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The Golden Era Mar 2, 1900

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Full Text

Array *m
James- H��sraasoN,
Builder & Contractor,*
-'- OOtDEN, B*C.
A Mppiy of Building Lime for Ssls,
���a prspkrsd.  Prmpt attention Riven te
,.,\- *-   orders.
���.asssosassTSi i-'h   ii. �����������
flan in��jr ba iwa at nod Prices of
Lots and  Tumi ��� ibt ..laet!   from
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Goideli.
JARlfc 2.
$2 Per Year
i}4i.-j*a��ijB*j��e*ji:B-i*jc:-iLijt.iuiis��*jji~aa J-*������������������
Will Opcii
Delightful Creations in
Silks, Dress Goods, Blouses
land numerous other lines of
DryGtoods. ^
REMEMBER how import'
ant first choice is.
General Merchant,
Aexarjder  Block.
Oan You Not See
that for tho conrcction of defective sight the
mist perfect aid* to vision known are the B.
Patmore's Store,
and It is acknowledged by nil that his stock
of drugs, confectionery, patents and sundries
is the best in town.
a lot of lines before stocktaking and during January
month. The list is long that
go.   Do not forget the
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
. Athalmer, B. 0.,
"""f-irst elatw accommodation for Travellers,
Prospector^ and Mining.Men.
Saddle ana Pack Horses Supplied.
Bituate in flolilen Mining Division of North
T**l Kootonay.
When. loro-ed-On the sliddl* Fork of tho
. epidiiiischetie Hlvor,
TAKE KOTICK. thst I. Fiedcrlt-k W.
Ayliiior, as u-retit for Hi.r..lil E. ftostar, Free
Mlwrts Icrttlicste No. 'iStH. intend, titty,
TO"> .from dale hereof, to op.ly to tlio
Mhiiiss Roeerdor for a t'ortllt-ate of im-
proTOllients, for thh imrpors of obtaining a
t-ro'vn t.rstit ef the shove t-lulrr.*. ���
Ami further trjte notice ih.it action, Millar
Fctitiiin :i7, mint l,e \nhen before tho 1,-siianco
efsiit-li CorliH-Jate of Improvements.
Dated this llth day ot L'ecerol.����, vat.
Bodega,   Restaurant,
W. DAItUilD. Prop.
Meals st any hour.
Fish and Game in season.
Broad, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always In Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
Music I
We  Sell
ThS Finest Cansdlsa Plans.
The Mobms-
ABoaotystsLssi Price.
Spkiidld Tons, Fiuo Apposrance,
Vet? Moderate Price,  	
IJieB.C, Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
(UwMiCFABLASl! * Co.)
i'V  Vancouver*   ..��    B.0.
Acids. Oho*
I.r, AGiSNTS for Mor����* UtuelWs Conn ****-, Ssitsnstti DockW1, Sons
l*t*ht*> snd M *NHM��taH H *t#M*flt**r,
imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital raid Kit j S��.3l 1-0*4
B��*t - 150*,I7��
II. 8 ITo'l.iid,      (>
1 11 Mei-ilt, V|.-e Pros.
win, Ramsay,     T, Su-lio l.-n.l dti.vnor
Hull -rt Jalfray, Mitts ''o*(i'r;,
Vim. Witu-ll-l***.
Hk*o OpiiOi*t *i.-im*-tT'.
D. 8. WlUKiK, General Manager.
X. Har, U.pector.
SUNITOIIA, If.'*i T. and H, C.
Rrasd.a, (Isl-jarr, Edmonton,
ileliion,       Nolan,    '    retla^e la l'rmrls,
Prince Albert,     He��elat*V.,     tilnthooiia.
Yssassvor,       V'lm-.ipoK,
omASjo fc-oCEBre.
i Welliu-ilM StlMt,
ToRrtVTO J ToiibO and Omen Streete.
liHASUltts l Yungs and llloorStreets.
V Kins and York Steele.
Essex, Ferpts, Gitlt, Hamilton,   inireranll,
Ustowel, Ninxi.ni Falls,  Pert Coiuoitriu-
itr.t PortSKo,        fault 6t��\ Mule,       .St.
Ohtlinriue.. St. Tbiittis.., St. Tliiniias(E*ist
Eiiil Uriutt-li.   Wollaud.   Wnedl.terk,. aud
kleuiruiJ, Quo.   .
Agent* In ti.vt.At lli-itni it:
Lloyd's Bunk, Ltd , <2'l.iiuititrd St., London
���with wtioin tnoiiev niay'bedalKisltod for
tran.fer by totter or cable to any of tbe
sbovs brniii-Iu-s.  '
Ageutf, In "EdI's*-*! !*Stute*a;
NEW YORK- Bank of Mentnul, Bank of
CHIi'AUU-Firsi National Bank.
8T. PAUI.-Second National llank.
SAN FllAKCISCO-Wslls, Farno A Co.*
Interest allowed on dooosits.
,    -pEBKNTOp*.
Provincial, Munu-ii-.il uiid other doltsnturos
A-.uilal.ls at all points in Canada, United
... Kiu|,-doiii.l.��iii*dSt*.t��*.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Goldon Branoh.
���.ny, isisiut,1 tts !,��� 'ijjiiejijutt*sj-ieasB*s)sssn*sse
We Sell
The latest Edison I'hono-
��mph for     $12.50
Edison Records at oOcts,
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc, etc.
Sh'eet Music of all kinds and
all Musical iSupplies,
The Alberta Music Co.
sjr��b*��W�� m VtAmei et***m,
Flsld Motes.
Mr, Wiilista Clsrk. who wos st
BaitS ill. is able to hs around iiR-aln.
Mis, Nicholseue paid a visit to. Iisr
usreots In Ooldsn last Tucidny.
tlrs. Blutidsii ha, retnrusd trotn
Bauif.   .'
Til* fluid*   displays' his   nautiu.l
"iuow-ledg*- .by a |i&o";displ ty ot Ang*.
* -WThoiitiis *th^Tbj-;- '."JT-. lt-,vSl��oU��,
paid ln.<'pttmiiitLs flyfiiii visit S-JtlSay.
Sir, Fi��d irjvcll.rtflio had |ii�� *ht"'l
dor Iwilly or'unli-t.1 hy A Utliii-pioiuis, is
eonealescins sloaly.
���, Mr Howard Uactli.- is on �� visit to
Mr. Tony Paduo WKnt, to Goldsn
,ostertl.i.i, rumorli��.*stoln miirrisd, we
i,l't-sorry 10 loose-Tony frotn thu.ben*
lur. A. L. Oi-iorsoii, divisisttal eli-r.t-
riidan lias toon busy ot, the bi-j hll]
settitiK tip thit now i��peed recorder,
-vbinll is now Iu good working, order.
It is ruintnorsd around ths hay
market that tbe (I. P. B. intend laying
out's park nurues llie river, -a-lien-
qttsrtelsoni* lo.ers may indulge without distni-liitiK the town.
Mr. David Inches lias Intelv taksu a
great fniit-.y to lhe uuuiuo apeoi*. (
Tb** s-linii-*tt.ions ot a young men
whiuii hate lately btetl dorioant have
tion turned to nffeotition s)id statuary
With tho little knucb of nlilskers on
his chine.
Mr. William Gttmesfei-il who for a
loug time w.is our populii, nigllt a^ent
pessed through here on his way to
join the Stratbeona's Horse. lis was
snihusii-astically received nit he station
snd s purs* prtser.fed to him as a token
ol our appreciation ��( his aervicss
The Birthday Party givsn by ths
Lsdi*s C'ltili iti ail ol ths hall was a
grand sitcs-oss. nu eicosnt programm-t
being reudontd, tho iiumlors ot which
would be hard to couipare without dis-
pkrstMirsnt, sliliongh it may b. snid
Hie uio by three little misses was a
treat not often ol.tniunblt in Field. Mr.
Thomas Carter also made bin debut ss
s singer in his own origins! vclur. Mr.
William Knighjt ives the accompanist
ol th-ievaiiti.-, alter the ooocorl tally
wns served hy tluli-.di,,.
At�� inset lug of th* oomnt't** *P
noltilotl by the citiaen* ol Field to raise
a roiittlbuiloH towards s Mansion
Uonss fund It was dselded tn havo two
smoking concerts sud * grand concsrt,
The flnt ���( these was held on Friday
night Feb. 23rd and, Samo oil with
great eclat. A Hash programme wss
provided, Tlio lirst nmnhsr being i
selection by she orchestra which showed ��� msrkad iiuproy��uient in th*ir
playing. The ns��t. nu-nber was a
song hy Mr. Flarhlwy, his beautiful
role* losing heard to an advantage in
"I lov* you in t lie sains old wsy." Ths
nsit was . medley bv 8. 8 Foley. H
MscBso Wm. MsoP-twiton snd W.
Cos. After whleh Ur. Brock delight-
ed the audience witli a couple ot ooroic
songs. A patriotic) song (Tommy
Ai kins) sung by Wss. Knight wss
cheered to sn echo. llr. Chas. Wyck-
huff then gave a -littlo spontnnsou*
combustion in the form of a recitation
that show* ho knows,bis talents Mr.
P*roy Lewis t*h��u bv special reo.u*st
snug Soldiers ot th* Quean which won
lor him an encon. Hongs wer. also
snug hi* Messrs MmiDunsld. Barter.
Atkinson and Bluuilmr-t. Tti�� pro
gramme was then oiosed by a selection troui thscrohestrs snd tbo singing ot Uod 9avs th��Qii*��n.
Miss Molison hss Mildly ��*n*en'*i
to loan th* dining r��om ot tk* C, P. B.
hst*lt��r;tk* oMMKf,'
tho Country as  u
party, distinctly
A    HOT    TIME iGovornmetii portj iu ooiiveutiou .vei*
  i lerilay accepted Seuiliti's resignation 0'
Witnessed at Victoria*theu*wsiiip *j�� .,uenimo.,siy i,.*
Outton hi�� Hiicveshor. Tliey will no tn
Pruvinciul iiitei-eHts
opposed to Federal
lines, whicli Mai-thi hnil d-ocided upon.
Am yet Mmfiu lias l-em ui>uble to
secure mon* thun two nf liis Cabiutit-
J. SiuMt-.l YntfduiiPi'oviriciHlSecretnr.v
uml Smith OiirtiM iRmHlnni) ae Minister of Mill*". It ti n-ei-ornlly tmdPI"
Ktuod lure thai W. ('. Wulls ��'.<b
nrgMl to accept tho portfolio of Fill*
mice bur iltvlimd. ae bo roulil not
endorse Mnrtin> polIMcitt tonrsu. Tii
popular member for Nortb E.��' Hoot*
nay has been oiu* ol the prbiohwiii
figurea in the B��**ion j *st oloectl. All
his work Uk hi oomijitrtce, .im v\t-lt ua
on tha tioitt of ihe Huitap, beiug re
pli'tc wiih sound argument und *\u
cerity, Ha will Iip 8ur*�� to be stlen-^d
for lhe Culiinet in the event of liis
purty being sucee<>F>ful.
:,1:hj'ii om- uwii   rurics'.-..ii'1-Mit)
Viotoria. B. C , F��b. 2H: li Huti Jo
ai'ph Marrin waa y��att<r(Uy cuMbiI upon by His Honor thij Lieutenant Governor lo form a new adminisirntlODi
und promptly accvpied ihe tnt*\, ttitli
inch |?ood prospect of Bucccea that at
ilie re-assembling of the House to-tiny
he will ha ubleto proeem at loaat ilneo
of his collenuucs in die Oabiuet, ohh of
whom wilt lie Mr James Duiisiimir.
The siititiK of loday will he the la>t
of the present parliament, and will be
juat long enough io enn bie Ii s Honor
tho Lifutenant Go^rnor to ano'irl
ud formally nrorogtie the House.
, dissolution hnviiip beeu already
asked for and the intention of thu new
administration lifiny; to n^tit-.;il to ihu
o.mntr.y j-iat as ^oon as the necesMiry
writs cau be issued,
J^or a fuw bn.nf'inoiiicnt-s yesterday
Britisli Columbia was without a Gov-
eminent���asituation unique if uot un-
ptiialleltnl in coltmiul const itutionnl
historyi Pieinior Si.'m!iji.jvits lelifv^J
of office shortly BOTrife uoou. II Sl*or,-7t
ahsoluiflv refusing 10 suuctiou tu-i
comouct with deeettors frum the Op.
(Kisiiioit by wbich it b.id Ik-cu hoped
u> carrv on busiueas.
Tlu uot-iticitioti of dismfsp'ttl to Mr.
fl-c-iniiii tioticltuli'd a itb ih'f fleol ara lion
His   Huuor   won Id   for'b with
sfcura ptlmv h'lvi^erti, nnd dniinu the
When Fighting Joe
Formed a Government*
Viotoria'. U C. M-rotl 1. Tbe most
ti-iiiiMitu and srusii'iouHl .wo in I lit*
tus'ory of British Colnnih.i no t-rn
incnt msrk.eii ihe outjoiiiK of tbe **ih
pailiauient nf ihn Provlnca ibis after-
na-ni atSiliO and scc'-iitiirtJi'd the ftn-l
jut; of the people aud their fleeted
inpi-e-sotiUtivi-i in tbo government of
Joseph Man in as premier. Alter the
ipeiilter had iwen bo- tol and Kev
Peruival Jennltiirs opened pruvf-rs for
tbe dred, Prentice sprang a question uf
privilege, sonouded hv Irving, '-thut
the HoitsohrisiiOi:oiifi leiicuin the third
member for Vancouver, who bas leen
Riitlud upon to form a govemin��ut."
The House rules were suspended In
iinatiimous consent; the motion was
itdoptod with cheers: J. M. Martin
iRokhIuiuI) alone voted if. tin** neciiMn .
andRohertson andp-'iismuir refusel tu
---ute, tno for.nor allediiig t nt ii was h
juestion for the people to decide, while
he latter remnrked " we cau show om
���ipitiiou in other ways."
The thiUidTous applause fur tb<-
resolution was hesrd in the city, und
cheers were still in the air whon His
Honor the Lieutenant -Governor eirte,-
od with hia glittering hi aft  with  the
io word, "Geutienum," Ihinsmuu* lo.t
the way to tho lobby, all save Joe
Murtin of tho electe-1 rapresonlativrs o|
tho peoplo following. The crowdod
gullery in-tanilv oauirht the mean ins:
of the movement and round upon round
of cheer ing weut up while the members
were walking through the building
As Itis Honor took his scat llie Inet
coat tail attaohed to a disappointed M.
P.P. di��ap|ie,ired through the door and
the ohlHtvs merged into hisses, laughter
and nnd c-it calie. THn Lteiitennnt-
Governor sat quiet two nio.neiitK, ash v
i.-ale ain'O'n'U'-.oi-isiy clasping nud uu-'
clasping hie bunds, and iltpllou-'e and
he aiiuohcd a look at ai|.-irtiiher in
bevvikd-rmetit. Tha i-lirfaivietil iuflfinei
iii wh'Oh h* lupVHtl bis lip-t in uer-eopji
��� gitiafiou as Im alone,fi.ced thi1 fk-t-d'-g
Uiiotig. At las: His Honor fouud Ins
voice, and, rising and hewing os't-nta-
fjpusly rothw gallertM, cpunijenood hi-
formal oddress: -
- " Mr. Speafecr and Members  of tlie
Legirilaltvt Assembly-"
he said, but got no farther.
"Whero aro they?" shouted some
ono in the-gallery.
The Lieuienuut-Governor again rose
iu his seat, and the next lime he
evidently Intended to rush tbe reading
of his speech and escape th laughing,
ungovernable crowd, The speech waa
r-i'td to Mr. Martjn alone of the eleuud
inemhers, and s-une one in the gullery
aug-geaU'd three oheera for Hia Honor.
Ttifl rceponpo consisted of a chorua of
uroaiis and cat culls, and then His
Honor hurried away, pursUNl by ihe
hisses and mockery*of tbe gullery as
he went out.
The lohhy doors opening and tbe
members bursting into tho chamber,
Price Ellison nnd Pooley etui'ling a
cheer that echoed beyond tlie bridge
and whs heard in the city even abovt-
the roar of tho 6rc-erai:kcrs ami aceeu-
iua'ii.e British Columbia joy at tin.
reli'd of Ivndysmith.
" We at-u the people ! " shouied Mc
Phillips 111 ba rs'icbed his se.tt aid
swung hia hat In tlb* air, Thia four'
word speech, pregnant wiih meaning,
catching the 1 em per of the crowd and
luinginga ioni*ef appluuae that tho
Victoria D-MnOBtlioftrts Imi neVor won
with nny of hlfl lonne-t -flii'.hts of
oratory ''And wo must be isspsetod,"
added Price Kltisun, filling out thu
wntouce aud ibe senthnent, while tbo
galleries rang agnin, and the Governor
and hie retinue entered their carriages
and were driven nwlfily and silently
away, thankful to rscape tbe madden-
ing scene. The legislators remained
to pnt ex-Speaker Foster In the chair
aud pasa votes of congratulations to
the Queen, Buller und D-mdonald, aud
then dispersed witb "God Save tbe
Victoria, March 1. ��� Still another
new complication bas presented Itself
io the political situation,, it being
demonstrated that in the excitement of
to-day's unprecedo: ted .scenes the
Governor hurried away without actually proroguing the Honse, all tbe
formalities subsequent to the reading
of ihe seech wero forgotten and so. tf
they so desire, the House might meet
again in defence of Hia Honor to
morrow to past other resolutions.
Dissolution Immediately will meet
the unique -situation.
Victoria. ShMh 2. ���Utmfaw of tbo
IT ilAKhti U*? bLliftH.
The Koveletokc Herald, which since
its birth, nover could see anything
outside of Revelstoke or Calgary, actually finds time and space to say a fevv
words in favor of Goldeu, which it
describes in the following terms:���
"One district in British Columbia
ihat is rapidly corning to tho -front as
a mining camp of itnponance Is thu
northern portion of East Kootanay,
Old prising iho Windermereand Golden
min (jig i-liwsioio i'or several "years
pest, mote or less pro*pect,ii)g und
development work have been goinj.; oil
in 1 ho dlttriot, hnt during tbe rush of
the Slocan, Nelson, Rossland, Lardeau
.-lut Boundary districs of recent jeurn
'.e ntteuiion of Bhpjta,ist�� bus on*
heen drawn tovwmia ihe dial. 1. t *
North East Kootenay to the ext��jt
(bat ttie richness of thw dlstvldt ilc1
And again tbe n��rultl throws :>. few
X rays In the following manner: -
"D iritig the past year a change lm��
taken place and capitalists have been
directing tbeir attention to Windermere and also ihe districts in the
immediate vicinity uf Golden���in Faci
it has liRftn discovered that the most
|iromlslu�� properties in the district air
���.s'iihii*. Hfiahig difttanco of the ri-iny
loivu of Golden. Ucaliaiog too grow,-,
lug importance of Golden ftB a mining
nud lu to Iter Ing cenrre. ilie Imperial
Bank of Canada hnve within tlte ptiel
few mouths opened a branch oftb^
bank at that point, uud if report* be
true, the menageinenl have been ad.-
tuirably surprised by the amount ol
husioess 'li,** plaoe affords for u bank.
Struhge, indeed ! But we fail to seo
where the oKunge lifts taken place during the past year, for capital has f<eer,
developing properties in thia distriot
Tor aeVerttl yeiCrs bauk that will to-day
put West Kooienoy Wtlclly iti the
she.de. Ore Is being taken ou nearh
ever\ propertv in the district thit
winter and shipment wi 1 commence io
the spring or -.�� soon as ttHVigation
opens, which promises to be the ens*
in a very few weeks
Th- M .-    .   '.-  tltsBftl*  thr
OptffBth.^ .it ���.' ".,,��� g
page  and   concludes   its  iiitL".e.iti:i>��
orticle as follows:-
"* * * ,: It would seem thai
throughout tbe tirst raiigo ���>���
mountaitis to th�� south of G of don
heie -y.c-irs it hugudykeofcopper*go)t
iifienioon it fllioieU out   'hat  two of ore nf grea1 ealoe which will lie  rhor
these at  least   would  hs Martin and
The scene and procedure when the
Legislature reasseinble.1 vesterduy was
like the sesaiou itself���unprecedented.
Mr. Semlin annpttpced that he had
secured sufficient support in the Honse
to Carry on legislation���the plau.being
to put through nou ��� contentious
legislation and emergency entimnies,
auO 'lien appeal to tin: country with a
now coalition Government.
In the Ho.j ae Mr. Semi iu claimed tbe
action of the Lieutenant'Governor had
linen entirely unconstitutional, and ho
aikud tbe Huiish to endorse a virtual
ceiisurw luutiuu ou His Honor, which
motion was supporietl by ihcfloppvrs
:uitl coalitionists of the Opposition���
Helmckui. McBride, A. W. Smth.
Bnkur; Turner and Irving, thn latter
making another characteristic speech,
only moro so, and was persistrin in
his intuits to the Quean's represents
HMJ ami Mr Martin was as iieisisteut
iu calling bim to order.
Pooley, HcPi.illips and Martin made
the stroog speeche-- of the day. Pooley
taunting hlauufallhful assouiutcl tvitli
treachery; MuPhillipn holtfthg there
solution out of order, and Martin con
teudiuc that nfiea Friday's votedelih
erate and only two alternatives to
grant a dial-, lilt ion if applied (or, or
dismiss ihe Ministry.
The arraignment uf the unfaithful
Opposition wna a eauihiug one, and
the chief culprits smarted under it
visibly, but were dumb.
The resolution of censure on His
Honor was carried by a majority of
seven, and on all sldeu the disloyalty
of tho Opposition toadnri is oensnrcd
The diiiititn on Mr. Sumllu's r.-nnttk-
able leRoIutiun was as hot and lierce us
nny recently enjoyed in the chamber;
while aa u side-feature Mr Dunsmtilr
aud Col, Baker come to blows in (he
lobby as a sequel of the former reproaching the military veteran for
cowardly desertion of his party and
selling of hi* principles.
Mining News.
The Red Line have about one thousand sacks of ore In transit, and have
also another thousand on tbo dump.
Tbe management expect to have five
hundred tons of ore on tho banks of
the Columbia by the time navigation
opens. Mr. Mulford, of Fr-tser aud
Chalmers, New York, bus arrived to
take over the management of tho mine.
Itis noticeable thatthis company have
built their owu roads aud tiaiis.
oughly explore-] und opened pfcbeforj
nothcr year noes by. All those facts
go to prove that Golden is destined to
be a place of considerable import mice
at an early de.ie nntl he? Mgger sister,
B-eveJstoke, wishes Golden all the prosperity thM her locution nod reauarvt-c
Harm has been done ta Britain by
the prominence of Joubort utid Ccon}.*!
tbo ctandnrd bearers of a Bour
belief in tho overwhelming swartnest'
of the Transvaal Dutch. Failure a\
Ladysmlth and Kimberley must dp
something to lessen the popularity cf
C'ouje and Jonbert. If Ladysmiib be
relieved nud Cronje captured, the Boers
will awaken to the truth that thoy ar��
��ot half so smart as thoy as thoy
thought they were, and With this
awakening will como thedtcippoataribe
of that contempt for the Englibi:
which hat been the great cause of tin
present war. ���Toronto Telegram.
A Regretted Accident
A *ery dark side ro the celebration
vesterduy was the accident which he
fell Fred Hallidav while setting off
dynamite nt his cabin. He bad bis left
band so completely smashed that it
was found ueeessary to amputate it at
the wrist. Much -sympathy is felt for
Fred in time of pain and sorrow, and
yestonlay evening a subscription wee
taken up, which in a very ahott time
totaled! kbotolfGO,
He's After " Billy."
Everyone iu Golden knows '��� Billy,'
a.'d he knows everyone.    Mr.  Josepl
Lamotitague- one of "Bifl>'sfT owner
luia   received    the   following   lettei
which  explains  itself,   from  Haston
AJennsylvauia.   We would all feel vei;
-orry   to  part  with   "Billy," for hi *
unties create uo little amusement  to
youiin an old.   "Billy''al times tak<
it iuto bis head 10 play  with any or
and ut other times ho will look at  1
one but hiw ownvrs,
" Dear Sir, - I am told that yon s
the owner of a pet Rooky Mi-unta
gout. If you will consent to part v*i
it on anv tm'm��, kindly mention tbo:
icruis, I can assure you that the vet
best Of Ohio will be givsn your liti
friend if you conclude to cell to me.
*    * *       *       *       *       *
"Kiudtv let me hear from you 01
I assure you  I  will  keep  you' Vf#
informed with an occasional photo.    '
your little friend and his. doings.
Mr. Lamontagne has not decidi
sell "Billy,"and it is not likely bo ��--
However, we ahould all miss him t -
were to leave our midst,
Windermere Mining1 Notes *
From the Fort Steele Prospector.
Peeclopment work cm  'he Del pi
mine, on Tol-y Creek, is beingetwrp���*���
cally pushed.    Ti-.eve ar? about ei";..
tons of ore on the dump ready fort '
ment as soon as the road is comp'*   *���
The ore wilt average SHO to the t ���>
Ir is learned that tbe 01*tody r* .
has been ont io tha first tunnel 0:
R.'d Lin-*** shows a good yrade of -
rent rat ing ere, and that a rich >:-y
streak has boen encountered .in >.."���
4iime opening. A tunnel will bo .< . -
od lower down tbe mountain to 1 .'
a greater depth.
Work on the Paradtio RTOttp r
fWuweil -iSrty & thelfrWl.
uen. Cronje Snrronndrd but Able to
Fight-Brltlsh Appreciation ot
Canadian Valor.
Paardeberg Dtlft, Orauge Free
State, Feb. 33.���Gen. Oronje's man-
mnjeut nlgbt msrob from Magerstou
tetn now appears likely to end iu disaster. The main body ot tbe Boers is
enclosed in a terrible deathtrap. The
enemy are biding in tbe bed ot the
Modder, comtninded by Ihe Britisli
artillery, and enclosi d on the east and
west by the British infantry. Sntiila
witnessed a gallant stand on the part
of tne retreating foe. Tired, barras.eil,
tbey still maintained a bold front.
It Is somewhat dillionlt lo oiplniu
the Sunday notion, iu whioh all the
Biltisb for.e was eugsget nnd iu
. wnioh Gen. Oronje, nnder dillionlt oon*
ditions, managed to hold his own. Ou
Saturday night tbe Brlti.h mounted
Infantry oame into torn h with Oronje's
rear gnsrd, driving tln-m baok upon
the main body. On Sunday uinrnii g
the uotion was renewed, bnt the Boers,
wbo had entrenched the river oed during the night, prevented a further advance ot the mo-anted infantry in this
London, Feb. 28.���It was stated
tbat the Highland Brigade bad met an*
otber disaster in nn attack upon the
Boers in a Btrong position. The.re*
ports conld not be traced to any definite source bnt uen "in the kuow"
declared that the war office knew the
Highland B igadu had been again trapped and tbnt the Bluck Watch and another regiment cf the same brigade
were n arly wiped out.
Tha morning papers allude to tlte
thoughttnlue-s ot General Hobeits in
Rending a dispatch to the Earl of Minto, Iho Unnuflion gavernor-genernl.
The Times sajs: "The splendid
spirit shown in Canada, which has jnst
received the first news of her losses incurred iu tlie canse of tbe empire,
should servo to impel ns to greater ex*
Ottawa, Feb. 33.���The Governor-
General has received tlie following telegram from Field Mar.'lial Lord Roberts:
"Puardeberp, Orange Free State,
Fob, 83.���The Cnutuiitin regimeut has
done admirable service siuoe arrival in
Sooth Atricn. I deeply regret the heavy
loss it suffered during the li-ibting on
the I81I1 inst., and beg yen will nssnre
the people how much we all admire
the conspicuous gallantry displayed by
onr Canadian comrades on that occasion
London, Feb. 28.���There have been
many eulogistio refrences to the
sp echs of Lanrier aud other Oaundfnus
on the subject of the losses ot tlio Canadians iu South Allien, concerning
which, oorionsly enough, there is not
a single word, official or otherwise,
known or published here, except that
two officers were wonntled.
Ottawa, Feb. 38���Tho World says .-
The present moment is ouo of
sadness thronghout the Dominion.
We mnst not let onr temporary
grlsf overshadow the glory that
will iiocrne to us for the splendid part
this country has played in defense of
British liberty:
The Mail: We may well say, after
the manner of tbe woman of Sparta In
days ol o-d, Canada has many s ns like
those, and place npon them tne monumental iusciipilou, "Pro I'ntriii, Pro*
Imperio, Pro-Liberate."
Puardeberg Drift, Orange Free
Slate, Feb, 33.���Oue of tbe costliest
aotions of tbe war occurred at Paarde
berg Drift, Suuday, Feb. 18. G.nctal
Kelly-Kenny in bia pursuit of Central
Cronje, oanght bis rear guari at Klip
Drift and followed the burghers to tbo
Boer laager at Koodoos' Rami. The
drift aotion beuau at daybreak, the
mounted infantry driving the Boer rear
guard np tbe river toward the main
body, while another body of n.onntetl
infantry manoeuvred on tho right iront
aud flank of the Boets.
London, Feb. 28.���The war expert
of the Mornlug Leader says: "The
struggle with Cronje seems to have begun early on Sunday, and he held his
own witb an inferior foice at Koodoos
Band, south of Boshof, until yesterday.
It is confidently stated that he hus not
brought mora than 8,000 men from
Magersfontein, but he muy have been
reinforced fiom Spytfontein aud Coles-
berg. He hns made us pay severely for
getting him into tho trap for General*
Macdonald aud Knox aro wonntled,
nine officers killed and forty wonnded.
"Thero can bn no donbt about the
result, for we are 0 to 1; onr common!-
oaliois are intact; Gen. Cronjo cau
get no supplies and further reinforce*
ments lor bim will be heated off.
Oitn-vn, Feb. 38. ��� Altliongli the
greater part of the afternoon was wast-
ul iu the commons as- fnr us uractioal
results were concerned, tbo discussion
nevertheless sent d a useful purpose,
nud that was to show that tbo present
opposition cannot listen to past administrative acts being refeired to. Whenever a minister ot the crown or a member of the government side make
straight allusion to the Conservatives
whilo in power, Sir Charles Topper
and Mr. Fester nro on th.tr feet at
onoe, oiaiming that the remarks are
cither ont of order or offensive.
Whon Sir Riob'atd Cartwright quot
ed a preoedent from the late govern,
ment the other dar. Mr. Foster got into a fury, as well us some Of those who
sat beside him. Today, when Mr.
Mulock answered a similar question on
the ' franking privilege. Sir Charles
Tapper got iuto a passion, and acted
like a scolding fish wife, because the
postmaster-geueial had to give the ouly
illustration at his command from the
late r. gime. Solicitor General Fits
Patrick replying to Mr. MoMulleu, said
that it was the intention of the government to allow farmers to purchase the
binder twine mannlaotnrcd at Kingston
penitentiary up to Maron I, aud a publio uotioe was giveu to that elftttt. It
has Leen th* prsolioe of the government to sell lo lha farmers until the
new contraot is enteied into. ,**���
George Taylor, Conservative whip,
naked it a certain order-in-oonncil,
dated Feb. 25, 1892, in regard to franking, was still in force. This order-in-
coana.l provided its regulations uuder
whioh a frank could be issned. He
also wanted to kuow if sealed envelop
ed containing the speeches of Sir Rich
ard Cartwright, were sent through the
Sir Rlohard rartwright���"The Hon.
gentleman is distinctly out ot order in
his remarks, bnt as he alluded to me, I
mny say that I am disposed, ou tbe
whole, to agree with him that any re-
ferouco to tho practice uud tbo acts of
the lato government is likely io be dia-
��� iuctly loweriug to the dignity of the
Sir Charles Topper rose to a point of
order and said that this sty. eol answering a question wus against tun tales of
the ho jEb aud lowering to its tone.
Sir Richard Cartwright agreed that
any reference to the acts ol tho into
government was lowering to the tone
tit tbo liou-e.
The premier said hc would gladly
observe the rulo if Sir Charles Tupper
wonld help him preventing iusnltiig
questions boiug put on the pnp.tr.
Sir Charles Tupper anketl if lt was
insulting to oall attention to breaches
ot tho postal laws.
Hou. G.E. Fester then look a baud
iu neons ug Sir Richard Cartwright ol
knowingly haying broken the law uud
maintaining that a minister could not
frank anything but ollic.nl correspondence ont of the sees on.
Sir Wilfi id Lnurier rend a telegram
from Lord Roberts, whioh was recoived
with general cheering.
The debate on transportation was resumed by Mr. Haitgart. Messrs. Pou
p re nud MaoDonnld, Huron, followed
nnd Mr. Leighton McCl.inliy moved tbe
adjournment of the debate.
Tho evening session was taken up
with the udjuorued debate on transport*
Ottawa, Feb. 82.���The relist of
Lidysmith aud the casualties that be
fell Ciitind mis in tbe battle at Modder
River wero brought to the attention ol
parliament today by the premier. In
making tlie announcement of tho sno*
ct-Bsot Biitishurms Sir Wilfrid bad
al.-o to convey the information thot
this good uews was saddened by tbe
bereavement whivb bad reached so
many Oanadlau homes. A cabin wil
be sent to Colonel Otter stating what
took plaoe in parliament.
Sir Charles Tnppor heartily approved
of all that the premier had said. Outside the building, (lags wore floating at
half mast all over the oity.
Mr. Davis, Saskatchewan, moved
that Ihe publio interest demands tbat
tbe ra.lway companies ol Canada
should, at tbe earliest possible moment
bo bronght nnder the control ot a board
of railway commissioners, olothed witb
full power to foroe tbe provisions of
the railway aot, and to prescribe and
enforce tbe observance of such regulations as may be necessary in Ihe public
Mr. Puttee gives nolico ot a bill to
niueud tbe Dominion elections aot.
The following Is a copy of a cable
sont to Col. Otter tbia evening by the
premier: "I desire to convey to yon
and your men the grateful taunts of
the government and parliament of tbe
Dominion for the gallantry displayed
ou tho battlofiel.l. Canada warmly up
preciatcs the saorili es made by her
sons for tbe honor of the empire. The
wonuded have our sympathy and onr
prayers for speedy recovery. Those
who liavo given np their lives wil) over
be held in remombcrnin c by a grateful
people."      WILFRID LAURIER,.
Droppings in the Throat, Catarrhal Headache and
Deafness Are Radically Cured by Dr.
Chase's Treatment for Catarrh.
Fsrsoas who tske oold easily aro always
sun to become victims of catarrh, which in
Ita scute form Is nothing more nor less than
"cold in the head."
Banning at the now!, stuffed up nostrils,
difficult breathing, and headache are well*
-. known symptoms of acnte catarrh.
If allowed to run on ncuto cntarrh becomes
chronic, and then then: avo small ulcers
formed in tho nose, droppings into lhe
throat, which catuo hawking nnd spitting,
and, wnen the ulceration reaches the bono,
foul breath.
As a result of tho thickening of tlie mem*
tn-ane of the nose an J eusinchean tubo doaf-
nessnnd loseol tlio scnao of smell arc also
symptoms of chronic catarrh.
When .nllowca to work its way along lhe
air tsitengcs catarrh ultimately reaches the
ituigs and becomes consumption.
To clear the air pn.sagos ond henl the
ulcere In tho nose is tho object of treatment,
sad no means have over boon so vmlvowjllj*
sncceasful us Dr. Chase"* Catarrh Quic.
The iuiinovcd. blower which is glvj-nji-o
with evflry bos of Dr. Chsso's Vatarrh Curo
Is a flraplo yet moat effeotual method of
sending the preparation to the very seat of
Relief comes almost Instantly, -'cold In tho
head" and acute catarrh sie cored In a tow
hours, and chionic oatarrh is absolutely
eradicated from tho system in a fow weo t.
As catarrh almost invariably leaves the
victim in a weakened, run-down condition,
the patient should use Dr, Chaso's Nerve
Food along with tho Catarrh Cure to build
up the system, and form new red corpusoles
In tbe blood.
This combined treatment is unsppioeoh-
ablo as an effective method of permanently
curing catarrh and ridding tho system of
every symptom or trace of this distressing,
debilitating and dangerous disease.
Thero isnoailmoiit >o frequently neglected
ns catarrh, nnd none tliat so certainly leads
o consumption and death. Dr. Chase's
Catarrh Cure. 25 cents a box; blower free.
Ur. Chase's Nerve Food, CO conts a box. At
all dealers, or by mail, from Ednianson,
Bate. A Co., Toronio.
For Ct.ttglis. Colds, Croup, Brut-chilis and
Asthma, Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed ond
Turpentine ii n prompt and thorough curo(
*****> conts-n bottle; family sis*, tarto times ss
much, (10 cuts.
Twenty of the Contingent Killed aad
Wonnded���Jlsjor Arnold and (ton.
Macdonald Severely Wounded.
Toronto, Feb. 32.���An exclusive dispatch from th* Globe's correspondent
with the Canadian contingent says:
Modder River, Feb. 31.���The Can*
adian contingent participated in Sunday's battle. We forded the Modder
alter a nlgbt maroh and were engaged
the whole day.   Tbe casualties  were:
Western men killed���Corp. W. T.
Scott, lith R. 0. A.; Manndrel; W.
Jackson, nth R. 0. A.; J. H. Somers,
5th R.O.A. | J. Todd, 5th R.O.A.
Wounded���Oapt. H. M. Arnold, 90th
Batt*. dangerously: A. C. Beach, Bib
R. 0. A.; H. E. Nelbergnall, 5th R.
O.A.; R. W. T. Lee-nan,   5th R.O. A.;
0. W. Dnno fe tiotb Batt.; H. J. D.
Andrews, 5th R.O. A.; R. Rlxon;
Smiles; 0. 0. Thomson,   5thRO A. j
A. H. MoKeimie, Manitoba Dragoons.
l.onoou men killed��� T, A. Donsgsn,
36th Batt.; R. Smith, Silnd Batt.; W.
Willie, 31st Batt.
Wounded.���Lieut. J. 0. Mason, (oaptain, Toronto), 1 (Ith Roysl Grenadiers j
Tbreeves; G. R. B. Bippi, 7th Batt.;
L. Power, R.O.A.; .1. Smith, 22nd
Batt.; Toarentle, 21stFusiliers; A. E.
Patldon, 21st Batt. ;��. Bangh, R.C. A.;
W. J. Green, 25th Batt.; 0. G. MoLsr
en, 7th Batt.; J. B. Corley, 80th Batt.;
1, Day, 2tith Batt. -, A. H. Wbeatcroft,
7th Butt.; R. Klugswell, R.O.A.
Missing���W. G. Adams, 7th Batt.;
W. 3. Bnrns, 38th Bati
Toronto men killed���J. H. Findlay.
85th Batt.; W. T. Manion, 10th R.O.
Wonnded.���M. M. Stewart, Q. 0.
R.. ; J. F. Uslier, Q.O.R ; Jos. Kennedy, Q.O.R.; J. H. Hntton, 13th
Butt.; T. L. McGiverin, Q.O.R.; S.
M. Ward, Q.O.R.; W. M. Tandewkter,
Q.O.R.; H. McLaughlin, R O.R.I.
Ottawa men killed���Z Lewis, N.W.
M.P.; Jackson, 87th Batt.; O. T.
Bnrus, -13rd Batt.
Wounded���R. R. Thomp on, 48rd
Batt; 0. P. Olarke, 48rJ Batt.; A.
Laird, A.F.B.; A. Macoroley, 48rd
Batt.; F. Bradshuw, 16th Batt.; J. D.
Coleman, 48rd Batt.; 0. A. Gibson,
16th A: L. I.; W. G. Ritohie, 43rd
Montreslera killed.���P. Goodfellow,
fitli Bait.; 0. Lister, civilian; 0. A.
Barry, civilian;A. McQueen.8th Batt.
Wounded���T. Moore, D.Y.R. Oan.
Hussars; J. F. Gormsn. 3rd Batt.; A.
P. Thomas, D.Y.R.O.H.; W. Molver,
6th Royal Scots.; A. J, Turner, 5th
Royal Scots; A. J. Turner, 8th R.R.;
G. R. Roberts, D.Y.R.O.H. ;D. R. McGill, R.0 R I.
Quebec meu wonndfd���W. Hunter,
62nd Batt.; A. Scott, 3rd Bait.; J. L.
Larne, 87th Batt.; J. A. Hudon, 66th
Batt,; P. MoLaughlin, R.O.R.I.
New Brnnswlck meu killed���R. D-
Taylor, Obanottetown E. 0.; P. Mo-
Orary, 07th Batt.
Wounded���J. F. Waye,   82nd Batt.,
B. Gilford, 12th F.B.; J. Johnson,
62nd Batt.
Halifax wounded���D. J. Regan, 68th
Batt.; J. F. Adams, 68rd Batt.; R.
MoOallom, civilian; A. Robertson,
Victoria Rifles.
Captured siok���Tho following were
captured at Watervaal Diift: G. B.
Oorbonld, 5th R.O.A., A company; J.
F. Wood, Ottawa, 43rd Batt. ;G. Dors-
sonen. Quebeo, 65th Batt.; Pad-mere,
R.O.R.I.; T. J. Walsh, Halifax, 66th
Batt.; J. Drake, Halifax,   68rd Batt.
Died at Orango River���D. S. Moore,
Lonoon, R.O.R.I.
Tbe names of the casuslitr Hit wen
cabled without initial in most oases,
making identification somewhat uncertain. The only Mason In B. Oompany
is Lieut. 3. 0. Mason, 10th R. G.
Two Sootts appear in tbe list���Oorpl.
W. T. Soolt, 6tb Batt.. and 0. H.
Soott, 27th Batt. There Is no H, Rlxon
mentioned In the offlolal list ot A
company. There Is no Smiles in tbt
official Hit ot A company. The names
of Tbreeves and Toarentte are not In
tho official list of departures. Thara Is
no Mauudril in tbe official list of A
oompany. Tbe name may possibly be
Mandevllle. There is no snou name as
Warn in tbe Canadian contingent.
Tbere are several Wards, bnt not In D
Ottawa,   Feb.  82 Tb*   following
cable was received by Lord Minto tbli
morning: "London, Feb. 92.���Her
Majesty tbe Q-een, appreciate* th* en*
thnslsstio loyally ot Canada, and
wishes the troops God-speed and a ssi*
return." (Sgd.) Cbambtrlain.
TIs oabla Is doubtleu In regard to
the departure ot Canadian troop* today
from Halifax.
St. Osthsrines, Feb. 29.���A traglo
death ooourrcd herd abont 0 o'olook yss-
terday evening, Oaptain Frank Mo*
Glynn, aged 70, dropped dead of heart
failure. It Is said that tb* explosion
ot a glsnt lira cracker so startled tbe
old grntleman that death enaued from
the shook. All of tlio old msrlnsrt
will remomber Osptaln MoGiynn, Im
having silled many vesel, In ths Not*
rls and Ncelon fleets.
St. Johns, Nfld., Ftb. 9J.-Tb* bill
���ittndlng lb* modes Vivendi on tne
Frenoh t eaty thon passed th* final
stagi s In both hooaes of the oolonlal
legislature this aft' rnoon Governor Mo.
Galium prorogued th* legislator* to
Maroh 8, in order to permit the ministerial deadlock to be broken and to allow the formation ot a new osbinst.
Valladolid, Spain, Feb. 99.���Abont
890 houses of the town ot Ataqnln*
have been destroyed by a confiigr-itlon
whioh at Ibis dispatob Is filed, threatens to wlps ont tb* plac*.
Winnipeg, Feb. 3il.-Veiteid��y tb*
olty with its isrge visiting -population
wh filled wilh deep oonotrn oa tb* ar
rival of th* newt ot the d'atttir to tbt
Canadian contingent bnt it It centrally
recognised thst tb* dispatob is hurried,
naott somewhat oonlnsed.and confirm-
story news Is swited by Immediate
friends with deep anxiety.
Snooess 1, apt to destroy a man's belief in MU.	
To havt what wt want It riobss; tt
hart wh��t othtr men want ll powtr.
HlRltlHutl   nml   Kelly.K linv'a  Mrlgall,.
llusy���StllT El s*ag.meut Hand*}*.
London, Fob. 22.���Hard fighting is
evidently going ra between tbt B
tones under Cronje and tht Britiih
troops who hate Otrtrtnken and bout
bin. No information from British
sources baa, however, yet been allowtd
to transpire as to any final ifsnltt of
or even as to tbe oonnt the fighting
has thus far taken. The Boers on tbt
other band claim to have mora than
held their own up to Monday but tben
is no suggestion as to what bss transpired since tben. Oronje is undoubtedly fighting dogsedly against odds and
as the war offlce continued to be silent,
tt must ba conoluded th* Boer commandant bas aot so far met bis Water*
Lord Roberts' list of 49 killed and
wounded offloers, including two gen
erals, in the engagements up to Sunday
evening Cannes anxiety, especially as
In tbe offlolal lists neither th* lon of
tbt Welsh and tht Essex regiments nor
those of the mounted Infantry an Included. Tbis is about the number tbat
fell at Oolenso, when the non-commissioned offloers and msn brought tht
total loss to 8u0. It lt considered
strsnge that, when sending his casualties. Lord Roberta gives no Information
as to tbe result of tho fighting. If he
hat tent snob a report th* war office is
withholding It.
Moreover uo bing is known as to
wbat took plaoe Monday, Tneaday and
yesterday. The abssnee of details from
Lord Roberts' dispatch contrasted with
bis rather full narratives dnring tht
first part of bis operations, prodnoe,
uneasiness among military observers.
All the oomment in tbe morning nswt-
papers, both editorial and orltioal, it
threaded witb the disturbing suggestion
tbat despite hsrd flghing Gen. Oronje
has been able to beat off his pursnrers,
has esoaped and ia being remforcd by
rail bom Ladysmith and by forces on
foot and horseback from northern Cap*
Oolony. as well as the late belesgurers
of Kimberley.
London, Feb. 23.���A battle at tbe
war office gave oonfidenoe to tbe report
that Important news bad bsen reoelved
from Lord Roberts, but tb* announcement wu made that nothing would be
given ont. As tht oorrespodents witb
Lord Roberts an silent, telegrams
from Beer sources receive some ond-
enoe. Tht latter aver that Oen., Oron
je, whilt the British wen endeavoring
to surrounti him at Tranderberg and
Koodoesrand, received reinforcements
under Dawert, and tbst together tht
Boen' oommsuders fought the British
to a standstill. A spsolnl correspondent at Clap* Town says: ''Gen. Cronje
It surrounded at Pranderberg, but It
offering a stubborn resi-tance. Tht
British are shelling tbe Boers vigorously and expert to capture the whole
Loudoc, Feb. 29.���At a meeting of
tba town conuoil of Windsor thit morning it was announced that news had
reached Windsor Oasll* that Ladyunith
bad been relieve. Th* announcement
waa reoelved with immense enthusiasm
and shouts of "Brave Boiler."
The rumor nl the relief nf Ladysmlth
has again been ourrent on Ihe Berlin
and London boos.es.Though lt is quite
possible the report is true, the:* Is no
rows corroborative of the rumor
Mr. Cecil Rhodes it expeot-M to ar*
rlva io Oapt Town on Feb. 94th.
It it reported that Gen. HeotorMao*
donald, commander of tb* Highland
brigade, wss severely wounded yeater*
day. The laat newt received (boat
General Maodonald tud tba Highlanders
wat tbtt they were panning Oen.
New "York, Feb. 23.���The Evening
Journal ha, a dispatob whioh it ssys
comes from B. H, F. Dann, a oorn-
tpondtnt with Gen. White's form. It
is a follows:
"ihe Boers have removed their
"Long Tom" from Bnlwsnth Hill.
Bailer's naval gnus an now reaching
the Boer position. We expsot relief
within two dsys.
.London, Feb. 99.���Ramon of tht ��
lief of Ladysmith aad tbt surrender of
��� large Boer lone in tbe Fret State
wen In the air from an early boor jet.
terday. Ont wu tbt natural inferenot
from Bullen' passtgtof tht river without opposition, owing to tbt ntirement
of Oen. Joubert't forces. Th* othtr
cams from parliament, when persistent statements to tho elf eet tbat a portion of Oronje's foroe bad heen surround
ed, wen followed by a bub explanation that nlnforoements had been tint
forward an* that tha tuirender either
of tbe rear guard cf 9,000, or of the entire army of 8,000 retreating from
Magersfontein, wua nutter of a few
houn. These two atorle. wen supported by dupstobes from Windsor and
Oape Town aad by oonfldent assertion
from members of parliament, bat tbt
war office wu silent antii the evening,
and then only reported progress toward
Lsdysmlth and seven fighting In ths
Fret State, with Osas. MaoDonald aad
Knox wounded In aotion, aad a large
list of ouoiltlet (no tsversl brlgadtt.
Halifax, Ftb. 99.-Tbt Manitoba
troops desin to say good-bye to their
friends oa thll tht tve of thtlr dtpar*
tan lot Booth Afrioa. All In exoellent
health aad spirits, aad ready to meet
Ihe Botn at thtlr own lint.
Brantford, Ont., Ftb. tl.-WIUlem
Grant at Sons, dry goods ���trehtnlt,
who hat* own oarrylag oa business
la Brantford for many yuan, ban
made an assignment. Sht HaUlltiM
are about 185,000 and ttssts nominally abont 175,000,    .
Ltloutar, Eng., Feb. II.���Aa ht*
tempi to hold a "stop-the-war" meeting b*rt tonight wu a fluoo. Ut.
Oronwrlght Sehnlntr, haibaad ot
Olive Bohniaer, wm on the Hit of
���ptaktri. Tht pcocttdlagi broke ay
In ditordsr.
Aa laaealta* Let���*.
A young man la Worceettr ku Ur
noted a Hon for weavlag nnw ant-
ting that dot* away with tb* thnttli.
Aa logtalotit contrlvtnc* plckt ap (k*
ttrawi aad ptiibtt thstn tbroaih tht
warp at a harness on tht loom draw*
tb* straw warp up aad down. Meat
of tbt itraw mate used la America *t*
warn by btad la tUolla, Jspea aa*
Oklai. Some of tbt finer grattee ef
tutting oome from India. Maekla*
aide mite will be a aovtltf la **t
tttntn/-Wonemr Spy.
Roller Will -Tola term With Whit
at "Udynilth-Men Moving Northward From Almott Every Point.
London, Feb. 21.���The Oape town
correspondent of tbe Daily News telegraphing ou Sunday says: "Lord
Methnen's fores, I lean, arrivtd in
Kimberley having got through from
Magersfontein without fighting."
Vanconver, Ftb. 91.���Tb* Britiih
Colnmbia Japanese wired to the- war
offloe today offering a corpe for Booth
Active measure* an now being taken
here to rail* a corps of 600 men by pnblio subscription and a mass meeting
will be called, when tbe Britiih Oo-
lnmbia government will be asked to
London, Feb. 91.���Tbe war offloe announces the following eunalties among
tbe offloers, during tbe relief of Kimberley:
Killed���Lieut. A. B. Hesketb, Sixteenth Lanosrs; Lieut., tbo Hon. W.
MoOlintook Bunbury, Seoond Dragon*.
Wonnded���Oapt. E. R. Gordon and
Lieut. D. F. Branty, Nln'h Lsnoers;
Oapt G. B. Town, Sixteenth Lenten;
Lients. R. I. Fordyoe, and W. Long,
Seoond Dragoons.
Durban, neb. 91.���While Gen. Buller is oontinning his movement ou the
extreme ri-Jit, and haa made every disposition for ihe defenoe of his position
io tbe left, snd nuth of tb* Tugel*, by
maintaining tben a foroe adequate for
that purpose. Isolated partita of Boen
sometimes cross tbe rlvsr. Tben is
mnob sniping.
Oape Town, Ftb. 91 Repairs to the
railway have sufficiently advanoed to
enable Ibe dispatch today of* tho first
train to Kimberley, laden with ooal.
After tbat the military requirement!
will be the flnt, second food stuffs,
next passengers It is eipeoted tht
tnt regulsr train will start on Wednesday or Thunday.
The war offl e thinks' that the call
to veterans to njoin the oilon, together witb tht bounty, will' bring 45,000
men to tbe bom* defenoe. Tht urgency with whioh home defenoe It
pressed excites some wonder. With the
casualties joit reported tbt British
losses in killed, wonnded and captured
now aggregate 11,102.
Paris, Feb. 91.���Aocording toadii*
patoh from Rennes a faotory there bu
reoeivea an order from the Traiuvaal
government for 160,000 artillery
Toronto, Feb, 21.���A speoial dispatob from Modder River says:
Tha Royal Canadians are in .the
midst of. the bard work inOTlnd in
the advance of Lord Roberts' column.
We left Graspan with the ninth brigade of the seventh division on Toes-
day lut,-and tbat day meerhed 80
miles to Wagorde drift. Tben we wen
enabled to render invaluable ttrvioes
by healing the naval 19-poonden
aortas a difficult drift. On Friday we
numbed on to Jaoobsdal and then on
to Kllpfontein, wheie we arrived on
Saturday morning.
After the drift had been captured
and Oommandaut Cronjc'i army bad
retired ap the Moddtr river, on Friday
night, tht tlxlh division followed by
the Highland brigade, marched tunas
tbt oountry to Kllpkrall drift whtn
the Boen oroaeed the river. The ninth
brigade, with the Oaaadtaut, left lut
nlgbt by forced msnhes to oatob up to
the Highland brigade and the sixth,
whioh an trying to interoepl the Boer
After tba Canadians left Klipkmal,
the rear gnsrd witb a convoy of font
waogns wu attacked by a large tone
of tbe enemy with two gnns. Our
troops fougbt all tho morning until
they wen ord.red to abandon the
wagons by Lord Roberts. Tbe Canadians had only left the plant a few
boon when tht tttaok was made, aad
to we Moapcd a sorprin.
Oar msn an standing tbe fatigue
aad tho beat with gnat piaok, aad
tbeir entbtulMtn ii mott contagions.
Oar long lntroiit** an enlivened by
Canadian wngi in both Frenoh and
English ud all an eager for battlt ia
whioh thty ou pron tbalr mettle.
Tht hut and dost are dreadful bnt we
an all well;	
Quebec, Feb. 91.���Some txoltcmtnt
wu reported in St. Rook, a suburb of
thll plan*, ovtr the out of a pilot nam-
td Normand, wbo wm announotd u
having died suddenly on Friday lut,
Siuoe thu, however, the body hn n-
niained warm and ihoWi ao sign! of
decomposition, suggesting to pbyi. ,
ians a ease of suspended animation,
bnt so far the physioian, are unable to
diagnose. In the meantime the foneral
irrsugtmeuts win impended.
Winnipeg Feb. II.���Tbe dairy association's sittings together with tbt
annul meetings of the Hone and
Oattlt Bntdtn ii attracting a largt
orowl to tht city. All signs point to
laoossafnl meetings.
Ottawa, F*b. 91.���Tbt Ouadiu
p��trlollo fond hu now ruehtd Sill,.
Md.79. _
BMth Afriraa Oaklu But Dlnet.
Ottawa, Ftb. 90���Lord Btnthoona
oabled tb* mllltU dspsrtmwit on Bat.
arday stating that ko bid mtdt ar-
laagenMnta for aU oablti tint from
Boatn Afrioa lo the Osntdlsn govern-
mutdlnot, Instead of having th*m
pus through his oBoe io London. Thit
will nn time, M wu tbowa by the
Mbit from Bit Alfred Mllntr on flatar-
day touching tbe deatb of Moon, of
Londoo, Oat.	
All la Mr la love and war���that It
to my, beton aad alter marriage.
A IM* at Tern*.
"What it a barhsliir, Aunt Mirths��"
"Oh, he's s mnn wbo thinks every girl
thst looks st bim Intends to msrry him."
���Indianapolis Journal.
"A man who will best bl* win," et*
tlaimnl Mrs. Itlu-rs, "Is cruel I"
And she upset th* chosthoard.-Chlea-
go Tribune.      ..  ���
Tk* mallef***.
Ill, mlssl��*, aw*, out ol ark,
lilt star, imt 111 kM-al.
AM V arllm sails *�� sritveb, WM
Ha atatletss a* alasta*.
ss- nsjsjvwwO a ana . o www wwwww
Fthlay, P.brn.irv S3.
Th, pone blHMd 10,000 Italian pit-
grlius In ths ImsIUm,
Wbm-ki*. cbl.1 of th, Shoihon* la-
disns, Wyoming. Is -trad.
A Selkirk rMld-nt was tints! |50 far
swllluc lttioor to an Indian.
"Wh- nu. National D-unocratls conVM-
tl*n wilt be hsld ta Kansas Mty,
���alomon luio-KWlt, wbo tiullt tb* first
stuuut- to cross ths Atlantis, Is dMdV
It is said Mr. Tbo.. Kelly, Wianlpw,
has been awarded the contract tor It.
Andrews ltaplds.
llr aud Mis. Walter Uendsrsou, of
Porta*re la Prairie, cel.'<ratt-*.l tbalr
golden wedding,   , I *. I , '        , .
Mussuluiau. snrroundett the Urltlsb
consulate nt Snloit, Syria, and wounded
tlo? aoosnl's son.
Tlte Citu- Is considering the advisability of sending troops to 'quell th,
Persian rebellion. ,
Tlie It, T ot T.'s at tbeir Wisatpsa
convention considered tbe qnoatlta ol
pi-oiilbltlou legl,le.tlon, , ,
' 14IFrinoenBl,irunpeg,��Ua.
Thutsday, Febrnury SS.
A revolution ts Imminent ta *Ntesss>
To-day ie Wanhlogton'* Ulrtbday anniversary,     | l        . '
Ur. Usury Unit 'rrnlll, uu Eailllab nu-
tlior. Is dead. v
llr. Leilli) Kcoley, ol Oold Cor* fount,
died M Lo* Angeles.
Or. Patrick lias accepted the urluctnai-
sldp of   Manitoba collage.
Moii-r prlaea have been awarded at th*
Manitoba Poultry exblblllon.
.   About 820 bouses III  Alanines, gpain,
bay** t*Mn tlt-strt*ye,l by lire.
A msitvrlal retttlctlon ha* been suld*
lu lbs. pries ol  f* In Winnipeg.
EssUra railways are, said to b* vlt>
latins; tho Trunk Hue ugroemanl,
A bad pussengor wi-cdi oecarrftd oa th*
WISH-ansin Gentia.1, near Cnrtlis, Wis,
Lively incldeuts are tls-volopnu In tb,
Frtucli senate at tho-trial olIMpaty
MamUHaberti. .    .
Tint Uritlsh bouse* ol lords ho* ilMld-
ed In favor of tlte voluntary -,y,t��n fos
maintaining tbo army,
-Widursttay, February ,1.
Th, Itojal Tunplars of Manitoba held
a public meeting In  Wlnnlpag.
Tile Great Nortltweat SutW.ery Co., ol
Wlnfilpsa; lias closed ludotlnltsly.
The Irlei.illy relation* Lolwtwi Britain
and Atgliotitstan   hnvo not r'ailgt-d.
Tlie sni'iiiits tor tint year of tlio Nova
Bcotin goierutne.it 'wna about $95,000*
The al,��scd Canadian cotiulci-felur,
were committed (or. trial. March 16, at
11. C 1-iiiilK, M. 1'. 1'. (or Bcantltul
Plain* tor bnsineM reasons, bss resign,
ed lilt* sent. ' "***
Tbe N. V. Moreiuttltu exchanse has
favored tbe expenditure ol 102,000,000
on tlie Erie ennal.
EX--U, K consul Macruin lias prodae-*
ed some of bis mall alleged to have bean
opened by tbe British.
Tbe moulders or tbo Massey-Had-rls
Co., brantford, lia.vo gone on strike In
sympathy   -villi  Toronto union.
Owing to the spoolers demands, tor
higher wages tbo Montreal Oottou Cc's
works at Yallc.vtlelil, title., bavsclOHd.
Tlie Britisli Columbia governmont has
decided to go tn the country tw soon
est the redistribution bill is nassod, and
has ili-ort'ctl all other legislation,
Tuetrtay, S.lm.ry SO.
Etlwln Mayo, tlio actor, dropped dead
lu wuebec.
Mr. Geo E. Tuckett, ot Hamilton,
Oiit., Is  dead.
The firemen of WlnnlpeB have asked
fort Increased pay,   *>
'flu- Shamrock hockey team of Montreal muy visit Winnipeg lu March,
W- "IV Cory, of thu attoraey general's
department, 'Winnipeg, baa resigned.
The 0. I' It. will bave their Imperial
Limited service lu  operation In. June.
Ontario's wood and forest i-evena*
ebows au Increase lor tbo year ol tlluO,-
Six new ease* of -uuall-pax laive developed lu Toronto, making u total
ul 15,
'Questions on tho Central Asiao situation were answered In , tbo Uritlsh
John Ui-cuinci- was. drowned la a fissure in Moyie Lnko while on bis way to
a logging vnlnp.
The Victoria hockey team wero given a
rousing send-off fn Montreal last night
b;- tbe Shamrocks.
Lord Balisnury has denied u- statement
by tbe prsmler nf Spain that Britain
Mid aaumitlon to tbat country daring tbe Spanish-American war,
A totiii-timeiilory dinner -was tsnslSrsd
to Senator casgreln aud Victor Ckot-
fnon, M. 1' - by the ltejorui club ol Moat-
Monday, F bruavy 10.
Will Burt*, a colored man, WM lyacB.
���d at Basket Mill,, 8. 0.
A alay in tbe execution ol Mollnsas
be* beeu olUciaUy mado.
Mr, Jn. l-'liuinagan, om ol th; earl>
Ust aettltra in wrnalpsg. Is dsad,
Sov. Hugh 1'cdtey piMChed bla tutnual
Sermon to curler, ou Sunday.
0*n. Hntton .ailed from Saw Vork lor
England Saturday oa the Etrarla.
Th, Hamburg AiMilean lloer, Orol
Waldirsr* went aground In New York
Senator clerk, of Mswtaua, wu examined before Oi* senate commtsslon
at Wublngton.
The Armour Co., Chicago, has been
cbsuged Iuto a corporation with a capital ol 920,000,000.
The privy council ba* decided that any
number of convictions may b, sMurad
undsr the Drinking aot.
Tho residence of J. A. ttedmoad, and
the shop sud borne of Thos. Vandorimrgh.
Kings, Han,, were destroysd by fir* Sua.
day evening,      _     , I
Hittui-'lHy, Fsbrsl.vy IT.
Mollueux wm sentenced to b�� *lMtro-
sated March SO.
The spiii Intwcen tlte political partlM
la Kentucky Is  widening.
The rsfsrs* stpppsd tb* Mattbsws-M*.
Portland fight In Ntw ferk.
Ths new Winnipeg electric light sys-
tmi Is txpMtad toTie In op.rntlon tonight,
Hen. Ivor Onctt, contsrvatlvs, wu
,I,ct.d la l*ltijmoutb, Eng., to houss
ef eoumoaSt
Ths first ol 90 cars ol iiiaoiiln.rjt lor
tb* lmprov.me.it ol Otgllvlt's mill, wif
alpig, Km bMn .lilppeit from MMtnal.
Hell ol the French ,sp*dltlea seat
agalMt Babab, ths goudansM* cbltltalo,
w,r* either killed or wounded.
TM Victoria., ol Wiuuipeg, ww* de.
Mated In th* final gam* lu Th* llaaM
tsp isrUt with tht Shamrcka. olMoat-
reel, hy a am of B gosls to 4.
**************** ���
Sew iot*, Feb. 18���In order thai
thin might be no mistake ud that R.
B. Mollnenx might not bt kllltd befon tlte oonrt of appeal, penn ou hii
trial, Edward Chambers, ut of tba
reoord ole kt ia tba offloe of th, court
ol genual session,, wut to Slog Sing
ud tornd upon Wanton Johnson ���
oertlfledoopyof tba notiot of appeal
in tbe poison ease. At iou u the
etrilfitd oopy It placid la tk* wudu'i
bands, it aett u a May of mention,
n that Mollntux oaunot now bt put to
duth utii the npptr ooarti havt rnltd
on bit case adversely.
Bat Portage, Feb. IT.���Ths people
of Ret Portage were borrlfisd thll
tvwlag on lMimag that O. Vtrnot,
who left hereon the lib Int., u a
hunting ixpeditlon, WU fund dead u
Hawk Lake, nath of Iagolf, with a
baliat boll ie hit fwebead, ud hit rlfit
lying URW bit bnufc
Ottaws, FM. 1T-Thi militia da-
uwut have reoelved a oabli inn;
Out Towa itatuw that Private Moan,
ofEoompeny, Ludu, OM.diidof
uttrio t.v-n-.
tmomm nt
Grain, Provisions *** Stocks
Whsmt-Muitob* Na 1 hard at lott
William, OOWo.
Flour���Ogilvle's Hnagsriu patoat,
|1. !5; Glenora, ��1.05; Manitoba Uroog
baken', ILIO; XXIX, 91.10; Lake of
the Woodt patent, (1.85, strong baken',
|1.��6; Medora, 11.40: XXXX 11.10
per sack ot 08 pounds, delivered la
MUlfttd-Bru in talk, 111.60 to
111.50; thorn in balk, 111.00 to
111.50 nti
Ground Feed-Belt Oat chop, ��l��
per ton; mixed barley snd osts, ��I0 00;
barlty obop, |1?; OUoaku,|M ptr tan.
Oste-Milling. 8lo, aud feed graoee
91 to 80o on track here.
Oatmial-PertMkof 80 Ita. S1.8S.
Barlty���98 to toe for feed; mMtlaf,
85o on track here.
Oorn���40 to 4i Hn u track.
Want���At ooutry polnte, 09 to 84o
per bushel.
Flax���At ooutry pointe, |1.80 ptr
Hay-Wild, baled, to 00 to |8.80|
timothy, baled, 10.00; loon, .8 to84.
Bntttr���Creamery. 94o; dairy, IS to
lOo for fine grades.
Obetet-Manlioba 11, Onterio 11H-
Kggs���Striotly freeb, 100.
Vegttablee-Po ataee, tlio per buibel;
oarrots, 40optrbaihtl; turnlpt, 10 to
95o per bushel ; hwtt. 85 to 40e per
bushel; parsnips, lJi"o ptr poind;
pumpkins, l��optr lb.; dry onioni,
750toll ptr taihtl; oabbtgt, IH *o
goperpouno oelery, 750 ptr doau
bunches; green boon lettnee, 400 par
doaen buuohes; grew huan penley,
40o per dona bnacbee.
Sentoa root���87o per ponnd.
Hidet-Inipected hidu, No. 1. 7��o;
No. I, hHo; No. 8, OHO. BrudM
hides gradt Na 8. and balls Na 8.
Kip, 7o; oalf, 8 to 8#o deekin ikia*.
80 to 850 eeoh; siieepskins, 40o to
OOoosob; nob; bonehldet, 60d to75o*
Wool-Onwuhtd Manitoba fine*, 8
to bH�� pet ponnd.   Nont olftrlng.
Dr. Med Meat*���Beet, ohoioe, Oo to
foptr pound; stooud grsdst, 6 to So;
mutton, 9e; lamb, 8 to (o; nil, 7 to
'So; dressed hogs 8 to ��H psr pound.
Tbe Toronto Orenttcs carried off the'
Ontario tankard tor ths tilth time in
tlie club'* history.
Burglars entered thai Masonic Temple, _,
Toronto, and hi escaping fired .sovera! -
allots.- Injuring ono man.
A reception wm tendered Grand High
Chief Itauger EIi-Do-tt, of  lugarsol, Ont., .
by o- O. F. members lu Wlunlpeg.
Sir CharlM Warren, Ifniotrlst, wu
ek-ctcd for tbe Newartk division of Nottinghamshire In a bye-eioctlon 8 atur-
Oe*y, t
V. VMaet, ot Rat rortsae, tormtrty
of Winnipeg, whil* bftdty fros*n oo a
buuttna trip, committed suicide nssa.
Owing to Mrere sto-rttn* ou tbe Attune
coast, the lltior SU Louis 1. overdo* lu
New York, and otlier* ara oxpectsd to
he, latd,
Tbo Llberala of Vancouver lia'd an or.
u-antiatlon mealing and expit*****! eoafl-
tV-nee In Sir Wilfrid *L*urler'a i - - *
i adnilnl*.
TIM, largest exhibition ol doultry ever
aeen la Wlunlpeg la gathered at ths
annual shaw ol tbe Manitoba Poultry
Eskimos report through Bishop Kewn-
ham. of Moosinee, that two white meu
camo down Is* Lalloon last summer ud
were murdwsd.     , ,
All Saint's parish. -Winnipeg, hss decided to uk -lev. F. a. Smith. M. A.,
of Wskefleld mlaalon, Hu., to become
rector of th, churcb.
Nnblrsse Obllar.
Now that iln-.v hnd tattini* suddenly
wealthy she pt-sliively divliut-d lo quarrel with lur liu.liiiitil nuy nmro.
"A fniull-f inr." she wittily iirnti-sled,
"Is so Ihihle in erai'k the esi-ntclitsiu."
Of ber tnsuy friends sunie uiipi-ti-inled.
the exqitisli* play nfion Ihe words jar
and crns-k. while others nii-rcly tbnught
ber tou scusltlvc-Liiiioit Journal.
W. swum tici tuw .Is, tails tstlWS
Til. ruin ul a lun-lun i lime.
lor '-an we alatu-li mil i.-ura or rac-
Oni-llr lo till, .hrlilar ul linn-.
Wben fliuli ut yuu: I, waa on out H-rt-ks.
slic wuu tuil o'er in s-uli li-iiilt-n-u >--r,|
la Islrt j,-��r.. s-lii'ti .lititiuli, .ms.
Hlie 'ai.-.-il in Irom uiii-iim- il*~j*.lr.
W. plena In vain Im Ih-i ri-iinevt,
For KatH-r Willi.io. -kiI.Ii.-i Hold.
CoDtti'ttiii, lu ili-atli a irnlurr
Wbich la bul nliivly nine .i-at. eld.
'   -i'hu.,0 am   *
A Mae at Hia Wore.
"Show nu> n iii'ixi'h-thii-r.' .uni lhe lung
biii't-d mnn ns In- ii-niii-tl it-tuiusl lite bar,
"and I'll show yiui u limfi-r"
"Is thai sn?" rsi'iiitiiiiil it linrlr fallow
Im-Iiui'I tin- siiivi'. fiinitiiua tu lit. fevt.
"Well. I'm it pmi-Ogtiti'i    Hw-Y"
"Of viilim-." sunt Ills, itllli-r ns lie back*
ed tnwni-tl ilii-diair. "ami I'm a loafer."���
Clllt'llfto News.
Do Not
Pay Cash-*
II you have payments lesi Ihsn HO. ta
make at any Dominion Lend, Oflet rod w
tbe amount, le.s SO psr cut., und w* will
tusk* the payment and ntan tho Land
Oglce receipt to you. Write tor prion lor
urge paynunts.
Rtported hy AUowar * Ohamptu,
Stook Brain, Winnipeg.
Selltrs. Bnjsts.
Qaoted hy Atwway * Obsmploa,!
889 Mala itntt, Winnipeg.
' ��*��: Q-oiiiDEiT Eba.
Am ONer Tot Hit ArreM That Wnt
Not Exccntcd.
l-* Ills not geni'inlly known, pcrbsps, tbat
fit'iin'tor Morgnn ot Alabama wns onot
lliiviitcuod witb arrest fur alleged com*
pllcify Id tne assaulnatloo uf Lincoln.
Or tiiiirw Bttrntor Morgatt mm uot only
lDii'ic-em, bnt actually did nut bear o!
IJm-ulu's dentb.until a week utivr it had
occurred. Ho wae then a farmer iu Dai*
las county, bis practlve of tbo law liar*
ins been prohibited by tbe federal aa*
tlmrities. aud be was plowing corn when
lie beard tbat an order had been reveiveil
by (Jenei-al McArthur, at Solum, to ur-
rent bim and wnd him to Washington
for complicity in the Lincoln assiivHlim-
tion. Senator Morgan went Into his lioiiae
���nd attlrod bltmwlf In bit Confederate
general's uniform, with starred epaulets,
belt, sword and otber accoutermctits
complete. Tben be saddled bis plow horse
and rode lo Srlma, where bo presented
himself to Ueneral McArthur.
"Hood morning, geueral," he said.
"Oood morning, general/' replied Mc*
Arthur, recognising Morgan's rank. "For
13   what am I Indebted for this visitV"
"I bare come to be seut to Washington." remarked Morgan. "1 uudorstaud
���rou hare an order to tend me tbere."
Ueneral McArthur expressed surprise
to learn that the eitsteuee of tbe order
was known and smiled when Ueneral
Morgan told htm that es'Confederates
bad not lost tbeir habit of acquiring Information. Then be remarked thai the
order would uot be obeyed, or at least
not uutll tbere bad been a reasonable de*
lay. This did uot suit Morgan, wbo
wanted to go to Washington to present
���owe claims for destroyed cotton aud
was quite willing to travel at government
"1 want to make one request of you,"
said Morgan. "When 1 went Into the
war. I had $15,000 In gold In a bank In
8elma. Wben 1 came back from the
war. 1 found that my gold bad giv;n
place to $15,000 In Confederate money
With that $15,000 1 bought half a box
of tobacco. With some of the tobacco I
secured coffee and sugar and shoes for
my family, and the rest of It went for 17
���botes. I kept those sbotes until tbey
were fat. enough to kill, and now I have
more meat than any otber man in Dallas
county. When I go to Washington, gen
i eral. 1 want you to put n guard aronnd
my smokehouse."
"���Ueneral." replied McArthur laughingly, ",v<m bnd better go home and guard
the smokehouse yourself, nad, by tbe
way," he added, "the restriction against
your practice of tbe law will be removed."
Senntor Morgan went back to his family nnd IiIh plow, and he never heard nuy
thin* of ihe order from that day.--V.'nnli
inglon Post.
M. Liiraeot Cares Bunt, Etc
Baling Pasalea, BIS.
TEe rumble of the ponderous ma-,
"i-hluci-y Is lienrtl.
.Fitter���fatter revolve! tbe cruel uw
And tbe beautiful heroine ll being
dragged nearer those awful teeth.
"Ila, ha!" hisses lho merciless villain. "I'll Jnst tell them thnt I taw
Tbo heroine being from Boston, tbit
ts more than the pan stand.
"iKiiorninus," she shrieks above th*
din or tin- saw, "Just tell them thit you
sawed hie'."
And tln-u the hero dashes In apd lifts
her away from the hungry teeth.���Chicago News.
iDuu't mmim tarn Hwinii
How to Be BMMIfal.
"You advertised, I believe, lhat you
wonld tell women how to be beautiful."
"I did."
"Well. I'd like to know bow."
"Certainly, certainly. Two dollars.
Thank you. Tbe surest wny Is to bt
born beautiful. Call again soma tlmt."
���Chicago Post.
Boot. Moal
"If what tbe rsptaln says Is throe,"
retiinilti'il- Bridget, "ye may look ont
fr the tnoiittooo."
.It-minli*. who was on ber way across
the mi-nil lo nicst ber lover, looked In
"Nn sloot." she uid. with a Sne
blush. "But what sloei the captain
knntv nliooi un��"-Chicago Tribune.
mnn uffliOT ir im itenmx
I wu oured ot  lame baok, after
tufferlng IS yean by MINARD'S UNI
Two Rlvors, N.S.     ROBERT ROSS.
I wu oared ol Dipthtrla, after doe
ton tail d, by MINAkD'SLINIMEJU.
Autigouish. JOHN A FOREX.
I wu cured of conlrsction ot mnsoler
by M.NARD'8 UM.-.BNT.
'IwihoBslt.     bill. Raobtel Saondeu.
Bean Important Newi to Hia
Fallow Citizem.
Toaomo, Feb. M h.���Hen ia a latter we
hep* every oot ot ourtttimt wil peruse t���
-luaNyNraelil. Mm* been troubled tor
rs with mat I thought was rheums-
 Ifnsss In the muscl-u ol my legs.
lstacin tbs arms. Soo* ths stlSnMS changed
to sonesss. Wsut to Hot Springs, snd	
sotsBssb, W
ok aTttle
t Spring,,
Was. a
HI. Impression.
"Wltnt's the nut' of s|ii'iitllng so tiittol
moiioy In an dii-ilon." asked tbs
"(Iri-ni Scottr' nnsworcd Senator dor
gliiiin. "What dp you witni a man In
do Willi his moiu-y-l .lust lei ll II.
sititiiiil In the Itouks anil do nothing''
Whai's lunni-y fiirV - Washlugton Star
The Real lt*a*e*.
.   .lobnny-Wliy tlo ihey say tbit th*
pen Is mightier than th* sword)
Hll Fatbtr-Hecuus* you cin't sign
cln-cki with a iword.-Bottoa Trav-
I   mv���    nw,     na.  a   modsiat*
Bxiucvr, bnt quit using liquor sttogether, and
c-*���-fully regulated my diet. One day! not
w*t, ud then th* trouble was worse than
ever. Hsd to layoff for threo -recks. Hnve
had similar attacks at intervals ever since,
each one wonto than its predecessor. Had
headache, pain in the small ot the back,
urine dark, scanty and scalding. Began
using Dr. Arnold's English Tosln Fills a
short time ago, and nm already wonderfully
improved. Feel confident tbey will cure me,
and I shall give them the chance nnd report.
I have not felt so well for years as 1 have
since I began using your pills."
H. Lewis,
477 Yonge Bt,, Toronto.
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Bills, the only
medicine on earth thst cures disease by
killing th? germs thst cause It, aro sold by
sll druggists, at 75o a box; sample silo ite,,
or sent post paid on receipt of price, by 1 he
Arno'd Chemical Co., limited. Canada Life
Building, 48 King street west, Toronto.
tVltnl Train Selected.
Tlmiinis IMIsnu tin-Hi to littvt* Nikola
rosin working for lilm lu his stutllu
lour I'nrls, Toslu cmuo to lilm outlay nskltig I'm- wink, und Millnon. who
ufotlitl Ut-I|i. ii'it'i'ivil til in to the fore
mau, iinmi-il l-'tihoii. .The Inner took
>he young fuivlgnt'i- on condition Hint
lie would Work* This Toslu did. I'm
iln-vc tlnj-s nml nights ho never closetl
nls eyes. At tlte end or tlie lirst fort
light he hnd tint had 48 hours' sleep nil
together, ntiil I'tilttlii. tlle foreman
t'latlc til us Hike a rest. He also said in
the young mnn that on account of tin
.train they hnd both In-on under the}
hnd hotter hnve n good meal.
Actoi'illiigl.r I he,foreman and thi
'indent went to a well known enft
.in oue of Hie boulevards and got om
nf Ihe biggest nnd thickest steaks pos
slide. It wns n whopper end seomeil
to be overwhelming for two. Besides
the gnriiMilnxs weie liberal, nnd then
wns enough gnml wine. Between them
however. Ibey nmnnged to mike ev
s'l-yihlng dlsn|i|H'iir. end then Fulton
turning ta Tesln. nsked lilm If then
wns auytliltig else. lie would like
"You're out with uie. you know, and
wltntever you wnnt Jnst order It."
Tesln looked vaguely mound for a
minute, ns If milking up his mind, nntl
then hesllailngl.v snld, "Mr. Fulton. II
ruu don't an Inii I would like anothel
aleak."���Ban Francisco Argonmu.
There Is danger in nsglscUng a cold.
Many who nave died ol Consumption
dated their troubles from sxpoeure, followed by a oold which settled oa their
lungs, and lo a short time thsy were bt-
yond tht sklllof.be hest physician. Bad
tbey used Olcklo's Antl-Oonsnmptlvs
Syrup, Defon It wu too Ute, their Hvse
would lave been spared. This insdialns
hu no easel for curing ooughs, colds,
uid III affections ot ths throat and lungs
Re-dnolUK the (tarnestle Income.
"Wot you got there, l.lnipy?"
"Dot's a book I Just fouud.   I'm goln
to chuck It."
"Don't you do It. Dat's do bcgltinln
of a free public library, sec? An It'll
give us de clinnce to work Andy Car
negle fer de usual fifty t'oiisnndl"-
Clevcland Plain Poplcr.
DO NOT DELAY.���When, through debilitateddigestive organs, poison finds lis way
Into tb* blood the primo consideration into
get the pol-on out aa rapidly and as thoroughly as possible. Delsy may mean disaster. Parmelee's Vegetable Pilla will be
found a mostvolusblo snd effective medioine to ssssil the Intruder with. They rem
fail. Thsy go tt once lo the seatot the
trouble and work a permanent curs.
Nature's Nent Am.sisem.il.
"I see Hint Hie Yale professor wbo
bas been taking antltropainrtrlcal
measurements of college girls east and
west Hilda that Iheir waists arc of
about the anme illineuslous."
"Isn't that a beautiful Illustration or
the couipensailous of natural The
srius of lite young men of both east
sutl west nre iibotit of tbe lame
leugih."-Clevflnnii Plain Dealer.
A SHORT HOAD to nealth was opened
to thos* suffering from thranlo coughs,
������thms, broucnltl", catarrh, lumbago,
mmsira, rheumnttsm, esuorlated nipples
or infismed breast, sud kidney complaints, by tho introduction of thn tn*
sxpen.lv, end effective remedy, Dr.
Thomu' EcleitrleUU
Be Was Uaralaa "Past.
The yonng man waa learning.
"Mamie hai inch a turn up nose," he
"No," objected bli mentor, "you
mustn't uy that Say It's tip tilted."
"Is tip tilled the ume as (urn up?"
hc asked.
"Yei." the Iold bim.
Antl tbnt day it dinner when be ask
ed her to kindly pass the tip lilteds
she handed hint the turnips without a
moment'i liesltatlon.-Clevclnnd Plain
yoursppstitsf Hive you .Meted tonguej
Hsve you sn unplesssnt tssto in tbo month?
poet you bald icbeind hive yon dlsslnc ��
II to, yonr stomich Is out of order, md yon
Med medicine. But you do not liko medicine. His that pielsr ilokncs. to medicine
meat soffsr, but under the circumstances the
 ���* a box ot Pinna ce'i
iir tht gntsm ot IU pttknt
met* emm Intura-imdd t
snttns st* led lato ooaiat
sirngth bytbtlndntactwhUi
arts pa natu-ttrt own isptiwslha
Ih* drooping AMIS of thos* with wiol
cbrono .tlteof morbid dneoodoacy i
lukotlnunstin lit* is s dbSssTsad,
tranqtdlUloi Ik* *-?"��2)q"��* �����
lotion of tbi*^,oorwhS,b*ljiij^-*-
wilt min Wousa secure a otis m nr��� >.-*. ���
Vegetsbie Pills snd speedily get hlmsell in
bsslih, snd strive to keop to,
Th* R*II*K Pesalue.
"Mane Jim." Mid tlie old colored citiaen, "tie rheumatism got me. eu tie
doctor uy my time is short. I wants
ter nt a favor er you, Mine .lint."
"All right. I'll do anything I enn for
you.  Whil Is Itr
"You know del brand ir witerntllllon
dat I Uk to w��lir
"Mine Jim. w'en I dead en bnry I
wiutt yon ler plant tome 'pon top my
grave, cn w'en time come for 'um tei
ripen I wanti you ter come dar. Don't
folch my knife wid yon-don't cut
'am, but tek yo' list en bus' 'mu wide
open en let de tweet Juice soak thoo tor
me. en I'll gll It. Mnvse Jim���I'll gll it "
-Allanln Cnnsilintlmi
Hltel BilMflTll, F.Tt'^p ^p"^*^
Wot ea Oiilleal Case.
Opilplitn���I catttiot sell yoti speotncles
'or j-utir huslnnd. Re must come for
tbem In person Whnt Is the nature
if his visual defect?
Woman-A S cnt piece looks bigger
to hint thin a tt bank note to other
���teoph-.-Jewelei-i1 Weekly.
The Average*
"l'i. n-baPt in average mint"
"Oue who think! hll employe***1! boil
aeu would be mu a good tleul la'tter II
he could hive Moro lo My about II
hlrattlf."--Chlnigo TlmM-BenM.
Winnipeg, Feb. 80.��� Tbe ninth annual meeting of the Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition shareholders was held
latt wttk in tho oity conncll chamber,
tbe president, Mr. Brydon, oconpylng
the choir.
The rainntei of the last annual meeting were read and adopted,
Manager Henbaoh read ibe ninth an*
nnal report ot the council to tbe shareholders, wbioh wss as follows:
For your informati ntbe board submit tbeir usual oa.h statement nud balance sheet, duly oertfled by tbe auditor.
On the 17th February latt, tbe hoard
met for organisation, when Mr. Wm.
Brydon was elected president, and Mr.
A, J. Andrews was elected v copresid
ent, and the various standing oomn.it-
tees were struck.
Early in tbe year tbe association was
notified by the oity thut they would
have to vacate the premises tbey bad
hitherto ocenpied u offices in tbe city
ball. Tbia necessitated the board renting tbeir present offices, over the bank
of Hochelaga, on Main street.
Al in tbe put, tbe statement* attached deal very fully with tbo question of receipt! and disbursements, and
it is therefore nnnece sary to make any
extended reference thereto In this
connection, however, it may be pointed
out that tbe sum ot S7U4.8*! was expended in settlement of accounts properly chargeable to 18K8, and also tbat
a period of fourteen months is covered
by tbe scooouts herewith pre-ented.
It will be noticed nuder the head ot
disbursements, tbat the large sum of
118,SCO was paid out In' prises and
premiums, a very large per centnge ot
which, ns will be men by referring to
the detai s, being dilturbuted amongst
eibibiton outside ol the oity of Winnipeg-
Tbe association has psld to the olty
ot Winnipeg tbe sum of |l,deo, being
tbe annual instalment of sinking lund
and interest oa tbe loan created for
making permanent improvements, and
in a ditlon to tbli slim, nearly (4,000
wai ipent in improvement! to tho
buildingi and grounds, wbioh belong to
the oity
The board was able to spend the 'urge
sum of nearly 1411,000 this year, In
furthering tbe work of the association.
This amount, witb the exception of
abont 11,100 private subscriptions to
the priie Hit, and 14 000 grant d by
tbe provfnoiul government, and 10,000
by the oity of Winnipeg, was made up
from the revenue derived through the
holding of the eibibition.
The admissions this year amounted
to over f 44,800.
Yonr board have mnch pleasure in
announcing tbat negotiations are pending with tbe railways, by wbich it is
hoped that exhibitors will be pnt to no
expense tbii year in bringing their exhibit! to the fair, and tbia f tot In it-
Mil should prove of very great advantage.
Shortly after last year's fair, four of
the horse stables w.ere bnrned down. A
fifth stable was considerably damaged,
but it bu since been rebni.t out ot the
funds of tbe association. The loss was
appraised at 14,878.67, nnd this
amount hai been paid by the insurance
companies to the oity, am ii still iu
their hands. These figures, however,
do not show lu the association's accounts in any way.
Your bo rd have also to report that
tbey have secured from the Dominion
government a grantof |l,000, to be ap
plied towards tbe cost of constructing
a Dominion goverum nt bniidiug on*
the grounds, to be used for diip eying
the products of the province of Britiih
Columbia, and the result! of tbo work
carried on at the government experi
mental farms, a condition of tbii grout
being that tbe building must be con
itrnoted entirely of British Oolnmblti
lunib.r, and aocommodation provided
therein lor an officer of the department
of tbe interior, for tbo purpose of distributing immigration literature,
Tbe board hu again tbe pleasure of
testifying to tbe groat interest the railway companies have takeu iu promoting the welfare ot the nssociutiou.
To Ihe Manitoba legislature and the
Winnipeg olty council tbo board ulso
wlsb to express their thanks for tbe
grants which bave been made them,
and also to tho firms and individuals
whosecontirbntio sand asiiitanoi in
oiher ways have again been mott gen
The anoolation il certainly nuder a
debtot tbe deepest gratitude to the
preis, it nothing conld be moro encouraging than tbo oo tiuum thonghttul attention devoted at all t-mei by tlte
press lo the work and interest! llie
board ii endeavoring to promote.
Tho judges alio are to be congratulated upon the satisfaction giveu by
their awards, and thanked for io gen
eronily plaoing tbeir services a t the disposal ot the asioolution.
. Tht Winnipeg Industrial Eibibition
association ts a joint stook tompany.
but its mcmberi bave no pecuniary interest in ill financial success or otherwise, beyond a philanthropic desire to
encourage tbe promotion ol agricultural, horticultural, liorioultural aud In*
dtuttrial pursuits i to stimulate Inventions, lino aril and domeitio economy,
aud to provide entertainment and eu*
joymenl for its patroni. All ptofl s
from Moh yean' exhibition must, by
tbe requirements, of the oharter be expended in improving and adding to tbt
ground! and bnildiugi, which belong
lo the olty ol Winnipeg.
WM. BHYDUN, Preeident."
The meeting then proceeded to ballot lor directors for the coming year:
Messrs. B. Fowls, T W, Taylor and 3.
W. Harris being ippoiaed u icm*
tinier, for the election.
On motion of F. W. Thompeou,   io*
oonded by A Strang, E. B, Lemon was
appoints.! auditor for ibe ensuing year.
At 8.10 o'olook tbe report of the scrutineer! report wu read as follows:
L. A. Hamilton. Wm. Brydon, F. W.
Thompson, I, M. Ron, 3. T. Gordon,
O. F. Oilt, A. J. Andrew!, F. W,
Drewry, G. J. Manlion, 8. Nairn. G,
H. Greig, B. H. Agar, Daniel Smith,
D. E. Sptafne, John Arbuthnot, J, A.
Mitchell. John McKechnie, Andrew
Strug and T. W. Taylor had received
equal votet and after diooraion Mr.
Taylor wu deolartd tinted.
The newly eleoted dlreotori of the
Winnipeg Indu.trisl Exhibition held
their organlaatlsm muting the follow
las day*
Mr. L. A. Hamilton nominated the
tolTiN-stMidiat, Ut, A. J. sVadnwi
for tho oflice of president, Mr. F. W.
Thompson seconding. The mover spoke
of the versatility, eloqnenceand ability
Mr. Andrews, end referred to tbe
honors that had been conferred upon
him by the oity. Mr. Andrews was
nnauimou-ly eleoted. tnd in taking the
ohair, expressed bis appreciation of tbe
honor, and especially of the nomination
as made by a gentleman with whom be
bad been associated on tbe board for
seven years.
The president nominated Mr. F. W.
Thompson as vice president, Mr, Manl
sou seconding. This election was also
unanimous. Mr Thompson in acknowledging snid he had no doubt tbat with
so energetio a president the 20th century exhibition would be a success.
Notwithstanding hll own recently in*
oreaieo Inborn ho would devote all tbe
time he possibly oould te the exhibition.
Ou motion of Mr. Smith, Messrs.
Hamilton, Manlion andTbopmson were
appointed a speoi.il ooiuni tion lu striki
the t-tauding committee-!, on repor
of ibis sub committee, tlte board elected
tbe following, tbe obnirrann beicg sub
seqaeutly chosen by the several com
tnitiees, these retiring one by oue foi
the purpose.
Fiuauce���Daniel Smith, ohnlrmau;
D. E. Spragne, tt. H. Agar, Aid. Bar*
clay, F. W. Thompson, Geo. Gait, S.
Grounds and buildings���Wm, Brydon, chairman, D. Smith, J. Arbutli
not, J. Ti Gordon, I, M. Ross, F. W
Drewry, representative ot the Dairy association, and Aid Barclay
Attractions���Geo. Gait, chairman:
F. W. Drewry, J. A. Mitchell. I. M.
Ros', representative af the Horse
Breeders' association; L, A. Hamilton
and F. W. Thompson.
Printtn-** and advertising���G. J.
Maulson, chairman; T. W. Taylor, A.
B. Stovel. Wm. Brydon. G. H. Greig
ami Aid. Speirs
Prise list���L. A. Hamilton, chair*
mun; G. H. Greig, A. B. Stovel, Aid.
Speirs, S. Nairn; representatives o!
H.,rse Breeders, Sheep and Swine nnd
Pure Bred Oattle D-alors' associations,
and T. G. Gordon.
Gates and tickets���G. E. Spragne,
chairman ��� R, H. Agur, Geo. J. Maulson, J. A. Mitchell, J. Arbuthnot and
t\ W. Taylor.
.-. story Alinnt Wllberforce.   -
llerm-t* In- liei-nnie n lilt-Imp lie lintl
lii't'li nri-tiili'ttciiit of Stitii'.v. uml Ills old
ni-t-litletit-tiiii-.v liet'-iiiut" it |*iii't of Ills lut
et- li'*il!it|irie of Wlueln'ster. Al a meet
lug ur tin* clergy tn l.'liiititiim tils chap
tat li* told lilm * 1st, i mi oltl Dr. ���. who
htnl lii'i-ti itniti.v yeni-s in llie diocese,
wtnt vexed tit lltivttig been forgotten.
"Yes." sniii tin- iilsltop: "I hnve nol
tlie snutllesl l-cfulli-t-ll'iti of- lilm. but 1
will mnke ll till i-lglit und will go nut
ntiil Kjil'itlt tu llllti. Whicli Is lie?" He
ivns ptilnte'd nut, uml tlte bishop nmde
his wn.v iu hint:
".Sly dem- Dr. ���, I hnve not lint) n
moment I'ur n i-etil cotivei-sntloii with
you I need not tisl: how you are nftci-
nll Hume yearn. Do yon still rltlo your
gt-ny iiini-e*."
"Yes. uiy lord. How good of you to
retiii'iiiiiet- iter." etc.
Tin: i-litt[iltilii. who was wltltln earshot, wild when he ngnln cmne near Hie
"Then you did remember Dr. ���
nrtel-.illlV" .
vSsil tl lilt of It." snld Ibe bishop. "1
saw ilie gray linli-s ou his cant, nnd I
clmiifi'il the minimi's lex."���"Kegin
Paul's Slemolis."
Tb* Bad of u l.titiK nntl SurccMafnlly
Worked  III nil*.
Offering to bet Thut nobody c-.iii eet
two hard boliwl egg* npou an ounitj
atomacb has beeu a fururlte pttstinu'
of Michael Meyer, a Newnrk (X. .1.1
hone dealer. He has put forth the
proposition for 20 years as a menus of
forcing a man to hack down In nuy
ordinary dispute, aud It has been gen
orally successful. But In Octolu-r last,
when be propounded It to Wllliiitn
Wi'uage lu Solomon Oury's ptaee. Oui-y,
wbo was tired of bearing it, said, "1
will take tbat bet for $10."
Meyer was delighted, aud arrange*
ments were made to meet at Oury's
at 7 o'clock the next morning. Wrange
held the $.0. and there was a uot her
witness. Meyer arrived nt the appointed time, felt of tbe eggs, squeezed one
of them aud Bald lhat It was not liard.
Oury slipped both eggs Into his mouth
at ouee, munched them and swallowed them. Meyer left In disgust, pro
testlug that the terms of tlie bet had
not been fulfilled. Wrange paid the
bet to Oury. ami Meyer brought suit
for $T>0 In the Second district court,
The case came up lief ore .lodge I'red
rick (i til Id tbe other day. The court
was crowded. Emanuel Loweosieln
was counsel for Meyer, nnd upon
Wrange's side were ex-Coum.v Prosecutor Elvln W. Crane, the unsuccessful
candidate for governor of tlie state;
Commissioner Charles Herr of the
board of works and William C. Nlcoll.
Commissioner Herr eudeavored to
eliminate tbe gambling law feature by
laying that thin case did not come un
der the oet because eating eggs was
not n game of elm nee, but n trial of
skill, an act of showing skill or pro
flclency nnd capacity. Edward Stern
and Mr. \Vrange testified tbat Oury
ate the eggs fairly, and the latter said
that be bad taken the bet because it
became monotonous after MO years or
constant repetition. He snid tbat he
ate two eggs at once, not one before
the other, and thnt he bad not eaten
anything since dinner on tbe previous
Tbe Jury announced a verdict of *10
for Meyer. Tbat wns all he wanted,
but It does not convince nny of the people on tbe otber side thnt Oury did not
ent tbe eggs.
Salesman���Whnt's the boss so mad
about this morning?
Conlldentlnl Clerk-He overslept himself-
���Siilesiiuin-^WIiy. yesterday be got
here very early, nnd he was Jnst as
mad then.
Conlldentlnl Clerk���Yes. The alarm
clock woke lilm up.
iwlwri*' QJ--V t\M*w4vl**A*i^,-44j&
Llr CuA/  tf Jit, fU/AUtfl! <-*y*ir -Y^
Are positively guaranteed Pure Havana
Filler, aod will pluuee the mort
faBlidioua smoker,
Tbe yearly increase of sales proves an
apprecmt.vij public.    Manufactured only by
GEO. F. BRYAN & 00.,
Catholic Prayer fcV��,^*��."
ulnm, H HgloiiB I'lciuria .-tin unrt, mn) L'lmrcl
Omaiiiu ih, i-'(iiii!.iiiimul tt urks --mi urjjerit-t
vtlve prompt sttiiniiuu. 0. SI Sail ItfiCO, lOiitfttl
W. N. U. 261.
ImiKHrto'tt of nmccr ew
fffltell   H Hint Hon ont. _
4 I if lit    fit"
I..S.&II. Kut.iMi-
Furnishes parts pf osyg-n to llr fcyskn
while seeping. L eu e*\ ins m..iii, mi-vont-
ncs. 1 tl tic-ion. l-heumiillHn, pntalte B,
Br'fjhi's Di-ense, nrd in..tiy other tifiordeia
��iv ng vita.ity to ha g^tem by eo uie'
laws, d tcoveird by Dr. Snn.li . I w It fu -
ntih mi'i e of those who hnve benefited bj
tin Willi.ipeg,tu well ns deecrji ivci-irei-
inrs o Um-- upplyi g. Sub-den ers in tuel
town wnnted. Aitdre--s \\ ,T,Q bbincCJi- it
E��c'iiinKc, U'iunl eg. Mr. JoriU Builei.
WinnipegCBia vytites; " Your Oxydonor is i
woudcifu thing aud has made n uew mnn i f
rae. I hnvo also cured t.nc mini n tlgl.i
hours of n bad c.i--e of lumbago,"
iiinl nil tvlilcli mult
An Optical HIUNtnn.
Tlnrc ��as a Rtrl m mil ioffli,
Am) ilir
Bul ��� ���   __________
Myo|)l<- Imili lifi bj'wi.
Antl now, wlien ilirnuiili i
ItuW  I
TrnlnltiR Slit-cp l}of*t*.
The natives nf New  Mexico seem tt,
have an nriidtml  way of training shop
henl  dogs.   A   pup  is  taken   from   it-
mother as biuui after liirth as passibli
ithe breed ��f dog is Immaterial).   The
yo'.'.ujj of a slu'cu nr gnat ti tnketi nway,
mid  (he pup Is substituted,   After the
:irst few days the pup is never fed ex-
���ept jnst before the flm-h gaes to pasture
ii tlie morning and just ufter the sheep
ire binughl in nt night.   As snon ns he
can walk lie goes out with the Unci; and j
days witb it nil day.   Whenever he begins to nmU-fpnte  supper  by  trying to |
hive the llm-k in before sundown he gets
punished.   After he is about a year nld
lie tnlies n Hook out, guards it from other
lugs anil coyotes during the day  mid .
tilings it hi nt the proper time a 1 night j
without .supervision.
For CntiiInKiic anil P-tcn Lint wiln to
H'-iiMCrtc'iui'. tl liy THOS. IEE, \Uuuip g.
wmMwmimwmmmwmm_        OF CANADA
Ia.u.-H tt Poll.   N.-W to l,iNiir*-r.,
Tult. On.* Oul Now.
flares, Robinson & Block, Managers.
I'tti-r Iltctmoii, AK.-nt fur  i,sa.
anil N. IV. T,
Cur iitut'H, \\ BuonHi llHiTiMVh, \\ Itnlnili.i,
Av.    COCKSHUTT  PLOW  CO.,  Wm tptg.
A persts^ont cold in tho head ti at flrst a
frit-n'i. for it (jive* warnins of th ��� approach
of a deadly enemy. Heed the warning l.e-
fo. e It is too late, und und
Ciit'iirh of  Ht-ml  mid  Tliront.    Th'
head and throat I ecomo dlieased from nt g-
iceied i-old. causing caturi li when iliti	
ilit hi  uf   tliu   Ut.-ud   jiridi-i o***   tu  ihi-
( itiiinh of Hi- Stoinntdi. This C rd>-
'lon may result from nevnr'1 onuses, lui
the iiHii.sl cause is Ouuirh. th imii-ut.
dni;i��i��g down tntu Ihu throat, and Wng
Catarrh of Bronehtal Tuben. Thi
conditioi oft<n roulii frum Catar'ti <\-
laidtrg from the )ic.id to throat. If le.i
auch'-aaea -t extoiid*1 down thewlndpbe
into brunch al tuiicn.and Ui time atuicks
Ui.- linn.'.-*.
r.nd permanently ru-es every lorm o th ��
ilirgn-tii gdl-x'inc, it Ihsoiu and ilTectuitl
Oontah'fl uu iJuisoaoiu opiatua. .Sold uvory*
Ai-k vonr d'alcr for it or snniidirect to
The  IMJIAN   1 ATAltltll   CUltE CO .
140 Bt, Jitin-'M 81,, Omiif.iil
Jonv Hisui   & Co., Hhopkiktors.
Write lor piuup e box.   Price, h a ner box,
0 tioxcn for ���8-40. i�� st hiiid.
.-ee thai JOHN IIISI.OP is on eve-y |inik-
ig.:    Liuge  simple  box   I Of, prepaid,
en-'tigli tu prove whut the remedy coddu.
Send fui- tt.
Canada's Greatest Seed House
Vegetable Specials...
the Best to Grow
>��� ��� ���
Because they are of Better Quality and ape Heavier Yielders than
the old Standard Sorts.   They are the Cheapest Because
they are the Best.
Steele, Briggs' "Extra Early Whitehead" Cauliflower
Remarkable both for iti extra earltneu and certainly to head-t-ealurei In whleh we know no other strain oan equal It, Of dwarf,
-.pact growth, wuh short stalki, tt bears close planting, and tne leavel, growing upright, nalurally protect the tatadt.   Tho laree,
.__. dtome heads, measm Ing 8 to io lnehei aeron, ara pure snowy white, very close, and of the finest quality.   So estremely solid and
deep, nearlyj-jlobe shs^edtare the heads, that they weigh heavier than most, tf not aH other cauliflowers of the same site.  /!������**���*'������
-.-.-.--^^.-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 'SoV,ilMVlior,tir*��o*r.;ii;��; pkt.JWc:. Apht..ltt.
"Chester King" Cabbage
Thia grand Cabbage ts remarkable for turenesa of heading
and regtilat Ity In grdfcth; the heads form early and continue to
srow mull time to pit. It is all head and always sure to head,
even wben other varieties fail. Heads ara meauim site, solid,
round and as bard as they can be, and of a blulsb-rrccu color.
It is a low-growing vaileiy with fow outer leaves. The quality
in Tina and flavur excellent; it ordinarily weighs from lo to ts
pounds each, heads when opened being crisp and white. It il
very sweet flavored, keep! well, ts -Loodfor shipping, and Is just
the variety and quality to suit market gardeners, fanners, ud
all lovers of good cabbage. Price, per pkt., |c.; na,. Mc.
BRiaas* _____*
An extra early variety with slender sir ins, small dirk leaves
and smooth thin. Color ot the te* h Is a i Ith dsrk crimson with
vety faint riiixs. Thefleah lit ciUpand swent indentirrly
fee from earthy flavor, which !��� a gra.l drawback lo many
varieties. It is regular in chmucier anil freo from carta roots.
It li Saltish round In shape like an orange, and his a firm tap
root. Price per packet, ftc.; os., lflo.[ \'x lb,,Mc.
^H       Now Magnud Tomato
New TOMATO for 1900,
This very distinct and most promising new variety ofthe
color of tleauly and Magnus, Is iIk' latest addition by LlvlntMon
to iho Tomato family. It it thicker, heavier antl mora solid than
either ofthe above, making it cisily the most hndsome sort in
cultivation. It is unsnr.'a^Pil in tjnnliiy and in the production
of fine, large fruit, lt lup-jit'c-tly aiLtpiod to main crop plaiit-
Ing, yrt matures so quickly that it wilt take first rank toreaily
market, the htm is iv-ite.t, nnlftntn, l.ii;e and attractive;
flesh Is vi ry firm. It Is a robust urower, with short joint",
netting Its fruit clust-f i s closer ion-*:ili��r than molt varieties, and
iKilif'florea heavy Cropper, The fruit is very deep from stem
to blossom end, many of tht: i ������ ,n'i*s being almost globe
shaped. It ripens cn-nly.iiot-i i. i er-attlc about the stem, and
the fl.ivor is most ti- -.ii*..ni.. Per pki ,20c; j pkts. foe Ne.; y
pkti. for 11.00.
Mammoth White Cory Corn
rh time i.ud attention
Sweet Corn, nml tl gives us Rin
able to offer a v.irteiy s i prmiomi
moth White Cory. Tlie earliest I
only a few mji later ilian lha Ini
ara very much Ittrger^tli
siirpaswd quality,
lb., lie.; pkt., Ic.
llfnetlnn lhat we nre
, ,,ii..-ii."!ty RS Mam-
id Cnrny^t introduced)
���Wlnie Cory. Tlie ears
pure uhiicandof " '
irVibli-'Iablii ��rfi."'Pet i.H'Si.IHIj
Steele, Briggs' " Exquisite" Musk Melon
A rod fleshed variety of most dainty ami ilellcnto Havnf
This gland new Melon Is somewhat globular tn shape; the skin Is a peculiar grayish riven until ripe, when ft
ngeato.a bright yellow.  The ribs ate wide and covered thickly witlipiniiiiiieiiinettln     ""' "~"   ���     *-*
six Inches in diameter, have s very small seed cavity, nnd are exreodliiil;
deep, rich, nranee-yellow color, and is of very flue grain, without the sli^li
flavor.   )i lb., tic.; or., lie.; pkl*,|c,
The melons average ab ut
41(1 and heavy for their sire. The Ileali Is n
nt sn InRiness, and o( delicate and delightful
unlfbrm growth,
Steele, Briggs' " Prize-Taker Red Globe" Onion
A new, large, handsome Onion, globular In shape, of arloh, dark ledrnlnr. very solid and pleasant flavored. It
>wtb, earllness and color, a decided leader. A grand exhibition variety, and an enormous crop producer when proper) ���
rib.,-MM; M lb., IIH, oi.,|5o.; pkt., 10c.
Steele,  Briggs' "Toronto Gem" Lettuce
Tha finest market variety to ba found, lis beautiful yellowish green color, m-lmped, cixlert and well formed hesds, tender
quality and sweet flavor place it at the head of the It't for the market g-rdener or fir Tun ly use. It with Mauds the best of summer,
and retains Us sweetness for n longer lime than any other variety we know,   Per V' lb., 31c.} or.., lie.; pkt., Be.
If yon use " STEELS, BRIGGS' FAMOUS SEEDS.*'   They are used by the most sueeeufUl
growers throughout the Dominion and the enormous annual Increase in the sale of onr
Prii.uk.r mn mo*, o-sion 'arm and Garden Seeds fully attests to the superior quality of the seeds we send out.
Handaome 112-page Illustrated Catalogue Free.   Send for one to-day.
/ i.
A . JL.
the Crowd I
They AH Go To
McDERMOT'S. . . .
Onr Complete Staff
' bat ton,worklujx eighteen aud twenty
hours ovory day tbia month filling orderi
����� they coino fr��"�� North, South, Eaat anil
Santa Clan*
baa Jiwt arrive*! al our 8toro direct from
Loislun,  England, with MO real English
Xinaa (-Stockings, Jnst crammed witb funny
things fer Goya nnd UlrU.   Sautu-* pnor
chap I��� ia pretty timl after hi* lon if trip
with a.H-b a heavy pn.-k   but scorns qi.be j Sfcales {   skMc5 j    gkate8 j
vhoertul ami say* bo In roul ubiil to hnve |
arrived hi time to giva us StOOOfor the \   to fitovery boot cnl every pocket.   jAIfo
Firo Halt uow being built lu Oolden. I Roo's to tit every i-kato- Men's, LmUob' uid
We have Just reoelved
a l��rgo ronaiffnmont of Table r.nd Pooket
Cutlery direct front tba Cutlers iu Sheffield
mill bought bofore tlm ml vance- Carving
Stilt**, Cinnio Helta, in Malmgimy, Rosewood
ami Velvet (Juses���beautiful gooAit and
CHEAP. AUn Dinner, HrcakTuat and
Deaarrt Kniv-ss with Ivory Pl-Midles.
Korku, Spoil)*. Eutter Knives, Fickle ('��*���
torn, Tablo t.'t uots, Decanter', (ut Glass
Tumbler*, Fined uur'a, 4c, 4c.
We have plenty
of Jtnr Cracks, J um \ iug Jacks, Mechanical
Toys aud all tbo other Tomfoolery neces-
aary to iuhko liulu ouch happy.    We find
A Decided Disposition
01 the part of the public fuJ buying useful
things lbia year, and we wore never ao well
placed to cator to your want* in t hti respect
Mibsss' at very low prices-
In Staple Goods
we Kul the advance column for tbe rolle
of everyone. It pays to tra'-o nt a store
doing a largo business, Vta elear out
everything and in cousequeuce aro von
t tin (.Uy receiving the frculicst and nowes
A carload of Stoves received from the Gurney foundry
a st week, and another car of our Celebrated Furniture
r om the eastern factories expected about the .-JObb instant
Over ��>40,C00 worth of goods in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of thia up-todato
Ktore, irive us a trial order. Trading with us means
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing You  a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous  New  Year,
Golden,   B.C.
Kirqptori    6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere,  Golden    &    Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Hatha
I Ates $2 por day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Groene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation ^ Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
:S-*\-i   Connecting with C.P.R. at Colden, B.C.       ,-���'*.
��    -j
C,   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
"thelea* Offiee.
Rev. H B. Turner held service at
Feterfaurouuh laat week et which a
collection of $6.30 wee takeu lor the
CfinadUn Patriotic Fund,
A B*y time wae epent Id Oolden
yesterday on the reelpt of the news ot
the relief uf L&ttysmith. Everyone
mined out to culebretc the ��re��t oveot
with guns, ruckei*.   Ure enwkera   and
lift ft 6.
The unnnn) me&thig nf th" shareholder* of the Up-pi-CotinibfciNftvigft-
tCo�� & TramwKy Co, will Lu iteU iu
tho Oomptny'a nffli'M on Mnn-iay noxt
tot ihe purpose of ��l��tjiic ofiluers and
^euernl bu*iiies��.
Tlte now Htaiton toti. Imilt her* ihts
summer, it U imported, is tc be a build*
ing of Urge dimensions mid one tlmt
will be a credit to tln> Com puny and
to our rising town, ti is reported in
cost somewhere in thn neifehbuvhocdor
���2000, and will most probably be built
souiewhorc l-etwfen the prewnt :uation
aud the tirst mvliah. not opposite tin*
court liouso aa sutuu ex| oet.
Any of our subscribers having in
their nossension a copy of Tiik Eua
dnted Doceiul*r. i'iind 'UD weuhl oonfi-r
utt a favor bv letting ua have tho
Tho I. O F. UiUiare fnr 10C0 are
to band, und aro in every way e credit
to the Order.
1 The Bourd of Trade hold the n��r
monthly iiH'eiinii on Mo-day In tba
secretary1* office.
Don't forgot, to register your vote
immediately. Wheu alec t iou cornea don
man's duty.
Sat-vices at St PimPs Church' on
Sunday next, March 4th will he: ���
Mat ii.* and Celebration of Holy Communion at 11 n,m. KvattHonc anil sermon at 1 30 p.m. There will lio Even*
song und sermon nt 8 p.m. on overy
Waanesdny during. Lout,
Beiiin js to have a network of under-
around railways. It. ia expected that
two year.} will suffice, ns in the cascof
Budapest, for Completing it.
Tbo trouble wiih advertising h.*.n
been that muuy men ha*** nover gone
at it except in a hit onuUf wav, with
the cliancei* strongly in favor ot tbe
miss a** against ihe hit.
Electricity cm not be considorvd per
ee to "cui-o" any difease of the liutusu
body; intelligently n\ piled it uir,y have
belpfiil effect upon tbo mnsculnr or
nervous s>eiem. but the cMms umde
fur it in uews; apei- ttdvortisemeuta are
out to be ti-.kco'seriously.
Aliens who hare rt-sidod in tba
XJi..-.od S:u*;r:B for six months or -qipre,
aud who have declared tinir intent ion
to become ciiiaens of thnt country, enn
he licensed asenginxerM or m-^stura in
tlio AnierM.Mii merchant mnrine.-
Ths dodger, nine -times out of ten,
-atops at the trout doui, whilo ihe
nowiipapt-r find:* ita wny iu -.la diniuy
rouiu, or puvlor, :tud einer* right into
the bosom oi the family
Tha Csstsolherff jewelry store, of
Waahin&ion. D- C, placed in tbe
issue of l);cernhpr 14. of the Washing
tou F.tenlng Star, what i^claiiucd tu
he the Urgent jewelry tid lhat him owr
appeared in any American na-A'Spapor
It layered two pities. Ten thous<tnd
dollitis* worth of businnsa *was done
iu tlm establishment upon the day fellow ing.
A proclamation is out regarding all
persons iu iho province who have not
Iimui vaccinated within the pust sevyn
>ears to have the asme jwrfi-nned dnr
ing luveu days from the issuance of
Much proulaiaatiott.
The Re.ver mill will atari opArnthma
for the season's cutting, shortly. Th-
Lumber Com pony Imve already anipp^d
a large quantity of goods from Golden
for tbe storo at Beaver.
On Sir.day evening last the Iitiio
child of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Andi-rson
died very suddenly of convubuons, and
was buried on Wednesday afternoon
Tl fl bereaved parents have mnch sym
patny from friends and acquaintances
in iheir time of sorrow.
We have received, by sample poM, n
box of Kelowna specials, from II- G
Watsmi of Okann.nn \*Hll��'y. Th?j
are inndn from (he tohaceo grown ou
his fuim this year, and make excellent
To edit a nnwspnr^r ta very fiiimy
amusement. If tbe editor gives aman
a puff, no matter how good, ha never
sees It, hut if one lino that don't stilt
him appears he sees t before it is cold,
snd while hn would not bare time to
stop on ihe street aud aav "thank
yon.'' hc has time in run all over town
snd denounce *.ho editor wbo seeks to
punt all the news.
Now ttini tlii vaccination question Is
beforo Lhe public would it no', ban good
ld<*a to partde th.- Chlm-so md-tenis i��f
Golden before the dooior and n*ni ilia'
n��iie^ca|�� vnei'liii.tlou, I�� case of
amo-i-pox the Chlhi*Mi qui��r'ers are
very nesr the con'w of the town and
nothing less thau the would ulesime
On iltindny iifternoon Dr. Taj I r
will bp t.r?stu)t at the school lo rue
einato the boys and irlrls.
O. D. Hoar a minLag man of Ravtl-
stoke, and well known in this district
stopped ��8 hero on his way to New
York and other eantern points, whoa
he intends interesting capital in
mining propositions.
0, B. McDermot returned from the
coast last Satnrtlay whgre' he oomtiinod'
business nnd pleasure, snd reports
having a enjoyable trip, but says he ia
glad he does live in a part of fl-iit-
ish Colnmbia where it does not rain
���very day fn the week.
U.. Keyser n former rtsident of Golden, went east on Wednesday's No. ?,
A contingent of old acquaintances eon
versed with hitn whlletbe (rain was
Methodist Cborch aervlees Sunday
sfnroh 4th, The pastor wiU preach at
U a.m. aud 7.30 p.m. Evening sua-
jtet "Dead people." A special service,
All are welcomo.
".-���: '        ' * ��� -' ���.--.-���
Xa a small town In ths Western
States Salvation Army advertiser
wrote on a bill board, "What shall I
do to bt e/ivedr A patent medicine
msn cams along the nut day aid
wrote underneath-,- "Use Snorters.
Liver Pills." Bhotily ut-orwards ho.w-
ever the Salvation-Army man noticed
the sacrilegious work of the mc-Mcine
man and printed, "Aud prepare to
meet thy God.
Yesterday afternoon, Joe. the seven
year old son of William Sutherland,
while handling an ax*.   Aa it  unfor-
unarely happened the sharp side of
the   nxe   hit   th* little finger of Jotfs
iaht band catting P almost in two,
ouly a Hub* of tho flesh and skin.bold-
iiig it on. Immediately Int.was taken
to Dr. Ttiylcr. vy.ho found-lt ueceaaary
to umpurate ihe..fin��er *rj?','tho second
joint. Tho Mule fellow ti doing well
as could he expei ted under thecircum-
���     BOBN,   -: '
Aodfraon- On March v.t-i,    ;bo   wife
of Gtm Anderson of a son.
Avery   On. Feb SSth. the wife of W.
A'ery of a daughter.
The i n|<er honse of Canada,
number, have just formed uu   assor.i.-* I
tion uttder tin iron clad aareemaat, and
and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that
nil persons wlin have not beeu vaecionted
wi'hin seven years nnut prnr..iro vareination
nn t���  for himself or bcrselt within  seven  days
** }n afier public notifiaitioo.
'    A fos will oa charsed for successful va<-cin
ati'.n and uiedleal cortilicato IkhibjI.   Those
,,, i��i����iiM. ***** Ml f (tt ��.����� in I Lt-A&B&t
ihs�� pi-i**.-*-* ol svw.v li iiui \t |ni|ier iiiyk ��� oui-hUia n to km vi.uciiii.ul fivo ofi-iwi-so.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
will bo m��d.i. This, coming so soon
nfier an almost luO jmi* cent InoteiMi*
during the past twelve monihs will
iqneeze the Cuuudbtu printers preetv
Mr. Chi'S. r'ariwri��ht was in town
on Thursday puriilmsiim ^uppliea for
the hotel he is about tu ereot ai AHi.il
mer. Thn building is to lie completed
iu time for ibe opening of spring bus ���
uess in thnt, part of our district, ami
w-ill coat when finished close upon four
thousat'd dollais. Not a bad sturter in
the hotol line for a new town, and
shows that Mr. Cmtwrlght. who
is an old timer bus couOleuco lu
Majnba Avenged.   .
For over a weak flxgs and bunting
havo been flying fivin all public places
and nearly all private re.-ddeucc-s
anticipation <|( the news of the relief
ol Ladysmiih. so intensiedin thi
gress ofthe war in S mth Africa are
iht people ef'Goblon. Yesterday when
IMeEra reeelvci! co finnaiio- of the
relief of Ladysmith it wai decided lo
celebrate the occasion, so jiibllant were
the people. About I p.m., aher the
Pacilio express hud petted through,
a feu da jole was held from the' platform of station at the effigy of Oom
P.vul, who was .standing against n tree
on the adjacent kopje holding ihewhi>*
dag in his hand The cm,-any wae
composMl v.f about thirty armed loyijl
British Subjecla cmnmnndfd by Hon,
F, W. Aylmer.. About fl>e rounds of
ainmnoition were wnt iu the direction of Kruger when at laat he was
observed to take a sudden jump tnio
the air, with smoke procce<ling frotn
a shot in ihe chest, his head severed
from his shouldrrs, the arms spread ����
in agony, the hody flow I ho fragments,
and aII that remaind of the onco fain
ous Boer b-ader was hti bat, whiskers,
and boots, which have leen carefully
preserved bv a .British spout whobapp-
I'nol to ba sixi-'g up 'be situation.
What brt inifuifo ���Uilng with them no
om- knows, but ,/ti's whispered he is
noing to the PariaMj.osition in 3\.n<-
A few tnoitieiiti after the sounds of
the lirst * aalutrt hail^ccosed it SHiyo nf
gunpowder was heard from ibe direction, it appeared,,of Kicking' H-iiS'j
Nek. Altogethi'-p three salutes were
tired, which wo-.Jd havo done credit to
any well tmined regiment. After,ihis
ihrae cheers wert given for the 'Em*-;
0o, British 'Generals and Soldeirs. by
thersitiz-Mm of Golden, for it must be
r^memhei-ed the,-whole town had turned out to uitue-il thn celnbratiou.
i'hiHl . .    .     	
once tu aunt mi t'unv ctlun ��f iiny nnrM<
fn.nplying-  wiih   ihn  re-qnireaieutt _.
same within a ��� erimt af sevuu days from
liv-utlou of proeUuifll. n.
By Ordrr
Local Hoard of Health.
Hotel Arrivals.
.Colnmbia House - H- .T. Gamble.
Vnnconver; A. Brianv, Victoria; W.
T. Smyth,- Acion; Jss. Montgoinory,
Onleus; A.Keunely. Winder.mre; T
A. MidholiHtid.' T,ru,.to; H St. .1
MouU2xini<ert, Wi'i'lermet-e; Jn , J-;iu>8,
Vt-ncoMvot; F. itilpHtriek. R'^clstpke;
Ot-o. McMillan, .Ga'eni.j AkcH. MoRay,
Dcnatl; fl. J. Pratt, Revelstoke; .las.
0=>rs(>n,Calg��rv;E.E- Worner. Berlin:
Out. -I L McKay. Sinclair; R. H
Schulu. Torontu;
Konwnay floiis*i-V.. A. Dunn.
Banff; Hon. J A. Loui'Ved. Calcary;
O.HDlxon, Calgarvi 0 D. Honr,
Revelstok--; A. C. B*mch, Montreal;
Geo. Hurry, Carbonate;
Queens Hotel T II Taylor. A A 0-
Taylor. Wiudermerf; T. T. H. Jones,
Windermeie; A. U Thompson. Winni
I eg; .liis D Frriser, Wlndermsre; 0.
E. Manuel. Dotmld: J T. Jackson.
Braver; B. L-.s, 'Montreal; E W.
Nichols. Lxehfm-; Gv A. M<-Dun>>ld.
Toronti.;T. P. Mclmtvra. \Vinnii-*g;
E. H. MiArilmr, Bn-ialstote; Jas.
Bnrnif, I'la-'ilW-waet; N* Fteidman,
Vancouver; Ohns. Oartwri-.ht. Car-
botiftti-; T H Bingham Nolson Creel,-;
Oeo. Wells. Palliser; II 0. Davis,
Quebev;R Elllbtt, Calgary;8 Decker,
Pslllsei-i W. W; Wtii kins, Binclair;
J. Viizpatrick, Hog Ranch;
Mrs Alexander, Milliner, of Medicine-
Hat, will ba in Golden here from
Man It lllth to 23id wlh s complete
stock of trimmed hats nud millinery
novelties, Ladies plea** reserve your
onler (ill vou inf|*fl��.t Same.
..Useful Now.,
Pectoral Balsam
Pure Norwegian
Cod-liver. Off
Parisian Emollient
Gold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
The Druggist.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valfty
.;rii,i,i;iti,.u��hi,iii,."���,iii.i.���r0,fr. tho hend of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
o" ','��' <"9ntre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching oouu-
uiDuii- try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache In the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that r,nu.s^ortation is now assured at an early -date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure greal
i activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of tho Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now ottered forms
tho only land available for the extension of ���������the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further ris;:
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained ov
applicatlon to
No sale of lots fs valid uftgl purchaser receives agrf-
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trusteeia.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
1 harehy jyirountlce t'st thirty ilhys from
(Into here of I in mud applying to the Chief
C-rmrniMddDiicnt  of Lands unl Works fur
porml slun to purchtta* the fullowinjr tract of
tnnd >honied hi  Windermere Uiviaiuii of
North Kn*t Koii'ouiiy���
('oniaifiiiciinr at HouthEast Corner   of lot
701. Chimp I, thonce oust seventy-seven
chains to t'ohiiuMu Kiver. thenco follew.-ug
river nort   Khsterly tn southuist t-orue uf
Lot 'jr��"U, thiicQ weatoightv four ehtuos to
Si'uih west earner of Lot Su79, thence
south forty ebai'is to initial post, and con-
tuinhiKit brae ha nd rod ���6r about, acres.
11-E.FOSTKR,   .
Uy hin agent, F^ V7. Aylmer.
March 1st 1900,
Tha nnnuslmctlhiff of the Shareholders of
lhe Upper Cohiinhiu Navigation ami Tram
way ' oaipaay, Limliedl will be held in the
Oom*nauy'sf*nu.eat('Soldeu, H C.onMouday
tho fifth dny of March A. D. 1900 at two
o'clock in the afternoon.
K..iinms���fr\ir thoaloctinn of Directors,
and for the ordering of t o affairs of the
Company irenorally
Byonlei ofthe Hoard
CJ. H. PARSnNt ;    .      ..
Secretary.      .   .
Ouldsn, B. C. Feb. 15th 1900. f 10-li
Tl-oanniisl general meotinp _
Mountain Mlmmr uart Development Company, Limited Liability, will be held at
t-Jold'-n, 1(. 0., on February 14th, nt So'elofk
for tha puriTse of hearing the Directors'' Re
imrt, election of oncers tor lhe i-.ctuing year
and auy other busiuew that may be brought
before tbe mer-ting.
President. Secretary.
Calgary, Jnmisry, sotb, 1!W.
Ths al��ve n'**i:i,m U. Ilcrehy postponed
tititil March Uth, at ihecnii.ethnejjut place.
W. H. l.EK. A. ALLAN,
.   1'wi.lent. - t'ecietary.
Calgary, January. 21 th, 1900.
Silaateil In ihu Gotden miniuK nu-islnn of
��n��t ICuoiotiny I'Mib t. Wla-ie located
On Middle fork of Spilliiuachene Ulver,
near Hums Rnsiit,
Take notice thnt I, John    Henderson, of
Onldeu, as ngont for W. 0. Till on, nf Srileir,
Oreffon U.S.A., Freo miner's lertllii-jte
No. HlffliO, Intend sixty days from the thne
heiunl to -apply to the mining recorder for
i-ertitleste of lin- ortftiiionts for.'he pari
ofohttibihig a' t'ru'.vn Oraniof ihe
An.l further lake notice th.'-t Action under
section 87 must bo conmifiwod before tho
iKiimmee . fsmh i-ertiflialo at'iinprmeitieuts,
Dated this 19tb Jay of Jnmiary HWl
Simsio in the VVindnmiere Milling Division
of East Kootenay District. Whore l.*ca'-
cd-On Houlder Creek, about Uinileifroiii
lis mouth.
TAKE NOTICE that L K. F. Tomisend,
crthigtis agent for Wai tor L. CjaMmrH, Fr e
Mlne.a( ertitleata}U*m A nnd Fred A. M-l-
holliiml H ia��i7. intend, sixty d��y�� from tho
'i��te I or-frof, toapply to tbo Mini g Recorder
f r a ('ertifh-ate of inipruvenionts, f ;r ti e
i nrt-fwonf obtaining a Crown (Jr. lit of the
nbovo claims.
And further lake nntlce 'hat action, under
section H?, nmst be enminencfid lot'oro tho
Issuance of such ' ertitlt-ntuof .inj rovemoais
'Datod llrifsU-shday of October, AD, 18(19
l��iirfl N. F. TOWNSEND.
A, W. PalmBPt
Chemist & Dru^ffist,
Why Spend -|Vioney
on READY-MADE CLOTHES when you can
just as CHEAP. '.
I have the feit tissoitment of Tweeds, Merges,   j
Fancy Vests and Ovei-coatsin tho Province.^!"
It is foolish to spend your money in th^-EnllP
on Inferior Domestic Goods when yo-qjsSSw$, ���,-'���
the Best"ImportM .Material at home at lowiiip
prices. .,._''.'"--
Cicthas Cleaned and Repaired.
].C. TOM
P. A. Desoraeau,
Golden, B.C.
Sontb 814* KUkloar nss-se Blv.r,
Coffins and
Funeral Koi-i-s ol nil kinds.
Orders promptly nll'snilod tn.
W. L.
Oolden, B
Hull Bros. &Co.
Wltofc-uilo & BoUll
Cattle, Shwp ����I Horso Dwln*,.
Thomas O'Brien,
;   Barrister, Solloltor.
''otary Public onveyancor, ite
OIB-oIn Upi-er C.iluiiiliin NavicA>ioi- ind
T'onimy Couiiwy's lluilding,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Lioonsod rhysioian.it Surpeon
i, o. o. r.
Rnck-rMoimMla Lnsliw K.. M himIs In
OddMIs*, Bill, ���"-���--  *���--"���"-
Livery tc Teed Stables
)ti(t> of *'l kinds lor lilrs tl nasoiutU, Mm.
: Turning of all klvls* Spucluliy.
A. C. Hamiltos,
Hwvey, McCarter a Pinkham,
Barrl.t.ra, ���otloltors. et.
BtHlatolw, U.O. fort StMto, B.O.
Oolden, B.C*.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
CawMtrcUI stfelicaje,
R��t S4V. VausMBTcr, B. C
Tkoroagh lostroctloo In boilnsMt
motliods, Book ItMpIng, (w, om no
tnt-book.,' hot do Mtaol bniiont)
Shfrth-ind *u<i T/p����riilng. W.pro-
P��rt (or onain*ilooi.
Jas Bbadt, D.L8., & P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
M. An-n. lost.HA
Agmt for obtololog Crewi Oruts, dobg
umwlWMsaiUtt-sork.sH.,   AsldrsMi
.?":���-:*:-'MftOE.. F'a'iJJMv-tJ
BLfcr-lQEp \0\1\1rwHe
' ��� .*
Rotary Public;
Conveyancer, t
Agont for E. A, HAGGEN,
.       Assayer ft MetalK
Ornoa at LAUiiDiIIoii*....
Wiuderuiere, - ft
rvtem^nt tnrrfti '���w*m,mtvm*m*...^.
Canadian Pacific Ra=!
QniokHt Timo sml Losrut Hs- ��� -
poiuil EAST and WESi
eoran SAsr. and to v,
Exoorslon latn to
aad all Wiater s*��.
Old Cou&h
Apply foriwttotloNt* mk.
* io


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