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The Golden Era Feb 16, 1895

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slMi    LIB
VA '    :-
um*. %*ss
L: IV.   NO. 28
fe ���; ���
if-J Per Year
i    It is stock taking time,
rices are low for cash.
|    Will not last long. Buy
efdre everything is measur-
ii and taken down.
nattjfes A.  COarren's.
Has been.newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
( -        .   .,,-   ���������-.  _ ���   -          ....,���.,...,
Fm. JVfe^eish, - Prop.
jp Colombia HS. co.
During the winter a stage will be run between
ien, Galena, Windermere. Thunder Kill, Canal
Flat, Wasa and Fort Steele.
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
���ember 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on tho alternate Tuesdays.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Write the  Calvary  Store for special
prices on Choice Dairy and
Creamery Butter.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
in  tlio
Officers Trophy
Co'y. Calgary, or
an ncnident nt the end of the Kicking this week in the same competition
Horse Bridge, The l-iii-son was that were, on Monday niirht, G. Woodley
one of the boys wuyde too much and vs. H Woodley, won by the latter, 17.
overbalanced the rig. It was a miracle to 11. On Tuesday niglitRae defeated
that the fellow who held the ribbons II Woodley 17 to 15, and on Thursday
did not have his neck brock-en. I night  G  Woodley  defcuied   McNeish
Robert  Hurley, wbo   bus been  for j ' I l0 Id-
several years a section boss ou the C. I    I*'18 following is the standing of the
P.R. iu the mountains, left this week ! various  rind
for the old country.    Ho had the good ' Competition
fortune last week lo receive notice that |    1'txi*.
be hud fallen heir  to an estate valued (��� Woouloy
at many thousands' of pounds and his ! j�� Wuod.ey
presence  was   urgently    requited  ����������� AloJN*oi_li
home.     About ScXO  was sent out to ��� n B
him und after entertaining his friends, Warren
sumptuously   in the city, lie left on | p,as011
Mondii.i 's Atlaiitioexprcss for England ' Ariiistroiii'
���Winnipeg Free Press. ' '    .,
O.i   Wednesday   night the  Points
Competition was continued, P J Russell being first with 10. H G Parson
still leads iu tlm competition with 37.
A inteiitig uf the club was held ou
Wednesday uiyhl ut tiieriuk. An invitation having been received from the
Calgary Curling Cluu ior representatives irom Golueii to attend u bonspiel
to Lu held there next wink, it wus resolved tu send two rinks. The curlers
will leave on Tuesday evening next for
Calgury, the following will probably
ue the rinks :
H G Parson G Woodley
C A Warren W R Hamilton
J Rae P J Russell
W McNeish, ski|i.     D It Rae, skip.
Public Sell nol Itejio t.
The   following is the public school
report for January :
Pupils attending during month -38.
Average daily attendance 33.17.
IIO.N'Oll 1101,1..
Fifth Class-1 Winnifred Armstrong,
2 Aubrey Harrison.
Fourth Class -1 Jennie Wells.
2 Gladys Houston.
Third Class ���1 Luuru Kenny.
2 Chas. Biibnr.
Second Class ���-1 Mary Connor.
2 Moilie Anderson.
I. Primer -1 George Love.
2 Francis Glover.
Tablet Class���1 Dan.el Lewis.
Punctuality and Regularity ���
Laur.i Kenny.
George Love.
S. PliUsroN,
Who! cm-tie nnd
Iti-tnil ��i nggl*t
Oni.Eiis  PitoMi'Ti.v   Arrt-.Mi.Kii   To
Don't   forget   the Gulden Hospital
Bull on Monday evening. Feb. "ioth.
oik tow:*.
Golden, on the main lino of llie ('iiiiiiilinu
Pacific Hallway, i.t its connection with the
Hteamliniit navigation uf the I oltiliilii'i river :
the mineral .'.ml coiiiuioreliJ centre ofEiistern
llritish Columbia: heiiilqiiliners oftlij Golden Smelting works, tlie I'pper I olttiulii'i
Navigation f'o��� nml haulier iiiiliistiyj the
outlet for Hie wiilely known . rul fur
finned agricultural .-mil grazing luul of the
I'oluuiliia A KiioteiKi-.' Vi.llevs: iinrivi.lleil
lor scenery of till kiu.is: tlie distributing
point for tlte richest uiiueriil country on tlio
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company* liability Is limited to Two Dollars per pound
Special ratoa given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manage:
Quite a number of Gollnnites went
down to the bull at  Field on the Mill.
Now is yonr chance to get a good
novel at, the Goldon Laundry���1 for
25c, 3 for Wc, fi for 81. Five cents
taken in exchange.
The Goldon Jewellery Co. have
moved into tbe Lumoiitsgn Klock this
week. They carry a tine line of
watches, clocks, jewellery and silver-
ware, and arc prepared to do all kinds
of repairing
Mr. Jas. Henderson has been busy
this week making the changes in the
post office announced some time ago.
When completed it will prove of great
advantage to box holders, enabling
them to get their mail at all hours.
The C.P.R. employees hall at Field
on Thursday evening last wns a very
successful affair. Particulars will be
given next week.
Four of our young men while driving last Saturday  morning, met with
Golden vs. Donald.
A team from the Golden Gnu Club
went down to Donald on Tuesday
night, to have a shooting mutch with
the Donald buys. The official score
book bus disappeared somen hut mysteriously and we are therefore unable
to give the individual scores. The
tenuis were composed of eleven men u
���ride, 10 birds apiece; the match resulting in favor of the Goldeniies by 58 to
.il, The best scores were iiuule by W.
Armstrong of Donald, and Bert Low
of Golden, who had eight each ; Capt.
Parson and G. 11. McDermot came next
with 7 each The bo,\ s had a good
time during their visit uud were rojiil-
ly treated by the Donald Club. It is
the purpose of the Donald ('lib to
visit. Golden shoitly, We can assure
them a hearty welcome whenever they
A I l.lliirrliiii  l.o. I.
Ou Tuesday afternoon lust a team
belonging to MurpllV & Pogue, hauled
from their camp it load of 225 ties,
weighing 14 tons. Tiie distance from
the cauip lo the railway depot is 3J
miles and the team accomplished this
extraordinary feat in 1 hour and 10
minutes. The road is a fairly good
one, tliere are however u couple of
dips in it which would puzzle most
tenuis to get over with a loud of lliU
kind.    This is ll record breaker.
The Women's Council of Donald
was duly organised this week and officers electeu. Circumstances will not
permit us to.go into details,this week.
The contractor for the Oddfellows
Hall will have finished by the end of
tbe week. There were several extras
not mentioned in the contract which
delayed the finishing of it before this
Mrs. C. Nelles and Mrs. Richardson,
her mother, arrived last week from
London Out., where Mrs. Richardson
had undergone a'.siirgical operation. I
nm sorry to say that Mrs. Richardson
is not as well as was expected. She
left on Saturday for her home at Hie-
Mr. lliiblis and daughter Mrs. H.
Pins arrived from Eastern Ontario.
Mr. Herbert Pitts came to meet them
here and all left ou Sunday for Three
The Quadrille Club gave its lust
dunce on Friday.
Tlio first of the series of socials of
the Ladies' Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church, can e oil on Tuesday
night nt tin   manse un I  was  a  big
Iill I.l ANA.
Considerable progress has been ma le
In the competitions this week. Those
who visited the rink on Friday night
of last week witnessed probably the
best game of the season. Armstrong
and G. Woodley met ou that night iu
the Officers' Trophy Competition, the
rinks tied on the sixteenth end with
15 each, au extra end was played.
Woodley scoring one point and winning the game.     Other games played
Highest Honors���World'. Pair.
i pure Crape Cream of Tiutar Powder.   Free
um A'-.imonia, Alum or any other-"''illetutit
40 Y:A_j TUB STANl-AK-v fftlte (!5i*>l*-*C!t <&va
Tlio UJL.D'r'.x' E 'A ia '...biisiiuil every
Saturday morning hi liiuo to catch the east
an,I west mail trni.is, also 'lie mull for the
uppor uo.iuli'y, .'i.i i<'i* ii"i'��i, curl -jtliule etc
It is ihu only advtn'lisiug mediant i.i theiilo.it
Kooteiiny liistrict.
Subscription Hates : iS'.tK) (sir auiiuin IN
Advertisements and changes must be in
the office not Inter than I'i u in, mi Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known ou appli-
ciitior -,o
All cash to lie paid in the Manager, from I
.vlio.n tlio Co apauy's receipt will be obtained.
His Gulden En Publishing Ccmparif.
SATURDAY. FEB. Iti, 1895.
TO   MY   llllll I'll Ivll   WILL.
Many years have passed by.
Since you mid 1 together were,
And many miles between us lie
And tniilty thoiiglns ol home.
How ! doos not tbe word sound sweet V
As far iu distant lauds we roum
And   how  we  long  the  dear  ones to
Who live beyond the ocean's foam.
I at the wide Atlantic const,
Spanned by its mighty outstretched
arm ;
You, at the gentle Pacific slope,
Are raising untile on a farm.  ���
A half score years or more have gone,
Since you lhe old home lefl;
Children we were when we purled then
As old birds we'll go buck to the
You've   wandered   round   lor    many
) e ai s,
Sueu things both new and strange,
And battled lung Willi woes uud cures,
Enjoyed -life luu in tii.it wide ruu^ir.
W.ieu the sun shines   brightly on you
You forget old lies that bind ;
Bit,  oil,   when   storms  nl'ii  hovering
D."  you   then  remember your own
Don't you long 'then   (or llie dear old
And the faces of sisters and brothers
Tho dear old lather   witli his words of
Aud the mother's fond caresses.
Oh. the happy, peaceful home,
How long will it hang together;
For father und mother arc growing old
They cannot lust for ever.
Then  Willie  boy,  come home,  come
While home still hangs together;
Fill dear mother's heart with joy,
Ami gel our father's blessing,
��� -E.B.
Wo do not hold oursulves roHponsiblo tor tho
opinions expi'o.-Mo.l hy our correspoiuleuiH.
Editor Golden Eua:
Slit,-The Ret.tl_.ru from Golden to
McKay's, along the Colunihin, nre
taxed at the rate of $5 per itcre. while
those further south at $2.50 per acr?.
Yet our worthy collector after heiim
appealed to tells the settlers that he
cannot reduce tho tax. yet with few
exceptions the settler would sell out at
that figure. Why is this <*o? After
appealing to our mem Iier, also to the
assessor, what next is left for the
settler but to refuse to pay such overcharges. It would seem there is no
court of revision for this district, if
there is [ for one would like some of
your readers to inform me through the
Era. where such court is situated.
O* ��������������� ��nil then thero romps a day
"*- i pn all oor skips are bright,
An'1 nil of i VV appotntrd way
If ��� ��thed in jiolilun tight;
V-. hi-ii rose, hide no thorns beneath;
AVlicii love hie* no alloy ;
And zephyrs full nf perfume breathe
From uut thu hills of joy.
The present is ,, f'prtlnsr thins���       *
Tlie past ��ill live for ave,
And nil its store -if treasures brlnu
Forever and a day,
And st liter siiall lhe echoes come
From tim"'** receding shore ;
Kiich day will irlenn a ple.isnro from
The days lhat aru nu more.
Oh, memories of such, awake I
And ||lad tiie wofti"-' now;
A *.. rent h of reenlleel ions make
'l'n crown ihe dreamer's brow.
Oh, silent voice and vanished hand.
lirlng hack the RohU-n sheaves I
I      *'t-; le of tiie waters and
l (i. vr o' the leave*.
���Nix,-*-. ������ Merman, tn Jt-lraKo Journal.
'���I wouldn't marry hor, If I wore
ynu 1"
That was the gist of his friend's conn-
to], spoken or implied. They all nil*
initted her grnces of person, heart and
mind. But the undeniable fact of her
jealousy remained.
"A jealous woman," his aunt naanred
liiin, "can make any man miserable."
"A jenlons wife," declared his near-
���"t frietul. will make yon wish yon hud
taken my advice, which is that the 1m-
ir oruil Weller gave to his son. 'Don't
marry a vldder,1 he said. Go hang
yourself first, au' yon'll be glad on it
urterwardl' I am presumptuous
eiuingh to parnphniNe that: Iio hung
yourself before yon many a jealous
woman, and you'll be glad on it afterward !'"
But Harold Groves had only laughed.
W hen was a man or a womnn iu love
ever apt to listen to anything so disagreeable as common sense? And he wns
iu love, honestly, sincerely and passionately. So hc married Norino llnle. nnd
was most ridiculously happy for two
years. Their life altogether was simply
ideal. His few faults he corrected. If
faults she had, they remained undiscovered by him. One day he summoned
courage to tell her the remarks that hail
been mode concerning her jealous disposition.
She looked np at him with grave,
shining eyes.
"I do love loyalty," ihe replied, simply.
And it may be he wonld never have
riscovereil at all that Norine was jealous if it were not for the burglary.
Harold Groves was a lii'.vyer. He
transacted much of his Im-iuess at
lionie, uud luul in his study 11 large desk,
in which he kept papers of importance,
deeds ami memoranda relating to tlie
all airs of bis clients. The desk looked
sully untidy, and, in the opinion of
Norine, wns a decided blot in the exquisitely neat little room, where somo
of Uieir picir.-iinlest hours were spent.
"Harold," she snid to bim one even-
intr, as she leaned over his chair, and
smoothed back his dark locks caressingly with her pretty white fingers, "I
really shall tidy np that desk one of
these days. The litter of dusty papers,
books aud pipes is positively disgraceful."
He gave her a glance of alarm.
"Don't���for mercy's sake, dearest! I
"trow now where to put my hand on
everything I want���don't!"
Bnt the fear that she might do so in*
���ltieeil him lo lock bis desk, and keep it
locked thereafter. Norine noticed it
nnd luu'.-heil.
"At lenst yon hnve shnt tbe disorder
ont of sight," she avowed gnyly. "My
threat was efficacious to that extent.
Indeed, dtar, how vou can ever tell one
nf those tirerome iioiiiiiienls nf yours
from another is it mystery to me."
A certain blue, starlit .March nicht
they went upstairs. leaving tlie cozy
apartment in dainty order. During the
night Norino was awakened by what
so Muled like a click. She sat bolt up-
riL'lit in bed.
"Hark!" she breathed. "Listen,
Both listened intently.
"It is a very cold night," he snid, at
length. "Yon merely he> rd the frost
cracking on the window pane. Go to
sleep, love."
Reassured, she did as bidden, bat, on
being aroused early by the servant's cry
nf dismay, she hastened down to find
the lower rooms in a state of extreme
confusion. Drawers hnd been pulled
out, the desk nf the master forced open,
inul papers were scattered liroiuicust in
an evident search for valuables.
"My ruby ring I" cried Mrs. Groves.
" I left it on the mantel last night. And
my watch wns in the Chinese cabinet���
where I put my pocketbook. Send for
the police, Harold I They have all been
stolen 1"
" I shall go," cried Groves.
And he started off on a run
Tr several moments Norino stood
rtiiiinir around in bewilderment. Then.
mi cliaiiionlly, she begun to arrange the
trisurdered apartment, She picked np
the pioecs of a shattered vase, threw
tbem in the grate, straightened a twisted ������ropery, lifted some se .tiered sheets
of paper, laid tbem on the leaf of her
husband's forced desk, and suddenly
retreated a step, turning very white.
Open I efore l.er, having evidently been
i.Ti'iiched wide, iu the hope of finding
money, was a square morocco box. In
the box was a bundle of letters and a
photograph. The letters were in a
wo nun's hand, and theBiniling pictured
face was that of Norine's dearest friend.
title held tight to a chair back, to keep
f -nm failing. Hor temples throbbed. A
. nt Uiit.ii drove the pallor from her
cheeks. The buzz iu lur ears was
ilealeiiinir. Sho put out ber lintiil. took
up mm of tire letters, read it through.
It was jnst .-iich a love letter as any
i.lined, iilfeotiimnte girl miirht havo
written. It begun "My Denre-it," an 1
ended "Your loving Annie." It bore
Ibe date of the year previous to Norine'*
marriage.   Sho too.* up another folded
sheet, opened, glanced through it, A
brief, sun little note it was.
"liy d'-ar," i run, "f ie ha* been hard
to ii-, I is itiioil- y we inns, sn ���ive love
each other mi 1 Um not gm-d h forever,
AVi'inns' ke pun Itelteviuu III i-atih oilier,
and liiipiiin fur ihtllliate niipiiiiie-s lui- tn.r.
It shall suiely inline.���Your d.sul.l*. "As*
I Hark ! There were footsteps���voices !
The young wife hastily replaced the
letters, drew back from the desk. The
ne.irt instant Harold, accompanied by
policemen and detectives, was in the
room.   He went directly to Norine.
"My love," be said, "what it shock
this bus given you 1 You are white as
a ghost."
I    She thrust his gentle hand away.
"I am very well," she said.
And nil tbe time she wns going over
and over iu her mind the details of her
husband's  acquaintance   witli   Annie
HuUiurd.    He  hud  known her from
chiii........' -long beforo he nut Norine.
Sho t.ioilected his telling her they
hud guiie to dancing school together,
bnt she had never dreamed that he was
iu love with Annie, or slio wilh bim.
Now she knew thnt it was so. since ho
treasured her letters, her picture.   She
��� i..ii.i'1'Ujo i why lie had locked iiisdesk.
I lie luul married iter for her ii.oiiuy���lov*
i ur Annie Hubbard all the lime. That
tact wus patent and plain.
All day long she went around like a
woman in u dream. She was very pule,
���and her lips wero rigidly set. Her
changed' appearance and demeanor her
husband titliiiiutid to.thelii-u.t sue bud
had. Ami the whole time one terriid.i
thought was beating itself in upon Iier
bruin, "Yuu love tliuiu loth. You
stand in their sunshine. Move out of il!"
I Toward evening she left tlie house,
walked lo a drug store, entered, asked
for n certain powder, ut once caressing
and deadly.
The clerk looked nt her enrionsly, she
fancied, as he gave her the package and
her change.
She went home. Harold was ont
She sat down and wrote him a few lilies.
" Ynu licensed un- of beiui* jealous." sae
wiote. ' 1 duu't think 1 uns���l k..inv I
nil.. 1 hnve lead Ann e's tellers lo you.
If  I had dr.'.inil  before Iiu.in I'd you
i Iliul yi.n in.red nir each ntli-r i would have
j dull" then what 1 .1111 about to do now."
It seemed a long time before the drug
took effect, bnt at last she felt the desired sense of unconsciousness'creeping
npon her.
It was almost eleven o'clock when
Harold, wbo hnd been on a wild goose
chaBe after the burglars, reached his
own door. A voice oat of the shadows
spoke to him.
"Mr. Groves, I've been waiting for
you.   I'm Jim Dinand."
"Oh. yes���of course. Wait, and I'll
get this dm ir open."
"No���I only wish to speak to you a
moment. Yon did me a good turn last
year, when I wits miles deep iu that
lawsuit, and couldn't pay yon. I think
I've done  you  one  now.   Your  wife
I came into my drug store to night. She
didn't know me. bnt I knew ber. She
asked for morphine���au  amount that
j would be a fatal dose. She looked wild
and strange. 1 gave her a hiirmlesa
sedative powder. I may have lieen mistaken in regard to her evident intention,
, but I don't think so."
I     "My    God!"     murmured    Groves.
��� "Thank you, Jltn," he said then.
He let himself in, went quietly upstairs, noiselessly entered the room.
Norine lay asleep; the note she had
written was on a small table beside tho
bed He took tip lho sheet���r. a 1 ti few
calm, desperate words. Then he
dropped the note on the floor between
the table und tbe bed. It was late next
morning when Norine liftod her heavy
I    "Well, you lazy girl!" cried a dear,
familiar voice, "I'm tired waiting break*
I fust for yon.   I never know you to
I sleep  so  late.   I hear they've caught
our  intruders.    I   hope   bo���although
they didn't get Very much. I suppose
: they thought they had a great find
when they broke open the locked box
1 which Dave Harding gnve nie to keep
for bim. when his folks broke up tho
engngeinent between him and Annie
Hubbard, and sent him out west. However, in a letter I got from him only
this morning, be writes me that the
course of true love is .'iinning smoothly again, and that he is. coining back
to marry Annie next month. Make
haste, dear. The chops will be like
He left the room. She looked wildly
around for her note, nicked it np.
"The drangnt from the window must
hnve blown it off tlie table. Was ever
anything so fortunate? But how did
that yonng druggist happen to make
inch n mistake? Ob! I have lieen wicked
���wicked! Forgive me, denr God, my
jealousy, my rash attempt, both dark
Bins! I will never again doubt your love,
nor his!"
i And, in the sweet humility of her
happiness, she never did.���Kate Cleary,
iu N. Y. Weekly.
A Que.tlon.
"I am   very   much puzzled about
Dickie Doddles," said one young woman.
I     "I don't find him so interesting as all
that," replied another.
"It  takes an emergency to develop
J chnracter.   We went rowing together
1 tho otlier evening���he employed a man
to handle the oars���and do you know he
never attempted to rock the boat."
"Is there anything puzzling about
"Certninly. I don't know whether
to attribute it to intelligence or indolence."
Ills Sorry I..m.l.
He placed bis hand npon his heart.
"Yon cannot imagine," he protested,
"what a terrible load I carry, and yet
give no sign to the world."
She turned away her head.
���Believe me," she faltered, "thoworld
A subtle something in the way she
rnised her handkerchief to Iier face impelled him to surreptitiously tuke another <���'me or two.
Swor-i lll.i.-i.'ll In.
General Sir Evelyn Wood, In his re
miniscences of tlie Crimean in 18.-54 and
and 18U4. tells n story of a lightim-
General who. during the cniilli.. wa.
seen wherever bullets fell most thickly.
Whirl not visible, his voice was heard
encouraging bis iiicu with "�� vocnlinliir*
borrowed from 'the army in Flanders,"
which Sir Evelyn s-iys will nut bear re
pet: ion "Years after be wns u-ipoiiiti-i.
to the Aldershot coiumiind, aim Uei
Majesty happened to ask. 'tins in.
new General yet taken npiiiBcoiiim.'iiio-
'Yes Your Majesty,' w. �� llie apt reply
���he swore himself, in yesterday.'"--
Westminster Gnzette. M
erotic Billons of the capital.   Tolstoi, ns
well as Pri.ice Masi'hersky, director of
t..e newspaper Grajdanine, has given in t
his novel  very exact  and  graphic de*  :
sei'iptions  of  Russian high life.    But '
witli nil their innate pride, the Russian
great folk have never looked upon work
as degrading.    Thus  if   need be they
will.adopt with ease and without mau -
vaise  liuiite  any   offices,   any   publio
charges.   There is ut St. Petersburg a
prince who serves in the custom-house, -"*���
and many nobles and titled men become
professors, schoolmasters, even actors
In a pastry-cook simp at Moscow some
princesses of nigh blood serve behind the
counter; otliers will become governesses,
companions,   housekeepers,   telegraph
clerks���in fact, will adopt any employment that may turn up.
Women llarb-irs.
If you ever happen to notice one of
the barber shops conducted by women,
of which tliere am a dozen or more
scattered over town, you will find'the
same spirit of iliintlnessasserting itself
which makes the undertaking establish'
ment seem almost cheerful. This is
particularly true of shops owned nml
managed by women, but is not so notice*
able in tho cases ol men's shops where
Women are eiupio.ivd. Mrs. .il.u shall
bus a shop of Iier own on Cottage Grove
avenue. 'Iliero are some lioivers in the
window and a flowered sash curtain
across it. There are pictures on the
walls and there is a glowing baseburncr
instead of the dull cannon stove to be
found iu most of the smaller -nops.
"I have been taking cure of myself in
this way for ten years," said Mrs. Marshall "It is a kind of work that a
woman can do quite as well ns a man,
nnd the number of women who are
learning the trade is increasing."
- Mrs. Marshall has u wotn.ui assistant,
nnd Isitb of them are kept busy. "Most
of my customers aro men," she snid.
"ami I never hear nnv of theiu' complain thut tiie razor isn't sharp enough."
And didn't Delilah show what a
woman could do in the barber line several odd centuries ago?���Chicago Tribune.
It  Kmbracrs a   Million lVni.1-.men   and
Prliifii'SM-'a Win. Are .slut,, Girls.
Russia possesses 030,000 nobles, without counting -1.10,000 whose titles an i
hereditary. Among the Russian nobility there ure many of foreign origin.
Tbe Russian social cole recognizes four
categories or estates (Soslovi.i). that is to
suy, nobles, priestB, town dwellers nnd
peasants. Tlie character of their employment distinguishes these classes
from one another. Each is dependent
on the Czar for all its privileges; nud
the Emperor has absolute power to
change tlie condition of his subjects
from n high to a low estate. None of
these classes possesses either a historical,
apolitical or a social individuality. The
Russian aristocracy is deprived of political importance, and it ciiiniot boast of
such cliivuhoiis qualities as distinguished the French nobles. For the present,
it lacks sufficient good uense or education to play any part iu public life.
Russian aristocrats all desire to be considered as direct descendants of the
Buyers, merely because it is pleasant to
be such, and thus get a position of so
cial superiority. Their ambition goes
no higher. Tlie Boyurs, like the feudal
Western landowners, are tho descendants of tlie men who of old composed the Russian Prince's army. The
members of the Russian aristocracy
have in great part retained their places
at court, bo thut there can be encountered must of the old historic names.
Children of both sexes inherit the titloi
of their pareuts.
The Russian aristocracy is distinguished by overweening pride and haughtiness, and at tbe same time there is often
united tu this, in a bizarre contrast, a
certain snobbi linens. Access to the
circles if high society is very difficult!
it is only possible topenetrn:.i into them
if well born and well connected. The
Russians rarely abandon their titles,
being too proud of them to quit them
easily. A marriage between a poor
gentleman mid u rich stranger, or vice
versa, is considered in this country as a
ihiiiueful mesalliance, aud the couple
would  i.ot  bu  ucelvod iu the arisio-
Makli.ir **imi.'y.
Where are we to look for new outlets? Inventors and discoverers are tho
saviors of society. The photographic
art is modern enouirh to lie a useful case
iu point. Photographers increased 41
per cent, from 1871 to 1*581, and 5U per
cent, in the following decade. New industries give rise to new wastes; and it
waB not ioug beforo it was discovered
that tiie precious metal used iu the
developing lulnt'ous could be recovered,
or that the yolk of eggs, whose wliiio
was employed in providing albuminized
paper, need not be thrown away us
valueless, but would realize handsome
prices from pastry cooks. The history
of waste products, indeed, is extremely
instructive, und very pertinent to ting
article. In some cases by products havo .
become tbe main products. Gas-tar���
truly an unpromising material���now
yields numberless products, ns any
science primer shows. From even moro
uuliliely 8ourcessceiitsari'i>!it. lired. As
j Lord Play fair once said: "Many a fair
forehead i- iiaiuped witli the linilu do
mill-* Hears without knowing that its
esi-entiul ingredient is derived from the
drainage of a cow-house." To the
French belongs the gTeatest credit in
i discovering new means of. making
motley. The Parisian ebb-funnier is
��� much Rharper than his London brother,
i who does n queer trade iu cigar ends nnd
old'hilts, boots, etc.. which ure "fukud"
to look ns good as new. It was u Parisian woo first utilize 1 old sardine tins,
long regarded iib worthless, lie extract���
1 ed the solder and titilizuil the tin in tho
1 innmifacti.ro of toys and lor beating into
! furniture. Another Parisian, nn old
soldier, collected old crusts and mado
tbem into bread crumbs tor cooks, ami
iu time k arted it piituu of business,
whence were supplied urout.es an pot,.bo
derir to connoisseurs in soups.���Loudon
She���A re yon Kiiinn 10 any balls this
S'.isnii? He���1 am going to three balls tomorrow.���Syracuse P.'"'.
"I'm gol g to become a professional
prizi-h 'hi.-.." "What I Why. man,
ion haven't the slightest ���mniuiaiid of
laiiuiiaae."���Ouiii go Hei-ord.
Clara���Were there any lnnrrying men
do..ii at tlie tit-ium this siiiuiner?   Ci.ru���
��� Yen, there were two ministers mi J n Just-
lire of the 1'eaue.���-Ypuker. StatestUilll.
I I an >r was a lucky man. He cult Id go
in "inul iviinre he plwi-i-d and bis wife nuver
ti-I.Hil say am.living qnr-tioiiH. Sue wus
lib ve si.npl-iloii,���Bus!oil Transcript.
1 'Wll..t was the trouble over at lbs Wo-
���mill's I' nl. jest' nitty afieriiiH.ii? I never
ia aril slum tnlklli.'." "Oh. it was lbs first
whist party i iy've bad this fall."���Chi*
cii'.ti Inter Ouean.
"Wneti Iiiiish. are done away wiih,"��Bld
' lh*t,Killiliy Boarder, ".vlial will inume of
t h p lipid who waul lo ridr I oh if-?"
- Tiiiii'seasy," unswer.nl the Cu�� r id Idiot.
"VI.ey ��i.llidetbe W..t-1'laiu ti.eir heads." NOTICE.
Application for Cortlfleuts of  Im-
p rove-meats.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.474 17,iiiteiul,
60 days from tbe date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining u Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements,
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Man'i;i*i. Dainard.
Special Offer!
FOR  $2.25
The  "Golden Era"
���g!n*in��00 ffiavii*.
Hon. J, A. Louoiieei), Q,C.
G. S. McCaIiter.
fjonghced  A  JlcCitrter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notnriei
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal,
CaIj-jary, - N.W.T.
Application   for    Oertlfleutu! of  Improvements.
T.ikj iiorioet'li it. I, MitutteJ Dnjnanl,
free minor's ''Ortitiiiate No, 4 -I'll, i '��nd
60 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certillcate
of iiuproveme - for the purpose of
obtaining n crow i grant of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certilioate uf improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel D.iIxard.
Notion of  A)i;*lU'utrlon  fn.'. ''ci'tlflcntc
of Iinproveii.oiits.
"nuhoet" mineral claim.
Tako notice that I. Harold E. For*
ster, free miner's substituted certillcate
No. .'15.149. intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Coin-.
mU'-ioner for a certificate of improve-
m-.ts, forth'.' purpose of obtaining a
Crown grunt of the above claim,
Aud further take notice thai ndverso
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Harolii E. Forhtkr,
By his agent F  W. Aylmer.
Dated this 29th  day of   December.
Golden Hospital Society
THE HOSPITAL is now open forth,
admission of patients.
TICKETS mny be had from the undersigned or any member of tin
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half your.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
ay Offices A Chemical  l.nlioral.rj.
(Established iu ll.C. iu 1889.)
Vancouver, L.V.
rmi c-vk virin.
20 Complete Novelettes
"Wo hare emnpe-l witb tlio publisher of the r^r^'fir
IlliiHtrotoJ literary an 1 fnnilly monthly, Tli** itluoj.
.rttiMl lliinu* Oiii"l( to furnish thin excttllf-nt
ni-tillr-'itlon In ctilh With our paper upon tho i-rwinlly
li'ural t��rini'|inite<l aho.-\ and wo am alm��enal-]..il to
offer to o-ich H-ita-H-ier, Fret*, a larire anil Itnnrl-inmo
premium book, enUtlo-]. "Twenty C- nipUti*
N nv.-lettfM by P niilui; Authori-" This
our fiiibni-rlher-t, by ti.lnir a-Kvitr.?-) of the abovo
lihiriloT-rir, mny Hoi'iiro, in alilti n to their fnvorlto
litine ne-r-tpnpop- ���*. year'n Mitbisrl itlon to one of tho
bant ami inert popular literary and family papers pub-
IUIiqi), ft'itl also ii attractive ht! entertainln�� book
contain) air twonty complete nnvelettea by twenty of
the molt famoui Wittier* of America, Enirlanil and
France-la fact, n l-inni amount of thu moat fascinating
reading matter at tbo moat trillion co-it.
Is n lame and handsome lil-pn-je, fi!-column .11.is-
trato-1 literary and family piner, pnbMshml monthly,
and eon* ilnlnn Serial and --'-nrt Btnrle*. bv ti*�� m"st
C'onniai- authopi, Rbetctie-t, Pooinn. IlHeful MtrV-ellany,
louiehild. ntii'dron-n nnd Hiimorotii jiTiirtninnti-i,
and ererythlnir to amnio, entertain and Int. tract each
member of the family circle Among the writers
whose s��oi*lei coniti-i'.y nnnmr In thk Iriitif'TRATKD
Home obi-st ire Mr**. K'nmi n. T, N. Southworth,
Mrs, Mary J. FfolraM Charlotte M. Brnome. Mn*. Ann
a Stenheni, Mrs. Miv Atrnon Hemlmr Etta W. I'lprre,
Mm. .lane 0. Austin, Emm a flnrrlnoo Jnnoa. Mary
Kyle lullft-t, Sylrairii Oobb. Jr., fmnr-nn Bennett, A,
Conan Davie, and manv otltere. Ft h ft liith-olass pnb-
heatttin for the ("ami'? elHn. Iiindwrnely printf-d,
t-e-i-iUfiillv lllnstrnto-l. nnd while Ithalwnyd Int'-re'-.t-
Inn and n-wor dull, It fi pure h i^-ira' tone, uot an
obtootlonaMew'i.'d or lino bi-.n"* nll"w*-ii to enter its
cobinm**. You --U1 bo dollnhti'I with this charming
papor, and na-jdrly welcome Itt monthly visits.
Sly Popnlnr An-Vii-- la a Inree and handsome
ook of IDS \tvm d-Mb'e-flolitmn octavo pares, nicely
printed in o'ear, hoi |, rondah-e tv-no on (rood paper,
and handsome'v hound In cnlm****'-! par-or e.nvtirt. It
contains, as Iti tltio indicate". Wenty complete novelette*
by twenty weil-'-cno-vn and popular author)**, each one
��� or wftlc'i lnlmens-.lv intire-t'in-?. Itcomnrlnesawhole
season's deltT-i*-fii1 roadln-?, and Is by far tho 'are-out
and flnost enMe-HInn orco-np'ete potmlnr nove'ettei
over published in a pIutIo volume. TYn title" of the
twenty complete novelettes contained In tbl. book are
aa follows:
1!nder the Holly Dnrrfos** By Cliitrlntie U,
Thfi Plinntnm lVeddlntr. By Mw. Emmn D. E. H,
fSnntti worth.
Tlio livtioV-* IVirntMsr.   B**Vrt, flenryWoorl,
Rlooiishlne mul MiirBru-'rltPs. By "ilia nn-
Tlitp Honilsmnn of Ant worn.   By lira. Ann a
Th�� Storv of n fitfi-.   By Mrs. Ihv A^nrw Plemlnft
<Mi Kiitlilfrfiiril Hull*    Bv Mi-*. M. R ItrmMnn.
Ill-llinllO ��f lI'Mllllloil.     By Alrxnn <>t llnmnn.
A Tiilo on'lir'Mt l.loin.    Hv if KMer Husard.
.t llrM-nu hi tlio Alp,   Br-IiiImTfrnt��.
Tho Ntory of Ifolnn.   Bv Amsejn M. Bnnalat,
Tho Captnlu or tlto Polo-Star.   By a. Cotun
Tho finilor'H (Roorot,   BrMrs. JnnoO. Anrtln.
Tfl�� Ilili'l In ICrniM IVimtl.    BvWllkleCnllIn��.
Tho HclroaH. of w iiithoii Granffo>   By m. t.
CM'' "���.
>IlUM P-1P-1*.    n�� Vi-v Kv< ��� D-'-iW.
Tho fll'ifknniltli-'-a IXtiitrhtop.   Bv Kfts W, pfprr-a,
Tti<�� Mfitinfop of Nnilnnn*  By Sylvumw r..i.i., .ir.
Tho f.-ttm* lllriiiioiiflM.   ������������. Miry A. Ueiilmin.
Aabcroft llnll.   Ky Kmnw Onrrinoii j me*.
thill uo send TIIE OOI.DEN E17A for one
i'i i'une year, .ind the l-ools, "Twenty I'ntn*
plolo Novelettes by l'opulitr Aullinrn," ;dl
pust-piiiil by iiinil 111*011 reeeipt of ..lily r?**.*!."i.
Tills nll'er npplies both to lien- sulwribers
and renewals. Every lover nf brlirlit and
liiKi'iiiiiliiifL; liieratiue slmttlil t. ko nilviinltiKO
ut'il. Suiiiples .'iipie-nl "Tlie lllnstruted
lliniie (jiiesr "mid nt' the preuiiiitn hook may
lie seen lit litis ufliee.   AdilrOHH all letters:
It.  J.   JI-PIISOX,
D.b.S. A P.L.S. for B.O. DOMINION &
Pr-iui-hisniiin, Valii��tor.ete.,('AI,GAI(Y,
N.W.l'i   Correspondence f-roliiifsd.
R.J.JKPHSON, D.1j.S.,IMj.S. of B.C. itOut.
Caloarv, Alba.
JWrCnrthy   A    Ilnrve.r,
Rarristers, Advocutcn, Notaries, Ac.   Solici
tors tor t���
Tho Imperial Hank of Canada.
The Canada Permanent Loan A Savings Co.
'1 he Yorkshire l.uun & Sccniitiesl orporatioii
Tlio Massey Harris Co. (Ltd).etc.,etc.
Offices- -Stephen Avenue, Laiifary.
P. Mm A UTH V, y.c.
IlollAClrl llARVEV, Il.A. L.L.I1,
:oro CTTJtES
_nvu beou i:-
Jeotocl by my
Vu-'j-t, with
Scrfcct enae to wearer, tbnn by all other
rtirrNroni.ilnp4. They ietainlargo-t
u ut ure under Mvoraat strain. <\ nyi-
Mm of littln-rhn* beon perfected tbo
lut AS years, fully equal tqporeonal
examination nir rnrntl.  OTimtonti
, U��J-a(H-.w..'r��r��aila_
Presbyterian Hor vice.
Service will bo held to-morrow
mornin-; in the school bonne at 10
o'clock, conducted by Kev. W. It.
Ross.       '
Assoc. jMem. Inst. C.E.
.w**vixf;  EXGI.VEER.
CoCIIIlANIi, Ai.iia.-Ft. Si-eki.e, B.C.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
I '.
ie MM Era Pull. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
In '.he Supremo Court of liritirh Col nubia.
Mil, II No. II
|!ot��wn Ale-iiiin'or T.. llogp; liud I'r.'.nli
Iloiife-lituu, Ph.in; i -;
( harleii'.   r.'irrell  auilO. II. Johnson, Do
To I luirlesC. K.-rrrell and I*!. II. .Inhllsou of
1'i.rt Sfei le, iu the Disil'iirt of Koolenay,
Tako notico that on 1 lie siirlli day of Au-ust
tmil. a writ nf aiiiniuniia "as iisued out ot this
i niri't ..���.'���aiiisi yon at I lie suit of llionliovi'
iian.ed, Alex.iii'loi' L. Iluinr mill Frank
ll.mi.lii "ti. of Pert Steele, Im" Miners r
^ Thin lie .-..i'i w ii was onilnsuil wiih the
tiilln.viu'-vtaieiiieii nf claim i
"The pliiinttlVscl I. i- fur iliecimeolhiti'iii
of then r.'sof  I Iin   ! 'I'lul'.v. nil nud l.0-.'iil
Toiuler uiiueriil Cliilms, in the oflico of the
Mluliiir Uei'"nler ..t Por1 imdn itt tho Province uf' lirhish i ul inil'i... foi' mi injunction
resrr. iuine- tho rlot'nnihiiits, tlfir servanis,
ajrenis, or wui'ltruoil from enrerinrr ii|mn lho
I'i.e f thn I Mils and l.ake.-li"io.'.iiil Muyoil
miuer..l I'lai.us. and fur ilan.a'.u.s and tho
cn.-is ot'this action."
And take umiee. fui'ihor. llllll hv au order
of Ills I iinl-liip Mr .1 .s i.e lYiillteni. diiteil
.'iill liri'ibcr, >'.' . ll iv.m unlered lhat sen iee
ol'tliir s..ii writ bo pi-puled l.y pnnlhiix the
sume on tlio oflico of tlin Miuillir I'ciir.'erat
I'ln-l Stifle, iiint oil llie -..it (Jnuoil iif lhe
Hills, Mn'-er: und l.r.lro Sliuret'liilnis, ..nil by
ailioi'lisliiiru ii..:i.i'liiiT.*.!-''..r:.- days iu lli'o
lliii.iii.N Kit. iio'ispiipor, and iliul the tie'
fomli'iits do ntiiur cn ap|ioi,i'iiiii'u uitliliiUO
.lays of die tt I'M I ilisui'liuii 01 siudi nuliie.
You are therefore required |>arsiiaiit to
such nrdor *o enier all appearance to the said
writ tu fljOiiHii'fl of ihe li'e'.'i-iriir of this
i in ri at ba" I ops, I I'i'idi ��� iihiiubiii. wltliin
laldnvs of tlie lirst. iiiMir.ii.il of this iiulico.
Diitoil litis -ICIh November, I8IH.
A. ll. M. SI'ii'AUUE,
Of Poiurll.    ill Mi" District of  KuotO'iny,
Eire ii.-Hrrtiuii l.ec. iat. .bill. I
(liraduute of Laval nnd Mcl.ill.)
jniNiido  K.-i��^\i:i:i{.
Head Office, Qukiiec ;   Branch  Offices
SiiEiiniiooKE, & 17 Pluce d'Arniea
Hill. Montkeai..
Samusl S. Fowler, EJ.,
Properties reported upon.    Estimates and
plans fur all iuot.'.llui'<;ic..l plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
CAM* Alt Y.
Interest nt Current rates.
W. B. GRAVBLEY, Manager.
'.ivory tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Morses for Hire.
��or.i>i:x. ii.c.
���HULL BROS ti CO.,
WlmW'-sui*'iiimI lie tail
For full particulars apply to
^.\. Ccnnacher, Proprietor.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���   .   Embalmers.
C-ilflrary     ���     ���       A lim
"It Is worth the price to every iwrsnn
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
__. Or. NaVINa
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Oopr Choppers.
Short, simple end practical rules for
making and editing newspaper enpr,
and of equal value to all wbo wlab lo
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. 10 rents
per copy. ALLAN TORMAN, PuUlshst
117 Nassau -trest. New York.
Iliilili'ii Hospllnl Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
������      2  p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii       7     ii    i.   8   "
.Snnuiiy  from   10 a.m. to   12 in., ami
from 7 p.m. to M p ni.
From  2:-''0 p.m.  to M  p.m.. ilnily,
e.tec; t'dondiiy and-Sntirilny.
Bv  OilHER.      i
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS iu every respect. Sample Rooms for
Coiiiiiiereiul men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of jinests. lleadqiiartirs for iiiiuiii); men ami
miners, Coiiyenieiir to Station and Sicatiilioal
Liindinp. Direct importei- and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines. Liquors, and Ci|{��ri.
Special iitn'iitioti given to orders from u^ the
Colun.biu River.
Job    Department
OF -:o:-
promi't ��ni**��i'r and an honest, o-iiiiion. wnu- tn
>l I N N A: I'��., WBO have Ind nwuly Hft y ywtv
���xponenoe (n the ?>atont bum new. C'omiuunlca-
tli.ns Htrlcily o nil.ntu.nl. A )1 an<lb<i.iU of ln-
ffirinfttlun conrernimr I'ntpntn and buw tn oh-
tiiin tin'!.i M-it iM'i'. Also i. catnloflueol���Qieciiiin-
ical ami scienililc linoks Kent trio.
I'-in-iits taken tin-ouch Munn -% ro. feoeiye
ipeciul notice hi tho p-tcii-nti lie 4iii-fi-iii.il. *nj
tiina lira hrniiL-ht iriili ly tioior.: iIh- put-Hun-i;'.!-
out cimt tn the inventor, 'iiiiu spli'iitilil i-apcr,
lK��TiO(twei-hlr, clpi:nnt Ifllhi=tr.i*(-il, hns br fiirt V-i
.ttrut-ht olrouiatlou of any stientioc work in tin*
world. SU a venr.   Pnninlp ootitci f-cnt free.
.......    . ...   _ montlil'f.iWOttyear. Sinttla
  """ contains
  ,-���-...-, ... .  - , -   . . -.'i-ai'liB c	
limine��, with plana, enabling bullderi tn tihnw the
Jiuilditw *|-..utii-n,nii
���wiptei, li3 centa.
dliUI I-jiiiniiu, ll
. -j, 'J5 cents. Every nmnner pontains b_ur-
ul put en, in colors, an.. i.u.ii.+M-ai'liB ef ikw
lati'i-t 'Uf.ii.uf mul -r-i'curi-t-.Hitr.i.'rs.  Afidrn.ta
A1UXW A CO* $tw V-JUK. -Jbl  Ul,A��DWi.T.
in the Wurld
���' Monaoon" Tra is put up by the Indian Ta*
growen aa a sample of the brst qnalitiea of Indian
Timk. Therefore thvy use the greatnit care in th*
Bt-Lvtion of the Tea and its blend, that Ie why they
put it up themaelvc-i and sell it only in the original
p-ackagm, thereby securing its purity and eioallence.
Put up in % lb., ��� lb. and j lb. parf-kaaxs, and navar
sold in bulk.
If your grocer does not keep it, tell him to writ* ke
11 and 13 Front Street Eaat, Toronto.       . WAYS TO GET RICH. -.
ad to furiuiie i. paved with print-
s and sense are assa-Wary lu sno-
uu lliiii'- ppupls want, advertise It
id it i. i,ur��> In pay.
.st advertising  will   not create a
l.u* thut wniuii EsuoC vnuteil,
h in IniHiiifH. is paved by Ine tyue-
i uiadtt suiootU   by   tno } nuliug
r is the s"t-l of defeat in some ad-
. Grain wini't grow to fruitful-
dny it is iil.iuti.-d.
dvice of a li shop to a yonng
applie. equally well tu au Ritvei-
liuve suiue.iiiiig lo say.    buy it.
en who fall snd gn down in oldiv-
ii* to ine class who never stiver*
���rti-e ut-i'ii.iuimlly nr only a. lliey
.-ir   rude will warrant.
iiinv he n iluiilili' inclining in tho
id .lis'n iu Smith Brooklyn:   "For
tloup yacht uf lurty five tuns,
���>   owuer,   Tliiid    avenue,    11..j
refinement should tell the whnle
lilt least number of words, cure-
rctcd and easily comprehended,
luy shuuid be adupt.d lo the uicd-
leli the eye is the first requisite
vertiseiueut; whut follows siiunld
Ill-put mgeilier as to exirile the
iiiteie-i mul i-.iiiui his atleuiluu lu
���Printer's Ink.
Victoria greatly dislikes a visitor
by and culurs or luuks auitatud
itressed. Ai the tii.i-.li of the in-
the queen generally bow. elightly
her liund, and then turns a little
rlc to suva the very IT. lii'l needs-
a suiiiely backward exit from her
mpress of Austria has her liair
ed 1'iiire a uiuiitli. It in mill beau-
luriaut and perfectly bluck, and
down touches the ground us she
ml she is tail. It is suid the huir
hires forty eggs, and tlie other in*
i ure obtained from uo less than
lyuteriuiis bottles.
the' best-known figures In Purls
Yo.r, who, upon the deuth of iier
, a reporter tor the Flench press,
his work and luu conducted it
rkeii enterprise. In her rounds
miuipuuii-d by a great white p"odle
L'i.e Doctor," who pirriuils no olio
kith his mistress.
the authorities on decorution in
is Mrs. Cuayn* Curr. She is the
t siii-cessful tlieutrical manager,
ir ideas uu siuge decoration and
he owes llilioti of his success.
r bus designed dres.-ies fur several
viui*s' plays, uud is nltiiiist nls'uys
ry's chief uuiiuselur  ou  wardrobe
rr-n ss the old bens can be spared
rat they should be fattened uud
bis oiij-ht to be doue before lbs
iu moulting.
nutritious nnd ensily digested
'but confined fowls require to do
. under uo consideration should
e.i exclusively.
use appears and obstinately resists
, it is belter to begin with new
in to breed from those that huve
; a long lime.
th. pullet, that yon wnnt to keep
js you know which ones they are.
re will be no dinger of their being
nen by mistake,
ills should nlwuys hare somewhere
It will uld tliein In .-..I ihemselves
It a spoonful of insect powder be
< the dust, all the lietler.
ins should not be allowed to go on
ts uulil they are ten or '.wclve
d. If allowed lo roost loo young
uwtli   aud   appeaiuuc.   will   be
II box of charcoal kept where th.
have access to it will arrest dis*
f ill. bowels from overfeeding.
esliry burned and breiilt it iuto
ly small pieces.
are 50,000,0110   Lutherans In Ih.
��� Foster has been attending an*
rerunces for fifty seven years.
Mhodist Epiacopul chnrch south
icreuse oi nearly 40,000 members
���esbyterisn chnrch ia agitating the
ment of i. "temperance Sabbath."
1 Sabbath in Septouibur ia auggeat-
h�� Smith, the eolora-l Uetlnsllst
it. aays there are jnst two thitigs
Bible: "It shall coma to pass,"
Mine to pus."
reilis i Lutherans In America hav.
|0 student* in their three college*
Lim..I, III.. Liuusburg, Knti., uud,
, lliuu..'
The Noble Five will ship SCO tori-
this winter.
The working force has been increased
on the Silver Kin-;.
The Little Phil nnd iho Black Diamond, Aiusworth camp, expect to ship
ure soon.
On tlie Poorirtan, near Nelson, n
small force is stopitig ore on contract
by the ton.
Twenty-two tons of ore from tin
(looucuotigh, shipped to Great Fulls,
Mont., smelter, netted Si>,4;i5.12, with
nil charges paid.
The shaft on the Emma, Summit
camp, Is down 50 feet, showing a mug-
nlliceiil body of ore. Drifts will be
ran from the bottom of the shaft.
It is said that concentrates from
Camp McKinney can be treated cheaply
liy the cyanide process and atrial shipment has been sent to Vancouver.
At Fairviev. four men on Mnngott
& McEnuliorn's claim, take out ore
enough to keep a ton-stamp mill running, and the profits are suid to be
very gratifying.
On tho Lust Chance, Skylark camp,
the shaft is down 50 feet, whero the
seam is two feet wide, with a high
grade streak of eight inches, yielding
u shipping ore.
A big s.iow slide occurred nt. the
Noble Five ou Fe'irnary 2nd. and Jus.
(iillis is missing, while Jap. MclCili-
nou was badly injured, und several
horses buried.
A deed is applied for for the Empire
c'a in, close to the Penticton wagon
road. The lend is three and one hull
feet wide and can lo traced the whole
length of the claim,
Messrs. Suydiim and Mclutyre,
while iu Midways curedu bond ou tlie
Gem claim, Deudwood camp and are
said to have secured nn interest iu several otlier claims.
The Tribune gives total ore shipments, up to January 24tli. Irom
Kootenay. ns 1,302 tons, vnliio $171,-
!)C0. In Trail creek two mines are
shipping at the rale of $150,100 a
The Surprise mine so far has shipped
2C0 tons, and 1C0 tons are iu the shots
The ore went, out by way of Knslo,
mil the proprietors have been incorporated as the Surprise eompanv.
The Pilot Bay smelter burns SI0 cords
of wood a day and soon expects to tiso
HO cords when the charcoal kilns are
in operation, Wood camps have been
started und 50 men will get employment.
On the Smuggler, Fairview, the ore
keeps improving llie further the shaft
i�� sunk, and the assays average $22 in
freo milling gold. Another four foot
vein of gold bearing quartz has been
lound on the same property.
The Blue Bill, opposite Aiusworth,
is shipping 1C0 tons u dny to the Pilot
Buy smelter. A vein of six feet, currying 11 to 17 per cent, cop-jor, has
la-en struck, and if found to lie a permanent one, a copper stack will be
bnilt nt the smelter.
On the lowest tunnel on the Alpha,
at u depth of llio feet from the surface.
the drift rati   into a   body of  solid ore
showing that the surfuc.o indications
are maintained to that depth. As 810
tons from the surface netted S40.GCO
this shows the value of the mine to he
The Kootenay Mail announces that
i steamer will be built to run between
lievelsioke and Death Rapids, to communicate with tho Big Bend, while
Mr. Drewry is to make a photo-trpo-
graphical survey of that district during the coming summer. A strong
syndicate has purchased some claims
anl mining promises to be very active.
Comparing results of operations ut
the Silver King and the Number One,
Aiusworth camp, the Tribune points
out that with the expenditure of labor
equal to 14/100 10 hour dais, the Silver King shipped 700 tons. From the
Number One, with 1,200 10-hour days'
work, an equal amount has been shipped. The Silver King had a superintendent from West Africa. The Number Ono is managed by Mr. McV'icar
from Nova Scotia.
Notice to Taxpayers,
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NOTICE is hereby given, iu accordance wiih the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under thn Assessment Act. are
now due for the year 181)5, All of the
above named Taxes collectible within
the Em-tern Division of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office,
Court House, Donald. Assessed taxis
are collectible at the following rates,
viz. :
If paid on or before June "JO'th, 1805,
Provincial Revenue 811.00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent ou  Real
Two per cent  on  assessed  value of
Wil.. Lund.
One-third of one per cent on Personal Property.
One-half of one per cent on income.
If paid after June HCth, 1805 :
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half for cent on assessed value of Wild Land.
One-half of ouo per cent on PeV-toual
Three-fourths  of   one  per cent   on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan  11th. 1805.
The creditors of Harry Connacher.
late of Golden, iu the district of Kootenay. hotel keeper, deceased, arc l-efoliy
requested to send in. full particulars of
their cliiiius by reg'stcred letter addressed to A. O. M. Spragge, solicitor.
Donald, solicitor for James Stevens
Connacher, executor of the said Harry
Connacher. Such claims are so lo be
sent within sixty dnys of this dute and
after tho expiration nf the snid sixty
days the said James Stevens Connaclier will proceed with the distribution ol
the estate haviing regard'only to those
claim*: of  which   he shall have notice.
Dated at Golden, British Columbia,
this 10th January, 1805.
Jas. Connaoiibr,
Executor of Harry Connacher.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Fosts, Hand Rails and
Bracket^ beside"* continuing- the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
Carlin &  Lake.
Just to see if there is
any cash in Golden, we have
decided to offer some of the
Bijpt Eductions Ever
Given in B.C.
We have placed on our Bar-
tables several lines of
taples, and put the knife to
the price. Some we have cut
in two, some at a reduction
of 33% per cent, and none
lower than SO per cent. We
make a loss, but what is our
loss is your gain. We will
not describe gcods or quote
prices. We want you to come
and see for yourself.
Carlin I Lake


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