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The Golden Era Mar 27, 1897

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Immense   flection of    Country   Submerged.
Memphis. Teun., March 12. -The
"Father of Waters" continues at litis
point of its booming career, surprising t
planters, citizens and the older inhabi-
tatits alike. In the past twelve hours
a rise of seven feet is noticed, with
little prospect of cessation. River
steamers, both through and local, are
making landings never before attempted uinl in some instances boats touch
at points forty odd miles inland. A
private levee on the Nenly cotton plantation, ten miles above here, has faibd
to resist the powerful current. All
live stock in that portion bave been
removed to the hills. In Memphis the
big 1,000 aore mind bar is complete',.
under water, forcing out a hundred or
more thugs and thieves wno made the
willows on the bar at night a hiding
place. Wolf river, just north of this
city, is overfly wing its banks, doing
considerable damage to fences, farmers
���nd settlers 'cabins, The weather
bureau predicts continued high water,
nold wave to-night, and freezing temperature to-morrow. Two great side
wheel steamers, capable of currying
1,000 passengers each, this afternoon
issu-d notice of ��nexcursion into Euot-
ern Arkansas, giving a view of the
overflowed country aud submerged
plantations. / This means a trip of 50
miles due west from Memphis, through
tre tops and over cabins, farms and
small villages. . Past high water of
fered no such opportunities.
Cincinnati. Ohio, March 13. -There
is a general belief here today that lie
cause the Ohio river,whioh had reached a stage of fifty feet, began failing a'
noon, with clear weather prevailing iu
the Ohio vsllev, that no further apprehension of floods ure uow felt.
Perpetual   Motion.
Mr. Thomas Kelly of Wiruton. claims
to have solved the problem of perpetual
motion, and informs the Canadian
that he has constructed a machine
which has now been running for several months, aud is capable of prudtic
ing power. As an evidence of his inventive genius, Mr Kelly promises
that he will place the machine on exhibition in the Canadian window. If
Mr. Kellv has reallv solved the problem
the combined wealth of theltbthchilds
Vanderbilts. Rockefellers and other
multi-millionaires will pale into insignificance compared with what such a
discovery will be worth to the world.
A Hallway   Disaster.
Borne, Ga., March 13. -A frightful
passenger train wreck occurred at an
early hour this   morning on  the np
proach to the high bridge of the South
em railway over the Etowah river.
The  engine   plunged    down  a  bluff
sixty  feet  high  into the river.   The
wreck caught, fire aud seven curs were
burned.   Seven persons were injured
Thn train which was  wrecked was h
passenger train from Chattanooga, due
here at 3:*rK) a. iu.   The engineer stood
at his post.
a ���
The  Arbitration  t.-ehtjr.
Washington, March 13.-The amendments to tliearbi'rutioii treaty have
been practically agreed to. The Tnr
pie amendment will be adhered to. It
specifically names the Semite as put.
of the treaty-making power of the
Unite I States, requiring the President
to submit to i |,e Senate his formula
tion of any claim that he may desire
to submit to arbitration under the
treaty. Another amendment will eliminate members of the United States
Supreme Court as the fixed trilnttiiil of
arbitration. The provisions will he so
modified as ��n require the President to
appoint and the president to confirm
the members of the tribunal. The portion of the treaty providing for the
appointment of the King uf Sweden
nnd Norway as umpire will be eliminated, the mujority of the coin mi ttee
considering that no u mp re will be
4 ���
Two Big Strikes.
Oldham, Euglaud. March 13. Two
thousand ineiuhers of ihesmnl-.'smHteil
society of engineers struck this nf Ier
noon for a two shillings iuoieii*-o ner
weak. It is said lhat several thousand
more men will go out.
Berlin, March 13. Asa t-oii*��i-nenee
of the refusal uf tlie sirikurs ut two
shoe fa.l cries to return to work, the
manufacturers to-uight ulosed thirty-
seven tuctories and locked out 3,000
ADRIFT  ON  THE   ICE.       j
Over Two Hundred  Men l'arrlo.1  out,
From .ugliniw     uy.
Bay City, .Mich., March li An
immense ice floe, con mining all the
solid ice in -iiginaw Buy, .vein out!
this morning, carrying over S00 fishermen. The ice bea-uu. to break neuf
the shore here at 5 o'clock this morning, and the floe is now eight miles
out in the bay. About 'i"> fishermen
from this city had huts from .Vleuin-
quutu Point, and they were till curried
out. Of the ��*i)0 fishermen near Selie-
waing, some managed to guilt the shine
before the ice left, but the large majority were carried out. A strong southwest wind is blowing. The lishermen
here are uneasy, but do uot anticipate
that the men on the floe will perish.
They say the ice is still too solid to
break up enough to admit of a passage
to Lake Huron bv the Charity Islands.
If the warm south wind continues for
another day there will be but little
chance for their rescue.
Kruger's  ���Asplrutlon.-Ho   Calls   Her
Majesty a Troublsor.ie  Woman.
Bloeinfoiitein, Orange Free State.
March 13. Ki-uger, who is here to
arrange a closer union wiih the Trans
vnll, wan entertained to a public
luncheon. Replying to a eulogistic
toast by President Stt-yu. he said he
was not there to controvert the Queen's
rights. Time woulil show thut. he always defended Her Majesty. He had
told his people to respect her., He
hope I the two republics would form
indissoluble ties He never had any
idea of the Free State being absorbed
by the Transvaal. He hail to abide
by the Loudon convention, but. the
Queen was a ���-troubleso ne woman"
and it was therefore, necessary to ileal
with the question of the union with
the utmost, caution. He hoped some
day to sex a union of the whole of
South Africa.
*��� ���
Lawlessness Rainnurt.,
Athens March lil. The "Astvs
Larrisn" corre-yioti'lent says that a
railinlral Oaiiuvnio, the Italian officer
who ik-ui' Salonica was' dynamited us
a train CHi-ryiuir 3.11)0 Turkish troop-
were crossing. Many carriages were
thrown from the rails and many sold
lei'S were drowned. The transportation
of Turkish troops hns h.-eu suspended
until the bridge is restored.
A despatch from Cititen suys thnt
lust night uinl today were given over
to the pillage of bouses which were
not protected by the police. The
houses of absent Christians were open
ed by the Turkish municipal authorities on the pretext that they were lo lie
u����d as Induing places for refugees
Everything of value was iiiiim-diutely
removed Tne European detachment*
looked no the work of pillage wit hour
interfering Inning received uo orders
to prevent it.
4  ��
A Tain of Two Crime*.
Iii the Winnipeg police court the
other dny. a poor half breed, who had
imbibed a little too freely, wns *en-
teiic.3-1 tu one month's imprisonment
for throwing hi* arms around n young
lady, whom he met on the street. In
this case thero was nu malice or evil
intention, and no harm wu* done lo
any oiu. Ii nus me'-ely a cureless act
brought about by exuberance of -.pirits.
It cost practically nothing to | rusecute
the case.
At the asiize court at Wiiini|ie'r, a
feu- day* previous to th.* evenl, a
Winnipeg titerchniit wus sentenced to
pay a trilling Sue, or in default one
month's iiuprisuiiiiieiii. fur a s.viuil-
Iin * transaction amounting tu several
thousand dollars. In the latter cii*e
there was a deliberately planned swindle, and the public ami private law
exjieiises iu cuuiiccliuii wilh this mail's
swindling ope'-uiioiis amounted io
about ii.UliO. Ooze ou this picture,
uud on this Commercial.
a -^���e>
A I'I co of Paper Convict*
La Plata, Ml., March I'i. Geor.-e
Mai hi' v* -.va* hanged t,i d ty foi tiie
shunting of Irwin, with whose wife he
hud hcHii intimate.
Em'-mlim iu tho brain of the iimr
dei'dd luau was a scrap of new s, a pi r,
which had been lined a* wadding for
th-1 loud, ami in .Mattli.i,v's ir.iiiin ..as
tumid thn newspaper from which it
had beau torn. His ui-iust foil nv ��� 1
and he wus lucked up in the new jiil
at Li Plata tu await trial. A fe.v days
later Mr*. Irwin was also n nested.
On October 13th tbe jailer al La
Plata left the door open nud M.itthe vh
walked out. Tlte coou try was scoured
I ut he remnined at liberty fur a month
finally returning voluntary ou Nov.
i6, surrendering himself.
Woman's Crewnlng Glory.
You mny sing iu praise of women from her
head unto her toot;
You mny say sho is ii vision thut is more th..n
passing sweet;
You tuny speak of her attriittious, her allurements rani hor whims,
And the sunshine uf her gruces tliut no shadow ever dims;
But you fondly must acknowledge, while
your soid in triumph crows,
That a womuu's crowning glory is her bargain counter nose.
Just observe her in the morning whon Tuu
-Ita up she takes.
When sho sugars all thi fish bulls nud puts
mustard on tae cakes;
Tliruugh the mud preoccupation uf her rending nil aglow.
Of the sacrificial shirt waist uud the bonnet,
don't you know,
And it's certain by the glances she udnu the
sheet, bestows,
Thut a woman's crowning glory is her bargain counter nose.
There's a gloiini ef exaltation in her wild di-
' luted orbs
When she conjures   up the beauties of the
mis which she absorb*;
She's ilcliriuiis with rupture to her inner soul,
unit th..t's
A kaleidoscope of stockings uud a liolucuiist
ot huts.
And with symphonies of ribbons ull  bur
spii it overflows,
For u woman's crowning glory is her bur-
guin cobuter nose.
You mny ruve about her presence and her
carriage so superb;
You may suy that like u butterfly she drifts
front curb to curb j
You may carol of her counsel uud her influence so sweet,
And the light uud airy music ot the patter of
birr feet,
But yoii'u have to still acknowledge, though
iuuirtii.il or repose,
Thut u woman's crowning glory is her bargain counter iiuse.
��� ���
John Sullivan Hanged.
Dorchester, N. B., March 12. - John
S.illivau. whu murdered Mis. Dutnehirr
and her sun, wounded her daughter
and iiieii tired her house lu cover his
crime, was hanged this morning the
drop lulling ui K: li>. Rudcnifn uf Toronto was executioner. Tbe murder
wa* one uf the n.usi Mntul tiuit hu*
���..er taken place in New Brunswick,
.ilis. Duiclier kept a small ru.id house
near Dorchester, bet- sou and daughter
living with her. One night the house
was destroyed iiy tire and iu the ruit-s
were found the charred remains of the
u uinsii ami her sun. The daughter
managed to escape, but wus su terribly
.. ouuded abjut the head thut it was
thought she could not recover, she did
gel better, however, and stated that a
in.in had killed her mother and brother
uud had tried tu kill her by hitting her
ou the head with a hoi tie. When she
was confronted by Sullivan she at once
indent Hied him as the murderer. Sullivan always protested his innocence,
but a lew days ag.. made a statement
to the effect that he had been at Mrs.
Dutsuiier'a bouse on the night in question that a drunken row occuried,
that be hud thrown u bottle at the
woman, hut that it hit the girl, anl
the lump being upset the house was
burned nnd the mother and son were
��� ���
Queen Victoria Hns il Narrow -snipe.
London, March Io. ���A despatch
from Nice says: The Queen's drive
from the railroad station at Cimie. wn*
marked by an incident. Hei Majesty
wa* seated in au open landau. A horse
which formed part of the escort shied'
throwing the rider and then fell. Regaining hi* feet, he reared with hi*
fore hoofs raised above the Queen'*
head. The coachman saw the Hunger
and succt-eced in pulling the carriage
to one side. The Queen had a niinoiv
e-.cn |*. and wus much unnerved und
deadly pale.
��� ���
Murderer llutler wants to Suicide.
Sui Francisco, Cal., March Itt.-An
exti-ii wi>tcli has been placed on Butler,
the alleged Australian murderer. It is
asserted by un evening pnper that he
last night sent for a friendly reporter,
tu whom he gave what purported to lie
hi* wil "You see, it is just ihis
way." he ssid; -'ihe jig is up. Tney
have got me and they will take me
buck to Australia. I know what will
Ik* done to me there, si.d I will not go.
All I need ���* s!x grains of iiioiph.ue.
I will go lo sleep, and thst will lie the
lust iif ibe Builui- case." There was
uu mistaking ihe words nor the desperate purpose wh'ch prompted them.
B .tier hud determined to tuke his uwu
life, and hoped for assistance ill obtaining the poison. Tbe matter,
however was reported to the authorities.
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After pondering these facts, write us, it costs
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Oh. No
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Published every Saturday at Golden, B. C. AWU.Jia
Highest Honors���WorM'* Pair,
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from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Colonel Duster's 8uu.itIrene...
The Kelson Miner says: "Col.
Baker is said to be a sensitive man.
It would be difficult to say which
worries him the most; The different
ways his epitaph on Walkein is punctuated by the provincial press, or
Walkem's charge that the colonel is a
charter monuer."
How carefully the Miner guards
itself���"is said to be." What a protection these words afford against a
charge of inaccuracy. Is Colonel
Baker a sensitive man? If so, then
his sensitiveness must be of a peculiar
order. It is not particularly strong
when trying to float companies whicli
do not catch on,���or making a deal to
pocket some of the resources of the
Province belonging to its people,
through the aid of a charter; but it
comes powerfully out when the truth
is told in plain lan*;uarre. Sin, according to some elastic-sided consciences,
consists not in the act done but in
being found out. The Colonel is being
found out, is he therefore sensitive?
Some natures change with the incre.se
of years. The Colonel's nature may
have followed this course, but we suspect his want of success as a company
promoter, nnd his success as a charter
monger and a writer of epitaphs in
gaining notoriety may bave operated
some change. Success in such lines is
not to be envied if sensitiveness ot tbe
Baker type is to be tbe result.'
Strike of  Metallic Tin.
Metallic tin has been discovered on
the north fork of the Salmon river,
This is a rare discovery in auv mineral
country and if the first instanoe of tbe
kind in Kootenay. A few days since
a prospector brought to the assayer of
the Hall mines a number of small
grains of a lustrous white metal which
lie said he picked out of some rotten
granite. The prospector had an idea
that his find was a native compound
ol mercury and gold. In speaking of
the discovery, Mr. Holdich said : " I
expect to have samples of the rock
very shortly and meanwhile I firmly
believe that it is a genuine find and no
' fake.' The locality is sorAewhere near
the north fork of the Salmon river, but
as yet I hardly feel justified in giving
more accurate information aa to the
exact spot."���Vancouver World.
Death or a Pioneer.
Mr, George Hamilton of Calgary, a
man well-known by the old timers of
British Columbia, died very suddenly
near Calgary this week.
/ Thirty-five years ago Mr Hamilton
while engaged in placer mining travel-
led over the Cariboo, Big Bend, Salmon
River, Trail Creek and Boundary
Mr. Hamilton was the soul of honor
and one of the most highly respected
men in the country. He bad many
friends in Golden who will learn with
regret of hit sudden death.
Rowland Mxpaete Surprised.
Messrs. McMillan and Fletcher late
of Jiossland have been in town during
the past few days awaiting'.he departure of tho Fort Steele stage Mr.
Fletcher is sn assayer sud mining expert of experience snd Mr. McMillan
represents soma capitalists who sre
about to make large Investments in
Enst Kootensy. Both gentlemen were
shown ssmplss of the ore tsken from
the mines st Ottertail, the MoMurdo
country snd Windermere and expressed
their surprise st finding snoh magnificent specimens here. They ssid if
Rossland people conld ley their hands
on snch ofe se we undoubtedly have in
this vicinity they weald lose their
heads entirely. They proceeded to
Fort Steele on Toesdsy'i stsge,
"The line of boats running from
Golden, on the Canadian Pacific Bail-
way, down the Columbia river, with
that navigating from Jennin��s, on the
Kootennv river, north into the Fort
Steele, has been consolidated. The
combined concern will be known ns the
International Navigation company,but
is in reality a branch of the Canadian
Psclfio railway service.
There sre already five fteamers on
these routes, snd the sixth is to be at
once constructed. As an Indication of
what the carrying trade on these
rivers may amount to, it need only be
said that the new company has one
contract to carry 4500 tons of galena
ore from the North Star mine to Jennings for shipment * to the smelter at
Great Falls. Montana."
The above Is from the Kootenain
and Is practically correct, but the two
companies have not yet been consolidated and hnve not transferred their
Interests to the C.P.R. The Upper
Columbia Navioation and Tramway
Company has three steamers running
from Golden nn the Columbia, while
the International Transportation Company will have three steamers running
from Jennings up the Kootenay to
Fort Ste?le. Connection will he had
between the two intermediate points hv
a special stsge service, coaches for
which are heir, enec'el'v constructed.
The third steamer on the Kootenay,
"The North Star" has not yet been
launched, but it wil' he soon and will
run during the whole of the season.
It is a stern whee'er and its can-vim*
capacity is 100 tons.
Cap'ain Armstrong is presently at
Jennings and will be there nntil May
making and completing arraneements
for the season's frelghtlnc-. He will
not leave until the "North Star" is
An Attractive Display.
A tastefully dressed window is one
of the first tb'ngs which attracts customers to a store. Mr Is. A. Parsons,
manager st the Big Store, seems to be
more than ordinarily endowed with
talent in this particular line. The
dry goods window of tbe Big Store
this wesk is simply a dream and the
ladies of the town have been going
into. ecstasies over the spring goods
which sre so attractively displayed
therein. Mr. H. G. Parson's stock of
spring dress goods, trimmings, millinery snd fancy goods is complete snd
unequalled in the mountains. A look
at his stock will repay any lady for
her trouble. Cull early before the
choice is gone. p
a���a e
Guilty or Murder,
Aubnrn. N.Y., March IS.-The jury
on the Sheldon trial has just rendered
a verdict of guilty in the first degree.
They bad been out about 90 hours and
each day when they returned to court
having not agreed, the judge sent them
back. At length tbey became exhausted. One juror was ill, and a bed and
medical care hsd to be provided. F.
N. Sheldon is adjudged guilty of murder in the first degree for killing his
wife on April 30th, 1895, In the town
of Brutus, this county. The body of
Mrs. Sheldon was first discovered bv
her husband, who returned from Jordan, where he went that morning after
committing the crime A revolver
was found lyin. by her side and a
theory of suicide was accepted for a
time. Two weeks later, after an inquest, the body was disinterred, sn
autopsy was held and Sheldon arrested
He was indicted by the grand jury snd
has been in jail ever since. The trial
lasted seven weeks snd the jury was
out eighty-six hours. Judge Dunwell
sentenced Sheldon to be electrocuted in
Auburn prison during tbe week commencing April 25th. i
, Destructive Fire.
St Louis, March 15.-Fire broke
out in the store of the Ely. Walker
Dry Goods Co., st 7 o'clock to night.
The firm carried a stock valued st
11.500.000 with an insurance of II,-
000.000. the, stock has already been
destroyed snd it is probable that thn
bnilding which is valued at 1800,000
will be s total loss. At midnight the
fire is Still fsr from being under eon
trol. There is s chance of its involving other buildings.
Gxtd judgment in the selection of
mediums is st tbe basis of successful
Kaslo exported during February
2,443 tons of ore worth 1225,852.
British imports from Canada in
creased 100 per cent for the fiist two
months of 1897.
The Young Liberals of Toronto have
passed a resolution condemning the
stand taken by the Globe on tbe Crow's
Nest matter.
Tbe Grand Lodge, Ancient Order United Workmen, for British Columbia,
has adopted the classified assessment
plat/ by thirty to four.
Another party of the North West
Monnted police will be sent to the Yu
kon early this summer. Inspector
Soarth will form one of the number.
British capital has come out to Canada for gold mines and now it is coming for whiskey. A few years ago it
"annexed" most of the United States
The Regins Reform Association has
passed a strong resolution commending
the stand of the Hon. A.'G. Blair for
Government control uf the Crow's
Nest railway.
Throughout Manitoba this season
more snow is said to have fallen than
in any previous winter of the Province's history. A quick thaw may result
in a very serious flood. \
It is reported that Rossland's big
mine, the Le Roi, has been sold to au
English syndicate for ��.i,000.l00. A
test of ore taken from the waste dump
gives $7.5U per ton of free milling gold.
The Vancouver post office enquiry-
has come to an abrupt termination.
Ou resuming last Thursday no further
evidence wus forthcoming, and Mr.
Bowser, the Commissioner, said it
was hi* place to take evidence nnd not
to prosecute, and closed the enquiry.
Farmers and the Severe Winter.
Spring is approaching���which wiil
be a welcome relief to farmers- Tliere
are symptoms of its near arrival in appearing pavement* and melting snow.
The winier has been long and dreary
and will be remembered by stock owners as one of the severest since the
memorial one of 1877-78 which de
stryed so much'stock. Four years ago
was a hard winter, a scarcity of feed
and much loss of stock. This wiuter
has been much longer and more severe.
It came early, snow falling iu November and has remained since.
The winter setting in so early necessitated early feeding whioh has had to
be be continued until in many cases it
has become exhausted. As a rule
farmers do not contemplate feeding until the winter is well advanced, never
anticipating that the feeding period
will extend beyond two or three months. As a consequence several losses
of stock are reported.
We regret that farmers are not so
provident as thev ehould be. They
are too much of the happy-go-lucky
disposition - trusting to fate - instead
of providing in abundance. From
the past thoy should gain a lesson lor
the future, and put more land nnder
cultivation and obtain larger and better crops of hay. The trusting- ss
many do-to obtaining sufficient hay
from the sloughs has proved a failure.
Providence only helps those who
help themselves; ont of evil good may
come, and we can only ho|-e that the
farmers will be mure provident iu tbe
It Made Her Nervous.
A good story is told on a rather
nervous Carleton Place young lady.
The other day she was crossing near
the passenger depot while tho trainmen were doing some switching. As
the train backed up one brakeman called to the other: Jump onto her as
she comes by, run her down the line
and cut ber in two snd bring the head
end up to the depot. It is said that
the young lady jumped up nnd dowu
and yelled ss loud as she could, snd
then made tracks for the nearest house
-Port Hope Guide.
NOTICE Is hereby given that I Intend to
apply sixty days after date to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for the District
of Esst Kootensy, for permission to purchase 820 acres ol iinsnrveyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown Lands, described as
follows i Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of the Coluinliia river
about It chains south of Spillaniacheen
steamer landing; thenee esst HO chains,
thence north MO chains, thence west to the
Columbia river say 60 chains and thenee
following the Columbia river south to the
point ol commencement
Dated, Galena, B. 0., HOth Much, 1897.
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
When you come to Golden stop at
THe   Kootenay   House,
'     KOOM8.
tt.00 PER DAY.
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor.
��� �����������������
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates 92.00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,  -   Prop.
!!_! Columbia House
Home Comforts.    " .
Modern Conveniences.
Be t Cuisine in the West.   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
dim. JVfefleish, - Puop. M ��_   a
a     a
We make* Specialty of
Bill Reads,       Posters,
Letter Pads,    Dodgers,
i , |     Business Cards,    Etc.,
' ft ������       Etc., Etc., Eto.
General 0 JV-erehant.
_oooo do o o e q"6~d o~6e
���     9      ���     #      ��
Latest Styles in Gent's and Ladies Ties
Large Assortment of Ladies' shoes.   .(Mar
uiifaetiired by J. I). Kin,, _ Co,. of Toronto.)
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods.
My Spring Stock in these lines will soon
be complete. Do not fail to inspect my
Summer Blouses.
���nC*JL0^99_.0J>_0 d
B. Laurance's Spectacles.
o o o op.o_o.,e. o_o o o o oT"
A complete stock of
Faints,  Oils, White Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
and Jas. Ryan of  C�� _
Just arrived a carload of good Prairie Fo" s^'-- ������>������ *eek }'?"*��� Hmvm
b,   vv.   _. _���*__ a*j H_d 0,,^), too|. ,|0Ul/t *,.-, cbesn a cur
._      _��  j--��
Bay. More coming.
j-fuOO-- o.o��t��f
Agent For   .   .   .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
Ltirgo Range of G-ent^s Soft Hats
And at prices that everyone can buy.   1 have still some old stock that will go at
See these Goods before you purchase.
OCR towh.
Oolden, on tbe nisin Hue of the Cunadiun
i'acilic Railway, st its eonuectiun with the
Jteainlmat naviiration of the ( uli.iubiii rivor;
he mineral anil coiniiierciidceiitrcuf Eastern
llritish Columbia t headquarters of thi ('oltl-
tn Smelting works, the Upper   Columbia
---'    -      "   tlte
,�� ���.mu...���k   nuiiu,   .ue   v |iper   t. until
Navigation Co., and lumber industry;
mtlet for  the  widely   known   and
lamed airrlciiltiiral and grasiug land of 	
Kootensy Valleys':   unrivalled
/'olunibia A Kootensy Valleys': unrivalled
ur scenery of all kiwis: the distributing
���oint for the richest mineral country on tbe
Mr McCarter lnin-r alwent this week Mr
Mi-Naught contributed the otlilorbil matter
���'or tbis issue
21 meals for $4 at the Criterion, H.
J. Starforth, prop.
Messrs. J. R. Adler and L. H. Estell
left yesterday for Fort Steele ou niiu-
ioic business
The dry gords window of the Big
store, has been re-arranged this week,
and is well worth look in-- at.
Mr. Sam Adler, the genial proprietor
uf Hotel Kootenay, relumed Irom Victoria on Tuesdsy last alter an extended
visit to our coast cities.
C. A. Wiirren has a complete stock
of dry (roods, boots and shoes, which
he is offering at bed ruck prices. Anything you don't see ask for.
Hon. Mr. Blair has written to the
Toronto Board of Trade that there is
no danger of precipitate action in respect to the Crow's Nest Pass railway.
Devilled oysters at Criterion to-night
H J. Starfoith, prop.
Golden is to have a new bicycle
track as soon as tbe sidewalks appear.
Who uses thick language when the
horse is scared, the sleigh upset, the
driver capsised aud the girls rejoice. ���
Ask Archie. ,
Did you celebrate St. Patrick's anniversary Yes, We had a barrel and a
half of beer, two big pigs of whisky
und Johnny iu the chair..
The snow has remained so long that
the childrer are wondering if -Saiita
Clans will pay a return visit before it
goes away.   Ask Frank Lung.
The sporting blade wbo wears the
long sleeved hat wauts to know what
the people of Golden think about Corbett now.    Who is Corbett auyhow ?
Pigs used to roam the streets of
Golden, horses have now taken their
place Who is the man with the big
dog that crosses the bridge I Cannot
he shase them away ?
Times are so hard that many men are
culling their moustaches u_ sb that
thev can smoke their cigars shorter.
On enquiry we find thssu times have
not yet arrived in Golden.
Don't go out without your rubbers
especially in the evenings or your instability of gait may he attributed to
other causes. We tried it ami realised
that sinners stand in slipper- pluces.
Some of the Golden merchants wish
+   +   +
| load of settlers effects, etc
The Calgary Curling Club will wind
up the season wilh a i-raiid supper and
concert at ths Alberta on Wedresday
next. What will the Goldeu Curling
Club wind up with!1
The Golden Lumber Co. will likely
resume operations in their mill at
Golden early next month. The mill
st the camp Is still running off railway
ties st the rate of 1500 per day.
The 'Stipendiary Magistrate has he-
fore him no less than Ave applications
fnr new liquor licenses around Fort
Steele. It is evident that it ia not intended to allow tbe new population to
go thirsty.
The particulars of a lively- scrap in
one of  the hotels 'his week were not
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     disclosed before Magistrate Armstrong
_,        _   ,, . B_HRH_S33       m owing lo the party summoned pleading
The Reliance Loan t Savings Co., of Ontario.jaajTSS^SSH-r
the Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
St. Patrick snd St. Fitssimmons
were two greatest heroes in Golden on
Wednesday the 17th day of March in
the year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-seven. St.
Patrick, wo know, was a Scotchman
by birth, sn Irishman by adoption and
a gentlemau. Bnt who wss St. Fitrj-
A number of mining men have gone
south to Fort Steele this week to look
after mining interests. Mr. Manuel
Dainard goes to attend to the interests
of the Alberta snd Kootenay Development company, snd Mr. A. Watson to
attend to the interests of the East
Kootenay Mining snd Development
We overheard s discussion the other
day as to the accuracy of the proverb
concerning the spoiled child and tho
spared rod. "He spoileth the rod who
spnretli the child," one party asserted,
While the other as stubbornly maintained, ���'He spsreth the ohild who
spoileth tbe rod," wss tbe correct reu-
deriiiK of the proverb.
Rossland hss its stock exchange and
so has Golden, A big business has
lieen dine on the stock exchange of
Golden this last week snd some heavy
deals have gone through. The hours
of business are regulated by the arrival
and departure of Nos. 1 and 2, unless
when No. 1 is cancelled, when transaction of business is held over to the following day.
Mr Cttnsrd, manager of the Nip and
Tuck placer mine on Wild Horse Creek,
Fort Steele, passed through Golden
this week on his way back from Cali-
    (fornia to Fort Steele.     He was a pas*
The winter appears to be doubling, seuger by the outward bound stage,
back upon itself uud taking a return Mr. Cunard has been spending the
journey. Wo know when spring winter in Calafornia. On his return
should couiuliiit evidently this winter to Wild HorseCreek mining operations
dues not ki.u-v that Ilia li  of its du* i wi" he at once commenced on the Nip
piiriiire  has  arrived.    We love a liu- * Tuck  ss  soon  as  the weather is
geriug  summer   but   not u lingering  favorable.
H. G. Parson received a carload of i ���Z __l 1 222 T"-*"'n's *-*>-
whiskies, etc., on Monday last for hU'lZ-k.^hlf^j' ��� �� Pl���0taC, ^
Wholesale Liquor Department and his: 'JZ^ Ja^mTl f��� pMate^^
stock in this llneis now very complete. J^iffjffJK -Cn'co^
Messrs. Geo. Hayes, J. C. M. Davis i mittee ssy.
and Jas. Ryan of  Calgary went up to
+   +   +
Wild cats are killing cattle iu northern Michigan. Tiicy H|i|s*ai lo la.
plentiful in West Koolirnay bin are of
a different si-ecies. Tbey are attacking capital uinl ilireiiti-iiiug ..nr mining industry. They must lie ei-ailica-.o.l
before they gel loo numerous in bv
Our townsman, Mr. fleorgi- Burton
McDermot has lYttirnml frulu Ins bull-
day in lhe east. Su fur as can l-o
ascertained he hail ti gtind time of it
He hud many enquiries iiliiml Must
Kootenay   nml Mr. MclA-i'mol dm hiaj
iilmost lo spi-bid ibe gon,el ul uiiligui-     ��� ���-
eunient. He expects there will a big summer. He had to answer many
exodus from the east into our vnlley j ���*).uJ^i���*_eo.?BW'���,���,-* EMt Kootenuy
before the spring opens.
Mr. James C. Durick of Messrs. Carlin A Durick, general merchants, Fort
Steele, is in towns guest at tbe Queen's
Hotel. He is on his return from the
coast where he went on s round trip,
going out from Fort Steele by Kalispel
on the Great Northern railway and returning back by Golden on the Canadian Pacific. He found s different
stale of matters existing st the coast
from what existe here, There sunshine
In.dding trees, and blooming flowers
Here snow, snoese snd freeze. There
business is brisk. Mr. Durick returns
tn Fort Steele thie week. He expects
there will be great  activity there this
v>..,..ii ..j*     ...nua, <llll|f
I when going tbe round.
'' I
Best Advertising Medium
in East Kootenay.
Neat, Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed.
Per Year !<.
OEM CBfllbew <&va
Die GOLDEN EKA .* gublishetl every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east >
.vul west mail trains, also tlie mail for the |
unper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc I
i is the only advertising medium in tbe Ken {
K wtenay district.
us in this good work of spreading far
and wide full and complete information concerning East Kootenay and
its resources.
,   -1 inscription
Kates : S-j.OOper milium  IN
Advertisements and ciianges must be in
the office uot later than 1*1 a in, ou Thursday
t' insiiro insertion.
Ail cash to be paid tu the Manager, from
wlioln the Cqtnpany's receipt will beubtained,
ilvertiseinent rates made known on appli-
i-'.ti.W 'P
Tbe Ufa En Pii.llitiiiiE Company.
SATURDAY, M'C'H 27, 1897.
W�� purpose publishing shortly a
series of articles dealing with East
Kootenay and its resources for the purpose of enlightening the outside world.
We know what Esst Kootensy if and
what immense resources it possesses.
This knowledge does not extend beyond
our eastern mountains snd we are
afraid it does not reach down to the
ooast. We sre going to make it our
duty to supply these srticle s of information, if our readers will only assist
us by supplying bints, facts and special details. Single handed we csnnot
unterteks tbe tssk unless we have cordial help, snd ss these articles sre for
the purpose of benefitting the District,
assisting jo making its resources
known so ss to bring in capital and-
populstioq, we hope those who can aid
will not he backward in coining forward with tbe assistance we desire.
Ths articles shsll include sueh subjects ss mines snd mining, which will
be the greatest industry in tho district.
There ars other industries of great importance, we may almost say of the
lirst importance just now. These are
ranching, mixed farming and lumbering. Other industries may arise and
sre sure to arise if our District goes a*
bead, which we all anticipate it   will.
The area of East Kootenay may be
ststed we think correctly to contain
about 16,000 square miles of territory,
In tbie area we bave every variety and
prairie-benches, hills, mountains, Valleys, rivers, streams and rills, Tbe
whole area throughout is rich In miners) wealth. There ie no sterility bat
great fertility . If it is not on the surface it is underneath it. The most
sangaine of us csnnot anticipate what
oar possibilities may be in the next
year. If, however, we expect these
possibilities to be realised it will not
be by sitting witb folded bauds and
retaining the information we possess
ta ourselves. We must help one another and disseminate information and
let the ourside world knew whst we
have and thereby in so doing we help
one another and also ourselves. We
will disseminate this information in
no far as we can through our columne
when we obtain it.
< We do not propose to interfere with
the duties of the Mining Bureau, which
we hope soon to see establi shed in connection witb the brsncb of tbe Board
of Trade to be shortly formed in town.
Neither sre we going to anticipate their
rights. But will be entirely separate.
It will bs ths duty of ths Board of
Trade and of ths Mining Bureau to
collect information also, but tbeir information must be minute snd precise
and- most be systematised and particularised snd carefully preeerved and
retained for future reference. The only
resemblance will bs tbat their information obtained and onr information
supplied must be correct snd reliable.
Our article will generalise tbis information .and tbe publication of our articles will spread it fsr snd wide, beyond mountain and sea we hope. We
know that we will not appeal to our
���readers in vsin, but tbst there will be
munition among onr readers to assist
British Columbia is going tbe pace
in tlie matter of spending money. The
provincial accounts, lately submitted
to the Legislature, show that with a
population that can hardly exceed 15,-
000 it has a net debt of 4,088,291 dollars, and that last year with a revenue
of 989,765 dollars it had au expenditure of 1,906,924 dollars.
This is clipped from a down east
journal called the Orillia Packet, published somewhere in Ontario. A province considerably smaller than British
Columbia, only about half its size,
which will be news to the Editor of
that Journal. We do not know how
the editor arrived at, his information
in regard to, the number of our population���we shall deal witb his financial
figures afterwards���but if he had taken tbe trouble to refer to the last census
returns, whiuh he will fiud published
in every Almanac, some of which are
obtainable for a few cents, and might
be a good investment to that editor,
he would bave found tliere recorded the
census returns for British Columbia in
1891 were 98,173. Tbis is six years
ago���whut a change since then. In
addition to our natural and proportional increase, there has been a great influx of population into Souteern British Columbia and when we estimate
our total pepulaniou at 120,000 we estimate it at a very modest figure.
Perhaps we have been unnecessarily
blaming the editor for his want oi
knowledge, when the real person responsible is his proof reader. Iu that
case the editor and we do not differ
much in regard to population
He will put the number at 150,000
while we prefer to be modest and place
it at 120,000.
We cannot however blame tbe compositor in regard to the financial figures. The true blame rests with Mr.
Editor, We have not much fault to
find with these figures, only he has so
stated them as to make the service up
pear the better for his object, We do
not know where he took his figures
from, we take uur figures from tbe
Provincial accounts themselves and
there find that the total revenue was
$1,156,088.98 and that our net expenditure was 91,614,723,62. In that
yearly expenditure is included the sum
of 1257,908,88 expended on the new
Parliament House. Buildings which
ore being erected at Victoria tot the
purpose of anchoring the Capital on
the Island for the next hundred years.
We admit the amount of our net
debt, and* also admit we have little to
sliow for it beyond a few roads and a
few trails and a Turner Government.
Had he attacked that government we
might have been with him. The
trouble is we do not epend enough
money to open up the resouces of the
country, Iu fact we'will aoou hare
more to open np.' The Government is
giving them away-flH-ta-MEright
and left. We have a country of great
resources, a healthy climate, a law
respecting people and the crookedest
government under the eun-the Western sun.
We have a big province and the
only 'hings we need sre population
and a decent government. We give a
few more facts to interest the Orillia
Packet Editor. We admit we are behind as regards population but as regards oor wealth and our cont ributions
to the Dominion Exchequer we make a
good show. Our duties in 1895,which
is the Isst returns available, was tl,*
063,691 which thus placed our Province a long way ahead of New Brunswick. Manitoba and Prince Edward
Island. In regard to our exports we
were fourth on tbe list and again
ahead of these provinces. The want
of knowledge down eoat concerning onr
Province ie most extensive snd we
ehsll take every opportunity of enlightening the east with our wisdom
from the west. We do not complain
of this want of knowledge, but we
think we are entitled to complain
when this want of knowiedge is paraded by editors of eastern papers as if it
were a virtue of which they were preeminently proud.
* *
Is our columns are found a summary
of the Dominion estimates so far as
these apply to our Province. We are
very much disappointed with the perusal. Our Province has been treated
in a most niggardly manner.. In addition to the principal estimates, which
we presume would be the expiring
efforts of the last government. We
have two supplementary estimates
which would be the result of the present Government, as there are additional grants to our Province to the extent
ol 40,100 dollars. Our Province is
much more important than some
which have been treated in quite a
different manner, witb a libera ity almost amounting to profuseness. We
produce a big revenue to the Dominion
and we have a big province to develop
and we expect to be treated if uot generously .at least with a spirit of fairness and equality. The Dominion is
going to spend close on 200,000 on
telegraph lines and out of that sum
less than 20,0U0 ...liars is to be spent
in the province, and of that sum 5,000
goes to the Island, where it is not so
much needed as iu East Kootenay.
We say this is most unfair. On railways aud canals the Dominion is going to expend close upon 185,000 dollars and not a single cent comes to
British Columbia. We are not even
going to get the Crow's Nest railway
after all their promises.' Wo are paying pretty heavy for the piper, and are
surely entitled to call for some of the
music. Why is there uot a sum iu the
estimates for u telegraph line between
Golden and Fort Steele and thence on
to Kalispel. Had our own district
been down east, we venture to say,
that at this time of tbe day we would
not have been making a similar enquiry. All that the Dominion allows
for this important district of East
Kootenay is a miserable pittance oi
4,600 dollars to improve tbe navigation'of the Columbia. How much improvement will there be on that sum.
The Dominion seems to be acting on
the principal o' taking as much as'
you are able but giving as little as you
can help. The Columbia river is a
navigable river and the protection ol
its banks should be a Dominion concern but yet it shirks this responsibility and gets our province to contribute
over 10,000 dollars for tbe purpose.
Tne Turner Government is capable of
any act of stupid folly and this piece
of folly is only in keeping with their
past conduct. The development of the
province is to it a matter of ntter on*
concern. It prefers to squander its
resources. We hud a change of government in the Dominion and we surely need a similar change iu our Province. But we are enquiring have we
obtained any benefit from the change.
Promises were made and pledges were
given, and it shall be onr duty to see
tbat these were uot mere words of
promise, held to our ears for the purpose of being broken in our lio|ie. We
have bad some experience in East
Kootenay haw these promises were.
kept aud pledges fulfilled in the withdrawing of our weekly mail and substituting a fortnightly service. Tbis
hss now been put right. But we are
just where we were, we sre uo further
forward. We want more of our own
money spent ou ourselves, for useful
purposes sud for tlie U-uelit of East
Kootenuy iu particular aud the province in general. When the present
Dominiou Government was in opposition we have'recollection that one of
the principal attacks on the Government's policy by some of the present
members was: "What is the Government doing to develop British Columbia." We ask the same question snd
will keep asking il iu many forms
practical and otherwise, not only until
we gain an answer but until we see in
the estimate., sufficient contributions
to British Columbia, among whioh
there must be sufficient eume to build
a telephone or telegraph line between
Golden and Fort Steele, and give these
two places s bi-weekly service,
Take notice that I intend to apply to J F
Armstrong, Esquire,Stipeiidiary Magistrate,
for a License to sell wines, liquors, etc, etc,
by retail on the premises kuown as tlie IJus-
sel House, Golden.
Golden, B.C., March Hth, 1897.
, Prospectors and Miners having claims or
interests iu claims tor sale, could not do better than communicate with
Mining Broker & Financial Agent,
Golden and Fort Steele.
TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up to April -lOtli, 1KI7. for the pur
chase of all these pn reels of land, situate in
East Kootenay liistrict, known as lots thirty
(HO), thirty-one (81). thirty-two (Ull) and
thirty-three IIH), in Block seventeen (17),
Subdivision of section twelve (12), township
twruty-seven 127), range twenty-two (Hi),
west of the lilth principal meridian, in the
province of British Columbia, according to
a map, or plan, deposited iu the Land Keg
istry Office at Victoria, B, (J., numbered
four hundred and sixty-nine.
The highest or any tender not necessar
ily accepted.
Dated March Uth, 1897.
47 Langley St., Victoria,
Solicitor tor the Mortgagees.
NOTICE is hereby given that I Intend tr
apply sixty days after date to the L'onmiiss
ioner of Lends and Works for the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to pur
chase '120 acres ol itiisuneyed, unoccupied
and unreserved Crown L-nuls, described as
follows: -'oininoiifing at a post planter
on the east hunk of the Columbia river
about it rludus south of Spillaiiiiiilii-oii
steamer landing; thence east 20 chains,
thonce north Ht) chains, thimce west tn tin
Columbia river say till chains snil tlieui-i
following tlie Coluinliia river south to tin
point ol commencement.
Dated, Galena, II. C, 20th March, 1897.
canriFtoA-ra ok improvements.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate hi the Gold
en Milling Division olEast Kootenay District
located Spillimaclieen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixtv dtivs
from the date hereof, to apply to llie (lulil
Commissioner Sir a certificate of improve
ments, fur the purpose nf obtaining i
Crown grant of the nlmve claim.
Anil further take notice, that adverse claim*,
must lie sent to the Hold Cuinniissiniier
an action commenced betbre the issuance
nf such ceniHcate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of June, 18W),
JuilN McRae,
Hy bisngeul, F. W. Aylmer.
Notice to laxpaycrs
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Northern Division of East Kootenav Distriot.
NOTICE is lieroby given in accordance
with the -Statutes that Provincial Revenue Tux sud all taxes levied under the As
sessinent Act are now due for the ye..r iMff.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division of East Koote
nay District are payable at my office, the
Court House, liolden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at Hie following rates, vis.���
If paid on or before June 30th 1897:
Three-rltths of one per cont on Keul Property.
Two snd one-half per cent ou assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of uue per cent ou personal property.
(In so much of the iuconies nl any person ss
exceeds one tliuiisiiiid dulbirs the following
rates nanielyi- Upon such excess nf income
when the sum is not mora than ten thousand
dollars, one per cent: when such excess is
over ton thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollar* one ami one-quarter
of one per cent; wlien such excess Is over
twenty thousand dollars, one and one half of
one iter cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of une per rent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value ul
wild land.
Three-fourth* of one per ceut on Personal
On so much of the iucniiiesofsiiv person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rate* nninelyt���Upon such excess wbeu the
same Is not more than ten nhousand dollars,
one antl one-quarter of one per cent; when
such excess is over ten thiiusiiiHl dollar* and
not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
and one-hnlf of one peiVcntj when such excess is over twonty thousand dollars one and
three-qtuirtors of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tax SHOO per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Oolden, January 2nd, 1897.
East, West, North, South.
Yon need not co either dlree* <**-
tion to get Perfect-Fitting, i ..
Well-Made,  and  Durable .1
Garments. S
Ye people.of Golden, and Donald too,
Your Tailor has come, bis name is Frank
He can cut and fit with the best in the land,
And makes up a garment with his own hand.
In England he cut for houses of fame, _
Such as Hobson's of London, wis- hears a
[ great name;
And in Canada too, just let me say
He was cutter for the great Hudson's Bay.
Repairing, cleaning, and altering too,
w ill be thoroughly done by tills tame Frank
Both Ladies'and Gentlemen's clothe* let sie
Will be workmanlike done, and quite up to l
Now let ine solicit your work, old and new,
And put to the test, your tailor,Frank Pugh;
His charge* you'll find will be all right
And the work wheu completed,  "Just out
[of sight."
"Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
Golden, B. C. I
���e ���
Olflcs Alexander Block, Upstairs,
Mines Leased, Bonded, Bought, Developed
and Operated.
�����������  '
Correspondence from Owners of Mining I'ropertios and Parties necking
Mining Investments solicited.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
WATCH  .  .  .
flock mid Jewelry repairing done lu
the best style of the trade with the
least possible delay. Mail and express orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker in. Jeweller - Golden. I. C.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelting A
Assaying Work*.
Assays. Tests snd Smelting of Ore*
with the greatest expedition and ici-
������  entitle accuracy.
tail or write for further information.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under*
signed or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per yesr or 8lx
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTAAS except private wards.
Acting Secretsry.
Church Srvtn*.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Psul's /Church
at 7:80 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held in th e
sohool hones to-morrow morning
at 10  o'clock.
Service will be conducted in the
Presbyterian Chnrch by Rev. T. 8
Glassford, B.A., to-morrow evening
at 7:00 o'clock. ' /
The Greek Patriot*' Oath. '
Some of our readers may be interested in the oath of the Greeks white
struggling generations, ago against
their Turkish oppressors. Here is u
translation of it :r;'I swear by thee.
O miserable yet Bsered Fatherland, I
swear by thy lengthened sorrows, by
the bitter tears which, for so many
years, thy wretched sons have shed,
by my own tears which I have poured
out on account of our state of degradation, by the future freedom of my
children, that 1 will be altogether consecrated to thee, that in future thou
ebalt be the object of my thouglits.thy
interest tbe guide of mv actions, and
thy prosperity the i-eqnital of my
J. J. Hanrntty, Inspector for the Standard
Life Assurance Oo. at Peterborough, cured
of Muscular Rheumatism by the Great
South American Rheumatic Cure���It turn'
the Midnight of Suffering Into Midday
Brightness of Good Health���These are his
I was a great sufferer from muscular rheumatism In my arm; so much so that tor day*
at a time I could not sleop, I walked the floor
in pain the greater part of the night, I procured a bottle of South American Rheumatic
cure ami found great relief after a few doses,
It's a sure cure and I heartily recommend It.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
"Ma," said a newspaper man's son,
"I know why editors always call
themselves 'wet'"
"So's the mnn that doen't like the
article will thitik tliere too many people to tackle."
R. Scrlver, Carpenter, of Hosting*, was a
Great Sufferer from Kidney1 Disease-
South American Kidney Cure Effected a
Quirk Cur4--It is a specific Remedy far s
Specific Disease���It Dissolve* and Eradicates ull Solid Matter from the System-
Is safe and Permanent.
For. many year* I have been troubled with
kidney disease, nereuiating the taking of
much in the way of remedies. Two years
oat) they became so bad that I had to seek the
aid Of a physician. Mjr urin wa* more like
blood- than anything else, and wa* very painful. Just at that tuner 1 began uaiug South
American Kidney cure. It. gave mo immediate relief, and from that time till now I have
hail no difficulty! I can sa.vly and honestly
recommend this great remedy ta all persons
suffering from kidney trottkle. Sold by CA,
Mother--You must never put off till
to-morrow what vou can just ae well
do to -day.
Freddie���Then let me finish tbst pie
Success   Is    Fully'   Assured.
The world-renowed Diamond Dyes
���re put up for every color, with special
dyes for cotton snd sll kinds of mixed
goods, snd sre so simple and easy to
uee that even a child can dye a perfect
color with tbem���colors thst will not
fade, crock or wash out -equal to tlie
best .colors made by professional dyers.
If women are induced to buy imitations of Diamond Dyes thay must lie
prepared for failure and loss of goods.
Insist on getting the Diamond Dyes
from your dealerj they cost uo more
th���� the poor imitation dyes oold for
the sake of large profits.
H. Shorey Oo. of Montreal, are Taking
Prompt Measures to enable the
lteadersof This l'n pel- to get
Whut They ask fur.
We will send free of charge to any
lady or gentleman one of tbe following
useful and valuable articles:
A desk tablet in leatherette with lend
pencil, calender and adjustable writing
block, elegantly stamped in gold.
A leather pocket match case with
brass striker.
A 100 page alligator leather memorandum book, gilt edged and ruled.
A leather, and celluloid cigar case,
with calender, very compact.
An elegant canvas covered pocket
wallet, bound in red leather, with
memorandum book.
As a compensation we only ask, if
you are a resident of a town or village
containing the number of inhabitants
mintioned belo-v, to send the names of
merchants who deal in clothing or Dry
Goods aad from whom you are unable
to obtain Shorey's make of clothing or
Rigby Waterproof Cloth or Clothing.
From a village or town of 500 to
1200 inhabitants send 2 names.
From a village or town of 1200 to
6000 inhabitants send 11 names.
From a village or town of 6000 or
over inhabitants send 4 names.
Our reason for making tbis offer is
that as a consequence of making n
superior class of clothing a demand
has been created for our goods, and it
has been claimed that it was sometimes
impossible ior people to gat our make
Irom their dealers who probably could
make more profit by selling an inferior
class of goods. We Wish to investigate tin-mutter nnd intend arranging
that everyone shall lie able to obtain
Shorey's Guaranteed Clothing, no unit
ter iu how obscure or out-of-the-way
place they may reside. **
H. SHOREY A CO., Montreal.
Wholesale Clothiers and Dealers
in Rigby  Waterproof Clothing
and Cloth.
1 P-tit your' |
��j       home claim with       I
f Steele. Briggst
������High Orade" Seeds,
sold by leading dealers.
Ask for them.
Safe investment
| The Steele, Briggs Seed Co. J
Toronto, Ont.
The Merit* of the Grunt smith Anurrl
cun Nervine \\ If lutinl nil the Assault* of the I'rviluluiis und Mteptl*
enl-Wlietithey ure Convert-*-! to Its
nse In their P rsona! Allt.ii'iits they
Herein - Its llest Frl.,u.l*For It Nuver
Fait* Them.
Mr. Dinwootlie of Cnnipbellford, Ont., says:
" 1 recommend South American Nervine to
everybody. I consider it would be truant to
the best interests of humanity were I nut to do
so. In one instance I convinced an mowed
sceptic to all remedies of its curative powers;
he procured a battle, uud it has boon ol such
benefit to him that he continues to purchase
and use it, iui<l has proved Its great worth as
a stomach and nerve tonic. It has done
wonders for nie and 1 keep it constantly iu
mjt house. An occasional dose acta as a preventive and keeps nre well mid strong, ll is
wonderful medicine."   Sokl by (J.-Y, Warren.
Pacific Hy
Direct Routo to all Eustoru points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamers at
Halifax, St. John and
Now York.
Baggage checked to European destination
Shortest and quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
Aud all points in the Far Famed Kootenay,
and Silvery Slocan,   To
China    and    Japan,
via the. famous Empress -learners from
Empress of India SMth March
-ttipross nf Japan 19th April
Empress of i liiuii 10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Aus, Line from Vancouver
Warrimoo *-*���' April
Mioweaa 8lh May
Apply for par'iculars to
Truffle Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
V. E. WKI.I.S.
Agent. <�� i. Men.
or is it
going, but
be relied
on for correct time.
Watch repairing is
a prime
with us.
AH work
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
Mul-KN ()KH-:N'S.T*N5Y MU* Vaea
l.y ll, .a-MlU.L. Slif", Sur. '.lid Aiw.y�� '"I""*'"
lit,.. U.-K -d'HS'll I DTIf-- trma Sll llnlgSWn
���l iiiil-i'. I.e. fioill i>I.M.��-tl.i��. Iill KMI-lt Ol
���l.ijfl. S-��!-d priincuisr.Scent.
Pursuant to the "Execution Act."
In the fall of 1893 a son of Mr. T.
A. A. McFarland, a prominent mer
chant of Live Oak, Sutler Co., Cal.,
wns taken with a very heavy cold.
The pains in the chest were so severe
that he had spasms and wus threatened with pneumonia. His father gave
him several large doses of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy which broke up
the cold and cured him. Mr. McFarland says whenever his children have
croup he invariblv gives them Chain*
Tan-Iain's -Cough Remedy and it always
cures them. He considers it tho lust
coinrli remedy in the market. Fur S.ile
by Druggists Langly it Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
_ m ar-% Sit*w'ftoii�� halt can he r.mo*
A H U �����'! Inn. th-lace, Jini.s .nil
j-~_ _ I""** nw* in '���'���"" Mlnaiw, snd
1 ���** * ��� ~k ,������,,���, fbrrmrdflroy.-! by
ION 'prrlecilyliwnil-M. S-niby_-i,�������-d.
... i.ir.i,. ..ftiri-r. SI.1XI. '.-*�����' amwed
In the Supremo Court of Hritish Columbia
Ainslov Megraw,
William llavin Couson.
W .1 Armstrong,
William llavin Cotuon, Defendant.
In oliedienco to two writs of Fieri Farias, issued out of the above Court, and to
me deli.-creil hi the nbiive sui s, tlie former for the sum of 81SI.72, and the latter for the sum
of saili.i'8. togetlmr witli ititorcsl on the same, besides Sheriff** fees, Poundages, and all ether
expenses connected with these suits. I hitvoseized and will offer for sale by Public Anctinu
ill front of the Post Office, DiiiiiiM, Province of llritish Coliiniliia, nil the right, title, ami
interest of the above-nanied llel'euiliint in the lauds and promises described below, or
s.iitirient there uf to satisfy the judgment debts nml costs ill these actions.
. 'MStM .lei. gii_n-iie.il cured by LANE �� f_g"
I i, MUM, W.00. * ���������rtjcilsr. tit*.   Th*
II jme Medicine Co . Momr-l. U��.
An Irishman waa explaining to a
friend the difficulty be had gong from
the station tb the hotel ������The streets
sre so crooked.*' be said. " that I met
myself on the way back."
Langly A Co.. Wkoleesal Druggists'
Victoria aud Vancouver, desire ue to
publish the following extract from a
letter of Chas. M. Gutfeld, of Reedley,
Fresno' Co., Cal., as lie handles the
remedy referred to and wants fa is cue
tomera to knot* what a Splendid medi
eine ft ia:
"It is with pleasure I tell yon thus.
by one day's nse of Cbuniberliiins
Cough Remedy I was refini-etlof a very
Teacher-Now, children, the letters
on the blackboard, n-d-v e-r-t-i-s e-
m-e-ii-t, spells something which has
always been, is ever, and will he published iu every newspaper and every
inngn-iiM- in tills country. What it-t it it*
Stnttrt Boy Please iiin'nm, it's the
mother-,n-liiw joke, I think.- Pick Me
THIRTY-SEVENTH YEAR.   ��� ��� ���
Twenty pagesjWeeklyjIIliistrated.
Imnisi-CNsaBLE TO Miwinq Men.
. mm*- cowl, nm,
) Market8t., San FranoiscOjCal.
ins run-r ou
ci r-Y
xo. op i.or
East Kooteiiny
District       |
No. 9,
pluck 4.
OONOIHKI li::s<iltlI>riON
Aililitiim Nn. I Town of
lliiniild ��� Map 448
ESTjVTE or interest
Lease demise for 119 yenr*
yearly rent of 81.Ud
WHEN T> MS 801.11.
Monday, March 29th, 1897,18 noon
WHERE TO 11- 801,1)
Tunis Cash.
Front of Post Olrii-e Donald
How to Cure It lieunmtlsin.
A ran ii, Coos Co., Oregon, Nov. 10,
IS9..-Iwihh to inform vou of ihe
great good' ChuniborlHin's Pain Bnlm
hss done my wife She hus been troubled with rheumatism of the arms nnd
hands fur six mouths,  ami has tried
eevei-e' cold. My hettij was completely j many remedies proscribed fur thnt cum
stopped up and I could not shop ut 11 liiint, but found no relief until she
night.' I can ivculiiiuendthis imuiedy. used this Pain Balm; ot.o bottle of
A cold nearly always starts in llitihiritd .-which bus completely cured her I
and afterwards extends to the throat take pleasure in rectimiiieiiiliiig il for
snd ItiNgs. ' Bv ' using this' remedy it lint trouble. Yours truly. C. A, llttl-
frealy a* soon ss the cold has been con-1 lord. For sale liv Drmrgis'sl-nngly A
tmeted* it will cure the cold at once and I Co., Wholesale Agculs Victoria und
prevent it from extending tii the lunge, f Vsncouvsr,
The modern stand
ard Family Medicine :   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
IjIiikI Registrv Ofllro, Virinria,
ilrd day of .March. 18117,
9-HO nVliii-k n.m.
I li-.-n.1rj>i-pr'i"'v tlm* tlio f.llnwing are the oniy charges ro-risteri-d agninst Tot
2 I'lnt'k I. mliiitinii No. I 'Iown nf Di.iiidtl, iM.-ip 448.) the title to which is rogislensl in the
iTiinionf tin'Ciiiiiiduui l'..t-itir I'-iil-viiyt lutiiyi
.pit StipiMi'i'i'i-, twi.'j'hoI'l.iiiidiiiHI'licirlc RailwayComnany(bytlielrattorney
iu furt llnrrv Abbott Power, Hind No, H'-M".i to William llavin Couson, Demise for 99 vetoa
at lhe yearly'ront of.Si (V, " h. Hk 14,1 8. Ilia Di.
i*t j'oi-unibnr. Wi. Williiuu llavin Couson tn Arthur Deuntnii, mortgage for all
the residue nf the tone en uted by lho said l.enso. except the last day thereof tn seciiro payment uf tlio sum oi' t>4ft".f*) in'-'iiii'n'li- fi-iiin dato and interest at (J|ior cent, por annum,
(C H 14 4'M, I'*. I' ''HI'-ilii'iitiim '���'���'.'���I'S registcreil-M-H-18).
And I I'ottify that iliutnllii..lug are the unly judgments registered against Ihe
roul estate of W illi.uu I aviu > nusoii.
I.ATi    111'
8 2 ".I".
1(1" '.Hi
111�� Mi
8174 72
��'2H no
S-Jftll -JS
Ainsley Megraw
Samuel C. Smi'li
W. J. Arnistmrg
Siimuel ('. Sniili
Ainsley Megraw etal.
Ami Iceriil'y that there, uo uiuoglstercd appliciition for registration in
roslwi't of thu Mii'i lo.*.
Vernon, 15.C.
Registrar General. REPLIES TO THE GALLERY.
f-iuous   Retort* of  Political Orator*
on Public Platform*.
Political orators on public platforms
nre exposed to interruption from their
������ -diences, and their success sonutiines
depends upou the coolness and readi-
r eas .vith which they parry unoxpect-
ed fusts. Among English statesmen
ri chamberlain hus a remarkable
:: lity for silencing opponents who
i pan lire upon him from the t-.-illories.
���e of his quickest and beet retorts
'.ins made when the home rule agitation was at its height, and lie was
charged with treachery to his party in
tl   ertiug Mr. Gladstone.
ie was speaking one night at Bir-
ighaui before an audience which
;iiawed many signs of resentment and
ti friendliness. When he was in the
ni idle of one of his sentences he was
ii  irrupted  with   a    shrill,   sharply
..entuated outcry:
"Judas! Judas! Judas 1"
Mr. Chamberlain did not pause to
finish his sentence. He smiled, glanced
up  at the galleries, and replied with
. an instant's hesitation: ''Not
' las, but Joseph betrayed by his
i : ��� 'rhren 1" The aptness of the reply
anil the quickness with which the
point was turned delighted the audi*
.-: i. There was an enthusiastic out-
burst of applause, and he was not
. tin disturbed during tbe course of
his speech.
i'jord   palmerston   had equal talent
foi disconcerting his critics when tbey
cought to entrap him.     When he wm
i addressing nn audience at Tiver.
ton   he  was  interrupted   by   a loud
..red opponent, who demanded, with
i.nse earnestness:
'Will my Lord give a plain answer
to n plain question?"
'Certainly, with great pleas.u-e,"
was the courteous reply.
���'Will  my Lord tell us whether be
���. ill   or will not vote for a radical rein measure?"
The audience smiled,     There was a
peculiar  agitation   iu favor of a new
reform bill, and Lord Palinerston had
lown adisposition to evade the issue,
h id not to commit himself ou one side
the other. His reply came without
��� trace of embarrassment, but slowly,
one word at a time:
'I will-"
The 'Liberals began to cheer wildly.
"Not���" was the next word, and the
! lonservstives took up the applause
with a counter cheer.
'Tell you," concluded the orator,
with an innocent smile on his face.
Then everyone laughed; and there was
hearty cheering over the wily old
:-nnHainan's ingenuity in securing re*
cognition and applause from each
party, and in the end aays nothing.
��� ���
Leprosy  In Winnipeg.
For some days it has been known by
the medical fraternity that a case of
leprosy existed in the city, and matters
ivi 11 under way toward providing some
accomodation for him, as it is a disease
bit ii can only be coinbatted by isolation However, nction bas been precipitated by the arrival of a woman
from Mossomin who came into the
hospital for treatment and whose case
has also been diagnozed as leprosy.
1--It parties, ars being watched, and
in .--, lew days at most it is expected
nine provision will bo made for
It ia pqssible that they will be
sent 10 one of the two lazarettos in
Canada, either iq New Brunswick or
British Columbia. The lirst case is a
1111111, and both sre exciting n groat
deal of interest in the medical profession. Both are foreigners.-���Winnipeg
��� ���=-���
Arranging Bute*.
I'Mcago, March 10.���At a conference
held here to-day between the Orand
"-nil: and Northwestern, measures
v iv taken to meet, via Chicago, Can-
ad ion ' icirjc rates from Canada points
,1 tlie Kootenay gold iniuin_ region.
There is a large amount of business
around Toronto which is expected to
move in the next six weeks. To se-
. ure tlm bulk of it, the CanadianPaci-
(- deiermined to apply the differentials
of 11 $7.60 first class  and   $.'1   second
lass. The Grand Trund at once set
about circumventing it, anl secure I
the cooperation of the Northern Pacific
ud Great Northern.. All it then required was tha aid of the roads between
Uiicngo and St. Paul,  and to-day's
inference was held witb tbe view of
1 ranging for that.
���  ������
rootle Note* For Conversation.
Conversation is hut carving 1
Olve no more to every guest
Then he's able to digest,
Give him always of the prime,
Ami but little ata lime,
Cnivo to all but just enough,
Lot them neither starve nor stuff,
And that you may have your due,
Lit soinp neighbor* carve for yon,
Prince tleorge of Greece.
The eyes of almost the whole world
being on Greece, it fs interesting to
learn who Prince George ig. He is
the second son of the King of Greece,
nnd was born at Corfu in June, 18(19.
The young Prince is a tall, handsome,
broadshouldered young fellow of unflinching courage. After completing
his studies at home he started to make
a tour of the world. His companion
through India and the East was the
present Czar of Russia, Nicholas II.,
who wns then the Czarewitch. While
they were travelling through Japan
the Czare-dtch was attacked by a
fanatical Japanesee, and Prince George
beat him off with a heavy stick.
Prince George continued his travels
alone, and, after seeing the sights of
the new world in 1891, he sailed for
Europe on tlie Cunnrder Servia, which
broke a crank pin when two days out
and was obliged to return. There was
considerable excitement aboard, but it
was said that the Prince was the coolest passenger on the steamer, When
the Servia got back to New York the
Prince immediately engaged passage
on the City of New York and sailed
the following day.
Our Dominion.
The next official map of Canada will
show a marked change in the divisions
of our great northern territory. Heretofore the entire Hudson's Bay, and
stretching away to the shores of the
Arctic Ocean, has been variously designated or altogether unmarked by a
distinctive  appellation   of any sort.
The new maps will show the whole
of the far north regularly subdivided
into districts. Their names are Un-
gava, Franklin, Mackenzie and Yukon.
TJngava includes all the district between Hudson Bay and the Arctic
Ocean, with the exception of the narrow coast line known aa Labrador,
Franklin includes the great group of
islands, small continents home of them
north of Hudson Straits and lying between the CGth and 125 degree of west
loinritiiile. West of this nj-ain is Mackenzie district, taking in the mainland
country between the northern limit of
Athabasca and tlie Arctic Sen and lying between the 100th meridian of
longitude and a line about fiOO miles
west of and parallel to the Mackenzie
river. Yukon includes the district enclosed between the latter line and the
northern boundary of British Columbia
the eastern boundary of Alaska, and
the Aac'ic Ocean In his forthcoming
year book, George Johnson, the Dominion -statistical!, devotes a chapter to
delimination of these boundaries nnd
descriptions of the vast territory they
enclose, and he has added to bis table
of areas of Provinces a computation of
the surface of these newly named districts, which serves adequately to demonstrate their immensity. It will
show thst Ontario contains 222,COO
square miles, Quebec 228,000, British
Columbia 383,000, the district of Kee-
watin is estimated in area of over
282,000 miles.
The Service ef Picture..
When anything that ia worth saying
is well said 111 a picture it never fails
to make itself understood, and it does
it at once. A striking sentence may
he uasily forgotten. A striking picture
seldom or never is. A picture speaks
all languaues iu the same moment of
time. The average writer can sp-ak
only one effectively, and even among
the very best writers there is hardly
one in a hundred who can so express
hiinielf thut ninoty-nine in every hundred of his readers will understand
every word he snys. People wbo nil
speak the same language have at ill
many different vocabularies, so that
the wri ter who is obliged to say all he
has to say in the shortest possible
space has always a perplexing problem
when he ia attempting to muke himself
easily understood by everybody.
When I got time���
I know what I shall do:
I'll cut tho leaves of nil my books,
And road them throi-gli and through
Whon I pet time���
I'll write some letters thou
That 1 havo owed for weeks and weeks
To many, many moil
When I get time���
I'll pav those bills I mm.
And with thoso bills, those coiiiitlosa bills,
1 will not bo slow
When I get limo��� .
Ill regulate my. lile
In such a way that 1 mny net
Acquainted with my who
When I get time���
O, glorious dream of hliss I
A month, a year, ten wars from now
But I can't finish this���
1 have not time ���Vogns
gxx&lxxc&a ffiavfc*.
Notary Public, Conveyancer, Etc.,
Office [a)
Alexander lllock,        ��� Golden, B. C.
The Alberta A Kootenay Development Co.
The East Kootenay Mining und Development Co., Etc., Kttr.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
It.   J.   JjKPHHOST,
D.L.S. A F.Ij.8. for B.C. DOMINION A
Draughtsman, Vidnator.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R,J.,lEPHSON, D.L.S..P.L.S. of B.C. -Out.
CaUlaltY, Alba.
Mining Broker,
Financial Agent,
Notary I'ublic.
Conducted in all It* branches by
(M.N. Eng. lust. M. A M. E.)
Samples tested up to 800 lb*.   Certificate*
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Undertakers and
���   .   Em .aimers,
Calgary  "        ���       Alba
ATT_N1>U1>   TO.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free bf charge, one of their
Illustrated   Ofttnlo.ues   and    Price
Lists to  any person sending them
their address.'   '-'
The   Neilson   Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Wholesale and Hetail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The best 1 leer in Canada is made by the
Calgary   Prewing  & Malting
Co.,  Lt'd.
Manufacturers of L'eer, Ale and Soda Water.
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every tiuie.
Thoy ull have it.
The Company's agont for East Kootenay is
H. G. Parson,
<.olileii. u.v.
���0 vess-t-
���Meh and dMcrlp-on may
ee, -hathar *n Invontloii Is
I*, Coauatuilcatlc-r- strlotlj
itok'lr Mo.ri.li
fw.nu Ukra tbrea*. Mum. * Co. tatoin
���pteUI actio* la the
Ml Breadway, New .ark.
It is not necessary to pull down
your competitor's business in order to
bpild np your own,
Watch Repairing.
By a Competent Man,     (|
W. Alexander will be at the Queen's
Hotel every Thursday and Friday
and will be pleased to quote prices
on work and Watches at figures that
will open your eyes.
jjja g)"ffi"qT(D i_r (p"c&" a" o g> cTg* jpQp fl> c? ffl <p <p eo q 8*tf��jOL_0. P-S-&P
Upper Goluiqbia NaVigatioq & TranjWay Lo.,
s    ���'���' and    ���    s    ���
Iijtarijational Transportation Boniparjy.
TIME    TABLE.    1897.
GOLDbH-FORr Steele route-Until opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Golden every Tuesday, -2, p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steelo every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, Stenmers will leave Golden 4, a. m��� Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons. . ' .
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoon*.
Fart Steele and Jennings Boute,
Navigation expected to open lOthi April.  After 1st Msy boats will leave
dillly (except Sunday). *;.-   '���,
GoMen 1st March. V
F. P. Armstrong:,
9 9 OS �� * S 9JD 0 9 9 fl)'-> <D 9 8 8 'ffflC9aa'��.fl9C.Htt'>-r*iH'3)flOt.�� CO
��* \l
Ht\     Job    Department
g! _:0:_OF-:or-
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ot Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Baluster*,
Newel Posts, Hand Rail* and Brackets.   All sizes of glass in stock.
Tlie Machine and llkicksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon as possible,   t II sizes of Pipe Fitting and Brass good* on hand.
Wagon repair, Tola*-., Shaft*, Axles, Spokes and Felloes. Hickory and
Maple Plank.
If I were a mother
, I would insist
on having Shorey's Clot-tag for my
boysT Thsir C&thl-g I* oil sewn
With linen thread, tb* material la all
thoroughly sponged snd shrunk, sad
the workmanship is guaranteed not to
rip. Might jnst ss well bare it, when
it doesn't cost sny more thsn inferior
Yon can always be sure of getting it
ST. insisting on seeing the guarantee
cket which is in the pocket of each
garment. t��_
**4***M*_l_U_l_h_U_k*_k T
Sum* to be Expended on llritish Col*
uuibltt.**How far East Kootenuy
1* to be Buuefltted.
The total amount of the estimates
for the fiscal year *ndiug June ilOth
1897 is $44,894.98u. 34 being au increase
ou last year's' estimates. The following ��ufns lmve been apportioned to
British Columbia. The office of Assistant Receiver General at Viotoria
takes 14,000 being the smallest sum
paid to any simitar office iu the Dominion. Civil government, and administration of justice are provided for as
follows. The Lieutenant-Governor receives $9,000; circuit allowances of
Judges are 19,000 being an increase of
$500, The Supreme and County courts
absorbs $31,450. The salary of the
chief justice is {5,000. Oue puisine
judge receives $4,850 and the remaining three receive $4,000 each. Our
peiieteudiaries receive $40,200 being an
increase of $3,670 although there is a
decrease of I1(K) in the allowance of
tobacco tor convicts. The increase is
mainly in the prisop equipments and
Miscellaneous' pen.ions fi r retired
judges, colonial secretary and attorney
general take $12,897.08���we do not
kpow how the 8 cents comes iu. The
defence of Esquimau absorbs $75,500,
being .. decrease of $48,500. Of thi*
sum $25,000 is for public works and
the remainder for the maintenance of
a detachment of Royal Marine Artillery
or Royal Engineers. Fur our railways
and canals we get nothing although
the Govtrummt is going to spend
$183,697 33 ou these, it is all to-be
speut down east. We fare somewhat
better iu public works gettiug $115,000
which will he distributed as follows:
Repairs, etc., $5 000; Drill hall at Naw
Westminster $5,000; Victoria drill
ball $4.00ij; Post office Victoria $100,-
000, being au increase of $40,000 on
last year's vote. The total increase
for public works is $44,500.
For rivers sud b.u-bors $d7,100 are
voted, au increase of $35,600. Fraser
river improvements $25,000; Victoria
aud Nanaimo harbors $10,000 each;
$4,1*00 are to be applied for improvements on the Columbia river above
Oolden; $10,500 are to lie expended for
the protection of the Columbia river
bank at Revelstoke, the Provincial
Government contributing a like amount
For the removal of rocks about Revelstoke $2,000. Increased facilities for
navigation purposes at the foot ol
Kootenay rapids $1,000: improvements
ou the Duncan and Okauagan river-.
$3,500; repairs un wharf and improvements uf water service at Williams
Head Quarantine $2,000. On our
lighthouse and coast service are to be
expended $3,870 which seems a ridiculous small sum when we consider that
.out of this $1,600 are devoted to general repairs at ths quarantine station
Williams Head.
Our department of Indian affairs is
allowed $124,180, our Indians appear
to be well provided for.
The Customs require $67,000 (or the
five divisions Nanaimo, Nelson, New
Westminster, Vancouver and Viotoria,
s decrease of $5,000,which is more
thsn wiped out iu the purchase of a
oruiser for revenue service at a cost of
���25.000, while 15,000 ia-to be expended
yearly on ita maintenance.
The telegraph lines iu British Columbia receive 19,250 out of 192,300 expended by tbs Dominion Government.
It should have dealt more liberally
witb our province No additional
lines appear in course of construttion
except the extension of the Alberni
Hue -the Island again. No allowance
for Eust Kootenay which reqain-s a
telegraph service badly.
The post office service is carried
through in our province at 38,585.
while tbe public wurks agency takes
A sum of 6,000 dollars has been
placed on the estimates to defray t.-e
expenaes of exploring and surveying
tue country lying between Stic tone
river and the sources of the Yukon,
where the rich placer mining country
A Sensational kalelde.
Toronto,  March  21.   A   very  ssd
trsgedv   occurred   here  ou   Saturday
afternoon,  when  Charles E.  Homes,
agent of ths Merohant* Dispatch company ami a   well known   man   shout
tows, shot, himself in lhe reading room.
of Morgan's restaurant, on Jordsii 8r
Deceased hod put   a   revolver behind
his left ear, and the bullet went  right |
through the brain.   The shot was not
heard, and deceased wm found ucci-
deutly a few minute* later,  ihe body
being still wsrm. No motive is known I
for ths sot.    Deceased   was  iu   good ,
circumstances, straight in his accounts
muoh respected, sod a popular ��� mau. I
Ii* leaves s wife snd two daughters,    j
Where 1* Yukon ?
Yukon isau immense territory which
liea norch of British Columbia aud extend* down to the Arctic regions. It
lies between the Province of Alaska,
���which is its western boundary and
tbe territory of Mackenzie which is ils
eastern boundary. It is named after
its principal river the Yukon, whose
head waters are in this territory, and
whioh flows north-westerly through
Alaska iuto the Retiring Sea. Its extent in urea will exceed that of our
province. As a territory it only came
into existence last year, and previously
formed part of that great and undefined area culled the North West Territories. The Yukou region wus always famed for' its fur and salmon,
with a little placer mining. Now it
has bounded to the front as containing
some ol the richest placer mining in
the world. It bus a abort, hot summer aud a dry, cold winter, much like
that of Minnesota. It is a region of
low undulating ranges, of grassy
mountains and extensive wooded river
valleys The territory is administered
by the Dominion Government, who
lately seut in a detachment of mounted
police lo preserve peace and order
among the miiieis. There has been a
great rush there. There will now be
1500 people where there used ouly to
be some 300. The chief centre is
Circle City and at Bonanza Creek, 200
claims all placer .have been staked out.
There is a depth ot a feet of gravel to
the bed rock. The rook is decomposed
aud can be easily worked. Some of
these claims are very rich and go from
one to twenty.live dollars to the pan
of gravel. ' The highest bit of gravel
went eighty-seven dollars to the psu.
East Kootenay has never been able to
do anything like that. The next great
centre is Forty Mile, au.1 in the now
famous Klondyke district there are 500
claims recorded. It ia considered a
piece of the richest placer ground in
that region.
All the placer claims, when once
opened, oau lie worked during tlie winter time. When winter sets in there
is a solid freeze aud tlie ground is
baked hard. Drifting then can be carried on aa there is uu fear of water
percolating ami drawing out until the
summer season arrives. The gravel
can thus bs easily removed, mined out
as if it was reef rock, piled outside uutil summer arrives wheu.it is treated
hydruulicully, there then being abundance of water although it practically
stops all mining operations until the
airival of next winter.
A great difficulty is how to get there
Tliere are three routes, but everv one
of tbem passes through Auitricun territory, aud there ia much controversy
as to which is the best route. The
first is Up the Sticke-m river, across n
plateau at the foot of tbe Tesliu Luke
whioh extends from the north of B.C.
to the south of Yukon. The second ia
up the Taku river and then serosa to
the Tesliu Lake. This ia a much
shorter route by land. The period for
navigation on these rivers is very-
short, much shorter than that on the
Columbia and the dangers sre more
numerous. The Stickwii route is open
for about three months and the Taku
route about one month. There may be
however good land travel. The Dominion Government ia apending 6,000
dollars for exploring and surveying
the country lying between tbe Siickeeti
river and the sources of the Yukon
river, which is uow going on. The
third route seems to be most favored.
It is up the long narrow inlet called
ths Lynn Canal and then through the
White Pass iuto Yukon. Jt is the
shortest land route. Taking this way
Doualss Island with the far famed
Treadwell gold mine is passed. It is
the largest quarts crushing mill iu tlie
world. This ia *,heroute must favored
by experienced and practical men. A
good trail from the head of navigation,
whiah will remain open, can easily be
constructed. A foreign company
called the Yukon Mining Trading and
Transportation Company is seeking to
obtuin from our Provincial Parliament
a charter to constrict a Hue of railway from the head of navigation on
Taku Inlet to Tesliu Luke. It is to be
hoped this is not to be made a pretext
for grabbing aome more land of the
province, and atill further depriving
ita people of their resources.
It is a difficult country to got into
but it is a hard couutry to get out of
iu the winter time. It has been estimated that the cost of getting out
would nearly defray the expenaps of a
trip around tba world. Everything is
so expensive. It is a forty-five days
travel and everything has to be provided, fur robes, winter underwear,
sl.epfug tents, sleigh aud dags for the
sleighs, snd feed. The expenses would
corns to the neighborhood of one thousand dollars. Yet those who have Ik-en
in speak enthusiastically about ita
great  possibilities,   snd   tbs richest
ground is on the Canadian side. There
are aleo rich grounds on the American
side and there are numerous disputes i
shout that determining line called the
International boundary. Canada again
according to the poor American is the
agreisor and in tlie wrong and her
millers are crossing the line and staking out claims and her government is
collecting dutiea from Canadian and
American alike. It is well our southern boundary has been so long defined,
as there might have beou a possibility
of Trail creek having been found by
Americans to be in the State of Washington. Notwithstanding tbe reported
riches of Yukon, East Kootenay is the
place for us, ���we shall strike it rich
Atlantic Fast Line.'
Montreal, March 21. - Mr. W. Peterson, of New Castle on Tvne, England,
whu is connected witb large Eii-rlisli
shipping interests, hns signed a pro
visional contract with the Canadian
Government for a fast tiaiis-Atluiitic
steamship service of four boats of ten
thousand tons each, to lie ready in two
years and to steam over twenty knots
per hour. The price to he paid bv
Canada is said to be $500,000 per year
and the British government is understood to he ready to contribute .9'j.bO,-
000 per year in addition.
Accused of Heresy.
New York, March 22. - It is report
ed from England the Presbyterian Synod, of which Dr. John Wutsou, the
famous author and lecturer, better
known as "Ian MacLareu," is a tueiu-
Isji, is to summon him liefore it to
stand a formal trial ou charges of
he'i-vsy. growing out ol passages iu
sume of his wor^ls that huve been interpreted, indicating a departure of
belief from the strictness of the Presbyterian code. This news is almost
startling from a church standpoint
and tens of thousands of admirers of
the famous author; will await the
development of this case with Ihe
keeuest interest,
��� ���������
Terrlblo Find.
New York, March 22.-A boat of 8.
St. Naxaire, wrs picked up by the
steamer Creole, which arrived 'his
morning from New Orleans. The boat
contained six dead bodies.
Return* to the Royal Palaee.
San Francisco, March 22.���News
from Korea states the King has returned to his palace at Seoul after a
year's residence at the Russian legation. The king fled from tbe palace
through fear of assissination a year
ago, and has been under the protection
of the Russian minister ever since.
His return to the palace has long been
urged by tne king's subjects, and tliere
was great rejoicing when he finally
decided to come out from under tbe
Russian wing.
Langly A Co., Wkoleesal Druggists'
Victoria and Vancouver, desire us to
publish tbe following extract from a
letter of Chas. M. Gutfeld, of Reedley,
Fresno Co., Cal, as he handles ihe
remedy referred to und wants his customers to kuow what a splendid medicine it is:
"It is witli pleasure I tell yon that
by oue day's use of Chamberlains
Cough Remedy I was relieved ol a very
severe cold. My bead was completely
stopped up und I could not sleep at
night. I can recommend this remedy.
A cold uearly always starts iu the head
aud afterwards exteuds to tbe throat
and lungs. By usiug tbis remedy
freeiy as soon as tbe cold has been contracted it Will cure the cold at once uud
prevent it from extending to tbeluuga,
��� ���
Advertising is not an exact science,
It will never bs Cn exact science. It
is su art, like literature, or painting,
or music. Exact science allows no personal equalior, aud ia subjuot to - bard
ssd fast rules, while in the arts, ths
personal not* is everything. Advertising will never be subject to hard sod
fast rules, (or the beat advertiser will
always be he wbo project* the most
individuality into his work, and at
tho same time best understands bis
fellow msn- a fsoulty tbat cannot be
reduced to rules and elements according to the requirements of au exact
Good judgment in the selection of
mediums is at ths basis ol successful
idvertising. / , i
into nearly every home, hotel and mining camp
in East Kootenay is the Golden Era. It is recognized by al} as the t��(_t advertising .medium
in the District.
This Popularity
right at home, and the confidence won by an
honorable career of nearly seven years makes it
of espocial interest to advertisers.
Every advertiser receives good position.
Rates are never broken
All are treated alike.
" And tlie advertising pays.
After pondering these facts, write us, it costs
nothing and may benefit both of us.
Oh, Nol
There is no reason why you should send your Job
Printing away from home. We make a specialty
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
In fact we enn handle anything in the Job Printing Hue.
The work is right.
The price is right.
Call or w rite and get onr prices.     We are at all
timas pleased to'furnish an estimate on work or
our advertising rates.
Published ���viry Saturday at Golden, B. C. Awar-cu
Highest Honors-World's Pair.
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
Irom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Canmore Culling*,
Work at tbs gold mins still goes
merrily on. As for results it depends
ou whether you ask "Jimmy" or
" Sam,"
The ice having gone the sports sre
talking football. One or possibly two
clubs will likely be formed ss soon ss
things dry up a little.
Mr. M. Green bad the misfortune to
fall heavily, on his back in Oleicheo
and has bean nursing a sprained wrist
ss a result. He will returns work in
A few day*.
Rev. Mr, Mitchner has, for ths sake
of the benefits to be derived from the
JJanff hot springs, changed his place
of abode from bere to Banff. We bops
it will have the desired effect.
Rev. Mr. Macimtosb, who haa so acceptably filled the pulpit is thePresby
terian church here for the paat few
months, has been compelled to resign
bis charge owing to the failure of kit
health He intends going further
west and spend tbe sumir. - at some
outdoor occupation in the hope* of regaining his strength. The Rev. Mr.
Xli-ki* will succeed bim in tbis field.
Legislature Vote*.
The member for Dewdney's suggestion that railway companies should put
up some deposit ss au earnest of their
intention to begin operations should
not only be made a necessary condition
to the granting of soy charter, but
Should be inserted in every charter. It
would be tbe most effective remedy for
cbarter-mongering. It is to be hoped
tbat the motion of ithe junior member
/or Vancouver city will carry. It is
to tbe effect that s clause be inserted
jn- tie Cassiar Central railway company's bill compelling the company to
give* bond of f<",0-JO to the Government within six months to guarantee
their commencing tbe work of construction witbio tb* time specified by
ths act. We hope a similar clauss
will be inserted io tbe East Kootensy
railway act before it is passed.
The Fire Insurance Policy Amendment Bill introduced by the member of
New Westminster city bad a narrow
squeeze oo it* second reading. Tbe
second reading was only serried by the
casting vote of the Speaker.
The Water Power and Water Privileges Bill baa been read s second time.
Tbis bill vests all water rights in tbe
Crown. More wholesale robbery depriving tbe people of their rights. Ths
member for South Nanaimo aptly
j-tyled it, from the extraordinary
powers it gave tbe Lieutenant Gover-
nor-in-counoil, "an act to confirm and
perpetuate the reign ot the present
ministry."   Thev are a Une job Jot.
This member also wants to know
what the Finance Minister was doing
in London during the year 1896 and
whether the Agent-General there wss
not competent to transact the business
"'tt > F-" should like to know that too.     .
For istatuteAlpsi-nion, tbe junior
member for the city of Vancouver, hss
ascertained that $3,500 have been paid
snd that 'here is more to follow, snd
that the Attorney Gsnersl doss not
know whether the revision is completed or not. Why do not the judges
of tbe Supreme Court revise the statutes. They are well paid and their
duties sre not enormous.. It is tims
the Attorney Genersl gained mors
knowledge about the revision snd
practiced a little more eoonomy in tbe
unnecessary expenditure of the people's
The Government .Is going to do
something herculean st last. They
oxpect to inform tbe Souse of Its railway policy this week or next or some
other time. What great expectation*?
ft will bs a case of the mountain in
labor snd * ridiculous little mouse
coming forth.
A New Town to be ���tatted In Bait
Koo.enajr.To be Called Armstrong*
The Sit* selected le Where the
CroW* Meet Pa*. Hood Will Cro**
the Kootenay.
Cspt. F. P, Armstrong of Esst Kootenay, arrived Mondsy iu company witb
James F. Wardner, wbo hss just come
from Montreal. Csptsin Armstrong is
tbe pioneer stesmbost man of tbe
Kootenav and Columbia rivere between
Golden, B. C, and Jppnings, Mont,
He snd Jsmes F. War'dner bave juet
completed the'organization of the International Transportation company,
whioh is to operate a line of eteniners
between Fort Steele snd Jenninge on
the Kootenay river. A steamer will
be run every day between Fort Steele
and Jenninge and will have a capacity
of 100 tons. . Captain Armstrong wil)
be the manager of the international
company. He will slso manage the
Upper Columbia Nsvigstion company,
which will havs a lins of steamers between Fort Steele snd Golden
An important piece ot news brought
over by Captain Armstrong is that be,
the Earl of Norbury snd Mr. Wsrdner
have secured 160 acres of land on the
west bank of the Kootenay river st tbe
point where the Crow's Nest Pass railway is to cross that river and will lay
out a town there, to be called Wardner
���The entire 160 acres will be available
for towneite purposes as it is a beautiful level bench 20 feet above high water, witb higher benches all about it.
It is proposed to mske Wardner the
principal town in East Kootenay. The
steamers running up snd down the
river will lend there and mske connection with the railroad. Jt will also
be a central point for tbe mines, it being s down hill bsal from almoet every
mine within reach of tbe Kootensy
river Id this distriot. Tbs surrounding eounnry is fertile snd covered with
bunch graas. It must be irrigated, but
water ie abundant. Both Captain
Armsirong snd Mr. Wsrdner sre enthusiastic over the beauty of their
townsite and its prospects ss a business centre. Tbey will have tbeir
erown grant in a short time and will
then commence the making of improve*
Csptsin Armrtrong says ths Csn-
adianPacifio will build the Crow's
Nest Pass road and that aetive preparations for the greet undertaking are
already in progress.
This is from ons of our contemporaries and is correct,
We havs already referred to the
completed arrangements for transportation in East Kootonay matured and
carried through by our energetic townsman, Captain Armstrong. Ths town-
site is a good one. Th* town ie to be
beautifully and artistically laid out
with-afine boulevarded . esplanade to
the rivsr front. We bsvs, however,
one euggestlon, snd that is as to the
naming of the town. Ws should bsvs
preferred the asms '��� Armstrong" or
even "Glenookle" ths old border keep
of the Armstrong Clsn on tb* Scottish
Borders. Ws hops it may not be too
late to aot on tble euggeetioo. We
noted on it ourselvee snd obsnged the
name from Wardner to what it should
be ���'Armstrong" We congratulate
Captain Armstrong on bis " deal" and
hope thst bis expectations msy be
Mew Bridge fer -olden.
A new bridge ia to be immediately
erected over the Kicking Horse river st
Oolden. Ae soon ss the westbsr permits a gang of men will commence
operations. The bridge is to bs erected
near the sits of tbs old one, and will
be stronger in construction. Tbs
Golden Lumber Company is supplying
tbs material and is to build tb* bridge.
A heavy line of rails will run over the
bridge for tbe transit of ears to and
from the railway ststion to tbe Lumber Mill snd Person's stars. This
bridge which will bs equipped with
-jidswAlke is much required ssour
town is spreading out on both sides of
tbs river.jsnd a considerable trsfflo
psssss daily from on* aids to tbs other.
Tbs eust of ths brldgs will b* clou on
���6,000, and ths Government is giving
a grant of 18,000. No tints will bs lost
incompleting ths bridge so si to.be
ready for summer trsffic Part of tbs
material is already Uid down.
Met Iieing Ths* Way.
Scene on bosrd "Tbs Duchess" Isst
Psrson���How long fasfor* we start
Captain-As soon a* the fog lifts,
Parson���It sssms to bs clear now, I
can sss ths sky overhead.
Csptsin-. Ws sto't going tbat way
just yet, sir,
Local Mining Companies Formed.
Tbe British Columbia Gasette tbis
week contsins 17S pages of advertising
matter���what a valuable property -
don't we wish we were proprietors.
We have waded through its pagesa nd
find thst 238 new companies have been
incorporated. Every letter in the
alphabet except X has been invoked iu
the naming of the companies. The
list commences at Aaron'e Rod and
ends with Zenda. The amount of capital involved is over $300,000,000 ; qot
a bad week's work. As we contain-
pfate tbis record we feel tempted'*.o
exclaim with Dominie Samson ''Prodigious I" Tbe craze for mines and
mining seems . to bave struck every
pereon, from tbe Hon. Edgar Dewdney
Lieut.-Governor, witb hie ealary of
19000 a year, down to railway brake*
man at Donald. Even tbe Hon. J. H.
Tomer, Premier and Minister of Finance and Agriculture, with bis salary
of 15000 a year, goes in for a deal���
These two gentlemen had better keep
out of it as company promoters. Occupying the position they do their
reputation will not be enhanced thereby.
As msny companies witb their head
office at Vancouver bave been registered ss there are streets in the city. 106
companies register witb a million eae\
Two companies who are to operate on
tbe North Fork of the Kettle River in
the Kettle River mining division, are
registered witb five millions and six
millions respectively���They might
have made the capital fifty and sixty
millions when they were at it. The
six million company bave three claims
while the five million company have
fourteen claims���Twenty-seven com*
panies register witb a capital of half a
million each, ten companies with two
millions esob, eixteen companies with
a quarter of a million each, thirteen
wiih a million and a half each, twelve
are content with the more modest capital of 8100,000 each.
The public debt of the Dominion of
Canada is not much over the gross
capital involved jn these companies
floated this week. It is somewhere
about $318,000,000. We wonder what
next week will bring forth.
The following are the local companies which have been registered:
Tbe East Kootenay and Elk River
Development and, Exploration Company, bead office Fort Steele, capital
stock $75,000. diveded into three hundred thousand shares at the value of
26 ceuta eaeh ; trustees Johu Lineham
of Rossland, B C, broker; Gorge H.
Leesou of Calgary,, gentleman; John
Louie Graham Abbott of Rossland,
barrister; Wm. R. Hall of Rossland,
The East Kootensy Mining and De-
velopmsnt Company, head office at
Golden, capital stock $1,000,000, divided into one million shares at $1
esob; trustees, Geo. ti. McCarter Thos.
W. Jackson and Samuel Barber, all of
Tbe Prince Mining and Development
Company, bead office Golden, capital
stock 11.000,000, divided into one million shares of $1 each; trustees Thos.
H Ingram of Calgary, Geo. S. McCarter and Manuel Dainard of Golden.
The Donsld Prospecting and Development Company, head office Donald,
capital etock $500,000, divided into
600,000 shares at $1 each; trusteea
W. Ainewortb. ear inspector, J, J.
Nealon, locomotive foreman, and D.
H. Maclean, brakeman, all of Donald.
Tbe Columbia and Quarts Creek
Mining and Development Company,
bead office Beavermouth, capital etock
$600,000, divided into five hundred
thousand eharee at $1 each; trustees
W. G. Neilson, sawmill manager,
Beavermouth, T. Downie, train des-
patcher, Donald, and W. B. Robertson
accountant. Beavermouth.
The Brown Bear Mining and Development Company, capital stock $500,-
000, divided into five hundred thousand shares at $1 each, head office at
Donald; trustees W. G. Neilson. T.
Kilpatriekt orid-ga inspector, W. H,
Eicon, contractor and J. E. Griffith,
oivil engineer, all ol Dqnnld.
TENDERS are colled for the following vis!
1 Building extension to General Ward and
New Operating Room, also sundry alteration*.
i Fencing Hospital Grounds, labor only.
Separate Tenders,
Tender* to be in the hand* of the secretary
by noon, Wednesday April7th.
Fer plans and specifications apply to the
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
By order of the Work* Committee.
C. H. PARSON,   .
JMt Secretary Hospital Society,
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong,
Has Cured
and Given Ther-q
a N$w Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
���a Substitute.
When you come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
1IOOMS,        i ��
-     DINING
tt.00 PER PAY.
S.    ADLER,'    Proprietor.
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms,
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates 92.00 Per Day.    '
J.   C.   GREENE,   -    Prop.
Ss Columbia House
Home Comforts.       . . .
Modern Conveniences.
Beit Cuisine in the West.    . ,
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
UXm. JYfe-Neishi - Prop.


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