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The Golden Era Jun 21, 1901

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Array *WiW**-Wi9t>T-n-*-X>*
%*        James Henderson, . .
Builder & Contractor,
A* supply af Bellding Lime for Sat*.
PJapo prepared.  Promjst attention given lo
Sign Writer
Scenic Artist
House DecsMratOr.
Lmv. Otd.ra at Koetnay Enn, Soldi. .B.C,
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 1801
$2 Per YEar,
Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies of
Every Kind in Greater Variety
Than Anywhere Else in
East Kootenay.
Best Pennsylvania Blacksmith Coal.
WE Import Llpton'* "Finest* BACON and HAM direct
from the Chicago packing house erery two weeks. It
is the BEST MADE ON EARTH -cost a few cents more but you
can eat every particle of It except the bone. Full assortment of
best Canadian brands ol meats ia stock all the time.
If vou want packs made in any particular weight or size,
merely indicate your wishes and they will be turned out exactly
se ordered.
They must be as thoy should be before we send therii out.
1 Just arrived >.
A carload oi?
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses and
! "Chas. A. Warren's.
General Merchant,   -
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd
H. H. Kail*.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Leave Goldan Taesday 4 a.m., Arriving at Peterborough
Athalmar, Canterbury and Windermere same evening-
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Qlnli.- Friday 4 am. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low raites on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
��� '���'-  For further information apply to
C.  H,  PARSON, secretary-,
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
onr/.in      Bo8s -*-*er'e B00"*-
Of tiiIAL !   16-lnoh River Boot, made In full French
Calf, double soles,        ...
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital raid Up ���-si,50O,0OO
Best -     ���*       17X5,000
II. 8. ilowl.-uisl,       -       1'rasideat.
T. 11. Merrill, Vice-1'res.
Wm. liwii.iav,      T, Sutkorlnnd Staynor
Robert Jaffa.)', Ellas Rogers,
Wi... Hem]i ic
Head Offices Toronto.
D. R. Wilkie, General Manager.
E. IUr, Inspoctor.
< Brunches:
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and B. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Golden,       Nelson,        Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Hevelstoke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Kssex, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
Ustowel, Niagara Falls, Port Coltsourne
Rat Portage, Sault Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines. St. Thomas, Toronto, Welland,
Wooslatock, and Montreal, Vue.
Agents In sjwreat Britain:
Lloyd's Bank. Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London
with whom iiiossey may be deisosite.1 for
transfer by letter or cable lo any of the
above branches. -
Agents In Dulled States:
NEW YORK -Bank of Montreal, Bank ol
CHICAGO*--First Katioii.il Bauk.
ST. l'AUL-SsHismsl National Bank.
SAN FKAN(.i8!-'0-Wells, Fargo tt tft.M
Agents In Month Africa,
latemst alki-vcd on doiiosits.
���   .- * ���   DEBENTURES.
Provincial, Municipal and other dcl-osslurea
Available at all points in Canada, L'nil.d
Kiugdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mer., Oolden Branch.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public,Conveyancer, eto
Oflice In Upper Columbia Navigation and
Tram vay Comisany's Building,
(������Idea, II. V.
Harvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Unrrlatera, 80! It Uora, te.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C
Room. Alexander Block Golden B. C.
Jas. Bhady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grant., doing
annual assessment work, etc.    Addrea. 1
...  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
So��th Hide Kicking Hem Biver,
Hull Bros. & Go.
WholeMle A Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone Dealer..
Come in about tho Hnt of July. Can be Ken
any day. JAJ|Eg HENDE,-g0J-_
The latest news In regard to the
strike situation is that a circular has
been issued by Mr. Shaughnes.y, in
whioh he uses tbe expression. '-The
concessions representing a very large
annual sum that the company (eel
justified in malting." Thi. ia taken
to point lo an early settlement along
the lines desired by the men.
Earl Russell has been arrested in
London, charged.with bigamy.
Ssacceue. on Both Hides���Victorian
Mounted Rifle. Surprised by the
London, June 10.���Lord Kitchener
reports to the war office from Pretoria
as follows: "Daring a march from
Verde, Oeneral Elliot's column engaged
Oen. DeWet near Reitz on June 6.
After severe fighting they captured 71
1 a led wagon;, 43 prisoners, 58 rifles,
10,000,000 round*! of ammunition and
4,000 cattle. The Boers left 17 killed
and ii wounded. Our casualties were
3 officers and 17 men killed and one
oflioer and 24 men wounded."
Durban, Nala), June 16. - It is ro
ported lhat the surrender of 100 men
under Commandant Van Renaburg at
Pietersburg is a preliminary to ihe
surrender of 1,000 men in that district,
London, June 16,���Lord Kitchener
cables from Pretoria undei today's
dateaa follows: "Near Welmanstrusl,
20 miles south of Middleburg, 250
Victorian Mourned Rifles from General
Session's column were surprised in
camp at Steenskalapn.it, by a superior
force ot B'oees on June 12. The enemy
crept up to within short range and
poured s deadly lire into the camp,
killing jl tiflisfers and 16 men, and
wounding 4 officers and il. men, of
i, hom 28 wore only slightly wounded
"Only Iwo officers and 50 men es
caped 0 General Beastou's camp, Tl.e
remainder were taken jrisoners, bul
afterwards released. Two pom poms
were captured by the enemy. Full
details hare not been received."
Tie number of Boer prisoners under
guard exceeds' twenty thousand and
they are anxious to have the war ended.
A considerable force of surrendered
Boers are now under arms protecting
their farms and herds and they are
also anxious to have terms of peace
The Dutch districts of Cape Colony
where Oen. French is nowin command,
are wary of the depredations of the
Boer raiders when they have to feed
and clothe them and a decisive viotory
over the guerilla bands is expected in
that quarter. Important news from
Gen. French is looked for in the next
ten days, by which the paeilication of
the country south of the Orange river
will be effected.
The resources for resistance of Generals DeWet, Botha, Steyn, Delaiey
Schalkburger are well nigh exhausted,
and they would assume the responsibility for a surrender it . x-Presinent
Kruger was not an obstinate old man,
who has secured his own safety,
Berlin, June 16, -Andries Dewet, a
Boer leader, says that he is going to
the United States in the middle ot
July to lectuee.
New Orleans, June 16.-The British
activity in this port, which slackened
a month or so ago, has suddenly revived. Orders have been received to
keep rushing hoises and mules iu South
Africa, at least throughout ths summer.
Within twenty-four hours two
special trains with twelve hundred
head have been rushed in from the
west, and eight large transports are to
be got steaming here for India.
An Ottawa despatch announces thai
the Royal Canadian Artillery, field and
garrison divisions, will herealter be
known and designated as ihe Royal
Canadian Field Artillery and Royal
Canadian Garrliou Artillery respectively.
AU the Trackmen are Oat from Montreal to Vanconver.
Montreal, June 17.���Montreal ad-
yices to the Montreal committee of the
railroad trackmen state 90 per cent of
the tracksnen of the C. P. R. system
from St John to Vancouver are out on
In Montreal all have gone out save
a few.
In Toronto every old employee is reported to have quit.
Tho same advices come from all
along the system, and the committee
of strikers are very confident that the
company will have to yield in a few
The company's officials are apparently unconcerned at the situation. Mr.
McNicoll today admitted that a nnmber of old hands had gone out, but de
clared that sufficient were at work to
do all inspection that, was necessary,
and that the travelling public need
have no anxiety on the score of safety.
The company had enough men at work
for present needs, and would have no
trouble in procuring all thai they re
Mr. Wilson, President of the Brotherhood of Railway Trackmen, says of
the 5,000 or so employed in that department, that fully 1)5 per cent are
members of the association. They are
well organized and sure to win. On
the other hand Mr. McNicoll cays lie
does not believe such a large percentage
belongs to the organization, and in
any case the company is assured of
plenty of men to operato the lino as
Mr. Risteen, trainmaster on this
division ot tho C. P. R. had about 15
special constables sworn in by H. R.
Moody, J. P. and despatched ten of
them to outsido points in order that
any of (he striking section men or
their sympathizers who might bu
teir.|i'.ed lo interfere with the road bed
will be restrained from committing
unlawful acts. Mr. Risteen, when
seor. on Tliuisday morning, was of the
opinion that these men would 1101
have auy trouble but that their pre
sence would act as a deterrent to any
turbulent spirits among the many
nationalities represented in tho ranks
of the strikers.
The strike situation in this district
is very simple, all the men having gone
out immediately on receipt of the word
of the strike. This includes all extra
gangs and bridgemen.
There was a sui prising unanimity
amongst the variod nationalities rep
resented in quitting work aud handing
over their tools. Since then their con
duct has been very quiet and orderly.
The railroad official, organized is gang
to take a handcar to Moberly aud do
some work on tho switches but the
Hungarians in the extra gang made
hostile demonstrations and the would-
be workers retired.
No doubt whon the strikers see some
of the stalwarts who have responded
to the call of duty (and $2.50 per day)
they will hide their heads in fear and
trembling.   Eh I  What?
Pekin, June 8���The foreign minis
ters have declined to assent to (lie
request to allow 3,000 Chinese soldiers
to come to Pekin now. They consider
that it would be inadvisable lo penult
such a step to be taken before the latter
part of August, by which time the
international troops, with the exception of the legation guards, will have
left the city. The ministers also decline to permit international troops ��o
guard the Forbidden City until trip
Chinese soldiers shall arrive.
Chicago, June 18-A special to the
Tribune from Sau Antonio, Texas,
says : Five hundred citizens of Southwest Texas are engaged in a man hunt.
a party of Mexican outlaws being the
"quarrv." Already there has been a
fight between the Texan, and Mexicans
near Belmont, in which one Mexican
was shot to death, one was banned and
on. was wounded. The one wa��
hanged in an tffort to get bim 10 divulge the whereabouts of the IaadsT-
nf the bund of Mexican outlaws. Ths*
man hunt is the result ot three mur
ders within tlse last few da .a. The
victims were Sheriff W. L Morris, ol
Kansas County, Sheriff R M Glover,
ot Gonzales County, and Tony Sjlllia-
bel, a wealthy rancher.
Prop-Mai That th. Queatlon b. Lett te
Arbitration  I. Accepted by tha
Federal A uthorltl.a.
Ottawa, Jue 18.���A temporary agree*
ment, mutually .atisfs.c ory, has beeit
made between the Federal and Provincial Governments regarding the moot
questions ot the Control ul ihe fisheries.
The Dominion Government ha. received a telegram from the British Columbia Ooverninent making an offer tortile settlement of the difficulty over tii.
fisheries Attorney Geneiul Ebert*
wired that the British Columbia Gov-
eminent were willing to leave ths
question ot seacoast fisheries for the
present in abeyance. In regard to ths
provincial fisheries of the Fraser
Skeena, Naas and other rivers, it was
suggested that the Dominion Govern'
ment should continue collecting license
fees rs at present on the understanding
1 hai the matter would be left to arbitration and that the Dominion would
refund to the province whatever amount
of such moneys as might be held to
belong to the province. The province
also agrees to amend sny portion ol
the provincial act which may ke shown
to encroach on Dominion rights.
A roply wus seiittl.isafternoonfro.it
the Dominion Government to the effect
that this arrangement would be satis,
factcry for the j.resent.
Smelter -Hen Won.
The following telegram from Ross*
land appeared in Spokane pap.rs Sunday last;
Rossland, June 15-Bernard Mao*
douald, manngerof the Le Roi, said
tonight: "We will commence .melting at Northporton Monday. A notice
hns been posted there to the effect that
all the old employees of the smelter
may apply [or work."
London, June 18-fhu Sun, which,
however, has not heretofore been ovor*
reliable 011 this sulject, hours thnt Mr.
Kruger hns actually cabled to General
Botha, declining to concede anything,
and that in consequence of this decision, General Botha and the commandants agreeing with hi. peace views,
have decided to repudiate Mr. Kruger's
authority, aud a further consultation
bot neon Oeneral Botha's rt'|ire.entative
and Lord Kitchener will bo arranged
for next week,
London. June 17 -The SI1angh.1l
correa|,ondeist of the "Globe," telegraphing under to.la,,'s date, si.y��
that ho learns in Chinese quarters that
the Empress Dowager proposes th.it
when tho Court reaches Katfongfu, iu
Houan, to announce that the Emperor
has boen killed by brigands, and that
Prinoe Tumi's son haa succeeded 10
tlio throne. The Dowager Empress
will thnn establish a new capital at
Kaifongfu, which will bu connected by
railwny with Nankin. Tl.e contract
for this ruilway will bo given to John
C. Ferguson, of Boston, who, the correspondent understands, wiil sell the
concession to the Russians. The correspondent adds thai Ferguson is acting in behalf ot Li Hung Chung and
Lao Tao Sliong, who hope to e.cispe
censure by throwing the blame for the
transaction upon Ferguson.
Victoria, B.C., June 15,���Trail IS
Incorporated ss a city by special dinette. Nominal ious for mayor an J -*ix
aldermen will he held et Charlee
Brown's store on June 20, and the lirst
civic election 011 July II. The initial
meeting of the forthcoming cilj coun��
oil will bo held on July 1:1
Tiicoma. Wn.. June IT. - The younger members of the Hidtth Indian .ribs,
near Ketchikan, Alaska, have declareI
war agaihst tl.e whites because Deputs/
Marshssll Jones la-l sveek shot Ki'coon,
their aged chief, because he resisted
arrest for cutting timber on government land. The chief wasl.it twice
mid badly wound' .1. The llidah'-s are
very warlike, and have frrq.-swTly killed whitemen oh vligh* ire-v ties tion.
Hnwjsectors on tht mrf.mHsJing hills
nre reluming to Ketchikan lor re.ui.it*
sill the alarm shall he pasted.
9i.liil.sl Sorth, sergeant oa lhe Vancouver police force, hae been appoints]
Chief o[ Police. Retiring Chief Wm.
Stewart Was madt) a presentation l-jr*
the luuislstrs oi ths foide.
mm THE ERA, GOLDEN, EC,June.23, Mil.
She ��0lJ-1.1t Cm.
Ku T. Ciumikxss. - Editor and Publisher.
.Sulis-ri 'li sns *d 0*1 per yenr in advance.
Advertising r.-i-ss*- made knosvn on request.
FRIDAY Jtl.iH 21. 1901.
We lias-" read wills a good deal of
interest nnd prjfit tho speech made by
This W l.'sn K.C., counsel for the
Provincial Government, before th-* Oriental Commission upon lhe conclusion
.if it. In hor. in British Columbia.
Mr Wil.on dies not leiveanyone in
doubt, as to the conclusion he hiss come
so afser bear tho evidence submitted
to the Commission, which is, to qttolo
his own word-: "That tin immensely
j,i'i)|ionsler.tiiig mass of tl.e evidence is
i. favorof s'ich asn'sas .roof restriction
ns to amount to absolute exclusion "
11 discussion the question Mr. Wilson divides it under (ise different
h sals : (1) T so ecoromis'.or iudus'rial;
(2) the social; (3) the moral; (I) the
religions ; (fl) ths national or political.
II ��� referred to lhe first and last princi-
pally, saying 'lias the moral ansl relig
ious aspects of lhe question did not
r.adily come under legislative control.
Hi believed that they would gradually encroach upon ami exclude the
white worker from fi 'Ids ol labor now
exclusively occupied, and rightly occupied bv him, and that living as thoy
du under conditions ami in a manner
intolerable lo our own people, the
nature of the competition is an ex
ccediiigl.t uiif.ilroiie. That the strength
uf a people depend ou the gooJ condi
iiun and the intelligence of the masses.
The foundation of all social urd.ris
based upuli a vigorous nnd intelligent
people, au,l ths. S ate cannot long endure whose foil idntioti res'., uot upon
those of its own race and kind, but
upon a nice tut only aliun in so fur ns
Iheir birth is concerned, b.st of a slif
f.-i-es.t tyjMi of lsuni.ii.itv and civlllza-
t'Ois, who cure nothing fur our institutions, nothing for our laws, except in
ho tar as thoy affect iheir own leiupur
dry welfare ; a jicuplu alien iu luuuncr
and customs wbo are not homogeneous,
who do not assimilate will, us, who
would no', if they could, nud who
c. ��uld not if tisuy wuulJ, who are ah.o
luicly Indifferent to the well being of
Ihe Slate, who expect to return to their
own laud ether sluuj or alive, aud
whaluVul'   virtues  tlis'.v   |iossess  have
and there cannot bo mnny articles,
even for the ladies, which they do not
Our business men are generous and
al vnys put np miney for pnhlic occasions and public Institutions and in
every way possibly seek to advance
she prosperity of the town and the citizens ought to be fur seeing and patri-
o'ic enough to do their share by sjiend-
ing tbeir money at home.
Editor Era:
Sir, -1 see by "Buyor's " letter that
my communication of week before last
hns arouse! some interest and must
compliment ".Buyer" on her (for very
evidently Iiuver is a lady) able exposition of the ladies' sido ot the question.
Being a mere man (svl.ich fact accounts
for my overlooking our tip-to date millinery establishment) I am not prepared lo estimate tho d.mige to Buyer's feelings which would result from
seeing a neighbor with a dress like her
owu, and therefore must remain silent
on lhe jioint raised. Tl.e main point
in my letter is further eniphassizil by
1! Iyer's reasons, via, our merchants
should get together and aud see if some
steps could uot hu taken which would
remove e.-eu tho (to ray mini) slender
excuse fur sonding away for good.,
given in Buyer's loiter.
I am vciy pleased that a discussion
has been raised, as in that direction
lias a chance of a remedy of this evil.
A War... Welcoisse.
Sliagway heralded the arrival o' Ihe
Catiadian   P.icillc   Navigation    Com-
Boston Chamker of Commerce Making
an lmps.rss.ant Bnageatlon to l*n.|.
dent McKinley��� V.*. Trad* Wltk
Boston, June 13���A special meeting
of the Boston Chamber of Commerce
wis held Wednesday, at which a
committee, coneisling of Osborne
Howes, President Lucius Tuttle, of
the Boston k Main railroad, J R Lee
son, Samuel B Capen and Herbert C
Hall, reported at length on the Cham
ber'a work in behalf ot reciprocity. It
was believed, the committee reported,
that the preeident and cabinet were
ready ro move in the matter, provided
auch action received the support of
public eentiment. A resolution was
offered, oiling that our increased export
trade hae bsen the unmistakable cause
of tbe large part of our industrial
prosperity, thai, in the absence of
speoial trade treaties with foreign
nations, we may soon experience a
serious decline in export products, that
Canada is our nearest and in some respects our best foreign market, and
we should lose no time in permanently
securing it, that the Boston chamber
of commerce send to tbo president, following the petition and request the
chambers of commerce and boards of
trade of every American city to forward similar materials.
"To His Excellency the President���
The Boston chamber of commerce
earnestly pslitions that such steps as
are necessary be taken to reconvene the
Unite! States and Britieh Joint Commission for tbe purpose of preparing,
on a basis of equivalent concessions, a
patiy's steamship Islander iu its port. reciprocal trado agreement between the
on her first trip by lhe following glow- United States and Canada, which may
iug report, which appeared on the front  Is*, brought   before congress for its ap
page of the "Daily Alntkun :"
"Sunday afternoon half of tho point
ltltion of Skagway accepted, tho cordial
invitation of Captain Foot to inspect
the steamship Islander. Captain Foot
was personally is. charge tt.ul he was
very solicltlous to seo thut everybody
hail a chance to seo the fine ship and
partake of lhe good things, lid was
most  ably  assisted l.y Agent Dunne,
prove! at its next session.'
queen Alexandra.
The Q teen never had any sympathy
with tha extravagant ostentation
which is the bane of so many families
in these plutocra ic days. Although
at the head of society and the centre
of the Court, she has lived as simply
as possible, nnd has always taught
Mr, Fmnphrey and every member of j ler daughters the same lessons which
| lhe crew. They woi'o all just as polite j*be learned in the frugal days of her
; and attentive asth.ugh those nbjardj J*0"'!'. She is expert with her needle,
j had paid their l.arj cash to bu taken ~*i taught her daughters to cut out
care uf. ul"l  make their own  frocks,  and  is
j    I   would he difficult lo give an ao-, ��ni* to have excited  the admiration of
| curiite de-criptio.. of tl.e.i-ussul and her j Sasidririghaui cottager,   b.v tl.e skill
Willi which she has heeled stockings.
Her extravagauce���for everyone has
extravagance-is in  tl.e direotion ot
... , app'iiunueui.  without going  into tho
also  oiraracieiisiles which  tender it '.' .    .,      ������     ,. .
,   .    ,, , ,     ,, , siiiiiiitest details,    lhe ships exterior
very undesirable that  they should be- .
, , ,| Il.l I IS   \v
cuiiiu members uf our body politic.
S,.uuliing of tliu Jiipuueso Mr, Wil
suu remarked lhat (whilst Ihere are
exceptions to the rule) lho average
J.sjutiiese remain*, what l.oalwuys was,
a Japanese, and notwithstanding the
I cl that shut* may take out a cui"i*
li ute uf naturalization in this oouutry,
h ..ever b-iooines in truth aud iu faot a
CuiadUil', hut always remains it Japanese,
T.iia is au able argument against
Oi'.ental immigration, British Cui
Uuiuia need.-, population but we waul
tne kind lhat will inakn citizens and
he ii.ieressed iu everything that per-
titilti lu the welfare uf the S.ute.
Neither Cullie.e nor Japanese will ever
be ulhor than ihey are, either socially
o,- politically. I li,retort. Iheir jire.ence
i . uio' n.id.l is nudes,ruble, a. ihey
k up out of Use sissui.try uthers who
would ho lo the country what Mongol-
I.i... can us..si' b,:, viz , c.iizuus.
oil   reiiiembored   by   massy  S.<ag
oityai.s, hut thu interior has  Leon so jpessonal charity,  audit, giviugaway
completely changed thai it wa. ab things 0 .e who knew her well .aid:
sulutely mirer.0KHia.ible yesterday. The "H you give her ��10.000 a year to
linings aro most elaborate and the livo ul"-"'i *l'8 will spend i'2,0CO a
decoi'.stloiis arj al! ot ..nisiic  merit 13����r U|,on herself and give theother
lt ie the keynote ot
��8,000 away."
her disposition.
Another note of the Queen's character
is that of motherhood. She is quite
as careful a mother aa was <*��� icen Vic
loria,  aud quite as scrupulous iu the
ami pi-esunl a harmony  of view which
is Indescribably grand.
The diising stilout. is exceptionally
large for a ship of the proportions ot
the [slander. I s finish could scarcely
bo iiuer, it woulsl seam.   The furnish-
iugs of tht. lauies' cabin, the lounging **** wiih "������'eh .he brings up her
room, mid other parts are ol the finest, daughter.. Although not of English
0 te of the attractions whlel). is always [ birth, she has acquired lu a double
looks,,! for by ihe sea traveller js a measure the views ol that excellent
chance tu promenade. The Islander', person, the British matron, asto
cabin is .rs located that a splendid' lh'"��s lhat are not proper for tho
walk can Ise made around il. |joung lo lead, auJ eo (ar as her in
But it is in the slate rooms where nueuce goes the youug person will not
ihe well being uf the passenger hasi-* allowed to regale herself upon
been zealously guarded. Every ar- "poisonous honey stolen (rom France."
I'unge.ueiit and detail which could | Tl>" Q'eenis a woman of common
poS.ll.ly contribute to the comfort has sense, of gjod average ability, of sound
been provided. From main truck to' principles*, and of exceptional personal
kielso.i. from stem to ���turn, the ship ii' ��r��oe anil teauiy. That she will ever
"Bsiys'iV I j. ler, iu our last issue. I kept scrupulously clean. As many j ����� �� ��"���"��� .-*"* may be questioned,
Is, no doubt, Intended fur a d.teiioeot wended their way up town after vlw- M no one will dispute that the will
thepi'.oll.uoutbujlimoiiiottuwii, and j nsg ih. ve.sel and enjoying lho ho.pl-j ���"�� �� ��ood Queen. She has had her
even Using lh.il cuuld pu.xll.ly bo said j lulity of Captain Fuot they were con-1 l"��'Ss sumo of whioh are public, and
lull, favor was brought oil by lho strained to say .he wa. tho finest others, perhaps even worse to bear, are
wriler. Bui, alter all. thu real |iolut; vessel with ihs most popular skipper 'hose iuto whioh the publio has never
i-, not tha' Use ladies send out uf town j "" Use run.
fur a few feminine gewgaw, I hat local! 0.1 thu way up there were many
iiieicUsiius do uui find ii worth while musicians ou board and the la.t night
to keep .in sioek, bul nuiiuy is sunt j out a concert was given, at which T.
abroad (oraltides that  are kept  ...   R  l'..niphr��y presided.
siuokbyres.do.it firms,    ll.mlruds of! ~~  ~       " .
,   . ,     , n��� i,        I     lhe w-ite of a Methodist  minister it.
dollars worth   uf iiiiiiullaiiuise is an*   ...   .......       , .  , .,
West, \ ii't'iimi h..s  been married ill.��e
uuaily bruugli iuto towu from ou.side , lilntH     Ht.r mMm IMn. ���.. ]����� jt. I-*-*' ','"'"\'.T'',.~.7] ���"'���"'
dealers,, while .he very same class of ridge, her lirst husband's name was m0M A--*-}-*** lU'^l"��[ ",iMrlf"
goods are are lying ou sli.lv,.. in tho . Itoblu. the seoond S|.arrow ami isreseni Jul hie. That ehe will take pari in
.lure, of our   towu
nuyixa our of town.
lasi  issue.
beeu taken Into her cuiitideuce. Her
health has been nothing like so robust
as that of her predecessor, who hardly
knew what illness was, and although
ahe is net yet sixty, and has experienced
uo decay of her physical powers, she
has suffered for some time from a difficulty of hearing, which ia one of tbe
gouJ material at \ou* Q"".''**-  There are now two young
Robins,  one Sparrow and  three little
Quay les, and the family lives on Jay
That lady surely is a bird.
A man came iu  tl.e other day with
what was a cuuundru.u :    "Why   ie a
tsewepaper l.ke a woman V   The various answers  were:   -Because il  has!either truly or falsely, hae ever beeu
to have souieonetorui.il."   'Because attributed to her.   That the Queen did
politics is uot very much to be expected.
There wat au extraordinary story
current iu some newspapers lhat the
bad personally telegraphed Lord K.I-
cbeuer, iiupluriug bim to (top tbe
house-burning iu South Africa, but
tbat la the only political auliou whiob,
rtia.wuuuie prices.    If tssu people wiil
buy fi'uui uur business mull the goods j en-eel
thoy DO keep in siuuK  they may send
to Uuiukong ur Egypt  fur anything
they not keep.
Storekeepers as a rule know what
class ol guuds io buy and will pay lu
kren iu stuck,  aud could 'not  reason-
i bjy ask anyone logo wil hunt.an nni-   both  have tube known to be appra<
cle because they do not happen to have I ciaied "; "Because boll, are guod  ad
it.    Bui they have a right to expect | veil isiug    mediums";    "Because    it.
that Use citiii'iis will givepairouage in | changes its dres.,"   Tl.e correct an-] may be regarded ae uot leas certain. ���
. hose articles of daily  use which they  swer is:    "Bnuunaver)' mau should j From  "Queen  Alexander," by W. T,
have one ��f bis own,  and not be run-1 Stead, in the Americau "Mouthl.-t.si-
noi sympathise with the house-burning may be takeu fur giauted, but that
ehe uever telegraphed to Lord Kitchener
have in tliuir show rooms.   The stores
ii ���
..ilo uiug I,' bit-row Wis tisjl-jhbov's,'
view of Iteyiews."
fttmim of ti taw Smu.
Omp M.U FadlltlM Oae el the Mel r*t*m
laC��� *.-���*.
"Common i.the com-inplacc." The
most -valuable 'of civil benefits is such a
commonplace matter, tliat *���* scarcely
give it a thought. It would take a ..���inter on a whaler nipped in nn ice flost to
etrike us truly appreciable of the worth
.t the postal" servire. What n wonderful thing it is! Wonderfss] jn its organ-
tuition, with its vnst machinery for Ihe
collection nnd diclrilsution of letter., Its
railway mail cars, its route riders, the
unfailing order an.l precision of its
metliods. Wonilerful it is too in its re*
suits.   It knits together families widely
separated. It' carries across the sea
some tender lover's message or perhaps
a little flower picked from the daisied
rp-ave of an Kngiish churchyard. Every
hour of even- day the mail bag is passed
with words which waken love and laugh,
'.cr, and words which slecpen the furrow
Vi the cheek and dim the. failing sigh;
with bitter tears.
But with all this there is going 61
through the mail service a dissemin*.
tion of human knowledge, n reachinj.
out of human help which is one of tin
crowning blessings of our centtin-. Tht
corre3pond<*ticc schools led by C'hnutau-
qua, are sending to even- village aw'
laamlet the broader knowledge which i
so eagerly craved l.y many who nre shut
In to the homely ditties of a humble
life. Without the mail system this phut
of education would lie impraclicaMe.
Every mail, too, carries I rom the, great
centers, the advice of great physicians,
which it would be impossible for the
distant public to obtain were it not foi
the mails, pew jseople realize how
many thousand people depend ou tin
mail service for medical treatment. Nol
lung ago when some postal affairs were
being discussed in connection with the
erection of the new pos.otl.ee lmilsliny
iu Buffalo, N. Y., some light was thrown
ou this subject by the statement thai
tlie mail by Dr. k V. Pierce amounted
daily to something over 1,500 jiieces.
Of course this is nut a common case, lie-
cause 1'r. Pierce's relation as chief consulting physician to Buffalo', famous
institution, The Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, makes his advice ami
tliat ot his rtaff of nearly a score 01
skilled and experienced specialists much
sought after, especially by women. Is,
the lreatuie.it and cure of whose sjjecia.
diseases Dr. Pierce has devotcsl over
'llirty years of almost constant labor.
But though this example is out of the
ordinary, it may serve as an evidence ol
the amazing benefits reaped by the pub*
,11c from tlle mail sendee. It puts c* s-ry
outlying liumlet in touch with the most
advanced medical specialism of the ila,
It gives at a cost ot n two-cent stamp.
tile skill and experience thnt it has taker,
years to acquire. Literally at the cost
of a two-cent stamp, since Dr. Pierce
invites sick women lo consult him l.y
letter without charge. Ansl this would
seem to lw one of the most remarkable
services rendered by tlle postal system,
perhaps tlle supreme sen-ice of all. For
while it is a splendid thing to lie able to
shop in New Vork while living in Kansas, .slid a grand thing to lie able tu
command tlle learning of great professors while working in the Michigan
woods, il is a still grander thing that by
means of this cheaply supplied service,
men like Dr. Pierce, who have the disposition to be helpful, are enabled lo
place their skill uud knowledge at the
disposal of those who trt lieing dragged
down by disease, without the possibility
of help from those about them. When
one contemplates the vast ansl far reaching be.ief.ts of the mail service, so briefly
touched upon in this article, it make,
the familiar gray uniform of the postman
the most glorious uf all uniforms, fur it it
worn by the solsliers of the army of peace.
It ai-li-i one feel like taking liis ha', oil
lo tl.e on-rushing mail train, and cheer
Ing the work and wisduiti ui* UliJ* &,-*-*.
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For vSale.\>
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
1.0. O. I'. Orand Lodge.
Tho (allowing officers worteltc el at
the Grand Lodge I, 0. 0. F. in sessicn
iu Nanaimo:
0. M., W, Hogg. Vancouver.
1). 0. M., A. Graham, Victoria.
0. \V��� E. Arthur, Nelson.
O. S., Fred. Davey, Viotorle.
0. T., F. T. Neelauus,  Vancouver.
II. It., W. II. Morion, Nanaimo,
The reports show that in British
Columbia the tnemUrahip is now 3,-
216; ot whon 871 were sdmitted duriug the year. The death* numbered
22, and lapsed membership 179. The
revenue of subordinate lodges amounts
to sJ57.4u7.-lG ; paid out (or relief; *21,-
381.81. Current expenses ot subordinate lodges, $19,387.58, or $6.03 per
member. Total assets of lodges $209,-
937. Balance on hand for Orand
Ludge, last year, was $1,715.23 on
JOeueinUs.' Ulet laat. There is On hand
fur Odd Felluws Home account, $833,-
97, aud (ut- aged Odd Follows (und,
Mrs. J J Redpaioh, oue of Montreal's
society Iswslere, committed tuleide on
Juue 13 Her sou Clifford wat alao
(aialy shot. Toe sur.niee ia that
while temporally menially deranged,
Mra. lls-dpaich attempted to end her
life, aud iu attempting tu preveut her,
Iter tou waa shot. The unfortunate
lady theu completed her undertaking.
Lord Milner has taken hii seat iu
l.e House uf Lords.
GOLDEN is the koy to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with th*
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity'in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forme
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices arc favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained ott
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant.
A Half Year ol Excitement
The Royal Visit to Canada.
The Closing: Scenes ofthe War.
The Return ofthe Army.
An Opportunity for Goldan ERA RaaJars to Kasp Posted During
tnis Period of Exoitement.
liy a very satisfactory clubbing arrangement with that great Family Newspaper lhe faiuily Herald and Weekly Slur of Montreal we are enabled to offer
to new subscribers the biggest value ever heard of.
The balance of this year promises ihe most startling events, and every person should keep potted.   Here it tn opportunity.
I'or the email sum of $1.00 we will send you nntil January 1st, 1902, The
Golden Eka, Tl.e Family Herald and Weekly Star and the Family Herald's
two great ptoiuiuin pictures, ''Christ in the Temple" and "Home from tht
Is lhat not a dollar's worth ? E'.thor picture nlono It worth double lhe money.
This offer is open only to June 30th as the supply ol pictures it limited tnd
cannot be promised afier that date.
To any of our present subscribers-we offer the Family Herald and Woekly
Ss in- until January Ut, 1932, including the two pictures, (or the tmall mm ot
50 cenis.
The liostland Miner ttyt Ibis province "is cursed by injurious mining
laws," and quotce tuch eminent athor-
itiet on Ihe quettion tt the Nelson
Miner tnd Sandon Mining Review.
At a matter ol fact, there it no
country on earth that hat more liberal
laws than British Columbia. Tba
trouble in British Columbia is that
there are too many soreheads in control of newepapert and too many jack-
leg lawyers and tinboin min. manager,
running loose. .Tht opinion! ol the
soreheads in control of newspapers are
o( as little value at art tbe opinion! of
the jack-leg lawyers or the reports of
o(tbe tinhorn mine managers.-Nelson Tribune.
Even the men who claim to bt mint
mtnagers cannot agree. Mine manager
Hircbell-Cohen ot Victoria saya that
invsstors caa have no confidence unlets
they know tbe inner workings ol tbt
mines; that producing mines mutt declare their output monthly. Mine
managers iu Kootenay ask, why
thould mining companies be required
to make returns monthly that tbow
what tke mines art actually doing V
One wants ab.-ioluie publicity; the other
warns absolute secrecy. The law requires the manager of a producing
mine 10 make a return on or before the
loth of eaoh month showing "ilie
quantity of ore shipped or treated during the pr-jvious month aud the assay
value, thereof,   ami any othei   par
ticulars deemed ncceetary by the
miuister of mines.' This it the law
thai the Kootenny mint maaagers ity
is an unwarranted interference with
thtlr business. It It the taint law
tbat mint' manager Hirchell-Cohen
says it not sufficiently airingtnt to
protoet inveitori iu mining companies.
Looking at it (rom tbt point of a disinterested newspaper, it wonld appear
to be a very jutt and a very reasonable
law. If tbe mines department Ja to
compile Information of value, it mutt
have reliable data. Tba tonnage ot
ore produced and tht ana*- value thereof is data that it absolutely necessary.
Suoh data, even it publlthtd weekly,
eould not injure any company conducting operation! on honeet linee.
I( a company bat .haras to tell, investors ihould have tbt information
required under the law quoted above.
K a company hat noebares to sell, tbt
information if given could pot injuriously effeot tbt oompany. Mint
manager, appear to bt a good deal like
setting hem.��� Nelson Tribune.
��� ' ' �����.<������ a.
WANTED-Ladiea and gentlemen to
introducethe "hotieai" seller on earth.
IV Whlte'e Electric Comb, patented
1899. Agents are coining money.
Cures all forms of scalp ailments,
headaches, etc., yet cons Iht earn* aa
nn ordinary comb Send SOe ils .tnsjnps
for sample. P. N. Bote, Oun. Mgr.,
Dtcttur, III.
JOB PBlSTKiO ourfepeuieily.
"-i*-**"-* THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, June 21, I Sll
Several T M 0 A Delegate. Object lo
AtteodI jg a Beeeptloa Where tU*
Male 11 Art I. dl.pl.iyed.
Boston. Mats., June 31.-The fir.t
sensation of the Y. M. C. A. jubilee
.(Oho yesterday when a protest w.s
made against a nteeting scheduled to
be held in the Museu^ot Fine Arts,
where nude statuary is a feature. It
wat contended that the holding ot a
reception for both texee in a place where
nude itatuary was exhibited, would
commit tbe association to the approval
ol inch displays. A letter was finally
drawn tip and signed by several dele
gates who objeeted to the holding ot
tbt reception at the Art Mu eum, and
tent to the jubilee executive committee.
The jubilee committee, alter discussing tht letter, voted to placo It on
file, tnd this action agitated the ob*
jectort to such an txtent that they
instantly held a meeting, the reeult o(
which wae the drawing up ot a re
markable declaration or protest. Am
ong these who signed the protest are
Bishop W. F, Mallalieu, of the Methodist conference; Eben Bunstead, James
H. Earle, James F. Look wood, Adolph
Hall and many others.
Theproleet is as follow : "To the
Young Men's Christiau assoelaton delegate!: The undersigned respectfully
protest against the holding of the reception to be given by the ladies of Y
M. C. A. auxiliaries to Y. M. C. A.
delegates, in the Museum of Fine Arts,
on the ground of its being a place
hardly proper (or a mixed social gathering of young men and young women,
because of the presence there, in many
parts o( the building o( a large number
ot fully developed and entirely nude
masculine statuee,
"It there anything in the magic
word art loeradicateindecency ? How
can an obscene expoeure of the human
form bl any leas potent iu seducing
thought who.i chiielUl by a master
hand ? Bather may it not be said that
the more exactly art follows the lines
of flesh the more eaacily does it exert
the same temptation aa flesh ?
���'.Everyone knows that these identical images, or the originals from which
these casts are taken, corrupted Greece
and Rome, and lhat Naples and other.
Latin cities alienee they are obtained,
"'are sunken in the mire of vice. Why,
then, ebould any Christian Associn
tion ally itsslf to any propaganda of
Cuban independence will probably
ba an accomplished tact by Christmas
The Transvaal gold mines will htve
lo pay ��50,000,000 to the cost of the
A compulsory winding-up order has
been iesued in the case of the British
America Corporation.
Prospectors should list tbeir properties wilh Andrew F. Bosenberger
of the prospector's Exchange, Nelson.
The Principal of Upper Canada College regrets the lack of Scriptural
knowledge among boys.
The United States does not fear anything overt in the establishment of a
strong fierman (orce at Shanghai,
Canada ia pointedly ignored by Oer
many relative to the application ot the
"favored nation clauae" to British
, British capital is looking to the con
trol of steel concerns in the Untied
Stales outside of the United Statts
Steel Company.
The investigation into the shooting
of Mrs, J. J. Bedpatb, at Montreal,
shows that it was her son Clifford who
murdered his mother end then committed suicide.
The Canadian Pacific Railway and
the Northern Paciflo have come to an
important arrangement relative to
Pacific Coast terminal facilities and
A potato famine is threatened. A
few weeks ago 30 cts wai a big prict.
Now 83cts is the retail pricj. The
advance is due to the lateness ot the
uew crop.
Dr. Sen, a noted Chinese Reformer,
is on his way back to the Flowery
Kingdom, with, tbo object of upsetting
tl.e reigning Dynasty by revolution,
and placing a President at tbe head of
celestial affairs.
women to travel and advertiaefor old established bowse uf .olid liuauuial standing. Salary $,'80 a year and expense., all payable In
caah. No siauviussisig required. Uivo re-
feretscea ansl enclose self adslrenssyl ttu.n|H-sl
envelope. Addrca. Manager, Om Usxtou
BIslg., Chicago, uut 11
Toronto, June 13.-Mr. A S Hardy,
ex Premier of Ontario, died at les
minutes piss, ten tonight. On Saturday last he was operated on fur appendicitis. Paralysis of the heart (ul
lowed. He was unoonsclous (or roino
lime beforo deiitli.
Vt* at th* Inclined  Plane  In tba
Bnilding of tlte Pyramid..
At a meeting of tlse I'lillosophiual so*
clety of Washington J. K. Watkins pre-
aonted a paper on "The Transportation
and Lifting of Heavy llodlc. liy the Ancient Engineers." Thr purpose of the paper was to show bow many ot the structures regarded a. remarkable by export
engineer, of the present day, and which
some archa-ologlst. declare must have required In their erection the use ot Immense machines, could have been constructed by primitive tools and simple
By means of diagrams the speaker explained how Inclined planes of earth could
be used In placing In position stone blocks
or slabs ol enormous weight, levels nnd
pry bora being employed In setting then,
up. lis then demonstrated how easily,
comparatively speaking,, the pyramid,
oould have been con.tructed by theso simple methods, and when completed the
earth around them which had been used
for the Inollucd plane, filled into tho pits
from which It wa. takon, leaving the
ground as level a. before.
As an Illustration tho pyramid of Olzuh
was cited, some of the stones of which
wore transported a distance of 600 miles.
In this case the highest embankment necessary when tbo workmen reuched the top
course, assuming that a 90 per cent grade
Was adopted, would havo been Vol) yards
long, containing, as It did, some 7,500,000
oublo yard., provided tho side, of tho embankment would stand nt an nngle of 80
degrees, which Is not at all Improbable. A
force ot lti.uoo men could havo built suoh
an onibenkmont tn a single twelvemonth,
a vory .mall purl of the total labor, which
It 1. Btatosl uulled for tho services of 100,-
000 men for 90 yeara
In tho solution cf lho prublom of putting In place hugo monoliths It w - -.-���.-
geated that the modern engineer
well consider the utilization ol in.
plane, beforo adopting a more oot
��� "Wi
A Barrier Agalnat Matrimony Which th.
Poet Conld Not Overcome.
Notwithstanding vour Happlnos. and
your reconm.onth.llun, 1 hope I shall nover
ninrry. Though the most bountiful Creature were waiting Ior ino nt the end of a
Journey or a Walk, though tho Carpet
were of Silk, the Curtains of the morning
clouds, the chairs aud sofa stuffed with
Cygnets' down, thu food Manna, the Wine
beyond Claret, the Window opening on
Wlnnnder moro, I should not fuel, or i-athor
my llopplnoss woulsl not bo so lino, us my
Solitude lssublin.u. 'Ihon, Instead of what
I have described, theru Is a sublimity to
welcome me homo. Tho roaring of the
wind Is my wlfo nnd the Stars through the
window pane ure my Children. The
mighty abstract Idea 1 havo of llunuty lit
all things stiltcs thu more divided und
minute domeKlia liupplnoss���- un n.uluble
wlfo and sweet Children 1 contemplate as
a part of that lieaiity, hut I must have a
thousand of those beautiful particles to till
up my heart.
1 leel more and inure every dny ns my
Imagination strengthens thai 1 du not lhe
In this world alone, but in a tliuiisii.nl
Tell. What Dr. Clarke-. Little lied
rill. Old for Hlra.
Editor Eka :
Sir,-It is with pleasure I add ny
testimony to Ihe value of Dr. Clarke'a
Little Bed Pills, For years I was
troubled with dyspepsia, and could gtt
no leliet. In vain did I appeal to the
physician-the trouble would not
succumb to medical treatment. I ltad
also suffered from chronic rheumatism,
which, while it did not entirely unfit
me for my duties, caused rae a great
deal of suffering.
I was persuaded to try Dr. Clarke'a
Littlo Red Pills, and I can now proclaim myself a well man. I enjoy my
food, have not a sign of dyspepsia, and
am entirely free from rheumatism,
It is I herefore a pleasure to me to
add my testimony to those of others
who havo been relieved by the use of
these truly wonderful pills.-W. H.
Bobertton, President and Chief Editor
( the Dally Times, Peterborough, Ont.
Dr. Clarke's Little Bed Pills area
positive and certain cure (or la grippe,
rhuemaiisin, asthma,paralysis, catarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when the diseases have
been standing lor many years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 50
cents per box, For sale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure (or
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure
for Eczema, same price. $10 will be
paid for any case they will not permanently cure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure forCatarrab,
and Dr. Clarke'. Sure Curo for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for any case they will not permanently
Church Services.
Columbia River Lumber C��-
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Cedar Sills, etc.,
���  Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. *+
Largest Capacity In the mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Goldeq, B.C.
sr. Paul's - church of knglaxd.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:110 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Dnys at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from tl.e chancel.
Ssinday School at. 2:30 p.m.
All nro cordially invited lo attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
Hervico every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School aud Bible Class ai 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
nl 7.
Bev, V. Id. I'riuiY, B.A., Pastor.
nudlty, which, wherws* It has been
nairnniiad   1,b*   tared   ntoral   deoav. had valvular disease ol the heart," writ.s
patronizes",   ��.��  -hts-o   n.-ora(   aeoaj . "j^ . s 3<wde, of Truro, N S. "IsuHe.eit
which, iu turn,  I.a. led to physical terribly and was often speechless anil par.!*
decay, and likewise to national deoay. "J1--* *-tt*.y**4   ��"8 **" ��'-v-'' *>-������'���
worlds. Xo sooner..... I ..lone Hum shnpes ; mk rni.i.isr Gllliltcn,
of njilu gri'iitntsss are stationed siruunsl ine i c,��� . o     .        .,, .
ami serve ...y Spirit thu oflice which I. | , wvf-'ee efflry Sunday at 11 a.m. and
equivalent Is. u King's bodyguard-��� ihun
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-0. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C,
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper .Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
Parties having mining property for sale nre requested to send samples of tbeit
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims iaj
British Columbia.
Prospsctors nnd mining men nre requested to make the Exchange their  bend-
quarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID,
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
ANDREW V. no��E-t.i*-tttiF,n
Telephone No. 104. P.O. Box 700. KELSON, B.C.
'Hither than contlsi'ie the danger
-ous policy of familiarizing children
with the eight ol the exposed male
form (tor at lho museum It is learned
that teachers frequently take their
classes of children to view casts),
would it not be wiser for the art museums In America to follow the example which in the Vatican covers
with imitation leaves immod.st statues that have come dowu from corrupt agts.
"The Young Meu'e Christian Association is a soul winning organisation,
with a splendid record of half a century. Nude art never helped a soul to
believe in the Lord Jesus. The great
soul-winner, Moody, felt thut there
was an evil influence in art, whleh ie
nude. He boldly condemned these
thinge wben In Boaton. It is not tor
this protest to influence any ae to
whether or not they ahould attend the
reeepiion, but to ask the reader, who
may be present, to coneider whether
the example to the world is salutary in
choosing suoh an environment for the
social gathering ol spiritually-minded
Christian representatives, and to
further refleot whether thie encouragement of nude art, which in many fains
and by swift stages, is corrupting American.youth, ia ooneistent with tbe
spirit and. work of the honored Young
Meu'i Christian Association."
The *,ffalr has caused a vast amount
ol comment, but the executive committee of the jubilee have deoided to ignore
In opening the convention Preeident
Dodge implied a repudiation on behalf
ol the convention of the above remarkable circular,
Cure'for tlse Heart gave use relief, anslljel'ure
mulshed ono bottle 1 was able togoahoi"
Toslay I am a well woman."  Sold by lt YV
PILliOSOPHY.-There are pilla aad pill,
-but Dr. Agues.-. Uver Pill, st 10 cent, a
vial leal in demand. The aale burden on the
phenomenal. Sluggish liver, cossatipatlon,
er irregular IsosHls are tbe precursors ef
mnry physical disorder.. These little won-
' der. remove ihe eaeae. 40 in a vial for 10
cento.  Sold by U. "IV. Palmore.-st.*.
Crop pro.psta.ts iu Manitoba are mo. t
auepioiuua. I   .
TWI'.'H-f Ml.Hrt.KB A��I��8I.EEPI,E��8*
KESS.-The hopoles. heart alckneta thtt
settle, on a man or mman whisa. norves aro
���battered by dlMSM ean lse��t be pictured In
contrast wilh a patient who hsa been in the
' 'dephs" and has been dragged from them by
Soiith American Nervine. Deorge Webster,
ot forest, Ont*, uyit I ewe mv life to it.
Everything els. failed to cure," Sold by H.
W. Patmore-11
Is e good thins; ior the young husband
to give the yonng wife. But sympathy
will nol abate one js* of her nervousness
or lift her to that plane of sound health
where alone the wife and mother cau
find happiness.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
meets every
womanly want
and need. It
tranquilities tbe
nerves, restores
the appetite aud
induces refreshing sleep. Its
use previous to
the baby'. Sid-
vent practically
painless and
give, the mother abundant nutrition for
her child. " Favorite Prescription " la a
woman's medicine and lias no equal aa
a cure for womanly diseases. It establishes regularity, dries weakening drains-
heals inflammation and ulceration and
cures female weakness.
Accept no substitute for" Favorite Prescription." No other medicine is "just
aa good " for weak and .ick women.
" It afford, ra. gnat pleasure to be able to My
. few word. In regard to the merit, ol Dr.
Fierce'. Pavorlt. Pr.��cription .nd 'Qoldta
Medical Din-very,"1 write. Mra. Flora Am, of
Dallas, Jackson Co., Mo. " I ssw leisipiH to try
these medicine. .Iter aeeiuf the effect upon my
mother. At an early .ge or married life I waa
greatly bothered wfth painful perioda, alao a
troublesome drain which rendered me weak
.ad unfit for work of any kind. I became ao
thlss there war nothing left of me but akin and
bone. My huabaad became alarmed and got
me . bottle of ' Favorite Prescription. After Ts.
uw tlie wonderful effect, of thai one he got two
mon, sad after 1 uaed thoae ��p there was as
mon pals., cud I began to gain in flesh very
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of 31 one-
cent .tamp., to pay expense of customs
and matting oah. Address Dr. R. V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
The girl is the mother of the woman Juat.
Just as "Ihe boy I. the father of tbe man."
parted when the womanly funetlen. begin I.
one to be carefully welched and conaidered.
Irregularity or derangement at Ihis time
mav be promptly met and cured by the use
nf Dr. Pierce's favorite Prescription. Hut
neglertod at this critical period may entail
years of fu uresuHering Favorite Prescription aeps.llroctly.vnon the womanly organs
giving thein pssrle.it vigor and abundant
vitality. It removes the obstructions lo
health sml happiness, and deliver, woman
Irom the cruel bondage of "female weak-
You psy the postage. Dr. Pierre give,
yon the book. The People's Common 8ei.ae
(trdlcal Adviser. 1008 pages, 700 lliustra*
linn. I. seut free on receipt of .temps to defray cost of mailing only. Send II cent
atanit*. for the paper bound bn.'k.nr 31 .tamp,
for cloth hound. Address K. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.Y. ���        .     *
"11 "Tragedy with sucptcml pall comes sweep.
Iug by," According lo my state of inlntl 1
0111 will. Achillas shouting In the Trenches,
or with Theocritus In tho Vales of Sicily.
Or 1 throw my whole being Into Troihrs,
ond repeating those lines, "I wander liko
a lost Soul upssn the Stygian Basks slaying for wuftage," 1 melt Into tho nlr with
a voluptuousness so delicate that I am
content to bo iilono. These things, combined with the opinion I have of the generality of women, who apjiear to me us
ohlldren to whom 1 would rather give a
sugar I'ln... than my time, form a barrier
aguiust Matrimony which 1 rejoice In.���
"Putins of John Keats," by Walter Ku*
Arab Weapon..
lien. In Muscat 1 saw the pure bred
Arub man,sinewy, but not tall,n domineering, swaggering nobleness In his glanco
nnd a brace of daggers In his waist. When
1 recognized a beautiful haft or noticed a
���lender Inlaid native gun or singular
���hleld, I offered to buy. But nothing
would Induce them tosull. "Sahib," said
one roan, "I killed my deadliest foo witb
this blade, right through hi. black heart.
You we thi. dint 111 my shield! Ah, thnt
dint waa caused by a .pearl The shield
saved my life. Shall I, then, soil lt for
money! My gun! No, sahib. I nm nn
Arab, and my gun I. my other self. How
could 1 bean Arab If 1 had no gun? Tbl.
���word���lt belonged to my grandfather. It
has killed 40 men. By Mohammed, It Is
truel These marks, siihlb, you we these
mark.? Only one of these mark. Is put
there whon a man I. killed," I offered
three timo. the value. Tho answer always wasi "No, sahib, I will not. I cannot."
Everybody, from the Irollisonio boy of
I to the tottering Imbecile of 80, carried
a weapon. Ths old men had rusty .words
that reminded me of the unwlelilly double
bladed monsters thst Rlohsnl Occur do
Lion end his knights swung In tho faoe of
the Snraco.lL These Muscat swords are
4 feet I) Inches long, tho blndes 8 Inche.
wide, and the handle, provide room for
both flata to grasp.   Law I. an uuknown
Juantlty In costorn Arabia.���Chamber.'
ournal.    ^________^
Deserved No Sympathy.
"I want, yo'," .aid a rural darky to
another, "ter put yo' name ter die peril-
"What for?"
"One er our race Isgwlne up fer hug
"Be stole de hog, did hc?"
"Daf. what."
"En he let 'em ketch htm?"
"Well, let him go 'long ter de chain
gang. A man what ain't got eddlnatlon
enough to klvver up hi. traok. no hotter
dan dat Is better out du way dan In Iti"���
Atlanta Constltutlsm.
"til     ]  In.
Sunday School At 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Mee.ing on Tuesday nt8p.ni.
Rev, R. ll. Laiuley, Pastor,
BEAUTY depends on purity ol tho Wool,
ami much of thut punty depends on pet-feel
ktiluey Uttering. If these organs are ilhs-
eisaesl and will not perform their functions,
insiii will seek iu vain for strongthand Train.-,
for lie-inly. South .Amerioan Kidney, Cure
skives nut all impurities through lhe body's
"lilterers"-repairs weak spots. Sjld byK.
W Patn-.ore.--U!
Goldeu is the distributing point for the rich
Mining Divisions of Golden nnd Winiler-
snero. Trains, .nails, stage and boats arrive
aud depart as follows:
C.P.R. from East, 15.1*5, Daily.
"   West, 10KKI.    "
Stago from Windermere, 16:00, Friday.
SS. Duchess from Whisleriuoro, 10.00 Wednesday and Suuday.
C.I'.lt. gs'ing West, I.Visi, Daily.
"       "     Enst, 10:05,    "
Stago to Windermere, 8:0.1, Sundays.
SS. Duelusss to Wiutlcrsnoro, 4;00, Tstosd.ys
and Fridays.
Mails arrive and depart Iron. Goldon Post
Oliii'c as liclosv:
Arrlvo-Fron. East 15:55 daily.
"    Wos! 10-IW "
"    South 17*30 Wed. and Friday.
Depart-For West If. 55 daily.
"    East lllhOH  "
"    South III:00 Saturdays: l**:.*I0
Iteghlered mail m.til be iu 10 minulcs before snails clossi
1'ncititf standard time.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine onr list and seo if there is anything vou requird
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
A. r. * A. M.
Mountain Ledge, No. II. A. F. Ik
A. M. Regular Communication,
second Monday in every month.
Sotoumiug brethren ronlially hill. W. PATMORE, W. M.
0,11. PARSON   Secretary.
The Cheul*l Idiot.
"What do you think of the beet sugar
business?" asked the shoo clerk boarder.
" Think It will .upsn-aodo tbe other kind?"
"Cane .ugnr," replied the cheerful
Idiot, "will uever be beat."���Indlauapoll.
Bullet., partially hollow, which expand
In the wound, are .sometimes used tor
.booting deer, while hollow headed eiplo-
.Iv. bullet, are In nt(|iiest tor.lls|.atchllig
V-gwe. aiwibsuii. aud other bin gasue.
I,  V.  o.   V.
ROoky Mountain Lodge No. "A meets in
Osldlello-srs Hall, liolsleu, every Wednesday
at M n.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome,
���ino t-ox *��k �����ss/��pissMii !������ SSSfR-JM
"00 sj-xKna-st-Hsissi'v ^JfiE^jMVJJg
��0O'ffriia*.il ll issosni* eg Pltsssst. **r*
miKniiini oh Tssns-jimni tmov*!-* ���me*.
ain uiushd annual* n.)0*wiri|su.|.|.*sS.rl
ttWJfttttf JBBttpjf
1 ��| *trtm mot, aaalS oot ion sa *q oiinnsl oil.
3j��q .sitnoiq s,faa is. ino a.^.1 w��rW-tm-f
.-j^sTsqSiS-lidSBlllusM .sij IssMinq l..p|0
���.....���     *m*.   t*.*.-.m*   ,**��� r*rv->  ->   HU'.
���aaoA ang 'JtvaaToea Itss "03 t KKnil
01.111* s|oo*ipu.H .oj va* wiwnis-pn-*t
Rider Agents Wanted
Ono in each town to lido as .1 exhibit a sample 1001 model bicycle of ouf
manulaciure. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO *50 A WEEK besides having a
wheel to ride lor yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
���00 &. '99 Models. Best Make. - - C7 to $12
600 Second-Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago .tore, msmy a. good a. a.w   ...    s3 tO $8
We shin an
DEPOSIT VI ADVANCE, Q Q^ys p-gg Jj^   %&��&&
U,g (rom us,' aayc.ll do not need lo pay a cent il tl.e bicycle does ..ot suit you,
n�� aal kiln �� wheel until yon lia's- wrissen for our FACTOR?PRICES
DO nOl tsJUV and FREE TRIAL OKFER, This liberal off,.- has never
beeu equalled and it is a guarantee ot tlio quality ol our whe Is.
WK W\Nf s relWble person in each town to.listribute catalogues for �����
iu exchange'lor a bicj cle.    Wl ite lodai ior li*w catalogue and our special of.*,
*ito%At/p %-m*itu* tMa**.-* �������*> s*%j. '
|Town and District.?!
I��^*s^ft*��-a*>-����^**>��^^��t��*iv-sv��t I
Rev.   R.   H.   Laidlev   will   conduct |
services at Field next Wednesday.        j
Mr. Thos,   .Inner, came   down   from
the Paradise Mine this week.
J Gould came up from Roger. Pass, i
Sunday, on a risit to  his parents,  returning in the afternoon, j
F. S   Findley.   the energetic  mailer'
rf 'he Hudson. Bay Co of Vancouver,
was in town during the week.
Rev. Ml-  Yates is iu Nelson, attend
ing a  meeting of Synod.   No s*ervice
will be held in St. Paul's church on
Sabbath morning,  but even song will
be held at tl.e usual hour,
Sheriff Redgrave has gi.eu a practical exhibition of the pos. i .i.iiies ot
this distriot in the production of gar
den stuff. At Ibe jail there is a plot
fenced oil last j ear '.hat bad never been
cultivated, aud litis spring, under the
Sheriff's direct ion, was laid out and
plained with various kinds of vege*
ishlon. He haa brought into Ihe office,
samples of Lettuce, Radishes, Itus ard
Mrs. (Rev.) Lai.lley and family, wife!,*,,- Crr���, Uia, c0.,|(] not l!( ;ln-pr0ved
nt the pastor ot the Methodist Church, I ���-,,*.,, -,������- h��� BeallS| pOTSi p,r,nipS,
joined her husband hero on TueeiUy. Beets and Cabhago that are well ad
Bert Lowe ��nsi party have gone lo' fenced aud protniso well. This small
Carpenter Creek to do assessment work ' plot is an object lesson to residents and
on the 1 X L, allow*  what can be accomplished by
T. O'Brien, who ha. been spending\."'l'm;' w-"** i��i'eilig"itly directed,
the past eou'pii! of week. a. Banff, re       Mr Kilpatrick, Supt. of this division
turned an Tuesdsy much  improved In   *** >" Town on Thursday and in the
health, afternoon look tins section foreman wilh
him so Donald  '.vltere a meeting was
Send Your Money ��# Town,
But for
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
of   should   consult   Andrew   F. jhM at whl��--  the whole district was
Prospector, who have claims to dis
pose of   should   consult   Andrew   F. |
Roseubs'rger,  of the Piospector's Ex* ir*!f'r'***-���,-i'i*    h   ��'���"**    thought   ibat
change, Nelsou.    See ad on page 3.   * ,*,*ln(* l"'"lIQ*'*l�� would be made at thi*
,P, ,,,  . ,    . -,,    ! meeting looking   towards an  adjust-
Tlibrb will be an election lo fill �� ��� ,  ,    ��� " .....
,      .      .       ,      ' ino.it oi lhe differences in this district
vacancy on trustee board on Saturday,', -
, " ,   .,    ...    c,   i    ,    ��� but at the meeting of I lie members of
June 29th. Mr, \Y in. Sutherland a term    .    ,.  , ,   ., ,       ,
.    ,    ���,,     ,     .       .,,    ,     the Order it was decided to leave Ibe
having expired,    'I he election will take !     .
,    , , adjustment  ot   sill grierenee*   in the
place at the school house. [,      ,     ,   ,    ,.    ".    .     ,  ���
hands of the Brotherhood C.nimniee,
We understand that a wealthy east-1,. ilon,rml    nu ...,.;,.,. ft.^. ,liy
.rn .oasnany who now  have property 11|0| e of lhB ,00l(| al���|l0riti��g making
in the Windermere di.trict. are about |���UJ al**.���1)gomollt wi,h the sirlkeis.
Palliser Pabulum
From Our Own Correspondent'.
Palliser, June 20��� That tlie condi-
sious of labor and ita reward are such
as to cause a strike is a mailer lo be
slcjilored by all men ot serious thought
aud sympathetic impulse. Why there
sliould bo these continually ri'curt'ing
ruptures bet'ween capital and labor no
one bus It enable to give a cogent reason.    Nullher has any man been found
I able to devise means whereby capital
and labor should go  baud in  hand.
i working in harmony in tlte pursuit of
comfort, happiness and the ticccssni-h's
of life. Prim the days of Lycttrglis to
the present time hundred, of law*
giving, now passed into oblivion, have
onacteJ and re-enacted fcttitues bearing
to snake an inspection  of the tnineritl
claim, around Oolden.
A cal.le has heen received in Calgary
confirming the report  circulated  last
fall   regsriling'the sale of Hull Bros
business.    W. R. Hull   will remain ss
ma l.ger for a period of three years.
Ur. T. King received several nssty
kicks al the football practise on Tuesday evening.   They all  came on  the
same leg and as a result   ' Tommy" is
quite a cripple this week.
Mr. Munroe, Secty-Treas. ol the Gol
dsu and E'ist   Kootenay Trading Co..
has purchased  .Mr. R. I". Miller'.-,  resi
deuce front bi... and has moved into it
Mr. Miller will erect anew  resilience
for hin,self at once.
Twenty   carloads of   ore. each   car
s-ontaiiiiiig .'-,' sacks has been shipped
from Oolden.   This is about  half the ->-, t|,e ca|iiial and labor problem, but
amount of ore to beshippod  from the all to uo purpose,   Misers e the mighty |
Paradise-mine *s a result of last n'in-   millionaire  striding about tlie world j
tes's work.   The Dnohess bring* down i with kings, noblemen,  statesmen, tliei
a load every week. i lei.rne.1 nils] unlearned doing him hom-
The Methorti.t people ofthe town age. No possibility of having justice
wi'l he ai home to all the congregation ; doue to labor when men of ssuch condi
aaH friend, of the church on Tuesday 'inns bend the knee to capital. The
."���ning next al 8 o'clock. The meet-; millionaire goes ou accumulating at tl.e
ini will take the form of a reception ,expense ol the laborer though he drop
snd welcome to the new pastor, Rev. :deasl under lhe loud of burdens imposed
R   K. Lsidlev and latnily. by him; though the tearp of the widow
A gang of men, under the foreman*; ���<"* ll10 orphan were as rain he must
ship of James Noble, started work on "Md�� ��-\'t his lust cent to satisfy a
trail. 12 miles long, on the opposite[<l*muabl��agreed. The millionaire do-
side of tin river, extending as far as | mtm ,0 libraries and universiiios but
ih- Oood Luck Mining property. The ���'��- ��"" '"**""' atu"8 '����� �����'��� bullet lhat
party will, after completing the trail - r"--~l "><��� moilser of her only support.
on this side, cross over and build a | Compulsory arbitration can uever set-
trail down the north fork of Spilliiua* |t,u t,l�� ���Jispu'o-s of employer and em-
clone vallev. ployed  sntisfaciorily,   because,   being
r,       i   , ., *      .      i * *     degenerately human, it  ia loo suscep-
One of the s'rtking trackmen has a     " ' ��� ******.
. . * .   ...   1....1.1.-J 'tible to tbo magneto influence of coin,
lie v   grievance   which   bas developed
A l^ight Verdict.
A g00d Catarrh
Will fix that cold in your head.
! has several kinds in stock and
good.   :-:     :-:      -.-:      :-:      :-:
Qrugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Cigars.
the stock of
^j. Hats and Caps,
||,Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
"���+l|;Up-to-Date Panting s, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you.
Is full of Business���in fact, -we havo a (itt]? more
than we c&n handle just now. *C"Ufc turners, however, wait patiently their turn to purchaw tht
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following	
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town
^w,vw, LARS W0RTH0F G00DS
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
promises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in th*
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and dd
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs,
for 25c.
since the .Hike began. Il is that one
of the special constables appoiute.l on
W,'dnesday, ah.em miiuledly walked
off wltn the striker!* overcoat and he
itainially thinks that litis is adding
Insult to Injury.
I'. II Parson left on Monday niot'i-
iug fur Nelson where l.e will attend
th. session of the Masonic Orand
Lndut held 'here 'hi" week. Prom
Nelson. Mr. Ptr.oi. *oe* to Jennings,
Moniana. The Navitrs.ion Comyanr
h    e lionnh>   the .iMtner North  S'sr
There is no law made by man ibat
will appease capital and satisfy labor
at ono and thu same time. We must
go back to first principles, then strikes
will he no more and capital will then
walk arm in arm wilh labor. Those
first principles are: "As ye '"ould tlmt
men should do i.u*o you do ye even so
to tbem," Thai law was thundered
out tu the lariseiiii.l. host from Sinai
in teu commands, nnd it was signed,
sealed and delivered io ns from Cal
vary 1900 years ngo. It contain, a
great principle us well as an eternal
It is
11be only   remedy   for str'kes.    Until
Goods Right.    +    +    +   Prices Right.
lo lil run on the Columbia river route.,.     .       , ,    . ,
I trulls and cannot bu unproved,
nini Mr, Parson's visit to Jennings i. |,,., _.,,  ,..   -__ ���._.,._.
for the purpose of having  lie steamer ,,   . ,      . , ,
11     ., ,. thai law becomes active and universal
brought np to flown, , , ,,     .  ..  ,        ,. .
' i laborers may ameliorate their condition
A hot penalise wa. held on Tuesday kj lluit,j egon in  iheir demand tor
evening by  the Football   Clubs,   llie|,e||0f  f..om   ,he   om/mmott   Ju,t   *,,
J ,,'lor a sol S'Siior te-sins Iss'is.g divided
up to eqtinliz* thiisff.. The Senior for-
-ivied line wns nn'sble to get through
ihedefe'ite. oppn��ed to thein and tl.e
Junior forward line had two goals to
their ore-lit when time was called.
A game will be played tcnight between
tl.e iwo teams which will be ths last
game played till the 1st. when the Junior" have to n.eei Revelstoke,
Mr. F. M. Barrett's increasing business necessitates larger  premises, consequently  he ha.  made arrangements
lu ereot a new  hmldirg aio'sside the
one now occupied by  him.    Mr.  Bar*
.  ran Is putting in uew slock every week
and iiuyono requiring   hoots  made lo
order or harness, saddles,   etc., should
oall aud isi.si.ee* bis goods.    The shot.
makin-t department  .8 iu tl.e hands of
an expert workman who is prepared t*
make to order any style of fine footwear* '      ���
citjiiial combines ill hu.*e trusts so
insist, all kinds of labor be solidified iu
one,compact whole to resist the rapacity of capitalist and monopolist.
II it slays and warm nights hiss
again set the old lloise on ita high
heels. Logs are coining to the mill
pond in squads and sawing will again
begin on Friday;
Jim Campbell anl Bob Carrie saw a
bunch of goata recently but tbey were
not within ritlrishot.
A. VV. Sharp, the efficient railway
agent bere, leaves this week for Endery
v. here he has been appointed  permnn-
and gold while in search of some flowers, of which there are some hesntiful
species here. Good luck, Jones 1 Hay
you find a mate (to it) soon.
The strike of the C. P. R. employees
here, thus far, is quiet and orderly.
Some thirty Japs who were here in
boarding cars were removed on Wednesday to Ottertail, where Ihey are
now working under a Jap boss. They
were only on strike two days. Their
former white boss is stsndiug by the
union ultimatum and ia true to his
colors. Tl.e Jap. ssy they are bound
by contract with tl.e Japnnose consul
and a labor contractor al Vancouver to
work one year for the O.P.E., for
which privilege they pay pet head five
cents a day lo the above parties. They
say also that there are 2,000 Japanese
r.<ady tn take their placo* did they nol
return to work,
Special provincial constable* sworn
is. l.y Magistrate Moodie are patrolling
the I rack and reporting to CPU.
officials anv dangerous or defective
c unlit ion ofthe road. These men are
paid and fed by the oompany. It is
rsported that eighteen foremen have
returned to work it. the east, but there
are no means for the verification of this
rumor. A meeting in Donald to-night
is thought will result in a settlement
of the strike in the employees' favor.
The railway is greatly iu need of close
attention   and plenteous work at this
gone for his family, the latter end of
the present week,
Jack Courtney is at the Hotel Debunk and will take treatment for a
"touched" lung aud pocket at the same
time. Originally from the village of
Belfast. Ire., lie hue recently arrived
from all tho world over and will go
back again as soon as he recuperates in
health and wealih. Jack is the handy
man of the mill in tying all kinds ol
knots except the knot matrimonial.
0. D. Hoar returned from his mine
at Lie river recently and is well pleased
with indications as the work progresses. He will spend a considerable sum
in development this Maimer.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ol
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tecs a beautiful
present fr-ee. We import Our Own Teas and Coff-m and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected- stock
of Goods in British Columbia* and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   .....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is ttee only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. ��. mcDE^IVrOT/
Golden, B.C.        '"���"!.':-..
Klerksdorp, June 18.- Col, William*'
column has arrived after a (ortnlght's
successful trek. At Leruwkop the
foroe sighted a party of Boers, who
abandoned thirteen wagons containing
women, children and chatties. On
May 27 another convoy wa* ��ighted.
The enemy made strenuous effort* to
escape, aud went across Ihe drift over
the Vaal, called Koodoos drift; but the
wagons got blocked, and there was a
fight. Tl.e enemy lined boih hanks ot
the. river. There were many women
and children in the wagons, from
beneath which the Boers fired, regardless of the safety of non-combatant*.
Owing to their presence our men were
ni.vuvii.ll       .nisi      }S|r,UIBVUB     a* or. *a   ***   *���.*t **--*-���'*�����    *~   - ** **��� ��� ���f* -s-.ssn.lt-WW     KHI    III Ull    nUIS
time of the year by reason ot enow- obliged to refrain from returning the
oliilao     ma U.iklw.     e��mnntliv    'itt   ta-lti.   ' 	
THE attention of Prceinptorj ol Crown
land. i. hereby called loan amendment to
the "Land Act," passed at the laat session of
the Legislature, which provides a. follow.,,
vt* !���
'"�� Pre-emptor. of Crown lands, whether
in arrears in payment ot instalment, of par
chase ntoneyor not, who at the time af coming
into lorce of this Ac t have obtalnsdCertiticstes
of Improvement, or who shall have obtained
Certilieate. of Improvement within twelve
month, thereafter, .hall on conforming with
th. provisions of the "Land Act." eieept as
hereby altered, be entitled to obtain Crown
grant, of their pre etnption claims upon completing psymenls of purchase money .1 lhe
rate of seventy-five cents per acre, and Crown
grant foe.s, which payment, may be mid* u
follow. :���
"Twenty-live cent, per acre on or before
the illst day of December, 1901;
"Twenty-live cent, per acre on or before
the 30th day of June, 1HK.';
"And the remaining���
"Twonty Ave cent, on er beforo the 81.1 day
December, ISO!, and  without any further
payment of interest or arrears of interest,"
W. 8. CORE,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands ft Works,
Land, and Work. Department,
Victoria, B.C., l.t June, IMI. jt
Canadian Pacific Railway
slides, esc. Public sympathy is with
tie strikers and all express the hope
that their wages will be isscreasod to
at least a living standard. Deducting
poll tax, union fees and hospital due*
from the $1,117 per diem, which white
trackmen now get, there is Utile left
for clothing and fond, the latter being
14 60 per week. What oan a mau, at
thi* rut* of wage*, lay away forth*
proverbial rain> day? Can he afford
to marry or Indulge In what ought tn
he the pride and hope of every man���a
A rodder boom conitructed by fore-
. mass McLaughlin was recently lauuoh*
tlj lo thut station     Mr   Sharp wus 'ei |n t|ie presence of ladies and geptle-
given an op'ion on the Field station ut
a hiaher salary, bul preferred t be sali-
ht ious climate and rural attraction, of
Okanagan valley.
Wm. Jones, engineer of the Palliser
mill- casually found  a lead of coj.pcr
men, and has provsd a gi-stat success In
turninu tl.e log* from the undertow of
i be dam. A great saving of logs will
thus he effected, as in former years a
considerable lost was susuiued.
C.P.R.   Agmt  Barker  will return
from Chatham, Out,,  whither he had
fire. From the opposite tide, where
there were no women, our troop* killed
aud wounded several of the enemy.
At this poiut we brought a pompom
into aotiou and the enemy instantly
orossed to tbe Transvaal side, aban
douigg thirty wagons, thirteen cart*
and other vehicles, 6,000 round* of
ammunition and twenty rifle*. We
also made twenty-seven prisoner*.
There were alao manv -voluntary *ur-
renders, smong tbe latter being Commandant Potgeiter.
Certificate of Improvements.
"claims,situate in tbe Golden Mining Division of North East Kootenay District.
Where located .-On Ottertail Creek.
Take notice that I, E. MarKeule, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B 10762, intend, tixty
days frou. the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate ef Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining aCrossn
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
aaction 37, must be commented before Ihe issuance of .uch certificate of improvements.
Dated this Tenth day of Juno, 1801,
E, MacKbnzif*.
By his Agent
aid H. ti. PAIMM,
Starting June 10th, w��i
make the rnn from Coast -
to coaat in .   .   ,
Cheap rate* now in
to the   .    .    .    .
* m ���
For full particular* apply
to the nearest local ag.nl,
or to	
Ooldtn, B.C.
E. J. C0TU5,
St. Pe'etshurg, June 18. -The Czarina today gave birth to a -daughter.
The Cana.iian coimabulary uew uniforms wui) nsptured hy DeWet.   Lord
Kitchener look their nories,  and the1 making in all S29.500. for the construe
men are now inlanlry. - tion, ot this road,
Ooosl lievt*.
Thos. Starbird, manager ol the Bed
Line mine, has been awarded the eon
tract for the building of the wagon
road to the Bed Line, The contr.ot
lirice i* IU.5C0, which will be paid
l.y the Government. El* own oom*
pany contributes the sum of 115,000,
One ofthe Largest tnd Ileal Managed Hotel. In Brltbh Columbia.
��.8perial attention given to baggage ef
Commercial men.. Delivered te and frem
s'ttion free of oharge.
KATES, HI per tlay. Special rote, tor
regular boarders.
While a representative of the g*A
wa* up Canyon creek on Wednesday,
accompanied by Mr H. Eatelle, he obtained a photograph ol a larg* mountain goat from ��� distance of 150 yard*.
Hi* goatabip was not at all put abont
by tbi* familiarity and remained
watching prsxieedingi lor about fi min*
utts before leiewely walking aw*-.
*- ;|fr,TJf^Tii."
* ^s-jfiW'f'��� ���*'. *���"*


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