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The Golden Era Apr 3, 1897

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Array T
We moke a Specialty of
Bill Heads,   '   Fosters,
Letter Pad*,   Dodgers,
Biulnes* Cards,     E_r.,
.  Etc., Etc., Etc.
���      s      s     s     ��.    ���
Beat Advertising Medium
in East Kootenay.
Neat, Artistic Job Printing
promptly executed,
-.,-- i
Per Year
General 0 ]Werehant.
oo e o o c oo o o e oo o e.
Received this week further shipments of
Boots and Shoes
Dry Goods.
My Spring Stock in these lines will soon
be complete. Do not fail to inspect my
range of -.:���>-���
Summer Blouses*
eooooco ooo.oeoe o o
8. Laurance's Spectacles.
oeooooooo cecoeo
���     e    ���     s     ���     e
Latest Style, in Gent's and Ladies Ties
Large ARSOl'tment Of Ladies' Shoes,     (Manufactured by J. D. King & Co.. of Toronto.)
Large Range of Gent's Soft Hats
And at prices that everyone can buy.   1 have still some old stock that will goat
See these Guods before you purchase.
Oolden, on the main line of the Cuii.-idiiiii
I'acilic Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Coli.nil.ii. river;
the mineral and coniuiercinl centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia: headquarters of tli * Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural and grazing luid cf the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country ou the
A complete stock of
Paints,  Oils, White Lead,
Window Glass, Etc.
Jnst arrived a. carload of good Prairie
Hay.  More coming.
o o oe t'cescita
Agent For   .   .   .
Phoenix of London and other Fre Insurance Co's
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+ + +
The Reliance Loan I Savings Co., of Ontario.
At the Criterion oysters, scalloped,
devilled, omelettes, to-night.
This good and homely advice is for
some people in Oolden.     Act up to it.
Major Cloehcy's company will re-
siime work on the Crown P.iint on tlie
1st of May.
O'd Seldom Fed and X R.iy have
paid the debt of nature. It is ihe only
debt they ever paid.
Messrs. Blackwood of Winnipeg,
and Greening of Hamilton S|>eut Sun
duy und Monday in town.
Tbe Turner-Baker Government's
policy is like the Needy Knife Grinder's Story. Story? Wily, bless you,
he had none.
Mr. Townsend of Toronto is expected
here early next month to nmke arrangements for working tlie Iuteinutionul
and Bobbie Burns.
Mr. Peter Limn has completed the
contract to furnish the C.P.R. with
25.000 tiea at the truck side, three
miles east ol Donald.
Where is the Town Scavanger? The
main street of Goldeu presents the appearance of a succession of buclfyiu-.l-,
tilled with all kinds of refuse.
Mr. Morris, manager of the Imperial
Bank. Calgarv, was in town durin.
the early part of the week and took a
drive out to see the lumber camps.
A warning to the youth of Golden-
"Tht social glass is a social danger,
the best aide of the inn ia not the inside, more aie wrecked by grog tnsn
bv fog."
Tlie information that the t.ro*|*��ctor
and investor used tu obtain in Golden
concerning its mineral propetlies whs
ol the re-lie-able type. HappilyAthia
is now changed. "*���/
A rather extensive rock slide occurred iu the Kicking Horse Pass about
three miles east of Goldeu ou Sum.iiy
last. Several tons of rock aud snow
came down and complete!.! enured t he
track for some distance and broke
down the telegraph wires. A large
force of men went to work and had the
traok cleared in a few hours,
������There is a public house
Which everyone can ciose.
It is the little public house
Just below the nose,"
Tough Times. ���Old timer to tenderfoot just arrived- "Yes, you bet I
have seen tough times. I have seen
times so darned tough that I was
obliged to chaw smoking tobacco." -
Mr. Wattelel left on Sunday for his
Bugaboo Creek claims. He has had a
gang of men working there all winter
and on the 1st of June will put on a
force ol 50 men to woik the mines.
"'I he hoy is tbe father of the man
and the girl is the mother of the woman." This is a paradox. The true
reading is the man is the father of the
hoy and the woman is the mother of
the girl.
A typographical error occurs in lhe
advertisement of the East Kootenay
Mining and Development Ci\. wliich
ap|iears in thi* issue. The treasury
stock is 750,000 and not 75,000 us
R. L. Brown, Banff, fireman at the
Sanitarium, leaves shortly for Golden,
lie having been offered the pot itiun of
engineer on one ot the steamers running on the Columbia river. - Alberta
' A copy of the report of the Minister
of Mines for the year eudiim 'list Dec.
I Will, hns come to hand. In our next
issue we will make full reference lo
sume in so far as it deals with East
Victoria, B.C., heads the list a long
way ahead in the total tonnage of sailing and aieam vessels which arrived
at Canadian ports during the yeur ending June 3, 1890. What do you ssy
to tnat you down Easterners.
Some United States Ncinntititr men
have lined out expeditions to determine
where the Indians came from. Possibly a more important question is where
ure tbey goiutt. What do ynu rI.ink
Si'ieiili-rti- We shall l��> glad to ti.nr
your opinion.
Work has a heady t��eu commented
on the new bridge'ivei ibe Ki.ki'g
Horse river. Mr. Blocks. C P R.
bridge foreman l�� in charge of the
work uud with a large gnu--of men,
is pnshiuu the work along rapidly.
There is a considerable demand in
Golden for houses. At the present
time tliere is not u vacant house or
shack in the p'sce ui.d Severn! families
are expected here in a wv short time.
We know of no safer investment that
a capitalist (tail make than build a
number of oonifoitable houses iu Golden for renting purposes. Good rente
are obtainable and the property will
eteadily increase iu value.
From the verv smallest to the moat
important in repairs receive the same
attention from D. L. Bettschen,
Robbie Bnrns wrote more than 100
yeara ago "There's a chiel among ye
takin' notes snd faith he'll print them."
The Golden people ars realising that
fact to-day and sre enquiring "what's
Hon. Edward Blake is rapidly gaining ground smong the public men of
the Imperial   Parliament.     They aro
j coining to the knowledge that Canada
j haa contributed to English public life
' one of tbe greatest of living men.
I Not only is the male population of
. this country flowing over to the Kootc-
j nav, but it seems aa if the ladies' turn
was  coming.     Miss    Bannister,   of
Dnvisburg   is  to  be married to Mr.
Edwards, of Fort Steele, on tbe 7th of
April. - Calgary Herald.
| grTbe west hound trains sre carrying
eat loads of passengers bound for the
| Kootenay country. When the spiing
opvu* up in earnest the C.P.R. will
have difficulty in handling the traffic
without putting on additional trains
between Winnipeg and Revelstoke.
Sometime ago we told our local read-
! er* of the wonderful assay made by an
amateur assayer.   Since then we have
i hi.d several a p).licaticns for assays.
Even Peter haa been bringing his rock
for assay. His former assayer made a
mistake, he asserts, putting in 54 per
| cent of iron instead of gold.   We have
I referred him down town.
j    Several prospecting parties have left
l Golden during the past  few days hav-
! ing lieen   encouraued   to do so by the
(recent   thaw.     The  whole  of  East
> Kootensy will receive auch a thorough
1 prospecting this season as it never received before.     There are hundreds of
gootl   properties that have never been
staked and there are othars thut have
been staked  some yeara ago and been
allowed to lapse owing to the inability
of the prospectors to keep np the necessary   assessment   work.     The  local
prospectors   know   where    the  good
things are and they are making ready
to secure them before the rush of new
men sets in.
A m*HI,IC MEETING of tho chitons nf
(���olden will be held in the Sample I'oom
of the Queen's Hotel, on Turaday evening
A pril Oth, at H o'clock, for the purposo of
electing a Town Committee for the ont
suing year.
D. M. RAE,
Secy, Town Committee. Whs oSolbett ��ro
Plie OOLDEN BRA *t nubUahed every
Saturday morning in time to catch the eatt
aud west mail trains, also the mail for the
; ii,j-ii.i- country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
jt is the only advertising medium in theEeu
- -otenay district.
Suliicription Killos i li'-Oper annum IN
Advertisementi and cliango*. must be in
t in .i.iit'.e not later than 12 a in, on Thursday
11 insure insertion.
All cash to he paid to tlie Manager, from
whom the Company'* receipt will be obtained.
A I /artlsaineut rates made known on appli*
u itioe '.o
Tbe Golden En P��Hli.l��i Coipio),
SATURDAY, APRIL 3,   1897.
What has become of the movement
for obtaining telephonio or telegraphic
communication between Golden and
Von Steele. We bave not heard anything about thie movement for some
time. We should like to know what
the promoters are doing to obtain this
necessity for the district. This is a
mutter that concerua the inhabitants
of the northern portion, ss they are
fairly well satisfied with the telegraphic cotnmun cation they already
posies*. We know a series of meetings
was held at Fort Steele, resolutions
passed and memorials drafted, but be
yc.ud that nothing further appears to
have been done We doubt even if tbe
memorials have lieen sent iu. . Tele
phones or telegraphs or any other public work will never be obtained by suoh
spasmodic efforts aa these. The movement must be kept up in season and
out of eeaaon until the
Government doee construct thia
means of communication. The Dominion Government is too much like the
unjust judge and we must act the part
of the importunate widow if we ars to
obtain thia boon. The widow's claim
was a just one snd so is ours. No
body can dispute this���even our unjust
Judge admits this fact. Then let us
importune until tbe Government like
lhe unjust Judge of old gives way and
concedes our just and lawful rights.
Then don't let us remain inactive and
wait und wait until we become a mere
set of waiters. There must be more
earnestness and activity displayed.
Somo people seem to imagine if a prom*
ise is got from the Government and a
pledge ie given by the sitting member
that is sufficient to accomplish what
is desired. Leave tbem alone-and
when will tbe accomplishment be concluded-a long time bence. We want
our telephone or telegraph now when
it is moat required, and chat speedily
as it is sadly required to aaaist in the
development of our distriot and for the
transaction of business. Our member
-Mr. Bostonk-we understand, is
pledged to do bis utmost to get this
connection between Goldon and Fort
Steele. But even however willing be
may be, lie can do little to obtain the
means of construction unleea booked
up by his constituents. His constituents do not appear to give bim the
necessary backing. It surely cannot
be because they do not desire this telephone. Unmistakably it ie mnch
warned, but tbs want will never be
supplied by pasaing simply mere resolutions snd expressing pious opinions.
The peo,de in Golden will gladly and
willingly render sll assistance, but
this movement is s matter more for
tbe people of Fort Steele, and unless
they take up the matter mors enthusiastically than they appear to bs doing
it will be a long time beforo they ob
tsin telephonio communication with
thu outside world.
Is our editorial coluamns of last week
we mske an appeal to onr readers snd
��ll those wbo sre interested in East
Kootenay to supply the editor of The
Golden Era with full and complete
information aa to the resources of our
District���particularly  mining.     Our
District is uot as well  known as it
should be.   We do not kuow who is to
blame for this fault.   We ahall do our
best to remove it, we therefore renew
our appeal for information.   Strangers
have not been fully made aware of the
great mineral wealth that is iu the
District, and they have been deterred
from coming-in and fi iding out, partly
from the want of acourate and complete information, and partly through
the fault of the people-caused to some
extent from jealously in withholding
information.   An investor would come
into the District prepared to do business if he found matters satisfactory.
He finds out Mr. A, Mr. B and Mr. C
luive good claims to sell.     He   interviews Mr. A and finds that according
to Mr. A's opinion his is tbe only good
claim in tbe Diatrict,   aud thut  the
other two, to quote the classical phrase
are "No Good."     He next interviews
Mr. B and finds that according to his
view, Mr. A's claim is not worth holding, and thai his claim is by far away
the best claim that has been located in
tbe Distriot, and that Mr. Ca claim is
a poor shew.     Mr. Investor next goes
to Mr. C, and finds out according to
C's shewing, that nothing can equal
or excel his claim for satisfactory results, and any person having anything
to do with either Mr. A's or B's claim
would be sure to drop the money.  The
investor does not make any further
enquiries     He has formed two opinions which seem  to  him  conclusive.
First, there is nothing worth  holding
in the Distriot; second, that if  tliere
is, veracity is at such a terrible discount it will be safer for hiin to keep
elear.     All three claims are equally
good, but each of the owners  is so
afraid that his neighbor may get a
deal before him; that he decries his
neighbor's claim iu order to enhance
his own aud get in before his neighbor.
He, however, simply defe its  his own
ende���with the result that nsither he
nor hie neighbor can dispose of tbeir
Happily tbis state of matters is
rapidly becoming a forgotten item iu
tbe past and Mr. A, Mr. B. and Mr. C
now realise the fact that they can help
encb of themselves better by giving
rather than abstaining from giving information even about their neighbors
property. Each now realises if he can
aaaist his neighbor in making a good
deal, he will also assist himself in
making his property to be known as
being situated in a good locality, thereby securing the next best ahance of
making a successful deal. We want
toassistour neighbors who sro our
reading public in making our District
with ita great resources known to the
cntside investing world, by giving ua
full and com plats information aa we
can obtain in our mining, runoiiing,
farming and lumbering industries.
The investor is now coming iu. He
ie finding out our resources, He ie obtaining better information, but he haa
to eome snd seek it. We want to send
our infoamatiou out, spread it far and
wide, eo the inventing public can read
thie information and induce ite mem-
here to come and see the District, its
resources, und ihs wealth we havo It
is above and below ground���It ia growing oo the mountain sides-It is feeding on our benches and prairies���It ie
hid under ground, waiting to be disinterred and brought to light. We
require money to develop the wealth of
our resources aud enritb our Distriot
and its people.
We are hopelul tbat the artiolee we
publish will tend in this direction,
what is required is to make the Disi rict
and its resources known. Out roadere
and our friende are invited to assist us
in procuring and sending to us accurate
data concerning the District and its
resources, which we will utiliee and
genersliss in our special artioles. In
eo helping ue in our efforts they are
individually helping themselves not
only to increase their own material
prosperity but Uso the material prosperity of bis neighbor and of the whole
commnnity in onr District.
< ���
Tub Toronto Globe has enunciated a
railway policy which is worthy of consideration. It is not altogether advere
to the C. P. R. building the railway
through the Pass. Neither is it adverse
to the Dominion giving fair and reasonable aid, but it insists that, that
company shall surrender its monoply
in Western Canada and make substantial concessions, if the company will
not agree to the conditions then no
more grants of any kind to the C.P.R.
The conditions to be imposed are:
(1) The surrender of the provision
in the C. P. R. charter which pi-events
regulrtion of the rates.
(2) Control of thn coal lands if built
under the oharter of the British Columbia Soutborn.
(ii) Maximum fixtn rates for carriage of wheat, stock, coal and other
staples of British Columbia, Manitoba
and tlie Territories.
(4) Approval by the Governor-General in Council of the construction
(5) Absolute reservation of control
[-through the Puss and running powers
for other railways.
(II) Regulatiou of local and through
charges throughout Canada by a
national railway commission.
The Toronto World goes further and
maintains there are three things which
the Government of Canada should do:
(1) Veto the Provincial Act giving
the Crow's Nest coul to the B. C.
(2) Seize the Crow's Nest Pass under the right of eminent domain and
prevent the C. P. R. from going
(3) Repeal the clause in the C.P.R's
Act which allows it lo build iu any
This discussion may be very fine and
highly academic but it is not going to
assist in building the railway. The
people of East Kootenay want thia
railway baiit and we believe are willing that a fair price should he paid to
get it and are not too particular who
builds it or contracts it so long as they
are assured of fair treatment iu the
matter of rates.
a ���
.Ur. Pellew Harvey, F.(~.S.,on the Bast
Kootenay Mining Intlu.try.
W. Pellew Harvey. F.C.S , mining
engineer, of Vancouver, B.C., wbo has
just returned From a four mouths'
visit to England, whither he weut to
reiort on gold mining properties passed through Winnipeg last week and
was interviewed by the Free Press ol
that city. Mr. Harvey is a man of
wide experience and undoubted ability,
having spent seven years iu British
Columbia as an expert for several of
the lamest corporations operating
there Iu the course of that interview-
Mr. Harvey referred to the high grade
ore that existed in East Kootenay and
instanced tbe great North Star mine,
with au ore yielding 45 to 50 per cent
lead, and from 45 to 50 ounces ol silver per ton. This ore is almost self-
fluxing. He then referred to the copper and the coal deposits qf the Crow's
Nest Pass, also coal oil. He bad made
a number of assays of this coal and
was in a position to say that it is as
good as any in Canada and far above
the average. ���
When asked about the general feeling among capitalists iu England concerning Canadian miues, he replied
lhat in meeting mining men ol influence in England and Scotland a great
interest waa evideut in tbeir desire for
knowledge. They will, however, act
very carefully, tbe experience which
they gained in Africa and Ausiraliu
having cost them dear and will greatly
effect the investments in Canada, He
hail been commissioned by London
people to investigate the deposits of
copper lately found near Kamloops
chiefly on account of the prumiaiug
returns which were received from
Welsh and Liverpool smelters, after
treating ton lots of ore which be took
over for^tliat purpose. The ore is
sasily m.tphl without any additional
We have similar ore in East Kootenay which has also been treated by
Welsh smelters. Our mineral wealth
in British Columbia ie inure abundant,
mote diversified, and richer than that
uf South Africa or Australia. All that
we require for success is tbe confidence
of capitalists.
TENDERS ore called for the following vis:
1 Building extension to General Word and
New Operating Room, also sundry alteration*.
2 Fencing Hospital Grounds, labor only.
Separate Tenders,
Tenders to be in the hand* of tha secretary
by noon, Wednesday April 7th.
For plans and specifications apply to the
Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.     ,
By urder of the Works Committee.
3J-2t Secretary Hospital Society.
TENDERS will lie received by the undersigned up to Apr-20th. IW7. for the pur
chase of all these parcels of lend, situate in
Eoat Kootenay District, known a* lots thirty
(DO), thirty-one (81). thirty-two (��2i and
thirty three IHU), in Mock seventeen (17),
Subdivision of section twelve (12), township
twruty-seven (27), range twenty-two (22).
west of the filth principal meridian, iu the
province of Hritish Columbia, according to
a map, or plau, deposited in the Lund Keg
istry Office at Victoria, B, C, numbered
East, West, North, South.
Ton need not go either direction to get Perfect-Fitting.
Well-Hade, and Durable
Ye people of Golden, and Donald too,
Your Tailor has come, hi* name is Frank
He can cut and fit with the best in the land,
And makes up a garment with hi* own hand
In England he cut for house* of fame.
Such a* Hobson'* of London, who hear* a
[great name i
And in Canada too, Just let me say
He wa* cutter for the great Hudson's Bay.
cleaning, and altering too,
iiiroughlyd     ' -*"   "
tour hundred um][sixty-nine.
��� I he highest or any ten'
 ��� , tender not necessar
ily accepted
Dated March llth, 1897.
47 Langley St., Victoria,
Solicitor for the Mortgagee*.
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend tt
apply sixty days after date to the Comniiss
ioner of Lands and Works for the District
of East Kootenay, for permission to pur
chase -lit) acres ol imsiirveyed, unoccupiet
antl unreserved Crown Lands, descrilied a.
follows i Commencing ni a post pluntet
on the east hank' of the Coliiniliia rivet
about li cliiiius smith of Spilliuniiclieei
steamer landing; thence east 20 chains
thence north HO chains, thence west to tin
Columbia river say UO chains and thenci
following the Columbia river south to tin
poiut ot commence!limit.
Dated, Galena, B. C, 20th March. I8D7.
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate in tbe Gold
en Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located Spilliiniicheen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner',
certificate No. 41117, intend, sixty duy.
from tlie date lierebt, to apply to the Gol
Commissionec fora certificate of improve
ments, for tbe purpose of obtaining i
Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice, thnt adverse cbtinn
must he sent to the Gold Commissione
an action commenced before tlieissuanci
nf such certificate of improvements.
Dated thi* 10th day of June, l����,
.Fun**. McRae,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
TUTtMII fata, ���I I ���
Notice to Taxpayers
Assessment Aet and Provineia
Revenue Tax.
Northern Division or East Kootenav District.
NOTICE I* hereby given in accordance
witb the Statute* that I'rovincial Revenue Tax and all taxe* levied under the As
sessment Actare nowdue for tlie year I8H7.
All of the above named taxes collectable
within the Northern Division ofEastKoole
nay District are payable at my office, the
Court Hnnse, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at the following rales, via t���
If paid on or before June 80th 1��97:
Three-filths of one per cent on Real Property.
Two and one-half per cent on ossessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent ou personal pro-
On so much of the Incomes of any person as
exceed* one thousand dollar* the following
rate* namelyi- I'pun such exces* of im-miie
when the sum ia not more than ten thousand
dollar*, one por rent; when such excess Is
over ten thousand dollar* and not more than
twenty thousand dollar* one and one-quarter
of one per cent; when such excess I* over
twenty thousand dollar*, one ami one half of
one per cent.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1S97
Four-fifths of one per rent on Real property
Three per cent on the assessed value of
wild land.
Three-fourths of one per ceut on Personal
On so much of the Incomes of any person a*
exceed* one thn.uand dollar* the following
rates namelyt���l'pon such exces* when the
same I* not more than ten ahousand dollar*,
one and one-quarter of one per cent) when
such excess is over tea thousand dollars nml
not more than twenty thousand dollar*, one
and one-halt of one per cent! when such excess I* over twenty thousand dollar* one and
three-quarters of one per cent.
Provincial RavenueTax sUO-l per capita.
i\ C. LANG.
Assessor and Collector,
Golden, January Snd, 1897.
y done by -lissanie Frank
Both Lailies'and Gentlemen'* clothe* let me
i [state,
Will be workmanlike done, and quite up to
Now let me solicit your work. oM and new,
A nd put tu the test, your tailor, Frank Pugh i
His charges you'll find Will be all right
And the work when completed, "Just oat
[of sight."
"Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
���Golden, B.C.    '
(L't'd Ly.)
Ofiles Alexander Block, Upstair*,
(.OIjDF.N. B.C.
Mines Leased, Bonded, Bought, Developed
aud Operated.
Correspondence from Owners nf Mining I'ropertio* and Parties becking
Mining Investments solicited.
Vholesale and Retail Drug-gist
between Winnipeg: and
the Coast. ���
Wail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
WATCH  .  .  .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done In
> the best style of the trade wiih the
least possible delay.    Mall and express order* receive prompt attention.
john McMillan,
Walchnaker ��rj Jeweller - CtMei, 1.1.
(Opposite tbe Columbia House.)
Agent for the Canadian Smelling _
Assaying Work*.
Assays, Test* and Smelting of Ore*
with the greatest expedition and scientific i.ccurscy.
tailor write for further information.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tbs
admission of patients.
'1'ICKETS.may be had from tbe under-
signed or any member of tbs
PRICE-Ten Dollars per yesr or Sll
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Church Irvlees.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Peul'e Churob
at 7:30 o'olock.
Methodist service will be held in the
school . houes to-morrow evening
at 7:80 o'clock.
Service will bs conducted In ths
Presbyterian Church by Rev. T. 8.
Glassford, B.A., to-morrow morning
st 10   o'clock. Vi
petulled Infonnutlon UeneernlngEuw
1 Kaotenuy's  Sebool*.
Tbe Twenty-fifth annual report by
tbe Superintendent of Education on the
Public Schools of the Province of British Columbia for ibe year 1895*96 has
just been issued. It is a voluminous
report and covers 140 pages of printed
matter and is most minute in its details. There are two assisted schools
in East Kootenay, -Field aud Fort
Steee. The special reports on our rural
schools ss they are classified iu the
report are aa follows i
Teacher, John J. Miller, B;Sc, until
June 30th. WM', present teacher Thos.
J. Barron, B, A; salary |60 per month.
Examined, February 4th and 6th, 189(1;
present, 15 boys,, 15 girls, total 111.
Enrolled during the year, 21 boys, 24
girls, total 45. Average monthly attendance, liii. Average actual daily
attendance, 28.04. Expenditure, (760.
At examination held February. 4th and
Sib,. 1(196, Miee Eveleen B. Hobbs, a
pupil of this school, passed the standard require-* tor admission' to a High
j ���    . "'�� FIBIjD.     -"       ,,
Teacher, Jonathan G. Hands, salary
160 per month.' Inspected, Feb. 3rd,
1896; present 4 boys, 3 girls, total 7.
Enrolled during the year, 6 boys, 9
girls; total 15... Average monthly attendance, 11, Average actual daily
attendance 9.39.   Expenditure, 17(10.
' FOgT STEELE, i - '<���'
Teacher, Miss A. in. Bailey, salary
$70 per month, Examined June _4t.h
and 25th, 189(1. Enrolled during the
year, 10 boys, 8 gills; total 18. Average monthly attendance, 18. Average
actual daily attendance, 11.51. Expenditure $880. At' special examination
held June 24th and 25th, 1896, Mnater
Herbert S. Clarke, a pupil of this
school, obtained tlie percentage required for admission to a Higli School. At
present tliere are 29 pupils enrolled,
and for two months during the present
school-year au average actual daily attendance of .'over 22'has been maintained.
Teacher, Miss S. Preston until June
SOtn, 1896; present teacher, Miss C.
McMillan, salary 160 per month. Examined February, 3rd snd 4th, 1896;
present 10 boys, 18 girls; total 28. Enrolled during tbe year,. 20 boys, 26
girls, total 48. Average monthly attendance 88. Average actual daily
attendance, 26.69. Expenditure $7(10.
At examination held February 3rd and
4th,' 1886, Miss Winnifred Armstrong,
a pupil of this school, obtained the
[ percentage required for admission to a
High School.
,,���    WINPEB1I!-!-]-.
There is no report of this, school as
It has now been closed. We hope it
shall be opened again soon.
The report then deal* witb the abstract of studies, etc.,  pursued in tbe
public  schools for the year and as we
nad the long list uf studies we cannot
. help  giving a sigh of  relief that our
school days are over when we contemplate  such a list of  primers, readers,
writing, s|ielling, mental  arithmetic,
1 written   arithmetic, geography, English grammar, Canadian history,' English   history,   composition   and letter
.writing,   anatomy,    physiology  and
Jhvgiene, music,-drawing, needlework,..
1 calisthenics; book keeping, temperance,
' ���(this subject seem* to he onlv taught
i in Donald and Goldenj we hope it will
I bear good  fruits) -mensuration, alge-
I bra and geometry.
Then we have information as lo th'
I trustees  during   the years   18i)ii !)il.
Which tens fellows:
Donald- F. E. Hobbs, Sec., J. M*ck
' and J. McLeod.
Field- H. C. Killeen.Sec., A.Marsh,
Fort Steele- R. L. T. Galbralth.Suo.
|H Barnes, R D. Mathers.
Golden ���J. VV. Cornier, Sao., Rd.
^ Love, W. L|, Houston,    -     7
Nest follows information aa to the
iexpenditure (or education proper during
the yeur 1895*96 aud the schools stand
as follows:
Donald-Teachers' salaries $720.cost
iper  pupil,   based  on  average actual
daily attendance 127 10.
' Field   Teachers' salaries f 720. cost
per pupil 180.93.
Fort Steele Teachers' salaries $840,
cost per pupil 910 45.
Golden���Teachers' salaries |720,cost
per pupil 128.47.
Next conies information on the de
scription, size, condition and estimated
value of school property as follows:
Donald Pnblifl building20ft.x')4ft.,
wood, valued at $1,450.
Field���Private building, wood, valued at 120.
Fort Steele- Private building, wood,
valued at $20.
Golden���Public building, wood, 20ft
x 30ft., valued at $1,200.
Bnt this does not exhaust all the information, there Is more interesting
information to follow, especially,to the
teachers, parents and pupils. We
ascertain from the report that among
the list of successful candidates lor entrance to a high school who passed the
���pecikl examinations during the past
year are names of Miss E.-eleen B.
Hobbs from Donald, Mr. Herbert S.
Clarke from Fort Steele, and Miss
Winifred Armstrong from Golden.
This is most creditable to our district,
when we consider that out of the
whole Province there were 4S5 applicants and onlv 263 passed, We have
seen the examination papers and we
can truthfully say if we had lieen cun-
didates, in all probability, our name
would not have appeared in the honor
Then We have thn Provincial Honor
Roll for 18115-91. These rolls of hotter,
are presented at tho close of ihe school
year to the three pupils of each school
who ar. accredited by their teacher
with first rank in (a) Department, (b)
Punctuality: and Regularity, (o) Proficiency.   No pupil shall be eligible to
The llcve.iuoiii.il Expenditure In Bust
oo enay.
The total exponditurecinnes io 81,701,. | Under'the head of education there is
309.33, but frum which falls to be expended in the District the sum of
deducted 811,585.72 placed to tne sink- ii.238 for salaries and graiits for inel-
ing fund for extinguishing the Proviu-1 dental expenses, 'Under the head of
cial debt innkes llie net expeuditi.ro as I transport- fo'r'ohnrges'-oh rentiitnnces,
We have rectived a copy of the pub-' (tute,| at 1,614,1123.(12. dollars, i be >nd the travelling expenses of officers
lie accounts of the Province, prepared direct revenue derived from East/' on dM.tJ* there-is, expended 2,7r9 dollars. ���
by the Auditor General, extending from'Xootenay district is stated ut 17,U3K,*; Tlie..rw,on.ue service .for travelling.ex-
July 1st 1895 tp June 30th Mid. The -jo -r,|le j,K|j,.out -avenue we have not'I peu-ies in the district opsin. lU.��^4p|.
nccoiiuts cover 17�� pages. We have ij^,, a|,-e t0 uncertain, the direct rev- ll-.*'*. Under the head of. .jiubljc wor"--*
gone over the same and huve extracted enuu js Mg f0||ows ; I there is   expended   on repairs to Gov
therefrom the items of income und ex
peuditiiie relating to our District, so
that our readers may have an oppur.
tuuity of seeing whether their ret-emie
which they contribute is properly and
wisely spent. The province's net revenue is placed at $989,7115 22, and its
net expenditure at $l,u'14.7j.,l.iij., uut a
very henlib.y state of mutters, The
revenue is derived from (I) Payments
made by the Dominion G-jvei'iiiupiit,
including interest, subsidy and grunt
to the extent of $242.(18(1 4'i. (-) Sales
of liiuii, timber, and rents yield $130,
716.42, (3) Certificates and Licenses
bring-in $178,9011,43. (4) Taxes of various kind* fetch $279. Il'l'.i'ii. (*>'The
Chineso .tux comes to 17,2(0 dollars.
There has been a considerable falling
of iu this tax, one yonr it. yi.ilded 40.-
000 dollars.     Then there an* other re-
Lund sales	
Liud revenue	
Free Mi era' Cert illumes.
I Miiiillr- Receipts, general,
I Ijicimi., a	
. Fins. ',..
Ijiiu stamps 	
i Registry feos	
Sale uf Gni-ei-iiiiiinii prop.
Marriage licenses
i.4 KU
82 0U
5 0U
75 UU
Revenue tax       2.6ul 00
R ml properly tax.
I'ei'soiiul properly tax,,
Wild luud lax.	
Income tux	
UeitiiliiiiKi'ineiits in aid.
.Miscellaneous receipt-. .,
Total   $I7.!);I8 02
The expenditure in E-tst IC lotenny is
Mining and Development Co.,
2158 TfvotiHuelH buildings (dollars) 249.88: on
',-*-) l(* fiirniiui-e.-for- the Government offices
���' ������  i' On i '"''���'"������"K " type, writer (dollars)234.40 ' i
"ti')' -'u On i-epiiil's to Public Schools inolndtng.-
v isii Tm !"'"'��� --''oving of  the  school   house'at i'
"12 K-,'G.dd.ii (dollars)   860.87.   : - Onr. ttMds," '
surutr,   bridges   and   trails (dollars)
.'i.99i,4.i. On surveys (dodiars) 625.93 r
making in nil (dollars) 17,368.51iki.-.   ���' '
Cuiler  the  bead  of miscellaneous  "
there  is expended on advertising be- ���'
tiviteti ihe Golden  Eh a and the Foil. .
Steele Pios|iector (dollars) 274.65 not  ���
a very great sum,while stationery sud   '
postage shout (dollars) 271.78.     Etui I
and   Unlit   for the Government offices ii
cost   (dollars)  149.82.     For the tele-' '
phone  service at Golden 10 dollait* is '���
given   and  there ia expended for obtaining   kuiicnltural   statistics ih the''
District 213 dollars.     The remaining
two  items  affecting  the district are
payments of the burial expenses of un- --.
known   and  indigent persons In Ensyi.
Kootenay amounting to 86 dollurs.aiul
payment of 100 dollars for preparing
1.915 22
5.1 il (17
1.-J2U 8i'l
II 00
74 50
27 75 r
(Limited Liability)
luUiiiilie. Capital Sloe, l.oao.oao Shares ol par value ol Jl.oi each,   Treasury Slock ZS.ooo Shares..
map u( portion of^Easr Kootenay Dis-
tri.iC.-Wa sbouldiike to' se* 'a cony of
this vinfsp, wbleb7 relates to the aW^-
em end of the District, �����tliiJt*e
mav have an opportunity of tgrutbiing
whether this payment has bsen.iwisely
made, sieitig that it.is a payment to a
private iodividnoi. A ;i v r'.'~-~r-r~r.
: ��� -���*;���
A purely Local Mining* ���''ompany formed for tlie purpose of developing- propertiesin East
Kooreiiuy, the ricliest part of British Columbia.
The management of Hie 'U.mpnny is in the hands of men who are right on the spot and
who are in a position to .ecure on behalf of the Company the liest available properties.
The Company has now under bond two claims on
Perry Creek, carrying free millingore, som-j of which
has assayed as high as $300 to the ton in gold.
The Cojnpnny also hold under bond three valuable claims on Bull River, assays from the
surface of which have shewn returns of 34 oz. silver, 70 per cent lead ai.d !i?i.o0 in
gqkjper ton.
Active work will be commenced at once on these properties.
An experienced prospector has been engaged to locate claims fer the Cr mpany in the
Fort .Steele country.
Several thousand shares of stock were disposed of before the shares were publicly offered
for sale,
The first bjock of 100,000 treasury shares now offered to the public at
Forms of application for stock prospectus and full information inay be obtained from
rreal-lvut, <>ol(len. Secretary,(.'olilin.
up A LEX. J|p^UKEIV. TYoiwuri-r, Calgary.
llmi kr s i   linn k of Mont real, Calgury.
any of these honors unless he has been
iu attendance for mure than hrlf the
number of days the school was in ses
ceipls mainly of a miscellaneous nature
which make up the balance of revenue.
Two  items  attract  our  attention
triioti, and only one svvai-d can be made   Money found   on   dead bodies $.'13.07,
lo the siiine pupil. I|i pu case can
more ihuii three awards be made to the
pupils of any ncboU. Should their be
a difficulty in deciding -between two ur
'more pupils, the teacher must take into consideration other points qf merit
ill order toiloieriniiie to wliutti the Roll
of Honor shall bu pre*pj||tt*d. The pupils accredited by their teachers with
first rank are as follows:
Donald (a)Duhoruh Evelyn Forrest,
(b) Joseph Tweed Siiaw, (u) Evelju
lilanche Hobbs.
Field (u) Francis Gleichen Murphy,
(b) Currie Marsh, (c) David Iuuhi-s.
Fori Steele - (a) May Jriiuiu.s, (h)
Herbert Chirk.
Gulden (u) Mary Connor, (h) Aubrey Harrison, (is) Winifred Armstrong.
All intelligent effort in advertising
haa a theory behind it lhat directs mid
molds it. -
33,699.41 and is ns follows: Under
the head of administration of justice,
police rind (.-arils iln-re is expended on
salaries lo the Gold Commissioner,
Stipendiary Mugistiuti-s at Fort Steele
inni Ituiialil. Constables, Remitter* nud
Collet-tors at If>im.I.l. liolden, Full.
Steele and Wind. nine, nnd (iaolur at
Douiild 7,741 dnl'iiiM, Ti.e ailiuiiiia*
��� ration of justice itself iu the District
for the pnst year amount! iu 1.254..'IU
��� nd this Hum is ex'-euded un fullows :
money confiscated from gumblca $'1.20.
Turniiig to onr  expetidilure we liud
that   the   interest   on utir pub ic debt
and fie sinking Iiinil   tlieiefor absorb
$283,484.44.     The salaries u' the t.ffi-
ciuls iu conneetion with onr civil gov-
eriimeut amount to $152,472,55. The
' adniinisiration   of  Justice   costs the
Province $188,710.87. Ou sulnrles
j alone $131,795.13 are .-.|iciit. Legislation is carried through for $30,884.14.
, 'Che maiiiteiiHiiCe ol the public iiislilu-
I lions takes $43,641.02. .  On hospitals
antl charities are expended $44,842.5)1.
Tne education of the Province ia $214,-
IlliO 112.     Transpitirt, renr and levtmiie Takinu   Iuh-m-h   ie   pastui-e
i services come to $26,051.(11.    On pub-      aud herding
lie works, including new Parliament
, Building* at Victoria and the Govern-
I ment House there are  expended $611,*
85(1.43.      Miscellaneous ex|ieiii|ituro is
placed at $114,436.86.  - This include-.
advertising,   stationery,  postage, eto .
and public health department, revising I of a resident
of ��tatutes,destruction of wild animals' 800 dollars.
Witnesses exiienses
Interi relers fees	
j Keep of prisoners	
j Rent of Govt. ollices 	
Special CoiiKliibl. h	
Transport uf .--ji.ki-.IiI. h and
It. Sliorny Co. of Montreal, are Takinja
I'roinpt Mesrar**- to enable .��h��'-,;.
aiekder.orThis Paper jo get    ���''���-
''���.  Wllat TJiey ss|__W_'.''':~.'''','|.'''-4
We will send free'of charge to any
lady or gentleman one of the following ...
useful uud valuable articles:
A desk tablet in leatherette with lead   ',
pencil, calender nnd adjustable writiii-!
block, elegantly stamped in gold.      , .".'
A leather pocket match case ��� tffli
brass htriker.
A 1 tO page alligator leather memo-'
random book, gilt edged and ruled. ,
A leather and celluloid cigar case,'.
with calender, very compact.
Au elegant canvas covered pocliot'
wallet, bound in red leather, with
iiii-moi-iidum book. '
As a compensation we only isV. ..f. ,'
you ate a resident of a town or village '���'
containing the number of iiiliabit-iiit.s'
iiiMitioned below; to send tbe iiaiiici("of ''
merchauis who deal iu clothing or Dry*.
Goods   nad   from   whom,   you   have
inquired     for     and     are   "una,bje-.*
to obtain Shorey's make of clotliiin,- &.|
Rigby Waterproof Clotli or Clotiirng.j ���
From' a village or town 'of 50U to ,','
12(0 inhabitants send 2 names.
From a village or town of 1200 , to!
IlllO inlinbitaiits send .') names,' , '
From a village or to.wn  of t/pofj* or '\
over inhabitants send 4 nanu~s.    ,.'
Our reason for making this  olfer   ia. '
that as n   consequence of   ijiakiW ii, ,,
Hit|S'rior class 6f clo'th|pg' 4 Wfyjuta   ,
has lieen created for otirgboils, lindj't
bus heen claimed that it was sometimes'...'
impossible for people to get  bun piake i,
Irom tbeir dealers who probably could
muke more profit by selling an itiffi-iot-
cIhsk of goods.     We wish to iiiyesti- .
gatu the matter and intend  nrninging
t bat everyone shall be able' to obtnlii ,.*
Sliotev's Guaranteed Cloihingi ho ma);-'.,
ter in bow obscure or out-pf-tbe-way';^
place I hey may reside.'    ...,,.
As we are, receiving a number,Jf-\
names of merchants who are already
our customers and who keep onr goods
we wish it distinctly understood that
the conditions aru. 'that you must inquire for and find out that our goods
are not kept in stock by any, -merchant
whose name you aend us.       , ..,,
H. SH01..KY A CO., Montreal". ,'.r
Wholesale Clothiereand Dcalei%
iu Rigby  Wutciproof Gl0tlii.i{-i.i>
nird Cloth;:iq
**������l:l ���' I lids ,jjui
Some   of  the so-called minlnc com- "'
panics recently formed  in Hritish Col- H
ii)nhia   are  making up in gull  Wliiifc''-
they lack in capital and ability; -  dii'i*" -
41!} 74  concern, launched by a plibtogritphl!!*,'*1';
57 50' u hotel   man apd a wood btitc'h'er,"liii--"���'������
4III 75 r vertises   itself  in tha^B.^.Qaiietfe it*''"
I proposing to go  in 'for biiiliUfl-i rtill't""
310 Oil  ways,    telegraphs,     telephones, '(jd"*"*1
works,    smellists; ���   m,ills, '"fnttdfiSl;-1'-'1
35 2b steam  and  Aailirtg    v��(f4iel-." ckiriflW,*-'-5-
 1 wharves, piers; and'-for 'Ijarrjllfg. Wfu
.. $1,254 80, "all kinds of ebh.mercfal ~b_s'lri��*ii. Cjr*-("'
hospitals anil Copt   banking  ftiid -fiisin-util-sfe."' '*l"lifil-'-"i
Total   ....
Under   the   head   of
charities   the   Ji.sirtct   1'eeeivi-i*. 2.MJO company Will ���v'il&htfy'rjnt^-.r's-'l^'rnW-''-
dolltirs, which   is   ill. nled us follows: full, -.mrticularfy if ~its- ���|Ntni��c)r-l;v-�� 'jji-Si?-'*
Golden  Hobpitul  *.',U10 dollars; in aid inoters intend t.i triii-i-y 6n tiieirjii-fSeiri'--'
physician at Fort Steelo businesses    on     the   sidu.---Calgury-"'
.   I Herald. ** An Engineer's Story.
Mr. Wan Taylor, of Xsntvill*. Attacked with
Kidney Trouble ..So-Called Curs* proved
UmI.U, but Dr. Williams' Flak Pills So-
stored His Health.
From the Kentville Advertiser.
There are verv few employments
more trying to the health than that of
a railway engineer. The hours of labor
are frequently long, meals irregular,
and rest and sleep hurriedly snatched
"between ruus." One of the troubles
which viry frequently attaok railway
trainmen is kidney disease, which up
to a lata period has been looked upon
as a disease difficult, if not impossible.
to totally oure. Although there exist
numerous remedies claimed to be cures,
the truth is that nothing had been
found to successfully oope with this
terrible diseass until the advent of the
now world-famed Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. Chancing to hear one day that
Mr. Wm. Taylor, a resident of this
town, had been cured of kidney trouble
through the agency of Dr Williams'
Pink Pills, a reporter called upon him
at his home to hear from him personally what he thought of his cure.  Mr
Taylor is an engineer on the Dominion
Atlantic Railway, his run being between Halifax and Kentville, and he is
one of the most popular drivers on the
road. When asked by the reporter
concerning concerning his illness he
said * '-It was in the spring of 189S
that I. had a severe attaok of kidney
trouble,brought or. by continuous running on the rosd, and I suppose it is
caused by the oscillation of the locomotive. It affected rae but slightly at
first, but gradually grew, worse. I
consulted a doctor and then tried two
or three varieties of so-called cures.
Borne helped rae for a time, but after
atopping the uee of them I grew worse
than ever. I had noticed numerous
testimonials in the papers concerning
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and reading
of one cure that was almost identical
with my own I decided to give them a
trial, and purchased four boxes at a
cost ot $2. But it was $2 well spent
for I was completely cured by the use
of tbe pills, and have not been troubled
with my kidneys since. I can therefore recommend thorn to others slmi-
lary afflicted.
The experience of yeara has proved
thst there ie absolutely no disease due
to a vitiated condition of the blood or
shattered nerves, that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills will not promptly cure, and
those who sre suffering from such
troubles would avoid much misery and
ssve money by promptly resorting to
this treatment. Get the genuine Pink
Pills every time and do not be persuaded to take an Imitation or some other
other remedy from s dealer, who for
tbe saks of the extra profit to himself,
may ssy is "just ss good." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills curs when other
medicines fail.
The Mining Cms*.
It's mines, mines, mines I It's money
money, money I It's a shaft here, an
Incline there, a tunnel, a crosscut, a
drift, stopping, drilling, hoisting,
pumping, sorting, hauling, concentrating, shipping, sampling, sn-elting. A
welt-defined vein between cyanite and
porphyry, galena carrying silver, pyritic quarts with free gold, hematite,
blende, magnetite, chalcooite, siibnite,
roslasbits, sssseturlte and all the other
(tee snd bites till you can't rest. One
can't meet a man���and I doubt if a
woman or child���but has smsll samples of ore tn bts pocket and a half ton
more at home, from one or a group of
claims in which hs is interested or
owns; to go into any store, butcher
shop, lawyer's or insurance office,
laundry or any place, even a chnrch,
and not find some kind of mineralized
���rock lying about, would be a dead sure
sign thst thst place wss either haunt-
0. or boc-oo*4.
I am   jes,' an ol' prospector, tramp the
mountain* every day.
An' it isnt' very often that 1 make a preachiu'
say j
But I've hoord these minin' experts singin'
scientilic stutT.
Till I'm gettin' sort o' weary o' their hltalut-
iu' bluff.
1 hold that book* an' science, ner yer yeller-
legged man.
Never found two modern wonder*, sich a*
Kossland and Slocan t
Uut that every payin' prospect in the hilly
west was struck
Hy common sense an' judgment, an' by
As I snid at the boglnnin', it Is senium that 1
An11 never tool with language onto'ordinary
But when science gets a-trauipin' on the toes
o' common sense,
Then its time to show your hand agin' to the
scientilic gouts,
I may never make u v-innin' with the shovel
an' the pick.
But you'll always nnd me tryin' nn' ukoopin'
up my lick;
An' so if I should happen on the white ' or
yeliow truck,
I will give the bulk o' credit to my
���Nelson Tribune
The man who penned these lines evi
dently entertains a somewhat similar
opinion of experts as did a certain
judge, who, in commenting upon the
testimony of expert witnesses examined before him him, said : that he had
met with three different kind of witnesses, viz: liars, d��� liars, and experts.
a m
At Eighty Years of Age One Box of Dr. Agnew's Oatarrh.il Powder Cures a Case of
Fifty Years' Standing���It Believes Cold*
nnd Catarrh in Thirty Minutes,
George Lewis of Shamokin, Pa., writes : "1
am eighty years of 14,0. lhave teen troubled
with catarrh fur titty years, and in my time
have used a great many catarrh cures, but
never htitl any relief until I used Dr. Agnew's
CaturrhaH-awler.    One box rural nte com-
pletely, and it give* me great pleasure to
recommend it to all  sintering frum this
malady,"   Sold by C. A. Warren.
The grade of teaching in Golden is
too high for the common understanding. Crossing the bridge we overheard
a little prattler say, "Mammn,inamina
where ia that man going with that
materialised evaporation."' "Hush
chila it is only fresh snew to put on
the track so that tbe sleighs may run
a ���
Unable  to  Attend to Her. Daily Duties���
And a Great Sufferer from Heart Trouble
���Induced to Try Dr. Agnew's Cure for
the Heart, and it Proved a  Wonder
These are the word* of Mrs. W. T. Handle
of Dundalk, Ont. t  " I was a great sufferer
with severe pain in the region of my heart.
For a timo 1 was quite unable to attend to my
household duties.    1 wa* induced to try Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Heart, and I must say
the result was wonderful.  The pain immediately left me, and after the firit day I have
had no pain or trouble since."  Sold by C. A.
���1 ���
21 meals for $4 at the Criterion, H.
J. Starforth, prop.
*$u��ine0* ����**&�����
to homs co-roaT and success
is cajmsd at tub ess or
Notary Public, Conveyance**, Etc.
Office ���
Alexander Block,        ��� Golden, B. C
Representing t
The Alberta & Kootenay Development Co.
Thc East Kootenay Mining and Development Co., Etc., Etc.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
D.L.8. _ P.L.S, for B.C.   DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuntor.etc, CALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JBPIIMIS, D.L,S.,P.L.S. of B.C. -Out.
CaijUanv, Alba.
Mining Broker,
Financial Agent,
Notary Public
Conducted in all it* branches by
W.    PELLEW-HARVEY,   f.c.s.
(M.N. Eng. inst. M.&M.E,)
Samples tested up to 300 lbs.   Certificate*
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Undertakers and
���  .  Embalmers,   .
Calgary Alba
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, one ot their
Illustrated  Catalogues  and    Price
Lists to  any person, sending them
their address.
The  Neilson    Furniture  Co.,
Calgary, Alberta.
Wholesale aad Retail
3 U TC H E RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
These wonderful Dyes save thouitntt* of
dollars annually to happy bonies in Canada.
At this icason, pld, faded and *olleddntsMi,
capes, jackets, and men*' and boys' suit* cr.n
be re-dyed, and mad* to look as well a* pew,
at a cost of ten cents.
Diamond Dyes are the easiest ti�� um | they
ore the brighter t, strongest and most durable.
sAsk tot tbe "Diamond"! refute all other*
Direction Book and samples ttf teltred tlotk
fret, address
Wslls & RichahpsonCo., Mon'MalF, Q.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer!
The beat Beer in Canada is made by tbe
Calgary  Brewing ft Malting
Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturer* of Beer, Ale and Soda Water.
Insist on getting Calgary Beer every time.
They all have it.
The Company's agent for East Kootenay I*
H. G. Parson,
CSaldea, 1I.C.
it     -
or is it
going, but
be relied
on for correct time.
Watch repairing is
a prime
with us.
All work
Watchmaker & Jeweller.
��� *,P ft __J_J__I. .LftJP ���*_* ���_*$ 9 9.
"��� ��e_8��������8-6���_s�� .��.mi.��min
Upper Coluqlia NaVigatioq &TrarqWay Co.,
���    s    ���    aad    ���    s    ���
Irjtonptional Traqsportatioq Gorqparjy.
TIME    TABLE,    1897.
,\ GoLnniN-Fort Steele route-UntH opening of Navigation, Stage will
leave Golden' every Tuesday, t, p.'m��� arriving In Fort Steele Saturday
morning,      ( *
Leave* Fort Steele every Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, Steamer* will leave Golden 4, a. m��� Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adela and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons. \
Leave Fort Steelo Tuesday and Friday mornings and arrive st Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternnoii*.
Kurt Steele aad Jenalagu Beat*.
Navigation expected to open loth April.  After 1st May bests win leave
daily (except Sundayj.
Goblen Ist March.
...       *i
i.iiiii a oo *>a aaoaaooooaoa oooo oo a a a a aa aa aa ���"��� a aa
F. P. Armstrong:,
|uo��s mc-i(b- nTiMlmn oooIm ane -Luul
Boos OS I-ATsa-tsoatftM. AMiem
Ht preMwsr* Uur term*
Job    Depetrtmer|t
���io:��� OF ��� .a���
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop, i
Manufacturer* ol Sash, Door*, Mouldings, Tamed and Saws Balusters,
Newel Pests, Hand Rails and Brackets.  All sloes of glass is stock.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon a* possible,  j* U .lies of Pipe Fitting and Bros* goods en hand.
Wagon repair, Pole*, Shaft*, Axle*, Spoke* and Felloes. Hickory ssi
Maple Plank, r
Southern East Kootenay has been
only partly prospected, and that in
only the more easily accessible sections
A number of very prominent properties
|have been located, aome indicating
enormous richness. Prospectors who
have been in tbat section for aeveral
years say that vast areas have not
been explored, # although enough is
known of the'surrounding country
to convince them that the Interior
offers the venturesome prospector rioh
The route of the proposed Crow's
Nest Pass railway passes through this
section, and, in anticipation ef ils
speedy construction, there will unquestionably be a widespread exploration
of that district. , The great difficulty
that attends even the partial development of claims already located is the
lack of trails. Most of the trails already opened owe their existence to the
independent work of industrious and
' determined prospectors. Thus far tbe
Government has expended onlv a few
hundreds of dollars Kaslo Kooten-
The men who compose the cabinet of
'   Premier Turner have doue many foolish things in their attempts to admin-
T   isier   the  affairs  of  the Province of
British   Columbia.     Several of them
have been members of three successive
j   governments, and   in  each have contributed  to the making   discreditable
k  history.     Under oiie cover or another
' they have permitted nil kinds of  jobbing.-Tribune, Nelson.
"British Columbia's Government is
composed of and supported by men
who have no great public principle in
common. The Government represents
their interests ami the Opposition represents the element which does not get
what it wants from the Government
It would he better, a hundred times
better, for the people of British Colum
bis if the Government represented one
party and the Opposition another
Then the people would have some
k choice between the men who occupy
W office and the men who aspire to office."
���Toronto Star.
��� ���
The lam.rk Mine.,
The Home-Payne company hnve
started the erection of a three-story
hoarding house at Laurie for their men
It will contain a drying -room, i��ftdinit
room*, and all' kinds tif'c6hv��riie'iice>
for the com fore of the miners. The
concentrator will be finished hy the
.end of the month. The track between
the mine and the head of the aerial
tramwav is al'o nearly completed.
'The tramway is busy taking up material for the boarding house at the mine.
All the electric apparatus for lighting the works ie installed.     Besides
Kail this a larpe working party is kept
"constantly employed on the mine itself.
a a *>'
Darkness deep as night, in a success
flon of waves, fog so dense that at times
people in the streets looked like shad
Bows, thunder 'ike tbe roar of distant
^cannon, and again as sharp as  the
[crack of nearby musketry - anl rain in
hail and sheet* -made np the weather
'Chinsgoans experienced Friday let ween
7 o'clock in the morning and 9:.'10 nt
L~ight.    Altogether suys   the Chicago
Ihronicle. it was a day like unto which
ihe memory of the oldest  inhabitant
Kcould not recall, and   one   that  muue
"ven the strong feurfnl and the super*
Ititiona tremulous, with apdrehenaion
if impending evil.
Slightly   different from the bright
runshiny weather wo enjoy ut Golden.
They Had lleni Travelling In Knrope
For Over Three Tears.
Albert's father and mother left him
J-ben he waa len years old for an extensive   tour through Europe.     After
three years abroad they returned a few
roomings ago, and   in their eagerness
to know   how things bad gone during
their absence they draiu-ed that young
entlemun from his led, where be was
almly sleepln-.' the morning iiwnv.and
[after  commenting on his growth and
Apparent   good   health   tbey he.au to
Saiechiae   him. and   the conversation
I was shout as follows;
I   "Why   were  you   not down nt the
wharf to meet u��?" ask.-, the father.
"Well, I (lid intend'to come down
and give j-on the glad hand, Inn I suppose I overslept myself."
A look uf sstouishineiit aw.-pt over
tha faces of hi* pareuis. but tbe mother was too eager for news to pay uuy
attention to the slamr uud aslfed :
"What's heroine of Mr. Smith that
used to live next dbor, Allen*-"'
"Oh. he took to tbe long-draw-o.,
got wheels, sud they pinched hiui."
"The what?" sternly asked bis father.
"The long-draw-off - hitting the pipe
���smoking dope, went daft, aud thev
locked him up.   See?"
���"The poor man!" said his mother;
"who would ever thought that of him?
But I noticed you have a new bouse
girl, Albert. What has become of
"Flew the coop."
"Jumped the game."
"Look here, young man. explain
yourself!" said the exasperated father.
"I mean she took a skate and I
haven't seen her since,"
"Did she drown?" anxiously usked
the mother.
"Naw; just sloped."
"How singular," said the mother.
"But what baa become of dear little
"He croaked, I said," answered the
young hopeful.
"Thie thing has gone far enough,"
said the now thoroughly aroused father. "Tell your incther what became
of ber dog."
"The dog died; can't you tinder-
stand?" disgustedly asked the youngster.
"Oh, me, I knew it would happen,"
sobbed the mother. "Wbue is that
stable boy, Wijliam? I told him to
sake good cure of (our little Puggy."
"Bill joined the white wiiign1'	
"Oh! Do you inu.ui ilint ha is dem!.
too?" usked the nuttier, s-iftauiug her
"Naw. I mean he joined Waring'-'
white wings. He got the dink dinky
for rushing the illicit, and he's on the
hog now."
"I don't understand what the boy
means at all." suid the father, growing
alarmed,    "I think" -
"Sii)!"   put   in Albert, "you peopleI
have   tie-in  in tliein dagu countries sn
long you hnve forgotten your own lan
guage. I am going to chase myself
back to bed. So long!" and the youag
mini hurried to his room.
Alter Ins departure tlio father and
iuotlii.'1'luoki.td nt. eitch otlier'and wondered if it were ao. - New York Jojir-
Dominion Hones Opened on Thursday
Ottawa. March 26. -The opening of
parliament on Thursday was more
than usually brilliant iu spile nf the
[act that it took pluce in the Leuien
season. A large reception was given
after the state dinner, which w 11 be
i followed by a drawing room, reception
ou Saturday evening in the Senate
The speech from the throne was
quite brief and confined in the main to
the items of legislation which the government proposes bringing in. Reference was made to the revision of the
tariff, to arrangements for taking a
prohibition plebiscite, to the new
auporitniintioii bill and changes in the
civil services, thu Diamond jubilee, the
franchise nnd the Manitoba School
Itching, Hunting Skin IH*. uses Cured
Por 35 Cents
Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves ill one day
and emus Tetter,."ult hheiim, i-culd llewi.
Eczema, Barbers' Itch, t leers, blotclips uinl
all eriiptinns of the skin. It is soothing i.ud
quieting and acts like magic in the cure ut -11
liaby humors; iiu corns; .sdd by i ,a.\\j-rrou
Prospectors and Miners having clitlni* or
interests iu claims tor sale, coijil uot do better than I'uimiiiiuii'iite .villi
Milling Broker A Financial Agent,
Goli.-.n anu Four Stem.e.
Twenty Paj-es; Weekly; Illustrated.
r_ut_ MUA-k- rsK -nut, -msrab.
noma mat nit.
220 Market St., 8an Francisco, Cal.
The modern standard Family Medicine: Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Paeifie Ry
Direct Route to all Eastern points
Montreal and Toronto
Direct connection with Ocean Steamer* at
Halifax, St. John and
Now York.
Baggage checked to European deatination
Shortest uud quickest route to
Kaslo, Nelson, Rossland.
And all points in the Far Fumed Kootciuiy
|   and Silvery Slocan,  To
China    and    Japan,
via tlie famous Empress  Steamer* from
Empress of India 2.1th March
Empress of Japan 111th April
Empress of Uiina 10th May
Honolulu, Australia,
New Zealand,
via the Can, Am, Line from Vancouver
Wi.riiinoo Dth April
Mio.veiui Dili May
Apply for particular* to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
C. E. WKI.I.N.
Agent, liolden.
H. Shorey & Co.
of Montreal
hsvs raised ths stsndnrd of Ready Made
clothing so that the beat dressed people in
Canada are now wearing their make.
Every garment is guurante-.il to tbe fullest
extent, and will lie takeu buck if not up to
the standard. Their Bicycle Suits and Spring
Overcoat* are all Kigby Watsi proofed, -
which means they will keep out the wet but
not the air.���All first-clans dealers keep their
goods.    Ask for, and see tbat you get,
-*4 Shorey's make.
into nearly every home, hotel and mining' camp
i i East Kootenay is the Golden Era. It is recognized by all as the best advertising medium
in the District.
This Popularity
right at home, and the confidence won by an
honorable career of nearly seven years makes it
of especial interest to advertisers.
Every advertiser receives good position.
Bates are never broken
All are treated alike.
Aud the advertising* pays.
After pondering these facts, write us, it costs
nothing and may benefit both of us.
Oh, No!
There is no reason why you should send your Job
Printing away from home. We make a specialty
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
In fact we can handle anything in thc Job Printing line.
The work is right. ,
The price is right.
Call ia- write a id gel h-ir prices.     We are at all
tinus p!ea ���(��� I to i'linii.ih an estimate on work or
our advertising rates.
'.Wished every Saturday at Oolden, B. C. Awar.eu
highest Honors���World's Fair,
A puie Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Iier Majesty Will  Journey Through
Darker London.
The London correspondent of the
'.New York Sun gives the following in*
.formation regarding tbe great jubilee
pa-jfeant of June 22: The one aim of
-very human being in London ou that
day will be to seo tbe Queen and the
royal procession. The number of persons who will bo possessed by that
purpose cannot be estimated at less
than six millions. It will probably be
more. It will undoubtedly be the
largest number of men and women ever
.assembled together in the history of
the world. This mass'iig together of
humanity will be the real marvel, the
really memorable event of that day.
The spectators themselves will be the
great spectacle. The most impressive
sight the correspondent ever witnessed
was the silent multitude, three millions
in number, wbo lined the Champs Ely-
sees aud the Bois de Boulogue last
October waiting for the cutry of the
Czar into Paris. Drivinr- the whole
length of the route just u..;' tre the profession passed along, it seemed like
riding along the dry bed oi a river,
witb sll humanity for its banks. A
crowd of 10-000 or even 100,000 is
within one's comprehension ; it is sn
assemblage made up of units When
,t.ie number mounts into the millions
It is no longer a crowd, it is no longer
human. It is a new and mighty creature, having attributes like uuto no
Other. In its presence is almost awe.
There is revealed the meaning of the
words: " The voice of thc people is tbe
voice of God."
We supplement this information:
���J*he_iroces*ion will start from Buckingham Place and proceed to St. Paul's
.Cathedral, where an open air service
will be held; It will afterwards go to
the Mansion House, tha official residence cl the Lord Mayor, where an address will be presented to Her Majesty.
The procession will then pass over the
Raver Thames to the south side and
proceed through Lambeth, recrossing
the Thames by Westminster Bridge
and jtben back to Buckingham Palace.
The procession will then pass through
the mos-.aristocratic, the most wealthy
and the most miserable parts of London. What a contrast between the
fash onable west end and the dingy
slums of La-mbeth!
The bast Heginjeiits of the British
Army will be used instead of police, tu
line tbs streets through which -the procession wi'l pass, ft will be a most
gorgeous one. The Queen's carriage
will be escorted by the Prince of
Wales on horseback. In the procession will be represented troops from all
parts of onr Empire. Prom the far
Commonwealth of Australia���From
the Great Dominion of Canada���from
the mighty Confederation in South
Africa���from our tributary kingdoms
in our extensive Indian Empire���all
will be represented. The carriages
.containing the members of tho Colonial Governments will follow those containing the Princesses and Ladies of
(he Court, so tbat a distinguished
place has bsen given to them in the
They Mean Bpslness.
An important circular letter from the
Bureau of statistics in the Provincial
Secretary's Department, Victoria, baa
been issued to all the merchants, traders, dealers and importers in the Province desiring information as to (he
value of goods imported and the freight
paid thereon; and also requesting information as to the value of wood,
fish, fruit and other products sent out
Irom the Province. The object for
tbis is to procure a reliable statement
us to the actual amount of oar trade
with the rest of the Dominion. Down
Easterners seem to think we bave not
got any trade, and that our Province
gets more consideration from the Dominion Treasury then she is entitled
to. The Bureau of Statistics desire to
show we have got a trade and a large
one too, and thut our wishes are not
half considered cqmpared with the importance of our trade. It is to be
hoped that all those who have received
this circular letter will lose no time in
filling up the Schedule which accompanies the letter and returning ir. to
the Provincial Secretary's Department.
pie Remove* From Oijce the Man Who
Made a Speech Inaultlng to
Capetown, March 81.���President
JCrueger announced from Pretoria that
be suspended Grandson Elof from office for making a speech which Insulted Queen Viotoria snd Great Britain.
The president in the press, expresses
sincere regrets st Elo.f's "irresponsible
Mr.  Hewitt  Bostock,   M. P.
Who is Mr. Hewitt Bostock, member
for Yale-Cariboo District in tlie Dominion House of Representatives at
Ottawa? The Canadian Parliamentary
Companion issued for the year 1897 informs us Mr, Hewitt Bostock is the
son of Samuel Bostock, of the Hermitage, Walton Heath, near Epsom,
county of Surrey, Eng., who was also
a member of tbe Stock Exchange in
London. Born at The Hermitage, 31st
Mav, 1864. Educated privately at
Brighton and Guilford, and afterwards
at Trinity College, where he took his
degree in Mathematical Tripos, third
class, in June, 1885. Married 12th
June, 1890, Lizlie Jean McCombie,
third daughter of Hugh Cowie, Esq.,
Q. C��� Chancellor of the Connty Palatine of Durham, of Ithandale. Wimbl-
don, Surrey. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 26th January, 1888, but
has never practt-'d. Settled in Canada in 1893; is engaged in ranching,
and is proprietor of ths Province newspaper, Victoria, B, C. First returned
to Parliament at general elections,
1896.   A Liberal.
The Delineator.
The April number of The Delineator which
is nailed the Spring Number, contains a
splendid assortment of Styles antl Fabrics
that will be fashionable during the season.
In the Literary DepnrUnent a theme of particular interest to most women is instructively
treated in Margaret Nourse'* article on tlie
Art of Preserving Youth. The second paper
by Mary Cadwalader Jone* (Mrs. Frederick
l.liinelniider Jones) maintains the interest
created by her March contribution on the
Evolution of Dress. Mr*. Theodore Sutra
discusses Law as a profession for her sex; J.
Bell Landfear describes a pretty Rainbow
Drill for children, and the general interest in
Bicvclmg is shown in an account of the latest
attire therefor. The third and last ot the
Dental articles is devoted tn Artificial Teeth.
Sara Miller Kirby's admirable Kindergarten
Papers are also brought to a conclusion iu this
number. There is a delightful sketch of
Easter In a Southern Town, and timely directions for the milking tn' Easter Egg Ncvol-
tles, as well a* for the Delft Embroidery now
so popular. There is also another of Mrs.
Haywood's papers on Ecclesiastical Finb-uid-
erv. H C Wood tells about au original Leap
Year Party. In additiou to the regular nrti
cle on Seasonable Cookery, there is a practical paper on the Chemistry of Foods, by A.
B Loin-street. Household sanitation from a
popular standpoint, Mrs Witlierspoou's Ten-
Table Chat.a Review of New Hooks .and novel
contributions in Fancy Work, Knitting, Crocheting, Lace Making, etc, are among other
Address communications tn The Delineator
Publishing Company of Toronto, Lt., XI
Richmond St, West, Toioiito.Ont, or the local
agent for The Ilutterick Patterns,
Subscription price of Tlie Delineator, tl
per year, or IS cents per single copy.
Nobody sit* in the littlo armchair t
It stands in a corner dim;
But a white-haired mother gazing there,
And yearningly thinking of him,
ins through the dust of the Ions ago
Tho bloom of her boy's sweet faco,
Sees through the dust u
ith a laugh that cheers the place.
Sometimes ho holds a book in his hand,
Sometime* his little school shite j
And the lessou is bind to understand,-
And tho figures bard to mate;
But she sous the noil of his father'* bond
So proud of the little ton,
And she hear* tho word so often said,
"No tear for our littlo one."
They wero wonderful day*, the dear, sweet
When a child with sunny hair (day*
Wa* her* to scold, to kiss, and to praise,
At her knee in the little cbalr.
She lost, bim back in the busy year*,
When the great world caught the man,
And he strode away past hopes and fears,
To bis place in the battle's van.
But now nnd then in a wistful dream,
Like a picture out of date,
She tee* a head with �� golden gleam,
Bent over a pencil aud sjate;
Ami she lives again the happy day,
The day of her young lite', spring
When the small arm-chair stood Just in the
Tho center of everything.   '.,-..    (way,
s.-.il   Duu.th  at Two Well-known In*
mate* of the Town.
We have the melancholy task this
week of chronicling tbe death of two
noted inmates of our town. Their
death was sudden and unexpected, the
result of a railway accident which occurred late last Saturday night, or
early on tha Sunday morning. Intelligence was brought to town early on
Sunday that Seldom Fed and Ex-Bays
had met with a serious accident on the
railway, that the former was killed
and the latter so iujursd that recovery
was hopeless.
The intelligence waa alae only too
true. Old Seldom Fed and E_-Raya
were two well-known characters about
town. They had been about all winter
and although their presence was tolerated, their actions were sometimes considered a nuisance. They were inoffensive iu their nature, but their habit
ol roaming about at all times and in
places where they were not desired oo.
casioually gave offence. Timid ladies
nnd children whom they met iu these
rambling rounds -tave tbem as wide a
berth as possible. They were however
harmless; and did not stand in much
dread of the inhabitants of Golden.
Tbey were an object of derision to the
canine species wbo often made them
the abject of their sportive frolics.
Pedro generally beaded the fray���but
Bottles was never nu active partisan,
he regarding them witb passive indifference.
Old Seldom Fed and his companion
Ex-Bays, the object of many a gibe
and geer and ridioule continued to hang
about tbe town and it appeared as il
tbey were to be in our midst for many
a day, when an unkind paragraph by
an unknown author appeared in our
columns suggesting that a man with a
big dog should chase them away. Why
they deserved thia indignity can only
be known to the writer or that paragraph. Thia waa the nnkiudest cut ol
all they had experienced since their
lirst arrival among us. How the information was conveyed to them, we
can only conjecture1, as we have not
been able to obtain any reliable information on thia point. The information
must/have reached them iu some way
as they seem to have taken the suggestion to heart and resolved to depart
before tbis indignity wus perpetrated
on them. ,
They were last seen alive on our
streets on Saturday' night about 9 o'clock and had then no intention of quitting town. Their resolution seems to
have been a sudden one. They nius'
have left the town sometime after tbis
hour and proceeded in the direction of
Donald, with what intention we do
not know ; whether it was to make
that town their future place of abode
shall never be known. If such was
their intention tbey evidently had
changed their minds after proceeding
along t he road as far aa Connor's ranch
because they seemed to have left the
road at this place and determined to
return back to Golden by rail. Alas
the best laid plans gang aft aglee.
Coining down on the railway, and a
little east from tbe ranch theyseemedto
have been overtaken by n heavy freight
train coining from the direction of
Donald���and apparently without any
warning of whistle for breaks down
tbey were speedily numbered among
the victims of a railway accident. The
death of Seldom Fed must have been
instantaneous but Ex-Hays was sadly
mangled and was in lingering agony
when the relief party from Goldeu who
hud been apprised of the accident
reached the place On its arrival it
was at once seen Old Seldom Fed was
beyond earthly aid, and that no medical skill could avail to save the life of
poor Ex-Ruys.'bi- even give tase to his
sufferings. After consultation it was
considered the most humane thing that
could be done would be to put an end
to his sufferings, instead, of allowing
.the agony to be prolonged.
The assistance of Archie and a fellow
townsman waa invoked, aud they
speedily arrived on the spot with
Remingtons and ss speedily terminated
existence by two well placed shots and
Ex-Rays instantaneously joined hie
companion in the far away land of beyond. .
Old Seldom Fed bad arrived at a
mature age but his companion was not
so full in years and neither of them
had reached the allotted span. We
will not say a gloom-was cast over the
town, but they were the subjcot of
many a mournful reference in the
course of tbat day.
The Coroner has pot yet held his inquest,
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
When you come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
TION   PAID   TQ   S-',*���;
FIRST     ���
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor.
THE   ......  t* >
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
J.   C.   GREENE,   -    Prop.
Va Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences. ,      .
Be*t Cuisine in the West.    . ,
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
CUm. JWcfleish, �� Prop.


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