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The Golden Era Oct 27, 1894

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s\^~\J~   *^-lAt
VOL. IV.   NO. 12
$1 Per Year
Charles A.  CDarren's.
(iitldeii, nn the lllllill line of the (.'nii.'iili.'in
Pncitic Ri.lhv-iy. nt its coniiection with tlio
steiiniltont navigation of the Cultiiiiltia river ; |
tlie uiiueriil nmi commercialcentreuf Eastern
llritish Columbia! headquarters ot'lhjUold-
en Smelting works, tho Upper  Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the I
outlet  for   the   widely    known    nud    fnr I
famed agricultural uud grazing bind  of the I
Columbia & Kootouny Vidjeys:   unrivalled I
fur scenery of nil kinds;  the distributing
point for tno ricliitst uiiueriil country ou the
We notice in the last issue of the
Revelstoke Mail that a football club
has been formed in that town. What's
the matter with the Golden football
club has it dropped out of existence
All kinds of fruit at the Bon Ton
Has  been newly built and  newly furnished
Heated   throughout  with   hot  air.    The
table is first class.     The bar  is   stocked
... with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm~. McNeish, ~ Pvop.
We have received this week a cut load of Mixed Groceries consisting of
New Canned Tomatoes. New Canned Peaches.
PEaS ������ BEANS
Fearman's Extra Special Hams and Breakfast Bacon.  They come a little higher i:i
5rice than the ordinary, but they are a
One car of stoves Arrived this week
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup- lied on
Wholes-ale nml
Retail nraffjt-lNt
OltllKltS   PttOMIM'IjV    Am-MIIKI!    To.
CoitllESl-ONEENUE Sol.ltlTl.il.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
in Everything.
Wanted.���Active, Honest. Gentleman or L.'iiiv to travel, representing established, reliable house. Salary
$!!5 monthly and traveling expenses,
��� vith increase, if suited. Enclose references and self addressed stamped
417 Omaha Building, Chicago,
J. C. Plummer, Plasterer,
Is prepared to do all kinds of
Plain & Ornamental Plastering-,
at shortest notice. Terms reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
References furnished if desired.  Addressi
J, C. PLUMMEIt, Golden, 11,0.
SEAI EI) TENDERS addressed to the un-
tlt'rsiirne.l. mnl en orsi'tl " Tender for l'nst
OHice, Victoria, ll.C. "ill ho received nt this
office uutil Friday, loth October, IS'.ll, tor the
several wurks required in tliu erection ot a
l'twt Office ut Victoria, H.C.
I'ltitis intil sr-erilii'.-iti'iiis can lie seen lit tho
Pepnrluieiit nf 1'ulilii- Wurks, Ottiiivll, mill lit
tht nllii'i- of F. (: (iiiinhlo, Esq., liesldent
Engineer, Victoria. IM ..and tenders will
nut lie considered unless mntle on the form
supplied nud signed hy thu actual signature
of tenderers.
An ui'i'i-pti-d Ittink cheque, pnyithle to the
ort et of the Minister of Public Wurks, eqiu.1
tu u |Mtr cent nf iiititnint nf lender, ninst iii'irqin-
puny eni'h tender. I his i-hetiuc will ho forfeited it the parly tlotlliie tho contract, ur
t'itil tu I'tiinplete the wink I'untriti'tetl fur, mill
will ho returned iu inso of iioil-aeceptiiiice uf
'I'lte Depiirliiiiiiit tines not Itintl itself tu accept the luwest ur liny temler.
Ily urdor,
E. F. RllV.
Sec rotary.
Doiwrtinont of Public Work, \
Uttawn, Uth, Sept.. MU.     '
Goltlen Hospital Society.
From DriiO a.m. to 11 a.m.
"       2   p.m. "   4 p.m.
.1       7     huh   "
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p m*.
visiti.no nouns.
Prom 2:110 p.m.  to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Mr. Joe Lade left on Wednesday for
The Fraser bridge crew are locat.'d
here at present.
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pies, etc.
The Gun Club hell a practice on
Wednesday afternoon.
Mr Chns. Cnrtwright of Carbonate
was a visitor this week.
Sergt. Brooks, N.W.M.P., Calgary,
spent a few days lu town this week.
J. S. Reeder wus fined Slo at the
police court on Monday for pointing a
revolver at Fred Bums.
The Chinamen who were burnt out
in the recent fire are having a house
erected just east of the Columbia
Miss White, sister of Mr. P. While,
accompanied by Miss Mcintosh of
Banff, paid a flying visit to Golden on
Mr. F. C. Lang hits been appointed
Provincial Constable for Golden. He
will no doubt prove himself a terror to
evil iioers.
The curling rink was commenced
last Saturday and is fast assuming
vast proportions. It cannot be finished too soon.
We had a few inches of the beautiful
on Tuesday Inst, which made things
disagreeable for a few days, aud reminded us that winter was approaching.
Messrs. M. Dainard, G. Sutherland
ami G. B. McDermot were elected fire
wardens on Monday last. These gentlemen will no doubt fill the bill to the
satisfaction of the citizens.
Mr. J. C. Duriek of Canal Flat was
a visitor this week. He is still obliged
to carry his arm inn sling owing to
the accident he met with recently.
Ho returned home on Wednesday.
Mr. Fred Cockhurn, manager of the
Vancouver brunch of the R. G. Dun &
Co. mercantile agency, paid us a visit
litis week, anil expressod himself as
highly pleased with the appearance of
the town.
Mr. Jim Jackson, who has been
assistant to Mr. Woodley in Hull
Bros. & Co.'s store all summer, has
been removed to Calgary, where he
will occupy a similar position for thu
same Co.
We beg to call attention to a notice
iu another column of the opening of
Mr. Render's shooting gallery. He
has been at work for lhe Inst two
weeks on it and is now ready for
business. A prize will lie given this
evening to the best marksman. Mr.
Reeder ought to be well patronised for
his enterprise iu seeking to find amusement for the boys. It is also his intention to open a reading room shortly.
This has been a long felt want and Mr.
Reeder's efforts to establish a public
reading room will be much appreciated.
MA It It 11*1,.
Joiinron-Caklnon.���At Donald, on
Saturday, Oct. 20th, by Rev. W.
R. Ross, Mr. Gustaf Johnson to
JMiss Ida Carolina Carlson, of
Gleuogle and Palliser respectively.
Fun for tlm Boys.
Go to the opening of the shooting
gallery this evening���from 8 till 12.
Everyone is entitled to three shots,
free, for a fine pipe or a basket of fruit.
A reading room will be opened in coniiection with the shooting gallery in
the near future. Open every evening
excepting Sundays, Between the
Kootenay House and the Queen's
Disputed Bur Opened,
London, Oct. 22. ��� A dispatch to the
Cent ml News fgom Shanghai says
that the Britith consul at Seoul states
that a dispatch bag, which was officially and amply sealed, has been
opened while in transit from Chemulpo
to Seoul, This must have been done,
the consul adds, with the knowledge
of the higher Japanese official at Seoul
because they have since shown that
they were acquainted with the gist oi
the contents of the bag. The consul
has requested the foreign office to cable
liim instructions as to what action he
shall take in thu matter,
Prollflc Polish Peasants.
Iii Gulicia, Austriu, recently a
mother, daughter and grand-daughter
each gave birth to a son on the same
day. The mother is 48, and this
makes her sixteenth child ; the daughter is ill!, and has eight children ; the
grand-daughter is not quite 16. 'Ihey
are Polish peasants.
A Sud Sto.y.
The Winnipeg Free Press and the
Toronto Star are both engaged in onslaughts on the gambling dens iu their
respective cities. The former relates
this touching tale : There is a story,
almost pathetic, connected with one of
these places, a story absolutely true,
and known to be so by hundreds. A
little newsboy, a bright child, by his
shrewdness und energy hud made so
many friends among the business men
that he numbered his customers by the
hundreds, und prospered almost amazingly for a newsboy. He was able to
greatly assist his parents, who were
iu straightened circumstances, and us
his father could get but little employment, became their chief support.   One
I fatal night he was induced to "sit in
the game"  at  this com hi nut ion gum-
I bling house hotel, and this first step
pro.ed his ilcwnfuil, Night after
night he wus at the "crap" table
vainly struggling to win back his lost
'savings, until   finally   the $1,000   or
r more he had worked so hard for were
all gone, and witli them the customers
��� neglected for the gambling room, but
not only did lhe lad lose his savings
and his  customers, but his youthful
i ambition and energy were also destroyed.   The child's career was practically
1 sacrificed to the gambler's greed.
Japanese Goods tt
I Toilet Artioles
TE'JPLETON'S Piiarmacv, Calgary. ift'tc OSjl*>cit 4&va
The OOU$E--IB..A is published evory
Saturday ludriiiu,,- in ti ne to catch the east
and went mall trains,"also thu until fur the
uppor country, iViii'lorntoro, Furt Steele etc
It is tint only iiilvoi-tisitig medium in tlio Kent
Kutiteiiny district.
S ilMcriptiiin Ibites t
4'J.IX) |Ktr niiiitini IN
A ivnrti-'i'n-vits and changes must Itn in
tho office not Liter than I- .t.in, nn Thursday
tn insure insertion.
A Iviii'tistvnent rates made known nn nppli-
catini- 'u
All t-.-tsli In lie prii I tn the Manager, from
���dm it tlm (l'n u patty's riit'ni|itwill ho obtained.
The Ufa Era Publishing Company,
SATURDAY, OCT. 27, 1804,
A Worlll-Olrcult Telegram.
One dny ln.it April a telegram wns
put into the hands of the courteous
chief engineer of the British postal
service, Mr. W. II. I'reece, with tho
request, that ho would say whether ii
could be sent iiround the world by a
certain route, anil il so, what time it
woifld take nnd what it would cost per
word. ��� When the person who made
this inquiry went a few days later to
look after the progress of the telegram
Air. Preece shook bis bead. "The
whole foreign department nre at it,"
he snid, "and they-are tearing their
halt- and protesting, but you shall have
it soon." The route planned was
rather erratic. It nskea' ��hnt the message, bo sent by a circuit which would
take iu the entire telegraphic field of
tho world, touching at the most remote
points, but never leaving the land line
or the cable; that is, never being
transferred by post or messenger from
ono point to another. Starting at Sun
Francisco, the route rati across the
continent to New York by Vancouver
and Montreal. From New York it followed the world's northern telegraphic
boundaries through England, Norwav.
Swollen Russia and Siberia. Going
south, ir touched at Nagasaki in Japan.
Hongkong in China. Singapore, Java,
and Sumatra, crossed Australia and
landed iu New Zealand. Returning to
Singapore it crossed to Bombay, made
a detour to Ceylon, then on to Aden,
rounded the Cape of Good Hope, leaving the Hue nt SSinzibar to call at Seychelles mid Mauritius, mounted the
west African coast to St. Louis in
Seiiegnl, crossed the south Atlantic to
Periuanibuco, traversed South America
from Buenos Avres to Valparaiso, and
then went north through Mexico to
New-. York. In a few days, true io his
promise, Mr. Preece hud the answer
ready Tho telegram could be sent.
It wonld require about fifty-six hours,
and would cost about ninety francs
($18) per word. ��� World's Progress.
keeping has boon one of the features of the school for some
time, but cooking lessons have only
recently been added to it. This was
done not to iiinko professional cooks of
the girls, but because Mr. Pease, rouli---
ing how difficult it is to secure profitable omplovment for blind girls,
thought it wise to tench tbem to be
| valuable assistants either iu the kitchen or their own homes or those of
their friends, The girls use n wood
stove instead of a gns or hard coal
range, nun, instead of having hot
water boilers, they are require 1 to keep
the kettle filled nud hot, its country
housewives must. They urn nlso
taught to bo exquisitely clean, nnd
whenever they touch the stove or anything else thnt may soil lho hands
they aro obliged to wash them bofon
going on with their ctilllinry work.
Knowing that the stove is n dangerous
clement in a kitchen where n blind
girl is at work, particular attention
has been paid to it in tbo course of
lessons. The stove is not protected
with guards nnd the girls lire required
to learn by close nttcntion and practice
how to avoid any danger when making
fires or working over the stove. ��� Milwaukee Journal.
its patent rights. But although tlio
modern mnniifacttiro'of explosives rests
mainly on Mr. Noble's efforts, the (inn
lost its suit becattst the rundamontnry
patents had expired.--.Mining it Scientific Press.
A Daylight Meteor.
A daylight meteor was seen recently
near Ayrshire, Scotland. Its movement was Very slow and it shonn with
a brilliant intense light, which wns
concentrated in itself nud did not leave
a train behind it. It got gradually
smaller and smaller, and just before
disappearing broke into three or four
penr-shapeil portions. During its
course, although the miissey head was
brilliantly white, the little tail varied
iu hue, crimson and a rich ultramarine
blue being most noticeable -Exchange.
Tciicliliig IIIIimI Girls to Cook.
A;blind cook would seem to be an
nnomalv, yet Supt. Lyman Pease, of
the Wisconsin School for the Blind, at
Jnnosville, has of late demonstrate!
thnt blind girls cannot only bo taught
to prepare food in an appetizing way
and by scientific met hods, but they
can also be  taught  the crire ami man-
j\ Failed Signature  lll'titic-llt to Light
Ily the -Jtimera.
An instance of the use of photography in important Isgal matters is
given, says the World's Progress, in
what is known ns the famous Stubble-
lield-Muiiford controversy. It involved the ownership ol 1500 acres of
valuable land in Fayette county, Ohio.
During Monroe's administration this
tract was willed by one of the old
Munfords to his five heirs, nnd the
present suit was brought on the deed
of sale signed by them. The Mint ford
heirs deeded the l..ml to Stubblefield,
who afterward sold parts of it to different parties, who had to pay twice
for their hind. The deed of sale, discolored and yellow with age. showed
only four signatures and a space for it
fifth,nnd the closest scrutiny could not
discover the fifth. On this signature
turned the question at issue. It wns
finally decided to photograph the signatures nnd see if the course would
disclose the fifth name. This wns
done nnder the direction of the court
by a photographic expert named Spencer, and under the closest watch of the
clerk of the court, who could not allow
the original to leave his hnnds. On
the plate be saw traces of the signature,
and, on enlarging the negative ten
times, tho entire name was us plainly
seen us wheu written.
agenieiit   ofv a stcvo and  the  use   of
kitchon"utensils.'     A course in house* jliuh gcvcrume.it   for   infringement  of
A Now Explosive.
A- new explosive, manufactured by
the Government of Great Britain, has
lately drawn much intention. It is
called "cordite," nnd is nn invention
of Prof. Abel. It is in the innin 11
similar product to the smokeless powders of other nations. Tho name
"cordite" originates in the process of
manufacture, during which the gun
cotton, after Iieing combined with a
sort of explosive gelatine, is pressed
through a plate with flue openings,
thus receiving t he shn|ie of fine threads.
The object of this process is that by
proper selection of the thickness of the
threads it offers great latitude in the
control of the swiftness of the explosion, which is in other 1 on-'Iurs attained by the finer or courser grain of
the particles. One ran, thorcfoio, 1 c-
cordiug to requirement, niiiiiiifactiiro a
quickly combustible explosive for mining purposes, or a slowly burning,
driving power for projectiles, Cordi e
enn be plated into cords, which naturally increases its availability for prnc
tical use. The judicial side of the cordite manufacture offers special interest,
ns the well-known firm of Alfiol
Noble -tho inventor of dynamite- had
instituted a lawsuit  against the Eng
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God. of
the United Kingdom of Ureal. Britain tintl Ii-iilniid, Queen. Defender
of the Faith, &c., etc., &o.
To Our f titlifiil ihe Members elected to
servo in the Legislative Assembly
Iif Our Province of llritish Columbia   nt  Our   City of   Victoria. -
Titi-diii.iti.: Davie, I WHEREAS
Attorney-Genel'itl. ) ** We are
desirous and resolved, ns soon ns may
bo, to meet Our people of Our Province
of British Columbia, und to have their
advice in O.ir Legislature :
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers
causes and considerations, and taking
into consideration the ease and convenience of Our loving subjects, We
have thought lit, by and with the
nil vice of Our Executive Council of the
Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, ami by these presents enjoin you, nntl eiiv.li of yon, that on
Monday, the Twelfth day of the mouth
of November, one thousand eight hundred anil ninety-four, you meet Us in
Our sab! Legislature or Parliament of
Our said Province, tit Our City of
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon those things which in Our
Legislatme of the Province of British
Columbia, by the Common Council of
Our snid Province may, by the favour
of God, be ordained.
In Testimony WiiintEOK, We have
caused these Our Letters to be
made Patent and the Great Seal
of the said Province to bo hereunto affixed: Witness, the
Honourable EnOAit Dhwunbv,
Lieutenant-Governor of Our said
Province ot British Columbia,
in Our City of Victoria, in Our
said Protiuce. this Twenty-
seventh dny of September, in the
year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred end ninety-four,
nnd iu the -fifty-eighth year of
Our reign.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Application for I'l-i'tlfleato or  lin-
liliil I'tni'iits.
Take notico that I, Arthur P. Cummins, Administrator of the Estate of
the late .' ro'iilmlil McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 4M''il. intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for 11 certificate
of improvements, for tbo purposo of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, thnt adverse
claims must, lie sent to the Gold Commissioner and action commenced before
the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18th day of August, 181)4.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of tho Estate of the
Lite Archibald McMurdo.
- niniffla m im -
prompt snswer snd an bonest opinion, wrlto to
MI: N!�� * CO., who have bad nearly nil; rears1
experience In the patent business. Communications strictly confidential. A Handbook of in.
formation coiicernlnit 1'nl.nls and bow to obtain them sent free. Also s catalogue of msebso-
lost snd scientific hooks pent free.
Patents taken tlirmiuh Munn ft Co. recolvo
special notice In tho Hrlrutillc tntWRnii, mnl
thus aro brouuht widely bcrtiM the public Willi.
ont cost to tbe Invontor, This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elenantly Illustrated, has hy far tho
lsivest clrotr "	
world. 83j
lament circulation of any scientific wnri; In tbo
-year. Sample conies sent freo.
itton, monthly, (-.'.to ay cor. stntila
 tnber contains benti-
 . photonrspbs of now
plans, enabling- builders to show tbe
Building ijiiliiul ���jii.Mii.i,, 1
copies, -j|4 cents. Every numi
(It'll pistes, In colors, and nl
louses, witb plans, ensuing 01 _���
latest ilmlmts snd secure contracts. Address
As drones tlm nir with sultry hum
When nil tlm world ivitliltent Is dumb,
Ttmii tlrOm-st tliri.ue.il tlie drowsed lea,
To lose tliystrlt and llntl the sen.
As flirt's n soul Mint, tlrfnds the (-loom,
Towards nn uusoou (inal of doom.
Thou forest fori li all wltlessly,
To lose thyself nnd Und the sea.
Hy so'il is tii-fli n str-nin ns thou,
1.1'iiliini* iiiniii! It heeds not howl
In one tluiiL-nniy unlike tliire��� ,,
Lostiu- itself il iiiitls no s-'a. . ���'*
Albeit I know a t!nv shnll come
V\ hon its tlnll waters will be dumb;
And tlii'tt Hits rlver-stiul of mo,
j.iisint! itself, snail niiii the son.
-William Watson.
I wns a mc-iic-il student in Paris nt the
time the strange und st irtling ud venture
happened which 111111 about to record.
Tired with long lectures and hard study,
1 was out one evening for 11 walk in tlio
fresh nir. It was a pleasant night in
mi! winter, and the cold, bracing air,
f.s it, tiinciii'il my feveiish brow, caused
n grateful sensation.
Passing tlirniuili 11 rathe*- lonely street
it'tir tint river, I was surprised ut meet*
i ig 11 young girl���-tit least, she so np*
peiirmi in tin- dim light of a rather distant street lump -who carried in her
h ind mine three or four boqiiots, which
she offered for wile.
"\V ill monsieur hnve a boquet?" she
nske.l in a sweet, ninsieiil tone, holding
out to trie 11 well arranged collection of
bi'iiiitilul flowers.
"Thev are very pretty," snid I, taking
tbem in my hand.
"Monsieur will purchase and assist
ine?" she said.
"i3o yon, then, really need assistance,
���Why else should I bo here at this
bom- of the night, monsieur?"
"Anil why here nt nil'/" quickly re-
tnrned I. '"This street is little fro-
I'liriiiled, and is about the last in tbe
world 1 siionhl have selected t'or disposing ut'11 luxnry most suited to wealth
and fashion."
bbe sighed, nnd reached out her hand
for tiie In 11-net, which I still returned.
"What is yonr price?" said I.
"Five f nines."
"A large sum."
"Monsieur will remember it is winter,
nnd flowers nre not plentiful."
"To nid yon I will purchase," re*
turned I, bunding her tho requisite
silver .coin: "for though I love flowers,
I Mould otherwise hardly indulge in
the luxury tonight ut su--.il un ex*
bue thntiiteil me, hnd seemed nbontto
pans on, but hesitated, looked up at mo,
uinl sniil:-
"Could monsienr direct mo to tho
honse of n good physician, who would
1 urn out to night mid see 11 patient for a
small recompense?"
"Any friend of yours lilt"
"My inotlii r,'' with a uVen sigh.
"Where tines she residi ?"
"Only a short distance Irom here."
"What is the mutter with her?"
".--'lie bus a liir-h fever, for one thing."
'-.When was she taken?"
"She came down last night, and has
not left her bed since."
"W hy did you not send for a doctor
ut once?"
"We Imped sho would got better
soon, and it is so expensive for poor
people to employ a physician."
"111111 myself a medical student, with
considerable experience among the sick
of iiu- hospitals, and if yon nre disposed
to 1. ust Ibe case to me, I iiiii at your
ervice without charge, I rejoined,
already feeling deeply interested iu the
fair till
"Oh. how shall I thnnk monsieur?''
she I'Xilaitnoil, with clasped hands, and
nn n,iwnr.l; irruteful look. "Prny follow 1110. "Monsienr le Docteur."
S''e turned at once and moved off at a
raj i I piii'o down the street, toward the
river Seine, in lho direction I was walk,
lug when wo me*.
In less than five minutes we bail entered a wretched quarter, among narrow
Streets. old, tottering buildings, und
s.'.iu.lid-looking inhabitants, some of
whom seemed to glare at us as wo passed along.
"Is it iniieh further?" inquired I, bo*
ginning to feel uneasy.
"Only a step, monsieur! It is jnst
Almost immediately sho tnrnod Into a
covered passage, which led in back
among habitations that I should never
have voluntarily visited in tho broad
light of day. A distant Ininp jnst
served to make the gloom visible, till
she suddenly --.topped, uud opened a
door into total darkness.
"Vour hand, Monsieur le Doctctir,"
she paid, at the same timo taking it, and
leading me forward.
I was tein- tetl to draw back and refuse to go any farther, though I mechanically followed her.
We now went through n long, narrow
passage, in lolnl darkness, and. nftor
two or three short turns, la-nan to do-
scend a Cight of freaking, rotten stuirs.
"Is it possible yon live in a place liko
this?" raid I, secretly wishing myself
safely out of it.
"In Paris beggars cannot be choosers," replied the girl.
"Hut even in Paris it Is not necessary
for the living to take np their nliodo in
sepulchres," I rejoined with some asper
it v, being vexed at myself for suffering
my good nature to lend me into 11 don
fvmii which I might never come out
lo this my fair guide deigned no re
ply. On reaching the foot of the stairs,
she pushed open a door into a small,
dimly lighted room, and I followed ber
i ito it with some secret misgivings.
1 Here was a bed in one corner, and on
it appeared to be n human form, lyings
very still.
"I have brought a doctor, mother,"
said tbe girl, as she -closed the door behind me.
As there wan no reply to this, she
turned to me, saying:
"Will Monsieur le Docteur please be
seated n minute? 1 think my mother is
"I beg mademoiselle will bear in mind
that I enn only spare a few moments to
tids case to-night, as I hnve another call
I wish to make immediately," I returned, feeling very anxious to depart
irom that subterranean quarter as soon
us I'tfsible.
--Monsieur shall not be detained long
by me,'' rejoined the girl, passing out of
the rootii liy another door.
I did not sit down,' but walked over
to the lei, where the patient was lying
very still���so still, indeed, that I could
not detect tiny breathing. A woman's
cap was on tlm head, and tho end of a
sheet eonei'llleil the face. I ventured to
Iiiiu tiiis down curutuliy, aud beheld the
eyc.e.'-s rockets and grinning toeth of a
human skull!
I started back in horror, nnd at the
same moment, the door by which the
girl had left was thrown open, and In
marched, one after the other, four tall
human figures, in black gowns anil
masks. I knew nt once, then, thnt I
was to lo robbed, and probably mnr-
dered. I wore a heavv diamond pin nnd
ring, carried a valuable gold watch, and
had in money about my person some
five hundred francs, but not a singlo
Wl-npon of any kind. Resistance Iieing
therefore nut of the question, I felt that
my only chance���if, indeed, there were
a (diniice���was to conciliate the ruffians,
and liny myself off. With n presence
of mind for which I still take to myself
considerable credit. I said at once:
"I understand it all, gentlemen, nnd
yon will find me a very liberal person to
deal with. There is one thing I value
very highly, because it is the only one I
have, inni I cannot replace it���that is
my life. Everything else of miue is at
your service, even beyond what I have
with me."
They were undoubtedly surprised to
hear tiie speak in that cool, off hand
manner, but they marched forward und
surrounded me before either returned a
"How much have von with youthen?"
inquired one, in a civil way, but in a
low, gruff tone.
I immediately mentioned the different
articles of value, and the exaet amount
of money.
"All ot which I shall be pleased to
present yon with, if one of you will be
kind enough to escort me to the street
ubove," I added.
"Yon said you had more, monsienr.''
"Yes. gentlemen, I have ten thousand
frnnm in the Bank of France, and will
willingly add a cheque for half that
"Cheques don't serve onr purpose very
well," suid n second voice.
"Then I pledge you my honor that I
will to-morrow draw out five thousand
fraiu-s. and imy the amount over to any
person wbo may approach me witb this
boquet in bis hand, said I, holding out
the flowers I had purchased of the fair
"And hnve him arrested the next
minute. 1 suppose?"
"No. on my honor, he shall depart unharmed and unquestioned; and no other
human Iieing shall lie informed of the
transaction for a week, ��� month, or a
"Let ns first handle what you hove
here." raid the first speaker.
I immediately took ont my pin, took
off my ring, drew out my watch, produced my pocketbook ami purse, and
place them ail in his extended hand.
"Yon make us a present of these,
now?" he said.
"Yes. on condition that one of you
will forthwith conduct me to the street,"
I replied.
"Monsienr is a vory liberal gentlemen! Eh, comrades?" said the mask,
turning to the others.
"Avery liberal gentlemen, indeed,"
was the response.
They then drew off together, scrutinized tlie articles by the light of a smoky
lamp, ami conversed together in low
tones. I felt that thoy were holding a
consultation that involved my life, nud,
to speak the honest truth, it' seemed as
if every nerve in me quivered; and it
wns with difficulty I conld stand.
At length the principal spokesman
turned to me and said, in a very cool
and methodical manner:
"Monsienr has acted mora like a
gentleman than nny other person we
have ever had dealings with, and if wo
could, consistent with our business,
oblige him. we should be happy to do
so; but unfortunately we nre governed
by a rule, which is a law with ns, that
dead men tell no tales, and we think it
will not do 10 make an exception in this
case. We will, however, in consideration of monsieur's gentlemanly behaviour, lie as mild and lenient ns possible
in doing onr duty, and grunt monsieur
live minutes for saying his prayers.
"You have then resolved to murder
me?" gasped I.
"Monsienr hbos a very harsh term,
but we will let that pass. Yon have five
minutes yet to live by this watch."
The villain then held my watch to tho
light, and I felt indeeil that my minutes
wero numbered; and I secretly began to
Gray for the salvation of my soul, be*
eving that I conld not save my body. A (l*-atli like silence now rei-r-netl in
that gloomy apartment for some time.
��� and tlieu uue of the rtitiiiuis bent down
inul lifted a trapdoor, and from the
nark pit below issued a noisome smell.
I beheld my intended grave, and shuddered nntl shook like an aspen.
Bnt why stand there anil tlie liko a
dog, without a single attempt ut escape?
At tho worst it could be lint death, and
there was a bare possibility tha 1 might
(���et away. I fixed my eye on the dour
whichojienetl upon the stairway, mil
with n single sudiien bound reached if., |
bnt found it fast locked, Then, as thu '
bands of the ruftiuiis seized me, with
i.iii'ierous intent. I uttered a wild
iluiek, the door was burst In wilh il
loud crash, nud in n moment the room
v.iis filled with gendarmes.   I saw that
I was saved, and fainted ami fell.
The flint' musks, lhe fair decoy, and
itoitie two or three others concerned in
that murderous den. were all secured
that night, aud I subsequently luul the
pleasure or giving uiy evidence against
them, uinl seeing theiu all condemned to
the galleys fur life.
Tlie place nail been fnr some timo su��-
jieett-d iiml the decoy marked. On thut
night a detective had secretly followed
tiie girl inul myself, nud. niter ascertaining wither she had conducted me,
luul hastened to bring a body of genii*
urines to the place. The delay of the
rufii.'ins in their murderous design   luul
II 'en just siildeient to save me. I scarcely need add that I never again volunteered to accompany a distressed damsel on a secret adventure while I remained in Paris.	
I'llljr'ir l-i'lnt lllentincMnn.
Francis A. Gallon, ns the result nf his
investigation of anthropometry, affirms
that "tne patterns of the papillary ridges
upon the bnib.ius palmer surfaces of tlie
terminal phalanges of the fingers and
thumbs are nil olutely nn-'hiingotible
throughout lite nntl snow in diiferent
Individuals an infinite variety of tonus
���md peculiarities. And there are the
two most important essentials that any
method of identification could have.
The chance of two finger prims luting
identical is less lltun one in sixty four
tiiiiusanil miliums. If, therefore, two
linger priiitsai-e compared and are lound
to coiuciiio BAiiotly, it is practically certain that they aie prints of the same
linger of the same iierson; if they differ,
tho inference is equally certain that
tney are made by dirlereut liiij-ei-s.���
Lauci .
' ment the oheeks with  flgnrcs of various
small animals, bugs, etc.
Mr. Laboncliere oarrles his radicalism
so fnr its to refrain from giving the renders
of his paper any information of tbe birth
of an heir to the throne.
Since he won the derby, Lord Ennebery
hns also bngged first and second prizes fur
shorthorn ouws, fnnr first and une secuiiil
for sheep and a first and second priza for
Sir Edwnrd Enrne-Jonrs confesses thnt
the only one of bis paintings which
wearied him wns his most tannins "The
Golden Sttiirs." Ho declares that he got
"so tired of those girls."
The number of reindeer owned by a
Laplander III Sweden varies to a considerable degree. The poor mny have from
three hundred to seven hundred, nml the
rich Laplander will keep one thousand,
and even five thousand.
A collection of eighty thousand stuffed
birds will be one of the attractions of a
museum now iu course nf erection st Ley-
dun, Holland. The bnildlnq will, in size,
outrank anything of the kind in tne world,
except the British museum.
���^UrSittwfl ��at-i.**.
Hon. J, a. Louoiieed, Q,C.
G. s. McCAirrnit.
Iisusheed  A   McCarter,
Otu-risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors lur Hunk uf Muntrei.I.
CAI.OA11V, . N.VV.T.
Moinhors Assoon.'D.L.S. &P.L.8, for 11 ('
SUliVEYORs, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, \ aluators, etc* Calgary nnd New \\ est-
iniuster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jlril'HSON, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of ll.C, SOiit.
New Westminster ll.C.
White satin and white chiffon is the
ideal combination for a bridal petticoat.
Chinese muslin is a pretty new material,
and it comes both plain and figured a la
The autumn bell skirt will be fuller and
wider than the original model, bnt exactly
like it in other respects.
Braiding will be a very favorable garniture in rieii dresses next season, as well as
on tailor gowns nud utility costumes.
The new poplin ctmts take the place of
the dress waists. Some nre Yandyked on
the sides in deep points, but are shorter
than any of the coats worn a year ago,
McCarthy   A   llnrvc.r.
Hamsters, Advocates, Notaries, &o.   Solici-
turs tor t���
'I he Imperial Hunk of Canada.
lim Ciiiiailu I'eriiiiuieiit Loan A (-livings Co.
In,',', Yorkshire Loan & Securities! orporiitiou
lho Jlassoy Harris to. (Ltd).etc., etc.
Offices- Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. MuOahtiiv, y.c.
 Horace Hahvev, ii.a. l.l.ii.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
msiso EjVoixeek,
Cociiiiane, Aliia.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
The gov rnnrnut of South Africa is importing Kriirlisli hackney stallions for
breeding jiur-use*.
Vniilllii i-altiire is increasing on Ihe
I-Iiinil of H.iii.ioti. in the Indian nc-an,
the eximrl of product being nearly 100
tons yearly.
The ilespis' d rabbit of Ans'r tlin is be'ng
aiixii-iisly inquired fnr bv the British army
contractor, who sees n pussilil.. ntipply i i
cheap aud wholesome food for the army iu
that direi'tion.
The grape nnd wine Industry In Hungary is suffering greatly from phylloxera,
and black rut. The vintage has steadily |
di-cn-ased, year by year, that of Inst * ear
being only three-eight* uf the annual average of fifteen years ttgtt.
The i-xrierrinents of flax-trrti'ving for
send ami liber in smth Australia bus proved eminently -tati-ftictory, far ixoenliug
expeitstiiilis. It is expected thnt a much
larger area will be devoteil tn tlnx culttir**,
and possibly other liber plants.
The director of the government farm at
Knrind, India, reports officially that cotton
from American seed ha* prove 1 a failure
ill India, nfter long and r.-pt'iiti-d trials.
He recommends, therefore, thnt the cultivation should stop, nud indigenous varieties be cultivated Instead.
Tbe unexpected never happens twice.
Tlin next century will take np women's
Comparisons are odious, except those In
your favor.
He who lives in tbe fear of death Is already half dead.
Women lie about their ages, men about
their weight,
It is impossible to count on what a jnry
or a girl will do.
It aggravates ns more to hear our enemies praised than to hear onr friends maligned.���Madeline Orris, in Judge.
When ironing starched clothes have a
bit of beeswax tied iu a piece of -nusliu to
rub the sadirons.
Hang in tlin kitchen in a convenient
place for reference, a slate, wilh tape,
pencil and sponge attached.
When the contents nf n pot or pan boil
over, throw salt immediately on tbe stove
to prevent lhe disagreeable odor.
Scour the bntter bowl and paddle once a
week with coarse barrel salt, ami use ssl
soda iusteud of soap to clean dairy utensils.    	
The first oil well in Amerion was dis.
covered on a small moi-ntiilti farm In
Wayne county, Ky,. in the year 1S29.
In the year 1201 a tithe wns laid upon
all Wales' tongues bronght into Bavnnne,
they being at thnt time highly esteemed ns
Indian corn, or maize, never has an uneven number of rows of grains, because it
haa opposite radicals of growth from the
cob centre.
Dolplaine Rives figures to prove thnt tho
planet earth has supported 00,037,813,237, -
075,306 human inhabitants linco the beginning of time.
According to H. Flammarlon, the great
astronomer, the mean temperature of Paris
for the past six yeurs has been two degrees
below the normal.
Stonemasons will probably get a better
idea of the immense slxe of the Great
Pyramid when then they learn that it consists uf SO, 028,000 cubic feel.
In Persia tho women of fashion paint
black circles around each  eve  nud urn's-
Europeans pay $11,350,000,000 taxes par
There are leu than 300 pure-blooded
A Rnssinn is not legally of age till he ia
20 veins old.
Our niuinnl Interest account with England is $125,000,000.
One half of the wealth nf England Is in
tbe possession of 1.000 individuals.
Over 4 000,000 ������eoplo in this country
live upon the wages paid by railroad companies.
Attempt to grow no more fruit than you
can properly attend to.
Varieties will net run ont if strict care
iu the sulei'tiiiii of seed is exercised.
Tlie sum hern grown pole bean clings to
thu pole better than northern grown.
It is thought by investigators of the subject that the soil hits much to do wilh tbe
flnvorof melons.
The lomiitn hns been greatly changed In
form by cultivation, but it is lhe same old
tomato in flavor.
It is claimed that if Ihe green plants of
celery are weeded out lhe constitution aud
site of the vegetable will be injured.
Tbe manufacture of artificial granite Is
now a California industry.
As yet tliere have been discovered but
two processes for enameling cast iron.
A new ami v lunble method of costing
aluminum with other metals bos bseu perfected iu Ot-riiiuny.
The (kieinrs ol philosophy at Johns Hopkins will wear oil ull statenncasloiis a black
silk gown nml hood lined with scarlet silk
und edged with gold. ._��� _   _    ���	
(Oratliiiite of Laval and Mi-Gill.)
Head Office, Queued ;  Branch  Offices
SlIEItlillOOKE, & 17 Plnoe d'Armes
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
jMi-vrxtw f.x��ixi:i:b.
Pro|iortios repnrtetl upon.    Estimates and
plans fur nil metallurgical plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Assay Ollices A Chemical Laboratory.
(Established iu B.C. in 1880.)
Viiiifoaver,      -       Jj.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. 13. CRAVELEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
GOMtF.X.       ���       R.V.
Whole-ialt- and Kef ail
Cattle, Sheep r.ncl
Horse Dealers.
!      Undertakers and
j ���  .  Erabalmer-*,
Ciilttai-.v     ���     -       AIItR
j    1,1*1.I*I(IIAI'II    011111111*1    I'liOJilTLV
I ATTI-.VI.Kil   Tl).
iningi Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Plfi'ipi ri* I��villiniill(FllHl'i)oiir#olpl
fhi'.rLilt), ofn2stamp,n rccoiperbrii
simple VEGETABLE HALM that will remove Tan, Kreeklos, Pimples, Woti'lics.
lllui'k Ill-nils. etc.. leaving lho skin soft,
clear nml hnautiful. Address A. I). STEM-
PEL, U0 Aim St., New York.
" II In worth tbe price to every person
who even reads a newe-isper."���Uarllngum
inn joobnal BErens to
Blue Pencil Rules.
'    .a.. Or. JsnarvxNB.
A Pocket Primer for tbe we of Reporters,
Correspondent* snd Copy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rules for
nuking and edition newspaper copy,
and of equal vslne to all who wish lo
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price. Pi Ice. 10 cents
p-r copy. ALLAN TORMAN, Publlshet
117 Nsesau Street, New York.
I   A
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
l.tUiJS.--...   -fc,'     ! *T->-'���?"���.  ;: JET, j
"������--hSS-.^^H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted nnd furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for milting men nnd
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale anil
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from up the
Columbia River.
il   i
My stock is tlio largest and most complete in the
Province. ���:..��� i
An immense stock of W. W. Orccners, J. C. Clabrough
& Bros, W. H. Tisdall's, and W. Richard's shot guns,
All calibers of Winchester and Marl in rifles. '
Every description of cartridge, both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for .Spot Cash and
imported direct.    :
Prices the lowest.
Quality the  best.   ...
WHOLESALE  & RETAIL. solicited.
W. ALEXANDER has removed to Calgary, and will be pleased to execute all
orders sent to him there. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary, Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
were   burnt  nt
During digestion tno How ot blood to the
Furious   gules are  reported   on tl.e  ������<����aoh t. l.cnawd tenfold.
t, . . 1 ., I     The hest specimens of alabaster carvings
JJ.itisli coast. h|lV)l bwmex|m|n(,a |Uf-i���ev���h_
A   cyclone   struck   Genda Springs, |     A centiiry-ol.l tortoise is exhiliited in the
has., o.i Saturday. mnseiim at Utilantls, iu Colorado.
Unite I   Suites  fiih commissioners  are
hatuhiiii- 50.000,000 lobster'eggs,
|     The BriiiMh school of wnter color paint*
Mnrv Bion, of St. Martins Junction,   ing is deeim d the best in the world.
IJne , suicided. j     Tbe ainninl tnxns of tlie worltl nugregrnte
,_,.,. . the enornjons stun ot $4,850,000,000.
The Italian government has suppres-1    ,. 0,A ,������. ,.,���.
" 'F Geriniiny p 'j*s $10,000,000 a year taxes
strd several Suci.tlint clubs. on ���,iUn,,a $18,000,U00a yesr on sugar.
Cm-sou Howell, of Detroit, shot him-1     Greek sculptors often UBed eyes of glass
self dead ul liruiitford, Out. , or <"'"'8t"1 ����� *he '�����*��� of ",'elr *Mw��-
A sufferer (nun asthuin st Oltiidnle.Pa,,
Eight   locomotives
Riviere du Loup.
gation fJA
ramWav v"��
Fire  devastated 700 acres of timber
has not slept iu a bod for twenty years.
llll.N.U.II  NOTES.
The election for three Fire Wardens
resulted in tlie following nominations:
Messrs. Ileusley, Thos. 1'oirest and Ed.
A. Iliiiu.
The Oddfellows are aeking for tenders for the erection of their hall to ho
iu by the first, of November. Plans
nnd specifications to be seen at the
Forrest House.
The last dunce was not n howling
success us the sterner sex were rather
in the minority, contrary to nil precedents here, nnd several of Donald's
beauties had to remain wall flowers,
by nil reports.
Onr sharpshooters, seemin-rly, can't
como to an organization, there is a
bitch somewhere.
What is tho matter with the toboggan slide? Does nobody want the
contract '!
Married���Ou Tuesday morning at
St. Peter's Church by the Hev. Archdeacon McKay, Ellen Clnrey, niece of
Mrs. Wm. Newman, to Thos. Kirk-
ham Nuedhani. Both Iiinil contracting
parties aro well known in society here
and iu consequence the church was
crowded to witness the ceremony
Mr Needham being an employee of the
C.P.R. thu railroad boys turned out in
fuli force. Miss Cliuey was given
away by Mr. Win. Newman, the bride
was assisted by her cousin Miss Eti.el
Newman, and the bridegroom hud for
best inan Mr. Win. T.'iiilinson. After
thu ceremony Mr. Newman invited
everybody up to his house to drink the
happy couple's health and a very nice
collation wus spread. A good many
availed themselves of the invitation
and by tho appearance of some at the
arrival of No. 1 they had a jolly good
time and must have drank tliu bride
and bridegroom's health inure than
once. The young couple took the
train for the west on a wedding tour.
Their future married life ought to be
happy and prosperous if the quantity
of rice thrown at them in church is a
criterion of good luck, so mote it bu.
One of the section hands was
brought lo the C.P.R. hospital from
the Loop. A rock rolling down struck
his leg, luckily it did not break but
cut the skin and bruised him up
The beautiful made its appearance
Tuesday morning and kept coining nil
day and night and snow bulling was
tho order uf the day.
Mr, Chas. Crundoii returned from
his visit eust uud reports having liud
a good time.
Mrs. (fi-iilith left lor a visit to Mrs.
Mai-polo at Kiimloops.
Mr. Pitts house is finished and ready
for occupation. Mr. Pitts will move
in as soon us weather permits.
The hoys wero made happy by getting their money for government work
done on the trail.
nud Iniiii lands mar Akron, O. The quiet and llmld hare,when she cries
Another weavers strike has been in-  hi'ear,  enn  be heard farther off than
.   i    . vt      u   ii    i   in either dog or cat.
iiliuiti-iiteil at New Bedford, Muss. .        *   , 	
|     In proportion to the weight of the body
Toronto  city   ooiine.il has  accepted   woman's hiiir is much louger than that of
tlie Georgian Buy aqueduct agreement,   man's.
Inspector Moylai. rep, rts the Stony '. ^"������mentis made that Awing1 the
... .       . . , last 100 yenrs   Frauco   has lost 6,000,000
Mountain penitentiary satisfactory.      ' soldiers iu war
Chiulcs Cnrpineul director of the| The Queen regent of Spain Is very abort-
meteorological service ol' Canuiia, is sighted aud makes free use of her double
it i glasses,
���-(���'ad. i     ���
The tontine   reeovers  Irom   an   Injury
A letter has  been  found which pre
tlicttrtl, iii J une lust, Curnoi's assassination.
The Chinese of Chicago offer in-
wnru for the murder of Inspectors
Conway and Courio.
The diamond output of tlie Debeers
mine, Capo Colony, for the year was
valued lit ��2,H*>0,0U0.
The Canada Northwest Loan company and the hunt department of the
C.P.R. hiue amalgamated.
Fires and floods in Japan have
caused the loss of many lives and an
enormous amount of propertv.
Offers for the 85,000,000 N.P.R.
cert thelites were not as good as expected but must be accepted.
The past half year's business on the
Grand Trunk railway has been the
most disastrous in the history ol the
Carlton D. Richardson, Canadian
manager of the London Guarantee and
Accident company, died in Toronto uf
typho.d fever.
much more quickly than any other part of
the human si stein,
II. C. Kit licit Ion.
Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 22.-The
kindergarten s.\ stem of teaching is to
be adopted in the schools of British
Coluinliia. and later, prububiy next
season, cooking, needle work and domestic economy are to be added to the
curriculum of the girl's studies, Col.
Baker, the minister ol education says,
he aims to make the British Columbia
school system equal to the best in
A snip htihble is round because every
p<irt of its surface is equally pressed by
the ntintispliere.
Sheep thrive hest'iti a pnstnre infested
with moles, because of the better drainage
of the land.
The tone of a bell or glass enn be stopped
hy the Anger, because the vibrations uro
thus ell' irked.
The porcupine is so called beennse his
name coin s from two Latin words nienn-
iug a thorny pig.
llo.led water tastes flat nnd insipid, be-
rntis" i.ie gnses il contained hnve been
driven oil hy heat.
Red hnir is uf Hint color because it is
supposed lo have a larger proportion ot
sulphur than black hair.
A tuning fork does not sonnd in a vacuum, beennse there is uu air to convey the
vibrations to onr ears.
Birds are covered with fenthers, because
these com bine the highest degree o(
warmth with the lenat weight.
A heavy dew is Ihe precursor of rain,
because it shows that the atmosphere is
sutuiiited with moisture.
A sitting of the County Court will
hf held at the Court House, Donald, on
Wednesday, the 14th  day of November, 1SU4, at 10 o'clock a.m.
By order.
S. Redokave,
Registrar County Court.
Donald, B.C.,
Oct. 5th, 1694.
The first work on geology was written by
Mercoti iu 1574.
Euclid's Elements of G.oinetrr were
compiled about R.C. 300.
��� n*��.��xiTiir.. 0-134 nine-
? St. "cat. Toronto, wlllmsl-e
' hni Mij annuel visit to British
Columbia DeflesMuHiilrtlir-*
I12 C' -inst hoM -with ease. Paten ee ol ST Pi to ts on appll-
Bret*- for cure of club Fast and
ttliDef jrmities. Becommended
by Physicians everywhere.
W'll v "It personally.
Woti. ft Taos.. Oct. 89 and 80.
j.1- VI. ���-HUH''. ll.C. 1 i"l-i*l��
Estabu��hio 1071    ���"*-". Wednesday. Oct. Slat.
4snine and Fimli In IHt-nnon.
Veg-t-tabk-N of all Kinds.
Presbyterian Service.
Service will lie held to-morrow
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. R.
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or children These
goods are made in Vests, Drawers,
Tights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
Upper Columbia JjU,
During the winter a stage will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere. Thunder Hill, Canal
H:t, Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden on the following Tuesdays:
November 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through ��16.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.  B. LANG,:
Mining & General Supplies.
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. 8. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Benin and Bath


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