors
without avail until 1 began using South
Amoricon Rheumatic Cure. 1 derived gteat
benefit troin ouo bottle uud was so pleased
wi.h the results i continued using it, and tuy
advice today to all sufferers from rheumatism is to use this great remody. 1 feel satisfied it is the greatest of rheumatic cures."
Sold by C. A. Warren
Notice is hereby given that thirty dan
after date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
i* oiniiiissionsr of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and curry away timber
for the following described lands t
Commencing at a post Marked J, L. McKay's S.E. Post, 00 chains N.W. of Concentrator on Upper Columbia Lake, thenee
northerly ono liiile.thence westerly 120 chains
ibeiK-o southerly one mile, thence easterly
120 chain.-, and containing about one thous-
aud acres.        -*������"- ���'_'._
1. L. MeXAT.
March lilt, 1899.     -
"Notice is hereby given that thirty days
alter date I intend to apply 10 IbtCMef
t.oiiiiuissiotier of Lauds mid Works for a
si ccial license to cut aud carry away timber
for the following described lands 1  '
Commencing ut a post marked W. D, McKay about sixty chains west of Upper Columbia Lake aud oue hundred and forty
north-west ot concentrator, thonce northerly
to chains, theme westerly 120 chains, thence
southerly 80 chains, tnence easterly l'i)
chains, aud containing about one thousand
W. D. McKAY.
March-illst, 1899.
The trial of the North Yale election
petition commenced at Kamloops on
Mondav before Mr, Justice Walkem.
The recount was proceeded with, and
Mr. Gordon Hunter made a strong
fight to have counted as good ballots
those ballots marked iu the name
space, but he was overruled by the
judge. The recount was concluded on
Tuesday morning, the result being to
sustain Ur. Deane in his majority oi
Setice is hereby given that 80 days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief uomhiis.
aiouer uf Lands aad Works lor a special
liuouso to cut aud carry away timber for the
lol.owing described lands ������
Commencing at a post 00 chains west ef
Upper Columbia Lake, and- about one min
south of Wiufield Park, thenee northerly one
mile, thence westerly 120 chains, thenee
southerly one mile, thenee easterly in 1
chains, and containing one thousand aores.
Dalod March 21st, 1899.
Home work
A Frightful Blander.
"Will often oause a horrible Burn,
Soald.Cut or Bruise. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, the best in the world, will kill
the pain and promptly beal it. Cures
Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boll*,
Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions
Best Pile cure on earlh. Only 25ots.
a box. Cure guaraMeed. Sold by all
Di-uggiete*- !
For ha* .Ml Woaua 'tor��r*��tbsa ��� I
$r\��t!"o��!Si[. pMa^lMrac&Snal I
work mailed on sppUcstloo. Address 1 f


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