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The Golden Era Jul 21, 1899

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Rubber Stamps.
��� '.*?���'���'.-, ""��� iVi .*���'
thr Rubber Stamps-sad SeslsadUhf
Ivedal the Goldm Iba Office and
.led with promptltale.
Limited LiabiBty.
James Hendebsok,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Building' Lime for Salo.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, JULY.21.    1899.
$2 Per Year
H. G. Parson,
Has a
duality High.   Prices Low.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
(LIMITED)      '
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.B. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District
Steamers Iamvo Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Oolden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be .stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Meager.
As matter* stand it is unwise for ns
to say muoh about the present Cabinet
crisis. The regret ie that it has occurred. The Government were doing good
work and maintaining th* confidence
oi the public, ant it ia a thousand
pitiee that any thing ahould have arisen
to enate th* pr*a*nt difficulty. A
meeting oi th* party will be held at
Viotoria on the 26th Inst when the
matter will be iully disousseil.and it is
to bs hoped that some mean* will be
found ol overcoming th* present di:
oulty. W* belive th* whole trouble
haa arisen as the result oi deliberate
platting oa the part oi th* Coast politician* who wen associated with th*
former Turner party, and who wonld
���tick at nothing to one* again obtain
control oi th* rein* ot power. Premier
Semlin I* too weak a man te combat
such Influence., and Jo* Martin waa
the one man la the Cabinet whom
these corrupt interests had to {ear.
Henoe th* necessity oi scheming to get
rid ol him. Tbe World states that
whsn the Hon. F. Carttr-Cotton wae
ia Oolden Mat week he received assurances ot support irom Hi- Wells in the
present "difficulty. We are in a posi
tion to Stat* that this assertion is absolutely false. The matter was not
even discussed, aud in any case Mr.
Welle would give no pledge to either
party till ha should hsar both sides oi
the dispute,
W* hav* to congratulate th* Government ot this Province on tbe excellent footing on which they have placed
tbe publio finances since taking oharge
oi th* Treasury. This was evidenced
th* othtr day in the floating oi the
new loan. The whole amount asked
lor by the government, ��840,000 hat
bttn floated in Loudon at a fraction
over Sill, tbe figurt at whioh th* minimum wa* Axed. This is moro than
on* per ctut higher than the belt price
obtainable tor any previous loan. The
rate ot Interest is 8 per cent. ' The
commission is only one per. cant.
against two per oent. previously paid
by Mr. Turner, a saving oi nearly
140,000 to the province, besides $2,000
whioh, had Mr. Turner remained in
the government wonld have been
ohsrged by hiin as personal expenses
in floating the loan,
had the Hon. Josoph Martin* Intimated
that he Intended to trace the attacks on
his character to tbeir sourco than the
���caudal* mongers Mopped aa ii they had
been ahot. It le wonderful to em, th.
deaunc-ss oi lhote papei. nowadays���
not even a hint.
Say* the Prospector: "The Great
Northern is n prominent (actor in the
development oi the ICooteuay. It is
now learned thut this great corpora
tiou ie now back of a scheme to build
a lino from Kalis*"*)!. Montana, to Golden en the miiin line of iliuC. P. K.
Such a roud will open up a virgin Hold of
mineral richer than any otber section
oi Britteh Columbia."
The Kamloops Sentinel rttnarka on
th* political situation;-"It is unfortunate lhat what appear* to be mainly
personal differences should have
brought about dissension in ths Cabinet
A wise and progressive policy had been
initatad, and tbe affaire oi the country
generally speaking, were being admin
iatared ia a businesslike way. Gradually order was being obtained out of
tbe obao. that reigned iu practically
every department of tbo Government
when Ur. Semliu took office.'.'
"Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds. Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Spicial Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
fW Md Cold filths.
Ullock Se Barry,
llSrt rrtprletere.
Mr. Price, partner oi W. Evans, arrived in Goldon oo Monday night, wilh
tbe news that Macaulay. who was
shot at Tete Jaune Cache by Hugee,
had died on the 34th, nine days after
the shooting. Price then hurled the
body and erected a fence round the grave
and a oroas over it. He then oatne ont,
bringing with him the, widow and two
children. They had a very hard trip
owing to the high water. Mrs. Macaulay hat been left at S-illiyau Elver,
Price comlug ahead with the Information for the Government Agent. Price
managed to extract half oi the bullet
from the wounded man bat could not
find the remainder. Th. widow will
bt the principal witness ot the trial of
Hughes, which will be arranged for
shortly. On Wednesday Price return
ed to Sullivan river ior Mis. Macaulay.
Important Publio Works Arranged for.
An Arrangement Arrived At,
On Friday the Columbia River waa
again blocked at Fifteea Mile Creek
Landing by tbe breaking oi a boom,
throning the logs > right across the
river and blocking tke channel. Foreman Kidd, who waa ia charge of the
camp, went back and warned the
Duchess to take oue oi the sloughs
and this was done. Capt. Bacon had
been making his record run from Win*
dermere, aud had it spoiled by the
river being again blocked at tbe sorting boom, where the sie.mer had to
lie some time before the timber could
be cleared away. The passengers who
withsd to go by No. 1 thus missed
their traiu. Ou arrival at Golden
complaint waa made, and it was deoid-
ed tbat Capt. Bacon, C. H. Parson,
Manager of the Navigntlor, Company,
Hon.F, Laseelles, one vf th; Directors,
should meet F. \v. Jones, iccrelary of
the Lumber Company, to discuss the
mutter of blocking nnvigation, so much
complained of lately. As a result it
wns arranged that the Board of Trado
Idler to iho Dominion Government,
aching attention to the waiter, ahould
telle ii. ooiir.-n��. an*. ,-.*.*. .when an
I   '.*   l,.p.,'.���,.iit came to.
Judge Irving knows haw to deal
With the oluim jumper, who, is the
meanest man on earth. Hers la how
hi* Honor treated this gentleman at
A'.lln. Be will ask the jumper to stand
up that be oan have a look at the kind
if tallow that would deliberately try to
steal another mau'* claim, and will ply
him with qutitlont like these: "Didn't
you know tht ground was staked, aod
that thtre wat a miner who claimed
It ? Why did you (take It ? Did you
want to ileal bit ground?" He ie rapidly during th* oalendar oi these oases.
and the disooursged outlook Ior the
Jumper, acts as a wholesome preventative ol farther trouble of thi* nature.
They War to the Death.
O'eronto Telegram.)
Th* O. P. K. Telegram Company
burn, up tbt win* in it* hastt to
serve tha sastsrn papers with everything that transpires in Brltlth Col-
omtla unfavorable to Hon. Joseph
Martin, eastern papers get ntwt oi
all Mr. Martin's bad lack via tht C.P.
B. thirty minutss alter date, but the
news ol his good luck comes by alow
freight. Eastern papers can gat news
of every trifling occurrence unfavorable to Joseph Martin over th* C.P.R.
wire, but th* same company was In no
hut* to transmit tht. news that the
wpresentatives of hundred* oi minora
denounced tb* "tramp* ia dress suits"
who Intuited the attorney-general at
tbt Mackintoth banquet. Thtrt it no
form of protscution too petty to be
ueeful In tb* oontlnnout warfare which
bttn carrltd on against Joseph
Martin through til the agencies in the
���mice oi th* tobtldy-grabblng corporation! which hav* bttn wounded by
tk* dtvotlon to tk* publio Interest
which ii tk* greet virtu* ol a piotnrt-
Golden to euquire into- ths matter he
should be asked to luy out a channel
for navigation, so that the Lumber
Company might occupy the remainder
and thus at old uuy further clashing
uf intei-i-slft.
The Lumber Company having set up
an absolute right to tbs Fifteen Mils
Creok Landing on tho grounds that it
wns iu thoir timber limit, and that
thsy had cleared the landing, it was
pointed out to Mr. Jones :hai the Navigation Company had nlenred the lauding iu tho first piano, and it hnd been
used by tbe bout lorn* before the Lumber Company used it. Mr. Jones snid
he had been misinformed on the point
and promised to make such arrangements tbere as would romovo the
cause of complaint tbat hnd existed as
to the blocking of that landing.
F. W. Jones, as representing ths
Lumber Company, and C. H. Parson,
representing the Navigation Company,
want up th* river on Tuesday morning
aa far as Carbonate to ses ths cause of
tha trouble, and Mr. Jones, after iu
speotion of the obstruction to navigation, expressed his desire to eee tho
csuees of complaint removed, and
premised to take steps in tbat direction. This decision on the part of the
Lumber Compaoy will bo satisfactory
to tho public aud all concerned il
carried out.
Mr. Wolls. M.P.P., returned to
Golden by the Duchess on Wednesday
after paying a visit to the Windermere
district, in the interests of that portion
oi his constituency. During his stay
at Windermere Mr. Griffith, Government Agent, met Mr, Wells there, and
all arrangements were completed for
the commencement ol the construction
of the bridge over the Columbia river
at Athalmer. Mr. Wells also arranged
about putting the trails In the district
in good shape and E. Johnston will
have charge ot the Toby Creek trails.
Mr. Wells alao arranged for'having a
survey mado oi a wago,, road to give
access to Toby and Horse thief Creeks.
Mr. Wells was much pleased with his
visit to Windermere district, having
met with a hearty reception among his
friends and supporters and the people
there are much pleased with the result
of his visit. When Mr. Wells does a
thing he does it thoroughly, and,
though thore has been some delay
about attention to the matters at
Windermere, when tlmy have been
attended to the most satisfactory arrangements have been made.
The order was given to the Athalmer sawmill for the cutting nnd sup.
ply of timber (or the bridge over the
Columbia river at Athalmer. This
work will be pushed on by day labor
under the foreinanship of D. Bales.
A Successful Shipment.
R. A. Kimpton returned last week
from the Trail smslter, where he had
been on a visit regarding the shipment
oi ore frotn tht Delphine mine on Toby
creek. The shipment realised 1103.05
at tiie smeller, and Mr. Kimpton is
naturally.delurhtadwith the Biiccess of
this shipment. The price leaves a
profit of 970 after deducting freight,
iif*i-.ti<ii,;it aud lead duty- t."* toon) ���h*-*.
there has to be tleuucted the cost 'of
mining and transportation to the river.
When a rnilway or wagon road is run
up Toby Creek the Delphine bids (air
to take a place among tbe lending silver-lend miuea of the Pi-oviuce. Mr.
Kimpton speaks in high terms of the
liberal and satisfactory manner iu
which ho bns beon treated by the management of the Trail smelter. He Informs us that the smelter shows every
disposition to help out the small miner
as well as the big one, and he is confident that the new policy inaugurated
by the manager, Mr. Aldrldge, will be
a boon to the development of the raining industry of British Columbia. The
Delphine ore ran 90.4oz. silver, 2 4p.c.
copper, 62.70 p.c, lead, and 2.(1 p.c.
Kimpton, Starke & Harrison have
started development work on the property owued by them on Horse-thief
A  Fireman Falls   from   the
On Tuesday George Storer, fireman
on the freight engine driven by J.
Dtnman, from Revelstoke, fell from
the engine at the cut bank about four
miles west of Golden. He wos not
missed for a time ufter the mishap had
occurred, but as soon as ho was found
lobe missing the driver pulled up the
train and returned to search for Storer,
who was found with his head badly
cat over the right eye. He wae taken
to the Hospital where lie received the
prompt attention ni Pr'iV.y lor.The skull
was found to be fractured but Storer is
quite conscious and appears to be
Duohess Passenger List.
July lath���To Horse Creek, E. A,
Haggen ; Spillimachene, T. Plunkott;
Carbonate, G.Johnson, Major Clohecy;
Athalmer, A. F. Macaulay. T. Onkes,
Sutherland; to Windermere, W. G.
Mitchell Innet, J. E. Griffith, R. A.
Kimpton, W, Alexander, E. JohnttOR.
Windermere to Golden- C. A Warren, W. Alexander, T. White, Miss
Gates; irom Curbonate,Major Clohecy;
from Horse Creek E. A. Haggen,
July 18th-Golden to Athalmer,
McDonald, Smith, C. L. Campbell, J.
A. Scott, W. G. Mitchell-Innes, J. E.
Griffith; to Windermtre, Mr, end Mrs.
Mlddleton, J. Scott, Tracy.
Windermere to Athalmer���J, Scott,
J. C. Cumpbtll; to Goldtn, T. Jones,
W. O. Mitchell-Innes, W. J. Gospel,
W. C. Wtllt, J. E. Griffith; Athalmar
to Goldtn, Smith, McDonald; Carbon-
��M to Oolden, G. Upton.
Certainty Co. Takes Up the Porphyry and Iron Hill.
The Certainty Gold and Mining Co.
of Watorloo, Que., with head office at
Golden, wired their representative E-
A. Haggen, on Saturday, that thoy
had taken over the bond held by J. M.
Mcintosh, of Loudon, on the Porphyry and Iron Hill property on
Canyon Creek, ns recommended by
bim. This property in owned by Hon.
F. W. Ayliner and H, Eatelle, and
work will bo pushed on at once,
arrangements! having been made to
put in the cntnp this week. In the
Certainty, and Porphyry and Iron
Hill groups tht Certainty Gold and
Mining Company has two of the best
prospects in tbo district, and if the
surface showing is maintained with
depth tho Company will be regular
shippers of oro by the coming winter,
ss both these properties are especially
handy fur purposes of transportation.
A Disappointing: Story.
This morning Frauk Berthiuame
returned Irom Tete Jaunt Cache and
-put in an appearance at the Eba office.
He atked us to wsrn people agai-.si
going to Tete Jaune Cache after placer
gold. He say. there is nothing there
to justify the inrush of tii. peoplo He
and others examined Swift Current
aud oould not get colours in more
than three out of every tin square
yards of dirt. "Why,-' said Frank
"you have a hundred timee better
prospects (or placer gold on Canyon
Creek, within five milet oi Ooldtn,
and on Cummins Cieek. Then sgain,
even i( there were gold on Swift Current, it would cost So to take ont every
dollar as the creek is filled witb im
mense boulders. Owing to one of his
horses getting entangled with a rope
in crossing one of the creeks near Kin
basket Lake it was drowned and Frank
loet his camp outfit.
Says the Edmonton Bulletin:���Interest in tke Tete Janne Cache gold
excitement, which hae beeu on the
wane of late, la being revived. Jack,
eon k McLaughlin have outfitted
afresh at Golden and gone back ; and
R. Mats left on Saturday (or Donald
to arrange tor the immediate return of
Jol. Hostyn and Sam Derr who were
sent in by hiin and some other Edmonton men last year. These men
brought out word which has oot yet
been made public but which is of sufficient importance to cause their immediate return.
Says tht Kamloops Standard :���Mr.
Harry Heath has just returned irom
the Tett Jaune Cache and Fort Georga
oountry where he has been prospecting
for the past tew mouthe. He started
in from Calgary with 18 horsss, and
������sports feed es fairly plentiful but the
country is very swampy. He found
gold in ono of the rivers not far from
Tete Jaune Cache and brought samples in with him. He intends writing
a book of hit experience through that
Mountaineering in the Rookies.
Banff, N. W. T., July ln.-Mr.
Henry G. Bryant, of Philadelphia, the
explorer and mountain climber, who
led the ttaroh (or Lieuteuant Peary in
Arctic waters, a (ew years ago and
who haa in view the ascent of Mount
Eliaa in Alaska, left to-day for Mount
Assinibolnt, to make preparations (or
the ascent o( that peak, referred to by
Alpine climbers as the Matterhom of
the Canadian Rockies. Professor Bryant, who has lately been honored by
tht Royal Geographical Society, together with Mr. Walter D. Wilcox of
Washington, D C , has for tome time
been considering the ascent of the great
peak of the Assiniboine, Tbey will
bo acccompalned by Swiss guides irom
Intsrlaken, recently introduced at the
Selkirk, Glacier and other mountain
points, (or the benefit ot Alpine clubs,
Prottttor Charles E. Fay, ol Tufts Collage? Boaton, a glacier explorer of note,
It expected to join tbe party about August lit,
HCOU1UUU.X a*-M--.-.��l   Toy  tko Min*
ers' Union of Rossland.
The following resolution was adopted at a meeting of Rossland Miners
Union, and The Ea a has been requested to publish il:
1 Whereas, on tht night ol Juno 20,
1899, thore was given iu tht city of
Rostland, B.C., wbat was known as a
publio banquet in honor of onr moet
worthy citizen, ex-Governor Mackintosh, ono who hss the welfare ot onr
city at heart and has done untold good
for tht community at large. But wo
regret witb shame that when the Hon.
Joseph Martiu ross to address the ban-
quettert that a good many oi those to-
called gentlemen ahould to tar forgat
themselves ss to jeer at ont whom
tbit Province might justly bo proud ot,
and by their action they dishonored
the guett of tht evening, disgraced
themselves, and dragged in the dust
the good namt our city and cltizant
have alwayt enjoyed for hospitality to
thost who mty havt mingled among
ut either at Invited guests or sojourning among us as (riende.
1 Therefore bt It retolvsd, that we,
the Rossland Minors' Union, No. 88,
W F. o( M., believe tbe Hon. Joseph
Martin, Attorney-General, wat grossly
insulted by a cor'.ain element who attended the said publio banquet, be-
cause of his triendly attitude towards
th'e eight-hour law passed ior the
benefit of metalliferous miners in this
Province. And we further believe such
a course was carefully planned by a
vast majority ol those who attended
the said public banquet, and the mo,
live for tuch it easily understood by
this union.
"Ba it (urthsr resolved we sdmlrt
the manly way in wbicb tht Hen
Joseph Mertln acquitted himself, and
wa condemn tuch outrageous iodscsney
by tht would-be aristocracy who attended the said public banquet. And
in (uture we pledge our support to the
Hon. Joseph Mattln and his colleagues,
who havt proved by thtlr noblt actt
that ther are the friends oi the messes
and not tbs classes, and we call upon
all honorable cltiaent to denounce thit
intuit offered to ont whom as a citizen
thia Province oi Brltlth Columbia
might well feel pround ot aud Canada
may well ailraite,"
Progress of Development Work.
Development work is being pushed
on at this group. Tbe No. 1 tunnel is
now in 90ft. and is being run along
the hanging well of the lead in porphyry. Driving is vsry hard, bat
good progress is being made. The
tunnel shows up the hanging wall of
the lead Well, the lead having a dip ot
82 to the south and a strike ot N. (0
W. The ort shows a decided improve
tueut as depth is gained on it and
assays in gold and copper.
$820,000,000.00 In Sight
There ia gnat excitement at Win*
dermere over tho Red Line. The lead
is in night on both tides of the mountain and over tht .-uinmit giving a
base of 4,500 feet in length with a
depth of 1600. Where the ledge ins
boon cut acrots it is 2b' feot in width.
With a width of 10 feet of ore running
140 Mr. Mulford, M.E., Manager for
Fraser k Chalmers, estimates that
there is 9320,000,000 oi ore in light
making tht biggest known mint iu
the world.
Mr. Farrtll, M.E., lays tbat it tha
ore carries only 925 in average values
it will be another Cometock.
Messrs. Starbird, Collett k Robertson are pushing development on an
extensive scalt on tht Red Lint group.
This gronp consists of three olaims,
namely Iron Cap, Red Line No. 1, and
Red line No. 2. This property haa
been rebonded for 9100,000 to Mr.
Smith for Hob, C. A. Mcintosh.
Several prominent mining men hav*
made aa examination oi thit property
during tht latt three weeke and all
express wonderment at the size and
richness of the dtpotit. Assays mad*
by E. A. Hoggin ran as follows:���-
Silver 620 ozl., copptr 9.8 p.c, vain*
9405.56; gold 1 oz., silver 705 ozs.,
copper 9.2 p.c, value 9504.50.
At tht Hot oi writing thin ll great
interest at Wlndtrmtrt at to wbo will
gtt the bond taken np at it wai supposed there wat a loop-hole in Mr.
Smith'! bond and Mr. Mulford has
offered an advance for a New York
eyndicate. Tbe Red Line it In tho
���ame mineral belt as the Pretty Girl
owned by th* New Golden-Britith
Advertise iu
Visits Golden���Deputation from
Board of Trade.
Hon. T. O. Carttr-Cotton, Chili
o-.-.���i..i^. v.. Land, and Works,
arrived In Goldtn t*��� Thnridat/*' {-,-"
-v-i-lc in company witb Mr. Gambia,
Provincial Engine*,-. -The ministtr
spent the-forenoon with Mr. Griffith,
Gold Commissioner, going into various departmental matter*. In tht
afternoon th* Council of th* Board ot
Trade Interviewed the Minister at tba
Queen'. Hotel, whin he was staying.
The deputation was accompanied by
W. G. Mitchtll-Innn. H. G. Parson,
President oi tht Board of Trade, acted
as spokesman.
The first matter brongbt nnder tht
notice ot the Minister wat the removal
of thi Ceurtbouse from Douald to
Golden. Th* Minister said the only
question at issue was whether lt
wonld bt less expense to the Government to remove the present building
or to erect an entirely new building.
The mattir wat being enquired into
and at soon u this question wat settled tht ettabllihment of tha Court-
bona* and Government buildiugi at
Goldtn wonld te carried out immediately,
Thi ntxt matter wa. tht protection
ot the town from tht flooding ot th*
Kicking Ism The Minister .aid the
Provincial Government were prepared
to do thia work If th* Dominion would
pay half th* oott, at tkty wtrt equally
interesttd, and tt tbt ntqntlt of tht
dtputatlon tht Mttlitir agreed to
represent thit proposal to tht Dominion Government with a view to itt
being carried oot. Tht Minitter alio
promised that thi work Would he don*
thli fall it tb* Dominion Government
Tht question of opening np roads to
tha mining camps wat ditcusted, and
Mr. Carttr-Cotton objeettd to tht toll
roadi propoial, thinking thit wonld
bo objectiontbi* to tht public. Tbt
Government win, bow*v*r, deviling a
���ohemi to mott this requlrtment of
mint owners.
Thi Minister crtatad a mott favor-
ablt impretilon by hll builntss.lik*
mtthodi and. oturteiy and hll tvldtoi
desire that tht affairs ot the Government should te administered with a
view to meeting at lar at potiibio tho
want! ��! lb* public,
J. B, Mclnto.h ot tho Columbia
River Lumber Company'* offlci, 1*
about to leavt Golden for the Boundary oountry to look after Important
mining intent** il which Mr. John
Ross it interttted.
Hoo. F, W. Aylmer bad a narrow
escape in coming along the Toby Creek
trail on Tuesday. Tht high water in
the creek had nnderwaihed a cut bank
and the horse Mr. Aylmer wat riding
tuddenly slipped into tht Creek, owing
to tbe trail sliding away. Mr. Aylmer
found himself on tbt bank ol tht Creek,
how ht doeint know,but he never taw
thi horae again,
Mr. J. MoICay has disposed of hit
format Sinolairto the Elk Park Ranch
Company and the many friends ol Mr.
and Mn. MaKay will ngret that they
intinl leaving tbe district for Victoria.
As a hotttw Un. McKay hat mad*
Irltndt oi tbo many who htvt called at
htr hospitable home and ber kindly
welcome will bt mltstd by th* travtl-
lin ovtr the road between Golden and
m-ittt- ...    ...v;*-**
.  I*--.���*���'-.���*"���*'     mmitt'*^ wmf! '"-M" f
A Royalist Meeting interrnpted an*
the Speakers Dragged From
the  riutform.
Onpe Town, July 14.���The Cape parliament will open tuiiay anil exciting
scenes are anticipated, owing to tho attitude of Premier Scbriener ou the
Trausvnul questiou. A largo number
of tbe opposition members fuvor his impeachment, lu tbe meantime the Afrikander party is worlkug up a Boor
agitation uud doing its utmost in this
direction.* Au attempt to hold a loyalist meeting ut Worcester Ibis afternoon
was frustrated by Ihe Afrikanders,
who precipitated disgraceful scenes,
forcibly dragging the royalist speakera
from the pliitform aud expelling them
irom the hall amid j vers and insults.
The militnry authorities bore are purchasing horses, mules uud wagons, aud
preparing to forward supplies to Kim-
Pretoria, July 14.���The volksrand
today adopted tho preamble of tke franchise law, which declares that tne
necessity exists for the immediate
adoption of the law, thus avoiding tho
three months' previous publication required by the constitution. The decision of the articles of the luw is now
in progress.
Loudon, July 14.���The honse of com-
nious in committee held an all night
Bession over the tithes rent charge rating bill, the second rcudiug of which
wns carried on June 211 by a majority
of 814 against 13(1. The government
forced the clause through by means of
the closure, aud tlio bill finally passed
through the committee, which rose nt
four o'clock.
The Times' Pekiu correspondent soys
au imperial edict lias been issued denouncing universal speculation iu the
collection of the Chinese revenue nud
appealing for a cessation of malpractices which are increasing the country's
fiuanoiiil straits.
Paris, July 14.���Sir Kichanl Webster, attorney-general fur Great Britain, concluded today before the Veue-
sueluu arbitration commission his presentation of the British case. During
the course of bis reurirks be said it
would bo the death blow to arbitration
if the court Function such u claim as
advanced hy Vi nezueln. It would, he
udded, iu fact simply imply tbat nn
unsupported claim amounted to little.
The session of tbe commission then
adjourned nutil next Wednesday.
Aiiii-riritu China Development Co.anil tiie
HrttlMli mid (hiiu-.-f Corporation*
New York, July 14.���A uiorniug
paper will publish tlio following thia
morning: A business ulliiiuce of Amor-
icon aud English capitalists has been
recently formed which is of unusual
interest and iuipoftau-30 b��0*"800 ��* ������**��������
leading positions held by these men on
bothsldeBOf the AtuinHn: becanw at
*-- ��� .nt millioi"'0*' dollars involved
in it; became the united -States government ti about to be asked to give
the compact official sanction and moral
support; because Britain haa already
approved it, and because the Held of its
operations is beyond the jurisdiction of
both nations. The announcement of
this alliance was made yesterday by W.
F. Wfaitridge, of the firm nf Gary and
Whitridge, who now fills the place left
vacant by the death of Ex-Senator
Bryce, as the chairman of the exectr
tive committee of the American China
Development Oo. The company is oue
party to tbe agreement aud the other
is tbe British and Chinese corporation.
This makes a combination of tbe most
powerful capitalists in tho world; the
field of their activities is China.
II. C* Mining Properties.
Ottawa, Jnly 14.���Speaking of tbe
report published that Mackenzie &
Mann are preparing to make a flotation
of all or a large pnrt of their British
Columbia mines in ouo company either
on the Montreal or tho Loudon markets, Mr. D. D. Munu says that this wm
uot strictly correct. He said that a
certain portion of their mines will be
floated, but it has not beeu decided on
which market, nor will the mines be
floated in block as stated. The North
Star group at Fort Steele will be floated as a soparate group and bonded at
$1,600,000. The Boundary properties
will form another group, bonded at
95,000,000. making a combined total
capitalization of the different companies of $((,500,000 aud not $10,000,000
for one company, as stated iu the dispatch. The decision to float the properties of a recent date and the details
of the scheme havo yet to be worked
Toronto, July 14.��� After serving
twenty months of a five year sentence
James Hntton, who fatally stubbed his
hou with a pair nf shuars in a tailor
shop at the comer of Victoria and
Richmond streets, 1ms been released.
The crime was committed October DO,
1807. Hntton wus found guilty of
manslaughter.    Ho is 70 years of age.
A. It. Colltti l-nrrtiilcr, of <-iltfary, illcil
in Livei-ium!.
Mny McCo.v,  cf  Marmora, Oat.,    ilie.1
I ell
W; If. I'vaki',   t!
ritiger, ta dead,
Lady ^utin my wat gtrtelten with uu
attack ot jftralyala,
Ovpr -Jl.OOi) m--Ii.ii-* u'Uenileil CUUons'
dny nt   tlu) minimei- f.ilr.
Contracts tor l!.c ih-und Forks, It, C,
smelter U&ve Iron awarded.
Abraham Armwherg, ��I Monlroal, was
grunted n  divorce f.'om 1.1* ft'lfa.
Tin1 stoaiiici' (ur.ls'tc, .( Urtiatn, wus
trrecked nil  Um Australian iiiasl,
Bpatn is   desirous ��t inircli-ast.iuc    the
-itrMitips captured  ly   the states,
Mr, Slf'toi liilstc.-  o(   tlio   Interior,
will   m-itjiimt'iiil    tl.o   n  iioliilint'tit   nf    a.
mimlHBiou lo look into wes.urn farm,
ers' grievances lu regard t" o.evators,
Odin U, l'iinitil.i-11, td WiiiuiM'g, was
iiimi'lnuttHi l.y tin- Consui'vallvoj t.f Mur.
Tin' sleanislilp larls enllldod witli a
pier ut  rnliiniutii, uud n   pan lo ousued
u tiitiinl.
SunjHiims have l.ot'ii Itsitod iu London,
Out., foi the iiriH-u .if ii iiu.u wc ���>'
cltui'ii rlnterd,
Mysterious currents nro x.it.i to draw
vessels into the Muuaclo Itodtts, in ilio
Bngllsh climmol,
MuckeiulO & Munn will I mid their
Douudary arid Port Steele mining pro.
perlles for t<l,3U0,O3(i,
Ilrltlsii and l\ H. ca|filulUta hnvo
formed the slrougesl comimiiy in ixlsl.
enre tn ttovelpji  trade in Ohlita,
-The D. Si volntileers In the I'hlllp.
ptnus, are suffering mjvoroly "'ni" Mll'li*
ik'hs,  due   In   hard I'l.niiu^inlng.
The London Btrcot railway tMiployops
have relUBOd to accost tho company's
proposal <>f limited arbitration,
The WeslliitfhiitiBO Mahitfaetuilng Co.,
of L'lttshtti'g, will establlBh works nt
Maneliester, Eng., to emidoy 8,000
s. Falrlmlra, uf Mliinedosa, won the
championship or Western cauadtt at
the trap shooting tournament iu Wiu-
ii ipeg.	
On Clt liens' Dny 31,000 People VfoHctl
tlte nig Bnmuier Ptilr.
Winnipeg, July 14.���Tlio Industrial
Exhibition made a now high water
murk as regards attendance yesterday,
when over 21,000 people went through
the gates. The occasion was Citizens
Day, when u half holiday was proclaimed to allow Winnlpeggers to spend
a few hours iu viewing the exhibits
and attractions cf tl.eir big summer
fair. The regular attendance of citizens and visitors who are making tho
city their headqnurters during the week
was augmented by excursions from
Carman, Hat Portage, and Ilio Glon-
boro brunch, whicli lauded on the C.P.
R. platforms somo 1,000 people.
The crowd began to move towards the
grounds shortly after ouo o'clock and
before two the street cars were filled to
overflowing. The C.P.R. Bpecials carrying passeugers to tlio fair gave excellent service in handling the crowds of
people, who struggled for places. The
crowds were largo in the afternoon, but
still larger in the evening, when fresh
crowds began to arrive between 0 and
7 o'clock, and the grand stand was
again filled to overflowing, standing
room in the paddock being at a premium. Never before have the exhibition
grouuds been called upon to hold such
a crowd und the fullest credit should
be giveu to the management, generally
and to tho director  in  charge of the
raugemeuts which were mado for the
Handling of such an immense concourse
of ircupiu. Tin*: nuiway company aiso
deserve praise for the cure exercised in
preventiug accidents on their exhibition platform, not a single person being
reported hur during the day.
Will Pay S3c on the Hollar.
Coruwell, Jnly 14.���A meeting of
the creditors of L. W. Howars, the
Cbesterville banker who closed his
doors a lew weeks ago, was held at
Ohesterville Mouday. About fifty
creditors were present. Tbe assignee,
W. B. Lawsou, presented a statement
which snowed a considerably larger
deficit than shown hy Howars in his
statement. The geueral opinion from
the assignee's statement was that the
estate wonld not pay more than 95
cents on the dollar on liabilities, whioh
amount to about $00,000. Howars gave
au explanation of tho deficiency of
$12,000 between his statement and that
ofthe assignee. Tha estate contemplated unking an offer of settlement to
creditors, but could not so do ut the
meeting, as H required u few days.
Wages Increased.
Chicago, Jnly 14.���Tho ofilccrs of
the American Tin Plate company and
the wage commit tee of tho Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, who have been in daily conference
for the past two weeks over the question of wnges for the tin workers employed hy tho American Tin Piute company agreed ou a scale todcy. The
scale wihch was sigued bythe tin plate
officials aud the Amo:-ican Amulga
mated association committee, grants a
straight increase of fifteen por cent
Tho increnso takes effect July 1st.
Oover 110,000 tin plate workers aro benefitted by tho increase.
Torou'to, July 14.���Eaton's cloak
makers, fifty in number, have lieen for
some timo on strike. This afternoon
Sigmund h. Lnbolsky, substitute foreman, wus assaulted ou William street
by two Russian strikers, Nathan Lov>
inter and Jacob Muchluist, tho hitter
flourishing a pair of cutter's shears.
Tho police interrupted the fight und
the strikers were bailed oat.
Fourteen Months for Stabbing���Baptist Convention Closed���A
Railway Deadlock.
Vancouver, B, 0��� Jnly 18.���British
Ooluilibiii hns jost floated suocesafnlly
iu London a loau of ��3-10,000 (��1,T00,-
000) at a fraction over ��... This is
most siiti-sfuotory, being more tliau oue
per cent higher than the best price ob-
taiuetl for any preivous loan. The
province's credit is very good. Not*
withstanding the taking off of some
taxes last year tho reveuue for the fls-
nalyear was over $1,600,000 or the
largest ever known, uud nearly double
what it was four yea.*s ago.
Charles Teague, who grleviously
stubbed two men at Slionl Bay recent
ly, was giveu fourteen months yesterday.
The B. O. Baptist, convention closed
Inst night lifter having held a most successful meeting.
lt is reported from Nelson that Ihe
decision of tlio railway committee of
tho privy council to graut tho Kooteuny
Vnlley ruad rnuuiug powers over the
Crow's Nest Pass road has uot so far
���infected the local sitnation. The deadlock still continues. Tiie arrangement
it will be remembered was that iu consideration of n yearly reut a of 1473 a
mile, the Kootenay Valley road was to
have running powerB for ten yenrs over
eight aud one half miles of road, twe
years' notice being necessary for the
termination cf the lease. The trouble
now is Iho place the Kootenay Vallev
road hn, chosen to join on to the
Crow's Nest Pass road after crossing
the International boundary liue.
Skating nml Curling Kink* anil Agricultural Hall Completely llr-Mtniyeil.
Winnipeg, July 111.���Passengers ar
riving today from Maultou bring news
of a big rain uud wind storm, whicn
struck that town and surrounding
country last night about lo o'oloc. Although no persou, so fir as Known, received any injury, the skating and
eurling rinks und the agricultural hall
wero completely destroved, while Two-
hoy's livery stable and the front of
Wootley' genreal store were blown in.
While tbe fury of the storm seems to
have centered particularly in these
structures, scarcely a dwelling escaped,
panes of glass in many of them being
broken. It bus not yet beeu ascertained what damage was done to tbe crop,
but It is certain tbey conld not have
escaped altogether. A slight hall no-
compauied tho rain but it is thought
that it was not in sufficient quantity to
effect serious iujury.
Queensland's Offer Accepted.
London, Jnly 13.���Tbe  British government replying to the offer of the
government of Queensland to send 250
-A1--Wiii nml a iv -������*���"��� p-"* io South
Africa iu the event of war between
Great Britain and tbe Transvaal has
exprOHHO.il    tilt)   Impo   Mint-    el**    ui.i-uaiuu
will not arise, nddlng that if it does
the government will gladly avail itself of this patriotic offer.
84,000 Firo at Neepnwa.
Neepawa, Man., July 18. ���Phil
Gosling's large livery stable was burn
ed down last night, the horses and
summer rigs were saved, but tbe cutters, considerable hay aud otber contents wero destroyed. The total loss is
said to be $4,000, witb very little insurance. Tho origiu of tbo first is a
Thiii-Mliiy, July 1.1,
A $4,000 rlre visited Neepitwn.
Clen. Booth of the S. A. is in Stockholm.
A failing off In tho -nriulllan-U. S.
trade is   reported.
Canadian C. K. aro snid to have
taken Detroit by -storm.        *
A cerioiiN uecldent occurred on the
Winnipeg efecUto railway.
Germany and (Britain will compel
Guatemala   to pay her bond-s.
New fou ru I lands budget sliovra li deficit of $88,000 for   last yonr.
Two Mutorln river steamers wore
I'cstroyetl liy lire: loss Muu.OOO.
A severe nail and wind utorm *lnm-
aged many nuililiiigs lu Maultou, Man.
Tlio Twelfth wuh celebrated royally
by Orangemen throughout tho i>.��-
in 11 ilon.
The Dominion Allliinoo has m'onv
nn ir*led the selection of prohibition
An I'.uglldi syndicate ti endeavoring toauialgaiiiiiio Ur gr-ocfry houses
of Canada,
Mr. \v, li. i\vn, u finin>r minister
or trade anil coillltiorce, h dangerously
Ul In Ottawa.
Dritisb Columbia Inn fluiU'd alarm
lu Loudon, where the provinces credit
stiiuds  high,
Iirltain nas ao opted QudojfslamT*
offer of volunteers should a Trans-
vaul wnr break out.
The steamer Purls hns been Hircess-
fully lli.iiicd from the Muuoolei rocks
tc Falmouth harbor.
A losi of 910 000 wm sustal ed by
Hound & To,, London- tint., In the
destruction of  their factory,
A prominent Winnipeg doctor failed to cure him.
and permanent cure was effected by
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Instant relief from the terrible itching
Mr. B. Nicholson, of the Manor House, Winnipeg, Man., relates the following startling facts: " For a long time I was troubled with Eczema on my ears, and for several
weeks I doctored with a prominent Winnipeg doctor to no avail. I was induced by a
friend who had been cured by Dr. Chase's Ointment to give it a trial. The first application gave instant relief, and before using all of one box I was completely cured, and have
had no return of the horrible disease."
For itching skin diseases Dr. Chase's Ointment has no equal in the whole world. It
stands alone as the one absolute cure for Eczema, Salt Rheum and Piles, and has never
failed to cure these torturing diseases.
If you are not convinced of the wonderful merit of Dr. Chase's Ointment by such
evidence as is published from time to time in this paper nothing short of a trial will convince you. Scores and thousands of skeptical ones have been convinced by being absolutely cured. You can rely absolutely on this great ointment to cure any case of Eczema,
Salt Rheum or Piles.   For sale by all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
WediicMlay, ��'��'y I2-
Tiie Star theatre. Hamilton, was ��ut-
ted Uy fire.
Atlin miners are well idrased nt Judge
Irvlnp's (1-t'i-iHioiiH.
A Hon.nf Mr, Hurl, of Muii-Humlu, WM
droww'il nt  Ox' u\v.
JilUtftps started ot the si'cimd day nl
thu \\ltml:esj summer full-.
(iucennliiuii has iltored 230 mounted
men tn aflaiBt In Transvaal.
1'ruf. Ll< scmntte wu" murdered In the
ph'Kt C'hiUlItin church,  Dallas.
The city B<etui��l hoard of Winnipeg
dlsti! proved til   tree text hooka.
The French Sjiiveminent haa discover-
ed u   plot to im-riin'ow the republic,
.senator SaiinirdV l.ody reached Ham.
Iltiiii. "The funeral In fixed ior Thursday. '
The Red Croud liner Piirttn, from Xew
Vni-k, for Halifax, ��a* wrecked uu Finns
Three buritlars, Watson, I'hiills and
Sliewan were niii'ii heavy seuloncos iu
In the nriiiHh naval manoeuvres along
the English -CttaSt US vessels uud ^i5,U00
men are taking part,
ltev.  J.   A.   ltklmrduoii,   of    Winnipeg,
ab chosen to he lhe rector of Trinity
church, St. John, N. 11.
Tohen and McKeuslo, prisoner* who
esciiped from the Winnipeg Jail, were recaptured uear Heudlllgly,
Returning Offhrr Douglas, who acted
,11 tiie recent llunfi hje-election, declared Mr. A. L. Slfton elected liy 114 major.
At the Blsley range, two Caundlan
marksmen ei|Uaihd the highest scores In
the Premier uml Uolden Penny competitions.
The Montreal liiuette praised the l>oin.
Inioti government for its selection of
judges lo act on the mllKtrllmllou hill
lion i*d. 	
Skeleton  at Thomii. W.cle  I-hc-overcd
nml Then Stt'HiiKely l,l.��|i|M-*ir>..
Winnipeg, Jnly 12.���The town ol
Niukii. in tho sonlliwenteru portion of
the province, is at present grently ojoit-
etl over a niyitury whiuh came to light
there on Saturday last, ouly to be
plunged into deeper darkness the next
day. The faots of the oase briefly nre
as follows: Some five or six years ago
a well known farmer in the district by
the name of Thos. Warde sold the quarter seotion ol laud on which he had his
home for $400 iu cash, onme into Niu*
ga and almost immediately disppcared,
as completely as if Ihe onrth had swallowed him up. As lie hud always been
a man of stendy habits and was widely
known and popular in the district, his
sndden disappearance was a matter of
considerable speculation among his
friends, and many unavailing efforts
were made lo discover his whereabouts.
Finally a rumor was circulated to the
effect that he hud been seen iu the
States, uud as no other story was
brought forward, this was generally
accepted, although Wnrde's more intimate friends never placed much credence iu it. The mutter had remained
in this condition until lust Saturday,
when residents of Kinga who were digging iu a gravel pit about a mile ont of
tbat town came Bnddenly upon the
skeleton ol a man bnried in the gravel.
The head aud shonlders were all that
were at lint exposed, and the attention
of one of tho men who had previously
been very intimate with Wnrde was
drawn to the teeth which remained intact in tbe skull Two of those in the
fi-out of the upper jaw of the skeleton
were false and corresponded exactly
with thaw of .Warde- As taa hou wu.
late they decided to return to Ningn al
once aud report the matter to the mag*
lstnuw nnd to returu to tlm spot iu the
morning to complete tho excavation.
Tbey reported the matter to the magistrate and tbe news was at once spread
around tho town, where it created considerable exoitemeut Iu the morning
a largo number of the leading citizens
of the town tcoonipauied the two men
to tho pit where to their surprise and
amazement .very vestage of the skeleton had disappeared. The theory
around the town aud one whioh finds
pretty general credence, that the same
man who pnt Warde out of tlio way
the first time is accountable for his sec*
ond disappearance aud several will go
so far as to state tbe direction iu whioh
their suspicions point.
Wreckage .from a Schooner Found.
Machias, Maine, July li. ��� The
schooner Ida I,. Hull, belonging to
Barnstable Mass., Is believed to have
been wrecked ou an island in Machias
Bay duriug a thick fog and rough
water this morning. A coastwise
steamer reported wreckage and it was
later identified as belonging to tbe
Hull. It Is supposed that the Hull
had passengers on board aud that tbe
number of persons on the craft wa,
Blllvllle'a Po.tniasier.
Our new postmaster ran so fast for
office that lie didn't have time to get
educated The following sign is posted
on the postollice window:
"Thar Is 2 Lettnirs Inside for Molly
Gibbons. They look like they're from
ber sun, Bill, who Is Bin Mosttird Out.
Allnura 3 Lettnirs fcr Hlse Hiilllliin (1
mean, One-legged Hise) which lock,
like they're From the Widder Stevens,
as Her Ititin I, knewed by Everybody
Call un git 'em��� Ilise un Molly."���Atlanta Colistitiitii.il
Queensland Offers 850 Mounted Infantry With a Machine Son for
Service in South Africa.
Mrs. Feclcy���Mrs. Love mnst have
been devotedly tittac-hed to her hnsbund.
Mrs. Steele���Her trie' amounts to
Insanity. Sbe has a small fortune In
diamonds, nnd she li s been In Humming nearly two 7oais.���Jewelers'
Montreal, July 0.���Fire in J. B.
Towuseutl's mattress aud bedding
store on St. Outhorno street this morn*
ing did $1,500 damage. The proprietor in lighting tbe gas in the basement
dropped a lighted match on some fibre.
London, July 9.���The offer of J.
Pierpon. Morgan to light tbe interior
of St. Paul's cathedral with electricity
has been accepted at an estimated cost
of $20,000.
Par. Air For Babr.
A- great doctor onoo remarked that bad
ventilation deforms mum children nnd
destroys mora health than accidents or
plague, ilnliy should nevor bo put to sleep
In boil or perambulator with tho head uu*
dor tbe bodclothlng, to Inhalo tho nlr already bronthod antl further contaminated
by exhalations from tho skin. "You are
smothering tho life out of your child's
lungs," an anxious mother was told not
long ago. "Haw would ymi like to drink
tho water you wash In. Well, when you
oovor your baby's honit up you foi-eo hlui
to uso air that Is Just as bad nud Just a.
Lourenzo Marques, Pelagoa Bay,
July 12.���The British second-class
cruiser Doris aud tbe fiart class gunboat Widgeou, with Bear Admiral Sir
Bobt. B. Harris, iu command of the
Cape nud West Atrioa station, on board
tbe cruiser, arrived herd.
Brisbane, (Queensland, July 13.��� The
government of Queensland cabled the
secretary of statu for the colonies, Mr.
Chamberlain, offering 3S0 mounted infantry with a machine gnu for service
in Sonb Africa in oase ot hostiliites between Great Britain and tbe Transvaal.
London, July 13.���Tbe Globe and
other Conservative papers this morning
urge Sir Alfred Milner, governor of
Gape Colony, to dissolve tho onpe par-
liamen' nud dismiss Premier Sohreiner
nnd his ministry for disloyalty to tbe
crown in giving moral support to
Shot In Church.
Houston, Texns, July 12.���A special
from Dallas says: At 0 80 last night
one of the most startling tragedies Dallas bas ever Known occurred in tbe
First Ohristlnu church. Iu the midst
of a protracted meeting service John
T. Carlisle arose from his seat, walked
to where Prof. Wm. Lipscombe, principal of the Central high school, a leading institntiou of the pnblio .schools of
this city, was seated, and shot him
dead without a word of warning. Oar-
lisle wns Bcized and taken to tbe
comity jail. He wonld not talk of tbe
tragedy. Oarllslo had been chief janitor of the high school, bnt tailed to be
reappointed by tbe school board. He
attributed his defeat for reappointment
lo the professor's influence, and it is
believed tbat this was the cause of the
murder. Carlisle Is a cousin of the
former  secretary  treasurer, John Q.
Winnipeg Clergyman Selected.
St. John, N. B., Jnly 12.���The adjourned meeting ot Trinity Anglican
church held tonight elected a roctor.
Tbo delegation which went to Ontario
reported that Rev. J. O. Farthing was
a low churchman and spoke highly ot
him. The names of Messrs. J. O.
Farthing and J. A. Richardson of Wiuuipeg, were placed before the meeting.
Two ballots were tnkeu, Mr. Richardson leading by 4 aud tl. A two-thirds
vote being necessary, Mr. Farthing's
name was finally withdrawn. Protests
were uttered but on a standing vote be*
ing taken Mr. Richardson was chosen,
sevonty to fourteen.
British Naval Maneuvers.
London, July 13.���Mobilizing for
the naval manoeuvres begun today, 118
-warships aud about 25,000 men are
takiug part in the operations. One of
the principal objects of the manoeuvres
ia   to   a.l.ui.ollvul^r fct.UdV   thfl   VUlUO (if
the torpedo  boat destroyers, ot  whioh
54 are engaged.
Condensed News by Wire.
Osbow, Assa,. Jnly 12.���The seven
year old sou of Mr. Hari, of Moosomin,
who had with his father and mother
been visiting bis grandfather, James
Molutosb, here, wns fonud drowned in
a slongb today. There was a well in
the slough into which he fell. It is
supposed he bad been trying to ohase a
young blood of ducks ont of the water.
Washington, July 13.���Major General Oorbin telegraphed orders to all
recruiting officers to vaccinate every
man enlisted in the United States army
iu future.
Bisley, July 13.��� The Canadians
oommencod their first rifle contests here
today In the premier competition at tbe
annual meeting of the National Rifle
association, the condition being seven
shots at 000 yards. Crowe and Hug-
gins soored 114, equalling the best score.
In the Golden Pezny competition,
seven shots 200 yards, Hoggins and
Gilohrist mado 34, enrolling the highest score made.
Hamilton, Jnly 12.��� Tne Star theatre was gatled by firo this im-rhiiig. tbe
second visitation in two years. Messrs.
Bessey and Dnvcy, lessees, place their
loss at $700. Tho contents were insured in the Berlin Mutual and the appraisers allowed $435. Loss on the
building $1,600, Insured for this buiu
in the Phoenix insurance company of
London, July 12.���Montreal Star
cable���The new steamer Lord Miuto,
built for the Ouiiiiiliiin government by
Gonrlny &Co., will be launched Wednesday nt Duiuleo by Mrs. Professor
Kingston, July IS.���Joseph Cum*
minus, who Inst fi.ll was Injured while
In the hold of a vessel hero, by a big
of damaged wheat falling on his leg,
breaking lt in threo places, lias entered
suit against Messrs. Richardson Bros,,
claiming $7,000 damages.
J. ID. 0'B*Bi*B3sr,
IM  Priam. St., Wlnnlm.
Print. WIN -M-UMtlu wltk all w.rk.u.
Grata kosikt and .anted �� nrgta.
Oem.pond.no. Solicited.
Wheat-No. 1 bard. Fort William,
Flour���Ogilvioa���Hungarian patent,
$2.00; Glenora, 1.80; Manitoba strong
bakers, $1.50. Lake cf the Woods-
Patent, $2.00; strong bakers, $1.80;
second bakers, $1.45; XXXX, $1.10
per saok of 98 lbs. Discount of 5c per
sack to cash buyers.
Millfeed���Bran, $10, and shorts f.13
per ton in bulk; large lot*, $1 per ton
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, $22
per ton; mixed barley and oits, $38.50
to $24.50; best grades of oorn feed $19,
inferior qualities $17.50 per ton. Oil-
oake, $24 per ton.
Oats���Best grades no longer obtainable.   Mixed, 40c to 4*|i(.o.
Oatmeal���Oar lotscf rolled about
$1.90 for 80 lb. saoks. Granulated
antl standard, $2.85.
Corn���Oar lota on traok here, ��8o.
Barley���Abont 42o per bushel of 48
Wheat���Country prices���87 to 62o
for best grades.
Hay���Baled, $6.75 to $7.50 on traok
here   Loose hay on tbe street, $8.
Butter���dreamery, 14 to 16c; dairy,
10 to lie
Cheese���Large, Jfto; small, 7o.
Eggs���Candled, I So.
Vegetables���Potatoes, choice, 40 to
60c per bushel for small quantities;
turnips, SOo per bushel; parsnips, 3o
per lb; beets, 60o per bushel; onions,
8o per lb.; green onions, 16o per doz.
bunoh.s; rhubarb, lo per lb ; radish,
13^0, parsley and letluce-J6p per dozen
bunches; asparagus, 85c per dozen;
spinach, 2c per pound; cauliflower, 40
to 45c per dozen, according to size.
Seneca Boot���20o per pound.
Hides���No. 1, Ojo; No. 8, SJf*o; No.
8, 4 1 3. Kip, 6 to 6^o; calf, 8c; dea
kin skins, 25 to 85c each; sheepskins
and lambskins, 40 to 06o; horse hides,
500 to 7r-o each.
Poultry���Chickens, live, 00a to 65c
per pair; turkeys, Ho per lb., live, or
16o per lb, dressed.
Dressed Meats���Beef, OH to Ifio;
mutton, 11 to MHo; real, 7 to ��%o
pork. 0 to 0)6*0; spring lamb, $3.50 to
$4 60, as to size and quality.
Wool���7 to 8o for unwashed Maui*
toba fleece.
Tallow���No. 1, oho; Na 9, t%.
Oatfle���Choice fat cattle, 4 % per lb.;
common, 4c; stockers, yearlings, $12
to $10;  two year olds, $18 to $99.
Hogs���For selected weights, $ l 76
per 100 pounds.
Cows���From $80 to $45 is tbe price
for good dairy cows.
Horses���Good work, $100 to $175;
heavy draft, $136 np:   *
A Vl.lt to the ODlce of tiie  Manitoba
Parmer.' Mutual Hall Inanranee
In response to an invitation to drop
'up some time and look over the affairs
of the ManitoU Farmers' Mutual Hail
Insurance .oompany, 508 Molntyre
block, a Telegram reporter recently
visited tbe offices of the association.
He found the management and clerks
busily engaged conducting the business
aud enrolling a large number of applt*
cations which they are daily receiving
from all parts of Ibe province.
"How is business." asked the reporter.
"Business Is good," they replied;
"iu foot, we are doing a phenomenal
amount ot business tar a new oompany.
We hare issued over two thousand policies, giving onr members insurance for
two million dollars."
The company has agents in every
inuuiaipality in the province, and certainly do a large business as they keep
three olerks busy recording policies. It
is a pleasure to note that tbere is at
least oue coinpnuy iu this province
which is hustling uud being largely
patronized by the farmers ot this province, as hall insurance shonld he
sought after by every farmer rnising a
bushel ot wheat. The company is nnder the management of E. A. Taylor,
who has had years of experience In the
mutual hail insurance business, and
tbere is uo reason why this company
cannot give the farmers insurance at
aotoal cost. The plau adopted by tbis
comnany is such that every farmer who
insured his orop is certain that he will
get bis money In case ot loss. The
company's books are open far inspection to any and all of its members.
Engineer Brown Killed.
Delhi, Out., July 9.���A west bound
train on the Grand Trunk was wrecked
at 1.45 this morning, abont two miles
east of this station, aud the driver,
Frank Brown, of Brldgebnrg, was instantly killed, uud Fireman Perry nnd
Brakeman Hickinson badly hurt. The
engino was hurled into a ditch upside
down, the tender was tnrned completely over, and four cars piled up in front
of the engine nnd four behind, all being completely demolished. Tbe cause
of tbe accident is unknown, bnt it is
supposed that some part of "tbe engine
dropped, causing the engine to be lifted
and hurled from tho track.
Windsor, Out, Jnly 9.���The Standard Oil monopoly has obtained control of the Ontario natural illnmiuant
and fuel tbrongh-at Essex country and
"terry" of Detroit across the river from
here. The purchase price is said to be
$100,000. There were only twenty-fire
snares In the original company, and
they sold for $000 eaoh.. Tbe Standard
oil company bos now paid $34,000
eaoh for those shares:
Toronto Law Suits.
Toronto, July 18.���There was a nun-
lug oase before  the musters in cham
1m>m   ,1.1*,   mo-u.ln-f.     Unmn    time!   UR-n
Riualdo McConnell, Sudbury, sold a
valunble nickel property near Sudbury
to Ludwig Mond, Birkenhead, England. Mond Is now developing the
property, which is estimated to be
worth $300,000. Now R. G. Lookio,
of the Oxford Copper Co., claims he
bad a prior option and has brought suit
to upset the bargain. The defendants
asked for the production of Leokie as a
witness, bnt he was not produced, aud
tbe case stands over for two weeks.
At Osgoode hall this morning Mrs.
Emma Irving, Snndrldge township,
sued tho township authorities for $5,*
000 illegal distress The husband was
in arrears for taxes and her property
was soized. Judgment was reserved on
a motion to dismiss.
Braulford, July 18.���At a meeting
of the city council Master Frank Roach
was presented with a Royal Humane'
society medal for saving a lad named
Roderick Murphy from drowning ut
Grnnd River on the 0th of Juue. The
presentation was made by Mayor Cock-
shutt. The city council will recommend the plaoiug of' a lifo boat at the
bathing grouud on Grand Biver, where
a number of drowning acoldents have
taken place.
��� in ������
Hamilton, July 18.���The committee
on discipline of the synod of Niagara
met yesterday to dismiss all Her. Thos.
Qcoghcgau's appeals against the judgment of the court of triers, which
found him guilty of immorality. Mr.
Googhogan may possibly appeal to tbe
house of bishops for a new trial or a
revision of the deoisiou of the court of
Quebec July 18.���Sir James Mc-
Phersou Lomolne, district Inspector of
Inland revenue, is retiring after 53
years connected witb the inland revenue division In this district. Yesterday
his staff presented him with on elegant
time piece, accompanied witb n complimentary address as s souvenir.
The Filipino women havs notified a.n.
Otis that thsy will contlao. ths fight
wli.n all tin mn ar. kllMeV
Tk* Kvenl.�� KIM.
I mn tho happy father of s little lad of five,
A child who*, fondnea. for me make. m. glad
that I'm .live.
El. "By hy, papa," ottered as I tear myielf
Ever serve, to keep ra. buoyant through th.
labora of th. day.
Be appear, before th* window, .nd he wave.
Ilia little hand
A. 1 hurry to the .fatten where the toller.
waiting, .tend,
And in Ihe rush Snd Jumble wbero 1 p].y ray
llttl. put
Still hi. "By by, papa," eehoe. tSotttfa th.
ohanher. of my heart.
Ah, wearily wid dreamily the houndrag along
When he and I ar. parted sad I nix Into the
Bow thankfully 1 hall tb* honr that ends th.
bnay day f
Bow gleefully I put ny work auild. and hut.
Why move. th. train ao slowly 1 Would tb.t H
But th. longMt jo-triwy .od4 and I Sn *M*w
again st IseV
I .mbrua ny ohild and Mas bite, tlm I ml
and marly tell-
l*'s bun up against grata onlona, and ha's
ut.. tops lad all.
���OUesge Mswa
A Story of Jenny l.lnd and Frederick William of Pru..!n.
On it summer uight tho prince wos re*
turning with a few companions from a
nimble near Uoluiulneek. Some one Bug-
gi-HU-d a supper ot the local tun. ."All
riiilil." said the print-*-, "so long na yoii
drop his 1-o.vul highness and remember
that my name is Krlts." On entering
tlle inn lho strains of n voice as of u
sir,-,] held the young men tu u thrall.
Mine host [iron's*;'d nut to know tlio
sin;:.'!-', inline. Once more the liquid
iiiiliu thrilled out into the. night. Tho
Kttuli'Ut I-'ril-t sprang from his seat.-."it
Is Jenny l.lnd." he cried; "it can ouly
he Jenny I.tlitl.'*
He dashed into the adjoining room.
It was Jenny 1.1ml. The great songstress felt Hint she ought to he angry at
the Intrusion, but It Is ilitliciilt to hs
nl-itrv nn n summer's uight nt Kolnnil-
siek.'. The cnil of ll was that sho found
herself nt the piano singing national
sonit., to a ilelighti-il oililieuce of. three
lliltitiowu students.
"If 1 had a voice liko the nightingale
of Sweden," snid the student called
l-'iil.., "1 wonld sing lho song of Biu-
filer's hnssnrs."
"Siuy it tn me," answered Jenny Llud,
���'1 know that uli (lerniuu students cau
l-'rlts was nothing lonth. All the fervor of Ills piitilntlsni rang out lu th.
stilling refriilu iii which the warrior
l-oet, Ullist Morits Al-ni.il. had given
voice to the spirit ot tbo wurs of liberation. ...
"A song that cnrrk-H ono nway with
ll!" said Jnuuy Llnd. "I should llku to
try It." ,        . ,
Then lhe young prince again seated
himself ot the plnno to leaeh the greatest
singer or lier lime tho song to tho musfo
of which he wns to lead his troops to victory nt Welsscubltrg and Worth. Sho
wns not long learning It. "I.lko the roll of
nn organ and the clash of bells," soys thu
chronicler, "tbe magnificent voli-o rang
out over the whispering river." When
her now friends'were taking leave, Jenny
Llud asked her teacher to tell her his
nnme. At that moment the door was
thrown open, nnd a tall, white haired figure entered tho room. .
"Ernst Morits Arndt," whispered tk*
student In respectful welcome.
"Yes, Ernst Morits Arndt," he answered, "and If .von, fair singer, nsk that
man's nnme, I will answer for bim. Ho
Is called his royal highness Prince Frederick William of l,russla."-Maouiillan's
Magazine. "*.*":	
A Qne.tlo*.
The lawyer was Bitting before his desk
with one foot on tbe ni-m rest. A bright
appearing young fellow entered the oflice.
"What can I do for you?" asked ths
lawyer, removing tbe rampant foot.
"I just dropped In to get your Iden on a
point of definition," began the young
man.   "You see it is to settle a bet."
"yes," said ths lawyer, "go on."
"Well," continued the yonng man,
"when a fellow's wffo leaves bim aud
there la uo divorce, be Is a grass widower,
Isn't he?"
"Yes, that's whnt be Is generally called."
"Well, then, here's the point," added
Ibe youth, emphasising his words by tapping the palm of his left hand with tbs
forefinger of bis right.
"Dnn Hopper's wife left him, nnd there
wa. no divorce. Doe. thnt moke him t
lie dodged Jnst In time to miss coming
Into contact with the ink well.���Detroit
Free Press.
Hobt. Ifarrlman won the amateur ffoll
championship of  America at Lako I'or.
Alloway & Champion,
Mated Sloeke boaght, aold, and *arrrl*d
an martin.
Write o. If you wish to exrlungft siiy Wad of
inoiwy, to buy Oovernnont or 0, ��. W. Uo.
Una., or to send money any where.
Reported by  Alloway k Champion,
Stock Brokers, Winnipeg
flonh. Srlta-l    Hagrn.
Montreal ;     .... SUM
Uoinlnlui,       WI *m
Ontario  .... l*l��
B olion'. 
crohant.' ft	
Utimmerco XII
P.yn. -. XII
War Eagle XD
UommiTdnl Cable	
Montreal'I'cl XI)
Nlcti.�� Oin. Nuv	
Montreal (lu,	
Toronto B'y	
Dnluth Preferr-d,...,	
Csn.Pac.B'y, Montreal.....
OMi. P.C. K'y. Loudon	
ftloney, on call	
Quoted by Alloway A Champion,
IM Kite street, Winnipeg.
���    ikj. v........ ��.jiw
. -*wen Is) s-l
KlMlM Hon Me. ..
nnlah Kukkaa..
Kronpr..... .,
Italian Lir.	
.18 7*8
���wia-i r
Few Gry.ii hup lier* In Knnniii.
A number of years ngo���a lung time
ago���a lot of grasshoppers did considerable damage in Kunsns. and once in i-
while nowaduvB a hopper goes tearing,
madly along the pike, scaring tbe pedestrians, horses and moles that may bap-
pen to be passing along. On this account people fell into tbe way of calling
Kansas the "Grasshopper State;" n
name tbat can be applied to otber states
jnst as pertinently as It can to Kansas,
and bere la a story from Indiana that
knocks ont any grasshopper story that
was ever told on Kansas:
"At Portland, Ind., last week, a Mr.
Whiteman fonnd a nnmber of half
grown grasshoppers infesting bis residence, Bnd'feaatlng on his lace curtains,
having already eaten several large holes
in them. A search wns made and 30
little hoppers were fonnd and cremated.
It ia supposed they were hutched ont
among a lot of honse plants."
Runt-tan people who occasionally wan-
der buck to Indiana for the purpose of
visiting the old boflies of years gone by
always come back with stories of the
hard lines that people encounter in the
(astern stutes, and it must be a meager
lay ont when even the grasshoppers
hnve to seek tbe shelter of residences
and eke ont a precarious living oft of
lace carta his.���Kansas City Journal.
Minimi's Liniment Cures Rami, etc.
Dranken Man'! Lnok.
Mitchell PeterB, a Shawano Indian,
Is a living witness of a drttAken man's
Peters waa one of the driving crew
tbat broke a big jam above Sturgeon
Falls, Wis. He made tbe desperate attempt of trying to cross the river on a
log and was carried over tbe falls. Tbe
falls are 40 feet high and consist of two
pitches and n rapids. Peters wai given
up for dead, and the driving crew
thought it useless to search the river
for bis body, as the logs were piling
over the falls at a fast rate.
Imagine the surprise of all when
Peters walked into camp the next morning for brenkfast. Some thought it was
his ghost until be was in their midst.
He bud been swept down the river by
the rushing wnter und up aguinst the
river bank, and be managed to crawl
ont and went to sleep. A few scratches
on his heud were the only injuries sustained. \
Tbe Stnrgeon falls Is one of the most
treacherous plnccs.ln the Menominee
river region, und n few yeurs ago three
girls were swept ov<>r jn ,n bout and
drowned. - Chicuso Times-Herald.
A SI reel Pnved Willi I'ln*.-.
Not fifltinftcd With cohh lent ones nnd
wood, the, city of kyims, France, hns
lieen experimenting' witli ghins us n
street pftvcment. Sipcp (n^t November
tho Rue do In Repnt'iliqiit* bus been
pnved with devitrilled glnsn. This new
piotlnet is obtained from Lroken glass
hen ted to a tfempernture of 1,850 degrees nnd compressed in matrices by
Am .Irtninnl SalvMc.
Whether it was Voltaireor some other
observing, meditative Frenchman wbo
said, "AU Frenchmen are actors, nnd
the worst are nsually^on tbe stage."
does not particularly "matter for tbe
subject in baud. While we have reason
to be anre of the correctness of the final
part of tbe aphorism,, we have not time
to show why we do not agree with tho
last. It is not a scene at the assizes
tbat we are going to describe, although
scenes worthy of the Opera Comique
are constantly presented there. It is a
A well dressed gentleman descended
tbe Qnai des Tnileriea and, seating
himself beside a man who was fishing,
Ht a cigar. He then offered one to bis
neighbor and plunged into the river,
cigar, cane, silk bat and all. Tbe fisherman, wbo was quick to recover frotn
bis astonishment, plunged after him,
bnt tbe first struck ont and swam away.
Tbo other regained tho bank in disgust.
The former shortly returned and,
while treading water before hiB temporary acquaintance, tossed him a
handful of goldpieces, At the approach
of a nnmber of persons the strange
man produced another handful of coins,
which be swallowed and, divine under
tbe water, did not reappear. .*t!h body
was fonnd five hours Inter, and, ns thero
was nothing discovered by which to establish his identitv it was taken to the
A Htennerrnpher'R Font.
Concerning the stenographic prowess
of tbe late Thomas Allen Reed a correspondent sends a curious anecdote. The
late shorthand writer was once on professional business In Liverpool and staid
In the same hotel as Charles Mathews,
the actor. Tbe latter had appeared in
"My Awful Dad," and after the per
formance he strolled into tbe smoking
room. Having heard of Mr. Reed's ex*
pertness as.a note taker, Mathews challenged the reporter to jot down certain
passages from the character of Puff in
Richard Brinsley Sheridan's "Critic.1
Reed expressed his willingness to
have a try. Mathews, wbo was one of
the best "patter" speakers on tke stage,
began to gabble tbe lines with startling
rapidity, and tbe other strained every
nerve to follow him.. When the test was
finished, Reed, whose notes, despite
tbe terrific speed at which he bad been
writing, were of neat and eligible outline, merely inserted a vowel mark or
two and handed them to an assistant
wbo was called Into the room, and wbo
transcribed tbe characters with but few
mistakes, backward I "I should hardly
have thonght it possible, Mr. Reed!'
was the astonished Charles Mathews'
comment���London Telegraph-
bydrunlii' force.   Tlm glas* pnvement is
luid in tb-o form ot blocks, eight Indies ...pj^*--****************^*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-.--*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-.--^.^.^.^.^.^
square, r'n'tb block iRnrtntofog f*^'f|:-^r��ifMi*tt, at the prlraf* bidding,
in the form of checkers. These blocks
are so closely fitted together thnt wnter
cannot puss between them, and the
whole pavement looks like one giguntic
draught hoard. Asa pavement it is snid
to huve greater resistance than atone:
It is u poor conductor of cold, and ice
will not form on It readily Dirt does
not accumulate upon it so easily a*
upon stone, and it will uot retain microbes. It ti more durnl.li! than stone
and just ns chenp	
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
To BIt-bI the l*rr��mli.
Citizens of Memphis propose putting
np nn office bnilding modeled after tbe
celebrated pyramid, The present plan
la for a pyramid 160 feet high, 150 by
150 feet at tbe base and running to a
tip. A seating capacity of 15,000 la expected, and tbe coat ia estimated at
$50,000. The main floor will he devoted
to such uses as Madison Square Garden,
New York, ia now pnt to, and tbe remaining six stories will be equipped
for offices. The pyramid will probably
be built at aome point along tbe river
front, thus carrying ont the Egyptian
Idea of tbe Nile pyramids at Memphis.
Grape J-alet,
Tba editor of the New York Medical
Times states thnt chemically milk and
grope jnice are almost Identical and
that the nutritive qudliites of both are
almost the some, a pint of each being
considered eqnal to a pound of meat.
How mnch genuine nutriment and foot!
we may get from the grape 1 Next fall,
when grapes era plenty, ftll all tbe hot*
ties available with the expressed jnice.
sealed hermetically and uie lt instead
of io mnch tea and coffee. Being nnfer
wented it is positively nonalcoholic and
nnlntoxlcatlng, and lt la a good tonic-
' - Tke Prise* and TraflMMeii,
It li apparently almoat ai difficult for
a tradesman to gain entrance to Marl*
borough Honse, the1 London residence
of tbe Prince of Walee, aa It la to get
within tbe linea of an armed camp. A
narrow glass door in the right wing of
tha palace li reserved for snch visitors,
and only those having an appointment
previously arranged for by the prince1
volets are admitted, while several soldiers ond minor officers of the law are
close about to ptevent the.admittance
of undesirable persona
The (1 ohm liner*.
Au Atchison niiiu unyn Mint the worst
gossiping dune nnywhi'ie under any dr.
I'Uinfituncos Is tlm! told at ��� night when
two nr three people are slttlug ap with a
corpse,- They want tn keep nwake ami
can't keep awalte liy reflecting nn thu
slim-tnexH of life nnd the solemnity of
death, which Is their plain duty, so they
gossip and tell such stories It. is n wonder
the   corpse   dwsn't   scream.���Atchlsoi)
There are many poisons of healthy appe*
t ta and poor diet stlou who, after a hearty
meal, an subject to tnuoti suffering. The
food ot which they huve partaken 11ns like
lead in thoir rtoniaohs.    Headache, de-
rresslon, n tmotherlng felting follow,
)nr so afflicted 1b unlit for bu��lne-s or
work of any kind. In this condition
. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will bring re.
lief. They win a��slst the assimilation ot
the ailment, ana uiai according to direction will restore healthy dlgeitfra.   *    ���
XUtrd'i Liniment to Mlemrjwkw**
Time He Waa Harried.
A recent wedding in a western town
was so much interrupted that the
friends of tbe wedded pair found special
'reason to congratulate them when the
ceremony was at lost over. All went
merrily nntil tbe bridegroom was called
.upon to produce the wedding ring. In
vain he felt in bis trousers pocket for
itf indispensable article. Nothing conld
found except a hole through which
the ring had evidently fallen into the
high boot which tbe yonng man wore.
What waa to be done t
"Take yonr boot Off," said the parson.
The suspense and silence were pain-
Don't Neglect a
Cold in the Head.
Cures in a Single Night.
Cntarrh of the head usually marts witfi a old
In the ht-ud, and if left unoheckml in this
climate rarely gets well Itself. Anothor cold ts
usually added, and before it gets well incipient
catarrh Bets In, nnd as eaoh fresh cold is contracted the disease gradually becomes woree,
until hearing, sense or taste aud smell are gone,
and Anally incurable lung trouble U the result.
If yon have a cold In the head don't neglect it.
Japan-we Catarrh Oure relieves cold In the head
in a few minutes, anil will cure In a single
iilitht. Mr. Alex. McRae, the well-known tailor
of New Westminster. B.C., writes : I was ior
���ome weeks suffering from a culd in the head,
which was apparently developing into catarrh.
I purehaaedalwx of WiieeeC^in-hCurc, tmd
in less than two doys he trnubW entirely disappeared. I can highly recommend lt; the nml
application relieved?'
'6old by all druggists. Price 60 cents. Six
boxes, guaranteed to cure, for $2.60. A free
sample sent to any sufferer from catarrh. En-
close fi cents In stain|is. Address, The (.rlfflths
A Mneiiherson Co., 1U Church Street, Toronto.
struck up a "voluntary, li
The young man removed hie boot;
the ring was fonnd; also a holo in hia
stocking, and the worthy minister remarked, evidently with more than the
delay of the ceremony in mind:
"Yonng man, it ia time you were
Proud to Know Rim.
"The other night," said the fnt
boarder, "I slept in a room witb a generous gentleman. I snore horribly���in
fact. I'm a inorer from wny back We
retired. In the morning when we arose
this gentleman handed me a silver half
���' 'What's tbat fort* said i.
" 'Oh, take it,' he replied. 'Yon have
won it. Yon deserve it'
-   " 'Bnt what fori' said I.
" 'Oh, take the money and go ond
bny yonrself several first class drinks. I
like yon. Yon nre tbe best ono I ever
saw You are the only mnn I ever snw
who could sqore louder than I cau holler.""* ���      '
Hia KIb* War Oat,
"And is this the first time yon have
experienced the sensation of love J" she
"It is," he replied.
"Am I tbe first girl you ever told
yon loved?" sbe persisted-
He hesitated. What might not have
come to her ears t "Yon must remember," he said at last, "how easy It Is
for the ignorant and uninitiated to accept a base imitation for the real
thing. "���Chicago Post-
Do Von I'ln* Uie Clarinet!
Thousands of people nre learning to
play the piano There is no demand fur
piano players; indeed, lu some places
tbey nre prohibited Out there is n do-
mand for clarinet players A jg/utA
clarinet player Is always in demand
and makes good wages. Why don't
some of thu foolish people take clarinet
lessons?���Atchison (llobu
A Yfiuiiit ltl|ilotiint,
"What ure yon laughing at?'
claimed the schoolmaster
"Please, sir." said the hoy, "I'm
laughing at bow funny it would tie if
pne of the boys put a bent pin on
yonr.chair nnd yon discovoi'-ed it hufuro
���before���in time. sir. uud then whipped him "���Philadelphia North American *      *	
In Bast Indian schools mental arithmetic is a vastly more serious mutter
than It is in tho schools nf this country.
Catch questions are numerous, ond on*
pile of 10 years ore taught to carry tha
multiplication table nn to 40 times 4%
Tarklak ����th laflueaoei,
"Aa regular'Turkish baths go In large
cities," says a physician, "tbere Is notone
to which 1 would send a young girl, oven
though she might need tho medioal treatment The possible associations mako
them unfit places for her. Whilo thore aro
undoubtedly many nloo women who go to
them, there are also a groat many with
whom she should not bo brought In con-
tttet. The Turkish bath haa a tendency
to loosen tho tongue, and the conversations that can bo heard over the low partitions of tho retiring rooms, I have boen
told many times by women who patronize
thd hatha, Is not edifying, "���New York
Which Ia In the Wronsf
"Why am I out of work!*" repented a
bright young girl when asked that question���"Why? Becauso my employer's
daughter wants to earn somo pocket
money, and sho will work for half what
the place 1b worth; that's why I"
"Why do you bother your head over
stupid shorthand and typewriting when
your father is rich andean supply everything you neodf" waa asked tho employer's dnughtev.
"Oh, yes, pnpa Is rich, and he's awfully
good, too, but I'd rather earn my own
money than bo always asking him for It-
It's so���so���well, liko begging, you know,
even If ho Is your father I"
Now, who Is in the wrong? Should the
fathor supply his daughter with stated
sums of spending money at stated times
and so relieve hor of tbe necessity ot "begging," or, on the other hand, of keeping
a girl who needs work out of a position?
Or Is It wrong to oneouruge women to regard themselves as a leisure class, to be
supported by their men folk?
A remedy might bo suggested that
would cover tho easy���let the rloh man's
daughters be trained as financiers or business women and then set them up In business for themselves, just as Is dono with
the sons, so that they may furnish employ-
ment to their poorer sisters instead of taking it from thein. How would that do?���
Ban Franolsoo Post.
To Starch Shirts.
After they havo become "bone dry" put
the shirts, collars nnd cuffs through a
wheat starch made by pouring foaming
hot water over a smooth batter obtained
by stirring wheat flour and cold water to
getlier until it Is the consistency af thin
cuke batter. This should bu boiled slowly
for two hours and then strained through
a cheesecloth. Add to each quart of boiling starch a toaspoonful of white wax,
suoh as Is especially prepa.*J for laundry
uso. The secret of a goad, smooth finish
to stiff starched clothes Is In the methods
of starching. This must be carefully done.
Spread it shirt bosom over a clean board,
and with a piece of thin cloth rub the
starch Into the bosom with strong, firm
strokes. There should not be a wrinkle
In the linen after lt Is thoroughly wet und
starched, and all superfluous starch ts
wiped off with a cloth. Tho wristbands
and neckband aro treated the same way,
and the shirt is again hung out to dry.
When it Is thoroughly dry���"bone dry"
again���the shirt and collars and cuds are
dipped for a moment In boiling wnter and
quickly wrung through tbe wringer with
the rollers pressed as tightly together as
they oan be turned. Tho pieces should
now be left to stand for at least two hours
before thoy are Ironed-���Gentlewoman.
K.ng Pcby back to town again
��i��a brought the country le the fov*.
is. U ti.e-j cows live In Chanceo *���"����������
And l.ati lambs city noises drown.
The moan of doves, the caw of crows
He learned by heart while yet he playei
All summer underneath tr-i roae
Or in a haycock's plevuit shade.
The quacking duck, the irowing cock,
The busy farmyard's caeerful brood.
The sheep dog barking to h.s fiock,
He acts them all to murvilhcod.
He bringn the country to fie town,
The upland pastures wldit and cool,
The seeded meadows waving b.-own.
The mountains gray and beawtifui.
Hut  soon,   ah,   soon,   hi-i  th&utfhls  will
Bhrill London cries his voice will keen.
Prom "milk" and "coals" his fancy rutin--.'.
To   muffin   bells   and   "'weep,    weep,
But still in spite of sunless days
King J'iuby keeps for dreary -streets
Red roses In the garden ways
And summer In her green retreats.
-% -Pall MhII Gazette.
ulcerkuke Heals tie Worst Bart-Wire can
Bennr'n Failure.
Benny, the 4-year-old member of the
family, had been trained to believe In
the deep water form of baptism* This is
believed to be the reason why he was
trying to plunge the household cat into
a bucket of water Tbe animal resisted.
ll howled and scratched and clawed nnd
used violent language. Finally Benny,
wilh bis hands covered with scratches
and with tears in bis eyes, gave it np.
"Darn yonl" be said. "Go an be a
iMethudis' if you want tot"���Chicago
Tribnue 3t t
ON APl'hTiTK.���To hnve the stiuach
well Is to huve the nervous system well,
Very delicate are the digestive organs.
In some so sensitive are tticy that atmospheric cha ges utTi'ot them. When they
uecome disarranged no belter regulator Is
nro-uumhle than Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills Ther will naetit tbe digestion so
that the hearty e iter will sutler no In-inn-
venlence and will derive all the benefits
of his food.
Area of Some Former Speaker*.
When elected speaker yeurs ago, Ga-
luaba A. Grow, who Is still living and
a member of congress, was bnt 88.
James G. Blaine was 89 when he was
first called to tbe chair. Thomas B.
Reed was 60 when he was selected for
the first time, and Mr. Carlisle was 48.
Otbera have been older and a few
younger, but ns a general thing tbe
speakers have been chosen from men
who are in tbe prime of life, partly because they are compelled to undergo a
great strain at times and partly because
tbe men must be legislators who have
bad long experience on tbe floor und
are thoroughly acquainted with parliamentary practice.���Cincinnati Commercial Tribnne.
NOM1U. ��� Then* few aujeetives apply
witb leculiar force to Dr. i nomas' Eolec-
triuUU���asmndard ex ornal and internal
remedy, adapted to the relief and cure of
ooughs, sore throat, hoarseness and all
aiTeotloosof the bre.ithlng organs, kidney
troubles, excoriations, sores, lameness and
physical pain.
Smooth Forehead* Ar* Rare,
A pretty forehead Is a possession to
value, as much of the- character of the face
depends upon tc. ' Any forehead must and
can bo free from irregularities and wrinkles to bo attractive. Care should be taken
In youth to avoid tho straight long lines
on tho forehead which nro brought on by
elevating the eyebrows. Look nt the middle aged faces you meet each day and mark
tho prevalunco of those lines just over the
temples. In nine cases out of ten the re*
malnder of the foce will bo smooth nnd
youthful, but those lines tell tho talo of
age, This lifting of the eyebrows is a
senseless trick, which la thought to give
expression to tho face. It Is on a levol
with tho many other so called tricks of expression, really nothing moro than contortions of the facial muscles. It ts rare to
find a woman who can carry on a conversation with au even countenance and
without nods and wags of the bead.
Extraordinary Mother*.
Probably the youngest grandmother of
whom wo have record wns a Lady Child
of Shropshire. Sho had married at IU
years of age and had a child boforo her
thirteenth yoar waa completed, This
ohild, tn turn, married while still very
young, with the result that Lady Child
was a grandmother ut 27.
The most extraordinary cases ot motherhood wero liioso uf Mrs. Honey wood of
Charing, In Kent, and Lady Temple ot
Stow. When tho former died, on May 10,
1020, aged 98, sho counted as her descendants 10 children, IU grandchildren, 938
great-grandchitdron and 9 great-great-
Tho other caso was even more remarkable. Lady Temple, who died In 106(1,
bad given birth to four sons and nine
daughters nud lived to see more than 700
ItiisMlan Tea,
It la a mistake, according to a New
Vork woman who has spent two winters
in St. Petersburg, to cull the cold tea
served hero In America Hussion tea. "On
tho contrary," sho says, "nowhere, not
evon In Loudon, was I offered suoh scalding ten ns In Russia. Tbo real Russian
tea of tho drawing rooms ofthe nobility
ts browed from the curavau ton and is always served freshly mado. Into the cup
goes lirst a slice of lemon and tho allot*
ment of sugar; then a generous portion of
claret, a good third of a cupful; finally,
the very hot ton Is poured over- This la
genuine Russian ton."
Tench Vonr Child to Play Alone,
I bollevu that every child should be en*
couroged, If not required, to play alone
during somo part of tho dny. Any close
observer of children will note on unox-
Elnlnod tendency to silliness whon a mini-
er of them uro at play together. There
aro likewise dangers in au oversupply of
adult society. Children are moro iu-
(lueiiced by Indirect suggestion than we
ere apt to realize, and wo may keep them
by ns too closely, nnd thus affect unfavorably their will power and thoir Independent development.���KhUno Udodale East-
mun In Woman's Homo Companion.
nnmiliiea* Prevented by  Ivy.
The growth ur Ivy an tho walliof houses
keeps thein freo of damp, tho Ivy extracting, fur Its own sustenance, overy particle
af moisture from tbo brick or stone to
Whicli It clings, by means of rootlets, Tho
overlapping leaves of thi) Ivy conduct
witter fulling on them from point to point
till lt reaches tlio ground, without allowing thu wnils to receive any moisture fron
In- *aH
dipt. w. n. Mian,
,77 Sh.rliourne 81.     .     Toro.to.
"Wbut do you propou to do when
yon get to the peace conference!'
MHked the European Ht-lagate'ii frtunri.
"I propone to diactiss the situation in
�� fair minded and conservative spirit
I'll tell thorn that If tbey will let my
government have its way in Asia anil
Africa and keep quiet abont any little
patches of territory on this continent
to which we feel naturally entitled we
will consent to lay down onr arms.
Otherwise we'll wait for an opportunity
and whip them till the gilt peels olf
their scepters and the earth shakes with
tbe jar of collapsing thrones. "���Washington Star.
"Didn't it surprise you when Sir
Archibald Jnne-Bogg said to his constituents at the close of Ills speech the
otber evening, 'Thankful for past favors, I respectfully solicit a continuance of the samel' " asked the casual
"Not at all," replied the theosophist.
"1 have always believed Sir Archibald
to bo the incarnation of some country
milliner. "���Chicago Tribune.
<-orr..por.dlnaT Dov.lopv.at.
Dridge! (reading laboriously)���Hov
yon Keen thin. Put 1 it aez bere that
whin a mon loses w.-in av hia sinses his
othtr sinses get more develyoped. F.
instunii. a blind mon gets more stash av
lienrin an touch un���
Put ���Hhnre unit's quite thrno. Oi'vr
noticed it meself. Whin a mon has wan
it-:! shorter than the otber, begorra, the
othtr leg's   longer,  Isn't   it nowt-
Cure of
Salt Rheum.
The permanent cur* after permanent cure that is being published
week by week hai placed Burdock
Blood Bitten far above all other
remedies In the estimation of the
���ick and-suffering.
Even the sevetest and most chronic diseases that other remedies
fail to relieve yield to the blood
purifying, blood enriching properties of B.B.B.
Salt Rheum or Eczema-���that
most stubborn of skin diseases,
which causes such torture and is so
difficult to cure with ordinary remedies���cannot withstand B. B. B.'s
healing, soothing power.
The case of Mrs. Jas. Sanderson,
Emerson, Man., shows how effective B.B.B. is in curing Salt Rheum
at its worst, and curing it to stay
This is what she wrote:
" Burdock Blood Bitten cured me of a
bad attack of Salt Rheum three years ago.
It was so severe that my finger nails cm.
off. I can truly say that! know of no
more valuable medicine in the world than
B.B.B. lt eured me oeM-tletety and
-permanent!*,, a. I have oarer had a touch
of Salt Rheum since."
Women Need
Not Suffer
From those terrible Bids
aches, back Hches, bead*
aches and the thousand and
one other ills which moke
lue full of misery.
Most of these troubles an
due to Impure, Imperfectly
filtered blood���the Kidneys
are not acting right and in
consequence the system is
being poisoned with impurities.
are daily proving themselves woman's
greatest friend and benefactor.
Here Is an instance:
Mrs. Harry Fleming, St. Mary's, N.B.,
says: "The use of Doan's Kidney Pills
restored me to complete health. The
first symptoms I noticed in my cose wero
severe pains in the small of my back
and around the loins, together with
general weakness a;*i loss of appetite.
I gradually became worse, until,
hearing of Doan's Kidney Pills, I got a
box from our druggist.
I am pleased to testify to their effectiveness in correcting the troubles from
whioh I suffered.
Bl�� Chnnce Por Improvement.
First Arctic Explorer���1 say I
Second Arctic Explorer���Say on
"I say, we're in a box."
"We'll have to wait for a reBCiiiug
"One will come, I suppose."
"Yes, they always come, but not always on time."
"Don't you think tbe present style
of arctic exploration uight be im
"Perhaps so. What would you suggest?"
"I think tbe rescuing party ought tc
go ahead. "���New York Weekly.
Tbo great lung healer is fouud In that
excellent medlolno sold as Blckle's Antl-
OoLsumptlve Syrup. It soothes and
diminishes the sensibility of the membrane of the throat and air passages, nud
is a eoverelgn remedy for all ooughs,
colds, hoarseiicns, pain or soreness in tbe
chest, bronchitis, oto. It has cured many
when supposed to be far advaooed in consumption.
AnU and Their EDTcetM-lndln.
Small, soft aud feeble ns tin1 while nuts
are, yet by their numbers nnd powers of
destruction thoy hnve Inllueuri'd in sumo
extent both the nreliiU'i-trn'o nml also tin'
civilization of tb<> country. Tn their inv-
(ides, which prevent much the use nf timber, Is iu n great measure due the massive suliility of the gi'tuuler Indian edifices, and by thoir devouring of papers
nud documents they have restricted the
cultivation of literature. Tiny hnvo rendered the preservation uf limiks ilHlleult.
Thoy hnvo eontlininiiHly destroyed the
records itmt would hnvo thrown lifilit on
the history ol tho pnsi.���"nntuils ami
Hobbles or an Indian Ollleial."
Baddeok, June 11, 1897.
O. O. Richards & Go.
is my remedy for NEURALGIA,
lt relieves at om��,
A. S. McDonald.
Ther Settled.
Long before tha war General Bntler,
who wns then a struggling youn^ law
yer, lived up in n Massachusetts matin*
fact tiring town. He had displayed ability at college, but hnd to wait tlm usual
number of years for bis first case. At
last a young girl whb hnd worked in n
cotton mill cume to him for redress
against her employers. She had been
discharged without wages, and ou a request for three weeks' wages was unceremoniously thrust from the door.
Thu ense looked blue, for tbe firm was
a very rich one, but she needed money
badly She offered Ben one-halt' to collect it
The next morning, while on her way
to look for employment, she came upon
r great gathering nt n crossing. She
inquired what wns the matter and
learned that the factory she bad left
bad shut down for the first time in DU
years. Wondering what conld hnve
brought about such a state, she passed
ou nnd presently met Butler. He wus
leaning against a lamppost whittling a
" 'Tsall right," be called, waving liis
knife with a jaunty air " 'Tsall right
I've got 'eml"
"Got who?" ventured the young
"Why, those old skins up ut the factory I went to 'cm right after I saw
yon yesterday and demanded tlio bill.
They told me to hustle. I then got out
nn attachment on their water wheel
and thnt up tho shop Yon own $1<j
worth of the entire machinery Oh.
they'll settle by noon I" And they did*
���Cincinnati Enquirer
H-PHilHf-lit'H lU'Hcvttri In One Minute,
Griniths' Menthol Liniment relievos
headaches the minute applied. Apply It
to tho forehead nnd temples, thon inhale
freely In tbe manner tit root nd ou the fir
oulnr around tho bottle. No otlier reinedy
is so valuable In the homo as Menthol
Liniment.   All druggists, gSotmu.
It Warn Waited on Htm.
He was a callow youth nnd nesnmed
many liberties.
"Ah, Lucy." be said to n yonng woman with whom be was somewhat acquainted, "yon look tired. What you
been doing?"
"Hunting a flat," she answered.
"And did yon find ono?" he nsked.
Her eyes snapped.
"I fonnd one," she replied with ���
meaning look.
But, of course, he didn't see tbo point
of it���Cleveland Plain Dealer
ULOERKTJRE Heals A1UU or Hesli Wounds.
A Senae of Importanc-N
"I wonder what makes thuse Fill-
pinoBso obstinate and impudent," said
one statesman.
"I'm afraid it was a retnurlt ol
mine," answered the otlier. "They've
probably henrd that 1 thonght they
were worth $2 a head, and it ban .stint
nhtteil their self esteem till it ran away
with them. "���Washington Star.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fAcy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
4tieJf viol ter ftWtifM/ f (fve4^U��
GtMWW     tfaltjU     ttUliASa
A!^J^!*^li>J^^!>JVl*>yAAV>T>AV.Q> A** ���*.'** *.<* *����� *V K)A.*fr^&L��li��li*$itelZe\mie2&
I EDDY'S.... I
FIRST in 1851.   -W-   FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
��S�� ��'^'^'o!^!-lJ!*^!��!ti!��!��!-i'i.v!��!^!-:^!^4-S!4>!4i!4i!4-S!4A!4*!i
iisrsuR-AisroiE   comifaisfy..
HEAD OFFICE.   503 Mclnityns Bim It, Winnipeg Mmiitbba.
We pay our losses tht; Fame year the loss occurs.
We have over tiro million dollars of insurance in force.
We promptly and satisfactorily adjust all losses.
For rel able insurance that insures apply to
E. A. TAYLOR, Manager.
003   McINTYttK   itl.W'K,   WlNNll'Hi,   MAMTOlJA.
Till* Pttimber Need-eil n Helper.
Householder���Say,    plouiber,    thai ���
seomd to bu a remarkably flue cigar yea
are amoklng. What is the brand t
Vlumber��� 1 didn't have time to find
out    UautMtut  ;.. i..,i..v��   im iv!t  ������t,
one and put tlio boi away.���Indianan-
nlii ,1-inii."'-
Tnore never nua, auil never will be, a
univursul panacea, iu one remedy, (or all
Ills to which llwsh ti heir���the very nature
ot many curatives being sueh that were
the germs of other aud differently seated
diseases rooted In the system of the patient���what would relieve one Ul In turn
would aggravate the other. We havo,
however, In Quinine Wlno, when obtain-;
able In a sound, unadulterated state, a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. Ily Its'
gradual and judicious uso the frailest Hys-1
terns nre led into convalescence and
strength by the influence which Qumlne
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest In life Is a disease, and, by trnnqulllzlng the nerves,
disposes to sound aud refreshing Bleep-
Imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening tbe healthy
animal (unctions of tbe By-stem, thereby
making activity a necessary result,
itrengthening the frame, aud giving life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand increased substance-'result. Improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to the publio their
-superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
this wine approaches nearest perfection
of any in the market.    -All druggists sell
it's no Trick
>Vurk I'or a SN-ulh.
"Excuse lup," said the detective as
he presented himself at tho door nf tho
music ucademy, "but Ihope you'll give
me what information yon have and not
make any ftiss."
"What do you mean?" waa tho indignant inquiry.
"Why, that little nffnir, yon know.'
"I don't understand."
"Why, yon we, wo got a tip from
tlio house next door that somebody bere
lias been murdering Wagner, and the
chief sent me down to work up the
caBO.'"���New Orloinia Times-Democrat
Advertises Itself.
This business is conducted so tbat. every
customer is uu advertiser of its merits, it
Is estimated that every order tilled lor
patroim \vlii> shop by mall brings nr least-
two other orders. This means you'll lie m>
well served that you'll talk about it uml
slmw the goods to friends with sal IsfaCl lon.
Tills store lias Issued a catalogue- Illustrated nud descriptive. It contains an
epitome of what may be seen hern iu t lie
liuest store iu L'aiiima, where  more goods
are sold at retail than any wholesale house
bundles, and at prices lower than whole-
Mile,   ^end fn��catalogue and  samples to
lajt*Bi, WRguiii, narrows, w ItidmllU,
*o.   COCKS11VTT PLOW CO., Winnipeg.
Because the roof wat. covered with an Amwi*
can paper rtlttng, tostond of the celebrated
Which hns never been known to crack, being
Paper hecomes brittle and cannot stand the
frost stratn.
���   Send for Sample.    Bend stamp.
*w. a-, -fo-n-seoa.
7 0S   Main   81.,  IVInnli'm.
���lurt'i Mnlment Cures Dandruff.
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO ata tha ineat*India and
Oaylon TEAS sacked* Put up by
MacKENZIE & HILLS, Winnlpei
W. Si C.
Ti, make lllarnlt., Hume., .Ir., nl.. and
light anil whulconie when --on na.
It 1. an.nrpaB.ed
It is the coffee that
never fails'.to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal -which it
bears Is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase *& Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee
LEST YOU VOKOKTi���Writ, tor PrtOM
on Oream Separators, Uasolliic EnginM, TrMd
Power., .nd cvorything used In tbe OkNH
Faotory,Creamoiy or Dairy. If you h... ten
oo-w,oiic of our Hand Hoparatort WILL, SAVE
It. coat the first year.
IDCU, tIMiE I IffllH   OlreljlM*.
lmp.,,.,..fOr(��.ri��,     fcil'SS-JSL*.
Willi II. Hamilton, Ont.   I..9.A B.Spl<*-�� THE GOLDEN BRA, FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1899.
Like Kelly Did.
thrashed his wife���and the highest court in the
land justified his action.
Kelly's wife foolishly sent his hard earned money to
the Big Departmental Stores East and paid just the same
price for poor goods,when she could get first class quality
from MoDER.MOT'S and save the extra cash spent on express charges.
McDERMOT has twice as large a stock as
anyoftheBigr Departmental Stores in proportion to the population.
So keep money circulating in your own town and
don't give your husbands a chance to do
G. B. MeDermot
LAKE-&; e-or
^   have opened as
A*       ATHALMER    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
A ten-drill air compreesor ia to ba
put in at the St Eugene Mine.
Tba ladies ol Field organised a pionic
at Laggan on Thursday laat.
Rev. H. B. Turner will return tomorrow Irom his trip to the Coaat.
Hon, C. A. Geoffrin, member ol the
Dominion Cabinet, li dead.
Later news .ays the reported gold
discovery on Vancouver Island ia a
The Athalmer sawmill is now in
full swing, cutting 1.1,000 feet of lumber per day.
The Transvaal difficulty ie presenting fresh phases, and more troops are
now being ordered iu South Africa.
As showing tha activity in the
Windermeredistriot 200 horses cro.-u-il
tha River at Athalmer the other  day
On Toeaday Harry Thames was received into the Oolden Hospital having had his ingers out oft while riding
on a freight train,
A general meeting of the Oolden
Hospital Society lor the election of
Trustees will be held In tke Columbia
Hall on Monday August 7th.
On Taaaday a train- load of American newspaper men passed through
Uolden on their way eust, the train
consisting of twelve Wagner coaches.
At tha request of Sir Wilfred Lan-
rler tha proposition to present him
with a testimonial of 1100,000 by tba
Liberal party has been abandoned.
Tba Winnipeg Industrial Fair,
closed last week, was the most successful yet held. 21,000 people visited tbe
exhibition groundaon visitors day.
One of the party who left Oolden for
Tete Jaune Cache last month found
the gold excitement too much for him,
and left bis party to return to Oolden.
The survey of tbe Columbia townsite
has been completed and lots will be
placed on the market at once. Ia situated between Toby and Horse Thief
W. J. Oould, tha well known photographer, has pitched his tont iu our
midst (ar a few days, and ia prepared
lo turn out moet artiatio work at reasonable prices.
It is considered a foregone conclusion that Capt Deroyfus will ba acquitted ol the eharga on which he was
formerly convioted by tha military
authoritiea of France.
Mr. McMillan, station agent at Donald, has been removed ta Calgary,
where ha will be appointed to the operating department of the sarvioe. Mr.
Robertson from the west has bean appointed to Donald.
Divine aarvica will be held in the
Methodist Church. Sunday morning
next at 10;30 o'clock, at which tha
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be
dispensed. Evening service at the
usual hour 7:30,
Saturday's and Sunday's No. 2 waa
-i-1-*���1 t,  l**1*------���-Jiwifc���.timugl,   a
burned bridge. The watchman displayed great pluck, having swam tbe
swollen river to .end the warning to
the next station.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Kirr|ptor|    &    Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining Supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Oolden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Gian! Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.   Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Bates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
f. C. Greene, Proprietor.
Says the Hamilton' Herald: Fighting Joa Martin ought to be happy now.
After fighting nil the eniniea of tho
British Columbia government, iu which
ha is attorney-general, he ia now
forced to light the government Itself."
B. W Patmore, formerly Postmaster at Donald, has removed to Oolden,
and is opening with a fine stock of
stationery, drugs, tobacco, cigars
and fancy goods in lhe building belong
log to H. ti. Parson on the South side
of the Kickinghorse bridge.
ft. Helme, late of Toronto, has been
appointed route agont for tha Dominion Express Company for East and
Weal Kootenay and along tha main
Una of the Cauadian PaciHo railway
between Moose Jaw and Hevelstoke,
with hsadquartera at Nelson.
Mr. Oeorge Wells, eldest son of Mr.
W, C. Wells H. P. P. has arrived at
Palliser. and will take the management of the extensive lumbering business there in order to give Mr. W. C,
Walla more time to attend to his publio
duitisaas Parliamentary representative
for North East Kootenay,
Mr, Thomson. Inspector for tha
Marina Department visited Oolden laat
week and inspected tha Duehess and
Hyak, bdonning to the Navigation
Company, and H. E. Forster*. yact
Selkirk. Mr. Thomson found overy.
aatiataotory and issued his certificates
fur tba throe steamers.
W. C. Welle. M. P. P. left Golden
oo Friday for Windermere, going over
the main road ao as to ascertain Ita
condition nnd ere tha settlers along
tha road. Mr. Wolls reached Windermere on Saturday night and remained
there till Wednesday ao as to ascertain
tba wante of tha district aud hare
then attended to.
Tha Columbia Hi ver Lumber Com-
panv aro breaking up their camp at
Fifteen Mile Creek, having got out
most of the timber there with the ex*
oeptlou of somscedor. Exploration will
be made for another good belt of tim
ber and it is very probable that tbs
Company .rill put iu a camp at Spilli
machene for getting out part of next
wlntar'a supply ol loga.
The C. P. R. steamer Tartar, after
having bean aucoessfuily engaged in
tha Yukon and Orisnta trades, is now
to carry aoldiere to the Philippines for
Unole Sam, and will leave for San
Franciaco in a few daya, Tha United
States government haa decided to
greatly add to the strength of the force
now fighting the rebels and aa transports are ecaroe the C. P. B. boat
waa chartered.
The first of a series of monster new
locomotives Intended for the fast new
services between Montreal and Ottawa
has just been tnrned out of the local
ahopa of the C. P. R. Three others
will follow. The speolmen on view is
tha largest locomotive engine ever
made III Canada. It atanda fully 16
leet high, while the driving wheels are
aeran feet. The weight of the engine
alone ia 80 torn. It ia built to giva a
speed of 83 miles an hour, with a train
composed of six (loaches.
Samuel Brewer haa located a promising group of copper claima on Dutch
B. Shields, representing the Marcns
Daly copper combine ia un a visit to
Fred Waal expects to resume work
immediately on the Union group on
Shuawap mountain.
A ledge has been found on Law
Creek a tributary of Horsethief, showing 14 feet of solid galt-na.
A rich atrike of placer gold is re-
pori-ed ou the bc-ach sands on tbe west
coast of Vancouver Island.
R. S. Oatlup haa a force ol five men
doing development work on the Phoenix group, HorM Thief Creek.
Sinclair Crain has oommenced work
en a large scale on the Breadwinner
group aituated oo Boulder creek,
Ooodorham & Blackstock'a represen
tative made an examination of the
Mineral King during the past week.
T. H. Taylor, C.E., haa located a
fraction between the Bed Line and
White Elephant groups on MoDonald
The Moyle minea are coming to tbe
front. A aeven drill air compressor is
to be installed oa tbe Lake Shore
The owner, nf the Lanark mlna at
Laurie propose to do some further
development aud exploration work on
that property.
L. W. Parkins-Mi haa located a very
promising property in the immediate
vicinity of tbe Delphine mine, north
fork of Toby Creek.
Some immense discoveries of argentiferous galena and grav copper are
reported on Toby and Horse Thief
Creeka and other tributaries.
J. T. McNaught haa gone to Kin-
basket Lake to have the Oolden and
Fort Steele Company's claima there
surveyed and Crown granted.
A deal Is under way for the purchsse
of the group of claima ia which J. B
Maclrod ia intereated on Boulder Creek,
and development work ia to be pushed
on there.
C. F. Smith, representative ol the
Mackintosh syndicate, is at McDonald
creek to make an examination of sev
sral properties that the syndicate has
under bond.
Development work will be resumed
on the Hot Punch, Mint Julep, on an
extensive scale at an early date. This
property will prebably start shipping
before fall.
The following new locations have
been recorded at Oolden:���July ..10th,
Darby, hy M. I* Hamersiy, and Champion No. 2 by J, 8. W. Pugh, on
Steamboat Butte. July 18th St. Paul,
on Mt. Stephen by P. Beddick.
The recent shii ment of 15 tons of
ore from the Nettie L to Trail smelter turned out very satisfactorily to
the Oreat Weeieru Mines, Limited,
*,u own il< ��;.. The -orted ore
ran as high as 1440 to the ton.
W. O. Mitchell-Innes returned by the
Duchess on Wednesday and reports
that hehascroos cut the lead on the
Pretty OErlandit is looking apleudidly
heing SO feet In width and mineralised
throughout with grey copper.
Mr. Griffith, Oold Commisaicner,
has very thoughtfully arranged a map
showing the whole of .the mineral
locations in the Windermere district.
In view of tbe boom th|re this map
wiil be aa especially convenient adjunct of tbe Government Office,
According to the Prospector, Fort
Steele has, in the Big Chief on Wild
Horse Creek, one of the richest prospects in tbe world, the paystreak
running 11,505 dollars per ton, cf
which 14.000 is said te be the averago
gold value.
look over the ground In the vioinlty ol
Canyon Creek. The exoellent copper
prospects found there laat aeason fully
justify some attention te that section
of country.
John Hendaraon le making excellent
progress with development work at
both the Lucky Jack and Spruce-tree
camps. At the former the tunnel ia In
100 feat. 50 feat ot which haa been
(riven thie season, but the lead haa
not yet been cut. Mr. Henderson
thinks hs is paralleling it and intend,
to cross-cut on hia return. At Spruce-
roe the lead ia looking splendidly.
The tunnel is being run direct on the
lead, and thav are taking out high
trade ore, much ol it solid chalcopyrite,
il! tbe time This tunnel Is in 30 feet.
The lead ia three feet in width, and
well mineralised throughout.
St. Paul's Cbnrcb, Oolden services
on Sunday next July 23rd, 8 a. m.
Celebration of Holy Communion, 11 a.
m. Matiios, Litany and aerinon, 7.80
p. in. Evensong and sermon.
A general meeting ef the Golden 	
Society for the election cf Trustees br
ensuing year will be held at the 	
Hall, doHen, B.C., on Monday AagustTlh,
IMP, at 8 o'clock p.m.
Similar meetings will also be held at Don
aid, Beaver, Palliser, Field. Thornier Hill,
Wan, Fort Steele and Windermere, at the
���sue data and hour
Bead ot navigation on Columbia Biter.
The moat central point In Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Miniater of Minea tor 1898: "A waggon road
conld be built from the ���Salmon Bade*. ATHALMEB-at a reaaoaable ooat,
and -#111 be ao built aa eoon aa it ia justified by the milling development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, ud
good fishing and .hooting ia Immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel eub-eoll to build upon; cold, clear water tke
jipar round for household purpoeee, and Splendid water power close te town.
Large and complete eaw-mill (10 M. daily capacity) oa the ground assurea
cheap lumber.
Terms easy, particularly ao to Investors wishlag to build.
G. D. Liang, Agent.
Fop a pine Sait
and a Perfect pit
E. A. Haggen,
Notary l'nljll.. Mining, Financial aad
OomiulMlon Agent, Cemaila.loaar
of the Supreme Court.
Deeds attested. Parti.. repreHated in
Felice, Small Debts and County Conns.
Account, collected and disputed claims
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
IX Draught Holes,
11 Pack Mnlee,
IS Cnyneea.
The above stock is in first class condltlca,
anil is well broken. Pack rigging and bar
nets can aUo bo arranges for. The stock is
situated in Kanik-op. neighborhood. Overs
to be made to
Tha Waverlty Mine Llaltaa.
NOTICE is heieby given that two month.
after dale I intend to apply to tbe ChiefCom-
missioner of Land, and Work., tor permission te purchase the following described
land i-I-ots Numbers 2578nnd tStt, being cn
tbe Columbia River in the District oi East
Kootenay, and containing 355.8 and 911-7
acres respectively, be lha same more *>r.lea*.
Dated at Goldeu, ��rd July, 1899.
J. C. TOM.
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     &��We
The B. C. Assay& Chemical Supply to, Ltd.
Vancouver,     -     B.O.
We �����M.naf.ctnrera and direct ImpcrUr., Md* carry a Urg�� sleek of Balaaew,
Furnaces. Fire Clay Goods, Sclaatlic and Practical Book., Glaenmre. PlaUeum Woods
Acid., Chemicals, aad all ether ijeavers' aad Miasra' raqalrsaaeata.
SOLI AGENTS fcr Morgan Ciaeible Company, Baitenoai Belter*. Seas'
Balance., Etc. /
Catalogue and Ml particulars ea application.
.   I) / . 	
White Se Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Hevelstoko, B.C.
Will attend all Connty.f eurt. at OaUaa,I.O
W. Wwt-s, Q.C. J. li. Scott, B.A..U.JB
NOTICE Is hereby given Hint nppHcati-ra
hits beon made to the Honourable tbe Minis*
ter of Public Works, with whom plans hate
been deposited, for pcrmienimi to erect a
briilffo, with a suitable draw span, over the
Up!*r Columbia Hirer, at a point known as
the Salmon Beds.
Chief Coimnis.-ioiM-r ot Lands k Works.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A. HAOOEN,
Assajrer ft Metallurgist
Office at Lakhim Hotel,
Windermere, - B.C.
T. Mercier haa almoat completed hia
contract {or development work on tbe
Bald Mountain Company's property.
He infoima us that the lead ia looking
well. He is now continuing the tunnel with a view to cutting the neat
parallel lead.
It is reported that Mann and Mao-
Kcaaie are Boating a company in London to take over ihe North Star in
last Kootenay at 18.000,000. Ills
also said that their Boundary properties will be floated (or 15,000,000 In
England and Canada nnder the name
of the Dominion Copper Minea, Ltd.
Complaints are being made aa to
Coaat niine-owoera endeavoring to use
Chinese labor in defiance ol the law.
There ia considerable indignation
amongst Coast miners over tho affair.
As soon aa tbe attempt la carried suf-
ficieutly (ar to justify interference tbe
offenders oan depend on it lhat Joe
Martin will be alter thein.
Napoleon Wells, M E.. representing
Calilcrnlan capital, waa a visitor to
Oolden lest week on the look-out (or
copper-gold er galena properties for hia
olients, As time did not permit to
make a tour of tha district at present
he arranged with Mr. Haggen to look
up something aultable for hia client.,
when bo will return.
The East Kootenay Copper Company, with a capital of a quarter of a
million, in 25c. shares, baa been formed to operate copper propertiea at Windermere, where the head offlee will be
located. Its objects are to acquire
mining iniereats generally and the
Broad Onega, Gipsy Girl, Shady
Prince and Sanny Princess claima.
Messrs Upton and Johnaon have
completed the aeeeesinent work on the
Vermont Creek Orcnp of claima. The
work included SO feet of cut on the
Mother Lode and IB feet on theEoreka,
Wa an infored that tbe ledge haa
mnch improved in appearance aa the
result of this work, especially in the
case of the Mother Lode where there
are two pay chutes of very solid ore,
one of which la M Inches in width.   .
Another evidence of the excellent
proapecta of North Eaat Kootenay aa a
camp ia af orded by the faot that O. D,
Hoar, ene of (he pioneers ol the Lar-
deau, waa ao aleaeed with his recant
visit to tha dletriet, and the exoellent
proapecta whlek he aaw than, that lie
haa tent In a otnplt oi ptoepeotora to
Lands A Work. Uenartment,
Victem, H.C., ltllli Juno, 1899.
NOTICE I. hereby given that all pre-omp-
tors or purchasers ot Crown lands from whom
the purchase money remaining unpaid on
such land, is overdue, are required to make
full payment of such balance, together with
Interest thereon, if any to due, within twelve
month, from tbo date of this notice, failing
which their records or agreements concerning suell lands .reliable lo cancellation, as
provided by section 38 of the "Land Act"
Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works,
Lands A Works Depart*    .
Victoria, B.C.. fflud June, 1899.
& ARTI5TIC-*-*-****.
ttTTkte* Patients art. Ml J tajmil-r
ftny cli/ and im iti (ht unit**! Maim
If yout AaUr it** Mt Ml* 1MB MM
HtMtou: om mt m***tenmh*L
Attt*u your Mann gmU*,
lilts 141 W.MIt Meet, dee feck
T. 1>. Piekard,
Gold. Silver or Lead ��i.jO
(lofifand Mirer."..*.:..'..... ICO
Gold or Silver and Copper.... IM
Gold, Silver and Lead.".... IM
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper iS
Prompt Attention te Sample, kyawS.
Cash mast accoapaay th.gaan.le.
Pulp kept far three nouUn.
Front Strsst, Bsrslstoka, B.C.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist -& Druggist,
Lakeside Hotel,
Good accommodation ftir Prospector, au*
Freighters.   Fintclaumul..
Livery & feed Stables
Bigs of all kinds far him at lea-enable rates.
Teaming ef all kind, a Specialty,
A, C. Hamilton,
Hull Bros. Se Co.
Wholesale * Retail
Cattle, Sbeep and Rene Dealer.,
yVssayer & Metallurgist,
Oold  II CO
Silver  .... ISO
Lead  1 H
Copper..  >00
Oold and Silver  100
Lead and Silver  SOO
Oold and Copper  SH
Silver and Copper  IK
Oold, Silver and Lead  SOO
Oold, Silver and Copper,...... IH
Oold, SUver, Lead and Copper. 4 00
Iron -;  4-00
Ita '.  100
Sine  SOO
Aaaaya, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Oreo.
All pareelo of oro are carefully eample 1
ono portico tested, one labelled am
kept, and Ihe third, If required,
turned to owner aa a obeck ea the
asaay made.
Oaak Wltk Ba-a-aJee.
Contains Beautiful Colored Plaits.
Must ---^ "L
mratesUMt Paturaa, Fash
���s, nnw Wort
ISailty. "Bttiitlftil pn
iktr panic
     - .lu forums ii
A*-***. THEMcCALL CO.,
���ll te 14* W. 14th St., New Van
Jas, Brady, D.L8., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
AgeM far obtaining Crowa Grant., doing
annual assessment work, etc.   Address r
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Dally Service between the
Atlantic and Pacific
"Imperial Limited"
be.lpaagaralW H MthJnaa.
between Ocean.
Kootenay Country
en! B* O.' to Meleea la 3 '���
lea,B.C.teCaIgarfia T ,"
Ooldw to ths,last fU Uke
Bout* In "M hours.
Winunuu-E. J. SCOVIL.       I
Ordere Ml with above agents will te-
oelve prompt attention.
Working and Dividend Paying Unas la
various parts oi British Cdunaiik
��� Gold Quart;, Copper, Oold, and Silver-lead
Pro. poets aad Developed Proportioe oa boa*
Ssrvleo en aBloeal Unse.
Eaat Via Lake Route
Steamers lepra Fart WUUsa. i
Galena and Coppor
Banorfts aad laflormasfaa Amfafcai iMaaA>
a.?aT|l!ZTrSarSr^   tm*��mmmm *y*mxmw*w.
JUeefala British OehneWa ���!*�����. heatW
Cable Addon:  XAHAOAN, Ooidea.
MMtojiii limtastHMMLSM-.
Vary Cheap Bale to
Dawson   and  Atlin,
*km^mmfam��}tm,. Tto"*1
JMoja* *"*���Jf^a���fvAJ^���   a*aatm\tM     aj-^ta-tla-aatlaaaaa a-*aa.��--aW
aoaaav taaa,
Tra* Manager,


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