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The Golden Era Jan 4, 1896

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Array VOL. V. i- NO. 2;-J
92 Per Yeah
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, punts, coats, vests; boots and shoes,
hats and cups.
In order to remedy this I oScr the following inducements:
Qf-'f- I   have  over  FIFTY   Suits  that  I   will   sell   at  cost and
OUllS. Ullder,
Do M fc       * nalB ov**r THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
JTcilia. at exact cost.
Ptfa"l t<3       * -lft,'e over TW-GNTY coats, that I will sell'.at all prices.
Vaefc   'i'i  have, over  TWENTY  vests   that   I   will  sell  at  very
TCOlSa  s   '��� ,l6w-prices. ���
Drtrtf-    Dr   QYinao   -1 have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DOOlb   Ob   OllUUba prices satisfactory to all.
Hilts   R"   (Pi-lTiQ     *  '>&ve hats and caps to fit the head and suit the
It will be to yonr interest to vail and examine these
CAS4II   BAK��ji*fWr*l.
C. A. Wi
\i_i\,   -   -
Golden, B.C
l_fl*J_!y,? GOLDEN,   B.C.,
*   H. D. HUME, Prop.
'���;.;:; -:
H. G.
Alexander Block,
Golden, B.C.
Christmas   ���#
<^ , Presents.
It hna been demonstrated beyond
the .'iicstiiin uf a iluulit llr..I tliu pruc-
ti.'e ut' present giving liy the mor-
I'haut to cus.u.uers in a n-rotig one.
Vie never i.i 1 luilievu hi the system
liud iveuo iiutpru|.Kwutuui,anilono.ir
belief hi this cuunectiuii now. What
we Oo propose lu do, however, Ih to
supply uur customers with seasu.wblo
goods at prici ��ihat tlio average mer-
1'lu.nt pays tu li.) them down. Look
i iver thu fullo'.vhig and see if what wo
suy is uut su:���
"Bachelor's" Hamper
1 Bottle 7 your old Hye Whiskey.
1    "    " ���iiirure " Scotch    "
1    "    Hoe's Irish Whiskey.
I    "    Purt, t-berry or lluret.
1 Box Imperial I.ignis,
Family   Hamper"
1 Pail Old English Mince Meat, Tibs.
2 Boxes 1 h.ii.'ii linn lions,
'-'lbs 1 lest Dessert Figs,
-lilm   "...      "���'    li.asins.
lib New Almonds,
lib   "   Walnuts.
lib   "   Filberts.
Bibs Fancy .Mi.xo.1 Biscuits.
2 Jars Mcl.owu'iiiiiiperiiil Cheese
ill. Tetley's Famous iuu isuutplui.
���2 Bottles 11 year uld live ���.'. hiskuy.
1 Bottle Oil " trusted ���' Port Wine.
1    "    Pale" Dry "i-liorry.
1    "    H.ll.C'u.'s Pule ur uurk Brandy.
"That Dead, Tired, Sore Feel.
Simpson's Kidney Pills,
Templeton, Agent, Calgary.
fight, it I'ecomea n positive necessity
to halt ocuaxsioiinlly, mop by the wayside and taste of the jojs of life. This
brief snatching i.f pleasure when not
abused,is one of the blessing thnt flesh
is lever to and makes us fed that thero
is something worth living for and
lhat life without friends would be u
dismal blank indeed. We never feel
so happy ns when we see ourselves
Go'..-en, on the mainline nf l.,-> Ciii.aumi ���""'rounded ��� by our frieuils, and there
Pacific Railway, at lis connection with the nre people who above all things else
steamboat nuvig-utioi. of the Coinnibiu river; 1      ��� .,   .    . .    -
tbe niiiieriiiiuutcoiiiiiiereiuleeutreofEastern |l"'efcr ,0 Bee ""���������' friends enjoying
British Columbia j headquarters oi'ib * Oold- j themselves. I am sum 1 hose were th..
en Smelting works,  tbe   I ppcr   Columbia I ,        ..,,,,, ,
Navigation Co., and lumber industryi the sentiments that tilled the heart of our
outlet fur Iho widely known ami; tar kind host on Christinas Dav in tha
tamed agricultural and grazing land  of the   _ ,      ,, ' , ,
Columbia & Kootonay Valleys;   unrivalled  Columbia House for he spared no pain's
fur scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
Either of the abovo will be
dellvei-ed,caielully packed and
carriage paid to Golden on receipt of price.
In  the  matter of  James M. Rogers,
deceased :
By order of the County Court of
Kootenay, sealed tenders for the purchase of Lot 108, Group 1, situate
near Winuermern in the district of
East Kootenay, will he received by the
undersigned and will be opened at
noon ou Tuesday the 18th day of
February, A.D., 18&M.
This is us fine a farm as thore is in the district, IKl acres have been miner cultivation
nud ure fenced and irrigated, UOucros additional are fenced and have been used as pasture. HSU acres are excellent nrulile land ami
can be irrigated at a small ex|ieiisu. I ho
improvements include a frame dwelling
house and a full set of outbuildings.
For terms and further particulars
apply to the undersigned.
Official Administrator,
(U4 Donald, B.C.
Oolden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
..      .7     "    "   8   "
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
From 2:30 p.m. lo 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Okubr.
The Curlers Ball will be held on the
23rd inst., in all probability,
And as tho ladies gave a dance Inst
year the bachelors will give one shortly
We have been fortunate enough to
have had the honor of the Sheriff and
Mrs. Redgrave te spend Christmas
and tha Christmas weak, I hope their
Donald friends will not become envious
of us.
The services of at. exceptionally talented genii, men were exgaged this
week as tha "Man about Town"; but I
regretfully state tliut owing either to
the undue elation with which lie accepted the post or to enthusiasm generally expressed how to celebrate this
seasou of the year or a combination of
lioth, he, like soma musicians of laf;
did not appear.
We are vary sorry to relate that
Capt. Parson, who left here last week
for thu coast was obliged to lose his
eye which was injured last spring.
The operation has been performed successfully so fur, and we trust it will
remain so. It is his intention of staying iu Yuncouver for a mouth or six
weeks longer. He has our heart-feli
There is a move iu the direction of u
Hue of coiicerts- 4 is suggested - to Ue
held in the Oddfellows Hull, the four
oomiug weeks. As the - roceeds will
be divided amoug the four churches 1
hope that one and all will do their best.
lo make the attendance as large as
Mr. C. Cartwright is in town from
Carbonate, he has hauled all tbe ore
contracted from Vermont to the first
stage point and some as far as tho
peak. Tbo amount of snowfall being
small for that high altitude materially
assisted him in the shipping. Wo
wish hiu. every success.
Mr. Low, who has been shipping iu
supplies for thu Treasure mine reports
tho discovery of another galena vein
on the Oiaut claim, not large but of
very good quulity and that the work
nt both mines is being carried 011 ou a
well conducted principle. Everyone
rc-axpranses his hopes unit the owners
j-easrs. AlcNeisli unif Jones will be
successful iu auautarpriso su buuoticiul
to the district.
A report of the New Year Dinner at
the Kootenai* House is held over till
next week.
Ou Christinas Day Mr. McNeish
very kindly invited the cit.zeus of
Golden to spend the evening with hiin
at the Columbia House. In the buttle
of life, which we  aru all compelled to I su Dr
ill order (hat his guests ..light spend a
delightful evening.    Shakespeare snys:
"Tin ever common,
That men  nre  merriest when ihey are
from home."
I out. only ndd that if Ihis is nut
true we have many very happy I101111 s
in Golden.
The guests arrived and proceeded to
dine at 11:30. Sheriff Redgrave taking
the ohiiir and Mr. E. .Mitchell-Junes
li.o vice clinic. The table was elaborately laid uut -ind the decorations were
indeed artistically executed, which of
course added material to the charm of
ihe occasion.
Thu menu was as follows:
Blue Points
(Haute Sautei'l.e)
liauie    Mulligatawny
Fish ���
Lake Superior Trout,
.Sauce Tart 11 re,
P..risieiii.e Potatoes
Rki.kvks -
Sardines        Olives
F.let Ue boeuf a la bel'llal'ili
|Cli.iie..n Latum)
Saluii of Partridge aux Truffles
Lamb Cutlets all Pct.t Puis
Ol'UUge Fritters, Wine Sauce
Angus eu Chevuux
Vol uu Vent of ity sters
Leg of Mutton. Caper Sauce
Sugar lured Ham, CnaiiipiigueSai.ee
Froth Touguu with Onus
Kuuckle of Veal, Parsley Sauce
Baron of Beef, Yorkshire Pudding
Turkey, Cran berry Si.ucu
Goose, Apple Siiuco
-Mashed Potatoes    Green Peas
Sweet Corn    Cabbage
Haunch of Venison,Red Currant,]elly
Wild Goo��e, Port Wine Saiuru
Prairie Chicken, Bioad Sauco
.Mallard Duck with Jelly.
Dessert ���
Xiiius Pudding, Brandy Since
Mince Pie    Trifle    Spanish Cream
Tipsy Cake   Hoi-ueiori Cheese
Oniuges    Peul'S    Apples    dupes
AliiHiu.is        Walnuts
Assoui'Ei. Cam:
TBA CuiTiri:
The uhrilr.ni.il propose 1 in due course
the Ho'al tonsi which was drunk with
profound cheer. Toasts wire also proposed and <.i link lo the health of lliu
Ladies the high, lhe glorious privilege of responding tor ihem was alotted
10 Mr. Mitchell-limes - the chairman,
Mr. Greene aim .he Free .Miners 01 B.
C, A lo.ist, was proposed and uruuk
with uuthiislusin tor the health of tho
host and u vole ol thanks wns passed
for lhe kind, bouiiluous u,iv in which
hu hud received ine..., aud with Ihu
vocal and recitative powers of soma of
the guests uud thu host lhe evening
passed into morning in a most delightful iiiru.uer, e'le   A uid i*.t.ie S,, ue was Ciht iijjliJij.i (Srit
Tho GJ-jUU., _;;a is published every
Saturday morning- iu timo to catch tho cast
and west mail trains, also the miiil for the
uppor country, .Vhldur nure, r'ui'i Sluule etc
It is thu only advertising ineilnuu iu tiie Kei.t
Kootenay district
Sribscription Kates : ������S'���OU.pur a......... i.\
Advertisements and chaugas must be in
the olfice not later tlu.u 1*! a iu, ui. Tliursday
to insure insertion.
Allca-rh tu bo pail to tlin Manager, from
whom tlio Company's receipt will he obtained.
Advertisement rates made kuu.vu un uppli-
oatiur -.a
III. Golden Era Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, .TAX. 4, 1896.
Tim controversv between Great
Britain nnd tho Republic ot Venezuela
has, through the interference of the
United States bccoinu the one absorbing topic at present and the ���'unspeakable Yank'' has for a time a
period in whicli to breath his last in
his own fond wny.
Great Britain is now involved in
two disputes with regard to the Venezuela affair. Thero is in the lirst pjace
the dispute with Venezuela itself as to
the position of the boundary line
between British Guiana and Venezuela
' Then ill the second place there is tho
dispute with the United States over
the hitter's assumption to make Great
Britain refer her dispute with Venezuela to arbitration.
In 1814 Great Britain acquired a
title to British Guiana from Holland
by treaty. Tho provinces then conceded were Berbice, Demurara nnd Ese-
quiho. However the Republic of Venezuela has never recognized lhat Great
Britain had any legal right to any
territory west of the Rio Esequiha, In
1841 Sir Robert Scboinburg entered
the disputed territory and procec ed to
establish a line from the Brazilian
frontier to the Boca Grande In order
to have a defined boundary lino between British   Guiana uud Venezuela.
In running his line Schouiburg set
up posts iu different places, to indicate
the limits of the British possessions
there. They wero subsequently ordered to be removed by Lord Aberdeen,
who was then Foreign Secretary, as
the Venezuelans made a strong protest.
It is upon the Schouiburg lines lhat
England b.ises her claim. Since then
thero have been several unsuccessful
attempts lo settle.he dispute amicably
In 18ii0 the celebrated status quo tins
established. Iu 1881 Lord Granville
mado an attempt aud proposed a new
boundary Una and iu lHS.'i he assented
to a treaty, a uhiut-u of which 'provided that uuy differences not adjustable
by the usual means should lie submitted to thu urbit rut ion of u third
power or of some several powers iu
amity with both countries. The arrangements inr.de by the Glndstonin.i
party was however rescinded by Lord
Salisbury who caine into oliiee and
England bus since that time refused to
submit to arbitration any territory inside the Scboiuburg line or any t'eri.-
tory outside his line will) the U.S. us
What has untile the dispute momentous is: last year tlio States triud
to impose ou Great Britain to make
tho affair be settled by iirbilrntiui.
Tho l'nileil Stutcs buses its authority
upon the much hackneyed Munroe
doctrine. Of course it does not .nutter
whet her Great Britain is correct or
not in the boundary line between lho
two territories. Tho question is has
the United Suites thu right to dictate
to England what she shall or shall not
do in reference to South American
territory which dees not in the least
degree effect them. As on apology for
the interference they bring forward tho
Monroe doctrine, which is as Lord
Aberdeen said: ������merely a dictum of its
distinguished author," ami has no
place in the code of international laws.
The Monroe doctrine originated from
a sequence of events which occurred
during the early part of the present
century in connection with thu Spanish colonies in America. It was
drawn up ill 1822 In Mexico and
South America the Spanish colonies
revolted and established for themselves
republican governments. The United
States acknowledged their iudopend-
crinse, Spain however wus making' nn
effort to re-subdue theiu. She hoped
by the aid of the holy alliance (a fad
erastion composed of Russia, Prussia.
Franco and Austria) to recover her
colonies and wus taking steps to do so,
wheu Great Britain co-opotiited with
Uio United States in resenting this
resubjiigation nnd President Monroe sent bis message to congress
containing tbe following words, (after
reviewing the position of the Spanish
colonics) ���"We owe it therefore lo
candour and to the amicable relations
existing betweon the United States and
those powers to declare that we should
consider any attempt on their part to
extend their system to any portion of
this hemisphere us dangerous to our
penco nnd safsty. Willi tlie existing
colonies or dependencies of any European power, we have not interfered, and
shall not interfere. But with the
governments who have declared their
independence and maintained it, and
whose i.idepnudence we have on great
consideration and - just principles acknowledged, wc could not view any
interposition for the purpose of oppressing them, or controlling in any manner, their ' destiny, by any European
power, iu any other light than ns the
manifestation ot an unfriendly disposition toward the United States."
Iu an editorial the Toronto World
says: '-What is known as international law is a constitution as firmly
established as is the constitution of the
United States itself. If any country
desires to amend tho constitution thut
defines ihe tight of nations.(hero is a
legal way of proceeding, A nation revolting against iuteriiiitioiinl law.is
exactly analogous to individuals rebelling against the constitution of
their country. A rebellion is never
justifiable unless the persons affected
are laboring diidci- a very serious and
long-continued injustice. -It certainly
is never justifiable until ull efforts to
obtain redress in a coit.'tiliVtional wuy
have been exhausted. We do not denv
there are occasions who., a nation
would be justified in refusing io submit .o international law. But tlie occasion must lie put; where the injury
suffered is manifestly oppressive' and
unjust and it must be exercised only
after all constitutional efforts to alter
tbe law have failed.
It is i;ot contended tliut Great-Fri*
tain is violating the law of nations in
her proposed settlement of her dispute
With Venezuela. .,
It is not contended, even by ihe Americans themselves, that their claim
against Great .Britain is sustained by
International law. as it exists. Furthermore, it is not shown thnt the.
United States has made any serious
and constitutional efforts to have the
international code amended so ns to
give theiu authority to puss th.'ir
claim ngaliiB' Great Britain.
Tliu United Stales is a relal against
International law, and ,n rebel, too,
that bus made no effort to hnve her
grievances righted iu a constitutional
Ami yet this is the nation that is
threatening war on Great Britain unless the latter submit her dispute with
lino.ber nation to "fair, reasonable
and civilized arbitration!"
Will thc sober, second thought of
tbe people of the United States sustain
President Cleveland in this lamentable
We do not believe it."
Till not very far up what is culled the
big slide.
A bunch   of   wild goat thro' the field
glass was spied.
Now though we were four we had only
three rifles,
But genius can always get over such
While yet we discussed who should go
and who stay,
I settled the question the easiest wny.
Said I, you're aware I've a very swelled throat,
A decided objection to mv hunting goat
For ns goat frequent quite the rockiest
You are useless if clogged in your
breathing machinery.
And so it was settled tha others should
Two   intended  to   shoot ut the gamo
from below,
Tho   other, provided   his friends gave
him time,
Determined   alone his poor victims to
He seemingly judged he would thus be
To collar tho fugitive beasts when dis:
They started: of dogs they among them
had four,
And   of. cartridges each for his rifle a
a score.
It   seems   now   to   me. I wus not fur
When I settled that I with the horses
should stay,
For   tho'   'lis   not long since we four
broke our fust,
Beforo   starting   out from where we'd
camped lust.
'Tis ii truth  which for years has been
well known to all,
Who hnve travelled thu Rockies when
snow starts to full,
That whene'er for live minutes you've
taken yo..r sent,
Vou acquire an unholy desi.e to eat.
Now goat is inferior food in my eyes
And is only  accepted whan short ol
But Franco-American pates of game -
(Fur camp I confess 'tis a high sounding mtiue.)
Arc quite too delicious; tho food fu.
the gods,
(Bent   (roeoauiit  candy, gum drops by
loug uiids)
And   with   pate of woodcock beneath
iu. old pine,
With   much   satisfaction I now start
tu dine.
My pnte is finished, my fire is low,
The   uld   pine  protects ine frum wind
' and fiom snow,
I reach for the last fill of "baccy" I've
And wonder how many old goats the
boj s shot.
A Ilorkv Xountiilii (lout Hunt.
Our party of four, nil sportsmen keen,
Rode down the south fork of the Spilli-
Wu do nol liulil ourselves responsible for the
opinions expressed hy uur currespuiulcuts:
Claim Jumping.
Editor GOLDEN Eua :
All interested in mining (bar "sore
heads" and ���'jumpers") have about
concluded thut claim jumping hits got
to stop, ..ml particularly iu East
Kootenay dues this como home lo us,
for were it not for "jumping" and
similar obstructions we would have
to-.day two (at least) working mines in
tho McMurdo district.
The question now is what can be
douu to end, or eren check, claim-
Mr. Kellie, M.P.P. for West Koote-
nuy, I hear, intends tu introduce a bill
at the foi Incoming session with this
objeut in view. It is said it will deal
with claim jumping iu a comprehensive uuinner, will be retro-active, su us
to include pust offences und inflict punishment on those who have injured
any mining camp by claim-jumping or
black mailing.
is rapidly  approaching and it behooves Thrifty Housekeepers to study carefully where they can best
purchase their supplies and all the
Innumerable + Pretty + Things
which go to make Dear Old Christmas a really happy and
joyful season Santa Claus is a little out of voice just
now. but for the last week he has been whispering to the
knowing ones that
He is actually taking the wind out of old Santa Claus by
presenting to his customers
A Handsome Present
delivered at their homes
Free   of   Charge.
Another departure whicli is puzzling old St. Nicholas
is that McDermot ]���.������. j/ affected arrangements to havo
not one but
when all goods will be marked in plain figures
and sold regardless of cost.
of Goods
is a big lot of stuff, but half of these
Mast be Sold Before February 1st.
to make room for his
Immense Spring Purchases
Don't Miss This Chance of securing some
of the Wonderful Bargains to be offered,
Thursday Dec. 12th
G.   B.   McDERMOT'S
Golden's Great Bargain Man.
Another provision of ��i ��� bill (I
write from memo; ) v. II be at ipon
satisfactory evidtrce be lore tl, - C urts
that a claim holder does not possess a
valid title, and , in the event of the
claim being declared forfeited, it shall
not be open for re-location by any
free miner, but shall be sold by auction
after due notice has been given.
The first part of this proposed bill is
not desirable. Opening old sores is
foolish at any time, and this is about
what retro-active measures of this
nature generally amount to, and very
little else.
Tlie second provision starts out all
right, and is what has been pretty
well advocated in this division for
some time past, but it ends all wrong.
Every mining claim thus sold wonld
be a direct gain to the Government
(capitalists, ot course, included) and a
direct loss to the prospector. This is,
I think, a self-evident fact and needs
no explanation.
1 would, in the first place, that the
fori.- of record .' mineral claims be
amen Jed by adding thereto a declaration similar, in sense, to that required
by tbe Provincial Land Aot. Secondly,
that after a mineral claim has been
declared forfeited by the Courts, it
shall be published for, lay, the usual
sixty days, and then become the property of the first free miner who shall
stake and record it.
The "Dominion Land Act" (noncompliance with requirements under
' Homesteads") is upon these lines,
and is fonnd to work satisfactorily.
Elaborate legislation is not what we
want. We require a plainly worded
and simple bill, or amendment to the
"Mineral Aot" that will tend to stop
litigation and thus end what has so
far made mining an impossibility in
Golden Mining Division.
Yours truly,
F. W. Aylhbr. I
There has been no material change
In copper for the Iaet two weeks. The
market depends mnch on the attitude
which some of the largest producing
companies will take in connection with
a sale which they are likely to make
early this month. The rumours of
''hostilities witb England of course has
a detrimental influence in the New
York market. The quotations are 10
to lOJcts. There wore not a few who
confidently predicted last year that
copper would stand at 12cts. or better.
This was occasioned from the great
rise from 9ft to 12Jcts., and it was
thought that "no cutting under 12cts,
a pound would be made for several
years." However the protectivo power
of the world is become so great that
such an increase in the price of nny
article as this of copper will immediately bring about u larger production, nnd '.consequently a decrease
in prico for a short time,
Mining is _ow becoming so much
less a gambling speculation, that the
public may now depend upou nearly a
uniform line of production in most
minerals in consequently uniform price
Copper will probably go to llcts. or
even below aud subsequently rise to
10 or lOJcts.
The middle of last month silver declined it. price to fillets., in fact to
29Jd. in London during the cessation
of Japanese, and Chinese buying. At
the 20th however, owing to the purchase of silver for Indian bazaars and
various French lenders the market
rose to 63Jcts. This seems to be the
culminating point of the market which
is now on a slight decliue.
Shaking of the financial depression
in the New York Stock Exchange the
Engineering A Mining Journal 'says I
"The President's message came as u
most unwelcome check und surprise to
business. While no one believes that
immediate warlike complications will
result, the possibilities presented are
very discouraging and the impetus indirectly given to tbe always ready
Congressional tendency to extravagance and the unnecessary expenditure of money is very much to be regretted. It, is. not tbo niuch to say-
that the arousing of the "Jingo" had
' and will have a most injurious effect
on business and that the message has
i practically ended the possibility of any
consideration of tbe currency question
[ at the present session."
There has not been much business
I done. Prices have receeded to U._0,
[the quantities offered being large, the
I market continues to lower. St. Louis
[Lead Market���Lead continues very
|dull and prices are gradually lowering,
i low as 2.92 is anticipated.
The  business  done wns very small
the  last  few   weeks,   quotations are
1.9?. to 8.45.
According to quality the quotations
lot  bismuth   at New York vary from
|I.2o  to  11.75  per lb.   The demand
|iai  increased much of late, the metal
eing used in bearing metal alloys.
Tbe same prices hnve ruled for some
Lime, with the markets dull quotations
kre New York 31 to Ilicts.J and London 12d. to lad.
There wns a decline in the London
harket to 14cts. which occasioned
ome buying at those prices. It has
lowever risen Acts. (14jets).
Application for Certificate of  Im*
Take notice that I, Wnlter Dninard,
free miner's certificate No.47839, in tend,
b'O days from the dute hereof, to apply to
the Oold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sunt to the Mining Re-
corder and action commenced beforo
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventh day of December
Walter Dainaiii.,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
��xxeitxet,a (��<xxba.
Hon. J, A. Lougheed, Q.C,
. McCarter.
Longlieed  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol  it.rs, Notaries
Etc., Etc
Solicitors for ISmik o
it. j. .ii-ricsox,
D.L.8. A I-.I-.S. for B.C. DOMINION A
DriiiiglitBini.il, Valuator .otc.,UAIjUAKi',
N.W.l'.  Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.Jei'HR0N, D.1j.S���1'.Ij.S. of B.C. &Ont.
CaLii.iry, Allin.
Application   for   Certificates of
Tnke notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miner's certificate No. 47H48, intend
(JO days from dato hereof, to apply to
tlie Gold Commissioner for certificates
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining crown grants of above
And further tako notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates of improvements.
Tnos. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this llth dny of December.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E,
niiKixn  i-:Mr.:\i-..K.
Cochrane, Aliia.��� Ft. Steele, B.C.
Livery St Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
��OIj3>K*��;.       -       Q.V.
Vt'lioleiir-tlf antl Itetnil
Notice of Application for rertlfliritis
of Improvements.
Take notice that I,- John McHne.
free miner's certificate No. 34453,
intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Gold Commissioner for certificates of improvements, fir the purpose of obtaining
Crown grants of tbe above claims.
And further take noticeth.it adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining lie-
corder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates uf improvements.
John McRae,
By his ngent F, W, Avi.mkr.
Dated this 14th day of December.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Mining �� Smelting
CO. (Limited)
Md, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
Undertakers and
*   .   Embalmers,
Calgary ���       Alba
1 -Ut..
T. ,
��� in; JAYS-
.. cuurtjiuu-s*, uuil Jul���at iiuo of Elao.
���.nenl",t!i< r"oi'M.    Thev hav inirwr
:���������    'i.i'r./'.'io,   -1,','i.ofli t.'iaf we
ru' 11"' ���- nrrl K;r;,l y.n nny ill.'o.rlcal
' r.o.v.l r tli'ti martin r.n.1 vou can try It
��� .*i.it.t!u��.   Lr'.igc.t list of teatlmoniftlf
IcnJ for buck end joumal Free.
;tn< r Ar l'o��� Windsor, Ont. -
& Weir;
with  Misses Barlow
Portage 1�� Prairie.
All orders left with Mr. 0. B. McDermot will lui.-e prompt attention.
District of Bust Koot.-nuy.
A COURT of Revision und Appeal
under the Assessment, Act of IHHS uud
Amending Acts for the Southern part
of the district will bo held ut, the
Assessor's ollico nt Fort Steele nt loo
o'clock in the forenoon on Monday the
2nd day of December, A.D., lMUn,
A COURT of Revision and Appeal
under the Assessment Act of 1KHH uud
Amending Acts, for the Northern port
of the district, will he held nt iho
Assessor's office, Oolden. at tun o'clock
in the forenoon on Thursday the 12th
day of December, A.D., 1895.
Judge of the Court uf Revision und
Donald, 4th November, 1805.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may he had from tho undersigned, or any uioiiiour of the
PRICE Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
g. p. parson,
ucorga  F.   Par,:cn.
.Votary I'nb.l--.
Agent   for   ATLAS   IX8URAXCE
COMPANY of  Moi.tri-'ii. nnd PHCE
NIX   nnd   nil tlie pi'luciiiiil coinpuuirs
represented nt Vnwenuver
II.  If.   Altf.XA* HER.  K��(|
Smei.3r (.and Esidie
lUPTURE &�� ���"
perfect ease to wearer, than by'alTother ,
| Ut>i'irm��oniblBi-tl. They, etnin largest
Itupture under levares*. strata.   &sya-
Mm of fittinghas been perfected tho
, lMtflC yean, fully equal toperaonal
i examination np miill.  97-patents
dlA RLVH < I.ITIir,
1 IMKIn-r Bt.W..T��r��ani.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
SRWtlP'Sff *Af en hoijeat opinion, writo to
M I' N N de CO.. wbo have had nearly iftr yoara'
experience In the patent bualnma. Cnmmaniea-
tions (trlctlfconndoatlal. A llnnilbook of Information oonmrnlnjt I'ntrm. and bow to ob.
leal and aolentlflo booka -ont free,
l^nw .taken tbi-o.wh Mann A Co. twelve
��Pe��'~ notlooln the NrlrnllHo Americas, and
H.*'-'!? -Mw-p"-.* widely before the puMlewith.
SSl-W ���_'��������. Inventor. Tbls splendid paper,
-S!-**-*!?' ���lossntlr llltn-treted, Km h�� fa"rthe
laiyeai cln-ulatlcn of any aolirnillle work in Um
''S&A.'atreat.  Sample tropleaeentfreo.
-.Si1"1.'!*-S-t'oojiionthl**,gsOayea. Pine-le
rJttP',8*.,*! eenu. fetory number cnurt- beau-
* *'Monsoon" Tenia put up by thc Indian Tea
* growers as a sample of the beet qualities of Indian
J rum.   Therefore they um the greatest care in the
selection of the Tea and ita blend, lhat is why tlu-y
put it up themselves and sell it only in the original
pad-ace*- thereby ��_curinjr its purity and eicellence.
. Put up in H lb., i lb. and j Ik packages, and naval*
< If your grocer does not keep it, tall him to write w
It and 13 Front Blraat -eat, Torant- -"*-������
Highest Honors���World's Fair,
A pute Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
TIipu nen'n thi- arsenic vnrles from
nothing to sometimes as high ns 1.J*
pr*r cent, it is in fnct a. very complicated
cm In its composition,
Copper Pyrites.
Most of the copper used in the
world hns lieen inn.mfnotured from
this ore, theu-jh it is very sparingly
distributed in East Kooteiiny. It is
one of the two Fool's goUt, which
metnl it in *oine shades resembles very
nearly. It is of a brass yellow colour,
often tarnished bj exposure to deep
yellow. Sometimes shows iriilescence,
- thnt is exhibits different shades of
colour ns a prism of rainbow It is
very diiTi.ult to distinguish it from
iron pyrites, iu fact I have known instances where capable men have mistaken it for irr-n pyrites upon preliminary examination, The copper is so
mixed with iron that it is hard to
form a line of demnre.ha.ion between
the two, though nny pyrites thnt con-
tnin copper should Ire copper pyrites.
The iheoreiical composition of the copper pyrites is copper iU.u p.c, sulphur
ilsi p.c, and iron 'lO.fi p.c, whereas
the iron pyrites is iron 45.5 p.c, sulphur, nS.fi p c.
It may lie distinguished from iron
pyrites in its deeper colour nnd its inferior hardness, boiug easily scratched
with a knife, and will not produce
sparks when struck ou steel. It fuses
hcfore tho blow pipe. It is generally
associated with iron pyrites, galena,
zinc blende aud cm-bournes of copper,
(malachite and azurite) in veins in
granitic and allied rocks. Nearly all
the Oornwiill and Spanish ore is ol
this kind and is mostly ol a very poor
character. The Spanish copper mine,
the Rio Tinto, which is snid to lie the
oldest mine in the world, beini; opened
2,500 B.C., is of this character of ore,
there are now 12X10 men working;
there and 9100,000,000 hns beet, taken
out, 8.10,000,000 within the last few
yeurs. Al-ound this ancient .nine
which has seen so many nations come
and go and so inniiv dynasties rise
and (all there hns sprung np a city ol
over 20,000 inhabitants. The deposits
of this ore there are enormous, iu fact
after so many years of uclive production they have only reached a depth ol
400 feet below the surface, which
seems hardly credulous, It however
onlv yields about il p.c. copper. The
ore cun be uso I for the production oi
copper at a very small cos., ns it be*
somes a by-product in the manufacture
of sulphuric acid (oil of vitriol) and
Tho only plan'.* it occurs iu any
quantity iu East Kootenay is at Horse
Thief Creek and Toby Creek.
TETllAll-URlTE   (OUAY   COl'I'KIl Oil-).
This ore is of a steel gray colour
sometimes passing to iron black having a streak the same colour as speci-
. man, and is rather brittle. It associates with the other ores of copper. Ita
composition varies considerably but
may be taken at, cop-sir il!) per cont,
sulphur 27, antimony 1G, arsenic 7,
with variable quantities of nine, iron
and silver. 1 have had specimens containing 25 per cent silver in place of
copper and is then termed argentiferous gray copper ore, (or silver fahlerz)
Curlin-;' Notes.
The   competition  for Four Boxes of
Cigars Ine* been finished this week, J.
line's rink being victorious. The following is a summary of the games
played :
J Rr.e        12      White      9    ,
D Rne Si       McNeish 15
Parson and Woodley, byes.
J Rao        12       McNeish   4
Parson      14      Woodley 13
J Rao       14      Parson      5
The firsit Points game for the Buttons wan played New Year's Day, resulting us follows:
M. Dainard, Gold Button.
W. L, Houston. Silver Button.
J. Rae, Bronze Button.
The District Medul will lie competed
for uoxt Wednesday evening.
A meeting of the club wat held on
Monday evening last ut which it wns
decided to hold the Second Annual
Ball of the Golden Curling Club on
January 23rd.
An invitation has been sent to the
Calgary Curlers to plav a series ol
friendly games at Golden; commencing
Jan. 22nd.
A 13 point competition lias been
arranged (or a pair of nulling stones
given by the merchants of the town.
A rink competition is now being
played for a pair of curling stones,
which will lie played down for by the
winning rink.
Tlie following games have been
phived iu tlie 13 point competition:
J Rae        13       J Liiuioiitagn 10
P White   13      EM limes      11
Public School Itcport.
The  following   is the public school
report for December:
Number attending during mouth, 32.
Average attendance, 27 47
Senior Fifth Class���
1 Winifred Armstrong.
2 Beutrice Bubar.
Fifth Class- t   r
1 Jennie Wells.
2 Aubrey Harrison.
Fourth Class -
1 Walter Houston.
2 Ralph Kenny.
Third Class-
1 Chas. Bubar.
2 Mary Couuor.
Seeond Class -
1 Ernest Sutherland.
2 Maggie Archer.
II. Primer���
1 Lyla Love.
2 Willie Houston.
I. Primer ���
1 May McDonald.
2 Alberta H. Rutherford.
Tablet Class-
1 Harold McDonald.
Winifred  Armstrong, Aubrey Hnr-
rison, Jennie Wells, Walter Houston,
Ethel Moodie, Ella May Love, Maggie
Archer, Lyla Love, Geo. Love.
S. Prestos,
Chnrch Services.
The usual evening service will be
held to-morrow in St. Paul's Church
at 7:30 o'clock.
Methodist service will be held ih the
school house to-morrow evening at
7:30 o'clock, conducted by Mr. Robins,
Presbyterian service 'will be held
to-morrow morning in the school
house at 10 o'clock, eonducted bv
Rev. T. S. Glassford, B. A.
Csssrs) end Hsiyqcs CcbHIljf,
W-Oo-CTof Bo-'.y e**"-|
Mind. Effects of llr-
rotsor Encases hi Old
cr Young, Robust,
Noble Alanhood fully
Honored. How to en*
largo aud St-rt-n'-thsii
Weak, Undeveloped
Organs and Parti ol
Body. Al��oli_ely unfailing Horns Treat.
ment���Benefits la a
day. Men testify froia
80 States snd Forcir.u
Countries. Write them.
jOt_criptiva Book, explanation snid proo_
nailed (scaled) tree,
C2 E-Uiri. CO.. BnS&la, B.T..
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain
.   and Ireland, Quuen, Defender   ot
the Fail h, &c. &c, &c.
To our faithful tho Ministers elected to
serve in the Legislative Assembly
of Our Province of British Columbia at Our City of Victoria-
Attorney-General, j *��� We are
desirous and resolved, as soon as ma.i
ha, to meet Our People of Our Province
of British Columbia, and to have their
advice in our Legislature:
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers
causes and considerations, and takiui.
iuto consideration the ease and con
venience of Our loving subjects, We
have thought tit, by and wiih the advice of Our Executive Council of tliu
Province of British Columbia, to here
by convoke, and by these presents enjoin you, und each of you, thut 01.
Thursday, the Twenty-third day 01
the mouth of January, one thousand
eight hundred and ninety-sir. yoi,
m��*t Us in Our naid Legislature o.
Purlinmenl of Our sui.l Province, a:
Our C.tv of Victoria. FOR THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do.
net, antl conclude upon those tbiugt-
which in Our Legislature of the Province of British Columbia, by the
Common Council of Our said Province
may, by the favor of God, be ordained.
In Testimony Whebbop. We have
caused these Our Letters to be
made Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto affixed: Witness, the Honourable EixiAii Dewunev, Lieutenant-Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our
City of Victoria, in Our snid Province, this fifth day of Dece.ulier,
in the year of Our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and ninety-five, and iu the lifty-niuth year
of Our Reign.
By Command.
dl4 4in Provincial Secretary.
ia w? Co
l : ���
During the winter a stnge Will be run between
Golden, Galena, Windermere, Thunder Hill, Canal
Flat Wasa and Fort Steele,
leaving Golden ou tho following Tuesdays:
November 12&26.
December 10 & 24.
January 7 & 21,
February _��� & 18.
Mfcryl_3, 17&31.
April 7 & 21.
and leaving Fort SteeL on the alternate Tuesdays.
that application will be made to the
Legislative Assembly of. the Province
of British Columbia at the next session for an act to incorporate a company for the purpose of constructing,
operating and working deep tunnels,
drifts or shafts for the purpose of exploring for, discovering, working,
getting, acquiring and recovering minerals situate in blind veins, ledges or
lodes in the Districts of East and West
Kootenav, Yale and Cariboo, in the
Province of British Columbia, und (or
entering upon and acquiring lands lor
such purposes, and for collecting tolls
for the use of such tunnels or workings by' any other persons or companies engaged in mining and for acquiring, such water powers or privileges, rights or incidents, as may be
necessary for, or incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects or any of them.
d24 tt
Golden to Fort Steele 10 cents per pound
When the Company's, liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Special rates ..given ,pn. more Valuable parcels.
Through $16.00.    Local 10 cents per mile.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager-
Small Investments.
Returning prosperity wid make many rich, but nowhere can they make so much witbii
a short time ne by successful Speculation in Uridn, Provisions and Stock. j
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our]
Systematic Plan of Speculatioi
originated by us.   All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact thut there are thousands of men in all parts of tbe United Stat-1
who, by systematic trading through Chicago brokers, muke lingo amounts every yen f
ranging iron, a tew thousand dollars for the man v. ho invests n bmalred sr two huunrcj
dollars up to $50,000 to f 1(11,000 oi moro by those Who invest a few tlnn.-aiid. 7
It is also a fuct that those who muke tin' largest p.ilits from c, inpiirntively small i.
vestments on this plan are persons w ho live away .rum t i icuge umi Invest through broken!
who thoroughly understand eystema'i.  iruliug. j
Uur plan does not risk the , hole amount invested on ��ny trade, tut covers bi ik aide]
so thut whether the market rises or 1'i.ns it t, ,ngs a steady profit thut piles up encrmouilT
in a short time. * ��� _,
WRITE FOR CONVINCING PROOFS, also our Manual on successful speeuUticl
nnd our Daily Market Report, fall of iiiuney-iiinking pointers. \l,h FREE, Uur Msnufl
explains margin trading fully,' Highest references In regard to our standing and succer
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers ana Brokers,
241-242 Rialto Building, CHICAGO, IL*,
Manufactures of Sash, Boors, Mouldin
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails a
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.  \
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bpsin and Be
Fittings. "   ' |


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