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The Golden Era May 17, 1901

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Array V
Builder & Contractor,
A .apply of Building Lima for Sale,
Plate prepared. Prompt atkratlea given to
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.Convey anoer, ete
Offics, In Upper Columbia Navigation aad
Tramsay Cotupaoy's Building,
Maiden, B. G.
/OL. XI NO. 39
GOLDEN, British i^olcIibu. FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1901
$2 Per Year.
By the little we tell of it week by week. Not one in
fifty ofthe happenings here gets a word in our advertisements; they change too quickly even for printing-
presses, and maybe we don't talk about the things you
wish most to hear of.
We've told you below of special values in curtains
and hinted at the unusual prices of other lines, but at
best they are suggestions only, taken at random. We
can do much better face to face.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, new style pattern,
bound all round, per pair   ; ....   .50
New design English Lace Curtains, 3�� yards
long and full 50 inches wide. $1.75 worth
of curtain value, per pair    1.00
Heavy effect Lace Curtains, 3i yds. by CO in. 1.25
Swiss net effect Lace Curtains, with light scroll
borders and small floral patterns, per pair. 1,50
Real Swiss Curtains, with ruffles on two sides,
���*f6 grade���per pair , 5.00
Tapestry Curtains in any desired color, 3 J yds.
��� by60inches   3.00
Chenile Curtains in six colors 2.50
Double width washsble Cretonne IB
Fast color Art Sateens     ...  .'...   .16
Floral Pattern American Cretonne. 08
Boys' Cloth Csps-plain navy or tweed        .15
Men's Felt Hats-black, grey or brown  1.00
Boys'Blouse suit*    1.00
Girls' Tarns-Middy styls 25
Loom Damask Table Linen , 40
Serge Dress Goods 42 inches wide 25
Fast dye pure cashmere hose for women  25
.�� Fast black cotton boss, 6 pair.  IUO
Don't forget to look orer tho Bargain Tables.
General Merchant - - Alexander Block.
JUSt "-��-��������������""������        ' nmu
A carload of
��� GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses and
. A. Warren's.
General Merchant,   -----  QOLDEN, B.C.
Upper Columbia
���Navigation fitamway Co.
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK Cw*yh"
H. H. -Bull*.
Season of 1901 Opens. April Snd.
|Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
M Division.
1/ . ;	
Imperial Bank ol: Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,600,000
Capital PaU Up et.50O.0OO
Beet ������     1,785-000
H. 8. Rowland,      -      1're.ident.
T.R. Merrltt,        -       Vice-Prea.
Win. Hamaay,     T. Sutherland Staynor
Bebert Jail-ray, Ella. Began,
Wn. Hendrio.
Hsad Orriua. Torouto.
D. K. Wileii, Oeneral Manager.
i. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and B. 0.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Golden, N.laon, Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert, Kerebtcke, Strathceaa.
Vancou.er,       Winnipeg,
Eater., Fergus, Gait, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
Liatowel, Niagara Fall., Port Colbosiroe
R.t Portage, Sault Ste. Maria, St.
Catharines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Wellaud,
Wwd.tovk, and Montreal, '-joe.
Agent* In ttreat Britain:
Lloyd'. Bank, Ltd., 73 Lombard St., London
with whom money may bs deposited tor
transfer by letter or cable to any of tbe
abore branches.
Agents in United States:
NEWYORK-Bank of Montreal, Basket
CHICAdO-Fir.! National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAN FRANCISCO-Wells, Fargo * C*..
Agent* in Soath Africa.
Interest allowed on deposit.,
Prs.inel.1, Municipal and other debenture.
Available at all point, in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Bgrr.. Golden Branoh.
Harvey, McCarter ti Pinkham,
Barrlat.r., *���!! alter., Ae.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steel., B.C.
Rooms Alexander "Block Golden B. C.
Tb* Only Licensed Hs-trl ut
Spllllmarli.il. or Ualona....
Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars.
Free Pasture.
Good Stabling.
Having completed arrange
ments for the purchase of
the Spillimachene House, tlie
undersigned solicits a share
oHhejiublic patronage.
Hull Bros. Se Go.
Wholesale A Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers,
Jas. Bbadt, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual as.wsa.snt work, ete.   Addrea.
Golden, B.C.
���oath IMe Kicking Her.* Rlrer,
.^*m ^m-m-*-t**m-*m<.*t-*^-m     qj  4lll0��
|tave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same eveninc-
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
pave Golden Friday 4 a,m. for Peterbprbugh and inter-
I mediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sundav
���    afternoon. *
|ow rates on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
C. H. PARSON, ^retary.
Ban*. Cakes, Pastry,
wWeUlig Cakeib..*.
Br.ad nn Sal* at G. B. McDermot'..
Joseph Thaneu^0.1^'
Modern Concentrator, 100 tons capacity.
Ledgersvood Hoist, Eleotrio Sinking Pump.
One pair 8" and on* pair 16" Water Wheel,
and ether Plant.
Fcr particular, apply to P. 0. Box 172,
Revelrtoke Station.
Policeman Harry Barn**, of Fort
Steele, has bsen in town since Tuesdsy
on business connected witb the assizes.
Frem a Social Correspondent.
Vlctorfn. May 13.���Parliament was
prorogued Saturday night by Justice
Walkem, administrator, acting for
Lieutenant Governor Sir Henri Joli,
who i* in California, trying to regain
hia health whioh haa become isnpared
during hi* residence in Brltlah Columbia.
The House during the session just
closed passed 81 bills whioh were assented to, carrying appropriations
amounting to 17,476,335.50, five millions ot which is for railway subsidies.
Fifteen of the bills passed .were
measures incorporating railway companies) and carry charters and building powers.
Daring the last few days of the session the members found time to give
some attention to pleasanter things
than law-making. Thursday night
Price Ellison, East Yale, the Government whip, was the recipient of an
address from the party and was presented with a purse of gold in appreciation of his seryices during the session just passed, and on Friday Finance Minister Turner was presented
witb an address signed by every member of the house, recounting his many
services to the province in the years
gone by, expressing their regret at the
prospect of his retirement, and their
hopes for his success and happinsss in
his new field of labor in London, as
agent-general for tbe province. Friday
night after tbe adjournment tbe Speaker
gave a banquet to the members and
recording angels, otherwise the members of tbe press gallery, and on
Saturday everyone attended the gym-
kahna of the Victoria Hunt Ciub at
Colvvood park.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday, night and day, a continuous
fight wae kept up against ths loan bill,
by Smith' Gurti. and a fewStti'ef V. V.
k E. sympathisers, and at every stage
Curtis and Neill offered all kinds of
amendments which were aimed lo distent the purpose of the bill, but they
all met tbe same fate, by majorities
ranging from ten to thirty. Thuisday
au attempt was mad* to insert a clause
prohibiting the C. P. It. from tender
ing for the construction of the Coast
Kootenay line, and as admitted by its
supporters intended to force the Government to give tho contract to the V.
V. k E., regardless of other tenders.
This really proved to be tbe tight of
tbe sessiou, all the heavyweights tak
ing part in the debate. At one time
it seemed, from a spectator's standpoint
tbat tbe V. V. k E. people would win,
until they were unmasked by the Attorney-general in a short speech, a
speech which showed the promoters of
tho latter campany to be fakirs and
placed their supporters in the bouse in
a vory bad light indeed. McPhillips
had demanded the reading of the con
tract which tbe Government desired to
make, and wanted tc know if the V.
V. k E. were not prepared to sign it,
and also desired to know the result of
the latest conference heid between the
Government and the promotere.
Fresh from a conference with E. V.
Bad well, solicitor for the V. V. & E..
Mr. Eberts Was prepared to furnish all
information desired, which proved to
be the death warrant of tbe promoters'
hopes of pulling down big money. Tho
company refused to sign the contract
unless given the subsidy at once on
thirty miles of road to be built this
year from Midway to Cascade, and
another thirty miles from English
Bluff to Clovsrdale, on the line of the
Great Northern running from New
Whatcom to New We.ttninister, The
company to be allowed to take its own
time about building the balance ol the
Hue, aome IJOO miles, and would not
build it at all unless they received the
Dominion subsidy of $8,000 per mile
in addition to tbe provincial subsidy,
They will build these two short lines
witb ths provincial subsidy alone, for
the first one would connect at Cascade
with the line now buildiug by tbe
Great Northern from Marcus to Cascade and give tbat road ingress into
the Boundary oountry and enable thein
to feed the Montana smelters with tbe
B. C. ores, while the latter line could
be built cheaply over level prairie and
by patting on * steamboat ou the Victoria run for a year the promoters
woald be able to seoure the $475,000
bonus voted by Victoria in its famous
ferry by-law.
It is now said that the members
will not bs allowed lo remain st their
homes many weeks before being called
te the capital again to ratify ucontract
(or the construction of the Vornon-
Midwiiy Hue, whiob will be commenced
this year and pushed to completion,
This road wheu built will reduce the
time from C'ouat to Keolenav some St
hours, give the farmers ot Yale aud
Okanagan Valley a market tor their
produce, enable the miners of Boundary
RoaslauU end Nelsou to secure home
growu supplies at rates considerably
lower than those now paid, and satisfy
the coast demand for quicker transportation to Kootenay. It all these things
oan be accomplished by this one line,
and there iano doubt that they can be,
it should stop all olamor for a direct
Coatt-Kootenay line,
Grand Jury's Presentment.
To the Honorable A. J. McColl Chief
Msy it please Your Lordship,���We
the Grand Jury of North East Kootenay beg to extend to you a hearty
welcome on this the occasion of your
first visit to our district in an official
capacity and hope you may long be
spared to fill tbe high offlce wbich you
so much adorn.
We desire to bring before your Lordship's notice tbe following roceomend-
1. That a Registrar of cattle and
horse brands be appointed for North-
East Kootenay, as the district has
long been without one.
2. That the court room be provided
with a projser system of ventilation
which it at present entirely lacks.
3. That the preaent gaol be enlarged
and some accommodation be provided
for female prisoners. Also tbat a kit*
oben be added, as at present all the
prisoners'meals have to bo cooked iu
the corridor adjoining the cells.
4. Tliat a resident doctor be appointed Health Officer for Golden.
5. That a constable, without other
duties, be appointed for the town. Iu
view of the rapid growth of Golden,
we consider this absolutely necessary
in tbs interests of law and order.
6. We further humbly beg to reo-
comend that our present sheriff, Mr. S.
S. Redgrave, ,be granted * superannuation pension by tbe Government, he
having reached tbe age of 70 and having for the past 17 years faithfully
and truly performed the duties of Sheriff in this district to the entire satisfaction of the community, by which
hs is held in the highest esteem.
Aud wj your petitioners shall ever
His Lordship expressed his appreciation of the personal references in
the presentment, and informed Mr.
Innes, who was present, that he would
take great pleasure in doing something
he had never done before, to wit; He
would write personally to the attorney-
general fully endorsing the views of
the Grand Jury in every particular.
As mentioned in last issue the Golden junior footballers had decided lo
visit Revelstoke on the 24th to meet
the juniors of that place and try conclusions. The following telegram explains itself, and we hope tbe boys will
receive every encouragement at the
hands of our citizens iu Iheir efforts to
take a team down to Revelstoke.
Revelstoke, May 16.
Louis Gould, Gdlen,
Come ou 24th May without fail,
hotel expenses guaranteed.
Ernest Corson.
The Golden-Windermere telegraph
line was completed to tbe Kicking
Horse bridgo on Thursday afternoon.
Thirty-tire foot poles will be uccdud lo
carry the line from the bridge to the
station and tho counection will be
made as soon as these can be secured.
Mr P. L. Snook ot the Elk Park
Ranch left on Thursday on a visit
to the east, Mr, Suook inlands to be
awsy for four weeks.
The hotels in town were all filled to
their utmost cnpuciiy owing to the
lnrge numbers attending the Assises.
Bedding-out plants now ready for
tbe flower and vegetable gardes ut
Henry's Nurseries and Green houses
Vancouver, B. C. jl
Prospectors should list their properties with Andrew F. Rosenbergcr, of
the Prospectors' E^chaugo, Nelson.
See ad on page 3.
Mr. IS, Staffer while running the
edger at tbe mill here on Mnndity was
struck by a board which was thrown
back from the saw, witis tremendous
force. He was carried sbout 20 fw t
from the machine by the force ot the
blow. On being picked up it wus
found that his thigh had beeu fraoi ured.
He wss removed to the Hospital and
is doing well under Dr. Taylor's care.
Rsv. Mr. Kinney will preach a
special, sermon for children in the
Methodist Church Sunday   morning.
Palliser Pabulum.
From Oar Own Correspondent.
Palliser, May IC���A welcome changsf
iu the weather since last week has set
the Kicking Horse bucking. The roar
of Ihe awful avalanche is heard near
and far. From Mt Palliser a dosen
torrents are leaping in tho <��ildest abandon to join the mad Kicking Horso
thousands of feet below. All the old
prophets foretell a grent rise in all the
rivers. This is the first genuine rise
of the Kicking Horse this season and
is very late comparatively.
The bones of a man killed during
railroad construction have been unearthed by the erosion of the river bunk
about a mile east of Palliser. Homeless, probably, in life; in death his narrow home taken away and bis bones
borne out on tho tide. Oh! How transitory is life, aye, eten in death is it
so, for "these bones must rise again.*
A gentleman bus been here selecting
a location for electric power works.
He says there is enough power in the
Kicking Horse to supply the whole of
America with light. He expects to
transmitelectriclightto Golden. There
is need of light, essentially and iu the
abstract, at Golden.
Though not generally known yet it
is a fact that there is quite a large
area of agricultural Iand in the bottoms
and on tho benches in tbis vicinity.
Guests at the Hotel de Bunk for tbe
week were as follows : J Watson. Jack
McMullen, J Wrong, John Crummie,
Scottie the Piper, Albert Keos, Geo
Dean, H MsiLaughliu, D McDonald, A
Lamb, Bacteria Brown, R Feather'
stone, J Spicer, II Arnold and two unknown tourists.
Mr Barker, agent for the C.P.R. al.
Palliser, has gone to Chatham, Out.,
ou a month's leave. It is understood
Mr. Barker will return with his family.
Mr. Sharp is subbing for him while
Proper extradition papers not having
arr'ved, the man Wright referred to iu
last week's Pabulum; is still at large,
though under careful surveillance dny
and night. Evidence is daily accumulating against bim. It now api-enrs
tha*. be, in company with a man by
th. assumed i.iiiue of Lund, but whose
real name was Water, was coi cerned
iu a land-grabbing affray near Mission
Junction about a dusen years ago.
Land, or. Water, also ran a mining
bureau in Vancouver and got into tbe
good graces and pockets of some of its
shrewdest business men. Wright, ot
as he sometimes adopted tlto pseudonym, Wrong, next figured In partnership with a Fijian fisherman at 'he
mouth of the Fraser. Tlie Fijian was
fouud washed up on the snudboads
after a terrific storm, although a good
swimmer. Wright, or Wrong, then
went fishing on dry land and joined
the Mormons. Trouble with two of
his wives led to his flight Iron. Utah
northward into the Northwest Territories, In a little less than ayearaftot
bis arrival a reward ot t'oiAl via, offer-
ed for hiin and his horse-thief partner,
Wright, or Wrong, shaved off his
flowingmouBtad.oai.il imperial, shun
otherwise disuuissd himself ui.U presented his claim for tbo reward and
only missed getting it on a slight legal
Mill Foreman Rounds received a
tsrrillc gash ofi the forehead last Mon-
day, having oome in conuijt with the
spoks.s ssf a rerolvissg wheel and it
stanchion. It was a miriiculous escape, He had the wound bandaged liy
Surgeon Walla nnd went to Golden
hospital, where Dr. Taylor put in IB
stitches, He was on duty the following day.
Jack McMullen and Jim Coxon left
Wednesday st midnight for Europe.
They took a water tunk tioket and Will
go right through without delay, at
least as little delay as their mode ot
travel wiil permit. They will visit
the Glasgow exhibition.
It is reported here that the cdirr-
trnotor tor the Golden* Windermerei
telegraph lino is ��ni|sloying Chi-iBse.
If it is true, the Dominion Government
Is in the anomalous posiiion of nuking
laws and then breaking them. It i<*
about time the people had -something'
to sny about the matter and drastic!
i remedies applied
Geo, Dean and Walter Blondette Mt
on a visit to Uncle Sam via the''blind"
route, Tliey will mop off at Buffals.
assd take in the Puu-Ainertoau arriving
back here about snowtty.
A syndicate is heing formed here tcf
buy the right, title aud interest of
Peter Sebastian in tbe Lady Mellow*
lead mine. \
��h�� ��olbrn ��ra.
Ed. V. Ctl au-iers, - Editor and Publisher.
Subscriptions $200 per year in advance.
Advertising rate, mstle kuown on request.
FRIDAY. May 17, 1901.
Too outlook for business in British
I'ul umbia at present is most encouraging. The number ot enterprises under
way points to prosperity of enduring
magnitude. Smelters are about to be
erected iu several localities, railroads
are to bo built that will nol only bene'
fit mining men but open up vast tracts
ot arable lund lo settlers, and the Gov
cru.uo.it ot the Provineo aro about to
taku steps to encourage tl.e pulp Wood
industry. We are progressing slowly
but surely iu the development ot our
natural resources and iu these we bave
tho assurance of permanence and sts
bility. We need not fear periods ot
depression so long as Nature continues
to vield ber harvest ot wealth.
In Canada, everything points to a
continuance ot the piosperity which
has marked tbe past few years. The
most casusl rendsr of the publio prints
must have observed that tbe organization of new companies and the* increase
in tbe capital of old-established concerns still continue. The great enterprises at Sidney and at Sault Ste.
Marie, witb which the names of Mr.
Mr. Whitney and Mr. Clergueare connected, are proceeding lapidly to realize the largest expectations that have
been formed respecting thein. Indeed,
if anyone, a few years ago, had pre
dieted the early establishment ot entei
prises in Canada capitalized at over the
hundred-million mark he would have
been regarded as a day-dreamer with a
particularly exuberant imagination,
But events would have thoroughly,
justified his prognostications. With
these enterprises may be classed aleo
such concerns as the Nova Scotia Steel
Company aud the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company, forming five centres ot
widely-separated activity, each in its
measure adding to the wealth and pop.
ulation of the Dominion. None of them
has as yet reached even tbe normal
stage of its development, but wheu
they do they will materially revolution
ize tbe localities in which tbey are
situated. A great many rumors have
appeared in regard to change of coutrol
in tbese enterprises, but so long as
they ate operated it ..takes but l'ttle
difference to us as Canadians who sup
plies tbe funds that make the wheels
go round. t.o loug as tbey are worked
by the industry and skill ot residents
of this country, and there is no possi-
, bility of depriving us oft hat advantage
tbe country gets tlio lion's share of
the benefit. Foreign capital invested
iu Canada cannot earu its dividends
without adding to tbe wealth ot the
country uud to its population, und
when this process p,o._ on foi
loug enough ihere will be in time
no ls.uk ot Canadian capital (or
promising enterprises. It.ds.ed one ol
the signs uf the times is the lug*,
amount of Canadian ca|.ital that bus
been forthcoming tor investment iu a
great variety ot industries.
Following is the text of the bill respecting   tho   manufacture    of wood
pulp,   introduced iu I he House May S)
by Hon. Mr. Wellsi-
Huu. Mr. Wells introduced a bill
respecting tliu manufacture of Wood
Pulp aud Paper, which was read a
lirst lime.
'I'll, bill provides thut it shall U>
lawful for the Chief Commissioner ot
Lauds and Works to outer into uu
ngrocuisjui. with any company holding
any water records or wuier privileges
under the Water Clauses Consolidation
Act, lb'.lT, aud amending acts, by which
on ibe erection and completion by the
company of a pulp mill or a pnper mill
uf,suell capacity us shall bu jit-ovislod
fm- iu auch ugrui'iueut, all said waler
recurs*)* or water privilegsis held by the
compan.v shall be.reserved to the com-
I'uiif without liability to forfeiture,
U'.uept for" non payuieut of fees, for a
iwriosl not exceeding nvciity-one years
11um llie date ot such agreement, Ind
j.i'Oviiliiig for tl.u payment of lees
tu the (jjvui-iiiueuv fur tl.e said period
uf twenty ui.e years in accordance with
tl.ss schedule ut feos which shall lw in
force al. i iiu date uf thu said agreement.
Altai' the said period of twenty-urn.
years, Use scale of fees (.hall be fixed
under such conditions and regulation,
lur may be deemed advisable and du
t.rnliiied by the Lieutenant-Governor
il. Couuoil. The said agreement may
contaiu -such terms and condition, aa
tl.e Lieutenant-Governor in Counoil
niay. dcuiu advisable, *
���saamer Scho.l  ar MU*. Claa.  WUl
Study In tbi. Province.
The Summer School of Mines, iu
connection witb McGill University,
Montreal, was fouuded a tew yeara
ago for the purpose of giving a post
graduate to those of its students who
hare taken tho mining and engineering
course at the University. This finishing course by the Summer School are
now looked upon as very important in
completing the education of mining
engineers and in giving, out'embryo
exports a practical knowledge of mines
and mining by a course of study in
the mining districts of Canada. This
year the Summ.r School claei, num
boring 25, with four instructors, will
spend a couple ot months in the min<
districts ot British Columbia. Ths
partv left Montreal May 1st, and after
a brief istay. at Banff, the guests of tbe
C.P.R., they proceeded to the coast to
inspect the coal mines on Vancouver
Island and copper mines at Texada,
From the coast the class will go to the
Slocan where a thorough study of the
silver lead ores and the formations in
which they occur will be made. The
free milling gold ores of Nelson and
Ymir districts will ntxt be examined.
The party will make an extended stay
In Rossland where the copper gold orts
and peculiar formations of Red Mountain will be subjects of careful study
and on which a course of - lecture will
be given.
From this point the C. P. R. smelter
at Trail will be visited and llie stud
ems will be afforded an opportunity of
studying the treatment of many kinds
of ore as accomplished st a modern
smelter. A short trip through the
boundary will be made alter Which
the party will return east via the
Crow's Nest Pass, breaking their
journey at Fernie to examine the coal
mines at tbat point. Oil arriving at
Montreal the balance of the summer
will be devoted to a careful study ot
the notes and observations made on
the trip and a - complete course of lectures on the practical > working of
mines will finish the education ot a
quarter of a hundred expert mining
men. With the party are several
British Columbians among whom is
noted Norman .Parlee, of Rossland
The visit of this large purty is made
at lho solicitation ot the C. P. R
which placed a.pecialcar at the dis
posnl of the.class, and is affording tl.e
instructors evors facility toward making the tour' and their work successful. Its officials never miss an opportunity for advertising and making
known the mineral wealth of the pro
vine*, and this is one of the many
methods adopted by the company,
This policy will undoubtedly result in
lasting benefit to British Columbia, fer
wherever a member of thia graduating
class locates there will be found a
walking and speaking advertisement
of British Columbia and its mines.
AND 1'1,'llLlC -Jt.ILL.ING*> IN THE
Ottawa, May 11.���Ths sample
mutuary estimates for tlie financial
year ending June 30, 1902, were
brought down today, and show a total
of $8,889,241. of which amount ti.-
32*-,0i'i) is charged to consolidated
Ther. is $.'s0,00O for the construction
of a tisberies steamer in British Columbia;. $41,700 is provided for the im
pruvcn.ents of harbors and rivera in
Driliah Columbia; and $18,000 is est
aside for dredging iu the same province.
There is also $50,000 appropriated
for the establishment, at Ottawa of a
branch of the royal mint and a similar
amount for a Victoria national museum iu Ottawa,
Among the items are tbe following
for- British Columbia and ths Yukon
Nelson public building, $16,000.
Rosslnud publio building, $10,000,
William Hud; public building at
quarantine station, second disinfecting
chamber, etc., $21,260.
Nunai.no public building, new lock
buxsn, renewals, etc., $1,700.
Vancouver tlrlll hall, to complete,
New Westminster public building,
arlditioii lo examining warehouse, ti,-
Vancouver public building, altera
tion* on second Unor, $800.
Audersoss and Kennedy lakes, clearing oiilibU,-$3|300.
Nanaimo Harbor, improvement, of
���ontb channel, *t*., $5,000.
Victoria, Harbor, removal ofTozo
rock and dredging at other point*, $1,'
William Head quarantine itation,
repair* to wharf and improvemtit of
watar .ervice, $6,000.
Esquimau graving dock, to provide
for purchase of late Engineer Muir's
residence in dock yard, $1,200.
Columbia river, improvements in
narrow, between Upper and Lower
Arrow lakes, $15,000.
Duncan river improvements, $2,000,
Telegraph lines, British Columbia;
Land line, Port Simpson vi* Port Es-
sington to Haselton, branch line (rom
Qu.in.lle; Atlin line, about 15 mil**
east ol Fort Fraser, to Mason creek,
$40,000 each, Alberni-Clayoquot telegraph line $8,500.
Telephone connection between Vancouver ieland and Salt Spring Island,
Dawson public buildings, additional
amount, $100,000,
White Horse public buildings, $16,
000,    *
Nsw dredging plant, Columbia river
Dredging work, Colombia river, $15<
Steamer for customs and fisheries
purposes, British Columbia,$20,000.
Maintenance prisonsrs at Dawson
Two magistrates, Yukon, 12,400
Lewis and Yukon river improvement., $15,000.
Trails, roads and bridgss, Yukon,
Re-marking boundary, British Columbia, $27,000.
Dr. Gilbert bas been removed from
tbe Chicago Theological Seminary for
The work of constructing, the new
hotsl at Field <has commenced. There
ia sold to be asoarclty of carpentera.
An elevator in Carberry, Man.,
with a capacity ot 95,000 bushels wss
burned to the ground last Saturday
morning.   It was insured..
Rsv. W. H. Banaclough, B. A��� ol
Centennial Methodist church, Victoria
was elected president of the Methodist
Conference at Nelson.
The Methodist Conference at Nelson
has exonerated Rev. W. W. Baer im
the charge ef smoking. Mr. Baer
produced certificates from two promiu
ent physicians stating tbat Mr. Boer's
use of tobacco was jus'iiiable for physi
Three persons were discovered. to
have lost their lives in the fire at Ottawa, and several were injured by
jumping from upper windows. Between 20 and 30 dwellings and stoics
were destroyed.
The total population of England and
Wales is 32,625.716, an increase over
the population of 1891 ol 3,523,191, or
12.15 per cent, Ths increase for the
decade between 1881 and 1891 was
11.65 per cent.
Many immigrants reached Winnipeg
mainly tor settlement in Manitoba and
the North- West last month. They in<
eluded, it is said, ne less than 2,000
OAtariana, making westwards. The
Immigrants also inoluded more English settlers thsn usual ol late and
numerous incomers from ths States.
The Imperial Privy Council bas
granted the attorney-general ol Man*,
toba leave to appeal from the'decision
ef the King's Bsoch court ol Manitoba
in ruling lhat the Provincial Legislature has no power to pass a liquor tut.
Lord Kitchener reports to the War
Office under date of Pretoria, May 10,
as follows: "Since May 6, 28 Boer*
hav* been killed, six wounded, 130
taken prisoners, and 183 havs surren
dered. Nine thousand rounds of ammunition, 230' wagons, 1,500 'horses
and large qusntltiee ol grain and atook
have been captured."
It may not be true that C.P.R.' stock
is falling nnder the control ol Americans at present, but it is true that they
are free to purchase it like any other
commodity. The law contains no provision to the contrary. What sought
te be done ia to make the railway law
effective, whether the stock is held by
Frenchmen. Americans or Dutchmen.
The paat week hae witnessed wild
scenes ou Wall street owing to an attempt on the part of a syndicate oom*
posed of Uhiab Pacific railway men to
wrest control of tbs Northern Paciflo
from J. J. Hill. Northern Paoiflo
shares rose to $1,000 each at one stags
ot the game, but has since fallen to.
more normal conditions:. The.result
lias beeu ruiu to many.- ,
The term i. dmoat a misnomer, now*
day.. For the ���centuryvtivlng craw" ha*
been schooled by experience. Tk. acare.
crow doan't Kart him. ttnveatifattni oral-
thologiats aay that be euit.ll age* from a
Kick aad can count nptli .eve*. Bvuuntly
the crew ha.
progressed from
the ignorance oi
hto ancestry.   ,
Tke crew is I*
some thin*, ta
advance of the
human family,
There *xe Mare.
kcrew. which
scared ear
.ti grandfather.,
"���**��� and which sue
juat su fcsusom.
to us. In spite
cf the fact that
seme acientific
say, 'There',
nothing to s be
afraid of. A
scarecrow csn't
hurt you," the
bulk of men and
women still -believe tbe sosre-
snow 1. a powerful snd destroying fetish,
This attitude
Is most marked in.ielatlon to certain forms
of dlsesse. In diseases ot tbe lungs snd
respiratory organs, Ior instance, tt i. tbe
custom to assume that there Is no cure for
tbe cough, no help for the hemorrhage, uo
healing for the lungs. The scarecrow, Los-
sumption, Is set up, often taking the form
ol some Inexperienced snd unskillful practitioner wbo denies hope or help to the
victim of disease.
Vet the records go to show tbat stubborn
sough, have been cared, that persistent
hemorrhages have been' stopped, ana tbat
weak lungs bave been made strong by
the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery.   ,
All the claim, iu the world for the-emotive virtues* of a medicine -rill not equal
oue testimony to the actual fact of cure.
Thousands of testimonials like the following have been received from persons cured
of lung "troubleB,"bronchitl., hemorrhage,
obstinate coughs, etc., by "Golden Medical
Discovery t*
"I was verv sick Indeed." write. Mre. Mollis
Jacobs, of Helton, Kent Co.. l..t��"����re. "and
our family sloctor **U I Usui consMimptlosi. I
thought I .mmst die aoon, for I 1.11 ***wt-lly
bad. Had 'a bad cough, aplt blood, waa .try
abort of broth; in* fact, could hardl. e"t mr
breath at .11 soins-tlnieb. I bed pahs* iu us*
chest assd right lung, also h.4 itoapnsal..
Before I look your 'Oolden Medial .**.*.
ery' and 'l'leasasst
relicts' I.'waa so
weak T- could'
not sweep's room,
sad now I can do -
s .null washing. I
worked in the cast- -
nissg factoty this-,
fall, aad I feel like
s new person. I
thank .be good
Lord, .nd also Dr.
pierce for making,
this good medicine..
I believe thot tbe
Lord aud your medicine have saved my
life. I was sick over
two venrs. I took
thirteen bottles of
the 'Oolden Medical Dlacovory' .nd
four vials of Doctor
Pierce'a Pellet*,"
There I. no alcohol in "Golden
Medical Discovery " uid it ia entirely free from
opium, cocaine,,
and all other narcotics.
Sometimes   a-
dealer  will   offer
a  substitute  for
the "Discovery,*
claiming it to be
"just as good."
The substitute
pays him more
profit, that's why.
Protect yourself
from unscrupulous dealers by. .  .
Insisting oa Dis. Mere*'. Golden Medical
Of knowledge wouldn't amount to much,
you'd think.   But for just 31 cent. Invested
In one-cent stamp* (to pay expense oftn.il-
ing only), you esc obtain knowledge which .
It bss token hundreds of yesrs and millions,
of money to acquire.  Dc Pierce'. Common ���
Sense Medical Adviser cover, the field of
medicine and hygiene from the day of!
Oalen to the prtaent hour.   The 1006 pigs..'
of tht. gre��t work arc full of facts vital to
human healths and happlneu.  The book
hi given away, being sent entirely free on
receipt of stamps to pay expensse of eastern, sud mailing only.  Send 31 one-cent
���tamps for the book in paper cover, or X
���tamp, for tbl; cloth bound book.   Addict*
Dr. IL V. Pierce, Bufhlo, N. Y.
"Tak* care ol the pennies snd th* pound*
will lake cane of themselves."
Large things are but an aggregation of
small thing.. If we take care of tlie .mall
thing, we are in effect taking care of the
large things which tbe small things combine
to make.
Tske cafe of what ys u- eat, wben you eat,
and bow you est, and youti stomach will take
care of itself. But wbo takes core of such
trivial things? Tbat is wby, some day. tbe
majorityofpeople hsve to take care of the
stomach* When that day comes there is no
aid so affective in undoing the results ef nest
carelessness as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery, lt strengthens the stomach, and
restores tbe organs of digestion and nutrition
to acendition of healthy activity. It cure,
biliousness, heartburn, flatulence, indigestion,'palpitation, ditsines., cold extremities,
and a score pf other ailments which are but
the symptom, of disorder in the stomach and
it. allied organs,
Sir Louis Davies wicceed* tbt lata
Ju.tice King on th* Supreme' Court
Bench, after the session. Mr. Emmer-
son or Mr. Costigan may gst tbs mssr*
ine portfolio. Whete' the matter -witli
one of B. C* members getting It? This
province has* long needed represent;
atlou in the Cabinet and their claim
should now obtain recognition.
RUBY LIPS and a clear complexion, tbe
pride ot woman, Have you loat these charms
through torpid liver, constipation, biliousness or nervousness? Dr. Agnew's Liver
l'ill. will restore them to you���40 little
"Rubies" in a vial, 10 cents. Act like a
charm. Never gripe. Bold by R. W. Pot-
mure.��� 211. .
A Finniah weekly newspaper WM
���tailed in Nanaimo last week.   Itis
called the Aiki.
thst incipleuet fssrsu ef kidney disease wbicb,
if neglected, will do-flop into stubborn and
distressing disorder dial will take long tedious treatment to cure. Dou't neglect tl..
"ba.'.kaclie stage"- of tbe most inaidiousof
diseases, (south:.American Kidney Cure
stops tlw .she in six leurs and cure., Sold
by K, W. Pauita-UO,
GOLDEN, is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation, on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia andi
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are alao proceeding, which will ensure the*'
operation of the Golden Smelter within tiie next few*
months. '
THE- GOLDEN TOWNSITE how offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further r.is��-
takes pla-ce.
No sale of lots is valid !until purchaser receives agree*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.*
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained'oat
application to.
Hi B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,.
H. G.. Parson, Merch-anl.
Townsite Of
Business and Residential Lots For Sale-
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
CATARRH*"**"*"-1*6 universal'American Plague, meet*;
its match in
No remedy of modern times has worked such marvellous cures. ��� No remedy of modern times has received so
great an array of unsolicited testimony    No treatment
can show so grand a volume of irrefutable evidence of"
merit.   People everywnere have been quick to recognise-
its worth and place on record an unassailable verdict.
THE HON. DAVID MILLS, Minister of Justice for Canada, over his own signature, endorses it���to his added
testimony of many of.' Canada's public* men who have
proved it.
Relieves Cold in the Bead in 10 mines*- Cures Catarrh
in all its stages and cures like magic. 50 cents. Sold by
E'W, Patmore. 2
What I. Said Begardia* Dr. Clark.'.
Little Best Will.
Te tbe Edltorof tbe Era:.
Sir,���I waa afflicted for years with
rheumatisunand stomach troubles, and
wa* at time* quite unable to walk.
Six boxes of Dr. Clarke'* Wonderful
Little Bed Pill* cSected * perfeot cure.
I consider them a bleating to mankind.
Andrew Scott, State Strut, Rochester,
Thos. F. Gallivan, Marlbank, Ont.,
wriiea: "Everyone knows of ray oase,
whioh ia ol 17 year* standing.. Tba
PIU* ��re giving good re��ulu."
Dr, King, one of the lending physicians of Ontario. wh*n asked for hia
opinion regarding Dr. Clarke's Little
Bed Pills, said: "They are the but
pill in the market, and will aoon become famous."
Dr. Clarke'* Little Bed Pill* ar* ��
positive and certain curst' for la grippe,
rheumatism, asthma, paralysis, catarrh
eczema, cough*, b.okache, indigestion,
���11 stomach and liver troubles, female
complaint* even when the diseases have
been (tending for many yeara, "the most
stubborn cose* will yield. Price 50
oent* per box. For sole by looal drug-
gilt*. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'a Sure Cure
for Eosjema, (am* price. $10 will be
paid, for any case they will not per.
manently oure.
. Dr. Clarke'a Sure Cure for Catarrah,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure forEsMfm*.
same pries*. Ten dollar* will be pall
for auy caw they will uot permanently
"..'.'     '    ,     ���l*sw ���
Sir Charles '-topper*. Bart., return*1
from - a visit to the old oountry lest
Friday. He will vl.it Winnipeg and
Vancouver In the near future.,
A Wonderful l-tveatloa.
They onre dandruff, hair  falling,
head-ache, etc., yet coat* the ssme ���* ���������
an ordinary comb���Dr. White* Electric
Comb.   The only patented Comb in
the world.   People, everywhere it ha* .
beeu introduced are wild with delight.
You limply comp your hair eaoh.day
and the  comb  does  the  rest.   Tbl*'
wonderful comb is limply unbreakable
and.is made *0" that it is- ��b��olutely
impossible to break or cut the hain
Sold on a written  guarantee to give'
satisfaction in every   reaped.   Send
stampa  for one.    Ladies'  else  60c,
Gents' ait* 36o.   Live men and women,
wanted everywhere to introduce this
artiole.   Sells on sight,   Attend are-
wild with success.   (See wont column
of this paper.)   Address O. N. Hou*;.
Gen'. Mgr. Decatur, 111.
Sir William'- Van Home ie having,
some trouble with the authorities oven
the right of w*y for hi*- railway in
Cuba. They hkre denied him the right1
of crosting road* of tracts of lend not
actually acquired hy puroba**.
SPRINO-Mrs Jamea Srlgbry.PeloelsUiisl.
1 wm far live y*��r. afflicted
mstipatlen, bo*M.aise<**
.._ .. . ...... ....-iiitn.-1'rnnl tsWMart
Hrfrtllet���liNltaW aftiMb. Ar.tdow.
Sold by.S. -tJvHwmor*.-*.
Sebaatian Martln.lli wt* created a-
cardinal by Cardinal Gibbons, with
impo.tng ceremonies, at Baltimore.
ture and torment uf the victim of nervous ...
tprmtratam and nsrvoiu debility no on* can..
M.WlHl��ms,oir   ���������-������-
year, a uervou. v
American Nervine,
doctor confirmed
Australia* new parliament w��* open-.
ed on May ���-** ���
������ It'--**.*
..Jf THE-ERA, QOLDEN,' B.C, May 17,1J11.
Wheat Will T.Servo?
There ��re in China a considerable
number who have, found congenial
occupation since the out break, berating
mittionarici and depreciating their
work. I have before me a little book
in whioh thst** obargea are collected
and eixwaied, by * gentleman who
live* in Shanghai. According to their
critic, these missionaries an selfish,
living ii luxury, without tact, and
are vindictive. They over estimate
th* nnmber of their convert*, who,
they aay, profess conversion simply
for the loaves and fishes. They lean
on ths gun boat for protection, and in
an objections! manner, thruat an objectionable religion down the throats
of the Chinese, Now these charge*
and many more can be- answered, and
Miwured fully, without asoribing infallibility to missionarica auy mor*
than to other men.
But whilat their enemies ara ab oc
copied, what are the missionaries
doing? Well, 188 ot them have laid
down their lives, and, now wealing
tbe martyrs orown, are doing whatever the redeemed are doing before the
Throne. Of the remainder- who es*
caped, seme came to the heme land,
but the- majority are at tha coast,
standing,**, the doot ready to re**enter
���nd resume work aa soon as par mission
is given. And in ths meantime what?.
I) The women have held a conference ia
Shanghai, presided over by Lady Blake,
the wife of the Governor of Hong Kong
in whioh they prayed for the women
of China, diaoussed their needs, and
how best to relieve them. Tne male
missionaries also, held conferences for
prayer and Bible study-that they (the
taissionsrles) might be themselves
spiritually quickened; and thereby
China blessed. As opportunity offers,
they send letten and messages of
sympathy and encouragement to the
scattered and persecuted cou verts who
remain'. Is that selfish or vindictive?
Others ara employed gathering up,
loviuglv, the story of the massacres,
the heroic courage and loyalty to Jesus
Christ, of missionaries and converts
alike, und themany interventions of
God's hand, delivering from death
those whose time had not come. It is
����d, heart-rending, but glorious. For
exmnjile, eighteen colporteurs, about to
go on. a journey, were warned of the
rink, hut H.-ii'l, "Go.'s will be done",
O'.l.v four Of the eighteen- returned.
Their houses were looted and burned,
aud tli.ii* families exterminated. They
who eaoispsid, sli I so after passing
through ts-iiilsleprivations. The wbole
story will never he tulsl, but enough to
make us r. juice iu the power of redeem.
_ing grace.
*-��� Wi.s-ever any country mora afflicted
and more in need of' sympathy than
poor Chin* today? Thi* terrible scourge
' of war is now noceeded by one of the
greatest (amine* on record. In the
two northern province* of Shensi and
Shanii, crop* have failed for the third
time, and the situation is so desperate
that it i* said cannibalism prevails
amongst them. In tbe past missionaries have beeni their friends in time
of distress, but- now the missionaries
bave been driven- away by their own
Let ut*not fer* this, tarn away from
hem in angerj hot rather say in compassion,, a* tbe- Master did "Forgive
them for they know what they do."
Tbie 1* the hour of darknesa, but tha
tight will dawn. China will be conquered for Chrilt, and Satan will be
���horn ol hi* kingdom and pow*r.
Where are our sympathies? Whom
shall VW3 wrv*?-B. P. MoXey.
Tb�� Tatll. ESTort of a to*****, Solnitw ts.
Baku, a Tamil*.
"In th* Interest oi amateur science."
soldLonmoreS. Burtof Montreal, "I onoe
Interfered oruelly with some most Inter,
eating piscatorial domestic economy In a
stream oo the eatate of an English gentleman, where I wa* overwer of the gem* and
fish praarvM.
"One stay I discovered a pair of salmon
on ttwu-iapewnlng ground ond speared tbe
male. The female showed ume little agitation, but *oon recovered end presently
went hurriedly downs .tream.
"'Another prospective sslmon family
made food for hungry foe*,' thought I, for
I auppoMd the female had. abandoned tbe
"But Iswoa mistaken*. She waa gone'
only a few minute*-and then die returned
in oompany with a eplendld specimen of ���
���almon ot the .tuner sex. He stepped
right into tbe *hce* of hi. predecomor, ao
to speak, and wu as tender, devoted end
watchful as ever the tint huabandbad
been. Tbl. exhibition ot lnconttancy on
tha part of th* female blunted tbe ayrope*
tby I might hav* bad for har over tbe taking off of her tnt male, and I daatroyed
her new felicity by spearing her aecond
hu.bsnd. Ha wasn't ont of the water a
minute before tbat female salmon, tbe second time a widow, dashed doWn tbe stream
again and in less tban ten minutes came
back with a third husband.
"He started In as proud as the other two
had been and waa even spponler than tbey,
If th.t.wero possible. I speared the third
husband. The widow Instantly went away
andgotolourtb. Five, timo I bereft ber
ef ber mote. I don't know whether the
tupply ot uamoted salmon bad then run
out or not, but on her sixth venture she
returned home with a big, handsome yel
low trout at her contort. He seemed fully
es devoted to hers, any of her hu.band.
had been and perhaps all would have beon
well If I bad left her to ber new love. But
her conduct rather nettled mo and I on
largedtbe tragedy by spearing her. Th*
big yellow trout darted away In tbe mid
dleot tho atresia, and after I had lifted th*
often widowed salmon from tbo water be
returned to the nest, glanoad over lt a moment, then deliberately devoured Its eggs
and sailed away down strsom."���Chicago
Inter Ocean.
. .IMP      r
I," has this day beeu lneorpo*
the "Compaule.' Act,  1897."
a i, *TT.i. - *.-!.*-, .c......
f HEREBY CERTIFY that "The Oolden
** and East Kcoteuey Trading Company,
under t        ...._. ,
Limited Company, with a Capital of seventy*
five thousand dollar., divided into seventy-
live thousand .hare, ol one dollar each.
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Colnmbia, thu
29th day of April, one thoutand nine hundred
ond one. '
[cs.] 8.Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar cf Joint Sleek Companies.
The following ar* Ibe objects for vihich the
Company has been incorporated:
to) To buy, Mil, manufacture, exchange
and deal in groceries, provisions, produce,
con.umable articles, dry good., clothing,
boots, shoes, hardware, miners' aupplle.,
stationery, drugs, fruit, confectionery, wines,
liquor., cigar, and other article, of merchandise, .. gener.l merchants aud otherwise lat
wholesale and retail) and ns commission
merchant., or any other business wbieh may
be conveniently carried on in reined of any
of tbe object, for. which tbe Company is
formed, at Oolden, ond sneh place or place.
In British Columbia <u the Company may
think proper i
(bj To purchsso, lease, locate, or otherwise
a��quire any mineral claim., mineral land.,
mine, and any real estate in British Columbia: to mine, work, operate, and otherwise
deal with auy ...ch claim., mine, or mineral
land, in the ordinary way of mining operations and miuing businoss; to sell, dlapoae
of, snd deal in any ore, metal and mineral
substaucea reaulling from or obtained in lhe
process of such mining, working, operating
or otherwise dealing with such mines, claima
or mineral lands.
(c) To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, or otherwise dispose of or deal with
any lands and buildings witl.in.tho Province
of British Columbia, and to erect buildings
tboreon, as the Company may. deem usees
ssury cr expedient;
(dj To borrow money and secure payment
thereof by mortgage of real or personal
property, or iu any auch manner a. the company may see lit:
(e; To draw, make, accept, indorse, discount, execute snd issue promis-Bory notes,
bills of exchange, lulls of lading, ond ot'
'Otiable anil transferable instrumental
****GOLDEN, B.G.
One of the Largest and Best Managed Hotels in British Columbia.
(���.Special attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
���lotion free of charge.
RATES, 1*1 per day. Sppecial rata* for
regular boarder*.
Columbia River L^wiber Go-
Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Cedar Sills, etc.,
Fir Dimension a
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt **
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.
Head Office, Oolderi, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Railway,
Direct Route
to all point.
East and West.
Th* S*nat* committe on the Cook
ohargechav* deoided simply to repart
the evidence without tny findings.
Most of tbs Conservative paper* have
[ bsen talking at if tht charge, w.re
I Proved up to th* hilt; but th* Cona*r-
/vetlv*. member* of th* commiftee, who
f��r* ��� majority, do not appear to have
I  looked at the matter in that light.  No
fair-minded man would hold thst the
cbsrgss  against  Sir  Uiohard  Cartwright war* sustained.
lading, ond other
'gotiaDle aud transieranie instrumental
It) To borrow or loan money upon billa of
....change, promissory notes, or other negotiable or transferable instruments, bills of
Book In th. city Hall ot Wuhlnstsw
Whan JBaoaway Conplca Wed.
There Is arooin, or rather a little alcove,
in tbe city hall wblcb has been dedicated
to Cupid, and In It hundreds of niarrlugea
bave been solemnised. It has boen, set
apart tor this purppso far a number, uf
years by common tonsont of the courthouse officials. T/.ls alcove Is not.surrounded by the insist romantic or agruo-
able atirroundlngii, as'It looks out upon
the corridor and is directly opposite the
entrance to criminal oourt "So. 2, in which
tome of the fuimau. trials of Washington
hove token placo. Neither Is tho room romantic la appeiffauco, os It has a threadbare old carpet on tho floor und is bus,
rounded on thrssu sides by tbo musty looL*
Ing walls of the elty hall* It busa-'iiooe
box" hanging ot tbe rolling, which pro-
vents Intruders from crowding tbo bridal
parties. A window looks out upon tho
gruund. surrounding the old buildings,
and this about completes tho room.
Years ago somebody of a superstitious
turn of mlcsl covered on old horseshoe
witb tinfoil .and placed It against one ot
the window ipanes. Thut some of tbo marriages which, havo boen contracted there
have not p roved happy Is accounted for by
tho.fact tliat tho borscboo Is turned upside down/ and the good luck has all run
out of lt. Even Bow tho borscsboo rest. In
Its place, .woefully tarulshod, but still said
to be a tsUlsiuan of goad fortune to those
wbo are, married within tbe space over
whioh Its genii preside.
Ko redordof the morrlegcs performed In
thlaapiuo bas ever boen preserved except
In tbe license. Issued at the clerk's office,
but It fs safe to sny that ns many people
have bwn wedded thoro us within many of
tbe churches of 'the olty. Tbl. place Is ���
great resort for runaway couples from tbe
Vlrgliilas and Maryloud. Alter the runaway*, have obtained a Uoense end express
the with to be married at once the attendant* *t tbe clerk', offlc always ask them
to step over to the little alcove, and tbe
neokest minister I. sent for. Tbe clerks
anxious to establish a record for tb*
Utile placa and never overlook an opportunity to bave a ceremony performed.���
Washington Pott.
Hwlth U Capitol.
I' Health It capital a. truly., money it.
and tbo man who ao regards tt will be as
oarelul In Its expenditure, as cautious in
Ite Investment, as prudent In husbanding
Ue resources, a* tbe financier la In the.
management of the principal from which,
he derive* bla Income, Many persons hsve
no otberaspltol than bealtb. The strength
tbey use ut their dally taurine., may secure * comfortable living so long a. lt remain, unimpaired, hat once let tbo b**ltb
Springs lw exhausted by carelessness, Improvidence or too lavish expenditure, then
Is but ont way to replenish tbem���right
living end rest Wealth accumulate, by
saving, and Just In the same way health
comet trom uvlng ttrongth, not watting
lt upon trifles, not exhausting tt In too
severe or too prolonged effort*; by r*ou-
paratlng In rest snd sleep, bg taking Mich
���xerolt* and food ae shall invigorate In-
stead of dsmlsrtlng tbe pbyrioel powers. II
It never wise to work to th.sutr.ni. limit
of one', ability. When weary, rest; when
exbsusted, sleep. The whole mu will b*
r*ore*ted by 11 Iti. by .pending lass thsn
his Income, by turning bit honest pennies
over and over, reinvesting aa they aoon-
���opiate, tbat a penon build* up hi* fortune.���New York Ledger.
Bow Mm UsMoil-Md It,
DUBBUBBT���1 write tbl* In ���.gnat
hurry, n tbat you may get It In tlm* to
���tart for home on the flnt train. Isn't lt
dmdfult Tbe nasty Are, company jutt
-mined ell my newest gown., whot were
not burned, end, to make matter, woroe,
I em living with tbe Ruahton., who, ee
you know, hove tb* wont children on
earth. They Jutt wurty tbe life oul ot me
���a. It It wen not enough to suffer tb*
lowot my lovely gowns, lu't It dread-
full 1 auppow we'll hare to live in u hotel
tor (while, but do come ��l ono*. Yonr
ilot-aotad wU., SWA.
1', B.��� 1 forgot to mention about our
bout, burning down,, but I guts* you
apuld bave giieawd itfrom reading my Itt-
���*���*��� '    *
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lading, waiohuuse receipts, and agreements
or aeruritiea mentioned or provided ior in
tbe "Bank Act." or other obligation, or
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Income ur uncalled capital tor tho ourpotse
ol* securing any such loan or advance;
(g) Td'Sell an.1 dispose of or otherwise deal
ith the assets, business, property, rights,
franchise and privileges ofthe Company, and
Passenger* booked td
For descriptive Pamphlet* and all information apply to nearest local
AG.P.A., Agent,
Vancouver. Golden, B.C.
to take or acquire shares, debentures, stock,
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purcha.0, lease, or otherwise acquire, in
whole or in part, as pantnera or othersviso,
tbe property or business ot any person, company, partuershlpor business [.living objects
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Company i.
(k) To do any or all of the above.thing, a.
principals, agonta, trustees or otherwise, and
by and through ngentsr.trustoos or otherwise,
and either mono ur in conjunction with
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C.P.R. from East, 10:***0, Daily,.
"  West. ICsrOO.    "
Stage from Windermere, 16.00, Friday.-
Uli. Duchess from Windermere, IiiiOO Wednesday and Sunday.
C.P.R. goiug West, 1030, Daily.
..    "s. " u���t, 15.-00.    "
Stage to Winderosere, KiOfl. Sundays.
SS. Duchess to Windermere, 4fl0, Tuosdays
and Fridays.
Mails arrive and depart from Goldeu Post
Office a* below:
Arrive-From East 10.25 dally.
"    West lfi.10 "
"    South 17.00 Wed. and Friday.
Dopart-Bor West 10.00 daily.
������    East   16:00 "      ,
'-   tiouth 21.00 Saturdays; 18:30
Registered mail must be in 10 minutes before mails close.
Pacific standard luno.
According to a Vienna despatch to
the New .York World recently, *�� epoch
marking' the discovery In training
children born bliad to see, bas been
made by director Keller, of the Insti.
tute for the blind,   Vienna.
He hae just exhibited before tbe
physicians' society a seven year old
boy, whe was born blind, but with
perfectly formed eyes. The brain w��s
blind ������ the dootor* call it, an J he hat
been taught in fourteen month* to discern oolors, end to raid with hi* eye*.
The method consist* in Drat teaching
in ��� perfectly dark room, by mean* of
a movable dis*. to distinguish light
from d��rkr.ett. Tbe child .being unable
to see, perbapt, thi* is developing tht
f*oulty ol which the pupil 1* now oon-
���oiout, and tak** month* of patieu*
treatment. Next, object* whlsh *
blind person know* by. feeling ��re
placed against the light iu ths disc
���nd th* ohild is told what they ar*
sailed.' Colored slat. 1*. pieced befon
a tamp ud thi. teaches Mm oolor*.
Geometrical figures on the dise are
���hown snd tb* teacher pa**** alowly
on to forming letters and* than reading
is taught. Than tha dit* is removed
end th* objects are ahown in a dark
room with raya of light falling on
tbem. Frem thii point thi light is
gradually toouitomed to daylight.
Director Keller hs* received congratulation* from all univeralty and
medical men who h��v* heard of hit
Tbe otrongMt ��peeob.m*d* In the
bona* on behalf of the Government's
railway bill WM made ify lit. Jos,
Bicycles I
SpecUl Attention
Sewing Machines.
W. J. GOULD���
Kicking Horse Bridge.
A COURT OF ASSIZE, Kill Prius, Over
and Terminer and tteneral Gaol Delivery will be httlden in th* Court House at
Uolden on Tuesday, the* 14th dsy- of May,
1001. ���   ��� ,
By Command.
J. D. PRENTICE,    '
mlO Provincial Secret 0
A. F.  A A. -t.
Mountain Lodge, No. 11. A. F. ft
A; M. Regular Communiration,
aecond Monday ia every month.
Sotourniugbrethmu cordially toll W. PATMORE. W. M.
C. li. PARSON   Secretary..
I, <k o. r.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. UmsMls in
Oddfellows Hell. Ooldsn, every V ednesday
at 8 p.m.  Sosjournlng brethren welcome.
Churoh Services.
Service* every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration ot Holy Communion 1st and Srd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from tbechancel.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invitod to attend
the services.-.
C. F. Yates, Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:80 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
ltnv. V. M. Purby, Paator.
S-srvltws every Sunday at 11 a.m. tud
7:30 p.m.
Suuday Sohool ki 2:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Oco. KinNbt, Pastor,
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South Side of Kicking Horse  Bridge.
Ths Assizes.
Collins found Guilty and Sentenced to be Hung-.Chambar-
la.n Acquitted of Cattle Stealing:.
There was n large crowd in tho court
ronni when precisely nt 11 o'clock Chief
Justice McColl came from the judge's
room anil, after receiving the saluta
t ions ot the barristers and court officers,
took his sent.
The clerk then declared the court,
opene I, anil the clerk proceeiled to call
the names of the petit jurors. Two
fiulincr to respond their mimes were
called from die window of the court
room without effect.
Tl.e mimes ot the Grand Jurors were
then called and one nt the number not
being present his named was culled
from tho window. The following 12
wero then sworn in as members of the
Grand Jury: Messrs, W. G. Mitchell-
Innes. 0. Parson, E. Plowright, J. 0.
Tom, J. S. Gibb, J. Devlin, J, G. Ullook. W. L. Houston, G. B. MoDer-
tnutt, F. Whiting, W. Barry, J. C.
The jmlgc then char-red the Grand
,7 ary, going over the evidence as given
in eaet. oase at tl.e preliminary hearing As rhe Crown prosecutor, Hon.
T. Muyne Duly, bad charge of all the
esses, it wass found necessary to adjourn tho Court until the grund jury
.missed itisnti all the indicumnts before
tlieni, which warn: Ilex vs. Chamber-
lain, cattle stealing; Rex vs. Mc*
Kuighi, destroying a dwelling with
explosives; Rex vs. Collin*, murder.
The court adjourned till 10 Jo' clock
0 i tho court reassembling on Wednesday, the grand jury brought in
trje bills in the case* rt Rex vs Collins
and Rut vs. Chuinlserlniii, and ill tl.e
cuss ot ll'X vs. McKnight found uo
bill.' The judge pointed out that in
the matter uf Rex v. McKiiiislst some
mistake hail occurred and handed it
Imck for reconsideration.
The grand jury retired and thejudjt'
ordered that the first case, Rex v.
Collins be proceeded with. The prisoner was brut, jl.t up from tl.e jail antl
placed in the dock, t'lerk Grifti h road
the indictment uud lbs prisoner, iu a
low voice, jilessded not guilty.
Tl.e selection of the jury was theo
proosswlesl with. Through nttiistiiitlei*
standing, Mr. O'Hriun, tor the defence,
ilil not clmllen e any of t||,i jurors
culled but was allowed the prisilege ol
having the panel called again. The
foliowiii'; jurors were accepted us sutis
f.sutory to both couussei: J II Sumj.le,
II Hookl.out. A Dsihlqnlst, W Buumlser,
T Todsl. H Gale, W I'lvnn, R W Patmore, R Wyld, P Hn lida., 8 H Gale,
J A Molntyrss
Hon. T. Mayne Daly, K.C.. then
nsldressseil the jury, outliujug the facts
of the case Isri'itly bu*. wish itroa' cle.r-
ness. Ho'hen culled his tirstwiti.es,
Tina Mason, who desuribe.1 the visit of
Il'intlo to lists Isoussi' whtti'6 Collins was
on tlsoisisrly morning ofOot. Iltlt; how,
nftiir Ijmido inft, tlie houss', she hull
s'.rawl'.d from under the bed in bet
room and saw Coliiiti* lying -seiiKcle-ii*
from a blow on thn li-iul which l.ssd
l��.��u .jive., by some os,s��, presit.nsl.ly
Dr. Elliott, sworn, described Collins'
visit. 11 liis ullice about 2:30 on ih.
monlng of Out. llth, to havo a cut over
his lott eye. which, hn said, linsl heen
it.lliuted by l.'nido, with a bottle. At
At that tissir* .he doctor though the was
under tin. inilueuco oi* liquor, but on
cros -nxaniiiiutinn isdmiited be did not
smell l���|t.or oss him.
Dr. Kills...also sritve evi.louce as to
the o,inliiion of the body of Dando,
.l.scrilitti-t fully ilit Iwo bullet wounds,
tlie lower one, which cntcr.nl tho bow-
ols Iffiisg. in hiss opinion, fired before
I His upper ouo, which pi-uct ruled the
In,.'.", i.ml the ihorauio aeorts. a large
bl .iitl*vei>��iil near thss hes.rt. After tie-
-mi'iliiiii; the condition ot the body of
Dn.sln, the doctor told uf seeing Col*
Lu. -sliortl.v utter tha murder and ol
di'i'Hsi.iK ih" wound over his ays again.
Fr.smiieHirron. sworn, told of Collin.' ,'isit tu her houss- at A'lmlniei on
the ...nrninjr of Out. 9th,  and sai.i she
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prices, call on
hotel, owned by Dargis, shortly after
seven o'clock on the moraine of Oot.
9th. Collins took a drink of gin and
purchased a revolver for ff) from witness. He hired a rig to ko to Peterborough nnd get his stuff, as he was
coining back that day to paint the
hotel. Collins told witness he was
going to have Dando arrested for cut-
tine him over the oye. The revolver
produced iu court was identified br
witness as the one sold. When the
revolver was produced in court ns an
exhibit the judge ordered it unloaded
and three cartiidgos and two empty
shells were removed from it and duly
Jchn E. Miller, sworn, told of the
drive to Peterboro that morning, nnd
told of over-hearing prisoner's final remark to Mr. Bales regarding seeing
him on prisoner's return from Peterboro. Not knowing Collins he could
not say he noticed anything unusual
in his manner and did not pay much
attention to him anyway.
Harry Munson was the next witness, who described Collins' behaviour
from the time he arrived in Peterboro
that morning until he left him at the
Delphine hotol. His evidence was as
follows: Seeing Collins nnd others
nligh'injr Irom a rig in front of my
store I went over from the Union
Hotel. (Here a plau of Peterboro was
produced and witness showed positions of the various places connected
with .he ci.su). On going in my place
I found Collins and Geo. Chambeilain
having nn altercation, Collins accusing
Chamberlain of having been with
Dando the night before. Collins was
flourishing a guu, like tho one produced here. Collins said he would shoot
Chamberlain, and showed mo that the
gun was loaded. The trouble was
ended by my telling Collins that Chum-
Iserlniu was not that kind ot a mnn.
Collins was not satisfied at first, but
ou my repeating it said. "If yon say
so, Harry, it's all right." I askel bim
for ihe gun but be refused, saying he
wonld take care of It himself and put
it in his pocket. He said he wanted
satisfaction and I advised him to go
Scoville's office and swear out a war
raul. On tlie way to Scoville's, Skelton called prisoner over and had a talk
with him. I did not ler what was
snid. It lasted about tive minntes.
When he got to Scoville's he was dressed all but coat and vest. Collins
asked for a warrant to arrest Dando.
Scovills made no answer, I asked for
s ne for wrecking the house. I act for
owners; owners nre Brewster k Craig.
Scoville told me I had better see McDonald, the lawyer, and come back in
an hour, He paid no attention to Col-
At this point the judge askedMr. Daly
if Scoville was to lie called, as he
thought he should explain this strange
Mr. Daly said he had wanted him
subpeonaed but it hud not been done,
and that it was impossible to get him
Witness resuming said : I thsn told
Collins thnt we had better go to
Windermere and he said no; he had
been to Athalmer nnd could uet no
satisfaction there We started for my
s ore. I asked him repeatedly for the
msn but he would not give it np. 0| ���
po-ite the back door of the Delphine
hotel, Collins started to the hotel .eying h�� waa going to see Dando. Itolrl
him lis had better come homo. He
snid "No," and went in.
Mr. Munson then spoke of seeing
Collins after the slinotine, and
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cross examined by Mr. O'Brien, said
s'ollissswas sobrr when he-saw him first.
Never ssw him take' a drink, Hs
..iwined exoited I di I not think him
capable of taking care ofthe gun. I
was afraid for my own safety. His
charging Chamberlain with being at
tlte house showed he was unsettled.
He was muoh more excited after Soo*
ville refused to Issue lha warrant. I
saw the room where Collins slept. The
floor was covered with blood and broken gluts. There wns a piece of a beer
hostle about 4 in. long nn floor. Knew
Dando for two years, He was quarrelsome when drunk.
Win, Alexander Skelton, sworn, told
of conversation l.e had with Collins on
the morning of Oct. 9th I asked him
how he had fared the night before, l.e
replied, "Not too bad." Prisoner said
he was going to Scoville's for a warrant and If he did not get it hnd means
to satisfy himsolt, and pulled * gun
o.t of his pocket. Then he and Munson went towards Scoville's office.
Prisoner was in nn excited condition
but witness was not prepared to say he
wss capable of looking after himself.
On being pressed by Mr. Daly to mention anything to lead him to express
the above opinion hs said he appeared
back door, and after asking for Ihe
proprietors of the hotel und for Dando,
saying, after he was told they had no
knowledge of Dando's whereabouts,
11 will snoot that s ��� of a b ��� ss sure
aa my name is Collins." After leaving the bar Collins went upstairs, and
judging by tbe sound uf his steps went
to the room occupied by Dando, A
pistol shot followed and thtn a scuffling which crossed the floor towards
the position occupied bv the bed on
whioh Dsndo's body was found. There
then was a second shot followed by
the fall of a body on tha bed, and Col.
line, his fsce covered with blood, came
down stairs saying he had bsen shot
by Dando. Collins went but and the
witnesses went upstairs, fiusling Dan
do's body lying on the bed, about five
feet from tbe top of the stairs, witb
ths clothing on firs around the edge of
one ot the two bullet holes whioh were
found. The arrest of Collins and his
subsequent dazed condition were described by all those who saw him afier
his arrest.
The evidence of W. Colton this point
being much in favor ot the prisoner's
insanity. Mr. Colson was special constable iu oharge of prisoner on his way
to Golden and he epent over three days
with him and therefore had a good
chance to know as much'as anyone of
his condition.
Mr. Griffith was oalled ih to giva
evidence regarding tbere being no rest-
being | dent justice of the peace in Athalmer at
thought him to Isedaiwl and silly like, i    ���,      , , ...
lu.t ..ot drunk. She .Iso ewore to the *-***--> hn,i irresponsible.
<W(. of Kreildle Wilson, who was with Th* *torlee of Jo* Simpson, J J
Collins, when Dauuo sirmsk him. ' , Qumllvan * P F X**ton, wbo ware in
Mill'* Donald McMlllsisi g.ive <-.i- lha bar ol the Delphine. .greed as the
deine sis to Collin*' visit to Arhalmqr prisoner coming hito the bar bythe
the time of the (hooting.
E. C. Burtou, * Crown witness, not
being preseut, Mr. Daly asked that
Burton's evidence at the preliminary
hearing be accepted, but Mr. O'Brien
objected and his objection wss sustained. The importance ef thia witness may bs judged by the foot that
Quinlivan snore that Burton looked
out ol a door into the room in which
the body was lying while Quinlivan
was turning it over.
Dr. Taylor was colled. He had
visited the prisoner while at the jail
bnt oould not give any positive opinion at to prisoner's mental oondition,
Mr. O'Brien announce! that no witnesses would be oalled for' the defense.
Mr. Daly then requeeted the judge
to submit to the jury the question of
the prisoner's sanity nt the present
timo, Ths section nnder whioh this
procedtice was sdopted was read snd
his lordship gladly assented to the
request. The jury wns sworu on this
question and court adjourned till IS
o'olook, ou request of counsel for do*
After the adjournment the jury was
addressed by T, O'Brien for defense.
Mr. O'Brien asked the jury to find his
ollsnt sane on the evidence of Dr.
Taylor, who testified a* to hit recovery
from his sickness in the jell.
Briefly, Mr. Daly's tummingup wae
that the prisoner's action at .time of
shooting were those of a rational being.
His lordship then charged the jury,
going very duly into all tbe evidence
which had any bearing on the mental
condition of the prisoner, end also read
tbe definition of insanity. The jury
retired to consider the qnestion et the
prisonet's sanity, and the next cast
Wit called.
Chamberlain, who ha* betn out on
bail, was present in the court roomand
took his place in the dock.
Following is the jury: D Morgan, J
Chamberlain, H Howell, W Mclntosb,
Henry Smith, J McHattie, J Nelson,
J Jardine, J Morgan, W Avery, J
Connor, W J Gould. Mr. Daly address* 1 them, and was proceeding to
call his flrst witness when it wa* an
nounced that the jury in the Collins
caae had agree on the question ofthe
sanity of tbe prisoner. They w
thereupon summoned and answered
that they found the prisoner sane.
They were then placed in the ens'
tody of the sheriff to attend at 10
o'olook Friday morning.
Proceeding with the Chamberlain
ease, the evidence ot Jas MoKay, Jaa
Stoddard and J A Banga was taken,
and when Mr. Harvey elicited the fact
from Mr, Bangs that there was no one
who oould ewear that tbe animal in
question waa covered by mortgage pro-
duesd between MoKay and HE Forster,
his lordship Instructed the jury to find
the prisoner not guilty, whioh wu
don* without leaving the room, and
Chamberlain palled out withont a
ttain on bis noma.
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5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lb*.
for 25c.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tops a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected'stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
. Taken in exchange for Goods.   GASH is tho only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. B. meDEHP)T,
Golden. B.C.
II Pressed Herbs,
On the court being opened on Fide;
morning, Mr T. O'Brien addressed tbe
jury on behalf of the prisoner. The
pith of Mr O'Brien'��� plea wai that tbe
prisoner', mind was deranged at the
time ot the shooting. ' He spoke for an
hour and brought out the fact* tn tb*
prisoner'* favor vary clearly and elo
Mr. Daly also spoke for an hour and
labored to show the jury' that th* plea
of insanity was not confirmed by evidence and pointed out word* and notion* of the prisoner's wbioh were
those of * rational person.
TheHon. Chief Jmtice, in hi* charge
to the jury, called, attention to aome of
the statements made by counsel for defence that wore not supported by evidence. The judge.was very careful
to refrain from expressing an opinion,
leaving that entirely to the jury. The
judge deprecated the practise of work-
ins on tbe sympathy of the jurymen,
nnd cautioned the jury from being influenced by any emotion on one aid* or
the other.
At 3 p.m. jury inCollinacasebrought
in their verdict. "We consider th*
prisoner guilty of murder Arthur Dando
but in consideration ol provocation h.
received we reocommend Mm to mercy
of court." The judge laid that wa* th*
only verdict they could have arrived
800 Varleties-lO Cento Hack.
We have in .lock over SOO varieties ef the beat prated herbs procurabl*.
All put up in one ounce package, at; ten cent. each. Three for 16 cent..
Sent anywhere by mile on receipt ef price.
"���pv a, -c t- /���. 1 li *he only ufe brant) of Hot Water Bottle* *nd Fountain
X-JClj VUI Syringes.  Plain or nannel covered, half-pint te four
quarti.   Everyone guaranteed for twelve month..
No question about it���
.that U-UO U tk* *nly
 w and ro cure, uatttrelly,
 .._.  rugging the inflamed throat ond lungs
into insensibility os some eengh medicine, do. No. IMO Cough Cure ll
good fer children. It Is also good for jrrossro people. In two slses, DSC.
and 6O0. If ycu do not come to Kamloops, order by mail. Just Ss good
and easier. .
That tail-end of Christmas, Wrisley i Fine Toilet soap, It not all go**
yet. Regular price 16 cents a tablet. Will tell one tablet for S6 cents i
three tablets fer 60 cent*; on* dosen tablets fer tt. Don't be let ont in
this bargain.
gg The best Cough Medicine!
S3 standby cough cure.  It is a natural remedy
Ba wb'o)1 >' * "hole lot better than, drugging tie i
* ������ *s
at, but would oall their attention to
the foot that he had ne course open
but one, though he wonld defer unt-
enoe as long as possible snd would
make representation to mini*t*r ot
justice of their recooramendation.
Hi* Lordship than directed prisoner be
asked it he bad anything to lay why
sentence should not he psssed. Collin*
made some unintelligible reply. Hi*
Lordship, in * vols* choked with emotion, then pronounced the sentence:
"Vou shall bs token to the plaoe trom
whence you come and from thence to
the place of execution and there be
hanged until you are dead."
Esecutioa takes plan* July 26th.
Th* cue of Bev v. McKnight wa* in
progress as wc went to pre**.
' SSS Hi.
Owing to length of* oasis, nport ��
lot of local matter I. crowded out,
Mr. Bobinion, m��n*g*r fu* Hall
Bros., returned from ��� visit to N*l*oo
on Tue.d��y, wh*rt hehod been atttnd
tng tb* M.thodl.t oonfu-.no*.
W. H. Bullock-W*b*t*r, chief of
provlnoiil polio* wa. In attendance at
the astlsei her*,
Mr. J. Well* nturned on To**d��y
from hi* ...tern trip looking well.
Mr. M. C��rltn, of thi* olty, paid ���
builnes* visltt o Kamloops last Saturday.
B*v. B. -B. L��ldley, of Atboroft, hM
been slated for the Oolden MsKb*dl*t
ehureb by the Mtthodlst Oonfsirsne*
at Nelson. Bev. Gsio. Xinnty will go
to Lady.mlth.
Th* Hog Bonoh* ho* been lotted lor
two year* by Mr. Wright who hM
been working for th* Lumber Co, dnr*-
Ing tbe pod winter. Mr. J. Fltap*,.-
risk who has been managing the property for H. P��r��on 1* la town and
wlllihortly locate some put-win tht
Mr*. Tho*. Bobson, who hM been o
resident of Golden for many ye*n, hM
left for Ongoa Whtnshs will in futin
JOB PBINTING our Bpsstlalty.     .
'   J
**.��� i.


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