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The Golden Era Apr 19, 1901

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Array ^���n)
James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of. Building Lime for Hale.
I Plans prepared.' Prompt attention given to
���bbbsbssbssbbbb.   orders.
���/OL. XI NO. ,'9
By the little we tell of it week by week. Not one in
fifty of the happening's here gets a word In our advertisements ; they change too quickly even for printing
presses, and maybe we don't talk about the things you
wish most to hear of.
We've told you below of special values in curtains
and hinted at the unusual prices of other lines, but at
best they are suggestions only, taken at random. We
can do much better face to face.
GOLDEN, Batata Columbia, FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1901
Thomas O'Brien^     Kf
Barrister, Solicitor. gjj
Notary Public,Conveyaneer.etij *S>
t.lflic-* in Upper Columbia  Navif.tit.-i  *ii* a***".
Tram say C'uuil'aiiv's iluiluing, Vi'
Golden, It. (.   ft
$2 Pee Yeah.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, new style pattern,
bound all round, per pail*. ;...,	
New design English Lace Curtains, 3^ yards
long and full 50 inches wide. $1.75 worth
of curtain value, per pair	
Heavy effect Lace Curtains, 3J- yds, by 60 in.
Swiss net effect Lace Curtains, with light scroll
borders and small floral patterns, per pair
Real Swiss Curtains, with ruffle's on two sides,
���$G grade���per pair  5.00
Tapestry Curtains in any desired color, 3i yds.
by 60 inches 3-.00
Chenile Curtains in six colors 2.50
Doable-width washable Cretonne.......-    15
Fast color Art Sateens ,     .15
Floral Pattern American Cretonne 08
Boys' Cloth Caps-plain navy or tweed.'. It 15
Men'i Felt Hats - black, grey or brown  1.00
Boys' Blouse suits '. ;... :  1.00
Girls' Tams-MidJy style 25
Loom Damask Table Linen 40
Serge Dress Goods -12 inches wide 25
Fait dye pure cashmere hoso for women ...    .-���.-..    .25
Fast black cotton hose, G pair '.   i 00
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,600,000
Capital raid Vp ��*,5Olt,0��IO
Beat ��� 1,TSJ5,000
It. S. Howland,       -       President.
T. II. Msrritt,        ���        Vlct-Prei.
Wm. Ramsay,     T, Sutherland Staynor
Robert ..affray, Ellas Rogers,
Win. lloiiilrie.
Hbaij Ort'ict: Toronto.
D. R, Wif.KiK, General Manager.
��. Hav, Issspottor.
MANITOB.1, N. W. f. and B. C.
Brandon, Calgary; -Edmonton,
Golden,       Kelson,        Portage In. Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Revelstoke,     Stratbcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg.
v..���   n-,.   "-* "���
��� ..""* A'*S*-*   SK   VUCUJ__.
Essex, Pergiis, Gait, Hamilton,  Ingeraoll,
IsJItgara Palls,  Port.. Colli
Don't forffet tolov-i over tho Bargain Tables.
A. I* *    \_A i
General Merchant
Alexander Block.
Listowel, issagarn fans.   Port Colbourns
Rat Portage,        Sai.lt Ste. Marie,        St.
Catharines. St, Thomas, Toronto, Wetland,
Woodstock, Snd Montreal, **ne.
Agents in t�� rent Britain:
Lloyd's Basis:, Ltd., li Lombard St., London
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of tbe
above branches.
Agent* in Culled State*'.
NEW YORK-Bank of Montreal, Bank of
OH10AGO���First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAN FHANCISL'O-Wells, Fargo * Co. s
Agent* In South Africa.
Interest nllowes! on deposits.
Provincial, Municipal nnd other debenture*
Available at all points iu Canada, Unitrd
Kingdom, L'nitosl States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr.; Goldon Branch.
i .' i
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
llarrl.tors. Soil.Mors, Ae;
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
Rooms Ale.snndor Block Golden .11. *.'.
** Just arrived       *****
A carload of
GEO. GALE & Co's,
Iron Bedsteads,
Chas. i Warren's.
General Merchant,
-    -    -   GOLDEN, B.C.
Tlse Only Lti'onaesl Hoist) ut
N.lllltsss-tclielle 0.' Uttlellll....
Choice Wines, Liquors k Cigars.
Free Pasture.
Good .Stabling*.
Hav ing completed arrangc-
ments for the purchase of
the sSpillimacIiene House, the
undersigned solicits a share
of tlie public patronage	
Upper Columbia
Navigation t$ Tramway Go.
Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining: Towns of Windermere Mining
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windormei-esafmeevening.
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 am; for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
C. H.  PARSON, seoretary,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholes.*. A Retail
Cattle, Sheep snd Horse Uoalers.
Jas. Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.t.S.
Mining Engineer,
If. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment ..oik, etc.   Address:'
.   .   .   Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Wot ith  Bid* Stoking Hofio HIt at.
RtmsKLT. HOL'KB���P Moora. Hog Ranch;
R Ciinkwrifht, /. Archer,   city; Tl Smith,
R Harriaoli, Sandy Mcpraaer, Abenlfloii: .1
Xoinliuioii, Octaviua Els-emir, E Keitliiigwr.
Rquibnav House���0 Kiunibnu-k, OK
Dixon, Calgary, J ArimUrong* D Castle*,
M uillespio, Revehtoket L Cmiipbt.ll, Field;
C McCreidy, Spillimachene, N Bouqiiottc
QiimicN'm HOTFL���J McCauley, J C Shir-
lock, Toronto; A Walkley, Victoria; J* F Kob-
inahn, Sicanioiis; Sara McLean, SpUlinta-
cliene; Frank Nicholson, Unicoi; Sam ami .1
. Umphrey, Tlion Fountain, tt McUalllard,
Jtlaeberry; E F Kauch, Windermere.; M ana
J Fleishmann, Vancouver; R Harrison, Mo-
Columbia HonsK-J T Barron, Ann*
���trong; Hugh A Sykea, Belmont, Man.; H
Hume, H F Foster, Fir)amis, H A Small,
Vancouver; Kenneth Richmond, Walker-
ville, Out-; .1 Fyfe, Montreal; J I. Vivian,
Winnipeg: J A Bang.., Calgjvry; 0 H Hutch-
ini, Toronto; ,1 A Kirk, Jan Carson. Calgary;
O F Risteen, Vic Autlerson, Revelstoke; HI
0 Lew, Spllllwachone; C Hatch, l'Hradiae.
From a Special Correspondent.
Viotoria, April 16���For- two weeks
white winged peace hag hovettd orer
Victoria j two weeks ago lobbyists disappeared, warring delegations came no
moro, and the silence across James
Bay was ho longer broken by the disputing solons of tho British Columbia
legislature, and railway promoters
hied themselves to the Yules ami Koot-
enays to give the suffering people of
those districts a twinge of the agony
Victorians have long endured.
All this Ii changed to-night. Peace
has flown and Victoria is the storm
centre of warring railway and political-
elements, and on every hand can be
heard "What will the Government do
in the event of ",   "The Govern*
ment will not dare to go to the country,"  "Murphy is pledged against it,"
"Hay ward has gone with tho crowd,''
"Government will be defeated,''  etc.
M.P'a., railway promoters And politicians nre nil  busy preparing for the
battle royal which will open this week
and will be waged  until  it  is known
whether Canada and particularly British Columbia, is to be dominated by au
alien monopoly,  nnd exploited for the
benefit of our Yankee friends, or if it
is to remain under the control of a
monopoly purely   Canadian,  and exploited for rhe benefit of English and
German   stockholders,   or   until    the
Government decides thnt this province
shall neither bo delivered over to mi'
alien   corporation   or  longer  remain
under the sway of the  "Almighty  C.
P. E." and uridertnkes  the construction of   railways   rn  be-half   of   the
At tho Government buildings nothing
could be learned today.   Chief Commissioner Wells fiould not be seen, and
his deputy would vouchsafe no information when asked about the tenders
for tin  construction   of   tshe  Coast*
Kootenay rtfad.   Tne time for receiving tenders expired,   but  it ucuU not
learned if any tenders had been received,   iu   fact,  no one would talk.   Tho
executive council,   however,   wus  in
session all day, nud it is presumed that
tho railway policy wae being consider*
el.   So careful have the Goverument
bean that nothing should leak out that
ordors were issued tc-duy  not to print
"The Ordars of the Day'' until to-morrow,  copy   for   which   would not be
furnished until the last mrnuto before
tha House   convened.     All   sorts   ol
rumors are in the Air.   but there is nothing more substantial  than rumors',
It is not believed, howover, that the
Government will declare their policy
for several days.
Tho last two weeks have given Vic
torians sufficient   breathing   time to
realize that they have boon tarried off
thoir feet by the banner and drum campaign of the promoters of the V. V. &
Ft., and a strong reaction has set in.
Nowhere today can  bo heard the violent and extravagant statements and
declarations of a few weeks ego. and
the people of this city are now in a
reasonable frame of miud.    While not
inclined to look with favor on   the C.
P. 11., they are beginning to fear they
are being buncoed, and to look askance
at   tha   V. V. & E.,  and  if the last
named  company secures   the coveted
charter with Victoria's rnpport it will
not be because it loves the V, V. & E.,
but becauso it hates the C.P.R.   This
change in the spirit of our dreams haa
been brought about  by  several second
thoughts.    Victorians are  essentially
lovers of fair play.   Tho work of the
V. V. & E.  agents is not considered
fair.   Their trip into tho ridings, their
meetings, appealing to iho prejudices
.of tlie   people,   enlarging upon their
giievauces againsjt the C.P. It.,  and
their attempt to force triembors cf parliament to pledge themselves to vote
for the V. V. & E. charter,   ii   no.v
looked upon as un attempt to iiitiini-
daie the Govern limit and  to bulldoze
them Into adopting a certain courau
with  rupedt to thu granting of the
charter without regard to the interests
of the province as seen by  thoae moat
interested in  its welfare aud  before it
ia known wfiiit the policy of tl>e GoV-
ernment may bo
Tbe V. V. & E. agent's riavd'pliiytfi
skilful game, and one well calculated
to win,  but friends of that company
here nre not haunted by the fear that
tbey   hnve wasted their trumps and
that  their opotieuta hold all the suit
and will get the odd trick.
Since Mr, Bodwell has admitted that
the V. V. & E. will  be constructed by
Jim Hill and operrlod  as a branch of
tho Great  Northern, those  who have
heretofore beon ardent advocates of a
competiting line with   Victoria as a
terminus are asking themselves if the
granting of the V. V, & E. charter and
the construction and operutioii of the
road by the great Northern   will prove'
all that is to be de&lrcd.   They point
out  that the Great Northern has terminal facilities and  a fine harbour at
Everett,  Wash., that it has a large
smelter there and  thnt it is fostering
other large industries located at that
placo.   Tho.'tno under the charter asked for will run only to Midway in B.C.,
and  will thero oonnefct  with n road
running from Republic   to Spokanp.
Hera, thon,they argue, is  whore Victoria will bo buncoed  and where her
grand ferry schema will prove a delusion.    Instead of  being   made  the
terminus of a great transcontinental
railway system and the homo port of n
line of steamers sailing to the Orient,
transpacific business will  be handled
from the Sound aud Victoria will be
merely a port of call  as heretofoie.
Instead uf the ores of tho Boundary I
being brought to the coast cities for
treatment they will ba used to feed the
smelters a�� Everetr. nnd Tacoina and
the resources of British Columbia will
be drained touu'ifd up rival cftfea on
tbe Sound, and the mainland ferry for
which  she will  pay so  high a price
will be run aomi-occasioually, or when
enough Victoria business is offered to
warrant it.   Thus VictcrV-t lioj.es so:
glimmering,  aud  her people aid now
turning fo Government  construction
as the only solution of the vexed ques
tion.   Government construction,  they
say, will give relief,  and is  feasible.
The Government to lea?* tho construct
ed lines for long terms of yea****  under
conditions guaranteeing genuine competition, and  relSvfnti them  from the
exact ionas of either nn American or
Canadian monopoly.    It' is definitely
known that this idse. will  receive tho
careful  consideration of the Govern
ment if they are unable to in ake re.i
sonable terms with tha two companies
asking for charters.
Coiifttrr-ctloii Wilt Begin ah Soon ae
Money U Voted.
To meet tho urgent requirements fo;
iiicronied school accommouation, a sum
will hi vcted for immediate ns*e. It is
hoped Mint nt no distant rlflf; a fuithei
appropriation will he made whereby
the schools may be centrt.lh.eil in one
building and ir* a convenient place.
The following letter from the Superintendent of EtTuintiG.i & Self explanatory :
Education Okfi-jl,
Victoria, April 1G, 1901.
S. G. Roiiniss, Esq., Secretary School?
Board, Golden, B.C.:
Sir, ���I beg to advice you that the
Honourable tho Council of Public Instruction has this day decided to erect
on   tho left   bank  of  kicking   Horns'
river ft new schocT houso consisting ot
one large room only.   This flew building will be used  by  the children attending the primary grades, wKile tbe
preseut  building,   consisting   cf two.
rooms, will be utilized  for the classes
j belonging to tho principal and firs*,
'assistant.   As soon  ai the necessary
money has beeu  voted  by  the Hous6
construction of the new school building will be begun,   but I beg  to add
that the site as shown  to mo on the
occasion of my  recent  visit to Golden
is uot  satisfactory to the Education
Department, being altogether too near
the ISicKing Horse river.    It? tftfald bo
advisable, therefore, for your Board tc'
enter into negotiations with Mr, Alexander with a view to obtaining a silt*
further removed than  tho present one
from tho Ki'dkini/ Horse,    tshc'uld be
pleased to havt* an expression  from
your Board concerning this school silent your earliest convenience,
I have the honor, etc.,
Alexander Robinson,
Supt, of Education,
���Hot Htt UeeetfS*
Barkley Welti April 16.--Pony Eft
Wet, a member of tbe Oape assembly,
has bren sentenced by the treason
court to Imprisonment for three years
with a fine of ��'1000 for suditic-us
A La r-**;��� 1 mm I grat I on.
The   number   of  im migrants    wbo
lave passsd   through  tho Dominion
immigration agency, says the Montreal
Star, so fur this season,  ii over 2000,
according to Mr, Hoollhan,   the agent
in charge of the oflice.   This is more
than twice the number who  had gone
through  at five s?.'!uo date lust yenr.
Mr. Hoolih&u is also authority for the
statement that the travellers this year
are of a  better class than  formerly,
They nro not only able to pay their expenses, bnt most of thom  have a com
fort a bie can!) balance besides.    There
was not a pauper among tho  number.
Mr. Hoollhan at tributes the improve
ment to the fact that  the resources of
Canada are becoming better known,
and to the  efforts of tho Canadian
cmnmissionoriii England. Lord Strath-
con ft,
Tho majority of tho immigrants who
have gone through so far this ye. r
were English. Next came the Irish,
Over twenty nationalities altogether
wer-j represented, including, Belgians.
Italians', German!**, Danes and Swedes.
The great majority of tho.-te whe
came over expressed their IntPntion of
going to work nt once for the present
season. A few miliars wore bound for
tho British Columbia rallies. All of
them |i03si>ssi.d Bplehdid physiques,
and lookad fully fit for tlio work which
they were undertaking. Ii is expected
that the present moii'h and May will
see a large number of immigrants coming to our aliores.
The British war office has decided
to RlrentUhon the fortifioationp of Jamaica- y'ulok-firtng guns of the latest.
pattern are being sent out, iu addition
to the heavy gnus recently place! in
the forts about Port Royal.
Nenrlr a million women in Spain
work in the field as day laborers;
thn* hundred and fifty thousand women are registered aa day servants ���
that is, thf.v work for their food and
lodging. There ia uo such class anywhere ei.su,
Montreal, April 15 ��� Binliop Bono.
of Montreal, has been AppoI.Vi'tanioti'o^
polltau l-Jishop of the Anglican Cburcff
of Canada, in succession to Arcli-}i^ho,-.
I.e wis,
kondbrf, April  16-Mr. J. Plcrpon-
M^Vg^ri's invest men ft in British enterprises, says tlto Daily Mail, have thuif
fur been confined  to tiie |HirchaSo of ���,
Scotch coolie fur ��400.
Ottawa,   April   15���It  it   pro ba bid'
��� tbat Sir   Wilfrid  Laurier with Itoii:
| Messrs. Sifton, Tarte and  PatternoU,'
j will visit Britisli Columbia during klitS
summer eeasou and go as far us **Jav}~
Montreal, April ia-Theltallan .'.tit-'
jiil lias written tho Italian Covt.'_
ment, asking? that tlie wholesale i,;nu:-
gratlon of Italians to Canada lw ate;;-
pad. Sn fur, thin year, 2,000 Italians1
I havo arrived bore. Most of them have
' na money or funds', and no positiou
Winnipeg, April 13 -A. D. Cameron1-**
a prominent Brandon Ikwj'or, and former partner of Hou. Clifford Sifton,'
dropped dead yesterday,
Mr, Henry Langford/ Crcwii attorney at Rat Portage, died yestorday
Sydney, C.B., April   15 -D. t   Mc*'
Koiizi*', assistant superintendent of the*
, Dominion Iton & Steel' Cc, u:.ia in-
stoutly killed on Saturday morning b;'
falling off   tho ore pier,   fio was **'.'
! native of Pictou fterttnty, Pf.S'.
Montreal, .April lo���Col,  Ster-lu  to-*"
day denied the story that Lord Sirafh
[cona had given  him  $25,000  for hit'
���servi'flflfl In South Africa  \Vltlt Sftraih-
; cona's hor.sV,
Montrofti, /pril 15 -The watt-r ��.;
11 lie .St. Lawrouco is 25 feet above sum "
I mer level, and is over the levei-tinr*!!^-
: wall, bnS not ov.,T tho dykes. *h ii'
rising afbwly but nte-unly, aifirunleJGr
thu.o ii* a change ao.m streets along?
the river frcf-.t will* be tl.-iodi.-d.
Montreal, April lo���A let'ier was received today from the tuft'tfftg'Si'i.Biil of
the Oxford - C.-inVidfiQ track team,'
wh'ch is coming over to com pine with
Vile an I Harvard in SeptduJbeV, ask-'
ing if a meeting eould liot tiRfb be ar-
rnnged'wiih represeutaitiveN of McGill -
and Toronto Universities. Tlio Canadian univerttitieH uro willing to' d&'
what they cati.
King Edward's coromitioh'vvill t'ailV
place ou June 19, 1902.
In a despatch Lord Roberta has*
meniiuncd many Canadian-* for meat-'
��� 'lulu* aei'v.ice in South Africa*! THE ERA, GOLDEN, RC, APRIL 19, 1901
��Ke (BtoUtttt (Bv.Xt
ED. V, Chamber.-;, ��� Editor and Publisher.
Sitliscriptions $;; 00 per year iu advance.
Adverliniug ratos matio known ou request.
FRIDAY, April 19. 1901.
Pasting from a minute examination
ot tho Education Bill, Introduced by
tho Hon. J. D. Prentice, Miuister of
Education, we have to consider the
principle of the Bill as a justification
of Its adoption by the legislature, To
framed Bill somewhat revolutionary
without being reactionary is a dis
tlngaUhing mark of a true statesman,
as compared with the pandering motives that too often actuate the ordinary legislator, Iu all ages and nations
man have risen as stars on the political
firmament as tho exigencies of occasion
demanded, That an emergent occasion
for the renovation of the educational
sylitem of this provinoe is at hand
uot even the bitterest critic ur the
moat strenuous opponent of the Bill
will deny. And wo say it in no sycophantic terms that the Hon. Minister
haa shiHvu himself a master of detail
as well as exhibiting an unfaltering
purpose to do justice to the poople as a
whole. Tho bill aims to equalize tho
burden uf cost of education, as woll as
ramoye certain ineongruitias in the
management of the somewhat com plus
methods hitherto in practice. To do
this much of tlie school law, as it now
ti, had to bo rearranged and flystenia
tUeil, iu order that it might como up
to modem require men ts. Hence the
principle of tho Bill ia unassailable, an.l
iu that fact I ins its especial Bireugth.
Opposition to the bill or any measure
of information is the avowod purpose
of a partiaan press .ts woll as that of
tha politician who ia the exponent of
strong partisan views. But we are
confident tho Minister of Education
will have tke hearty approval of all
fair-minded m?n in iiis efforls to
ameliorate or totally solve the educational problem in this province, since
he has con-tented to a modification of
aime minor details in the Bill. The.
honorable gentleman may Hell assume
a justifiable pride in having mado such
advancement iu hia rehabilitation of
the educational system of this province
from which preceding minister.-, had so
often roeoilej.
       ������.<o*. t*-~     	
Between tbe census and the Chinese
commission now sitting there can be
little il'iuh*. that sufficient data and
evidence will bo produced to warrant
the Dominion Government in prohibiting further Oriental immigration.
Otlier countries have had to slay ihe
yellow wave iu soli-preservation aud
no sound reason for permitting this
country to be overfi >wn with a people
who bleed it to tiie very death has ever
existed. Britain Is teeming with mou
aud women who would gladly avail
themselves of the opportunities British
Columbia offers to wjge earners and
home builders were it not for the pre
���ence here of Japancso and Chinese.
Tj expect whito men to compete with
coolie labor ispr>'iiv.iIeiHto degradati m
from civilization to barbarism. The
coolie bus no though: of intellectual or
social Improvement; the glow of patriotism will never penetrate his cold,
clammy heart to fight for the laud of
\i\* temporary adoption, nor will he
ever he available for tho various to
aponslbilltlosof goo.l citizenship. Surely thpra are enough poor person, and
pnonp.li of indigenous wickedness iu
B.C. without importing from the Orient by the shipload.
Only ihoho who are hliinl.il by n-1
fish and servile interests oppose tbo
CO nit met lon of the Coast Kootenay by
a cam pany independent of tho C. P. R
Why sliould not tho great octopus al
low into thefL'ld of competition an
honorable rival in thes-une way that
individual competition in any businsiS
Bj-h'-TC is permitted uiid usually with
benefit to all coneprned? The people
of British Columbia have groaned long
enough under ihn burdens of monopoly
and they will not come into pos.se-isiou
of all their rights until they throw off
tbe Uoi'.oou th.it binds and grinds ao
unmercifully the spirit oT liberty and
enterprise so necessary iu the development of thia great court try. Competition ti, iiide..d, the life of trade then
let it ))��� fostered and encouraged by
every legitimate means.
Notwithstanding tht) opposition to
the bill to legaliseobampor'y there are
many men of undoubted legal ability
tvft-o favor the Mil, notably twdCablnet
ministers, and of course the introducer
of the bill, Mr. Joseph Martin. There
are not a few newspapers also in favor
of the bill. The majority of people
���Alio give the subject serious thought
btlieve that it ie much better and far
more honest to have it legalized than
to have it practiced under cover ai it
now ie. Few lawyers nowadays are
exempt fiom its practise, and tho lawyer, for self-protection, is justified in
making a bargain with his client to
whicli he consents for services rendered
in his behalf. As to champerty driving
capital out of the country it ia the veriest clap-trap and urged for political
purposes solely.
The Outcrop of last week condemned
tho Government for the tax ou minerals
and says it is a hindrance to development. Wo ��h!nk otherwise. Taxation
of natural resources is the very best
form of taxation any Government can
adopt. Iu fact wo need more of it in
order to relieve the tax on labor and
industry. Today the "moro improvements a man puts on his place the
more lie is taxed Tor doing so. This
wants to be lessened. Tho reason the
-Government is now considering the
advisability of raising the poll-tax
from S3.CO to $5.00 is because there is
not enough revonue raised from the
taxation of natural resources. We ire
naturally anxious to see mines devel-
opid, but at the same time Ihey ought
to pay a fair share ot the revenue of
the country, aud none are better ab'.e
to do so,
D.miel Moliat rold tbe Royal Commission re Oriental***, on Friday, that
when fire boss in Wellington mines, he
put. up danger boards across a gassy
plaoe, nnd hnd written a warning in
English and Chineso, snys a Nanaimo
In tho Victoria Times of yesterday, but
shortly after he found Chinese with
naked lights at this place. They told
him they never road the written notices.
Ko had known other cases where the
Chinese deliberately tacked back the
curtains in front of tunnela, and also
sot tiro to them aceidently, rushing to
Ihe shaft to get out without warning
anybody. The Chinese he bad found
utterly untrustworthy, cowardly, sel
fish and careless. Nanaimo was full
of idle whito men, who could get work,
but for tho presence of Chinese. Chinese
here meant ruin for gro-ring lad*.
David Cartwright, a Lancashire miner
said ha had advised friends iu England
not to come here, because of Chineso,
He considered Asiatics the main cause
of British Columbia's backward condition.
Witnesses from Extension mines
wsro expected today, but did not come.
Commissioner Munn said if they
di iii't coine they would have to take
it that they wore afraid to do soon
account of losing th 'ir positions ff
lltev gave truthful evidence us to Chinese working there.
The Commissioner will go to Union,
and probably Extension.
The following extract is from the
Kamloops Standard and exhibits soms
of tho phases of the Bill as seen from
a layman's standpoint:
'We ara glad to see Mr, McPhillips
doos not intend to let Mr, Marti./ %
Chaupert.-Billbjrusliedthrough with*
t mature deliberation. The surprl-
51nif thing is, that tho Attorney General and Minis nrof Mines, both lawyers,
have been induced to give it their support, the more so that the Attorney-
General bad previously opposed it.
The object of the bill is to allow a client
'0 mako terms with bis lawyer asto
the fool to be pai.l on any work hc may
��� nd-'itake. The argutnont is that
many a poor man is unable to take into
court his wrongs, or what he may be-
l.'ove to be his wrongs, for adjustment,
owing to the hard and fast rule asto
the payment of fees lo his lawyer, and
that if the bill pasnes a parson miy go
to his lawyer with a case, agreeing beforehand that if he does net win it he
receives no 'remuneration, and if lie
does tho lawyer gets moro than he
would were he to bu paid according io
schedule*. Ou the face of it tbis appears
to b* reasonable, but, unfortunately,
it leads, in tho States in which it is
allowed, to a lot of unnecessary and
vexatioujpliligation, and tends to en
courage a breed cf lawyers known as
'���shysters," of which we have very few
at present. Those who are acquainted
with California will know (hat the
lawyers there tout for bus'ness almost
as importunately as hotel runners, and
an innount of litigation is entered into
and blackmail paid, which is not the
f.wm so fariu ihis Province.   Cases j
whero lawyers sell their clients are
common. If a lawyer thinks he can
make more money by dropping the case
be commenced, he is tempted to do so
becauso he is no longer tha servant of
his client as he is in British Columbia
but becomes his partner in a soheme
to extract money from other people. In
Alaska, a fow years ago, a lawyer made
a practice ol bringing vexatious suits
against a company doing business there
not in the interests of his clients but
in order to obtain an annual income
from tho company to abstain from
bringing suits agaiust them. He wat
perfectly within his rights, yet no one
will pretend that he was a benefit to
the community. It has been argued
that the Incorporated Law Society of
British Columbia is so zealous of its
professional honor, that it would deter
its membars from -engaging in such
blackmailing practice, but tbe Law
Society only hears ofthe flagrant cases
and is unacquainted with the small
tricks of parasitical lawyers, who, if
they got the chance, would fatten oo
the people, Last year wo believe, six
cases of malpractice on the part of
lawyers were brought before them,and
only two were disbarred. If the bill
passes it will tend to leaver the standard of this Province, and that in itself
is sufficient reason for its rejection."
Itedttead Money-Order Itatei.
An arrangement has just been concluded between the United States and
Canada, under which all postal moneys
sent between that country and Canada
will go at tbe domestic rate of three-
tenths of one per |cent. instead of the
international rate of one per cent as at
present. This concession ia regarded
as more important to the money ordor
business than any action taken since
the inception of the system. The money orders annually sent to Canada from
the United States now aggregate about
$2,000,000. The exchange of these orders has been restricted to 4,000 offices
but under the new oraangeroent wiil
beextended to 30,000 offices in the United States, any money order office in
either country being thus authorized
to issue or pay them. It is said that
tho radical reduction iu the rate will
treble the business,
A Pl-iIn-Mpvaklnir Oleilc.
The Rev. Mr. Kettlewell, in the
he course of an address recently delivered iu Guelpb. Ontario, on "Christian Socialism," said: ''In many of
oji- cities aro to be fouud the sweat
shops, in Montreal, Toronto nnd Hamilton, and even in Gait men were earning
five dollars per week making shoos.
Itis easy to talk of the sins of the
Jews; it is easy for the congregation
io crucify the Pharisees, but tho dan
ger is coming nearer home. You have
heard, no doubt, of the recent coinbin
ation formed by the furniture dealers. Thot company is offering prefer-
ent* stock at 74 cents, and has paid
a profit of 18 cents on the stock, yet
in my own town I have known thero
to pay their employees 80 and 90 cents
per week���not per day.'
 4> -
Met Ii oil 1st lUlnltfteri and tke  TCred,
A despatch from Toronto says:���The
Methodist Court of Appeal discussed
several matters of church discipline at
the annual meeting, hold hero today.
k most important case arose out of a
misunderstanding as to the wording
of Church Discipline, which makes the
loiter of the discipline of uo effect in
convicting a niininter of smoking- The
smoking clergyman is Rov. W. W.
Baer, of Victoria district. His cute
was Uid before the district by Judge
Williams, and the Chairman of the
disrict, Rev. Mr. Speer, ruled that
tho paragraph cited in the case did not
apply to ordained ministers. It was
a technical question, and tht case was
thrown out.
Mr. Williams appealed to Rev. Mr,
Whitihigton, President of the British
Columbia Conference, who sustained
the iiiling of the Chairman, and the
Court of Appeal has been asked to decide as to the working of tht dlsoip
line. The Court allowed the appeal,
and sent the cats back to the district
for trial. Rov. Mr. Speer should have
ivied it when it came before him. It
is explained that some years ago Rev.
Mr. Baer fell a distance of fifty feet,
disorganizing his nervous system, and
he suffered from insomnia, from which
he was relieved by the administration
ot opium. Later he substituted tobacco for opium. Tht Rev. Dr. Carman presided and the members-af the
Court ino'tided Messrs. J. J McLaren,
IC. C; Rev. Dr.* Shaw, of Montreal;
Rev. Dr Ant life, ef Montreal; Rev. S,
Bond, of Londo.i; Dr. James Mills, of
Guelpb; Judge Deacon, of Pembroke;
Mr. N.W. Rowell, of Toronto, and
Ruv. Mr. Grundy.
Lord Kelvin on Newspaper Batadlag,
In his attitude toward the daily press
Lord Kelvin presents a curious contrast
to Bishop Creighton, whose ignorance
of journalism has been referred to in
this column. To an interviewer who
asked him whether he read a great
deal, Lord Kelvin a little while ago
made a rather startling reply that he
had not read a book for thirty years,
'���I read nothing but the daily papers.
Well perhaps thit isau overstatement;
it may not be thirty years, but it is a
long time. Of course I am continually
referring to books, but I have not the
time for steady reading, except tbe
daily papers, and I feel especially bound
In crises of our history to study the
course of events." Compare this with
Mr. Balfour's statement: "I never
read the papers!"���London Chronicle,
Ought, it would seem, to give exemption
from tlie diseases which prey upon the
residents of thickly populated cities.
nut tbere is no exemption from disease,
���.vi u; t:'c cailRtfy, mS iS  uie -l.y, *-*���*
may see tlie cheeks grow hollow and the
eyes grow dull while the frame wastes
away with that terrible disease, consumption.
Weak lungs are made strong by the
use of Dr, Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It cures obstinate and stubborn
coughs, bronchitis, bleeding of tlie lungs
and other symptoms which, if neglected
or unskillmlly tr&teri, terminate fatally
in consumption. The actiou of Golden
Medical Discovery ih the curing of wasting diseases is entirely pl;ilofK>phic.
Emaciation, and consequent loss cf
weight, nre among the most striking
symptoms of what are kuown as wasting disease!!. The body is not beiug adequately nourished, and the cause of this
lack of uourislnn'.Ti is nol tick of food
-but lack of ability in the atom itch and
the other organs of digestion and ���nutrition to prepare the food for the as.iiuih-
tion nud nutrition of the body. Dr.
Pierce**s Golden Medical Discovery cures
diseases of the stomach and the organs
of digestion aud nutrition, and so enables the body to lie nourished hack, to
strength in the only way by which
strength am come: thul is, by food perfectly digested and assimilated.
Dr. Pierce's Goldeu Medical Discover)'
it a temperance medicine, lt contains
m�� alcohol, neither opium, cocaine or
any other narcotic.
Accept no substitute for "Discovery."
There fe nothing "just as good n/or von,
though many things may pay the dealer
a larger profit.
"The first day of H-in year," tvrtU'6 Mrs. Kate
���Sclicy. of 716 Ht. Paul Avenue, Milwaukee, Win,
"I caught a tieary cult], which setllcil on my
iHiiga und brought on n hemorrhage, rrom
that lime on until the fln-t of April I bled from
ray lutijji*. five different fines, 1 wns so weak
and -undone I could onl)- do the lighlvnt work.
The -lector Iold ine I was going into consumption. My breath wis short and at times I could
hardly get my breath at all. This is the state I
was in when 1 began to lake Doctor Pierce**
-Golden Medical Discovery. After the first
bottle I whs much better, snd 1 could walk two
or three blocks without trouble. My breath was
not so short nnd I was much improved, After
taking four buttles I could work ell day, and I
never felt belter iu my life. I think your medicine the best iu the world and I recommend it to
aU who are tronbled as I was,"
"I was siak for about three month*, had
chills, fever, and coughed a great deal," writes
Mr. W. I*, nrown, of McDcnnnnn, Jackwn Co.,
Tenn. "Most of my neighbors and friends
thought I had consumption. I was reduced in
fte��h, and was very weak���ouly weighed no
pounds; my phMdiiu thought there was little
hope for ray recoVety,
"My wife went to the store to get some anti-
febriu, quinine, etc., for me and a friend of mine
(Mr. W. W. McDearman., who had been taking
Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery recommended this medicine for ine. Finally I decided
to use It, after my physician told rae that it
would be good for me. 1 sent and got one
bottle, and before all was taken 1 weighed 149
pounds���a gain of 39 pounds. I am ntiil taking
the Golden Medical Discovery, have taken
nearly two bottles, and now wefgh 161 pound*,
which is more than 1 ever weighed. 1 am still
gaining strength and taking the' Discovery,' I
wish to tay that this is a recent recovery, -rlint
only two months ago I only weighed about no
"I can and wtll mnke affidavit to this full
statement any time. If voit wish to use thll 1*
��� testimonial do bo. and I will answer ill letters
from inquiring sufferers.-1
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, contain!tin; 1008 pages, and over
700 illustrations, is sent free on receipt
of stamps to defray expense of customs
and matting only. Send 31 one-sent
stamps for tbe book in paper covers, or
50 cents for the book in cloth binding.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y.
00 YIARS* .
__-_,,__,_-_       OowmonTi 4c
Anyono stndlng a skat eh and teea\v*Aoa mat
quickly atotruin onr opinion frat wh-Bthtr an
invantlon ts probably pat-sntabl*. ConnBunlea*
tlonsstrlotlreonSdenttal. nandbookonPeteott
���*nt tt*-*. Oldest tfney for s��*arlocMt-nU.
Pitonts taken through Mann JTCo. rtcetre
nwclol twtlw, without chary, ta this
Scientific American.
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lernis of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place. :
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Flans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mine, wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD propertie. wanted at onco Ior .Eastern investors.
Parties having mining property Ior .ale nre requested to .end samples ol tli.lt
ore to the Exchange Ior exhibition.
We des-irc to hear Irom prospector, who huve promising mineral claim. In
British Columbia.
Prospector, .nd mining men are reo.ne.teil lo mate the Exchange th.ir headquarter, when in Nelson.
All .ample, .honld be sent bv express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communication, to
Telephone No. 1C4. P.O. Box 700. NELSpN, B.C.
Tne Staff
Banc, Cakes, Pastry,
.....Wedding; Cakes....
Bresd on Sale at 0. B. McDermot'..
Joseph Phaneuf,
A, P. a A, at.
A. If. Regular' Communication,
ewond Monday m .very, month.
Mountain Lode., Ne. II. A. F,
ilar "
Sojourning brethren cordially In*
CH. PARSON, Secretary.
I,  O.  O.  P.
Rocky H.ti.tai. Loda*. Ns. 84 nmats la
Oddiellowa Hall, Golden, .vary Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
f-IOURTS ol Astlae, Nlal Prlua. Oyer and
*"- Terminer and General Oaol Delivery
will be holden in ths Court Houss. at eleven
o'clock in tlte foreonon, at the places and on
Ihe dates following, namely.
City of Nanaimo, on the 23rd day of April,
City of New Westminster, on the 23rd dty
of April, 1801.
City ol Nelaon, on tbo 7th day of May, 1001.
City of Revelstoke, on the 7th day of May,
City of Vernon, os the 16th day of May,
Oily oi Kamloops, on th. 23rd day of May,
City of Vancouver, on th. 31st day ef May,
City of Victoria, on the 28th day of May,
Town of Clinton, on th. 28th d.y ef May,
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary'. Office,
- 90th March, 1901.
loqdoq Life
IqsuraijcB Company
*  wm      "���������" "'
John MoClait, Esq., President.
A. O. JsrFBBY, K.C., LL.D., D.C.L., Vice-
Johk G, RiTCiiii, A.8.A., Manager.
J. D. 0*NllL, Genera! Afj.nl, Calgary.
Have yosiTHpeil Rntlli of th.
Nothing mere desirable as a Protection and
an investment hss y.t bwn devises'. Th.
Local Agent will give yon full particular..
E. V. Chambers,
Oolden, Agent.
Seeding ba. now fairly itarted
throughout M.nitobi. Th. .oil 1. io
good condition, tnd It 1. estimated thtt
the increase in wheat tcratge will b.
tbont 10 per cent over Itit y.��r.
Churoh Servloes.
���T. PAIJL'.-OHUltOn or enolaxd.
Service, every Sunday tt ll a.m. tnd
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lit tnd Srd Sunday, ol the month
titer Horning Prayer, tnd on Gretter
FesMvtls tnd Holy Dty. tt 8 a.m., or
t. mty be snnonneed trom th. eh.netl.
S'indty Sohool at 2:80 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
th* .ervlces,   ���
C. F. Yatm, Vlctr.
Marries .very Sunday tt 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School ud Bibl. Clan at I
p.m. sharp.
Choir prtctic. .very Thur.dty avail-
at 7.
Ret. W, D. Turku, "Paster.
Serrine. .very Sunday" at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m.
Sunday Sohool tt 2:80 p.m.
Prayer MMtlngon Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Geo. Kiknbt. Pa.tor,
soon moihh sror.su.
****GOLDEN, B.C.
.-..Special attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
elation tree of charge,
RATES, tU per day. Sppecial rata, lor
regular boarders.
Home Grown
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Roses, Shrubs, Vines, Bnlbs,
Hedge Plants and Seeds ...
Extra choice stock of Peach, Apricot, Plum
Cherry and Prune Treea. New importation
of first-class Rhododendrons, Roses, Climat-
ous, Bay Treea, Hollies, etc.
Eight thousand (8,000) to choose from. No
agents or commission to pay. No fumigation or inspection charges, areenhouae
plant., agricultural implements, fertilizers,
Isee aupplies, etc.
Largest and most oomplete
stook In the Provinoe.
Send for Catalogue before
placing your orders'.
Addro,.M.j. HENRY,
Vancouver, B.C.
-foU/'e. /"-e-o/y qolaeiSf
pL^cei^ cL/\iiv|s
v5 rt/lfj4 CUiOftfftljr Cr\��*��/(.
"Scale ts miles* one inch.
BiarAnee Aseur tea wars nan *>cva_a.
-r. nut* /we am*
Ia th�� matter of the eatate of Sons
McRai, late of Oolden, B.C,
NOTICE is hereby ffiven pursuant to the
''Trustees and Executors Act1' that all creditors and others hating claims against the
estate ot the snid John Mc Hue, who died on
the 10th day ot May, 1695, are required ou
���or before the Slst day of March, A.D. 1901,
lo fend by post prepaid or delivored to
Messrs. Crease k Crease of 17, Fort Street,
Victoria, B.C., solicitor, fur John McHao, of
Winnipeg, Man., executor of the last will of
snid John Mciiae. their Christian and���snt-
names, addresses and descriptions the full
particulars of their claims, the statement, at
tbeir accounts and tho nature uf the fa-unties, if any. held Ly thom.
And further take notice I li.-it ��ftcr Mich last
mentioned date tlie said -nx*><*utor will proceed to distribute the assets of tho dm-eased
among the parties rniitlr-.'l thereto,: hay ino
regard only to the claims of wh-r'h lie ahull
Mass MeotlnK in Kam loops Itenuuet*
Mr. Falton to Vett- for a Coaat-Koo
tanayLlui* Absolutely fudapenttont
of the c. p. h.
Kamloops, April 12.���-A Attn meeting of citizens was held in Kamloops
this evening to discuss the Coast-Koo*
tenay railway and competition. The
chair was taken by Aid. Brown, owing
to the illness of Mayor Gordon. Addresses were made by Aid. McLaren,
Nelson, Stephens, .Swunsonand Brown
and by Mr. Anderson and Judge Murphy of Similkaineeo.
Mr. Fulton, M. P. P., was unable tc
attend owing to the Board of Trach*.
meeting but ho expressed himself in
���favor of tho'following resolutions, both
of which passed unanimously.
Moved by Aid. McLaren, "that 'in
the opinion of this mass meeting of
citizens of Kamloops, a policy of encouragement of competitire lines of
railway is essential to the fcestititerestte
of the Province and that the citizens
of Kamloops placo themselves on record a-s ������fevbrlHfl the immediate construction of the Coast*Koofen-ay Jifle
by an independent company, 'Under
propor Governmeut restrictions.''
Moved by J. D. Swanson, "that
this mass meeting requests its representative, Mr. Fulton, to use his
best efforts to secure a competitive
system of railways in this- Province
and to vote for tho immediate construction of tho Coast-Kootenay line by
some com pany entirely Independent di
the Canadian Pacific Railway."
Copies of lhe resolutions wero ordered to be sent to the Lieut.-Governor iii
Ceuncil nndjto Mr. Fulton, arid'the
meeting adjourned after passing a vctfe
of thanks to the speakers'.''
How Ml lie* nre   Suited.
The actual salting of mine's bythe
old well known methods bas actually
((One out of date, and is altogether gone
oat of practice today, but the more
progressive and up to date method of
salting a mine, is not io salt the mint?
at all, but to salt the engineer's report,
by greasing his fingers.
"The manner in whicli a great, rfian*-
poople invest ia mining is sufficient to
open the way for most any old kind of
,.,,*, .   , ,���   ,   , .     .,        . . i    i       ���    -, * .. <, .   -.  i t i     ii smooth promoter *.o get -along ver*
The increasing interest manifested in the mica mines, and also in the extensive gold ne ds at and adjacent to n��Miv ���,:.,,���,, ���.���.,,��� In    ' n, ,,lA
nt  .     -r ft ���'   i       i        i   i * ��� ..�� i ��� ,.i ���. ..* .m       uitcij v. iiiiDi.i resorting io any ot ine
Tete Jeanne Cache, has led to many inquiries by persons abroad as to the shortest and test route to reach them.   The La methods of salting.
__ v ___ above sketch maj) is* presented to all seeking- information regarding* distances, etc., its accuracy being-corroborated    usually, friend tt'tbim itfieVestsS
iHjTiiiijss^ prospectors, topoerapliers and surveyors, some of whom were commissioned bv the Dominion Govern- in the pnnha-n at amiiTng properti
will not be lial'le for the smil assets, or any    "     . l. ' V      r_,   . l   ��,    _ .    *, ��� *     ��� , i,  ,j .,,   .. ,,     . " , ...    .,...      *    ' '
pan thereof,to any jpersoi. ur porscus oi | ment to report on thoir researches in this great mineral   zone.   Golden with its excellent stores and facilities for is selected toco out ami examine thi
boat -building* and equipping* generally stand pre-eminently above all other competing- points as a base from whicli mining property simply ���tieosius.e "tiv-y
to begin a journey northward. Mr. T. Mercier, who has cruised between Golden and Tete Jeanne Cache, says there k"ow him to bo honest, not that he
are spruce and-ether timbers, also water power enough to supply a score of pulp mills and sawmills As a beginning*:k"0"8 -"ijthlng atom u�� business
towards the development of this country, whicli Nature has so lavishly endowed with untold resources, the Provincial! Gcllin8 '"t0 *o�� property he is easily
and Dominion Governments should jointly improve the trails and make navigable those rivers leading to the Cache. | lcd,'��"" 1'c'";s' po*tio"so* ""*TOi"9'
'ana from one to another, and not hftiug
posted ns to the business, is easily oon-
. y pei���       ,
whose claims ssotii'ft ahull not hni'e be
I'esretl by him at the time ol stu-li ttist.'iljti.
Solicitor for said eies-uter.
Dated tbs 18th day of Januarv, A.D. 1901
i"* Canadian Pacificflailway
Direct Route
to all points
East and West.
sacuuaiiatj-.i :js.'jtatj��/*.'jL!'ii;jtji;*i*.'*iu;aL'asacaijatjt;a
. Passengers booked to
For descriptive Pamphlets aad all information apply to nearest local
A.G.P.A.. Agent,
Van-sourer, Oolden, B.C.
Vou can save time and trouble if you will order all yoar drug store (foods
by mail, of Mailer y, Kamloops. Of course, whenever you come to town
we'll be more than glad to see you���but) lots of times wo want one thing
and another from the drug store aad don't feel liko going all tlie way to
town for them, Don't I Just order by mail, that's Just �� cheap and
always satisfactory.
gi Errands too. *. *
Of course we're busy most of the time, but wo are always pleased to accommodate our customers. When you order by mail of us, and want somo
littlo things outside the drug store line which we do not keep, but which
can go with our things, by mail, we'll bo very glad to step out and get it
for you. We want to make It so pleasant and so advantageous to buy al]
your drug storo goods of ua���by mail, by messenger, or in person���tbat
you will have no inducement or inclination to trado elsewhere.
A Weadertal Invention.
They cure dandruff, hair falling-,
head-ache, etc., yet costs the same as
an ordinary comb���Dr. Whites Electric
Comb. The only patented Comb in
the world. People, everywhere it hns
been introduced nre wild with delight.
You simply comp your hair eaoh day
and the comb does the rest. This
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
and is made so that it is absolutely
impossible to break or cut the hair.
Sold on a written guarantee to give
satisfaction" in every respect. Send
stamps for one. Ladies' size 60c.
Gents' size 35c. Live men and women
wanted everywhere to introduce this
article. Sells on eight. Agents are
wild with success. (See want column
of this paper.) Address D. N. Rote,
Geu. Mgr. Decatur, III.
Bicycles !
Bicycles !
l<*��el*,l AttentlOB
���J& Sewing Machines.
T.nsl.r. for I.lc.na. to Dul TliuW sa
Dominion Land. In tu. 1'rsvln-ra
of Brltlah Colombia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed lo th.
" underaisroed and marked on tlie enrolono
"Tend.r for Timlssv Berth No. 207," to b.
opened on the 13th May next, will he received
at this Department until noon oss Monday,
the ISrtl Mny, I'JOl, for nlirenso to cut timber
on No, Berts897, comprising the South {of
Section �� and rite North eaat) of Seetion 4,
TWnah.p 20, Banc. 21, West of the 5th
Meridian, containing; an area of J ofa aquare
mile, mor. or lew.   ,      ,, ,    .. ,���
Th. regulations nnder which a license will
b. issued; also printed form of tender and
envelope, may be obtained at this Department or at the office of tbe Crown Timber
Kicking Hsrs. Bridg..
A COURT OF ASSIZE, Nisi Prills. Oyor
���** and Terminer and Ueneral Gaol Doliv
���ry will be holden in the Court House at
Golden on Tuesday, the 14th day of Mav,
By Command.
hi 10 Provincial Secretary
Frank A. Leach, supeiintendent of
the United States Mint at San Francisco states that a visiting member of
the Canadian parliament recently told
him that an assay office would soon be
established at Dawson and thnt a mint
would undoubtedly soon bo established
in one of the cities of British Columbia.
Canadian miners will generally deposit
thoir gold in these institutions, receiving Canadian coin in exchange,
and so a considerable part of the gold
of tln.'sc provinces will he diverted from
San Francisco, but American miners
will prefer to send their gold to the
United States.
Agent at New Westminster.
Each leader must |be accompanied by su
accepted cheque on a chartered bank in
favor of the Deputy of the Minister of the
Interior, for the amount of the bonus which
the applicant li prepared to wy for a llceaie,
No tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Dsnsrtment ofthe Interior,
Ottawa, Snd April, 1901.
High water at Selkirk has inundated
the flats.
Chinese indemnities for war expenses
exclusive of the claims of individuals
and missions have been fixed as follows, Russia, 360.000000 marks(about
190,000,000); France, 260,000,000
mnrksfabom 160,000,000); Germany,
240,000,000 marks (about $60,000,000)
England, 90,000,000 marks (abou: $,22-
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common eveiy-day
ills of humanity.
Queen Alexandra has returned to
There is a report that an attempt
was made to stab Kruger.
-Br, Cover!ton, a pioneer physician
of Toronto, is dead.
Over 350 soldiers deserted a regiment
at Leavenworth, Kansas.
Mrs. Robert Grey, of Gait, was badly burned by Ignited grass.
A pillar in Westminster Abbey fell,
doing damage to tho intorior.
A, D. Cameron, a well known lawyer,  diod at Brandon very suddenly.
Lady Cook wiil not bo allowed to
exhume the hody of hor husband.
The directors havo decided to rebuild
the burned Russell theatre,  Ottawa.
The water in tho St Lawrence river
at Montrenl rosn six feet on Saturday
and a flood is expected.
The Crown Princo of Germany is on
a visit to the Emperor of Austria.
Mrs Eminerson, wife of ex-Premiei
I'.minei-soin, is dead.
General Butt.iificld, the well known
United States civil war general, is
dnngerously ill.
An alvanccj high church man will
bS enthroned ns Bishop of London this
A rfch strike of silver has been made
at Silver Mountain mine,near Fort
vincod that it is n mofit wonderful
Furthermore, it is veVy *rtatnra] tot
tlie man who is on the ground to become enthusiastic; in fact, tho-raost
natural thing in the world, and the
less he knows about tho business the
more enthusiastic he becomes.
The way seme ���ByndlcAteS fliiYnag^
their properties even nfter getting hold
of n good one, is suUicieut to di*acoiiriif-d
mining investments.
The fact is that theopporlumtiesToV
sulting a report nnd diverting the capita] from development into the nocketfi
of disreputable persons are fur greater
and fin- moreluorative than attempting
the actual salting ofn mine.''���Butte
Mining World.
Banff Hotel Extension.
The Cfinaiian Pacific Railway ���GtMii'-
pany has decided to go ahead witli
the addition to the Banff Springs ��totoi
and has itppi'OJJrlfllod tho sum of fUO,-
000 to he s(i��nt in extending and improving   their accommodations  here.
i*j No particular date has haeu set for the
i commencing of operations,,  but  it i*
n ' understood ihe work will mart in th*
immediate future. Wheu completed
Banff will contain one of the Im^eeX
and hest appointed hotels in Canada.���
Crag and Canyon.
Mr. Edward Whymper, conqueror ot
tho ''Mntterhorn," and one of thit
world's most famous mountain dim*
be a wil! rr.-ive in Banff about the flrul
Anativeffetitlemanisin Ottawa*! 0fjontl fol. t!ie purpose 6J eMnl
reffMMica U Syrian immigration to Lni exrjorJng seme of Canada's *p
ificrapcri, aud will have with his part**
four picked Swiss Guide*.
The Civil brook Lumber company is
preparing for a big run of business
this season. Thn main mill in Cranbrook has in stock over 2,000,000 feet
of logs, and is running to its full capacity.
women to travel and advertise for old ontah-
tished houne of solid tiiiHUuial standing. Salary $781) a year and expenses, all payable in
cash. No ranvassiujr required- Give references and enclose ulf'fidijrossed (tamped
.Wt Cawon
rfi-i 11
envelope.. Address   Manager,
Dldff,, Cniengi).
Colonel Dent will visit Alberta ���and
other parts of tho Xotthwest Tett-i-
tories for tlie purpose of purchasing
horses for the army in -SotttH Africa
Having to sead 1,000 itomfeiltate.y- -1,14
will spend April in Ontario and ijmi*
bee ; he will arrive in Albertr early iii
May. The dates and purchasing
places will be arrangnd and publish'eij
fi; %/Wt-Vg/9rt% V/9/%/gf9/gA g/%rg^g/%f*X B/��
I Town and District.^
91/&1& _v%w%& *y*l''i/2vi>^, '��/$r��,4'*i.''t'Ji'*'
lnsuro in tho London Lifo.
Tlio finest climate iu Canada is in
the Columbia valley.
Tho census enumerators are making
(jood progress in their work.
A contract has Iweu let to build a
mvt towu hull at Windermere.
General Manager Marpole of the C.
V. H. has gone to Montreal.
Dominion trade increased over |8,"
000,000 during the past nine months
compared with the previous jear.
Water in the Columbia river is so
low that tho driving of logs is very
diffiuult and will dulay mill sawing for
some time.
Farmers are all delighted wiih the
warm sunshine ot the past week, The
hills tr-s rapidly taking on their summer tint,
A. P. Dupont, guard of the Kamloops gaol, says the ''Sentinel," left for
Donald on Monday morning. It is
expected he will return wilh a willing
J. McEvoy, Geologicalsurroyor, has
mado a report to the Dominion Government on tho Crow's Nest coal fields.
Ee estimates that there nre 22,000,000,
tons 000 of possibly workable coal.
"**A bicycle collision ou Main street,
Wednesday night, between lady nnd
gentleman riders, was aitonded with
nu bodily harm, bin the li.dy's fore
wheel was wrecked, lt was a CRSO of
mistaken signals.
Asa substitute Tor the provincial
poll tax, it is suggested that the legislature follow the state of Arkansas,
where a dram drinker is uot allowed to
drink intoxicating liquor unless he
first obtains a license, The license
CU.-.IS $5 a year,
The Golden Football Club sent a
challenge to the Rovelstoke Club for a
match fo bo played at Golden on the
iMtli May. No reply as yet has been
received, but in the event ot acceptance the visitors will have :i share of
their expenses defrayed by subscription.
An accident occurred on Friday to
thn steel,bridge across tho Red Deer
river at Red Deer. It scums the river
broke up rather suddenly and piled
blooks of ine against the bridge. One
of the piers gave wny and carried with
it two spans.
Several of the friends of Mr. DaoliM-
nuy, C. P, It, superintendent, left on
Monday's Pacific Express to aiieud
the banquet, in his honor at Ite vei stoke,
Mr, Ducliosnay is removed to Vancouver and is superseded by Mr. Kil-
putrick at li-ivels-okc.
The 82nd Annual Anniversary of
tho Independent Order of Oddfellows
will be held iu the English Church on
April 28th at 7..J0 p. m. All the bro-
ihors to ba ut the Hall at 7 o'clock
sharp. Visitiuw brat hern cordially
invited.-J. T. Wood, Seivty,
The etui imd glass windows in St.
PauPs church huve added materially
to t lie ln-ii'ity and dignity o�� that ed\-
- Hue. The whole of the work was done
hy the vicar, ReV, C. V. Yaies, who
has shown undoubted skill and taste
hi its execution. The interior hai
uiulergoiio a largo amount of renovation iveoinly. mainly hy the hands of
the reverend gentleman,
During the coming season eight
Swiss guides Will be employed at the
various hotels of the Canadian Pacific
Ilillway in iho Rookies, Golden otters
a splendid (laid for tourists und nioitn
turn climbers and is pool ally Interesting
and grand Is a trip on one of the river
st earner*! to Windermere. Tourists
ahould not miss seeing tho Columbia
Polor Sebastian has mado Arrange*
mm is to woik his mountain of kaolin
or H-piolite which contains all the os-
sentlals for window uli'ttnliig ns it )���
free from grit or iron. I is easily nc-
oe*t��.lblo. Put er iinotoathe old scriptural
phrase "let there im liglu" and gives
pi-actlca] evidence of hlsfntth by clean-*
Iiui hia windows with the polish.
Ladies supplied with free samples un
II-ports Irom the Lower Eraser val
lay 11 id ic-I to that t-he spring is very
back ward aui iU-j prospects of a good
are ripening eveiy day. It Is tri.e
that there is a depth, uf snow in the
mountains- above the average and a
lung spell of hut weather is all the!
more to-htvfeiired. It is sinceiclv hoped
that tho farmers of the bVaser wilt lit"
Spared a <li water limilnr to thai of 'Oi
when the whole valley was literally
inundated and many people reudorod
The rails piled iu the C. P. R. yard
are being reloaded on flat cars for shipment to the Lardeau.
The residents of Spillimachene have
passed a strong resolution in favor of a
competitive Coast-Kcoteuay railroad.
J. C. Tom has a Hue of fine up-to-
date hats at reasonable prices, also
gents' furnishings. Call and examine
The relaying of rails and track-
raising, bv a C.P.R. extra gang, under
tho foreman-ship of Patrick Roddick, is
being done on the sidings here.
Tho public school teachers of Victoria aro uow considering the advisability of Torraing a union. These are
days of unions aud trusts, Why not
have the teachers of the whole province solidified in one largo union?
It is a puzzel to kuow why some
residents of Golden who make their
livelihood and daily broad and butte
here should patronize outside business
6rms. It Is admitted by all students
of economy that money spent at home
is certain to return twofold whereas
money sent abroad never returns. One
ought to be patriotic enough to patron
ize home concerns rather than those
of the stranger or alien. Think it
over and your conscience or even business instinct will tell you that you owe
s duty to your neighbor iu the matter
of trade.
Messrs. Vachou have a pah* of do
incsticated wild geese which would be
an interesting acquisition for a zoo.
The female had never attempted anything iu tho family line for seven long
years until about two years ngo She
then began framing a nest of sticks
and feathers and odd bits of calico nnd
string by way of ornament. To-day
she has five big plump perfect eggs to
her credit and she seems half regretfully to act as if she would liko to In
crease the number for every year she
has lost iu doing nothing. Her partner is, ns in duty bound, her body
guard, and woo betide the dog or cat
t.hat goes near Mrs. Goose. Mr, Va-
chon hopes to havo luck with 'his
silting and thus promote a new specie
nf domestic geese.
The sidewalk on Main street near
the postoffice proved to be all too narrow for a Chinaman and a Caucasian
walking iu opposite directions tho
other night. The shoulder of the latter
just grazed that of tho former, whereupon the Chink mudejuso of cognomens
and epithets not found in any diction
ary. Theu followed a beautiful ex
hlbillon of the manly art In whicl:
"John" received a belly blow and t
paralytic stroke over the left opth
simultaneously, If there had been
any grass "John1' would have round
it suddenly but as it was mud in which
he lecrfk.pped ho took to it kindly. The
sldowalk must be made wider. Anothor
reason is thus added for the installation
of electric light lest more serious collisions occur.
A surgical operation was recently
pprformed iu whioh a section of a girl's
spinal cord was removed, tho ends
sown together and today is doing well
In New York tho other day two mon
had their stomachs taken out and re
paired. Both am not ouly alive, but
Kvely. Only yesterday n man was
soon on Main street who had a head
put on him the previous ovening. And
marvellous as it may sown, two men
leant over the railing of the Kicking
Horse bridge early ono morning suffer
Ing the aftermath of a jag. gazing into
lho swiftly rolling wator, but neither
ot' them had a heart (to jump). Bu*.
tha most wonderful living miracle is
the man, .apparently healthy who
walks about without a soul-his sub*
script Iou to tills paper is utmost hope
k's-ly overdue.
Nates from Field,
Miss Mattie Littlefair haa arrived
from Strathcona, Alberta, on a visit.
J. Jones, section foreman at Ottertail, returned with his wife on Sunday
The C. P. R bas givon notice to
Carliu&Wycki'ff, Hull Bros., and Bert
Palmer to remove thoir houses from
the ncrth side of the track.
The C. P. It. will enlarge the Ml.
Stephen House duriug the coming Bummer.
A number of men are employed building a trail to Emerald lake, a favorite
resort for tourists.
Miss Mahal Stephens leaves for Rossland Saturday.
A Chinaman assailed Tuny Payone
with a carving knife as the result of a
dispute about a saw.
John Gould, of Revotstoko, paid a
visit to his parents hare ou Sunday
W. Piisitley. of Truro, N. S. passed
through Goldeu riceutly on route t*.
Mr. Holden, law-partner of Smith
Cutis, MP, P., Ri-*s!<uid, waa In
Oolden duriug the week on a business
Jack Lawson, the popular tonsor of
Field, came down ou Wednesday on a
pleasure trip.
T J. Barron, B, A., of Ariimtoug,
B, 0., began duty as principal uf the
Golden Public school ou Monday last,
J. A. Mclutyre has been installed as
expert mixologist in the Q teen's,
Richard Penrco hus rcturnel from
ihe Old Country and is now employed
by Hull Bros.
Messrs, Stkpheu and Crowe, from
Truro, IS. 8., went throut,h ou Monday V Pacific Express to ReveUtoke!
where thoy have obtained appointments '
llHMtbaU Chullongc.
The following letter addressed to the
Eua is published by request of the
Peterborough Baseball Club, Ko
doubt arrangements will bo made to
accommodate them by the Golden contingent. If the Golden club intend
accepting the challenge there should
be hard aud continuous practice to
enable them to creditably engage with
an opponent of no mean repute :
Editor Golden Era;���The local
baseball club of Peterborough, champions of Windermere district for 1900,
aro anxious to make arrangements with
a local team of Golden to play at the
Peterborough celebration on Mny 24th.
Peterborough Baseball Club.
Hoapltnt Notes.
Anyone visiting the Golden Hospital
could not have failed to notice the
much needed improvements and renovation uf its interior and exterior. Of
all institutions a hospital should be
cheery, cleanly and comfortable. These
three essentials have been attained to
a praiseworthy degree in this home for
the sick. To the energetic secretary,
Mr. Robbins, Is due, largely, the credit
for having accomplished the necessary
renewing nnd indeed the whole staff,
including surgeon and nurses are to lie
commended for their untiring efforts
in all that pertains to the welfaro and
oversight of ihe sick*
A well is being sunk at the hospital
to which a windmill will ho erected
for the supply of water to the building.
This will prove a great convenience
aud one which will he fully appreciated
hy nil connected with  the institution.
That nature loaned a generous hand
in the attractions of the hospital
grounds only a visit is necessary lo
verify. Nestled within a wealth of
trees the building smiles and almost
bids one to come in. The lawns and
pathways are being embellished with
flower beds and shrubbery that will
often cheer the weary invalid in his
daily promenade.
Patients receive tho best of attention
and all refer in kindly terms of the
doctor nnd nurses.
The silver-lead production of British
Columbia of 1800 wns fairly doubled in
Pernio is supplying coke to the
smelters capable of handling 5,000 tons
of oro daily.
The production of Fernie coal mines
during tho month of March was 40,
000 tons.
An Important strike is reported from
thu Blue Bird, one of the properties of
the Monuuia Gold Mining Co, at Rossland,
At a depth of 400 feet a vein of solid
galena, assaying fl25 in lead and
silver, was cut recently iu the cross*
cut tunnel uf the Iron Cap mine, near
The Waterloo mine in Camp Mc<
Kin boy district, Is now taking out the
richest oro iu its histtry. A sample
from threo feet of ore in the face as
sayud (105 In gold.
The Highland mine at Ainsworth
hss practically closed down because tbs
conditions, it is claimed, prevent the
properly being operated profitably it
present. Increased charges for treat
ment and thu low price of lead ars tbe
reasons assigned for the suspension of
The Britannia mine on Howe Sound
has been bonded to W. A. Clark, of
Montana for $1,000,000, of which
f 10,000 was paid in cash and the balance to be paid in a year. There are
15 claims in a group and an enormous
quantity of oro Es exposed.
It is estimated that in the uear future the smelting plants of southeastern British Columbia, whioh now have
a total capacity of 3,450 tons, will be
enabled to handle twice the present
amount of ore.
Conl Mine   Superintendent  GIym In-
Ureatlng Evldanee.
Before the Chineso Commission on
Tuesday last at Nanaimo the evidence
of S. M. Rubins, superintendent of the
New Vancjuver Coal Company, occupied tho whole of tho morning sessiou.
Mr. Robins has been superintendent
of tho company for eighteen years.
His testimony is very important as he,
perhaps, has a wider experience and a
more accurate knowledge ot the value
of Chinese labor than any individual
in the Province.
He siAd the total number of men in
the employ of tho company was 1,330,
of whom the total number of whites
was 1,093, and of Chinese 243. The
whole number of whites employed below ground was 918. Those above
ground 175, The Chinese were all employed above ground as follows: Stokers, 37; banksmen, (under supervision
of a responsible whito mau), 48; timber-
men, (preparing the timber for the
mine), 10; making a total employed for
the mine, 104. Besides these the company have a large number (57) emplo y
ed just at that moment clearing land,
which was being done with all possible
speed to enable the planting of crops
for the season.
When this work was completed they
would be dropped off again. The number of farm hands proper wat 8, making G5 employed at this work.
The smallest sum paid a Chinaman
was $1,124, and the highest sum paid
them per day was $1,25, which was
paid to 85.
The miners, who worked by tbe ton
almost exclusively, earn, roughly
speaking, from $3.00 to $5.00 per day,
There were few who earned less than
$2.60 per day.
Continuing, the witness said that
following on the Wellington explosion
in 1S88, an agreement had been reached
by tho colliery owners with the men
to keep the Chinese out of the mines,
d since thon no Chinaman bad ever
set foot below ground in Nanaimo.
The immigration of Chinese should be
Bu'.irely stopped. Por one thing it
caused manual labor to be looked down
upon by the younger generation. There
was at present a large surplus of Chit-
ese in the province, and no industry
would suffer by prohibiting Mongolian
mmlgratlon, He objected to the introduction of a servile class. The
Chinese anJ Japanese were too servile
to suit him. He had never employed
Asiatic domestics, and knew nothing
of them. The servant problom was
largely due to the want of experience
of the mistresses.
As Mongolian labor was reduced its
place would be taken by white labor
and not necessarily cheap labor,
He would himself work to maintain
tbe standard of wages. He would deprecate bringing cheap labor from
eastern Canada or other places. Men
had offered to work for the company
at $1.75 a day and their services had
been refused. The management did
not want to bring down the standard
of wages. All laboring men should
have adequate remuneration, and therefore it wae advisable to restrict tbe
importation of the cheaper class of
white labor. He did not care where
the restriction came from, it was of
first importance that a living wage
should be paid. H he could not walk
about the town without being ashamed
to look a working man in the face be
would rather walk out ot it. An agreement had been made ton years ago
between the company aud the men.
There haa been no strike during that
period. The union had never forced
anything upon the company. He most
emphatically preferred to deal with
organized rather than with unorganised laboi. Labor conditions might
change with changing markets, but
under no conditions would tho compauy
employ Mongolians underground again.
At the afternoon session Dr. B. E.
Mclveehnie gave evidence which was
strongly ugainat the Chinese, and Dr.
Walkem dwelt on instances ot their
fil'hy habits which had come under
his personal observation.
Is full of Business���in fact we havo a littl? mora
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .....
We are now doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
ON HAND. This is too large a stock" for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in thr,
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and d��
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   .   .   *
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin,
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice,
for 25c.
3 lbs,
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tecs a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Tssas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected"stock
of Goods in British Columbia, mid our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
Golden, B.C.
WANTED-Liidie. an! gentlemen to
introduce ihe ' 'holiest'' seller on earth
Dr. White's Eleotrio Comb, patented
1 SU'J. Agent, ure coining money.
Curo. all lorm. ol acalp ullin.nl.,
Iieiiduches, etc, yet coal, tlie um, a.
an urdinary comb Send 50o in .tamp.
Ior sample. D. N. Ho.., Oon. Mgr.,
Dscatur, 111.
women to travel and advertise for old eaeab-
lislscd linusso of solid linaiisiinl .landing* Sal-
ary $780 a yenr nnd expenses, all payable lu
c-asls. No canvassing required, dive references and eitctoeo eelf-.ddreased stamped
envelope Address Manager, 1155 Cssatou
Bldg., Chicago. act 11
The Dutoh, who smoke 84 ounc. a
head per year, are the gr.ai��.t contain-
er. ol tobacco. Engli.h people .molt,
but 23 ounce, per head.
Rider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride md exhibit a .ample 1901 model hicyclo ol our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE tlO TO toO A WEEK besides having* a
wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $10 to $18
'00 a '99 Models, Best Make, - - $7 to $12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken In trade . ,   .
by our Chicago atores, many a. goal aa new   ...    $8 tO $8-
We ship any bicycle ON APPROVAL to .nyone WITHOUT A CEN1?
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE in none Cmo Triol Yuitakeab.olut.ly
snd allow IUUf)y!> riBC rlllll. NO RISK in ordering Irom us, as you do not need' to pay a cent il the bicycle doe. not suit yon.
lin lilit hull " wheel nntil you have written ler onr FACTORY PRICES
UU IIUI UUy and FREE TRIAL OFFER. This liberal offer ha. never
been equalled and It I. a guarantee ol the quality nf our wheel..
WE WANT a-reliable person in each town to distribute catalogue, for us
In exchange for a bicycle.   Write today for free catalogue and our special offer.-
CJC-is.ja aua-j-iuatiun -jg-j,
Manufacturer. R0Ugh and Dressed Lumber
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
-nn r-r   it.     nu w**t**tm*e****,���ii���  is ai as mmt-t-*m*-t


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