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The Golden Era Mar 2, 1895

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Array )
VOL. IV.   NO. 30
- Sd-t-td
$2 Per Year
It is stock taking time,
prices are low for cash.
Will not last long. Buy
before everything is measured and taken down.
Charles R.  CUawen's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
V -v --
Vith. JWefieish, ~ Prop.
���in Navigation   />a
10- & TramWay W��
During the winter a stage will be rnn between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canai
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 10.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Goldon to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
"When the Company* liability it limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Write tho  Calgary Store for special
prices oil' Choice Dairy and
Creamery Butter.
Among the visitors this week were
R. A. Kimpton, Windermere; Chas.
Cartwright, Carbonate; D. C. Douglas
of Kennedy & Douglas, Toronto. Dan
McNeish came in with tha government
team on Tuesday.
Carlin & Lako have just received a
car load of groceries and aro prepared
to sell them at prices never hoard of in
Golden beforo. Reduction of 20 p.c.
on clothing, gents' furnishing, etc.,
also on all kinds of dry goods. For
particulars seo advertisement in another column.
Prof. Carson was in town on Thursday evening with his World's Fair
show, being a stereopticon show of
the World's Columbian Fair and .Midway Plaisance. Tlie entertainment
was in every respect lirst class, but
owing to the short notico given and
tlie fact that a colored professor was
giving a "song and dance" in the
Queen's Hotel which seemed to catch
the boys better, the audience was
rather small.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORpERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Suaranlead   To   Cure
" That Pain In the Back."
Chemist, Calgary.
Golden, on the nuiiil line of llie Canadian
I'ai'ifii' Ifnil.viiy. nt its connection .villi the
.teamlimit navigation of the ti.liiii.lii-. river :
thn uiiueriil mul commercial centre of Ensteri.
llritish ( nliiiiiliiii: headquarter* of 111.. Hold
nn Smelting works, the l'p|ier I'olumliii
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; tin
outlet for the widely known ana tin
tallied agricultural and grazing land nf the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point fnr the richest mineral country ou the
J. A. Mara. M.P., spent a few days
in town this week, doing a little electioneering in a quiet way.
Mr. Thos. Forrest, of Donald, was
in town this week trying to work up a
little enthusiasm among the Lilieral
Mr. and Mrs, Cavell arrived this
week from Sin-rev, England. Mr. C.
is an assuyer by profession and will
probably locato in this neighborhood.
The 1.0 0 F, will organizo Monday
evening. A nmnbor of brethern from
Calgary, Donald, and other places nre
expected to be present to take part in
the work.
The gold watch, which whs rallied
at the Columbia House oti Wednesday
night, wns won by young Shiels with
45. He, however, sold his chance for
So to Mr. W. Miller.
We call our readers' attention this
week to Mr. F. Partridge's advertisement in another column. Mr. Partridge
has received a consignment of lOOOIbs.
of choice dairy butter, which he is
prepared to sell at reasonable prices.
Two rinks of curlers left on Wednesday of last week for Calgary, where
they had lieen invited to play a friendly name. Half a mile east of Golden
u stop was made owing to mud slides
in the canyon, causing a delay of two
hours and a half, Field was reached
shortly after 8 -o'clock and after the
wants of the inner man had been satisfied the train proceeded east, reaching
Calgary about i o'clock Thursday
morning. After-breakfast the Golden
boys wended their way to the-curling
rink, where they were heartily welcomed by the kuights.of the besam and
stancs. -Business was commenced at
once, the Golden rinks being drawn
against rinks fron- Fish Creek and
Sheep Creek in-the Visitors Competition. In both games the Goldeuites
were successful, the following being
the result:
McNeish   17   Hunter (Sheep Crk.)   ?
Rae 13   McMillan (Fish   ")   (5
30 IT
Majority for Golden ���13 points.
An adjournment was made for lunch,
after which play was resumed, McNeish crossing brooms with Hastings
of Calgary. Af'cr a hard game Hastings won hy 3 points, the score stand
ing���Hastings 17, .McNeish II. At
the same time on rink No. 4, Rao aud
Smith of Calgary, were fighting it out
to the bitter end, the Goldenites however got the better of their opponents
by a couple of points���Rae 15, Smith
13. In tho evening McNeish met
Walker of Calgury in' tho second event,
Billy, however, seetnod to be out oi
luck and was again defeated by It! to !).
The same evening Rae met and defeated Baiincriuan of Coignry in the same
competition- Rue 20, Bannerman 10.
This finished lho games for tlie day
and tho curlers were then escorted to
the Opei'tt House, by their Calgary
brethern, where a reception was being
given to tlie Mounted Police by the
citiieens of Calgary. Here again the
Goldenites showed to advantage, tripping the light fantastic toe with Calgary's fairest daughters.
Play was resumed on Friday morning, Rae and W. H. Grant coining
together. The Calgary veteran proved
too much for the boys, tho score being
Grant 22, Rae 12, with one end to
play. In tho afternoon line and
Hastings met and after a hard game
Hastings won on the last end, 12 to 9.
In the evening the visitors wero
entertained to an oyster supper aud a
pleasant time was g'cnt by all.
The Points game was played on
Saturday morning, first prisso being
taken by Johnston of Calgarj with
26. The Golden boys showed up
pretty well iu this' competition, McNeish taking fourth place with 22.
The smallness of the scores was due to
the poor condition of the ice, which
wus rendored heavy owing to the soft
weather prevalent at the time.
In the afternoon the visitors drove
around the city, viewing the principal
places of interest, They left the same
night for home.
The boys are in every way pleased
with their trip, both in the manner in
which they were treatod during their
stay in Calgary and also with their
performances on the ice, doing fully
better than they expected. They were,
however, not a little handicapped in
their games, having to. meet fresh
rinks all the time, while they themselves having no rest at all were pretty
well played out. This inconvenience
was owing to the delay experienced by
the Goldenites in reaching Calgary,
the train being 27 hours late, consequently they had to play two days'
games in one day. They are to be
congratulated, however, on the creditable showing they made in their first
outside matches. If the weather holds
good two rinks ffom Calgary are expected to have a return game. We
can guarantee them a hearty reception
should they come as our curlers laro
not a bit behind their Calgary brethern
in point ot hospitality.
The.trophy won by the Golden boys
is on exhibition at C. A. Warren's
store, and is a handsome carving set.
McNeish and Bae will play off for it,
the winning rink will then probably
settle the ownership by playing points
for tiie same. At present, however,
the weather is rather unsuitable for
curling aud to all appearances the
ownership of the trophy will remain
undecided until next season.
V.lMj.C.E. Opel* Meeting.
The Young People's Christian Endeavor Society of Golden, held its first
open meeting on Friday evening of
last week. Rev. W. R. Ross was
called to the chair aud opened tha
evening's entertainment with an eloquent address iu reference to the society, its dutien and moral worth to
each of its members. A short programme, chiifii of a literary character,
was then gone through, being well
rendered in every particular, and a
most pleasant aud profitable evening
was spent by all. These entertainments
will be given on the last Friday evening of each mouth. Everybody welcome.
A Meet Inn; ot the Ladles of Golden.
A meeting of the ladies of Golden
will be held next week for the purpose
of forming a branch of the Women's
Local Council for the East Kootenay
district, in Golden. Mrs. Spragge,
President of tlie Women's Local Council of Donald will address thu meeting
und explain the ohject and workings
of the society. The date und place of
meeting have not yet been fixed, due
notice, however, will be given of the
same, and notices containing such information will ho posted at tlte post
office and C.P.R. depot. A full attendance of the ladies of Golden is par-
ticularv requested.
In the neighborhood of the Alexander Hall, a gent's %c��vf pin, in the
shajie ol a hand holding a pearl. The
owner ivoul 1 feel much obliged if tbe
finder will itr,.,,. 0..111U ai this oiiij.e. Otitis C5jl*Ottit tfjsa
The GOLDEN BltA is published every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
ami wist mail trains, aUo tlie mail tor the
tipper country, Wludermore, Fort Steelo etc-
It is the only advertising medium in the Kent
Kootonay district
���Snbscriptii.il Itatus : $2.1X1 |��-r siuiu.ii IN
Advertisements and clunig��s must he in
the office not later llu.i. 1*1 a i.i, on Thiir-nluy
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rate* made known on uppli-
tnttor 'o
lIIcimIi to be (mill to tho Manager, from
rlw.li tbeCiiiiipsny's receipt will be obtained.
Tiie Ufa En PiiM-king Cmpaii-,
''SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 1895.
For Till* Eit.t.
imrt  i.
Have you e're lieen in Golden,
���   That dear litl le place,
Where the mountains all round
Look you full in the face?
To-the eastward the Rockies,
'���'��� The Selkirks on the wist,
��� Ard Golden iii the valley
Sits like bird in her nest.
Flowing down from the Rockies
From the snow-crested ridges,
. Cnnes the Kicking Horse River
.   Sweeping under its bridges.
On its way through the town
Over rocky lelgo going
Still hastening down
Where Columbia's flowing.
Oil that Kicking Horse River
���r.   In the summer it smiles
And glanoes and gleams
.-.-   And the sportsman beguiles, -
With his rod and his line
On its banks to sit down,
. As it glides by the woods,
-*.'��� As it Hows through the town.
But; ah ! in the spring,
When the sun on the mountains
Is melting the snow
And opening the fountains;
That same smiling river
Comes with plunge and with roar
Down the Kicking Horse canyon
Like the "Falls of Lodore."
'Gainst the strong wooden -jines
The river coines dashing,
And foaming.and tumbling,
An.'] roaring and splashing.
As if it intended,
To carry away
Houses, bridges and trees,
In its riotous play.
By the C.P.R. station
We se*> a steep hill.
��� Let us climb by this path,
Just behind the big mill.
Let ns follow the path
As it leads round the crest
Of the hill, till the town's
Si retched before us, at rest.
Far down is the station,
There, just at our feet,
Beyond, houses and stores
On the wide village street.
Churches, schools and the homes
Where the Goldenites dwell,
The '��� Big Store," the market,
Town hall and hotel.
And there, past lhe town
Near the river, one sees
The hospital building
Almost hid by the trees.
Golden's proud of her hospital
And rightly, for there
The sick nnd maimed find skillful
Attention and care.
Beyond this again
Here and there is the gleam
At the foot of the Selkirks,
Of Columbia's stream.
-Beside this mighty river
A half mile from the town,
Stands the saw mill by tlie pontoon
Where the logs come float ing down
And from the sawmill by the river
To the bridge within the town,
Little, busv, bus: Iing liel sy.
Goes pulling up and down.
Who is Betsy ? do you ask me ?
Why the pride ol all the town,
Though her face is black mid sooty,
And she wears no fancy gown.
Little Betsy is the. engine,
Which   brings lumber  from   the
At noon time every day her shriek
Re-echoes from tliu hills.
Yes, Golden looked a charming place
Lust twenty-lourth of May,
When  mo said  good-bye to snowcapped peaks,
Befoie we came away.
We waved good bye to friends then
Beside the rushing river,
And, looking from the engine,
Frowning   mountains    made  us
As from Golden up lho canyon,
In the engine we were flying,
While to shrieking of our snorting
The mountains were replying.
Were we frightened? Oh the grandeur
Left us littlo time for fear,
Besides we knew the skillful hand
01 Old Carey engineer.
You know this Mr. Carey
That good-natured, jolly man,
Who handles No. 4(1(1,
As only Carey can.
He pointed out the landmarks,
The mountains far and near,
All Ihe while he scanned tliesliining
With steady eye and clear.
Past the glaciers, still we mounted,
Past  the   mountains    frowning,
Over trcssels where we  held   our
By valleys wild and deep.
Labor omnia vincil,
I thought as we rushed along,
And wondered, seeing overcome,
Obstacles great ami strong.
As our train with three great Moguls
Through the mountains speeds,
313, 315, behind,
But four hundrrd and fixty-six
A Novel Logging Devlre.
There is a wood pile in Lead City,
S.D., widely known throughout lhe
Black Hills mining region. It belongs
to the Homestnke Gold Mining Company, and is composed of timbers
about thu size of railroad ties, which
nre used in supporting the walls und
roofs ol the drifts and tunnels of the
mines. A narrow gauge railroad brings
the logs, which have been sawn flat
on two sides, to a point on the mountain slope about GCO feet above the
valley, and ihey are then thrown into
a wooden chute itlioui 4 feet wide and
2 feet deep. The inside surface is kept
smooth and slippjry by a small stream
oi water. If the logs were allowed to
run directly to the ground, they would
speedily excavate an enormous hole
besides damaging themselves, so the
lower end of the chute is curved upward, and the logs leave it nt au angle
of about (10 degrees with the horizontal
and rise from 150 to 200 feet in the
air, turning over and over, and finally
landing on the enormous pile already
there. A useful fact in connection
wilh this method is that the logs
sort themselves in the pile according
to their size: the heavier ones, having
a greater momentum, nre all found at
the side farthest away from the chute.
��� Scientific American.
Tb prevent her lover withdrawing
from his promise, a young lady from
cue of the northern strtes always introduces him to her friends as " Mr.
������, my ihtendeo husband."
The Folly Which Cost Robert Lyon His
I.ffe���Tl���� I'mUi-ilnnr!-*. of the 1'iiinb.t
noil Ils Fatal-tiding���HlsFriei'd'.-lfe-
1.....K ���egret.
In Canada duelling was almost entire-
1 ��� confined to the profession of arms.
Th - list duel that took place in Upper
Cumuli-, h-wever, was between civilian*, although it wns probably tlie ont
I'ome of tlie spirit which so long pervaded some of the military settlements
in Citnuda. '
After the fall of Napoleon and the
conclusion of the American war of 1812-
13. lhe British army was reduced to a
place fouling ami several of the regimen;* were disbanded in Camilla, lands
being allotted them in proportion to
rank, and tools anil rations beinir pro-
v..ii'd the men nnder certain regulations
as to settlement, etc. Perth, now tho
county town of the comity of Lnnnrk,
was one of the most important centres
of ono of these military settlements.
Many nf the officers of the gallant Glengarry Fetifibles nnd a number from
other regiments settled here, who, together witli tlie soldiers from all branches of the service, gave a decidedly military flavor to the social life of the little
community. Isolated from the rest of
the world, living almost entirely within
themselves under semi-military lawB,
like tlie Bourbons forgetting nothing
und learning nothing, the settlement for
the lirst twenty-five years of its existence presented a curious anomaly, nn
Old Country village of the Inst century
in tlie l.nckwoods of Canada It was
known as the half-pay officers' paradise.
The distinction of clans and the precedence uf rank were ns rigidly insisted
upon in their log houses in tiie bush as
if nt a grand review ou Honuslow Heath
or at a levee at Ht. James' Palace.
Proud, arrogant old fellows tlioy were,
these half pay officers, bnt brave and
-initio and manly withal. If they hnd
faults they had grenter virtnes, whicli
have so impressed themselves on onr national life that much ia due to them that
Canadians are a loynl and a manly people. In tlie early thirties there were two
young men engaged in the study of law
in this I'liniut old town, who were not
only sought after by ambitions iiiaiiiiiins
for every social rout and party, but were
looked upon hy the people nt large as
Iieing lads nf peculiar promise in their
profession. They were both of good
family, Hubert Lyon being a son of Captain Lyon of Richmond, a neighboring
settlement, and the father of John Wilson was ti Scutch gentleman of scholarly
tastes, but slender menus, who had made
many sacrifices to give his sou a profes
sion. Some of the oldest residents of
Pertli yet remember them and speak of
the inseparable friendship that existed
between them, and the manly light-
In tu ted natures of the lads. Lvon wus
a student ill the office of his kinsman,
the father of the late William Rnilen-
hurst. nnd Wilson in that of the Hon.
James Loul-oti, two leading offices iu the
Ottawa valley. In tno spring of 1883
tiio two students were sent by their
respective principals to Bytown, then
nu miiiiip'.rinnt vitiligo, on some legal
business ill which both offices were interested. Whatever It was that occurred
lietwet-n them in Bytown which wns the
first ciinse of the subsequent tragedy,
the outside world will never accurately
atiow. Tradition speaks of a half-laugh
in;;, half serious remark by Lyon, in
which n lady's name is thoughtlessly
used in the confidence of late hours,
pipes, and wine. The remark' is taken
seriously by Wilson, who wrote in confidence t�� a lady in Perth, n relative, regarding its truth. In a short time the
inevitable result followed, aud Lyon returned to Perth to receive only a
naughty stare from the lady whose
name 1.0 had thoughtlessly spoken and
a practical dismissal of  bis suit from
Miss , his fiancee.   Half maddened
with these, to him, inexplicable insults,
he demanded an explanation. Wilson's
rel live refused to divulge her informant's name without his consent. Wilson came forward manfully and admitted his share in the affair and said he
was justified under the circumstances.
There was a casual meeting before the
court house, some hot-tempered words
were exchanged, a blow given by Lvon
was received on the cheek by Wilson
and they were separated. To understand what follows one most consider
the sit nation of the parties. Lyon,
connected by blood and marriage with
tue principal families of the settlement,,
genial, dashing, and debonair in his
manlier, strikingly handsome, an athlete
who easily surpassed all his companions
tu feats of strength and skill, would undoubtedly have the sympathy of the
little community which was their social
world in the quarrel between the former
friends; while Wilson,  of littlo  social
influence, of a sby, sensitive lint proud
temperament, had few of those more
superficial qualities which make n man
popnlnr. What feelings agitated tho
breast of the proud, sensitive boy���for
Wilson was not twenty-one���during the
days that followed the encounter at the
court house, one can only imagine. How
hi* cheek must have tingled as he
thought of what tlie half-pay officers,
tne magnates of his world, would say.
No gen.lviuaii will submit to u blowl
How must his blood have boiled as he
r.'iiliied the fruitlessness of returning a
blow nggiust an athlete liko Lyon! How
lie must have thought that every man*
looked upon him, with their old-fashioned idea3, us a coward, and every woman
usa triulucerl Oh, if they only knew
that be bad a right to send that letter, a
light to know as to the truth of Lyon's
words! It must have been in this
frame of mind that lie consulted
Ki.an' companions ns to what action
lie should take. Queer connsellonuthey
were, bronght up with tbe old ideas of
their fathers, who forgot that .'he world
hnd changed since tbey wereyonngiucn
and talked ns blithely nhont pinking or
winging their men ��s if old George III.
were yet on the throne. Thoy determined that Wilson had receiveil n deadly insult and that his outraged honor demanded satisfaction, nnd a challenge
wns sent to Lyon. It is a noticeable
peculiarity of the history of duelling
tbnt it is almost invariably the friends
that seem to I hink that the only thing to
wash out what they grandiloq'iently call
dishonor, is blood. There can bo little
doubt that both Lyon aud Wilson, despite their unfortunate quarrel, sincerely liked each other in their heart of
hearts as much as ever, bnt they, iu the
language of the Code, were in the hands
of their friends.
A venerable and much respected lady,
almost thn lust link that connects the
earliest settlement with the present,
told me the story the other day. "I was
only a girl at the time," she said in hor
gentle Scotch voice, "nnd had jnst come
out." And the dear old lady, the belle
of other days, paused nntl seemed to travel back over the long sixty years to
the time when her benutifnl white
hair was golden nud her wrinkled cheek
was ruddy with youth ami health.
"I knew poor Mr. Lyon and Mr. Wilson. Everyone was surprised when
they henrd of the duel, for only the second and the surgeon knew. I believe.
Everything was conducted properly,
you know," said my informant, drawing herself up, more erectly if possible
than before, on the chair whoso buck
she would have scorned to touch nnd
looking us if the only impropriety there
conld be about a duel was the manner
in which it was carried out. "Mr. Julius
Lelievre, a son of Captain Lelieyre, un
officer in the French navy who luul left
the French service with his ship, so it
wus said, in tlie last war, and joined
the British, wns Mr. Lyon's second;
Mr. Simon Fraser Robertson, son of
Captain Robertson, acted for Mr. Wilson, and yonng Mr. Rende, sou uf stuff-
surgeon Heinle, was the surgeon. Young
Mr. Reade went into the army and be'
came a surgeon-major. He distinguished himself lately in tho Crimea und in
the Mutiny.
"Tho meeting took place jnst beyond.'
the town line on the right bank of the
Tny. There was a large elm tree on the
spot which is I here yet. Mr.-Lyuii was
whit is called a crack -hut. ��� ut both
missed at tbe first fire. KlTorts wero
then made by Mr. Robertson and
Mr. Reade to bring about an understanding or reconciliation, but both gentlemen were proud and Mr. Lelievre, it
is snid, would not agree to an nmicnblo
settlement and the pistols were reloaded
and the principals were again placed on
the ground. At a word, both pistols
exploded together and Mr. Lyon fell
heavily backward, shot though, the
heart. Thn ball entered below the leveled right arm and lie was dead before
Mr. Lelievre aud Mr. Reade got to him.
Mr. Wilson nnd Mr. Robertson at once
gave themselves np to the authorities,
but were acquitted by the jury at the
ensuing assizes at Brockville. Mr. Lelievre at once left the country nnd died
a few years ago at Sierra Leoiin on the
west coast of Africa. Mr. Wilson practiced law at London, Canada West, nnd
as yon know became the Hon. Mr. Justice Wilson of the Common Pleas, but
the death of poor Mr. Lyon. I know,
was a lifo long, heart felt sorrow to him
nntil the day he died, a few years ago,
crowned wi.th years and honor."
This was the last duel in Ontario. It
excited innch interest throughout the
country and the tragic pathos of Lyon's
death showed the terrible natnre of the
custom divested of its tnediicval vanities and fantastic nonsense. It served
to extinguish forever the few embers of
the old duelling spirit that still .fitfully
smouldered throughout tho Cnnadtts.
It died with dignity, however, and,
painful as it may be, the thought of
those two proud gallant lads facing
death ou thut June morning long ago.
not with the hideous desire ti) kill b'at
in compliance witli the belief that honor
demanded that a custom that \ri*s virtually obsolete before they wrtro born
should be carried ont, makes ouo- hesitate before laughing at the code of honor us only silly and ridiculous.. It-some-
times had at least the dignity of
Of all the brief lffe stories of the early
time chiseled on the marble slulw in the f
old burying-groniid in Perth, where our
forefathers sleep the long, long sleep,
there is none sadder than that told under
the old shattered yew .see by a atone,
Friendship's Ornsniiro
Dedicated to the memory of
He fell in mortal combat 13th of Juno,
1883, in the 20th year of his age.
���Charles Lewis Shaw, in Saturday
Night ;  ;'.
An OiiKlnal Plan Devised Whereby the
People of the Vole-Mile Zone May lie
Forewarned ot the Approaching* Peril*
of Life Tliere. I  ".,
Senor Francisco Estrada, professor of
physics in the state college of Sau Luis
Potosl. Mexico, has submitted mi original plau to the government fur foretelling earthquakes in tlie volcanic zone of
Mexico, l.y means nf the telephone, says
the St. Louis Ulooe-Deuioci.it. Since*
the strong earthquake which visited tho
Valley of Mexico on November 8 last,
kill' tig eighteen persons, he has made a
special study of I'll* class of disturbances and their preceding signs. He has
been making a long stndy of means of
prediction for these destructive disturbances, and is sure he has made a discovery of value, which value can only
be appreciated by the inhabitants of tho
volcanic regions. In the course of
his very interesting report the author
"With the telephone and the moro
recent invention, the microphone, and
with daily simultaneous observations,
taken in the volcanic zone, which comprises Vera Cruz, Pnebla, Mexico aud
Guadalajara. I believe it possiolu to.
definitely prognosticate earthquakes and
volcanic eruptions, as the result of the
great interior changes of the earth,
which change the geological construction of our land. The noises that trfm-blo
our long'-distunce telephones 'tli-it ��se
the earth to-complete the circuit* noises
hitherto unexplained. 1 believe from my
repeated observations are orij^inate'.-,
from two principal canses, atmospheric
electricity uud underground eh-ci j-jf*!**)!
currents, which come from depths uiiiru
or less great. ' Iu the first cast they'aro
easily distinguished by exterior sign1.
such asst.iruis, thunder,li���'iiui'ingj etc.,
but tliere -ire times when, the air l>eiimperfectly still, singular noises lli.e titur-
niurings. sand storms, blows or the rubbing of a rough body upon tue instrument are heard ut the telephone. As
this instrument is the most,sensitive
Vi.own, ���'. ju'dtfi it-is suitable foi'the re-
cognition of the approaching sti'stnoliv*
gical phenomena, wi'ieh c-tnso' SnclV-
^r eat ter-jjrti.'uhe inhabit* nt of V'.lcatiio
zones. 1 propose the rational study of
these -phenomena' by the following
"Construction of various telephone
lines; let one connect tlie > central government meteorological observatory
with the base of the volcano Popocatepetl, being grounded in one.of -the'
deepest cracks or crevasses, selecting
among them one containing a thermal
���Hiring, connecting the other end of the
line .at, the observatory with tlie metallic tube of one of the deepest artesian
wells in the city. Another lino should
run from Pnebla to the same mountain
and then connect Guadalajara with the
volcano of Collma,   and   later  Hues
should be run to the peak of Orizaba,
the Cofra de Perote, and the Jorutle
volcano. I would place at ��� least two
'telephones and one vertical galvanometer at some convenient sp t midway
in the telegraph lines from Vera Crnti
to Pnebla, from Puebla to Mexico City,
to (luiidalajiira. and Onadalnjara to Hun
Bias; or some other Pacific port that has
a telegraph office'to take daily observations with the telephone. In each one
of these.branches br sections, and with
all the lines connected as often as possible without interfering witb this service of the wires, the placing iu the observatories at Mexico, Pnebla and Guadalajara of a simple microphone composed of a carbon pendulum suspended
on a tin spiral wire'so arranged that it
will close an electric circuit nt the
slightest motion, .and set an electric hell
to riui-ingyiri'order to record the slight-
est movement of the earth. If properly
bandied by, thecojiiieaiis the eruption, of
any'v��ltario'ii'.ide'artfi'(|uake 'might be
foretold many days in advance." IT,
Application for Cortlfleiiie of  Iin-
Take notice thnt I, Manuel Dainard,
Tree "miner's certificate No.4.:4'i7,intend,
njOdays from the date hereof, to apply to
tlte Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crowu grant uf the ubove
And further take notice, that adverse
claims.must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before
the iisu-ince of such 'certificate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainahd.
gJuaintMS-s ffiovbe.
Application    for    Ortlflcut.-' of  Improvements.
Take notice that. I, Manuel Dainard,
Ir**) mi tier's certificate No. 474!I7. intend
GO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Coniiiiissioiier lor iicertificnte
of improvement, for the purpose of
ohtainiug   a    riwn' grant   of   alove
cl:. iill.
Aid further take notice that adverse
claims must hu sunt to the .Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate uf improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October.
1894. *
FOR   $2.25
The  "Golden Era"
run Oil* YK.tll.
20 Complete Novaktto'jsrS
Manuel Dainaru.
Katie.) or   Application   for'Cert I licit t
���       of Improvements.
"iNUOOI'lT"   MlNI'llAI,  CLAIM.
Tuke notice that I, Harold E. For
ster, free miner's substituted certificat.
Na 35.149. intend, sixty days from tin
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Con,
missiouer fur a cO'.'tifictile of improve
inputs- for the purpose, n? olituiiiiiig .
Crown grant of the aboveclaim.
Ami further take notice that ad vers,
claimsr must be sent to the Miniiif Re
eorder, and action commenced hefor
the issuance of such certificate ol im
Haroi.ii E. FfiiixTifii,
By his ngout F  W. Avi.JlI'lt.
Dated this i'fith  dav of   December
Golden Hospital Society
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for tin
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from the undersigned or any member of thi
PRICE-Ten Dollnrs per year or Sis
Dollars iter half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
ay Office. * riii'iolial l.i.linratory
(Estiililisliiid in ll.C. iu 1880.)
' Vani'onvt'r, l-.C.
8.rflMtssss to wsshj- than br all otbar
ir.irnr.eMsr*! 'ih*>ri.tsl-.isrgo.t
, uptijr. u'ld.r sersrssi ���u-.ln. sTs-rs-
_ore CURES
_rn. s ties*, ef-
faded bv uiy
Trussss, witb
' th.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Long-heed   A  McCarter.
Il��.rister8, Advocntes, Solicitors, Notariot
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors lor linnk of Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T.
11.   J.   .11, I'I! SOY.
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION &
Draii-rhtsinari, Viilttiitor.etc,, CA I .OAKY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPIISOM, D.Ij.S���1Mj.S, of ll.C. ���Ont.
Caloarv, Alba.
Mf.C'ai-tl.y   A   Hnrvey,
l'lirristors, Advocates, Notiiries, &c.   i-jolici-
We hare arnnnc-i with tlie piibllf-hor of the pnpn"-ar*
llluitrated lltorary an.l family monthly, Thi* It'iin-
fr tlml  Iiimn   OiioM, to furnlnh thin excel loot
publication in club wiih our paper upon the nporlfiHy ���. \��.,, .,,-,,.. /W.
liberal terms quoted abovi, ana we are also enabled to * ��� ������i^Alinn , y.L
ofTar to each eubscrlbor, Fi't*e. a tarn-o aud linrili'-mo
Sremlum book, entitled, ������ T\v�� .itv tYinpVt��
fovlettHH bv I* in.-ilui* AutlioiM." Una
our Mib-M-rlburs, by UkIiik airanttw of the above
libir-Uoter, may H-ciire, In aWtlii to their (Xvnrite
hiine now^-apa-, <. year's aittaorbtton to oneof the
best and -nort pnpulir lltorary and family papers pub.
Ihh.il, and also ���,-_ attractive and enter, alnhiir book
contalnln'i twenty complete novolottea hy twenty of
the niort fa-nnu-i aufiors of America, Ennlnnil and
France-Infact, a large amount oftlio most fascinating
reading matter at the most trifling co.��t.
Is a lartro and handsome lfi-pa-jo, 64>coliimn llln**
trated literary and faml'v paner, puh-lshnil monthly.
and containing Serial and "-.'ion stories by tt-e mnst
pnnn'a** author*, sketches. Poems. Useful VIsreiinnv,
Ho'i-tefiilrl. nhl'dron'a nnd Humnrons Pnt-nrtment-i,
and erervtbln<t:to am-is-), entertain and Instntc** each
member of the famllr elroli Amonu the writers'
whose stnHes constin'-y anrmr In TnR lM.rpTBATKD
Mom iTCbst are Mrs. Emma Tt. V. N. smitliworth,
Mrs. Mary J. *��Tolmes, Charlotte M. Braeme. Mrs. Ann
R, Stqnhens, Mrs. May Amines Flemln-1* Etta W, Pierre,
Mrs. .lane 0. Austin, Emma Oirrlson Jnnes, Mary
Kyle Dallas, Sylvao'H Cobb. Jr., Emsrsnn Ponnett, A.,
f'onan Doyle, and manv others. It Is a bl-rh-class r-nb-
llcatlnn for the family circle, haf-l-'miiely prlrtnd,
beantifniiy lllashnted- and wfil'fl Itha'ways tntrresN
ins; and never dull, it Is pure In moral tone, uot an
obfef-tlinahle wurd or line twin1? allowed to enter its
columns. You -.-ill be delighted with this charming
paper, and ea^rly welcome Its monthly visits.
5r Popnlnr AniHi*** Is a large and handsome
ok of 191 larte 1-TiVe-floinmn nrtavn pnftea, nicely
printed in '���'ear. hi** I, rn'idah-o tv-e on gno.1 napor,
and handsome1? hound In colored paoer covers. It
contains, as Its t|f*e Indicate-' tmntn complete noneiettet
by twenty weU-knowo and popular aii'hors. each one
or which Is Inten-mlv interest in1-. It comi-rlsns a whole
season's deli-xhtfnl Midlne, and Is hy far tho tariest
and finest crtlle'-tlon of complete poimlar nnre'e^tes
ever rmbllshed <n a sln-rle vnlii-t.e. Tl*e titles of the
twenty complete novelettes contained In this book are
as follows:
Under tho MMI7 Berrloe. By Chsrintie M.
The PHnntnm lVcditlng. Bf Mrs. Kmm_ D. E: N.
Botithwortli. 1
The fiV|MT*�� ST'trnlilV.    B-M1-1. Henry Wood.
Moon still.* nntl Mnrpif-rltci, By "The no-
The Headimna or Antwerp.   By Mrs. Ann ft.
Th*�� Story of n Wfh.   By Mm. Mav A-nwFlMnlnj,
OH HUllrtorn.ril ll.lll.     Bv Ml-* M. K Hrivlilnn.
Illnnnhe of H<>fiiitlPii.    By A1i>xsnitor Dtimso,
A Title or Thme lAnnn,    Pv II. HMfr BssKard.
A Drsma In the Air.   nv _r��i'-�� vw.
The titan or Hnlon,   Bv Amsn-ts M. Dnneiss.
The Cnptnln or the Pole-Htnr.  By a. Consn
The Nnllnrtn fteeret.  B^Mr-, Jan-ft. Anstin.
The Duel In llorim Wood.  Bv wmieCoiiins.
The Heiress of WhlUon Orun Be.   By M. Tl
CHI' -r.
Mom Fmrm.   ��- Mst Kv|���- iihitw,
Tho Hlncliumtth*-- Diinghtrr.   Bt Fit* vr. Pl-rr*
Tho ���*.�����! ot or of Moflonil.   By Mvsnus -nol*. Jr.
Tho r��U- liininoiida.   Hv Um. Viry A. D.-i��on.
Aahcroft Hall.   By Kinms OJ��rrlson Jines. <
hat ne send THE UOI.DEN E'.'A for mu
eiii-.TIIK ll.l.l'ST'fATl'.l: ItllMEIilKS
',r one vcar. ind the linoli, "Tw nty i mil
ilete N'ovi lettes l.y Popular Authors." id
riost-palil by 1111.II upon receipt of only ftfiSfi
i'liis otVcr applies Imth to uoiv Hiiliseribur*
mil renewals Every lovor of liri'tht all'
liscilllitllll! li'erati.ie should take iidv'iutii*-i
itit. Saiiii'lis copies of " The lllustriiteii
llonio (lues: "and of tlio premium hook may
io seen at this office.   Address all letters i
The linpoiial Hunk of Oaiiiulii.
I'jie Ciniiiilii I'erniaiioiit l.oiin & Saving*To,
J Iio 1 orkshire I.Oiill A Securiticsf orporalioii
lho .MassiiyllarriN I o. (Ltd;.ole., etc.
Offices   .������tephen Avenue, Lulgury.
HoltAUlrJ llAHVEY, li.A.  Ij.Ij.Il.
Assou. Mem. I.nst. C.E.
.niVI*V��    KXillXFER,
CooiiitA.NB, Alba.-Ft. Steelb, B.C.
ining I Smelting
00, (Limited)
A. leofbed,
(liraduitte of Laval and Me.Uill.)
JHjVBX��    fr'M. IXKtiK.
Head Office, Queheu ;  Briineli  Offices
SlIEltliltOOKE,'-. 17 Place d'Annes
Hill. MllNTllE.lI,.
Samuel S. Fowler, EM.,
Properties roixir'oil nnon.    Estimates and
plans tor ad metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manaoek.
^s Golden Era Pub. Co.
Golden, B.C.
in tlio Supreme Court of Hritish Coliiniliia.
I��li, II No. il
Itotivenn   .\le\iiii''er  I..   Hogg and   Fr.iiili
rloiiglitou, I'li.liitlll's i
' hnrles r*.  Karioll  and 0. H. Julmson, Do
I'o I harles ('. K'l'i'i'll and ". H. Jnllllsoil of
Kurt Steelo, iu the llisui.'t of Kootenay,
Miners j
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
For full particulars apply to -���*
H B.ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connaclier, Proprietor
Wliol-.--i--.lf.- nml Itetnll
Cattle, Sheep ftnd
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalrnors.
Ciiljrupy'    ���     ���       A ll'a
" It Is worth the price to every nprsor
who even reads ��� newspsptr."���Dsrllngtor
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporters,
Correspondents snd Oopy Choppers.
Short, simple end pitctlcul rales for
msklnn sod edition newsptper copy,
and of <r>)uil value to all uno wish to
write corruot Eoiill.h.
Sent on receipt of price
Kr copy.   ALLAN TOR 
r Nassau Street, Nsw York.
n.. Price, 10 cents
RMAN, Publlshet
Pre.bjrtorli.il Hor vice.
Service will lie held to-morrow
morning in the school house lit 10
o'clock, conducted bj- liev. W. R.
Roi'i. J    ���    v   '
Take notice that on tli" ,-i'rth day nf All rust
1804, a writ of siinunoiis was i-siioil out ol this
i'uiirt against youit ihos.it of tho alum
named, Aloxalidor L. Hiurg and I'Vaul
(l.iiighti n. of I'nri steelo, Fro" Minors:
Thi' "hes.ri.' ���.v-ir.v.s oiit'lisod wish the
fiilli... i.ig statenuii' o''claim :
"The pltitntillVcliri i for tliocancclliilioii
of lho roeords of iho I'eadivuod mill i.o*riil
Tender mineral (lai.i.s, in the office of the
Milling Km' ricr.t KViri **lis'le In iho I'rov-
iin-.' nt" I riii.-li l oluiiil'i.,, for au injunction
resi raining the de'oiiilants. ||t��ir servants,
iigents, or .vorltiiiou from entering ii|ion tho
(jiieon of tho 11 ills and I ,i.ke hluro nml Moyon
mineral clninis, uud fur dmaiiges and the
costs of this action."
And take unlive, further, that hy unorder-
of Ills I ordship Mr. .Iis-ice Waluon, ilitttv
,'.|||I ciolior, IWI', it was oiilcrel that sen lee
of the sail ivrir he n ecleil hy tswiiiii.' lho
sume ou the oliiee of the Vlnliig recorder lit
Kurt Steele, and mi the soil Qnoeu of lim
Hills. Movea und Luke * hurq rial ns, and hy
udvortisliig ���' u.iii'eilier.rof*,ir;.;iiliiys in tlm
iiin.i'i.\ En ne vsnuper. and.tliut tho de*
t'cii'l'tits .In enter an upiieariiiice .vithin:/)
iliivs of lie lirsl insertion of sinrli uotii o.
Vou aro therofiire ro'iuiroil  pursiuint to Siindiiv  from   10 n.m. to   12 in., nnd
such order lo enter au iiiipouraitce to lhe -Mil ' ,
mil iu  ihooflice of th"  Koiistriir of this | from 7 p.m. to H p in.
I oiirt at Kairiliiops, llrliish I oluiuhin. "'llhill
(Kl davs of the first iitsort ion of this itotieo. VlKITINll iiiiijiin
D..t'od this IlOth Novouilior, 'WU.
-*.*-��� ���"������w...'.w'..,^.'.J_*--S-
Newly refitted nnd furnished. Strintlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof sufe for convenience
of guests. ileiidipiiirters for mining men and
minors. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Spenittl attention given to orders from u,. the
Coluinbiu River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    DepeirtiTiGi^t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
pcnrccT TEA
li il Iio .In.pltiil Snclct.v.
Illltfll-. Fllll  I'OVSI'liTATIOX.
From MrllO a.m. to 11 nm.
2   p.m. '*   4 p in.
"       7     "    "   H    "
prompt sniwer snd sn honoiit opinion, wrltn to
Mil SN Ar CO.. who lisve had nearly lift j ���iinra'
experience In the patent bu.lneiu. Cnniniunlcs*
tlnnii dtrlirtlv rnnllacntlQt. A IlniiriltiHik or fn-
formstlnn cinii'i'rnlirir I'ntriitN suit bow to ob-
tniii tbem sent free. Also s cstsfoguii ot median.
leal nntl -I'li'irtillo l-oolt. sent free.
Pntent. tsken tfiroii*). Munn k Co. receive
specintnotleelntbeMrlpntille tinrricnn. sn,l
thus sre bronebt wliloly bcfnr.iiliR public without cunt to tho Inventor. This splendid Dnper,
lwued weeklr, clessntly lllnvtrntcd. bar I'T fnr tin.
farire.t I'iroiilatlnu ot nny r-i'ientille tmrlt In tba
world. ��;| s rear. Soniple cnple. -wnt free.
Bulldlrut K.llll'in, moiillilr, KMa yenr.  Sln.lo
A. U. M. 81'lt.VOQjE,
Of DoiiiiM,   iu tlm Dinrii't of Kuutliili:
I'laiuti V -Solicitor.
lim iuaortiuii Diar. 1st. .-rill.
FiTim  i?rilO p.m.  to x p.m., daily,
except Moiiduy and -Srifi-dny.
Ur OKHLit.
- _..-_.-, i.iuh .....  ..-.���.. 	
���oplei, *J.*J cents. K-rt-ry immtiiT coiitaioi beau*
tlfal plttes, in colnrit, mil i-hotocraphs of new
hounei. witb plans, eimbllim tiiiii<1i>rs to nlmw tbe
latont (le-Iirn-i ami r-eeure cuntror-ia,  AdrireM
'"MoiuKwn" Tc��w put tip by the Indian Ten
(-rower* an a aample of the beat qualiiien uf Indian
rati. Therefore they ine the crn��U->t cam in the
������election of Ihe Ten and ita Mend, that it why they
put it up themaetvea and wll it only in the orifind
Iickaici^. thi-reby securing ita parity and eacellenre.
Nit up in H lb., t lb. and | Ik padugw, And ntiMr
wid in bulk.
If your grocer doea not keep it, tall bim to wriu to'
11 and 13 Front Street East, Torwttft      (
I Awarded
Hlghut Honors-World'* Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
ioin Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Harrison, jr
Ki pit rick
Wills. CE
Woodley, G
Tin. Second A no u :i I Hull of tho Golden Hospital .Society u Most Hue*
t'vssftil AITnlr.
To say that the hospital hull wns n
success is to express it very mildly.
The hall took place on Monday evening
Feb. 2/ith, in tho Alexander Hull,
���ahout 40 couple being present. The
hall was tastefully decorated with
Hags, bunting, etc. Tho ball was
oponed with a Grand Promenade and
Lancers about !) o'clock, waltzes, jer-
���jseys, ripples, quadrilles, scbottisches,
polkas, bou tons, rockaways, etc.,
followed in profusion. Messrs. W.
Woodhoiiso, piano, and F. Kincaid,
violin, were tho mus'cians and too
much cannot be said in favor ol their
performances. Floor Manager Warren
is also deserving of credit for his
services. Quito u number wero present
from Donald, thero wero also a few
from Kamloops, Beaver, Field and
Palliser. ' An adjournment was made
��t 12:30 for lunch, after whicli dancing was resumed and kept up till ��
n.m. The fioor was in excellent condition, which combined with the first
Class music added greatly to tho enjoyment of the dancers. The dance
broke up with the singing of "God
Save tho Qiieen," and '-Attld Lang
Syne." Through the kindness of the
Secretary we are oiiablod to publish a
list of those present:
Anderson, Miss Kimpton, Mrs
Armstrong, Mrs F P Lake, .Mrs
Armstrong, Mrs J F  McLachlan Miss
Armstrong, Mi3s Medhttrst, Mrs
Armstrong, Miss W Moodie, Mrs
Armstrong-, Miss M Moodie Miss
Barry, Mrs Moodie, Miss E
Bolton, Mrs Neilson, Mrs
Brownrigg, Miss       JVellis, Mrs
Cot hran Mrs Ormiston, Mrs
Curtail, Miss Parson, Mrs C
Fraiik, Miss Pratt, Mrs
Ferris, Miss Boss; Miss
Field, Mrs Russell, Mrs P J
Field, Miss G Simpson, Nurse
Gordon, Mrs Sutherland Miss
Greene, Mrs Sutherland Mrs
Humbly, Mrs Tolmie, Miss
Hnrriscn, Mrs Wells, Mrs
Harrison, Miss Wells, Miss J
Henderson, Miss       Woodley, Mrs G
Hudson, Miss Woodley, Mrs H
Woodley, Miss
Allan McDermot
Armstrong, Capt       Mara
Armstrong J F        Murpolo ,
llncon Miller
,Baker Mitchell
Barber Neilson
Bolton Nellis
Brock Parson, Capt
Brownrigg Parson, H G
Carley Parson, Chas
Carlin, J D Partridge
Cayley Penzer
Clark Plowright
Cavell Pratt
Furrer, Dr Rae, D M
Goodyear Sutherland, G
Gordon Sutherland, J A
Greene Taylor, Dr
Griffith . Trickcj
Woodley, H
The committee desire to thank all
those who assisted in making the lia.li
a success. Before the dance broke up
.Mr. J. F. Armstrong announced that
their would bo a "Children's Dance,''
tho next evening to which all the children of the town were invited along
with their parents and friends. Consequently, the children of the town���
and there aro not a lew - assembled in
full forco at the Hall on Tins lav evening. There were also present unite a
number of thu "older children.''
Games of nil kinds were indulged in.
and everybody had a good time. In
fact it was pronounced to bo the most
sociable gathering ol any kind evei
held in Golden. The hearts of tin
chileren wero made glad by tbe distribution ol oranges nnd candies, while
thero wns nn abundant sti'iply of
coffee, cake, ico cream and lemonade.
Tlio party hroke up about 10 o'clock,
after a most enjoyable evening.
Requisition for l.ll.orul L'itn-11-liito.
A requisition is iieing largely signed
by the Liberal electors of this district,
asking Hewitt Bostock, Esq , Kamloops, B.C., to offer himself ns a candidate at the approaching election for
tho Dominion House, in the interests
of tlio Liberal party.
Lady Aberdeen's llrl.lnl Tour.
A picture of Lady Aberdeen in her
bridal robes, compar* 1 with n sequence
of photographic portraits of the Countess from the time she was a tiny Miss
Mnffett, three years old, hugging a pet
dog, up to tho time sho wns a young
lady of eighteen, shows tho deepening
and strengthening of her individuality
in n degree that is tlie delight of those
students of character who Bays that
more important than any voluntary expression of personality is the involuntary tale told by a series of pictures.
It is quite in keeping witli tho fine,
large, deep, sympathetic eyes that are
the handsomest fenfire of Lady Aberdeen's face, thut she should not lose
sight of tlio cause of Immunity with
which she is so thoroughly at one, even
on her bridal tour, when she found timo
and room to make a clonk of her great-
heiirtedness for some of the suffering of
God's creatures.
Tho Earl and Countess went to Egypt
for their honeymoon; before they returned they had become tho guardians
of five Egyptian lads, one of whom they
found suffering from persecution because of his having accepted Christianity, and the otlier four weru on sale in
the market-place and nbout to be cap
tured by a slave dealer.��� Azelia Grant
n Jeuness Miller Monthly.
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company, will
be held at the Company's office in
Golden, B.C , on Monday the fourth
day of March. A.D., 1H95, at two
o'clock in the afternoon for the election of Directors and for the ordering
of the affairs of the Company generally.
Bv order of the Board.
J.  F.   AllM8TltO.NO,
lust Arrived
10CO lbs. of splendid dairy
butter, in tubs, whicli for the
next fortnight am commissioned to dispose of nt 21 to
24 cents per lb FOR CASH.
AH orders shall receive best
F. Partridge
t'ouimlM-ion Agent.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NOTICE is hereby given, in nccord-
" auce wi'h tho Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
now due for the year WM>. All of* the
above named Taxes collectible within
the Eastern Division of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed taxes
are collectible at the following rates,
viz. :
If paid on or before June 30th, lf-95,.
Provincial Revenue $11.00 per capita.
One-half of ouo per cent on Real
Two per cent on  assessed  value of
Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent on Personal Property.   . li
One-half of one [ier cent on income.
If paid after June ilOth, 1895:
Two-thirds of one. per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assiss-
ed value of Wild Land.
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of  one per cent  on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan. 14th, 1K95.
The creditors of Harry Cnnnach* r,
late of Golden, in the district of Kooie-
nay. hotel keeper, deceased, are hereby
requested to send in full particulars of
their claims by registered letter addressed lo A. G. M. Spragge, solicitor,
Donald, solicitor for James Stevens
Connacher, executor of the said Harry
Connacher. Such claims are so to be
sent within sixty days of this date and
after tlio expiration of the said sixty
days the said James Stevens Connacher will proceed with the distribution of
the estate havimg regard only to those
claim? of which  he shnll have notice.
Date; nl Golden, British Columbia,
this lJJtlj January, 1S95.
Jas. CoNNACiiEit,
Executor of Harry Connacher.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bpsin and Bath
Carlin &  Lake.
Doalers in Everything:.
We have just received a full car load
of groceries, and our stock is now complete.
We will sell everything* at prices that were
never heard of in Golden before.
Look over the following prices and
see if you cannot save money, by buying* at
Butter, best dairy, 2,!.c per lb
"        u  by'the tub 21c.
Eggs,ffiiaranteed good 22c dz
Hams, finest, 15c lb
Breakfast Bacon, finest   ���'
Dry salt bacon 12 Ac lb
Cheese 15c lb
Finnan Haddie 211)S for *25c
Codfish 24lbs    "
Sugar,granulated i Gibs forfjl
-'   yellow 17lbs    "
Tomatoes    7 cans for ��1.00
Corn '��� *
Beans " "
Condensed milk ta "
Soap, monster cake 20 bars $1
Sago 3lbs for 25o
Tapioca "      *' '.
Beans 41bs      "
and everything else in
the Grocery lino at the
same low prices.
We have lots of it and will sell suits at a clear discount of 20 p.c for cash only.   This is a big reduction.
We will sell you a 820 suit for 16.00.
"        " 15    '* ' "   12.00.
"        " 12    "    "    9.60.
" " 10    "    "    8.00.
All underwear and gents' furnishings at a clear reduction of 20 per cent.
For the Ladies we will give a straight reduction of
20 per cent on every thing i.i the Dry Goods Line.
Rubbers, Boots, Shoes, E.g.. ail at Big Reductions.
Now is the time to supply yourself with everything
as these prices will not last long.
Carlin & Lake
Dealers    Irj     Everything.


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