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The Golden Era Jan 25, 1901

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 James Hekdebson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply uf llnildlne l.lmo for Salo,
ua proparod.   I'roisipcattentiou Kisses, to
���""���-��� - ������ isagsgai
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publio.Ccnveyancor.'etb
Office in L'ppsir Colssusbla Navlea.fon *ni
Iraniiay Company'. Jluildiiig,
Golden, it. tu
VOL. X  NO. :>.<*
GOLDEN    B.C.. FRIDAY, JAN. 25. 1901
M -*
Imperial Bank of Canada
|ple, and tlseir snornl ansl material uol-j
.fare    has   been   Iter   ohls-f   concern.j
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000|Fier<-o la the llisht, it ia Said, that beat-
ICapltal Pnld Vp     I3.4li8.fi0:
Rest ��� ���        1.700,0)
ft, S. iluwlacd,       ���       Piwldcni.
T. R. Morrltt, ���        Vloel'res.
Win. RaitiMHV,     T, Sutherland Btnj-nor
Robert Jatl'rj-y, Ellas Hogcr.?,
Win. Ueudrie.
Hk.vd orncK: Torost>>.
D. II. WiMCir:, Ucnoral Manager,
��. Hay, InHpeetor.
MANITOUA, N. W. T. and B. C.
��� Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton.
EUoItlcn,        KeUon, Portii^n la Prairie,
gl'rinrc Albert,     Revelatoko,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Pi Eases, Fergus, <if.lt, tlaiuilt.iii, Ingersull,
ILwtowe), Niagara Calls, Port Colbounie
���Rat Portage, Snult 8ie. Marie, St.
1 Catharines. 81. Thomas, Toronto, Welland,
Woodstock, i.nd Moatnal, Quo.
Agents In Urcnt Britain;
Lloyd's Bunk. Ltd , 72 Lombard St., London
1     with whom money may bo deposited for
transfer by letter or cablo to any of tbe
above branches. *
Agents in United State**;
[NEW YORK-Banh of Montreal, Bank ef
CHIOAUO-Firat National Bank.
ST. PAUL-fieeoud National Bank.
SAN FRANCISUO-Wella, Fargo k Co.
Agcntfl in Sonth Africa.
Hthe standard bank of south
africa limited.
savings bank department
Interest aliened on deposits.
{Provincial, Municipal and other debenture*
(���{Available at all p-riints in Canada, Unit *rt
Kingdom, United States.
Ij. S. Gibb, Hffp.. Golden Branch
'upon ii throne; but if ever there wns a
monarch who had no cause to four that
fierce light or it liy thi MR which ii might
reveal, it wns ourlaiosoveroign. Un
swerving in hsr ndheronce to duty,
[unfailing in her sympathies with evory
aspiration of her subjects, devoted to'
tin interests of the Empire, unselfish
in the extreme, she  was the greatest
���the visiting onrlers,
BONSPIEL.! Af,,;r fii!I j"",ico Iiad been ^oae!
[the good things provided, Pres. TJIloc
��2 Per Year.
������am Bag������ IjUbb^w���bi�����������
[QUEEN  IS DEAbJCARNIVAL- |theUqu^ which is'���a^t&d��n
Tho Qnfoii is dead. She passed away
bout 6;55 at Osborne house, I**-.le pi
Wight, surrounded by thu members oil
he- fimily,including her grandson, tbfj
Itnpernr of Germany.   In antfowutloi
jof the s��d et'eut  the government  bail|
repared a proclamation   doelariu^ tbl
Prince of Wales king, which was pro-
UI gated Wednesday morning.
Tbe news, although not altogether*-*]
[unexpected, has cnino as a shock tc
iilio whole empire. Queen Victoria  had!
cons Uuiional soveroign in the historyKconiO to bo regarded as part of 'fing-
of tho world, and, mora pnrticul��rly9ftr'11*8 national life and her death makes!
% break android thai it will take raanv
rose and explained tlmt owing to th
fexceptfohal circumstances under whic
the gathering was held he would cr.
on Mr, Aylmer to explain briefly t!i
mentions of the committee us to th
irocedure intended io ho followed.
Mr. Aylmer on rising referrei) feel
ilgl.i to the death of Queon Victoria
md announced that, in view of the sa
ivent tlm usual programme of toasts
speeches and 6ongs would bu dispense!
..-, , hut   explained" that oto  ohjec
'.itis yoar hold nt a great disadvantagtjgof tbia pupper was to afford an bppor
Majesty onltualty to tin; citizens of UoMen to d'
whioh mndoahouor to one of tho Soldiers of tb
ithe true Carnival   spirit ImDJSsi.ble.HQneen
'Oss-a Horse
Ithe annual gathering
pronounced success.
Rinks from  Calgary  Fall toS
th-a Inev.tablo--The Carnival,"
Wsll Attoftass1--Hauy Visit!
ors from Otlier Points Alor.g|
tha Line���Pretty Costumes.
Tho Curling   Club's   Oa.-i.lval was!
General Merchant,
Aexai"|der Block.
*   Beiges      | .
- -IN-
Clothing, Winter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
Ht. Tho*. O'Brien having purchase*!
JTiiB Goi.de!. Eka Newspaper and
Printing Business, as from Dccemlie
pill, 1900, all accounts owins to Ills
[offlce at that date aro payable to him.
Wo havo to request for Mr. O'Briei
the continuance of the aubscription anslj
'ss-ts-ovtlaing patroaftgr. hitherto -wicnd
ed to ns,
Ter E. A. HAG OEN,
Managing Director.
Golden, Dec. iiOili, 1900.
aha was tliei-rca-eat peor.le'ssovtsrei-i-ii.i, ,_
, , . ...       Kyears to fill.   Our fssihers and tl.oirB��""nB ,0 tka do��th ol Her
We at the present day are probably loojL,,^ bijfora ^ Km ^^    i.h. ���,.��������������� ���, ^^^
much part anJ parcel ol the e..Tiron-|-,ron|{ ,���,-,��� p,.iuciplea 0, |oy���ltJ. t(|tl.e .rue Carnival spirit [nposaihle.BQaswn wbo enlisto.l In Strasbcona'
snont asnid which tbe lato Queen lived|Victoria and now to the people of tlitH8''" lhB manapioment lound it itnposs-HHoi-se frosn sbis diotrlot, at llie sam
to be able to dispassionately eatimatofempire it seems as if tbo centre of theBillla t0 cancel the Carnival iisarrango-Hil.no calling o.-i Mr. Griffith si) ba
her place in the illuasi-ious line of|*��""*r st0"�� WP��� ��<"��>, a;sd things!'"'"s ''aa t"oou carried too fur. tfhoi*p|,\lr. Po'r'tey, she returned hero, a sub
rulers who havo pie-sidid over Essg-l���8��� oruraWi"B to Pieces. Tho emplir|-Vi>a ��� Urgar orowd than any provlousBstantial sum Cvith which to eecur
*.*��� fisstunned witb the blow and Englishl'""������ ��P���<��tors covered every avail isomo momeulo of   thi  occasion   lit
land's dextlny from tbe time of Wll|!I)0ak|n(5 speaU;..a people tbo wblsfwo point of vantage. Tbe costumesfFortey was completely surprised an,
liamtho Comjuoror, but we can tell|wofld . over is plunged in g<l.t, I islwe��� oxoeptlomslly fine end the jndsoi.|iu a tew words expressed hia gratltfll
the future hi.itorian that no osio oouldgonly now that tho place Queen Victorial-',ohS1'8-. L- H- Dj", P- Turner BonoSand appvcciatloti of the notion of th
"held in the hearts of her piople can be*111*- **" Salisbury, ba 1 no sinecure
have been mere loved, iso queen could s
have lived  moro in the hearts of l���""?'   **�� ^ ��'"o- Hash lho sad
,     Knows from end to end of tho earth
people or  have  been rooso worshslyB ,**, bo ^.^ w((|i ^^ ^ ( ^
reapeoted than   her whom a   nation|Evc,...w|K,ro ���-,��� ka-m*. je *-,e 81lm0
mourns to-day. Efrom the frozen north so tbe glowing
The Que.h's desslh is, howo'rer, moreSsouth, even to the uirsiriuost parts ul
than a national concern; it iso'l inser|'llee"**,h *"vl,t"*<l "'"��������"���"' fca ''>""''���
_ .   ,   Efrom coast to coast, from sea to soa.
national  importance.     Through   nerjs , . . , *
H * Stno tears of hpr people mourn the loss
(amily cossnections, sbe was intimately|ot ,he Kr^.eal quc6��� a,l(1 lhe mosl b0.
���elated lo sslmost every royal lamilyglosed woman the ages have produce*!
in Europe.   Biir eldest  granslson isS   Qmon Victoria was bon.e In 1819.
Empovor ol   Germany,   her  favoritog*""1 was consequently io Iser SOtls yeas
grantldaughttr ia Esnprrss of Bussia.jSho was the only daughter of tho Dukel
As tho he���a of a large oirclu of rcla-lo' Kent, a younger eon of George III
ions her influence upon   tlie forelgn|ln Iser earlier days there wero several!
sffairs of  Europe  bas   been   no leas5li?.es between bor and tho throne and
potent than In British matters.   TbeSshe was not looked upon as tho future
slmost rovcrenco wbieh the youngc-SQueai. of England.   However, aj sbe
ieuerations of royalty bad for her hasfg'ew towards mnidonhuod it became
Sbos-n of unspe'akabla bei'pllf to the|ai)parent that on tho d-'ath of hor uncle
World at birae. H-r vast exiierieiice8*sVilliani II. sho would ultimately sue
,t affairs of s*,atp, Iter marvellous|ccs'd to tho throne. Accordingly the
iVtlmisoy will! all the twistsaud turhsjPs-incess Victoiia was olucated with a
I tliplosnacy for Ihe past half con*Ivlow to Bills g the nsisjtel posiiion o!
tnry, lis-r high otauussrd of seciisudo|Q'Sceis ot Englalidi Her moshes* Ihjp
and her personal ascendancy, have|l>��sshess of Kent herself prepared tin
over been used -o nrcserve lu'sbsi worldffltllo princes lor her esnltod position
Gb-eutlemou who bad subscribed.
The rink was beautifutl}' d'eoot-atodl   Afier speeches fism M
with Chinese aud other lanlerns,  ,,'.,) ��!'<'"e,
g considerably to tho illuminaiions*|i>od,
essrs Turner
Doll, Salisbury, Jackson, Mo
of tin. visiting curlers, an
snd general appearance of tho interior |*lesrs Mills. Turner nnd Thayer, com
Muilo was supplied by "Lord Dnn-Bmeroial man, wU wero present a
Iroary's Rube Minstrels," mid o'rganji-lnuesta of the cu'rlera, P.-es. TJIIock pro
iition which will no doubt oiwaysBposed a vote of ilia:'ks to Hos
succeed in linking themselves beard. BsMcNeish and reaucs'.ed thosa presci.
Tho prizes wero awarded as follows :St0 '''80 e"'1  in  silence drink to th
1st-Night Lights and Sky Light.
Miss Maggio Connor. .,
2nd ��� Spanfsli .Cancer, Mrs, Uiloci."
1st-Fairy, Dorothy Jones,
Ist-Jockoy, Buhl Griffith.
lst-Cavalier, Dr. T.sy o:.
2nd���Coartinr, J. G. Ullook.
The Tallest Lady in the Land, John
The following list of maskers with
.their costumes is nol as complete ns
[wo would wish, owing to ihe fact, that
��� -till
Until Stock-taking in February.
I havo decided to Sell only to Cash Customers and those who Settle Monthly.
No others need apply for goods.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Have tho Quickest and
Bnt Equlppstl Train
Crossing tho Continent.
St. Pkul,
Toronto and Montreal
Wednesday ��M Sunday.
For.full particulars apjily to nearest
C. P. ��. Ago*.
Or lo
*.. J, COYLK,   clt. MCPHERSON,
A.G.P A., G.P.A ,
V-trs.**!.,-***;. . WUffllpAf*;.      0. WIHR-BE N 0.
its Hallways anil authorizing It to i-onstriu'l
Wh Branches from any of lis lines mi.
exceeding in any one casso thirty nsiles in
length, as nre from time to time authorizesl
by the Governor in Council, aud for oihei
IfU Secretary.
The Queen is dead* These-arc sim
pie words, but tlie thoughts wind
tiny evoke and ihecffect of them upon
rh ��� world are almoat too ik't foi
"xp ession.   The greatest ompiro tlin
ie w irM has ever seen is j>!unjn-*d ini
owning, and iu giief ia not th
typical mattor-of fact sorrow which ti
usually expressed at the decease of a
-.rowned head Nol The life of their
august sovereign haa heen so much in
'ho liCHi-ta of h-r subjects, ber woik
hAS been so evident in thei-ireim of
political And domestic affairs, her joy*H
and sorrows lave been so much slmm-
with her people and her genuine syin
pathy with tho hopes and aepirntlom
of all classes io open, that the in'olli
gence of her doath hus come as a por-
bonul shock to all of m, and we feel
hnt. some essentia! eloinent of our
lives���some concomitant of our ver
existence- hai departed.
Iu  the   sixty-four    years  during
whioh Her Majesty reigned over tl:
Empire groat   transformations  h.n
taken place In moral aud social affair*.
Tho  movements   which le id io these
A, K,  *  A.  M.
Mountain Lodge, No. 11. A. F. &
A. M. Regular Communication,
second Monday In every month.
Sojourning brethren cordially iu
0. H. PARBOM, -Secretary.
I, o. o. r.
J T. WOOn, "ee.
The British Columbia southern Railway
Company will apply to tho Parliament ot
Canada at its noxt Beaatnn for an Act axtand-
Ing the timo within wfitoji It may ciinstriict|oll-',nKM mn  dsreoted  by great ansl.
good men wbo had at heart th** isinoli-
oration of the lot of mankind. Tints.
reformer* had to contend - ss all d
their kind hare had to do since tin
beginning of existence���against tbs
Ingrained prejudices of many anil tlo
brutal ignorance and indifference ol
more. But over and steadily onvvnr
tha sovereign of Great Britain has bi
her continued sympathy, ready heli
and unfailing example assisted in over.,
way In her power Iho efforts of tbs-as
philanthropic and publio spirited mon
In this way her influence haa lieen felt
from the aristocracy down to the vers
lowest classes, and that influence has
always been good.   The Queen has,
^!,,*,MTnin,1I^l'te *"��� tT*".** -���-  "     -" ������  -"���'���ontheitetiort.��nuiiiou.u ne encour
SlggXS^Sgin ������- ""long  "re,   *m .tf^d by all whotake.n "...lore., ..uh.
highest objpet of iiffootioii to her poo
the blessings of peace.     And  it is aj
louruful matter for rtfieotian thattheZchil-dhood illustrating her simple dig
terrible bloodshed ia South Africa andpnity and gie-a*. -^obctuiuia of fiea'rt. 6.
the lueses sustained by her troops--soBof the most dramatio scenes of hur lifi
t is averred in high circles--30pveyedlwas  when sho was summoned from!
'dpofl tbo kind heart of the aged aovdr-Slier slumber oneevonlng andhamil,
nign lhat   It  contributed in no smallBihrowing ou  a dressing gown wentL
may to the lost fatal sickness. RdoWhstairs whero the Archbishop ofjj
Tlie British Empire mourns, but thegOtinierbury and the prime ainister of
ead  occurrence  must  not  let us hegEnglai-d wero   awaiting her.   Vfhai}
Many pretty stories of the Q ieen'.^sovei'il! ,,id "ot Icave tlieil* names with'
the doorkeepers and our reporter was3*,
itntvble to penetrate.theljg disguises,
Mrs. E. Plowrignt   Plerette.
"    J. G. Ullook���Spanish Dancer*
unmindful of  the  future.   Wc niustSiuusl have been the surprise of thejj
look ahead with the same oalm impas-ggirl Queon whon she heard the aged*
nlve confidence in our race as we did-v states in an and the Archbishop salute
-vhoii (lie hand now stilled in deuthSher as Queen of England and inform'
was guiding the destinies nf eiupiri'Jaher that her uncle was dead. England
Her successor is uu Englishman to ihtflv.*ont into a perfect frenzy of delight;
, and o;\r be^t tribute io the de-lover tho grace.-'ul girl Queen. lier
paiwd wUl be io accord to her son antlgcoronatiun was a scene or splendor utl-j
heir that fealty which she so worthilySparalelled oven in England the country
enjoye(l, to perseveie in their oonstltu-iof 'grand ceremonies. And tho ent
ional limits iu working out our des-Hsiasm displayed by lho vast concoursos'
tiny iiihW the new K'ng, and togcf people nasotublcd in London on that
strengthen by all means in our powergday  was never beforo equalled,   The*
the   bonds of tho  Empire,   of which
��ch of us is an integral factor.
'The King is dead I   Long live the
Public School Library.
Last December the   pupilswof   th
senior division of the Public Suhool
determined to form a library for their
amusement   and benelit.    Wiih   thi
oh'jeoj. in view it was decided to form a
society to ho kuown e*i Oolden Publii
School Library Association, to appoint  B,jqU.,itfl for him to take the
lOl'rs regularly and to  hold a short
mooting each Friday if possible; bi
the main object wus the formation of a
food library.
Most of the pupils have contributed
hooks to the library, while others
have promised more. tt. VV Patmore,
who ala-uys <akes -< fiiumlly Ititeres'
thu pupils, h.ts kindly pn-Ber.iei
them with hnlf-a dozen volumes ol
ntuudard works. Rev, Mr. Kenny hai-
itso very Konerotialy donated to cash
to the libr-ary and was present at on;
of the meetings toencouraiie the child
ran iu their good work. An activt
eommittee. has also secured a book
case, whioh is the work of several of
the boys, and certainly reflects credit
ution their ability as carpenters
framed fcr 'he guidance of the mem
hers of tho aasneiatiou. Every pupil
of all grades of the bohool, as well as
the teachers, ure members of the
iSsooiatiou, and all appear to be will
Ing to help,
The pupils are to be congratulated
on their efforts and should be encour
rising generation,
young Queen went tho cynosure of all
eyes through hur part of the ceremouinls'
with a simple dignity that touched al
A, fow years after her coronation ii
In came uccissary for asuituble hus kind
o he found for the Queen. Sh
however, flxcJ her uftections upon her
cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-*L\>bur��
Gutha. Many storie.iare told of ih
rpourisliip, indeed it is said that the
3ut.cn herself proposed to hnr lover.
She heiu-.��� of highor rank   it wns not
M. And-firaon r-Uuiicd Euro;
G. Houston- Lady ofthe HuntJ
Harrison -Maid of Penh,
Ling -Neapolitan Fisher Maid
Dorothy Jones;- Fairy.
G. Bookhout���Night.
E. Kenny���Pierrette,
I. Bookhout���Wltoh,
L. Kenny- Snow flake.
K. Krmy -Topsy-
Min. tSuthVrlana���Ked Biding"
jinemory of our lamented dead Queen.
So closed a g,uhi'iing which  wil
jlong he remembered by all taking part
Tho Bonspiel.
On Monday there weva a dejoc'.ed Io
jof curlers in  town,  for both   train
I uie J in hp'1 out again without leavinj
any sign of visiting ourlars.   On Thus
\ny morning, however, u jjjly  crowi
arrived   from   Oulgary,   aud   thougl
they were much disappointed   at nu
'seeing any of the Revelstoke fraternlt;
Sthey imniediateTy osprossod their in
|tention to have r roynl time, nnd ihe]
jhariit!   In fad,  a crowd  which  It,
Scluded such jolly good feiloivs as P
tTurner-Buae, "Lord" Salisbury, Norm
IJaokson, Hughie MeLood,  ton Do]
[and Emit; King, to say nothing of th
three men with grips" -Messrs Mills
Tun:.1: and Thiyer- could not go to ;
funeral without having a good time
J even the wny in which the Qolde.
Jcurlers disponed of Calgary's rprtrssea
jtatlves cou'.l not. dampen the spirits o
jmar  the goodfellowship  oi the "io!l";
]   The bonspiel opened nt  1  p m,
Jay, tho oompeti'Udn'bsing forth
gBryan & Leo iro'i
"    Patmoro   Spanish Dancer.
"    Whftlng���Japanese Lady,
"    Aylmer���Daughter of Ganges
"    Taylor-Gypsy Girl,
"    J. Wood ���Mother Goose.
Miss Maggie Connor���NUht LightsB���
antl Sky ^ights.S11
u    Mary Connor--Gypsy Q ieen   ^L-lryuu & Lee tr^i: y, Ullock defenttd
11    F Coanor-Datioing Girl.      ��Doil   flll(1   Henderson   winning   frot
is bury and McNeish
At  4  p.m. Snl!-jb;iv;
in the ma'.ter. The prince was accep
able tu the English people and the
marriage was celebrated with great
.'dat and splendor. Her hushand was
filwnys her wise aud faithful councillor
nnd although a great mauy of the
English people were prejudiced against
him on m-count of his nationality it
was admitted on all hands that he was
4 model contort for the Quean
W. C. McAllister, A. J. Campbell
nnd VV. A. Death wtro found guilty oi
murder in tho first degree as a result
of the inquiry into the death of Jennie
Bossohleter on the night of Oct 13th
It was brought out at the trial that
he unfortunate girl had beon enticed
mo a saloon and thero drugged from
A constitution And byluws are being  the effects of whioh she nover recovered
consciousness. It seems too bad that
the death penalty has not been passed
upon these brutes
Howden,   iu New York City, on Do
comber 110, 1900, tho wife of Harry
P. Howden, formerly of Goldon. ol  room, whero host McNeisl
en. At 4 p.m. Salisbury m<
Ullock aiyl defeat, while MoNeish di
feated Henderson, thus leaving th
first trophy botwoen McNeUh
tJllbck. ,
Next morning Ullook metHenderso
id Parson played Salisbury  In tii
rjplumbja  Rivor  Lumber Company
ompetition.     Clock and Parson wo
their respective games and McNola
Igand   Doll,   who   had  secuved   hyei
E. Whiting -Rcl Riding Hood splayed off with them, Ullock dofoatffl
J. 6. Ullook���Court or. BMcNelsh  nnd  Parson doing the san
Dr^ -Taylor-Cavaliar. Iwlth Dill.     This left Ullock rind Pa
sju to. playoff for tho trophy, whic
was done Thursday afternoon, who
P.irson won by a single shot on n
extra ond after a hard fought gann
I'lio successful rluk   was  composed i
P. McAlpino-Cavalier.
F Lung-Yaller Kid.
*E Plowright- Tho Wicked Uncle,
P. Snook-Little Boy Blue.
L. Moo y   Perrot.
J. p. Wells ������ Domino.
S. Walker -Widow Mullcon,
E. King - Vol untoer Officer,
J. La Flcur ���French Shepherd.
J.T, Wood-Turk.
J. Anderson-Tall Lady
R Kenny - Palp Ala
W. Houston -Military Officer
Willie Houston -Satan's Kid
Stanley Moodto -Handy Man
Budd Griffith-Jockoy.
Percy Lake���Jookity
Wynne Griffith-Pierrot
Jack Parson���Milkmaid.
V. Kimpton���Japanese Gentleman
W. Bookhout���Actress
W. H. Miller- Shoeblack
John Johnson���Yellow Kid   ,
A. Morgan and M Mcintosh - Indian
R. F. Miller, H. Moore and E. Suth
Lord Dundreary Geo. P. Well'
Herr Diuktdhoimer J. Lamontagne
Miko 0. Grogan W. Cox
Paul Kruger 0. W. Field
Dram-Major Crapeau  J. Lawsoi,
After tho curnival the curlers ad
journcd to the Columbia House dining
had the
tables arranged In W-fttlsUc tnstc foi
Captain Uaccn, 0, H. Parson, L
Estel'.ft, k. G. Parson (skip).
Considerable rivalry was manife-^tQ
between lhe two Citlcmry skips,  Sath
bury and Doll, which finally result)
n a game being played for an cyst-
upper.   Doll  won and Mr. Sallsbut
extended   n   general invitation.to a
imriers to joiti them.   A Urge numb
responded to this generous  invitat
Sand adjournment  was mndo to Sta
iforth's, whero a splendid repast wi
'served ai;4. a ptpst oujoyalle .time
fSperit,   Mi*. Doll, who is woll kuow
in Calgary as a connoisseur in matte
musical,  secured   tho services  of
..Sebastian, whose musical tthilities a
veil known but tylio seldom appea
in public.
Lord" Salisbury, ds his Men
term him, proved himself the pi-ir.
of good fellows, and his incxhauetlt
fund of; recitations aud stories ko
Bveryone in a roar of laughter.
The visitors left for horae Thursd
and promise to voturn again next yei
The annual meeting cl tlio Golt]
Board ol Traslo will bo held in t
Socrctaty's Offlce on Tbutssia;* na
Jp.slsissrj* if.it, at ,1 (-.m, ONTNEWARPATI
they are Pillaging the Country  an I
Terrorizing the Inhabitants.
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 20.���-A special
from, I. T., says : Deputy Marshal
Grant Johnson has brought the nowa
that the disaffected Creek Indians,
known as the "Snnke Bund," are up
In arms and are riding through the
country whipping and maltreating
peaceable Indians. Johnson snys he
saw a band of 50 headed by John
Creek, near Proctor. They were heavily armed and were arresting BOtno
JQreekB, whom they took to Hickory
ground, their headquarters, and
Whipped, It is stated thai one man
who resisted arrest was killed. The
marshal says tho country west of
here Is in un uproar, und that several bands of disaffected Indians,
numbering about 50 each, are out.
They claim to be the legally constituted authority in the nation. They
have elected un independent chief,
council uud other otlicers and the
peaceuble people have applied to the
federal authorities for protection,
These Indians are all full bloods, Ignorant nnd stubborn. They are the
anil-treaty party, and say they will
make no treaty and will not allow
any Creek council to ratify one.
tU^^mmmmmmmWgSSE,    ~        ��i      aaMas^M
Fort William, Jan. 20.���Messrs. H.
and E. Crosse, of Silver Isle, who
have beeu in town aince Monday, had
a remarkable experience on their trip
over from the island. They have a
large contract for getting out cedar
and it became necessary that they
should get another horse to do tho
work. They left for this place by
dog team early last Monday morning
and had got quite a distance inside
of the capo when they discovered
open water. On turning to go back
ihey discovered that a large piece of
ice, on which they were, hud broken
from the main ice and had floated a
considerable distance out into tho
open waler. The dogs jumped off
the cake and managed to get ashore.
The two men drifted around on the
cake for about three hours, when it
was driven by the wind down tlie
bay to the main ice where the men
got oil the cake und proceeded to the
shore. Tho doga were found and
driven lo the town. The boys left
for home yesterday, going by the
Black Ray road to a point near Caribou Island, where they will go
across the ice to the cape.
Stratford, Jan. 20.���A terrible accident occurred on lhe third concession
of Ellice, by which George Elltgsen,
a young farmer of that township,
lost his life. He was cutting down
a large tree in the bush adjoining Lho
farm, when the tree suddenly swung
and fell, pining the unfortunn e
young man to the ground. He was
soon extricated and carried to h s
father's residence, where his injur) s
received attention. The help was of
no avail, however, as the boy Wr-jS
injured internally. Death resulti-d
last night at 8 o'clock. DeceaSi tl
was 21 years old.
Rome, Jan. 20.���The pope in the
course of a private conversation with
the members of the sacred college
spoke with great satisfaction of lho
letter from Emperor Nicholas replying to the pope's thanks for the protection of tho Catholic missions in
Manchuria. The czar,, whose answer
was couched In the most sympathetic
terms, said the Russian troops had
obeyed orders given directly by himself.
London, Jan. 20.���A sensational
murder was committed on Thursday
afternoon on a train of Die London
& Southwestern railway. The murderer, said in some quarters to be an
American entered at East Leigh the
car occupied by Mrs, King of Southampton, and W. Pearson, of Winchester, When passing Surbiton the man
drew a revolver and killed Pearson
and wounded Mra. King in the cheek.
He thon rilled the pockets of#Poar.
son. The murderer jumped out of
the train at Vauxhull, but was pursued and captured. The police decline to give the man's name.
Washington, Jan. 20.���Adjutant-
General Corbin has received word
from the commanding officer at Dnp-
idun, Mundanao, P.I., thut he hus in
his possession u mule black deer uf
u species native to that island, whose
peculiarity it is to bark and bay l.ke
a hound. Authority is requested for
the transportation of the straage animal to the United States, wilh tt
vfew to its being plnced in the Koo-
logical park at Washington. '] ho
necessary authority -will be givon.
Montreal,   Jan. 20.���The  C. P.   R.
traffic receipts for tne    week ending
Jan. 14 wero $459,000; for the same
week last year, $497,000.
Toronto, Jan. 20.���A special cable
says 20 Boer prisoners on tho transport Catalonia jumped overboard us
the vessel entered tho harbor. The
guard fired, but the result is unknown.   It   is  believed   the  fugitives
|     took refuge on a Russian vessel    in
t     the harbor.
St. John, N.B., Jun. 19.���The Nor-
wegiun steamer Peter Jensen cume in
yesterday with the first cargo of bituminous ceal ever known to be Imported Into Cunuda. The cargo consisted of 5,185 tons, und is for tho
Intercolonial railway's uso.
New Vork, Jan. 30.���It is announced that the government of Venezuela
has established a censorship over ail
dispatches to and from tho Un.ud
States. It was added that this censorship had been established on Dec
9, and has boen strictly in force ovov
Talegisptite  lutein Bene* In Cond-utMA
Victoria, B.C., Jan. 19.���Mayor
Hay ward and aU the Old aldermen
are re-elected.
Rat Portage, Jun. 19.���Edward
Muthows, u half-breed, committed
suicide at Lafontaine's wood camp,
about 15 miles eust of here, toduy.
Brussels, Jan. 20.���Mr. EloiT, Mr.
Kruger's private secretary, denies the
report which hus been in circulation
for some time past that Mr. Kruger
has decided to visit Lhe United
Columbus, O., Jan. 20.���The urate
board of pardons has refused to interfere in the cuso of Roslyn XI. i\r-
rell. sentenced to be electrocuted t-u
March 1 for killing Expr ss Aksmi-
ger Lane.
Winnipeg, Jan. 20,���On Thursday
at thu court house Mr. Justice Richards sentenced George Desgngner,
who broke into the Hudson's Bay
company's mill, to three years iu the
Brisbane, Jan. 20.���Mr. Robert
Philip, premier and treasurer of
Queensland, asserted today that the
colony was prepared to contribute its
proportion of 10,000 additional
troops for South Africa,
Carman, Man., Jan. 19.���The death
of Captain James Haverion, county
court clerk, occurred here ut noun on
Thursday from apoplexy. Deceased
had been slightly indisposed for u
few days, but nothing fatal was anticipated.
New York, Jan. 10.���Miss Alta
Rockefeller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John D. Rockefeller, was married
yesterday afternoon at the residence
of her parents, this city, to Mr. E.
Parmelce Prentice, a young lawyer
of Chicago.
Montreal, Jun. 20.���The council of
the bourd of trade has approved of
the project to render navignble the
j French river between Georginn Buy
und Lake Nipissing, nnd will confer
on the subject wiih the minister of
public works.
Regina, N. W. T., At 1 o'clock thii
morning fire broke oul on the premises of the German newspaper Rundschau and the Regina felt factory.
Both establishments were owned by
Rudolf Bocz & Co. The former was
gutted, the latter completely destroyed.
Paris, Jan. 20.���M. Paul Jules Bar-
bier, the French dramatic poet, and
the librettist of "Faust" and many
other operas, died yesterday. He
was born in Paris March 8, 1822.
lie published the drama "Un Poete"
in 1847, und since 1860 worked much
in collaboration with Martin Carre.
Morris, Mon., Jan. 19.���A young
couple were found frozen to death in
the Pierce settlement, 15 miles south
enst of Morris on the morning after
the storm on the 15th inst. The bodies worn found u hundred ynrds from
the house. They ure supposed to
have been strangers in this settlse-
St. John, N. B., Jun. 20���It is expected Unit the first khaki election
in Canada will take place in Carleton
county. The local government purty
intends lo nominate Captain Good, of
Lhe Canadian Artillery, just returned
from South Africa. Nol to be outdone, the opposition will run Gunner
Smith, also of Lhe second contingent.
Cape Town, Jun. 19.���The British
second class cruiser Sybille is a total
wreck ut Lambert's Buy. She has
two large holes in her bottom. One
man was drowned, and the others
were saved with difficulty by the
transport City of Cumbridgo. The
disaster occurred while the captain
and several officers were on shore.
Poplar Point, Mas., Jan. 20.���An
unknown mun wus found u mile west
of here on the railroad frozen to
death. There are no papers to disclose his identity. He hud a small
sum of money, u gold watch, u razor
ami a pipe and tobacco. The man
was well dressed, fair, and aged between 35 and 50. Weight about 1G0
Tort Louis. Islund of Mauritius,
Jan. 19.���Tho British steamer Muis-
ari. of 1*,772 tons, has been wrecked
at Reunion. Twenty-five of the persons on board the vessel, including
the captain, lost their lives, Reunion
is nn island in the Mascarene group
in the Indinn ocean forming a French
colony. It has no natural port, and
its anchorages are insecure.
Chicago, Jan. 20.���Tn a fire which
destroyed the Aberdeen apartment
building here Frank Crowell, superintendent of Swift & Co.'s glue factory
lost his life while Lrying to save his
bank book and Insurance policy,
which were found cluspcd in his
hands. He was overcome by smoke.
A score of tenant* escaped with difficulty. Tho loss was 875,000, including the personal effects and house
hold goods of twelve families. A
special ��� detail of ten engines were
necessary to prevent the Bpread of
the flames to other buildings, as a
high wind was blowing.
Montreal, Jan. 17.���Lieut.-Colonel
Hudon. commanding officer of the artillery section of the Canadian contingent just returned, was bringing
home $15,000 In gold belonging to
himself and other officers, tno money
being contained in a heavy metal
box. On going west from here he
found the "box had not beon transferred, aud was much disturbed. The
money disappeared for several days.
He notified the railway** authorities
and a search was promptly made retaining in the finding of the box of
gold carefully deposited on the coils
beneath the seat on which Hudon
had been sitting.
Holland, Man., Jan. 17,���Two new
cases of scarlet fever were discovered
today.. The patients are doing well
so far, but some ure very low. The
skating rink is closed on account of
the fever, but two rinks from here
are curling ut the matches at Glon-
boro today.
Albani will again visit Canada this
Miss Boyd, a Reglna hospital nurso
dropped dead.
The Condemned Man Hei Heath With
stolid Indifference���A Spetcli
on the Scaffold.
Regina, Jan. 18.���When the sun
rose yesterday morning Regina jail
loomed wild and wierd from tho blizzard of the preceding day, as well as
gloomily, as the keen, cold rays fell
on its sombre walls. Sheriff Benson
had fixed 8 o'clock as thu hour for
the execution of John Morrison,, the
Moosomin murderer.
A few minutes to 8 o'clock Had-
elide reminded .the sheriff that the
time was close at hand. Morrison
had eaten nothing, having refused to
breakfast, and a stimulant wus suggested. This wus prepared by Dr
Edwards. The culprit, however, refused to drink it, and he was
brought into the corridor or lobby
by Turnkey A. Dunnett, who stood
beside bim whilst Radcliffe perform
cd the pinioning operations, Morrison submitted to these without a
tremor, and the procession to the
scaffold was then formed. Morrison
was placed on the trap door, the
rope was put around his neck, aud
ns Radcliffe was putting tho black
cap over the man's face the culprit
suld-   "I wish to say something.'
Radcliffe replied: "Then look quick
about it," and he turned the man
round to fuce the sheriff.
Tho last words of the man were as
follows : "I would like lo sny something for the good of the world. I
have lived a sinful life. It is foolish
to do this and I hope my life will be
a warning to others. Although 1
have been very wicked, yet 1 know
God of His great mercy will forgive
tho greatest of sins and the deepest"
ot crimes. Life at best is very short
nnd I hope thut whut I have done
will be a warning lo others to live
that short life in a different way to
what I have done. Lifo, I say, is
short and the sword is always hanging over us, und we do not know
how soon it will drop. It is not
worth while to be sinful, then. Thut
is all I have to say. Good bye and
God bless you all."
Once again, ho turned round, Radcliffe pulled the black cap over his
face, and Captain Olllam slowly and
solemnly recited the Lord's prayer.
At the concluding petition Morrison
disappeared through the trap door,
and u black flag floating from the
top of tho jail announced lo the
world that all was over. St.aff-Sergt.
Heflernen then convened a coroner's
jury within the Jail, The evidence
showed thut the vertibrao of the
neck was broken close to the base
of the skull. The loss of consciousness must have beon instantaneous,
though Lhe heart's action did not
cease until thirteen minutes after the
drop. The jury brought in a verdict
that death had been caused by hanging during the process of a legal sentence legally executed.
Ottawa, Jan. lit.���Applications are
reaching the department of militia
from all quarters for positions in the
South African police force. Among
the applications which are received
ure many from the United States.
There were 00 applicants in nil yesterday, and some of them came from
New York, lt it. not likely that
there will be any enlistment until
Captain Fell, of Strnthcona's Horse,
reaches here, but ull arrangements
will be made and every facility given
to parties to receive applications,
which they can forwurd lo the D. O.
C. of the district or to mounted police posts In the Northwest.
Washington, D. C, Jan. 17.,-Tho
state department was informed this
afternoon by cable from Venezuela
that the Venezuelan government hud
tuken possession of two steamers belonging to the Orinoco Steamship
company. No details of the seizure
are made public. The Orinoco company is understood to be an American concern operating between Port
Au Spain and points on the Orinoco
river. The head of the company is
said to be an American named Alcot.
Jamestown, N. Y., Jan. 17.���A
frightful accident occurred at the
Jamestown waterworks pumping station yesterday afternoon. Eight men
were at work on u scaffold over a
deep reservoir when the framework
guve way and Ihey fell 30 feet into
the reservoir in which was only shallow water. All wero injured, four
of them fatally. They are: Stewart
Conant, Wm. Johnson, Otto Lnwson
and Abraham Johnson.
Ottawa, Jnn. 18.���The ruilway
"oinmitteo of the privy council has
upproved of the plans of the pro'reed C. P. R. bridge over the Red i Ivor
at Winnipeg, and also of the plans
of the proposed approaches to lhe
Toronto, Jan. 18.���Mr. Justice Rose
is very seriously ill of pneumonia.
Toronto, Jan. 16.���Major Septimus
Denison, of the Royal Canadian regiment, has been appointed by the
Duke of York to be his Canadian
equerry on his staff to accompany
him during his visit through Canada.
Bathurst, Gambia, West Africa,
Jan. 10,���The British punitive expedition arrived at Dumbutu January
11, and completely surprised and
routed tho rebels. The troops captured the town after an hour's fighting, sixty robcls were killed, sixty
wounded and 200 were captured. Six
Important chiefs will be brought to
Bathurst. The British casualties
were six West Indians injured. More
fighting is expected.
Paris, Jan. 16.���Tho government
waa sustained in the chamber of deputies yesterday by a yote of 810 to
110 on M. Sombat's interpellation regarding the pope's alleged interference in the Internal affairs of Franco.
Paris, Jan. lfl.���M. Charles Hermite
the mathematician, is dead. He was
born In 1822, was a member of the
Institute and the academy of science,
was a commander of the legion of
honor and tho author of many works
on mathematics.
Its News Ik CentUu-td Paragraphs*
Helena, Mont., San. 18.���W. A.
Clark �� elected United States sen-
utor to succeed Senator Carter.
Indianapolis, Jan. 18.���Ek-Gover-
nor Mount dropped dead at the Denison hotel at 6:40 p. m. yesterday.
Toronto, Jan. 18.-Sir Frank Smith,
who hus long been ill. died at noon
today ut his residence on Bloor
street east.
Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 18.���Capt. J.
W. Moore, ono of tho best known
vessel owners on the lakes, died today at Lakeside hospital. t
Ottawa, Jan. 18.���Mujor Williams
Is acting in command at Winnipeg
depot until such time us C(*. Evans,
who is on leave, has returned.
Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 18.���The legislature in joint convention today,
elected E. W. Carmack United States
senator for the Urm beginning with
March 4, 1901.
Columbia, S. 0., Jan. 18.���Tho general assembly of South Carolina yesterday unanimously re-elected Hon.
B. R. Tillman United Stutcs senator,
to succeed himself.
Port Said, Jun. 18..-A hurricane
has swopt over the.Su-ez canal.   *dev-
erul steamers are detained. The Austrian-Lloyd steamer China is aground
und obstructing navigation.
Cape Town, Jan. 18.���The British
second-class cruiser Sybille is reported lo have been wrecked at Lambert's Bay, about 200 miles north
of here.   The crew were saved.
Syracuse, N. Y., Jan. 17.���Col. A.
E. Caldwell, founder of the Independent Order of Foresters, died here today. He gained his title of colonel
from u position on the staff of Governor Horatio Seymour.
Buffalo, Jan. 13.���Extradition papers were issued yesterday for Harvey Birch, alius Harry Phillips, who
was arrested at the request of Inspector Greene, of Toronto. He will
be given a heuring tomorrow.
Middleton, N, Y., Jan. 18.���A bend-
on collision between two freight
trains occurred on the Ontario and
Western railway at Summitville yesterday. The engines were badly
wrecked. The crews escaped by
Liverpool, Jan. 18.���The Dominion
line steamer New Englund, which
sailed for Boston, took another party of lacemukera bound for '/ion Oity,
Wis. They are understood to be
going out under the auspices of Mr.
John Alexander IWwIc.
Pittsburg, Fa., Jan. 16.���Queen's,
the champion hockey team of Ontario
begun u series of games against the
teams af the Western Pennsylvania
Hockey lengue this evening. The initial game was with Duquesne, and
resulted: Queen's, 5; Duquesne, 1.
Qu'Appello, Jan. 18.���The Farmers'
Milling company milt and elevator at
Fort Saskatchewan were totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday, together with 40,000 buBhels of wheat.
The loss, exclusive of the wheat will
reach about $25,000, partly covered
by insurance.
Corbin, Ky., Jan. 18.���A i*iot occurred here last night us the result
of lhe shooting of James Shot well by
Rollie White, and several persons
have been killed and in-ured. Shot-
well is in a precarious condition and
is not expected to recover. Tho number of killed cannot be ascertained.
St. John's, Nlld., Jan. 18.���The Al-
lnn line steamship Ontarian, Capt.
Campbell, which arrived In this port
yesterday from Glasgow and Liverpool, bound to Halifax and Philadelphia, has had considerable duniage,
to her machinery and. Bteering gear,
which will cause the vessel's detention here for about a week.
Montreal, Jan. 18.���The Grand
Trunk management gave an authoritative denial to tho report which originated in a Duluth newspaper that
the G. T. R. are about to embark on
u trunscontlnental railway line, running from ocean to ocean, with the
Wisconsin Central and Mackenzie &
Mann roads and the Canada Atlantic
as principal lines in the chain.
Toronto, Jan. 18.���A meeting of
lhe shareholders of the Crow's Nest
Coul compuny has been culled for
Feb. 4,' at the head office of the company, Toronto. The object of the
meeting is to discuss the proposal to
increase the capitalization of the
compuny, at present $2,000,000. The
idea is to issue 60,000 shares of
stock at a value of $25 per share,
which would bring the capital up to
Buffalo, Jan. 18,-Five persons were
injured last night by a collision between a fire truck and two street
cars. The in-ured men are all firemen who were th.-own from their
scats by the force of the collision.
The truck came dashing around the
corner at Main aud Tupper streets
just as tho two cars were passing.
Neither the conductors nor the firemen could stop anh the truck was
jammed between the cars. None of
the Injured will die.
Anniston, Ala., Jan. 17.��� E. K.
Shaw killed his wife last night, by
cutting her throat, and attempted
suicide in the same manner. The
couple were under guard at a restaurant on a 'charge of swindling when
the tragedy occurred. A tetter was
found addressed to Mrs. I. F. Smith,
Crown Point, Ind., stating thnt Shaw
left to her all his personal elTects,
somo property in Florida nml u $'������..-
000 policy of Insurance. Fhitw will
be held on a charge of murder.
London, Jan. 18.���It is reported
that the McClary Manufacturing Co.
has declined to ncnow Its agreement
with the syndicate that has on hand
the consolidation of the ten leading
stove manufacturing concerns of Ontario.
Ottawa, Jan. 18.���Raphael E. Fontaine, of St. Hyacinthe, has been appointed a judge of the superior court
of the -province of Quebec to take
the place of J. A. Ouimet, deceased.
Judge Fontaine wtll be situated In
the district of Rldielleu.
A Mutilated Kmly Fonnd In a Trunk
-The Victim Identified Hy
a  Woman,
New York, Jan. 17,���The body of a
mun with the throat cut from ear to
ear, and showing other murks of vio-
of skids at the bulkhead af pier 11,
East river, just before noon yesterday. It was identified two hours
later by a woman as the body of
Michael Wcissberger,, an East Sido
Hebrew, who was employed by a
jewelery firm to sell jewelry on the
instalment plan. The name of tho
wgman who identified the dead body
and tho address at which lho victim
of the murder had resided, Captain
Titus, head of tho detective bureau,
refused to disclose. Captain Titus
declared that the motive for tho
ghastly crime wus robbery, and intimated that there were at least two
men concerned in the murder.
A crowd collected about Patrolman
Rlelly when hc cut the clothes line
and opened tho trunk, Lying on its
left side, und with thu knees doubled
up, was the body of a man, the upper part completely drenched in
The body had been partlully undressed beforo being placed in the
trunk. Tho overcoat, coat and vest
had been removed and were laid in a
heap at the feet of the corpse, The
hat and shoes aro missing. Underneath the heap of clothing was found
what is known us a 'Dewey' tablecloth. The oilcloth table cover was
much worn and wus stuined with
blood. The bottom of tlie trunk wus
also blood-stained, showing that tho
victim was still bleeding and was
posBibly yet alive when the body wus
put in.
The victim's overcoat and vest
were torn, as though he had beeu engaged in a struggle. In one of the
pockets of the inside coat Captain
Titus found a number of bills and
other papers, from which he got tho
address of the woman who identified
the man. He also sent detectives
for the woman, who was taken to
tho station.
After his interview with the woman
Captuin Titus announced tho identity
of the murdered man. Ho had $200
worth of jewelry with him at the
time. He*was a married man with
a large family. No arrests have as
yet been made.
Leavenworth, Kan., Jan. 17.���Fred
Alexander, the negro who Saturday
evening attempted an assault on Miss
Eva Roth and who is supposed to
have assaulted and killed Pearl For*
bes in this city in November laBt,
waa this afternoon taken from the
sheriff's guard and burned at the
stake at the scene of his crimes, half
a dozen blocks from thu centre of the
city. Probably 8,000 persons witnessed the tragedy. Alexander was
tied to a ruilroud rail placed upright
in the ground.
Alexander was dragged from the
jail, taken to the scene of lhe murder of Pearl Forbes and told to confess. He protested his innocence but
the infuriated mob drugged him down
to the muddy river bank, chained
him to a rail, and poured coul oil
over his body twice.When this wus
finished the father of the murdered
girl upplied .tho mutch and in five
minutes the negro was hanging limp
and lifeless.
New York, Juu. 17.���Cornelius L.
Alvord, Jr., who pleaded guilty last
week to stealing $620,000 from the
F|��st Nationul bank, was lo have
been sentenced by Judge Thomas in
the United States circuit court yesterday, but on upplication of his
counsel Judge Thomas postponed the
sentence till tomorrow morning. Al-
vord's counsel hud some matters pertaining to the case to fix up before
Alvord goes away.
New York, Jan. 17.���Cornelius L.,
Alvord, Jr., the defaulting nqte teller
of tho First National bank, was today sentenced to thirteen years' imprisonment.
London, Jan. 17,���The Odessa correspondent of the Daily Mail giving
later experiences of the railway passengers who were snowbound while
on fhe way to Odessa, says : "All
the trains have now arrived here.
The drifts have hardened to the consistency of ice, and in one case a
tunnel had to be cut through a drift
400 yards long and 38 feet deep.
Many passengers who had attempted
to walk here were found by sleighing
parties frozen to death."
Troyes, France, Jan. 17.���lt was
discovered today that the man Go-
quurd, who, last Friday, when pursued by tho police, shut himself In
his house and threatened to kill anyone who approached, had committed
suicide in the meantime.
Washington, Jan. 15.���President
McKinley was so much improved in
health yesterday that he was able to
go out doors in a carriage for a
short time. It is expected that a few
more days will see him again ablo
to attend to business as usual.
New York, Jan. 15.���Wm. Neufeld
was electrocuted at Sing Sing prison
today. He murdered his mother's
cousin, Mrs. Annie Kroman, in hor
apartments at No, 866 West 85th
street, in this city on Aug. 7, 1899.
His execution occurred at 6.05 a. m.
this morning.
Brownsville, Jan, 15.���Fire completely destroyed J. Corbett'e general
store and stock In this place about
11 o'clock last night. The loss Is
about $15,000; Insurance $8,000.
The cause of the fire is unknown.
Melita, Man., Jan. 15.���This town
tendered a warm welcome home to
Private Livingston on his return
from South Africa. A public meeting
was held, and after speeches by leading men an address was presented,
together with a gold chain and locket.
She may seek to flirt and flout me,
Bhe may leem to dream and doubt ma
Bb+ may lead roe devious waya
With Iter wllea about tne;
But, beyond lt-th, ahe knowi
By her footstep my beart goal
Sh* may will to teue and try m,
Sh* may choose to run and fly nn,
She may give me stint of praise
And be seldom nigh me;
But, betid* U���ah, the know*
By ber lootstep my heart goe*l
- She may -cozen tud deceive me,
She may show pretense to leave m*,
Sbe may turn away her gaze
Thinking thus to grieve mc;
But, beneath It���ab. I know
By my heart her footsteps gol
-Post Wheeler In New York Pma
Long enough before I, a lieutenant or
Infantry, mnde my flrst trip across the
great Staked plains of Texas as an escort to a couple of civil engineers 1 had
heard of tbe death bird of tbe desert.
No living man had ever seeu lt, but
there were plenty wbo bad heard its
notes, and Its notes always meant danger. One might travel to and fro on
tbe Staked plains for a year nnd never
see n bird of any sort except about their
edges. The only living things to be
met with are serpents, lizards, scorpions and skulking wolves. The arldness
nnd desolation are too much even for
tbe buzzards.
The death bird, so tbe legend went,
appeared only at night, and then no
man snw him. He came to give warning. HIb notes were peculiar, and ho
hunter could Imitate btm, but one hearing tbem In the silence of tbe night and
tbe desert could make no mistake. Before making the trip an old Uuuter said
to me:
"Tbere Is but one danger to look out
tor���tlie Apaches. They may follow
you clear across the desert They
will not attack you by daylight, but at
night, without your having seen a sign
of ihem. they will creep upon you as
softly as serpents and spare none. Listen for the notes of the death bird, and
when you hear them take Instant warning."
There were 16 of us In the party.
Fourteen soldiers wero supposed to
constitute a force able to take care of
Itself anywhere. There wae more anxiety ns to our wnter nnd rations tban
ns to the Indians wbo might dog our
footsteps. It was midsummer, and the
bent on that great surface of sand nnd
alkali soil was simply terrific. After
the flrst day. when we were cleur of
shelter, n march of six or eight miles
wus nil any one was capable of. The
nights brought cool breezes and recusation, but they also brought a loneliness no person can describe. Men
afloat on the wide ocean In a small
hont hear strange sounds at night nnd
are mnde afraid. Men on the desert
are almost made cowards by the uncanny surroundings. IT tbere Is the
chirp of n cricket or the howl of u coy
ote, It Ik not company. It simply adds
to the loneliness. Xt the nighl Is unbroken, tben It Is as IT a heavy blanket
bnd been thrown over your bead to
shut out tbe living world.
We saw nothing of Indians. No one
believed that a party took our trail. A
faithful watch was kept, however, but
ufter n few nights when I hnd come to
realize bow helpless we reully were I
found myself depending on that legend
of the death bird. If we were meiinced.
be would warn us. We hnd been out a
week when there enme tbe bluckest or
black nights. It was black because tt
was moonless and a storm wns gather
Ing. Our tents were set up lu a clus
ter, but tliey could not be seen nt a dis
tnnceof six feet. Three sentinels were
on duty, but they could not eee tbe
sands nt their feet IT tbe Indians bnd
followed, there would never be a bet-
fer night for ��� surprise, tt would be
no trick at all to creep witbln stubbing
distance of tbe cntlm-ls. und n volley
or arrows and bullets seut through tbe
tents mnst wound or kll. most of us.
1 was sitting lu tbe door or my tent
an hour after midnight, wondering
bow soon the storm would break, wben
there came to me from a point not far
distant the notes or tbe deulh bird.
They sounded a bit like tbe call of a
quail, and yet they were unlike, They
were like words instead of notes. Tbey
were soft and clear, aud from tbe very
first tbey suld to mc:
"Look outl Look outl Look out!
Danger! Danger! Danger: 1 >eat b
Dent hi    Death I"
1 repeat that tbe bird seemed to be
talking Instead or crying out In Its tint
urnl notes. I mny hnve got this Idea
from my state of nervous uppreheu
slon, but so It wns. I turned nud woke
up tbe two sleeping engineers and asked them to listen. Ibey did uot muke
out words as I did. but one of them
"That's a danger cry, or 1 never
beard one. 1 tell you we are menaced
by some great peril 1"
Thrice tbe death bird called Its notes,
and tben all was silence as before. A.
soldier was sent creeping away to call
In the sentinels. A fow rods to tbe
north of us, as we nnd noticed wben
going Into camp, the sands had been
toyed *ltb by some strong gale until
the ridges almost formed a natural
fort With tbe greatest enre nnd in the
deepest silence we left tents und baggage, and, taking nothing but our water bottles and muskets, we crept ont
of camp to tbe noitb and by and by
reached tbe fort It wns bo dark tbat
men had to be felt for instead or spoken to, but nt tbe end of bait nn hour
we lay In line with our muskets resting
on a sand ridge and pointing toward
camp. One conld tell by tbe reeling In
tbe air tbnt the storm would soon
break and tbat tbe first break would bo
t rtvld Hash of Jlghtnlnr. The men
were Instructed to lire with the Hash in
case It revenled Indians about.
At last, when we were all In a tremble with anxiety, tbe Hash came. For a
few seconds It was as if n greiU searchlight had fallen upon the desert. It
was so blinding tbnt every eye was
closed for a second. Wben opened,
tbey beheld a band of 20 Apaches on
bands and knees within 25 feet of the
tents. A volley was tired straight Into
their faces and a second as another
flash showed a few In retreat, and
tben we lay tbere tn the pouring rain
till daylight came. There bud been in
the band, as near as we could figure it,
21 Indians. We bad fired without aim,
and tbe destruction wrought wns due
to luck or accident, but there were 1(1
redskins lying dend on the sands
around the camp. Among these were a
full chief, n subchlef and five or six
noted warriors. Our volleys hnd accomplished more than a year's campaigning with 000 soldiers. Indeed
they brought peace for two yenrs. Said
one of the survivors to me afterward:
"We had planned to kill the entire
lot of you. We heard the notes of the
death bird and knew yon would hear
them also, but we dldu't believe you
would understand the warning. Had
you not understood nnd moved away
not a man of you would hnve escaped."
For mnny days subsequently���ayej
for many months nnd years���us I was
posted along tbe desert or Journeyed
across it I looked for the death bird nt
morning, noon nnd night, but I never
got sight of lilm. His mission was to
fly ouly nt night nnd to tell of peril.
Why Did They Mlssf
Hunters' tales rarely make mention
of poor shots nnd failures, nnd n story
which depicts tlie rt'imtrknhlf III success of some famous shuts lu California a fow years ago Is therefore all tbe
more Interesting. The narrator, Mr.
Frank Marrynt. terms the Incident tho
one marvelous tale In bis book, '���Mountains and Molehills." lu former times
It would hnve passed fur n mlnu le.    *
Three or um were out at luhhlny In
search of venison lu the Pnntn Husn
valley. The shy wns cIuiiiIIcks and the
sun jjlazlng hot. Mnktug tor a shady
tblcket, we unexpectedly Blurted u dbe
Iu the loug grass. The was out of
range before we could raise a gnu, but
there still remained a town. The pretty Innocent stood perfectly still, gazing
at ub. Our larder wns bare, and wo
conld not afford to be merciful.
The fown stood motionless as 1 advanced a few paces and took.'as 1 fancied, deadly aim. 1 missed, and still It
did not move. The others fired .".nd
missed also.
From the sume distance, nbout 75
yards, we fired each four bullets without success. Still the fown moved but
a pace or two, und our rifle ammunition
wns exhausted.
I tben crept up to the fawn and within 20 paces fired twice nt It with my
pistol. Tben, unharmed. It quietly
walked away In search of its mothe'
We looked at each other lu surprise.
Fourteen shots within TO paces of a
motionless deer! "Well, I'll be bunged!" was one man's comment "Crock
We could not explain It unless the
rarefaction of tbe sir bud made the
deer seem nearer thnn It was.
Wby Is It the duty ul ihe bride to cut
the wedding cnkcV The fact Is at
least so a professor told mc the other
dny-tbat the Romans are ut the bottom of It The original Itouinn marriage was effected by the simple process of tbe bride and bridegroom breaking a cake of bread and eating It together. Tbis developed into the bride
cake, and tbe bride cut It because tt
was tbe duty of tbe woman to prepare
food for tbe man. Young brides of today wbo think It the height or 111 luck
not to cut their own wedding cuke are
probably not In tbe least aware of
what they are symbolically pledging
themselves to, but tbey hnd better bear
In mind tbat If tbey wish to keep a
mm In a good temper they must not *
ftrgtt to feed bim.
Dr. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
By Curing Their Peculiar Ills���Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
a Surprising Restorative for Pale, Weak,
Nervous Women.
nerves. I would take shaking spells,
and a dizzy, swimming feeling would
come over me. Night after night I
would never close my eyes, and my
head would ache as though it would
burst. At last I had to keep to my
bed, and though my doctor attended
mc from fall until spring, his medicine did not help me. I havo now
taken five boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, and it hus done me more good
than I ever believed a medicine could
do. Words fail to express my gratitude for the wonderful cure brought
about by this treatment."
Mrs. Margaret Iron, Tower Hill, N.
B., writes: "Hr. (Jhuso's Nerve Food
bas dono mo a world of good. 1 was
so weak that I could not walk twico
the length of tho houso. Since using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food I havo been
completely restored. I can walk a
mile without t any Inconvenience.
Though 76 years old and quite fleshy,
I do my own housework, and considerable sowing, knitting and reading
besides. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has
proved of inestimable value to me."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Bates k Co., Toronto.
As a result of much confinement
within doors, and tho consequent
look of fresh air and ho.tlthi'ul exercise, most women not only -lose much
In figure and complexion, lut also
suffer more or less from serious bodily derangements as the result of thin,
watery blood und exhausted nervous
More than nine-tenths of vie cases
of diseases peculiar to women ure directly due to a weakened condition ef
the nerves, and can be cured thoroughly and permanently by taking
mild outdoor exercise, breathing
plenty of pure, fresh air and using
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food to form new
blood and revitalize the depleted nervous system.
It takes time to build up tho system anew, to fill tho shrivelled arteries with new, rich blood, restore the
wasted nerve cells, and renew tho activities of the bodily organs, but the
persistent use of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food will accomplish theBe results
and bring health and happiness to
weak, nervouB and Buffering women.
Mra. Chas. H. Jones, Flerceton,
Que., writes: "Foi years I have been
a peat sufferer with my heart   and Q-OIjDE2ST *E3*B-A_
Better Mill, He W��. Wlae  Enomh
Rot to I*o.e It,
The pioneer was smoking his pipe on
the doorstep M I came along the high*
way, and when I had borrowed a light
and taken a look around I said to him:
"Iou don't seem to be hustling ver;
much on this claim?"
"No, can't say I am," he replied.
"Why don't you fix the roof of your
"That chimney ought to be rebuilt."
"I'm conslderln to do It."
"I should be afraid that stable woulsl
fall down and kill the mule."
"I'll hov to prop It."
"The weeds appear to be too much
for your corn."
"Yes, weeds Is powerful around
He was so placid and good natured
about It that I ventured further and
"It seems to me that with ambition
aud hard work you could not only
make a good living on this place, but
get something ahead.
"1 could for sure," he answered.
"Then wby don't you do It?"
"Waiting for what?'
"Waitln fur to gtt that amblshun yon
spoke of."
"And do you think you'll ever get It?"
Be tilled Ills pipe, lighted It and slid
off the log to get a brace for his back.
Wben be bad got fairly comfortably
settled hc queried:
"Stranger, you doan live around here,
I guess?"
"No, I don't."
"'Cause If you did you'd dlsklver
tbat I hnd a mighty good thing of It as
lt Is and would be a fool to let go fur
suntbln new." M. Quad.
Muffs are to be larger than ever In
Paris this winter and are in canoe
Dead gold ornaments are among the
millinery novelties and arc extremely
effective on black, red and, Indued, nil
dark colors.
Buttous pla-j a prominent part tn the
winter costume. Buttons nre of gold
or of white cloth when tbe costume Is
trimmed with wblte cloth embroidered
In gold,
- For tailor costumes tn blnck velvet
rovers of black broadcloth or sable nre
the most fashionable and are triuiused
with small motifs of empire style passementerie.
Among colors the rage for red promises not to abate, and there bave been
new shades of kbakl brought out In
Paris which are of tints almost coppery lu their redness.
Tbe toque of white panne adorned
with a wreath of white roses and several Impertinent little ostrich tips Is
considered In Purls the most effective
tlnlsli for n black clotb costume.
Velvet and Velveteen costumes ore to-
enjoy a popular reign all season. Tbe
fluer grades of velveteen are much preferred to velvet These arc beiug trimmed elaborately in braids and Persiun
A bewitching tea gown Is of accordion plaited -nun's veiling cnught at tbe
sides to the llgure by a girdle that
leaves front nnd back loose. A fall of
handsome ecru guipure outlines a yoke
' and appears also at the wrists.
l-'ni's never hnve been more freely
used, both ns garments and trimmings.
Itolei-os of seni sir broi.dttiil or marten
ore nlwuys short iinsl sire supported by
artistic belts of olil passementerie. An
eli-guiit costume lias a bolero of suble,
witli a collar nl' vs-silse lac,-.
Th. Sad  Tale of  Horatio  and  lit*
llenrtleaa Taller.
"Horatio!   Horatio!   Horatio!"
It was tbe voice of a mother calling
to her only sou from the back door, but
there was no answer. Wben she bad
called again aud again, with like re*
suit, she ran across the lawn to a vino
embowered summer house where Horatio sometimes went to read bis Virgil.
"Ah, yon are here!" she called as sh,
looked In ut the door and espied him.
No answer.
"Horatio, Horatio, my son, wbat It
115 Are you asleep?"
No snores reached her maternal ears,
'-The dear boy is asleep, and I will
leave him thus. But what Is this letter
In tils hands? Surely a mother can
rend lie.- son's letters. Is he in love?
No; It Is not that. It Is a note from his
tailor saying that he cannot press uew
wrinkles Into his trousers before to-
morrow. Wake, Horatio, and your
own mother will beat the datlrons and
do the presslug herself. You shall not
be dlsniipolnted."
She laid her hand on his forehead. It
was as cold as an ice trust She felt
of bis heart. It bad ceased to tunk.
The note from the tailor had struck
home, and Horatio Colllngwood was as
deasl us a herring. M. Quad.
Is Rheumatism of the face.
Uric Acid left In the blood
by   diaordered   kidneys
lodges along the nervo
which branches from tha
aye over the forehead, tud
across the cheek to th*
side of tho nose.    Tha
cause is the same as In all
Rheumatism��� disordered
i    Kidney.. Tho cure 1. likewise the samo���
Important   News  Condensed Into  Itrtof
Nuremberg, Jan. 17.���Johunn Faber
the founder of the Faber lead pencil
factory, Is dead.
The Hague, Jan. 17.���Mr. Kruger
starts for Utrecht in a few days   t
consult an oculist.
Paris, Jan. 17.���Judgment in the
Oastellaine-Wertheliner suit wus post.
ported today for another week.
London, Ontl, Jan. 17.���The jury
yesterday afternoon returned a verdict In the Sifton will case when Edgar Morden was found guilty of forgery.
New York, Jan. 17.���Heidolbach
Ickclheinier & Co., announce that!
they will ship ��1,000,000 gold to
Paris tomorrow. The gold will be
taken from the assay offico.
Indianapolis, Jan. 17.���W. A. Fis-
back, master of chancery of tho Unl-
tch States court here, formerly editor of tho St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
and ono uf the best known attorneys
in Indiana, died here yesterday, aged
Winnipeg, Jan. 17.���James Premier-
goat, a O.P.R, switchman, met with
a painful accident while switching in
the city yards this morning. His
hand was caught while coupling cars
and the right thumb pinched oft at
tho lirst joint.
London, Jan. 17.���Thfi LMi-ftefU j?!
Marlborough, whilo jut hunting with
the hounds yesterday, wns lin\wu
l'i ���nu her horse whilo i-toaring a fence
The horse rolled over her, but sho
escaped with nothing worse than
severe shaking up.
Vancouver, Jan. 17.���Mr. Joseph
Martin, M.P.P., who recently under-
wont a somewhat serious operation
in St. Paul's hospital, Is sufficiently
recovered to be out again, but Is
temporarily compelled to walk with
the aid of crutches.
Montreal, Jan. 17.���Canada's if'tis*-
trlous prima donna, Madame Albani,
will pay her native country a professional visit, making a tour of the
Dominion early In the spring. Accompanying Madame Albani from
England will be her own company of
of artistes.
Havana, Jan. 17,���Tho Ward line
steamer Vigillancia is aground off the
banks of Los Colorados, about 100
miles wostward of Havana. The Vig-
Uiancia was on her way from Vera
Cruz, Mexico, Jan. 10, for Progresso,
Havana and New York. She has 58
passengers on board.
Vancouver, Jan. 17.���Mayor Car-
den, before vacating the civic chair
yesterday, after three years' occupancy, was presented with a valuable gold watch, chain and seal by
the city hall staff and tho civic employees ob a token of their respect
and esteem for the recipient.
New York, Jan. 17.���Advices show
tho election yesterday to the United
Slates senate of the following: Massachusetts, George Frisble Hoar, Republican, re-election; Colorado, Thos.
M. Patterson, FusioniBt; Maine, W.
P. Frye, Republican, re-election; New
Hampshire, Henry E. Burnham, Republican.
London, Jan. 17.���United States
Ambassador Choate, and tho secretary of state for foreign affairs, bad
a second conference today on the amended Hay-Pauncefote treaty. An
outline of tho action Great Britain
Intends to pursue was not developed,
and no definite decision Is likely to
be reached by Great Britain fur several days.
Winnipeg, Jan. 17.-An Italian named Conshella, who keeps a fruit stole
on McDermot street, was taken to
the general hospital yesterday suffering from a severe n'.tack of hiccoughs. All the usual remedies failed, aud for some hours his enva was
regarded as dangerous. He was it-
ported somewhat relieved last u-ght.
Ottawa, Jan. 17,���Thomas Cote, a
well known Mootreal journalist, has
been appointed French census commissioner to assist at headquarters.
Cote has for several years been a
number of the editorial staff of La
Patrle. For five sessions he has been
parliamentary correspondent of La
Patrie. Ho is president of the press
Rome, Jan. 17.���It is rumored from
a doubtful*source that the notorious
bandit Mussolini, for whom the police and military have been searching
for a lqng time, died during the recent cold wave from exposure in tho
woods near Sfila, Sicily. It is added
that the troops who were pursuing
him wero incapacitated by cold and
Copenhagen. Jan. 17.���Tho Danish
government has sent to thu linanco
committee of both housts of the rigs-
dag a report of the negotiations between tho United StnteH and Hen-
mark regarding the salo of the Danish West Indies, and also a petition
signed by seventeen business men of
Copenhagen asking for government
assistance to mako tho islands profitable to Danish capital.
Shanghai, Jan. 16.���There is a famine In the province of Hhen Si, uud it
Is said that 5,000,000 people are facing starvation.
Buda Pest, Jan. 16.���Prince Ivan
Vasaroff, a descendant of the Ruth-
enian dynasty, committed suicide today by exploding a dynamite cartridge in his mouth.
Paris, Ont.,* Jan. 16.���Henry Mc-
Mullen, brakesman .in Mu Buffalo
and G-oderich branch of iho Grand
Trunk, slipped and fell between the
cars and was killed near this town
today.     He was aged about 8fi,
Washington, Jan. 16.���Gen. Mc-
thur reports the surrender of Dolga-
do, commander-in-chief of Illolo province, Panay- He also reports that
other important surrenders are expected during the next few days,
Copenhagen, Jan. 16.���It is understood here that the salo of the Danish West Indies to tho United States
will soon be completed. It Is added
that the minister of finance, II. F.
Herring, ia concluding satisfactory
arrangements. The desire here Is to
sign the convention before March 4.
Senator Ogilvie has resigned owing
to ill health.
General Colville has been placed on
the retired list.
Montreal hospitals uie overtaxed
owing to the la grippe epidemic.
The Snake band of Indians are pillaging settlers in Indian    Territory,
A young couule were found frozen
to death southeast of Morris.
The Dominion government will construct a telegraph line to Fort Simpson.
One of the largest elevators in
America will be built for Mackenzie
& Munn. at Port Arthur.
Five were killed in a Grand Trunk
railway accident near Rock's Mills,
Maine. It It was the most disastrous on this division of the road in
Boor prisoners are said to have escaped from Ceylon.
Sir Frank Smith, tho Toronto millionaire.and senator, is dead.
One of tho stove foundries has
withdrawn from tho combine.
The body of an unknown man was
found frozen to death near Poplar
A German newspaper office and tho
folt factory, Reglna, wore destroyed
by fire.
Many persons were Injured in the
destruction by fire of nu hotel at St.
Louis, Mo. *
Morrison, the murderer of the McArthur family, near Moosomin, was
hanged at Regina.
The British steamer Kaisari was
wrecked in tho Indian ocean and 25
of her crew drowned.
Edward Mathews, a Selkirk half-
breed, committed suicide at a Rat
Portage district lumber camp.
Buffalo firemen were injured in a
Several persons were killed in a
riot at Corbia, Ky.
Tho body of a murdered man was
found in a trunk on a New York
The route of tho all-British-Paciflc
cable has been outlined by the colonial office.
The Aberdeen apartment house, in
Chicago was destroyed by fire. One
life was lost.
Alvord, the defaulting New York
bank teller, received a thirteen years'
Samuel Lewis the London money
lender, left a fortune of ��4,000,000,
a large part of which will go to
The Boers havo occupied Sunderland and Aberdeen. Gen, De Wet has
cross**! the Vaal, and is marching
The Delpit case is to be tested in
the Quebec courts,
A negro was burned to death by a
inob at Leavenworth, Kansas.
Dr. Rose, house surgeon at St.
Bonifacj hospital, died suddenly,
Capt. Bernler will conduct a Canadian North Pole expedition.
A small British convoy was captured at Bronkhurst Spruit near Pretoria.
The British war office has decided
to send largo reinforcements to Lord
A man named Spring, a former
Vuncouverite, was hanged at Pretoria as a British traitor.
Goquard, who defied the police and
gendarmes of Troycs, France, killed
himself in his besieged home.
The BiBhop of London is dead.
Stratbeona's Horse sails for home
about Jan. 21,
British forces surprised an*J routed
tho Gambia rebels.
A scarlet fover epidemic has broken
out in Holland, Man. ,
British losses at Belfast wero moro
serious than reported.
The British government hns abandoned the colonial police force.
Four men were fatally injured at
tho Jamestown,   N.Y.,   waterworks.
The sale of the Danish West Indies
to the United States will be completed before March.
Mr. Chamberlain has requested the
Newfoundland ministry to renew the
French shore nioduB vivendl for a
Mr. Kruger has been restored to
Several people were killed in a Chicago theatre panic.
A Yokonamn report states that
400 fishermen were lost ��n a st-rm.
It Is stated that Lord Curzon will
be succeeded as viceroy of India by
Lord Cadogan.
The .steamship Lako Suuenor hus
brought to Halifax 058 new settlers
for the Canadian West.
Two '.rainincn wero kill-id and pev-
eral injured In a train wreck near
Kallspell, Mich.
It ts said that scanda'ous tonuuet
prevailed on tho st run-ted Russio ;
the crew mutinied.
��& A A **&*>'** -*s-.-V ������***���.���*"���*���������***-*�����-**���*. ���*���***���*-*���*������ ^ ���*****���*. ������*****.-���***���*
**"9 "Otte rrm * 9 9*w*wmmWm 9 w*
When lutntncr days ��re over
An tlie 1-rcetn start to blow
Tliat tell us winter's comiii,
\Vllh lt> bllunriis tn Its snow,
I'm always wrt of happy.
Kor, although It'* cold an <lrr��r,
I know llie ilrup's waitln
An the puma I*, f icaaon'a here.
Delicious, thick an browiiiiti���
Sh or icvtfl I" - pile���
With fc'i"��i nlil ruutitry butter*,
Don't it muke a tetter aniilut        t
Jill' loit-9 iliiht ol trouble; '-.
It'll make lilm waul to chcrr
To lee those alrumlti pancakes,
With the nirup sutthi near.
Of course to other people,
Now, they muy not iccm so sweet,
For ililTiTout lolka Imvo different isilM
Cuncerniu things to cat,
But when u teller risea
After mtin, maybe ten,
Ue flmls himself s-wlahln
lie could tlo it all again 1
Now, when the ilays arc short'nls
An the lakes begin tu (reuse,
When winter winds, s-nitrln.
Come H-riishin through the trow,
To me It brli.Rs no sorrow;
Nay. It's music to my -ear.
Fur then tlie th'np'a waitln.
An the immakc season's here.
���lli.ii- Dudley In St. Joseph H����
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried  oa margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
Reported   by Alloway & Chamkion,
362 Main Street. Winnipeg.
.... 258
190 ,
Commercial cable ....
.... 170
Montreal Tel 	
.... 175
Uich.  & Ont. Nav.
107 */i
City Pass Hy 	
.... 280
Halifax Ily 	
. ..    00
Montreal Cas 	
.... 220s/2
220 Vi
Toronto Ity ....  ....
Duluth I'ret	
C. P. B.,  Montreal
C. P. R., London      04)4  	
Money���Time       6     	
Money���On  call          5      	
Quoted   by   Alloway   &   Champion,
362 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Reichmarks   30.32%
Austrian OuLlcn  89%
Holland Guilders 39
FrancB  89
Russian Roubles  50%
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour���Lake of the Woods Five
Hoses, $2.10; Patent, $1.05; Medora,
$1.60; XXXX, $1.35; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian $2.10; Glenora
Patent, $1.05; Manitoba, $1.60, and
Imperial XXXX $1.20 per sack .of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed���Bran, $14 pur ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed���Oat chop, $25 per
ton; barley chop, $19; mixed barley
and oats, $23; corn chop, $20.
Oats���33 to 35c per bushel.
Barley���341/a to 35<V&c.
Com���44 to 47c.
Flax���$1.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to $8 per ton on track here, and
loose hay is worth about the some
Butter���Creamery���20c per pound.
Butter���Dairy���Strictly -fresh made
16 to 17c in packages; second grades
14 to 16c.
Cheese���10c per pound.
Eggs���25c per dolen.
Vegetables-Potatoes, 40c per bus.;
parsley, 30c; carrots and beets, 35c
per bushel; turnips, 20c per bushel;
cabbage, 30 to 60c per dozen; celery,
20c per dozen.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4 to d*/p; city dressed, 5 to 6c;
slugs and rough beef, 4c to 4V'i>c ;
veal, 5 to 7c; mutton, 8V��c; lamb,
10c; hogs, 6 to 6V��c.
Poultry���Dressed chickens 8c per
lb; ducks 8*/&c; geese, 0-^c; turkeys,
Hides���6c for frazen hides, flat rate,
5 lbs tare. Kips same price as hides.
Dcakin skins, 25 to 35c each. Sheepskins, 45c for fresh killed.
Wool���8 to 8-^c per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12-^jc for washed.
Tallow���4c per pound.
Seneca Root���33 to 35c.
FARMS FOR SALE-Improved half
section near Grlswold $20 acre. Half
section near Douglas $4,000. 240 on
N. P., east Portage la Prairie, improved, $15 an acre. Fine farm south
Whitewater $11 an acre. Two sections close to Morris $8 an acre cash.
Walter Suckling & Co., 360 Main St.,
When 1 cturtei) wi* Maggie, her mither did erf
That nsne could he suitt'd like Maggie and It
But since we've got niairret a change Is owns a'j
Noo 1 canns get un wi' lier mither ava'.
When the tak's a rin up by the fireside she sits
An gets on to Maggie tor ck-aning my buits,
She says, "Utnna learn him sic fashion ava'."
She'* a meddlesome lady, my mither-ln-lsw.
She picks fauts wi' this, and she picks fauts wi'
She even picks (suts wi' oor Innocent cat.
She scolds at oor wean when he greets on his
She's a heidatrotHf eiOf lady, toy mlthcr-in-lnw.
When she speaks ol uir neebours, she rlns tliea
���' doun,
An she thinks there's no many like her in the
It she does ony guld turn, tu' loudly she'll b'aw;
Klie's renl fond ol herself, my aulil mither-ln-lsw.
Some tilclit I will open my mind on her yet
An tell her ol something the winna lorgct.
I'll tell her ahe winna come here sn miicu'
Kolks whs nivcr hae ht-nuM her, my iniiliiT-ln-
Value or Mule.
Mrs. Moternnl-I nm sorry you are
going back to Germany. Had I not
better get another music tencber for
my daughter?
Professor von Note���Id ees nod ne-c-
essary. She knows enough imiseek to
get married on.���New York Weekly.
Flrat Pabltsliera of dinner.
Tbe flrst collected edition of Chnu-
cer's works wns published by Pynson,
who Issued the first of tbe three parts
tu 1520. Iu 1532 there followed an edition by Thynne, nnd others appeared In
1501, 1598. 1002 and 1087, to Bay nothing of that which cnnie from tbe bouse
of Llntot In 1721, which bas tbe distinction lu tbe opinion of scholars of
being tbe worst ever printed. The
name of Thomas Tyrwbltt Is Justly remembered In connection with Chaucer,
and this by rensuu of the scholarly edition of the "Canterbury Talcs," 1775-H.
to which be added Information notes
and a glossary. Not until Or. Furui-
vall produced his six text volume lu
1808 was Tyrwbltt's work as i whole
superseded.-New York Tost
The current conception of a society
girl cried softly to he rue If.
"Now Hint tlie uiitimiohile tins done
away with tbe ctmi-liumn." she was
innftnlug, "who am I to dope wlthV"
Naturally the future looked very
dreary, holding, as it did. nothing fur
her but respcctnble umrrluge or a cu*
reer.-Detroit Journul
"I'm rather glad, now," soliloquized Ihe illustrious admiral, "that j
didn't get that nominal ion for president. I wouldn't have had a shred
of reputation left by this linn;.
A German brewer in Mexico obtained stx gold medalsj at the Parts    exposition foi  six kinds of beer male
by him.
She���Did you ever hunt tlie Adirondack deer ?
He (with a gasp)���-No, dear.
"Minister Wu made many pointed
remarks," said the observant boarder.
"Interrogation pointed," added tho
cross-eyed hoarder.
pure, wholesome and economical tea, either green or
black, use only
A Nova So tliui Who Watt Attacked Almost Gave Up Hope uf ltecii very���Ills
Experleiiue nf Vultie tn O.htv h.
Prom lhe Enterprise, Bridgewdtor, N.S,
Mr. C. B. Johnson is about 28 years
old, a gold minor by occupation, is
well known about the mining cauips
in these parts and is thoroughly
posted in his business. Not lung ago
Mr. Johnson chanced to be in Porter's drug store, in Bridgewater,
when a case of Hr. Williams' Pink
Pills was heing opened, and hc remarked to the fieri; : "I saw tho
time when a dozen boxes of those
pills were of more value to me Limn
the best gold mine in the country."
A reporter of tho Enterprise happened to hear Mr. Johnson's rather
startling remark and asked why
he spoke so highly of the pills.
Mr. Johnson's statement was as follows: "About four years ugo 1 was
attacked with la grippe which kept
me from work about three weeks. I
did not have it very hard apparently, but it loft mo weak alt the samo.
Anyhow, after losing three weeks I
concluded to' go to work again. The
mine I was working in wus making
a good deal of w*��tor and 1 got wet
the lirst day. That night the old
trouble came back, with the addition
of a severe cold, T managed to get
rid of tin.* cold, but tlie whole force
of the disease settled in my stomach,
kidneys and joints, und bolls broke
out on my body and limbs. My back
was so weak I could scarcely stand
alone, while food in every form distressed me, and 1 became ho nervous
that any unusual noise would overcome me. I tried several sorts of
medicine, but none seemed to tlo any
good. I went to see a doctor. His
medicine helped me ul first, bul after
a short time lost ith effect. Ho then
changed the medicine, but with no
better result. About this time a
clergyman who culled al the house
advised me to try Ur. Williams' Pink
Pills. I got a box and used thein,
but they did not materially benefit
me. I had been now some weeks idle
and was feeling desperate. A friend
strongly advised me to go to u hospital for treat 11 tent und I had just
about decided to do so when un
acquaintunce learning I hnd taken
but one box of the pills suggested
that I sbauld try three boxes more
before giving them up, The matter
of money decided me on trying the
pills again. 1 got three boxes and
when used I was quite a bit Improved, could eat light, nutritious foot),
slept better, and felt noticeably
stronger. But 1 was still an unwell
man. As the pills were doing a good
work, however, 1 sent for eight boxos
more. I continued using them till
all were gone, when I felt that I was
restored lo health. All my stomach
trouble had disappeared, 1 was fully
as fleshy as before the first attack of
la grippe, my nerves were solid ns
ever, and I knew that work would
give strength to my muscles, So, after about six months, I went to
work again and have not had a sick
day since. One dozen boxes of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills saved my lifo
and gave me better health since than
1 had before, and that is why 1 suid
they were worth more to me than
any gold mine, for all that a mun haa
he will give for his life."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of tho disease. Th *>y
r.mew nnd build up the blood, and
strengthen the nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. If your
dealer does not keep them they
will bo sent postpaid at f>0 cents a
box, or six boxes for $2.-50 by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Hii Further Report.
"I would like to report, sir, thnt bur-
Clara entered my house last night," he
said to the segeant at the police station.
"How much did you lose?"
"Two $10 blls out of my vest pocket."
"And do you suspect any one?"
"Yes, sir; I do. 1 would liko to further report that I nm perfecly certain
thnt my wife got np In the night find
hawked on to tlmt money nud to mid
tbnt till the policemen m the United
Siities can't sciire it out of line Tint's
nil, sir. Good dny. sir."
people are killed every year in this
country by CONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No one need have
consumption, It is not hereditary.
It is brought on by neglect. You
do nothing to get rid of it.
will cure a cough or cold in one
Miss Bovli, �� young lady of ��� Slmcoe, ���
���chool teacher and (imminent socially, went
rapidly into a decline from a -cough. Was not
expected to live. Hnii.uu completely cured
her. People In that vicinity are well acquainted
with the lacti In her cast-.
ihltoh'a Consumption Cure la soltl by all
-druntata lu (iniiHdn and United Saat��i at
���Se, SOo, SI 00 n IiuIIIk. In Oraat ltrltiiln
Rt la. Sd., Sa. Stl., nml 4a. 61I. A printed
*ga*rant��e Roea with every bnttle. If ynu
ar�� not a*tls->lli"il got to your druggist nnd
get your motley bnok.
Write tor illustrated tnok on Consumption, Seat
without coat to you.   ii. C. Wells * Co., Uronto.
Nearly 500 emigrants it dny aro
being shipped by agents of Uw juv-
ernmenl of Queensland from Englau:!
to Australia. For every aduli chipped nn agont gets ��2,50, and for
every child he is paid 51.25.
MAK!N'ti A * ItESOKT."
A thousand men are Ht work on a
barren sand beach near New York
which is to he turned Into a summer
resort, with a huge amusemonl palace and several hotels. The harbor
will ho creatod by dredging.
|    When  King  Solomon   broached    tho
' subject of matrimony, the Queen   of
Shelitt  laughed  merrily.
i      I havo a [lurrot that swears uud
I u monkey that chows tobucco, ko
what do I want with a husband ?"
she -exclaimed with an arch look.
I "Chestnuts I" roared Solomon, de-
j Tin' kin-u; also called her inujosty's
attention to tho faet thnt tobacco
wus not yet discovered, but thu
queen was not tu bg shaken in her
do tormfnation.
How's This?
Wo "ffer On Htnid ed Dollars Reward for
any case of Cntirrlt Unit cannot be cured by
Hob's Catarrh Cute
F -l.rilKNKV & L,()..Proi)S,Tolfiil",0.
We, tlm un lur Ignod hnvo known V. .1.
Ulienoy f.ir the his! 15 yen in. mid li-L-li.-w Mm
1 neatly hononil-.lt! in id Imalm-sn traiiEat-i iom,
mid ti 1 m-ii'.llj' nbli' o curry * ut any (lilig.tiun
niBrtu hy their firm*
ABsTsfcTnilAX-W lii,lt--;il.- lJriiggis1s,T*uli;iln,t.).
Wai,ni.so,   K inn an  &   Mahvis,  Wholesale
I)rn^;--ts,T..l,. l<i,0.
HallH Catarrh Oure Is taken lntornally, acting diroetlyuiion tho blood and mucus sur-
fiiui't of the .-ymeni. Price, 7**io. per hot th-. .Sold
by all drug-.' -is.   ToaHmotilalH freo.
Hall's Faintly Pil.s are lhe best.
HOTEL BALttOMLlAf?fK'p.rT|^2:
j Tin1 hard-headed woman of today
jatToeis io be woll content with herself, but wo fancy Rhe has moments
of misgivings, whan she is dressing
up to go on the sireet und it becomes
necessary lo thrust a hatpin through
her head.
1 Ua^Allft,     FACTORY, Montreal
Bllile   Fueta   on   Which   the   Bialiop
ItitHfil HIm (luestion,
Sonic people tmd fim over the reported rejection uf eight enmlldtites for
tbe African Methodist ministry In tbe
south by tbe examining bishop because
they could not lell the date of tin-
flood. Nevertheless the bishop wbo
nsked the question knew whnt he wns
doiug. It tuny not hnve been a fair
question, Imt there Is n concise nnswur
to it lu the Bible, nml he 110 doubt
thought.thnt the eight candidates. If
they were well verse;! in Hie Old Testa
ment, would answer li tit once.
The date of lhe flood was l.tlT.i! yenrs
after the birth of Adam. In the yeeond
month ami the seventeenth dny, It be
pan then and colt ttn tied for 40 tlnyt
aud nights. This is how it Is figured:
The third verse of tbe fifth chapter ol
Genesis rends thus. "And Adnin lived
130 years and begal 11 son hi his own
likeness, after his Image, und called liis
name Seth." Then In the Blxth verse
ll is told Hint Seth lived 10") years nnd
begnt Enos. Adnm, says tbe fourth
verse, lived Sim ycni'S nfter the hh'tl
of Seth, aud the latter after the birth
of Enos lived 807 years. So It goes on
Enos begnt Cnlnnn when he wns HO;
Cnlnan begnt Mnlutlnloel when lie was
7Ti; Mnhalnlccl bcgiit .lured when lie
wns 05; .Tared begni Enoch when be
wns 102. Metliusolnh wns born 10
Enoch when the hitter was 05, nml
when MethUBChlh was 1ST he begnt
Lttinecb, nnd I.niiiei-h's son Nonlicnnn
Into the world when the father wns
IS2. This brings us down to the birth
of Nouh. which, according to tlio milled
nces of the several iintrlarehs ai tlutl me their sons wore horn, occurred
l,0flll years after the birth of Ada in.
In the seventh chapter of (leusls the
eleventh verse reads as follows: "In
the six hundredth year of Noah's life
in the second month, the sevetiteenil
day of the month.tiie siuneday were nl
the fountains of ihe grent deep broken
up nnd all the windows of lienvoi.
were opened." This was the flood
nud It came to pass In the year 1050
after the birth of Adnm.
'Twnii V.vev tban.
e - '-��� \ * ���    Tw<$-i-S''IH<55-
She���When you courted me, you said
you pot ^1^ per week, and yuu only
get -SO.
He���Womnn, womnn, did you marry
uie fur tne money?���Chicago News.
It Is better to be horn In old Ohio thnn
to be bred In old Kentucky.���Memphis
Ci.nimi-ri'inl Appeal.
Borne politicians work eo hnrd to se
cure thrh- offices that tliey don't feci
cnlled eoon to du neylbing "**"r tbey get
When the constitution itself comes tr
be amended so ns to provide for the elee
tion of president nnd vice prcjslilant bj
direct vote of lhe people, It should nlsf
be amended so ns to give the vice president executive duties to perform.���Philadelphia Ledger.
A llclpiitl Kimiu'Mtl-nii,
"Kill yenu It'll me, young feller," Inquired Mr. Ketili-u Hay of Kotir Corners, "where Ueivtibouts I kin git me n
good tniim-r suit'/"
"Why, there's it good pharmaceutist
not two blocks nway." replied the
young fellow blithely.-Htirper's Ita*
Not True in Un Name,
"Didn't you start out with a piny
cnlled 'Tinned Adrift?'" nsked the
"We did." replied thai t-mim-ul iragc-
dinn nml repertory actor, Mr. Itnim-s
Tormer, "but we couldn't Ret anybody
to Hunt It."
Com 11 nun IPHH.
Mrs. Hlhblts��� Where were yon lasi
lllght, my dear?
Mr. Hlbbits-Heiilly, my love, 1 tlon'i
know. I had 110 guidebook. ��� Chic
State Journal.
The telescope, as far from b<3m��,
as is generally averred, the outcome
of the famous experiment of GaUloo,
wns known at least 800 years before his time, while the micrus'-.^po
certainly dales from the early part
of the ninth century, although gi colly Improved in the. f.fricpnth b,v .lan-
son and others.
Ily the end of the    year coal   vy'll
nm  be used on any   of tho locomotives in the Stato of California.   All
tho engines are being converted  mto
Bra$$ Band
Instrument! 1 Drum*, Uniforms, Kte.
Lowest prices ever quoted, Fine catalogue
m 111 imt rati 0119 mailed tree. Write us for anything til MuhIc or Musical Instruments,
Wlaley Royce k Oo.,"^gi^S*.
If you would like to have your houee well
lighted at a minimum of cost, cliuui��.-r und
better limn e ectrieity, uss or coal oil, write
191 Thistle St., Winnipeg. Reuben Andre,
to send your orders Isrge or small to
PAUL SALA wSe Wines, Liquors
winniiicji, Man., 646 Main Street.
Pure Native Ton foi liiv.iii.ls, ft.15 )����� gtl., f j.*>
-dot. tlOlllM.
B��t Whiskey, Ja.;*-,. Ji, f j u pu gal., (si, fj.ts, ft
diu. I��IUH.
Enqliih,   Fm-cnch  aND  OCflMAN   SPOHIN.
McCnlloch & Boswell SfaSSHR.1
Itu'iM.' and Hoekey Skatis, have removed
Irom -J10 Mc Dor mutt St. tol89 Lombard St.,
opp, Mclntyre Blk., Winnipeg.
ISInussfucturod .,, thos. LEE, Winnipeg,
A New Cream
I am Introducing one this year of very superior merit, nnd if you buy without writing
for my descriptive Cm a Incite, you will be
doing yourself it great injustice.
Wm. Scott, "���-^SSBpAJSr���-
Tlie Ontario Northwe3t AcatyleneOai Co.,
near Sir���1 have iir -rl your machine for somo
timo mid am exctwdingly well pleased with It.
I can say that it* ti much more simi 1 a satlifao*
lory, eeonomiial, aul more   easily managed
ihnii any machine that I have seen.  I have just
imt nut two othtr tnncMnt��8 ihnt were utter
tailiiriB.    Yours, t.e.v. Osuon (iibbon-Stocken.
Manufactured br Northwest Acetylene Gas
Cu., i.'i Trim-ess Street, Winnipeg.
MACH1NK with K'.t.iry Mnll.n       	
g*. milking It
r.   (JttYNAa
Wiin.hu K.
islcr and U faster. J.
lornlAjjent.lfll Tfiutl-a stieet,
**         Till.    SEST.
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
Catholic Prayer 8sSBu"?sS?
nlars. Religious Pictures. Btatuary, and Church
OrnsmentB, Educational Works, all orderare-
���elre prompt attention. ]). ft I, SadllBI 4 CO. .lODtTOl
W. V, U. 808. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, JAN. 25; 1:01.
In future chan-ec* in jidvertlismon^ must lo
deliverer! nt the Kin Office not hror tnnn
M"ednc��il(��y In ohuIi wool; - ^ the nper��. na
bo Rot out on time, it h absolutely impta-siblii
for us tudo i.'.at and mako changes in 6taud>
log ;idvcrtUeuKn's received later than Wet!-
Tiie prices for thoC-irnivnl nml Bun
Bljicl arc on exhibition In J. C. Tom's
window nnd nre certainly the boat over
Riven ht-re nn 1 coinnuro most favorably
with any we have ever teen.
\V. J. Barry nnd ulfoarnvoil Thursday evening from S.iillum.icheiio io
upenl a holiday in (Mien.
\V. Cox, who has hcon with G. B,
McDennot iSco ^inceJune. lias severed
his cor.iier.tif.-n wsth tlia: (inn. Hr.
Cox at picsunt has not Uofitiiicly decided whit, h i wil! do, having sever. 1
openings before hiin.
Johnnie Anderson deserves great
credit for tiio perfoi:.!; manner with
���which ho mnnnftetl his stilts the nlfjht
of the Carnival. Johnnie st-jlo a march
on the folks here, none of whom wore
aware that hi) had been practising on
Ono of the remarkable thing* in con*
ncctiou with Paraon'a games for iho
Columbia River Lumber Cu'n Trophy
in the Bonspiel was tho fact that lie
von eaoh name by ouo joint.
The following telegram to Principal
Bates explains tba closing of the pub-
lie fohools for two days : "As a mark
of respect to tho memory of Her
Majeaty tho Queen all thu schools of
the Province will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.���J,- D. Prentice,
Minister ot Education."
At last Rcvelstoko is moving in the
matter of a General Hospital. Wo
havo sent several Golden citizens to
our sister burgb recently. Perhaps it
is a case of a "little leaven." Don't
let the good work stop.
Daye Good left suddenly on Tuesday
morning for tho Coast in response to a
wive received the night before asking
him to return to his.old position on
the Hudson's Bay steamer at Port
Moody. Duvo will be much missed at
tho curling rink, he always takes a
great intereat in the game.
The Outlook published by Finch-
Smiles in Victoria, in iis last number
has an Interesting article on Chinese
A woodsman named Tom Brookes
came in from Hanna's camp yesterday
with two fingers crushed. Dr, Taylor
iilrcssod tho injured digit3 and no serious results are anticipated.
Tho many friends of Mr. Harvey, of
BeaveV, will bo glad to learn that the
operation recently performed on hiin
in theHospita] hero by Dr. Taylor wns
���successful, and tbat hois recovering
The sympathy of tho community is
extended to Mr J. C. Pine of Donal I
upon the death of his father, which
recently occurred at Cornwall, Out.
Eldou Winn,  formerly of Golden.
Moyie, in East Kootenay, paid 3 per
coot, on Its capital Htook to shareholders
ho same dny, thus permitting the
Canadian Ooldfletda Syndicate to pay
a third of n cent a share, cr In all
918,000, oi its capitalisation, as ihe
oompany owns over 6.C00.O0O shares
of St, Eugene stock, This payment
was also made on Tuesday,
Slocan dividends continue, a id they
have recently beon added to hy the dis*
trlbutlcn of 52o.000.COO among the
bhareholdors of the Slocan Star, which
had not paid a dividend for four years.
Tito Pa^nals paying its regular quarterly sum, hu 1 other properties are
rapidlyiippronchlflitthe iime when they
will be aide to yield substantial results
to their stockholders. Tho North Star
in East Kootenay, paid its quarterly
3 per cent, dividend on Due. In. and
tiie Sullivan 1ssteadily Increasing shipments, so thut a dividend seems not
improbable as soon as the new railroad
la oompletntt io the mine, thus enabling
n still larger and more profitable output,
There is every probability that several Boundary duiriet companies will
make profits for their stockholders this
year, and, in fact, the output from this
groat district promise-* to be enormous.
Rossland, unless the present monetary
difficulties In London interfere with
iiu) operation of iho mines, n prospect
that seems qulto unlikely will far outdo
ite splandld record of tho past year.
Thoro will be sever.il big producers iu
Ymir and Nelson districts, and the
Slocan City and oilier silver-lead ie
lions will show steady and profitable
growth. A score of camps In man,
parts of the province havo been brought
to the permanent shipping stage in 1900
and this year promises to ba distinctly
a producing puriod,
British Parliament.
London, Jan, *2. At midnight
an official announcement calling
Parliament to assemble in the after
noon to enable members ol both both
Houses to take the oath of allegiance
to King Edward VII.
London, Jan. ��4. The following is
the full text of the accession speech of
His Majesty King Edward VII,
"Your Royal Highnesses, my Lordi
nud Gentlemen: This ti the most
painful occasion on which I shall ever
be called upon to address you. Mv first
melancholy duty is to announce to you
tho death of my beloved mother the
Qieon, and I know how deeply you
and tbe whole nation, ami I think I
may bay tho whole world, sy in path ice
with mc in the irreparable losa we
have all sustained, I need hardly say
tbat my constant endeavour will be to
walk in hor footsteps, In undertaking
tha heavy loul which now devolves
upon me I am fully determined to be a
constitutional sovereign in the str'ct
est sense of the word, and so long a:
there is breath in my body to work for
thd good nnd amelioration of my
people. I have resolved to bo known
by the name of Edward, which haa
heen horno by six of my ancestors, and
in doing so I do not under-cstiinate the
name of Albert Edward, which I
herlt  from   my   ever to-be lamented,
werobanquctted, No amount of money
cojld have procured a better supper
than that which we partook of.    After
few appropriate speeches we then
marched to the station, arriving there
about 11 o clonk. Despite iho late
hour hundre-la of people were there lo
see us uff. The fair ones were repre
sen>ed in Kreat numbers, armed with
pocket knives, Bcissots, etc. to deprive
u-i of our buttons and sboald any one
of us nuction a button the price was
readily ran up to a verv liberal figure,
heedless ��� *> say what th��*y bartered
with. After a great deal of pushing
and pultiiia we got Into our respective
trains leaving Montreal in a tumtlllll
ous roar of chcsrlng, yelling, etc
Despite the offices calling and getting
the men together another train was
detailed io tab
VICTORIA, hy iho Graco of God, of tlm
U:,i'(!.l  Kingdom  of   Ureal   Britain Mini
Iral.-uid, Queen,   Defender of the Faith,
Tu Our faithful the Members elected to serve
in ilie LeginUlive /-Uaembly of Our Pro-
vi.i-L-o cf llritwh Colu-iibta at Our City of
Victoria -GnnE'ttXG.
Deputy Attorney General- i    are doalr"itn
ati'l resulved, if* soon j-ji may bn, to meet Our
Ten* ti of Our Province of Ih'ItwhColntiihia,
aud hi have their .idvice in Our Legislature:
NO.V KNOW YE, Ui.it for diverscatses
and considerations, and tolling Ino consideration ilia c.-i��o and couvoulonco of Oar loV-
straejiltM  who were i inirHithjecta, Wo have thought lit, by ai.ib
,    , P,    .    ��,, ,   .   'with the advice of Oar Executive Council
left on the platformT.iiu,'who filled tne rtohoreby convoke, and hy thosepresents
tr.ii�� tr. -ii a n tin nut ���,incite Then enjoin yon, nml oath of yuu, lliaton Tlmrs-
.tun,  ro ns utmost  capacity.    ll,eu l^theiilitdayof RahttWy, oneriiousaud
nine hundred  anil ono, y<ni meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Pavl'a'tiont of Our said
I'mviuce, tit Our City of Victor's, FOR
do, net and  conclude   upon   those things
ivhich in Our Legislature cf the Province of
Uritmh Columbia, by tho Common Council
of our said  Province nitty, by the favour of
Co.!, be ordsUiucl.
iH   TfisriMOSr   WHBtlKOF,   Wo   have
c;tiiHod these  Our  Letters to he made
Patent and  tlm Great Seal of ihe aald
Provineo to bo hereunto affixed s   Witness, iho Honourable Sir Henri Ous-
tavo Joly de LotblfuVre, K-CM ii.. Lieu-
t tiarit-Uovoruorot' Our aai-1 Provliice'of
British Columbia, in Our City of Vie-
torhi, in Our etd.\ Province, this seven
tneitih day of J-miiiary, hi the y>ar of
Our Lord ono thousand nine hnn Iralaad
ono, and in tho sixty-fourth yoar of Our
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
January 17, 1901. 8w
His ITnnour tun Lieutenant-Governor in
Council Ii-hn been ?-leaned to make the tolluw-
iug apcointi.-ients:���
8th January, 11X11.
John E. Orippitr, of Oolden, Eiqulm,
S.M , to lo District Registrar of tho Goldon
Registry of tho Supremo Court.
Halifax wna our next objective joint.
We paraded the streets and in the
ceiling we wero invited to a smoking
concert and next dny wo embarked,
leaving Canada, some of ns never to
Oar sea voyage was very good, a
great manv of tbo boys felt the deck
rising in an unnatural way, which
caused them to look over the bulwarks
with remarkable agility. Our poor
h"rses were sea sick and with other
complaints death resulted to 20'J Iu
passing the equatorial line Father Neptune came on board, shaving all comers, which was enjoyed by all onlookers. Then the next thing of importance was the sight of land, whicli was
greeted by cheers having male our trip
In the splendid time ot 21) days, then
the order of the day whs disembarkation. Ths horses were led off and sad
dies put on, Some of them bucked.
After all the horses had been taken off
thoy were led (ouo man to every four
horses) to our future camp. Green
Point, which is close to the seashore,
saddles wero taken off aud the horses
allowed thoir well deserved roll, wbicb
they did over and over again.
Weromainod iu Capa Town about G
weeks, drilling daily. Ou the 24th of
May we took part in the procession
and along the rou to we seemed to not
all the cheering*, with tho words,
Good Old Canada," in fact we
seemed to be the favorite corps in
Cape Town, our camp being dally
visited by lota rf people.
Hia Honour the Lieutenant-Governor Iii
Council has lu-ou.pleased to make the following appoiutniant:-
11th December, 1P00.
ClMRENOB WlLT.lAM'-t 1'IHI.D, of Oolden,
Enquire, to bn a Coroner In and for tho Province of British Columbia.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will ho mndu ro the I-nft-lHlatire Aes-iably of
tlio Province of British ' 'Mumbla, at its text
Session, for a Private r>ill to incorporate n
(Join: any wiih power to build, equip; main
tain and c)civile a lin��or lines of Railway of
��tan 'ard Range from a point at or near the
roal n-iiies at Michel), thence by way of
Micticll Creek aud tha most feitsil-le and
practicable routn cant or west ot Elk River
nnd Hrpor Kootenay Rivor in a southerly
direction to the Internnrioual Boundary,
or to a point at or uear Ihn international hound*
ry.also, whh i mvcrto huil.l,equip, maintain
ud o;erale a line cr linos of Railway ��f
smndard gautre from Michell -.r some jmint
on Mlchcll Crook northerly etottg the valley
of the Elk River and from tlience to a point
on tho main lino of tha Canadian Pacific
Railway; nti i, from a point- on Ihe prjipoaed
lino of railway, thence nortb-eustorly hy the
North Kioto'iay Pass to Alberta to comiocl
nitli lho Crow's Nest Pass Rail vay or lhe
Ih-itisli Columbia Southurn Railway, with
ai.ih.Tity r.tia to construct, o crate and
maintain branches from any point on th-
proi'dj-'csl lino or lines not exceeding in any
one ciiio thirty mile- in leu^th, anil wih
p..iw*ir to cons true t, operate and maintain all
noeesaary hiMnea, reads, ways mid forrl-aa
and to eonstrttct, acquiro, own and mainl,.in
i\barves and docks in cotmei'tioa tlmrewith;
line to construct, own. acquire, equip ami
maintain ateicu am] "ether vessel* and bunts
Mid operate the same on any n.ivi^aldo
watei-s ��� and to construct, operate and main-
lain telegraph end t-nloi hone lines i.lmg the
routes of said Railway {Hid Ua brnnu> os,or in
connection therewith, to transmit messi-nres
for commercial purpoftos eml to collect tolls
therefor: Jtitrl to generate electricity end
supply light, beat aud power, and the i-ower
to up; iy for anil acquire water and water-
power under fiotutc hi force, suit] water or
water] ower tj be usedji) conncciioitwiiti the
carrying out of any of the aforesaid powers,
and to acquire and receive fniiu any uuvoin-
ment, Corporation or | Offic-ns grants ot'l onl,'
rights of way, money, bonuses, i rivilegesor
otlier aasista'nce in ait ofthe construction of
tho Company1,-! uiidoit-Bking, und to connect*
wilh ami to enter into traflic or other
arrangements wiih railway, steamboat or
other companies, and for all rights, puwers
and privileges necessary, usual or inculoutal
to all or any of lho afuren..id purpOHea
Dated i.t Vancouver this KHh of J.muary,
A.D., 1991.
j \8tt*. Solicitors for the Applicants.
who is ono of tho crack speed skater? I great and wise father, who, by univer-
aiul a star of tlio'charaplouship hockey sal consent,   is, I  think, deservedly
known by tbo name of Albert the
Good, aud I desire that his name
should stand alone. In conclusion, I
trust to Parliament and the Nation to
support me in t he arduous dut int which
Yates closed an ablo | no v devolve upon me by inheritance
and to wbich I am determined to de
vote my whole strength during the
remolnder of my life,"
team of Rossland, Is one of the general committee of tlte winter carnival
wbich is to be held in that city about
tho middle of February.
On Sunday evening In St Paul's
church, Rev, Mr
sermon hy giving a rapid but clear resume of the troubles between Boer aad
Briton that led to tlio declaration of
war, and pointed wilh a justifiable
pride to tho successes of tho Empire
which above all others has incorporated
iu her national life a recognition of
Almighty God. He also made touching
reference to the sad news from Osborne
telling of the serious condition of our
beloved Queen.
Messrs. L, II. Doll, P. Turner Bone,
N. Jackson, U. McLeod, E. King, of
Calgary, wero in town tbis week at
tending the bonspiel.
Miss May Turnbull and Miss E.
Doughty came down Irom Field to
attend the carnival.
M^Srs-t-Turubull, Timmins, W. Mc-
Fhcrson, J- McPberson, L. Orr, A.
Murray and F. Jones were in town to
tako iu the carnival.
Fred. Snook of the Elk Park fianche
Co. was vory much in evidence at the
carnival and kept his identity a com
pleto mystery from all present.
������Lord" Salisbury of-Winnipeg at-
tended the bonspiul, curling with Calgary and making hosts of friends.
Hughio McLeod says he is coming
to Goldon bonspiols ao regularly that
the childreu aro beginning to recognize
B. C. Dividend Payers.
The following list of dividend paying
stocks in B. C. is taken from tho Toronto World:���
While  British    Columbia   mining
A Soldier's Letter.
see somo roping done (lussoo-ug). A
3-year old heifer was the victim, it
being chased and then brought up to
a standstill with a rope either around
its neck or on its feet. The perform
ance was enjoyed very much, By the
way, I will mention that wo have
same splendid "ropers" luOiiroorps,
One day wo receive! orders to embark and as to our whereabouts we did
not know until a few days out at ssh
we went up almost to Delagoa Bay,
escorted by H.M.S Doris. We anchored close *to the ah Oro for one uight
returning back to Durban ne-1 day,
at which place we disembarked and
then entrained for little Tugela River,
and then marched to Esuhowc, the
capital of Zululanl, whore wa received
a telegram to return at once to Durban,
and there entrain for Newcastle, Natal.
Wc rushed down to Durban in 9 days,
icot on the train at tliat placo, proceeded to Newcastle, arriving late at
night, took the horses off und next day
marched on to Gon. Buller, catching
up to nis column just beyond Laing'-t
Nek. We wero then attached to the
3rd Mounted Brigade, Gen. Don^onnld
in command. We then marched on
arid took Stamlet-ton, capturing rolling
stock, etc. Stny-d around tho districts of Greyllngstadt, Blnakfontein
and Heidelberg until ihe railroad was
put in repair. We then mohiliu-'d at
Paardekop, leaving Ihe place 15,000
strong���a prettier sight I never witnessed beforo,
(Concluded in next week's issue.)
HIS HONOUR the Lioiitonitnt-Governor
iu Council, under tho provisions uf unction 0
of the "Supreme Court Act. Amendment Act,
Some of ibe   1&>.>," has beon pleaneil to establish at the
Town of Gulden a Registry ofthe Supreme
Indies and gentlemen  were anxious to I OouVt.VboktibwiiasThe
.���i olden Registry.
Ry Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Offico,
8t. January, 1991.
NOTICE is hereby given that the intbna
tion dated ,'lnl l)A<ouibfr, 1990, under this
heading is rescinded, and that uudnr tin
authority of un Order in Council of tbo 8th
instant, tho payment of a rehato op all Limber
exported boyond tho limits ol'tlio Province
wan allowed to and was discontinued from
and after ihe Hist of Docembor, tOOO. The
Bfild Order of tho 8th instant fun lier provides
fer lli'i payment of a rebate on shingles ex-
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Hmrotary'* Office,
10th January, 1991. *
Dear Mr. Editor,-If you can find
space in your paper I will writo a fow
lines concerning Strathcona Horse,
of which corps I am a member. Enlistment, na you all know, was carried
on at different points from Winnipeg
to tho Pacific coast. Horses wer.;
purchased in the territories. A great
many were not up to the mark, but
probably if more timo hud been allot- _
ted in tho selection a better class of iR- Bl An��ui" Chas. R. Ho.mer, E B,
horsecould have ten procured.   We ���* ai,d VV' D Mlltli0W8' *��d ,,,e ol1
A despatch .says a Dominion Government charter is being applied for to
incorporate the Pacific Conl company,
capitalized at 14.000,000, The principal
organizers are Sir William Van Horno,
then mobilized at Ottawa, bjing daily
drilled on foot in tha large building in
tbe Exhibition grounds, thero being
too much snow on the race track. We
had two mounted parades, at one of
which tho presentation of the colore
by Lady Minto took place in Parliament Square and our horses being of
rather wild nature, jumpeland bucked
whon wo gave three clietrs for our late
sovereign, this ending the proceedings,
wo returned to our grounds On our
way streets wero decorated with bunt
ing, not mentioning the flags which
tho peoulo carried, who would, as we
passed by, give us their small llags,
which we readily placed in the bridles
of our horses aud en our saddles,
which looked quite picturesque.
During our stay iu Ottawa wu were
guests of Lord Minto whose friends
gave us a splendid entertainment, foi
lowed by a supper, aftor whioh we returned to town by specially detailed
street cars, having spent a most, enjoyable time.   In  regard to our stay iu
.stocks are heavy, thero are encouraging Ottawa I oould fill a chapter, which I
facts to be remembered concerning the, mtfat omit.
mining Industry In that far western     We left for Montreal in three trains.
Drovlnco. [arriving about 6 o'clock.    We paraded
The Canirs Star resumed Ps monthly the  streets  amidst dense throngs of
dlvfdtiid of 1 per cent, on Jan. 1.   The, cheering people until we terminated at
*i  Kugeneroh^lidated,  operating; at | the splendid Windsor Hotel, whero we
Jed for whioh incorporation is sought
is the development of certain ooal lands
of great promise lying between Green
wood and Pcnticton, on Okanatian Lake
in the Boundary district. These coal
lands will bo tapped by the Canadian
pacific railway when their line is extended from Midway to Okanagan Lake,
It is thouuht that tlm heavy contracts recently entered into between
tho Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
In East Kcotemty, and the Great Northern railway, and the consequent
hrge shipment* to the United Statea
of 400 tons dnilv, coupled with the
efforts ofthe Great Northern to contract for 800 tons, or forty cars daily,
is causing consternation among the C.
P. It. officials, and tlie organization
above referred to would seem (o indicate
a desire uu the part uf the Canadian
Pacific management; toeventually make
their road independent ofthe Crow's
Nesr Pass company so far as coal supply
is concerned.
At present the haulage of this conl
from Fernie to Kalisi ell, Montana, on
the Oreat Northern system. Is about
375 miles, while in a direcL linn rouiIi
from tho Crow,a Nest ooal fields to-
Kaliapell thedistancelsonly HOmilcs.'
A railroad from Kaliapell direct to the
ooal fields would be a saving in
haulage of 265 miles, which, on forty
oars daily, would effect an enormous
saving per annum in the price of coal
to the Oreat Northern railway, and
there is a strong probability that suoh
a lino will be constructed by the Great
Northern* in the near future,
.     NOTjCE.
In tho matter of tho estate of John
MoRab, lato of Golden, B.C.,
NOTICE iti hereby siren pursuant to tho
"Trustees and Executors Act" tliat all creditors and others having claims against the
e.st��*(!iil tbo said Juhu McRae, who died on
the KHh day ul May, 180S, are required on
or before the 31st day of March. A.D. 1901,
to ..end by pott prepaid er delivered to
Messrs Crease & Crease of 17, Fort Street,
Victoria, B.C., solicitor* Tor John McRae, of
Winiii eg, Man., execut >r or tlm last will of
said John Mciit.o, their Christian and surnames, addresses and dfjcrlptions the full
particular* of their claims, the statement uf
thoir accounts and tho nature nf the securities, if any. Iicdd by them.
And further tako notice that after nuchlast
mentioned dato tie said executor will proceed to distribute the ass-nta of the deceased
anion;; tbo parties entitled tltereto, having
regard ouly to the claims of wh ch he shall
then have notice, and that the said executor
will not be liable for tbo said asspta. or any
part thereof, to'any person or jrersons of
whs.Kc claims notico shall not have been re
ceived by him at the time ot such distribution.
Solicitor for said executor.
Datod tko 18th day of January, A.D. 1901.
VOTKE id herohy given, in accordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial Kev-
evue Tax, aud all m.xos levied nnder the
Assessment Act, aro now di,e for tlio yoar
1901 and.puydbte at my office, in (lie court
Bouse, Golden.
Aflseea :d taxes aro collectable at lho following rates, vi:j���
If paid on or before Juno 30th, 1901���
Three-fifths of one per cent on real proper 'V.
Two and one half por cent on real property,
Oue halt ol ono per cent ou j orauiial property.
y, on such excesses of iucotre���
Cl-jASH A.~Ou oun thousand dollars, and
not exceeding ton thouiaiid dollars-one per
cent up to five tho-.saiid dollars and two per
cent nn tho reiii.-tiiis er.
If paid ou or after July 1st, 1901���
Pnu --fifths ot one pcrcputou real property.
Tbree- por cent on tho a^aeeseu va.uc of
wild land.
Three-quarters of one per ccut on pera-inal
Ou ho much ofthe Income of any person as
exceeds one thousand ib liars. Iu accordance
witn ihe following classifications���
Upon sue it excels thu rates shall be, namely���
CLASS A.���On'otte thousand dollars; and
nut exceeding ten thousand dollars - um.1 and
ouo half por cent in to five thousand dollurs,
and two and one hall' per ccut on the remainder,
Provincial Revenue Tax, KJ.00 per capita.
hj   Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 9th, 1001.
Ia full of Business���in feet, we have a little more
than we can handle just now. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase the
Bargains now offering1.
lark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following	
We are now doing1 Busiues3 ou the
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
ON HAND. This i* too larffe a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in tho
next 60 Days. We arfe now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas arid
Beans, 3 tins for 250..
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs,
for 25C.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tcn.s a beautiful
present free.   We import (Ddr Own Teas and Coffees and'
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods.   CxtSH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store
G. Be meDEtyViOT,
Golden,     .C.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wbols-astli. & Retail
Cattle, Sheep aud Horn Dealos-a.
Jas Bbady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining: Engineer,
M. Ans'sl. Issat. M.E.
A-resit fer elss-sisiiisR Crosvn Gs-nntA,doing
ais.ssisd asssesssssseut Work, etc.   Addrefl.
Family Herald &
Weekly Star
will be sent to any ol our
Subscribers lor one year
$2.50   f*   $2.50
to thoso ordering tin* two papers.
NO'lli 'E Is hoi ������liy frlv-en that application
will Im ni win tu lho Parliament of Cana-la at
Its next MMsioti fnr an Act to Incorporate a
com; any to count met a railway from the
v al milieu at Mh'liel in lhe East Kootenay
District, Hi itish l 'olunibia, thenco by way of
Mil-hoi I'rwik and t> e inunt feaslljlt-iantl prae-
tlcahle ruute eaitt or west ofthe Elk and
IJepT Kootenay Rivors ioulnwardi to tho
interna ional boundary, atio fiom Michel
(.'reek northerly along the valley of tho Elk
River and thenco tu a point eu the main lino
of lhe 1 anadian Pacific Railway, alno from a
point on the propped line ol railway, thonco
northeasterly by tho North Kootenay Haas
to Alberta to eunnnct with tho (*ruwrH Nost
Pass Railway, with authority iilso tj construe! branches from any points on the pro*
l>o��od line not exceeding In miy ono case
thirty mites in length, with power to construct, nwii and operate telegraph and telo-
ph'jtie Hues for the use of the public, railways nnd tramways, steam and othfer vessels, ferries, roads, docks, water rights,
dams, flumes, water power, to generate and
transmit and deal in electricity and electric
power, together with such powers as to
maintaining and disposing of the railway
and works and such other powers aud privileges as aro usually giveu to railway com-
Holieltors for applicants.
Ottawa, Jan, II, 11)01.
fe* ���:< * M��PE from *������?-*
bl-eUdeo hard WhEAT
P. A. Desormeau,
.   .   .   Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Sooth Slslo KJckluA* IIoi-sM Kiver.
Harvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Darrl.ter., Solicitor., ee.
Kerolatoks', II.C. Fort Steele, Il.l.
Room. Alssxandos- Block Golden B. C.
Townsite Of GOlden.
Buiness and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
The Herald bas for Subscribers
this seaaon two Premium
Pictures that are, we believe,
going to prove the greatest
subscription winners we have
ever offered	
The oue is the famous Hoff*
"Christ in the Templs"
n 1 the aecon-l entitled
"Home from the War"
a plesa'nc incislent of the late
South African Campaign.
emit Orders and Huhscrlptions to
UoldDn Era Office,
Uolden, U.C.
' 1��0 'OOSIONV.y NVS   "US i.3*HU��W
;    -mu rjemm asv osmm
I -iou ,1140, mm
i-giWMW '"���-- tt* wmoairon
j 'N3W BHlSiH 01 3iaV8N*idtlOM|
* -r-ai-5J��snui!jC!3|*J*��M :s93����i AjuaMi
j Noavinomo aoiM-oiaoM ����� ������
\* *:.**   -UV3A HXN3Aa8-Al��IHJ
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices'& Easy lerms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tho Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of tho Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The impoi'fAnt mineral discoveries r-3cently made ih
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early dato
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLtJEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building?
Pr-ssent prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interbst to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots (g Valid until purchaser receives agree1
ment for sale uighed by Townsite Trust-ses.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant)


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