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The Golden Era Mar 6, 1897

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.>�����.!��� V
(fi I'bb-Yeak
H. G. PflRSOfJ,      ! on. monday
$   -&   $
o   #
jt. ���_.._���_.���
Dry Gotfds, etc., for Spring Stock &re
Dally Arriving.
**��� *���**���������
���r.i: ���..'
March Ist, commence stpck-taking.
it is going on you can got
Great Bargains
for.cash,   I)o not* miss this chancy,
imty be something you want.
��� /��-   jrtf   Have n look at ihe Great Bargnims
' "hustling iii tfie'ltimber,' bridge timber
and ties. .Thfs,firm have been doingiin
,.r..eJttu*gh.Jtu��riie��* Wl winter,   keeping'
r two "HiriX'ljHs-Jww-*' on. the C, P. It.
i busily engaged nil Jie time.
������    ��� ��� .;-...r- .-.���;..
D.   Ij.   "dottschen, watchmaker and
[jewellur,   arrived   from   Rpgiiia   this
woobiand liii* i-i.iij*d,tlif store recently
jerected by P. 11.   White-opposite ihe
4-K*oflWiin.v ltousb.i'*-,-lifri  Bettsnhen ia
i getting things in shape   nntl will soon
be in it position   to do all kinds of   re-
,aT*pWff'n% iu'^'sf'SlJ.ii'if Style.     Look out
i    for -*|je-jial iiirtiouornient next week.    *
r j    Mr. M.   Pniiiiii-d  has made a couple
.of.gqoiksalf-s .of ntinijig properties dm--
ing fhe'p'atff.'i^k^-'rfi^i^tnipd^.ijl'uf
h1��ll.lTO.ere'8%?ft;tbi  Sunday claim.
at  OtvWt&ll   fn**'lotal man and Iiiii
���tUspeSvdrntWnVqti-ai-ter interest in two
.gJV- ci^iiu^wi-lM-^ont Creek, Syenit-i
'lnu*fr,aiii*l**A*'{iii^;w';t 'Toronto syndi-
'nte V*ViJi'Vai/rrti;.r*^*fcSs*''-\l*-   Waulnss of
<*<    r\t      VYrAriFlClN^     ***     wh<,'li*i!J(^ct��mitroin theli
SpeoM. EUti^-As in Clothing, .
.'��������� A limited ni mber of Suits and Pants to be
cleared out at a great reduction.
Jomplete Stock
of Bran, SRbrts, Oats and Chop now on hand.
A fresh supply of the
IH'���TOW.".'     '���' I     S. A...I nelson, representing, Mf'ssi-,8
Golden, on tlie-'-lim line of' the Cttiutdfuii! Moore Mii,d*>luwit,t, murchupt jailors of
Puciiic Kajly-in'. ��i its il-uum-rtioil witb tin., Biockville, wus in town on Monday
steamboat navigation <Vf Tlio I uli.iiibja rivori' last eiiroir't'e"-t'o Fbrt Sleele,'oii''liii'iiii--��i.ii��ll''OHgh.i weijwrll. .convince him that
(lie iniuerotiinirrnrtniiiirrUili'eiitreufEastern   :., ..minet-tinri'ii-'ili-Ms' tii'in
llritish(uliiui|,iai,lii.i.il(-.H.rtei-r- nl'tlij I...I.I-! "' <-��-ine,-t*-'-' WM> .�����* ���"������*���
eu 8nieltiiig works, tho  I pper   I oliuiibia
\avigi'litlu't'ii.,i|iMl  hiu'iber industry ��� the
outlets for. the., widely , known   ami    far
tamed iigrk'tiltii'rjilii'ml gr-t/ing li.ml ot' tin1
(.'ohuiiliia _ toiulen.lyr. Valleys j   miriv.-ill-.
for scenery of; -JI jjlwi !��� thi* distributing
point liir tlierii'nesf Iiillu'ri.i niiiiitry mi tlte
i-untiiieiit. .     ���
nay. IHJjrl*HO:i*t��f viewed l-j-tlie S|*c-
tator. Ul- lliijsks -hotel keeping pays
jim .b*-1.;-^0^ niiuijig,.iiivti. .that thn
Slu'ci-ii'' tliSfrirtt Ts .one'of the best. If
MVVWlti-te Wil Jiftit drop"off for a few
du-.*--ttiefoUfe*-*H*-i��-xt time becomes
���Jr*jjSl|Kvpti!i|iii-i-..i-i ahead of the Slocan.
A weekly mail sern'ce'liVis' rieiin iik'.U ��"tto-*a��irks, insiii|ger for the Home
tnldislicd   but ween '.Gold-Jn  Awd  Pm-t jaP"*'n-*_ii��RUt-ni'"" Jj����-*-i�� ��"d Il'..iilr
I -fj.1.. A*
������-.   . *   and Monday iu
'town." ,'nre'trftlirp-Hiiy have t'heir aerial
frnm'-diny ���'���rilifcW'"-completed and are
rii'��liiin*:i��-._'-ils 'ctimpletion the con-
Do you want a Piano ?
.  ..j.i.i.  ,.
T. ��� MiiN-niit-'ht '-returiii.J   from
f/'ottst oil Tliuibday.   ���
Steele. The residi'iits of .Krim'Ks-Qt'-
nny tire beholden to Mr. Bostock, for
lus uiiiirin-i enej-gy in this iiiatu-r.  ,
Tl.v.Bal.1 Moiiulaii. Jliiiing A Deyel-1    \ttu^��ftUjol|,er ^ji',1,,^nt fjiitirie
ppiueui.Ui. Imve planed the..- iieiiHiny ���     ';��veuTurViO.Iqf. Hie. company at
If A cell I ��i        Dm   rr-   "I.t *wfm 0 fi ���      ������ -    s "_
j.a i*....-..    j-.. ifv���u,.,e nipij-ijfiit-i .about a quarter of a
iViil[W*-*-d<M*-.-s,  ���"Mr." Friiuks  is a
, pli-tiViiatti-jMl-Miiilini likes Golden snd
'���'���     ���' suys   he s*��tlst-')f -eodiing   to visit it*
M-jOerin��6 Udalmiiti^^i&^^tfifotitrfT,
-luck uu the liiaik-f ui 1
velopiiieiit   work   will   be ii'ue'weil
i ouii iit> ihtr sno.iV is out uf - ihe  u.oun
tains. ......    .-
Mr. (ieo, B.
The prospectors and mine owners of
' Archdeacon McKay held service in
St. Paul's church on Wednesday evening lust. .      ,'.���..
An effort is. being niHde.'lto- induce
the Bank of Montreal ip e.iuililisli ,u
branch at Golden. ...       	
Mr. Cowles of VCirtoria. tvfiit. up ,fo
Fort i^le on Tuesiia^wjtli.'Mr. Br��dy  the Ko'oteiiiiv   have oi-gaiuzed nud apon ihTirln'ik bu-sines*. I plied   for  incorpofatiiiii.-    The uiiiin
300 immigrants with two cars of ef- object of the Assocu-fioiris'to pw'vtnit
fects will pass throiigb Golden to day I """'"'* -"'���,-~*F'| from* ohawlnftMtt**
en route for-Itossland. I prices   or  exorbitant coiiui-issu-us. up
,'_-,..   ..     ���   .���*'���������   ��� I mining cluiiiis or interests. ',
P.-R. White defeated -H. G. Parson'    ,,    ,, ���    _    , '    ' ��� ������-'*
iri.a ill point gaine.at.curn.ig0)i. Moii-'    ��_' *-' F'   a,��Pl"""'P"i --''0��"i .'�����*'������
day for all Hospital, tii-k'et.' ' ',JkS"' Age"1
' bis   coiiinii
*,oin!' 'Mi-'.*-lTitHs -Witts the look of Golden nud
The Toronto CitJ-C'oiiiiJl,tliB*'Yo'ifiii<  ���xpreni-ei-ftb. heliBf. that it-will within
Lilaiiuls and ihe 'Yt-i.tig OoiiServIillves' rlk*'l)<>i'i*ti'jl*-t  bec^Jte.a-lHi'ge atod pios-
liave   passed   uiiaiiiiuqes
urging   thu   (ioieriimeut.
and   opi'-riiti;   the   t'roiv'sl".    ,  .   , . ...
tlkmaWtltemmffrlk Ohigtenroltl Tl*,
iiUfstrif*Wie ati** ������ViMirgJuttibe vurv'
Mason & Risch Pignos
ARC     ��
Mr. .f ulius Wolff of-New Denver, B.
C., formerly of Golden, passed through
enroute for Banff ou Thursday last.
Mr. Banyan returned from Fort
Steele this week. Ho has been looking
oyer (iQnie timber limits in that vicinity.      .   '. .   _.....-.��� -���;
In Calgury jail la*r-Wielr,'*Peerfoot,
the well-known H|ii4rt'i't> tifijiliair runner, passed ii way lo I ile'h��p|iy hunting
ground. ' - .. .
4a.lbei-.tl pii|ier siiggi'ststiiritthe
ii tire' ut Ottawa win; oiiiistjd'. liy
spoiitaneoiis co'tnlinstioii nuioiig lho
McGlxwy'-ft.oriiid'-ly papers.
The st-si.ii'ij.'.o/nhe  Comity Cotirt [<fos'ire"to iet infoniTuiion
jadertisedtr. lie. held on   Wrfnesilay-. pj-opertibs iu this viciiiitv
Mai-.li 10. bus heiMjJiitljiiiiinirl till   '
hest. gpnd*j,4
���������eW*^��.h'^ >���.*-,--V*;..v.     *
Mr.   M^lkj cAntiB4Jii. nu  ^iturday
'froin'OiteriaiT sthMj*jje has byen. eu-
pik'i-ilV-ii-hl'ii IViJ-yiiSI l'��ii-b,:'-*witji a-.
limit: nj' men hi (levelopiliiri't   ivoirk  liir
.  ,,.-. -. - -~, jthe '.Jfiriniiasf -ibiiui.    Uu'ihmiii^t in-
of   Vinuiieg, l''t*'-^..^{^tf^,M,,^|#^,MJw.^r ore .-a-ttrJ.ch;
-���(- ������
ssimi. w ei-juiraad^tlie.tfflE5tf|tf3��fl��i\��� ^tiiiiJ iW'^fe
to bf lot* ... thaSj.tjoi.al.L^f-A^.|Mf*Vl'&' p,"of.*tr MS
wilf open^an euqulfy nt the ^ftf^^-UAr-Aniiw-ye't 'W��
dent's  office  at tBa-fiffi' ol. .X^ *a^1^^kl'Sir..*M,-':.Utij��dt.m\-..
U   tli
A^rcnt For   .
The Phoenix of London and other Insurance Co's
+ + +
The Confederation Life Association. To.cr.o.
+ + +
The Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
i-liecl iill  lu
o'clock qij Satiird^h.*r\|-iriih Cl.
It Ih reported- that Messrs. Gordon A
Iroiisidiis have decided on t-vo sites fin;
their proposed alibatoirs, one m VViu'-
ni|ieg nud the other ul Calgary.      ��������:���
H. 0. Parson has just nxa-iveil his
spring stock uf Dress Good*. The
most fastidious of the laities cut. be
satisl'i-d if they call before the. choice
is gone. 'f*,   ,,���'��..
Itev. J. A. Wdods of Itevelsioke,
Cliiiiruluii oi the Home Mission Commit tee V the..MethodiKi Church, was
the guest of Rev. G. 11. Osliorne ou
.-.'.   #:..J��    "it"-
Afp-ibljQ'Ineeting was held iu Calgary
oh.'the''5!.nd;'liii*t. to discuss the qiiii-nioii
a* to.whether ;he Oovernnient or ibe
C.P.H. ��� sitotild bnil-l-tlieCivw's Nest
Pa*�� JlaHtlvity.'.   '.(   . ...
--The���>_3i_at. Kouterlny Mining *,De-
vetdp'meiu l!a-.'haie s-.-i-iU'.-d options on
5-claiins 6'n.Peirry Creek und 3 on Bull
Aiver. Work' will be coigmenoed as
soon a* the spring opens.
alleged   sale
Park, nud
Wednesday, March 10, whan nil-parties.
interested are invited to intend. l
A rink of..cur.lersfrcm Braver . wrt'fe,
in town' ,1-tiit; S��i,tnj-<iav and -irossetl
brooms with a rink of Gplden prglt-ss-
ioimls. .Coii'aideriiig the fact tita^'tliei
Beaveriles iia'vc Ifad n'ti'inrtuiiueiiiVl-liir-J
rourin' sport they puf-ip ri jirotty gbocl-
game. The Golilenjtes j/efne giuii to
see them uud hope ti-;--; will coiiie
Loc.���.!   men   are  receiring enquiries
almost daily from Fusternvpeople who
as to uiii.iiig
. .      We shall
be greatly disappointed if the Mc.Mui.io
it dotis i
l-.Ss ppuiip.v<-i
iti:iwpresiied,, SJ jji>ti 'Ite
Sfyj��$l$*. y&f!H*',.fe.{,'i��JsS--!?''
pi-iH*rtv fs.ntjthiii iv.fi-f^hiiiTnredy'ar.ns .
of thtf i-iiilwiiy tiacR usk] the'bi'u'aiisa'i'a
away il*'..1-���'������������   :  '      .  .   ;l-.     J   ''"*r
y..A\f^il)tioti   fi     beiiig   /cirdlilaip>-l
ilhiangliant'iEastiatiA -West  Kciotemiy
iwiking itsje^lait-iit-lflpvei-uiiV iii  Council
i.o-1i*tii-lllir-i'j4i|/|l,ogj{itry:Office at' some.
|joiu(t, iti Kpoti'liiiy.i.-io*tj i'bnveliieiit to
tlie whole* (fistr-frt* XJne .copy iff "i the-
petition;* l-l   n***<-;*$jij ei.ctilnmd- in'
Golden aiid.s't-.i*iv;iie hoped.that-every
man...iii ,t,he ,_lj(riiit  will   take,.the
t.-uiibla to 'sign  it.   tt  is  souietimes
montrrs iK'lnit!  dwis can  lie  recencd
V '���'*���'!
district- lio-s not thisl-ear stirniise the I bHok-*om** iV��k*.M*i ���tin'tyi is hl��h Utitii-
world by the: richness of iier mines'f-'���*��� <mi*tit*��tg wvs , ..i,ii-.t.iivi��r-|s g-4.'-'
whibh as yet gre just beginning to*ue ���,��'*���.,'' '"'&M<- -. '���f*';)--f''k-.: nfifiM
. Tjie Canadian Pacific railway
ticipation   of   a big imniigratioii  toitiihIs~-h��nNaMI'
Manitoba from Eastern Canada,   have
arranged to run immigrant  exclusion
t ruins, leuvini-a-l'oi um o every Tilesda.v
ijng tove -ww   "   'vs?a*> * ���*f**~ia-"/��v ��*^<jh-ii
...  '-"Oiil'ib.Wijj'iWi,, si.iiali|i'-'|-tiiii'i fiir tbo
ipfti.-B'itX1ii- ���''si.'lyiis!,,,.-,t,*IJi,i*-feV it Im
ay in an* | w|ul.-e--i1''liTS; W,-* .vm-n I*, a |-|',6iisiii���I
tli;i'iv��. i'trr than wo
are ni (unnrvti- " ' ",'���'���       ���'
One of.thr 'ii'-i-l o��;ij"(*tiitiiHble( even
diigti'i^W,, Luu ���s.,f|i|-ii.-.iiinit  now a-
day.-.if, i lint >.f u��� m.if 11���->-. in.,  a   | rae-
tice wliit'll ..'ill -iM-i'Jy lie given tip   hv
jo.ii-g-'-ir'i-'-'.siiviii i. .vli.-H i i i-.v lenfii
thjUMiol'tft- ss. nl ell**-, niir is sure t.
l-jl-V't'l"**-!1*'"" "! '' '" WM'-' l-tj-til'   time.
S.Cli'.j.,.-,!,, -y    ^ihiii'l.l.   |lr. -ririnllS
, I lli-' culi's'iii-l ami .if'iir.,i.r.-il   oxer-
here and tliu l.J|.uer Country is getting g^, ,,f ,|���, ,:.,'.,:,f ,���,-,, |,.K ��� ���.|, ,1K* -IH
pretty heavy and the local lively men n,,,,,;,..^ jiti**,*---...,- ���,- -j.--,,^ ���-,||. ���0lr
have ull they on.. Uo to simply the du- 0���|V rui��� ,1,., s|���,,��,,,/ ,|���. mouth, but
inand for conveyances. The hotels will c-.uer.i.\i-.iJ..J--v*-,.;-! :,-i.i-.iiia sl-nrt
have also bt-oii uoing a  rushing  busi-  fj,,,"    Jjiiin ii,-' i-.n", ��� i is- i.-lim-  r iin
iifssofiate.    '���-...- !ti,-i!'i:Vs-'.*ii,i-ii "A-'r,,.,',,'���'"���??,;��� iuo.,th.-''aiiij
The Golden Lumber Cor -are taking later 1fi the ���i-fiM!- ��� '111-, tissues hp-
advantuge of a relapse, (N,.|l)e >yin.Mt�� c-~������<fl(*h��*����i.itso/t by this ugly hah-
weather and have increased their al-! it. If fur no other reason than pre-
ready ha-ge crew aud arc more than niaturewiiukles,giveupguinchewing,
during the inup'li,-. pf^lut-ch nud Apiil
It is suid that j*ii--d: tynes in Ontario
is forcing the'poupW.westward for
The   For'f'-iSti-eie stage' which   loft
Goldeu on Tuesday afternotVn hail'if full. TV ]s
list of  passe'nuers. :   Tialfii! * lioCweeii   fmi. film
��h* 0��l��*n ��t��
th* OOtsDiX MU dpabl-W every
Satardar kornWg la tla*-to tatrt tb* utt
aad watt mall trains, sis* tb* null foi-vthe
np**r country, WinaVt-er*. Fort Steel* etc
it is tlm, only advertising medium in the Em
*_ot*_ay district.
Subscription Itatas t fcl.Onner annum IN
Advertisements aud change, must he in
th* ofBce not later than I*! a rs, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
All cosh to b* paid tu tb* Manager, from
whom th* Company's receipi'wUl be obtained.
Advertisement rates mad* known on application -
I.-t.l.ti.'i P..I11.I.1 Ciimo!
SATURDAY, M'C'H 6, 1897.
The resident* pf East Kootenay and
of Golden in particular have already
nisnitested con*id*r*ble internt in the
natter of who i* to b* their next
representative in the Provincial Legislature. The present indication* l*ad
us to believe that a general election
will net fa* held until after the next
ttttion ef tht Heut*. Before tbe opening ����� th* prexnt session a gnat many
*Mtn*d inclined to th* ��i*w that th*
Administration *tood a poor ehane* of
gatting through th* MMien without
d*l*at bnt now it stems to b*g***v*lly
admitted that nothing of that tort i*
likely to occur. Bewever it la well,
that tho** having th* Wst interests of
th* District at heart should ttt that a
candidal* is placed in tk* fold at one*
wbo if tltettd will inanfully Ight for
the right* -of Eaat Kootonay. Thi*
District want* a* her representative a
man wko und*r*tand> th* need* *f th*
District aad on* who will not allow
himself to b* mad* th* tool of any organised gang of monopolists.
Wad* not raquirt to go outaid* tb*
Di*triet *ith*r to Sod a man who i�� in
���v*rv way qualified t* 111 tb* petition
aad w* *ine*r*ly hope that b*for* v*ry
long th*r* will be placed In tb* field a
tandidate whom the people o\ tht* District can support no matter to what
political party h* belong* aad On* whom
th*y vill b* proud to hava a* th*ir
npNMatativ* in tk* Hoaat. Within
* v��ry short space of tins* we predict
that E*��t Koemnay will kata bteame
on* of tb* meet populou* and' important portion* of th* Provinea and bar
ptopl* will do well to it* lhat thtbrnt
man availabl* is selected for tba position.
And tkey theuld **��� to it that na
imp-iecuniou* carpet beggar, no matter
what klaetkev qualification* may h*,
it allowed to g*t peatttiion at tkattat.
Tkt tart of man that it wanted ia ont
whtst tuancial potitie. is tuck that
be' will not of necessity be figuring in
"jobt"ofali tortt in ordtr to hold
body and soul togtthtr. There are
mtmbtrf of .egiilatur** in other pro-
vine** who hav* no apparent attain of
livelihood otktr than the ttMlontl indemnity that they draw y*t they stem
to li<n well-Some-good folk ar* uu-
kind enough to'think that th*rr must
Wi"riikeo-f" ���oro*wti*r��.
Bu'East Kootenay wants none of
th***, a* bar r*pr*s*ntativ*. A good
kenrnt business man who hat made a
���neon* of hi* owu bn��ine��* and who
it not afraid to tttnd up and fight for
th* rights of hit constituency it tht
thtittho next r��pre**ntativ* of East
Koottaay will bt found fighting thit
erOtvd initead of awlstiug them to
gobble up all tb* good thing* of this
fair land.
* * .
It Is to be- hoped that Oolden will
very soon h .wo an **s*y office as it is
found very inconvenient to send ore
samples long distance* in order to obtain assays. The delay which is
necessarily occasioned by sanding out
of town is very often a serious matter
to mining men Everything now
polfit* to a year of active mining operation* in thi* vicinity and we know of
no better point than thi* for a first
class assayer to locate-There isa wall
appointed ��*�����}��� office at tbe smelter
which could doubtless be procured at a
nominal rent for the present. On*
Vancouver office is now making assays
at the rate of 800 per day-This will
giv* tome idea of the amount of business there it in that line just now.
*   ���   *
Thb proposal whioh hat bten made
regarding the passing of legislation
requiring mining companies to pay in
ten per oent of the capital before incorporation ha* caused such a commotion all through ths country and ha*
me" with *o much' opposition in all
quarter* thtat it now look* a* if it
would b* abandoned. Th* Ontarb
Mining and other law* are about a*
good ������ oan be made' and are found
very well adapted to the needs of the
people a* well as their protection. If
tht people in Ontario do not require
mining companies incorporated under
their law to comply with such a clause
at above referred to in oriler to give
tht public protection we tail to understand why the Legislature of British
Columbia need worry itself about im-
peeing such a regulation upon companies incorporated here until they art
asked lo do so. We fail to understand
why It wa* ever proposed-to pass snch
lsgislation here���Certainly no very important part of the residents of B.C.de-
mended any change in tht law; on the
contrary if on* is to be permitted to
judge by tht amount of oppetitlon it
hat met with in tkt prttt, auch lag.*-
lation would ho directly opposed to th*
with** of those whotreroost interested
it tht advancatntnt of ths country.
*   *   .
Tas general impression in but informed circles seems to be that the C.
P. R. will build the Crow's Nest Pas*
railway after all���And we ttt no good
r**-ov'wby they should not bt permitted to; do to ii thay ar* prepared to give
tk* Government and th* people* square
Unless the Government it prepared
to go into the railroading business on
a largt'teal* and push this new road
from Lake Superior to the coa*t they
had better keep out of the business- altogether��� We should like to know of
what earthly us* would be a little line
running from Lethbridge' to Nelson
controlled and operated by the Government���The Eastern shipper would be
in no better position than he is to-day
a* far as freights are concerned a* the
connecting road* could fix their own
It however thei Government would
build an- independent line' from Lake
Superior to the const through the
Crow'* Nsst Pas* the lake- and rail
rout* could be made use oi io- summer
and no difficulty would be-likely to ha
���ip*rl*nc*d In arranging a tnitahl*
winter tariff with either the C. P. R.
ar tba- American road* leading from
earning ��_ honest living th*r* it occorai ���
to us that it might* b* a* wall to giv*
that* gantry a do** of their owa rnedi-r
cin��- In the construction of thefirow't
Neit Pass railway some thousands ot
hand* will b* employed, and, a* a
mark of out Government's appreciation
of Unci* Sam's devoted attention to u*
recently, we would suggest that any
company or contractor that enter* Into
any contract with the Government re*
garding the construction of that railway should be called upon to enter into a covenant that none but British
subjects be employed on the work.
If Canada will but give Uncle 8am a
few sharp knocks like thi* on tb* end
of hi* long nose he will discover ibat,
while he may think so, he is uot really
the owner and boss of tht wholt North
American Continent.
Thr Vernon News has the following
remarks on the ��� notorious clause 20 of
the new Companies' Act:     "The Act
i*  presumably  formed to prevent tbe
floating of 'wild-cat' schemes.   It this-
is  the  intention the matter ho* been
gone  about   in. an altogether wropg
manner.   It will no longer be possible
for poor locators of mires in connection
with   local  business   men, to form a
company and  develope promising property   as  has   hitherto been the case.
But the wealthy speculator -and it it
from thit class that 'wild-cats' originate-will n6t be detterred in the same
way    The result of such a law -would
be to place the prispentor at the mercy
of the capitalist.     We do not believe
that  clause  80 will ever become law.
If it does, a monstrous injustice will
be  perpetrated   upon  the prospector,
and  tha legitimate mining industry-
will  bs crippled at  a most critical
stage in Its development."
* ������   *
Tub Evening Telegram. (Toronto.)
well says: "British Columbia s Government is composed of and supported
by men wbo bsv* no great -.ublic
principle in common. The Government
represents their Interests and the Oppo-
���ition represent* the element which
doe* not get what it wants from the
Government. It would lit better, a
hnndred timet better, for tht.* people ot
British Columbia if the Government
represented one party and the Opposition another. Then the people would
hav* some choice between the-men who
occupy office and th* men who aspire
to office."
PolltU-al  Railways.
There is a good deal of talk about
the relatiors which the Government
and th* C.P.R. ought to sustain The
qtnetion becomes comparatively simple
when it i* born* in mind lhat the Gov-
ernment are (imply trustees for tht
people of Canada. Their attitude, towards the railways wiil be1 neither
subservient nor hostile. They will
help the railways just to the- extent
that the country as a whole is benefited, no less and no more. A. railway
ought not to be the ally of any political party. It hat.no more business to
be iii politics than a church. Tbe business corporation and theecceletiastical
corporation hav* all the influence (that
i* good for the country when they sre
confined to their own spheres of action.
When they get into politics the 'result
I* not good far the church, lhe railway
or the country.    When a railway coui
C-5AL-D TENDERS, addressed to the
7 Postinaater General, will be received at
Ottawa until noon,
������    ��nd    April,   1807,
for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Hail, nn
a proposed contract tor four years, once per
week each way, between Oolden and St.
Eugene Mission from
the    lat   July,   next
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions ol proposed contract
may be seen aud blank forms of Tender r
may be obtained at the Post Ofth-es of
liolden, Galena,-ft in. ermere, Fairmont
Springs, Fort Steele, St. Eugene Mission,
Donald and Calgary, Alia.
Post Office Inspector's Office,)
Victoria, B.O., 19 Feb'y, Wal.,
To Whom it May Concern :
Jake notice, that i have he
voked all powers^ of attorney, -riven by
moat any time to James P.
that the said James P. MarkYy is'no lo
 "���   'od to acton mybe*
in any way authorized to acton iny behalf
Toronto Mineral Claim, situate iu the Golden Mining Division ot East Kootenay District
located <*)pillinii.clieen Mountain.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
certiiicnteNo.41117, intend, sixty davs
from the date hereof, to apply to the Uiikl
Commissioner fora certificate of im pruve-
Shopping By Lepl
The first thing wbo people think of when
onlering goods by mail is tbe capacity for
business of those they wish to write to.
The reputation wo enjoy makes our Midi
Order trade forge ahead at a gratifying
Our Specialties .  .
Requests for Prite Lists and Samples receive
prompt attention.
Calgary,    -   Alta.
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
of tho above claim.
Crown grant of'tlaialsive claim.
And further take notice, that adverse claim's
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner
an action commenced before the issuance
nf such certillcate of improvements.
Dated this 10th day of June, l*��,
John McRae,
By his agent. F. W. Aylmer,
A sittini." of tlie County (,'oiiri of Kootenav
will bo belli ut tlie Court iious.r at Donald, o'n
Wed'day. Utth �����) of March.
18D7, at 10 o'clock iu the forenoon,
liy order,
J. F. Armstrong,
��W Registrar.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
right tort of a man to put in tkt poti
lion and wt btlltvt tht tleotort of Bait the htad ot Lake Superior to the East.
Kootenay hav* th* good ***** to at*
tht ntctttlty of bendiug thtlr ���forts
towards tinting such a represtntativt,
W* have in Mr. Bottook, our represent-
���tlva ia tk* Dominion Hon**, a man
wko1 an joy* tkt aonfidtuet of th* ptopl*
to the fullttt ratant and wnen wt toe*
tttd ia getting a man of kit ttamp t*
rtprtttntos In tk* Lotal Hon** wt
may rt*t assure.* tbat wt will gat fair
W* in East Koottnny consider *ur-
**1vm fit for ���omething better than
jutt paying taxtt to keep np a tptnd-
ttUne W#w4 '���$*��� tl|��*��t Mf wvtiHft
Tb* C. P. K. can build that Crow'*
N*��t road in let* timt and for last
monty than the Government can and
at w* aaid before, it the C. P. Ii,. have
any businesslike offer to make it should
bt accepted and let theiu get to work at
once and put ut in a position, to, hold
tb* tradt of thit country for ommIvm
and not allow th* meanest nation on
earth to' g��t th* cream of it.
*   ���   .'
SlXQl Unclt Sam's law makers have
Northern Division or East Kootl-
may District.
���UOTICE Is.hereby given inaccordanr*
tt with tb* Statu**** that Provincial Rev
tau* Tax ami all tune* levied under tbe Assessment Act sre now due for the ye; r i��I7.
All ef th* shove named taxes mlltst-ilil*
within tbe Northern Divisiou of Cast Kooto
nay District ar* payable at my oui re, th*
Court Hous*, l.uldeu.
Assessed taxes ar* collectable at the following rates, vh :���
If paid on or liefore June HOt'i IW :
Three-lilllu of one percent ou Ken! Property, i
Two and oue-balf per ronton iissosswl , tilui-
pany wants legislation it should be ���'f(-ri~,,1l"i!-~-, . ,
ready to submit it* proposition openly -^ ��f ? e,ui on ,wrmm] pr,v
to the representatives of the people snd ii-isotimcbof tbeuvoiiiosot-my pt*r--i.ii��<
to have it .fully and fairly discussed ' cxronds one .thousand dollars ils- toHowlug
Th* schei|iing snd wire pulling and
" seeing'1 this and that prominent mini
ought to become things of the past.
East. West North, South.
�������� need wet *��� either direr*
tion t*t��t Perfect* Fitting-,
Vt'ell--iade, and Durable
Ve people of Golden, nwl Donald too,
\our Tailor has come, Ids unine is Frank
/ 'l'ugh;
He can cut and lit with the liest in the land,
Aisl makes up a garment with his own haul.
In England he cut for houses of lame.
Such as Hull-lull's of Lomloii, who bears a
And in Citinulii too. Just let me sty
He wtrs eii! er for the fe-rettt Ifudson's Hay.
Hep-drlng, clenniutr, sisl. bt.-ing ton,
V. ill I* thorough! v lii.ne l.y this same Frank
1 l'ugh;
l.oth -fiitaiesl uwl- Gefltleiiieii's cLthes lot nitl
Will be wrkimilillke iroiie, -.nd quite np to
{ti ale.
Now let r. iisiiHcit ypiirwork.-iW .uid uew,
And put tu rhi: lust. vo.;v tr.iliir.r ctiuit Vugat
ills viiurgcs you'll Unit .. ill Iio nil ii(.lit
And the work wheu vuniuimetl,. "Just out
" Patronise Home Industry *"
'    Store opposite p...*.i. flicp,
Goilvi., B. C.
0B��* Alaxatitler Blask, Upstairs,
C10I.11KK, B.���.
Mines I
Ponded, llongbt, Developed
sud Operared.
('orrespniuicnre from (Tamer* of Mining I'roperiius i.tul 1'r.rrir- Mroltiii',-
Mining lnrestuieitis aliened.
C. 'IB1!'LET0N,\
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
��h:i:ip6'i and
ratca namely':   ITpnii such e.M-esr, of iniriiiiio
, wb^u the sitin li not moro than ton thotisaiid
dolli.rs. oue per cent* when such e-rcoss is
i over tea lhou*aiiil dollars umi not more lli.ui!,,-    ., ��   -| -
twenty Ihuusaml d. liars on* an<: uno im..rter, t*C3J| 15 "(I'i,'-.'  '���: ������Jl'C-.jj,'}
of one per rent! when such c*e*s l's over ���������"������������ UiUBlO ����OUC5/t-
'--*--��� ' ������* -     '       * -of
twenty thousaii-l dulhtrs, one an.', una hirl,
one per cunt
II paid on or after th* Itt July IKi-7 (
Four-fifths of on* per rent on Ileal property
Three per cent ou tbe assessed value ul
wild Und.
Three-fourths of one per cent on Personal
lS^_!U^, .!?*���*��*"" ������"i*s-!e*d*ciit. thoi-sayd dollars Ibe rollowlng
uis san ssaoM. | raw* n*m*lyt���Upon sm Ii excess when th*
" I had beou ���uPari-.g from acuta heart ssm* I* not mora than lea ahoassml dollars,
troitbl* for over four -.���crs, v\ hen doctors bad *ne snd ou*Kiusrl*r of on* per eent; when
such wees* is over t*u tbouaand dollars awl
light Tsars Haegiag BstWMB Uf* and Booth
With Ant* H**rt Ui***M.Aad la 30 JU*.
at*i After Taklag first D*aa si Iir. Ag*'
a*Wt Cir* for ta* H**rt Idisf Ctmss j
t i JiiijJl nUCiiliiUl
Calgary, Alberta.
tried, and failed te giv* me raliaf, I procura.1
Dr. Agnew's rure for ihe Imirt. lu HOiriin.
utt* sfter tbe first dene I bail relief. And although mine was a cose of long standing-
���ight bottleseft*ct��la nerinanetit cure, audi
firmly liell*v*t after knowing what it '
'���-m���   --���������  v... _.  .��� -.    wmws   nwi*     tatiiisj   *--.���*->>��.   IHIOI      taMW*VIU||      VVIHIIi     ii
fit to naaa all aorta nf  !_��;_.-<���- : ooi-* for nw, tbat ibere I* no MplMi	
nt tc pits an torts ol Initiation whUt thU grtat cum fa to Ubisl. TdaS-
calculated to prevent laborer* from -nUy s*n*-ilou tb* us* of my testlmeuy In
GamU amrtag tdW��Niit*d St.im a*i ili^^wSiV"'*""*"*��� *"
out more than tweuty tkousaml dollars, w
and aue-halt of��ne ptr i-e.it���, whsii such ��������
cess is over twenty tbousuid imiltn s oi.e snil
tkr����-qui.rnrrs of an* per ceut.
Provincial R*v*nt.*Taa*��.0J per capita.
F. C. LANG.    -
Assessor tnd Collector.
OoUUn, January Sod, 1897.
entlrlng dime in
i trsile with tbe
/   Work and Jewelry rer
the best stylo nf the t
hkist poMifile iiebiy.    M..1I- ami i-x-
prsat orders receive prompt ntumlou.
jmniv mp��iii.i.4x,
A'.th ��� faUn, |.{.
(Opposite the Columbia House.)
Agent for tlm * ans-lbm Smelling *
Assaying V drks.
Assays.'teat* and (-uniting- of Ore*
with tbe greatest expedition and let-
���MU* accuracy.   .
lallof writ* for furtbar information.
ItklMkei !wl ir, ?
, hoir} ourselves responsible for the
bxppuad by.ijiii; correspondents.)
-ipet Inn Hallway from tha Crew's
Nest I'lias to the Coast, Shelved.
To th* Kditor of The Ooi.iien Er a i
Sir,���In a recent issue of the Daily News-
Advertiser you will notice that tbe above
mast important project has been "shelved"
by tbe Dominion Government, backed by
public opinion in the East. I venture to
think that this piece of news will be as unwel
come to the inhabitants of Golden as it is to
the rest of the 1 ritish Columbian cities. As
tbe Colonist of tbe _4th inst points out it is a
gross breach of faith on the Dominion Government's part, and the shelving of this railway literally means the side-tracking of
British Columbia. This roud which is of
vital importance to the Province would, if
sundry improvement* were doue on the Columbia river between Golden and Fort Steele
give your city a competing railway to the
coast, and therefore help the mining and
smelting Interests of your city and district
enormously; and now the cities of Toronto,
Ottawa, etc,, decide (!) tbat the road which
hi of the most vital importance to us Hritish
Colunilii.ins is immaterial to tbem, and tiuit
the Dominion Government is oidy to vote
money (a goodlsb part of which comes annually from us - for the building by the C.P.
R.. of the Crow's Nest Puss Railway from the
iO.vlNaiN.-.  POINT
vo i'.re.'.f. toMFOr.T asi> si'ccbss
IS tUlXI.D !TV Tilt*, I'M or
I leave you
umbia will be
Vancouver, U.C.
to And out where British Col
when thu deal has been con-
��tu_iu.ee (tru'cie.
" I want a hat, but it must be in the
latest style." '-Kindly take a chair,
madam, and wait a few minutes, th*
fashion is just ohanging.v
���i a
Langly A Co.. Wholesale Druggists.
Victoria and Vancouver, desire us lo
publish tbe following extract from a
letter of Clias. M. Outfeld, of Beedley.
Fresno Co., Cal, as he handles the
remedy referred to and wants his customers to know what a spleudid medicine it is i
���'It is with pleasure I tell you that
by one day'* use of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy I was relieved of a very
severe cold. My head was completely
stopped up and I could uot sleep ai
night. I can recommend this remedy.
A cold nearly always stints iu the head
and afterwards extends to tbe throat
anil lungs. By usiug this romed-
fietly ns soon as the cold has beou con
triiottd it'v/lll cure tho cold at onco and
pit-vent it irom extending to ibe lung*.
Guide " The castle and estate have
been in Lord Blnbiud's family for three
hiit.tlred .vein's." Mr. Hustleford. or
"Mb-jm City, Ilj. -'-I don't wonder at
it! Tlie only way to get rid of >ro
party like that wonld he to pull down
the house, cut tha land up into building
lots, an' sell iter auction, with a fro*-
excursion, a bras* band, an' a hat
lunch tltrowtrd in 1"
a a
Bow to tiure Mlioamatisin.
Arugo, Coos Co., Oregon, Nov. 10,
I89li. -1 wish to inform you of the
great good Chamberlain's Pain Balm
has done my wife. She has beau troubled with rheumatism of the arm* and
bunds for six mouths, and has tried
many remedies prescribed for thut complaint, but found no relief uutil she
u��cd this Pain Balm; oue bottle of
which has completely cured her I
take pleasure in recommending it for
that trouble. Yours truly, C. A. Bui-
lord. For sale bv Druggists Langly A
Co., Wholesale Agents Victoria .and
* ���
At an inquest in a certain town on
n man wbo had been drowued, the policeman uiviug hi* evidence was asked
liy. the Coroner if mean* hail been taken to resuscitate the bod J. " Oh, yes,
sir: we searched his pocket--."
These wonderful Dycj s��v* thousands of
dc.i.rs r-nii'i.'lly to li-;~iy hi-iiu-a in Cnr.ii!..
Al this season, oi. i, faded and soiled dressc?,
capes, ja-.'i-ti-, an J metis' ar.d liny** suits c n
he M-dyed, ond made loloolt _�� well as nc��,
,at nco-toft .-nct-nt.--.
Diamond Dyes r. re the easiest to use | tbey
are the brii-htest. strongest anil mo.-.t durable.
Ask for the "Diamond") refuse all oihers<
Diretlie* P��oh ami samples ef tokred tlclh
free, address
Wr.i.i- A 1?i.'ii<.RO-a��iCo..Monlr*tlP.-Q.
��KO. H. 3l'V\RTER.       I
Office ���__- ��� j
Alexander Block. * (.'olden, ll. C.
Ib'presentiug r \
The Alberta A Ko.nen.iy Development Co. I
The East. Kootonay A'iuing ami  Development Co., Etc., Etc.
Mbieral Claims bought, sold, and do-eloped.
k. J. jIjI'iino.v
d.l.8. a I-.L.8. for B.c. dominion a
Draughtsman, Viduiitor.otc., (A I.Ci AHY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited.
lf.J..lKl>llso.N, l).l....1P.lj.S, of II.C. -Out.
tiii.ouliY, Alba.
Conducted in all its brunches hy
(M.N.Eug. lust. M.&M.E.)
Watch Repairing,
By a Competent Man.
Samples tested up to aOO lbs.
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
W. Alexander will be at the Queen's
Hotel every Thursday and Friday
and will be pleased to quote prices
on work and Watches at figures that
will openjyour eyes.
Canmore,     : - :     Alberta.
Pa* By.
Direct Route to all Easteri.
Montreal and Toronto withou.
change of cars.
Dii-eot connection steamers al
B vg-fj-ag-e checked to European
" destination.
Special trip
Around   the  World,
R.H.S. ������ AORANGI" intended to
leave London March 17th.
1897, via. Teneriffe, Cape
Town. Me'.bourne, iyduey.
New Zealand, Fiji. Hawaii,
and Vancouver; Ti-keti
good for 12 months.
Shortest and quickest route ti
fo China and Japan via the
fam us Empress Steamer-*
To Australia and New Zealanc
via the Can-Aus. Une.
V|.|ily for pnr'innlnr* to
Traffic Manager,
Or to Winnipeg.
C. E. W*"l.l*
Agent. U-lilen.
Undertakers and
���  .   Embalmers,
Calgary ���       Alba
.KI.KIIIt.WII    ORIIlrlllH   I'ltO-l'Tl.V
juti-xi-ud,   III.
fSie Neilson Furniture Ct
Will mail, free uf charge, uin- of their
IlltiHtrateil   ('aialo-tiit-.-r   and    Pt-ici
Jjists  to   any   -.-ersiiu sending then,
their ttdilress.
he   Neilson    Furniture
���  Calgary, AiLeita.
HULL BROS �� to.
WholvNiilf nml {{��(nil
3 U T C H ti H S .
battle, Sheep nnd
Horse Dealers.
Beer!   Beer!   Beer
'l'ii" lest Deer in Canada is inadit hy tlie
Calgary  Brewing tt Malting
Co..  Lt'd.
Manufacturers nf I eer. Ale anil Soda Water.
Insist ou getting i ..1-,-nry lleer every time.
'Ihey nil have it.
Tlie ('uiii|iaiiy'*ngi<nt fur Fust Kootenay is
H. (*��. Parson,
t.'oluVii. M.t'.
Piles Cubed I.n .H to ti Nmirrs.- Dr. i
Agnew's (.:iuin.��m will cure all .'.ises of itch i
lag (ilea in from time lo six nights. (Inn
���iiipliciition brings comfort. For blind and.
bleeding piles it is peerless. .-.Iti. curesTet-!
ter, Stilt liheum, l.i-Minia, Hurler's Itch and
nil eruptions of the skin, ,'ir'i cents. Sold by
U. A. Warren. '
�� -. j
Blant-.lie '��� Irnitiel, what has I'lit you
in *nch a hud hunioiii-'i"' Iinhei -
- - Why I've juat had a letter from Jit.-k
and he writes euch a horrid hand that
I can't tell whether it. I* a prouosal, an
Eaa'er carol, or the cure for -the chil-
bluiua be promised lo send me."
Catarrh of Long Standing Hell.--*-, j
In a few Hoars.
It I* not alone the pe-.nle of our own country I
end promiuuut eiti-reuslike Urban Mope, M. j
I', ot .toilette. Quo., ami othur members oft
I'arHameiit, who having used Dr. Agnew's.
��jttiirr*h..l Powder, pronounce it lhe most ef
recti** remedy thoy have evor known, but!
people everywhere areexprosaiug their grati*'
at the effectiveness of this mediviue. I
by ihoassBd.. tSaf., Sor. aad Always -Uabl.
or mailed, ftn tnm theenetlan, et tacalft <f
It.W. iVaMaanlciilanleaau
��� * "^gi-iwlli tatentdtatmethj
���paATOM.'ts-rt-thharastaa. S��aWa��v*l,sealrf,
oa nclM -rf-raica UM.  A|**is waaiad.
ukNtMtoientceo.. mm-riai, e...
1". (I,, Anriwr Ul lt.n-.ai, ���.mini. Si.
have had catarrh for several years.
Water I
woidd run from my eyes and nose day* at n
time. About four months ago I was induced
to try Dr. Agnew's OaUrrhsl Powder, and
since using the wonderful remedy 1 have not
had an attack. 1 Mould not be without it."
H relieves in ten nrlnutea. SoM by C. A.
uOiUdn 6asii & Oojr raco-y i% ttlfouM bnop.
Mi.ni.-ft-ti.n-i-a'i. Sch. P.. r.. Mniili'lugs. Turm-d and Sivii I'ldiislers,
Somi IVrj.tr-.. Hand Walls ami ! rackets.   All sl��esnfgli.ss In siw-k.
Tle-iMiiehlneamll'l vk*. nllli -h-.pari' p-epnt-d lodoall kiml at repair
a> aooii us |-.-ssiM..    All .-i*w <>f Pipe Pitting ami Hruss gonlsmi h..nd.
Wagon re|i��lr. PoIks, Shal'ls, Axk-s. ��i*ina ami Polices.  Hickory and_
Maple llank. HOUSTON    &    CO.
EI o
_. o
FjII n
t...'�� II
I     __0
'1^!S;^^,''r"',e.nr..ir^^-ici_-ir.iE~vrj-.nBrn_~-B-nc"o '*,���__
iUUUU---'- k-l Jt ji.JJ. .tJC'-IL^Jt'-JKU___-DBU-yaiM
- - 0 o b 6 e cTc'c"c o o o*b ��eoocceoooeo' so t-*~o ~5
attracts much attention, ditto with an
add In the columns of the Golden Era
it catches the eye of tlie bargain seekers of East Kootenav.
e s e s e s o e e'e'o 9 e ��e
We never resort to any scheme to lioom
ity circulation to be followed by collapse, bnt solely on Its merits do we
reach all intelligent readers of the
Some papers have a Wg circulation���
such as it is-We have a good kind���
what there is of it.
_K________Z-'' e-e.s c--(
WE SELL .   .
Advertising Space strictly on the basis
of circulation. You pay for what vou
get, and get what you pay for. *We
sell only what vse have, and guarantee
what we sell. If you have something
to sell, Talk it. Let us know what
it is and see what it will cost you.
c:c::c*:9 t>9:oei
|| 0
���-*���" or
ci-��-8 �� eccecceece;c e:c::ect:r: !c::.c::s:::;-,
'tmlili -I-- L_tJ_J---- XJXJ   -. _k Jk __.___.jj. *L _____ . JWJ ,
Because it pays advertisers to be identi-
iied with successful mediums.
�� e �� �� s eeeeeee-
Published every Saturday at Golcien, t. i
If I wero a mother
I would Insist
on having Shore)'�� Chilhinv lor iny
boy*, liwlr Chnlilng i. ��U tvw*
wall Intel tli....,I, tli- u..li'Ll u til
tburouglily s|v..igfi I. -. atir-tuk. tod
the i.u.*_.mi.!ilii*i i.. g.raj-uuteed vol %t
rip. Might jnst a*. �� ell hare it, wbett
it doesn't coal uny more tliau inferior
makes. *%
You can nlwav* be sure of getting it i
on seeing tbe fuarantee
St t ���listing on seeing tbe guamnl
cket which I* in tbe pocket of ��
garment. la,
 -.	 Awarded
.liKhest Honors-World'* Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Buy of pedlars as often and as much
na possible. Denounce your merchants
because they make n profit on their
goods. Make your town out to be a
very bad place and tell it every chance
you get. Knife every man who disagrees with you in business and tho
best methods of increasing business.
Refuse to unite in any scheme fur the
betterment of material interests of the
people Keep every cent yon get and
don't do anything of a public nature
unless you can make something out of
it directly. Tell your merchant you
can buy goods, say it in such a way
that ft will leave the impression that
yon have no faith' in it. If n stranger
comes io your '.own tell him thut everything is overdone, uud predict a general crash in the near future. Patronize
outside pipers to tho exclusion of your
Q-vn, and then denounce them for not
being ns largo as the city paper. If
you sn A merchant don't advertise in
your home papers; buy a rubber stamp
upd use it; it may save you a few
djnj?s nnd make the paper look as if it
wns printed in ,. one-horse town. If
you are a farmer curse the town where
yon trade as the meanest place on
earth; take this to your neighbors;
make them think the business .nun ure
robbers anu tbiovos. It will mike yeur
property less valuable, but you duu't
a ���
-oltlvn i Ib'ernlaOrgnnlie.
���A meeting cf the Liberals of Ooltien
was held in llie sample room of the
Queen's Hotpl on Saturday evening
iu... The meeting was large aud enthusiastic, among others present were
VV 0: Wells. Pull'snr; W. O. Neilson,
I'ri-yer; Ji. A. Kimpton. Donald. In
a ww concise remarks Mr J. 0. Greene
ex-plaitied the object of thu meeting,
which in brief was to form an organization of some kind to look after tho
interest of the Liberal pnrtv in the approaching Provincial campaign. The
meeting theu elected M. Dainard as
j-hairman of. the evening and p. M.
Rue as secretary. After some discussion it wat decided that a Lib, ral As
sociation be formed and all '.he gentlemen present, about 40 in number,
enrolled themselves as members of tho
Association. The meeting then proceeded tn elect officers, as follows:���
W. C. Wells, lion. President ; J. (J
Greeiie, President; J. W. (Juuiier,
Vice-President; C. E. Hamilton, (-tccy.;
I). M. Ilae, Treasurer, Executive
Committee:���J. Gibson, M. Dainard,
C. McCready, J. Henderson. ;V. Campbell. Steps are being taken tr have
the liberals iu the diffcint polling
divisions of the district make similar
preparation*. During tlie evening
speeches were delivered by W. T. Le*
furgy of Summer-side. P.E I., und C.
W. Bradshaw of Winnipe-;, gentlemen
who have been iu Golden for some time
prist on busiiieis Mr. W. C. Wells
���poke briefly and pointedly on the
shortcoming* of the Turner government. The Golden 1/ berals bave every
reason to congratulate themselves on
tbeir organisation and although some
time may elapse before they are called
on to do much active work yet they
will be the better prepared lor it wlien
it does come.
Jo the rail of 181)3 a son of Mr. T.
A. A, McFarland, a prominent merchant oi Live Oak, Sutter Co., Cal.,
wa* taken with a very heavy cold.
The pains in the chest were so severe
tbat he bad spasms and was threaten-
/id with pneumonia. His father gave
him several large doses of Chamber-
Iain's Cough Remedy which broke up
ths-old and cured bim. Mr. Mi-Far*
land say* whenever his children have
croup bs invaribly gives them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and ii always
cures them. He considers it the best
cough remedy in the market. For Sale
by Druggists Langly A Co., Whole
tilt Ajsnts Victoria aud Vancouver.
, Looks as If  Til*  C.P.R. Will   Build
| 'llie Line After ull
Montreal, March 1.   The recent pur-
I chase of large quantities of steel rails
in Philadelphia by the C. P. R. is understood here us a certain indication
I that the company had been or would
bj awarded tho franchise for building
the Crow's Nest Pass railway from
I fs-ihbridua to Kootenuy to tap the
British Co ninbiu mining country, Tbe
! ���.���r-soiriiiu-il Pitu.8 correspondent learned
| to-duy thu ti corps of (J. P. R. engin-
Sit's would start from Montreal to-morrow to complete the survey, a lact
which makes this supposition almost
a uertuinity, The only hitch seems to
lie that Hon. A. G. Blair, Minister of
Railways and Canal*-, wants the road
built from Lethbridge clear through to
the coast, whereas the C. P. R. desire
to have it join their main line ut Nelson, B. C.
The people of Eastern Canada tire
anxious to have the road built so thut
tbey may capture a share of the trade
of the Kooteiiny district, which is now
principally in the hands of merchants
iu Spokane, Wash. The agitation to
have the Government build and uperate
the road js not favored by bankers and
capitalists hero. They allege that it
would cost more and take longer to
buiM it by this means. A resolution
was to day introduced in ihj city
council favoring Government control,
but it is alleged tbat this is prompted
by the Atlantic and Lake Superior
syndicate opposing the C. P. R. and
having franchises for opposition lines,
the Ottawa and Furry Sound Railway
being port of tbeir scheme,
Public School Report.
The   following is the public   school
report for February:
Fifth Class-
I Jennie Wells and Winnifred
Fourth Class -
1 Gertie Fields.
2 Mary Conner-
Third Cluss-
1 Omra Good.
2 Maggie Archer.
Second Class���
1 Lottie Woodley.
2 Lyla Love.
First Class. Part II-
1 Murjorie Armstrong.
2 Stanley Moodie.
First Class Part I���
1 Addie Antoya.
2 Macaulay Norsk!.
Average attendance���2S.'
4 1.
Le Rot Men in East Kootenav*
The trustees of the Sullivan Group
Minii g Company held a meeting in
Spokane on Thursday, and adopted bylaws similar to those governing the
trustees of the Le Roi company. The
capitalisation is 2,500.000 shares, of
which 500,100 go.-s into the treasury
for development work. Tho membership of the company is largely that of
the Le Roi, and includes senator-elect
Turner, colonel W. M.  Ridpath.  Col.
\V. W D Turner, Col. I. N. Peyton.
R. B. B|ake, roiijor Armstrong, F. T.
Post, F. P. Hogau, J. W. ('leaver, A.
L. Davies, Frank Graves, E. D. Saunders. E. W. 8u.ith, L. F. Williams
and D. W. Henley. The company's
properties, the Hope, the Hamlet tin,I
the Shy lock, are in the Fort Steele section of East Kootenay. As soon as the
weather will 'permit, machinery will
he sent in nri-1 u force of men set at
work developing ihe claims, which are
liO miles west of Fopl S'eelo, ami two
miles from tho North Star mine. Nel
son Tribune.
Teacher - " What nre you laughing
at? Not at me?" Pupil-"Oh, no,
sir." Teacher "Then what else is
there in the room to laugh at ? "
Maiiriki-���At Donald, on Monday, 1st
inst., by Key. G. II. Osborne, G. Whulcy ta
Miss Lena V\ eUluii.tt, liuth uf Domini.
i *fl**** ts.*-. �� �� ��aa -j �� �� tp to �� a) �� a- *-.ib a- ��ai�� �� �� �� �� tt j-tr oo* *~j? ��.��.."I.
I hereby give notice that I intend to apply
to J. V. Armstrong, Esq., ittipendary Mi.g
istnite, lor the District of twit Kootenay,
for a license to sell wines, spjrits, beer or
otlier fermented or intoxicating liquor by retail, at the premises known as lhe Kiisr-eli
House, in the town of Oolden, situate iiiiii.eti
iately south of Skelton A Hamilton's Livery-
Dated this ilrd Duy of March, 1897.
The Annual Meeting of the Shfireholilers
of the Upper (olumliu. Navigation fc Train'
way Company will be he'd nt the t ainpauy's
Olheo, in Uoltlen, ll. C, on Mantlay
The 13th Day ��f itta-rcli,
A. D., 1897, at 8 o'clock in the afternoon; (ot
the election of Directors and for the ordering
of the utfairs of lite i oiuni.ny generally.
By order ot the Hoard,
C. II. Parson,
Gil .If), ll.C, 1st March, VI.
A sitting of the County Court of Kootenay
will be held at the lyurt House at Donald, un
Wetl'itny, 10th Rny of.Uaicli,
1837, at 10 o'c|ock in the foronoon.
Hy onjer,
J. F. Akj-jSTROno-,
20-3 Registrar.
The above sesnion of the ( o inty Court is
adjourned till leu o'clock on .->..u.itl'.y, tho
l..in March.
TIIO-IAS   JIc.\AI*��,*HT.
Miniug I-roker,
Financial Agent,
. u.i.eyiincer,
Notary Public,
"t**-fOR"$ SHKM81H. I
TO -tint* TKlBlrOOO.
..-OULATaVtie M0HEVS.t
ft Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
Has Cured
and Given Them
a New Lease
of Life.
Do Not Allow
��� Your Dealer to
Offer You
a Substitute.
��� L-pper uolun]bia Na Vigatipi] & T-rarii^av'.
:'*��� , .    .    ��    and    ���    e    .
{qtenjatioDal Traqsportatioi] Gompaijy.
. "I
!l o
' ,e
TIME    TABLE,    1897.
GoLDirrM-FoRr Steele route-Utrtll opening of Navigation, Stage -till
,: leave Oolden every Tuesday, '.', p. in., arriving in Fort Steele Saturday
Leaves Fort Steele overy Tuesday morning, arriving at Golden Friday
After 1st May, Steamers will leave Oolden 4, a. tn., Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with Stage at Adola and arrive at Fort Steele Thursday
and Sunday afternoons.
Leave Fort Steele Tuesday and Friday.morniiigs aiid arrive at Golden
Thursday and Sunday afternoons.
Fnrt Steele -.and Jenning* Route.
Navigation expected to open 10th April.   Ai'tor 1st Mt-y boats will leave
daily (except Sunday).
Oolden 1st March.
F. P. Armstrong*,
) 9 4* 9 0 ��_9" C.p ft - 9.9 ft ft 9 *.�� ��9 1 (DC ft <
mTA 9 9 9 ft �� O Q~0 c
When y<>*o come to
Tft, .p $4 AAfpfl O '������' T r I ���""���'-, %f'' i'-j
TO STATION,     j.
ii|,.f-"-|.r FUWl    ���
^^A^^MeiWi:,.      uah3'
?   j j^.00 FER DAY.
S.     ADLER,     Proprietor,
���    ���    ���    ���    ���    ���    !���.-.,>
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Comniodious Sample Rooms. ,
Duggage transferml fi*ee.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and U-jpu-s.
Rates !r$..00 Per t.iiy. ���
J.   C.   OI^EENIi, ,-    Rf&p
B�� Columbia House
Home Comforts.
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West.   .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
CUm. liflej-eish, - Prop,


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