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The Golden Era Aug 16, 1901

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Jambs Hemdhhsor,
Builder & Contractor.
A .apply of Building l.ime tnt Sale.
Plane prepared.  Prompt attention given to
ML. XI NO. 41    <f>-
���.^rVj'vr'Vf-iv1     _	
leave Orders at Kootenay Home, Ooldsn, B.C, Jg
Mien Writer
Keenle Artist
House Decorator.
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, August 1G. 1901
2 Per Yeah.
i i
i i ���
OUR last car lot of Assorted Groceries included:
Zephyr Cream Sodas���3 lb, tins
Cream Sodas���2 lb. cartons.
Arrowroot Sultana  .
Ginger-nuts Shortbread
Smyrna Macaroons
Social teas Garibaldi
Tartlets Jam-Jams
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Water Ice Wafers in bulk and |lb. tins.
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Macaroons in 1 lb. tins.
Shilling's Best Baking Powdsr
. import^ direct from 'Frisco in large lots,
therefore -priced lower than usual���12 oz,,
'J J and [j lb. tins.
03K TP��j6 condensed milk and all other
.brands but Oak Tree is the very top notch
of excellence. Try. a can and if not suited
take your pick of other brands free of cost.
Traie Where Cash does Double Duty.
��� i i.-
(he stock of
Hats and Caps,
Gents' Furnishings,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to-tDate PantingS,HA
J. C. TOM & Go's,
If not an inispection will pay you1.
Goods Right.    +    +    +   Prices Right.
Upper Columbia
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK BS3S��
Season of 1001 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route, to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Division. ij^^^^H
*.Leave(JoldenTuesday 4 a.m., arriving ^.Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere sarnie evening
Returning- arrive at Oolden Wednesday afternoon.
.Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough atid intermediate points'; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
������      afternoon. .     . ��� ���  '
��� Low rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, .Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
^^^^^^^^^^^^ SHOEMAKER
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
......      Boss Mlnei-'s Boot*       *        ,        *      $5,50
SPECIAL *  NMiieh River Boot, made In full French
' calf, double soles,        -        *        - ���      7.50
Imperial Bank ol Canada
Capital (Paid Cm tejMOOOO
Beat 1S50.000
II. 8. llowland,       -       President.
T. R. Merrltt,        ���        Vice-Pres.
Win. Ramsay,     T, Sutherland Btaynor
Robert Jaft'ray, Ellas Rogers,
Ws... Her-drie.
Head oniiie: Toronto.
D. H. Wii.kie, Oeiieral Manager.
E. Hay, Inspector.     , ������
MANITOBA, N;'W. T. ami 11. C.
Brandon, Csljrarv, Edmonton.
Gs.lden,       Nelson,        1'nrtago la Prairie,
Prince Allien,     Hevelstoke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,        Winnipeg,
Essex, Forces, Unit, llamilte... Ingersoll,
l.istowel, Niagara Fulls, Pert Colbourne
Wat Portage,        Sai.lt Ste. Marie, St.
Catharine.. Ht. Tl.en.ns,, Toronto, Wellimsl,
Woodstock, anil Montreal, Vise.
Agents In 'sirent llrltnln:
I.loyil's Bank. Ltd., 7-2 Lombard St., London
with whom money may Ish deposited fur
transfer by letter or cable to any is! the
above branches.
Agent* in I'nllcil MtMf*:
NEW YORK-Uunk of Moutrosl, Hank ol
I'lllCAdsj-First National Rank.
ST. PAI.I.-Sei'otssl Nalissnal llatslt.
SAN FIUN.iSi.0-Y-ells, FargolJ: C'u.'ss
Agent* in Swilh Afrlcn.
-���' .iltttornst inum-d on don-Mil*.
Provincial, Municipal ami otlier debenture*.
Available ��t all pssiuta in I'l'muila, tatitrd
Kingdom, 1,'ssiiesl States.
J. S. Gibb. Mfrr.. Golden Branch.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary rublic.Conveyancer, etc
Office in Upper Coliinshla Navigation and
Tram vay (,'om palsy's lliiMsliug,
Golden. II. C.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
D-.rrl.ters, Selleltor*. te.
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Rooms Alesandor Block Golden. B. ('.
�� " mm . i '
Jas. UHady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M.Am'n. Inst. M.E.    .'.
Survey, mnde for AssiOaamo.it Work and
Crown Grant*.
Land for sale .... I.ssko Windermere and
Findlay Creek, Eaat Kootenny.
?. f_: DES0RMEJU1,
.   .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Booth Side Kicking Horn Hive.-.
Hull Bros. & Co.
WlMesalrft Retail
Csllle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
For first-class
Dairy Butter
Resit Eggs
and all kinds ol
Farm Produce
Apply to      ,
Two Men Killed and Many Wounded-
keen* M the Wreak.
Winnipeg, Aug. 15.���General Sup
erintendsnt Leonard ol the Canadian
Pacific railway shortly before 18 o'clock last swelling received word from
IngoK, 102 miles east of Winnipeg, ol
a fatal accident on tl.e main line, three
miles east of Ingulf..
Later in the evening Mr. Leonard
issned the following list of reported
deed tnd injured:
Dead.-Dan White, Kent City, N.B,
Donald McKeagan, Cape Breton.
Injured.���John Reed, Newfoundland, head and leg injured; Jas Craig,
York county, N. B., seriously cut on
head; Thomas Corwin, fireman of en*
gine, leg badly injured.
Mr Leonatd gave out the following
'���Extra west with harvesters from
Ihe maritime provis.ee. left track three
miles east of Isigolf this evening. The
canse said to be by a rail breaking under Ihe engine while train passing over
it.   Et.glus ansl fire coaches derailed.*'
further details of the disaster re
celvud by the Telegram from Rat Portage and other points along the line
show it to be of a serious nature. Thr
wrecked train was llie first section of
four nxj,ecis's| in Winnipeg last night
and thia morning. According to th.
sJ.P. R. bulletin the Wreoks-d trail,
was slue b����;.v 5 DO p.m. .-.tt was to
Ise folicwell 6y the other ihreii ifeioiis
at 6:110, KSt? and 9:80. The four sect
ions made up of lhe first. harvester*
excursion from the maritime provinces
whioh left St John, N. B��� last Saturday. It is estimated ihait' there, were
SOO peojsle on Ihe derailed train as jt
was made up of IU coaches. The three
other sections carried about IliOO people. As soon as the news of the accident was received by (ht C. P. 11.
officials, the wrecking train was ordered out, and Dr.* Blanchard, the C.P U
physician, was notified to place himself
in readiness to leave (or the scene of
the disas.sr without delay.'
As the first reports received wete of
an exceedingly iile.raii.g nature, Dr.
Blanchard reauested Doctors Chew.,
and Cheamut lo accompany him. The
wrecking (rain left the city at tl o'clock
with instructions to waste no time in
resching the scene of the accident*
Tke news of the wreck must hare
reached Bat Portage shortly after it
occurred for a wrecking train from
that city arrived at IngoK sit 6:30, or
an hoar and a half alter the accident.
The special correspondent of tbe
Telegram wited last night that Doctors
Scovil and Gunne accompanied the
wrecking train and that according to
vague reports received the accident
was.of a most serious character.
We  Manufacture
and Keep in Stock
PUMPS,    .
and everything for the Mine,
Marine and Sawmill Trade.
aslrr-raanr. to
Armstrong at aorrlion,
Ironfounders, Boilermakers
^ H     und Machinists.
BOWden,   �� i��'., W Alta. I TOE ^Vancouver. B.C.
The Gors.rnn.an Again Dofesited.
London, Aug. 12.���The Government
was defeated in the House of Commons
tonight in the course of tbe debate on
the Factory Bill. The House supported by 163 to Ul a proposal, opposed
by the Government, that textile factories should close at noon, instead of
at 1 p. in., as now.
Tl.e Opposition and the Irish members cheered wildly.
Mr Ritchie, tl.e Home Secretary,
announced tbat the Governmeut. would
accept the decision.
Mr Healy, amid laughter, remarked
that the Home Secretary had shown
great resignation, but not the sort of
resignation the House wanted,
The House passed to its second reading the Pacific Cable Bill, by a rote of
183 to 59.
Nanaimo, Aug. 13. ���Another explosion has occurred In Extension Mine
No, 3. Qsiin, the fire boss, was below
and was probably kilted.
New Westminster, Aug., 13. ���The
collector of customs here, Mr. J. S.
Clnte received a private wife trom the
authorities at Fort Steele this morning
stating that the body of Charles Clark,
the customs officer who disapisrared so
mysteriously on the 17th of July last,
had been found in the Kootenay river
last night.
Vancouver, Aug. 12 ���^olin Hendry,
chairman of the projected Vancouver,
New Westminster, Northern st Yukon
railway, is reported to huvo said that
ojierations will commence on this railway as soon as rights to enter Vancouver and Westminster have leen obtained. An engineer is being sent oul
at ouce on preliminary work. Tbersjad
has been financed and all lhat ia being
waited for is permission to .liberate in
lhe cities, mentioned. The pnrt of the
line from* Vancouver onto the Atoskan
huut.du.i-y waits until the governments
are ..gait, interviewe-l.
Montreal, Aug* 12.��� At a meeting
Ofthe Directors of thu Cuiia'dian Pacific
Railway Company today., the usual
dividend of 2 |xsr cent, on tlte Preloreuce
stock for the half year raded June30'1.
Inst, was .lectured. A division,! of 2J
per cent for the same pisriod was also
declared on the Common Stock.
The retult for tbe fiscal year to June
30th laat were:
Gross earnings, $;lG.85f.,203.
Working expenses, 118,745,828.
Net earnings, $12,109,375,
Income from other sources, $933,425.
Total net income; $13,028,800.
Less fixed chatges, including interest
on lansi bonds, $7,iH!f>,83,*>.
Less amount apislied sip.iust ocean
steamships, 8150,600.
Net revenue available for dividends.
After payment of aU clividotids declared, tl.e surplus for the year carried
forward is ��i,114,��8.
"I think you will see the trackmen's
striko on the Canadian Pacific settled
within the present week," said a rejs-
resentative of the trackmen this inoru
ing, in converxuion with a Provinoe
'Our delegation from tl.e west i��
now on the way to Montreal whtsre 1
understand negotiations aro going for'
ward for the settlement of the whole
business. It is probable that it will
be settled before the arrival of tl.e
western delegation, and lhat in reality
iheir services will not bi) required.
"Itis simply a matter now of the
two sides getting down to business
and talking things over. It is ail a
question of the recognition of the union
principle���the matter of wages can be
settled' in a very short tisue, and I
think' thiol HM troubles will disappear."
This is in line with a s|*eui..l despatch published by the Province on
Saturday. It ia stated from Monti-pal
tbat conference., are to Ise held there
and there is erery probability of a
settlement it. tl.e near fnu.ni.
General Superintsiude.it Marpole Was
asked regarding ihe xutl.entiuisy ui
this statement this morning, and he
staled that l.e had .ecelvs'd uu . Iliclal
uews so far fruit, the e. si.
It will lw a mailer of satisfaction to
everyone in Vanuu.sver. as well an in
other places throughout the province,
if lhe strike Is settled within a' few
days. This section of the province at
least, will theu be practically frtofron.
labor troubles.
The Steals, Ktragjla.
Pittsburg, Aug. 12.-The struggle
for msslory between the manufacturers
anil man In thestael industry is now
fairly launched, and on the first show
of strength sdvantage is with the
former. The geners! strike order issues!
by President Shaffer, of the Amalgamated Association, hss S's far Iseen
obeyed b.v only about 14 000 men, no-
oordint to the best figures ohthinnlslft
here. The first two preliminary call*.
were answered l.y ..bout 45.000 men!
so that the total number out now is
tbe neighborhood of (I0.0C0. The strikers made gains hero today over the
showing of last, and their prospecss
for further accessions at both McKees-
port and Wheeling during the week
are vory favorable.
Tlie action of the Amalgamated men
at Chicago, Joliet und Rsv View, ill
refusing to come out, and iheir fs.ilu.-a
to secure any recruits in the Carnegie
group, throuclnnit the Kisknnmeiac
valley and the big |,lants at Youngs-
town and Columbus, Ohio, have boeii
inarkeslly disappointing to them.
They are keeping up the lii-bt, however, in a spirited manner, und claici
that tliey have strength in reserve
which will stirjsi'ise thoir oponents*
They are |)re��slng ilis-ir advantago at
Mcliecaport nnd Wheeling, and their
organizers are still at work itt these
two cities.
Two hundred atisl fitly butt welding
helpers came out tonight and crippled
the great butt welding department of
tbe National Tube Works at McKess*
port. The strikers are nearly sill boys
under 18, and comprise half of the
force of lseljiers iu this dops.rttnent.
Fully 2.000 meu will lie forced to quit
work, and the entire department consisting of 4,800. is exiweted to lie bile.
The buys Came out against the wtehcs.
of the Atnulga.nated Omuersi The
young follows arc turbulent, and it
was their strike that began the great
steel strike ansl riots of 1894.
Nostisporl Usss.ltsir ...ts-lke.
.Kossl.usii. Aug. 12 ���There were two
sensations, nt Nortlipnrt in.liiy, the
arresi of Kaslesh and ii new str.kt
among tho smelter im-n. Upon the arrival of attorney llurphy of llutte,
wh.) is the standing attorney for it,o
Western Kedtvntion of Miners, .t wus
decided tout once proceed wills tho
cases against the suielter authorities
for cafi-virtg anus and sujievinloiideut
Kades). was arrested shortly af'cr high
noou today. Tl.e churge ngnlnst bim
is for unlawfully maintaining armed
guards and aj,|senrii!g in public, brandishing slehdly weapons ansl ilii.,iii-.sn*
ing to sio grievous hoslily lin, in. Kaslesh was put under lils'sCO liouus tu
appear st the next count)' court session,
The arresi has cassscsl a sensaiisi.i. its
it was thought tlie l.ljslnsltlou pioceesl<-
ings would act ns a bar tu ail utlis-r.*.
Tweuty five workers At she smelter
walked out today on strike. Tlsov
wero promised &'! per dssy ami J',,1 not
get it. Fifioen of tlio -non liis,l lis'eu
brought all tho way from Ls'i.dvillo
two weeks ago, 'the s'rikers sire jubilant aud say other vrorkers aro coiiiiii-sj
Now Orleans. Aug. 10 -What is .*'���
gardes! as an attempt of a Doer sympathiser to blow up a British trimsj.or','
occurrsd shortly af'ssr midnight, wb,n
there wus a terrific oxplo*sou ut the
stock landing where tbs sie.us.ei' Aleci.'*
anian is inooi'ssd. The Mucliauiau Ists>'
carry mule's to South Africa. 'Jflid
explosion shook l.ssu-e.-. and u.rakei.esl
people fur'sousH slisiasnve urouiei. .Must
of Ihe craw of the ship were asleep, but
slseexjslosion brought ih'esii i-fuicklv 10
the deck. An examination allowed at
large dent ot. the' s<arU>,,rd aide nl the
ship. Two plufes at the water's edge
had lieen sprung and considerable wHsei*
waa let into the ship. Pumps were
iuimediislely put, lo work, and wlseit
ilay-lneiik cssu.e it was found llie vessel wns in no danger of sinking, assd
'.bat tlse slainsge WHM not serious. Tlio
crew ot the vessol" .le'iiie*-. tl'sstt them
were any ex[slosi.es un IsoHvd. There
seems lit sis doubt (bat the s>xplusius.
was from llie uutsi.lu. a'nd thai suiissr
sort of I son. L or lori-nlo hurt lieen i.s*esl.
Despatches from Europe during the
past week announce that Oom Paul is
going cr.,sy. Specialists in nervous
dli-eas-a-. have been called npon to*
attond htm,
mz3iia^si3��s THE ER-\, GOLLEN, &C, August !G, Mil,
Q.U* tSol&en t&va.
ri-sLisniii. eveit miDir.
T... V. IIs.sbisii, - Editor and Publisher
8ubacrijstioDa 82 00 jrer year in advance.
Adrertiaing rates made known oil request.
FRIDAY.   Al'O. it. 1301.
We are forty to note a teuJeiicv on
tl.e j.art of some provincial uewspa|.ers
tss cast reflections on Ralph Smith, M.
P , inesiJeni of tl.e Dominion Trades
a ud Lalair Council, for not taking,
more active part in settling the track
men's strike. These pa|sers seem to
think it Is Mr. Smith's duty to |.ush
himself in whersrer there is trouble
hetweeu capital and labor and take a
hand in adjusting matters iu the interest of laboring .net.. In the past Mr.
Smith has always shown a willing
ness to act as arbitral ur in labor dis
putes, bit wisely refrains;from doing
su until asked. In the matter uf the
trackmen's strike Mr. Smith has never
bo... resjuosieil to use his good offices as
uu arbitrator, aud until he has received
such request lho trackmen cannot rea
sos.ably find fault with hiin. He,
however, |iromptly took np thn matter
of importation of alien laborers and
haa done everything in his power tu
have the Act eutorcen.
Wr think it would lw well tor union
msn. engaged iu the strike to fully
acquaint themselves with the facts ol
the case before passing jsidgiueut oi,
their la'.or leader iu the Duu.iploi,
11 man, Some time ago, when a airike
was on at ttos.land, Mr. Smith's services wero requisitioned and he .lid
splendid work in the laboring men's
behalf. Por year* past Mr. Smith has
acted as arbitrator in labor disputes on
the Islsud, particularly between the
coul baron, a.tsl their employees, and
in nearly every case his efforts have
been more or less successful.
Working men have not so man.
representatives in parliament that they
cau afford to lose a man of Mr. Smith's
undoubted ability aud itifluei.ee. He
is ...uuli respected in Ottawa an.l his
a Ivico is always sought l.y the Govern
...ent in matters affecting the interests
-of labor. Moreover, he has a clean
record uud none of his enemies cau
puiul to a single instance where bo hus
betrayed his trust Io the cause ol
labor. He showed his sincerity ill thi.
respect by refusing to accept a fat
office iu Ihe labor bureau at Ottawa,
preferring to stay in parliasn.nt where
he oould serve those who did him the
honer of electing Iiun as their representative.
If thn truckmen want Mr. Smith's
help let then, ask for it and we fusil
thsy will iiui Ise disappointed.
Mr. Robbins, secretary of Hospital
Board, iu his report |stil.iished lasi
week, speaks uf a luck of lire appii-
a.sces. This is something that should
have tl.e ilniueiliaie attention of the
Hoars! uf Directors, as the results ot a
lire in llie Hospital, beyond all Jsecu
uisr.r loss, uro ap|.i.!liug to onieisi-
plaie. We would suggest thut a number of hand chesuieai Hie extinguish
ers he sscured at. once and la,Ides*.
place! in position so that no delay
would Ise expcs-ii-nced in getting at an.
part of tlie building iu case ut firs.
As'.�� n'iiig the Si.uilkamren Star, is
Multireel magnate recently made i.
wail to a lueal bank manager. "Capi*
tails'! like myself,'" he said, have loss
millions iu milling iu British Coluin
bia." "Oh, cusue uff the perch 1" said
Ihe bank man with snore fsj.ee that,
elegance, "Yuu pcuple .uaku sue tired.
Tbe wl.ute ous lis uf y..u from Montreal
and Toronto have slug up loss thai,
three millions for missing in B.itisli
C'.ltin.hiu. Yuu hssve purchased share*
in mining i'*>in|s:.iiie* from each other
and lost n,ui,e>, but you have uut lost
a dollar through purchasing and work-
lug inioes. Yuu hare allowed sharp
American minim; men to cold-deck you
at a sia.no yun do not iiiidur-sranil, and
now vou cosne out here whining about
the millions that the mines of British
(Jolnmhls owe rou. when, as a muster
of fart, von haven't tho nerve tn tako
hold uf a piece of pro'serty aid take
oisassces of making- a mine out of it."
the Canadian Bank of Commerce, for
tho full value value of the gold, together with a rebate ol ono per cent, ot
tho royalty already paid. Thi* arrangement shonld prove an inducement
le those bringing gold from the north
to go to Vancouver to dispose of it.
We respectfully ask those of our
readers who are in arrears for their
subscriptions to this paper to kindly
give Ihe matter attention as soon as
possible. It may bs a small amount
when taken individually but in the
aggregate it menus a lot to the pub-
Is slier. There are luO names at least
on our list who owe for the current
year. If we could collect this amount
forthwith it would mean a dividend ot
some two or three hundred dollars fnr
the editor.
The pro.-pd.ini a- Hie Domlnlou Assay
Otic*- In Vancouver is that a miner on
presosstiiig his gold at the office, io-
���retherwiths epirificasis to 'hs* e(f-ct
thst the rorslsjr has h.-*n paid In the
Yukon, will sV given a renol|.t thers*
for. and after thesssisy hss determined
the relsiP st the gnlu, he surrenders
the receipt and obtains a cheque,
which is cashed  without discount, at
Every prospector in Guidon who has
a cluiin he wishes to place ou the mar.
ket is lequostusl to call at this office
and leare with us full particulars con
coming it. When this is done we
will place thmnatter in the hands ot
Andrew F. Rosenl-erger, ot tho Pro<
specters Exchange, Nelson, and ho will
make it hia business to bring your
claims beforeCpisalists and investors.
This Exchange Is one of Ihe most useful instil itiuus in B. C. and has accomplished good work in placing
properties, It costs the prospector
nothing tu list his claims, and, in case
of a sale, ouly 10 per cent commission
is charged. Don't put the mailer off,
but bring in your list immediately
and we will do tho rest.
A Clover Job.
Vnliejo, Cui.. Aug. 0. ��� Guldbricks
valued at $134,000 were stolen during
tho night from the Selbv Smelting
works, Vallys, Cal. The robbers tt I*
denlly hail been working on the job
for two ur three months. They had
lug a tunuel from outbisle lhe house.
beginning with ., shaft about 3 feel
leep. Thence they worked underneath
the vault and striking njiwards bored
a holo iu the flour. The hole was
shaped like the manhole of a boiler.
Part of the holes were bored two
mouths ngo, it is thought, and the
lint bole was completed during the
uight. Through that hole they took
off the goldbr.cks nnd carried thein to
*i bank near Iho mouth of the tunnel
eust of tl.e works whore tl.ey were
evidently placed iu a buat. Is. I hei
hurry the robbers left two of the bricks
ou the bunk. Duriug the night one
of tho woiktuen reported lo his fellows
that hs heard a noise iu tho strong
room und declared ii was a ghost. Tl.e
other ri,lie.iled bim tor his suiiersiition
but uu investigation wus mndo to see
what hail caused tlio noise. The entrance of the tunnel was covered with
a frame, orer which tho employees of
the smelter passed repeatedly ever,
day but uo one seemed to notico anything out uf ihe wuy.
Sheriil Veule, of Contra, Costu
County, and Chlet of Police SaufuiU
uf V'ullejo huve been notified uud are
now ut tne works. Tho police ot Sau
Francisco and Osehajcitcb ure at work
on tho case but to fur theru is not tl.e
slightest else lo the robbers. The
work wus that of skilled men and their
eluborute plans were carried out without u hitch. Tuey gut all the bullion
in the vault, leaviug behind only il.e
two bricks which were drojiped on tho
shore. Only one day's ucuu.uuluiioi.
ut refined guld wus kept at the works.
Y'laiord...)'. ruu na. unusually heuvi,
ami lhe gold was to have been shipped
hack to Van Francisco today. The
tuniiol thut tbo robbers excavated was
onoiii three leet in diameter und gave
them plouty ut ruuiu iu which to Work.
It is sui.pused that lho dirt fruui
too tunnel was tukuu out ut night and
Jsupi-e.1 in the bay, First reports
stated that the tunnel was two or three
hundred feet loug, but sucuiding to
Isle advices it was nbout teu feet iu
length. Tho shaft was started close
to the wul! ami was sunk below tke
foundation, tlies.ee it wus ouly a short
distance under ihe Huur of the vault.
It is thought the men who committed
llie robbery look their plunder in u
launch and made off foi Uiu Francisco.
Following is a list ot property utu.es.:
Four li.ie gold bricks, all uiiinlwred
uud containing G,7o0 ouues Also
10.000 ounces uf gold in various shapes
uud a little silver. Tho guld in tl.e
bi.uk. is worth $20 an ounce.
Jack Wi ute, a, who wa* arrested ns
a -,ii.|-*ct iu ihia cuss has confessed
and showed Su|serini*nn>nt Rupp
..ud .. force ot slets'Ciives where the
treasure ws.s hid.    Ho had ilrss-spwl it
bxpimditurb, $54,541461; bivesue,
Ottawa, Auk. 10-The department ha*
now mora complete return* of revenue
and expenditure of the Dominion for
the financial year to th* and of Jan*,
whioh includes many accounts settled
during July. Th* receipts from vari<
ous source* and expenses of public ser
vie* for th* financial twolr* month*
are given as follows :
Customs ..$28,583,097
Excise  10,318,267
Postoffice    3,416,947
Publio   works,    including
railway*     5,876,838
Miscellaneou*     3.814,856
Total  452,010,006
Expenditure  $44,129,646
South African contingent.. $    902,333
Public    Work*,    railways
aud canal*	
Dominion land*	
Railway subsidie* 	
Militia ,
Norlhwoat rebellion..
Whil* a party of seven residents of
the little town ot Sirdar, in the Boundary district, were' enjoying a game of
poker lust Sunday week, they wore
held up by two masked men, armed
with revolvers, and all their cash aud
jewelloy taken from them. Doubtless
the robbers wero shocked lo seo the
gu.no being played on Sunday and took
this means ot expressing thoir disup-
Esuprv*. jratferlak.
Berlin Aug. 10.���All ejes in Germany ure turned today on Cronberg,
Public, iusoiest iii the deceased Dowager
Empress, during hor widowhood, was
slight and she did everything possible
tu retire from publio viow and avoid
every semblance of political activity.
The latter (act has softened the judg
ineut of oven lho unbending Junker
organs, which once persecuted Her
Majesty, assailing her most slu.rj.ly
when at the very acuiuof |iower. Tht
Duwager Etnprosa's death reveals the
fact thnt tl.e autocratic extrem ��ts had
largely modifird their ja giueut or al
least, hud ignored I heir points of dif
fereucu Thev praise her for her hum
unity, hor tender nursing of I he sick
in war. her interest iu industrial art
and the |.ractical advance she made iu
these lines. Thoy also |>rai��e hsr activity in promoting female education,
aud in lho advancement of womeu
The most conservative papers praise
the latter feus ure other character un
stiutedly. The newspaper comment
partakes largely of the character of
reminiscenes, pointing ont that the
deceased was one ot the last links bin
ding Germany of today wilh the gieut
historical event* of 30 or 40 year* ago.
Armstrong, B.C, Wiped Oat.
On Saturday morning laat, the town
ot Armstrong was visited, by a disastrous fire, the following business
houses being destroyed:
Woud, Cargill k Co., Hardy
Wright, Fraser tt Patchott, Burn's
drug store, the Masonic Hall, Francis'
Implomeut warehouse, three dwellings,
the I. O. F. hall, Hawkin's butcher
shop, the C. P. II. warehouse and1
other buildings,
The loss is $80,000, insurance $18,.
The (lie burned out In an honr and
a half. It was set with coal oil by a
crazy man named Eaglss, who was
Nothing was saved except by Burn*
and Francis, who bave one quarter of
their stock each. Two families ar*
homeless, having lo*t everything.
The C. P. R. agent's houss aud th*
hotel were saved by hard work, th*
former being protected by a oarload of
potatoes between the burning building*
and the station. Tha hotel wa* saved
by wet blankets.
All tho buildings will be rebuilt.
The* flour mill* were saved by their
owu waterworks.
THE POISO-IED 8PBINO-A. in suture, so in man. pollute Ihs spring and disease ai.il waste aro bound to follow���tho
stomach snd norros out ot* killer meatus
prise., in tbo spring. South American Nervine is a great purilier, cores lwligestisn,
" pepsin, aud bn.es the nerves.  The Isrnt
.-- . cores lwligestisn,
liyipopsia, and tones tlw nerves. The Isrnt
eslslen.e of Its efficacy is tbo unsolicited
testimony of thousands of cured uuea.
by It. W. l-utnsor*.~7.l
A military pout ut Kashkor. North
swii India, wa* sui|,ii*ed by Malisuds.
who killed several of thu garrison aud
looted tho stores.
The Government may display * plek-
uto the water nt ths end of a wharf led lut ol Cana.li.n horses at the Royal
.mil u.resdr about $130,000 hss been i Agricultural Show iu England next
row. vie,.. Ijcu*.
Th* Bishop ol Loudon promise* to
fulfill th* prophesies made whon h(
wa* appointed. He ha* boou warning
th* extremists in bis diocss* that th*y
mnst abandon th* practice of t hs res*r-
vution of th* itcramtnt and r*mor*
th* tabernacles from th* ritualistic
church**. Ne goneral order ha* bets
Issued anil a compromise may yet to
effected, hut tho bishop i* now credited
with a firm sitttrinination to forbid
certain ritualistic praotio** whiob th*
archbishops hare declared to he illegal,
Tn* bishop wa* kuown to be In tym-
psihy with th* ritualists whsn appointed, bit th* best Informed oharah-
mn w*r* convinc.d that thi* Would b*
s strong resouro* in regulating th*
excess ol th* extremist* and enforcing
compliance wilh tb* archbishop's
A Proclamation.
A parliamentary paper ha* been it-
sued containing a proclamation issued
bv Lord Kitchener, August 7, in to
cordons* with instructions from th*
Imperial Government, tbe Govern
ment* of Cape Colony and Natal concurring. The proclamation says: All
commandant*, field cornets and leaders
of armed band*, being burgher* of ihe
Into republics and still engaged in re
sistiug His Majeaty'* foroe* whether
in the Orange Colony, tho Tranaraal
portion of his Majesty's South Africa
dominions, and all membera ot tbe
Governments of th* late Orange Free
State and Transvaal shall, unless they
surrender before September 15. be per
inanently banished from South Afrioa.
The cost of tho inainienui.ee of the
families of ail burghers In tho field,
who hur* not surrendered before September 15, shall be recoverable from
such burghers, anil shall be a charge
upon their proporty, removable aud
unnioruble, in the two colonies *
Tbe preliminary correspondence
shows that the proclamation is based
upon suggestion* which tho Government of Natal forwarded to Colonial
Secretary Chamberlain Julv 24 snd
that lhe date, September 15, was recommended by Lord Milnst.
Tho afternoon newspapers comment
approvingly upon the proclamation of
Lord Kiichensr. Even the Westminster Gn-ieite hiijs there is no fault to
find wish it. nor Is there any objection
to make oh the score o( justice. Ii
thinks, however, that it is oxtremelj
doubtful if It will huva uny effect in
shortening lhe war. Most of the fighting Boors ars already completely ruin
ed and nothing distrains thom. on nc-
count of Ih* devastation of ihoco.intry.
Th* Globs say* tha proclamation is
a* judicious a* it is drastic, and that
the only question is wh.ihor it is
strong enough, adding '-not even the
wildest pro Boer oan find fault with It
on the score ol inhumanity. It he*
long been obvious that such a step
was imperative in order to avert ruin
upon the inhabitant* dteirious of
London, Aug. 10-A despatch from
Lord Kitchener, dated Irom Pretoria
today, says: A blockhouse neat Brand-
tori, Orange River Colony, wa* rushed
and captured by the Boer* after ******
fighting on the night ot August 7th.
Elliots ha* oaptured 70 prisoner* and
targe quantitie* of nook and wagon*
whioh he 1* (ending in. No details
hare been receirsd.
Lord Kitchener receives! certain information lhat Dewet intended to attaok Cape Town, while Gon, Botha, as
���oon a* h* heard lhat th* concentration in Cap* Town bad been effected,
was to enter Natal with 5,000 picked
horsemen and make for Durban.
LIFE'S A BURDEN-lf th* stotfisch It
not right. Is ther* Nausear I. th.se Constipation f It tho tongue coated ? Aro yoa
light-headed 1 Do yuu bavo sick head-ache?
Any and all of these denote Hlon-ici and
Liver disorder. Dr. Agnew's Liver Pills
tot quickly sud will curo matt stubborn and
chronic cites. 40 in a rial for 10 stent..
Hold by 8. W. Palnioro-77.
Pitttburg, Pu., Aug. 10���Tht gtntrtl
���triks order ot President Shaffer, ot
tbe Amalgamated Association, become*
���ffeotive today, and th* army of iron,
tin and ��t*el rtorktri, to Whioh It I*
addressed. I* expected to throw down
it* tool* st.tsi* olute uf th* loft turn.
At the atrikoers headquanay* *U wa*
quiet. Thore I* still muoh -talk of a
settlement. Strong appeal* hnve bee*
made to both Pretldent Shaffer aid
President Go.njsers, asking (hit tbey
throw thoir influence toward* a setile-
m*nt. and vtrioo* plan* for averting
a general strike has been discussed and
offend by dlsint*r**'tod ist.it uu th*
JOB PRINTING our Sj-ecialty.
Townsite Of Golden. .
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
GOLDEN is thejbe-ftot'heUpper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The Important mineral discoveries recently, made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the bnilding
Present prices are favornblo to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson. Merchant,
Will "go" until she drops, and think
she's doing rather a fine thing. Very
often the future shows her that tlie wu
laying the foundation for years of
unhappineas. When the back tchet,
wben there is irregularity or any other
womanly ill, then the first duty a woman
owes to herself is to find a cure for her
The use of Dr. Pkjtrce's Favorite Prescription in cases of womanly disets*
will insure a prompt restoration to sound
health. It regulates the periods, stops
unhealthy drains, heal* inflammation
and ulceration, and curt* female weak-
net*. It makes weak women strong,
tick women mil.
Sick women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter, fret ot charge. All
correspondence absolutely private and
confidential. In hit thirty veers tnd
over of medical practice Dr. Pierce, insisted by his staff of nearly a score of
physicians, hit treated and cured more
thin half a million women. Addrett
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
"twill drop yo* t lew llif. to-darta let wo
know that I am Hells., wall now, *writs* His.
Ansle Stcphena, of Belleville, Wood (te., weal
Va. "I feel likes new womsn. 1 took asrreral
bottle, of 'Favorite PreKrlptlon' and of tht
'Oolden Medical Dlas.ov.r-s-.' 1 hsr* no hctst-
��ch�� now, aod no man psln ia suy aide; to
betrlag-down pom toy more. I think thst theft
is to medicine like Dr. Platte', medicine."
pr. Pierce'* Common Sent* Medical
Adviser, in paper rovers, is aent free on
Medicine Lodge, Ku. Aug. 9-David
Nation today brought suit for a divorce
from hi* wif*. Mr*. Carrie Nation, tbe
temperance orusadtr. The petition allege* that, hi* wit* held him ap to
public ridicule, neglected bar family
dull** and abandoned hi* hom*.
Cure for tho hurt is a heart tonic that nover
fills to cure���Is swift In ill effecta-goes
closer lo tba "border Itnd" tnd snitches
frotn death's jrrip more sufferers thin any
othtr rentedjr for toy family of ditsutsind
ailment, in the category of hnmtn infftrit
for tny family of diseutsst
ailment, in tin rtl* gory of hnmtn aafftrinaTt.
Gives relief In SO niiiiutos.   Sold by R. W.
Tha Swedish Oovtrnment i* considering plan* tai th* installation of slec-
trlolty throughout thn whole railway
���yittm ot Sweden.
Th* approaching marriags ol Mr,
Herbert Gladstone, M. P., and a
daughter of Sir Richard Horner Paget,
I* announced.
How thill I intura boat rsnolu in the tborteat
timo?" It itandi to reass.su that a liquid
speclne of tho ��nq.wstlon*blo mtrit of South
A raerleta Kidney Cur* will jrn mora directly
su quickly to ih* seat of tho trouble then
th* pill 6ir.il'' treatment, and when strikes
Ih* spot there's heiling lu mi instant. 8oM
byR.W, Patmore.--IS
Wondormi Bss.nlt. Follow th* Vs* of
Or, Clarke's Little Bod Pills.
To the Editor of tbe Era :
Sir:���W* msks the* following pro
poials to th* reader* ot the Oolden Era:
To any oa* who I* a subject of rheumatism (no matter how long standing)
or any blood disease, a* enumerated
bolow, and will giro Dr. Clarke'* Wonder lu I Little Hod Pill* a fait and impartial ti Ial and do not find a jserfeot
oure, wo will refund tho money paid
tor th* pills, If no ���ubstsniial improvement is obserred we will iu addition, pay f 10 ia cash on tttisfsctory
eridonc* being tupplitd ut to thi*
W* hare y*t to know of a *ingl*
ctte when thete wonderful pill* have
not been almott entire!) tuecsntful in
effecting a onre, CANADA CHEMICAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
They oured me of rheumatism after
I had heen glren up. -Andrew Cioikey,
Victoria, B.C.
Ex-Aid. Bailey, St. John*, writes :
I oannot speak too highly of Dr.Cltrk't
Wonderful Little Bed Pill*. Thty
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mt alter many year* of suffering I do
not think thtir equal it to be obtained.
Nothing like Dr. Clark*'* Llttl* Hsd
Pill* for th* cure of hurl Irtuble,
weakneitei and blood diseases. Hav*
uud them everywhere with success.���
Or. E F Maun, lata ot H. 14. lore**,
South Afrioa,
Dr. Clark*'* Llttl* Red Pill* permanently oared m* of hscksche, Isuffertd
toryttr* and only look two bozos.
That it a ytar ago. I htvt not had ���
tymptom (Ino*. Jam** B. Jtekton,
Soult St* Marl*, Ont.
I do not btlieve ther* it a medioine
to compart wilh Dr. Clark*'! Little
R*d Pills. Thty cured nu of indigta-
tion and oatarrh of tb* ttomtcb. after
aint y*tr��' aufferlng.-H 8. Macdonald, G.T.R. tliop*. Montreal.
Dr. Clarkss'i Little Red Pillt art a
poaitive and certain oure for la grippe,
rhuamatiam, asthma,paralytis, catarrh
ectoma, coujjhs, backiche, indigestion,
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complaintteven when thedlwiiei havt
been Handing for many yean, the moat
stubborn cttet will yield. Price 60
centt per boi. For tilt by local druggittt. Dr. Clarke'a Bora Care for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'a Sure Cure
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The King'* departure (rom Lon don
Is ttid to ba dtlayod on ooconut of tha
dltsjovery of an anarch!**, plat ia 3k>
Railway malt elerkt eraptortd on
ih* C. P. R. wstst of QttaWa hare
petitioned tht Minlstsr ot Labor to
intervene In the iraokmeu't tlrlke, tt
they I��tf that tbe traok si* btoosa iug
HI it'i, THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, August, 16 IIIi:
Unea sVork.u.n Cause Orout U-turn*...
Tht management of the North port
Smaller I* paying dearly for it* ox-
periraeut of trying to get along without competent workmen a* thown by
tbe following despatch: ''About I o'clock thi* morning th* tmeltor man-
ngeratmt, which had been trying to
ttart another furnaoe in order to produce a higher grade of matte than ha*
bwn attained tiuce the lookout, it-
tempted to tap the second furnace,
Owing to the unskilled work ol tke
grata employes*, th* entire molten
content* ot the furnaoe waa emptied
ou tha floor of thetintlter and into tba
ditch whioh runs alongilde tbe Milling
tank. On reaching the water the
molten mat* began to **oap*. Th*
settling ttnk containing tont of matte
valued at (3,000 wa* blown to atom*
and th* control* of the tank wa* precipitated Into the ditch, alao exploding,
tha stream of boiling metal flowing into th* water ditch, coming a contino
oa* teritt of explosions lor tome time
At eaoh explosion a great mat* of flame
and fiery metal wa* hurled high in
tbe air. All the emplojees, both those
on shift and those at sleep in th* hunk
house leaving in their night olothes.
They have been vroturing back line*
in small band*, but many have not
been heard trom, although theirclotl.es
and potstttlone are left behind,
M ��� sa> ��� s��
On* On John Honston.
There was a time whsn John Hous
tou led the revolt of the mining dit
trictt igalnit reactionary government.
Whatever he tayt he rotes with that
Government now.
Then wat a time when John Hous*
ton wat the tpok.-tu.an ot union labor
in Britiih Columbia. The trackmen's
ttrikt found him and loft him at dumb
at tn oyiter.
There was a time when tho grier*
ancos ot railway mtn found a ready
utttranc* Irom John Houtton't mouth,
then wus even a historical combat
with n C.P R. official. Now the C P.
H is tho benevoh-nt god-pspa of it*
employees. Theio was a time wheu he
fought hard in the matter ot freight
rates for the merchants of Kootenay.
Now ht works extra shifts explaining
to them how well thoy aro treated
The C.P.R. bout to its own purpose a
man whom it would never tiustaud at
at tbe same time, at it* ends were
furthered, it destroyed bis power, thu*
killing two birds with one stone.
.But this little S.siusosi (rem the
mountain., may huso grown bit huir
a-taiii si mum Ins wool was cropped some
time ago, aud aud ho may e.en nun
ln.ro his arms around tho pillars ol
Oata. ' But if he bring! thom down ho
must tall himaell and thert is nothing
led for him to say but "Let me dit
with tba Piiilisiii.es." If he would
���urvive he mn.t remain in chains lo be
)    mad* a mock of,
Well h* knows it. Wben he penned
certain lint* on the death of D. J. Beaton, to whiob Thoi Post would be the
last to attribute any intentional viola
tion of decency, he was thinking far
less of D. J. Beaton than of himself. ���
Viotoria Po*t. _
Ghost, would frighten many people
who ar* not afraid of gsrin*. Yet the
germ is a real danger. It tbi* micro-
tcopio animalism could bt magnified
to a *lr.e in proportion to its dotdlinets
it would show like a giant python, or
fire breathing dragon. The one faot
to remember it thtt the germ It power*
let* to harm th* body when th* blood
I* par*. It it (ar easier to keep th*
the g*rm out than to driro it out after
it obtain* a hold in tha tyttein. Dr.
Pine*'* Golden Medical Discovery 1*
th* mo*t powerful and perfeot of blood
purifying medioint*. It Increases the
quantity aa wall aa the quality of th*
blood, and eoablea tha body to resist
dltt.ee, or to throw It off.it dictate
bat obtained a footing in tomt weak
organ. Wherever th* digttiion I* Impend, th* nutrition ol ike body it
diininlthed, (or th* blood it madt (rom
tbt food wbich i* eaten, and half di-
Rested food cannot supply the body
with blood in quantity and quality
adequate to it* need*. For thi* condition there is no remedy equal to
"Goldtn Medioal Discovery." It cures
ninety eight oat of every hundred per-
���oa* who give it a fair trial. Whon
thar* I* *oo��tir*tion Dr Pierce'a Pita*
ant Pallet* will promptly relioro and
permantly oure.
������ s s��..��
Th* wottorn harvest procetdi under
mott favorable condition*, although
frott is feared at Brandon.
Ovtr 7000 harrest oxourslonists left
lor the went latt week.
Thar* I* great mortality (rom malignant typhoid favor amoug th* German
troopt at Tientsin.
A negro wat burned at lhe ttal e
near Enterprise,' Ala., before a orowd
of 100 oitize it of Coffee Country.
A loortero year old daughter of Mr.
John Sonar of Elleiboro, N. W. T..
was attacked and killed by a bull.
���oss* of tko Aaaaaug stoi-l.. Ia Whisk
***** Halm ri.rss*--e-sJL
It wa* Stetson who on landing from the
tttamtr after a stormy voysgo exclaimed,
"Thank God, I am once moro on riot
Mra, BUllngton on her return from
America brought homo mtny Stetson
���torlos. One of tho best had reference to
tbo sudden necessity of enlarging tbe programme of a variety entertainment, Hit
manager hod, as ho believed, suocessfully
tUled tht bill. Stetson arrived on Iba
scene in tbo midst of tbo opening nuni-
bcrs. "Whst* It on now!" ho asked.
"Woll, It's Just a pretty, sentimental duel
by tbo brothers So-sud-so." "Sentimental, ohi" said Stetson. "That's good."
It wat ono of those duets thtt have supplied George Qrotimlth and other enter*
tslnors with tome of their best burlesques
of part singing. Tho tenor ssks a vocal
quostion, tho baritone replies���a kind ol
litany, with variations. In this case tht
tenor was a feeble looking youth of CO,
with ono of those voices thst may bo mu-
sio or an etcspe of go*.
Stetson stood ot tho wing and contemplated tbo duelists���youthful tenor of 60,
tgod baritone with tho manners of 80 and
snob a wig I
"Whero ore tho friends of my youth!"
began tbs tenor In pathetic tones that
hardly reached tbo orohestra.
"Whero are tho loved ones gone?" responded tho baritone In a gloomy gurgle.
"Farther back," tald Stetson from tho
wing. "They'll hear you better lower
down tbe stage." Harlng thus got thein
well out of tho way of tbe ourttln, "King
down," ho laid to tho prompter at his elbow, and the drop fell. "On with tbt
noxt number In tho programme," ha ttld,
"and tend those two gentlemen to my
room. How long aro you engagod fort"
ho atked them. "Two weeks, Mr. Station," thoy answered with deferential humility. "How much!" "Flltoon dollars
a week."
"Very well, my poor fellows. There's
your money," ho said. "I won't detain
you. Oo and find tb* friends ot your
youth." When you tell this story, It It
nocoesary thut you should e-lutf the lines Is*
their right tune nnd with ohsrwtorlatic
Imitation of two played out roliiss, iiiist
beer In mind how cynically o.turti-uus
Stetson would bo III cumiucndlng the laded duetlsts to go straightway In quest of
those friends of their youth.���Newcastle
A toloasu Chapel Rcsa* Whoa tho Tone*,
dor Koools la Prayer.
"Kow," said my friend, "we will go t��
the chapel." "Theohnpul." "Wby, yes,
the noxt room Is a small chapel when, every toreador goes before tho light to pray
and ask Ood and bis patron saint tbst his
life be spared and tbnt he. bo givon tho
courage ond strength to take that of tbo
bull." We entered tho small chapel,-at
one ond of whioh was an altar covorcd
with llowcrs and Ijttbtod onndlss, In tho
middle ii oruoltlx, and behind a painting
of the Virgin Mary. One of tbo toreadors
canto In mid, knuellng at tlio altar, tsejti.n
to pray. What a contrast! This man,
covered with silk and gold, knuellng la
Iront of thu Christ, asking ior tho prsits-c-
tion of fho kind'nnd sweet lover of humanity and asking (In order lo kill) tb*
protection of hint to whom all lives or*
dear and precious.
" Vou soo tbo mon ther* knoellng and
praying?" said my friend. "Woll, he Is
i-lauuol Oarcia, generally called '-Cupar-
toro,' tho greatest living toreador, lie I*
the first (spado of Spain end Is celebrated
fur hie great courage. When ht sticks bis
sword In the bull's nock, ho never Jumps
aside, as other torosdors do���no, bs wants
to atop the bull there to kill him on tho
apot. At It It nearly Impossible, be hat
olton beon seriously wounded by dying
hulls. Ho has saved ovor 100,000 pesetas.
He will retire from tho ring a rich man In
another year."
Tbo man had finished praying. Ila left
the chapel, shaking hands with his friends,
snd I oould not help thinking, "A rich
man In ono year���yes, provided"��� But 1
did nut daro finish my thought even to
inysulf, nnd, raising my eyos to tho crucifix, I murmured Involuntarily, "Ood,
sport bim I"���A. D. do Guerrilla.
Quit, th* Thing.
" Jamea, bring mo some clean linen."
"Alas, sir, you hare nonel Tho lion*
dryintn rof uses to hsnd ovtr until ht It
given tbo money for that latt batoh."
"Woll, why don't yoa giro him tho
"Thert ltn't a farthing In ththouM,
"Well, welll   Am I broke?"
"Yes, tlr.tbtolutely."
"Dtar rati I suppose I bed better get
np and tit about lt Bring ine my tult,
"Gone, iir. Ertrythlng pawned except
tbe old frayed frock ooal you wore going
to givo tho housekeeper."
"Grett betronsl I'll stay In bed all day
Irttl Get me something to ott, anyhow."
"Thcrt't nothing In tho houte, sir, tnd
the restaurant keeper refuses to lot as
havo anything moro without cssh."
"By Jorol Nothing to wear but dirty
linen nnd a frayed frock ooal, nothing to
���at and no money I Goerd gracious I I csn
nerer look my friends In tht faoo again I"
"Why, certainly you ean, llr, tnd ont a
greater dash than ovtr btfon," urged tbt
faithful James. "Toll'om you are a Bohemian and in doing this In obedlenos te
the artistic Instinct."���Strand Magaslno.
In Ufa slnoerlty is tbo tun tombstone
of character. Tho good and valuable man
Is hs who strive* to realise day by dty hit
own sincere oonoeptloni of true nunhood.
Thousands an struggling to exhibit
what tome ont olio tdmlrtt to reach tho
popular standard, to bo or appear to ha
retpecublt and honorable, but fow mako
lt their aim to lire thoroughly op to thtlr
own Individual conviction, of wbtt It
right tnd good.
Carlyle woll stytt "At all turn a man
who will do faithfully needt to believe
firmly. If he hare to oik at trtry turn
tbe world't sruffi-ige, If bt cannot dispense
with ths world's suffrage and make bit
own auffrags serve, hs is a poor eye ssrv*
tint, and tbe rrork committed to him will
bomh*done,"���Kow York Ledger.
Deadly Odd Usual--.,,
"An yoa supentitious about tht nam-
btr 18.";
"Thtt'i whitl   I oted to torn III a
week, and now I get only 110."���Detroit
Prat Press. _.	
Ought, it would seem, to Rive exemption
from the diseases which prey upon th*
residents of thickly populated citie*.
Hut there is no exemption from disease,
.*.. -.= to country, s*. it lhe city, ou*
may see the cheeks trrow hollow and the
eyes grow dull while the frame wastes
away with that terrible disease, consumption.
Weak lungs nre made strong by tbe
use of Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-
covery. It cures obs.iuate and stubborn
roughs, bronchitis, bleeding of the lungs
and other snnptoini which, if neglected
or unskUlltilly trs**ite-d, terminate fatally
in consumption. The action of Golden
Medical Discovery in the curing of wilting diseases is entirely philosophic.
Emaciation, and consequent loss of
weight, are among the most striking
symptoms of what arc known an wasting diseases. The botlv ia not being adequately nourished, and the cause ot this
lock of nourishment is not lack of food
but lack of ability in the stomach and
the other organs of digestion and nutrition to prepare the food for tlle assimilation and nutrition of the body. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures
diseases of the stnnach and the organs
of digestion and nutrition, and so en-
sbles the body to be nourished back to
strength in the only way by which
strength csn come: that is, by food perfectly digested ansl asssimilated.
Dr. Pierce's s3olden Medical Discovery
is a temperance medicine. It contains
np alcohol, neither opium, cocaine or
any otber narcotic.
Accept no substitute for " Discovery."
There ts nothing " just as gsxxl "foryou,
though many tilings may pay the dealer
a larger profit.
"The Arrt.dny of tht* yeat," wrttw Mm. Rat-
Kcliey. of 716 St. Pnut Avenue, Milwaukee, Wit*..
"I caught a heavy cold, which nettled on mj
Imigff mul br'.nglit im a hemorrhage. From
tlmt time on until the fu-u nf April I bled fnmi
my luufTM five ditTereut tttnci. 1 win ih wenk
���nd undone I could only do the lifhtent work,
The doctor told me I wns g-.ni.it: into consumption. My br -nth wus nlinrt nnd nt timci I cumd
hardly gt-t my lure.ith at kll. Tlds Ik the ntftte I
war* il) when I begun to lake Doctor I'ierce1*
C.ildeu Medk-nl Ui-..-.overy. A'let tin- fint
bottle 1 wm much 1 filer, and I could w ilk twe
or tbree block*: with-nit trouble. Mybrvath wa*
not mi shun nnd I win* mnch lin-proved. After
taking four bolt I..---. I could wort; nil ds v. nnd 1
never felt butter in mv life. 1 think viuV nn- U
clu-* tlie bi-t in the win-Id and I rei-biiiuiciui it to
���II who nre troitVied at* I van."
|*I rttn nick for nlx-sst tiiree mntith*, hs.il
chillis. lever, asssl 'cbtsg: oO * Rrrist .leal." writes,
Mr. W. L. Brow,,, ���f Mcllcrissasi, Jackston Co.,
Tenn. "M'J*t of st.y urighbore asssl friend.
tVsssght I linsl cotstssisV-Uosi. I waa reduce,! in
Oct., and waa verv wi-sslc-only weighed no
pound,; ray phyalcltn. thought there waa little
llope for my recwry.
*My wife went to Use .tore tss-Ret aome sntl-
fetsriu. <|,.!sslsie. etc., for me am! tltt lend ofsisisse
(Mr, W. W. Mcl-tummm'. wlso Isnst been tukina
br. Pierce'a Oolden Medistul Discovery recommended thia medldne for me. Fhsally t decided
to sssse it. aster sssy plsyasciass told me thut il
W'snl.1 be gssod for nse. I aent and cot one
bottle, assd before nl! wssa taken I wettfned . .9
tsound.���a R.i.1 of 30 -sunns!., I asss .till lnkis.tr
he Oolites. Medical Discover*', have taken
nearly two bottle., unsl now wtls-h .63 pound.,
which la snore than I ever weighed. I an. est ill
gaining fttreuetli and taking the ' Discovery.' I
wish to aay that this ia u recent recovery, that
onlv two mouth, ago I ouly weighed about ..0
"I can and will mnke affidavit to thie full
etntement anv time. If vou wish to use thia sa
��� testimonial do so. and I will au.wer all letters
from inquiring aufferers.*
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medics!
Adviser, containing 1008 pages, and over
700 illustrations, is sent free on receipt
of stamps to defray expense of customs
and mailing only. Send 31 one-cent
stamps for the book in paper covers, or
50 centt for the book in cloth binding,
addreti Dr. R. V. Pierce, Bufftlo, N. V.
Rome, Aug. 10���Th* entire popula-
lien of Italy it suffering Intensely from
th* fetrlnl and unprecedented boat,
���ren for thit tunnv land, All buai-
nett haa bean abandoned, and tba only
effort mad* by tho poople I* to maintain liis, The air ot tha prorlnco ot
Syracuse is barely resplrabl*. The
frightful heat ha* raadasven the water
in lhe sea to hot that bathing, a* *
means ot relict, hn* been abandoned.
Ereryone tried to re��t in tbe open air
last night. It i* hardly correot to say
they slept, because eleep, nnder tuoh
torrid couditiont, wtt absolutely im*
possibl*. Nothing like th* heat wave
which is now scorching all Italy hat
been known within living memory
Th* vineyards in whole districts have
betn shrivelled np bv the sirocco and
ruined to the very root*, as though aet
on fire.
^BSra-B-a'isffft; -**
JftMEfc ^mttlm
man ahmiM.b. wllluat.il.  WMki-r.J
..ori H..-H.Is,moos*.. AsMwn. anvsrft 00,
JTv-s. taatsu. 161 kiA/Klwu', K.w -a* Htr,
Canadian Pacific Railway
Sttrtinc June 10th, will
make Ibe run from Coatt
to com in	
100 Hours.
Cheap ralet now in ���ffect
to the ,
For full particular* apply
to the nearest local agent,
or to	
Agent, A.G.P.A.,
Golden, B.C. Vaneourer.
Churoh Services.
Serrices every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lat and Srd Sundays of tho month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festival* and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Ssinday School at 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
tht serrices.
C. F. Yates, Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice evory Thursday even-
at 7.
Rev. V. M. Purdy, B.A., Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3j. ] m.
Sunday School itt 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeiingon Tuesday at8 p.m.
Rev. R. B. Laii.i.iy, Pastor.
Oolden ta the distributing point fssr the ri.-l.
Mining Division, of (iolslen snd Wi'isler-
mere. Trains, ..sails, stage and boats arrive
snd depart as follows:
C.P.It. from Enst, IBtlB, Dnilv.
"   West. IOiOH,    "
Ktngefro.n Wlnslerineiv, ll'irflO, Friday.
lis. Hiii'Iipss fi ton Wiuih-ruiers.., ltl:00 Wednesday and Sutisliiy.
C.I'.II. gi'ing West, IMA, Daily.
"       "     Eaat, KloT.-.,    "
Stags. Is. VTinslerisioro, Htfl\ Stsndnys.
S.s. DiK'liPNs tn Wiiidorniero, 4;0<I, 'I'linsdays
is.td Krlslays,
Mtnla arrive nnd depart front Golslcn 1'ost
Ofiise aa below:
Arrive���From Eaat 15:.V, il.tily.
'���    West lOrti "
"    South I7rt) Wed. and Friday.
Depart-For IVeat I*. 55 daily,
"    Eaat   10.-03 "
"    South aitOO Saturdays: 18:1-0
Ileglsterod mail uiuat be in 10    inutei bo.
fore ssmilts cloae.
1'a.iHc standard time.
A. V. A A. M.
Mountain Lodge, Ko. 11. A. F. k
A. M. Regular Connnunls'ation,
���eroud Mooslay in every month-
ftolniirning brethren cordially lu-
* ' K*. W. PATMOKE, W. M.
I! H PARSON   Ss-seretsry.
I,  O.  O.  V.
Rocky Mountain Lodgs No. 34 meets io
Osldlellows Hall, Holden, overy Wednesday
at 8 ts.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
Certificate of Improvements.
"claims,situato in th. Oolden Mining Division of North Eaat Kootensy District.
Where lswalosl t-l In Ottertail Creek.
Take nntlse that I, E. MarKenjIe, Free
Miner'sCortlH.isloNo. II10702.Intend,alxly
dav�� frnsnthe dale hereof, to ap|sly to the
Mining Recorder for a cert.Hcato ot improve*
mentn"for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of Ihn above claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder
aection 117, ntnstbo commenced before the is*
���iun.ro of such certificate of .n.provomenta.
Dated thia Tenth day of June, 1901,
E. Mackenzie.
Bv his Agent
,10 M. ii, Parsoh.
(I--OBM F.)
Certlflaate   of Improvements,
LITTLE CHIEF Fractional Mineral Claim
���itiutte in the Oolden Mining D.vi��inn is.
Eut Kootensy District, on the Middle Fork
.c ....   an:..fn.a-.l.��-i�� rivor    ..ni   bounnest
Ettt Kootensy District, on tne miooio rorsi
of th* Splllimtchene rlrer, and bounded
north hy racnnt Crnwu lands; anuth bv the
Whistler tnd Favorite, Cr. Or., mineral
claims t eaat by Maud 8. ind 8tand by, Cr.
Or., mineral claima t west hy the Inter
national as.. favorite Cr.Gr. mineral claima.
TAKE NOTl E- that I. .Innse; Brady,
sctinr-a�� *sg��nt for ,1.1.. S"lnk. .1 .1. Konuy.
snd H. N. Halnl, Free Miser's Certincssti.
Noa. R 4HIHB; B 1W snid II K'754. Ii.ss.nd.
sixty tlsvs from the dels heressf. to apply fn
the Mining llesorrler for a i>rtlllisi.ts��.of Ini
proxenirata, fur the niirpose of O'stuuiu-ra
Crssws. (lrsu.1ssf this above claim.
And fnrther take noiio th.t ncllstsn. i.mler
.ei'tlon 37, issiiat he commenced Isofssro tho
Issuance nf such Ccriiflwiteof Improyesuenl*.
Dmuil tbia rblrlceisih slay ot July. A.D.
11-01. 0I1
Columbia River L^sviber C��-
 Fir and Spruce Lumber,
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF ...._.     _. ���       ...
  j;|r Q-nnension a Specialty.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. *��
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golden, B.C.
= w
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for tho
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
1   W. L. HOUSTON   1
la Sash & Door
��� ������
Machine $_\
13 Factory... Shop... i]
Btl tj
Enelue ond Boiler Kepnirlas a Specialty. |a
^ Golden
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the Diste ict.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and sea if there is anything- you requiio
ill Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Eider Agents Wanted
Olio in each town to rlslo n- d exhibit �� tsisnple 19111 moslpl l.irvole of our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE tl- '10 foil A WEEK Wkisioa l.��vi���K a
rvhssel tu Hilt* for vourss'if.
1901 Models, High GrBde Guaranteed, $10 to $13
'00 & '99 Models, Best Wake. - - S7 to $12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken fn trade
1>7 our CMetgo rtorti, mtny oa good suaew   -   ���   ���    S3 to $3
-ffe .lilts anv W.-vcle ON APPROVAL to tn.vone WITHOUT A C1NT
^S^^.^IOO^ys Free Trial. \��ffiffX
lug from ut, ��t you do not neetl to pity a cent if tlie bicycle sloe* not ��mt >oo.
lin nni him �� *��*-' "n'11 vn�� n<*''4 w**!"-'i '"' ���'"��� FACTORY PRI' ES
UU IlUI UllV rnnd FREE TRIAL OFFER. Thia l'l��-rtl offer hs.�� nevtr
' been eqtiislletl nsit. it it a Kuaranteeof the qualit-y sif ous- whwlt.
I WE WANT a reliable pes-ton in eaoh town tosliftrihute catalog..?* for nl
I in exchange for a bicycle.   Writes today lor free oataloiiut and our aptcitl o6.r.
J. L. .ME.VIl- CI't'IiB ���u.. ChicagsHs,
tuiV*l*ty*%).'*ty*A-/~ fpifit.'4!"-.'-'������$>
.��Town and District.*
��* ��*>
i **. ii*/t ���sVS-S, tiWt/W% */*!$/*/*/*
Mr. N. McRae had the misfortune
to hare one of the front wheels, of hit
wagon ko to pips-ps when on his way
oul of town on Tls.irt'lay.
Gsims' W-irslei. Tayt.to'i It ��t j'ret'iit
on a tr p up the S.'llllsilisolient lo in
vastigate fosnst alleged Irregularities in
thai disitrict.
Sereral parliet hare gone up lite
Columbia lo the Iserry patch**, around
L'tuyon antl l.s Mile creek., during the
j��->t week. Ss.tue w.-re auccsstafsil.
oih.'Vt -well ask S ���.
A meeting ts. elect a school trustee to
till the vacancy caused.by C, H, Par-
ton's sli-s-jti.tliliuatioii, will he hu'd at
t .si as.lsoolliou-ie at llo'stluuk Saturday, Aug. 24th
LOST-Near Catholic Church, on
K.inday la.t, �� aolil gold child's
broach, in ships, of furaet m��-uot
flower, with coral und oj.nl s.onet. On
linding tame ploasr return to Mrt.
Mr. H.rrito,,'..' n.w reaitience i��
bt'iutf ruthtd along by Contractor
Henderton, ai'tt whtu coui[,lettd will
hs. a rery tasteful and cunmiudiuua
home. R-r. Mr. Laidley will prob
ably resit the house at present os;cu|sied
by Mr   Harriton.
The following is a list ol the directors uf the hospital tor lha ensuiuu
juur : M Carlin, president ; S G Robbins, sec. tresis.; Ca|st. Arinsirorg, H
VV Harrison, J E Grifttlii, F W Josses,
11 G Psra'sn. H E Fort or, W Kutlies
ford, J G Ullu.tk, Geo V Wells, C A
The strike has got to Ise settled without delay. Tnat ia th. decision uf *).e
Biotherl.ootls, and it is a decision tbey
stand reu-ly tu enforce. The Grievance
Cohimltt.se uf all the Brotlierhouda ivill
in.et in Munirtal within iltn.iiext few
d.iva |,r..|ss.rcd to arbitrate fairly anil
t,gs.ar<-ly between the company and the
t -ckusen. If Mr, McNicoll remains
obdurate liters, can be but one result,
lhe tie up of I .ho entire U-siiadiuti
Pacifist railway systetsi.
Thst deltsy to the l.npiriul Limited (?)
oili.Suu.lay la.t wo* caused by a rather
S'tIoiiS wreck nl Gull Luke. A freight
trsiu partly nisi'le up of catttucars
s'.i.stk si wssttk culrert iiinl was ditcl.eil.
Tt.e.-e were uu casualties to the, train
orev��*i but about ten head of cauls, were
ktllitii, ul any iujuritil-and eight cattle
cara llll'l uuu lumber cur smashed. The
pats tiger trains were delayed ot' cithtr
tide of the wrack from I) o'clock iu the
I.,ori.iug till II at .tight before thu line
could be cleared tuOissleiil luailow thein
tu pat..
Majur T sppinn. well-known minim;
man. of Trail, aci'.uui|,aiiiesl hy Mr.
Peterson, ciimu down from tl.e Spilti*
macheiie district where they have been
t taminiiig proper'it's on the north and
middle lo.ks. They are ei busiest ic regarding ill* prospects of the district,
and sav that Immediately transjairta-
tion facilities are provided there will
Ise a tiiiinber of Hbi|ijiing mines op lied
up as from thuir observation! ihey are
tiiislied that .ha whole district it one
vast mineral Iselt and the samples tl.ey
��' 'ilocie-1 ctsrs'y good ralua. in gold and
c ipjser. We trust, put* representative
will tstke this matter up ant! jstish in a
wagon road at thss ear,it'st chance 01
cuiuye lu du this he mutt hare some
mine owners I.i a position to ship ore
when the road it completed, so thtt
tne matter is iu lhe hands of those
ih'-erealcd, ami as s n,tt as ncy proper*
lies arc oisened uji enuugli lo prove
tiii'in assd prssper rejsi'eaeiitaiio it muds.'
lo Hon. Mr. Wells, ne hare uu dtuhi
tliat transportation facilities will la,
Is it lime the C. P. K. wtt being
lurued lu make adequate provision fur
lha safely of their eiupiu.'eea atlsl the
public. Il 1st. Is.'e'i given unt tvj,eai
.illy that full ..angs ol emVient work
men are engaged iu keeping up the
r sad laid. How much d.'iendence can
I,,, plaited iu these official s'atemeutt
���nay be j .dged by I lie n,.r.o>v escape
iioi.l a serious wreck wbich was ex
perienced by thst Litni.o.l Express, one
day thit week, in iht ins ny oss of lho
Kicking Horse River. Out of these
-.an*;, uf ig.iota.it fuieigners was nl
w...l( replacing auii.e lie. and had re
i.,uv��*d fuur from tint point, which left
h si.et.th of tails uf hIiisi.i sareti lae.
isMtuppssi-itsI hy lie. Net Hag had laais
sir lo warn'appro,china train*, and
No. 1 came tbusiiltiiiiig down ou this
ii.ipr,,.��iied:pls-o��uf traek Tiie only
thiiig thai tavv.1 the iraiu Iri.m da
s't notion waa the fact, Hiai she extra
, l.swyy. rails prove I. *s|s.iel to th�� euor-
i.uut tiraiu on tliam.. ami though the
J.aiitigtrs thought, by the heavy
lurol.e-ut 'he c.auhea, that the train
wa., off ihu rit.lt, it isisikily oau*talt.ly
Tht date let for the opening of the
public tchools titer tlte summer holidays, accordine* to the last issue of the
Gazette, is sot for Monday, Aug. 19.
W. .7. Gould of this city, hat reeoir.
ed new* from Vernon that he it now a
���nndfather, his daughter, Mrs. D.
Mel .tyre, gare binh to a ton on Ang.
V. 3. Macdonald, of Kamloops. home-
stead inspector, aroom|tanis-d by Mrs.
MaedonaU tnd Miss Macdonald, of
Kualt, are tpettdid their holidays in
Golden nnd arc gnosis of Mrs. M. B.
Mr. F. Mornan, of the volt oflice
store, had a special interest iu the
news of the fire at Armstrong, a note
uf which will be found in another
column, his brother being manager of
Wood, Corgill si Co's atoro.
Accordine to an advertisement ill
the Nel.on Tribune, iiOO men are want-
sal to work on the Arrowhead and
Kootensy railroad, iu the Larslo district. Ordinary laborers are offered
12.25 and axemen $2 50 per day.
Mrs. W. G. Mltchell-IuhM gare an
afternoon tea on Saturday last from 4
to 7 p.m. Tlie house was rery prottily
stecs.ra.tpsl with flowers, while the testable decorations were red and white.
Mrs. Linos sustained her reputation as
a charming hostess to the luge uum-
bsr of guests present,
Mr. F. W. Jones' pretty cottage and
grounds were tastefully decorated will.
Chinese laitters on Wednesday erening
the 7th inst.. when Mr. and Mrs. Jones
gare a dance. A largt number ol
guesti were present and a very enjoyable evening was spent.
By a wreck on ih* C. jf. R. nesr
Owen Sound, on Sunday, Engineer W.
Campbell was killed, and hrakemen
McGraw anil Lancaster, and fireman
McCa.ilay dangerously injured. The
'rain wat wrecked hy tn open twitch
or spreading of the rails.
Mrt. F. W. Jonet and Mn. Wood
were Ihe guests of Mrs Ca|it. Armstrong on t trip up the Columbia on
the steamer Duchess last week. The
beautiful scenery and lovely weather,
combined with the excellent service of
ihe Duchess, made the trip a rery en
joynble one.
Rer. Mr. Yates took the members of
hia choir ou a holiday jaunt to Field,
on Tuesday, where a rpleii.lid lime waa
s.,ent viewing the splendors of tbt
mountain* and lhe beauties of the
lakes. The outing was a most delightful one, ami Mr.' Yates' t linuglitfuliiets
iu arranging the outings adds another
tie to those already uttiiing hiin to his
Tlie alterations on (lie Queen's hotel
are .faring s*oin| letion so far at lhe
outside is concerned, and the staid old
(j.ieeu'a now presents a rery elaborate
front to travellers alighting from the
��� rain or patting through on our great
national highway. Mr. Green has
always showu himself a progressive
e.iiiien and bis latest improvement to
his property is only in line with hi
past record. ...
The hnll which is lieing given by the
junior footballers, on Tuesday evening,
promises to ba verv successful. The
committee in charge of arrange.nents
aro making evory effort to make things
go smoothly. The boyi are meeting
with a fair measure of success in telling iheir tickets, and it it only right
lhat the general public should back
thein np iu their enterprise in the field
of manly sport. As announced In. ��
former issue, any surplus will be paid
over to Ihe Amateur Athletic Attocif
Every effort ought to las made at thit
season ol i lit -year to prevent forest
Irea. Anyone wilfully or carelessly
sianiug a fire thonld be severely dealt
with if detected, B.C. has a big asset in l.tr'iiinlser limits and tbey oan.
not bt too c.irefiillv guarded from de-
.1 ruction*. There isiiogreatemntional
watie than the wanton dual ruction of
she forest. Fires sio do'tig consular
able damagl iu many portions of rills
province at present, but it is noshing
iug comparison wiih what is going on
in tl.e state of Washington. There
immense trade have been twept and
hard fighting ia necessary to lave railway bridges.
The New York Sun. a journal noted
fs.r its iiirii.-flriiiah proclivities, tay* :
'-it   is a Liie'titabie tpectastle tls.it is-
Palliser Pabulum
From Our Own Corresmndeot. ���
Edmoiid Mbnn hit a very unique it
wtll at a most interesting garment for
the retion that, it il probably the oldest piece of wearing apparel .of the kind
in thr world and which hai a thrilling
history that would require too much
sptco lo here relate in full. He bought
tin garment -a thirt���about the clone
of the American civil war and hat had
it continually in hit possession, except
lor short iniervsls while it wtt "hung
up' with hit valitt at yariout boarding houses on t he route ol bit peregrint-
tlont up and down and back and forth
on thit broad continent. He wit in
his tarly tune and had jutt arrived at
Boiton, Matt,, from Quebec, when he
invested in the article whioh hat
prored a tource of joy tnd pride and
alao a great comfort to him through
the various yicissitudei pf hll eventful
life. The thirt ia timilar lo tbott
worn by our grandads' iu tht middle of
the last century, lacking only the frills
and puffs so fashionable in those days.
Many years ago it passed the allotted
spun of i)]in-life, hut, tt il look! now,
ii bids fair to cross, the half century
mark, hugging itt wearer in calm and
comfortable sleep and in hit waking
houn warding off chilly, autumnal
blasts at readily at a duck turn water.
As yet there are no signs of sudsleu
deetdence in thie particularly notable
and tiecestary piece of atlire, except at
the right elbow and the lower extremity of the aft flap, otherwise it is in
bettor condition than lhe far famed
shrouds of Egyptian mummies. The
theory advanced for ill unuiual Ipnge
vity hy Mr. Morin, who is one of our
most respected uitizetit, it that the
warp and woof being all wool and of
the finest texture, are practically inde-
tiruclable with, ordinary wear .and
care. Further, and ull-iinportant,
there are two great factors In the extrt-
urdinary preservation of thii thirt,
namely: No Colonial hat erer,.laid
hands on it and the soap invariably
use I in trashing it is called "Sunlight,"
E. K such, af Carbonate, one of the
pioneer; of the country, .visited here
thit week, renewing old acquaintanceship and recounting exploits uf .early
I). J* Macdonald. homtisteatljiiipsjc-
lui', wss at Leanchoil .ihia v*,s-ek son
ulHisial buslnitta,
Win. Holden. representing the l'ed-
eitil Life Iisssirduce Co.. was ut. Palliser ou Monday.
M. Fleishman ia ou one of his,pe|'i-
udical viidta here.  '.
Tne serious delays IP trains is attributed to graetliO|sjseis, iiiomisiitpea,
and even tu crows rootling on the
traok. ,   ,.'.,,.'.
Bob Allan an I George Allsop will
shake the dutt of Palliser from, iheir
feet thit w��tk.        . ....
[The delay in arrival of train sjQi.n-
isels ut to held part of thie ccrresnond-
enoe over.-Eu,J
(Frstu. Our Uwn Crrtspoaslout).
Miss McKay, who has been spending
her holidays with her ei-ter, Mrs.
Pratt, hut returned to her home in
Mr. Geo. Vtiux, of Philadelphia, who
so severely wrenched iiis ankle, we are
pleatod tp tay, it now able to move
around, although with tome difficulty,
Messrs. Leury and Colby, who have
been s|*tnding part of their holiday.
wiih Mr. Ames, have returned to their
tiudies at McOilUiniversiiy.
Mi. Stephen wat again climbed by
Messrs. Weed, Amet ansl Colby' Lit
Friday. Tito trip wat, in the words
of those who went, a delightful day'e
Mr. Wjckoff, , merchant, of title
place, ia.at Banff Sanitarium, ill. All
j.in In the hope that he will*mou be
able le reiuine his duties.
Mr. Ord, of Calgary, paid us a ehort
ritit on Monday, and his assurance
that many |.urpoaed sttending bur ah
nual iporll day from Calgary gareour
committsie a great deal of pleasure.
Mrs. Dnrid lucliei, wift of ourpopu
iar locomotive foreman, gare a mott
enjoyable "At Home* on. Saturday
evening, and each and everyone at
tending were miauimout itiexprestiona
ol aj.preoiatlon. Mefta. David tud
Jack Inches were home apd apent Sunday with iheir patents.      .
Much work is now being done on
the race track to get it iuto condition
for tht coining sports,  and' lop much
pre.se..twll.,vibet-esuii...n  of the Buefj prgi,, CBhHoi be awarded Mr.F.FIeld^
foices Mill in the fisld. Tl.ey arewhat I who It chtlnnan, In aparing neither
Ing a chimera. There it not Is ing be*! expeuee or wot k to, make the tporle a
fore thelti hut otptirity or death.    Irituocett.
wuuld Im'ltnier, a iho.iaai.d  .lines,  tu\   ,V4.a M''T AMi"**,-   w''�� }"" I"**"
.    , / , _    , ,     . .   visiting Miaa Ames for a ihort time,
tccept the hard terms offered hy their *w ��� ,���,. |h.jr ,,������,, ,���. CBi-rooi. on
ei.emr,   for existence even   under the; VVedneadiiy.
uiiwelfome regime of a crown colon) i��.    Xj-pj Aicher.-fif Golden;  hai  been
bettut ti.sii a pri.on dr a grui't. | vislsi isg Ms* Field.
Signor Criipi',' the noted Italian
ttateimkn, it dead.
Trince Henry, ot Orleane, died at
Saigon, Frepch Cochin China, Aug. 9,
The  late Emprets  Frederick   wai
*   '    '        I * -r.
buried in rolemn royal elate, at Pote-
dam, on Tuesday, Aug. 13.
Geo. O'Brien, the Dawson murderer,
who will hang ill two weeks, hat madt
two desperate attempt* to commit
Mtrv Amos, a night nurte al St.
Joseph's hoapital. Viotoria, took morphine in miitake for calomel, dying
thortly afterwardt. She wat thirty
yean ol age.
Thn Pope on being informed ol the
death of Signor Criipi, is reported to
here laid: - "Proridence hai evidently
really decreed that I thill bo the latt
of my generation to go. Well, Criipi
was a good fighter 1" A few momenta
later the Pope wai on hit kneei at hit
prie Dieii, praying for the loul of hia
ancient enemy.
The latest field' for the operation of
the townsite boomer It Simtlkameeu
tnd the number of "future great' pajier
townt there ii large. Each, according
to those who nre booming them, it to
be the future metropolis of that section,
and those who inrest, it it claimed,
are certain te make immense profits on
what they put in. The arerage toten-
tite boomer is an in.divl.Inal of tome
discernment and it is evident that the
SimHkameen country ii one ot con
siderable promise when so many are
engaged in floating and pushing real
estate tchemes. It looks at though
the Similkameen country would develop well as soon at it is provided wilh
railway transportation facilities. It
hai coal meaiurel. gold, silver and
copper ledges tnd betidet thit there are
large areat of land tait'able for farming
and cuttle raiting. In addition to thit
the winters nre short, the snowfill
light, and lhe open Beaton pleasant
All that it holding tlie region back it
lack of transportation facilities. It ft
not likely thnt s railway will be constructed into the section this year, hut
it ia reasonably certain that it will be
done next ytar. Then Similkameen
Wlllenjasv what mtny of t he old reti-
si��nts luwe btsui waiting patiently for
a genuine boom and lha natural wealth
ofsihe eeuuitrj will certainly justify it
In the meanwhile the townsite men
will hare ouly moderate sale for their
' 18 full of Busiiness-���in fact, we Lave a littl ? more
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchaso the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .   .   .
-*-*-,���- ---- ��� , i
��� ������������., ��� ������, ���      ��� .���-"'
We aro now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave toWfi
<feAn rvnn F0KTY thousand do^-
ON HAND.' this is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and die*
not intend to let anyone undersell ns,
Look at these SNAPS   .������ .   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only Be. per tiii..;,
20,000  TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn^-l^'fe
Beans, 3 tins for 25c. ���- ''���'���' Sjgjj^ ������''
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice,, 3 lbs,
for 25C. .
J. Plerpont Morgan, tht money king
of the United Slates, ii going to run
up againtt a snag. Hit rejilv to the
preeident of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Worker! would
indicate thut he consider! himself the
whole thon. Howii thit for an autocratic declaration:
"The only question we will now con-
aider ia that you will return to work under icale and condition! existing prior
lo the strike. That the mills in wbich
lodgei have ken organized since the
airiko be again non-union, I- do net
want them unioniied, and will not
recoguite men in those millt at onion
men. Thit it final, and the only basis
on whioh a tettlement will be dlieut*
ted. No further negotiation! of any
character will be entered into. Ko
more Inttrmtditrlee will be receired.
You have yonr aniwer, Tou may take
il or leave it; and, furthermore, you
may ha70 until 4 o'clock to deoide. If
you. accept, declare tke ttrikt oil.
And if you do not tccept, no aniwer it
necessary. Thll il positively mr final
word upon the lubject.'
- If we do not misjudge the character
of the men engaged In thll itrikt,
Uiilly/Morgtfl will h��ve cause to revlae
hit viewi on -thii lubject before the
queetiou it teitled.
women lo travel and advertise for old eatab-
disked'hsiiueef solid financial standing. Sal-
try 1780 a year tnd espenaea. all payable in
rash. No ranrauiug required. (Jive references and enclose self-addressed (tamped
envelope. Address Manager, 3G8 Caxton
Bldg., Chicago. oet 11
���^GOLDEN, B.0.
One of ihe Large*! tnd licit Man*
tgod Hotel. 111. Ilritiah Columbit.      t
MSperisl allention givon to bagstge of
Coiuiuereiul .neu. Delivered to aud from
tion free nf charge. *���   ,-i    ���
.1ATKS, M per ^ajr. Special, rates lor
regultr boarders.
*w***m*m**uuuem*mmm**m*.*m    ���
During the Holidays we giye to every purchater ot
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tecs a oeautifuf
present free.   We import Our Own-Teas afld Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Pricsfes. '
We have positively the finest and best selected gtoeit
of Goods in British Columbia, and oihr prices are the 6'lossfait.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods.   CASH is tlie only
article to work miracles with at Otir Store.
Golden. B.C.
Send Your Money Jg? Town,
But for    ������
Gents7 Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonaHo prices- call on
A communication wai received by
the acting Minliter of Labor latt week
from the railway mall ulerki, Haling
tha'. they feel there it conilderable ritit
to themttlret iu carrying on optraiiont
on the Canadian Paoiflo Railway at
Hii preieat' time, owing to the bad
ooudition of the road and the number
of acoldente which have already oo*
oerred. Immediately on receipt of
tbit communication the Labor Department communicated with Mr Shaughuessy in reference to tbe matter, Irani.
milling tbe communication receired
from the railway mail clerks.
Tko eea.ai. {
Thteentus rtturni rereal that the
population of Canada it 5,400,1X10, or x '
600,000 over the Bgurte ol 1891, which   1
were 608,000 over thoae ot 1881.   T(i��   I
returni itr. a dlitfjalatme^f, to thot*   '
wbaj^ieved that tlte popsjttttloa wa��
tcraethlng orer 6,000,000, ttill thert
il torot coniolttion In an iniretse of   '
60,000,000 per year In th* dteull b*>
tween 1891 and 1901.
Referring to tbe ctniut, tb* Globe
ityi th* returni are not yet oomplsMe,
eo a cor reot report hae inter 'own ghreat  '
out. a*.


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