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The Golden Era Mar 28, 1902

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Array ^^���XAtW
Vol. xi no h *y\
GOLDEN, British Columbia, :FRIDAY, March 28,1902
$2 Feb Yeab.
imperial bank
of canada.
CAPITAL,       ���       ���       ���9,(00,000
Mar,    ,   ���   . * .. 1,-jM.ooo
���      T. B. MtMiTf, President.
9,0, WlLKIB, Vie* Pros. A Oen. Manager.
. K. HAV, Inspector.
After-Stocktaking Sale
 I bi Province* of Ontario and QneJ
b*c. tnd tit* following in Manitol**. North*
t Territories and British C'olms bla i--
n, Man. .    Prince-AllVrt-
y, Alta. ' Hevol-stnlie, II C.
' n, AIM. Ros'thern, Smb.
on, B.C. Strathcona, Aha
, B.C. Vancouver, B.C.
, B.C. Winnipeg, Man.
Oolden ftrnneh
,m in limn if ran ma.
���Vpeeial attention given to COLLECTIONS.
iiaiun Currency bought and sold,
aavtaga D.p��HsM��nt-Deposits rtcelved
and Intereat allowed,     r
a*d auoh a ttoolt tak'ug I Not * corner tklpped, aot a ibelf or drawn or
package mlswd. Every article ha* b**n looked at with eye* of coldest
���ritioism. Pedlar** ha* counted for nothing. What ha* been or what
msy hi* hn* not betn regarded: We an working for now���and Sliding too
much of certain good* fo' pre-ent need* hay* put irr**i.tabl* price* upon
ihem, of whioh thne an samples:
Chipped Beef, lib. can ..
8bor* Mackerel. 81b. can
Finnan Haddock. I lb. can
Fresh H*rriug, 1 lb. caa...
Sardines, Munu's, 4 lb. cam
Baking Powder, i Ib. can.	
Baking Possrder, ��Ib. ean	
Baking Powder, 12 ot, can	
Jam or Marmalade, t Ib. carton
 10 15 Uround Colts*, ptr pound..
....    it Strtwberriet
....... .    IS Raspbenlet
     15 Red Currant*
four for    15 Black Currant*
........    76 Gooseberries
60 Apricot*
.    20 Pears
.    SO Pintapplt
!! pound cans, ilx for 11
parcel*  3 I
.8 pound una, four for 1 00
per c*s*..
t. e. ume,
A* Bbadt, D.L8., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
U.Atn'n. Inst.M.-.
Snevtys mtulo (br Assessment Work snd
Bruin Orailis.
Land fcr sal* on.ljik* Wlnd*rm*r* and
Flndlav Creek Enst Koo.ena-v.
Hull Bros. & Co.
;. Wholessla A Retail
Wtth, Sheep tnd Hone D*alert.
balden B.C..
Thonjas O'Brien,
���; gmtry Pnb}te.Con-/eyaMer, eto
- '      ���      . I, L*     l^_..C'    *<**
UUm bt Upper Cofumbia Navigation and
T��ani-s**y sCsMipwy"* Bnilding,
ll. !>.
gefeej, MoCarter ft Pin-ham,
���errlatert, ��*1leltOrs, *e.
������(���.���.MCCARTER, i.A.ilARVEY
nhvAtoke, B.C. Forte..***, ll.C
A. M. PiSKHAM,   ���   .-   ���
Ftrgntoii 11. C
I House....
���������^GOLDEN, ^.0.
Oat of th* Largest and 8**t Man*
Uetels iu British Columbia.
���rial ��tt*nhon giveo lo taggtge of
rial mm.   Delivered to and from
��� ofehtrg*.
I ptr day.    Special ntw lot
Canadian Pacific
tn4a.pt** Gold**
MAST BOUND,   -  ���   11:10
IJIWBOtJND,   ���   .   tOtSO
Out DaUjr tt
thin-vi ui ******* to
*HtA*t* *��'���"*''
bttMM ntw .ad Imtttrrlotttud
i^itU point*.
Ml ..tarnation anl Illoitraud tm
phhu fornlthtd on applfcwlot,
Upper Columbia
Navigations Train way
Steamers Duchess & Hyak,
H. Cl. Mail.
MINING DIVISION. ,      %t     9     * .9
For rates on Ore and other information apply to
C. H- Parson,
Jnst Passed Into STOCK.
New Dress Goods
New Muslins
N^w Lace.
New Prints
New Window Drapery
New Linoleums.
Out of Town Customers can Shop
by Mail* Samples Sent on Appli-
oatlon ���  ���  ���  .  * * .  ���...  .  .  .
: * -4VRgn__aasB3EHsas-ii3��
Th* Boat* WlU be Composed et 41
Th* Redlttrlbatlon Bill wat brought
down on March 20th. Tht tttal rt
presentation I* increase*! by tour���
making 13 m*mb*r* for th* Island and
80 tor th* Mainland. Uudtr th* ntw
bill tb* rtpntentatlon will bt a* follow*:
On the ltlind:-    ,
Viotoria City  4
South Viotoria  1
North Viotoria  1
Etquimslt  1
Cowiehan  1
Nanaimo City  1
Nanaimo Diltriot '.-,,.  1
Comox  1
Ou tht .Mainland :���
Vancouver City	
New Westitilnsttr City.
Westminster District..
Wm Ttlt	
Norlh Talo 	
East Tale	
Revelstoke Division....
Slocan Division	
Bostland Division	
Rossland City	
Nelsoi. City	
Nelsou District	
Ei.i Kooteuay ........
A despatch from Capetown slates
that C*cil Rhode* died Tuesday uight
One of the greatest financial figures in
the world hat thut cloud hit ctreer.
As an tiopir* builder Cecil Rhodtt
uiHiiil* iirt-viuineiit as on* ol tho great
est in"'iht world'* 'history, 'and his
..aire wil be indite.lubly conceded
witb tbt hittory of Alrica.
It I* reported on good authority that
th. C. P. R. ha* dswidsrd to chang* th*
location ol it* lin* at Banff to a* to
raat��ri��lly shorten tbs distance on that
*e*tion. It I* laid that tnt main lin*
will branoh louthward* ��om* distance
w**t ol Banff It will be oarried
through tb* town, and round th* south
���id* of Tunnel mountain. It I* *x*
liected thai th* Itation will- bt n**r F.
J. Boiwell'* hon**. Tbt chang* will
straigl.taa out tbi* portion of th* line,
and wtll ltar* Anthndt* at th* *od of
a *pur, aa tb* naw lint will join th*
pr��ftnt traok torn* diatauo* ***t oi
���'���   '*.'���
'idls^n, B,C,
B. J. CO-LE,
Golden &
East Kootenay
f Fading Co.
Tbt Ontario eltetion* will be tald
early in Jun*.
CM. D*nt hs* shipped 9.111 hor***
from Canada to South Alrie*.
It I* reported that Canada will offer
a fourth contingent (or South Africa.
Aooording to tht London Dally Mall
Canada will Mod SOO monnted troop*
and 880 Infantry to th* coronation
Marconi ba* decided to ttwt hia
wir*l*<* talagraph atatlon at Tabl*
Head, Oltee Bay, Cap* Briton.
Tr*d Bryan, (orratrly of Wlunlpeg,
ha* been arretted In St. Paul, chsirgut
with killing Harry ..Morgan, a bar
At a meeting In Chicago Mr. W.
Redmond, M.P., made torn* wild state-
ment*, threatening to deatroy th* Eag
lish parliatnant.
In the Hout* al Common*, lut Pri*
day, Ralph Smith, M. P. for Vaaeda
ver Island, made a strong ipeech In
tavor of Chineso exclusion.
Tho students at Ploch,  Russian Po
land, hav* revolted.   Tbey attempted
to burn th* ttohnical tchool and lynch
tho profettort.
Certtin member! of the Boer Go vei n-
ment art tald tt have approached Lord
Kltohiner with proposals for peas**,
but th* opinion It freely expressed that
thty hav* no authority to apeak (or
D*W*t or p<sls*,r*��.
Owing to tht largt shipment* of
potato** from thi* provlMo to th* 8an
Franolroo market, (pad* art likely t*
ba icarct on the cout .and price* rls*
O.b.t. on tk* Rodlatrlbatl.n BIII--
Dropplng of B. * N. Scheme.
Viotoria, March 25 ��� Th* debate
opened in th* Houtt today upon th*
Moond reading of th* rtdUtribution
Ur. Tatlow argued tbat an incrut*
in th* raomberthip wat unneoesssry if
tht teais wer* propm-ly arranged on a
basis of population,
Hon. D. M. Eberts praised th* bill
and aald It was dssigned to deal fairly
with th* whola'province.
Mr. MoPhillip* characteriaed tbt
manipulation of the Alberni cooatita-
��ncy a* a grott gerrymander.
Mr. Martin elaborately defended lb*
innturt and moved tha adjouramtnt of
th* dabtte.
Th* Opposition proiniu to introdio*
inme amendments in committee.
Thert ia a report in well Informed
ei roles that aaveral member* of th*
Opposition have deoided to join th*
Governmant forces in th* Houto,
Mr, Well* announced that the Canadian Northern contract would be signed tomorrow. As already intimated,
th* *ale of tb* Etquimalt A Nanaimo
railway ia off, and ih* aontractor* are
���eeking an ittdeptndtnt charter out ol
Meters. Oreenthieldi, Holt, Harold
B. Robertson tnd Jtmet Mitchtll art
petitioning leave to introduce t bill to
incorporate the Victoria k Seymour
Narrow* Railway Company, detigned
to further the new arrangement.
Il was announced in th* legislature
today that Mr. Waddell, th* bridg*
engineer, of Kansas, who suppliad th*
plana lor the brid-i* atrou th* Fr*(*r
river at New Westminster, wu on hi*
way to Victoria, to award the contract
for th* iabatructur*, It is Miniated
that tha wbole bridge will cost 17,600.
It i* *tat��d that in view of the fact
that th* Amtrlcan ihartholdtr* ol the
E. A N. Railway will not agree to sail
th* road without the big Und grant
whioh ia owned by th* eomptay, Mas-
srs. Mackentie k Mann, who were
n*goti*ting Ior th* purchase of th*
road to form ths Island a otion ot tb*
Canadian Northern, bara decided lo
build an independent Uut between Victoria aud Nanaimo. They will, how
���r*r, tak* over tb* (hnrtar for lb* railway from th* northern terminus of tb*
E. & N. Railway to th* north and of
tb* ialand. The contract b*lw**n tb*
Provincial Government and the firm
for th* building ol tha Canadian Northern through British Columbia ha*
bttn about completed. A* loon a* it
I* ratified Me**r* Mackenzie k Mus.n
Will commence building from the coast
to connect with tb* lin* coming west,
and wbich is now built to Prince Albert.
It it alao txptcMil that sho Govern
meat will shortly mnke an announce
m*at in connection with the cou��truc
tion of the Victoria, Vancosner k Eastern Railway, which is to run from lha
coaat to tbe Boundary Distriot of Brit
Ish Columbia and ultimately to Rowland.
Viotoria. March 26 -Th* provincial
l��g!��lature passed tho second reading of
th* redlitribution bill yetterdty. The
Opposition Intend lo put up * itrong
fight tgaintt tht Increase in meinhtr-
���bip In comraitt**. whtn the real dt
bate on tht details of tbe bill will take
pltos. Th* r* arrangement ol west
Kootaaay I* another feature of th* act
which will call for considerable diacs*.
���ion, particularly with rtgard to tha
proposod di*po*al ol th* (ouihcrn portion ol the Rovelstok* riding, including the Lardtau and Fish rlv*r camp*.
The Opposition favor the creation of a
now ridingwhich will take thetecarapt
It with tht Slocan, extending at far
touth ** Robsos. and eaat to Lardo.
AU Accounts due th* Golden
Era Printing ft Pub. Co. must
be settled by the 15th of April.
After that date outatand Ae*
counts will be pat Into a Solicitor's handa for collection.
A speei.l meeting of th* B**rd ol
Trad* wa* held on Thuraday morning.
at whioh two vary  important matter*
w*r* con*id*r*d.   Th* firat  w��* tb*
improvement ol th* channel of th*
Columbia rivar wLich wa*recommended by   Mr.  Ktefer,   th* Goverument
engineer, and  for whith no proviiio.
has heen made by the Dominion G*.*.
���rnmtnt thi* ytar.    It  w��e decided to "
writ* Mr. Galliher about th* maft*r,  *
and Mews. J. 8 Gibb, C H Parsoae
and tha Hcretary   wer* appointed to'"'
draw up and circulate a petition te
Mr. Gallihar requaiting him to attml
tt the mattar.   The other quntion waa
tha much needed protection  work ob
th* Kicking Hortt. for which li.MO
wa* promiaad by Ih* Proviitcitl Gov-
amount lut yt*r,  conditional on tb*
Dominion Government, supplementing
it by an equal amount.    As Mr. U.lli
her haa not y*t secured tins sum from
tb*Dominion, it wt* sho-irht   ndvi��-
ablt to stnd a delegation to Vimori-s so
UMrview th* GovernniMiii anil tndeu-
vor to hay* thtm apend tlmt amount st
once in order so prevent  the d��siruc-
tion of property thit summer.   Met>r*
F. W. Jone*, lho*   O'Brie* and M.
Dainard ar* named as delegate*.
London,    Maroh    25.-The   D-i.ily.
Chronicle, thi* morning, as-u*r*t *lsat
an arrtlttlce b����he*ss arr��hj����d,*.t����i?
ing the duration of Ssthalklsui'. ei'ss a ist
tion to Gin. Ds* We*. an. 11 is * < * lfs*sW?' e
ofseratione againtt ��Wei. Del *rei .ui
Botha will  h*  f��sui*nc'.��'! I 'also  ;^Ht
than three generals have agreed honor-
ably to obttrv* the armisti.-i- snd to
refrain from operation!,  until she re
tarn of theenvoj's to the lis,.-r line*
It I* believed, continue*, the Chronicle,
that   ths envoy*,   after   acq ainling
Botha with tha remit of their minion,
will again aonfw with Lord Kitchener,
although   no  leound   confertnee   baa
actually betn arrang-d.
Bullock, tb* man wbo murdered hi*
friend, Lton Stiintou, near Pinoka-,
wa* hanged at Ft. Saakatebtwan en
Wsdntaday morning. Th* traciag ot
thi* crim* horn* to ii* author and tbe
tracking ot th* murderer to t he luininf
oamp where ht wu working under an
utumed namt, ft ont of the belt piece*
af detective work on record and rtflgct.
gnat credit on Corporal Hetberisgton,
of th��N. W. M. P , wh* had oharge ot
tht cut, and from th* iliglst clueglven
by th* tddrttt of a tailor in a llttl.
Michigan town, found on th* clothe*
whlcb wert on th* body of an unknot**
man found atar Ponoka, bnllt tp *
chain of tvidane* thtt thedetttiot w*r��
nnabltto break.
Col, Sam Hughet. M.P., hat mad*
an offer to the miniitor of militia to
rail* a com indent of 2,000 man lu Canada to go to South Africa and pnt
down tht Botr war. Ona of tkt condition* attached to tha otter i* that
Col. Hughe* goe* in command and an-
othtr I* that lit will not b* rttpon*
eibl* to any Britiih offioer ��xc*pt Lord
Kitchener er General French, or iom.
Britiih officsr who, In th* opinion of
Col. Hugh**, I* competent and able to,
apprtolate aad take the advantage of
Canadian troop*.
Putn*y, Eng , March 22-Tb* Cambridge ertw today fulfilled the txp*tl��-
tion* ol th* prophet* end won the 69th
boat rae* trom Oxford u thty liked.
At no tlm* throughout th* race did
Oxford In th* alighttst degree flatlet
tha hopes of- tha mpporter* of tb* Dark
Blue. Any posiibly chane* whisk the
Oxonian* might hav* bad wer* ���hat-
tared by th* r**ult ol th* tou giving
th* Light Blasts (Cambridge) all th*
adranltga of the situation.*
Mr. F. W. Tbowpion, general aak*
agcr ef th* W. W Ogilvi* Milling Co.,
and Mr. CharU* R. Heamtr, of Montreal, have purehattd tb* entire bud
net*, both eut and waat, of tha W. W.
Ogilvie Milling Oo.
Tl.t name ol thi* enn*titu*my hat
keen changed by th* Provincial Got.
(rnment for electoral purpaei*. In-
t end ol being oalled North-Eait Koet*
enay It trill lw known u Columbi*.
Job printing at the Rxa office.
tsisure in III. T.npwial Lit*
Ift. "">.
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, March 28, 111 J.
��ite ��olt-tm OJ-rit.
ri*BI.I!lllEl. KVEKY riUDAV.
atid a new lint -uill bave to be built toI
give the C. N. R an entrance  to Victoiia.
E-J. V. ClUMiiBllS. - Editor and I'liblishor
3uljacri|itioiis ���iOO per yoar iu advance.
Advertising rates nude known ou rcqi.est
FRIDAY. Maiioh 28, 1..H.2,
On Wedtiesday ot last week, lu the
jovinciul assembly, Mr. Curtis moied,
gcnonded'lsy Mr. lln.vthsirntliwi.itet
Whereas Smith Curtis, meniher of
the legislative ���sssemlily lor Rosalnud
riding ot the West Kootensy electoral
distriot, hs��.upon iho flooi of thi*
H ms.*, cn the 18th day of March, 1901.
chanted "siie Hon. James Dunsmuir
p cuiier ot llie province of British Col
umbia, with uegoli.uing t-> givo an ex
cs-ssivo subsidy - and without pruper
safeguard* which lie himself had herein'oro declared to be necessary in the
jiitblic internet-out of provincial iiioii-
eis and lands, to tha Canadian North
(���rn Railway company in aid of il* building a lin* of railw.y from Bute Inlet to
Yellowhead Pass, with a viow either
io the said at a greater j.rice than could
i.-tlicrwiiihe got, of the Esquimau k
Nanaimo Railway and Comox k Cape
Scott Railway companies1 railway, and
rights, or to the bringing of a much
h-te.itertrs.ffio o\er the last-mentioned
fall way lin.sa, sich lines being intinded
Under sucfi urgotiatious lo bo utiliati
iu making Victoria city the westsrn
it-nniuus of laid C. N. Railway, and
tbe said James Dunsmuir beingalar-ie
shareholder ill tlse snid E k N.'und C
&C. H. railway companies, whereby
the said Jaimts Dunsmuir, would reap
a large advantage;
���'And also churgtd the sa'd Premier
Duii'muir and hia colleagues, the Hon
11. M. Eberts, attorney-general; the Hon
AV. C. Wella chief commissioner of
landa mid works; and the Hon J. D.
Premie*, finance mil.liter, iu.-iiih*'rs ot
the Executive Council of the province,
with grave misconduct and gross and
wilful ne-ilect of iheir official duty to
tbe provinc. in having J. N. Green*
abends' appointed and continued aa sol
ichor and accredited agent of lhe pros-
ince in lhe above mentioned iiegotiaton
and in llie pre|iaration and approving
of the propoted contract between the
Canadian Northern Railway company
and ibe provinc* while he was actiuu
at the same time in a similar capacity
oi- tb** said Canadian Nothern Railway
company and its chief promoter* Mes.r *
Mackenzie k Mann.
And also charged the*Hon E. G.
Prior, minister of mile* will, grate
and wilful neglect      ...
. in agreeing to said nego
tlaliont being continued, and to tbe
continuance of the employment of tb*
said Gi-ienalieild-i to act in arid negoti
iitions on behalf of the province.
Anl alao charge.! lastly, that in ther
foregoi.su negotiation* and matter* the
s.id Premier Duntmuir lias wilfully
uud grossly neglected hi* duty to the
province, as above set forth, and for iio
other apparent good reason except thtt
bit would thereby reap a personal^bene-
li' ihrotigh tbesaleotihe ssid Esquun
nit & Nanaimo Railway and of hi*
cliarer rights in the Comox k Cape
Knott Railway company to, or. by ,tbc
using of tuch Hue of railway .a*, .llie
titrniinui-orlit.k of, the ..-.id, Cuadiau
Noihern Railway, w her-by great, lo.**,
ii likely to result to tha pro.iics an I.
gra'ift diwradit is being iiruught upon
tbe legislative assembly, and iliecred.it
nud good uaine of the province 1* boipg
grtttly injured"' ,
Aiid Whersias- such charges involve
tbe honor of said Premier Run muir
and his colleagues in the government,
and ahnuM, iu the publio interest, be
Ther-ilo.e be.it r-'tolrol. that a com
of thi* l.o.w ba appointed to iuvesti
K��to the said oharge*, and report ihi
rusult to thi* Houso.
Thi* motion was defeated, the mover
and Seconder, voting for it, the mem
of the opposition expressing ther dis-
ii|.pro*sl-of the uncalled for attack on.
the mem lier s ot the Executive. Mr.
1.1 insiiinii'Huno-inced liisdettriniiiHtion
to ask for a royal communion to invest
g.s-e the charge*.' -
Th* action of Suitb Curtis In Making ths wrious ctf��rse<j ���gdinat Premier
liun��miiir and the member* of his cab
inet has ha I an effect hardly evpected*
liy tliat gsutleuun.   Ht found tliat th*
oppts��itlon refined  Io Und  lliemselvis
so sstoh> count, end when ih* Frem-
j,*r courted Hit lnvr��tig��tisBii by.-a own
potent eourt of inquiry, ibst.wi.nl wu
"(���ompldflrtalrea'Oiit-rf CnttW! **|l*. '.
L .l*r dct>Bl6pin��lit* make his pO��l
nci mors uutetiable, a* lhe deal for
,iit  *-��� ���*   -*���   has J��lls'��. through
Humors of the War.
E.u Iv rising was a habit of this
great man and added to this was another of playing upon and making
himself hail fello.v well met with all
sorts and condition* ol men. One fine
morning when the wood pigeon* wer*
tu js.ta.soii hi* loidsbip arose and pro
ceesl.d to take a walk in th* ground*,
which wer* then celebrated for the
uuii.l-ur ot wood pigeon* whicli bred
ilicre, (thi* incident took place while
Lord Diifferin wa* governor ot Canada).
It so happened that an old French-
Cmadiaii named Garriepy, who wa* a
great (port and who wa* in th* hahit
of shooting over the Government House
grounis when, as lis thought, nil the
family were asleep, also rose early and
betook himself, gun on shoulder, toils
same woods. Hi had just succeeded
in breaking down a picket ill lha fence
and getting into tha wood* whan he
saw a man approaching. "Halloa,"
said the. iie.voossier, "What are you
doing here?" "Oh," replisd tho
Frenchman, "there are *om* good
wood pigeon* in this bush, but make
no noise or ih* people will hear us."
"Who   i*   ther*   io hearV"   asked
Lord Dufferin.
"The poli*," ansjrered Garriepy.
���'Tbey will say nothing," said  the
govaruor,   "particularly when   I am
Guriepy asked who ll* was, aid
to d that he had some interest in the
place and offered to show the old man
where he could got the but bird*.
Accordingly, th* two started, and after
lhe old man had a abot or two and gol
some birds, Lord Dufferin touk a shot
aod casually asked the old fellow if he
bad any thing to drink. Garriepy, ill
Iiinl. glue, produced a lod* water bot-
sle filled witb whiakey blatic, which ke
offered hi* unknown friend, who pre-
teuded to driuk, but did nol highly
flatter the liquor. Presently he sug
gested that tl.ey might get a better
brew inside the house, silencing the
old man's objection* by saying that Is
bad intereat enough to get so.neil.ing.
Accordingly the atrangly matched pair
repair* I to the house, where i Ley
went iuto a (mail room, the furniture
making the viaiior open his eyes. 0
some pretence Lord Dufferin left tie
room, aud cautioned theservau not 10
let Gars iupy know wh-> he was. On re
turning h* euggeitrd that the old fs!l
low li-iht hia pipe and proposed a
driuk. ' 1 an: verv thirsty," aaid the
���iraiigar, "and woulj like a glasa ol
beer if your iutrest noes so far."
"Oh I think it doe**' replied the host,
and ringing the bell a mau servant in
gorgeous drab aud scarlet viceregal
uniform entered to know what was
svauted. Tl.e sen ant and the visitor
stared at one another in unaffected surprise which, on the old man'a part,
wa* not le-iaeusd when tbe order for th*
beer wa* olser��d by th* former. Th*
coi-k being drawn, in* twoaat down to
djicuss the beverage the Frenchman I
ing loll in wonder at hll living* companion and hi* woudtrial surroundings.
With lha untrammelled freedom of th*
unt jtor*d Hind th* old man criticised
what hs aaw and speculated on what
tl.e Governor General must bt, until at
last he arose to go.
"Who do yon think I am?" queried
the Lord
Tl.* olJ mau gare it up, and fairly
collapse 1 whsn lis found that hs had
bean bob-nobing and shooting with ths
great Lord Dufferin.
(Poll Moll Gaulle, London.)
If you cannot bring any nsw idea* to
South Afrioa yon can at leut bring
new clothe*. No one will object to
thll, not even th* Boer*. Clothes, ju*t
at tha present moment, nre of more use
to them than British ideas The staff
officer had three mouths leave and he
went home rejoicing. It waa the same
staff officer that had tirst used locomo
tives aa projectilu in war, As he was
a man ot original isfaas, they made
muoh ol bim at home. So he bought
a nsw kit, and, atili rejoicing, returned
to South Afrioa. It was a good kit,
from Zeiss glasnt to pocket filter -the
best that money could buy. But the
pride of the kit waa a pairof chocolate-
colored chamois bn eohes. When the
(tail officer arrived at Pretoria ha put
on these breeches, and they at one*
made hiin a aolumn commander.
And she staff officer went to hi* col
umn and found it in trout of a hill, on
which were Boer*. And tlie stuff
officer laid : '������ When an the enemy V"
And tbey aaid : "On that hill." "Ab
surd." said the staff officer. "You
cannot know. I will go and reconnoi
tre!" Sj hs mounted hi* horse and
rode up the--hill.
And whsn lbs Boers on the top ot
ths hill saw him coining thsy said :
"Do not shoot. Don't youse* ho ia
one ot the five (hilling Yeomanry. He
ha* new cloth.* on 1"
So ihs staff officer had lo hold up his
hands, und it showed off his nsw kit to
advantage. So m it-h so that the Commandant coveted his tunic, hi* stock,
his glasses, hia chocolate breech.* and
all that he had. And, what is more,
be touk tbem even into tlie salmon
col red underdra vers from beneath the
lirs-eolisss , and, if il.e staff officers own
pom-pom had no. dropped a shell on
the side of the kill, they would have
taken the staff officer's cholera belt as
well. As it wus, l.e returned to his
column with only his banyan and bis
cholera belt; and* thsy said: "Did we
not toll you that there wen Boors on
that hill?" And tha staff officer sug
crated that it waa the fortune of war,
and borrowed a coat-warm, British,
and a pair of khaki overalls from she
supply od.ee.'
And in ihe evening there came an
envoy from the Boer cam,i with a white
flan, and he was wearing the stuff
officer's chocolate breeches The -stuff
officer could uot grant bim an inter
yitw, for he had caught a convenient
.tb.ll on the koj.j.(as a ...itt'cr of fisc.
ho had seen his breeches in Ihe dis
tunc*, and, though the Boer wore
them bravely, the nature of lhe fit hu
staff officer* feelings); to lhe dootor
gave ths Boer tin.audience.
"You captund our general tint
morning , why wert you such foola as
ts lei him go?" aaid the dootor.
"Dou't know that we would be fool*
to let any British General go!" ana
wered the Boer. "But'we did uot
capture a general all the same!"
"How do you knowV" asked tbe
"Well, we can generally tell A
yeoman alwaj* wean nsw clothe*,
put* ki* head iu th* silliest noose, and
then utci bad Int.gusge. You send us*
lot mon general* like that man ihi*
morning. Wa won't kt-ep ihem���ao
fear; we'll only lake what'* worth
having about them. You can keep the
rest -it won't do you much good.'
'-���'���   Church Servloes.
Services every Sunday at II a in. and
7:30 p in. Celobrai ion of Holy Com mun
ion 1st and 3rd Sundays of tho month
after Moruiug Prayer, and oh Greater
Festival* and Holy Days at a* a.m., or
aa may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School at, 2:30 p.m.
All* are cordially invite.' to attendee services.     C F, Yaie-i, Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ���
Sunday School and Bible Class ar. 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice svsry Friday even-
ot 7.
Rev. J. E. Hogu, Paator.
S.*rvis*s*s every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3- p-m.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meet ing on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidlev, Pastor.
Couth Amerioan Kidnoy Our*
lo compound... to our. Kid-
noy diaoMoo, and nothing
olao-lt rollovoa In olx hour*.
South American Kidney Curs touches tha
weak spot firmly, but gently; gives the best
results ia the shortest time l cleanses Ihs ki.'ncys
whicli In return cleanse and purity the blood, lor
blood ean becosne impure only by passing
tl.ro.gh weak and ailing kidneys. Let us live
up to tbe light of the uotu Century. Employ Iht
means, and enjoy robust and vigorous health,   <
.Sold by C.W* Field.
To Keep Pace With tte Times,
To make you acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS w*O-**--. loss of
timo we make this proposition.���the largest ever made ta tne Canadian public.
| Ott Juno 1, 1902, to
the the person who
I comes nearest to the
I exact number of Cu-
flpons we will Receive.
This is it:
Thi* Automobile,
Worth $2,000,
Will be Given
Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor Co.
FOR SALE-Houss and Lot. Wil
ling to giv* a good bargain for cash.
Apply to Mr*, Antoya.
Of Averalon wid Pity. Our*
Vour Oatarrh. Purify Your
Broath and Stop tho Offer*
���Iv. Dlaeharg*.
R*v. Dr. Bochrorycl Buffalo,aaya: **M��
wif* and I w*r* both troablad with distressing Catarrh, bat we hav* enjoyed freedom
Job printing at the Eua office.
from this aggravating malady" sine* tb* day
we flnt and JDr. Agntw'a Catarrhal Pow.
liar, it* action wa* Instantaneous, giving
tb* mott grateful ralM withia t*n miautaa
altar flnt application, jo toast*. ��
Sold by C. W. Fisld.
Judges of the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published,
so that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to be A EON At
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is the reason we make this offer.
*ft\ I'm,        1       T*bl 11     are a guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troublesv
Ilil VcXGIG  Jrl 1 IS Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indigestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease.
The world is full of people dragging out a mi.serable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of Ufa a burden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression, and all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One Miracle Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health will take care of itself. Money refunded jfy ycu are not
and you may win the Automobile,
bv tno manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co., of Philadelphia. All yuu have to d. is to fill out the coupon below
and to send same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED EY WRAPPER.
MIRACLE PILLS "are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box, or $2.50 for six boxes.   If you can
not obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to ns    We
will mall them to you. postag? prepaidron receipt of ] net*, by registered letter
or money order.*
Every Wrapper and Coupon von .end slv��*���� yon ��-bett).��'! -���:>!><-<���*��� of Winni  g the
.��' *���:"
��� vi* r��t.
R_-.--.L_- it costs nothing to guess,
BmemDBi which i8 Jisted at ��2,000
: **v.st*<l
Messk.s II   ���������<������-- ii ( IE,
tie Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This cntiueo 111.-10 the property of
the Autoiuoliist  Li1* I -vill get ...ai .1
yon havt: recei" t
ons, and I am th
send  enclose:!
.......        ('onp**'
ea est guesscr* -I*.
wrapper of your *
��� j*
i '
. ..!������
lt.suarkatsl. Result. From Dr. Clark.-.
YVond.rfal Littls. Itsd Pill*; '
Ts lb* Editor ol the Era:
Sir,���I was troubled with rheumsli*m
lor about eight years, and tried a great
number ol different kind* of medioine*
without getting relief. Latt ipri'ttg I
became worse and I conld hardly walk.
It waa then that I triad Dr. Clarke'*
Wonderful Little Red Pill*, and two
boxe* ourad in* completely. I bar*
had no rheumatism sine* taking tbia.
I am 82 years bf ago, and oan walk
now quits smartly, thanka to thia
remedy wonder.���Mr*. Paul McDonald,,
Eden Lake, Plcton Co., N.S.
Ws havs yet to know of a single cast
when thew wonderful pill*, have not
been tlmoit entirely tuccestful io effecting a cur*.-CANADA CHEMICAL CO., Peterborough, Ont.
' Th*y eurad rae of rheumatism after I
had bttn givsn up.-Andrew Closksy,
Victoria, B.C.
Ei-Ald. Bailey, St. John*,- write*;
I oannot *psak too highly of Dr.
Clarke's Wonderful Littls Red Pillt.
They worked a miracle in my cass and
eurad me after many years of tufftring.
I do not think iheir equal ia to ba
Nothink Ilk* Dr. Clarke'* Littl* Red
Pill* for th* care of heart troubls,
weakness and blood diseases. ' HaVs
uisd them everywhere with suoco**.���
Dr. E. F. Mann, 1st* of H. M. Forco,
South Afr'ca
Dr. Clirke'i Littl* Rod Pill* per
manenlly cured me of headaoha. I
Buffered for years, and only took two
bote*. That It ytar ago, I hav* nut
had: * symptom since.-Jume*R Jack-
ion, Ssult Ste Maria, Ont.
I do not believe thsrs Is a medicine
to compare with Dr. Clarks's Littls
Ked Pills. Tii*y curtd me ol Indigss-
tlon and catarrh of th* stomach .ftw
nln* yaara' auffaring. - H. 8. Macdonald, 0 T.R. ibops, Montraal.
Dr. Cli.rkr'-. Little Red Pills are a
positive and certain cure for lagiippe,
rhi.emai ia.u. ass hma. paralysis, caiarrh
rcietna, coughs, backache, indigestion
all stomach and liver troubles, femal*
complaints even when thedisease* have
been standing for many year*, I lid moat
stubborn. cases will yield. Pric* BO
cents per box     For sale by CW.Field.
The Canadian Chemion! Company,
Peterborough., ()iit.,*'jll forfeit 110 for
any case'that these pill* do not help.
��� Dr. Clirk*'* Burs Curs for ('otarrah
and Dr. Clarke's Suro Cure for Ecxema.
lams pries. Ten dollars will be paid
Ior any cans they will not permanently
cum ^L__
Oannot turn baok tha two.
Tho damand fer Dr. Agnaw-k
little Pill. I. a marvel.
If* th* old atory, "Th* a-jrvt.
val of tho nttMV** smiid " imt*
ou**/ It* own DMtroyar."
Cheap to buy, but dlswoadi I* qa-lty-bubtb
nausea, c��ated tongue, water broth, pale tftar
���ating, lick beadacbej atnr gripe, opsmts
(taiutiy.  40 dons, ioc.; wodoaia, *$*. g
Sold by C. W. Field.
Or. Acnew*. Ointment will roll*-** and our* any .kin at���
sOmat County, Indiana, had a very acute attack
���lErvslpelju. His laes and bteii wen la tor-
antatVth burning Sod Itching sensations. A
dnitgitt sjoconunended Dr. agasrsV* Ointsnttt
miSomUkm m**t end core. He bought a
bsJiswdfcwid it as good (s It pnwdsed, aad a
��t��t tppUottls-s, to tut bat ova words, "put
cwllb. Cr* and leaalhaa * box ��a_nty and
ist."  Prlo. js tta   ,, y ���*.
Bohl.h. t: W F'��M
Sara Yonr Snowshoe Tajrs.
Th* mott popular brand of Chawing
Ti.*��ccoio Canada to-day la "Pay
men." -Everv plui of" Pay Bell"
hetraa *8<iowaho*" Tag. Consumers
should save ihe*e tegs, a* valuabl*
present* aro given for them. Tag* ar*
goodnpto��--*..%. 100S Writs for
n*w lllutnttl. pramlum ostatogue.
the Eiiipis-rTobgooo Co , Ltd., Wlnai*
pag branoh. Winnipeg, Man.
Kind "Lady���Do you know yuurls-f-^.-ip
iera. little hoy ? ���  ���  i1��ji��'jHS
Boaton Prodlg.. (aged set s..ji)-. If yoa
mean to aak, madam, whether or not I
am abla to rtcogtii*,* at sigl^t ..tlisj'"
twenty-six fundamental' tliurh'sitert
upon wbioh the English lang*Uh|*ii<if
bsstd, I ihould reply lo you ilrH.*I
Ictrnsid lhote when I'wai'l iherachlld.
IN "T!i*ilM*';^
sQam* -Hel.nt HtunmMKiw and
that *tnrjmi**gOba bad tn	
���e-o-rliig wu .Hacked moat nolcoUr liy'RHta.',...
wdws^N��md*^,li.f^��ed��lii!.bough.    ' '
��"��_-���������� M*ay.al|hti���^ivJ��eS!3
���M Uv* tiU tnemlag.   Doctor, triad to rstm
��"h��tf_3d���*���'��������. An"l***-*>~holu��5;i
sts-solhAswrkM KlMunHitleCur* sm- vwllfMt.,
rW-lenhlmtr-bet-ataswtllaitw.   TS
Sold by C. V. Field.
��_"'*��������?_ n*n~*l. �����,tM btym 'it.
Soag tai Muslear**tTol��ni*oI Um,
Chole* C^tyrlght CamptmnWiM hy
-wo-o-tpopolutolbm. ��� *xfi,
nm* mm*
*-ttr*ml,aattl-*tt*mmitl  "f
iit��iiitinMi(rrH|t ^
One* a Ibalh lot i
auvU,tli*JBOa    "
fcrthtPUn*. '.*�������...
i -*ouotmtttlt**ul8��H.
  ������     -     I ���. ��� ������'.
Iilnr* In the Imperial .Lib a
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, March 28 IM,
ESTAB, i-HCO   107*7.'
gUTHOPIZEP CAPITA!.   -" 130.000.
for Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment  after Shipment,,
Ship  four Goods to Us.
Full   Prices   and   Imme*
"^__tSK/i!,v ���,'Z&vi$unBBi
McMillan Fur and Woot Co.
200*212 FIRST AVE. N.
*���' '��� '������' '���   p3^*KS*SteSBSl3J*s'
' m
r-prg^* ��� ' ;   ���- ���
i On tlie main line of the CP./t.
l.*ICORs��on��TtD   1800. .
dlate Payment Every Time.
Been Established 24 Yeara.
Write fer Price*. Mak* Trial
Shipment.   Convince Yourself.
Store and St-eamboat Connection with the
, .tipper^Columbia.
f ;��� }.:.��:,*., i(jeriver'
t   '*.. '   '   ' and OTTERTAIL MINES.
****���*���  ���?��� .'"*�����''��� * :' - ��� ������:*-.��� i
���������I���a-a ���aaaMa
Headquarters for thel-umberta* Operation*
in the Interior.
tots mfey be had at very
jiasoiiabile rites in the
!   rM. ��� ' '        '   '   ' '    ' ���
ment ToTirosite.
It I. Wateraraor ud IStaaUo oast I. Easily
It la often desirable to Join articles with
a strictly waterproof cement, und one
which Is not affected by any ordinary elo*
mentor condition. An elastic gutta jiercha
foment Is easily made and will bo found
extromoly useful to havo tn tbe bouse, being readily applied and of great tenacity.
In households whom thero are children the
problem of shoe* Is sometimes a serious
���no, and tbe possibility of putting on a
few soles without tho troublo aud expense
of sending to the ehoeniakor Is well woith
considering. An excellent coment Ibr this
purpose Is mado by dissolving 10 part* of
guttapercha lu 100 parts of bonxlno. When
the two are perfectly and smoothly Incur*
pointed, add IOU parts of linseed oil varnish. The whole must be shaken.and
beaten until perfectly mixed. Tho pieces
of leather to be Joined should be rasped
witb a file or other rough substance In or-1
der to give tho surfaco a grain to hold by.
Tbo preparation Is applied to the solo of;
tbe shoe and the piece of leatber to be
affixed thereto. The sections must be
pressed together and allowed to dry for
aome hours���a day or two It better.  .
This cement Is extremely elastlo and j
warranted, If properly mad* and applied, j
to resist dampness, to hold tbe solo firmly j
In place and to prove extremely durable.'
It costs but little and Is one" of those articles tbat no woll regulated family can
afford to be without A cement Ior repair-.
Ing rubber boot* and shoes Is made In two ,
put*.   Tb* first consist* of DUO part* of
chloroform to 10 parts of caoutchouc tfcor-
aughly mixed.   Tbi* 1* kept In a glen i
stopperad bottle and It better If not ex-.
posed to tb* light.   Tba Kcond part con-
d*t* Of 40 put* *f oil ot turpentine, 10 ,
part* of oaoutchouc and i part* al rosin, i
Then are thoroughly dissolved and kept
by tberaselvoa
When mending day come*, mix *qnal'
quantities of th* two solutions. Clean tb*
rubber thoroughly, roughen  lt slightly J
with a file or rasp, have lt perfectly dry, ���
ccut tlw rubber shoo and tbe pat-ob with .
tbe preparation and allow It to remain a j
moment until It becomes tacky.   Then
unite tbo two, press them closely together
���cd II possible continue tho pressure lor;
several minutes.   It Is well to allow th*
mended articles to remain In n dry and
warm atmosphero for a number of hours
belore oxposlng to wet and cold.   If they j
ean be put away for several days without
using, It Is better.   Bo genoral Is the un
of rubber boots and shoes, and such ex*
poutivo articles are they, especially where
tbere are large families, that any u.eitne of
prolonging tbeir lu-otulmsa Is likely to b*
met with appioval.���.Ntw York Leiiiter.
Ms Is UotermlnsMl ta Pnrsae Him ta th*
Blttssr Bnd. '
Darby is nothing If bo Is not sympathetic, and the otlier dny when ho wa*
waiting (or the train iu the Union depot
tnd be saw an elderly woman clad In a
tlrish veil, white cotton gloves, fluttering
white ribbons and other palpable proof of
bridal attire���when Darby saw ber weeping bitterly Into a lace hnndkorchlef, he
approaohed her and said gently.
" You seem tn be in trouble, my good
woman.   Can I belp you In any way!"
"Mo; I don't know as yuu aan," she replied; "not unless you can find n man
who siys bis namo Is Reginald Si Clair;
but like enough be lied about that, as I'm
thlnkln he lied about everything else,
blame his ploterl He said he'd meet mi
hero at 10 o'clock thi* niornln, and ben
It's 6 In the afternoon, an I ain't seon hide
nor hair of 'Imi He said he'd wear a red
Dower In bis buttonhole, and bere I'v*
rushed up to hall a dozen men with red
flowors In their buttonholes thlnkin they
was him, an ono oame near havln mo arrested 'otiuse I was so sure he was Reginald I ujrnn kissed hlml"
"Who Is Reglnsldf"
"He's a man I've been eorrespondln
with. I got his name out ot a paper wben
ho'd advertised for a correspondent with a
view-to matrimony. I ain't never seen
him, but I've bad dozens of letters brontb-
ln devotion and dcclarln he oouldn't wait
hardly until I got my woddln things ready,
and bere I aent 'Im 1100 three day* ago
'cause lie said ha needed that much to finish furnishln our bouse and wa* a llttl*
short of fund* And hero I've come HOO
miles, and It looks mightily to mo as If
Reginald St. Clair ain't a-goln to show
up, an If he don't I'll traok 'Im to the end
of the earth an let 'im know be wa* foolln
with tho wrong person when be tried to
tool niel He'll give me back that hundred
dollars an wbat I've spent for my troosow
an what it's cost me to come here. I'll let
'In. know that���there's a man with a red j
flower In bis buttonhole." Mefabe that's t
Heglnald.   I'll run an seel" '       |
But It was nat Reginald, and the drab
clad lady returned to Darby and said with j
Increased Ire and bitterness:
"No, It wasn't Reginald. I'v* abont j
gl'n 'Im up now, but I'll ran 'lm down
yet, too If I don'tl"���Detroit Free Press.
Asthma Cure Free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Curo in all Cas.es.
Writ*. Vonr Xante and Address.-. Plainly.
There is nothing- like Asthmalene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
The Rev, C. P. Vim, of Villa Ridge,
III., says: "Your irlul liultlo of Asihma-
lon? received in Rood condition. I cannot
tell you how thiinklnl I fell for tlio mood
derived (rom it. I wus a s-lsive elinlned
with putrid soro throat nnd Athma for 10
years.' I des|iuired of eves- being cured.
I saw your ailverti-teiuer.t fcr the cure of
this drsssrlful and tonnontin*; ilis.cti.se*
Asthma, and thought you had ovcrspokrn
yourselves, but resolved to uive it a trial.
To my astonishment the trial acted like a
charm,    Sond ine a full sized buttle."
Rabbi of Coup;. Buai Israel,
New York, Jan. i), 1901.
Dim. Tait linos'. Mewcine Co.,
Gentlemen : Your Asihmaleneis an excellent remedy for Asthma and Hay Fever
and its composition alleviates all trouble*
which combine with Asthma. Its successes astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analysed, we can state that Asthmalene contains nn
opium   morjiliine, chlorolorm or ether.   Yours very truly,
Worked toil. Ways.
"Speaking of prmerlis," remarked Mr. I
Blykins, thus bringing to mind the luct
that nobody bad mentioned jtroveil**, "re-
minds ute of the lot.s-e wanner lu whleh
tbey can be construed. When you get
right down to tacts, a itreei. u.uny ot thete
proverbs don't atnuunt tj mucb.''
"They re buj,pote.i tu Lie ti.e produots of
tbe.'wlaest is.Iusjs lu letiny cileus,*" replied
tbo young woman who Is popular because
she Helena
".They are unquestionably. It took ex-
ocediLgly cle\er ptoplo to mako tbem fit
al!'cn*.es 1 Oils rtu.Iiiile.ltf tbl* duriug
a journey which I rssu.nlly inline. 1 met i
at nlioiul al. lend of mine, who Is very
i-ooiis.nil.ul and ��i'r* uiuib -given tu l.vult
Hading. I overheard blu. tuldrcsting
the landlord with gleut vehemence. As 1
caUiO up bu turr.cd to me and said: 'It's
aq outrage I 1 pay for a place to slay, und
1 aspect to have it habitable. That landlord bas giveu ino a room to su.ull that I
bave tu climb Into bed over Iho footboard.
It's a case of puro aVarloa He wishes to
bully mo into taking a more expeiihlve
apartment.'. Then bo heaved a sigh .tud
cxcluiiiicd, 'Ah, lhe lovouf money I: the i
rout ol all evil!' Later I n.et the landlord. ;
llan. sorry that Irlendof yours wus dis*
satisfied,' be remarked. 'But be told me
at tlle outset-how much b* desired to pay,
and wedld tbe very best we oould for bim.
And now our eflort to belp him economize
bas made bim a lifelong enemy tu the
house.' And tben tb* landlord heaved a
sigh and exclaimed, - Ab, tho love af money
'    tbe toot ot all -Hill' "���Washington
Th. M.M.n*.r Boy.' Iblsssh
Tb* messenger boy va* shining hll
shoe. In a u*w way. Ha wa* leaning up
against tb* sld* of a building, with one ot
hi* legs drawn op ao as to bring a she*
within rang* of bl* arma. Bl* outfit consisted wholly ot a box ot tb* blacking aold
exclusively by strett vender*. From thi*
box with tht *ld of a Anger be scooped ���
heaping taatpooBful ot gummy content*
with wblcb b* carefully buttered tbo toe
of one shoe. Thsn b* began to polish thi*
laj.rot blacking with tbo palm ot bl*
Well," I old, "what an you doing."
"Blaekln ino ahoes."
. "Why are you doing that!"
"Bubo tbey won't makt mo go ter th'
bootblack al headquarter* *n get ine chocs
tklniMl an dock in. wage* Ml cent* lur It"
How much do tbey fin* y*u for dirty
���J*-!    ,;���'.. ��� I.-***
"> '
it ta Before fty Boom:
Nawthln, and I oan waeh 'cm somen "
He didn't, however, but, giving then, a
batty dry wash on a piece of paper whiob
Boated by, bo put them In hi* pockets snd
���trolled away.���Mew Vork Commercial
Advcrtleer -jj .
Wlr. {lata, by tb* rosst or tud.
Among tbe ourlou* thing* to ba aeen In
tbe hardware atoret nowadays are woven
win doonnata for talc by the foot or
yard. It la only a few year* stlnce the man*
ulacture of the woven wire mat was begun, bnt these mat* bav* proved to effective ������ dirt catchers and so light and easily
cleaned tbat tbeir ua* haa apreod very
rapidly. During tba earlier years of their
manufacture stub mat wu woven aod
finltbed separately Now nine of tb*
manufaoturero an weaving tbem In
lengths of to ttet, and In sucli a way tbtt
tbey will not ratal whan they aro cut
Tha malt ara wovan In different width*
and don* np la roll* Ilk* carpet���N*w
York Son.   *
Mtkat III Hark.
"Can't yon writ* your own namsl"
asked tha lawyer In surprise.
"Pardon me," replied the Boston cltlaea
whoa* tducaUM bad been tomowhal neglected. "I sign my name according to tb*
Australian system."���Ntw York Tribune.
' **m el FlMsatortal Dittos*.
BUI���I'm th* gnattri band tor d-tam
Ing fltb itorlsi*.
-JUl���Thtt'i probably what make* yom
Ma awak* to muoh.���Yooksts Stttttwio.
It Would Hav. Bmb Fin. 1/ the MsMt
Hadn't Karoped.
Butter hat been making soup.
As bas been explained In previous fragmentary biographical sketches ment Bus-
tor, ho Is just ��� trifle over 8 year* of age.
Tbo other day Duster's mother waa busy
sewing, and Mary, tbe cook, was out
Buster bad two little girl* to stay with
Like tbe little gentleman he Is, Buster
decided he would do the honors properly
as host, and eo he proposed to make sons,
soup for his guests
He climbed up to the kltobcn sink, filled
* saucepan with bot water, climbed down
aguln and, witb tho aid of a cbalr, put lt
on tbe range.
Then he hunted around nnd found some
potatoes, an onion and some (lour Ho
put these In the put. Then he put tn a
bandlul of salt, atl the pepper In Ihe not
���about an ounce���nnd t-siiius bird ssee.1.
Then be put tn tbe contents of the sugar
Tba little girls looked (in with undlt-
galsed admiration, but prosi'Sit ly one staldi
"Buster, doy lon t any us..: I.i tlms nip.
I never heard of soup -ivllt.ut I, .ut iti It."
Buster looked .ilxtrettud l.e know the
little girl was rlglit, und yet��� ri.iuiiciily
sn Idea canto to hiin He juiin ed* ir<sm
the cbalr, grabbed thecal uud dropped her
Into tbo pot   ,    .
"Derel" h**sald
"Meowl Hitpbtl ;,K��o-ow-ow-owl
Phi pbtl" said Ute cat    *
The pot wat overturned, ond the little
girl* screamed
Then mamma appeared "What In th*
land of goodness huve you been doing?"
she demanded, with suinu excitement But
Buster was too uinrtlUod ut tho csonpo of
the meet fro... his soup tu do anything but
bowl and say, "Tho old soup wouldn't
���tay toupod."���Now York World.
The Lmaphor..
Shortly before tbe French revolution
Claude Obapp* at Anger* Invented a semaphore telegraph, consisting of relays ot
towers (sariuouuted by movable arma
Thia plan, with modifications, was adopted In Franoe, England an.l othor countries.
U August 1101, tb* first ot Chappo'*
lino* wis completed b*tw**n Paris and
LlUa, and on Sept I at noan ths welcome
ntwtot the recapture cf tb* town of Cond*
from tb* AustriMis wn transmitted by It
from -111* end announced by Cntnot to
tbe depntlss In Purls tbe earn* evening
Th* Inventor, who wa* the first petwn
thst received tbe title of telesrus.it*. engineer (Ingenluur telcgrnphe), as bead of *
telegraphic department In the military
service of the first republic was succeeded
In tbl*oflice by bit brothers. Igsiaii:.*, and
Rene. During tha dlnvtury, thu einjilre
and tht reigns of Louis XVIII and t'lsn-los
X numerous lines of this description were
constructed In France Louis I'liillppe
secured the Introduction of the eloutrlo
telegraph, but both systems wore lu use
down to the time of the Crimean war. after which the semaphore was finally abandoned.��� Oornhlll Mogoxlne.
Th. thaakfal Editor.
"During our absence from tha office
Wednoada; evening lost," write* a rural
editor, "some evil minded person, thinking that we were seated at our desk, fired
a load of buckshot through our window,
bnt *��� ��� kind, protecting Providence
would bav* It th* entire load was received
by a (tranger who wa* waiting tor us In
onr office. Then Is no true* of the assassin, snd at this writing th* stronger wbo
so fortunately filled our place at the tliu*
1* too weak to talk. Thu* Is another midnight aaiaasln tolled. The Lord will pro-
rid*. "--Atlanta Constitution.
lo_. Other Boy.
Indignant Cltlten-Say, youi boy tbraw
a stent at ma Just now aad barely mined
Mr. Gragin-Ytc my bo mlsttdytl
"Thll'* wbtt I understood myself tort-
"It wt* nol my by*."���Indlanapolla
Journal.   ____________
Mo ���ovawlgu ot tat-United Kingdom
waatver cnwnedtn Inland, but double
toronattoDt of Kngllth mont-robi bav* not
Int-wquent   Henry II wa* crowned
-ilntter snd (gain at Worottttr,
ataismMte* and Weetmlnttn
'������ ���p*rU*ndW*Mmlaiter.
Avon Si*rinos, N.Y., Feb. I, 1901.
Dit  Tajt Bros. Medioixb Co.:
Gentlemen,-I write this testimonial from a senso of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of A ih malene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife haa
heen afflicted with apai.ni.odio Asthma for the past 12 years. Havinj!exhausted my own skill as well lis manv othersj I chanctd to see your sign upon vour
windows on 130th sireet, New York, I at once obtained a bottle of Asthmalene.
My wife commenced taking it obout the 1st of Novomber. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one botil*. lier .Asthma bus dit-nppearefl
and ah. is entirely free from all symistouis. I feel that I can consistently
recommend the medicine so all who are afflicted with this distressingdisesse.
Ycvrs res|iectively, 0. 1). PHELPS, M.D.
Dr, Taft Uroi*. Medicixb Co.: ���
Gentlemen.-I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but tliey have all failed.' I ran across your advertisement
and started with a trial hotile. 1 found reliel at once. I havesince purchased
your fuil-siae bottle, and I am ever grateful. I havo a family of four children
and for six yeara I wns unable to work. I am now in the best of health and
am doing business every day. This testimony you can make such use bf as
vou see bt.   Hou.o address, 235 Rivington Street. S. RAPHAEL.
67 East 129th st, New York City.
Do not delav.   Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDIi'INF,
CO., 79 East 130th St, New York Oity.   ;S"-S0LD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and nee if there is anything yon voquire
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT ���
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada: ���.: ���.
Csi|iiiai Subscribed...... ��l,C00,OCO 00
Capital Paid Up      4.rs0,C00 00
Government Deposit....     25O.Q00 00
Asttets $180 lo every S1C0 of Liabilities
First and Paramount:   '���' Absolute Security to Policy Holders."
District Agent   -   ���   Gulden.
ae vihrs-
cofvmoHTS -c.
tt* * sslntch SXSMl slMOrllstlosi snw
-*������, sssh.tl.er us laVtasiism 1.
 <-o_ai.nloatU���> atrleUv
.. Uiewk Hsssia a 00. ran**-
UoMirnllV IlkutntM, Itnest tlrssululon at
an, Miud*c Jo.rn.l. "��U|.lm��<U�� '/tm
iU0.ll SBOuths. SpetHDm ooptea susd -Uat,
Boo* on 1'atiots uut frees. AiMtsus
Ml -Bnaaway, New Sialu ���m***���
** *-ViVtM|-1l. �����*!*�� .-*.���*.*���*/��/�� Vt*
* Town and District.!
*/%*/%iX%/&X ItX-titytiA ���i/t/vWA-i
Ut. A. ii. Taylor, of Ottawa. Is vliit-
ing bia brother, Dr. N. Taylor.
Farcy MeAlplne, th* tailor, la ready
ior butintti at Detormaau'a old ttaiid.
Mitt Lang rtturntd on Thuraday
(rom Banff where th* greatly improved
In health during her short itay.
FOR SALE-House and Lot, Wil
ling to give a good bargain for cath.
Apply to Mrs. Antoya.
Mr. D McDjiald. Dominion Horn*
t:*.td Ini *ctor and Mr J Leaiuay Pis>
rlnolal Timber Inspector sjent a f*w
days In town thia  w**k.
Mttara. Marsh, itnckbam, Ltudull
and Stalker hav* rented Mr*. Wood
lay'* hous* and will S'art a batel.elor*'
Th* annual meeting of ths Goldta
Curling Club will be held at tb* Columbia Houn on Wednesday, April 3rd,
at 8 p.m. Election of offieera (or th*
mining year, Ac���H. 0. Pur.on, Soo.
The mill ha* closed down until the
rivtr optn* taflicianily so permit the
���upply of log* to bo taken from lb*
boom, the ic* having gon* too (ar to
(permit ol teaming aero** th* river.
Th* Ping Pong (Xpert* are practicing bird (or th* tournamtnt, which
promises to he very interesting. Th.
���ecratary desires u* to announc* that
all entrie* mu*t bs in bv noon Monday.
Mr*. 0*o. Woodley and her daughter
Lottie ar* leaving *h*nly Ior an ex
landed visit to Revelstoke, wbme. it I*
bopad, thit tba ehanse will b��n*6t Mi**
liOtti*'* k*alth, whleh baa b**n poor
this winter.
Mr. Mackansi*, ol Baretatok*. wbo
who had tha contraot (or painting th*
new bank building, wa* in town tbi*
WMk giving the roof it* finishing cost,
a* he wa* unable to fiaith it laat (all
swing to uufatorabla wtathtr.
Tha hou*e (ormtrly o*cnpi*d by Mr.
John Henderson 1* **w i.oanttsl by
two o( Goldm'* popular ba-.ekalora,
Messrs. W. B. BoUrtion *ud 8.
W��lk��r having takan poaantlon thi*
iir. R. F.'"illlter i* bu*y erecting an
other o( tk* old Donald hoasss In
Ooldtn for Mr. Robinton, C. P R.
tgtnt at Donald. It it bting put np
en a lol nssr J. E. Griffith's rssidsne*
and the contract calls foratsryeom
���let* dwelling.
A nport haa rsaahtd town o( tbe
marriage o( C. *W. Field. W. bar*
bttn unabl* to ttcuro confirmation o(
the rnmor and giva it far wbat It it
worth. If trae, Mr. Field's many
frltndt will join th* Era in congratulation*. ,
Mr. A. Hamilton had th* mi.fortun.
to lot* hi* dog by poisoning on Tu**-
day. It is seldom thtt wa bava to
e'aronicl* a caa* o( thi* kind, and it I*
ta bs hoped tbat lha aeoundal who **t
th* poiion will detitt (rom his n*f*r
Ion* practice*.
Th* Outcrop notes with approval
lb* aotion ol th* Golden Gam* Association io passing th* rttolulioo cirritd
at thoir laat mealing and pertinently
quirle* "Whv do.* our Aaiooiatlon not
g*t tostther and tndart* ih* r.i*��!u-
It waa rnpansd a w**k or two ago
lhat there waa a pottihiliiy of another
ttrik*o(traokinenonth��CP*R. From
d**p*ioht�� .received (rom Moutreel,
wh*r* th* officer* of th* Tr*okm*n'*
Union art conferring with th* C. P. B.
management, w* ar* pleased lo m* tbat
an arrancemtnt fully stllifsclory to
lbs mm 1* likely to be arrived at.
" Tba man, A. Rimnaon. wbo wa*
���bat during * tcufflt in Calgary r**ant-
ly, died (rom th* *I*et* o( lb* wonnd,
whiob wa* almost sxsclly tb* *ama a*
tha on* that killstd preiidtnt McKinlty.
tils atwllant, Soouten, waa appre
headed In Calgary in a clsvsr disjiuiss.
and is Wing held on a charge Ol mnr-
The ball on Monday ntghi was not
at sueeMsful  ae ll  wonld have bMn
bad it not bMn Lentsn season, many
staylas away ������� lh*t lecoant, bat
liotwltlistandliig this dfavrbaek iber*
'���>*���> a goad attandanos aad a moat sa*
,bw line *** ���l"*1*'*   1-- mn*,e
btyeui doubt, ths bMt em for
ihel  tor A siatwe In OoMen, and
,.,��, kept np nntil 8 a.m.   Thsamnw-
r, Jovian portion o( osr eltlxsM are
'cs-witobllitatlofto tbe Orange-
.��� im ***&*..** tu* ****** *f �������������
^'mimiti*-*******- ****���������������- ������"-
M**mty^A*i pmbtvr. *.****��.
rtow+rmtlmttr tb* ttbek man
Smg**m*Z -*1** **.*-******��� *""""
'���''SMammtm mmb*n*t tke lodga com-
,'MJ0m)*\ak on*Wf **.'**** ��im'm
S^^W^?*4". -
'������yi j A wj'���������'���������-���"'' ��� -���
Amintrnamed Robert Savage wae [AVOID DECEPTION  AND  LOBS.
killed on tbs C.P.R. near Banff.
The concert given by CoigrovM
Orchestra Was snjoytd by a (air sited
audience, tha programma givon being
varied to anit all taste*. Where all
th* member* ol a company ara artlsti
it it hard to single out any ona in particular (or mention but th* corntt solo,
was ipeoially good and th* *eleciion
plajel a* an encore, "Th* Holy City,"
wt* particularly ��*ve*t. Th* muiloal
nov*lit��s introduced w*r* alto very
good, aud the whole programma givsn
was a treat.
Mr. Bennett, o( Pstsrboro, who I*
w*H kuown here, had th* ini��fortun*
so be thrown (rom hi* wtggon near
Suillimachin* on hi* laat trip up, and
on bl* arrival in Peterboro tt waa lound
that on* uf th* bou** in hi* leg wa*
broken. Mr. H. Munsou, ��n old Golden
boy, brought th* team down for another
load, pulling out early Tunday morn
ing. He report* the wagiton road a*
very *erious!y washed out at Ih* top
ol th* Sinclair grade.
At St, Paul'* Church on Good Frl
day there will br **rvic*a (rom IS
o'clock, noon, until 3 p.m.���tb* time
corretponding to thtt on which th*
Saviour bong upon th* oro**. This
service will be vary solsmu and devotional in tharutsr, and al intervals the
vicar will dtlivir a Mrltt o( thort ad-
dresses, baaed en tba mv��o word*
spoken by th* Lord (rom th* oro**.
Th* ptoplt of Golden, ol whatever be-
11*1, an invittd to attend, and anyone
oan enter er laav* the church at aay
time during tba service, bnt while
hymn is being sung is eugge.led aa the
bMt time, aa les* liable to diaturb or
attract attention. Th*re will al��* be
an *v*niag service with sti'tnom at 8
o'clock. Th* service* on Easter day
will be at 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 7:80
���I,   All seata tne.
See That the Name
Is on Every Package You Pur*
���    ehase.
Horn* profit loviog merchant* bay
package dye* to (apply tbtir euatomora
with thtt an oo poor and weak that it
require* fully time parkagM te gira
the aama depth and riohnM* ol color
that i* obtained (rom one paekageol
th* Diamond DyM. Tl.ss* week dysw
-dear at any price���an sold to eon
sumtrt at 10 emit per packet, aama
prise aa the (ull atnngth Diamond
Any worn in who is urged by a mar
ebant to bay tb* wetk and adulttrtttd
dyss reltrred to, ahould tioully reluM
to bt iwindled. Lou, trouble and Irritation o( itraptr can ba avoided by
always uting ibe Diamond DyM. E��
amine tteh paokagt; wban yoa *M lb*
name - Diamond DyM," you an (all*
Diamond Dye Mat and Bag Patter**
riobly colored on tb* bMt quality o(
Scotch Hettitn, can beordand by mall.
Sand (or (re* th*tl* ol doiign* lo ultct
(rom. Send yoar addnaa to Tbe Well*
A Richardaon Co, Limited, 800 Mountain atnet, Montreal. P.Q.
Ottawa hoe accepted Carncgi*'* offer
o( $100,000 for a library.
I,   O.   0.   P.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. M m**ts in
Oddlellow. Hall, Golden, every Wednesday
brethren welcome
T. KINO 8*c.
PIIATT NO. 176.1, meets In thtlr Jul
���vary soeond Thnrsday in tha month. Visit
'   ' Brothers welcome. _..____
W.M. Hen.
A. f.jA A.M.
MOUNTA!*! LODOH, No. 11, A. F.
k A. M. Regular Communication. 2nd Monday in every month. Sojourn-
lag broMhren cordially. Invited.__ _
CH. PARSON, SecreUrv.
Engineer.. Firemen. Machinist* and
Electricians tend (or 40-page oamplet
containing quullons saksdby Exsmln
Ing Board olIhiglnMra toohtain Engl-
nasr's llMnM. Address, Geo. A Zellw.
Pabllsh-ir, ISSonth Fourth stmt, 81.
Leah, Mo., U.S.A. *
���Ilk! 111k! Milk I
Do yoa know tbat yoa ean get good
pun milk every day at* very low coal,
Parties requiring any quantity woald
do wall to common loat* with Palmar A
Sbaw, Salmon Arm, B.C. PrloM right.
Special rat** on tan gallon aann.
ca. j. horaji,
(SnecsMMr t*> F. ���. Barrett.)
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Hamesn,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single I'upjry
Harness, Stock tia&Alee, Ladi-es^Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whij>s,
Spui-s, Currycombs, Brusnea, Snaps (all ei***), Sweat Pads.
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Roots and .Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds ivpaired.
: Prices right   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
W.C. Howard, who waa ��uppos*d
to be a man, died suddenly nt Canai.*
dlas.ua, N.T., and an antopay n��*al*d
Ih* (aet that Howard was a woman
and eight yt#re ago waa married lo
Edith Dyer.
��� the
1 wri|t:ieth
Will lie Spent In
Bed as Usual......
FOR  $12.00,1
A Crateful Mother Writes About
the Rescue of Her Child.
Triumphed After a Physician's
Mis. 0. Stone, of Euan ville, Ont.,
grateful for tbe rescue of her llttl* boy
from death, writes a* follow*:
'1 think it my duty to inform yon
or what Paint's Celery Compound hss
dons (or my littler boy. Hs became
very ill tnd had ths attendance ol our
phyaician, hot no good results wer*
apparent. The dangsroas turns to
which my boy was subject became
mere (nqaint, and alway* wen* in
winter. H* would become pal* aa
death, (a*t and band* ley sold, and
vomiting alwaya followed. He seemed
to be powtrliH*. tnd for daya could not
lit' hia haad from the pillow. A(t*r
trving various kind* of medicine we
decided to (tat P��tne'* Celery Compoand
lor him. One bottle made him well,
and since lhat tim* h* has not bMn
ill. I bava every reason lo belisvs be
is permanently cured."
In lac* ol (ueh tMttmony who ean
deny tha fast tbat Palna'a Celtry Compound lave* lif*? Hundred* of auch
Istisr* aa Mia. Stone's an on (yte (or
the inspection *( doubters.
Whsn your children an ncrvoua,
fretful despondent, aleeplsss, wtak,
rundown, have loa* ol appetite, alow
circulation of blood and decreaaing in
weight, giv* thsm Palns'sCslery Cora-
pound (or a sveek or Iwe. and note wtll
th* ohaering result* lo returning health
and vigor. Wa itrsngly urge the im-
medial* um of th* erect medioine for
all *iekly and weak boy* and elrlt.
��� StJSM
Churoh Serrlees.  .
*t. rAttL'a- cHttacH or ���xolano.
SsrvicM svery Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:80p.m. Celebraiiou of Holy Communion l��t and 3rd Sunday* o( tha month
alter Morniusr Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days st 8 a.m., or
aa may be announced (rom ths chancel.
Sunday School tt 2:30 p.m.
All an cordially Invitsv- to attend; ���
tb* Mrvicsss.     C. F. Yaiis, Vicar.
,   rkWRTTBnij*,*. umritaN.
Msrrvlc* every Sunday at 7:30 p.m,
Sunday Sohool and-tbl* Clatis at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Friday oven*
at 7.
R��T. J. E. Hooo, Pastor.
hutbodist chuicr.   .
Btrrliw* ��v*ry Sanaey at 11 a.m. and
7:8  pro.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Prey��r Meeting on Tuesday al8 p.m.
Kev. R.B. Laidley, Paator..
The style of siumboring garment worn may be a
matter ot choice, but ii* the choosing is wise it will be
something Mlecttd from this line of
i They are cut according to the latest style. Muslin-
Madras, * ei-cale, etc., is the material used. The quality
is excellent.   The prices���well they speak for themselves
J. G. TOM & Co.
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
the JeWeller,
Golden,1: B.C.
Tenders fee Lt**a*e t* Oat Timber *u
DctulaUn Laad* la the 1 r.vlue.
ef Brltlth Clams*,!*.
SEALED TENDERS  ��ddre**ed le lb*
*7   nnlersigned and marked On tk* envelop*
Ttnder for flinbarBerthNo.ttl,'' to be
nnlersigned and marked on the enveloi
.jtder for rimb*r B^ No._��l," to I
opened on th* 16th of April, IOM, will be
received it thit Depsirtm*nt nntil noon sn
Wednesday, the 1Mb of April next, for a
Ilccatt to cat timber on Berth Mo W2,tltu-
���ta in tbe province of British Columbi*, com *
prising two blocks of thn* square miles
BLOCK Mo. 1���Being on Iba South aid. of
tald creek, commniclng half a miw np
itreim from tha .0. P. By. track and thane*
ap stream three miles by on* mik* in denth.
ilook Mo. 8���Being on th* north tide af
 i creak, commencing Is) mile* ap stream
from tbs 0. f. Ky. track and tbane* up
**M creak, commencing It mile* ap stream
from th* C. f. Ky. track and thne*
stream thressjuiiles by on* mile in d*pth.
The ragulstions wider which a license will
���las printed form of Under and
may be obtained at tbl* Depart*
���nrslop*, a
m*ot*r*t tk* office of th* Crown Timber NCtTHef* linecomuiMcini
AgMt at New Westminstor.
Each tender must be sccomnanied by an
accepted cheque on a charleted lianlt in
favor ofthe Deputy of the Minister of the
Interior, for tb* amount "I the bonus which
th* applicant is prepared to pay for a Inter, e
Mo tender by telegraph will be entertained.
Department of Us* Interior,
t?      Ottawa, March 8th, 1901.
South American NsM-vIn* cure*
thttt hftokneyed ���peocilt. ���*��
trial will oonvlnsoa you.-* Oar*
rta* with It no dooeptlon
whon aopiitKi to thia ai
oot of Nonro treatmont.
An lofluential geailemeo recently wrati t���")
Ma witb tb* thoutaaat who have-besrn'
byScssjlk Asaaricoa Ntrvine in Iheir goodoplolool
of It It was recommended to ma by on* whe
bad barn eared by It. I tried it and am cured,
lad I heartily past ths good word aloof���If* ���
woad��r--ssorlser to thattercd nerrtj, and aa emA
hWloaic. M
Sold by C. >V. Fleldi
-Bills of Sale Act."
. registration  	
Jorth Biding of tht But Kootenay EIm-
tor.1 district shall be tb* offiee of tbs'Regit-
InrofltoCsrimtyfloiirtst Goldtn om bet*
NMbtiw. *uch nclslen to lake efwt on Ihe
Ut day of April, 1KB. * . *.- * ���
Aad nnder the provisions of tbe Bills of
BsleAaVMaaMndtd by ths "Bill, of Sal.
Aet Amts-sMM Act. I8M."  Hia Hwcr tb*
SLinMMBt Oonraor In Coon jll ut |d*M*d to
ordtr that oa and afttr tb* Brst day ef April.
i th* Idacefor i-Mrlstration of Bills of
in thsportlon of ths NoribRiding ofthe
fait Ko*t*n*y tlMtoril Dittrlet lying
the weat boundary of tbe a*G
of Eaat Kootenay Electoral D 	
tb* wares Of Bugaboo creek; thence eaatar
  --'   *   '        }*|
���  torys
II Is* the office of the Rs
Iv, following Bugaboo creek to ll* montL.
thence due east to th* boundary^of the Pro*.
tluConuty _ 	
after tho brst d��y of April. 180)1,
for the registration of Bills of 	
portion of the said North Riding ofthe
Eaat Kootenav   Electoral  I" * '
pril, 100-, tbt ni
f Bill* *< Sab In
���IMEBS and
Replete in Evervthlnp.
Being on lbs only direct rout* to the mines on Toby, 1 lone Thi*f and Ne. t
Creeks, it is tb* headquarters of all uiiubig men.
Good Stable Accommodation.  ...
Finest Brands
of Liquors
aud Cigars.
. ,*'���
Columbia River Lumber Qo
 Fir and Spruce Lumber,
ALL KINDS OF    _.    _. . _
������ Fir Dimension a Specialty-
Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt.
Largest Capacity- in the Monntalns.    Terms Cash.
fc. C.
| Sash & Door Machine
j Factory... Shop,..
Eagt** Mid RMlssW BttfUlrfM �� Oe**M*y.
tlie County Court al Oolden; and lhat on ai
std��y of April, WB,
Jlstratlon of Bills cd
e said North Ridlog	
Kootenav Electortl District JyiU
sijUtiioi Hi* said lloe shsll be tb. office of
the Registrar of th* County Csrarl al Ptttt-
borough. j.'D.nwinKU,
Acting 1'rovincial Semtory.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
lit March, Wtti,
Mien Writer    '
-   Scenic Artiat
'   Hotue Decorator. '
Ltavt enbre at fMaaalaJltaM, e*lsi*n.M
The Dominion Government have decided not to grant the TtrrlfOrlM provincial autonomy this year.


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