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The Golden Era Jan 27, 1894

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VOL. III.   XO 2C.
$i Per Yeah
are a positive cure for all cases of headache,'whether
uorvours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
8.1   CcntM   Per   Box.
V  Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Edron, of Leth-1 Hoapital Bull.
bridge,   cams   In   on   Saturday last:      We again beg to remind our readers
They loft for Fort Steelejjon Tuesday's of the Hospital Ball on Thursday next,
Feb. 1st. Tlio most complete arrangements have been made and all that is
now required to make it a brilliant
success, remains  with  the public gen-
The weekly dance on Thursday
evening was very well attended and
dancing was continued until a late
hour. orally.     Tiio ball  will bo opened at 9
Dr. Taylor returned  from the coast  I1'1"' with  the Gnl*ld Mftfch' ��'*������������-
this week aud  has resumed his duties | meM�� wiU bc .8e,'Y0<1 ,Ull'i��'* the �����*���������
l ing.     .All  enjoyable time is expected.
Everybody come   The follow ing is the
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup) lied on
E3M4���'.��� .-     .     .     .
Ha3 been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
tabic is first class. The bar is' stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. ]Wefieish, - Prop.
Geqeral Merchaqts, /Uexaqder Block.
Just Received! A Splendid Stock
of the best candies, including- the
celebrated "G. B." Chocolates,
the "best in the iand."
Those who do not make a rule of
indulging* in Candy, would perhaps like to buy some of our
Kura Kold Cough Lozenges.
They are very good.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Address HUfSON S BAY
Coy, Ca!g:.ry, er
���as resumed
at the hospital.     Di'.   Denovan  who
had been supplying his place, returned
to Calgary ou Tuesday.
Mr. H. Sherratt left on Tuesday'for
Victoria. During his short stay here
.Mr. Sherratt fiiade a host of friends,
who, while sorry to lose him, wish
him success in his new field of labor.
Mr. Fred Pulham has taken over
the Restaurant this week and is now
ready to attend to the wants of ono
und all. Pay him a visit and satisfy
yourself as to the merits of his house.
The Grand Concert, whicli was announced for Wednesday evening of
this week failed to come off, owing to
the mysterious dissappeariiiico of die"
of the principal artists- the champion
liurnipnici.it of the United States.'"' ''���
' Mr. Win..McNeish is having a large
addition made to the .Columbia House.
It is said that when completed it will
make the largest hotel in. town. The
new building will consist chiefly of a
kitchen and dining room. Billy is
keeping abreast of tlie times.
Ts a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
goods .
.VT itnaiii.Au prices.
Golden, on the main line of lho Caiiiiilinu
I'acilic Railway, ut its connection with tlie
steamboat navigation ul'the I ohuiibia river ;
the miner.*.I .-mil coiiiinorchil centre ot*Eastern
llritish Colunibia: liciiilmii.rtcrs of th/ liolil-
cii Smelting works, the Upper ( ohtiiibin
Navigation Co., and lunilier industry jthe
outlet for the widely known mill far
tinned iigriciiltiu'iil linn graying h.iul of the
Columbia A Kob'teiliiy Vi.lloys: mini;.lied
for scenery of nil kinds; lho ilistiiluitiug
point fur llie richest luiuurid country uu lho
Mr. AV. G. Neilson, of Beaver, was
a visitor this week.
Mr. Joe Lako returned this week
from Fort Steele.
Supt. Niblock of Medicine Hat was
in town on Wednesday.
Mrs. J. C. Diirick, of Canal Flat, is
hero on a visit this week.
Mr. D. P. Kimpton came iu from
Windermere on Sunday.
Sergeant Brooks of tlio N.W.M.P.,
Calgary, was in town this week.
C. C. McKay was iu town this
weok from the Upper Country.
Mr. Kennedy, of Kennedy & Douglas, merchant tailors, Toronto, was in
town this week.
An addition is about to be made to
the hospital whioh, when completed,
will he used as a laundry, etc.   .
Messrs. J. L. Hamilton, and H.
Barnes camo iu on Sunday from Fort
Steele aud left again ou Tuesday.
Mrs, liaii'ie aud Miss Kimpton, of
Donald, were iu town this week. Miss
Kimpton left o.i Tuesday for Windermere.
Grand Match.
Wall a.
Jersey. -    .
Military Schottische.
Waltz.  ���
Bon Tun.
Military Schottisuho.
Jl'l'Sl'l .
Sir Rodger.
In addition to the above tliere will
ol course bu the usual number of
"extras."   Tickets for gentlemen $2.
The Deepest Metal "line 111 tlie World
The United States has now, we believe, the deepest metal mine in the.
world. For some time that claim has
been made for the  Maria  shaft, at the
The New lliiiylng (irounil.
The public meeting which was held
in lho Alexander Hall last Monday
evening, for the purpose* of taking
steps to securo a more suitable burying ground, was, we aro soily to say,
rather sliinly attended. Mr. J. F.
Armstrong was voted to the chair.
The site suggested which appeared mines of Prssibruni,'in Austria, which
most suituhlo was the bench behind was M.iiT.i ft. below tho surface at the
the section house, thuoiily objection to'lime of the great lire in lH'Jl'; aud
this being the difficulty of obtaining a nothing, we believe, has been done
convenient approach. A cpihinitteo upon it since that time. It lias now
was finally appointed, cjinposed of the! been surpassed in depth by the Xo. 3
chairman, Capt. Armstrong and H.'shaft of the Tamarack Copper Milling
Connacher, to look aroiimd and see If!Company, iu Michigan, which on Dec.
a more suitable site could be procured 1st was :!,'i-10 ft. deep, aud is now
and to report on Monday' next, the' more than 8,700 ft., the average rate
2!>th inst., at the same hour and place, of sinking tuing about lb it a month,
Tho meeting then adjourned. |This   makes   it beyond   question   the
It is hoped that the citizens will j ieepeat metal mine iu existence, and
slow a little mote interest iu this -"'-J* one other idiaft has reached it
matter next week. There are few in fcrtfater depth, that of a coal mine in
town so busy who cannot spUre au Belgium, for winch 8,000 ft. is
hour to attend a meeting of   such im- claimed.
portance.     Tho meeting is called for 8     Por the attainment of this distinc-
o'clock iu the Alexander Hull. tio" we l"*v0 "' congratulate Captain
John Daniel-, the general  manager of
tho company, fo"' llie skill and success
witli which the work has been carried
on.     li Germany the completion ot
, the Adalbert shaft to a depth of   l.OUu
i meters (8,'2S1 ft. I was thought worthy
ill.11',    il..;
of   tho   ladies   -vei-i'l^,, ,.���,.,.!���, lKnv��� ,���  ,|,��� ,���,,.. .
I'oim.rks   client   the I
The Itlnk.
The rink is the centre of  attraction
these  da; s.     On   Tuesday   lust the
ladies had  ''afternoon  ten"   and according   to   all     accounts,   a   *"inori3| t0 ^ t|)e oocil,ioll 0f a pilbl
sociable gathering   was never seen iu | an,-  thouwh the Tamarack
Golden.     Some
henrd   '.o  puss    rei.n.i'Ks   auciii ,-ne Uepth entirely lis a-mati
racket the curlers made when playing n|u, ������ eg|)aciu, tomMll,
nut after ihe tumult which rugod iu 1^ Ui vmmSi thevduuiricibU'  chiev,
the rink all Tuesday afternoon   up till   , ,  ,,,,.,.,;���,,   ,|,.s.,v,.,   ,������..��� ..���,i,...i.
a   late   hour   at night,   the   "boys"  fm.   no,  ���n,y   hug  ���   ,,.���,
arrived at the couclusioii that when it ,-���,,, do()t||  t||.t||  anv l,Bfor, it-, bill
cuine to iiinkiiig a noise they simply
���' weren't iu it."
it has been s ink   with in no i        ei
rapidity   and at  a less  cost thai   i    ���
balily any European shaft of anything
Tlio CiiikkIIiiii Mutunl Loan A Invest- I |jtco its depth or ill   ground  nS hard.
iii.nl liiiiipiiny.
A meeting of th- Golden shareholders
of the above company, will be held in
Mr. F. Owen's ollico, Alexander Block,
on Saturday evening at S o'clock, for
the appoint.uent of officers for Golden
Local Board. All parties interested
are invited lo attend.
Don't forget tho   Hospital Ball on
Thursday next.
i'jiig. and Miu. Jour.
I'liiiuicliil I'anlo.
London Jan. 22.���The Calcutta
correspondent of the Times snj s : Tho
money market to-day was almost in a
panic. Ii is feared that the Karl of
Kiniberly may accept liny rate offered
nt the next sale of bil's. It is virtually
certain that be can command fair rates
if lie holds out a wick or so longer, vlh: C'Sjiai-it Gra
Tho UJLD2X EUA is published every
Satardiiy morning ia time to catch the east
a.1.1 woot .ii'.ii trains, also thu mail for the
upper eu.iatry, Wiudet'iiiere, Fort Steele etc
It is the only advertising medium ia the Ee.u
Kuoieaay district.
S ibscriptiaii Kates :
32.00 per annum IN
AIvertisoiionts an 1 changes must be in
the u.Ki'.e not inter 1I1..11 I'i a,in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
A Ivei'tiseuieiit rates made known ou appli-
o.'itloi' *u
All cull to be pall to thu Mnuager, from
wiu.ii tiu Joiiip.'iuy's receipt wili bo obtained.
Ik Sili!"" Era Publishing Company.
SATURDAY,  JAN. 27, 181)4.
1.1KCI-.-ODV.   IIEWD.M.Y'S   SI'F.I'CM.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor
formally opened the lust session of tlie
sixth parliament of British Columbia,
on Thursday afternoon, January 18rh.
All the members were in their seats
and there was a large attendance of
ladies and gentlemen.
His Minor real tin following speech:
Mr.   S.maker  and   gentlemen  of   the
Legislative Assembly :
I have much pleasure in meeting you
again in this your fourth session for
the dispatch of the business of the
The measure uf redistribution which
was necessarily postponed on account
of imperfect census returns, will he
in trod bed during the present session
for your coiisiderai lou.
Act in-.*- under the authority conferred
bv the "railway aid act" of last, session, a ���.'uai'iintee of interest lias been
given iu favor of the Nakusp und Slocan Railway company, and I a in glad
to state that the work of construction
iias been vigorously litiSlieil, and the
iine will b; iu running order during
the present year, so that the valuable
trade of the Sioenn region will be
attracts I towards the mercantile centres of the province.
In arranging, under your authority
lho details of the agreement wilh the
com puny 1 have reserved the alternative right of guaranteeing tho bonds ol
the c impuny, both as to principal an'l
interest. By adopting this plan the
bonds can be sold for u higher price,
and considerable economy effected.
Your attention will lie asked to u
measure with this object. Papers
upon the subject will be laid t-ufore
I am happy to inform you thut following upon your former legislation
the Nelson & Fort Sheppnrd Railway
has been nearly completed nnd is now
running, thus materially assisting in
the goner,.' development of the province.
Notwithstanding tho reduction in
the market price ol silver, the mines
of the West Kootenay district, in consequence of tho high grade of their
ores, have shown a healthy development.
In Cariboo nml other portions of the
province marked attention has been
given to hydraulic mining, and important works ure Iieing undertaken iu
that direction. The coal mines of the
province have shown an output uf
!>7!",2ii0 tons, Iieing nn increase uf
152,!>27 tons over lust year.
The agricultural nnd horticultural
reports froin the various districts show
a satisfactory improvement both as to
the area under cultivation and the
modes of culture.
Our fishing iulitstry, a great source
of wealth o tho province, has produced resniis lirger than in any
previous year. 'I ho question as to the
jurisdiction of the Dominion Govern
ment to grant licenses for and to
regulate fishing iu provincial waters is
about to he submitted to tbe supreme
court of Canada, and I shall take cave
that the interests of this province are
properly represented before that tribunal.
Iu view of the discoveries of gold in
the Alberni liistrici during tne past
year, and claims to the precious metals
within the railway lands upon Vancouver Island having been advanced by
the Es.'iiiinault and Nanaimo isilwsy
uompauy, u special case raising the
point ono been referred to the supreme
court for decision.
A suitable situ for the Provincial
Home, the establishment ut which wus
authorized Ic, you, bus been purchased
at Hi. i.aloops, plans have been prepared
lor the building, and tenders for construction will shortly bu culled fur.
Although the past year has been one
of great commercial depression throughout the world, the revalue uf the province lias closely approximated lliu isti-
mate, notwithstanding tlie diversion
uf considerable sums of money to newly formed municipalities.
The three per cent loan authorized
for the construction of new legislative
uud department builuiugs by the " puritanical buildings act' was placed upon the money market and brought 0'2
per cent, of pur value, au appreciable
and gratifying increase in tlie value ol
provincial securities, Conn-acts for
the buildings have been a warned and
ihe work is uuw iu prugress.
Tne estimates of revenue and expenditure fur the coining year Will be mid
befurc you at, un curly dale, aud it is
irusted that they will be loiuul tu have
been prepared with a uue regard tu
economy uud the requirements uf tlie
public service. In deliberating upon the
items of expenditure you will be asked
lo consider the justice of aiding township municipalities by c* pundit ures
upon trunk roads.
The lung standing dispute with tho
Dominion government uu the subjcii
of the title to the railway lauds upon
thu mainland uud tile method uf ueal-
uig with them wus not biuughl before
ihe courts during the lasl year. Negotiations looking toward au iiinioiili.c
settlement are pending, the successful
result uf winch wojld uuviate the necessity uf a reference tu a judicial
u'ibuniil; and I hope to be utile io make
au announcement upon this subject
during the session.
Investigation into the census returns
made for alie purpose oi securing data
fur ihe redistribution bill to bo submitted to .. uu, has disclosed the fact
that several tribes uf I.idiuiis were un-
visited by tiie census enumerators, uud
that uo allowance fur their numbers
has been made iu arriving ut lliu tutal
population of the province, ns shown
by the census. 1 have caused representations upon this subject to be
made tu the Dominion government.
You will be asked to consider amendments io the drainage, dyking uud
irrigation act, so as to facilitate suitable guarantees being given by the
���.uvcriiineiit under proper conditions,
aud ulso uu act pruviding that tin.
measurement ol timber shall bo con-
dueled by officers appointed by the
A bill consolidating the law of evidence, a partnership act, a bill tu
amend the uct dealing with (he labor
bureau, and a bill imposing successiun
duties, will be among the measures
submitted to you,
I now leave you to your deliberations
trusting that providence will so order
your labors that they may prove permanently beneficial to all classes of
our people.
Yon ure requested to attend the
public meeting in the Alexander Hall,
Monday evening next nt 8 o'clock.
Don', forget the Hospital Ball on
Thursday next.
Smooth anil Solid H lull -raj's That Are Well
Built and Carefully H��-,��lr-.d.
The solidity, the smoothness, the continuous excellence of the highways of
England may well be the wonder und
despair of the American who reflects on
the two streaks of country mud or costly
expanse of nobby, very knobby, city
pavement lie has left ul home. There
roads are made. At home they grow ���
that is. they are made bad uud generally
grow worse. If Thomas Jefferson was
right in sayim- that the rivilizHtinn of a
country might easily be judged from tlie
state of its roads, then America is about
two centuries behind anywhere else, in
spile nf her boasted progress. We tickle
tiie sides of a large streak of mini with a
scraper and dump more mud iu the center and complacently go home with the
idea that our road tax is worked for tne
year, while it is left to the lung suffering
driving pillule uud the chief engineer of
the weather tu repair the mischief we
have wrought.
lu England the roads are well made in
the beginning and are carefully looked
after every day iustead of mice a year,
imdnot with what Carlyle calls a dribbling futility of Intention, lint with a
steady di'termination of means to an end.
English mails are started out iu existence
well t'l'tiip'S-il, as all else is tuure mini
whicli they expect good work -ml service. Careful excavation to a good .-uli-
ftriitmn, u liberal idling in with ..and nr
cinders, a layer of evenly tirnkcu stone
and above that a lied of macadam ami
cinders mingled make a roud over which
tlie heaviest hauling can be and is dune,
lhat invites speed in every burse traveling over it. even down lo the behemoths
bitched to tiie Peer trucks, und is Lie
bicycler's tinniest dream.
There is tint much crown to their roadway, lint when* the surface is hard and
smoothly riuutded.asit is, a high crowned
roadway would be not only ililiiocessary,
hut injurious. Fur tliere is drainage and
real drainage. Not u little depression
at the sides, where the water may stand
in reproachful puddles tin;:I il pleases
Providence to dry it npwiih the sun.
but u drain curried along tlie gutter am:
having openings at proper intervals,
whence l lie water i i carried to the systems of drainage in tlie adjacent fields
and Hindu to subserve the purposes oi
agriculture where desired. Tiie foot
piii sender, ton. lias ht-cn reiljulllUuvd by
a good paiii at uue side ill' Hit* utile!
made In,in cinders or (lag ,-iiiiniled line,
Iiml friquei My mime laud owner who
loved his fellow man n.is plained lung
rows uf oak ur ash .ir Scuich dr or elm
Hint arch und shade ,he .vay and arc
things uf liennty and |oys forever.
I'riwiiiiy It rums, .is il has a fashion
nf lining in that country, .ind where ilium
is a weak i lace in the surface . he road is
glittered. Is il left tu the fur.'eti'iil attention uf win-in it may cmieern or in,;
lened until nil the rest of the way is
like unto it? Oil, no! On every roadside are neat little piles ut irregular in-
lel'Viilsof liiukeli stone or furnace refuse
or smell in:; slag or whatever may lie the
best malerial uf the district. 'Hid when
n rut is discovered the workman in charge
nf that division fills it up ileal IV. and 'n
a collide of days it is worked down
smoothly, indistinguishable fp-iii tne
rest. The drains, tuu, are kept clean ami
So the muds are kept clean ind hsrl
and smooth ami solid, mil ����� hev ���v-nd
a white uud perfect *rici. unit 'In
greenery nnd light ind hide >f ha'
piirklike.'ountry, au I "he u-l's-ran iiH
eqildslri.lii uu.l he lyclestri.i.'i ;et heir
fill of beamy 'hat 's wul a isfv'nj .o
gaze ull in I uipossilili- n teseri'ie.
The -ure >f lie .���ua.is liruilg'ii i'it '5ng*
land's .'esied :n -o'liitv -nnirtils, -he
member*! 'f vhich ire ���"ii'.tein-iii if
wvig'it ind .funding ll Imr ������.iieeM-"*
lislriets, ml vu, er"e, ue in-iu'-er-i if
pin li.un n'. V'tho'it ither ���omi.ensution
than'he'in nir if In msit.iou Y-ft heir
work 's 'Hull) uu less veil iuue 'dial it is
gi still tons.
A :ln f 'iiirineer is '.heir idviser ind
executive, i.isistod by we. -wj ir ������hric
Hssistaiit eirvyirs. iccurling o 'he ix
lent if".ic 'uiiutry jovjruil 'iy he .'nun
ly limits. New muds ire iot toustnet
ed without "heir necessity "wing well
defined by i iiiinini-tsloti ir inrv if n
quiry fur that pnrpusc. mil vhere lam
ages ��re Ik hi to i-e mllicicd. coini-ensii-
lioii is given, whetlier fur lesiroying in
old liigiiwiy ir making a uew oue.���
Cor. St. Louis Republic.
enforcement ia charge be awakened.
If it is the need of better laws, it is high
time somebody was suggesting some
measures on that line. We must Hav i
better roads or relinquish our dainis 'o
being a civilized, enlightened and progressive people, ��� Oglethorpe Scho.
Goad Road* Hen.ttl lit
If the farmers know their *iwn 'nter-
et.ts, as men who wan: to .ret to markets
as easily as possible, iinl ;f the gre...
muss of consumers if farm produce, wiu
live in cities and have tu pay highe.
prices for farm produce 'hat is hauled al
extra expense over bad roads, know then
interests, they will all put their shin.mem
to the bicyclist's wheel ind loin huu in
crowding state 'egislatnrea. city jjuveru*
uients and town governments tu uuvet
the face of the country with good roads.
The Less to Ona Slat*.
Massachusetts, accordion to the repot I
of the state bighwa) coiniiossioii loses
fA,.'aa>,U00 annually on accouut ul its bad
lu most churches nf England a ring Is
kept so lhat umbarriiasmeiil may lie spared
in case of forgetf ulnes* of lho parties concerned.
The bride's veil ia a relic of tlie "care
cloth," a canopy held over the virgin bride
by our Saxon forefathers to conceal her embarrassment.
The white ribbons and favors used at
weddings" today are emblematic uf the time
when the bride's garters were cut up Into
bits und distributed among the youug invii
aud women preaeut for good luck.
In one country district of Qurmany "pay
wi-clings" were in vogue as late aa the present century, each guest paying for his entertainment aa much aa he would at an
inn, the receipts going to aet up the happy
pair in their new home.
At tbe wedding of George III a stout,
loble duchess, whose name is not given,
ind the dreadful misfortune to sneeae during the ceremony ami thereby buret her
.lays. A shawl wax thrown over her, and
she waa taken to the vestry fur repairs.���
ian Francisco Examiner.
daring nil tho dry season.
In some neighborhoods a little more
ambitious than those generally to be
found they mend the roads by placing
gravel and broken stone upon them.
Then the overseers Bay that they are
macadamizing the roads. Without
thoroughly draining the roadbed, to put
either broken stone or gravel upon it is
merely a waste of money and labor, and
the ambitiuus neighborhoods so doing
provo in the end nu wiser than those who
cover their roads with muck. But it is
within the moans of every neighborhood in the United States to materially
improve their roads at once���improve
them so much that where the traffic is
not extremely heavy and continuous the
roads will be in tolerable order nine
months in the year and very much better than at present, even when the frost
is coming out of the ground at the beginning of spring. And this ran be done
in three or four or five years without
spending one penny more than is now
spent in the hurtful methods mentioned.
���Harper's Weekly.
Qeorgla la ��� Had Way.
One has to take -inly -in occasional
bnggy ride over inr roads to ui'.ice 'hat
tbey ire growing verse ind vorse laen
year. This is not only the nise in tins
county, but all over the itate, .ml it
seems to lie un evil peculiar tn 'leorgi.t,
shice we see no complaint of bod roads
in any of onr exchanges from otlier
states. .
Something must lie done, or the peiip,--
��ill have tu stop traveling after awhile.
The genera! conditiiin of onr public
loads is already disgraceful to a civilised people, and they are growing
worse. If it is the nonenforcement ti
laws, let tho authorities who have their
Butter la an excellent thing for a bruise
un a child's face if the akin ia not broken.
Hemorrhages of the lungs or stomach
re promptly checked by small dunes of
A salve made by melting bars-wax In
���west oil U good for sore lips. Apply it
U the foot is braised, take off the shoe
.ml stocking and immerse it in hot water
.oni l!i to 80 minutes, adding hot water
Scars maybe removed or made less con*
ii.ii.iiis by n drdly application of hot olive
������  rulib.nu* ihe oil ii'to the akin with thu
.ipsolklitt I'.iigera.
W0RKIN3 T"-'". 10A03.
The Preaeut Systeui ol 'lit-bwav 'Repairing la Labor Thrown Wit.
As a general -diing. 'ho *-onn-:ry roads
on this continent have been io 'iad!y 'o-
cated that to build costly -lavements
upon the present lines lud previously
provide elaborate Bystems of drainage
wonld be a dreadful waste of money.
As it is ordinarily beyond tbe means if
country people to do more than improve
the present condition of their roads, this
is the task that they should undertake
as soon as possible.
In beginning such a task, tbe first step
to be taken, in my opinion, is to stop doing that which has generally been the
custom of this country���that is, working the roods. Working the roads, as it
is usually practiced in this country, consists in calling out in each road district
�� gang of men who "work ont" their
road tax nnder an overseer elected by
the people. The labor done is worse
than thrown away, for it is rare indeed
for either the overseer or the men nnder
him to have any clear comprehension of
what is needed,
Fortunately for the well being of onr
roads, these men do not work very hard,
bnt rather choose to regard the few days
on the road as a kind of holiday outing,
a picnic frolic, and a means of getting
rid of a certain amount of tax. If they
really worked with all their might, they
wuuld make the roads almost as impassable in the summer as they now are in
the winter and early spring. With somo
kind of a glimmering idea that ditches
on each aide of a road are good to have,
they plow np these ditches, together
with the sod that grows down into them,
and pile all of this mack in the middle
of tbo road,
This material, it may be said, bu a
most excellent fertilizing valne, and if it
were put npon the fields instead of in the
roads it would amply repay the farmers
who carted it away. Bnt in the roads
it is a sad and an immediato hindrance to
travel Luckily the friendly spring
rains nsnnlly wash it back into the
ditches, where it stays nntil there is
some more tax to be "worked ont."
When these rains are not sufficient to
wash away these impedlmnits that havo
been deliberately placed iu the roads,
the conwrjuences are very dusty roads
Maintenance ef Iltuli-rays.
After a road is once improved it mast
not be assumed that it will forever remain in a lirst class condition withont
paying any further attention to it than
to have a semiannual gatherin-r of the
old men and young boys of the road district to work ('i)ont their respective road
taxes nnder the supervision uf the road
On the contrary, it will require a good
deal ot care, and unless needed repairs
are made at the proper time the new
road may not prove as great un impruve-
uient as was expected. Parties who havo
traveled in Europe tell ns about the
splendid highways of that country, but
the fine conditiun of those roads is not
Uue alone io a superior quality of material ur co a faultless method of construction, but largely to the constant
care oestowed upon them by a force of
men specially trained and employed for
this purpose. From the foregoing it will
be seen that if we want to have good
roads continually, we mnst abolish our
present ruad system and adopt such
methods as will give satisfactory results.
���Good Roads.
���"act. to Remember.
Increase of railroad mileage seems to
lessen interest in highways, but it should
nut be forgotten tliHt nearly all railroad
freight has been previously carted over
The use of springs on freight wagons
greatly diminishes the jot or falling force
in road depressions,'prevents rots and
preserves roads.
The effects of wheels of large diameter
and width of tire is to greatly diminish
spot pressure, and the breaking of the
roud surface is thns obviated.
The reduction of cost of transit of persons und freight by lower prices for liveries and fur hnnling wuuld be beneficial, Rid as transportation is a large element of cost to every one not a producer
good roads would much cheapen living.
The cost of transporting products or
of hauling to market is by tenfold the
highest tax now paid by our farmers snd
The Importance of Good Foundation--,
It is a curious fact that the Swiss roadways of today are really a revival of
Roman engineering, both in method of
construction and in selection of routes,
a return being made to it after years of
mistaken experiments. Consul Adams
declares that the most important lesson
for ns from European experience is that
the worst surface with a good foundation
affords a better road than the costliest
surface without a foundation. No matter how mnch money is laid ont on the
surface, the result will be swift ruin unless it is properly supported ironi beneath. But with a good foundation the
surface may be of gravel, ur even of
common soil if nothing better If available.���New York Sun,
A nird Snakes llo Not Like.
"We are not much troubled with anakes
down our way," aaiii Captain Lepeyr" of
Uiilviston, "for we have a bird which keeps
'em pretty well cleared out. This is the
chaparral cock, or'road runner,' as It Is
commonly called, and we all protect it on
account uf its snake killing propensities.
The bird Is about the size of an ordinary guinea fowl and Is stoutly and com*
partly built. It wandera all over the
country, uud its chief object in life appears to be the killing of snakes. The
'road, runner' approaches its enemy cautiously und circuiluusly.and us it gets near
stretches une wing down as a shield, after
the liiHiiion uf a turkey gobbler strutting in
a barnyard, and walla for the stiake to
strike. The wing is thrown tu catch the
bite, and as quick as'a Hash and before the
snake can recover the 'runner' wilh unerring aim sends its long bill, which nil hunt
as Ivory, through the head uf Its untugun-
iat, which puts in tbe time from thenceforth until sunaet in -tying.''���Chicago
A Hah Orer ISO Teani Old.
A lish was caught in the lake at Hell-
i'liinn, Swalila, in the year HUT which had
a hrass ring al tacked bearing record nf the
fact that llie same lish had beou cuugiit iu
the year 1*1110 and released after having the
queer label affixed to his body.���St�� Louis
Republic  i,-**. Metal Report.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
New Yonm. Jan. 12, 1894.
Silver has been quiet here and the market in London has been weak, yet
purchases by shorts have contributed to steady a market that
otherwise would have been a declining one, since trade is dull and
no prospect of immediate revival.
New York, fiSJcts., Loudon, 31gd.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are appur-
���uli' not of a very promising
nature    G.M.E's. ��41 7*. (id.
Lead :-" -,1 :,::" the fate of all other
ui tai ���  ihe ivc ik si.o'.vjnii another
. fur",
In the County Court of Kootenay, hidden lit
the Knst Crossing of tlie Columbia I'iver; iu
tlio matter of Jiunes M. Rogers, deceased, and
hi tho mutter of the Oftici,.! Administrators
Act j (latod the eighteenth day of December.
A.D., minis
Upon reading the affidavits of Arthur
Patrick Ciuiiiiiins and Ccurgu (iuldie ; it is
ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins, Official Administrator tbr the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shi.ll lie Administrator
of nil and singular the goods, chat tola nnd
cro.lits uf .lames M. lingers, deceased.
And that this ordor I e published in the
(I'll.iiiiN fclU newspaper, during the period
ot sixty days.
(Signed)   Via. WAED 8PINKS, J.
The creditors of James XI. Rogers, Lite of
VViudoi'iiioro, iu the district ot Kootenay,
farmer, deceased, tiro required to send to ine,
within sidy days of this iti.to, statements ami
lull particulars of their claims, and after the
expiration of such time I slmM proceed with
the distribution of the said estate.
Dated at Donald, nth January, 1891.
Official Administrator.
gvwitxea* ffittvlmj.
Hon. J, A. Louohei-d, Q,C.
G. S. McCartEB.
Long-heed  A  SlcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Calgary, '   - N.W.T,
Menihors Assoen. D.L.S. A P.L.S. for ll.C.
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers. Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Calgary and New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
IU.Jephson, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of B.C. &Ont.
CAI.ciABV, Alba.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.S. of B.C.
New Westminster B.C,
McCarthy   &   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, NoUirios, &c.   Solicitors tor i���
'lho Imperial Bank of Canada!
The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.
Tin' Yorkshire Loan A SeeiiritiesCorporntion
The Miissey-IInrris Co. (Ltd), etc., etc.
Offices-Stephen Avenue, Cuignry.
P. McCarthy, Q.C.
Hokaue Hauvev, B.A., L.L.B.
iningi Smelting
CO, (Limited)
In the County Court of Kootenay, lioMen
at. the East trussing of llie Colimihia River i
in the mutter of .bones linker, deceased, anil
in the matter of the Officii.! Adiiiiiiistrulnrs
Act, dated the tlth day of .lunuiirv, A.D.,
Upon reading the iiffidiivits of Arthur Patrick Ciiimiiiiis nml Henry l.islhwell Hull; it
is ordered thnt Arthur Patrick Cummins,
Official Administrator for the Comity court.
I isti'ict of Kooleiu.y. bu jldiiiiiiistrntor of all
nnd singular the goods, chattels, rights aud
credits, of James linker, deceased.
Aud thnt this order Iin published in the
GuLuliN Eu.i iiowspaper lur the period of
sixty days.
(Signed)  W*I, WARD SPINKS, J.
,The creditors of James Baker, Into of Gold-
���,,, in 'Im District, of Kuotemiy, foreman
government rends, are requested lo scud to
me nil Ida li I days of this date particulars of
their claims. After the compleiiuii of tiie
said HO days I shall precccl wi,h the distribution of the said estate.
i lined nt Donald, iu the district of Kootenay
Ibis !��'i day ufJiiiinary, .Nil.
A. P. CTY!MI��',
Official Admim'stri'tor'.
NOTICE is hereby given that the B.C.
southern Railway 1 oinpoiiy will apply to the
Legislature of tho Province nf British Columbia, i.t its next session, for an act to consolidate and iiiiiend the several Acts relating to
the Company; also for pnwor ui construct a
lirnucli line, commencing at a point on the
main line at or near tho forks of Michel Creek
thonco hy way of Michel Creek to Martin
Dated this 7th December, 189'.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
In the county court of Koolcnay.
hidden nt the east crossing of thu Columbia
river; ia llie ma tor of 1 harlcs l.ai.gsiui.e
Lewis, demised and iu tlie matter of the
Official Administrators Act, dated the Uth
day of January, 181111
Upon rending tho affidavit nf Arthur Patrick Cummins, it is orio.'ed thnt Arthur Patrick Ciuiiiiiins, Official Adiiiiuistrnlor tin' llie
comity court, District of Kootenay, bo j\d-
inluistrator ut nil nml singular the goods,
chattels null credits of I harlcs l.iuigstuiie
Lewis, deceased
And Hint this order lie published in tho
Giii.un.N Era iiowspniior tor the -ioriud of
sixty days.
(Signed)  Wji. WARD SPINKS, J.
The credliors nf Charles Liiiigstoiic Lewis,
late of (inleiin. iu tin district of Kootenay,
farmer, lire requested to send iu the particulars of their claims to the undersigned within sixty days of tin-'Into, utter which timo
the Hiiid estate will lie distributed.
Dated this i'th Jniuiury, "fell, at Donald, iu
the district of Kootenay.
Official Administrator.
1*01 MARKS.
for Information and free Handbook write to
Mt'NX * co. Sill BuoanwAT, Nsw Voac.
Oldest bun nu for securing patents In America,
grew na-int taien out by us Is broii-tlii liefo.e
tbe puiilic br a nonce s'ren free of chanfe in tbe
JMenfifte JUttwau
J.uvest clnmlatlon of any jeienUflo paper In tbe
world. Snlendldl-' IlluiTO-aiJT"'-. lajUJceiit
man should bo without &.V*AfajBMjk
tcwi S1.SI six months. Addi-As MONK * CO.,
Vcx-usiuuia, aw Broaaway, Sew fork o tr.
Vi\3 j lot !
Iu the Supreme Court of British Columbia,
ia tlm mutter of the " Winding Up Act"
mid Amending Acts, aud iu tho manor of
the Thunder Hill Mining Company
By nu order made in Hie ahovo matters by
thu nonnriiblo Mr. Justice M. \V. Tyrwhltt
Drake, ilateil the 22iid nay of November,
Igll'i, IT WAS ORDERED Iiml the siiid
i'l.i iidor Hill Milling Company. Limited, ho
wound up by tlio Court under the provisions
ol ihe "Winding Up Act" mid Ameiidiiig
Acts ns.. from'the Hih dnynf November, I8tw,
ami that Harvey Combe, Deputy Registrar
of this Honorable Court do constituted Pro*
visional l.iipiiilntoriif llie nffi irs of the Com-
nauy, without security, A.,l> IT WAS FUR-
TIIEIJ ORDF.RLD ilmt notice bo given by
circular to the creditors, contribtitories; anil
Sh'iroholders of a nieiuing to bo held on the
l'ith i'oliriii.ry, Ibili, nt shllO o'clock in tlio
utteriiunii at the I ourt Iiouse, Bnstion Square
Victoria, ll.C, for ihe u|i|Hiintiiieiit of u per-
iii.'iiieiit liqiudutur of the said loinprny.
Dated the Uth day of Deeoinbor, 181tl.
Five Sis'.ers' Block, Government Street,
Victoria, B.C.,
Solicitor for tlie Potitionor.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval and McGill.)
]wixi:\��  i;\��-iixKi;n.
Head Office, Queued ;  Branch  Offices
SllERUltoOKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Analytical Chemist & Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1802      ASSAYEll TO T1IK
British Columbia Government
of all specimens seat from the Province, to
aoldan Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of tho
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards,
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
<al��L��f!'V. R.V.
Wholcr-nlc and Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Iiorse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   '   .   Embalmers,
Calgary     - Alba.
attended  to.
If you mint your house Painted. Papered
or Cnlsiininieil, ur any kmil ot n sign Pointed
write fo.I. II. M1LLWABD. CALGARY, the
Lending Piiiut Shop in the west, for good
Work and prices that are right.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
91.55, $2.65, (3.70 - former prices $5, $7,
flO. Qualty remains the same���.16 different styles; dry battery and acid belts
! ���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and more
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wii dsor, Out.
nif-jlQ] rQ I will mnll(PREE) on receipt
r liiirLr.O. ofn 2stamp,a reeolpcforii
simple VEGETABLE BALM thut will re
move Van, freckles, I'lm-ilc*. Illolclii's.
Illuvklioiitla, etc, leaving the skin soft,
clear and hcnnlil'nl. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, (iO Ann St., New York.
" It ia worth tbe prlco to every mrson
who awn reads a nawapa-x-r."���Darling-ion
Blue Pencil Rules.
jx. a. jsrsmxra.
A Pocket Primer for tbe tue of Reporter*.
Correspondents and Oopy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rales for
making ana editing newspaper copy,
and of equal vales to all who wish to
write correct Ensllah.
8ent on receipt of price.  Pi let. 10 rents
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters (or mining men and
miners. Conveniens to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars,
S|iecinl attention given to orders from ur the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Depeirtmer-t
���:o:��� OF ��� :o:-
l-i.-'.ii.J.ji.J^iJ.ii.J..i..A.'iiJ:i)ilJji.'iJi,'.. _*������'��� ..- .-. ,
Box 7, Donald, B. C,
Nssssn Street, New York.
Watches,  Clocks  and JeWelery. ��
i y
Stationers, Booksellers,
'  PAPERS. ���
Dr. Boulier, ex-M.P.P., died at his
rcS.dence, Sterling, on Friday, from
congestion of the lungs.
In an interview published in Montreal papers with President Van Home,
lie denies that there is distress among
the fanners of the Northwest.
The Massey-HarriS agricultural implement men who were ut Ottawa seeing tariff committee insist on there
being no reduction in the protection
allowed their industry.
All the btitter made up to date for
the present season by the Dominion
creameries has been sold at 24J cents n
lb. to merchants in Toronto, who are
sending it to this province.
The probabilities are that another
big gold mine in Nova Scotia will soon
pass into the bauds of a New York
syndicate. An agreement was entered
into on Saturday by G. H. Met**, representing a Ne.v York syndicate, and
the owners of the Beaver Mining Company's mine at Sheet Harbor, fur the
sale of the mine to a syndicate for
875,000. The agreement, however, is
conditional. Should Metis find within
nine mouths tlie mine is not as represented the deal is off.
Lord Aberdeen signed orders-in-
council on Saturday dismissing the
sub-Collectors of Customs at Barrio
aud Hagarsville on the charge of misappropriating public funds., Hagar
was at Hagarsville and Grant at
Tho Montreal civic nominations
were held on Saturday. The mayoralty tight will lie between James Mc-
Sluue and J. 0. Villeneuve. The
issue is the claim made that it is the
turn of the French tu have the mayoralty. Out ol 2li aldermen, nine were
elected by ..cclamatiun.
Robbing jewelry stores seems to be
an epidemic iu Montreal. It was the
third instance on Friday night, when
the plate glass wi ulow of Luvigne's
store, Upper St. Lawrence Main St.,
smashed with a sleigh bolt and $400
of the contents oi the window curried
Great indignation prevails at Ottawa
over the grossly exaggerated despatch
sent to the British press from Winnipeg respecting the condition of the
Manitoba farmers. Hon. T. M. Daly
has authorized Sir Charles Tupper to
contradict the statement, and has
transmitted extracts from the Lieut.-
Governor's speech at the opening of
the Legislature.
It is currently reported that the
Governor-General will not disallow
the North West public school act.
A hill consolidating the Steamboat
Inspection net will be introduce 1 in
Parliament next session.
Scarlet fever is raging nt Niagura-on-
t he Lake. The schools are all closed
because the i isense proved fatal iu
several cases. A number of children
are now lying in a serious condition.
Hooper to be Tried on Another C'.large
Montreal. Jan. 22,���The Quebec
government having decided to institute
further proceedings against John R.
Hooper, notwithstanding his acquittal
by tiie Juliette jury on a charge ol
murdering his wife by poison, Hooper
will be moved to Three Rivers tomorrow. Crown Prosecutor McMaster
has received instructions from the
attorney-general of Quebec' to proceed
against  Hooper    on  an   indictment
charging him with attempting to
drown his wife at Louisville. The
latter being in the district of Throe
Rivers, the trial will have to take
place at that town. The necessary
warrants have been issued for Hooper's
arrest on n new charge and he will be
lodged in Three Rivers gaol to await
trial. The new proceedings revive interest in the case and another lengthy
trial will be the result. Hooper expresses himself confident of another
Chinamen Working Claims and Making Fortunes.
Vancouver, Jan. 22. ���Several rich
placer claims have been started by
Chinamen iu Cariboo lately. It is
said that a company of seven ChinU'
men are making a white man's fortune
out of one claim. When asked liolv
the "stuff" is panning out they invariably reply, "No good. Heap work;
no gold." But they are known to be
shipping large quantities of gold dust
to China regularly. The treat Kootenay country, the southern part ol
which is now putting out 815,000
worth of ore a day, and is expected to
total an output of 8111,000,000 worth
for 1S94, is being worked almost entirely by miners from the United
States. But men from the United
States are a different breed from the
Orientals, and they spend nearly all
they make in the cities of British
Columbia. There is a great ory
against the duty on mining machinery
up country. Miners agree that the
United States have spent millions of
dollars experimenting before they were
able to construct machinery by whicli
they could treat low grade ores profitably. Now British Columbia is barred
from taking advantage of the result of
so much time, labor and money spent
on these researches by the immense
turiff on the machines. A great portion of the silver ore in British Columbia, however, is so rich that in spite
of the present low prices and absence
of machinery, the silver mines can be
worked at a profit.
Yankee llruvado.
Vancouver, B.C., Jan. 22.���Yankee
gall got Skipper Peterson out uf a
scrape to-day. Captain Copp capiased
him for a breach of contract ou refusing to accept a crew ol suilors, as verbally agreed upon. The Yankee skipper heard of his contemplated arrest
and skipped for his boat lying in the
stream. Officers immediately followed
Peterson got to his boat first, ran up
the stars and stripes, and standing on
the poop, orated the officers of the law.
Pointing to the flag, he said: " I am
an American citizen, and hereby claim
the protection of the United States.
Do not dare come on my ship ; do not
dure lay hands on me," The officials
were overawed by the slick Yankee
spread-eagleism and rowed thoughtfully home, When the story was
reported great indignation was felt
among the English section in the city,
and a number of loyal Britishers were
preparing to be sworn in us special
constables to arrest Peterson and pull
down his delimit flag, when Justice
Walkhem consented to hear the case,
preparatory to any decisive steps Iieing
taken, and avoided complications by
deciding the point in favor of the
NulimorjtL'il In Snow.
Kuslo, B.C., Jan. 21.���Chas. Brown
and John Dolan, who left Three Forks
early in December to examine a claim
on Bear Creek near Sproats, for A. J.
Murks, of Nelson, have not since been
heard from. A reward of $100 has
been offered for their recovery. A
searching party started to hunt for
them last week. Tracks of their snow
shoes, but no other traces of them
could be found. It is almost a certainty that the unfortunate men were
caught in a snow slide and killed.
Another Monetary Conference.
London, Jan. 22.���Tho correspondent of the Standard at Berlin says:
These persons interested in promoting
a new monetary conference have prepared a plan for submission to the
Governments most closely  concerned
with {ha silver question. The plan
will propose that the United States,
Franco, Britain and Germany form a
monetary union upon the following
basis: The United States to buy und
use for ourrency purposes 810,010,000
in silver yearly, and France, representing the Latin union, to purchase 20,-
000,000 francs worth j Great Britain
and Germany to withdraw all gold
coinage and paper money under the
value of ��1 sterling and buy ��750,000
worth of silver yearly in the meantime, and issuo notes under ��1 in
value against the full amount ol the
deposit of silver coinage; India to
resume unlimited coinage oi silver;
the price of silver to be fixed by tlie
countries mentioned ut, several of the
persons interested say, 4d per ounce
above the Indian rupee price, and this
to be the price, and to bo altered only
at the beginning of each year. If the
averago London prioo of silver should
fall at any time 10 per cent below the
convention price the members of the
union are to have the option to withdraw and dissolve the union. This
plan is to be accompanied by a long
series of remarks and comineiiis,
which will include a document attempting to prove the acceptance of
the proposed regulations by Britain
and Germany as perfectly compatible
with their maintaining a gold standard and attempting to justify a convention price of silver by the necessity
of offering owners of silver mines
profits sufficient to induce them to
form a trust and limit the output.
Pot of Gold Found.
Abilene, Tex.. Jan. 22.���A farm
hand employed on the Htunon farm,
12 miles from this city, has found a
buried pot of gold and silver coin,
amounting to 83,100! The finding of
this treasure vividly recalls to thu
memory of tho oldest settlers the story
of a horrible border massacre when
this was a part of the wild frontier.
At the end of the late civil war many
bought new homes in the west. Among
them was a party named Woldon, of
Alabama, reputed to be of some moans,
who first settle I in 187*1 in Eastern
Texas. About two years 1 iter, becoming dissiitisliol, be converted all of his
belongings into cash some $9,000���
and resumed his journey westward for
New Mexico with his family of five.
None ol them reached their destination
They were overtaken on the lonely
trail by the border ruffians and massacred on the banks of a little creek
near this city, now Djadinan creek,
win re they had camped for the night.
A few days later their mangled bodies
were found by cowboys, and buried
not far from the siot where the pot of
coiu was round. The cowboys followed the truck of the robbers to Jim
Ned Creek, where, it is supposed, they
Trip Around tbe World.
Boston. Jau. 22.���A young clubman
of this place, whose name fur Hie next
year will  lie Paul
ido   il
wager that he will travel around tlio
world in 12 months, starling without
a stitch of clothing or a dollar and returning witli $5,000. On the d���y set
for the word "go" Mr. Jones must
repair to the club house and strip to
the skin. It is nominated in the bond
that he shall neither ask for nor receive money, but for uny service rendered, such ns blacking shoes, brushing hats and coats lor the club members he may take whatever they are
inclined to offer. By little services of
this kind he expects to earn enough to
buy n suit of "hand-me-downs," in
which to say adieu to the club house.
Once on the street Mr. Jones proposes
to teach the unemployed a profitable
lesson in wage-earning by selling papers or doing anything that comes in
his way. It is hinted by some that lie
hopes to accomplish the journey in
much less time than a year and on his
arrival at the Pacific coast engage
with dime museum managers to exhibit himself as the man from Boston
who started.in a -race around the
world and came In a winner.
er Columbia tSlCo,
& TramWay
Eoyal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
Tuesdays ���
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Feby. 6 and 20; March 6 and'20;
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
. Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare $16,   Way Fare lOcts. per mile.
Express, Golden t3 Fort Steele 10 cents per lb., tbe com
pany's liability is limited to $2.00 per lb., unless one per cent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season of navigation a steamer leaves Golden
every Tuesday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMS PRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang;
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M, lie LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop,
Golden. B.C..
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
11 sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cock*
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
���  -1


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