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The Golden Era Feb 23, 1895

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Array VOL. IV.   NO. 29
��3 Per Year
It is stock taking time,
prices are low for cash.
Will not last long. Buy
before everything is measured and taken down.
Charles A.  ttlarrcn's.
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JHe]S_eish, - Prop.
Upper Columbia ItX co.
During the winter a stage will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat. Wasa and Fort Steele.
leaving Goldon on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
W H Bell, the genial yard muster nt
Ciutiiiore, accompanied hy Messrs. I'1
ll Pratt. .1 (1 Moiiilaws, Canmore, and
Mr H Smith, of Medicine Hat, paid a
flj in-; visit to Golden on Friday of
last week.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollurs per pound
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
B. H. COCHRANE, President;       P. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
(Incorporated I'iTO.)
Write the   Calgary  Stnro for special
prices on Choice Dairy and
Creamery Butter,
Election o( Offluei's.-'Tliu rrcalilcnt's
lOHnltiil Hull. Pursuant to a cull for the formation
Tlm  hospital   hull   takes place on ��[  u Local   Connoll of   Women, the
l&Ioiiility   evening next the 2fith Inst. Indi��� uf   Donald  met at the Forrest
All the arrangements  for  making it a House on Jan. 81st.   Rev. Archdeacon
s'lcircss have been attended to,  A good McKay opened the proceedings by cull-
programme has hepu  arranged nnd a ing for silent   prayer, after  which  ho
I good time is oxpectod.     A   number of l'-*k'''1 �����1' ,l vo,�� regarding the organi-
friends from  Donald, Field, and other nation oi this Council.    It being in the
; adjacent towns are expected to be nrei
affirmative lur also rend a telegram sutir.
lent.     Tickets Gentlemen $2.50,   Tho1'.!'   L��dy   Aberdeen, to the following
; Grand   March   will   tuko   place al 9
o'clock, sharp,
ii. in naif.
The C.P.R. employees hull hold at
Field on Thursday evening of l..st
week was, without exception, thu
most successful ever given iu thnt
town. Everything passed otl without
a hitch and tuo much praise cannot bo
given the Reception Committee fur ihe
effect : " Tu Mrs. Sprngge, Donald,���
Glad to heur of meeting and hope you
will bo able to be lirst, President.
Please convey my greetings to all."
The following officers were then elected
Mrs. Spragge, Pres., Mrs. E. F.
Hobbs, Vice-I'res., Miss Olive Steen,
Rec. Secy., ll is. Griffiths, Cor, Secy.,
Mrs. Beasley, Treas. .Mrs. McKay and
Mrs. Ross being respective Presidents
uf   the   Episcopal   and    Presbyterian
Special   attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us,
Co'y, Calgary, or
Wlink-M'tlts liud
Ketall Draft-gist
}lll>I.ltS    PltOMI'TI.Y     jVlTKMIiKII    To
Coiini:.si'ii.\i-t:Ni:i: Soi.tciTEi).
manner iu which they looked lifter their Church Ladies'Aid Societies, became
guests, doing everything in t heir power VilJ0 Presidents de facto. The Presi-
10 ninke them fuel at home. The train ������������"'. *lrs. Spragge, then read the fol-
fl'om the west  being  two hours and a i lowing undress:  -
brilf late, dancing was not commenced
till after 10 o'clock. Through the
kindness of tbe Misses Mollison, the
dining hull oi the Ml. Stephen House
was utilized for dancing. 'There were
from 70 to 15 couple present, principally from Donald, Golden and Cuii-
,nore. The music was furnished liy
Mr Geo Sumner, violin ; Mr Muughns,
violin; Mr. Bit dsull, piunoj while Mr.
Wm. Bonus managed the floor to tbe
entire satisfaul ion of all. The supper
ivns ii prominent feature of the evening's enjoyment,.being served in lirst
chlss style, and nil that could have
been desired in the way of refreshiiiinil
was provided, Duiiciui
.villi vigor until  fi  ii.tu
"Ladies, it is tny privilege and
pleasure to say a few words to you
about the Woman's Council, which
hns been so much discussed iu Donald
and elsewhere. It. has nothing to do
with politics, with Women's Rights
cr Men's Wrongs. The National
Council of Women for Canada, of
which this Local Council will be a
part, grew uut uf the Congress of
Women, which met at Chicago during
the World's Fair in '03. Ir was then
found iliul Canada hnd no representative body uf women, and ihe Cauadiau
women who were at ihu Congress at
once determined to form a National
was Lu|it up I Council of which Her Excellency Lady
when all re-  Aberdeen was chosen President.   This
tired expressing themselves well pleased National Council  meets yearly iu one
in:ii tow:..
Golden, on tlio main lino nt' the ('uu.iilitiu
'untie ihiil-vfiy, .-it its connection .villi flic
tciiiiliiitit miligiitiiiii ut'the f iiliiinlii,-' river :
hi. iiiiner.-il .'mil I'oiiiiiierciiili'etilreol'Kiistorii
itritish Columbia: headquarter* of'tli - Hold-
in Snii'lthig works, the I'pper I'uhiuihli
Vavlgntiou l'n., ami bunlier industry; tin
mtlet t'ur tliu widely known anil I'm
'limed agricultural nnd grazing l.-mil of tin
'uliiniliiii *t l.uiiii'ii.'iy V.-illevs: iinrivnllcil
or si'Pttorv of all Itinils; the ilistrlbutitig
mint for tlte richest uiiueriil country on the
Mr.li. Woodley left "ii Wednesday for
Calgary, where hu will spend a few
III vs.
We hare experienced a thaw this
week. Considerable snow has dis-
with tbe evening's eitjoyment.
We cannot stop without commenting
on tbe disgraceful conduct of several
if the gentlemen I?' belonging to lhe
parties from tlie west. They not only
disgraced themselves by their rowdyism but tbey insulted their hosts and
hostesses, besides lining considerable
duuiitgo to hotel properly. If those
gentlemen (?) don't know how iu behave themselves on occasions of this
kind, the best thing they can do is to
remain at home, fur their room would
lie much pleiis.iiiter than their oulu-
Cn iie >s fiir t'.til-rat'y.
The following rinks lefi Im' Culgnry
on Wednesday night's express, in take
iiml in thu bouspiel held there this
week :
KINK   -NO.   I.
II (i Parson
C A Wiirren
W McNi
i  I'..
i'i. I-.- rate lu
ish, skip.
:b lhe   Iii
.-. Agent,
KINK   .Ml.   II
I N Taylor
W K  Hamilton
I' .1  Russell
II M line. ..kip,
idnoss of  Mr. Kerr,
Winnipeg, u  single
uf thu principal cities of 'he Dominion,
Last yenr it met at Ottawa, and this
year il will meet nt Montreal. This
Lucul Council will he entitled to send
5 delegates to the National Council,
who shall have the right lo vote ou all
questions discussed at its meeting.
' The Woman's Council is strictly
non-sectnriiin. its object is to promote the meeting at fixed periods of all,
organised societies and bodies of
women. Protestunt, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, or .lew, to report
the work done by each body, so that
nil may be stimulated to fresh efforts.
In Donald there were nn societies to
base thu Council upon, so tn assist in
its formation, the Church uf England
hns formed a Ladies' Aid uf which
r Mrs. McKay, ns President, becomes an
! ollicer nf iin- Council without election.
The Presbyterians have alsu formed a
Ladies'Aid  uf   which  Mrs. Ross, as
Uulgitry   iiiiiI  return win
Mr. ,1ns Stoddart. the  well   known Lift
proprietor of  the  Wiiidoi'ineiv  Hotel,
Windermere, was a visit-." this week.
The chri'i'.es nt the post olHeu have
hcou completed this week nnd tho
office presents a much improved appear-
A gentleman's gold watch will be
raffled at the Columbia House on Wednesday   evening   next   at   K   oYlock.
' The   annual    meeting Ot   llie Mmru*
HOKeta fiOo, | holders uf  ibe Upper Columbia NavD
j\ good novel  can  ho secured nt the gallon and Tramway  Company, will
Im buhl at the  Company's   office in
Golden, B.C , un  Monday   tlm fourth
President, lipcome
Council without e
lies rue luu sinrill
society, ilii'i-ufuii
iiml they in conn
P R. ladies, form
for the purpose of
ollicer of tho
i. The Catho-
i body in form any
I would suggest
union wiih other C.
n Hospital Guild,
building nml equip-
Golden Laundry fur L'iiir. Books exchanged for nc. Fresh bread always
jn hand. .'1 loaves for 25c.
day of March. A.D , Irtilo, at two
o'clock in the afiernoon fur the eleo-
Directors and fur i bo ordering
Mr. J. S. Oreigg. who  bus  heen in  lion of
Golden for some months past, returned ��- ''���<* affairs of the Company
, ,   ,        .   ....     .       ,    ���,      ,    ,       Bv order uf ilu< Bonrd.
lo his home iu \V iiinipeg hy I uosilay s :
express.    His many friends were sorry ! ***���
to see him depart. i ���''
ping n new i'.I' R Cottage Hospital
in Donald, which you will nil agree Is
badly wanted. Sir Donald S nil li. one
uf  theC I'.ll.  direutors, oiTere.1 *? 11 * >0
lim.Hns ibis purpose rind his offer hns
never been tn ken up. 1 have nu doubt
if n suitable committee were formed in
cimsiiltaiioii   with   Mr.   Murpola  tbnt
ihi- $1111 uld   be   uhiiiiiieil,      $.*)00
would build a fuiir.ue hospital, $'.'(111
won!.; fmlush ii ; or ihu whole amount
could lie iMtplliidud mi  lhe liiiil,linn nnd
[tirilislllllg .IS    1\HS   ilei'llleil    n,ill's.ibio.
iLuirtiliuu I in pi
. urn . I Wt�� GMft?tt (Dvrt
v' itut'.lay iiioriiiiu: in ti
tu.l wost mail trains, .*.!>'   tho
up par country. Win lornioro, I
It is thu only advoi'tisiu
Kootonay district.
i cat
li the
.1-1 StQolo etc :
iitiliiiiii in iiu; Ko..t
0, little ono, daughter, my dcamst,
Willi your hiiiIlu_( ami boautii'ul <��� urfl**.,
And -.uur laughter, tlio briiditest aud clearost,
O gravusl inul gayest ot girlu;
Willi your hauila 111itt nre Bnft.r tJtn.ii r03QS,
And your lijs thut nr-j lightof than (lowers,
And Unit Innocent brow thutdisolo_us
A wisdom mure lovely than ours;
- erublo Goritiiin nnjperor. Fron fchuir
| sifu-f qnnrtvrn on tli 3 Swine'-, lol't ban c
j IIih rjjr.iui'MH of the ohneun eutiiitiifoiit,
Bitieu e irly moraine;, h ul boea strenuiiu <
on to-tlifLonijclm'.iiprf me."_nurso, ou 1.10
, ed^o t f t ii- UuLs  Oe  Boulogne.   Th-y
tome.   He civilly enough made tlio ' lm]o inconVenience" I had experienced,
meat that I should aecomnnnv timm -   -
were men with tlio  uiemo i-*
Subscription IZatos ���
&J.CO por .-ni 1 mm in
Advortiuement.s anl chnnjje.s must hr* iu
the office not later than I-a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on application* *o
All cash to he paid to tho Manager, from
whom tho Company's recoipt will beobtained.
With your locks 1 .irt et.enml)er, nr scatter
In a tliousand tuoi'curlal gleams,
And thoso feel wit *su impetuous pat tor
1 hoar uud rcintunbur iu dreams;
With your manner nf motherly duty,
W'iuii you play with your dolls ���D'l aro wise;
With your wmitiersof spuocdi, mid th. beauty
J11 your littlo impurious oyes;
Whon I hoar you sonllvorlv ilnginu
Your wi'lcn ue .rum chamber or stair,
Whi'ii ynu run in me, kissing nnd clinging,
.Sn radiant. 0 rosily fair;
Ii! Ufa tu
Ibcral like nn ogi'i
I Inn'}' 111/faco li
1 roll! > .111. IcUis-i
O bi.bv, qileon li!
-Arel ."
Ii'.'.'i. yon;
i'iiiii' oitrla;
nt, I love vou.
SATURDAY. VTA). 23, 1895.
niSI.MCsS   LAW.
It is not legally nocessary to say on
a note '��� for value received."
A ncte drawn on Sunday is void.
A note obtained by fraud, or from a
p rson in the state of intoxication,
cannot bo collected.
If a note be lost or stolon, it does
not release the maker; he must pay it.
A note given hv a minor is void.
Notes bear interest only when so
Principals are responsible for the
acts of their agents.
Each individual in n pnrtnership is
responsible for tho whole amount of
the debts of the firm,
Ignorance of the law excuses no one.
It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.
The law compels no one to do impossibilities.
An agreement without consideration
is void.
Signatures made with a lead pencil
aro good iu law.
A receipt for money paid is not legally conclusive.
Tho acts of one partner binds all the
ilil i riinpiii.'ui,in YiHitli'-iriinnanloi-
Contracts male
bo enforced.
A contract ma.
lunatic is void.
c  with   a minor oi
LlRlit  Itoriillnsr.
There is no killing tho suspicion thnt
deceit has once begotten.
It is impossible to he 'i hero in anything unless one is a hero in faith.
If a woman keeps a secret it is
pretty sure to bo with telling effect.
-    The worst  of slaves are those that
are constantly serving their passions.
All tint is due lo ns will he paid.
although not always by those to whom
we have lent.
When n man t.kes to bicycling he
does not lose weight, although he falls
oil a grout, deal at first.
Jack-A friend in need is a Irienii
indeed. Tom- Um -yees-if he does
not need too much.
A Pennsylvania inrni has elopod
with his wife, which is naturally
creating some sensation in soiritty
Scan Iill :s a bit of false money, and
he who passes it is frequently as bad
as he who originally utters it.
Intending to com pi i ment u young
truly by culling her u gentle Irinih, n
Frenchman su Id, "She is one mutton
ns is small.''
Teacher - Can you tell what a secret
is? Littlo Girl-Yes'm. It is something somebody tells everybody else in
a whisper.
Tliere is a man in New York so fat
that a child was recently killed by his
shadow fulling on it. This was a
lat-al accident.
As I sit by the fire lb my quiet room
nnd recall the episodes-of a Stirling li.'*
j I seem to realize that fur years together
it was little else than ono coiititilio*."-
series of narrow escapes. The i. in not
a little lieivildei'inent, I us.': myself
which was the uiirroivestof tho hundred
and one narrow f scapes the details off
which rise tip before me ns 1 ponder.
Wns it my rescue from the broken
and buttered timber-ship from Quebec,
waterlogged  in    mid-winter   on  tha
hanks of Newfoundland, on that bleak
morning when the worn and gaunt rem*
mint of   us    had    uhatiihiiied   hope,
and when the gallant  Yankee, Muses
Taylor, range 1 up alongside and took ns
n'V in her lifebelt to warmth, comfort
and safety?   Was it on that afternoon
before Siitirhrtick, when iny compatriot
Batty dashed out into the open in front
of the Prussian picket,  anil opened tiro
single Ininde I on a whole French brigade?   As lie was. iri the natural collate
of things,   promptly   shut  down,   my
Scottish comrade nnd  1 ran  out and
brought him in  tliruugh  the gust of
I'hnssepot bullets.   Was it on that lurid
afternoon of the struj-jle to the death
between the Paris Cu'iiinnne a'ld Mac-
Million's Veraaillist troops, when I was
Ktuek up against u wall to be uhot by a
Communist firing party, an 1 live minutes
later underwent the same experience at
the hands of a Versaillist ii rt icitnio it
which hrnl put to Hight   the   ferocious
gentlemen   nf  the  Belleville   ijuarle.'.1
Was it on the hillock iti front of Zaitc'u-
arint.be Servian campaign,  w.ie.i for
I ten minutes (tuii. Docktourol? and tny-
j self were the targets for a battery of Os-
caniiot' '"'"' Pasha's Krupp guns, and when tin
atmosphere about ns seemed u chaos of
' whirling shell fragments?   Was   it   in
the Afghan pass, where, a. I knelt bed lo
a wounded soldier, pr.rs.iin,' iny thn till
ou the orifice of his bullet won nl that
he should nut bleed fo deith,   lie anil I
were for some minutes the mar.- for tue
lire of the Afrldi picket from Ihe top tit
the over-hanging rock?   Wus it, ngum,
on tny long, lonely night ride over tiro
r/..i. i*       i       . --
1'n'id grapple in the wi. ils uf Worth, o.'
*->ie ravi .6 uf l.-iriveluire.  o.' t'l r bin id/
piateau over iiguinst Sudan.   They were
n.on wi a recollections o: the futho it-
j less mud and the appallin t mortality of
I the siege of Melz.   They liru 1 met Duo-
rut's fierce buttle  on  yonder slope of
Fort Chnti pignv,  nnrl Vinov's last despairing sortie from the shoulder of Fort
Vnloriea,   Yet they   were  men brisk,
hei't'ty ami healthy now as if fresh from
their home quarters.   From the top of
the null uf Lungeha'iip.i near the Cascade, 1 looked doiyn on the gradual formation of tie lung, glittering line faein ,'
toward lhe .Seme,   with St. Cloud und
Muunt V-ilerien ii the farf.h t distance.
I beheld the glint of tlm bayonets, tbo
.Inuring hantiers,  the shimmer of sun-
li'.ht fru '.uueel helmet and breastplate,
h.e swart sullen grins.   The great stm/
mul onito o" the Imperial Crown Prince \
gathered in tho  centre   of tho  fore- J
gruuiul.   The -tainting guns thn��� dered, j
and the air throbbed   to the measured
cheering uf the soldiers, ns the stalwart I
old monarch of  the Teutons gallope 1 j
across the sward, greeted his sun. and
thou rode slowly along the snrried lines.
All lhe princes of the Guriiian empire,
fol.'owed  tiro pair���-i   great  mass  of j
gorgeousnoss,   The  infantry   marched
pai.t to the music of the mussed bunds;
the cavalry charged  with  flashing nf
sabres nnd thunder of hoofs and   till"'!
the heads of columns struck through
the rillees uf trie Lois do Boulogne in tho
direction of the Porte Maillot,  the gato
of entry.   Traveling swiftly and by a
more direct route. 1 reached the Arch of
Triumph iu advance of the h mis of tho
iniirehiug columns.   .Staying to witnesa
tlie review had  thrown me much too
Into to Bee a  historic feat.   It was that
of a young Bavarian,   who,   with  six
troopers, had headed the first entering
detachment.   He leaped his burse over
the chains surrounding the  arch,  and
rode un 'er tue structure commemorating go many French victories!   Hours
ugn  the quartermasters   had  quietly
cume in with th -ir escorts, and by this
time hnd lluishu I the tusk of chilling
on the doors nf the quarter to la occupied    the    s'ici ific    detail    of    men
winch  each  liotise   was    to aecomo- ,
date.     Ahead    down    tlie    Champs I
Elysees    wero    long    lines    uf    ca- |
vnlry horses ��� lending at their  picket j
lines sti 1 sad Ikrd, while the troopers, |
sword on thig'i,  lonnged about or sat
on the doorstep', taking in Paris accor i- i
in'.'tu their selnte,  unemotional worit.  I
The windows of   the hinses  iu   ca :
Chumps Elysees were fairly occupied, r
though scarcely any respectably dressed :
Frenchmen were abroad, and no Indies, r
But ni the  bro id sidewalks svarnel I
tiitterduiualuiii gnmiiis in wil 1 profusion
���yonng rascals uf extraordinary pantomimic faculty, yelling like demons,
mul omit in.{ from time to time a con-
certe I shrill whistle that Itilied or (1*3-
enrde 1 the music of the Totltntl 'nan Is. |
Already tbe versatile rogues hrnl learned |
request that I should accompany them
to a police office in  tho Faubourg St.
Hunore, fur the purpose nf giving an account  of   myself;  since,   although in
civilian attire. I bad been marked as bo-
tln    ing in suspicions familiarity with "the
enemy."   Tire request struck me us opportune, lieei'iisa I had hoeti apprehending sume difficulty iu getting ont of tba
quarter in German occupation, since nil
the egresses  were  barred  by French
troops under arms. As my passport nn I
' journalistic nntheiitientio'i   wero quite
in order, 1 did not anticipate any bother
' lit the hands nf the police   Telling tho
French jierr'un what I was, nnd showing
him tny prtssp.irt, I replied that Is'ionld
he glad to accompany bin, hut that I
cimlil tint do so until I hud seen the German infantry now marching down tho
Chumps Elyces, in the full occupation
of tbe Place de  hi  Concorde, and tho
garden uf the Ttiillerios.   Ho bowed and
joined bis friends, who, leavingacnnpla
in close observation uf myself, itrulleil
a little way apart tn where a group of
very sinister looking Frenchmen stood
nliuiit a Gorman offlcr  in Cuirassier
uniform, who wns sitting quietly in tho
middle under tho shadow nf thu crapo-
cover'd statue uf  Strushurg.    1 knew
tho man,   and  they  knew  him,  too.
Their lurid upward glances at tho massive form on the great war home wero ,
| olinrure.1 with  baleful  meaning.   Bis-
marek, with a little  receptive geittu-o
of his g.iniitle'ol hand,   bant over his
saddle low nnd  requested "Monsienr"
toobli.ru him with a light for bis cigar. I
The iniiii writht'd as ho compelled him- J
sell' iu comply.   I felt sure that in his |
heart he wished that the Inciter were a
dagger, and that he inul the courage to
use it.   Pre��ctitly I informed tny friends
that I was nt their se 'vie '. and they escorted tue toward the Rne Boiiisy u'Ang-
lais, across the nee!: of which extended
a line of French soldiers wiih nseething
mob  1 ehiud  it.   My  escort and  thu
ollicer had a brief  p rl-y; a gap was
made, and I behind t olino nnd in tbo
very heart of the frowsy mob.   My es-
cort either iihiiudoiiid me or was hustled  away,   I    ii-ver   knew    which.
But I did know  that I wns alone in a
dangerous and venomous throng, front
which rose fierce yells of "Prnssienf'
"CoehonP  etc.    The  nearest rase ils
clutched    and    htiffeted   me,    wliilo
those    in    tho    second    ring   were
rtriiiing   at    my   bare    head   with
their slicks.   I made no resistance, hut
simply tried to bore through und get
free.   The people  wero so compactor!
about me that  they had no spico to
nuiiil me badly.   But the throng grow
denser; I was being crushed, nud my
head was  swimming  because of  tho
blows (rum the stieks. I made a wrench
tu une sirle and gut my back against a
slreet  door.   Nuw,  fnr  what it  wns
worth, my enemies wero is my front.
In a rough way I could box a bit: an 1 I
believe I spoiled sundry of tho nearest
faces.   1 knuw I cut iny own kutickles
tc Die bone,   But tbe thick sticks kept
hammering on uiy head; bottles began
to liy; nml at Inst either a stick nr a hot
tie felled me tu the ground.   Then my
legs were clutched with shouts and yells
of triumph, and 1 found myself being
dragged along ibe gutter ou my back hy
genial  enthusiasts,   who   loudly   pro
claimed their intention uf dragging mo
tu an adjacent fountain and drowning
me in its  basin.   Otlier  cheerful  patriots now surrounded me, making vigorous kicks at my body and head.   One
wholo soul-d person  jumped  nu  my
chest.   I honestly believed that it wns
nuw all over with me, nnd wlien I felt
Ztilul'ind veldt from the battlefield  of   aiusmi me versatile rogues nail loiiruoi
Ulunili, through a country rife with I103-   to mimic the harsh words uf command
tile natives, when I followed a track m   and tho somewhat clumsy gestures nl' the ,
which an officer and  his escort we-.'e   soldiers.   The impudent    vurlets  had
butchered the same.night?   I put aside   thus early gauged  tho temper uf tho 1
altogether the casual  risks  nf  battle,   hussars who kept  th"  grimtid, whom
The escapes in action are naturally fre-   they mocked without ce sing, in aptiar- |
qtient and narrow, hut ono is conscious   out assurance of impunity.   As I sniuit- ;
of hut a very small proportion of tliein.   cred  down  the main  nvenne of the
I have had 11 man kill.'dimmediately bo-   Champs Elysees in advance nf the Ger* j
hind me, and the bullet that slew him   1111111 itiftintrv, I met the Crowu Prince .    ~. -,���������--������     * *""
. , i.l 11 .. ��in ;��� ,    .       : j. ����� , mv senses leaving me I had no other
must have passe 1 between my left arm   ut .Saxony, tie coinmamler-ltl clliuf of  I A,.-.��� _,.. ,,      _.   ....
and uiy side.   That might  bo called a   the Army of t'le Mnuse,   riling at a
narrow escape, but I did not know of it   walk toward   the Arch  nf Triumph,
until lifter it happeue I. Then the axiom   During the hint three  mo'iths  of tba
that "a miss is as gu 11 as a miie" camo   siege of Paris I had fir the most part i
lived in the Prince's liovlqivii'ter.i,  and 1
ha i experienced kin luessu. at his hands. |
I had been anxious to obtain permission
to telegraph copionr-ly in tiie eveningl
fro.11 tne army  nfliire in fit forest nf |
Montmorency, and as he pulled np with
n cheery g eirtiug I took the oppurtun   i
ity to its':; th" favor.   A shirt colloquy
on the subject ensued between bim uud
his chief of stiff, with tho result which
Then th
into forco.   After the  attack  0:1   Lo
Bonrget by the Prussian  Guards,   I
counted fourteen   bullet holes in   tho
greatcoat of Major von  Altroc'c, of the
Queen Elizabeth regiment; lint th it gallant and burly soldier, who bad shown
tbe way over the barricade was nut in
the least impressed by those evidences of
the narrowness of his surprising immunity from acnth i. her'.nun his usoipe wa,
over and past before he knew how close
it had been.   In tint  he diffcrdil from
the weak nerved Scottish farmer, who,
going home drunk one dark night, rode
across a era:'.;.- footbridge overhanging
n precipitous cataract.   Returning next
day to junk at the place, he win su scared
by the dinger he hit 1 escaped that lie
died nil the  spot!   Perhaps I may best
fulfil the tenor nf uur editor's reqitisi'
tion,    liy    narrating   an   experience,
throughout which I quite realize 1 my
imminentdamcer. and in which, toward
its close, I had resigned hope of escaping
with  li.'o.   After the capitulation nf
Paris, Bismarck insisted that  part of
Paris should be temporarily occupied by
German troops.   The entry was fixed
for the first of March, nnd tho force nf
occupation wns to consist of DO, 000 men,
drawn from the Sixth and Ninth Prussian and    Eleventh   Bavarian corps, i
When about to enter the French capital, !
those troops were reviewed by the
I luul Imped.
prince nnd big
thought than that this was the advance
of death. When I recovered consciousness I wns lying on a woo Ion guar I
bed, all blood and mud and in rugs, surrounded by a number of soldiers. I
was in a French military post. Its garrison had rescued me r.t the point of the
bayonet, and I was now their prisoner.
They gave mo some brandy, and wnsl��.e.I
off mc some of the blool nnl mnl. As
I revived my first thought wns to search
for my note bonk, in which I had written out in full a description of the Long*
champs review. To my horror it was
gone, along with tho coat tail in the
pocket uf which it had been.    While I
 ��    ihickui 01 wnictl it luul been.    While I
���Haft, rode on, I strolling downward to- 1 was internally bewailing myself, a citi*
ward the Place do la Concorde. Slid- ' ren iu a fine glow of triumph rushed
denly there was .1 clatter of galloping into the post. "Here is evidence that
lioufs ou the asphalt, and Count Vila, the villain isa spy! Here are his notes
liiuii, un ni li- do camp of the prlnco, I -the lies he has been writing about onr
reined up his horse on tho sidewalk in unhappy Paris!'' I could havo em-
front of me, bringing from his highness braced the man, frowsy as hc was. His
the courteous message that tny old sent
at the headquarters table was s
had observed three or four persons following me pretty closely.
Tbey were respectably dressed, perfectly quiet, and might have been either
honest but conspicuous citizens, or pro.
fessionnl spies. They hung ahmt dur-
in.: my brief interview with tho prince,
nu 1 were close np to mo when Vitehum
momentarily blocked tl'e sidewalk.
Down tho Champs Elysees they kept
dogging my heels, and ut length, near
the Pond Point, one nf -their number
Whicli had consid' .���s.Vly increased, cainn
f-ndsent face was a study when in tho gladness of It uiMy be possible to tt
ittll being my heart I offered him a 5francpie.ee wl"**''are altecte.1. Ev
1 arch  I   Theliunliioablenntriotn-.nnnlr-.rHir    R-,   idlcnted cases, like lame
on account of the "not unnatural excitement of tho Paris populace had taken a gnud deal of tho skin off me, but
fortunately had broken no bones. The
good magistrate took me to his dressing
room, and lent mo a coat in which to
walk to my hotel. In tho afternoon I
drove to the Crown Prince of Saxony's
headquarters, and later the same evening started tu Loudon with my budget
of news ��� Archibald Forbes, Wtir Correspondent, in Youth's Companion.
How In Tnlif til*. Unity Until,
The women \ h 1 .uy nnd think that a
daily bath is debilitating should remember that all unusual exercises are weakening, and that it is only by gradually
accustoming une's self to them that
strength i�� gained and maintained. Any
one who fears the I'ffi-ot of a daily tub
bath should begin by taking n daily
sponge each morning. Then she should
take fir.-t two, then three and so 011 in-
creasing nninbi.r'i tuii baths at night
She i. i.l lii.ve ihe nignt's iv.-.t to recover
Irom the effect, and sn. will ��uou not
only be able to take a tub bath at any
time, but sue will leel uctuiuly uncom-
fortablii wiinuiit it."
Iteccnt I'at1. of 1 lie lnvi'iitli.ii In the Study
of IllN'-ssn.
I    The  invention  of  tlie   Itinetoscopo,
which is nt present uttraeiing a largo
amount of popular interest, resembles
sume of Mr. Edison's inventions in being
I really an improvement ornti adaptation
I of discoveries of other men.   Tins iu no
j wny implies that the fame of thu American invention is undeserved.   On the
1 contrary, it is due to his genius time
more  experiments  of scie.nisid   have
been converted into things of real and
lasl lug  benefit   to   civilization.     Sir
Humphrey Davy discovered that carbon
could bo  rendered  incandescent in a
current of electricity, and that oxygen
consumed,thu carbon: but  it remained
for Edison to exclude the oxygen an I
to give tiie electric light to civilization.
The nuiiil essHi'tials of the phonograph
were iu use before Eliso1. conceived the
idea of making n prnctici 1 use of the
machine,   The Mnybridge photographs
were the forerunners of the kinelosuope.
It hits lieen proclaimed that tno time
is now at hnni w'lonb.m s a :.i theitres
will become rarities, mnl the average
citizen will be content 1.1 ii��u i..u pauno-
graph nml the Itinetoscopo for hi., pleas-
r.ve. Such a prediction is over-su.gni .e,
ns yet. fur the reason that these inventions are not yet perfect.   The beauty
of concerted ininio or of rare singing
are still marred liy tlie electric whirr
and '.he false rounds that issue from the
phono'l'lipu's dii.phr.lglu.    Tbes' lendiii
color attd dazzling luster of the o.jir..'��i
Stage are its yet beyond the grasp of tha
kiueiust-ont*.   Perhaps these things may
0 une S'.'iiie tie", bur, tbey have not eon ��
yet. nini in the iiieautitii" ihe present
generation is concerned chiefly with t.- j
things of loony,   Tlte telephone, lur instance, is of more   . niniiliatc  use  to
civilization  than  i.,e lho ���....ouograph
and kiuciusei'pe combined.
Science hiisalread* ��u..udo"rtninnsas
for Air, Edison's later in 1 enuulls, how-
evi r. Tlie phonograph I'ljriiiterfelts permanently tunny souuiU that uro useful
t. therapeutic*; thu nnr.ual and unsound lieiirtlieatd, "ru'ei" in the lungs,
certain vocal sounds depending upou
special conditions uf tin. uim... of ton-
siis. It is uf decided be.. ... to ctJiico
to have permanent records that can always be of eay access without recourse
to a special patient. In tlie same way
the kiuutoscnpe promises tu be uf great
r.tility to medical "ilence by reproducing physical action that cau bo str. lied
in detail ur comprehensively us thu student desires, in this city some 1:;'itt
in thnt direction has already been . i*
dertaken, and more will be developed
from time tu lime, especially in nervous
disorders that bring ou cun. in iinyM-wl
action that is often so violent nud vi^or-
A'ls as to liafllo any nit u.ipi ui i-~����
study by means of tuo iinriiil.m u. u,
The Miiylridge photographs showed
some years ago that tie eye was unreliable for the detection of tlw Hlumlniu details of rapid animal motion, lnal-.ll-
tttiieoiii plintiariipny iiluue gives a correct representation uf tho difieru.it altitudes taken by men or animals ill rapid
action, and it is qui'. 1 jsi-sii lu mat the
I11e1lic.1l science ma* auliiovo frusli uis
I'uvuries by lhe help of tne I'ii.tiu.sirope,
Tims in stud* ing the muscular action
that results from certain nerve disorders,
it may le pussible to trace tue ueiVJS
���"   ��� *    -      j,, ������
 ���  .....   _.,'un In lebs euiii*
_____           ���������!-,   hi. iii-ari. oiiureu mm a 0 Iranoine-re.     ,        , i-t   .
kept fur me.   Bight from  tho  arch  I   The implacable patriut accepted it    By l>l>caed cast's, like lainetmss, a snrguun
r,1P���..���, ton. �����._..   '��������� by, under   he escort ofl.nvnnets, ,n"y.,,�� "''/V.l   ��     ,;,,.".', "
���u_.i.*      1 ..,,  , *, lire iter quickness and certainty yscctir-
tor tlio mob was still dangerous, I wa, f *    ,. -   -
Mm, my rag,  covered by a soldier ���      *     , ���   ,       t, ,
g a coat  to the bureau of a sitting lle're-rnhtted at will.   Mt>
magistrate Iwo slrcots off.   My com-       !
panions in duress were a man who had
stolen an ink bottle, and a woman who
had been caught speaking tor-German
soldier.   I hud no diiHcnlty  with his
worship.   Fortunately my passport and
credentiils wero in a pocket whioh had
nut been reft from tno by the mob.
lie re'""'" 1 me, ami with nil himi-
tab.tr shrii' uu 1 go*!ure 1." o.tijltont pi-
tr'11's n In"., r'uil nf 11.u tn excllsa   "flu
gether, then, while the reprudiicti ui of
grand opera for the multitude may lie a
matter uf the rotfiot ��� fntur , the kii *���
toscope is tu nothing of more use to civilization than a mere pictorial luy.���
Boston Advertiser,
Application for Certlflsute of Im-
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certillcate No. 474')7, intend,
j, (iOdays from tho date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commeneed before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
FOR  $2.25
"Golden Era"
gui-timco ��in-J>*.
-rait n.vii 11:111,
FOR OXK VEAIl, .!-.*>
20 Complete Novelette:
We tiftvo fir-nnnftil with tlio publlefior of tlio pnr.n?iir
lltufltrat.il literary ii'i.l fnnilly inniiliilv, Tho ll'mi. |
ti'.tli'il   lfi.it.*'   Ollit.l. to  liil-iiiili   III!- UYtfllllHtlt
iiiinil-atliiri In i-iub with our potior upon tlio tnerfsliy   ��i   ..,,,,., ,        ...,
liLurat toro.iijii'itotl arm..', ami wtinri) fllt'iiMiriMiiil in   1 ��� *'l'-l- Alt I 111 , l^.C.
Box. J, A. Louciheed, Q,C.
tl. S. MCCARTlSn.
IjiinjjSiroiJ   &   Mpfurlcr,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Dank of Montreal,
It.  J. JMPH8Q-S,
D.L.S". & P.Ij,S, for B.C. DOMINION &
Di-.-uiglitsiiian, Viibiiitor.etc, ('A LGA1.Y,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPIISON, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of B.C. *Ont.
C.u.OAfiV, Alba,
3tt���arthy   &   llnrvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, An.   Soliei-
turs tort���
The imperial Bank of Canada.
The Camilla i'eriiiiinent Lo��u k Savings fo.
1 he Vnrlisliirii Lean A Securities!'ur-mriitiun
I lie .'lassey-ll.-irri., t 0, (Ltd), etc, etc.
Olliros- Stephen Aveiius, t'slgsry.
CO, (Limited)
Application   far    CertlflcateC of fin-
pro v omenta.
Tiike noricotlmi I, Manuel p.iinaiM,
(i'r.iPtoeachHul)-".iih'ir, Fn*.'. �� lap'-* ami linnd-minn
RPOmlUtn l����!ti OQtltlud,     M TlVenfy   ('.-HifiliMt.
(i��Vflett''M  h*-  l��iituluf   AiittiotH,"    Tlnis
our huli-if-rilmn. by to-ung a-lvantiiw  of tlio nlmvo j
hnopiloiror, luajrflocuw, In ul liti ��� i to tliolr ftivorito
ti'iino ii'jwsii'ipijp, i you ������".���* ri'ihscHnt'nti  tn i-nt-of thn
ba_t Hnd WOUt popill'ii* ll(i>rury aii-l rrunilv r'-apom |>uh-
lisheil, and fllsa <\i a*tr.ir-*ivo anl antonalnlntr book
rontalniii-r tivonly complete novelettea hy twenty of !
tho nn-it. famous ant'inr-i   of .Xrit-rina,  Knirlninl 'anil t
Pranco-ln foot, a lartro a-nomit of tho most fa.-clnatlii(i i
reading matter at tho must trilling .--it. |
I. a lartfe iiml  linr/limno I6-p.1r.-1.,  (-"-iroliimtt IHns- 1
traleil llloriry anil frunllv pnnii*,  pnli'Mii'il innntMr.
ami r-ont-iliiltv- Soriftl am] S'mri, Sfurlc liy th' m"-t [
fopul-r autiiors, slcetolia., I'omni. rstifiil MlBCBllony,
[011.9I10I1I, 1 rlil 1,1 ron's iiiiil Hii.norDus nerartninntfl.
ami oi'ijri'Milniitoii'ii'iii, ontotialn and in-iruc cacli
ItiQitlllsr nl" tlio fieri'1/  clrolo     Anmnn lim writer.
frm* n. it.pr'a eerf ifb'ii.o Xo   A 'i'i 7   inliuiil I wbo-io dfnriol nn.iR.'i'i'ij- iini-i'ir I'i T'lK II I.esTn.TKD
tree miner scertiiu.ate.\o. 1,-1 11, iitteiui ,,���,,,. ���,WT ,���.��� s���.r.mm\n. v. tt. Sniitti-TOrtli,
(50 dais from  date hereof, to  apply to I1���.WarrJ.HoimpsOharlotta ��l..Broomo.Jin. Am
.     s.   ,,s. .     . . . S. Sl'iti'i^iin, \trn. M.7 A'arr.. l-loiiiiiiT httaU-. f'lpr-t,
the Bold Commissioner for a CKI'tiliente Mrs. .nino 0, Amitlti, Eiittiii Onrrtsnii J"oes. Mary
... .     .      . l . Kyi. nulla.. s.-lvaii'H Poiii., jr., I*mi.ninn Poptiott, A,
of   improvements   for  the  purposo of oonanDorlo, and many oHior?.  Itl-slilsti-claaapiitv
ohtaininf?  a  crown
And further take notice that adverse
churns must be sent to the .Miniiif' I'e-
crd'T and action commi'ticed before
tho issuance of such certillcate uf improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manui-h. D.Aiv.iRii.
Jfotleo of Appllontlrtn fnr flei'tlflcuto
of Iin*irovcuiuiits.
Take notice that I, Harold E. For
st*r, free minor's substituted certillcate
No. 35.-14.'. intend, sixty days from tin
date hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for a certificate of impi-uve
ineiits, for the purposo of obtaining n
Crown jrrunt of the aliovoclnim.
And further take notice that adversi.
claims must be sent to tbe Miniiif' He
corder. atid action commenced befon
the issuance of such certificate of im
Harold E Poiisteb,
By his agent I' W. AvfjMBit.
Dated this 2!>t.h dav of Decomlier
.... nt nl. ...a IIcUti 0.1- Hio family rtrfle. lianiltniiiiity prlntoil,
.1111 Ot 110 JVC |��iiitinitlrl<lniRl'i!d. an.I v-ht'o ltl< n'tvnys liitirimt-
Ini- and nni'or 'bill. It In pure la nm-a' Itmo. not an
olilonfl'iria'ilfi ifi.-'l nr linn Ivln" albi-tiil to anlor It.
colii'nni. Vim 'fill bo liolii.'li'.i'l tvlll' Uiih clinruildlf
papor, and oagoriy wotcome It. monilily vlHlin.
By PoiHiliit* Aiirn-n-i is a Iftrn and ImndRoma
oook of iii. lai'T-y -f i I'-'a-i-Mii-nn or-hivo pii-Ti-M, nicely
prlntod in {-'ear. IWI. r"a'la'.-n tvna on (r-nvJ paper,
atid handinmo'v honnd tn rolnrnl pannr covpr--. Te
contain'*, ai if-i tltlo iii'Hca'o*. twenty cn'"petenniviftfet
by tv.-eili*v iMil-VnTP-i a*vl nnpni;ip an'lmrfl. each "no
of which l��iin',n-">ly lnt~i-��-��* in-r. Itcomiirlfe'-aivhii)')
Foa��mi'fl dBi!-r-i"f-i1 roa'M'nr, and li by far tlio 'art'ost
and llnost collection nf pomplera pn'mlir norolofioi
ovor publlshfl(] -n a pin-rlo votnnio. Tie tltlon of tlio
twenty complote norelottos contained lu this book ara
as fi-iioirri:
rmler tho   Holly  ncrrlcfi.     By Chnrlntto K.
Tho Plinntom Wcrtillnc. RyMr". I-mma D. 8. N,
Bnuth worth.
Tho <_VD��T*H tVornlMi?.   nvMr��. Hrnry VftmA,
ninontlliluu uinl ^ii.'WiH'rl.os. ��y "Tim Pn-
The llfiidsmnn oT Antwerp* ny Mm. Ann a.
Th*1 rSforv or fi ��.*<>>.   flv M". Mnr Afnen FlemlnT.
(IM lliii'ili'.r.ir'l tr-lll.    ItyMlwiM. Iv llr.-il-li.it.
���II UN-lit- of i:-.niti'-ii.   By jM-'Mitri'T Dam-m,
A Tnfa ofTliron Man*.   ��>"��� iWar Umeui,
.1 Urn um In Hip Air.   Br Jul--** Wrni*.
TIlO 8tOI*y Of ..I'tf'N,    Hv AiMtiii'lu M. Dniicln��.
Tho Cunt:Uti of tliO D'ole-Stnr.  By A. Conaa
Tho ffntlor'�� iSoorrt.   nvHru. Jnn.-fl. Aimttn.
Tho thiol In llorun Wotuh   By wnkioO.iitr^
TitQ  laolro-M of  V.JillHi.ii ClmUKC.    By M. T.
Mom sPrtr'n.  "������ Mnrv Kvi- "flhtliw.
T'to ��:ini'i.*j'.i:itr i iMiin-iitcr. it- ^ttn w. pie rr*
Tlio K.-iitiito-' of "���So-loim. By Svi' .ini-. fill*. Jr.
TlM* I'll 1*0 flliiiiMKitlM. Hi'Mm. Ilnry A. UenlH-ui.
Afilii'i-olt Iltlll.   By Emm* airrUon J im*.
Assoc Mem. Inst, C.E.
wstsa iEjVfir\Fi.n,
CoailliANB, Ai.iia.--Et. Si'1-ki.e, B.C.
(Uritduiite uf l.aviil 111111 Mcdill.)
:��'.' .\ 3 .f.' G   ES OitS E ER.
Heud Office, Qubiibu ; Branch Offices
Sll-ltu'ioOK'., * 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. .MllSTKIlAI..
Sanicis! S. Fowlsr, Ul,
MISISG EyV.J-xr.'r'.n.
Properties repnrtcil upun.    Ksliiuntcs and
fili.ns lur all mot,' lltirf-iiral |ijiints,
?. 0. Box 1,    -    Goldon, B.C
Bank Of Hlonlreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. (.'RAVEI.EY, Manager.
Golden Hospital Society
THE HOSPITAL is noiv open fur th
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from the under
signed or any member of tin
PRICE-Ten Dollnrs per year or Si>
Dollars per half yeur.
NO EXTRAS eucnpt private wards.
ny Offices ft Ghtmii-ifil l.iil.or.'.tecy
(Established in ll.C. iu 1880,)
Vatican vcr,      ���      L.V.
Kore CT7rvF*i
hr-.o beta tf-
foutod by mv
Trii.ui-s. v.-jtli
:l-;m-.o sfii'l THE '.Ol.DK.V BRA t'.ir one
fl-rumi >v,'ir. ;in.l lho hook, "Twenty < "in
ploto N'ovcletics liy Popular Author*." all
post-ivi id hy iiwi'l upon roceipt of' only $&,**!*>,
I his oli'or appliGw hoih to now su!inertbci'**
i\w\ rotiPH'jiIft. Evory lovar of bright juiH
tiisciii.'itiiiff litenitt 1 re hIkuiM tako ailvanta^e
nt'it. S-runpliw eopia<t nl' "Tlio Mluntratoil
iloiuo (Jucsi " ;iiid i��t' llio proitiiiuu hook may
lie seeu at tin's wluVo.   A(ldro.-,s all letters :
Tiio Golden Era ?uh. Co.
Golden. B.C.
Livery & Feed Stablos,
Saidla Horses fer Eire.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
fl. Connacher, Proprietor,
'i^ r*
j   ��� *w L...
In thn f-tiprntne Court nf llritish Columbia,
1891, ilXo. :l
llofiveon Alnsaitiler I.
Huri'liliiii, i'i.iinli'"
Hogg aud   1'V.illli
(linrlos ('.
Farroll ami f��
11. Jiiluisnll, l>e
Po 1 'hnrles 0. Piirrell ami (1. H. .Tolinsoii uf
Ki.rl Stoelo, in llie Ijistriel of Koulinii)*,
Tnlio noiii'O that on fho'dstli tlay of Aii'i-usl
1804. a writ oi'siuiuiion-i wiih i��neil .11.1 ol rliii
Cnurta-ruitist yutwit tlies.it nf thoiilioit'
ii.'iiueil, Aloxiiiiiler I,. Hoirir anil I'raiiK
lliiii'.liii'n, ut'l''"i'i Steele, Fron Mirrors:
That 'lies..11 writ ...is ein luseil .villi tlto
ftillinvlnp; stateincnt of claini:
"Tlie pllilutll'sl'lllilll is 1'ir the ell ll.'i'i'Ul
of lho roenrds of llie   I -e'lrlivuii'l auti i.e-iiil
Toiulnr iiiinei'iil Cluiiiis, Iu ll Ilicnof the
Mlnhifi liecnriler nt Fort Steelo in the Province uf Hritish I'.iliiiiilin, t'.'i'.'ui J11.i1t11.-1i.11
rosiri.iiiitiK tlnr dofeiithuits, fltuir servwifs,
ap'rits, ur ivoritinoii f'roni oiitorln-r upun 'lie
('"("���n of the Hills nml l.i,ko Slioro nml ,ltoyu,i
iiiiuer, I claims, and fur thin .'u'es ami ihe
costs of this action."
Anil mke iniiii'c. I'urllier. that by nil order
nf Ills Lordship Mr. Justice IViiIkoiii, thitoil
  , ,*iili deli,Iier, !:���'.!:, it wns nrdorott that service
porrirlon.otowonror.thi.il by nil other   ,...,1,,,..', 1 ���.,.:. I, ,   ,,.',���.,i���!   I,,.   i������.mii,j  ,l���.
ui ii.-.'.cii.iihlii.'U ihoi-rotolniar-je.l OttliuSltlil wrfl Bu e. ei nil nj   noMttliir Hi"
Bupturo und.r Hovtiros. otriiiii.   A uys- . s.'il I lite iillu-e "I  III'1 Mnuuir fit-i'iil'i'el','ll
'"  ' "        '   Fort Stntilo, nud mi the snil  (Jiionn of tiie
Hills, Moyuii umi I..,ke Shore cliiiius, -.ltd l.y
tulvortisiii-r 11 noiicellioi'ool'fiir .'IDdiiys iu the
(iiii.ui-rN Kit.i no\vspa|-,or,and thnt the do-
foiidonts do outer mi iippoariineo  ivitliiufiO
(lavs uf rlie lirsi inserli f nm li notice,
Vim aro iliorufui'o roifiiiroil pursiiiuil tn Sttnilny  from   10 a.111. to 12 tu
such .ruler tn e r 1111 npponriini'O tn the st i.l, ,        T ���
writ 111 llienllii'i! ul' tin.  ItOKistrar of lids "'��<" 1 p.m. tn �� p 11..
Court at Kiuiil.iops, Hritish Coliiinbin. ivitlini I
Service  will    bo   held  to-morrow 80iliivs(.f iho first tnsorlion of this nutlco, vtsrriNtr IUIUII8.
,     , 1   Dated this ilfltli Noi-euiber, 18W. I    _
moriiinif in the school   houso at 10 ,   ,,  u   uniMiiri- I    From  2:110 p. 111
Urn iif-rttinnliiis boon parfeot.nl tho
last 86 years, fully oiiuu! to .ini-soiuil
oznmlnatlon l.> iiit.ll.  S7 pntau'H
, 1SI jXius* Bl.W.,Ter��_io_
I'rt!sl>yturl.-iii Service.
tVho!��>Nalo nnfl Retail
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for minin-; men ami
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines. Liquors, and Cigar*-.
Special attention given to orders from up tin
Columbia River.
Cattle, Sheep nnd
Ilorsso Dcr.lcrs.
Undertakerr. and I
���   .   Embalmers.      j
ruljjnt-y     -     ���      Alia   [
i.ri.wiit.u'ii  oifi.nts i'iiompti.y   i
.irri.xi.Ki.  to.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
" It Is worth tbo pries to every person
who even reads s newspsptr."���Dsrllngton
the joi-it.YAr, nzriRS 10
Blue Pencil Rules.
__. Ch. NBVIl-TS.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Hbort, simple snd practical rules for
malum; suit editlm; ne-.paper cipy,
and of equtl vnlne to all who wish to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of prire. P'lce. 10 cents
ppr copy. ALLAN TORMAN, Publlnl"'i.
117 IStsssa Street. New York.
Hellion Hospital Society.
From H.-.'IO a.m to 11 a.m.
'���      ;;   p.m.
Job    Departmcrjt
�����:��� OF ���:o:���
a p_nr_cr TZA
1 p.m.
conducted    by   Kcv. W. IL
jV, 11. M. 81'RAOGE,
���' Of Doniild,   iu the District uf Kootoiin;*
j       l'laiufi.r's' Siiiii'itur.
Firs iusortlon Doc. 1st 'tr'UI.
except Monday and Satnrdny,
j Lv On
prompt onswer and un honest cptnfon. wriiu tu
M Vn N wOQm who liavwlmd nearly Uttyyean*
ejcperlenoe In the pntont businons. c**muii)iiic��-
tlimn strictly cnTin.lrtil la!. A II11 imIImmiU of In-
formAtion (���onci.-r.'iiim I'ltt^niN and liow to ob-
tcintliiini8i-.it- tree. AUoa c��THloeuoof iDeciuu*
ical ami .sL-u-nttiio ttonks M?n! freo.
Patent, wkon ttiroucU 31u!tn ft Co, Toceito
foecinl notice in the Boloiltl ffc imerirnii. aiitl
thvu nre broujrht widely lK>iV.r-j tho pulilio without ennt t-o the inventor, 'i'lii-i milendid paper,
iFBHPd trecklT, .McK.iiitlr illnptr-itet!, ban bT fkr tim
lnrj:eat eireiilntlnn of any wientiilc ivow in tho
world. $3 a year.   Sample cm-!.*--, dent free.
Uuildiiifc I^lltlou, nuintlily, ��>.o0a year. Sim-Mo
cnploA, "JA cents. V.vvry miniher contiina beautiful plntea, in eolora, wid [.iiou^raphi of new
hoiiDesj, witb plan*". cuaWiue buihlera to show the
latest rteainifl and seeuro eontrAets.  Aildres-*
MUNN A CO*. Hew Yokk, 361 Bhoadwav.
*' Monsoon" Ten �� put up by the Indian T��t
crowefl- as a sample of the bust qualities of Indian
IV ix. Therefore they use the tpeatnt cere ia the
.s.'lu-tiiTn of the Tea and its bknd, that ia why they
put it up themselves and nell it only ia the original
f%ciKge~, thercbv securing ita purity and excellence,
'ot up in Ml lb., i lb. and j IK package., aad newer
sold la bulk.
If your grocer docs not keep it, tdl him to write t*
II and 13 Front Strast Eul, Toroi**. DANCING AND D-XNCERS.
Gaftlni, in hie "Travels In Africn," tle-
oUre* tliut the iieopl- nf the weHtrount nra
exet-tt'lin^ly fo i[ of lUtioing. Ho once
tried tu ir* th��'lli uut, but ttH ln'itf ne ht*
eunltl raiw his h-m-1 toMnv-nl.ti they cnn-
tinnedto lUnce, and Ue wns fui.ed tu dw
One of the moat f.iin'uis early ballet
lUri-crn whh Mile. Maze, who, Mn.jrti tied
by Law's ftnituciitl feotietnee, dressed Iier*
, self in her tiun-it r-*bes nnd uutumitte-l
���u let Oe publicly by jninnmie off n Seine
bridge at itiuiu in the jjr--suiiee of thuue-
audit ol people,
Maria Tin: nmi, the dAtmeuee, wat the
dutU'iiterof ii 11aii n ballet u muter. She
Wan hor tl iu lSO-i, went mi the ttta^e in
1822 au 1 continued li< r appeurHiicea iu
puudc uuti lftl7, when elie retired. II* r
nreiite��t Muec. nut's Were iu La lia.vftdere.
La Sylphide und L�� Ktlie du Danube,
Heine'* ballet, ' M'-pldatop el.," die*
pUye "Fatiet" tempted by a female Mep*
h.etoplielee, wnu ex 111 ite to her victim ihe
nioat celein* id I** timid dumrUBfft of Mttl*
quity, ineludiug "tinlora*," the daughter
ut ''ilurudian," white David is also rejn-o-
���etited a* do.ng a pae _eul before the
The ballet d'action ia said tn have been
revived frum the at.cit-tit mudeia by tba
fauioiiB Duchesse du Maine, who took a
well-known play, had music written (or
it, and eet the oharauiur*-! to act it throng;i
from beginning to end without euakiurf a
word It wan extremely popular, uud ao
���Hlabii-ued a la-hion,
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.
Groat Britain's .'iipitnl in Ur!t<"l States
ral1r.mil* is snid to iililuuiit tu $300.000.000.
The l''renuli irtivfriiuieiit is iibuut tu in-
trodiiiru ii bill filling railway oouipiinit-s fur
lilt*! ilui  s.
'1 b�� first horse railroad wns made in
1800. Now every irnuutry town lias its
street ear line, mu] even Constantinople
an I Jerusalem have Blurb latiilitles.
Ou muue ruilruails tlie cun aru provided
b- the l.llne biuriety ami other rs igi ih
or,*utii2 .tiu s witn U.blfn that are kipiui
r nik*. und c'uri.uisl.i uuougb llie mens are
sysleiiiiitiei.lly rubb'd.
Tbe Central mllrimd of Urajil carrleil
10.0fci4.135 pa��-oiirfer�� in 1��03, m a'iluit
9,804,000 in 1S03, Tba fr.-i-jni fraffio tie
urenseil frmn 007,800 tuns lu 001,700 tt .lis.
iom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant, j J*"" nmiiber of lueutnoiivtrt hu. increased
40 YEARS THE STANDARD ,r"'" m~ l" --'���*���
Ths manuscript of Tiiiiiilianser hss ju.t
been suid lo a Loipsic siuateur for 10,000
marks (f-i.500.)
Iu tbe Marquesas group tha recent absolute pi-ol.ibiiit.il of ibe sale uf opium
lir.s increased st once lhe demand fur
The finest land owned by ths st'to Is in
Germany 3d per cent, uf all furests; in
Scandinavia, 13 tu 20; iu Frail'ie, 10; in
Switzerland, 4, and in Italy, not t.
Ths Em-luli pusimustrr-general I as
Jint announce.1 tln.i private irardi will a
balf penny sitinp affiled will be aacepleu
as pontnl card, witbiu the United K.ug-
II. Schneider, ths head of lho great
Creusut tuundries, was married tbe ..tber
day in Paris, Creu.ut bss .uruwii in sixty
years frum a village uf S00 inbabituuts to
��� town uf 30,000 people���larger than
Krupp's tuwu ut Essen.
ltu.sia propu.es lo connect the Baltlo
with tue lilai-k bea, iiccurd.tiK tu lei-ei-ff
repurt. Tbe river, llueiper and llwina
ire to be juiueil by a canal; surveying bus
been begun at tioth ends uf tbe route, and
Ciiersui. is spuk-n ul us tbe harbor lor ma
eauai uu lbs 11.,.ok S.*ti.
New.p ipers in Ru-sia were forbidden
torn, time agu tu make nnv reference to
the dre.ses wu'ii by tlie suiprens on state
ocirasinii., Tni. wu. diiut. becau-e une
paper by mistake rpuried ber ns w.-ariug
a drew, which al Iliul lime wus cuiuplulely
oal uf taj.hi.iii.
Henry VIII. was called Illnlt old Hal,
frum hit rudeness and cuar-wutss of
J'.iiie-i Boswell was nicknamed the Bearleader, frum his aeauciauuu with Juliu-
Cubden is called ths Apostle nf Free
Trade ou accuuut of his labors iu lhat direction.
John Calvin was the Pope of the Reformation, frum his influence among tbe reformers.
Louis Boardalone was called the Dee-
mosihenes of liiviuity, from his rare eloquence.
Aristophnnte. wss the Father ot Comedy, because be was the first Ureek satirical writer.
Ariuslo was the Walter Scott ot Italy,
because of his skill lu trie hue uf histuricul'
John Selden was the Walking Library,
because uf tue amount, and diversity of his
William Hogarth was dubbed the Juvenal of Painters, trum the saliricul character
of hia works.
Doesn't yonr orchard want manuring!
For applet aud peart autumn planting It
good euuugh.
Albinos or white spot* among buckle-
btrriet tnd blackberries tre hardly rare
tnoogh to deserve much fust to be made
over tbem.
Tbe complaints of tbe authorities tbont
tine fun .ti in America dried applet, seems
to be "much ado tboot nothing."
Tbe English walnut may bo a serai*
trup.ciil fruit, and uot entirely hardy.
Vat it flourishes snd bears well in pro
tented sputs, especially In tbe the suburb,
of dries, as far north as western New Yurk
tuU .tiwer Canada.
Corn stalks cut in pieces two feet long
(whole or split), set around the tree toil
tied top and bottom with willow ut binder
twiue will stay on for three years, and pro-
net'the tree from tun-scald, borers, mice
ami rabbits.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
from Wi to 22.-1.
  !     Jupau's railroads at pre-eat have a tutal
~ "   ' looomutire i-qnipuunii uf two hundred und
THE WOMAN'S   C01TCIL.       I eix ennui,.**, two hundred of which uru uf
._.,,, _      , K U'lah.   four   uf (iermun   and   twu of
(C mtin led liom page One.) Amerlouu   make.   Tne   last are   nf the
A new and better situation  should be1 ""*���*"' '���'��" '"",' w"re bl,i" ���*" '���"-' D��M��rlt��
, ,    .,    ,       ..  ,    .       ,      .. .     (Works,    lhe Germati enuhiesare ruck-i'ull
chosen for the hospital. Another thing kwoluoUvet biilit on the Ant r-ystem.
which might be undertaken in Donald
is a Kindergarten, for teaching children from 2 to 6, who are too young
lor the public school. Miss Steen understood this system nnd I am sure
she will ascertain for us the cost ol a
teacher and how niiiiiy families would
contribute to her support, and I will
write to Col. Daker us Minister of
Education, and enquire if the Government could assist the scheme in any
way. Tliere are, I am sure, many
mothers in Donald who would be glad
to have their children taken of! their
hands for soma hours every day, as
well as have them instructed in simple
ways of amusing and employing themselves ut home.
" Mrs. Jordan has also suggested
that the Society of Kings Daughters
he formed among the young girls in
Donald and has written to Montreal
to obtain the necessary information
with regard to the rules of the Society. I
"I make these suggestions ladies
because I have been met on all sides
with lho question as to what the
Woman's Council would do iu a small
place like Donald. Men are all most
sceptical and inclined to make full of
our Council, so I
IL. -���- >��.
'JfcVOTICE  is  hereby given.
���*'    ance wi'h the Statutes,
in accord-
that Provincial Revenue Tux  ami  all   Titxa.
levied under the Assessment  Act an
now due for tlie year Iriflo.    All of tht
above uumed Taxis collectiblu   within
tho Eustern Division ol the District of
Kooteiiny, arc   paynbio at  my  office,
Court House, Donald.   Assessed taxet
are collectible  at  the fuilowing rates.
If paid on or before June ."Oth, 1895,
Provincial Rovenue $11.00 per capita
One-half  of  one   per cent  on   Ilea'
Two per cent  on  assessed  value o
Wilu Lund.
One-third of one per cent on Person
nl Property.
One-half  of one per cent on income
tf paid after June ildh, lHlln :
Two-thirds of  one  pur cent on Ron
want ull you Indies Property
if there is
any cash in Golden, we have
decided to oiler some of the
to do your utmost to prove that an
intelligent, capable lot of women, such
as Donald possesses, can possibly do
more to benefit the town than the men
have been able to do. Remember that
the motto of the Council is '-Union is
Strength," so that all must work together without uuy of lhe dissensions
and jealousies always liable to occur
in a small place, Energy will be the
mainspring of the Council's success,
and the watchword of every member
should be, Whatsoever thy hand
liiuieth to do, do it with ull thy
Mrs, Spragge  then suggested
Two and one-half per cent on asse.
ed value of Wild Laud.
One-half of one per cent on Person
Three-fourths  of   ono  per cent   i
jVssessor and Collector.
Donald, B.C., Jan  14th, IH!)5.
The creditors of Harry Connacher,
late of Golden, iu the district of Kootenay. hotel keeper, deceased, are herel y
requested to send iu full particulars ol
their claims by registered letter ad*
that dressed to A. O. M. Spragge, solicitor,
1 Harry
ihe Catholic  ladies of the town coin- Donald, solicitor   lor   James
,. . .     ,        , .      ���!      j Connacher, executor of thesn
bine with  the wives of railroad em-  ,, , _,   .   ���,���,, ,   ,
Connacher.      ouch claims are so tu I e
ploy es fo frm a Hospital   Society,  sent within sixty days uf this date ami
The Society tbeu  adjourned to meet iu  after the expiration of the said sixty
2 weeks to hear reports and formulate 'l,i>'��t1he ��M ;'-u!"*s f ev��"8 Connui li-
er will proceed with tbo distribution of
committees to act on the  suggestions tne rat|ltB ,iav,mK ,-,,���,,,��� only l0 ,,��� sp
made iu the President's address.
Don't forget the Hospital Hall on
Monday, Feb.' Until, in the Alexander
Hull.   Tickets I}:-, fill.
claim-; of   which   he shall have notii e.
Dated nt Gulden, llritish Columbia,
this 19th January, IHiln,
Jas. CiiNXAiriiKft,
Executor of Harry Conuiicher.
have placed on our Bar-
Tables several lines of
Staples, and put the knife to
the price, Some we have cut
in two, some at a reduction
of 33% per cent, and none
lower than SO per cent. We
make a loss, but what is our
loss is your gain. We will
not describe goods or quote
prices. We want you to come
and see for yourself.
Manufactures of Sash, Poors, Moulding-s
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Tosts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine l-Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash lli-sin and Cath
Carlin & Lake


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