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The Golden Era Oct 6, 1899

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���   -^KsXXkS' {
Thomas O'Brien,
Notary Public-Conveyancer, eto
Office in Upper Columbia Navigation and
Trams-ay Company'. Building,
ChiMe-a, B. C.
** *.��
Builder & Cbritractoi1*
"'    "A supply of "Bi.i.d!.I<r "timo for'Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given te
$2 Ber Yea-r
H. G. Parson,
General Merchandise,!
The Rough and
Ready Way
of judging Blanket values is by comparing
���Weights. A seven-pound blanket is generally
supposed to be worth more.than a six-pound
one. Berhaps! Housekeepers know that
blanket worth lies in wear and warmth. This
Iheans weight to an extent, certainly, but
'Quality more than all elsa Judging by
weight is only half judging and the method
ha*Ving the evil merit of a little truth is particularly dangerous. A blanket may weigh
heavy, have a soft, wooly finish ana yet to
worthless as far as durability is concerned.
T^he weight may be cottffli'or shoddy so covered with the wooly surface that you cannot get
at the warp���the foundation���to see how tne
blanket structure is really built. Come to see
our Blankets and let us demonstrate their real
make up. If you want weigh t we can accommodate you up to Twelve Pounds. Good
qualities are so low in price that buying the
Unreliable, "just as good" kinds is a real
extravagance. ,
Bed, Camp, Horse, Saddle ���& Flannelette
We have them] all and the price points are
such that your purse won't look as if stepped
#h after paying for them.
Xonjjns am iwayJljL^ _ , - - -
.,      limKOTORSl
II. 8. Uowland, President.
T. B. Merrltt.Vice-I'roaid.nt (SU'atherlnes)
Wm. Haoisay, Robert Jnlfriiy. Wm. Heuiii-ie
T. Sutherland Stayuor, Eliae Rogers.
D. K. Wilkib, Oeneral Manager.
E, Hav, Inspector.
Ilrmidon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Portage la Prinrie, Priuce Albert,
Revelstoke, B.C., Kelson, H.l'.,
Vancouver, B.C., Winnipeg,
Oolden, B.C., Strathcona. ,
Essex, Fergus, Oalt, Hamilton,
Ine-orsoU, Listoivel, Niagara Falls, Port Col*
bourne, list Portage, tSsult Ste. Marie,
St. Catherines, St. Thomas,
Toronto, Well-mil, Woodstock, and
Montreal, Vile,
Agents In <*rent Rrttuln:
Lloyd's Bank, I.UI ., 72 Lombard St., London
with whom money may'be deposited for
transfer hy letter or cublo to any of tho
abd--e branches.
Agent* In United States:   .
NEWYORK-Bauk of Montreal, Dank of
America. ..
CHICAGO-First National Bonk.
ST. PAUL���Seceud National Bank.
Interest allowed oh deposits.
l'-wincial, Municipal and other debentures
Available at all points in Canada, United
Kingdom, United Stales.
Golden Branoh, J. S. Gibb, Mgr,
in price but ours were -Hot before the advance   t
and our present soiling prfco is in many in-  js
stances actually less than tho prevailing factory price for tne same grade.
Trade Where Your Dollar Goes Farthest. ||
----- * 122
Upper Columbia
��� Navigation &Trafflway Go.
& International Transportation Go.
Connecting with CP-R. at Golden, EC.
���Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
ind surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday And Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods tq .Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
glassware, Hardware, Gents Htits and Caps, Parables, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Ken's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Brdn, Oata
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office: Toronto.
Paid Up Capital
Owing to tbe attempts being made to
corrul tiie timber around the minea in
the Windermere district Mr. Wells M.
P..-P., has taken steps to check this
monopoly, "rind has represented to the
Governmont The necessity of protecting the interests ol tho miners hy keep
lag sufficient timber tinder public control to meet tho requirements of mine-
owners fur years lucorae.
A reward of Four Hundred Dollars will lie
pnld to anyone giving Information that will
lend to conviction of anyone killing or stealing cattle and hornM.of the following brand*,
belonging to the Klk l'ark Itimcn Co. and
H, ��. f-onler.    - ----	
Cattle l.ranilctfc
ft W* tVV ri1", *i-^��-��pi���� ���*���>' .tt*Ao.n:
1 On left kip.
M   On left ribs.
2 On left ribs.
%{*}   On loft hip.
llorttcjs Eh-amh <I:
1  On right neck.
"I   On loftahouldor.
JI   Un loft shoulder;
7  On rijiht shoulder.
iTS   Oubfi.thonkler.
Elk Park Ranch Co
: > ;   ���       H. E Forster.
Slavlidi, B.C., Sept. 10th, IWRt.
The preapeels of North Kast Kootenay, and of Golden as its centre, have
never been bettor than at the prenent'
time. There is not a house to bo had
in Golden anii a dozen now buildings
coald be lot to-morrow if tbey were
provided. Tho rich mineral strikes
made around Golden nnd Winderpnero*
ttus season havejaroiijdit Nerth East'
Kootenay to tho front among tho mining camps of tht Province.
Complaints have been frequent
of late as to the unreliability of ; ltd
time-board at lbs Golden railway
station. On two occasions of late
trains have boen posted from two to
four hours late when they came in on
time. Wo do not know who is responsible, but already much incon-
veuieuoo has beea caused to travellers
by this serious irregularity, nnd th:;
Board of Trade intend representing the
matter to headquarters with a view to
haying the matter Investigated and
corrected for tho future.
Thanks to tho efforts of Mr Mullholland, Golden has awakened to the fact
that this town commands tho key of,
tho Upper Columbia Valley, and it is
now a certainty that a telephone line
will be laid from Oolden to Windermere district immediately, thus giving
Windermere di trict the advantage -of
telegraphic communication. Such
communication ti urgently needed in a
uatnp like Windermere, while by running in from Golden the effect will hn
to place this town in tho position of being tho supply point for that important
section of country. We hope the rest,
dents of Golden will loyally Hnd vigor
ously support the project now afoot
and make a success oi it.
Kidney Trouble hod Well Nigh' Conquered
""   Hilt South American jtlilnoy Vara Unlit-
Virt the Victory.
-   "I ft**, my citrm if lir.p-dvfU,*'said a popular
host ot'mio of Oiitarin'H wading eastern lintel*
"But I've been leading of hoiiih wonderful
Siurc* in eased of UrlgutVi Itaeaiu and Kid-
niy Ditto)dera generally by Houtlt Aiueriuan
KHgey Core, ao I am going to baiiixti my
doctor and try it, and lie di.i-, wtfii tlio result
that in a fow d/i-t's the tide of health ruturnwd
nnd to day Im is ho ding toward a complete
recovery. It'a a kidneySpecific, it acts
quick and auro.
Buld by C. A. Warren.
Notice is hereby given that I intend wlrliiu
sixty days to apply to tbo Chief 0.niiminaion-
er ot Lands and Works to purchase tke following described lntul. nituated on Number
Two Creek, on west aido of Columbia 111 ver i
Ne, 1 coruor etnko commencing at H, ��. cor-
ner of Mr. Colon C. Mackay's land, thence
running 40 chains oast, thenee 40 chains
north, thenco 40 chain* west,thenco 40 chains
south to point of w?ininenceaionti. containing
160*eros mora or less..
Dated Ibis 16th Soptembor, 1890.
Situate in tho Oolden mining 'Division nf
East Kootenay District. Wham located
on north fork of Spilllmachouo lliver,
near Burns Basin.
Take notice that I, John Henderson, nf
Golden, as agent for W. C. TilUgii. of rialoiu,
Oroguu. U.S.A., Free iniuor'a Certmcato
No'. 7lti5A, Intend aixty days from the date
hereof to apply to tho mining recorder for a
oertiHqnte of Improvements for tbo purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Aud further take notice that action under
section 17 must be commenced before tlm
issuance of such cartlHcateof itnprov-miiNiia.
Datod this 3Urd day of gepteiufor, 1800.
Athalmer House^
Athalmer, B. 0.,
,..,   F.   DARGIS,   PROP.
Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prdspec-tors and Mining Men.
laddie tad Paek ttoraes Supplied;
Sltunte in the Gulden Miniiiff Diviaion of
No.lli Eaat Kooltnay DUlrirt.   Whcie
1-M-ato.I��� Near the lieiul of tho Middle
Fork ofthe Hpillinmclione Riyar.
Tike notice that we, William MoNelali, of
Oolden, Free Minora Certlllc.to No. D10.M,
Thoma. Todd of Golden, Adoiiuiitrator in th.
Eatate of tlio late John 0. Told, Fr�� Minora
Certiflcato No. 7102A, and Thomaa McN.Ufrfit
of Golden, Admlniatrator In the Eatate of the
Ute Harry G. Woodley, Free Miner. Cerli-
Scale No. B87SA, limi. 00 dan from the
date herwf to apply to the Mining Recorder
far a CrtiUoate of ImproToaiuta for the
pnrpoM of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim*
Aild forth��r take notice that aotion under
Motion 87 mu.t be commenced before the
iunance of auch CertiHcate of Improvements.
Dated thU 80th day of Augnal 1890.
*AS TODD. Administrator.
McNaUGHT, Administrator.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Seals will be
received at the Goldhn Ea a Office and
executed with promptitude-
.Sitir.H* in tiie I)on:dd Mining Division of
East Kootonay District. Whore Incatod
���On south aidu nl' Kin basket Lake about
COO feet from Lako.
Sittiato in the Donald Mining Division of
.KhM Kootonay'DlatrlcL- Whore loraled
���On south abore of Kiubasket Lako, iin-
inediatoty emt ot Kinbayket Miuoral
Take notice that I, Thomas McNaught. of
Goldeu, acting as agent for tho Uolden & Fort
-Steele Development Company, Limited, of
Oplden, Free Minors I artilicute No. B1QK80,
and Frank Hortbiaumo of Golden, Free Miners CertiHcate No. 7040A, intend sixtv days
from tho dam hereof to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Cert ideate of Iinproromtinta
for the purpoaoof ohrahtiiig a Crown Grant
of Iho above claims.
, Ami further take notice that action under
section .'(7 mitft bo comnionccd beforo the
itisuanco of such Cortilicate of Impi-m*��� muina
Dated this 11th day of August, iKm.
Roport of W. F. Robertson, Provincial Mineralogist
Thit basin lios at tho very head of
the Spillimachene Kiver and 30 in ilea
from Carbonate Landing, the basin at
nn elevation af- over 8,000 feot. while
the claims on the hillside extend up to
a height of over 9,000 feet, continuing
over the summit into the Duncan river
country of West Kootenay.
The basin is above timber line and Is
surrounded hy glaciers. t The trail
passes over tho foot of one glacier
which extends dowu iuto the valley te
an tduvtuiou as low as 6,200 feet.
Tiie slope of the hides of the basin is
20*, brotcou by small plateaux aud cor-
ered with ruck slides, above which the
cliff* ris** seemingly perpendicularly.
The development work dono on the
laintH shows that there is a system of
large quartz ledge* cutting thrpugh
the basin about N. 70" W., and plainly
visible, continuing np tho face of tlw
cliff, cutting the (dates and shales
comprising the country rook. A secondary aeries of crobs course veins,
evidently of later origin, cuts the main
lodgos mostly at right augles.
These secondary veins are much
smaller than the main ledges, but
seem to be more highly mineralised,
I reached the basin on Sept. 23rd
and .was iiufommata hi that a heavy
fall of snow, of tho previous day, lay
oa the ground, filling up all tho open
cuts nnd covering all the dumps, so
that I was not ablo to make as minure
an observation aa I should have liked.
The principal claims are noted further on with as much detail as was
possible under thecitcumatances. The
main quartz lodges, mentioned as cutting the cliffs, .continue .right through
the hill, and on the other side of the
hill upon these ledges, and others
similar, is located the much-talked oi
Beuuitjon group. 'This group, although
lying within less than a mile of the
bnsln, I was uuublo to reach, ai tho
trail led over a dangerous glacier, and,
with fresh snow on the ground such
gerons to be risked, leaving as the alternative a trip of over 60 miled
around to ictmh this group.
A Crown-granted claim, 1.500 hy
OOO feet, owned by J, L. Spink et al.,
of Toronto, and situated at the upper
right-liuml corner uf thr basin at nn
elevation of 8,400 feet. There are at
least two Btl'oilg main (jtittrtz ledges
cutting through the property, the outcrops plainly traceable on tho surface
for several hundiud feet aud rummig
H, *"*��>��� W.
(To bo Ooiitinsod.)
'Notice ia hereby givon that sixty days after
date I, F. Laacellos, iutetid tn npj>Iytoilie
Chief ('niuudssionor of Lauds *.*<��� IVurks lor
permWion t�� pureha*-otliofollowingdMcrili-
ed tract of laud, sftuatod threo aiiion from tho
Kootonay Klvorou the east shore of the t'p-
per t'ohnnbia Lako in North Kast Kootonay
Ilistrict, sim ting at a post inarkod F.'Lns-
cellos, a. W, theiicu 'Mirth following tho hdtu
shore thirty ch.'dns, i hence East
thirty chains, liiutico South thirty
chains, thenco west teu chuius to placo of
tftfrhmhig, tho wbolmoiitaiuiag thirty acres,
Dated Sept. 1st, 1K/J.
Notice li hereby givon, that tbo intorest
held by Samuel wilr-mi in the "Last Chimco''
Miuoral Claim, situated netr PalHsor, will lu-
sold by public auction to tlte highest bidder
In sixty days after date of this notice, at the
Court House, Oolden on tho ICtli day of November at ten o'clock, for default iu payment
of assessment together, with all costs and
charged occasioned by such default, unless
the same be paid before tbat date to Robert
11. Wilson, Oolden, F. M. C. No. HlMU
Dated at Oolden, 15th September, 1800.
Livery & Feed Stables
Riga ol aU k.inds for hire at reasonably rates,
���teamiug of all kinds a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
Coffins and
.   Ordan -promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
(frlden; B.C.
P. It. Docherty has matje a strike of
galena ore on Canyon Creok.
D. McDougal and T. Hebson have
(struck what tbey believe to be a gold-
bearing ledge on Canyon Creek.
P. It. Docherty bas n fine copper-
gold prospect ou Canyon Creek, a mile
this sido of the Porphyry and Iron
Hill. .     ������    -
No. 1 tunnel at the Porphyry and
Iron Hill mine is now in 72ft. 0 inches
and No. 2 tunnel ia ih 6i) feet. Ore is
showing in both tunnels.
L, H. Estelle and P. P. Docherty
found some tine oopper ore at tho bead
of SavariaJSrepk on .Canyon Creek the
other day'and located some new ground
The B, C. and Chilberry, on Toby
Creek aro looking splendidly as the result of the development work done by.
H. tt. Forster and R. A. Kimpton,
who recently took up their bond on
this prospect.
The Hall Mines have purchased from
the Swansea mine-owners tho ore on
the-.dump at tbo mine, and it will bo
rawuided to Windermere .during- the
coming season ready for shipment in
the spring.
The Certainty Oold and Mining Co.
started work., this woek on the roa*3
which they propose to build between
the Porphyry and Iron Hill
mine .and Oolden-with a view to
shipping on this Winter. Work has
bees started at "both ends, T, Mercier
being in charge from the mine end,
and S. Hatnbly from Oolden.
IjjThore has boon a strike > of copper ore on tho Bugaboo By Tip Johnston and Clark. It appears that a
man named Hayncs, who has boon
prospecting there, had lou-.iu a fine
body of ore, and the report reaching
Windermere, about LG prospectors and
20 horses arrived from there, and the
discovery referred to is the result.
Several other, ..good discoveries bave
been made iu 'he district.
A Much-needed Convenience.
At a well-attended mooting hoH at
the Columbia House on Wednesday
night, II. O. Parson wne voted to tbe
chair, and P. A. -Mullholland, of Boss-
land, submitted a scheme for establishing telephonic communication between
Windermere district and Oolden with
connections to the outlying camp*.
The proposition was well received end
a committee consisting of Jlosflre. H.
0. Parson, F��� A. Mullholjand, H. Jfi.
Porster, W. McNeish, J. S. Gibb,C.
A. Warren, 0. B. McDermot, antl E,
Haggen was appointed to obtain pa^-
ticblars of cost and of formation pi
con pany to give effect to the proposition. A probable estimate of the cost
of construction was given. ,   ,,
Mr, Thos. McNaught was appointee*
Secretary. l .   ,
A hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Mullholland for the trouble he
had taken to obtain information tc
place the scheme before the meeting.
Peace iu the Stomach Kenps Sunshitio iu the
Life���Dr. Von Sum's Pineapple Tablets
Insure it.
The medicinal properties of the pineapple
nave f-trovod to be nature's most potent aid to
digestion, an iuvahtablo vegotablo pepsin,
and in tho uso of Dr. Vou Citan's Pineapple
Tablets tlio world is learning what a god'send
to humanity has been discovered lor iti
stomach ailments. James 1. Habiu, of inout-
pelier, Vt., sayst "Altar trying nearly
everything in the materia niediea recommended for indigestion, I found those Tablets
to be .-tin absolute speeitiu iu my case." 10
and SS Mnti a lw.v.
Sold by C. A. Warren
A Farewell.
Adieu 1 Adieu I my mountain home,
Th�� Pute-4 have uailod, and 1 must roam,
I love thy mountains tipped with *uo;v,
I lave thy sheltered valluya ildwd below,
Thy silvery ntreaiiis of dashing spray,
Thy flouKS of birds that eouie to play
Anil timely chant thoir livlny lay.
Thy myriad flowers of richest hl-som
lhat scout the air with sweot norfutno.
I Iqvo tho heart's WuolesOnie cnoyr
In its unrestrained atmo^nhord,
Wilh soul thaft Keeking right
A burning and a shilling light;
With theso il* nut all Jtiy to part,
'IVy hold h placo within my heart.
But on, on, my.iostloss soul,
Haste thou to thy wosteru goal,
Thu hounds that check the mh;h!y soa,
That ouihltun vi-nt ofnternity.
Ili-im, iusplrer ofthe human bronst,
Prompts mo dt sook anothor li-ini*', a rest,
Hnt nt't tho encli.'iiitinnir.s ailisgu.iu,
A-sh.uu, a phantom for a prize.
Tlioii f rowetli my frlondN and foes lniltind,
Thu one I'll keep -tlm other out ot* uiiiul,
Till carried beyoud tliu grpttidivide,
As brol hers we all flu! I itioet.no more to chide,
In lho lund of tlte.gliirifiod.
Noii' our King that for us died.
-John Mackay, Sinclair, B.C.
The Pineapple Cure
Is not only tbe Pleasantest but
the Surest Means of Cure In
all Stomach Troubles.
Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets are
an unfailing and delicious remedy for
dyspepsia and all the distressing cdnse*
?uences oX impaired digestion. The
aloe of the pineapple abounds in vegetable pepsin, an invaluable product, fa
that it is Nature's chief uid iu digesting all kinds of fjod. Dr. Von S'an's
Pineapple Tablets contain thia grand
oasenoeof the litscious fruit in a consolidated form, Eat them like cafidy,
or let them dissolve in the mouth.
They are efficacious and pleasant; will
at once relieve all the afflicting Symptoms of faulty digestion, aad will oure
the most. Inveterate case of dyspepsia.
Box of 60 TaUetiM86 cants.
Seta ty C. A\ Warren.
A Child's Suffering.
Mr. Wm. McKay, Cllffork, N. S.
Tells or His Daughter's Cm*.
SLjB Ve'a* HIf��t.   ut*U��..tuui   wVfi.   Aaatn
i RliemuHtlsm. Followed bi' bt. VltnV
Ihiiifi- tnofitiToreForm--Her ^ nrentn
IL one tit Sho t'OblU Kt>t,Hec-*'V��v.
Prom the *n-terprisfl, Bridgewater, N.S.
Win. McKay, Esq., a well known
and much respected farmer nnd mill
man at Clifford. Lunenburg Co., N. S
relates the following wonderful cure
effeotod iu his family by the use of JJ*f
Williams'Pink PilU:-"About three
years ago my llttlsdaughtorElla, then
a child of ten years, was attacked with
acute rheumatism. It was a .(prrlbly
bad case; for over a month eni was
confiuod to her bed, and during most
of the time was utterly holpless, being
unable to turn in bed, or in fact tn
move at ^11 without help. She could
not even hold anything in hn* band,
All power or mo of her limbs had entirely gona and'the pain .she suffered
was fearful. Hy coo&tant attention
after a month or so sho began to gain
a little strength, and after a while improved enough i to be taken out of tad
and even walked around a bit after a
fashion by means of a support. But
now she was seized with a worst) ailment than the rheumatism. Her nervous systejn gave. way. appeared
completely oTiatt'ere-?. She shook violently all the time, would tumble do .vn
in trying ib kwnlk. In attempting
to drink from a cup her hand, shook
so as to spill tbo contents all over
herself. She was a pitiable object.
T"''i8 doctors were called to hor again
and said she had St. Vitus' dance in
the worst form. She took thu medioine prescribed and followed tho instructions of hor physician for some
time, but .without apparent benefit.
Sho wasted away almost to a skeleton
and wer gave ha up for lost. About
tbis time I read in a paper an ao-
count of a great euro of nervousneaa
effected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
and resolved to try thom. I bought
six boxog and the littlo girl began
using thom. The good effects of the
first box wore quite apparent nnd whon
four limes were used, she soemed so
muoh improved that tho pills were
discontinued. She kept on improving
and after a fow weeks* was as well as
evar. We nyere told that lho curo would
not ia��t, that it was only somo powerful iiiRrodiont in the pills which wae
deceiving us and that aftep-t time the
child would ho worse than ever. All
this haa proved false, for now nearly
three years she has had unbroken good
health, nervofi as Strong us they arc
made, and stands school work and
household work as well as a mnturo
person. We havo no fleubt Dr., Williams' Pink Pills restored to us our
little girl, wbom we looked upon as
doomed to an early grave."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla area specific
fer diseases arising from aa impoverished condition of tbe blood or shattered nerves, suoh ee St. Vitus' dtinoe,
locomotor ataxia, rheumatism, paralysis, sciatica, the after effects of la
grippe, headache, dizziness, erysipelas,
scrofla, etc.- - Thoy are also a 8p6ctfc
for the troubles peculiar to the female
system, building anew the blood and
restoring the glow of health to pale
and sallow cbc&ts. Protect yourself
against imitations by insisting that
every box bears tbo fujl name Dr. Williams'Pink Pills for Palo People. If
your dealer does not have thorn they
will bo sent post paid, at fitt cents a
hox or six boxes for $2.60, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
0t6ok*yili;o Ont.
Two Lives tost.
On Wednesday week Harry MUohsU-
InneB, brother of W. O.Mitchell-Inne%
Manager of tbe New Golden British
Columbia, Limited, left Athalmer to
cross tbe lake for Windermere in a
canoe, accompanied by P. pooley, the
well-known prospector. As they did
not arrive at thoiidestination inquiries
were naade aud.no nowa of them could,
be obtained. It was found that tley
had not called at the residences pf any
of the people living near the lake and
the worst was then feared. The canop
has since been focrad drifting on, tfce
lake. . It is .supposed they wore overtaken by rough water, the canoe cap.-
sized and tbat they were drowned.
The bodies hare not been recovered ee
yet.. W. G. Mitchell-Innes left Ooldtn
for VVindeti-oera on Wednesday..moKOr
ing to obtain particulars. Much sympathy is felt for him in tneYftinfl-y
bereavement which it is now -certain
has beeu sustained,
Great Mineral Ciscovory.
An immense 'Strifce-'has-beoo n**-dp
on tbe Toby Creek by Tom Jones, an$
tho property has beeo bondod'to W.. Q,
Tho ore is a Band carbonate, one of the
most valuable of smelting oros, apart
from its economic value, and will command a premium at almost any.smelr
ter. The ore body has been cut into
forty feet and continues in strength
and value. It is so extensive that the
work so far done has not reauhod thi
boundaries ao that the extent of the
find is yet unknown, but it is ������vi^ent*.
ly bttge, and ii* regarded as one ot the
best finds of the season. The.,assar*
gavo S7 to 60 per cent lead, 4^ t'O'bO
ozs. silver, and $14 to ?I6 gold,.... The
location is between tho Dragon and
.���j���-    ��� *>  ���      ���
(From our Own Corrcflpoidant.) .
The reopeotivi) owiwr. of tfra Oaq,
torburv and Peterborough townsite^
nre ui-i-niigiu-; to make things hum this
lull.    Opposition Is the lifo of t-ailo.
Joe Luke hae been eppoiuted punt*
master at Athalmor, B.C. This will
be a great convouience for those living
on the nest side el tha valler. ,,
"VV. 0, Weill, M.P.P., scent Wednesday in town meeting, old acquaint,
ani-es and looking after the interests o!
his constituents. ,, . .,
Manager Mills ot th* law mill is,
building a oottage on the bank o! tb'o
Columbia, and it will be quite an addition ta the town when finish-*-].
The latest strike by Jelfry and Wat;
son on Spring Creek is considered a
world boater. ,     .    .
Pretty Girl is working a force ot
men under the turemausltip of Mr.
ilonderaou. * i
A force of 15 men will be worked
throughout the winter at tbo Sil.ei:
Tlii-eud. Law Crock.
Frank Durgis has completed t coin;
moi-ious livery barn which. )io will run
in coiiiii-ciion with lhe Athalmer
Houso. .
H. It. Bruce intend, working Ihe
Sitting Bull throughout ibe,wi*ji��r.
Comfortable cabins nto row being
orccted for the men. ,
lien Pugh and Win. ltoutledgo have
struck it rich on Horso Thief creok
ncoordinK to,.i;eports. ,,.
It is tin lt-istood .that i\ A. Mullholland litis a corner on the Athalmer
. *	
Nei-'-oiui Trouble, had About Wrecked he,
Itaiaon -South American Nervlno Lifted
the Clouds and Cured Her.
Tjju.wifenf hwc'j known private banker In
tlloivoHtwaanoaffliclod with nervous diwir.-
dom that her physicians l'eareil Bhe would,
luso lior reason, liut aim rojok-ea to-day with
lier l.-niiily through  rending a simple lest!"
mouyol how 8<.uth American Nervine.ctirod
auetlicr aeoiiiiiigl,v lio|wl.s*i case.   She waa
mduml tn try it, too, aud tii-day is a cured
fionian herself.
Sold by U. A; Vt'arron.
Hon. C. H.Mi ..Ii.tn.il having thrown
dp his bond ou th. Red Line, Messrs-.
Starbird and Collett haro again sold l(i,��
property, this time (or Slf0,(100 .S
$100,000 more than their original la?*^
an^ this beforo aii.yjlevelep.nient wcTsf
Ws been do'no Sn' lha frofiitf. BRITISH AND BOER
A Large Body of Boer Troops Start
for Sandlspet to Join With the
Orange Free State Artillery.
London, Sept. UO,��� A dispatch to the
Daily Mail from Oharlestown says:
"Oommaudering is proceeding in the
Wakkerstroom district, and probably
thronghout the Transvaal. Two thou*
and burghers are assembled at Wakkerstroom, which is eight miles from the
Natal border, and eleven from Lalngs
Nek. Also, 1,300 have been ordered to
Sandispet, fifteen miles west of tha
Natal bonndary, where they will meet
the Oraug-3 Free State artillery, whioh
has been lying low in this neighbor-
hood for a fortnight."
The Press Association issued the following statement yesterday evening:
"We learn that the centre* of interest
in the Transvaal controversy aro really
at Lisbon and Berlin and this consider*
ntion. it ie thought in some quarters,
way oanso a further adjournment of tbe
cabinet. The future administration
aud financial control of the Portuguese
possessions in South Africa ure held to
be an integral factor in the present
difficulty. The friends of President
Kruger urge tbat it would be manifest
ly unfair to insist upon a partial re<
Auction of the forts at Pretura and
Johannesburg as loug as Lorenzo Marques remains under the Portuguese gov-
eminent, and It is probable that the
negotiations between London, Berlin
nud Lisbon may not be concluded until
after the cabinet council"
The Odessa correspondent of the
Standard telegraphs: "There is a
rumor that Germany recently suggested
to Russia tbe advisability of mediation
between Great Britain and the Trans
vital, aud that Russia deelined to have
auything to do with tbe matter."
The Daily News, which appeals to
the government to await President
Kruger *s reply beforo sending a second
dispatch, says: "If, as has been us-
sorted on behalf of tho Transvaal all
trouble would bave been avoided had
Mr. Cliamberhtiu'fl dispatch last Friday
said "convention" instead of "conventions," wo do not believe a British
cabinet would decline to clear the mat'
ter np. It is for President Kruger to
Bpeak. It is, indeed, only a matter of a
consonant; for we are convinced that
it ie in hie power to get the consonant
Tbe Preotria correspondent of the
Daily Telegraph Bays: "The Transvaal executive is absorbed in war preparations. Many Boers oppose aggressive action on religious grounds.
There have been locul thunder storms
and rains at Johannesburg and in various parts cf thu Orange Free State."
As the second battalion of Grenadiers embarked on. a transport at Gibraltar for London tbis aftarnoou, they received a "hurry cull," ordering tbem
to proceed to tho Oape, for which plaoe
they start tomorro-w.   ���������- -��� ~
Sultl tn HuveWr Men a Letter Confcaalliff
tbe Murder ut Voting Stewart*
Brandon, Sept. an.���According to a
rumor current here, thero has been a
somewhat startling revelation iu
connection with tbe past history of
Hilda Blake, who lies iu the Brandon
jail, tho confessed murderess of Mrs.
John Lane. It is staled that she wrote
a letter to Mrs. Stewart, of Virden, the
lady -with whom she lived previously,
in which she confessed that she had
murdered yonng Stewnri, who it was
thonght had committed suicide. Ibe
yonng fellow was fouud dead in the
honse, and the supposition was that be
had shot himself, suspicion having never rested on tho youug girl, Hilda.
Presumably her snecess in escaping the
results of this crime emboldened her to
commit a second. Had she identified
the tramp first, arrested for tbe mnrder
of Mrs. Lane she might still be free.
It is also stated that the girl wrote a
letter to Mrs. Stewart abont the time
she went to Winnipeg to purchase the
revolver with whioh she committed
hor latest crime, stating sbe was en
route to the old country, having Jnst
finished a course in the Brandon cospil.
al, and become a full fledged n*arse.
An Insane Mother's Bash Act.
Detroit, Mioh., Sept. 21).���Mrs. Olam
Rhelner, aged III, of this city, last
night attempted to murder her mother
three childreu and commit snioide. She
gave her children morphine, slit her
own wrists, then turned ou the gas in
tho room whero they were. When dis*
covered, ��� two of Ihe childreu, Harold,
aged 8, and the baby, aged 14 months
wero dead. By hard work Ihe eldest
ohild, Eller, seven years of age, and
Mrs. Rhoiner were resnsoitated. Mrs.
Bheini-r failed to ont the arteries In
her wrists and the physicians ssj she
will recover.
It is believed that Mrs. Rhelner ll
Insane. Her husband boa nol boon
lonnd slnoe the orlme waa discovered
and the says he had not been home for
three days.      _
Trie* to Lynch a Detective.
Chicago, Sept. 89.���Colored men la
Ohloogo lost night tried to lynch Jas.
Washington, a detective, because ha
too down and surrendered to Tenneteee
offloials, Edward Gurtis, on escaped
convict. Tbeir anger was aroused to
the point of frenzy because Onrtls,
since bla escape, had married and led
an honest life. Washington was taken
to the police station for safety, there
being another light when the officers
brought htm ont of the house. A guard
-was posted nt the honse all night to
prevent the crowd from pillaging it.
Billiard U the Red River Vallef.
Grand Forks, N.D., Sept. 80.���The
fior-ooot September billiard within th*
memory of the oldest Inhabitant ot the
Bed rlrer valley is now raging. Rain
began to fall early yesterday and abont
dark lost night it turned to snow. The
ground ie covered and anow la still falling, driven by ii severe Northwest
wind. '"	
Medioine Hat, K.W.T., Sept. ����.���
While the military ipeoial was here on
Indian selling bora dropped dead.
Tbe body haa been handed lo tht polio*, j
Groat CrmvilH  in   AltMidiiw*The  Moll
SaoceH-sful Fiih- Evi-r Hold In Calgary,
Calgary, N.W.T , Sept, 20.��� Great
crowds attended the opening of the
Inter-Western Pacific exhibition yes ter
day. Borne excellent specimens of
cattle and horses were shown, particularly by the Elbow Park ranch. The
display of roots was exceedingly good,
and in the dairy products was excellent,
especially the creamery butter. Tba
exhibit of manufactures looked higoly
attractive, and received muoh attentior.
Tho continued bright sunshine brought
even a larger crowd ont yesterday than
on previous dsys, and closed one of the
most successful fairs ever held in Calgary. The directors of the Inter-West*
ern are now determined to make this
an annual event worthy of the capital
of Alberta.	
Scotsman Ashore on Belle Isle*
Montreal, Sept. 39���The steamer
Scotsman, of the Dominion line, is
ashore off Belle Mo. The steamer
Moutford has taken off 300 passengers,
and is now on hor way up the golf.
She passed Heat Point at 8 a.m.
A dispatch from Heat Point says the
Elder Dempster steamer Moutford
passed inward with 250 passenger.-* of
the Scotsman on board,
Tho news was received witb joy at
Moutreal as a large number of prominent people are on board whom there haa
been mnch anxiety. It is probable a
special train will be sent from here to
bring up wrecked passengers from
HI moo ski.
Among the passengers of the Dominion lioe steamship Scotsman are the
members of William Greet's London
company, whioh is to begin its fourth
American tour at the Academy ot
Music next Monday night.
Father Point, Spet. 29.���Neither the
Kastnlia, of the Donaldson line, nor
the Lake Superior, of tbe Beaver line,
both of which passed here this nioning
inward, had auy uews of the Scotsman,
reported ashore of Belle Isio. A dense
fog prevailed in the straits when they
passed through and they cuuld see
A subsequent dispatch received by
the Dominion line agents from the
operator at Change Islands, Newfoundland, was as follows: "The Scotsman
is ashore on a ledge, clcso into the
shore, five miles eastof Belle Isle light.
The passengers are all landed, but
there are no provisions in the island
station. All holds ot the ship nre fall.
Tbe ship is lyiug even. Immediate
assistance is imperative."
Change Islands, Newfoundland, is
140 miles south ot Belle Isle, ut the
south-east point of Notre Dame Bay.
It is rather remarkable that a dispatch
was sent from a point so fur from the
catastrophe, but tbe agents of the Dominion line at this port, D. Torrance
& Co., ore inclined to think the news
might have been taken thither in a fish
ing ��� boat. The following reply was
seut at once to Change Isluuds: "Assistance will be sent. Have asked gov
eminent protection."
The advisability of having the wreck
ing steamer ou a scene as early as possible   goes   without   saying.    By  the
fci��� -bhi-s i�� *r��b.lUU��l    if.    iu    tik-Hlv   ��
cable will have boen sent to England,
advising that a wrecker should he sent
from the other side, as it would .reach
the Scotsman about as quickly as from
Quebec, and iu all probability would be
a much more serviceable craft.
At the board of trade and ou obange
generally the now.i caused a great shook.
Every steamer available was needed to
curry freight from this port before navigation closed, aud tho Scotsman was a
large carrier. The ship's value was
estimated at half a million dollars,
largely covered by insurance.
Field Coronets at Johannesburg Distributed 4,000 Rifles-Scouring
the Country for War Supplies.
1'i'iilay, h��|itniii1t*itr 59.
The Spanish cabinet will resign to.
Tiif Canadian ticket agents moot ia
Winnipeg Oct.  10.
Sir Wild-id Laurler will cuuiuicuce>
Ontario tour Oct. 10.
Tlio Oners nre mnssliig at Vryliold toj
niuko a dasli Into Natal.
Delegate!* of a Jewish co limitation ;is.
suclatlon uro en route went,
Ilev. 0. W. tjunion nml Miss Helen
King were married In Toronto.
Considerable mystery uiirroniidfl tlit
departure ut a Wiiialuo^ druggist.
Montreal luniks linve luct-ejscd (.lie
rubs on call loan* to -*> l--.' iht cent.
(Jcneral llutton lias exi'luluvd hi* pro.
luteal to remove Mnnlto'-ia's UrugoonS
The Volksraad of tin1 I'm- Slate lias
nlliclaUy decided to insist lito Trans,
vual. ���
Hilda Dlake, tlio Brandon murderess,
Is alleged to liavu commute*! uuother
Tlio second liattallon of Oronudlert
havo been ordorud from Gibraltar te
the Capo.
Ulslmp McEvoy told the Catholics ol
Windsor, Unto tliey sliould have sopar.
ate schools,
Mr. I>. 1''. Held was nominated us local
governmont candidate la Kiidoinni and
t.  Andrews,
Siililo Island  Is disappearing und the
Dominion government lnte.nl lo muku
survey ol the place.
The plan for a $10,000 university
hulldiiig In Wlunliicg was approved dy
the university council.
An Englishman named Ilohertsoi: Imt
been arrested at Pretoria hy the Ilotrl
charged with high treason.
The Drltlsh cabinet meets this afternoon and from appearuuee* the house ul
commons  will  assemhlo  next  week.
Two of the Elder Dempster Huq steam.
ers will leave (or New Orleans to em*
hark mules for the British government,
Halifax, N.S., S-pt. 35.���A special
train on the Dominion A t lit u Ho rati*
road, carrying 600 men of the flilrd
regiment from camp Aldenhot to Halifax, left the rails and was thrown Into
a ditch near Mount Uulak, thirty miles
from this city, today. Several were in*
jured but no fatalities are reported. A
special wrecking train was dispatched
from here on receipt of news of the
Montreal. Sept. 29.���A. F. Gault,
the millionaire cotton manufacturer,
hu presented a clock and chime of
thirteen hells, full set, and mn by electricity, to St. George's Episcopal
New York, Sept. SO.���In a collision
between a trolley oar and a freight
train two passengers were killed and
many injured at Manhattan crossing,
Madrid. Sept. SO.���The Spanish cabinet will resign tomorrow M ft result
of the irreconoible differences of the
ministers regarding the proposals for a
London, Sept 28.���The Daily Telegraph publishes the following from its
special (orrespondont in Oape Town
"I regret to uoto a universal opinion
that war is very near. Everywhere
the Boers ure active aud bellicose.
They are arming, equipping and storing supplies for a protracted struggle.
The Transvaal government bas failed
in an attempt to purchase 10,000 sacks
of wheat here, but Boer agents are
scourln? South Africa to buy campaign
provisions, Proof accumulates of the
existence of a great Dutch conspiracy
against British supromaoy in Soutn
Africa. The Free State is believed to
be involved aud tbere is no doubt that
the Orauge governmeut is intent upon
war. Many Boers in the northern dis
trlots of Cape Colony are joining our
pro- able enemy. The Dutch republics
will together be able to muster 85.000
men, nearly all mounted I learn that
tbe Free State has decided to put 10,
000 into the field.
Other dispatches from Pretoria and
Jobnnuesourg speak of tho probability
of hostilities within a week, one correspondent suys: "British subjects will
be given a certain period within wbioh
to quit the country. If they desire to
remain they must make application to
thai effect, and tbe application will be
considered ou its merits."
Another correspondent says: "Fonr
thousand rifles and a quantity of am*
munition have just arrived at Johannesburg and are being distributed by the
field cornei. The burghers of Pretoria,
4,000 in number, ure equipped and
waiting the order to advance."
The Oape Town correspondent of tbe
Daily News "says: "The pass of Laings
Nek will be occupied tomorrow, with
sufficient strength for present needs,
nuder the belief that the Boers will attack Natal immediately hoping to fore*
stall all the landing of the Indian contingent."
A few dnys more and then a definite
development iu the crisis in the Transvaal should result. The volksraud was
sitting in secret session last evening,
Wednesday, nnd the burghers donbtless
hnd the result of the deliberations of
the Orauge Free State volksraad to
guide them in nmkiug a decision as to
the reply lo Mr. Chamberlain's last dispatch, which will probably le handed
to the British diplomatic agent at Pretoria, Mr. Gonyugham Greene, today.
The secretary of state for war, tbe Marquis of Laudsdowu was busy until a
late honr last evening at tbe war oflice.
It is expected that the next British
note will virtually demand tbe absolute
fulfillment of tbo conventions of 1H81
uud 1884, whioh have been violated in
numerous points, but will accept a five
years' limit for the franchise. According tu tiiu ri-jiu.h wrttfsponaenc oi tne'
Daily Ouronicle, it is believed In the
highest quarters there that a settlement
is even yet possible if Great Britain
will propose moderate terms, and at the
same time make it clearly understood
that these will be regarded as final.
The latest dispatches anticipate tbat
President Kruger will coutinue obdurate, and represent the situation as of
the gravest character.
An American, Mr. J. O. Hall, haa
beeu appointed editor of the Johannesburg Star in the absence of Mr. Money-
penny, who crossed the border to evade
n warrant issued for his arrest by the
Transvaal authorities. Immediately
on war being declined both the Star
and the Transvaal Leader will be suppressed. Several other Johannesburg
papers have already suspended publication. A rnu Is commencing on the
banks in the Transva.il and the Orange
Free State.
Loudon, Sept. 38.��� Notices for the
adjourned cabinet council wero forwarded this afternoon and the chief
government whip will be on hand to
give immediate effect to any decision
arrived at regarding tbe reassembling
of parliament. Information from
Bloemfontain leaves little donbt that
the Orange Fro State volksraad la
unanimous in supporting Transvaal.
Tbe International Cap Challenger In Dry
Dock 1're purl ne for the lUces.
New York, Sept. 98.��� The International onp challenger Shamrook waa
successfully placed iu the dry dock at
the Erie basin about noon yesterday.
Every precaution was taken to pre-
vent accident to the visiting boat and
although Sir Thoaias Lipton, her owner, waa not present, Designer Fife pnt
in an appearance soou after the boat
had been floated into the dock and took
careful measurements of tho Shamrock's
water line and Ihe dlstanoe ou the aide
of the dock to he certain that her keel
rested In a proper position. In addition to theso vrecaationary measnrea a
dtver was sent down aud ascertained
that tho keel was resting whan it
should on the docks.
Ville Marie Bank Dividend.
Montreal, Sept. 38.���Jndge Afoht-
oald authorised tho liquidators of tba
Ville Marie bank to pay a first dividend
of 35 per cent, ou the circulation of th*
bank to note holders, and payment la to
be mado on the 13th of Ootober, and to
faoilitate this holders of notes will be
required to deposit witb the liquidators
the full umouuts of tbe notes tu their
possession. The liquidators will return
70 per cent, und retain 35 per cent
This will removo the obligation of
stamping bills to the extent of 85 per
cent, and remove the danger of fraud.
millonlre Im Jail.
Ban Franoisco, Sept, 38.���After fighting for two years to escape hia fate, tba
millionaire, Wm. Bradbury, waa taken
to the oonnty jail today to servo 84
boors sentenoe for expectorating on tha
floor of a street car. It wu regarded
aa ft test case, ���
Father Point, Sept. 38. ��� The
staamer lemma from Newcastle pasted
inward yesterday and reports baring
experienced heavy westerly winds oo
the passage aod encountered several lee-
bergs near the Straits of Belle Isle.
Tlmnuliir. 8e|ilmul>er MB
The Shamrock has gone Into dry dock.
Judge Reynolds died at Brockville,
limn Larson ! as com ml1 .ted suicide at
Hat 1-oriage.
A fire In Rowlaud destroyed ulae
���mall  building-*.
Admiral Dewey wat, interviewed on the
Filipinos and polities.
The Ottawa tali' directors have to
lace a delicti of to.OJo.
There are 1,000 persons In Qlstress
iu   the Cape Nome district.
John II. Park, e wholesale merchant
ol   Hamilton, Out., is dead.
Tho Filipinos are treating their American prisoners as their guests.
W. Cox was acquitted at Qoderiehon o
chnrge of   killing Ills son-in-law.
Sir Chas. Tupper delivered a mm-poU-
tlcal address at the Halifax, fair.
The decision In the Venezuelan arbi
trutlou will ho given on' Monday.
Lord Mlntn -will gn to Now York. Saturday, to wltuess next week's races.
Active preparations aro under way for
tho adjourned British cabinet mooting.
A first dividend of 23 per cent, will be
paid holders of  Villi' Marie hank bills.
Alarm Is heing exiorlenced at the non-
arrival of  the Scot ii mau at Montreal.
The O. P. It. has announced a reduction In elevator storage charges ut Fort
Four men wero trashed iieyond, recog.
nit Inn by a remw.viviu.la railway shift.
lug euglne.
Large quantities of hay In the Stony
Mountain district were destroyed by
prairie fires.
The jury returned a verdict of heart
failure In tlio case of diss Evans, wbo
died at ltegiua,
In the first Innings the English cricket
team were short lio rune of the Philadelphia -colts' score.
A commercial traveller who lost ons
of his feet at Cassels, N. \Y. T., sued the
Ot P. It,, hu't lost' the case.
ll.lw.en  l>.rjt*elliig and  Karamng 900
Ll... -IV.ru LoHt by Flood.
Calcutta, Sept 28 ���After gathering
at the bead ot the bay the storm moved
north today giving u heavy rain in Oal*
ontta, Dinajapnr, Rmgpor and Jal-
paiguri and falling with the greatest
fnry at Darjeeling. Simnltaneonsly,
another storta gathered at Rangpnr and
pointed westward from Poraeo to
Tbe nsnal weekly reports have not
beeu received by tlio Kow.rniuent and
there is reason to feur tbat tbe distriot
named is flooded und that cominnnioa-
lion is interrupted. It is estimated
thnt between Darjeeling and Kurseong
alone, 800 persons lost their lives. The
line between Darjeeling and Sonada
will be blockaded, probably for two
Both the upper and lower Fuglaj-
horaa have beeu earried away. A number o.' bodies have been recovered on
the Happy Valley estate. Soldiers of
the Monster regimeut are searching for
the bodies and clearing the roads.
. Cox Acquitted.
Ocdorioh, Sept. 28. ���The case of the
Qocen vs. Win. Goi was reviewed yes.
terday. Cos sbot his son-in-law,
named Beattie, iu Ooderloh township
last October, 1808, killing him. An
investigation took place immediately
afterwards at Ooderloh before Police
Magistrate Seagcr. The magistrate
discharged Cos ou the gruuud that he
had prsotioally acted in self defence.
RecBntly an agitation was started wun
a view to having tbo matter iuvis
tlgated by tho s;riuitl Jii-ymid with that
object a fiat wui got from rbo attorn .-y*
general permitting the crown officer to
put a bill before the grand jury, cbarg.
iug Oox with manslaughter, whioh was
dono yesterday afternoon. After a
oarefnl investigation the graud jury returned no bill aga'nst C'oi for tbe
offense obarged.
Mine Ilnlldlngs Destroyed tt Hosslnnd.
Rossland, Sept. 88.���At 7.55 last
night a lire started just below Nhkel
Plate flat on tbe west side of Centre
Star gulch and south of the Second
avenne bridge. A very strong north
wind prevailed and In a few minutes
five or six buildings were iu flames.
Owing to the prompt aotion of the
i-hlef nnd tho fire brigade, the fire wot
confined to a comparatively small area,
about nine bnildings being entirely
consumed. For a time lt looked as If
the whole western portion of Ihe olty at
least waa doomed, if not the entire business section, and people were greatly
alarmed. This is Ihe first real fire
with a gale blowing and the bnildings
on fire hard lo get at that Rossland has
experienced. There was plenty of water
and good pressure. The loss Is abont
Hans Larson Suicides.
Rat Portage, Out., Sept. 88.��� Bans
Larson, a tiorvegion, committed
sntcide in his room on south Main street
at a few minutes pa it 7 o'olook this
morning. Be pla-.ed the bctt of a musket on a ohalr, near bu bed, and And
the gnn hy pressing a stick against tbt
trigger The ohnrgo entered bis body
near the abdomen, canting almost in.
slant death;	
ran't Take * Hint.
Ottawa. Sept. 88.���Major Otutrnl
Hntton it said to bave notified Ural..
Ool. Sam Hughes some time ago that
he bad no anthority to oall for volunteers for service In tbe Transvaal. 81111
the gallant colonel of tbe 15th battalion, btt evidently not paid any attention to thu hint tnd btt gont on recruiting.
* ii.      .i
London, Sept. 86.���Rndyard Kipling
Intends lo revisit Australia, and will
possibly stay for a abort time ia South
Africa while en route.
. Almonte, Sept. 87.���The bylaw for
Ihe municipal ownership of tbe electric
plant wu defeated bnt yesterdsy by
��8 votes. ,	
CUU Stolen.
Montreal, Sept. 14.���A sentatlontl
kidnapping oase wu reported to Iht
polioe lut night, Little Violet Tree,
Ibe sixteen month Did daughter of
Sydney Tree, formerly of Toronto, bnt
now of Montreal, wu kidnapping from
the home of ber (road parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Tree. Ine went lo Manitoba some time ago, leaving bit wife
and children In Montreal, but placed
the ohild In charge of bit parents. Tbtt
displeued hit wife, and, accompanied
by some of ber relatlvst, tbe went to
Ihe borne yesterday afternoon tnd
secure foroible postastioo of tbe ohild.
Mn. Henry Tree wM attooked and
badly beaten and It matt in a serious
condition. Tree hat bttn called book
to Montreal. ond Sw/.wu will be
brought More tb* OOWM.
tare Itr Insanity.
Joliet*, IU.. Sept. 85���Irwin Fuller
Bush, a yonng man of Joliet, wu sent
toKunakee uylnm lut Month pronounced hopelessly insane. Saturday,
thanks to treatment witb lymph from
the glands of goals, Bush It at bomt
completely restored in mind. Tbt
lmyph wu discovered by Mr. Roberts,
a pbyslolan of Green Olty, Mo. Itt
application to cases of insanity wu
made at Chicago laboratory, where
Bush wu taken. He had shown a
steady gain nntil be wu discharged
last Tuesday, onred.
WlMMl'LI.    4iA..iiilS.
Wheat���No I hard, Fort William,
Flour���Ogilvics���.Hungarian patent,
11.70; Qlenora, 1.65; Manitoba strong
bakers, 11.85. Lake of the Woods-
Potent, 11.76; strong bakers, f 1.65;
second baken, |l.85; XXXX, gl.05
per sock of 08 lbs. Discount of So per
sank to cull buyers.
Mlllfcod���Bran 110 00, and shorts
118.00, net price to dealers.
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, tit
ptr ton; mixed barley tnd oats, |19 10
to 180.00; be.t grades of oorn feed 110,
Inferior qualities $17.00 per ton. 011*
oake, ||4 per ton.
Oatt���3�� to 80o on track, Winnipeg.
Oorn���Oar lott on track here, -tl^fo.
Barley���88 to lOo for new barley In
oon here.
Hty���Baled, |0 00 to 86.50 on traok
Butter���Oretmery, SOo tt the factories; dairy, Ho for finest grados.
Cheese���llo to UJtfo per pound.
Eggt���Strictly fresh, l8o
Vegetables ��� Potatoes, choice, new
80c per bushel; peppers, 10 to 80c per
dot.; citron, lo per ponnd; carrots,
40o per bushel; parsntpt, $1.00 per
bushel; rhubarb, 2o per lb.; radishes, lOo pes- dozen bunches; green
onions, lOo per dot. buuohes; oauli-
flower, OOo per dot; tomatoes, native,
1'Xo per ponnd; cuenmbert, 10c to
80o per doien; cabbage, 10 to SOo;
turnips, SOo per bushel; oelery, SOo
pumpkins, So per pound; squash, l)��o
por pound; marrow, 80 lo OOo per dot.
Beneon Root���80o per pound.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwubed Manitoba fieeoe.
Hides-Hal, 7o; No. S, 8c; Na
8, 0. Kip, 8 to tHo; calf, 8c; dea-
kin skint, 86 to 800 eaoh; shearling
sheepskins, 10 to SOo; honehldes, OOo
to70o etch.
Dressed Meats ���Beef, 6o to 70)
mutton, So to 10c; lamb, 10 to llo;
-rati, IH to 9o; pork, 7o per ponnd.
Poultry���Fowl, 60o per pair; spring
ohlokons, 80 to OOo per pair; ducks,
OOo por pair; geese, 00 to 70o'eaoh;
turkeys, llo per pound; wild duokt,
SO to 40o per pair.
Dottle���Choice export 8J* to 8X0
off oan: butcbeis', 4 to 8Jio.
Sheep���4 to 4*^o per pound.
Hogs���Extra choice, 0 l-8o.
Miloh Cows���Good new milken an
worth from 180 upwards In the olty.
Filipinos Capture ��� (Junbnst.
liliiiills, Sept 20���It is reported that
the insurfeeiits have captured Ihe United States gnuboat Urdaneta, in Ihe
(MM rivor, on me mii-thm-st side of
Moulin bay, wben sho was patrolling
Olio officer nnd nlno of lur .,-iw ���*.
Tbe U S. gunbont I\.trcl was sent
to investigate the matter and has returned hen aftor having discovered th.
Urdaneta beached opposite the town of
Oraui, on tbe Oral I river. Sbe Is
riddled with bullels, bnrned and the
following guns with ammuuiton wen
captured. A one-pounder, One Coll
anloniatio gun and one Nordenfeldt SO
millimetre gun.
The onw an pr'souers or have been
Washington, Sept. 86.���Two Important dispatches from Gen. Oils at
Manila wen made public yesterday.
Tbe flnt Indicates that the insurgents
on Ihe Island of Ncgros an about to ro-
cognise Ihe authority of the United
States. An eleolion In Negroes will bt
held on Oot. 8. Tbo second dispatch
says*tbe American flag will bo rni-iu)
in Zulu Island. Chief lusurgentt in
Zomboanga ore reported as willing to
accept Ihe authority of tbe United
Slates, but desire to name condition,
which Gen. Otio would not accept
Emery Ltfontaine Diet at Vtneonver.
Ottawa, Sept. 88.���A ditpa'oh received at the pnblio works department
from Vancouver iiuuonn es the death
of Emery dtfontanie, assistant ohlef
engineer of tbe deporment. Mr. Lo
footalne bad jnst returned from a visit
to Dawson Olty and on hit way dawn
be contracted typhoid fever from wbicb
be died in Vancouver.
Deceased leaves a widow ond a son
four years old, who lives ou Stewart
street. Mr. Ltfontaine was appointed
assistant engineer three years ago.
All Is fair in love ond war���that is
lo say, befon and otter marriage.
Alloway k Champion,
Listed Mask, bonshl. aold, tad .anted
oo Martin.
Writ. ii. If rou w!ah to .setunri any kh-ilof
a-oasy, to bay llovernmant or U. K. vt. Oa
Lena., or to *��id money uiy wh.n*
Reported  by Alloway * Champion,
Stook Broken, Winnipeg.
Bant*    ���
,ok.* Ont.N.v	
ity I'm. ny	
lontrenl lis.	
iTW.Ulid. ,.,,
i. Pu, R'y, Montreal .XD
i.Pao,By. London...XD
on oall ..,,...,,
HO,  .
Quoted by Aliowor k Champion,
888 Mala street, Winnipeg.
HaloBasaark--.... to.is 1-*
.  M
.   .MM
8ov.rel.n-. .....i'i'mw. *���������
Book or Koftent notes,.....,,...,.'.!.*. <.M
Tske counsel, heart!   A thouand thory *njt
Cry unto ymi for respite.   Th* white rose
Of love may wither In the wintry dsys,
Bitter thought���God knows,
1 thousand tlutiw nuke tbeir meek demands,
Faring to cry too loud to you.   Oh, sweet,
Pile. Ismlihed lip* have kisses tor your hands-*
Hearts at your touch will beat I
If God be God, then is your life tsak plain
As the sure stars faith Dnda la heavens above.
'Ila yours upon tho beggar's brow to rain
The riches of God's love.
And, U no God be o'er us, still is earth
A Seld where red thorns In the rosea glean.
Ro may you tend it, dear, to make It worth
Ths heaven of your dream.
Ami IT   It will not aail-'t U I bo
With empty timidi uiilu my rest, unslirivcn.
iliankful at last that I have loved you so,
I shared tbat love with heaven 1
���Frank L. Stanton.
An Indian's Hate.
He Tried to Tent It oo tl.e Whites,
bat Is Becolletl on Himself.
By Geori* H. Watty.
Jed Wilson nnd 1 wero neither ot us
much orer 20 when, In the reckless spirit
of adventure, wo joined a company of
threescore hardy fellows who were on
the point of starting off up tht Umpqut
After many dayi of the most difficult
travel we came at length In sight of an
Indian village, and, approaching this village to within a quarter of a mile, we
pitched our permanent camp.
We had not been there many minutes
before our redskin neighbors became
aware of our presence, and Immediately
they swarmed down upon as, displaying
the most hostile Intentions. The sight of
our weapons cowed tbem, and they saw It
would be best to leave ui alone.
The chief of the tribe wai ono Wnh-
kla-nn,' a tall, muscular Indian of perhaps 45. As the dnys went by Wah-kla-
na became quite a frequent visitor. His
favorite lounging place was the log cabin
in which Jed and 1 did the cooking.
One morning Jed discovered Wnb-kla-
na In the act of Jabbing a long, sharp
pointed piece of iron be Invariably car-
, ried in his belt Into the soup kettle, hoping, uo doubt, to fish out a nice hot chunk
of beef. This was more than my companion could stand.
Knocking the Iron out of the redskin's
band with a quick blow, Jed grabbed tbe
fellow by the scruff and the alack and
rushed bim ont of tbe cabin, quitting him
with a push thnt sent him sprawling upon the ground.
After thnt Wnh-kin-nn came to the
cookhouse no more, and in a month or so
the incident bad dropped completely from
our minds. But not from the Indian's.
In bis heart be nurtured vengennce.    *
One day wc learned thnt there emptied
Into tbe Unipqun a certain stream, tbe
exploration of which promised considerable sport. This tributary was known as
Smith's river, after an unfortunate trapper wbo bad been kilted by the Indians
many years before.
* Wben we had arranged our plans, we
made tbem known (o Wattle Linn, a
sturdy old backwoodsman who bad tak*
en quite a fancy to us youngsters nud
hud more than once proved himself a true
"Don't ye go, boys," said Wnttie.
"Why not?" asked Jed. "We cau manage the canoe all right."
" 'Talu't that."
"Wbat Is It, then?   Are you afraid pf
lk*>  I>i.llnt�� -oi.Ulserr  ����� **S"
"Wnnl, yes; that's about It," replied
Just as we were pushing off along came
"So yer bound to go, boys?" be said
half reproachfully. "Waal, good tnck to
ye. But look byar, I want ye to promise
'me a something. Ouess It'll take ye three
dnys to get up to Smith's, thar beta n
freshet In tho river, but n day ought to
fetch ye hack slick as grease. Now, give
me yer word, boys, to be back hynr by
five day* nt tbe latest���that Is, If ye kin."
We promised the old fellow and dipped
our paddles, Impatient to be off.
"Good, Inds, nnd uow look byar. If so
be as you meet trouble aiwl hev to quit
the ennne and tramp liouu- make tracks
down tba right bank of tbe rivor���the
right bank, do you hoar?"
Nothing particular happened until the
afternoon of the third day. We were
ripping along very quietly when suddenly
Jed reached over the side of the canoe
and fished something out of the water.
It proved to bo a small closely woven
Indian basket.
"That's bnd, Jed," I exclaimed. "Sure
as guns tber's redskins abend of us."
"We'd have met tbe beggars If they
had come down stream; so tbey must
have gone up," aald 1. "What's to It*
done, Jed?"
"Done! Go ahead and trust In Providence," replied Jed. "They may be
friendly or tbey may not Anyhow, we've
got our rifles."
"What's that yonder?" cried Jed, pointing to a bill a little distance ahead. Its
sloping side was dotted with what looked to be huts. We rested on our paddles
and gated upon the scene with silent
We found the cause of our wonder to
be an old Indian burying ground. The
hutlike risings were simply hillocks of
earth, each of which marked tbe resting
place of a warrior.
Paddling a mils or two farther along,
we camped for the night,
Aa soon aa It wai light enough we
���tarttd to mount to tbe top of what we
meant to be our long toboggan slide back
to Uinpqtm. It wns tbe wont rapid we
hail yet encountered. After trying It several tvaya without success we had to resort to the towlug Hue.
We dragged our little craft ap through
the boiling current yard by yard. It may
have been within a dosen feet of us when
ernck! the stont hide tlue suddenly snapped, nnd away went tbe canoe with all
onr stores and Jed's rifle, dashing madly
down the falls.
"What fools to worry," cried Jed;
"wben we' can get all the canoes we
"Where?1"   ,
"Down In the burial ground, of course.
It's only n mile or so. Oome along." .
Fortunately we were on the same side
of the river, and nn hour's hard struggling through the dense woods brought ui
to tho cemetery. We found that most of
the canoes were In very bad condition,
but finally came across one that seemed
seaworthy. Our good fortune mended oar
spirits, and as we sped onward we laughed and joked and broke Into rollicking
son(,'3. ' >
We had made a mile or so when, shooting round a sharp elbow of tbe river, we
were thunderstruck to find ourselves
ahrenst of a large Indian camp pitched
on tbe bank. The narrowing of the
stream at this point brought na within 30
yards of our foes.
Uttering a howl ot rage, they made n
wild rush for the water's edge* threw
themselves Into their canoes and came
after us In full pursuit. And foremost
among them we recognised the tall term
ot Wnh-kla-na.
Witb a awitt wave ot onr paddles we
turned the nose of our antique craft toward the bank, reaching which, we leaped ashore. I seised the gnn, and In two
seconds we were tearing through the
thick brushwood toward the forest beyond.
That afternoon and erening 1 tramped
mnny miles. At nightfall, being utterly
fagged out, I threw myself upon the
turf beside a small stream and wai soon
sound asleep.
I awoke a little after dawn, cold and
stiff and desperately hungry. I was about
to move along when I waa startled to
hear a crackling among the brushwood.
I sot my teeth and brought my rifle to
my shoulder, ready to fire aa soon as the
thing should break cover.
Presently who should stagger Into view
but Jed, the poor fellow ready to drop
with fatigue and hunger. We started off,
but soon Jed, who was carrying the gun,
while clambering orer the rocks made a
misstep nod fell. Tbe weapon flew from
his band, and, the trigger striking hard
agninxt a stump, a loud report followed
among tho surrounding hills.
But thnt was not the wont Jed!* ankle received a very bad twist In hii fall,
and for some minutes the poor fellow waa
agonised with pain.
Now we noticed a column of smoke riling nearly opposite our position from tbe
other bnnk of tho river.
"A stgnnlt" cried Jed. "They mnst
have heard tbe report What a clumsy
Idiot I wast"
"And see," said 1, "there's an answer*
ing ilgnnl to tbe right and another to the
left. But we've got a good itart of them,
and before thoy strike our trail we must
be miles away."
All that nfternoon we tolled onward
orer our rugged course. Meantime, however, Jed'i wounded ankle grew worse,
tiutil at sunset It wai swollen to twice Ita
natural sUe, and* he could proceed uo
Twilight slowly darkened Into night
The moon rose and cast her fading light
upon tbe scene. A more welcome Hgbt I
think, I shall never behold.
Presently signal Dree on tbe bills near
by told ua that the rest of our enemies
were close at bond. Again I looked to
tbe priming ot my gun and otherwise prepared for action.
For fully 20 minutes we heard nothing
of our foes, though we knew well tbe
cowardly fellows were debating how.best
to reach us, Then, from their ambush In
the wild oats, we beard voices, as though
they were encouraging each otber to
charge, and we realised tbat .the-crisis
waa at band.
Suddeuly I wai startled by an exclamation from Jed.
"It'i all np, Joel" he cried. "No nit
firing. The villains have got oa In tha
"Hist, boys, hist!" whispered a volet
from the bow of the canoe.
"Good heavens, It'i Wnttie!"
"Aye, boys, and Just In tbe nick of
time. Catch bold of this byar line and
haul us In right smart,"
Thia was done and all eo quietly and
quickly tbnt the Indiana knew nothing of
our ro-euforcoraenti. A minute later
they broke cover, rushed Into the open
and, with a blood curdling yell, charged
pellmell down nnon na,
"Klrel" shouted Wattle In a rolee thnt
rnng loud above the uproar, and Instantly
five spouts of flame flatbed In the fncea
of our foea.
Surprised, thunderstruck, utterly discomfited, the advancing body reeled back
from the volley they bnd ao little expected.
"After 'em, boys!" yelled Wattle, leaping np over the bank and giving chase,
We sent tbem flying In all directions,
each Indian Intent only oo aeenrlug bli
personal safety.
Then, returning to the bank, we sought
our two fallen foea. Tbe Irat we came
np to waa lying face downward, having
EItched forward aa a bullet found hie
eart Turning bim over, we fonnd hc
waa none other than tht villainous Wab*
kin-na.���10 x change.
Ill lack li, In nine cotes out of ton.
tho result of aaylng pleaaart flnt nnd
duty second, initend of doty flnt tnd
pleasure tecond.-T. T. Mungtr.
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World's Greatest Kidney Cure,
It's a simple matter to test the kidneys. You need not
consult a doctor. By asking yourself three questions you can
determine whether or not your kidneys are deranged.
First: " Have you backache or weak, lame back p"
Second: " Do you have difficulty in urinating or too fro.
quent desire to urinate ? "
Third; "Are there deposits like brickdust in "the urine
after it has stood for twenty-four hours ?"  .
Ih its early stages kidney disease is readily cured by a few
boxesf of Pr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, a preparation which
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S-S-iski'M. M
Extrnordlaai-.*  P.rrorraane. of Oar
Cl,... Me.tcr Iu London.
H.  Melton Pillsbur***. the American
ihcv-i champion, gave an eitraordinarj*
lljiluy at the Metropolitan Chess clnb,
it which the'loril chief justice is presi-
lent.   Be ployed blindfold against six
ipponents at  chess,  against  two ot
tam***hts, and at the some time took a
iand at whist Seated at a table at one
nd of tho room, he coolly manipulated
hc raids, while promptly calling his
roves In reply to tbe "teller," Mr.
Iltcliell, who announced the mores of
Is opponents at chess, and to James
[ill, who performed a similar office for
be draught players.
Play proceeded rapidly, for tho Amer*
���an is a quick thinker and kept his op-
onents very much alive.   Once he
ansed At one of the draught games
od said, "I guess I'll mako a few
lores right along at thia board," and
un dictated six mores In rapid succes-
on, which sacrificed o piece, bnt left
Im with a winning ending.
After 80 minutes' play he scored his
rot win at No. I) chessboard, followed
-n minutes later, by the resignation of
ie draught player referred ta  One of
Is choes opponents next gave np, and
ie applause had   scarcely subsided
hen tho second draught player had
own himself beaten.   After this it
as a procession, and the result woo
at Plllsbnry won erery game of chess
id draughts, notwithstanding the fact
at all engaged in the contest were
King players.   Of tho whist the first
bbi-r wont against him, the score be*
g I to 31 the second rubber was not
lisbed, each winning a point   Play
ito'l three hours und a quarter.
A hearty rote of thanks nan returned
Mr Pillsbury for thn unique enter*
iniuent he hud  prorided.���London
nard's Liniment cures Diphtheria.
w a Dranken Hnband Was Made ���
Soter Mao ty a Determined Wife.
howritss:-. "I had tot., long timo boon
iking of trying the Samaria Preaorlp-
1 treatment on my husband for his
iking hablti, but I was afraid he wonld
-over that I waa giving Mm medioine.
the thought nnnervudme. I hesitated
nearly a week, but one day when ho
to homo rery much Intoxicated and
mek's salary nearly all spent, I threw
all fear ana determined to moke on
rt to sore our home from tho ruin I
- opmlng, at all hazards. I sent for
r Samaria Prescription and nut It In
Donee as directed next morning and
ohod and prayed for the result. At
olgorohlm moro and also at supper,
neror suspected a thing, and I thn
Ily kept right on giving lt regularly, as
ddiscovered something that set every
re In my body tingling, with hope ond
pines! and I could see a bright future
nd out btifora oip-a peaceful, happy
is, a shorn in the good filings of Ills, on
otlve, loving hasUind, comfort., and
ythlng elu dear to ii irolnan's hear***,
ny husband had told mo that wl''
rUestulIand mr woe coking
. It was only too true/for
Unking altogetl
nedlclne tlHlnrL- _ ,_.
mother lot to have on hand ...
>se, as he had done frotnats promises
ro. He never has,and Iamwrltinf
this letter to tell you how thankful I
I honestly botlevo lt will euro tint
it oases."
pamphlet In plain, oealed
free, giving testimonials nnd full G-
���tlon, wits directions how to tako or
Inleter Samaria Proscription Oorro-
donee considered sacredly oonfiden-
Addross The 8-imarla liemsdy Ca.
an street, Toronto, Ont.      *
liar Hard Lite, Bono**. Far* �����* Odd���
Itr ol Attire.
I-oog before the days of bloomers women on the higher level of the Alps wore
trousers, and oo one thought anything
about It. The Alpine women wear tho
bifurcated garment for utility and not
for beauty, as one may judge if he or
sho ha. ever seen one of these girls.
Comeliness snd the Alpine herdswomen
ore far apart, but tbe style of the garments they wear and the hard life that
Is theirs are at the root of the trouble.
Tbe women have little of the grace and
agility seen In the maidens of Norwsy.
They will leap across chasms with nonchalance, but thero Es nothing wild and
free about their movements. While sho
is talking to you the Alpine herdswoman
Is quite apt to thrust oot an ungainly leg,
plant a heavy boot ou the neck of a goat
and stand thus while sbe converses.
Witb the exception of the blacks, who
endure a life of hunger, in the interior of
Africa, there is hardly any one in the
world wbo fares so badly as tbe herds
men and women ot Switzerland. Tbey
cannot afford to eat the berries they find
on the mountain side, and tbey cannot
afford to drink the milk supplied by their
Hocks. Their fore Is mest'tbst hss been
dried, salted ond tnrued Into unsavory
leather, rye brood that Is like blackened
cinders ond csbbsge stalks in pickle tbst
contain about as much nutriment as a
walking stick. Hungry as the herdswoman may be on her return home, she
muss eat but sparingly ot these dainties,
for fenr thst they should come to an end
before another trip to tho valley can bo
These women breakfast at 2 In ths
morning snd then answer In response to
the csttle lowing at tbe door of the chalet, begging to be attended to and driven
up to some fsvorite Alp. They eat again
somo 12 or 14 hours later, when the weary tramp back to the chalet is about to
begin. Between times, with sickles, tbey
reap tho long, coarse Alpine grasses,
which are to serve as food tor the cattle
during the long winter.
The grass U bound Into boodles os
large ss tbe women themselves snd carried on tbeir backs down to the homesteads. The winter firewood is brought
tho same wsy. Tbe chalet, the home of
one of these women, Is the most picturesque of any peasant's dwelling place,
hut inside it is not desirable. - It is usually perched on the crags of tbe Oberland
and la dark, for tbe windows are constructed not so mocb to admit light as to
keep out the heavy snows of the winter.
In one corner is o low, broad platform,
witb sacks of hay aud a couple of blankets upon It. Tbe less luxurious dispense
with tbe blankets, aud the herdswoman
usually goes to rest in tbe some attire
she wore during tbe day. In the autumn
when the cattle ore driven down for tbe
last time a dance is given by tbe herds
men and women, and on these occssions
the girls exefesnge their tronsers forth,
ususl skirt.���Kansas City Times,
Asthma Cured
Alter Twelve Tears' Snfrerlng- -Toronto Physicians Advised Leaving
Her Home to go to Manitoba���
Clarke's Kola Compound Cured.
Via. KeTsc-But- W V*D��oley St., Tor-
onto, writes: "X "have been troubled with
aatiuaa and bi-uoehttls for twelve years, which
cndnaUy grew worsee-scte-year in spite of tbs
kandredsof dollars uiy husk-aid has spent with
several doctors, aad almost avery remedy we
Uduld procure, whioh only afforded temporary
titiet. For the past two years J could not lie on
jmVr left side, aod during tbe past year previous
to*taklngCuke's Kol*Compound the aBtluna
became so severe that X had not bad a full
nl-At'asleep,andduringmo-rtof that time we
had ft doctor lu attendance. We gav�� up never,
al doctors, as I Was becoming no Setter, und ths
lost doctor, after about two months' treatment,
told ��e he oould do nothing i'or me, and ad-
-vised me to go to Manitoba or some dry climate.
We heard of Clarke's Kola Oompound being ��
care for asthma, and before taking this remedy
made several inquiries from those who had
taken it, and la euch case found tho result so
aatlsfactoir that we resolved to try it. After
taking tha ant bottle 1 became much better,
aad began to sleep well at nights. tfinco taking the third bottle I have not felt the slightest
ay uiptoins of my former trouble. I have, during the pait six months gained nearlv *) pounds
in flesh and feel perfectly healthy In every way.
1 can assure you lhat 1 will do nil in my tx>w��r
to Induce any sufferer from this terrible disease
to try it."
CenlHed correct by Peter UoTtggart, Proprietor of Toronto Dairy Co.
The flea.
nil parasites surely the flea Is (ha
known, ll Is nn example of the
cl.iHB, being quite free from Ita host
I stages of Its life and only attaching
' to feed, it Is also an example of
lltticulty experienced by soologists ns
fie real affinities of parasites, for
th now generally regarded as a do-
ih) form of two winged fly, yel In
time It hns been variously located
even now Is often considered the
of a distinct order of Insects. Fleas
through (he usual atagos of an in*
i life���namely, tlio egg, grub, pupa
�� eggs nro laid In dark, out nf Iht
places, such as chinks and cracks
i rugs and carpels, nnd from them
intehed the grubs, which feed uu
purticles of feather* or other mil-
substances. After about 12 dnys
rub ehnuges Into n quiescent pupa
tils In another fortnight or so to tlio
rt Insect. It Is only In this latter
(hnt the flea sucks blood, all tho
stages being Inoffensive. It Is curl-
mt large swarms of (leas are sonic-
found In situations where blood is
rery rarely accessible, nnd lu these
same other means of subsistence
be resorted to.���Chambers* Journal,
l'i LUittit font Outet li Con'
ho thread kools whilo sewing, the
will live to se. tbo garment worn
bo sun goes down behind o book
ods on Friday, It will is In on Bun-
Be mends o garment whilo wssrlng
���ry stitch taken represents oo on-
���bleb will bo mode,
pen drop, sod slicks lo the finer,
irncr's lover lives in tbs dlrsctloo,
il which l| Inclines,
spider Is found os om of yoor gsr-
, It signifies lhat yon will soon bare
odo of lho ssme sort,
person's two front teeth oro wid*
i apart to place o gold coin "-
tbem, ho will always bo rich,
silver coin or fresh laid egg Is
In tbe hand ot * new born babe,
its and prosperity will bs assured
hairpin sticks oot, but does nol
is wearer will have a disappolnt-
If It falls, ber lovor Is thinking
Bio aathw Mas- Have lo Tako <o the
Wood. With Him.
There Is a North Side woman who believes thst her share of the "white man's
burden" is the answering of tbo questions of ber 0-year-old boy. Bbe is conscientious about her answers snd tries
to reply intelligently and truthfully to
the questioning that never ceases from
morning till nigbt. Since ber Inst bout
with the human Interrogation point sbs
Is seriously thinking of getting out loto
tbe'country and going into bldiug. The
conversation will explain why sho wonts
to got the boy out of sight.
"Mothtt^Lbegan the Inquisitor, "why
J**iOk*s home Johnson?"
..'��� *.fcU i-tha-V nsnis Is Jimor.
answered bis mother.
Sot his mother's Isn't."
""IVhen a man marries a woman, the
ronton changes hey name ond takes tbe
rteWat h�� husband. Tbe name of their
children Is always the samo as tbe asms
of their father."
"Aro Jack's papa and mamma married r
"Of course."
"How do you know?"
"Why���why, tbey live together, ond
they hare children."
"Well, Uncle Fred aud Aunt Sallio aro
"And Undo Jim ond Aunt Emma?"
"Then why"���
"James," sold Us mother sweetly,
"there's yonr klttsn, and I know she's
hungry. Suppose yon toko ber out Into
the kitchen ond osk Msry to giro you
some milk for ber."
Tbe danger was averted temporarily,
but tho nest time that boy James sees
any ono of bis uncles ond aunts there Is
great douger.
It dote tko c-rtsalaala.
According to tho Ohinese method of
criminal prosecution, a man la responsible for the crime he may have committed
personally, but If be chooses to escape
Justice by running away from tbe place
where the deed was committed theo tbe
remaining members of his immediate
family ore held and punished in lieu of
tho reel culprit This may seem a atrange
way of attracting the real criminal back
lo the scone of bis crime, but It appeals
to the reliiilous side of tbo man's super*
slltlous nature. According to tbeir religion, the mau wbo forsakes bis parents
when In peril will find bis soul sailing
around through bades without chart or
copipass for all eternity. In view of this,
compliance with the law Is very prompt,
for John Chinaman docs not core to take
the desperate chsucc.-Sao  Francisco
Kaow Sko Woo sal..
A colored woman lo Indepsodeace,
Kan., whoso bouse wss burned, presumably by sn iocondlnry, wos s witness lo
lho trial of tbo womso suspected of
starling tbe firo. On being questlooed,
sbs sold sho was sleeping lo tbo bouss
when Ibe firo occurred, woko up snd
went to sleep sgaln, although sbs knew
the house wos lo Homes. Her account ol
It was tblsi "I Jsst rls up, smell do cool
oil saw do light, hoard 'em pscklo onl do
goods, but, ledge, Jssl then I beerd do
Ire department comlo arouo do corner,
wid do boll Jlnglln, oo 1 koow I wss dot
sots I Jsst wont lo sleep."
Rot DMaa-nt la Kla��, ha, Ale,
Her friends celled hsr bright at 10,
brilliant al SO and brainy al 80, ood
then, becauso she did not wish to bo s
new woman, sho smiled bitterly.���New
York Commercial Advertiser.
i srs --apposed lo keep yon cool,
bsscbsll fso generally mokes yos
'bllsdolphls Record.
ball is like whist  Too eon under-
Iho gome fairly well and still nol
nucb about It-Atcblson Globe,
nsldorate audience ol s ball gsms
raises a kick against ths umpire.
>. ao as.���Helena Independent
9IS0 ore returolug, nnd there Is M
don In some quarters lost most o|
re -willing on the locsl ball toon).
ilsodjPost :.
. umnt dm Jttpr.
Liver eat Minis,
High Ideals are perhaps responsible Mr
as much pessimism as on torpid livers.
on ike wbole.-D.Uolt Juuraal.
Tkolr Advise floss "Daheedee**.
Pint High School Omdusto-Tblg ll
tn onappreclotlve world.
Second High School Gradual*.--Yes;
pot oot of IM suggestions wo volunteered on managing tbs government
has boon followed.���Oblg Slut* Jour-
Tha Washington PoatsBoo Has a Cal
In Its Walla.
That the many mishaps which bcfcl
that architectural monstrosity ou
Pennsylvania avenue known as the
new city postoffice during tbo luauy
years It was lu process of construction
was due to a "hoodoo" is freely admitted by a large number of Washington
citizens, wbo watched the building rise,
with frequent Interruptions, from lis
foundations. No other public structure ever erected lu Washington bas
caused tbe government so much trouble, and even now, although partially
occupied, alterations and changes remain, to bo made.
Columns have been written In the
newspapers by Indlgunnt citizens calling attention to defects lo tbe big stone
building and condemning tbe structure
generally. A congressional committee
was appointed at tbe lust session to
Investigate the many alleged shortcomings of tho building, and altogether tbo
new city postolttce has beeu a cause
for complaint ever since lt rose above
the first story several years ago.
Believers in buc-Ii thlugs have all
along asserted with solemn conviction
that tbe building was "hoodooed."
Their position has at last been sustained, for tbo "hoodoo" bas been
found, and It will renin In as long as
the building stands. It is not one of
those mysterious "koodoos" invisible
to the human eye, but on the contrary.
It may ke seen at any hour of tbe day
or night by nny ono who cares to walk
to the south end of the west corridor
on the first floor. There, distinctly outlined In tbo nimble of the wall, Is the
perfect figure of a huge black cat, with
tall curled around Its haunches, oars
stiff ond erect Faint Hues traco the
whiskers from ,each side of tbe jaws.
It Is not necessary to search tbe surface of the marble for the cat because
tbt flgUK 1** gully dlstliniUslishiV ���*���:������,
era) yarBs away from tho wall. A
painter could scarcely have made It
"plainer or more lifelike with his
brushes and colors.
Tbe figure is due to tbe peculiar vein-
lug In tbo marble, and Is tbe only one
which haa so far been found In tho
building. Figures, faces and objects
In marble are not uncommon, aud
tbere are a number of fine specimens
In tbo geological section of the National museum. None of them, however,
compares with the slab In tho post-
offico In realism and close approach to
nature. Ono of the postoffice watchmen expressed tbe opinion the other
day that uutll the slab containing tho
cat Is removed tbe "hoodoo" will continue to bang over tbo building.���
Washington Star.
New Two Dollars.
Tbo new silver certificates of the denomination of *2 will soon be Issued,.
The portrait of Lincoln will be the
central feature on tho face. The general scope of the design will bp similar
to tho new certificates for 11, In leaving as much whltu paper blank as
possible. In order to show the silk
threads and In making the figure plain
and distinct The back will bo similar
to tbe present 11 certificates, with a
liberal display of white paper, but will
contain even moro artistic Inthework
dono by tho best machinery lu tbo bureau of engraving and printing.
Tho effort Is being made, in substituting new deslgus for the present
gracefully drawn models, to secure
simplicity and clearness. A largo figure In each corner of the note, or ot
least ono at each end, has been gracefully provided, In order to facilitate
Iho counting of notes by cashiers, and
much space has been left blank lu or
dor to tld In the detection of counter
felts. Tho large, clear figures also contribute to prevent raising tbe denomination of notes.
A risLll.a Shark.
At Genoa three fishermen In a small
boat caught sight of a largo shark closs
to thom lu tho water, One of the
youths, named Knrlco, wishing to secure the fish, jumped Into tho sea, tud
witb Incredible strength took It In hit
arms tnd threw It Into th* bott. For a
moment tbe shark Homed stunned,
bul, rousing Itself t terrible battlo ensued In the boat Tho shark seised tho
arm of ono of tho mon tnd tbe others
beat It with their oan, trying to froo
tbeir companion. Suddenly tho shark
let (o tnd bit Its first captor In tb*
neck tnd face. Finally tho three succeeded In throwing th* shtrk Into tho
wtter, and the wounded men went on
thoro to have their hurts tttended to.���
London Letter.
The.. Lovlasj Olrls, ���
Tody-Jonnlo tells me young Woodby
proposed to her last night
Vlolt-1 don't think I know him.  It
he well off?
Tody-H* certsloly Is.  ih* refused
blm.-Cbtotge Nswt,
Hot Woalher Diet.
"It Is a mistake," snid a physician
during tho recent period of extreme
beat "to cat too little In hot weather,
Just it It Is a mistake to oat too much
tnd tho wrong things. Extreme hot
weather Is In Itself very exhausting,
and plenty of nourishment Is needed to
sustain tbo system. This nourishment
should b�� of a simple and easily digested kind. For myself I find that milk
and rlcby token at regular Intervals of
two hours, sipped rather thtn gulped
down In a single draft, gets me
through best on a very hot day, from
breakfast to a 0 o'clock dinner. Then
I take care to havo a filrly hotrty
There was trollicr IHU and me. wc tvaa hott, ea
us A. II.
l:i Die line bark Oliadiuli of Korth Amcrikey.
W'tl was known hy ..II lite crew tu love cadi oilier
And we never told a story nor . naughty lie,
not we.
We wu sor.ewheiv off tbs pole, wh,i*e we'd gom
to [���iii. up cob!.
When Hi.I ivu tor.lt u-sij-dtien -.villi a wvry I.ju!
80 he lui-J doiva on hit ridi ��Rtl wery quietly
Said  tiie captain.   "Let's consign  him to  llii
liotium of iliu K*u."
Then tbey sewed him In his bcrtli, tml lie tail)
ponilli.v lo earth
When il��'.v look ami Ikivc lilm overside our gallant little bark,
While I stood und piped my eye. the crew they
Cave a try,
for wo miw  liini sliding whol-suls down   tba
mouth of a bis iliark.
That waa, more nor I could stand, ao, ������waving ol
my hand,
I Jumped and followed William Into that hungry shark,
But when I got Inside 1 could ha' ut and cried,
For 1 hadn't got no matebeu, and tha placs
wu awful dark.
80 I cuu Into Bill's bed and hia pocktts tries in-
When he upa and fives a grumble snd bleuei
both my eyes;
���When  I  told  him  fa�� wu dead,  ba Hid  he'd
punch my head,
A-plcking oi hia pockets aad a-lelllng ���.�� film
1 soon found bs wan't dead, but only frus in-
Aad the ahark It thawed him quickly, for -soon
he waa quite well.
Then a roaring Art we lit, and wa routed alairk
a bit.
And that shark ha got quits hungry, so deli*
clous wu tba amell.
When we couldn't eat no more, wa thought we'd
go ashurc-
80 we goes and cuts s hatchway In the middle
of ita buck,
And s bridle then wa geared, and then the iliark
we steered
Down south for New fork city in tai nor half
a crack.
Now, tii la may seem absurd, but, if yea doubt my
Why, go to New York city and sak Mr. Bar.
num there,
Vor be bought that ahark, did he, which any oot
may tec,
And BUI and m is always known u audi ���
truthful pair.
-Pick Hs ty.
AUK CURE8.-Medl��alesperimentshave
shown (ouolnstvely tbit them are medical virtue) In even ordinary plants growing up around ub whioh give them e
value that cannot be itstimated. It Is
��� el 1 by some that nature provides a enre
for every disease wbioh negleot and Ignorance have visited upon man. However
this maybe, lt la well known that Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, distilled from
roots and herbs, are a sovereign remedy
In owing all dlsordtfg of the digestion,
Al ami* tain Claefc Haa 4a.
"One of the finest and lightest materials that aro now largely used for
making clock hanife Is aluminium,"
said a leading clock manufacturer recently. "Until recently tbe pointer*
of big clocks, when not made of wood,
wore composed of two,thin strips of
copper, which, were capped or hollowed and then brought; together, edge to
edge, with the rounded/sides out, thus
giving strength as vmX as lightness.
Tbe aluminium clock pointers or*
made just in tbe stogie ray as th��
copper onoe, but tbey possess tbe merit of being twice as mat and are far
"It Isn't unusual oa. large cii#ffto4o
see projecting from ~IW nete wl ths.
lone pointer and In line with lt a rod
with a ball at the end, this rod being perhaps a third as long m tlte big
pointer. Tbis rod and ball act as a
counterweight for the big pointer*
which, without a counterweigh t, would
la its movement around tbe dial bear
unevenly upon the arbor or shaft which
carries it On great clocks and often
on big timepieces Indoors this counterpoise is placed Inside the dial out of
sight on the arbor.
"The heavier tbe pointer tbe greater
tbe weight required in the counterpoise; tbe greater tbe weight tbe more
friction on the arber, and the more
friction tbe greater the power required to drive the clock. By tbe use of
aluminium .pointers these drawbacks
���re reduced to a minimum."���Washington Star.
Oaa Consolation.
"Tbey say young Folley has been
wandering in bis mind lately," said
one man to another,
"Well," wus the heartless reply,
"from what I've seen and beard of him
he's safe eaougb; he can't wander very
far."���Youth's Gompauloa.
Her War of Getting It.
Wife (earnestly)���George, dear, I
have prayed so fervently of late for a
tailor made gown tbat 1 feel tt wouM
be flying In tbo face of Providence nol
to go and get measured at once.���
Brooklyn Ufa,
1 Belleville Mj, Him Dooton
failed to Blip, Hand it
Nd MM who has not sunai-ad tne) taaeej
olaa-aa* can Is-tagin. lha tarriH* toctur.
thos. aadara who ara lha victim, of too*
dlaordar et the** cU'cata (Urn of tho
bodr. Mrs. Rlchai-J Rut, a woll-kaowa
andnlghl/respoctodlad/of Bailovillo, Oat,
had lo iMarlhobiutlsnorkldiM/cooaslalal
tor ovor aa yoan aad now Doan's KUasj
m-jha-focurad bar whaaaU also tsllad.
Hor husband mado th* toUowtaf* statement of bar can i "Forso-narsas/wifs
has boon ��� sufferer from pala I* th* back,
slooploasasM and nervousness and (ono-**!
prostratloo. Nothing seemed to help hor.
Doctors and medicine, all faiiod, until wa
Et a rar of hop* when wo aaw Doan's
dnejr Pills adnftised as a positive curs.
"Sho began to tako them and they helped
her right awajr, aad aba Is now bettor It
every respect. W* can heartily recommend Doan's Kidnoy Pills to all suflerers,
for Iheyasomtoslrlkotheright spot quicklr,
and their actios la not only quick but Itlo
"I cannot aay more In favor of thos*
wonderful pills than that they saved my
wife from lingering torture, which sh* bad
endured for oo years put, and I sincerely
trust lhat all sufferers will give Don's
Kidnoy Pilla a lair trial."
UtXO- <*��� coo.ilo.Uoo, bniousn*.
sick headach* aad dyspspsla.
Save the Babies.
Thousands of them dis every summer who could bs saved by tho
timely use of Dr. Fowler's Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
There Is oot a mother
who loves her Infant but
should keep on band during tbe hot weather a
bottle of Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
There Is no remedy so
safe and so effective for
the diarrhcea of infants,
and none has the endor-
salion of so many Canadian mothers who bave
proved Its merits, and therefore speak
with confidence. One of these Is Mrs.
Peter Jones, Warkworth. Ont., who says i
" I can giva Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, for it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and was taken with diarrhoea very bad.
My sister advised mc to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. I got a
bottle and It cured the baby almost at
Thoairh    She    Wm    Educated,    She
Itcuillly Acuvpted Him.
"Why," he askci wlieu thoy bad seated tlicnisclvuH alum.' at one end of tbe
porch, "do you suppose, ti tt that educated women do uot marry?"
"But educated women do marry,"
she replied. "I know of three or four
educated women who have beeu mar-
rleu within the past month or two."
"Ob, yes, of course, some of them
many. Hut why do so uumy of them
remain singleV"
"Perhaps it is because tlio educated
woman's horizon ti broader than that
Of the miwlucated, because she demands more."
"Then it is not because she looks
upon marriage itself as a bad thing?"
"Oh. dear, no."
"Aud you have declined proposals
because you deniaudcd much?"
Sbe tied and uutled her dainty hand*
kerchief and looked down and blushed
emd faintly answered:
"Yea. One of them was only 0 feet
8 and the other couldn't have weighed
more than 00 pounds."
Being (I feet tall In bis socks, be then
spoke out and got ber.���Chicago Times-
Btambtbad Junction, 1*.Q., l.ih Any., lies.
Messrs. c. 0. hk-iiahdh & Co.
Gentlemen,���I fell from the bridge
leading from a platform to a loaded cor
while assisting my men iu uuloadiog
a load of grain. Tbe bridge went down
as well as the load on my back, aud I
struck on, the ends of the sleepers, cans
ing a serious injury to my lea;. Only
for its being very fleshly, wonld have
broken It. Iu an. honr conld not walk
a step. Ocmmenoed using MINARD'S
LINIMENT, and the third day went
to Montreal on busiucss and got about
well by the use of a eque. Iu ten days
was nearly well. I cau sincerely re-
���^WrojP"fM* aWjt'p '"ffi1* Liniment that
T ktaow win use.        Yours TrSIyT
i"Wii **mt
Hf-iMtlve Ratiocination, J
"Ify-i&eorgB ever hiuted-that h%hnd
thonght of yofri as a possible wife?"
wked the nnxiotis mother.
"No," replied tbo girl, a fnni way
look lu her eyes, "and I'm afraid be
nover will."
"Why." said the mother, "1
"It doesn't matter what yon thought,
mamma, dear." Interrupted tho daughter. "Only last night bo complained of
feeling drowsy, und it wasn't 0 O'clock.'
���Chicago Newg
Why will you eJhw a cough to htoernto
your throat or lungs nud run the risk nf
lllling a I'OiiRUuipuvo'R gi'ave, when, by
MiO timely nee of Biekle a Autl-Consump-
tlvo Syrup the p��ln can be allayed nud
tho dflxgLT Avoided. This syrup Is pirns-
ant to thu tnsce, and unsurpassed fur ro-
1 hiving, healing and miring alt affections
of tho throat and lungs, coughs, oolde,
lironobltls, ete. otu.
South American Itcrolatlons,
Whenever the South Americans de*
sire a change of administration tliey
hoist a Hag on a pole and march Into
the main street of Ibe city. If tbe
crowd becomes too formidable to be
overcome by a military demonstration,
the administration capitulates, aud tho
outs take the place ot tbe ins. It Is
ofteu the only way of changing tbe
administration, because the ius have
the military nnd cau carry elections to
suit themselves.���Baltimore American.
Chronic Bronchitis Cured,
Mr. Charles E. Rold, ths leading
druggist ot Revelstoke, B. C, says: "I
have every reason lo believe Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment will oare ohronlu
bronchitis. A lady customer says she has
been troubled with obronio bronchitis for
rears, and thai tbis liniment has cured
ber completely. It always gives tbe best
satisfaction to my customer*!. 96 ocnts.
AU druggists.
A Craal Jest.
Friend���Say, I Just saw your name
In print for tbe first time.
Poet���Truly?  Ob, what Joy! Where?
Frlend-ln tbe directory.���Heitere
Minard's Liniment Cures Cons, Etc.
A Practical Umm.
Brushe-I suppose you And It difficult to make both ends meet since tbe
baby came?
Penn���Not at all. On the contrary,
be helps us out a good deal. Yon see,
I write down all the funny things be
says and does and sell then to tbe
sonic papers.
C-itth*oitt��ndiFWllttoui witb the nimiofmr
n*".-if-rtcip*fr��i��flli:-f Md **��� will ihlp Jott IhliVlollB
witb Outfit by -MpraM, nU��t to ��*tmuj��u��*n.    Btv
���HBlBeU*tyoureiiires.*n)IftM,Mii If you Unit It curtly*
wb repfnn-iii it and wrtlrely ���^i.itar.ioty, ��y Om
i wren wtnt OOT ipecl*! price. tf&tM
-'���        ��� ^flnliW.
ii-uriu    TliliUii
n tarn Btridlnria
__      _. - ...    _���Jow wilt (
my^wtew,��H��wtolitriaaudnrtn.   *,swai_.
-ustlartttepriM. Bpy*4i��ctbowuiWl"iMttaSMhrt(��<a.
Joheeten 4 MeFarhvtt,   ��e��   W L, Toreato, Out
In Doa Days,
"Til now tho lime wlmn uihi-ry
And moliitiirc -n?iin syiiniiynioui,
Wh'.-u |��-t*r Immunity litis wvnk
And iir.nl and inuclliiKlmii,
But allll ih* Rbenesor1!) rise
In any one wliu fcuuwi wtiat'a wbat,
Aa lying bulli-tlni declare
"Til liuii|ld, tiut ft isn't hot.
Thonifh itck folk In tht hoiptUli
And crying liable! in our I.luck
Proclaim Dm truth, lha weather sharp
At mortal anguish fc-eina to muck,
Abated by thermometers
Thut one and at) join in the plot
To Rive the He to tact, lie aaja,
'Tii humid, but It tao't hot.
You parch, you burn Inside and out,
You atifle, dripping, all hut drowned
In your own perspiration; Hill,
Though hy a dotf day you are downed,
That doesn't prove 'tis torrid.   Nay,
While man pours out t polyglot
Curding ot heat, officially
"Sit humid, but it iaa't botl
J i. _       ������"���flnstoD QlsK
Nothing looks more ugly tha i to see a
person whoso hands nro ouvered orer with
warts. Why mu these di^flau i-iuenrH
on your person �� hen a sure remover of
all warts, corns, tto., om De found in
Holloway's Coin Curef
Nol Bare or the Kama.
"I have an awful pain Iu my back,"
snid nu old lady to her doctor In Topeka. "Probably you have rheumatism," responded the doctor. "Mebby
It Is, doctor, but Sister Mary thluks
I've got the I im burger."���Kansas City
tiv- ne s comes tr m the refusal of the ex
uretory organs tj perform their duties
i -ttuilarly pruui contributing oiusei, usu-
a'iy dleotderod digestion. Parmo'ee's
Vtgeiabld Pills, prepared on solentlflu
ptl, c-pli b, are eo oompoutiled tbat oer-
uln ingredient* in them jui-s through
ihe stomach and act upon the bivel-io
as to rotnuve tbe r torpor and arouee tbem
to proper notion. Many thousands are
prepared to bear testimony to l eir power
In his >c pi et.
Ills Little Joke.
"We desire to present to you a round
robin," said the chairman of the Philippine correspondents.
"Really, now, Pin .sorry, gentlemen,**
replied Otis, balancing bis blue pencil
on bis linger, "but I'm not a bird
fancier, you know."���Philadelphia
North American.
��� new te Dran Them,
"Did you hear about that Now York
in wbo gave #100,000 tota-man
Wfcfl '.inc-ued her from drowning?"
"Yes; If there were iiiore ivuiucn like
that at the seashore tbey would never
have to deplore a lack of men at the
resorts."���Chicago Times-Herald.
TKLL THE DKAP.-Mr. J, V, Kellook.
Druggist, Perth, writes: "A customer of
mint' having been oured of deafnets by
he use of Dr. 'Jhotuas' Kul ctrio Oil,
wrote to Ireland, ttlllng bis friends tho e
nf the euro. In cumeqtioncu I received
au order to ft ml half a dozen bv express
to Wexfird, Ireland, tl.is week.'7
W. V. U.   240
porthb Printer
Mads by ths oslebrstsd Arm
ot Ault * Wiborg.
Tbs latest tnd bast.
Nam. Misoellanjr,
Borials, eto.   Bast ll
tha world.
Oast by tha "Oat*
Prooaas. Tha
ant ol ths
Of all makes and
cond hand.
PRESSES ��"*���*
Unequalled by any other la
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
Httt Oflice:  Toronto.
Paciflo Coast Branch t UO OorltTs
Street, Taieenver,
PASS Out tbli ont and Mm
then a **&*��� ""' ""* *n* WA
���filil-plithd.   dint proo*
 .niU'iLi-l.*. cusneed, hilatl
tilth AimHi-am model; jcwtiiM
ttwltiic "jiiir-ponM."" ff,
IllUMIilll, '"
cftfn-'tit Mmniii��UoB *irii ar*
. conWnnd IMi wiuh It
north (u mor. Uutn treaty,
��/ tii. o'prtu awi A-.0*
t<T umm ofautm *M It i*
' Sorry Watch Ca.,
WI.Toronto, (an.
A  Dui'ulnr ('roof Safe.
Two burglars, nfter working on a
safe all night, dually acknowledged
themselves completely baffled by the
new combination nnd wero gathering
tip ttieir to.ds in disgust
"Hay, Bill, I'll toll yer how wo kin
make eomo out 0' this job."
"Wat yer moan?"
"Let's bunt up tho manufacturer of
tliirf safe an sell him our testimonials'
���Ohio ytute Jon nml.
If your children nit an ad are r.stlrss
during sleop, oouplrd when aw.iko with
a Ioes of appetite, pale countenance, pick-
in? of the nose, etc., you may depend
upon It thst the primary ciiuso of tho
trouble Ih normK Aloliier Graves' Worm
Exterminator elr'c ually removes these
\mtn, at once relieving ti;e lit tin sufferers.
A SuueMicr,
"Vou are," raid ihe e&lltlllutUK nut;?-
(strain, "ft writer of rhymes, I believe."
"Sir." answered the Ion;; haired Individual haughtily, "1 am a poeti a
poi-t. sir, who "ill be I'emmulmml (una
tiller you nre forgotten."
���'IVrlmpH you uill," was till* f:ir
rustic rejoinder, "I pay cusli 0:1 do-
livery for everything I pureliasu."-
< ihicngo Now*
LOUS, STEELE ft IIBIOL   Cltete Tsas
Willi U. HaaMlton-Oat.    KgjSgfiss
MJ^Bgfr jsrai mm
a*. cooMBirrr vlow co-, wimim.
If you Imp cows you csnaot ifford to bs
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
wtnt to havs tbs bsst, moit mo-dsrats la
pries, snd oa latitat ttrms, apply to
ft. A. LISTER k 00,, LTD.,
IBS King St., Winnipeg,
Pcslara In Dairy Suppllia sad Product, flat-
ollne Rnrlnca, Horae Ti-wnl rowora, Etc,
��� FREE
Hoytal L-avande-r Blue*
Tea Si*.1*",.!**)!, m.   aa.e\.*et amer
ism *Vtt     Im, .i UK, aa* *mv* IM
t.e*j'telAO<ee*Aee, at* Is ����< M WtqMM
wh*�� wri tint mrnxtm un, p%mt
-font) Dana *��o ADonaai vnr funrif.
TNtMTO CWMlCAl CO., T����a.
oau or took atma
tktn a. simi iums *s esiaa ila
Chase Sr
Seal Brand
Java  Mocha
ABLE      W
MARKET,! !_-
MoDEBMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
AMI customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
Some Clothing is made to order, not made to fit
Shorey's Clothing is made to
fit, not made to order.
Every garment guaranteed.
Sold only by the best dealers.
G. B. McDermot
GOLDEN,      -       B.O.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO.,
havo opened as
ATHALMER  (Sa,mon i3eds)
Full  Stock of Miners1 Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Kirqptor)    6c    Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
... THE ...
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates 92 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  0.  Greene, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Crop into PATMORE'S  Store and look over the breezy'
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
fiis nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Byes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest*, dandiest and best, and fresh from the factory.
In Patmore's
you can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Supplies Of all kinds
at Tight prides.
^hoa. O'Brlsn, Golileu's well-known
lawyer, has j,-niie to Ne* Wosttiilnsloi-
to attend the Conservative convention.
Harry Munson hn. decided to open
a bakery at Athulnser, wliei-a i here Is
nn excellent opening lur such a business.
W. C. Wells's sawmills at Palliser
will close down this weak, having
cojnpluted the biggest season's cut
since their establishment,
Services in "St. Paul's Church on
Sunday next, Oct. 8ih, will lis: ���11
a.m. Muttins, Litany and sermon;
7:110 p.m. Evensong and sermon.
Methodist. Church "Sunday, Out. 81I1:
Morning service, subject, "Develop*
ment ol Lilo in Man." Evening ser
vice, suhjeot, "Privllegool the Times."
Sunday school at 2:30 o'olock.
Arrangements are completed for the,
Methodist Church anniversary on Oct.
liith and l'j'tb, whioh promises to be
the event ol the season. Ask for n
H. C. 'Killeen, roadmaster, has been:
effecting bin improvements ill the rail'
way yards at Field, where the track
arrangements have been re orgauised
nni mutfli extelitled.
Grand Master D. Welsh, ol the
I.O.O.F., of British Columbia, will
visit the local lodge ol Oddfellows on
Wednesday evening nest. A full
attendance of members is requested,
Ur. Justice Martin occupied ths
bench this morning, wben Sir Henry
Crease formally introduced Ur. Thos.
O'Brien, of Golden, who was duly
called to the Bar of the Supremo Court
of British Columbia.���Viotoria Time.,.
Major Clohecy came iu from the
Bennison this week. The Major is one
of the pluckiest-anil best mining men
w*ho liavo operated in British Columbia, and the hosts of friends whom he
hss everywhere made wish him the.
success he undoubtedly deserves.
Mr. Lavin, manager.for tlio Konte-
nay Land and Development Company,
expects to have the machinery for the
Peterborough laivtnill shipped from
Golden to Peterborough next week and
will cut during the winter months.
The Company evidently msan business.
The man Hughes, under committal
on n elmrgo of alleged murder of Macaulay at Tete Jaune Cauhe, will be
tried by a sitting of the Supreme Court
at Oolden, on Oct 81st. He will be
defended by Mr. O'Brien, and Mr. Mo-
-Carter, of Revelstoke, will probably
prosecute on beh.lf of ths Crown.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps and
Blemishes Train horses. Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Bone, Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, eto, Save $50 by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderfullftemish Cure ever known.
Sold by C. A. Wnrren.
When W. 0. Wells, M.P P., was at
Windermere he made arrangements for
the starting of a wagon road from
Athalmer to Toby Creek. The engineering work has been entrusted to Hon
F. W. Aylmer, C.I-* , and he will immediately start with the work. Suoh
a road will be a great boon to tha
people of Windermere.
. At the s.mi-anniial meeting of the
Oolden Curling Club held on Thursday evening the following were olected
skips for the coming season :���Messrs,
Warren, Ullock, MoNeish, Henderson,
H. G. Parson, Block, M. Dainard,
Houston, Robertson, Gibb. The Indl
cations are lhat there will be a strong
club hero this winter, over 40 members
being now enrolled. Mr. J. Pinkham
was elected secretary of tho club vice
W* MoNeish, rssigncd.
W, Sutherland, brakeman on tho
C.P.R. running between Revelstoke
and Field, fell off the train In the
Kickinghorse canyon last week and
waa picked up Insensible. He was removed to the Oolden Hospital, where
hs has sines lain in neemluiicon.oloiis
state, suffering frotn concussion of tbo
brain. Dr. Brett came to Golden on
Tuesday to hold a consultation with
Dr. Taylor regarding the case, and
Mrs. Sutherland also came In from
Rovelstoke slid Is remaining with her
The Columbia River Lumber Company are carrying out extensive Improvements nt Cedar Creek. They
have cleared out the creek for the purpose ol booming out their logs there,
aud a Brat class camp is being put In
under charge ol Mr. Hanna, Two
8na log building! have been construct
ed, one a bunk-house, and tha othtr
for cook-house and anting room, with
a storehouse between. These buildings
have eaoh an inside space of 26ft. hy
60ft. Tbe camp will therefor"; bo a
most comfortable one for the men em
ployed by tht company. A road has
bttn built from the river to the camp.
Situate ill the Windermere Mining Division
of Ewil Kootenay Dialnct.   W hero locnt
ed-On Toby Croek.
Situate in the Wiudorniere Mining .Division
Koutniiiiy District.
eiiteil-On Uiuililei* Creek,n tributary of
tVlioro  lo-
of Eiml Koiitonny District.
eateil-Oii Hindi
Horse-thief frock,
Take notiio illnt-l,:W. O. Mlti'hell-Innos,
na agent for tlio New Golden Uritlsh Columbia Limited,of London. England (Foreign),
owners nf tin nliore Mineral Claum, Free
Miller's CortihVulo No. HHW.18, Intend, sixty
days rrom thn date hereof, to a-Jply to tlio
Mining Ror.onler I'or CerliHclltes of Improvements, for tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant ot' Iho above claims.
Anil further take notice that action, under
section S7, must bo commenced before the
issuance ofsuell certificate ol iniprovomonts.
Dated this fifth day of August, 18W.
^ssayer & Metallurgist,
Golden,      -      B.C.
Gold  II 60
Silver  1 60
Lend  1 *0
Copper  8 00
Gold and Silver  8 00
Lead and Silver :-. -8 00
Gold aud Copper  8 60*
Silver nnd Copper ���  2 60
Gold, Silver and Lead  8 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  8 60
Gold.Silver, Load and Copper. 4 00
Iron .......*...*.  4
Tin  ��
Zino  8 00
If you wiuit
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Tho Calgary Milling Company guarantee thoir floor the equal of any
brand on the Golden Market and
hereby authorize all grocers to sell'
It subject tt above guarantee aud
they will refund the full amount
paid for flour upon return tf uny
not equal to guarantee.
Sold byC. A. Warren.
Townsite of Golden
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
flow is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Hull Bros. & Go.
.... *syiiuHlsilie �� Retail*- -*-
Cattle, Sheep snd Horso Dealers.
Assays, Sampling, Analytical
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels of ore are carefully sampled,
one portion tested, one .labelled and
kept, and the third, if required, returned to owner as a check on tht
assay made.
Terms:  Cnnh With gum-plea.
Winukkmbbb-E. J. SCOVIL.
Atimijibb-J- J. LAKE.
Orders left with above agents will rt-
cfeivo prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Pitying Mines In
various part, ot British Columbia.
Gold Quarts, Copper, Gold, aud Silver-lead
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Reports and Information furnished ���rtga.rd-
Ing mining properties,
Stocks in British Columbia mines btught
snd sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Goldtn.
Moreing it Neal, and Bed*
tamjm **rM��*l ftoijihoaiM,
Tit, Oral Baoluh Raaaty. ���
Sold and rHomnendad by a.'
druggist. In Canada. Obi/nil
���bl, nuidloln. discovered. Bl*
St oaaronteed to core all
dcsb, all efteot. oTata-M
or excess, mental Worry, ExoHalv. naeol-Po-
tocoo, Opium orltlmulsnla. Hailed on isoslpl
ofprla.,oii.MokHell,slx,U. On-""���
rt��K��ctir��. TsmpUsts {iMto.n;
Tbt Wotd Cam-star, Wl
Wooii's PiiospnoDijm Is sold in Golden
by H. W. Fatim-ra, C. A. Wnrren, and C.
W. Field, Druggists.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching coftn-
try, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The Important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with tlte
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kooten&y.
Negotiations-are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offei-e-f Tonhs
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who wjll
find it to their interest to purchase before a fUrtltfer rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agr&-
ment for salet-fgned by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Codes In r.a
ford McSioill.
-Cook's Cotton Soot Compound
I laitteeMafnlty't-Md monthly by over
. io no other, a. all mature., pills and
Imitation, are dantnoas. Mm, Ma, l.li ner
box;.*-. 1,10 degM.aatronger.il per box. Ho.
1 or I, mailed on rtwlpl otprlM.ndtwot-a.nl
lt>inps. Tho Coo* eonipany WJndaor,Oo'
MTTloo. l .nd 9 soTdandMoomsr���~" *- -'
iMpeaslblo Druggists In Canada.
Head of navigation on Columbia Rivtr.
Tht mos�� central point in Windermere Mining Division,   ,\ ,(,
Extract fi-blb Report of -Minister of Minea for 1898: " A waggon road
could bt built from tht 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER-at a reasonable con-,
and will |ie ao built as toon as it is justified by the mining development."
Dry climate, oharming scenery, ptrfwk boating m lakt and river, and
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity. ...    ..*,���������������    ' -
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon,'cold, clear water tht
-year round fdr .household purpqaes, and splendid water power oloaa to town, ..*.
Large and compleio saw*mill (20 hi. daily capacity) on ihe ground usiures
cheap lumber.
Terms easy,'particularly so to investors wishing to build.
Field, 0. A, Wnrren,
and U. W. Path-ore
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon. Props
Good accommodation I'or  Prospectors snd
Freighters.   First-class mottle.
RATES i moderate.
WANTED-We will pay *M2.00a
week salary to either �� man or woman
to represent the Midland Monthly
Magnxine as a subscription solicitor.
The Midland is tho samo size as Mc-
Cluret or the Cosmopolitan. It It
now in its sixth year and ia tbe only
Magiilae of thit kind published In tht
great Ctntral Wttt. A handsomt
premium given to eaoh taktcrlbtr,
Bind 10 cunts (or a oopy of the Midland
ud prtmitim lilt to the TwiKtisth
GMfrraY PifHMBlxa Co., Ml, Louis,
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IS nraiig.it "fillies,
11 Pack Hole-slit Or .vanes.
The above stock Is in first class condi'lon,
nnd is well broken. Pack rigging and harness can also bo arranged for. The Block Is
sltitatod in Kumloops neighborhood. Offers
to bo made to
Tlio Wovci'lry Mine Limited.
A Diamond for a Dollar.
A Limited Special Offer which
will last for 10 days Only.
world-wide reputation. It is almost iinpos-
.ilile to distinguish litem from gouniae diamonds costing liuoilreds of dollars each.
They nro worn by lho best poople We will
forward a Ukkuikh Bakkios Diamond
annulled in a heavy ring, pin, or stud, to any
address upon receipt of price, 11.00 each.
Earrings, .crows or drops, W per pair. Ring
settings sre made bi one contlbuona pilot of
thick, shelled gold, tnd are warranted net to
tarnish. Special combination offer for tan
days only) Ding and stud sent to any address upon receipt of 11.90. In ordering
ring give finger measurement by using a
piece of string���also full particulars.   Ad-
1181-1188 Broadway,
Mew York,
Jas. Brady, D.L.8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, bus.   Address t
White & Scott,
BarrisUrt, Solicitors, notaries,
Bevelstoke, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway
"Imperial  Limited"
The qulokoat and finest train crossing the
The only line having through connection,
Tickets at summer excursion rate, to tht
east still on sale.
Apply for particular! to nearest C.P.R.
agent or to
WM. STIfT,      C. E. McPHERSON,
Ass't.Gen.Pass.Agt.      Gen.Puss.Agl.
Winnipeg. Winnipeg.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public, Mining, rinanolal and
Ooniiiili.lon Agent, OesamlstlvMr
of tbo Supreme Carl.
Deeds attested.   Fartits represented in
Police, Small Debts and County Omit,
Account, collected and   dispaM claims
Sill attend all
Wi WaiMi q*
Jourts at tl.lden.B.O
. Scorr, !U,il,ti.ij
Notary Public.
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent (or E. A, HAG0E��,
Aitayer * Metallurglit
Windermere, ���* -&.O.
Fruit Store & Restaurant,
Silver (able fornltore.
Call and Inif*** ���*
C. iO. Iiaiig, Agent.
The B.<;. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver.     -     B.0.
....... ...-..- ......I, r.i   ,,
We are Manilfactureraand direct Importers; snd csrry a large stock of Dslances,
Furnaces, Fife Ulay Oooda, Scientific and Practical Books, Q|iu.ware, Platinum Uoadi,
Acids, Chemicals, and all other Assayera' and Miners' raqulroments,-. .,. ..'.'* ..  ;.��,,
SOLE AUENTS for Morgan Crucible Conipsny,  Bsltorssa! Becker's SoiuT
Bslsnceii, Etc. ...;,.���: ... '.
Oataioguennd full particulars on application.
pdf a pine Suit
and a Perfect jpit<
J. C. TOM��
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     5��9te;
189d. PROVINCIAL 1899
Under lhe Auspices cf
The Boyal Ajrrioultural tt Industrial Society of British Columbia (*
New Westminster, B.C..
October 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 6th.
$ 15,000        In Prizes.        $ 15.00&.
Open to the World.
A Round of Pleasure for Four Whole Days.
-. .B*tHm*e*Xa%*fi*j*m^
T. J. Trapp, Fret.,      Arthur Mallns, Secr���
W. H. Keary, OenunlMioneri


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