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The Golden Era May 11, 1900

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i   u~r~e   r* e
Builder & Contractor,
8A0U WKUK rOK SB**"*
lin* for Hal**
situation girsnte
fOL IX NO. 41
GOLDEN   B.C.. HlDAY, UAY    11 1900
Plna  auy be imb mt nnd Prl-m of
Lots and T-ermi obtained from
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Oolden.
$2 Per Year
tbis wed
Blouse Sateen
Organdie Muslins
Silk Zephyrs
Lotted Swiss
India Llnon
i Linen Lawn
Victoria Lawn
.*./' Book Muslin
Bretonne Net
Oambray Net
Brussels Net
Spotted Net
Parasols and Umbrellas
Satin Ribbons
Summer Underwear
Pall Lino  of STETSON HATS
expected in a few days.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $8,600,000
Coital ra-MV*    M-SM-BSS
����*�����      .   _j_    i-ss3,*sao
II. 8. Hwl.nd, PmsM--nl.
_T.RKerrift, ,    Vice-l-nrrt.
Wm. Risnuay,    T. Sutherland Biayuor
K-tartJaffray,  _._   _ _   Ellas Roger*,
.-���noa. 1
lkik, Oener
HBAuOrnci: Toronto.
D. K. Wilkik, Owamj Ms
B. Hav, Inspector.
MANITOBA. N. W. T. aad B. C.
Brandos,      '   Calgary, Usnontoo.
Ooldm.      t****7     Parl.iretaPr.irto,
ftiiw Albert,    RereUMIn,    Btratksson..
Vaaeoorer,      Winnipeg,
ton**, Bt. Tboiuu, Toronto, We
Woosfatock, tool Monti-Mi, 'Joe.
Agent* In tirettt Britain:
Ua*rd'�� fcuil**, led, fa Lombard St., London
with whom mapey may h* dspoaitod ftsr
'   by latter er eablo lo any of tbe
KG. Parson,
General &S.eve h ant,'
Aexaqder Block.
.Now is the Time
forSprlngMelicl-i*.* its p.st yon In shape forth, heat oltht'eotnlng
<3u.-a.ner,      Anv uf il.ena ara well known"and r*h*dle-South
AiMrlMn Sioa-wk ami tilver iCsire.  B. D. H.,  Paloe'i Celery -
tJ.unio.s.ifl; Olr.rtf'., H**io4'l,Ay��.*'*s..ii.*lOh��nnl>if'��8ara��(s��rlllaa.
-XOAtN, IN TONICS yon oan get Quinine Wine) Beef. Iron anil
"Wia-**; Pellowa' Synspj O-i.npbell's Elixir; Malt Eatraoi* and
0>.ptoola��l Wlue ol CoJXIw Oil. .   .
"IN PILLS BosH'e, 1W* Chaae'a. ���William'., Oootar'a, Atw'a,
*��rstul*>.Y '������atshetn'., Hallo*.)-'., Selnel'e, Ustri.r'., Buidook'.
���AgimwV, H-JOd'* ausl Wills*'.
JUST AS LABOB AN AS90ETVU5NT lo Kidoey. Llverj Heart
*nt Narva Uttlttn**; Blaster*, Ointment*, Liniment, and Dug
-PaMkt* gederally. -      .
*awm*mummm*-t*m-*~m rmt**yat**k*mm*aamemm*m*m
If Tou w&nt a Good Fit in
fcall at Warren's.
The Finest Bange of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
Navigation fllamwaf Co.
& International Transportation Co.
GonneotliW with O.P.B. at Golden, B.C.
DlrMt ttmtit tpi I'tit-i'-vims*, Athaluier, Winder-men ud
tSjiroond|ni!f Mininjr W��Het.
E,m*iamer��..l^^^ '1*9 *bh>at ah au. ''������
sIHII'ONLT Q0IOK AND OOMPOBTASUf1 &'iP$ls. * ���''���,'*
Con.lgnHf.wlll b. oherged with all way freight betis-een Goldw      ,*-*
aai WlndertB��re, at whioh -point a Company'* tfa*t *Vl:be*
������' t/mttmi, .,...,: _*!,-*-'"
All W��V end ohatw on good, to Wlashraac* and prion b*-
youd *m**v*-t*At Mid to lha C*mp��j'a afaal At Winder.
*a,ar*|>aroresWlTar7*(go��d*. .'*:������
g h, parson me*
Agent* in Vnlted State*:
RW KHtK-Baak of Montreal, Bank ol
CHIOAOO-Flrat National Bank.
ST. PAUiV-Bocosm* National Ilssak.
SAN fRANCiaO-IVelh, Fargo A Co..
Agent* la Heath Africa.
lateresstallsmed sa detmiu.
ms-".* J>*l**-t-t3--*m.
PreslMiai, Xutk-lp.1 and other debenture.
AMllaUe at aU point. In Canasta, United
Kingdom, Uislt
j ������*������������ VV  ..wO  A  <
Th* greit mineral diaeoveriea that hav* heen made in tbe Upper
Country h.-re attracted attention from all parte of tbe world and
today then I. no more familiarly known motion than that whioh
claims PETERBOROUGH, B. C, aa ita Centra. Direct com-
muoleation per ateamer* with Oolden ami the ouseide world and
thiokly oottled in all direction.. PETEBBOKOUOH is the key
te tb* wondswful Toby and Horae Thief prcpertie* now being
exteneltaly developod, aa it eltnated dlreotly betsneb tbsHse two
Creek..   Por further particular., apply to
(J. A. STARK, Agent,
Peterborough. B.C.
J. 8. Gibb, Hjrr., Oolden Brtnoh,
Martin's Meeting.
Ever aloe* It waa Ural unonnoed
th-rt r��*mi*r Martin would addreaa
the eleoior. of N-xrth Eut Xooianay
on Saturday, Jlsty ltsli, ovary body haa
waited and watched wish .be keeneat
4nt*raet *v��ry turn "h* haa male igShi.
tosw tbnugh tk* Psorlocc iav
slnter**t of bia Q-mrnmsnit. Tbadat*
Ht hi* meeting hare had Jmn known
utbeaJsKMMTor ai***.** it***��nd
g*v* them tunple Um* lo make np their
snlnd. to eom* from (at aod near to be
promt at th* meeting tnd lo hear th*
Premier ohamplon hi* own platform
��nd that of hi. party.
A erawdtd bone* wisa tint* to moot
lb* Freaier an*' the aitsllHe* waa
glvn an ��pp��*r*s>t�� ol graoatulsiM* by
tn* presence of atvml ladle., who
war* deeply inurooted lu th* prooced
log* of the -ene-lin--; aud prored to b:
attentive hearer*.
Sharp at 8 o'oloclt on Saturday *tm-
lag Mr. %t. Dainard oalled th* istetlog
In Columbi* Hall to order and Intro-
duo*d ibe apeakar of the evening.
Ur. Mactio oame forward aod laid
tls.t at ..her meeting, held throughout
ibt Proviuoo mora or le.* tint* had
takeu up in K>*ving ttaaon* why
b* felt justified In oppswing the old
Semlin OoverntMnt, but It would oot
be ww-Mary fur hiin to dial with that
matter tv a Gol.itn auditno*. having
poluttd out at * previon* mwtiag here
hi* rea.ons for eo doing.
Hr* Manin firat took np th* matter
of tbe Bedl.trlbutloo Bill of lb* laet
eeaaion and aald tbtt whil* h* vot*d
agalnat tba kill he wt* mott tmlooe
for t proper reoHatrlbotlon tnd bad
told the Semlin Government h. would
oot ���mbarraea them until .(Ur it* flnt,
eeoond aod third reading tnd aaaeniad
to by the Lieutenant-Governor, aa It
wa* ab.olui.ly watntltl that tliey
���honld go to th* oountry under a
proper Bedistribution Bill. Th* bill
Wa* not brought in nntil aix weeke
after tb* Hone* h*d mat tnd then the
bill wt. * groa. oaaa of gerrymander,
whioh of court, h* oould not eupport,
a* hi* aupport waa eondiilonal. When
tb* -Moiid raiding otnw up h* wt*
lnform*d by Mr. Duntmuir-whiob
Infarmat'on aftorwarde provtdoornot
���tbtt the Government am arranging
for t ooalltlon, whioh mttut thtt although tht bill .honld pat* It Would
lu all probability bt dropped; bol in
voting stirtir.it It It did not r*pr***nt
any obang* ��f vl.w en hi* nut what.
*v*r, but voting (or It wonld b* play-
lag Into th* band* of tb* aormtnent
tud dffating tb* purpsw* whleh h*
wt��oarr/lngout. H* than *>pl��ln*d
thtl th* polioy of tht praatnt Govern*
runt wa* lo bring in * B*dl*tribution
Oil alter lb* Domlalon teoaut htd
beta taken nut y��ar tad thn to
appeal t* th* country agala.
Seforaoonllnlog hi. remark, to th*
Govtramant platform tht Prnaltr
pointed OKI that II It wat really dealr-
tak) that thU Provlas* ahould hav* ���
Government to do th* pocpl.'e hsi.lnee.
IbvMald vet* (or no other hot Ih.
pi��e*nt Gov.rntrtot party. Th��* wa*
ae OppoaitisiB party. It we* true
thu* wer* a number of Madidttt*
Imbuing again.! tht Oovtrnsneot
party, bat thn. wtra to maar |etdtl#
tbtt ao on* of thtn II etllej npon
eemld lorn a Govwoauat j aid II the
thn* (aotion* htd tnougk meatbin io
oaaatital* a majority of the He*.
th*y woald htvt to -ahead** a Urge
jottioa of their platform to gM.on t
MhMaek grouad. B* thoaghl aaeh
imH toil and Omt -t��*li t* am****
general eieotion. Tbe present Government * party woald certainly be the
atrongMt partv in th* Bouae. and if
not (trong enough lo oarry on the
affair* of the country wonld be able to
prevent the Oppoeition from forming a
eatiefactory O.ieroment. Frequent
elections are not lu the intereat ol tba
country. Bla party would bava before
nomination day * otudidata In every
cooetltuency ol the Province eutsport-
Ing Government tnd *o far a* .Issued
they would be * united body with t
definite polioy, whil* tbe Oppoeition
differ very widely amongat themselves
and aa their polioy frl'dropeverylhiug
and oppoee Martin1' that polioy would
ba gone ahould this prwent Government
be defeated. Then Ihtr* would be a
regular oat and dog Bgbt if thtuse
opponent, of the Gov.rn.neDt an in tbe
majority titer the 8th of Jbna.
Be then referred to the Mongolian
labor queatlon, ety(ng it waa not
neoeeaary to devote auob time to thi*.
aa all were aware of ��b*prea>nt critical
attte ef affaire. Aithoagb th* Dominion Government had ditallowtd all tha
autute* paeted in* this Province
restricting Chioeee and Jtpaneee labor
it I* tb* intention *( iho preteut
Government If retursssad to power to
reentotthe eututea aa long su tht
Dominion Government diaallotv. them.
Our opponent* Uy It it upwie* fur a
Provinoe Ilk. British Columbia lo *g-
peot lo Sghi th.Dominion Government
on   thtt 4UHtion.   Manitoba bad
snt-egd It will b*.i
alaaiiohe won th* light. If Liberate
aud Conservative, will tttnd tog*th.r
doing ill in thoir power te reetrict tbl.
kind ol labor and impress tb* people in
th* eaat of th* Importune of tbl*
matter we would bring the Dominion
Government to timo, a* waa don* In
Manitoba. It I* th* intention of thi*
Government, lo tend one of It. Ministers
to th* Old Country lu tb* hop* o( being tbl* to convince th* Imperial
Government that we are right in asking them to decide between th* right*
of thia Provinoe as agalnat th* friendship of th* Emperor* of Ohin* or
Japan. There' is littlo doubt thtlr
deeleion will be in favor of their own
peopl*. When be left tb* Semlin Gov-
���rnwent they entirely reyer*��l thtlr
pol'oy In regard to thia queatiou and
when th* nettlon was called together
last January iht Goverumtat dwlinel
t* bring forward any hgtalttion iu
tbl* oonntolioo, No ratten had been
���Mlgned, bdl Speaker Foatn *( th*
lata Govarumeat at Rosaland the other
evening htd given away lha sequel-
Mr. Cotton thought It might affect th*
Bow war. Mr. Cotton bad t myaterl-
ou* way of hypnotising bis followers.
Mr. Martin then took up his policy
on roads, trails and bridges, He kuew
for a (tbt thtt when Mr. Weill was
dowa tt Viotoria bs ctuwd moro
trouble than any other member tbont
tbl* matter, and it ie only natural tbat
a conetituenoy like North Bait Kootenay ahould be v*ry mnch ��ono*rnesl
tbont rood*, traila and bridge.. Tbe
preen* Oov.rument party coneider it
tbeir duty to look after tbe Provinoe'*
Interests in thie direotion. Heretofore
th* trail* and bridges htvt only been
opened far the advantage of a favorite
few���men| who hav* had t pull with
th* Government of lis. day. Wo will
see that no public money ie epent ea-
oept for th* aommunlty tt large We
cannot get twty from ibil reepon.l*
bllity. In the past the Government
bae feilesl to carry oul this re.pon.i-
bility (or lack of money. Th* demand.
wor*f greater than the revenue of the
Province could provide for. In oity
municipalities they provide for pultlio
Improvatnont* by the taiation of the
people, and It la the univeraal custom
lo Imu* bond* and .praad th* payment
over * number of year.. . The present
Government Intended to provide ihein-
mIvmatone* with money in oprni up
til th* ntw districts of the Provinoe
tnd give older dlatrlcta auch require-
sn.nn a* are nesded. Thie will moan
inereaeed ligation, for thi: right, te
provide for the .Inking fund. We will
probably hav* to borrow tl.000,000
(or that purport n.it yttr. Thi*
-tdditlentl laxatlon will net laat long.
Havlnj raoiwy on hand bafor* publi.
works ar* oooimetioed will make It g*
furihw, while in th* peat a good deal
oflapnty hu been .rested hecauee oot
enough waa on hand at commencement
of work.
Th* nent plank taken up waa
Go-moment ownership of rstilwsys.
He thought It would bs admitted by
Itt people of British Columbia that
thu tr* got j* e aatisfaotery aondi-
tl?a la regard to railways. Th.y are
under tb* abeolule control of the C. P.
B., who are la a position to dletttt to
.'^!*1B,I*B���"!,, "W ���*��� *-*** >*
their dlJer.otbe.lnM*   Th*y*i*eup
!!? BS?* 'Hog ��long their Hn��,
���Atrnm (arawra, mlntn or m*t*h*utt,
tadlgnre oat hew much it would
tak* \*m fMflg togettoMt,*!**;
and get clothes, thtn took all tbe real.
Tbat la a poor psJicy on the part of
the CPU. from their ewn atand-
point. They have made a aerious
mistake in taking ao much out of the
people. By encouraging tbem to take
rleke in their business snd develop
tbeir properties more and islv* tb*m
more profit, Western Canada wonld
begin to prosper and she C. P, B
would bave made mora money than
.they have, an thev control the situation. Although 1100,000,000 ot the
people', money wa* Invested in the C.
P.B. th* people have no Interest in it.
They have no oonsrol of any kind. Mr
Martin (aid be had every reason to feel
friendly to the C.r.R. from a personal
at...dpoi.it end th.y hnd alwaya treated him nlotly. Yet he must as a publio man look at the question from the
people'* atendpoint. and it w.a hi.
duty to ttk* it up tnd deal with it in
lb* interest, of th* people of Britieh
C-ilombia. The policy of the present
government ia one calculated to belp
siut th* people of the provinoe. The
people of Canada hav* been adopting t
wrong policy In -jetting milwaya built.
Th* ooly relief for the people of Cauada
I* (or tbem to build and run the road*
themselves. In this way, also,. the
roads were saved from havisig to pay
heavy intereat on promoter, profits. Ir
would al-so proven: h-ii**. corponttiossa
frosn taking part in election campaign.;
end through time would be a pretty
decent asset.   He called attention  to
small fight disallowing railway ssha��. the UuthjU-Dar.ulw.-v in  Amerlcsr,
ao matter how much loa. there
might have been tt fins, but tbnt sooner or later it becoming a paying proposition. Il would bs hard to pick out a
i-iolier portion of resources thsn we
hare iu this province (applause.) The
800 miles of railway wbich th* government intended to build first would be
t profitable invtoiuent, end through
time it wss intended to have a perfect
net work of r.llway. throughout Ih*
province. He spoke of a railway up th*
Cols.inbiis Valley a* t paying investment tnd would develop the oountry,
but tlte people could not expect it im-.
mediately. It bae been suggested bv
our critics tbat tbe government oould
not btrrow snonsy for tha 800 tniles of
rsilwty. It wat calculated that thar.
road will cost between eix and eight
million. Mr. Turner could borrow
111,000,000 and give every cent of it
away, and there wa* no justification
tbat the present government oould not
borrow money whore it was to be
aetebliahed a* a'permanaut asset. The
0, P. B. build their branoh lime on
porrowsd money. Aa t buainees corporation thty never have toy money
on bend fer. thtlr profit! are divided
among tb* sbareboldere. They say in
addition it I* all very well for the
C. P. B. to borrow money as they hav*
tb* confidence of the money institutions
of tbe world. Bate of interest is a
test of UnKUcUl strength. Tlse provinoe of British Columbia ia therefore
much stronger than the C. P. B. aa we
borrow money at a considerable lower
rate than th* 0. P. K. If th* peopl*
of thia province will only stand by the
government a few years we will find
ourselves in e position to build railways. No country ever adopting that
method haa *ver abandoned it. Railways ara profitable and Instead of *
burden ire an tsaet.
Iu conclusion Mr. Martin stid ht wis
gild to hive spoken to e Golden audi*
���no*. He had suade * complete tour
throughout tht provinot tnd
hty* found thit the ptopl* ore
most nriously Instrestod in tn* present
election. When tbe p.-eeent government
took offloe * howl of Indignation went
through tht provinoe tbtt Martin had
no follower., The people an beginning to find out that he had ft whole lot
of follower* in the provinoe (applause)
who btlisrtd tbit tbl promises aide
woald bt otrried out (ipplinsw) ae the
government htd tht masses is this
province it it* hick. No doubt there
ia t atroug oppoeition .pf cliques end
corporations. Tbty tr* better against
us ai they foil that Martin is t das.g-
erous mau (applaute) and lbs C. P. B.
ia leering no atone unturned to leat
tbe government ia thi* election but
tbey htvt net the sympathy of she
poople. (Appltnn.) They bava bought
the New WsMimfnittw Columbian tnd th* Bossltnd Miner. But
such influence I* dead if owned by the
0. P. B. (Applause.) But tin present
government will carry out its promises
if tha peopl* express their belief lu us
on th* tith of Jnne.
Th* two candid.lee, Wells and
Armstrong, spoke end Martin replied.
Quite a atormy time followed between
the two candidate., much to the tm-
musement of thn tudlence, but as we
expect to b* able to report several
stormy meeting* before election day we
witb hold their remark, for t"b*pres*nt
Ths meeting then gav* thia* cheer*
for Martin and tho candidate!, after
which God Save tho Queen wt* *ung,
ltd by Mr, Arutuosg.
To the Electors of North East Kooteqay.
Bavtng received the namlhiitlon of a large portion of the Eleotor*
of thia Diasrict as Candidate in the Liberal-Conservative intereat for
the Legielatl'-e Assembly at the forthcoming General Eieotion, I have the
honour hereunder to place before you my views on somo of the mote
important Political issues of the day.
In order to inspire confidence in the Investing public and to ensure
to the Provinoe the prosperity which is its due, it is of the first import-
tnce that the present state of pas-lysis and chaos, wbioh unfortunately
exleta in the Legislative Assembly at Victoria, should bo replaced by oue
of business activity aod order. This can only be effected by putting in
power a body of praotical men having the complete confidence of the
people and a thorough kuowledge of their wants, and being bound togethsr
by a community of interests wns>h will keep them a solid party, with a
definite policy, and one leader, after Mr. Msr.it. and his Abortive Cal.ii.et
have been defeated and discredited. Tl.e only solid party now in tbe field
Is tho om to wbioh I belong snd which I pie 'go myself to support.
The first plank on our platform is so actively aid the construction
of trails and road, in 'he uudeveloi��d portions of the Province. My
Intimate knowledge of this District would enable sue to make known your
requirements in thi* respect; and tbe development of North Kast Kootenay
will always be my chief aim. I believe it would be possible to devise a
scheme whereby the mineral claims of one particular section might bo
madt to contribute a share of the cost of any trunk road which would
benefit tbem al) - and I am in favour of such a scheme.
I am opposed to the granting of a bonus to any Kailway Company
which doea not give ihe Government control of its rates and an option of
I am in favojr of, and would support, any practical scheme whereby the agricultural resources of the Province would n-eei.'i> Rssistnusie
from she Governsnent; so that as far is possible each District might i-su'so
the supplies required for i's own mines, and thus roup the full benefit of
the development of ita mineral resources.
The Agency of the Province in London, which, under the "penny-
wise and pound-fooiish" policy of the late Administration, bas become
restricted and Ineffective, should be. at once, placed on a more efficient
basis, with a representative, properly paid, who would be capable of supplying reliable information to Bi-isi-b Capitalists; ao that tbey would
realise how favorable a field this Province offers for profitable investment.
In regard to tbe Eight Bonr Law, any amendments which would
render the law acceptable to both Miners and Mine Owner* would receive
rav strongest aupport. The amending ol this law is of vital importance
to the Province and must be taken in hand by men who have at least
some practical knowledge of Miners and Mining.
Hospitals nnd Medioal Men in she outlyinp; portions of the Province
should receive more generoue assistance from the Government tben they
do at present.
Every effort should be made to discourage Oriental immigration.
In conclusion. I wo.'Id say t.hst J a.n opposed to any la^ittlatlon
such as tho Alien Act. which tends to estrange Capital and hinders the
development of our resources.
I ara NOT in favour of "the abolition of tho 8200.00 deposit for
Candidates for tho Legislature"
I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,
Tour Obedient Servant,
FBAXiig  P.  ARltSTUOSti.
Golsleu, April 24ib. 1900.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining District and
making their
Headquarters for all
branches of Mining
and Prospecting
all fl -1 ���
* Supplies.
Lowest Estimates given to Mining Men
coming into tho country to
... Develop Properties.
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We Defy
Division. Fighting North ol Bloeat-
fonteln-Pluck; Bayonet Charge
ef Fifty fiordoa Hlghltndert.
London, May 4.���It ii tnnouaotd
that tbe Brltlth hire reoiptured Brand
Brandfort is sitntted tbont 80 miles
north ot Bloemfontein on the railway
ruining to Pretoria. It hit been the
objective point of the enemy retretting
Irom the southeietern put ot the Free
State, and ooonpieo a commanding petition.
Tbe Daily News has the following
from Tbebe N'Ohn, dated Wednesday:
"Iu yesterday's flanking movement
Oapt Towse and flity Gordon Highlanders were surrounded by 2P0 Boers
who demanded their surrender. Otpt.
Towse ordered his men to fli btyonete
���nd oberg.-. Witb ��� wild oheer the
Gordons rushed the enemy tnd .wept
them away with great .laughter, dipt
Towse wu blinded in both eyei by the
enemy.' fire tud throoghout behaved
mott herolcallly.
London, Mty 4.���Gen. Broadwood'a
cavalry brigade hu reached Isabelfon-
teln, 38 miles north of Tbtbt N'Ohn.
Gen. Ian Hamilton's brigade hu
bivonaced at Jicobsvitl, tnd Geu.
Tnoker's brigtde is in tbe Kiree's Siding distriot. The divisions of Gen*.
French and Bundle ere in tnd neu
Tbtba N'Ohu. Thus Lord Roberts hu
10,001) meu operating cleu of the nil-
way, along t front of 40 miles. He is
tdviuolng slowly with aome encoeas,
but nothing decisive. Vet it ill point.
of concentration the Boers appear in
sufficient force to compel .the British to
proceed with oaution. Their wide
front in a rugged country, make* turning movements off hand difficult
Observers it headquarters in Bloemfontein seem In think that the Boers
ire preparing to evaonate Brandfort
tnd Ladybrand. The Boers still holding Thaba N'Obu diltriot ire estimated
���t 4,000. They hive among their guns
a 40-pounder. Oue correspondent wiring from Bloemfontein Wednesday it
11.61! p.m., said the British hoped to
ont off the whole commando. The correspondent, ut Kimberley have been forbidden to communicate for M-reril days,
the deduction being thtt t forward
movement it under wty there. The
Boen in Natal are restless. Two hundred crossed Snndsy't rlrer yesterday
and tried to engage the BritlaU outpost..
The Bloemfontein oomepoodent of
the Sttndud, telegraphing May 2,
stye: "I hive jnst ridden hither from
Thaba N'Ohu, along the line of our
tOTtnee out cf Bloemfontein. Tbe
diattnoe ia fully 40 miles, and yet almost every point of concentration is
contested by the enemy. Gen. Bundle,
with tbe eighth division, is pooled on
our right flank, with order, lo guard a
strong and boldly outlined frontal pool-
tion in t oountry of decidedly -difficult
niture. There tbe Boers have posted
t number of gnus of superior weight
tnd range to our own. However, they
show no disposition lo do more thtn
keep in touoh witb us, and to bantu
our tdvanoe.
"Further to the west Gen. Iu
Hamilton, with hit division of mounted infantry, ll pressing northward, encountering only a desultory fire. The
Highland brigade from Valkrants hu
been engaged, while Gen. Tucker, com-
minding the seventh division, hu
moved eutwtrd, from Knree Siding,
tnd bu returned south, followed by
the Boers. Nevertheless Ibe cavalry,
owing lo the greater numbers of the
enemy, have been prevented from completing the movement that wu intended to encirolo tbe Boers on the maroh
to Brand, ort. and the enemy ate now
prepared to offer stubborn opposition
on an entrenched hill to tbe southeast
of Kioosltd."
Ottawa, May 4.���A oable was reoelved yeoterday tt the militia deportment from Lieut.-Ool. Otter.oommand-
ing the fint Canadian contingent, glf
ing the following li.t of dead and
wounded while fighting nnder Gen.
Ian Hamilton around Thtbe N'Ohu:
Killed In notion on April SO or May 1:
P ivate Harry Ooltou, 48rd Batt. Ot-
ttwt tnd Oarleton Rifle.; wounded in
iction on tame dttei: Lieut J. M.
Bote, Dud Oxford Rifles; Prlvtte John
Lull, 74th Batt, Sussex, N.B.; Private J. Letson, 68nd St John Fullier.;
Private P. R. Foster, Governor-general.
Foot Guards, Ottawa; Prlvtte B. Irvine, mil. St. Catherine* But; Private
O. K. Rorison, 21st Essex Fullier*;
died of enterio fever. May 11 Private
A. E. Zone, (8th Batt, Halifax; She*.
ingSmish McMillan, dead.
Mew York.Miy 4.���The Herald, and
Jo-anal AdTe. titer print oable. from
London and Borne, whiob uy, two let-
ttrs.o... from King Agrippa to Christ,
tnd tbt olhtr from Ihe Saviour to the
king in reply���letten referred to by
Burble, in iht fourth oentnry���have
ben ditooverd, after being lott fo��
l,80g yun.
Bat Pottage, May 4.���On* of th*
most dUutrotu fixes that bu visited
thia town in two yean broke oat shortly before 10 o'olook tbl* evening ta
Duncan A Oa'* flour aud feed .ton oa
Second streete. Tbe inflammable nature of the stok butened the conflagration, wblob eo eareloped the building,
tnd spread to Kine't htrneu shop uid
Delbrldge'e liv*ry .table to tbe out.
Berlin, May I ���Tb* German seeoad
elu* orulaer Tint* will go to Vendue-
lu witer. lo protect Germu subject*
lu Veneioeli.
Tbt lt. W.'T. leMiablr witb Uaoil Na.
tlosial park *xtends*d to tta. u. g. bonnd.
ur. to*. IIou!*, ridding between
Bathgate end, Pembina, K. D., wa. mm-
storsKT by btr bsubaad.
H V. Olltla, lorsmrly of Winnipeg,
���.cured a fiM-000 verdict lor damage,
again.) tb* O. ��. rellwny.
A district la Bulgaria Is In r.b.1-
lira, and 3,000 pustule nr. inarching
im tbe troop. In Hastehuk.
About ltjbo imi. In tb. b'-tldtuf
irastos ol m*0*lthla sr.onttt'tt.A
litcr.aMtl R.llw.'jr bl nlug. IncSlo tie th.
Aeslv.Sy In Cumllau Trade
Ottawa, May 4���The budget debit*
wu cloud tt 1.20 tbit mornig, wben
the intendment of Sir Obarle. Tupper
in ftvor of mututl trade preference be*
tween Britain and tbe colonist, waa defeated by 48 to 88 against a majority
of 40 for the government.
Ottawa, May 4.���From the annul
report of the railway deputmenl for
the put year, it le shown thit the paid
up capital of ill the nllwty* in Guide amounted to 1964,898,'i84, an increase of 193,402,747. The gross, earning! imounted to 102,248,784, u in-
oreue of 11,828,679, ud working expenses aggregated $40,706,217, u increase of $431,828, compared with
those of the previous year, leaving net
earnings 121,637,867, au Increase ol
1960,011. The number of passengers
oarried was 19,188,866, u increase of
689,818; and freight Irafflo amounted
to 1,911,768 tons, an increase of 2.496,
760 tons, 'total milea of railway run
by Inina wu 62,216,907, tu increue
of 1,727,924. The icoldent returns
shnw 20 psswngen killed.
Replying to Mr. Clarke, Mr. Borden
nid tbtt 411 tons of hsy, 10,818 bushel, of oats and 116 tons of brtnwert
putobased for Ihe oontingents that left
Mr. Puttee paeeented a petition of
the oouncll of Winnipeg in regajd to
tbe control of railway, .nl Senator
Watson preaented a similar petilion in
Ihe senate	
Ur. H.�� o'Bclll Give. HI. Vl.ws to Ih.
Uilllah People.
London, May 4.���Max O'Rell, who
ba.juat arrived fion America, ie telling thS Britieh presss a fow facts on the
American sentiment toward the Boer
war, whiob to tbe mass of the Btitiib
public 1. surprising. He uys: "My
experience is thet outside of a small set
ot the eastern Statu, and apart from
some New x*ork and Ba-tou newspapers, tho whole trend of opinion is hostile to Englud A gluce at the caricatures whioh fill the Amerlou papen
shoold be enongh to convince any one
of this. As for the Anglo Amerlou
Alliance, let me tell you it would instantly kill any American government
who wonld propose or sanctio i it. Tbe
masses pf the Amerioan people are dead
tgtinst lt Nothing amuses me more
than to see the Americans making
mousy in England by having the Stars
an.l Stripes and Union Jaok waving together. How thosj Americans mast
laugh iu their aleevu u tbey oountthe
honse during the performance.
O, uisnosllou. Bullsli gs Will Replace the
Burnt Strneturta.
Ottawa, May 4.���O. W. Spencer,
genenl super'nte dent af tbe O.P.R.,
uy. that Ibe company intend, rebuilding in Ottawa. The puienger station
wiil be changed aa to location and ihe
stract.ro which to te built will provide accommodation allowing fcr tbe
Increased tnfflo for year, to come.
"Oor present intention is," said Mr.
ttswncer, "to oaoopy tha property lying
between the uqueduct and Richmond
road for the passenger station and track
accommodation required in ocnoeolion
therewith. The space is sufficient for
many line* of tnok aud a platform.
A Colllngwood Tragedy.
Colllngwood, Ont, May 4.���John
Weldoii. Sr., with his wile Ud family
has lived here for many yun He is
an old Irother soldier and, buless when
In his caps, whiob ooonrs frequently,
bo Is t bird workingnun. Weldon tnd
one of bit sons, Wm., wu In his home
on Hiokroy street lut night Both, as
far u oen be learned, were the worse
of liquor when a dispute uow between
tbem, ending in a fierce fight, during
wbioh tbe mother getting, u il supposed, betwoen them was struck by
either oue or the other ud is now deasl.
Nothing ie elear a* yet, u tbere ap.
pears to be no otber witness on tbe
scene. Tbe two men are in lookup,
and of course blame eaoh other for the
Tke Utah Bluster.
Salt Lake, Utah, May 4.���So far almost 200 bodies have been recovered
Irom the Schofield mine, and it is
thonght that many bodies yet remain
to bring lhe list of dead near 800. Nobody entert ins the faintest hope that
there la a living man in tbe mine It
is now only a question of recovering
Ihe lodies of the victims, and that can-
uot bt finished for .event dsys.
Ottawa, May 4.���Hit Excellency I*
busy arranging tbe details of hi* Intended trip to the Ncrthwct after prorogation. It haa been deoided tbat the
Oouutsu .ball aocoptnany htm. He intends visiting the scenes of battle*, In
which ht participated during tbe Su-
katohewau rebellion, He I. expected
to do a great deal of driving and riding
through the Teriltories. It I* also bla
intention to ri.lt tbe Yukon, going by
tbe White Pan.
Fort William, May 4. -��� Sept.
Oborne I. here arnng ng matter, for
the opsnlag of navigation.
K.w Vork Central EmployM. Tbraet.e
In Uo Out on Strike.
New York, May 8.���Commlsslon*r
Franoia Dtls.li.inty, ot tbe state baud
of mediation nnd arbitration, arrived
In tbia olty from Buffalo yesterday
morning to confer with Sept. Wlttt, of
tht New York Ceotnl railroad, In tht
bops of averting t genenl strike on the
Central .ystem. He is reported io bare
aald: "Tbe only hope I have of a genenl strike being averted is tbe nuking
of concessions by the Central offlol.lt
Pufftlo, N.Y, Mty. 8.���The etrlken
olaim that 8,000 men are ont on the
Cental, Western New York and Pennsylvania, Laokawanna and Niokl*
Plate roads. The railroad officials oon-
cede 2,200. The striken bare given
the New York Central oompany until
today to grant their dem.ndt.
Bt Louis Maid-Jack 'nid he coaM
lay the world at my feel.
Chicago Maid���Jack knew th* world
woald be covered.
Tb. .word 1. but a hidswui flub la
Ita* dukueM, troth 1* au ttttaal nf
The   Enemy   Pushed   Hack   Sereril
Hllei, but Continue to Follow
Harassing Taclti-a.
London, May 8.���The immediate objective ot I/j-rsl Rolerta i. to establish
t line of British poets from one frontier
of the Free State to the other at right
angles with tbe railway thus preventing
Boer raids southward. It is essential,
therefore, tbnt the Boers should be expelled from the ragged T. aba N'Obu
district snd be forced to retire lo Ladybrand.
As the result of Ihe desultory firing
Monday aod Tuesday tbo Boeis were
pu hed baok a few miles, but nothing
decisive appears to bave been yet attained. The Boer, ooutiuue to follow
their harassing tactic'. One well honed oouimando, opeintlng in tlie neigh*
borhood ot Sennas Post, inlerferes with
the British cenvoys being from Bloemfontein to Ibaba N'Chu The euemy
nearly captured a -onvoy Tuesday, bnt
they were driven off after a brisk fight
The Morning Ptst bas Ihe following
di.ptob from Mr. Winston Churchill,
dated Thaba N'Ohn, : "When Gen.
Dickson retired iu the clronmstanoes related in my lust tele, rum,bis own mess
out and the brigade water carts fell
iuto the handa of the . uemy, and hi.
rear guard was heavily find ou. This
retreat compromised Geo. Hamilton,
who, therefore, collected his forces aud
fell baok warily iuto Thaba N'Cnu, after sharply oh eking tbe advancing
enemy witb musketry and artillery
fin. Although much ammuuition wu
ex, ended on both sides, the loesses were
insignificant, tte fighting beiug at
great range. The result ir tbat tbe
Boon are willing to retreat, bnt it is
not in the powor ot the present foroe to
intrrlere with them, or with their wagons."
Bloemf- itteln, May 8.���This morning Gen. Pole-Careiv's division composed of tbe guards nnd Geu. Stevenson's
brigtde, witb mr, ial batteries of at til-
lery, all in winter clothing,lift Bloom*
fouleln. Lortl Roberts with Lady Roberts and tbeir dangbter reviewed the
division in tbe market placo loiter
Robeits, while reviewing Roberts'
Horse, congratulated the men npon
their bravery, spoke of tbe gallantry of
the colonial tioops aud expressed the
hope that be might soon review them
in Pretoria
Malala, chief ot Ibe Taungs. ba. informed tbe Br.tish that Ibe Boers are
preparing to resist their advance at
Phokwant, 20 milos north of Warren-
ton. A correspondent of Lorenzo Marques, cabled Tuesday tbat a large past
of the investing force at Maleklng had
beeu withdrawn. Gen. Bailer continues quiet. The Boers assort that
they are delaiyng au attack upon 1.1m
in Ihe hope tbat all tbe horses of tbe
BrltUh will die of hone siokne s.
Aocording to a oortespondent of Ibe
Daily Telegraph, wilh Lord Roberts,
President Kruger is again asking peace
Hr  Sutherland  l'rus-1. m. tls. Polioy nt
the Preaent Dominion Government.
Ottawa, May 8.���In the house yesterday iu answer lo Mr. Pettit Mr.
Satherland said tbat no land grants
had beeu made by the present government io sntsiliz ng nilways. The
late government granted 7,467,992
acrea, in additit n 8,000,000 acres of a
reserve for tl.e Canadian Northern railway. The policy of the present government could be best judged by its ie*
sola ions and legislations. Iu the opinion of the government, lis polioy had
a restraining inafience ic preventing
eiorbitant rotes on transportation.
The bill granting $100,000 for relief
of sufferers from the Hnll Ottawa fin
and $20,000 t. r Hull post offloe, a.
well as$81,000 to repair thoapprooohes
to the interprovinclal bridge wer*
A nnmber of quesltns were answered
and preliminary work done,after whiob
Mr. Be'.l, of Pictou, resumed tbe debet*
on tbe budget.
Mr.Puttei introduced a bill to enable
Ihe city of Winnipeg to utilize tbe As*
siniboine river tor water power. Tb*
bill was read a lint lime.
In reply to Mr. Roche, Sir Louis
Davies sail tbat there wu no law
against summer fishing in Lakes Win-
nipegosis and Manitoba. Tbere wu no
intention lo iutertne with them. Th*
use of tugs for catching operation* wu
prohibited on Like Mnultoba and Lake
Mr. Fielding, in reply to Mr. Foster,
said that the oost of sending out tbe
oontingents wu ts follows: Enrollment', Inolndlng pay up tb tbe timo
of conoentraion anJ tbe feeding of tbe
men and bones, $34,610; transport,
$868,671; eqaipmeut, inolndlng
bones, $889,667; pay, inoluding td-
van.es made to the oitioer. commanding for pay, $122,892, making a total
of $898,178. Noiaitof tbisexpeudi-
tnie wu inoluded und.r the hold ot
consolidated fund ��xotndlsure.
G. N. W. G. Ily. Mail Award.
Toronto, May 8 ���Jas. S.Carlwrlgbt,
theoffloi.il refo ee, bu givsn oul bit
award In the muoh litigated nutter oi
Deltp vt. -Ohorlebols, arising out of tb*
building of tbo Great Northwest Cen-
tiol railway in Manitoba. Carlwrlght
finds t' at there is due Alphons) Ch.rle-
bols, of Qoebeo, f.-r tbe building and
equipping of Ih? first flf tf miles of tbe
road of $910,000, whioh amount, however ha. beeu assigned to Geo. M.
Wianlpeg, May 8.���Through a .tree!
ou locldent abont 6 o'olook yesterdsy
���fternoon James Lougheel, of Bergen,
oue of tbe old tt and most widely
known farmers in the vicinity of Winnipeg, wm almost Instantly killed.
The accident happened on Main street,
near Ligan avenue. Mr, Longheed wat
driviug In a one-bone buggy, and wat
oroaalng the tr.iok in a slanting direotion, evidently making tor Logan
avenne, when the vehicle wm either
struok by lb* car, -or In being tamed
rapidly to avoid it, upset. Mr. Long
bud wm thrown to lhe ground nid
���traok on bit head ud died soot* alta-
Lur*-.) j-iov.raeut Battle D ue by C.P. B.
nt she t-resent Time.
Winuipeg.M.y 8.���O.P.R. is moving
about luu.OOU bowels of grain per day
from the west lor Fort William, ud
the elevator onn.it seem tnxlou. to gtt
their elevator, cleaned out tttdy for th*
next orop Tbere sn at pnnut between
6,01,0,000 ud 7,003,000 bushels of
wheat In the eleritors we.t of ht e. -
The stock bos ue.' is also enormous.
Dnring the put week the O.P.B. hu
raove.t 260 carload, of oattlt from
Manitoba farm.. Of these 86 carload*
were from Cu-birry ud 90 from Portage la Prairie. Some of the. but ot
Manitoba', oattl. ire being parahiMd
for tbe ranohes iu Ibe United Slate*.
It Ie Not Likely This It Will Bo Rslm-
peaed��� Minlatwr. Interviewed.
Ottawa, May 8���Some repweeta-
tions have been made to the government meetly by lumber men to hive
the duty imposed. I uked members of
tbe government lut night if there wu
my likelihood of It being done. Thty
said tbe positiou wu the same u it bad
been tor two or three yura. Constant
representations wen being made but
tbe government had nut recently considered Ihe queetlou. From Ihe tone
of convolution there does uot appear
any Immediate danger of a ohuga lieing made, in fact 11 woald appear to b*
itr. amarl DeSermlned to Punish Thos.
telling Ltonur lo Indians IB
th. Northwest.
Ottawa, May I.���Ju. Smut deputy
minister of tbe interior, having bean
recently advised by his gnu the Aroh-
bishop of Rupert's Land, that' ba hu
beeu informed by Rev George Holmes,
of St Peter's mission at Letter Slay*
Lake, In the Peine Biver distriot one
of tbe moat energetlo mlstismulu ot
the Ohureh of England In the far north,
west, that trader, ud othen *�� en.
gaged in illicit liquor trnfflo with half-
breeds and Indians roldent then hM
taken immediate aotion for th* enforcement of the lu\vs in force, prohibiting
the importation and uie of liquor Into
these unorganized portions of the Ou-
adlan Northwest.
Prof. I��w��t Honored.
Kingston, May 8.���The most interesting feature of the exeniees In conneo-
tlm with Queen's eonro:ation wu the
celebration yesterdsy of the fiftieth anniversary of the ministerial work ot
Rev. John B. Mow.it. D.D., ptofeuor
of Hebrew in the Isonlty of theology at
Q .teens. Prof. Mowat, who I* a hurty
old man, (bough well advanced in his
seventies, began ministerial work In
Kingston fifty years ago, ud for forty-
two years has held his preaent position
to tbe u'ifaotloi uf Ibe oollege, ud
tbe great advantage of those wbo attended his o a tea. Prof. Mowat I* a
brother of Sir Oliver Mowat, aad in hi*
manner of speeoh is not unlike th*
nontenant govrrn is* of Ontario. Th*
honor ot which he wu th* recipient
wet tendered by Ibe presbytery ot
King-ton, ud among tbe muy mem-
ben present were not a few whose hair
had silvered In the sotvlce-of tb*
obnrcb alongside Dr. Mowtt
Striking Form laereased.
Buffalo, Mty 8.���A Urge genual
meeting of Ihe men on strike wu in
session at the mala ball at headqnart-
en. Over 1,000 men attended. Th*
Brotherhood of Railroad mm are In eee*
sion ut Eaat Buffilo. Tht iudloatlOH
are at this lime lhat Ihe trainmen will
take no action. At 9.40 p. m. a oonrler
arrived it headquarter*, bringing Information that the ibopmen of tta*
Delaware, Lackawanna * Woateru had
gone out. It Is wlimated that thll
add. 660 men to the .trlken.
Agricultural Committee Seuloa.
Ottawa, May 8���At a meeting tit
the agrloultore oommltlte yesterday
Superintendent Ptdley, of the immigration department, -an examined la
regard to the operations of the department In Cuado and the United Statu.
Mr. Preston will. ba examined oa
Friday on tbe work done In Eorop*.
Ooustantiuople, May $.���It li bow
learned that Ulsmall Kernel Be, well
known for his frlendliueu for Gnat
Britain, who recently wis exiled by be-
ing ippolnted Till of Trlodll, ud wbo
was reported April 80 lo hive mytttr-
loutly dlstppeired, hu, with hi* thru
sous, got ufely s ut of Constantinople
on bond tb* Egyptian stumer Bubal-
111, en route for Eoropean port*. Th*
departure of Ismail is partially dat to
tb* oonviotlou tbit lt li Impossible for
uyone of enlightened views lo nmaln
In Turkey under tne preset prevailing
oondltioue. In .pita of lb* port*'* refusal to suction th* milter.the Britiab
put offloe tt Stloulo* wis opened Tuesday.	
Manila. May 8.���Tbe Amirlou gar-
rlson of Oatnblg, Island of Samar, ooo-
.i.tlng of thirty mm, belonging to th*
48rd Regiment, has bttn eltaoked by
rebels. Twenty of tbe Anwrluu* w*ta
killed. Tb* nnulader war* ruaaed
from uolbllstlon.
Foar Kllltd With DyaaalU.
Port Arthur, May $.���Foar Italian*
while charging a holt with dynamite
on Mordook's section, Na 17, Bator
River railway ooni rootlon, wat*
blown to stouse.
Thirteen new sstl'en srrived yutu-
dsy from Washburn, Wlwoula. Tbey
have located In the White Fish Valley
with their families! They repsrutota
population of 71 peopl*. 8*r��n otaen
npnoentlng 41 peopl* went oat on tb*
Port Arthur, Dolutb ud Wwtera Hn*
Alger Smith At C* big log nl oa
the Arrow ud Plgon riven I* being
bug np for w*nt of water. Tbtt* WM
no snow of conwquenoe laat winter and
no rain this spring.
Batrl*, Mty 8���aertreds.tb* 8-year
old daughter of Mra. Martin, Ianlafll,
died yeeterday morning, u tht r****ll
ot an aooldent 8b* ud bu Utile
brother were playing to a ban, aa-d 1$
I* thought tbt try eo*l<"*atklly tot tk*
pitchfork strike hi. alatir bstwue**
eyu, puitretlng lb* "Mala. Ha*
moth** found her ibottly Utarwa*
-uootuloa. on Ih* ban Im*.
FIT. ear. of .liver and allvcr orovreit
.hlpp.sl from rs.rtt Ar"is.;r to llulutb.
the HuIl-OWsswa llr. rell f laed ha.
Muahed tbe half million laark.
Tbe lak. end ran rout's b,Uc.it Fort
William and the ...t ha. been -.pencil,
PblletWlphla school boy. lav. .-nt
gl.OOt. lo Ball Ottawa llr. ��utter*>r..
A branel. of tb. Dominion Alllaae.
wa. organist at Wa-vaneaa.
April cnatoma recelp'a In Winnipeg
teoebsd tbe .um ol  tofl.100.
An outbreak', of diphtheria 1. r-port.
ed Irom Lttelller.     - V
All lb. patient, at th) Wlnnlp-g
.niullpox qnar.-m luel are Isuprovlag.
Bupt. oolcleugb win ii-p.isit whltellah
fry 1st   Qn'Appvll. lake..
A new Isolaud ImspLul bnil.ll.sg will
be erected In Branslon.
The London chess tournament ha. tad-
.d; felehainna secured tint place.
Vnlnahle .liver w*d'-l.sg prceu . were
obstracted from a box ulosig the O. P.
11. Hue. and Wheat put In their plaoe.
THUH8DAY,   UA\  3.
ludiu*. tea crop I. a failure owing to
bait aod ratal.
Th. Xleiirnai.an caual bill pa..ed th.
U. S. eongTH..      .
Abb. du Li.viime, a It. a odacatloa.
allat, died' In  Montreal.
American eltisess. at Hong Kong held
a bai.qu.t on Dewey Day, \
H. M. Alaule). II. P., will not se.kre.
.luetloi, to parliament.
A. W. llrynn. lumped from Brooklyn
britls*..    He smsy not rstflovr.
Issland revenue coll.cll.ma In IVInsil.
peg for April rwehed acarly '129,'JOO.
Active iueasnsrc�� will oa tak>*u to pre*
VMt tb. ulllsig ol liquor to nortbere
ludlaua. --
W W. a HeluuM wu* nominated at
South Nanaimo convmtlun a. at lads-
perdeat. .
A braab tiro, near Grand Pork.. B* 0.,
ssenrly desl.oresl Sanstnlt camp mine pro.
li.s-ty. 1
The Prlbe. ol Wale.' hurts, Diamond
JubllM. won tb. 2,000 guinea, event at
N.,vn*urk.l.        ; _J
Halifax plumber, have gone out oo
The American Jockey, w.-ro Buczcaeful
at tb. Newmarket r-icc.
Two burglar, were caught rilling a
Ret Portage, wareboa...
V. E* l-'ronel., a London, Oat., machtn*
Ut, ba. fallen heir to a *��� fortua-k-
The listens will .pead .Is week. I*
Ireland In   1901, .0 It   I.   alaled.
Ch.r'..bola ha. been award-id $310,000
da. aa O. *N. W. a railway construction,
Foar I sillan. at Murdoch*, oamp,
Ont. aad It. It railway construction,
wort, killed by dyaamlte.
O.o. Ross, ol Hamilton, ha. been ap.
poln ed assistant po.tnsa.ter at Tor.
Th. lord mayor', laud la London tor
Ottawa-Hull fire homeless ha. reached
��12,000.  .
A Phllndilpbla firm will build lb.
Quebec bridge, th. largest conltlovor In
tb. world.
Many r..*v ..ttlvr*. from Wisconsin nnd
Mlcl.liriin reached Port Aribur Jialrlot
Form fire., ar. .'.Ill raging In Midi-
nsu and IVIaconeln. Niagara was sav.J
b} a .'..amer.
Kur'ly 6,000 peopl. bit Ontario tor
Hsultoba ud tb. T.r(l'.oric. darlag
Maroh and April.
k'r Tar:., accordlssg to a special
cabl.. wo. given a misgnlticeat i-ccep.
tion al tb. Empire LMgus banqu.t
Ui.aMHin.ble weather la Ungland ba.
d.laj.d ...ding.
1-l.v J.tpsuse.3 battleship A.ab. 1.
u.lsore oft South.... Eng. ..
The prlann.r. sin trial tor Ih. Utxbel
murder all pl��au*d not guilty.
Four desperate bank burglar, .-.cap.
ed trow |aft at Danville, ga.,
B-.ven new psxt oltle?. will' bs opened'
to-du) In Manitoba and X. W. T.
Fsve battalion, of weitern Onlurlo
lalautri will mobilise on International
Manitoba, laat year, pssated tb. ss.ir.1
largest number ot latter, ol tb. ai-vcr.l
Mi.l.r. tb. manager ol ths Franklin
Syadlcute,-raclv.d a fa yur.' scntiue.
Is. K.w York.   '
Th. aanual report ul th. Canadian
mllllln dtparlsHat will b. pl.Md belor.
parllarosmt to-day. *
By tb* fall ol a Matfoldlng at Pari.
���xpoiltlon, one workman wa. killed and
e  number Injured.
Th. Manitoba Free Press lamia, ltad
now amount*; to $1,834.
Resident, of llalne. MI.ai.on, on Lyon
eanal, fear Indian outrage**
Virden mldcute duty that a t**t ol
smallpox .xl.ta la tlulr town.
Ml.. Bra Booth addruawl lirg. gatb.
.ring. In   Winnipeg y..t*rd.y.
Dtputl' gberlll Hoffman, af Wood-
���tools. Vt. wo. HIM by a de.p��iado.
The Dominion Co.'. elevator ud 16,000
hu.h.ls of wheal were de.troytd by lire.
M HMoeswy, ot Llnds��y, Ont., mat
will, a probabl. fatal aecldiat le e
A ssrlou. lire oear Carroll, Men., it.
.troy.d a barn, two grauari.. aud sosst.
Tbe Vlrdeo baseball toar.am.at will
b. held Jan. 20.81; $880 an oltorsM at
In Ibe Hngb) match on Satirday tke
Wlnnlpset were d.fcatad uy. tko at
Tesas flood, ar. wldtselag, aad tb.
Sroporly da-aai. will reach mllllona ot
ollara.         _    - -,
A n.w Daalah eablo.t ba. hue esl.
Boils flrw ban b.��s raglssg nround
Rat Portige.
A Belgian woman wa. sold for $40 al
Oelvteton, Tax...
Three .mall fire, w-re ...red la Port
Arthur by tne.ndlarle..
Th. Congo usnssacre was brougbt np
In tb. Belgium parliament.
Levi Myblll .bot bl. wit. and thin
commlttM suicide near Colonla, wla.
A lin. of wheat stumers I. to b.
Mlabll.b.d bttwH* Chicago ud Liverpool.
A tr.tisf.r track may rua up the laa.
bttwren Jaa.se aad Market .Irwta, Wla.
Th. mayor ol Ckleago hi. bun naked
fa> ..sin 1,000 pelleuxa lo q..ll llrlk.
All *.rk*y'. nht.rf.re htv. Ml**
���ad 0. g I..U1. oa lb. paymett ef tlw
Oaloetla, May l.-B��pocta,rt**ly*d
kantrora tb* t** dutrloti sbafr tta
erosMets tin generally ufavorable,
Hail and rata storms bare dona muoh
damage to lhe erope.	
New York, May 8.���Oot ol brevtdo,
Albert W. Btytut, a oood oolor oa tbt
Brooklyn Btpld Transit r.llway, J*mp*
*d from lb* B ook yn bridge H�� wm
taken uaoosuelou In Ibe Bodtoo atrial
botpltil, whltbw Nasi* Dinte, Ik*
woman Jumper, wm taken. H* may
not reoorstr.   	
Th* Q**��a Hall* ter KagUast.
Dablla, April I1.-(,mm Viotoria
andPrlooH. Obrlillu and Buryot
Batteabng let! lb* vioe ragal lodge al
ao-n ud *mt toKlngs' Bridge Halloa
����� tbeir way to Klngitowa ud Bag-
land. A Urge orowd it tvtry rdal ot
vaatMi give Bu M.Juty a loyal tan-
well.   Ae into itarted for Kingstown
ll 12.80 amidst Ik* b**rtlMl
numban gf p*o-
\m gwtsedid th* Queen to sUm*-
H*4ocoa*M*dtbspl n
i Ami which tb* ioy*l yttmt Ti*.
Albert w����vls.bl*
Voty Bmaooaatml, hul
BY E. yiLMflR*M.
So we egree, thtn, mj boy?  Tbe girl
pleuei you?*'
"Pleiiee me? 1 am fairly carried away
with ber!" And Arnold Frleee,��aied
with rapture at tho photograph In bla
hand. What lorelfneul Incomparable,
In a transport of rapture and gratitude
Arnold flung himself Into bli uuelv'e
armi and kuwed the old man on both
The latter rubbed hia hands contentedly. "Good, my boy, good! And now tbat
wa are agreed as to tbe main point* I will
give you a few details of tbe matter."
"Yes, uncle."
"Your bride, for snch I may call ber, aa
all seems to be clear, Href, as yon know,
In Lelpslc, and 1 have written her par
ents that you will arrive tomorrow."
"You can start aa aoon as yon like. At
all events, you shonld be then* by noon
tomorrow and Indeed upon a most natural pivtext.. 1 will give It ont tbat you
are called to Lelpsk upon business and
by way of making this true will send by
you this silver lorgnette to Fran Brett*
Schneider* which she lost while here In
Berlin at tbe opera and wblcb sbe re*
quested me to find for her. And as you
need be in no hurry to return remain at
Lclpiic as long as may be necessary for
the accomplishment of yonr mission. I
trust that you will -not leave until tbe
youug lady has given you a definite
"I will do my very best, nncle* yon may
be sure."
"And now success to your efforts, my
boy. Telegraph me as soon as the wished
far result Is attained, tbat I may ar,ruu��e
for your wedding."
��� ������������������
Walt nntl! morning?
No; Arnold Friese did not relish the
Idea. The Berlin life waa too distracting
to permit one to dwell long upon any one
thought, however cherished.- Bo Arnold
resolved to leave tbat very evening.
Arrived at the station, he hoarded the
train and, posKesslug himself uf an empty conch, took bis seat at a window nnd
gawd at Ihe throng outside.
The platform was already pretty well
crowded. Were all these people whom
he beheld, laden with valises, bandboxes,
satchels and what not, were they to enter
his-coach and disturb him with their bun
tie ond noise? He would so gladly he
alone with his thoughts.
How to secure himself from hitntden-tV
Ha. an idea! If he should pny for all
eight seats lu the coach? Plainly a ntag
olficent scheme, only a trifle costly.
A gold piece in the band of the porter)
No; thnt secured him nolhiug, for In cnxc
any one entered tbat personage had m
right to prevent htm.
Suddenly a wild Idea Hashed througd
his bead, a remembrance of his Kt.uleiii
Vktor's trick!
Why had he not thought of ll before':
That most unique device to which Vli to:
bad often resorted to secure n r;tHtvn>
coach to himself and which had never yet
been known to fnll.
Tba aald Victor wonld find lilmxelf h
an unoccupied coach and as soon u* mo
one offered to enter would roll hti eye* It
fury, loll bis tongue and make erery con
celrnhle grimace nud m��ttm.. Th*. wmili
be passeuger of course took lilm for nn in,
nana person and sought hastily nnothel
"Now for Victor's trick!" thouglil Ar
nold, and let tbe deed follow the thought.
The remedy Indeed proved to he a
npeedy oue and put to flight In rapid site
esslon two stout ladles, an elderly geu
*leman and finally an entire family, om
slating of father, mother and daughter
All of these beat a rapid retreat, giving
Arnold little or no time to study the fen
turn of his discomfited victims.
Tl)c whistle shrieked, tbe train started.
"Hurrah for Victor's trick!" thought Ar
nold triumphantly, and, comfortably
stretched upon tho cushions of his sent,
he waa soon loat In sweet, dreamy reter
��� ������������������
It waa nearly midnight wben the train
arrived. Tba best tbat Arnold could do
at auch an honr waa to obtain lodging for
tha rest of the night
Tbe next morning, having madt a care*
tnt toilet, dnring wbich he made a moat
profound Impression npon the barlter In
attendance, he started out for a stroll.
Arnold resolved to paas tba tlma until
evening In seeing the r'tbta; but, too
much concerned with himself to enjoy In
fnll .tranquillity of spirit tht bentitlful
architectural works of tht city, he contented himself with a promenade through
tha streets, during which he faxed ntten-
Uvtly at tvtry ont ht met in hope of
meetlnf tht ont whose Image had carried
away his heart tht previous day.
"Tbat ta iht," bt wonld think aa upon
turning n eorner bt came suddenly upon
a graceful figure. And tben ht would
find himself fact to fact with a well
dressed old spinster or a blushing maiden
who telt faltered at having made inch a
marked Impression upon anch a Iihui.
some young gallant.
At length tht hour of 0 drew near. HU
tltnt had come. Hastening to his bole!,
Arnold attired himself for the evening
and1 itarted for tht dwelling of Herr
Bitttechntldtr, j
Having been annoattctd tht sertnht ltd
him into tht parlor, when ht found Herr
Brettschnelder,  hia wife and daughter /
waiting hU arrival. The young lady waa
Indeed beautiful Tbt photograph had
not done her justice.   '
With a smile of welcome all three advanced to greet tht vlaltor, when suddenly a cry burst simultaneously from tht
lips of each:
"Uy God! Tht insane man wt met on
the train yesterday!"
In a moment Arnold trasped the situation.   The family consisting of father,
mother and daughter whom be bad driv-%
en In terror from tht coach must havt
been tht Brettschueidera!
He laughed nervously In endeavor to m
better the situation and at once proceed- #
ed to five the necessary explanation.
"My good friends, I see the cause of
your alarm. An awkward blunder of
mlue, but when I havt explained tbt plot
of the comedy"���
"A dangerous cast," whispered Herr
Brettschnelder to his wife in tones plainly audible. ''When an Insane person attempts to explain bla conduct. It Is a sura
sign of bis Incurability."
Tbe young lady had hastily sought refuge behind ber father and wu trembling
all over.
"Oh, I s km ure you* air, 1 am not dangerous," observed Arnold In a tone of
Irony. "1 havt not yet Injured a slngto
human soul, and tf you will do mc tbt
bouor to listen to me a minute you shall
ste tbat 1 can at least speak rationally.
I see that Victor*! trick bas been tbe unfortunate cauat of this misunderstanding."
"Victor's trick r
"Certainly; an old friend, whose example I have Imitated only too well. However, ht carried It farther than I did. Ht
used to remove bis boots and place thom
before the door uf tbe coach."
"He Is indeed quiet for a moment; still
he may break out ut uuy time," 'whinpored Herr Brettsvhnolder to his wife.
"Send quietly for the police."
"Meln berr," turning to his guest,
"judging from your description, thia Victor must bave been a charming, amusing
young fellow, nnd 1 would very inurh Ilka
to mako bis acquaintance," ,
"In the act?" queried Arnold, taking
this for a witticism. "Would you really
like to meet bim ?"
"Moat certainly. Such a fantastic, talented person! I would like to have him
tor a friend," replied Herr Brett Schneider. "One must agree witb him lu everything. Thnt is tho only way to avoid a
crisis," whispered be to tbe rest as bu left
the Boom.
Although assured that he had succeeded In convincing his host as to his tctnity,
Arnold could unt hut feel thnt Ills urAvnl
had beon grotesque. The young lady
might well hesitate lu accepting bin suit.
He must therefore at nuy iwt endeavor
to remove this bad impression.
"My micli! hns MiMikon much of you,
Fruulelli HiettMclmeiiler." he begun.
"Indeed, sir?"
"And If you could ouly know In tvhnt a
flattering nuuiuei- ho spoke."
"Your uncle Is indeed all too kind."
"And you all too modest, for If all the
' Unfortunately Arnold wns not permitted to flniuh the imlbdied s|H<eeli Unit wns
upon bis lips, for et tliiH.iimiueul threo
meu noisily entered tbe room, followed by
Arnold turned nnmud in surprise.   Perhaps some visitors or relutlves ot tlm*
family.   Al nny rate there wns a frlemlly
look upon their fnoi's au they advanced
toward hiin.
But Arnold was nol allowed llnictafo
carry his thoughts further, tor nl a sign
from Herr Brettiu-liudder Hie threo
atrangern seised him.
"But, meln herr," protested Arnold In
ntter naliJtilidiniont. "Meln herr, what la
tbo meaning nf all this?"
Wasted effort! He waa promptly handcuffed, bound and transported from tht
room by six strong ui ins.
"Thank God!" ejaculated Herr Brett-
Schneider as lie behold tho removal of hit
strange guest. "Now both be and ourselves are secure."
"It Is almost Incredible," snld the
daughter. "Such n charming young mnn!
And ouly to think bow highly his uncle
spoke of him!"
"What use la it all, my child? Very
likely the poor fellow hns (hvoiiio suddenly insane while traveling. Such things
happen every now and tben."
"A pity!" thought tbe young girl
"Such ii pity!* In bis rational moments
there wna In bis manner something sa
aym pathetic!"
Arnold's uncle, to whom Breltschnei.ler
bad telegraphed tbe sad news, hiis-it'iicd
to l.elpsic by tbo noxt train and lust no
time In bnntlnf np bli nephew.
"My pw��r boy, can It bo possibleV" cried
he. In tears. "Such a sudden misfortune!"
"Ob, nndt, only tell mt what It all
In a few minutes all was clear to tbt
nncle, and an Irrepressible laugh brokt
from bis lips.
Such a misunderstanding!
Indeed, the whole proceedings wore so
seriocomic that Arnold fell to laughing
heartily over bis adventure.   "*
"And now," asked his uncle, "shall wt
tee tbe Brottschnelders?"
"Certainly. I owe tbem an explanation. And, besides, tht da lighter Is lore*
ly���lovtlyl She will furgive me, I know,
when sht learns (hat I set the whole
comedy In motion through g desire to bt
alone with ber in my thoughts." .
Arnold Is now tbe fortunate basbnnd of
his heart's idol, and both make frequent
visits during tbe yenr to tbeir parents In
Lelpslc, But do mutter how many passengers mny chance to crowd Into their
coach Arnold la careful never to resort
again to Victor's trick,
Tbe Jest Is too baxardout
Mr*. Young Suffered Terribly With Paine In tbe Heed tnd
Beck, Sxhaueted  Nerve*, Sltepleeencee end Loee of
Appetite���No Relief  Obteined Until She
Ueed Dr. Chaee'e Nerve Fsaod.
In all Michigan then an tow ladle*
batter known ot mm aaWwrall-r admired for ber sterling ahanotw md
broad sympathies than Mn. 1, H.
Tout,   Ha 114 Qntnwood   Ay*.,
Bbel* a l.idw among tba "Lid-r
Mao-aboe***," Ibe "Lady Fornlen,"
MdoMw fnttnal roototl**, aad for
Ik* .bensdl of fcer .offering listen
malm lb* following *tat*m*nl:
"Mj" aoolal aad otlnr delta* In oon-
neoilon wilh emrel ladies' (ntswo.l
���ooleilw had drawn ao mask ana mr
stnaglk thai I fraud mytelt ill ran
slesm to btaltb. I wa* vnr nwroet,
hadaoippttlKooald got ao real n*t
at (l**p, and .offsned maek beat aataa
to toe h*ed aud baok. I
toalot, bat oould gat m
t*U*t from town.   Miollrl
Or. Oban'* Sene Food, lock Iwo
bona u drooled, end toted Ui per*
fool oan for m*f koable. Ill toUon
was mild and ifftotln, and I belle-re 11
to b* the beat treatment lu th* world
for nerrous troubles and for bnilding
np th* ajatom."
Dr. Ohase'a Neive Food 1* of wa*.
tlmtbl* Tiio* as a nttoratl?* to orer. _
mm* tb* IU e��*ots a* artiOolil -xlater "*
Ilia, tl llll* tbe thrlftlM art rh*
with aew, riota blood, straoglbeu* Ih*
Mm*,-and glTW aew life **i rigor to
ererr organ of tk* bodj. (0 out* a
bat, ill fo* tt.10, at all dtalrra, or
Sdn***B*, Bit** A Oo., Toronto.   '
For oold In tbe bead and -jatirrh
than I* Dr. Oban'* Oatarrh Oan.
fer tkroal and lung (rubles Dr.
Oka**'* Bjr*p of Llnattd eadTarpoa-
ttoe, eaoh M oent*.
;��� . 5
O-OLIDElSr *Eba.
Tailor ns.de silk coats, Jacket! md
basque bodice, in highly luhioniblt
both here md abroad.
Ribbon entre dent of lice tnd cluster.
of fine lucking form mm. of tbe pretty
siren sleete. teen ou nenini toilet, for
She nitty Etoo ind bolero Jacket .tylet
rIVI tbt belted, njund waisted model.
.*,*,*.�� spring t.llor costumes being made
ready for Baiter tad post Cater wear. *
The hludaomeat of the new lace flouncing, la dachesw point, renaissance, venlse,
honltoo or other choice or fancy pattern
arc shaped la circular form for both skirt
tnd bodice garniture.
The stylish fancy belt girdle md expensive chatelaine accessories keep tbe
round waist rery prominent among fa*
Tored mode.. Tbey in youthful looking
wben worn by graceful tnd .lender women.
A transparent black hit ll trimmed
with large black ostrich plumes and an
expensive gold buckle dotted With faceted onyx atones. Round the crown I. a
roll ot folded heliotrope tulle delicately
veiled with black point de gate lace.
Light colored gloves in Introduced thus
season, whleh In s great degree will su*
pn-s-ede the pure wblte one. whicli have
���o long enjoyed the .tamp of universal
���pprovtl. Blicult, doe color, sage gray,
nickel, a pretty .hade of tan, a light tint
of sable brown aud on. of lilac are among
the new colon.
The newest otoameatal buttons for
silk, satin ur chiffon draped waist, are
thoae of French brilliant, ot varlou.
���mall slses. They are either surrounded
with a mere threadlike Hue of black en-
���Ulel or else with no setting whatever.
Ths-y fa.teu to tbe bodice hv mem. of
gold .hank, ind rlugs.
ItT.ll. How 1 hose *w..k .nd Despondent
Cm, Obtain few Health ted B.tengtli
���t a Small l��|.��nu~Th. Fact. Felly
-V.ria.sl by Invea.lg.tlon.
From the H.U, Onnby, Que.
Tb. reading publio hire evident)*
put before them almoat every day ot
the healiug powers of Dr. William*'
rink* Fllli.- It U sometime! uked
whether these onrei are perminent,
and In itply to thi* wa wonld say that
a oue whiob recently oime to tbe attention of Ihe Moll Indicate, thai lb*
results following tbe use of this modi'
olue are u luting as they tn bene-
flolil. Borne yean ago Mn. Robert
Webster, wbo Is well known In Onnby, passed through a very serious ill
neu in whioh her condition -very near
ly bordered upon collapse. Ber blood
appeared to bave almost toned to wat<
er IJhewuvery weak, her appetite
fiohle, ind sbe suffered fnm seven
besd ichei. Mrs. Webster bad Ike benelit ot excellent mejloal advioe, bul apparent"* without avail, u the s-eemed
steadily growing won*. The least ex-
irtlou wonld fatigue her, and Anally
she was for a time nntblt to do her
housework ind wu ooaHaed to bail
Her husband suggested the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills and purchased a
few boxes. Mrs. Webster had aot bun
ttklug Ibe pllli long* befon sbe found
benelf growing imager. Her head*
aohii diiapiennd, her appetite improved, uew blood appeared to ba
oounlug through her vela*, and her
nervei igtiu became strong ��nd aetlv*.
Alter using tb* pill* for a ooopla of
months sh* felt u wall u ever she htd
done in her life, aud oould do ber houu
work without feeling the fatigue tbat
bid formerly made ker Ufa to roller.
able Tbli, u already Indicated, hep*
penrd aome yean ago, ind Id the period
that hu elipsesl Mr*. Webaler ha. en-
Joyed the be.t of health. Sbe saya thai
if she feci, at any time a little ran
down sho take* a fow dosws ol Dr. Wil-
iims' Pluk Pills and.ls aoon all right,
and she thinks then !��� no medicine to
*qn*l them Mr. Webiter, spwkingof
bi. wife*, oun, uy* Dr. William*'
Pink Pill* did ker a thousand dollan
worib of good, snd friends wbo knew
ner oondlt on befon.be begin Ihe pill*
end saw .the effect npon her, sty the
ume thing. Thin an a number of
oth.ra in tbli vioinity wbo have used
tbit great medioine, and ao far u tb*
Mail oan leurn the result* hav* always
bun benellolal.
There ore tbooiands ot women
throughout tbo oountry wbo suffer u
Mr*. Webster did, who in ptlt, inbjeot
to headaches, heart palpltatitnand dis*
sines., who dng along frequently feel-
lug ih.t life is. burden. To all look
[ ,��� we would say give Dr* Williams' Pink
' Pills a fair trial. These pills mako
rioh, r d blood, strengthen tbe nerves,
bring the glow of health to pale and
���allow obuks, and make ibe feeble and
dupoudenl feel tbat Ufa Is onoe mon
worth living. Thi geuulne are sold
only in boxes, tbe wrapper bearing tb*
fall natte "Dr. William*' Pink Pill*
for Pile People". May ba b*A from all
dealer, or by mill at OOo a box or six
boiu for |i. 60, by addressing the Dr.
Williams' Medioine Oa, Bruokvillt,
������Isal Tkeetkt.
Wife-lily canary I. dead, dear.
Husband-You don't eum to be v*ry
���orry nlionl It
Wife���Tin not rery. Tou ue, I can
bare II stuffed for uiy Easter bonne),
ansl then you'll not bar* to pay quite
ao isitich.-l'lillnsleliilila Prest.
Thnt atvte wis, tad never will be,, nni.
._..,   *-,fortll'Dl-
 .���.the oan
nTihe""iysteSTof ~*vt pathnt-^what radd
'io.se never was, auu never wsu oe,iani-
vera.1 paneoee, la oe* renudy, for all ill. to
whleh Utah I. ulr���the very nature of many
curatives being, such tbtt were the germ, of
curatives being, such tl
other ind di��enUtl��M
the germ.-
��ve on 111 lu tarn would
r. Wt ban, however, to
s obtainable to I touad,an.aussaitna
���tit., t nsudy for mur ud grlevosa Illst
By It. gradual and MBoosye* the trails*
.'.to tbe
tnd rehMhing sleep���Impart, vigor to tbs
lotion ot tht blood, whioh, being stimulated,
ooursm througtout th. win., strengthening
tb. hsMlthy -snlipal Amotions of tbs system,
king .ctivity i necewary ranis,
a,TThe frame, .nd giving life to
organs, which naturally de*
 eg substtny rasnjt. Improved
Northron A Lyman, oi Toronto,
atothepSbSo thsdr suparior Qui-
inark...  AllStxS.telln*''^ * *
A Long.lllsUnc* Telephone.
Winnipeg. April 96 Tbe long distance telephone system, whioh the "bell
Te'ephone oompany ue to establish in
Mao'toba, will be begun a. soon u the
wwther ti favorable, or about May 10.
���Manager Wai b informed a Free
Pits* npoter yesterday tbat 7,000
poles, oapable of covering about 100
miles, are now nady at Rat Portage,
and will be brought np at onoe. Asked
u to the route to be taken, Mr. Walsh
staled that tbe highway to Brandon
will be followed. It was the Intention
ot tl.e oompany lo run the Hue from
Oerbesry north to Minnedou, taking
in en route tbe towns of Neepawa,
"Newdale, and possibly some othen.
Tbe route, however.so far ss the towns,
whiob sue to be taken lu is concerned,
hu not yet been definitely deoideo oo,
but tbis matter, Mr. Walsh says, will
be settled In a few days. It is understood
that direct connection IS also to be made
with the Unite i States. ;The point to
be nibbed for thii purpose' would be
Neobe, N.D. The oost of tbe line from
here to Brandon will be about 185.000.
Many a mau wbo imagine! ht la tha
wholo olrous is ia reality but a vary
���mall lidsMhow.	
Wheat���Manitoba No. I bard, Coil
William, 08o.
Flour���Ogilvie'! Hungarian patent,
ll.tl; Glenora, ll.fo; Manitoba
Stiong Bakers, 11.46: XXXX, 11.10;
Lake of the Woods Five Roses. 11.80;
Strong Baken, 11.05; Medon, 11.40;
XXXX, |1 80 per saok of 08 pounds delivered ia Winnipeg.
Mlllleed ��� Bran, IK. 60; shorts,
Ground Feed���Olt obop, |98 p**r ton j
barley ohop ��17, and mixed feed of
barley and oall |80 pw ton. Oorn
ohop, 119; oilcake, 187.
Oata���No. 8 white, 80 to Sio per
bubel in otrlots on track. No. 8 mixed,
88 to 80o.
Barley���Oarlots 88 to 8flo off oan
Oorn���Oatlots of No 8 oorn on traok
an wo.th 80 to 480.
Wheat���62 to 64o to farmen, according to freight rate.
Fluteed���Abont 11.75 per bushel
npresents the value.
Oatmeal���Maoitobj meal ia being
offend tt 11.66 per 80 lb. saok to the
relail trade by millers.
Hty���Fresh baled hay la worth 16 to
15.60 per ton; loose bay on tho street,
18 to 1-1.
Butter���Onauery���The market It
nominal at abont Dto pu pound. Dairy
��� Separator roll., 89o; dairy tuba,
choice, 16 to SOo; a.ootid grades, 10 to
14o per pound, commission basis.
Olw-ese���Small, 14 to 14 l*8o per
pound; large, 14o.
Eggs ��� Iu,leased receipt.; dealen
selling to retail trade tt lOo.
Vegetables���Potatoes 45 to 600 per
bushel; turnips, 20s to 80o; oirrots
OOo; leeli, 40 to SOo; pannlpi, I l-8o
per pound; dry onioni, gl.aa to 11.60
per bubel j California cabbage, So per
pound; ulery OOo per down bunohes;
lettuce and panley, 80o per doaen
bunobu; preen onion., Usjo ier do,en;
iplmcb, lOo per pons.d; uparagai, |1
Poultry ��� Turkeys, llo por ponnd.
dookt, 10c; geese, 8o; ohiokens, llo;
wlid gee e retell at ?(u> apie.o
Drewed Meat.���Beef, city dressed,
7 tolHo PM lb; veal, 8 to Oo; fresh
mutton, lie; hogi, 6Wo to 7o for bnt
Hide. ���No. 1 inspected bides, To;
No.8,8o; Na 8, Sot kip,7o; otlf,8J<o;
deekln skins, 85 to 8So eaoh; aheap,
akin*, 40 to SOo eaoh; honebides, 60 to
7So eaoh.
Wool���We quote prloei hen 8 to Oo
for unwashed tl e;o.
Seneca root���Nominal at S8o par lb.
Cbloago,   April  88 Two   sp.oial
train! left Chicago lut night hauling
tblrtyelfht Armour nlrigeiator oars
wblob oiirriesl 1,100,000 pjuud. of
tinned aod crnted Inooa conaignod to
tbe Amerioan toldieis in Ibe Philip
pines. The meat wu prepared on ler
federal government inspection.
Toronto, April IB.���Sir John Hag.
srty. ox-cbief Jrstlce ot lhe soprenie
court of C'litstrio, died thi-s jno n ng,
sfier I lingering illness, aged 84 nuis
Ttnoouver, April. 80.. ��� Rupeating
the government retsuto ot tl s, logs sud
otber timber on tbe Crow's Nut Pus
Un* on account cf the alleged non-puy-
ment of timber dncs, lt Is ascertained
that they have been released, payment
baring been made under protest. Tbe
O.P.R. it taking aotion tniou-h tbt
court! to recover tbe money to paid.
Fort William, April 80,���H. E,
Sharp*, of the Standard Oil company, is
hen looking over situ, with a viow of
hiving ell for Western Canada transhipped tt thit point
Do Not
AvHglugtuviageeabeaude. W.oaa
tasralai* tteasaat usual tor aa,-para-ad.
WsHe fa ptrtlMlsw. ud arm,
AU0WAT 4 OH AMMM, ���>���������������
Beported by Alloway * Obamp'on,
Stook Broken, Winnipeg,
sake Bellore Bay-m
.toon' ZD      111       ..���-
lenbuW ,      ....        ,H
aloe ���      I*.
 h     in      ini
Wwitagi.........  yo.
���sr��UIOaljU  ini
i(raaT*��l���, ������ 110
i7.nont.Hiv.... SB m
-k.fi->..-. ZD tt?
FoBBioa Mowr.
Quoted  by Alloway k .Champion,
118 Main street, Winnipeg.
British at Warrenton Shelled Enemy
Out of ilalf-fonstrncted Treuebea
���Activity la Brakentkarg.
London. May 8.���The war office hu
received the following dispatch from
Gen. Rot-ens: "Bloemfontein, May 8.
���Iiu Hamilton marched yesterday in a
northerly direction from Thaba N'Ohn
with a body of mounted infantry and
Smith-Dorieu's brigade of Olemeuti'
division. At Hautney be found himself opposed by a strong force commanded by Gen. Botha in person. Reinforcements reached this force during
the day, and I directed Gen. Frenoh to
strengthen him during the night from
Thaba N'Ohu. This he wu able to do
u tbe number of Boers in the neighborhood of Thaba N'Ohu had considerably
"In addition to these troop. Hamilton shiuld be reinforced during the
day by Broadwobd's cavalry and Bruoe
Hamilton's infantry brigade. Hamilton mentioned tbat bia casualties yesterday were about 80. Maxwell's brigade of tbe seventh division yesterday
occupied Tlaksouten and Soahustraal,
a nw of kopjes, without meeting witb
opposition, but tbe monnted infantry
wen engaged for some houn,"
Bloemfontein, May 1.���Most of tbe
Boen retreating from Wepener and Da
Wet'a Dorp are g Jug to Wyuburg, u
the large British (one at Thaba 'NChu
nnder. a retreat to Brandfort risky.
Reports are ooriout that Brand Tort may
be abandoned without a fight.
London, May 8.���Fighting, heavier
than any siuoe Ladysmlth, seem, to be
Imminent near Thaba N'Cbu. The
dl.patchu of Lord Robert., dated Monday and Tuesday, show that tbe Boer
rear guard stubbornly resisted his ad-
vanoe, forcing the British on Saturday
aud Sunday to aot ohiefir on the defensive. Gen. Frenoh, who is directing
tbe operations, bu at least 16,000 men.
Some estimates givo him 80,000, The
Boen are estimated to beat least 6,000,
and possibly 10,0s/0.
Aooording to a dispacth from Pre <
toria, dated April 80, tbey were expecting to give battle and bave nninesons
artillery. So long us the Boers engsge
the attention of half of Lord Roberta'
foroe at Tnnba N'Obu, bli ndavuoe
toward Pretoria will be delayed, No
one here, however, considers that Gen,
Botha will le able to stand longer than
a few days The feeling Ie that he
most be beaten off by tbe masses of Lord
Tbe Boon attacked tbe British ont-
posts at Boshot the headquarters of
Lord Methuen on April *s8,but without
result. The British guns at Watren-
ton shelled the Boers out ot tteir half
constructed trenches Sunday.
Aooording to I dispatch from Lorenro
Marques, there nro 1.0C0 British residents yet remaining iu the Trtnsvul,
but ti��ey are lo te expelled immediately.
Ladysmlth, May 8.���Tben Is renewed ootiviiy among the Boon on tni.
aide of tbe Drakeuiberg mountain*.
Preparation, bere to check au advauoe
an complete.
London. May 8.���Lady Sua Wilson,
telegnphing from Mafeking, April 10,
uyi: "ihe investment is so olose tbat
no runners have entered or issuod forth
for 10 days. There was a tnrrilio bombardment on April 11, but with the exception ot destroying some houses, lt
was harmless. The Boen then made
a determined attack oa tbe south western
forts, whioh wu successfully repulsed.
The Been have formed a new laager on
tbe south. Mioy horses are dying of
hone sickness. Trees "aro being out
down for fuol. The garrison tt now
eating the ambulance oxen, reserving
mnles until the lut. The dally ration
is now six ounces of gritly oat bread,
a ponud of bolly betf, and a quart of
A dispatoh to tbe Tlmea from Mafeking says: "Sidelight is drawn upon
tbe hungry ooudition of the garrison by
tbe fut tbat the united efforts of
whites and tbe natives bave reoently
been devoted to catching a swarm of
looosts wblob passed over tbe town."
Labor Dtanstnssra.lons In (Is. Capital and
Chief Cuius of Karop..
London, May 8.���Labor demonstrations in celebrating Hay day wen held
to the capitals aod oblef cities of
Enrop... Telegraphic advices from
Brussels Paris, Barcelona, Vienna and
other oltiea state that the demonstrations wen counterparts of those of previous yean and were tor the most perl
unmarked by any incidents of a disorderly nature. In London tbe celebration
was of a notable character, An all*day
festival, including oycllng sports, a
vaudeville entertainment and other
features of amusenionts, was held at
tbe Crystal Fsil.srn. Tbe political features of Ibe days' celebration were a
gnat International meeting tn tbe Center Transept, a concert by socialist
oboin atd a demonstration on tbe Upper Terraoo with labor lendirs of pro-
mlnenoe as the oblef speakers.
drain Inspection Aet.
Ottawa, May 8,���At Ibis afternoon'!
session Sir Hourl Joly introduced a bill
entitled "an aot to regulate and aupcr-
viu the grain trade in tbe inspection
dtitrlst of Manitoba, "which practically
inoladea the legilatlon recommended
by tba (levator oommiiilou aad Ibe
greater part of the aahedul* of the com-
mlitionen' report. Two or tbree
obtuse* In th* nport relating to tba In-
���peotlon aud duties ot tho int;eotor of
w*lghts and measures are uot included
in the bill, which wiil be printed and
distributed nt ouoe. It la undesstood
tbat on the aecond reading the bill will
be referred to a speoial committee ot
the boose, Inolndlng all inembon from
Manitoba and tbe Tertlts rln. Th* bill
wu nad a lint time.
Chatham, May 8.���A dlatreulng ao*
oldent oooorred Sunday oa the farm of
Daniel MoDonald, Dover township, la
whioh hll 14-monthi-old ion "was
drowned in a prill, of milk. Thtlad wu
playing about the rear ot the house,
and a pall of milk ws* latt standing
near tbe doorway. 8 isatly after tbe
ohild was fooud head downward* to
Another Vie Im Pound���A Ila}-'. lUttona
at llult���Common. ContrSbute.
Ottawa, May 8.��� The infant son of
Borneo Laobauce, a mill baud at Hnll,
bis yet to be added to tb. deaih list
from tbe noeut fire. Thi* makes seven
deaths in all. The mother of the ohild
escaped with the otber little ones, aud
It w.�� Ibought tbat some one wu following her with the infant Wben the
turned baok and fonnd out ber mistake,
lt wae impossible to get near tbe
boildiug. so quiohly did the fire travel.
The relief committee is kept buy.
A dayi' rations at tbe Central Supply
depot at Hull comprises 0 barrels of
pork, 1,800 loave of btead, 6 tons of
canned beef, i bushels of peas and 6
casus ot tea.
Ottawa. May 8.���The Bonse ot Commons yesterday pustd a resolution
granting 1100.000 in aid ol the suffer-
-er. from the Hull and Ottawa fita of
Thursday last Both sides of the House
agreed to the prompt action of the government in deciding in favor of recommending the amouLt for Ibe consideration of parliament, and also iu giving
110,000 for the immediaH use of tha
relief oommittee. In addition to tbia,
resolutions were adopted for 180,000 for
a new post offloe for Hull, and 181,000
forth* approaches to the Ohiudlert
bridge, whioh wen burned down.
At a muting of tbe Hull olty counoil
laat evening lt wu deoided that every
house bnilt within the hn tret should
be exempt from ttutiou for 16 yean.
Hornet would require to be built of
brick or sloue and shingles used for
roofing. It is also Intended to widen
and straighten streets in tbe olty.
The governor-general reoelved tlte following oable from the lord provost of
Glugow yesterdsy: "At a special
meeting of the corporation of Glagow
it wu unanimously resolved lo express
through you to the inhabitants ot Ottawa their deepest condolence with all
who have suffered by tbe recent deplorable disaster, especially with those wbo
bave lost relatives and friends by it. I
have offered to ro eive and forward
any subscriptions from Glugow towards tbe relief of sufferers. (Signed)
Tbe Lord Provost
London, Eng., May   8 The  Lord
Mayor's Ottawa nlief fuuil haa now
readied ��18,1*00; ��10,000 hu been re*
Over 1*0  Ulnars Kill d-Haoy O.hen
Injured end Isnprlsnti.il.
Salt Lake, Utah, May 8.���A terrific
explosion occurred yssterday in the
winter qnarten of the Pleasant Valley
company's coal mine at Sbofleld ou the
Rio Grande aud Western railway, near
Colton, by wbioh, according to reports,
over 100 people were kllltd and many
injured. It is reported that 00 bodies
have already been discovered. Tbe ex
pinion Is attributed to the blowing up
of a number of kegs ot blasting powder.
The work of resoue is goiog on end
everything possible is being aoue to re*
Here tbe suffering and ascertain the
dead. Among tbe dead 14 bodies bave
been identified.
A speoial from Schofield states positively thst there bave been 86 dead
bodies taken out of the Pleuaut Ocal
mine No.. There were 860 men a(
work l,t the two mines. Noe, 1 and 4.
The remainder of the miners are dead.
Tbe explosion is supposed to have ooourred In No.4, aud to bave extended
by ehaft to Na  1.
Bristol, Teon., May 8.���The coal
mines at Ibisjplaoe are on fire end then
Is a gnat apprehension'for the lives of
the miners, It Is reported that all ex-
oept nine an accounted for, bnt nothing definite ia known u to the loa* of
Roanoke, Va., May 8.���A considerable portion of Tom's Creek coal mime,
In Wise county, bss been on fire since
laat Saturday, Four men ue known to
bave been caught in the mine and suffocated. The fire is reported under oon-
$18,000,000 CLEAN-UP.
Minimum   Figures  Frosss   tlle   Yukon ���
IV C. T. V. on Clgarettea.
Victoria, B.O., May 8. ��� Dawaon
advioe. te April 16 give 118,000,000 *i
a minimum approximation of theolun*
np for Klondike diltriot tbis spring. A
grsut put of tbe washing hus been done
witb rockers in oonsequenoe ot tbe
failure ol tbe wnier eupply of alniolng.
Sulpbor aud Gold River creek, bave
contributed 18,000,000.
Cigarette smoking among Ihe boys
and girla of Victoria is said by tbe W.
O.T.U. memben to bave developed to
suoh alarming pi oportious thata special
convention bu been called fcr May 10
to consider meunres for tbo abatement
of tbe evil. _^
Montreal, May 8.���Tbe Phoenix Iron
company, of Philadelphia, has secured
the contract to build tbe largest cantilever bridge iu the world over the St.
Lawrence river at Qnebeo. The cost
will be in the neighborhood of 15,000,-
London, May 8 ���The honse of commons yesterday adopted by 185 votes to
4, a vote of ��1,880,000 for tbe completion of tbe Uganda railroad. Upward.
of ��8,000,000 for tiie completion of the
Uganda railroad bu already been expended on this line
Ottawa, May 8.���The railway oom*
roiltee of the privy counoil, confirmed
by the governor ln*counoil, banded
down yesterday a decision on tbe railway complaint n discrimination on
coal oil ratee, to the effect to leave th*
rate from Sarula untouched. Rates
fnm Buffalo to Blaok Bock to Mont,
real ara 88o, u originally based sn
mileage. This Is practically what the
railways contended for.
Gratitude Is a sublime passion, but
like all othtr sublime thing! it is ran.
A Solid
When it comes to healing* up old
running sores of long standing there
is no reinedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
tbat relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P. Q., says:
"It 1. with pleasure I speak In favor of
B.D.I3. which cured me of a running Mre
on my leg. I consulted three doctor, and
they gave me salve to put on, but it did no
good. Finally my leg became a solid
running sore. In fact for nearly a month
1 could not put my foot lo the floor.
"1 wa. advised to use B.B.B. and die*
so. Three bottle, healed up my leg en
tire!)- ao that 1 have never boon troubles)
wish it aince,"
Why He Ila. s.nrlrd.
"1 notice that Oalsbcr, the great pro-
Boer man. Is off for the Tranavaal at
"Hut he probably won't get there until lho lighting Is oil over."
"Of course. That'. wlin'-Jtnnlly In*
duc-e.1 him to stnrt."-Cltk-!igu 1'u.t.
IffilBD'S UNIMEHT [or Sale EmrtUrt.
A Counter Hlerr,
"1 believe you only married me for
my money," he remarked bitterly.
"Well, yon took good cure to make
Hit- money one or the lending Items lu
your proposal," she resiio'nded.��� I'lilln
delphla North American.
MMABirc UNttEHTCTOftltnl
He Meant to Worry HU Wife, bat M*
"I dou't think I'll try uny more practical jokes on uiy wife. Tbey don't pan
OUt WL'll."
"You eee, she lins a habit of hoisting
tlm window iu our room uvery night
Aa I usually go to bed laat abu depends
on ine to hoist It. Sometimes 1 forget
It, and then there's a wild squabble.
Frequently she wakes ine up iu the
nlgbt and asks me to see if it Is open.
If I dou't, she nags at me uutli morning.
"X nlgbt or two ago I resolved to give
ber a bard scare. I rolled up a lot of
old newspapers Into a long bundle and
laid the paekage down by tbe window.
Of course she waa asleep and didn't
bear me. Then I opened the window a
little way and crept Into bed. Some
time after mldntgbt she nudged me
and said:
"'Jim, I'm sure you didn't open that
window. It'i like a bake oven In the
room.  Get up and iee.'
"So I got up, went to tbe window
and threw tbe sash aa high as It would
co. An I did bo I gave a little shriek
and then flung my bundle down to the
walk below. It struck with a dull
thud, and I dodged behind tbe curtain
to await developments. The room wai
very dark, nud I couldn't see my wife,
but I beard her raise herself to a alt-
ting posture.   Then she spoke.
"'Poor old JlniT ahe quietly snld.
ile'a tumbled out of tbe window la bis
rnggedest nightshirt What a spectacle
he'll be wben tbey find him In tbe
morning!' Then she lay down again
nnd went to sleep."
"Wbat did you do?"
"Stood tbere shivering for a minute
or two nml (lieu sneuked Into bed."���
Cleveland I'ln In Pettier,
Then no oases of consnropthm ao ter
advanced that filckle'sAntl-UonsnmpUn
Syrup will not oure, but none ao bad tbat
U will not give relief. Kor oonehs, oolda
and all affections ot tbe throat, lungs and
ohest, It Is a tpeolflo wbioh bas never been
known to fait It promotes a free and
easy oxpeotoratton, thereby removing the
phlegm, nod gives tbe diseased parts a
-*- tobial.
Ons or the Other.
"Doctor, wbat alia my daughter?"
"Before 1 answer that question let
me ask If you bave reason to think sbe
has had a love il laa ppolut ment of any
"I know ibe baa uot."
"Then, madam, your daughter baa
tbe grip."���Chicago Tribune.
Everybody Rise Does.
"Old fellow, lend me a dollar."
"Certainly.    Wby should  I seek to
gain a reputation for eccentricity?"���
Chicago Tribune.
Hotel Balmoral. g'gg'WJ&tt
Great Ckanee For lilm.
"I see by (be newspapers," said the
casiml caller, "Unit there Is a ninn in
Cauada with three lungs."
"Oh, my! Oh, sny!" exclaimed the
baseball fan enthusiastically. "Whnt
a 'rooter' be would make, wouldn't
he'("-Chicago Post
TET IT.���It would be a gross injustice to
confound that standard hi'iilmj: agent, Dn.
Thomas' Ecuscrmo "Dn,, with the ordinary
unguentB, lotions and salves. They uro
oftentimes inflammatory und astringent.
Tho Oil Is, on the contrary, eminently cool*
log and Boothing when applied externally lo
relieve pain, una powerfully remedial wnen
New York, May l.-Wm. 9. Killer,
manager of the "Franklin eyndicate,*"
wbo was reoently oonvlotod ot (rand
laraeny, was sentenosd yesterdsy by
Jndge Hurd lu Brooklyn lo sarve ten
-years imprisonment A motion for a
naw tsl-tl and a star of proceeding*
Were denied.
Trne friends shonld be aeleoted because tjie good looks they haven't got
Happy I* th* youth whose orop of
���lid oats Isn't worth hamMlng.
Talk, aa She Looks.
Teas���She's loo fond of talking be*
hind ber hack,
Jess���What do you meant Behind
whose back?
Tea*���Hot own. She's a regular rub-
Iwrneck.���Plillnflolpliln PreBs.
Minard's UiUnt {ores Bonn, Etc.
Additional Testimony.
"Well." grunted tbe prominent cltl-
ien of Mafeking. laying down bis knife
nnd fork nfter another struggle witb
the mule steak. "General Sherman wai
right. That's exactly what war la!"-
Cblcugo Tribune.
SOMETHING MOttE THAN A PURGATIVE ���To purge li tbe only efleot of
many pills now on the market Parme-
leo'a vegetable Pills an moro than a purgative. They strengthen the stomach,
where other pilla only weaken It. Tbey
cleanse tbe blood by regulating tbe Uver
and kidneys, and tbey stimulate where
other pill compounds depress. Nothing
of an Injurious nature, used for merely
purgative powers, enters Into their composition.
Bt m Parmer's Wife.
"Ob, Rive mt thr life nl a rnrmcr'i wlte"
In (lie MiNiniiT lio! ami lirlftlit.
Mid croaking funis anil Imrktnc ttogt
Ami drfitilfiil llc-is il-nt liilc.
To riv In tlio mnrntn-j half asleep
When the Fannrr Mom tilt horn
And watch the wp-mIi an they go to t*e&
All over tht ytri ami lawn!
"Mi, ftvt mt the life of ��� firmer1! wife"
When the rain bruins to pour,
When the driving In com sliakrl leaves from ths
And whirls them In st your doort
The rats go mmi>er!ng through tht waits.
The inta In tht clout roam,
Tour frltnda drop In when tht larder Is this
Aod the servant! art gone from horotl
"Oh, give mt the life of a tarmefs wife"
When he's mad aa an old March hart
And rips wi tears nnd ranta and awean
And acti like a two legged hear.
When he lungs the door and kicks tbt dog
And treads on the tall ot tht cat,
And yoo feel like Iht comet had struck tka
And knocked It perfectly flat I
When -cold It grows and winter snows
Are pouring thick and white.
When the lir.'-itl won't rise and the baby cries
And the fire goea out at night,
And ivoihI li scarce and kindling! wet
And wslrr dims to Ice,
Just try the life nt a "farmer*! wile"
And tte If It Isn't nice.
���KJokmond Tleu��a
-Parmelee's Vegetable Pllli by acting
mildly but thoroughly on tha neretlons
of tte body are a valuable tonio, stimulating the lagging organs to healthful
aotion and restoring them to fnll vigor.
They oan be taken In graduated dona
a��d so used that they oan be dlsoontlnoed
al any time withont return of tba all-
meets wbioh tbey wen and to allay.
cure Diphtheria.
Frtnoh Village.
onre Group.
Oape Island,       J. F. Onnningham.
the bait roniedy on eartb.
Norway, Ue.        JOSEPH A. SNOW,
His Idea of tke Boots.
"Say, pa."
"Tbe Boen could have an easy time
coming out ahead If they bad any brier
pntcbeB down tbere In Africa."
"Why? Whnt would brier patches
hnve to do with Itr
"Nearly half of the soldiers fighting
ngnlnst tbem hove their legs bare.
How could they do anything In among
n lot of bra in bles?"���Chicago Times-
Women are coming to understand
that the Backaches,
Headaches, T j red
Feelings and Weak
Bpulle from which
tbey suffer are due
to wrong action ot
tbe kidneys.
Tbe poisoua tbat
ought to be carried
off are aent baok
Into the blood, taking with tbem a multitude of pains and aohes.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drir. sw.y pains aad aches, maVa womsn
b.alth-f and happy���abl. to enjoy Ufa,
Mn. C. H. aillnpl., 20* Britain Street,
Bt. John, N.B., aaysss
" Bom. tlm. ago I had a rlolent attack
of La Orlppe. From thia, .evere kidney
trouble aroae, for which 1 doctored witb
a number of tho beat physicians tn St
John, but nooived littlo relief. Hearing
Doan'a Klduey Pill, highly spoken of, 1
began their uh .nd In a short tim. found
them to be a perfect oure. Befor. takins
th... pill. 1 .uffered .uch torture that 1
could not turn over in bed without assistance. Doan's Kidney Pill. hav. rescued
o. from thia torrlbl. oondltion, and ban
wmoTod w.ry pain and ache.	
work while you sleep without a gript
or pain, curing Dyspepsia, Sick Headuehi
and CniiPtipiititmnndinnKoyouf��sl bettei
in the moruiug, 1'rles Udo.
So Chance For Sne-ccsa.
"What do you think of his new theatrical venture?"
"Won't do; won't do at all. It's not.
up to modern requirements."
"Why, wbat'a tbe matter?"
"He has neither nn Immoral play nor
an Immoral star."���Chicago Post
An Early Start.
"That Bllnkersdorf girl 1b tbe promptest young woman 1 ever had the pleasure of escorting,"
"She comes by tt honestly. Her father wns a car starter,"��� Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
lUawUVIl   FACTORY. Montreal
Farm Lands
For Salo in All Parts of the
ProYince.  Write (or Lists.
Muaufuolur.d liy THOS. l.IiK, H lnulpf.
Tradu Mark ReKlaU'rud Nov. -4, mm.
One Oxydonor will ��.rvc a family. You
aro to do the curing yourself. Fully tested
in all disease-is Oxygen i-i nature's greatest
cure. Sure cure for Lu Orlppe. Rheumatism,
Catarrh, Chronic Dyn[io:iBl:i, etc. Dr. P. Emmons, of Syracuse, N. Y., wrltest "1 wish to
give you particulars of a few from many
cuise-j which hnvo been effected liy the Oxydonor'Victory'In my practice." He especially mentions cossa of Pneumonia, Bowel
Trouble, Etytlpelas, Asthma, Hlicuma ism,
Dipthoria, Mensels, Netttalgfa, ite. Particulars can be seen td my office, Subdcalers
in every district wanted. For dei-criptive
booklet and pavticu'ars address Wm. T.
Gt*aittNB. Grain Exchange. Winnipeg,
No midsummer holidays.   Now Is tlio timo to
prepare fur a situation in tho 1 usy reason.
Full particulars on application.
O. W. DONALD, Soo.
N. B,���We assisted over 100 of our students to
positions during tho past live months.
a|ajw   KEEP THE tEATItER*8   .-.
p^SlP SOFT AND PUABIE '�����%���
Catholic Prayer SSB��K2S
alatt, H-L-llgiotii Pictures. Statuary, nnd Clmrch
Ornaments,Kducational Works. Maliordersre-
eelv* prompt attention. D. & J SadlitriCO.-MOMre.'l]
W. N. U. 271.
yjuu- niHiTv wlmxt*' dea/
Jraa4A��^aJeU' hox>n**' **mi*i }*v*f**y
Sit^tjtei, Jh Alt/ J**%*-Yt*iL 44Kt^A7lJi/ *Vhl*t/
Wu*Wi4  *V 04^*0 ���**n**i-J-**j--tf*.
(food Clothes are not expensive, It Is the
-common kind that costs most in the end:
Shorey's Clothing
must be good as every garment is guaranteed
nnd money will be refunded if it is not as represented.
All seams are overcast.
The Cloth is sponged and shrunk.
The Linings are good.
The Buttons match.
The inside, which you cannot see is as good as
tlie outsidewhich you can see. It is sold by reliable
slealers only.   Made to Fit ���not made to Order.
m.      i Forbes worsted Trousers
SltOrey S    Retail at $3.50
Tailors get $6.00
.aiii. " """Kiif.-- ->*"*'"
1 Car Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor. Dining-room
ond Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Oar Common Furniture
Mattresses,  Pillows,  &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for the
building and mining Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
Canned Goods,  &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and Windows
to keep osst mosquitoes.
Genuine Maple Syrup
f.oin Qiifsl-stc.
a B. mcDEHMOT,
Oolden,   B.C.
Drink Ilio. Ribbon Coffee every morning,
and ba happy.
Tbe town of Sandon has been completely
deetroyed by fire. Oue person loat bla life
P.P. Araatrong and F. W. Patsnora were
west as far as Rogers Put electioneering
this week.
Methodist Chnrbl. 8uud.iv May I'M.. Tlie
pastor will preach both morning and evening. Evening subject "Tl* end froo. life1*
Allan invited*
Tb* rahjeet of Iter. W, I), Turner discourse at tho PsesMrSerian Chssrs-h on Snn*
day evening next will be "New found joy."
A bush tire about 6 or 6 mile, sonth ol Gold*
���n has been very anrressf.il till, naat few
day. ia making tbe atmrwpher. of Golden
more smoky than ia rnmfijrtj.lile. There ia
wo understand a very hswsvy fine attached to
starting bush fire, and people should bo exceedingly careful in starting Urea.
In a prevlnts. issue nf Tim Eft/, amon* tlw
name, of Well", committee swe roe-*tl.*ne*l the
nasneof W. It. Robertson, the name should
have t-eeu that of J. R. Robinson,
W. Bowa of Field * Bewa,Revelatnke.Fasne
to Golden on Tuessd-sv to takes-harm* of tho
business here whil. C. W. Field goes to
Revelstoke lor a few weeko,
"Hevelstoke ia going to celebrate the 94th
by having an afternoon of general sports.
Oolden la going lo begin In the morning and
end up witn a dame in Ihe evening.
Ossr Mascot goat" 1)111 v" acrldantlv drove
one of hia horns up under the thumb nail of
Jos. l*smontsgne on Sunday, while endeavoring to make abort work of a dog whom he
had a grudge against. The wound neccasltat-
ed the cutting awa*.- of the rout, of tne nail,
which proved lobe a very palsA.1 operation.
Service at St. Paul*. Church on 8nndav
rest. May 1.1th will ho at II a.m. Mailna and
Celebration of the fl<.lyi'omsnuulon; at IM
p.m. Evensong add se-snon.
On Monday a. Sn. I was coming through
the canyon a rock weighing a hundred
pounds or more came bounding down one of
the cliff- and swot clear thrnurl. the top of
t��e tourist car. striking one ofthe paawng
arson Use bond and leg and Infls-rlng other
Csinful wounds, although nothing serious
appnnod* A Ifidy i-Aa.ensrcr alt Ing near br
mls.-ed being instantly killed only by a hair's
On Sssstdar morning laat on. of tha men
workinp-on the 0* P. R* bridge gang eaat of
Oolden Invented a plan hy n-hl"h no reached
Oolden cosislderal.lT'lnick.r than It-? walking. He nss.de a raft ��nd hy this' ^-etnn
reached Oolden In safety but It rather ticklod
bim to land, nnd before doing so had tbo
pleasure of a nlrn little bath Xo he aaya
walking heata Ihe raft all hollow.
The Columbian of Hew Weatmlnlster, Ibr
may yesrs the advocate of Liberal prinol*
oh. nnder tho management of Kennedy
Bros, haa changed hand, and will-also
ehange In politics, we hare believed It will
be a Conservallye organ. J. D. Taylor,
night editor ��fth�� Oolonlst haa assumed
editorial control. Evidently Charles Wilson
bu com. to believe In ths powor of the
News has beon recelveod from Riming-
ham, England, of the death at th.t place of
John Redgrave, eldest brother of RherllfPed-
rave of Oolden. and ssncle of Police (Sergeant
L.Redgrave of Victoria. The deceased
gentleman was a prominent barrister and
solicitor whoa few wars ago retired frotn
practice, and nl Ids death on the threshold of
hi. ninetieth year. He leaves a widow and
thrsso children.
Kirqpton     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton  Sled Company,
Win.    ...
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold Baths.
I Ates 92 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  O. Greene, Proprietor.
To The Editor Of Ths Goldhx Eka.
6lr,-Belng constantly asked by voter,
throjghosst th. district what stand Mr.
W*lb Is taking in the preaent election, I feel
1 am Justified In asking you toinsoit this
letter in your next bsne.
rnmyMgamenUIr.Welb.ln pursuing
th. course he hss adopted, shows himself to
be consistesit throughout as. from his first on-
try into public life (some two years ago) h.
has always maintained that Itis not desirable,
nor in th. b *t Iiiterejt. of either this district
or the Province of Rriti-h Columbia, thtt
party snesshould be introduced late Provincial polish'.
Sine. Hr. Wolls was eleoted hy acclamation to reprr��nt North Eaat Kootonay, a very
��reat change ha. taken plaoe in tba political
ba one of the| most proaiwona mining r��*
gloss. ihroiigl,out the Hrltlsh Empire.
I enislder tho stand taken by Mr. Wells
(which hwalrwly been announced aovoral
time, tront the p-sblic plathmn a. well aa ba.
'If ny"**0 bi yimr paper) not only adtfa-
able fSr Usoprosporltyotthl. district, but
also sssost desirable in tha Irst
iatsrests of tlw province generally. He
b certainly mnst candid ia the statsd whioh
he take 1 as for Instance-that ha is not a
���unnorteroftbo nrweut government.
. 8Is*s-m Mr*WeUa hy I****** our represent.-
tatlve in the bjal House, he ha. been untiring in 1.1s odoris to secure for avery part of
llsl. dblr.ct, irrc.te.tive of party, all
that a member coul.) obtain, and as to this I
Ml ran say. without har of contradlclion,
he has been highly successful ami his efforts
aro in every raped worthy of much commendation,
The platform Adopted by Mr. Wells appeals
to mo o�� one that wi:l meet with lha approval
td 17*17 "'JP .""ferity of Iho elMtorate of
North But Kootenay, and I am .satisfied
���honld Mr. Wells be agalu returned to re
proaent this district in the local bgbbture
ihe electorsmay well consider lhat Ihey have
placed their lutortsta in a man who b
worthy of every t'os.fidence.
Yours Faithfully,
Odd��M.y���h. **--���u**
To Tlm Eslltor Of Thsj OotDisx Fju.
THB Er 'suiinoiinren.eiit tlusl It will take
a neutral .'and in the pending political con*
lest and (rise, a fair rei-ort to all sides b, I
think ass advisable course and one that will
J? SiV��g*\ by all parties. If you w 11
��l��ly,,,��'fo'd sno Iho space Mr. Editor I
wouMHkfltomakoafs'Wobsarsatlnns touching one phase of the local situation that pre-
aents itself in so fnr as it has develoi-ed at tho
present time. Home people aro finding fault
wlshoorexmeml-er W. CVWelb for "hang.
Ing or rather throwing away all the political
principles hoi ��dv��:at��J so .arnlngly two
vaara ago an.1 offersng noihing ia their place
i hb preaent cam-as,
While this may look strange and perhaps
appear incons.at.ini Sn many voter, who ware
bdtoconnoctM.-. Wall's nam. with rolorns
from thn stand ho and his suppertoss took oa
tha platform, and In the pre., during that
t-tmnmttr-t  mint *i.mlnm tt*mt .--�� ��� _."?t_ff
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. 0.,
First claa? accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining" Men.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
the B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver.      -     B.C.
Wa an llanstfeeturers and direct Importer., and carry a large atock of Balance.
f**u**a*��., Fire Clay Us*-*., Sobatifiu and fractlca Boota,*ffl.��^/p��la*aH��
tUMs, OhMsioab. g*AIalI oshar AM.y.r. .nd Miner.' requirement.. '
SOLI AGENTS fw Morgan Crsiclble Company, Bal'-naaai Booker'. *mm
ISJ--L--.  a*-*-, ���-���--.     .
Catalogs, sad Ml aartisMlare on applieatln.
*. ***.,., ,���, w i.i.n*. praa. oursng I
caaspslgu, .till ��-.lng thai m are getting a
nndaal sad lho gentleman wMies lo play
hb hand, 'trammelled by no rarty alll*
[do nol.00 why he i, not folly
 itao-f thatapneari ���
  "��� -�� My lo s-alch th�� ,������.,
runatrey votes, aud brls.g in th. largeat and
l*g} fe-?1!1"* aayalaasr rt.it apneara to tlm-
aelfand frloods as Illsely lo s-alch tho most
sure.1 returns. IfthevolorsiM.il X know
iwtlsing programme why can't Ihey hare
ll.ttoyosMHnntOTta het.er on. of that
kind, and when MV. Wella ia willing to nut
up hb dapo.it and meet tho voter, along lha
line, whai objection can there be to hbds
... .**** .,* www uuHurm aim psace aay
nl.uk. ha wbhe. In It. and for that matter a
trap door If he th nks It would ba naefhi.  Do
thai they aavs no kckcomng, they hare
IWd, aod If Ihey have signed ths osn.ember
e>^S^'\*-Vm*--m~*-,m doubt
MrWelbwUlftwIyacTOrdlhemthe Mm.
prlylllage to change tbeir mind, which he
Mtoescercise himaalf.
n��,     ��    . -. ,~J< -��� JOHNSTON,
PaUbar "May 7th 1000.
Card of Thanki.
Mre. aod Mra. H. Dainard desire through
TBji����Ato oop-rey their taartlultBX
to Iheir many frlenns for she klud attention
shown during the Illness o thoir little dough*
���Su-yfr.-*?1.*."^11? "> "�� "ohool
children for their thoughstulnn. in preparing wraath., etc., for th. Mrvoe. *
W. C. WELLS. EssjBiaa,
Palliser, B.0.
Diar Sia,���
W., tb. undersigned, rcoirnlaln�� and
appreclatiag u ws do tha vary able
earnost manner la -whioh you have
managad ths affaire a( this sls.trict
tbroughoot tha period yon hare been
oar repreaantatlr. lo tha Local Honas,
and belMng that, witb th.sifseri.noa
whleh yon hav. now gaiasd ia tbat
capacity and th. knowledge possessed
by yon of the many requirements of
North East Kootenay���both from a
mining aad oommsroial point of view
���uo person oan, with any degree of
assurance, represent us with the aa.ne
ability aa yourself; and wa slnooraly
sru.t you will he abla to see your way
clear to allow your name ts, be placed
in nomination .a a candidate at the
forthcoming election ta ba bald la this
In the ereot of yonr aooepting, tba
undersigned we hereby pledge to you our
influence aad our haarty aupport.
Ben. Reed Peterborough
"   Angu. MoOilll-rray        "    *
E. J. Soovil ss
B. C. Burton "
W. F. 0. laarmour ������
0. Charahtrlain              "
A. Dando "
P. J. M.Kamara ������
Samuel A. Dorr             "'
D. B. McLsan ��
B. Elliott ���'
T. Haaklna "
John Hurst "
A. J. Legg ��
0. A. Brew.ter ��
0. A. Elliott, M.D. ��
Bobt. Elliott, M.D. ������
P. Psrkius , s.
A. Kslsay "
W. C. Bennett ��
Joa Henry '<
H. Campbell ���'
J. A. EIU. "
H.0 Schwols-irlth "
A. McMillan ��
Samuel Cobb                  "
.  Oeorga Bahdar "
Peter Critoblay "
J. J. Quittllvaa "
David Kenton "
W. Pollwsn ������
Harry Oglsston "
Beubsn Patttm "
Thomas H. JonsM "
T. B. Klckw.rd <<
W. 8. Santo "
Harry Munton "
T. Mayh. ss
Ed. Larkin "'
Sinclair Craig ��
Wm. Chamberlain "
H. E Nearo ���<
Wsu. A. Oolton "
Thomas Oaad "
Frank Corbln ss
Jama, IX 0*MsIl '*
Oeorga Dougnrrty . "
A. Kanrosa >>
0. Troyer "
Albert Jonea "
Pet.r ttclvor ������
Joseph Lsssard Athalmer
Frank Dargis "
William Maueely <���
M. McMillan ������
Nail Patterson "
Joseph Lake "
Frank St.v.n. ��
Oeorg. UcLsms. "
Alex. Kauuesly "
V. L Snook "
F, C. Ssislth ...
Om. U. WilJarsi "
X. H. Huge. .        Cautarbury
. L. C Hoffman <���
Tom Hawe. "
T Shields Carbonate
Robert ConkrHa "
Wm. Wallace    . "
Wm. Callw.ll "
W.H. Johnston    Nelson Craek
T. H. Bingham "
Jos F. Firapatrlok Hog Ranch
Samuel Uinphrey "
Nail UcBaa Oalena
Oeorga McMillan "
William Botfleld *"
P. Moore ��
Thos. F. Plrl* "
H. Prlsp ��
J. Bryant .'  .
Addrew Clark '<
H. Atchison . . ' "
A. Austin "
David Smilb ' .    ��
Samuel Brewer Fairmont
W. Thornton Oobn "
J. Young "
John Bullman       Thunderhill
��. N. Basaell "
J. D. 8,-eacer ss
D.J, Hill ..
Tho.. J. Sheel       Windermere
John H. Taynton "
William Taynton ���'
H 0. Gordon "
E. B. Herring ������
Boy Cairns "
Ales. Guy "
H. E. Homer Dlaon '���
Colin I,, alackenala        "
A, Walker Tegart ."
B. Mnrland ���'
Dsvld Jackson *"
John Harris "
John Maher "
M. Kimpton "
Eugsno Couture "
James Votler "
Ed Beaman '-
Henry McKnlgbt "
H.nry Bi.rn.tt "
D. -Grainger "
H Grainger '���
George Brainell "
Ed. Hrrrlog , "
A. Bugram '���
B. A. Kimpton "
W. Hamilton "
E. Z. Hart "
P. Hart "
B. 8. Gallop "
A. Hums "
David Bala ���>
J. 8. McKenale .. ������
J. B. Bennett "
Frad Kimpton "
William H. Palmar "
Bobert Chapman "
Paisr Wateraton "
W. H. Bunoe "
W. Lonon "
A. Anderson "
Jamea MoNaugbtoa "
Duncan Yuill *
Hearv Jams* "
David Kidd "
A. D. Robinson            "
J. L. McKay Sinclair
Thus. B. Boothby     Brlsoo*
H. 0. Killeen Fi.id
GaorgaSchuU ������
Jno. T. Joaa, ��'
F. Fields
Chaa. Fraaam
W. B. Evaas
F. A. Carlson
Jamea Patrick
D. Cragg
A. Murray
William Allan
A. Wslandsr
William Johnaon
T. Barter
T. Stephen.
Wm. a H*m
John 8antlm��
W. G. Baatwlck
D. M. Cldu-
0. P. Round.
8. Spicar
W. J. Joosa
Thome. Pooly
J. B. Hargrare
Jamea 0. Bennett
A. D. MeLachlaa
Gm. P. Wells
J. ft Wells
B. McMurray
A. UcWblrtw
W. Lamont
H. Monltoa
P. Bruckahaw
H Bomervllla
T. G. Browna
John N. Largh
Jamea Nobis "
A. M. Langlands "
F. W. Aylmer "
A. W. Upton "
W. J. MacDonald "
B, Bench "
J. G. Ullock "
Daniel Morrison "
Jno. A. Maclntyra "
Frad. Halllday "
James H. Sample - "
Gcorga Moore "
Bol-ert Wild "
L. H. Estell "
E. A. Haggen ss
A. J. McAulay .. s.
G, C. Knowlton '���.
J. W. Conner "
A. Hamilton "
0. E. Thompson "
W.Thillault '.
Thoa. H. Bolnon "
Alexander Campbell M
D. McCalluo . "s
D. Jamas "
J. McMillan ���'
George Wood . '���
Arthur Allan "
E. M. Pearc* "
Samuel High ������
Thoa. O'Brien - ���>
Jcmes 0. Bennett "
H. J. LaBraeb ������
Geo, B. McDermot >'
G. A. Pearo* <>
Evan B Pugha "
J, Carscaddau "
B-Manual '<
Alaaandtr McLsan "
William Lawion "
Juo.Glhsoa *
O.W, Bnoar ��
John Moore "
H. J. Starforth ������
Cbaa. Franaan '���
Peter Sebastian ��
Jno. Grady "
Joa Laflsur . ,"
Chaa. Pearc* ��
A. M. Longroor* "
J. -F. Deacan "
Harry Brindl* "
Jet Power* ��
Walter Brundrett ���'
A. Vaohon ' .'
W. G. Uannthere "
J. Langton *s
Alphouae Morin "
Wm. Clemea <>
P. Lnnd ���'
W H. C��M#elI "
Chas. A. Llndblom Molwrl.y
John Wilson si
G. F. Wllaon ��
N.II Wilson "
Frank MoConnell "
P. H. Daeust "'
Francis Charsdors "
Peter Meechan "
W. T, Morrison "
J. P. Bargsnkn ��'
Jamas Cooper "
8. E. Hambly <���
F. H. Boblnaon "
Onr Weekly Budget FPom tbe
Divisional Point.
Mr. Tho.far.yof Bavebtok. fa paying
the town a protracted vialt,.
lt b rumoured that a prominent member ef
the Fire Brigade has gon* east bunting a
Mrs. aad Mbs Tun-ball have taken up their
reaideoee lathe town.
Mr. Tu Sing hublaly received a large
coulgasraat of rebllve. Irom hb aatfre
. Mr HcLee has commaaead hb mlabterial
dull*, hare.
On Monday last wu held, very eecbbb
smoking concert, at which tha grettaat
.nccsMa waa the arlsstic Hlghbud danclu
The othor night your correspondent wlt-
seud what SMsual to bath* dsnuon act iu a
pantomine, While doing hb usual astronomical observation. h> by chance lowered
bl. ��yoe to th. terrMtri-d aphera. and there
beheld a sno.ll .taut black Agere creeping
warily tawanb our local Chinatown. Upon
'ng ih* figure disappeared rapidly but
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment,
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Csiehe in the north.
The important mineral diwdteriw recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, -together with the
fact that transportation is how assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity-in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure tlie
operation of the Golds* Smelter within the nezt few
months. '
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building*-
"*"" Nta
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will-
find it to their interest to purchase before a ftirther rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and term* obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is Valid uiltil purchaser receives agre*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,
a nice Suit or a
Pair of Pants for
Easter, call on
J. c.
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Pare Norwegian
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
Tb* Mnsdhnos* re-Kmad. with .traag*
umblas. Oarslbatscwwartbtbd work.
Vaat preparatlosu are balacaada by lha
.pertlng-NsawaiottMimtle-Mad esi-Msg
m.-wesiMtlrs. te th* OeMea apart,.. OaasH
pctore lhat hav* arsmad
hews ha. he*areeel��ed frees tlgsaat et
polated to this qnickfirlng gun difbloo.
l>atsd AprB Kith, HOO.
Hum?, leCartsr ft Hnkham,
'   BnttMars, KtlalMr*, A*.
Booms, Ataa&cMKkloolta, A 0,
The Drnsrgist.
P. A. Desormeau,
. . . Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���oata tU. El.klng Hera. Hirer,
Boot. Elliot, M.D.,
Lleansad Physician ft .Surgeon
Hull Bros, te Co.
Oattl*. 8h*ap and Son* Dwlm.
Jas Bbadt, D.LS., k P.L&
Mining Engln-eer,
KAm-a. Ins*. MX.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, tolloltor.
Notary Pablte|CMveFueer, ete
Otmbt OMsar Oehnabla hMntha aad
Traasrar OsM-pa*****"-* AiflUg,
��� e.c
a M' s���aaii ws.������saa.���
Coffins and
Fon*r*l Botra of all kind*.
Order* promptly attended tn .
W. L. Houston,
 Golden, B.C.
���16.THE MOjSr WHOtFSfiME
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Caaimcrelal Ollecc
tt*x Mt. Vaacwmver, B. C,
Thorough Instroctlon In baaln***
nMthod*, Bookkeeping, (we oa* no
test-books, bnt sfe actual business)
Shorthand and typewriting. Wapn-
pare for watnlnatloaa.    *
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quick**! Tlm* and Lowest Bates to all
point* EAST and WEST,
Bxrarstoa Bates te
aad all Winter Inorts.
Old Oountry.
Apply to partlaalawf MMiii O.P.B
-,' *m***'** ,
*   e * ����WHliON


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