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The Golden Era May 16, 1896

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Array 'G
5*7 ~t>
. ,l..��>t
VOL. V.   XO. 41
92 Per Year
Hats, Caps,  Clothing,
Boots & Shoes,
Going* Cheap !   .
.   Dori't Miss Them !
See Eargain Counter for Ono Week, commencing* on Monday 13th inst.
Mattrasses, Spring & Iron Beds.
Watch, dock & Jewlery
In the best style of tbe trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and Express
orders receive prompt attention,
Vfatt-ltmnker  nntl  Jeweller,
ttol.len, B.C.
BAY CO.  |
(IXCOIU-OKAtED 11170.)
"A Drop
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of thc Big Store on .Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on thc subject
Mr. Armstrong returned from a trip
to tlie coast on Wednesday lust.
Somo  of  tbe  renters of i'ost office
boxes would do
by No. 82.
woll i
ike a pattern
On Sunday, April 19th, ut Spokane,
Wash., tlie wife of Mr. E. N. Murphy
of Slocun, B.C., of a daughter.
Previous to our semi-annual stock
taking in Juno we will cieur out ull
odds uud ends of Spring goods at u big
Through tlio days thut ure ensuing
tliere will be draught beer at the
Kootenav House and the proprietor
says it will only bo u very little bit lor
a drink.
The policemen of tlie district are I
hear from this on to wear uniform.
This will make us, us citizens, look
respectable anyway, us though somebody cured for us, and will add much
dignity to the place. This has nothing
to do with "ours" fulling iu a hard
pluce u little while back.
.pring Stock
Complete witli all the Latest Fashions
and Novelties of the Season, viz.:���
Rheumatic Wafers
Inflamation  of
Lungs,Lag-rippe and all Fevers
Bicycles are coining into town fust
enough in my idea, but some otlier!
persons do not think s,i. I saw three
men attempting to ride it two-wheeler
at the same time in front of McDermot's store. I hope this will net occur
nguiu us other bikes arc about to
One of tlie gentlemen referred to
ubove has lost his faith in bicycles
and says ho will now wait until flying
machines ure become the crane before
he again tries to fly through the air.
This is a sample of some of the impressions the attempt ut riding makes
on some men's minds. Tliere is one
gentleman who would like to have ono
"made for two," but I might remark
that it would have to be au exceptionally stout one.
An itctien bus been entered on behalf
of Mr. Hewitt Bostock against Mr.
Home Payne, claiming $10,000 damages ou account of slanders ulleged to
huve lieen spokeu while the latter gentleman wus staying here. The writ
was issued on tho 12th inst. at the instance of j\lr, W. H. W.hittukcr Mr.
Bostoek's solicitor.
Dress Goods
Blouse Silks
Dress Muslins
Costume Cloths
ivy, Black &
jlored Reps
Table Damask Napkins
Art Muslins
Tace Curtains
Poles, Brackets
Rings and Pins
A Large Assortment of
Trimmings      Veilings        Parasols
Laces Lisle Silk &   Umbrellas
Ribbons Kid Gloves    Rain Coats
A Large Range of
dies Underwear
Mens and Hoys Suits
All Shapes, Sizes and Prices
Felt Hats from 50cts.      tndcr Shirts .Wets.
White Dress Shirts 50cts.
Regattas with 2 Collars and Cuffs for alters.
Boots and Shoes a large range.
The Neilson Fumifc Co
Will mail, free of chitrge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogues and Price
Lists to any person sending them
their address.
Tliere are soino novelties arrived in
town. Mr. Starforth has some blue
colored oranges. Mr. Wurron has a
bargain counter for the ladies.
That's the Hull of it.
Service  in the Presbyterian Church
to-morrow afternoon at it o'clock.
We ure glud to see that work has
been commenced on the street on the
north side of tlie town. This was certainly a need. Its completion will
give nn air of respectability to tbe
town, Could not some of the lending
citizens obtnin of the C.P.R. the privilege of innking a tennis court somewhere in the vicinity of the depot.
This too, would not only be a great
blessing to us but would add greatly
to the picturesqueuess of tlie place,
and this we should certuinly study.
The  Neilson.    Furniture
Calgary, Alberta.
jrocery Department
Stocked With New & Fresh Groceries.
The address of the man
that will do your
promptly and as it should be
City Jeweller,
AVhile walking in the new road the
other night .Mr. E.P. saw a ghost,and
now I um speaking from the book. It
wus a large one too, und it made an
immense impression on his mind. I
think it was the same night on which
the window was broken.
Mr. Atkins of the Kootenay Mail
was iu Golden on Sunday and Monday
last making arrangements for the systematic circulation of tlie Mail among
the people of East Kootenay. Mr.
Atkins is a man of much ability und
push und I think under his management tho Mail bus and will become u
very strong medium of news in the
Floods lire C'erlulu.
The fact that at this time, passed
the middle of May, the snow is nearly
seven feet deep in the mourtaius, has
given rise to the fear of a repetition of
tho disastrous floods of 1894. Everything points to this end. The mountaineers who were here nt thut time
say that the conditions which prevail
now are much the same as those which
caused tbe t'liuds in the summer of
1894. Should the present cool weather
continue nnd the snow which is now
disappearing but very slowly, remains
until the first of next month, severe
floods are inevitable for hot weather is
sure to follow us a natural consequence
und the result cannot but be u very
sudden rise in the flow of water from
the mountains. I sec in fear of this
some bouses in West Kootenay have
been removed from the bottoms to
higher grounds and residents of low
places ure moving to sufer quarters.
Our bunks have been improved, but
they are not yet in a condition to
stand against tliu waters that uro
likely to follow. I should advise that
those who have not yet had u house
cleuning postpone thut pleasure until
the floods come ns it will save them
tlie trouble of moving their furniture
ou tlie ground floors twice,
Lost-a small pocket book with
bluck cover, insiilc brown lent Iier, containing things that ure only useful to
the owner. Any inforn ition of siinie
will be gratefully receivt I nt thnEuA
Give Our Time and Attention to Business.
Try to Study the Wants of Our Customers.
Sell For Cash -Prices Away Down.
Terms c.isii im CO.P.
Deutli of Col.l-forth.
The cause of ths death of Col. J. T.
North known throughout the world as)
thn '���Nitrate King" is a subject open
to much discussion. He died Tuesday
evening of lust week,In the office of
the dunno Syndloate in London. The
officials of ihe company are extremely
reticent about giving the facto of the
ense. The fntal sickness occurred
shortly after ho had eaten some oysters
While in Stockton, Cal . some time which bud been brought to him from a
ago, Thos. F. Liingi.ii, of Los Banos, I neighboring restaurant, and it is
that state, was tuktn very severely thought possible thnt his death may
with cramps uud diarrhoea, He have resulted from incidental poison-
chanced to meet Mr. C. M. Carter, Iing. It has however been suggested
who was similarly afflicted Hc says: I that poison might hnve been placed in
"I told him of Chamberlain's Colic, the bivalves by some enemy, of course
Cholera anil Diarrhoea Remedy, and yet unknown. The police huve tuken
we went to tho liolden Drug Store and clinr.o of the oyster shells in order to
procured a bottle of it. It gave Mr. j investigate tlie matter, jV post mortem
Carter   prompt  relief und I cun vouch | will be mado which may disclose some
for its having cured me." For sale by
druggists Langley A Co., Wholesale
agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
material fuels. They seem to think he
wus "pretty will fixed'' he had au income of $5,000, COO n year. ift'tt- (ijii^cn Visa
1'liu i. /i.,>ir... lil.A is pitblisliut) every
Saturday iiioruiug in time tu cittcb the east
and wost mail trains, al-<. the moll for the
itp.nr i-'i iiin'y, il'iiiiliir.iiuro, Kurt Steele etc
i.s tliu ...Liy uilvoi'tisiiig iiieiliuiii in tii.'Ki'j.t
uiiteuuy 'li.siut'.i
���* ilisi'i'i|iriiiii
lull.,* r  .���t-f.lKI |s.r .'inimtii IN'
\l.i.rtis.-ii..iit-i .tin' rhititges must Im in
tin. u Iin. uut Hilar tli.in li a in, mi Thursday
t" Insure iiisurtiuu.
All mull tu i��. iiniil ti. tlio rWmuigor, front
���/lio.n t.li.4 ('.>.ii|t_,iy's r.ii-oi*��t will be obtained,
A lvi.rii.li inul ..iters in..|,|,i known uii.'tppli-
l,ie Ufa hi Pu,li-!iiiij Cnmpanij,
to   patronise   the C.P.R. whether the
service is satisfactory or not.
Till: Toronto Globe of recent dute
gives a lengthy sketch of the political
situations in the various ridings of
liritisli Columbia, Respecting Yale-
Cariboo, the writer, who is a resident
of British Columbia, snys: The last
constituency to be discussed is that of
Yale Cariboo, in which for the first
time a Liberal is in the field with his
policy of tariff reform, no coercion aud
pure administration nailed to the mast
hand. He is a gentleman of means,
one who has vast interests iu the d!s-
triot us well us elsewhere iu the Province, und is n Liberal of the English
nuliO-1, In Mr Hewitt Bostock Mr.
J. A Murn, who hr.s represented the
constituency -or ruther the Yule division of it-since 1877. is meeting with
a foeman worthy of his steel. Mr.
Bostock lias been iu the field for some
time. He has made, and is still making, a personal uanvass of the riding,
a tusk which, in consequence of its
cxtensiveuess, is not by uny menus nn
easy one. Being n resident agriculturalist, miner, inventor, and capitalist, he has already secured u strong
hold on the good-will of the electors.
He became a candidate of his own volition, but the Liberals are giving bitn
their solid support. Should there tie
no change in the sentiments of the
electors ere polling dav the chances
will be largely iu favor of Mr.Bostock.
Mr. Murn hus been a resident of the
riding for many years. He, too, has
large interests therein, hut for some
reason or other he is not popular with
the electorate. Some allege tht.t he is
intensely selfish, and in dealing with
public affairs tlie manner in which his
vote or conduct is going to affect John
A. Mara is his first consideration.
With his brother-in-law, Mr. P. S.
Burnnrd, M.P. for Curiboo, he is
largely interested in transportation
concerns in the interior, a fact which
does not strengthen hiin in the estimation of those for whom they carry
good, or passengers, the belief being
general that the rates charged are excessively high.
Nelson Tribnne: 'lhe Crow's Nest
Puss railway loan was dropped by the
government, and the fact is deplored
by the News-Advertiser, of Vancouver.
That paper is inclined to hold the
opposition responsible for the dropping
The News-Advertiser is wrong. Had
tbe government meant to make tbe
loan, they would not have waited until thc lust day of tbe session before
introducing it; they would have introduced it early in tho session, and it
would have been passed. The session
was frittered away in attempting to
puss legislation thut would not benefit
tbe people of Ciinudu, however much
it might please n religious faction. The
News-Advertiser lays the Illume ac tbs
wrong door. Instead of laying the
bluine at the door of the opposition, it
should Iny the blame on the six members from British Columbia who voted
for the second reading of the Remedial
Bill, One of the six is trying to get
buck to Parliament from a district
through which the Crow's Nest Puss
roud will run, and whose prosperity
would be increased by its building It
is the plain duty of every elector in
Kootenay to place the blame where it
belongs, and il they do John Andrew
Mara will not huve a sent in the next
parliament of tbe Dominion of Canada.
Any one who has ever had an attack
of inflammatory rheumatism will rejoice with Mr. J. A. Stumm, 220 Boyle
Heights, Los Angeles, over his fortunate escape from a seice of that distressing ailment. Mr. Stumm is foreman of Merriam's confectionery estitb-
lishment. Some months ago. on leaving the heated work room to run across
the street on an errand, he was caught
out in the rain. The result was thai
when ready to go home that night be
wns unable to walk, owing to inflammatory rheumatism. He was taken
home, and on arrival was placed in
front of a good fire and thoroughly
nibbed with Chamberlain's Pain Balm
During the evening and night he was
repeatedly bathed with this liniment,
and by morning was relieved of ull
rheumntic puins. He now takes
especial pleasure in praising Chamberlain's Pain Bulm. and always keeps a
hottle of it iu tlie house. For sale by
druggists Langley <_ Co., wholesale
agents, Victoria and Vancouver,
Rosslaiid Miner: It is now definitely decided that the C.P.R. will not
build directly iutu Rosslaiid this year.
It will build from opposite Robson to
Trail and will utilize the narrow gauge
for whatever Rossland business it may
get. It is proposed to lay a third mil
ou the ties of the narrow gauge and
linnl standard gauge curs over the roud
with the narrow gauge engines of tlie I rulers we have (lj A tariff that pro-
Columbia and Western.    It is dimmed  tects the rich man at thoexpenseof the
Donald  Doing..
With mere luck than she is entitled
to, Donald on Saturday evening the
9th, had the good fortune to have a
political meeting nnd to hear, in the
Oddfellows hall, the views of the Liberal party explained by intelligent
Mr. Pitts, who nade an admirahle
and fair-minded chairman, in a few-
pithy sentences introduced the speaker
of the evening, Mr. Hewitt Bostock,
who showed very succes.fully to the
Donald what be was driving at and
told them succinctly and clearly why
they should oppose the present government and the C.P.R.
Mr. Bostock's arguments were in
short, that  under our present paternal
that this bus been done before and can
lie worked successfully again. This
decision of the C.P.R. is in line with
every otlier move it has ev.'i* made in
the Kootenay country. It is quite
evident thnt Mr. Heinze has hypnotised it just as he hypnotised the Provincial Government into giving him a
land   grant   for a railroad lie had ai-
poor man; (2) That this much vaunted
tariff has protected and made a few
millionaires at the expense of the rest
of the Dominion; (8) That discrimination has lieen used in the awarding of
contractt, particularly the mail service in British Columbia; (4) That we
have in this enlightened age of ours a
company created, backed up, and kept
ready built.    If the C.P.R. can do tht ' going by the peoi-IjB of CANADA that
business   ot   this section on the basis I hus ths supreme impudence to tell nvm
proposed we shall be greatly surprised.
Of course if the Conservatives carry
the country at tlie general election Sir
William Vun Home may secure some
protection for Dominion (?) interests in
West Kootenay  whicli will compel us
how thev   will exercise one of the few
God-given   rights    they    ha��e-the
Other points very effectually touched
on were, the great Remedial Bill, Sir
Charles Tapper's  idea of how Cana
dian politics should be remodelled to
suit him and another Family Compact
established in this Canada of Ours.
However as these points were not exactly local the Liberal standard-bearer
dismissed them without, discussion,
nnd in closing appealed to his auditors
to vote according to their consciences
and to disregard the consequences
Mr. Bostock was followed by Mr, A.
G. M. Spragge, who is an advocato of
the C.P.R , who ol course is an advocate of the perpetuation of Tupperism,
and who of courso as a LAwYElt is
looking after No, 1.
Mr. Spragge is, as he said himself, n
lawyer but-and wo suy it with
pain-he is a terribly poor logician, he
utterly ignores the middle term, in
fact be uses what we think John
Stuart Mill might quote as a glaring
example of tbo undistributed middle.
Of course Mr. Spragge spoke as a
lawyeii otherwise we should not have
mentioned these facts, but facts is
facts us thu gentleman in question
knew to his sorrow when he attempted
to give us facts and figures.
Mr. Carney followed the lawyer
who looks after the legal interests of
our town, and with true Irish wit
metaphorically speaking, turned Mr.
Spragge inside out, this operation was
not to our legal friend's liking, and an
unseemly exhibition of temper is under
uny circumstances, for a man who indulges in farensic arguments, slightly
infra dig. Of course this is Mr.
Sprugge's uffuir not ours.
Mr. Carney in his able speech knocked-to use au Irishism���smithereens
into the beautiful ideas advanced by
the M.P. who holds that boats must
run ou the Columbia without fear of
obstruction, even if it take tin appropriations for the ivhole district,
Mr. Carney's open challenge to the
Divisional Superintendent ...isa telling
stroke, iu fact u knock down ulow, so
much so thut when the eloquent gentleman bud sut down amid tumultuous
applause, nobody seemed willing to
take up cudgels for the other side,
which iu our town amounts to the
C.P.R. Mr. Pitts therefore very appropriately dismissed n lovul und essentially Bostock audieuo with the
National Anthem.
The pedagogue who has lately had
more time than money aud who certainly hns less bruins than either resumed his duties on Monday last.
Mr. Aylmer and Mr. Leake were in
town last week listening to the supporters of the little Frenchman.
Whether the arguments advanced had
the desired effect on them time alone
will tell.
Mr. George Bolton, a cousin of Mr.
Harry Bolton and direct from the old
sod, arrived iu town last week und
will make his home with us for a
month or so.
The adrance agent of the theatrical
company either disagreed with the
show or the show disagreed with him
as he hus returned to town and his
Mr. A. G. M. Spragge, accompanied
by Mr. R. M Murpole left on Monday's
No. 1 for Kumloops. It isMr.Spragge's
intention to give Main's supporters oi
i hat place !��� few pointers on how to conduct n political campaign. Hs is well
qualified to do so und if he succeeds in
espousing his friend's cause as well in
Kumloops us he did in Donald there is
uo question but that Mr. Bostock will
have even a bigger majority there than
he will have at Donald.
In fact it is the honest wish of all
Liberals that Mr. Spragge will follow
up Mr, Bostock and Mr. Carney. His
peculiar style of eloquence helps their
chances wonderfully.while it is almost
certain to be hurtful to those of the
commodore of the Columbia river
Get your Printing- done at
the GOLDEN ERA office. Neat
and artistic work done cheap.
Wo do not bold ourselves responsible for the
i    opinions expressed by our correspondents;
Editor Golden Erai
Dear Sir,���Your correspondent
I Aux llni'dogives some very good hints
iio storekeepers and clerks, and they
sbonld consider ii a very useful article
liu writes with a dash, nnd whut our
Yankee liiends say uses a lot ol juw-
In perusing the columns of last
week's Era I must compliment the
Editor, there being u lot of useful information on mining matters. I am
sure the general editor and boss David
would not rcfttso to publish any useful
correspondence. I culled at his office
last week and found him up to his
eyes in business. I found him very
gentlemanly anu courteous In taking
a lonely stroll around Golden I was
agreeably surprised at the appeorauce
of the place, and I am informed there
is a lnrge amount of business done con
sidering its size. Mr. AlcDerinot, of
the log store does quite a general
trade. He is introducing something
new in th* way of ladies bicycles.
Mr. Chas. Warren a modest bachelor
and the geninl post master of Golden
is alive to the wants of the people in
keeping a nice stock of general goods.
His assistant Mr. Brock is quite a
ladies favorite, always has a smile and
a good word for the Indies.
There is tlie general store ot H. G.
Parson, whicli, I am informed, k'.eps
an A 1 stock of dry goods and groceries
and in fact all kinds of general goods.
With regard to his staff of clerks I
will leave that to <he public to puss an
opinion on. H. G. Parson is always
found at his office. If lie should succeed and make enoug'i money tc retire
and go into politic?, I would advise
tho government to give him an appointment in the finance department.
There is Hull Bros, meat market,
managed by Mr. Woodley, who is
committing murder every day in trying to supply tbe people with good
meats. What about Mr. Oreene, proprietor of tlie Queen's Hotel, the leader
of tho liberal party. I found hiin a
jolly, good hearted North of Ireland
man, has a head as large ns his body.
H. D. Hume, proprietor of the Kootenay house a jolly, quiet sort of fellow,
always has a good word for all. Billy
McNeish, proprietor of the Columbia
House is one of our enterprising men,
into mines and timber business,nlways
trying to keep the ball rolling. Hoping
Mr. Editor I am not occupying too
much valuable space.
I am. yours,
P.S. ���Some of the old folks have the
bicycle craze -go it while ye are old.
Golden Hospital Society.
From !l:II0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
.i       i     ti   it   u,   tt
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From  2:'I0 p.m.  to  S  p.m., dai
except Monday and Saturday.
S h .im in k the dute. nnd plueea of Courts
nt' Assize, Nisi Prlua, Oyer and Terminer, und General Gaol Delivery
for the Year 1800.
Spuing Assizes.
Nanaimo Tuesday ... 5th May
NewWestminster.Tuesday .. 12th May
Vuncouver Tuesday .. 19th May
Clinton Monday . .25th May
\ ictoria Tuesday .. 2tith May
Kamloops Monday 1st June
Vernon Monday Hth June
*Nelson  Monday.. , loth June
* Donald Monday... 22nd June
���Special Assize.
Bureau of Mines,
Victoria, B.C., Hth April, 1896.
who desire to obtain the above
Certificate do not feel sufficiently prepared for tbo examination it wns proposed to hold here during tbe last week
of this month, the Hon. the Minister
of Mines has decided to postpone said
examination until the autumn, when
it mny be held nt two or three places
in the Province for the better convenience of tbe candidates; due notice
to be given of the time, places, and ex- '
uminers appointed by the Minister.
An excellent book on assaying, embracing most of the best and latest
methods for all the tnetnls required for
this examination, Furman's "Manual
of Pructicul Assaying,' J3.00, John '
Wiley & Sons, New York, is strongly'r
Provincial Miuenalogist.
VOTICG is hereby given that a belttf
"    of  lntiri   described  as follows:���!
Commencing at the intersection of thi
Columbia  River    by   the    northern"
boundary   of   the Railway Belt, near?/
Carnes   Creek;   thence   following tha
suid   river   up  stream   to the northwestern   end of   Kiubusket Lake, and,'
extending buck ten miles on each side.,
thereof, is   reserved   for theexclusivejl
purpose  of  entry   under   the  Land
Mineral and Placer Mining Acts,
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Workup
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., llth April. 189G<|
ST   0RES ��� ���
corns     . . WANTEDS
Write for prices.   Give assays, etc.    S3
DENVF.K,   COLO. .',
decline may be arrested befeft isayi
Strength may be restored; powers when
Impoverished by youth's reckless overdrn fts
may be reinvigorsted by our borne -eat*.
nerer hu its citadel in the breasts of thoi*
who have weak, shrunken, undeveloped or
diseased organs. The evil that men do
through Ignorance in boyhood snd errors
of eirly manhood leaves wasting e_ecU.
to vlgoroiu vitality you mightbe laccosful
In business, fervent in spirit. Our curative
methods are unfailing. Write forour book,
�� PERFECT MANHOOD," seat fn* ! -olcl
���Urs-ALO. N.Y.
finest tc
in the World
"Monsoon" Teals put up by the Indian T<i_
growers as a sample of the best qualities of India.
Teas.   Therefore they use th. greatest care in l*
selection of the Tea and its blend, lhat la why f
put it up themselves and sell It only in tha origi
packages, thereby securing ita purity and ezcelletic. \
Put up in % lb., i lb. aad $ lb. packagM, and nan)
If your grocer dose not keep it, tell him to writ. I
II and 13 front Street East, Toronto,   >i. iotice to Taxpayers.
{Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
t��f>N'A*.i> Division ok East Kootenav
JOTICE is hereby uivcu. iu accord-
t*- alien with the Statues, that Pro-
Uncial Revenue Tax and ull tuxes
Ivied under the Assessment Act ate
due for Hie year IK'll. All of the
bove mimed taxes collectable within
[ie Donald Division of East Kootenay
strict, are payable at my office, the
hurt. House, Golden.
J Assessed taxes are collectable st the
Lllowitig rates, viz. :
[If paid on or before June 80th 11-91:
[One Half of one per cent ou real pro-
I Two   per   cent on assessed value of
lhl land.
lOne third of one per cent on person-
f property.
Jue half of one per cent on income
ft paid after June ilOth IHilii���
Two-thirds   of   one per cent on real
[Twoand one half per cent on assess-
\value of wild land.
Jue half .if one per cent on personal
I'hree-fotirtha of one  er cent on in-
Provincial   R .venue   Tux $8.00 per
Assessor und Collector.
Ildeii, January 2nd, W.ii.
Ithe Supreme Court of British l>l-
|tiiiliin, re Connacher, -Connaclier
|rs. Pither.
urstiunt to nn orderol the Supreme
iirt of British Columbin made in the
tier of the estate of Henry Con-
her iu the suit of Connacher vs
her. The creditors of Henry Con*
her. late of  Golden, in the District
Kootenay. hotel kee|ier, deceased,
o died on or ubout the mouth of
unary. IHI'ii. are on or before tht*
t duy of April. IS!) i. to send by
istersd letter to A. G. M. Spragge.
Donald. In the District of Kootenai,,
itish Columbia, the solicitor for
mes Stevens Connacher, the abo-e
med plaintiff, the executor of the
reused, their Christian and ,'iirnume
dresses and inscriptions, the full
rticulurs of their claims.a statement
their  accounts, and tlie nature of
e securities (if any) held by them or
default thereof they will be pereni|i
illy excluded from the benelit of the
rid   order.     Every  creditor boiling
y   secirity   is to  produce the same
ore   James   Ferguson   Armstrong.
gi-.triir of the County Court at Don*
,   the   Referee   appointed   by   the
trt   to   tattj the accounts and en*
iries   under   the   said order, at his
umbers at the Court House at Don-
r\ iu the Province of   British Colum-
on the Hth day or Airil, IKS!), at
a o'clock in the forenoon Iieing the
ne appointed for adjudication ou the
iid claims.
Dated at Donald, in the District of
ooteiiuy, British Columbia, this loth
ty of January, lHDIj.
eforoe appointed under the said order.
Application for Ccrtlflmtu of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47riit!J, intend,
dOdays from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtuiniitg u Crown grunt of the ubove
And further tuke notice, that, adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
tlie issuance of such certificate of improvements,
Dated this seventh day of December
Walter Dainarii,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
$n*iuvaa ("I at*..
Hon. .1, A. LouaiiEEu, Q,C.
. McCarter.
IjohrIummI   A   UlcCai'ter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iturs, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank     Montreal.
Caloarv, . N.W.T.
It.   .1.   .IK I'll NO .V.
D.Ij.S.- I'.L.S. f���r ll.C. DOMINION &
Driiiiglilsinuii, Vulriiitor.etcCAljUAIiY,
N.W. i'.   torrespoiitleuce bolii'ited,
K.J..IE1MISON, D.L.S.,l,,Li8, nf U.C. (tOnt.
t..l.(i.iitv, Alba.
Application    for'  Ortlflctit... of  Improvements.
Take notice that I. Thcinns Jones,
free miner's certificate No. ilWH. intend
10 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvement* for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
lui ins.
And further take notice thnt adverse
claims must he sent to the Minim; Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Titos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth duy of December.
I Win.
Notice nf tpi.llcntloii for Certificates
of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John McRae.
free miner's certificate No. 3ii53.
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of the above claims
Aud fnrther take noticethat adverse
claims must be sent to thf> Mining Recorder, and action comiiu-uced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
John McRar,
By his agent F W. Avi.mer.
Dated this Uth dav of December.
.111ning; Unglin'or.
A    Mill I n I***-'nf.
Reports on properties a Specially.
GlILilEN. B.C.
maruel umm,
Livery,-*--; Feed .-"tables,
__1uie ttoi-ses tor Hire.
goIj!>i:*v. im;.
Whole-sal-' mul Kotnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART     CO.
Undertakers and
-  .   Embalmers,
Calgary A lim
The attention ol Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits of a new
improved apparatus, foj- testing und smelting various kinds of ores and niiuer-
a s, also separating und refining Ii,isk bullion, etc.
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist who thoroughly understands
the wants of the assayer, the prospector, tlio miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such ns smelting, scorifying, coupelling, fusing in
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, rousting, etc.
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete ia
itself, made of sterl plate, with cust-irou slug uud inetul spouts, wiuU supply
j pipe nnd knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores ; capacity 1000
to "iCOO pounds per lient; also stiitillcr size, capacity fioin lo0 tu iLO pounds
per heat, according to tliu character of ires.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows:
This furnace is constructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by u puck burro,
iiml is complete anil ready to he net up at any dump of low grade ores, that
otherwise will nol pay to ship, und make Ins good pay out of one to two tons
of ort* it day.
On lii.v-ui'uili'ori'H pli'lie.l at thu (lump, tills little furnace will pay for It.
sill every week, besides wages and expellees. Let someone ul-ui uo the risk iu
mining, und stick to a certuinity.
What We Furnish and What it Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, 8 firet in diameter by ii feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made of No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened with
anglo irons made in two half-circles for easy trunsportation. and then bolted
together. Twos.eele lluiiged luetul uud slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnace tapping tools, two darlings (or plugging sticks), one
graphite No. -10 crucible, one blacksmith's forge blower, geared complete in iron
frame, to supply blast hv hand-power for the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, ready to beset up, delivered on board cars at
St. Louis, will cost ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS NET. Terms: 925. 0
cash wilii order, balance draft attached with bill of lading;   the smaller size,
IOO to SrJOlU Pnuii-lr*, Capacity, Coat ��4M.O�� Set.
Terms:   ISO.OO cash with order, balance draft attached to bill of lading; &
percent discount for cash with order.
I'ltiN'i'Eii Directions and instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
miiteriiil, luei. smelting operation, sepurating and refining of base bullion, etc..
FURNISIIEII  IN   lll'TAII.   Ul'ON,   KEChll'l'  OF   OltUEIt.
Wo Want a Representative. 415 Locust St., ST. LOUIS, Ho.
manufacturers anu patentees of
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and
Lead Ores, Aluminum and NicKel Alloys.
Enalne.'i's mul Contractors for Equipment of Cliemleul  lteiluetlon  Works.
Golden City Bakery.
It I stllil    mi UrfU
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be hud from tlie undersigned or any member of the
PRI-^E Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half yenr.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Church Service..
The usual evening service will be
���eld to-morrow in St, P,.u'*s Church
it 1:30 o'clock.
Methodist service wiil he held in the
uhool house to morrow evening at
idO o'clock, conducted by Mr, Robins.
Presbyterian service will he held
o-morrow evening in Knox
!hurch ut 7:30 o'clock, conducted bv
lev. T. S Glassford, B.A.
tbat applicntioti will lie made to the
Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Columbia at the next session for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing,
operating and working deep tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for, discovering, working,
getting, acquiring and recovering minerals situate iu blind veins, ledges or
'odes in the Districts of Eist and West
Kootenav. Yale and Cariboo, in the
Province of British Columbia, mid for
entering upon and acquiring hinds ior
such purposes, nnd for collecting tolls
for the use of sucli tunnels or workings hy any other persons or companies engaged in mining and for acquiring such witter powers or privileges, rights or incident., ns mny be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.
Job    Departmer|t
_:o:��� OF ��� :o:���
d:M st
tue yuuuu vy n n-ticu givi-n .no _-. cuurgu iu wo
Ijirprst etnmlRllnn of my Monti flo paper In th��
vor.i-. t.il-1-..liiJ'r l.UHtrniuil. No lutt-Illi-'t-ii.
non -hnclii bo without it,   Wr< .-.ly, tHIO n
iRuriULW-Uinontlin.   A-l-lr* '������-. MU.VN ft CO.,
���UDLiauEfiS, SOI Broadway, New Vork City,
 ���. wjth
irfMt wu to wearer, than by all other ,
rot-lbl-M'-l Thay,.tain largest
_ und.r a.vare.i, .train, a eya-
fltttnjv has b.en parfsotad tha
���art���lestloD at mall.  ST ...ten's
iii -j-s si w..V��t ������Vo-
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common cvery-day
ills of humanity.
Manr.fttctiii'ors of !*?nsh. Iters. Madding**-.
Turned aid Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts. Hand Kails and
Bracket!}.   Al sizes of glass in stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith "--hop nre prepared to do
all kinds of repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pip��
Fitting and Trass Goods on hand.
Wagon Repairs, Poles, Shafts, Axles. Spokes & ��e\loos,,
Hickory and Mnp.c Plank.
HOUSTON  &   CO. Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Fair,
Iwo Insttiutl of  Six.                                          soml To-tluy.                       I TT fit   ���   1                  1     ���
Nelson Tribune t   It now looks ss if     Ladies   and   gentleinen.be alive to   I I ��\ W\ tr\ "J/J fa    A | 111Y1 f\|
the representation from British Colum- your own interest.   There has recently   I   iill If*!'' te   '11111111111
bin   in    in   next House of Commons  been discovered, and is now for sale hy    %/ !���/W "U_. Xo�� V A UXJJL IvX
woulil   bo   four   Grits  to two Tories.'the   undersigned,   n   truly wonderful          *   ���"���
TramWay Co. Ltd
The Grits will lie Te.iipleiiiiin fr. m ''Hair Grower" nnd "Complexion
Virtorin, Maxwe'l from Viincouvir, Whitening." This ''Hslr Grower" will
Morris, u from New Westniitistir, nud ' actually grow hair' on a bal���! head in
Bos'ork from Yale. The Tories will' six weeks by tlie use of this wonderful
bo Prior ' f Vict.riii and whoever thei "Hair Grower." It will also prevent
Du ismuirs   favor  in Nanaimo.   The the hair from falling.     By the use of
de flit Couserviiti'es will not snppoit
Tup 'fr. for he is of a class that has
: bo -ii driven out of priili'iinni',*, in Grent
Britain becai se of tber disgiistiig
practices, Not only that, but sensible
MOST PERFECT MADE. Conservatives  do  not want a Tapper
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.' Free  ll*'����'"y.    'J'hey do not want S.r Chns
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant. [Tupper for secretary of state;   his son
40 YEARS THE STANDARD. j S r Charles Hibbert  Tupper, as solid-
r���r���-_--���r���-������.--*. ._-.���,,,      f0l.  gi,noml; his   iipphow, Arthur  R.
JUXUVIit   SHEWS. | Dickey, as minister of justice; and tlm
  law   partner of  his  son, Hugh John
Ontario is now offering a la ui.ty of! M,lo,~on��ltli "s mhli*i,el' of ,he interior.
., , ��� Four oi  the Tipper family in the cab-
��l   to  overy   one producing sufficient
oie to make one ton of iron,
The rush lo Alaska is over," and lhe
visitors to the bin I of the mid night
sun think tint all they found tliere
was mosquitos.
The British Columbia Minors' Association is taking steps to test the
validity of the claims of the assessment uut which imposes a tax ou tliu
gross output of quartz mines.
Four tons of giant powder exploded
at the Treudwell Mining Co.'s magazine on Douglas Island, three miles
from Juneau, Alaska. Only one person wus present, Chns. Cata. .No
fragments of his remains could be
feu ml except an eye and a bit of his
Utah is certainly a land of marvels,
aud rightly too. It lias furnished
silver iu sand, gold iu coal, and now
from Ousis, iu Utah, conies the report
thut u ptyschaporia kittgi or prehistoric crab lias been found which is
coveted with silver. Capt. Richards
also says that "the lime which finds
a market at tlie smelters contains au
average of 95 a ton in silver, and thut
this paid all costs of production and
transportation, leaving tlie value of
the lime u clear earning"
Mr. Aylmer wits down from his
mine at Buguboo on Sunday last, uud
reports favorable of the work doue
there, He is driving a tunnel of some
length to strike tlie lead, which lie
thinks to reach ubout tho cud of June.
His property is without doubt one of
the most valuable in tlie district, and
if when he reaches the vein at, a point
further along the lode, it proves to
carry more gold than tlie croppings it
will bea very valtiubie property indeed
We wish hiin every success.
inet is mora tbau the people of Canada
will stomach. Hundreds of Conservatives in British Coliiniliia will stay nt
lioini* or vote for Grit candidates,
rut her than vote the Tupper family
into o.'Iice. No self-respecting Conservative in Kootenay will vote for
John Andrew Mara on that uccount,
for they know that he is u man without the slightest trace of independence
in Ii is makeup. Were he elected he
would siiiii'ly be one of the 'flippers.
Some very eminent men are agitating for a new division of tlie ..ear.
permitting ns to have thirteen mouths
in pluce of twelve, and they suggest to
put llie new plan iuto vogue on Jun.
1900. If such a plan wore adopted
the first twelve months would have
just twenty-eight days and the new
month twenty-nine and thirty days
in leap year. Tlie advantage of this
appears to be that after a few years
there would be no need to refer to a
calender, as the same day of the week
would have the same date throughout
the yenr. For iussiitice if 1st January
were Monday every .Monday through
ihe .vour would come on the 1st; 8th,
loth and 22w\ ot euch mouth. The
change of ihu moon would be on or
about the same dales ull the year
round, and many calculations ol like
interest, dates of maturing notes,
changing High days would be very
much simplified.
this excellent remedy boys raise an excellent inouutiiche in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
have it immediately bv 'he use of ibis
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion Whitening" tliut will in one
mouth's time make you as cluar and
whitens tho .skin can be made. We
never knew a lady or gentleman to use
two bottles of "Whitening," for they
all say thai before they finished the
second Lottie they were as white us
thoy would wish io be. After the use
of this ������Whitening," the skin will forever retain iis color. It ulse removes
freckles, etc., etc. The "Hair Grower"
is 50 cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' 60 cents per bottle. Either
of those remedies will be sent to uuy
address on receipt of price. Address
all orders to ���
R. & J. RYAN,
201 Division SritEET, Ottawa, Ont.
International Transportation Co.
Gat yo-i* Pi-iajinj dona at
the GOLDEN ERA office. Neat
and art stic work done cheap.
Education Offioe,
Victoria. May 4th, loDii.
MOTICE is hereby given that tho an-
*���    iniul examination   of  candidates
for certificates of qualification to teach
iu the Public Schools of  the Province
....     ,.i .���     I will he held as follows, commencing on
Why do wc not do some prospecting ; .,,,.(, (v> Ju|��� ^ ,���,., ^ _ ^ .��_
here in East Kootenay. If instead of
spending our surplus money ou "corn
juice" wc should by way of a chantre
invest it in food material aud take a
journey like Jacob, not io the wilderness but to the mountains, wu should
be quite as well in health aud could
not be worse iu pocket.     The   fact
I Victoria In South Park School Building
Vancouver- In High School Building.
Kamloops - In Public School Building.
Each   applicant must forward a notice, thirty days   before the examination, stating   the  class  and grade of
certificate   for which ho will be a can-
js jdidate. the optional  subjects selected,
.  land   at.   whicli   of   the above named
evident   that  diligent   prospecting is ulllcei! he w,��� aUe|ld
resulting in valuable mines all over Every notice of intention to be nn
the province. Marked copies of papers applicant must ho accompanied with
reporting tlie discovery of mliiernl de- satisfactory testimonial of moral
posits that in many instances will re-1�� crates are notified that ail of
suli in valuable prospects, aro received X\M ubove requirements must be ful-
from overy corner of the wost half of I filled before their applications can be
America.    "Look and ye shall Hud."     '"ed.
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A. Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to tuke the
subjects prescribed for July Hth uud
16th instants, nnd to undergo required
oral examinations,
Superintendent of Education,
Whooping Coii-cli.
There is no danger from this disease
irhen Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
freely   given.     It liquefies the tough
mucus and aids its expectoration.     It
also lessens the severity and frequency	
of paroxysms of coughing and insures ' ��,0RK FOR MEN AND WOMEN,
a speedy recovery. There is not the Yf -,Ve p���v $a t0 $10 per week for
least danger in giving the remedy to easy home work. Child can do it. No
children or babies, as it contains no Sohbmb, Books OB PebdIjI.no, This is
... .  .    ���      iri���-   ���������_   |,��� bona fid".     Send stamp for work and
injurious  substance.      ��� or   sale   by ���_,���������,������, M ome   ^E *WoUR
druggists Langley & Co., Wholesale SUPPLY CO., Masonic Temple, Cam-
agents, Victoria and Vancouver. | den, N.J.
An Improved Ranrh,
East Kootenay, B.C.
Lot 212, Group 1, known as thc
Caiman Ranch, ol!) acres of bottom
laud situate at the mouth of Sinclair
Creek, Cnliimhiti River, farm buildings
etc.   Apply to
Solicitors, Victoria, B.C.
Or to A. G. M. SPRAGGE,
Solicitor, Donald, B.C.
SEASON    1896.
To take effect 1st May.
Leave Golden 4 am. Tuesdays	
Arrive Fort Stole li p.i_. Wednesdays . . .
Leave Fort Steele 4 a.m Thursdays and Sundays
Arrive Jennings 8 p.m. Tim-days and Sunday. .
Leave Jennings 4 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays
Arrive Fort Steele (i p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Leave Fort Steele 4 a.m. Tuesdays      ....
Arrive Golden il am. Thursdays .      .      .      .
F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
Direct all rail route to
and all Eastern Points,
Or via
Steamers snil every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Passengers for Old Country go direct
from train to Ocean steamer.  Baggage
checked ou board.
Scenic Route to the Pacific Coast.
CHINA&JAPAN from Vancouver
Empress of China May 11.
Empress of Iydia June 1,
Wurrimoo Mav 110.
Miowera Juue 110.
Apply   for  descriptive   pamphlets,
guide books, etc., to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
V. Fi. WEIiLS,
Agent, Oolden.
This card is a guarantee
that ihe cloth in this garment
has been thoroughly Sponged and Shrunk andthework-
tuanship is fully guaranteed.
O99SOO939O9000000O0030-C00O 9
See that this little card
is in the pocket of any
Ready-Made Garment you
buy. It speaks for itself
and means what it says.
Ready Made
The Western Milling Co
Re��ina,   N.W.T.
Manufacturers Of
M. McDonald,
Calgary, Alb.
Agent for N.W. Territorial jfc
and Brit.sh Columbia.


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