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The Golden Era Jan 10, 1902

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-y->-4>*HSffW-- "T     ���������*���    '      ���     malm* *t-******m
^��.........aaaan ,,,,�� _.,^-..., .*~_w^k,  .    ^#_���.��,
3    *V
?OLXtNQ 2��
GOLDEN, Beitish Columbia, FRIDAY, January 10,1902
$2 Pee Year.
H. A Howla��i>, Pruidut.
f. B. Mmuitt, Vtit-Pntldwt.
0, B. Wilkib, Ostntral Maaagtr.
latorast Allowed on
DtposiU of f 1.00 sad
Upwards at Current Heme.
J. 8. GIBB. Mtntger.
Jas. Bbadt, IXL.8., 4 P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
i br Assiiaasnl Work and
j on Uk* Wlitdtrmtn tad
Int Kootenav.   - - -
P. A DE80RHE71U,
... Tailor.
Golden, EC.
***** IU. Making Ban* ��lv*r,
Hnll Bros. & Oo.
��� -HOLDER B.C. *'  "
Xboma* O'Brien,
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters-Bid
ing Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy; Whips, Cattle Wjf)
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps'(all sizes), Sweat
Horse Blanket*, Surcingles. Boots "and Shoes of all kinds
made to order. -Leather goodt of all. kinds repaired
Prices right   Mailorders of all kinds receive prompt
.^���p^SMV^flHs-Mllr'-;.-; cv^1 ".'���������'���'������������: * ���������-��� ��� '��
Oluta Oppu rJtt-jibU N.vlgatks. aad
Tram uy Cotepiny'i BuiMIng,   * ���-..
n*H*u. e-M
tvptey, MeCarttr ft Pinkhtun,
'. pwrhMn. a*ll*lt*r��. At.
Part Steele, B.C
Feranttn, B. C.
* House....
^M^-HV.    Sptelal nut tw
j. gTullock,
Dr.E*5btrtton, wtttriotandent of the
Haa* aU-fkmi ot tb* PMb-'ttriaa
Ckartb of sj^Mwla, dltliasMtnl-* at hit
hsMWlaTarooto on Saturday, Juan
Tkaabev* atwt Item mnm**mm
tOsy-myPrubytetUnlo tb* Wait, m
<MQ a�� i�� aonathu -dont��-a onttldt
*t that Ohnnb, HU lift work
wm***sajtablliklW aad fotttrla��,ot
PnrAvsnrtaattui tn tbtatt^and tuttf;
i__��� kb a-ltriug *Sort*
���hvi<fc^*U-����� ���"
I rota. ���*M#*8Mh*^ntaiui
Act. it |l|#1i[tttritni In
a iita tfca .teptilatlaB ol
n*Um* ****** latttau by twin aad
ha,*** aad *t all ^^w*��l*n>h|
^ <->*%*Miat bat barn aaabtaf ��ralt-
���taft-ttttawartbv dutor for aul*>-
��� ^WsteVsus^^wuM* ������*���*)���
MUSH la ���***���***'������** work Of lb*
Cbanb, but hi UteUbt U wall, aub-
tag forward ������ f&UH*tt;j*tmu***
sUnrMi, watt*** -bun <t* t-miiiy
(*ltofl.i��ta*r8r *--���'**���%_>_**���.
at ttn Htuailon* Ht *m'fgf___u
ftutkad ia 1888 aad wu w>tat��Sb
y*U wbtn oaJW to hit rtwgrJ.
Always a few left-overs; drift-wood that catches to
the banks during the holiday business freshet. Just ss
good as what has gone down stream���overlooked, that's
all. Some few toys are left; spine holiday books and such
like. Half price, and in some cases even less, wilf ijjecure
any of these now.
Retlew ofthe Business and Commercial Industries-Satisfactory Progress.
Fl. Barrett
is here���we must acknow*
ledge it. January is a dull
month in the tailor's shop.
Going to make it a busy
one.   With your aid we'll keep all hands at work.  From
now until further notice we will make
Suits and Overcoats
from any piece of goods ill the store from 915.to $24.
We guarantee the work' to be equal to our best at full
prices.  Compare this offer with prices of eastern' tailors.
J. 0. TOM & Co
Upper Columbia
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, S^fe,.
to thii mmm towns of wwperimere
MININO DIVISION. 9        9 ...    9
tor tatxe on Ore sand other information apply to
C* }i*  P&l*SOf-t9   SECRETARY
Goldtn I* growing. Btr prognu It
(low but tun. Tht volumt of boil-
nm thowt a war kid inorttte and than
il goad mound for believing tb* cur-
ul yur will b* tb* but in htr hiitory.
We Mt placing btfon our rtadtrt thll
wnk*a gtnwal nvitw of Ih* boiloest
ol tb* yt*r 1901 and a ptmaal of It
ought lb put blut-roln critlu out ot
Tha pmt yur hu bnn a buiy on*
for tbt Columbia Biver Lumbar Co.,
Limited, whon headqnarten an at
Ooldtn. Tbl* Company ia the largtit
holder of ttandlng timber in Brltlah
Colombia and oarriu on tbt largett
Intnbtr bqiluu* in th* interior, owning
tnd Operating mill* at Oolden, Beaver,
Kualt aad* Notch Hill, and handling
thl*utpotof Beilly ft Co'*, mill at
Ottertail. the induitry I* an Important one for Oolden, a* bttidm tbt larg*
pay-roll of the mill here, wbioh taw*
winter and trom mer, the logging operation* forth* company'* largeit mill at
Btt ver art Urried on olou to t b* town,
ind all than men, a* wall, a* river
driving gangt, mabt tbtir hudquart-
en aad an paid oS ben. Tb* company'* total eut for th* put naton
wt�� about ^,000,000 tut b.m., 10,-
000,000 lilt of whioh wu contributed
by th* Oolsten mill, wblob wu itartsid
oa tbt 88th day ot Onotmbir, 1900,
-and with tb* txception of 11 day* at
tbtwdof March, whil* wailing for
tb* rivtr to open up, tawed eontinu-
only utii tba Tth of Denmbtr, 1901.
Tb* log* for tb. winter eut an hauled
direct'to th* mill on ileigbiand for tbt
illOil in cnt higher ap tbo-rlnr
and float*d to the mill. .
The Golden mill baa a capaoity'ol
40,000 fnt per 10 hour day, and It a
nry up-to date mill. Tbt piling yardt
and booint an alu Brat-olau.
Notwithatandiug th* long ttaton,
th* atoob of lumber appear* little, it
any, larger than whan th* mill itarted
onr a yur ago, to that apparently
thm ii a rudy tntrktt for tbe product.
Th* company tuppliei tn onormoua
amount of material to tba C.P.E. In
th* ahtptot tin, timber for tnowthadt,
bridgu, Mc, but the grs*t*r part ol
thtlr larg* output It diipoud of on lhe
prtirlt, where the demand from tb*
tnr-inoru*ing agricnltural population
will alwayt absorb all tha lumbtr pro*
dusted in th* mountain!.
Prsjparatioul an bting made for a
much larger out for nut uaton, about
840 mm being employed all fall in the
immediate violnity of Oolden getting
out logo for tin mllli bin and at
Beaver. Tbt Ooldtn mill itarted
winter uwing on Ntw Yur'* morning
and wt hop* to tu it turning aiaadily
until nut bntmbir.
At a nvltw of tbt mining Induitry
w* reproduu in irtloli Iron th* B. C.
Mining Record, written by Mr. Jimn
Brady, M.S., wbioh will giva oar
natter* a fairly good idu of th* (tending of tbt mining Induitry tt prutnt:
Commwoiog at tb* tonth ud of th*
dlnriot Findlay and Dutch cmb* hav*
attraoted a good many prupntonthia
naaoa. ; A numbtr ot olilmi havt
bnn taktn up and a fair amount of
work den* on than and pnviout location*. . High-grade a*g*ntif*roo* gny
copptr iai galua lodsn, iom* of whiob
an alu gold-buring, hav* bnn located
aa tbt stout barut Fork, wben work It
bting urrted on all winter. Copptr
om, gtltna and gold quarti lodu an
tin found on tha main itreara, on tht
South Fork of Findlay eruk and Dutch
oreek,. and u the country it my of
acosru and th. ming ngion only from
8 to 18 mtnu trom tbt nnehu and
towMlti on Findlay emit, Iti* potslblt
uat Mtlvt mining oampi may b*
itttbllihtd b*n nut uaton.
Toby Crnk.���Tb* wagon nai bu
ham oompltteJ to th* North Fork, 18
miln trom Athalmtr landing, and
glvu torn* to. **- *n outtel for, th*
omof th* Parndiu and Sllvtr Belt
gronpt on Spring eruk, thi Duphln*,
Hot Punob, B. C. and othtr elaimi on
tbt North |Fork and higher up tht
main ititam.
ThePartdite Co. -Since their chip*
mint of 1,000 ton* of carbonate on
tbi* lummei, thty hav* bun, and an,
continuing Ih* work of development
with a view to proipecting thtlr lad*
in depth, and blocking out or* for fn-
tun extraction. They will al.ip at
prtient only the on taken out in the
eourn of development.
Th* Delphine Co.-Wlli haul out
about a ear-loid of on, wbich it now
on th* dump���thtlr foi mer ibipment
btvlng glvu it titfact try returni-and
expect to continue work on th* mine,
Th* M. T. Fraction.-Th* adjoining
claim made a shipment in Ootober of
���om* 17 ton* to th* Trail emelier.
The publlihed nturni an aa follows:
848 3 10 ounces tilver and 4 8-10 per
cant, copper per ton.; total nturni,
88,858.89; fmghtchargufrom Oolden
810 per lon. I do not know the cott
of mining and transported the M. T. to
Oolden, but the Ptradiu on ia hauled
to th* landing, ibipptd by ateamer to
Oolden and placed f.o.h, tha car* at
that nation for 87.60 par t*n. The
diatanoo to the Delphine and M. T.
Fraotion i* about 84 miln, and to the
Paradlu 17 mllet.
Horn Thief and McDonald crack*-
Tbue aruk* in now connected with
the landing at Peterboro by a wagon
road iom* 80 mllu in Iangth, finiabtd
thi* fall. Thi* road I* uid to bave
oott 880,000, and a* th* company
which owna the Iron Cap, Bed Line
and othtr olaim* on McDonald creek
aald half of tbe above amount, and
bad previoutly opened up torn* ot their
iodn to a greater depth���a* I am in
forated���than hu been attained in any
other mine* in Norlhea*! Kootenay, ii
il fair to presume that tba propnrtiet
an developing in a utitfaotory manner, and that th*y will aoon become
���hipper* of ore.
On tbe uttern aid* of th* Columbia
river, op the Buverfool or Iu rivar
aad Moon crteh, miu, line, gain*,
upptr and -goid qoartx olaim* have
bnn located and a fair amount pf work
done. - A ton of mica, wbioh ia af tbe
bind uud for covering, boiler*, eteam
pipu, tie., bu bnn ibipptd to Eng-
and and nturni an expected daily.
Th* Government hu had a iurvty
made tor a nad from tbe aiding at
Leanchoil to Iu Biver, on the ettt
���id* of th* Beaverfoot, aud will prob
ably build it in ihe spring, and tvtntu
ally carry it on up Moon omk and th*
hud watan ol the Kootenay river,
tbo* opening up a very promiaiag field
for proijxoiori and giving, aeeeae to
um* fair tixid trto.t ol meadow and
agricultural land.
A trial ihipmtnt ol 1,400 lb*, ol on
from lb* Vermont crnk minu gav* tht
following nturni: Sllvtr, 78.41 oa. at
67Jc. lor 86 ptr unt, 848.86; ltad.
60.80 ptr unt. at 1,687 for 90 percent.,
881.47; total, 869.74; fnight and
ebargu, 188.88; net, 847.48. Frtigh
and tharget for urlud lot* would of
wuru bt vary muoh lu* than th*
above���probably aot muoh mon than
Nur tha Big Bend of the Columbia,
about 60 mllu aorthwut of Donald,
and fiv* or lis miln wut ot tht rivtr,
a fine quality of amber miu bu bun
found and tomi 86 claimi located. -A
cargo of tbit mlu wa* brought into
Ooldtn by pack tnt*, and will be thip
p*d to market. A high priu I* *x
(noted, u quality It uid to bt txctp
dually good and tbe block* of large
An examination ot th* record* of th*
mining neorder (how tbat 108 mineral
claimi w*r*.ncord*d during 1901.
Ooldtn wn claim tb* dldiaetton of
bting tb* bom* of th* invwiorof th*
Vachon Common Srau Improved Horn
Shu and Fulmar. For tba patt yur
Mr. H. Vubon af thit plan bu ban
working an a much ntrdtd iuiprov*
mint on tbt method of fattening thou
on honn' fnt. Snob gnat advancn
hav* bun made In many line* during
tht put untury tbat it la surprising
tbat no hu trial to improve oo th*
emit method of fattening the ihu on
a horn,   Mr,   Vubon has devoted of tbe Oortrmut
muob thought to th* tubjtct and hu
perfected an arrangement whereby tbe
ebu ia held firmly oa the foot without
a nail being driven into the hoof, tnd
if for tny purpota It it deiinsd lo ie-
move tbe ehoe it can Ise done iu a
mlnuie without tb* tllKhiett injury to
lha hoof. Th* plan adopted I* to pan
around ilnl win around tha hoof
fattening it to ih* heel of tlissil.o** will,
nut*, and by the um of a specially
ihaped nail to faaten the ahoe to Ihe
win, ihe nailt lying clou on tha fact
of the hoof. For elty uu the corka an
removable, allowing the driver to knp
hi* horn alwaya tharp shod. Ont of
special advantagei of thii new invention it that it i* cheeper at It it
not necessary to take the shoe off when
renewing cork*. Mr. Vachon hu
given the new ahoa a uvira ten on hi*
own born and find* it ia alwayt firm
tnd in *very way practicable. The
model wu mad* by Mr. J. McHattie,
blacksmith, whote opinion ot tha invention it at followi:
Golden, Jan. 4. 1902-1 bava made
for Mr. H. Vubon a model of hi* improved horae ahoe aud believe that if
the ahoe it brought before the publio
it will prove an advantage. ���John
MoHattle, blacksmith.
Mr. Vachon ia corresponding with
eutern ptrtiu who wiih to noun the
right of manufacture aud no doubt will
bt ablt to make good terme with them.
We with bim tuccui.
During the paat twelve monthi then
have bnn considerable addition* made
to th* butineit and ruidantiil portion*
of Ihe town, the following building!
and improvement* having been mad*:
Imperial Bank and manager'* residence.
Public uhool.
Qunn'i Hotel���new aiorey added,
remodelled interior, ntw front.
Hoipttal-dotation ward, new pita-
taring, chimney, furnace and windmill.
J. F. Doacon-confectionery iton
and bakery.
F. M. Barrett -harneu and lho*
Bnideocu wen enoled for the following :
Meatrt. Bobbim, Patmore, Htrri-
*an,*B. F. Milter, Woodland, King,
Mills, Olafun.
Vaults were put in for the Columbia
Biver Lumber Co. and the Court
A large number of ciiiaeni made tt.
tentlve improvement* to their prop-
arty in the way of fencing and interior
finiihlng, all of which go to ahow the
confidence onr reaidents have in the
The Imperial Bank moved into new
quarters ou Monday of ihia week and
the change waa a welcome outo Manager Oibb aod hi* staff, Tha offiouan
80x30 fm, with high celling*, and an
fitted with fin* oak bank countera and
duka furnished by Ibe Preston Offlc*
Furniture Company. The vanlt doora
ara from Goldie A MoCullough, th*
noted ante maker* ot Gall, Ont., and
In th* vault I* a beautiful tptcimtn ot
th* ufe maker's art, an aluminum fin-
ithed burglar proof safe, wiih thru
atnl compartinente, the door of which
il controlled by triple time locks. Tba
manager's resident-*, whioh oconpiu
th* nmainder of the building, ie ar*
ranged to aplendid advantage and reflects great credit on th* arahiteet,
wbo, in Ihi* sue, wu Mr. Oibb bim- ".
ulf. The paper banging has bun don*
in good style and the artistio effect of
Mr. Gibb'* selection of wail paper
alrikes one immediately upon entering
the hall. Tha whole building I* but-
ed by a MoCtary coal furnace, and i*
supplied with ail modern coavmteMU.
All tht work on the building waa done
by Bevelstoke men, the contract being,
given to Mr. F, Keroaghan ol that
town by the towniit* company, who
constructed tb* building.
Buenos Ayits Jan. 4-Th* diipntt
with Chi!*. I* tgaln aggravated owing
to tnt alleged unfalrnu* of the Chilean
diplomat*, during tbe negotiation*.
Tb* Argtmiine Governmeut, having
exhaudtd all effort* for peaca li note
ptopoaing to brisk off Ibe negotiation*
and toj iniptnd diplomatic relatione
with Chile. It bu ord-md th* navy
and Army to b* pltcad on a war footing:   Tht p*ople applaud tbt attitude
*J I.JJ':-..-l.I!ia*'l.sJ: >!!*!i^'L,.-J=ci*-~:'-:-' .:���- =Err '\,..
 'IS*'., ..!*..��    ' *"
'**mkf ���i *m
THE ERA, OOLDEN, R C, Januaby 10, J111.
Site ��albeit (Sva.
-O.V. CHAMBERS, - Editor and Publisher
SnUKriptiona BOO per year in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request
FBIDAY. January 10,1S02.
" Familiarity breeds contempt" il
an old enylng and one which contain*
* gnat dul of truth. The advantage!
which we continually enjoy appear,
through long -italic to be ol email
value, while to oibert who are not to
favorably situated, the opportunities
afforded in Golden and vio'iiity sum
to be sufficient to satisfy th* most
grasping individual.
There is absolutely no reason why
Golden ahould not become a large and
influential community. Nature hat
done a lot toward! helping North east
Kootenay to work out a-brilliant fu
ture. Enough undeveloped wultb lie*
around' us to aupport an enormous
population, and the day cannot be far
distant when the stern law of necessity
will compel us to develop theu rr
sources. In the meantime we are
pleaud to be able to record a steady
progress during the past year. In this
issne we give as far as possible a state
ment ot the business done and improvements made during the year 1901, and
in so doing wish to impress on the
mind ot every resident the necessity of
working in every possible way for the
advancement of our town and district
Co-operation among our biaineu men
oan accomplish a lot. Let our citiiens
deal with home merohants, and Itt our
msrohnnts ut a good example by pat*
ronizing home productions wherever
and whenever possible.
Stand by your local piper for it it
by this medium that our resources and
industries will be made known to the
outside world. Nearly- two thirds of
our ruder* aro outside of this distiict
therefore our resources are widely ad
vertitsd, not only by th* Era direct but
through our exchanges who copy any
artioles ol interest pertaining to our
uatural resource! and industrial.
The recent rise in the price ot
all klnde of wrapping and news paper
directs attention to Ihe paper industry
and the magnificent opportunity for
capital in tbis commotion. Inquiries
have been mado as lo the chances of
Golden district taking up thi* work
and we a.aassured that nothing stands
In the way so far as the raw material
is concerned. A irtod pulp factory.
established in our midst would prove
a blessing and would afford employment to a large nnmber "of men. Ths
bounty ollered by the Provincial Government is an extra inducement and
that together with the high price of
paper ought to be enflicienl lo induce
capitalists to put their money into it
An unprincipjed newspaper oorrei*
pondont in Vancouver it buay tending
out reports to the effect thai Hon. Jus.
Dunsmuir has resigned the premier-
. chip ol tbe provincial Government and
thut Mr. Jos. Martin has withdrawn
his support from Mr. Dunsmuir, otc.
There is not a word of truth in thia
report. Mi*. Dunimuir will meet tlm
Houu in due time tnd Mr. Martin will
continn* to give his aupport to the
* praMiit Government io lo.lg their policy
ia consistently in harmony with the
one be ia himtelf promoting.' Nothing
more can be expected 61 hi in.
. . tt**. ���-.-.' "
haa .'"v.   ���
A gift of ��200,qp6 haa born placed*!
King Edward'* disposal by Sir Ernest
ClUMOl. ',,*.,.
J Piernont   Morgan. haa  pnrobatd
- Raphael's masterpiece "Madonna of St.
; Anthony."
; The British  war office bas phtoeed
au order for 18,600 barrvjt with a Carf-
allan fioutcompany,,.__.,.......
Thi new British stamps ate in great'
demand A.id givo **utiaf.soti*n to the
London public.       ... :.���*,* ,'���'* '���'
Fin ttariosl urlytThortaMy morning in lb* town of Portagb'Ll'-Priiirle.
and did betwnti 850,000 -anf'stio.iMO
daioagu-   No*n* ��*** injnrt-1������'*''*''
Say* Tour SBo��8h6sj"ijigj. ,
The mott populur brand pf Cliowlng
Tobacco in Canada to-day .j* "!*��*.
K����l." Bv*ry plug of -_*��*��� H-ll**
bur* a -Snow*hu" Tag. 0<wiumi*n'
ahould uv* then niga. ,**,-WtIt*abl#
prtunt* an glvm for thorn. T<(j|i��n
good u|. io Jan. J. lSf|i: |^1*%
i,*w illa.tr*i��l *!***����">f��I****
the SiniilmTobai^Co^^^lpal-5
peg brand
Survivors Promptly Cared for
by People of Eureka, Cal.
Eurek*. Cal., Jan. 3-Bafor* th*
hours of 4 and 0 o'olock Friday morning thsn occurred a marin* diuster,
about 11 mllu abraaat of Cap* Mendo-
clno, reiulting in th* SS. Walla Walla
going to the bottom, and perhapi 80
or mora llvu Ming Ion. Tht steamer
Walla Walla, in command ot Captain
Hall, left San Francisco at 11 o'clock
Wednesday morning, bound for Viotoria and Puget Sound. Aboard of ber
were 80 firat clau and 86 second class
passenger*. . With th* crew there
were about 166 souls, all told. Thursday night the weather wn* favorable,
though the sea was rolling high. About
midnight the weather conditions
changed and a fog began to riu. Second Officer Luke wu in command, tbe
���hill being about 4 o'olock. About
4:10 the passengers were suddenly
awakened by a terrific oraih op the
poit side. A Frenoh four-masted bark
had collided with the Walla Walla,
striking her juat forward of the captain's stateroom, penetrating a 14 foot
bole in hatch No. 3..
The officerp and passengers were
���oon on deck. Capt. Hall soon realised the condition of hii vessel. The
suddenness of the collision afforded
the officers and crew of the Walla
Walla no time to learn the name ol the
vessel that had atruck her. Tbe fate
ot ihe bark remains unknown. Whil.
it is believed bar forward rigging might
have been broken , it is, not likely her
hull suffered mnch damage.
Capt. Hall went .down with hie vei-
but was rescued after severe -struggle
in theeboppy sea.
Later-The identity ot Ihe French
bark which collided with and sank Ihe
SS, Walla Walla, I* known. She is the
French btrk Max, a four-masted iron
vessel of 1,563 tons, bound from Glasgow for San Francisco. Th* Max re.
ported being in collision with a larg*
pasaeniter sleamer off. Mendooino on
the morning of Jan. 3. . The Max had
three holu etove in her bow and her
stem was bent ,to port, but no liven
were lost on the bark. Ths Max left
Glaagow on Sept. 9 for San Francisco,
in ballast, and, a* is th* custom of Sun
Francisco bound ships, she bore in to*
wards Mendocino light to get bar bearings, and there *h* (truck and auuk
the Walla Walla.
tat him "sttown antl out" aoflmr
���a worfclna; waa eonoarnad,
but Dr. Asnaw'a Oure'fer tha
Heart made a man of htm
Heart wtakn*��� and (aiming
i that Wn. Cherry, of Owen
Ills were n
id, Ont.,
Dr. As
nsns's Cure
for the
good .hint let It has a large sale.
it must In a
He did so,
had lo nstit work.   Hit tsitTerings were very
���        -      *      "���."Owiy.
;! it must li
''   He did
..    Lkes.hi.pl
beside tht other workmen, and does at big a
d.r's werk aa uf ol then, IhtiUu to Ihlt great
remsajjr. (I
Sold by C. W. Field.
qni' yo
Ont dty a druggist said tV "Cherry, try
s��V ~     ---���������    - - ���-
and took Ave bolt)...  To-day ht lakes, his place
Churoh Services.
Services every Sunday at 11a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration ol Holy Communion let and 8rd Sunday* of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8.*.m., or
as mny bs announsted from the ohannel.
Ssinday School at 3:80 p.m.
All are cordially invite*1 to attend
the servieu.
C. y.jAiu, V.wr.
Msirrlce^very* Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
'Ssinday.school and Bible Clbsa dt 8
p.hi. iHkip. '.     ..,t*,   ,,-j.. *i '<.-   '���
' Choir prAbtls* every Thuraday avan*
at J,**���:���-.��� <���<'���' "
* i-iKM, ."Rav.-.J: E. Hooo, Pattor.   .
':""���'.,,..', -^v,--** ���-���*��������� *.���'���'������ "
������'������*���   ���   UF.THODiar cituncu,   *
SarVliiei Vvery Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:��..*Hii.        ���'-   ... -���
Sundiiy-Seritiolat 2:80.p.m.   ,."
Prayer, Meeting on Tnswday st8 p.m
. Bnv,. grjB.A-AibLa*; Pabtor.
���'S.,<*  -.���������HM   ���      *''"'; ... J,1,'..
aairaisssw v���**;?'" **���
pirn Toi)****-eo^ua,,.
Tb* following composltlo** by pupil*
of tht Golden publio aohool ihow csja-
aiders bie mfrit on th* part of
yonthfuj wnjip-*. O^aly two nr* pi
lithed -thie wnk, but wa will give two
more next wnk: -
A girl fritnd told me ol an adventure
tht had with a bur. "She uid her
���later and htr w*n. out for a walk
through ibe wood* and lb* aldul
one had * camera. They had not gou
,Ttry ttt when th* youngut of th* two
-lilttrt said the ttlt cold, tud that iht
would* go baok hom* tor a eluk.
Whil* slu wt* away har titter nt
down to wtit for her. Jutt then tht
thought ot her camera. She row up
to look at tb* sctntry and lo tak* um*
map shots.at tha pretty lights. A*
���he was wandering around looking at
the acenery, the um* to a iinall ttream
of water. Juat then th* hmrd
(plaining in tlm waitr, and looking np
tii* stream she uw a large black bur
standing on hie hind legs in the water.
She dared not move from when the
waa Handing for feu tha lur wonld
surely attack her./ Just then the heard
behind her in the bushes a snarling and
thsn a whining lound, and u ah*
looked around to *n what it was the
saw a small cub bear. Tbe oub bear
could not get across the- stream, aod
lhe girl was in its way. She thought
n minute and where she wss stealing
thsn were twe rocks that were oa. uch
side of the stream. Sh* laid down so
aa lo let tbe oub bear pau. ,He made
a jump and waa with bis mother. She
got up and .took a anap shot at the, two
bears standing on their hind, legs to
gether in the stream. When her sister
oame she Iold her aud her alitor concluded that they would go no further
for fur of another bjnr attacking
them. Tbe older girl that ,*��** left
with tbe two burs hai a fine picture
in her room of th* two bean. They
have not met or stun any mor* heart
ainu that time they law them in the
ttream. *
Fourth Clau.
In 1884, during ihe construction ol
the Canadian Paciflo Kailway, they
had ta have a lot of Mounted Police lo
keep the men working on the trick in
order, becauu Ihey wen had man and
no others wen to be had In those early
On one bright winter day, in the
year '84. there wen three ununited
polioe who came to Golden to aptnil
New Yeai'i eve. They oame from ihe
3-d siding. Goldsn wa* only a Can
adian Paoiflo Kailway camp, and then
wen only tenn then. In th* early
dsy* ihey wiled Ihem sidinge. It waa
a very hot day ler winter, and Ihey
had on summer clolhea-no overcoat*
or overshoes.
Alter thsy bnd had a good lima and
happy eve, they prepared for the Walk
baek to Srd elding, . They still hsd lhe
same olothu on, and at night' it was
very cold, especially in tbe midst of
ths mountain*, but, however, they did
their but. - When shout halfway tw6
of them wen eo oold they uold bot
walk. Th* other brave lad kepi going,
however, and reached the 8rd tiding,
and got iom* assistant* and got dm-
���id, but when ihey arrlvad- whan bit
comrade* w*n, to their sorrow thty
fonnd both ih* Mounted Police fronn
���    .  W, GBIFFPTH,
4th pia��s(I. Division.)
Btnu.rk.ikk. tlesults Froua Dr.Cterkt*.
Wonfertal Uttl. Had Mill.
To lb* Editor of the Era:
Bbtpr- I wif' troubled with rheuejetiim
for about eight year*;' and tried a gnat
number of different kluds of medioinu
without getting relief! Lut spring I
became worse and I could hardly walk.
It waa than tbat I triad Dr. Clark*'*
Wonderful Little Bed Pill*, and two
boxes ourad m* oomplstely. * I havt
bad no rheumatism slnoe taking tbia.
I am 88 yun' of ago, and oan walk
now quilt imartly, thanka to thll
remedy wonder.���Mn. Paul McDonald,
Edeu Lake, Pioton Co, N.S.
' We have yet to know, of a tingle ou*
wh*r* tbrau wonderful pill* hive not
bnn almott entirely sucensful in tf*
footing a .oure.-CANADA CHEMI
CAL CO., Peterborough, Ont.
They ourad me of rheumatitm after I
had bnn given up.���Andrew Ciotksy,
Victoria, B,C.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, St. John*, writes:
cannot tpeak too highly of Dr.
CUrke-* Wonderlul Little Bed Pllli,
They worked t mirtcle io my cau and
oured me after many yean of suffering.
do not think tbeir equal ia to be
Nothink like Dr. Clarke'* Littl* Bed
Pill* for the cure of hurt trouble,
weakness snd blood disuses. Hav*
used them everywhere with success.���
Dr. E. F. Mann, late of H. M. Forcu,
South Africa.
Dr. Clarke's Little Bed Pills permanently oured me of headache. I
suffered for years, and only look two
boxas. That is year ago.. I have not
had a t^mptom since,���James fi. Jack-
ton, Sauk Ste. Marie, Ont. .
I do not believe there is a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clarke's Little
Bed Pills. Tbey oured me of indigestion and catarrh of the stomach after
nine year*' (uttering.-H. 8. Macdonald, G T.B. shops, Montreal.
Dr. Clarkn's Little Bed Pill* ana
positive and certain con for ia grippe,
rhuemaf ism, asthma, paralysis, catarrh
ecuma, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach And liver troubles, female
com|slaints even when the diseases have
been standing for many yur*, the most
stubborn casea will yield, Priu 60
unt* per box.   For uie by C. W.Field.
The Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough, Ont., will forfeit 810 for
any oase that then' pill* do not help.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Catarrab
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Ecxema,
same priu. Ten dollars will be paid
for any cue they will not permanently
t*r tjaWl# ���**' ��� fJ*. Mian ���nth
.' - sHtTss^sHAIr-'ilsTssrblfia, psf*)*** -.**'
- ^^*M i^   ������.. . - - *:'  - . - ���   ��� ���
fJUtv *-*** aywajm****) got wy***-***.
tanwa. -..itarva
���-���A-bttrle-MIUSred veteran Just hom. from ttn
.snr In -south s)(Hct,. ��** ,*,*# all irue down And
-Wetk, the afls.rn.iilh ot lhat dread veldt fever,
���aysi "lfoun,] Ijputh Anlrriaa Ntrvftetnt
iJwtolnaiesliclM and .heartily ncoofnHmdAt It
tSold byG.'-W. Field. ' '    /    .'.'
ei***** m**' a M-M-tar -tnitli
. than trlum aaid *-f Dr. Am.
naw-a U��wr Pilla. too. a via
olaar brain and a bsHsht
>H" A
Do. you ptmt Item Constlpatloa #'*.._
fSfa^'V'te!* *!�� ?��"���' ^'AgraVa
Liver Pilll .re t tab tnd phsuanl cun. lima
aits* aj ants iw in pills, M
SoldbyO.W, Fiild..  ��� ;���-���
Canadian Pacific
Railway amp moo hmk.
Trains pan Goldm
EAST BOUND,   **   -
Tourist Car Serviu to
Sundayi, Wednoday*  and Friday*,
Sundays snd Wednndtya.
Direct steamer urvioa* from
to all point* at
s Pttnngtr tioket*
If WUl ratu.
Full Information tnd Illudrated Para-
.    phlttt furnlihtd on (ppllutlon.
Agent, , A.G.P.A.,
Gol*"    "" ""
Jolden, B.C.
I...O.  O.  F.
Hocky Mountain I��lge Ko. M tautt in
at n n.ni.   issoysarnlnff bretnrtn welromt.
K.M.PSAKftE.N.(Jf. .      ft. Kim Set,
.. PBATT m 1JM, tmett
every ieceei Thanday in
���p/r BroOwrt-nleocDe.
1*0. Ii.
in Iheir hall
tke month.  Vltit-
Lprd Boubtry bu iuutd bit 0hnt
erfield iptecb in book ;forin witb a
lirefatory nott.
turtifbo* Manthly to *l lovrn of
SU( taiI MulC-JTMt VtJkUMot ������*��,
Outoa CutrlgM CMi-naWaaa by
mjO **-**-~\^g^mnm.
^^^jtmytemt ,
II MpN MM tw Rw
McMillan Fur ANa Wool Co.
MINNEAPOLIS,     ���     MIMME��OT*.
Columbia River Lumber
;..'. *  Fir and Spruce Lumber.
ALL KINDS OF....    -     -._.  ���        . ��*-,��.
������ Fir Dimension a Specialty.
Hills at Golden, Beaver arid KuaJt. +*
������ rt
Largest Capacity In the Mountain!.    -Terms Casta,;;
urad orvicK,        - -     '   eoibusr, i.
 _-_,' _: '      ..     -       *    ,     -      -     ' '-.-Oil*
Sash 8c Door Machine
Factory... Shop...
Engine aa* Boiler Beipalrlnc a SaMlalty.' .
��� ���**** ay   **t*^A-*^A^**j***a\*W^ m********
Ul_tmy***t*****t ������;'.
1lm_*,m-m*b*tm Co.a-Jte.ftn-
vm ****,*! **Mt***���
Sanator Templemao In a nply to tht
objtctloni raited by. the Vancouver
Liberal Auooiation againtt th* nunt
iitlonof th* uuntive, uyi in part:
"Tht contention that tbt eiuullve an
not propirly w*tffleio n*mb*ra ot tb(
convtntlon ii untenable. Ntoenarlly,
tbioffiom molt b* prennt at the eon*
vutlooi or mntlnat ol th* body ot
whleh thty nn offiotrt, pthtrwln
tt|*r...ir0ald.bi-nO coollnolty of th*
organlutlon. Tb* abUnu ol tb*
nttry, tor intlanot, wonld dtprlvt tbt
oonvtntlon of tht rtetrd olprootedlng*
of put mittlngtr while tbafallnnot
the othtr otSctrij to attend wonld be
tfttlly confo'ilnf. In my vl*w th*
Ubtralt otBrJtlitHMambla will ap-
pronofth��ut.lonotth*tii��ai\lve in
th(imitlir,andwill lutein tht dt'
oltlop tbu.tb* oOeiala tor thi tin*
Wnf an u-oflbslo msunbere of (ht
aonyaiitloB M.M for Jan. 80th. joat
a* tbtir ift-4t*ort In! offlot ��||| te, ei
offitiosnf ui*T of "faltovrlnjt nnnvtn
tion* whuetrtr it may be nel.ii ' '
���"' % -*Hw'tiffll*tldb' of th*��dltoriof liiwt
papwa mpporllng tin Literal Oovsjrn
���nut at Otta**)*:;wu*'*>|��i*sstesl to th*
anwiir* by nyull. I aotlud at tha
blanltoba Libtnl toaTtntlon aditor* of
LlurU ptptei vnn madt tli.ll.lt for
maatanblp, *ad; thought the id*a
eould b* adopted lo Brltlah..f'eluatbla
gruiry to tbj.e-^fantag. ot-tbeldbtrai
party, tt ****,'**��� ��l oplfltoa,; ��ood
polity to tb0i*ri**-^��lu the ntawho
htlp ta dlreat pnbil* op|nloa, and
wbou *arvl**f t* tbt Literal uaM In
tbt put h*v* bun too nldora nvrtrd-
���d or rteofniud, TJit tuontlvt alu
(tlpalated that tht Idterat raimten or
tkt Britlib Colombia ttartejiton
(bwldtemeabertof tb* convtntioa,
bnt u. to thll the VanoonVer protnt it
altogether illmt. Why? tf It i.
Wrong or intxptdlent to admit the
tditori, it I* equally wrohjj to ailinit
tbe isMtnteri. Tht latter, * w'|,0'���,*-, ,
admitted to iht legitlator oi, -the no-
ptrty platform, have nonro'n-jer claim
for neognitioa tban tha form*--. But
in my opinion bo*b bava.claifli>>'tobe
thai neogolied. fho action, of .he
uuutlvi in thii ngard waa mani-
Itetly in th* Intend ot th* party a* a
"Thipropual pf; tht ��KmVjtjv�� to
appoint a crtdintitl��eo.mi)iiiis*i'.,�� toon
M tb* d*l*g*tu'arrtvod.i^siiossuv��r, .
wu dot to a dnin .M^'a^'-dfe. huaj.
aut and to uv* tlo* jt^wiii 'call jh*
���itontiv* together btlijr* tha jtl...., ..j.
of th* donvutloh. and aub.nit io It ibe -
promt of in* Vanoonv* ,Am.!i.i..,jioD,
a nd iom* other qqnUo'.'s^Se'o'. f,,t...-)��
oonvuilon." "*"*>,.	
*.. sls*��  .".!'* '   )-slili I.
\-wMtege --ggggita
sis* Wrtt-w, 'S-,<i.'. *S^
******* j^tf-i..?!**.'.4.':
j - - H-ariM liMMat-H
tun er��m��fpj_��|i||-Stiit;Mlii>',-b.o''
..���it If
'   '     . ���*;.���,'������ . *., f       -*..���   ������** '* -.?-    ���* ,*'���';    *V, ..."���:���     ��� fc&J&S
���'���   v na *��� '���������**!?!��.������ ij*,*>   '�����.{   ���    '     '   ���'*���.-, - _-* *VvU____B_|
- ��� A'-i-v-isA-.'^.     "    iisniifsf---l *****
THE BRA, Q-OI.DEN, B. C, January 10 lift.
POLI 8AV|P HIM 130,000.
II **** aW itw tsaea*.
to Ave** Um
���'Tht moot thrtUlM, teomut I *vw
bm,"rmmb*te ru? Into, lobby cf a
hotel Ilia otto* tvutag, "wudarlng tbe
���rnttwstlsra boom sit 1888. Iliroogh my
rb MsM**r*m*t, I had Invotted
1810,000 In ruohet near 8an Diego.
Th* ntnni on tht invtttistnl ver* tut
tp that and* tn* suspicions.
"I*h*d placid enUnoonlMtnct InOntn
aadstoclded logo, opt ud tusttfthad
nadeantitakt Inn doing.   Httool
tevtelt tot nukes, and
urprtnltee thrt'-tonn1
���d Onu -pompouly, 'but thty an ill In
Hn* condition, aad yu havt tb* two hnt
rtrKibn hi notoarn t7illfor.il*.'.   .   T"
ta Inverted In ��� oonondnl.  I knew that
bowed tte^-MJttn ot.au,,
SB hcwoiM ��� _. 	
uleo, ud tbat wonld bt the latt of my
-meg Bo I prtttrotod to believe Mm
ud Itt bim tab* mt to tbt itation, nip-
pntdly to go hack boai**,. Ha seemed ur.
ikmlarl* aniloo. te nave me got out of
town md never left me for a moment until we niched Ibe depot. I Waltwl until
he wu out of tight ind then took ecar-
rlage to the hotel.
"Tbo.peit morning we mtde arrange-
about i: o'clock I decided totate*Tllltlo
stroll. There waa only, ono man in. town
that I knew matt hop n* im, and that
wu Onan. Tbe chancn win email, it I
wu two miles from bit houn, and I took
them. *-r- .... Z
"I didn't mnt ��� Meatllan; but at tbt
wood ot-whoete looked up, and then wn
Oteen driving right toward mel Then
nemed he; way of otcape, and for t*a>o*:
jnent I wm paralysed. Suddenly I holloed
that tbere wit t large telegraph pole Jutt
.head of Bia, and I saw that by retarding
my spoedlind gauging II according to bl*
I could mevt in such relation to to* pill*
. that It wbOld obstruct bit line of vision
bnd hid* tot. I never walked n carefully
In my llfj-'-but lt nved me (80,000, for
two hourfc after we trretled bim ud he
; nf unded tbe money. "���Detroit Free Prest.
'���****       .	
**ste sUailjr itoa ot I lit Caahl.r'a JPrecaatton
Mat Wat' Ovarlooktd by tk* rorjjar.
In tbo count of a lecture delivered recently on chemical teste used in discovering by tht Ui the age of documents and
whether tMjfrt ban torn Interpolations
jVrofoetor U..A. Doremut told of * curloua
discovery lb.tbe can of a raited cheek
made by hlttfe.ther, who It an expert In
chemistry auilln tloouni.nt*. The interests
Involved In'.thlt ctae wm very large, and
It wat not ijriicttcahlt that tht original
check thonld be tampered with or chemically treated,?, for j.urpoan of testimony
tn enlarged JJkotogrnph of the check wu
taken by llR-'Horomus, who wu called M
an expert In'lbo case. Tb*. flrst trial re-
tultcd tn no 4eolsl.in*-��nd on tb* jocund .
trial what purported to bo the original
check waa jirodqcod.' It waa banded to tbe
cashier of lha bauk for IdoUIIIlcatton. Me
eacn.lncd It Ud Hltt:    ������ -'* *   ������ ���
"This ta novthe original check."
-   "Howiio yob kuow that!" demanded:,
the amnird lawyer.   . 'V*?...v*
"Borauto In. the beading ojt (he original
check I* tiukt d '���*��� bole In the enter of each
of the 'ss'*' with a pin," wnt tha reply.
"This check hay not Ihuso hulca."
. Ia-ll..ihi'r'rto|wcit Ibe check seemed to
I* kkntl.al. , 'ilio court called for Dr.
Doreiniia' (.holograph lo he produced. II
plainly ahownl .tho pin hole*. Upon tbli
the lawyer for .tbe defense threw up bl* "
eaet, nnd the guilty substltutor ot tbo fait*
check tied iho country.���Xew York tun.
ACblBM* t**t-
It may have been (he privilege of some
of yon to hai a indulged In all manner ot
gojrgeoue feasU, to havo tupped with potentate*, lo have eaten of tbe rarest daln-
tkst procurable, bul I ventun to'ttate
that ftw have partaken of viands the like
of which wen laid befon tbe present
writer it Peking.   *
The dinner lasted for thne boon. Then
was do stlffneei In tha least, tt being quite
urn-Mont, after you bad taken tbe blnii'
ant toup* and tho thork flnt, to toy with
ofcopetkks, affect an. appetite and smoke in
stint*, profuse Brltlth faihlon white th*
atteustante ttood over you waving peacock
ton*. . -, *-**-
Too btgtn with ease, wlilj apricot kcr-
nilt and watermelon nod* watted la toll.
tore nllthj tht*. ume * group of oourtn
���bam garnlshtd with bamboo sprouts,
noted dudk end eueumten, plofcled.
chicken, ihri_.pt with letkl,-|pIoed teu-
ng* with eelery, flib with flr tte* cone*
tad twtet pickle. A-tetotee**teps*ubto
In honey, pomtgnnttet, water abntnuto
fmb thorn appln and honey gold oik*. '
b ay Hit at tte 70 txramt I notlct that
wt win pro-and blrtto' .nut *bus), nut
dock, iterk flnt, moiltmom* with pigeon
���ggr. tabid wblte pigeons, loft*
ban la honey, * Mt dock, nana,
mute, lb* atomaote of fat nth, pear* In
honey, white-tfnewt, toluol pigeon feet,
Mai md toup, tllced Bag bulb*, suited
ahrtnw*, prune lulu end svlooodi wltt).
a* w��i- tat -rm*** met*t*g cm.
. Aa old Itdy trtvtllng to tbe under-
noonsf railway In London tnd Sndtng
tun* of the amt/mamt, ber
only Mlow puttnan.tr>* told:
J*j_*m-* you jtoPTme, etr, what I* tte
"_*y*-nltr,i_s*_*Mb,'' wuto��u��i***��a*^
���n8i��' would you mind, dr, whw w*
arrivt, oaanlh. tta -ton. ��to--*lptag ra*
to gteootf'-,.,,.
round tte oircle twin tln-tyl''-tost-
ua'iWtokly. ���,
ApplleaM (to -uMnultl afg|IV->'
Cart yen stoaw,nt the r-te-losre-phVliito
lady with 81M0M wa* want, te gu mat-
Agtat-Oh, now, witoiatb'tdstvRyu
tte* yw na Majiat bow tato lute with*
oat�� pbotognph.-sfIteaweoe Bitot**.
Are you
for k
On the main line of the C.P.R.
ana Steamboat Connection with the
Upper Columbia.   ;
. -  ���*   -������-'.'���        * '��� !
-        SPlt<LIMACHE|E:.
'WGBEVD      |vf;
ICE RIVER      ?,' j
.     and OlTERTAIEi; MINES.
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
Eotd may be hacl at very
reasonable rates in tlie
Dominion Government Town-site.
*. -* -HIP     MB
fit m leti M Boom.
t_�� FatlU Effort or a Teasel-, lalmoa to
Ba-t a rafaily.
"In tho tntemt of amateur telenoe,"
raid LonmoreS. Burt of Montreal, "I onoe
Interfered cruelly with aome mott Inters-siting piscatorial domestic economy in a
ttream on the citato of an English gentleman, where I wu overseer of the game and
flth pretervet.
"One day I discovered a pair ot taluioa
on thsir spawning ground and speared tbt
mile. Tbe female ihowed tome little agitation, bul aoon noovared and presently
wut hurriedly down itregjii.
'"Another prospective salmon family
madt food for hungry ton,' thought I, for
Ituppottdtb*fim*l*b*d abandoned tb*
nnt, --.,- ,*������������
���5, "But I wu mistaken. She wm goo*
oajya few minute*, and then sho returned
In eomr-iy with* splcodld sptolmen of *
salmon of tb* tte-gwr si*xt rH. stepped
right Into the shoes of hi*-pMcocss.)r, to
to speak, and wn,. at terfder,- devoted and
watcBfpl M^verabeftnt husband had
been. Thll ublblttent: of ,lnoonitancy on
th* put bf tte (emale blunted tbe sympathy I might lun* had for her over tbe taking off of ber flnt mate, and I daetroyed
htr ntw felicity by tpearlng her' second
huij-ahd. Bt wasn't out of the water a
minute before that female salmon, the ico-
ond tlmea widow, dashed down tbo stream
again and In leu than ten minutes came
back with a third huabaod.
"He itarted In u proud aa tbe other two
had been and wai even tpoonler thon thty,
If that were possible. I speared the third
husband. The widow instantly went away
and got a fourth. Flvea time I bereft her
ot ber mate.. I don't know whether the
lupply of unmated salmon had tben run
out or not, but on her sixth venture the
nturned home with a big, handsome yellow trout at her contort. He seemed fully
u devoted to her at any of her husbands
had been and perhaps all would have been
well If 1 had left her to ber new love. But
ber conduct rather nettled auo and I enlarged tba tragedy by epearlng her. Tht
big yellow trout darted away in the middled tbe stream and after I had lifted the
often widowed salmon from the water he
nturned to the nest, glanced over ita moment, then deliberately devoured Itt eggt
and flatted away down stream."���Chicago
Inter Ocean.
Hook In tha City Ball er Wnhlagtoa
' Whan Runaway Couple. We���
Then la a room, or rather a little alcove,
In tho city hall whleh bu boon dedicated
to Cupid, anil.ln It hundred! of marriages
have been solemnized. It bat been aet
apart for this purpose for a number of
yeara by common consent of tho courthouse offlolaJs. Thit alcovo Is not surrounded by tho most romantic or agree*
ablo surroundings, at It looks out upon
the corridor and is directly opposite tb*
entrance to criminal court No. a, In which
tome of tho famous trials of Wathlngtoa
havt taken place. Neither la tbe room ro-
mantlo In appearance, aa It bas a thread-
ban old carpet on tho floor and it surrounded on thru, sides by tho musty looking walli of jhe city ball. It beta "poor
box" banging at the railing, which jira-
ventt Intruders from crowding the Ijrldnl
partloa. A sjvUulow lookt out upon tbe
grouiids 'turroundlng Iho old buildings,
ind tbli about completes the room.
Veers ago tomvbady of a lui-crttitlout
turn of mind covered in old horseshoe
With tinfoil and placed it against one of
Ok window pane*. Thut somo of the uuir-
rhigei which have ken contracted there
'have uot proved happy It accounted for by
the fact Ibat lhe horseshoe la turned up*
tide down ond'the good luck has all run
out of It. Kvon now tJ)c horseshoe rests In
tte place, woefully tarnished, but still said
to bo a talisman of good.fortune to those
wbo ore married within, the apace over
Whioh lit gonii preside.
Ko record of the mnrrlagoa performed in
thll apace hus ever been jirescrved oxcept
In the lleonsM Inued at Ihe clerk's oflice,
but It It tofe lo tay thtt at many -jcoiile
have boen wedded thero ai within many of
the churches of Ibe elty. Thit place Is a
gnat retort for runaway couplet from the
Virginia! and lis.) land. After Ihe run-
awayi bave obtained a license and express
the With to be married at onre the attendant* U the clerk's office alwayt ask them
to itepover to the little alcove, ond the
neareat miniater It tont for. Tht clerkt
ire anxious to establish n record for the
llltSf place and never overlook an opportunity to have' a ceremony performed.���
wtshlngton Pott.
B.alth It Capital.
Health It oapltel tt truly u money Is,
and tho man who to regards It will be at
careful In Ite expenditure, a* cautious In
It* Investment, aa prudent tn husbanding
Ite rtMURWi, u the financier It In' the
uianagomont of tte principal from which
be derives his Inoome. Many nertone hev*
no other capital than health, Tbaatruglk
���be; use In their dally business mt/st*
snm a comfortable living u long et 11 ri-
mini unimpaired, bnt onu 1*1 tba hulth
���prlngi bt exhausted by ouelMtnen, lin-
n***->a_M* or too lavish expenditure, then
ll but me way to replenish them���right
living and mi wultb auumulatn by
uvlng, and jntt In tte torn* way health
come* from uvlng atrength, not waiting
It npon trifles, not txbauttlng It In too
ts-swntn too prolonged effortei by neu*
-panting in rut and sleep, by taking auch
uerotn ud food it shall Invigorate in-
Iliad of depleting the pbytical power*. It
I* ntwr win to work to tht extreme limit
of one'a ability. When, weary, rest; wbtn
exhausted, sleep. The whole man will be
teeruted by It, Ills by spending last tban
hie Income, by turning his honest peuulet
oyer and over, relnvnling at thu Men*
mutate, thu a person build* up hit for*
tilne.*-Rew York i_dger.
��� -
���ew Ike Detwlbt* It.
Dutn Hubbt���I write thi* In a great
hurry, n tbto you may gtt lt In tlm* to
ttart for home on tht.llris)..train. ��� Im't It
dnadfnlt" Tbe nitty tn company jutt
ruined ell my ntwott gowns, whet wen
make i
Asthma Cure F_*ee.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Writ* Yonr lb'ame and AildreM rialnly.
There is nothing like AsA
!"ma)ene'.   h bi-inffs instaiii re
lief, eve.;  ia   Mn*  v.*. .��� ������     isi felt pUl'es *a!k*j ;;'": if -.  Fai   .
!'il( R   -  l'  !���*. Wki ;.���-..   ,| V ih h..i. .-
T.i my .
atoll isii ni
.Send me
s'ii   n
Full eizesl I*
Rabbi ol Cong. Bniii I-sraisl. .
New York. Jim. 3. 1901.
Dna. Taft Bros'. Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen : 'Voiii- Asilimiiloneis an excellent roaieily (or Asthma and Hay Fe.eland ita composition nllov imps all trouble*
which combine wuh Aaihma, Its success is astonishing; and wonderful.
Altar having it carefully analyzed, we can state that. Astlimalenc contains no
opium   morphine, chlorolorm or ether.   Yours very truly,
Avo!i|8i*BlJ��8��,|N.Y., Feb. I, *M.
Dn. Tait Biios. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen,���I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the cure oi Asthma. My wife hah
heen atB'otcd with -spasmodic Asthma (or the past 12 years.. Having exhausted my own skill as well aa manv others; I chanced to are your sign bpoh \'6W
windows on 180th street, Now York, I at once obtained a bottle of Asthroalene.
My wife commenced taking it about the 1st of November. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottle her Aathina hn* disappeared
and aha is entirely free Irom all symptoms. I fori that I can consistently
recommend tlie medicine lo all who are afflicted with this distressing disease.
Yours respectively, O. D. PHELf S, fi.B.
Dn. TAPr Bito*. Mei.ici.se Co.:
GentleufSn, ���I was troubled with Asthma (or 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but they have all diiled. I ran acrosa your advertisement
and atarted with a-ti-iul bottle. I found relief nt once. I havesince purchased
your full-size bottle, and I am ever grateful, I have a family of lour child***!!
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and
am doing business every day. Thia testimony you can make such uu of as
you see ht.   Home address, 235 Rivington Street. S.RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th st, New York City.
Do not delay.   Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDIClNJi)
CO., 79 East 180th St:, New York City.   ssa-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
,  *   . .
,no> btmetVaad, to  	
I fm. living with the Ruahtont, who, u
yoii know, havt tte wont children oa
urth, -IlMyJ-inwuryUwlltooatofa)*)
���ulf ttrnn not njough totutte tte
lon of- my lovely taWW. lu't it dread,
fair I luppon w*'ll ten to Un la a bottl
tor twhili, bnt do ecsto* at onoe. Tfoei
-stlttractedwlft, -.. - ...-- ���_��*.
; P. a���I forgot to ntonttco about our
houn bnrnlng-down, but I gon* yoa
oould ban guetatd tlfrtn naatiag my tetter. ,7��
���*-N*w Vtok Jnsi-aJ,
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine onr Jist and see if there is any tiling yoli t-cquirte
in Job Printing.   WE MtfNT:
���0 VtAM-
> Ta*0��� MAMK*.
eofvaioHTa ae.
���i teTKiKnttStiT
V      MUNN * CO,,
*mri Brtadsvav, Ntw Taitr,
The Imperial Life
Assurance Cy -
of Canadai:::
...    ���.    .--��--'  ��� -
Capital Subnrlbed,;, v. %. ll<W��.-(IBD <A
t'apital Paisjltjp,.......;   .400*. COO' OD
Oovet-nment Deposit.. .;.* JSiib.CfcO 00
A��iwta|It<0toe\*ts*-y$i0OiiFI,riilii! [Ui,
Firtt and.Paramount :   ' Al-��Sli;'i.- tj<
cttrlty to Policy ttolden.v'
blatrisft Agent   >   ���   <MI-IK*n
mviiftM OOLPBN, JWRTH-EAST kWTENAY, B.C-, FRiDAYi January 10 180?
a \/*/W*l*l*h'S/*i4-l--4*l* ttl*-%*l-*.'\V_>
I Town and District.!
Rav. Mr. Murray, Prubyttrian mii-
���lonary at Field, epent Thuraday in
Mlu Lila Laidley left on Mooday tor
New Wutmlnater when the will attend ihe Columbia College.
Th* (turner Revelatoke, built to ply
on the Columbia above Revrlstoke, wa*
laanohed at Nakutp oa Wstdnuday.
Th* records ol tht registry offlu tor
the Oolden district thow that than
wen 16 birth*, five marriagu and nine
dutha during 1901.
The condition ol O'Brien,  who wa*
injured in lhe stabbing affray Xmu
. d.y, ie causing amiety, then being
danger ol blood- poisoning.
The (pit weather in th* ton part of
thewnb resulted in th* Una bting
blocked in tbe Helkirke and th* nat
bound train* on Tuud*y, Wtdnteday
and Thuraday wen all Irom thru to
ten houn late. ���
FOR SALE-A lU-rooraol houu,
newly plastered, and lot 50 x 250 tut,
on the south side ol Kicking Horn
bridge, will be told cbup for eath.
For particular! apply to Wa. Avert,
Th* Ladiu' Auxiliary of th* Quun
Victoria Cottag* Hospital, Reteliloke,
hav* kindly unt ue an' invitation to
their ball, which will te held on the
evening of Jin. 24. Tb* invitalion ia
accepted with thank*,
Friud* of Mr. Vftt. Wright, who
recently got hi* leg badly hurt al th*
mill, will be pleated lo hur of hi*
rapid nuvtry. He ia ont of the hot-
pita'l and ablt to gat around by tbe aid
ol erutehe*.
Muter Roy Laidley, while eoaiting
on Blakely'* bill, on Monday, wu run
into by a eoaiter and narrowly neaped
a serious Injury lo bit (pin*. H* wu
laid np lor a ftw day* bat ia around
Th* ntw* of th* death af Rev. Dr.
Rotertton, noted in another column,
fit nuived with lorrow by R*v. J.
E. Hogg and tb* Pretbyitrian congregation hen. A memorial service will
li* held io the church on Sunday evu-
The special Cbriitmat number ot th*
Fort Steele Protptctor i�� a very creditable production, being profusely illustrated by cull ol scenes ill Southeast
Kootenay. A page la devoted to
a description of the Windermere diltriot by C. A. Nicholson, of Peterboro,
illustrated by viewe of the Paradiu
mine,' a chtrtcterietic out of Hr. Thu.
Jonu being given.
With Ihe current nnmber tbe B. C.
Mining Record enter* upon it* ninth
volomt and celebrate* the event with
a tpecial edition which partakei ol the
nalun of a review ot the mining induitry for the put yur. A report on the
district ol Northeitt Kootenay, from
the pan of our towniman, Mr. Jarou
Brady, I* nproductd in ttio'.hir column. Th* Record ia * credit to itt
publishers and a grut advantage to all
engaged in mining in B.C.
The curleri have teen watching lha
wtathtr with anxitty, looking tor Indication of Frost, and it ha* bun decided that the bontpiel, tha date for
whioh wa* ut for nut wnk, wil! te
postponed nntil Jan. 80th, lilt and
Feb. 1. A carnival will te held on
Fab. lit. Th* loft ipcll bu eittud-
���d all over the wutern part of th* mo*
tin*nt, and the curler* at Nalun,
Rtveletoke, Banff and Calgary hav*
bun in tb* um* fig a* lb* lout men-
no los*.
On Thuraday  evening at 5 o'clock
Ih* ttn tell rang, rudely dinurblng th*
quwt ot tb* evening.   Tbeeaouofthe
trouble wae tt th* houu of R. W.
Patmon, whenlhe ehildna, In Mn.
P.traoro'a  absence,  wen enjoying a
Christmas tm of their own arraage
mtul.     Everything   we t  will nntil
tbey came to illuminate tb* tm, and
In tbtir effort* nurly  *uocnd*d  in
*   Illuminating the whole neighborhood.
Fortunately   timaly   titlitanoe  wu
randared by lira. J. F. Ducoo, whon
' pluck and preunu af mind waa ro-
" w*rd*<tby v��nsjul*hlng tn* Intend,
'"' and teystetd a ubnbad wil,, bornt
aotrtalat. and about adounyoong*t*r*
inbjclulutbadamdg* wu nil.   Aa
anal ih* bo*tl*t brlsiad* wa* mocb In
���vistoao* bat their urvicu win aot
hut-**    Tbabu* rul wu.run out,
bat tte angina would bava te*o- *f no
.������*- w*iuli.|
tbaWtreTportloaofibatawa. Iiwu
a narrow auap* from a a*tfs*w4ra fur
If It bad got a bold that* vrovOrbav*
bna ntoblag to tog. 1***iAm*tiwill
-at tetot two booua w*�� t
. .fob priiiiing at tho.-KaAe���_t;     ^H
Loudon, Jan. 4���Publio failing ben
hu bun duply Mimd by the tllegtd
libel* on Britiih aoldlert in sSoaih
Afrioa, einnlattd on th* Continent.
Lord Robtrt'i latter (eontradiotlng tb*
���torlu ot tb* violation ot Boer women
and tbe employment ol Bur temtl*
nfugu* for immoral pnpetn) ba* in*
tenaiftod thi* fading upuially *��� l*-
gard* th* antl-Britieh pnu teudonciu
otlh* Otrmtn preu. Tbt Pall Vail
Otsettt dtcltru tbat a puitlv* doty
I* intamtenl oo th* Otrmtn Govtrn-
m*nt, to order ii* milittay attaehu In
South Afriu, to a'nnounu wbat tb*y
know regarding thi alleged atroeltln
In all quarter* tha kunnt diipo��l-
tion is evinced to hav* authoritativ*
denial* luutd anl hav* all aocuulloni
In the munwbil*, tb* irritation
againtt Germany I* bring vigorously
fanned by uvtnl af th* London dail-
itt. Dr.. Conan Doyle't pampblat on
th* lubject of th* Booth African
chargu will ahortly te publithtd
it dul* with every tpeeifio charge he
ho* been able to iavutigate; and it will
te nld withont profit both here and
in firo jtoropean eounlriu, fo�� wblob
il be* bun tranilatad. A N*w York
firm hu bun givto tht American
right* on condition tbat it nnd* a tnt
copy to every United Statu unator,
congruiman and Government officer.
Paine's Celery Compound
Efftcu a Cure Attar Failures of
Physicians, Patant Hediotaei
and Medicinal SjMngs.
The Wonderful Victory Oyer a
Terrible Disease Vouched
for by One of Our Prominent Druggists.
If yon an a eufferor from rheum*-
tlam in any of Us terrible form*���mu*-
eular, Inflammatory or tclitict, hi
assured o( th* glorious truth that
Pain*'* Criery Compound will work
for yau * permanent and bappy eon.
The thoutandi of letters received from
peoisl. who hav* thrown off tbtir tardus anl agoniu prove eonolueively
that Pain*'* Celery' Compound' I* I h*
gnat specific for tbi* awful di*-
ean. The following letter from Mr.
J. Leverington, of Virden, Ma*., aud
indorsed by Mr. J. W Higgiatetham,
druggiit, of tha (ante town, ihould
convince all sulforere tbat lb* Immediate uu ol Paine'a Celery Compound I*
their only hopt, Mr. Leverlagton
* For more than a year I wa* luf
ferlng from ib* agoniaing pain* of
tciatica, and after trying all that medical skill eould devise, and nting many
remedies, patent and othcrwiu, I oon-.
eluded to try the Hot'Spring* at Banff,
under ihe superintendence ot a medioal
man. I took t he trutment thoroughly
and carelully lor eix wuh*, and oame
borne al tbe end of ihat time racked
With pain  and weighing 43 poundi
I. At thie June' uro, when hop* htd
almott fled, I heard ot Paine'a Celery
Compound. It teemed tulted to my
tw and I unt to my druggiit, Mr,
J. VV. Higginbothnra, of tbl* place,
aad *ih*d about it. He recommended
it'lo rat, and I took a bottl*. * I won
began to ful tetter, and after taking
ibeiuond bottl* I wa* a eurad man
and thnw away my crulchn. I hav*
al-reya bun a farmer, and am a* able
lo do hard work now a* anr 1 we*."
Vancouver, Jan, ' 8.���Tb* ten*
���ceamer Brlitol.of Pnmier Dunimuir'*
colliery fleet, wai wrecked on Oreen it
land, near Skagway, on January 9.
; Her captain, mat* and flv* of tb*
onw lut theirlfvu. Twtnty-ont sur*
vivor* w*n brought ben tbl* evening
by ih* City of sSuttl*.
FOR  $12.00.
15-Jewelled     *
Nickle movement
in 3 02. ease.
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
Lumbermen'** and^Miners' Clothing.
���; i:'^p^ '^t
.'..    K?JiS_��   .��-*#      *A
���rei^*\^*\\m   * ���������-.
_i_3_T     7i^^^^Lt______'
*  ' __K?%J._B     ���* i
f\t   *,      **��� ��� -��
iti *M
- u)\* ^n ���
/    _L_S_S_a_Ml
ib mrntwn^- in
Look for the stamp "Oaris Mackinaw"
every garment.   Not genuine withont stamp.
,000.00 Too Inch.
Diamond Dy* oolor* an ateolataly
fait and ut/fadlng. Wubiag with
���trong soap or npeaon ia Untight
cannot dart or fad* tbtuimperithabl*
oolor*. No othor dya* tn th*. w*vjd
bava uoh a npniatlon far (tru-gtb,
brilllane*. purity *nd bUalyolboiwi.
Diamoud Dyu an lha tout tooae-ntoal
dywj ouaubate.w-dl oolor **ara*h
material tt ibru ptckagu of any othtr
dye, :;.',,
If you have not yto tun lb* new and
atirsidilv* Diamond Dye' Mtt and Rug
Pattern*, und your - addm* tn Tb*
Walla * BiehtrJion Co., United, M0
Mounlaln St., Montreal, P.O., and *��
will fa* immediately tuppllild. ���--*-"
tutor* in th* Imperial Lift
Tb* mlldntu of our matter tbl*
winter   having uuud   oonildtrablt
oomatont w* publiih  tba following
tabic giving tb* noord of tb* tb*r-
mom*t*r for Dutmber daring Iba fiat
hvm yur*
Dtei A*.      High.*     Low.
1896........ IS IS,        UB
1898........ M 88 MB
1897  11.07    JS,' ��7B
1898........   9- v'-v.��>���*,' MB
*\l�� ..* ��0.98..:*--87'r*>-:     SB
9.0 -9'-'':'V*-~P*' 'rT:- V>S\
tm .j,tm.,i.m--'--'\--l
In th*year <**> 47.teUte.tera wai
regiitered to N0v��Bb*r. -.-. r'S-r'" iii    .
���;i*'iiitt*rij!'i''y ��*.��>'ifi* V
The WoiW 'ljp-ffi**Wpfr
'"Tb* M^'fi^fal*^i^*''by
Balpb ���^nnsjr.'teiteuroagsteibookof
th* pruent tint*,-';* l*jW;;j3iiit*:p*opl*
art. almply ijm^l^^.^:jUt, and
what do yoa think -hM bapiMhto 1 Tb*
atrial right* to tblf ��W*,-hlcb I*
oreaiiog a notation throughout Ortot
Britain and ih* United State*, bay*
teu wid to th* puUtehw* of th*
Family Htrald and W**bly 8i*r,
MoutruL Wo*d*n wUl aavnetu*.
Tha'. -priu- man bava -bua-'aaarmou*,
aad oa tbl* untleut It la aafy a paper
llkdtb* Family Herald *ad Wukly
Star tha* unlsf ���*_****rl to ,Mr-*��ili'' a
ttory. W* M houwd to tty that lb*
rud^ rf ite P^ll-y Il_r__^
Wukly Star h**��la iton fm 1*****',a
trutteyoad ttab.ltaasiaartoa. . Wa
nader-teod tbl* uptrb-wattealAaay
���*mlUa*lv tot*rutlng-��tory, > "Tb*
T/Man froto���40mfa?-''~**4m St t
 hn il^;ri^'.n*M-:mi
WsMbljf 9i*< tltioit tAu**At**y.
Dr. AJ*jjWiXt-tov.!__, * Mt-t Hal
jTstote, .*t"�� mabi.**^***-* *-l tot yoa
it|kla _-<rt ordt*. ��� mi ^-ttuteaay ta
anv* lt*--v1*to-M*lir>li^.-tos*j-jytll�� aj
;���%���������,,*��� fi:'..if-
'Tha J*tiwt.n>itetst pU$��)m snutor
te'lorty-twa. .,;*'. :'.s-
Mr. *5**. "torri*, sidit^v and proprl*-
torofib* Nanaimo Frto Pnu, dted
���addm^-lto^.Ms^^.jl^nMn,' Mr.
Nmto.-ils-ipWiiJ'ib*^ n*w*p*p��
ona in tbl*;^lliu, having itortod
tbi Tw* f^ttstefly 80 yun ��go.| -
Jifs "
mr-mmym _________ fl_a
r~*~_ '_'*"*p
pate Ttneun.-'
-. -..   uMliflW'jWulJ.,mAf:-tnj)mt wtt I
t-Wm** ���si*il__�� !>_a_stoulllUJa H*a IWST
/ Com *w iiuumiiiiIw tt*#   A lew
~_Atf_W_B__*_____U(-l_t    '' *-****************"*^*-**^**^
teK.isMd. Iii
goM. "-SukB. EtMrfek,
Sold by C. W. Plild.*
IA/B hare $15,000.00 too much
"" Stock which we are going
to turn into Oash in the . . . .
We tue marking right down to
COST, and many lines nnder
cost in order to make a quick
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your Inspection
Golden &
East Kootenay |
Trailing Coi
XM ?**' \*t '���"** --.ft ****-*.*
tlitt'tten Aniaatoatlu ftr
m mtm if tk hmm iijik mu.
Replete in Everythingr.
OA Betogultoealyllnel rute to tte tabmm Toby. HemThjefisnil No.
"���" Ornto, tt I* tbi husigm-n Will willing men.   ......
a t3t*4-4luWSA^mmo<Uitltm. --'''P^H
[tad Cigars.
'y ���*?..
Rr wdlftruwLumfiw.      ,.v
* " '   '      *'"'     "-.������'���"���   .     --,s;"^-',--r. i-Vv'?*.\ '-���. ���'---.-
g^?V Gldar
Dm -Wt *.* .V  _i -
ws- ;...-..; Rr
-^ iilli It Boldeii, ^iyer ar.d Knalt '*
'���������'���.'������������'*?,i'i-'-"/'''>&ik-^ '   ���'     '-*'"'*-'
LtVtTwM^fSt^IatM._%��gt��JDl.    tem* Caih.
���aAtft-rttftOB. - ��� ��OLBKK, Itv. C.


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